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TssTcorp CD/DVD SH-182D drive will not playback music cd's

Q: TssTcorp CD/DVD SH-182D drive will not playback music cd's

I can't remember the last time I was able to playback audio cd's (store bought) but I am sure I was able to at one time. I'll insert a cd into the drive at the autoplay box does popup saying it is an audio cd, so the drive WILL recognize the disc. However upon attempting to playback or rip, the drive will endlessly try to read the disc, freezing whichever program I'm using to playback/rip. The hard disc action light is also at full blast while this is happening. I have tried several cds and programs to no avail.

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Preferred Solution: TssTcorp CD/DVD SH-182D drive will not playback music cd's

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: TssTcorp CD/DVD SH-182D drive will not playback music cd's

The Drive itself requires replacing
You can also purchase cleaning discs to clean the laser, but the money is usually best spent on a new DVD R/W drive
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i go into device manager and i see tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h652m .however device is unable to play any cd ,dvd or burn.problem also with usb2.0 drive says unable to format and cannot display any files however it does work on any other pc.I would appreciate if someone can help me resolve this.this forum is great by the way I didnt know barely how to turn on pc and thanks to this forum I AM MORE KNOWLEGIBLE ABOUT PC.THANKS IN advance.

A:my disk drive tsstcorp cd/dvdw ts-h652m also usb drive says unable to format

Uninstall the cd/dvd drive from Device Manager and restart Windows.

After Windows restarts the drive will be reinstalled.

If still having issue try the solution here
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My computer is

Hewlett-Packard Company
Compaq Presario
AMD Sempron Processor
1.81 GHz, 384 MB of Ram

DVD/CD-ROM drive is
This computer is approximately 5 months old and whenever I try to play a DVD Game (specifically SIMS 2) it does nothing but just sit there in the drive chugging along.

I can play other computer games and play a DVD movie but this is the only DVD Game I have so I expect it is something with that. Has anyone ever had any problems like this? Any suggestions?

Thanks - Colleen

A:DVD Game does not work on TSSTCORP drive

Are you saying it won't play automatically? have you tried accessing the disc manually through my computer?
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I am having a very strange problem. This drive will read DVD-R/DVD+R/RW, DVD-ROM, and metal DATA and audio CDs. It will not read CD-Rs (of any dye) or CD-RWs.

Firmware is: TS05

The drive will not read CD-R/RWs in DOS. I've changed it drive's position on the IDE channel and even ran the drive on my Promise ATA TX100 card. Same results.

512MB DDR-3200
256 DDR Radeon 9600 PRO AGP 8X
533GB Storage space

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i have burned movies with no problem.. fix it says Drive is not capable of burning (TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633A ATA Device) and in windows media player it goes all the way thru the burn and says complete but the dvd is blank.. when i burn it thru going to computer it does the same thing,burns but nothings on the disc.
i uninstalled and reinstalled even used disc 2 go back 2 factory settings and still wont work. y does it say it cant burn dvds when i already have and it is a dvd burner i have acer laptop

A:Drive is not capable of burning (TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633A ATA Device)

It might be that the drive has had it and wont burn anymore and more than likely will need drives i believe have 2 lasers in them one to read and one to burn. when they go they cant be repaired just replaced.
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Ok. I am a newbie. I have a problem with the audio playback on my new Vista x64 machine. Yes, I have iTunes 8.1 installed and the playback there is choppy, but the playback is choppy using Windows Media Player just the same. This happens during playback of music saved to my library and from a CD in the drive! I have waded through many dozens of dead end threads on this site and on apple, windows, and dell. I have called dell and apple. Apple walked me through the uninstall and reinstall of iTunes 8.1. I have updated all my drivers. I have updated QT and iTunes.

I do not know my way around these issues. Can anybody walk me through this!? How can I achieve the seemingly simple goal of smooth audio playback on my new machine. What am I missing!?

Thank you.
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I have been listening to my CD's playing back on my computer. The last few disks have had intermittant sound/muffled. My computer is less than one year old so I am hoping it is not a broken drive. I use Windows XP and Windows Media player to play back. My computer is a pentium 4 processor. The dvd is a Lite-on DVD+RW SPHW-822S cd-Rom drive. Any idea's what I can do??
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Some ripped albums will not play now on media player11 or music jukebox12. The message says that they need a licence for the PC to use before playing, and a browser opens up, goes to MSdrm and gives the message that the licence can be downloaded after clicking the button. I do this, get a confirmation that it is done, and that I can now play the file.

I exit the browser, go back to MP or JB, press play, nothing happens, and the whole process repeats itself?

Bah! humbug!

Anybody know what is really happening here? I'd be grateful.

A:Playback music files?

When you say ripped album, are these songs transferred from CD's to mp3 format or were they downloaded from somewhere? If they were downloaded from some online music store, you should contact them about this problem. If you ripped them from CD's yourself, I don't have any idea why they would require a license.
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Alright, I think I know the answer but I'll put it out there maybe someone has a suggestion. So far, the drives have been replaced, the cable has been replaced, the OS win2k has been reloaded, so the only thing left is the motherboard, where am I wrong here. If this turns out to be the mobo I will no longer recommend Gigabyte moboz, this is 2 out of 3 that I've had that have had something that died, one the LAN quit, and now this.

A:Jerky DVD/music CD playback, how come?


Jerky playback you say? Tried installing a decent codec pack? So far Vip3r's encoding pack seems to be the best i've come across. Sorted out my choppy playback on movies that skipped all the time.

Also check your buffering and swap file. See what system resources are being used. Might be something simple like not enough free memory too.

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I need some help!

Recently I've been having problems, since installing Windows Media Player 10, with playing music. Whether from a CD, from a saved file, etc. I have been hearing a lot of static and skipping; when opening Microsoft Word, Mozilla Firefox, etc. music playback seems to retard and skip, all making quite a sloppy music experience.

I've looked at many forums, messageboards, etc. yet have found nothing that is helpful.

Please help,
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Hi, I recorded my songs in my digital recorder, then uploaded them from CD-R to my computer using Windows Media Player. Then from my computer I uploaded them onto songwriters online sites such as Myspace, Soundclick, Reverbnation and others. At first all songs sounded correct.

Recently, all songs sounded correct when played on the Windows Media Player in my computer. However, when I tried to listen to them on the online music sites Myspace, Soundclick, and Reverbnation the meter was broken up, music sped up, then slowed down. The drum parts are not in sync with the music....drums are ahead or behind the beat.

The weird part is that I can go to another computer (not my own) and there I can hear my music play correctly on the music sites mentioned above. Any thoughts as to what might be the problem in my computer, and suggestions as to what the cure might be?


A:Music playback is out of sync.

Could it be the internet speed and the fact they are being "buffered"?

BTW, this is a Windows 7 forum, not an XP forum.
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Whenever I play any music - either directly from a cd/dvd in the disc drive, from the library stored on hard drive or from music web sites such as myspace - the songs play but it's as if pinky and perky are singing. That is to say, the music seems to be at the correct speed but the pitch is far to high...I think. It is fair to say that I am relatively clueless when it comes to the technicalities of a PC (and it wouldn't surprise me if it were a 'user' problem) but I would be grateful if anyone has any suggestions for correcting this problem
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I am looking for a music playback app for Windows 8.1. Preferably something that has:
- Crossfading between songs
- Can handle .m3u playlist files

Any suggestion? I only find some very basic apps, nothing more.
Thanks a lot!

A:Please, recommend me some music playback app for W8

what about vlc media player,i think it support all formats !!
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anyone here know why my computer
cannot play midi and audio on the flash...
other media can work just fine....
i think my microsoft GS wavetable SW Synth have problem..
anyone can help me??


A:Midi Music Playback

anyone????????????????help me...
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For some reason, my Samsung DVD drive plays all music cds and dvds very slowly. The drive has no problems reading the disk, because it spins up fine and the autorun loads quickly. I know its not the drive since I have the same drive in my other computer and it works fine. Its like the video is running in slow motion and the audio is metallic and stretched out. I use Windows Media Player for music cds, and WinDVD 7 Gold for DVDs. This computer has an AMD 2600+ processor and 786MB ram. When watching DVDs my processor usage is about 33% and my memory usage is low. I have Windows 2000, with all the latest updates. Any ideas?

[Edit] I just noticed, when I unpaused the playback of the DVD, it ran smoothly for about 1 second, then the drive spun up and it started running slow again.

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I am running XP/Win7 on my AMD 64 Athlon 3400+ powered Pavillion. I have an integrated Realtek AC'97 audio card and lately I've noticed that all music playback is choppy - whether it's iTunes, Windows Media Player, or Youtube. I've tried different speakers, headphones, etc., but reagrdless of the hardware I use, I still get the same problem. It sounds as if the music is being paused and then played very quickly throughout the song. I don't really notice it in Windows sound effects, but that may be because they are short in length. I notice this happening on both XP and Windows 7 and don't know why.

Please help!!!

A:Music Playback is Choppy

Try updating your audio and chipset driver. There could also be a program running in the background taking up to much memory or CPU cycles. If you listen to music alot you should get a dedicated sound card. You can get a really good Audigy on Ebay for under $15. Onboard audio is notoriously troublesome. Too many other things in the system can interfere with it.
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For some reason when i try and play a song (this has only happened over the last couple of days) only the bass plays (on the sub) and nothing else. I have checked all the sound levels for each speaker and they are all fine. The driver is working fine, made sure that the sound card was selected in the playback devices etc and this is fine but still same problem.
I don't understand why. . .

