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Creating a dvd library on a NAS...etc

Q: Creating a dvd library on a NAS...etc

Ok first off i really couldn t find the best forum to post this in so please move as requried Right brass tacks I m creating a fully cat e and probably coax too while i m at it embedded network in the house i m about to move into I ve just installed Vista Home Premium as a dual boot on my main pc and it links nicely to the xbox for the media center bits n bobs My intention is to put c d pc s in each of the kids rooms running Vista HP too They will also eventually have tv cards in so they can watch tv from their rooms I would like to put a NAS box on the network for central storage and create a library NAS...etc dvd Creating on a a library of all our dvd s on there so the kids can just use their media centre to select a dvd and watch it rather than finding the disc and playing it through their dvd drive How do i successfully copy a dvd film to the NAS so that it populates the media center list and can be watched by clicking its thumbnail Drag n drop TS files etc or is there specific software that will do it all for me If kids wanted to watch either the same film or different films at the same time from their own bedrooms would they experience stuttering due to the load Indeed can the same film be watched simultaneously by pc s on the network Bearing in mind my first point about flooding cat e through the house i thought i d flood coax in as well for tv radio quality to each room Any other cabling to consider The answers you nice people give may raise more questions so be prepared nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Creating a dvd library on a NAS...etc

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I have an external hard disk of Samsung 650GB which got damaged when I was transferring some files to my pc through it. Now when I connect to any PC or Laptop it shows the safely remove icon but there is no letter assigned to it and also doesn't show up in My Computer though it can be seen in Disk Management.

I tried Mini Tool Partition Wizard but when I create a new partition it stops at 90%. I tried wiping out the partition but to no avail.

Is there any solution for it??? Please help.

A:Creating A New Partition Or Wiping A Partition On External Hard Disk Stuck

I would check the manufacturers site for a windows utility to low level format it. If you cannot find a utility to do that on manufacturer's site, then try this: to wipe the drive. WARNING!! this will destroy all data on the selected hard drive!! be very careful when selecting a drive to wipe that you don't inadvertently select the wrong disk. After a low level format, unplug the drive, plug back in, windows should detect as a new, virgin, drive and it'll prompt you to format it. Format it and hopefully everything will be fine from here on out for you.

Post back, Hope this helps!!
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Hello there, this is my first post here and I do appreciate if someone can help me in this scenario.

I have a DC running Windows server 2008 Standard in the HQ, I have a remote location connected to it through a VPN, some times the connection drops, and this prevent the remote location computers to log in, stops sharing, because there is no authentication from the DC anymore, so users must wait until the connection come alive again, I have a server in the remote location running windows server 2003, with some applications installed on.

what I want to do is to promote this 2003 server to be additional domain to help when the connection to the DC down.

my question is:
is it possible to promote windows server 2003 to be additional domain in server 2008 environment ? and if it is possible - how to do so?

thanks ...
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As the title says I need help creating a gaming PC I am new to the world of creating gaming computers so I don t know to much on the subject I have looked at a few articles here and there about it and was planning on just making it myself but I decided it would be better to have suggestions and help from others If anyone could give me any tips on what I am truly looking for Desktop a Need help creating Gaming in a gaming desktop or if anyone could suggest or create one I would be grateful My price range is to I am leaning towards the - range but past that is doable If there is anything else you guys need to know Need help creating a Gaming Desktop just reply Once again any help or tips would be greatly appreciated Thank you Things I would like my desktop to be able to do have - Play Need help creating a Gaming Desktop most newer games on Medium to High settings Need help creating a Gaming Desktop - Around a Terabyte of memory - - Gigs of Ram nbsp

A:Need help creating a Gaming Desktop

CPU: AMD FX 6350 ($130)
Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 R2.0 ($100)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 4x2GB ($70)
GPU: EVGA GTX 650Ti Boost ($170)
Power Supply: Corsair TX 650 ($90)
HDD: WD Caviar Black ($95)
Case: Corsair 200R ($50)
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I am looking to create a simple VPN between two of my offices. They are located about 45 minutes from each other. I have about 4 workers in each with 2 mobile workers. I want to create a VPN for secure and safe connection. What components are needed. Do I need a modem and a router at each place capable of VPN? I have 4 computers at each location

OFF-NOTE: Is it possible for one location to be hooked up using UTP cables and the other location be hooked up wirelessly?

A:Creating VPN between two locations

check this out i think it has what u need.
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Okay, soo my computer's memory is full and I want to clean it out. I was wondering if it's possible to export my itunes library on a 1TB external hard drive, delete all the music off the computer than be able to sync my ipod while my hard drive is plugged in. Thanks
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I installed a d-link 2310 wireless router but did not see an option to create a password. The disk no longer works and I am not able create a password to keep neighbours from accessing and using my internet connection. Can you help?

A:Creating a D-Link password

forget the CD - - doesn't do squat for this issue.

1) access the router using your browsera) use only a wired connection'
the default address for Dlink is: [B][/B]
the default user/pwd is: admin/ <leave it blank>
​2)once inside, set a new Admin Password and save it. This will restart the router and disconnect you from it - - just log back in
3) now go set the WiFi SSID and encryption as required
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I currentley have 2 300gb HDs set up in a RAID0 configeration on my Dell XPS420 running Windows Vista 32bit. i would like to create 2 partitions, one for the OS and one for my Music and Videos.

does anyone have a step by step guide/tutorial on how i can do this?

A:Creating a partition on RAID0

not a good idea - - raid0 is fragile as-is.

The right sequence is

start over
do the partitioning of the physical drive(s)
then initialize the raid-x on the appropriate partitions of your choice
format the remaining non-raid partitions
now load your data
On (3), make sure you use one partition per physical drive and don't allow the raid-x to be only one one HD - - kind of silly isn't it!
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Hi all,

How can i create a partition which can be used as a reformat back up.
This is to avoid having to use a DVD ISO with windows 7.

The partition i am referring to is something laptops have where if they need to reformat they just reformat from the 'saved ISO OS image' in a permanent partition without having to insert a DVD with the OS data files.

So basically - how to save a permanent OS image on a partition which can be used to reformant the computer when booting up.

Hope someone can help, considering i may not have been too clear.



A:Creating a permanent partiton with reformat ISO

Something like Norton Ghost and Acronis True Image would do this. You either need a partition on your boot drive (other than the boot partition) or space on another drive to store the image of your OS.
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Hi there what follows is a raw excerpt before copy editing or final tech reviews from chapter in my book Silverlight in Action This is just a small portion of chapter which covers the media element streaming using IIS Smooth streaming using the Silverlight Media Framework creating raw video and audio and using the webcam and microphone APIs I ve blogged bits and pieces on this topic before but (audio Creating and media raw video) it s such a fun topic Creating raw media (audio and video) I thought it would be great to provide the whole raw video audio generator here in one posting Note that in the print edition the A B etc letters are replaced by graphic cueballs and the numbered ones etc are replaced by inline side-note text in the listing I m feverishly working to wrap the book up my initial chapters will all be turned over for final editing before July This has been an exciting and long lt g gt book to write I hope you enjoy it as much as I have nbsp
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I have a home computer with a netgear router hard-wired to the lan port which gives me internet access. I also have two lap-tops and I can connect to the internet
through wi-fi/router ok. I want to set up a wap security code for this network.I assume this is a network, though I hav'nt used a wizard or other to set one up. Both lap-tops have built-in wireless access. Do I need to set-up a wap security code from each computer, or just the lan connected computer, or one of the wi-fi connected lap-tops. Microsoft help is not very clear on the fundamentals of networking, I assume they can't draw schematic diagrams, which would simplify the whole connection process

A:Creating WPA code on wireless network

The encryption and the method (WPA2, WPA, WEP) are enabled in the router and the passphrase is set there too.

the client systems need to use the WiFi Wizard to find your SSID and will prompt for the passphrase.

BE CERTAIN to use the wired connection to config ANY router settings

(btw: be sure to change the admin password too )
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i delete documents it comes back, so i thought okay, ill just keep it all in there.. but every time i go in there the folders pictures, music, and videos are there, i delete them, its all good, i plug it in again, and the folders are back

is there a way from keeping my USB device from automatically creating these folders?

thank you in advance

A:USB drive auto creating folders

Windows itself keeps these folders in My Documents
You aren't talking about those required folders are you?

