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What's the best way to unplug laptop cable internal connectors on motherboard etc?

Q: What's the best way to unplug laptop cable internal connectors on motherboard etc?

I get a bit jittery when I'm unplugging cable connectors (these images are just examples, I'm thinking of all types of connectors). What's the best way to safely unplug them?, pull from the cables or from the plastic case. What's your experience?. This pics are just a few examples of connectors. I'm posting this thread about any type of connectors. Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: What's the best way to unplug laptop cable internal connectors on motherboard etc?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: What's the best way to unplug laptop cable internal connectors on motherboard etc?

Many simply pull apart. Watch out for the ones with locking tabs though. I don't think you have anything to worry about as long as you take your time.
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Looking inside my XPS 8900 Desktop I find that I have 2 black 6 pin female molex type connectors on the end of cables coming from the Power Supply.  Anybody know what these are for please ??

A:XPS 8900 internal power connectors

Some video cards require 6-pin connectors - they're there for supporting such cards.
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I bought a new case for an old Megatrends mainboard. The new case has four USB ports on the front of the case. The wires coming out of each of these USB ports terminate in a black, nine pin, female connector. The black connector measures .5 inches wide by about .25 inches thick. My old main board only has two USB ports in the back of the machine. The two USB ports coming out of the back of the machine are mounted directly to the main board.

How can I connect the four ports not being used at the moment on the front of the new case to the ports on the old motherboard in the back of the machine? Is there some kind of connector I can plug into the nine pin female connector in order to chain all the ports together?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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Hello AllCan not find the internal connector cable for Hp Z840 Workstation. part number for "751366-001".At least I can find a picture of the wiring diagram will be enough.I'm having problems with the machines Z840 for the Thunderbolt cable has changed. Unfortunately I do not have it in changed cable.
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Good evening what External SSD: Solved: internal connectors hoped I aren't all I traded for an external SSD on craigslist with the baseless expectation that inside I would find a typical internal SSD like you generally see with external platter drives To my surprise the contacts that peak out of the shell are the only contacts it has It s a micro-usb with a supplemental connector I believe it s a USB Micro-B plug Clarification this is the cable that would plug into the SSD my SSD does not have built-in male connectors I m not seeing any adapters from Micro-b to Sata and if I did I don t know what kind of performance hit I would take Another thought would be just running my operating system over USB It s Cyber Monday and I ve Solved: External SSD: internal connectors aren't what I hoped got my eye on this GB SSD for http www amazon com Kingston-Digital- - -Inch-SV S A- G dp B A ZTZOG ref pd cp pc Money is a little tight can that stupid external be salvaged for significant performance increases over platter Or do I have to spring the money Thank you nbsp

A:Solved: External SSD: internal connectors aren't what I hoped

Couldn't find anything and decided to make the purchase before bed.
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I want to install a second and larger hard drive, and if you read the instructions it is fairly easy right.? But both connectors on my cable are black not one black and one grey. Will this cause any problems?

A:Cable connectors

no it shouldnt. find out
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Just wondering what the following stand for when it comes to cable connectors


And are the used with the following


Any help is appreciated.

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I was just told that if and when I reformat I need to unplug my ethernet cable. Correct or incorrect? Some help please?

A:Should unplug my ethernet cable to format?

Take it acer told you that. No you don't need to.
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OK I im in a desper need of hight tech help I bought a Unplug is Disconnected/ Media Cable ANetwork used wireless router by buffalo I traid to connect it to my DSL modem All of the sadden I couldn t connect to the internet and on the network connections it shows that Connection cable is unplug and same thing on connection Divice manager shows the network adapter is working find with no problems reported I even reinstalled a fresh copy of windows xp pro but still did not fix the problem This is a costum made desktop The motherboard is a P N -SLI SE with Intel CPU E The network adapter is part of the motherboard I have a lready disconnected the wireless router but still shows the unplag cable message I do not see any lights on either of the network connections The motherboard has two ethernet connections connection and connection Both of these connections do not show and activity on their LEDs When i do ipoconfig it shows media disconnected message Thank you and please let me know if you need additional information nbsp

A:Media Disconnected/ ANetwork Cable is Unplug

Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

Name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
Make and exact model of the broadband modem.
Make and exact model and hardware version of the router (if a separate unit).
Model numbers can usually be obtained from the label on the device.
Connection type, wired or wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (none, WEP, WPA, or WPA2)
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP (Home or Pro), SP1-SP2-SP3, Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate), etc.
The Internet Browser in use, IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Please give an exact description of your problem symptoms, including the exact text of any error messages.

If you're using a wireless connection, have you tried a direct connection with a cable to see if that changes the symptoms?
For wireless issues, have you disabled all encryption on the router to see if you can connect that way?
Have you connected directly to the broadband modem to see if this is a router or modem/ISP issue?
If there are other computers on the same network, are they experiencing the same issue, or do they function normally?

On any affected computer, I'd also like to see this:

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

Type the following commands on separate lines, following each one with the Enter key:





Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.
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I am in the process of removing the CD-R drive from my Dell Dimension 8200 so I can install a Plextor 712 DVD drive, and I can't unplug the power cable. Is there a trick to this, or is it just a matter of my not having enough strength in my hands (old lady)? How far dare I go--for example, should I try to pry it out or use pliers on it? Can I wiggle it hard? I am afraid of breaking it or bending pins.

This is only the second time I have done anything inside a computer (the last time I successfully installed a CD drive in a Compaq), so I am really a newbie at it and don't know what to expect. Any help appreciated!

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I bought 100' of Cat6 wire and just saw that the RJ45 connectors I already have are Cat5e.
Can I use them?

A:Cat6 cable with Cat5e connectors?

Sure. The connectors are the same (RJ-45). That's what counts if you're using standard Ethernet connections. Be sure to follow the pin-out assignments.
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Hey guys, I'm new here; I'm having a problem that is bothering me, I recently installed windows 8.1 on my alienware 17x R2, the problem is the laptop never shutdown and still running !, also when I unplug the power cable then plug it back again the windows freeze ! , Note that the battery on my laptop is nearly dead; I wasn't have a problem like this with windows 7, please advice, thanks

A:Windows 8.1 Freeze on shutdown and plug/unplug power cable

Right click the battery icon in the taskbar. Then, click power options. Then choose what the power button does. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable. Finally, uncheck turn on fast startup.
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Regardless of PC, I have 3 win7 pc's. This did not happen until the last few months, but with me dual booting between Linux and Windows, the problem has become evident.

I dual boot linux, and it connects without needing to be unpluged- repluged the ethernet line.

could it be the wireless Netgear router or switch or windows 7?

I use a 5 port gig switch between router and PC's.
WGT-624 v3 (with latest firmware, been using this for years)

TEG - 550g Trendnet switch

A:Windows every boot need to unplug-replug Ethernet cable for internet

Are you given a different IP address from the router on each OS? Might want to make that pc use a static address in your router. Try setting up a DHCP reservation for that machine on it.
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l have windows 2000 and l keep getting local area connection network cable unplug

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Well I just looked at some new sound cards today and I have to say -

[RANT]OMFG how many more audio 3.5 mini-jacks will I have to plug into the back of my PC?

I say they take some other connector type and make it so all audio goes through 1 cable. Heck they can even overload the cable with a few extra not currently used lines for "future upgradability".

What are your thoughts on changing the hardware setup to something a little simpler -

BTW I am the same guy who loves HDMI inputs over the standard 5 plug High Definition inputs on my TV.

What are we living in the dark ages we can't come up with SIMPLE connectors that function well?[/RANT]

Whew now that I got that off my chest I'll sleep better. Am I the only one who thinks theres just a few too many plugs when it comes to audio?

A:Does anyone think they need a new cable type for the newest audio connectors?

Ha, I have RCA jacks running all over the place at my TV.
Dreamcast, Gamecube, XBOX, DVD player, Linux Box, 5.1 surround sound, digital cable. Those all cross through my TV somehow on RCA, then I have all the CAT5, coax and whatever other wires I can find! Don't mind though, they worh better then the RF modulators.
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hiya all wonder if anyone can help me hear, i have moved my pc desktop so i have more room ,only to switch on and it just keeps rebooting, i think a connector has come off on motherboard but were lol,,,, would anyone know wots happening here much appreciated

A:connectors come off motherboard

If a connector has come off it will most likely only fit in one place.

If you can try to get to safe mode and start there.
restart your computer and before windows starts tap F8 until the menu shows.
If you miss it you will have to restart to get another shot at it.

Once there go to computer

Try right clicking on Computer,Properties,Advanced System
In the Start up and Recovery box click Settings.
In System Failure box uncheck Automatically Restart, and check Write an event to the System Log
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Can we have a hard drive and a DVD on the same IDE cable?