Any ideas?

Kind Regards

A:Music Playback Problems

do you have multiple media players installed? i assume you have. open each media player and check the equalizers on each of them. some media players will actually change the sound levels of the computer directly and not just within the software
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Hello all,

Is there a way to have WMP 11 not queue a song when you select while another one is playing? All help is appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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System running xp pro
768 meg ram
P4 2.26
sound blaster live 5.1
cambridge dtt2200 5.1 sound system

wm player 9
winamp 5.13

When playing back mp3 files the volume of the sound will either all of a sudden drop or get louder.
You would think someone was sitting at the computer turning the volume knob. This can be a very random problem (once or twice in an hour)or can happen often throughout a song.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

A:music playback sound variation

It happens to me to.... i can't explain it. I think its a ghost Once the volume shot all the way up.
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Does anyone know why does music playback become choppy while typing.....its getting choppy while I am typing this

system info

win xp sp2
amd athlon 5200
780g chipset mobo
2 gb ram
realtek onboard audio
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Hello hope someone can help me I've recently started using Windows and am having an annoying sound issue If I'm playing music or listening to an internet radio station either through Windows Media Player or through my internet browser if I then get another sound come through in anything else eg a sound effect from a game email notification Windows Messenger alert etc it knocks the sound of the music down to about a quarter of what it originally was The music volume then gradually recovers once it realises no other sounds are going to be made It's as if it's giving priority to knocked playback sounds Music other by out the other programs I don't want this to happen at all I'd rather choose a low background volume for the music which stays rock solid and doesn't get altered by anything else I've tried adjusting various settings both within the audio control panel in Windows Realtek HD Audio Manager and Windows Media Player but without any luck I've noticed the setting about Windows automatically adjusting volume if it detects communications activity and tried changing it to quot do nothing quot but this has absolutely no effect Game sound effects aren't communication activity anyway I've also tried ticking and unticking the quot Normalise Volume quot check-boxes in my Realtek HD Audio Manager control panel but Music playback knocked out by other sounds this doesn't appear to do anything either Please can anyone help me with a way to stop the sound keep getting knocking out It's so irritating I've stopped playing music through my PC all together when multi-tasking Many thanks in advance for any help James

A:Music playback knocked out by other sounds

If you don't want the System Sounds you can completely disable them in the Sound Panel. Change the Sound Scheme to "No Sounds". That is the way I have my PC setup as I also use my PC for my recording studio and I don't want anything interferring with recording.
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Hi All,A few days ago my computer slowed right down while starting up and pretty much ground to a halt.I have since ran a virus scan in safe mode, search and destroyed FREQUENTLY reccurring spyware, and ran a chkdsk.The computer itself is certainly running better, but now any time I play a video or music file, its stops and starts perpetually, preventing smooth playback, which is incredibly frustrating!Im comfortable when using computers but a novice in relation their workings - could anyone give me some advice in relation to what may be the problem with my compuuter? and how I could go about resolving the problems?RegardsModerator Edit: Moved topic to more appropriate forum. ~ Animal

A:Stuttering Video And Music Playback

It's possible that you haven't removed all remnants of the spywares you said you found. You should run a few more scans, this time add a few different scan programs to your arsenal.

What are all the programs you use to scan for viruses, trojans, malware, etc,?
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I am a musician who records parts for my bandmates. I do simple mixes of parts, recording them to my old phillips home cd recorder. when I load them on my computer(dell dimension4550 xp home) to send to my bandmates, the playback is awful. highly distorted bass sound, much distortion. the cd's play fine on my phillips, and my marantz player. I tried them also on my friends HP desktop (running vista)and I get the same distortion. any ideas?
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I just installed Vista Ultimate I personally made my PC and while it s not the most spectacular machine it should do However I get Music Sound Playback All Choppy No / At choppy music playback no matter what Music software I use I ve tried WMP iTunes and Winamp All are choppy My motherboard has onboard audio Just basic and Vista installed the AC Choppy Music Playback / No Sound At All Audio Codec for it which is what is used in XP as well I also have an Choppy Music Playback / No Sound At All extra sound card that I installed It s a C-Media PCI Audio device and the drivers for Choppy Music Playback / No Sound At All that were installed from Vista as well Whenever I set the C-Media card as default I get music but choppy Whenever I set the onboard audio as default and move my speakers plug I don t get anything Vista says it s working just fine but I don t get anything I have mb ram with gig readyboost drive AMD Sempron ghz I have a Radeon SE Video Card no areo but works fine other than that My ratings in the performance monitor are Processor Memory Graphics Gaming Graphics Primary Hard Disk So do I really need better hardware just to get a simple mp to playback smoothly or could there be something else wrong here nbsp

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Hi there I have an RM CY laptop Samsung manufactured running Windows XP GB IDE HDD Ghz Intel PM CPU MB RAM I use it for DJ-ing at parties etc Well i was GOING to to ideas? and jumpy skipping, playback Music any use it but the music playback is terrible when i use my DJ program OTS DJ If Music playback jumpy and skipping, any ideas? i play through windows media player its Music playback jumpy and skipping, any ideas? is slightly better but i need to play it through my DJ program The program is fine as alot of my DJ friends use it with no problems I updated my sound driver AC Realtek to the most recent version I checked the hard drive for errors using MHDD and there are no slow sectors I checked for Viruses using AVG and non were found i tried a different CPU and still the same Im currently running Memtest on the RAM but it seems fine and its nearly done testing Im totally stumped im quite proficient with computers but this is really bugging me and i can t seem to fix it Anyone had any similar problems or has any ideas to fix this issue Only thing i can think is that the motherboard is faulty but everything else on the laptop works fine besides i dont want to fork out for a new motherboard Any ideas would be much appreciated nbsp
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I have a T440s with win10. When I listen to music after a couple of minutes the sound freezes for a second and makes a buzzing sound and it is really disturbing. I've already tried different drivers (from realtek, from ms, from lenovo), settings (dolby off, sound enhancement off, sampling rate), disabling lan (someone recommended in an other topic), bios update but no change. Btw it works perefectly when I use a usb soundcard. What else can I do? Thx!
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I have a large selection of cds. Is there a device that would let me copy their contents so that they are all stored on one device, which I could then plug into a stereo, and then have the contents appear on a screen so I can call up a disc or a specific song on a disc (or even better, select a sequence of songs from different discs, and maybe even have the device memorize a given sequence for future playback)? I'd like this device to be independent of my computer or other types of devices.

Thanks for any feedback.

A:Music Storage/Playback Medium Question

I think many dvd players will do just that.
A dual layer dvd is over 8 gigs,so you could get more than 10 cds on a dvd
Ofcoarse you would have to burn them with the pc

Now as far as car stereo goes they do a have hard drive that you hook into the mix to store thousands of song...I would guess the same is available for homes as well
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Had my Galaxy Tab (7") for several months & have used with no problems. Last few weeks, music tracks will only play for just over a minute & then stop. If forwarded, the rest of the track is accessible, thus showing that tracks are not incomplete. Having this problem with the inbuilt Music Player & with MixZing. Any idea on how to solve this would be appreciated!
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Did a Shutdown for probably Restoring music playback..this Brink.... one's search saw two users had a similar problem in but the blurb above the O P suggested to create a new thread there was no resolution to the O P 's problem In my own defence all I can say is Wednesday and Restoring Shutdown music playback..this one's probably for Brink.... Thursday it was F here and my wetware doesn't function well at those temperatures Should've Restoring Shutdown music playback..this one's probably for Brink.... made an image last weekend my bad just as hot then The lowdown is going through an extended bout of abject poverty ATM I didn't have spares for testing any theories So loathe as I am to anyone touching my machines I took my workstation to a so-called technician in the end it turned out to be a monitor problem The backlight was frelled but he proceeded to do me a 'favour' by servicing my custom built workstation already paid the bucks HST when it was running fine and the way I liked it Whatever malware he used it altered the windows properties screen into a bloody hunk of adware It should be my name in the middle paragraph and the first two lines the ASUS motherboard and model It also wiped out the good 'helper' cookies I leave in the machine Those cookies let me logon here and elsewhere among other things so like a goddamn noob I had to request here and in the forum for password assistance but admittedly that was fixed in less than minutes for both and forums looks like you use bots for those menial tasks rather than have some one on standby either way thanks to whomever set that up I have a cookie controller on a stick that only lets first parties through like these forums and blocks all others Indeed I'm glad I keep all the important stuff on removable drives including friendly cookies that help automate tasks or he would have frelled those up as well in his vigour to just do something He only saw them as spyware to which I already have a triple-threat system on a stick all portable apps for system protection Since Thursday I've been repairing all his damage but have one last problem I can't solve on my own my shutdown tune standard windows compatible wav file doesn't play anymore just one note you hear then to the blue background quot Shutting Down quot and all he did was just increase that in the registry to seconds from the previously stripped down seven and I think the stock value is seconds I like my shutdown restart tune after a harrowing day it helps to soothe my nerves as well as that the standard non-interactive dialogue box is gone It is the final one that tells the user what processes are being shut down including explorer and that it is going to play playing the logoff sound as one sets in personalisation Been a ton of places on the web and no answer found yet just responses on how to speed up shutdown which I already know not how to get my tune back Now if I ever get back to work recovering from heart attack and quintuple bypass I'll start work on a new -bit with gobs of ram because after fiddling with it its free I seriously want to get into Blender It is only on a 'virgin' computer that I feel free to mess around with an operating system because you can't really hurt anything mess up just re-load the isoDVD Once that machine is built if I want too and can't otherwise get this problem solved I'll re-do the boot drive but last time it took four months getting things like coloured pointers and such instead of just black or white As I told the whippersnapper the last time I was into the registry was to fix the custom trash icon bug so they change on command and that was three years ago First gotta buy a new monitor my neighbour gave me a crummy inch with pixels missing checking the ads always used Acer but a Benq is on sale at Canada Computers anyone here use 'em Man I miss my Atari s
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When I'm playing music with Mediamonkey (or other programs), after about 10 minutes the screen goes black and the sound stops, which is really annoying (I have to press any button to wake the PC up).