If you are talking about on your flash reader device, you may just need to format it.
Here's a good tool I've used to do that (this will only format Flash Drives, ie remove all data, so backup your flash drive first)

HP USB Disk Storage Format Utility

Will format any USB flash drive
It can be known to recover Flash drives that are un-responsive too.
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Hi all,

Winamp's being... temperamental, to say the least.
I have a music library of ~2000 songs which I want to get it to sync to my MP3 player. It recognizes that my player is connected to my PC just fine, but when I tell it to sync all 2000 songs in one shot the program freezes and crashes.
I really do NOT want to have to sit at my PC for hours and sync my music library 50 songs at a time. Is there a workaround for this problem or am I just going to have to bite the bullet?



EDIT: Mods, please delete this thread, I reposted it in "Misc. Software". Thanks.
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I have used Mediaplayer 11 for about a year. Iopened last week and it stated that there were no items and I had to add my music to my library. I try to do this by specifying where the player should monitor but nothing happens. When I go back to that window my manually added folders have disappeared. I have rolled it back to media player 10 but it states that the file wmplayer11 is where wmplayer10 should be and asks if I want to download the newest mediaplayer. I have done this many times, done a system retore, run a virus check, even tried to remove it from the computer, and start over, but it will not let me do it. I am at a loss. I cannot get this to work whatever I do. Any help that I could get from anyone would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Mediaplayer will not add to library
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Why, when ever i try to add another RAM, my ethernet card (LAN card) settings disappear and it says new hardware found and starts installation of the LAN card (cannot locate the driver).
3COm EtherLink XL 10/100 PCI For complete Management NIC (3C905C-TX)

A:Adding RAM creating ethernet driver problem

Move your LAN card to another slot.
Or remove it until you have the memory detected and working properly.
Inspect the card for any thing loose... because it may have connector damage that makes the system think it just found the card... It can also be caused by a loose or defective cable nearby.
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Alrighty I have a Creating a home network D-Link WBR- router which computers and gaming consoles connect to They can connect to the internet just fine but have no way of interacting with each other I d like to have a system going on here that makes it so you can print from a printer connected to another computer access that computer s Creating a home network files etc just through the network but have no idea how I d go about doing it I ve looked online but have no idea what to start looking for Ideally I d like to have a system going on where all computer share the same domain or workgroup Whichever its called computers are running XP Home edition and mine is XP Professional edition Sadly I m the router s admin as I know most about the stuff the getting people connected to the internet and whatnot but I d really like to have a real network going on here Any ideas Thanks nbsp

A:Creating a home network

The reason that they cannot 'see' each other is probably because they are not signing on to the same network.
To do this, go to Control Panel, System and select the Computer name tag. change the workgroup name to whatever you like as long as it is the same on all machines. Reboot them all as prompted and it should work.
You then need to share the resource on each machine that you want the other PCs to access - printers and folders. Then you can access them from the other machines and install printers or map drives as you need.
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I have over 50 computers most which are under a workgroup with access to the internet. This is becoming a problem as more computers are being added to the workgroup. Thus, I decided to implement all PCs into one domain. I ordered some books/videos to help me plan this out. Meanwhile, as I wait for these to arrive, I was hoping you knowledgeable and experienced users here at TechSpot could help me. I have purchased Windows Server 2000 & an Exchange Server.

Primary Goals

1. Access any computer on the network via Remote Desktop Connection
2. Perform remote installations across the network using RIS (Remote Installation Services)
3. Perhaps use SysPrep (Is there a better method?) to clone computers already setup with all programs installed.

A:Creating a Domain

You will have to implement Active Directory and setup users/passwords and optionally groups. When you install Windows server you will be asked what role you want the server to take and at this point is where you set up your domain. You can also promote it later if you decide to make it a stand alone server. You dont need a domain to do the things you mentioned.. As for the remote access look at, it free/cheap and works great.. For the remote installations there are a number of products that do that.. As for the cloning of computers that would work if you have all the same hardware.. I would recommend Acronis True Image.. Domains offer greatly increased security and if thats what you need, great..
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I have two networked computers that are both running windows vista. I share my internet connection by connecting my dsl modem to my wireless router. One of my computers connects to the router with an ethernet cable and the other wirelessly. The internet and lan work fine, but I want to be able have both computers connect to the internet through the router but not to each other. Is there any way I can prevent the computers from creating a lan with each other but still allow both to access the internet?

A:Sharing Internet on router without creating lan

No, but you can configure the computers so that they are not talking to each other. That's basic network security and you should have done that already.

(You could get two more routers and put these in front of each computer, but that would be just silly.)
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ok i have 2 computers that both have wireless one a Belkin pci card and the other a usb linksys wireless network adapter, id like to get the computers to recognize each other but not lose connection to the main router is this possible?

A:creating a network

This is print/file sharing(PFS). Once ALL systems have internet access AND
each one can ping the other (run->cmd /k ping $others-ip-address),
then it's a matter of seting up PFS.

Edited by Moderator: Removed quote. There`s no need to quote the post directly above your own.
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:angel: please help me from creating any password on my USB in order not to protect from misuse of other by not using any software... i would like to create my password to enter to my USB but i dont know how!

Thanks for your reply!!:knock:

A:Need help creating usb password.

No, you cannot do it without any extra software.
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Hi everyone can and routers a static port ip with two creating forwarding you help I ve been meaning to reconfigure my routers and computers to create static IPs and therefore allow port forwarding properly I ve tried and tried and I ve failed can anyone help I ve got the following Broadband creating a static ip and port forwarding with two routers modem Linksys RT P VOIP router Linksys WRT G router I have two computers hardwired to the wrt g and I also creating a static ip and port forwarding with two routers use two laptops which are used both at home and at work I d ideally like to create static IPs for the two hardwired computers and keep assigned IPs for the laptops Currently the modem plugs straight into the WAN on the VOIP router LAN on the VOIP router is then connected to the WAN on the WRT G The two hardwired PCs are connected to the WRT G LAN and LAN To make things easy both routers are reset to factory settings The VOIP router is set to dhcp enabled IP Subnet DHCP range - The WRT G is set to dhcp enabled IP Subnet DHCP range - All computers including the laptops are set to automatic configuration Once I have assigned static IPs I then need to allow port forwarding for a few programs on one of the hardwired PCs I know how to do port forwarding on a one router system but not on a chained system like this I also get confused with what numbers should go where Can anyone please suggest exactly what numbers and settings I should use for the VOIP router the WRT G router and each computer along with what I should type in on the port forwarding on which router to enable a program on the primary hardwired PC to work on port TCP I know it s a lot but I m stumped Cheers in advance Paul nbsp

A:creating a static ip and port forwarding with two routers

Sorry but you are confusing me. I will be be able to help ... but lets break down what you are trying to do.

My first question is why do u have 2x DHCP servers running? Statically assign the 2x desktop PCs with an IP address and then exclude those IP addresses from the DHCP scope. Alternatively you can reserve 2x IP addresses in the scope (MAC addresses required). TURN DHCP SERVER OFF ON ONE OF THE ROUTERS! 2x DHCP servers can cause all kinds of problems within a LAN. One scope is best and to keep it neat, set the address range between 192.168.x.100 - x.150 (if you decide to go with a class C subnet).

Why do you have both WAN ports in use? It sounds like you have created a loop! From one to the other ... makes no sense to me why you did that, in my head the topology looks wrong! You would be better off with a switch rather than 2x routers for reasons like a switch doesn't require an IP address and it is not a DHCP server. But it doesn't matter, we can either NAT between the two routers (which will slow down you internet speed a little) or we can put the VOIP router into bridge mode, give the Linksys all the ISP details and have him as the gateway. Bridge mode is the easier of the two, and won't slow down your internet speed (no NAT rules).

I hope this is making sense. Reply back and fill me in a little more and we'll go from there :grinthumb
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Hi there,

Is there anyone who a real wizz at networking? Partictually in virtual private networks and how to st them up?


Ive got a Belkin modem router which I consider to be the server. I dont have a workplace server running Win server2003 or anything.