A:Not enough IDE connectors on Motherboard

2 devices per ide thats the limit
make drive slave make dvd the master on the end of cable
so answer is yes
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Hi All,
I have a Lenovo Twist laptop. I spilled coffee all over the keyboard ruining it. I took the keyboard out to replace it and broke the thin black clips that hold the ribbon cables to the motherboard. Everyone I spoke with winced when I told them what I was looking for and I cannot find them anywhere on the internet. Does anyone have any suggestions? Its the longer of the 2 clips. Maybe a quarter inch by one and a quarter inch black clip, really thin and small.


A:Lenovo Twist Keyboard Ribbon Cable Connectors

It might be hard to find the exact clips for the Lenovo. Have you considered just taping or hot gluing the cable in place?
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I don't have cable wall hookups in my rooms, and would like to install wall plugs but am not sure what kind or where to buy cable.
Would solid cable as used by Road Runner be best?
Should I have a main connection panel in garage and then feed indivudal cable to each room?



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hi all
i have a motherboard
i just installed all the motherboard's connectors except the power and the restart connectors ! i don't know where do i plug them on the motherboard ! ?

can anyone help me if there anyway to know how to connect them ?

A:how to install motherboard connectors !

i mean the power and restart buttons' connectors on ATX motherboard
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All 3 Fan Connectors on my HP ZE5000 Laptop Motherboard burnt. Could someone advise me where to get 5V on the motherboard to power up the fans or is there a way to make the connectors work again. I can solder the wires from the fans to the motherboard if i know where to get 5V 0.3A from. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Motherboard Fan Connectors burnt

Check the connectors for either floppy-drive or CD-drive. In their pin-out is guaranteed a +5V.
Question is, WHY did ALL fan-connectors burn out? Are all those fans burnt themselves as well?
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so i just got in my asus p5q pro motherboard yesterday and stuck it in the case and decided just to hook up the front panel usb/audio/power button cords and hook up the case fans since i dont have the rest of the components yet.

i have 3 120mm case fans installed and in the manual where the diagram is, it shows 4 different places for fans. 1 is the 4 pin cpu fan, 2 of them are for the 3 pin chassis fans, and one is a 3 pin labeled power fan.

the manual didnt really specify what i was looking for. can one of the 120 mm fans be plugged into the power fan slot? if not, what goes in there and how do i go about hooking up the 3rd 120mm case fan.

sorry for the lame noob question.
dont want to mess my board up though by doing something stupid.

A:Motherboard question: fan connectors

I have one of those "power" fan headers on my motherboard too. I think it's meant to be used with a chipset cooler or something, that can be adjusted via BIOS. I have a regular 120mm case fan hooked up to it and it works fine...
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Hi i just bought a gigabyte 970a-d3p motherboard and im building a computer from alot of parts that i already had and the power supply i have doesn't have a 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V power connector. The power supply is a 485w and it has the standard 20+4 pin a 6 pin and a extra 4 pin is there a way i can fix this without buying a new power supply? ( such as i dont need to hook up the 1 x 8-pin ATX 12V power connector anyway? ) thanks for looking and please help me out if u can.

A:Solved: motherboard power connectors

What is the make and model of the power supply?
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This is probably a no-brainer, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

I just bought an ATX power supply with a 24 pin connector.

My motherboard has a 20 pin connector.

The power supply box says:

SO - does this mean I can use it?

Do I just let the 2 extra "pins" on each side just hang there?

I figure the answer is "yes", but I want to be sure.

Thanks, in advance.

A:Modular Motherboard Connectors (20-pin To 24-pin Interchangeable)

You should be able to use the ps. Look closely at the atx connector you will see part of it will detach. You now plug in what is left to the 20pin connector on the board.
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Good morning everyone I have a ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC SABERTOOTH FX Rev and working Motherboard's fan Chassis connectors not last night I finished transitioning all of Motherboard's Chassis fan connectors not working my computer parts into my new SilverStone Raven case with the CoolerMaster Hyper EVO CPU cooler I went to plug in two air penetrator fan SilverStone Technology Co Ltd INTRODUCTION AP and when I went to change the speed on the fans like an on off swtich I heard a big ZAP sound and my computer restarted I finally found the problem with the wires being put in backwards not by me However the chassis fan connectors on the motherboard is no longer powering the fans and my BIOS no longer detects the fans connected to it for monitoring but computer is still working fine so I'm having to run an adaptor direct to my power supply for the fans to work Is there any way to fix this problem or is the chassis fan connectors toast now and nothing I can do about it Thanks

A:Motherboard's Chassis fan connectors not working

Well, usually a big zap sound and a restart signify that something went seriously wrong. I suspect that you've blown the regulators that provide power to the chassis fans. They are not field repairable, meaning that you can't fix them. I would suggest getting a commercial fan controller to look after your fans.
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Hi I recently let my friend borrow my Lenovo V laptop while I was out of town because he wanted to fix the keyboard which did not work at all The keyboard was removed and reinstalled with a new one but a worse problem was created The power button cable was removed and the plastic piece that locks it was lost I cannot afford to pay for computer repair or a new motherboard I know its still good since the battery light is on and charges when plugged in Now I cannot turn on my Need Plastic Input Lock Laptop Power on help Button Motherboard! Cable with laptop at all and I need it for school ASAP I read through the maintenance manual many times for this laptop but it does not say exactly what each one of these inputs are for So my plan was to remove the plastic lock from the cable for the touchpad At this point I dont care if the keyboard or touchpad works I will use USB keyboard and Need help with Power Button Cable Input Plastic Lock on Laptop Motherboard! mouse I just need to be able to power it on and working USB ports So I unplugged the plastic lock from the input I believe was the touchpad and tried to install it in the power button cable input since it looks like the same size Problem is it is very small and difficult to work with and when I tried to install it I slightly bent one of the pins shown in photos below If I carefully straighten out the pin on the cable input and try it again any tips would be appreciated in doing this do you think the plastic lock I removed will fit in the power button cable input Also are these plastic lock pieces hard to find if I need a replacement Also does anybody know what the input does that I removed the plastic lock from hopefully touchpad Any help is appreciated nbsp

A:Need help with Power Button Cable Input Plastic Lock on Laptop Motherboard!

It may or may not fit, sometimes every connector is different. Personally I would use hot glue to keep the cable in place.
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I have a motherboard/cpu setup I want to test, but I don't want to go through all the trouble of installing it in a case. Could I connect everything required, MB, memory, PSU, plus the mouse, keyboard, monitor. Then just attack a jumper connector to the power/ground pin, thereby using the PSU on/ off switch to turn it on?

A:Can I Test Motherboard Without The System Control Connectors By

Actually, testing outside the case is a common practice for many self-builders and techs alike.

Get yourself a large wood bread/cutting board and put everything on that. These are best because they are not painted or have a finish that might be conductive. If no wooden board, use a large piece of plain brown cardboard. Some may say to use the motherboard box but that is a BAD idea as many inks in labels contain metallic components (even lead in some cases). So plain unfinished cardboard or wood. Never carpet or other soft surfaces that does not allow air to circulate underneath.

Note that some also say to use the anti-static bag many motherboards come in. This is a VERY BAD idea because many of these bags are designed with outer layers that are highly conductive! You don't want to place your motherboard with 1000s of electrical contact points on something that is highly conductive. These bags are designed to "shunt" any static discharge around the contents of the bag - just like a car body will shunt a lightning strike around - NOT through! - the occupants.

Then just attack a jumper connector to the power/ground pinClick to expand...

Don't "attack" jumpers. They might fight back and win!

And don't "attach" a jumper either. All you want to do is momentarily short the two pins on the motherboard. You need to study the motherboard's front panel I/O header to see which two pins the case's front panel power button go too. Then, after assembling all the components, VERY CAREFULLY with a steady hand, short the two pins for barely a second. I use a small screw driver. That will signal the PSU to start up.

Another word of caution. You MUST observe strict ESD prevention discipline when working outside the case like this. When all the parts are assembled in a case, the metal case is used to establish a common ground between all the components - primarily the PSU, the motherboard and installed expansion cards. It is a simple matter of touching the bare metal of the case to immediately discharge and prevent the building up of any static charge in your body. Do this often!

Make sure you only handle the board, RAM, CPU etc. by the edges and as little as possible. Touch the bare metal of the PSU case, and connect the main power connector to the motherboard first as that will establish a common ground between them. Then touch the metal case of the power supply again and often as just squirming in your clothes can create a large enough static charge to destroy the CPU, RAM or other ESD sensitive devices.

