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Watercooling Setup Linking together help

Q: Watercooling Setup Linking together help

Hello All I have decided on the following Cooler Master Eisberg L Prestige Alphacool NexXxoS XT Radiator mm And I m deciding on a GPU block at a later date when the new Nvidia cards come out I Setup together Linking Watercooling help was hoping to set it up Watercooling Setup Linking together help as Pump Reservoir is built onto the CPU block which makes this all very easy supposed to anyway and is upgradable so you can add an extra few items to the loop I was hoping to mount the mm radiator it comes with to the top of my case and the extra mm radiator to the back of my case I was hoping having the mm radiator cool the water before it entered the graphics card block would help yield better results and thus the fans can run at a slower speed I m not trying to break any records and certainly don t plan on overclocking a whole much I just find water cooling much quieter in general compared to a multi-fan heatsink and a load of case fans plus the fans on the GPU My question is can this be done I m rubbish at checking the tubing sizes and what I need to actually connect it all up preferably white hose Any advise would be very much appreciated nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Watercooling Setup Linking together help

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A: Watercooling Setup Linking together help

Unless getting this kit for the same amount of money would be better?
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Hey guys, im looking to buy a Thermaltake Kandolf LCS Case iv just been planning how the water cooling will work, and iv come up with this, will this work with my built-in water cooled case?
theses are the specs from the Thermaltake website

Liquid Cooling System
All-in-one waterblock : For Intel BTX platform, P4 775 and AMD K8
Performance radiator :
(A) Dimension of radiator : H 407 x W 120 x D 35 mm
(B) Three 1300RPM 120mm fans
P500 liquid pump : Power DC 12V liquid pump (500L/hr)
Reservoir : Contains 350 c.c. of liquid capacity, easy to refill
Water tube : Transparent UV tube (3/8?) & industrial-grade rubber tube.Click to expand...

It will cool
ASUS Blitz Extream Edition Northbridge
Core 2 Duo E6850
X2 ATI Radeon X1900 XTX Crossfire Setup

Will the pump be powerful enough and will the radiator be able to cool down the water too a decent temp?

Excuse the drawing lol, MS Paint skills not the best


A:Watercooling Setup Help

With three 120mm fans, I'm pretty sure it will.
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Water Block (CPU):

Water Block (GPU):





I just wanted to know if this a good water cooling setup I have here.
I have a Lian-Li mid-tower case.

A:Is this setup a good watercooling solution?

nice to see you're putting together your own system

those are all nice parts, although I don't think they're worth the money they cost. But if you don't mind spending the money on that stuff, then it's great. the only thing i would recommend is a bigger reservior
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Do you know of any 'good' watercooling kits for around 100 bucks?
ANYthing will be greately appreciated.
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I'm building up a new PC and for the first time and I will use watercooling instead of standard aircooling.

I'd cool the CPU and GPU: intel i7 3930K (OC > 4.5 GHz) and GTX Titan.
I'm not sure about the pump(s), reservoir and radiator(s) I should use, can you help me ? (I'd prefer using only XSPC components if it's possible)
It will also help me to choose the right case.



What kind of budget were you looking at? I assume that if you're waterblocking a Titan and an X79 build then you'd have some flexibility.
XSPC parts aren't inordinately expensive, and if the loop is CPU waterblock + GPU waterblock only then you could use a standard XSPC kit using the AX360 or RX360 radiator as a base (chassis roof mount), with a single 120mm or 140mm radiator mounted at the rear chassis fan exhaust position, to remove excess heat from the GPU before the coolant hits the CPU block.

I'd suggest starting a new thread, as fine-tuning a loop might run to a few posts. PM or tag me to let me know when you've done so. Some other information regarding your location, any preferred (r)etailers, preferences on chassis style, preferences on components ( bay reservoir or internal multi-option/ tank. as example my rig picture - the Switch 810 link in post #22, shows an XSPC tank reservoir/D5 pump located in the floor of the chassis -easier to refill/drain, less noise than most bay reservoirs)
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hey everyone, I'm trying to install a watercooling system on my computer,and I was woundering if anyone has any experience on this. a single three 120mm fan radiator loop through 3/8 pipe on the cpu. It's an evga680i mobo running a Quadcore Q6600 2.4Mz from intel.The waterblock is a swiftech and here is my question, usually a normal air heatsink would be installed and the fourpin fan would connect to the motherboard.With the swiftech waterblock I don't have that option and I'm sure the motherboard probably won't bootup without recognizing the heatsink fan.Thanks in advance.
evga 680i mobo,intel Q6600 Quadcore 2.4Mz cpu,2gigs OCZ pc8500 ram
asus 8800gts sli graphics,and a 74gig western digital spining @10K.


I have an AMD system....but I just replaced my CPU fan header with an ordinary fan.

Maybe in your BIOS you will have an option to ignore the missing CPU fan,after booting without one my BIOS gave me the option to ignore the warning.

Hope all is running cooler now
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Hey guys I'm looking into getting a water cooling system to cool down my Prescott 3.0. With the stock cooler it gets around 68c on load! Thats just too hot. Any suggestions on good systems that can support OCing for a later cpu upgrades ( I dont plan on ocing my prescott just wanna cool it down). My price rage is about 100-150.

I was lookng at the Thermaltake Big Water SE as a possiblity any suggestions?

A:New WaterCooling Help.

I would never recommend any pre-made water cooling system, there's nothing good quality for the price range that you're looking at.

I would recommend that you assemble your own system (buy parts separately), you can make your own using much much better quality parts, have better cooling, and all for less money. if you buy a kit you have to assemble it anyways, so there's really no extra work as far as the installation goes. (by the way, you more than enough money to make your own good quality setup)

the thermaltake model that you linked will do ok, but it's nothing special. and from the newegg reviews people have said that the pumps are garbage and it's hard to get rid of air bubbles with the liquid it comes with.
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Hey guys, had my watercooling kit for almost a year now, and going to be cleaning it out soon.

i currently only have the cpu cooled and want to expand that to the graphics cards when im cleaning the system out.

i have 3/8" tubbing.

i cant seem to find anywhare in the uk that sells waterblocks gor my graphics cards.?

can anyone help with some links.?

graphics cards are BFG 8600GTS "oc version"

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hey guys hope you can help.

i have a current wc system that im goint to be upgrading next month and have a few questions,

u currently have...dual 120mmfan rad, 500liter/hour pump, 500cc resivoir.

im only cooling my cpu the now, an when i dismantle my system to clean it out, im going all out and installing a HDD water bay, " ram watercooling heat sinks, and 2 8600gts gfx card water blocks.

the question is will my pump cope with this.? and shall i buy another large external rad so the first rad can go to the gfx and ram, then to the 2nd rad - cpu and HDD.?

or anyother sugestions on what to cool first etc.?



