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Cannot get 6600gt to run in HP Pavillion

Q: Cannot get 6600gt to run in HP Pavillion

Hello I would appreciate any tips.
My daughter has a HP Pavillion desktop. I have upgraded my machine and have donated to the HP my spare ram, processor and pci e Nvidia 6600gt.
The ram and processor are fine but.
I have updated the bios.
Disabled the onboard Ati ane enabled PCI e. I have loaded the latest drivers but am unable to get anything but the very lowest resolution .
Any Ideas. Have put it back to onboard graphics for the moment to make it usable.
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Preferred Solution: Cannot get 6600gt to run in HP Pavillion

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Q: 6600gt

Does the nvidia GeForce NX6600GT run hot on its stock cooling???


It depends on the card's manufacturer. Can you link to a specific model?
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Has anyone heard anything on the Nvidia 6600GT AGP version??
i am gagging for this card and am hoping to purchase it very soon.

so has anyone any information on the release date etc.???

A:6600gt Agp 8x

Taken from another message board

As soon as you either:
1. Resign yourself to a 5900XT instead.
2. Splurge for a 6800.
3. Find a 6800LE online somehow (maybe mail order from Kazakhstan).
4. Blow your savings on an LGA775 motherboard, processor, and DDR2
memory so you can buy the 6600GT PCIe.
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Q: 6600gt

hey, i have started ordering what i can for my new computer with my wages, and im thinking of the 128mb 6600GT

or shall i put abit more in and get this

only thing is ive heard of PNY and Novatech is the sites name, is it still a proper 6600GT even tho it has its own brand name on it?


I've read that Nvidia has variations of their graphics chip from brand to brand.
I'm not sure if that is still true with the newer cards. ATI chips are the same across all boards. I hardly think it's a negligable difference however. Its a good card either way IMO. :grinthumb
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Well i ve got this system at the 6600gt ??? --> moment E x g Corsair GA- P-S x g x g H A DVD-DL Xpertvision GT 6600gt --> ??? VF -CU I m seriously thinking if going to something a little larger that what i ve got recently i upgraded to a quot lcd which plays at x At the moment my fps have been 6600gt --> ??? somewhat lacking and i would like to upgrade it so i can play at fps in my favourite game HL CSS Would it be worth spending 6600gt --> ??? the extra to upgrade from the soon to be GT to the GT I ve got around to spend but of that has already been dedicated to the AS and a VF -CU because noise isn t nice I ve spoken to antec directly and my power supply will happily handle either one so i don t need to do anything with that Should i wait for DX or just upgrade to something new when i upgrade to longhorn not until steam goes vista only nbsp

A:6600gt --> ???

the 6600gt

the video card is a bottleneck to your cpu
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I just bought an Albatron Trinity card on Ebay cheap. The owner said it never worked right an now I know why. It has a huge HSF thats so badly designed that it barely makes contact with the VPU. It also extends over the RAM but doesnt make contact with it. The card runs very hot and the fan is the loudest Ive ever heard. I think I can blow dry my hair with it.
I wanted a VGA Silencer but it looks like they dont have one for an AGP card, only PCIx. Thanks

A:Need a cooler for 6600GT.

Maybe one like this then?
A little pricey, but I think it'd work.
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the guy who hooks me up with stuff is offering me 2 cards right now. geforce 6600 256 mb for 190$ or 6600GT 128 mb for 210$.... does the memory make a difference in these cards? is it worth the 20 bucks more for the better card?
also i heard increasing the video aperture could help so the vram wouldn't matter as much....?

(p.s. i know i can get them online for a little cheaper, but there's no shipping, and this guy always gets my stuff and helps me out when stuff goes wrong so thats why i buy from him)

A:6600 256 Mb Or 6600gt 128 Mb??

Get the gt, it's faster, and not much more money.
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Hi all..

I've got maybe a day or two before I purchase a 6600GT from NewEgg, and was wondering if there was any brand that was better than the others...and for what reason/s ?

It has to be from NewEgg....and it has to be one of the $199 or under AGP models.

They have 2 XFX models...a Chaintech model...a Jaton AOpen model....2 APOLLO...a GIGAbyte...and a PROLink.

I'm not overly concerned about the software bundle..the priorities are as follows:

1) Quality
2) Performance
3) Noise levels

and just a quick note..I'll probably never OClock it, if that factors into it.

Thanks ahead for the advice/articles/opinions... :suspiciou

A:Which 'BRAND' of 6600GT should I buy ?

well,first of all,youre getting a geforce 6600 gt.....awesome.when considering brands,you should keep an eye out for a couple of things-first some manufacturers have started offering the memory interface/gpu clocked higher out of the box.its certainly an important asp[ect to consider but should not be the main one,check if you are getting anything good in the free bundeled game/software set,i think they were offering doom3 check again.check for the size of the heatsink and fan.while you probably wont be able to find out a great deal from the site you'll atleast have to look around.

xfx is ok but not that popular.chaintech,evga,gigabyte are the top most respected brands in this category.also see if asus offers any geforce 6600 cards they are also very respectable.thats it hope this helps,by theway i heard some of the manufacturers were offering life time warranty and trade in options as a you might want to check that out too.

good luck
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should i get the ati radeon x700 or the nvidia geforce 6600gt?

and if the 6600gt then what manufacturer, on newegg there are like 10 different manufacturers making it

A:X700 vs 6600gt


6600gt is slightly better, but usually slightly more expensive. The 6600gt falls between the x700pro and the x700xt. I don't know what brand you should get I got the Jaton 6600gt off newegg because it was cheapest, but I kind of wish I had gotten a name brand like msi, gigabyte, asus, etc. The msi has the best rating on Newegg now. I don't have experience with msi, but they must be rated good for some reason.
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ive been looking to upgrade my computer from an PNY 6200 128mb. ive been looking around an the 6800gt's are way out of my price range an was wondering if a 6600gt was any good. i want to get a new card that can handle the new elder scrolls 4 game at a medium setting. here are my current pc specs.

2x 512mb Kingston 2700ddr ram
k7vta3 Elitegroup mobo (AGP 4x)
PNY 6200 128mb AGP 4x/8x
AMD XP 3200+ 2.2ghz processer

thats all i really know. im trying to stay away form the ATI cards manly from bad
experience in the past.


A:6600GT good/bad?

A 6600gt is a nice card, its significantly faster than a 6200(I own both a 6200 and 6600gt) I'd recommend the 6600gt, unless you can afford a 6800gs
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I am looking for users who have this video card...respond regarding its performance.

A:MSI GeForce 6600GT
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Hey all wanted advice on upgrading my graphics Current spec Shuttle SN G AMD Barton 6600GT? ShuttleXPC with FSB x MB PC Crucial x MB PC Kingston LG Combo Drive xDVD x x Western Digital Caviar GB Floppy Drive WMP G Linksys Wireless PCI Network Card I wanted to be able to play games which require DirectX support and the onboard GeForce MX does not have this After ShuttleXPC with 6600GT? reading many reviews I am confident in buying a GeForce GT specifically the one from XFX link which needs an additional pin power connection and may need Watts However I have several concerns over whether My PSU will be able to handle it ShuttleXPC with 6600GT? rated at W although on the compatibility page link even power hungry cards such as the Ati Radeon XT MB have been listed as quot supported quot It will fit inside my case Shuttle s are very cramped and some cards do have large heatsinks fans It won t overheat again shuttle s are very cramped and I do already have a PCI card next to it airflow might not be good enough There are small-ish grills running along the side of the case Thanks in advance to any help or advice ShuttleXPC with 6600GT? p s I have already checked this and it says i already need W nbsp

A:ShuttleXPC with 6600GT?

Please? Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions?
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Ill make this quick. My GeForce 6600GT AGP has suddenly started overheating. When its idling it sits at around 63 degrees, but quickly rises to 80 - 90 while gaming and artifacts begin to appear. It wasnt doing this yesterday. It only just started happening today.

What could be causing all this overheating? My room isnt at all that warm and my case has good ventilation. Also, the GPU fan is spinning.

Thanks, Nissanman.

edit: i was using both Everest and SpeedFan for monitoring the temps.