I just got an ethernet hard disk and have set it up by plugging in it the the ethernet switch on the router and have mapped the drive to my pc. Now I want to set up a VPN so when Im away from home I can got onto my network and access file on the ethernet disk.


A:Help creating VPN (PPTP) into home network
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What are the settings required for creating smooth graphics to be used on DV. I use photoshop and am using a PAL system, When exporting the graphics i find that the edges look pixelated, what can I do ??

many thanks

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Hello everyone I m new to this community and glad to be here Here is my problem I have a laptop that has an unrealiable CD DVD drive I had the unfortunate situation where I couldn t get my CD DVD to read my XP Install CD also had a DVD too when it was necessary for me Creating XP Flash-Drive Install an to re-install my XP I don t want to lug around an external CD DVD drive since I rarely use it other than reinstalling my system and all the development stuff Creating an XP Install Flash-Drive I need to work Can anyone tell me how to create an XP install on a flash drive I know my BIOS regonizes my USB flash drive as I was able to use the PEBuilder to create a bootable flash drive I figure a USB flash drive is more reliable than a CD or DVD that usually gets damaged in some way Now I have the bright idea that I should be able to create an XP install flash drive Is this possible Anyone Thanks nbsp

A:Creating an XP Install Flash-Drive

If you can access the cd from another computer, copy the i386 folder from the installation cd to your flash drive. If you're installing the OS from scratch locate the WINNT.exe(not the winnt32.exe because it's for upgrades only). I've never done it this way so I don't know its flaws. If you need a command line to access the installation folder I would recommend creating a startup disk from a floppy(assuming you have a floppy) and that creates the basic msdos files to start up on.
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A friend and I recently bought Fight Night Round 2 for Playstation 2 with the intent of playing each other online. When it wouldn't work I found out as of August 1st EA Sports was no longer offering a server for this game. Is there a way can connect the two over the internet and play the game together without the EA Sports server?

A:Creating own network for Playstation 2

You could always run a CATV cable all the way to his house..
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EDIT Ok So I need to create a SATA floppy which I didn t know I need to create yes I am using a Sata SATA floppy?) a need I (Do floppy creating drivers drive So how do you create this floppy drive gladly I have a second machine with a floppy I just need the general idea of it how to creating SATA drivers floppy (Do I need a floppy?) create the floppy itself so it quot works quot I ll take care of finding the correct drivers themselves Admins is it possible that you rename my thread to something like quot creating SATA drivers creating SATA drivers floppy (Do I need a floppy?) floppy quot ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morning all My parts are supposed to come today well the rest of them that is So I should be building my new system in a few days or so But for the windows installation do I need a floppy drive too So far I ve bought only a DVD CD ROM so I can install from any kind of CD DVD plus its very cheap if you aren t saving data on discs so I should be able to get by But I want to make sure that somewhere in the middle of the process of installing something it says quot please make a floppy with insert what here and boot up from it to insert action here quot Thanks for your help in advance nbsp

A:creating SATA drivers floppy (Do I need a floppy?)

In the beginning of the installation it says you should press F6 to load additional drivers. You don't know what these additional drivers are or you are already away making a sandwich in the kitchen, so the message disappears and the setup continues.

Later on, if you have a SATA hard drive, the WIndows installerwill say that it can't find any hard drives. And then, when you ask someone about this pecualiar message, you are told that you should have made a special floppy disk containing SATA drivers and pressed that F6 key
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Hi Im creating an intranet, and have setup the site in IIS6, but I can only get to it by typing .//IP/filename.

Ive been advised I need to setup mapping in DNS, but Ive not done this before, anyone able to help?

Thank you
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There are various was to get connected to the Internet. The folks at Dslreports have
created a site which shows you graphically what each network looks like
and the cabling necessary for each.
see various topologies here
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I am having probs trying to create a wireless network connection from my pc to another in the kid's bedroom
Both pc's are running win xp home, i have hard wired the AGK Nordic WA-4054 router to my pc with a rj-45 cable .. no probs
The kid's pc now has a bt voyager 1040 pci card installed ...
it says it is running at 54Mbps on a wireless connection (set to default) & the signal strength : Excellent

Now i do not have a clue .. i am looking around for inf but all i get is jargon & acro's ... please help me



A:Probs creating a wireless network

I think that's it. You probably will want to enable security on the router, but that's all I can think of.
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I get problem with my wmp10, sometimes when I Click on Library tab in Windows Media Player 10, it automatically restart my computer even I formated my hard disk and re-install my windows.
it never happened before just recently.
Someone could help me?
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:wave: HI ALL
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I m having a problem building a RAID array on the A N X-deluxe motherboard which features the SiI RAID controller I m doing everything right as far as I can see SATA is enabled on hangs set RAID1 (mirror) just when 3112 controller - creating SiI the motherboard jumper both disks are identical bought at the same time GB seagate barracudas the first disk is being used to boot Windows second is currently empty At boot time I hit F to enter the RAID setup program in the SiI 3112 - controller just hangs when creating RAID1 (mirror) set SiI controller Both disks can be seen primary is quot - PM quot and secondary is quot SiI 3112 - controller just hangs when creating RAID1 (mirror) set - SM quot I choose the option to create RAID set select quot - mirror quot select manual config elect to copy from disk to disk disk already has data on it then it asks if I am sure I hit Y then everything freezes - the screen is just frozen at that point the HDs are quiet and not doing any detectible activity and there is no change in the display I assume some progress should be shown No keypresses have any effect apart from CTRL-ALT-DELETE I ve waited quite a long time for anything to change and it really has just hung According to someone on usenet I should see a type rotating indicator to show it s doing something When I do CTRL-ALT-DELETE to reboot and enter the RAID setup program again it reports a RAID set as being there but with disk being quot current quot and disk as quot rebuild quot and at this point I just break the RAID set and I m back where I started The second disk does work btw - I have booted into windows from disk as usual with disk attached and disk can be seen in windows although it is empty as it has not been used for anything I would be very grateful for any pointers thanks alex nbsp

A:SiI 3112 - controller just hangs when creating RAID1 (mirror) set

SiI 3112 RAID controller - more trouble than it's worth? Or saviour?

Ok, while trying to create a RAID1 set on a SiI 3112 RAID controller (on Asus A7N8X deluxe mobo) I've come across quiet a few worrying stories of angst regarding troubles with this controller. Am I just getting paranoid or should I listen to the people who say to use a PCI SATARaid controller which is supposed to be less problematic? (And if I *should* go for PCI option, which ones are reputable?)

Basically, I'd like to hear peoples experiences, good or bad, with setting up RAID1 on the SiI 3112.

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In my Dell Dimension 4500, when I turn on the computer, It show a black screen with the Dell logo and When this goes away, I see the Windows XP loading screen until its booted.
I built a new pc and I dont want to read the bios info everytime I boot, even though I have quick boot enabled (it only shows the bios info flashing by pretty quickly) but I dont want to see it at all. I'd rather put another page up to look at like the Dell, How do I do that and is there any articles or info on the net I can read telling me how? Thanks!

A:Creating new screen to cover the bios info

You have to merge the image you want to show to a BIOS image and then flash your BIOS with it.

Something like this maybe?
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Ok hi guys,
I have southpark season 1-3 on 12 CDs.
What i want to do is make so i am able to have all 30*(1) episodes on the
one*(2) DVD and make it so that its playable on a DVD player. when using my producing program it makes it so i can only have approximatley 8 episodes on one disc.

So basically i need a way to compress it. Technically, if i could get a menu etc, could i just use compressed vobs that are like 150-200mb each??

*(1) give or take a few episodes.
*(2) at least get like 15 on one DVD.

A:Creating a dvd with heaps of episodes

You can fit many on one dvd, but the quality is so low that you can see the pixelization.

A dvd can fit up to 7 cd's. So 8 makes sense.

