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ASUS mobo S/PDIF output questions

Q: ASUS mobo S/PDIF output questions

My M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard has a built-in coaxial and TOSLINK S/PDIF audio out on it, but when I connect it to my 5.1 surround sound receiver it says PCM 48 and only does 2.1 audio. I have updated the SoundMax program for that audio system, but to no avail. I called ASUS technical support and the person I talked to said that I needed this, but I don't understand why, since I already have the ports on my motherboard, and that card adds them. I don't need to audio-out for each S/PDIF, but I just need 5.1 (or Dolby Digital) on the ones that I already have.

And I know this is not my receiver's problem, since it works properly on my Xbox 360's TOSLINK audio cable.

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Preferred Solution: ASUS mobo S/PDIF output questions

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A: ASUS mobo S/PDIF output questions

The sound chip on the mainboard doesn't support Dolby Digital Live or DTS Connect. In other words, it won't encode sound into a digital 5.1 stream.

You'll get DD/DTS 5.1 sound from DVD discs or other media that has the sound already encoded in that format, but not with games, for example.

One option could be something like AC3Filter, but I don't know how to use it (with games).
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Hi all. Just got a new computer. Vista 64, Asus Mobo p5q-e with soundmax. Trying to use digital output to my Sony reciever... no sound. I get sound using line out to R&L on receiver and have tested receiver digital in to make sure it works.

I downloaded latest Asus Soundmax drivers as well.

I set it as default as well.

Under windows/control panel/sound, it shows as stereo, no sound output with test.

I downloaded and installed vista codec (32 and 64), not that I thought it would

Anyone have this problem or have any suggestions?


A:Asus p5q-e mobo, vista64, soundmax, no digital output to receiver

hey..i also got new p5qe motherboard having the same just showin 2 speakers no digital output i am getting....plz help...if resolved
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I just got my new and hopefully improved Asus P Pro motherboard and built my new system I just had a couple of questions for you experts out there In the BIOS screen under the SATA configuration the only drive that shows up there is my DVD drive which is plugged into a SATA gb s port My hard drive which is a gb s drive is plugged into one of the blue ports for the gb s speed My system is working perfectly fine but how come for every single port it says quot not present quot except for the port the DVD drive Mobo my Asus new RE: P8P67 pro questions is one I don t understand the whole quot Raid quot thing I want to have the best optimal speed posible for the hard drive connection Right now it is on the AHCI mode Do I really want to do the quot RAID quot thing and if so what is it and what am I supposed to do By the way I don t know if it means anything but in the device manager of windows it shows my hard drive as being a SCSI drive I thought SCSI was questions RE: my new Asus P8P67 pro Mobo old school What the heck is TPU and EPU and do I want these to be enabled or not I am not an overclocker by any stretch I don t monkey with stuff that aint broken So as a normal user are these two items something that are wanted or not The book that came with Mobo is not exactly an explanatory guide Last when I first boot up I get this wierd double up on the boot screens I get the Asus splash screen then the black screen that shows text like drive detected and such then it will kind of start all over and give me another splash screen and go thru the whole process again If i hit delete on first splash screen to get into bios it does absolutely nothing I have to do that in the second splash screen Its not a tragedy or anything - but it is kinda annoying Anyone know why this is happening or what i can do to stop it Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:questions RE: my new Asus P8P67 pro Mobo

You're SATA 6 HD connect to the dark blue is us Marvell® 9120 controller. So everytime it start up will detect the drive.... you can switch to the light grey (beside teh dark blue) these is the original SATA 6 from Intel P67 Chipset. When you connect you will see it in the BIOS.
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My motherboard has an S/PDIF output jack on it and I'm wondering what it does, my motherboard's manual says this about it

'This port connects to external home theater systems for surround sound and enhanced 3D audio when playing DVDs or games.'

Now on my receiver I've got hooked up to my computer there is an optical input on it but this S/PDIF is a round jack... and no sound cards that I saw had optical outputs. Are there any soundcards that do digital?

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I have a TV that is already hooked up to my PC screens output and a 5.1 surround sound receiver/system downstairs that I wish I could hook my computers normal sound output up to with the single s/pdif cord. I want to use it to watch non-dvd movies (avi, vcd).

I recently bought a Hercules Game Theatre XP and Ive come to find out that you can't really output the PCs normal wave out to the S/PDIF because an ac3 stream would have to be created. Is there anyway to create this stream and output it via the power-dvd s/pdif filter?? This could possibly be implemented in zoomplayer as it supports sound re-routing and what not.

If anyone knows any software work around of how to output PC wave to ac3 stream OR any hardware card that DOES do this....please lemme know!

thanks in advance
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Has anyone connected an S/PDIF optical output from their computer to their home stereo receiver? If so, what kind of receiver do you have and what type of cable do you use?


A:S/PDIF output on motherboard

Optical cable from wal-mart $19.99
Harmon Kardon
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I am trying to play a Blu-Ray disc using PowerDVD and there is no audio output when I set it to quot use spdif quot which goes to my HDTV I can set it to use the analog speakers I have but those aren t set up around my TV so they re not as helpful When I m using Windows Media Player or VLC player to play video and DVDs the s/pdif not output working sound works fine When I try to use PowerDVD to play even DVDs there is no sound output through the HDMI s pdif connection I am using the onboard audio from the ASUS P T motherboard which outputs HDMI through my GTX video card I m using the current Realtek HD Audio drivers When I test the output using windows sound mangement for the SPDIF output there is no sound for DTS or s/pdif output not working Dolby Digital What do I need to make these work Using Windows Will my hardware simply not output digital audio or is my TV not capable of receiving digital audio
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i am currently using my onboard audio (AC 97) optical outputs to play sound on my home stereo. i spent enough on that, i dont need to buy exp computer speakers too... but i'm having some issues with the playback. no matter what software i am using for playback, every once in a while there is a gap in the sound, i checked the device mgr and there are no conflicts with resources so im a little perplexed as to what could be causing this problem... your help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

A:s/pdif output problems

Where in NY are you KA3, if you don't mind me askin'...and have you checked the connections and verified that all that is good to go? Optical cables never got bent or anything? I know, basic questions, but eliminate the obvious first...)
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Well, i just got a new mother board and it has an S/PDIF Optical Output on it. I set up my PC to my theater receiver and i was not getting any audio. Is there a setting in Windows XP that i have to change so it knows to send the audio out through the optical out? I know the receiver was working fine because that optical channel is usually for my TV and the audio for that was working fine.
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It seems that the DC5800 is using the Analog Devices - AD1884JCPZ intrgrated circut.  My research indicated that the chip puts out S/PDIF.  I do not see any option with my current audio driver to use S/PDIF in the sound output dialogue.  Is there a way to use S/PDIF on this machine?  I have a nice DAC I would love to use.
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Hi I am new to this forum and do not know to much about computers so after hours of searching for a solution I decided I would try asking someone with a lot more knowledge then me s/pdif output on not does receiver work I have a Gateway with Vista Home Premium bit operating system with SigmaTel high definition Audio CODEC driver with the latest upgrade I am trying to use my s pdif output on my computer to have audio over my home surround sound speakers via my home receiver But when I plug it in and switch my receiver to the appropriate place I get nothing out of the speakers s/pdif output does not work on receiver From the cord I am getting the red light so I know it is getting the quot power quot but I am just not getting any sound In the control panel under sound all the appropriate boxes and devices are enabled and say they are working but I still can't get it to work Does anyone know why this is Is this a software driver problem or do I need to quot flip a switch quot in some window I don't know about or what My two front speakers with the single green plug work but having them plugged in or not does not effect whether my receiver has sound or not I have tried several different plug-ins on my receiver and none of them will pick it up but they work with other devices i e dvd player and cable box So I have eliminated a problem with the receiver Any help with this would be much appreciated thank you in advance

A:s/pdif output does not work on receiver

You have to switch to ?digital output? from the sound applet and then ? "set as default". Vista works simultaneously with the sound devices.
To have DTS or DD you have to use ffdshow or vista codec pack.
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Hi st a little set-up explanation - My mobo is an ASUS P n-E SLI with Realtek ALC on board It has a co-axial S PDIF output for my digital connection to my DD DTS surround system I used to be running XP SP and the PC is in an adjacent room to my Lounge so I have a PC monitor but also connections into my LCD HDTV and surround system DVI video and S PDIF digital audio For watching DVD and Bluray I would switch displays and use media portal and TMT I would get DD stereo output? HD S/PDIF simultaneous Audio and and DTS sound through HD Audio stereo and S/PDIF simultaneous output? my amp and if i switched back to my PC monitor for general PC use not watching movies the standard two channel stereo speakers on it would work with windows amp internet explorer etc Now i have switched to Windows using MC and TMT for movies and windows updates included a new driver for the realtek audio i notice the interface for the realtek audio manager has changed visually for the better but for my particular set-up it now appears I have to choose a quot HD Audio stereo and S/PDIF simultaneous output? default playback device quot between either standard analogue output to my pc monitor or choose my digital S HD Audio stereo and S/PDIF simultaneous output? PDIF output That means I have to jump through more hoops when switching displays to watch a movie with digital sound or standard pc monitor use in stereo note I have to use either monitor stereo speakers or my digital surround amp because they are in adjacent rooms and the amp might be being used by somone watching TV whilst i am on the PC Further more if it helps i followed the sticky on the AVS HTPC forum for setting up MC with the shark codec pack media browser TMT for Bluray and the internal MC player for everything else Have i got something set-up not quite right or am i dreaming My only other thought is to leave it set as digital S PDIF as default and switch to analogue if i need it for you tube or something but hope that for the other users logging in to use the PC like the kids and the wife their profile can remain as analogue in the realtek settings So in summary in my old set up with XP Same PC I had a sort of simultaneuos sound output with windows sounds and internet flash video through my monitor's stereo speakers but if i wanted to watch a movie on the HDTV i turned my surround amp input over and got digital audio via the S PDIF

A:HD Audio stereo and S/PDIF simultaneous output?