A:My 6600GT is Overheating

To lower the temps you could try removing the heatsink and fan, cleaning off the die, and applying your own thermal paste. This lowered my gpu temps by 10 degrees Celsius.
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I read everywhere the 6600GT wins in benchmarking, but is the performance level noticeable?

I've narrowed my search down to these 2 cards.


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ok ive got it down to these two cards.. (unless someone has a good suggestion for 200$ range.. ATI or nvidia.. )

$ 211 XFX 6800 AGP8X
256-bit core
128MB 256-bit DDR
22.4GB/Sec Memory Bandwidth
3.9 Billion Texels/Sec Fill Rate
406 Million Vertices per Second
12 Pixel Pipelines


$ 195 XFX 6600GT ($200 @ Sprint Computers)
256-bit core
128MB 128-bit 1200mhz DDR3
16GB/Sec Memory Bandwidth
4 Billion Texels/Sec Fill Rate
375 Million Vertices per Second
8 Pixel Pipelines

what do u think?

A:6600GT vs 6800

Definately the 6800.
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6600GT not Performing *FIXED*

After transferring everything into my new case, my GeForce 6600GT AGP is only performing at 31,000 in aquamark 3 when it used to get a score of 51,000 easily. I cant find the problem. I keep switching around how I have it set up as far as power goes, which fixed it last time, but i still cant get it to work right. I also noticed that because of this, my computer wont play video :angel: . Thanks. Any suggestions?

I installed my mobo chipset drivers (IS-7). it works perfect now! I guess XP dosent come with them, ohh well.

A:6600GT not Performing

ohh thanks for everyones help. NOT
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Lately, the past 1-2 months. My 6600GT has been giving me problems. I downgraded to 77.77 drivers and it went fine. Recently this weekend, my card in all my games just crashed after 5 seconds of game and went into power save mode on my monitor. I was able to use my desktop fine etc.. But now I can' even boot my OS. My OS crashes once it gets to the login screen. A blue screen appears for a little milisecond, its impossible to read. And then the computer just restarts and does it again and again and again. I can open it up in safe mode. I have no idea what to do, I know my card runs hot but it should be able to at least load the desktop correct?

A:6600GT and my OS crashing.

also, forgot to mention my card is an EVGA 6600GT 128mb. Mobo- Asus P4S800D, 1Gb memory, Microsoft xp.
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Hi all,
I recently bought a xpert vision 6600gt 128mb and for the first day it was fine, the next after ten minutes or so i started to get weird things happeing to characters on css and blocks were missing out of them, im pretty sure its over heating but more importantly do you know what item would cool it down, 6600's are renowned for their boiling ability and to be honest i just want to sort it out, games are spoilt after 5 or so minutes
p4 3ghz 1gb 128mb 6600gt 400psu hp t250uk

A:6600gt artifacts

Can you return it? Does it have a thermal sensor that reports temperature? What's the temperature in your case? It could just be a bad card.
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I have a Leadtek A6600GT agp. Its fast and I love it. Only thing.... the Ram it uses is rated to run a little above 1Ghz. It comes out of the box at 900Mhz. Idle my card runs at 38-41 Degrees Celcius. The RAM is a little under the heatsink so i can put on after market heat sinks. I would like better cooling tho. I have looked around but i CAN NOT find after market heat sink fans for the 6600GT series. Here is a pic of my card

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I am wondering which board would be better for gaming: an ASUS 6800 XT 128mb #N6800XT/TD/128 or and eVGA 6600GT 128 mb # 128-A8-N350.

The 6600GT is $2.00 more than the 6800.

I have an AGP board and I want to upgrade to something (before all the AGP boards are phases out) that will perform okay for the next couple of years, then I'll go to a SLI motherboard.

A:6800 vs 6600GT

the 6800xt will bloow a 6600gt away because it (the 6800xt) has 256-bit vs the 6600gt's 128, and the xt has 12? pips vs the 6600gts 8
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i have a xfx 6600GT, the requirements says tht it needs a PSU with 350W output.
However, i have a 300W PSU. how is this going to affect my system?? do i really need to change it?

A:PSU requirements for the xfx 6600gt

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

A lot depends on whether your psu is of good quality, or a cheap no name brand.

You should look at the label on your psu and see how many amps it has on the 12volt rail. If it`s any lesss than 20 to 25, I`d consider getting a new psu.

Look at this handy PSU Wattage Calculator.

Also, take a look at this Excellent article on psu`s. It lists brands that should be avoided and has recommendations for good quality psu`s

A crap psu, can cause stability issues as well as damage to your valuable components, should anything go wrong.

It is one of the most overlooked component in a computer system.

We see lots of problems here that are directly associated with crap psu`s.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hello! I'm looking for opinions about buying a Video card for my friend. He want to spend around $100, my suggestion was the 7600GS but I've seen it around $130 plus tax and S/H will get to 150, so have to get lower that that, I suggest him the 6600GT but not sure if it's the right choice since it has only 8 pipelines. He want to play games like BF 2, AOE 3, NFS MW, and he might also want to play NFS Carbon at medium or lower settngs maybe...

Please let me know what do youy think. BTW here are his specs:
P4 2.4Ghz
512 DDR
PSU 500w 12v 26A

Thank you!

A:Opinions About 6600GT

The 6600Gt is a decent card and should be able to handle those games fine. However, for better perfomance, you may want to try and talk him into THIS card. They are better than the 6600GT, and with the Sapphires's sometimes you get lucky and can unlock 4 more pixel pipes. What really make a difference is that the memory interface is twice as large (6600 is 128bit and X800GTO is 256).
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So here is my problem guys. So I try to play World Of Warcraft and it tells me when I try to play failed to find a suitable display device so I uninstall and re install the drivers. It is still saying the same thing please any help would be outstanding.

Thanks, Brian

A:Nvidia 6600GT

If you open your device manager, does it list your 6600 as the current display adapter?
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Well heres the problem, my 6600gt is an AGP card but it is being read as PCI in the device manager. I believe it is the primary cause of my games crashing and being unable to view any types of video files using divx and WMP. I have noticed a small handful of others having similair issued but cant find any information reguarding a fix. Here is what im seeing.

Im using

Nvidia 6600gt 128
Nforce2 MOBO

I reformatted and started from scratch 2 days ago as well

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ill send a cake to whoever can help

A:6600gt issues :(

Hi and welcome

Read the thread below:

it's an issue with the nvidia drivers.

you should see if you can disable some of the avdanced features in options you get as you install the drivers.

My favorite is Cherry madiera lol
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Hey people,
I called circuit city to see if my graphics card was in. And it was. :bounce: But it is not GeForce 6600GT its GeForce 6600LE what is the difference? thanks for the comments

A:GeForce 6600GT and LE?

The 6600LE is a bastardized version of the 6600GT. It has half the pipes and is much slower than the 6600GT. Not really worth the price at all if you are wanting to play any of today's newer games.
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I need something very quiet and effective in lowering my temps for my eVGA 6600GT. So far Im looking at the Arctic Cooling 6 Rev. 2 and Zalman VF700 Series. (theyre the only two i kno of n seem to be the best ones)

I cant quite decide which one to get. anyone have experiences with these coolers and help me out? thanks

A:AC or Zalman on 6600GT?

If you're thinkig about the Zalman cooler, take a look at their compatibility list first. It could turn out that it won't fit your card because of the placement of certain elements of the card (ram heat spreaders, HSI heatsink, capacitors, etc.).
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After playing Counter-Strike Source i checked my video card temperature and it was at 57 celcius... is it too high??? What can I do to lower it?

A:Is 57 celcius to hot for my 6600GT???

The temperature isn't bad for a video card.

Improving case cooling to reduce the temperaure of the case will help. Maybe add a case fan at the back to remove some of the heat. You should also make sure there's no other card directly below the video card.
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OK this one I seriously cant figure out Ever since I reinstalled Windows XP after installing my Gigabyte mobo and chipset I ve been having problems with running games under DirectX For some reason if I run a game it will run fine for abou Problems 6600GT... Having With minutes or so and then out of nowhere artifacts will start popping up all over the screen and slow the fps rate waaaay down I ve already checked to Having Problems With 6600GT... see if there are any issues with the motherboard and the card but have found none which would be very strange seeing that it s a nForce chipset I ve also checked to see if it s been overheating but its been cooler in this case than it was in the other case I called PNY for help but just as my luck was they had seemed to close before they we re supposed to close and I can only call before PM if I want to get a hold of a representative which is kinda hard seeing that I have this thing called a life that seems to get in the way of that I checked nVidia s site on the problem and they reported that people have been having the same problem and to download some driver which didnt help at all And checking PNY s website for help is a joke upon itself seeing that there is no way to get a hold of tech support without calling them or sending an RMA in Having Problems With 6600GT... Can anyone help a gamer in need nbsp

A:Having Problems With 6600GT...

