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Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ?

Q: Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ?

Hey there guys I need help resolving a sound issue I ve posted on some creative forums amp other places but no one even replys i know you guys are better so please just help me i can t live w out my games work music Sound ZS prob 2 - No - ? w/Audigy music Hey I ve been having this issue for a week now tried as many solutions as I can think and asked a few people nothing seems to help Basically I am not getting any sounds out of my Soundblaster Audigy ZS except in my games When i try to play some music in WMP it says that the device is not found I go to tools gt devices gt speakers and set it to my audigy but no workie almost Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ? as if i need audio codecs but i ve tried a few packs and it still doesn t work sad This happened right after I installed new audio drivers but i rolled back literally DOZENS of times and it still doesn t work I even removed all the sofware etc and then physically removed the card rebooted the comp turned it off replaced the card and Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ? then used the original install cd etc etc All i need to know is how Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ? to make the audigy my main sound device it appears in my system thingy but its like it doesn t utilize it I ve made sure no onboard thingys are conflicting with it and there are no other conflicts i m thinkin maybe some audio codecs i dunno please HELP checkout the pic may make things clearer Also I got Windows XP XFX GT GB Crucial Soundblaster Audigy ZS etc nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Sound prob w/Audigy 2 ZS - No music - games work ?

Google for Driver Cleaner Pro and make sure all instances of the Audigy drivers are removed. Go to Creative's Support site and download the Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS latest drivers. Install them and see if your sound returns to normal
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I've connected up an amp using auxiliary to my PC using RCA to the sound fine. SB work Headphones LS Audigy via amp. through No OUT green port in the back of my soundcard SB Audigy LS I also have a pair No sound via SB Audigy LS through amp. Headphones work fine. of Corsair Vengeance wireless headphones connected via USB And lastly I have a Logitech webcam with built in microphone connected via USB I'm running Win Ultimate x I get sound through the headphones fine and the built-in mic also works fine I don't use the mic on the webcam but in the Sound Playback Devices dialogue box under the Recording tab I cab see it responding when I talk But no matter what I do I cannot get any sound from the soundcard out to my amp I've disabled the onboard Realtek drivers No sound via SB Audigy LS through amp. Headphones work fine. I've changed the default speakers to the Audigy wherever I can find a setting I looked in the BIOS found nothing I unplugged both the headphones and webcam rebooted still nothing I've previously had this machine plugged into an amp without a problem I did rebuild the whole machine relatively recently and reinstalled everything It has not been plugged into an amp for quite some time the old amp died but it's always just worked before The amp I'm running is only days new and my CD player and turntable both play fine I can hear feedback through my speakers as I plug the cable into the soundcard but once it's in nothing Please does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can try

A:No sound via SB Audigy LS through amp. Headphones work fine.

First, when you use a USB device, the sound card doesn't really come into play.

Do you have a regular headset (not USB) that you can try on the GREEN speaker jack on the SoundBlaster? That would confirm whether there is a problem related to the sound card or if the problem is in the cable or amp.

Check the Device Manager, Sounds section. Is the SoundBlaster listed and does it show working OK or an error?

You could also try the Realtek. I have a recording studio so I'm attuned to audio quality and I find the Realtek is just as good on sound playback as the SoundBlaster's. Although I have high end equipment for recording, I use Realtek for all PC audio.
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Hey everyone, the pc of my girlfriend doesn't play sound, she changed the sound card from Realtek to Creative sb audigy se and everything seems okey, when you go to windows sound properties. on playback devices when you play something it shows those bars moving and on "teamviewer" pc sounds i can hear her pc, but unfortunately she doesnt hear sounds...and we simply...dont know what to do.
Her OS is Win7
I will add any useful and necessary info. just for now don't know what could help...

A:Sound doesnt work Creative SB Audigy SE

Speakers are connected correctly, and powered up, volume isn't muted. Go into the Control Panel > Sound, check the settings, and test the speakers from there.

Check in Device Manager under Sound, video, game controller, make sure there isn't a issue with the drivers. click on the Start Orb > in the Search box type devmgmt.msc
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Hey everyone, the pc of my girlfriend doesn't play sound, she changed the sound card from Realtek to Creative sb audigy se and everything seems okey, when you go to windows sound properties. on playback devices when you play something it shows those bars moving and on "teamviewer" pc sounds i can hear her pc, but unfortunately she doesnt hear sounds...and we simply...dont know what to do.
Her OS is Win7
I will add any useful and necessary info. just for now don't know what could help...
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- Windows SP - Creative Sound Blaster Audigy -bit - Creative drivers found at http support creative com Products D amp prodName Audigy amp subCatName Audigy amp CatName Sound Blaster amp VARSET Sound Microphone with Windows (FIX) won't 7 2 and (SB) RE: work Audigy Blaster prodfaq PRODFAQ VARSET CategoryID Although the web address above is wrapped here it should all be on one line starting at http www support creative and ending with CategoryID Just select it RE: Microphone won't work with Windows 7 and Sound Blaster (SB) Audigy 2 (FIX) all and paste into your browser's address box and hit Enter Download the driver at the top namely quot Creative Sound Blaster Audigy series driver quot and save it to your Desktop or some other place that you'll be able to find it once it finishes downloading Double-click it to start the driver installation and follow all the prompts Start below for instructions to follow when microphone doesn't seem to want to work Plug mic into black hole on back of sound card Right-click speaker icon in System Tray Select quot Recording Devices quot quot Microphone SB Audigy Default Device quot should be default and on top and should have quot level meter quot graphic on the right Click the device named above to select it then click the quot Properties quot button From left to right the tabs should be a General b Listen c Custom d Levels e Sound Blaster and f Advanced The quot Listen quot tab is the important one we want for now but here are the settings for the others just in case you want to check a General tab - Should have on icon of a microphone at the top left say quot Microphone quot in the box to it's right quot Change icon quot button under that area quot Controller Information quot area and say quot SB Audigy Creative Technology Ltd quot Below that is the quot Jack information quot area They should all say quot Rear Panel mm jack quot and starting from the top should be blue green black then orange quot Device usage quot area should say quot Use this device Enable quot b Listen tab - This is the important one and you don't have to read other steps below unless you want to see if yours matches if you still have problems It says at the top quot You can listen to quot and should have the quot Listen to this device quot box checked quot Playback through this device quot should say quot Default Playback Device quot on the button Under Power Management area select whatever you want this is for laptop users c Custom tab - Use what you want I have quot Microphone dB Boost quot checked and quot Do Not Monitor quot unchecked d Levels tab - Use what you want I have mine set at quot quot e Sound Blaster tab - quot Disable Sound Blaster Enhancements quot box is unchecked quot Enhancements Description quot area is blank You can click the quot Settings quot button for quot EAX Effects quot etc Some of these are interesting to play with such as the quot Amphitheater quot or quot Opera Hall quot sound effects I don't have any of these features currently in use f Advanced tab - Use what you want here remembering that the higher the quality setting the larger the file will be when you save your microphone recording although sometimes not significantly larger Just experiment I currently use quot channel -bit Hz DVD Quality quot In the quot Exclusive Mode quot area whether you check or uncheck one or both of the boxes is up to you After you experiment with some different multimedia apps such as Nero Platinum which includes Nero SoundTrax available from Nero com for about USD you can decide how this feature works for you An alternative is to use the totally free Audacity program at Audacity Free Audio Editor and Recorder which is a very popular and feature-rich audio recording and editing program

A:RE: Microphone won't work with Windows 7 and Sound Blaster (SB) Audigy 2 (FIX)

My microphone wasn't working with Windows 7 with an Audigy 2 (Sound Blaster) sound card but I followed your steps and now it's working great!!!
Thanks again!
Relevancy 68.37% I was givin a PC with out a case and it had WinXP home on it. Well when i tried to make the restore disk it gave me a bunch of errors and XP had alot of spyware and viruses. So i formatted the HD and installed Win98SE, well i got the USB 2.0 drivers from and the Video Drivers but when i install the video drivers it ask for a Intel Corporation CD1 to insert. Well I downloaded the Drivers so I have no cd. Next I cant get the Drivers that the supplies for my mother board to work.

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I have a strange experience with sounds lately I have no come background games of music sound How some different? idea why this happening or what is causing it but here it is How come some background music of games sound different? One day I was doing some light gaming on both my tower and laptop since both my computers meets the minimum requirements and while playing this game I heard some unusual sounds on both How come some background music of games sound different? my laptop and tower my laptop while playing the background music of the game seemed to be missing a couple or not few sound types in the game On my tower it sounded like it had an extra beat as if I could here that extra sound s with the background music playing I can t explain real good but to simplify this my laptop seemed to be lacking of some melody beats while my tower has it all and slightly deeper bass I turned my laptop speakers high yet no extra melody beat appeared I How come some background music of games sound different? did the same with the tower sounded the same as before but just louder I am sure I installed this game on both my computer successfully with no errors I reinstalled it again and same problem occurred I don t understand is the speakers more sensitive on the tower and giving it more variety of sounds or is the laptop speakers not so sensitive in outputting more variety of sounds Or both are wrong and it is just the matter of XP and VISTA or is it the software or drivers installed for the sounds Is something wrong with the speakers Do I need buy better ones Ones that s suppose to act normal nbsp

A:How come some background music of games sound different?

try updating your sound drivers first, then you might want to look into past problems others might have had with this games sound. Since this happened to both your computers at the same time it sounds like the problem is the game.

