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Thoughts on MSI gaming all-n-one pc's

Q: Thoughts on MSI gaming all-n-one pc's

Going to buy new pc. What's your thoughts on MSI 24GE 2QE-015US

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Preferred Solution: Thoughts on MSI gaming all-n-one pc's

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Thoughts on MSI gaming all-n-one pc's

If you really wanna get an all-in-one pc this one is great. if you could live with a full size desktop I would get this
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My old CPU MB are finally showing signs of aging on newer games trying to play things like AoC Vanguard and eventually Warhammer Online / $300? Thoughts < MB on Gaming CPU for is an exercise in graphical blandness I upgraded my video a few months back but not much improvement thus I m thinking it s Thoughts on Gaming MB / CPU for < $300? finally time for a MB CPU upgrade to match my GT graphics card My budget is I have not done much overclocking in the past but feel that with good online guides I can learn quickly With the below being my current system spoecs what would be recommended so I can see my MMOs in their full glory I prefer a resolution of X on my LCD monitor my understanding is that CPU is the limiting factor at lower resolutions is this correct GB SATA HD SATA DVD Burner Nvidia GT GB RAM Vista x W Power Supply NOTE Considering dropping back to XP for gaming purposes Thanks in advance for the help nbsp

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Hi guys. I'm thinking of buying this pc as I plan on making the jump from console to pc. What are your thoughts on value for money? Will it be able to run games in 1080p 60fps for a couple of years? When do you think I would need to upgrade parts etc?
click here
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Hey guys I have put a together gaming laptop and I would really like you guys to share your ideas/thoughts on it. If you have some tips please post them


Nvidia gt540m 2gb

Intel Core i7 - 2670QM Quad Core (2.2GHz - 3.1Ghz) 6MB cache

8GB DDR3-1333 ( 2 x 4GB )

500 GB 7200rpm S-ATA 16Mb cache

15.6" WXGA (1366 x 768)

The laptop is from

The main goal of this laptop is playing new releases like bf3, Skyrim, Crysis 2
I have found some videos of people frapsing (recording) gameplay footage of Crysis 2 and bf3 with the gt540m so it should work fine

Youtube video's:
Crysis 2:

A:Thoughts on my gaming laptop?

terribad, more cores

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Hi guys, I'm new to the forums as you can tell by my post count, and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on a decent gaming computer, to run games such as C&C 3 ( and 4 in 2010) CS:S, and maybe even FO3.

I have around ?500 to spend ( monitor is not needed ), I have found a pretty decent looking computer from Staples: Your business partner for Office Supplies, furniture and technology.

Just wondering if this comptuer is decent enough to handle these games, and maybe future releases.
Also could someone please explain what is the difference between Intergrated graphics and dedicated graphics.

I don't have too much experience with the hardware of computers, so building one is off the question.

Thanks QuikR

A:New gaming computer any thoughts?

lol i'm not sure but i saw a gaming pc for ?999
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Hey guys I have put a together gaming laptop and I would really like you guys to share your ideas/thoughts on it. If you have some tips please post them


Nvidia gt540m 2gb

Intel Core i7 - 2670QM Quad Core (2.2GHz - 3.1Ghz) 6MB cache

8GB DDR3-1333 ( 2 x 4GB )

500 GB 7200rpm S-ATA 16Mb cache

15.6" WXGA (1366 x 768)

The laptop is from

The main goal of this laptop is playing new releases like bf3, Skyrim, Crysis 2
I have found some videos of people frapsing (recording) gameplay footage of Crysis 2 and bf3 with the gt540m so it should work fine

Youtube video's:
Crysis 2:
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Hi all I ve been thinking about first Building thoughts? pc, gaming building a gaming pc for the Building first gaming pc, thoughts? first time and was hoping to get some thoughts on this build I ll be on a budget of up to roughly on a p TV Building first gaming pc, thoughts? for a display and was considering the following PCPartPicker list Building first gaming pc, thoughts? CPU Intel Core i - K GHz Quad-Core Processor Microcenter CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper EVO CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler Newegg Motherboard MSI Z -GD Gaming ATX LGA Motherboard Newegg Memory Crucial Ballistix GB x GB DDR - Memory NCIX US Storage Seagate Barracuda TB quot RPM Internal Hard Drive NCIX US Video Card Gigabyte GeForce GTX GB Video Card Newegg Case Rosewill THOR V ATX Full Tower Case Amazon Power Supply SeaSonic M II W PLUS Bronze Certified ATX V EPS V Power Supply Newegg Optical Drive Lite-On iHAS - DVD CD Writer Outlet PC Operating System Microsoft Windows Home Premium SP OEM -bit Outlet PC Total I probably won t be purchasing much of it for a month or two so I realize things may change but I thought I d try to get as much figured out now as I can The biggest questions I have are about the CPU motherboard RAM and HDD Is it worth the extra cost to get an i - K over the i - K The reviews I ve seen haven t shown much if any gaming improvement I may be overclocking later on if that affects the choice There is a newegg combo on the CPU and motherboard now that nullifies most of the extra cost part of why I was considering it Not sure what is important to look for in motherboards in general though this MSI board reviews well from what I ve seen Aside from whatever else for speed I m not sure what to look for in RAM either Same problem with HDDs I m just not sure what s important aside from space TB is about all I ll need for that at least for a while Same problem again for PSUs The biggest sources I ve been using are the PC buying guide here and http www logicalincrements com along with random reviews of specific parts As for the games I ll be playing most new stuff Total War Civ V Elder Scrolls The Witcher DX HR etc Hoping to play them at p fps ultra settings though I know that may not be possible with this build Does this seem like a good build Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Building first gaming pc, thoughts?

I think you should go for the latest Haswell chip (4670K). It has much more power saving features than Ivy Bridge does, and will future-proof longer. Here is the build I suggest:
CPU: Intel Core i5 4670K ($200 @ Microcenter)
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z87X-UD3H ($180 @ Newegg)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) ($70 @ Newegg)
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 770 ($400 @ Newegg)
SSD: Samsung 840 Pro ($240 @ Newegg)
PSU: Corsair HX750 ($130 @ Newegg)
Case: Cooler Master HAF 912 ($60 @ Newegg)

This is a build that will fit the $1300 budget. I can easily trim it down to about $1000-$1200 by downgrading components. This is the cream of the crop, the best of the best build you can achieve right here for <$1500. I recommend the build as is. You may need to add in a HDD for external storage for about $100. Also, at 1080P, you dont really need a GTX 770. You can downgrade to a 660Ti (or the 760Ti when it is released int he coming days). With some price hunting and some more research, you can find deals on components. I can easily get this build down to a lower budget if you ask, so please, tell me feedback .
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I've got my mind set on buying these parts so you would need a pretty solid argument to get me to change, i would just like to hear what you think about these parts and if theres something genuinely bad about them that might make me want to choose something else.

Keyboard: Logitech Gaming Keyboard G110 - USB - $59.99

Mouse: Logitech G700 910-001436 Gaming Mouse - USB, Laser, 5,700 dpi, Black - $79.99

A:Thoughts on my keyboard and mouse?(gaming)

Well for "real gaming" I couldn't live without my N52 gaming keypad (Seperate keypad for gaming, not a keyboard).

I then have an earlier version of thet KB just for the backlighting but I don't use anyoff the gaming features on it really, but otherwise a decent KB.
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Hey guys this new comp should arrive here in the next day or so and I want to know how good it really will be, and for how long

GIGABYTE GV-R695D5-2GD-B Radeon HD 6950 2GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express

RAIDMAX HYBRID 2 RX-630SS 630W ATX12V V2.2/ EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular Modular LED Power Supply

Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 ST3500418AS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition Thuban 3.2GHz 6 x 512KB L2 Cache 6MB L3 Cache Socket AM3 125W Six-Core Desktop Processor HDT90ZFBGRBOX

GIGABYTE GA-880GMA-UD2H AM3 AMD 880G HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard

G.SKILL NS 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model F3-10666CL9S-2GBNS
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Building myself a budget gaming rig It will be used for school work internet video editing and of course gaming I will be ordering all my parts online and then buying instore from umart com au and msy com au My maximum budget is These are the parts Case CoolerMaster Storm Enforcer SGC- - MSY CPU AMD FX- - MSY CPU Cooler CoolerMaster Hyper EVO - UMART Graphics Card ASUS GTX Ti - UMART Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda Mid-range build. Thoughts? gaming - MSY RAM G Skill G x G DDR Mhz PC RL - - - CL D- GBRL - UMART Mid-range gaming build. Thoughts? Motherboard AsRock FX-Extreme - MSY Optical Drive Samsung X DVDRW Black SATA SH-S C-BL - UMART Power Supply OCZ ModXStream Pro W - UMART Monitor LG E T - MSY Keyboard amp Mouse Logitech MK - UMART OS Microsoft Mid-range gaming build. Thoughts? Windows Home bit - MSY TOTAL Mid-range gaming build. Thoughts? I am trying to go for a red black theme The main thing I m worried about is the motherboard-RAM compatibility I m not sure they will work together I d would really help me out so so so so much if any of you could give me a heads up on anything that you think needs to be changed nbsp

A:Mid-range gaming build. Thoughts?

Go with Intel: try to get an i5 3450 if your budget allows it. You'll also need to change the motherboard to a Z77 one. The RAM will be fine.

Would not recommend that OCZ PSU, get a Corsair TX or Antec High Current series one instead as they have much better build quality. 500-600W is fine for your system.
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This might seem a bit long but I wanted to hear some thoughts on both the losses and gains My current setup consists of MB Abit AN x Thoughts set-up my on new board CPU Athlon gig DDR Mhz memory Dual Channel SLI Nvidia GS Power Supply Corsair HX W Various Sata hard drives and such no worries with those As a gift I got a bundle from the egg this week which had the following P Q Pro Turbo motherboard Intel E Dual Core gig of DDR Mhz gig Hard Drive Since there was no new video card with this and the board can run dual ati cards but not sli Nvidia and the motherboard doesn t carry either an ati nor Nvidia style chipset P ICH R can I get away with a single Nvidia card from my current setup until I manage a decent ATI card or if I am just wanting Thoughts on my new set-up to run a Thoughts on my new set-up single card would I be better with a faster Nvidia card I m guessing the video card will be my bottleneck for the moment I expect to see a nice jump from the single core AMD to the dual Thoughts on my new set-up core Intel Also if I figure the memory side though I am losing a gig at the moment my speed basically doubled or will I still see a big hit there as well until I get more memory Any thoughts would be appreciated

A:Thoughts on my new set-up

can I get away with a single Nvidia card from my current setup until I manage a decent ATI card or if I am just wanting to run a single card would I be better with a faster Nvidia card?

Yes. But, you do want to upgrade that video card when you can. I personally suggest sticking with Nvidia.
I have an ATI 4890 that I am pleased with it's performance, but drivers still suck.

if I figure the memory side though I am losing a gig at the moment my speed basically doubled or will I still see a big hit there as well until I get more memory.

You will still notice the speed difference in a big way. Where you will see an issue, is games loading.

