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ATI Radeon 9200 only works with Microsoft drivers

Q: ATI Radeon 9200 only works with Microsoft drivers

I have a ATI Radeon 9200 AGP graphics card however it only has hardware acceleration when i install Microsofts drivers. When i install the ATI Catylist drivers then dxidag shows accelaration greyed out. I have an AGP 3.0 slot.
Is there a specific driver that i am suppose to install as this card was given to me second hand?
What could be the cause of this?

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Preferred Solution: ATI Radeon 9200 only works with Microsoft drivers

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: ATI Radeon 9200 only works with Microsoft drivers

Fully uninstall the ATI program
You may also use the ATI uninstall program to be very thorough.

Download the most up to date ATI program(drivers) for your card
Re-install and test again.
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hello could someone help me with this first of all yes i have read many posts on similar topics and all of them ring a bell but none monitor works on external Mobility x1000: Radeon 9200 only ATI Presario fits my problem or then i haven t found that one so idecided to actually join one of those forums the story so far i got this compaq presario x laptop for free because the monitor is not working actually it would display everything but without the blacklight so after a while i diagnosed that the inverter is not working anymore so now i Presario x1000: ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 works only on external monitor am using an external monitor lg flatron lm res x i think the laptop itself has x graphic card ati mobility radeon although everst says driver for the radeon series have also tried radeon series both work nicely on the external monitor everything was peaceful until yesterday when i was playing with a program called Presario x1000: ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 works only on external monitor smac spoofing my comps mac address had to reboot and both monitors are working but only until windows starts loading drivers then it s again only the external monitor though it seems that the backlight is active now but the screen is black immediately i tried to get the monitor working by installing and uninstalling drivers wiping all ati drivers away with driver cleaner try again for many hours the result is always the same the laptop s monitor works nicely with vga and the external too but goes black when i install the ati driver then the external monitor works nicely all d accelerations and clear sharp picture and everything and in windows display settings it ALWAYS recognizes the external monitor as the first and the internal as the second and ALWAYS the internal is grayed out inactive can t change it to primary can t expand the desktop onto it btw when i got the laptop i wiped it totally clean and installed winxp sp and all with the external monitor connected had some trouble installing video drivers never managed to install the ati catalyst driver suite - it always returned a fatal error no video driver installed haha - but installed drivers manually instead same thing now with my recent tries there was a few variations sometimes the standby option was grayed out when i switched the computer off and sometimes i got some garbled graphics on the internal monitor when i set the reolution of the external monitor to the same value as the internal monitor and sometimes i m not sure is the backlight not working or is the screen blank but it always works in safe mode or vga and for a long time i tried all kinds of things without the external monitor thinking that maybe windows or the driver defines it as the primary display but always with the same results can anybody help with this please thanks daniel nbsp

A:Presario x1000: ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 works only on external monitor

You will need to install the Microsoft .NET Framework software to be able to use the AMD/ATI Catalyst software
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Hi I recently updated my ATI Radeon driver Now my computer freezes whatever I am viewing on the screen will still be there but its just frozen The mouse nor keyboard will drivers update RADEON ATI 9200 respond adn I have to shut it turn if off and when I log back on I get a error from Microsoft that says either My graphic card has stopped responding and ATI RADEON 9200 update drivers I need to update my drivers or my system requires a directx of or above which I do My computer is a Sony Vaio ATI RADEON 9200 update drivers PCV-RS and the OS is windows xp profess I have ATI RADEON 9200 update drivers Windows service pack and I have updated the BIOS from the Sony website I went to Guru d to download the driver sweeper to clean up the drivers after I unistalled them and then I installed the Catalyst as instructed I did it about times and each time it still freezes I am I doing it correctly If someone could please please help me I would greatly appreciate it Or do I just need to take it to computer repair and have them installed a new graphics card nbsp

A:ATI RADEON 9200 update drivers

I would attempt to roll back the drive to the previous version.Start the computer in safe mode(continually tap F8 while booting)start in safe mode,go to devise manager display adapters right click on the ATI Radeon 9200 properties then click the driver tab and finally roll back
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hi! my problem is a7n8x motherboard and ati radeon 9200 Pro drivers ? Can someone tell me where can i get these drivers ? im sad cause i cant play some games ! :@

A:a7n8x motherboard and ati radeon 9200 Pro drivers

drivers from here:

ASUSTeK Computer Inc.-Support-

Radeon™ 9200 Series
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Well this one has me completely stumped A friend with works ATI drivers, artifacts but without them XT Radeon X850 shows gave me his old Sapphire Radeon X XT after upgrading to a new card so I threw it in my rig After installing the latest version of Catalyst I tried demoing a couple of WMV HD videos just to see if everything was tip-top Well I got a mess of snow and red and blue pixels - the kind of artifacts you d expect when things are getting a little too toasty inside I tried reinstalling the card a couple of times and one time I ran the WMV HD video BEFORE installing the card ATI Radeon X850 XT works without drivers, but shows artifacts with them XP detected its presence but I didn t give it any drivers Worked like a charm Picture was crystal clear Every time I install Catalyst or just the bare display drivers the thing goes haywire but with no drivers it is just fine Any idea what could cause such a thing Should I try to find an old version of Catalyst or something Setup ASRock P TurboTwins mobo P ICH Core Duo E GHz GB DDRII - nbsp

A:ATI Radeon X850 XT works without drivers, but shows artifacts with them

My guess is two different drivers.

Is XP popping up the New Hardware wizard? Am guessing so and it's choosing diffferent drivers in the two cases.

When you uninstall the product it's uninstalling and removing/deleting the driver files for the one driver completely as well. So XP goes searching it doesn't find it for that case and chooses something different.

Look in Device Manager for both cases. Find the card under Display adapters. Rt click Properties and look at Driver tab.
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How you doing people...
When I first bought my computer I was uneducated on whats good and whats bad... I recently put VISTA onto my computer but I am having problems with my Graffics card... My graffics card does not support Directx9 and I am wanting to upgrade to a better graffics card... MY computer is a 2.70 Intel Celeron... Packard bell... The current Graffics card gives me a line accross the bottom of the screen when watching movies... Can anyone suggest what the best upgrade would be that supports VISTA.... Thanks Mac
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Hello, I have problems with my Video Ati Radeon 9200 when I play CS it drops my fpsI download the fix file...but I don't see change...and another thing while I play I suddenly freeze for a second and then continue and then again freeze, I know it's my Video cause I have 768 RAM on my PC, 1.2 GHZ and i have downloaded the Catalyst drivers and uptaded my Windows XP to service pack Internet connection is 3 Megabit so it's the Video I guess
If somebdoy knows how to fix the problems, especially the freezing pls tell
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For some time now I have been having troubles with my ATI Radeon bit AGP graphics card In graphic applications such as Counter-Strike my graphics acceleration locks up during gameplay The ATI 9200 Radeon results of this are the following The game locks ATI Radeon 9200 up and the screen flashes once I receieve an error message stating that my computer has recovered from the lock-up but must be restarted to save the settings ATI Radeon Specifications Driver Packaging Version - a - C-ATI CATALYST Version Provider ATI Technologies Inc D Driver Version D Driver File Path System CurrentControlSet Control Video ATI Radeon 9200 E BD F-AFF - E B-AE - D A E Direct D Version OpenGL Version CATALYST Control Center Version AIW VIVO WDM Driver Version AIW VIVO WDM SP Driver Version I have recently updated my CATALYST Version to Within the package came several updates such as -Display Driver -Control Panel -Catalyst Control Center I have gone into Hardware Devices and my graphics card is working properly The only assumption I have is that my hardware is damaged The card itself could possibly be damaged and or the AGP insertion point could be damaged as well This is where another question is rasied Why is it my computer has troubles running counter-strike but it can run World of Warcraft with absolutely no ATI Radeon 9200 troubles Heck I can even run Warcraft III TFT with no problems as well I have tried my best to diagnose the problem but I would like to have some other opions nbsp

A:ATI Radeon 9200

Any suggestions?
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I recently purchased a radeon 9200 and I am trying desparately to use the TV out function. The video card appears to support both S-Video and Composite out. The TV I am connecting has S-Video and the standard A/V inputs.

The connector that came with the card has a video jack on one side, s-video on the other, and a video-to-composite adapter. When i connect the TV the display is all messed up and nothing is visible except for an occasional blur of a desktop. I've tried composite to s-video and s-video to video and no luck. Any advice?

I am new to all of this so I'm sure i am doing something wrong. Thanks in advance!

A:radeon 9200 tv-out

I think you may have to go to the display properties and change to TV.

Right click on desktop, choose properties, last tab (Settings), Advanced button, then on the next screen that pops up, to to Displays. It should offer the TV as an option.

