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Can i change my laptop GPU?

Q: Can i change my laptop GPU?

Can I change my laptop GPU? I have ASUS PRO5DIN with Intel Core2Duo T5870 2GHz and 4GB of RAM is there a way to change my GPU cuz its slow and I cant play a lot of games... My GPU is nVidia GeForce G102M ... Thx in advance ...

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Preferred Solution: Can i change my laptop GPU?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can i change my laptop GPU?

Nikihak said:

Can I change my laptop GPU? I have ASUS PRO5DINClick to expand...

Give ASUS a call and ask what if anything they have available.

There are some Notebooks that allow GPU upgrades. Knowing which ones allow upgrades and the correct upgrades to use, is something you would need to ask the manufacturer.
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hey There are many having a lot of problems Win Win 7 Laptop Change from on 8 to with this but i have now a problem i cant google my way to help Problem After installing Win ultimate x windows won't launch Bios Start and when windows is supposed to launch it restart and continue in a infinity loop I feel there is something more to be done in Bios or i did something wrong under install I have done this before with success not in this computer Computer Acer Aspire V G What i have done In bios i changed to Legasy BIOS and disable secure boot also disable quite boot Under install I did it normaly except i followed this little thing quot At first installer screen Press Shift F to open a Command Box type DISKPART LIST DISK SEL DIS after confirming Windows target HD CLEAN CONVERT MBR CREATE PARTITION PRIMARY SIZE for gb partition adjust as desired FORMAT FS NTFS LABEL quot WINDOWS quot ACTIVE EXIT EXIT quot Let me know if there is something else i could Change from Win 8 to Win 7 on Laptop be doing Can't find any logic adjustment i Bios Thanks Urban

A:Change from Win 8 to Win 7 on Laptop

I have now tested to do everything once again to see if i did something wrong.
Unfortunately it did not help.

The result is the same.
Bios launch and then restart after Bios screen is gone.
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Hi, asking on behalf of a friend.

He has purchased an hp laptop with Windows 7 Home premium (32 bit).

If I lend him my Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit) disk can he change to a 64 bit install of Windows 7 Home Premium? Evidently he will need to use the key on the sticker underneath his laptop. We both realise it will need to be a clean/custom install.


I guess I'm asking this,
Do windows 7 and vista share the same approach with disks and keys:
There are two disks: 32 bit and 64 bit.
There are nine major keys available: Home premium (Retail/Upgrade/OEM), Pro (Retail/Upgrade/OEM), Ultimate (Retail/Upgrade/OEM)
Retail allows the transfer of licenses. Upgrade is a 'discount' license for people who have XP or Vista or a lower version of Windows 7. OEM does not allow for transfer of licenses.


I'd be particularly grateful to hear responses from people who have managed this (on windows 7).

A:New laptop with 32 bit, change to 64 bit

The key from the bottom of the laptop will not work. That is an OEM key for his version of 7. If he tries to install with your DVD, when he puts the key from the computer it will be rejected. The key is tired into the version of the OS.

Im sorry that this is not the answer that you wanted, but I wish you the best and an Happy New Year.
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I currently have this exact cpu in my laptop and i was wondering if i could update it to this one or this one also i was wondering would any of these cpu changes cause overheating problems. Right now the current cpu i have doesnt produce like any heat but the hd and mobo produce quite a bit.

A:Laptop cpu change

No you probably cant for a few reasons.

- That cpu would create much more heat, so it probably would overheat on you.

- Laptops are not like desktops where if the socket is the same it should support all other cpus from the same socket.

I would not even waste $$ on trying to upgrade it sincei t probably wont work and in the process of upgrading you ould break something else.
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Hi, I have two laptops(15-p001au, 15-ac658tx). Can I change HDD to SSD on my laptop?and what kind of SSD is good for my laptop? Also, I want to replace HDD to install a caddy instead of odd, but I don't know what ODD is my own laptop. when I watched caddy in eBay and I watched two types of caddy each 9.5, 12.7 But I don't know which type is better to my laptop.
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My new laptop has a broken IC_RAM. The told me I'd have to buy another motherboard. However I found another laptop : HP proBook 6540b  cheaper than the motherboard. Is it possible to change my existing ssd drive to the other laptop?Will it work?
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I am currently using AMD Turion X2 2.00ghz CPU although it is not very powerful. CPU rating score is 4.9 whereas my GPU has 6.0 score. I have enough graphics card for gaming but the CPU is weak to play it on high fps rate.

My laptop isn't that old so I don't want to buy a new one. I just want to replace the CPU with a better one. Is it possible to change the CPU in a computer? If possible what do you offer for me?

A:Is it possible to change the CPU in a laptop?

Well, it is possible, but i do not recommend it.
All laptops and ready built dektop pcs are sold with an exact 'fit' power supply to cut down costs.
Therefore if you upgrade your cpu you would have to change the psu in a laptop, which would be Really unprofessional and unstable.
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Assuming in the near future,  I would like to change my present HD to SSD.Is this possible ?  If that is possible, how to do it myself.Your kind advice is much appreciated.Thanking you all in advance.
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I bought my laptop last year. it is still on warranty.
it had a hardware problem with its camera, and I sent it to the company where I bought it for reparation. They repaired my camera but they formatted my laptop. the problem is that they overwrited my true OS and put theirs but their OS have many problems. there is bugs, BSOD, and it always bug when I make a factory reset. Do you think they will accept change my laptop for a new one?

A:Change my laptop for a new one

can you explain a little further by what you mean by


but they formatted my laptop. the problem is that they overwrited my true OS and put theirs

How long ago did they do the repair ?
I would re-contact the supplier and have the discussion to change

what country are you in?
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My father passed away and now I have his laptop it's an apple. I can use it but I can't download any programs. He was the only person who knew the password. I have no idea what to do, Please help

A:Password change on mac laptop

Please read the TSG Rules before posting again. We no longer provide any help with lost passwords. Obviously, we can't determine the real intent here, so our policy is to abstain from any assistance in these matters.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite A135-S4407 and i want to make it a gaming laptop.. the problem is it has a crappy integrated video card... I was wondering if i could take an AGP 6800 GS 4x speed and stick it in the laptop???

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I have a Toshiba Windows 7 laptop. I used to be able to change the background on my screen before and now I cannot. When I got to control panel to change my desktop background it pops up, "disabled by system administrator" So I logged in as the administrator (I am right now) and still I cannot find out how to change the settings so that when I log in on my account to be able to change the background. This is MY laptop. I am the only user.
What do I do to make my account able to change the background again..???

A:I cannot change the background on my laptop!!! Help...

Hi kimmyco,

Try right click on the actual image you want and select "set as desktop background" a admin verification box should pop up so enter your normal login details,

If that doesnt work go Start->Control Panel->User Accounts and Family Safety->Users and find the "Change User Account Control settings" and bring the bar right down to "never notifiy" reboot and see if problem persists.
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i have an ASUS K42JP with Intel Core i5 560M, which is 1st generation, dual-core
can i replace it with a Core i7 3612QM one, which is a Quad-core 3rd generation processor?

A:Can i change my laptop's processor?

