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Laptop screen cracked, unsure about replacement

Q: Laptop screen cracked, unsure about replacement

Hi Laptop screen is badly cracked needs replacement Original laptop is a Compaq Presario CQ with a CCFl screen n b -l rev c This is with a pin connection and the pink white backlight cable I already have an LED Screen from a dead laptop LP WH TL N This is with a pin connection and no other external cables As it stands right now I have the cable going from inside the laptop proper splitting in one fork going screen cracked, unsure about replacement Laptop into the left side of the inverter and the Laptop screen cracked, unsure about replacement other turning into a flat cable and going into the screen as a pin connection There is also the pink white backlight cable going into the right side of the inverter I m wondering there is any way to use the LED screen using a pin to pin converter Laptop screen cracked, unsure about replacement or possibly to purchase a pin cable outright and ignoring the inverter competely or something along those lines I simply haven t been able to figure out to what level the laptop is built around using that specific screen Thanks in advance nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Laptop screen cracked, unsure about replacement

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi everyone I have an HP laptop Product name HP ENVY x m Convertible Product number M V UAR ABA The Problem I cracked the screen in the top right There is a web up there now just outside the actual workspace in the half inch or so black border A few cracks extend out into the screen one loops off to the right and the other goes all the way down the center The screen still works great and aside from the cosmetic crack nothing else seems to be wrong The crack is very thin and looking straight at the screen it Touchscreen Screen HP Replacement? - Laptop Cracked is almost invisible It HP Touchscreen Laptop Screen Cracked - Replacement? is much more pronounced when you view the screen from an angle The touchscreen started acting up a little but I am not the biggest fan of a touchscreen on a laptop so I disabled it and I am really quite fine with it The problem is the cosmetic crack I know I can use it for as long as it lasts and does not spread too much since the screen works great However over time this will deteriorate spread and eventually become a problem Solutions The laptop was refurbished so no warranty I am also told that accidental damage is not covered in a warranty so I am not sure what good that would have done any way I did take it to two computer repair shops and I was told that this model is fairly new and they do not have access to replacement screens They said they would get in touch with me if they found anything I also tried the website ScreenTek which sells replacement screens However they do not have the m series listed at all I tried contacting their customer support but to no avail They have yet to respond to my email a week later Help I would like to replace the screen sooner than later I don t care if the touchscreen works or not If it does great if not it is not a loss to me I am hoping you can point me in the right direction Are there other websites resources that would sell replacement screens Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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I bought my laptop at bestbuy in 2014, the screen cracked. apparently the LCD still operational. the crack is expnading day to day and makes uncomphortable to use.  I am looking for a replacement. Where can I order from? Best regardsCarlos Moamba

A:screen cracked, need replacement

Hi, Please bookmark the following if you wish for future references:     You can buy from there or use part number to buy elsewhere such as Amazon:   (No available now - sorry. You can try other online shops). Regards.
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I bought this notebook two months ago and the screen is now cracked and I cant see to use it. I need to know what and how to find a replacement screen for it. Any help would be great! TY

A:Cracked screen searching for a replacement

Kris68 wrote:I bought this notebook two months ago and the screen is now cracked and I cant see to use it. I need to know what and how to find a replacement screen for it. Any help would be great! TYThe HP part number for the replacement screen (15.6 INCH LCD RAW PANEL LED BV HD FLAT) is 809371-001. You can see the parts for the HP Pavilion 15-ab153nr here: I don't know if it's orderable at the link above but it'd probably be cheapest to search for that part number on Amazon/eBay/etc.
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I am in need of getting a replacement display for my hp 19 2114 all in one desktop. I bought this desktop to go with my other one to hook up a for a wide screen. My orginal hp 19 2114 works awesome and is really fast. I upgraded the RAM to 16GB and it has no lags or hang ups at all. I want to replace this lcd display screen to do the same thing with it and using it as a wide screen panoramic view. Can anyone help me in finding one maybe? Thanks, ScottyLut
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I'm usually a pretty careful person but in my one rare clumsy moment, I managed to drop my Yoga 900 on the floor from maybe a height of less than a metre.  The screen is cracked starting from the top right hand corner and has a hairline fracture all the way to the bottom left corner. It still works, as in I can still see things on the screen, but I keep getting jumpy cursors and whatnot (expected of a cracked touch-enabled screen). So my question is: What am I suppose to do? I've called Lenovo Support and I've chatted with an Encompass technician, and although they were very nice, it didn't help because there doesn't seem to be a replacement screen available for purchase/repairs. I've only had this laptop for 5 months and it seems ludicrous to buy a new one already...... Edit: This is for the Yoga 900-13ISK.

A:Yoga 900-13ISK cracked screen replacement

[email protected] Could you please indicate the exact model so they can help with the replacement part example: Yoga 900-13ISK for BIZ (IdeaPad), possibly what the technical service that being a fallen accidentally enters his not guarantee, but parts replacement if there. Regards.

Click on the star to say thanks.Please mark if it solves your problem.No work for LENOVO I volunteer.
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Recently, i dropped my laptop and cracked the LCD screen. The screen is now shattered into 4 parts. The left topmost part is currently working. however, none of the other parts are currently working. i was wondering if anybody out there could help me fix the screen. any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Cracked Laptop LCD Screen

Hi tetnaux
Lcd screens cannot be repaired. You will have to buy a new screen. Sorry.
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I have bought my laptop from India. My Laptop's screen got crack while I am in USA. Can I get it repaired in warranty scheme in USA?

A:Laptop screen cracked

The international aspect is not really the issue. Warranty does not cover accidental physical damage in any country. You say it "got cracked"? How? The only way that would be covered is if you purchased accidental damage insurance.
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My laptop (the one in my specs) screen is cracked which has basically made he computer unusable. I don want to replace the whole computer because of the prise.

I rang up Asus and they said that will set me back $450. That seemed bit too much so i checked on the net and found some sites (screentekinc and LCDsforless) that sell laptop screens much cheaper then Asus. But you have to install the screen yourself and i have never heard of these websites before so they could all be scams.
Anyone have any ideas?


A:Laptop Screen cracked ? What to do?

Laptop LCD Removal Instructions
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There is a crack in the glass on my laptops screen. HP DV7 1020 US 17" LCD WXGA @ 1440x900.

If this site doesn't work can someone direct me to a service that can help replace the glass/whole screen?

