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Queries about intel DZ75ML-45K motherboard

Q: Queries about intel DZ75ML-45K motherboard

my system specs are

intel i5-3570k
intel DZ75ML-45K mobo
seagate barracuda 1TB 7200rpm
corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz ram
GPU gigabyte gtx 760 2gb
and I am planning to buy SSD
my purpose of buying SSD is
1)fast boot up
2)better gaming performance
3)overall fast performance of the system w.r.t hard disk
so can I use SSD ON DZ75ML-45K mobo...?

why I asked this question is that they are telling that Z75 series express chipset motherboard does not support "INTEL SMART RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY" & this is associated w.r.t SSD caching. And the thing is that I don't knw about SSD caching and that intel smart response technology as well, what are the benefits of "INTEL SMART RESPONSE TECHNOLOGY"? or SSD caching? So plz explain me about that...?
eagerly waiting for ur reply...
plz reply...
thanks in advance...​

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Preferred Solution: Queries about intel DZ75ML-45K motherboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Queries about intel DZ75ML-45K motherboard

You can easily pop in a SATA SSD to use as a standalone. Intel SRT is software/firmware that allows for you to set up a caching SSD. I think you should just get a SSD and use it as the primary disk (OS + games) and just put large files on the HDD.

Your CPU supports SRT according to Intel:

Just a note: SSDs do not increase game performance, they really just decrease load times.
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Is this a good mobo for business set up with a cedar millP4. How about a good brand of memory for this board. It says it will take 533 or 667 ,

A:Foxconn 946GZ7MA-8KS2H LGA 775 Intel 946GZ Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

Yes, an excellent, reliable board with conservative settings the take you to a operation few employees can screw up.
As for memory, standard brands: Crucial, Corsair, Infineon, or Kingston. If you are buying it yourself, with free shipping. We have been in business for 21 years and have been luck enough to never have any of these four modules fail within the 3-year warranty period. All of these are guaranteed for life.
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Thanks for any help I really do appreciate it.. My motherboard when powered is showing the green led light but the CPU fan is not spinning and the monitor is not lighting either. No beep codes either so am I correct in assuming that there is a problem with either the motherboard or the CPU, can I get any help please?? Thanks again

A:Intel Motherboard D945 with an Intel 2.8ghz lighting but not posting..

Sounds like a motherboard or power supply. What's your motherboard's brand name and model number? Also, what is the power supply's brand name, wattage, and model number?

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Hi I m sorry for posting such a horrible mistake I ll just break it down really easely and hope for someone to be kind enough to resque my stupid I just upgraded my OS from W to W doing a clean install and figured out I had to install a bunch of essential drivers all over again so Solved: P45 Motherboard] Failed ATX flash BIOS [MSI LGA Intel 775 P45 Intel to Neo-F I though it would be a good idea to start out with my motherboard My motherboard is a quot P NEO-F quot so I went over to it s support page link to download all of the latest drivers and utilities for that model Then I saw the quot BIOS quot section and thougt I should flash the BIOS first of all for no reason So I downloaded the quot AMI BIOS quot which was the latest one extracted the files on to a USB-stick booted the whole thing up went to M-FLASH in BIOS chose the quot A IMS quot -file on Solved: Failed to flash BIOS [MSI P45 Neo-F LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard] the stick flashed the BIOS rebooted and now I get a quot bad checksum quot I didn t even take a backup of the old file from BIOS because I couldn t even think of this not working Bonus points for that So what do I do now being the sorry sod that I am nbsp

A:Solved: Failed to flash BIOS [MSI P45 Neo-F LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX Intel Motherboard]
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i have a computer here are the spec's
Win XP + SP2
Hdd 40GB
Intel barebone motherboard(brand: jetway)
and there is one cdrom player and one network adapter.
but the problem is when i install sound it doesnt work.
(i use the onboard sound device)
its doesnt give any error is simply doesnt give sound.
or the boxes are death but i will go on hunt if i can find something else in the house.
well if some has this problem 2 and solved it i would like to have some help
thanks in advance!
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I have a query that pulls results from two other queries. And those pull from a combination of tables and other queries.

My issue is that when any of the underlying queries produces no result, instead of leaving those fields empty, it prevents any data from being fetched by the queries higher up the ladder.

For example, let's say the primary query displays the the first name of two contacts: Project Leader 1 (Jerry Collwell) and Project Leader 2 (Jane Law). If both project leaders exist, it'll return in one column "Jerry" and in the next column "Jane." However, if the project only has one project leader, and it's Jerry, then the query results in "" and "" instead of just displaying "Jerry" and "".

How do I prevent the whole query from breaking when there's missing optional data?

A:Solved: Access 2007 - Queries depending on other queries

How do you achieve the Jerry and Jane, if it is using an expression it sounds like you need to include an IIf() in it to test for Null conditions.
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Hi Friends,

I bought Zebronics cabinet and the mother boad is DZ75ML-45k. I've installed the motherboard CD.
In Sound, Streo is working and 5.1 one is not working. In 5.1, front L ,R is working. rear L&R, Center and subwoofer is not working. Kindly find below the screen shot.