My guess is either your movie app is limiting or you haven't used the right functions. Such as wide screen and letter box. Google TMPGEnc
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Hey guys My father is trying to come up with a new system and is asking advice that I m relatively unqualified to answer I m sure ya ll got better advice than I do He has literally hundreds of old VHS tapes that he wants to convert to to DVD system a Creating VHS DVD There are standalone systems to do this we realize but Creating a VHS to DVD system they mostly miss one feature The ability to edit the videos before burning to DVD The capture should be of the highest quality possible from a PAL stream as the quality of Creating a VHS to DVD system the VHS is already crappy we don t need to make it worse On top of this he would like a machine he can use for other standard computing purposes- web browsing AOL Save your lecture I ve tried to convert him MS Office see above sound ripping conversion The machine doesn t need to be dual p extremes Ideally we spend under for doing this if not more reliably He s not a techie at all so systems should assemble stable Here s the basic list of what he wants to do Capture streams from VHS or TV or yadda yadda Edit them Particularly remove commercials Burn them to DVD The program s for doing and or should all be relatively simple He s no sys admin He s not a total can learn some things Office web browsing etc Sound capture from vinyl to wav or mp He s got the program to do it we can reinstall that Any all software used should be as legit as possible If the machine comes with a monitor should be CRT His eyes aren t great he has particular difficulty with LCD Plasma displays Hardware modem I think we ve all seen enough in the networking forum to know why win cards are not good We re currently on dialup if when necessary I have the knowledge to install a network card and so forth The display on the machine will be x or lower Hopefully the video editing can accomodate this if not I m sure we can find some way to make it work Everything else is pretty standard Assuming it s a WinOS we ll be able to port his apps and so forth For our purposes it s appearing cheaper to buy a gateway dell something prefab Either this system already comes with the video capability or we can add it on within the price constraints This has a few quot features quot to it that we like- if we get a bundled CRT monitor printer great We have uses for those but aren t hard up Also gives him some tech support if when I move out and he needs help It gives him relatively cheap legit copies of XP Home or pro we don t care I prefer pro but I ll compromise and Office All he uses is word or Excel if it s something more than basic we don t care I don t know what sort of CPU RAM is needed for video editing It s my understanding that usually the vid capture device does hardware conversion so the Video card shouldn t impact things If that s true we don t need top of the line card If it s not true the lowest possible card to maintain quality is in order- the most advanced graphics my father uses is Civilization Call to Power For everything else I assume GHz and mb ram is sufficient I d say GB HD would be recommeneded plus we ll move his old HD in for additional space and ported documents Sound wise we need input and output Ideally two outputs with independent volume control Quality is good here but we don t need top of the line Audigy cards- I think a SB Live with mini or RCA outputs is best We don t have optical or hi def lines The turntable is ancient and the vcr well enough said Right now he has a ghz MB Win SE machine Is there a possibility of converting this machine for use That s another question in the same vein Either way we probably want to move him up to XP Office k or better Based on reviews we re shying away from XP MCE There seems to be some quality issues when streams are placed into ASFs MS s fancy drm ed mpg wrapper However if you have experience with the OS and it s fine let us know that too Look forward to reading your input Details links and the whole yards appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp
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In supporting a Community Assocation I have the need to create a public network and a private one that shares the same internet connection. The way this is shaping up is:

Modom (dial up)
D-Link Router (DI-704 w/ serial port)

Public Network
16 Port Hub

Private Network
LinkSys Router (BEFSR41)
8 Port Switch (currently a hub)

Some devices will need to connect to the routers and the hubs/switchs because of location. (no big deal, I ***-u-me)

Currently I have the settings as:
D-Link (Public)
IP :
Range : 65 to 127
Default IP mask (Can't find one)

LinkSys (Private)
IP :
Range : 33 to 47
Default IP mask

When connected to the Private network, a PC cannot ping the public ones or get the Internet (I need both). The public ones have Internet access, can ping the LinkSys but no PCs (As it should be).

So what how should this work and what am I missing?

A:Creating a Public and Private network

Welcome to TechSpot

I think the following might be helpful:

D-Link (Public) connect to your modem.
Router-setup WAN:
Protocol: Fixed IP
IP-address, Subnetmask and default Gateway: as per ISP-information
DNS-servers: as per ISP-information
Enable NAT

Router-setup LAN:
DHCP-server: disable
You selected Range : 65 to 127

PC-Settings (Public)
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Use the following fixed IP addresses: (66, 67 etc. - 126)
Default Gateway: (IP-address from your Router)
Use DNS Server address: (IP-address from your Router)
Second DNS: leave blank or put in first DNS-server from WAN-part in Router

Reserve the IP address: for the Linksys (Private)
which will plug into the D-Link

LinkSys (Private) connect to the D-Link router.
Router-setup WAN:
Protocol: Fixed IP
Default Gateway:
Enable NAT

Router-setup LAN:
DHCP-server: disable
You selected Range : 33 to 47

PC-Settings (Private)
Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
Use the following fixed IP addresses: (34, 35 etc. - 47)
Default Gateway: (IP-address from your Router)
Use DNS Server address: (IP-address from your Router)
Second DNS: leave blank


Valid for both Routers:
Some System-settings (depending on your router)
Optional SNTP (time): e.g. for UK/Ireland (GMT)
uPnP: disable
Dynamic routing: disable
Remote config: disable
Dynamic DNS: disable
Firewall: Block hacker attack: enable
Firewall: Block WAN request: enable
VPN: disable all settings unless you need it

PC-Settings (Public & Private)
Make sure all PCs are in the same WORKGROUP.
Enable File/Printer sharing if you wish (works only within local network)
Check individual printer(s) that they are shared as well (in printer-settings)
In the software firewall, enable/block the other PCs IP-address(es)

I am not 100% sure, but this should work.
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It has sporadically popped up on my W7 computer a few times & I'd like to know why.


A:Microsoft Visual C ++ Runtime Library

Any idea (s) ?
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Hi all,

I'm building a new computer, but cannot afford a windows OS, so am going to install the Linux Ubuntu OS onto my new build. I was wondering if any of you new how to create a boot CD for Linux Ubuntu, so that i could simply put the CD into the new PC Build, and then install the OS from the boot disc i made. Thanks, Rob.

A:Creating a boot CD?

In order to install Ubuntu all you need is a blank CD-ROM, it's almost as easy as you think All you need is the operating system .iso image file and burn that to a disk using ImgBurn or your other favorite burning software. You can also order a copy if you don't have access to a burner, but I don't know how much it is. Once you have the disk, just pop it in and go. Ubuntu sports a very easy-to-follow installer and disk partitioner just like Windows.

To download the image file, go here:
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I recently had this error message pop up when I started some apps on my computer (including Teamviewer and Skype)

The procedure entry point NtAlpcSendWaitReceivePort could not be located in the dynamic link library ntdll.dll

I found a solution after some Googling. I thought I'd post what I found.

The problem may start after installing some Android related software on your PC (Samsung Kies or in, my case, I had installed the Android upgrade package for phone on my PC)

To fix the problem, I uninstalled the software and renamed C:\WINDOWS\system32\avrt.dll to avrt.dll.old. Life is good again

A:[solved] NtAlpcSendWaitReceivePort could not be located in library ntdll.dll

<-- for effort.
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I created this post to help people searching for solutions to Windows Error Messages:

Visual C++ Redistributable Library Missing
Application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect
Application Failed to Start
Dependent Assembly Missing
Activation context generation failed
so as to help find this post when using a search engine

Some background: Many Windows apps are built using Visual C++ libraries. The tricky part is that there are many different "versions" of "assemblies" of the C++ libraries in both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture "flavors". So the trick is tracking down the right flavor of the right assembly and version of the C++ library you need.

For further help, see this thread (in general) and this post and this post (in particular) for solutions

For how to look through your Application Event Log for application event messages click here
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Hello, I had some problems when I moved the user contents like music,videos, images... from other disk on the same PC, because I do not want to store things in the previous disk (SSD). So, all the mussic , images, documents and other user files are in the new disk but not associated to user files (screenshot). The music and documents are associated to E:\ drive and not to the documents and music folder.
Is there a solution? thanks


A:Library issues Windows 8

Good move to relocate off the SSDs.

Personally, I never liked the Library and choose to manage my media for myself. From wherever your media files are, create a shortcut of the folder(s) and copy that to your desktop and you have instant access to it.

If you create a major folder (aka MEDIA) and then subfolders like Music, Video, Pictures, you can share it all by just sharing the top-level MEDIA folder.