So, It all depends on what you are doing with the system. 4G is obviously better than 2 if you are gaming. You won't need more than 4G, unless you are doing big video/audio editing and rendering, or virtual machines. Don't let someone talk you into more than 4G if all you are doing is gaming. You will be wasting your money. Save it for a big video card, and/or SSD.
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Hey, guys, I am building myself a new PC. This is what I have come out with after a lot of months researching:
CPU- AMD Athlon X4 760K
Motherboard - MSI FM2 A88XM E35
RAM- 8GB Corsair Vengeance
HDD- 500GB WD Caviar Blue
PSU- Corsair CX500 (500W)
Case- Cooler Master K280

Wondering if all these fit(a.k.a. are they compatible) and I would love to hear what do you guys think?
Thanks for your time.


A:Thoughts about this PC?

That's all compatible and will work, my question though is what is your budget?
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Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could give me their thoughts on my choice of certain programs to protect/enhance my computer, and what I they think I should use instead or if its good enough. Kind of a review check-up.

If you don't see anything in the list that I should have, please advise it. I want maximum performance, for sure!
P.S. Can someone tell me what Overclocking is? and if It would be smart for my system? (Dell 3000, 1gb ram, 2.39 ghz)
Antivirus: Norton Antivirus 2005 (Payed for)
Anti Mal-ware: Ewido 4.0 (Payed for)
Ram: Reohix's Fresh RAM 4.0 (Shareware, pending payed for account)
Not a huge list, so thats what I want peoples opinions on.

What I want is:

- A good registry cleaner
- A program that notifies me when my disk's need defragment(s).
- Etc.

Open for anything.
jriceman (Colton)

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I m facing a very tough situation Here I have a package that has two components the key one is of course mine your Need thoughts and its installation is always reliable the other one is ms sql server express which my company has been granted to redistribute However the problem is Redmond Microsoft s sql server express has quite a bit of installation problem especially for Vista machine and the worst thing is it Need your thoughts could also crash a user s machine s during its installation which is totally unacceptable Microsoft is aware of it however it turns a blind eye to it which is of course despicable as a company even though you offer it for free In the meantime MS has an element for system configuration checking to see if a machine would be able to install sql server for sql server Hence I ve requested MS via its Connect or whatever they call it to create a standalone utility for this checker for SQL Server Express days ago I thought the request is reasonable however no response whatsoever Have posted the issue and request to most relevant sql forums to no avail What s next Bomb those mf kers who s responsble for creating problems FYI my product is not their competitor neither who am I For argument s sake even if the product is it s not a zero sum game What the Microsoft why do you on little guys like us Seeking an alernative to sql server express would be very costly losing time another an alternative s installation reliability is also unknown etc etc Sorry for the language because I m MAD Thanks nbsp
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Hello all as a security concious user i am considering a VPN service like this one https www ipredator se came highly recommended You guys here seem much smarter than me and i would love to hear your thoughts VPN thoughts? here are my reasons for considering this solution I live in the UK where privacy is becoming a thing of the past I like to watch TV shows from the USA and as i cant buy them over here for months i on occasion may use other methods to get them this service makes this safer and easier i VPN thoughts? think This service seams well priced for a massive gain in my online security i would like to know if i could put the settings onto my router and use it directly like that my isp is talk talk using talk talk router does anyone recommend another service if so why thank you in advance for yoru help you guys always have the best answers EDIT I signed up to the service so far so good

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Hey guys,

Currently running a 32 bit OS with Vista. My computer supports 64 bit, but I am not sure how to go about installing it. Ive tried installing XP 64 and Windows 7 64, but I cannot not proceed to the setup because my operating system is not compatible. Ive tried restarting and booting from the CD and doesn't work.

But to my question, I currently have 2 GB of RAM, and going to 4 GB. As you guys know, 32 bit OS wont recognize anything past 3. Would you recommend going with XP or 7 if you are looking for a fast robust system.


A:XP vs 7 - thoughts

You can certainly upgrade from Windows Vista 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit. You'll have to do a custom install which will wipe out the existing Windows installation and move it to a Windows.old folder. You have to boot from the Windows 7 installation disk. You can't run it from within Windows Vista. If you want to do that, provide more details as to what isn't working.
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Hi, just thought I would ask for other peoples opinions on the following:

Had a friend phone me last night because he said his PC turned on and seemed to just go into sleep mode, went and had a look at it this evening, symptoms are as follows.

Turn PC on, fans go, brief HDD activity but nothing on the monitor, no keyboard lights, no POST etc.

Tested with working PSU, same result.

Removed RAM, same result.

Stripped down to just CPU, same result.

Basically, no matter what I do all it does is power on (fans), no POST, no beeps, nothing.

Not going to say what my conclusion was but thought I would ask peoples opinions based on this info

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Suggestions, please.

I have my main PC down. Came in one day and the lights and fans would spin, but no post and nothing on the screen.

Jumped the BIOS to clear, no change.

Removed hard drives, optical, reseated RAM and Video card nothing.

Removed RAM and graphics card. Still the same. CPU fan, case FAN and lights come on but no beeps.

Right now it I have it with out a CPU, only motherboard and PSU and Case fan, lights come on and nothing else happens.

PSU checks OK with mulitmeter.

So I am down to either a BAD CPU or motherboard, I don't have a spare 939 of either. Any suggestions on how eliminate one or the other.

If it is the mother board I am just going to move to an AM2 platform, because I can get the motherboard, X2 and 2GB RAM for the same price as just the 939 Mobo.

Any suggestions?


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This computer is having a bit of a rough time and I'm looking to do a few little upgrades just so that it can run a little more efficiently. I don't have the money to go all out and buy the newest top of the line computer as much as I wish I did so I am trying to keep costs to a bare minimum.

I have been searching Ebay and have found a few good deals on some pc133 SDRAM which seem to be right up my alley however I am unsure about the idea of buying USED RAM.

Can anyone enlighten me on whether or not this is a good or bad way to go?

A:Used Ram. Your thoughts?

Go to Crucial and run a system scan, this will tell what your pc will except.
Also crucial ram is guaranteed to work
Personally I would not buy used ram from Ebay
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In the coming months I will probably be looking at running a new GPU set up I am strung between the Geforce GTX series or the ATI HD Both look awesome both have good reviews Although there are some differences The GTX requires a whopping watts of power to run and the cheapest version non water cooled costs a staggering almost bucks The ATI HD I have heard over and over in benchmark tests it proves faster Also it requires almost watts less for power supply and it on average costs around - less than the Thoughts on GPU new Geforce card I wanna know your thoughts I am personally Not a huge ATI fan I have had a couple in the past and I ve had some driver compatability issues But from what I have heard the driver issues are working out and they are becoming lots more reliable So I think I am shifting to the other side with this I d like some input if yall have any good things to offer Thanks nbsp

A:Thoughts on new GPU

I think the ATI sounds good the be honest. That is what I would go with. I usualy use the cheaper nvidia cards and more expensive ati cards.
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I was hoping to get a little feedback on an upgrade for a new graphics card Background I am currently running a EVGA GS meg bit GDDR card which is now yrs old My old rig ran SLI and I was running of these I have to admit they are were great cards I felt anyway gpu. a on new Thoughts My new board can use crossfire but not SLI so I suppose its time to get a new card My budget though is not great at the moment so I'm sort of tied to around - I've been researching and doing some reading on different types clock speed size and the like and seems the more one reads and researches the more difficult choosing a card can get as opposed to say motherboards memory cpu and the like I've narrowed down a few choices see attached but would like some feedback or other options as well I'm not a big time gamer but if a decent game comes along that Thoughts on a new gpu. looks like fun I would like to be able to perhaps give it a shot without big worries Newegg com - XFX HD- A-YDFC Radeon HD MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card Newegg com - GIGABYTE GV-R OC- GH Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card Seems the gigabyte card could be the better value though the XFX has the faster GDDR versus GDDR though one has the gig of memory versus but the XFX has the better clock Sort of seems like trade offs in both directions Thanks in advance

A:Thoughts on a new gpu.

I think a lot will depend on how you intend to use it. There are many reviews/threads on hardware forums comparing the two. There is no general consensus, but rather close opinions. Here is 1 review:


A Guy
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Hi Guys Over the last month I ve been having some strange problems thoughts? Your with my Pc The monitor Screen After about hours of playing games starts Your thoughts? to go Your thoughts? dark for a fews secs then light then dark again This happens until I stop playing games The Monitor is alright again Put the game back on and it starts again But it doesn t do it all the time The first time this happened my pc wouldn t boot up again and my bios got scambled completely The tech guy had to replace it and flash it My power box also died Today it started again I turned the game off and rebooted I put the game back on and it started again So I shut down my pc waited a minuite and rebooted Halve way thru booting up my pc shuts down on me and reboots itself going on to the blue scandisk screen So what do you think is the problem Monitor going on me cpu or mobo over heating Graphics Card overheating When I first boot up in the morning the monitor has light green lines across the screen for about mins or so My system is Proview quot monitor Soltek Drv mobo Amd Athlon xp Asus Geforce Ti Win se mb ddr ram Thanks in Advance Uly nbsp

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I'd like to get the most out of what I got. My mother board is an abit IP35 Pro. And for speakers I have Creative Inspire P7800.

Coming out of the sub are all the outputs for center, sub, left & right (front, side and rear). The output cords that came with the speakers don't fully match the input for the onboard sound card.

I really don't want to spend $70+ on a sound card. Seems the onboad sound is rather descent. Sound I spend the $20-30 to get the cords that are missing. Seems that cords supplied with the speakers have 4 leads coming out of the sub and then they combine something into 3 leads going into the sound card.

Now when I go to mess around with the sound within windows I can't get anything to be produced out of the side speakers.

What would be my best option(s)?

I do appreciate the input!


A:Need some thoughts on what to do!

Did you install the Sound Card Application or just the drivers? Try the application. I guess it's Soundmax?
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Hello all,

I did not notice any threads talking about their thoughts of IE9, so I decided to make one. Here you can discuss all of your thoughts, ideas, rants, suggestions, and any other topic pretaining to IE9.

I personally like it. I have been using Chrome for a while and decided to try the beta. I was actually impressed at the improvement over the other versions.

I'm curious as to what you guys are thinking, look forward to hearing your responces!

A:IE9 Thoughts

The install completely messed up my computer with some massive registry damage. I had to restore my entire SYSTEM and USERS hive! Apart from that, I am really impressed. Finally, an Internet Explorer that does not spend 2 minutes loading non existent toolbars. The only possible thing: I still do not like the Close Tabs dialogue. It is still not as immediately obvious, or clean, as the Firefox one.
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I am looking at getting a KVM switch for when I am working on computers. I am looking for a two port USB/VGA. I have found these on Newegg and wnated to see what y'all thought or had any other thoughts on an inexpensive one - ENCORE ENKVM-USBB 2-Port USB KVM Switch With Easy Switch and Cable - ATEN CS22U 2-Port USB Cable KVM Switch

I have never heard of either company



A:Looking for KVM thoughts

I haven't used one in a while, but I found a low cost IOGear DVI/USB model that had all cables included.
Relevancy 37.84% are your thoughts on this? And how will i know it'll fit into my PC?


Check your manual for your motherboard or have a look inside your case to see if you have a spare PCI-E slot. If your not sure post your motherboard make and model number in a reply and we'll have a look for you.

