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Black screen with multiple video playback

Q: Black screen with multiple video playback

Hey multiple Black screen with video playback guys I have been trying to figure out this problem but with no avail so any advice is greaty appreciated Basically the problem occurs when running any type of Black screen with multiple video playback game wow and ffxi to name a few but occurs with everyone and then tab out to wither youtube fraps and the like the screen goes totally black and I must restart the computer Ive wiped the HD several times and have redone even to the most basic setup and it still occurs Specs are as follows Motherboard Asus maximus v extreme Intel i k gb Corsair Vengeance gb SSD w PSU x ASUS Radeon HD gb Ive made sure all drivers are up to date I have run memtest on both sticks of ram and they seem to pass with no errors when only video card is plugged in Black screen with multiple video playback I have no problems it seems to have something to do when they are crossfired I ve tried different bridges and still same result nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Black screen with multiple video playback

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Black screen with multiple video playback

Sounds like we have the same thing going on. Does your screen have any windows poop up? mine does.
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Ok im Running Windows XP Sp2 with a ATI Radeon 9600XT

Suddenly for no apparent reason my videos no longer playback. All Is ee is a black screen while sound seems to work perfectly.

This occured in windows media player so I downloaded crystal player and same thing. Same goes for any video playback online through websites.

I already tried re-installing video drivers and checking some settings.

Please does anyone know how I could possibly fix this??

PS this occurs for all types of video files avis, mepgs whatever. I also tried re-installing codecs to no avail

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Hey guys.
I recently desc covered that besides VLC on my laptop all the other video player are not able to work properly (meaning,, Windows Media Player 12, Cyberlink PowerDVD12 and WMPC are able to play only the audio, but not the video, just black screen),, BUT with VLC is no problem playing any video format!! The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously,, all my video players were able to play all the same video files, which they can't now!
I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video drivers installed (just after I discovered the problem).
Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks and have a nice day, hope we can resolve this. ))

A:No video playback only audio (black screen)

If it works with vlc tans nothing else, then I doubt it's your video card drivers. However, it may be the codex used by the different players.

Can you just use vlc? Are you having any other graphical issues?
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Hey guys I discovered that besides only) screen while video playback (Audio Black VLC player on my laptop all the other video player are not able Black screen while video playback (Audio only) to work properly meaning Windows Media Player Black screen while video playback (Audio only) Cyberlink PowerDVD and WMPC are able to play only the audio but not the video it's just black screen BUT with VLC is no problem playing any video format The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously all my video players were able to play all the same video files which they can't now I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video drivers installed As I mentioned I didn't have this problem before with a previous versions of the AMD graphics card driver This happened to my laptop a while ago already since I have this problem I updated my video drivers or times at least and no change so far As I mentioned I have the problem for some time already during this time I re-installed my Windows couple of time plus I even changed the version of the windows to for the moment I have the last version of video driver installed I haven't installed ANY codecs Can anyone help me with this pleas Thanks and have a nice day hope we can solve this

A:Black screen while video playback (Audio only)

Can you simply give us an example of a video extension that will not play anymore in WMP, now that you have upgraded to Winn 8 and done several graphic driver updates in an attempt to fix your issue (eg, .avi files, .mpg files, etc)? It could very well be that the original codec is no longer supported in WMP but the fact that VLC works Ok tells me that your graphics' driver should not be the issue.
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Hello I have just purchased this new HP omen gaming video fullscreen screen mo... when Black playback on going dual laptop and I have had nothing but trouble with it nbsp I run a BenQ gaming monitor on the HDMI port as my main monitor and leave the laptop display as my secondary monitor nbsp When I extend my desktop like I usually do on my older Black screen when going fullscreen video playback on dual mo... Alienware laptop I am unable to playback video on browsers in full screen nbsp I have tried chrome MS edge Firefox nbsp All produce a black screen while audio is fine nbsp I updated all the drivers BIOS windows everything nbsp I even tried Intels Beta Drivers to no avail nbsp I have searched for weeks on a fix and was about to return this thing to find out I was a Black screen when going fullscreen video playback on dual mo... day past the return date and am now stuck with it nbsp I found numerous fixes all which have not worked nbsp The only thing that allows me to have fullscreen playback was disabled hardware acceleration in the browser which works but wont work for what I need nbsp I have noticed a few things now nbsp if I change the resolution of the secondary display my internal laptop display it plays full screen no problem nbsp If I make it my primary monitor it plays no problem which then I cannot game on my big external monitor nbsp Also if I disable Intel graphics and only use geforce it works as well but then battery life is gone when im on the move I have seen 's of forum posts with hundreds of people reporting this on Intel as well so I am drawing closer to the conclusion its due to the new Skylake CPUs nbsp This is totally unacceptable in my book as it defeats the purpose of having the HDMI output and wont allow basic things to work nbsp nbsp Has anyone got a fix for this yet nbsp I know I am not the only one nbsp I found a few people successful changing settings in BIOS but unfortunately HP locks the bios down which had I'd known that I would have never purchased it in the first place most likely nbsp Which reminds me I hate that my USB ports wont turn off when I put the thing to sleep and I cannot get the settings in bios to do it as windows settings dont override it and they stay on keeping my laptop cooler on all day and night unless I do a full shutdown and my cat bumps my mouse and wakes it up as well even with wakeup disabled in windows Also the wonderful weird ticking noise coming from the power brick when its off seems odd too I think I may have just got a garbage unit Anyways back on topic nbsp nbsp So before someone tells me that I need to disable hardware acceleration I want to state that this does allow me to fullscreen video however it causes extreme FPS drops during league of legends while recording with plays tv nbsp So this is unacceptable Especially given my Alienware laptop with half the power of this machine can watch a stream on p fullscreen on laptop screen play LoL on max settings while recording on p and listening to spotify and stay at capped FPS all day nbsp nbsp Please if anyone has any information let me know nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Hey guys I discovered that besides VLC player on my laptop all the other video player are not able to work properly meaning Black works) player, (audio video any but screen playback while VLC on Windows Media Player Cyberlink PowerDVD and WMPC are able to Black screen while video playback on any player, but VLC (audio works) play only the audio but not the video it's just just black screen BUT with VLC is no problem playing any video format The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously all my video players were able to play Black screen while video playback on any player, but VLC (audio works) all the same video files which they can't now I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video drivers installed As I mentioned I didn't have this problem before with a previous versions of the AMD graphics card driver This happened to my laptop a while ago already since I have this problem I updated my video drivers or times at least and no change so far Why am I assuming that the cause of my problem is the graphics card driver is for ex when I had just re- installed my windows fresh from Windows to Windows the video playback was working while the graphic card was running on the drivers provided by Microsoft as soon as I am installing the driver for my model of AMD Radeon graphic card I am staring to have the problem As I mentioned I have the problem for some time already during this time I re-installed my Windows couple of time plus I even changed the version of the windows to for the moment I have the last version of video driver installed I haven't installed ANY codecs Can anyone help me with this pleas Thanks and have a nice day hope we can solve this

A:Black screen while video playback on any player, but VLC (audio works)

You may simply require a codec (code/decode) pack to enable video in other players, have you got any codecs installed ?

If not you could try k-lite codec pack or CCCP seem to be quite popular
You may also require matroska codecs for playing HD contect like .mkv files or HD .mp4
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Does anyone know what would be the cause of this?? All of a sudden if I play a video it is in red and black only??
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Not sure if this is a computer issue or not.

Sometimes when I watch a video online a black-checkerboard or random black squares pop-up on the video screen. They come and go all through the video playback. It happens on Facebook and a lot of other sites.

All of my drivers have been recently updated.

Anyone else noticed this?

A:Online video-playback black squares

Hi see3,

The issue could be related to Flash Player or video drivers. To isolate the issue please provide the following information:

1. From how many days are you facing this issue?
2. Does it happen only in one browser (i.e., in Internet Explorer) or even in other browser?
3. Also, have you checked if the issue occurs while playing a video files stored on the Hard Drive (i.e., sample videos or movies)?

For any clarifications feel free to contact me.
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Hey I have a windows XP SP OS running on a Dell Inspiron with a P and MB of RAM When I put in DVD's to play of the time the screen will go black Not as in turned off black but as though someone has placed a really shiny piece of velvet over the image This happens when running in Dell Media Exp Windows Media Player or Cliprex something I downloaded to see if the problem was local to my software Interestingly when opening in Dell Media etc occasionally the function bars at the top and bottom of the screen will get a small crack running along them the buttons will distort and if the DVD is playing a particularly colourful scene randomised screen! produces Please DVD Help! black playback at the time you can see the DVD image through the crack I've tried downloading outside software still black and it seems to be totally random as to when the PC will and wont play DVD's although leaning far more heavily towards DVD playback produces randomised black screen! Please Help! the quot wont quot I'm in University and I quite like watching my films and TV I have about DVD's in total so not being able to watch them apart from on a tiny biddy image is really irking me I can play the DVD's fine in Windows Media Player when not on full screen so the DVD's are being read fine I think Also my girlfriend is coming to visit me and I'd quite like to be able to light some candles in my shoebox room and put on something nice for her Any help that can be provided here would be very greatly appreciated thank you I'm more than happy to post other DVD playback produces randomised black screen! Please Help! specs about the PC if they are required to figure out what the heck is going on Many thanks Sam

A:DVD playback produces randomised black screen! Please Help!

It's not my forte, troubleshooting video, but no one has reponded to you today, and I have time.

I would be inclined to try to rule out either software or hardware. I gather from your post that the problem happens on more than one DVD playing software ? That's important, because if it doesn't work in say, Media Player, but it does work in another software (whatever another software might be), that implies a corrupted software and re-installation should fix it.

However if it happens no matter what Player you use, it could mean the Hardware crapped out. So installing a different DVD player to test this theory might be instructive.

And in general terms, it's best to make note of things that are consistant and things that are not.

When you say 90% of the time, do you mean 90% of your DVDs? Do some DVD always work, and some Never Work. Or can the same DVD either work or not?

Also I assume that this thing used to work fine, and now it doesn't. Did something different happen, like new software, new hardware or something else. Like a power surge, lightning strike or somebody accidentally unplugging your machine while it was in the middle of something ? These kinds of "events" are important because they can save us a lot of time looking into dead-ends. It makes no sense to re-install a DVD (software) player, when a power-surge crisped the DVD hardware itself.

Also, it occurs to me to check the DVDs themselves. Take them to a friend's computer and see if they work fine there. If the problem moves, then you moved the problem.
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my PC:
Intel Core i5 3570 @ 3.40GHz
2x4GB DDR3 Dual Channel @ 812.1 MHz G.Skill
PSU: HuntKey APFC 700
Win7PRO 64Bit

so basically what is happening is that while i watch a movie, after like 15 min or so, sometimes
less sometimes bit more but its around the 15 min, my pc suddenly restarts with BSOD.
following this link:
it says:
STOP error 0x124 means that a fatal hardware error has occurred. uses the error data that is provided by the Windows Hardware Error Architecture (WHEA). STOP code 0x00000124 may also display "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" on the same STOP message.

while i have no issues at all with using applications, playing video games, watching youtube,
or any other use of the computer.