Pump should cope fine with that. 500l/hour works to 8.3 l/min, and if you have a standardish system, you should be looking at about a litre in the works, even with the additions. This will give you at least 8 circuits/ min. total heat production to remove, for an 8600 is in the region of 30W, and the CPU, about 40W, top whack. That gives 140W to get rid of. Ballpark figures of course! And remeber this is not power consumption, but heat dissipation. So you have 140W in 8 cycles, or 17.5W/ cycle. With a dualfan rad, you have a 240 x 120 rad I assume, which should be good for a heat dissipation of around 50W, so there should be enough room there. I am aware this is very simplistic, and I havent bothered with a Joules calc, but the principles remain roughly equal.
I would sugest a second rad is a good idea, and that you set up as pump/ cpu/ rad/ gpu/ gpu/ rad to pump, to maximise the cooling effect to the GPUs.
If you are going for a new setup, I would recommend you look into a flowmeter, they dont cost much and indicate whether water is flowing round the system. If nothing else it gives an awful lot of peace of mind. you might also consider a heat sensor for the sytem, that monitors the water temp- these give a good ides of exactly how your cooling is working. I stuck one in mine, and its surprising how quickly the water temp can go up when you start loading the sytem!
Hope it helps
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Hi guys

i am planning on water cooling my gpus and my cpu. my question is this what would be the best route to map the cooling? or does it not really matter. i do play a lot of graphics intensive games and run other programs that eat into my gpus resources.

thanks in advance

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I just built myself a new PC and now I'm thinking about watercooling it. I have never tried watercooling before so I have a few questions.

Should I buy a kit for my cpu and then expand on that or should I buy everything induvidually?
Thinking about cooling my cpu, chipset and GPU.

What size radiator would be best?
How big should my reservoir be?
How strong should the pump be?

Sorry for all the newbish questions but I have never done watercooling before.

Comp Specs:
Intel Core i7 930 2.80Ghz (Bloomfield) (Socket LGA1366)
Asus Rampage II Extreme Intel X58
G.Skill Trident 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-16000C9 2000MHz Triple Channel Kit
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 260 OC 896MB GDDR3 PCI-Express
OCZ StealthXStream 500W Silent SLI/Crossfire Ready ATX2.2
Antec Nine Hundred Gaming Midi Tower Case

I hope someone can help me.


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Hey just got my new asus striker extreme mobo, have the thermaltake armor liquid cooled case and was wondering if it is beneficial to get the northbridge cooling block, to get my e6600 to 3.6GHz.
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If you read my signature you ll find I ve been able to get for watercooling Looking some good speed out of my living room playtoy Well to cut a long story short I ve found that I can get a good mhz and maybe even ghz out of it but not with my heatsink combo that I ve got now At mhz my temps are starting to Looking for watercooling edge Looking for watercooling above C and I m not happy about that I m looking into finding a good self-contained water-cooler for this rig that has good preformance and dosen t hit my wallet too much I ve never used water cooling before and am open to suggestions on how to do it I ve seen a watercooler that is self contained and takes up as much room as a large heatsink somewhere but now cannot remember where I ve seen it Remember my wife see s all my purchases and gets kinda bent outta shape if I send more on my playtoys than I do on her in a week Thanks nbsp

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Hey I just bought the Lian Li PC-V300B mini case. I was wonderin if there was any watercooling that would fit in this case. I thought maybe if i got an 80mm radiator, a resivour that could fit in a 5.25 bay, and stick the pump somewhere. I mainly just want it for the processor only but I may decide to add a block to the gpu so i need a somewhat powerful pump. Lemme know.

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I own a sealed Watercooling chamber With a m Radiator and two fans that are mounted at the bottom of the radiator Diagram Case top gt Radiator gt Fan-Fan gt Motherboard Now the first fan is faulty as in it kinda help WaterCooling Fan rattles which isnt to bad doesnt rattle the case or anything no blades are broke it just seems a little not hinged all the way in the inside causing it to rattle in the middle and make an annoying sound that i just cannot deal with I was thinking of replacing the fan but I don t really know how So here s my question Could I remove the fan inside of the case without taking the radiator out of the case simply by unscrewing the mounted fan to the radiator removing and replacing it with a new fan and connecting it back to the Psu or would I have to remove WaterCooling Fan help the entire radiator out of the case to simply replace one fan nbsp

A:WaterCooling Fan help

Hard to say when you didn't tell us what water cooler you have or any specs on your computer at all.
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So i have been thinking about this for a while...
As my computer needs are ever growing and i need a new case, i was thinking about going watercooled...
Now would you say i need watercooling for my system specs? *remember, im getting a GeForce GT220 soon*
I can order all the parts i need from eBay, and get them locally i think...

And also, whats the good and the bad about watercooling?

Daniel =)

A:Watercooling or not?

Pending on how far you want to take water cooling. A realatively inexpensive CPU cooler is the Corsair H50. It fits many different CPU's and is a sealed unit, the radiator bolts through the rear fan as a unit, take a look. Fabe - CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50-1 120mm High Performance CPU Cooler
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I hope this is the right place (it is a general type question)
What do you lot think of watercooling, do PCs need it i know of someone who is wanting to add a watercooler but to be honest i dont see the need for it. A quick search on a few sites also made me think that maybe modern computers actually dont really need it
Anyway what are your thoughts on this

A:Watercooling a pc

Full liquid cooling is a tad complicated

Just liquid cooling on the cpu is very and quiet
Hydro Series? H110i GT 280mm Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
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I hope this is the right place (it is a general type question)
What do you lot think of watercooling, do PCs need it i know of someone who is wanting to add a watercooler but to be honest i dont see the need for it. A quick search on a few sites also made me think that maybe modern computers actually dont really need it
Anyway what are your thoughts on this

A:Watercooling a pc

Full liquid cooling is a tad complicated

Just liquid cooling on the cpu is very and quiet
Hydro Series? H110i GT 280mm Extreme Performance Liquid CPU Cooler
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Don't know if any of you have seen this watercooling kit.

Any reponse on whether it's worth the money or not?

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Hello, I'm new to the watercooling aspect of computers, and would like to start. I'm trying to find the best deal possible while spending the least amount of money. I was looking around on and saw this: - Swiftech H20-220 Compact CPU Water Cooling Kit - Water Cooling

Swiftech Compact Water Cooling Kit, only $140. Based on some of the reviews, it looks like a good product.

Can anybody give me some tips/point me in the right direction to start watercooling? What do I need to know before purchasing watercooling parts, etc? Any and all information would be appreciated.

A:New to watercooling

ummmmm try to get up with smarteyeball, he set up a watercooling system not to long ago
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So i have been thinking about this for a while...
As my computer needs are ever growing and i need a new case, i was thinking about going watercooled...
Now would you say i need watercooling for my system specs? *remember, im getting a GeForce GT220 soon*
I can order all the parts i need from eBay, and get them locally i think...

And also, whats the good and the bad about watercooling?

Daniel =)

A:Watercooling or not?

Pending on how far you want to take water cooling. A realatively inexpensive CPU cooler is the Corsair H50. It fits many different CPU's and is a sealed unit, the radiator bolts through the rear fan as a unit, take a look. Fabe - CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50-1 120mm High Performance CPU Cooler
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can someone give me a website of a comparision of up to date water cooling systems. i cant find a review of many water cooling systems compared.thx.

A:watercooling review

Id also be interested in this.
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My System spec:
Intel E8200
Geforce 8800GTS
Asus P5N-E SLI

Zalman Reserator kit + XSPC 120 radiator

Core temps (idle/load):
CPU - 57/70
GPU - 57/80C to 90C

Coolant temp
In 35.5
Out 36.5

What can be the cause of the large temperature difference between the cores and coolant? I use silver-based thermal grease, and the contact seems reasonable.
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How about watercooling you whole comp, including PSU?, I made a news post about this a while ago but may as well post about it here and see if you find it interesting to

He watercooled a GF4 also, but that got a separate article some really cool hand-work here!

A:Watercooling maniac

Originally posted by Cucumber

Erm one question, WHY? Click to expand...