Depending on what your main use for the card is to be, are you going to be gaming, video editing or general use?

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I had XP for years, no problems, then the mb crashed and burnt, bought new PC with Win 7 about 3 weeks ago, in which time it has crashed (frozen) at least 30 times!!! It has improved since and the problem now is that after starting I can almost guarantee it will freeze on the 1st thing I click on. After re-booting it might still do it again and need another start or it might be ok, if it runs ok it will be ok all day & night, how strange. I need expert advice as to what it might be, if I return it to the shop they will charge me saying my software is a problem!! Can anyone help please. No exotic software is on the PC, just regular stuff.

A:Thoughts on Win 7

Quote: Originally Posted by Rogerc

I had XP for years, no problems, then the mb crashed and burnt, bought new PC with Win 7 about 3 weeks ago, in which time it has crashed (frozen) at least 30 times!!! It has improved since and the problem now is that after starting I can almost guarantee it will freeze on the 1st thing I click on. After re-booting it might still do it again and need another start or it might be ok, if it runs ok it will be ok all day & night, how strange. I need expert advice as to what it might be, if I return it to the shop they will charge me saying my software is a problem!! Can anyone help please. No exotic software is on the PC, just regular stuff.

As you no doubt know by now freezing isnt usually caused by hardware. Freezes such as this are often caused by conflicts in software, too little ram, and many other things.

Several things you can try

1-run a system file check to verify and repair your system files
(type cmd in search>right click and run as admin>SFC /SCANNOW)

Let us know the results

2-check event viewer (type eventvwr in search). go to the windows log>application tab. Look for critical errors (they have red in the left hand column) that say app hang, app crash, or anything related to the problem.

When you find them note the event ID and source codes and tell us hat they are.

3-boot into safe mode (with networking). Does it still do it then? If not it is probably a software conflict.

4- go into device manager (type device manager in search). Are there any "unknown drivers" with yellow question marks on them?

Let us know the answers

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Well that time is soon to come for my current PC. I will trash it, and buy a new one. The one I am currently looking at is this one.

But i also have another option. I am thinking of possibly building a computer, but only if ill get better quaility for around the same price (preferably lower). So I ask you all if you could reccomend me part by part in making a new comp that could exceed the computer listed above, but not go over its price by too much.

Any help is appreciated, and i might as well say thanks before hand

Edit: I forgot to mention, i would also like a printer and a screen, so include that when your thinking of price

A:Your thoughts

Wow, I can't believe that no one has posted into this yet! I will try and put together some options for you. Do you have any prefrences? AMD or Intel, Nvidia or ATI? Also, what will you be using the computer for? I can tell you right now that the computer from Best Buy would need a graphics cards to play any decent games as it comes with integrated graphics only.
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Im am just after some thoughts and opinions on the rough value of the PC below that I am looking to sell. I am upgrading but have no idea what to sell the old one for and don't want to undercut myself or price myself totally out of the market.

Thanks for any thoughts / replies.

This is a home build but a few years old.

Case: Coolmaster Elite 334
PSU: OCZ 700w StealthXstream
CPU: Intel Core2Duo E4600
Motherboard: Asus P5N-E SLi
Graphics: XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog (factory overclocked) with Thermalright HR03-A non-stock heatsink & 90mm fan.
RAM: 2x 1Gb OCZ 800Mhz RAM with heatsinks
Sound: Sounblaster Live 24bit / onboard soundcard aswell
Optical: LG 16x DVD RW
HDD: 1x Sata Maxtor 120Gb
LCD: Samsung SyncMaster 913N 19"
Keyboard: Logitech Mx3000 Wireless
Mouse: Cheap standard wired mouse (as I am keeping my G500)

Will include WIn XP Pro Original CD and product key (obviously) + Slipstreamed SP3 CD

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Can someone please let me know if thise configuration is good? This is what I am thinking of going ahead with.. Thanks for the help in advance..

CASE: Rosewill BLACKHAWK Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case, come with Five Fans, window side panel, top HDD dock
CPU: Intel Core i5-3470 Ivy Bridge 3.2GHz (3.6GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 77W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 2500 ...
RAM: G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-1600C9D-
Mobo: Intel BOXDQ77MK LGA 1155 Intel Q77 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard
PSU: Antec High Current Gamer Series HCG-750 750W ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V v2.91 SLI Certified CrossFire Certified 80 PLUS ...
GPU: GIGABYTE GV-N660OC-2GD GeForce GTX 660 2GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card

A:Thoughts on a new PC I might put together

Looks pretty good to me. Sort of strange to have a consumer desktop board with Two NICs however....Great for a NAS/Homesever but not really needed for desktop use.
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AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition 3.3 GHz Socket AM3 6MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor

CM Storm Scout + Coolermaster Silent Pro 700W Modular PSU *Special Offer Bundle*

Samsung HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 1TB Hard Drive SATAII 7200rpm 32MB Cache

Asus M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 880G Socket AM3 ONboard 128MB Memory DVI VGA HDMI Out ATX Motherboard

G-Skill 4GB DDR3 1333MHz Ripjaws Memory Module CL9 (9-9-9-24) 1.5V X2

LiteOn iHAS224 24x DVD?RW DL RAM & Lightscribe SATA Optical Drive - OEM Black

Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 1GB GDDR5 PCI-Express NEW

How does this look my budgets ?600 thanks

A:Any Thoughts

I would personally get XFX over Sapphire but nothing looks too bad, you can get better graphics performance than the 5850 but I have one and I'm happy with it.
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My mobo died a few days ago and instead of replacing it, I'm getting a completely new rig and I'll use the old parts to build a backup computer.

This is it:

Case: Apex Amoris 6010


Mobo: Gigabyte Z68AP-D3-B3

CPU: i5 2500K

GPU: MSI GTX570 Twin Frozr III OC

RAM: DDR3 1600 Kingston HyperX Blu 2x4GB
HDD & BD-RW will remain the same - WD Caviar Black 1TB & LG BH10LS30.
At first I wanted to get the 2600K, but the 2500K is so much cheaper, especially here in Croatia.

I haven't ordered it yet so if you have any better suggestions, please let me know.

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I have cleaned out a ton of stuff but not quite everything can anyone take a look need Log: HJT thoughts at this and tell me if you see anything bad I still get pop-ups from - of the same places one relates to SANDBOXER another says something about III-Interactive - Microsoft Internet Explorer Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer HJT Log: need thoughts v SP Running processes C WINNT System smss exe C WINNT system winlogon exe C WINNT system services exe C WINNT system lsass exe HJT Log: need thoughts C WINNT system svchost exe C WINNT system spoolsv exe C CFusionMX runtime bin jrunsvc exe C CFusionMX db slserver bin swagent exe C CFusionMX runtime bin jrun exe C CFusionMX db slserver bin swstrtr exe C CFusionMX db slserver bin swsoc exe C WINNT System svchost exe C Program Files Micro Focus Net Express Base bin mfds exe C Program Files Micro Focus Net Express mfsql bin xsrvnx exe C Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C WINNT system regsvc exe C WINNT system MSTask exe C WINNT System WBEM WinMgmt exe C WINNT system svchost exe C WINNT Explorer EXE C PROGRA NORTON navapw exe C Program Files Microsoft Hardware Keyboard type exe C Program Files Ahead InCD InCD exe C WINNT system kmw run exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C WINNT system KMW SHOW EXE C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C WINNT system Bjte hb exe C WINNT system Vip gx exe C GZ-ZIP HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www hotsheet com R - Default URLSearchHook is missing N - Netscape user pref quot browser startup homepage quot quot http www hotsheet com index html quot C Program Files Netscape Users default prefs js N - Netscape user pref quot browser startup homepage quot quot http www hotsheet com quot C Documents and Settings fred Application Data Mozilla Profiles default tzivulqp slt prefs js N - Netscape user pref quot browser search defaultengine quot quot engine C A CProgram Files Cmozilla org CMozilla Csearchplugins CNetscapeSearch src quot C Documents and Settings fred Application Data Mozilla Profiles default tzivulqp slt prefs js O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper ocx O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dll O - Toolbar amp Radio - E - F- D - E- A C - C WINNT System msdxm ocx O - HKLM Run Synchronization Manager mobsync exe logon O - HKLM Run NAV Agent C PROGRA NORTON navapw exe O - HKLM Run IntelliType quot C Program Files Microsoft Hardware Keyboard type exe quot O - HKLM Run NeroCheck C WINNT System NeroCheck exe O - HKLM Run InCD C Program Files Ahead InCD InCD exe O - HKLM Run QuickTime Task quot C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe quot -atboottime O - HKLM Run kmw run exe kmw run exe O - HKLM Run TkBellExe quot C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe quot -osboot O - HKLM Run dwUT C winnt system dwUT exe O - HKLM Run GMQFGE M BAY C WINNT system PlsO A exe O - Global Startup Adobe Gamma Loader exe lnk C Program Files Common Files Adobe Calibration Adobe Gamma Loader exe O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Plugin for spop C Program Files Internet Explorer Plugins NPDocBox dll O - Plugin for swf C Program Files Netscape Communicator Program PLUGINS npswf dll O - Plugin for wmv C Program Files Netscape Communicator Program PLUGINS npdsplay dll O - DPF BCB- D A- D -A B- DA DE RdxIE Class - http software-dl real com b c f b netzip RdxIE cab O - DPF D A-B A- C C-AEA - B A DFCB iTunesDetector Class - http ax phobos apple com edgesuite net detection ITDetector cab O - DPF F A AE -A D- D - - C F EF D Hotmail Attachments Control - http by fd ba... Read more

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I think the first step is to restart in Safe mode while some have thoughts a can I been Its and Its been a while can I have some thoughts run smityfix option and then run AVG spyware There is newdot net in the add and remove programs Should i remove that from there or will the tools remove it for me I forgot Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v BETA Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE c Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccProxy exe c Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe c Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe c Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SNDSrvc exe c Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe c Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C WINDOWS system LEXBCES EXE C WINDOWS system LEXPPS EXE C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C WINDOWS system svchost exe c Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Center SymWSC exe C Program Files Video Access ActiveX Object isamntr exe C Program Files Video Access ActiveX Object pmsnrr exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C windows system hpsysdrv exe C Program Files Video Access ActiveX Object pmmnt exe C Program Files Video Access ActiveX Object isamini exe C HP KBD KBD EXE C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C WINDOWS system VTTimer exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C WINDOWS AGRSMMSG exe C WINDOWS ALCXMNTR EXE C Program Files BroadJump Client Foundation CFD exe C Program Files QuickTime qttask exe C Program Files Video Access ActiveX Object isamini exe C Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Manager ViewMgr exe C Program Files Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition Apps apdproxy exe C WINDOWS system lich exe C WINDOWS system funk exe C Program Files iPod bin iPodService exe C program files zango zango exe C Program Files SpamBlockerUtility Bin SbOEAddOn exe C PROGRA SPAMBL Bin SBInst exe C PROGRA MYWEBS bar bin mwsoemon exe C Program Files VVSN VVSN exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C Program Files SpamBlockerUtility Bin SbWeatherOnTray exe C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mm tray exe C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mmtask exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C winstall exe C Program Files Kodak Kodak EasyShare software bin EasyShare exe C Program Files SpamBlockerUtility SBTV SBTV exe C Program Files Kodak KODAK Software Updater Program Kodak Software Updater exe C Program Files Video Access ActiveX Object isamini exe C Program Files Broderbund Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Standard MiniMavis exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Program Files SpamBlockerUtility Bin SbSrv exe C Program Files SpamBlockerUtility Bin SbSrv exe C Program Files ZangoToolbar Bin ZbSrv exe C Documents and Settings Compaq Owner Desktop Tools of the Trade HiJackThis v exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL about blank R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iehome amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd presario amp pf desktop R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iesearch amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd presario amp pf desktop R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar about blank R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page about blank R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www comcast net home html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http ie redirect hp com svs rdr TYPE amp tp iehome amp locale EN US amp c Q amp bd presario amp pf de... Read more

A:Its been a while can I have some thoughts

You should print out these instructions, or copy them to a NotePad file for reading while in Safe Mode, because you will not be able to connect to the Internet to read from this site.