GOod luck,

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i hav just brought a radoen graphics card my problem is that i keep get crashes and wen windows starts back up again it says " the driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing operation ..please check for a driver update. the RADEON 9200 series seems to be resonsible for the system instabuilty.
the driver i have now says date 12/12/2003 version : i did and windows update but it doesnt find any updated drivers for it???

Any ideas???

thanks ipatriot

A:Radeon 9200 se

try the one from ati site it was updated 4-07-04 driver
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Hey all! How do I turn off Z-Buffer on my ATI Radeon 9200 card? I heard turning off Z-Buffer would increase performance in games and thats what I need

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well I bought yesterday ati radeon 9200 to play counter strike with more fps and i bought more 256mb sdram but.... i've only got 30 fps... dunno why.. i dl last drives do every commands in counter strike console.. when i had my 32mb video card i had 40 fps and now....

amd athlon 600
ATI radeon 9200 128mb
384mb sdram
win xp sp1

Hope u can help me

A:ATI RADEON 9200 - cs FPS

The ati radeon 9200 is a very slow budget card. What was your last card?
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I have a problem with my ATI Radeon 9200 SE, I installed the driver then I restarted so the changes could take effect and right after the Windows XP logo(Where you see two little green beams loading) the monitor automatically turns off. Please help any suggestions would help.

A:ATI Radeon 9200 SE

:knock: :unch: :unch: :unch: :unch: :unch:
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i recentlly got a little bored and noticed that my radeon 9200 has a video jack in (the yellow plug) in it... so i was wondering if anyone would know how... or if its even possible to hook up a ps2 to my computer and play straight through my moniter (syncmaster 750 i think is my monitor type)

A:Radeon 9200... ps2???

unless you have a ati all in wonder 9200 card no you cant. that yellow rca hook up is very much likely an rca out so you can play your pc on your tv like your playstation.
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But anyways, here goes, in volume control, line in is unchecked, then
when I start the ati tv tuner to watch tv on my desktop, all works good
except no sound and it auto mutes (puts a check) in volume control.

My sound card drivers are good, I checked and all is ok, sound is working
good in my OS all is good but with the exception the sound from the card.

All the hardware is properly done for the card, I also tried the wizard to
configure the sound input (line in) but skips that one process, it does all
the rest, scan for channels etc...

Help please!

A:ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 9200 AGP

Adding my specs...

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Édition familiale, Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.40GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1022 Mb
Graphics Card: RADEON 9200 SERIES , 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 38154 MB, Free - 33687 MB;
Motherboard: IBM, IBM, ,
Antivirus: avast! Antivirus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled
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hey there, i have a radeon 9200 se 128 mb and i run really low fps in counter strike. I have changed all my rates, and updated my drivers, but my fps intends to drop. I also dont get very good msm and in and out speed. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you :slurp:

A:Radeon 9200 Se

i have had luck with halflife period by changing from direct 3d to open gl in the video settings. but im sure it depends on the video card.
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wassup everyone im new to the forums and i had i quick questoin about my video card.

a friend of mine gave me a radeon 9200 128 meg vid card and i installed everyhign with so much hassel.

finally i got it to work but my desktop resolution is WAY to low. i put it on 1024x768 and i have a 15" monitor.


thanks in advance

A:radeon 9200 help

Do you mean it won't stay at those settings???

did you uninstall the drivers from the previous card?
that can cause all sorts of problems if you didn't.

Go to ADD/Remove Programs in the Control Panel, remove all video Drivers, restart, and install the ATI ones for your new card.

That should do the trick.

++You might want to try being a bit clearer in future - I'm just guessing that thats what you are trying to say++
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I was trying to run second life, and it listed two video cards that are compatible. One of these was the "ATI Radeon 8500, 9250, or better" (as they put it)

I have a Radeon 9200 Pro Family, and was wondering if the only reason it won't work with second life is because it needs new drivers, or if even that won't make a difference. If there are new drivers to get, where can i get them?

thx in advance


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i have video card ati radeon 9200 and i need drivers for this.
Thank you alot

A:i need help - ati radeon 9200

You will find it here :
Graphics Drivers & Software
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i have always installed nvidia card but where i get them from has switched to stocking ati.
their tech told me this problem is normal and caused by the adi monitor
here is a copy of the last email sent to ati

your faq and search did not help.
i have been building computers for many years now and tried everything that you have listed before
contacting you.
there is no signal from the monitor connection or the ssvhs but there is from the digital out.
the tv button is greyed out so you cannot enable it.
i have tried the windows drivers,the drivers that came with the card and d/l the latest drivers.
all with the same result.
in the display properties when you try to bring up the second monitor,it is not present.
tried different refresh rates
tried differnt screen sizes.

anyone struck this and know the answer

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i just got myself a new base unit its am64 3000 ,and i have a radeon 9200 256s mb card and i am having trouble getting far cry to play propley. The game plays alrite on the lowest settings but when ever i get in a vehicle and knock into somthing the game slows down to an unplayable speed. any help would be much appreciated. cheers

A:radeon 9200 far cry problems

your pc has a case of bottlenecking it seems.just because the video card has 256 mb of memory doesnt mean its a fast one.farcry is a demanding game and what you're describing is quite common in the game with your've paired of an amd 64 3000+ cpu (very fast...very powerful)with a weak graphic card like 9200,having 256mb doesnt make it a fast card it only helps load more texture into its memory.however you might want to ensure that there is no background program running that might be hogging your systems resources.but like i said your cpu and video card are creatin a bottleneck.

also how much ram do you have?,that also an essential component and might cause some issues.
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I have here an older HP notebook computer with an ATI Radeon 9200 in it.
(HP zt3010us if that matters...)
I connected a Samsung monitor that has a native resolution of 1440 x 900, however I could not, for the life of me, get the thing to set the resolution to that.
It has a higher selection, but not of the correct aspect ratio.

I tried installing the latest Omega driver, however that just messed up the video output beyond compare.

I tried the "List All Modes" thing in the advanced settings, however I had no luck, as 1440 x 900 was not listed there either...

A:Radeon 9200 won't do 1440 x 900?

Resolutions for your card. From here:

2048x1536Click to expand...
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i recently installed a ne mothrboard after the old one fried, it is the same make and model and everything. But ever since i have had issues with my 9200 3d card every time i play a 3d game it will work for a while then a VPU error message would appear saying that the 3dd card has stopped responding. What is happening? how do i fx it? help

A:Radeon 9200 issues

Did you make sure the BIOS was setup the same? Maybe it isn't seated in there 100% correctly. Try taking it out and putting it back in just to be sure.
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I m trying to set up the second display using the TV-Out on my Radeon SE I got everything hooked up set the quot Extend Windows to this MB Using 2 Display SE 128 9200 with Radeon Display quot and I can move things over to the TV and quot maximize quot no problem but when I do a quot Full Screen quot using Windows Media Player or the program for my satellite card the picture quot jumps quot from display to display which is then in full screen and the screen area in WMP goes black on display I ve tried updating the drivers and software as per ATI s website but there is no change Is there something else I can do or is quot full screen quot not possible Using Display 2 with Radeon 9200 SE 128 MB with this card I m running Athlon XP MB Ram G HD ATI Radeon SE MB SB Live LG CD-RW LG DVD My monitor is Default Display TV on TV-Out Display The quot make this default quot options on both are quot greyed out quot so Using Display 2 with Radeon 9200 SE 128 MB I can t change between the two make TV default and Monitor nbsp

A:Using Display 2 with Radeon 9200 SE 128 MB

I have my radeon 7000 series set up the same. I think it depends on the software you are running. So far Ive found that power dvd, winamp, and media player 10 work fine on my system. I only set it up yesterday so I havent tried anything else.

Hope that helps. Rik.
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I was wondering is there any driver updates, tips and tricks or overclocking that I can do to my vidio card?

thanks in advance!

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I have an older Gateway Athlon 1.2 ghz computer with XP pro and an ATI 9200 card.

I just re-loaded the system from scratch after a hard drive failure. Fresh start with all updates, drivers, etc....

The screen will periodically blank out and/or lock up totally. I cannot figure out the problem. I know it is driver related.

When I used the origianl drivers, I would get the BSOD with a memory page fault error when settings are above the lowest.

