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External Expansion Drive with own power supply

Q: External Expansion Drive with own power supply

Can anybody Help Me !!

I have set up a Server type machine on a HP Touchsmart running Vista

I have purchased a Seagate 2TB Expansion Drive with its own power source

I desperately want to know how this external drive can be seen by other devices on the network

I have other external drives with their own power supply and non of them can be accessed by other computers on the network....Is there a trick to these devices!!!

I have external hard drives with NO power supply just USB connection and I can access them from any computer on the network and any media device on the network

I'm not very technical and would like to know if its just the type of device and I should be buying usb connected hard drives for music and movies

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Preferred Solution: External Expansion Drive with own power supply

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: External Expansion Drive with own power supply

You need a router that has a USB connection. Then you can connect the external storage to the network. That is only for a USB drive though. Do you have one of those passport drives with a battery?
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My Sister inherited a used Panasonic Toughbook with an external CD Drive. However the donor did not include the power supply adapter for the drive. She wishes to replace it and need my advice on the volatage that it uses. The kicker here is that there is no brand name on the drive.

At the bottom of the unit where the warning Notes are, there is a
"Read the User manual notation with an open book logo with an "I" on the right page of the book" I'm right in assuming it be an Iomega Product.

I need to know what voltage to set any adpter I might use, after all I don't want to fry the thing. Please help !!!!

A:Power Supply Voltage for External CD Drive

12 Volts would be a good guess .. but finding one with the correct connector/polarity might be tricky.

Might be just as cheap to replace the whole ODD external or a new enclosure.
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I have looked around and around. I'm completely stumped.

I have a Lite-On external dvd combo burner. On the rear of the drive is the power connection, usb2.0 and l/r audio rca out jacks (red/white). Above where you connect the power cord is also a toggle on/off switch. During a move, this toggle snapped off. In the off position. I got to the card and the toggle switch is soldered to the card. No way to get in there (easily at least).

I haven't been able to find a replacement card and I'm reluctant to jam a paperclip (or whatever) in there wiggling it around and scratching up the card.

Any suggestions?

A:Power supply to external optical drive

Why not just short the switch with solder and unplug it to turn it off?
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I have a 3.5" external hard drive that requires a (round) 5-pin power supply adapter. I lost the original, and bought a new one from an electronics manufacturer. The plug fits the slot, but I am not getting power to the drive and no signal is reaching the PC.

Without buying another power supply (the one I bought was hard to find - I had to go online and find a parts supplier, and I don't want to return it until I know what the problem is), how do I check to confirm whether the external drive is working, or that the external power supply and the drive are properly connected?

A:checking external hard drive power supply

IMO it would be much easier to just buy another enclosure and pull your drive out of the one you are using now. Install it in the new enclosure; good to go.
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I have an Intel D946GZIS mother board ,Core 2 duo-1.86 GHZ processor.,400 W power suply,SATA Seagate-160 GB.

The external HDD is Seagate Barracuda-160 GB IDE.

Off late Ive been getting errors stating that there is a power surge on USB when I connect the external IDE HDD and all the USB slots are dead until the PC is restarted inspite of my HDD having an external power source.Why does this happen?

When I disable 2.0 in BIOS there is no such problem.But the USB connection is very slow.What could be the cause of the problem.What is the solution?

A:External IDE drive with power supply connected via USB 2.0 freezes PC .why?

If the External is faulty you could wind up with probs with the system itself. I would stop trying to force something into a system that may well have a current problem and see if I couldn't test it after I purchased a new usb wire for the thing at the very least.
Your External could very well be bad. Jazz
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I have a seagate external drive st310005exm101-rk. Am attempting to connect via USB2 to computer running Windows98 to migrate data to new system. The device manager shows that it has been detected but I can still not access it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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Ok, something weird is going wrong with a seagate drive I bought for my girlfriend. Its working perfectly fine on my computer, and it did initially show up on her laptop too. However, her laptop froze up completely and it had to be shut down via the button while it was plugged into the laptop. Now it doesnt turn up in My Computer, but only on her computer. Its present under devices, but nowhere else. Any help would be greatly appreciated and Id be happy to give any more details anyone might need to help me out. Thanks in advance.

A:Problem with a 500GB Seagate expansion external drive

Try this How to Cleanup and Remove old USB Storage Drivers
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Howdy I bought a new computer with Win about a month ago which came with a TB Seagate hard Expansion Seagate showing up Drive in Computer' External not New 'My drive installed so I decided to replace my previous GB Aulartek External with a TB Seagate External Drive Well to make a long story short I tried installing the new Seagate TB Expansion Drive a few hours ago but up to this point I can't get the computer to recognize it However there is a 'green light' visible on the end of the new Seagate External that is lit up and if I click on New Seagate Expansion External Drive not showing up in 'My Computer' the 'Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media' button on the taskbar it does show something called 'Eject Desktop' under 'Open Devices and Printers' I tried going to the Seagate Community Forum but got even more confused than when I started trying to troubleshoot my problem with not being New Seagate Expansion External Drive not showing up in 'My Computer' able to see it listed under 'Computer' My old Aulartek External had an 'on and off switch' and this new Seagate doesn't have one unless I just can't find it I have both the USB and A C Power supply plugged in Any help would be appreciated Thanks and regards harts ever New Seagate Expansion External Drive not showing up in 'My Computer'

A:New Seagate Expansion External Drive not showing up in 'My Computer'

Try right clicking on computer in the start menu, and select manage. In the window that opens after giving admin approval, selece disk management in the left column. It should show every hard drive connected to your computer. In the lower portion of the window, look for your Seagate, right click it and select change drive letter or path, in the next window click add and choosed a drive letter. Click OK. after the drive letter is assigned, you will be able to see the drive in explorer.
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Ok, I just bought this power supply. It doesn't fit into my case. So here's what I'm thinking: I put it in a place where it wouldn't be bothered, touched, anything like that, and just set it outside of the case on a platform. It's an Antec SmartPower 430W. What do you guys think?

A:External power supply

it can work, but i wouldnt recommend it.

i saw someone using a computer that had the power supply taped to the top of it once...
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Ok, I just bought this power supply. It doesn't fit into my case. So here's what I'm thinking: I put it in a place where it wouldn't be bothered, touched, anything like that, and just set it outside of the case on a platform. It's an Antec SmartPower 430W. What do you guys think?

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Hi, I am new to these forums. Was hoping to get some advice on using another power supply for a new vid card that i got. The vid card recommends that I have a 350 watt power supply, but mine is only 200. I do have another power supply from an older computer just laying around, but that is also only 200. Is there a way to use that also? Even if it does sit on the outside of my cpu it doesnt matter. I dont have a really fast comp, old P3 400, so my budget is very tight. (thus reusing existing parts) Any help is appreciated. THX

A:external power supply for v-card

What Video Card are you talking about? It may be a bit much for that system, you might want to get something a little more matched to the system.

There is a way to do this but it is a little different than you are talking about. The best way would be to use the other PSU to power things like Drives and fans. Those devices can use the connectors already on the PSU. This may work if you can divert enough power to the second PSU so there is enough power left for the other devices and the Video card.

This could be very easy to do, or it could be very difficult. According to your level of electronics experience as well as the particular PSUs you have. Some PSUs will only power on if the mobo connector is attached(which can be circumvented)

You'll also need a way to turn both PSUs on at the same time which is not too difficult either.
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So I recently bought an Nvidia 9800 Gx2, and it turns out I need a 6-pin AND an 8-pin power connector thing for it. I don't have an 8-pin.

So I'm going to buy an external power supply. Any recommendations on which one I should get? It needs to have a 6-pin and an 8-pin connector.

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First of all thank you for viewing this topic as the data on this hard drive is extremely sentimental Some of my greatest memories such as my wedding are on this hard drive so I appreciate ANY help you can give me I have a TB Seagate Expansion External Drive ST EXA -RK yesterday my foot decided to accidentally kick the power supply and a noticed a few minutes later windows was giving me the following error message quot Windows was unable Power Supply kicked HD External was to External HD Power Supply was kicked save all the data for the file F MFT The data has been lost This error may be caused by a failure of your computer hardware or network connection quot At first I didn t think much of it I viewed the drive and all the contents were shown but no videos were playing I thought it was a codec issue at first because I just recently nuked my computer Most files don t open on the drive The thumbnails for the pictures were still showing some pictures I could still open some text files were intact Later on I made a small text file wrote something in it and saved it to the drive to see if I could still write and it saved properly I have never restarted my computer as I ve read it may not allow me to see the drive anymore I tried copying the files but windows gives me the quot Cannot read from source file or disk quot error After a little while I opened up some pictures possibly not the same ones and only of the picture I opened would be showing the rest greyed out After I went to sleep the thumbnails don t work SHORT VERSION and WHAT I VE DONE Running XP Kicked external power supply TB Seagate Expansion External Drive ST EXA -RK Error quot Windows was unable to save all the data for the file F mft quot Can still see filenames on hard drive Cannot open most files even text files Some files do open Pictures displaying only Can create and save a txt file Slept Picture thumbnails gone Pictures don t work Actions Taken PC Inspector doesn t detect my F Drive Recuva Detects the Drive but says quot The process cannot open the file because another process has locked a portion of the file quot Panda Recovery DOES detect my drive but has the error message quot failed to open selected disk drive quot Questions I read that enabling disk cache may cause this problem But I believe this is different as I kicked the power supply Do I risk losing any information by turning this off to see if that works Should I restart my CPU Do I risk anything by NOT restarting the computer The hard drive has begun to click a little bit sometimes and like I said pictures are now no longer viewable Does it make sense that if I don t restart it could harm the drive or no If anybody has ANY idea on what I can do PLEASE post CPU XP Home Service Pack Intel R Celeron R CPU GHz GB of RAM nbsp

A:External HD Power Supply was kicked

jra64 said:

The hard drive has begun to click a little bit sometimesClick to expand...