A simple test to see if your speakers are broke is music on them. Does it sound fine? yes? then it's not your speakers

unfortunatly without knowing what game it is that you are talking about I can't really look into any problems others have had with it.
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Maybe this is addressed in a different thread but I didn t look sorry I m good with WinXP but I have no clue about WinXP Media Center Edition I have my friend s kid s computer who says when he plays music and his games they sound like they are underwater When they first got the PC it did not sound like this They have an HP Media Center m n gig P processor RAM and tons of games loaded They bought it about a year ago for gaming There is a scsi raid controller There are several different cards seems like I m going to have to read up on Media like & games music underwater are sound they Solved: Software soon but umm they d like their computer back in this decade Does anyone have a clue where I should start I don t even think I have the right kind of speakers to plug into it Thanks I got their speakers now and they are harmon kardon speakers they have two green out plugs The back of the computer has the tradition onboard sound card with the three small plugs the pink blue and green However there are two more cards installed raid cards I believe with AV plugs but nothing on these speakers would plug into them I can t see where they would be able to plug in these two small green out ends They play Halo and what I know about gaming would not fill an ant s back Thanks nbsp

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Hi Earlier this year I came to this forum music, etc. Crackling while games playing sound to get help for a BSOD problem I found out that it was caused by my onboard soundcard which I have now replaced with a seperate soundcard from Icidu PCI Soundcard Optical S PDIF In amp Out - Soundcard - Audio I have tried several soundcards but I cannot fix this crackling sound issue It mostly occurs whenever something is loading it seems in soundcloud tracks for instance Also the windows startup sound sounds like yanking a cat in its tail The Crackling sound while playing music, games etc. driver IS up to date there is no cpu throttling and the sound card itself is fine - there are no problems in linux Just for the record here are my specs Operating System MS Windows Ultimate -bit SP CPU Intel Core Quad Q GHz C Yorkfield nm Technology RAM GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer INC P Q DELUXE LGA C Graphics SyncMaster x Hz MB GeForce GTX nVidia C Hard Drives GB Western Digital WDC WD EARS- MVWB ATA Device SATA C Optical Drives Optiarc DVD RW AD- S ATA Device Audio C-Media PCI Audio Device Thanks in advance Jacob

A:Crackling sound while playing music, games etc.

Check any cables connected to speakers/headphones, both ends. While playing some music gently twist the ends & move them slightly in & out. See it there is any difference.

Edit - forget that. Just saw it is OK in Linux. Although...............
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If I simply run a line from the sound out jack on my computer and plug the other end into the computer mic, I get too much distortion and computer noise, not to mention low quality sound. This is also true if the audio is coming from an external source, like my Playstation or TV.


A:Recording Music/Sound From My DVD/computer games/Playstation/etc?

You need a attenuator cable for that, Radio Shack used to sell them. You overloading the microphone input and clipping the audio. A microphone is a low level and the sound out is high level. A Attenuator cable reduces the level.

Many sound cards have a line input that would work OK.

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Hello, I've been having problems for quite some time now and upon google search after search there doesn't seem to be an answer. When the audio is on, for videos, games, music, etc. it sometimes "skips" like an old cd player. Its pretty obnoxious, and I'm wondering why exactly this is so. I'm assuming I have an old driver or something, because I upgraded my pc from win 7 to win 8 pro. Thanks for the help and let me know if anyone needs clarification!

A:Jittery sound when playing music/video games (Win 8 Pro)

Audio is always on a shared Interrupt (IRQ) with a higher priority device. Depending on the shared device, it can "interrupt" the audio and cause skipping.

If you have the HP supplied IDT audio driver for Win 7, it is also compatible for Win 8. However, check the Device Manager and see what devices are listed in the Sound section. You should ONLY have the correct IDT sound driver and possibly HDMI audio (if your system has this) and nothing else. If "HD Audio Codec" (the generic Windows installed sound driver) is also listed, or any other sound, except the IDT and possibly HDMI, uninstall those as they can cause conflicts and other audio problems. Restart the PC if you uninstalled anything.

If you only have the correct entries in the sound, RIGHT click on the entry for the IDG and then LEFT click "Uninstall" (do not uninstall the drivers). Then restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the sound. This will fix any potential corruptions between Windows and the sound and sometimes will put the sound on a different shared IRQ and fix or mimimize any interruptions.

Rather than post a ZIP file of items, we usually just post screen shots. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Eight Forums
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My problem is when i play both Music player (Windows Media Player/Winamp/iTune/Youtube/KMPlayer) with any Mini Flash Games, the sound sounded like corrupted files. i try playing them separate (like closing the flash game while playing the music), somehow the sound was fine. I get the feeling its got to with the flash but im not sure how. Any idea how can i solve this problem?

It never happen before.

OS: Vista Home Premium
Note: Not sure how to check what audio i have. Im newbie when comes to Computer.
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Help! See the title.

I'm going mad because I can't listen to music! I've tried three different mediaplayers (Windows Media Player, VLC & QuickTime) and all three just don't work! WMP won't even play the files, VLC will (in .avi-case even with picture!) but there won't be sound :/. Same for QuickTime,...

Now, the weird thing is that I can play games without a problem and the sound's still there! Hell, even sounds made by Windows -- I hear 'em! YouTube works too!

I'm concerned there might be something wrong in the registry,... (I use Eusing Free Registry Cleaner/Defrag regularly, I guess something was bound to go wrong,...)

Please, help? :(

(Windows 7, btw.)

A:Sound DOESN'T work while playing .mp3/.avi - DOES work with games/YT

Apparently I made a mistake,... Sound in games doesn't work* System sounds and YouTube do, though.
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i am running win xp home mb ram p ghz watt power Hds gb gb maxtors dvd-rom drive cd-rw drive on with the problem i had a gforce mx and integrated sound i installed my new gforce fx and audity zs at the same prob-disc fx 2 audigy drive longer 5500 no + upgrade zs detected time system booted fine--noticably alot slower but it came through detected the new devices and the installation said to skip the driver thing and to do fx 5500 + audigy 2 zs upgrade prob-disc drive no longer detected it by Cd- no problem windows detected my new gfx card and loaded that and then i cancelled the sound driver thing the real problem now XP no longer shows my d and e respectivly the drives mentioned above as on the system --i need those to install the drivers the only other fx 5500 + audigy 2 zs upgrade prob-disc drive no longer detected odd thing i notice is that the green LED on my cdrw drive is on not flickering but on and it will not respond to the open button i did on installing the audigy connct a digital audio cd cable to the drive-that a problem now assuming i got all the connections right and i didnt bump anything to make it not work are there compatibility issues or something else that you see may be causing problems suggestions on what to try next UPDATE i took out the audigy and got the nvidia to work just fine by itself installed all cd drivers and whatnot and my drives worked so its a problem with the audigy im thinking something to do with the digital audio connection between cdrw drive and the card itself how do i fix nbsp

A:fx 5500 + audigy 2 zs upgrade prob-disc drive no longer detected

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How do you disable the annoying Audigy music that plays at startup? I disabled the splash screen, but the music is still there.

A:soundblaster audigy annoying music

startup tab

it should be one of them in the list.

don't recall the name.
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So I got my new omen and there seems to be a codec issue as the sound works fine on head while speaking on skype but quits 4 to 5 mins in while on speaker. Also it will not play sound at all on Blizzard games of any kind with or without head set. I have the new this is the info from order page OMEN Laptop - 17t gaming 2GB 960 Gfx
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Hi I recently purchased the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX and am having problems getting it to actually play any audio or record any sound I've browsed playback/recording no Blaster Sound Creative Audigy Card, Sound FX other threads with similar issues on this board and as such have disabled my motherboards onboard audio in my BIOS settings have reinstalled the drivers from disc Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX Sound Card, no playback/recording and from the Creative website and even attempted to use Driverpack Online to download any missing drivers However my problem still persists I can see that the Sound Blaster Audigy FX is present on the sound option on the control panel but it never actually plays any sound Additionally whenever I try to play a test sound in the speakers advanced properties I am returned with the error quot Failed to play test tone quot I've included a few screenshots that might help make things a bit more clear and I'd be very appreciative of any help I can get with this issue Specifications Audio under Speccy The playback menu speaker properties and the error I am returned with when I attempt to test the speakers Recording menu

A:Creative Sound Blaster Audigy FX Sound Card, no playback/recording

First thing, I assume you have correctly attached your speakers to the new SoundBlaster.

As you have a separate sound card, did you disable any on-board (on the motherboard) audio in the BIOS? If not, that is the first step. The on-board, is still enabled, can conflict with the SoundBlaster.

Also, temporarily disable the AMD HD audio in the Device Manager for testing (the AMD is for HDMI audio). Reboot after doing this.

Finally, although this has may not have any affect on playback, the default recording device should be the SoundBlaster "What You Hear". In the Recording sound panel, RIGHT click in an empty area and then check to show Disconnected and Disabled devices. If the SoundBlaster was installed correctly What You Hear should now show up and you can enable it and make it the default recording device.
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I'm looking to buy the Creative Lab Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum eX sound card, but I'm not sure how compatible it is with my current system, which is an HP Pavilion 7960. It says you need an available adjacent slot to the PCI card for the Audigy extension, which I don't know what it means.

Also, I saw a picture of it online and I see that it comes with two cards and a black box. I figure that one card is supposed to be the actual sound card, and the other is this mysterious Audigy extension. But what is the black box?

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I installed windows 7 a little while ago but i cant seem to get a driver that will recognize my sound card. the computer doesnt think its installed correctly but when i was using Xp it was just fine. ive tried another PCI slot but no such luck. all of the drivers i have tried tell me that they dont see that i have the product on my computer.

anyone having the same problem ?

A:Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 24bit Sound Card

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Windows Vista/Windows 7 Drivers version 2.18.0017

Creative ALchemy 1.41.02
Creative Audio Console 1.31.10
Creative Graphic Equalizer 2.00.65
Creative Dolby Digital Live Pack 3.00.03
Creative DDL License Activation 1.00.04
Creative MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.78
Creative EAX Console 3.00.56
Creative SoundFont Bank Manager 3.21.00
Creative Speaker Settings 2.00.60

Download Here
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I'm working on husband's pc, it is an HP Media Ctr. set up. Pavilion 4100e. We had to do a System Restore when pc was over run with virus/trojan infections. SR resulted in some lost Driver/Controller files, including ethernet and sound card. I have recovered all Driver/Controller files-- and everything is working except for sound.

I have uninstalled Creative Audigy Audio Processor (through Device Manager) and reinstalled (through Found New Hardware). I have run dxdiag, only to find "device cannot start" under problem devices/sound card.

Any suggestions on how to get this to work again? I cannot use System Restore to go back to when it was working, because that would take me back to all the virus/trojan infections and nothing was working.

Any help would be appreciated~



A:No sound/Sound card not found-- Creative Audigy error

what OS does it have
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I ve recently aquired a Sound Blaster Audigy and since then i haven t been able to play most games The problem is this by game Enter the Matrix downloaded driver with eax on or off the games slows down to unplayable speed frame every or seconds with my previous sound card SB AWE it worked fine Drakan order of the flame most games problem Audigy with everything sound fine for or minutes then only background music remains all sound effects stop If i quicksave and quickload the last or sounds from the previous save play at the same time and the sounds work for another - mins Black and White sound plays fine Audigy problem with most games for a few mins - then everything goes mute I have to quit the game to get Audigy problem with most games sound back MDK i can only hear music no voices or sound effects Summoner sounds work on main menu but for single player stop when loading or starting a game for multiplayer sound works for a few mins sometimes others it behaves like single player Warcraft works fine Audigy problem with most games with eax Those are all the games that support EAX that i have tried so far I have all the latest drivers and mi PC worked fine with those games with my previous card It is like the souncard gets quot tired quot like it takes memory but doesn t release it Do you think it is hardware or configuration i am inside warranty Please help nbsp

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I installed a Sound Blaster Audigy Fx to run digital communication with my ham radio gear. After installing the SB the original IDT ports don't work. The IDT does not show in the Deives Manager. I tried down loading the IDT drivers but got a message not compatable and download failed.  I have done this on other HP computers I have owned with no problem.Thank you any help you can give me. LarryC4 

A:On board sound gone after installing Sound Blaster Audigy Fx...

Hi: See if your BIOS has an onboard audio setting. If it does, it may have automatically gone to disabled when you installed the add on video card. Check the options you have for the onboard audio setting. If it is on Auto or Disabled, change it to Enabled, save the setting where you made the change, and again when you exit. The sound should work on both devices then. And if the audio card doesn't work with the onboard audio setting on enabled, then change it to Auto if the onboard setting had been on disabled.
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It makes it sound like the only way to get sound from all of your speakers is to enable cmss and click that top option. The only way I can get sound from all of my speakers is to enable the bottom option. What is the deal, and am I getting the best/worst sound in the way I am doing it?

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About a month ago I ugraded to the latest drivers for SB audigy 2ZS and everything ran smoothly until now. I can't understand all of a suden have no sound at all. Checked everything is connected properly. Please help. I tried google to find and answer but not luck.

A:SB Audigy 2Zs No System Sound, No Audio Card Sound

No need for help. I connected an old set of speakers to my audio card and it works fine; therefore, it only leads me to conclude that the speakers on the moniter itself are defective. I've had the monitor for 2 years and a half and it's under warrantee for 3 years. I have already contacted viewsonic regarding the issue. I should be able to get the product serviced with no problems.
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I'm trying to make my "Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum ex" works on Windows 7 64 bits, I did install the most new version of the drivers provided by Creative Labs, it seems like it is installed without any problems....the Device Manager shows all drivers are installed correctly...when I run the audio test the graphic moves like if the soundcard actually works but the real thing is: THERE IS NO SOUND!!, I have done all the tests that Creative labs recommends in their page but I got nothing, please could somebody help me to make this sound card works??

Thank you!

A:Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum ex does not sound in Win7x64

That is an old sound card and what Creative calls a "legacy" card. Do you have the SB set as the default audio playback device?

Do you have any integrated audio (on the motherboard) devices enabled? If you do, disable that in the BIOS as it can conflict.

Try reseating the sound card (with the PC off) and see if that makes any difference.

Have you tried plugging a headset into the GREEN speaker jack on the rear of the card, in case your speakers are the fault?

Also, please fill in the My System Specs as it helps us to try and help you.
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I just bought a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value and ive been having problems with Halo on the Pc. When i turn on Hardware Accelaration the sound is better than software but when its on i shoot a weapon and the sounds cuts on and off. Its annoying. So when the videos play i can hear talking sometimes and sometimes not. So whats could be wrong. Any Suggestions. Here are my System Specs: (just built)
MOBO: Forgot brand it think its MSI or ASUS but dont want to look for it.
CPU:AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Mem:1024MB of DDR-RAM
Graphics: Sapphire Radeon X800 Pro 256MB
HD:2xWD Raptor 74GB in RAID0
Sound: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value (when for this one because i ran out of money on other components.)
PS:430W Antec

A:Sound Problems with Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value

The first thing I would do is install the latest driver. Maybe you did this already but you didn't mention it. If you did and it isn't working, maybe an older driver might work.
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This may help others having the same problem... After spending a whole evening trying to get sound from a successful installation of the sound card and driver, I decided to give it one more attempt. the next morning (with a fresh brain) . Here's what I did differently to get it to work...

Disabled Auto Installation of Drivers
Disabled Virus Protection and Firewall
Disabled Onboard Audio (BIOS)

Installed Sound Card
Installed Standalone Driver SB24_PCDRV_LB_1_04_0090
Opened Sound Control Panel > Speaker Properties > Custom and selected Digital Output Only (my speakers are digital) omit this if your speakers are analog

Hope this helps!
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im trying t o figure out if i should use my on-board sound card or the Audigy se

I run vista
the board is a geforce8200a with IDT High definitiont audio device
and i want to know if by adding the Audigy SE will it improve my system performance or down grade it

2 gb of ram
2.8 ghz processor dual core

any other info just ask

A:Sound Blaster Audigy SE or on-board sound?

ok you will need to download this program because there are a few motherboards that use that

than after you have downloaded it right click on the file and hit extract or it might say unzip than open the extracted folder if it doesn't do that automatically than run cpuz. after its finished loading look at the top and click the tab that says mainboard than write down the information it says about your motherboard than post it here and that should make it easier to tell you which is better.
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OK i have soundblaster audigy zs and windows vista ultimate I have downloaded the new vista bit drivers for my sound card and everything looks like it is working but there is no sound coming from my speakers I have tried them Audigy SB zs No Sound... in each input outputs and the only noise i get is when i plug the speakers into the digital out put it No Sound... SB Audigy zs gives me that quot snow quot sound No Sound... SB Audigy zs I have looked in my preferences and my administrative settings and everything works perfectly My music plays and everything but i dont hear any sound I have an xfx i ultra motherboard which i turned the onboard sound off for the soundblaster but nothing seems to be making it work specs gigs G skill ram dual channel xfx i ultra pentiumd ghz clocked to vigor monsoon tec cooler averages degrees celcius soundblaster audigy zs pci msi gts factory overclocked pci express x video card gig hard drive vista ultimate updated lite on cd dvd burner corsair watt psu nbsp

A:No Sound... SB Audigy zs

Have you gone to "device manager" and looked at the sound status there? Make sure your card is listed. Have you disabled the integrated sound? Might help. Also check in on the "sound devices" icon in control panel.
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While I was installing WIN XP Pro on my new system:

Asus P4c800 Deluxe
Intel 2.6 mhz processor
512mb Corvair mem (compat w/MB)

I can get the system to recognize either the onboard sound chip or the Audigy 2 card. It shows hardware installed on the Creative diagostics program but no driver installed for the "multimedia Audio controller" or "Mass Storage Device".

It gives me the error "the data is invalid"

System is up and running. I've tried the disable the USB 2.0 and turned off Legacy USB 1.0, but doesn't do the trick.

Any suggestions?


A:Sound Max/Audigy 2 and USB

I assume that you want to use the Audigy2 and have the SoundMax turned off to avoid conflicts.

Disable the onboard audio in BIOS
Keep Legacy USB turned off
Enable USB 2.0
Check your BIOS settings for USB Mass Storage

Make sure you've got the newest Creative drivers. As a rule of thumb, never use the installation CD that came with hardware, as that software is usually out of date. Grab the newest drivers from the Creative website.

Are there any conflicts in the device manager? Pay close attention to the sound devices and USB devices. If there is a conflict, remove it from the device manager and reinstall the newest drivers.

You do have all of the latest patches from Windows Update, correct? I know there have been a couple USB updates and sound updates on there to correct problems.
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Hi girls & guys,,I have a new audigy se sound card,up to date drivers,but I just tried today to record with mic & oh oh!----Windows xp home.
I have disabled my onboard ac97 sound,but only in device manager,should I go into BIOS & do it there also?
I did a TSG thread search for an answer but no solution.
I did a google & no answer there.
I went to creative website & no answer there.
Mic is plugged into correct plug.
Mic is activated.
I have legacy sound drivers in my device manager,should I disable them?
I hope I've given enough information.
I'm just starting to learn to play the harmonica & I would like to I record my progress.Would be interesting to listen to myself a year from now
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I have just installed an original Creative SB Audigy sound card. System is based on an AS Rock board, pc is running W2K Pro, and the speakers are Creative Itrigue 2.1.

