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Lost device drivers for Intel Chipset

Q: Lost device drivers for Intel Chipset

I need help locating the device driver for my intel chipset i recently had to format my laptop and when i had re-installed Windows XP Professional back on to the laptop i had lost about 6 drivers for some of my devices i have managed to find all but 2 of these drivers the 2 left to find are "Video Controller" and "Video Controller (VGA Compatible). I have looked on the Intel Support website but can't find the chipset here is the details from a Everest Report

Device Properties
Driver Description: Video Controller (VGA Compatible)
Hardware ID: PCI/VEN_8086&DEV_27A2&SUBSYS_ 0F711019&REV_03
PCI Device: Intel 82940GML/943GML Graphics Controller 0 [A-3]

This information is the same on both the drivers needed could anyone help by posting a link for these drivers.

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Preferred Solution: Lost device drivers for Intel Chipset

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Lost device drivers for Intel Chipset

You say that this is a laptop? I would check the manufacturers website for drivers sometimes they have device drivers for whatever laptop you may have, I looked at the intel site and didnt see your chipset on there. What brand and model is your laptop?
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I think my chipset is Intel Pentium 4 CPU 2.93GHz and my motherboard is Gigabyte GA-8TRC410M-NF but when using Driver Genius to scan for driver updates it reports back AMD South Bridge Driver (PCI bus) & AMD Chipset Drivers (ATII/O Communications Processor SMBus Controller) need installing/updating ?

Do I need them ? I think I've installed ATI Catalyst before for the SMBus driver but recently uninstalled because I didn't understand what it was for and didn't like the folder/installer

A:AMD Drivers On An Intel Chipset (South Bridge & Chipset Drivers ?)

First thing, check your specs just to be 100% sure of what you have.

Second, Driver Genius and any similar program is not really recommended as they aren't particularly reliable.

Then if you still have drivers for stuff you don't have we can talk about them.
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Hi Friends:

Yesterday, I installed my new computer and it has the following:

- Intel DX58SO Extreme Series X58
- Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
- Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D Dominator 6 GB
- EVGA 02G-P3-1185-AR GeForce GTX285
- Western Digital 300GB Sata HDD 10K RPM
- WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B0
- Samsung CD/DVD Super WriteMaster
- Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850-Watt
- Cooler Master HAF 932
- OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits

but I would like to ask you if I need to install the new Intel? Chipset Device Software for Intel? Desktop Boards are the advantages and disadvantages?....Can you help me please?


A:Intel Desktop Board DX58SO & Intel Chipset Device Sof

Their should be ( on the site where you found the update) information as to what issues it specifically addresses.Most of the time it is advisable to update chipset drivers. They control all the way everything your MB does, from the Ethernet to NB to Sb and ram communication. Where as a bios update should only be done if it specifically addresses issues you are experiencing, or new support for your CPU. This is of course my opinion. There'll be others I'm sure.Fabe
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Owning a P50 is starting to feel like an R & D group or a beta-test group. Which wouldn't be so bad if we weren't trying to run businesses with these machines!The Intel Chipset update fixes "nothing" and addresses "no" problems. It's just recommended by the Vendor. Bios 1.23 fixes "nothing" and addresses "no" problems.There are readme files with these upgrades so why doesn't Lenovo put an intelligent, brief, explanation of who would want the update and why? It could just be one line added to the comment section of the readme file so it doesn't feel so much like you're just rolling the dice...

A:Intel Chipset Device Software v

Are your system having issues that you are trying to address, or are you just trying to be proactive? Generally I go by the rule that "If it is not broken, don't fix it" when considering applying updates, but if you are experiencing stablity problems with the systems, updating the drivers, especially the core Chipset Drivers would be a good first step.    The readme files for the two updates you cite state the contain the followign fixes.Chipeset <>(N1EH106W) fixes - (New) Improved driver's stability.    (These are fixes from Intel that may fix problems if you are experiencing crashes etc.)BIOS Version 1.23 Problem Fixes - APS does not work on specific configration.    (I hate when they use acronyms, but I believe this referes to the Active Protection System that protects the HD from damage due to shock)
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Recently i had installed Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit but i m not able to install any of the drivers.Help me to resolve this issue.

A:Drivers for Intel 915 GAV chipset

Hi KED , and welcome to the forums Intels' website has the drivers you reqiure Intel? 915 Express Chipset Family - Chipset information and downloads If you would be so kind and give us a little more information , manufacturer/ model of your PC we may be able to help you find the drivers you require
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so after installing my new system, i used the mbo CD instead of downloading the newest. now im trying to update. however i can not find intel z77 chipset drivers. i go to their website and plug everything in and it says 0 results found...?

anyone know where i can get them?

i also need their sata drivers too. idk where to find those.

and.... i also need the asmedia sata and usb drivers aswell.

if someone could just point me in the direction, that would be great! thanks!

A:Need Intel Chipset drivers

Well; the thing is; usually the drivers intel puts out are just "generic" drivers; as they arent made specifically for any brand. What is the brand of your motherboard?
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Latest Intel Chipset Device Software WHQL version Release Date May th WHQL Intel Chipset Download Link quot Embedded Components quot quot Embedded Chipsets quot quot your motherboard's chipset version quot OR Download Intel Chipset Device Software Version nbsp nbsp Note Release Notes The Intel Chipset Device Software contains support for the following Intel Atom Celeron Pentium Processor th Generation Intel Core processor family Intel Core M processor family th Generation Intel Core processor family th Generation Intel Core processor family rd Generation Device Intel Chipset Latest Software Intel Core processor family nd Generation Intel Core processor family Intel Latest Intel Chipset Device Software Series chipset Intel series chipset Intel C series chipset Intel C series chipset Intel Communications Chipset series Intel Atom Processor C product family Intel Atom Processor S product family Intel Xeon Processor D- product family nbsp nbsp Tip Want to save time Not sure if you need this file Run this easy to use Intel Driver Update Utility and it will quot automatically quot tell you if you need to update your chipset INF file and if so will prompt you to install and you are done This will save you a lot of time not only on your chipset download but the most common files needed for your system Name changes Intel Chipset Device Software is the new name for the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility this name will be seen when running the installation package About this file download The Intel Chipset Device Software installs the Windows INF files An INF is a text file that provides the operating system with information about a piece of hardware on the system In the case of the current Intel Chipset Device Software that information is primarily the product name for the piece of hardware This allows the operating system to show the correct name for that piece of hardware in Device Manager Important The Intel Chipset Device Software does not install drivers for AGP or USB DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UTILITY IF YOUR DEVICE MANUFACTURER IS RECOMMENDING IT TO CORRECT AN quot AGP DRIVER quot quot AGP GART quot OR quot USB DRIVER quot ISSUE IT WILL NOT CORRECT YOUR ISSUE

A:Latest Intel Chipset Device Software

Thanks for this
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Latest Intel Chipset Device Software WHQL version Release Date February th WHQL Intel Chipset Download Link Latest Intel Device Chipset Software quot Embedded Components quot quot Embedded Chipsets quot quot your motherboard's chipset version quot OR Download Intel Chipset Device Software nbsp nbsp Note Release Notes New Features Skylake Intel R Xeon R E - Skylake Intel R Xeon R E - v th Gen Intel R Core TM created special devices groups SPT-LP Mobile th Generation Intel R Processor Family I O created special devices groups SPT-H Intel R Series C Series Chipset Latest Intel Chipset Device Software Family created special devices groups Issues Resolved Installer CSVer dll to show correct version Known Issues None nbsp nbsp Tip Want to save time Not sure if you need this file Run this easy to use Intel Driver Update Utility and it will quot automatically quot tell you if you need to update your chipset INF file and if so will prompt you to install and you are done This will save you a lot of time not only on your chipset download but the most common files needed for your system Name changes Intel Chipset Device Software is the new name for the Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility this name will be seen when running the installation package About this file download The Intel Chipset Device Software installs the Windows INF files An INF is a text file that provides the operating system with information about a piece of hardware on the system In the case of the current Intel Chipset Device Software that information is primarily the product name for the piece of hardware This allows the operating system to show the correct name for that piece of hardware in Device Manager Important The Intel Chipset Device Software does not install drivers for AGP or USB DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS UTILITY IF YOUR DEVICE MANUFACTURER IS RECOMMENDING IT TO CORRECT AN quot AGP DRIVER quot quot AGP GART quot OR quot USB DRIVER quot ISSUE IT WILL NOT CORRECT YOUR ISSUE

A:Latest Intel Chipset Device Software

IDUU finds nothing, installed driver nor latest.
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Can anyone point me in right direction for the chipset drivers for Intel 945 Express?

On the intel site I have found this link but it only appears to be available for the RC version.

? INF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets

Thanks in advance.

A:chipset drivers for Intel 945 Express

Quote: Originally Posted by joeydeacon

Can anyone point me in right direction for the chipset drivers for Intel 945 Express?

On the intel site I have found this link but it only appears to be available for the RC version.

? INF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel 5, 4, 3, 900 Series Chipsets

Thanks in advance.


If it runs on RC, it runs on everything. The only reason they just mention the RC is becuase when the driver was written that is all that was out

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Hi all,

I have a Dell workstation (Precision 670) with a single Xeon Irwindale 3.4 GHz and I installed windows 7 x64. I am ok with all of my devices, some drivers are windows 7, my wireless adaptor is a vista driver that works fine, and the rest are Microsoft generic (chipset etc). I tried to intsall the latest intel inf using -OVERWRITE but it didn't update anything from the E7525 related devices. I know this chipset is old but its the first time that a Windows 7 instalation gives me worst benchmarks compared to XP even with generic chipset drivers.

