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I didn't know where to post this so, I taking a blind shot. I just started in a company where they don't have documentation of the network connected to which computer, data jack, patch panel number, and switch, and etc... Can anyone tell me where I can get a template or outline for this? Any help would be appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Network documentation

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Network documentation

No one at this company can help you with this? If not, take some time to document this yourself
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I've been asked to document our processes/procedures and I have no clue how to organize this project. Our IT Director doesn't want to go ISO at this time - I would love to see samples of documentation, get ideas or suggestions on where to start and if you've ever been tasked with this kind of project, how you did it...


Well, I have done this kind of thing for a small unit I ran a few years ago. I guess you have to really think of it logically. Start with listing all your high level processes, then break each one down to its component parts. Describe the actual processes within each part and the various checks and controls in place.

At the time I did this, it was an Audit requirement that, in the event of my whole team stepping in front of a bus or winning the lottery, anyone passing the office could be dragged in off the street, given a copy of the procedures and put to work. So in the end the procedures were fairly well detailed. You've said you're not going for ISO at this time, but if your procedures, processes and controls are well enough documented then you'll be most of the way down that road anyway.

Don't know if that's a great deal of help, but at least you're not alone in getting the exciting jobs!!

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I have just bought a new pc it was a good deal post hols from PCW I would like to know in UK where I stand re documentation and support The pc came with absolutely no paperwork save a very slim book about Ms Meadia which is not relavent to this machine anyway The only disc is a copy of Ms Works which I do not need I needed to investigate networking another pc and at one point this new one said quot please insert the supplied XP disc quot Well I can't 'cos it wasn't Also as anyone who has had documentation..... New pc a pc for more than a day knows the first time a printer or any other bolt on goodie sneezes the Beast tells you to quot consult the documentation supplied with your machine quot I had assumed and hoped that all these problems were behind me having forked out for a kosher machine and os but it seems not Do you think I could press PCWorld to at least supply an XP disc

A:New pc documentation.....

You could try. But most likely they will buy them in and sell them again. Not make them themselves.
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Hi there, i have just started working on VBScripts in Windows. I have tried different VBScripts and its working great, happy with the progress so far. I am currently working on WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) VBScripts and i couldnt find documentation for it.

Just like Java API

i cant find Documentation for VBScript, is it available somewhere??

A:VBScript Documentation

Try here:
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I am looking for some documentation around locking down the workstation. We are migrating from XP to Windows 7 and as a part of this migration we are trying to implement a lot tighter security. We are receiving a significant amount of push back from people wanting to know why we would do things like remove access to cmd.exe and regedit.exe from normal users. We have explained the rationale, but are now getting static about "who else does this?" and "where is that written?". If anyone has any links that might be helpful, please post them. Thank you.

A:Best Practices Documentation

I would ask them why in the world would they ever need regedit if they are normal users. Also CMD is not needed at all for normal users.

I don't understand where or why they would want this in writing. Every company has different needs and Windows 7 allows that flexibility through group policy.
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I'm reading Java for dummies in preparation of a Java class I'll be taking this upcoming semester. Well, to begin learing it has me download the latest JDK file which I do, but it goes on to ask us to download the API documentation (also known as the Java SE API Documentation), and wants us to extract it to the java folder for future use... I can't seem to find a downloadable form of this documentation... the closest thing I've found is here:

And think I brushed over something that said it was included with the download, but I find no sub folder in my java directory to indicate this.




A:Java api documentation help

If you are using Windows, you can get the Java document in help file format from here:

I find this much easier to use than the standard stuff from Sun.
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Hey everyone,

I've been reccomended to try a product called Ecora Auditor Lite to document the configuration settings on my servers. I'm looking for anyone that may have had experience with the product to give me feedback before I try it. It's a freebie (yes!) so I thought it might be popular for documentation.

Thanks for anyone that can help me out here, all feedback is greatly appreciated!

It's located at:

Thanks again,
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I just got Laplink 5 for DOS (downloaded from the laplink website). I have no paper manual for the software, and the "Help" files do not seem to exist either!

I need to get my hands on an electronic copy (PDF, DOC, TXT... whatever) or a paper copy of a manual for Laplink for DOS!


(Note: There is no useful documentation at the laplink website for this product, and they do not support this product any longer.)

A:Need documentation on old DOS program

Go here:
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I would like to ask you about tool, which can generate documentation for projects in .NET 2.0 based on XML documentation files.

I know only an unofficial version of NDoc with support for .NET 2.0.

Maybe you know alternative to this tool?

Thanks in advance

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Download the Exchange SDK Documentation and Samples and start building applications for Exchange 2000. The SDK includes new and updated documentation, sample applications and more.

System Requirements

- 16 MB disk space required to download.

Operating System - Windows 2000, Win XP

Exchange SDK Development Tools

The Exchange SDK Development Tools provides tools and components for creating and debugging collaborative applications on Exchange.

System Requirements

- 4.5 MB Required disc space to download, install and operate

Operating System - Windows 2000


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Lack of adequate start-up documentation for the mouse and keyboard.  Dell KM636 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Quick Start Guide instructions and diagrams failed to show on/off switch requiring activation.  I spent hours and forced to drive more than 100 miles for hands-on technical support because my computer was not responding to my installation of wireless keyboard.  Discovered that the keyboard has an on/off switch on the upper rear edge of the keyboard, hidden from consumer view.  In forty years of computing, I have never seen a keyboard requiring an activation switch.  Nothing was mentioned in the Keyboard and Mouse Quick Start Guide.  Three technicians needed to be contacted, many hours wasted, before one of them found the tiny, unmarked on/off switch to properly install the keyboard.  Dell needs to revise the Quick Start Guide.
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Hi all, I am working as a Coordinator in a mortgage company. We have a lot of paper work. So we are considering a digital documentation software. Before suggesting this idea to the company, I need to know a few things. Does digital documentation is reasonable comparing to paper cost? I am sure about saving the time. If you people have any suggestions about this add your inputs please. Thanks

A:Digital documentation software

Also beware of taking advice from a reply that is a person's first post and likely to be a salesman.

There are plenty of product out there. I haven't used any of them so I could not advise as to the best.

I personally would not touch a cloud based solution, or a third party, for important documentation or storage since you lose control over the security of it.
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Hey all,

I've recently been introduced to a documentation tool called Ecora Auditor Lite and I am thinking about upgrading to the Basic version because Lite has helped me out a lot.

I was wondering if it's worth the upgrade, because right now I'm using the free lite version. I'm looking for feedback from anyone that has used it or has considered using it.

The link to both products is:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,
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Hey All,

I'm 'middle of the road' regarding my experience using MS Access and I'm now looking to expand to writing macros within Access. Can anyone suggest any documentation or help books that are written with the average, 'non-sme', user in mind? Something wirtten more in a laymen's language.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Looking for MS Access Documentation

Two books come to my mind - the Access Bible (been around awhile and each version I have looked at has been very good) and Access Hacks.
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I have a program on my computer called "Product Documentation Launcher" and I've looked it up but I can't find anything that actually explains what it does or why I need it. Can someone please let me know if it is ok to remove this program?? Thanks!

A:Do I need Product Documentation Launcher?

You must have a Dell computer. I don't know what PDL does either, but you don't need it.

There's probably lots more "stuff" on your pc that you don't really need. I suggest a free program called"PC Decrapifier." It finds all the bloatware typically installed on new computers these days, and gives you the choice of what do delete.
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Hi everyone:

I'm an ex unix admin and recently bought a laptop with windows 7 pre-installed.

Can anyone tell me where to find documentation related to the system services shown in msconfig? I've done google search and a search of the microsoft website but haven't found what I want.

I want documents explaining the cryptic service names, what they do and when they're needed.

Also, where would I locate information on general administration of windows7? Things like getting to the settings for devices like the wireless card, the real low level optismation stuff.

A:System services documentation?

Here you go:

Windows 7 Service Configurations by Black Viper
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Can you recommend any documentation that would help explain how to effectively use Norton Ghost 12.0? I only have a copy of the User Guide and it is very limited in its explanation of the software.

A:Norton Ghost 12.0 Documentation

campagca, welcome to TSF

Perhaps this thread will help?
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I was wondering if there is a website that would have old documentation for Novell 3.12 server, just to take a look at something involving print capability. Or if anyone knows a bit about how Novell works as a print server in terms of sending print jobs through it to a printer via another computer logging into it. Thanks for any help.