How can I change this?

A:Sound/music playback stops entirely after some time

Is your harddrive set to go to 'sleep'? Check your power save settings.
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My computer has been locking up without a BSOD for two or three days now, during random things: programming in Dr. Java one day, and Minecraft another, but both time listening to music. It finally BSOD this last time, and I tried to figure out what was the issue using Bluescreenviewer and Windbg, but I can't figure it out. I've not changed any drivers recently, I've run Memtest86+ before when I had problems and it returned no errors. I've run at stock speeds/timings and still had issues.

I see other people have had similar issues solved here, so hoping someone can spot what I didn't.

A:BSOD IRQ_NOT_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL, randomly or during music playback


Your Creative sound card driver seems to be causing a BSoD for you.

Get an update on its driver. (Uninstall the earlier ones and install latest)

1: kd> lmvm CTEXFIFX
start end module name
fffff880`06063000 fffff880`061c0000 CTEXFIFX T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: CTEXFIFX.SYS
Image path: CTEXFIFX.SYS
Image name: CTEXFIFX.SYS
Timestamp: Mon Aug 22 11:59:38 2011 (4E51F04A)
CheckSum: 001613A7
ImageSize: 0015D000
Translations: 0000.04b0 0000.04e4 0409.04b0 0409.04e4
Creative Worldwide Support
Driver Reference Table

Let us know if the problem persists.
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I noticed about a month ago that my Hp windows 7 desktop pc kept trying to connect to the internet using explorer, I then scaned the pc using norton and foun noting so perfomed a system restore and the problem stopped.Now when using the computer it sometimes becomes very slow and the mouse lags and if I am playing music at the time, the sound becomes slow and badly distorted high screeching sounds. I have tried system restore, hardware diagnostics and factory reset but the problem is still there. This problem(s) don`t occur all the time, just when i think everything is ok it starts again. I need help please!!!!!!!!

A:Copmuter slow to respond and music playback distorted

Run this program and post the results: DPC Latency Checker
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A few weeks ago, my computer froze so I did a complete system restore (I think pressing the main power button on my computer a few times and holding it).

After all of that and my computer straightened itself out, I went to play music on my computer, but whenever I would attempt to play music, my music player (iTunes) said that I don't have a default playback device and therefore my computer couldn't play music.

Is there any way to set a default playback device?

I installed a new soundcard thinking that that would work, but it didn't help either.

If anybody could please help me, I would greatly appreciate it, and you would bring the music back to my dreary college room.

Many thanks!

A:My Computer will not play music-No Playback Device Detected

Here are some pictures of the control panel telling me that I can't do anything about it, I can't even set a device as a default player.

Any help is much appreciated.

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This is a problem I've encountered on totally different devices The first was a stationary self built computer and I figured the problem had to come from compatibility issues maybe some kind of internal arguments between drivers and hardware so I returned to Windows in W issue 8 movie/music Periodical choppy playback and thought nothing more about it Win was still pretty new back then Then about half a year ago I bought a Fujitsu UH with Windows pre-installed from the factory To my big surprise the same annoying issue occurred where around every minutes there's a second window with choppy playback of sound no matter which player used VLC Google music youtube Gom player etc This issue is far beyond ridiculous considering Win is meant to be Microsoft's big save re-inventing the hole user experience on PC So far I have next to nothing bad to say about the years I've spent using Win x in Periodical movie/music choppy playback issue in W 8 contrast to Win which so far has given nothing but anger management issues I want to know other peoples experience regarding this issue and hopefully any known solution will surface in this thread

A:Periodical movie/music choppy playback issue in W 8

What kind of CPU, and how much RAM and what kind of ram? It may be the same cause as with the PC.

You should try getting some content that is 720p, if it plays without skipping, then confine your purchases too 720p content if you can.

Because while this machine I am using for Media playback had Windows 7 in it, I could NOT play any 1080p content without stalls and skips and little blurps.

But once I installed 8, It played beautifully, using VLC and Media Player, PLEX and even some of the Players in the Start Screen side.

Number 1, do a full CHKDSK on your hard drive(s), use a command prompt to start it. Number 2, download Raxco Perfect Disk from

Buy PerfectDisk 12.5 Defrag & Optimization | Raxco Software

There should be a home version with a 30 day trial. Do an optimization immediately, then set it up to do it daily at Midnight each night and leave it on for a few days, the longer you leave it on, the better it will be defragged. Finally, do a "Boot Time Optimization" and that will defrag your Swap and Hiberfil.sys files - Tell Perfect Disk to handle all Windows swap files and prefetch files.

I use this program to optimize SSD drives but it works great on HDDs, but do not watch a moovie while it is defragging, not until it has run on it's own a bunch of times, the more it runs, the better it will get, it will prevent fragments from forming.
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Here's the thing.

I'd like to run Foobar2000 or VLC Media player, running through my S/PDIF out, and My skype through my Analog 3.5mm Audio Jacks.

First off, Can Win7x64 even split audio?

And if so, Any ideas?

reason being is my system is sometimes used as an HTPC, While I'm trying to get work done on skype.

I don't even know if it's possible in 7, and I am using all the stock audio on my Mainboard,
I sold my M-Audio 1010-24/96kHz, so if you're checking specs and wondering, It's no longer an option, Although that would have routed them perfectly.

Thanks in advance for your help!


A:Splitting Outputs to use Skype and Music Playback simultaneously, HELP

Quote: Originally Posted by Tweek

Here's the thing.

I'd like to run Foobar2000 or VLC Media player, running through my S/PDIF out, and My skype through my Analog 3.5mm Audio Jacks.

First off, Can Win7x64 even split audio?

And if so, Any ideas?

reason being is my system is sometimes used as an HTPC, While I'm trying to get work done on skype.

I don't even know if it's possible in 7, and I am using all the stock audio on my Mainboard,
I sold my M-Audio 1010-24/96kHz, so if you're checking specs and wondering, It's no longer an option, Although that would have routed them perfectly.

Thanks in advance for your help!


I'm sorry to say that, form my own experience this is impossible to achieve for free without corrupting your own Audio drivers and by the sounds of it that won't even work in this case!

It is also near impossible to achieve if you pay for it unless you buy some really specialist, expensive software and special extra hardware!

Sorry for dashing your hope but there still is a chance that someone will come up with a great solution to this I've never seen before (although very unlikely ).

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I study on my Surface Pro 4 and I just started using the Groove Music app to playback music files on my tablet. I pause often. I hit volume up or down on top of the tablet and hit pause so I don't have to go back to the app. The problem I've found is that if I pause the music from the overlay, I can't resume it again from the overlay.
I have to go back into the app and the song is paused and set at the beginning of the track again for some reason. I find this very annoying since it happens even when I have it paused for only 20 seconds or so.
Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?
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DMA is enabled...

The sound is synced to the voices, but the music seems to be playing slowly. Like in slow motion.

Have tried playing with several different audio players... VLC (VLC default codecs) and k-lite codecs as well...

Any suggestions?

Thanks much..
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The Sonos Music System can stream music from the internet to ever room in your house wirelessly. To do this one of its components is connected to a router using ethernet cable. However I want to stream music from my external Hard drive via my Thomson TG782T Router to the Sonos Music System.
My Question is: Do I just connect the external Hard drive to the USB port of the Thomson TG782T Router or is it more complicated.
In the absence of detailed instruction (Thomson TG782T Router Manual) i need advise on how to go about it (i.e. test steaming music from this Ext Hard Drive via the router to a PC), prior to purchasing the Sonos Music System.

Thanks is advance.