WHY not? Might as well keep everything nice and cool as to make it last longer :grinthumb
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I have just installed water cooling on my PC, I wanted quietness with good cooling. Basically the question is are the temps I'm getting ok, the readings are with the fans at lowest revs, hence whisper quiet, I have cooled both the CPU and the two graphics cards.i.e Quad Core Extreme QX6850 and two 8800GTX's in SLI

CPU Idle max 40degC Load max 65
GPUs 52 66

your views would be appreciated, none of the above have been overclocked(yet!)
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I've recently inherited a Intel Core2 Quad QX9650-ES to replace my Q6600-ES, and I am looking to replace my water pump(my Hydor L35 is about to die) and my waterblock(i forget the name, but it always kept my Q6600 at a frosty 25c.) I am also looking to watercool my GTX460.

Can anyone give me some good suggestions while keeping the cost semi low? Also, if I post a picture of the old waterblock, can someone possibly identify it?

A:Watercooling a QX9650

Depending on availability in your area or your access to etail...
Budget minded blocks:
Swiftech Apogee GT/GTZ ( was a premium block, superceded by XT so has dropped in price)
Enzotech Sapphire series SCW-Revision A
Enzotech Luna
EK Supreme LT (excellent value for money)
Watercool Heatkiller Rev.3 (LGA775) (Was a premium block, price lower now due to LGA1366 adoption)
D-Tek FuZion v2 ( can be gotten fairly cheaply on occasion. Make sure that the block has the quad core splitter plate included or installed)
Danger Den MC-TDX ( Older block, usually very cheap in the secondhand market)
Koolance CPU-340
Plus various XSPC, Alphacool, Zalman blocks ( region/availability dependant)
Less budget minded blocks:
Swiftech Apogee XT
Koolance CPU-360
EK Supreme HF (about as good as it gets in waterblocks)

A GTX 460 full cover block is likely to cost a lot more than a CPU block of any flavour.

Regarding the ye olde waterblock; post a clear pic (including backplate) or two and someone here may be able to identify it, although if it's a generic block odds are that it could go forever unnamed.
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First of all i d like to say sorry if this is in the wrong section i couldn t find the section for the sake of me Anyways i just had a question and was unsure so i thought id play it safe and come and ask Okay so i m building Watercooling On Question a water-cooled rig in a few months time and was unsure about the GPU so say i have my water-block my GPU without the stock cooler on about my fittings ive put the water-block onto the GPU and am Question On Watercooling ready to place the fittings but the thing is the fittings can go through either way through the block right usually you have to take out the plugs on the other side of the block and thread it through that side but can they both be on the same side of the block or do they have to be opposite sides because i was concerned of the water just passing through without cooling anything Thanks P S the Card Will be a ti at the time and wanna see how much potential it is nbsp

A:Question On Watercooling

The instructions that come with the water cooling should tell you how to connect it and will vary from unit to unit.
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Hi, can anyone reccomend me a good watercooling system for $150.

A:Watercooling Reccomandations

Im not sure if that exists
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Hey guys pretty new at techspot.

Around November im look to get a q6000 quadcore, and a second xfx 7600gt for sli, also a new power supply
will that work?. ANYWAYS, on to my real question, Im getting tired of air cooling for cpu and want to get into some water cooling, FOR A GOOD PRICE, mabey kit that will fit into my antec 900 case.

Please give me some suggestions for a good kit thats not 300 bucks and can cool at least 1 of my video cards 2 would be better. THANKZ!

MY specs are:

Motherboard: P5N-e sli quad core ready
Video card: xfx 7600gt( soon to be in sli hookup)
Current processor: P4 2.8 ghz Overclocked @ 3.4 ghz
Cpu fan: Zalman CNPS8000 K8/775 CPU Cooler
Ram: 2048mb of ddr2
Case: Antec 900
Psu: At the moment Antec earthwatts 550watts psu.
Hdd: 250 gb

Extra info:
6 case fans running, 5 120mm, 1 200mm

A:watercooling question


Your power supply should be adequate if you're not going to change too many components. I don't think those 7600gt's are going to suck up too much power (they do, but 700W should be adequate). Might be a little iffy, so if you can grab one of those 850W Antec PSUs which I just read about, you'd be in much safer territory.

As for watercooling, why are you interested in watercooling? What are you after? They may be much more mainstream today, but it isn't the first thing you go for, nor would I recommend it for someone who just wants to try something different.

Of course, its your money, your computer and your time, so if you're really adamant about actually using watercooling, I'm not going to stop you.

In fact, I'd recommend that you don't use any of the cheapo watercooling kits out there. I particularly won't recommend any of the thermaltake ones, unless you want watercooling just for the sake of watercooling, since good aircooling units have been tested to perform better at the same noise levels. They tend to be a little cheaper too, but for aircoolers, they'd be on the expensive side.

Whenever I recommend watercooling, I always recommend Swiftech, but thats due to availability in my area. Other brands which aren't widely available here (which may be available in your area) such as DangerDen and a whole host of others I hope other people will fill you in with are pretty good as well, but they don't usually do kits, so you'd have to buy each part individually.
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Watercooling kit Hardware Help CPU Hey guys evening morning afternoon So I have ordered up k asus hero vengeance pro x GB and Corsair ax and are in need of a WC components for the CPU cooling thermal paste suggestions and whether CLU is worth it tips id appreciate as well So far for the Waterblock I am sticking with XSPC Raystorm which il (CPU) kit Watercooling hardware help get red leds for at some later stage For RAD I need a slim for Cosmos top In terms of a reservoir I am going with a cylinder type something along the lines of this When it comes to tubing black and no restrictions on flex or thickness as long as it all fits within the other components of course Rest of the parts such as the pumps and fittings I have no idea about If you guys could recommend me some rads pumps fittings and anything else I might need id greatly appreciate that Iv never WCooled before and with k getting Watercooling kit hardware help (CPU) rather hot for Ghz id love to get into WCling ASAP My price range is under the cheaper the better but best Watercooling kit hardware help (CPU) possible Watercooling kit hardware help (CPU) temps for a good price Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Watercooling kit hardware help (CPU)

Send a pm to red1776. His setup is more extensive than my own. I'll probably only be chiming on every so often as while I have built my own WC'ing system I haven't built many
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I would like to know a bit more about watercooling, because I have never experienced it before and may add it to my average system, I have some questions:

1) I would like the fully blown watercooling system, what case and kit do I need for this?

2) What does the average fully blown watercooling system cover? - Graphics, CPU, RAM motherboard, etc.

3) Do I need a certain motherboard?

4) Will any graphics card with a fan be compatible?

5) Do you need to get different types of watercooling to fit your specs? - Socket 775, different graphics card and RAM etc.

Cheers guys,


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I have a AMD FX 8350 CPU, with a AM3+ socket. Would a Corsair water cooler work on this socket? They only listed up to AM3 socket would it fit, or work?

A:Installing CPU watercooling

Hiyya Razor I found this What is the difference between AM3 and AM3+ sockets - Cooling - Components

Plus wouldn't hurt to ask the dealer or Corsair for that matter.

