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Need advice for buying a new Notebook

Q: Need advice for buying a new Notebook

Hi guys I want to buy a new notebook for college use probably hours a day but not consecutive something durable enough that lasts years My usage is like internet movies light Need a for Notebook new buying advice gaming CS Source COD Prototype Fifa and the regular apps and softwares like photoshop movie maker virtualdj and I do use torrents Need advice for buying a new Notebook occasionally I ll probably go for Windows given the lack of new windows notebooks - don t know if it s only in India According to this usage description do tell if Need advice for buying a new Notebook I need to elaborate can you please suggest if I m in the right direction So far I ve thought of this CPU is i - u or i - m or i - m pls advice which is best and why GB Need advice for buying a new Notebook RAM GPU is GB radeon or nvidia HDD - TB Brand lenovo dell hp samsung if you ve used aany of these brands let me know about your experience I live in India and I m going to buy from a local retailer Budget is I ve seen these notebooks http www flipkart com computer co EBVBGXD JPQ COMDDQRNMWHH SZK COMDEH SRNBYVC J Lenovo Ideapad Z - Dell Inspiron R i - U GB GB GB Radeon Samsung NP E C-S IN Thanks in advance nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Need advice for buying a new Notebook

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Need advice for buying a new Notebook

Is that $700 USD or Rupee? Try to get at least 8GB of DDR3 RAM 4GB is not enough. 3GB with the OS and 2GB free after apps. i3 is okay make sure that is 2GHz the lowest 1.7GHz. GPU 512MB min 1GB mid or 2GB high. HDD 320 to 750GB. With the price range you have you can get some really nice here.
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Hello friends I am planning to buy a Notebook and need some help from you experts Best buy is selling Medion - Notebook for with about in mail in rebates Has anyone used this brand before It s new in US but has been around in europe for quite some time This notebook with te three year performance plan will be about The other option is Compaq - Presario Notebook with Intel Centrino This one will be close to with the three year performance plan Planned use mostly to be used by my wife when I am using the desktop at home But I woul be doing presentations and graphics intensive work on it as well when I am using it The medion has the on a notebook advice need buying following things less than Compaq AMD Vs Centrino gig Vs gig PCIMCI card neede Vs wireless ready quot Vs quot KB L cache KB L Vs MB on die Level S Savage GFX UMA Vs ATI Mobility RADEON Everything else is pretty much identical KB L cache KB L Vs MB on die Level What exactly does this mean in speed and multi tasking Thanking you all in advance Akshay nbsp

A:need advice on buying a notebook

personally, i've seen nothing but nightmares from compaq presarios. now granted its a very very small scale, but it's enough to keep me away. their support has been atrocious in the past, haven't had the displeasure in the last 6 months so i don't know if it's improved. I'd recommend a dell myself, as their service and support is wonderful. you can usually get a similar computer after rebate/promotion from Dell for the same price, you just have to keep and eye on their deals. hot deals forums like are great for that. sorry i couldn't be of more help, but i saw you didnt get any responses and thought i'd share.
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I travel a lot for a living. I want a notebook computer for two things while on the road. I want to be able to hook up to the internet in the hotels (wireless and 10/100 eithernet). I also want to be able to play dvd movies flawlessly. So, what do I need? What I'm wondering is, what size processor, memory, etc. I am on a limited budget or I would just buy the biggest and fastest, so can anyone help?

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I will be buying a new note book soon and I am not which processor to get (based on Price/Performance/battery life). I know a bit about desktop processors, but all most nothing about notebook CPUs.

I've been looking at getting either the AMD Athlon64 mobile 3700+, Mobile Turion 64 MT-37, or the MT-40. Which do you think would be best.

This notebook will be used for mainly office applications/media, and light gaming.

A:Buying new notebook;AMD MT-37 or MT-40?

I love my AMD Athlon 64 Mobile 3700. Athough I don't think you need anything that strong for you're purpose. You may want to look at a low-end Turion CPU, as it is perfect for offices/small gamming use. Also will perseve the battery life.

May you post the laptops you are you looking at.

Please post back.
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I am paying, including tax, $652.16 for Mom's new notebook. Has been like 5 years since she had a new one.

I am getting: Lenovo Z570 Laptop - 1024AFU - Gunmetal Gray

2nd generation Intel Core i5-2450M Processor( 2.50GHz 1333MHz 3MB)
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64
NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M 1GB
8.0GB PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM 1333 MHz
15.6" HD Glare with integrated camera 1366x768
750GB 5400
DVD Recordable
6 Cell Lithium-Ion
Intel 1000 BGN Wireless
Bluetooth Version 2.1 + EDR
1 year base warranty
Integrated 2.0MP Camera

What do you think of this setup for the $650 price tag? Did I get a decent deal or not really? Should I cancel the sucker and keep looking?

A:Buying Mom a new notebook, what do you think of these specs for the $?

Not bad at all. In fact very good. Just go ahead and your mom shall bless you.
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hi, i`d like to buy notebook, but i don`t know which of these two candidates is better..:
ASUS A6VM-Q060 -
15.4" WXGA (color shine) LCD j - Intel Pentium M 745 processor (1.8GHz, 2MB L2 cache, FSB 533), 1024MB DDRII 533MHz (2x512), 100GB HDD(4700rpm), DVD+/-RW Super multi double layer burner, graphic card GeForce Go7300 TC 256MB, 4-in-1 card reader.

or >ASUS A6M-Q016 - 15.4" WXGA (1280x800) color shine , Processor AMD Sempron64 3200+ , 1024MB (2x512) DDRII 667MHz, integrated graphic nVidia GeForce 6100 128MB max, 100GB HDD (5400 rpm), DVD-RW SuperMulti double layer, network card GigabitLAN, modem 56k, WiFi 802.11g, 4-in1 card reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO)

I don`t know to decide, cause pentium is better processor, but doesn`t support 64bit applications, and has only 4700rpm HDD, but has better graphic card...

could U pls write down your reasons why do U think your favourite is better???thx

A:buying notebook but don`t know to decide which

Do you actually have to buy one of these? I wouldn't recommend a generic cheap-*** laptop like these to anyone. It is better to buy an older business class model from a decent brand than watch that chinese lump of plasitc fall apart after three months.

Considering these two laptops..

So which 64-bit applications are you planning to use?
The first machine doesn't have wireless? I hope that is a typo on your part..
I would take the first one if it had wireless. If not, the second for sure.
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A:Notebook PC Buying Guide

Nice find. Thanks for posting.
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I m planning on purchasing a laptop to use as I head off to college this September I ve done some research on various possible notebook hardware such as the processors and video cards available for them Such information is harder to come across than the desktop hardware that much I learned However I have one major issue which I am currently unsure of That is which processor should I choose I ve looked up some information on the Turion the Mobile Athlon and the Pentium M From all indications the Pentium M offers the best performance Notebook--Which Buying Processor? and battery life Though I am supportive of AMD s products as a consumer I m Buying Notebook--Which Processor? purchasing on functionality The Turion seems to be somewhat of a disappoint as far as giving the Centrino platform true competition Virtually no manufacturer offers the MT versions of the Turion which is about the only offerings I will consider thanks to it s lower power use Nearly everyone uses the ML versions and the only MT offering I have seen is limited to the rather slower than desired ghz model The Mobile Athlon has also tickled my interest but I am somewhat concerned about its power drain and its overall efficiency compared to the Turion I will be using this laptop for school mainly but I do plan to do occasional gaming and of all the manufacturers I ve checked the AMD offerings are paired up with the ATI integrated Radeon M solutions which leaves much to be desired The Pentium M notebooks I ve seen offered configurations with the X and I m currently most interested in that particular one So far it seems that my logical instincts tell me to give the Pentium M the strongest consideration There is one complication preventing a quick purchase so far Windows Vista Among the few reasons preventing me from making a quick purchase on the Centrino platform is its lack of -bit support I already intend to upgrade my operating system to Longhorn once it debuts but all current indicators point to the Pentium M being the better overall platform So in the long term with Windows Vista on the horizon which sort of platform or processor should I purchase now on my notebook I realize that should I choose AMD I would have very poor gaming capabilities but I am willing to take that sacrifice into consideration nbsp

A:Buying Notebook--Which Processor?

Go for the Pentium M in a Centrino environment. Take the 2GHz version.
I would not even get NEAR Vista for at least another 1-2 years.
It's only in Beta, and with M$ 'reputation' for testing, it won't be ready for normal 'consumption' for at least that long. Let others find all the bugs first.
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a friend of mine has an hp notebook (zd 7168cl) and he recently misplaced his power cord adn i'm trying to help him get another power cord in the most economical way; besides getting the expensive proprietary cord from hp, what are his other options? are there generic cords that he can get and what should he be looking for?we went to best buy, fry's, compusa, and they pointed to some targus universal adapters but on the label, it doesnt include the model of his notebook

please help

thank you
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When I boot, I get the HP Battery Alert (error 601) advising me to buy a replacement battery. However, on checking the HP parts store, I don't seem to be able to purchase the correct battery (part number 710417-001). Is there any way to purchase a replacement battery from HP (I'm in the UK)?
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Looking for some advice on a pc. I'm a Mac person but my wife is not, we can't afford one at this point anyway.
We need a new computer to manage all of our photos as our phones are starting to fill up and we both have 6-7 year old laptops and aren't doing well with photoshop.
Looking for a decent value 15" laptop with 1tb storage. Portability is not a concern. Just needs to do the basics and run photoshop. Ideally under $700.
There are so many options it's driving me crazy.
Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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I've been wanting to upgrade my computer, so i've been looking at AMD Athlon Mobos and CPU combos, (no intel) Anyway, i'm asking what kind of mobo would be best for me, i can spend about $225 for both mobo and cpu and on pricewatch i found a 1.2ghz with mobo for $145. should i take it?

A:MB+CPU buying advice?

I would not...Try to stick with a Name Brand MB ,the one you talked about is a generic brand...You can get a 1.2 Athlon 200 FSB for $88 and a MSI K7T Pro-2A for $90/$100. So you would be under $225. I have a 1.2 200FSB and the Pro-2A and Love it and it runs great ,right now I have it O/Ced to 1391MHz with No problems...Sometimes the combos are not such a great deal...The $ you save you can buy a good HSF like an ALPHA...Good Luck !!