Quote: Originally Posted by byngo


So in summary, in my old set up with XP (Same PC) I had a sort of simultaneuos sound output with windows sounds and internet flash video through my monitor's stereo speakers but if i wanted to watch a movie on the HDTV, i turned my surround amp input over and got digital audio via the S/PDIF.

You might try using the latest drivers from Realtek.


I think this link works, looks like they've changed their site a bit.
Also, the Realtek drivers may need to be installed twice and the first time removes the current driver.

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XPS 8300 on WIndows 7 Home Premium. The Realtek High Definition Audio manager lists 3.5mm jack sockets for analogue audio in and out . It also shows the S/PDIF output on the rear for digital audio out.
While the analogue audio output works, the S/PDIF Toslink output has a continuous red signal light with no digital modulation. Linking it to digital input on a DAT audio machine shows no signal.
I've tried examining all device parameter selection options, but none that I have found brings up a Digital Output selection where I could enable S/PDIF. Anyone know what I am missing??


A:XPS 8300 S/PDIF Toslink audio output needs enabling

Did you set it as the default audio device in the Windows Sound applet?
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Happy thanksgiving all,

I have been racking my brain for days trying to solve this problem so hopefully someone will be able to help me. I need an internal s/pdif cable to send the audio from my motherboad (Intel DX58SO) to my graphics card (Msi N9600gt-md1g). I think (but could be dead wrong) that the video card is supposed to be a 2 pin connector, and the motherboard is supposed to be a 3 pin. Can someone:

A. Help me confirm this, and
B. Find somewhere where I can purchase this online?

-Thanks so much!

A:Internal S/pdif Cable (MoBo to Graphics Card)

You are correct more of less. Just set one of theses up for a friend. it was a small two pin cable. Connected to the internal spdif and the video card. Does your mobo have a internal spdif connection and does your graphics card have a spdif connection? The graphics card should have came with a cable if it supports it.
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Hello Does anyone have or Digital Out S/PDIF-SA Bracket ASUS 4-1 WANTED! Audio know where I can purchase an ASUS S PDIF-SA - Digital Audio Out Bracket I've looked WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket all WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket over the internet but can't find anyplace or anyone selling them anymore I need it to compliment my ASUS motherboard It allows for playback out of both Digital Out's simultaneously Despite my motherboard only being years old and most other ASUS motherboards also including the - header for it ASUS seemed to have discontinued it and now it's hard to come by There's an older revision before the ASUS S PDIF-SA bracket though There's the regular ASUS S PDIF - Digital Audio Out Bracket but this has the removable cap on the TOSLINK instead of the newer Flip up door design They can be found on eBay shipping from either America or China I bought one from America for and it arrived two weeks later but annoyingly the TOSLINK doesn't hold in any cables It just falls out I much prefer the newer flip-up door design anyway Much more convenient Thank you

A:WANTED! ASUS S/PDIF-SA 4-1 Digital Audio Out Bracket

Maybe its your cable? I have a recording studio and have a TOS Link connection, without any "door" and I do not have any problems with it. I used to have a SoundBlaster interface panel with the S/PDIF TOS link and it too didn't have a "door" and no problems.
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Hullo there I thought I d better seek help before this sends me round the bend I have a DAC which P5N32-SLI How I my on enable sound do ASUS Premium? S/PDIF must be connected to my PC via the Coaxial How do I enable S/PDIF sound on my ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium? S PDIF out the orange port thingy - I hope I m using quot port quot correctly there So I How do I enable S/PDIF sound on my ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium? took out my sound card Went to uninstall the Creative driver it was a Creative card but I couldn t find it and am assuming it somehow uninstalled itself This could be my first error Then I went to install the ASUS sound driver SoundMax but whenever I tried to do so I got the message quot The HDA Audio Bus Driver is required but not found quot I figured I got this message because it seems I didn t build this PC on-board sound is actually on a mini-sound card with the P N So I popped this in and could then install the driver But no joy from the S PDIF The loss in quality downgrading from my cheapo Creative to onboard sound is really noticeable btw so that bodes well for the DAC I went to check things were set up ok in the BIOS The only thing that seemed to relate was under Advanced - gt Onboard Configuration - gt HD Audio This was set to Auto as oppose to disabled So that s presumably ok There was also an option to change quot something or other quot sorry I m going from memory from HD Audio to quot AC quot I tried changing that over to AC but still the same result EDIT Now I have the driver installed if I set this to HD Audio I get a BSOD To be quite honest I don t feel like I know what I m doing so please point me in the right direction Thanks All guidance and lessons appreciated I wondered whether there was something I had to adjust in the driver control panel so I took a look in the Help sections there and came across this quot If your system supports SPDIF Digital Audio there will be an Advanced Controls button under the Master volume control This button will display the SPDIF controls quot Well there is no Advanced Controls buttion under Master volume control which is something of a concern quot Disable Digital Output quot is unchecked btw ----- Here s how that menu looks in my BIOS Also I did wonder whether there was some loose connection so this is a picture of my mobo directly behind the S PDIF port But as far as I can make out there is nothing missing that should be there Apologies for the dust nbsp
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I'm having a strange problem in my HTPC Audio is coming perfectly fine out from the S PDIF coaxial output and it's normally connected only that way to the receiver but now for other reasons rear Realtek output on from fine nothing S/PDIF, audio, audio ALC889 I also need to connect it using a mm to a small mixer So in the sound manager Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output I changed the output to the quot Speakers quot and in fact the Realtek sound manager detects Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output that a cable is plugged into that output and shows me the dialog where it's selected Problem is nothing comes out I know it's not the mm to RCA cable because I plugged in my phone played some music and I can hear it just fine Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output But the rear speaker green output puts out no sound at all as I also tested it plugging headphones On the Sound Windows panel where you can select the playback device I can see the volume level move up and down when I'm playing any media file as well as in the Volume Mixer If I switch back to the S PDIF output and change the input in my receiver audio is coming just fine I haven't tried the front outputs because they are not connected The motherboard has HD Audio but the case has AC connectors so I never cared to connect them because I don't use them I know the rear green output worked at some point because I remember having a pair of computer speakers connected to it a few years ago This is a Gigabyte GA- FXA-UD rev motherboard with an AMD T and GB of RAM with Windows Home Premium The installation is about two months old with the drivers from back then and the latest audio driver on the Gigabyte website is from so this driver is the latest available I tried rebooting the machine just in case but it didn't help Any idea what this could be Did a power surge selectively fried the analog part of the audio chipset It is connected to a surge protector I built this computer myself and I'm always very careful to tie every cable and not leave them loose inside the case Thanks Sebastian

A:Realtek ALC889 audio, audio fine on S/PDIF, nothing from rear output

I found out after a while. In the popup dialog when a cable is plugged in, I had selected "Rear speaker out" mistakenly thinking it was talking about the rear output, not the rear speakers in a 5.1 speaker setting. Changing to "Front speaker out" solved the problem.
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This problem has the configuration listed in my system specs below which have just changed recently My OCZ Vertex died RMA'ed but sold and replaced with the Transcend SSD quot SATAIII GB Also sold my GPU Now trying to get everything back on track I reinstalled my OS on the SSD but I can't for the life of me get the HDMI working When reinstalling I knew it was normal onboard mobo Mobo HD - HDMI? ATI detecting not Radeon ASUS 4250 for only my Dell CRT to show up via its VGA connection but then the main ViewSonic HD monitor never came on I finally realized it wasn't responding to anything The ViewSonic HD monitor is the only thing plugged in right now on both VGA amp HDMI but Mobo not detecting HDMI? - ATI Radeon HD 4250 onboard ASUS mobo will only work on the VGA It had been working fine before the OCZ SSD died No VGA problems The onboard ATI Radeon Mobo not detecting HDMI? - ATI Radeon HD 4250 onboard ASUS mobo HD is fully updated and all the drivers are installed and updated to the best of my knowledge There is an update for the BIOS on the ASUS website that I had never installed ever but the only change from before was the SSD so that should not matter I've even made sure I installed the specific driver for the monitor from the disc it came with I tried playing around in BIOS and for once no matter what graphics device order I set i e IGPX-PCI-GPX-etc it always reverted to the mobo's VGA And obviously Device Manager is showing no yellow question marks and is generally no help right now Again there is NO longer a standalone GPU video card in this system just the ASUS M A TD-V EVO USB 's onboard internal graphics ATI Radeon HD Is there something I'm missing Anything I could possibly try Any ideas FYI I knew my OS image was horribly out of date so I didn't bother trying to reinstall that Also since the GB size of the SSD is smaller now wouldn't it not work anyway Well that's moot

A:Mobo not detecting HDMI? - ATI Radeon HD 4250 onboard ASUS mobo

It's plausible that your HDMI port on your MOBO is dead. Is it possible to obtain a GPU and try it's HDMI port?
It could be your monitor as well, do you have access to anything else supporting HDMI and see if your monitor connects?
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Does ATI cards conflict with this mobo?
ASUS A8V DELUXE Socket 939 VIA K8T800 Pro ATX AMD Motherboard
I heard there would be 'cause the mobo is a VIA. Is that true?
Should the mobo conflict with any of these below and forgive me for the video in a CPUs, Chipsets and Mobos board,
SAPPHIRE Radeon 9550 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card and or
ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon X800XT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 VIVO AGP 4X/8X