I think you'll find compatibility issues with the motherboard. You'll probably want to determine the mobo make and model and then research whether or not it can handle that Quad-core 3rd generation processor. Another consideration is how much disassembly will be required to access the old processor. This manual may give you an idea of what's in store:

How to disassemble Asus K series notebook >> Inside my laptop
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Hi all,

I was wondering if it is possible or particularily unadvisable to change my laptop keyboard to one by a different manufacturer?

I've recently got a new laptop (Acer Aspire 5742G) and all is grand, except for the fact that I can't stand having a keyboard with a numpad. The arrow keys are too small and the Fn + whatever keys are all in places I don't like.

This isn't a big problem or anything, I'm just curious to know if anyone has done it.


P.S I know I cant just buy an external keyboard. I'm talking about replacing the internal keyboard the laptop has on it

A:Change Laptop Keyboard

Hi stubbyhs, I'm afraid you will find all laptop keyboards are like that, I don't know what would happen if you tried a standard size usb keyboard plugged in ait works with a mouse so possible I suppose never tried it
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Below is insert from the help menu, but when I press on the FN button, nothing happens.

You can set the brightness of many laptops by pressing and holding the Fn key, and then pressing a function key to decrease brightness ( ) or increase brightness ( ). When using Display Color Calibration on a laptop, set the display to the maximum brightness setting.

A:How to change brightness on my laptop?

You must hold the FN key down and press one of the F keys (top row) at the same time, I think it's F9 and F10 to change the brightness on HP laptops, there will probably be a 'sun' symbol on the key with up or down arrows.
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Can somebody help me? I bought new laptop Sony Vaio VGN-FW190 but it has Vista. I hate this operation system so I want to uninstall it and install XP. I found drivers for my laptop but I don?t know where and how to start. I did a lot with computers long time ago but never have installed operation system with drivers. Please help.

A:Change Vista for XP on laptop

First you'll have to get a copy of XP. Then you'll have to install all the XP drivers (not the Vista one's).I'd suggest saving any recovery partition that may exist, and any recovery disks that you may have.First copy all the drivers to a CD so that you'll have them handy when it's time to load them.Next, determine how you're going to load the SATA drivers if you've got a SATA hard drive (either via floppy, or via slipstreaming them into the installation CD).Then install XP, pressing F6 at the first screen to load the SATA drivers (it says something to the effect of "Press F6 to load SCSI/RAID drivers")Once the installation is done, insert the CD with the drivers. Install the drivers in the order recommended in this link:
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I have an Acer Aspire G with Windows x and Windows x as a dual-boot I use as my everyday OS and only boot into to play older games that only work with a -bit OS Ever since I installed Windows I have not been able to adjust the brightness of my screen Note that this problem started since I installed not and before I put on the copy of as a dual-boot When I use Fn left right the brightness keys on my PC the brightness slider appears on-screen and goes up and can change on 7 I brightness on Win Can't but 8, laptop down but the brightness of the panel doesn't actually change Using the Charm doesn't help either nor does adjusting it through the Control Panel Can't change laptop brightness on 8, but I can on Win 7 I have tried fiddling with my Power Options in the Control Panel and disabling adaptive brightness I have tried several different driver versions for my GPU a GeForce M GT None of this has helped In Windows however the brightness controls work fine If I want to adjust my brightness for I have to boot into change the brightness there and then boot back into where it will keep whatever brightness setting I was using in Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this Is there some messed-up thing in the Registry Is my GPU's firmware maybe just not compatible with Windows I took a look at TechPowerUp's repository of GPU BIOSes but it appears I already have the most recent one

A:Can't change laptop brightness on 8, but I can on Win 7

Hello Jxl,
Found this on the Geforce website:

Not sure if it will help but does not seem like a bad place to start

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Currently My laptop with Window 7 Operating System. Can i change the OS with XP. The laptop came with OS Windows 7. While I m trying to change the OS with XP, it throws BLUE SCREEN error. Can anyone help me out how to overwrite Window 7 with XP

Thanks in Advance

A:How to change OS XP for Windows7 laptop

Reformat your hard drive and install XP. There is no direct downgrade without a reformat.
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I have xp home and its been reading what i thought was military time but right now the time says 00:49. I dont even think that is military time. I tried clicking on the clock and changing things but I dont see where I can change this. Thanks in advance for your help.

A:How Do I Change The Clock On My Laptop?

Go Start > Control Panel > Regional and Language Options.
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Hello,I have laptop hp pavilion 15-n242se.can I change HDD to SSD in my laptop ?and what kind of SSD is best for my laptop ?
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i have hp pavilion g6 amd A10 2312 AX 1TB 4 GB RAM 2.5 GB Graphics Windows 8 quadcore processor and i want my processor to i5, is it possible?

A:can i change my laptop processor

you can't change from an AMD cpu to an Intel cpu.
download the service manual from hp support site for you model to see if can be upgrade
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ok got a 2596US Laptop its got its ram maxed, its got a new 7200 rpm 8mb cache drive, things are fine cept for one thing. Its got a celeron 2.6. Ive done some research and found its sister laptop (2598US), uses the exact same mobo (hp part number 355478-001), so what I was wondering the sister product uses a Pentium D 2.66. Would the Pentium D version work in the celeron place?

Heres where I got the info ..

2596US Parts Info

2598US Parts Info

I also Noticed that hp's price is like 4 times what the same processor is elsewhere .. ive never ordered straight from the manufact. and by the looks of it i never will .. whewww they certainly like profit.

A:Laptop Cpu Change - Compaq

if the associated parts with the cpu are similar it would be possible to upgrade. the problem with upgrading cpus in laptops ids cooling is designed for certian processors.
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hp1840 (U3E1) mother board i am having in my laptop with i3-2370 processor, is it possible to change the processor which will compatible to the mother board? please help me out if, and its has  radeon 2gb graphic card as well still works slow.  Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardModel 1840 (U3E1)Version 56.2CChipset Vendor IntelChipset Model Sandy BridgeChipset Revision 09Southbridge Vendor IntelSouthbridge Model HM76Southbridge Revision 04System Temperature 56 °CBIOSBrand InsydeVersion F.14Date 9/20/2012PCI DataSlot PCISlot Type PCISlot Usage AvailableData lanes x16Slot Designation PCI Express Slot 1Characteristics PME, Hot PlugSlot Number 0Slot PCISlot Type PCISlot Usage AvailableData lanes x1Slot Designation PCI Express Slot 2Characteristics 5V, 3.3V, PMESlot Number 1

View Solution.

A:change the processor of my laptop

The Manual seems to say you can install an i7-3632QM, which is a major leap from what you have. So much so, I am trying to get a second opinion from @erico  so I do not send you down a blind alley. But I am pretty sure you can.
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We have a user who really has very little knowledge about PC's and has been given an awesome laptop. This user will need to change the IP address from time to time and I have created a batch file using netsh to allow him to change the IP based off of what branch he will be at. The thing is, he does not have sufficient rights to make the change. I am not sure how to grant him access to be able to change the IP address. I don't want to give him admin rights, because the next thing you know, there will be a lot of crappy software on this business laptop. Any thoughts welcomed.