Anyway the thing I would like to ask is if anyone knows in what OS did they stop the support for E7525, so if it is Vista I could try to use the Vista drivers in some way... Intel gives no info, they just have one single file for 5 OS's and 40 chipsets and if it installs it installs.... LAME!

A:Chipset drivers for intel E7525

Usually whatever chipset drivers Windows installs works without problems. I used to do a lot of support on the Dell users forum and we didn't see any problems caused by chipset drivers on Dell PC's.
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As advised in another thread I have downloaded and installed the Intel Chipset Drivers Update but the nothing happened to the unknown device I see in Device Manager. The installation completes instantly and I see that this indicates the drivers in the update are not needed by my system.

I am running Widows 7 Professional and the motherboard details show Intel 915P and Intel ICHR6 chipsets. The unknown device appears under Other Devices and in the Properties the Hardware IDs are listed as:


I would be grateful if anyone can point me to drivers for this device. However to be completely upfront I am not aware of the existence of a device in my system that is not working or available to me. So I could live with the situation!


A:Intel Chipset Drivers Update

Solution (possibly)

Future proof ? Tim’s free-for-all driver guide

Looks like a media card reader. Search for the model there (ACPI\WEC0513).
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Hi all

I'm having a spot of bother with an older RM machine with an Intel motherboard

Basically I have found the chipset drivers from the Intel website, downloaded them along with the onboard graphics and all works fine.

The problem is the onboard sound and Ethernet controllers have not been detected, does anyone know of any generic drivers that could be used? or if needed, I can provide full model numbers which have been detected by Intels chipset detection utility

Many thanks in advance


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I was just wondering, are intel chipsets and nvidia drivers compatible and do they work well together? The only computers I have owned have all had Nvidia chipsets.

A:Intel chipset and nvidia drivers

Yes they are compatible... Some Nvidia video drivers have problems with Windows and not necessairily with the chipsets
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I am currently using an ASUS motherboard with the Intel 82495G Dual Core Family Chipset. I have been trying to install the PNY GeForce 210 PIC EX video card with no luck. I have gone into device manager and disabled the onboard video with no luck. I do not see a place in the bios to change the graphics option. The device manager does not show the card at all. Any ideas?

A:Intel 82495G Family Chipset -- No Device Found

If you power off the computer, connect the monitor to the new video card, and power it on, do you get any video at all?

You need to post the exact model of the motherboard you have. We have a TSG System Information utility to get the model number of the motherboard for you, here's the link for it:
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Chipset: Intel? Chipset Device Software for 945, 946, 955, 975 Chipset-Based Intel? Desktop Boards
? Chipset: Intel Chipset Device Software for 945, 946, 955, 975 Chipset-Based Intel Desktop Boards

A:Intel Chipset Device Software version

Old news, reported this about 1 1/2 weeks ago, but thanks.
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I have Formatted Hard-drives in my Laptop an Alienware m When trying to install Vista on them with my recovery disk I cannot create a partition in the unallocated space and get an Error x If I try to install there it says that there is a problem and I have to enable the drive's controller in BIOS I have a feeling it has something to do with my RAID drivers or BIOS as when I boot ever since the error that made me reformat them in Drivers? Chipset? RAID Matrix? Intel the first place RAID Drivers? Intel Matrix? Chipset? the Intel Matrix thing never comes up and I never get an option to press lt CTRL I gt With RAID disabled and vista installed I can access both hard drives fine Anybody know what to do I was thinking of reinstalling the driver either the Intel Matrix RAID Controller Driver or the RAID Drivers? Intel Matrix? Chipset? Chipset driver but i dont know which or how to install them How do I even install drivers without installing vista first Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:RAID Drivers? Intel Matrix? Chipset?

Originally Posted by mooseman99

I have 2 Formatted Hard-drives in my Laptop, an Alienware m9750. When trying to install Vista on them with my recovery disk, I cannot create a partition in the unallocated space and get an Error: 0x80042453. If
I try to install there it says that there is a problem and I have to enable the drive's controller in BIOS. I have a feeling it has something to do with my RAID drivers or BIOS, as when I boot, ever since the error that made me reformat them in the first place, the Intel Matrix thing never comes up, and I never get an option to press <CTRL+I>.

With RAID disabled, and vista installed, I can access both hard drives fine.

Anybody know what to do? I was thinking of reinstalling the driver, either the Intel Matrix RAID Controller Driver, or the Chipset driver, but i dont know which, or how to install them
How do I even install drivers without installing vista first?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Mooseman,

Welcome to the forums,

Try booting from the dvd in normal mode and deleting both drives and then try your raid again.

Normally you would also have to set up a raid array in the Bios. It is to my knowledge not just a case of selecting raid over sata, but then your laptop could possibly be different

You should normally install the raid drivers, when vista fails to find your harddrives which would be a part of a normal raid install At this point you would be given the option to install 3rd party drivers

I hope this helps Pooch
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Whenever I have these on my brothers computer they fail, a specific .dll rather..

ilrmnt5.dll I think its something like that, but it seems to run fine in VGA mode, are there any kinds of fixes for this, because vga mode does suck, starts in 8bit and 800x600 i think, have to change it everytime, can someone help me out?

it just won't start up in normal mode, =it gets to the users screen (almost loads it) and restarts, and does it over and over.. vga mode works fine though although the driver might crash sometimes

A:Intel Chipset 845 video drivers fail

did this ever work correctly?
enter your device manager, or there any yellow conflicts
if so, uninstall them, reboot, and try the driver again
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On intel drivers pour chipsets you can notice that there are two chipset drivers. and Both are recent and seem to be different branches, like apache and apache2. Can anyone confirm or deny this and tell me what the difference is? My motherboard maker (msi) recommends for my z68 gd mobo. Im currently running without hitches. But the are whql. Whats the difference between these branches?

A:Whats the difference between intel inf (chipset) drivers?

Hello Conditioned,

It's just that the WHQL version is the latest version released for those chipsets. The motherboard manufacturer driver download sites are usually way behind the latest version.

New Features, Fixes & Changes
Features Added - – 06/17/2011
1. Updated Name String on 1D3E
2. Added HECI INF

Features Added WHQL- – 04/22/2011
WHQLed to 1.6

Features Added in Beta – 04/07/2011
1. Jaketown name changes
2. Updated Installer with Klockwork scan fixes 1.1.42
3. Updated Official Branding For Patsburg
4. Moved to Installer Label 1.1.36
a. Updated extractdriver function
b. Creates MUP.xml (packageversion not correct)

Features Added in Alpha – 02/28/2011
Added support for Waimea Bay platform

Features Added in Alpha – 01/14/2011
ID Description
1 Removed Commented SMB from PatCore
2 Fixed spelling of Controller in AHCI and IDE inf files

Features Added in Alpha
1 Added 1D41 LPC device

Features Added in Alpha
1 Changed ? to (R)
2 3C00 changed to No_Drv for the “A” stepping in order for a BOSD not to
3 Removed 3C60 and 3C61
4 Added 1D76 and 1D77
5 Added Audio INF (1D20)

Features Added in Alpha
1 Removed commented out Devices from JakeTown.Inf
2 Changed Installer Version to 1.1.32 (Fixes –overall switch and 2nd install of
filtered INF files)

Features Added in Alpha
ID Description
1 JakeTown.inf: commented out PCI devices 3C00-3C0F
2 Changed 3C88 to 3C90
3 Added 3C44 QPI Link
Added 3CE4 R2 PCIe

Features Added in Alpha
Commented out 3C02 from jaketown.inf

Features Added in Alpha
Added JakeTown.inf
Updated all Patsburg related INF

Software Sightings and/or Known Issues
ID Information
1 After version B0 must be used (jaketown B0 should be used with
Patsburg B0)
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Hi all,

I just wanted to know if it was possible to use Intel Mobile 4 Series Express Chipset drivers with Windows 8. I've read that you could use the drivers for Windows 7 in Windows 8, but I haven't really proven that to be true.

I keep getting this error:

but I really don't get why I'm getting that message - it's giving me this message like I'm trying to run the software on a computer from the '90s. It really doesn't make sense to me since just about all other software can run on newer operating systems.

All I want to know is if it's possible to install these drivers on my computer, and if not, if there's a patch or a substitute.

Thank you for any answers.

A:Drivers for Intel 4 Series Express Chipset?

6 Posts right under ya
Mobile Intel Series 4 and Intel HD Graphics 1st Generation
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I need the AC'97 audio codec for the intel chipset 845G

I went to the intel site and downloaded all the other drivers i needed, but they don't seem to supply the AC'97 audio.

Where else could i find it?

Any help appreciated.


I found what i was looking for at

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I reformatted the HDD on my pre-built Acer Predator G5900 (think that was the model). I had to download the Realtek Lan drivers from the Acer site to get internet access. On the site were two other drivers which I haven't yet installed and am not sure if I need:


I've been running Win7 without these drivers for a couple of weeks now, but I do feel that performance is slightly lower than it was before, though I could be imagining it. Are these safe to install like any other driver (gfx drivers for example), and would they have any benefit?