Can you elaborate "clicking"
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First of all I am sorry of this has been answered somewhere but I haven't been able to find it and I really need a solution My desktop does not detect and external hard drive that do not come with their own power supply I have many externals that also plug into the wall and they are working fine but whenever it is an external without a plug i e the portable ones they are never found They do not show up in Computer Management so it is not because I did not assign a letter to the drive Supply their Drives without own Hard detected. External are not Power I have tried various things but I don't know what I should be testing for or looking for These externals all work on other laptops and other desktops perfectly fine so it is not the externals When they are plugged into my desktop they light up normally like they should but the desktop External Hard Drives without their own Power Supply are not detected. never detects them I have tried these externals with the different USB cable I have on hand but nothing seems to work It doesn't matter which USB port I plug the device in it still gives me no response I am running a i on a ASUS P P D Pro If anyone has any information or a ideas please let me know Thanks

A:External Hard Drives without their own Power Supply are not detected.

This is a rather common, but sporadic, problem. The issue, I believe, is that the USB ports on the problem PC are not putting out the specified power to run the drive. This is a problem typically seen in laptops.

IIRC, USB 2.0 specifications require the supply of 2.5 watts of power over a maximum of 5 meters at 5 volts (0.5 Amps). If you are ambitious you could test for the correct specs with a good multimeter.

The other possibility is that the problem external drive is requiring more power than is supplied by the USB specifications. This is not likely in your case because the drive works on other PCs.

One work-around, in either case, would be to used a powered USB port for that PC.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite and when I plug in the external power supply the computer freezes and I have to do a hard shut down. This has also happened when I unplug the power supply, thought not as often.

Curiously if I keep the mouse moving when I unplug it does not freeze. I've tried keeping the mouse moving when I plug in the power supply and sometimes it works but most of the time it does not.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Computer freezes when pluging in external power supply

Hi Bob,
Is this a new problem or has it always been like that with your laptop?
First thing come to my mind was that your charger may be too small for your computer.
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I have a Gateway GT 5082 ( Athlon 64 X2 , 2ghz flavor) I believe I have 2 problems if I want to purchase a decent video card. The stock power supply i believe is only 300W. Probably need around 400W to power a good video Card.

It comes with a PCI Express slot but even if I had the recommended power supply I really dont see an empty slot on the motherboard to put in the power connection from a new video card ( such as the nVidia 7950 GT ).

Do they sell external power supplies that I could run indepently of my computer and just power a video card? It would seem like a pain in the *** to replace the oem power supply so let me know what you think!

Yes I know there is an inherently 3rd problem the fact that I purchased a gateway haha... but just looking for some solutions here.


A:Video Card External Power Supply Question

Welcome to Techspot jnava121 :wave: ! Yes, the do make dedicated psu's, although the only one I know of is made by thermaltake, which I have due to a similar issue. If you live in the U.S., then look Here. Don't be thrown off by the wattage, becuase this thing will power up to a GeForce 8800GTS. Yes, it should also power a 7950GT as well. Good luck!
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I have HP 8200 elite CMT CPU in which 320 watts PSU is installed. I want to use AMD Radeon HD 7770 that requires more power (minimum 400 watts supply) for full performance. But the fact is, the higher watts PSU is not available for my cpu because its cables don't match with that. So I want to ask if I can use external PSU to power my GPU instead of CPU power supply. Will this harm for my PC?Kindly help me out to solve this issue.Thanks
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Im puzzled I have built a few pc s with no probs this last one has me stumped and any help would be appreciated greatly here we go let me give sys specs first msi k n delta lan xp barton fsb cpu dual channel memory fx vid card maxtor gig drive and floppy and cdrw xp pro os The system works gr then it will lock up and I have to hit reset and sometimes it starts back up fine and others I dont find the hard drive in bios I power down and remove ide cable and reinsert the cable and that works sometimes and sometimes not I mess with cables some then it will work Ive replaced the or drive power Hard supply? cable several times with same results so motherboard Hard drive or power supply? was still under warranty so I got a new mob and still have the problem is the problem a bad hard drive or power supply help please very annoying problem Thx Hard drive or power supply? Dace nbsp

A:Hard drive or power supply?

I'd put money on a software problem. Is there anything specific that causes the lockups? Like opening a browser or running a game? Without a specific trigger for an error it's harder to troubleshoot. Two things you can try: first is safe mode. This will load generic drivers so you might quickly identify if it's software or hardware. Use your error trigger if you've got one. Once you've done that, you can move on. Second is identifying the offending driver or component. For software, you must uninstall drivers one at a time. I'd start with simple stuff like mice and sound. Reboot after each uninstall, and again, use the trigger. For hardware you've got to physically remove things one at a time. Same deal, reboot after each, until you've defined the problem.

One more thing, have a look at the event viewer. right click my computer, select manage, and it should be there.
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I've just bought a new SATA Seagate 500gb internal hard drive as an upgrade, I currently have an 80gb SATA seagate as my main drive but this is full. I can see where to connect the new drive to my motherboard, however I can't understand how to connect the new drive to my current power supply.

Do I need to completely unscrew the power supply and all will become obvious?

I'm a little reluctant about doing that as it has a sticker on saying do not open, non servicable parts inside!

Any help would be most appreciated!

A:New Hard Drive, Old Power Supply help

You need this adapter.
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Motherboard Gigabyte X A-UD R Drive Power Error. and going out supply Disk Video Card ATI Radeon HD Power Supply Fatality Champ on Series W connected to a power strip OS Windows Hello I Power supply going out and Disk Drive Error. ve run across a problem Power supply going out and Disk Drive Error. yesterday while cleaning my computer that I ve never encountered and all my attempts to even figure out exactly whats wrong have failed I took out my video card yesterday in order to clean the fan afterwards I put it back in and powered up my computer I was unable to login to Windows because the power supply suddenly cut out mid-boot-up I tried powering it up again with the same result with increasing frequency sometimes even being unable to power-up I tried booting the computer up again today and during the boot-up process it said that the Disk Drive was damaged corrupted and needed to be repaired unfortunately the power supply cut out again when Windows was repairing the drive I ve checked all the cables and wiring and everything it plugged in where it needs to go I also tried booting up the computer without the video with the same result as above The power strip seems fine with everything else thats plugged in working normally So to sum up- -Power Supply keeps going out after - minutes -Potentially a corrupted damaged Disk Drive I don t know if the things I mentioned taking out and putting the video card back in after cleaning the power supply going out and a damaged corrupted disk drive are related in any way and for the life of me I cannot determine whats wrong Is it possible that there was a power surge Thank you nbsp

A:Power supply going out and Disk Drive Error.

Sounds like overheating, have you verified that the CPU's heatsink did not come loose? Check the temps in the BIOS.
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Hp pavillio a1210n
windows XP SP2

I just installed a new video card ATI Radeon x1050.
Not that thats installed my cd/dvd rom drive wont boot up any cds or dvds.
The cd pops in just fine but it does the computer does not pick it up.

Any help greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: CD/dvd ROM Drive not working. Power supply?

nvm forgot to plug in the thick wire into the motherboard
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I am trying to buy some large hard drives for older Dell systems (ie) Optiplex GX110, etc. I continue to be told by the sales folks at BestBuy and CompUSA that there may be a power supply issue with the legacy systems. I may be putting a large drive and a smaller boot drive in the same system, and I don't want to burn out the system or start a fire.

Can anyone spread some light on this?


A:hard drive size and power supply

I doubt the difference between a new 7200 and old 5400 RPM hard drive is more then a few watts. The size, or capacity, of the drive has no impact as far as I know. If you are replacing an existing drive with a new drive then there will be no issue power wise. Even if you add a second drive I doubt you'll have a problem. I worked on many Optiplex systems and never had a problem adding a second drive or replacing the existing drive.

Now replacing a power supply in a Optiplex is hard er as most will not acommodate a standard ATX power supply.

One issue you may run into though is a BIOS limitation on the size of hard drive you can install. There are 8GB, 32GB, 127GB barriers. However DELL has BIOS for the GX110 that'll adds 48 bit LBA support which allows to use drives larger then 127GB if you wish.
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EDIT I would post to get the posts to get the URL allowingness but I have very very limited time Please remove spaces from links I have a Dell motherboard that has the crumby disadvantage of being a quot Dell Prorpietary quot MOBO I dont know the chipset name but I dont think its gonna matter I do know however that i CANT use a standard ATX power supply b c it will fry both the supply and my MOBO due to the dell proprietary connector I want to buy a new graphics card however I do not have enough power The card requires watts power but my supply only gives watts So what I want to know is can I buy a drive bay power supply and stick in into my computer Here is the link ht tp w ww tigerdirect co m applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId This power supply has specific connectors that go to the motherboard etc but if I use them I will destroy my computer All I want the supply for is for the graphics w/ Drive Supply mobo? Dell Bay Power card I want and thats it nothing more Drive Bay Power Supply w/ Dell mobo? So can I hook JUST the drive bay power supplies PCIE connectors to my video card and have it just power the card Basically this will leave all the other connectors on the drive bay PSU just sitting in the case unconnected Including the big one that would normally go to a MOBO If that doesnt work can I buy this htt ps shop pcpower com power-supply silencer- -dell h tml It fits my model and design of Dell E and I checked various sources and they all said this site is a reputable site Please help nbsp

A:Drive Bay Power Supply w/ Dell mobo?

