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Setting Up a Gigabit Network

Q: Setting Up a Gigabit Network

I am pretty much a novice with regards to networking. We recently built a new house and have wired it with cat 5e wire. I want to share my windstream internet connection over the network as well as be able to share files and use a drobo storage unit. I have a windstream router an a gigabit network switch. Will connecting a direct wire from the modem to the switch allow all the computers to gain access to the internet.

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Preferred Solution: Setting Up a Gigabit Network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Setting Up a Gigabit Network

Correct - - everything attach to the router or a switch hung off of it will be "in the same subnet" as there is only one router. Wifi and wired will look the same to all users and everyone can "play" at the same time
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My house is currently wired with cat 6 wire in every room. We had an 8 port 10/100 switch under the stairwell but just upgraded to a gigabit switch. We have a cable modem and a linksys wireless router (10/100) on it is well. It is assigning the IP's on our network. Would I also need to get a gigabit router so that everyone on the network would get gigabit speeds providing they have the appropriate hardware? Sorry for the incoherence of this post, I hope somebody can make some sense of it.

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Cannot get gigabit performance out of Nics in Win Locked mbps My motherboard is an Evga Sli Am motherboard with dual gigabit nics Having established that there is really no benefit to in network. stuck at Gigabit 100mbps Gigabit nic using both nics at the same time in another post I am now posting because it seems I am only getting mbps out of my nics even though all the cables in the network are cat e and both the router and switch in the network are gigabit capable I started researching this problem some time back on the net and came across threads where other folks were able to resolve by installing their specific Gigabit nic stuck at 100mbps in Gigabit network. network driver from mobo maker as opposed to the network driver bundled with chipset from nvidia I did some footwork then with drivers and was able to get my machine running at full gigabit speeds It ran this way for the past few weeks Gigabit nic stuck at 100mbps in Gigabit network. then when transfering a gb file from one machine on the network to another the other day noticed that the speed was locked at mbps I went under task manager network and noticed that the speed was back to mbps I am posting here to see if anyone has any advice The only option on my nic controller config and the one I used to get it working before is auto negotiate Gigabit is not listed Any help greatly appreciated

A:Gigabit nic stuck at 100mbps in Gigabit network.

I am guessing you checked this already, but can't hurt to post the info in case not.

Right click your network adapter in the device manager. Choose properties. Then advanced. For the link speed/duplex mode, choose 1000 mbps/full duplex or whatever setting is the closest to that. I don't have gigabit network so I can't say exactly. Also, if an update for the firmware of your router is available, that is always good to install.

If both nics are onboard, try disabling one of them (if not in use) in the bios or device manager.

Here's my settings though, where I'm saying to look. I know you said auto-negotiate is the only option. You're sure about that after checking again, right? Weird problem, heh. Perhaps another machine on the network is set to 100 mbps, thus defaulting your router to work at this speed also?
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my family just bought a new wifi router NETGEAR N Wireless Gigabit Router to replace our old one that kept loosing connections Linksys Wifi-G something old like that everything works well but im having trouble setting up my PC to use its gigabit LAN function LAN up help gigabit setting My brother's PC automatically switched from mb s to gb s when i plunged the new router in My dad's work laptop also did this however my PC was unable to automatically help setting up gigabit LAN switch to gb s i am still at mb s i have tried swapping ports on help setting up gigabit LAN the router restarting my PC restarting the router unplugging the CAT cable on the back of my PC looking inside the router's page to see if i could change a setting and reinstalling my mobo driver i dont understand why im not getting the gb s speeds seeing as everything says i should My PC supports it the router supports it and the cable supports it Does anyone know what i help setting up gigabit LAN can do to get gb s speed through my network

A:help setting up gigabit LAN

Did you ever think maybe your NIC card is only a 10/100? Only thing you can do is update your NIC card.

I have a GIGABYTE network and my card is only 10/100 and I'm very sad
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I have gotten my house all networked via WIFI using a Lynksis GL and I am getting great networking with it Right now I have a couple of laptops and PCs and one Home Theater PC connected to each other and a printer I am building a server and want to have it attached to the HTPC photography computer and printer via LAN I was hoping by having a Gigabit Lan equipped MOBO would allow me to get Gigabit speeds by adding the right wires Upon looking Gigabit Network into it I realized my Router only has mbs speeds So I looked at Wired Gigabit routers and Newegg only had in Gigabit Network total starting at and going up from there Being so few Gigabit routers I can t imagine many people are using gigabit networks Is anyone running a Gigabit network What does it take can I just add the wired router Just wondering the speed increases i should expect from hard-wiring everything Would creating a LAN double my speed from WIFI then Gigabit make that times faster than that or are these just potential throughputs I have another project on another house that I wired years ago with Cat not E Is there a reason to upgrade the cable there nbsp

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I just installed 2 D-Link Gigabit switches into my home network. The network connections all register as being "Gigabit" (through windows network center) yet when I ran PassMark, all I'm getting is an average of 64.51 Mbits/Sec (max 65.5Mbit/Sec).

used online converter to check my numbers:

How can this be?

1000Mbit = 1Gbits
65.5Mbits = 0.063964844Gbits

that's horrible!
update: I direct connected my laptop to my desktop and ran again. I'm still only seeing 65.5Mbits/Sec. I tried several different cables, all Cat5e. What am I missing?

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Hello All,

I have a 4-6 gigabit cable modem and would like to use it to it's utmost.
Would it be worth it to purchase an 8 port gigabit router, and CAT6 cable to completely recable my home?

My main computer has a gigabit onboard NIC, and I would upgrade them all if this is worth doing.

Any opinions?


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Hey everyone I searched around and didnt see anything posted that applied to my situation so here it goes and I hope I can get some feedback Any help is greatly appreciated and thank you in advance Right now I have an Airlink ar w Wireless mbps router connected to my dsl modem My online gaming seems to lag a bit and I was wondering if I get a gigabit switch can I have the setup DSL modem gt Switch gt Router Or does it have to be DSL modem gt Router gt Switch My computer is wired to the router and gigabit GAMING network for the wi-fi is for family s laptops My abit board has gigabit lan so I wanted to ONLY have my computer connected to gigabit and everyone else on regular wifi so they don t lag my gaming Only thing I can think of is upgrading to a d-link dgl- wi-fi gaming router But that is kinda expensive for me so thats why i m here Thanks again in advance for any replies nbsp

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If you have a mixed network with gigabit connected computers and 10/100 connected computers will this cause problems?

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Hello guys,

I have a Linksys E3000 gigabit router and a recently bought edimax gigabit router(before I had edimax 100mbit router) that connected with 100M CAT6 cable between them but it seems that the network is running in 10mbit instead of 1gbps.

the network start sometimes with 100mbit if I sync between them but after a while the Autonegotiation mechanism drops it to 10mbit.

when I had the 100mbit edimax things run smooth on 100mb in 95mbps transfer rate and now its stuck on 9.5mbps.

Ideas please...


A:100M GigaBit LAN Network

Defective cable?

Defective port on one router?

Sometimes auto-negotiation between two specific devices doesn't work properly.
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Running win xp on both pcs.

I need a solution to get this lan going!

I have a smc router attached to a switch from SMC GS8 with 1gbps (8 ports).

I have 2 pcs connected to the switch and this switch is comnnected to router

I have cat5e cables.

I need an ftp or something good to get the gigabit lan working with gbps transfers. I have 2 pci cards from Surecom in (one in) each computer with gbps support.

So, i know i cannot get the gbps from the windows interface... so i need another solution.

My intention is to transfer files from pc to pc, what can i do, an ftp, what?
Thanks a lot!!!!!

A:Gigabit lan with switch gigabit and router - how to transfer files

you need a working router/gateway, and the computers have to have valid IP configs (can they ping each other). then you can do the 'ol \\pcname command in your exploreer windows to brose the other pc.

My intention is to transfer files from pc to pc, what can i do, an ftp, what?Click to expand...

FTP is an acronym for file transfer protocol and is used for internet transfers. you needn't worry about this.

unless you need the extra ports on the switch, you'd be able to plug the two computers right into the router.
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I ve upgraded my home network with a gigabit switch and NICs but am experiencing disappointing performance Benchmark file transfer time for a Gb video file is min sec - roughly half the time it was taking on the old Mb network Disk-to-desk transfer time for this file is around seconds - i e times faster than the gigabit network transfer The hardware is - Dell switch - Netgear GA NIC on first PC - Onboard gigabit NIC on nd PC Abit AB Pro motherboard The lights on the switch indicate that both Pc connections are operating at Gigabit speed The PCs are running XP SP performance network Gigabit XP? on Slow There s no other significant network activity at the time of the test i e no other PCs on the network Jumbo frames are enabled on the switch and both NICs although disabling this doesn t appear to make much difference The speed of each NIC is set to auto-negotiate If I set it manually to Mb at both ends the transfer speed drops dramatically approx minutes to transfer the same file Cables are Cat both less than metres long I ve ordered some Cat just in case Does this file tranfer performance sound quot normal quot for a gigabit network Slow Gigabit network performance on XP? If not how could I improve it nbsp

A:Slow Gigabit network performance on XP?