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HI AGAIN yea. im gunna be posting a lot of unanswered questions. my laptop has a CPU i can access. can you change laptop processors??? if so what would you recomend for


my current is intel centrino duo. 2 cores 1.80GHZ+1.80GHZ

A:laptop processor change

Originally Posted by nostaw5

HI AGAIN yea. im gunna be posting a lot of unanswered questions. my laptop has a CPU i can access. can you change laptop processors??? if so what would you recomend for


my current is intel centrino duo. 2 cores 1.80GHZ+1.80GHZ

stability will be fine on any cpu. gaming wise you will will need a dedicate graphics card which can't be changed on a laptop. as for getting another one, you will have to find out the socket a processor will support. use cpu-z to find out. post back.
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Any advice would be helpful? I have a Toshiba Satellite and ordered a new keyboard. I've never cracked open a laptop before and I'm a bit nervous about it.

A:Anyone ever change a laptop keyboard?


I think you'll find what you need here:

Take care!
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I am using windowsXP.

I have a group of friends who loves to play casino games together. However online casinos do not allow multiple accounts on the same PC.

So I decide to delete cookies and some window registry entries hoping that these casinos would see my PC as new to them. I also change the internet IP address. I also change the browser IE user agent string.

However, they can still identify my PC.

I then wonder :-
1) what information they gather?
2) can I change this identity?
3) will reformatting delete all my previous PC identity

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speedfan is giving me 33c for my hdd and 57c for my cpu temp....but my fans arent spinning as fast as i have seen them go....anyway to modify the fans on my laptop so they will run more?..or even replace them with a more powerful one??

my laptop is a thinkpad t42 and i have not undated the information in speedfan for my motherboard because i don't know the correct information and it says entering the wrong information can be extremely harmful if anyone can help me out with that too it would be great..thanks

A:possible to change/modify laptop fan?

My advice, go into bios and turn off cpu fan control or something. If that option is not avaliable, I'm sorry.
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i have a sony viao notebook and its all in chinese please how do i change the language Ialready tried the regional language setting but nothing

A:how to change my laptop language

You have to buy and install an English language version of Windows.
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hello guys, how to change resolution to 1024x768 in laptop 10 inch with win 7. i was download new driver intel 945 express chipset, but still not work. my resolution now is 1024x600. SO HELP MEEEEEE PLISSSS!!!

A:How do I change laptop resolution?

Hello hakimarx and welcome

Right click the desktop and choose Screen Resolution, change the resolution through the 2nd drop down menu

Screen Resolution - Display Settings
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When I go to RUN and type Ipconfig I get...
Ethernet adapter Wireless Network Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . : xx2.xx8.1.1

When I go to
Your IP Address Is 24.4x.54.1xx

What I have tried...

ipconfig /release & /renew
Right clicking Local Area Connection > Properties method
Lots of programs

I'm out of options.
I have a Linksys router, I have a Dell computer laptop.

If you need more information just ask, I'm not very good with the whole "Submask" "Subnet" mumbo jumbo. You'll have to bear with me.

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I have a laptop running Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. When I run ipconfig/all I see that its ip address is the same as that of another PC on my home wireless network. Where and how do I change this laptop's ip address to a different one? Thank you.

A:change laptop's ip address

Can we change the IP Address

Look at post #2 and finally at post #4
Post back if you need more help!
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I have to change the mobo because the interface for the charger gives off smoke. I tried a different power cord and same thing smoke would go off. Its a hp laptop. Now if i can find the mobo and switch it out, how difficult is it? And i want to keep the hdd data. How do i keep that data once i plug the hdd to the new mobo?

A:Laptop needs mobo to be changed. How can I change it?

You look up the make and model number for the motherboard in that HP and either get one from HP or somewhere else like Ebay. You will need the workshop manual for your model from HP -- download as a PDF.
If the motherboard is identical to the one you have, and you have fitted it correctly, the disk should just work as before.

It is not difficult if you follow the manual and take care not to force things, but you do need to be patient and mechanical skill is a good idea.. You should make a paper/card template for the screws and bits as you take them apart.
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I purchased my Dell Inspiron laptop a year ago and up until recently it had worked fine however recent problems i have encountered have been as change cannot and brightness, sleep, Laptop more. follows -If i close the lid or use any other method to try to put the laptop into sleep mode the screen will turn off as normal but it cannot be woken by any means requiring a forced shutdown then restart -If the laptop is left to idle to long and the screen turns off but not to sleep the same situation as above occurs -Sometimes but not every time when the laptop Laptop cannot sleep, change brightness, and more. is restarted it doesn't recognize any AMD graphics driver or any AMD device which i assume means it cannot detect the card -Sometimes but not every time and seemingly not linked to the AMD problems when the laptop is restarted I am unable to adjust the brightness of the screen by any means the keyboard buttons do not work and the options usually found in the power options are no longer visible -I sometimes get a device manager code for the Intel graphics HD Laptop cannot sleep, change brightness, and more. family Laptop cannot sleep, change brightness, and more. Specs -Intel i - u core - bit proccessor -AMD Radeon HD I had these problems earlier in the year and they were fixed with a factory reset but one day while trying to play a game the laptop crashed and after the forced update these problems arose again I called dell support to no avail and I've searched for an answer but i cannot find it likely due to my lack of technical understanding If anyone can help id be grateful If I've left off important information please ask and i will find it
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Id like to first start off by saying I apologize if this is in the wrong thread I know a bit about computers but not a lot so I without laptop brightness Cant reboot change wasnt sure what thread would be best for Cant change laptop brightness without reboot a brightness Cant change laptop brightness without reboot problem Secondly I know my laptop is old I'd love to get a new one but thats not an option So essentially ive been this having this problem for a good long while It just randomly acts up and then fixes when I restart my computer I wont be able to change my brightness AT ALL FN keys dont work The brightness slider does show up doesnt work and trying to change from high performace to balanced doesnt work either and yes the sliders are different in the settings Ive looked everywhere for a solution to this problem and just cant find a thing Either people have a different brightness problem or a different solution which doesnt work for me So any help would be greatly apperciated Im hoping that since Ive come across so many other brightness problems on my search maybe someone will be able to help me with mine Thank you

A:Cant change laptop brightness without reboot

Hi Mark ... Welcome to Seven Forums ... What Toshiba Software have you got Installed ?...

Do you have the Function Key Software Installed ? ...
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I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 that I bought this January, and it came w. Vista.
I have a Windows XP CD from my old computer, can i use it to change this laptop back to XP?
Or is there any other ways ?

And its not that I dont lik Vista, but a new game (Sims3) is comming out and the minimum GHz for XP is 2.0 but for Vista is 2.4, I only have 2.1
So i figure if i change to XP i should be good to play it.