If you are not overclocking the card and your PSU has good volt rails RMA the card and make them send you a different one.They should have better tech support but I guess it is cheaper for them just to replace the card RMA style than to pay tech support people.
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Is a 6600GT 128 card typically better or would a regular 6800 128 card be better?

A:6600gt or 6800

You may want to search for some benchmarks on the net like this one:
It varies but the 6800 seems to marginally lead over the 6600GT.
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I am just wondering what the max temp I should be getting from a BFG 6600gt PCI Express x16 is. I slightly overclocked it from 525mhz on the gcu to 530mhz, and 1050mhz on the mem to 1055mhz. The temps went from about 63-67...and I get about 47C while idle. So how much farther could I go? Is 70C too hot or is that normal for a GPU? I know they run hot, but what is too hot?

I was also wondering what the PCI Express Bus does. I'm using the NVIDIA nTune overclocking software that came with my motherboard, and when I select "Auto tune for best graphics performance" it cranks the PCI Express Bus all the way up to 3000mhz. So what would be a safe number to put this at? It ranges from 2500-3000mhz. Thanks!

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I think my PNY Geforce 6600GT 128MB AGP is under performing. On Counter-Strike Source with max quality settings I'm only getting 20-70 fps. It varies quite a lot. I've read that other people get 120fps in CS:S on max quality.

If you have a 6600GT could you tell me what your framerate is on CS:S.


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Ok a close friend and I have the same PCs Both of them are the HP Pavilion t hk We bought them from the same shop the same day Fastforward years The ATi s that came with them are a bit lacking so I decided to upgrade my Compy first then if it all Problems with BF2 6600GT and went to plan my friend would upgrade his too In my Compy I Problems with BF2 and 6600GT put mb of DDR Mhz RAM x mb DIMMs in Dual channel upping the total to GB RAM A quot THEMAX quot W PSU A GALAXY GT AGP version All was well Bf ran fine at high everything at x Woo So My friend bought I assembled it mb DDR mHz RAM x mb DIMM An identical quot THEMAX quot Problems with BF2 and 6600GT W PSU A Inno D GT AGP But His BF does not run Nor his GTA Problems with BF2 and 6600GT SA His Rome TW works a treat now but his BF just displays the splash screen goes into full screen mode then crashes to desktop We are both running from Nvidia Help please nbsp

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I have a PNY Geforce GT AGP The last few days have been very hot in the UK and the performance of my graphics card has taken a nose-dive Normally I would get around - fps playing CS S at medium high quality is this normal for a GT or should it be higher the last few days I ve had to put the quality settings right down and I m getting - fps but it has reached as low as fps I would like to overclock my card in the near future and I don 6600GT Better AGP for PNY Cooling t believe the stock cooling is adequate so I m looking for a better cooling solution I ve been looking at the Zalman VF -Cu although I ve read that this cooler can interfere with other parts of the PC as the heatsink protrudes over the side of the card http Better Cooling for PNY 6600GT AGP www zalman co kr product cooler VF GT eng html Have Better Cooling for PNY 6600GT AGP you tried fitting this cooler or any other to a GT Did you get a boost in performance Any other information is appreciated Thanks nbsp
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Hi I ordered an XFX gt from newegg awhile ago and when I got it put it in and booted the computer would start beeping loudly and the bios screens would be scrambled I figured it was a bad card so I RMA ed it and got a new 6600gt XFX beeping one today Well I turned it on and it was still beeping However the screen wasn t scrambled I had assumed that the beeping on the first card had to do with it being defected but now I can tell its obviously something with my system When booted up throughout the startup screens it beeps very loudly over and over I can t tell exactly where the noise XFX 6600gt beeping is coming from but I guess my motherboard Also when I tried running Doom to test it out it worked fine for a few seconds then the fps dipped way down I could tell a bunch of Windows popups were coming up so I minimized and found about of the popups warning that I wasn t getting enough power Now before you leap at me I DO have the psu cord hooked up to the card So I guess the problem is either with my power supply or there is something wrong with the connection from the psu to the card And if this is the problem is that what is causing the beeping noises on startup I have Abit KV Pro motherboard Raidmax power supply Thanks nbsp

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I've been interested in overclocking for some time, but I didn't want to take the risk. But now I have to run some of the newest FPSs at low res just to get a good frame rate. I was wondering if there's a definative guide or Web site out there for overclocking, b/c my key concern is damaging the card, of course. I have a zelman cooler on it now, but even if I could overclock it, I wouldn't know what would be a "dangerous temperature" for it to run at. And surely there's a way to overclock within extremely safe zones--some specific program with such a purpose. I've run 3d Mark 03, though I forgot my score, but is that the best way to tell progress?

Suggestions and hints would be great. Thanks.

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Ok first of all, here were my previous PC specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon 3200 XP
Videocard: ATI Radeon 9800 PRO 256mb
Motherboard: ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
Power supply: 400W

All I can name for now, but here's the thing. My Radeon 9800 broke down on me so I replaced it with a Club 3D GeForce 6600GT 128mb, which in theory was supposed to be on the same level, if not higher, than the Radeon 9800. But to my shock, the performance has been significantly reduced. This is immediatly apparent to me when I started WoW: Wrath of the Lich King. It was already at the title screen, when I noticed the frame rate was a lot slower than the very smooth one I had with my Radeon.

Any ideas?

A:A little problem with my 6600GT

did you get new drivers for said card ? does the 6600gt require a 6pin power plug?
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I fried it!!---and my Psu!!
The mobo is an Asus P4S8X cpu is 2.4 I would buy the same card again--if they made it!!
What current card is compareable ? 500/900 core/mem on 6600gt
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Well, I am saving up for this card, and I wanted to ask first, what brand is the best, and wether to go for PCI-E or AGP? I am a hardcore gamer and that is what my computer is mainly used for.

Gonna go along with :
AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Rosewill RP500 ATX 500W Power Supply
And I haven't found a HDD yet...

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Okay I have a bit of a problem I recently started to upgrade my computer I bought a new case fans and Artifacts GeForce with 6600GT the got a better but used mother board and graphics card Everything was running fine since I was now using an agp card instead of a pci and I was able to play my games on the higher settings and shaders that my previous card couldn t handle I was just using the generic or I would guess it to be power supply that came packaged with my new case I didn t expect much Artifacts with the GeForce 6600GT of it but one day it died on me I was previously using an old sony viao and so I took the power supply from that a tiny Artifacts with the GeForce 6600GT watt PSU and put it in my computer so that I could get online to order new parts The PSU from the viao however was alot shorter and because of it being in a much larger case the cables could not stretch to my disc drives but I was able to get everything else powered up so that I could use anything that was on my computer Everything was working fine too I was even able to get into my games namely Lineage and even with the watt PSU I was still able to play it flawlessly on all the same settings I was previously I ordered a new power supply Thermaltake TR - W and a new heat sink Thermaltake Silent Boost RX K as the old one was pretty loud The new PSU and heat sink lowered my computers temp a good bit too The problem came after installing the new hardware and when I try to play games Lineage Thief and especially Oblivion get these flashing textures usually of green and purple on the screen And they follow the textures of the item in game so that you won t have the artifact crossing from one item in the game into another Another thing is that the textures at least for Lineage only have the artifacts on them if using a certain type of shader I believe it was called hdr or something Even if I keep all my graphics on the highest setting but switch to what is called the glow shader the problem goes away I ve tried making sure the power cable is plugged into my card properly I updated my drivers and I lowered my processor speed because I did have it over-clocked a bit None of this fixed the problem and my computer is not over-heating Plus I don t see how my card could be damaged since it was working fine with a watt power supply Here is my specs Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer NVIDIA System Model AWRDACPI BIOS Award Modular BIOS v PG Processor AMD Athlon tm XP MMX DNow GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c I am not exactly stellar when it comes to computer problems like this so if anymore information is needed just let me know nbsp

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is it worth goin from 6600GT to 6800GS?
I think i can sell the 6600GT for about $170 canadian
the 6800GS is $250 right now

so with taxes and shipping thats about 290$ so id need to stack up about $120 more.. not so bad... but is it worth spending $120 for the 6800GS? or should i keep the 6600GT.. wait ... n wait.. n wait till a super deal comes out? heh..