A:Stream music from External Hard Drive via router and Sonos Music System
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The Music partition download drive hard music and to Videos exterior from other day I posted my problem download music from exterior hard drive to Music and Videos partition with getting a new computer which had win installed When downloading all my backups which had download music from exterior hard drive to Music and Videos partition been on an exterior drive they ended up in strange places Suddenly I had libraries and the library had folders but all the folder were named differently No more My Documents download music from exterior hard drive to Music and Videos partition my this my that Instead they dropped the my which by itself would not have bee a big deal but then they put my document files into my music folder Well that got me mad I'm a head-hunter and I keep everthing in Outlook Contacts In those contacts I have links to my candidates' resumes folders I also have links from my clients to their folders However after downloading having thought I had done everything by the letter I found the links didn't work What a mess I have over candidates categorized by qualifications I have clients in a similar situation Their links don't work either Then some very nice people from this site suggested I create partitions and lose the libraries At first I was frightened I had heard of partitions but had never been courageous enough to actually try them out I was also angry with Microsoft because they changed things for no reason Time is money and I'm losing money when I have to dick around with the computer instead of on the phone head-junting Feeling defeated I bit the bullet downloaded the software MiniTool Partition It seemed easy enough but I have run into some snags In my need to get organized I deleted all the music in the music folder under libraries And I deleted the My Documents folder from there also I need to make E C amp E Conn much smaller Look C It's huge I need that space for my pictures I don't think I need H Backups because I back up to an external hard drive Disk is the external backup I think When I double click I see all my files in there including my music folder with all my music How do I get them into F Music and Videos partition Any help would be greatly appreciated Oh I almost forgot When I get a new resume in the email I generally place it in a folder for later reading Now I can't place it in E C amp E I get a message saying something like I need administrator permission Well I am the administrator Anyway - baby steps Can you help me to tranfer the music from my external drive to F Music and Videos

A:download music from exterior hard drive to Music and Videos partition

Quote: Originally Posted by rikkidegraz

Anyway - baby steps. Can you help me to tranfer the music from my external drive to F: Music and Videos?

Normally, you would just drag them (copy, not move) with the mouse--from the external drive to F:Music and Videos. Can't you do that? But I may be misunderstanding you.


First I would decide how many partitions you ultimately want to end up with on your internal drive.

You need the one named system

You need C

You don't need the others.

Plan 1: put all of your personal files on C and subdivide C with a folder structure: Music, Pictures, Video, Work, whatever suits you. 2 total partitions.

Plan 2: put only Windows and programs on C, and put all data on D. Subdivide D with a similar folder structure. 3 total partitions.

Plan 3: Put Windows on C. Use several different data partitions D, E, F, and so on. One for each data type (music, video, pictures, etc). 4 or more total partitions.

I would lean toward plan 2. You seem to have chosen plan 3.

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of those 3 plans. Plan 3 works, but having a bunch of partitions can be wasteful because you can never anticipate the proper size and growth rate of the data type on a partition.

Your pictures partition is already 80% full.

If you know for sure that you want to stay with those particular partitions, you should be able to use that tool to resize them.

Or you could delete all but system and C, then shrink C to maybe 80, then make new D, E, F, etc.

So you have a lot of control.

If you have everything backed up to the external, I would disconnect it temporarily. That way you can't make an error and foul that drive up accidentally with the tool.

You had best confirm what is on H:backups.

What is supposedly on E:C&E Conn and why that peculiar name?

Report back with your ideas and results of moving those files with a mouse.
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Hi anybody can help me how to get Metro Music App to read and play my music library from Synology j network drive Thing is it works fine for standard windows media player so why the heck does it not work for Metro Music App When I select a song from the explorer it is played by metro but where are all the other files I have a Dutch - not yet supported region - Windows Account so cant login music and xbox I have added App music read on Metro Music drive not network does synology shared music folder to my desktop music library but explorer keeps warning me that some features may not Metro Music App does not read music on network drive work so I have also indexed the folder but still no success It gives me the creeps these complications and Windows may be loosing another user to the Apple platform which would mean spending a lot of money to replace my windows home system but at least everything is compatible - I guess please help I tried a lot already

A:Metro Music App does not read music on network drive

Originally Posted by sjengie

Hi, anybody can help me how to get Metro Music App to read and play my music library from Synology 212j+ network drive?
Thing is it works fine for standard windows 8 media player so why the heck does it not work for Metro Music App?

When I select a song from the explorer it is played by metro but where are all the other files?
I have a Dutch - not yet supported region - Windows Account, so cant login music and xbox.
I have added synology shared music folder to my desktop music library but explorer keeps warning me that some features may not work so I have also indexed the folder but still no success

It gives me the creeps these complications and Windows may be loosing another user to the Apple platform (which would mean spending a lot of money to replace my windows home system but at least everything is compatible - I guess)
please help, I tried a lot already

Hi there
Goede Morgen !!

Remember that W8 is still technically in BETA so there is more to come out.
Since multi-media and connectivity is very important this I'm sure will be fixed in the final builds of W8.

I shouldn't base your purchasing requirements against what's in a BETA build of an OS. -- Wait till the Final before making that decision -- and meantime use something like Winamp or plenty of other free music playing apps most of which can also stream to and from smart phones etc.

Cheers (Tot Ziens)

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Searched the tutorial-collection from my problem, but couldn't find one there. So...

I've got my music-collection in a WD World Edition (White Light) -network drive. The path to the music is:

Network\MYBOOKWORLD\Public\Shared Music

The network drive also carries my photos and my videos.

I understand that I can make symbolic link from that location to the Music -library and that way the music should appear in the the Xbox Music -metro app, because I'd really like to use that app (and other metro apps for photo and video).

The problem is that I don't know how to make that symbolic link. I honestely don't even know wheather it works in W8 or only W7.

Can someone confirm this could be done similar way you can make it happen with SD-card.

A:Help! Music from network drive to Xbox Music App

Hi MSalo,

To create a symbolic link in windows follow these steps,

1. Go to your Music library and create a sub folder (Can be called anything)
2. Right click on the folder and select Include in Library and then select Music
3. Now delete this sub folder you have just created in the Music folder
4. Open uo command prompt and run as an administrator
5. At the command prompt type the following ...

mklink /d c:\Users\<Username>\Music\<Sub Folder Name> \\Network\MYBOOKWORLD\Public\Shared

6. Press Enter, you should get a message advising the link has been created and that's it

You can repeat this for all libraries you have setup in Windows

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The xbox music app for Windows 8 will not show any of the music in my library. I have narrowed it down to the fact the all my music on a 2nd hard drive.

If I move a couple of songs to the c drive and add that folder to my library, they will show up. However nothing in my library that is on the 2nd hard drive will show up

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

A:Xbox Music App with music on 2nd drive

Make sure your index is searching and indexing those folders on the second drive - Xbox music (and videos, for that matter) only see media that has been indexed by search. You may want to look at the search/indexing options in the control panel to make sure the folders containing your media are being indexed - if they are, give the index a rebuild. That can fix things (I find that on my tablet sometimes).
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Currently i am using a TSSTCorp CD DVDW TS-H L for my CD DVD drive It can read and play audio CDs and DVD movies fine but it has lost the ability to recognize any type of blank CD or DVD i have at home CD-R DVD R Problems CD/DVD TSSTCorp with DVD RW There is no AutoPlay function when i put any of the above types of discs into the drive and the Properties option in My Computer states that there is nothing in the Problems with TSSTCorp CD/DVD drive bytes available out of bytes There is no error message however i haven t used it to burn anything yet so Problems with TSSTCorp CD/DVD i m not certain when the problem began However using a System Restore point didn t work nor did uninstalling and reinstalling the drive There are no firmware or driver updates for my model i spent days checking My computer is running Windows XP with Service Pack and it s fully updated so far as i know It s an HP Pavilion a n desktop completely standard i haven t added any hardware to it yet i d rather not buy a new drive but it s looking like i might have to since during my search for a fix i found that a great many people had trouble with various TSSTCorp drives My computer is less than a year old and still within warranty but i have had monstrously bad luck with warranties in the past Can anyone tell me how to fix my current drive or barring that suggest an alternative If any more information is needed just tell me Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Problems with TSSTCorp CD/DVD

And now it has ceased reading anything at all.
No CD or DVD of any type whatsoever can be read now.
i'm not even interested in fixing it, anymore.

Can anyone give me a decent alternative?
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I have a TSSTcorp TS-L632D CD/DVD Drive on a Toshiba Satellite A135 model, running Microsoft Vista Home Premium 32-bit with Service Pack 1. The problem I'm having is that a couple of my DVD-ROMs (mainly games) aren't recognized by the drive. They were at one point before because I installed the game and then uninstalled it to make room for something else, but it's just this one game (a 2-disc set) that doesn't seem to want to work in my computer anymore. Also, I heard that the MATS CD/DVD drive fix works, but everytime I've tried it, I've gotten a Runtime "740" error partway through the download and it doesn't go. I'm not quite sure what to do. Could anybody help me, at least to try to get the MATS fix working before I try anything else?


Desperate newbie.

A:TSSTcorp Driver

that is a stock driver, not sure if you can find one for it.

your laptop is a a135-?????

this firmware update might work it is the second one listed on the page.

Model Content Page
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Hi there,

I have just put in a new DVD drive and the installation seems to be successful however, when I try to play a DVD in this drive it is choppy, both the audio and video jolt instead of running smoothly.

I thought it may have something to do with DMA on the IDE controller settings, but I've checked this and they're set to DMA when available. Then I tried codecs - installed a K-lite codec pack, and it didn't seem to help. I have tried playing the dvd in both Intervideo WinDVD 8, and also Windows Media Player 11. Both have the same trouble...