The newest drivers will ultimately lock the system, but I don't get the BSOD.

any ideas?
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Alright I just want to Radeon 9200 2 and the Battlefield post this very simple fix to a problem people have Radeon mb and running Battlefield First off you need to Battlefield 2 and the Radeon 9200 look at the system specs on your game box make sure yours matches them or is above Here are my specs if you have these or above you should be fine Athlon XP nForce Motherboard mb DDR RAM GB Wester Digital HD Doesnt really matter if you or above Battlefield 2 and the Radeon 9200 Radeon mb After updating your ATi Drivers and Direct X of course you usually freeze right after the intro movie where a woman s voice says welcome blah blah The a VCU Recovery Crash Log comes up and the game crashes I spent all day looking for a solution to no avail But after tweakin around a bit I solved the problem Set you AGP from x to x in the Catlyst Control Center or right click on the ATi icon on the toolbar and go to Display Settings gt Smartgear and there you go all fixed a system restart is required When you first launch the game it will be on lowest settings keep it this way if you want smooth framerate and performance And whenever you fire your gun in game it will freeze for maybe seconds another frustrating problem Restart the game and that problem is solved Alright thats it for me just wanted to say hi to everyone hope this helps someone Go Battlefield nbsp

A:Battlefield 2 and the Radeon 9200


how about for far cry? my card/pc plays BF2 no problem.. i didnt have to do ne setting the AGP to 4x or w/e... everything is perfectly fine.. however, with far cry, i get the VPU recovery error.. hmm... the game doesnt lag or anything like that either.. jsut that randomly.. it freezes for bout 20 seconds.. then minimizes the game then tells me of that VPU recovery stuff i close that. go back to the game. n its fine... till it freezes again n does the VPU stuff again.. so yea.. u got a solution? other than setting my AGP to 4x?
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I have lost my disc and need to reinstall it. I have already been to to find any updates or whatever and have failed. All I am trying to do is reinstall it shouldn't be that hard so.... Please help.Thank you in advance.
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my video thingy. i have trouble updating the driver etc. It works perfect before hand but whe i update it it keeps restarting the computer. this is an update from windows update.

radeon 9200 se agp (0x5964)
Internal DAV (400MHz)
128 MB
power coloer radeon 9200 se
bk-ati ver008.015.033.000

i had to do system restore to fix the problem. is there something wrong?

A:RADEON 9200 SE AGP (0x5964)

I would advise AGAINST instally ANY MICROSOFT video driver updates. I have never had one that works. Use the MFG's site to get updated drivers.
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Just want a basic graphics card... I'm scouring a number of listings and I'm seeing both cards, but my question is which is the superior?

Traditionally I would assume the 9250 was an updated and thus better than the 9200, but I'm finding the 9250 at a lower price


A:ATI Radeon 9250 or 9200

Check here -

It has a list of all the differences between the 2 the 9250 isn't really an "upgrade" from the 9200
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hi all I have this radeon 9200 128 the chip provider is (SIS- xabre) and I want to install the ATI 5.10 driver but the setup doesnt work it gives me an error messege ( the setup wasnt able to fiend your heardware )or something like that I can only install the driver that came with the card (on the CD) so I dont know what to do can anyone helps me ?

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I just installed a new driver for my RADEON from https support ati com ics support KBAnswer asp questionID Catalyst Windows XP So currently problems RADEON 9200 this is installed and my computer s performance is awful When I maximize or minimize a window it takes like seconds And also when i scroll through a page in firefox everything is all quot shifty quot There was a help thing on something like this RADEON 9200 problems and they called it slow re drawing but it didnt help My old driver worked fine but the reason i was getting a new one was because when I play Day of Defeat Source there are white lines that run across the screen and i thought it was a driver problem Before this i tried letting windows pick the newest driver by going to the hardware device manager but the driver it installed didn t go along with XP i guess So i either need to fix the driver making my computer lag or i need to fix the lines that are ruining my game nbsp

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Ive gotten this video card maybe 3 months ago when I was in Bosnia. Originaly on the box it said the card is 128 mb ram but when I check the specs for it once I installed it the ram size was 64 mb and ive tried everything from dusting off the card to cleaning my whole pc and updating the drivers for the card and it still shows up as 64mb so if anyone has a solution post it please.

A:Radeon 9200 se series

well in your bios there should be option saying AGP aperture Size or something like that make sure its set to 128mb.
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Hi guys, first sorry for my bad english it's not my native one so..

I have a problem with the other PC, which is having video card - Ati Radeon 9200SE.Everything worked fine yesterday but some thing lagged so i download and install the newest drivers for the video card and from then the problems starts :
Firstly my screen blinks and turns black is very slow, and Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas which runs perfectly fine yesterday can now be played for like 2/3 minutes then it freezes and the pc need a restart.I tried many solutions such as rolling back drivers, update drivers, going back to the old drivers that i was before, using driver sweeper to clean the driver files but nothing helps.So any ideas beside reinstalling the OS how to get everything good and going again ?

Thanks in advance.
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Hi guys
I bought a PCi Radeon 9200, i installed it, but when i turn on my computer on, it doesn't detect it, somebody can help pls,
I got a hp pavilion 513n (Base processor and speed C(W) 1.8 GHz/400 Chipset 845GL Memory Component Attributes RAM (standard) 256/2100 DDR, Video graphics Down Integrated in Chipset, NO AGP slot)

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hi everybody
i look for diver ati mobility radeon 9200 in windows 7 but i didn t find it
help me plz

A:ati mobility radeon 9200 help

ousyous, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The reason you can't find a Windows 7 driver for it is the same as the desktop version of it, there isn't one because ATI never made one and hasn't made a driver for that range of laptop and desktop cards since about 2006. The best you're going to get for it is to use the last XP driver for it from the laptop manufacturer as the desktop version of that driver will not install on it.
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I am a having a problem with my Radon 9200. I just bought it about a month ago and I tried to set it up with my Earth and Beyond test configurator thing. And it says that my card appears to be Fill Rate Limited. But if I put the color depth to 16 bit it doesn't say that it's fill rate limited. The FPS seems to stay at 30 FPS when on the 32 bit color depth. With my Nvidia GeForce 4, it seemed to work a lot better with Earth and Beyond. Is there anyway I can fix this? Plz help! Thanks!

A:ATI Radeon 9200 Problems

Probably get a quicker response if you put this in the hardare forum instead of a forum for graphics and images...
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A friend of mine did an odd thing.
Before installing his new Radeon 9200 vid card. I told him to uninstall his present vid card drivers. Instead he uninstalled the old card from the device manager.
Now that was screwy but shouldn't have been that big of a deal.
Right now he's stuck in default VGA mode. Old drivers are uninstalled. New card and drivers installed but it's stuck in default VGA. The device manager shows two items under display adapters. One is default VGA other is ATI Radeon labeled as secondary. It also shows it as a PCI as opposed to an AGP
Reading through Microsofts knowledge base it appears to be a known bug with the AGP showing as a PCI.
I've told him to get the Win2000 updates/hotfixes but was wondering if anyone else had input.

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Help. my drive vanised. i tried download it online but it says the is no vga driver. my computer is in 4 bit graphics. Helps! also my installation cd cracked cd palyer won't play it. HELP

A:Ati radeon 9200 driver gone

well...your post makes no sense atall BUT here is the ati 9200 driver for xp
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I have a ATI radeon 9200 and has been working fine with windows xp up until now but then i installed windows 7 and when I go to Device Manager it just picks it up as a standard VGA adapter. I really want to play some games and other things but cant as it thinks its just standard. I also looked at CPUID cpuz and it says its ATI but it doesnt pick up that it is 256mb

A:Ati Radeon 9200 with windows 7??

The ATI Radeon 9200 is not supported under Windows 7 (no drivers available from AMD/ATI) .
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i put 7 on this old pc i have that was made with some parts. its got a ati radeon 9200 card in in with 128mb. now i dont think its gonna do aero buts thats not my concern. i wanted to know if there were any drivers that worked with 7 because im stuck on the default res of 1024x 768 and ill i wanna do is get it to my monitors 1440x900.

any help will be appreciated thanks.