A:Laptop screen cracked

Any laptop repair shop will do

Note: I needed to remove the shop website you quoted, this can be regarded as spam posting - sorry.
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I stepped on my laptop and cracked my screen. I have it running thru an older monitor, only thing is that I have to run in safe mode with networking. I have heard there's a way to disable the laptop screen from booting up and then I can run normal mode again. Is this possible?

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I cracked my Stream 11's screen (well, my 3 year old threw a Lego at it!) but the blacklight worked fine and I used an external monitor until the replacement LCD screen arrived. I replaced the screen and switched the laptop!  External monitor still yields a display, so it's not the GPU.  Then when plugging in the OLD screen (cracked but had still lit up), that now fails to turn on!  I was very careful in replacing the screen, yes the connector is snapped properly in place and there is no damage from the install. What's going on?  Not much having shelled out 40 for a replacement LED for now no screens to work at all!
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I opened my laptop this morning to find a cracked screen (bottom right ). Cracked screens have been an issue for many people with HP spectre 360. Need this to be resolved, and as I did not to anything to cause this, I beleive I should not have to pay for this. I welcome feedback about actions to be taken to resolve this problem.
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I have a relatively new Panasonic CFW2 laptop that somehow got a tiny crack in the 12.1" screen.

It is an ltd121ea3p and first choice was Ebay. None listed.

Anyone here have a reliable, reasonable vendor you support?

Also, how does one find a "generic equivalent" if there is such a thing?

Thanks in Advance.

A:Cracked Laptop Screen-Used LCD questions...Help!

Try here:

Here's the whole bunch from Google:
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Hope I'm in the right category...
I dropped my laptop last night, it literally flung from my hands and bounced down the hallway, and landed on the screen's side
I didn't check it right away cus I was on my way to bed and didn't want to go to bed angry... but this morning I plugged it in and "Voila!" a cracked screen!!
It's an older model laptop (Dell Inspiron 1000) so I was already thinking of buying a newer one, but I have all my work in this one, therefore I still need to get it out of there. Is replacing the screen my only option? Yes, huh? It powered on, it started up (cus I could hear the little Windows startup chime and everything... I even heard the little "plup" when Skype starts... but I can't see anyting! Any suggestions???
[ I am "so" in shock still... ]

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I stood on my laptop the other day <doh!> and I have cracked my screen - its an Fujitsu Amilo Li1705 laptop (15.4"), does anyone ave any idea how much this will cost to repair or if I would be better buying a new laptop

A:Cracked Screen - Fujitsu Laptop

If it's a newer model, it will probably cost at least a few hundred to replace the screen.
Cheaper option may be to check eBay for the same model that is being sold for parts.
Then either replace the screen yourself or take it to a local repair shop.
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The LCD screen on my son's less than a year old Compaq Presario laptop (model number ZY222UA) is cracked and HP is not covering it under the warranty. Could some one please tell me where I could get a least expensive replacement. I am laid-off and my son needs it for his college in August.

A:Compaq Presario Laptop cracked screen

Found this one... CQ60-206US&brand=HP-Compaq&size=

BTW - your actual model is a CQ60-206US - that other number is HP/Compaq's catalog number for this beastie.

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my laptop ink poured on one part of the screen Spoiler (Highlight to read)  

A:my laptop screen got cracked by my earpiece and the ink pour...

A laptop screen can be replaced but it will not be covered by the Standard Repair Warranty since it's an accidental damage. Moreover if the computer is quite old more than 4-5 years then i guess even HP will not be able to repair it even if you pay for it, since it will be considered an obsolete system. Then the only option would be to get it fixed at a local computer store. LCD screens can be ordered online from 3rd party websites.
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I changed the maximum memory in my msconfig menu and now my laptop won't connect to my TV anymore and my laptop screen is cracked

A:my screen is cracked and my laptop wont show up on my tv anymore

Sounds like you're having a bad day.
Can you tell us the make and model of your machine, along with a detailed history of what happened on this fateful day?
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My fathers laptop screen seems to have gotten a crack at what be used area screen; monitor should define of want Cracked to laptop the bottom It doesn t affect the rest of his screen and he needs to work over Christmas before returning home where he ll get a replacement As a temporary solution I ve moved the trask bar to the top of the screen and reduced the resolution It has helped a bit so the computer is at least usable However he s Cracked laptop screen; want to define what area of monitor should be used going to be making a newsletter for his company over the christmas which he needs the entire screen for he says I was wondering anyone knew of any applications that would allow him to define what area of the monitor is used to render the screen like an app that basically fools windows into thinking that the monitor only goes from point x to point y in height I tried googling a bit but searching for quot adjust screen area quot is so broad it s hard to find anything even remotely useful nbsp

A:Cracked laptop screen; want to define what area of monitor should be used
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I have the laptop less then a month. Bought in Best Buy but they are making a hard time on exchanging the laptop as its a hardware issue. I'm located in Israel and bought in my recent trip to US. Can someone from HP assist? Thank you!
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The left hinge casing on my laptop came off and was lost, and the black, plastic case for the screen is cracked and seperates from the screen when closing and opening the laptop. If there is a fix, I need it to be done quickly (I will pay for expedited shipping). I'm not sure if I have a warrantee on the laptop, it was a gift. The laptop is an envy m6. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Cracked screen case and broken hinge on HP envy m6 laptop

Hi @Amonsta5  I just sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your forum messages,  this post has instructions.
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COOLER MASTER Hyper Plus RR-B - P-G amp Heatpipe Direct Contact amp Long Life Sleeve mm CPU Cooler Compatible with Intel amp amp and AMD FM amp FM Replacement? COOLER Cracked MASTER fan. amp AM amp - Newegg com COOLER MASTER Hyper Plus RR-B - P-G quot Heatpipe Direct Contact quot Long Life Sleeve mm CPU Cooler Compatible with Intel and AMD FM FM AM Last night i was putting together a new rig and accidentally cracked the mm CPU fan attached to my heatsink After searching on newegg for a fan replacement not an COOLER MASTER Cracked fan. Replacement? entire heatsink fan combo I found myself unable to locate a mm fan that is meant for CPU ONLY Can someone help me find a mm CPU fan that definitely has the clamps that attached to a heatsink I don't want to waste on something that I'm just going to have COOLER MASTER Cracked fan. Replacement? to RMA I had a bad mobo and had to RMA it and I don't want newegg getting upset with me Thanks guys Bryan

A:COOLER MASTER Cracked fan. Replacement?