A:ASUS mobo in conflict with ATI cards? (reaschering the mobo)

Have you asked ati yet? Read what the mobo manufacturer has to say about it?
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Tried to get HP support to give some similar board model from ASUS own models so I could get the correct Asus AI Suite to control fans read system info The similar Asus model they gave didn t even have the same chipset I m not sure if that truly matters as far as their AI Suite working correctly Just need a reliable program to adjust case fan speeds a bit / similar model HP with Asus reference Cross mobo Asus Simpler is better Does anyone know Cross reference HP / Asus mobo with similar Asus model how I can cross the HP Asus board w some similar model on Asus site to get the correct version of AI Suite If no to suggestions on reliable prgms that will allow controlling fan speeds Fairly sure this mobo has the ability to adjust fans st tried SpeedFan - no options to adjust any fans reports them but MSI Afterburner had no trouble adjusting GPU fan None of several socket boards I looked at on Asus site had G chipset The info HP has for this mobo Cross reference HP / Asus mobo with similar Asus model is Manufacturer s motherboard name Asus IPIBL-TX HP Compaq name Burbank-GL E Form Factor Micro-ATX cm inches x cm inches Cross reference HP / Asus mobo with similar Asus model Chipset Intel G Front-side bus speed MHz processor dependent Processor upgrade information Socket type Thanks nbsp
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Connecting asus spdif module to asus p4b mobo

sorry i also posted this in the audio section but maybe this is a better place to post it


ok went out and bought an asus spdif out module for my puter - the mobo has spdif 6 pin connector on board

problem is module only has 3 pin connector

anyone know how to connect

module has pins 1,2,& 3 says 1& 2 for green header (ac97) and 2&3 for black header pci audio

mobo has spidf out +5v spdif in
ground ground

on the 6 pin connector (1 pin missing)

do i connect spdif out & ground or spdif out & +5v?? don't want to fry the module

Thanks 4 your help

A:Connecting asus spdif module to asus p4b mobo

same problem with a7n8x deluxe

hello karmstrong, i just got my spdif out module today (optical & co-ax) and have the same problem with my a7n8x deluxe. 5 pin socket on the board, three on the module. i suppose we need a different module? if anyone has any suggestions, i'd be very much obliged...
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ok went out and bought an asus spdif out module for my puter - the mobo has spdif 6 pin connector on board

problem is module only has 3 pin connector

anyone know how to connect

module has pins 1,2,& 3 says 1& 2 for green header (ac97) and 2&3 for black header pci audio

mobo has spidf out +5v spdif in
ground ground

on the 6 pin connector (1 pin missing)

do i connect spdif out & ground or spdif out & +5v?? don't want to fry the module

Thanks 4 your help
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Hi there hope someone can help

I have an AMD ATHLON 2600+ (333MHX) Instaled on an Asrock K7S8X motherboard with 256 mb 233mhz ddr and a Geforce fx 128mb (AGP) graphics card.
When i turn it on the fans spin theres no beeps and theres no video output from the graphics card.
O.K i thought change the ram instaled 512mb (333mhz) still nothing
O.K Change the graphics card tried another nvidea 128mb and a 32mb pci,again nothing.
O.k maybe the motherboard is shorting on a brass connector on the case,removed everthing to a non metallic surface, Guess what !!!!!!!!

Please someone help me i,ve ran out of ideas

A:MOBO no video output (HELP)

If there was a short, the system wouldn't power up, becasue all the power would end up goign to ground, which automatically turns off the PSU per ATX standards, but, it could be the PSU not putting out enough power, or its flaking on you. If you can, please elaborate the last time the system was in useable condition, and what was done, this is where many problems are solved, but with this info, I'm betting the PSU.
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i have an asrock p43de motherboard brand new from newegg. i installed an intel celeron 1.6ghz dual core socket 775 processor with 1gb ddr2 ram. everything is compatable. i install an ati rage varx-8p graphics card in it. i have tested everything in a different working system and it work perfectly. but i set it up in the new mobo and it starts with all lights and fans but i get no video output. no post or anything. any ideas?

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I just got a Gateway 550GR with a ATI Radeon X300SE video card. When I first turned it on I used the Mobo monitor port. second time I turned it on there was no video, I switched the cabled to the Cards monitor port and the was video. Now every time or every second time it switches output, and I either have to turn it off and on untill the card outputs video, or switch the cable.

I went into Bios and selected "ext Video card" instead of "auto" but still have the same problem. Please help.

A:VGA issue, output switches from mobo to card

Hi and welcome. Is the system still under warranty?
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Hi Just got a new HP Pavillion desktop Has the integrated graphics Probably should have read the specs a bit more carefully but didn't give much thought to the graphics as the PC will be used mainly for internet surfing text documents and some Excel Some but a minimal use for viewing photos and very light and rare gaming Really a small amount Anyway I was surprised to see that the PC didn't come with a dvd digital spigot Am thinking of perhaps adding a low cost graphics card that would provide a digital output a PC is now connected via VGA to a new LG Monitor Frankly the picture to my old eyes looks absolutely beautiful Sharp great And VGA Digital Output Questions colors etc Really nice Sure VGA And Digital Output Questions do like LG monitors compared to others I've seen Hard to believe it would be quot much quot better with a digital hookup but Realize this is subjective and I don't know how anyone could even express an answer to this but would a digital hookup likely provide a quot meaningful quot improvement in picture quot quality quot If it would really be much better I would consider doing it Worth doing in your opinions b If so what would be a good and reliable low cost basic card with a digital output Brand and Model c The inside of my new HP is a mess Most non-professional wiring hookup I think I've ever seen But it all works and not too thrilled about messing with moving wires around etc How hard is it to install a card Do they go in what I guess is called a PCI slot True Does the main board connector that the card would go into provide all the power and other connections or do I have to find a loose dangling wire inside the case that has a spare connector on it for the power to the card Any quot gotchas quot or things to look out for in doing Thanks Bob

A:VGA And Digital Output Questions

From one ole fart to another . LOL
You wouldn't see much of a difference to your eyes.
Now if you plan on buying a new 23" HD widescreen LCD monitor for video and photo editing I would say go get a digitial video card. I f you don't plan on any upgrades int he near future I'd hold off spending the money.

I do some HD video editing and photography so I wanted a little more brightness and clarity. 1920x1080
I upgraded to a 23" widescreen HD monitor which was digital input.
Luckily my old video card had both VGA and digital outputs.

This is what I have
Samsung SyncMaster 23.1" Model 2333
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I've been having a rather irritating problem with my NVIDIA graphics card. Ever since I installed the card, it has been outputting sound through the card instead of through my onboard audio. Since I do not want to purchase an HDMI to DVI cable to play sound through my monitor, I was wondering how to redirect the audio to play through my motherboard so I can hear sound again. I have tried resetting BIOS settings, reinstalling all drivers for sound card, motherboard, and gpu, and I have poked around 100's of forums, and tried everything. I'm even considering buying a different brand of card because this stupid thing has created so many problems.

A:How do I output sound through my ASUS Motherboard?

Right click on the speaker icon in the taskbar. Select playback devices and see if you have an option other than HDMI. I have 4 HDMI ports in addition to Speakers and "Speakers" is the default device on my machine.
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Is it possible to output from more than type of regarding soundcards output multi Questions a connection at once say optical and analog Questions regarding multi output soundcards at the same time i know it is with the help of a program named virtual audio cable but it has it's issues if i use it as the main output The reason i ask is cause i recently bought a new set of Creative T wireless and then got a optic sound cable for it only Questions regarding multi output soundcards to discover that the analog output i use for my stereo was silent and that annoyed me cause sometimes i want MORE sound From what i understand is that microsoft asked the soundcard makers not to output from more than one place and that is just stupid this would work just fine on old windows xp go figure so i'm thinking it might be supported by the cards or chips but not in the drivers if it's the drivers there has to be some driver that can actually do what i want atm i'm just using the onboard Realtek HD ALC card On other pages i've read that the creative card's may be able to do multiplug outputs but i'm unsure If anyone has any knowledge around this please advice

A:Questions regarding multi output soundcards

Elvi, generally a soundcard only outputs to one device at a time, the exception being a headphone amp. If you want to have two devices connected, one analogue and one digital, you can do that, but you'd have to change the output in your soundcards software to one or the other.
Relevancy 53.32%

Hii I recently bought a barebone and a few components to build my new PC however I cannot get any display output from the machine Here s how it is Processor fan spins green led on HDD s spin and CD - Asus Build Display Mystery New No Output Tray opens Ram Processor and New Asus Build - No Display Output Mystery Barebone have all been replaced New Asus Build - No Display Output Mystery at least once Machine has no speaker so I am unable to listen for beeps although I do plan on buying one soon I believe the bios is upto date which does support my processor rev g printed on mobo and on sticker I have tried onboard vga dvi and hdmi as well as a PCI graphics card along with several wires and monitors CMOS has been cleared several times And I HAVE connected the pin power plug I have also tried the setup with minimal components no HDD CD and no difference SPECS Processor AMD Athlon II X Barebone Asus V -M A E w psu Ram GB DDR Mhz x Note For a while the machine turned on but the front light did not and the processor fan span a little slow after lots of messing around both these issues now appear fine still no display output though Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am totally stumped Thanks Jay nbsp