A:6600GT to 6800GS worth it?

An upgrade from a 6600Gt to a 6800GS would be big.

An upgrade from a 6600GT to a 7800GT would be HUGE.

Prices are dropping and fast. If possible, hold out until you can get a 7800GT. Prices are coming down. Currently you can get one for $400 CDN.
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hi, i was wondering if anybody can suggest a new heatsink/cooler for my 6600gt agp, i got the temps to about 30c for idle, but the temp goes up to about 65 on load (half life 2 maxed out, or doom 3 near max). im only using the stock cooler running at 85 percent from rivatuner on idle and 100% at load, with only 25 mhz added to core and 50(effective)mhz on the memory. does anybody know of a cooler that will fit this card because i need to keep this thing alive for as long as possible, because i dont want to spend too much money anytime soon, and changing one part of my comp will mean a complete replacement of all the parts.


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Hi Im new to the forums an was hoping for some help to solve a serious problem that has occured. My video card has stopped booting, all I recieve when the card is in is a long beep an two short beeps indicating that theres a video problem. I've had the card in only for about a month an a half so I have no idea what could be causing the problem. I've tried flashing my bios to a newer version , dialing down the aperture size, uninstalling an reinstalling drivers, cleaning off the card, cleaning off the AGP slot, and resetting my CMOS back to factory standards and nothing works. So if anybody can provide some help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

A:PNY Verto 6600GT failure

What motherboard do you have?
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so i bought a 6600gt AGP off someon today and i plguged it into my computer. hooked up my crt monitor to it via a dvi adapter. Fans on the card powers up but my monitor never goes active.

I tried switching the dvi plugs on the card and to no luck no picture shows up.
Thinking it was the card i retired putting my 5900 and 9800xt back into my comp to test. They both work fine and my monitor recognizes them.
So thinking it was the card i tried the 6600 gt in my brother's computer (he has a 1.2 ghz Athlon) and it WORKED!

I then proceeded to try it on my friend's house and it also worked.

I have a 2400+ xp whcih is better then both my friend and my brother's computer and yet it doesnt work for me. What gives? I have an MSI KT333 motherboard.

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Hi, I just got the geforce 6600GT AGP and installed it into my pc (Replacing my own geforce 5200) and started the pc up. Upoin logging into my account when I dragged my house white trailed behind it, replacing the desktop picture I have. Then the update driver wizard came up and I clicked on auto update. It then said "Installing new drivers for geforce 6600GT but then crashed completely. Couldn't move the mouse so turned the pc off.

I tried turning the pc back on but nothing would even appear on my monitor anymore. I then replaced the 6600GT back with 5200 to check my pc was still working and it's fine.

However I'm still having trouble with this card. What could it be? I put the molex cord in the 6600GT and I have a dell 4600.

2.8ghz p4 processor
1gb ram
And hopefully this new card (If it will work)


A:[SOLVED] 6600GT troubles

Hi, I just got the geforce 6600GT AGP and installed it into my pc (Replacing my own geforce 5200) and started the pc up. Upoin logging into my account when I dragged my house white trailed behind it, replacing the desktop picture I have. Then the update driver wizard came up and I clicked on auto update. It then said "Installing new drivers for geforce 6600GT but then crashed completely. Couldn't move the mouse so turned the pc off.

I tried turning the pc back on but nothing would even appear on my monitor anymore. I then replaced the 6600GT back with 5200 to check my pc was still working and it's fine.

However I'm still having trouble with this card. What could it be? I put the molex cord in the 6600GT and I have a dell 4600.

2.8ghz p4 processor
1gb ram
And hopefully this new card (If it will work)

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I'm buying a new video card. Currently I have a Sapphire 9600 128MB, but its fried!

So, I'm asking, can someone, please, refer to me, with professional help, which is better:

ASUS N6800XT/TD128, AGPX8, 128MB DDR, 256-Bit (Core/Memory Clock : 300/700 MHz)
ASUS N6600GT/TD128, AGPX8, 128MB DDR3, 128-Bit (Core/Memory Clock : 500/1.0GHz)

My System Stats are the following:

Asus K8N-E Deluxe
AMD Athlon64 3400+
Crucial 1GB DDR, 3200 (400Mhz)
Sapphire 9600 128MB
WD Caviar 80GB
Maxtor 40GB

Thanks Guys!

A:Asus 6600GT (AGP) or 6800XT (AGP)

Tough call here I'd say.

I'd say the 6600GT would be faster at lower screen settings, but if you (like I do) play at 1280x1024 I think the 6800XT would start performing better as it is a 256bit interface.

Then again, the 6600GT is DDR3 and the 6800XT is only DDR1...

I think I'd go 6800XT. Final answer.

p.s., if you have the cash, the 6800GS would be a HUGE upgrade over and above the above mentioned. HUGE.
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I recently bought a new system. Unfortunately, the boost in gaming performance I was expecting is basically non-existent. My 6600GT is being outperformed by my friends 9600XT and completely dominated by my roommates 6800. Its barely giving me any performance over my old 9700pro.

Heres my specs...

AMD 64 3200+
MSI 6600GT 128mb SLi
1 gig of ram
350watt antec PSU

Please help me out. I cant stand the thought of blowing all the money on this computer for nothing.

A:6600GT performance problem

it's understandable that 6800 outperforms your 6600gt. Now the peformance of 6600gt should be much better than the 9600xt (

did you have the latest driver installed? what's your setting of the game? 6600gt has only 128bit memory interface so if the setting is too high, you may notice the slow performance compare to the 256bit card(such as 9700 and 6800)
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Hey there I wondered if anyone had any input on this problem as its starting to annoy me and I can t get any straight answers browsing the internet So to the problem I recently got given a flatscreen monitor as a hand me down from a friend The monitor in question is a Hyundai Imagequest Q Problems began when I got the monitor back to my house and tried using the DVI port The monitor would show the pre-windows information on screen However Gerforce No Output On Dvi My 6600gt as soon as it started windows No Dvi Output On My Gerforce 6600gt the screen would go blank The only way to rectify this was to use the VGA ports Now I know the monitor works fine as my friend has been using it for a long time without problems and utilising the DVI The monitor was given to me because he wanted a bigger one not because it was damaged So my understanding is that the problem is most likely the video card itself or the drivers After looking around on the internet I found a few problems similar to mine and a lot of people were saying that the issue is with the drivers and that the Nvidia Drivers worked Other people mentioned that before they updated the Nvidia drivers their monitors worked So I suppose I want to know is their any validity behind these comments Why would drivers be created that make an important function defunct This seems ridiculous Oh and I have a Geforce GT graphics card if you didn t see it in the post title Any information would be much appreciated as for some reason the VGA doesnt support very high resolutions and some of my games are now unplayable Thankyou in Advance p s Please don t tell me upgrade components as I don t have the cash and this isn t really a good solution

A:No Dvi Output On My Gerforce 6600gt

See if you can get into Safemode. What type was your previous monitor? You might have to adjust the refresh rate and/or resolution
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I am thinking about upgrading my comp within the next few months and i think i want a 6600 GT card because of cost but i dont know if i should get a 128 or 256 version.

I only really play css

If it matters i am looking at a AMD Anthlon 64 3500 and any board with PCI-e and NForce 4.

A:6600GT PCI-e (128mb or pay extra for 256?)

joman2055 said:

I am thinking about upgrading my comp within the next few months and i think i want a 6600 GT card because of cost but i dont know if i should get a 128 or 256 version.