Look at this one:
EVERCOOL F-EC12025H12BP 120x120x25mm High Speed Double Ball Bearing Fan - Retail -

See if the specs. are similar to the cracked one you have.
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Can I use a different Asus model LCD screen or do I have to get
replace with the same model?

And could someone kindly tell me where I could source a second hand one

A:Replacement LCD Laptop screen

Usually,you would need to stay with the same type.
Would be helpful if you had a part number,as I believe
asus laptop parts are made by someone else.
I have seen a lot of LCD screens on Ebay.
Might do a search there for your models screen.
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Hi, I'm trying to replace a busted lcd screen for a Compaq Presario CQ60. It seems there are more than one possiblities for this part. Could someone point me in the right direction? Here are the specs I have so far.

Compaq Presario CQ60
s/n 4CB927HKVW

15.6 "
Model No. B156XW02 V.0

Connector bottom right
No webcam


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Toshiba Satellite Laptop
17" WXGA+ TruBrite 1440x900 R (Glossy)
SP Media Center Edition Ver. 2002
XP Pro Service Pack 3
Intel T1300 @ 1.66 GHZ
0.99 GB Memory

Vertical mulitcolored lines across the screen. Hooked it up to my screen, no lines...researched it...there is a problem with these screens and warranty will replace for free, but warranty is expired. Question is..

Is it a problem with the screen itself or the inverter? Or do i replace both possibly?

How do you know whether or not its your inverter or the screen itself...

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I recently built myself an intel sp-15 uma barebone laptop which all went very well and I recommend it for anyone who has had experience building desktops. The problem is I cracked the led screen that came with it. I ordered a replacement screen from and they sent me a samsung as opposed to a chi mei, which should be compatible. The problem now is that there doesnt seem to be any power getting to the LED backlight. I tested it with the cracked screen as well, and its backlight didn't work either. There is a very faint image of whatever is on the screen, so the video card is working properly.

What should I do? Is there something i could fix? a place i could send it to that would cost less than $400 to fix? I'd prefer to fix it on my own.


A:Replacement laptop screen is much too dim

You may just need to replace the inverter:
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Hello,I have a hp laptop but accidently my HP laptop screen got broken. Now, my laptop's warrenty in expired. Can you help me with the proper guidence for my HP laptop screen replacement. Thanks in advance. 

A:Laptop Screen Replacement

   Need the full model number. There are lots of x360s including ones with different sized screens. Touchscreen? Post back if you need help with that:
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Hi, my sister recently cracked the screen on her laptop, a Fujitsu-Siemens L1310G. I'm looking for a replacement screen to install, which looks easy enough. But I need so help understand exactly which screen I should be buying as a replacement. The manual lists the following specifications for the existing damaged screen:

Panel size: 15.4" TFT WXGA, 1280x800 pixels

Will any screen that matches these specifications work? Or do I need to find any other specification details?


EDIT:for spelling

A:Replacement Laptop Screen

Go here:

Scroll down to: Amilo L1310G CLAA154WA01 (CPT TFT)

click that and at top of page is info

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Hi nbsp I recently cracked my x resolution diagonal HD Brightview LED display screen on my dv - cl laptop and need advice on a replacement nbsp The model on a seller's screen with the same laptop is B RW v nbsp H W A nbsp F W made by AU Optronics nbsp Does the voltage have to be the same v nbsp I've seen other screens with v v and v nbsp How important are the H W and F W and do they have to match nbsp I've seen the H W being offered in A A and A too nbsp What do I need to know about the back light and number of pins nbsp How many pins should the connector have nbsp Several sellers have warned to make sure that the backlight lines up nbsp What does that mean nbsp Does glossy or matte matter nbsp I think I have glossy now so I am leaning towards Glossy nbsp Are their other brands besides AU Optronics that will work Need laptop advice screen my for replacement with my laptop nbsp Can you provide specific model s nbsp Please tell me everything I need to know to make Need screen replacement advice for my laptop this purchase nbsp Thank you
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This is the back of the laptop screen of the laptop I own & it's a sony vaio VGN-NS255D/S laptop, the lcd screen is 15.4", WXGA, CCFL backlight:

I am not sure what LCD to order because the back of the one on amazon looks different, please help

A:Where can I find a laptop LCD screen replacement like this

On the back of the display, down in the lower left corner is a sticker.
There are two pieces of info to get from it:
The manufacturer (LG, or Phillips, etc)
The model number - an LG display will look like this: LP174XD4(TL)(A1)
Now go to a website that sells Laptop screens and search for your exact model number. You will need to specify whether you want a glossy or matte screen, as most models come in both.
I have used this firm from Canada, and can confirm that the display they sent me was an exact replacement part, not a knockoff:
LAPTOP SCREEN, LCD panels from $42. Dell, HP Compaq, Toshiba, Acer, IBM Lenovo, Sony, Gateway, Apple, Asus replacement screen display panel
Hope that helps.
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My daughter's Toshiba Satellite M55-S325 needs a new LCD screen. Is this something that can be done without too much problem. I've only upgrade ram previously. Any suggestions on buying the screen or if it is too difficult, does anyone have any recommendations on where to send it for the repair.

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Hey all,

I recently damaged the screen of my HP ProBook 4530s laptop. I found the linked below screen on Amazon that says it fits that model, but the reviews appear to all be from happy 4540s model owners. I wanted to know if anyone could confirm for me that this would fit my model as well. If not, would anyone be able to show me a better fit?

Thanks for your time.