Thanks with Regards,
Vallamuthu M

A:mother boad DZ75ML-45k: Streo is working and 5.1 one is not working

Your system does not show all the needed jacks. See my RealTek setup below.

If you used the RealTek driver, go to the Intel site and download and install the latest version for your motherboard.

If that does not give you all the ports, try the generic RealTek driver from RealTek HERE

If it still does not work, there may be a hardware problem with the new motherboard.

My RealTek HD Audio Manager
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I'm looking for suggestions for the best Intel Motherboard for under $150 and best price from a website for it.

A:What is the best Intel Motherboard?

Honestly a good search on google would really have helped out here.

Also you can't just say "Intel Motherboard" Intel manufactures a variety of proccessors for a variety of sockets. Are you talking about a C2D, a P4, a P3, an Xeon, what? They will all require different motherboard sockets, and hence different motherboards.

Check out They have excellent power search functions, and pretty much everything on the site has at least a couple reviews.
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Im looking all over to find a answer. Here i go. I have an Intel MB with a Pen D Dual Processor at 3.0ghz. My problem is when i hook my 24 pin power supply to the board everything works. CPU fan. Graphic card Fan,Lights,Cd rom,But no connection with screen. This is a brand new computer im building. when i hook up the 24pin with the 4pin CPU Power connector nothing works except the standby light on the Motherboard. No fans no PSU fans nothing works when the 4pin and the 24pin is pluged in at same time. Checked the CPU everything is conneceted. tried 3 PSU and still same issue. any help?


Justin Ross

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how to know the manufacturer and the model of my Intel P4 motherboard without referring to the manual. I didn't have the manual, so I want to know are there any other ways to check the manufacturer and the model of my Intel P4 motherboard such as online checking or etc.

Thank you

A:Intel P4 motherboard

There's a rather wonderful programme aclled Everest Home v 1.10 which you can download free of charge at and which used to be called Aida. It will give you the full rundown of your system including, where available, appropriate websites.

One tip, though, don't even think about printing the report. Mine ran to 103 pages.
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ok..i have an older dell computer...i went to install the motherboard to a larger tower..everything matched up with the new power supply...except for this connection..its the 3.3v optional power connection on the motherboard...i was wondering do i need this connection to operate the system normally...or is this a connection just for power supplies with this hook up?

A:intel motherboard help

If your motherboard doesn't have the matching connector then you don't need use the plug. With any power supply you only need to use the connections that your specific system requires.
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When we disconnect p4 connector(12v) mother board power on but when
p4 connector is connected (12v) mbd dose not power on.
checked smps voltages are good but problem at mbd end..pls give me some
tips to rectify the problem

Dinesh H

A:Intel Motherboard

Is the motherboard still covered by warranty?
It sounds like you may need to use it. If the power supply tests ok then probably the only way to fix it would be to track down the faulty power trace on the motherboard-this is not something you could undertake most likely- I'm assuming there's a short somewhere as the 4/8 pin is usually responsible for supplying power to the PCI lanes.
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I don't know a lot about intel motherboards. I need a cpu that will fit that is at least 2.6ghz. What do you recommend? It has to be an intel. I built a computer for a guy and his sign machine and it is not compatible with an amd chip. Help is needed fast.

A:I need help with an intel motherboard

you can buy motherboards from other manufacturers than intel that support the intel CPU. Intel has two sockets in mainstream right now.. the socket 478 and socket 775 so that is a determining factor since they are not interchangeable. Also the size of the board, ATX or mATX and the support of DDR or DDR2 RAM will influence your decision. As for supporting 2.6 Ghz or higher, most new boards nowadays can handle that. Just go to or and click on the motherboard categories and input your selections into the drop down boxes.
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Had AMD motherboard Worked great Finally died Comp guy said Intel was better so he installed one Had problems ever since My old Epson Stylus Color Printer worked great with AMD motherboard kept having popup that wanted the epnhtx dll file from the Win XP Intel motherboard SP2 Win XP new and Pro CD - not found But the file Win XP Pro SP2 and new Intel motherboard was on my harddrive I even reinstalled from a site online Still problem Then printer quit printing Win XP Pro SP2 and new Intel motherboard - just blinking lights But sometimes if I turn on printer amp computer at just the right time it'll print a page I have new printer but would like to use up my Win XP Pro SP2 and new Intel motherboard ink Within a month my Norton Antivirus started saying my 'trial' version was about to end - no real help from Norton - still trying to get help from them - was renewed in May also had problems with wireless keyboard amp mouse but I finally got that fixed Seems like there was something else wrong but can't remember I've been told the problem was the motherboard amp than I've been told it was the OS I figured I would uninstall Windows amp reinstall but want to make sure I do it right amp if that is what I need to do Because of this I've uninstalled the new printer amp all other Epson printer info plus removed all Epson from 'regedit' Any ideas

A:Win XP Pro SP2 and new Intel motherboard

I would back up any important data, collect the drivers for the motherboard and all devices (sound, video, lan, etc.), boot to the Windows XP cd, and do a wipe/reinstall.
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Have a old Intel motherboard and processor, the board is Pentium II and the processor 350 MHz. I have a problem with the processor, it show as a 233 MHz. I took it to vendor he said that the processor is 350 MHz. A memory 128 of ram was put into the board, however, it show as a 96 of ram. How can these problems be fix.