A:Windows 7 & ATI Radeon 9200

hm... did you try the legacy drivers from the ati site?
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two years ago roughly i bout a radeon and it worked fine but recently i got a new computer with better everything and the performance is great i can run half-life on full everything with no lag i dont though well on my old computer the video card would lag and now it doesnt but when i play a game for a while the screen either flickers to a black screen than to a screen with distorted color than flickers black and back to game this leaves a error stating that my something about vpu recovry and says i wouldnt be VPU Error 9200 Radeon able to run any d renders yet the game runs perfect the game flickers to a black screen with a sound loop flickers to the game with streched renders flickers black and looses sound than frezzes flickers black and restarts computer my comps is System Microsoft Windows Xp Home Edition Version Service Pack Radeon 9200 VPU Error Prosys - Spm Micro Model AMD Athalon tm Processor Ghz MB of Ram Physical Adress Extention thats what it says under system general i also got the new catalyst driver update from www ati com and i downladed net framework please help if u can nbsp

A:Radeon 9200 VPU Error

usually problems like these are caused by heat and/or failing power supplies. what are your power supply's specs? i'd try running the computer with the case opened, and see if the problems persist. opening the case makes the system generally cooler in operation and may clue in on whether your problem is heat related.
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Hello all. I have a Radeon 9200 256mb graphics card. Now I know this card is good enough to run Knights of the Old Republic I and II. I can play both games for about 15 minutes before my computer crashes. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Radeon 9200 Issues

Get the latest drivers for your graphics card from ATI and download the latest patches for the games. Unpatched KOTOR II had problems with ATI cards.
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I'm running an HP a3040n machine with Win XP PRO/SP3 with all MS updates.
Would this be the correct sequence to re-install the 9200 Radeon?
1. Boot machine into Safe Mode
2. Use add/remove programs to remove all (old) ATI files
3. Install 9200 Radeon card to PCI slot
4. Shut down computer
5. connect VGA cable from 9200 to monitor
6. Re-boot machine into bios and set primary video to PCI
7. Install latest driver from ATI

Thanks for looking...

A:Reinstall Radeon 9200

Do step 3 after step 4. Don't want to be physically installing (or removing) hardware while the PC is on.

I would also add a step 2.5 where you delete anything your display adapter from device manager too.

6 is necessary if you are going from onboard to a PCI card. Are you sure the 9200 is a step up though? Thats a really old card. What is the onboard card, something like a Rage Fury?
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I play every game I tried with this with the omega drivers and they all work fine... F.E.A.R., HL2, nfs mw, the godfather, whatever... Seems to me oblivion should run, but when i get in game everything's bright white and i can't really see, any suggestions on correcting this?

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Hi dirty here :giddy:

Having a prob with my MSI MS-6390 mobo and Radeon SE 9200 video card.

I recently changed over my monitor, as my old 19' was dying a painful death. I switched back to my old 17', but alas, nothing seems to be happening! It doesn't even go to windows, it just locks up completely!

I have re-installed windows, deleted my old drivers, everything I can think of but no joy. I did a quick search on google to see if anyone has had similar probs with this set up, but couldn't find anything.

If anyone has any suggestions please help!


A:HELP-MSI MB and Radeon 9200 Issue

It wouldn't make sense that your computer would lock up by switching monitors (as far as I know). Something else must be the cause.

Can you give us some more details on:

1. why you thought your 19" was dying?
2. what exactly to you mean by "lock up". Mouse freezes? Blue screen? Give us as much detail as you can (when it usually happens as well).
3. Have you changed anything else in your computer lately? Both hardware AND software.
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I just got a 9200 radeon se series and i installed it and everything but I cant switch the 3D option to OpenGL instead of having Direct3D any remedy would be apreciated.

A:9200 Radeon problem

I have never had the need to switch modes manually with that card. If the game requires OpenGL, it kicks in automatically. What is the problem you are having? Do you have the ATI drivers? The default Microsoft drivers do not have OpenGL support.

The most recent Catalyst driver for that card is here (if you have XP):
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Does anyone know where I can find a driver for an ATI RADEON 9200 graphics card that will work with windows seven.

A:ATI Radeon 9200 Driver?

the xp driver will work. no aero. Have you tried it?
Catalyst? 6.11 Display Driver for Windows XP Professional/Home Edition
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I have just reformatted my hd and re-installed windows xp and the Asus A7V600 VIA KT600 8x AGP DDR400 Serial ATA Giga LAN/Sound/USB2 ATA133, 4in1 Driver (with the AGP driver) for the motherboard and the driver for the ATI Radeon 9200 card. The problem is that the display is stuck in 800x600 at 85hz anytime I try and change the refresh rate or the display setting, which is more important, my machine automatically re-boots itself! What can I do so that I can change my display settings, it is becoming really annoying to not be able to change to a decent size screen, as it used to be on 1280x1024!

A:Problem with ATI Radeon 9200

There is an option to restart the system after making display changes. If you hit the advanced button on the screen you are on to change the display setting it's the next screen. Either way your settings should be saved however. So post back if you still have a problem.
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I have been trying for a while now to configure my Radeon 9200 to the correct color/lighting for my desktop and to play games such as The Sims 2. I cannot get it right. The game is always darker than it should be and I can't get the color right for the desktop. I have looked all over the internet for answers but fail to find them in Layman's terms. Also, should I use OpenGL or Direct3D? I am not great at computers but am not totally stupid either. If anyone could help out, I would greatly appreciate the effort. TIA

A:ATI Radeon 9200 configuration help please

Use D3d for the Radeon. On your Radeon settings (icon with ATI on it) when you click on it to open it are you now in control centre, in there there is a section "colour" where you can adjust the gamma brightness etc for the desktop.
I assume the SIMs 2 has an options menu where you can adjust the brighness settings?
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I have an HP Pavillion with a Radeon 9200 (128mb) display card and I'm running XP SP2. I have been experiencing lock-ups and getting the MS Online Crash Analysis showing an unknown error in ATI Graphics Driver. I also get vertical lines across the entire screen sometimes and a message that says the display driver has stopped responding, referencing "ati2dvag".

When I check the drivers in the device manager, it shows 2 entries:
Radeon 9200 SE
Radeon 9200 SE Secondary

I only have one card, so why would 2 show up? I've tried uninstalling them and having HP reinstall, but I always end up with 2.

I'm looking for suggestions? Card Bad? Update drivers from ATI? Please help.

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HI a friend of mine recently brought his computer to my place Se Powercolor 9200 Radeon to fix it up Formatting windows He decided that he wanted the video card to run cooler so he bought a KINGWIN KWVC- Cooler with heatpipes I installed it and everything went fine and smooth He wanted his games to run smoother Powercolor Radeon 9200 Se and I decided to bios flash the video Powercolor Radeon 9200 Se card to a XT which failed dead and I somehow managed by using a PCI card to flash back to the original bios After boot it worked flawlessly angel but when checking in the display properties settings adapter it says unavailable on all of them suspiciou So I deleted the ATI drivers and reinstalled them but failed still it said unavailable So i formatted the computer again and installed the ATI drivers and it still says the same thing If anyone can help me please much help would be appreciated grinthumb Specs P GHZ INTEL D GBF MOTHERBOARD MB of RAM POWERCOLOR RADEON SE MB nbsp

A:Powercolor Radeon 9200 Se

ANYONE??? PLEAZE -sobbing- :knock: :approve: :wave: :hotbounce
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plz help me i bought a new budget saphire radeon 9200 pci card with 128 mb ram
my problem is when when i boot up windows xp it boots to a black screen i have tried formatting and reinstalling with the same problems however it will boot up in safe mode so i am running windows 98 now and it boots up fine with it but i want xp. i tried installing latest drivers in safe mode but that didnt solve it i have the latest bios update i think and the latest motherboard and chipset drivers plz help me thanks btw my system specs are 1gig celeron processor 128mb ram soon going to be upgraded to 256 6wmm7 gigabyte motherboard with intel 810 chipset and onboard 810 graphics chip which is disabled for new radeon which only boots up properly in 98

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ipc config:-
p4 1.5ghz
512 ram
ati radeon 9200 se

i had nvidia riva tnt model 64 b4 i uninstalled the drivers and replaced the card.
when i started my comp it detected my ati card so i installed the driver from the cd they provided while installing windows gave an error sayinf "not digitally signed driver". i choose to continue anyways. now i cant install the lates version of drivers n becoz of that i cant play games
kindly help

A:Ati Radeon 9200 se problem

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Uninstall all your graphics card drivers, for Nvidia and ATI from add remove programmes in your control panel. Reboot your machine.

Download and run the free Driver cleaner pro programme from HERE . Read the instructions carefully. Boot into safe mode, then run the cab cleaner first for both Nvidia and ATI. then, run the driver cleaner for both NVidia and ATI.