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hello everybody my bro is having a concern about his laptop he bought a new samsung unit jarir bookstore here in saudi arabia but when he booted it while he was problem language change Laptop there at the Laptop language change problem store the language was arabic so he called the in-house tech staff to change his language to english and after some time they gave him his unit running in english language Now here's the concern samsung has this nifty pre-installed program called SAMSUNG RECOVERY SOLUTION which takes a system backup the st time you open your unit so my bro is thinking that the technician went on to backup his entire initial system settings with the ARABIC LANGUAGE so if ever his system gets in trouble in the future and he reverts back to that initial backup he would get that ARABIC windows I'm just wondering if there is some way to make a code or something or if there's one that's already existing to one-click change this ARABIC language into ENGLISH Coz I tried to change the language settings of a windows in arabic into english through ICONS only but I can't do it so please help out

A:Laptop language change problem

He will have to go through Control Panel> Regional and Language settings>Regional options to change the language.
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If I cannot sort out this problem with my Dell Inspiron from 2010, can you folks help me to upgrate a new bought laptop ( will be windows 10) to windows 7 ?

Then I might buy one, when I get the money together.

A:can I change if no other choice, new buy laptop to windows 7

Why don`t you try to find one with Windows 7 on it ?

They`re still out there.

But of course we can help you
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Okay so I was wondering, if a laptop has a Wireless G card in it, internal, is it possible to change it to a wireless N card? (This is probably a dumb question...)

I was wondering if (and in what cases if you can do it at all) can you change a laptop's wireless card?
(I actually don't see how it's possible, but I thought i'd ask...)

A:Is it possible to change the wireless card in a laptop?

Yes, by purchasing a pcmcia card, to insert in the pcmcia hole on the side of the computer (that little flappy narrow door thing on the side)
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Stupid question alert:
Is it possible for a person using my windows xp laptop to change settings on my vista desktop , when they have never touched the desktop?

A:Change desktop settings from laptop?

You might be able to do that with Remote Desktop. Not totally sure, just a hunch. I can instruct you on how to disable Remote Desktop if you like. It enables another Windows user to log in to a different machine and use it as if he or she were actually in front of the remote machine. It can be super-handy, but also a security risk.

The other possibility is an infection.

What kind of settings were changed?
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The hardware buttons at the top which allow me to control volume, brightness etc have no effect on my new laptop.  Please help !

A:New laptop, none of the fn buttons work so I can't change br...

Hi, Try reinstalling the HotKey driver on the following link. Regards, DP-K
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i have looked all over my gateway laptop and i cannot change the default monitor i dont want to use the laptop monitor i want to use an external monitor i have plugged in i can only put the external monitor as an extension

and a side note can i close my laptop monitor and keep running like it wont lock the laptop or put it into hibernate if any one can help me it would be much appreciated.

A:change laptop default monitor

Welcome to TSG

I think it's usually Fn and F5 to alternate between laptop screen and external monitor , though I could be wrong ( I dont own a laptop) . It'll almost certainly be Fn and one of the F-keys though .

As for what happens when you physically close the laptop the options are usually in Power Management .
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Can I change the graphics card in a laptopThe old graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 2000This newNVIDIA Quadro K2100MNote that a computer 8650w Workstation?Is the operating system compatible with this card and does not cause problems  

A:Can I change the graphics card in a laptop

Hi, The list shows compatible cards: AMD FirePro M5950 with 1GB dedicated GDDR5 video memory (Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable)AMD Eyefinity Technology supports up to five independent displays (requires discrete graphics configuration) when using an HP Advanced Docking station.NVIDIA Quadro 1000M with 2GB dedicated DDR3 video memory (Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable)NVIDIA Quadro 2000M with 2GB dedicated DDR3 video memory (Microsoft DirectX 11 (Shader Model 5.0) and OpenGL 4.0 capable)Source: Both NVIDIA Quadro 2000M and  NVIDIA Quadro K2100M require 55W I think should be ok BUT BIOS may not support this. Regards.
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Here are the specs:

I can't figure out how to get the keyboard off and I don't want to break anything.

I'm trying to change my video card so I can connect it to my analog TV - Hitachi Rear Projection 48" 1993. The current video card won't do it. Is there any other way I can accomplish this? I've heard there are adapters but I don't know what to get.

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Hey guys , recently bought Dell windows home 7 from ebay for 35quid
I was replacing my laptop os from ubuntu,

anyways , the pixels of the whole laptop/pictures/desktop look really old or poor pixels,

as you can tell im not expert in the computer field, but i have attached a few pictures
to try to explain what i mean... When i had ubuntu everything was fine the quality was perfect,

any idea what i need to do or download to recieve that picture quality again.


A:the pixels on the whole laptop look old school!! How to change?

My laptop is a toshiaba satelite C805D - I bought it in febuary. (so its not an old laptop)
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I have a Dell 700 Inspirion Laptop that is company issue. My rights are limited to user and as such can not download anything when logged into the company domain. However there is a local laptop domain, not associated with the network that I would like to change my user rights to admin or some level that will allow downloads, etc. Anyone have insight into how this is done if I don't have admin rights on either account right now. Is there a program that I could purchase that would do this?



A:Need help with how to change rights on a network Laptop

i doubt it since u prolly need an admin of ur company to change ur rights, ur company is rly gay, dont even let u dload! wtf is wrong with them, how can u not dload
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The side menu of windows 8.1 is not coming when I place my pointer at the edge of the screen.Without which its impossible for me to change my access password.Please help me
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I really want to have high framerate on high settings with i play League of Legends or any type of PC Game.

Im currently running Windows 7 and 8 on separate.


HP Pavillion g6 Notebook PC
AMD Phenom(tm) II P960 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPU's), ~1.8 GHz
6 GB of Ram
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series

A:How do i change my Laptop Graphics Card?

Generally you can't change the graphics card, as it's actually a chip soldered onto your motherboard.
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home Premium Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - QM CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX M - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - Laptop Screen Change 1080p to MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer Inc G Sx Antivirus avast Antivirus Updated and Enabled Laptop Screen Change to 1080p As you can see I have a pretty decent laptop I love it but was wondering if it is possible to change the screen to a True High Def one p from the x one that came with it The screen is inches and my machine is a Asus G Sx-bbk I m assuming I ll have to change drivers but is there anything else that would stop this conversion from working This my only machine and cannot lose it I have found the screens online but am wondering about compatability nbsp

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I recently purchased an laptop for my mother. She has mobility issues and I wondered if  I could change the sign -in so that she does not have to sign in Ideally by passing the sign in and straight to desk top options. How do I do this if ata all a
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Hi Everyone,
I was not sure where to post this thread.
Here's the thing, I have a HP Pavilion DV6 and I want to display video on a Panasonic TAU T.V.
My laptop has both VGA and HDMI video outputs and the TV has an RCA port.
I bought an HDMI to RCA cable and Plugged both ends to the right places but, no image is displayed.

I have read that i need to change the screen resolution but I don't know what else I require.

Thanks for your help.

A:How do I change the video output from my laptop

Welcome to the forum,

Is the panasonic recognized if you go to your display settings?

Display - Change Main Display

Presentation Mode - Change

These may help you with that.
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May i know whether laptop can replace latest graphic card.
mines laptop is Dell Vosto 1500,Nvidia 8600M GT 256mb, 4GHZ,XP service 2
just assume that i wanna replace it to Nvidia 8800 GT turbo 512Mb.
is that possible?