Next, please reboot your computer in Safe Mode by doing the following :
Restart your computer
After hearing your computer beep once during startup, but before the Windows icon appears, tap the F8 key continually;
Instead of Windows loading as normal, a menu with options should appear;
Select the first option, to run Windows in Safe Mode, then press "Enter".
Choose your usual account.
Once in Safe Mode, open the SmitfraudFix folder again and double-click smitfraudfix.cmd
Select option #2 - Clean by typing 2 and press "Enter" to delete infected files.

You will be prompted: "Registry cleaning - Do you want to clean the registry?"; answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter" in order to remove the Desktop background and clean registry keys associated with the infection.

The tool will now check if wininet.dll is infected. You may be prompted to replace the infected file (if found); answer "Yes" by typing Y and press "Enter".

The tool may need to restart your computer to finish the cleaning process; if it doesn't, please restart it into Normal Windows.

A text file will appear onscreen, with results from the cleaning process; please copy/paste the content of that report into your next reply.

The report can also be found at the root of the system drive, usually at C:\rapport.txt

Warning: running option #2 on a non infected computer will remove your Desktop background.

Run Hijack This and click Open the Misc Tools section.
Click Open Uninstall Manager > Save list and save the log to your Desktop.
A list of programs will open in Notepad. Post the contents of this log.
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what do u guys think of this computer i mean gaming wise? would u buy it? isit worth the price? and could i do normal tasks besides games like typing papers?

A:Your Thoughts Plz

Try again, your link doesn't point to any particular model .
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I just started using and installed because I wanted to go with something more official and something that would have more support from others who have already installed it I hear that the leaked RTMs cannot be activated or something which was another reason I just avoided going higher than Anyhow WOW I mean seriously this is impressive I was expecting better than vista but the build for me is making XP pro thoughts my Just look Just my thoughts bad in more ways than one I am sure of one thing This OS is smokin fast next to anything else I have used and not just fast as in boot time or file access Just my thoughts but because it runs so fast and smooth doing work in it has been a real pleasant experience all around I noticed one big thing right off and that was the optical drive access times XP was a real dog when it came to putting any kind of disc in I always hated having to use anything that was on a DVD or CD because you put the disc in then wait forever for it to load This is greatly improved in and that alone makes me happy as hell Pretty much everything happens faster in this which was actually shocking I could go on all day and night about the visual experience this OS is a real work of art as far as the UI goes And it does that while only using roughly mb more ram than XP did for me Again impressive to say the least I also like the fact that I am not rushed to install a graphics driver I noticed that once I was on the desktop after the install I had no buggyness in the graphics On XP you would get laggy blippy graphics dragging windows around on the desktop and scrolling through web pages You also had rather limited resolutions until you installed some graphics drivers Again another fine point of I run dual monitors and was pleased to see them already set the way I wanted when I entered the desktop for the first time And so far the only issue with any software was windows messenger live formerly known as msn messenger Awesome how microsoft software is the only thing giving me trouble on a microsoft OS Laughable really Looks like I will be stuck trying to access my messenger from a gadget or some other work around until they update Still things have been peachy so far and at this point I would waste no time throwing down USD for a copy of ultimate

A:Just my thoughts

The latest build I have tried, that could be activated normally with RC - keys was build 7229, and this build is somewhat faster than build 7100. Before you install too much in 7100, PM one from staff for info about getting 7229 (or a later or better build if somebody knows about this).

7229 was for me the best build of those activating normally
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Just installed Win RC yesterday and must say that I'm enjoying using it a lot more than when I first installed Vista SP There aren't any annoying Win thoughts. 7 little bugs in the GUI and windows explorer is set out really well I especially like the new user directory working with the libraries and sub folders It's just easier to understand and navigate with said library folders in the left hand panel rather than the complete folder list Win 7 thoughts. It's alot faster than Vista and installed very quickly The start menu task bar and notification area are all totally configurable which is great Having a start menu where you can have everything or nothing fantastic I also love the way you can move opened programs along the task bar into whatever position you like After being able to do this on Linux for so long I really wanted MS to have this feature as well and now there it is - As with Vista MS has opted out of a real time network lights indicator in the notification area why Aside from a network gadget or looking at your modem lights It was just a good idea in Xp that should have continued IMO Only one program issue so far VLC won't play back smooth avi's without windows turning aero off the OS turns it back on though as soon as you close VLC All in all I'm really looking forward to win being released I'll be one of the first to buy it -

A:Win 7 thoughts.

What version of windows (32 or 64). Upgrade or clean install, what version of VLC, etc. PS, we might be able to help more if you filled in the my system specs in control panel

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Most of the set-up is months old I run K N Neo Platinum motherboard AMD Your thoughts on my diagnosis? Athlon CPU sticks of Kingston PC mb each WesternDigital gb SATA drives Raid Seagate Barracuda IDE gb I use only for backups nVidia GeForce GS video card months old Dual display LCDs connected M-Audio Delta LT sound card month old My power supply came with my case made by Just PC USA Inc It s a W For the last few weeks I ve been having random restarts Sometimes I get a BSOD othertimes everything just powers down and restarts with no Minidump being created I don t do any graphic-heavy computing definitely no high-end games Most of my time is dedicated to Your thoughts on my diagnosis? audio production I run Ableton Live with Reaktor VST plugins though sometimes I get a restart while simply browsing the internet Sometimes I leave the room with nothing running but Windows and when I come back minutes later I m at my BIOS password entry I ran Memtest which was unsuccessful I have two sticks mb each Running just one stick I can run Memtest for about min before getting an error The other stick shows errors after about min While trying various configurations ram slots my random restarts were getting worse and worse At one point I couldn t even power-up Unplugging everything from the AC for seconds was the only way I could get it to power-up again Have we decided it s the PSU yet To make sure I grabbed the mb stick from my brother s computer Before the BIOS could even complete the initial memory test my PC was shutting down After shutting down the power LED on the front of my case was flashing Does anybody suggest testing something else before replacing the PSU Is there a reliable way to test the PSU Finally if my PSU has failed how much damage could it have done to my components Should I get a new PSU before replacing my RAM Do I owe my brother some new RAM Any help suggestions are much appreciated nbsp

A:Your thoughts on my diagnosis?

Unless the power supply is sending incredibly bad voltage to your board you didn't hurt your brother's ram. Give him that back and memtest it on his computer, it should pass. Test your ram on his, if it fails you WILL have to replace your RAM. I think you may have a bad PSU and bad RAM. If your RAM passes in your brother's comp, you definately need a new PSU. I'd be tempted just to buy a new PSU even if you have bad RAM because you shouldn't be seeing all those problems with just bad RAM.
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Got myself a Creative PCI express Xfi extreme audio a couple of months ago and have now come to the conclusion that it sucks... There?s betadrivers for most other cards BUT the one I got and I read som where that it?s a older card just being re-labled.. Great.

I listen to tons of music and play games, mostly counterstrike Source, i have Sennheiser HD555 phones and a Logitec Z-5500 5.1 soundsystem. My old computer had another Xfi card in it and the sound is totally different in quality with same settings (crystilzer etc).

So anyone know of another soundcard that you have experience of? in vista 64?



A:Need new soundcard - any thoughts?

What kind of budget do you have?

I read som where that it?s a older card just being re-labled.

Pretyy much, yes. Card is really nothing more than a re-named SB Live 24 bit or Audigy LS/SE/DE/Value that gets to use the fancy X-Fi software, and up until Creative changed the INF in the driver files used a universal driver that would install on all of them.
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100713-15428-01.dmp    10/7/2013 8:51:49 AM    SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION    0x0000003b    00000000`c0000005    fffff800`0306a7d7    fffff880`0899e230    00000000`00000000    ntoskrnl.exe    ntoskrnl.exe+75b80    NT Kernel & System    Microsoft® Windows® Operating System    Microsoft Corporation    6.1.7601.18229 (win7sp1_gdr.130801-1533)    x64    ntoskrnl.exe+75b80                    C:\Windows\Minidump\100713-15428-01.dmp    8    15    7601    282,336    
So here is my latest bsod details, I have done the following:
Checked all drivers (all are up to date)
ran memtest 23 times! clean
bsod occurs most frequently at start-up
Computer specs as follows:
Motherboard: Gigabyte X58A-UD5
Proccessor: Intel i7 cpu [email protected] ghz
Ram 6.00 Gb DDR3
Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250
Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
Any help would be appreciated.

A:BSOD thoughts?

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
Checkmark the following checkboxes:
  List last 10 Event Viewer log
  List Installed Programs
  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
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Thinking of this set up from pcspecialist co uk I m interested in a quiet running solid bit of kit I m going to run XP and use it for gaming little bit of photoshopping etc Haven t Build, PC thoughts? New bought a new computer for about years is this processor sound Is it worth getting any more RAM Processor CPU - Intel Core Duo E GHz MHz FSB MB L Cache Memory RAM - GB CORSAIR XMS DUAL-DDR MHz - LIFETIME WARRANTY Motherboard - ASUS P QL EPU DDR SATAII PCI-e x PCI x PCI-e x Memory - st Hard Disk - GB SERIAL ATA -Gb s HARD DRIVE WITH MB CACHE rpm DVD BLU-RAY Drive - x DUAL LAYER DVD WRITER R RW RAM Graphics Card - GB NVIDIA GEFORCE GT PCI EXPRESS Case - COOLERMASTER SILEO QUIET MID TOWER CASE Power Supply amp Case Cooling - W Quiet Dual Rail PSU mm Case Fan Processor Cooling - SUPER QUIET dBA TRIPLE COPPER HEATPIPE CPU COOLER Thanks in advance New PC Build, thoughts? Mark nbsp

A:New PC Build, thoughts?

How much is that build costing you?

I suggest that you build one yourself. Some of the components look a little dated.
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Hi guys, im buying a new pc and now ( after research) ive come to a final build.Please if u think theres something to be changed for better, or to save me some money ill be glad to know.Other think im not a over clocker, but im going to do it in this new machine. Thx.And the 1050 w psu its because on the future I pretend to put another gpu in CFX. THX again.

intel core i7 3820 (already bought)
corsair vengeance 16gb 1600mhz (already bought)
mobo rampage 4 extreme
sapphire radeon 7970 oc eddition
HAFX (already bought)
intel stock hydro coller
dvd burner and writer
TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 Wireless N Dual Band Adapter
ocz vertex 3 120gb
Samsung 7200rpm sata 3gb/s 500gb
SeaSonic X-SERIES X-1050 1050W
Windows 7 home premium
total: 2122 dolars aprox.