A:Install Intel AHCI & Chipset drivers?

when u reload windows you always load the drivers from the mfr......... in your case u would load the chipset drivers (your version of win' 7 32 or 64 bit???) then reboot....... then u would load lan,sound and onboard vga drivers .......... reboot between each
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Hey everybody! I'm running Windows 7 on an Emachines t2862, which has an Intel Integrated Chipset (845g, "Itel Extreme Graphic", specifically).
I've tried installing the XP drivers using the installation as well as the tutorial floating around the forums for installing XP graphic drivers. Both caused Windows to crash shortly after booting. I had plenty of time to open a few programs, but about 45 seconds after booting, Windows simply freezes (mouse included).
I had to boot into safemode and roll the driver back to the standard VGA driver to fix it.

Does anybody have any tips? Thanks!

A:Intel Integrated 845g Chipset Drivers

You should try using Vista Drivers for it if you can find them else you will just be stuck with the default Windows Drivers.
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Hi.I have Lenovo Y400 with Windows 10 updage, since I've been upgraded from Windows 7. Currently I have problems with external usb 3.0 hdd because of lack of Intel chipset drivers for C216 chipset Intel HM76 motherboard. External usb hdd occasionally fails to be regonized by system and doesn't work until I uplug it and plut it again.According to Intel's community they don't support this motherboard as it is shipped as OEM for laptop manufacturers, so I'm asking my question here. Is Lenovo Y400 model already obsolete and we won't get Windows 10 upgrade with drivers ugraded?
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Hi I am having some problems getting these drivers to install correctly on my newly set up computer The first one I had an issue with was the intel chipset driver INFUpdate First it would pop up with a window saying quot PCI Standard PCItoPCI Bridge quot with an ok button to install it Then the next window would pop up saying quot PCI Standard ISA Bridge quot with an ok button to install it After clicking ok on Intel installing not Drivers chipset, Solved: Audio and the ISA bridge one it comes up with the Solved: Intel chipset, and Audio Drivers not installing following error ERROR An unknown Solved: Intel chipset, and Audio Drivers not installing rror occurred Setup will now exit Click to expand Not a very usefull error code eh The second Driver I had an issue with was the Audio device drivers Realtek High Definition Audio Driver R After following the prompts to get the installer started it looks as if it is going to work It opens up in full screen with the brand and everything on it has the little installing bar going while showing all of the file names it installs as it goes then a small window pops up over the installation progress bar saying install sheild wizard installing then it comes up with the following error Install sheild wizard installing RUNDLL Error Loading Streamci The Specified module could not be foundClick to expand Does anyone know what could be going wrong here and how to fix the problem The Mother board is quot Ultra Durable tm Motherboard quot GA-P -UD The CPU I have is an Intel Core I Intel Core i - Series Socket nbsp

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So apparently this is a known issue

That's great, but this a newer dell which only has USB so there is no way to install the Hotfix. Is it possible that I can just delete all the USB drivers from the system32/drivers directory and replace them with the Windows generic drivers to get it functional again or will that not work?

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Good day all I read various posts on different area's regarding chipset installation and drivers Some info motherboard is Microstar p platinum gamer series it comes with sets of cd's for win xp intel chipset drivers amp utilities disk chipset disk for vista question does windows bit pro contain the sata drivers and all the utilities for install or do i need to utilize the preinstall of the drivers install 64bit os and on Intel win7 on chipset mb older f and make a install floppy msi has a section for downloads I have searched for the uptodate drivers listed in the arcive section where my board is now listed I have downloaded all Intel chipset and drivers install on win7 64bit os on older mb the drivers and a floppy f creater to install these files I am a bit confused as to how i am going to install win on this system I may go with a xp duel boot I want to add raid after install and i know xp could not see anything beyond raid or looking for some advice before i start the process I hope the thread title is better this time if the install sequence works the way i want it to go perhaps i can create a tuit thanks for everyone's help its always appreciated quester

A:Intel chipset and drivers install on win7 64bit os on older mb

F6 drivers not need to install Windows 7.
Do download all the Windows 7 drivers from MSI website, & install after Windows 7 is installed.
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How can I reload my intel 810e chipset drivers if I can't boot to Windows Xp?
I have an Ibm Netvista with an intel celeron 1.0mghz processor.

A:How do I Update Intel 810e chipset drivers if I can't boot into windows?
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Hello,first of all I am sorry for my bad English. Now about my problem. I have Dell Latitude 3350 laptop and everytime I search for drivers updates in Dell command update, Intel chipset device software update appears. I installed it, it says "succesfully installed", I restarted the laptop and then it appears again in Dell command update. Details of update: Version, A01, release date 17 Jun 2016, filename: Chipset_Driver_320CP_WN32_10.1.1.9_A01.EXE. Filesize 10 MB.And the same problem in Dell shows again and again Intel management engine components installer, version,A00. Filename: Chipset_Driver_78C1C_WN32_11.0.0.1158_A00.exe. Filesize: 98 MB.So can anybody help me to resolve install problems of these updates, please? Thank you in advance for you reply.
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Are there any known compatibility issues between the Intel 865 chipset and nVidia-based video cards?

The reason I ask is that after a year or more of running this system, suddenly no AGP video card I put into this system will work unless it's in plain VGA mode (no drivers). As soon as I load its proper driver, the system won't go back into Windows 98 or Windows 2000 (dual-boot system). It just hangs with a lot of gobbeldegook on the screen.

All the AGP cards I have here are nVidia-based cards so I have no other type card to test with.

At present, I'm using an old S3 PCI video card and at least it gets into Windows; but, I'm stumped.

Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 board
512 RAM
P4 3000 processor

A:Intel 865 Chipset and nVidia chipset issues?

Alex, I built quite a few systems with Intel D865PERL boards (865PE chipset) and nVidia video cards and never had a problem. My workbench machine right now is running a D865PERL board with a nVidia card with no problems.

Intel released a new chipset driver on 6/04/2007, version which covered the 865 family, eg. 865G, 865GV, 865P and 865PE.!

In the release notes under Issues Resolved, item #4 stated; "Some devices were not updating correctly or at all. Fixed in installer."

You may want to try that update. The only problem I see with the update is since you are dual booting, the latest update is OK with Win2K, however Win98 is not mentioned in All Operating Systems. To get back to an 865 chipset driver that covered both Win2K and Win98SE you had to go back to the release of 12/16/2004, version that covered both Win2K and Win98SE.

Other than updating the chipset driver, I am at a loss to suggest a place to start.
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Is Intel HD Graphics Family better than Intel G41 express chipset?

The name is only Intel HD Graphics Family there isnt a number after it in dxdiag

A:Is Intel HD Graphics Family better than Intel G41 express chipset?

Intel G41 express is the very old, Core 2 equivalent on-motherboard-gpu aka Eaglelake. It only supports up to dx10, it has awful and old drivers, and incomplete opengl support (less apps can run on it). It can idle in recent games like Dota 2 with up to 30fps with everything on low. Key word: idle. Don't even think about playing under more than 15-20fps.

Intel HD Graphics Family is on-cpu-die-gpu aka Sandy Bridge, it's still old now, but does have support for dx11 and opengl, and it has a lot more raw power than x4500(g41), depending on the cpu. It even supports overclocking with sizeable improvements.

Really there is no contest between the two families.
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The X6800 outclasses the AMD CPUs by a wide margin in virtually every circumstance of performance measurement. The CPU also runs cool in comparison to earlier Intel CPUs and consumes less than 75W. By any standard of measurement the X6800 is an success bringing Intel back on top.

The E6700 which has a rather interesting naming scheme considering its only 266MHz slower than the x6800 while having the same cache and structure is right in there with the x6800 in performance, slower than its bigger brother but faster than the competition. For a suggested MSRP of $530, the E6700 is an easy choice for those wanting a fast system without wanting to shell out a grand.

And from Tom's Hardware:
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Problem, after trying to remove a virus/maleware/currupted exe's, i seemed to have lost any information in my Device Manager and all my Network connections (both LAN and WIFI).

Not sure if this would have caused this, When dealing with the exe problems (whether it was virus, maleware or anything) i was in safemode.. I did a msconfig and clicked on boot.ini. I checked safeboot. Apon the next reboot i had no network connections, no device manager. But interesting enough my problem went away and was able to access anything again. I went back into msconfig to renable boot.ini to the original setting and an still have the same problem...
So my problem is i have NO network connections, no LAN or WIFI options.

Only after i enabled Safeboot in Boot.INI in MSCONFIG.

MSCONFIG settings set back to original settings.

System restore was apperntly off.
Any ideas?

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I have GTX 460 with 258.96 drivers. I do not have an nVidia chipset. When I went to check the Driver Sweeper files, I found all these chipset files. Why do I have them?

A:Why do I have chipset drivers when I don't use an nvidia chipset?

Why do I have them?

For the same reason I and everyone else does, because 7 installs base drivers for just about everything as a "just in case", regardless of the actual hardware. I have those same files as well as some from Intel, Via, SiS, etc all in the,


Personally I would just leave all that well enough alone as it isn't affecting anything as they never get loaded unless the hardware they are for ever gets installed. That and there is a good chance that by removing them that when SP1 does come out it will fail to install due to missing system files (ask those that had that happen after removing various unused driver files and whatnot with vlite on Vista).
Relevancy 60.2%

I'm going to get a new motherboard (finally) and have settled on these two options:


Question is (since my budget is so tight) will I notice any real difference by choosing the less expensive SIS chipset board over the Intel chipset board?

A:SIS chipset vs. Intel chipset

Not an answer to your question exactly, just an observation:

I would look for a main board with PCI Express graphics interface instead of AGP.
AGP video cards are still available, but the overwhelming majority of new cards are PCI-X, and they are generally a bit cheaper than their AGP counterparts.

