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Video problem? invalid sync

Q: Video problem? invalid sync

turn my computer on .. everything sounds like its booting up.. but the monitor says nothing but invalid sync and goes away .... not sure what my issue is here ... my vid card is properly snugged into its slot ... so its not that .... i read something about my monitor settings could be the problem ? idk.. confused ... any help would be greatly appreciaited


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Preferred Solution: Video problem? invalid sync

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Video problem? invalid sync

You must be A+ Certified... What are your system specs? Try booting into Safe Mode and select "VGA" is you can see anything
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I used a freeware (Any Video Converter free version) to convert a piece of MPEG-2 movie clip to WMV for my Zune. But the audio track could not catch up with the moving pictures. I tried several times but the errors repeated. The support of Any Video Converter said it's the problem of the codec of WMV. The WMV codec does not handle A/V sync well. I was wondering whether it's true.

A:WMV problem: Audio does not sync with video

is this what you're asking about?
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well I am converting using the imtoo DVD ripper platinum, I have been working for about a week now and yet when I watch the video (mp4) on my video ipod or my blackberry 8830 the audio place about 1 second before the mouth actually moves, anyone else with this similar issue or anyone know how to fix it???
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I converted all of our old VHS to video files I used Honestech Delux problem Video Sync Audio to do this The out put files were fine regarding Syncing of audio and video I then used Format Factory to split these whole videos up unto smaller mpg files I then deleted the original transfers The problem I m having now is the files from FormatFactory aren t synced properly Is there anyway to correct these files Other than the time commitment many Video Audio Sync problem of the VHS barely made it through the first transfer after playing and rewinding many now don t display an image I ve researched online but don t know the best course of action Many people suggest Format Factory but that s what caused the problem to begin with I m desperate to hopefully salvage what I already have I took an existing video reencoded it to post to FB and the lag seems even worse I ve attached the file and I m hoping it might be possible to look at the file to determine the problem and how best to fix it nbsp
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Like the title says. I load up any mpeg video (except divx) and after about a minute or 2 the audio and the video go out of sync then if I can stand it long enough (another minute or 2) the video glitches and then the audio is synced again fine for another couple minutes. .avi and .asf files don't do this so it has to be something in my mpeg codec but I don't know of a place to get a new codec. Its a pain to have to burn them onto a video cd just to watch without the syncronization problem.

WMP 6.4

A:Odd mpeg video audio sync problem

I had this problem.

I am sorry, but I can't tell you what made it go away, because I honestly don't know. I have been through about 3 motherboards and CPUs since then...

It was something to do with my hard drive being accessed whilst trying to play a movie from there.....
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Hi....having problems actually syncing a laptop to a desktop with 'Firefox'.................I have an account on the desktop. On entering the code from the laptop onto the desktop (to pair a device) it just comes up 'invalid'? Tried a few times?

Appreciate any help


A:Invalid Code With FF Sync?

So you can't get past part 1 ?
Share bookmarks, tabs and more with your other computers | Firefox Help
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Hi....having problems actually syncing a laptop to a desktop with 'Firefox'.................I have an account on the desktop. On entering the code from the laptop onto the desktop (to pair a device) it just comes up 'invalid'? Tried a few times?

Appreciate any help

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before the windows splash screen i see invalid sync.....if it does boot up it will crash occationally and there will be verticle colored stipes on the screen ...any ideas? I did just reinstall windows xp after a full formatting
OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name BOBS-889A519078
System Manufacturer PT880_
System Model AWRDACPI
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 3 Stepping 3 GenuineIntel ~3215 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG, 8/27/2004
SMBIOS Version 2.2
Windows Directory D:\WINDOWS
System Directory D:\WINDOWS\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Locale United States
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2111)"
User Name BOBS-889A519078\Bob
Time Zone Pacific Standard Time
Total Physical Memory 4,096.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 245.35 MB
Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
Page File Space 1.22 GB
Page File D:\pagefile.sys

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I downloaded a 3d game engine called fly3d and tried one of the windows demo's. My computer monitor (gateway vx900) went fuzzy and the message INVALID SYNC FREQUENCY came up on the screen. I restarted in vga enabled mode and went and reset my resolution, and monitor refresh frequency back to 70 where it had been since I bought the computer. everything is fine untill I restart the computer, or log off and log back on. Then it goes back to the INVALID SYNC FREQUENCY condition again. What can I do to not have to start in vga enabled mode every time?!?!


A:Invalid sync frequency

Get into Windows and then uninstall the game. If that fails, see if you have a System Restore point in System restore. Restore back to a point before the game. Assuming this is WinXP.
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We have discovered a problem when view a Flash video played back from Flash Player 9 on Vista while using IE 7. The sound starts playin about 1 second before the video begins. This is a real issue as we are developing these for our customers. It does not happen on the same machine when the site is viewed in FireFox or Safari for PC. The same movie plays fine on our XP machines with the same version of Flash and IE. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it as I really need to resolve this.

The video can be viewed here:
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Hi I ve been using fraps for the longest time and am having a problem with my video and audio matching up The longer I record the bigger the delay between audio amp video on all my videos The Audio falls behind and the Audio Audio Funky Problem [FRAPS] & Video Sync sounds Great This leads me to think that the video isn t recording at a solid fps and Thus getting stretched Funky Audio & Video Sync Problem [FRAPS] out over the recording duration I have tried different recoding resolutions with High and Low game setting tried fraps half-Rez too My quot Don t sync audio quot button is not checked This issue happens in every game I play including recording the desktop Here s an example video http www youtube com watch v oHFDvClY -k Also if I go though some bs it is fixable But That step takes TIME -- gt I just want the darn thing to work I use this program sometimes to edit my vids as far as fixing audio I have to delay audio and increase FPS To find those Numbers is a Long process for long videos Just finished this one took about a-half and hour sum to get it right Most people just need to either dalay audio video OR Mess with frame rate I have to do both Also Something i did just notice that was kinda odd My videos tend to have a bit of delay where the video is frozen and the audio comes through ok Normally happens on any clip after the first file is made In cases like this the audio starts un-synced Here is my DXDiag bit Code ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name JOES COMPUTER Operating System Windows Ultimate -bit Build win gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer System manufacturer System Model System Product Name BIOS BIOS Date Ver Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab The file vrtaucbl sys is not digitally signed which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs WHQL You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer Sound Tab No problems found Sound Tab The file vrtaucbl sys is not digitally signed which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs WHQL You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer Input Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D retail DirectDraw retail DirectInput retail DirectMusic retail DirectPlay retail DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce GTX Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce GTX DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV E amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory MB Dedicated Memory MB Shared Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Name Generic PnP Monitor Monitor Model ASUSMS Monitor Id ACI F Native Mode x p Hz Output Type DVI Driver Name nvd dumx dll nvwgf umx dll nvwgf umx dll nvd dum nvwgf um nvwgf um Driver File Version English Driver Version DDI Version Driver Model WDDM Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo'd Yes WHQL Date Stamp Device Identifier D B E E- A - CF-E D- A FC C Vendor ID x DE Device ID x E SubSys ID x Revision ID x A Driver Strong Name oem inf NVIDIA SetA Devices NTamd Section pci ven de amp dev e Rank Of Driver E Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG C ModeVC C ModeWMV C Deinterlace Caps CB - - - E - C DB Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive F F DA - B - B F- D -C E EAAB Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Ba... Read more