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I am looking for a program that will print all the information about my server (services,hardware,etc).


[email protected]

A:{Advice Offered} - NT documentation


I went to and had a look in their Windows NT / Utilities / System Maintenance Utilities section and found the following programs:

[*]Cool Info 99


[*]Computer Information Center (click on the freeware button in the menu)

[*]Micro-scope V8

Tell us which one you like...


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...
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I belive this to be a Possible Virus! google documentation! No virus simply because I don t want its presence and the way it acts the file lives in the temp folder if the process is deleted the file dies every time I restart the computer this file is created in the temp folder the name of the process and file is currently EU D EXE however every time it has another name I believe it is always of the same length Possible Virus! No google documentation! however this quot thing quot does NOT live in the temp folder it simply generates a name exe in that folder Possible Virus! No google documentation! and executes that name exe upon deletion of the process the name exe dissapears it always has the same icon I Possible Virus! No google documentation! have included a hijackthis log since the title of this forum suggest I should do so However I must mention that I ran HiJackThis on a crippled account aka no admin privs if that influenced HiJackThis let me know and ill run it again please help with identifying the culprit and killing it thanks Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v BETA Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Trend Micro OfficeScan Client pccntmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Cisco Systems Clean Access Agent CCAAgent exe C WINDOWS system taskmgr exe C Program Files Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Documents and Settings Lisa Desktop HiJackThis v exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page O - BHO Adobe PDF Reader Link Helper - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO no name - - F - D - - D F - C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy SDHelper dll O - HKLM Run OfficeScanNT Monitor quot C Program Files Trend Micro OfficeScan Client pccntmon exe quot -HideWindow O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - Global Startup Clean Access Agent lnk C Program Files Cisco Systems Clean Access Agent CCAAgent exe O - Extra context menu item E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - res C PROGRA MICROS Office EXCEL EXE O - Extra button Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe file missing O - Extra Tools menuitem Windows Messenger - FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe file missing O - SharedTaskScheduler Browseui preloader - C -A BA- D -B B- A C E - C WINDOWS System browseui dll O - SharedTaskScheduler Component Categories cache daemon - C EF- B - d -BE - C - C WINDOWS System browseui dll O - Service Ati HotKey Poller - ATI Technologies Inc - C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe O - Service Macromedia Licensing Service - Unknown owner - C Program Files Common Files Macromedia Shared Service Macromedia Licensing exe O - Service OfficeScanNT RealTime Scan ntrtscan - Trend Micro Inc - C Program Files Trend Micro OfficeScan Client ntrtscan exe O - Service OfficeScanNT Personal Firewall OfcPfwSvc - Trend Micro Inc - C Program Files Trend Micro OfficeScan Client OfcPfwSvc exe O - Service OfficeScanNT Listener tmlisten - Trend Micro Inc - C Program Files Trend Micro OfficeScan Client tmlisten exe -- End of file - bytes nbsp

A:Possible Virus! No google documentation!

if anybody could please help me out with this, it would be very appreciated,

thanks and goodnight, see ya tomorrow
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Trying to add a feature to a win8 app. Turns on and off the led light on win8 tablet. An hour of search yield absolutely no documentation on this. And not a single result from a google search for any mentioning of this. And there is zero app in the winstore for this.

Can anyone link me to the right direction?

A:Documentation on controlling the LED light on a win8 tab

I get no love?
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what is the best code documentation generator for .VS 2005?
Is it NDoc for VS.NET 2005 the best, or you know better alternatives?

Thank You for suggestions
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Where can I find complete documentation on the PremierColor application as installed on my new XPS 15 with the 4k UHD display I currently have on-order? In particular I'm looking for insight on the best color gamut settings to use when editing raw and tiff images in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop's ProPhoto RGB color space.  How about jpg's and tiff's already in the sRGB and aRGB spaces? Should I try to use the emulation mode that matches the image color space or should I leave the display at full gamut and rely on the viewing application's color management to conform to the image's color space?
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Hi I am trying Documentation Need it with Installing Help Reader in Came PC...No Card to hook up a card reader that requires two Firewire header Need Help Installing Card Reader in PC...No Documentation Came with it port connections The motherboard has two header ports F amp F F I can use but the F header port is a different configuration that F Is there a way to use F Maybe some sort of converter cable I also purchased a Syba SD-Combo- PCI to USB Firewire add on card Need Help Installing Card Reader in PC...No Documentation Came with it but the internal connection is a port and not a header port it a IEEE If I can not use the motherboard s F header port is there some sort of converter cable to go from header port to IEEE port I would really appreciate help getting this hooked up Please see the links below for detailed info on the hardware Thanks elizbeth Motherboard Manual http www gigabyte com tw Support Motherboard Manual Model aspx ProductID Syba SD-Combo- http it us syba com support download download - - html USB interface Silverstone FP Card reader http www silverstonetek com downloads pindefine jpg nbsp

A:Need Help Installing Card Reader in PC...No Documentation Came with it

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Is there any user's guide and/or tech docs on the HP LT4120 Snapdragon X5 LTE module? We're running into driver issues when installing it on our Elite X2 1012 G1 tablets. We'd like to understand the proper steps and procedures when installing and configuring the module in Windows 10.

A:Documentation for HP LT4120 Snapdragon X5 LTE module

Hi, Please try manuals on the following link: Note: why you have to setup ? Normally just pop in the SIM and up we go but you need to know does your provider support this. Regards.
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Is there any user's guide and/or tech docs on the HP LT4120 Snapdragon X5 LTE module? We're running into driver issues when installing it on our Elite X2 1012 G1 tablets. We'd like to understand the proper steps and procedures when installing and configuring the module in Windows 10.

A:Documentation for HP LT4120 Snapdragon X5 LTE module

Hi, Double post. Please use Thanks.
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My system runs XP Pro SP3. I have installed the Microsoft Windows Services for Unix (SFU) package.

Where can I find a comprehensive list of all the commands that package includes AND a man page for each, preferably bundled as a PDF?

A:Documentation for MS Win Service for UNIX (SFU) Package


Happy New Year.
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Download the latest documentation for BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet 2.0.
The RosettaNet20DocRefresh.exe file contains updated RosettaNet.chm, Install_Guide.htm, and Readme.htm files.

System Requirements

RosettaNet20DocRefresh.exe is intended to be used with BizTalk Accelerator for RosettaNet 2.0.

Operating System - Windows 2000


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After I updated to windows 10 anniversary edition today, it showed up a notification telling that this app was blocked because it wont support windows 10. Any help as I need the Documentation.
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Hi all,
  This post may need to be moved, im a n00b sorry
I work for a small IT support firm, and like most the Documentation sucks 
I would like to get the following information for all of my customers
All hardware on the network 
    IP phones
    Network Devices (switches routers etc)
All ports being used/open/closed
All Software being used on each device
IP addresses of everything
Other useful things
I have exactly $0 capital to invest on this project, but I can spend as much time as i'd like... so free slow software is preferable.
Right now I am using :
Advanced IP Scanner to find most devices 
Alloy 5 for desktop and server software hardware info
I don't know what else is out there, but I know good networks start with good documentation.. so any help would be great
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This compiled help file provides detailed instructions for deploying Microsoft® Commerce Server 2002 in a secure configuration. These instructions assume you are performing a new deployment, and therefore instruct you to install and configure each server in this sample deployment. It is recommended that you use these instructions as a guideline for deploying your own secure site.

System Requirements

Windows 2000

Operating System - Windows 2000


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Where can I get a detailed explanation of the BIOS settings for this product? The document in the Manuals section of the HP Support site is out of date and doesn't include many of the settings that I see in the BIOS for my system. The document I am refering to is titled "HP Business Notebook and Desktop PC F10 setup overview 2014 Business PC models" dated May 20, 2015. Where can I get an up to date version of the document that includes all the settings for the Elite X2 1012 G1 system?

A:Elite x2 1012 G1 BIOS Settings documentation

Could someone from HP Support please help with this request? Thank you
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Microsoft Systems Architecture (MSA) Enterprise Data Center (EDC) version 1.5 provides a recommended, standardized, and tested blueprint for building a secure, scalable, highly-available, and manageable information technology infrastructure. The MSA EDC is a comprehensive solution, covering all aspects of planning, building, deploying, operating, and supporting such an infrastructure
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000


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I am using Windows 7 Home Premium with Live 2011.

My ISP is Time Warner Roadrunner POP/SMTP. On my Vista computer, Windows Mail emails were saved on their server until I downloaded them to my computer. Then they were saved on my computer until I deleted them.