Unless, of course, you want to transfer an AGP card over to the new board.
Relevancy 58.48%

I have just updated to Intels chip-set and I would like to know if this was the right thing to do.
After installing the new chip-set and restarting my PC I ran the Intel Driver Utility and it was able to see the new chip-set and it said it was valid. Does this mean I did the right thing and should not see any problems?

A:Is the new Intel Chipset right for me?

It ok - generally you gain from any updates relevant to your chipset, and if not they just load previous driver drivers from previous releases - meaning each new release is backward compatible, and each new release covers the new motherboard chipsets as well as the older chipsets.
Relevancy 58.48%

I have just spent the last hour on the phone to Tiscali Broadband technical support because I am having problems with my modem. They now tell me that my USB chipset (VIA) does not work well with their modem and that I should get an Intel Chipset.

I am not technical and this has confused me, does this mean software of hardware? And if it is software am I able to download it?

Help gratefully received as I am going up the wall every time my connection drops out.

A:Intel Chipset

This indeed would be hardware - going from one chipset to another - it means a new motherboard. However, since VIA is one of the largest chip makers i find this hard to believe. You can download newer chipset drivers for VIA from - its the Via Hyperion 4-in-1 driver you want.

It may also be possible to get a ethernet Modem instead of USB from Tiscali, although you may need an ethernet card, although it would be easier and cheaper then a new motherboard.
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i was wondering how good the intel g33/g31 built in chipset was if neone knews, it says it has 128mb ddr3 ram onboard but im not to sure because it doesnt even want to play bf2

A:Intel Chipset

Spend some money on a separate video card. You didn't say anything about your motherboard. Wether it has a PCIe or AGP video connector. If you want to play serious games, it's always good not to use on-board video if you can get away from using it
Relevancy 58.48%

Which chipset provides the best overall performance on a board? Intel produce their processors, doesn't this mean that their supporting chipsets should be the best?

A:VIA / INTEL chipset

I pass... beings we just talked it to death :dead: here -->
We've had so much discussion of this, that I don't care to participate now.

Originally posted by Phantasm66
I agree. I think the whole thing is getting a little tired to me. Buy what you can afford, and get the best that you can for the money that you have to spend. If that happens to be AMD then sobeit, if that happens to be Intel then sobeit.
Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed.Click to expand...
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I m having some problems on the family computer at the moment When I start up the computer the message for found hardware in is popping Intel Chipset. up It says my Intel chipset Intel Chipset. has been detected and needs the software to be installed It is also giving me this message for the video card Some help on why this pop up would be appreciated In addition I ran quot Hijack This quot as a precaution but my virusware isn t detecting or has ever detected a virus It anyone can spot something from the log thats great too Thank you Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Intel Chipset. Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccProxy exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files Norton Internet Security ISSVC exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SNDSrvc exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS System spool DRIVERS W X LXBTserv exe C Program Files Norton Internet Security Norton AntiVirus navapsvc exe C Program Files Common Files New Boundary PrismXL PRISMXL SYS C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared CCPD-LC symlcsvc exe C Program Files CyberLink PowerDVD PDVDServ exe C WINDOWS SOUNDMAN EXE C WINDOWS ALCWZRD EXE C Program Files Digital Media Reader shwiconem exe C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mm tray exe C Program Files Lexmark series lxbtbmgr exe C Program Files Lexmark series lxbtbmon exe C PROGRA VERIZO SMARTB MotiveSB exe C WINDOWS vsnpstd exe C Program Files Common Files Real Update OB realsched exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Works Shared WkUFind exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C windows system rk exe C Program Files Musicmatch Musicmatch Jukebox mmtask exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C Program Files BigFix BigFix exe C Program Files Yahoo Messenger ymsgr tray exe C Program Files Verizon Online bin mpbtn exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AdBlocking NSMdtr exe C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C DOCUME Owner LOCALS Temp Temporary Directory for HijackThis zip HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http dslstart verizon net R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http red clientapps yahoo com customize ie defaults su ymsgr http www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http red clientapps yahoo com cus http www yahoo com ext search search html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http red clientapps yahoo com customize ie defaults sp ymsgr http www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www gatewaybiz com R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Verizon Online R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride O - BHO Yahoo Companion BHO - D -C F - efb- B - ECA - C PROGRA Yahoo COMPAN Installs cpn ycomp dll O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO ShprRprts - A A F-BB F- F -AA B- D F - C Program Files ShopperReports Bin ShprRprt dll O - BHO URLLink Class - A AACF -ADF - D - A - E B E - C Program Files NewDotNet newdotnet dll O - BHO no name - B CA - A - D -A DF- BB - no file O - BHO Norton Internet Security - ECB - F - bbc- D- DDF E - C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared AdBlocking NISShExt dll O - BHO NAV Helper - BDF E -B - AD-A -FADC B - C Program Files Norton Internet Securit... Read more

A:Intel Chipset.

Download the LSP Fix just in case you lose your Internet connection as a result of removing New.Net. It shouldnt happen and this is just a precaution but if it does, run the LPS Fix to get the connection back and click the "I know what I'm doing" checkbox. (Don't do anything else)

Then click Finish.

Go to this site and download the New.Net removal tool:

Scroll to the bottom of the page to procedure 4 and download and run the New.Net removal tool.

Please download and run the following program(s):


Go here:
and download Ad-Aware SE Personal

Install the program and launch it.

First, in the bottom right-hand corner of the main window click on Check for updates now then click Connect and download the latest reference files.

Then, in the main window: Click Start and under Select a scan Mode tick Perform full system scan.

Then, deselect Search for negligible risk entries.

To start the scan, click the Next button.

When the scan is finished, mark everything for removal and get rid of it. (Right-click the window and choose select all from the drop down menu and then click Next).

Restart your computer.

Open Spybot Search & Destroy (Click Start, Programs, Spybot S&D (Advanced Mode). Click online, Search for updates, download all available updates. Close all Browser windows, click ''Check for Problems''. Anything that needs to be fixed will show in red and have a green check in the box to the left. Click ''Fix Selected Problems'', then restart your computer.


Restart to safe mode.

Start CCleaner and click Run Cleaner

Boot back to Windows normally and post another log and well see whats left to get rid of.
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hi all,

i built my first rig about 2 years ago and its running great. im starting to get more into gaming and want to replace my old mobo. i want to run a 2 vid. card setup. i'm leaning toward an intrl processor and was wondering...... on the intel chipsets, p31/ p35, q33/q35, x38/x48, can you run an Nvidia SLi configuration or a crossfire config. I have always used amd mobos so im not at all formiliar with intel chipsets.
so can these multi-card configs work on intel chipsets? there are in tel chipset boards with 2 or more pci x16 slots so i think so.
will these run crossfire or sli?
which chipsets will or won't?

thanks a ton!

A:Intel Chipset = SLi???

I have a board [foxconn mars] that runs the p35 chipset AND supports ATI crossfire with both slots running @16X.
As for sli, that is nvidia technology and you would have to buy a board with a nvidia sli chipset.
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I have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6750. I'm seeing an "Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver" update and it shows a list of chipsets, but mine is nothing like the ones listed.
Intel? G41 Express ChipsetIntel? G43 Express ChipsetIntel? G45 Express ChipsetIntel? G31 Express ChipsetIntel? G33 Express ChipsetIntel? G35 Express ChipsetIntel? Q33 Express ChipsetIntel? Q35 Express ChipsetIntel? Q43 Express ChipsetIntel? Q45 Express ChipsetIntel? 82G965 Graphics and Memory Controller HubIntel? 82Q965 Graphics and Memory Controller HubIntel? 82Q963 Graphics and Memory Controller HubIntel? 82946GZ Graphics ControllerIntel? 82945G Express Chipset
Are any of these it? I'm unable to find what it would be called. Even doing a google search did nothing.

A:Intel Chipset?

You identify your chipset by your motherboard model. The chipset, is a chip on the motherboard , not on your CPU. Intel Core2Duo is your CPU model. You have to find what is your motherboard model so you know which chipset it wears.

There is a handy application that can help you idendify your chipset if you don't know which one it is. It's called CPU-Z. You can download it here:

Open the application, it gives you a list of your hardware. Go to Motherboard tab and look for chipset
Relevancy 58.48%

in supportassist and it said my inspiron 3847.. driver and downloads that a driver needed to update....chipset-intel management engine interface driver... verison,A00..I downloaded and restart my computer, when I went to supportassist  and and both said the same thing update..chipset- intel management engine interface,A00 driver again...I went to control panel...programs and features..and I look for intel management engine interface was there the number was without there a diff and,A00 and said I did not update to driver... but in programs and feature it did  

A:chipset intel ....

The driver is old and is the buggy version inbuilt into Windows 10 TH2. Install the latest driver from Intel ( This may install a slightly older version to suit your hardware but it will be more up to date than the version:
See here for details:
Relevancy 58.05%

Hi guys,

Does anyone know what is the maximum hard disk size I can install on my PC with the Intel 945G chipset.

I have looked on the Intel web site for details, alas I can't find anything as of yet.