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Just got an Acer 5920.Cannot view video files on full screen on Iplayer or windows media player only get sound.
Any ideas welcome:
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I got a new laptop: Acer Aspire 5517 with an ATI Radeon HD 3200 graphics chip.
When I watch videos, whether it's on youtube or hulu or DVDs, the video is only good when it's small. When I expand to full screen, it automatically gets jumpy.

It's the worse with It's not a buffer issue because it happens when there is a full buffer. There's a night and day difference from the small screen to full screen. It is not a 'pixelation' issue due to compressed video from The picture is relatively clear, it's just jerky (not a smooth frame rate, so to speak)

Any advice? The worst part is that my old laptop, a really crappy 4 year old dell, played all videos well.

A:Bad/jerky full screen video playback

Install and run superantispyware and check for malware.

Defrag your drive and make sure all your drivers (especially video) are up to date.

Hope that fixes it.
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Im having some problems recently trying to playback video. Any video to be exact. As soon as it loads in powerDVD, winamp or media player I will get a blue screen and have to reboot my computer.I was reading a problem posted a while back ( I have the exact same problem and my computer specs are pretty much the same. I have attached a zip with minidump files.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank You
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I've been using Vista Ultimate x for a couple Full Every Screen Video Different BSOD Time During Playback weeks now and have since run into an irritatingly consistent BSOD occurrences Whenever I've watched a video file avi mkv so far in Vista x maybe - minutes in each time my computer does this hyper-repeating glitch thing with the video and audio then quickly goes to BSOD and restarts I'm using KMPlayer BTW I've only noticed this when watching videos and it seems to happen when in full-screen mode I have a GTX Different BSOD Every Time During Full Screen Video Playback running the latest Nvidia x drivers which from the bit of research I've done appears to be a regular troublemaker The thing that throws me is that when Different BSOD Every Time During Full Screen Video Playback I look at the minidump the quot probably caused by quot is different each time I've seen usbhub sys cmudaxp sys HT Omega Claro Plus sound card ntoskrnl sys and win k sys thus far and I don't know what they have in common or if they're relevant if it's a video Different BSOD Every Time During Full Screen Video Playback driver issue System info Intel Q Asus P E GB DDR - RAM HT Omega Claro Plus sound card EVGA GTX Any help is much appreciated

A:Different BSOD Every Time During Full Screen Video Playback

Hi gescom,
Welcome to the forums.
What happens if you try a different player like Windows Media Player or GOM Player or etc?
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I recently installed Windows Service Pack actually three times after Green of or random during media video points screen playback reinstating my computer software to the original state by erasing and reinstalling Green screen during random points of media or video playback the full software install CD on my computer s hard drive for Window XP Home I have no problems playing games with my new FX Ultra video card by BFG but I am at random times getting the annoying green screen that blanks out my videos I am streaming or playing happens when I am streaming more often Then after that happens usually the computer reboots or shuts off I never had this happen before My computer s memory tests ok so why can I play games with this never happening but when I am streaming or watching video through Windows Media Player etc do I get the quot green screen blankout quot and then often the shutdown of my computer I have MB of system memory and MB of video memory I use System Mechanic and it shows I have at least half of my memory even during playback so what is the problem here I can attach my system computer file of my information if you like in an e-mail if it will help AND YES I HAVE THE DIVX CODECS I thought about that to and uninstalled and reinstalled them with the same random problems PLEASE HELP ME This is really annoying nbsp

A:Green screen during random points of media or video playback

Might be a long shot but try this:

On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Performance tab.

In the Video acceleration area, move the slider to turn down or turn off video acceleration.
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I hate to be redundant---especially on my first post---but I have just started having the same problem whether I m video Intel playback Solved: - Blue on screen drivers trying to view a wmv file using Windows Media Playe or or trying to watch a DVD Solved: Blue screen on video playback - Intel drivers using Intervideo WinDVD I have the Mobile Intel GM chipset video drivers but of course their website offers no kind of support about this I have PLENTY of these quot minidumps quot to offer for someone s perusal if anyone would care to help a guy out I m stuck in a hotel for the next three days with no way to watch DVDs and the bare network TV for entertainment Thanks much for any help PS I wanted to add that some time back couple months if that long I installed some quot open-source quot DVD player called quot Miro quot I don t know if I couldn t figure it out or what but it didn t seem to work on my puter so I uninstalled it Is it possible that it either left something behind or took something with it that may be causing the problem Thanks again for your help nbsp

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Hey all,
I am having problems with the screen freeing when running multiple windows (Chrome, office etc etc). When I try to swap between windows, I get a freeze and I am unable to do anything.
The cursor can be seen moving around the screen but has no effect in any area. The Windows Key doesn't ppear, nor can I tab into another programme.
If I try and start task manager to see which program is causing this, it will not appear over the frozen image.
Is there a way of telling from an event log what program is failing?
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I built a PC in August and it runs very fast and plays games, videos and audio without issue. However, I have been getting occasional BSODs during youtube playback or when playing a video from my hard drive, even if i played the same video moments earlier without issue. I have updated all drivers windows updates, memtest to check ram but nothing seems to explain my PCs sudden desire to BSOD me.

I would be very very grateful if someone would have a look at some min-dumps for me and see if they can identify the issue as i have reached the limit of my computer diagnostic knowledge.

A:Intermitent BSOD during internet video playback or avi playback (Win7 Pro 64)

How many Passes did you allow for Memtest? I read your five most recent dumps and the were all of the same error as described below...

Your error is 0x124: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR and is described as "A fatal hardware error has occurred."

This error code and definition has replaced the older XP code 0x9C: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION and though it is older the definition still is applicable: This is a hardware issue: an unrecoverable hardware error has occurred. The parameters have different meanings depending on what type of CPU you have but, while diagnostic, rarely lead to a clear solution. Most commonly it results from overheating, from failed hardware (RAM, CPU, hardware bus, power supply, etc.), or from pushing hardware beyond its capabilities (e.g., overclocking a CPU).

Honestly, this is a very difficult error to work with because as it says a clear diagnosis rarely comes forth and I have never seen a minidump with either error codes give a definitive answer. I know IT techs that don't like working with it. What makes it so difficult is that it can be any hardware in your system -- and I mean any. Your dumps simply cited hardware as the issue and nothing more definitive.

Here are some of the causes that were determined to be the source of 0x124/0x9C errors from posters here and abroad: NIC, DVD/CD drives, dust build up around the CPU that caused overheating of said CPU, bulging capacitors hidden by heatsink, corrupted memory, video card, psu, motherboard, and external harddrive connected by USB.

* Anything overclocked? If so set your hardware to factory specs.
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Hello. I have some audio issues that are causing distortion whenever I watch videos on youtube or watch streams on twitch. I updated my flash and that didn't change anything. These issues just started within the last 3 days. I tried a system restore from two weeks ago and that didn't work. I double checked my sound drivers and they are up to date. This happens in both Firefox and Google Chrome. I started Firefox in safe mode with all addons disabled and it still happened. The distortion didn't really capture very well on the video even though I can hear it. You can hear it better in the beginning. And this happens on videos that are buffered, even if I wait 5 minutes, this still occurs. I can try a different video once I get back from school(have to leave right now) if you want to hear the distortion better.
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Ok to tell you things from the start I cleanup computers for the public I have a phone computer repair shop I with Black screen multiple cursor times. received a computer weeks ago and I turned it on and is was windows and I logged in After logging in I was faced with a black screen and a cursor thinking it was a virus I hit ctrl alt del and started the task manager and opened my flash drive with my anti virus scanners Avg or Black screen with cursor multiple times. Sophos was the one that finally killed it once it was removed the desktop just popped right up no issues and I finished cleaning and done I haven't heard from the customer since so there was no issues I got a call from a lady about a mile down the road from him saying her computer was need cleaning so I brought it in and cleaned it only a couple of high risk viruses but got those done and I put avg antivirus when done and it was out Black screen with cursor multiple times. the door A few days later that same lady called back saying there was a black screen on her computer She brought it in and this computer is running windows and it had the same what I call virus on it that the windows one had ran the virus scans and done She told me it happened after doing a flash player update That was last week I just received a call saying the windows computer has a black screen again after trying to update windows what I'm trying to figure out is this a virus or what and what is causing it A simple virus removal gets rid of it but why does it keep happening
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I updated my ATI HD 5770 drivers today, and rebooted. Afterwards, the login screen sound played, but nothing was visible.

I booted into safe mode and deleted the video drivers and attempted to install some working ones - the same issue occured (Windows Update).

Can anyone give me a hand in finding the correct drivers to install?

Windows 7 HP 64 Bit
ATI Radeon HD 5770

Cheers :)

A:Video card drivers - black screen on login screen

Resolved. I was a retard and didn't realize it was showing the desktop on my TV which was on a different display.
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After installing the latest NVIDIA 182.50 Drivers for my 8500 GeForce 8500GT card on my Gateway AMD x64 with Vista Home Premium 64bit, now at start up the Boot screen doesn't come up and neither does the Vista green loading bars, just get black screen, no signal until the Vista Logon screen appears. I used to get the Boot screen with F10 boot options and F2 BIOS options and the Gateway Logo, but not anymore.

Any idea why and how I can get the boot screen back ??
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HelloI have really stuffed up my computer this time My problem originated I infections black multiple (vundo, screen catchme), believe when I downloaded HijackThis from a lookalike web site This may have been complicated due to trying to activate another application that suggested that I turn off the firewall I was tired and not paying attention to what I was doing The following describes my situation History Two months ago I got malware that had significant impact to PC performance described above Through scans in safe mode I was able to clean the machine rKill JRT AVAST Adwcleaner and others were used Please see Stopzilla log for issues revealed Found multiple infections (vundo, catchme), black screen Downloader C vundo A Win cognala catchme DisableRegistryTools DisableTaskManager multiple infections (vundo, catchme), black screen and others Since then I suspected that something nasty remained Whenever I performed an RKill and JTR Stopzilla found DisableRegistryTools and DisableTaskManager I sent a diagnostic scan to Stopzilla twice and they found nothing Occasionally my weekly scans would reveal a a malware or two I forgot which but there was no other apparent affect on my PC I am not aware that my online activities would otherwise attract multiple infections (vundo, catchme), black screen nasties Now During the week a family member was working on the PC and accepted something does not recall what I turned on the PC a few hours later and the bootup process was very slow the windows graphic appears and I hear the MS chime but the screen turns black This has since happened continuously in normal mode I have waited to see if the black screen is replaced by the user login screen but no longer than minutes In safe mode I am able to scan using Stopzilla and the similar nasties that were discovered previously are discovered again This only occurs after performing other scans If Stopzilla scans just after a restar nothing is found I attempted to perform scans using other antimalware applications and they are somehow prevented from working AVAST JTR rootkitremover and RootkitBuster Scans using Superantispyware Malwarebytes EEK Adwcleaner Rougekiller and Combofix reveal nothing that I can see is malware Attached is DSS scan Attach and the Stopzilla event log is available nbsp DDS txt nbsp nbsp KB nbsp nbsp downloads If you could assist with this it would be appreciated Thank youPeter DDS Ver - - - NTFS x MINIMALInternet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Run by peter at on - - Microsoft Windows Home Premium GMT AV avast Antivirus Disabled Updated AD D -BA - C - - A AD B SP Windows Defender Enabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF SP STOPzilla Enabled Updated AC CB - E- AF-D - E F E AB SP avast Antivirus Disabled Updated ACCC CA - C - C - B -AFE D E FW avast Antivirus Disabled F FC -F D- D E- A E- DA C EAF Running Processes C Windows system wininit exeC Windows system lsm exeC Windows Explorer EXEC Windows system ctfmon exeC Windows system DllHost exeC Windows system conhost exeC Windows system wbem wmiprvse exeC Windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunchC Windows system svchost exe -k RPCSSC Windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestrictedC Windows system svchost exe -k netsvcsC Windows system svchost exe -k NetworkServiceC Windows System svchost exe -k secsvcsC Windows system svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted Pseudo HJT Report uStart Page about blankmStart Page www google comBHO HP Print Enhancer C E- - -BF - C - c program files hp digital imaging smart web printing hpswp printenhancer dllBHO PDF Architect Helper A D EBA-F D- BD -A - - c program files pdf architect PDFIEHelper dllBHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - F - D - - D F - c program files spybot - search amp destroy SDHelper dllBHO avast EasyPass Toolbar Helper d a - d - d - - e a - c program files siber systems ai roboform roboform dllBHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - c program files java jre bin ssv dllBHO avast Online Security E E -AD ... Read more