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Specs #1

Processor Intel Core i7 960(3.2GHz)
Memory 12GB DDR3 1600
Hard Drive 1.5TB SATAII Optical Drive 1 24X DL DVD+/-RW Drive Graphics ATI Radeon HD5870 1GBPower Supply 800W
Optical Drive 1 24X DL DVD+/-RW Drive
Graphics ATI Radeon HD5870 1GB
800W PSU

price: $2060

Specs #2

PROCESSORIntel® Core™ i7 930 (2.8GHz, 8MB Cache)
MEMORY 6GB DDR3 1333MHz (3x 2GB) Tri Channel Memory
HARD DRIVE1.5TB - SATA, 3Gb/s, 7,200 RPM, 32MB Cache HDD
OPTICAL DRIVE Single Drive: 24X CD/DVD burner (DVD+/-RW) w/double layer write capability
VIDEO CARD Dual 1.8GB NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260 - SLI® Enabled
power supply 1000W

price: $2300
My question is simply what is better

A:Buying new pc, need advice

Well, I'd rather have the Intel Core i7 960 equipped one for the processor power. Obviously, the dual graphics cards in SLI probably tip the balance for that system. Why not put the faster processor with the dual SLI graphics cards?
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hey all new to the buying set Need up I'm a on advice forums here just looking to see if this set up is worth buying for is there a better rig out there for Need advice on a set up I'm buying that price this is going to be used as like an all around computer multimedia gaming internet browsing stuff like that im open to all suggestions since i know very little Need advice on a set up I'm buying all products purchased on newegg com by the way Case Rosewill Wind Knight Gaming ATX Mid Tower Computer Case with pre-installed x mm Fan Support up to x mm top fan x mm side fan x mm front fan x mm rear fan Processor AMD Phenom II X GHz Socket AM W Triple-Core Black Processor Model GPU EVGA -P -N -AR GeForce GTX MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-MA GPT-UD H AM AMD GX HDMI ATX AMD HDD Seagate Barracuda ST AS GB RPM SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Power supply SPARKLE ATX- PN-B W HEARD THAT THIS WAS NOT ENOUGH CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THIS Memory CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model CMX GX M A C DVD rom LG DVD Burner - Bulk Black SATA Model dvd burner im sure plays dvd s right I ve also bought some thermal paste that i know ill need is there anything else how does that set up look Thanks nbsp

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ok i have g of DDR installed and want to get some more The max band width on the ram installed PC - MHz What i want to know is do i have to match the bandwidth of the old ram when getting new if i buy ram with a higher max Advice for please new ram buying bandwidth will the new ram only run as fast as the old ram is able to run when maxed out also i have two modules installed at the mo to make up the g can i just buy one more stick of g i just have a feeling that it if i buy the g it will only run a because Advice for buying new ram please thats what is already installed I was lookin at this for example http www shop memory com product d product I have a AMD Athlon x processor not sure what the chip set is on that but i think its NIVIDA nForce a any help would be great thanks

A:Advice for buying new ram please

RAM will run at the slowest speeds and lowest bandwidth available...meaning when you compare the chips. You're best bet, however is to match your sticks up, to avoid any potential compatibility issues.

The other thing to remember is, don't get too hung up on rated speeds and timings. Far too many people worry about them and pay extra for specific settings, without ever really seeing any kind of specific gains. We used to call them Benchmark Junkies...because that's all they really used their computers for.

I'm not sure about your motherboard, but you typically want them to be in matching pairs. I would consider getting a chip identical to your current 2 GB chip, and running them together to make 4 GB. You already have x64 Windows 7 installed, so you shouldn't have any issues seeing and using the memory.
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At the moment im stuck on a P4 HT 3.0ghz, but, in a weeks time i will be buying a new dual core CPU.

The thing is im a newb when it comes to modern dualcore cpu's.

I want to spend about £300-£350 on a motherboard/CPU/RAM combo, but want the fastest, most futureproof CPU i can get from my money.

You guys have any reccomendations? also i would like to buy online so any shops UK based that sell good motherboard bundles (Apart from Novatech) then let me know!


A:Advice for buying a new CPU..

This bundle is perfect: Intel Core 2 DUO LGA775 E6600 2.40GHz Retail / Intel 965P LT Motherboard / 2GB Corsair XMS2-6400C5 DDR2 Dual Channel Kit.

ps. do not mind the picture as it shows an Asus motherboard.
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I've been shopping around for an all-in-one for occassional use in my home office, probably in this order:


I've been looking everywhere, and would like to avoid HP, b/c of bloatware.... but can't find a decent machine.

I would PREFER to spend around $150...but am open, if necessary.

Does anyone here have good/bad experiences to share? advice?

Thanks so much!


A:All-in-one fax buying advice

i only have the HP - but a mate has the epson and my uncle i think has a canon
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I m buying a new PC want to try and stay at max I m new a PC... Buying advice? currently looking for a quad core system with plenty of memory supermulti drive nice amount of USB ports card reader room for a second hard drive Buying a new PC... advice? etc I do a lot of multitasking Firefox with around tabs open and quite a few extensions Digsby Songbird Dropbox and ObjectDock are always running VLC Photoshop MS Word uTorrent few others are Buying a new PC... advice? also run quite often Occasionally ACID This was why I was going for a quad core should I maybe consider a dual core instead Basically I really like this system or something like it http www tigerdirect com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId One catch I want to play Sims and want it to run smoothly on at least medium settings This is pretty much the only game I will be playing so I don t want to spend money on a gaming pc that lacks the processor or memory I want simply for a graphics card and I don t want to upgrade my graphics card if I don t have to Can I get away with onboard graphics Advice nbsp

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Hey guys,

So as the title says I'm planning to buy a new graphics card. My current one is pretty outdated (1024MB ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series).

I already have a new card in mind which fits my budget :

I just wanted to make sure that my computer is gonna be able to handle it, or if anyone maybe knows a better card in the same price range ?

here are my specs :

Operating System
Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit SP2
Intel Core i7 920 @ 2.67GHz
Bloomfield 45nm Technology
12,0GB Triple-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz (7-7-7-19)
Acer FX58M (CPU 1)

My psu should be 450watts.

Anyone think this could give problems ? thanks in advance.
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Hello. I'm thinking about buying a new PSU because i am going to buy a new Graphic card and it is very power consuming - no way my 400W super flower 14" could handle that

So, what is your advice, what brand and model should I aim to, considering that:

- I'm an overclocker
- I dont want a noisy PSU, id like it as silent as possible
- Its capable of powering all Graphic sistems (Crossfire and SLI, ATI and Nvidea)


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Alright i m in need of a Gaming Rig the one i have now is so old and crappy it runs Battlefield barely on the low settings I have about - to spend on my new machine and have believed to of found the comp i might buy on IBuyPower It won t let me post Links so hopefully many of you know of IBuyPower already First thing s first i m not a comp person therefore i can t build my own comp so thats out of the question nor do i really want to pay anyone else to do it So is IBuypower a good choice For quality and price that is Next i ve been looking at a good special they a Need Buying PC! Advice/Help! New have going on labeled quot Holiday Gamer Special quot Go to the main page and scroll down tell you see it It starts me off at and has some good features to build from i believe now let me list you some of the configurations i ve made to it and i ll list comments or questions i have about my choices in hopes that someone can hopefully help explain New Raidmax Samurai- Gaming Case Buying a New PC! Need Advice/Help! w W Buying a New PC! Need Advice/Help! Power Supply Not sure if the Power Supply that comes with the case is good enough Saves me money though but is buying a name brand better -pin AMD Athlon- CPU w Hyper Transport Technology Not sure if -pin is any better then a reg Anthon- -pin Asus A V-Deluxe w LAN Sound IEEE- USB x AGP Motherboard How is this Motherboard Good Brand MB MB X DDR- PC Memory Module Corsair XMS PRO w LED Lights Will this be more then enough Memory to run the best looking games out right now What about the Brand Nvidia GeForce -GT MB Will this Video Card be able to handle Half-Life or the upcoming Battlefield GB HARD DRIVE Maxtor GB RPM Ultra ATA- MB Cache Hard Drive Is GB more then enough What about Maxtor is it a good Brand After i m Config d it comes out to about which is perfect I plan on buying an LCD Monitor at a later time so i m not too worried about that right now Any Help Thoughts would be greatly appreciated nbsp
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My laptop just broke, it is a 5 year old piece of poo... hell it was old 5 years ago but it ran Ubuntu really well. I am looking for a new(er) cheap laptop. Any idea where to go to buy one? I am happy to buy second hand. Just looking to spend around £100 and get the best thing I can for my money.



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Hey all I am in the market to buy a new pc and could do with a bit of advice before i dive in and purchase it I am only looking for the tower as monitor etc is all ok Ideally i want to go for maybe an i processor or similar budget of around with GB ram I will be using my old hard-drive so does not matter to me what the new one comes with but this is where i need advice I have windows installed on current pc along with Photoshop Dreamweaver and other relativity expensive programs what i dont want to risk is losing them or not being able to use them on the new pc I want to just transfer hard drive from old to new pc but is it really that simple I dont have any installation disks or such for windows or Adobe Anyone got any advice for me and what they would recommend Also for around could i get any better than an i and does anyone know anything about intel Xeon Thanks nbsp

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I am looking to get a PC for my house- no gaming, just business use- internet, word processing, powerpoint, downloading from the internet.

I was looking at emachines on for between 300-400 for the box, but am not sure what things i really want to make sure are good- like sdram v. ddram, etc.

could I get your advice on a good profile?