I only really play css

If it matters i am looking at a AMD Anthlon 64 3500 and any board with PCI-e and NForce 4.Click to expand...

save your money and get the 6600GT if all you are doing is playing counterstrike then thats all you need.
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Hi i was just wondering since i'm trying to upgrade this summer to a GeForce 6600GT 128 mb card from my 5500 with 256, if this 6600 would run BF2 smoothly in medium or even high settings.i would be getting the AGP format because i upgraded right as PCI-E came out (oh well). so your help would be great. Thanks!

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Hi, I'm wondering if I should download the drivers for my video card from the manufacturer's website or the forceware from NVidia's website. Which will work the best and why?


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Hey guys Im new here so hi so ive been reading a lot about this gt card and it seems many people are having trouble with it Is this card junk Ive tried a few different drivers now and a few different settings with the vid card all have problems on driver my comp would freeze and during play you would see glitching another driver got rid of the glitching but it still freezes It with card 6600GT vid Problems freezes playing old school games like Half life TFC I upgraded from a fx and honestly it seems like i downgraded the graphics look better but i dont know what to do about the freezing its been freezing with the card at - degrees max so i dont think its over heating my Problems with 6600GT vid card system stats are as follows kt neo Problems with 6600GT vid card mobo gig of mhz ram amd ghz the cpu is running cool as well Does anyone know anything that will fix this problem or should i return the card and get another one If so can anyone recommend a good AGP card for around the same price I paid for the gt Thanks in advance for any advice nbsp

A:Problems with 6600GT vid card

In general, the 6600GT is an excellent entry level card (it DOES matter what company made your 6600GT of course).

I would suspect that the cause of your crashes is not that there is anything wrong with the 6600GT (although that is always a possibility). I would lean more towards thinking you don't have the latest drivers for your card, or for your motherboard chipset, or perhaps need a bios update.

Another possibility could be your power supply. Cheap power supplies cause so many (hard to diagnose) system crashe?. Who made yours? How many watts is it rated at?
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I saw this on Newegg....AGP by the way

$109 evGA 6800xt 128MB DDR 256-bit 8 pixel pipelines


$119 eVGA 6600gt 128MB GDDR3 128 bit 8 pixel pipelines

Which one do you recommend?
The 6800xt is 256 bit but is only DDR
The 6600gt is 128 bit and is GDDR3

What will give better performance?

AMD Athlon 64 3000+
512MB Corsair XMS Pro
WD 60g hard drive
Creative Audigy sound

A:What do you think...eVGA agp 6600gt or 6800xt

I would go for the 6800 since one of the reviews said he unlocked it to 16 pipes?? wowzers, research that and if its true...then take that one
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i have the nvidia mx/mx 400 and i was looking at the 9800 pro but then somone said that the 6600gt was better is this tru?

i also want to run Halflife2 what will run that better?

A:nvidia 6600gt better than the 9800pro?

Depends on which angle you look at it. The 9800 pro is definately more powerful, but not too good on the driver side. Since most companies actually write their games for nvidia chipsets, nvidia's usually fare better overall.
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Hello. I am upgrading my system and I have a old system, by that I mean I have an AGP slot and not a PCI slot of videocard. So I tried to find suitable videocards for me and decided to buy a Geforce 6600 GT.

--I want to know that is there any major difference between 256mb and 128mb version of the card because I could not find a 256mb version of the agp.

--Can I run the AGP 8x card on AGP 4x?

--How long is this card going to work fine, I mean for how long I dont need an upgrade after buying this card?


A:Many questions concerning Geforce 6600Gt

The 6600GT is considered an "entry level" card. It can handle today's newer games at medium settings and get decent framerates.

There is not a big difference between the 256mb and 128mb version. Both perform similarly.

Yes, you can run the 8x card on an AGP4x motherboard.

It all depends on how picky you are, and at how many fps you feel a game becomes unplayable. You'll probably be OK for a year or so if you are OK with turning down the settings of the games. But a year max would be my guess....
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Hey guys fan installing 6600gt on new overclocking for I have recently noticed that my XFX GT MB AGP card has been running hot was idling around C so i decided to get a new fan i baught a zalman v -cu and installed it although the temp has dropped a bit appears to be idling around or so with fresh AC under load at installing new fan on 6600gt for overclocking least around or so i thnk this is still too hot considering its only a GT and its not overclocked my question is this when installing the zalman i noticed that the XFX cards have this thin foam square framing outermost edge of the square around the GPU not the small square that is black with nvidia written on it but the larger one wish i had a digital camera but i dont the reason why im sure about this is because i noticed that the MSI gt does not come with this little foam frame on the GPU and infact i have moved the old stock xfx to the MSI for my moms computer because the stock fan on the MSI has died the MSI is idling around so ya im unsure whether this thing is making a difference and if anyone else has done the same switch v on a GT and asked themself this question nbsp
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Hi all first time post so i really hope someone can help I have been running a single XFX GT for about - weeks fine I decided to purchase another for SLI I followed the manual and read the Nzone instructions which were straight foward and basically said the optins will just appear LOL well there not both cards HELP working reboot please on 2x not 6600GT :( , SLI show in device manager and i have the latest board and card drivers board driver Cards Beta i get to step four on the Nzone instructions and nothing 2x 6600GT SLI HELP please :( , not working on reboot happens i reboot and it does not say SLI enabled step four is where it should detect SLI and enable it i couldnt post a link ANY IDEAS PLEASE its so disapointing isnt it Specs Fresh XP Home install today tried on old aswell 2x 6600GT SLI HELP please :( , not working on reboot AMD Gigabyte GA-K 2x 6600GT SLI HELP please :( , not working on reboot NXP-SLI x Geforce XFX GT g Maxtor h d x matched corsiar THANKYOU ALL p s the card have the bridge and Nvidia task manager isnt coming up with sli option as if only card was present nbsp

A:2x 6600GT SLI HELP please :( , not working on reboot

Tried all available bios's now F1 F4 ad F6 no luck
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Hi guys,

I was wondering if I missed something there.. SpaceCenter Systems are offering an AGP version of the 6600GT? I thought that card was only PCIE yet..

Can I get a confirmation of this?
I was looking for a new Video card.. was currently looking a 9800Pro but if this is real.. at such a low price.. I won't have to think about it for too long.


P.S. If it's really out, is it combatible with my current motherboard? Intel Desktop Board D845EBG2.
Thank you for your feedback

A:GF6 6600GT 128MB AGP: Released?

Yes, the 6600GT is now available on the AGP slot but it is still hard to find in retail. If you can get your hands on one, do so.
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i am currently waiting to purchase the 6600GT graphics card yet i dont know if i will have to buy a new motherboard to accomodate it. my current motherboard a 'AL845GE' (doesnt say who made it ). it has 1 AGP slot and 3 PCI slots. Will i need PCIe slots or will the normal PCI work??


A:6600GT work with my motherboard??

Originally posted by Nick 2k4
Will i need PCIe slotsClick to expand...


Originally posted by Nick 2k4
will the normal PCI work??Click to expand...

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OK this one I seriously Problems With GeForce 6600GT... cant figure out Ever since I reinstalled Windows XP after installing my Problems With GeForce 6600GT... Gigabyte mobo and chipset I ve been having problems with running games under DirectX For some reason if I run a game it will run fine for abou minutes or so and then out of nowhere artifacts will start popping up all over the screen and slow the fps rate waaaay down I ve already checked to see if there are any issues with the motherboard and the card but have found none which would be very strange seeing that it s a nForce chipset I ve also checked to see if it s been overheating but its been cooler in this case than it was in the other case I called PNY for help but just as my luck was they had seemed to close before they we re supposed to close and I can only call before PM if I want to get a hold of a representative which is kinda hard seeing that I have this thing called a life that seems to get in the way of that I checked nVidia s site on the problem and they reported that people have been having the same problem and to download some driver which didnt help at all And checking PNY s website for help is a joke upon itself seeing that there is no way to get a hold of tech support without calling them or sending an RMA in Can anyone help a gamer in need nbsp

A:Problems With GeForce 6600GT...