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When I turn my computer on quot this has occurred once and is not reoccurring quot I have received quot Invalid Sync quot message for about seconds across my screen before the windows screen loads My computer is functioning normally and this quot tonight quot is the first time I have seen this message I launched The Sims which crashed and I had to Invalid On Start Message System Sync do Invalid Sync Message On System Start a manual system shut down to get out of the frozen game when I restarted my system that was the message I got I do meet the system requirements and crashing of that game is rare for me I guess my question is what does that message Invalid Sync Message On System Start mean Invalid Sync Message On System Start Is there a specific definition for this term It sounds to me like the monitor can t recognize the signal it s receiving I am hoping this isn t the sign of an ailing video card My card is fairly new quot about months old quot though it s an older model I got a great deal on it lmao The card has really performed too I have run some pretty graphic heavy games with little to no lag or crash even on my low-end system System Specs OS Windows XP Pro w o SP Monitor Gateway VX quot this is old possibly the issue quot Video Card ATI Radeon X DirectX Version CPU Intel Pentium CPU GHz RAM GB HD Free Space GB HD Total Space GB Motherboard ASUS P V X-MX AGP nbsp

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I video conference speeches and process them to VCD format. I capture video on miniDV tape or directly on computer using 1394 (firewire) port. I take audio seperately from mixer into computer using 'audacity' or 'accoustica' program. I use Ulead Video Studio 8 to match video & audio and then process it. These 2 streams match well in the begining, but then these go out of sync by upto 5 sec. Need help urgently.

Using Core2Duo desktop, 4 GB DDR2 RAM (800MHz FSB), SATA Hard Disk 7200 rpm.

A:Audio-video out of sync in video processing in Ulead Video Studio

The problem is that the framerates are a little bit different and there is no keyframe info for each to keep themselves in sync.

In fact some media companies deliberately introduce keyframe errors so that conversion prgrams and the like don't keep the video and audio in sync.

I'm still waiting for a good solution myself but at least you know you're not the only one with the problem by a long shot.
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MODS: Please move if incorrect forum

Threads developing @ Avast & BC:
Avast flagging Firefox Sync - Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Software

FFox Sync hosted on Amazon server farm; Doesn't appear to be FP per User Sirmer's reply #22


we will remove this detection from our black list but there was a bit problem because this domain is also hosting of newly generated malicious sites, it was a block reason.

A:Avast flags Firefox Sync, FFox blocks Untrusted/invalid Cert

Got to love the upgrade now popup message
Typical of a company that has a paid for version and a free version.
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hey guys, does anyone know if this is possible?

i'm about to move a lot of video files and i'm concerned this might happen.


A:Possible for video files to lose video/audio sync when transferred to ext. drive?
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when i play videos on windows media player, it goes out of sync after the 'commercials/break'. the commercials have been edited out and the show cuts straight back in as if there were no commercials. but it seems to only go out of sync after when the commercial would have been.

It does this little weird distorted pixel thing for about 2 secs after every commercial too, and then carries on but out of sync.

ive been watching these shows for ages but its only recently decided to go all weird.
maybe theres a codec that could sort this out?!

any ideas?

A:Out of sync video

How was the video captured and how where commercials cut out? If captured to tape media first, a lose of "control track" can cause a lose of time code. If this occurs the video and audio may be out of sync when captured on computer. I have seen this when capturing from dvcam tapes that begin to wear out. A "glitch" on the tape causes an interuption to the time code ,when captured on comp. there is a lose of sync. If commercial were cut out via tape pause then record, this can occur. If same video file has played correctly in the passed, the lose of control track may have corrupted the file. Some players are more tolerant than others, maybe try anther player like Divx player. You may also be able to correct this via video editng software.
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Hello, I've searched the forum but haven't found any solution for my problem.

The problem is, my tv doesn't sync with the friggin' 30i Hz, but that's the only frequency shown in every single menu that I've found. I have an ATI Radeon HD2600 XT Graphic card with the latest catalyst drivers.
All that i get is some wild lines dancing. It's almost like they're provoking me! lol
Any suggestions?

Sorry if this is a repeated questin, but i really haven't found anything to solve this and I'm almost throwing my tv off the window! lol

A:Help! S-Video (TV) out of sync!

Make sure the driver is set to display the appropriate standard of either NTSC or PAL, for your tv.
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I'm having an annoying problem with lip synchronisation in my home movies. The video files are fine, it's after I burn to DVD where the problem is apparent. How could this be? Do any of you video buffs know what's going on here? There is no separate sound track or anything, I simply load into into Ulead Videostudio, edit the individual takes and join them together to create the finished video. When tested after this stage the audio ( which was recorded within the video camera when shooting) is fine and perfectly in sync with the video. I am creating MPEG2 files before DVD burning, would another file format be better? No matter which program I use to burn to DVD I have the same problem. Hope someone can help.

A:Audio Video Sync

The video files are fine,Click to expand...

What are the originals? What output is your camera producing? AVI, MPEG etc.
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I find that when I play a video file like an .avi file from the beginning all the way through the audio and video are fine but when I stop the file and then start from the middle by advancing to that point the audio and video get out of sync, the audio is a little behind I think.
I wondered if I can change some setting or fix this because it's a real pain to not be able to go back to something I didn't have time to finish and have everything out of whack.
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I got this video from a friend and the sound is not in sync... The Sound is ahead of the picture.