Other think, I cant go anything above that, this is my limit of money

A:New PC final thoughts

- Get the GTX 670, it's a no brainer over the 7970, and this is coming from a 7970 owner. SLI support is generally better than CF as there are many complaints about microstuttering on CF setups.
- If you're not overclocking there's no point getting such an expensive motherboard. This one is half the price and you can save that towards another GTX 670
- Assuming you do get a 670, a 750-850W PSU will be more than enough for SLI. 1000W+ is only really needed for people with tri-SLI/CF and custom watercooling.
- Avoid the OCZ SSDs, they have a history of crappy firmware and while they may have been resolved now, I would play it safe and get the Crucial m4 instead for the same price.
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How do you guys feel about this system?

3.0Ghz Pentium 4 LGA775 1MB 800FSB Retail Box with Fan
ECS 915P-A (Intel 915P, PCIEx, Sound, LAN, SATA,DualDDR2)
512MB Corsair DDR2 533Mhz PC2-4200 Memory
256MB Micron DDR2 533Mhz PC2-4200 Memory
80GB 7200RPM ATA100
52X Mitsumi CDROM
128MB nVidia GeForce 6600 PCI Express DVI/Tvout
Microsoft Windows XP Home
420watt Raidmax 811 Pearl White Virgo Case 3 fans (4 5.25, 4 3.5 bays)
10/100 Ethernet Card
Motherboard has onboard sound
1.44 Floppy Drive
Standard 1 year parts and labor

I dont have a lot of money, and I just want something that will run new games.
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Putting together a new system and need some thoughts on the setup I've picked out.

For motherboard I went with


CPU Cooler


Video Card


Power supply


And have a WD 320gb SATA to throw in it also. Just looking for some thoughts on the CPU/Motherboard combo and also on if the CPU cooler is necessary.

Any ideas or comments would be appreciated


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I'm thinking of getting a hanging projector for watching TV. One of those that just simply display the image on your wall or screen or w/e. Anyway how good are these? My price range is $2,000 max. Whats a LCD projector and a normal one? I would also like to get one that does high definition. Like so i can watch HD cable programing, i understand i would also need a HD cable box for that but thats arangable. Anyway what are my options. Are they worth it, do the bulbs need to be changed alot? Would it be hard to make it also have an input from my computer so if id prefer i can watch stuff from my computer also?

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Going to be building a new PC in the near future. I have always used Intel CPU's but I have been hearing from some people that in a gaming rig AMD are slightly better. Any thoughts would be welcome. Also on a AMD cpu such as a ATHLON 64 (4200+) SOCKET AM2 (64BIT)(DUAL CORE) would this be a 4.2Ghz? I'm not 100% clear on the numbers for the amd chips. Thanks

A:Thoughts and opinions please

Dox said:

Going to be building a new PC in the near future. I have always used Intel CPU's but I have been hearing from some people that in a gaming rig AMD are slightly better. Any thoughts would be welcome. Also on a AMD cpu such as a ATHLON 64 (4200+) SOCKET AM2 (64BIT)(DUAL CORE) would this be a 4.2Ghz? I'm not 100% clear on the numbers for the amd chips. ThanksClick to expand...

well youre in luck because intel just came out with its Conroe cpu Core2duo, its approx 40% faster than its previous chips, and runs cooler because its a 65nm chip vs 90nm, runs at 65watts instead of ???. The main thing is its faster than AMD

oh and for the E6300 cpu, its only $185, it runs on socket 775 MB but they have to say Core2Duo ready. the ratings on the Athlons mean that it runs similar to a 4.2ghz cpu, actual ghz is probably around 2.2 or 2.4ghz, oh an BTW intel is doing that also so dont be put off by the modest 1.8ghz of the C2D E6300, its also dual core and it is friggin fast, if you got the cash get the E6400 even
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Hello ,My fellow members I was bored and browsing through heatsinks

I think this is a really nice one but not sure if it would fit my case


Anyhow I have this in mind but would love to hear your thoughts on this*|*THERMALTAKE

also i am waiting to purchase BDchips hopefully soon can't wait to hear from you guys

A:I want a new Heatsink any thoughts before I buy?

I like the corsair H70. It works great. The cheaper model is the H50.
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Hi all As my computer broke I am going to buy a new one I have already discussed the parts with a friend but would still like a second opinion on it Especially the power supply as I think it might not be enough I might want to add another video card in the future What are you going to use the PC for Main use of the PC will be gaming I would like to run new games at a good fps and nice grapics Think of new build? :) Thoughts on games as BF How much is Thoughts on new build? :) your budget My budget is around euros about Though I d really like to keep this as low as possible Where are you located a k a fill out your profile I live in The Netherlands in Rotterdam Are you willing to buy online Most certainly if that will get me the lowest price Are you going to re-use any parts from an earlier build The parts I want to re-use are my old PC s hard drive and CD DVD-ROM Player Do you need other peripherals like a monitor keyboard and mouse among others Nope have all that Just the computer itself Have you already bought any parts I haven t bought any parts yet Do you have an Operating System OS I have Windows Vista Ultimate -bit So I guess I will have to upgrade to Win -bit Will you need any aftermarket cooling such as a CPU GPU cooler or a watercooling setup I would like Thoughts on new build? :) to have an aftermarket CPU cooler because they seem to be pretty Thoughts on new build? :) cheap and I might want to OC my CPU I think around GHz should be reasonable not so experienced in overclocking My parts so far are here http tweakers net gallery wish id tab wenslijst Might get a W TR power supply from the US cheaper there anyway I might be able to ship from the US for free if some things are cheaper though not sure how it will work with taxes on importing stuff nbsp

A:Thoughts on new build? :)

just post a list of your parts on here, also don't get your hopes up on playing BF3 with any decent graphics with that budget, even the highest parts are having trouble keeping up the frame rate
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5Min ago, i was playing Left 4 Dead 2 and i got a BSOD with the error being nfs.sys

More details...

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 3b
BCP1: 00000000C0000005
BCP2: FFFFF8800198B0D5
BCP3: FFFFF8800874FAF0
BCP4: 0000000000000000
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Most things on google came back as WinPCap

I dont use that program at all.

Any ideas?

EDIT: x64
- Reformatted and Installed Retail about 15 Days
- OEM Version
- Hardware Age? Less than 6months
- Not more than 15 Days old

EDIT: Dump & System File Collection added

A:BSOD, Any thoughts on what it could be?

please folow this instructions:
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I recently tried to create a new partition and install XP on it and failed miserably I have a GB Quantum Fireball that came with my Dell PIII and a Western Digital GB that I bought currently set as slave for file storage The WD drive is almost certainly faster than the Fireball anyway so I am now looking at creating a partition on that and setting it to primary and then either through BIOS if its possible or by switching cables make the drive the master boot disk I will be using Partition Magic to accomplish a lot of this Does this sound like the thoughts this on appreciate Would plan... steps I would take in doing this I am a little paranoid after last night s fiasco Chkdsk the WD drive I don t need to Would appreciate thoughts on this plan... defrag if it says it doesn t need defragging do I Create the new partition on the WD probably GB Set the new partition to active Apply and reboot Allow change to get made Using BIOS or manual switch make WD drive Master Reboot again and get non-system disk error since new primary disk s active partition has no OS on it Insert XP disk and reboot installing XP when it comes up Did I miss anything Is there anything I need to do to make the old primary partition not active Exactly what order do these things need to be done in Thanks in advance FingerDemon nbsp

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Hi there I have norton running and finding problems while pandaware is finding Spy Sweeper has found errors spyware today and some x-spyware thing found I was wondering how my log looks I'm trying to keep up on cleaning my computer but it seems each program finds different things Thanks so much LizLogfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exeC WINDOWS system csrss exeC WINDOWS system Hijack thoughts This log winlogon exeC WINDOWS system services exeC WINDOWS system Hijack This log thoughts lsass exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS System svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exeC WINDOWS Explorer EXEC Hijack This log thoughts WINDOWS system LEXBCES EXEC WINDOWS system spoolsv exeC WINDOWS system LEXPPS EXEC Program Files Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exeC WINDOWS system svchost exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared Security Center SymWSC exeC Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exeC Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exeC Program Files Digital Media Reader shwiconem exeC WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXEC WINDOWS ALCWZRD EXEC Program Files Webroot Spy Sweeper SpySweeper exeC Program Files BigFix BigFix exeC WINDOWS System alg exeC Program Files Norton AntiVirus SAVScan exeC PROGRA MICROS Office OUTLOOK EXEC Program Files Microsoft Office Office WINWORD EXEC Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader AcroRd exeC WINDOWS msagent AgentSvr exeC Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXEC PROGRA NORTON navw exeC DOCUME Owner LOCALS Temp Temporary Directory for HijackThis zip HijackThis exeR - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Connection Wizard ShellNext http www neopets com O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dllO - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA Spybot SPYBOT SDHelper dllO - BHO CNavExtBho Class - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dllO - Toolbar Norton AntiVirus - CDD BF- FFB- - AD - DF B D - C Program Files Norton AntiVirus NavShExt dllO - HKLM Run High Definition Audio Property Page Shortcut HDAudPropShortcut exeO - HKLM Run RemoteControl quot C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exe quot O - HKLM Run ccApp quot C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe quot O - HKLM Run NAV CfgWiz C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CfgWiz exe GUID NAV CMDLINE quot REBOOT quot O - HKLM Run NeroFilterCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exeO - HKLM Run ShowWnd ShowWnd exeO - HKLM Run SunKistEM C Program Files Digital Media Reader shwiconem exeO - HKLM Run SoundMan SOUNDMAN EXEO - HKLM Run AlcWzrd ALCWZRD EXEO - HKLM Run Alcmtr ALCMTR EXEO - HKLM Run Symantec NetDriver Monitor C PROGRA SYMNET SNDMon exeO - HKLM Run MSConfig C WINDOWS PCHealth HelpCtr Binaries MSConfig exe autoO - HKCU Run SpySweeper quot C Program Files Webroot Spy Sweeper SpySweeper exe quot O - HKCU Run MSMSGS quot C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe quot backgroundO - Global Startup BigFix lnk C Program Files BigFix BigFix exeO - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXEO - Extra context menu item amp AOL Toolbar search - res C Program Files AOL Toolbar toolbar dll SEARCH HTMLO - Extra button no name - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java j re bin npjpi dllO - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Sun Java Console - B E C - FCB- CF-AAA - C - C Program Files Java j re bin npjpi dllO - Extra button no name - CD F -D E - d - FE- C F AFE - no file O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeO - Extra 'Tools' menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exeO - IERESET INF START PAGE URL http www gateway comO - DPF C E-FA D- -BACC-D C EF E... Read more

A:Hijack This log thoughts

I have these files show up in a norton scan and cannot delete them. It always says "delete failed." How in the world can I get rid of this bleep?