It sounds like WLM saves them on their server. But are they still on that server after Time Warner downloads them to me?
I am trying to understand how it works.

Is there documentation on things like:
Where are the messages stored?
How long messages stay on the server?

Thanks, cb

A:Understanding Windows Live Mail - Documentation

There are two types of service
If you have POP3, you download it and it is no longer on their server
If you have IMAP, you download and it remains on their server, too.
This should explain it all, plus a third option to have POP3 and the email stays on the server after download
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I've been going around in circles with KeePass for several hours and I can't get the hang of sense? manager with that documentation makes password A it I'm A password manager with documentation that makes sense? reasonably techified and don't often run up against a total blank especially with a program others are strongly touting I'm sure it's me but damn it's frustrating I have tons of passwords and realize a text file listing them isn't the best management practice I'm trying to get from A through B to C where quot A quot is the list of sites and systems and the associated passwords which I enter into the software quot B quot is the process by which my often-pitiful passwords are converted to strong passwords quot C quot and this is the kicker is the process by which I visit all those sites and their log-ins are automagically changed to my new and improved passwords Is this possible Am I asking more of the technology than it has to give If I can't have the whole process I'd surely appreciate recommendations for the best of the bunch for creating as much of my wish list as possible Preferably with documentation that makes sense Thank you so much more than enough for any help G

A:A password manager with documentation that makes sense?

The Best Password Managers |
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hey guys I was a little confused if this was the right place 'all other Server 2013 - Sharepoint and Wiki documentation applications' So Sharepoint 2013 Server - documentation and Wiki I have extremely limited experience with Sharepoint But my boss asked me today if I could just 'check out' what possibilities we might have with sharepoint Regarding two things We have documentation spread all over our 'older sharepoint' and other purchased systems this documentation is everything from firewall logs to password lists IP lists printer manuals etc etc We have our own constructed Wiki in reality we have documents in a folder like How to get rid of this virus How to push our security out on iphones articles to help us in the IT department We have an Active Directory and Exchange user setup So lets say you wanted to sort all this out and have it placed in one spot with easy search functions and of course the possibility to limit users as only our Admin accounts from the AD should be allowed to view the password lists Not knowing anything about sharepoint could you maybe point me in a direction towards something that might be suitable also if you plan on suggesting alternatives let me make it clear we don't wish this to be online no cloud services
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Microsoft Systems Architecture
Internet Data Center 1.5.1 Solution Documentation
- Overview Guide
- Reference Architecture Guide
- Prescriptive Architecture Guide I
- Prescriptive Architecture Guide II
- Prescriptive Architecture Guide III
- Operations Architecture Guide
- Services and Support Guide
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000

To view the document, you need Microsoft Word


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Kaspersky Total Security 2015
Kaspersky Internet Security 2015
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015

Other languages and older versions
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Product documentation. Does anyone know how do get an illustration listing all of the controls and connectors on the ENVY Phoenix?
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for some time I am desparately looking for a detailed official Microsoft documentation for Vista like that available for XP: Microsoft Corporation

For Vista I know only a very limited documentation in the Microsoft TechNet: Windows Vista

This is by far not comparable to the XP documentation. A detailed documentation must include for instance a command line reference like that in the XP documenation: Microsoft Corporation

The command line reference of Windows Server 2008 is obviously not identical to that of Vista as the example of the defrag parameters show. The Vista defrag has e.g. the -i and the -b parameter (Ask the Performance Team : Disk Fragmentation and System Performance), the Server 2008 lacks them: Defrag

The Vista Homepage does not link to a documentation like that for XP (Windows Vista home page)

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Microsoft Systems Architecture (MSA) Enterprise Data Center (EDC) version 1.5 provides a recommended, standardized, and tested blueprint for building a secure, scalable, highly-available, and manageable information technology infrastructure. The MSA EDC is a comprehensive solution, covering all aspects of planning, building, deploying, operating, and supporting such an infrastructure.
System Requirements

Operating System - Windows 2000 (to deploy)
Microsoft Office (to read/review this documentation)

Operating System - Windows 2000


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I personally find it odd that Specialized Tool Documentation Information) (Malware Removal Bleeping Computer does not make the contents of their malware removal training program publicly accessible Keep in mind that I am not talking about the 'training' aspect of the program but rather the documentation Would it not be beneficial to the community as a whole to provide a publicly accessible read-only archive of these training materials Why create detailed documentation for specialized removal tools but then hide them Specialized Tool Documentation (Malware Removal Information) away from the public Why do all UNITE schools not want to make the information public Sharing this information would allow interested people to acquire a new skill without the associated time constraints of a training program I'll admit that I was in the training program for a short while but I had to stop because of time constraints I really enjoyed reading the information provided to members of the program and feel that it would be an amazing addition to the community if this information were publicly available for anyone to study minus the interactive content like exercises of course I'm not trying to sound rude or demand anything but it seems odd that a community focused on sharing knowledge would not want to share an entire library with the public I vote for a Bleeping Computer Public Library

A:Specialized Tool Documentation (Malware Removal Information)

Hi Kaosu I doubt it's going to happen. Just think about what would happen if all the training material was made public. You would see all the malware authors lurk BleepingComputer in order to understand how they proceed to do malware removal, how they know where to look, how to remove infections, etc. This would result in more advanced malware that would be way harder to remove and more "intelligent" malware author. Also, the training is meant to be done under supervision and if a user was to try to complete it alone on his own system and was to run the wrong tool or wrong command, he could end up messing up his whole system. I'm not part of BleepingComputer's Staff, nor Academy (I'm from GeekU) but I can tell you that it'll never happen. OTL and FRST tutorials are already public from their respective author's wish, so there's that.
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I figure this is the most appropriate section of the forum for this type of question.

For those of you who work in a corporate IT environment, where you have many staff working in network/server/storage/system admin roles, how do you go about securely managing and protecting your documentation (presumably in electronic form: Visio diagrams, policies/procedure documents, records of system configuration, IP addresses, passwords, etc)?

Do you use a Sharepoint site or similar? Are you concerned about the security of that Sharepoint/similar given that it holds effectively the gates to the kingdom?

The challenge is to make the information easily accessible for the people that need it whilst protecting it from prying eyes and insider threats etc.

Do you follow particular practices, or use particular products that you would recommend?

I am not sure that I currently do things in the best way so interested to hear your advice/experiences.


A:How do you store and share your internal system documentation/passwords?

I worked for almost 10 years in an engineering documentation group. We didn't have to concern ourselves with password sharing, but we did have probably hundreds of thousands of engineering documents to catalog, revision, etc. We used an electronic document management system (EDMS). The tool we used was web-based with full user registration and access permissions. We chose Documentum, which is a very solid product, but there are lots of them out there.

I can't in good conscience recommend anything Sharepoint-based. They were trying to go to a system called Atlas that is Sharepoint-based, and it is a disaster. They actually did implement it for the operations/maintenance procedure system and it was bad. Microsoft is really pushing the cloud/SaaS platform, which does not work well with Sharepoint when you're talking tens of thousands of documents running to remote sites with limited network resources. Atlas also did not have any functionality for concurrent engineering, which isn't a huge issue in an IT environment but a major, major problem for maintaining this level of drawings for multiple massive production facilities with several multi-year projects running simultaneously.

My current company does not use an EDMS, so I am looking at a few to showcase how we can effectively manage all the documentation. I've found a free product that has some promise called Mayan EDMS. They even have a premade virtual machine to try it out running Debian. Might be worth a look to get a feel for an EDMS without a significant financial outlay.

All of the document management procedures at my previous employer were very detailed and mature. Totally different industry, but I think an EDMS might work for you. I hope this helps.

ETA: I should clarify. The version of Documentum we use is web-based but it ran on our servers and was available on our intranet/internet--we had all control over the software, contents and hardware. The distinction is small but a big difference from SaaS.
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A:Softpedia: Microsoft Provides Documentation to Fix Windows 10 Upgrade Errors

Now finally Microsoft has a good idea.
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I have a Dell Inspiron E1505 that is running Windows Media Center Edition 2004. I want to backup the entire content of my computer to an external hard drive. Whenever I start the Backup, after about 6 GH the backup stops and I get the message: "If you have Windows Media Services running on your computer, and you want to back up the files associated with these services, see "Running Backup with Windows Media Services" in the Windows Media Services online documentation. You must follow the procedures outlined in the Windows Media Services online documentation before you can back up or restore files associated with Windows Media Services". WHERE DO I FIND THIS INFORMATION? I've been looking for almost four years with no luck!