A:Intel 945G chipset

The largest that is currently available (1TB, or 1000GB, at the moment), hard disk size limits are a thing of the past.
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Recently a game I was playing crashed and alerted me my graphics driver was out of date I checked what driver I had Intel Express Chipset on WinXP Home and went to Intel s website I downloaded the driver and ran the setup program Early in the installation I see Unknown error setup will now exit That error doesn t really help me At all I tried to install it again yesterday and the process bar got half-way complete so I at least had a hope And then of course the same error message greets me again Now though other programs and games tell me there is a problem with my graphics card and refuse to run I believe it got so far in the installation and changed something and wasnt able to resort back to working settings Any one able to help The error message doesn t really give me any clues so acting Intel up Chipset 945 I don t know where to Intel 945 Chipset acting up go from here nbsp

Relevancy 58.05%

My laptop has the Intel 945GM chipset. Installation has always been flawless with Windows 7, even up to build 7077. The only thing is I always have to install the older driver from Intel in order to fully utilize the S-Video out functionality. You will see from the 1st pic (1: the clear edge of the screen) that when using the default installed driver, the output needs zooming (2). This cannot be done from within Windows as far as I can tell.

After installing the drivers from Intel (using Vista compatability) i can fully use the Intel Graphics Media Accellerator Driver as shown in pic 2 to zoom the output to fir the screen.

This is a very strange issue as there is nothing wrong with the drivers shipped with the latest builds of Windows 7.

A:Intel 945GM Chipset

Hi there,

I found a solution for this. It's the "Aspect Ratio" setting in the Intel driver. Unfortunately, in Windows 7 the Intel Graphics Settings tool is missing, so you cannot choose between "Maintain Aspect Ratio", "Center Desktop", "Stretch to Full Screen"...

The default seems to center the desktop. I now found the registry setting for this.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\{CLSID-here-you-have-to-find-the-right-one}\0000\

In this key, you find many entries, beginning with ~3DMark03.exe and several other game executables.

Now search for the DWORD ForceBorderForMAR. Set it to 1. This worked for me and stretches non-native resolutions to full screen.

Hope this helps...
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hey there i was wondering if anyone here could tell me if intel rapid start technology is supported in my machine... i could do it myself but intel chipset identification utility does not work on 64-bit machines... and all i could find under device management are the following... thanks in advance!

Intel? Rapid Storage Technology (Intel? RST) &mdash; Supported Chipsets and Controller Hubs

A:identify intel chipset

I'd look up the detailed motherboard specifications at the Acer website for your particular laptop model. Or if you can get a model number for the motherboard at Acer, then Google that model number.

Or a program such as Speccy from might give enough detailed info.
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What version of Intel Chipset Inf is being used for Windows 7? I ask because I see two versions but they don't seem accurate:

Intel Chipset Inf v9.1.0.1013:
Icrontic ? Intel chipset drivers for Windows 7 have arrived

Intel Chipset Inf v9.1.1.1012:
intel drivers pour chipsets

Obviously would seem newer, problem is while it clearly supports Windows 7, no mention is made of the X58 chipset (Tylersburg).

The other Inf,, while it does not make a mention of Windows 7, it does make a mention to the X58 chipset.

A:Latest Intel Chipset Inf?

latest ones listed at station drivers . com
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where can i go to find out what kind of intel chipset motherboard i have. i've reformatted my hard drive and i'm trying to download the correct ac'97 codec for the sound.

A:intel chipset motherboard

Hi, There are several ways to ID your motherboard. Try this first:

You want the Free Download link there. Download Belarc Advisor to desktop, run it to install. Shows many motherboards, video, sound, chipset, and software.
Your motherboard may be shown under "System or MainBoard"
then, Audio for sound device. Best to get drivers for sound from company that made the it a name brand like Gateway? Do you have any CDs that came with the system?
You can also look inside the computer....if that is not an option for you, try Belarc.
Somewhere on the board itself is a label, either a paper one or printed directly on the board, in bigger print than the rest, an ID number....perhaps like this: MB6137 or SD-11
MS6168 GA7VX
There might also be an FCC ID number.
Post what you can find.
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Hello I have a problem Chipset G41 Intel(R) Express with my Intel R G Express Chipset Graphics Card I Install Modo to learn D Modeling Welcome to Luxology com Home of modo D Software for the Entertainment and Design Markets but i can't use that software i mean it's crash all the time and this is what shows error Quote Problem Event Name APPCRASH Application Name modo exe Application Version Application Timestamp f c Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset Fault Module Name StackHash d Fault Module Version Fault Module Timestamp ec aa e Exception Code c Exception Offset c f OS Version Locale ID Additional Information d Additional Information d f fe c ada b fa ee cfd Additional Information a Additional Information a dbae b e b d d it seems that it's OpenGL related Problem Cuz Modo required OpenGL in order to work Good however i did Install the latest Intel driver from here http downloadcenter intel com Sear xpress Chipset according to luxology Modo Require OpenGL and according to Intel this Graphic Card Support OpenGL but still can't get that work very Good without crashing the software However when i let my Windows bit Install the quot WDDM quot driver from Microsoft Update the software no longer crash but the problem is Microsoft driver quot WDDM quot doesn't support OpenGL at all so the software not working good without OpenGL Do you know guys any third party driver can fix this problem thanks

A:Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset

We might be able to help you if we had your system specs.
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Always, when I reinstall Windows (XP) I never install Intel Chipset driver. And in the Device Manager, nothing is wrong.

so, should I install this driver?

A:Intel Chipset Driver

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Hello All,
I am getting ready to build a new pc and i am looking around for a motherboard for a Intel chip set, can anyone help me with a good stable motherboard, i am thinking of spending around $400.00.
thank you all for your help

A:Which motherboard with Intel chipset?

I take it you mean a Sandy Bridge compatible MoBo?

There's been a massive recall on them.
AFAIK, you can only get Intel Chipsets to suit these processors, and check with your supplier that the board you are buying is the Updated (V2) one.

See here:
Relevancy 58.05%

I've been trying to install an update for this blasted thing for days now, as it's showing a date for 2008 since it was last altered in any way. This version meses with the graphics in my online game. I've tried to update it several times, and it will not update. I've had a wuick look through the forums, but wanted to post afresh thread on this matter. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-NR38E, with 2gig of memory. Please help!

A:[SOLVED] Intel Chipset 965

What kind of update Bios, chip set driver or other?
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Having a Intel 850 chipset motherboard with AGP 4x slot will it affect the video output quality of Samsung 226BW lcd? Even though i've a geforce 6800XT graphic card, resolution can scale to 1680 x 1050px but video pixel still blur and color distortion.
Relevancy 58.05%

I have read (somewhere!) that the Intel TX chipset will not read ram above 64MB and was wondering if this was in fact true?

I am running a 200MHZ Pentium MMX with 64 MB ram and Win98 and would like to increase the ram to 128 if it will a difference.

Thanks for your help.

A:Intel TX chipset and ram upgrades?

Well I'm not sure if it's the same chipset but I looked up an Intel TX Chipset on the net and the best I could find was a Intel 430TX Chipset. Is that the one you have or is there no 430 in the name? It says that the Intel 430TX will support 4 Mbytes to 256 Mbytes of main memory. I hope that is some help to you this is the first time I've ever answered someone else's post, so I hope I'm doing good. Oh and I'm not sure about that 64meg thing it didn't say anything about it unless I over read something.
Relevancy 58.05%

Hi all This is my first post hear so I apologise Driver. Chipset Why INTEL me! if I get anything wrong I installed the INTEL Chipset Driver which was provided with my motherboard INTEL Chipset Driver. Why me! and as a result my keyboard amp mouse no longer work However if I go into the BIOS the keyboard does work and the light on my mouse stays on It's when the P C gets to the log in prompt they stop working Lights on the mouse amp INTEL Chipset Driver. Why me! keyboard go off I have tried plugging the devices into different USB ports with no joy I plugged my mouse into a laptop and confirmed that still works I can't do anything to log in to resolve the problem Support Details Motherboard ABit IP Pro Motherboard Chipset ICH R CPU Intel Core Quad Q GHz Memory GB Ballistix Tracer PC - PSU OCZ W Next Generation Power Supply Graphics NVIDIA GTX MB GDDR Graphics Driver Current Sound Card Onboard Operating system XP SP Can you please advise on anything I can do to resolve the problem I look forward from hearing from you experts

A:INTEL Chipset Driver. Why me!

USB or PS/2 keyboard and mouse?
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I have this current graphics card and Was thinking of upgrading as i play a lot of games and like the gameplay to be as smooth as possible but at the same time i don't have money to splash out on expensive graphics cards.

Is this a good graphics card for gaming or should I Save for a newer one?

A:Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset

You really need to save for a PCI-E graphic card, onboard graphic cards these days will not do the job intended for gaming ATI and nVidia are most common graphic cards brought these days on the market.
Here is a list of graphic cards available in today's market: Video Cards | Techbuy Australia
Relevancy 58.05%

I'm helping a friend of mine build a computer and I'm an Intel chipset? Choosing unsure exactly how to choose what chipset I want to buy for him Previously I just sort of looked at each of my available motherboard options and chose which one had the requirements I was looking for However Choosing an Intel chipset? my friend is on a budget so I feel like buying a specific chipset might be a better cheaper option instead of buying one with the ports that he wants but with other ports he doesn't need Is there an easy way to compare the different chipsets The Wikipedia article is somewhat useful but also seems to have some inconsistancies I own a Z motherboard with USB support something the Wikipedia article doesn't list Then again perhaps this is normal for motherboards which is why I'm asking for advice To elaborate on my friend's preferences he has no need for any integrated graphics and would be interested in future-proofing SATA III USB PCI-e if the price is right He'll be buying an Ivy Bridge LGA I can help provide any other details if required

A:Choosing an Intel chipset?