Only after everything is installed and connected, and you have double-checked everything is installed and connected correctly, and you have triple-checked you have determined the correct two pins to short, plug the PSU in, flip the master power switch on the back of the PSU, touch the bare metal of the PSU again, then momentarily short the two pins.
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I have a specific about specific hardware but the problem may be similiar to one that others have encountered Intel s D XBK desktop board provides support for SATA drives But the only chassis e g cases that will support SATA or IDE or SCSI drives are SERVER chassis I therefore purchased a Supermicro SC T- chassis to use with an Intel D XBK motherboard The stands for a W power supply which is than D955XBK; More SC743T-650; fans motherboard connectors; the most I could get without going to the which is triple redundent and therefore very expensive The chassis has rear fans mid fans and no front fans More fans than motherboard connectors; D955XBK; SC743T-650; The fans are Nidec VA DC model V - according to the spec sheet but are actually labelled as V - I can find neither model number on Nidec s website The label also says that each fan is rated at A All the fans are the same The Intel D XBK has fan connectors front rated to A rear rated to A and aux rear rated to A Supposely all can be controlled via the BIOS settings It would appear that the best option would be to connect one of the rear fans to the front fan connector on the motherboard A lt A the second rear fan to the rear fan connector on the motherboard A lt A and then connect all mid fans to the aux rear connector on the motherboard x A lt A For the mid fans I would need to make a quot splitter cable quot that would go from the single connector on the motherboard to quot dongles quot - one for each of the mid fans Is this correct Are there any other things that I need to consider I have looked for commercially available cables fan controllers that I could use for this but have found none Does Radio Shack even carry electrical components like Molex connectors anymore Where to buy them Will probably have to shell out for a Molex crimping tool Or can I quot kluge quot it just using pliers Any suggestions recommendations will be appreciated nbsp

A:More fans than motherboard connectors; D955XBK; SC743T-650;

Fry's has all sorts of cables and adapters. They have Y cables that let you plug 2 fans into 1 motherboard connector and the same for Molex connectors. The also have all sorts of fan controllers. Try Newegg too.
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Installing a new MD (Asus M5A78L-M LX) and have 3 more cable leads from the box than pin connectors on the board. The attached screen shot shows the board options...I have 3 leads still unattached:

1) 3 slot PowerLed
2) 2 slot unlabled - just has a roman numeral I
3) 2 slot unlabled - just has a roman numeral II

Does this matter...??...and what do I do if it does ? there a standard color code for the box leads...the system panel is labled for + or - but there is no indication on the lead plugs...Is there one color (black) that is used always as the ground wire to be inserted in the - pin on the board ?

Have also included a screen shot of the old boards system panel


A:Motherboard system connectors don't match leads

This has been an area of complaint for years and years. I've been building systems for over 15 years...and it was an issue back then and still is. Often, the coase's leads and the motherboard's connects don't match. I keep a small box of those little black plastic connectors for this very reason. Some boards use a 3 pin connector for the power LED. Some use 2, etc. As long as you have them connected and working, you should be fine. if not, you aren't going to hurt anything, but you may find your HDD LED doesn't work, or your reset switch doesn't work, etc.
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Hi everyone I am replacing a MB in a system that would not recognize the hard drive any longer I tested both the drive and the drive cable in a different machine and they worked fine The board I am installing is an Asus P S D-X I thought that I had everything connected correctly but was not totally sure about the front panel connections When I turn it on the cpu fan runs and it sounds like the HDD is spinning but no video at all The power light on the monitor is a steady green blink on and off Whether the power on the computer connectors panel Solved: Asus motherboard is turned on or off is not affecting what the green light is doing on the monitor I m not positive that I have all these front panel connections correct It s a generic midtower case Here is the pdf manual that shows the panel connections on page - for the new board http dlsvr asus com pub ASUS mb sock p s d-x e p s d-x pdf The following is what the writing says on each of the actual connectors in the case that I m trying to match up with correct connection on the board Orange and cream wires with a single connector with holes says quot HDD LED - quot Solved: Asus motherboard panel connectors should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot Hard disk activity LED quot Green and black wires with a single connector with holes says quot M B SW quot should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot ATX Power Switch quot Cream amp black wires with single connector with holes says quot Reset SW quot should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot Reset Switch Lead quot Green and white wires two single connectors each with only hole One says quot Power LED quot and the other is a - inside a circle should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot System Power LED Lead quot REd and black wires two single connectors each with only hole They don t have anything written on them but they are coming directly out of the speaker should this one be connected to the one in the manual that says quot System Warning Speaker Lead quot The last one is a matched pair of connectors two of each There are two connectors that have wires each one red white and blue The connector has three holes and says V -D D The other two are single connectors with hole each and it says quot Ground quot should this one be connected to the one in the manual on page - that says quot USB header quot So I m pretty sure that this is the way they should be matched up Please let me know if I m way off base nbsp

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What are those cable things used for on a PCI graphics card.

On this graphics card there is one blue connector thingy with holes in it, which I think is for some cable (excuse me for my lack of computer literacy). What is the cable port and the cable used for? And is the cable necessary for the graphics card to work in a computer, or is it just for connecting it to a tv or something --> I don't really know. Just wanna know if the port has to be used, or whether it can be left empty and still will work in a computer in a PCI slot.


A:What are the cable connectors/port things on the long silver metal part of a graphics
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I recently ordered two T hard drives a Seagate and a WD Caviar black I have an Asus P VD -MX motherboard which only has two Sata Up Setting Back Connectors Drive Sata on 2 with Motherboard Up a with 0 Raid connectors and Jmicron connector I orginally canceled the order for the Seagate as I read some bad Setting Up Raid 0 with Back Up Drive on a Motherboard with 2 Sata Connectors reviews which put me off but Setting Up Raid 0 with Back Up Drive on a Motherboard with 2 Sata Connectors the store sent it anyway so i m now thinking of keeping it which leaves me with Hard Drives including my original maxtor gb My question is considering I have two Sata connectors and Jmicron connector can I use all three hard drives What I want to do is set up raid on the Seagate and WD Drives and use the maxtor for backing up files not part of the Raid Can I use the Jmicron connector as a normal Sata connector to attach my backup drive The only other option I have is to use the Jmicron connector for drive and the eSata connector for an external drive set up in Raid which would allow the drives to run at the optimum gbs but I don t want an external drive really Please help as I am new to all this but really want to get the best use out of my two new drives without having to buy a new motherboard What s the best solution nbsp

A:Setting Up Raid 0 with Back Up Drive on a Motherboard with 2 Sata Connectors
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I have a Vaio Cr 220 laptop running vista, and it has the annoying habit of not producing any sound sometimes when I dis/reconnect the power cord. Also, for some reason the startup sounds always work, but sometimes they cut out about 30 seconds in. The device manager says everything is working, and my sound drivers are up to date. It generally fixes itself with a restart, but that gets really tedious to do everytime I move my laptop. I disconnect my laptop fairly often and it gets really annoying to watch youtube videos etc w/o sound. Someone said this is a common problem, any known fixes?

A:Sound cuts out when I unplug my laptop

Set your Power Management to 'Performance' (if it isn't now) and try it that way.
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Hello I am really upset I can t find any clue about my problem I cannot shutdown and power off my OMNIBOOK from soft Windows XP shutdown command or even hard switch action the notabook stops quite correctly and power off and start again after second or even Shutting Or Off / Pnp Plug Is With ? Only Not It Laptop On.. Unplug less What is possible to do for this Need to say also I installed Windows XP all was Laptop Not Shutting Off Or On.. Only With Plug / Unplug Is It Pnp ? working very very fine Only problem was this sleeping mode that isn t coming back correctly about screen staying black at wake up But about shutdown all was working for now only way to switch on is to put AC plug inside and it starts directly and switch off by removing it at the best moment possible when hearing the fans stopping before it starts again this problem appeared without any reason no installation no special actions I formatted and reinstalled ALL and is the same problem staying anyway LDo anyone think it can be from the harware itself power switch So many people seems to have Did Hewlett Packard not do anything for this I ll pay anyone having the answer for me my email dragonfly helicosXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX com Moderator edit E-mail address removed to foil spambot harvesting jgweed

A:Laptop Not Shutting Off Or On.. Only With Plug / Unplug Is It Pnp ?

If you have reinstalle dWindows and the same problem persits then that eliminates Windows. I would suggest getting your computer checked out by a qualified tech that can go thru the computer on the spot.

From first hand experience I would try on thing and this only applies to desktop type computers not to laptops.

Take the side off when there is no power turned on and make syre all of the connections are tight. Ohter than this take it in to the repair shop.