Reboot your computer and install the latest drivers for your Current video card, from the ATI website.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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I am trying to get my radeon mb video card to work After several days of it not being able to enable AGP I made a post about that already nothing was working so I reformated my PC downloaded the latest and greatest drivers and managed to get everything to work I have a in via driver for my soyo kt dragon ultra motherboard that needs to be Radeon 9200 crashing installed Radeon 9200 crashing to make agp work I have the correct driver for my card and it worked for several days Then I downloaded a whole bunch of windows updates and it began crashing whenever I load a game half of the time using vpu recover to restart and the other half just restarting by itself It also randomly restarts sometimes when I try using mozilla firefox or am just looking at my hardware config dxdiag tells me that directDraw acceleration Direct D acceleration and AGP texture acceleration are all enabled and they work properly when I test them My ati and omega i keep switching between the two to see if the other will work control panels both tell me that AGP x is enabled as well as AGP read write and fastwrite I have my AGP aperture set to mb and AGP read write and fastwrite all enabled in my BIOS All that said just to say everything appears to be set up correctly until I try and load a game WoW and it freezes although it worked with the same drivers yesterday before I installed windows updates Any suggestions besides rolling back my windows updates and never installing them nbsp

A:Radeon 9200 crashing

wow that is a tough scenerio,anyway first dont set yo aperture to 128mb,leave it to default,then make sure that your primary vga is AGP that is all in bios setup.lastly go to control panel + administrative tools + event viewer then find out what exact causes the crashng,hanging etc.then repost a new question.otherwise i think its not your card but conflict in u should think of catalyists.wish u luck. R
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I bought a new video card about 3 months ago I bought a ATI Radeon 9200 SE series and its been working fine up untill now I was playing Counter Strike and the Screen minimized and the screen colors got twisted and wierd then I got a error message that said something along the lines of my display driver was messed up or something I didnt get the whole thing before it went away and for a while when I got to the video card specs it says it had 64mb ram when the card has 128mb when I installed it.

A:Radeon 9200 problem

We need to know more info about ur PC and your setup before we can give a definitive answer to your problem. Theres a post on this thread at the top about what you need to list.

Now, if i just had to take a guess at it i would say that you need to uninstall / reinstall ur video driver. Check Radeon's site for a new/updated driver for you card.
Note: you may have to go into safemode to uninstall the driver you have depending on the OS you are running. Listed below is Radeons Site.
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Hi My problem is that everytime I try to play a game Radeon Games ATI crashing 9200 any game Ive tried so ATI Radeon 9200 Games crashing far The screen goes black for a few seconds and then the game minimises itself - it locks up Clicking on the minimised screen only causes the same thing to happen again - At first I thought it was my video driver and so have reinstalled from the disk I got from the computer manufacturer After using a driver cleaner This has only added to my problems because now I keep getting the quot found new hardware quot wizard when I restart my computer - even though the driver appears to be installed OK Annoyingly this is a newish computer and has caused me nothing but crap since I got it Anyway can anyone give me any ideas as to what might cause my computer to not allow me to play games apart from the video driver my spec is Processor AMD Athlon -bit OS Microsoft Windows XP Home DirectX Video driver - ATI Radeon series RAM GB Help would be appreciated cheers Jenny x

A:ATI Radeon 9200 Games crashing

One thread per problem is adequate...................

See here

Thread Closed
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Hi I ve recently reformated my computer and my ATI Radeon MB videocard and i ve installed it to the computer and updated my computer with windows update After that I installed a couple of my favorite games like counter-strike warcraft raven shield etc etc High graphic games but when I play any game that are highed graphic right in the begining at the load of the game the colors Radeon 9200 128MB - Help! (Problem!) ATI flickers and soon ATI Radeon 9200 128MB - Help! (Problem!) gets unstable If I stayed at the screen for more than seconds the computer freezes and soon gives me a msg that that the ATI card had a problem like the screen SEND ERR ATI Radeon 9200 128MB - Help! (Problem!) R REPORT - DON T SEND it happens to other high graphic games to But viewing videos work normally Even if I test direct d during one of the testing it flickers and freezes the comp also resulting a reboot I Need help please I know people here I have solve many people problem I hope you could solve mines PS If you don t know what I mean in colors flickering and unstable could you tell me where I can get a program to ScreenShot the problem when it occurs Thanks in Advance - Kai nbsp

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Right to start with I am not even totally sure whether Radeon PROBLEM ATi SE 9200 sapphire this is the right place to post this kind of query but i am starting to try the long shots now Basically I got a Radeon ATi sapphire SE graphics card and dropped it seconds before placing it into my computer Radeon ATi sapphire 9200 SE PROBLEM I thought quot Oh bugger I m sure it ll be OK quot and continued with the replacement I switched on the computer and the mobo didnt like it much So i removed it from the comp and checked it over to find a massive chip i e chunk missing from component AMP L I have since found out that this is an N-channel Enhancement Mode MOSFET in TO- DPAK form Now the question is Radeon ATi sapphire 9200 SE PROBLEM Does any one know of any other video cards that contain this MOSFET OR if another MOSFET component would do in its place All my searches and leads have turned out useless unanswered I picked this card up in a working state for So i would seriously consider buying a cheap and or broken card to strip for this part as i cant get it anywhere else Cheers nbsp

A:Radeon ATi sapphire 9200 SE PROBLEM

It's posted in the right place, and I wouldn't bother to try and fix it, a new one will be easier to deal with (they are not that expensive). There is always the possibility that you could damage the card further and you don't want to do that. Sorry about the card though.
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I have an older PC with two graphics cards installed a nVidia and ATI GS 9200 Radeon 8400 Sparkle nVidia GS PCI MB nVidia 8400 GS and ATI Radeon 9200 DVI HDMI VGA and an ATI Radeon AGP MB Analog VGA The GS has been working perfectly no problems whatsoever The Radeon has also been working perfectly but the thing is I can't seem to get them to work at the same time I've consulted the almighty Google many times over a couple of months and haven't been able to find an answer that works for me I'm going to have two outputs from the GS and one nVidia 8400 GS and ATI Radeon 9200 output from the Radeon when I'm done If I am ever done with this silly contraption I believe it worked perfectly on windows nVidia 8400 GS and ATI Radeon 9200 XP too long ago for me to remember but that's a whole different animal to deal with I would really appreciate the help if anyone has any solutions If there's anything else I can tell you I would be glad to Also when I shut down while using the Radeon I got a BSOD but as I understand that seems to be a common problem It's am where I am and I'd love to get to bed but thank goodness for Thanksgiving break Also yes I know the Radeon is way old but it's all I have for now --Devan

A:nVidia 8400 GS and ATI Radeon 9200

as far as i know youll never get an Nvida and an ATI card to work in any combination together.
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I recently changed from windows ME to XP My card used to work perfectly But with xp its not After radeon Ati problem! 9200 driver catalyst installation is completed they prompt a msg to reboot After rebooting everything goes fine BUT if i reboot once again the display are at X and bit color Ati control panel tells me wether they are no drivers isntalled or they might be corrupted It does the same thing with any version I have tried VIA in driver Dont bother asking if i uninstalled any previous ati driver before installing the lastest catalyst fresh windows xp install with sp and updates This is getting really anoying half a month am on it now My motherboard bios chipsets windows they re all updated I have tried the lastest CAT CAt Drivers from the cd manual install of CAT and the driver that windows update DLed I really dont want to get back to that crappy win ME my connection is faster and other stuff like Ati radeon 9200 driver problem! that If you guys could help me up that d be great nbsp

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wuzzzzzap well i dun kno 9200 PROBLEM 128mb RADEON SE much bout computers RADEON 9200 SE 128mb PROBLEM like you know not alot so i need some help my friends my computer keeps blacking out ye kno like my monitor wud jus go black da screen and den i wud restart den my monitor wudn t receive any signal from da computer only after i restart like thousand times i dun deserve dissss land den after i get to the desktop it says this Computer restarted after an unexpected shutdown Microsoft windows detected a possible device failure The driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing operation Please check with the device manufacturer for a driver update The display driver for RADEON SE seems to be responsible for this system instability i dont know much i just know enough but not like da experts on dis site lol i really need helpppp thanks fo your support bye bye rolleyes reallly aprreciate it i duno da guy who fixed my computer said its amazing and for real it was until i played dis cheapppp shockwave game i dont understand he told me this video card is amazing what do you think the problem is pleaseee help because i am a student and i need to continue on my work with my computer thanks alot jat really appreciate nbsp


oh yes i forgot .. to include my system information ... well here it is :

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name STUDENT
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~3097 Mhz
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~3097 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Award Software, Inc. ASUS P4B533 ACPI BIOS Revision 1013, 1/13/2003
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Total Physical Memory 512.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 240.65 MB
Total Virtual Memory 1.72 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.23 GB
Page File Space 1.22 GB
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Hi, I am going to purchase an ATI RADEON 9200 Video Card 256MB DDR for 120.00$ and I need to know if this card is good or not.

I know that the ATI 9200 series have no fans which I think is bad because, the chances on overheating is higher than the others that does have fans.

I have 3 questions.
1) Any advice on how to keep this card from overheating?

2) From the other ATI Radeon 9200 series what is the difference between the 128MB and the 256MB DDR?

3) Following that question, What does it basicly improve during gameplay?