thanks in advance,


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I m buying a notebook for gaming a buying help basics Need gaming/college notebook. college basics it Need help buying a gaming/college basics notebook. is a necessity to have gigs of ram and good video cards but I m not sure on the Need help buying a gaming/college basics notebook. video card because I m not very familiar with computers but I think it would be best to go with dual graphic cards of mb of ram or is mb or ram just as good maybe a bit less on some aspects I would appreciate if you could send me to a good site to build a labtop that has atleast a quot LCD screen with a high resolution Also a good site that compares video cars as well Must be under One other question what is a quot Normalized DMark Score quot Here are specs of one I made on Alienware Aurora m Processor AMD Turion amp Mobile ML GHz MHz FSB MB L Cache Operating System Office software not included Genuine Windows XP Professional - Free Upgrade to Windows Vista Business Chassis quot WideUXGA x LCD with Clearview Technology - Saucer Silver Motherboard Alienware NVIDIA Mobile SLi Chipset Memory GB Dual Channel DDR SO-DIMM at MHz - x MB System Drive Single Drive Configuration - GB Serial ATA Gb s RPM w NCQ amp MB Cache Optical Drive X Dual Layer DVD -RW X CD-RW Combo w Software Video Graphics Card Dual MB NVidia GeForce amp Go GS - SLI Enabled Sound Card High-Definition Audio with surround sound Wireless Network Card Internal b g WiFi Card w Airgo MIMO Technology Communications Integrated Mb Gigabit Ethernet amp K V Modem Bluetooth Integrated Bluetooth Device Primary Battery Alienware m -cell Lithium-Ion Smart Battery Pack Warranty -Year AlienCare Toll-Free Phone Support w Onsite Service AlienRespawn Alienware Respawn Recovery Kit Games Battlefield Security and Utility Software Norton amp AntiVirus amp Wireless Routers Buffalo High-Speed Mode amp Wireless Cable DSL Smart Router Security APC Personal Biometric USB Pod - Fingerprint Reader Headphones Sennheiser PC Multimedia Headset Alienware Extras Alienware Mousepad Alienware Extras AlienInspection - Exclusive Integration and Inspection - Value - FREE Free Alienware T-Shirt Free Alienware T-Shirt - Black Subtotal Shipping amp Handling Tax Order Total Here s one I made on cyberpowerpc com Will I get relativily the same performance with this one as the Alienware one Or will there be a HUGE difference Gamer Xplorer X -Ultra Notebook BASE PRICE ADAPTER Universal AC-DC Adapter BATTERY Li-Ion Battery with V x mAh BAGS Free Deluxe Carrying Bag CPU -pin AMD ATHLON amp CPU w HyperTransport Technology CD X DVD -RW Drive Dual Layer w DVD w DVD Recording Software FLASHMEDIA Notebook Built-in in Media Reader Writer GEAR Logitech Premium Notebook Headset HDD GB RPM SATA HARD DRIVE HDD NONE what s the point of a second hard drive INVERTER NONE IEEE CARD BUILT-IN IEEE FIREWIRE PORT KEYBOARD BUILT-IN KEYBOARD MOUSE BUILT-IN TOUCHPAD MODEM BUILT-IN K V FAX MODEM MOTHERBOARD VIA K T VT A Chipset Mainboard MEMORY GB x GB PC MHz DDR SODIMM Memory Corsair Value Select NOTEBOOK N Notebook quot Glare WSXGA x Pixels w NVIDIA GeForce Go GTX Video Athlon amp FX amp b g Wireless NOTEBOOK COVER GAMER XPLORER X -ULTRA NOTEBOOK COVER ORIGINAL COLOR NB LCD quot WSXGA Wide-Screen TFT Display x Pixels NETWORK Built-in Mbps Network Card NB TRAVELKIT NONE OS Microsoft Windows XP Professional w Service Pack amp Free Upgrade to Windows Vista amp Business PRINTER None PRINTER CABLE None RAID NONE RUSH NO READY TO SHIP IN BUSINESS DAYS SOUND Built-in Surround Sound SPEAKERS BUILT-IN CHANNEL SPEAKERS SYSTEM SERVICE STANDARD -YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY AND LIFE-TIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT TVRC None UPS None USB x USB PORT CONNECTORS USBHD NONE VIDEO NVIDIA GeForce Go GTX PCI-Express MB GDDR Video Card w Dual-View Display Capability does quot Dual-View Capability quot mean it s Dual Graphics VIDEOCAMERA NONE WNC Linksys WUSB GS USB Wireless g Mbps Network Adapter WAP NONE What will I need this for A WIRELESS B G ACCESS POINT PRICE view detail Here s another... Read more

A:Need help buying a gaming/college basics notebook.

(does "Dual-View Capability" mean it's Dual Graphics?)
If i'm correct, you can have 2 monitors going.

(What will I need this for? A WIRELESS 802.11B/G ACCESS POINT)
WAP is an encryption method. WAP2 is the better one. WEP is so-so.

(what's the point of a second hard drive?)
Extra space for your games? ... erm i mean college work?
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I currently have a 15" CRT monitor which is now too small since I got into photo editing and gaming.
I was thinking of going for a 19" LCD but am now wondering if it'll be too big, as I read that a 19" LCD gives the same viewing area as a 22" CRT. Is this true, and if so why is this? I thought screen measurement was diagonal, therefore meaning that 22" is 22" whether the monitor is CRT or LCD.

(Probably missing something obvious)

A:Buying advice for LCD monitor

CRT measures the ouline of the whole tube. When covered with the CRT-casing or bezel, the visible part of the tube is a lot smaller than the tube itself.
Hence indications on e.g. a 19" CRT (vis. 18").
An LCD mentions strictly whatever is visible, so 19" is really 19"
And both are always the diagonal measurements.
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I'm interested in buying a new laptop, but I'm not at all clued-up on this whole business.

I'm looking for a gaming desktop replacement, that is, a gaming laptop. However, I'm not sure how to find the right laptop: I've read many contradicting stories about the quality of laptop graphics cards, especially against their desktop counterparts, which has lead me to believe that I'd have to spend a lot more if I wanted good parts for my laptop.

I've also read something about laptops being built to fit desktop parts or something, but I'm not sure on this one. Any advice would be appreciated.


A:Need advice on buying a laptop

These guys build gaming laptops:
They're not cheap.

Asus also sells gaming laptops:

There's also Alienware:
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Hi all, I am new to the world of NAS devices.
I have 5 X 3.5" Sata HardDisks which I would like to share the data around my home network.
I have 2 notebooks, 1 netbook, 1 iPad, 1 desktop and a PS3; I would ideally like to share my files with all devices, and it will be a bonus if I can create different user account for access.
I would like to spend around £150-£350 ($240-$550USD) on the NAS.

Any advice would be appreciated.

A:NAS buying advice needed

I recently ordered (and haven't even received yet) from Newegg a Synology 1511+. I was about to press the order button on a Drobo FS until I read all the owner complaints about network speed. I realize, though, that both of these devices are a bit outside of your budget. You might find it a bit difficult to get what you're looking for without stepping up to at least $600 US. The Drobo FS is around $600-630 and the Synology Diskstation 1511+ is around $800-820 US. I could only find 2 qnap devices that supported 5 drives - .
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I presently use a 19" Flat Screen Viewsonic CRT for Internet and Gaming - - - BUT I now see that the 19" Widescreen LCD's are coming down within my price range...........getting tempted, and am looking them over on the WEB...............BUT I do NOT know exactly WHAT I should be looking for in one of them (spec. wise) for my uses............also, I see that the ones that I have been looking at have a native resolution of something like 4400x900, and others say will do something like 1680x1080 - - - - BUT my Video Card (fairly recent Nividia EVGA 7800 GT) will NOT run at those resolutions.
Can someone PLEASE advise me about this situation..........could I run my most played game, BF2, in wide screen, and IF so, would it look as good or better than it does now?
My present Graphics Card tops out at 1600x1200.

Thanks,, Michael

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Here's the new monitor I want to buy:

First off, is it a good monitor? Second, can someone post the link to HDMI cables for me to use with this monitor? Thank you.

A:Buying a new monitor need advice

Take a look at this monitor, it has your HDMI cable included and has a three year warranty. I have been a ViewSonic user for many happy years
I have never had a Samsung Monitor; but I do have two of their LED TV's and love them
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So I am looking at buying a new and Laptop Buying advice new could a use some I laptop and instantly I went to Newegg I have been looking around and narrowed it down to MSI gaming laptops Laptop Laptop I asked my cousin his opinion since he does a lot with computers and he essentially told me The specs on both are horrible since the only difference is the color and RAM The processors on both will be slower then his current computer which is a standard DELL with a nd or rd gen i Both are much slower then most other computers They are just terrible gaming laptops in general So he pretty much said they are both terrible Since this is Buying a new Laptop and I could use some advice my first time buying a computer on my own and it is a lot of money to spend I am looking for a little guidance Both of the above look pretty good to me speed and performance wise Buying a new Laptop and I could use some advice I play a lot of games on Steam League of Legends Diablo and some other pretty demanding games I am also looking to do some school work on Microsoft Office and such to do research and write papers and things I am a college student At some point in the future I may have to install some D CAD software since I am studying to be an engineer I also do general computer things and possibly record some game play footage I hope to use whatever computer I get for or years assuming I take care of it properly If both of these options are bad which I am fairly confident that they are not can anyone point me in the right direction My budget is anywhere close to the price of the two above - Any help is appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Buying a new Laptop and I could use some advice

Both laptops are great, I really do not know what your cousin was thinking. Both laptops have the highest end components you can get. They are are overkill though. This is why:
1) You want to avoid RAID 0.
2) 32GB RAM is too much.
3) A 4GB GPU for 1080P is overkill, but doesnt hurt.

1) The 780M is great.
2) 4th gen CPU
3) A lot of RAM.

I would recommend Sager laptops. They offer great value. I would look into this:
- I would chose this because it has dual 8970Ms. This will kill battery life (not like it had any in the first place), but it will play any game @ ultra. Lower the amount of RAM to 16GB since 24-32GB is overkill. Make sure you select the Intel Intel 240GB 525 series SSD instead of the Crucial M4. Make sure you chose the prefered OS (Win 7 vs Win 8).

That is the best option because it comes with 2 GPUs. It is by far the best value.
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Looking to build a PC It will mostly new build? on advice Any a PC. Buying be for gaming My budget is to dollars I Buying a new PC. Any advice on build? am located Buying a new PC. Any advice on build? in Ohio I am willing to buy online Will be using no parts from previous build I don t need any peripherals I haven t bought any parts yet I have a rough build but its hastily put together I can t post links due to restrictions I do a lot of downloading and playing games that require a lot out of a computer Mostly i could use advice on all components Tower Something very spacious and open with room for plenty of cooling and upgrades Power Supply Enough power to get me through another video card upgrade or two Motherboard Processor Quad or I preferably any thoughts on after market heat sinks fan Memory A decent amount that is compatible with the MB etc Video card ATI or Nvidia that can handle graphic intensive games Thanks in advance for any suggestions and advice nbsp

A:Buying a new PC. Any advice on build?

vga (Will Handle all monitors under 24" with no problems, with high settings)
case (Probably the last case you'll have to buy)

All items are under your budget, some with rebates.

I'm sure you'll get more replies here to help you out.
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I have two desktops please before Solved: buying advice connected to a wired router I Solved: advice before buying please want to buy a notebook computer that will NOT need regular home access to the internet Planned Dell Inspiron I have been advised to upgrade from the half-mini card wireless that comes with the notebook to a wireless N Solved: advice before buying please mini-card and then to replace my wired router with a wireless N router That would mean changing the existing desktop network to wireless Questions My old Dell using XP desktop - will I need to buy hardware to plug it into a wireless router or is that capacity there Or how do I find out Can I plug the new laptop into athe existing wired router and if so are there any disadvantages If I need occasional access to a wireless network on the laptop is it worth upgrading the half mini-card Is the most efficient way to transfer files given the above wired set-up between home desktop home laptop and work network from home desktop a flash drive Many thanks for any advice nbsp

A:Solved: advice before buying please

That would mean changing the existing desktop network to wireless.Click to expand...