I have nero 7 but don't have much experience with it. Can anyone guide me threw how to delay the sound a little so that it is in sync with the video?

A:Sound Not In Sync With Video

Download Media Player Classic: when you load your video, click on the followingPlay>Audio>OptionsTick & set "Audio time shift (ms)" to either +1000 or -1000
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I've just started to use Vision 5 in Nero 8 and am burning a DVT-MS file to make a DVD-Video. Everything is good apart from the sound which appears to be about a second or two behind the video. Has anyone any ideas how to remidy this?

A:Audio video sync

Can we have your systems specs?
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I have a kodak zi8 with a 8g sd memory card. After I made a video I put it on my computer, i played back the video, but the audio and the video did not sync. My lips on the video moved slower than the audio, so I was out of sync. Any help on this?

A:audio and video don't sync

Are you using Windows Media Player or other?

Does it play in sync on the Kodak zi8?

Make another video and see if the problem persisits.

Regards. . .


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i had a tv series in .rvbm and used Any Video Converter from to convert it to .wmv to play on my xbox 360. i didn't watch the videos ahead of time to check if it had the problem before, but playing on either my computer or the 360, the video goes slightly slower than the audio. each episode starts off fine but ends up at least 5 seconds behind in the end. i checked other videos on my computer, so i know it is a file problem and not just my computer. is there anything i can do to remedy the offset video?
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Hi guys - i managed to get my hands on a copy on the animatrix, the quality and sound are 10 / 10 however, they seem to be out of sync. The file is split into two different parts and at the beginning the file is in sync, but over the time of the two files it gradually seems to flip out and go out of sync. Can anyone help me figure out how i can line up the audio and video, and how i might go about doing it ?

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Computer is a 850MHZ duron w/256mb of ram running xp.

It's possible the computer is just too slow, but that doesn't seem right.

All updates, video sound ide etc..

Need some help. Unsure of what to do next.

A:Video and Audio out of sync

Nevermind. Appers to be a problem with defiler pak. Uninstalling it fixed the issue.
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To start with I know very little about computers hence the reason for this posting I know that my computer is on its way out and will be purchasing a new one within the next few months However I still need to view some shows for my online class and enjoyment PBS The problem is that the audio and video are not in sync voice before movement of mouth and the video is choppy also video will continue to play after clicking to pause I use Explorer for my browser and I will add not sync Audio and in HELP! Video ... my PC information below Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Processor AMD Sempron tm x Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card VIA S G UniChrome IGP Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Audio and Video not in sync ... HELP! Motherboard KM - Antivirus Norton Security Suite Updated Yes On-Demand Scanner Enabled If anyone can help me out I would be ever so grateful once again I must state that I have limited background with computers nbsp

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I have converted some wmv. files to avi. files because on my pc, avi. files play alot better than wmv. I converted the files using Smart Video Converter. It does'nt have an option, or help link where I can fix this problem. I have searched the net to see if I can find something free to fix it but I can't. Anyway, my question is does anyone here know how Ican fix or of some kind of program that will do it for me? THANKS
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Hi guys great to be a member of this forum.

I have a video problem. When playing certain movies or videos on my computer the audio is slower than the video. This occurs for some but not all videos. Also, when I burn DVDs the video and audio are always out of sync. I use nero but cant figure out what the problem is.

Any ideas? much appreciated.

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I wanted to know how come everytime I convert my WMV. files to AVI. using the SMART VIDEO CONVERTER, the audio is always out of sync with the video and how can I fix this problem? THANKS

A:Audio/video out of sync...........

Can the source file WMV be perfectly played? If it can, Maybe you have to download some codec to fix it.
By the way, have you tried the WinAVI Video Converter ? Which works very perfectly!
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Hi. I know close to nothing about computers so bare with me. I have recently installed a ethernet card on this older dell desktop cxe that was given to me. I think it was manufactured in 2002. When I finally got on the internet with this baby everything is running smoothly with the exception of any video, movie or clip I try to stream. The audio plays normally meanwhile the video sticks, lags, skips..My net speed is where it should be and I have plenty of memory space on this computer so loading the file isn't a problem. I have went to the dell site and gotten a number of drivers none seem to fix this problem. Thank you for your answers in advance.

A:Audio/Video not sync

Hardware specs would be nice, or at least the model number.

With that being said, will videos play normally directly from the HDD? If so, it's likely a browser/plugin issue. If not, then it could be drivers or hardware related.
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I have downloaded a movie, and the audio has a -300 ms delay. Simple enough to correct while playing using VLC, but, can someone suggest a way to actually permanently correct the issue? An ap that will split the audio and video, I tell it to add a -300 ms delay, and then re-merge the parts?
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couple days ago my laptop did a critical update as it was described, right after i noticed that when using netflix in chrome browser after about an hour of play time, the audio and video became out of sync with each other. i would have to restart the computer to continue watching then about after another hour or so the same thing would happen. at first i thought it was the browser so i installed the netflix application, the same problem occurred. i tried using different browsers and the same thing occurred. i even tried restoring the comp to an earlier period and it was of no help.  can you please direct me as to how i can fix this problem.
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I am running windows vista and am now having trouble with the sound and video...
When I play a movie on my PC I get sound before the people in the movie talk... :S

Can anyone help me by telling me how to sync them or have any idea how I can fix this issue??

A:PC sound and video out of sync

Hi Danny

A few questions:
1) Is your PC a laptop or desktop? --- and if a laptop, does it have the ability to play a movie without starting Windows first? [If yes, test playing a movie in that manner, and see if things are in sync].
2) Have you tested with several DVD movies?
3) Are the movies you've tried store-bought retail versions, or burner-recorded duplicates or home videos?
4) What program(s) have you tried for playback?
5) Do you have any peer-to-peer sharing software on your PC?
6) Did DVD movie playback work at first, and only recently has a problem?

Quick fixes you can try in the meantime:
1) Unplug from the Internet and your local network (unplug ethernet, disable wireless) - shut down your firewall, antivirus, antispyware, instant messengers, any P2P sharing software, any multimedia programs other than those you will use for DVD playback --- and then try playing the movie. This will help if your system is simply over-taxed with background processes to playback a DVD movie properly.
***Don't forget to re-enable your firewall, antivirus, antispyware, etc -- before reconnecting to any networks or the Internet.
2) Try refreshing your codecs --- --- hint: make sure to scan the download before installing the codecs (scan all downloads - to ensure your system's safety).