A:multiple infections (vundo, catchme), black screen

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Information on A/V control can be found HERE.As I am just a silly little program running on the servers, please do not send me private messages as I do not know how to read and reply to them! Thanks!
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Hey everyone I currently own a Dell Vostro Multiple 7 errors/BSODs/Black Windows screen - laptop It came with Windows Vista Business Edition bits and GB RAM I recently upgraded my RAM to gb and decided to move to Windows RC build bits Had to do a clean install I've been getting several BSODs or the screen would just turn black and the system Windows 7 - Multiple errors/BSODs/Black screen would stop responding The most common errors that I'm getting is The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first This error could be caused if the system stopped responding crashed or lost power unexpectedly -- I get this daily if not every few hours - lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt - lt System gt lt Provider Name quot Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power quot Guid quot C B A- - C -AC E- C D B quot gt lt EventID gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID quot quot ThreadID quot quot gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt Deadman-PC lt Computer gt lt Security UserID quot S- - - quot gt lt System gt - lt EventData gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckCode quot gt lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot BugcheckParameter quot gt x lt Data gt lt Data Name quot SleepInProgress quot gt false lt Data gt lt Data Name quot PowerButtonTimestamp quot gt lt Data gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt Another error would be Audit events have been dropped by the transport - lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt - lt System gt lt Provider Name quot Microsoft-Windows-Eventlog quot Guid quot fc ddd -d ef- - d - e cfe ce quot gt lt EventID gt lt EventID gt lt Version gt lt Version gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Opcode gt lt Opcode gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Correlation gt lt Execution ProcessID quot quot ThreadID quot quot gt lt Channel gt Security lt Channel gt lt Computer gt Deadman-PC lt Computer gt lt Security gt lt System gt - lt UserData gt - lt AuditEventsDropped xmlns auto-ns quot http schemas microsoft com win events quot xmlns quot http manifests microsoft com win ndows eventlog quot gt lt Reason gt lt Reason gt lt AuditEventsDropped gt lt UserData gt lt Event gt I was also getting this as warning in event viewer Broadcom x Integrated Controller The network link is down Check to make sure the network cable is properly connected --- And I decided to disable it in device manager - lt Event xmlns quot http schemas microsoft com win events event quot gt - lt System gt lt Provider Name quot bcm amd quot gt lt EventID Qualifiers quot quot gt lt EventID gt lt Level gt lt Level gt lt Task gt lt Task gt lt Keywords gt x lt Keywords gt lt TimeCreated SystemTime quot - - T Z quot gt lt EventRecordID gt lt EventRecordID gt lt Channel gt System lt Channel gt lt Computer gt Deadman-PC lt Computer gt lt Security gt lt System gt - lt EventData gt lt Data gt Device NDMP lt Data gt lt Data gt Broadcom x Integrated Controller lt Data gt lt Binary gt lt Binary gt lt EventData gt lt Event gt

A:Windows 7 - Multiple errors/BSODs/Black screen

It looks like you have a driver issue. Are you using native Win 7 drivers? I would suggest that you remove any non native drivers. Run a Windows update and see if it finds any drivers.
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I am having exactly the same problem within one day with two different Win Dell Inspirons in two different buildings - both less than months old Booted up got quot Starting Windows quot screen screen goes black mouse cursor is there and moves but nothing works Will not boot in safe mode Windows repair says Screen Black on Win7 multiple on computers bootup that it can t find anything wrong Got one brief flash message that there was something possibly wrong with a plug and play device driver but could never duplicate it to see it long enough to read it all Dell and Windows System diagnostics all passed Virus scans were clean I was able to fix one using an old system restore point from a month ago The other is a mystery I only get restore points and none work Makes no sense as this is the slightly older of the two computers I had a huge list of restore points on the other System restore was not switched off by me Went on with Linux and pulled off the files I need Fedora Live will mount a Dell Windows drive - no permission issues I have some software though that I can t really replace Was this a bad update mmmmmmmm or is there something else out there Looking for some direction to avoid the reload and to prevent in the future
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my accelerator is set to zero. I am using Gadwin print screen to capture streaming video.

it works for all other screen cap apps, but I get a black screen for video.

Any suggestions???

A:(Resolved) Black screen doing video screen captures..

Aha!! I set my accelerator in WMP to zero and that fixed it
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so i was getting BSOD s once in awhile on my new comp specs below took some tinkering but found out my bios had incorrectly set the timings and voltage wrong for my ram all week now get won't screen old is post black 1 multiple i build, BSODs, it had it at - - - V and mhz but my ram is rated at - - - V and mhz i manually configured the settings in bios 1 week old build, multiple BSODs, now won't post all i get is black screen to the specified ratings and it has been working fine for the past couple days today i got another BSOD while playing CS Source but after i restarted i cant get anything to show on the screen anymore i power it on and the monitor stays at a black screen and i cant get to bios or anything but all my fans power on im posting from my laptop btw i tried removing the ram and using one stick at a time in different slots and that didnt work i also tried removing my GT and plugging my monitor cord into my onboard video port from my mobo and that still didnt work right now im trying to reset my CMOS i took out the battery and unplugged the power and am gonna wait like mins plug it back in and see what happens any help would be much appreciated AMD BE ghz Gigabyte MA G-DS HP x gb G Skill BFG Geforce GTOCX mb gb Seagate SATA LG x DVDRW Raidmax Smilodon case w w PSU A on v line nbsp

A:1 week old build, multiple BSODs, now won't post all i get is black screen
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Computer is a Dell Dimension E It was blue screening and running very slowly Now it starts and shows the Windows in - after multiple Logo [Trj] black Win:32Patched-ck files screen WinXp Logo then the screen goes black with just a cursor The mouse cursor moves and the keyboard responds but Windows Win:32Patched-ck [Trj] in multiple files - black screen after WinXp Logo does not continue to load the desktop Ran Malwarebytes and it found items which were cleaned successfully Ran CCleaner which fixed multiple registry problems Ran it several times until no more problems were found AVG was installed but not functioning Removed AVG and attempted to reinstall it Just before the install finished it would report an error and install failed to complete Ran MSConfig and rebooted and somehow managed to get AVG installed but none of the components would work and scan would not run Uninstalled AVG and installed Avast Avast Boot scanner reported Win Patched-ck Trj in multiple files that were unable to be repaired moved or delted These look like main XP files and i m afraid if deleted would probably render the Win:32Patched-ck [Trj] in multiple files - black screen after WinXp Logo install of XP useless anyway Now the computer is running but very slowly Win:32Patched-ck [Trj] in multiple files - black screen after WinXp Logo Also it sometime boots to the black screen with moble cursor and must be hard reset Selecting the last version which worked option has so far allowed access back into Windows to the desktop I d format the thing and start from scrtach but do not want to reinstall everything that is on it HJT and Avast Warning log files follow I was going to attach the Avast Antirootkit log file but it made this post exceed the limit Zero items were found in each catagory listed at the end of the file Anything else that might be needed please let me know HJT log file Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast aswUpdSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashServ exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C PROGRA ALWILS Avast ashDisp exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Intel Intel Matrix Storage Manager Iaantmon exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashMaiSv exe C Program Files Alwil Software Avast ashWebSv exe C WINDOWS system wuauclt exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http g msn ca SEENCA SAOS FORM TOOLBR O - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO Windows Live Toolbar Helper - BDBD DAD-C - A -ADC - B B FF D - C Program Files Windows Live Toolbar msntb dll O - Toolbar Windows Live Toolbar - BDAD DAD-C - A -ADC - B B FF D - C Program Files Windows Live Toolbar msntb dll O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run avast C PROGRA ALWILS Avast ashDisp exe O - HKCU Run ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe O - Extra button no name - DFB A - F - C -A - CAB FD A - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - Extra Tools menuitem Spybot - Search amp Destroy Configuration - DFB A - F - C -A - CAB FD A - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - Options group java sun Java Sun O - DPF B -A CF- C - F- CFC A Trend Micro ActiveX Scan Agent - http housecall trendmicro com housecall applet html native x win activex hcImpl cab O - SSODL sPvDdA - E A F - -BC E- EE-BC BDE E C - C WINDOWS system iro dll file missing O - Service Ap... Read more

A:Win:32Patched-ck [Trj] in multiple files - black screen after WinXp Logo

FYI Many different scanners were tried but nothing was able to remove the Trojan.
The five infected files were system files which not cleanable with Windows running and deleting them would have rendered the O/S unusable.


It seems the problem is now fixed. The original drive was swapped for a new hard drive and Windows was reinstalled with all updates. The clean versions of the 5 infected files were copied to a USB drive. Using external drive adapters on a second computer the infected files were deleted from the original drive and the clean versions were copied into the folders in their place. The original - formerly infected drive now with the clean files substituted - was replaced in the original computer. Avast found the infections in a system restore archive and that was deleted. On reboot the original drive tested clean and all the installed applications seem to run fine.

If anyone could confirm this is a safe way to deal with this problem or suggest any tests to confirm the system is clean it would be welcome.
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I convert video files to AVI and store on a ext HDD to playback through a USB connection on a home theatre system. After about an hour or so the video will freeze for a second or so then continue, this will continue a few times until the movie finishes.
I have also put a movie on a USB stick and the same thing happens so the only thing common to both is the home theatre.
Could it be that the information that is being supplied is too much or too fast for the theatre system and it can't keep up so it freezes?

Hope someone can help


A:video playback freezes on usb playback

If it were that the hardware "couldn't keep up", I would expect it to happen more every so many seconds or minutes. It is generally more noticeable and occurs soon after starting playback and is fairly consistent during the entire playback.

You could experiment with file types or encoding options to see if you can isolate the problem. AutoGK has a "standalone player" option.
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For awhile now much of my video has had sound but a black screen. I do not have this problem with quicktime that appears on the web page itself. It seems to appear most when I am forced to download first and then when it opens up my media player it's sound with a black screen.