Would reeeeally appreciate some help on this :dead:

A:New DVD-RW Drive - Playback problems

What is the make and model of the new DVD drive?
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I have suddenly lost the ability to access my TSSTcorp DVD in Windows . This is showing a yellow exclamation mark next to it in DM with an associated error message quoting Error 19.

PC boots OK from bootable DVD disks when inserted in this drive but the drive is invisible in Windows Explorer.

I have tried deleting the drive in DM and re-booting the PC . All this does is to produce a message which says that it was unable to load appropriate software.

I have also attempted to follow several "solutions" which navigate you to the section of the Registry where you are invited to delete the "Upper and Lower Filters"

I do not have either ot these showing in my Registry.

Can anyone provide a solution to this problem ?

A:DVD TSSTcorp Cannot be Accessed in Windows

Try this:
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
Your CD or DVD drive can&#39;t read or write media
The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded to Windows Vista
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I have an Inspiron I1520 with a TSSTcorp DVD +-RW TS-L632D ATA Device. I just replaced my hard drive (broken) and I have restored my files from my external backup. The CD drive is not working. Checking properties under Device Manager gave me the following message: Windows cannot start this hardware because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged (Code19).

Any suggestions?

A:TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D ATA Device

Hello playball,
Go to Device Manager and un-install the device, reboot and try, (this will re-install the drivers) and may sort the problem.
If not, try this.

System Files - SFC Command

Also, if you have a Vista DVD/CD, you can try a startup repair.

Startup Repair

Hope this helps, good luck and post your results.
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Problem Drive: TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-653L SCSI CDrom Drive
Computer: HP Pavilion Slimline s3120n TV PC

Issue: No CDs/DVDs recognized.

This happened suddenly, I put in one disc and was able to pull it up. Windows Media player froze on me and now the drive will not recognize any discs that go into the drive. Doesn?t matter what kind of disc it is.

I see the drive, I can check the drive. I?ve deleted registries, I?ve deleted all drivers and installed drive again and still it?s made no difference what so ever.


Turn off. Unplug the drive. Turn on. Let Windows remove it. Turn off. Plug in drive. Turn on. Let Windows find it. Test drive. If it does not work, test in another computer or replace it.
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where can I find updates for a tsstcorp SH-S203B CD Rom ?

Windows says it is Up to date but WMP 11 says it is not and will not play DVDs?

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Just installed a Super Write Master dvd recorder model SH-S222. I believe manufactured by Toshiba Samsung. Anyway small amount of paper work that came with unit indicated automatic set up when installed. Does not work. Installed on E drive but my computer does not recognize it. Worn out unit was recognized but is not working. Is there a driver available? How do I get my computer to recognize new hardware?
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TSSTcorp CD DVDW TS-H B i have had it for about months now and not one problem untill the other day i was trying to burn a cd for my wifes little brother and it was a sony something cd well after a few copies it wouldn t find the cd anymore so i put in some previously burned cd s and its almost like it erased the data on them well today i went out and bought battlefield and i tried installing it the first and second time i got this error message saying cannot complete installing please start over or something like that so i tried a rd time and my cd drive would stop responding and it finally opened the cd cuz i was CD/DVDW help TSSTcorp TS-H552B in my computer right clicking on open well TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B help it opened it alright but nothing was on the cd and now i put in half-life and it froze up so i dont know what to do i really dont want to spend the money on buying a new cd burner my system specs O S win xp amd ghz gig ram nvidia geforce agp vid card gigs of hd - gig hd and gig hd please help if you can thank you nbsp

A:TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-H552B help

Try the drive in another computer, but it sounds like it may be on it's way out. If it's only three months old, it should be under warranty.
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I have a insprion 1501 with windows vista 32-bit. I was just wondering if anyone could help me as my CD drive which is a TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D ATA Device just stopped working and is not listed in the my computer folder anymore, but in the device manager it is listed with an error (error code: 10)....thank you

A:TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632D ATA Device

Try to update the driver through the web. Check the cables.
Have you got iTunes installed?
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I'm having problems with my cdrw/dvd combo drive on my Dell inspiron 9300 notebook. It never has a problem reading any cd or dvd unless I am installing software with multiple disks. When I am prompted to insert the second disk, the installation stops responding.

The only way that I can work around this (and this does not always work) is to explore the disk contents in explorer first. Sometimes that seems to jump start the reading process, and then I can go back and resume the installation.

A:TSSTCorp CDRW/DVD problems

Also, most of the time if it absolutely will not install, I can copy the files from the disk to the hard drive and install from there. So I'm pretty sure it is not a hardware problem.

Any suggestions?
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I have a new machine and have one drive a LITEON 16xRW, it is linked via IDE (No Audio Cable was told not necessary if running XP) however i am having many problems with playback on the device.

It is linked as a slave drive on IDE 1 of the motherboard HD being the master, when playing DVD's (Power DVD 5.0) it sticks and freezes with the sound all breaking up.

If i insert an audio CD and open media player the system freezes and won't play until i eject the CD.

If anyone has any ideas on how to rectify these problems it would be appreciated.

A:Problems with LITEON DVD Drive playback

Try setting the jumper to master and hook it up to IDE2...

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Hi Guys I recently bought a new DVD drive for a somewhat older computer The drive works fine on a different computer and the computer DVD playback Drive: issues Movie play s movies from the HDD fine However when I try to play back DVD movies--as in the ones you buy--the playback is really jittery I ve tried various things like changing the region settings and upgrading the drive s firmware but have since confirmed the drive works The CPU usage goes through the roof whenever this jerking occurs as well so the problem seems to definitely be between the motherboard and the drive I ve tried the obvious like different SATA cables slots on the motherboard etc and XP can t detect anything wrong I m at a loss to think as to what could be causing this The computer is quite tinkered perhaps there is some weird setting I ve accidently set I know there s more trouble-shooting I could do like testing a different drive on the computer I ve tested DVD Drive: Movie playback issues a USB external DVD drive which works fine but that s circumventing the issue I m reasonably confident this ll come down to motherboard compatibilty issues but can you guys think DVD Drive: Movie playback issues of anything OS-based also it s not an application issue as WMP and VLC cause the same problem or anything else I ve overlooked it would be greatly appreciated Oh the DVD drive is a Samsung SH-S F the board is a Gigabyte GA-K VT and I m running XP Thanks nbsp

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Problem started when I could hear sound watching videos, eg, Netflix, but couldnt hear sound when playing music, eg, MP3. As I was trying to trouble shoot that, I realized I could not hear anything over headphones plugged into the 3.5mm headphone jack. Then I discovered that the hp support site doesnt have any drivers for my model spectre. I have followed the instructions listed here ... but nothing has corrected teh problem. To the best of my knowledge I have all teh latest drivers from Realtex and Intel. There is no "generic" Micorosft High Definition Audio driver option shown in the listing of drivers on my machine and I haven't figured out how to get one. Can anyone help?
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I realize that this may be a very stupid question, so please forgive me.

I have a Hercules Prophet DDR-DVI 32mb video card and 52x CDrom drive. The video card comes with DVD play back software and I was wondering if I need to have an actual DVD rom drive or does this mean it can translate from the regular CDrom.

I think the answer is that I need to have a DVD rom drive in conjuntion with DVD capable video card, but before I make the investment, I wanted to consult you guys.

Thank you in advance for your reply!


A:DVD drive playback w/video card

Yes you need a dvd drive, preferably with a decoder to do the decoding and take the load off the cpu and vid card for best playback
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Hi I have an Dell up DVD and playback drive explorer locks Inspiron running windows -bit and has a PBDS DVD -RW DS W P ATA Device drive Whenever I play DVDs back in any player my system locks up and my DVD drive will not eject or read the disk while Explorer is at a standstill and task manager can't even kill the process I have tried flashing the firmware on the drive which completed successfully and had some improvement but the symptoms still occur My DVD drive is region one and this occurs in DVD playback locks up drive and explorer multiple DVDs so my discs aren't scratched Also I am able to run and install software from DVDs as well as read files and burn discs also here is the crash information for the failures Description A problem caused this program to stop interacting with Windows Problem signature Problem Event Name AppHangB Application Name explorer exe Application Version Application Timestamp aeba Hang Signature Hang Type DVD playback locks up drive and explorer OS Version Locale ID Additional Hang Signature a f eb Additional Hang Signature c b Additional Hang Signature c b b f f f cdb fec Additional Hang Signature Additional Hang Signature a f eb Additional Hang Signature c b Additional Hang Signature c b b f f f cdb fec Below is the Binary Data - System - Provider Name Application Hang - EventID Qualifiers Level Task Keywords x - TimeCreated SystemTime - - T Z EventRecordID Channel Application Computer Amanda- Security - EventData Explorer EXE cb c f deeed C Windows Explorer EXE c aab -f ba- df- a- be ba E B E F E Binary data In Words E E B F E In Bytes E B E U n k n F E o w n and here is the process explorer stack for explorer exe ntdll dll KiFastSystemCallRet kernel dll WaitForMultipleObjectsEx x e USER dll GetMessageW x USER dll MsgWaitForMultipleObjects x f EXPLORERFRAME dll Ordinal x f EXPLORERFRAME dll Ordinal x ae explorer exe x explorer exe x aa kernel dll BaseThreadInitThunk x ntdll dll RtlInitializeExceptionChain x ntdll dll RtlInitializeExceptionChain x Any help would be appreciated as I am completely puzzled on this one thanks

A:DVD playback locks up drive and explorer

Quote: Originally Posted by topazkitty

..... Whenever I play DVDs back in any player my system locks up and my DVD drive will not eject or read the disk.....