Unless your Dell is quite old, it will have a standard ATX power supply. The drive bay power supply is a great idea. It just might work perfectly for you. The PCPower supply would work too
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Hello I am running across 2 problem with two different computer. One computer is the new DX series Gateway with 1TB hard drive and the other is a terminal Dell Optiplex G280.
Dell Optiplex G280
- I brought a universal 110V powercord and plug it in but the power light give out a faint amber, orange light then nothing. Any idea what problem is occuring
The New Gateway
- The CD Drive wont open at all, in device manager it say all the disk drive is operating properly however no CD drive is detected in my computer either..Please help me with these two problems.
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About a year ago my one year old Compaq computer just died I have no idea why and back then I didn t have the knowledge to try and figure it out It literally went from being on in the morning before work Hard Power maybe Drive or Supply Issue and me checking my email to coming home from work and I couldn t even turn the computer on To my knowledge it was never turned on throughout the day and there wasn t a storm that day so I think a power surge can be ruled out It was plugged into an outlet with a surge protector as well Is there anyway to check and see if the Hard Drive is still good or anyway to quot fix quot it This was a K computer yes ripped off by best buy and now that I ve Hard Drive Issue or maybe Power Supply started to fool around in the tech area I can t accept it just dying It had adequate virus and spyware protection as well It was running on XP at the time it was in the neighborhood of - GB hard drive I don t know what processor it has although I could look and I m not sure about the motherboard I m thinking it s possible the power supply could have gone bad since I can t even attempt to turn the computer on I don t believe it could be the hard drive but I don t want to rule it out although if it was the hard drive it should at least turn on Then comes a possibly fried motherboard I think that could be the problem as well Please help nbsp

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My dad said he came home the other day and smelled something "electrical" burning and traced it to the computer, so he unplugged it.

I plugged it in to test it, and got a loud horrible sounding beep (so loud i'm not sure if it came from speakers or the hardware??) and then nothing happens Won't boot up. I just hear a vibrating/sickly humming sound in the box that is in the back of the case, with a fan, and as far as I can tell the fan is still spinning, so the noise most likely isn't the fan. Would this 'box' be the power supply? I am guessing so since this is where the power plug goes in at. Also, if it is indeed the power supply, would this problem inflict damage on other components?

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Hi nbsp I own the M p in its small form factor but not the tiny nbsp This beautiful machine has two SATA III sockets second form... Power in supply drive M92p for a small one SATA II socket and an eSATA socket nbsp I would like to connect a second drive to one of these sockets But how to bring the power to this additional drive nbsp Currently nbsp the power supply brings the power at two locations of Power supply for a second drive in M92p small form... the motherboard one below the hard drive and one behind the fan From the motherboard one power cable goes to the DVD bay and the other to the hard drive I cannot see any other socket on the motherboard for a further hard drive The desktop power supply has FRU Y Should I use another power suply with ore outputs or an external power supply nbsp As for transfer speeds would it be wise to connect the DVD bay to the SATA II socket so that I can use both SATA III sockets for hard drives nbsp Thanks Solved Go to Solution

A:Power supply for a second drive in M92p small form...

french_fries wrote:
Currently,  the power supply brings the power at two locations of the motherboard, one below the hard drive and one behind the fan. From the motherboard, one power cable goes to the DVD bay and the other to the hard drive.
I cannot see any other socket on the motherboard for a further hard drive.
The desktop power supply has FRU 54Y8874.
Should I use another power suply with ore outputs or an external power supply ?
I believe you need to use a power Y splitter cable, such as this one:
As for transfer speeds, would it be wise to connect the DVD bay to the SATA II socket, so that I can use both SATA III sockets for hard drives ?
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EDIT I think this is my PSU http www redplanettrading com ebay Solved: Drive w/ Supply Bay mobo? Dell Power PSU w w -top- jpg Is this a dell-specific PSU that has the stupid proprietary connectors ---- I Solved: Drive Bay Power Supply w/ Dell mobo? have a Dell motherboard that has the crumby disadvantage of being a quot Dell Prorpietary quot MOBO I dont know the chipset name but I dont think its gonna matter I do know however that i CANT use a standard ATX power supply b c it will Solved: Drive Bay Power Supply w/ Dell mobo? fry both the supply and my MOBO due to the dell proprietary connector I want Solved: Drive Bay Power Supply w/ Dell mobo? to buy a new graphics card however I do not have enough power The card requires watts power but my supply only gives watts So what I want to know is can I buy a drive bay power supply and stick in into my computer Here is the link http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId This power supply has specific connectors that go to the motherboard etc but if I use them I will destroy my computer All I want the supply for is for the graphics card I want and thats it nothing more So can I hook JUST the drive bay power supplies PCIE connectors to my video card and have it just power the card Basically this will leave all the other connectors on the drive bay PSU just sitting in the case unconnected Including the big one that would normally go to a MOBO If that doesnt work can I buy this https shop pcpower com power-supply silencer- -dell html It fits my model and design of Dell E and I checked various sources and they all said this site is a reputable site Please help nbsp

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I have a LaCie Grand hard drive, and while plugged in the power supply tip smoked and melted inside the charging port of the drive enclosure. Using 2 small screwdrivers I got all the goo and charcoal out, then plugged in another power supply. The drive mounted and I got all my data out.

Now what? Would you experts trust this drive with a new power supply? Or should I crack it open and put the actual drive into a new enclosure? i feel like a hard drive I can't trust is useless to me. Am I too paranoid? Your opinions here will be greatly appreciated.

A:Hard drive power supply adapter burned up... now what?


Me personally would put it in another Enclosure as they are not expensive......also I might run a test on the HDD as well
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Hey guys.

My Pc is a HP dc7100 Series. The workstation didn't come with a floppy drive installed, so i took it upon myself to install one.

Anyways i plugged in an OLD floppy drive, connected the ribbon cable and connected the power to the floppy.

And tried to boot..... The LED lights flicker, and the CPU and power supply fans run for about 2 seconds, then everything shuts down. After disconnecting the floppy totally the same thing happens.

I swapped out the power supply, and got my system running again.. I tried the "faulty" power supply on another pc and it gives the same results..

Question is how did i manage to kill the power supply? It shouldn't have been from installing the floppy...

Anyways, comments/ideas are welcome..

Just curious as to what the hell i did to cause this.. :blackeye:

A:Installing a floppy drive causes the power supply to fail?

I have seen defective floppy drives cause all kinds of problem including shorting out a power supply. that is one of the reasons I dont install any floppy drives. one minute they may be working fine and the next they go belly up.
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i turned my computer on the other day hard freezing computer supply after replacing power drive? and and soon smelled smoke computer freezing after replacing power supply and hard drive? about minutes later i heard a pop and my comp shut off it wouldnt turn back on i went to get it checked out and it was the power supply got fried apparently some tiny bugs had gotten into it so i replaced it now when i turn it on it will freeze and restart itself within anywhere from minutes - hours i reinstalled windows to see if that would fix it but nope then i replaced the hard drive which i was planning on doing soon anyway but this did not fix the problem i also tried using a different video card to see if that was the cause but it still froze also removed the ram modules to see if they were the cause no luck now i am guessing that either the motherboard or processor is damaged but is there a way to find out which one before replacing the last thing i want to do is pay more to have someone diagnose the problem Intel Core i - Ivy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Quad Core K Intel i i CPU Fans Coolermaster GeminII M Copper Heat Pipes Extra Quiet Slim CPU fan Intel i i i Motherboards Gigabyte GA-B M-D H Onboard Video DVI amp HDMI X-Fire SATA USB GB LAN DDR Dual Channel memory GB x GB PC DDR Dual Channel PCI-Express Video cards AMD Radeon HD GB PCI Express x dual head DVI HDMI Hard Drives GB Western Digital Blue RPM SATA GB s m cache DVD Recorders LG x SATA DVD Recorder R RW -R RW Sound Cards Realtek HD digital audio onboard Network Cards Ethernet network adapter onboard Cases Apevia X-Dreamer Black amp Blue front USB eSATA LCD temp display Case Fans Dual Case Fans mm Extra Quiet DC fan two fans Power Supply Logisys W Extra Quiet ATX Power Supply SLI amp X-fire ready nbsp

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I have Satellite Pro M500 with Windows 7 installed.

Detect correctly many USB pen drive (led inside ON) but when use "remove secure device" (right bottom) the led remain ON (never switch OFF). This for every model Keystone I have (2, 4, 8GB).

Last old XP based notebook switch OFF correctly power supply. Why this Toshiba not switch OFF right mode the pen drive?

Anticipated Thanks,

A:Satellite Pro M500 - Doesn't switch off power supply for USB pen drive


Do you really think that this is an issue?
To be honest sometimes I can notice the same that disconnecting a USB pen drive the LED doesn?t go off but Windows tells me I can remove the drive. So I think if Windows tells me that all should be ok.
What do you think?

Furthermore it would be interesting to know if you are running factory settings or your own Windows installation.
Make also sure that BIOS version is the newest.
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Need help with this one. I shut down a computer one night, and the next day I noticed the hard drive light flashing. After examining it I could not turn it off holding the power button in, and it would not boot. Also noticed that the power supply is running. Held button in, and unplugged it, and plug it back in and can boot, but when I shut down, the same thing happens. Have not seen this one before., anyone have any ideas. Not my main computer, just one I set up for my grandkids.