There is this

This one definitely states both sockets but pricey Thermaltake WATER2.0 Extreme CPU Cooler Review | Hardware Secrets

This too ENERMAX.CO.UK - ELC240

and Hydro Series

Bit cheaper and my dealer says fits both sockets Hydro Series

Depends what you ant the machine to do
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hi there people got a question

i am going to buy Zalman Reserator 2 kit for my system but i have seen a few reviews and it has been said the pump is weak on this kit i all ready have a Alphacool AGB-Eheim 12v 600 Station square pump

can i use this pump on this system or is it possible to use two pumps in one system

thanks people
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Sup guys im thinking of watercooling my HD thats unlocked to a HD I want to water cool because of silence and cooling efficiency This is all going to go in a my 6970 Watercooling HD Radeon Coolermaster II case So far here is what i have picked out XSPC RS Series mm Dual Watercooling my Radeon HD 6970 Radiator http www specialtech co uk spshop customer XSPC-RS-Series- mm-Dual-Radiator--RS -pid- html XSPC Single quot Drive Bay L ph V Pump with Reservoir http www specialtech co uk spshop V-Pump-with-Reservoir--X OPBAY-pid- html EK FC Full Cover Waterblock for ATI AMD http www specialtech co Watercooling my Radeon HD 6970 uk spshop -Graphics-Card--Nickel-Plexi-pid- html Primochill PURE Performance Coolant oz UV Blue http www specialtech co uk spshop formance-Coolant- oz--UV-Blue-pid- html Masterkleer Hi-Flex quot ID - quot OD http www specialtech co uk spshop D--- -OD- - mm-Tubing--Clear-pid- html K PSC quot Thread Compression Fitting for quot ID - quot OD Tubing http www specialtech co uk spshop r- -ID--- -OD-Tubing--Black-pid- html So those are the parts that i have picked Can you tell me if they are compatible My max is pounds no more I hope you can help me Thanks nbsp

A:Watercooling my Radeon HD 6970

That looks fine. I presume this a loop for just the graphics card ?
You'll need four of the compression fittings as well as two barbs (for the reservoir). For a plexiglass reservoir I would normally recommend plastic barbs. The outlet you are getting your loop from doesn't have that option so I would suggest a couple of these Bitspower brass barbs and a couple of hose clamps .
I would also suggest an antibacterial/antifungal coil .
You should still make your £175 budget (depending upon shipping charge if any)
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Hey guys, Im thinking about getting a water cooling kit for my gaming rig. I want the controller to be able to go into one of my CD-Drive slots like in the "Kingwin AWC-1 Arctic Computer Liquid Cooling System", but my processor isnt fast enough for it to work with that kit. Any help would be appreciated.

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can someone please help me understand just how a watercooling system radiator
works? as i see it is the water gets cooled in the radiator by just a fan. if
this is so then it can only get around your system or room temp or maybe 1c. or
2c. cooler is this right ? i'm trying to learn as much as i can on this cause i
read on some posts that posters are cooling there system down to like (16c. to 20c.) on water. how can that be if it's just cooling by a fan?

A:watercooling system radiator

This might help you understand scrooge easier.

How does Water Cooling work?
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Hi this time I m considering buying some Water Cooling parts from Xoxide and I have a question I m Watercooling Novice Question going to buy http xoxide com thermaltake-aqua-brazing-vga html http xoxide com thermaltake-bigwater- i html http xoxide com ysplitter html x http xoxide com primoflex- id- od-uvgreen html x The VGA water block will fit on my GT in my Mid-Size ATX Case I Watercooling Novice Question currently have a AMD Phenom II x Deneb Black Edition GHz Is that Watercooling Novice Question all the parts I will need I want to connect that water cooling system to that VGA waterblock then to my CPU I want to know if that s possible and if those parts above are all I need to get that job done I can answer all of your questions about my computer For reference here s an updated pic of my computer http i photobucket com albums oo cptkyle ComputerSide jpg That might look a little crowded but I recently used cable ties and there is plenty of room So that s from a few weeks ago I also have some new ribbon cables that aren t huge floppy ribbons but more like tube shaped http i photobucket com albums oo cptkyle Oct -VID jpg Thanks nbsp

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I needed to make room in my Lian Li v case around the cpu because the psu and cpu fan have a small ammount of clearance giving it horrible airflow I know a lot my v351 Lian Watercooling Li of people put rads on the inside of their v v cases mounting them to the front dual mm fan slots http forum nexthardware com gallery file php n amp w o PS Can someone tell me Watercooling my Lian Li v351 what tubing sizing are used here Are they quot Watercooling my Lian Li v351 od quot I want to be able to keep my HD in my case and I m pretty sure mounting a rad inside the case will make it so there is not enough room on the left side of the case for the gpu anymore Since I only want to cool the cpu just because I want to lose the fan I m thinking that I should be fine with a single rad mounted to the right of the case I ll have a single quot bay res discharge to a pump mounted to the roof to the left of the Watercooling my Lian Li v351 psu the pump discharge to the cpu block the spu discharge to the rad and the rad discharge to the res to compelte the loop I haven t decided on which CPU block to get yet because I am still deciding on the tubing If anybody could tell me what size is used in the example photo that would be great Does this plan look alright I want to make sure before I go through with anything I would just get a corsair H cooler but I heard it s a pain to get the AM brackets for them note for reference my build Lian Li v B SFF DFI LP JR GX-M H AM AMD GX HDMI Micro ATX Phenom II x ghz no OC gbs x gb Corsair Dominator DDR RAM XFX HD XXX Edition w ATX SLI modular psu Any Help Advice appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Watercooling my Lian Li v351

The best block you can get right now is a swiftech gtz with the am3 mount back. I'm currently using 1/2" ID, 5/8" OD tygon tubing. If you're going to only use a 120 rad you should probably opt for a feser exhanger, its thicker than most radiators, next to that it would be a black ice rad.

Something to add, i see you have 3x2 kits of ram, why did you go that route. doesnt that disable dual channel on your motherboard.
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hey, i have a mid tower case with really no space for a watercooling pump/resivour. I figured the best thing i could do is mount the radiator and fan on the outside in the back and the pump/resivour right side up on the top of the case. i read its fine to mount the pump in any angle just make sure the inlet of the pump is always being fed liquid but my question is...... does it matter where the pump is mounted in relation of the cooling block? (my case: above the whole system) thanks.

A:Watercooling pump posistion

I dont think it really matters as long as the water is being circulated properly.

Very long pipe runs are probably your only concern in my opinion. Ive never owned a water cooling system in my life! i have fitted several hundred central heating systems though

Hope this helps!
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Hi all this is more of a quot what would you do in my shoes type thing quot i have an option now to get another gtx or to get watercooling system for my current gtx The watercooling system cosists out of a pump pipes regulator radiator and all the other esentials except the liquid but thats cheap Anyway the graphics card is a nvidia gtx standard version and the price difference is about - dollers if i convert our currency into dollers Now I allready have a gtx so i want to know if i should get the fancy watercooling and overclock my current or sli two 's In my opinion the or Watercooling second card? graphics watercooling looks awesome and i like the pipes and so on But i never had watercooling before and not shore how effective and safe it is But i also want to sli so it kinda goes Watercooling or second graphics card? both ways The difference is that for the watercooling i will need to cut some major holes in my case bottom Oh Watercooling or second graphics card? and there isnt space for both Thank you and i'd apreciate if someone that knows and has Watercooling or second graphics card? watercooling can give me some pro and cons and same for someone that sli'd before

A:Watercooling or second graphics card?

Hello there. If you are working with 3D softwares, rendering models etc... will be good to buy another one 580.
If not, I'll say to take that water cooling.

My opinion.
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My memory is always running hot and I would like to get watercooling for it (already have Thermaltake Bigwater 745 on the CPU) but I have read on different sites that it is very risky trying to get the heat spreaders of the memory so I was wondering if something like the Thermaltake Aqua RX Series-R1 would fit over the top?