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I am trying to get USB 2 on an Intel 845BG board. (This is a clean XP install.) I downloaded the USB 2.0 driver from Intel but after running it and re-booting (twice) I still do not have an enhanced controller. I am unclear whether all 845BGs have the NEC USB2 host controller chip so maybe this board does not have one??? The manual ( lists the NEC USB 2 chip and the Intel site has a USB 2.0 driver specifically for Win2K/XP.

A:USB on Intel 845BG motherboard?

did you enable usb 2.0 in your bios?
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I just installed D845HV motherboard. Now when I try to install XP - I get the Intel splash screen and the the "Setup is checking hardware compatability" message then my screen goes blank and does nothing.

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Check out this review of the intel DX58SO MotherBoard. I am thinking about getting It for my new build. Scroll down to see the video.

A:New Intel Motherboard (DX50SO)

If I may...

Tiger should terminate that fellow and place his salary and production budget into their confused business to business representatives' fund.

Or maybe, they could hire a programmer to actually implement an effective e-commerce search engine.

The website's shopping environment was fine back in 2002, but it hasn't changed much in almost eight years.

I'm not normally so negative, but Tiger and their Infoteldistributors BS, are responsible for countless back orders and not-so-timely refunds for my customers.
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i have an Intel 946GZ Express motherboard.
I have LOTS of problems installing ANY kind of hardware (digital camera, SATA HD, simple stupid printer, EVEN DISK ON KEY!). so i conclude now into my possible problem: vista doesnt recognize my motherboard well and i need to install drivers or something to make it work.
Any suggestions?
(See my previous threads for some of the problems i showed here)

Thanks in advance.

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I m not sure if this goes here or not So I m sorry if I m posting in the wrong section Hello everyone I m about to finally upgrade this for Solid CPU? Intel Motherboard i5 old computer of mine Pentium D Gigabyte S-series motherboard and was wondering what would be a good Solid Motherboard for Intel i5 CPU? solid and reliable motherboard to accompany my new Intel i CPU I m somewhat limited on cash at the moment Solid Motherboard for Intel i5 CPU? and after the CPU purchase I ll only have around dollars for the motherboard and RAM I may be able to bump it to but I can t say at the moment I ve been looking through Newegg and Tigerdirect for the past few days but I honestly can t figure out what I should go for or be looking for I m a bit of a newbie to all this These are the parts I already have PSU OCZ GameXStream watt Graphics Card e-GeForce GTS HDD Maxtor V F I ll be switching out the GPU for a better one when I can so I m not really interested in SLI Crossfire Same goes for the HDD Thanks nbsp

A:Solid Motherboard for Intel i5 CPU?

Give us until this week and we'll be posting our P55 motherboard round-up on TechSpot. That should give you a complete outlook at the different price points
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I just built a new system with the following motherboard. I can't seem to get the bios to enable the drives. It sees them but shows them in brackets and it says that if they are in brackets that they are disabled. I can't boot from A or D either as they are all in brackets.
Any suggestions on settings? I can't seem to see anything to change that will cause the system to enable.

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This is my setup-
Intel Pentium 4 630 Prescott 800MHz FSB 2MB L2 Cache LGA 775 EM64T Processor
Thermaltake TR2 W0070 ATX 430W Power Supply 115/230 V
Radeon X800GTO 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 VIVO PCI Express x16 Video Card

Ive gone through about 3 different motherboards and they all have had some kind of problem - motherboard was broken, motherboard wasnt compatible with my hardware. I was wondering what you all would recommend, something that would run great with my video card. Not too expinsive max price I would pay would be 100 bucks.

Thanks alot guys!!

A:Looking for a Motherboard Intel PCI EXPRESS

This is a nice board for the price:


Assuming your case is ATX. What kind of ram are you trying to run by the way?
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Ok, I Was Planning To Upgrade My Computer, So I Am Thinking Of Buying A Core 2 Quad Q6600/Q8200 And I Would Need A New Motherboard, Because My Motherboard Is Very Out Of Date Nowadays.

So I Would Need It To Be:-

Able To Support Core 2 Quad Q6600/Q8200
Have 1/2 (pref 2) PCI Express x16 Slots
Have 1/2 PCI Express x1 Slots
Have 2/3 PCI Slots.
4 Memory (Ram) DDR/DDR2/DDR3 Slots
And The Rest I Am Not Totally Sure About. I'm Guessing Something Like The MS-7255 (Which I Have Now).

Thanks, I'll Give Any Info You Want.