If he is buying an Ivy bridge, he will have to go Z68 Gen 3 or z77. The board itself does not have graphics on it, the CPU does. But, there really is no such thing as future proofing. No matter what you chose, a newer CPU and chipset will be out within 6 months. That being said, I believe the Z77 boards are the closest thing to it.
Relevancy 58.05%

Hello all,

Just wondering if Windows 8 RP includes full native/out of the box support for the Intel Z77 (Ivy Bridge) chipset?

I have installed it on my new 3770K rig based on the Asus P8Z77-V PRO motherboard. Everything seems to be working correctly. However, I can't find any Z77 chipset driver installers on the Intel website.

The chipset driver that I can download from the Asus website only installs when I force it to install by using compatibility mode. Wondering if I should do this or just leave it as it is after a clean install as it seems to be recognised anyway.


A:Intel Z77 chipset support.

Welcome to Eight Forums OD.

I would just leave it as it is now.

Chipset drivers are better to get from the OEM or motherboard sites.
Asus will have new Win8 drivers anytime from now until the release.

The only drivers I D/L from Intel are the RST (for all computers) and Graphics drivers for my laptop.
Most of the rest are from OEM or motherboard site, all graphics cards from manufactures site.

For any pre-release OS I check if any drivers are needed after the clean install, if none are needed I just go with it.
These beta releases can be picky about drivers, usually after RTM the drivers are better and the OS handles them better.
Relevancy 58.05%

Hey all,
About a month ago, I bought a Toshiba Satellite A105-S4014. Not knowing all that much about computers, I didn't realize that this actual computer is built for business use, rather than gaming. Much to my dismay, I found that Call of Duty 2 does not work on my computer. I meet all of the minimum requirements (1.83 GHz duo processor, 1 gb ram, 120 gb hard drive), but the problem in running the game is in the fact that the chip, the 945 GM (Calistoga), is not 100% directx 9.0 compatible. I think this means that only some games work on directx 9.0, while others do not. That being the case, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this chip and can offer any advice as to what I should do/ what games I could play, etc. Thank you.

A:Intel 945GM Chipset help

Only a very few high end laptops are capable of real gaming, the prime purpose of a laptop is business/office work and that is what they are mostly all made for.

Alienware/Dell do make gaming capable laptops, but you realise that when you see the price of them....

It may be better to get this shifted to the Games forum, where someone may have tried out some games on the chipset.
Relevancy 58.05%

What modern, available for purchase, IDE PCI controller cards utilize the Intel PIIX chipset?
Relevancy 57.19%

Hi all.
I'm trying to reinstall Intel MB drivers on my HTPC computer, after a power breakdown at home:
The computer shutdown abruptly of course, and when I reopened it, I noticed that I can't use my USB keyboard or any other USb devices.

By checking Device Manager I saw that all USB devices had the yellow exclamation mark on them. Snapshot:
Tried to reinstall my mb's chipset drivers but it wouldn't install. I get an error when it wants to install USB drivers. Weird stuff:

What would you suggest me to do before I waste two hours of my life to reinstall windows?

Relevancy 57.19%

Hi everyone. I own a Intel? 4 Series Express Chipset Family which is also called the GM45, 4500MHD & 4500HD. I have heard of other names for it but I am not quite sure if they are different or not. So my question is, is the X4500, X4500M, Intel G45, Intel GM45 and the Mobile Intel? 4 Series Express Chipset Family all the same GFX Card? Thanks in advance.

A:Question About Intel Graphics Chipset

I think that they are all related but different names are used depending on what it is installed in. If I remember correctly, the GM45 is for laptops. I think the G45 is for desktops. The other look like special variants of those two. The best way to figure out is to look at Intel's website.
Relevancy 57.19%

I'm gettting a new system shortly & will be building it myself which I haven't done for many a year.

I'm confused with the chipset driver.

The board is an Asus P7P55D-E Deluxe. The chipset is a P55 Express. The cpu is an Intel i7-875k. OS is win 7 pro 64.

I found this, Chipset Software Installation Utility V9.1.1.1020, over at the Asus page here.

Is that what I am after?

If so when the OS is installed is it correct in installing the chipset driver next?


A:Confused with Intel Chipset driver

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums. Windows went through a lot of trouble to see that most manufacturers prvidied drivers for this operating system. Presonaly I would do the build and install the OS then check the device manager and see what if any drivers windows hasn't provided I think you'll be pleasently surprised to find out most have been installed.
Since it is the only driver utility listed under chipset for your board I would think it to be the correct one.
Post back if you run into any trouble. Thanks. Fabe
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when I check up the Device manager at one place yellow question mark is shown. I checked the properties
and the following is displayed as the location.

" on Intel(R) 82801GB/GR (ICH7 Family) LPC Interface Controller - 27B8 "
please tell which is the driver for this?

M/Board : Asus P5KPL-VM
OS: Win XP Prof. with SP3.

A:Hardware problem with Intel Chipset

It appears to be an infrared device. Have you installed the Intel chipset drivers from the Asus website?
Relevancy 57.19%

So it gets to the point you finally have to upgrade, i've practically sold out my old rig in parts and am starting from scratch.......except my casing Gigabyte iSolo 210.

This is my next rig...
Corsair TX 750w v2
Core i5 2500k
RipJaws F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM
Samsung Spinpoint 1tb

Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 or ASUS P8Z68-V

Graphics: Stock intel for now(yeah, already broke).......hoping to crossfire 6870s soon though!

Any sugestions of a better setup for around 1000$ budget plus which mobo is better Asus or Gigabyte......i seem to think they're almost identical, (goin for the cheaper option)

A:Intel Z68 chipset + 2500k -- best mobo?

Probably not a lot of difference between the two boards. It comes doen to what your priorities are. I would base the choice on what is likely important to you:

The Asus board has the better GbLAN (Intel) and the UEFI interface (BIOS)
The Gigabyte board has some better connectivity (the full four SATA 6Gb ports) and a slightly better audio codec (889).

Apart from that, overall performance should be very similar since most of the features are reliant upon the CPU. Layout on both boards is pretty good, and expansion slot availability once you get your CFX graphics up and running would be identical (all P67/Z68 boards that feature a PCIe x4 or x16 @ 4 lanes will default automatically to x1 operation once you plug anything into a USB3.0 port or plug in a PCIe x1 card (i.e. sound card, tuner card etc.)
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The new Skylake-S CPUs use a new microarchitecture which means that the socket on the CPU and motherboard are physically different from the previous generation. To accomodate this change, Intel has also launched the Z170 chipset to go along with...

Read more

A:Intel Z170 vs. Z97 chipset: What is the difference?

One of the things I look forward to doing is to start using M.2 SSDs on desktop builds, especially for SFF builds. Of course as of this post the only motherboard I know of that has included one is ASRock's X99 ITX board (which was reviewed here), though both EVGA and ASRock have put out a couple X99 mATX boards too. With my first impressions via the review here and other places, I'm hesitant to go to skylake for my next build, but at the same time I hope that with Skylake more (affordable) boards will come equipped is M.2.
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Pretty tired of having outdated graphics cards that can run only basic specs of old games etc, so wondering if it's possible to upgrade or replace an Intel G33/G31 Chipset graphics card?

Running a..
Zoostorm Intel Celeron E3500 2.7Ghz CPU
Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family
64bit System

And not entirely sure about the PSU... Haven't mustered up the stones to open it up and take a peak under the hood yet... I'm not very tech savy with the hardware unless it's relatively basic...

Any help would be really appreciated! And if anyones had any experience with this model at all that would be a big help as well as I've found it suprisingly hard to find a good detailed description about this exact model.

A:Upgrading Intel G33/G31 Chipset Family

I had one of those some years ago ... Got it from Argos it did not have any expansion slots .. Your Model could be different the only way to find out is open it up .. Take some pics and Post them ... Your PSU should be 300w ..
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My system is a Asus Z170 Maximus VIII Hero

When I installed Windows 10 Pro 64-bit at the time I installed the latest chipset (version All has been well, but when I used the Windows Update Minitool the other week it says that there is a new update to these chipset entries.

I went to do a search and all I keep seeing is or lower on the Internet at various sites. Is there a newer version than that is "leaking out" slowly to the Internet that I cannot find?

These updates are for the Intel entries in the device manager under System devices. Just wondering.

A:Question on Intel Chipset Updates

They are a waste of time, ignore them.
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I have just bought a Dell GX280 bare bones pc. I need to buy a processor , memory, cd-rw-dvd reader etc.. Can anyone confirm that the 915G Express chipset comes in 478 or 775 pin form, or either.

The other query is: originally the pc had a WD400 hard disk in it. I would like at least a 80Gig drive, but am unsure whether the 80 Gig drive has the same
dimensions. Any other make is also good, but as I say, due to the pc being the small form factor type size is important.

If anyone can make any reccommendations for drives etc.. It would be very helpfull.

Thanks a lot guys. Regards, Graham.

A:Intel 915g Express chipset

Chipset help below.
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Can someone help me to find the driver for my Intel Chispet? I'm running Windows 10. The chipset's a Series 8.


A:Intel Chipset Driver (Need help to find)

Did you do any search on Intel's downloadcenter page?

A quick search came up with this link: Download Intel Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility)

Theres also a thread on this forum for latest version.

I assume your 64-bit.
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Hello there

in a few days i'm gonna get myself a new gaming PC with this board:

Asus P5LD2-VM 945G

and this Video Card:

Now,i've read somewhere (don't really remember where though)
that NVidia cards don't go well with Intel Chipsets
i'm quite certain that it's bs

i have a budget of approx. 430$ and i want to be able to play games like HL2,F.E.A.R and Quake IV

do i need to stick with this one or Switch to a GeForce 7700 GT/X?