Have a good one.
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So first of all I have a Dell Inspiron m with Windows XP Home SP Some background info that may or may not be relevant I just had this OS installed though the computer is several years old I had an ingenuine XP Pro before I cleared my C drive and installed a genuine XP Home The XP installed was SP and then I did all the WUDs up to now I where I Solved: BSOD laptop... get when my I I a unplug have SP Also during that period I had done a repair install because of some error I was getting following installation of a WUD I don t know if any of that will be relevant at all but just thought I should mention it I get this BSOD any time I unplug my laptop It says quot A problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL quot yada yada yada quot STOP bunch of crap gv sys - Address F A A base at F A Datestamp dd eb Beginning dump of physical memory quot I don t think it s a Solved: I get a BSOD when I unplug my laptop... battery Solved: I get a BSOD when I unplug my laptop... problem because I can use the computer after it reboots with the cord still unplugged So I guess it s not that bad but it s like I just can t unplug the computer while it s on I know I used to be able to though What do I need to do to keep this from happening nbsp

A:Solved: I get a BSOD when I unplug my laptop...

This sounds like the problem.
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After shutting down, my computer will not power-on again unless I unplug the power-cord, then plug it back in (or use the psu on/off switch).

I have tried changing PSU, same thing happens.

My guess it has to be related to my motherboard.
I have the latest bios. I have reset the bios.
This happened after upgrading to a opteron 180 cpu. But I'm not sure if its related.
I have tried disconnecting the RAM, harddrive, graphics card to no avail. Also tried refitting the power-button cables.
Computer is rock stable once its on ...It powers on fine if I switch off the PSU with the button that is located on the psu, or pull out the power-cable before turning it on.

Any ideas what might be causing this?
Epox 9npa+ultra motherboard, amd opteron 180 (939), win xp sp3, 2gb ram

A:computer will not power-on unless I unplug power cable first

Unplugging the power supply, or disconnecting from the source allows everything to reset in the power supply and on the motherboard. This situation is most always associated with a defective power supply.

Since you have changed the power supply and the condition persists then the problem almost has to be a fault in the motherboard POWER GOOD circuitry.

If it were my machine I would just get in the habit of turning off the power supply after use, and live with it. Unless the problem is something obvious such as a "bulging" or leaking capacitor, chasing a problem like this is like chasing ghosts.
Relevancy 55.04%

I have a gateway m-6851. I bought this battery 2 months ago. This just started happening today. My laptop is running fine, I unplug it to move it. I assumed it went to battery power, but nope. It turned off. This happens 100% of the time. I've tried reseating the battery twice. Windows 7 reads it at 100% with no problems. any ideas?

I don't know that much about hardware, but is there maybe some setting thats messed up. Such as a setting that tells windows to switch to battery, or try to switch to battery, because windows reads the battery just fine.

Relevancy 55.04%

Everytime I install windows 98 on my laptop, everything looks ok. I can
reboot, etc, no problems. However, once I unplug the laptop from the ac
adaptor, (my battery does have a short life span of 1 hour), next time I plug
it back in, hard drive is wiped out, no partition or anything. I am wondering
if this is simply a malfunction harddrive, or a more serious problem.

Relevancy 55.04%

Hello About Christmas time I got a new laptop It s a Dell Inspiron r SE i Rse- ALU Basically whenever I unplug my laptop it turns extremely slow Not slow as in some programs take a while to load I mean like I can barely move the mouse across the screen slow My computer s specs are Intel Core i - QM Processor GB of RAM Windows Operating System AMD Radeon HD M Grapics Card switchable Intel HD Graphics Card Since I have had the laptop I have always had it on plugged in recently I unplugged my laptop to bring it in the other room and I could barely even more the mouse across the screen Its power plan is on High Performance I have Google d my issue before and I haven t been able to fix it Anyone have an idea as to why my PC is so slow unplugged Any help would be greatly appreciated Also sorry if this is in the wrong forum section I m new to the forums and I don t know where this post would go other than Windows nbsp

Relevancy 55.04%

It doesn't do it every time, but it's becoming a pain in the neck.

It doesn't blue screen and there's nothing in the event viewer.

My specs are attached.

I'm of a mind to think this is just hardware based, but any help would be appreciated!


A:Laptop crashes and restarts whenever I unplug charger.

Hi -

DirectX Kernel Diagnostics shows OS = Windows XP Pro SP3.

Is it the original battery?
" " A/C adapter?

One or both may be failing/ failed.

What happens if no battery is installed?

Regards. . .


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Everytime i unplug the battery , after a few seconds the laptop shuts down , Having this problem from months!
Relevancy 54.61%

Hi all I m new to the forums So please be patient I Troubleshoot a lot of Laptops Now I already know that if the machine powers on but there is no video on the internal LCD to hook up and external monitor and if I get video the problem is some where between the onboard graphics adapter and that if there is no video on the external monitor that will tell me whether the onboard graphics have failed Here is my question and tell me Video Laptop Connectors if this makes any sense al all I have encountered laptops that do not have and Laptop Video Connectors form of video out My question is Lets say thatI have a known Laptop Video Connectors good LCD pulled from a laptop Is there available for purchase and adapter kit to be able to hook my known good LCD to many different manufacturers laptops for testing purposes Or is there some way I could build something like this myself Thanks in advance for and reply s nbsp

A:Laptop Video Connectors

That is what the external monitor plug is on laptops.
Also any none CRT monitor is just an LCD screen.
If you were to take a modern LCD based monitor apart - and this is definitely NOT recommended - you would find a transformer and rectifier to drop the mains to 5v and 12v DC and a standard LCD panel that is likely to be common to many makes of Laptop as well as LCD monitors.
Relevancy 54.61%

Hey everyone,

I wanted to get rid of my DVD drive on my laptop and swap in a HHD. I bought a 1T drive and an adapter, but when it came it didn't fit. Take a look at the connectors below. I have the sliver one on top and the HDD adapter that I ordered has the black one on bottom. I need to get another adapter, but I don't know how to search for the correct connector type. I usually order from

Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:What are these connectors called on my Laptop DVD-ROM

Oops. Here is a pic
Relevancy 54.61%

Just wondering if anyone knows this specific type of connecter/cable used for the internal USB card in the Asus Nova Lite PX20 (Images attatched). Even something similar to this cable should work. Any ideas?

Relevancy 54.61%

It is my understanding that when unplugging this laptop, u should unplug from the wall before the laptop. If the pc is off, does it matter which order to unplug?? I would like to leave the wall plug connected and undo the laptop end as it is in an easier to reach place. Any thoughts? Thanks.

A:Compaq CQ62 laptop plug/unplug query

You should be fine just unplugging at the laptop. Think about what happens when you use a docking station. You simply remove the laptop from the dock. The power remains on to the dock. There's no reason you can't simply unplug from the laptop and leave the power brick plugged in, other than wasting a bit of electricity ...
Relevancy 54.61%

Hi folks,

I have my internet dongle plugged into my laptop(ASUS) and everything is fine lan 4 is showing on the adaptors.
Here is my problem when I unplug the dongle lan 4 disappears and my connection is lost.
the WIFI light is off, when I press the Fn + F2( which is my WIFI) nothing happens the light doesn't go on.
I`ve tried using the Fn key to turn sound up/down that's fine.
Any help is greatful

Thanks in advance.


Relevancy 53.75%

Sorry in advance if this is in the wrong place. Feel free to move it to the appropriate forum.

Ok, my problem is that whenever I switch the computer on it comes up with 'video cable connected?' even though it is clearly in.

So this afternoon I opened the back of the computer up to see if it was anything internal. And lo and behold there were 4 cords/cables/plugs out of place (by out of place i mean not connected anywhere).

These were P2, P3, P7, P8. Now I don't know the function of them, nor really care, but i just want to know where they go exactyl in the tower. I've been trying to find a place where they can go but i havent been able to find it.

Its an old HP Pavillion 8600/9600 model.

Any idea where they go? As I think they may be the problem.


Relevancy 53.75%

Are the new round cables interchangeable with the subject cables? Also, do all 80 wire/40 pin cables have the blue connector for MOBO? I reall haven't been able to find a answer searching forums or Google. Thanks for responding.

A:80 wire/40 pin internal cable

Assuming you mean 'old IDE cable' when you say 'subject cable'..

Yes, the round ones are interchangeable.

With all the IDE cables I've seen in the past few years, they all have a blue connector end for the motherboard.
Relevancy 53.75%

I had to replace the speakers in my Toshiba Satellite Laptop and after disassembling the unit and replacing the speakers, I find that the ribbon connectors are difficult to be connected to the base and if I connect one, others pull out. I have tried many times and now I am afraid that some connectors have been damaged because of so many attempts.