That "any player" immediately rings alarm bells in my mind. Too many players and too many codec packs is a sure recipe for inviting problems with playback.

So could it be the cause of your problem? Though I am not not sure, it should be no problem to uninstall all such players and codec packs and see if the problem is resolved. You may also uninstall the optical drive from the Device Manager and let Windows install the necessary driver on reboot.

Good luck.
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contacted dell and best buy and got no help. Maybe I can Get help here. I live in Belize central america and there is no best buy around. This is the error I get. HElP

Windows was able to successfully install device driver software, but the driver software encountered a problem when it tried to run. The problem code is 10.
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: PnPDeviceProblemCode
Architecture: x86
Hardware Id: IDE\CdRomTSSTcorp_DVD+-RW_TS-L632H_______________D400____
Setup class GUID: {4d36e965-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}
PnP problem code: 0000000A
Driver name: cdrom.sys
Driver version: 6.0.6001.18000
Driver date: 01-21-2008
OS Version: 6.0.6001.
Locale ID: 1033

A:cd dvd TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H ATA Device not working

i use dell inspiron 1525 which came with vista 32bit, some few weeks back ji saw that i can not locate my cd dvd drive in my computer. i tried all mean Mitigating this problem, it den came to a conclusion that i had to fomat ma system, i did though, and everythin was workin perfect, sooner or later the problem came again.
so i tot it wise to change the OS since i had windows 7. i did and now am using windows 7, bt surprisingly the problem has cum again. plz can anyone help me i ve done all i can to help this bt still it proves fatal
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Please help! I've have a Toshiba laptop and have been formatting and burning CDs. My system locked up as I was ejecting a CD. I rebooted my system and the files on the CD were lost. The message asked if I wanted to format the CD. I took the CD out and put in a brand new one. I tried to format it but got the message "Windows is unable to format the CD". I tried several CDs and nothing works. It will open other CDs and display the files that are on it fine. It just won't format new CDs. Again, please help! Thanks,

A:TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632D ATA Device

Try these ones fixes:
1) Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs
2) Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media
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Okay so I own a Dell insporon Windows Vista bit and I have fixed this problem previously and for a short while it worked but now its back to the way it was I have Itunes downloaded DVD+-RW not working TSSTcorp TS-L632H Device onto my computer and I know about the filters that TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H Device not working it puts onto the drive but since i had TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H Device not working it fixed before i figured i could A fix it with the same program i fixed it with B Fix it manually or C maybe swipe itunes from my computer which would suck it would be like throwing away dollars worth of music and it wouldnt help me anyhow i wouldnt think So I tried step A but that did not work because i am broke and couldnt buy the full program that fixed the problem previously So i tried step B but to my surprise while following the steps for windows vista to manually deleate the filters the filters where no where to be found under HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class D E -E - CE-BFC - BE which sucked royaly because now my only option is to delete Itunes and i dont even know if that will help me besides that the only reason i want the drive to work is so i can download my music to Itunes Please help me n nU

A:TSSTcorp DVD+-RW TS-L632H Device not working

1.Update drivers for DVD
2.Try the second MS Diagnostic http://%22http//
3.Make sure the service Shell Hardware Detection is started and set to AUTO
4.Navigate to key HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Cdrom and check you have phrase Autorun =1,if is 0 fix it + restart
5.If everything fail download FrogAspi Frog Aspi - the FREE wnaspi32.dll replacement
(make sure the module is already renamed to wnaspi32.dll -if not rename it)

if you have x64 system place wnaspi32.dll in C:\Windows\SYSWOW64 again uninstall DVD driver + restart

if you have x32 system place wnaspi32.dll in C:\Windows\System32 again uninstall DVD driver + restart

6.If stiill nothing help unistall program for CD virtualization like Alcohol 120,Deamon and likely and all programs for burning DVD
7.You can also try uninstall IDE controlers in device manager -system reinstall it after restart.
8.Updating drivers for chipset and update BIOS also maybe helpful

If nothing help try clear DVD Samsung Clear dvd drive mod - Difficulty 2/10 - Xbox Tutorials - Xbox Hacking, Xbox Modchips, Xbox Dashboards, Xbox Bios, Xbox Softmods, Xbox Auto Installers

If nothing help I suggest change DVD drive
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I'm new so i don't know if this is the right place to post this message, but the driver in the name will not play. It does not autoplay like i set the default to.
Then it isn't even under my computer! I then went to the device manager thing. It is there but it has a triangular yellow ! sign. So i right click on it and go to properties, it says
'Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)'
Its definately still there, i dont believe i ever took it out lol.
Anyway, please tell me how to deal with this problem
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Hi I have searched this forum in hope to find a TSSTcorp TS-L632HH device problem solution to my problem but TSSTcorp TS-L632HH device problem non worked I have windows ultimate x my laptop is ASUS F JC TSSTcorp TS-L632HH device problem What my problem is My device TSSTcorp TS-L HH does not show in my computer or device manager TSSTcorp TS-L632HH device problem until i insert a cd dvd and go on quot scan for new hardware quot then it shows and reads normally for a period of time and disappears again when cd dvd is removed There is a AZYRI device constantly showing up but i have no such device I have cdburnerxp CDBurnerXP Introduction and News and deamontools lite installed Yfrog Image yfrog com gscreenshot ujj What i have tried to solve the problem -Unistalled device restarted PC -Tried with quot Mats Run dvd exe quot it lists only the AZYRI drive Yfrog Image yfrog com dscreenshot kxj -Downloaded a winaspi dll and placed it in my system folder in it was no such file so no replacement occured I have no intention of reinstalling windows and i can't do a system restore have that option turned off Hoping to hear suggestions of what could be the problem and a possible solution Ty in advance

A:TSSTcorp TS-L632HH device problem

The AZYRI device is the name given to the virtual drive installed by Daemon Tools.

Concerning the TSST drive, when you go to the System Tray and click the Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media icon, does that drive show up?
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My dvd player will no longer work. It just quit! Does anyone have info on this problem and how it can be solved?

A:TsstCorp CDDvdw Ts-L633b ata device

Check in device manager under DVD/CD-ROM drives and see if it is either still showing or displaying a yellow triangle.

Did you apply any Windows Updates before it stopped working?

Attempted to flash the DVD firmware?

Was it showing any signs of faulty behavior prior to it stopping? (increasing noise, longer than normal operation time, not reading or burning correctly)

If it's not software related, sometimes DVD players just up and die.
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I have an old Dimension 9200 (XPS 410).  I did a bunch of hardware upgrades and installed Windows 10.  It works great, except for my DVD drive.  I've been having a hard time finding Windows 10 drivers for the dated original OEM components, but I just can't find a driver for my TSSTCorp TS-H553A DVD drive. Any suggestions?
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and not surprisingly after installing yesterdays Win Update of coarse Yes I ve seen posts with the problem here before looong time ago and I ve tried some of the suggestions updating firmware uninstall reboot and system restore the later never seems to work by the way Some suggest a hardware issue regarding the quot lase pickup quot on the DVD which is basically where I m at now It does reads CD s all fine or those I ve tried anyway including XP OS and it did so - the vary second - before I let that stupid update get installed which I apparently can t get rid of either Back then referring to the older post there was also a quot fix quot mentioned which I haven t tried But them again my D-drive is visible and and partly functional which was this fix main address so I don t think that will work - also considering it being several years old So anyone ells having seen this with the latest win update or quot malicious software removal tool quot or whatever it called can t DVD but XP! reads CD SH-S223B)) My on DVD not (Samsung -- TSSTcorp recall Or how My DVD reads CD but not DVD -- on XP! (Samsung TSSTcorp SH-S223B)) to reverse it Not being sure buying a new DVD will solve this either I m all ears anyway Using WinXP SP i GB RAM My DVD reads CD but not DVD -- on XP! (Samsung TSSTcorp SH-S223B)) nbsp

A:My DVD reads CD but not DVD -- on XP! (Samsung TSSTcorp SH-S223B))

Do you happen to have a bootable DVD? If so, try and boot off of that. This will tell us whether or not it quit working after the updates was a coincidence or not.