Everything is wired up correctly (tho it might help to have an idiocy level 1 guide, just in case!) and the system and speakers were running happily on a different card beforehand. No sound. Device Manager seems perfectly happy with no little question marks etc..

Any troubleshooting help would be much appreciated!


A:Audigy..... no sound

i do believe i had your exact same problem when i installed my audigy card. go to volume controls in your taskbar, play conrol, advanced and TURN OFF DIGITAL OUTPUT ONLY. for some reason this is the default setting for audigy cards. hope it helps.
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This is probably just a stop gap but I was finally able to get my old Creative Audigy 2 card to work with 5.1 surround by using Audigy 4 drivers for Windows 7. I haven't been able to adjust bass and treble yet but I've been too busy just enjoying the music to get around to looking for ways to make that happen. Music sounds better than it ever did in XP or Vista!

It may not be a complete fix but at least it'll get you some sound until they come up with driver for those of us with older sound cards. Be patient as it takes a while for the complete install!


A:No sound with Audigy 2 sound card?

You may have downloaded the Audigy 4 driver, but it has been a unified driver for the entire Audigy lineup (1, 2 and 4) for quite a while now. If you haven't seen or tried it yet you may want to give this a try,

SB Audigy Series Support Pack 3.5 (10/11/2009) - Creative Labs

in addition to the driver you get back some of the apps (if you used any of them) that worked in XP,

Included in the pack:

- Audigy series driver 2.18.0011.10 (latest beta)
- ALchemy 1.26.04
- Audio Console 1.32.02
- DDL and DTS Connect License Activation 2.00.03 (*)
- Dolby Digital Live Pack 3.00.03 (*)
- DTS Connect Pack 1.68.75 [modified 1.03.04] (*)
- Graphic Equalizer 2.00.65
- MediaSource DVD-Audio Player 2.00.78
- SoundFont Bank Manager 3.21.00
- Speaker Settings 2.00.60

And I agree with you, the sound in Windows 7 (and Vista for that matter) is much better than it was in XP.
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I have a problem. I need my SB Audigy 2sz to play sounfonts. There is no soundfont bank manager software available for Vista 64. When I load my sounfont player into cakewalk studio; either using Sfz software or loading into midi channels I get a message saying there isn't enough memory.

How can I increase the soundfont chache level on my SB card without software?

Can I do it in registry?

A:Sound Blaster Audigy 2Zs

Don't know how well it does or doesn't work but have you tried this modded driver set,

SB Audigy Series Support Pack 3.6 (11/09/2009) - Creative Labs

has the SFBM included.
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Hello A while back I posted a thread asking if a sound card would be an improvement over on board audio Thank you again for your kind responses I ordered a Creative Soundblaster quot Audigy quot sound card gave it The "Audigy" Sound Card to someone for Christmas and installed it her computer It replaced the on board Realtec The Audigy is Creative s entry level card She had and still has Logitec s plain vanilla speakers The difference is not night and day but there is an improvement --Timbre The overtone series are better so the instruments sound more realistic I suspect that s because of the digital to audio converter chip on the Audigy card --Imaging MUCH better because the channel separation is better --Frequency extremes The soprano seems The "Audigy" Sound Card cleaner more accurate --Dynamic Range This is the most significant change The distances between very loud loud medium loud medium soft soft and very soft are closer to real performance thatn was the previous board Yes it s well worth the money But now she ll want better speakers - --------------- Happy New Year

A:The "Audigy" Sound Card

Glad to hear it was worth the cash outlay, ebrid001.But now,she'll want better speakers.Isn't that always, the way it is?
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I need a driver for a
Creative Labs Audigy SB 1394 model SB0090 sound card
Tried Creative home page but can't get something to work

Using XP pro

A:Audigy sound card

The Creative Audigy drivers should be what you need.

But if its from a Dell then you need to get the drivers from Dell.

If not try one of these links:
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After trying to update the Audio Driver for my Sound Blaster Audigy 2, the sound no longer works. I tried to revert to the prior Driver and it says the Device is working properly. The name of the Device was changed to DF00. All I here are little clicks when the volume is turned up (when the driver is removed, it's perfectly quiet). I suspect that it's a registry problem and not a driver problem. I've removed and reinstalled the drivers several times with no luck.

Some PC specs:

Dell 4600
Windows XP SP3
SB Audigy 2 -- previously working driver version; driver that messed things up

Ward Johnson

A:Lost in Sound: SB Audigy 2 XP SP3

Driver Sweeper did the trick (in case you have the same problem). Thanks and good luck.
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anybody know when this will be in stores?

A:Sound Blaster Audigy

this was announced aug 20

Towards the end it talks about immediate release to retail outlets and so forth.

Check it out.
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ok im running windows 7 32 bit, i have a creative sound blaster audigy SE sound card and 5.1 surround sound speakers.

the problems are:
-when i try to install the drivers from the cd i get a bluescreen
-when i install modded win7 compatible drivers my pc just cuts out
-when i install the drivers from automatic update i get sound (yay) buy i can't use the config console for my speakers so therefore i can't use my surround sound.

any ideas help apriciated.

A:SB Audigy SE 5.1 sound card

34 views now 1 reply well atleast i have these WLM emotions to keep me happy.
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does anybody have one of those new Creative X fi line of sound cards? u think its worth upgrading from audigy 2 zs platnuim? is it that big of a difference?

A:Sound Blaster audigy 2zs vs. X fi

computer audio is reaching the apex of limits of human hearing as quality of sound goes. the only thing that can ensure great quality now a days is great speakers. so go for the cheaper one.
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i have fitted soundblaster audigy platinum ex sound card but cannot get sound

i think i need to disable the onboard sound card in the bios but am unsure how to do this
i think the sound card is integrated into the motherboard.
i am not 100% sure on the make of motherboard but think it may be ati n-videa

can anybody help me please?

A:No sound soundblaster audigy

Question. This may sound dumb, but are you sure you plugged the jack into the correct soundcard? If you left it in your onboard card's jack, you won't get sound no matter what.

As for disabling the onboard card, it depends on your BIOS options. On startup, there's usually a screen that says Press ____ for startup options and Press ___ to enter BIOS. It's usually something like Escape, Delete, or one of the Function Keys like F1, F2....etcetera.

Hit the BIOS function key and look around for where your soundcard options are. If you don't have any, you have to do it in the Device Manager.

Load Windows and go to Start >> Control Panel >> System >> Hardware Tab >> Device Manager. Once you're in there, find your onboard soundcard, right click it, and disable it or uninstall it.
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After much frustration with SOYO and Creative Labs tech support, I would appreciate any help.
I have just finished my new homebuilt computer with a SOYO Dragon Plus and a AMD Athalon 1800+ processor. The OS is Windows XP Pro, it also has a Western Digital 120GB HD and a PNY Nvidia Geforce4 Ti4400 Video Card. I have been attempting to install Audigy Platinum Sound card but either it won't recognize hardware or when I start to load software it locks up. I've tried different slots and have uninstalled software and tried reinstalling.
I have loaded all the updates I could find but nothing seems to help any ideas?????

A:Can't load Audigy Sound

this may sound silly...

But have you performed all the Windows Critical Updates yet?

I would run them and then try reloading the Audigy!
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I really don't know what's going on with my sb0400 (sound blaster audigy 2 Value)... When I first installed it I had a very good sound with depth and everything but recently I tried to update my sound card driver and I really believe I've lost some sound quality somehow... In fact right now I'm using my onboard sound just to give you an idea on how disappointed I am with my new sound card sound.
I believe that reinstalling the driver from the factory cd could help but I lost it .
Can anyone help me??? I really don't know much about hardware and especially about sound cards...

A:Getting poor sound with my Audigy 2 Value

If you are using Windows XP you can go into Device Manager and use Roll Back Driver.
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What is the difference between the following sound cards? Is it just the software? and if so is it worth paying the extra for the packages that include software? IS the hardware all the same? Thanks guys

Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Xgamer
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Retail Box

A:Sound Blaster Audigy

I'm not as familiar with the Audigy as I am with the Live! but I think the different cards are packaged similar as the Live! cards were.

Audigy with 1394 suggests to me that it has Firewire ports.
I think the only difference in the XGamer and the MP3+ is the bundled software. As for the Platinum, I'm not certain about the Audigy but the Live! Platinum came two ways, OEM and Retail, The OEM was just the card and drivers and the Retail included the LiveDrive (a bay mounted panel that contains controls and ports that are connected to the card) I'm pretty sure the Audigy is also packaged this way.

The Platinum Retail would be the way to go in my opinion because that drive is very handy to have and well worth the difference in price.
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i have IDT HD sound and i ahve a audigy se sound card which is better

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I Installed the soundcard but I get no sound the mic works but the sound seems to be conflicting with the graphics cards high definition audio

A:no sound soundblaster audigy fx

If you installed a separate sound card, you must disable the on board (on the motherboard) audio in the BIOS. Both sound devices enabled can cause conflicts or the on-board to override the new SoundBlaster.

The Video card's HDMI audio is normally only active if an HDMI cable is connected, otherwise your SoundBlaster should be set as default audio playback device. With the SoundBlaster you should set your default recording device to "What You Hear" (what SoundBlaster calls the System Mixer).
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seems a lot of people are having issues with the sound blaster audigy cards, me included. Im dual bootin windows 7 and XP, on windows XP my sound card works and everything, when i boot in windows 7, dosnt even detect my card. I have the driver i need to get it to work, its just not detecting it to begin with. Anyone have any suggestion to get it to work?