Is there a way to connect these ribbon cables without using a microscopic fingers ? I would be grateful if someone could point me in the right direction.
Relevancy 52.89%

I bought an ATX case that has a front Firewire connection. The internal cable from the firewire port is a 9 pin female (5 on one row, 4 on another row).

My PCI Firewire card has a 4 pin male connection and a "standard" firewire port for internal connections.

Is there an adapter I can use in order to make the front firewire port functional?

Relevancy 52.03%

Happy thanksgiving all,

I have been racking my brain for days trying to solve this problem so hopefully someone will be able to help me. I need an internal s/pdif cable to send the audio from my motherboad (Intel DX58SO) to my graphics card (Msi N9600gt-md1g). I think (but could be dead wrong) that the video card is supposed to be a 2 pin connector, and the motherboard is supposed to be a 3 pin. Can someone:

A. Help me confirm this, and
B. Find somewhere where I can purchase this online?

-Thanks so much!

A:Internal S/pdif Cable (MoBo to Graphics Card)

You are correct more of less. Just set one of theses up for a friend. it was a small two pin cable. Connected to the internal spdif and the video card. Does your mobo have a internal spdif connection and does your graphics card have a spdif connection? The graphics card should have came with a cable if it supports it.
Relevancy 51.17%

Name: Sound Ports
Sound Card: IDT 92HD206 8-channel audio CODEC
Bug: Out of randomness my speakers will just mute. Whenever i go to my audio cp it says that the main audio jack is plugged into the microphone jack(pink one), but when I look behind my computer it is in the main audio jack (green one). It's confusing me.


Name: Internal Graphics Temperature
Series: geforce 9800 GT.
Bug: My computer has been running lately at about 56 degree's idle, 70 on ultra-setting fallout 3. When I just put my computer together it was 25 degree's idle, 42 on ultra-setting fallout 3. I checked if all my fans were running and my bottom fan has minimal outtake.

Heres a picture:
Is there anyway to fix it? It's clean I made sure of that ^^.

A:Internal Bugs (Exmp: Motherboard)

my bottom fan has minimal outtake.

what does this mean????
Relevancy 51.17%

I'm using a motherboard (MSI-7592 G41) and I was using 4 hard disk through it in the past. Two of them started to show problem so, I stop using them for a while. I thought it was the problem of the hard disk. But I checked it on another PC, there were indeed some problems in them which I fixed with chkdsk command.Upon further checking out I found it was the cable from the power supply (dont know the name but i have the picture of it below) at fault. So, I replaced them. Now when I plugg all 4 hard disk on my pc. It is working fine and showing all hard disks but I feel like there is something lagging in my system. Sometime it hangs... but most of the time it works fine....So, my main question is... should i continue using 4 hard disk on my motherboard... will it be ok or not...,158167.0.html
Relevancy 51.17%

i have a desktop connected to DSL with a router, and now i am attempting to connect another desktop to an adapter. i have never opened up a modem before and have no idea where the motherboard is, or what it looks like. how do i find it, and how do i know where the slot is to place my adapter? clear pictures would be helpful (i'm a visual learner), or helpful instructions. i have a emachine brand desktop from walmart.

thank you -

A:how to connect internal adapter to motherboard
Relevancy 50.31%

Hi we are building a pc and have the following problem.
Internal LED from power supply stays on - so good, however pc was running now wont turn on. The 24 pin connector from the psu to the motherboard when partly pushed in makes the pc flash on and off - when fully in pc wont turn on at all, led stays on. Power supply is good as we tested it.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Internal power supply problem to motherboard

Is the motherboard in the case? Are you sure that the motherboard is standing well off from the metal case? If not you may have caused some damage by pushing the connector hard and shorted the motherboard onto the chassis.
How have you tested the power supply? No load tests may not show up a problem.
Relevancy 49.02%

Hi Guys,

Need help with my PC. Previously can ON and start Windows without any problem.
Then after 1 to 2 hrs it dead. Then i cannot ON back.

I have to wait for 3 to 5 hrs to ON and it work. But now it canot even load.
I change hdd to master and dvdrom to slave.. aslo cannot work
sometime it work then after shut down .. it cannot load again..damn frustating

Even change cable aso cannot work.. DVD rom to master , HDD to slave aslo can't work.
Anyone know what is wrong with my PC ?

P4 - 366mhz
Win XP

A:Motherboard or Cable ?

Sounds like overheating or Power Supply issue.

Check that all fans are running including the Heatsink fan (ontop of the CPU/ Processor) and the powersupply fan also and are not clogged with dust.
Relevancy 48.16%

Hello, i have got a AsRock H81M-DGS R2.0 Motherboard. I plugged in my Ethernet cable but it said it didn't have the drivers (i have a on networks powerline 500 ethernet cable) Can someone please help!

A:My Motherboard wont use mt Ethernet cable!!!!!

Go to the ASrock website and download the drivers, as simple as that.
Relevancy 48.16%

Hello I bought all separate PC parts hoping to build my own quot customized quot system but it turned out to help Asus Need to cable motherboard P8P67 be a complete blunder lol The problem is that there seems to be too many cables coming out of PSU FSP CM series if that matters and I swear I cannot find enough female connectors on the motherboard to plug all those cables by default there are cables coming out of Need help to cable Asus P8P67 motherboard PSU and the first one i m having problem with is the two-headed pin VGA connector I searched and searched and searched for a connector on the motherboard but couldn t find so I left it unconnected of course I studied MB manual Need help to cable Asus P8P67 motherboard didn t find a solution the main ATX pin connector well this seems to be pretty straightforward actually i tried to connect then pins still got the same problem described below the third cable is quot three-headed quot with connectors named CPU - CPU - and P I plugged P in as it seems the easiest one to connect What does MB manual says about this connector i e female connector because PSUs manual is pretty useless One in my view of the most important points do no forget to connect the -pin -pin EATX V power plug otherwise the system will not boot So can somebody tell my if there is a difference between ONE P connector and TWO CPU - and CPU - connectors PSUs power is W What happens when I plug the PSU power cable into V power outlet and press on the back of the PSU The green standby power LED on the motherboard which lights up to indicate that the system is ON in sleep mode or in soft-off mode lights up for several milliseconds simultaneously with audible beep then goes out for some seconds then lights up again with a beep and so on If I press the power button on the fron side of the chassis nothing happens And this happens regardless if ATX power connector is connected using or pins Any tips pointing where the problem lies would be extremely well appreciated nbsp

Relevancy 48.16%

Hi guys, I bought new motherboard Z97M Pro 4. I installed all drivers and chipset. I even tried to reinstall the network driver but still without any success... When I try windows repair it says that I haven't my ethernet cable plugged but I have. The cable blinks from time to time but that's all. On my modem the diode with 10/100M is blinking once like every 10 seconds but that's all. When I plug the same cable into my laptop it works fine and the diode on my modem is constantly blinking. I really hope that someone will be able to help me with this. Sorry for my english and if I forget some informations. Thank you guys

A:New motherboard - can't recognize ethernet cable

What do you mean you tried ? What is the problem ? The network driver is right on the cd.

If you haven`t installed the network (ethernet) driver successfully you are not gonna get out to the web. Keep trying.
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I recently tried to record some sound off my computer onto my Fostex I already fried two channels of the Fostex way back just by trying to dodgy fried sound a cable? Have my I with motherboard get an audio signal into it and plugging it in while everything was switched on d oh but the computer itself was fine with it This time I fried a third channel of my Fostex I plugged everything in in advance Have I fried my motherboard with a dodgy sound cable? from the line out to the line ins of the Fostex and fried the right channel of the Fostex Mad with myself for losing yet another channel I very carefully plugged in a new channel and no sound was coming through except a rumble crackle I plugged headphones into the computer and still hear just the rumble Headphones still work with any other device Same with speakers - rumble rumble Device manager says the sound card is working fine I pulled out the card and rebooted trying to use the audio out that comes with the basic setup a green jack on the back of the computer that comes stright off the motherboard and get exactly the same rumble So I put the sound card back in another PCI slot and after windows successfully instals it still the same rumble No more sound at all except the rumble Have I fried something more important than the sound card itself Is that possible I am now pretty sure the cable was dodgy and possibly the two poles got crossed at some point in the wiggling of the cable Aaron nbsp
Relevancy 47.3%