A:Computer Shut Down Hard Drive And Power Supply Still Running

Most likely dying power supply.
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Hello all I made a post regarding the performance failing of one of my supply power affect hard performance? drive/computer Faulty hard drives The conclusion we came to has unfortunately not resolved my problem and I am beginning to think my Power Supply may be the culprit Faulty power supply affect hard drive/computer performance? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Before I go into details here is my current Hardware Q GHZ GIGABYTE EP -DS R GB PC mhz x gb x gb Nvidia GTX mb requires x pin power adapters Asus Xonar soundcard requires floppy power adapters Windows x Jeantech W PSU modular PSU PCI-E nodes and nodes for other devices gb HDD operating system tb HDD data tb HDD data tb HDD data - added recently ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ My original problem in brief Upon accessing certain files in one of my TB drives I hear a distictive quot click lockup halt quot sound and then the entire system crashes first the drive will become inaccessible then windows explorer will crash followed by the mouse and eventually a BSOD after a minute ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I bought a new TB a month ago to replace what then I thought was a failing TB drive Since the problems have become quot random quot and happen across all four drives tb tb gb tb I am now considering my PSU the culprit Jeantech Absolute w It seems logical to me Sometimes while performing tasks which put stress on several HDD s at the same time my computer is quot choking quot running as fast smooth as it should but with sudden freezes with those HDD quot click - stop - restart quot sounds Booting into windows is failing from time to time freezes on the quot starting windows quot screen or DISK BOOT FAILURE Insert system disk The PSU is modular - could certain quot plugs quot in my PSU are faulty I haven t tested this extensively but in some cases when the computer is not starting up at all using different power ribbon cable combinations seems to help Also I had to remove my DVD drive completely when I first installed the new TB I bought and I don t think my computer will start at all with it plugged in anymore so my PSU MUST be having a hard time coping with all the components If it is of any relevance I use an Nvidia GTX which requires x PCI-E pin power connections hard drives power is supplied via THREE modular ribbon power cables - two HDD s share power from the same ribbon cable lastly worth noting I use an asus Xonar sound card requires floppy power connector several symptoms suggest the PSU any thoughts nbsp

A:Faulty power supply affect hard drive/computer performance?

a 1000Watt shouldn't have any problem coping with the components that you have, i would recommend that u borrow a power supply from a friend and try it out on your computer, maybe the power supply is old and is not supplying proper voltages on all the rails....
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The Expansion Power Windows laptop began closing all programs and asking to run a scan of the computer and purchase an update of Windows Power Expansion Attached are requested logs Thanks DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Beth at on Windows Power Expansion Sat Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium GMT - Running Processes C Windows system wininit exe C Windows system lsm exe C Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C Windows system svchost exe -k rpcss C Windows System svchost exe -k secsvcs C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C Windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C Windows system SLsvc exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C Windows system WLANExt exe C Windows System spoolsv exe C Windows system svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C Windows system aestsrv exe C Program Files Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Microsoft Small Business Business Contact Manager BcmSqlStartupSvc exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C Windows system svchost exe -k bthsvcs C Program Files Common Files Creative Labs Shared Service CreativeLicensing exe C Windows system CTsvcCDA exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exe C Windows system svchost exe -k hpdevmgmt C Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceNetworkRestricted C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin RegSrvc exe C Program Files Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack SeaPort SeaPort exe C Program Files Dell Support Center bin sprtsvc exe c Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Shared sqlbrowser exe c Program Files Microsoft SQL Server Shared sqlwriter exe C Windows system STacSV exe C Windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Windows System svchost exe -k WerSvcGroup C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXE C Windows system SearchIndexer exe C Windows system DRIVERS xaudio exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Cloud Antivirus PSANHost exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSvcM exe C Windows system taskeng exe c Program Files Microsoft SQL Server MSSQL MSSQL Binn sqlservr exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Program Files Google Update GoogleUpdate exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Program Files DellTPad Apoint exe C Windows OEM Mon exe C Windows WindowsMobile wmdc exe C Program Files Dell MediaDirect PCMService exe C Program Files HP HP Software Update hpwuSchd exe C Program Files MSN Toolbar Platform mswinext exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files Panda Security Panda Cloud Antivirus PSUNMain exe C ProgramData Panda Security URL Filtering Panda URL Filtering exe C Program Files Google GoogleToolbarNotifier GoogleToolbarNotifier exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software BTTray exe C Program Files Digital Line Detect DLG exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqtra exe C Program Files Dell QuickSet quickset exe C Program Files SetPoint SetPoint exe C Program Files Dell Dell WUSB WQ Tray exe C Users Beth AppData Roaming Dropbox bin Dropbox exe C Windows system svchost exe -k WindowsMobile C Program Files DellTPad ApMsgFwd exe C Program Files DellTPad HidFind exe C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe C Program Files DellTPad Apntex exe C Program Files Common Files Logitech khalshared KHALMNPR EXE c Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software BtStackServer exe C Program Files HP Digital Imaging bin hpqSTE exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C Windows System svchost exe -k HPZ C Windows system wuauclt exe C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows system SearchProtocolHost exe C Windows system SearchFilterHost exe C Windows system DllHost exe C Windows system DllHost exe C Users Beth Desktop dds scr C Windows system wbem wmiprvse exe Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page hxxp www google com uWindow Title Internet Explorer provided by Dell uInternet Settings ProxyOverride local mURLSear... Read more

A:Windows Power Expansion

Hi Im nasdaq.

I suggest you follow the removal instructions from this page.

Read the instructions carefully and proceed to

Automated Removal Instructions for Windows Power Expansion using Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:

Remove Windows Power Expansion (Uninstall Guide)

If at any time you need help before proceeding please ask.

When you can please post the Malwarebytes' log


Please run this security check for my review.

Download Security Check by screen317 from here or here.Save it to your Desktop.
Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.
A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.

Let me know what problem persists.
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I just found out that I downloaded and ran windows power expansion. I need help to get rid of this!Edit: Moved topic from Introductions to the more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Uninstall windows power expansion

Take a look here: Remove Windows Power Expansion (Uninstall Guide)
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Hi I went to the lab to work on a digital photo project today and my external hard drive won t turn on It is a Coltech and says quot drive external power!!! has HELP! hard no My quot Hard Drive Enclosure quot on it It s one of the ones that has a USB and a power cord to plug into an outlet and an on off switch to turn on the power So I plugged it in put the USB into the iMAC I m using turned on the switch and it won t turn on no power at all normally it makes little noises when it turns on but nothing I checked all the connections both ends of the power cord and USB I tried it in another iMac I tried plugging a desk lamp into the wall to see if it was the electrical outlet everything HELP! My external hard drive has no power!!! was fine HELP my project is due on tuesday and all my HELP! My external hard drive has no power!!! photos and work are on my external hard drive Thanks Kaitlyn nbsp

A:HELP! My external hard drive has no power!!!

It might just be the power adapter or the enclosure that has died. You might be able to remove the hard drive from the enclosure and either install it internally in a computer or put it into a new enclosure. Most computer places sell enclosures if you need it in a hurry. Hopefully its not the hard drive inside the enclosure that has failed, in which case you hopefully have the all-important backups of your data.
Relevancy 56.76%

I gave my external hard drive to a friend but his laptop didn't recognize it. after getting it back, I connected it to my laptop but it didn't show up in disk management at all. the drive is receiving power since the light is on. I felt the drive upon connecting to laptop and noticed it tries multiple times to rotate the magnetic disk but in the end it come to a stop and nothing after that. I think my friend's laptop somehow damaged my drive since I'm sure it's a hardware problem.
So, I was wondering maybe any of you guys have an idea how to fix it if possible otherwise, I'd like to know if I can recover the data without spending for the experts?

A:WD external drive receiving power but not working

Hey armmzd. Sure sounds like a drive gone bad, and assuming you know it was good when you gave it to him,maybe it was dropped,etc. All I can suggest is going to the drive manufacturer's site and see if they have a drive diagnostic tool you can try.
Relevancy 56.76%

My hard drive will not power on. Tried using different power cord. But still will not power on. What are my options to access my data in the hd.
Relevancy 55.9%

Hey, i'm building a computer but i haven't realized that the power supply i need is an atx 2.0. What power supply should i get??

I was orignally looking at the Ultra X-connect but it doesn't support atx 2.0 Damn.

Relevancy 55.9%

Hello: I have a Fantom 2tb external usb drive (MDC2000) made up of two 1tb drives in a radid 0 configuration. When they powerup which the blue light turns on but the drives will not spin. The drives when removed from the case will each spin using another external usb box. Any thoughts?

A:Fantom 2TB USB external drive configured with RAID 0 cannot power up

"Any thoughts?"...
Yes the MDC2000's power supply has failed, blue lights or no blue lights
Relevancy 55.9%

Hi all,

I was wondering if I would be doing harm to my drive by ejecting and unplugging while there is still power to the drive.

Is it basically the same as not ejecting?

In XP my drive would power off in Windows 7 it does not.

A:USB External Drive doesn't power off when safely ejecting

I use this setting to prevent any problems.

Dev Mgr> Disc Drives> right click on drive> policies.

Hope this helps.
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Hi all,

I was wondering if I would be doing harm to my drive by ejecting and unplugging while there is still power to the drive.

Is it basically the same as not ejecting?

In XP my drive would power off in Windows 7 it does not.

A:USB External Drive doesn't power off when safely ejecting

Do you get the pop-up saying it's safe to disconnect the drive? If you do I wouldn't worry about it.
Relevancy 55.9%

OK, quick question. If an external optical drive (DVD writer) has no power button, would it be OK to just leave it on? Do optical drives go into some sort of sleep mode if its not accessing a disc? Does it continue to drain electricity if left on and idle?

Relevancy 55.9%

Got a Lenovo PC with Windows 7, when I tried to plug in my Hitachi external hard drive, it killed power to the PC immediately. I unplugged the HD, and power immediately came back on. This happens with any USB port, front or back. Tried switching cables, same result. The hard drive has an external power source, so it shouldn't be drawing too much power from the PC.

To make matters worse, after playing around with different ports, the mouse no longer works. When I plug it in, the light on the bottom flashes briefly, and that's it. I tried a different mouse. This time the light stays on but it still doesn't work. Did a system restore, no luck. Any thoughts, anybody? I'll be honest, I got nothin' on this one.