I have tried downloading the newest klite codec pack to no avail (yes I deleted the old pack). I have tried using different media players, still no help. I'm not sure what to do anymore. Please help!

A:Black screen for most video

Have you tried completely uninstalling and reinstalling, thats if you were just reinstalling over the top of the previous install.
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Last week my wife was messing around with my computer and hooking it up to our other monitor, during this process you have to turn the resolution down. So all was fine until the following morning, i turned it on and all i got was a black screen. I can see nothing from the moment i press the power button although i can hear when it logs into windows.

From what i can tell she set the display at 600x400 or something to that nature, i've replaced the monitor lead, tried it on a plasma and three different monitors which all have the same outcome. All connections have been checked and at this point the only thing i can come up with is replacing the video card

Grateful if anyone has help or ideas.

A:Black Screen, bad video card?

what vid card do you have, does it have more than one input Ie one VGA and one DVI or two DVi etc if so try the other one and see if it works, if not then do you have a spare vid card you can try.
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I m pretty much at my screen/crashing Video black wits end My computer Video black screen/crashing keeps crashing randomly when I m playing video games and occasionally while watching movies or ripping What happens is I m in the middle of a game and my screen flickers to all black the monitor gets a orange light indicating that the computer has stopped sending a signal Video black screen/crashing and yet my computer fans and harddrives i believe are still running I then have to power off by holding the button down for seconds because it won t restart with the reset button Heres my specs to help Windows sp AMD T-bird MSI K T Turbo MS- pc ram Geforce forget model Desktar gig HD WD gig HD Sound blaster Live value Cdrom HP Cd writer I replaced the power supply with a new one watts same as original and I ve replaced my geforce with a geforce and I quot ve gotten the same results I really want to know if theres some way I can test what exactly happens like failing components when my system is crashing I ve looked into the system monitor but can anyone give me some counters to put in a log to help me rule out what could be going wrong From what people tell me it SHOULD be powersupply or video card but I ve also heard frying an agp slot or maybe my proc or my mobo is just going bad Can any of those last three be legit reasons for this to happen Do i need more than watts and thats why this is happening I do know my cpu gets to about celsius when it crashes and my old geforce got super hot so could it be viable that my agp slot is just fried I guess the most important question is can teh performance monitor help me solve this and or is there anyway to know for sure whats wrong THanks for listening to my rant nbsp

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Hi, all,

This just started a couple of days ago. WMP 11 will no longer play DVD movies - I get audio, but a black screen. I'm running XP SP3. I tried rolling back to WMP 10, but no change, so I reinstalled WMP 11, still no joy. VLC Media Player plays the DVD's just fine, but I kind of prefer WMP's interface and would like to get it working again. I did a search here and a general Google search, but didn't come up with any solutions.

Any and all suggestions will be very welcome!


A:WMP 11 - DVD audio, no video (black screen)

Download All In 1 codec pack supports

DivX 6.0
XviD Codec 1.0.3
DivX, XviD - FFDShow 17.02.2005 Alpha
Subtitles G400 2.83
Subtitles DVobSub (Win9x, Win2k and WinXP) 2.23, 2.33
OGG Vorbis
AC3 1.01a RC5
Morgan Multimedia Stream Switcher 0.99

Codec Pack All-In-1
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When i try Black / screen Video Problems to put on a video it does matter what sort of file it is The video player just show a black screen but the audio works just fine I ve tried to install all sort of players codecs Drivers but i still cant make it work The graphic card is Geforce Gs There is one way i can get it work Video Problems / Black screen and it s when i press Ctrl alt del when it s playing the quot black screen quot then i close the player with much lagg If im lucky it works next time i open the file Video Problems / Black screen in the player otherwise computer restart or just Video Problems / Black screen same as before I know it works cause i did just reinstall windows the otherday and it did work fine for a while until i installed some programs then it didnt work again I did uninstall all programs and suddenly it did work again Then i did reboot my computer and it didnt work again i uninstalled all programs that i thought could be a problem but it still doesnt work If someone got any ideas what it is please tell Please help meee nbsp

A:Video Problems / Black screen

Any1 got a clue?
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Specs Asus Formula VI w UPDATED BIOS i k stock screen drivers with Black video w fan capable of cooling Venus GTX ti Black screen with video drivers SC g g ssd T storage w psu Windows pro Alrighty friends I ve been stumped After some epic DayZ with the friends as I have been for the passed week without issues my game crashed upon closing This is super super common with everyone It happens more than half the time to any given player However this time my screen went black So I restarted and noticed my bios wasn t at the correct resolution Sure looked like x and the windows logo and spin circles were awfully fuzzy The next screen that would appear would be the welcoming windows log in screen However I get no signal black screen I tend to use Geforce Experience to install drivers I can boot in safe mode and picture is fine as fine as it can be in safe mode I uninstalled ALL nvidia drivers and ALL intel drivers manually and with DDU I ve also disabled windows auto updater so it doesn t try and install that stupid driver it likes by itself which also causes people issues Upon re-installation the screen goes black -ish the way through on the slow moving loading bar I tend to use Geforce Experience to install drivers I m really at a loss here Any ideas Please note The only cable I have at my disposal at the moment is an HD connector from the GPU DVI to my monitor HDMI On board video doesn t support this cable with my monitor thus I can only see through my graphics card even if seeing on-board video igpu it s through my card Thank you for any responses you brave souls I m pretty desperate nbsp

A:Black screen with video drivers

Post the exact pw supply you have installed. 850W does not tell us much; corsair hx 850W or whatever tells us a LOT more.

Next since you can access the bios/uefi, post your temps and voltages; specifically the cpu temp, system temp, 12V, 5V, and 3.3V values.

I would really really invest in a monitor cable for troubleshooting. A dvi cable is all of $8 @the egg;

It would help for diagnosis of your problem.
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I bought new computer, but problems dosent leave me.

I was watching video on youtube and all was fine. But suddenly when i pressed play button, screen went black and computer crashed. It stayd black and only reset helps.(freezed)

It happend with chrome and firefox.

I re-isntalled windows many times, I tried many things but no help.

Its random, sometimes i can watch many videos and no problem, but it appears at least once a week.(or more). Depends how much time i spend on youtube.

Please help me.

My system.

i5 2500k
Chieftec 600w
Sapphire HD6870
Corsair vegeance ddr3 4GB
MSI z68a-643
WD 320GB

I treid almoust all, but still the same. I have longer thread in another forum. There is much information.

Please help me. Wheres the problem may be?
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I upgraded my geforce fx 5500 graphics card,now when I play video games i get a partial black screen..and I cant get it out...I have read some of the treads but have not come across a solution. Any Help out there? will try any thing....and have tried upgrading everything I can, computer (all fans are working not) running hot etc.Help!!
operating system
XP Proffessial
Service Pack 2
1.80 GHz 1.00 GB ram
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Hi All,

I installed a new PCI video card into a dell PC. Safe Mode/VGA mode worked fine but when it goes into Windows, it goes through all the Windows logo until it comes to the Windows Blue Welcome Screen where the screen turns black. I installed the drivers through safe mode but can't figure out what causing this issue. Any Help??

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I just bought a Geforce 640mb 8800 gts video card. When i'm playing games every once in awhile, well pretty often, my screen will go blank and i have to turn my LCD screen off and then back on and the screen will come back on. I thought it might have been overheating at first but the temp stays between 70c and 76-78c. I also don't know why this would cause me to restart my monitor and it would work again. Anyone know anything about this?

A:Screen goes black with new video card

Your 172.4 deg F is too hot (I think). I run an 8800. I have a constant temp readout on my desktop. Mine will idle around 129F. When gaming I reach 152F tops. Get an exhaust fan below the GPU to get that heat away. If you run a program that will give you all of the hardware temps, maybe you can spot what's getting the hottest.
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When ever i play any sort of game, after a few mins, the screen turns off. The computer is still on but my monitor goes into sleep mode. It doesn't when watching video's or general use. It been happening for a long time I've tried many things to fix it but have had no luck, all my drivers are up to date. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Heres my specs
Intel Core2 6400 @ 2.13Ghz
3 gig ram
Windows 7 ultimate
ATI Radeon HD2600 XT

A:[SOLVED] Black screen/no video

I also have done a format re install of windows
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A little while ago I started to notice glitching on the screen of little divs flashing about on my browser. I just ignored it and now it is gone haywire.

This is what it does.

I also don't have Windows 7 installed. It was a custom build and I wasn't really thinking when it came to the OS so I bought the upgrade version. What is the cheapest way to activate, for lack of better understanding.


A:Glitching screen/multiple images (Video)

I have tried to reinstall Windows 8 but once the installation was finished it told me it could not complete the installation.
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ok so i have a Systemax Venture video install new to after trying Black screen card S J RTS PC with Mid-Tower ATX Chassis w W PS P M Pro Motherboard Intel Pentium Processor GHz FSB MB Cache and GB Ram and a W battery im trying to instal a Radeon HD AGP graphics card and i should have all the system requirements for it ive disabled the other Black screen after trying to install new video card display adapter VIA SG Unichrome Pro IGP in the device manager but when i put in the new graphics card and try to start up the computer the screen remains black on the moniter the computer sounds like its running fine and i can even hear the windows startup logo through the speakers its just the screen is black straight from startup When i take the graphics card out the computer runs normally and the moniter is no longer black i think what needs to be done is disabling enabling something in BIOS but the BIOS screen is confusing and so i havnt done anything with it i tried looking for some integrated graphics option thingy but couldnt find anything that even remotely looked like it and help nbsp

A:Black screen after trying to install new video card

ah nvm, solved it myself.

needed to put the moniter plug through the AGP video card instead of through the motherboard.
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I have a geforce 7900 GS, spec's are 2 gigs of ram, AMD 4600, VISTA 32 bit. It always worked, played oblivion and half life. Then I just stopped playing video games, and one day I came home...and my computer screen was pixelated, all overheated some how...when I wasn't even on the computer. Took the card out, let it cool down, put it back in, and it worked fine (didn't try any games). Then a few days later the same thing happened...but it DIDN'T work again. After trying to clean it, I put it back in...and I get a black screen when I boot up. I hear all the sounds, just no video. Is my card fried? Or is the connection just bad?

A:Video Card problems: black screen?

It could be your psu went bad. Or the card.
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I have a problem with my video card (gforce 7900GS). After about 5 to 10 minutes of idle my screen will go black and the fan on the video card will increase in speed. It dose not come back on until i flip the switch on the back of the power supply off and restart the computer. I checked the card temp with Ntune and it is at 50c right before it goes out. This card is about 5 months old and i have never had a problem before. Also, i am not overclocking and all drivers and software are up to date. Has anyone heard of an issue such as this?

A:screen goes black and fan on video card speeds up.