Are you running DirectX 9.0? If not, I recommend you try it, see:
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I just downloaded nvidia 88.61 x86 for VISTA and when I try to install it it installs normally until the reboot after installation and when computer starts over and comes to desktop the screen is blinking (like it does when it changes resolution) and won't stop. I can see desktop for 2 sec and then it starts flashin/blinking. Only thing I can do is to start in safemode and uninstall nvidia drivers. So now I can't use my Sparkle gforce 6600gt 128 MB to stream video to my tv or anything!
Anyone know what to do?
I got 3,2 Mhz 32 bit p4 processor.
Sparkle gforce 6600 gt 128 mb
1024 mb ram

A:NVIDIA drivers for 6600GT 128 MB

It seems that it love the windows driver. Did you first remove the windows driver or uninstall it? If not try that and then install the nVidia drivers. I installed ATIs drivers for mine and when i restarted it wasn't there. Windows driver was right back at it. I hope that helps.
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I've got a Sparkle 6600GT 128MB AGP which is about 18 months old. Just yesterday I began to get weird color patterns on my screen (see pics below).

(Background should be black)

I tried updating to the latest drivers, no change. Tried it in a different PC, same display artifacts. I've never overclocked it or anything and it has run fine for the 18 months since I brought it. The fan is running fine, and there is barely any dust on the card itself.

Is there anything I can do? Is it toast? I'm pretty sure it's out of warranty (only a 12 month warranty I think) so I've got nothing to lose in order to get it running again.

PC Specs:

Gigabyte K8 Triton
Enermax 350watt P/S
AMD64 3500+
1 Gig of Dual Channel DDR

Many thanks,

A:Sparkle 6600GT issues

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Unfortunately your video card is bad.

You need to get a new video card.

Regards Howard
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I purchased a Y power cable to hook it up, but can I just hook one of the power cables dangling from the PS to the card instead of using the Y cable?

A:Question about 6600GT AGP plugged into the PS

If it fits then yes. You only need a special cable if the power plug is not a standard molex connector. I never use the Y splitter if I don't have to.
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I purchased a Y power cable to hook it up, but can I just hook one of the power cables dangling from the PS to the card instead of using the Y cable?

A:Question about 6600GT AGP plugged into the PS

You sure can and its in fact good practice to have it on its own "rail" without anything else plugged into that line as well if you can, especially if you have a powersupply that just meets the power requirements for the system.
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Hey all, I was looking into upgrading from a BFG 6600GT to a BFG 6800GT, but I got to thinking about it and it would be cheaper to purchase a second 6600. Would I see a comparable increase in performance or what? I've been playing Half Life 2 and Battlefield 2. System specs in the signature. Thanks in advance.

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Well I a this $450. with setup at for Comments? under Look 6600GT... ordered a LE video card for my PCI motherboard and now im starting to regret it I have a p o s emachines If I get some good feedback on the system below I will probably return the crap PCI card and get the stuff below in weeks So all day Look at this setup with a 6600GT... for under $450. Comments? i ve been researching on how I could put together a new Look at this setup with a 6600GT... for under $450. Comments? computer for under I ll be using the GB HDD and DVD CD-ROM Drive from my eMachines with it Here it is CPU AMD Athlon XP - Before you call me crazy i ve read by many people that this thing overclocks to a REALLY good Only and if it isnt fast enough I can always upgrade later on Price Motherboard ASRock VIA KT Chipset for AMD Socket A - Researched this thing and it has all of the features I need Though I am a little confused by how the AGP slots work Price Graphics Card nVidia GeForce GT MB DDR AGP X - This is all I need Price Memory pqi -Pin MB PC- amp Rosewill -Pin MB PC- - The mother I chose supports up to GB so I can easily upgrade in the future MB should be great for me now Price Case CODEGEN ATX Mid-Tower Case - Looks great and has A W power supply I ll have to upgrade that in the future but other than that its exactly what I want Price For under I have a feeling this is what I need My Windows XP will be purchased from Amazon com with a gift certificate Can you guys tell me if its worth it to get Windows XP Pro or just stick with the home edition Thanks ANY feedback would be appreciated Remember this has to stay under fuze nbsp

A:Look at this setup with a 6600GT... for under $450. Comments?

Do not go with the asrock board it is crap. You should go with a Asus, Biostar, or Gigabyte. This one would be good for but it costs a littile more $66 usAsus M/B But if you want to go cheaper this one would do fine to for $52 USGigabyte M/B But it is all your chose. :hotouch:
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I recently bought a new Hard Drive because my old one died on me, but I still have two GeForce 6600GT's that were running SLI, but I have a feeling that the SLI is now disabled. I just downloaded the new Nvidia drivers, and in the control menu, there is no SLI menu. Also, I downloaded nHanced, and it said that if there is SLI enabled, there would be a tab for it, but there isn't for me. Is there any way to remedy this?

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hey folks, just got a new graphics card, this one here:

just had a look at its temps in game and they are in the low 70's. Seems to be in the 60's on the desktop. Just wanted to know is that safe? i know i definately wouldnt like to have my cpu runnin that hot tho. any advice greatly appreciated!



p.s cards great tho!

A:Gigabyte 6600GT temperature

I had a 6800 Gt and it ran pretty warm,but not quite that warm.If you are sure those temps are accurate might look into some more case fans or something.Dont think mine ever reached 70's when gaming but would get in upper 60's. Since upgraded to 7800 Gt temps much lower,that was one reason I upgraded.Card always worked fine though even though seemed hot to me.
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could someone please recommend a good micro atx power supply that can handle a 6600gt. i can't seem to find any.

A:power supply for a 6600gt

Maybe this can help
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I have a PCI-X Galaxy 6600GT.
I have had it for a few months and it has been working fine, until recently.
When I'm not playing games, it runs perfectly, but as soon as I run one, the game displays like shown in the farcry screens attached.
It's the same for all 3D games.
It appears to be a hardware problem as I have tried reinstalling drivers and reinstalling windows.

I would be greatful if anyone can tell me what the problem could be.
Thank you

A:Problems with Galaxy 6600GT

Looks like the card has bad memory. It should still be under warranty.
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ok st i need to know which card to get but both are GT http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E http www newegg com Product Product asp Item N E i hear that there are problems with other brands so i narrowed them down to these two problem 6600gt more or theres to but 6800GT the which i think would be the best nd this is my mobo i have a psu ghz cpu gig hdd mem im gona upgrade it but i need to know will i have any problems with my mobo the specs are below if so should i get a new board that would suck bcuz then i would get a gt anyway thanks for any replies i might get Processor One Socket 6600gt or 6800GT but theres more to the problem supports the Intel Pentium processor with Hyper Threading Technology ready support MHz FSB Memory Two DDR -pin V DIMM Sockets DDR Maximum GB Chipset HT Northbridge and HT Southbridge Chipset Supports six USB ports Supports four -bits PCI slots of arbitration and decoding for all integrated functions and LPC bus Audio C-Media CMI AC Codec 6600gt or 6800GT but theres more to the problem Channel x AGP Support LAN Realtek BaseT LAN onboard System BIOS AMI Mb Firmware Hub Supports Plug and Play A APM Multi Boot DMI Support ACPI revision specification Modem Optional K V CNR Modem Expansion Slots PCI slots AGP slot x CNR slot I O Interface Back Panel I O Ports PS keyboard and mouse connectors Four USB Ports and a LAN connector One EPP ECP mode parallel port One high-speed serial I O port Audio ports Mic Audio-in Audio-out Onboard ports headers and others Two IDE connectors supports four IDE devices Ultra DMA One FDD connector supports K M Byte Mode FDDs or LS P ATX Power Supply Connector -Pin V power connector require USB Card Reader Connector share one USB port from back panel IrDA header Internal PC speaker header CD ROM DVD Audio Input header Extra USB onboard header HDD LED Reset Switch Suspend LED Power Switch headers CPU and System Fan headers Special Features Supports Wake on LAN Wake on Modem Wake on Alarm Interrupt Wake-Up from Keyboard Mouse Form Factor amp Layers ATX mm mm nbsp

A:6600gt or 6800GT but theres more to the problem

definetely get the one made by evga, my brother had a evga geforce4 ti4200 and it lasted him for 4 years then he sold it to his friend and it still works great. very reliable. your mobo shouldnt have any problems with this card because the mobo supports agp and the card is an agp. you probably wouldnt have to upgrade your power supply but 350 is like the minimum you need, i would suggest that be your next upgrade after getting more ram.get a good 500 watt or so power supply by thermaltek, they make great stuff.
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i dont know if its me but when i run doom 3 with 1024x768 (high)
exactly the same settings as the ones used on the hardocp benchmarks

evertime i open doors it kind of glitches on me and then all the fans run a little faster, the door opens and the fans slow down again

is it because im running 512mb ddr on a dual-channel motehrboard?