A:Laptop Graphic Card Change?

No it's onboard, on motherboard that is!
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Hello guys, I am wondering if It possible for me to change my laptop processor. Anyway there is several model of Lenovo G400 that used different processor as you can see here (Lenovo G400 Laptop | Entry-Level Laptop from Lenovo | Lenovo UAE, and mine have Intel Celeron 1005M. Is it possible to change this laptop processor for example to the one listed on the website like Intel i3-3130M? And yes, are they soldered to the motherboard? Or Do I need to replace the motherboard as well?
Thank you in advance. Any help is always appreciated. Of course sorry my bad English

A:Is it possible to change or replace laptop processor

Nope. Laptops are so cheap now days. You could buy a new one, for the price of a motherboard for the current laptop. The Celeron CPU is actually a downgraded CPU (say i2 or Core-Duo). Biggest scam was when P4's were considered high end, but the budget systems had the word "Celeron" in it. So people figured that the CPU was garbage.

I all that the laptop is being used for is Web Browsing, email, looking at PDF's, occasional documents, online streaming, the current one will be fine.

You can use CPU-Z to find out the actually Factory "die" that Current CPU is. CPU-Z | Softwares | CPUID
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Can I change the graphics card in a laptopThe old graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 2000This newAMD fire pro m4000Note that a computer 8650w Workstation?Is the operating system compatible with this card and does not cause problems
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So I was wondering, is it possible to change my laptops graphics card to a better one?

And then I also was wondering what I can do to make it faster? -I'm going to change the hdd to a 96Gb Kingston SSD HDD and I'm also going to get 2Gb more ram but what else can I do?

"My laptop"
thx 4 any advice!

A:Is it possible to change my laptop's graphics card?

Well I doubt you can get a mobile gpu off the shelf(I have never heard of it).
BTW you might as well consider buying a new laptop....
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Hello,I wanted to ask if the graphics card from my laptop HP Pavilion dv6-2009eo could be changed with one from HP Pavilion dv6-3121sl  (it is better,and can support Dx11,unlike the one i have,i don't change the laptop cause the motherboard is byebye)so i want to change:from: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4530 Series Graphicsto: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470 Graphics

A:Can i change the graphics card from my laptop?

No there is no video card. In both cases the video is soldered to and part of the motherboard so if the motherboard is dead on the dv6-3121sl there is no video card to salvage and swap over to the older laptop. Sorry.
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As I thought it may ASUS SSD S400CA to Change from HDD in laptop be useful to some one in my shoes I am posting below what I did Aim To change to SSD before switching over to Windows Research Selection of SSD Search was made for brand and size After lot Change from HDD to SSD in ASUS S400CA laptop of search in may sites regarding performance and comments by users I decided to go for Samsung Then I have decided to go for Evo than Pro as Evo has performance nearer to Pro and good value Then size is decided as GB as SSD at US and external WD passport ultra TB at US had more working and backup space than Evo GB at US Method of change to SSD Whether first migrate data to SSD or Change over to SSD and then migrate data or change over to SSD Change from HDD to SSD in ASUS S400CA laptop and install new windows As original installation was windows and then it was upgraded to windows Change from HDD to SSD in ASUS S400CA laptop factory reset leads to windows only Further months use laptop with various software install and uninstall I thought it is better to go for new installation of windows after putting SSD After browsing I found that this is possible as key for windows is stored in UEFI BIOS However in case any problem crops up I wanted to go for old installation Hence after lot of research decided to for free Macrium reflect to do backup image and rescue USB Stick Then made image and rescue disk Then I downloaded windows ISO using Create installation media for Windows I mounted ISO and copied files to fat formatted USB stick of GB Process of installing SSD and new windows Here I followed You tube video given below https www youtube com watch v auVVVgvbjc After installation of SSD I booted from USB and installed windows without any problem with my Microsoft account Use of image After installation I found that I should have made back up personal xlsb file and also windows wallpaper background folder Here Macrium image came useful Once Macrium reflect is installed image can be browsed and file or folder can be copied With this facility I have recovered my Personal xlsb and background folder
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How do i change my mac address on a laptop Win 7? I know how to do it on a desktop but unsure how on a laptop over wifi.

A:[SOLVED] How to change my MAC on my laptop wifi

You can not change your MAC address this is a embedded address with in the wifi device also any other network adapter in the hardware it's self and it is read only access.
Or are you referring to your IP address?
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Few weeks ago my Asus Eee 1001p display broke when it fell down. I had the display replaced and after that when I switched my computer back on the screen went blue. I checked the forums and found a few stories about BSOD. After that I installed a new windows(7 ultimate, before was windows 7 starter) and put chipset and graphics driver on. The graphics card is intel gma 3150. But the screen still turns blue.
Could anyone suggest sth else also?

A:Laptop BSOD after display change

Can you boot in safe mode?

Also please attach minidumps for analysis with your next post (you can find them in C:\windows\minidump). Regards
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I had gotten a laptop and the hard drive kept crashing and wouldnt recover or let me install XP over vista. I installed XP on a new and the hard drive works fine on my other computer but when I put it on the laptop it starts to load windows and then blue screens for a split second and then reboots. I have a gateway M-6846. Any suggestions on what to look at on this would be greatly appreciated.

A:Laptop keeps rebooting after change from VISTA to XP

It sounds like you installed XP on one computer and then moved the hard drive to another computer. I guess that may work if the computers are the same brand and model. Otherwise there's not much chance that the drivers will be correct for the different computer.
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Hello everyone,
I'm a technician working on an issue with a work laptop. The laptop can connect to the internet using the wifi card. However, it cannot connect to the internet when using the wired connection but it can be pinged from other machines at work. The NIC does not pick up a different IP address even after releasing and renewing the IP address through cmd. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the NIC. The NIC is working because when I set a static IP address the machine can connect to the net. Using DHCP it goes back to that same IP address. I have tried a winsock repair as well with no go, as well as taking the machine off the domain and re-joining it. Anyone see this before?

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Hallo to all,

i am new in thes forum.

I wanna change my laptop screen because it is a little greedy and i can see the grid to an other screen same resolution but not greedy.Can i?

My laptop has led screen 15.6 and is acer aspire v3 571g series 53216g50

thanks very much in advance

A:Change laptop screen to different model can i?

What do you mean by Greedy ?
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Hi !
Can you help me to change new service tag which came with new replacement motherboard to my old one, which came with my laptop.
I know that it's possible to do with some utilities. Svctag.exe doesn't work, may be wrong version or because laptop relatively new. Did try "short pin" method - not working.
Help me please and thank you in advance.