Welcome to the real world. You are experiencing what I feel is about normal performance, and it's about what I see here. I believe it's the SMB protocol overhead that limits the absolute performance, as well as the difference between server versions of Windows and workstation versions. I get much better performance over gigabit connections using server versions of Windows talking to workstations.
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Hi guys st post hope someone out there can help My problem is i have with gigabit Network switch/router help just upgraded my network to gigabit and im only seeing transfer speeds of around mb Network help with gigabit switch/router s and i think i should Network help with gigabit switch/router be getting more I have the black sky sagem router and a tp-link port gigabit switch TL-SG D I have one cable from the switch to the router then cables connecting my Network help with gigabit switch/router devices d tv ps xbox pc pc qnap ts- all cables are either cat e or cat both pcs run windows Everything works fine i can stream from my pcs to tv via the xbox or ps or i can stream from my qnap to my tv and everything access s the internet ok But when i transfer media from either pc to pc or pc to qnap the speeds are - mb s Both network cards are set to auto negotiation on the pcs When i go into task manager gt networking the link speed shows mbps If i disconnect the router from the switch its still the same Ive tried forcing it to gbps full dulplex transfer speeds dont improve Any advice would be highly appreciated as its a pain transferring large files across the network any info ive missed out i will be happy to add thanks in advance Jay ps the cables and the switch are both brandnew nbsp

A:Network help with gigabit switch/router

think i have sorted it! sorry for the time waste!
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Hi Thanks in advance Gigabit-Network USB Server Port 4 with any help I ll try to be brief 4 Port USB Gigabit-Network Server I have one of these http www techsupportforum com forums f -port-usb-gigabit-network-server- html post - with the help of a bit of software it always you to connect USB devices to your network Now the problem I have is that my Samsung ML- printer attached to it works perfectly from one computer on my network but stalls with another I have other things attached to this device like a had drive and a scanner and they both work fine on bother computers I have tried cleaning out printer drivers as best I can and reinstalling and also reinstalling the drivers that make the device function Another strange thing is that the device worked fine with the computer with which its having problems and then over night it stopped I can t really think of any changes I ve made to the computer I must admit I m very much an amateur here but if you give me any clues as to what I could do to trouble shoot this things that would be great help Regards Andre nbsp
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Should a computer running XP be able to use ICS to share its internet connection across a gigabit network to a computer with a Fast Ethernet card running Vista? If so, I have a problem and will post a more detailed question.


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I have a desktop workstation with an intel xeon 2.53ghz and 4gb of ddr3 ram, it has a broadcom netxtreme 57xx gigabit controller, and i have an Iomega home media drive, also a gigabit switch. I have my computer connected to the switch and the NAS to the switch as well, all using CAT6 cable. Everything seems to be capable of a gigabit network. But whenever I test the speed transferring between the computer and NAS the Speed only show it transferring at 35Mbps. Where is my bottleneck, or is this normal speeds?

A:Gigabit Network Speed Question

Is the NAS your Iomega home media drive or are there 3 external devices? I believe your bottle neck is with your Iomega home media drive....they are notorious for being slow, that's according to all the reviews.
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Hi Thanks in advance with any help I ll try to be brief I have one of these Welcome to NEOSTAR-- Port USB Gigabit-Network Server - with the help of a bit of software it always you to connect USB devices to your network Now the problem I have is that my Samsung ML- printer attached to it works perfectly from one computer on my network but stalls with another I have other things attached to this device like a had drive and a scanner and they both work Gigabit-Network Port Server 4 USB fine on bother computers I have tried cleaning out printer drivers as best I can and reinstalling and also reinstalling the drivers that make the device function Another strange thing is that the device worked fine with the 4 Port USB Gigabit-Network Server computer with which its having problems and then over night it stopped I can t really think of any changes I ve made to the computer I must admit I m very much an amateur here but if you give me any clues as to what I could do to trouble shoot this things that would be great help Regards Andre nbsp

A:4 Port USB Gigabit-Network Server

we only need one post here - please do not duplicate

continue here

closing this one
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Hey new to the forum and short on ideas with a strange issue First the setup and application I frequently transfer quite large files - gigabit help; transfer Need speeds network GB from my primary system Vista Ultimate bit evga i mobo w onboard gigabit NICs to a PC used as a home theater PC Vista Home Premium bit asus P E VM-HDMI onboard NIC Need help; gigabit network transfer speeds I recently wired my home with cat and installed all gigabit hardware for distribution Linksys WRT router D-Link DGS- gigabit switch to improve network transfer speeds All HDDs are RPM SATAs My issue is this network transfer rates average only MB s from the primary to the HTPC--not even close to what I expected I've searched the net for suggestions but several fix attempts yielded no improvement diable IPv enable disable onboard NIC replace NIC I thought I had solved the issue this weekend when I found a suggestion to disable Vista autotuning level using the following in an elevated prompt on my primary system netsh interface tcp set global autotuning disabled After a reboot I attempted a file transfer and BOOM-- MB s I fixed it right Not exactly somehow after a few hours--with no other system or network changes--the transfer rates again dropped back to MB s I'm baffled So I try something that probably makes little sense I'm not very adept at network troubleshooting and set my MTU on the Linksys router to 'Fixed' at instead of 'auto' I have ATT DSL and had tested my connection previously with being the optimal MTU This I thought maybe did the trick on Sunday but again this morning my transfer rate is back down to MB s I'm not optimistic that theres an easy path toward troubleshooting and fixing this but I'm hoping for suggestions on where to go from here Can anyone who finished reading this chime-in with some ideas I'm fresh out

A:Need help; gigabit network transfer speeds

Do you have Vista SP1 installed? Vista without SP1 is known to have file transfer issues.

Also, do you have other machines you can move data between? If so, does it occur on them as well?
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Hi All
I have a couple of Gigabit switches (all devices are 1GB on it), some have static IPs, some have dynamic IPs. My problem is that everything is going through the wireless router/DSL modem thats connected (and that provides the DHCP).

Is there a way I can bypass the fast ethernet router for local transfers?


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Hi guys i ve got a bit of a problem at the moment with transfer speeds across my CAT A -Gigabit network The problem is Sometimes i can transfer files from the Server to my computer at MB s and sometimes alot of the time down below MB s It really is very random I have tryed disabling and enabling tools options on both the server and my computer but to no avail I Network Speeds on 10-Gigabit Random Transfer am the only one connected to the Server when i m transferring files like this so that Random Transfer Speeds on 10-Gigabit Network rules out excessive use of bandwidth I am just totally confused BOTH network adaptors are at gbps and it s still being really slow I ve tryed it on another computer on the network and it mostly gets MB s It uses the same cabling and is set at gbps The network switch is a Netgear Port Gigabit Switch GS Brought back in June The network cabling is CAT A -Gigabit Anyone have any ideas This problem occurs randomly Because the Server is accessed quite reguarly for files and apache during the day i need to get this fixed I am attaching screenys screenys of my computer one when slow and one when fast Also one at its fastest I am also attaching a screeny of the server s connection window Thanks for your help amp time guys nbsp

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Hi everyone,

I've got a little networking problem and hope someone can help...

I have a Dell XPS 15Z with gigabit ethernet port, have dgs 1005d gigabit switch and WDTV live hub also with gigabit "capability"... The network cables should be fine...

The issue is that the file transfer (these are usually HD movies) from my laptop to WDTV are rather slow having in mind it's a gigabit network connection... The speed tops 15 MB/s. Same thing if I connect WDTV directly with my laptop. Any advice?

The switch indicates (green light) it has set-up a gigabit connection both with WDTV and my laptop.

I have disabled autotuning, RDC, AV software etc. Tried with jumbo frames, disabling flow control - EVERYTHING

I'm pretty desperate, so if someone out here could help, I would appreciate it...