The desktops can stay wired even to a wireless router.

1. My old Dell using XP desktop - will I need to buy hardware to plug it into a wireless router or is that capacity there (Or how do I find out)?Click to expand...

It should plug into a wireless router just as easily as it plugs into a wired router.

2. Can I plug the new laptop into athe existing wired router and if so are there any disadvantages?Click to expand...

Yes you can the the only disadvantage is one extra cable connected to the laptop.

3. If I need occasional access to a wireless network on the laptop is it worth upgrading the half mini-card?Click to expand...

If your a speed junkie any time getting N speed over G speed you will be happy with the decision IMHO if your only using it occassionally your probably not going to notice the difference and remember BOTH sides have to run N to get N so if your on a G network you won't get N anyhow.

4. Is the most efficient way to transfer files given the above wired set-up between home desktop, home laptop and work network (from home desktop) a flash drive?Click to expand...

If they are on different networks (like the work PC being on a domain or something)yeah thats probably the most efficient way. If they are all workgroup you can easily setup file sharing.
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x850 xt or nvidia

Hello everybody what do u all prefer ati x850 xt or nvidia post 4 your advice....

A:I need some advice on buying an X800...

i would prefer radeon myself but what n-vidia card are you thinking about geforce 6800? radeon x850 is going to be faster
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Hi Everyone I live in Australia and I m loking into buying a new laptop Basically I only want to spend up to about AUD which is about USD I own a high range gaming AMD Desktop for hardcore gaming But what I really want it something that will play games like Fahrenheit Half Life etc at fairly reasonable quality not the best onviously I understand that laptops are not really designed for gaming and if they are the cost HEAPS I need to ask if anyone knows the either of the following things Cheap on-line laptop shop Good brand or model of laptop with a fairly decent graphic card in it for my budget Good type of graphics card chipset to look at What ever else you recommend i have for my budget I want something with around the specs of AMD or Centrino CPU etc GB of ram Hopefully ddr if not doesnt matter GB hdd rpm good screen with good resoloution reasonale quality Thanks for all of your help nbsp

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Hi Everyone I m trying to find a laptop to give to my girlfriend for her birthday in a couple weeks Unfortunately my budget is a meager The machine doesn advice buying Need Solved: t Solved: Need buying advice need to be a gaming rig and won t be tasked with anything intense The main usage would be checking email facebook shopping online watching Hulu Netflix Youtube etc I found the laptop below on sale at Ultimate Electronics Solved: Need buying advice for I ve tried to find reviews but there s nothing out there that gives any kind of good advice The salesperson at UE said the laptop would be too slow for what I want to do but I got the feeling she was really just trying to push me towards a model she seemed pretty intent on selling Please take a look at the advertised specs and let me know what you think Any advice from the tech savvy masses is appreciated The Laptop in Question HP Compaq CQ- -NR quot Display AMD GHz V- processor GB of DDR RAM supports up to L cache GB- RPM HDD ATI Mobility Radeon HD Windows Home Premium x DVD R RW So Is it worth the money Will it do what I want Can you suggest an alternative that would fit my price range Thanks again nbsp

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I'm not sure where to post this but if it belongs elsewhere I hope someone will tell me I'm in the process of purchasing a new system for a family member and I have found a vendor who will sell me the system with EITHER the bit or the bit version of Windows installed In broad general terms I understand the advantage of Buying Bittedness Advice, bit over bit--ability to use more memory better performance expecially on applications designed for bit systems etc However here is my dilemma This family member has a couple of old DOS programs she uses regularly and three or four old bit Windows programs She does NOT use any particularly resource intensive applications--photo editing video editing etc She uses mostly Microsof Office and IBM Lotus data base spreadsheets word processing etc Buying Advice, Bittedness and of course accesses the internet Buying Advice, Bittedness and does e-mail So with that introduction my questions Can I assume that if I opt for the bit version of Windows she will be able to install and use her old bit Windows programs Same question for the old DOS programs which run just fine on her current Windows XP System A special question concerning Outlook Express She is used to using OE and of course has all her current e-mail in Outlook Express If I get the bit version of Windows will it run Outlook Express OK And if so how exactly do I go about getting Outlook Express installed on the system I'm assuming that the system will come with IE installed and that Outlook Express is NOT provided with IE Assuming that it will run at all how would I get it installed or would I need to install an older version of IE to get OE to work I realize that there are other e-mail solutions--Windows Live Mail Thunderbird etc But IF I could get OE to work it would be much simpler since it would not require any conversion of existing e-mail files and she is already familiar with it Any help on any of these questions would be greatly appreciated PS I AM aware of the XP Mode solution use it myself on my own system But it is a level of complexity that I would rather avoid with this family member of possible

A:Buying Advice, Bittedness


I see SeaVixen is probably busy with a reply, so I'll concentrate on the Outlook Express question.

The only way to run Outlook Express is using XP Mode in either Windows 7 Professional or Windows 7 Ultimate:

How to use OE in Windows 7

If you use Windows 7 Home Premium, then you could install XP as a virtual machine and then run Outlook Express in that.

My recommendation would be to shift from Outlook Express and go with Thunderbird.

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I need to buy a new mobo pretty quickly since mine is on it s last legs Remainder of system comprises Athlon XP Barton Creative Audigy the original version nVidia GeForce MX DDR SDRAM The expiring mobo is an AS Rock K S X rev First a RAM slot fell over and now PCI slots have died Time for a newbie I think I don t have a great deal to spend since I took you guys advice and bought a thoroughly decent graphix card for my bro Question is should I go for a newer AS Rock very a advice Buying welcome! mobo.... new or try another brew entirely At some point I will be upgrading the graphix card and the sound card I will also be adding more RAM when I can afford it I don t game but I do like listening to good quality sounds Basically this mobo is not going to be stretched to the limit I am UK based So guys any suggestions as to where I might begin to look Many thanks Buying a new mobo.... advice very welcome! in advance nbsp

A:Buying a new mobo.... advice very welcome!

Get the Abit NF7-S v2.0 which has the very capable SoundStorm sound card.
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Recently my old PC just died on me I for Need new advice computer. buying was told that the motherboard was broken and it was going to cost to fix I was recommended to just buy a new computer and that is what i am going to do Im on a budget of - But i want a computer that starts up fast multi-tasks with Need advice for buying new computer. out any Need advice for buying new computer. problem and if it is possible i wanted a computer that is good for gaming I know this is probably impossible due to my budget I was looking online and have already got two computers in mind they are The Dell Inspiron http www euro dell com content t nspiron- -D c uk amp cs ukdhs amp l en amp s dhs And the Dell Inspirion http www euro dell com content t nspiron- -D c uk amp cs ukdhs amp l en amp s dhs Both computers cost so the price isn t a issue However they have a huge difference The two computers have a completly different CPU and GPU The reason for me making this thread is to ask you hardware-experts which comouter is better Which computer would be able to multi-task better and which computer would be able to play games better Advice would be greatly appreciated Thank you in advance nbsp

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I used to have acer 6530G with AMD Turion X2 with 3650M. The laptop was fine but that AMD CPU was a trouble. Whenever I installed new games, the graphics work fine but the CPU was killing the laptop. I had to wait few weeks so that a patch could released to tweak AMD devices to run games better.

Now since my laptop is dead, I am looking for a new laptop. I am not a hardcore PC gamer (I play it on X360 mostly) but I am looking for a laptop that will have a long lifespan and that can run games fine even on low settings. I want to buy a laptop with with i5-3210M. I now i7 is better but I am on a budget. Is i5-3210M any good? Also what GPU works well with it?

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I am looking to buy a wireless router but I have buying advice Router not used Router buying advice one before and am a bit lost as to knowing what one to get It will be used to connect to my PC and Xbox via a wired connection and PS Router buying advice and PSP via wireless It has to be compatible with both XP and Vista and be less than I don t want a router with an ADSL modem built in as I have a wireless broadband internet connection And is it worth getting an n router even if none of my devices support that standard Would it still give Router buying advice faster speeds I really don t know which brand offers the best reliability and performance so it would be a big help to get a recommendation from someone who knows about routers One that caught my eye was the Gigabyte AirCruiser but it is a bit dated and doesn t say it works with Vista which I will need if I upgrade my PC If anyone knows of the best router that fits my criteria I would be very grateful for any advice nbsp

A:Router buying advice

What router did you end up buying?
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Hi all I just want to get some ideas for this I ve been asked by a couple of people to give them some ideas for what to upgrade to from their present system They want a Laptop and a PC capable of handling web browsing photo storage music storing and MS Office use Maybe also DVD playing They have stated they are not planning on playing games on either My problem is that I don t really know what to recommend them I just want some names to go with or avoid retailers I can use and other things to look out for For retailers UK based please The basic needs I ve got from them so far are For the PC gb drive Laptop and advice buying PC please or more currently using of a gb drive gig PC and Laptop buying advice please ram currently quot running very slow quot on mb but if Vista is all I PC and Laptop buying advice please can get then gigs would probably be minimum Windows XP as that is what they had before and I have no reason to believe they are using anything else at work I have asked but received no answer For the Laptop gb drive mb ram Currently on Windows ME so again XP would be useful There have been no specific requests for any burning devices although a cd burner would be nice as a minimum As for price I also haven t been given a fixed amount but as they are only wanting something for office based usage it should probably be around for the PC I m not sure on how they connect to their modem but their laptop is pretty old so probably doesn t have any inbuilt wireless card therefore their router may not have wireless capabilities Now for some little questions if they were to get MS Vista on either PC or Laptop would it be able to run Norton security software It s seemed to be the only thing they ve really pushed for Also what would be the easiest way of copying over programs and data if there are no burners involved Of course there can be just wondering if it can be done quickly and easily especially relating to the applications they currently use I do have an external hard drive which can be put to use Thanks for any info This request has also been posted on a livejournal community but to no response nbsp

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Hey In the next month or so I m in the hunt for buying a laptop I will pay up to or maybe a tiny bit more but not much more have try stick to a limit is an awful lot of money need laptop, advice Buying to me I want to Buying laptop, need advice get a good one that will last me a while and do all the stuff I want it to do I want to be able to render some D images I create using it also I don t play games at the moment but from time to time I might play the odd game I never play these new release games that require a really high spec system I do know what to look out for although help and advice is nice to get as I know there is lots I don t know I was hoping you could advice me on which brands are good There s so many out there to choose from now I just don t know which are good If there any that have a good reputation please let me know Also any websites that usually sell for good prices and deliver to England I am very thankful for any help and advice you can give me Even if it small bit of advice on something to look out for or a specific laptop that you recommend I will be much grateful nbsp

A:Buying laptop, need advice

Your budget equates to about $1500 US... (including shipping)
You should be able to find many very good machines in that price range.