I would
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I have recently been recieving the following error, it occurs everytime I go into "My Documents", then into "My Pictures", then if I right click on a picture this Runtime error will pop up, It also has happened to me in "My Documents" and "My Computer" as well. My computer is clean, HJT is normal, and all my spyware programs have come up normal so it is not virus related... Any suggestions? Heres the error window:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime library incorrectly. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

Thanks in advance,

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Alright, I was moving some folders around and accidentally moved my iTunes library folder from it's location in My Music. I realized it mid-move and cancelled it. It had already moved to I tried to move it back. Did so with no problems but now when I try to open iTunes it tells me that "The iTunes Library.itl file is locked, on a locked disk, or you do not have write permission for this file." Now I have gone into properties on iTunes and made sure that I have all permissions with it... Not sure what to do, updated iTunes to the latest one Apple offers and it still pops up with the same message. iTunes won't even open up as a program, let alone show me it's library so I'm wondering what is going on... If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

A:iTunes Library Error

hard way to learn; NEVER cancel a MOVE operation
(cancelling a COPY is ok as the original is still in place which leads to a better paradigm;
use COPY then DELETE whenever you have sufficient HD space )

the 'iTunes Library.itl' is a binary file and located (normally) at
My Documents\My Music\iTunes ​which contains
Album Artwork\
iTunes Library Extras.itdb
itunes Genius.itdb
iTunes Library.itl
iTunes Music Library.xml
​I would use SEARCH to find these files and copy them back to their proper location
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How can I solve this problem, I have done lots of things already but notthing worked

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!

Program: C:\\Allods Online\bin\AOgame.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.
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I am trying to create a c++ program that will intake an original value of x_0 to begin a function that uses the previous value of x to calculate the one in question.
I.e.- f(x_0) = x_1, f(x_1) = x_2 and so on.
I understand that I will need to set up a loop using x = f(x) but am unsure where how this is done exactly. The function itself being used is as follows: f(x) = a*sin(pi*x) where a and x_0 are the inputs. Any help would be great, thanks.
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I have been running out of hard drive space on my laptop, so i decided to trim down my 22000 songs to save space. After many nights of going through the songs I have got the number down to about 7000. As i was doing it i was wondering why it was asking me if i wanted to move some of them to the recycle bin and other it wasn't. I stupidly ignored this flaw.

So i now have the Itunes library I want but most of the songs are still on my hdd. Is there any way of getting rid of the other songs without having to go through them all again?

I have considered exporting the library to many dvd's but that may take a while but it could be my only option.

All thought are welcome.

Relevancy 27.09%


I am trying to open a program (Caseware), export from it for a specific file, and then repeat the process across a series of these files. once in a useable format I need to report across the exports.

I think from reading posts I can use a batch file to open a specific file using a specific software package, Is there a way then to use specific keystrokes inside the package to do the export, then close the file and repeat on the next file.

I may need to put a pause in to the batch file, as the sowftare can take up to two minutes to load a file.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated as otherwise I'll be stuck doing it manually for ever :-(


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I have created a java application. and I want to give it to my friend who does not have java installed on his machine.So I want to give him java setup and only a jar file of my application.
For that I created batch file as follows:

set path=d:\Test 3\jdk1.6.0_14\bin;%PATH%

SET CLASSPATH=.;d:\jdk1.6.0_14\jre\lib\rt.jar

java -jar "Test3.jar"

Now if my friend puts this Test 3 folder on D drive,then only the application executes.This is obvious I knw.
But there is possibility that someone may or may not have D drive. In this case, what I want to do is, when he copies the folder and paste it anywhere,and just double clicks on the batch file the application should execute.
So is there any method in batch file to get the path of the folder where he has pasted that folder?

Please help me...
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Hi all,

I'm tasked with updating our email stationery with a nice new design.
Now we all know MS Office sucks the fat one when it comes to DTP, so i use the Adobe Creative Suite.
Problem is, i don't know how to convert my design from InDesign into an htnl document, which is seemingly the only filetype that email stationery or signatures can be saved in. I have no idea how to use Go Live either.
The other problem is that i need our email and web addresses to be hyperlinks in the sig. so i can't just save it as a jpeg and paste it into word then save that as html, import it into the sig and bingo!

Any suggestions please?
I have over 50 personalised ones to do, so i'm really looking for an easy workaround for this.

Many thanks

A:Creating stationery and signatures in outlook 2003

This explains it pretty well...
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hey guys its been a while Just need a bit of help in a few things setting up my new box for a dedicated sftp web server I ve already installed apache and got that running and also installed openssh on a ubuntu system Now a few questions if anyone can help how do I create virtual users on an ubuntu system and integrate them to log into sftp how do I change the default path after those users have logged in to a particular path say instead of quot home user quot to quot var www quot instead I want to have a few users or group if possible to be able to for users sftp/ubuntu Creating virtual access the var www folder only since all they will be doing is just uploading modifying downloading files in that directory The server Creating virtual users for sftp/ubuntu will be mainly hosting files for download with anonymous access given to download via a html link and the uploading etc to be done over sftp since its more secure than regular ftp connections I have looked around the net for a while now and they don t give me a clear answer to this probably since this is my first time setting up openssh and i ve only started to work in ubuntu regularly only quite recently and other sites telling me to Creating virtual users for sftp/ubuntu install vsftpd proftpd etc which I prefer not to Thanks in advance Edit I m looking at two options - LDAP and PAM for the users any suggestions Edit Never mind got a friend to show me how to do this on the nix nbsp
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I am doing a project at work where my boss want a spread sheet set up with an on screen search feature. To search PO's, part numbers etc. I thought no problem, I simply used VLOOKUP on the sheet, entered the information he wanted and I am thinking i am done. But NO, he wants it to start searching as soon as he types in a PO or part number. So say there are 100 part numbers that start with "4". He wants it to start showing "possibilities" as soon as he types in the 4, then it starts narrowing down to the exact number.

Not sure I am explaining it clear enough. I know exactly what he is wanting. I just dont know what it is called, or find any code online to do it with.

Anyone got any ideas?

A:Creating a searchable string in Excel

I don't think you can catch keystrokes in Excel, so no easy way. Maybe there is a suitable component for a form or if you do the searches based on a timer instead of keystrokes..
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I recently created a new library on my Win 8 laptop so that I could separate private files from my business ones. They were accessible at first but when I went looking for my private files tonight the library is inaccessible and the folder says it is completely empty. Trying to open documents through Word gives me an error that they do not exist and a general *.docx file search doesn't list them at all. I'm greatly concerned that I've lost them for good. Does anyone know how I might be able to locate them or get them back?

And please keep in mind I'm not an IT/terribly tech-savvy person so I will need rather detailed instructions to go beyond general surface OS technical mumbo-jumbo.


A:Library gone AWOL

They are all really located in \Users\yourloginName\My Documents

The Library system are only shortcuts to the real location.

Your issue is the shortcuts are broken.
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seems like everything I try tells me I need an ISO to make an ISO...this is definitely counter-productive and a bit stupid.

I finally found (I thought) something that would allow me to make an ISO (It's on Windows 7, didn't even know it was there!) I tried to create an ISO for restoration purposes. What happens? I get an ISO. But I had over 857 megs of files....and the ISO is 1.37 MB. You read that correctly, 1.37MB. Obviously, NOT all there!

I'm trying to create an ISO to try one last solution on my External drive. I create (or assume I create) from a folder, but I STILL get 1.37 MB. There's nothing in the ISO. NOTHING

OK, it's obvious that I must be doing something wrong. The question is : WHAT? how do I get that ISO to be the correct size so I can attempt my last solutions?

A:Creating ISO images in Win 7

What are you trying to make an ISO of? If it's to image the HDD you might do better with Ghost, or DrvImg (.xml)
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Hello to all! My computer is running xp 64-bit edition and I'm using adobe cs3. Everytime I try to create a pdf the computer just hangs with the hour glass just hanging around.Any idea's to why this is happening?

A:Adobe hangs when creating a pdf

What happens after an hour or so? does it ever recover?

Also is anything else big running at the time?