A:Location Of Windows Media Services Online Documentation

I assume you're trying to use the Windows built-in backup utility. It's limited in functionality and unreliable. If you want a full system backup, use an image utility like Acronis True Image or Macrium Reflect.
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Hey there I'm looking for information on FRST Today I had a computer at the shop that was infected with Alureon and after the Defender Offline Scan finished the computer would no longer boot BSOD x B I Googled and found a thread with someone having exactly the same problem same cause used Defender Offline Scan x b BSOD The first recommendation was to run FRST with a fixlist txt containing TDL custom lt ATTENTION CMD bootrec FixMbr Now the CMD part I can do myself I did in fact - using BootICE - try rewriting the MBR It had no effect still x B I then ran the suggested fix verbatim using the recovery environment and FRST with that fixlist txt file It actually worked The computer booted I'm a tech geek so I must dig deeper Obviously the TDL line is what did the fix - and it ran two bcdedit commands among others - judging by the response and failures when bcdedit is not present in a MiniXP environment What are these commands I've searched all different ways I can think of and I cannot for the life of me find any documentation on this utility There are links to download it all over the internet pointing to the download page here at BleepingComputer but the download page has no documentation and no mention of fixlist txt syntax I could much more effectively and safely use this tool if I had some documentation to help explain its usage It might even be Recovery Farbar (FRST)? for Scan Tool Documentation worth adding to my toolkit and Boot CD FalconFour's Ultimate Boot CD - with a donation as well if there's some documentation somewhere edit Also hoping this is an OK forum for this There's a forum for logs don't need help with cleaning news am I infected and guides but not much by way of tools I figure this is the closest match

A:Documentation for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST)?

There is no such documentation in public...
This tool is intended for helpers and because of that, documentation is available only to them...
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Self-extracting EXE files install white paper that contain detailed procedures for deploying Office 2000 with SMS 2.0 (O2KSMS20.doc).
System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows XP

Office 2000; compatible operating system


Relevancy 41.71%

I have chosen to use SciTE as my text editor. I know its a powerful editor and I have seen videos online where people are using advanced techniques with it. I really want to know how to use the editor as a power user. Anyone how to lean advanced configurations with the editor so I can get the most out of my coding?
Relevancy 41.28%

I want to convert the Journal Bash Shell Converting or for Windows Journal to shell Script documentation bash VB Linux whatever Script my professor told me I could continue using after graduation or whatever to Microsoft Visual Basic or whatever scripting language Windows uses for documentation purposes The problem is that I m not sure if the commands I choose are compatible or equivalent so I don t know if the script will do what I think it Converting Linux bash shell Journal Script to Windows VB or whatever for documentation might do because I haven t test it Also I need to make a list of the commands or Converting Linux bash shell Journal Script to Windows VB or whatever for documentation options in the script to help remember how to use it but that s another problem What s keeping me from doing this is that I don t have a working windows system with me at all times or often enough to test it on because I m running Ubuntu Linux on my Laptop PC and my Mac Book Pro is having issues with both Mac OS X and Windows being used through boot camp Therefore I can only use wine in Linux to test it so I don t know if I ll get the desired results I m looking for Can anyone help me with testing or figuring this out so I can take my professors brilliant script and use it to document on Windows because I have no problem using the script in Mac OS X except that I can t use aliases and I have to be root to run it I post the code I have for the original script in a reply next nbsp
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The Schema Documentation program allows you to document extensions made to the Microsoft® Active Directory® directory service.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003

Microsoft® Windows® 2000
Microsoft Windows 2003 Server
Microsoft Active Directory®


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Would like to move my Precision T3500 Motherboard to Another box.
The Front Panel connector might be useful, but I have not found
any documentation of this.

Is there a Motherboard manual somewhere, or at least the pin definition of the Front Panel connector?

A:Precision T3500 Motherboard documentation (Front Panel connector spec)

.As with most Dells there is a proprietary Front Panel Board and 20 pin or more ribbon cable.

Dell Precision WorkStation T3500 I/O Panel Assembly with USB Audio I/O Control Panel, 29" Internal Audio Cable D/PN X389H, Front Panel Cable D/PN JN454, and Mounting Bracket, Dell M884G, MC532.
Relevancy 34.4%

To back up Dell-Brian B's threads you can find all the available Dell documents for the Dell Dock and Dell Thunderbolt Dock here. 
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PCs are Win Ultimate All are joined to the Domain Domain Controller DNS DHCP Server on same instance is Server standard The network topology is like this Router as Internet Gateway gt Switch identifying Cards will only or intermittently, Inside the Domain-Joined no Network when network Connections will Network longer, Network join Domain PC from gt Wired to Server and PC's SIP phones and Wireless Access Point Domain-Joined PC Network Cards will no longer, or will only intermittently, join the Domain Network when identifying Network Connections from Inside network all on same subnet DNS and DHCP have been offloaded Domain-Joined PC Network Cards will no longer, or will only intermittently, join the Domain Network when identifying Network Connections from Inside network to Server Roles and switched off on the router All of the PCs have network cards that have joined the domain network at least some of the time since I set them up Some of them have always picked up the domain network and continue to this day Some of them intermittently pick up the domain network and other times join whatever other unmanaged network is available Some of them have stopped picking up the domain network altogether and will no matter how many times their NICs are restarted always join a non-domain unmanaged network When the NICs are not joining the domain they are unable to ping hostnames of any devices on the network but nslookup of the hostnames usually works The DC DNS DHCP server's IP can be pinged without issue ipv or ipv I am recording DNS Client Errors ID on all of the PCs during the intervals when their NICs are identifying which network to join -On the PCs that are catching the domain network I am only getting a single error about the root domain eg the domain is ad domain com and I am only getting errors about how the configured DNS servers cannot resolve domain com nothing with fully qualified domain names eg server ad domain com -On the PCs that are not catching the domain network I get a few different instances of the same error substituted quot domain quot for my root domain name Name resolution for the name WPAD ad domain com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded Name resolution for the name lt DC-DNS-DHCPSERVERNAME gt ad domain com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded Name resolution for the name LDAP TCP DC MSDCS ad domain com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded Name resolution for the name ISATAP ad domain com timed out after none of the configured DNS servers responded Based on what I've read about NLA service choosing the domain to log into I believe this rd error is the big one although I guess the big error is that my configured DNS servers are not responding except to NSLookups From what I understand the Network Location Awareness Service Provider will roughly do the following look into the registry to see if there is an entry for a domain network to join and if there is it will attempt to contact the domain controller of the same domain name If it is successful with both parts it will join the domain network named quot ad domain com quot If not it will fall back to one of the other options ie home private public quot whatever its called network quot I have tried many of the fixes presented for similar issues but I haven't found anything that's worked A few things I have tried while cycling my NICs on and off to test -turned off the firewall nbsp -poked holes in the firewall for TCP UDP port -poked holes in the firewall for TCP UDP port -ipconfig flushdns ipconfig registerdns -netsh int ip reset -netsh reset Winsock catalog and restarted -route f and restarted -turned off DHCP Client Service -restarted DHCP client Service -turned off IPV on NICs -hard-coded DNS servers IPV and -hard-coded static IPs and DNS Servers only IPV -sfc scannow to scan for integrity violations All of these and also some combinations of these and more that I can't remember One more p... Read more
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i have windows 7 and i installed virtual box (ubuntu) to do this.

i want to have two linux gateways and those two machines should either have the same NAT or public routable ip address.
basically i want to install openswan and configure the ipsec. in order to do this i need two linux gateways.

can anyone guide me how to setup two linux gateways to do this??
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I have a peculiar issue where I would need to have "Network and Sharing Center" open to be able to see that my my laptop's wireless connection. I would see the signal bar and also see the dreaded red x.

Even when I have it open, I can see it refreshing each second; like its losing connection and reestablishing.

My internet connection is working and has no issues.

What can this be?

Network and Sharing Center - Open
Network and Sharing Center - Open and refreshed

Network and Sharing Center - Closed

A:Correct Network Tray Icon - Requires Network and Sharing Center Open??