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I have a cracked Screen Replacement Laptop [SOLVED] lcd screen that I am trying to repair I found one cheap on ebay [SOLVED] Laptop Screen Replacement - an entire screen and cover but it is a quot lcd Mine is a quot I ve been all over the web trying to get part numbers and have had little luck Does anyone know where I can get some information My theory based on looking at sony s information on the two laptops is that the Sony Vaio FXA-PCG mine is identical to the FXA-PCG the ebay machine except for the screens Therefor I ought to be able to simply switch the top out If not or if I can t get this particular on on ebay how to I go about determining which LCD unit I would need to buy Seems like there are lots of FX series LCD s for around dollars but how do I know if they will work on my laptop And finally if I can get a compatable screen I have examined the monitor case and can not find a clue as to how to crack it Any ideas nbsp

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I have two laptops laptop and screen replacement issues currently both with broken screens On my hp dv I have the following issue with the screen https www dropbox laptop screen issues and replacement com s mnsnei bty i mp dl I believe it might be an inverter issue On my hp-g - laptop screen issues and replacement us the screen is competely broken I d like to either fix the dv or transplant the dv screen to the us The issue is i don t even know what s wrongwith the dv does it look like an inverter issue WHen i turn it on the screen works for a few seconds then i hear the sound and laptop screen issues and replacement smell of overheating and it starts giving up and are the screens even interchangeable I haven t checked the cords but i imagine there are differences seeing as how the us doesn t even require an inverter cable here are the two replacement screens http www amazon com HP-PAVILION-D amp creative amp creativeASIN B TPGQG and http www amazon com HP-PAVILION-G - US-SUBSTITUTE-REPLACEMENT dp B L VF W footnote i m not even using the correct screen forthe dv i transplanted like a screen from a compaq computer into it years ago and it s only recently started to crap out nbsp

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My wife's work laptop has a crack diagonally across the screed, it cracked simply falling on a recliner.

Can anyone give me instructions on how to change the screen? Also, where to find a cheap screen?

I'd appreciate any help.


A:Dell 620 Laptop screen replacement

Hey TJ,

You can try this LCD screen:

As for replacement procedure, here is the service manual:

Go to "Display Assembly." Good luck.
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I need the part number to replace the screen on my hp pavilionThe model # 17-g113dxI need to buy the cheapest please help so i can replace it my selfThanks in advance
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Recently I cracked the screen on my acer aspire e5-573g-59c3. I bought a new screen and attempted to replace it. Yet, now my computer neither turns on or lights up its led to show it is charging. I took out the battery and held the power button down to no avail. Is my computer dead?

Computer is only 4 months old.
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Someone else already posted this same question and never replied to the person asking questions nbsp So here's my attempt nbsp I have a HP ProBook G with the i - U processor and it does not currently have a touchscreen nbsp nbsp I would like to consider adding the digitizer which I am finding for sale online but I cannot tell whether or not it's just a matter 450 Probook laptop ... of HP non-touch G2 Replacement my screen of buying the digitizer or if the whole display would need to be replaced nbsp This is the digitizer i was looking at or a similar one http www ebay com itm New-HP-Probook- -G -Laptop-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-Glass- - - - I -T - nbsp My Product Number is L E UT nbsp printed under the battery nbsp Also nbsp second question related to the first nbsp nbsp If I can just install that digitizer does it rely on the LCD Panel being the x resolution Replacement of my HP Probook 450 G2 non-touch laptop screen ... nbsp nbsp nbsp I was contemplating upgrading to a P panel from LG instead like others have done nbsp I know this is completely unsupported just not sure if the digitizers were resolution specific Replacement of my HP Probook 450 G2 non-touch laptop screen ... nbsp Thanks in advance nbsp Brian
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I need to replace the screen on my hp 2000 laptop. What exact part number do I need to look for?

A:What type replacement screen do I need for a hp 2000 laptop

@DerindaHarp? The part(s) you need might depend on the precise model number of your notebook. For example, your notebook might be one of:Results for "hp 2000-2b00" (28) Open the Website Support Page for your system > Click to open the "Product Home" page >Select User Guides > look for and open the Service and Maintenance Guide >Search for the components you want to replace >Make a note of the part number(s) Example:HP 2000-2b09CA Notebook PC > HP 2000 Notebook PC Compaq Presario CQ58 Notebook PC Maintenance and Service Guide Section Major Computer Components (Page 16) >         Display assembly subcomponents (Pages 19-20)  Component                                                                                        Spare part numberDisplay bezel:For use with Compaq models                                                      689676-001For use with HP models                                                                 689675-001 Webcam/microphone moduleVGA                                                                                                        685112-001HD                                                                                                          703461-001 6-cm (15.6-inch), HD, LED, BrightView display panel 689690-001  Once you find the part(s), you might be able to purchase the item(s) fromHP Parts Store The maintenance manual provides the part numbers, a list of necessary tools (for repair),  and the procedure for replacement.  When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Click my Answer Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.
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Hello, respected Uk community;
This question is regarding my laptop Lenovo ThinkPad
Thinkpad e465.
is a
screen suppose to have some connector or wires to install it after I remove my 1366x768? I found this screen on ebay-it (please check the link below) is compatible with E465 but I want your opinion please because the seller says that the screen does not come with anything else--I just get a IPS 1920x1080p screen ----
click here
A 2nd link from the same seller but with more description and a detailed picture:
click here

A:Laptop screen replacement quick question -

The last screen I replaced came with no connection. Use the existing connector.
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I recently broke the LCD screen on my acer aspire 5332. I have replaced it with a LED screen and a converter cable bought off eBay. The screen works fine for the first few seconds of booting but goes black after the windows initialising display. The usual startup sounds still happen and the computer appears to run normally, apart from the fact that the screen is black! (No backlight or graphics). It works fine when loaded in safe mode, and I have tried adjusting the display settings through safe mode but it doesn't seem to help when I reboot in normal mode. I assume it is a problem with a driver but I have no idea which driver to reinstall. I would really appreciate any help! Cheers

A:Laptop screen replacement: goes black on startup

Hello again Alexf.

All laptop display screens are LCD. The difference is in the backlight. Older models use CCFL (fluorescent), newer models use LED backlights.