I am not sure how wise it is to recommend particular brands or stores.
But if you have questions about a particular brand, or model,
or concerning a particular "e-tailer",
I am sure someone will be willing to share their experience.

As far as narrowing down to a particular laptop...
Start with the games you want to play, and look at what they recommend as a minimum base system... then up your clock and ram by 50% (or so), and that will give you a good idea of what you need in terms of specs...

That would be my starting point, given what you have said so far...
Now... if the specs and the budget conflict... you have to make a choice.
Happy hunting.
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I want to buy a inverter for home use.Kindly advise me how to proceed for buying the BEST ONE

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Let me introduce my self.
I am Vamsi Nalluri working as SAP consultant one of the Company
Now I am coming to the Query. I am planning to buy a laptop, I hope IBM note pads were so good but they are too expensive I stopped thinking of the IBM and Plan to go for DELL & HP. Please advice me which is best and also help me on the configurations .Mostly I am feeling difficult to justify on processer. Because I hope Processer is the heart of the LAPTOP so please advice me which best laptop with best configuration is

Thanks in advance


Sorry i missed one thing to specify.
I am looking for the confiuration mainly for SAP instlations

A:Advice on buying a Laptop?

TechSpot Laptop Buying Guide - August 2008:
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'Evening all Firstly thanks for taking the time to click on my post I have finally saved up approx pound for a fairly high spec gaming PC Problem is I have a Buying please. gaming PC, advice new very little knowledge of value for money when it comes to the specifications So without waffling on below is the spec I have my eye on for around my price range Processor Intel Core i - K Skylake CPU Cores - GHz Overclocking Up to Case NZXT H Case - Black Red CPU Cooler Corsair Hydro Series H i GT Liquid Cooler Thermal Paste Standard Thermal Paste Motherboard Asus Z PRO GAMING Motherboard Memory GB DDR MHz Memory x GB Sticks Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Buying a new gaming PC, advice please. GB Graphics Card OS Drive TB Samsung EVO SSD Hard Drive Seagate TB SSHD Buying a new gaming PC, advice please. Hybrid Drive Optical Drive Not Included Power Supply Corsair RM x PLUS Gold W PSU Sound Card Onboard HD Audio Operating System Windows Home -bit My question is well is it any good for around pound Thanks in advance Buying a new gaming PC, advice please. Kind regards Alex

A:Buying a new gaming PC, advice please.

I want To get Pc For My Dissertation Writing Can Any Body Help me for What specification help me for my dissertation Writing
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am from ghana and i am currently planning on buying a new laptop.
i need professionals to make some recommendations based on my preferences below
First of all i have an option of choosing between an Hp Probook 4520s a core i3
with 4gig ram and toshiba L650 core i3 with 4gig ram, hp pavilion dv6 core i3 with 4 gig ram.
all the above laptops cost the same.
Rendering 3D programs mostly animation( 3D max, 3Dmaya cinema 4D, Zbrsuh etc.: I am an animator
I like playing high tech games.
Playing music almost all the time
for running Adobe Softwares CS5; premier pro and Aftereffects
running 2Dprograms toon boon studio
Editing movies.
Please help since i do not think any of the above meet my specification.
Any recommendation will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

A:Buying new laptop Advice

all i3 and with 4GB - anything else different graphics ???
moved to hardware forum
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I'm going to buy a PC on monday, this is the build i've come up with:

AMD Phenom II x4 960T
Asrock 970 Extreme4
MSI Twin Frozr II GTX 560 Ti
4GB DDR3 1333MHz Patriot ( this is just temporary, to save a couple of bucks, will upgrade to 8gb soon )
Seasonic SS-520GB
Cooler Master Elite 430

I'll reuse an old Hitachi 160GB and a 24x Philips DVD Drive.
I'll use this PC for gaming, so what do you think, how will it run Skyrim, BF3 and WoW cata on a 1680x1050 monitor? And is there anything i should change? Btw. The following PSU brands are not avaiable where i live: Corsair, Antec, OCZ, XFX.

A:Buying a budget PC soon, need advice

I had a bad experience with that specific motherboard - ASRock. You may have a different experience. However, I would recommend Asus or MSI over ASSROCK. Some others in this forum may agree with me. Not sure what you're gonna use the old spin drive for with SSD. I'd upgrade the spin to 6gb/s sata to take advantage of mobo. You can get 4gbx2 memory for $45 from crucial. Get 1.35 volts instead of 1.5 volts. Recommend ASUS Sabertooth 990FX AM3+ AMD 990FX SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI BIOS for $185. If price is a consideration, you should be happy with ASUS M5A97 AM3+ AMD 970 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard with UEFI BIOS for $95
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Buying another desktop to replace a very old one I have had upgraded to the max over the years Not looking to spend more than but preferably less so been looking at refurbs and the like on Ebay Im a confident user not very good at the jargon but understand the basic principles of the pc On top of normal internet and office use I do some simple gaming not hi-tech d interactive stuff and I use a lot of card making software mainly graphics related I like a fair bit of storage space for my graphics and lots of photos and music Want something that can happily cope with me running multiple programs my old machine really doesn t like this won t need upgraded or not straight away anyway and preferably cope with the latest software as well as some of my old stuff So narrowed it down to a couple machines and hoping to get some feedback on them - hope they re not too crap THIS ONE IS Intel Quad Core GHZ GB Ram GB Hard Drive Dual Layer DVD R W b g n WiFi card Intel GMAX On board Video On Board HD Sound with Audio jacks On Board network card USB ports rear front Multi card reader Windows bit with active restore partition ALSO Intel Dual Core GHZ E GB Ram GB Hard Drive Dual Layer DVD R W Intel G On board Video On Board HD Sound with Audio jacks On Board network card USB ports rear front Multi card reader Windows bit with active restore partition and Packard Bell software suite Power cable Dell Optiplex Windows Core duo GHZ - GHZ on Advice new desktop buying GB Brand new with year warranty Brand new Gb HDD With Years Warranty DVD-ROM To upgrade to DVD Writer please see the upgrades below USB ports on the front on the back Integrated Intel graphics card Advice on buying new desktop Built in Ethernet card to connect to the internet by cable To add on Wireless Condition Used Software Windows Open office Anti-virus Adobe reader VLC player Flash player Internet explorer Mozilla Firefox To add DVD writer Sorry for the massive post but am struggling to decide with my little novice head Please help nbsp

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I'm an over the road truck driver. The main function of the laptop will be to run my GPS software. I'll also want the best wireless card I can get. The GPS software I'm going to run will be CoPilot Live which is designed for truckers and has voice directions so I'm not sure what the best set up will be for a speaker system, preferably something small but durable and of good quality.

Any advice on the specs of this system would be of great use as well as the best place to buy the laptop in your opinion!

I'd also want a power solution for running the laptop off of the cigarette lighter. Hopefully the adapter will run two items at once.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And as always, thanks in advance!


A:Buying my first laptop...need advice please

I think you'd be much happier with a dedicated GPS. The software and receiver alone are $200. Then you're looking at adapters, mounting of a laptop, not having a driver-friendly interface.
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I a advice Server on Need buying need to buy a very basic server I need it purely for research purposes for personal use I m embarking on a project to compare different kinds of software that Need advice on buying a Server need a client and a server The role of the server will be to host the server side software The server will be connected to a T- cable internet line It will receive less than a hundred visitors a day I will probably be using some kind of Microsoft Server OS unless it s become ridiculously easy to install an open source OS -- which I don t think has happened yet I m looking for a basic server system that will do the job the cheaper the better I m looking for your recommendations If you can link directly to stuff on newegg or tigerdirect that ll be highly appreciated I ve never bought a server before in my life and have a related question I ve got a spare desktop computer lying around Would that be able to do this job Thanks nbsp

A:Need advice on buying a Server

Based on your situation and what your saying its probably better to use a decent desktop machine rather than dedicated server hardware, its what 90% of small and medium businesses tend to go with.

The SBS requirments should be good for all varients of 2003 if a lot isn't being done.
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which brand to go?
There are five brands sold in the nearby computer shop.
LiteOn, LG, Asus, Pioneer and Plextor.
Their prices are close but Plextor and Pioneer are at the higher ends while LiteOn and LG are at the lower end. They are all 24X

I need to burn a lot of DVD+R discs to give away to people, and I sometimes burn discs as a backup of precious files. I want to reduce the chance of burning bad discs or discs with incorrect/imperfect files.

A:DVD burner, buying advice?

afaik, non-bluray burner technology is pretty much stagnant by now.

Either should work fine and reliably. I have a ton of LG ones that work fine, so that would be my choice, unless you need specific features.
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I am fairly new to this board and need some advice. It looks like I will be needing to replace a motherboard. It is my son's computer and he just spent $75 to have a repairman tell him his MB was shot and a new one would cost $375 plus labor. Needless to say, I brought it home and am trying to fix it myself.
The computer is a HP Pavilion Model #6740C with an Intel Celeron 667 MHz; Socket 370 with an Intel 810 chipset. What else do I need to know in order to find the correct fit for this computer? Does anyone have any suggestions where I might find a motherboard for my HP that is not real expensive? I have looked at several sites but haven't been able to find the right one yet. I'm not sure what brand the MB is. Any suggestions??

Relevancy 55.04%

What I have is GA-M59SLI-S5 Motherboard, and I have 2x cosair memory stick -- CM2X512A-6200 (which total of 1GB memory).. I think it acts like dual thing. I do want another 1GB ram. My question is here is should I buy 2 stick like what I have currently on my motherboard or just buy 1 stick of ram (total of 1GB) or what your advice?


A:Need advice on buying memory

You want dual channel if your motherboard supports it. See what the specs are for your board and get the best ram for the recommended specs, so you might want 2x512 in dual channel.
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I know this sounds corny but Could someone either List, suggest, or point me to the best choice in a Computer for the lowest amount.

Perferably about $600-$800?

I might have an option to buy a new one but not if it becomes too much. I would Love to get the New Dimension XPS from Dell! It's like the Ferrari of computers but it's going for $1999 or more.
Not that there's isn't much wrong with this one that a little upgrading wouldn't fix but if you could buy new, why not?