A:External hard drive kills power, also mice

Hi facetaco and Welcome to TSF,

I'm going on a wild guess that the external harddrive is Bus-powered? (No extra power adapter)

If you plug a harddrive in that doesn't have an external power source, the power unit of your laptop might not have enough power to keep all hardware running. This is most likely the cause of the issue. One other possible reason is faulty USB ports;

Can you plug other USB medias into the PC without it shutting down, like USB sticks?
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It is on a computer running XP SP Now it shows up in My Computer but with no statistics and I cannot open it The drive does not show up in Windows Disk Management I have gone thru the Seagate website s External Drive Trouble Shooter for WinDOWS xp as hard aborted worked a conversion expansion fine I until Seagate drive compressed to a drive well as contacting Seagate Support with no success I have tried Windows Format DOS Format Seatools for Windows HD LFF Low Level Format testdisk win and Disk Wizard with no success The drive showed up but they all reported failure in testing and or accessing the disk Seagate expansion hard drive worked fine until I aborted a conversion to a compressed drive Seatools for DOS sounds like it would do the trick but it didnotrecognizeeitherofmyexternaldrives theotheroneofwhichisworking Can anyone recommend a fix Seems to me that it is a software problem not a hardware problem so there should be a software solution I have very limited funds and Seagate expansion hard drive worked fine until I aborted a conversion to a compressed drive can t afford to replace the drive right now It is used as a backup drive so loss of the data on the drive is not an issue I ll just run another backup when the drive is restored to health My boot drive is not backed up on this drive so that is not a problem nbsp

A:Seagate expansion hard drive worked fine until I aborted a conversion to a compressed drive

Have you tried reinitializing the drive?
Relevancy 55.47%

I purchased a Silicon Power Rugged Armor A80 external hard drive to back up my computer & I can't get it to work. When I try to back up MY Documents, it scans the files, then the window says "wrong input" & "access denied". I have been trying to get help from Silicon Power customer service, but they haven't been able to shed any light on my problem. I'm running Windows 7 Professional & have Norton Internet Security. Could there be some kind of incompatibility with my OS or Norton that's preventing access to the files? This is very frustrating & I am very uncomfortable not having my files backed up.

A:Silicon Power external hard drive will not back up files

Hello and Welcome -Since you are putting the files onto a clean new external hard drive, make sure all browsers are closed and Disable your Norton while you do it.Some Norton programs often see simple things as a threat, and can at times refuse you permission to do what you want -Worth a try -
Relevancy 55.47%

I added a 120 gig Western Digital USB external drive and used Acronis to create a backup of my hard drive. I then used Windows XP to remove it as a USB device so I could power it off. Now, when I power it back on it is not recognized by XP and does not appear on My Computer or on Disk Management (where I originally formatted it for NTFS). All I get is a sound like a single "KERPLONK" when I power it on.

A:XP will not recognize external hard drive (E) after removal and power back on

Wait, when you say you "removed it" where did you remove it from? From Safely Remove Hardware or from Device Manager?

The "KERPLONK" sound is a good sign - it means that Windows it at least recognizing that something is being plugged into the USB port. Have you tried running the Add New Hardware wizard in Control Panel?
Relevancy 55.47%

Whats up guys,
We have bunch of our employee's as Power Users (group) and just recently one needed to formatt their external harddrives but was given an error "Don't Have Sufficent Rights To Perform This Action".

Instead of moving those users into another group "admin" or so.

How can I allow Power Users to be able to perform this action? (gpedit.msc?)

Thanks in advance!

Relevancy 55.04%

I have a HP Pavillion a200n, windows XP

i installed a dvd rw drive afterwards the original cd rw drive is no longer being recognized by my computer. The cd rw drive was (E and the dvd rw drive was (F I switched the connector cable and the cd became (F and dvd became (E Either way only the DVD rw works. Can you help me?

A:original cd rw drive does not work after installing expansion dvd rw drive

You didn't mention the jumpers. How did you set them?
Relevancy 55.04%

Hi There My first post here and I promise I ll stick around and try help out others rather than simply disappear if and when someone s helped me out My question concerns a Maxtor LS GB external hard drive I bought recently Naiively I assumed that it would get all its power Power Hard Drive International 3000LS External - Sources Maxtor Using from the USB cable and therefore I d be able to use it in both the Maxtor 3000LS External Hard Drive - Using International Power Sources UK where I am based now and the US where I will be based soon However when it arrived I realised that it needed an external power source Serves me right for not reading the spec properly I guess Anyway the power pack that it comes with splits in two i e the big chunky bit with the wire leading to the hard drive and the wire that leads to the mains The hard drive came with two mains leads A UK compatible lead and a mainland European lead Now my query is assuming that I could get hold of a US compatible mains lead would plugging it into the chunky bit a Not have enough power to do anything b Frazzle the components c Cause a rift in the space-time continuum I confess I didn t pay much attention in physics class and so am a bit baffled by volts amps ohms current and other flavours of electrickery so if anyone - preferably someone with knowledge of the hardware - could give any advice then I d be really grateful Many thanks Andy nbsp

A:Maxtor 3000LS External Hard Drive - Using International Power Sources

Look at the specs on the power supply. It may be a universal supply, many of them are nowadays. I just checked a camera and a USB 2.0 hard disk supply, both state 100V to 240V 50/60Hz, so they'll run either in Europe or the US.
Relevancy 54.61%

Toshiba Satellite L305-5955, Ive taken apart and replaced power jack. Not directly soldered to motherboard. While still apart, and battery out/in, connected power supply and still absolutely no response. Power supply is NOT original, and slightly different specs, i.e original 19v..6.3A

current 19v..3.1A

A:Toshiba Satellite L305-5955 does not respond to power supply, new power jack

Almost certainly the problem is that the current rating is wrong, if the laptop needs
6.3 A of current, it won't function on less (just as you can't use a 3A fuse for a kettle!)
Unfortunately it must be the right current rating, I know, I've been caught that way too!
Maybe you can exchange it?
Relevancy 54.61%

I picked up this Alienware 5700 off ebay to hopefully refurbish for my son but I'm new at this and still learning and so this thing has me baffled. The laptop is in pristine condition but shows no signs of life. When I plug in the power supply the green light on the power supply goes from solid green to blinking rapidly to the point you can barely see it. To me that would mean a short somewhere right ? If so where ? Has anyone else ever had experience with something like this ? I just don't want to go buying a new battery for a laptop that maybe fried already. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:No power, no lights but green light on power supply blinks rapidly

Remove the laptops battery and try the AC power only. If the green light does the same, it still could only be a bad AC adapter, or at worst, a shorted laptop motherboard
Relevancy 54.61%

I have a Dell 8600 about two years old. When I plug in the AC adapter, it intermittently fades to the battery as though the plug was pulled out (its not) and of course the screen fades in an out when every time it swithces--it does it every 30 to 60 seconds or so. I switched to a different AC adapter (I have a Dell 600M with the same AC adapter)-same thing so I know it is something internally. Any ideas?

A:Dell Laptop Power Supply Fading In and Out--power jack is bad or loose?
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Ever since i got this new motherboard and CPU ive been having a bit of a nightmare Wont Gigabyte Power up ga-ma790fx - Phenom AMD 9850 Supply & Power with it Gigabyte ga-ma fx-ds -Latest Bios AMD Phenom Black Edition gigs PC ram Corsair XMS CM X - ATI Radeon The problem is that the motherboard will NOT power up at all with the of the latest power supplies watt i have It wont work at all with Nothing happens its just dead Arctic watt Jeantech PSU brand new and working Corsair watt HX PSU working It only seems to work with my Jeantech Watt PSU and i cant for the life of me figure out why Ive tried everything to get the board to work with the new PSU s I had thought that the PSUs i got were dodgy but after testing out one in an older PC it worked fine Ive removed all parts and tried powering up and i cant get it to boot up But the PC seems to work fine with the oldish watt PSU which i find just unbelievable Can anyone help with this nightmare Now on the Gigabyte site the CPU i have isnt listed as supported by this motherboard which is kinda worrying could this be the reason If so how the old Power Supply Wont Power up - Gigabyte ga-ma790fx & AMD Phenom 9850 PSU boots up I just want to have the fracking thing working with the right PSU nbsp

A:Power Supply Wont Power up - Gigabyte ga-ma790fx & AMD Phenom 9850

if I read the specifications right on your mobo... it implies that it has the 4 pin PCI-e input(power) but it also has the 8pin ATX power conector. (it may be simply removing a cap that is actually right next to the 4 pin connector, thus making it an 8 pin connector (thats how it was on my mobo)

Try using the 8pin power with your new PSU, see if that works.
Relevancy 54.61%

I m interested in the Toshiba G laptop but have heard that you can t use it on airplane seat power It comes with a W AC power supply Vx A but I ve been told that most airlines limit seat power to - W max Lind sells a V car adaptor for the G but specifically won t include an airline plug for this reason which I can get independently of course I ve read some interesting electrical discussions on this board Can ya ll comment on the following or provide any general advice about power consumption Given that the voltage of the laptop and airline seat power pretty much match up - V if the amp draw on the laptop exceeds what the airline power supply can deliver what will happen Will it damage the laptop to feed it insufficient current Will it shut down Supply, Power Airline 120W limitations Toshiba Power G25-AV513, the laptop altogether Merely dim the screen If I remove the laptop battery which requires power to charge it how much will that reduce the power Toshiba G25-AV513, 120W Power Supply, Airline Power limitations need of the laptop I m not sure how to work the Toshiba G25-AV513, 120W Power Supply, Airline Power limitations math but the spec sheet states the battery supplies mAh at A output Does it require the same to charge it Most importantly on my hour transpacific flights will the DVD player work with that ultrabrite screen at the low airline power supply A nice feature of the laptop is that you can watch DVDs without powering up the Windows operating system it has a small linux OS for the DVD player Granted the DVD drive and screen are probably of the most power hungry devices Has anyone used a G or a similar W laptop on a plane The ToshibaDirect support staff were mum on the issue probably for legal reasons Thanks nbsp
Relevancy 54.61%

Yesterday in my house,electric fuse was switched to turn on cooker in my kitchen. During this power delivery was stopped for 4-5 second only.
When power back on then pc automatically turns on and just before bios show me :"?Power supply surges detected during the previous power on ASUS anti-surge was triggered to protect system from unstable supply unit.
Press F1 to continue.? And then pc booted fine to Windows.