A:Gigabit network SLOW file transfer

Welcome to SF,

From your computer's Device Manager, locate the Network Adapter, Advanced Tab then find Link Speed and Duplex, change the setting here from Auto Detect to Auto negotiate 1000mbps, see if that helps.
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I seem to be having some issues with networking my new Popcorn Hour A- PCH and would be really grateful if someone can point me in the right direction Our new house is floors high with the PC server and router etc on the top floor the PCH on the bottom I have previously used a HomePlug system but unfortunately the wiring in this house doesn t allow it enough bandwidth This lead me to run a network cable Gbit down a conduit that used to house Network Problems Wired Solved: Gigabit a Solved: Gigabit Wired Network Problems Coax TV cable I had to cut off one plug and then wired an outlet into the wall near the PCH I carefully studied all the diagrams and confirmed that I had used the appropriate wiring plan for the cable Unfortunately every time I plug the network cable from this outlet into the PCH it applies a random IP that doesn t fit in with my IP range However when I plug in the HomePlug it immediately gets allocated an IP address from the router The other noticeable difference is that the HomePlug connection results in a solid more-or-less green light by the ethernet port which only blinks when traffic is sent The Gbit connection is blinking very fast at a constant rate I feel like maybe a wire is not correctly connected or perhaps the cable isn t wired as they say on the cable and that I am somehow crossing pairs I would pull my hair out if I had any nbsp

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Diagnostic Results Warnings ErrorSymptom Device cannot start Cause A device has a configuration problem that prevents it from starting properly Details The device Intel R LC Gigabit Network Connection cannot start properly It may not have the correct Connection, properly. Network start Help! cannot Gigabit driver installed or may be experiencing a hardware failure The Plug and Play ID for this device is Resolution Verify the correct driver is installed Try updating the drivers using Windows Update Check with the manufacturer for an updated driver Attempt to uninstall and then reinstall the device using Device Manager Related Explanation of Error Codes Generated by Device ManagerManage Devices in WindowsSymptom Device cannot start Cause A device has a configuration problem that prevents it Gigabit Network Connection, cannot start properly. Help! from starting properly Details The device Intel R LC Gigabit Network Connection cannot start properly It may not have the correct driver installed or may be experiencing a hardware failure The Plug and Play ID for this device is PCI VEN -DEV EB-SUBSYS -REV - - -C Resolution Verify the correct driver is installed Try updating the drivers using Windows Update Check with the manufacturer for an updated driver Attempt to uninstall and then reinstall the device using Device Manager Related Explanation of Error Codes Generated by Device ManagerManage Devices in Windows
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I just wanted to check if there's gonna be a significant change in transfer speeds if I purchase a gigabit switch/router for my NAS, I'm currently using Belkin N router with 10/100Mbps ports. All of my devices connected to the router have 1Gbps ethernet ports.

I have to transfer most of my files from NAS to PC and vice versa, and the transfer rates just seem very slow.


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Stupid question.....

What is the purpose of the intel 82566DC gigabit network connection.

I'm just wondering if it is a wireless adapter??

I hope not, because I have been using a d link wireless USB adapter. I hope I'm not using two of the same thing!!

A:what is the intel 82566DC gigabit network connection

This is the hardwired network connection for use in a desktop pc. It is for use in connecting via a hardwire, (Cat5e, or better yet Cat6), connection to a router/modem for access to the Internet.
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I get approx 70 MB/sec when transferring files on my windows 7 WORKGROUP network, everything on the network is GIGABIT enabled, (3 PC's, 1 Router, 1 gigabit switch, cat6 cables), so does an average speed of 70 MB/sec sound about right. tia

Windows 7 x64bit all pc's
PC1 Core i5 @ 4.5 GHz
PC2 Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 4GHz
PC3 Core 2 duo E8400 @ 4GHz
HDD's WD Greens

A:File transfer speeds on Win 7 GIGABIT network ?

Sounds about right to me for copying one large file say a video several GB in size. My setup was just 2 PCs. An AMD dual core with a gigablit card I added on, and an AMD quad core with built in gigabit wired ethernet. On my setup copying in one direction seemed a bit faster than the other. The fastest seemed to be sending from the quad core to the other machine. But even in the reverse direction I got about 80% of the speed. Seems I recall copying say a 5 GB file from the quad to the dual would start out at over 90 MB/s then taper off to a steady 60 MB/s or so. So I'd say you're in good shape.
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In the device manager network adapters the Intel 82566DC Gigabit Network Connection has a yellow exclamation mark. Under Properties I get "This device cannot start. (Code 10)" Anybody knows what it means and how the problem can be solved? Thanks!

A:Intel 82566 Gigabit Network Connection

Hi caracostis and welcome to Vista Forums

The error message, This device cannot start. (Code 10) indicates a problem with the currently installed device driver. To correct this, click the Update Driver button on the Driver tab to run the Update Driver Software wizard. Don't try to automatically find a driver. Instead, choose the manual option, and then select the device.

Here is a link to the latest driver from Intel:
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I have a gigabit switch and gigabit NICF on 2 PCS and cat6 cable between them and cant get gigabit transfers!


Hard drive limitations?? I ahve SATA I II IDE drives and cant get it!

Is it limited by those hdds??? Is it a question of software??? I use XP on both!

Will ui get more on Linux???

Why cant we get those transfers near gigabit?

A:Gigabit transfers rates! Why not gigabit values?

8 bits = 1 byte.

Therefore you transfer rate will theoretically be about 125 mega byte per second.

That will be lower because of harddrive limitations and overhead.
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Dear Tech At Speed Router Connecting Gigabit Not Gigabit With Support Guys I have a Gigabit Capable Router The Router Not Connecting At Gigabit Speed With Gigabit Router being the NETGEAR WNR L Model Which you can view from here http www netgear com home products wirelessrouters work-and-play WNR L aspx I also have a Gigabit Capable NIC Card The NIC Card being the TRENDnet TEG-PCITXR Model Which you can view from here http www trendnet com products proddetail asp prod TEG-PCITXR amp cat I also have the connection between both the NIC Card and the Router using FastEthernet Cabling Hence Category e I am aware that Category e can support Gigabit connections When both me and another one purchased the Gigabit Capable Router and NIC Card we connected to the NETWORK at Gbps A few months down the road and now we both can only connect at Mbps We have Not Connecting At Gigabit Speed With Gigabit Router both tried uninstalling reinstalling updating the drivers software NIC Card We have also tried changing the cables in which connect from the NIC Card to the Router I am aware that I will not connect to the internet at Gbps but I want to connect to the network at Gbps But what also is baffling is the fact that if we use the integrated NIC Card via the MotherBoard in which came with the computer as a whole we can connect to the network at Mbps We are now aware the problem may not be the Gigabit Capable NIC Card but quite possibly the quot Gigabit quot Capable Router We have QoS Quality-Over-Service Enabled on the Router which should not affect the Connection Speed via Windows Home Premium -bit regardless We have also tried multiple times forcing the card to connect to the network at Gbps Full-Duplex multiple times after reinstalling etc We are also aware that there is no option for us to change the Duplex and Speed in which the Router connects to the ports What I am simply asking if anyone has any other ideas experience with one of these products and or an answer to this problem I am having I have gone through the entire TroubleShooting Steps with TRENDnet for their Gigabit Capable NIC Card and have yet to figure out the problem I am a networking guy that has gone through the whole Cisco Networking Academy and I still cannot figure out the problem for the life of me Which is where I come to the statement of imploring someone to please assist a fellow Networking Guy in identifying and obliterating the problem at hand Thank you very much for your time and effort I will receive Aaron Brewer nbsp

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Hi Guys I haven't been on this forum until now I have a Equallogic PS SAN connected to a Powerconnect gigbit switch Everything runs FINE on k server Windows r and VMware ESXi I created a iSCSI target for my wifes new pc which is based on a Gigbabyte MB Gigabyte- a-ud with a AMD FX- hexacore CPU Ghz gGB DDR ram Boot disks are a pair of SSD GB drives striped for even more speed limit SAN. 100mbs to a Gigabit network speed a iSCSI on Local storage is TB WD sata gbs disks in a stripe for speed I added a PCIe expansion card for a extra pair of TB disks software striped also SataIII gbs sec The 100mbs speed limit on a Gigabit network to a iSCSI SAN. network is a quad port 100mbs speed limit on a Gigabit network to a iSCSI SAN. Intel vt- server class nic I have NO latency or retransmits on the network Flow control is on and set up per Equallogic best practices There is TB of movie ISO's on the TB stripe i want to move off to an iSCSI TB volume on my san Got it Here is the kicker I can easlily move the data from the TB stripe to the TB stripe using robocopy teracopy etc and it hauls butt and i get MB sec internal to internal SATA Theorectically and in practice as i have a k server and server i should be able to get MBs sec on my iSCSI san I can never get anything more than MBs Sec to the iSCSI target the network transfer maxes out at mbs period No matter what I do the max network transfer of copying files is mbs and MBs from the windows box All of my other systems easily get the MBs sec I read that the issue is a QOS issue with Windows all of them I'm running Windows Ultimate bit I can run IOmeter on the nics to the iscsi target and easily get the mbs I would expect Whenever I try to copy data from either internal stripe to the iSCSI target it Max's out mbs and MBs From looking into it more it sounds like a QOS issue with Windows network speed limit I setup a QOS policy to allow iSCSI port to have a limit of gbs Still no change mbs MBs Any ideas Thanks in advance Bob

A:100mbs speed limit on a Gigabit network to a iSCSI SAN.

Can one of the mods move this to the performance thread. Its not a network or sharing issue.Its a performance QOS issue.
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tried wired and wifi same exact speed as if its capped I know a far bit about networks set my own up using servers and stuff in my basement and even tried a store bought router in case it was somehow my ddwrt router which it wasnt I have a new laptop ASUS ROG quot G series its running the source Gigabit at 10mbps? speed Wired maxed network server has gb rpm sas drives in a raid dual gigabit network cables running esxi and ubuntu server with dual gigabit network cables extremely fast speeds everything is up Wired Gigabit network speed maxed at 10mbps? to date on the laptop as far as I can tell I updated all drivers the gigabit network is using a Qualcomm Atheros driver from - - version signed by MS its not a quot genetic driver quot or whatever sometimes shows up under device manager I have another normal desktop running as well and it has no problems with network transfer speeds they exceed the drives capability to write to in the target drive from the server raid as does pretty much everything else I have the server can serve files faster than anything can take them but the laptop seems to be capped at exactly MB s according to teracopy windows explorer transfer shows MB s but I suspect its wrong its probably thats what my router clams its going at not and the graph is a steady line as if its capped like that what could be causing this problem I can transfer from an external usb drive faster than this network - I have tried wired and wifi the speed is the exact same

A:Wired Gigabit network speed maxed at 10mbps?