When you replaced the display, was it an exact replacement (same type and model number)?
Also not sure what a "converter cable" is. Can you post a pic or link?
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i need to replace my laptop screen of my 8770w with The dreamcolor panel, but the panel has 50 pin connection instead the 40 pin of the actual panel,so i have to replace the cable either, but i dont know if is welded to The motherboard or not, and if The operation is possible

A:Laptop screen replacement 8770w with dreamcolor

It's doable. You can read all about it here:
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hey all - prob a very easy answer but im trying to find a replacement screen part/model number for HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC - p264na - L0E38EA#ABU tried a quick SIW and some moniterinfo - didnt gimme what i was looking for serail/part# wise. and i saw u help a few others with this both frm hp parts and offsite links - can you do the same for this model please ?? the most likely ive found is this - is it a likely match ??? - sorry i cant remove bezel as i dont want to damage plastic or void warranty many thanks
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Hi, am prepared to be labelled "thick as mince" however I wonder if anyone can advise how to proceed with the following: Replaced cracked laptop screen on a TM99, on first start up after replacement, the screen worked.....woohoo!, however.....on next startup, there was nothing, no lights, no start up screen...nada. Replaced new with original screen, which although cracked had worked, and it too now failed. Any ideas? The cable for the screen was seated properly and securely, nothing else was moved so am struggling to establish a reason for this non conformance. Could it possibly be a jammed "lid closed" switch? If this is potentially the culprit, anyone know whereabouts it is? Thanks
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Hi all Is there any brilliance in the house I hope so The inverter on my Acer Aspire WLMi died after months No probs I bought a new one put the machine together again and started it up Perfect well almost What is happening now is that I cannot get maximum brilliance from the screen All the Windows option Laptop issue replacement on Acer after inverter screen Brilliance settings are set to the max and the are no other user settings available I can make to chance this Ok you'll be thinking there is an issue with the inverter but I'm far from sure that it is The picture is perfect apart from this issue Booting up Vista will have the screen bright and brilliant max Brilliance issue after screen inverter replacement on Acer Laptop brill Windows will continue to load and then as the machine continues to load the registry and gets to the bit where the screen brilliance is set the screen will dip and settle to about - of it's capable brilliance I feel sure this is a registry issue because of the boot up procedure which is clockwork and predictable Where can I inspect the reg to find these settings They must be there Other suggestions Many thanks Dave

A:Brilliance issue after screen inverter replacement on Acer Laptop

Are there really no takers on this?? How dissapointing.

For those that don't know what an inverter is. inverters create a hi voltage charge and light the screen bulb(s) on your laptop or monitor. When it don't work you will see a perfect but dark n unlit image on your screen.

Cum on sum1 help me out for gawd sake!

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Hello there I've got an old Compaq Armada E laptop which im meant to be upgrading for a friend Im usually quite good laptop screen 98 for xp Old black wiped windows replacement, running now. with computers so I went ahead and used Old laptop running windows 98 wiped for xp replacement, black screen now. my Hirens boot cd to wipe the hard drive clean with DBAN upon completing this i used the hirens cd again to format the harddrive to fat Now when i put my xp install cd in the drive and boot up I just get a blank black screen with a flashing white underscore in the top left corner I can't do anything How on earth am I meant to load xp on here when it isn't loading the cd I've accessed the bios using f and changed the boot order to CD it will load the hirens disc but when I insert the XP disc it will say something about a pxe - media error check cable and will proceed through to this blank screen any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

A:Old laptop running windows 98 wiped for xp replacement, black screen now.

That sounds as if the XP disk is not bootable.
You have verified by booting off of a different CD that the drive is working.
The PXE error is what you see when the network card is in the boot device list and none of the items in the list above it are bootable.
BTW Hirens is not allowed to be recommended here due to the inclusion of Microsoft files.
Good Luck
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Just an interesting tidbit of information: That's the story from The Inquirer.

No forum rules violated here--just the story, not the crack.

The hackers just ain't givin' up.

A:Cracked Windows anti-crack cracked claim

Nothing new here - LongHorn/Vista will probable be cracked before it comes out too.
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Came back from Uni this morning and opened my computer screen to find it cracked near the camera, the cracks are spreading each time I look at it and now the touch screen isn't working properly (it does on and off).No real impact that I can recall it was in the same bag as all my text books, bit disappointed I only bought it at the end of June.

A:Cracked screen

Hi, Sorry I don't know what is your Spectra. All I know: HP has many models/products of laptops called Spectre and they are very thin machines. They are built to last but still not like tanks. Without a good protection inside ANY bag, very hard to predict the result. Now, what is your machine ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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I left my Pavilion 360 running last night and it didn't hibernate (weird)- when I woke up a few hours later, the LCD screen had popped out a bit from the housing on the upper left hand side (even weirder!) so I pushed it back in and closed the lid.  When I opened it this morning, there is a crack that starts in the bottom middle of the screen and radiates up and out- going to both upper left and right corners and the touch screen no longer works. It's still under warranty but I know that the screen is not covered. It wasn't dropped or misused in anyway! Is there a known defect?
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i was given a casio be300 pda. it was given to me with a cracked screen. can that be fixed and where and/or how. i was thinking that comp usa or some other computer store. any suggestions? thanks for the help!

A:cracked screen on PDA

Your probably going to have to go to casio, I doubt any of the places you mentioned will touch it. Had trouble about a year ago with one and it got sent back to the manufacturer, it was under warranty, gotta be expensive to have it replaced.
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I have had this laptop for 3 months  brand new I haven't used it in 3 days I take it out of the computer bag and go to open it tonight and the screen is cracking right in from of my eyes ... It was un believable. I going to call Hp and the retailer I bought it from I'm going to see who is going to be able to assist me with either a return or exchange for faulty product  and I have my rciept just ridiculous .
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My screen is broken and I got in December so I have a warranty

A:Screen cracked

Dear HP Customer, If you have purchased any additional careapck like ADP ( Accidental Damage Protection) then you may reach our Technical support and can initiate warranty services provided it falls under the terms and conditions. However, you can walk into any our HP Authorised service center and can get the unit diagnosed for the LCD replacement and the cost if the unit does not have ADP. Further information can be obtained by contacting our Tech support. Contact HP: Thanks,Mahesh

I work for HP
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Hi,  I recently bought this laptop and the screen is cracked.   How would I be able to fix it? Also I do have a limited time that I would need it to be fixed by if it is possible for a fast track way to fix it.  Thank You.  Tamara


Dear HP Customer, If you have purchased any additional careapck like ADP ( Accidental Damage Protection) then you may reach our Technical support and can initiate warranty services provided it falls under the terms and conditions. However, you can walk into any our HP Authorised service center and can get the unit diagnosed for the LCD replacement and the cost if the unit does not have ADP. Contact HP: Thanks,Mahesh

I work for HP
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Laptop fell from table and there is crack on screen. I need to replace screen. I checked on internet and there are few different types available in screens like IPS, FULL HD for my laptop. How do I know which screen is compatible with laptop. Laptop model is Dell Precision M4600.