I have the exact same problem with a 7900GS. If I leave the computer on for a couple days it will almost always do it and once it does it will keep doing it every time I start up until I just leave it off for awhile. I don't believe it is a temperature issue because everything looks normal and I am not doing anything terribly taxing. I wish I knew of a way to fix this, but at least after reading this I am pretty certain that the problem is isolated to the video card so I might just replace it .
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I have a new i system with a fresh install of Windows x and a good old AMD graphics card I have been using AMD Crimson drivers for Win x No overclocking The system has worked flawlessly the last six weeks A couple of AMD installing Black video drivers when screen days ago I had Black screen when installing AMD video drivers my first crash when the PC locked up loading a game I rebooted the PC and the BIOS came up Black screen when installing AMD video drivers fine It started loading Windows then came a black screen just before login no cursor no light like there was no signal to the monitor Same problem upon successive reboots But the PC would reboot into safe mode fine After some Googling I began suspecting the AMD video drivers So I used Display Driver Uninstaller DDU in safe mode to remove all the AMD video drivers Windows then booted to the desktop and works great but only with basic Microsoft video drivers Whenever I try installing the AMD video card drivers I get the same black screen lockup no signal just at the point the new driver is taking over After that I cannot boot into Windows again without first going into safe mode and then using DDU to clean up Then it will boot to Windows I have tried installing Crimson and Catalyst drivers for Win x all with the black screen at the later stage of the attempted install Does anyone have an idea of what I could try next I don't have a similar graphics card I could test to rule out the hardware
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When i try to see a video on youtube, all i see is a black screen with no options, nothing.
This happens on Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, and IE.

So i'm almost sure this is not a browser problem, but a particular problem with youtube or something related. I've tried re-installing firefox and safari, but the same thing happens. I can see videos from other websites, the problem is only with youtube.

I'd really appreciate if someones post a reply on this thread.
Thank you in advance.
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Hello everyone!

I don't know much about computers but i'm an excellent learner!


I need some assistance with my computer. My computer would be running just fine, then beep once or twice and then freeze, Then it would run fine and just beep and turn off Now my computer will just show a black screen when i start it up. I don't know what kind of mother board I have or video card but my computer was running on windows 7 torrent so maybe that could of been the problem? please help
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I have tried everything I know of to install an ati radeon pci video card into my dell dimension I have disabled the on board video card in the device manager Also checked the bios setting which is auto Everything I try I get a black screen at boot up I have even put a new w power supply in thinking I didnt have enough power I can hear windows start but the screen remains black The video card is an ATI Radeon pci M My system is M Processor Black video when card installing screen M Pentium Prescott Black screen when installing video card Dt D N Keyboard Key UNITED STATES Silitek LC MIDNIGHT GRAY W Kit Mouse PERSONAL SYSTEM Button Wheel Logitech J Dual Inline Memory Module M X K D Kit Speaker V NMB A Ship In Box C Modem V Data Fax Internal PC Interface Dell Americas Organization N Hard Drive G I K G P HITACHI M Assembly Black screen when installing video card Floppy Drive T Kit Software WP-PRDCT-STE English V H Kit Software Overpack WXPHSP Compact Diskette W Documentation English D Assembly Compact Disk Read Write X Half Height Hitachi LG Data Storage CHASSIS D Assembly Compact Disk Read Write X Half Height Hitachi LG Data Storage CHASSIS D Display Flat Panel Display Dual Voltage E fpf DELL AMERICAS ORGANIZATION Flat Pannel In Box Does anyone have any ideas is the card even compatible nbsp

A:Black screen when installing video card

The PCI video card may just be bad
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As the title says I have this problem where when I play a video game mostly any video game for some time It might Games after Video playing screen Black be to a short minute to a long hour my computer Black screen after playing Video Games freezes and I get a black screen When I push restart the black screen Black screen after playing Video Games is still there so I have to push on quot Shut down quot I think Black screen after playing Video Games this is called a hard reset I've been searching for help about this issue but it is completely futile I've tried this thread in this same forum Random Black screens and freezing with nVIDIA GTX I'll have to say the story about this I've never had this problem before until I got this new now kind of old year old computer The old computer had an old motherboard that I don't even know which it was but I'm sure it was ASUS' too It also had an Intel Q The rest were the same as today such as the Nvidia GTX Also I have a different Power Box the old one had w and this one has w or w not sure if I need to be sure just tell The first time I experienced this problem was on a video game Yes this only happens on video games I can't recall which video game it was first probably quot Heroes of Might amp Magic V quot or quot The Elder Scrolls Oblivion quot Since then I thought it was my videocard's problem mostly the driver I tried using different drivers doing clean er installs and so on then I thought I fixed it but I realized I didn't Right now this problem is kind of quot low quot but it happens on my favourite games It happens on Warcraft III and its expansion The Frozen Throne as well as Age of Mythology For those that know it and to be A LOT more specific WC got the screen first when I saw the cinematic for Arthas talking about how he didn't visit that Elven city for a long time since he was a boy Afterwards doing something with Nvidia config I somehow fixed the black screen problem but I know I didn't For the Frozen Throne while playing Rexxar's campaign I get the black screen at very random intervals For Age of Mythology it crashed at that part where Ajax gets attacked by Trojan cavalry right when I saved him and started building the base Then it kept getting black screens out of nowhere I had quot Hardware Sound Acceleration quot on I disabled it but I'm not too sure if that fixed it or not Actually it didn't at all Now I have a theory that perhaps all these black screens are because of my faulty sound card but I don't think I have a sound card probably just the Motherboard one It is Realtek's As I said before on that other thread I tried removing Realtek too but no results at all On another note I also have that quot Nvidia Driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered quot problem crash luckily this problem has stopped By the way I'd rather have this problem than the Black Screen one I'm sure you'd know why if you ever suffered both Not saying that I wish I had both problems So here I am struggling to fix this problem already I'll do anything to fix it but I am also hoping I won't get any MORE problems If more information is needed I will provide it Are there any more ideas for this P S I put this thread on quot General discussion quot because I am unsure which problem it is either driver's graphics card hardware sound card device and so on

A:Black screen after playing Video Games

i would check the the temperatures of the GPU with msi afterburner and see what it idles at and see what it loads at when gaming your card might over heating or it might just be failing. also you might want to reseat your RAM and GPU and in your bios disable onboard audio to see if it fixes your issue. Check your even logs in windows and see if any odd errors come up. Finally use speccy > Speccy - Download and publish your report by going to file/publish snapshot like below then link us to your snapshot so we can see if anything looks odd.
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Hello Hopefully someone could help me out with this I Black card video screen following replacement ve been pulling my hair out on a daily basis troubleshooting this issue The other day I was cleaning my room listening to Pandora on my PC From what I could remember Pandora was the only application I had open at the time All of a sudden my computer flips out and the song that was playing started skipping rapidly and my computer screen went blank Since I couldnt see the screen I had to do a hard reboot I restarted my system and it came back up asking me to Black screen following video card replacement start normally or in safe mode I started normally thinking it wasnt as bad as it really is It came to the log in screen and I entered my credentials The system came up but only one of two monitors I have dual monitors set up one Dell Monitor and one LCD TV turned on Then about minutes later it did the same thing the screen went black and I was not able to do anything at Black screen following video card replacement that time I restarted my system again and this time I started in safe mode minutes later same thing I opened my computer to clean it out and noticed how dusty it was in there I aired out all the dust I looked at the fan on my video card and it looked really dusty like the fan was too dusty to even move I took the video card out and noticed that some of the cylinoides on it were popped like it got too hot So I figured that the video card was done I went out and purchased another one a GeForce GTS GB BIT DDR PCI Expressx I installed it and now I cant even get the system to boot up All the fans go on there is still an amber light coming from my motherboard like it always has But I get a black screen nothing comes up at all I dont even know if my motherboard recognizes the new card because my monitor wont even pick up a signal when I turn on the PC the light on the monitor stays amber like their is no communication to the video card I m thinking the PC doesnt recognize the new card because I havent installed the new drivers for it yet But since I cant see the screen I cant even install the drivers The worst thing is that I DO NOT have an on-board monitor hook up to my motherboard My motherboard is an MSI P N SLI Platinum I tried pulling the card out and putting the old one back in to see if maybe I could get one more life out of it just so I could go in long enough to install the new drivers But my PC did the same thing as when I put the new card in The weird thing is that the fan that is on the card turns on the new one and the old one but there is still no connectivity going to my monitor screen is still black I dont know what to do next anyone have any suggestions I would really appreciate it Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Black screen following video card replacement

Does the problem also exist in SAFE MODE?
We really need to know brand and model of computer, or configuration, and age of components to start making many suggestions.

I would want to remove every component possible, and be running some simple stuff... keeping very good notes of what attempts you have made.
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Well first off I have windows 7 3 gigs of ram dual core amd processor and a 8900gtx+ i have 32 bit windows and ths is my problem.

This only happens when I (think) my video card is used more often.

Sometiems when i run 3 clients of this game i play called dekaron which is not hard to run i can run like 5 b4 it slows down. anyway every once in a while one of the clients will bug out causing my (entire) screen to flash and stuff dissapears then if i close the game (the bugging client) it stops. even tho i have it windows my background desktop bugs too anyway. one time i let it go on and do what it was doing and i love video signal to my monitor and then it came back and crashed the game itself. Im not sure wuts going on but it would be nice for some advice.

A:Video Problem (Screen Flash / Black)

Are you over clocking any?
Check you graphic temps as the card may be over heating?
Check your P/S and make sure that you have a good steady power stream.
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While running vista i shut down my pc hooked up extra internal hard drive and was having Specs Screen With Black Video Card problems booting So I disconnected extra hd and tried to boot like normal and I got a black screen with my video card specs at the top left corner After trial and error unplugging my video card trying to boot with the original svga hookup that came with the Dell still Black Screen With Video Card Specs no luck Most of the time it won t even go into BIOS and when it does I get some weird fonts like a over the top of the screen I ordered a new video card replaced the old one hooked up everything and tried to boot and I get the black screen with my new video card specs at the top reading quot RV LE Black Screen With Video Card Specs DDR BIOS E M VDVO quot So I m guessing it is not my video card now Any suggestions Everything was Black Screen With Video Card Specs running perfectly fine until I got the bright idea of hooking up another internal HD that didn t work Thanks for the help Wayne nbsp

A:Black Screen With Video Card Specs

I got it to boot off the Vista CD to reinstall drivers and i got a blue screen after the drivers loaded. The blue screen error was "The driver is mismanaging system PTEs". Any ideas anyone?
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So I am having a problem with my computer when I play some of my games after a short time playing goes black when Screen games video the screen Screen goes black when playing video games goes black and I can hear the sound looping My guess is after doing some research brings it down to one of two things Graphics card is over heating or My power supply is not good enough for my computer I think it is cause I downloaded CPUID HWMonitor and it is running between C and C depending on the game I did update all of my drives Also tried using eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite I would post a link Screen goes black when playing video games but I do not have over posts gt lt to check the wattage I Screen goes black when playing video games would need and it says W but I am not sure I am doing it right If I am missing anything please let me know and I will fill in any gaps So in the end I am looking for some opinion help My specs for my computer are GIGABYTE GA-Z A-D H-B LGA Intel Z Intel Core i k Sandy Bridge GB ram x GB GTX Ti W Power supply Running Windows bit Antec Lanboy air Blue Black Blue ATX Mid Tower Computer Modular Case Thank you for any help on this matter nbsp

A:Screen goes black when playing video games

Try this link and tell us if you are getting the same results:
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Windows 10 Update resulted in black screen. In Safe Mode was able to disable Intel HD Graphics Driver and then able to boot to Windows. However must leave Intel HD Graphics Driver off so unable to extend display to other monitor or to overhead project. Current Intel Driver is 2006 version and unable to upgrade to current driver using sp74635 or sp72165. Please advise what driver can be installed to fix this issue.