That will probably be your Ethernet connection, not your wireless adapter, you can disable it in the bios if you don't use it.
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Hi everyone This past weekend I went out of town and took my Windows laptop with me -- since I returned home it has been unable to connect to my wireless network Other connect card network can't wireless to AR9285 Atheros laptop network with Windows 7 devices in my home connect to the network just fine and the problem laptop Windows 7 laptop with Atheros AR9285 network card can't connect to wireless network has always been fine Windows 7 laptop with Atheros AR9285 network card can't connect to wireless network until now My network card is an Atheros AR and I m attempting to connect to a Medialink router with WPA password protection and AES encryption My wireless network icon in the task bar has a yellow sign with an exclamation point in it It says quot No Internet access quot I have tried -rebooting the computer -unplugging and restarting the modem and router -going to the command prompt and renewing my IP address with the command IPCONFIG RENEW None of this works Like I said all other devices in my house connect to the wireless network with no problem It s just this one laptop Any guidance would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Windows 7 laptop with Atheros AR9285 network card can't connect to wireless network

Three things to try ...

If you have McAfee please see the sticky thread at the top of this (Networking) forum.

Disable encryption on the router and try to connect. If successful you can probably re-enable encryption and reconnect.

Revert to a System Restore Point before the weekend.
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I have an Actiontec GT701-wg DSL modem running a wireless network. I currently have two laptops with XP sharing the Internet connection. Since the modem has an open Ethernet port in the back, I was wondering if it might be possible to plug in a networkable external hard drive and have it available to both of the laptops wirelessly.

If it is possible, what setting would be required on the laptops to enable them to see the external drive?


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Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network screen I have a home network with laptops and desktop The desktop I use as a quot file server quot in that all work done on the laptops is stored to the to Explorer Unable network computers Windows in see scree home Network desktop The desktop computer name is HAL One laptop is fine and sees the network The other just stopped seeing it rebooted the laptop rebooted HAL did a number of refreshes without any luck I opened EXCEL and found a worksheet that was listed that I knew was saved Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network scree on HAL Was able to open the file and when I tried the SAVE AS I could navigate through all of HAL just as normal Went to Windows Explorer and still no HAL listed as a COMPUTER on the NETWORK I have a internet connection so I know I am making it to the router at least And when I check NETWORK AND SHARING CENTER it shows an active home network Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network scree The laptop is running Windows Home Premium Service Pack Build Thanks in advance for any help George

A:Unable to see home network computers in Windows Explorer Network scree

Still working on the problem. Tried to do a system restore back to the point where everything was working. Still no HAL showing as a network computer; Excel now does not recognize the path that worked yesterday. But now I am able to create a shortcut that will take me to HAL on the network. Guess this is a good enough fix for right now. When I go to Windows Explorer, Network it still only shows the 2 laptops and not HAL......WHY????
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Hi Have a problem there Just reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows XP and WAS having problems having my Linksys B wireless card but now it finally detected just reinstalled the driver Now another problem is Connect Internet Wont but Wireless to Network network?? Detected, Explorer when I double clciked INternet Exploroer webpages dont load up A box Wireless Network Detected, but Internet Explorer Wont Connect to network?? pops up tp ask if I want to workoffline or Connect I click on COnnect and the box then said quot No connection to the internet is currently avaiable quot The thing is that my wireless adapter is already connected to the DSL in perfect signal connections I then went to to Network COnnections folder There are icons one says Incomming the other in the LAN or HighSpeed Internet section says Connection and Wireless Network Connection Enabled On the far left column i clicked on Create a New Connection I clicked the option Wireless Network Detected, but Internet Explorer Wont Connect to network?? of quot Connect to the internet quot then quot Setup my Connection Manually quot Then quot Connect Using a broadband connection that is always on quot because I dont need a login name and password After clicking NEXT and Finished Wireless Network Detected, but Internet Explorer Wont Connect to network?? nothing happened i clicked on IE again and same thing pops up I tried doing the nd option to let u enter the ID and password BUT disable the prompt to log in with a username and pw still dont work What gives How do i fix this problem Any help is appreciated thnx nbsp

A:Wireless Network Detected, but Internet Explorer Wont Connect to network??
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Hi all,
I've some users added to 'Network configuration operator' on Windows 7x64 Pro SP1 and they cannot open the properties dialog of network interface. I've tested the KB2157332 on Windows 7 x64 Pro
without SP1 and it works, but I cannot install it on W7SP1 computer, . I'm looking a SP1 version of the hotfix but I cannot find it. 
I've read
this and
this post but still getting the issue
Any idea to solve it?
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hi all

sony vaio pc desktop pcvrs620 g, dell A940 all in one printer (wired to sony desktop) and a toshiba satellite laptop connnected through a wireless linksys router to the network...
all xp sp2

here's the trouble. we want to be able to share this printer, but right now cannot make the laptop print on the wired printer. of course it will print if i connect the usb cable, but i want to be ablet to print wirelessly.

have done "share this printer" on the wired pc
when i try to add the drivers /install the printer on the laptop it wants me to connect the laptop to the printer...i am not sure that i want to establish this connection since my ultimate goal is wireless printing...

ok? thanks!!

sorry, edited, i am posting this question in the more appropriate "networking" forum...
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i'm using a dell inspiron 8600, sp3. i've never had problems accessing the internet until a few weeks ago when i moved. i was slated to join in on my roommmates network, but for some reason I cannot connect. Or more precisely, I connect for about 2 seconds, and I'm immediately bumped off. My roommates tried to fix it, but in vain. the signal is coming in strong on my computer, so I'm not sure what the issue is. any help is definitely welcomed.

A:perpetual acquiring network address/unable to connect to roommates network
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I I have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and since then I have had a problem connecting to the internet with IE8. connection to internet via the wireless router is ok as virus etc is updating, but every tim I try and open IE I get the message Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage, then the option for Diagnose problems is offered, I have clicked this and still no joy. I have also reset IE.

Sparodically it will connect and this is what is confusing me

Any help will be appreciated


A:Wireless Network Detected, but Internet Explorer Wont Connect to network in Win 7

Have you tried any other browsers? SeaMonkey is a good one to try if you don't have another. You can still keep IE as default and have SeaMonkey for backup for web pages that may not display correctly in IE or when you have access problems like you are having now. Being Mozilla-based, it uses a different rendering engine. For those web sites that support pipelining, you may also find that it is considerably faster.

Check your connection settings under Internet Options. In the LAN section, try toggling the "Automatically Detect Settings" option.
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To establish a NETWORK FOLDER CONNECTION [add network place] with a hosting account I have in Registar, what to do in vista 32bit ? Is the same and in 64bit, isn't it ?

I want to copy a hosting account's data to my HDD ...

By registering VISTA I get FREE email support from Microsoft ? This also applies in Networking using ADSL Modems to get WLAN , LAN or broadband connections using vista ?
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Ok I have computers on a home network Windows XP and one Redhat Linux Fedora Core About a month ago one of the windows boxes 1 computer network now has file transfer on network slow a internet suddenly and on suddenly went 1 computer on a network suddenly now has slow file transfer on internet and network from about Kb s download to Kb s download from various newsgroups Also when trying to pull AND push files to that same box it is a very slow file transfer I didn t load any new 1 computer on a network suddenly now has slow file transfer on internet and network software in that time and I waited so long because at the time the newsgroup server that I am using reported problems associated with Hurricane Rita This of course doesn t explain the network speed I ve run speed tests on all the other computers and they all report download speeds of about Kb s and upload speeds of about Kb s except the one and it has download speeds of about Kb s and upload speeds the same about Kb s After I noticed the speed reduction I loaded a firewall Protowall and I downloaded the latest beta of Microsoft Anti-Spyware and ran it Also I have Norton with the latest updates and it reports no problems Please let me know if you need more info or if someone had any general tips to try I am about at the end of my rope and reformatting looks like the only other option to me Thanks Mike in Ohio Edit Forgot to say I went to differnt speed testing web sites and they all report the download speed the same on that one box about Kb s and the others are around Kb s nbsp

A:1 computer on a network suddenly now has slow file transfer on internet and network

Are all the computers wired similarly? All run to the same router/switch?

You should check the cable of the problematic machine, try using ping to the router with 1400 byte packets. Also, boot up some CD Linux or equivalent and see what speeds you get from there - helps to rule out any problems with the operating system.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T5250 @ 1.50GHz, x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 1014 Mb
Graphics Card: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family, 384 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 57231 MB, Free - 41659 MB; D: Total - 57231 MB, Free - 14579 MB;
Motherboard: Acer, Inc., Nestos , Not Applicable, LXAJL0X031734074722500
Antivirus: None

Hi. I have a problem with my wireless connection. The tab under network connections does NOT show wireless connection. This happened after I reinstalled winxp. I installed the wireless driver but it did not work. I can only connect to the internet using the wired connection. What should I do?