Is this normal ? Did it damage something? Why i get that message is this normal?

6700K stock
Asus Z170-P
Corsair 750 RM
Gtx 1080
SSD 1x
Relevancy 54.61%

Sorry I don't know the proper terms, but basically the pin inside the jack where the power cord gets plugged into on my laptop was bent so that it's really hard for me to plug in my power cord and have it stay in place. My warranty with best buy has expired, so I need to figure out how to solve this problem on my own. I can't just leave it like this because the cord comes out really easily and I can't continue to work with such a tenuous setup. Anyway, is this just a matter of replacing the entire unit inside my laptop? I know you probably need more information, but I'm not sure what to provide, so please ask any questions. The laptop is a Toshia M-45, about 3-4 years old. Thanks in advance

A:Bent power supply pin - Hard to plug in power cord

umm.. bend it back so it's closer to normal? That's all I can say about it. usually works for me.
Relevancy 54.61%

It's been a while since I built a system from scratch and have a... errr... simple question

gfx: Sapphire HD3850 512MB Ultimate (passive)

MB: MSI P35 Neo2 FIR

PSU: Seasonic M12II 500W

The motherboard has a power connector for the graphic card next to the slot.

Is there any reason I should connect the power for the card to the power connector on the board instead of directly to the power supply?

A:Graphic card power to power supply or connector on motherboard?

First time I have ever seen that feature. I like it. I'm thinking that is a neat/easy way to partially eliminate cable clutter from the PSU. Give it a shot, you can always revert to PSU cable if you wish.
Relevancy 54.61%

Hi, I just bought an HP pavilion e9300 a few week ago. And I am going to upgrade the power supply so that I can get a new graphic card--ATI 4870 which requires at least 500 watt power supply. My current computer is shipped with a 350 watt power supply. I will probably get a 650 watt considering the 70% effeciency of power supply.
However, when I talked to an HP technician, he insisted that I could go for a power supply with no more 450 watt. Because the system I just got has a motherboard which has a max power limit 450 watt. He said if I go beyond that, the motherboard will burn out.
So what shall I do? I really want to get ATI 4870 work well on my computer.
Thx very much.

A:Does power supply with higher power rating really burn motherboard?

The long answer is "No".
Just be sure of the dimensions of the power supply before you order a replacement, as HP uses some pretty strange sizes sometimes, and you want the new one to fit with room to spare.
Relevancy 54.61%

I have a Sony VGC-RB42G computer. I recently moved my computer, cleaned off all the dust, and when I plugged everything back in, it won't power up. The light on the power supply blinks green, inside the motherboard also has a green light that blinks as well. It has a ticking sound too, but I am not sure if it is coming from the power supply or the motherboard. Any idea what could be wrong.

FYI, I have already unplugged everything from the power supply, pulled out the ram, checked the battery, and put everything back together and still no change. One thing I thought was strange was after I unplugged everything, I pulled the power into the power supply again and this time the green light came on but did not blink. It stayed solid.


A:No Power, Blinking green light on power supply and motherboard

Sounds like a Power Supply problem.
Relevancy 54.61%

Hello guys.  Can anyone help me understand the power supply on the HP Envy Phoenix 860-019?  The PCIE connector 6 pin connected to the GTX 960 has black and white wires.  Shouldn't there be yellow and black wires?  Yellow is usually 12 volt and black wires ground.  Is the 6 pin connected to my GTX 960  supplying a standard 75 watts of power or something else?  I want to install a GTX 1070 but the 6 pin wire colors are not the industry standard color scheme.  Also there is a 2 pin power connector with a white and black wire.  Usually a 6 pin and a 2 pin can be used together to connect into a 8 pin socket on a GTX 1070.  Will my connectors supply the needed power and connect properly because the color scheme on the wires make no sense. Thank you
Relevancy 54.18%

Hi guys,
I just bought an Expansion Drive from Stapples which is Seagate 1TB :

How to use it in the best way, i mean the safest way for it like :
Should I copy and paste or cut my data frequently on it ?
Where should I place it ?
Should I unplug it's power source when i'm not using it ? or just leave it ?
Should I unplug it's USB cable from PC when not using it ?
Need advices.
Thanks Guys,

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Seagate's website the manual say the this MBR or Drive 5TB initialized not in Seagate Expansion OK? Drive GPT? one Desktop-Festplatte Expansion Seagate TB Expansion Drive is initialized in GPT Expansion drives switching to GPT but Windows and dispart http i imgur com JxRAja png show it is Seagate 5TB Expansion Drive not initialized in MBR or GPT? Drive OK? initialized in MBR not in GPT the column under GPT is empty The item to initialize in convert to GPT is grayed out I assume one have to remove the partition first to access that option http i imgur com xeqkQmJ png And it looks like as if MiniToolPartizionWizard shows it was GPT as well http i imgur com PsQfLY png What could that mean Is the display of Win diskpart correct Is this message correct DriveInfo shows S M A R T Drive Status Drive is not OK The device has detected a threshold exceeded condition http i imgur com xfPSq png What does that mean A defect a problem The entire report http i imgur com rySWvIt png http i imgur com qyquxVB png http i imgur com R bx s png ChystalDisk shows this does not appear to look that bad http i imgur com v TYPhZ png and http i imgur com z exc png SeaTools shows this http i imgur com ulGbCQ png HDDscan shows http i imgur com hlD pN png and http i imgur com UMRP GM png What do those items marked with that yellow sign mean quot Airflow temperature quot and quot HDA Temperatur quot A problem What does the display about quot Health quot mean instead of appear to mean the state of the drive is not the best anymore May be there will occur problems errors the next time

A:Seagate 5TB Expansion Drive not initialized in MBR or GPT? Drive OK?

everything is okay. delete the partition, initialize GPT. gute nacht.
Relevancy 53.75% we finally got my girlfriends new PC up and running. The problem im having...or more of a concern really. Is when you flip off the power supply, and then flip it back on, the PC gets a short burst of power. IE the lights and fans all come on for a second or two. Then you can press the power button and turn it back on.

Any ideas guys?

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Hi forum and pc gurus My problem is specified down to my PSU at least I think so W Logisys PSU - maybe the quality has something to do with it I paid for it from NEW EGG I have A Gigabyte GA- P-DS Motherboard a Intel Core DUO Conroe GHz processor with heatsink and get I HELL! POWER FROM PC built HELP! custom power to on! cannot SUPPLY my Fan Sapphire ATI X Pro GIGS of WINTEC DDR PC RAM SATA Maxtor GIG HD inch SATA Gig HD and two DVD Burner Optical Drives both IDE I have it hooked up like this two Optical Drives connected to IDE connector cable which POWER SUPPLY FROM HELL! I cannot get my custom built PC to power on! HELP! is hooked into the IDE input on the motherboard both are set to slave Two CD outs connected one to each Optical Drives to one CD input on the motherboard Both HD s are connected to SATA inputs on the motherboard one is set for master one is set for slave I heard that it did not matter but wanted to state that anyway then my ATI RADEON X is hooked directly into my only PCI Xpress slot The power connectors are then all hooked into their respective inputs on the drives and Video Card ANd last but not least all the Power button and LED connectors are hooked into their input on the motherboard wich I set up exactly as the motherboard diagrams and directions directed I turned the switch on the PSU to on and I only got a faint mouse like squeek then nothing not even the fan So I figured it was DOA so I had newegg send me another I got it today installed it hooked all the power connectors to the hardware then popped the switch to on nothing again and the same little squeeky mouse like noise I have no idea what went wrong and this is my first custom built computer for me so any help would be great In relation I did not wear a ESD protective wristband but I did constantly touch metal to keep myself grounded but I couldnt rule out ESD to the motherboard I hope not but it is a possibility AND what is the possibility that both PSUs were DOA and what is the possibility that W is not enough to power my entire system THANKS GUYS FOR ANY HELP IN ADVANCE Oh and yeah I have it set to V nbsp

A:POWER SUPPLY FROM HELL! I cannot get my custom built PC to power on! HELP!
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Working on a dell dimension 2400,think may have bad power supply.Anybody know if that model uses a proprietary PSU? or will a regular industry standard one work?

A:Dell Power Dimension 2400 power supply

Should be a standard ATX PS.
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I shut down my Pavilion Elite for 1 week while away and now it will not turn on. The power supply light is on, I replaced the CMOS battery and the power switch is ok.

A:Pavilion elite power supply light on, won't power up

As you did not mention any message or display on the screen, I would use this tutorial for a step by step diagnostic.  It also helps to remove the side panel, and visually watch the CPU and rear case fan movement(s).  As you press the power button, pay attention to the fans. Also does the Power Supply LED stay ON? Or did it go OUT when you pressed the power button?
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Ok so it's time again for me to pick a new power supply however I'm in need of some help determining the appropriate wattage for my hardware setup AMD Phenom II X nm AM GSkill Ripjaw X GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - new a Consumption-Picking Supply Hardware Power Power Corsair TX w I dont think its the V ASUS M A AM r here are the voltages listed on speccy if they are of any use V V V V CPU CORE V VIN V VIN V V V VIN Hardware Power Consumption-Picking a new Power Supply V VIN V VIN V ASUS ATI Radeon HD x in Crossfire w ea GB Patriot Pyro SE SSD GB OCZ OCZ-ONYX SSD LG HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH NS ATA I have terrible luck with random bsod's and power supplies pooping on me I want to pick one this time that will last me Also I have my power running through a Monster Power HT I live in a new apartment so the wiring should be ok I've dusted out all Hardware Power Consumption-Picking a new Power Supply of the components inside the case double checked my connections all that jazz I've got a cooler over my memory I am still using my stock cpu cooler but thats changing soon I get crashes idle too Any help I could recieve I would appreciate thanks Andrew

A:Hardware Power Consumption-Picking a new Power Supply

You have pretty much the same problem as me (getting BSOD's randomly). For me it's bulging capacitors on motherboard. You should take a closer look for capacitors on your motherboard. Dead capacitors look something like that:
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Hi, I have a Seagate USB3 500GB Portable Expansion Drive to accommodate my Back-ups and also any files I wish to 'transport' to another PC. I would prefer to leave the device connected to my PC except when I need to transport files. Will leaving it connected do any harm; should it be removed when not in use?
The PC it is connected to is NOT permanently switched on; being 'live' only for a few hours each day when in use.
Thank you.