A:Video Driver Causes Black Screen Unless Disabled.....Cannot ...

When requesting assistance, please provide the complete model name and product number (p/n) of the HP computer in question. HP/Compaq makes thousands of models of computers. Without this information it may be difficult or impossible to assist you in resolving your issue. The above requested information can be found on the bottom of your computer, inside the battery compartment or on the startup BIOS screen. Please see How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number? for more assistance locating this information. DO NOT include your serial number.  If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Please click the White KUDOS "Thumbs Up" to show your appreciation
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So, a few months ago, I got a new video card (9800gt GeForce) and I had to do the regular stuff, uninstall onboard card, set bios to boot PCI-E... But today I turned my computer on and the screen was black. So I plugged the monitor cable into the onboard slot, and it worked...? So I checked bios, and it still said PCI-E, and I downloaded drivers for the 9800, but it still doesn't work. I don't get what happened, so please help!
PS: I have Vista.

A:Black screen. Video card not working?

The integrated unit shouldn't even work with the dedicated adapter installed, so there is likely something wrong with the card itself. It's not a driver conflict, because the graphics card should operate without drivers. Try reseating the card in the PCIe slot and connecting the monitor back to the card, or the other port. If it still doesn't work, make sure you have the power dongle connected properly and that your power supply is working normally (you can check in BIOS to read the voltage ratings).
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I was having problems with WMC so read an online thread to delete all files from

Now (whether related or not) I cannot play any video in windows. In WMC all playback is on a black screen and the mouse pointer has gone. On Kodi the sound starts for a few seconds on a video then the whole program crashes. However strangely video plays fine from WMP?!

I have tried reinstalling Windows whilst keeping my personal files. However the problem remains. I've tried reinstalling graphics drivers and catalyst manager but no joy. I tried a system restore but all restore points come back with error messages. I tried a system refresh but even though I have the genuine original discs it says they are not valid... HELP!
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Every time I visit youtube in firefox and try to watch a video it just has a black box where the screen should be. This problem goes away if I open an incognito browser but I'd rather not have to do that every time I want to watch a video.

I've tried chrome and IE8 but they have the same problem

I've re-installed adobe and firefox

I've disabled the hardware acceleration with the newest version of flash player

Nothing seems to be working though.

Any ideas?

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ok here is my Specs Pentium Mhz MB SDRAM OnBoard S Inc Trio V video card plenty of hard drive space Windows B OSR i bought a AOpen MB nVIDIA TNT M PCI Video Card i disable the old onboard black goes video .... card screen problem? video card i install the new card correctly everything is ok it restarts to finalize settings it brings up the quot Windows Is Not Starting quot with the cursor below it blinking and video card problem? screen goes black .... normally the windows message goes away with the cursor still there and then the mouse arrow is in the center with my dark background i use no wallpaper but this time after installing it it goes to the windows message screen then it goes away with the cursor still blinking then all of a sudden the screen goes totally black the green light is still on saying its still connected to the video card but nothing happens just black blank screen hard drive stops to even do anything whats wrong is it because maybe my hardware cant handle it according to where i bought it win can take it but online site doesnt list hardware requirements is it because hardware it cant handle it i boot into safe mode and it lists the card actually it lists cards it has the nVIDIA display adapter listed and quot Standard PCI Graphics Adapter VGA quot which was first installed when i first inserted the card instructions had me insert the card have windows load drivers for it then run CD to install the new card nbsp

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Hi I just started getting in to the technical aspect of computers and I look forward to being an active member And Shut (Black Reboot After Video Down No Screen) in these forums Anywho No Video After Shut Down And Reboot (Black Screen) here is my problem Whenever I shut down my computer and turn it back on I always get no video a k a black screen To fix this problem I have to unplug the power supply cord and the DVI adapter and plug them back in This works literally every time Is it a problem with the integrated graphics on the motherboard maybe IDK I m just throwing thoughts around This problem starting happening ever since I put a new Nvidia GS AGP video card in to replace my FX AGP My computer specs Dell Dimension Windows XP SP Gb Ram Pentium Ghz Any help would be much appreciated If you No Video After Shut Down And Reboot (Black Screen) need any other computer specs let me know and I ll be happy to provide p s this problem never occurs on a restart just on power up from shutdown

A:No Video After Shut Down And Reboot (Black Screen)

Hi .Have you tried running the fixmbr command from the Recovery Console?Black Screen (fixmbr) -;en-us;314503 Personally...I've not known of an O/S or software problem...that could be overcome by disconnecting/connecting power to the system or a device.I would try reseating the video card and checking the slot to ensure that there is nothing interfering with card contacts.Louis
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Hi guys
looks like youtube has a new update anyway all videos play with audio but with black screen was working fine this is only happening on firefox works fine on Internet Explorer

A:Black Screen When Playing Any Video On Youtube ?

Usually this is happening to Internet explorer

But possibly this will work for Firefox,
Right click the video' black screen and click on Settings,
Drag the slider to the right,
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I ll start by listing my system specs Processor AMD Phenom II x T processor black edition ghz OC to ghz Motherboard MSI FXA-GD MS- Military grade Memory GB DDR PNY RAM PC - GPU At the time Nividia TI GPU Now Nividia GTX HDD GB Seagate RPM PSU Thermaltake Watt Certified Case Mid tower cyberpower case screen signal video crash no Black mm fans For me it started with skyrim every once in a while I would go to black screen no video signal and then I would have to do a hard reset on my PSU At the time no other game had caused this issue for me and I thought it was localized to skyrim Unfortunately over time I started experiencing the black screen crash on other games randomly So I ran the following tests Prime I ran this for over hr and Black screen crash no video signal was unable to reproduce the black screen error Also all tests were passed FurMark I ran this to test my GPU and push it I ran this for over hr at x max AA no errors and no artifacts again it passed with out reproducing the black screen error WindowsMem test According to this all ram passed no errors Speedfan HDD test I ran this to check the health of my HDD and no errors were reported all values normal I also updated all drivers for GPU Motherboard processor My first thought was that the GPU was the main issue so I returned it and recently purchased a GTX After installing the new card and playing a few games the black screen crash occurred again which again seems to happen randomly It also happens during times when the GPU itself is not being pushed This has lead me to believe it Black screen crash no video signal is not the GPU causing this Today I will be testing my PSU for power Black screen crash no video signal dips and other issues If I find anything I will report it Also I do not feel this is an overheat issue because the crash does not seem characteristic of one nbsp

A:Black screen crash no video signal

Yes, I would change the power supply
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hi newbie here i need help on my pc my year old messed up the pc by randomly pressing on the keyboard sometimes so i don t know how things happened our taskbar and programs i open do not appear on the desktop but on a quot secondary monitor quot i was able to prove this by making a printscreen and it shows that everything i open shows on a secondary screen to the right btw i use windows ultimate i read somewhere that if you select monitor on display settings you ll be able to see what s on monitor so i did then everything just went to a black screen upon reboot mouse moving but just black i run in safemode ok but not in normal mode i disable my nvidia geforce and it works in normal mode but screen resolution stuck at a lousy x i can t afford a nd video screen enabled Black card with monitor right now and i don t have an adaptor to use PLEASE Black screen with video card enabled HELP newbie skills nbsp

A:Black screen with video card enabled

1. Click start
2. In the text box type screen resolution and press enter
3. In the box that opens up,
4. Click detect display, and it should then tell you another one isnt present.
5. Click identify to identify your display number, and then check
6. Display lists the display number for your monitor that you just saw (e.g. 1 or 2).
7. Select apply, and it should sort itself out.
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I bought new computer, but problems dosent leave me.

I was watching video on youtube and all was fine. But suddenly when i pressed play button, screen went black and computer crashed. It stayd black and only reset helps.

I re-isntalled windows many times, I tried many things but no help.

Its random, sometimes i can watch many videos and no problem, but it appears at least once a week.(or more). Depends how much time i spend on youtube.

Please help me.

My system.

i5 2500k
Chieftec 600w
Sapphire HD6870
Corsair vegeance ddr3 4GB
MSI z68a-643
WD 320GB

A:BSOD or black screen during youtube video

"It's not a true crash, in the sense that the bluescreen was initiated only because the combination of video driver and video hardware was being unresponsive, and not because of any synchronous processing exception".

Since Vista, the "Timeout Detection and Recovery" (TDR) components of the OS video subsystem have been capable of doing some truly impressive things to try to recover from issues which would have caused earlier OSs like XP to crash.

As a last resort, the TDR subsystem sends the video driver a "please restart yourself now!" command and waits a few seconds.

If there's no response, the OS concludes that the video driver/hardware combo has truly collapsed in a heap, and it fires off that stop 0x116 BSOD.

If playing with video driver versions hasn't helped, make sure the box is not overheating.

Try removing a side panel and aiming a big mains fan straight at the motherboard and GPU.

Run it like that for a few hours or days - long enough to ascertain whether cooler temperatures make a difference.

If so, it might be as simple as dust buildup and subsequently inadequate cooling.

I would download cpu-z and gpu-z (both free) and keep an eye on the video temps Let us know if you need help

STOP 0x116: VIDEO_TDR_ERROR troubleshooting
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i bought a new video card pci express mb to replace my pci express mb i turned off comp and opened it up and took out old video card it was a little hard like it was stuck or soemthing but nothing was ripped or damaged while taking it out i put the new one in and my screen was black tried the old one black screen Solved: new video card again black screen Computer Solved: new video card black screen is not booting up i do hear the startup sound and beep my keyboard has no power no lights on caps i checked to see if there is any bent wires inside slot but there wasnt i checked the seating of the video card many times and checked seating of memory my processor i beleive is right under my power supply next to my video card maybe i hit that on removal i dont know blew out dust turned monitor off and on still black its not picking up and signal from old or new videocard nbsp

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Hi Ive just built my first PC and I m trying to install a new graphics card The motherboard I have is a Gigabyte AMD G GA- GM-UD H with a built in graphics card which works perfectly fine when I load it up However I plan to use my PC for some gaming so I decided to buy a XFX Radeon GB Graphics Card The trouble is when I fit this into my PCI-e slot and go to turn on my PC the screen stays black I see absolutely nothing and there is no signal to my monitor Everything powers up and all the fans start working including the one on the graphics card Ive changed the BIOS so it boots video from the PCI over the on board graphics as well I ve tried researching online all I can but to no avail Like I said this is my first build so I m fairly new new screen Black card when video installing to all this and I have no idea what else I can do I d be extremely grateful to anyone who could help me with this I Black screen when installing new video card m pulling my hair out trying to get it working Might my graphics card Black screen when installing new video card be faulty nbsp

A:Black screen when installing new video card

Hi, i think is just some power issue to the card, or fine you may have changed to pci, but would suggest that you put it into AUTO mode so that the system can select the default display of its own, the other would be to make sure that the card is working fine, is it tested to meet standards or it those fake chinese cards, i would try it in another computer to be sure that its not bad.
Try all you can think off...
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I just installed my new video card without installing the new drivers OR disabling the onboard memory. Knowing that I screwed up my computer boots fine but I do not get a connection to my monitor. I tried removing the video card and using the onboard with no result. Need help... I am currently using my iPad to find solutions...