Thanks in advance to whomever may reply

A:Which Video Card for an Intel Chipset?

That one will work fine.
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Hi As I started with Windows it became clear that my buildin USB hub did not work with Windows but I found a solution here in eightforums com read here USB - still missing a new Intel USB driver Now I have moved on to a never chipset the Z and a new CPU and now I am again looking at my USB hub that don't work Is there to driver 3.0 Z97 find? for chipset Intel USB - where a solution to use the windows USB -driver in the same way as above Where do I find the quot hacked quot inf files Or what Intel USB 3.0 driver for Z97 chipset - where to find? do I do with the default inf files so they will install in Windows with driver signing turned off like the earlier solution for Z I use a Gigabyte G Sniper Z mobo and I have downloaded the windows driver for USB so all I am missing is the inf files or the knowing of how to change the inf files so windows don't reject them TIA

A:Intel USB 3.0 driver for Z97 chipset - where to find?

Look around on the French website Station-Drivers - NEWS. I don't know how he/they does/do it: but this is always a good place to look for latest bleeding edge drivers. Poke around at Intel for the Intel USB 3.0 drivers of most recent creation.
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What is intel chipset installation utilit?

Yes, I know there is a "what is" section but I want hear from someone who actully
used it and not some fancy spiel from a manufacturer.

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I've accidentally installed a vista chipset instead of Windows 7 one

Afterwards i downloaded and installed a windows 7 version but i dont know if it worked because all i did was click next and didnt really see a install bar or something..

So what do i do now?

I've added a log file of the installation which was created when i installed the chipset.
(at some point it sais deleting win7 chipset or something?!)

please help


A:Installed wrong intel chipset!! D:

Hi there What is the Model Number of your Computer ... Which Chipset did you Download Intel or Amd ..
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I understand that regular forum users may see I have started a post with a similar title as a recent post so no doubt I will be flamed but I feel need assistance in the form of a new post anyway My graphics card has recently started playing up textures are not rendering properly i ve lost several of my display options etc etc Anyway on to the matter in hand I was looking through some information for new graphics cards understanding that my motherboard has PCIe a slots and all the graphics cards are PCIe compatible So on my quest for knowledge and to find out if and which graphics cards are compatible i set about google Yes i now know graphics cards are sometimes backwards compatible My problem is when i came across the Wikipedia article yes i know and chipset 1.0a Intel PCIe P965 that wikipedia is based on user submitted data link - http en wikipedia org wiki PCI Express It contains a section called History in which it discusses funny enough the history of PCIe Anyway according to the article quot In June Intel released the specification of the Intel P chipset which supports only PCIe not PCIe Some people may be confused by the P block diagram which states the Intel P has a PCIe x graphics link GB s and PCIe x PCIe 1.0a and Intel P965 chipset links MB s each For simple verification one can view the P block diagram which shows the same number of lanes and bandwidth but was released before PCIe was finalized original research PCIe 1.0a and Intel P965 chipset Intel s first PCIe capable chipset was the X and boards began to ship from various vendors Abit Asus Gigabyte as of October AMD started supporting PCIe with its AMD chipset series and nVidia started with the MCP The specification of the Intel P chipset includes PCIe quot This brings my questions Is this information correct Does anyone have a Model Intel R Core TM CPU GHz Speed GHz proccessor who can advise on the authenticity of this information If my computer cant support PCIe does anyone know any good retailers with old graph cards Regarding my system setup if all things are okay for PCIe graph card can anyone suggest a good graphics card thats in the - pound zone My apologies if this has been covered Thanks nbsp

A:PCIe 1.0a and Intel P965 chipset

PCI express 2 cards are backward compatable.
They run at half the bandwidth in a PCI express 1x slot.
I have an ati 4670 running in a PCI express 1 slot.
According to your specs you have an 8800.
That is a pci express 2 card.
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I tried to install windows seven 32 in a laptop : fujitsu siemens Amilo 1450G, which graphic card is a Intel 910 (915 family).
And I can have more than 1024x768

I installed Windows seven pre-release on january, and I did'nt hav any problem.

Can somebody help me ?

A:No more than 1027x768 on a Intel 910 graphic chipset

have you tried ging to the Intel website and downloading the latyest Vista driver, and run the installer in Vista compatibility mode?
So far drivers are still hit and miss with W7, especially for older chipsets

another option, you can check this thread with the same issue:

Resolution problem with Intel 915
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Hi there,

Just got a new nVidia GTX460. I've tried to installed it several times without any success. Here's the thing that puzzles me. Every time I unintsall the current video (intrel g33/31chipset )card Win 7 requires a restart, and after the computer reboots it installes the chipset again. Once the old card installs again on its own the new card cannot be insdtalled because it is in conflict.

A:How to permanently uninstall Intel g33/g31 chipset?

I'm not really sure why you care. What's wrong with having the driver installed? Is it causing a problem?

You should be a little more clear about your problem, and what you're doing.
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hello I have uninstalled the usb ports root by mistake and even after
restarted my computer will not install the drivers automatically.
Now, I look for the driver chipset for Intel Corporation Mobile
GME965/GLE960 I use Windows 7 Starter 32bit with a Compaq 610

A:seeking for intel chipset driver

Hi wadix, Welcome to the forums , have a look here for the drivers Compaq 610 Notebook PC*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center download the diagnostic tool and let that search your laptop for the correct driver . If you still have no luck visit Intels website Intel? Driver Update Utility and let their diagnostic software scan your laptop
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Does it exist? (Win 7 32)
Con someone post a link?

A:Intel chipset 946 - Win7 driver [.inf]

Hi, aremkay! Welcome to the Seven Forums!

Have a look here.

Either click:

Or, type "Intel chipset 946" into this box and select "Search downloads":

Then select "Windows 7" (or your preferred 32 bit):

And, voila!:
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ok first thing .........I have lost the usage of any 3d Graphics .....

My DirectDraw Accelerator is disabled
in the Hardware Device Manager it states that

This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.

Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available.

this message is refering to the Chipset Family

how can I restore my video card back to it's normal status?????
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I've got Windows 8 Pro for my Dell Latitude D630, first it worked fine.
But then I installed Photoshop but that didn't work good due to a bad driver for my display adapter.
Now I've updated my driver (got the update from and my resolution is 1024x768 wich is lower than my display supports, so now everything is scaled up. I've found a lot other threads but they didn't help me. I've also tried some modded drivers and drivers for vista and xp. Nothing worked. And I couldn't find any support on the Intel site and Dell site.
So now I'am very frustrated and I hope you can help my (otherwise I have to throw my laptop out of the window and install Windows 7 and lose everything I have now installed)

P.s: I can't change my resolution using the settings cuz the dropbox isn't clickable.
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Hello everyone i hope someone could help me with this i recently made a clean install on my laptop toshiba u of windows professional and started to intall the drivers that were on the toshiba webpage sometimes when driver with 965 pro intel 7 chipset win problem i reboot several problems occur but is not always sometimes it works fine and sometimes don't and also sometimes intel chipset 965 driver problem with win 7 pro when i shutdown the screen stays black like if its going to shutdown but it doesnt and i have wait for it to shut intel chipset 965 driver problem with win 7 pro it down for minutes so i have to press the on off button to shut it down quot manually quot Sorry for my english please help me I have made like clean installs trying different things to see intel chipset 965 driver problem with win 7 pro if something works - i install the drivers of toshiba and no updates of windows - i install the drivers of toshiba for win and updates of windows update - i install the drivers with the driver genius pro and no updates of windows - i install the drivers with the software upgrade for win that it suposes to download the drivers for win and no updates of windows - i install the drivers of toshiba win and some others of win vista and the updates of windows - i install the drivers of toshiba win and also some others of driver genius and no updates - i install drivers with toshiba software updates and driver genius and also updates of windows This is what i have observed when the problem occurs but is always Screen resolution drops to very low x the optimal is X Touch pad and keyboard does not respond if I connecta USB mouse it works Device manager shows issue with the Mobile Intel Express Chip set family Device manager shows driver not installed for HID compliant mouse Device manager shows drivers not installed for PS Compatable mouse This is a screen shot of the device manager i also update the chipset intel this is of my last reboot

A:intel chipset 965 driver problem with win 7 pro

Welcome to SF!

Try this Intel utility...

Intel? Driver Update Utility
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Hi I'm having issues with my intel chipset install This chipset [SOLVED] troubles Intel all started when I tried [SOLVED] Intel chipset troubles to install a bluetooth mouse to my computer but it wouldn't install The exact thing that would happen was that it would find new hardware try and install the hardware and say it couldn't [SOLVED] Intel chipset troubles install because of a Data error cyclic redundancy check When I tried the same mouse on other computers it worked just fine When I tried another mouse on this computer it failed to install as well I heard that this could have been a problem because of my intel chipset so I went to the site and found the appropriate chipset install update whatever and ran it Upon running it would go part way notify through a hardware update wizard window that it installed something quot windows has finished installing the software for PCI Standard ISA bridge quot It then tells me it wont work till I restart it resumes the chipset installation then says quot An unknown error occurred Setup will now exit quot and the chipset install shuts down I'm at a loss for getting this to work i've tried in safe mode and whatever I could turn off I did and it still did that Can someone help me please

A:[SOLVED] Intel chipset troubles


Originally Posted by holy_fenix

Hi, I'm having issues with my intel chipset install. This all started when I tried to install a bluetooth mouse to my computer, but it wouldn't install.