All i could suggest would be to either try and update or maybe try and reinstall just to see if it was something like that.
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I'm having a lot of trouble doing this. I am using an external HD, which has had my music on it for months. On the old PC (lets call it #1) I had the HDD plugged in to the PC and I opened iTunes and it got the music from there. Now, when I try and transfer it to a new PC, I can't keep track of my playlists. They aren't staying together I guess (and I have a LOT of playlists). Also, it's not keeping track of my playcounts or ratings. I have all of the music/videos however I need my playlists, ratings and playcounts. How do I do this?? I'm very frustrated.
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So That Means I Want The Songs And Playlist To Be On 2 Computers...and They Are Currently On One...
How Do I Do This?

A:How Do I Copy My Itunes Library [with Playlists] From One Pc To Another?

I dont even think its possible, apple software is picky.
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I get a runtime error,when I ckick okay its shutting the computer off.It says Microsoft Runtime Library C++.Can anyone help?

A:Microsoft Runtime Library C++ Error

Well.. we need to know 1. What operating system. 2. Do you have Microsoft Visual Studio (or any of its components installed), and 3. What is the EXACT error message text? That will help us greatly in diagnosing your woes.
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i have three types of data plotting against time on the same chart. all this data types have different ranges so i need to have three y-axes of different data ranges to do effective analysis. i need a way to do this in excel or any other software that can do this for me.

A:Creating an excel chart with multiple y-axes

I think you are stuck to 2 in Excel. Depending on your data you may be able to put in a multiplier to one of your sets and have it then share the same scale...
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2 days ago i got a pop-up for windows security center 2010. it said i had like 700 infected files. i did not download their program because i don't trust downloading stuff, so i ran my symantec antivirus. but today when i got on my computer i could not go to any web sites. it took me about 35 tries to get to this one! keep getting the windows security center pop-up as well. when i do try to go to a web site i get a blank page that says this site is not windows security center 2010...blah blah blah. can someone please help me because i clearly have a virus, worm or something and i keep getting that annoying pop-up!!!

A:Windows security center alert creating problem

Windows Security Center 2010 is a scam
Run Avira Antivir antivirus, and remove Symantec... or Run Avast
Download and run SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes, then cold Boot to SAFE MODE, and run Avira or Avast again, and then run Malware Bytes.
Tell us what you find, or send us a copy of a HiJackThis log after running in SAFE MODE>
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yea I am trying to make a list of my music library which is setup so that 1 folder=1 album so I am trying to take these 500 folders or whatever and somehow copy just the name of it to something like word, or excel or I can make a list of them to send to other people, print or whatever...I tried to copy and paste them to word, excel, wordpad, notepad, and I just tried to click and drag them to those programs but no luck...and yes I realize I could type them all out but that's a little too much like work... here's an example of how I have this all set up

A:Making a list of my music library help

From a command prompt go to the directory where all these folders exist.
Type: dir > list.txt
the list.txt file should have all the directory names for you. It'll also have couple of extra lines you might want to remove for current directory and parent directory.
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dead ok first of all my computer was full with spyware adware malware trojans you name it so I decided to download a installed, get anything cant registry key" creating I "error program that could helpme fix it wait but before that I tried installing Msn messenger and it created an error message because i dont have iexplorer so I tried to download it but it wouldnt let me it said that there was an error creating registry key code so I scanned my computer for viruses and thats when i found out all the trash I had So first I try downloading Spyware Blaster Error creating registry key HKEY LOCAL MACHINE Software microsoft Window CurrentVersion Uninstall spywareblaster is RegcreatEx failed code La base de registro de configuraciones esta da ada my computer is in quot spanish quot though many things are in english so that was the beggining of hell the only things it let me install were Hijackthis Xoftspy and I already had I cant get anything installed, "error creating registry key" spybot but still they wouldnt fix the problems so I had to do alot manually I thought if all the trash was gone the error would be fixed but it I cant get anything installed, "error creating registry key" seems not so now i dont know what to do please help me Ps the message is always the same the only thing that changes its the program name nbsp

A:I cant get anything installed, "error creating registry key"

This Trendmicro scanner runs on all Browsers:

This Panda scanner needs Internet Explorer:

Run both of them, and let them clean out what they can.
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I have ghost solution suite that i have installed on a server running Microsoft Windows server R I m connecting remotely to the server from one of the client computers and have installed Remote Client on all my client PC Suite creating Help! solution image an Ghost 2.0 with s and are able to see them in the Machine Groups folder I have run through the tutorial on how to image a client PC but when I run the task a problem occurs The computer acknowledges the task and is preparing to restart When it does the Help! creating an image with Ghost solution Suite 2.0 PC DOS starts up and the universal packet driver is installed normally at this stage it should connect to the ghostcast server but a series of command prompts show up xBA x D xB x x x x E x D xF xF x x F xE x xED x F Response x xDA x C x E x D xF x B x IPADDRESS xxxxxx Porduct Ghost Host quot ServerName quot Address Component Config Server Challenge x x x xE x C x x F xE quot Time quot quot PC MAC Address quot sending status to quot Server MAC Address quot quot Time quot quot PC MAC Address quot Acknowledged by Help! creating an image with Ghost solution Suite 2.0 quot Server MAC Address quot quot Time quot quot PC MAC Address quot TCP connecting to quot Server MAC Address quot Received message Clone Compress Name quot ServernamePull quot Drive Pull Partition quot PC MAC Address quot sending status to quot Server MAC Address quot Closing server connection quot PC MAC Address quot disconnecting from quot Server MAC Address quot Type ghreboot to attempt to return to Windows c GHOST gt Please help nbsp
Relevancy 29.24%

hi i was wondering what would be the best way to do this?
what software should i use? is there any quick way?


A:Convert 1700 song aac music library to quality sounding mp3?

Try using Foobar2000 for any mass changes. It's a great audio tool and we've even started a guide here on Techspot. Check it out here:
It's just getting started but I'm sure it'll be growing soon.
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i bought guitar pro 5.
and when i try to download it.. it does most of the download process. then the thing says.

error creating registration key:

RegCreateKeyEx failed. code 5

what does this mean and what can i do to make it work.
please dont get super technical. im not really familiar with super complex computer stuff.

i hope that made sense..

A:Error creating registry key?

The error means that you do not have the right to create this registry key.
Do you have administrative rights on this computer? As a rule, only administrators are allowed to install software.
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Having got a problem booting up a Dell Inspiron laptop I ve taken advice from elsewhere on Tspot to test the memory with memtest among other things The laptop has a floppy drive so I tried creating a floppy version first but with no result so I checked the disk on another pc and it worked ok However not knowing if the bios Problem memtest86+ cd creating was setup for floppy or cd first I tried to make a cd version I downloaded the iso file and burned it first on my Toshiba laptop running XP using the installed xp burning prog As this didn t work on any of my systems I did reset the boot up order for each in Problem creating memtest86+ cd turn I concluded that the xp burner may not do the Problem creating memtest86+ cd necessary So I tried re burning with Nero Express using it to produce a data copy This doesn t work in any of my systems either so I m at a loss as to how to make this cd I ve read several other posts looking for Problem creating memtest86+ cd an answer but haven t found one yet Grateful for any help John nbsp

A:Problem creating memtest86+ cd

Hi Zenosincks.
In Nero Express there is an option for image, but when I click on that it tells me that the iso file isn't acceptable, or words to that effect. It seems to want the file to be an Nero image already before it will copy it !
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so, whats a swapfile and how do i make one. i think i kinda know, but not too sure. i believe it requires a dos partition, which i dont have and cant create due to lack of floppy drives. the problem that im running into is lack of ram. im trying to run it on an IBM 770 Think-pad, and it doesnt have enuff ram. it has 64 and knoppix requires 84 atleast to run KDE or any office suites. i know absolutely nothing about running linux from command line, except for the install command for rpm. or whatever. sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo....i forgot what i was tlaking about and im too lazy to re-read so im ending it here.

A:Creating Swapfile

The best solution in linux is the standard one: a linux swap partition

You do not need something formatted with dosfs, all you need is unpartitioned space on your disc. If you do not have unpartition spaced, I suggest using partition magic or parted to re-size your partitions, and give yourself 384 - 1GB of free space. Afterwards, create the partition and set it to swap, make it swap and then add it to fstab. You do that as follows:

fdisk /dev/hdx (where x is the hard drive you are creating the partition on)

You press (c) to create a new partition and give it a number. Then you press (t) to change the type of that partition to 82

(w) write the partition table, then (q) quit fdisk

Then you use the mkswap on that partition to turn it into swap:

mkswap /dev/hdx

If you want linux to start using it immediately, issue this command:

swapon /dev/hdx

The kernel will now start to swap out things as needed

To permanently use this swap partition, add the following entry to /etc/fstab:

/dev/hdx none swap sw 0 0

save, reboot, done!