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Hello guys,
I am using an older ATI RADEON 9200 card and its started to give me problems.
I noticed it when i tried to install a legal Medal Of Honor game.
It led me to notice i have no access into the Catalyst Control Centre where you can make adjustments too the setting of the card.
Everytime i try to access the Catalyst Control Centre i get a "Fatal Execution Engine Error(0x7927f26e)" message and cant open the program. I uninstalled and reinstalled the Catalyst Control Centre + drivers but still have no access.
If anyone has any suggestions for a fix or where i can get information on this problem it would help alot as im starting to think maybe the card is DEAD.

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Hi Guys First post here - so HI Ok I have a Radeon graphics card in a P ASUS P S mobo I have two machines - same specs and each are crashing This is what happens screen freezes Screen corruption - blurry lines screen refreshes and card crashing 9200 Radeon system can be used again ATI Catalyst Centre informs me there has been a crash and an error report will Radeon 9200 card crashing be sent Graphics are really slow moving a window across the screen is done in jagged slow movements Radeon 9200 card crashing instead of one quick smooth motion for example We reboot to get the system back to normal state We work in a home office on pcs and this has been happening for weeks now It can happen once a day three times seven times a Radeon 9200 card crashing day v annoying The following are links vidcap of screen corruption as the crash event happens video in wmv format kb of the crash event taken with a minidv excuse the reflection of me with the cam holding a biscuit Further down the page is system information I have noticed in it that the asus graphics mobo processor is enabled sis - is it possible that there is a conflict between the radeon and the sis processor Your thoughts and any pointers would be most helpful Cheers Name RADEON SERIES PNP Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C B amp REV amp AFFAA D amp amp Adapter Type RADEON Series AGP x ATI Technologies Inc compatible Adapter Description RADEON SERIES Adapter RAM MB bytes Installed Drivers ati dvag dll Driver Version INF File oem inf ati mtag RV section Color Planes Color Table Entries Resolution x x hertz Bits Pixel Memory Address xF - xF FFFFFF I O Port x D - x D FF Memory Address xD - xD FFFF IRQ Channel IRQ I O Port x B - x BB I O Port x C - x DF Memory Address xA - xBFFFF Driver c windows system drivers ati mtag sys MB bytes - - PM Name RADEON SERIES - Secondary PNP Device ID PCI VEN amp DEV D amp SUBSYS C B amp REV amp AFFAA D amp amp Adapter Type RADEON Series Secondary AGP x D ATI Technologies Inc compatible Adapter Description RADEON SERIES - Secondary Adapter RAM MB bytes Installed Drivers ati dvag dll Driver Version INF File oem inf ati mtag RV section Color Planes Not Available Color Table Entries Not Available Resolution Not Available Bits Pixel Not Available Memory Address xE - xFEBFFFFF Memory Address xD - xD FFFFFF Driver c windows system drivers ati mtag sys MB bytes - - PM I O Port x - x CF PCI bus I O Port x - x CF Direct memory access controller I O Port x C - x DF SIS Processor to AGP Controller I O Port x C - x DF RADEON SERIES IRQ Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System IRQ SiS PCI to USB Open Host Controller Memory Address xD - xD FFFFFF SIS Processor to AGP Controller Memory Address xD - xD FFFFFF RADEON SERIES - Secondary Memory Address xE - xFEBFFFFF SIS Processor to AGP Controller Memory Address xE - xFEBFFFFF RADEON SERIES - Secondary IRQ SiS -Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter IRQ SoftV Data Fax Modem Memory Address xA - xBFFFF PCI bus Memory Address xA - xBFFFF SIS Processor to AGP Controller Memory Address xA - xBFFFF RADEON SERIES I O Port x B - x BB SIS Processor to AGP Controller I O Port x B - x BB RADEON SERIES nbsp

A:Radeon 9200 card crashing

"Further down the page is system information. I have noticed in it that the asus graphics mobo processor is enabled (sis) - is it possible that there is a conflict between the radeon and the sis processor?"

no it is not possible, that is not your problem...
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Hi, My OS is Windows 7 I have a 128 MB Graphic card. But I can't activate the Aero Peak, because when I go to screen resolution, Advanced Settings it says that Total Available Graphic Memory is 16 MB. I think that the best driver is not installed. I go to Device Manager and My Display Adapters Is known as Standard VGA Graphic Adapters, I click it with the right button and I select Update Driver Software... and it says that the best driver software for this device is already installed, But I know that My Graphic is 128 MB, because in my other HDD I have installed Windows Xp, And XP knows as 128 MB Graphic Card, and in Device Manager Under The Display Adapters is known as ATI MOBILITY/READON 9200-AGP(0X5C63).

This is What The Eerest Ultimatum Software Know the Graphic.
Where Can I find a Driver For This Graphic Card For Windows 7

A:ATI Mobility Radeon 9200 - AGP - Windows 7. 32 bit


Welcome to Seven Forums

Have a look at this thread

Hope this helps

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Hi I have windows xp and recently purchased a radeon 9200 128 mb agp video card so I could play a new game. Well I have the video card installed in the computer but whenever I try to install the software from the disc, it says:

Setup was unable to complete installation.
Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA
driver before running setup.

The main computer's device manager says that I have some Radeon FSC driver installed, but thats not what I have.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

A:Radeon 9200 Video Card Help

The Radeon FSC is the Microsoft provided driver.

Few things to do, first off you must uninstall any old video drivers from your computer. Go to Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and uninstall any old drivers such as ATI, Nvidia, Intel Extreme, and others. You should also run this Catalyst driver uninstaller:

Then I would be using the latest Catalyst driver as it will include numerous improvements over the driver provided on the CD.
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wussup well i dun kno much bout computers like you know not alot so i need some help my friends my computer RADEON PROBLEM SE 128mb 9200 keeps blacking out ye kno like my monitor wud jus go black da screen and den i RADEON 9200 SE 128mb PROBLEM wud restart den RADEON 9200 SE 128mb PROBLEM my monitor wudn t receive any signal from da computer only after i restart like thousand times i dun deserve dissss land den after i get to the desktop it says this Computer restarted after an unexpected shutdown Microsoft windows detected a possible device failure The driver for the display device was unable to complete a drawing operation Please check with the device manufacturer for a driver update The display driver for RADEON SE seems to be responsible for this system instability i dont know much i just know enough but not like da experts on dis site lol i really need helpppp thanks fo your support bye bye reallly aprreciate it i duno da guy who fixed my computer said its amazing and for real it was until i played dis cheapppp shockwave game i dont understand he told me this video card is amazing what do you think the problem is pleaseee help because i am a student and i need to continue on my work with my computer thanks alot p s usually this is how i have experienced these problems the screen would freeze than i restart than it goes up to the professional start up screen right before the welcome sign comes and than my monitor will go off so therefore i pull the wire in the back that is connected to my computer the monitor one and than i put it back and than i see it says no signal and than i restart a few more times and than the error message comes which i have said before please i really need help because my mommmy bought me dis cpu lol and i dont want make her feel like we got ripped off thankss jat really appreciate nbsp


oh yes i forgot .. to include my system information ... well here it is :

OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
Version 5.1.2600 Build 2600
OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
System Name STUDENT
System Type X86-based PC
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~3097 Mhz
Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 7 GenuineIntel ~3097 Mhz
BIOS Version/Date Award Software, Inc. ASUS P4B533 ACPI BIOS Revision 1013, 1/13/2003
SMBIOS Version 2.3
Total Physical Memory 512.00 MB
Available Physical Memory 240.65 MB
Total Virtual Memory 1.72 GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.23 GB
Page File Space 1.22 GB
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I have a Radeon 9200. Went to the ATI website, and downloaded the 6.11 package, which seems to be relatively new.

Shall I still use the older 6.5 package for my card?

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So I've got a Dell Dimension 3000 with Radeon 9200 PRO graphics chips in them. Unfortunately, they stopped working when I (stupidly) used Driver Sweeper to erase the drivers. Now when I boot Windows XP, the splash screen will show up, then the screen will go black. Safe Mode works, though. When attempting to reinstall the driver I get a message: "Inf file error. Try to install after installing a VGA driver." So I extracted the driver EXE and had the Device Manager try to install the extracted drivers. It recognized the cards as Radeon 9250 series cards. So that installed, but to no avail. I've tried System Restore, but that will fail saying it can't get past the splash screen. How can I get back to using Windows without fresh-installing?

A:Radeon 9200 PRO- Driver issue

Hi jerbear64, you mentioned that safe mode is functional, how far back did you try to restore? Have you tried F8 and boot to "Last Known Good Configuration"? Or boot to safe mode with command prompt and run chkdsk /f.
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1. screen freezes.
2. Screen corruption - blurry lines
3. screen refreshes and system can be used again.
4. ATI Catalyst Centre informs me there has been a crash and an error report will be sent.
5. Graphics are really slow (moving a window across the screen is done in jagged slow movements instead of one quick smooth motion for example).
6. We reboot to get the system back to normal state

Please tell me how to fix this.