The exact thing that would happen was that it would find new hardware, try and install the hardware, and say it couldn't install because of a Data error (cyclic redundancy check). When I tried the same mouse on other computers, it worked just fine. When I tried another mouse on this computer, it failed to install as well.

I heard that this could have been a problem because of my intel chipset, so I went to the site, and found the appropriate chipset install/update/whatever, and ran it. Upon running, it would go part way, notify through a hardware update wizard window that it installed something,"windows has finished installing the software for: PCI Standard ISA bridge." It then tells me it wont work till I restart, it resumes the chipset installation, then says "An unknown error occurred. Setup will now exit." and the chipset install shuts down. I'm at a loss for getting this to work; i've tried in safe mode and whatever I could turn off I did, and it still did that. Can someone help me please?

This maybe of help
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Good evening! Is this a video card? I have a problem with my laptop, my laptop screen goes weird after 2hours. I already brought my laptop to the computer shop, they said that the memory is not working or bad. Then, i bought a new ram. but the screen goes crazy even though i bought a Ram. is my video card bad? when i go to display adapters under device manager it says Intel (R) 945 Express Chipset Family. I've attached some pictures, on how my laptop screen looks like. I need your reply. Godbless!

A:Intel (R) 945 Express Chipset Family

Welcome to seven forums: Looks like an overheating problem. I would first try some canned compressed air and blow out the exhaust and intakes. Of course after the system has been shut down to cool down. But as bad as it is it could be a bad card,make sure yo have all the latest drivers. But since this appears after a couple of hours i would hedge a bet it is overheating, which may have caused your card to go bad as well. My opinion. fabe
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Audio not working, power management not working probably due to missing chipset driver
The device manager not showing chipset information

The output from Speccy shows that I have Intel chipset

I tried installing Intel official drivers
Download Intel Graphics Driver for Windows 10 and Windows 7*/8.1* [15.33]
but got error message "the computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements for installing the software"
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I just put my new build together and im installing drivers, i inserted the msi disk and clicked on the chipset driver. after going thought a few screens the screen turned black and the bluescreen popped up. I tried again but by downloading the driver from the website and still the same thing happened.

Error log:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7600.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000007e
BCP3: FFFFF88005DF3D88
BCP4: FFFFF88005DF35F0
OS Version: 6_1_7600
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

Read our privacy statement online:
Windows 7 Privacy Statement - Microsoft Windows

If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:

A:Intel Chipset driver error

have you checked the MSI website for updated drivers and BIOS?
are you using RAID?

did you try the automated driver update tool on intel's website?

did you run windows update?

try the install from safe mode?
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GigaByte Board with Nvidia or Intel Chipset
and which board should i prefer with price
budget 3k
should i go for another company like Asus

A:Gigabyte Board with Nvidia or Intel Chipset

Reply me urgent
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My system has the and apparently the latest one is I have downloaded it but it Driver newest install Chipset Intel Can't keeps on failing to install Any suggestions My system specifications are in the signature Here is the log file Code DC A - - T i Burn v Windows v Build Service Pack path C Users Alex Downloads Intel Components SetupChipset exe cmdline '-burn unelevated BurnPipe A EF -D C- F-AAD - BFA BBF FE Can't install newest Intel Chipset Driver A- A - A E- A -D A ' DC A - - T i Initializing string variable 'IIF ExtractionMapping SetupChipsetx msi' to value ' NullDrivers cab NOT VersionNT ' DC A Can't install newest Intel Chipset Driver - - T i Initializing string variable 'IIF ExtractionMapping SetupChipsetx msi' to value ' NullDrivers cab VersionNT ' DC A - - T i Setting string variable 'WixBundleLog' to value 'C Users Alex AppData Local Temp Intel Logs Chipset log' DC A - - T i Setting string variable 'WixBundleOriginalSource' to value 'C Users Alex Downloads Intel Components SetupChipset exe' DC A - - T i Condition 'VersionNT gt v ' evaluates to true DC A - - T i Loading managed bootstrapper application DC A - - T i Creating BA thread to run asynchronously DC - - T i PM Boostrapper App Command line DC - - T i Setting string variable 'WixBundleName' to value 'Intel R Chipset Device Software' DC - - T i PM Boostrapper App Calling Engine Detect DC A - - T i Detect begin packages DC A - - T i Setting string variable 'DotNet ' to value ' ' DC A - - T i Setting string variable 'DotNet Client' to value ' ' DC A - - T i Setting string variable 'DotNet Full' to value ' ' DC A - - T i Setting string variable 'DotNet ' to value ' ' DC A - - T i Condition 'DotNet OR DotNet Client OR DotNet Full OR DotNet gt ' evaluates to true DC A - - T i PM Boostrapper App Package detected PackageId 'DotNet ' State 'Present' Status ' ' DC A - - T i Detected related package B CC E-F D- C-BD A- CB EC A E A scope PerMachine version language operation MajorUpgrade DC A - - T i PM Boostrapper App Package detected PackageId 'SetupChipsetx msi' State 'Absent' Status ' ' DC A - - T i PM Boostrapper App Package detected PackageId 'SetupChipsetx msi' State 'Present' Status ' ' DC A - - T i Detected package DotNet state Present cached None DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi state Absent cached None DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi feature NullDriverFeature state Absent DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi feature PackageVersionFeature state Absent DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi feature LicenseAgreementFeature state Absent DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi feature DeviceBrandingFeature state Absent DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi state Present cached Complete DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi feature NullDriverFeature state Local DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi feature PackageVersionFeature state Local DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi feature LicenseAgreementFeature state Local DC A - - T i Detected package SetupChipsetx msi feature DeviceBrandingFeature state Local DC A - - T i PM Boostrapper App Detect complete Status ' ' DC A - - T i Detect complete result x DC A - - T i Plan begin packages action Install DC A - - T w Skipping dependency registration on package with no dependency providers DotNet DC A - - T i Condition 'NOT VersionNT ' evaluates to false DC A - - T i Plan msi features for package SetupChipsetx msi DC A - - T i Planned feature NullDriverFeature state Absent default requested Unknown ba requested Unknown execute action None rollback action None DC A - - T i Planned feature PackageVersionFeature state Absent default requested Unknown ba requested Unknown execute action None rollback action None DC A - - T i Planned feature LicenseAgreementFeature state Absent default requested Unknown ba requested Unknown execute action None rollback action None DC A - - T i Planned feature DeviceBrandingFeature state Absent de... Read more

A:Can't install newest Intel Chipset Driver

I would stick with latest on the Asus site: Motherboards - MAXIMUS IV EXTREME-Z - ASUS
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Can I upgrade my Intel chipset to 4th generation for my Dell OptiPlex 780? I bought the machine as a refurbished unit which was updated to Windows 10. My goal is to be able to create Minecraft servers which I can't do with my current chipset. Intel said that they aren't creating the necessary drivers.

A:Intel 4th generation chipset - Is it compatible with OptiPlex 780?

There is no such thing as CHIPSET upgrade on any machine any vendor.
You cant put a core I3 I5 I7 chip into a 780.
Minecraft requires JAVA and a GPU  Radeon HD5450 is minimum requirement.
Minecraft on a 780 with linux or windows 7 or 8 or 10 works fine when you have a radeon 5450 minimum.
Radeon HD5xxx series is legacy so it requires legacy amd driver,

ASUS Silent Radeon  EAH 6450 is what i use.

You can only use Single slot low profile cards.

The EAH 6450 fits in all sizes except USFF because USFF has no slots.

Manufacturer Part# : EAH6450 SILENT/DI/1GD3  Dell Part# : A4996444
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This is weird. I have an HP Pavilion with Intel 915 Express Graphics Chipset and 128 MB Video Ram.
When I launch a program window that has opacity less than 100% (partially transparent) if I see the window client area fill with Black, then paint, when I move that window it will "stutter" instead of being dragged smoothly with the mouse. If the window opens normally, I can drag it with the mouse smoothly.
I have the latest Intel graphics drivers installed direct from the Intel support download page.

It's really strange because there's no way to predict when it will happen. If my video was unable to handle the graphics it would do it all the time. Also there's no correlation to system load. It can do it with only a few programs running or move smoothly with lots of programs running.

Really baffling!!

I'm running XP Professional 32 bit SP 2.

A:intel 915 express graphics chipset "stutter"

If the system is unable to handle the load, it would do it all the time. But, if it's just a matter of load from running programs - then the problem would surface when the combination of running programs caused an issue with the video display.

For example, if another program is occupying your memory - then there won't be enough RAM to continually refresh the view. This would force the refresh onto your pagefile, and the lag from the disk would cause this particular issue.

To prove/refute this, open a whole bunch of stuff and get it working - then try the window movement.
It should stutter for you then.
Then close all the open stuff (to include the stuff in the System Tray by the time) and try the window movement again.
The stutter should stop (or be reduced).

You can view some of this in the Task Manager...Performance tab
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I just checked and the OpenGL version I have installed on my system is 1.5.0 - Build Is there a way I can upgrade it to a higher version - 2.1.2, for an Intel 965 Express chip? I have a Lenovo X61 tablet machine with Intel Centrino Pro (Core 2 Duo) 1.6 GHz processor, with 2 GB RAM. Thanks.


System specs:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Series Processor (1595 MHz)
Memory: 2006 MB
OS Version: Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (Build 6001)
Graphics Card Vendor: Intel
Graphics Card: Intel 965/963 Graphics Media Accelerator
OpenGL Version: 1.5.0 - Build