A:BFG 6600gt and Memory problem

what doors? what fans? i wasn't quitew clear on what you were trying to say.

is it because im running 512mb ddr on a dual-channel motehrboard?Click to expand...

it shouldn't cause any problems, provided the moedules themselves are compatible and work with the board and each other.
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Hey guys, just built a brand new system and Im running into some unusual error, a BSOD.

I cant seem to effectively replicate it, but every once in a while, usually after a couple hours of playing Guild Wars, it gives me a blue screen of death with the error linking back to nv_40.dll.

AMD 64 3000 Venis Core
1gb corsair ram
Leadtek 6600gt
Windows XP Service pack 2
Latest drivers


A:Blue Screen with 6600gt

Sounds like a video driver conflict or corrupt driver. try uninstalling the video drivers and then reinstall them. If that doesnt work try an older version of the Forcware driver. Did you install the motherboard drivers after you built the computer?
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Hello all,

I'm thinking of getting a GeForce 6600GT, PCI or AGP, not sure. I have an AOpen AX4PE Max motherboard. The manual says it has a 4X AGP slot, yet the card supports AGP 8X. Does that mean it won't work on this motherboard? The PCI, then, would be my other option. But, what does "PCI Express" mean: Would it still work on a regular PCI slot? Help me decide which to get!

A:GeForce 6600GT vs my motherboard

The 6600gt doesn't come in pci. It comes in pci-express(pci-e, not pci-X) and agp. Pci-e requires new motherboards that support it. It cannot be used with pci. An agp 8x 6600gt may work. If the card is agp 4x/8x(many are) it should work, but if it's only agp 8x, then it might not.
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What one do you think I should get?

They both have the same pixel pipelines but the Geforce has a higher clock speed for core and ram.

Anyone heard anything bad about either?

Relevancy 39.56%

I've had my 6600GT in for a while now. I don't game much. I just now realized that any newer game I try to play results in my computer crashing almost immediately. older games play fine.

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers. no luck. I also did a google search- someone with the same problem said older drivers worked. tried those. no luck.

what next?

Relevancy 39.56%

Just purchased and installed an eVGA GeForce 6600GT. The only game I had at the time was Tomb Raider, so, figuring that it was a lower spectrum game, I set all graphics to highest to test my new toy. Game would not load. I got 9 mobo beeps, three sets of three rapidly.

Hve AMI BIOS, aperture set at 128. System is adequate, w/ 500W PSU, P4 640 3.2GHz HT, 2GB RAM (matched, default timing). Have since purchased Civilizations IV, and Half-Life series, but would like to know what I'm doing wrong before going further.

Heelp? :suspiciou

A:Problem: 6600GT or BIOS? Neither?

Check the beeps in your manual - somethings not right.
I would also set everything to default by clearing the CMOS and see what happens.
Then set your BIOS to what they were before going high graphics.
Do you have the latest drivers?
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Hey all I'm having a bit of an issue I have a xerox lcd which allows both vga and dvi inputs a GT with latest windows update drivers loaded and windows RC Now when I use a DVI cable only the computer will boot DVI 6600GT Nvidia issue with up perfectly and the screen will show the windows loading symbol but as soon as it fades and the desktop should pop up I get a quot no signal quot message and the monitor shuts off After much searching I had the idea to plug in a dvi to vga converter to my card which makes everything work fine The card has DVI ports and I've tried both with the same results No signal output through DVI but works when I plug in the DVI to VGA adapter in-line DVI issue with Nvidia 6600GT I would still like to actually use my DVI for what it is so does anyone have any ideas as to DVI issue with Nvidia 6600GT how I can remedy this situation Thanks for the help

A:DVI issue with Nvidia 6600GT

Download and install the latest beta driver which works great here on my 6200A-LE.

64 bit = GeForce ForceWare 186.08 Vista and 7 64-bit download from

32 bit = GeForce ForceWare 186.08 Vista and 7 32-bit download from

Other than that, check your refresh rate so that it is compatible with the monitor.
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Okay i ve just gone out and bought myself a new conroe system and this is what is happening I had AN -SLI gPc GT I have now E GA- P-S gPc GT same card I m not getting graphics corruption corruption graphics 6600GT :'( when loading the card up with anything D the stock clockspeeds are but on my original AGP card they were When i clock the ram back down to mhz the corruption seems to go away but on my Athlon rig i don t get any artifacts at all 6600GT graphics corruption :'( Would installing Ram heatsinks fix the problem I have bought someone the xVF -CU so they have Ram heatsinks left over that i could use I have a mm fan in the rear of the case exhausting air and one mm fan bringing air into the front Air flow doesn t seem to be interupted at all as i ve cable tied everything out of the way I have a thermaltake w Truepower supply Does not having all of the pins connected make a difference my old one only needed but this one requires more Thanks in advance for any help nbsp

A:6600GT graphics corruption :'(

Try a different driver for the card as this may be the problem

Did you plug in the power wire ino the card , only some cards reqire this
Also your PSU is a little low for your system,, maybe concider getting atlest a 480watt from a good company like Antec, Forton or Pc power and cooling
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What would be the most stable driver for a 6600GT gfx card? I have the latest forceware drivers but my PC keeps locking up (usually when scrolling through web pages!) so I thought it might be the driver.

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.
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AMD Athlon64 3200 Socket 939
BioStar 'GeForce 6100-M9' Mobo
nVIDIA GeForce 6600GT PCI-Express

Whenever I play any game (WoW, Civ4, etc) The card/computer will reboot randomly, sometimes after a few minutes, sometimes a few hours. I believe it's the card, as Civ4 runs fine on the mobo's integrated card. I have already replaced the 6600GT with a brand-new one, but no dice.

Any suggestions?

it is properly seated
the drivers are up-to-date
It is on the compatibility list of the games

A:GeForce 6600GT PCI-E Problem

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

A couple of things for your to check.

1 Overheating. Check your temps.

2 Underpowered psu.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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Hey everyone I m working on my years old s computer an issue 6600GT Nvidia old dell with a nvidia gt installed The card worked fine under Nvidia 6600GT issue xp and vista and Nvidia 6600GT issue for the most part still works in win The problem is that when the computer is running a game ie Flatout after a few minutes of normal play the computer monitor will turn off I looked at the pc and it is still on I unplugged the monitor from the vga and used a converter to plug it into the dvi and tried again The monitor again shut off in the middle of gameplay only in dvi it turned back on and the computer was restarting I am not sure if it was restarting when it was plugged into the vga because the computer monitor stayed off until I turned the power off I used both the windows version of the driver and I Nvidia 6600GT issue used the nvidia websites version of the driver I even reinstalled windows and the same problem persists It appears to crash only on graphic intensive games as it does not crash when she was playing plants v zombies Anything I can do to fix this Thanks Chris

A:Nvidia 6600GT issue

What drivers are you using?

Whether the latest ones would help, I can only guess.

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hello i am new here and i have one question.
i bought call of duty modern warfare 2 but i noticed that my computer will not work with it. two things; graphics and processor.
i use intel 82915g/gv/910gl express chipset family. i need geforce 6600gt ( and btw is it okay if i download this driver? ( i found a lot of download massages ) )
will downloading geforce 6600gt be okay with my motherborad or do i have to buy geforce 6600gt. ( how much is it? ).or do i have to replace my motherboard and buy a new one?
the second question is, if processor would affect my gaming. i found out that my processor is worse then the requirements, and i would like to know if it would stop the game from running. thank you!

A:Geforce 6600GT vs. my motherboard

What are your computers full specs... It would be a silly thing to change your motherboard just to play a game. It depends on what your motherboard model is, before you can choose a video card over the on-board video...
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How much RAM will my computer have minimum for this chipset to run properly?

Will it be able to handle recent games e.g BF2, Oblivion etc?

Which slot will it run best in, PCI or AGP? *

* Not PCI-E, just PCI


A:nVidia 6600GT - Questions

The 6600GT is a good card. The card should run with 256MB or even less, but you really want at least 512 or preferably 1GB.