Change network adapter speed from automatic top set at 1Gbps. Might also be a driver issue on the laptop, check for an updated driver.

Wireless well be much slower unless you are running on 802.11ac. I usually max out around 6MB/sec on 802.11n.
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Last night Win 7 did an automatic update and it's causing havoc with the network adapter. I'm not 100% sure what information you need but this is what I think will help. I'm hoping someone here can help me.

Adapter = 82578DC Gigabit adapter from Intel.

Core = i5 (I mixed up which cpu is in which comp)

Win 7 x64 Professional Service Pack 1

It was working last night prior to the automatic update from Windows without issue.

I downloaded and installed the latest software for that adapter. Version = (date of driver Feb 2, 2012). The driver came as part of a PROSet Version directly from Intel.

In the Network Connections Properties Tabs, I am told that the device status is, "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

I've tried easy things like uninstalling and re-installling, disabling and re-enabling. Turning the router on and off.

I hoping someone can help. Cheers!

A:82578DC Gigabit Network Adapter - Error Code 10

The connection software often times will cause more problems than it solves. Have you tried uninstalling the connection software?

Have you tried to uninstall the latest Windows updates?

You might also try rolling back the driver to the previous version.
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Hello everyone I decided to open this thread about a subject which has been discussed network gigabit using intranet transfer PCs Low speeds windows between widely in different forums on the net namely the extremely low transfer rates of data between PCs running Windows using a gigabit Low intranet transfer speeds between windows PCs using gigabit network network because I think to have observed something which - as far as I see - Low intranet transfer speeds between windows PCs using gigabit network was never reported anywhere else until now So this post is based on my report here which i will now republish in a slightly modified way I see the same problems many others are reporting i e low transfer rates between two windows PCs lt gt or lt gt over a gigabit network my transfer rates are never higher than MB s and go down to Low intranet transfer speeds between windows PCs using gigabit network a few MB s in many cases However I did carry out some test using the following software Downloads Totusoft And the results are impressive Testing the transfer of files of MB and GB in size I get up to Mbi s transfer rates in both direction and between all PCs which is what I would expect from my pc gigabit-network configuration So if transfer rates up to Mbi s are possible this corresponds to approx MB s if I'm not wrong than the problem cannot be hardware-related but must lie in some windows-related stuff I did not have this problem with my x win pc network only when I installed win on two of these PCs I started to get the limited rates For everyone observing the low transfer rates using the windows copy system please try the SpeedTestSoft I shared above run it more than one time to get some statistics and please report if you're observing the same stuff as I am So question remains what is the problem with windows which does not allow the high transfer speeds which are allowed on a hardware level Cheers
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I have found a bug on 2 Pc(s) with Vista 64 and 32.

When i listen a sound (mp3, divx, dvd etc.) in windows -> the bandwidth become low.

I use iperf to see it and why i use this tool, it's because when i streaming from PC to my PC, it's work very well only if i disable the sound.

Without sound : the datarate is equal to 90Mbytes (my network is gigabit).
With sound if wmplayer, powerdvd, winamp etc. : the datarate is equal to 5.8Mbytes.

i see it too if i transfert file on net work, if no soft with sound is open -> All work done.

Thx for your help,


A:Vista Network Gigabit Bandwidth degradation when audio is on.


i found a solution :
Reports have been flooding the web that the network transfer speed of Windows Vista drops to a low level when the user plays music at the same time. While there does not seem to be a obvious connection between network transfers and sounds being played and everyone would probably consider other possibilities first it seems that a service called MMCSS, the Multimedia Class Scheduler Service.
Mark Russinovich described the technical process in his blog explaining that ?when a multimedia application begins playback, the multimedia APIs it uses call the MMCSS service to boost the priority of the playback thread into the realtime range? which basically means that every other thread - including network transfers - see a performance drop because of this.

The following method has been working for most users who experienced the slowdown in network traffic in Vista while playing music.
Don?t play music while transferring files. This is pretty obvious but probably not the best solution for most users
Remove the MMCSS dependency of Windows Audio in the registry. To do that navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \CurrentControlSet \Services \Audiosrv, right-click the DependOnService string and remove MMCSS from it.

Solution @ Fix for slow Vista Network Transfer while playing Music

The fix involves editing the Registry to turn off Network Throttling. As always create a System Restore Point to backup your Registry, then follow the steps below.
Click the Start Orb and type Regedit in the search box.
Click Regedit.exe at the top of the search results under programs.
if you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.
Navigate to the following key
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionMultimediaSystemProfile
In the right hand pane double click NetworkThrottlingIndex and type in FFFFFFFF (that?s 8 F?s) in the Hexadecimal field.
Click Ok and restart your computer for the settings to take effect.

@ How to Improve Network Performance in Windows Vista | Vista Revisited

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I recently bought a Belkin m cat e crossover cable to connect my desktop to my D laptop in the hopes that it would be a faster way for me to directly transfer data between the two The desktop's ethernet card is a Realtek PCIe FE Family Controller model no RTL and the D 's is a Broadcom NetExtreme xx Gigabit Controller model no B ND X Both seem to be gigabit-capable cards yet I'm not able to get gigabit speeds from them when looking at the connection it shows Mbit s and the fastest speed that each of them can be set to in Device Manager - gt Advanced - gt Speed amp Duplex is Mbit Full Duplex Even worse I'm not even getting those speeds when I transfer data - I'm getting a measly MB s so about Mbit s and even that is constantly dropping So far I've tried updating uninstalling and then updating both drivers automatically via the Device Manager I then manually installed drivers the Desktop's from here Realtek RTL XX PCI-E Network Connection Driver Driver Details Dell UK and the laptop's using DriverMax because I couldn't find a driver for it Still no luck and I'm now at a loss for what to try When I bought the crossover I really didn't think it'd take this speed Gigabit-capable network Low on ethernet cards much Low ethernet speed on Gigabit-capable network cards to get it up and running I suppose I was under the naive impression it'd be pretty much plug-and-play
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For those interested and still using Ethernet, there's a new set of drivers for the official Realtek Network Interface Controllers 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet

Realtek Network Interface Controllers 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet RTL8111/8168 Lan Driver (Win 7 32/64)

Software: Drivers & Utilities


version: 7.090
date: 2014/11/28
file size: 6021k

Realtek v7.090

A:Realtek Network Interface Controllers 10/100/1000M Gigabit Ethernet

Thanks for the info I just went to device manager and clicked on my gigabit Ethernet and checked for updates and it found a update
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Hello I have recently purchased a new system and since the first time I booted it up the on board gigabit network card is unable to start I get the following error when in device manager Code Device cannot start code In order for the device to work whilst in device manager I must uninstall the driver and then scan for hardware changes Doing this re-installs the driver and the network card will connect to the network All is fine I'm running an Asus P Z -V with a Intel Core i K and a Corsair GB DDR Vengeance The on board network card is an Intel LM I have already updated the BIOS to the latest version and (Code 10) 825879LM - Network Gigabit Intel Cannot Card start I have tried installing the latest drivers from ASUS and Intel directly with no luck Interestingly I only will get this error on a cold boot if I sleep or restart the computer Intel 825879LM Gigabit Network Card - Cannot start (Code 10) I do not get this issue and the network card connects automatically which is why I'm thinking its probably a software driver issue Just wondering if anyone else has any further ideas to try and debug this

A:Intel 825879LM Gigabit Network Card - Cannot start (Code 10)

update the network driver.
First, download the network card driver from manufactuer's website, Intel Download Center
Then reinstall the driver:
Click the Start Button, type "devmgmt.msc" (without quotation marks) in the Start Menu Search box and press Enter.
Double click to expand "Network adaptors".
Right click your network card and click Uninstall.
Check "Delete driver software for this device" check box, click OK.
Restart the computer
If windows does not auto configure the appropriate drivers at startup, install the downloaded one manually.
If it does not work, Go for a System Restore.

Let us know the results.
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Hi all I cannot work out what could be causing a network card to only connect at mbps full duplex The setup card stuck (Gigabit connection Network installed)... at 100Mbps of the office is as follows Network connection stuck at 100Mbps (Gigabit card installed)... WAN - gt Router Mbps Fibre Router - gt Switch Mbps port Switch - gt Patch Panel Cat e Cable Switch port configured to Auto Patch Panel - gt Floor Port Cat e Cable Floor Port - gt PC Cat e Cable but PC will only Network connection stuck at 100Mbps (Gigabit card installed)... register Mbps I have tried to set the PC to Mbps Full Duplex through the NIC Properties page I have tried forcing the Switch to broadcast at Network connection stuck at 100Mbps (Gigabit card installed)... Mbps on the relevant port Either of the above just show no network connection when set to Mbps I have tried changing the network cables I have disabled and re-enabled the NIC from the BIOS I have uninstalled the NIC driver from windows inc deleting the files and then allowing windows to install the driver fresh followed by a windows update for a newer driver version Despite all the above the PC will not connect at Mbps The PC is a Lenovo M z Win Pro x GB RAM NIC Card Intel DM Gigabit Network Connection Any ideas on what to do
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I have an Asus P8P67 pro mobo with the Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection network adapter built in. It currently is using ver 11 driver.
I found the latest driver (PROWinx64.exe) to update it (I'm having some issues).
When I try to update it, I get an error box that says:

"The installed version of Intel Proset is not supported for upgrades. You must uninstall it before installing this version".