Any advice would be appreciated
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im relatively good with computer knowledge, but watercooling seems really complicated to me..

im buying a intel quad core kentsfield (Q6600?) and i am constantly told for best overclocking i would need watercooling for quad.

so ok watercooling.. can somone explain to me the kind of equipment i need to do watercooling? and how to make it safe.. (leeks and condensation etc)

or even better just say it in a stupid mode so anyone can understand

i seem to understand 1 cooling piece, the CPU block, and i was reccomended this one for best quad core overclocking

thanks for helping!

A:Quad Core watercooling confusion

First you need to make sure you have the right hardware before overclocking. If you cant get more than 30% overclock from the native fsb of the motherboard its pretty much pointless
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Hello everyone I'm going to attempt my first water-cooling loop. I have an idea of what i want to do, and how to do it but have a couple questions. First off my case has two 140mm fans on top now the problem with that is all the water cooling kits i have seen are dual 120mm if i were to get a 140mm radiator what else would i need to change??.Please help any info or advice is welcome i wanna do all the homework and take all safety precautions before i jump into this.

A:Solved: First watercooling loop all help and advice welcome

Koolance dual 140mm copper high flow radiator
tygon b-44-4x 3/8" id(1/2")od tubing
Ek Supreme HF universal cpu liquid cooling block CPU BLOCK
EK d5 x-res Reservoir and pump

ends up being around 230$ total
Tell me what you think and what else i should add or subtract to the list.
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i was wondering if and how it would be possible to bypass the motherboard, to test a water cooling loop, without the danger of the CPU overheating in case it doesn't work etc?

I came across this but is there a way i can do it, because it looks like its just one wire, so it cant be that complex can it? lol

thanks guys

A:How to Bypass the Motherboard, to test Watercooling Loop?

That just allows you to connect the whole rig to the PSU directly so you don't need to power on the motherboard to turn it on. It's used mainly to test the watercooling setup outside the PC's casing, so you can check for any leaks etc.
As for your initial problem, how do you expect to monitor the load and idle temperatures if the motherboard doesn't have power? That is what you want to do, innit? If you do then IMO,test the rig with the mobo powered on, since if the CPU gets too hot, it'll automatically turn the PC off before any damage is possible.
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Hello PC Modders I would like to present my personal review on jumping onto the Water Cooling bandwagon If a set-up is installed correctly it keeps CPU temps much lower than with old conventional aircooling which can have radical flucuations in Evercool's watercooling kit after some is awesome WC-202 modding! personal CPU operating temps Having been into electronics since High School I am now Number rule Excessive heat is Evercool's WC-202 watercooling kit is awesome after some personal modding! the worst enemy of any semi-conductor or transistorized device Transistors diodes SCRs Integrated Circuits and of course CPUs Once the particular electronic component has been heated past its rated service temp it s either ruined or will be flaky and unreliable in performance I have been the pleased owner of an Evercool WC- Ultra PC watercooling kit for almost a month now I have to say it s an excellent choice for a start Evercool's WC-202 watercooling kit is awesome after some personal modding! into the world of PC water cooling It s innovative compact and ingenious in design Having remembered the concept of water cooling being built from scratch by overclocking individuals just - years ago many companies have this computer component method of cooling down to a refined science The WC- is an improvement in features compared to Evercool s prior WC- model or Kingwin s near Evercool's WC-202 watercooling kit is awesome after some personal modding! identical twin kit The WC- has a more powerful pump and more selectable control features on the LCD screen Installation was quite easy I would say it took less than a hour to complete the job and have my system back up and running But being a perfectionist with anything I do to my system I did some personal mods to the kit s components along with some extra preventative measures to prevent any dreaded leaks First I replaced the secondary radiator s mm fan with a blue LED one that I already had where this component would soon be fastened to the inside back of the computer case I had to unsolder the original fan s -pin power cable off the boring black unit and resolder it onto my clear blue LED fan making all the colored wires were soldered to the exact same terminal polarities The longer cable was must as the secondary radiator fan plugs into a -pin power connector at the back of the quot Primary cooling Control module The next mod I did to the installation was put a once around wrap on all of the threaded connectors on the Water Block Secondary Radiator and hose input output on the quot Controller module with that thin but tough Plumber s Teflon pipe thread tape I figured that along with the inner quot O quot rings at the threaded hose couplings would deter any possible leaks I was right Since installation the kit has nt leaked a single drop of cooolant My next change was to do away with the supplied quot Red quot coolant additive Did nt care much for the color I substituted it with Swiftech s HydrX UV coolant water additive One bottle mixed to liter of distilled water The cooling system uses roughly oz s or so or until there are no air bubbles in the system and the quot controller module s reservoir is topped-up to quot High quot mark Which leaves you with plenty of coolant mix for future coolant changes I ve read you need to do this every months or so With the advantages of water cooling there is the downside of routine maintennance Upkeep Everything worked out great The Secondary radiator looks much better through the side window mod case lit-up with an LED fan capable of the same RPMs and I like the greenish UV glow of the HydrX coolant circulating in the semi-transparent hoses lit-up by a blue cold-cathode tube mounted on the floor of the case inside So I had to sacrifice my secondary CD-ROM drive to have a clear quot bay for ventilation suggested in the installation mannual I m not an overclocker CPUs are too expensive to run outside of thier warranty specifications Watercooling and cooler... Read more
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Well, I currently have a CM N520 with my A10-5800K.
I tried to overclock it, but it seems my cooler was not able to bring down the temperatures going past 4.3GHZ. Getting incredibly close to 70C, and that's my limit.

I was able if a closed loop cooling kit such as Corsairs H70 or Antech Kuhler 920 would be a good investment in terms of cooling performance over my N520?

Thanks for your time and opinions.

A:Would it be sane to upgrade to closed loop watercooling?

Assuming that the N520 is mounted well and clean so it's running at it's best, the upgrade to a quality closed loop water will help and may not be drastic at idle temps but should drop temps nicely at full tilt gaming and or high CPU activities. Look at the H80i as a path as well and depending on the case many other new arrivals like NZXT line up using 140mm mounts.
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Watercooling was once reserved for hardcore overclockers and gamers. Constructing a liquid cooling loop meant piecing together various parts from different manufacturers, plumbing the lines yourself and crossing your fingers that there were no leaks when you flipped the switch.

Read more

A:Watercooling goes mobile with the Asus GX700 gaming notebook

The real issue I see is, how hard is it to switch out components? If it is a pain or impossible to upgrade it, then it will end up becoming two pointless paper weights in a matter of time.

Or is the liquid cooling system more like a cooling pad? Thus it could be used by any laptop.
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i just baught a new pc. i only have one monitor, and i now have 2 pc's (a new one and an older one). they both have a wireless internet card. so my goal was to get one of those programs that let you control your pc remotely. i installed a program called "VNC Enterprise Edition" on both pc's, but i have no idea how to come about connecting them. the website was no help. thanks in advance.

A:pc linking?

Hi Jash,

This site might help you.
If it doesnt please let me know and i will carry on helping you.

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i was just wondering if there was a FREE program that would allow me to connect to PC's together, over a network, as if they were one computer.
any ideas?