A:Screen Cracked

Hello. You have posted your question on the Laptop Audio discussion board. This is out of my area, which is laptop audio, but I would go to the parts-people (Dell parts specialists) and enter the service tag of the laptop in the box under "Not sure which LCD screen fits your laptop", then if still needing more help, chat with one of their parts experts.
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I opened my laptop tonight and the screen was cracked I carried it downstairs and did nothing to it so it is so WEIRD nbsp I just spent an hour on the phone and politely explained my situation the person on the phone said it is to fix nbsp I explained my dissappointment and said this had to have happened before it is clearly a defect nbsp They told me nope so I paid the Cracked Screen like everyone else and then I get on the forums and it is rampant nbsp Clearly HP has a problem nbsp I am pretty nervous becuase I just bought a boat load for my employees and this thing just cracked this easily I am seriously considering not ordering any Cracked Screen more nbsp I fought everyone they all wanted the surface but we might have to reconsider nbsp Sorry HP I think you are great but you need to figure this out and not charge everyone so much to fix it nbsp Too bad the laptop is awesome and the screen was amazing nbsp
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So, i just bought my hp envy from bj's LAST THURSDAY!!! LAST THURSDAY!!!!  I closed my computer last night and when i got up this morning to use it the crack was there..... as others have posted starting at the top and going down the right bottom of the screen.... i'm soooooo upset.....  this has  NEVER happen to me before......  i'm going back to bj's tomorrow and i'm not sure what will happen, but this was a very disturbing situation!!!
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So, i just bought my hp envy from bj's LAST THURSDAY!!! LAST THURSDAY!!!!  I closed my computer last night and when i got up this morning to use it the crack was there..... as others have posted starting at the top and going down the right bottom of the screen.... i'm soooooo upset.....  this has  NEVER happen to me before......  i'm going back to bj's tomorrow and i'm not sure what will happen, but this was a very disturbing situation!!!
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My product is less than 3 months old, has not been mis-handled or abused in anyway, on the contrary as it was a very expensive purchase for me I have been exceptionally careful with it's use been mainly reserved to my desk. I am shocked and dissappointed to find it has developed a cracked screen overnight, virtally witout any apparent reason!! Upon reading this forum it appears to be a defect in this particular model. I am at a loss on the best way forward. Please help, this is definitely unexpectable for such a high end product.
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My screen developed a running crack and is now operating sporadically. The bottom right corner of my screen was not flush with the lid and yesterday I gave it a hard push and the screen cracked. It cracked where my thumb pushed and created a running hairline crack to the top of my screen. The budge is still not flush as the push only cracked my screen and now my laptop is working sporadically. My laptop is still under warranty and I'm really disappointed that this defect has created new issues. Who do I contact to get this repaired under warranty?

A:cracked screen

Hi @amtrak11, To contact HP Support: Please use the following link to create a case for your issue, and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link to get the contact information for your region.
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Hi, I was wondering if someone knows if this "cracked screen" issue was resolved. I just opened my laptop which has been just sitting on top of my desk and found a cracked on the screen (a line that starts at the top right corner and ends at the bottom rigth corner). I'm surprised because I am extremly careful with my stuffs and I haven't taken this computer out of my apt, it has been just sitting on top of my desk. I can't even understand what happened!!!. If someone knows something please reply. I appreciate any information I can get.
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As I type, I am looking at the unfortunate landing place for my 4 yr old's wooden ball that slammed into my laptop screen. It is cracked and has black lines growing by the minute. It is an HP laptop model dv6-1245dx. Does anyone have any advice on how to find and change such a screen?

A:Cracked Screen

heres one... HP Pavilion DV6000 Series Laptop LCDs (15.4-wxga-1CCFL) BRAND-NEW starting at $88.00
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i put my laptop closed lid after using last night and in the morning it has a cracked screen.. now i need to find a store in melbourne, australia.. where can i find one
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I recently cracked my screen on the way to class.  Everything works fine, except that I cant use the touch screen now.  The LCD part isn't broken, just the glass covering it.  Theres four little hairline cracks down the middle extending from the microphone hole.  How much would it be to replace?  And how should I go about doing it?  Thank you!

A:Cracked screen

We will need to know the exact model. Maybe all you need is the glass and digitizer and that part is available usually on eBay. The replacement is not easy and usually the best thing to do is take it to a cell phone repair shop as they know how to work with touchscreens better than most computer repair places.
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The screen on my Spectre has cracked twice. I have extended service protection, so it was replaced each time. Last time, the repair person specuated that the heat from the computer may have cracked it. He suggested that when I turn it off, I put some sort of protection between the screen and the keyboard. Does this sound crazy? Does anyone have any suggestions about how to keep the screen from cracking? I am scared to actually take it any place, so it is no longer "portable:"  This kind of defeats the reason that I bought it. I am definitely discouraged. 

A:Cracked screen

Hi @SkippyCross,Thanks for becoming a member of the HP Support Forums. I understand you are having an issue with the screen. I will be glad to help you.Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit?Please get back to me with above information, so I can help you better.
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My laptop was accidentaly dropped and sadly the screen cracked The laptop works perfectly fine No black screen BUT the touchscreen is not working I tried pressing the screen harder but still no touchscreen working Cracked Screen I noticed that when i push press the monitor the inside part Maybe it's the LCD or idk is untouched And only the Glass from outside Maybe it's the digitizer or idk xD Cracked Screen is cracked nbsp now here are my questions - what should I replace The LCD or Digitizer or the front glass or something that I don't know - How Can I replace it - Can i replace it with a different Screen Model type Coz I think a TouchSmart Monitor screen is a hard-to-find item here in my country btw im from Philippines so i might use different model if possible IF NOT - Where can I buy this kind of Monitor Screen Please suggest me a place or an online shop to buy from An online shop that can deliver here in ASIA
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I have product number K2Z69AV. I dropped my laptop and cracked the screen. It is only 10 months old and still within the mfg warranty period. Will the warranty cover this? How can I find out and who do I send it to, if covered?Thanks

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A:Cracked Screen

Hi, The answer is no. Not unless you are subscribed to ADP (Accidental Damage Plan) that HP offers. It includes liquid spillage, Accidental drops ets. Manufacturer warranty is for component replacements only but it doesn't include any customer induced damage. This is the number that you should call. HP SUPPORT: 1800 474 6836. Give them you computer's serial and product number for them to create a ticket for you. State what happened to the computer so you could get a support immediately.
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I have a Gateway laptop modle6518gz with a cracked LCD screen . How can i replace the screen.