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hello. i have a windows 7 professional 32 bit
i have been having problems trying to connect to the internet today. last night it was perfectly fine
it either says identifying... unidentified network. when i troubleshoot it says windows cannot automatically detect this network's proxy settings
my other netbook (the one i am using right now) can connect as well as other computers here, to the same network
i tried connecting through a cable but it also says unidentified network.
for six hours i've been trying solutions i've read but to no avail. i tried system restore but it keeps on failing.
please help. thanks

A:UNIDENTIFIED NETWORK windows could not automatically detect network's proxy settings

i used this with win7 to overcome the problem
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I have a Tablet PC with Windows 8 Release Preview installed.
The Tablet PC is equipped with a x86 Intel Atom Z670 processor and the Marvell 88w8787 Wifi/Bluetooth chip.
(Also ref. as AZUREWAVE_AW-NM387 WiFi/Bluetooth)

Previously, Windows 7 installed with wifi connection was working good via the Marvell AVATAR Wireless-N Network Controller (SDIO) - Network adaptor driver installed. File version: 14.57.8025.39, dated: 02/29/2012.

After doing both a upgrade install(keeping Win7 files) and also a CLEAN install of Windows 8 onto this same Tablet PC, my Network Adaptor is stating errors, and not working.

Kindly, how do I go about fixing this problem?

Sincerely, HWayne.
Flatoak Co., Ltd.

A:Marvell AVASTAR Wireless-N Network Controller (SDIO) - Network adaptor

I'm still having trouble installing a driver that supports by x86 Intel/Atom Z670 Tablet PC running Windows 8.

The WLAN module inside my Tablet PC is from Azurewave.

To be specific, '88F105-012000 WLAN CARD.AW-NM387..802.11 b/g/n SDIO...W/BLUETOOTH(V3.0)..LEAD-FREE..AZUREWAVE'.

My Tablet PC wifi connection worked OK with Windows 7, but now fails with Windows 8.

Any advice and/or recommendation?

BTW, this is related to the earlier POST: Marvell AVATAR Wireless-N Network Controller (SDIO) - Network adaptor driver installed. File version: 14.57.8025.39, dated: 02/29/2012.

This driver installed and worked for Windows 7, but fails in Windows 8.
This driver is the driver that automatically gets identified by Windows UPDATE for my Tablet PC type.
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Hello. I am after some help regarding installing some software called Pensions Profiler on a clients computer.

Firstly the computer - Windows XP Pro, all windows updates installed.

Pensions Profiler - Installed on their server but installed on each pc. Everyone's pc is fine except one. They have a mapped network drive linking them to the pensions profiler section of the server.

When installing, it does not get very far before displaying the following error.

Pensions Profiler Installer Information
Error 1606. Could not access network location CMNet\Network Path\.

I have checked the Microsoft site but nothing comes back into relation with "CMNet\Network Path\." part of the error.

Look forward to reading some replies.
All registry has been checked in relation to similar problems on the Microsoft support website and all registry entries appear to be fine. Error message attached as a pdf.


A:Error 1606. Could not access network location CMNet\Network Path\.

If the installation file is an 'MSI' file (ie it uses the Microsoft Installer), this may help:
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I installed iogear bluetooth on my pc sometime last year but didn't use it but now I need it to communicate to my cell phone. When I inserted the adapter I get the error: network cable unplugged.

I can see the software is there but not sure how to proceed.
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My rig uses a Centrino Advanced-N 6230 wireless mini half-card. It reports the correct name except within the wireless network list. Instead of 6230 it reports 6320. I searched the registry to see if I could find the error, but nothing found. It's only a nuisance, and a minor one at that. Anyone else seen this? Any way I can correct it? See image below:

A:Network card name reporting incorrectly in wireless network list area

Can only suggest you may not be using the latest wireless driver, but if you are, it must be a typo in the signature file written into the card's firmware which can only be changed by the manufacturer and may be noticed by them in the next release.

If its working, I wouldn't loose any sleep over it.
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Hi I have no more ideas on what to try next Any help greatly appreciated My laptop is running Windows Professional bit and is fully patched The Ethernet adapter Marvell Yukon E is enabled and the wireless adapter Intel PRO Wireless ABG disabled via software and the hardware switch Symantec Endpoint Protection provides AV security via group policy It is highly likely the problem was self inflicted and not caused by a virus malware I use the cisco lock application. network. held the configuring configuration another by 'iphlpsvc.dll' network is is now VPN client and wanted to upgrade it a reinstall may have been sufficient but as I was going 'iphlpsvc.dll' is now configuring the network. network configuration lock is held by another application. to the bother I thought I would upgrade as I was having some annoying timeouts when using the client immediately after logging into my desktop I started by removing the existing old version During the removal the screen went black and the laptop was not responding ie I couldnt get the screen to wake up I ended up powering off by holding the power button for secs On reboot it appeared that the old vpnclient had been removed and everything else was functioning as normal So I tried to install the new version The vpn setup program gets as far as quot Installing Network Components quot and produces error quot Error The network configuration lock is held by another application Close all applications and run Setup again If this message re-appears after closing all applications reboot then re-try the install the application holding the install lock may be hung quot The install is then rolled back I noticed that if I try to access the LAN card network properties ie IPv settings I get the error quot Some of the controls on this property sheet are disabled because one or more other Network proprty sheets are already open To use these controls close all these property sheets then reopen this one quot I tried closing all applications rebooting and installing again but got the same error I tried a safe mode boot but couldn t install in safe mode I modified the registry to allow safe mode installs with networking but got the same error I used msconfig to disable all non-windows provided software on boot and got the same error I disabled Symantec Endpoint as much as I could and got the same error I did lots of Googling and found lots of references to this type of issue but no good answers Many of the solutions seemed to involve reinstalling Windows - not a good option for me Some of the Google results indicated that the Deterministic Network Enhancer DNE part of the VPN client may be the problem I found a link to DNE and downloaded winfix exe and dneupdate msi bit the msi content was created Running winfix produced an error indicating it couldn t access the network resources sorry I don t have a copy of the exact message Running dneupdate msi bit also produced an error quot Another application is holding the Network Configuration Lock quot Some of the Google results indicated removing network adapters might help so as I couldn t remove the LAN adapter Marvell Yukon E I updated the driver to the latest version and tried to install again with the same results I deleted all the additional network interfaces I could find VMware mobile phone modem and other VPN client interfaces There is one virtual adapter I cannot remove - quot Fujitsu IPCOM SSL-VPN Virtual LAN Adapter quot When removing the Fujitsu VPN adapter software it gave some more clues quot iphlpsvc dll is holding the network configuration lock quot and quot Install queue is trying to configure the network quot Could the IPCOM virtual interface be causing the issue winfix exe now worked as did dneupdate msi bit Trying to install the vpn client in normal boot mode still gives me the same error as before quot Error The network configuration lock is held by another application quot I also sometimes get quot Error There is a problem wit... Read more
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Okay, usually when you hover over the networks listed and available from the taskbar icon, you get a nice little window with a few helpful tidbits of info for each listed network when you mouse action hover over the names. It tells you the encryption type, and the SSID, plus a few other details.

Well, on my computer, the information is appearing behind the list to where I can't read it. The network list is overlapping on top of the hover info. Talk about annoying. I searched for various things on google, with no luck. I tried:

Windows 7 network list obscuring hover details, and various other combinations to no avail. Anyone here have a clue what might be breaking this? I'd like the hover details to appear properly so I can read it. In the meantime I've installed the free version of Acrylic Wifi to work around the issue. Thanks.

A:Wifi Network info/details appearing behind Network List on hover.

The problem must be driver based or an add-on program because I don't get any of that. All I get is the name and whether it's connected or not. Check that your adaptor driver is up to date and/or the program you use to display the data is up to date.

Forgot to mention:
Dell adds "bloatware" to their PCs to "improve the user's experience" so I would check Dell Support for your specific model and look for updates.