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The Mother of all IE problems Let s say I go to a web page which has a web site link such as a URL When linking to that if the link stays on the same 6 Linking IE from page I m ok But if an additional browser screen is Linking from IE 6 needed I have a problem All I get is a second browser screen with the middle totally Linking from IE 6 missing like it was cut out with scissors The toolbar is there and the URL box is blank Now if I click on the red STOP button in the toolbar on this second screen the linking URL magically appears in the URL box and the page then fills in with the white screen saying that Internet Explorer was unable to link to this page Then if I click on refresh or the GO button or the Enter key this will finally bring up the linking web site This applies to any website that I go to and try to link to another site on the page Attempted fixes Updated Microsoft downloads for IE I ran the IE repair scheme through the add remove program I ran system file checker from the RUN menu Uninstalled IE and reverted back to my previous browser It did the same thing Reinstalled IE and still no luck I have run this on other help sites with no luck and am continuing on Thanks much

A:Linking from IE 6

Hi there
I am haveing the same bother as above with laptop but not getting any further that the 2nd page.which remains blank. The way I have found round it is too copy to msn then go from there.
I look froward to hearing any solution. I do have other machine that works fine.

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When I receive an email through Outlook Express and a link is included, when I hit the link Internet Explorer does not open. Like nothing happens. Doesn't take me to the Internet like it used to.

(Newbie, obviously)

Thanks, bobbie123

A:OE not linking to IE


Try these steps and see if this fixes your issue:

1) Open Internet Explorer
2) On the top menu, goto Tools and then Internet Options
3) Click on the PPrograms tab
4) Check the box next to Internet Explorer should check to see if it is the default browser.
5) Click Apply & then OK
6) Close and reopen Internet Explorer
7) If a box comes up asking if you want Internet Explorer to be the default browser, then tell it yes.
8) Close Internet Explorer
9) Try your link in Outlook Express again.

Good luck!
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i am a beginner. I need help in linking cpp files.
it is something like this. From the first cpp file, i need to run it
and i need to link it to another cpp file. Can you please tell me
how to do it? Thanks

A:need help in linking

Any good C++ text - Lookup

Subprograms, Subroutines, Include, External functions. This will put you on the right track.
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when trying to link to web addresses from email or when trying to link to certain hyperlinks on web pages, my browser doesn't link. I don't knoe if it's a software problem or security pop up blocker. I'm not very computer adept. any help would be greatly apprecited. I have windows 98 and oulook express as email. I've contatced my internet provider(road runner) and just went around in circles with them. Also having trouble with kernel32.dll I've repaired password list and tried to download a PC fixing software, but because of the dll error i can;t run the fix it software.
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Does anyone know how to code a function that can grab data from a ti-83+ via graph link in Visual Basic?

Is this even possible?
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Hi all, can anyone help me please!!!! I want to link up my PC with my friends PC. He lives in a different house what is the best way to do this? Thanks

A:Linking 2 pc's in different homes !!! HOW?

I would look into setting up a vpn between the 2. Here are a few good sites:,39044847,39050037-39000223c-1,00.htm
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Hi everyone My PC has been using built-in audio card since I bought it It gave me some problems with sound just coming out of one speaker After exhaustive trial and error I decided to buy a Isonic audio card I went into the Linking two cards PCI BIOS to deactivate the onboard card before installation The sound card is working fine except for the fact that it only outputs sound Linking two PCI cards from all the music programmes Realplayer Windows Media Player etc As for the TV card it is the different story Everytime I want to listen to Linking two PCI cards radio or TV I have to practically unplug the speaker cable from sound card into the green jack of the TV card I also cannot control volume from the TV software like I used to do when I was using onboard sound card I have a small cable that I was Linking two PCI cards using to connect the onboard sound card to the TV card but this time it does not seem to do the trick Whether I plug it into the green jack of the TV card and into the blue of the sound card because the green of the sound card has my speakers it does not work Even the vice versa of what I have just mentioned does not work I need your help here guys Because it is really inconvinient to have to plug and unplug the speaker cable everytime I need to listen to something different Thanks in advance Wanjie nbsp
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I have five computers and two routers One of the routers US Robotics is also a modem the other DLINK is a wireless router The US Robotics router is a new purchase to replace the Wire modem router from SBC that died I have hopefully properly configured the US Robotics modem and plugged three of the four computers into it They can all see each other and access the internet The last port is Linking two routers used to plug into the quot in quot port of the DLINK The DLINK s configuration has not changed and used to work before I replaced the modem but now the router does not work I have set the DHCP to be in two different but consecutive ranges It is my understanding that since DLINK Linking two routers router is wireless it should be set to enable DHCP on it Both routers have different set IP that are not in each other s range The US Robotics is set to with a range to and Linking two routers DLINK is set to with a range to Where did I go wrong can someone please help me Thanks nbsp

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I am having a really tough time linking two computers. So what I am going to do is turn off the wireless network, turn off the norton protection and turn off the windows firewall.

Now, I can link the two computers via a cross-over cable on a wired network, but the computers cannot see each other. What ping instruction should I be doing for each computer? Or is there anything else I can do to see if they can share files.

I will await your answer before proceeding.



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I have 4 little daily report and 1 master report; I am trying to link them together so that when someone enters a total on the little report it will change the master report, any advice…


Relevancy 36.12%

I have a master spreadsheet that calls on another spreadsheet(a) a completes the calculation, the problem is it is pointing at the wrong spreadsheet, spreadsheet(a).

When I open up the correct spreadsheet, spreadsheet(b) and select the correct cell, I copy it then go the back to the master spreadsheet, select paste special and select 'paste link' this gives me the number from the correct spreadsheet and overwrites the existing data in the master sheet

All I want is to take the number from a particular cell in spreadsheet, spreadsheet(b) and add it to a particular cell in the master sheet, what am I doing wrong?

Current calculation:
=+'C:\Documents and Settings\uuser.DOMAIN\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK17D\[Some Spreadsheet - Fixed Assets.xls]12-31-07'!$N$100

What appears when I paste the link:
='[Some Spreadsheet - Fixed Assets New.xls]12-31-07'!$T$61

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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Hello, I want to make it easy for my brother to upload his files to our family FTP server. I have created a new folder in his My Documents called My Website and decorated it with an appropriate icon. How can I make it that when he double clicks the folder it goes to and displays the webspace. I think there is a way to do this is folder shell but I'm not sure how. I don't just want to make a shortcut.

Any ideas??

Thanks for any replies!

A:Linking a Folder

right click the shortcut and choose properties, change the target to
That should do the trick
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I have made my brother a pc and want to link them i have plugged network cards into both pcs and linked them with the correct wire. The problem is the second computer cant use the internet, its internet is ment to come through the first one. How do I sort it out?

Also I used the network setup wizard but still dont work...

A:Linking computers

how is the first pc connected to the net?
if usb
if 2 nic cards
first pc must be setup as dhcp address
sec pc address nic as or last number I keep above 100
first pc mask
must config wan dns for first pc from provider
you will have a wan ip address plus the dns numbers
I will look for more stuff I have lots of luck searching msdn info M$ makes buggy OS's but there help stuff works most of the time
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Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to take an internet line that was originaly running off a router into a computer, and put that in a new router in order to gain more ports? I hope you understand what im trying to say

[router 1]---------------------------------[router 2]-------[computer]

The reason for this is a second computer being added to router 2 becase there arent enough ports.

Thats my crappy visual

router one already has all of its ports full thats why I want to do this.

A:linking another router

If you just want to add additional ports, a hub would work.
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Ok, here's my problem: I have a Linksys BEFSR41 v3 as my router A, and then a long reach over to a Wireless Linksys WRT54G v5 my router B, to supply a wireless connection to a computer I have outside. The problem is I cannot get an internet connection after I plug in the second router. The outside computer reads the wireless conection, but I can't acces the network/internet. I've tried disabling the DHCP on it and giving it a Static IP, but it didn't work. I really don't know what else to do, and I'm not super networking savy. Any help is apreciated.