Jack Sparham

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i am wanting to build my own computer and am looking at a computer for high end gaming and am wondering the pros and cons between AMD vs Intel and wich would be the best for my money i was looking at the intel desktop board DX48BT2 if there is a similar one in amd or if this Board is completely not what i'm looking for and whether i should go higher or lower

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Hello All,
I am getting ready to build a new pc and i am looking around for a motherboard for a Intel chip set, can anyone help me with a good stable motherboard, i am thinking of spending around $400.00.
thank you all for your help

A:Which motherboard with Intel chipset?

I take it you mean a Sandy Bridge compatible MoBo?

There's been a massive recall on them.
AFAIK, you can only get Intel Chipsets to suit these processors, and check with your supplier that the board you are buying is the Updated (V2) one.

See here:
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I cant seem to find mention of DMA settings for the hard drives in device management. All the drives are sata, I have no IDE drives and IDE is disabled in bios.

What got me looking at this is because when accessing a couple of my drives, there can sometimes be a pause before it starts reading the drive. This mostly happens on my z: drive but can happen on my F: with less frequency.

What would the likely cause of this be? Ive installed all the necessary drivers from Intels website.

A:Intel DX48bt2 motherboard

I see the same thing here, and attribute the behavior to the hard drive having to spin up again after the power saving schema in effect allowed the hard drive to spin down after an interval of inactivity. I think the deafult power schema sets that for 15 minutes, or something like that.

See contol panel > system and security > power options then click on "change plan settings" for the plan in effect on your system, then change advanced settings. One of the options will control the spin-down for hard drives.
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I have a old intel Motherboard D845GVSR which is running windows vista 32 bit on it now but I had to take out the battery to clear CMOS and when I rebooted to start vista that the AMI Bios resolution is to huge and needs a generic Bios to flash it to correct this problem so if anyone can help me it would be very appreciated. I went in the past to find the Bios and came up as SR84510B.44T.0042.P09.0406.030153 version 08.00.08 I have not found a generic Bios online yet that I can use to flash to the new Bios of this motherboard that would correct the huge resolution when computer is booted. I also can buy windows 7 b/c I downloaded windows 7 adviser and all components requirements meets windows 7. I had to disable the on board video so I could use my Geforce 6200 video card so please anyone help me out. thanks Tom

A:Old Intel Motherboard D845GVSR

I also need to tell you that I contacted Intel tech support and they told me that they could not help me because the board is outdated so the only Bios they have runs windows xp only and plus on there web site that this board only supports windows xp but you can see now that this motherboard supports more then xp it also can support windows vista and 7 as well so Intel is on some crap because they want us as customers to buy there newer products but this older single core 2.53 Ghz celeron does work great with windows vista 32 bit its just that the Bios resolution is screwed up and needs a new Bios which Intel will never ever come up with one for me and I will never ever buy Intels products ever again then Intel !!! I also will tell you that this board now has 2 gigs of Ram in it also to run Vista 32 bit stable and in the near future might buy windows 7 if someone can help me with a Bios update to my motherboard D845gvsr that would correct the Bios resolution on it. Thanks
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Hello Everyone.

I will be buying a pc for office purpose. I am more of an Intel guy than AMD. I am focussing right now on -

-Intel Core 2 DUO
-Will use motherboard's inbuilt Graphics & Sound
-SATA Hard drive
-Windows XP

I need advice from you guys as to which motherboard should I go for. I mean i dont want to go for a cheap board and ruin my pc's performance.

I dunno if this is true or not but are intel original motherboards better than chipsets (like mercury, asus, gigabyte etc).

I was thinking of going for Intel DG31PR motherboard. It costs around $65 here. What do you guys say ?

Thank You,


A:Motherboard Advice for Intel PC

If the Intel motherboard meets your needs, they are usually good solid boards, but nothing fancy. Many of the other motherboards on the market above $100, have many more features and better stability. It all depends on your budget and needs
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Hello friends,

What is a suitable motherboard for the above processor in a budget build? I would be using the on board HD 3000 graphics to start with.

Thanks for any input.

A:Motherboard for Intel i3 2105 CPU

Do you wish for a board that supports SATA 3.0 or USB 3.0?
Do you wish for a DVI port or is VGA (D-Sub) port enough for your needs?
Do you require an IDE drive connection or will SATA be all you need? (boards with IDE support seem to be expensive)
Will you be needing Micro-ATX or ATX form factor?

The P67 chipset does not support on-board graphics.

For on-board graphics, H61, H67 or Z68 chipsets are what you should look for. Since you are looking for a budget board, you will probably want to go with the H61 chipset.

Please don't ask us to pick out a board. All we can do is help guide you in the direction you want to go. We can give a few suggestions but ultimately you must be the one to choose.
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where can i go to find out what kind of intel chipset motherboard i have. i've reformatted my hard drive and i'm trying to download the correct ac'97 codec for the sound.