Use the TOP command to see if the kernel recognizes swap.
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Hey there everyone I m currently upgrading from my old computer to a new one I put together and I have already backed up almost everything on the old machine including my music collection which includes my own ripped iTunes library export an How to CD s and purchased music My problem I use iTunes How to export an iTunes library as my music player and organizer of choice and I don t know how to export or transfer my library including How to export an iTunes library all my playlists to the new machine I tried asking this question at the Apple site but curiously enough How to export an iTunes library Apple removed my thread from the forums They just censored it out of the blue Since it s not en vogue to criticize Apple only Microsoft I m just going to leave it at that and go ahead and ask my question After I copy my music collection onto the new hard drive what do I need to do to restore my old library I have a bunch of playlists that I do not want to lose It took me a long time and years of discipline to organize and maintain my library and now I want to transfer it to another computer and don t know how to do it Please note that I do not want to have it in computers AT THE SAME TIME The old computer will be deauthorized and formatted All I want is to have my music in the new computer exactly as it was in the old one For your information here are the details of my system OS Windows XP Home Processor AMD Athlon X Memory GB RAM Video Card Radeon X iTunes Version And if you guys don t mind a related question I know Apple lets people authorize computers for their purchased music but I formatted one computer without deauthorizing it first and now I have no idea how to free up that spot Simply put the computer no longer exists but is still being counted as one of my authorized computers as far as Apple is concerned I really appreciate all answers tips and suggestions Thank you all in advance and a great weekend to everyone Fred Armando Miami FL nbsp

A:How to export an iTunes library

File > export or File > Export library. You can also right click the playlist you want and select "export song list".

File > Import is the reverse of export (obviously..). Comes up with a file box and you just have to browse to the location of the saved .xml file. I think you do need to have the music in the same file structure as the previous one (if you look in the actual xml file, it lists the full file path with the song/album..)

Provided you still have access to the itunes you want to export from...

as for the deautorizing bit, some googling leads me to find that you can't deauthorize a itunes you no longer have access to, but you can deauthorize all your pcs then simply start again.. although according to some sites it will allow the "all deauthorization" to work a once a year thing.. read up yourself..

google: deauthorizing itunes account
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I use outlook express for email and want to have a company logo in the message itself so that when i create a new one, it gives the details of contact info as well as a logo. I also wanted it to appear as if the email was typed on proper company headed paper so i scanned my company headed paper and saved as jpg then imported into OE but as well as it not looking great, on sending it to people...rather than displaying they got the jpg as an attachment.

does anyone know how i may achieve the above.

A:creating a company logo with outgoing emails in Outlook express

It's easier to make a Word template, type in your text, then select File/Send to/Mail Recipient (as attachment).
This automatically invokes your email-program, get the email-address and Subject, then hit 'Send'.
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Eltima Java/SWING Components extend the standard set of visual library components, offering new ways to present your creativity to clients. You can add new attractive styles to your software, buttons, color dialogs and integrate Eltima Java/SWING Components into your Java applications or applets. Use new Table Navigation Toolbar component to insert, duplicate, delete entries etc., new search mode and new methods for printing in ELTable component.

More info:
Download free trial (651 Kb):
Order full version ( $99.95):
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Hello, I've been trying to install a program called Band-in-a-box, and havent been having much luck. I get through the install process fine, but when i try to run it, at first i had a message come up saying SHELL.DLL was missing. I referred to another thread which addressed that problem and fixed it. Now i get "One of the library files needed to run C:\BB\bbw.exe is damaged. Please reinstall this application." Im not sure how to fix this, so i greatly appreciate any help. Just in case i've included my hjt log. Thank you.

A:library files damaged?

See if this will help you any

if not do a rescue install of xp

let us know
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I successfully installed Road Runner Medic, a utility program for the Road Runner Broadband Service, for one of two administrators on the computer, but I get the following error message when trying to install Medic for the second administrator:

Error Creating Registry Key


RegCreateKeyEx failed; code 5

Access is denied

If I ignore the error and continue the installation, Medic is installed but is denied access to the Internet, which renders it useless. Can anyone help me understand this error message? Specifically, what is code 5? I have Windows XP Home Edition.

A:Error Creating Registry Key when installing a Utility Program

"Access denied" says it all.

The user you are installing the thing as has no privileges to create that key under HKLM\Software
You are an administrator, right?
You can check and change the permissions in registry with the regedt32 tool.
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I Knoppix disc creating boot Problem m trying to create a bootable Knoppix CD in order to solve an Problem creating Knoppix boot disc ntfs sys error long story but every time I attempt to start my system from a DVD-RW I Problem creating Knoppix boot disc get a message stating quot Selected boot device not available quot I ve never done this before so I m looking for advice on where I went wrong With that in mind these are the steps I took in producing my CD DVD Chose my download site from this Knoppix web page Chose Purdue s http site Downloaded Knoppix V CD- - - -EN iso a mb file There are md md asc sha and sha asc files as well but I didn t download them As I have no CD burn programs on my computer I used the Windows XP burn utility already installed and copied the file to a DVD-RW I edited my BIOS to boot from CD and attempted to run Knoppix Then I get the above message nbsp

A:Problem creating Knoppix boot disc

To create a boot disc you cannot copy the files to a cd (copy\burn that is)
You must use an ISO burning program. I posted a free one here:
(obviously disregard the Memtest stuff )
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Hello there, first of all thanks to everyone here that takes time out of their day to help people out with their problems; I think thats great.

I have Windows XP Service pack 2 and use McAffee

Now, my problem started a few days ago with a bubble popping up on the side from mcAfee telling me that a program that I did not recognize wanted to use the internet. This kept happening and I kept blocking access. Somehow I believe one of them got through because since then I can not open any folders or my computer or anything system related. I can use the internet and other programs just fine.

The following is the error message:

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library
Program: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
This application has requested the Runtime to terminate in an usual way.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated. I dont want to have to reinstall my OS and everything.

A:C++ runtime library error for explorer.exe

Have a look at:

New Preliminary Removal Instructions
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Debug Error!

Program: C:\Windows\explorer.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

I get this error message message when i try to copy/paste folders. It started doing this today and i haven't changed anything since yesterday.

Please help me, A.J.
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I need to create a webpage! I Already have a templatek i modified it using photoshop but i dont know how to save it to html format.
any guide to create a webpage using photoshop will be higly appreciated... thanks a lot!!
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Hi all,

I've noticed that when the Ghostcast server (Symantec Ghost Corp 8.0) tries to find the laptop (Toshiba Satellite A50) online, it finds about 3 network adapters (10/100, 1394, 802.11) and halts, because it doesn't know which one to use.

Has anyone any tips to get around this problem? I'm puzzled as to why it occurs in the first place, since the Ghostcast server finds it easily enough to install the client software, but not to create an image...

Many thanks to all replies!

A:Ghostcast server has problems creating an Image from a laptop - multiple NIC's

Multiple NIC's

I have problems every time I try to either capture or deploy an image on a computer with multiple NIC's. The only way around it that I have found is to remove the extra NIC's and replace them after imaging. I have tried disabeling them and that does not work - only removing them does. There may be another way around this but I have not found it yet!
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how do i make an iso disk thats bootable from the bios? :unch:

A:Creating a iso bootable disk? should tell you all you need.