A:Linking Two Routers...

2 thoughts come to mind. First, is the cable plugged into the Uplink in one/Downlink in one? Second, which router has the internet connection?
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Is there a way that you can update a word file when updating an excel file at the same time. Basically what i want to do is i have word doc. that is used to print address labels. However, i also have another doc. with the same addresses but with there contact #'s and e-mail. Is there anyway that when you add new entries to the doc with the contact info. and update the address labels with just the address and not the contact #'s. Basically just updating one doc. instead of 2.

A:linking docs.

I believe you are looking for a mail merge function.
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Is there a way to link two files together so that if one gets deleted so will the other. And if so can it be done with VBS.

A:Linking Files

That may be undesirable - for example, what if you delete a file accidentally and also empty the recycle bin?
Relevancy 36.12%

Please let me know if you have any.
Relevancy 36.12%

I have a new computer (Windows 8.1) and an old computer(XP). I want to connect the two computers with a USBxUSB wire. For some reason it is not working. Any suggestions?

Relevancy 36.12%


I want to link two seperate powerpoint presentations together without using a hyperlink. Can this process be done by using a Macro and some code instead? Does anyone know how I do this? Thanks for your help.

A:Linking Presentations

Check if has something that works for you. TAJ Simmons has nice ideas on how to link PP presentations.
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I Am trying to link 2 networks together to allow file sharing 1 net work series is 192.168.1.### the other is 10.1.1.### the both have the same subnet whats the simplest way to achieve this

Relevancy 36.12%

Hello guy's and gal's,
I am just making sure that I am thinking that proper way on this one. I have a customer that has a camera system on his computer at his office and he wants to be able to see the cameras on his other computer that is in another. If I run a either net cable from one to another would I be able to link the two together? I am thinking that I am going to be able to but more then one mind is always good. If I do that by linking the two together what would be a simple way to do it? If anyone knows let me know I am having a brain fart lol. Thanks

Relevancy 36.12%


I recently began renting a home that used to be two separate apartments. Both apartments have their own cable connections and I have activated and pay for both. I was wondering if there is a way to connect the two Linksys WRT54G I recently purchased to double the connection speed I currently have. As it is now, I keep one computer on the separate network for my Netflix streaming but would like to just have everything inside one single network.

Any ideas?

A:Linking two routers

You can't do it with that router, but you can do it with a dual-WAN router. Here are a few representative models.

D-Link DI-LB604
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Using dreamweaver (or html code) how do I link a jpg to open a quicktime movie? I have tried linking directly to the .mov file but it opens in a new browser window. I would like it to open in quicktime. Does anyone know how to do this? I also have a file I need to be open in Real Player (mpg), would it be the same code? Thanks.

Relevancy 36.12%

I have a HP dv8000 that's four years old and a new HP dv7t series laptop. I use them both daily and they are sitting right next too each other. What is the best way to link the two computers for maximum synchronization. I really need to transfer files and documents as efficiently as possible and have a permanent system.

Relevancy 36.12%

My laptop (Dell) recently will not hyperlink to other sites when I click on them. Can someone tell me what the cause of this issue is and how I might be able to fix it?

Thanks Mark

Relevancy 36.12%

Hi I have a game which is broken up into smaller files ie.

mo-ll1.001 88db3579

mo-ll1.002 48955829

mo-ll1.003 523ff346

mo-ll1.004 c89d1983

mo-ll1.005 848e23bf

mo-ll1.006 f1fa571b

mo-ll1.007 eff4f3da

i tried linking them using hj join by running it in the directory but didnt work..

any ideas?


A:Linking Files

I have a guaranteed fix. Go out and buy the game instead of pirating it.
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my friends are both on 2 different networks. And i am on the middle with access to both networks..I was wondering is there anyway to link both of the networks so that ONLY their network can be operated from each other and block the internet access to conflict with either 1?

neither of the networks has any sort of lock to network all you have to do is connect their wires!

some1 told me it was possible thru a linksys srw224g4 manageable switch? but i have no idea how....

plz help

A:Linking 2 Networks

Are you saying you want internal traffic to be able to talk to both networks but you want one network to go out through the internet through one connection and the other network to go out to the internet on the other connection?
Relevancy 36.12%

How do I link two computers together? Can you use both? Are there any upsides or downsides? I have one modem.


for internet connection sharing
Relevancy 36.12%

Does anyone have any experience doing this. if so are there white papers out there that expain how to do it.
Thank you,
Susan Rosenberg
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My browsers e.g. Google Chrome (or IE, and FF), allow me to visit any page but when I try to download
I get a notice saying that I do not have an Internet Connection! Have rebooted several times. Tried to
cross out DHCP and Proxy Server. Altering details in Network and Sharing Center has not shown any
improvement in linking the computer. Several other manouvers which were suggested not helped either.
U-torrent keeps displaying "Finding Peers" for last one week.

I believe I have wrongly tick marked something which I ought not. Any and all help that can guide me to
the right solution is highly welcome.

A:Internet not Linking to PC

Quote: Originally Posted by KanMan

My browsers e.g. Google Chrome (or IE, and FF), allow me to visit any page but when I try to download
I get a notice saying that I do not have an Internet Connection! Have rebooted several times. Tried to
cross out DHCP and Proxy Server. Altering details in Network and Sharing Center has not shown any
improvement in linking the computer. Several other manouvers which were suggested not helped either.
U-torrent keeps displaying "Finding Peers" for last one week.

I believe I have wrongly tick marked something which I ought not. Any and all help that can guide me to
the right solution is highly welcome.

Hi KanMan and welcome to SevenForums.

How long is this doing this? Need more information on to when this has happened? Did you install anything prior to this happening?
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I am doing a project like creating an address book in VB and access and link it...
make it a real time project..
which one do i use as the front end and which one as the back?
how do i link both?
any suggestions anybody?
thanks in advance!!
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Hi I have routers connected wirelessly Its a mess routers 4 Linking and i would welcome any advise I have Win k Server I wish to eliminate the w l access point thru either of the foll options if they are workable I want to know if I can make a Network Bridge between the public Internet connection and the private Linking 4 routers network connection I have windows firewall If I do this it will eliminate the need for the w l access point How advisable is this If I replace the T with an ADSL W L Modem Router T both of Dlink then can I eliminate the w access point also But this means External and Internal Lan Cards are on same network segment because both their cables go into ports of the T is this possible Is it possible to have the lan connections external internet and internal lan on separate network segments but connected to a single router That is if internet is on and lan on and router on can the lan on server be accessed by client machines My current situ is as under a Linking 4 routers ADSL Wired Modem-Router link T thru which my BB comes IP b This is connected to my win k server which has lan cards One IP links to the T the other to my pronet wireless accesspoint Upto here no problem c A Dlink T wireless router IP receives signals thru the pronet and then passes it to thin clients Wyse - IP PLUS AND which are connected to it thru the cables d The th slot of the T is wired to a Linksys WRT G IP of the linksys ports connect to thin clients again wired IP PLUS AND e The T and the WRT G communicate with each other but unless the T communicates with the Pronet I am stuck f Since the Pronet AP T w l Router and the WRT G W L Routers are all on the same series network segment why am i not being able to connect the Pronet to the Routers All the ips ping when i connect them to my laptop but the routers dont ping the AP Also when i type and the pronet url opens up i put in the and in the textboxes which open up below the router name and the ssid and the channel info under quot wep authentication quot I was told this only meant that those routers required wep authentication and didnt mean that the recognised them which in any case it doesnt because i get a quot settings saved device restarting quot note and i dont get back the url page again Sorry for this long post but i am at my wits end and desperately need help Thanks nbsp