A:intel chipset motherboard

Hi, There are several ways to ID your motherboard. Try this first:

You want the Free Download link there. Download Belarc Advisor to desktop, run it to install. Shows many motherboards, video, sound, chipset, and software.
Your motherboard may be shown under "System or MainBoard"
then, Audio for sound device. Best to get drivers for sound from company that made the it a name brand like Gateway? Do you have any CDs that came with the system?
You can also look inside the computer....if that is not an option for you, try Belarc.
Somewhere on the board itself is a label, either a paper one or printed directly on the board, in bigger print than the rest, an ID number....perhaps like this: MB6137 or SD-11
MS6168 GA7VX
There might also be an FCC ID number.
Post what you can find.
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Hi Everyone,

My mate has ordered a 64-bit CPU and a 32-bit motherboard. the motherboard has an 865 chipset with socket 775, i was just wondering, will the CPU work on this motherboard?
please help...

thanks in advance

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when I start the computer , it beeps three times with nothing coming on screen . tried changing the cpu but same deal.

A:dell intel motherboard

That implies that the video card is either not seated properly or is faulty.
2 reasons to suspect that: Top error is 3 beeps.

screen blank??
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Hi all, i'm going to make a new pc and need advice on the best Intel mobo manufactuer.

I dont want Asus as i've had nothing but problems with their boards and there software is disfunctional ****e.


A:Best Intel motherboard manufactuer?

uh, the answer to that would be the intel corporation. i don't know exactly what you mean but intel makes the best mobos.
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Hi there,

Recently, I come home to find my little brother had broken my PC with little explanation, so, out of another PC I had lying around, I took the motherboard and fitted it into my PC, wired everything up, fitted the hard drives, and so on.

The only problem I found was the front panel connectors, I connected them in the way that the Intel website suggested, but, still, I had no power. The only sign of power I do have is a flashing light on the motherboard, which I am not sure what this is trying to tell me; it flashes green constantly.

This is an Intel D865GLC Motherboard.

Please try to help soon!

Oh, and if you're wondering, i'm using a friend's laptop at the moment!



A:Intel D865GLC Motherboard

Could be a problem with the power supply, have another one to swap in?
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Hi Guys ! Does anybody know if I can get somewhere a driver for VGA graphic adapter integrated with Intel motherboard D915GVWB Version AAC82205-103. l built a computer of scrap , resolved already sound problem but my video works not so well. Of course for Windows 7 . Thanks for reading it.

A:VGA driver for Intel motherboard

That particular board is discontinued by Intel and they aren't planning on offering Windows 7 support for it. You could try an older OS but I don't see any support available for W7 for that board. That being said, it sounds like you are trying to use the resident video connection on the motherboard. If you bought a video board, they would provide the driver for you and this wouldn't be an issue.

Good day!

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I have a compaq deskpro computer with a intel celeron 400 it fits into slot ,
Can you tell me is there a board with a slot for a celeron 400 other than the one mentioned here that will go into a tower at or atx
thanks ger

A:motherboard for intel celeron 400

(if the link works) It is a list of the compatable mobo's
If that link doesn't work, go to and navigate to their motherboard selector.
Choose Celeron processor with 66MHz bus, slot1. and atx form factor.
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i have an intel d875pbz motherboard on my computer. after i reinstalled windows xp i cant do anything is this because i do not have the express installer cd that came with the motherboard. if i do need the cd is there an alternative that i can install on my computer to get the internet, and 3d compnenets along with everything else working. any input to my problem is greatly appreciated.

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is P4XP-X motherboard compatible with an Intel P4 3.06 GHz. Thank you very much for any comments...

A:P4XP-X Motherboard & Intel P4 3.06 GHz

Yes..with bios version 1004 and above
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Hi All,

I have bought two Intel 945GNT motherboard and currently facing problems is using a Creative 5.1 speaker. When the speaker cables are connected to my pc I am not getting output from all the speakers, there is output only from two speakers at a time... I have downloaded the latest audio drivers from intel website and installed it but still no go.
I have confirmed that all the cables are connected fine. I put a creative 5.1 pci card and connected the speakers to it and then I get output from all the speakers but not when connected to the onboard audio.This problem is on both the motherboards.

The best thing is the intel website mentions that this motherboard supports 5.1 speakers...

Any help?

A:Problems with Intel 945GNT motherboard

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Most likely that MoBo is 5.1 out to 5.1 receiver then speakers.
The sound blaster is a 5.1 card out to speakers.
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Hey folks...

I have Win VISTA 32bit Ultimate OS running

and after installing my "XFX nForce 680i SLI Intel 775 Motherboard" Chipset Driver after restart i get the "Blue Screen" the driver wont work i tried download the driver from the XFX Page and still doing the same problem.... Chipset Driver just wont work, i tried installing the driver from the "Safe Mode" and still the same problem

Please if anyone can help me out here i would really appreciate it....