A:Sound Blaster Audigy

Quote: Originally Posted by Zerolife

seems a lot of people are having issues with the sound blaster audigy cards, me included. Im dual bootin windows 7 and XP, on windows XP my sound card works and everything, when i boot in windows 7, dosnt even detect my card. I have the driver i need to get it to work, its just not detecting it to begin with. Anyone have any suggestion to get it to work?

What driver are you using?

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Hiya. I seem to be having trouble with my Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum. I'm running some Logitech Z-680's through it and gone through everything on the installation CD for the sound card. However I get no sound from the rear or center speakers and the sub when I try to calibrate them, all I hear is the two front. I've updated the drivers to the newest versions available to no avail. Also another thing that happens is when I run WinDVD 5 and I set the audio on that to 5.1, I am not able to hear dialogue. I can hear music and the background noise, but no dialogue. But when I play music on Winamp I can hear it through all my speakers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Help with Sound Blaster Audigy 2 and 5.1

This is all in the Creative software, btw.

Make sure you don't have the speaker settings sync'd with the control panel, because it resets to 2 speaker mode. Also try enabling CMSS 2. Hearing no dialogue in DVDs indicates that the center speaker isn't being used.
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ok people heres the issue. I am running windows xp home edition, I have been trying to install pro tools. I ran into a little issue and uninstalled everything and now I cant get sound blaster audigy 2 reinstalled. I keep receiving an error saying the remote procedure call failed. It went through finally with installation last night but is not showing up in my devices and when trying to use a program using the soundcard it says there is not one installed. while trying to uninstall to try again I once again receive remote procedure call failed. can anyone help me?
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So i have been having a problem for a while and just neglected to acknowledge it.

With the newest version of the drivers for my sound card i get a very loud and irritating crackling noise. Especially when using Ventrilo when people talk and Warcraft III.

Not sure if its the sound card or the programs that are causing the problem

Worse comes to worse i may just end up buying a new sound card but I'd like to see if there is a way to fix it before i do that.

A:Sound Blaster Audigy 4


Could you downgrade your current drivers to something a little bit old.
And see if you still have this problem?

It could be a bad install or faulty sound card.
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Hi Audigy out 2... No coming of sound there recently my sound stopped working completely out of my audigy that i ve had for years No sound coming out of Audigy 2... The whole no sound coming out of my speakers started happening a few days ago so i downloaded the latest drivers and installed them and the sound started working until it made me restart my system When i restarted my system i can hear windows making the boot up sound after i type in my user password Then it says quot loading personal settings quot or whatever and it cuts off the boot up sound So to see if my sound works i try bringing up windows explorer and hear no sound clicking around then playing music still no sound Next thing i try is to try to have windows deal with the drivers which makes them work until i restart my computer After restart no sound again and i have to do the whole process all over again I ve tried reinstalling the creative drivers times and still not working correctly I used to have this problem a long time ago when i played video games with EAX on but i havent had this problem in quite some time Any insight would be quite helpful I hate having to have windows repair my drivers every time i turn my computer on nbsp

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I'm not really asking which is the better card but I've just got some brand new Speakers (Logitech Z-2300) and am running off the onboard sound on the mobo. I have a MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum, and I've read that X-Fi cards have issues with the nForce chipsets, so should I stick with the safer audigy range? And if so which card?

I'm using the computer to run editing software (Adobe Premiere 2) and listening to music.



A:Sound Card, X-Fi or Audigy?

I am running an X-Fi xtream gamer card and i havent had any probs. even though i have a Nforce 4 board chipset.
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I have a laptop with Vista Home Version pre-installed I have a USB Sound Blaster Audigy NX external sound card I installed the software and Won't Midi 2 In/Out Work Home Vista Audigy on NX then found the Vista driver When I use Cakewalk Music Creator for XP Vista I cannot find a Midi Audigy 2 NX Midi In/Out Won't Work on Vista Home Input or Output I have an XP machine with Cakewalk Music Creator for XP There is an Internal Audigy Audio Processor WDM sound card on the XP machine The Midi In and Out work fine Does Audigy NX not have Midi In Out capabilities Does it just not work on Vista Is there something I need to do with the Software or Driver The Vista Laptop also has a Conexant High Definition SmartAudio internal sound card but I cannot get any Midi In Out options with Cakewalk Music Creator I'm at the point where I'm going to buy a version of XP Home and wipe out this new Vista Operating system and start from scratch Any advice would be appreciated I also have a Roland Sound Canvas from the early 's I can use for Midi In Out
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Hello Forum Members,

I have a Creative Audigy 2ZS Platinum sound card and Front end Drive installed on my PC. Although everything is correctly installed with all the proper cables, I can't get any sound from the headphones when they're plugged into the 1/4" phone jack. Neither can I get anything to record using the front end MIC jack. I'm using a Radio Shack PZM microphone. since it uses a AA battery, I'm assuming that the microphone is of the "dynamic" type.
The Jumper is in place on the front end driver board. All drivers and features are current so, there's no problem with upgrades. Can anyone give me an idea of what's wrong? I've tried the Creative Labs website and got better information from my dog :hotbounce :hotbounce

A:Audigy 2ZS Platinum Front end doesn't work

On your lower right handed corner, you should see a speaker icon, right click on that and click on properties. Make sure the Master volume control isn't mute-do not check the mute box.
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Hello all I just bought a Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum for my Athlon XP box running Windows XP Home edition I followed all of the instructions like it said not letting Windows install the drivers to putting it into the second PCI slot Actually I started in a different PCI slot because I had a dilemma I have a firewire card that NEEDS to be in slot I also have a ATA card that NEEDS to be in or So at first I put it the Audigy in PCI I installed the drivers and then rebooted my system I got all of the software but when I went to turn the volume up it said quot Cannot detect any Creative Labs Sound Blaster Products Try Reinstalling the software quot So I reinstalled the software and rebooted Still nothing I ran the diagnostic I failed everything except the detection of the card Wav MIDI etc they all failed So then I made a sacrafice I took out my firewire card because the SB Audigy Platnium has firewire ports on it anyway so I thought I could just use those So and Audigy work! PLEASE bought Just 2 SB HELP!!! doesn't Platinum I put the sound card in PCI slot like it says to I start up my machine again and then everything is going slow I try to get into the setup program the quot Run quot command keeps freezing I try it through quot My Computer quot freezing I will attempt to call Creative Labs at when they open but I thought I might get an answer quicker and better here Oh I also forgot to mention that while uninstalling the software I got a couple of STOP messages One of Just bought SB Audigy 2 Platinum and doesn't work! PLEASE HELP!!! them was DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL -Mark nbsp

A:Just bought SB Audigy 2 Platinum and doesn't work! PLEASE HELP!!!
check out the place above.
it seems like not all is well with that card.

you may be better with your old card back in until you can be sure its gonna be ok with your system.
if its no good then i wuld take it back and go for something like the phillips acoustic edge which is far better anyway.

hope ive helped some....good luck
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I just built a rig which is core i5, Asrock p55M pro motherboard, radeon HD 5850, 4gigs ram. I just installed the supplied drivers and the latest direct x, etc...
My problem is, I can play offline games like GTA4, COD Modern Warfare and COS WAW with sound on it, nevertheless, whenever I started to go online with these games, the sound vanished, even if I exit the game there is still no sound, I need to reboot the system to get back the sound. Got no error whatsoever. What would be the problem. My OS is windows xp pro? Please help!

A:Solved: No sound during online games, but with sound in offline games.

I just flushed my bios from 1.3 to 1.5 then it works flawlessly. Solved my case on my own.
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I use a DJ program called virtual DJ and i want to make 1 deck of the program come out through the speakers and the other through my headphones. I got it to work this morning but now it wont work at all. My speakers run through line out 1 and i plugged my headphones into line out 2 and configured it on virtual dj and my sound blaster to do this, but no sound is heard out of my headphones even though it worked earlier :dead: I have tried moving the headphones into every jack on my card but no luck anyone think they know why?

A:Virtual DJ on Sound Blaster Audigy

problem sorted, Moved my sound card away from my graphics card.
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I am going literally insane i have been trying to get the sound to work on this windows for hours now I have the windows RC version with all updates to date First i tried to install the SB Audigy SE driver tried with the pack you guys made with drivermax and nothing works all i get is this quot Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code NO and AK889a Audigy SB Realtek Se SOUND and quot every time I even changed the pci slots with no help After failing to install the Audigy i then turned to my onboard card the Realtek AK a HD Audio card I also installed the latest driver from the Realtek webiste like times with restarts but nothing works I get the same damn error quot Windows cannot SB Audigy Se and Realtek AK889a and NO SOUND load the device SB Audigy Se and Realtek AK889a and NO SOUND driver for this hardware The driver may be corrupted or missing Code quot Strange thing is if i uninstall the drivers then run the setup and i restart the pc after its over windows automatically installs the winupdate drivers I need help please or its back to win xp for me edit i read all the posts about these sound cards and most people seem to have probs with the sound after the drivers are installed but i never had any sound

A:SB Audigy Se and Realtek AK889a and NO SOUND

Hello Hypnotise, welcome to the forums.

I don't believe that the Creative SB Audigy card works in Seven.... But I am not sure. The realtek HD Audio works pretty well however.

Try this: Go into device manager and find the Realtek Audio. Right click and select "Update driver". That might fix it for you.