When I go to Device Manager to uninstall the Gigabit Network Connection in order to install this update...Windows re-installs it before I can run the update. Thus I can't update the driver. How do I stop Windows 7 from automatically updating this driver so that I will have time enough to manually update it with the downloaded newer driver?

I'm Running Windows 7 64bit

Any ideas?

A:Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection upgrade issues

Uninstall through Programs and Features in the Control Panel. Uninstalling through the Device Manager is only temporary and does not actually get rid of the driver. Basically, it just disconnects the device from the driver. As you found out it will reinstall itself every time you restart the computer.
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My HP Envy 15t-k000 works fine, but is slow. I thought it was my internet until I did a troubleshooting and discovered that the reason I am not getting the superfast speeds I am supposed to be getting is because my computer doesn't have a fast enough network adaptor. Currently it has the Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 it came with. I looked at the service manual and couldn't find an upgrade in it. Is there a module I can replace it with that will allow for the 1G speeds? The part number for the laptop is G0T55AV. Thanks!

A:My HP Envy network adapter doesn't support gigabit speeds. I...

Hi: The adapter you mentioned...Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 is the wireless network adapter, and I do not believe that card will connect any faster than 72 MBPS. Your notebook comes with the Realtek 10/100 ethernet (wired) adapter and it cannot be upgraded because the ethernet chip is part of the motheboard. If you want a gigabit ethernet connection, then I recommend you purchase an external USB to RJ-45 gigabit ethernet adapter. You won't find any wireless card that will go beyond the AC rate of 867 MBPS and you would need an ac router to achieve those speeds. You would also have to take the entire notebook apart to replace the wireless card and if your notebook only has one antenna attached to the atheros wlan card, you won't be able to upgrade to a faster wireless card. A suitable AC card would be the Intel 7260 wireless card if your notebook has two antennas attached to the atheros card.
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Hi trying to install latest driver for my Network Adapter amp I must be doing something wrong Found at Intel this driver which appears to be most current Network Adapter Gigabit Base Driver for FreeBSD File name em- tar gz amp I used -Zip to Extract Here which created a file name of em- tar then used -Zip again to Extract Here or untar I suppose to create em- However all that driver 82567-2 Intel Gigabit Can't Connection? for install Network exists in the newly created em- folder is an src file amp a couple of readme's In other words there is no Application as I would expect to see in a driver install Don't see in the src file any names like I did from Device Manger try to update the driver by browsing to the src file Can't install driver for Intel 82567-2 Gigabit Network Connection? amp was told Can't install driver for Intel 82567-2 Gigabit Network Connection? I already had the best driver installed Currently the driver I have installed is dated version amp is provided by Microsoft Any idea what I am doing wrong Did I unzip untar inappropriately thank you richie
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Network Adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Driver Windows 10Options?10-11-2015 12:08 AMProduct Name: HP Pavilion dm4-2070usOperating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)Laptop: HP Pavilion dm4-2070us OS: Windows 10 64-bitProblem with Network Adapter Driver Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Driver not working on Windows 10I have had this laptop for last 3 years running on Windows 7 just fine, but few weeks ago I upgraded to Windows 10 when wired internet connection stopped working. Whenever I connect Ethernet cable in the network settings it shows "Unidentified Network" "No internet access". I tried updating the driver, uninstall and re-install the driver, call Microsoft for help but nothing seems to be working. And there are no driver updates for Windows 10 on Is there any solution for this problem? Please help.

View Solution.

A:Network Adapter Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 PCI-E Gigabit Ethern...

Hi Mrstenter,The link ( that you provided had the same problem. However I found solutionon the below mentioned link. It had the driver I needed and it worked!!! No both my wireless and wired internet connections work. SOLUTION: Downloaded the driver from, double click to open, double click setup appliction file, select option repair during installation and then simply follow the prompts. Restart the computer after installation. Mine worked. Thank you so much for your help.
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I've been looking for the latest driver for this for while, as I've been having a lot of networking issues with this component. Driver Agent and Version Tracker say it's not the latest version, but I don't know where else to turn than here, as I'm still having problems. I have the February 8th PROset Intel drivers straight from their site, does anybody know if there are more recent drivers?

A:Drivers for Intel 5266DC Gigabit Network Connection Adapter

Some help anybody?
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Hi everyone I have the following weird problem and couldn t find any solution despite long troubleshooting Network architecture PC Win Gigabit Card Driver Updated Cable Cat x TB Western Digital xSSD GB PC computer ?! Network for working Slow > Gigabit speed excepted write 1 Win Gigabit Card Driver Updated Cable Cat x TB Western Digital PC Brand New Win Motherboard Gigabit P A-UD All Drivers Updated especially Realtek ones Cable Cat SSD GB Raid on disks Trendnet Gigabit Switch Ex Copy PC to PC - Gigabit Network working excepted for 1 computer > Slow write speed ?! MB s gt gt OK EX Copy PC to PC - MB s gt gt OK EX Copy PC to PC MB s EX Copy PC to PC MB s gt gt ok EX Copy PC to PC MB s EX Copy PC to PC MB s gt gt ok Gigabit Network working excepted for 1 computer > Slow write speed ?! To sum up Given the transfer speed the gigabit network is working PC is the problem When copying data from PC to PC or PC transfer speed are OK however when PC amp PC are copying to PC the transfer speeds are ridicously slow How can such a weird situation happen Thanks a lot in advance for sharing your insights NB Firewall antivirus NOD deactivated nbsp
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Ok so I just got a used Intel Dual Gigabit PRO PT PCIE network adapter My Hardware is as follows Intel i k ASUS Z V-PRO mobo GB Ram AMD Radeon HD video card Audigy ZS PCI sound card I dual network PCIE working! not Intel gigabit adapter PT 1000/pro have Intel dual gigabit 1000/pro PT PCIE network adapter not working! the most up to date BIOS on the motherboard So I installed the network adapter into of my free pcie slots In BIOS I disable the onboard LAN adapter Load into windows and I get a new hardware installation message saying that the drivers for my quot Xeon processor E - v rd Gen Core processor PCI Express Root Port - quot has been installed and ready That is my first WTF I try to install the newest Intel drivers provided by the Intel website I get an error saying quot There is no Intel Network Adapter installed on your computer quot error nd WTF I have no tried numerous combinations of using my nd free pcie slot in the mobo no change in situation THe odd thing is is that on the network card when its plugged in and computer turned on the green lights on the ports are on solid not flashing as I have no cable in them yet So I dont think the card is dead The Intel dual gigabit 1000/pro PT PCIE network adapter not working! card was used but looked to be in perfect condition What is the problem can anyone help I cant find any other people having many issues with these cards online

A:Intel dual gigabit 1000/pro PT PCIE network adapter not working!

Just a guess but I think your Intel Dual Gigabit 1000/PRO PT PCIE was designed to work with a Xeon processor and a matching motherboard.
I believe it would be completely different circuitry from your motherboard and cpu.

Intel? PRO/1000 PT Dual Port Server Adapter Product Brief
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I am trying to add a refurbished HP system Windows System 7: change setting network Properties Can't > ID setting to my menagerie It had Windows Pro bit installed when I got it I went through the setup without any problems created a user account for myself Lewis set the system name Windows 7: Can't change setting System Properties > network ID setting to TestPC and started installing and testing some software Simple internet access Windows 7: Can't change setting System Properties > network ID setting web page browsing is working fine Today I connected and external disk drive from a Windows XP system and I was able to successfully read anything on it But when I attempted to delete a file I was told I needed permission even though I am the administrator I found some instructions at Microsoft for changing ownership of the files on the external drive so I did that It was then that I noticed the user name shown was Lewis TestPC Lewis and I was still not able to delete files on the external drive Being primarily a Unix person I have been fumbling around looking for something that would indicate why Windows felt the need to attach the system name to user names In Computer gt Properties gt Computer name domain and workgroup settings gt System Properties gt Computer Name gt Network ID I found a selection with the following description quot This computer is part of aa business network I use it to connect to other computers at work quot Since this is not true I selected the other option and worked my way back out to restart the computer After the restart that erroneous setting was still there I have tried several more times to change it but they have all failed Any suggestions would be appreciated Thanks Lewis

A:Windows 7: Can't change setting System Properties > network ID setting

Hi Lewis, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The \\DOMAIN_OR_PC_NAME\USERNAME combination is not erroneous, it's how Windows keeps track of users in your network (even if said network only has one Windows PC).