A:Portable Expansion Drive.

I leave an external hard drive connected all the time. To me it's no different than leaving a mouse or keyboard or printer always connected. In fact, I have an older computer running Windows XP. The external hard drive on that machine has been connected for about 6 years with no problems.
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I have a 3g usb seagate expansion drive that is about 3 mths old. It has frequently disappeared from my computer. I would have to reboot and disconnect the power from the drive to get it to come back.

Is this a sign of a bad drive or just a glitch that some kind of a driver update will solve.

In the same system I have a 6g WD drive that works flawless.

A:seagate expansion drive

Hello again, Datman I have onlya few suggestions.
1. download and install the latest chipset drivers from your motherboards/manufacturers web site
2. Run Seagate's diagnostic tool, SeaTools.
3. See if tis tutorial will help. USB Driver - General Fix for Problems
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I bought a Seagate Expansion 5TB USB 3.0 3.5" Desktop External Hard Drive.
Not that it's really relevant to explain that other than to illustrate how important it is that I don't blow the thing up, but I bought it to create a disk image in Macrium Reflect Home Edition v6 (which I did), in preparation for upgrading from Win7 to Win10, just in case things go very badly when I do that.
But I notice that when it's plugged in and I right-click on it in Windows Explorer, no "Eject" option appears in the drop-down menu.
So I just unplugged it.
Is "Eject" just not appearing because an expansion drive is made in such a way that no preparation is needed before safely unplugging it?
Or am I risking data loss or worse by unplugging it without preparation?

A:Don't need to eject an expansion drive?

Down in your tray near the clock should be a "Safely Remove Hardware" button, clicking it should give a list of items you want to unplug from your system. Once hit to unplug/disconnect an item, the notice of "It is now safe to unplug {nameofitem} from your computer" will appear allowing you to safely unplug the drive
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Can anybody Help Me !!

I have set up a Server type machine on a HP Touchsmart running Vista

I have purchased a Seagate 2TB Expansion Drive with its own power source

I desperately want to know how this external drive can be seen by other devices on the network

I have other external drives with their own power supply and non of them can be accessed by other computers on the network....Is there a trick to these devices!!!

I have external hard drives with NO power supply just USB connection and I can access them from any computer on the network and any media device on the network

Anyone please I have spent days trying to work this out

A:Expansion Drive on the network

I think I have worked it out!!

Its need to plug into the router this right!!
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My expansion drive used to show up in - My Computer - as drive K. Now it doesnt show it at all. Any thoughts?

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Hey All!

I have an old hard drive in a pretty old computer that im trying to put into my brothers computer for extra space for schooling. The problem is that I dont think it has jumpers to indicate slave or master so basically, is there any way i can add this hard drive to my bro's PC without having to do all that or taking out his old hard drive? Thanks for any help you guys can give!

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Hi All Happy New Year to all members and technical assistants I have a little issue in which I require some help and guidance I have a PIII MHZ replaced power Pc supply after wont power on MB Pc wont power on after power supply replaced memory with a ASUS MB- Recently it died on me and assumed that the reason Pc wont power on after power supply replaced I could not get to power it up is due to my power supply I went out and spent the money and bought a brand new power supply from a computer retailor I saw him remove it from a brand new case I Pc wont power on after power supply replaced installed the power supply trying to power it up I can see the fan rotate a little bit but not enough to power on Changed socket and it power on It booted up but after sec it shut itself off and now I cannot power it back on until min later when I went and change power socket once more This time the power did not stay up very long As soon it powered up no more than min later while it was loading windows Xp it shut itself off nad now again can t power it back on I have a power extention and power bar in which I used and both shuts the computer off Anything else plugged to it doesn t seem to do any affect This is the second new power supply I m trying What else can it be I have not tried to place the computer in a different room on a different plug yet I will try that tonight but in the meantime what else can I try Thanks for your help and listening Cheers nbsp

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My first post I received my new DVD DL -RW drive today and eagerly installed it I of course unplugged my computer s power supply while doing it After plugging the power back in the green up power disconnecting after power supply Computer won't LED on the back of the CPU started blinking never noticed this before and when I hit the power button NOTHING happen No fan Computer won't power up after disconnecting power supply turns no lights nothing When I unplug the power supply the green LED blinking gets slower and slower and after about minutes it totally stops I plug the power suppply back in and it starts blinking all over again and still the power won t turn on All I did was replace a CD-ROM drive with a DVD Multi drive I didn t mess with anything else so there should be no power supply shortage or problem Any thoughts as to what could Computer won't power up after disconnecting power supply be happening By the way I have a year old Compaq computer with ghz Athlon gig RAM no problems thus far nbsp

A:Computer won't power up after disconnecting power supply

While installing the new optical drive, you might have inadvertently loosened one or more connectors. Recheck all data and power cables to make sure they are tight, including all those to the motherboard.
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So I hooked my pc up after I took it w/ me to work becuase I though I was going to a lan tonight. But when I came home and plugged it back. I noticed the power supply box light was blinking. And it wont turn on. No power or what so ever. I need help BADLY


A:Power Supply Light Blinking. No Power :(!

Have you opened case to make sure all connections are secure? Something may have come loose while you were transporting it. Give us more info about your computer (e.g. make and model, cpu, ram, name of psu, etc.)
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I have a generic MB (P-120 CPU ) which I just switched to a different case and power supply. It has an extra "six pin power type connection" in the middle of the board. Only one supply that I have matchs this and the wires are three green and three black. What is the funtion of this connector, it looks from the wire colors to be some form of switch.

Its a case of not wanting to swap out the power suppy from my other unit unless necessary. I have 4 other supplies and none have the extra wire, which is listed as P10.

Many thanks in advance.

A:extra power leads on power supply?

Sounds like typical extra +5V lead and can be used for any number of things...(riser cards,backplanes,to drive extra slots, etc.)
Without knowing the specs. on your motherboard this question is impossible to answer...Post Mobo identification (make/model) or obtain FCC ID and post that. Perhaps we can find a more definitive answer for you...BOL
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Hey, got quite a problem with my laptop.. It's a Medion Erazer X7813, worked well for ~2 years.
I was doing a graphics card benchmark yesterday and it stopped in the middle of it(monitored temperature, it was at ~80 degrees Celsius when it turned off). No bluescreen or anything just off and I couldnt restart after that(no fans nothing). I thought it might be the power supply, so I tested it, but it was doing 19v when not plugged in, but when I plugged it in and unplugged it again it was at 1v. When testing I unintentionally shorted the power supply and it showed 1v after that just as it did after plugging it in, is it shorting inside the laptop? Could it be the battery or something more serious like the MB? Any ideas are welcome!

A:Laptop gets no power, power supply seems to be working

The charging circuits on the laptop motherboard may be shorted...
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was watching dvd and pc cut out completely... high pitch beeping comming from my power supply on hp 110 desktop... when i unplug from tower beeping stops .. plug it back in and it resumes.  No power, no flashing leds ... just constant beeping... no pattern ... just beeps continuously.

A:constant beep from power supply... no power to pc at all.

let me be clear.... beeping not coming from tower.... it comes from the plug in power supply... the square box part of it.
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Finally broke down and started building a new system - I m too old to game this all started out as a home video project Anyway - gathered all my components now I m working to assemble them The case power plug. fan power New for supply, no schematic, looking came with New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug. an Okia Model -ATX power supply But no wiring schematic I m trying to identify the power supply fan plug - what New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug. seems to be it doesn t at all match the connector on the board And I ve got that positively identified by the board manual The board has a small male pin connection The only thing I can find that might be the fan connector coming from the supply is a small pin plug at the end of of the New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug. strings of drive power harnesses Nothing tucked up behind the supply case or anything Is that likely to be it Or would that be for a floppy or something I tried to Google for a wiring schematic but could find nothing In fact nothing much at all on this brand of supply - just a couple places that sell them Please don t tell me I got an el cheapo that isn t worth having At the risk of getting ahead of myself in case I need to adapt something like that to the different style male connector on the board in this case or something else I may find as i progress is there some type of source for adapters or what would I do Bear with me this probly won t be the last question I ll dream up - just getting started While I m at it - the board manual talks about a connector for a power supply that senses board temps - that s another reason I d like to find a schematic or some sort of instructions for the power supply OH The connectors for the fans in the case don t match the connector on the board either The board has another small male pin connector for the case fan s but these have a larger bigger pin pin connector Again - I suppose it s adapter time Guess I ll need that source Thanks for helping an quot old quot computer student still and probly always in a definite learning curve nbsp

A:New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug.

There are basically two voltages available to you: 5V and 12V. Doesn't really matter where you get it from - some pin on the mobo or some wire from the PSU.

From the PSU the yellow wires are 12V and red ones 5V, black is ground. The fan voltages should be written on the fan itself, the black fan wire is ground, red may be 12V or 5V depending on the fan voltage.