Dell Support
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Here is the deal I am running Windows XP SP on my home tower custom built The tower is hardwired to a Linksys WRT GS Solved: office ready not Network printer home network will to connect router The tower does not have a wireless NIC There are a few other computers that access this small network at various Solved: Network ready printer will not connect to home office network times The router is using WPA-PSK encryption Wireless MAC address connectivity is enabled I bought an HP NW Laserjet printer and tried connecting it to the wireless network using the enclosed getting started guide I initially tried connecting it in ad hoc mode because I believe this is what I should use in my home office No dice Nothing was recognized The only printing success I got was when I hooked an Ethernet cable directly to the router After unplugging the cable I had no luck printing wirelessly even though I tried also configuring the installation for infrastructure mode where the printer was recognized but still would not print once the cable was removed I have taken the printer s MAC address and added it as a trusted endpoint in both my router s configuration table and in my firewall Norton Internet Security However that has also not helped Some advice I have read is making sure QoS is disabled on the router and also making sure that the SSID and pass key for the printer match that of the router It should be easy to make these changes to the printer but I cannot access the embedded web server in this printer to make these changes Also one source said to make sure the printer is on the same subnet as the router I only have one subnet in my network and that is the xx xx range of addresses that I use for two of my laptops with wireless NICs and a third Dell tower with a Linksys wireless NIC Any ideas on what else I can try I am pretty much out of ideas Thanks Elizabeth K nbsp

A:Solved: Network ready printer will not connect to home office network
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This sounds really noobie of me but is it possible to improve local network transfer speed by adding a 2nd network card. I was planning to connect one exclusively for lan transfers and another one hooked to a separate wireless router.

Right now only a maximum of 3 users can stream SD videos off the PC before it gets a little choppy.

The pc in question runs on windows 7 and it's board has built in gigabit, I happen to have a spare gigabit card.

A:Will adding a 2nd network card improve local network transfer speed

That won't really help the way you are describing the problem, although adding access points will help with streaming to wireless devices.

Although there is a setting in Group Policy that allows you to use two connections at the same time, I don't believe it will help in this situation.

I've done many HD movie streaming tests on my system.

I can stream from my media PC to at least 7 other machines at the same time, 4 wired, 3 wireless, plus my TV, and have no problems at all, no skipping, no freezing, even with the same movie in the same place or with 8 different movies at once, my TV is connected to my media center PC so counts as the 8th one.

This is Gb LAN, and 300Mbps wireless but even the 65Mbps limited laptop has no problem.

I'm not really sure why you are seeing these limitations but it may be the router.
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So guys I have been having this problem for several days One day I noticed that my wireless internet icon was gone from the taskbar I thought that s easy I d set it to show from Network Connections However when I went to Control Panel Network Connections would not open no hourglass or Network service Solved: start, wireless no Connections cannot network icon anything Nothing So I went to services msc and sure enough Network Connections was disabled I set it to Manual and tried to start it I got the error quot Could not start Network Connections on Local Computer xc quot This is bringing me down because I ve searched for an answer online for days nothing worked I tried using regsvr to register netshell dll but I got the error quot netshell dll was loaded but the DllRegisterServer entry point was not found This file cannot be registered quot I have Windows XP Home Edition SP I have scanned for viruses with avast Home Edition Solved: Network Connections service cannot start, no wireless network icon found nothing And very surprisingly I still have internet But I travel so I need to choose my wireless networks and this way I can t Thank you in advance for any help nbsp
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I just ran the Windows XP Help and Support, Network Diagnostics and I got a FAILED for the following areas:
Network Adapters FAILED
[00000010] Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection FAILED

I've been having some wireless issues and I am not sure what this is telling me and what I can do about it to fix it. I checked with the Intel web site for network adapters and it appears that I have the latest driver.
Any helpful suggestions?

A:Network Adapters, Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection, DNSSer

howdy and welcome. start > run > sysdm.cpl > hardware tab > device manager > are there any yellow exclamation points, and if so, what are they next to?


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The vista machine connected via wire to the FIOS actiontec router can see and access the vista laptop but not vice versa. However, when I bring up the network map from the laptop network/sharing center full network, i do see the desktop but when I click on the network from the start menu, I do not see it? Why different and how can I make it work?

Thanks Patti

Also, using McAfee but both machines can be seen in the mcafee network map.

A:2 Vista Machines not networking - Shows in Network Map but doesn't show in Network

A good place to start would be to reference this MS article to ensure all of your clients are configured correctly...

File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

I would be interested to hear back if any of the topics listed addresses your specific problem.
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Hi all This is all on my home network - both PCs are local to each other I have a Win PC which hosts all within network Remote loses network home drive randomly desktop and connectivity mapped my media and documents which I connect to via remote desktop and share a drive on the network It has no monitor so remote desktop is my main method of access Very occasionally I will turn it on and be unable to connect to it or the mapped drive In fact my main PC Win cannot find it on the network anywhere But it IS on the network - I can connect via my mobile using Splashtop and I can also connect via TeamViewer from the main PC This is not a solution though as I need to be able to access the shared drive on my main PC Remote desktop and mapped network drive within home network randomly loses connectivity Both PCs use Bitdefender Makes no Remote desktop and mapped network drive within home network randomly loses connectivity difference with the BD firewall temporarily turned off As I mentioned sometimes it connects fine with no issues and sometimes it can't find it In these situations I can't even ping the Media PC's IP address timeout nor can the Media PC ping the main PC It can obviously ping the router Usually a restart of the Media PC fixes this although that's annoying - but today it isn't The error that I get is 'The network path was not found' and for remote desktop 'Remote Desktop can't find the computer 'MediaServer quot This might mean it does not belong to the specified network quot etc I also thought it work mentioning that this is what comes up when using the net use command Status nbsp nbsp nbsp Local nbsp nbsp Remote nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Network ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Unavailable nbsp X nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp MediaServer D nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Microsoft Windows Network The command completed successfully If I then muck around with deleting the share and reconnecting it will sometimes reconnect Today - no can't find the network path Any help appreciated
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Hi peeps here s a seemingly unsolvable problem I have I want to network my two PCs An Acer Vista Laptop and my old HP XP Desktop so that I can play network games Operation Flashpoint So I connect them both wirelessly to the Places My show problem: router XP PC Network other won't Wireless Network or in the router a cheap SWEEX one Now when Iook on my Vista Laptop s Wireless Network problem: My XP won't show the router or other PC in Network Places Network place I can see Wireless Network problem: My XP won't show the router or other PC in Network Places the Laptop I m using the router and can access it s page and everything but I can t see my XP desktop from here And when I go into the Desktop s network places I can t see the router or either of the computers I m using And I assume that this network problem is why I can t see a server in my game Now I understand that file and printer sharing is turned the firewall is definately turned off and I think the appropriate services are turned on well to make sure I turned every single service on There must be some more complex reason why my XP hates to network Although I am by no means a noob to general computing I am reasonably new to networking Can you clever lot help me nbsp

A:Wireless Network problem: My XP won't show the router or other PC in Network Places

I am surprised that the old XP desktiop has wireless functionality. Did you add wireless to it, recently? If so, is it shown as operating correctly in Device Manager?
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Hi I m new to this so bear with me I know there are a lot of forum posts on this on this forum and many others but manager connections network in network 7) available and no No device adapter (windows after hours of trawling through them and getting nowhere I No network connections available and no network adapter in device manager (windows 7) thought I would make a thread with my specific problem and see if anyone No network connections available and no network adapter in device manager (windows 7) can help I got my new graphics card yesterday and after hours of trying to get that to work it s in and working but now I have a red cross where it says my internet is connected and when I click on it it says No Connections are No network connections available and no network adapter in device manager (windows 7) available I have a wired connection and the ethernet cable is in there is no light on my mobo to confirm this When I troubleshoot it says Windows did not detect a properly installed network adapter If you have a network adapter you will need to reinstall the driver I have got my MOBO CD and attempted to do that but the gigabyte interface is completely missing and I can t find the network adapter on there I have also tried downloading the new drivers first on my laptop and running them on the PC but that had no success and the second time through my Iphone personal hotspot but with the same results I know the ethernet cable works because I have put it in my laptop I have a Gigabyte H MA-D v Mobo i K GB Ram GTX Running Windows Any help with this would be greatly appreciated because I m close to putting my foot through my PC Thanks James nbsp

A:No network connections available and no network adapter in device manager (windows 7)
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Hi, I'm trying to connect my computer again after it all of a sudden stopped connecting. I have a linksys wireless-g usb network adapter with speedbooster. I can connect to crappy unprotected networks and i can see my own network, however, I can't connect to it. When it says "waiting for network" it just gives up after a minute or so. When it says detecting network type, it says the network could be out of range. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Instructions would be even more appreciated, because I am not very computer-literate.