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ok i basically just want to play WoW and music internet etc at same time with very little lag at system...need buying a advice new about FPS and buying a new system...need advice fairly good graphics on a budget have understood this is good enough Genuine Windows XP Media Center Edition FREE UPGRADE AMD Athlon TM X dual-core GB DDR - MHz dual channel SDRAM x FREE UPGRADE GB rpm SATA Hard Drive LightScribe X DVD -R buying a new system...need advice RW SuperMulti drive USB FireWire IEEE audio ports Logitech X- Speakers Kbps Data Fax Modem for dial-up Internet access No TV Tuner w remote control MB NVIDIA GeForce LE TV-Out DVI VGA Integrated channel sound w front audio ports HP Keyboard HP Scroller Mouse Microsoft R Works Suite includes Word HP Home amp Home Office Store in-box envelope the model is HP Pavilion a e customizable Desktop PC i do NOT know what kind of mobo or PSU it has and was concerned that i will need a stronger PSU because if it is too weak it will burn out and a stronger one means better performance so what wattage PSU will i need is a PSU hard to install and is that spec good enough for what i want nbsp

A:buying a new system...need advice

This is a completely good system for the purposes you stated. However remember that this is an OEM computer and from a good company. So the computer may use a lower end motherboard and CPU but because it is pre built the parts will probably be good quality. what it comes with will be fine, at least I'm pretty sure of that.
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I am looking to buy a new laptop for my programming major at university Thus it has to be please advice laptop Buying new for a very robust machine with adequate cooling x resolution and easy maintenance easy to add and remove SATA II hdds Which brand should I get Please help me decide from Buying advice for new laptop please this list http www alternate be html product listing html navId I heard that IBM ThinkPad is a good and robust brand Could you please help me decide which notebook would be suited for my requirements I am on a tight budget as well Classes are starting tomorrow and I am going to be in big problems if I don t fix this issue soon My year Buying advice for new laptop please old HP Probook s broke down I think because very regularly up to the point Buying advice for new laptop please it s not bearable anymore I get the two following BSODs BSOD xA BSOD I tried recovering from my clonezilla image Didn t help I tried switching drivers Didn t help So I am not sure if this is a hardware error but my friend tells me that my video card is fried my laptop has horrible cooling Again that is something I am unsure of I don t have the time to troubleshoot this and the truth is now I have an unstable machine and I need a stable one for classes My university office temporarily provides laptops for students with issues so it s not a permanent solution I would probably get a laptop for a month or something At home I also have an older laptop but makes noise MSI Vr and an old PC single core GHz GB RAM Should I buy a new laptop I don t know nbsp
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i want to replace my cd rw drive with a dvd record the odd film, a little back-up and perhaps digital-photo storage.
what should i be looking for and what sort of price range?
what do i do to install the new drive?any model recomendations?

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I'm looking to buy a set of headphones for around ?100 for my gaming pc and want some advice.
They do not have to have a built in microphone and must have surround sound.
It would be also nice if they were good for listening to music too, as I spend a lot of my time doing so.

Thanks for any help or advice.

- Lambda

A:Buying headphones advice

If you don't need a mic...then the top dog is the "Beats" brand but they're very pricey. It's really down to personal choices and what you are specifically looking for in a headset. Here brands that I recommend and in no particular order.

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I'm about to buy a new computer, but have had my current one so long I'm not sure what specs to look for anymore.
The key purpose of this machine is to run current/next-generation PC games smoothly, so what components (specifics items, not broad categories) should I be looking for?
Also I will be hooking this up with a router to my current DSL modem so what is needed to be able to connect that? (i.e. is an internal modem or ethernet card necessary?)

And any suggestions on where to get the best machine for the money?
Our budget is under $2,000.

A:Advice on buying a computer

for an ADSL modem you will need a Netowrk card but all motherboards these days come with onbaord gigabit ethernet so not much of an issue.

i would suggest:
AMD 3700+ SD $328

ATI X800XL 512mb $399.95

DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D $135

OCZ 520watt Powertream PSU $139

Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2 $122

and the rest is up to you but that system will be mad

EDIT: that is about $1124 all needed is HDD CD/DVD which would slip under but if you dont wanna spend this much get a Venice core 3200+ instead of the 3700+
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I will be getting a new PC soon and am interested in advice about what I need to have in order to copy my VCR tapes to a DVD for archiving/viewing. I am not particularly big on television viewing, so I'm not interested in PC/VCR-type configurations to have a TiVio-type PC. Just want to transfer VCR recordings to DVD. Thinking of the new Sony DRU500 as commented on by PC World. Any suggestions or resources to assist me in gathering information, and about the required components / specs I should get will be appreciated.

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Advice on buying an AGP 4X card


I'm currently using an AGP 2X card in my old PIII system. It's a RIVA TNT2 model 64 card with only 32mb RAM.

My motherboard runs at 133mhz max, and supports AGP 4X cards, so I could do with recommendations on which old 4X cards (with as much RAM as possible) that I should be hunting for.

Any ideas?

A:Advice on buying an AGP 2X card

Perhaps and eVGA e-GeForce 6200 128-256MB. Or if you have the cash an 6800XT, 7300GT-7600GS. All those cards are 256MB. If you have 200 bucks to slam on old PC a 7800GS these are great but are like 300 Dollars. So look for something good like a 6800.
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My Epson R300 printer has become unusable today. The print heads are blocked and after going through a set of ink cartridges using the head cleaning feature, they are still blocked. I've been using compatible ink cartridges - do you think this is to blame?

Anyway I really need to buy a new printer asap. I would like one that prints good quality photos and has the ability to print on CD/DVDs. I'm a bit weary of EPSON products now because I've returned quite a few with similar problems.

What make of printer do you think is the best? Any particular models that are very good?

Thanks in advance,


A:Advice on buying a new printer

I have an Epson R300 and I am very happy with it, and after purchasing it to print quality photos I certainly would not use compatable ink. I am on my third Epson now and never had any problems with them. What I have set up now is the R330 for my photos and a 880 for day to day printing with compatables.
I see you are in the UK, try the link for genuine Epson ink at half the shop prices.
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Not sure if this is in the right forum but I would like some advice. I am going to be purchasing a new dell pc and I have my eye on a Dell Dimension 3000 Media Center. Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor (2.80 GHz, 533 FSB), but im considering getting Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor w/ HT Technology (3GHz, 800 FSB). Is that much better, is it worth spening an addtional $40 for someone who just plays music, goes online and plays some games or should I stick with the 2.80.

Right now I have a AMD 1300Mhz, so of course this is a major upgrade.

And Media Center vs. XP Home, what do you reccomend. I have been to the Media Center site and it looks sweet, but does it do everything XP does and if so why not get it? Thanks!

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I posted a thread that is now on the second page quot It Died quot I didn t get many responses but it seems the old se is dead I am in the market for a new desktop any suggestions from the board I have been looking at Dell and Sony sofar I want or above CPU Buying advice/Desktop Pent or AMD Graphics card with memory on board to gig Ram DVD CD burner CD rom or DVD rom drive nd bay mainly for burning on the fly XP pro OS network card HDD or something along that size I Buying advice/Desktop plan to use it for digital pictures and digital video I don t plan to game just not me Thanks in advance for any help I have look until I am blue in the face I am not stuck on any brand names I just want something put together well with sound parts not into building although I have put several parts in over the years LOL nbsp

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Hello all,

You guys helped me out about 3 years ago in buying a computer from ebay. Thank you. I think I need to buy a new one now. From what I understand XP is going out so here's what I got and what I need.

I have about $220 and I use my computer for DDO (gaming) and just usual email, research, etc. I'd like to get at least 3gb RAM, my monitor is still good but don't mind getting another flat screen. I looked on ebay and saw some things that looked good? but I'm a tad hesitant. So, any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello I am going to buy a new gaming pc late this month or early buying PC advice on Need gaming next month Below are my component options CPU amp MOBO - i msi p gd i gigabyte ga x a ud r i k msi p gd i system Need advice on buying gaming PC including ram will cost me more if the price of i drops later this month Will the performance be high enough to justify the higher price What about their overclocking Keep in mind that I wont upgrade my cpu for atleast years But Need advice on buying gaming PC I will upgrade gpu and may use sli or crossfire So the cpu must not cuse any bottleneck Plus x a ud r has dual x pci-e rails supports tri sli and xfire i k setup will cost almost the same as the i setup So which one is the best option RAM - I am a little bit confused about ram Which is more important speed or timing Which will perform better A mhz with sec timing or a mhz with sec timing If I choose lga setup I am thinking of buying gb kit for now and buy another one later Will gb of ram be too low for gaming And how does gb setup performs compaired to gb setup GPU - Here is my gpu options and their prices in India galaxy gtx mb stock - Rs zotac and palit gtx gb stock Rs radeon hd -Rs radeon hd - Rs gtx -Rs xbitlabs com review shows that gainword gtx factory oced to mhz gives minimum fps simmiler to hd Considering zotac gtx overclocks to mhz will it match the gainword in minimum fps And how easy or tough it is for a first time overclocker to overclock the zotac card And if I can find a gtx factory oc at the same price of which one should I go for Or should I buy a for now and wait for next gen card as none of current gen cards have enough juice to handle directx proprly PSU - corsair tx or hx hx costs more Does it has enough power to support gpus Are the extra pci e connectors worth any real use CASE - nzxt tempest evo Its cheaper than haf and has all the fans preloaded But does it has enough space for sli with a physx card setup HDD - seagate tb rpm OPTICAL - dvd writer SOUND CARD - ASUS xonar dx SPEAKER - Suggest me a speaker within Listning to music is my first priority KBM - Suggest me a wireless combo wihin Must provide comfortable gaming MONITOR - Suggest a incher with hdmi within Give your opinions and advices about my build Thanks nbsp

A:Need advice on buying gaming PC

Hi spac18. I assume you're from India. Just give us your maximum budget and we'll recommend the best possible combination of components for your system.
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I am looking to buy a laptop, pretty much for basic use (no major gaming, etc) I have been looking at the 2 - 2.8 gHz processor, 256 (prefer 512) RAM 40 Gig HD.
I have seen a couple of HP/Compaq in that range running about $1000. I am looking for some feedback on brand, reliability, personal reviews, etc.
Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

A:Advice for buying Laptop

seeing how nobody has replied yet, i think i can kinda handle this.

HP, Dell, Gateway should be okay for your purposes, not a fan of compaq, as are quite a few people.

Sony, IBM, toshiba, are a little bit more respected, but they may cost a litttle bit more than you want.

Alienware is probably one of the best, and may be a bit overated.

I am about to get one, and i was thinking of a low end IBM or a middle gateway. have a few more months to decide.
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I am thinking I may need to buy a new laptop with bigger hard drive, more memory, faster processor. The specs on current laptop are:
HP G60 Notebook, 16.9 screen; Processor - Pentium (R) Dual-Core T4400 @2.20 GHz; 4.00 Memory; Windows 7 64 Bit Operating System.