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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i have a .RMVB (realplayer video file) that is very badly out of sync. The video is going at a faster rate than the audio is. i was wondering, is there a way to fix this? or can i use a program? thanks.

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Anyone know how I would convert a graphics computers RGB +sync video to RGBHV or VGA 15?

If there is a sync converter that goes from 4BNC ->VGA and not the other way around I would be interested.

I would like to use standard VGA monitors as these Magnavox CMI14xx RBG monitors are somewhat scarce.

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I just recently got a DVD-RW drive and I wanted to test it out. I used the PowerProducer software that came with the drive and made a little menu and burned a video to the DVD in order to test it out. The burning process apparently went fine, but when I tried playing the DVD the audio started getting out of sync with the video (the video works fine when played on my computer in .mpg form). At first it was fine, but the audio and video would gradually get further and further apart. I know nothing about different brands of blank discs, so I just grabbed some from the local store - they are 4.7GB, 1-8x, DVD-R made by Smartbuy. Any ideas?

AMD 1.333GHz
LG 16x Super Multi DVD/CD Rewriter
GeForce 2 MX200
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I recently videoed a live performance of my son's band. I was forced to stand near the speakers, and as a result the audio was distorted and out of sync with the video. Which software would you suggest to first, enhance the audio, and second, resync it to the video?

A:Out of sync audio and video

What was it recorded with/what format is the media in.
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Have a torrent dowload with sound out of sync with video. Borrowed copy of same show torrent and it plays out of sync too. But the lender says that on his computer the original copy plays fine.
Can someone please try to explain what is causing this****up to a member of the "computer moronic" ( at least thatīs how I feel when things go wrong, on the damn machine!)
Oh yes, please try and tell me a remedy for this problem.

A:More sound out of sync with video

No torrent questions allowed here.
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dell inspiron 1000 xp ,google browser . when i play the news or  movies the video is clear but choppy [stop/start] audio is clear but not in sync. are there any adjustments ? thank you

A:audio and video not in sync

Stop / start video sounds like you do not have enough bandwidth on your internet connection to receive video without it spooling in between bits. Video, depending on the source, transmits between 24 and 30 frames per second. If you only have enough bandwidth to download say 20 frames per second, you get a pause while it downloads say 200 frames. It then plays - roughly - 8 seconds worth of video, and then pauses again to catch up on the next 200 frames.
It might be well worth your while running a 'Speedtest' on your internet connection. Speedtest is a free web-site here -
For a one-off test you don't even have to log-in. If you wish to keep a record of your tests over time then you do need to create an account, which is also free. Just go to the web-site, wait it for to load, then click on the large button 'Start test'.
Chris Cosgrove
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Hi I have a strange thing happening I am producing some Video Sync Issues Audio clips which are CGI that are all put together in Premiere Pro After Effects and Encore I have a Audio Video Sync Issues problem that when I preview in premier or encore there is a massive out of synch issue with the audio and video This problem occurs also when I view any finished avi files using Window media player The problem is not there if I view using quicktime The bizarre thing in WMP is that if I just tweak the brightness slider then the video catches up and everything is ok The main issue is when I am editing the clips and previewing them in prem and encore there is no slider for me to tweak to see if I have my timings correct etc Maybe I am wrong but it would seem the problem is shared between the adobe stuff and WMP Is there any codec issues maybe as it seems strange that the clips work fine in QT I look forward to your advice Steve nbsp
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i've downloaded some british tv shows using bit torrent and when i go to view them i notice
that the sound is ahead of the video. it starts out 30 sec ahead and by the end of a 1/2 hour show the gap is up to about 5 minutes. i've tried both windows media player 10 and real player and the problem remains the same. any help would be appreciated

A:sound out of sync on video downloads

That out of sync might have been baked into the original. Do you know of anyone else who has a copy and if its better or the same? Entertainment producers have been known to deliberately intrroduce keyframe errors and use variable bit rates to throw off duplication efforts. Sort of a poor man's copy protection--not stopping anyone but making it irritable to watch.

Did you try starting the video and then jumping ahead to near the end and if its instantly completly out of sync as badly as if you had run it from the beginning I think its baked.
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any idea? the sound doesnt match with the video

A:WMP burned dvd sound + video not in sync

This is a fairly common occurance. Audio and video get procesed seperately and when they get muxed back together, errors in codec handling, vairable bit rates, index errors and the like all can contribute to syncing problems. You might try a different program that may be more competent at keeping a-v sync as a first course of action.
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when i play anything the audio is a few seconds off from the video, but it seems that when I play something in quicktime it seems to be ok. they worked fine in vista before i upgrade on the same machine. if you need more info please ask

A:Windows 7 Audio/Video out of sync in WMP

its getting kinda lonely here in this corner?
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I am using the HD video feature in my Nikon P100 digital cameral. When I connect my camera to my HDTV it plays beautifully.

I insert my SD card into my computer to transfer the file. The format is Quicktime and I have used Super to convert it to avi.

The resulting video looks great on my computer but is totally out of sync - literally my seconds.

Where am I going wrong?

A:Solved: Audio and Video out of sync

What happens if you play the file in the quicktime format? Are the sound and video synced? If so, you might want to try another converter.
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I downloaded a movie recently and saved it as a file. The format was MPEG-4 and Windows Media Player gave a message that they do not recongnize that format. Okay I used Youtube Downloader to convert it to WMV and watched it on my computer. When I decided to burn it to DVD (using the converted file) the audio and video started fine then became hopelessly out of sync. Any suggestions?

A:Audio and Video not in sync on a DVD I burned.

Sounds like it was encoded poorly, to me anyway. I've had it happen before and used a different program to encode it & it came out better. DVD Flick is a good program for burning DVDs. Only downside (for me anyway), whenever it transitions to and from a black screen, it will lag momentarily. I'm not aware of any other free burners with a high quality output. Maybe someone else will be able to help there. Good Luck.
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Hello again, BleepingComputer! I'm having a difficult time with de-synced DVD-RW's burned with DVDFlick/ImgBurn.

I download a large batch of files from youtube using Any Video Converter, then convert them to the DVD NTSC (MPEG)output. Using DVDFlick, I take the the files and burn them to my DVD-RAM Drive(E:). Also enabled, is the creation of an ISO Image which is deleted after verify. When it's finished, I play the disc in the DVD player and find video/audio is a good 5 seconds out of sync. As it progresses, it switches in and out of sync every 10 minutes or so.