A:Radeon 9200 card crashing

Laptop or desktop computer?( Post your system specs in order for someone to help you). Here are three things it could be. 1. It could be a heat issue. 2. Update the drivers. 3. card is going bad. Hang in there someone else might have some suggestion to help you to.
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anyone know driver for ati 9200 for windows7??


A:Help..ATI Radeon 9200 driver for win7

I have an ATi Radeon 9200 too,

I just did this
"Install xp driver from the 6.11 catalyst pack manually. It allows you to set your optimal resolution, however you won't be able to shut down your computer regulary, you will get blue screen.
To install the xp driver manually, download this pack, and after it unpack itself to c:\, exit the installer. Then go to device manager, and select "Update Driver Software". Select "Browse my computer..." and set the "ATI" folder on C:\. That's all.
I think the main problem is there isn't any vista driver to radeon 9200."
Sleep and hibernate functions don't work (shutdown and restart work fine and i haven't got any blue screen), but now i can set my best resolution (1680x1050) and play some games (like Warcraft 3 and windows' games: chess, hearts, checkers...)
It isn't the complete solution but is better than nothing...

[Sorry my bad english, i hope you understand..]

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I'm not a gamer, just a programmer using Windows XP. Intel Active Alert Monitor says temperature exceeds maximum 140 degrees F. in
system zone 2. I removed motherboard from chassis and ran outside of box with no metal contact. Problem still exists. Replaced with an identical Intel D865PERL motherboard and got same issue.

I noticed that this occurs whenever the screen saver with high-level graphics is running. I haven't noticed this problem except when PC has been sittiing unused for a bit. Switching to the Windows XP screen saver eliminates problem; but the cpu, motherboad, video card are 2 months old, so I don't like using a "workaround". Plus, I do play some games on occasion.
Anything I can do?

A:Is ATI Radeon 9200 overheating motherboard?

Most 9200s use a passive heatsink instead of a heatsink/fan which can get really hot when the card is stressed. Some cards have holes where you can install a fan. Do you have a space in the front of your case for a case fan to blow on the card?
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I m not quite sure if this belongs in the games or hardware forums Kinda game related so I m just giving it a shot here My computer is very stable unless I decide to play World of Warcraft When that happens it runs about - minutes at a time before the computer screen goes black and A Stays that way with a sharp buzzing sound in the speakers or B Restarts on its own I have the case s siding off because I Solved: a 9200 have the Radeon doesn't Why fan? thought it was a heating issue it may still be but the computer restarts only when I run WoW I don t see how the video card would have ample cooling without having a fan on it and I m not sure if I can just throw one on it and be good to Solved: Why doesn't the Radeon 9200 have a fan? go Any way I can make my computer run cooler to see if the problem deals with cooling besides throwing a fan on nbsp

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the ati radeon 9200 works with a 300w power supply?

sorry for my english, I'm from Argentina ^^

A:Radeon 9200 work with a 300W PSU?

Yes it should work just fine.
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If any of you are having a problem when you re playing with the screen going black but the sound continues playing so you know that the system hasn t crashed or suffered a fatal error or maybe you get an error that says quot VPU Recovery quot I ve found a solution that may work for you All you need to do is to go into your display properties click on Options and check the quot Reduce DVI Frequency on High Resolution Displays Owners to Advice Radeon 9200 quot box This allows the graphic card to keep things in check at high resolutions and there s a much lower chance of a display freeze I used it with True Crime which was continually freezing and it couldn t be working any better No visual spearing or lag in the framerate I haven t yet tested it when running other games but I ll do that and get back to you all I apologise if this has already Advice to Radeon 9200 Owners been posted I just thought it may be the solution to some of your problems nbsp

A:Advice to Radeon 9200 Owners

What kind of monitor connection are you using, DVI or the standard VGA connection?
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I would like to know which one is better? I was surfing on and noticed the had a 256 mb ddr 9200 that runs at 200mhz(core speed) and 400mhz(Effective Speed), but they had a FX 5200 256 mb ddr that runs at 250mhz(Core) and 332mhz(Effective). I couldn't find a 5200 with 256mb that runs the same as the Radeon... if you know of a webstore that has one plz give me link, if the FX 5200 is better. So can someone plz tell me which card would be the best. Link to Geforce, and link to Radeon

A:Radeon 9200 Vs. Geforce FX 5200

Dude, with the X800 cards now becoming available on the market, prices are dropping fast on vid cards. Hold of for another couple weeks at least.

Both of the cards you are mentioning are junk, to be perfectly honest. Well, at least if you play PC games they are. Wait, and get yourself a 9800 Pro as the price comes down!
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...without using a generic driver? I never got it to fire under Vista so I figured I would give it one last shot. The notebook is pretty nice for its age so I wanted to see if it will work. Thank you!


A:Any way to get a Mobility Radeon 9200 working?

I have a Mobility Radeon 9000 in my laptop and it works fine. Aero doesn't work but other than that I've had no problems. As long as you're using build 7057 or higher the drivers should be there and work just fine.
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Okay, to start this off I did do research and my issue is similar to this thread:

I play CS and I have a Radeon 9200 SE 128mb (AGP CARD). I get 100fps when i dont see any action, when I see people and they start shooting back my FPS drops to about 50-70 FPS. I disabled Vsync, I install the latest ATI catalyst, and i turned all functions from Quality to PERFORMANCE. I tried ati_npatch 0 and ati_subdiv 0, i tried various other commands but no change. I am running OpenGL.. (my other specs: intel pentium 4 3 ghz, 512mb ram, 40gb hd)

Please.. Help me

I appreciate it

A:Radeon 9200 SE Sapphire PROBLEMS

bump.. please help any1
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i recently got alot of upgrades for my com and i decided to give my old components to a friend which were mb SD RAM motherboard not sure what brand all ano is that its red lol AMD Athlon and a Radeon SE mb ddr I got it all installed and its running fine except teh grafix card Now it has this thing where you can maximise the performance wher u can put it up to x all the options when i had it this is what it said an its what it says it can do on teh box are x x x and x an naturally i always have it on x but when i put it in after i had it all set up again and installed the drivers SE 9200 performing not fully Radeon :S from the disc but it was only sayin it could go up to x unch i hoped Radeon 9200 SE not fully performing :S that all i needed was updated updated drivers but i updated them from windows update an it went down to x S S an its affecxting the performance it ran better when i had Radeon 9200 SE not fully performing :S it does neone have ne ideas p s i scanned the bios incase its not letting it perform fully but i couldnt find anything nbsp

A:Radeon 9200 SE not fully performing :S

If you're talking about AGP8x, do you know if your motherboard supports AGP8x? If it's any consolation, there's virtually no performance difference between AGP4x and AGP8x...
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I have a Radeon 9200 and my old LCD just crapped out. I want to use a new wide screen monitor that suggests a setting of 1980x1050 and the highest setting allowed is 1280x1024. I have spent over an hour on ATI's site unsuccessfullly looking for any info that will allow me to upgrade the drivers to get a higher setting? I tried to call but they are closed for the holiday. I don't even know if it is possible to upgrade the drivers to get a higher resolution setting. So basically my question is will upgrading a driver get me a higher resolution or do I need to get a new video card? Thanks for any input. GD

A:question RE: Radeon 9200 Settings

I have the 9200SE but couldn't get any driver upgrade to work. It's very much yesterdays kit.
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Hey! I have a Radeon 9200 SE

and for some reason the AGP wont turn on, i put it on and it asks to restart and i do so and it just is at off again. Why is this?

The driver version is i think. Its the latest 1 i think.