The one I am looking at is : HP Pavilion 15t-n200; Operating system - Windows 7 Home Premium 64;
Processor and Graphics 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5-4200U Processor + Intel® HD Graphics
Display 15.6-inch diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366x768)
Memory 12GB DDR3 System Memory (2 Dimm) (or) 8GB DDR3 System Memory (1 Dimm)
Hard drive 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive (or) 750GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive

My goal is a faster computer. Any advice/suggestions?

A:Need advice for buying new HP laptop.

You'll often find that there's a particular bottleneck that's slowing everything down, and that's where you want to focus your efforts.
This tends to vary with what you use the computer for, and it's probably worth your while doing some real world measurements before you decide.
For example, if you've only used up 200 gigs on your current hard drive, it's probably not worth the cash to get a terrabyte in the new one.
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Hello friends! I have searched through all the forum policies, rules, etc. but can't find the answer... so, at the risk of appearing moronic here-

Which forum category may I post a request for buying advice? Specifically, I have a list of specs I require in a laptop (they are very specific) and was hoping that someone could recommend which brand/model I should consider.

I have spent endless hours reading comparisons, reviews, ratings, model specs, etc. - and there's a frightening lack of consistency out there.

Is there an appropriate forum here (or anywhere) for some consumer based buying advice?

Thank you,


A:Which Forum-Buying Advice?

this is as good as any, list your requirments.
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Any advice CPU, MoBo Buying re PSU & advice suggestions on the Buying advice re CPU, MoBo & PSU following would be greatfully recieved A friend of mine wishes to upgrade his AMD - Mhz circa and bring it into the st Century It has to be done on a very tight budget The PC will be used for internet access word processing photography etc Gaming is not anticipated Having read the various comparrisons between the AMD Sempron and the Athlon XP the XP seems to get very favourable reviews in terms of costs -v- performance I can get a OEM one for Pricewise this is about the same as a Sempron Is the XP the better choice As there is no gaming anticipated on board graphics seems like a good way to keep costs down with the option of installing a graphic card later I am looking around for a Socket A motherboard FSB suitable for IDE and SATA HDD with on board graphics Any suggestions greatfully received We will need to get a new PSU Current one is V I have a Jeantech V in an old PC of mine and I have not had any problems with it The V version costs in PC World Has anyone had bad experience of this make or could suggest an alternative budget PSU Thank you for your time nbsp

A:Buying advice re CPU, MoBo & PSU

Only an opinion but I'd go for the Athlon. Your friend needs to factor in some future proofing - build for next year rather than this, expecially as he doesn't upgrade too often. Budget power supplies aren't a good idea so forget the PC World cheapie. For good UK prices and recommended service, try or for a good deal on a motherboard bundle, in a smart case, try from Bedford. For around £149, assembled, plus carriage, they'll do you an AMD 2800+ on a decent board with onboard graphics, sound and LAN with a 56K MODEM and built into a fairly smart case with decent PSU.
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Hi I need to buy a good laptop as cheap as possible really, it would probably be better to buy a reconditioned expensive one!? I am totally clueless as you will see, any opinions welcome and very much appreciated.

I need the following in order to install Aura Imaging software on the new comp, there is a webcam separate included with the software that they send. I also need a printer for the photos ive been told that a mitsibushi dye sublimination would be best?

100% IBM compatible PC with 1.5 GHz or faster processing speed
· 512MB Ram
· Standard graphics card
· 3 or more USB ports
· 5 GB Hard Disk space
· Microsoft Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, or 2010 or later
· DVD Drive
· Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (32-bit and 64-bit supported)


A:need comp buying advice please!!!

What is your budget?
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I am looking to buy my mom an all in one printer scanner for christmas.
She won't use it a whole lot but probably scan pictures she takes and
print them out. I saw one that looked pretty good... but the printing
dpi was 600 x 2400.... I was wondering if this would be ok.

I appreciate your input.



A:buying printer advice

The above link combines different search engines and displays articles and vendors in
trying to locate what you are currently looking for. There are numerous brands at the
large number of online vendors to compare features as well as price browsing. This is
just one multipage list on a fast search here. Below are a few online vendors to review.
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I posted here last days thanks to metallica and crjdriverover for trying to help about my old PC that s dying And it seems I need to let it die So that being said its time to pry open my bank account and cut it in half I know very little about hardware and go purely off reviews and what I read online and since I had luck here before maybe someone could quot rate quot or give advice on a new one I only found one that I think is decent gaming desktop on local Craigslist but it seems for the same price I can get a better newer one Not sure if that is a statement or a question advice pro? computer, new any a from Buying a Monitors mouse keyboard really don t matter to me http portland craigslist org wsc sys html Buying a new computer, any advice from a pro? This is the newegg computer I found Sure seems pretty amazing and cheap to my untrained eye http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Any red flags or ideas for saving money or getting better hardware for the price Open to any and all suggestions I would like to get as good of a gaming desktop as possible for as cheap as possible with max of and that s MAX I really would like to keep it lower The most demanding game I want it to play is DayZ standalone if that gives a reference point Also don t want to spend on something that will be dead next year I have some friends who are capable of building a computer so that is also an option I have been reading thru and studying some quot guides quot and quot builds quot but only understand very little If there is a good cheap build I could do that might work Thanks guys nbsp

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I need a laptop that meets the following What is your budget US - What country will you be buying this in Purchasing online from Grenada What size notebook do you prefer Mainstream - -inch screen What brands do you like or dislike Like Acer Sony Toshiba Dislike I was told HP is not a good brand Would you consider a refurbished laptop buying Laptop advice No What are the primary tasks you need this notebook for Web Surfing Office and Productivity Software Listening to Music Photo Editing Computer Programming Video Chat and Conference Movie Streaming and Viewing Output Video to TV or Large Monitor Where will you be using this laptop Will be used different places How many hours of battery life do you need Will you be buying online or in store online Which OS do you prefer Windows or Windows List the screen resolutions that interest you High Resolution x Max Resolution x Do you prefer a glossy or matte screen Glossy or Matte is fine Is the laptops design important to you Yes Approximately what date will you be buying this laptop ASAP How long do you Laptop buying advice want this laptop to last years How much storage capacity do you need GB minimum Are you interested in SSD for storage Maybe Not too sure Do you want a built-in optical drive what type DVD Burner nbsp

A:Laptop buying advice

If you have $850, I would look for something that has an A10 processor in it. Try something like this:

I dont know what shopping sites are available in your location, but something like this should give you at least a place to start on what to look for.
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I win advice used - Never 8.1, buying any laptop considering found a pretty good deal on Never used win 8.1, considering buying laptop - any advice a laptop running Windows and am considering purchasing it My issue is I have never used Windows and wonder how big a change it will be from Win Is it possible to downgrade to Win from Win Does anyone have any advice This is a laptop not a tablet and I have heard Win is much better suited for a tablet I have no intention of discarding my keyboard for using the LCD as a touchscreen interface Should I re-consider my decision Any feedback is appreciated gt gt gt gt gt Wanted to add Never used win 8.1, considering buying laptop - any advice some further information on how I plan to use the laptop I want to use EssentialPIM Personal Information Manager to manage Outlook and Other MS Office files Use skype for online learning Russian Language Load Russian Language keyboard support Use browser for research language culture and other misc topics Stream movies videos etc That is pretty much it Can I do this with win Will it work with files created on a Win box with Office Again TIF Thanks in Advance

A:Never used win 8.1, considering buying laptop - any advice

It's been 2 hours and no one has ... yet.
Touch is not necessary to use 8.
If not immediately fascinated with the tiled start screen, find a way to stay with Windows 7.

Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

How Do I Downgrade To Windows 7?

Also, you could try 8.1 enterprise for free if you have an available HDD or SSD to install separately.

Download Windows 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation

Have you tried using 8.1 at the retailer's sales desk?
Are you familiar with imaging systems?

System Image - Create in Windows 8
Best Imaging Software Suggestions

Windows 7 is familiar. Windows 8 is different.

Difference Between Windows 7 and 8

Also, search differences between 7 and 8 (Bing or Google or whatever)
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Hello I've been looking to buy a new laptop to for laptop Advice buying gaming on new use for work and also to play recent games like overwatch or the new metal gear I am considering buying a custom laptop from cyberpowerpc com I do not really know Advice on buying new laptop for gaming anything about computer performance for gaming and I would like some advice on if this seller is reliable and if the laptop will run modern games well My order looks like BASE PRICE ADAPTER Automatics Voltage adjustment between and VAC Hz Watts V A Pins BAGS None BATTERY Li-ion Battery SW Gas Gauge IC hard pack removable cells V mAh S P BLUETOOTH Built-in Bluetooth CABLE None CPU Intel Core Processor i - HQ GHz Turbo GHz MB Cache Processor DOCKINGSTATION None FLASHMEDIA Built-in -in- Card Reader FREEBIE CU FREE Intel Q Media Bundle HD M SATA GB Intel s Series M SATA-III Gb s SSD - MB s Read amp MB s Write - Single Drive HDD None HEADSET None Advice on buying new laptop for gaming HS HANGER None KEYBOARD quot KB with red backlight support full KB size w numeric keys MEMORY GB GBx DDR MHz SODIMM Memory G SKILL MONITOR None MOPAD None MOTHERBOARD Intel HM Express Chipset MOUSE BUILT-IN TOUCHPAD NETWORK Gigabit LAN NOTEBOOK quot FHD IPS x Displays LCD w red backlight full size Keyboard HDMI Li-ion Battery amp Universal AC adapter NOTEBOOK COVER TRACER- Cover OS Windows Home -bit Edition RUSH Standard Process Time Ship within to Business Day SECURITY None SERVICE STANDARD -YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY AND LIFE-TIME TECHNICAL SUPPORT SOUND Built-in HD audio SPEAKERS Built-in Speakers USB Built-in x USB USB Type C X x USB USBHD None VIDEO NVIDIA GeForce GTX M GB PCIe NB- - VIDEOCAMERA Built-in HD webcam with D-MIC Video Camera WNC Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC ac Bluetooth WTV None
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My 16 year old Nephew is looking to purchase a budget laptop at around the £300 price mark and I wondered if anyone could recommend a particular model? The laptop would be used for his schoolwork but, if possible, for also playing Steam games and he would like Windows 10 pre-installed.
I have found the following four laptops on the Debenhams Plus website and wondered if any of these would be suitable or if anyone could point me in the direction of a good deal;
click here appreciate these are over his budget but I can get a discount which brings them to around £300. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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I run a small home-based business My daily computer is an -year-old ThinkPad and now that the reviews for Win are out I m ready to buy new of what I do is research and writing I use Firefox and can often have tabs open Beyond that the only thing that might tax my system now and again is some VERY light audio and video editing perhaps every few weeks I have no advice buying Laptop computer plans to watch movies stream TV game etc Since I ve been getting things done on Laptop computer buying advice a -year-old laptop I m thinking Most any processor will work I think I m open to suggestions but read on for a little more info on my daily use Any version of Windows should work I do need it to run a couple of older programs that ran fine on WinXP Some simple home networking would be nice but isn t necessary My ThinkPad has a -inch screen but I have it plugged into a -inch LCD so screen size isn t overly important I don t need a lot of HD space GB but my feeling is a RPM over a RPM might make things run snappier I hear GB of RAM is a good minimum for Win I would also like to point out that on occasion I ve done all I need to do except the light video editing on an IdeaPad S without much trouble Hopefully this gives you some idea what I can work on The best thing about my ThinkPad is how solid it is and how great the keyboard feels Feel free to toss out some names I ve been happy with the ThinkPad and I ve had mostly good luck with Dell Thank you for your time nbsp

A:Laptop computer buying advice

what country are you in ?
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Am very happy with my current laptop - Advent 250gb/2gb memory, does all I need it to do, BUT, my partner has finally come into 21st cenury and I can't get him off it, always on"biggest auction site", houses for sale etc.. he NEVER uses email, pictures/documents or any other software/applications.