A:How to change Service Tag on modern Dell laptop?

this is a new one. i work on dells all the time but have never had to mess with the service tag. i'm not sure you'll need to do this.
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I have a few problems with my laptop and date unstable change randomly laptop which is running Windows home premium Sometimes when I boot up and create a document I notice that the system date has been changed to two years previous I didn't revert to a backup or anything I'm not sure why the date changed without any messages laptop date change and randomly unstable or error warnings Occasionally my system slows down for no reason freezing up briefly and taking longer to process things even though there are no background programs running It does this while working on simple text documents or my bookkeeping software nothing that would consume an unusual amount of RAM At the same time my internet connection slows down or drops out while my partners connection same network is working fine Disconnecting from the internet waiting then reconnecting sometimes helps I have the current version of Norton which is up to date Not sure why my system would become unstable while connected to the internet if virus scans are coming up clean

A:laptop date change and randomly unstable

your CMOS battery is flat, which stores the date and time etc, so every time you shut down your machine it reverts to original time.
it should be easy to replace even for a novice, who knows how to use google. (if you have and old computer lying around just grab the old one out of there, they often last many years)
If your machine is behaving in a random manner there could be probably is deeper issues besides the CMOS battery. 
There is a great "Am I infected" forum here in BC where you could find out more about that, though the likelihood of other hardware failing on your machine increases with age...
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Hi,I have bought the HP ENVY 15-j110tx in august 2014, i have also bought the ADP at that time which includes 2 years ADP, Now I want to replace the display but i have lost the document related to the ADP which i got after 10 days of purchase in mail. Even I tried the redemption support website but that also says number enter is not valid. What should i do?
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My Friend has a HP Pavilion DV2000 Laptop. His display isn't work. Suddenly display gone. But I thought it could be Display problem not a VGA. So, i tried to connect an external monitor and used Shortcut keys to change the display. I pressed fu + F1 or Fu + F2 or Fu + F3 or Fu + F4 up-to F12. But no result.
I couldn't check whether it's a Display or VGA card problem. IS there any other way to check it. in addition to these is there any other combination keys to Change the display to an external monitor. I'm unable to check whether i get login or not. if I can login then i can use Windows Key + P. Then i can select mode. But I'm Unable to anything here. Please help me to find the problem and i have to take it to repairing shop.
Thanks in Advanced

A:Change display of laptop to external monitor

It should be the Fn + the key that shows a monitor symbol. If it still doesn't display, the motherboard video processor has failed, and not the LCD Panel
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Hello everybody! I have a Sony Vaio SVE1512E1ESI laptop that has one RAM module with the following characteristics (by CPU-Z, RAMMon and HWinfo)

Kingston SNY1600S11-4G-EDEG
4GB SODIMM DDR3-1600MHz, PC3-12800,
JEDEC timings: 11-11-11-28, unbuffered, non-ECC, 1,5V

I replaced the ram with one from GoodRAM with exactly the same characteristics. However I face blue screen of death when I open the browser (Edge or Chrome). Laptop is running latest windows 10 build with fully updated drivers and I have checked for errors with Windows Memory Diagnostic tool and MemTest86 7.1. I provide you with the memory dump files from BlueScreenView/

Does anyone has a proposal?
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Hi all, How easy or hard is it for a novice to change a mobo in a laptop.

A:How easy or difficult is it to Change a mobo in a laptop?

laptop + mobo = NO

I would say extremely difficult to do it correctly and not advisable at all.
The cpu in almost all laptops is unable to come out, they solder it in.
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I bought 15" monitor instead of 14", but even this it fits to my laptop. Working nice. The only problem is when I put back frame on the screen it covers too much around. "Icons are under the frame". I need fit the screen it like in regular monitors, where I can rotate, move, stretch... ect. Is there a way to make screen smaller in laptop? Any software maybe?

A:How to change laptop screen size (not resolution)

You may need a new video driver or adapter. As all displays need a "scaling engine" (a digital video processor that includes a memory array) to match the incoming picture format to the display. But some video drivers support virtual screen sizes. Check to see if yours does.

For more details see:
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I buy laptop here in france since i cant understand french i want to know how to change it to english.can you please help me how to change it.thanx
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Hey guys, I'm back on my old toshiba tecra m9 that I hardly use. I want it to dual boot w10 with ubuntu. But, if u remember from like a year ago when I had those graphics problems, what I did was that I just installed another motherboard that had a working gpu. However, this motherboard had a messed up bios where all the bios shortcuts were gone and almost all the settings in the bios setup were gone. The first time I installed my motherboard it said something about my cmos, does that affect my bios settings or just does it keep time.

I cant choose my boot device/boot order. What I do now for installing an os is to take out my hdd and put it in my other laptop and install it from there . Is there a fix/work around???

A:Cant Change Boot Device/Order On Laptop

CMOS = BIOS settings.

Can you reset to default BIOS settings? What about flashing a new/updated BIOS if one is available?
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i have a work laptop with 4g Ram. Its an HP 6530b laptop with Windows 7 professional. 64 MB of dedicated Video Memory.

Normally, in a non Win 7 laptop we can go to the bios and allocate more memory from the RAM.

I went to the bios and it is not the "old" bios where you cn change things.


How can I bump up the 64 mb to 380mb?

Thanks! And help is appreciated.
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I don't neccesarily mean hack it I just mean make it look smaller not below x The reason I want to do this is because recently I cracked my the change do resolution in my / game? hack laptop of I How laptop screen have no monitor to connect and my money will be here soon to buy my new oner but in the mean time I want to play a game Multi Theft Auto I want to make this appear like it's some bigger resolution like xNumber or maybe even x Now I DONT mean physically increase the quality just in game to make things appear smaller or easier to see because the crack is taking up a good bit of ink around there is a huge blob about w taskbars in size at the top and a streak comeing out with another big enough blob Is there anyway to well hack the resolution I guess I can say Again I only mean in game to make it easier to see past the cracks I don't know if How do I change / hack the resolution of my laptop in game? this is the right section but I think it is -Thanks

A:How do I change / hack the resolution of my laptop in game?

Your only shot is a game mod, and it's unlikely, I'd try to borrow an external monitor from a friend.
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So to start I was watching some movies online and memory after Laptop freezing change. crash and went out for a bit for a smoke I come back Laptop freezing after memory crash and change. and my MSI Laptop freezing after memory crash and change. cr laptop is frozen I hard restart it and instead the screen is black and while the computer itself turns on verified by the lights the screen is completely blank After a few hours of discussing with a friend of mine on facebook we determined it was definitely a RAM issue So I do the whole thing with the RAM to find out which one it is etc Put in fairly new ram from another laptop of mine which I had determined was compatible with my current laptop and it seemed to work fine I went from x gb and x gb of pc - to x gb pc - RAM But since after only a few minutes usually of working fine it freezes up for hours and doesn t fix itself at all even with the new RAM However the supposed bad stick of RAM work and read perfectly in the other laptop As I said I ve looked online and the pc - are compatible and are meant to work in my laptop So what is going on Thank you in advance for all the help you guys can give me Edit I also have run a memory diagnostic and when it finished it rebooted fine said that no errors or anything wrong was found then BOOM froze right up nbsp
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Hello everyone! Ever since day 1, my Dell 7737 has always performed like a snail. Most forums recommended i do a format with a fresh copy of windows 10. So that is what i will try. I downloaded a fresh copy of 10 to a usb drive. I want to change the boot order so that when i restart, i can get the laptop to read from the usb and install fresh copy windows 10. 
Also, I've been advised to do a "custom" installation from the installation menu offered, and delete all partitions, even Dell recovery. How would i do that???