I believe i have all of the necessary codecs installed, but i've got a sneaking suspicion that i either did something wrong in converting from youtube, perhaps it's a file output issue?
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I have a Dell Optiplex gx100 running Windows XP Pro. It has 512 Mb of memory. I use Pot Player for my video viewer. I like Dr Who so I found a site where I can download which ever episode I want from any season I want.
The problem is that after downloading and watching the video the sound and video are out of sync. The audio plays first then the video catches up. Is there anyway to fix this?

A:[SOLVED] video and voice out of sync

Hi Satisfier.

How are you downloading these videos? Are you doing it via iTunes, or via some other website?

Just to be clear - (I'm not throwing any accusations about);

TSF RULES - QUICK REFERENCEYou may not ask for assistance with P2P programs
As stated in the Community Rules.

Just making sure you're aware of this.

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I am using the free Version of Any Converter. Sometimes when I Convert a video the video and audio are out of sync for example I can hear someone speak a few seconds before I see their mouth move in the video. It does not happen all the time. I've been converting DVR-MS To AVI. One time it happened so I tried converting to MPEG 2 instead of AVI that did not help.


A:Solved: Audio Video Out Sync

Try a different converter....I get great accuracy most of the time with Format Factory, I'm not sure it accepts the DVR-MS format but it probably does.
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My fraps audio and video is out of sync I hear the audio before the event happens in the video Specs CPU intel core i GPU Ati radeon hd RAM x gb of ddr memory OS windows home premium MOBO asus p p ws supercomputer SOUNDCARD Onboard Fraps setup fps half size mic and win sound I have had fraps working before I have around videos up on youtube with k subscribers I it? of is do and out How fix My sync. video fraps audio waiting for new videos I have tried -reinstalling Realtek HD audio drivers ATI drivers and realtek ethernet drivers -deinstalling my codecs lame mp acm and xvid -defraging my HDD -optimizing PC with Ccleaner registry tool -freeing up HDD space -googling like hell -Trying different media players My fraps audio and video is out of sync. How do I fix it? -trying multiple games -reducing graphics settings in games to lowest -reducing fraps FPS capture to instead of -set sampling rate of audio khz instead of -reducing res to lowest like x or something -tried using stero mix -using no mic -multichannel setting on fraps -syncing up audio in sony vegas didn t work audio stream is the same length as video stream -syncing up audio and video in virtual dub same as above -contacted fraps support no reply after - days -searching these forums for a solution Nothing seems to work always the delay starts at like seconds and gets worse and worse I would be really gratefull if someone will help me Regards dxdiag nbsp

A:My fraps audio and video is out of sync. How do I fix it?

Doesn't anyone have the faintest idea of how I can fix this?
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When I create a VCD using Nero express I find that the Audio is about 8-10 seconds faster than the video. Movie files I use are .avi files.
When I play these on Windows media player or Divx player on my computer they are perfectly fine, i.e. audio/video in sync.

I tried uninstalling & then re installing nero express with no success.

I am using Benq - 52x24x52 Cd rewritter with seamless link. Windows XP home, pentium 4, 2.8 Ghz, 512 Ram.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

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I downloaded an 8 min .swf (flash) video then used prism video converter to convert it into a .avi file to burn to a DVD. The file converts ok but during playback the video plays faster than the audio and the whole thing stops abruptly in the middle of the last sentence? Any solutions?

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Hi I want to watch the lord of the rings extended trilogy which I recently got on my laptop I want to watch it on my TV of course so I ve connected my TV and my laptop via the TV cable RGB via connected not when are Video in sync PC and RGB cable and for the sound I used the mm male jack on both sides which goes from pc headphones output to tvs sound input Now what happens is that it seems that the audio is not in time with the video so I can hear the conversation before it actually happens However on the laptop everything runs fine but on the tv the video is late How to fix this My laptop doesn t have a HDMI output unfortunately And I can t Video not in sync when PC and TV are connected via RGB cable burn it Video not in sync when PC and TV are connected via RGB cable to DVD because the movie is in mp format I can t even watch it on usb because the player I have does not support mp movies And all those converters are terribly slow and reduce the video quality none of them is really free Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Video not in sync when PC and TV are connected via RGB cable

The media player on the PC or the TV may have an option to delay the audio.
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I just got my hands on Pinnacle's StudioVCD, which is basic capture card for the production of VCDs. Using the method shown here ( ) everything works fine, audio's in sync, but the quality's somewhat poor.

So I tried using VirtualDub instead, as shown here ( ). The quality's better, but the sound's out of sync with the video. The solution offered at the end of the page doesn't correct the problem either. What should I do?

The system I'm using is a P4 2.0ghzwith 256mb RAM, 7200 RPM hdd, so there's definitely enough power for a low-end capture job like this!
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I'm using a x86(32 bit) Tablet PC. It has installed both Video and Audio drivers.
Both, before and after installing these drivers when watching VIDEO(ie Video App), or even using Media Player, it seems that Video and Audio are not insync. Why? Any guidance on this matter is appreciated.
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i have a backed up copy of Meet the Parents saved on my computer that is suffering from a bad case of stretched audio.

how do i fix

A:Off sync Video/Audio in backed up DVD's


What program are you using to view it?

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HI I was given an older computer to revamp for my brother He is on a disability income and I want to burn him some video files to watch have some old family movies It is an older computer with a Celeron processor and integrated video and sound The video shares ram I have assigned it megs of ram and have installed megs total It is running windows SE Is there any hope of getting divx video or mpeg video to run smoothly on here If so would my best bet be trying video sync in not and jumpy, slow, to install a separate video card adding more ram upgrading the cpu all of the above I need to do video slow, jumpy, and not in sync this the least inexpensive way possible please I know my last pc before video slow, jumpy, and not in sync the one I built was a and it could play video without this difficulty as long as I didn t run other things at the same time PS video slow, jumpy, and not in sync have also tried putting the video on the hard drive and still get pauses in the video and then the sound isn t in sync Thank you very much nbsp
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I am using the video feature of my digital camera. When I connect the camera to my HDTV for viewing the result is beautiful.

I transfer the file from the camera to my computer via SD card. The file is in Quicktime format and I use Super to change it to an avi file so it can be used in Media Player.

The result looks beautiful but the audio is literally seconds ahead of the video.

Where have I gone wrong?