Under the Hood -->

XFX nForce 680i SLI Intel 775 Motherboard
Intel Core2 Quad Extreme 2.67GHz 8MB QX6700 Box CPU
EVGA e-Geforce 8800 ULTRA PCX-E 768MB DVI Video Card
Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4D Dominator (4x1024) DDR II 800 Dual XMS Memory
CPU Cooler Zalman CNPS9700 LED 110mm Fan Cooler for PIV/AMD939/AM2/775
Case Antec P180B Aluminium P/S not include Black Tower Case

Many thanks in advance

A:XFX nForce 680i SLI Intel 775 Motherboard

Is this a complete new build? Your list doesn't include some parts....
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I have an intel motherboard, I have one usb header on it, and it's in use, I have a usb card reader that I have installed in my computer. I don't have any more usb headers on my mbd. Is such a thing that will allow me to split header and let connect both of those items?

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Hey guys. need help once again.

you see i have a computer running an Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 chip. with a All-In-One Micro ATX Motherboard . but i was thinking of upgrading to a Intel Core 2 Duo E6700 Chip. if i do decide to replace the chip. will the process be smooth? will the chip fit with no drama's and will i have to replace motherboards?

A:Intel Core 2 Duo motherboard SLI compatible?

so what motherboard do u have?????????
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i have a couple intel d mv motherboards made for gateway testing no 850 case - intel motherboard Lexington desktop board revision a - refurbed but never installed supposedly http support gateway com s MOTHERBD INTEL sp shtml i intel 850 motherboard testing - no case m trying to test them workbench no case and cant even get them to post with just CPU memory amp vid card the board will power up spin cpu fan intel 850 motherboard testing - no case and light the power amp diagnostic LEDs when i flip the switch on the back of the PSU cheiftain W fresh from the box - it doesnt wait for the case connector power switch pins to be shorted like other boards require the diagnostic LED indicates some MB subsystem failed diagnostics as it stays lit red for the - minutes i felt safe leaving it powered on there is no video output from a agp x MX E - card tested fine in an AMD system i m not able to test kingston x or toshiba x rambus or xCIMMs beyond leaving mem slots empty and getting the familiar beeps and no beeps when mem is installed nor do i have another working system to test the P k fsb processor i know this is old stuff but perhaps someone remembers whether a bad CPU or memory might cause the diagnostic LED on this MB to indicate a failure that s not really on the MB if no one can say for sure then i ll try and find another cpu at my leisure to test it out i d be glad to read any thoughts or suggestions u may have thanks for your help nbsp
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Hi I know this question has been asked countless - motherboard + question to cpu methodology AMD Intel times AMD motherboard + cpu to Intel - methodology question but it's more a question of method that I am asking now My setup right now is an AMD cpu and motherboard I am upgrading to an intel cpu and motherboard I have one ssd intel gb and one hard drive caviar black TB I also have a TB external hard drive movies and stuff I'm also using it for W 's time mach err file backup program On this hard drive is about a terabyte's worth of data almost exclusively game programs movies entire steam program is on it The main drive has all my important documents music boot programs I am running a windows pro upgrade but have a vista OEM disc I can use to upgrade from I need to do a fresh install for the best results but I've always bungled everything What would be the best way to go about this without losing everything or having to reinstall everything on steam What would be the best procedure Any help given would be very much appreciated Thank you for your time

A:AMD motherboard + cpu to Intel - methodology question

Originally Posted by capp1688


My setup right now is an AMD cpu and motherboard.
I am upgrading to an intel cpu and motherboard.
I am running a windows 8 pro upgrade, but have a vista OEM disc I can use to upgrade from.
Thank you for your time.

Welcome to EightForums.
I take it that Vista OEM is install to the AMD.
The Vista licence will stay the AMD & can be upgrade to Windows 8.

The Intel will need a full Windows 8 licence.
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I have a Intel Core Two Duo chip on and Asus p5b-vm se Motherboard. I have a simple question. Will it be able to run Windows 8? Anyone with those items running Win 8?


A:Intel Core II Dou and Asus p5b-vm se motherboard and Win 8

hi ,so its not running any version of windows right now ,correct ,
although i do not have that motherboard,I'm running win8 pro on a similar specs Intel motherboard with out any issues
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I am assembling the parts for building for Motherboard Core Dual Intel my own computer and would like to ask for opinions on the best motherboard for an Intel G Dual core processor I watch ads for computers offered by local vendors and the one with a computer nearest to what I want has an Intel GTPLKR Express motherboard which is a Mini-ATX formfactor I know very little about motherboards but I suspect that there is something newer available I do need at least PCI slots too My current computer has an ASUS motherboard and it has performed well for over Motherboard for Intel Dual Core years so I wouldn t mind one of those either The reason I am asking is that in addition to Motherboard for Intel Dual Core internal hard drives I run external USB hard drives Motherboard for Intel Dual Core and have read on this site that there may be a conflict with nVidia chipsets that degrades the performance of these drives Also I need to get an adequate power supply A few minutes ago I ran a Power Supply calculator that indicates that I will need at least a watt power supply I see so many available power supplies that it gets confusing Especially since the price range on what appears to be similar units can range from under to well over There must be a reasonably priced power supply unit that is of good quality but I don t know anything about buying one of these and need some help here too Thanks for any advice that you can offer nbsp

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Yesterday, I replaced a internal modem for a mdg computer and now the computer doesn't boot up, it just goes to the intel motherboard screen--then the screen turns black and that's it. PLEASE! Need help real fast, it wasn't my computer.