A:New video card install.. black screen?

I would first go into your motherboards BIOS and check and see if any video options are selected. Like, use only (onboard video), or use a (video card) only, or see if things are set to just (automatic detect). I'm having a funny little feeling that somewhere during this process, your systems BIOS has got haywire. If things are set in your BIOS as they should be I would recommend re-setting the BIOS, mainly done by a special CMOS jumper located on the motherboard. If you not know what I am talking about, please supply your motherboards make & model and we will see if we can guide you through the process.
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Well, after much fiddling and a heap of help from here I finally got Vista installed on my PC.
Unfortunately, one of the same problems persists that caused my kids to trash the original hard drives. The monitor turns black and goes to sleep but the content still runs (including audio) there is no way to wake the monitor other than pressing the button to shut it down.
I am probably missing a driver, especially now since I don't have everything updated. But I think it's odd that this is happening again. Is it Vista or could it be Vista and my video card not getting along?

A:Black Screen but sound/video still work

You can disable sleep mode. Updating the video driver may help.
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Hi all. I recently installed Skype on Win 8 and my video shows a black screen (internal webcam used). However in Win 7 my Skype video shows whole environment clearly (no black screen). I am really puzzled Help would be much appreciated.

A:Skype video black screen on Wiin 8 but not 7

Which skype is it the metro one or the desktop version?
I have to say I am really disappointed with how skype is in metro. My camera used to work with skype metro but now it does not work. I would advise you to stick to the desktop version of skype.
There's also seems to be a lag between the metro app and the desktop version. Both apps do not seem to sync with each other.
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I connected my laptop with my Samsung UE32F5000AKXXU hdtv via s-video scart cable and I tried to share the screen with the tv than the tv screen became dark purple-black and I can't set it back or do anything, I can hear only sound from my tv, no picture.
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I've made numerous attempts to install a pci-e video card into my emachine computer with integrated video card. screen always black no matter where i plug monitor into. I cannot get into Bios when computer starts as a result as I cannot see screen. Please help.

A:Screen is black when i try to install video card

If you remove the video card, does the on-board video work once again. If so, be sure to disable the on-board video in the bios before the video card is installed
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Hi there Last night I was playing an online game and alt tab ed twice rapidly and my screen Black Card Monitor? Screen: or Video went black and stayed that way I m guessing it s either my screen or my video card that went bad but I don t have a spare computer or spare monitor lying around to test which one is broken I was hoping you could help me figure out which it is Stuff I tried reboot reconnect all plugs cables Black Screen: Video Card or Monitor? open up case check cables remove dust there was hardly any dust in my case Stuff that does happen When I switch on my computer everything sounds normal and I even get the windows startup shut down sounds so everything appears to be running except for the visuals Stuff that doesn t happen I m not getting any kind of no input message on my screen If the video card is bad should I be getting some kind of error message Why it might be the monitor that s bad When it broke my screen went darker for a second then all black and my monitor s power went off by itself it doesn t do that on a regular computer shut-down No error message see above Why it might be the video card Power lights on the monitor work normally orange power light with monitor on but computer off green power light with computer on I think I smelled a light burn-ish smell from the case when it broke but it was gone very quickly and I might have imagined it or smelled my toaster instead EDIT I have a flat screen monitor and a GPU from NVidia I can t look up the exact model now but it was high-end three years ago and has MB nbsp

A:Black Screen: Video Card or Monitor?

You are going to have to swap parts to find the problem. There really is no other way to find out what is causing the problem.

First and easiest would be to connect the monitor to another system to test.
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Hey guys I ve been searching recently and I found that thread My problem is kinda the same My video card GeForce GTX ti doesn t work It IS functioning its cooler with video screen The same black problem old the card is always on but it isn t showing any image just a black screen My motherboard yup I m brazilian Hope you guys understand what s on the page with the help of Google Translator or something like that is one of the poorest I ve ever seen I totally regret buying it in - but it was so cheap I have one more problem I haven t bought a real power supply yet I m with a nominal one W and NVidia tells me that the minimum requirement of W s is My question is Will I have to buy a new MB to get my video card running I m probably going to buy a whole new Desktop Computer already with GeForce Series if there s no saving to my actual MB nbsp

A:The same old problem with the black screen video card

UM you'll need a new quality power supply and have you moved the video cable to the new video card?
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So, I had no issues with my laptop (HP DV6119US) until I upgraded on the memory last night. This morning at startup, I get the power buttons and the laptop appears to be on, however, I have a black screen. I shutdown and restarted, pressed F10 and I get video. Currently running a Hard Disk Self Test, No issues.

OS: MS Windows XP w/2 Kingston 1 Gb DDR2 RAM modules.

Question: Can anybody tell me what's going on with my system? Laptop was running fine, perhaps I should remove and re-install memory modules?? Or, go back to "as issued" memory of 1 Gb total RAM?

Update: I see the HP "splash" at start-up, and quickly disappears, but nothing more than the follow-on black screen.

Thank you,

Centennial, CO

A:HP DV6000 - No video on start up, black screen

I would go back to the original configuration and see if it works again, most definitely
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i am running a COOLMAX CUQ- B W power supply which was thought to be the initial problem after two replacements the same outcome occurs i will be on the computer and at random times the screen will go black i am running two geforce gtx cards with a quadcore AMD Phenom processor and a ASUS M N -SLI motherboard coolmax suggested it was the asus mother board causing the short yet after a replacement of the power supply the computer will run fine for about a month i am also using a XCLIO A BK full case i read reports of the led s shorting out the system but i have them disconnected after i disconnected the lights the computer ran fine for about or weeks only to revert back to black screens i am at a lost on what to try and replace any suggestions on what could be causing the problem here is the spec list vista ultimate -bit XCLIO A BK case COOLMAX CUQ- B W ASUS M N -SLI motherboard x Geforce GTX SLI x mushkin GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR nbsp
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First of all, if this doesn't belong here, I'm sorry and please put it in the right place.

I have upgraded my laptop from Windows 7 to Windows 8 since a while but I didn't had the time to ask for help. So now here's my problem.

If I watch a video with Windows Media Player, then the video only has sound, the screen is black.
If I watch a video with the Video App from Windows 8, then it also only shows a black screen. (Audio works) After a few seconds the App crashes.
Also every App that has to do something with a video (like a YouTube App) keeps crashing.
With Internet Explorer (App and Desktop) before the same. (for example : Youtube) Now it seems to work, don't know why.

The only way to watch videos is using VLC.

So that's it. What can I do to solve my problem.

Thank you,

A:Windows 8 | Video (black screen), only sound

I think it is safe to say that the only Application that CAN view videos IS VLC. They removed DVD support from Windows Media Player and I have never been able to watch anything but DVDs from Media Center. The "Video" tile will not play anything but what content you buy from Xbox. I have found NO Tile/Metro app that CAN play any videos.

In WMP, if the video is Black, then the Video Codec is not installed for the Content you are trying to view. You can download the k lite codec pack, or something similar. But I don't like those cos sometimes they install Malware.

You can just keep using VLC which is what I use, it is a better Video Player for all codecs, and just about every codec is built in so you do not have to install these excess codec packs.
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I replaced my old video card with a XFX Geforce MX4000 PCI and the screen flashes to black every minute or so. I'm running WinME on a Compaq Presario 5011CL with an Athlon 1.2. I needed a larger power supply for the new card, so I upgraded the power supply before installing the card. Here's what else I've tried:

- Refresh rate. I've tried everything. "Adapter default," "Optimal," 75hz, you name it, it doesn't help.

- I tried the card in a different PCI slot. I moved it to the "first" slot, the one closest to the cpu. No difference.

- I've uninstalled the nvidia drivers and re-installed. No difference.

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Hello everyone, Im having a weird problem while watching movie (mkv file).
I see just a black screen, nothing more, no audio. and the file worked before
and had no problems whatsoever. whenever i try to skip to different movie parts
the scroll bar just hangs and jump to the start. and then i tried VLC player and it
worked but i still can skip to other parts of the movie. (lord of the rings 1080p)

Thank you so much :)
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Hi guys Yesterday while playing Pro evo soccer my screen filled up of pixels of different colors and froze When I rebooted the startup screen that shows how much memory my graphic card carries was filled [video problem] Screen card Black of quotation marks quot and parenthisis randomly then when the Loading windows XP window came up it was perfect no distortion but when the loading was over I had a blackscreen the only way to access window is by going into safe mode or VGA mode but iin VGA mode I have all the distortions colored pixels that fill up the screen I m sure it s a graphic card problem I have a BFG GT I tested the system with an old TI and it worked well my question is Is my graphic card going to garbage or is this a software or hardware problem that I can Fix When searching the forums I found this thread that seemed Black Screen [video card problem] identical to my problem http forums techguy org hardware -screen-dies-when-i-boot html highlight black screen He managed to fix it by rerooting the power cables I don t know what that means Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Black Screen [video card problem]

Good Evening roymajesty, your symptom is descriptive of a Videocard problem.
The reason the Safemode operates is due to it using a simple video mode.
Try knocking all your video settings back to defaults and reduce your screen size to something like 640 X 480.
That should allow the thing to operate.

Unpower the machine, remove the power plug from the PSU, remove the video card then carefully inspect it for free fan motion and sniff-check it.
If all is well carefully refit it, and repower the machine, check the fan for proper operation.

You could try obtaining a driver removal tool for your particular card, (card manufacturer's site) then remove the driver.
Obtain and properly install a new driver and check operation, if all is well try increasing your video settings to your normal area.

It is possible your driver may be corrupted or some kind of error.

If the problem persists it is likely your card may have a problem.

Others will have different ideas.

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Hello :) i have a problem in some games i have this issue i enter the game and start to play it but right after i hit start and it finished to load it gives me a black screen i can still here the sound but the screen is black and i have to restart my laptop. This is not happening in all games and i don't know why :( can you help me ? I have an AlienWare m11x r1
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My Dell LCD flat screen started saying "no video input" all of a sudden. It did that once or twice and then it just went to a black screen. I tried restarting and still nothing. When I restart the fan just blows really hard and the computer makes weird beeping noises. I plugged monitor in to another pc and it worked fine so it's not the monitor. Is it the graphics card? The computer seems to start up. Everything was working fine up to this point. Runs XP. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!



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Hi guys, I have a Dell E510 desktop comp. Its running a 3.2 Pentium D with 2 GB RAM, and it came with one of those wimpy ATI radeon X600 Video cards and I wanted to upgrade for better video game play. I went to dell and got one of there recommended cards. The new card I installed is a NEW nVidia GeForce 6800 PCI-E x16 256MB DVI VGA. I first deleted my old video drivers and carefully installed the new card and upon firing it up to install the new video drivers the screen is completely black. The video card's fan fires up and the monitor gets power just is completely black! Im not sure what to do, i've checked the connections of the video card and cables. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance, Chase.

A:New Video Card Installed, black screen now!