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Hello members of Seven Forums Well I upgraded my laptop's operating system from Windows XP Professional to Windows Ultimate on November The experience was great except for frequent slowdowns but I guess I'll get used to it Going to the query I use a VoIP software called quot Teamspeak quot I plugged in my microphone and speak The people in the channel I'm in told me that they cannot hear me properly So while fixing my microphone I decided to test the microphone settings from the Teamspeak's sound capture settings It's positive I can hear myself but it's very very low I twisted the microphone jack to see if that will fix it Sound Low on Experiencing Output ASUS (Very) A8He but nothing happens I then traced that Experiencing (Very) Low Sound Output on ASUS A8He it is using my laptop's in-built microphone Meaning the microphone jack Experiencing (Very) Low Sound Output on ASUS A8He is not working I tried to use Experiencing (Very) Low Sound Output on ASUS A8He other microphone but it's still the same So as an alternative I used a USB sound device and the microphone worked However I don't want to use a USB soundcard I tried to resolve this problem by searching for solutions through Google but I don't find any results of a similar problem So I decided to download the driver of the laptop's sound card from the OEM website However there are no drivers for Windows so I used the available driver for Windows Vista The driver installed successfully and the microphone works again HOWEVER the sound output playback is veeerrryyy low I maximized the volume from the volume control and the headphone's volume but it's still the same Since I was annoyed I uninstalled the driver and the sound was back to normal I'm not sure if this is called by the driver because it's a Windows Vista driver although I can say that this laptop is old years old It is still working though Quote TL DR When using the default quot High Definition Audio Device quot no driver installed Sound output is excellent Microphone jack does not work Uses the laptop's built-in microphone When ASUS' sound driver is installed although it's a Vista driver Sound output is very low Microphone jack is working input volume is good built-in microphone is used when a microphone is not plugged in Does anyone know any solutions I'm thinking about modifying the driver file so it will install only the microphone but is that even possible Looking forward for your response Thanks

A:Experiencing (Very) Low Sound Output on ASUS A8He

The Vista driver is compatible with Windows 7. Basically, Windows 7 is just "Vista improved". The "High Definition Audio Codec" is the generic, basic function, Windows installed driver.

You can only have one driver installed. Two drivers installed, even if it were only one function, would conflict.

What is the actual sound chip? e.g. Realtek ALC888, IDT, etc? Depending on what you have there may be an alternate driver.

If you have the ASUS driver installed, uninstall any other sound driver (not just disable it) to avoid conflicts.

On a different subject, you only list Malwarebytes as your Antivirus. That is not an Antivirus program, its just for malware/spyware. If this is the case you need to install an Antivirus program. The free Microsoft Security Essentials is a good Antivirus program.
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I've had my computer for about four years. It worked as intended until early today, when I tried to turn it on and I noticed that the mobo beeped unusually and I'd get no signal on my monitor. Everything else powers up, fans, cd drives and I can also hear the hard drives. The computer sounds as if it boots correctly, but I get no monitor signal.

I tried looking through Intel's documentation for my mobo but I just couldn't find a beep or POST table.

I get a long beep (3 seconds) plus two short beeps that last about half a second each. I usually get a single one second beep.

Help appreciated.

A:Computer with D101GGC mobo won't output to monitor, strange beeps, help

This may be a memory failure or power supply problem... Have you tried resetting the CMOS/Bios?
Relevancy 52.46%



When you instaled, did you install the ASUS motherboard chipset drivers and then the ASUS sound driver? If not, give that a try.

Also, is the sound enabled in the BIOS? check that first before installing the motherboard chipset drivers and the ASUS sound driver. That may be the problem as Windows, during the install, if the sound module is detected will at least install the generic, basic function, HD Audio Codec and from what I see that was not installed.

What is the model number of the ASUS motherboard? That would help, too.
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hi m8s, might be able to get a p4 pe board and 512 mb ram cheap. would that be a decent enough board to begin with. your comments would be of great help. also there is a ati radeon 9600 pro graphics card going for £60 is that reasonable. the card is a month old. and the board is 6weeks old. cheers. regards. gboy.

A:asus mobo

welcome to tsg

do u have the processor yet?
if u do, check if the processor is compatible with the mobo

if u dont have the processor yet, first make sure u can get one/ afford one whatever
Relevancy 51.6%

Has anyone heard anything about the Asus PN5-E 650i SLI having problems such as BSOD or system crashes due to ram speeds over 800mhz? This board is supposed to support 1066 and 1333. I don't get why I'm having these problems, except when i run the ram at 667mhz. Someone please help.

Relevancy 51.6%

I would like to upgrade to Windows Vista Premium 32bit. I have an A8N-SLI-SE motherboard.
Can you please tell me if vista drivers are available for this board? I cannot find them anywhere!

Thanks in advance


go here and look under others and ATK SE&SLanguage=en-us

thats the only ones i can find
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I have an asus p4s533, I need to find the serial number on it, but asus says its located on the box, which is now long gone. There are like 5 stickers on the mobo with numbers and bar code on them, anyone know if one is the serial number, and if so, which one is it and where is it located?

Hope someone can help.

A:Asus MOBO ?

download Aida 32 it will tell you the serial number of the mobo under " computer/DMI/Motherboard"
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Have you guys and gals seen this new mainboard from asus Premium&langs=09

A:New Asus mobo

I will take the new duel core Intel and look at that 8Gb ram max
Relevancy 51.6%

I am wondering which is the better buy? For temperature, lifetime, and stability, as it seems both have similar specs. thank you so much for your opinions.

this is the Asus board
This is the MSI board

Relevancy 51.6%

I just ordered this Mobo with a 3400 AMD chip. It offers SATA raid. I'm not familiar with raid other than I know it offers a way to back up your system. Where can I get an explanation of what Raid is all about, in particular the Raid that is on this Mobo?



A:Asus A8V Mobo

Brief RAID reading:
Click on the RAID levels to see the features of each. Your board only doe RAID-0 or RAID-1. RAID-0 is for performance, RAID-1 is for data redundancy(backup).
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hey guys im trying to get an old machine built which i mobo ASUS P2B have just having trouble with the software part when i first built it i had two cdroms installed one wouldnt ope and the other one ASUS P2B mobo would anyways i booted from an xp disk and installed xp it ran slow so i decided to find a different os well i just got an ubuntu disk ive been waiting for so i decided to install it by this time i took out the cd drive that didnt open so i stuck in the ubuntu disk and booted up everything works fine RECOGNIZES the cd-rom as a cd drive boot sequence is setup as cd-rom first reads the cd-rom when posting but when it gets to the point to where it asks you to press any key to boot from cd the drive isnt spinning the light isnt blinking and then it says quot boot from cd failure quot WTF i can not figure out what just happened the only changes i made was pulling out the broken cd rom which ive tried booting from cd with it installed again added a network card which i tried boot from cd with it pulled out and put in a different power supply with more watts which i couldnt imagine that being the problem has anyone had a similar problem and fixed it its driving me crazy im going to try some more things later but if you could help that would be nice thank you working cd-rom is set up as master nbsp

A:ASUS P2B mobo

positive..... i ordered the ubuntu from ubuntu so its the disc they made and it worked in my pc. and the xp disc works to, my friend just installed it the other day and its not recognizing it. the weird thing though is if theres no cd in there it says failure instantly but when there is a disc in there it waits a minute or two then says failure. but the whole time the light isnt blinking and its transparent above the top spindle..... and its not spinning. i tried a different disk drive to. but their both older drives, so ill try and find a newer one somewhere.
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Have a friend/has a comp that Everest(Aida32) IDd the mobo as Asus ME-99VM/Mes-VM. Well we finally figured it out, ME-99VM is one kind of mobo, and Mes-VM is another kind of mobo, and Everest is seeing his mobo as either/or. Does anyone know what the diff between the two is?, it has a 500mgh Intel Celeron(IDd by Everest) in it now, and he was wanting to see what he could upgrade that to. Thanks for any help.

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I'm trying to upgrade my AMB Ath 550 on an ASUs K7M MBoard, Slot A, 200 mghz FSb. I'm try to get the fastest cpu for the least amount of money that will work on my current MB. The ASUS manual states that the board is designed for a 242 pin slot A module, PBGA. I have been researching the available cpu's on E-Bay but all the descriptions for Slot A units with 200mghz FSB state that the number of pins are 400+. Does Slot A have different spec's? Also, can I use a cpu with a greater FSB on this MB? Does PBGA have any significance?

Thanks for your help.

A:cpu for ASUS MOBO

The only cpu you can use on that motherboard is the athlon slot A processor. You might find a used processor on e-bay. I believe the fastest slot A that was made was an 850mhz. Depending on the revision of your board you may need to upgrade the BIOS to accept a processor of that speed.
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anyone know where i can get an asus p4B mother board with2.0ghz processor, or even just the motherboard alone. i've been all over the net with no luck. not even anything on e-bay
Relevancy 51.6%

Hi it looks like my mobo is fried but i have seen the exact make which is a K8S-LA mobo for my compaq presario 3000+ ahlon 64 on ebay.Now a couple of questions if i get this mobo i know i can put my cpu in as i think that is ok and the fault is some where on my mobo. Now i have xp home on this pc will it just be a matter of placing cpu in the new mobo and will i be ok with my exsisting OS thats on my hdd as i only have the recovery discs that i made when i got the pc.

First time changin mobo so some helpful advice appreciated.