I put back the original modem but still doesn't work.

A:Intel motherboard screen at boot up

Check all the connections, especially to the hard drive. If you have a bootable CD try that to see if it will boot from that.
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hi i am using intel DH67BL motherboard and intel i5 yesterday i was cleanning my pc after tht when i turned on graphics didnt show i checked my graphic card HD 5670 its working fine on my other pc (same as this reg) so i plugged it to internal video slot and its working fine does tht mean is the pci express slot is dead ?? my system is just 5 months old.

A:Intel DH67BL Motherboard Issue

I'm not sure I understand what you did.

That MB has one (blue) PCI Express 2.0 x 16 discrete graphics card connector, two (black) PCI Express 2.0 x 1 connectors, and one (white) PCI Conventional bus connector.
So I am confused by the statement: "so i plugged it to internal video slot and its working fine ". Maybe you could explain this better?

The MB specs say it has integrated graphics, which I assume is the graphics on the i5 processor. Have you tested that?

And, how did you clean the machine? That may give us some clues as to what could have happened.
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Between Intel's NUC lineup, its Compute Stick (plus its many copycats) and the plethora of Chromeboxes, there's never been a better time to buy a computer with a seriously small footprint. Heck, they're even cramming computers into mice these days! ...

Read more

A:Intel gives its tiny socketed motherboard a name: 5x5

That may seem a trivial question, but what socket does it support? 1550, 1551, 2011-v3 or something new? Not that it matters much, cause it will be cost prohibitive for most of consumers and limited to few industrial application.
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Hi Earlier today I ordered all of the parts for my computer yay Anyways I had a few questions Motherboard Intel about few D875PBZ A questions that I would like to ask because I am not entirely familiar with some of the features on this motherboard First of all I ordered two Maxtor GB SATA harddrives to put into a RAID configuration I was wondering if RAID is hard to setup I was also wondering if SATA harddrives use the same power connector that a regular IDE harddrive uses I also was wonderinga about this RAM CORSAIR MEMORY Kit MBx PC VALUE SELECT DDR RAM - OEM http www newegg com A few questions about Intel Motherboard D875PBZ app ViewProdu ory amp catalog amp DEPA amp sortby amp order scroll down a bit its near the bottom Will this RAM work in the intel motherboard mentioned in the subject A few questions about Intel Motherboard D875PBZ of A few questions about Intel Motherboard D875PBZ this thread I didn t know if the RAM needed to be p -ready or anything like that Thanks in advance for all the help you guys are willing to offer nbsp

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I need to replace my motherboard and was wanting a second opinion on what to replace it with My current dead motherboard ASUS PC-DL with an Intel p chipset dual Xeon CPUs DDR mhz RAM FSB and AGP Pro x My machine was a bare bones Motherboard 875p Replacing old intel server system that I got a good deal on and used for graphics audio video production It doesn t have to be a server although I understand Xeons were built for that If I can get CPUs with the motherboard that are more appropriate for my purposes that would be fine Also I m not sure if I can use a Replacing old Motherboard intel 875p FSB Any advice on where I can get a replacement MB and possibly processors RAM that will run my current components I tried LegendMicro and they have one that might work but it s out of stock of course same thing with NewEgg Here s the link http www legendmicro com store more info asp Product ID amp OpenTreeBranches amp SortBy It s been a while since I ve done this so any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Replacing old Motherboard intel 875p

BE sure to get cpu support information for any motherboard and your present cpu before you buy it. NOTE not all Intel cpu's work with all Intel based Sockets. You need the processor info off the face of the cpu and run it through the motherboard manufacturer's "supported cpu list" need help get in touch? Chris
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Hi everybody, I am having a problem setting up my intel d915gux motherboard it is powering up and giving 1 beep and nothing is showing on screen. I have then tried taking out the additional 4 pin power adapter on the motherboard and just leaving the the main 24(?) pin adapter plugged in, the system then powers on and still dosent display anything on screen but it dosent give the 1 beep this time. I know all the hardware (memory, gfx card, processor, fans etc) works because there all recycled partsd from my previous system the motherboard is the only thing that is new. can anybody suggest what might be the problem here please?

thank you


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Hi All,

I have a desktop with an Intel DQ965 motherboard running Vista Business. Three questions:

(1) How can I tell what specific model it is? (Driver CD says DQ965GF / DQ965CO / DQ965WC).
(2) Once I know which specific motherboard it is, how can I tell if it has a soundcard built-in/onboard? (sound card plugs/jacks are available at the back of the machine).
(3) Finally, if there is a sound card onboard, how do I get it to work? I have installed what I think is the sound driver found on the driver CD, but I'm not convinced it is a driver. After installation, under "Sound, video and game controllers" in Device Manager, it says "SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC".