1: (this one is in here twice)

Name: ISTsvc.exe

Publisher: Integrated Search Technologies/CDT Inc
Systems Affected: Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP

Removal: Low
Damage: Low
Type: Spyware

Name: Comet Cursor Plus
Version: 4.3.333.22
Publisher: Comet Systems
Systems Affected: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP
Systems Not Affected: DOS, EPOC, Linux, Macintosh, Macintosh OS X, Novell Netware, OS/2, UNIX

Removal: Low
Damage: Low

this one is listed with the same description in norton as #1 is.

i have no idea what to do next to get this stuff to stay gone.
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Hi I m new here and wanna see some of your thoughts about my first pc build CPU Intel Core i - - GHz Turbo Quad-Core MB ASRock Z Extreme Gen RAM G SKILL Ripjaws X GB GBx CL GPU Sapphire Radeon HD GB or EVGA GTX Ti GB Dual fans HDD Seagate Barracuda TB SATA Gb s SSD Corsair Force Series GB SATA Gb s OD ASUS X some thoughts it build. about first Need PC My DVDwriter SATA DRW- B ST PSU SilverStone W Strider Plus PLUS Bronze Modular ATX NZXT Lexa S Steel Midtower Chassis I m not going to overclock it now but I chose Z board for future proof maybe in future I m gonna upgrade some parts and going to overclock it How about my GPU They re both at the same price a little difference in price though but what should I choose Is Sapphire My first PC build. Need some thoughts about it Radeon HD have good cooling system A reliable one than the EVGA GTX Ti Thank you in advance nbsp

A:My first PC build. Need some thoughts about it

Do not get the Seagate HDD, crap! Go with Western Digital Caviar Black or Blue. I would skip the mechanical HDD and up the size of the SSD to 128gig. Can you put the prices in that you are planning to pay, that way I can tell you if there is a better option for the same price.
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Hi all,

I'm looking for a reasonable upgrade to my motherboard and CPU (currently Ihave an ASUS M2NPV-MX AM2 wth Athlon 64 x2 6000+ CPU)

I want to keep DDR2 RAM for the time being as I have 4 GB and don't want to spend a great deal more on DDR3 RAM

So, I've found this

and would like your opinions on the mobo/CPU


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I m your thoughts? New build, building a new computer to replace my year old build just wanted some opinions on my New build, your thoughts? choices and any recommendations for better components if necessary possible in my budget What are you going to use the PC for Gaming Multimedia How much is your budget Where are you located United States Are you willing to buy online Yes Preferably Newegg Are you going to re-use any parts from an earlier build Yes Hard drives DVD CD burner OS peripherals Have you already bought any parts No Case Rosewill Blackbone Black Steel Plastic ATX Mid Tower Computer Case MB ASRock H M B New build, your thoughts? LGA Intel H HDMI SATA Gb s USB Micro ATX Intel Motherboard CPU Intel Core i - GPU SAPPHIRE L Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity PSU RAIDMAX HYBRID RX- SS W ATX V V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular Power Supply RAM G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory New build, your thoughts? Model F - CL D- GBRL Total cost including instant discounts and promo codes not including mail-in-rebates - Including MiR My current build has an AMD Athlon X GHz Raedon HD GB and GB of RAM I m going to be giving this to my sister once I build my new one since her laptop died so any recommendations for a new Hard Drive and Mouse Keyboard under would be great as well Thanks nbsp

A:New build, your thoughts?

Looks good to me.

Don't forget about the OS.

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here's my new Build:
i'm upgrading my old rig, and i already have case, a GPU and a good PSU,
i'm mainly using photo editing (PS-CS6, Photomatix and such...) , sometimes for light gaming... and i'm mainly upgrading it because my old system is REALLY slow now....

CPU: AMD Six Core FX-Series 6350 Box
MoBo: Gigabyte GA-970A-D3P
RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB DDR3 1600MHz HX316C10F/8G
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB WD10EZEX
SSD DRIVE: Kingston V300 120GB SV300S37A/120G SSD
CPU FAN: Scythe Kozuti

anyway, just one question:
i looked up Gigabyte's QVL list for this motherboard, and that specific RAM doesnt appear there. actually the list itself is very limited.... how much of a potential problem is that going to be?


A:after consultation here - here's my new rig - any thoughts?

The approved or qvl list shows ram that has been tested and found to work. If your ram does not appear on that list, that does not mean it will not work; it means it has not been tested and found to work.

In short, you are a beta tester; it may work fine and it may not. Generally if you stick to name brand ram ie corsair, crucial, or kingston, it is ok.
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Hi all, here is the story so far:

i was using sony vaio, VGN-FE48G/H, vista home premium

Processor: intel? Core?2 CPU T7200 @2.00GHZ
memory (RAM): 1022MB
Vista home premiuum 32-bit Operating system
i ran a TuneUp Utilities 2007 scan and it stated :
" your computer has a 64bit processer, but your current windows version only
uses 32 of the available 64bits. you should consider upgrading to a 64bit
version of your operating system to benefit from iproved security and better
system performance"

so i set out to buy Vista Ultimate 64bit i installed a clean version then i went to downloading the
nvidia fom

now i'm instaling the updates but, i have thes issues:
my built in camera doesn't work(lookin 4 a solution)My blutouth doesn't work tooLan settings disapearedother isuues didn't quit check

A:please share your thoughts

Hi Younes,

Welcome. My camera did the same thing. I ended up having to use 64-bit XP drivers for it. To install, I had to run the driver setup program in compatibility mode for XP (sp2). You'll need to check the other devices websites for Vista 64-bit (or XP 64-bit if they don't have Vista) drivers.

Hope this helps some,
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I wanted to write a few words regarding windows as I feel that 7 thoughts Windows vista though impressive Windows 7 thoughts is a sort of stop gap This isn t to take away from the huge time it s taken to design code and implement it I know that there Windows 7 thoughts is a forum for the new WinFS it would be nice for a windows option I m not currently bothered either way about WinFS I expect this will mean that FAT NTFS will be defunct and we will all have to make another decision about migrating to the new system in fact i doubt we will have the choice especially if the new OS comes with it Vista utilises modern technology what I mean by this is - we could not run vista with older technology smaller chipsets and ram etc I know people do but efficient is it This is a fundamental point if it s a security issue and Microsoft tell us it is I m confident that newly written code could easily do the job using few system resources there are plenty of examples out there If its aesthetics like aero then that s another issue to make thing pretty you need power or better management Vista is huge based heavily on XP its main problem resource wise Microsoft are not stupid but they sometimes make it difficult for themselves they battle with MAC for looks the two system are similar in many ways I love Microsoft but I don t like how they implement things A simple example is they make or purchase an antivirus product which is never comparable to leading market products instead of mimicking a top product they nearly always fall short why One saving grace is the superb office This is a master piece of work easy to navigate it feels natural I expect to see this GUI process in the next windows Windows need to start from the beginning modularly encapsulating each software programme so that it does not affect other programmes This will ensure a fast system not bogged down with numerous programmes running Do I need my camera software spyware burning applications running in the background if I m using a paint programme The system should have a core I know the kernel has been rewritten that is protected it may even hold your precious winFS files Everything else could function in virtually An example - it is often quicker to search for something over the internet than on your pc so speed of applications over a server is not an issue you could run word online similar to servers so virtual applications independently run on your pc would be fast secure and easily recoverable Im hitting two area here a zone for applications and core fundamentals I was just wondering what you would like to see in MS win I hope that you will not need a GB of Ram Pentium duo with a nvidia GT If the next OS could run on a month old XP spec I would be happy Food for thought

A:Windows 7 thoughts

why stop? let hardware keep pushing forward.. that is why XP's support has not ended yet... I know a lot of people running a stripped down version of vista on p3 1000mhz machines with 512 ram and for usual stuff.. runs about the same as xp...

But don't expect to run aero and all the other goodies if you do not have the hardware. That is one of the good things about vista.. it uses hardware... more you have.. more it uses and makes your life better... its an advancement from XP in that sense...
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I'm running a Gateway P GHz RAM with XP I recently had trouble with CPU Usage up to so I ran antivirus Spysweeper Ad-Aware SE to fix found problems Below is my Log... thoughts??? Hijack This Any Hijack This log and wanted some help on what Hijack This Log... Any thoughts??? other problems I may be dealing with and any solutions Thank you for your help Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system csrss exe C WINDOWS Hijack This Log... Any thoughts??? system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exe C WINDOWS System P P Hijack This Log... Any thoughts??? Networking P P Networking exe C Program Files Winamp winampa exe C WINDOWS System nvsvc exe C WINDOWS System wuauclt exe C WINDOWS explorer exe C WINDOWS inettapi exe C Program Files Webroot Spy Sweeper SpySweeper exe C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Documents and Settings Default Local Settings Temporary Internet Files Content IE VTPFH HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http google com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http google com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by America Online R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page C WINDOWS SYSTEM blank htm O - BHO no name - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C PROGRAM FILES ADOBE ACROBAT READER ACTIVEX ACROIEHELPER OCX O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO no name - C BC - C - B B- F-C B F ABD B - C DOCUME ALLUSE APPLIC Pribi Pribi dll file missing O - BHO no name - BF B -EA - F - A -D F A FF - C DOCUME Default LOCALS Temp ipatteni dat O - HKLM Run SystemTray SysTray Exe O - HKLM Run HPDJ Taskbar Utility C WINDOWS System spool drivers w x hpztsb exe O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS System NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run nwiz nwiz exe install O - HKLM Run REGSHAVE C Program Files REGSHAVE REGSHAVE EXE AUTORUN O - HKLM Run P P Networking C WINDOWS System P P Networking P P Networking exe AUTOSTART O - HKLM Run WinampAgent C Program Files Winamp winampa exe O - HKCU Run SpySweeper quot C Program Files Webroot Spy Sweeper SpySweeper exe quot O - HKLM RunOnce rundoc C WINDOWS Config rundoc exe rerun O - HKLM RunOnce inettapi C WINDOWS inettapi exe rerun O - Global Startup Microsoft Office lnk C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OSA EXE O - Plugin for pdf C PROGRA INTERN PLUGINS nppdf dll O - Plugin for spop C PROGRA INTERN Plugins NPDocBox dll O - Trusted Zone http pos wirelessretailinc com O - DPF B-B - D-A D -FCFDF E C WUWebControl Class - http v windowsupdate microsoft co O - DPF D D - - D -BDCD- C F A B HouseCall Control - http a g akamai net ll xscan cab O - DPF A A - DA - DAF-B - F E E ActiveScan Installer Class - http www pandasoftware com activescan as asinst cab

A:Hijack This Log... Any thoughts???

Welcome to TSF.

Before you do anything else, please create a folder for HijackThis and put it in a permanent folder (like C:\HJT) instead of the Desktop or Temp folder. This is required because HijackThis will create backups and we don?t want them to be deleted.

Go to the bottom of this message to get the latest version of HijackThis. If the site is down, you can also get it here.

Please print out or copy this page to Notepad. You should not have any open browsers when you are following the procedures below.

Make sure to update Windows at

Turn off system restore by right clicking on My Computer and go to Properties->System Restore and check the box for Turn off System Restore. Click Apply and then OK. Restart your computer. After we are finished with your log file and verified that it?s clean, you may turn it back on and create a new restore point.