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I'm having the most bizarre issue with like machines in my network all Windows Ent x Basically for some reason these machines lose the Domain network profile once a day randomly and it's always after the GP is applied automatically The thing is I got another couple of hundreds of machines under the same set of policies confirmed with GPResult and only are affected so a GP is not the issue of the affected machines is in another location with a different subnet router switch ISP different everything network-wise There are no local firewall rules there was however a rule blocking inbound Explorer exe connection for domain profiles only but this can't cause any harm the rule was deleted just in case though nbsp Running GP update manually or waiting for the automatic policy request does not changes to after GPO network applied None/Public/Identifying Network randomly is profile reproduce the problem The issue can happen at any time and under any circumstance whether Network profile changes to None/Public/Identifying network randomly after GPO is applied the user is logged on or not computer locked or not etc When the issue happens the network icon has a yellow exclamation sign and it is quot Identifying network quot until the next policy update On the Firewall service logs I can see how the Network profile changes back and forth a few times ending in Network Profile None The computers are different models Network profile changes to None/Public/Identifying network randomly after GPO is applied between HPs and Dells An IPConfig renew or a computer restart fixes the issue until next day when it happens again I have set a scheduled task to renew the Network profile changes to None/Public/Identifying network randomly after GPO is applied IP every morning and provided a script for the user to manually kick of the task in case it happens anyway But for the life of me I can't figure out what's causing this issue on out of hundreds of computers in different physical locations I enabled GP debugging in the affected computers to look in detail what may be overlapping or triggering what should not be triggered I lean towards a GP issue because the affected users are all part of the same group user policy maybe Not sure Any ideas will be greatly appreciated maybe I'm missing the obvious or you have experienced an issue like this and want to share your experience Thanks ahead nbsp Miguel Angel Mojica IT Administrator Server Administrator MTA CCNA CCDA
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Hi folks This forum has been extremely helpful for me in the past so I'm testing your awesomeness unrelated card Inconsistent networking or problems, network to network once again I've had an Inconsistent networking problems, unrelated to network or network card unusual networking problem for about a year and a half When browsing the web certain requests will just never complete on any browser Downloads are often interrupted anything larger than MB is nearly impossible Even large transfers between this machine and others on my local network will fail SCP connections will sometimes abort in the middle of a transfer It's quite inconsistent I don't have this problem for any particular resource Inconsistent networking problems, unrelated to network or network card and the failure point is different every time If a particular page isn't rendering I can often go to my yahoo com which for some reason always seems to work and hit the back arrow and then the request will often complete normally Google is a little unique when I encounter this problem on Google I have to wait for the original requests to be aborted after about seconds before any further requests to Google will succeed I can't say exactly when it started but it was reasonably close to the time I updated a driver for my network adapter as instructed At the time I was on a wired network using a Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller adapter connecting through the wired port of an old Netgear router sorry I don't have the model number to cable broadband with NuVisions Since then I have changed just about everything except my motherboard I've disabled my old network adapter though it's still connected I'm on a wireless network using a Netgear WNDA N Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter connecting through a Linksys E to Verizon FIOS Unfortunately nothing about my problem has changed I fear a motherboard issue but I don't know how to find out Can you please help

A:Inconsistent networking problems, unrelated to network or network card

Sorry, I didn't complete the checklist!

I have no anti-virus, security or firewall software. I've run numerous scans since the problem began, and they've always been clean.

Attached is the output from ipconfig /all.
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IGNORE IGNORE.... fixed it thanks anyway
Hi there,
I am having trouble connecting to the internet from my laptop via a D-Link wireless ADSL router.

This is a new problem on a laptop that has been used on this wireless network many times - very strange?

When i click "repair" it seems to hang at the point of acquiring my IP address.
Any ideas?

A:Solved: Wireless network connection can not acquire network address?

Through the web browser on my desktop i changed some settings on the router i.e. the WPA, and it seemed to work? Magic
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Hi I to network connect Unable network wireless to addressaddress acquiring am hoping that someone can help me We have three computers at home two which are connected to router and working fine and my laptop My laptop was connecting to my home wireless network until my daughter used it last Now it will not connect at all I used to have to follow the steps below for some reason and then it would connect fine Wireless network connections Change advanced settings Wireless Networks tab I would have to tick the checkbox USE WINDOWS TO CONFIGURE MY WIRELESS NETWORK SETTINGS Then into properties for my wireless Unable to connect to wireless network acquiring network addressaddress network and in association retype my password and then it would connect it seemed like to Unable to connect to wireless network acquiring network addressaddress much work every time but it still worked There was other networks in the list Unable to connect to wireless network acquiring network addressaddress which i deleted and wireless network connection shows that the network connection strength is excellent but it just seems to get stuck aquiring the network address I have tried repair etc Can someone please help me with this as maybe it s just something simple nbsp

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The problem ocurred because the network did not assign a network adress to the computer
This is the message that I get everytime the I conect my d link wbr 2310 rangebooster g router

and when I click in properties
it says limited or no connectivity

This is my 1s time connecting this router to this computer
I have connected with this modem

I dont I know if this can be connect it with this

Thank You

A:The problem ocurred because the network did not assign a network adress to the comput
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I've freshly installed Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit on my system that previously had Ubuntu installed, and prior to ubuntu had win7 ultimate installed. With the fresh install of win7, I receive an unidentified network/no network access issue.

Heres a list of things ive tried:

- reset the network adapter
- restarted the modem and the router
- messed around with homegroup
- reset tcp/ip
- tried connecting to a specific ip/dns/default gateway (which i retrieved with a laptop)
- ip /release /renew although i wasnt successful

Ive tried almost every single thing I could find on google. Nothing works. I connect fine on ubuntu and I connected fine on ultimate.

I havent tried installing drivers though. Because I cannot access the internet on that machine to install those drivers. Help is much much appreciated as I am tired of ubuntu.



A:Fresh install of Win7 *unidentified network/no network access*

Welcome to the forums bietzshe,

I don't know much about 7 Enterprise, but I imagine you would need to install the Lan/Network drivers for your Motherboard.
Is your motherboard the P67 FTW? Do you have a driver CD for it? If not then you will need to head over to EVGA - EVGA Download Center find your motherboard from the drop down list and download and install the Network driver there.

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I have a network problem and it may be a bit hard to explain my situation fully but I ll try to cover the pertinent information Basically when I do anything network intensive like a file transfer the file transfer will work but it will kill all other network activities I can t browse the web or IM during this time as Firefox will say that it s timed out and IM will drop off and disconnect The network setup I m using is hard to explain fully but the basic core of it is a router with an access point linked via WDS The router provides wifi through the house and also connects to the AP with WDS full g signal The AP basically just gives me hardwired Ethernet ports for my equipment which is in a location where it would be very difficult to hardwire Both the router and AP are running the latest quot tomato quot aftermarket firmware FWIW Almost all of my transfers involve going from wired to wireless I tested my transfer network stops other network Wireless activity? file all transfer speed during several file transfers and got just a tad over MB s mbit s which seems ok to me since it s going from wired Wireless network file transfer stops all other network activity? to wireless g If I do a transfer over Wireless network file transfer stops all other network activity? ethernet to ethernet no wireless it does not seem to cause the problem Basically it seems like the router is not dividing up wireless bandwidth as it should It seems to be only allowing the one transfer to use the wireless at any given time Is there a setting that might help me I was thinking maybe a QOS setting might help but I m not really sure what I m doing in that respect This is what my QOS menus look like if that helps Any help is appreciated I m no network whiz so take it easy on me Thanks nbsp

A:Wireless network file transfer stops all other network activity?

Have you tried another router or changed the routers location?
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I am about to return this brand new computer running Vista since it won t connect to my exiting computers on my wireless network It will however connect to the wireless netork to get out to the internet Here is what I have Brand new computer runnig Vista home premium Wireless netwrok external netgear ma network tomy connecting on but computers other not vista wireless network connection that can vista connecting tomy wireless network but not other computers on network see the internet I am using it now It can see a windows computer as well as my laptop running Windows Xp but when I try to connect to those computers it gives me an error message I googled this problem and disabled my vista connecting tomy wireless network but not other computers on network firewalls I created same user accounts on all with same passords I also tried same user accounts with no password neither works Any suggestion before I return this i relaly want to make Vista work since it at last looks different I like new interface - makes my life more interesting - I know VERY SAD Any suggestions nbsp

A:vista connecting tomy wireless network but not other computers on network