This happened the end of last week sometime I was using the computer shut it LED, led, Power else for all but lights cable ethernet motherboard nothing on down then the next morning I hit the power button but all that came on was the LED on the power button the LED on the motherboard and the indicator lights for the ethernet all were on but nothing else I initially figured a power supply problem so I got the old power supply I had for my system and put it in also I took out the video card I had to Power led, motherboard LED, lights for ethernet cable all on but nothing else pull it out because my old power supply isn t big enough to power it The computer powered up but had a message about a bad Power led, motherboard LED, lights for ethernet cable all on but nothing else CMOS I hard booted the comp and it came up normally with everything working right I had ordered a new power supply and got it today but when I put it in I got the exact same results that I was originally having problems with I tried replacing the little coin battery on the motherboard I didn t think it was a problem but I couldn t think of anything else to try I m beginning to think it s something with my motherboard but it comes up fine with the original power supply I had for the system W The other power supply and the new one I ordered were both W Does anyone know of some diagnostic tools that I can use to test some different hardware or can you point me in the right direction as to what is causing the problems nbsp

A:Power led, motherboard LED, lights for ethernet cable all on but nothing else
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So tonight I shut down my computer and unplugged the VGA cable from my graphics card and tried to plug it into the VGA input on my motherboard The reason for this was because I tried switched from dedicated graphics to Motherboard signal cable No VGA into from plugging after monitor integrated graphics Long story When it was plugged into the motherboard I tried switching my computer on and my monitor No signal from monitor after plugging VGA cable into Motherboard came up with no signal and the light stayed orange So I tried to plug The VGA cable back into my graphics card then No signal from monitor after plugging VGA cable into Motherboard I still got no signal II ve tried everything from re-seating the graphics card and RAM to trying different monitors and cables It simply isn t working and all I did was unplug the VGA cable from my graphics card into my motherboard VGA input I can t post any detailed system info as I am writing this on my iPod very time consuming as I can t even do anything on my computer But my monitor was displaying everything perfectly fine before I unplugged my VGA cable when my computer was shut down I don t see what s causing this Any help will be greatly appreciated nbsp

Relevancy 47.3%

Alright, today I had recieved my new mother board in the mail and I went to install it all the cords I had fited on to the board except the cord to the power button the pc is a hp a644n desk top and the motherboard is an asus p5b-vm

A:Power button cable doesn't fit on new motherboard

Are you saying that the plastic connector on the end of the Power Button cable is too big to fit on the motherboard block?
Or that the cable is too short?
Relevancy 47.3%

Hi everyone and excuse me for my bad English.

I have one very old laptop- Toshiba Portege 3110 CT, but the cable between motherboard and the plate with USB and audio connector is missing. Do you could help me? if anyone have plan or picture of this cable, please send me it.


A:Missing motherboard cable for Portege 3110 CT


You can try your luck and can wait till someone will post such photo or link.
But to be honest I would recommend contacting a ASP in your country and to ask for such cable or a part which can be helpful for you.

The nearest ASP can be found here; -> Support & Download -> Find an Authorized Service Provider

Good luck
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Hi All I have Laptop Toshiba Satellite L windows I used cable DSL Solved: back cable modem modem-now interne Cable can't laptop to my connect to to modem Motorola SURFboard SBG and it was working fine Then I changed my ISP to Century Link and used their DSL modem and still everything worked just fine Now I moved to another city and used same cable modem SBG Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne and Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne connected my business PC thru ethernet and it is working fine The problem is with my laptop which I tried to connect wirelessly but coudn t so I tried to connect it thru ethernet but it does not even recognizes it Funny thing is my hard wired computer has picked up same network name thru modem and is working fine both thru ethernet and wifi this computer I am using first time with this modem My laptop find available networks and when I select my network with password some time it Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne says connected with limited access and some time quot windows was unable to connect quot message I tried most of the solutions by calling Suddenlink and Motorola but no luck I am wordering if it has to do anything with centurylink s DSL modem being used on this laptop before and somehow blocking cable modem Any help nbsp

A:Solved: Cable modem to DSL back to cable modem-now my laptop can't connect to interne
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Motherboard Product Name ECS PT CE-A Model Version CPU Intel Pentium rk pg m Memory Micron MT VDDT AG- B MB PC MHZ HDD western digital wd bb Power supply w Newton Power from a gateway select athlon Operation System Windows XP Home Edition I installed this ECS PT CE-A motherboard and the not power (12v) connected cable atx2 Motherboard powering with up drivers from the cd that came with it and the system worked fine for a few hours I left my computer on and about hour later it shut down and would not start when I click the Motherboard not powering up with atx2 (12v) power cable connected power button With the ATX and ATX power cables attached it would not start however if I remove ATX the fans will run but nothing shows up on the screen I disconnected everything from the motherboard and took it out of the case and it still didn t power up I tried removing the CPU leaving only the motherboard as it came in the box and it still didn t power up I even cleared CMOS and the problem still persists I was told by an ECS technician that I should use a power supply rated at least watts Could this motherboard be defective Did I damage it by using an insufficient power supply or will a bigger supply bring it back to life Any information you can provide is greatly appriciated Thank you nbsp

A:Motherboard not powering up with atx2 (12v) power cable connected

Bubblersound: I'd try a new power supply. Get an Antec or one comparable. Don't buy something cheap. I don't think you messed up your motherboard by using an underpowered PSU.
Good luck.
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Having trouble finding it. It's a XPS L502X. The ribbon reads 20696 E221612-S 80C 30V VW-1. Is this something I need to order through a third-party or do you think I'd have any luck finding it at a local repair shop?

A:Broke the ribbon cable from my power button to the motherboard

Hi onlygothalf,
You may contact Dell's Out of Warranty repairs team from the link (Applicable to US customers). If you are in a different region, go to select the country/region from the top, scroll down and click on 'Contact Dell Sales' to get the contact information. If you wish you can check out a local store as well if they have the parts available. Make sure you buy genuine parts.
Hope this helps. Please reply if you have any questions.
Relevancy 46.87%

Hello all,
I've got a Toshiba Port?g? R700-195. The cable between the screen and the motherboard is riven . I'd like to know where i could find one.


A:Portégé R700- Searching for screen to motherboard cable


I guess you can order such cable directly from Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.

But also some independent computer part reseller / online dealer should be able to provide such cables?égé-R700-Searching-for-screen-to-motherboard-cable
Relevancy 46.87%

So I put a new motherboard in my PC, and soon after my internet stopped working. When I look in the back of my PC, where you plug the ethernet cable in, it is not lit up as it usually is when you plug it in. I know the ethernet cable is good. My modem has all green lights, im posting using the same connection from that modem on my laptop. I think it has something to do with settings because of the new mobo installed. I am not sure though. Tried googling for some solutions with no luck.

Again I tried the ethernet cord in my laptop, and it works great. I get a wireless connection of my modem great also. So it is not the modem/cable. For some reason it is not recognizing that the ethernet cable is plugged in, and won't get connected. It worked perfect before the new mobo was installed.

A:Computer not recognizing Ethernet cable after new motherboard install

Did you load the new mother board drivers?
Relevancy 46.87%

Hi, I have exactly VN7-591G-70FN. On this image you can see hdd that is disconnect from same laptop as mine(Found on internet).I want to upgrade my hdd storage, but i have only 255 SSD in M2 slot. So I bought 2,5'' WD HDD (same like this), but I cannot find cable SATAIII to MB.(cable/connector on the image). Somebody know what kind of cable do I need ? Thanks for help.
Relevancy 46.44%

Hi, I offered my friend a hand to solve this strange problem with his serial ata port. It seems one of the Sata wont work properly, the hard drive has windows 8.1, with uefi bios available. The point is, after switching sata ports it boots from dvd by default, can I set to boot from hdd first,
? I tried a lot of times to set boot option #1 hdd
Boot option #2 to disabled but the system still boots from dvd, the next time I enter the bios appears by default dvd drive
I went to cd dvd boot option and set It to disable the drive
Then I went to hdd and set to default the hdd
I even disconnected and booted without the drive dvd
But there is not any changes. If I insert a boot capable disc into the drive, it boots from the dvd drive.
Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Hello, gigabyte motherboard after switching Sata cable would boot from dvd drive

Is the time and date correct?
This could be caused by one of these.
A connection problem between the motherboard and the hdd.
A problem with the operating system, like a problem with the MBR.  But you should receive an error message like boot device not found, or hdd not recognized.
A problem with the hdd.
Relevancy 45.58%

I got a new case for a friends computer today and set about removing motherboard hardware from old case to install in new machine around plastic 3.5 cable ribbon Solved: from drive unplugging inch Broke motherboard!? while While unplugging the ribbon cable connected to the inch floppy drive from the motherboard I ran into dificulties getting it to disconnect I must have tugged a little too hard because Solved: Broke plastic around 3.5 inch drive ribbon cable while unplugging from motherboard!? the plastic surrounding the pins on the motherboard broke off on one side though the pins did not seem to be ruined I thought quot Well that sucked hope it turns out ok quot I did notice that pin was not present on the motherboard like pins in but hoped maybe that was standard Now after installing everything into the new case and booting up the inch drive is not being recognized I don t know for certain if the drive was being recognized before It is not recognized in cmos Probably stupid question but is it certain that I broke the connection on the motherboard nbsp