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When I installed the Sound Blaster Audigy SE, I installed the software. When I was playing iTunes, for some reason, the music suddenly goes mute at a random time, but the track is still playing. It can be fixed by pausing and resuming the track, or just play the track again. I tried updating drivers, even put the sound card in a different PCI slot. Can anyone help?

P4 3.2 GHz
320 MB Geforce 8800 GTS
Sound Blaster Audigy SE
DVD Writer
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I ve been trying to fix this problem for weeks I m stumped Creative don t seem to have too much left up their sleeve either Let s start with the problem My Audigy NX USB is working perfectly fine It worked fine on my machine before i skipping Sound NX. 2 Audigy and USB cracking. upgraded it and if i switch it over to my laptop right now it works perfectly The only issue it has is with this computer only It s a very strange issue because i ve been able to fix it partially but never make it go away entirely The problem only occurred when i upgraded the below listed CPU Board and Video card Before USB Audigy 2 NX. Sound skipping and cracking. i get into the symptoms too much here s USB Audigy 2 NX. Sound skipping and cracking. a full list of my system specs If you require more information about ANYTHING mail me at email protected AMD Athlon X Socket quot Manchester quot MHz ASUS A N-SLI Nforce SLI MCP MB x MB Kingston ValueRAM PC DDR Dual-Channel BFG Tech BFGR GTOC Geforce GT MB -bit GDDR VIVO PCI-E x Western Digital GB MB Cache IDE RPM HDD WD JB- GVA Seagate GB MB Cache IDE RPM HDD ST A USB Creative Sound Blaster Audigy NX iomega Dual DVD x x x DVD - RW DVDRW IND-A iomega x x CDRW CDRW INT-B Panasonic quot Floppy Drive Philips B quot Flat CRT Monitor x Hz Creative Inspire Speakers Logitech Cordless rechargable mouse MX Logitech Cordless Elite Keyboard Thermaltake Xaser Shark Silver Aluminium ATX Case Antec Totalcontrol W SLI Certified PSU Cooler Master Aerogate II Fan Controller Black Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition Service Pack The problem is that sounds that use no special codec particularly the windows wav files skype voice conversations and flash player movies will have the sound skip and crackle irregularly In some cases with flash player movies it s actually sped up the video playback when the audio skipped ahead updating BIOS drivers chipset drivers sound card firmware sound card drivers and moving the card from the onboard USB to a PCI USB card has made the problem less prevalent Hardware mode and Hardware D EAX modes in UT used to be affected including the music for UT which is OGG Vorbis format i beleive Software mode never had these problems nor does playing back an OGG file in Winamp it is still there and annoys me to no end It sometimes affects audio capture through the microphone port with a great deal of cracking and a small amount of the skipping but never through the line-in port The problem is intermittent and never seems to appear when the card has been under load for a short period of time ie The windows first startup tone usually never falls victim but has on a few occasions I ve tried nearly everything Updated drivers for everything flashed BIOS to several newer versions The problem is alot more intermittent as opposed to when i first clean installed windows where it happened nearly of the time so i guess i ve made some progress At Creative s advice and my own common sence i unplugged every other USB device from my machine and reinstalled the card with every damn version of the driver available The strange part of the E-Mail i recieved from creative was the following Make sure your motherboard mainboard has USB v ports supplying at least mA to the USB ports If you re not sure check with your motherboard manufacturer I m yet to get my hands on a multimeter to test the current on the USB ports and was hoping that someone had a piece of software that could get a readout for me The odd part is that first of all if the card works perfectly on a hardware level ie no problems with MP WMA DVD Audio playback could that be the problem Also will USB be outputting more than mA If so any idea how much it should be An odd point to add is that i converted a MP file to WAV and played it back in Winamp with no skipping But after closing out the WAV playback in Winamp and playing say a windows sound test The sound card has gone on tilt doing it constantly for the next few minutes Seems like it s overloaded it or so... Read more

A:USB Audigy 2 NX. Sound skipping and cracking.

Hmm... Creative E-Mailed me telling me i should 'clean sweep' the installation of the card. i did that, and now it's problematic 100% of the time.
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Hey guys again Hey again I got the same problem again lt lt no sound whatsoever Could u tell me how to change to onboard sound so it uses the onboard sound Please 2 sound Audigy problems, Weird ZS. answer quickly I still seem to have Weird sound problems, Audigy 2 ZS. this problem no sound coming out of my computer I installed windows build Weird sound problems, Audigy 2 ZS. a while ago and i haven't had any luck to get the sound to work on my computer I was wondering since after i had no luck with windows i tried Ubuntu And the sound wasn't working on Ubuntu either that's the Ubuntu The newest i suppose So then i found somewhere in the Ubuntu forums that some guy removed his sound card from the computer restarted the computer and voila the sound was working properly So i tried it out and yes it worked After this i tested Ubuntu out but it was kinda confusing for me really irritating to use to be specific After i had tested Ubuntu out i figured maybe this will work on the Windows To remove sound card from the computer So i had to go all trough these steps cuz after i installed ubuntu i didn't have an NTFS drive where i could install my Windows again Weird sound problems, Audigy 2 ZS. So i downloaded the GParted created an NTFS partition and finally got to installing my Windows It successfully installed the Win but still i had no sound Now i am just wondering if before when i had my Windows and i had the Sound Card which is SB Audigy ZS WDM btw if i installed the wrong drivers for it i mean that can't be though cuz i got them straight from the creative sound blaster sites and i specifically located the one that would be suitable with Windows So maybe when i installed the Driver the driver didn't install correctly Or maybe i just need to forget about my Sound Card and somehow enable the Onboard audio Okay even though u can check my PC's information by clicking my name i'll display them here OS Windows Ultimate -bit Build Motherboard Asus P PL Processor Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Sound Card SB Audigy ZS WDM Video Card nVidia GeForce GT I would really love if someone could help me with this problem i have been having with the cool-ass OS

A:Weird sound problems, Audigy 2 ZS.

Hey, this weird thing happened to me. I went to Playback Devices, and plugged my headphones directly in to the Sound Card, and i ran a test on the SPDIF Out, and i actually had sound. So, i set my SPDIF as default device, even went to Youtube and opened a clip, and still i had sound. Then i plugged my monitor cable instead of the Headphones, and then the sound didn't work. So now i changed the headphones back, and the sound didn't work anymore.

Whats the problem here? :S
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Does anyone know whats up with the sound issues in windows 7?? I have an audigy 2 zs. Creative doesnt even seem to have drivers for it. My problem is that in games, whenever looking directly at a character you cannot hear them. You must look slightly to the right or left. Ive noticed alot of movies either play to loud or to low. Anyone know whats up with sound yet? Or just wait for the release in the fall...

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my sound card is the SB audigy 2 zs platinum. Back in XP the drivers usually worked fine and produced the right 'loudness' of sound.

in vista i had to try a few different sets of drivers but got it working correct.

however in windows 7 the drivers that were automatically installed upon the OS installation do NOT play audio at the regular decibel levels.

It seems to only produce sound at the 50%-70% levels compared to XP/vista. i know this for a fact since i've done testing. it's annoying to have the volume up 100% all the time with it STILL not being loud.

any ideas? thanks.

A:Sound Blaster Audigy 2 isn't nearly as loud in Win 7

Quote: Originally Posted by js09

however in windows 7 the drivers that were automatically installed upon the OS installation

Get your drivers from creative...


Direct link for the Win 7 drivers for your card...
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This problem just arose last Sunday and so close to the release of Elder Scrolls Oblivion Im going round the bend trying to get it sorted When in-game or playing a cd the sound periodically goes from low to high and vice versa When it goes low I just turn it up with the control on the front speaker but then minutes it will go back to normal and blow me away Ive always used the drivers that came with the disk as I never managed to get working updated ones and now I dont have Broadband access i cant anyway I tried a repair and then a clean reinstall of the drivers - no good The only thing i did before problem Audigy 2 - Erratic sound noticying the problem was updating all my virus spyware scanners etc There doesnt appear to be any conflicts with IRQ s or anything It could possibly be heat as ive just bought a GT but its not overclocked I will be trying to get the latest drivers but can anyone give me any idea Erratic sound problem - Audigy 2 as to what the problem might be or what i might do to sort it nbsp
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I have been unable to find pin out locations for my front headphones and mic jacks for this new card with no help from creative that I can find
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Hi First of all i would like to say that i am from central europe non-english speaking country so be tolerant to my language mistakes please Thanks I didn't find here or anywhere else someone with similar problem so that im asking you for help Some time ago my sound card just stop working but nothing changed in my hardware Frist i thought that it just burned but few days ago i tried it in other PC and audigy Sound 2 Value Blaster malfunction its working perfectly That brought me to thinking about driver which could work incorrect So i downloaded lastest driver and tried to install it But i spent over hours to uninstall old driver and still nothing happens i tried to remove it with device manager and from properties of my sound card and still the same problem waiting and nothing Another not so important problem but could have something doing whit it is when system is starting or shuting down and speakers are still on it makes some strange Sound Blaster audigy 2 Value malfunction blasts I think that it started to doing this when i changed my OS to win but it was almost the same time when i changed my power supply due to stronger graphics card so i'm not sure Finaly my question is Which files should i delete from Hard Sound Blaster audigy 2 Value malfunction disc and or windows registry so that install wizard thinks that no driver is here Or have anyone some other clue to solve that problem I will manage with proper working sound card Thats all what I want My config Intel pentium HT MB MSI P neo Platinum RAM Kingston x x HDD Maxtor DiamondMax plus GB zotac nVidia GeForce GT and power supply Hedy W Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Value Sound Blaster audigy 2 Value malfunction For all hints I thanks

A:Sound Blaster audigy 2 Value malfunction

Hello !!