Thanks inadvance:

A:Getting new mobo just some questions

Being as it is the same motherboard with the same hardware
your windows install should work as before.
If the motherboard is actually the problem.
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Hey I have things which I need help with here I recently bought my computer off my friend who had a illegal copy of Windows Vista Ultimate installed on it which is giving me BSODs When I 2 and about my GPU my MOBO Questions boot up the PC I see that it loads something in the BIOS It loads fast but I have seen Vista Loader come up which I want to get rid of as I have purchased a 2 Questions about my MOBO and my GPU legit copy of Vista Ultimate I m guessing the loader is so it emulates a different chipset Which it does i m looking on System Info for Windows right now and it said my BIOS Version is Dell- 2 Questions about my MOBO and my GPU e when actually theres a Packard Bell PT - A MOBO inside of here as 2 Questions about my MOBO and my GPU the PC has been slightly upgraded from the original Packard Bell Things I have done since I got the computer are format the hard drive and install a x version of Ultimate My own copy but then noticed the loader in the BIOS which didnt make me register So then I downloaded some updater software from Packard Bell which also did nothing What I want to try now is removing the battery from the MOBO and removing the BIOS But once i ve done this do I need a disk to install the BIOS again such as the one I downloaded from Packard Bell My second problem is to do with installing my BFG nVidia GT on the same PC I tried it last night and turned my PC on but there was no picture I was using a DVI gt VGA converter on the GPU port as my monitor does not support DVI I currently have a nVidia GS installed in my PC so I left the drivers on here as the series ones are all the same Everything was working I could hear the fan on my GPU my heatsync was running and I could hear my hard drive loading the OS Anyone got any ideas why it would be doing this Thanks nbsp

A:2 Questions about my MOBO and my GPU

Sorry for the double post here but I just did it, never left the battery out for long and it still hasnt reset the BIOS.

I only waited around 10seconds before I put it back in though.
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any one heard anything about the new Shuttle AK37GTR- or if it is any good. also wonderin if any one knows a release date.

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Hi, I'm planning to get a new motherboard:

1. Will it fit in my Dell Dimension 2400?
2. What steps do I have to do to remove all my stuff( processor, sound card, HD, etc.) safely.
3. Will my HD be erased?
4. PSU connections, etc.

This would be my first time removing and changing a mobo, so I have not the slightest clue to go about doing it.

Thank you very much, and Happy Holidays.

A:Mobo Questions

1. It should fit except for the CPU cooler duct.
2. Static Discharge protection & Don't slip the screwdriver.
3. No - but you will have to reinstall the OS and drivers.
4. Should be standard.

Get a new case anyway - they are cheap enough.
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Must mobos do come with a intergrated sound card and video card right But usually not ram I currently have ddr ram Probaly some of the new amd athlon bit dual processor mobos have to take a special kind of ram So If I upgrade my mobo ram. a mobo getting new and about Questions and then CPU I will have to buy new ram right I was thinking of instead of just upgrading this computer but then I thought to buy a new one But it would be cheaper just to buy it all Questions about getting a new mobo and ram. off newegg right I know i d have to upgrade my agp gs which has been really great to PCI X I can afford that after selling all my other Questions about getting a new mobo and ram. video cards But for a mobo will I be able to plug in the stick ram and the one stick mb ram Also I heard AMD is going to go down once intel conroe mobos come out But If there like I doubt im going to buy them anyway I want to try to buy an update asus motherboard that comes with a cpu but im not sure which one to choose and if I ll have Questions about getting a new mobo and ram. to buy all new ram cards Also i ll need a case because probaly the motherboards alone will destroy my watt psu All cases come with a cpu right My current specs are a watt psu in a sony vaio case sticks ddr mb ram mg ddr ram nvidia gs agp oc d to mhz Intel Northwood gHZ oem sound card Sound blaster audigy b no driver upgrades for it my bios is real old too I contacted e-support and there supposed to help me upgrade my oem bios version I want to buy a new mobo cpu but if I need a new case power supply then i d like to kno if i should buy it all of newegg or buy a packaged computer nbsp

A:Questions about getting a new mobo and ram.

You should NEVER mix different speed ram.
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hey all! i will soon be in the market for a new mobo for a computer im putting together.
i am a gamer and have a few pieces already but im having some tough times pinning down i good mobo. ive been researching for quite some time now and although i dont plan on going sli off the bat, it is something that i would like to have the option to do in the future.

i would like a compromise between cost and performance and i have narrowed it down to this board:

let me know what you think of my choice and if you have any suggestions for other boards, i will gladly take advice.
thanks in advance.

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Ok here's the story I have the Intel Core Duo E running at Ghz I would like to run it at Ghz stable and be able to run it at Ghz stable for gaming purposes I have read around the web of people being able to clock these chips to Gh with ease and some even have it going up at Ghz too So i am not very skilled when it comes OC'ing help ASUS Mobo E8400 with to OC'ing this will be my first OC Could some help OC'ing E8400 with ASUS Mobo help me out here I don't know too much about voltages and the other settings that go along side when OC'ing a cpu As of now all i have it change the FSB to acheive Ghz and above but unstable help OC'ing E8400 with ASUS Mobo Well any help would be great appreciated My Rig specs are on my profile for those of you who need it CPU Intel Core Duo E Mobo ASUS P N-T Deluxe RAM OCz Mhz PSU W Corsair VGA GTX SLI Please keep it very simple for me as i do not know the entire vocabulary when it comes to talking about OC So simple instructions please Thanks inadvance

A:help OC'ing E8400 with ASUS Mobo

First off you should google Overclocking and find as much about it as possible.

Right were ready to begin The e8400 has a 9X multiplier and a base FSB clock of 333. So 9 X 333 = 3GHZ with 4 X 333 = 1333MHZ FSB.

You want to acheive a 1:1 ratio between your cpu and ram. In your case your ram is 800mhz so a setting of 400 for the fsb is what you want.

RAM = FSB x 2

So 400 x 2 will give you 800mhz

If the E8400's FSB base clock is increased to 400 you get an OC of 3.6GHZ (400 X 9) with a FSB of 1600MHZ (4 X 400).
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Hi guys (and gals),

I've just built a new PC out of the following kit:

ASUS P5P43TD Pro motherboard
Intel Q6600 CPU with
8GB Kingston RAM (KVR1333D3N9K2/4G x 2)
Ati X1300 dual monitor graphics card
Coolermaster case with 750W PSU
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

All went reasonably during installation, with a couple of hangs, but completed successfully. Now, however, the setup is really unstable, with BSOD and hangs being too frequent for meaningful use. I saw another thread by josean777 in which he has virtually the same problems with another ASUS board, and also the brilliant reply by devidebyzero suggesting fixes. However, having downloaded the utils suggested, my motherboard is subtly different to josean777's. Does anyone have experience similar to mine?


A:Asus mobo BSOD

Can you describe errors displayed by the BSOD's you are having?

To start with, have you ensured that your RAM is listed in QVL for this board, and is correctly configured (settings/voltage) in the BIOS?

Lastly, I hope someone from admins will move this thread to correct forum i.e. Windows BSOD, Freezing, Restarting Help
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best ram 4 the Asus K8V Deluxe mobo?

A:best ram 4 the Asus K8V Deluxe mobo?

Not to be rude or anything, but have you tried looking at the board on Asus' product pages?

But I'll be nice and tell you that DDR400 is the best ram you can use. You can have 3 sticks of it, and a maximum of 3GB.
Relevancy 51.17%

I posted this in another section, but no one is helping me out. Hopefully someone here can.

Ok, so from what I understand, windows XP will only see a MAX of 3 gigs. I have a mobo that supports dual channel memory, and so far have 2 sicks of 1gig. I would like to fill the other 2 slots, but can I do it with 2 sticks of 512? Or do I have to exactly match whats in the other 2 slots?

My motherboard is an ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe

This is the ram I currently have....

And these ones have the EXACT SAME voltages and timings, just different speeds. So my question is... could I put these in with 2 sticks of 1gig, for a total of 3 gigs, in dual channel? Or do I HAVE to buy 4 gigs, with the loss of 1.

Thanks for the help. -Dennis

A:Ram question with ASUS mobo

Technically you can throw those (RAM at second URL) in there with your current 2 sticks. It's not best practice to mix and match RAM though. You should try to get your hands on another stick of what you have already. Although, I know it can be tough to hunt down the exact same RAM after you've had it for a while.

The links you provided are broken but I was able to hunt down the 2 I believe you meant to post.

Please verify:

You currently have -

But you're looking at -

I'm not sure what you're running on your machine to need an extra 1GB of RAM on top of the 2GB you already have. But what kind of performance increase are you expecting to see?
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Hello ok here s the skinny i was updating the bios of my Asus p c e-deluxe socket p ghz to the latest bios i used the convenient asus flash utility to install the bios without having to boot from floppy etc so i flashed the bios no prob rebooted and get nothing it just so turns out that it will only totally boot up about a third of the time and that no matter how many times i revert back to default mobo borkage asus settings in the bios every time i reboot it says quot overclocking has failed asus mobo borkage revert back to default settings quot or whaterver and im not overclocking it the slightest but get this since the flash my onboard nic has crapped out not like it has a red x on it no my computer doesnt evern realize it has a nic there is nothing in device manager or network connections about a nic so thats the disaster now i am going to try and boot from a floppy and install the bios the old fashion way see if that helps probably not so there it is if anyone can help that would be great im in a world of hurt nbsp

A:asus mobo borkage

Have you tried clearing the cmos? You mobo book will tell you how!
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Hie My aunt had a problem with her PC so she called me over to check it out The PC won t on after pressing the power button I had checked the wiring inside and all looks fine The motherboard was an ASUS forgot to check what chipset was it It had banks for memory modules and five PCI slots if I m not mistaken The processor in it was a P unknown speed Thinking problem mobo ASUS the power ASUS mobo problem supply s faulty I replaced it After replacement it still won t power up I diconnected all drives and left just the soundcard and GPU intact I took out all other memory modules and left one MB DDR inside Still no power But the green LED on the motherboard is on It s on even with the previous power supply I push the power on button the LED comes on the internal fan moves a way little bit then it stops The power supply fan doesn t even rotates Thinking the ASUS mobo problem lead from the power button to the motherboard was loose I had tried shorting the two pins with a jumper and a screwdriver but still no power I m out of ideas Someone help me out nbsp
Relevancy 51.17%


Recently purchased a new ASUS mobo (P5B-VM ver. 1.3) and Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 as the core of my new games system..