Regarding the games you listed, it should be able to run them pretty good, given that you have a good CPU, enough RAM, etc.

I wouldn“t use a 6600GT card with a P4 1.8GHZ for example.

The 6600GT is only on AGP or PCI-E I think. There isn“t too much difference between the two. Just that PCI-E is newer and faster technology.

Please post some system specs so we can help you a little more.

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Howdy folks, got a bit of a problem. I recently installed a new motherboard/ processor (AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200 and a nvidia Neo2 Platinum mobo) but the problem is my graphics card.

I did a clean install of XP and it starts up with basic drivers. I've installed the new mobo drivers but whenever I try the latest nvidia drivers the screen turns off and I have to restart. On reboot it does the same and the monitor says 'no input signal'.
The card is an Inno3D geforce 6600gt.

Any ideas?

A:Geforce 6600GT won't install

Try using MS update for the drivers, get the latest stable release. Which is like 88.98 or something.
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There is a nice 6600GT i have seen for £150, but then to go up to a 6800GT its £250. Is the differnce worth the cash? Does it matter what make of 6600/6800 i get?



A:6600GT vs. 6800GT, big differnce?!?

go with the 6600gt
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I recently had problems with my 6600 GT. Still under warranty the
supplier replaced it with the 7300. Since then I have had constant
difficulties and hardware conflicts. my system:

AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3700+, 2.2 Gigahertz with 1 GB of Ram. Windows
XP service pack2.

Is there any known problems with compatibility regarding my system and
the Nvidia geforce 7300 GT??

Example of problems:

Despite loading loads of codecs I cant run a single video file that
used to work fine when I had the 6600 GT (prior to its unknown fault
of course).
Another example: I have difficulty changing screen settings etc..

If anyone could be of assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

I would also like to know which is the better card and why (in
laymen's terms preferably), I have a suspicion my pc company is taking
advantage of my ignorance.

Thank you very much for your time reading this.

A:Nvida 6600GT vs 7300 GT

I can't tell you what is causing the problems... but I can tell you that depending on whether the 7300GT is GDDR2 or GDDR3 makes a lot of difference on the matter of being better than a 6600GT. If it is GDDR2, the 6600GT is better, but if it is GDDR3, it destroys the 6600GT. To find out, download ATItool and run it. Tell us what the memory clock is listed as but DO NOT CHANGE IT.

Also, a possible solution to the problems, update your video drivers to 93.71. If they are on 93.71 now, roll back to an older release.
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Hello recently i upgraded from my old geforce ti to a geforce gt For some Slow 6600gt with performance reason Most games especially UT perform worse then what they did with my ti and sometimes they Slow performance with 6600gt even ran better on my old pentium and gf mx I am also having problems installing stuff like COD Demo and NFS Pro Street Demo Everytime i try and run the installer it extracts most of the files but then says that one of the files is corrupt and the installation fails Ive tried downloading the demos from numerous sites with no success They extracted fine with my ti i couldnt actually play the games with the ti obviously Im Slow performance with 6600gt wondering if the problem is with my power supply It is a Thermaltake XP- watt I read somewhere that this power supply isnt actually a Apparently its a watt that just says watt Could this be a problem with my power supply Or would it be something else Ive tried different video drivers and chipset drivers with no success My System Specs Just incase you need to know Motherboard Asus P S SiS Chipset Ram MB PC SDRAM CPU Intel Pentium Northwood Ghz Overclocked to Ghz Power Supply Thermaltake XP- watt Video Card Sparkle Nvidia GeForce GT AGP MB Hard Drive GB IDE Upgrading to a GB soon Case NZXT Alpha with side window Also I ran dmark on the system and i only got marks Shouldnt i be getting close to k My system has also locked up a few times Any help would be much appreciated Thanks Nissanman nbsp

A:Slow performance with 6600gt

Try reverting back to the CPU's nominal speeds and see how the performance changes
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the 6600gt agp. the worlds most difficult card to find a decent cooler for. but there is a solution: a cpu heatsink. just drill 2 3mm holes in the bottom of a heatsink (after marking the distance/position of the holes) and use the plastic pins/clips to hold the new heatsink on to the card. simple. as a plus, if the heatsink is big enough, and you have an exhaust fan in the area, you dont need to put a fan on it. here is mine:
here is the exhaust fan and the 'wall' in my case:

and here is the heatsink itself:

the heatsink that you see is from the cpu of a release 360 that received the 3rrod.
and yes, i know that my cable management is terrible lol

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First post here So hello Hope you guys can help me out I bought an XFX GT the other day mb PCI-E x DDR I put it in loaded my boot to PCI-E Everything seems okay I install the drivers that came with the disk and restart I think quot Okay ill see how it runs quot So I open WoW Within minutes of to 6600GT. close Pretty it. XFX Hell? opening the game it crashes and my computer locks up I restart and I see some strange characters at boot alot of these Load up windows and the colors seem strange I XFX 6600GT. Hell? Pretty close to it. downloaded the latest drivers and see what happens with WoW again Crash and same strange characters artifacts on boot This time though when windows finishes XFX 6600GT. Hell? Pretty close to it. loading my screen goes black and gives me quot No Signal XFX 6600GT. Hell? Pretty close to it. quot And thats that I cant seem to get it to load windows without myself getting a No Signal error The computer seems to keep loading but the card s fan turns off and theres no video Any help on this would be greatly appreciated My computer specs ASUS m npv-vm motherboard W PSU gig ddr RAM Sempron GHZ and of course XFX GT mb DDR PCIEx And yes I have tried Underclocking the card Checking temperature of the card When the fan is on it doesnt seem to go any higher than degrees Thanks guys nbsp

A:XFX 6600GT. Hell? Pretty close to it.

It could be either your psu or drivers or both.
The card requires about as much power as a 7900GT (48w idle)
psu-enough power and does card require connection to the psu?
drivers-which are you using?
info on card:
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Hi guys, i got this GPU mentioned in the title and till now everything was just great, but yesterday, he stated to get realy hot, 90-100c after 15-20 minutes in guild wars (RPG), ad it got higher and highet till i quit the game, then it stabilized on 70c ....what can i do? it never got so hot, not over the 75c even while playing doom3...
I've read that the "thermal pad" may not sit good enough, and my question is, what is the thermal pad? ad how can i check if it realy moved?

* This card got no fan, only huge pipes on both sides

This is my computer:

ABIT NF7-S2G mobo
AMD Athlon XP 2700+
256DDR *2 (dual channel)

I realy need help with this one.

A:Gigabyte's GV-N66T128VP (GForce 6600GT) - way too hot

6800 gt

Is this an out of the box over clocked ver?

I have a BFG 6800 gt oc that comes with copper sink and dual fans.
plus I run a slot fan on top side.
I would get some form of fan going on it! :hotbounce
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Ok got a brand new eVGA mb GeForce GT card from Newegg yesterday I stayed up until AM working with Think GeForce issue me....eVGA 6600GT on this thing and could not get it to work What happens I ve Think with me....eVGA GeForce 6600GT issue got the latest drivers from nVidia installed I take out my existing LE plug in the GT making sure to plug in a power dongle to the card as is recommended When I fire up my computer the video will have severe issues the BIOS boot text shows up skewed some of the letters are randomly replaced by numbers and gray streaks XP will Think with me....eVGA GeForce 6600GT issue start to boot but there will be vertical blue lines on the black loading screen As soon as it boots into windows boom BSoD I ve tried this on different systems System Biostar M VIP mobo VIA KT chipset gig Kingston DDR AMD Athlon XP Thorougbred stock speeds gig Maxtor IDE HD RPM w PSU w PSU swapped in Windows XP Pro w SP System Biostar M NCD-Ultra mobo Nvidia nForce chipset mb OCZ DDR AMD Athlon XP Barton stock speeds x gig Seagate IDE HD s w PSU w PSU swapped in Windows XP Pro w SP I ve been beating myself up trying to figure out what s going on I tried switching the PSU s between the systems with no luck so I assume it s not either of my PSU s The error is the same on both machines the same BSoD This is the card http www newegg com product product asp item N E Am I missing something simple Help me out if you can nbsp

A:Think with me....eVGA GeForce 6600GT issue

Maybe you got a dud card?