:wave:Welcome to TechSpot:wave:
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I want to boot my laptop from a CD with Win SE on it so that I can use DriveImage to backup the creating Creator 6 Problems CD Classic with bootable hard disk My laptop is running Win K and the backup hard disk is a USB hard drive I am using Roxio Easy CD Creator which allows you to create a bootable CD I define the project as all the files from the Win SE startup floppy use the floppy boot image as the boot file then copy over about M of the drive image files When I create the bootable CD I get an quot invalid system disk quot message or a quot file I O quot error message that prompts me to insert another CD and press any key BTW I can boot from the drive image CD directly but I need to use the Win files to add USB CD support I ve tried a few variation on Roxio -- emulate a M floppy emulate a hard disk or no emulation with no success I ve also tried changing the CD format from Juliet to ISO Some online info suggested changing the sector size from to All I get is the error message So maybe here is some insight If I burn the CD Problems creating bootable CD with Creator Classic 6 without the drive image files it boots Obviously in Problems creating bootable CD with Creator Classic 6 this case it easily maps as a MB floppy So it must be something about having Problems creating bootable CD with Creator Classic 6 greater than MB of files The Roxio help files imply this should be doable yet I can t get it to work Any insight on why it fails and how to make it work nbsp

A:Problems creating bootable CD with Creator Classic 6

Are you adding the extra files to the boot image file or just to the CD. You want to add them to the cd not to the boot image. If you add them to the image file and it's ends up larger than 1.44 meg it will error out on you. It sounds like you are doing it correctly but I just want to make sure. I have made several emergency CD's with easy cd creator. The files I add to the project do not contain the files from the boot floppy. Those files will be burned as part of the boot image files and you don't need to copy them again. When you select use floppy drive emulation you should also see a box with the path to the bootimage. You just click browse and go to the floppy. ECDC will copy the files from the floppy to creat the bootimage. It will show up on the cd as bootcat.bin or something. After that you can fill up the CD and then burn it. If you have a cd-rw I would use it for testing, saves on the coasters.
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Hi Everyone,

I am hoping that amongst all of the experts associated with this forum that I might find a solution to my new problem.

When I click on Internet Explorer I get the following message:-
Runtime error programc:\program filies\internetexplorer\iexplore.exe The application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Pleaase contact the applications support team for more information. To go on line I have to use Netscape and the same error message appears if I run Net Objects.

Hope some one knows a quick fix.

Nairb Scotland Uk

A:Micosoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

It would help if you give some more specifics, like what Windows version, what Service Packs, what NetObjects version, etc.
Also please fill in your User Profile, top left on any page.

Probably a file corrupted or missing.
Keep your CD ready (assuming you have XP), click on Start/Run and type in:
sfc /scannow and click OK.
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Here's my situation.
I video taped my daughters wedding on camcorder, then had Uncle burn on to a dvd using a vhs to dvd recorder. I then ripped video from dvd to pc using Ulead 9 so I could edit and rearrange.
Here's my problem:
I can't get them back on a dvd. Ulead loses the audio, don't know why. The many programs I downloaded either don't have menu editing or say my videos won't fit on the dvd!
Here's my request:
Does anyone know of a program that can help me?

A:Advice on creating dvd

Not too sure if it will recognize the file format but you can try DVD Shrink, shrink the file and then burn the image to DVD. If that doesn't work try DVD Fab Decrypter.
Also might be of better help.
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I've been using Sonic MyDVD for a while now. But it always blur the background image I put in. I'd like one that doesn't do that & perhaps has a 16:9 ratio option.
Relevancy 28.38%

hey guys, i was just after some of your opinions on the best video dvd creating software for PCs. not dvd copying, i mean the programs that you can create the menus and put clips and stuff in. i have nero and ulead, but im looking for something with more options. i have used iDVD on a mac, and that was pretty decent.

what does everyone like/preffer?

A:the best video dvd creating software

I prefer DVD-lab.
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I'm trying to create a CD with jpg images to use on a DVD player and I have a couple questions. I've made one CD already using NTI CD Maker 6.0, using the "create slideshow VCD" option and it doesn't work. I have a Pioneer DV-353 DVD player which is apparently supposed to be able to play VCDs. But it's not reading the disc, it just says VCD on the display. Can anyone give me some pointers on what I'm doing wrong? Should my DVD player be able to show the pictures?

Also, I've noticed that new DVD players on the market say they can read jpg files. Does this mean they can read the jpgs on a regular CD-ROM? Thanks for your input!

A:Creating a jpg slideshow CD for using on a DVD player

Yes, it means they can play an ISO-9660 (normal burnt CD) with JPG's on them. No fancy interfaces or anything, but they work.

My incredibly cheap Tatung/Decca does that, and as its using some general market chips inside it, I'd guess a large number of other DVD players do the same thing.
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I try to write a small app (C++) in KDevelop 3.0.4, which uses ipq library. What I must to do to allow my program to compile?

I've set up in project options a CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/include/" and LDFLAGS="-L/usr/lib/ -lipq".
I've included files libipq.h and netfilter.h (with right path).
Compile=>"undefined reference to `ipq_perror(char const*)".

Please, help...

A:KDevelop & library

Do you get a line number for the error?? Or calling function?

That may let you trace the error.

Also there are some compile time debuggers out there you might want to look for. No good ones come to mind right now.
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ive just started using kdevelop on linux red hat version 9 but i cant seem to find the kde library. in the kde setup it says it can locate the qt library but can not locate the kdelib.doc file. i've tried to reinstall the package but either it says the package is already installed but file is still not there (in .kde/share/apps/kdevelop/kde-documentation).

can anyone supply me with the kdelib.doc file (not the kdelibs package) or give me a solution?

A:kdevelop library problem

Are you pulling from a RPM source, or self building?
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So I know this guy that creates really nice invitations and he can also create business cards with a certain software. He won't tell me what it is because he'll "lose business" lol...They're really nice too and this guy is not the smartest guy in the world so it's most likely a very use program....Anyone have any ideas?? Thanks in advance.

A:Software for creating Invitations, Business Cards etc?

Im sure it will be something like Adobe Photoshop its what most people use these days..

including myself...

full package of photoshop cs3 cost around 600 i swear i saw it maybe it was $600 but u know..

tell him i know wat it is... its photoshop.. say ur cousin earns a fortune with it.. hes a pro web designer.. XD
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I'm currently listening to a radio show, on such a show they want "Gingles" so with technology today they jump up and grab there guitar and play a song then mix it in with a bit of keyboard then rythem, beat, style is done by the computer it sounds pro, what ever music software they use. I don't know if any of you know of an good music creating programme, free if you can get listing

Thanks in advanced

A:Creating music

There is quite a few programs that can do this.

I would recommend the following:

CuBase SX3
Cooledit pro
Sony Sound Forge

They are all professional sound editing programs with the ability to mix external sounds in.
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Ran into some issues this week with my laptop, and am trying to create a boot disk to run a repair (which will/should hopefully eliminate my problem)...

HOWEVER, upon downloading three different Boot-Disk-Creation applications (including the one from microsoft), none of them are actually writing the requisite files to disk. I'm trying to write to CD (as I don't have an actual floppy drive). The application seems to download and run fine, I get the popup prompt asking for the drive letter... then nothing happens.

any help would be most appreciated!

A:Trouble w/ creating an XP Boot Disk...

Do you have any adware/malware problems that you can identify ?
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I'm planning on designing a few logo's for a competition, but I really dont want to draw em all up. Is there a program that specialises in the design of logo's with shapes etc?



A:Program for creating logos?

Something like THIS perhaps?

Regards Howard
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How do I fix this..I have talked with the top sbc dsl yahoo software experts....they say to contact yahoo..but ...being a sbcdsl'er..I only get the sbcdsl help..which is NO help at do I correct this error with the ypager.exe? anyone have a suggestion or the same experience?

thank U

diana :wave:

A:problem with yahoo messenger : how to fix...Ypager.exe is creating a windows error

what does the error messge you get say?
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Here's the problem: I'm trying to create a HTML template in Outlook 2000. Now to do this I have to unselect Word as the editing tool and go with Outlook's editor. When I paste the HTML document (from Word) into the editor everything looks fine (more or less), the graphics are all in place and the text is the same as the original (Word document). I then go to 'Publish Form As..' and save the document in the relevant folder.

All well and good, that is, until I select the form and it comes out as pure text with no graphics at all.

I've made sure that the message is set to HTML in Options but it still insists that the template is pure text.

Any ideas?

A:Creating HTML Templates in Outlook 2000. Can it be done?

not sure ,if your saving as a email draft you don't want to rename it as .html
I use mazilla and send html all the time
the email app saves the file under its own type of file.
so not sure what you are trying to do
PS have you got all the patches for the security leaks in
OL 2000