Everything went together well, was checked, checked and checked again... everything was technically sound.....

EXCEPT! it got past POST (Beep!) and there was nothing... no whizzes, pops or bangs... just silence!!!!

I had resisted in buying the mobo I was gonna buy cos I'd heard that some boards were incompatible, with Core 2 Duo processors, straight out of the box... they were compatible in a sense, just that they needed a BIOS update!!!

So am I one of ASUS' victims then!?!?! I had heard this has been a problem with various users, primarily owners of ver 1.3 mobo's across the whole board of ASUS mobo's.

So is the solution is to just put in another processor, download the BIOS and flash it then change my processor to my intended Core 2 Duo???

Many Thanks


A:Another ASUS mobo victim!?!?

Dunno, I've built over 100+ Asus systems (including three of your precise model) with absolutely no problems. Building systems requires some degree of savvy and technical know-how in order to investigate and troubleshoot common problems. Throw in the occasional bad or incompatible/cheap hardware (memory, cpu's, psu's, etc.etc.) and best practices overrule assumptions.

I've never had your issue with any revision BIOS in the P5B-VM series with C2D cpu's. As you hear a "beep", this means it is posting so it's something else you have confused or misconfigured. It has integrated video and you're supposed to connect to this for the first boot in order to then configure a discrete PCI-Express card (thus disabling the integrated).
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Hello everyone i have been having a pb with my computer for a while - when i start it it stays on the green asus mobo page for a really long time before Mobo Asus problem booting and sometimes it does not boot at all I reformated and same thing and my hd s are new - When it boots it works fine for everything but for games all games crach cd ones or downloads between and min i did a stress test on CPU and GPU for over an hour at at the same time and it works fine Thats why i think there is a mobo problem Here is my build -Phenom II cpu - gigs of ddr ram x g -mobo asus m a -em -lc power w psu -saphire raedon gb gddr Asus Mobo problem -HD one WD cavalir blue and one samsung Asus Mobo problem eco energy rmp both gigs - one sata and one ide cd dvd burner -cpu cooler noctua nh-u p well thx beforehand for the help nbsp

A:Asus Mobo problem

Before resorting to any radical hardware change, I would advise you to boot your system with minimum required hardware; i.e. HDD with OS on it; One stick of ram; disconnect dvd as well; if you have onboard vga, you can try using that instead of your graphic card i.e. 4890. Also ensure that system is clean, and see what happens.

Have you tested your system's ram as well with memtest ?
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I ve had this mobo for about or so years last night i was upgrading the ram i had in my system After trying to start my computer up with the new sticks of ram the power light came on and everything sounded like it was running but nothing was loading My monitar was idle but the light on my CD drive was on The new ram i got had lights that were on it so i know mobo K8S-MX problems ASUS the ram was on because the lights were on My computer now would not turn ASUS K8S-MX mobo problems of by hitting the power button or holding it down so i had to manually unplug it from the back After ASUS K8S-MX mobo problems doing so i switched back in my old ram and now i m getting the same problem The LED on my motherboard is lighting up and when i go to turn on my computer on nothing seems to happen after the lights and fans start running I ve tried clearing the RTC RAM and i tried the USB device wake up nbsp

A:ASUS K8S-MX mobo problems

Please try and clean the RAM slots on the motherboard with a compressed air blast (you can get it in a can). Then try one stick at a time, and in each slot at a time. You might find that one of the slots has failed.
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I m working on my friend s Asus Problems Mobo computer and was going through many very much needed Asus Mobo Problems updates and Asus Mobo Problems I had got to the bios I went through the asus update exe way everything went smoothly I then restarted the computer The first thing that pops up says to Install Asus Express Gate and some stuff about getting internet access within seconds of starting up your computer I read up on it and downloaded it Burned it to a cd and attempted an install after resetting the cmos so I could change the boot process to CD first Changed it let it boot up normal It then asks to boot into settings or use default bios settings and continue I hit continue and it says quot Installing Asus Express Gate quot I wait for a couple seconds then it gives the message quot Please install Asus Express Gate for internet access within seconds of starting up your computer quot The heck do I do Mobo Asus P Q-SE bios nbsp

A:Asus Mobo Problems

I'm working on my friend's computer and was going through many very much needed updates and I had got to the bios.Click to expand...

What "very much needed updates" are you talking about? You should not unnecessarily try to update the BIOS.

I suggest that you clear the CMOS and then try rebooting your system. Express Gate is not necessary for your PC to function properly. I myself uninstalled it from my PC.
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Hi. Yesterday I received my new PC with a Z170-E Mother board and on description it says it has.

1x USB3.1
6x USB3.0
6x USB2.0

How ever I only see 2x 3.0 on the back and 2X 3.0 on top of the case. I also have 2x USB2.0
on the rear.

All I can see is 4X 3.0USB and 2 of those are on the case it self and 2X 2.0USB. Also I do have a x1 usb 3.1

Am I reading the description wrong or looking in a wrong place or are the others hidden?.?. Shouldn't I have 6 of each 2.0 and 3.0?.

Thanks for any help.

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My buddy has a Asus - P4G8X mobo(533fsb) he's got a 3.06 p4 (800fsb) in it and the bio's is only letting him set it to 1500, when it post it reads 1500 as well, what would cause this to read this at only 1500 (1.5gig) i didn't think the FSB would cause it...Any help?

Thx a ton

A:Asus mobo question...

multiplier or the fsb could be set wrong. check in the BIOS to see what they're set at. i suggest getting a motherboard that supports his 800fsb or he wont be able to utilize the full potential of the processor. or, try checking for a BIOS update that would allow the 800fsb. if there isnt one then a new board would fix it.
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Just built a new computer on the Asus X99-A/USB 3.1 mobo. I installed my GTX 980 GPU on the first 16x slot, and wanted to install the 750 add-in in the 16_4 (8x) slot. It hit the USB 3.0 Connection for my front panel, so this was not possible. Instead installed in the 16_3 (16x) slot. Problem is that the corner of the SSD PCB rests firmly upon the PCH heatsink. Looking for advice on how to manage this prior to starting up. Anyone who has solved this problem?

A:Intel 750 on Asus X99-A Mobo

Originally Posted by Submarine

Just built a new computer on the Asus X99-A/USB 3.1 mobo. I installed my GTX 980 GPU on the first 16x slot, and wanted to install the 750 add-in in the 16_4 (8x) slot. It hit the USB 3.0 Connection for my front panel, so this was not possible. Instead installed in the 16_3 (16x) slot. Problem is that the corner of the SSD PCB rests firmly upon the PCH heatsink. Looking for advice on how to manage this prior to starting up. Anyone who has solved this problem?

I've seen this problem on an older build and the best solution was a new motherboard. It's all about the layout of devices fastened to the board, a microATX board gives less possibilities than a full ATX board. Then I had to get a taller tower case to hold the full ATX board but it worked out better than I planned as I could add a second HDD without interfering with other things. A possibility with the full ATX board is some have 2 PCIe X16 slots.
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Just built a new system for a friend with a ASUS M V-MX SE mobo and everything went mobo no has :( sound SE ASUS M2V-MX new great except for the integrated sound card drivers I used the automated ASUS driver install disc to install all of the ASUS M2V-MX SE new mobo has no sound :( mobo drivers and the sound card drivers seemed to install properly including asking for a reboot but then upon reboot I get nothing I tried downloading the latest drivers from ASUS but had no luck with those either Same thing - install looks fine no sound Sound and Audio Device Properties in the Control Panel shows quot No Audio Device quot Device manager only shows the following under quot Sound Video and Game Controllers quot Audio Codecs Legacy Audio Drivers Legacy Video Capture Devices Media Control Devices Video Codecs None of the above items offers an quot uninstall quot option There is one item listed in the device manager under quot Other Devices quot as quot PCI device quot with a yellow question mark I m assuming that is the sound card because I have no other hardware installed that is not accounted for I tried manually assigning the sound card drivers to that unknown device but it wouldn t take Note that the sound card is not PCI and I have no cards in any PCI slots I checked the BIOS and the onboard audio is enabled The only thing I noticed that I could think of might have anything to do with this problem is that the Realtek website says that this sound card was designed for Windows Vista and this system is running on Windows XP Pro but I didn t think that would matter The drivers I downloaded from ASUS were listed as XP drivers but I did notice that there were two Vista folders but no XP or folders in the unzipped file I downloaded Any ideas nbsp