Fan headers on the motherboard should be labelled so, check with a voltmeter what pin gives out what.
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My power supply died a few days ago and I have replaced it. My PC will now boot but will not send a signal (turn on) the monitor. Everything on the PC seems to work but it just will not turn on signal to the monitor. I have tried two different monitors with the same result.




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Hi everybody I tried to search on google about this but it s not really help and it never happen to me before so I post here My PC was running normally for a long time just couple weeks ago I sent supply or button problem? power Power my faulty video card xfx nvidia ultra to get warranty service and they sent me back another The new one works fine but Power supply or power button problem? a week later I tried to turn on my computer and there s no power at all No lights on Power supply or power button problem? no fan running just no sign of power So I check inside if there s any wire from the PSU is unplugged but everything looks good nothing seems wrong I m sure the power from the wall is good and the power switch on the back is on So I tried to check the wired again push the power cable to the mother harder and press the button it worked But that doesnt solve the problem if I put something heavy near the PC or the desk is vibrating a little bit the power turns off I press the power button again it would not turn on until I open the case and press the power cable to the motherboard harder it s on I then close the side panel it s off no power This is really annoyed me I dont know what else to do What caused this problem The power supply or the power button Can somebody help me My system specs ECS G T-M mobo Intel E Duo x GB RAM x SATA HD nVidia ultra video card ULTRA s watt PSU nbsp

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Hi I m currently a computing student so I rely won't up power (poss. Computer supply) power on my computer a lot for my studies and was hoping I could get some quick advice troubleshooting on here So here goes I ve had a problem with my computer recently it s been working fine Computer won't power up (poss. power supply) for a year or so with no problems and then one day i tried switching it on and nothing happened I tried once more and then the power short circuited I then had to turn the power back on from the mains switch The strange thing is my housemate had exactly the same problem and after searching for the answer he was told it was due to a static buildup and the solution was to take out components graphics card RAM e t c and put them back in I tried this and no luck I was thinking due to the short circuit there may be a problem with a fuse in the power supply other then that I m completely stumped and would appreciate any help given Many Thanks for all help received nbsp

A:Computer won't power up (poss. power supply)

Does it happen with any other appliances? as in does using the toaster while using the kettle While your mate is in the Electric shower, telly on, or ironing?

Possibly a static build up, it is possible, Wher are you situated??
What voltage are you on?

What is the make and model of your comp? is it the same as your friends?

is your machine custom built or is it a brand?
Answer a few of them and we will try to narrow it down 4 you..

Mean while if you could get your hands on a spare PSU that would be handy. And remember when dealing with PSU's alway leave them to sischarge for at least 24hrs,
the 3 D'S, Disconect, discharge, dismantle.
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Ok so lately I have been getting a BSOD at very random times and it looks like a Diver Power State failure. SO all of my friends and every website I go to makes it seem like I need to get a PSU. Right now I have a Quad Core and a 8800GT and 375W PSU. So my friend told me to get a new 700W PSU.

So, if the only fix is to get a new PSU? I tried to rollback my GPU driver but it didn't help.

So any ideas?

A:Driver Power Failure = New Power Supply?

You're greatly risking the health of your whole computer while running with such underpowered power supply. Do yourself a favour and get a quality PSU. That's the cheapest one that is enough and of good quality that I could find with a quickish search.
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Hello everyone - I have just assembled a new build It will not power up I need a suggestion to figure out if the problem is the case or the motherboard This is a mini-itx build power-up: power New or Build MB? no supply case's The case is New Build no power-up: case's power supply or MB? Linkworld LC - B This case comes with a volt watt external laptop-style power supply that plugs into the rear of the case just like New Build no power-up: case's power supply or MB? a laptop power supply plugs into a laptop - a barrel connector Inside this power connection connects to a power supply component that is not like a regular ATX power supply but is on a printed-circuit board New Build no power-up: case's power supply or MB? mounted on the case This has several capacitors and other stuff From that comes the -pin and -pin power supply lines for the motherboard I assume the -volt power supply for this external power supply unit is right since it came with the case It was watt The processor is an IBM t with TDP of watts Lower-powered CPUs can be put in a small so I assumed the power supply might be under-powered I ordered a -watt volt power supply with the right size barrel - and same polarity pos inside The MB is an ASRock H MV-ITX It is mini-itx form factor Still same problem Everything is connected correctly When I press the power-on button an external CD drive I have plugged-in spins up for a while But no power light comes on in the front of the case there are no POST beeps the fan for the CPU does not spin up No other signs of life So power is getting into the MB - the external CD drive is plugged into a USB socket in the rear panel of the MB After trying a watt and watt power supply I believe the problem cannot be the power supply cord Can it be that I have too little load I don t think so I plugged in another mm fan and an ol-fashion floppy drive just the power connection to add more load - same thing no power-up no POST nothing but the CD drive will spin up when I open-then-close it yet again So here is the help I need what else can I try -assuming the MB and case are fine is it more likely the case power supply is bad or the MB --Thanks nbsp

A:New Build no power-up: case's power supply or MB?

Well, I figured out the problem.
I am planning to re-do the older mini-itx system I have; it has gotten riddled with Trojan software for kids downloading games; it basically has been de-commissioned already.

So, I took the pico-psu power supply from that older computer, and hooked it up to the one I am making. Everything went perfectly.

So, I un-did that, removed the MB from case, disconnected the barrel-power connection from the case, unscrewed and removed the power supply that had been mounted in the case, put the pico-psu power supply back in place (I had to drill the hole for the barrel-connection out to be a little bigger since the pico-psu internal/external connection is threaded and held in place by nut with lock washer), and routed wires to be clear of cpu fan, screwed MB to stand-offs, and closed it all up.

now, everything is great. I like this linkworld case, but the power supply is worthless. I may try to get a few dollars back from the ebay vendor, to make me happy with a case that is less than what I should have gotten, but is working for me; I don't want to wait on returns, etc.
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I have a server that I would like HD Power Supply Question Power Consumption & to upgrade to TB Hitachi HD s They claim max startup current of A and idling down in the A range The platform will be a -series X with a Core Duo Graphics card is small does not even require aux power connector Not needed to just supply the KVM with x No other signficiant sources of V drain exist other than the MB CPU a slim CD-Drive for installs a slim floppy and one additional GB Power Supply Question & HD Power Consumption SSD startup drive W when active I am looking at an W Corsair I ve heard these are quality supplies and I don t want Power Supply Question & HD Power Consumption multiple rails since no one really knows what sort of Voodoo goes on as to how they divide multiple rails up And I don t want to get into that I will be using a single-rail V PS I can add a second if I need to but I d rather not Do you think this will be sufficient for handling Hitachi hard drives quot Green quot drives are a non-starter since they will drive my Raid controller and then me off the deep end with TLER issues I do have staggered spin-up control of the drives with the controller Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Power Supply Question & HD Power Consumption

Power Supply Question & HD Power Consumption, Pt. 2 - Laptop vs. 3.5"

My second question is this - I have a BTV server that needs to be on at all times during the season to record shows during day and evening.

Suffice it to say that you CANNOT reliably put one of the critters into sleep/hibernate mode and expect it to wake up and reliably record a show. It just won't happen.

Now, this is one case where I can use "Green" 3.5" drives, but I am also considering banking 500GB 7200RPM or even 5400RPM laptop drives. These will all be on a raid controller, but since they will be in pass-thru mode or RAID 0 mode the controller won't freak over TLER like it would with RAID 5/6 and mark the drives bad. The controller also has more than adequate cache to handle a 5400RPM spindle as OTA HDTV generates little more than 2.5MB per second per channel. Even 4 channels at once is 10MB/s and that should not tap the ability of a 3Ware controller with cache on 5400 RPM RAID 0 or even pass-thru drives.

My question is this - 2 500GB laptop drives burn much less startup and idle current than a single 1TB 3.5" drive. Has anyone tried running multiple laptop drives on a RAID controller, and what sort of luck have you had? What sort of sustained throuput can you obtain?

Electricity is a huge factor here, at 12 cents per KWh. I can recover the marginal cost of 2 500GB laptop drives vs. 1 1TB 3.5 drive.

Case construction and drive cages are not the issue here.
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Until a day or so ago, my Seagate expansion drive was showing all the folders (approx 100Gb in total) - but now its still showing just a couple of documents - the files are still there as i can run a virus scan of them but can't see them! I have unhidden all the files as per most online instructions but am stumped - any help welcome!

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2467M CPU @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 3946 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1845 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 228695 MB, Free - 186660 MB; D: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 356230 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Aspire S3
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated and Enabled
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I recently purchased a brand new Dell T3500 Precision Workstation. My existing internal 3.5" HD is fine. I have an external USB HD plugged into an internal USB port and mounted inside the chassis. I find it is not large enough for my needs. I want to get a new HD, internal or otherwise, to replace it. My computer has space for another 3.5" HD with SATA interface. Would that suffice if I got another 3.5" SATA HD? IF not, I have an eSATA port on the rear panel of my would I use that for my needs?

Ultimate goal: second hard drive of 250 gb or more...preferably internal.

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Hi guys I am having a big problem you guys have to sort it out and tell me the what can i do to solve the problem The Drive Portable Seagate Expansion problem is I have seagate expansion portable drive of tb which worked fine for somedays but now i am got stuck with that bcoz when i connect my seagate drive to usb and green light goes on and a safely remove icon also Seagate Expansion Portable Drive coming but there is no drive in the my computer and disk management also When i searched some forums i got the same problem is having by others and got there a statement regarding to check whether drive is spinning or not after that i found my drive is not spinning and i thinking a way to make it spin and to get all data back to my lap And also i had checked with uvcview usb viewer by microsoft when i connected my drive it shows the drive and also some other descriptions which i dont know So you guys help me to make the drive works and to get my data back thanks in advance for your help guys nbsp