For Windows, when a computer does not belong to a domain, the PC name is used instead of a domain name. I am currently typing this using a laptop with name AGM-W8LAP02 (my own naming policy, my home network is called AGM and this is Windows 8 Laptop number 02). My complete username for this user profile I am currently using on this computer is \\AGM-W8LAP02\Kari. This combination \\DOMAIN_OR_PC_NAME\USERNAME does separate my user profile Kari on this computer from user profile Kari on other computers. User \\AGM-W8LAP02\Kari is not the same user than \\AGM-W7DESK01\Kari.

For Windows it's easier and more logical to use this naming policy even if your PC would be the only one in network. If you now add computers to your network which also contain user profile Lewis, Windows does not have to change the system to be able to separate users not only from other users on the same computer but also from same users on other computers.
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I recently reformated my windows vista home premium 64bit because it was showing corrupt internal drivers, everything was working fine until trying to set everything up after the format. I tried to establish a connection to update windows and mydrivers, but in the device manager it shows my network adapter with a "!" unable to fix it when reinstalled,

We currently have Verizon fios, it was working fine before the reformat and it continues to work fine for everyone who has wireless.

help?! D:

A:there are driver orhardware problems with the network adapter "realtek family PCI-E Gigabit ethernet NIC"


I had this problem as well, and found that a Windows update seemed to cause the problem. Fortunately I was able to download the LATEST ethernet driver from Realtek, and this resolved the problem.

You may also try to go to Micro$ost update and do a "custom" Search for updates, if I'm not mistaken there is a Realtek NDIS update there, this may help.

I am assuming that you have a wireless connection. If not, I suggest that you ask a friend to search for your particular driver at realtek, and have him download it for you.

Do you have the Driver CD or DVD for your motherboard? - The ethernet driver will be found on that CD.

You can also try to "update" the driver from the device manager:

Open device manager

RIGHT click on the driver with the "i"

select properties

click on the driver tab

click on the update this driver button (you must have your driver disc loaded into your ROM)

In the next pane, select "browse my computer for driver software"

HOPEFULLY the OS will scan the disc and load the necessary NDIS files from there
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I'm trying to set setting > change Can't network ID Properties setting System up a Synology Can't change setting System Properties > network ID setting NAS for my home network however I can only access via the Synology utility and through a browser using the Can't change setting System Properties > network ID setting internal IP address It does not otherwise appear on my network I can't ping it map drives to it by any method etc Googling suggests that this problem can be linked the setting in system gt computer name domain and workgroup settings gt change settings gt Network ID and ensuring it is set to 'This is a home network' However my computer is stuck on 'this computer is part of a business network' if I change the setting it asks for a restart and immediately reverts to 'business' Does anyone know what might be causing this Any way to force the setting My network itself is set to 'home' Other potential solutions to the NAS problem are also welcome as that's what the real issue is although I feel I've hunted most of the low hanging fruit already Thanks -Kyle

A:Can't change setting System Properties > network ID setting

If this machine ever belonged to a Domain then it would say that. The problem is that once you are part of a Domain you will be locked out of changing the location settings.

Domain Network: For domain networks in large corporate environments. This type of network is controlled by a network administrator and can?t be changed.

You may be able to change this by going to Winkey + R to open Run prompt and type gpedit.msc

Navigate to: Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Setting | Network List Manager Policies > Network Location tab, you may be able to change the location here but it may still be locked down by the Domain group policy.
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When I start my pc the internet connection doesn't want to work and gives this message:
The Intel(R)82579V Gigabit Network Connection adapter is experiencing driver- or hardware - relatedproblems
But when I restart the pc, it works fine. This has been going on for a while now. My hard drive crashed 2 weeks ago and after replacing it and having the whole pc programmed by an IT company, it still gives the same problem and I have to restart again. I'm
worried that all the restarting will cause damage?
Also, after the reprogramming, my pc is very slow while using photo editing programmes such as LR6 & Photomatix.
Thanks in advance
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Hello All,
I am running an Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe motherboard with the Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Adapter with the driver version.

I run DSL with the 1.5 Mbps speed through Verizon.
My situation is this:
Most of the time I connect at 10.0 Mbps and sometimes I connect at 100.0 Mbps. I get these readings from the systray by hovering my mouse over the 2 computers.

My questions are:
How can I connect at 100.0Mbps all the time?
Are there settings that I can change to facilitate this?
Is there a more accurate way to determine speed?
Thank you

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I'm having trouble getting my PS3 online. I'm in a university residence with a network port in my room. To get onto the internet one has to connect through a university proxy server. So now the problem is that after manually entering settings for the network and the proxy server address etc my PS3 HAS NO option for the user name and password for proxy server authentication. How do i get to put in the details so that i can access the internet?. I know for sure that i have internet because i can access the local university sites via my PS3's web browser but i need authentication for the proxy in order to access external web sites.

Can anyone Help?


A:PS3 Network setting

Ask your university's IT department if their residence service is for game machines. If it is, ask them how to use it.
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Thanks to the good folks at Techguy, I have replaced my router and am back accessing the internet with one wired machine and 4 wireless in the house. Can some kind soul walk me through the steps to setting up these computers so that they can share/transfer files and share a printer? The printer is connected to the wired computer which run xp. There is one other machine on xp, while the remaining ones are win98se. These computers used to be networked, but now they no longer see each other and I am wondering if i am just better off starting over.

Any help in getting started would be greatly appreciated.


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I have a machine with Win XP that I want to network to wirelessly. On this machine I started the "homegroup" thing and asks about networking with other computers running Win 7. How do I network with an XP box?


A:help setting up network

This should get you started. make sure you turn on network discovery.
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HELP! I don't even know for sure where to post this question. I don't know where to look for help. I am told that the firewall and network settings are not configured properly while running an update.

I was having trouble with my internet explorer and tried to update it. I don't know what to do or if this is the problem.

How do I fix this? Can anyone help me? I have windows7.

I was told I need to manually remove all corrupted files and registry entries caused by previous updates and rebuild the firewall and network ? entries?....

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hi guys
here's the thing, I was trying to print something from my laptop, so i needed to configure the printer that is connected to my desktop... and i kind of created like a network... the thing is after all that my desktop won't connect to internet, even though my laptop is. I guess it has to do with some network settings but I can't figure it out.
I know how dumb it looks but can you help here??

A:some network setting ... i don't know

Can you give more details as to what you did? I'm thinking maybe you assigned the same IP to your printer that your desktop is using and that might be a conflict..

Please give more details.
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It probably goes without saying but I know nothing about wireless networking otherwise I would nt be in this forum but here is my situation I have a network Setting up my old desktop upstairs and my wife is sick of looking at the printer and cable mess associated with the system HP officejet all-in-one I am buying a new computer with the wireless USB adapter and putting it downstairs along with moving the printer down there My Comcast modem would probably stay upstairs with the old computer but it doesn t really matter to me unless its a matter of function related to this scenario From what I ve read I dont think this printer is quot wired quot for wireless In other words I think I have to run an ethernet line from Setting up a network the printer to the wireless router which has to have a line to the modem which is all upstairs My questions are how do I get the new computer downstairs online and how do I connect the printer to both computers wirelessly if possible I ve already purchased a wireless N router and a wireless USB adapter for the new computer How much more money do I have to throw at this project Would it be easier to start punching holes in walls and just dropping lines down to the lower level I really hope thats not the case but this wireless networking might be more involved then I anticipated nbsp

A:Setting up a network

Well, a single CAT5 cable to the lower level would be the best way to solve this issue, then you could use a cheap Ethernet switch to connect the two computers. This will be the most reliable network by far.

You could use a single WAP (Wireless Access Point) on the lower level and connect both the printer and the computer to it on the lower level.

As long as you don't mind leaving the computer on the lower level running anytime you'd like to print, you could also bridge the wired and wireless connections in the computer and connect the printer to the wired Ethernet port of the computer and use that wireless adapter to feed both of them. This is the "cheap" option, as you have already purchased the equipment.

If it were my money, I'd take the USB adapter back and run a cable.
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How do I share files between a PC running Windows 7 and others running windows xp ? They are all connected using a switch.

A:Setting up a network

Read this tutorial: File Sharing - Between XP and W7 (and vice versa)
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Okay i have a desktop with XP and a printer installed. I have a laptop with vista and i need to create a network so i can use the printer wirelessly from the lap top...i did it XP to XP but this dumb lap top has vista(which is about to go out the window) so if some one could give me some help with this id be much happy!


A:setting up a network

Try here:
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I have a home computer and my wife has a laptop and I would like to set up a wireless so the laptop can use the same printer .I was wondering if D-Link DWL-520 Wireless PCI Adapter would do the trick .Please help.

Ps The home computer is running Windows 98se and the laptop is running Xp

A:Setting up a network????

You 'd be better off connecting a wireless router or access point to the desktop through a PCI ethernet adaptor (wired lan card) instead of trying to use a wireless adaptor.