Just checking but did you uninstall the old graphics driver from the Add and Remove Programs or did you mistakenly try to uninstall through the Device Manager?
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After uninstalling and cleaning with the driver cleaner pro the drivers for my new ATI Sapphire HD 3650 AGP graphics card I restarted the PC only to get a black screen after the windows xp splash screen. I used the card for about a day, but had a problem with freezeing and decided to install older drivers. Now here's the problem. I can not boot in normal, safe, agp or any other mode. I tried it all a couple of time but still get the black screen. I have tried with the windows cd, and tried to repair, reinstall, format and reinstall my Windows xp but again with the same result. I have changed the card for my old one but still the same problem. Since everything was fine (except for freezing) for about a day I assume that it is not a hardware problem.
I would use some help right about now.
Thank you.

A:Black screen after video driver cleaning

i'm having a similar problem with windows vista, try removing the graphix card, doing a fresh run without it, then restarting with it in, should detect new hardwear and, may solve ur problem... maybe :\
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I had a missing or corrupted dll file and could Black Video Screen/No Loop Input/Reboot not bootup my system I thought that maybe it was an MBR issue I did a clean install since I had no rescue disk The install was fine except that at start-up it boots through to the WindowsXP splash screen and then my monitor shows a black screen and says quot No Video Input D-sub no signal quot A few minutes later the computer will restart itself and do the same thing all over again Sometimes it'll restart and at other times not I examined my video card and there may be three blown capacitors I'm not sure I have 'Spotmau Powersuite ' and have gotten into the system but cannot find any errors Since I am able to use my monitor with the 'Spotmau' disc is my video card really bad My system is fairly old and home built Motherboard Black Screen/No Video Input/Reboot Loop BioStar M VIG Socket A Supports AMD Athlon XP Sempron Duron Processors System Interface Speed MHX Chipset North Bridge VIA KM Pro VT A Chipset South Bridge VIA KM VT BIOs Date is I recently changed the battery and loaded reset to default in BIOs I saw that there is a BIOs update available but I am unable to get it because of a BIOs error x and my floppy drive will not work Do I really need this update I have never had any real problems with this system since I first built it and I'm stumped I'm using a NVIDIA e-Geforce MX MB DDR TV-Out PCI P N -P -NV video card If I have Black Screen/No Video Input/Reboot Loop to get another video card and can't find a replacement like the one I have what is the most compatable one that I could use instead How do I get out of the restart reboot loop Thanks for your help

A:Black Screen/No Video Input/Reboot Loop

If your boot disc boots the computer and you have video, then there probably isn't anything wrong with the video card.
Press F8 at bootup and get to the Advanced Boot menu and Last Known Good Configuration. If available, try VGA mode. Or Safe Mode with Networking and Update your Video Driver from the nVidia site.
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ASUS Z97-A with i5-4460 @ 3.2ghz. Win10 (latest Insider build). AMD R7-200 video card.
Unpredictably, my monitor goes black except for a brief message that there is no HDMI. Usually a cold boot is required to restart, then the system runs in a normal fashion.
The Event Viewer doesn't show any related events. System fans and power continue to run when the screen goes black. I presume it's the video card, but before I throw a couple of hundred dollars at the problem, I'd like to know how to check if it might be something else.
Also...what mid-range cards do you folks like for desktop and mid-range (non-twitch?) gaming? I play a lot of Witcher 3 for example-- and the video card performs adequately.
Thanks very much.

A:How to confirm that black screen originates due to my video card?

You could remove the card and see if the graphics work with the GPU from the processor.
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I recently upgraded from an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro to an x850 Pro, and problems started up from when I've first started trying to use it. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drivers, tried to fool around with it all...but to no avail. After installing the drivers off of the CD or the latest Catalyst/Omega drivers off of the internet, and restarting the computer...after loading XP it just goes to a black screen with a small gray line on against the white side of the monitor. I'm not quite certain what is causing this, or how to fix it...Help, pwease? >.>

The motherboard the card is in is an Asus P4S800.

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I am running a Dell Dimension with a Pentium GH processor G RAM on board Intel G GL GE PE GV video adapter and a Samsung T LED Display Operating system is Windows XP Pro This machine has started to show a black screen with no cursor upon pressing the power switch there Screen Black Video Solved: Boots, Computer is no bios display screen or Windows Solved: Computer Boots, Black Video Screen start screen It does boot if I enter the network password and I can hear the Windows start up theme play The machine will continue loading and then within about - minutes the display will start to flicker on and off After about or flickers the display will appear and the machine works as it should Sometimes the screen remains black If I turn the machine off via power switch I usually get Solved: Computer Boots, Black Video Screen the boot display and Windows startup logo and the display is ok Once I get a video signal it seems to work fine all day If I reboot the machine during the day it will do so without problem If I turn the machine off overnight it has the same black screen problem If I leave the machine on Solved: Computer Boots, Black Video Screen overnight I get the black screen problem I have disabled the screen saver and power saving options the machine is set not to hibernate nor are any hard drive or video power saving shut downs enabled I have updated the video driver for the graphics controller run virus checking and malware scanners to no avail Any suggestions would be appreciated nbsp

A:Solved: Computer Boots, Black Video Screen

Welcome to TSG---

Sounds like the machine clears POST and loads the display driver without issue---sounds like that to you, right?

If the computer's booting properly, and the display shows a fully loaded Windows desktop with no error messages when it finally shows up, I'm suspicious of the monitor.

Have you tried another monitor?
You can also turn off the monitor, disconnect it from the computer, leave it powered off overnight, then power it up in the morning when it's not connected to the computer. See if you get a self-test message--it might say "no signal", or show a coloured test pattern.

If you don't see the message right away, walk away for five minutes, come back and check again. Power it off and back on if you have to.
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I ordered a video card last month a Visiontek Radeon Video Card MB PCI w DVI TV-OUT from TigerDirect ca and attempted to install it into my Acer Windows desktop Seeing as I m a noob when it comes to working with my computer hardware I read the instructions manual help Problem Screen/Video Black Solved: Card forums and viewed tutorial videos online to make sure I did it correctly So after many failed attempts and nonstop quot No signal quot messages on my monitor I disabled the integrated graphics and even accessed BIOS I switched to my other Acer desktop also a Windows It worked on my other computer so Solved: Black Screen/Video Card Problem I proceeded to install the software on the CD that came with the video Solved: Black Screen/Video Card Problem card Partway through the installation I got an error message telling me to install a Standard VGA Driver However Windows by default had already installed it I Solved: Black Screen/Video Card Problem did research online to find out what to do and I tried different things such as accessing safe mode and installing the software in there but even though it said it installed successfully after I restarted the computer it wasn t installed I then realized my computer hadn t quot detected quot the video card so I tried to figure out how to do that Amongst the different things I tried during the entire process I accessed the BIOS in hopes of finding an answer there All things were unsuccessful I was getting very frustrated by this time and out of ideas so I uninstalled NOT disabled the Standard VGA graphics Stupid move The moment I rebooted the computer I got a black screen with the following text across it -YIR LH - N-HT R M B CRT TV-N CRT M EClick to expand The black screen is the only thing that comes up There s no BIOS or system startup info no Windows logo nothing And the computer automatically reboots after around to seconds and then goes back to the black screen I also accessed the BIOS sometime before the black screen incident but I can t for the life of me remember if I did anything So I m not entirely sure if my uninstallation of the standard graphics is the problem or if I did something wrong in BIOS I m hoping to find out if there s a way to fix this problem before I attempt to take the video card out I ve done enough damage and don t want to make another move without help Any thoughts or tips are greatly appreciated Wandering Alice Note Moved from Windows Server forum http forums techguy org windows-server -black-screen-video-card-problem html nbsp

A:Solved: Black Screen/Video Card Problem

I ended up hard resetting the CMOS using the jumper inside the computer. Once I hooked the computer back up, I was able to get into BIOS and I changed everything to default. Now it's working again
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i use xp pro and upgraded to media player 9. Now the problem is that while i'm playing a video file after sometime the screen goes BLACK.i stopped the video and played it again still the screen remains blank. This problem goes only after i start another video. this happens both in compact and fullscreen mode and for every video.
i observed that this thing happens on the later half of the video generally after 90%-95% of the video.Sometimes if i roll the mouse it goes but this does not solve the problem all the time. I stopped the screen saver to find that this is not the problem

please help as i liked this player and dont want to loose it

thank you

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I ll start by listing my system specs Processor AMD signal) Screen Black gaming (no video During Crash Phenom II x T processor black edition ghz OC to ghz Motherboard MSI FXA-GD MS- Military grade Memory GB Black Screen Crash (no video signal) During gaming DDR PNY RAM PC - GPU At the time Nividia TI GPU Now Nividia GTX HDD GB Seagate RPM PSU Thermaltake Watt Certified Case Mid tower cyberpower case mm fans For me it started with skyrim every once in a while I would go to black screen no video signal and then I would have to do a hard reset on my PSU At the time no other game had caused this issue for me and I thought it was localized to skyrim Unfortunately over time I started experiencing the black screen crash on other games randomly So I ran the following tests Prime I ran this for over hr and was unable to reproduce the black screen error Also all tests were passed FurMark I ran this to test my GPU and push it I ran this for over hr at x max AA no errors and no artifacts again it passed with out reproducing the black screen error WindowsMem test According to this all ram passed no errors Speedfan HDD test I ran this to check the health of my HDD and no errors were reported all values normal I also updated all drivers for GPU Motherboard processor My first thought was that the GPU was the main issue so I returned it and recently purchased a GTX After installing the new card and playing a few games the black screen crash occurred again which again seems to happen randomly It also happens during times when the GPU itself is not being pushed This has lead me to believe it is not the GPU causing this Today I will be testing my PSU for power dips and other issues If I find anything I will report it Also I do not feel this is an overheat issue because the crash does not seem characteristic of one nbsp

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Sorry to ask yet another question, but I'm trying to install a GeForce FX 5200 PCI video card. I have had the same problem before, but need would like to fix it permanently. After installing the drivers (updated for my pc from, too), a restart with the card in fails. Everything works well until the Windows XP splash screen disappears, at which point the screen goes black and the power light on the monitor turns from green to amber. What am I doing wrong?

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so long story short one time my pc just crashed totally froze I though there was nothing really wrong about that so I just restarted my pc and noticed that BIOS pic and windows logo lacks a few pixels and after windows boot logo there is no welcome screen or anything screen just flashes every few seconds and nothing happens Then I started windows in safe mode and it was perfect no missing pixels no artifacting nothing I thought what the deal is but couldn t figure it out so I just went and reinstalled windows it was alright no problems until after installing all drivers I restarted my pc and same thing - black blinking screen blinking black after installing drivers video screen after that I figured it out that my video drivers might be messing it up they were working before without problems so I uninstalled them and voila everything works Then I read a lot of threads on forums but couldn t anybody who has exact problem of mine but because booting is kinda messed up missing pixels from logos I thought I should try blinking black screen after installing video drivers fixboot and fixmbr which none of them worked literally as soon as I typed y into console the process was done which shouldnt happen obviously So after losing all the blinking black screen after installing video drivers hope I zerofilled my hdd BUT I blinking black screen after installing video drivers still get the same problem It really isn t a huge deal that I can t install any video drivers because without hardware acceleration I can t easily surf watch videos or play browser games but I still wonder what can I do My PC recognises my video card when I install drivers and then run safe mode Everest recognises too I m running XP and my video card is LE Where s the problem nbsp