I dont have my old cd anyone plz help

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Okay so I just bought my first computer and after a little while decided I wanted to be able to play a few games which involved upgrading my video card not unusual so I went out and bought a used radeon video card my computer -------- EVEREST Home Edition c - Lavalys Inc ------------------------------------------------------------ Version EVEREST v Homepage http www lavalys com Report Type problems RADEON installation 9200 HELP!!! ATI Quick Report Computer Generator Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition WinXP Retail Date - - Time -------- Summary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS Service Pack Service Pack DirectX DirectX c Computer Name User Name Motherboard CPU Type Intel HELP!!! ATI RADEON 9200 installation problems Pentium MHz x Motherboard HELP!!! ATI RADEON 9200 installation problems Name Dell Dimension Motherboard Chipset Intel Morgan Hill i GV System Memory MB DDR SDRAM BIOS Type Phoenix Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port ECP Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter Intel R G Graphics Controller MB D Accelerator Intel Extreme Graphics Monitor Dell E FP quot LCD Y J TKY Multimedia Audio Adapter Intel EB ICH HELP!!! ATI RADEON 9200 installation problems - AC Audio Controller Storage IDE Controller Intel R EB Ultra ATA Storage Controllers Disk Drive SAMSUNG SP N GB RPM Ultra-ATA Optical Drive HL-DT-ST CD-ROM GCR- B x CD-ROM Optical Drive SONY CD-RW CRX E x x x CD-RW SMART Hard Disks Status OK Partitions C NTFS MB MB free Input Keyboard Standard -Key or Microsoft Natural PS Keyboard Mouse HID-compliant mouse Game Controller Microsoft PC-joystick driver Network Network Adapter Intel R PRO VE Network Connection Network Adapter WAN PPP SLIP Interface Modem Intel R EP V x DF PCI Modem Peripherals Printer Fax Printer Intuit Internal Printer USB Controller Intel EB ICH - USB Universal Host Controller USB Controller Intel EB ICH - USB Universal Host Controller USB Controller Intel EB ICH - USB Universal Host Controller USB Controller Intel EB M ICH -M - Enhanced USB Controller USB Device Logitech WingMan Action Pad USB Device USB Human Interface Device is that I ve been trying to install this card with the aid of dell techincal support the intel video card is integrated and won t seem to turn off What happened Turn off computer disconnect power cable disconnect video cable Open case unscrew slot cover place video card in PCI slot screw into place close cover reattach power cable reattach video cable to the new card turn on computer install recently downloaded driver from ati restart computer pages are enlarged wallpaper is properly displayed but icons are enlaged check display driver and the intel video card driver is still running turn off computer diconnect power cable and video cable open case remove video card close case reattach video cable to integrated card reconnect power cable turn computer on no video card worky dead okay so the first dell technician tells me I have to disable the video card by entering the BIOS and turning off the card however the second and third techinicians tell me this is unneccesary I talked to the first technician prior to actually buying the card to see what I was in for on my second and third calls to dell techincal support they guide me through the installation process and as is described above it does not seem to be working oh by the way the second technician tells me I need a new driver so I download a new one and the same thing happened ack thppt when I evter the BIOS I have the option of auto and onboard but so far have refrained from touching it it sounds like it s that but am unwilling to try it besides I don t want to do this without it being a prescribed measure HELP if there is any information you want related to this just ask also I need to buy a sound card probably is the integrted sound card Direct X compatible the t... Read more

A:HELP!!! ATI RADEON 9200 installation problems

I?m no expert at this, but when I installed my pci card, I didn?t need to do anything in BIOS. I tried, but forgot which button to press at startup, and that was that.
Anyway, I just went to Control Panel / System / Device Manager and disabled the Intel Extreme Graphics (Right click it).
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i brought my computer about 2 years ago, amd athalon 2.6 running xp.
i have a radeon 9200 graphics card, but when playing half life 2 i was prompted to update my driver. i didnt bother at first but started to notice problems with the textures on characters. i updated to the catalyst drive
an this seems to have made it worse. they look fine close up but from a distance they are all patchy.
the games i have noticed it in are unreal tournament 2004, half life 2 and the sims 2.
i read another thread suggesting omega drivers but they have made no difference.

i cant find any other info on this card on the ati site, nor on the net so im at a loss as to where to download the right driver from, if there is one.

any help would be great.

charlie lawrence

A:radeon 9200 texture problem

I Googled: ati 9200 driver

and among the results found this one:

If it is not current enough, check out some of the other hits.
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Today I was playing a game, when right out of the blue the whole screen changed to a bunch of weird funky colorful lines. I restarted my computer, which gave me a black screen with grey vertical flashing lines. I tried to take the video card out, and put it back in, and it did the same thing upon booting the computer back up.
I then had to reset the cmos by using the jumper, which set my bios back to default settings (and onboard video thankfully, considering I couldn't access anything otherwise). Is this a dead (or dying) video card?
Just want to be sure before I go buy a new card

A:Video Card help (ATI Radeon 9200 SE)

could always try it in another computer to be sure it died.......
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I just installed a Gigabyte Radeon 9200 Video card into my 3 year old system. The monitor is a new Planar MX 17". I am using the DVI output on the card and the DVI input on the monitor. The card seems to work well enough EXCEPT for a distortion on the windows desktop. About every 1" to 1.2" there is a vertical distortion. This causes the "start" button to look like S!art. It is also affecting a calander I have on the desktop as well. This same distortion repeats. However, it is not present in any open window. Open windows only show this distortion in the top left cornere. The windows maximize box sometimes looks like it starts with two || vertical lines. And sometimes the question mark is doubled as well ??.


PS My wife told me not to update the computer. Should I have listened?
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Recently formated my HP ZT3000 and since my sis works for MS, I have cheap copies of Win7 to install.

Won't recognize display device. REPEAT - THERE IS NO "Display Device" listed at all in Device Manager.

In addition, the Intel 82855PM - 3341 AGP controller is showing as not working, not enough resources.

I of course searched far and wide for solutions. Here's what I tried to far:

Install Omega ATI Drivers - no luck

Install XP 9200 drivers from HP in WinXP SP3 Compatibility mode, not dice - gives me error message to try installing a Standard VGA driver.

Enabled Remote Desktop and remoted in from another Win7 computer. No display device listed still and AGP controller still not working. Same VGA driver error if I try to install the drivers from HP.

Connected laptop to external monitor and tried the same, same results.


A:ATI Radeon Mobility 9200 Problem


I am sorry, but I believe your machine is too old to run Windows 7. You can look here, but I had no luck.

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Okay I have an older Gateway system that I got back in It s first generation P with the chipset The card I got with it at the time was the RADEON VE DVD Issues RADEON 9200 Playback SE which was based RADEON 9200 SE DVD Playback Issues on the chipset It s a MB card and has pretty much run everything I ve put through it In fact the one time I tried to update the drivers on it I had to roll them back because it gave me the issues that I m running into now I just got City of Heroes and tried to run it on my system The minimum requirement for graphics card is a RADEON or GeForce So I went out and got a RADEON SE since the is no longer in production It plays the game absolutely fine The problem I m running into which like I said earlier I ran into with the updated drivers on the VE is with DVD Playback in either Windows Media or RealPlayer InterActual as well for that matter Any DVD I try to play will run through the FBI warning at the beginning play through the normal studio crap and get through to the menu Then suddenly it will reboot my system Has anyone experienced this problem What can I do to fix it My system Intel P GHz GB chipset motherboard MB PC RDRAM GB Western Dig HDD MB RADEON SE SoundBlaster Live Hitachi GD- DVD-ROM NEC NR- A CDRW MS Win XP Pro Running in FAT not NTFS SP a DirectX b All the reviews say it supports DirectX only but the box says it has full DX support Currently running Catalyst drivers came with the card I ve updated to Catalyst but it did nothing to change the problem so my last load I left them at I ve done BIOS updates driver installs just about everything Any advice nbsp

A:RADEON 9200 SE DVD Playback Issues

Anyone? Anyone? Something D-O-O economics...?
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i was browsing the wal-mart website and i found a radeon 9200 128 MB APG for $81 should i buy this my current video card is poo! its like 8mb! tell me if this is a good idea and a good deal

A:Radeon 9200 128 MB APG Is it a good card?

NOOOOOOOOOOO. If you do any kind of gaming you need to get at least a Radeon 9600 or nVidia 5700. You can find both online for $70-80. Check This one will beat the pants off the 9200
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I have an ATi Radeon 9200,

I just did this :

"Install xp driver from the 6.11 catalyst pack manually. It allows me to set my optimal resolution,however i'm not able to shut down my computer regulary, I get blue screen. And sometimes i get blue screen with no reason at all!!"

Does anyone know what's wrong with my computer?

A:ATI Radeon 9200 driver for win7 problem!!

When you first installed W7 did Windows install a generic driver for that card? Did the system run as expected with the Windows driver?

If yes then roll back the driver, or uninstall all the ATI software and do a System Restore to a point before you installed the ATI package.

For some of these older cards it is better to just stay with a less fully functional driver that works than it is to run a full driver package that doesn't IMHO.
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on two different computers i installed this radeon 9200 video card and after intsalling driver either from the disk or the web the image becomes to large for the moniter i tried all display settings in xp and in ati program so far nothing worked,tried different drivers,moniter settings,updates,changed memory,wondering is this a card just gone bad

A:Display too large for screen ATI Radeon 9200

i figured it out ,re installed driver with complete ati program,went to advanced user settings and changed moniter settings,works fine