Go to My Computer->Tools->Folder Options->View tab and make sure that Show hidden files and folders is enabled. Also make sure that the System Files and Folders are showing/visible also.

The Temp folders should be cleaned out periodically as installation programs and hijack programs leave a lot of junk there. Download Index.dat Suite to clean out all the temp folders.

Open up the program and go to Tools->Settings. Then make sure to check the following: Cookies, History, Recent Documents, Swap File (if you have Windows 95/98), Temporary Internet Files and Temp Files. Click Save at the bottom. Do not run it yet (see below).

Reboot into Safe Mode (hit F8 key until menu shows up).

Make sure to close any open browsers. Go into HijackThis->Config->Misc. Tools->Open process manager. Select the following and click Kill process for each one if they are still listed (they shouldn?t be ? but double check it):

C:\WINDOWS\System32\P2P Networking\P2P Networking.exe

Uninstall the following via the Add/Remove Panel (Start->(Settings)->Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs) if they exist:

P2P Networking

Check and fix the following in HijackThis if they still exist (make sure not to miss any):

R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page = C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\blank.htm
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {79C03BC5-6C55-4B5B-921F-C02B6F1ABD7B} - C:\DOCUME~1\ALLUSE~1\APPLIC~1\Pribi\Pribi.dll (file missing)
O2 - BHO: (no name) - {BF755B85-EA69-4F58-9A59-D85F384A15FF} - C:\DOCUME~1\Default\LOCALS~1\Temp\ipatteni.dat
O4 - HKLM\..\Run: [P2P Networking] C:\WINDOWS\System32\P2P Networking\P2P Networking.exe /AUTOSTART
O4 - HKLM\..\RunOnce: [*rundoc] C:\WINDOWS\Config\rundoc.exe rerun
O4 - HKLM\..\RunOnce: [*inettapi] C:\WINDOWS\inettapi.exe rerun
O15 - Trusted Zone:

Delete the following Files/Folders (delete folders if no filename is specified) according to their directory (if none, just do a search for them) and delete them if they exist:

C:\WINDOWS\System32\P2P Networking\

Run Index.dat Suite now. Click on the Find button. Let it search. Then click on the second button on the top. This will generate a batch file. Click Next->Next->Next and it will tell you that after the next reboot/restart you the file should run by itself and startup and clean all those files.

Reboot into Normal Mode.

After that?s done, restart and post a new HijackThis log file so we can make sure it?s clean.

To help prevent future spyware installations/infections, please read my anti-spyware section and use the tools provided.
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A:be grateful for any thoughts on this log,thanks

What problems are you having?

Your log is clean.

To help prevent future spyware infections, read the Anti-Spyware Tutorial and use the tools provided.

Are there any problems now? If not, you should be set to go.
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I got a mark down for this answer being wrong I question.... Your on this thoughts am taking this is a precursor to getting my certs finally in which I test horribly so I am practicing my testing skills at home using dumps test material and even take some for the test study guides you buy at the Your thoughts on this question.... store I wrote it out below as it read in the test to see if my grammar was way off and the question realy is Your thoughts on this question.... asking something I thought it shouldn t Question - One of your customers has reciently installed a Wireless router at their site and now wants a technican to integrate their laptop into that Wireless environment Which of the following are valid solutions to resolve this request Choose two A IEEE Firewire Wireless Connection device B parallel Port Wireless connection device C USB Wireless Connection Device D PCMCIA Wireless Connection device I picked C and D since these are the slots that are available on almost every laptop out there The answer came back as A and D Now my question is firewire more prevolent than USB and PCMCIA in laptops Not in the models I have seen I understand if going for speed then yes A and D would outweight C and D but then that is only if the USB they reffer to is and not So I really have problems no reffence to version of USB and the fact that they are inferring that Firewire is more prevolent on a laptop than USB Am I going crazy nbsp

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I just got my Windows 7 upgrade CD in the mail today. Are there any issues I need to be aware of before I install 7? What is the latest word on the stability and functionality?

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So I'm building my first computer, and I have everything except the GPU and the optical drive. I have $200 -$250 to spend on a graphics card. I have been looking at everything from factory overclocked GTX-460s to GTX-470s. I am not against an AMD solution though, like a 6850/6870. My question is which you guys would suggest?

A:Thoughts on cards between $200-$250

I would go for the ATi 6870 but thats just my preference.
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Does anyone know why Microsoft doesn't provide a way to de-fragment single files and/or folders?
It should be an easy feature for them to include...
It's difficult to find programs that will do it too...
I did find one Utility that can de-fragment the page-file (virtual memory).
The best solution I have found to try to fix a fragmented file or folder is to COPY it then delete the "original" and give the copied file the originals name (hoping that Windows XP copied the file into a better spot on the hard drive).

Who wants to spend several hours de-fragmenting the drive just to "fix" a few specific files?

A:Thoughts re. Fragmentation

Well an easy way to keep your pagefile unfragmented is to put it on a seperate partition, or a completely different drive if you have one available.

Honestly, I can't say why they don't...maybe they haven't figured out how to yet.
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I understand that with most mobo's you give thoughts your me ! Please must have identical graphics cards to properly run a SLI set up But I learn that new chips are allowing you to mix and match graphics cards to sum the two These chips Lucid either on the mobo or now on the graphics cards allow ATI and Nvidia to play nice as well as the afore mentioned dissimilar cards My GPU is currently a BFG GTX oc and I would like to add a second but I'm not feeling the love as they say with BFG pulling its self from the GPU domain So I see this Lucid chip as a real help Can anyone give me some advice as to whats out there Please give me your thoughts ! or coming soon that will best allow me to get a SLI or similar effect without sourcing a second new used BFG GTX oc card all my system specs are listed below and I'm waiting for a new watt PSU to arrive anyday one other thing I also have a BFG GT sitting idle currently Thanks in advance The Cheese

A:Please give me your thoughts !

Rather than hoping for a good result from a Lucid Hydra based motherboard, you could get a second 260 from a different maker.

See nVidia's SLI FAQ:


The claim is that you can mix and match cards with the same GPU but from different makers if you use version 180 or later of the drivers.

Even without that, it's likely that the BFG card is based on the nVidia reference design. You could flash it with the firmware from a different make of card. As your warranty is already toast, you don't need to worry about invalidating it. The relevant utility is nvflash.
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Hi guys,

I currently have a Hercules Rad 9700 (non-pro) and have just seen a cracking price on a 9800 Pro which I am very tempted by. I was thinkin of goin for a X800 Pro but am concerned that when I eventually upgrade to a Athlon 64 I'll be forced onto a PCI express connection which would mean I would have to change the X800 from AGP (if I got it now)
So would I see a decent increase in going for the 9800 Pro or should I hang on til the end of the year and upgrade eveything then (cpu, m/b, VGA etc)? Do you think my standard 9700 will see me through the year with HL2, Doom 3 etc on the way?

Thanks, any comments would be appreciated.


A:Dilemma.... any thoughts?

There will be motherboards that will support both AGP and PCI Express. Just because Intel decided to screw the consumers by making their chipset PCI Express only doesn't mean other chipset makers are as dumb/uncaring.
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Is it possible for two people to have the same e-mail address My daughter was on msn messenger and thought she was writing to my brother She was just setting it up for the first time adding contacts Whoever was on the other end wrote a few things in Chinese I got on and it was not my brother This guy had smiley faces and rainbows and that is not something my brother has ever had It is some guy who claims to be writing from China who seems as baffled as us I checked the e-mail address over and over again I told him my brothers age and he is the same age I won t give out more info your weird! like would thoughts.... He said he would not give me his birthdate either My daughter is freaked out as I am and we are starting to get worried He say s he has had the address for years but so has my brother at least I am spooked because my brother is travelling to visit us tomorrow from far away and definitely does not have internet access this evening What do you weird! would like your thoughts.... think nbsp weird! would like your thoughts....
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I just got a gtx 550ti and I was wondering what is you guys thoughts on it?
Low-High end?
Good or bad?

A:Thoughts on gtx 550ti

It's only mid-level card =)
But nevertheless it'a a really good card ^^
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Has anyone had any experience with or what are your thoughts on the Software VMWare for multiple OS use on one machine without Partitioning and having to boot to separate OS's.


A:Thoughts on VMWare

I was looking for something else and found this, you may want to take a look
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Hi, I have an acer laptop which can;t boot from cd as it got a bios password.. no windows on the hard drive so can't run what ever cmos recover programs
removed the cmos battery but no luck

My question is: If I copy the iso of the recovery cd or windows setup files from the dvd to the partition of the hard drive and start the laptop!! do you guys think when it boot from cd it will recognise the windows setup files??


A:expert thoughts on that..

Originally Posted by ashvin

Hi, I have an acer laptop which can;t boot from cd as it got a bios password.. no windows on the hard drive so can't run what ever cmos recover programs
removed the cmos battery but no luck

My question is: If I copy the iso of the recovery cd or windows setup files from the dvd to the partition of the hard drive and start the laptop!! do you guys think when it boot from cd it will recognise the windows setup files??


ashvin, before I tried to copy the iso, I think I would try a USB drive. You only need a 4GB USB drive to hold the files from a DVD.

Question: When you removed the cmos battery, did you also remove the laptop battery from the laptop and disconnect the power supply? With everything unplugged did you press the power button to discharge any residual electric charge?

Does the Acer web site offer any instructions on resetting the cmos (or BIOS) on your laptop?

Let me see what else I can find ...

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what can you say about water cooling solutions. what do you see about their future?
i have plan to buy a good water cooling for my pc. is it a really good investment for our pc? is it true that it can prolong the life of our computer?
im not an overcloker enthusiast, i only need to have a good performance and take care of my pc. coz we know that heat is the major enemy of computer in terms of performance, right?
so, all of you guys.. share with me your feelings.

A:need yor thoughts or opinions

Hello Angelo,

If you do not overlclock, then having good fans for your CPU, graphics card, and case should do fine to keep your computer cool.

That is if you keep the inside of the case clean and cables organized.

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Not super impressed at all. Hit the windows key and click start and back to those big ugly apps on the screen.

At least shutdown was fast. I ended up hitting Alt + F4 and choosing shutdown

A:Shutdown and 1st thoughts

That stupid Windows key button on your keyboard is basically useless.
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Hey there Distant Zebes back I forgot my login info and failed to figure out the thoughts Hardware fifth word in that sentence to get it back Thanks for wishing my Hardware thoughts a Happy birthday shame I had to remake an account though Ok down to business I got a haf watt psu sata hdd ide x gb ddr ram Gtx and amd phenom ii x be or dn something like that ghz in a Asus m n td evo and I was using a pc part builder and it says my board and cpu are not compatible It s been years strong I want to upgrade for witcher it runs but everything on low so it s decent to play But I m looking for a card that won t hit celuis on full load in air conditioned apartment Or should I build a new board I was reading online last night that games don t really use more then a quad And for cpus with more those extra cores don t do anything moat of the time I was think getting a x but that s the most my board can take But I m told elsewhere it won t take So yeah this is the problem Do I chance dropping on the hex core to try it out or should I just get a gb gtx and maybe double the ram Or just trade it all in for a newer board cpu and gpu On fixed income so money s not easy for me to have alot of nbsp

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I'm starting to plan a new PC build for this year and I've worked it out so this is what I think I want to get:
Intel Core i5-6600K, Corsair SPEC-02 - System Build - PCPartPicker

Any thoughts,, ??