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Hi recently I quot ve converted a played WMP sync off Video/Audio when in few videos with Video/Audio off sync when played in WMP formatfactory and handbrake into mp ipad optimized format However these videos when played in Wmp the video and audio goes off sync with like a - sec delay depending on the video All my vids are converted with similar info as the original video such as I keep the same fps same audio sample rate and audio bitrate Only thing I changed is format type bitrate and dimensions For example since a k bitrate video takes WAY too much unncessary space I usually set it to - k instead of the regular - k for ts files In an earlier thread someone told me that bitrate doesn t affect audio video sync but rather the quality of the overall video instead Now I ve also tried using VLC player and MPC media player classic to play these quot off sync quot videos but they were in perfect sync So my question is is this video audio off sync issue a WMP issue or is the issue with the converted video Does VLC and MPC have a tendency to quot speed up quot videos so that it doesn t go off-sync or is it since they use less memory they are able to play videos better than WMP which uses way more memory than VLC or MPC Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Video/Audio off sync when played in WMP

Please don't double post>
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I've been trying to convert old videos to DVD in Windows DVD Maker I'm using Vista Ultimate.It's not to bad in the beginning but by the end of an hour video it is unwatchable.Also any kind of motion is noticeable with picture breakup or little trails,trails isn't the right description but it is noticeable.It just doesn't look right has anybody had this problem.Or does anyone know how to fix this issue I need some help for Vista Ultimate - Windows DVD Maker Thanks in Advance
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Youtube makes the audio in my videos late by about a second. When I play them on my computer they are fine. This might have something to do with my webcam recording software encoding on-the-fly, but I have tried recording videos with many different combinations of the included audio/video codecs and they still became out of sync or speeded up 10x on Youtube for reasons unknown.

So a logical solution would be to just make the audio play about a second earlier. I have WMM and Sony Vegas and haven't been able to figure out how to separate the audio from video. The "cropping" utilities only allow both audio and video to be cropped at the same time. I want to move only the audio behind, or the video forward.

If anyone knows a good webcam recording program, I could also try that. I'm suspicious of my webcam program's encoding compatibility with Youtube.

A:Any way to manually sync audio with video for Youtube?

there's always an answer for everything,
is this what you were looking for?
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I have tried a few Problems DVD Authoring Sync with Audio/Video different programs now Pinnacle Studio as well as Sonic MyDVD version Same problem Add too many chapters like and the audio and video lose DVD Authoring with Audio/Video Sync Problems synchronization This seems like a basic quality issue I find it hard that the manufacturers don t check for something DVD Authoring with Audio/Video Sync Problems this simple In the case of Pinnacle I had cut and pasted numerous video clips together probably and they were all out of order with respect to the original video Total video was probably Minutes Video didn t sync up with audio so I thought it was all the clipping together So instead of making a DVD I had it output to an MPEG File It created one continuous MPEG file G and audio and video were perfectly synchronized I loaded this file back into Pinnacle Broke it up into chapters Then burned the DVD and A V was not synchronized I have seen similar stuff with Sonic MyDVD where I had a hour Video and just broke it up into or chapters and by the time the th or th chapter came about Audio and Video were not synchronized Has anyone else seen this issue Any suggestions on programs that would work nbsp

A:DVD Authoring with Audio/Video Sync Problems

I am not familiar with the apps you are using, but I think your problem may be how you are burning your DVDs.

Editing softwares are good at editing, not burning; so if you are asking Pinnacle to do both, try avoiding it.

Burning softwares are good at burning, not rendering in DVD compatible formats (you will often have sync issues); so use the burning software to only burn, not render then burn.

Look at and it will give you some ideas as to how best to approach this, what format to render your file for maximum DVD compatibility, sync, etc.

Good luck,

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Im trying to burn a WMV file it DVD using Windows DVD Makers but whenever play the finished DVD the Audio loses sync with Video after about mins or so When i play the orignal WMV file in WMP the audio and video are in sync all the way through but when i use Windows DVD Player it loses sync even when watching the preview Now there are a couple of places in the video where the video Jumps flickers slightly as if there is a missing frame but the audio is fine But like i say this does nt effect play in WMP only in Windows DVD Maker Now i dont know much about audio and video formats but taking a guess would i be right in saying when played in Windows DVD Maker the bad frames are cut out completely but not the audio to match so the total time for audio is greater Windows with of out DVD Maker: video sync audio then the total time for video What should i do Should i try converting it to a different format first nbsp
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Some times I come across film files, and the sound is out of sync... can it somehow be corrected? As when I burn these files to dvd, it may mar the enjoyment to have the dubbing out of phase. I think it would be neat if sumone had a solution.
The particular file I'm hoping to get in sync at the moment is a x264 .mkv file.

A:Can I Correct Out Of Sync Sound On A Video File?

Try this.
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Lately I'm having problems with my audio, it doesn't appear to look in sync with my vid anymore.. When I play movies, series, even youtube the sound is about 250ms sooner then the video. This happens with every possible video format (x264, XviD, DivX, Mpg, ...) I tried reinstalling my video and audio drivers but that didn't do the job. I tried removing codecs but I'm not sure if I removed 'm all. Also tried different screens, a Samsung SyncMaster (The irony) 2433 and a Samsung 42" plasma (DVI->HDMI)

CPU: Core i7 920
Mobo: Asus Rampage Extreme III
GPU: GTX 460 768MB (MSi)
RAM: 3x2GB Corsair DDR3 1333MHz
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit

You will probably require more info to diagnose the problem but I have no idea what you could need more.. :D

Thanks in advance, Jv.
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So I'm trying to sync a video source with a different audio source because it is around 30/40 seconds different. How can I delay the audio?

RadioDelay software does not work because I have no external components. Stereo mix leads to an infinite looping.
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Does anyone know if MGI/Roxio has fixed the audio sync issue when producing large NTSC videos?

A:Video wave audio sync issue

NOPE! But don't worry - many MANY companies are having this problem, especially with DVD MPEG for some reason. Best way around it is to buy a good hardware decoder, or start using Premiere 7.0.
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I have a YouTube video that's tied to our website. Apparently the timing is now off, as the audio doesn't match the video. I was told to reset the gray line with the red line, but I don't know how.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Hi all -

when I use total video converter (converting to ipod format) the audio is out of sync with the video. Any thoughts on how to correct this?
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When playing .avi files using Nero Showtime 3 I often have the audio and video get out of synch. What could cause this?
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My sound doesn't start playing until about 4 seconds into video all on website players. It's not out of sync it just doesn't start until the 4 second mark. I didn't have this issue until I relocated to my house. Everything is plugged in the same and I haven't had any major updates. Flash is up to date as well. Any ideas?