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Hey all,I ust opened my laptop to find a cracked screen. I have no idea what happened. The touch is working on only the side of my screen above the crack. What can I do to fix it and how much would that cost?Thanks
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The lid of my laptop has two big cracks, one on each side where the hinges are.
Can anyone recommend a way to fix this please, at the moment it looks as if a piece of plastic will fall out if i try to close it.


A:Cracked Laptop Hinges

1) contact the manufacturer
2) tape
3) find a replacement (either for the laptop or, if you can find an identical model with electronic problems, for the case)

I wouldn't recommend glue unless you can disassemble it enough to at least put some sort of barrier between the cracks & electronics.
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I didn't know where to post this question so please forgive it's misplacement. The white trim in the back near the screen hinge has cracked causing the screen to be loose on that side and preventing the plate that covers the hinges and surounds the power key to properly lock in place. I would like to replace this Palmrest Touchpad Assembly and correct this problem WITHOUT having to send it in the mail to Dell and not have my laptop for an extended period of time. Does anyone know if the is a web site I can go to buy replacement parts or do you have any other suggestions. I'm not affraid to do it myself. Someone suggested buying a dead laptop on Ebay but it's a Inspiron 9300 and that sounds like it could get expensive even if it were dead. Thanks for any and all ideas.

A:Cracked Dell laptop

Best thing to do is send it back to dell. They wouldn't like you messing around with it yourself and should a more serious problem occur at a later date which would need them to fix, messing with it yourself at an earlier date could invalidate the warranty.
Also buying parts costs money where dell would do it for free (if it's under warranty). Are you sure you are prepared to jeopardise your warranty and have to pay for something someone else can do for free?

If you are still sure you wish to do it yourself despite the warning, a picture may be handy to describe the problem a bit better. You talk about the screen hinge and then go on about Touchpad assembly, rather confusing...
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Does anyone know if a cracked screen on a Samsung YP-T9 MP3 player can be fixed, and if so, any recommendations on where to send it for repair?

A:Samsung MP3 cracked screen

I'm not sure but if so, you should contact Samsung itself and try to see if they can repair it for a cost.
1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864)

* Mon-Sun: 9am-9pm (EST)
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I have the same issue. Fine crack appeared in my screen which now increased. The laptop was never dropped and was in the neoprene sheath. I just called Hp service here in Singapore and they have stated it will cost approx. $1000 to fix it. They claim they can't just replace the glass even though the display works fine.Obviously this is totally unacceptable and I have asked that this be escalated before I raise the matter with CASE. (Consumer affairs).I expected better from HP.
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When I opened my laptop this morning the screen was cracked. This laptop never leaves the office desk and has never been dropped or mismanged. So I just off the phone with HP support about my HP Spectre and they stated that since screens can't "randomly" crack they will fix it for $300. Is there anything I can do because from a cursory look on these forums I am obviously not the only one. I would understand if I was the only one crying wolf but it seems this is a problem with design/manufacturing flaws with this laptop. I appreciate any help or advice you might have for me to fix this as it really pains me to pay that much money for something I didn't do!
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I was just using my hp pavilion touchsmart when I lifted it and the screen cracked. I never dropped it nor have I mishandled it so when it happened I was extremely surprised. The actual display still works fine, but the touch screen no longer works so I must use the finger pad and keyboard. I was wondering if I would be able to send it in to be repaired or exchanged, if it would cost me, and if so, how would I go about sending it in. Thank you!

A:Hp Pavilion screen cracked



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, this post has instructions.
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Greetings I have now joined the Club of upset extremely disappointed and PO'd HP Spectre Touch Laptop Owners who now how the most expensive paperweigh with a CRACKED SCREEN nbsp I saw the pages of compliants about the similiar problem nbsp I called HP and got their same lame excuse for not wanting to take the moral and ethical responsibility to admit this is a problem and try to blame it on abuse nbsp Mine like the vast vast majority of other Owners was exactly the same situation nbsp My laptop always sits on HP screen cracked spectre my home office desk never been in a computer case backpack etc nbsp In fact has never seen the light of day nbsp Simply turned it off gently closed the laptop went to bed and suprise surprise surprise next morning the screen had a crack from top middle to lower right nbsp Now my screen doesn't work at all and the arrow HP spectre cracked screen gets stucks and blinks all day nbsp Shame on HP for hiding them heads in the sand on this one nbsp Hopefully by this time isn't their a Lawyer out there who has this same problem and willing to take on a class action suit or behalf of us dissatisfified owners and get OUR MONEY BACK nbsp We can only hope since HP is the least Customer Focused Company I ran across in many many years nbsp Very Sad

A:HP spectre cracked screen

I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details). 
Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.
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I have had my Yoga Pro 3 for four days and the screen cracked.  I did not drop it or damage it, it just happened upon opening.  Customer Service is less than helpful and kept telling me it was my fault.They said they will send a technician out for $169 plus the cost of the screen which they could not give me a price on.  They wanted my credit card number up front.  If I can find a way to return it, I will.I think it is sad that they will not stand behind their product.  I paid over $1600 for this, and for it to crack in four days is unacceptable.I will not be purchasing Lenovo prodcuts in the future.  Unacceptable and uncaring customer service.  It is as if they simply read from a script.