I'm not sure if that card can act as a access point or not. If not, you wouldn't have a SSID for the notebook to connect to.
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ok so i have a few questions:

i am setting up a network for somebody. there needs to be a main computer and this computer needs to have a secondary monitor (a tv) to show the screen over head.

i assume i would set this up as a dual monitor.

next is the problem

i need to split the signal to two more monitors and sets of keyboards/mice inside the house/shop etc so that you can access the system from anywhere on site, i would not like to use any sort of virtual pc / VNC software, so i can eliimate have three more actual pc's but rather just needs a monitor keyboard and mouse to interact with the main pc.

any suggestions?i seem to remember hub like hardware to split your monitor and keyboard/mice signls, but im not sure what im exactly looking for.


A:need some help with setting up my network

Hi and welcome to TSF yhis may be what you mean KVM switch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Hello all I would like to set up a network in my home to have the following features Share music movies pictures etc Share printer Auto backup of each computer s designated important folder to the server I have the following hardware broadband router wireless and wired imac OSx macbook OSx x laptops with win laptop with win XP switch not currently being used HP Deskjet F Can I connect all these computers into one network If so what is the best way to do this I am thinking of buying a cheap nd hand box to run as a server but not sure what to put onto it so it can handle all the current computers Would it be smart to have multiple hard drives on this server for each file type movie music I think I would like to set it up so all the users can save their own documents to network Setting up their own computers but will need to access the server to watch movies play music and print Is this even possible I think I have an idea of what to do but am unsure Setting up network if I can network the mac pc successfully Thanks in advance Peter nbsp

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I've never set up a connection like this before so any help would be greatly appreciated.

At the moment my home network is as follows, we have two PC systems with Wireless Netgear PCI cards fitted, and a Netgear ADSL Router which supplies the connection.

I've now got another system in my room I need tempoary access to along with my main PC. My main PC has an ethernet port on it.

How would I go about getting the connection onto my other PC shared with my main one using my wireless as a source of connection?



A:Setting up a network

Is my understanding, as follows, correct? PC M has a wireless connection to your router, and also has an ethernet port. PC O has an ethernet port but no wireless capabililty and is too far to connect to the router via ethernet.

If all the above is correct you can connect the two PCs via cross-over ethernet cable. You can use a regular cable if either port is auto-sensing, also called MDI/MDIX. On PC M you should then be able to bridge (in Network Connections) the two connections. Or you can try ICS on PC M provided the router is not using the 192.168.0.x subnet.

Of course, getting another wireless adapter would be infinitely easier.
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Hello I Up Setting A Network want to try to set up a new network type i have a server computer windows xp pro that has two network cards How i want to set it up is on one of the network cards the incoming Setting Up A Network connection is from my ISP then on the other one the port is running to my linksys WRT GS internet port NOT the - port for LAN connection then from there the router is sending info to wireless computers and wired computers i have all the wiring right i just don t know how to set up the server computer why i want to do Setting Up A Network this is to monitor the traffic in and out of my home network like a proxy i want to block some sites and also ports like for gaming and stuff like that also a network firewall too anyone know how to set something like this up what would be some good programs to use and also how to get my router to get an ip address for the gateway and dns i want it to have a LAN and not a WAN sorry if i write weird if you need more info please ask i will be happen to give you more Here is an image of what i want to do nbsp
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I plan on setting up a network in the next few days and need some help sorting it all out
i plan on getting the asus wll-520gu wireless router, i plan on going wired/wireless

for wired would be - 360, desktop, laptop

for wireless would be - wii,ppc wm6 phone,laptop as well

vista would be on all pcs
is this all possible to set up through this wireless router? and have a home network/ media sharing thru the laptop/pc?

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I am trying to get my network set up, but when I try to set up the base station it tells me to disable firewall. Well the one i found is disabled. What do I do? I have the microsoft MN-500 wireless base station. The setup application at the part where it tries to configure the base station is what is telling me to disable the firewall.

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Hi Thanks to the owners for this website I am a programmer and have a client who is really fed up with their network consultant and installer Their network is always having problems and they are continually paying him setting Help up network a to come out and fix it Today some work stations had lost Help setting up a network network connection to some of the printers and I was able to reconnect for them They asked if I would be interested in making it all work so I looked in the network room and there are two arrays patch boards and a router that had about positions The whole mess is cobbled together with wires going everywhere I have been programming and messing with hardware since so I know my way around pretty well I have set up and maintained small networks but nothing this big as they have stations We live in a small country town and the network specialists are very thin on the ground read just one but I am thinking it should be a fairly simple process to install say a Cisco or something router and wires running to to it Then install the Cisco or whatever software on all the machines running XP probably XP-Pro I have not yet checked Am I being a little naive here They have a server in the network room but I have no idea what operating system it is running on I d like to get some feedback on the degree of difficulty before I toss my hat into that ring Anyone have a link to a website that will supply the hardware and hand holding expertise Thanks in advance Dave nbsp

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me and my bro are both on xp and he has a dsl and a router, i connected it from the router to my computer out here in the living room but im not getting any bandwith, when i check the connection status its sending packets to him but im not receiving any.

i think the problem might be i dont have the right network card drivers. Intel Ethernet 16-bit LAN adapter E139761 i am using the drivers that came with xp "microsoft loopback adapter" does anyone know where to get these? or can tell me how to set up the network step by step

any advice would be helpfult, thanks.

A:help setting up network/lan

i just did this 2 days ago.

first thing make sure all your lights are doing the right thing (according to the manual for the router)

the answer that worked for me was call the tech support in the back of the manual they should square you away.

but if that isn't possible, look in the manual there should be an http:// adress to type in for the setup, type it in and setup screen should appear,all i had to do was choose the type of connection (i.e. pppoe ect.) my isp uses select it enableing it then i was good to hook tell me how it goes
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I have 4 computers that I would like to be able to network, 3 are Windows 10 and the fourth is a Ubuntu box we use for backup. There is no problem networking to the Ubuntu box from any of the computers. The other 3 computers, listed in order of importance are mine (1), my wife's (2) and the workshop (3).

#3 can access #1 and sees #2 but is unable to get into her files.
#1 can access #3 and sees #2 but is unable to get into her files.
#2 can access #1 and #3 but it asks for a user name and password for both computers.

I have attempted to share her files with everyone, after several minutes up pops "Can't share this folder"!

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Setting up a network

If possible, for the Windows computers, you want to use the same username and password combinations (since these are likely workgroup computers and not on a domain). Are they all connected to the same router?
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I am trying to set up a network betwwn my dell laptop and my pc. i am using xp pro on the laptop and xp home on my pc. i have a network in both machines but when i plug the network cable into each of them i get a notice saying that the cable is unplugged. i tried using the wizard but it was no help. any help would be great.

A:setting up a network

Are you using a "crossover cable" or a "patch cable" (straight through)?

Direct PC to PC connection needs a cross-over cable.
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Hello all,

I need some help trying to setup three computers on a network. Let me explain what I have. Two desktop PCs connected via Ethernet through a router, and one laptop connected to the router via Wireless. My router is a Wireless-G Linksys WRT54G v5. Both of the desktop PCs have Windows XP and the laptop has Windows 98SE. I would like all three computers to be able to share the same internet connection, files and folders, printers, and scanners/printers if possible. I have tried going through Windows XP's "Setup a home or small office network" wizard but it didn't work. All three computers can already access the Internet, but I can't share files/folders/printers/scanners/etc.

I would really appreciate it if someone could walk me through setting up a Network for these three PCs or atleast redirect me to a guide on how-to setup a Network.


A:Help Setting up a Network

Run the Network Setup wizard (found in Control Panel of Win 2k Pro or XP). Tell it each of your computers connects to the internet via "residential gateway" and that you want to enable file and printer sharing. On one run, create a disk to run on the Win98SE. Windows XP firewall will be properly configured by the wizard. You must uninstall or properly configure any 3rd party firewalls on each machine. Unique computer names and same workgroup, of course.

The Shared Documents folder is automatically shared. Any other folders or printers you want to share, just right click on them and sharing ... .

When you first go into My Network Places there will be nothing there. The first time you click on 'View Workgroup computers' will probably result in great disappointment. It takes awhile (20 minutes; even hours) before all the computers in the workgroup get up-to-date and accurate lists of the other computers. Often you can speed up this process via Search for other computers, and a few computer restarts.

When computers show up in My Network Places, double click on one to see its shares. If that includes a printer, you can right click on the printer to connect to it.

If something fails, tell us exactly what you were doing at the time and what the result/error message was.
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I currently am on a school network that is so small that I can not assign folders to classes or students. With less than 200 students I am sure that one of our computers would handle a network that would allow that if I monitered the amount that was saved in the folders. I want this so that everytime I have an assignment for the students I don't have to print it out, or take their flash drives and copy each one on seperately. Also, they could save their work to the server and I would not have to collect flash drives at the end of each period.
Where would I go to get step by step, simple instructions to set something like this up?