Bootable dvds would include several linux disks, Vista, 7, and the DevPreview or Consumer Preview of Win 8.
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For a while now any kind of audio playback will skip while the cd dvd drive in my Dell Inspiron laptop is active For example if I pop a cd in and try to listen to it in iTunes the audio skips horribly If I try to listen to mp files already on my computer while a disk is importing the audio still skips Just now I tried to listen to an mp on a webpage while burning a dvd and it skips as well Even system sounds skip while a disk is running It's really annoying not being able to multi-task but even more annoying is the fact that I can't even use my computer as a cd player - the audio skips cd/dvd when drive playback audio is skips active??? so bad that my only alternative is to import the files and then wait until after iTunes is done with the disk to listen to them Any ideas on what could be causing this I'm pretty sure this was not audio playback skips when cd/dvd drive is active??? the case when I first got my machine so maybe a program is interfering I don't know but I'd really like to fix this problem Thanks
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Hi guys I got an ASUS G JW laptop which came with a RPM HDD I recently saw a good deal on SSD so I bought it Kingston SSDNow V GB I installed it on the available SATA slot reinstalled Windows -Bit installed all the playback SSD since Video installed drive laggy drivers ran the Windows Update installed the latest K-Lite Codec Pack computer is pretty fast boots fast Everything is good except when I play videos it lags and have some hiccups often every min or so I tested with AVIs or p MKVs sometimes it s ok for - minutes but eventually it will lag for - seconds and interrupt the playback - Video playback laggy since installed SSD drive this never happened with my previous HDD it was smooth of the time I used the computer a lot of watching videos Yesterday I played a movie from an external -TB HDD an my computer completely froze my computer never froze since I purchased it - so it was the first time ever I would like to know if you guys can suggest anything I hope it s the K-Lite Codec Pack which is at fault while I doubt it - I never had problems with it before Any suggestion are highly appreciated Thanks Toast nbsp

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I built a PC in August and it runs very fast and plays games, videos and audio without issue. However, I have been getting occasional BSODs during youtube playback or when playing a video from my hard drive, even if i played the same video moments earlier without issue. I have updated all drivers windows updates, memtest to check ram but nothing seems to explain my PCs sudden desire to BSOD me.

I would be very very grateful if someone would have a look at some min-dumps for me and see if they can identify the issue as i have reached the limit of my computer diagnostic knowledge.

A:Intermitent BSOD during internet video playback or avi playback (Win7 Pro 64)

How many Passes did you allow for Memtest? I read your five most recent dumps and the were all of the same error as described below...

Your error is 0x124: WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR and is described as "A fatal hardware error has occurred."

This error code and definition has replaced the older XP code 0x9C: MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION and though it is older the definition still is applicable: This is a hardware issue: an unrecoverable hardware error has occurred. The parameters have different meanings depending on what type of CPU you have but, while diagnostic, rarely lead to a clear solution. Most commonly it results from overheating, from failed hardware (RAM, CPU, hardware bus, power supply, etc.), or from pushing hardware beyond its capabilities (e.g., overclocking a CPU).

Honestly, this is a very difficult error to work with because as it says a clear diagnosis rarely comes forth and I have never seen a minidump with either error codes give a definitive answer. I know IT techs that don't like working with it. What makes it so difficult is that it can be any hardware in your system -- and I mean any. Your dumps simply cited hardware as the issue and nothing more definitive.

Here are some of the causes that were determined to be the source of 0x124/0x9C errors from posters here and abroad: NIC, DVD/CD drives, dust build up around the CPU that caused overheating of said CPU, bulging capacitors hidden by heatsink, corrupted memory, video card, psu, motherboard, and external harddrive connected by USB.

* Anything overclocked? If so set your hardware to factory specs.
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I've been trying to burn avi files to dvd-r disc from my laptop, so that I can play them for my son on his portable dvd player.

However, I keep getting unsuccessful burning and basically a lot of coasters. I've tried Windows Media Player, Windows DVD Maker even something called the AVS Video Converter that someone recommened, but no luck.

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite A135- T2250, Vista Home Premium 32-bit OS
and the DVD RW Drive TSSTcorp CD/DVDW TS-L632 ATA Device which seems to be 'working properly' according to the device properties in device manager. I'm not sure if its the driver problem as it seems like they are updated.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
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I have an HP touchSmart tx2-1025 dx laptop and my dvd/cd burner drive stopped working. I will admit that i accidentally put a roxio software that was meant for a dell and because of that i think it disabled my drive to start working. It won't even read regular cds. How do i solve this? any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Need help! My tsstcorp cddvdw ts-l633l ata device is not working!!

Originally Posted by rme1

I have an HP touchSmart tx2-1025 dx laptop and my dvd/cd burner drive stopped working. I will admit that i accidentally put a roxio software that was meant for a dell and because of that i think it disabled my drive to start working. It won't even read regular cds. How do i solve this? any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hello rme1 and welcome to the forums

Try doing a system restore to before you started experiencing the problem.

If you need help doing this then let me know and I will happily provide you with the necessary information.

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I'm new here, and I need help with my drive... like I was able to watch movies and such the other day, and now today it's not working. it shows up this message:

i'm not too good with computers.... so please help me!!!

A:TSSTcorp CD DVDW ts-L632p ata device [Not working! need help!!]

Someone please help me!!!!!!!
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my cd/dvd drive is not showing up in device manager, or on my computer, it has power and opens when i push the button, i have a hp pavillion dv2000 with windows vista home premium 32bit. I no longer have the vista cd and i dont have a boot cd can someone help?
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Apologies if this is the wrong sub forum.

I have the TSSTCorp CDDVD SH222BB and quite a few rips to FLAC via dbpoweramp result in a file filled with distortion and noise, yet others rip perfectly.
I've been trying to find a firmware update for the drive, but I'm stumped.
I'm running a fully updated W7x64, I7, 16gb ram, 256gb ssd system.

I've googled but only came up with flaky driver programs.

Any help appreciated.

A:TSSTCorp CDDVD SH222BB not ripping cds properly

Please do not talk about ripping since it is piracy which is illegal and against rule 4. You have been warned.
Never mind. OP has given more information to justify.
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Hi, this problem has been occuring some time and I have yet to find out a reason why or a solution.

I have a gateway laptop running Vista Home Premium.
It has a tsstcorp cd dvdw ts-l632d ata device.
At first it ran fine, but now only burns dvds and does not burn cds.
It goes through the whole process and says that the cd has been burned but then there is nothing on the cd. I read somewhere that someone had to replace one of the lasers, the one that burns cds? There are two different lasers? Is it a burned out laser and if so what should I do about it? If not then any ideas what the problem is?
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Hi I have been a having a problem with my inspiron with windows -bit loaded on it Whenever I play any DVD it either locks up the drive explorer and the up dvd drive, playback explorer and inspiron locks 1525 wait chain says that its waiting for network io or the playback comes out garbled Usually this happens if I boot up the PC and then warm reboot it and the drive won't even eject I have forced ejected it with a paper clip but explorer doesn't even inspiron 1525 dvd playback locks up drive, and explorer recognize that it just finally inspiron 1525 dvd playback locks up drive, and explorer starts to spin up the drive outside the pc Any help would be appreciated I have tried firmware updates and an attempted bios update but that almost fried my motherboard but it flashed itself back to A from A automatically the Drive I am using is pbds dvd -rw ds- w p this happens in any OS i'm just using windows as an example I have also tried terminating explorer in task manager which that doesn't even work and I have tried reseating the dvd drive too with no luck there Any help would be appreciated thanks Topazkitty

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I have a seagate network drive filled with pictures and videos that I watch via a powerline network and ethernet link on my TV, however I now have an Amazon Firestick connected to my upstairs TV, I am trying to acces the network drive and hence watch the videos, via a file explorer app installed on the firestick, is it actually possible to do this, I have tried once, and it asked for the address of my drive, please excuse my nieveity but what exaclty is my drive address and where will i find it ?

A:Network drive video playback on FIRE stick

The address will be the IP of the drive its often possible to see that on the router under dhcp clients or from a PC cmd prompt type ping nasname which should display the IP or there may be setting on the drive to show it
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whenever my light comes on to show the hard drive is working my sound and video playback begins stuttering for as long as the drive is working, ive got no idea what to do and its been ongoing for a while now which means i cant even watch a movie on my laptop cos it gets so bad!

any help would be much appreciated people

thanks in advance, Rosko

A:Hard Drive interrupting audio/video playback *HELP ME*

Hi rosko, welcome to TSF..

has this problem just started happening or has it suddenly got worse?

Have you recently scanned for malware?

Could you provide any details of any codec packs you have installed please?

Do you have any programs which 'index' files (nero scout etc)?

Also, if you log off your profile and onto another one, does the problem still occur?
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I am having a problem playing audio cds or dvds on my computer. I have tried playing music cds in Windows Media Player 9 (its Windows 2000) as well as VLC. It seems like the music is playing a lot slower than normal. With dvds, the audio and video studders and delays as it plays. I have a Samsung TS-H552B dvd drive and a Sony CRX215E1 cd drive. Everything is delayed the same way for both drives.

The comp:
Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe mobo
AMD Athlon XP 2600+
Samsung TS-H552B DVD+-R/RW
Sony CRX215E1 CD-R/RW
Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit Sound Card (with updated drivers)
Windows 2000 with all updates

Anyone know of a fix for this?

A:Solved: Slow audio/video playback from CD/DVD drive


I assume that both drives are on the same cable (Secondary IDE)

Go to Device Manager open the small + sign beside IDE controllers double click on the Secondary IDE and then in the new window click on the Advanced Settings and check that the Transfer Mode is DMA if available and Not PIO and that the current mode is DMA.
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Hey guys. I'm having problem with my Sony AW-G170A drive. It plays CD's through winamp just fine. Crisp normal quality. However when I play DVDs, no matter the program i use, its sluggish. The audio crackles. It's not a sync issue im experiencing, but audio crackle.