Thank you.

A:How to change bios to usb boot for 7737 laptop

To get into BIOS setup to change the boot sequence, press F2 at powerup.  You can also press F12 at powerup a few times and choose the USB device from the boot menu -- be sure you go in and turn secure boot OFF before you do.
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Ok heres the thing, i need to install windows xp on my hard drive but my computer is set to boot from hard drive first... i can not get into bios setup because i bought the computer from a pawn shop and they didnt give me a password to it.... I can however hit esc to see boot menu... but i cant seem to move the devices around....
PhoenixBios 4.0 release 6.0
heres what it looks like

1. +Hard Drive
2. +Removable Drives
3. CDROM Drive
4. LAN (something like that, irrelevant)

is there a hotkey to move these guys around? ive pretty much hit every key on my keyboard to no avail... moving to number 3 and hitting enter doesnt help either. plz reply , any help works... i havent called hp for password to bios because they will require some type of receipt or something to prove i didnt steal it.... i didnt keep my receipt from the pawn shop

thx in advance

A:Change laptop to boot from cd first without entering bios?

You've tried the corresponding 1,2,3,4 numbers? Or hilight the device you want to boot first then hit a left or right arrow?
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i have hp pavilion dv2500 but it purchase in spain. and the language in my laptop is espanol?how can i change it to english language? pls help thanks a lot

View Solution.

A:how to change language in laptop to English version? in hp d...

1.Click the Start button , click All Programs, and then click Windows Update.2.Click Check online for updates from Microsoft Update, and then wait while Windowslooks for the latest updates for your computer.3.If any updates are found, click Optional updates are available4.Under Windows Vista Ultimate Language Packs, select only the language pack that you want (installing all of them might take up too much space on your drive. 5.follow the instructions and go to the Windows Update site to download the English display language. The language pack should be available in the optional downloads. Source: Microsoft Install Language Packs Best regards,erico
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I have a Averatec 5100 laptop that has two easy buttons next to the power button. According to the manual I downloaded from the Averatec site, there is a way to change the settings on what function they start. But, I couldn't find anywhere in the manual where it told you how to do it. Currently they open the internet & outlook, and I'd like to change it to open the volume setting and control panel.

Any suggestions?


A:How do you change easy buttons on an Averatec laptop?

Install the drivers that came with the comptuer and check the options available.
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Can anyone help me i want to change a image on a second hand laptop i bought?
When it powers up the first image that comes up is a logo for a IT company before changing to the black screen and then onto the windows 7 blue screen. is there an easy way to remove the IT company logo?
I am no wizz on computers so pls keep simple for me thanks in advance

A:How do I change image on dell d531 laptop

Hi Dollaghan,
The Image you are asking to change cannot be changed. However, it will not effect the performance of your system.
So, Nothing to worry about.
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Currently all windows updates are stored in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder.
I would like to change the location to some other drive as my c drive is getting filled.
I saw using WSUS utility but I am not sure if it works on my laptop as that is something for server.
Please suggest me how to do it.
Also let me know if I can delete these update folders once its installed.
I am using WIN 7 ultimate 32-bit

A:How to change windows update location on my laptop

Hopefully this helps:

Click the "Start" button on your desktop. Click the "Control Panel" option.

Double click the "Automatic Updates" icon on the control panel page. This opens a dialog box for setting options to receive, store and install Microsoft automatic updates.

Allow all updates that become available to automatically download and install on your computer by clicking the circle next to "Automatic." Click the drop down boxes to choose the days and time new updates are installed. This option will store the downloads until the installation time selected.

Receive the updates, but install them at your discretion. Click the circle next to "Download, but let me choose when to install." You will be notified when new updates become available. Review each update description to decide if the application is needed.

Choose to save Windows updates externally. Click the "Notify me, but don't download or install" selection to keep update links open. The updates themselves will be saved on the server unless you choose to retrieve and install them.

If that doesn't help, read this page:
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I will be doing this on my friends computer so I need to NOT screw it up.
Go from DSL modem (has only desktop pc on it) to Netgear wireless-G router. Will always have the desktop hooked up and often my laptop(wireless).
Basically I want to disconnect the existing modem...then add the new one...then, if all is well, connect my wireless laptop.
According to the box..I need only put the cd into the pc and follow the instructions? Altho is shows doing this to the laptop,may I start out with the desktop?
Can it be that easy?

Thank you

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Hi Everyone,
My Name is Steven Lash, I have Dell Inspiron 1525 Core 2 duo laptop in my collection.Now i wanted to upgrade my core 2 duo processor to latest one. Is this possible i can changed my laptop processor or not. What should i need to do. Any suggestion really be appreciated.
Steven Lash

A:Steven Lash- Wanted change to my laptop Processor

It is possible to replace the CPU in this model, but only for a Core 2 -- nothing newer will work.  You likely won't gain much in speed, making the upgrade not really worth the effort.  If you still want to do the upgrade, The fastest CPU that will work in the Intel T9500, probably still available used (but not made as new in years).
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Bought a refurbished Dell with Windows XP Home edition...But all of the fonts, the google search box and everything on the browser including desktop icons, is so tiny I can barely read it.
Also, the mouse takes several scrolls to get across the screen.
What can I do to change it?
At the toolbar on the browser, under "view", there is tab which lets me change the text size by hitting "Control ++" but then I have to keep doing it over and over to keep the text big enough to read.

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hello every body..

l have a HP mini laptop, win 7 starter

i try to chane desktop back ground but i can't do it

becuase i don't find this opition..

olso whin i in any picture the list did not include :

'' set as desktop back ground ''

so a need 2 know if support in these lap or not????

A:Can i change desktop back ground in mini laptop?

Hi from what I can find out no you can't it is locked and there is no way to change it,you can look here for a little more info
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Hi all,

This is problably a basic question however I am thinking of buying a new laptop.

The laptop comes with windows7, however I am buying the laptop in a european country, I am assuming that when I take it out of the box that I will do a clean install of windows 7 and as such will be able to choose english as the language instead of the language of the country that I am buying the laptop in.

Is this the case?

Thanks in advance.


A:Can I change language settings with new laptop clean install

Windows 7 Home Premium, From what i have experience you will be able to chose region, language and keyboard format at the setup stage. Once windows setup is complete and done it's not possible anymore unless you have Ultimate. I know i can download optional language packs if i need to. Professional might also have the option.

Please wait for someone else to give a confirmation. From my own experience i been able to change language to Spanish on US bough laptops.
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Hi All - I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite laptop. Before installing everything I wanted to partition the hard drive, for various reasons. To do so, I installed EASUS Pro. (Have used that many, many times on my W7 PC without a problem.) Anyway, it went away to resize the boot partition and now I can't do a [email protected]#%$ing thing. The laptop boots to a 0xc0000225 error screen, and that's it. I entered the UEFI Firmware Settings, and managed to firstly change the fn keys to standard (YAY!) but I CANNOT use the F10 key to save the boot priority to CD/DVD or anything else, so I have nowhere to go from there.