A:New PC build thoughts...

Looks very good! Not too high a price but quite a capable spec for everyday use and with room to add a graphics card later if needed.

The memory may be higher spec than needed, did you check if it has been approved on the QVL for the motherboard?

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I am making my Christmas Wishlist, and I am interested in building the following system I have the parts with out links already plus HDDs and Optical Drives. Also have Win7 Pro and Ultimate 64bit already.

Just wondering if any one has experience with the AMD APUs and might have recommendations. This is not going to be a gaming machine. Will be used for general apps such as MS Office, Video viewing, light gaming (not video intensive) Music encoding (Ripping Vinyl to Digital).



Case Antec 300
PSU Corsair Enthusiast CMPSU 650TX

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Anyone here trying the Windows 8.1 preview? Here's a link to it in case you're interested but don't have it already:

I've got it downloaded and may give it a whirl at the weekend (in a VM).

A:Windows 8.1 Thoughts?

I shall also try it in a VM first
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what does this mean "the itunes library.itl is locked, on locked disk or you do not have write permission for this file" ?

I'm just trying to open my itunes

A:itunes help--thoughts please?

can I just reinstall?
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Hello everyone. i really love this forum it is a good place to come and seek answers.
i am considering a first time build and would everyones input as to the components i picked out as to whether or not they will play together nicely.
MSI K7N2 Delta2 Platinum
Mushkin PC3200 512MB dual channel kit
AMD Athlon XP3200+(barton core)

i am uncertain about memory speed as some manufacturers do not show DDR400 as a recomendation for this board. Will PC3200/DDR400 fly ok on this board? i want the memory and cpu to clock the same at 400.

All opinions appreciated. :suspiciou

A:New build thoughts

System help

I think the memory should work at ddr 400. It says it does on msi's site, so it should.
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hey everyone,

Just thought I would put my computer build here for suggestions and see what everyone thinks.

Mobo- Gigabyte Ga-965P-Ds3

Processor- Core 2 Duo E6300

Video Card- Gigabyte RH Geforce 7300 Gt 256MB

Memory- Corsair Valueselect 1gb (2x512) 667 (5300)

Hard drive- Western digital Caviar SE 120gb 7200rpm

Case- Cooler master Centurion 5 Cac-To5

Powers supply- Thermaltake TR2 430w

I want to ask everyone what they think about the Psu. Is it enough? Or a better reccommendation around the same price range.

Ok everyone, tell me what you think.


A:Your thoughts about this build?

Nice build. the only thing you might want is a small video card upgrade to this, but that's up to you.

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Reinstalled Vista Home Basic on a Hi-Grade laptop.

Genuine MS label stuck on bottom of laptop. However first 2/3 characters of third group not clear - just worn away.

Have rung MS whose advice was to contact manufacturer which I'm not going to even try.

So could readers of this give me their best guess for the first three characters of third group of attached file.

Thanks in advance.

A:Vista CD Key - Any Thoughts?

Hi there TAP

I removed the attachment. The reason I will explain in a message to you.
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I am thinking of building my next computer in the next coming months but things How much do you have to know about setting up your firmware and how hard is on your own Help/Thoughts buiding PC it for a total noob Help/Thoughts on buiding your own PC Do you really need to buy electrostatic prevention tools or is it highly unlikely you ll damage something when making a computer unless you are rubbing your feet on the carpet the whole time What about the whole overclocking and flashing thing I never did it mainly because I have a Dell and it s set Do you have to know before hand if your BIOS on a board will even allow you to Just a few things I was always curious on and I hope someone could help me out I ve changed Help/Thoughts on buiding your own PC out everything in my own PC except the power supply chip and board so I was curious to how hard it actually is and also how do your troubleshoot if you put everything together and it doesn t work nbsp

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For the life of me I cannot find any manuals for the motherboard on my old pc. Can someone help? Here is the link, it is for a IBM Aptiva 2156 D1N.

Unless I am reading it wrong it is telling me that it is a pro 860a motherboard.

I am curious if I can upgrade the processer...

hopefully that will work, if not so sorry

thanks in advance

A:motherboard thoughts

You may want to try a company like Evergreen to see if they make a usable upgrade for that.
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Hey all,

I just wanted to ask everyone what they thought about the MSI barebones laptops? Does anyone know where the best place to get the part is? I know where to buy some of the things, like CPU and all, but there are others I'm unsure of. I know what most everyone will say and has told me. Just buy laptop that is already assembled. I just like to put my own computers together so I know its my computer, with my personal specs. This is one of the MSI barebone laptops I was looking at
Any thoughts are helpful.


A:Thoughts about MSI barebones?

So this laptop has no memory, CPU, no Hard Drive? So you spend another $400-$500 what's the advantage of doing this? You can buy a "complete" notebook for $500 total
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I think this program is a piece of junk. Their customer support is really poor, the program is slow, when you uninstall the program it leaves LSP's behind, files, processes, reg keys/files.

I do actually know how to completely uninstall it, which most people do not, however i think this software should be considered bloatware or even rogueware o.0
What are your thoughts?
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Here's what I'm thinking of buying:

Motherboard: Gigabyte P35-S3 110.00 ?
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 259.00 ?
Graphics: Club 3D Radeon HD 2900 XT 384.00 ?
RAM: 2G Kit(2x1G) Generic 800MHz 93.00 ?
Hard Drive: Seagate SATA 500G 105.00 ?
Optical Drive: Pioneer 16x IDE DVD+/-RW Dual Layer 45.00 ?
Case: Antec Ninehundred 119.90 ?
Power Supply: OCZ stealthxstream 600W 80.00 ?
Monitor: HP Pavilion W2207V 313.00 ?
OS: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 Eng Professional Edition OEM 135.00 ?
Headphones: Icemat Siberia White 52.00 ?
Keyboard: Logitech G15 73.00 ?
Mouse: Razer DeathAdder 45.00 ?

TOTAL: 1813,90 ?

I live in Finland FYI

A:Building Rig, got any thoughts?

You're spending ALOT of money, on very high end equipment, and you're gonna get Generic RAM?

Also, the 8800gts would be a better buy than the HD2900XT. The 2900 is considered a flop, since its being outperformed by the 8800gts, exept in power consumption, where the 2900 wins by sucking more electricity (I'm joking, thats NOT a good thing).

Also, you might be more interested in the Q6600 instead. Something to think about.

I'd suggest a bigger power supply as well, 600W may be JUST adequate to power the system. Having a little more leeway just to be safe would be a good idea.
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Hey Guys,
I finally got around to redesigning my fathers website, and was wondering what you all would think about it. It's . Just looking for suggestions. Should I remove the fade effect when you click on the links toward the top??

Also how does it look for those of you not using IE?

A:Thoughts on my website

This is what it looks like on Firefox.

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I'm just wanting some opinions on this build before I buy it .
Here it is:

I mainly want to use it for gaming. I am going to buy a GPU later, 7870 or 7950.

I am wanting to do a green colour scheme. Those lights will be connected to a sound sensor thingy that I have.

But yeah, Just wanting some thoughts from you guys.

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I just purchased a second computer (that the kids won't be using) and was sold Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. My state of mind when I went into the store made me ripe for an easy sale. My question is: should I have more, and if so what is compatible? The packaging makes it sound like the be all and end all, but who can believe packaging? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

A:Is Kaspersky enough? Any thoughts?

Hi ,notrojansplz.Don't take off the packaging , take a look here.
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I always change my AV but always seem to come AV's 360 my ) (Chinese thoughts back to I used to love the 360 (Chinese AV's ) my thoughts UI of version it was no nonsense and it was called internet security it had that premium look and feel for free Unfortunately Internet security became Essential sounds a bit crap it should just be Antivirus Then Total Security came out and up to version it was reasonably good but I the latest has ads in the toolbox I think the toolbox is becoming a cluster of too many apps The themes are also good idea but there is no customization of the colors just what they give you I 360 (Chinese AV's ) my thoughts would like the classic colors of version I had a good long think about it and the following are the features that are the best and necessary Default Full check good Virus scan good Speed up good Clean up good Toolbox connect Is this actually a thing Patch up good Sandbox good System Backup Cleaner good Browser Protection good Firewall Glasswire is downloaded separate and full version is paid but it is a good network analyzer Router Manager does not work with all modems should have a manual setup option to access I have yet to see it work The only thing I would add or change is the following No ads I would pay Qihoo a once off fee for this I would add third party application updater for flash player java 360 (Chinese AV's ) my thoughts etc I use Secunia PSI I would customize Glasswire so it s more integrated and not screaming buy me now or just remove it altogether from package if it s not an in house firewall Then you have Baidu Bitdefender and Tencent Avira Baidu suffers from crap Ui and lot s of extra optional bloatwear Tencent is pretty lean and just needs a UI overhaul How these perform that I cannot answer Glasswire at is a bit much for a fancy GUI nbsp

A:360 (Chinese AV's ) my thoughts

Protection is not a problem for many users, but rather privacy issues althogh those points are related to improve the products through statistical collecting. Considering they are free version hence lots of features added as unrestrictive.
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Look for opinion on this brand and model PC

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme 1502 (GX1502) Desktop PCIntel Core i7 5820K (3.30GHz) 8GB DDR4 1TB HDD 120GB SSD Windows 8.1 64-bit -

ASUS G30AB-US001S Desktop PC Intel Core i7 4770K (3.50GHz) 16GB DDR3 1TB HDD Windows 8.1 64-Bit -

Which feel is better, knowing top is better processor, but for brands

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the computer is going ti be used for high end gaming and a few other things as well. The only thing i phisically have is the CPU everyhting else i havent ordered yet.

CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T 3.2 GHz
MoBo: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula
Video Card: XFX Radeon HD 6870 In Crossfire
RAM: G.SKill Ripjaws X Series 16(4x4 GB)DDR3 1333
HDD: 1TB 6.0 Gb/s
SSD: Crucial SSD C300 64GB (Boot Drive)
PSU: Raidmax RX-8850AE
Case: Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced Black Edition

Tell me your thoughts, I have spent a lot of time doing the research i need to make this system.

A:My second build. Your thoughts please?

Hi Hid,
That looks good. just one bit of advice. With ram being so cheap right now, maybe want to get some faster ram. The Formula IV is forward compatible with the upcoming bulldozer, so while it will not make much performance difference right now, it will if you decide to pop a BD in there down the road. Nice build
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will get a look?I know you are all busy - and if it is going to be a while I understand - I would just like to have a sense of what I am looking at so I can decide whether to reimage or wait. Sorry to be a whiner... just really stuck. :-)

A:Any thoughts on when this topic

Hello zona70,Sorry about the delay. Yes, very busy.....there are well over 400 unanswered logs right now, and just not enough of us volunteers to take them all at once.I'm going to close this topic to avoid confusion and unclutter the log queue. Someone will answer your post as soon as they can. tea