First i would recommend to turn off Automatic Driver Installation then remove all the Creative Products from the Programs and Features.

1) Open Device Manager, locate your soundcard, right click it, choose Uninstall, check "Delete driver files" and click on OK. Reboot when prompted to do so.

2) Boot into Safe Mode:

For 32-bit: Open the \Windows\System32 folder and delete APOIM32.EXE, APOMngr.dll, CmdRtr.dll.

For 64-bit: Open the \Windows\System32 folder and delete APOMgr64.dll, CmdRtr64.dll.
Now open the \Windows\SysWOW64 folder and delete APOIM64.EXE, APOMngr.dll and CmdRtr.dll.

Now delete the following registry trees:

For 32-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Creative Tech\Software Installed\APOIM

For 64-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Creative Tech\Software Installed\APOIM
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Creative Tech\Installation\CTRedist\APOIM
Then when you reboot the System it should tell you unknown Driver with a Yellow exclamation if you have got that far then it means the Drivers are out of your System. Then you could install Daniel K's Support Pack 2.7 version. SB P17X Series Support Pack 2.7 (04/01/2010) - Aud... - Creative Labs

Hope this helps,
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I just installed a Soundblaster Audigy MP3+ and I think I have a conflict. It's not showing one in device manager but when I boot up I get the normal Windows XP start up sound but it is over lapped with a different sound from the Sound Blaster card or software. I previously had a Yamaha(I'm not sure which one) sound card and I didn't uninstall the drivers for it, like the instructions said to do on the Sound Blaster. My problem is I don't know how to locate the Yamaha drivers to uninstall them. When I look in Device Manager under Sounds, I see some things that are associated with my video card. An ATI ALL In Wonder Radeon. Such things as "Rage Audio", Rage Video etc.
Can anyone tell me how to uninstall the Yamaha drivers?
Running- Windows XP Home Edition


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I have a audigy zs platinum sound card in my system I read that this sound card is quite good with the quality that it produces However when I plug in my microphone to the sound card and start recording my voice it wasn t what I expected The sound wasn t clear sharp and quality was much less than what a zs sound platinum Audigy card 2 cheap sound studio can produce Obviously something must be missing I m sure but I don t know what Here are a few problems I have to turn the Audigy 2 zs platinum sound card volume knob really high to even get some decent sound into Adobe Audition program Now when I turned the volum really high this also increases the noise level In addition it sounds terribly bad on the head phone live Once it s recorded the sound was decent there Audigy 2 zs platinum sound card are some noise to it as well compare to when it s live Now here s what I want I want to have a clear and sharp sound just like when you hear a comercial on an FM radio Any suggestion on how to fix it or what I am missing and or need is much appreciated Audigy 2 zs platinum sound card ljCharlie nbsp

A:Audigy 2 zs platinum sound card

Perhaps you have your microphone connected in the wrong jack, or it isn't plugged in all the way. This can cause crappy sound and low volume.

You might also want to check your Windows volume settings, and make sure your Microphone levels aren't muted or turned down.

Something is definitely amiss here, the voice playback is crystal clear with a Soundblaster Live! and the cheap microphone that came with some of the various bundles...Your card should be doing some serious sound... crystal...izing?

Theres nothing like making up your own term.
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Here s My Story - For years my Creative Audigy Platinum Sound Card has been working great O S upgraded through WIN SE WIN Pro and WINXPPro - all great until the other day when I downloaded and installed what I thought was a driver update Enough said about that mistake OK I reinstall the driver - its there I can even play my MP files with WINAMP just like always however this error message appears quot Unable to initialize audio device please check to see if you have a sound card installed properly quot Audigy Platinum Sound Blaster - go into the system click on properties and XP says everything working fine - but I m convinced this is an XP problem for instance no sound comes from the speakers when Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum you first start up no sound comes from my DVD player This is probably to much rambling but does anyone have a flash here ever experienced this sort of problem Any suggestions as always are appreciated Thanks Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum Bill nbsp

A:Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

have you not tried uninstalling and reinstalling soundblaster. ?
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I have an HP Pavilion a750e with Windows XP. Device manager says "Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS (WDM)". Computer has three jacks in the front: headphones, line-in, mic.

My line-in and mic jacks (front and back) stopped working recently. Today the headphone jack on the soundcard stopped working. The headphone jack in the front still works, but this seems to be the only thing that works.

I tried updating the driver for the heck of it, but the installer said "Setup could not detect any Sound Blaster Audigy 2 on your system."

Does anyone know what is wrong? Thanks for reading.

A:Sound card failure? (SB Audigy)

Check wether something is muted.

Otherwise, the plugs might be dirty.
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Just bought this sound card, installed drivers, detected just fine.

Only problem is no sound comes out at all. If i play a sound while the volume control is up (Windows 7) I can see the levels change, but there's just no sound at all.

I tried turning the Digital Output Only off, but that didn't help either. Is the card busted?

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While playing a game, listening to music, talking on ventrilo my audio starts getting distorted. The best description I can think of is it sounds like a metallic freaky sound. It last for a minute or so and then it starts to clear up and returns to normal. This happens a couple times per day and appears to be more prevalent when using multiple apps. I have uninstalled and installed the lastest creative drivers as well as trying Daniel K's driver. I also have reverted to the windows default driver. They all do the same thing. Windows gives me a message saying that the driver is experiencing problems and it asks me if I want to disable it. I do not have any issues with the onbard audio when I enable it. I prefer to get the soundlblaster working properly since the sound is alot better IMO when it works.

A:Creative Audigy 2 sound issues

3550 released - x86 and x64

KX drivers for emu10k1 and emu10k2 chipsets, basically every SBL and SBA
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Hi, I had a problem with my old sound card. It was not working at all. So i bought a new one Creative SB Audigy SE installed the drivers and everything that was given with the sound card and the sound is really weak. I have all the volume up to 100% everywhere and it''s playing music like it is 50% or less. When I put my headphones on my phone the sound is louder 2 times or more. What could be the problem?

A:Creative SB Audigy SE sound problem

What was the old sound? Built in (on the motherboard)? or a separate sound card? If it was the built in sound, disable it in the BIOS so it does not potentially interfere.

Also did you move the front panel headphone/mic jacks to the new Audigy SE sound card? If not, you are hearing the old PC's sound card sound in the hadphones.
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my sound card is the SB audigy 2. Back in XP the drivers usually worked fine and produced the right 'loudness' of sound.

however in windows 7 the drivers that were automatically installed upon the OS installation do NOT play audio at the regular decibel levels. I tried going to downloading the new drivers form creative but they do not help. I have made sure all the volume levels are up but that is not it.

It seems to only produce sound at the 40%-60% levels compared to XP. i know this for a fact since i've done testing. it's annoying to have the volume up 100% all the time with it STILL not being loud.

I love windows 7 but I will be forced to go back to XP if I can not find a working driver for this.

any ideas? thanks.

A:Sound Blaster Audigy 2 isn't nearly as loud in Win 7

Quote: Originally Posted by icebeam

my sound card is the SB audigy 2. Back in XP the drivers usually worked fine and produced the right 'loudness' of sound.

however in windows 7 the drivers that were automatically installed upon the OS installation do NOT play audio at the regular decibel levels. I tried going to downloading the new drivers form creative but they do not help. I have made sure all the volume levels are up but that is not it.

It seems to only produce sound at the 40%-60% levels compared to XP. i know this for a fact since i've done testing. it's annoying to have the volume up 100% all the time with it STILL not being loud.

I love windows 7 but I will be forced to go back to XP if I can not find a working driver for this.

any ideas? thanks.

we might be able to help more if we knew what your hardware is.
32 bit or 64, which audigy driver, whcih version of win 7

Ken J
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Recentley I bought the logitech Z-5500, along with a lot of cables.
I want to hook up 2 speaker sets to my Audigy LS, my standard speakers and the Z-5500. I connected the standard speakers with the 3 normal 3.5mm jacks. However now I want to connect my Z-5500 to my souncard using the digital input (I/O), I am doing this via a 3.5mm jack to Toslink (optical) and that Toslink cable goes into my Z-5500. Well the problem I am having at the moment is this:
a) Are the creative drivers screwing with my sound?
b) My set up is wrong and I need another approuch.

I definitely hope it's a) because I don't want to buy other cables and wasted 16 euro's on this one >.<. Anyways I hope someone can help me with this. Thanks in advance


A:Creative Audigy LS no sound through S/PDIF

Darkside748, welcome to the forums.

Unless your card came with the Optical Digital I/O card, according to this,

what you are trying to do isn't possible.
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My speakers have a static sound coming through them. When I plugged in earphones, the problem was still there. The driver is up to date. What could be the problem?