My question is:
Advice on type of laptop I can buy him, (not expensive) so that he can continue to do what he does, ie.. just visiting a few websites, at the same speed we have at present, 15" widescreen,
Can you buy one without vista /xp software included, any help greatly appreciated.
Hope I can get it back again to read your answers !!

A:Solved: Advice for buying laptop please

Might check the deals on this site..........
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Budget is no more than quot - quot screen x seems pretty standard for this sort of size The less reflective the better I guess Not hugely concerned about picture Need £350 please! laptop buying advice budget a quality but obviously the best I can afford When it comes to laptops I don t really know which brands are most reliable - any of them can potentially break and after or years will probably start overheating anyway Need advice buying a laptop please! £350 budget Sony s are expensive so probably out the question same for Macs Any model which is known for overheating and making men infertile is a no-go Preferably new or ex display model etc Wanted for mainly everyday use - email MS office web browsing streaming tv But hopefully capable of handling photoshop flash etc reasonably well Don t need it for gaming have a good desktop for that anyway Preferably windows which I can install anyway Ideally hours of battery life minimum Having looked around this is reasonable i think Not too fussy about how quot cool quot it looks Minimum gb gb RAM minimum but more would be good DVD-RW drive Bluetooth is a bonus same with webcam i guess I think that covers everything I ve found a few models that might fit the bill The samsungs look promising and I have a samsung TV monitor which have been reliable so far but haven t made up my mind I haven t posted enough to post links yet but the ones that have caught my eye a bit are lenovo g b samsung rv r and dell inspiron Thanks for any help you can offer nbsp

A:Need advice buying a laptop please! £350 budget

photoshop- killer ap

most of what you want could be done on a netbook, like a samsung or asus, for not much money.

photoshop requires a lot of processing power, though. that is the deal-killer.

one thing to consider: get whatever laptop, then swap the existing HD for a SSD. you can find modest, decent size ssd from 100 pounds to 200 pounds. some kingstons provide a 'kit' to help you image the existing hard drive over to the ssd. or you can add the ssd drive, and load win7 from the ground-up.

an ssd is a lot faster than a typical laptop hard drive, and will decrease power required, and so increase battery time per charge. it will make an otherwise unimpressive-performing laptop behave like a more expensive laptop.

the ssd will not store much, but you can cheaply get an external drive - this would force you into good back-up habits.

i don't know how well a netbook would work with an ssd and trying to run photoshop. the hard drive speed might balance out the slower processor. and many netbooks max out at 2GB.

an OK laptop with ssd would work really well, if you shop well and fit it all in 350 pounds.

on a laptop, along with hard drive storage, you often have an SD slot, which can be used as storage, and a laptop-specific pci slot - i don't see that on the samsung, but my dell has this. that slot can be used for a lot of things, including simply sticking in a storage thingie. also, usb flash drives can be used for storage.

in laptops, the hard drives are slow, usually 5400 rpm, and are part of the power drain, so i just think it is worthwhile to consider the ssd option.
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I have been looking into buying a laptop for around the 1,000 mark. I would like to do some gaming on it from time to time as well. So far i seem to like the Dell Vostro as they have alot of custom options. Using the build tool they have i found a setup i feel is pretty well rounded for about 1k.

I would like a lil advice from you guys here at TSG to make and needed changes or other places to look into a laptop.

Here is what i was looking at...

Vista® Home Premium
Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T7250 (2.0GHz/800Mhz FSB/2MB cache)
15.4 inch Wide Screen XGA LCD Display with TrueLife™
2GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz, 2 DIMM
8X CD/DVD Burner w/ double-layer DVD+R write capability, w/ Roxio
256MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ 8600M GT
160GB Free Fall Sensor Hard Drive, 7200RPM
Custom Hard Drive Partition, 60GB Primary, Remainder Secondary

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can anyone help me on buying a hard drive? my specs are: amd athlon 64 3000+ 2ghz, 256mb ddr pc3200, asrock k8vm800, 17gb hdd. i want something like 200gb.

A:advice on buying a hard drive

What kind of help do you need? Your motherboard should support SATA drives. Just get a cheap 200GB SATA drive. It should be around $70 on sale.
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hi, im fairly new to computing so i thought id seek some advice, ive got my grandson moving in soon and would like to give him internet access via a router, im with virgin media (cable), can any body recommend a router that doesnt cost to much. are they difficult to set up?, thanks for any advice given.

A:advice needed for buying a router

Hello Simon.

You may have to purchase a router through virgin media, your ISP. You might call them and ask if you have to use one of their routers or not. Ask how much it is as well.

The following may not apply to you:
{Likely you would have to search the internet in your particular region. In addition, you may just want to go into your local computer store, such as best buy, and ask them what the cheapest solution to your needs is. From where I am at, its an average of 60$. If you shop locally, you wont have to wait for it, and you can ask questions. You also don't have to pay a shipping fee.}
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I need advice on what projector to buy I wasn t sure if asking here was OK i e being a compuer related forum only but I thought I d try Need for a buying a advice exhibitions projector on anyway OK I know that s like asking how long a piece of string is Need advice on a buying a projector for exhibitions My usage Need advice on a buying a projector for exhibitions at exhibitions projecting onto a transparent rear projection screen and maybe some home cinema - but this isn t important at all Given my intended usage what s the most important consideration for me Is it the ANSI i e because I am projecting onto a transparent screen Otherwise from what I know replacing lightbulbs is the biggest consideration What makes of projectors have cheaper long lasting bulbs I assumed one or manufaturers would have a better reputation than others In ALL of the places where I have looked they DON T seem to advertise the bulbs as well as the projector fears Buying a projector and finding that replacements bulbs cost Buying a projector and finding that I can t buy replacements bulbs Can someone comment on this Also something else to consider a lot of the projectors come with a year warranty while others don t I d rather buy one with years warranty Or are there some makes which come with a year warranty that have a much better reputation than others regardless I ve found that InFocus projectors all come with a year warranty Other considerations ANSI - the higher the better obviously But if my projections are going to be mainly short range is there a danger that getting something tooo bright might not be good for me Lamp life - other than not using and using economical are there any other things that I could do to get more life Are there any makes that are more robust than others Resolution most of projectors I ve seen are x or x The more expensive ones have higher resolutions Anything I need to consider with regards this HD - how important is this Sound levels I can t remember where I read but I think I m right in saying that some projectors can be really loud Contrast ratio i e I have to admit I m not entirely sure what this measurement is I ve seen some that are - are these less quality than higher ratio ones What is this measurement Are there any makes that are generally good brand names for projectors Like Epson InFocus Benq I was considering the following item http www ebuyer com product The reasons for this It s the second cheapest x resolution I have found it s Sony It comes with a year warranty does this include the bulb it doesn t say that it doesn t Is this one a good choice Thanks OM nbsp

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I have £300 to spend on a new motherboard processor graphics card case and mem.

The computer will be used mostly for surfing and running a small business, running some games would be nice.

What should i conside buying, the budget is flexible

A:advice on buying mother board cpu mem

Have you read these:
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I want to add another monitor to my PC to extend the desktop.
The choice of graphics cards is confusing me!

I can get a cheap on from eBay for under £5. (Or very cheap anyway.)
Or I can spend £XXXXX on a really expensive one.

I don't need it for gaming or anything: just standard use.
Won't really be watching videos on it or anything.

Should I just go for a cheap one?

I can get hol dof a second hand Matrox card with dual heads.
Are these OK?


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Hi I get eyestrain from trying to read the small text of some games and simulations that only run in x on my old quot monitor so the only remedy is to buy a bigger monitor I m not too PC-literate and wonder if you can help me on a few points - - How no-frills need advice Buying monitor, are monitors measured diagonally Mine is quot Buying no-frills monitor, need advice diagonally I measured it but when I bought it several years ago the shop said it was quot and I took their word for it did they fleece me or what - I want a new one of at least quot diagonal a no-frills job as cheap as I can get it even second-hand would do so are there any technical specs or pitfalls I need to look out for so that I can tell the shop what I want rather than them trying to tell me - Can you give me a rough idea of how much I should be looking to spend on such a monitor tops Thanks nbsp

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Hi all

I just had my card fry, its an XFX Geforce 8800 Ultra sitting on a Asus P5B mother board (pci-e).

Now i need a card but dont want to spend to much money. What are my options?

I figured i want to spend $100 or less if possible get something with the same performance or slightly better.
I was looking at the ATI 4850 HD and the geforce GT240 but im open to any other suggestions.

I do play games but not hard core since i have the ps3 for that.

A:Need advice buying a video card.

Don't forget about the warranty:

As for a replacement, the GT 240 would be a downgrade, the Radeon HD 4850 or 5750, or a Geforce GTS 250 would be on par or a bit better.
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I've just discovered that my trusty old Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra isn't compatible with Windows 7 (no new drivers have been produced) so I'm in the market for a new cam.

Can anyone advise me as to the best manufacturer of webcams, nice quality for video chat, while being under ?30 (preferably under ?20, if possible). I'm a diehard Fujitsu fan, all my set-up is Fujitsu, so I'd like to stay brand loyal as far as possible, but in this case I'm willing to go for the best quality I can get at the lowest price.

Any suggestions?

A:New Webcam Needed - Buying Advice?

what creative cam have you got exactly?

vista drivers often work if installed in compatibility mode.
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I have a Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera and its working perfectly fine, but now I am planning for an upgrade. I would prefer a decent camera with SLR speed and quality. I will use the camera for general purpose photography. BTW my budget is around $600. I gonna check out, and other discount websites to find out the best online deal.

Thanks for your inputs.