Thank You

A:setting up a network

You should discuss the problem and your suggested solution with the head of your school or the head of the school's IT department. You could easily jeopardize the security of all computers on the school network by adding your own network that can be accessed by your students.
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Hi there I was just wondering if you could give me a hand configuring a XM Cisco router which I bought as part of my Cisco home lab from ebay I need some help with configuring one of the XM routers for internet access to allow my lab to access the net I have a Linksys AM ADSL modem to connect me to my DSL internet broadband provider I have a dynamic IP setting network up a from my ISP I have set up my modem as BRIDGE MODE ONLY which I believe cuts out all the added on stuff so that the modem is just a stand alone modem Is this true I need to configure the router with setting up a network DHCP NAT PPPOE and static routing as well as security Is this the correct way to setup an ADSL connection through a Cisco router On my modem I have a private IP address on the LAN side of and obviously a public dynamic IP on the wan side Is there a way to allow my router to just see the public address and set that one of the router interfaces Can anyone please help me with the configuration that I needAny help would be greatly appreciated Cheers nbsp
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How do I set up a network swo that I can share files from PC to PC using a router and DSL connection. I prefer learning how to set it up with windows XP, any addition software suggestions would help. I Want to learn how to map my network, and add a printer in the future. Thanks ahead of time. Any suggestions welcome.

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I have a wireless router (D-Link AirplusG DWL-922c) and after I hook it all up and restart my computer it tells me to go to a website to configure it, but my computer cant get any signal at all so I cant set up my network. Plz help me.

A:I need help setting up my network

Hi there

If you look around the router you will find an IP address and a default username and password.

Type the ip address into the address bar of the internet explorer and when prompted use the default username and password this should let you access the set up of the router.

I hope this gives you some help

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I have three PC's a W7 Pro and two Vista Home Premium.

I have an ADSL modem with both Wireless and Ethernet output, the Ethernet cable is connected to a splitter and two PC's are connected through the splitter, the third is connected by wireless.

Up to now I have only used the modem etc for Internet connection sharing, now I need to Network all three PC's so I can share printing and have full access to files etc.

Can I create another Network without hurting the Internet sharing setup?



A:Setting up a second Network

There is no simple free way. Your best bet is to get a router and connect it to your adsl modem, then connect your 3 machines to the router. This will give shared internet to 3 machines and allow you to network them. Routers can be had for less than 40 USD.
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how do you set up a network from scratch from an pre0installed server with server 2000, wat are main aspects to consider with an internet line coming in

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I have computer#1 running XP that has one folder that I need to share with computer#2 that is running Vista. I need to set this up but I dont know how. Can you please give me step by step instructions for both computers.

A:Setting up a new network

The easiest network to set up is usually by using a router and connecting both computers to it. But, if you don't have a router and don't plan to get one, what networking equipment do you have (adapters for each PC, switch, hub, etc.)?
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I recently got the internet (sprint dsl) installed in my room. My roommate and I are going to split the internet 50/50(two computers) so we got a Linksys WRT54g router. Sprint supplied us with a Zhone 6211 adsl2+ router as well. Everything is hooked up properly.

We have been trying to set up the network with no luck. All connections are good and we have run the startup disk(no luck as well) and been browsing the internet for help all weekend.

Any recommendations? Our computers are very close so there is no actual need to run wireless but if it is easier to setup that is fine.

Please help!

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Hello guys I have three pc s at home two desktop are connected wirelessly via router to the internet and i am able to see other wireless desktop computer via my network place in windows xp The rd desktop computer connected to the on network up setting help router via ethernet cable however i cannot access or see that computer on wireless desktop computers I ve tried everything but i am unable to fix that Can anyone help me on that All pcs are running windows xp professional Desktop Computer connected to help on setting up network the wireless router via ethernet cable Desktop Computer is wireless enabled and is connected to the wireless router via wifi Desktop Computer is wireless enabled and is connected to the wireless router via wifi desktop computer and can see each in my network places in windows xp however unable to detect desktop computer on desktop computer and Basically we want to see desktop computer on those two machine and vice versa Please Help Me Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hey guys,

OK so I want to do this, instead of giving users disk quota (which is a pain) can I partition a drive give them around 3GB but keep same letters for all drives like U:<USERNAME> like this I do not need assign a different letter to each drive...


A:IS this possible without setting up a network..

Quote: Originally Posted by CriticalError

Hey guys,

OK so I want to do this, instead of giving users disk quota (which is a pain) can I partition a drive give them around 3GB but keep same letters for all drives like U:<USERNAME> like this I do not need assign a different letter to each drive...


One thing you might take a look at is the subst command. When each user logs on, they can execute a batch file that will give them a U: drive. a command like this will do it.

subst U: d:\user1

you can have directories on the D drive called user1 user2 user3
and when that user logs in, their U drive will really be their own directory
on your D drive.

Is that what your asking?

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All right so I've got a broadband connection at Computer #1. Which connects to a wireless router which connects to a wireless usb adaptor at Computer #2. My question is would I be able to run an ethernet cable from Computer #2 to an Xbox 360 to get the Xbox 360 connected? What would I set for WEP key settings and such on the 360? Thanks in advance.

A:Network Help : Setting Up

You might get it working by bridging the two connections on computer 2. Are you using ICS on computer 1, or what?

Why not just connect the modem to the router? If the modem only has USB, get one with ethernet.

If you connect the Xbox 360 via ethernet, just disable the wireless adapter.
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i just bought a compaq laptop with windows xp pro i want to set up a network to transfer files from my old powerbook g4 with mac os x on it. i am trying to transfer the mp3 files i have with out buying any thing or hooking up my landline internet again because the cost would not be worth it. Can anyone help me

A:need help setting up network

you could use a USB flash memory card - they are very cheap
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Dlink DI-624 Router (Rev C)
Airlink Super G Wireless PCI Adapter
2 Internal Laptop Adapters (54g)


I don't know how to link all these PC's to a network, where I can view files from every computer. I dont have a router password either. I don't know how to configure a network. I've never done this before. I have sufficient knowledge on PC's, but my knowledge ends when it comes to networking. I need like detailed step by steps on how to set up my network to share files.
Warm Regards,


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I have a wireless router (D-Link AirplusG DWL-922c) and after I hook it all up and restart my computer it tells me to go to a website to configure it, but my computer cant get any signal at all so I cant set up my network. I am using an ethernet modem. Could it have something to do with the fact that the site is and my IP is Please help me.

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I have a desktop running WinXP Printer attached is a KM PagePro w Wireless router Need setting network up help attached is DLink DI- Desktop Need help setting up network connects to the internet with no problem My network places in WinXP lists the desktop as ABC Recently purchased a laptop running Win On the laptop network it shows the laptop as Need help setting up network ABC and Network Infrastructure shows the DLink router I am assuming that I should be able to see both computers listed on the networks but each Need help setting up network network only shows that computer Laptop connects to the internet through the desktop perfectly Problem is I am trying to network both computers so I can use the printer connected to the desktop but I am having trouble doing that Can someone please give me quot step by step quot instructions as to how to set up the network Basic instructions please as I have never done this Any help will be greatly appreciated BTW both computers show the same workgroup name nbsp

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I am setting up a network and one of my computer is working fine but the other computer gives me the error message " workgroup is not accessible. you might not have permission to use this network resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network path is not found." I need to know how do I set up these permissions. I have already installed the network setup and everything went fine. I recieve this message when I click on my network places and then try to click view workgroup computers. thanks for your help.

A:setting up a network

First, are both in the same workgroup? To check to to Start>Control Panel>System>Computer Name and look under Workgroup. This should be the same. If not hit Change and make them the same.

Second, go to the Shared Documents folder, right click on it and hit properties. Select sharing. Varify that the folder is being shared. If not enable file sharing but do not run the wizard and select just to enable file sharing. This should fix the problem.

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StumpedTechy said:

The main thing to do is make sure both computers have an Ethernet NIC and make sure your broadband provider has given you a modem with an Ethernet port (not USB). If both are true than all you need is the router and 2 patch cables (any length) if either of your PC's are missing an Ethernet port you will have to buy an ethernet NIC as well.Click to expand...

I'm in the same situation only i've been given a modem that has a USB port not Ethernet. Could anyone explain what happens in this situation and what would be needed in order to set this up.

Thanks very much.

A:Setting up Network

Kerry_s, it would probably be best if you started your own thread. I'm sure someone will be along to give you a hand.
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OK noob status here =]

I have a Dell Inspiron 1420 laptop (running Windows Vista 32-bit OS) and just recently got a new Toshiba NB 205 Netbook (running Windows XP) to bring with me to class. I wanted to know if there was any way (other than using jump drives) that i could sync up my documents from one computer to the other on a regular basis? Someone told me the best way was networking the two laptops (althoguh i'm open to any alternative methods) however I am very much in the dark about setting up a network in which i can sync up the files in these two computers (especially since they're on different operating systems). Step-by-step explanation or alternative methods would be appreciated

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I am about to re-format my pc and at the moment i have a wireless network (using a D-link wireless router) between my pc and a laptop to share internet connection.
I did not set this up but i will have to set it up when i re-format so i was wondering if anyone could basically talk me through setting up a network, or send me to any tutorial sites that could also help

As always thanks guys!!

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I am a small busines owner and do not really have the funds neccessary to have a tech come out and set up my network so all of my PCS are on 1... here is what i have going... 1 Vista pc directly connected to modem/routere and 1 XP connected via wireless router and modem... can anyone help on how to go about this so i can have them print to multiple printers and share information/software...