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I need an image (hopefully) or at least an explanation of the connections for an ASUS CUW-AM motherboard. I cant get it from ASUS because it is an HP product. HP mobo name is Amberine-GL6E. Everything on the mobo has been unplugged and the power supply has been unplugged from everything too. Just want to be sure that everything is connected properly before I plug it in and accidentally fry this thing. Any help is appreciated---thanx in advance.
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I am sorry if it was posted before but I couldn t find No mobo Asus post anything regarding No post Asus mobo this My system spec Intel P Ghz HT L Asus P GDC Deluxe x DDR RAM Nvidia XFX PCIe video My system had been hanging up once or twice every day until last week The monitor went black and the PC froze No post Asus mobo but the lights fans were still on I thought the problem would be a PS I had a W PS or b overheating I invested in a new PS W as I got something plugged in in every possible socket and a CPU watercooling system I installed the cooler No post Asus mobo but I kept having CPU temperature in between - C I tried every possible way to lower the temperature but with no success The mobo temperature was on a steady - C Since the CPU temperature was C when I opened a game or DVD app I decided to get rid of the watercoolin and put the HS back in with some improved ventilation in case Everything booted up ok but then went bang My system won t boot and there is NO POST Not a beep The Asus mobo s green led comes on but no response I stripped the system down but everything the same Changed video card cleared cmos etc without success I am really stuck atm as I wouldn t know if a possibly faulty CPU PS wrecked my motherboard Oh yeah I changed the proc as well but the same thing happened I am afraid testing another mobo in case it ll be wrecked again What do you think about that Can a CPU wreck a mobo Or a PS I really did hope that clearing cmos would help but didn t I read it somewhere on these forums to unplug ATX from mobo then remove batteries and leave jumper on for a good while to clear the capacitors I might give it a try overnight and see what happens Any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated Thanks for reading this nbsp

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Hey, simple question in theory: let a friend borrow my netbook; she forgot to pack the powercord for her trip and with hopeful intentions tried using a printer plug that just happened to be the same size... but different voltage.

As you all probably know, it wasn't good for the computer. Since then it hasn't turned on but someone did mention a potential fail-safe switch that could be on the motherboard, kind of like a a surge protector. When I plug it into the correct plug, none of the lights (charging included) come on, and it won't turn on with the battery fully removed too and at this point I'm out of ideas and hope is running out too.

So, is my 901 fried or is there some amazing recovery trick out there that I'm not aware of?

A:Is my Asus 901 mobo fried?


To be honest it doesn't sound good.....not sure about the fail safe switch....either way needs to be taken apart and maybe be not viable as if the MB is damaged which sound most likely it probably cost more than a new lappy.
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2 x 512mb Corsair valueSelect RAM
2 x 512mb Corsair Ballistix

I recently upgraded my RAM from the existing 2 sticks of 512 valueSelect to two more 512 sticks of Ballistix RAM. When I boot up, my mobo tells me that it can only handle 2 gigs of RAM and that I should consult the manual. Well, the manual tells me nothing useful. When I boot up it says I have 1024mb.

This upgrade should work as I'm not exceeding the recommended amount and the sticks do indeed work with my mobo.

I also noticed that there are LEDs on the Ballistix ram which show red or green seemingly randomly - what are these?
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im wondering is this a good motherboard to use with a athlon x2 6000+?

ty for your help.

A:ASUS M2N-E Sli Mobo Socket AM2.

It's a good board, but there are better ones. The MSI board is better. Also ASUS is very picky about brands of RAM.
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I have an ASUS A7A266 mobo and i have been given 512MB of PC 333 DDR memory, can anyone tell me if i can use it in this motherboard at all???

This url goes someway to explain but doesnt give a deffinate answer.

A:PC 333 MHz DDR With the ASUS A7A266 Mobo

Yes your RAM will work with that motherboard but it will only operate at PC2100 speeds (AKA: DDR266 (I think)).
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would a
Intel Pentium D 935 CPU
with a
Asus P5K mobo?

A:Solved: PD 935 + Asus P5K Mobo

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I have an ASUS MB P5WD2 Premium and need some help as to wether I can upgrade from
a Pentium D 830 Dual core to one of the newer Core 2 Duo chips and just what this board might support.


A:ASUS MoBo and FAstest CPU

Sorry, your board does not support any Core series processors.

Here's the CPU support list for your motherboard: Premium
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Hey everyone, I was trying to update the Logo on the BIOS and it didn't program right or something, so my BIOS is all messed up and I get:

System Failed CPU Test

as a voice POST error, so I cannot do anything.

So far, I have tried resetting the BIOS by removing the battery and setting the jumper and back, but that doesn't do anything to help.

I think that it's just not looking for the CPU at the right speed, any suggestions?

Is there a way to disable their JUMPERFREE mode so that I can manually set CPU speed? I couldn't find one yet.

I cannot get into the BIOS or even have anything show up on the screen because the CPU test failed is one of the first tests done, and it stops after that.

Thanks for your help!

A:help w/ ASUS A7V8X mobo

there usually is

a jumper on the motherboard that allows you to reset the bios...............just lift it off and re-insert if applicable
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Hello beautifull people A7V8X-X Mobo ASUS I have had a hard day installing my mobo into case and all i get is no POST or any bip what soever ASUS A7V8X-X Mobo THE lid light is on funs speening CPU and power supply cables pluged in I have been building PC so it is not my first time I know about receting the CMOS data with jumpers I have a PC with working parts and I have done swapping parts I have tried to start it with different video cards AGP and PCI I switched few memories that work on my working PC I have new harddrives that I tested and they work fine I have read the ASUS mobo users manual I have tried hard PLease if anyone can tell me if tere is anything I could do beside trashing my MOBO I got it for cheap guaranteed to work I have read online about this POST problema and just don t know if I am doing anything wrong Wil appreciate you so much I have lost my PC in Catrina and beent trying to build one for the longest time Is it alll about destiny nbsp
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I just got an ASUS P P S mobo When it boots it does a correct auto-detect of all the drives and the BIOS setup works fine I have a clean new Maxtor sata that I want to format and load up with Win But it never gets to the a drive utility disk Instead after the POST completes I get a red uh-oh popup which says quot Invalid copy Press any key to continue quot Pressing keys does not clear the popup I also won t boot from any other drive including the CD No other information is displayed If I disconnect my c and d IDE hard drives the popup doesn t come up but it still doesn t start the a setup or even display a command prompt The CPU is a brand-new P right out of the box I eMailed ASUS but haven t heard back so I guess they re off for the holidays Any help would be very much appreciated nbsp

A:Asus mobo not booting!

You have to enter teh BIOS and change the boot sequence so that it goes something like A, CD-ROM, SATA

The Windows 2000 CD is bootable so you can start off that.
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what motherboard is the best of these tree?



A:Asus, MSI or Gigabyte mobo?

All 3 are extremely good. We are all a little partial and favour Gigabyte, but IMO go with the one that is cheapest.

I will be building a computer this Wednesday with the MSI GD65. So if you hold out till then I can tell you my impressions of the board then.
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I'm trying to find an english manual for my MOBO. All I can find is a Chinese one, anyone know where I can find an English 1?

Relevancy 51.17%


I am wondering is my MOBO, p5kpl-cm asus, hot swappable or compatible?

A:p5kpl-cm asus MOBO

You want to know if your motherboard is 'hot-swappable'?

Think about it this way, is it possible to remove your motherboard from the computer without affecting the ongoing operation of your computer? Would your computer not mind not having the motherboard for any given amount of time?
Relevancy 51.17%

I have spent about a week reading through the fixes offered in these great forums but have been unable to fix my system.

I have a ASUS P5E WS Pro mobo. I have tried removing my sound card, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling sound card, reinstalling drivers and all combos of the above and yet I still can't get any sound.

If I play a cd and go into manage audio devices I see the speaker level changing so it is detecting the sound but nothing out of my speakers.

Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:ASUS Mobo - No sound

Do you have sound from the ports built into your motherboard? I would recommend you test this with your add in sound card removed.
I have an Asus P5K motherboard and am using the built in sound.

Let me know
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Ok, so heres the deal. Recently my Asus K8N (AMD socket 754) mobo died on me (possibly becuase of a really bad thunderstorm here) and it left my computer completly useless. Since then I've got a new mobo (Asus A8V - AMD socket 939), a new chip, some more memory, and a new PSU. Here the problem. When I boot it up, it gets to the Win XP load screen and instantaniously restarts. I think this is because the drivers from my old board are conflicting with the new hardware.
My question:
Is there a way for me to get rid of the old drivers and install the new ones without formating my entire drive or buying another Asus K8N board? I really don't want to loose my files, programs, and settings.

Thanks in advance,
Mike S.
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well, read the topic....

Of the three, which is the best??? I am a hardcore gamer.. I play games like far cry, Tribes: Vengeance, and so on...

Thanks, Zman

A:How do DFI Mobo's compare to MSI and Asus?

From what I hear, DFI is feature packed, and a good board for someone who really wants to OC and squeeze out a few frames out of their system, Not that this can't be done with an ASUS.
On the downside, I have heard that the DFI boards aren't that stable, ever. If you OC, you know how frustrating it can be to have your board lock up as you try to find the perfect settings, and then having to clear the CMOS. (In that respect I would compare it with a Gigabyte board)

MSI is good, my favorite thing about MSI is the documentation that comes with the board, usually everything is explained very clearly and there is no need to guess what the right setting or jumper would be.