A:Static on Sound Blaster Audigy 2

As you said it's a 'static' noise so it could ironically be from any internal device within the computer be it a HDD to a fan motor even RAM can do it. Suggest give your computer to an expert, someone who can clean it without breaking it and go from there. For you to do is to check that the external cabling does not run close to exterior influences (of the electromagnetic kind) and check the jacks / connectors are clean, dry and dust-free.
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I have a P gHz Dell with an SB Audigy ZS sound card I m using MyDVD The video transfer is fine The problem is the audio The audio plays fine when I start a VHS tape the RCA outs are connected straight to the Audigy ZS coming through the speakers even with MyDVD running but sitting idle But as soon as I hit Capture Video in a new project with a VHS tape running the audio quickly fades to silence yet the video shows fine Sonic says it mutes to conserve resources And when Won't Sound ZS 6.1 MyDVD 2 Audigy Capture I close MyDVD 6.1 Won't Capture Audigy 2 ZS Sound the Capture MyDVD 6.1 Won't Capture Audigy 2 ZS Sound dialog form the audio returns PLEASE NOTE that this doesn t happen with Movie Maker I am able successfully capture video and audio w MM I have already gone into the Record Settings options to check the audio settings I have only one sound card so that option is grayed out And the second dropdown is properly set on the line in setting just like with Movie Maker Sonic s tech support finally told me to use Movie Maker They gave up knock My only problem with MM is that the video quality isn t as good Sonic captures better MB per second of video MM captures about that Is there any way to get MM to capture MB per second Then I wouldn t care that MyDVD doesn t work Any ideas Thanks in advance Paulie D nbsp
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well i've installed the software and updated it but when windows starts I get this error message: *CTEaxSpl* Library not registered. This happens when the soundblaster splash screen and wav are supposed (notice I said supposed because mines isnt) to play (which happens usually everytime you start windows).

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This is my first post here and I actually registered just to post this fix that might help some of you.

I had some major problems with sound stuttering using my Sounblaster audigy se soundcard, this is what I did to fix it.

This might not work for everyone, im using an Asus M2N SLI chipset "Nforce 560". What I did was changing the Pci Frequency. Mine was at Sync. with cpu freq. I changed that into 33.33MHz and now my sound works excellent, no stuttering at all. You will find these kind of settings in your Bios.

P.S Im using windows 7 ultimate 32-bit if that helps out

Let me know how it works out for you ppl and i'll help you in anyway i can.

A:Solved: SB Audigy sound stutter fix.

I did some research about this and most it seems like "Auto" Instead of 33.33MHz is the default setting, so i recommend you go for Auto.
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i just installed win7 and i love it but sound sucks, i have SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio sound card, and i installed driver for it but my sound still sucks
my problem is that i cant turn of 3D sound, i have stereo sennheiser headphones and when i play cod4 i only here on one speaker not the second one as the sound makes so i have to turn my mice around so i can hear whole sound
in xp driver i had CMSS effect that didnt have that problem but on win7 driver CMSS effect isnt right
help me pls

A:SB Audigy 2 ZS Audio sound problem

so can i put my sound on stereo somewere or something?
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i just recently got a Sound Blaster Audigy Sound Card and since i installed that when i start to burn a cd i get a blue screen error but only when i go to burn a cd does that happen...
i copied the last error i got it was...
STOP: 0x0000000A (0xffbe0000, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8050dd72

at the top it says....


what is the problem??
is it the driver???

now here is the interesting twist when i uninstalled the driver and the program then i tried burning a cd it burned without any problems so it is the sound card or driver...
thanks all for replying....
take care

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Hi I am experiencing what seems to be a common problem but am opening a new post on the chance that I have missed something in the other posts that I've read I am running Vista bit Home premium and have an Audigy SE sound card installed Suddenly after a reboot I have no sound at all The system recognizes the sound card and the system information on it follows -- Name SB Audigy Manufacturer Creative Technology Ltd Status OK PNP Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS A amp REV amp A amp amp F I O Port x EC - x EC F IRQ Channel IRQ Driver c windows system drivers p sys MB bytes AM The device was uninstalled and reinstalled with the same driver but there is still no sound at all - not Audigy and No 64bit with Vista sound SE only will it not play an MP file but there are no system sounds either Dual boot is set up and sound works fine under suse If a song is No sound with Vista 64bit and Audigy SE played the volume mixer shows activity and if I test the speakers from Device Manager it also shows activity I just don't No sound with Vista 64bit and Audigy SE get any sound I have the onboard sound disabled and have deselected the option that allows an application to take exclusive control of the device Thanks in advance s

A:No sound with Vista 64bit and Audigy SE

An update --- I reseated the card and now have sound.
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I purchased this card secondhand so I have no Warranty The card functioned perfectly when first installed and was a distinct improvement to my Onboard system RealTek AC Recently I found I was having to adjust volume on the Speakers to compensate for low volume until finally there is nothing at all I have reinstalled the card in alternate PCI slot Card 2 With Sound ZS Problem Audigy and made sure I have the latest Audigy drivers from the Creative Site wiring and linkups are correct and Windows config is fully correct to enable sound There is no visible sign of damage or component Problem With Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card failure on the card Windows recognizes the card in Device Manager and all Properties Check indicate that the card is functioning correctly with no Conflicts Is their anyone out Problem With Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card there who has had experience with this unit of a similar nature and is there anything I might be missing or am I wasting my time and should consign this card to garbage Any advise or suggestion would be welcome nbsp

A:Problem With Audigy 2 ZS Sound Card

I assume you've tried another set of speakers or headphones?

The decrease in volume suggests that the card has experienced an internal failure.
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Can anyone help me to get 5.1 surround sound working in iTunes for my Sound Blaster Audigy SE ( I have tried a few different ways but just cannot get it working. 5.1 works in games etc. Can anyone help?
Hynesy :wave:

A:Sound Blaster Audigy SE and iTunes, no 5.1.

i think its because most audio files are stereo or something but im not sure.

i think this should work if you have vista anyway. go to start and find creative audio console and open it than in the tab that says cmss-3d and select enable than it should work. if you dont have the creative audio console download it but it says the creative audio console is only for vista
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Hi all, could someone please help me out of how to install the sound blaster audigy 2 sound card to a dg33m03 mother board? I have no idea for this one. Thanks heaps. hatuau

A:Sound Blaster Audigy 2 + dg33m03

hatuau said:

Hi all, could someone please help me out of how to install the sound blaster audigy 2 sound card to a dg33m03 mother board? I have no idea for this one. Thanks heaps. hatuauClick to expand...

......Well you could start by getting a computer to Install it on :evil:

But seriously try reading through this guide here it's about how to making a Good Post/Thread
Good Luck ! :wave:
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i have audigy 2 plat sound card with updated drivers. when i turn my mic on and talk into it i hear myself through the speakers, and its loud. is there anyway i can avoid this. i use ventrilo and its soo annoying when i talk i hear myself through the speakers.

A:Audigy 2 sound card help. Mic is annoying.

You can look thru the posts here:
It is the forum for Ventrilo users.
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ok in my other thread i posted about 16-bit games
i got that to work by following the help thing on and now the problem im having is that the sound is really jumpy and choppy and the video is real slow.
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ok i have an audigy 2 platinum sound card with surround sound speakers hooked up and a microphone. in ventrilo, when i press talk ANY sound that is being put out by my computer is looped through to the input. better way to explain it: i can turn my speakers off and start playing music that i cannot hear. when i press talk in ventrilo everyone hears it. does anyone know if i can fix this? ive muted everything in the EAX console but the bare necessities and it still does it.

side note: i can hear myself through the speakers when i blow into the mic

A:Audigy 2 Platinum inconsistent sound problems

swift kick

someone has to know
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ok, im thinking about upgrading to the audigy 2 plat and some nice surround sound speakers. although the speakers im looking at (klipsch 5.1 ultras) are expensive and do have some limitations. i noticed the audigy 2 plat has optical ins and outs...if i buy a home audio surround sound receiver along with speakers will it come out in true surround sound?

i know with a normal sound card without the opticals all its gonna be is 2 channel.

is it more worth it to go with klipsch 5.1 ultras...or invest a bit more for a home audio surround sound setup?

any input would be nice thanks

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So i've done a search on the forums and it seems Vista sucks with all creative cards I have an Audigy ZS and i can't get the sound to work for the Audigy Vista Blaster 64 Sound in 2 problems life of me The latest drivers are from May which seems almost unacceptable I tried disabling my onboard sound card in the BIOS and in windows cuz i thought there might be conflicts but it didn't do anything So then i was thinking of getting a new X-Fi card because i thought it would have to work Sound Blaster Audigy 2 problems in Vista 64 on Vista and then i came across the other threads Sound Blaster Audigy 2 problems in Vista 64 complaining about sound issues As of right now im using the Realtek onboard sound device It is HD audio but i would like my sound blaster to work properly I'm still getting weird sound issues while playing Bioshock once a lot of sounds start happening at the same time some of them will just cut out Anyone know of any fixes for my Augidy im running eVGA NF Nvidia nforce i sli eVGA Nvidia GTS MB gigs of Crucial Balistix Intel Core Quad Q G Stepping Kentsfield GHz Sound Blaster Audigy ZS

A:Sound Blaster Audigy 2 problems in Vista 64

i am running an audigy 2 ZS in my computer with no problems at all. i let vista download the driver and install whatever one it found and it works fine for me
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Hello all I recently bought a Sound Blaster Audigy FX card because the soundcard on my ASUS P T shit the Blaster Audigy Recording Sound FX Problems. bed a while ago Because my onboard sound card was completely fried due to a technical error I may or may not have touched it with a screwdriver without anything being grounded the Stereo Mix was giving me a constant buzzing sound and the audio EQ green bar would be blasted up due to the sound not Sound Blaster Audigy FX Recording Problems. giving me anything but feedback So like I said I bought the Sound Card so Sound Blaster Audigy FX Recording Problems. I can record what I hear or play it back through the microphone I know there's a simpler way but Sound Blaster supposedly came out with a quot What You Hear quot option amp it's a in' sound card So it should work I already disabled the Realtek HD Audio drivers Stereo Mix in my BIOS but quot What You Hear quot isn't showing up The pictures will be my specs amp what have you Please help everything on my computer is updated driver wise Sound Blaster Audigy FX Recording Problems. as well as the Sound Blaster I just installed it days ago so