A:Yoga 3 Cracked Screen

Try calling back and ask to speak to a supervisor or lead. This is true with any company you call. If you are not getting the help you believe you should be, always ask for someone higher up the food chain.
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I have an HPEnvy x360. Yesterday I opened laptop to find screen cracked. Could not figure out how or why since the laptop stays in the same area and has never been dropped. Then I did a search and found it is a common problem in many HP laptops, and costs hundreds of dollars to fix.  Is HP doing anything to address this problem? My HP ENVY is still under warranty, but not sure screen is covered.  This laptop has been the WORST experience ever in all my years of using desktops, laptops. Before this happened, in the first 5months, I had to contact Support more than I did in 5 years of owning MAC and more than 10 years of owning other desktops.  That's just wrong. I want my money back.
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I have an Inspiron in and noticed in Screen 1 13 Inspiron Cracked 2 yesterday that I could not access the right side menu nbsp On further investigation there are small cracks emanating from the nbsp inboard corner of the right hinge nbsp The damage has rendered the touch response of most of the right half of the screen non functional I ve been on the Inspiron 13 2 in 1 Cracked Screen phone with Dell Support if it can be called support nbsp and have heard the same old story that it s quot Customer Induced Damage quot nbsp If it s customer induced because I have to open the screen to use the machine then yes I induced the damage nbsp I also have to open the door to drive my car but if the latch failed I doubt it would be considered Customer Induced nbsp Dell has a bad design here the ultra thin bezels and screen don t provide enough support for the glass nbsp Being fed a line about not selecting to have Accident Coverage is just corporate response nbsp to get out of owning up to paying for their poor design decisions there was no accident to need coverage for If there were some sort of real accident that caused the crack I would have no issue paying the quoted Canadian plus tax to get it fixed This is not the first issue I ve had with this machine and it s always the same story with support there is nothing they can do nbsp Everything from the Active Stylus on the Special Edition anybody who bought early will remember this one nbsp to the standard Wh battery not being large enough to last longer then a few hours on the i versions not even close to the originally quoted time another poor design decision and hiding behind the actual times may vary disclaimer I would really like to see Dell step up and act like the market segment giant they are and deal with some of these customer issues instead of hiding behind policy like Customer Induced Damage nbsp As a customer I should not be responsible to cover the cost of design flaw

A:Inspiron 13 2 in 1 Cracked Screen

Hello!  From my understanding Dell tests their equipment against general use failure before selling a specific model. That being said stuff can happen that is beyond your control, so what I would do is post your issue on the Customer Care forum here.  Please note they will not be able to answer anything until Monday.
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I bought the Envy nbsp at SGD in July The machine started to shut down on its on the th Sep I thought it is some microsoft updating Have to switch the system on a few times in a day On the th of Sep the screen cracked spider web style The laptop was not moved at all from the previous day Called HP Singapore for help and they said the screen is not covered under 15 Cracked Screen - Envy warranty I continue to use it with the cracked screen by projecting it to an external nbsp monitor as i need to finish my work and could not afford any downtime Sent the machine for diagnosis on the Oct and they quoted SGD for repair I felt in duress because i needed the machine There is no stress test done on screen panel or whatsoever test and i really felt taken advantage of by their customer-induced claims In a way HP or their servicing centre made me feel that I lied And reading the forums here on cracked screen HP stands firmly it is never their fault This is abysmal attitude towards genuine customers And my laptop is less than months Cracked Screen - Envy 15 under Cracked Screen - Envy 15 warranty Helpless in Singapore nbsp

A:Cracked Screen - Envy 15

The screen can be fixed for less than that...perhaps half if you are willing to install it yourself. HP does staunchly maintain that the screen does not crack without some external force being applied...indeed all laptop makers take this position or a laptop would cost half again as much because of the added warranty expense.
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Once again, I have got the same problem. Just closed the laptop after finishing my job, and when I opened it another day, touchscreen on the right side of laptop just stopped working. Then found a crack in the right bottom side of the laptop. Was wondering if it actually happened magically, but then tried to search for this problem on internet. And here You go, there are 9 more forum pages of very similar posts. I was happy about this Spectrex360 laptop, it worked flawlessly. Now I feel robbed, as it is almost brand new, 4 months old. Our local service center did not even try to discuss and instantly told that screen cracks are not under warranty. How can I convince them that I actually only closed and re-opened it? Any ideas?  

A:Re: My HP Spectre XT screen just cracked!

Hello @vladas88,I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post serial numbers and case details.If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works,this post has instructions. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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Hi all I was using my laptop as usual today and noticed the that my cursor was moving around randomly. At first I thought it  was a software issue , but then i noticed a tiny crack at the bottom left corner of the screen. I have not abused my laptop, it's never been dropped . I browsed through the forums, apparently it's not unusual for the screen to rack spontaneously. Had a chat with HP customer service, and they are charging $ 431 to replace it !Is this a fair price ? Given the amount of complaints on this "premium" laptop, I wonder if it's a manufacturing defect ? Should I pay them for repairs ? Try a local laptop repair service or geek squad ?I am very disappointed that such a expensive laptop cracked in less than 6 months . Thanks  

A:Cracked Display screen

Issue with display or left hinge is observed commonly due to wrong handling of display.Normally users tend to use their left hand to tilt or open the display and knowingly or unknowingly use the left corner of display in doing so and that results in issues. Since its a physical damage you may have to pay unless you have Accidental Damage Protection Policy.
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I opened my laptop just a few minutes ago to discover that some how my screen had cracked. I am on it now and it has two round black spots and some black lines, but atleast the whole screen isnt out. My question is how much would it cost to get fixed, who could fix this and what can I do to prevent this from happening in the future. I appreciate all help and advise.

A:My HP Spectre XT screen just cracked!

Choose your country here to get phone support for Envy>Contact HP
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looking for replacement cannot seem to find one that is reasonably priced, can you offer any suggestions?
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My bag fell off a table and my laptop screen cracked. Where can I buy a replacement screen for model m6-ap003dx?
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I turned off the machine and put it  on the shelf.  When I woke up the next morning,  the screen was cracked  and only one side turned on.  I purchased it new  this past September because I loved my c720 so much..  How can I get this  fixed?

A:The screen on my cb3 111 cracked over night.

Hello, As your laptop is still under warranty, I suggest you to contact your Acer service customer or your reseller.
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I turned off the machine and put it  on the shelf.  When I woke up the next morning,  the screen was cracked  and only one side turned on.  I purchased it new  this past September because I loved my c720 so much..  How can I get this  fixed?

A:The screen on my cb3 111 cracked over night.

Hello, As your laptop is still under warranty, I suggest you to contact your Acer service customer or your reseller.
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i purchased this laptop in July.  It is usually in a stationary position and location - and does not get moved around.  I closed it last night, and opened it this morning to find two cracks in the screen glass.   In no way was this due to handling damage.  I am reading about many other cracked screens now.  Would someone from HP please contact me with a remedy?  I assume it can be replaced at no cost?

A:HP Spectre 360 cracked screen



I have brought your issue to the attention of an appropriate team within HP. They will likely request information from you in order to look up your case details or product serial number. Please look for a private message from an identified HP contact. Additionally, keep in mind not to publicly post personal information (serial numbers and case details).

If you are unfamiliar with how the Forum's private message capability works, you can learn about that here.

Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forum.