Any useful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have literally no idea what to do, am hundreds of miles from any physical support, and so have a totally useless, very expensive laptop on my desk.

A:Toshiba W8 laptop - can't change BIOS/boot priority

Need to back way up to the beginning. Start by telling us step by step what you were doing. Before the BSOD came up.
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Hello, is there somehow a way to do something special, when I close my laptop other than shutdown or standby? For example set the energy saving profile from balanced to energy saving, and back when opening the lid again. Actually I want the laptop to behave the following:

When I close my laptop lid, it still should run, but the processor speed should be limited to it's lowest possible state, and might not be allowed to run higher.

I want this because I had problems before, where Windows does "something stupid", when the lid is closed, for example run some indexing stuff or other scans, which causes the laptop to overheat when the cpu is running 100% and it's lid is closed.

Is there a certain party program which can do this?
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My laptop for some reason suddenly started taking about 10 seconds to load a page where it would normally take 1 second. The download speed remains fast, at about 8Mbps. Also while loading a webpage, say for example will take 10 seconds, navigating to through links will be very quick.

Also to point out that this is a problem only with my laptop, as it spontaneously started occurring in 2 places I use internet, while the other computers using the same network were unaffected.

Also although I am not sure if this is relevant, this may have something to do with an infection, as also all my icons on the desktop were made invisible(but still there when highlighted)

Things I have attempted that didn't work

Changed my DNS to Open DNS
Flushed my DNS
Cleared Cache
Run Malwarebytes and AVG Free check. Infections were deleted.

A:Immediate change in webpage loading speed on one laptop on 2 different connections

What operating system is this?

See if they problem still exists running under Safe Mode with Networking.

If you are unsure how to get to Safe Mode with Networking. Turn off your PC and turn it back on. While it is booting back up keep pressing F8. A selection will pop up and select Safe Mode with Networking.
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Hi all This is my nd post in here Before i start pardon me for my poor English and non-high tech brain I really need help Ok this going to be a long post But let me laptop change my new Unknown performance program installed inform of my laptop first my laptop is Compaq Presario CQ - TU bit using Windows Ultimate I'm a heavy laptop user i use it around - hours in workdays and it could reach to hours non-stop in weekend sometimes even to days hours to hours in weekend i mostly use my laptop to browse some websites i visit often and Unknown new installed program change my laptop performance to watched movies dramas i downloaded Few days ago on July Unknown new installed program change my laptop performance nd when i started my laptop i got this message quot Checking file system on C The type of the file system is NTFS One of your disk needs to be checked for consistency You can cancel the disk check but it is strongly recommended that you continue To skip disk checking press any key within seconds quot it happened before and usually it completed the checking to all the stages but now it shows this quot Cannot open volume for direct access Autochk cannot run due to an error caused by a recently installed software package Use the system restore feature from the control panel to restore the system to a point prior to the recent software package installation An unspecified error occured f c d e f quot The problem is i didnt remember what new software in installed as i'm not high tech savvy i never installed software that i'm not really sure if it save to install i usually look for the software information from google before Unknown new installed program change my laptop performance i downloaded n always from it's official page But this time as far as i rememmber i just updating some plug in softwares which were Java Adobe Reader and flash player i confirmed it by checked Program and Features The error message suggested to do System Restore And System Restore did mention the System restore Point was on Jul nd But here's my next problem is I cant do System Restore as it said quot Windows has detected file system corruption on Local disk C You must check the disk for errors before it can be restored quot it asked me if i want to check my disk the next time i start my computer i click yes and turn off my laptop when i turn it on it did the quot Checking file system on C quot but the problem is the same message shown that told me it cant run the chkdsk and told me to do system restore which i cant coz i need to check my disk So basically it just ping pong-ed me back and forth with no solution as i cant even do both check the disk or did the system restore I run fsutil dirty query C and the result is Volume - C is dirty I cant run all the checkdisk command chkntfs c C or chkdsk f r C or chkdsk r But a day after July rd the quot Checking file system on C quot never show up again But even until now i still cant check my disk nor do System Restore And this become the beginning of so many of my computer performance problems As i can access my files in drive C and D just fine i thought everything would be ok But the i notice changes that happened one by one and it happened almost each day First i think it was on July rd i've just realised that suddenly NoScript block so many websites i often visit I got so many quot Script partially blocked quot that i've never seen before Then around days ago i uninstalled some programs Eset Hero DVD player - gt my cd rom seems to be broken since it cant read any CD i inserted Blue Screen View and AVS player tried to uninstalled Nero but it keep cant be uninstalled and a day after that my built in Altec Lansing speakers suddenly broken as in the sound-broken The sound came from the speakers now isnt as clear as before It sounds like it came from a low quality speakers I always set my speakers in level Yesterday i just realised that i have Missing Base System which turned out it was driver JMB X Card Reader for... Read more

A:Unknown new installed program change my laptop performance

try this. (sfc /scannow)
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Hi I am from Australia and have just joined this group I have just bought a Toshiba Satellite P Ghz mb gb HD XP Home It used to belong to an American professional photographer and change in purchased name laptop registry Second hand , owner was then sold as part of a package of professional camera lense and Second hand laptop purchased , change owner name in registry laptop It was used for taking Second hand laptop purchased , change owner name in registry photos of Second hand laptop purchased , change owner name in registry kids sports where the photographer showed photos to parents on the laptop so they could order which ones they liked The guy that bought it from him already had a laptop so he sold it on eBay to me The transaction detail and eBay item number are below After getting it home I found that the thing was still full of kids photos so I have cleaned them out we have some tough laws on having photos of children and unauthorised photo taking of minors here I think they are fine The original American owner s name is still on the laptop can I change it in the registry to mine and if I do what will happen to the software that is already installed and registered in his name Thanking you in anticipation hotouch hotbounce Purchased From ric Item Number Item Title Quantity Price Subtotal Toshiba Satellite P Ghz mb gig HD XP Home AUD Postage amp Packing via Registered to XX includes any seller packing fees AUD Postage Insurance included -- Total AUD nbsp

A:Second hand laptop purchased , change owner name in registry

Click on Start/Run, type in regedit and click OK.
Click on My Computer , in the top left, so that it becomes highlighted (blue).
Click on Edit/Find, type in RegOwner and click on Find next
When found, doubleclick on the RegOwner key and change the name to yours.
Above it you will find RegCompany. Change that to your company or e.g. At Home.
Press F3 for the next occurrence, change it, press F3 etc. until the end.

Repeat this for RegisteredOwner and RegisteredOrganization.

Do NOT change any other name-occurrences, as that may invalidate UserID/Password for other programs. Enjoy what's on it.
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ive got an IBM thinkpad laptop with windows 98 on it. Whenever i try to change the color from 16 colors to 256 colors or 16 bit, when i click apply it says windows needs to restart for the changes to take place, so i click yes and then it goes to like dos and it says windows is restarting... then itll load windows again, the laptop doesnt actually ever turn off or anything. but when i log back on nothing has changed, can someone help?

A:IBM thinkpad laptop wont change color or resolution

Do you have the display drivers installed?

You can also tell it not to restart when changing resolutions/color depth.