A:Solved: Broke plastic around 3.5 inch drive ribbon cable while unplugging from motherboard!?
Relevancy 45.15%

I have a Sony Vaio with WIFI and an ALienware that does not have WIFI. I need to connect the Alienware to the Vaio with ethernet cable to access the net. I keep getting a IP address conflict message on the Vaio. The only thing I need the Vaio for is the WIFI connectivity. Will be purchasing a new PCI card (wireless adapter) soon but until I do... I need to make that connection on the Vaio a Hot Spot or the likes. Any surefire methodology to accomplish this task? Thanks so much for any help you can offer. Kirt (530)749-1110

A:Win XP, laptop#1 has WIFI, laptop #2 needs to connect thru #1 with ethernet cable

what operating systems are on the PCs

you should use ICS - internet connection sharing or bridge
what type of cable do you have - it may need a crossover cable if the pcs are old and do not have autosensing LAN connections
TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing

TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing

TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing - for windows XP

TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing - for windows VISTA

windows 7
TURN ON ICS - for internet sharing - for windows 7

Bridging two network connections:
Make sure the secondary connection has DHCP enabled.
Open the Network Connections folder from the Start Menu, Settings.
Select the first connection to be used in the bridge and highlight it by left clicking on it.
Holding the Ctrl key, select the second connection to be used in the bridge by left clicking on it.
Right click on one of the two highlighted connections and select Bridge Connections.

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My laptop's fan has been rattling, and I was trying to find the proper heatsink(internal fan only) for my laptop. I couldn't find the exact model or close to the exact model anywhere. So I was planning to use a different fan for my laptop. But ,it has lower voltage requirements than the original fan. Will it work fine with the laptop?

A:Can I use a different internal fan for my laptop?

Did you check with the laptop manufacturer? How much lower voltage?
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I am trying Format HD and install clean XP on a laptop with a semi broken internal CD rom. I attemted this last night, but the read kept stalling as thought the drive connection went bad multiple times during the install and the os doesn't work properly. Today I have an external cd-rom I hope to use instead of the internal. Will this work? is there anything I need to know with this. Is there any difference between the install on a laptop as opposed to a desktop? Thanks in advance!

A:Install XP on laptop with bad internal cd rom

Well, does the laptop work now that you tried to install XP few times on it? Because the computer will need the drivers for the external CD rom before the CD rom will work. (I assume you have a USB 2.0 or firewire port on the laptop.)

If Windows does not boot any more, there may be a way to do it in dos, but I'm not a dos person
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We need to purchase a new internal battery for our mac laptop - any ideas where, seems to be a lost item
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my internal laptop fan decided to die. the laptop is flexirented so i could easily send it in for a repair although last time their repair took 4 months. are there any things that can be done to reset the fan or reinstall the driver or something?

A:internal laptop fan kaput

When the fan doesnt work anymore all you can do is replace it and not use the computer because overheating will probably kill it.Im not sure what flexirented means but any good computer repair shop wont take 4 months to fix it for my knowledge unless im missing something there are no drivers needed for a fan.
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I recently purchased an internal DVD writer - The Samsung H552U and have been using it with my desktop with no issues. I would like to use it with my laptop too.
1. I have a USB to IDE cable that I plugged into my laptop and the DVD writer.
2. I powered the DVD writer through my desktop.
3. I set the jumper setting to slave.
4. I loaded the drivers for the DVD writer.
However the writer was not recognized as an external USB drive. I rebooted the computer but had no luck then either.
The laptop runs WinXP home edition and is a Dell inspiron 1100.
Any ideas?

Thanks a lot, guys.

A:An internal IDE DVD drive with my laptop

I think you're doing something pretty risky, since you're connecting your desktop P/S to the laptop through the USB connection!

My advice is to spring for a USB 2.0 5.25" case. Here's one at NewEgg for $25.99 + $1 shipping. With this setup, you can plug the drive into any computer and use it.
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Hi guys,

I just learned how to crimp straight cables and crossover cables. =^.^=
(Sorry for the shallow things that make me happy haha.)

The green one is the crossover cable, the white one is the straight cable.
In class, we were told cross-cables can be used to transfer files directly between laptops (generally 2 computers) without any intermediary device (like a flashdrive). We were only able to test the cables by pinging, since we ran out of time.

I found this post, which outlines what must be done nicely, but unfortunately does not explain much further on how to do it.

If anyone can explain the outline above in a step-tutorial, it would be much appreciated.
Thanks guys!

A:Laptop to Laptop File Transfer via LAN Cable

I have never learned how to crimp. But I would really like to see a tutorial on it.
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Ok first of all thanks to anyone who reads this and I hope I am being as clear as possible My desktop computer recently just went and not for new DSL desktop laptop ;\ laptop works but the cable all blank white screen on me last night and since I have no idea what to do with it to fix it I just bought a new laptop I have a DSL modem from Verizon with only one cable so before I used to just remove it from the desktop and plug it into my other laptop to use the internet I did this last night with the new laptop as well and this morning I tried to connect to the internet on the new laptop and it said could not connect to the internet no matter what website I tried I decided to try plugging the DSL line into the OLD laptop to see if it was the internet but it works on the old laptop just fine and was working on the new laptop yesterday just fine Can someone please help me I do not understand why the old laptop works perfectly and never had a virus but every new computer I get seems to be quot crap quot pardon my language Any thoughts nbsp

A:DSL cable works for desktop and laptop but not the new laptop ;\

Connect to the old laptop and get the Internet working and connected, then I'd like to see this.
Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD then press Enter to open a command prompt:

In the command prompt window that opens, type type the following command:

Note that there is a space before the /ALL, but there is NOT a space after the / in the following command.


Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter to copy the contents to the clipboard.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.

After that, connect to the new laptop, reboot the laptop and then post the same thing from the new laptop.

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Ever since I got my new Dell Vostro 1510 I've noticed that the speakers are well.. lacking to say the least. They're horribly tinny and have no bass whatsoever. My old D600 speakers were much better than these ones.

Is there anyone out there that has upgraded the internal speakers in their laptop before? Do you think this would be a difficult task to accomplish?

I know there are external solutions including headphones and 2.1 systems that would be great but I need something that is just as portable as my laptop by itself with no extra peripherals.
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Ok. For Some reason, my internal speaker on the right side is a bit messed up. Whenever I play anything, it gives off this interferring bass sound like U get from static or something. It very muffled. My left speaker is ok but my right speaker is giving off this sound. I don't know how to fix it.

I just got this laptop two days ago. I think it doing this is cause My battlefield 2 crashed and now, I can't figure out how to fix this sound thing.
This also happened yesterday but it fixed itself out somehow. I don't know what I did yesterday to fix this but earlier today, BF2 crashed and now my audio on the right internal speaker messed up.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Mobile AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3500+, x64 Family 15 Model 76 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1917 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 , 3 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 46879 MB, Free - 13409 MB; D: Total - 10239 MB, Free - 5462 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0UW744, , .G2KNR2J.CN486437130689.
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Disabled

I can use the headphones but the internal speaker is dead.
Can anyone help me please?

Many thanks, Anthony

A:Solved: laptop internal speakers

have you tried updating the drivers?
Device manager/select speakers/right click/choose update driver
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OK I m hoping someone can help here I have an Acer Aspire WLMi laptop and am finding the GB laptop internal - Replacing hdd Acer hdd provided a little small now I would ideally like to replace it with a GB so have a few questions The actual disc drive This is the one currently in the laptop http www seagate com ww v Replacing internal hdd - Acer laptop index j fc VgnVCM dd aRCRD amp reqPage Model Can this be replaced with this http www ebuyer com product Only problem I see is old one is SATA and new one is SATA II not sure of difference If it can t can someone recommend a good alternative Migrating software etc This is an Acer specific problem I guess Acer Laptops do not come with master restore discs Instead there is a GB hidden partition used to restore when things go wrong I m pretty sure there is an option for this to be backed up to cd dvd for this exact situation My question is The visible hdd is partioned into a GB C and GB D drive When the system is restored via the hidden partition everything on the C is lost everything on the D is kept Can this be set up on the new laptop for say a identical GB C but with the increased GB D Sorry if I havent explaned very well Any help anyone can give on any of the above points would be greatly appreciated Also let me know if you need any other info about my laptop Thanks nbsp

A:Replacing internal hdd - Acer laptop

SATA II drives should be fully backwards compatible. You could try to clone the drives?
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Hey I'm a noobie when it come to the internal components of a laptop, lately my laptop has been overheating and a guy I asked at geek squad said an air compressor should be more then suffient to remove dust ( I even specifically said it hasn't been dusted for a year and I believe it is clogged with dust). My first question is, what is a heat sink? Is it connected to the fan?