I was reading somewhere something about setting it to run in DMA mode as opposed to PIO but i was afraid to try that without more detailed instruction. Please let me know what to do about seeing if its just a problem on my computer or if my Drive is screwed.
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Hello. I have some audio issues that are causing distortion whenever I watch videos on youtube or watch streams on twitch. I updated my flash and that didn't change anything. These issues just started within the last 3 days. I tried a system restore from two weeks ago and that didn't work. I double checked my sound drivers and they are up to date. This happens in both Firefox and Google Chrome. I started Firefox in safe mode with all addons disabled and it still happened. The distortion didn't really capture very well on the video even though I can hear it. You can hear it better in the beginning. And this happens on videos that are buffered, even if I wait 5 minutes, this still occurs. I can try a different video once I get back from school(have to leave right now) if you want to hear the distortion better.
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Running Windows XP. Moved all my music from I Tunes in C Drive over to our newly added internal hard drive D. I want to be able to click on MY Music in C Drive and it automatically go to D drive but don't know how to do that.

A:Solved: Music in D Drive but want to access from C Drive

I put a shortcut to the 2nd hard drive on my desk top and access the music folder from there.
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HI THIS IS FIRST TIME I POSTED ON HERE BUT IM GOIN NUTS WITH THIS DVD DRIVE IT WONT READ ANYTHING THEN I GET....cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)
Click 'Check for solutions' to send data about this device to Microsoft and to see if there is a solution available. I CHECK FOR SOLUTIONS BUT NOTHIN HAPPENS ITS REALLY DRIVIN ME NUTS REALLY APRECIATE SOMEONES HELP ON THIS CHEERS.

A:tsstcorp cd dvdw ts l632n ata code error 19 registry

Try this registry fix, if this does not work I suspect the drive is dead.
Fix for missing DVD/CD drives.

Create a text file with NOTEPAD containing the following data exactly as below and name it FIXCD.REG
You should have 3 boxes on the bottom in NOTEPAD.
1)Filename : fixcd.reg
2)Save as type: all files
3)Encoding: ANSI
If you do not change it from txt type to All files type, then the file will actually be fixcd.reg.txt, this won't accomplish the desired result

Double click on the file and say yes to the merge into registry question.

----------------------- Use text after this line, contents of FIXCD.REG -----------------------------


------------------------------ Use text before this line -----------------------------
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I have an Acer Aspire 9300, Windows Vista Home Premium, 32-bit operating system, with a CD/DVD burner (TSSTCorp CD/DVDW TS-L632D ATA Device). The burner is not working. When I go into Device Manager it tells me that the device is working properly and when I go to update the driver it tells me that I have the latest driver. When I go to burn a disc, it goes show it is writing to disc, finalizing disc and then telling me that the disc is done - but when I go to play it - it shows that the disc is empty. I have uninstalled the driver, reinstalled the driver, and deleted the lower and upper keys - but it is still not working.

Please help - it used to work - but now is not.

Thank you.

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i have a dell inspirion 1520 which i purchased in 2007. when i ordered, i upgraded to get a dvd burner. my burner can burn single layer discs. but what i was wondering if anyone knows, will it also burn dual-layer dvd +r discs as well?

any help would be greatly appreciated
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everytime i try to play a dvd on my player, it loads but there is no sound. when i try to play it with media player, it doesn't play at all, just loads the tracks/chapters on the right. when i play an audio cd, everything is fine.your help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hello everyone,

I have a problem with the drivers for TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633A ATA Device.

Mechanical he works, but can't read or write.

Laptop is Fujitsu-siemens amilo PI 3540. (german language)

Naam TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633A ATA Device
Schijf NULL
Overdrachtsnelheid 18580.6451612903
Status Error
Naam Audials Tunebite CD-R SCSI CdRom Device
Schijf NULL
Overdrachtsnelheid 18580.6451612903
Status Error

(rapport is part of advance system care iobites)

I hope some can give me advice or help me out with the error or missing drivers for update.

Thank you in advance.


A:driver error for TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L633A ATA Device


Try these suggestions: -

Try this - Control Panel - Device Manager - CD/DVD - double click the device - Driver's Tab -
click Update Drivers (this will likely do nothing) - then RIGHT CLICK the drive - UNINSTALL -
REBOOT this will refresh the default driver stack. Even if drive is not shown continue

Then work your way through these - remember the drive could be bad, could have a loose
cable or slight corrosion on the contacts (usually for a laptop) and other issues.

Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs - a Mr Fixit
Manually try this fix if the 314060 Fixit did not work
Your CD drive or DVD drive is missing or is not recognized by Windows or other programs -
a Mr Fixit

The CD drive or the DVD drive does not work as expected on a computer that you upgraded
to Windows Vista

When you insert a CD or a DVD, Windows Vista may not recognize the disc

Your CD or DVD drive cannot read or write media - A Mr Fixit

CD/DVD drive does not appear in Windows Vista, or you receive this error during Windows
Vista setup after booting from the DVD (AHCI)

CD-R drive or CD-RW drive is not recognized as a recordable device

Hardware devices not detected or not working - A Mr Fixit

Another possibility is that the cables are loose. Remove ALL power, then check cables in both
ends. Remove and replace, do not just snug. For laptops you can often clean the power and
data contacts with a pencil eraser.

Some DVD drives do not use the Windows default drivers so check with the System maker and
device maker to see if there is firmware or drivers for you drive if needed.
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As i already stated, my drive doesn't read any dvd's anymore.
I've already tried to:
-Remove Upper/lower filters (Lower filters were missing, could this be the problem?)
-Switching the sata ports from were the device was connected.
-Upgrading the firmware of the dvd player
-Upgrading the Bios
-Asked here
-Some stupid things.

Windows and the bios do see this drive and give it the correct name.
I've already tried this with an other drive and she had this problem to.

So please help!!

A:TSSTcorp CDDVDW SH-S223F ATA Device doesn't read cd/dvd.

was the drive working correctly then just quit working? try updating the chipset driver also
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My apologies if this particular problem has been posted before I used the Search button when 'lags' external Audio accessing hard drive playback and have even tried searching the net but have found nothing that can help me and so I m hoping some of you can My problem is that whenever I transfer files from my external hard drive Maxtor DiamondMax GB to my C drive whilst playing music in any audio Audio playback 'lags' when accessing external hard drive player in any format I believe the playback lags and sometimes even stops until the transfer is complete The external hard drive is farely new I d say about months and has been causing this problem from the start And so I formatted my PC in hopes of solving the problem but it hasn t Any ideas as to how I can stop this Or perhaps point me in the direction to someone who can help I ve put up with this problem for quite a while now but it would be great to finally sort it out I use Windows XP If there are any other details you need let me know and I will get back to you with it Any help will be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I am wondering if anyone can help me, I have this error on my cd/dvd driver & I am not sure how to sort it: Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

I am quite new to this, I have uninstalled the driver & searched for new drivers but it just tells me that it hasn't installed it properly.

If I put a CD in it starts to read it then stops & nothing happens. I have searched the net & tried to find a solution myself but nothing as yet.

I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me, but the simpler the better please.

Thanks a lot


A:TSSTCorp CDDVDW TS-L632H ATA Driver problem error code 19

Hi Keswick,

Welcome to the forum

There are a lot of problems with this drive

Is your laptop still under warranty? If so take it back to the dealer

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Recently my DVD drive stopped reading writing any discs I don't use it often but the last time about a month ago I had no problems A few days ago I couldn't burn a CD than I realized it wont read any of the discs either even the discs which used to load normally I can hear some sound the - CD/DVDW TSSTcorp stopped reading SU-208FB discs P50-B Satellite drives makes when I insert a cd and the light on it flashes I cant Satellite P50-B - TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SU-208FB stopped reading discs hear a disc spinning however I have checked the registry for upper and lower filters updated the driver uninstalled and reinstalled the driver uninstalled deamon tools foobar Jriver player and similar software Refreshed windows I have also uninstalled the Toshiba media creation tool when Toshiba disc tool dissipated after restarting Is it possible that the drive is bad it was used less than times in total since I bought the computer the computer is almost a year old now I still have warranty Toshiba says to send it and they would check the drive They will probably keep the computer for days at least and I need the computer so I would like to avoid this Can I do something else to fix this I saw another post with similar problems after windows upgrade with TSSTcorp drive but different model Thanks for helping

A:Satellite P50-B - TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SU-208FB stopped reading discs

Originally Posted by Marko

Recently my DVD drive stopped reading/writing any discs.
I don't use it often, but the last time (about a month ago) I had no problems.

A few days ago, I couldn't burn a CD, than I realized it wont read any of the discs either, even the discs which used to load normally.

I can hear some sound the drives makes when I insert a cd, and the light on it flashes. I cant hear a disc spinning, however.

I have checked the registry for upper and lower filters, updated the driver, uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, uninstalled deamon tools, foobar 2000, Jriver player and similar software.
Refreshed windows 10.
I have also uninstalled the Toshiba media creation tool (when Toshiba disc tool dissipated after restarting).

Is it possible that the drive is bad (it was used less than 50 times in total since I bought the computer, the computer is almost a year old now)?
I still have warranty. Toshiba says to send it and they would check the drive. They will probably keep the computer for 10 days at least, and I need the computer so I would like to avoid this.

Can I do something else to fix this? I saw another post with similar problems after windows upgrade with TSSTcorp drive, but different model.

Thanks for helping!

HI Marko

I am having exactly the same issue with my Sat P50 b

If you get a response could you pass to me also please?