ASUS is just a all around great board! You can't go wrong there.
My 939 system uses a Chaintech Zenith VE, also a very nice board and so far I love it!
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Hi I upgraded can get new asus mobo, not video to an asus a n x-x motherboard with an AMD athlon cpu All the other parts were carried over from my old computer I installed the board and my Geforce Mx video card and do not receive any video signal I know the card is good because it worked in a new asus mobo, can not get video friend s computer The system starts up all LED s light all fans spin continously the cdROMS work even the video card fan spins I just do NOT get any video I tried using at least different video cards including one PCI card all others were AGP and still have had no luck I reset the CMOS multiple times I tried switching out the RAM in all different combinations of the three sticks new asus mobo, can not get video I have available including only one in the main slot I have disconnected everything except for the video card There are no beeps when it new asus mobo, can not get video starts up I tried a different powersupply too Basically I have switched out reset and checked everything my friends and I can possibly think of with no luck I highly doubt the board is bad because everything lights up and receives power I am absolutely desperate for help here and will accept try any suggestion that anyone has Me and everyone I talk to can not think of anything else that could possibly be done I read through dozens of threads on this site and others about troubleshooting and have tried everything I can find but to no avail Please help me out nbsp

A:new asus mobo, can not get video

You did not mention it so ,did you try the Display and Cable on a different machine to test.
Welcome to Techspot!
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Bought an Asus Z8NA-D6C Dual Xeon motherboard and is now having problem to get it work. I tested psu, ram and even download the latest bios, the board just don't boot. I having been using a single cpu for testing at all times. Any idea from anyone? Please advise.

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Well I was just wondering what possible upgrades I could put on my asus A V X-X MOBO It s a rather old version and I tried to find the info needed but came home from a sad voyage on that one All I need to know is what better parts could I possibly add to it with the given MOBO and the hardware already installed on it CPU AMD athlon XP MMX DNow at GHz GRAPHICS NVIDIA GeForce MX with MB VideoRAM SOUND AD SoundMax integrated audio NIC integrated on MOBO HARDDISK WDC WD JB- ETA RAM MB DDR on box it says that it canhave DDR DDR and DDR could Just on put asking I what mobo about my info some asus modules So could someone advise me what best to do when I want to upgrade the performance without getting a new MOBO installed and with the data given I gave this data to the best extend I could cause the MOBO was a bulk version and came with no real manual Thanks in advance Yours Sincerely ThePhantomPain nbsp

A:Just asking some info about what I could put on my asus mobo

Asus should have the manual online.

You could get a faster CPU, more ram and a new video card.
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Have a ASUS A8N32-SLI mobo with 2x1GB sticks of Crucial DDR-400 memory running XP Pro SP2 perfect. I have version 1009 of the AMI BIOS. Added 2 more 1GB of the same Crucial id memory, although they do not look physically identical, and booted up. I did not make any BIOS or boot.ini changes.

Belarc Advisor shows 2,288MB of memory with all 4x1GB DIMM's showing.

MS System Info tool shows 4,096MB Physical memory and 1.536GB available.

CPU-Z shows 4,096MB at 200MHz Frequency. For it's SPD all 4 sticks have same timings and max Bandwidth.
However on the two new sticks the mfgr.# is all zero's, the part # is blank and the serial # is all F's.
Everything reads fine for the 2 old sticks.

I understand that XP cannot use ALL the 4GB, but it does not seem to be using ANY of the 2 new GB's. Can someone help me use them.

Relevancy 51.17%

recently my hard drive crashed on me during a routine defrag, I got a "check disk" error, so i reboot and my comp cant find my OS (win 2000). so i bought a SATA drive and tried a fresh install with XP sp1 and i cant get past the 3rd party driver install ( for the raid controller on the mobo)
so i put another hard drive in (WD IDE) and when i try to install xp i says it doesn't see a hard drive. i went into the bios and i can see it there. the hard drive is set as master and iv checked all connections and cables.
any one know what could cause this? would flashing my BIOS help?

any advice appreciated.
ASUS A7n8x-e deluxe
amd 2.2
WD caviar 60gig
-WD SATA 200 gig
OS xp sp1

A:asus mobo prob


Let's talk about the WD IDE drive. If you have it alone on a ribbon cable, you must remove all jumpers and put it on the end of the ribbon cable in master position. See if that helps.
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I've been reading that it is possible to set a SATA-300 HDD to run at a speed of SATA-150 on boards that support only SATA-150. Is this true? If it is, what do I have to do to set this up so that I can purchase a SATA-300 HDD to work on my mobo that only supports SATA-150.

A:Can I use SATA-300 on Asus K8V-X SE Mobo?

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Vista 64bit
Asus Rampage Formula motherboard
HD 4870 X2 GPU

The sound was fine until recently. Starting a couple of months ago, I would intermittently get no sound after booting up. I would always solve this by disabling AMD High Definition Audio Device under Device Manager.

A couple of days ago, this no longer worked. Over the last couple of days, I have tried nearly everything; I have uninstalled the drivers for both of the sound controllers and reinstalled them countless times, I have installed Realtek HD sound drivers, reinstalled ATI Catalyst, ensuring that the sound driver is being installed, switched to AC97 in BIOS and then back to HD, but nothing seems to work.

This is how the sound controllers appear under Device Manager. I don't understand why there are two. I guess the first is the GPU one?

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks.

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i need some help. i have just finished puting a machine together, and after installing windows, i find that the MOBO makes a squeeking noise everytime there is some IO interaction, i.e. moving scroll bars, maximise/minimise applications.

im pretty sure its not the PSU/Hardrive.

can anyone please help.


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Okay I am beginning to look at building my new computer and I had a few questions.

What are some opinions on Athlon XP vs Pentium 4?
Which is faster? Which has better prices?

What are some good motherboards for either?

Also what are some good internet sites for a newbie with some basic computer experience (I know basic info and have installed several components on my current computer).

Thanks for your opinions and info.

A:Basic CPU & Mobo Questions

I personally do not think speed is that much of an issue, given today's clock speeds. I do prefer a Pentium 4 because it has less energy consumption, and less heat generated, than the Athlon. (And you get a really decent heatsink if you buy the retail version of the P4).

Can't tell you much about motherboards, because I cannot remember exact models, but I have a bias for Asustek and Abit.

For sites, the only three I really visit are Techspot, Anandtech and CDRinfo. Tweak3D, occasionally.
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Just some questions when I change my Mobo. I am putting in a new mobo,cpu,heatsing, psu,vid card, and memory. I am reusing old atx case, sound card,tv card,HDD's,floppy,cd,and dvd Drives.
#1-will I have to re-install Windows XP or will it just boot up from the original install?
#2 What other dangers will be present?
Thanks for any help, this place ROCKS!

A:Questions regarding Mobo change

Windows doesn't like a massive change to hardware once it's installed. If you're only running one hard drive, you'll have to reinstall the os once you replace all the hardware.
I did find out (by accident on my daughter's computer) that if you had two hard drives (her main hd was used XP Home as the operating system with full SP2; slave drive only had XP Home with SP1), and I did an upgrade on hers. I swapped out my old IDE hard drive because it was bigger than hers and was going to use it for storage on hers as a slave. I then took her original slave drive with only XP and SP 1 on it and changed the jumpers from slave to master, hooked it up and to my surprise it booted.
I'm not going to say this will work everytime, but it did for me. If you only have one hard drive, you'd better back up everything you want to save, then upgrade and reinstall the os. It's better to do a clean install to take care of any problems which may arise later from the original os, so don't just do a Windows repair from the disk, do a complete install.
Best of luck.
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Hey to MoBo - Questions Wanting buy new I have a Gigabyte K Triton K NS Ultra- with an AGP slot and I just recently bought a new vid card Wanting to buy new MoBo - Questions because my Asus Geforce GT keeps dying on me but I ended up buying a PCI-E card thinking that my current MoBo supports it Big mistake but I don t want to return the Wanting to buy new MoBo - Questions card knowing of its potential power so I was thinking of just buying a new MoBo instead but ive never installed a MoBo before Now heres the questions Will the installation of Wanting to buy new MoBo - Questions a new MoBo require any major inconveniences in terms of reconnecting all of my HDs DVDrom vid card CPU and all of my current hardware I mean is it just like installing a new video card nice and easy or is it more than that Following question will installing the new MoBo require any type major inconveniences like the reformatting of my HDs i have regular IDE drives one which is partitioned and then SATA HD Is it better to get another Gigabyte MoBo rather than Asus or any other diff maker and lastly Is it a bad idea to purchase a GA-K N Pro-SLI if it IS in fact a good idea to get another Gigabyte MoBo from eBay because I can t find it anywhere else Thank you very much for your time and response I really appreciate it because I just want to get my comp back up and running The link to the GA-K N Pro-SLI I found on eBay is below Wes http cgi ebay com ws eBayISAPI dl loc closed view item amp refwidgettype osi widget nbsp

A:Wanting to buy new MoBo - Questions

Mostly, it depends on the health of your wallet!

S939 boards are obsolete now, and buying one second hand is about the only option - obviously there's no garauntee how long it will last...

It is a biggish job, but if you take your time, it's pretty straightforward. The #1 thing is to make sure all the Motherboard Spacers are under the Screwholes & nowhere else, and clean the CPU & Heatsink of old thermal goo thoroughly, and apply some new stuff. I find hooking up the Front Panel Connectors is the hardest bit - I have big fingers! Having an 11 year old Daughter really helps in that instance...

If you went for a New 'Board - either to suit an AM2, or Core2, you'll also need new RAM, as yours uses DDR, and the new standard is DDR2.

As for Windows - a fresh install is always the best option, but if you get a 2nd hand Board with a similar Chipset, a Repair install will work, whereas a brand new one with any chipset will be completely foreign to your Windows install, and a Format / Reinstall is the only option.

I'd recommend getting a Core2 of any flavour {e4xxx and above}, a P35 Chipset 'Board and some DDR800. You'll have an up to date system, full warranty, great performance for your $, and blow the 939 away.