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Hi I enjoy playing MicroSorft FSX and play on the multiplayer setting When Linking Files generateing flight plans in FSX they are stored in Flight Simulator X Folder as a PLN file What I am trying to do is link these flight Linking Files plans to the FS-MP com forum It is my understanding that FS-MP will not accept any non-public entries Knowing that I have to use a program called quot Photo Bucket quot to Linking Files up load my pictures Photo Bucket assigns a jpg file extension to the photo and it is then ready to post on the forum I can also post on the FS-MP forum what is on my screen by hitting quot Alt Prt Scrn quot using quot Paint quot to edit and quot Paint quot also assigns a jpg to the file and that is ready to post on the FS-MP forum I guess my question is this how do I get PLN files to the Linking Files FS-MP forum Or for that matter this forum Vista seems why too complicated to trying to move files around Thanks Dave

A:Linking Files

Hi, [email protected], and welcome to the forums.

First, some advice - ***Never use your email address as your username(s) at forums***

Forums are publicly viewable, and Google, Yahoo and other search engines, as well as Malware authors, continually troll around for email address to add to their list to try to start spamming you.

I've already reported this to the admins and they should be contacting you shortly (I hope).

Anyway, to answer your question, Have you tried ZIPping the files up so you can attach them? Windows Vista has native ability to both extract and compress archives - meaning you can get files out of and put files into archives.

Now, before we go further, let me tell you that archive is a term that is used rather loosely here, so don't think if this as a treasure trove of ancient documents and artifacts only. Originally the purpose of archiving was just that - to archive material that you did not need ready access to, in a compressed format that allowed you to store more items in less space than you can when storing the same items in their original format. Hence, the term archive has held over, although a better description would probably be compressed container.

Now, on to how to do it.

To archive a file (without installing any 3rd party tools) do the following:
Select the file(s) that you want to archive in Windows explorer Right click one of the file *while all are selected* and select Compressed (zipped) Folder

Now, in Windows Explorer you'll see a new file called {filename}.ZIP, where {Filename} is the name of the file that you right clicked on. The {filename} part will be highlighted, allowing you to rename the file.

Once you have done that, you simply follow the forum rules at in order to upload your files.

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whats the technicl term for a usb stick that yoyu plug into your printer to allow wireless links to say a laptop via bluetooth or wi-fi and is wi-fi faster than bluetooth?

A:printer linking

It's called a wireless USB adapter or a bluetooth USB adapter.

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Hi all,

For my work, I've been tasked to create some documentation. There will be a long version and short version of each document.

Is there any way to link the documents? By that I mean this - when I update certain areas/images/text/links/etc in one, is there a way for it to update in the other automatically? I've done some research/asked around, and so far have come up empty.

I have Office 2007, and can use wither Word or Publisher for these documents.

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Linking Documents for Changes

Macropod, a member of our staff answered this question a few years ago at:
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Right, i have s-video and RCA (composite video) out of my Radeon 7000 dual head graphics card, but my tv downstairs doesnt hav a SCART.

I need to run a lead 20 metres long to connect the PC and video.
Will RCA cable degrade the picture quality too much over 20m of cable? If so, would coax cable be a better idea (using an adapter obviously)??


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Hi there I m new to this forum I just got done with a chapter in a windows game programming book and the code in the chapter won t compile I have gotten all code up to this point chapter to compile It seems to me that the project I am working on isn t including the libmsimg a file I clicked on quot Add library or Object quot and selected C++ help Dev please library linking--need the libmsimg a file and clicked quot OK quot Here s my error Bitmap cpp In member function void Bitmap Draw HDC int int int long unsigned int Line Bitmap cpp TransparentBlt undeclared first use this function Makefile win Build Error Bitmap o Error The code is right off the cd-rom and I know it works I just got done compiling a slideshow program that Dev C++ library linking--need help please uses Dev C++ library linking--need help please bitmaps Am I linking the library right I have my library folder set as quot C DevCpp lib quot already It says in the book that the TransparentBlt function should be in the msimg lib library which is equivelent to libmsimg a in Dev C nbsp

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I have just connected my laptop to my TV with a vga cable, Can anyone tell me what i have to do within my laptop to get it working ?

A:Linking laptop to TV

Are you using vista?
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Heres the problem I have a need to link two sites together that are around yds m apart in the UK Site A has a SBS k amp around stations in a single domain on a MHz ethernet with a GHz backbone The company has now aquired a second site B my MD wishes to link the two sites so that files on site A server can be accessed r w from site B these files can be quite large he also wishes to do the back Linking Sites ups from site B server at site A I do not think all of this is practical Linking Sites within a smallish budget k max inc all hardware ie pcs printers etc Could you guys suggest some options that I can suggest to him as more viable or practicable My own feeling is to keep the sites separate with data stored at each as needed and local back ups with perhaps a single vpn between for the odd data transfer amp for the MD to keep an eye on things which is what I think he is really after nbsp

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For various reasons I've been working at hooking up my old laptop I think it's a Latitude X and external hard drive to my TV through a VGA port on the laptop dock I really wanted to use this Two Computers Linking computer remotely but now I'm running into some trouble I have Air Mouse running currently which is an app for the iPhone that works as a wireless keyboard and mouse for the computer However what I'm aiming for is to use the keyboard Linking Two Computers and mouse on the laptop I'm using now to remotely control the laptop connected to the TV while outputting the video to the LCD screen I've tried using Remote Desktop Connection which works but it logs me off on the X and then the output to the TV is lost What I need is something that will allow me to use my keyboard and mouse on my current laptop A Latitude D to Linking Two Computers wirelessly control my X without bothering the current monitor output settings To make it a little more confusing the X only Linking Two Computers supports a aspect ratio while the D has support and of course the LCD is So ideally I'd like to use Remote Desktop Connection to allow use of the D 's keyboard and mouse as well as it's widescreen display but then I need a way to wirelessly send the display back to the X to output to the LCD Any ideas or suggestions the community has to offer would be very much appreciated Thanks Kyle

A:Linking Two Computers

There is a program called TightVNC it allows you to control a computer remotely without kicking the current session out. It works well and it is free.
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I recently switched from an XP machine to a Vista machine (yes, I am an old newbie). I retained most of my programs. However, they do not behave the same. In particular, under XP if I did a Ctrl-Click on a link (e.g., table of contents page in MS Word) I would be moved to the link target. However, under Vista I get the message "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effecxt on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."

Since I am the system administrator, and only user, on this machine, this doesn't he;[ much.

I assume it has something to do with some security setting in Vista but have been unable to figure out where or how to "fix" it.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Linking Problems

Originally Posted by jekronenfeld

I recently switched from an XP machine to a Vista machine (yes, I am an old newbie). I retained most of my programs. However, they do not behave the same. In particular, under XP if I did a Ctrl-Click on a link (e.g., table of contents page in MS Word) I would be moved to the link target. However, under Vista I get the message "This operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effecxt on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."

Since I am the system administrator, and only user, on this machine, this doesn't he;[ much.

I assume it has something to do with some security setting in Vista but have been unable to figure out where or how to "fix" it.

Any help would be appreciated.


A lot of programmes act differently on Vista, than under previous systems. Have you checked for updates and what the programme developers say about the programmes you are installing on your new system?