A:Sound not starting at beginning of video streams but still in sync.

Try this. Go to the Device Manager, RIGHT click on the entry for the SoundBlaster and then LEFT click "uninstall". DO NOT check the box to uninstall the drivers. Restart the PC and when Windows starts it will detect and reinstall the SoundBlaster. If there were any corruptions between Windows and the sound card this will fix it. This also fixes other flakey problems and if you are lucky will take care of your problem.
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hi is it possible for someone to give me some help regarding nero 6 (suite 3)when i try to copy from vhs tape audio comes out of my speakers then 5 seconds later it repeats itself also when i manage to capture video and review it it is in slow motion i am running xp with 256 mb of ram a 2.2 ghz processor (athalon)cant figure it out help!!

A:nero6 ,audio out sync ,video sloww motion

welcome longtimedead...

moving this to the software forum ...hopefully for more help

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running win xp / media player 11 - audio out of sync with video,this is happening with mp4 file,there is a Haali media splitter icon that opens with media player opens,also have media player codec pack 3.9.1 installed,please some reply as to what needs to be done perhaps thru properties box via media player or Haali or maybe a better download is avalibile to help with this issue

A:win media player 11 audio/video sync problems

hello can someone please help,than kyou
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Hi till about a week ago my PC was playing the videos fine but now my video and audio are totally out of sync The video is usually seconds behind the audio The videos are choppy and jerky It's driving me crazy This happens with all videos like from Youtube Dailymotion IMDB etc I have scanned my PC with MalwareBytes AntiMalware Avast Bitdefender and all the scans are fine I have used CCleaner to clean up the PC too I have also checked the Ping and download upload speed at speedtest net and everything is OK This problem happens with both of my browsers- Chrome and Internet Explorer This is my some of my system info Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition service pack Processor x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz I am an amateur at this so please be kind enough show me in detail all the steps that need to be taken Really appreciate any help I can get to solve this problem Thanks

A:Video & audio out of sync, choppy, jerky in windows XP.

Does this happen ONLY with video/audio from streaming media (Youtube, Daily Motion, etc), or with files that are downloaded and/or saved on your computer?
Do you have any mp3 songs or videos on your computer that you can play? Perhaps with Windows Media Player?
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Hello, I just recently purchased a Nokia Twist 7705, and I am having difficulty syncing my music/videos from my computer onto my phone. I bought a USB cord for the Nokia Twist but it does not work, it just tells me to check the cable connection to the PC. What should I do? Am I supposed to buy a memory card in order to sync music and videos onto my phone? PLEASE HELP[=
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Hey guys I wanted to make my CS 1.6 experience better by turning off my Vertical sync on the video card, but I found out that I am unable to do that ;( - Here is a Scan of my computer - Here is a proof that my Video Card don't want to turn off the Vertical Sync
Hope you are able to help.
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File avi info
Video size: 640x480
Audio: 48000hz, 16bps, 2ch
Length: 0:43:35
Bitrate: 1387kbps
29 fps

After using Nero Vision to burn this avi file into a DVD, the DVD video is moving slowly and audio is completely out of sync. I did a little research. The problem lies in the 29fps. but don't know how to fix it. can some one help me?
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In November I got Verizon lte installed internet provider to replace Clear Ever since when I go to watch tv or any videos in full screen mode the voice is all out of sync I have desktops running windows xp and using sea monkey mozilla browsers One is connected to tv in the living room and the other to a quot monitor I have never had a problem before so I m not sure if its the lte service or something else I have spent hours searching for a solution and nothing has worked so far I have the latest version of flash player video player full of sound out in screen flash sync and it is the correct plugin for mozilla Verizon is no help they sent out a quot tech guy quot which was nothing more than a independent cable tv installer He was here about minutes looking at lights on the cantenna and router and saying quot everything is working fine quot Any suggestions on how to solve this problem nbsp

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I have some .mpg files on my computer and some .avi files. I want to put them on my zune player to show my friends and so i converted them with ImToo mpeg encoder 3 in to .wmv files but the Avi files were the only ones that stayed in sync and the .mpg files had the audio moving faster than the video. Is there a way to adjust the encoding properties to keep the audio and video in sync?

A:Imtoo mpeg encoder-Audio/Video Sync problems

I think you should contact the imtoo's support team to help you
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I had to reinstall WXP Pro last month or so, and Microsoft gave me a key to my WXP Pro disk. Well, today I had to reinstall it and the product key is invalid, How can that be when it worked before?
So, I called Microsoft and talked to little india, and a us person. No one wants to help and told me I wrote it down wrong. They even had my name and email address. But they wouldnt give me the product key.
Now what?
I have tried different letters/numbers in case it was wrong, but nothing.

A:WXP lost video, reinstalling disk with Microsoft key and its invalid now?

I do aplogize that Microsoft would not give you a product ID key for their windows but the problem is that neither can we. We have no way of legally helping you in this instance, and the only way that you are going to get this fixed is to purchase a brand new windows xp pro and install it then enter the product ID key.

I am sorry but that is the rule here and I am inclluding a link to the rules for your reference:
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Hi, I'm using Total Movie Converter to convert .mov videos into any one of .avi, .wmv, and .mp4, but when I do, the length of the video changes. The largest difference is from 7:57 down to 7:09. Also, the sound is out of sync by 3 seconds even on the shorter videos (~2 minutes). Any advice on either of these two issues would be greatly appreciated.

A:Solved: Total Movie Converter changing video length and out-of-sync audio
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Hi I Live Sync Trojan Sync but doesn't now Vundo - Removed got a Vundo Virus on my XP desktop currently using my Vista Laptop and it took some doing but MalwareBytes seems to have cleaned it up I have notice two seemingly residual problems at least I never had these problems before Live Sync doesn t sync the files I have been syncing the XP desktop to the Vista laptop and never had an issue in fact it was one of the MS programs that I thought actually worked really well Now everything says that it s working Vundo Trojan - Removed but now Live Sync doesn't Sync but nothing is syncing I checked the Port Status Initiate Connection shows OK on all ports but Accept Connection has Blocked on all When I stop and restart Live Sync I can see the Vista laptop goes thru all of the files but does nothing after If I do the same on the XP it seems to look and find no files to sync I have tried uninstalling and re-loading on the XP no help My Windows phone would not sync with ActiveSync either I found a troubleshooting post that said to uncheck in USB- gt PC quot Enable advanced network functionality quot so I did and the phone did sync but before it did a warning came up on the phone saying that this would completely delete all contact calender and mail data and they would be re-loaded with the sync which IT did - took forever Did this Trojan screw with my syncing ability in a general way Thanks Randu nbsp
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SugarSync had this capability where you simply checked specific folders you wanted to be synced. Are there any other sync services that provide this function?