And also, is removing the fan and cleaning it possible without needing any special items (such as needing thermal paste for a heat sink)

What happens if you don't use thermal paste, what's wrong with just putting everything back together? And is it the heat sink that's a problem in my situation or is it my fan or both?

A:Laptop internal dust removal

You can usually get way with a can of compressed air and with the battery removed and unplugged blast some air through the vents (use a toothpick or something to hold the fan still).

It would also help to post make/model of your laptop, we then might be able to help you remove the access panels to blast air in them as well.

Heatsinks are to disperse the heat away (usually look like small fins) some have fans on them some don't....would help to know make/model.
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I accidently removed it as an audio device and I can't find how to get it back anywhere!
Please help someone!

A:How do I re-install an internal microphone to my laptop?!

Hi try using system restore to a point prior to you making the change
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Hi first i just want to say im not that great with computers so step by step instructions would be great

ok i have a dell latitude c400 and my internal apeakers are not working although headphones pluged in the jack are and I have no cd drive so i cant reformat computer then try if it works also i have tried DELL.CA for driver updates there were none i have no driver cd or anything please help me

Umm i attached my system resource report from device manager in the word document

and here is a link i uploaded of the sound codecs and stuff from device manager

A:Help internal laptop speakers not working



Resource Summary Report - Page: 1 ******************** SYSTEM SUMMARY ******************** Windows Version: Windows 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build 2600) Registered Owner: jay Registered Organization: A-Quality-Computers Computer Name: LILZ Machine Type: AT/AT COMPATIBLE System BIOS Version: DELL - 27d40301 System BIOS Date: 03/01/04 Processor Type: x86 Family 6 Model 11 Stepping 4 Processor Vendor: GenuineIntel Number of Processors: 1 Physical Memory: 639 MB ******************** DISK DRIVE INFO ******************** Drive C: Type: Fixed disk drive Total Space: 20,003,848,192 bytes Free Space: 12,380,905,472 bytes Heads: 255 Cylinders: 2432 Sectors Per Track: 63 Bytes Per Sector: 512 ******************** IRQ SUMMARY ******************** IRQ Usage Summary: (ISA) 0 System timer (ISA) 1 Dell Enhanced QuietKey PS2 with DellTouch (ISA) 2 System board (ISA) 3 SMC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port (ISA) 4 Communications Port (COM1) (PCI) 5 Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection (PCI) 5 Crystal WDM Audio Codec (PCI) 5 PCTEL 2304WT V.9x MDC Modem (ISA) 6 Standard floppy disk controller (ISA) 7 System board (ISA) 8 System CMOS/real time clock (ISA) 9 Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System (PCI) 11 Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller (PCI) 11 Intel(R) 82801CA/CAM USB Universal Host Controller - 2482 (PCI) 11 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible) (PCI) 11 Texas Instruments PCI-1410 CardBus Controller (ISA) 12 Synaptics PS/2 Port Pointing Device (ISA) 13 Numeric data processor (ISA) 14 Primary IDE Channel (ISA) 15 Secondary IDE Channel ******************** DMA USAGE SUMMARY ******************** DMA Usage Summary: 2 Standard floppy disk controller 3 SMC IrCC - Fast Infrared Port 4 Direct memory access controller

Resource Summary Report - Page: 2 ******************** MEMORY SUMMARY ******************** Memory Usage Summary: [00000000 - 0009FBFF] System board [0009FC00 - 0009FFFF] System board [000A0000 - 000BFFFF] PCI bus [000A0000 - 000BFFFF] Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller [000C0000 - 000CFFFF] System board [000D0000 - 000DFFFF] PCI bus [000DF000 - 000DFFFF] Texas Instruments PCI-1410 CardBus Controller [000E0000 - 000FFFFF] System board [00100000 - 27EEFFFF] System board [27EF0000 - 27EFFFFF] System board [27F00000 - FED9FFFF] PCI bus [D8000000 - DFFFFFFF] Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller [E0000000 - E7FFFFFF] Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller [F4F00000 - F4F7FFFF] Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller [F4F80000 - F4FFFFFF] Intel(R) 82830M Graphics Controller [F6FFE000 - FAFFDFFF] Texas Instruments PCI-1410 CardBus Controller [FAFFE000 - FAFFEFFF] Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2915ABG Network Connection [FAFFFC00 - FAFFFC7F] 3Com 3C920 Integrated Fast Ethernet Controller (3C905C-TX Compatible) [FC000000 - FDFFFFFF] System board [FEBFFC00 - FEBFFFFF] System board [FEDA0000 - FEDFFFFF] System board [FEE00000 - FFB7FFFF] PCI bus [FFC00000 - FFF7FFFF] PCI bus [FFEFD000 - FFEFDFFF] Texas Instruments PCI-1410 CardBus Controller [FFEFE000 - FFEFEFFF] Texas Instruments PCI-1410 CardBus Controller [FFEFFC00 - FFEFFFFF] Intel(R) 82801CAM Ultra ATA Storage Controller-248A [FFF80000 - FFFFFFFF] System board ******************** IO PORT SUMMARY ******************** I/O Ports Usage Summary: [00000000 - 00000CF7] PCI bus [00000000 - 0000000F] Direct memory access controller [00000010 - 0000001F] Direct memory access controller [00000020 - 00000021] System board [00000024 - 00000025] Programmable interrupt controller [00000028 - 00000029] Programmable interrupt controller [0000002C - 0000002D] Programmable interrupt controller [0000002E - 0000002F] System board [00000030 - 00000031] Programmable interrupt controller [00000034 - 00000035] Programmable interrupt controller [00000038 - 00000039] Programmable interrupt controller [0000003C - 0000003D] Programmable interrupt controller [00000040 - 00000043] System timer [00000050 - 00000053] System timer [00000060 ... Read more
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I want to disable my laptop keyboard as arrow keys in it are being pressed due to some malfunction. I have external keyboard which i will be using instead of the one with keyboard. So is there a way i can completely disable it?

A:How do i disable my internal Laptop keyboard?

1 – Click the Start orb.
2 – Type Device Manager into the Search box. As soon as you start typing you should see a series of search results pop up. Click on Device Manager.
3 – Find Keyboards in the list of devices and click the arrow to expand it.
4 – Right-click on the internal keyboard and click Disable. If there is no Disable option listed, click Uninstall.
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I want to just start off by saying that my current speakers work, I'm just wondering if it is at all possible to find somewhere that sells higher quality ones. For example, purchasing harmon kardon speakers that are the same size as my current speakers. I have no cracked open my laptop to see what type they are yet, because I wanted to see if anyone else has tried this.

My laptop is a Samsung X460I. Any help or input on where or who to find internal speakers from would be greatly appreciated. I watch a lot of movies on this, and the audio quality is subpar and "tinny".

Also I understand that external speakers that sort of hang off a usb are available, but I'm looking for something more permanent.

A:Replacing internal laptop speakers?

Hiya pal

I don't think it's worth while trying to change your internal speakers for a couple of reasons.

1. Your going to void your warranty
2. The sound isn't going to improve that much
3. You might do more damage than it's worth

Why not look at a set of bluetooth wireless speakers. Apart from connecting them to your lappy these can double up as a hands free kit for your mobile phone as they have a built in mic & you can also play music from your phone through them. Some of them like this one are rechargeable so they don't even need a permanent power cable. They are quite cheap +- ?25 for the speaker and +- ?5 for a bluetooth adapter.... just a suggestion
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I would like to know what the maximum internal temp. for a Toshiba Laptop should be. I downloaded a system and the temp. showed 113F. Is that normal? Can you please give me a website that has more accurate information on internal temps, or tell me what my temp should be running at. Thank you so much for your help. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


A:Internal Temperature on Toshiba laptop

Considering its a toshiba laptop, that is fine as I have one myself and the temps are slightly hotter idle and mine is fine. Just be careful putting it on fabrics, e.g. beds, matresses etc.

I recommend SpeedFan as it recognises not far from all of the temps. Although it isnt a single exe application it is very useful.

Hope i helped, chazshep

EDIT: make sure to click the Speedfan 4.38 link as the advertisements look a tad dodgy. i couldn't hotlink sorry.