So like my Desktop could be checked off as well as my My Picture's folders.. instead of just having one "Sync" folder.
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SugarSync had this capability where you simply checked specific folders you wanted to be synced. Are there any other sync services that provide this function?
So like my Desktop could be checked off as well as my My Picture's folders.. instead of just having one "Sync" folder.

A:Are there any free sync services that allow me to sync only select folders?

Read here
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SugarSync had this capability where you simply checked specific folders you wanted to be synced. Are there any other sync services that provide this function?

So like my Desktop could be checked off as well as my My Picture's folders.. instead of just having one "Sync" folder.

A:Are there any free sync services that allow me to sync only select folders?

Skydrive or Dropbox. which is a cloud allows you to backup or sync files and folders.

Edit: Here are a list of others 12 free cloud storage options
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hey guys, i've got Firefox's inbuilt 'Sync' setup and it works well. i've got everything ticked that i want synced, however, my 'pinned tabs' aren't synced which is a real shame.

thanks for any help.

A:Firefox Sync: Won't sync 'pinned tabs'?

anyone? i can't figure this out.
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I have a Windows 2000 and I just install a new fresh copy of the OP that it came with the computer, now I can't open any programs, and I don't have access to the internet for the same reason.

I have another computer and I was enable to donwload a program that can save in a flash card and run it in the another computer.

This is the repor that it gave me...Please I need some help..

See attachment report.
Thank you!!
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hi all i`m new to the forum so dont know if i have posted into the right place but here is the problem i am having

i work in a school as the technican and on 1 laptop (toshiba) the problem is every time you turn it on it isnt able to conect to the internet are sync with the server it started happenin about 2-3 weeks ago so i did some research on google and found the problem and got the proggy to fix it (winsockfix) so i ran the program and it solved the problem but it has done it a further 3 times so what i cant understand is why is it happening as i have never come across this type of problem before so any help would be greatful

mr antony

p.s forgot to say using windows xp service pack 2

A:problem with sync

i see that nobody has replyed so i take it nobody knows whats causes the problem thank you for your time anyway
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Hi Hope someone can help me with this I have Windows Vista Home Premium I just got a Zen Micro and can't get it to be detected with any of the Creative programs or WMP I have contacted Creative and Microsoft but none of their solutions worked I tried the zen on another computer with Windows XP and Windows Media Player and it was detected with no problem I am pretty sure that the problem is with WMP but I can't uninstall it and I can't install WMP with WMP on my computer After looking at discussion forums at Creative's site Problem Sync Wmp With 11 I see a lot of people are having this problem but I have not found a solution Is there anyway to get WMP on my computer Any other solutions I am getting really fed up I have the latest firmware and have tried everything Creative suggested They now tell me I have to send my Zen in for repair Microsoft was no help at all The Zen is detected by the computer in device manager as other-MTP interface Thanks for any help you can give me

A:Sync Problem With Wmp 11

Oh man, I bet you're frustrated. Hope I can help! First, I have never, and don't plan on doing what you're trying to accomplish. So, I don't know the ins and outs of the Zen. But, I deal with sync issues at work all the time, and can relate the issue to what I do.

Before we try to uninstall WMP 11, let's try something else. I take it you are syncing this through usb? If not, and using bluetooth, I'd try usb if you can. Bluetooth is much harder to set up with syncing. If it is through usb, I would first try deleting it's profile. In device manager, find where it is, and uninstall it. Alternatively, you can try uninstalling the USB Root Hubs under universal serial bus controllers, and then doing a restart. Make sure your mouse or keyboard isn't usb, otherwise when you uninstall one of the roothubs, anything usb will stop working until you restart your comp. After the restart, once you plug in the device, it will be recognized brand new again, so any corrupted or screwed up hardwire profiles it had in the past will be eliminated.

Try again. If that doesn't work, and you want to try the reinstall of WMP you should be able to uninstall it. If it's not under Programs and Features from the control panel view - try looking in "Computer" - "Program Files" and then it should be under Windows Media Player. Just delete the whole folder, and try installing it again. That SHOULD do it. ZEN support should handle the issue though. I don't even know what a Zen is, but they should have a higher tier that deals specifically with sync issues.

Good luck and hope that helps a little!
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Can someone please tell me what I might be doing wrong? Trying to sync my PC (Home Premium) with my Laptop (Ultimate) and it works fine from the PC to the Laptop but not the other way around. I'm using Allway Sync, tried Synctoy2 and the problem was the same. Networking works fine, both user account have full "EVERYONE" and "NETWORK" permissions, "System is the owner; I'm really at a loss here.
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A:Sync Problem

Open active sync or which ever sync software
you are using and check the settings.
You may have to set it up for the new device.
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Ok guys I have a problem with an avi file I m pretty sure the file is not ok but I want to try something to fix it The file I m talking about is a single video clip made up of different video clips but with a unified audio The first clip starts fine then at from the start the audio cuts and the audio for the second clip starts and it s way out of sync When it s done the audio for the third clip starts as normal also way out of sync and then the audio finishes leaving the leftover of the clip without any sound whatsoever Now this is the only version of this clip that exists and my question to you is is there a way in which I can sync the audio from the second and third clip to be correct while moving the empty sync avi. problem audio interval to the part that covers the first clip which I don t have My guess for a solution would be to rip the video into pieces and then to somehow move one portion of the sound of the original large video to cover the individual clips I know it s a long shot and I m not an avi. sync problem optimist but I just wanted to know can something like this or something else be done about it Grateful in advance Lukass nbsp

A:avi. sync problem

Whomever merged the clips together obviously does bad work.

With that being said, yes, you will most likely need to split the clip into pieces. You can then fix each segment separately by demuxing the audio, adding or removing audio to adjust the timing, and then remuxing. Then merge them back together.

There are numerous tools and guides available over at