Thanks in advance for your help.


A:Intel DQ965 Motherboard - Sound

1). You can open up the case and see whats printed on the mainboard itself.
2). It has onboard sound, all new motherboards do, hence why the jacks are there.
3). SigmaTel High Definition Audio CODEC would be the sound driver for the integrated audio.

Is the sound not working?
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Hi guys,

My knowledge of computers is a bit limited so please bare with me. I recently found a computer for sale. the specs of wich you can see in my profile.

In short it's an intel pentium 4HT(2.80GHZ). First of all, what does 'HT' mean. I only paid R500 South african(probably about $75) for it. Also i would like to know it's capabilities in terms of overclocking, maximum ram speeds etc.

lastly i would like to know wether it is a good system or not.

thanks for your time

A:Intel bayfield d865gbf motherboard

The Intel D865GBF was very good board, I built quite a few systems with that board. HT means the processor has HyperThreading.

All the information for that board is located here;

What processor you can use is going to be determined by the boards Altered Assembly (AA) number.

Here is a link to the processors supported by that board, and the various AA numbers.

You cannot overclock with that board.
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Hi im planning buy an Intel SSD 520 Series SATA 3(60gb), I looked at the website of my motherboard(Gigabyte GA-H61M-USB3-B3 ) I'm not sure if it has SATA 3 since I won this motherboard in a contest. I also want to know if I can see any difference between loading at startup in Windows and especially loading at games like Bf3, Dota 2, Diablo 3? VS my 1TB Seagate? Thanks in advance.

here is my current spec:

Intel Core i5-2500k. 3.30GHz Turbo boost 3.70Ghz
Gigabyte GA-H61M-USB3-B3
2X4GB Kingston HyperX T1 CL9
1TB Seagate

A:Intel SSD 520 Series SATA 3 is it ok to my motherboard?

The Gigabyte site for that board says this, under "internal I/O connectors":

2 x SATA 6Gb/s connectors

I believe SATA 3.0 is 6 Gb/s, so yes, it supports 3.0.

I don't understand the rest of your post. Games will load quicker on an SSD, but I don't think you'll see much improvement in playing the game.
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Dear all,

I recently installed intel 915GAV motherboard. I want to keep dual booting options for win 98 and win xp. however i observed that even on microsoft site the drivers for this motherboard (having onboard modem,lan,sound, graphics) are for win 2000 and win xp only.

From where i can get the drivers for win 98 for this motherboard ?

Any suggestions ?


A:New intel motherboard not supporting windows 98 ?

Windows 98 is not a supported operating system for this motherboard and Intel will not supply Windows 98 drivers for it.
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I came across a MB on Craigslist and I'm wondering what you guys thought of it? I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computer hardware so any input would help, thanks?

Motherboard link: Intel Q8400 Core2Quad & Lanparty x48 Motherboard

A:Intel Q8400 Motherboard Comparison!

Hi savatreatabvr,

That CPU is pretty old technology now a days, the old quad cores were good in their day, but even lower end budget cpu's now will out perform them, as for the motherboard, I have never heard of Lanparty so cannot comment.

What is it that you want to know exactly? Are you thinking of buying them to replace your current motherboard and cpu? I suppose the Q8400 would peform maybe 50-60% better than what you have now, but if I was you I would save towards some of the new technology.

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Is Intel 102 Motherboard suitable for Latest Intel Core 2 Duo CPU

A:Can Intel D102GGC Motherboard be used for with Duo 2 Core CPU

No it appears not.
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I lost the Intel D945GNT motherboard CD.
I formated the machine. I got some softwared from Intel site.
But i could not get all.
Machine is not working well, it was slow and noisy.
Where can i get the direct copy of Motherboard CD?
Any advice will be greatful

A:Solved: Intel motherboard CD for D945GNT

You can contact Intel Customer Service at 877.649.5817 and order the express installer disk, but it would be easier to get on another machine, go here;!

download the drivers you need, and burn them to a disk.
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does intel motherboard DG31PR support usb HID(human intervention device)

if yes, can it recognise this device?
and also is there any significant diff b/w usb and usb HID

IOGEAR - GKM581R - 2.4GHz Wireless On-Lap Keyboard with Optical Trackball and Scroll Wheel

A:does intel motherboard DG31PR support usb HID

Sure, pretty much all computers support USB HID devices such as keyboards and mice. And its really more up to the operating system then the motherboard. Full support of any special keys on the keyboard or mouse may still require additional drivers from the manufacturer, such as IOGEAR, which come with the device if needed or are available to download.

P.S. HID stands for Human Interface Device, of which the most common are mice, keyboard, joysticks, game pads, remote controls, and the such.
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Hey folks...

I have Win VISTA 32bit Ultimate OS running

and after installing my "XFX nForce 680i SLI Intel 775 Motherboard" Chipset Driver after restart i get the "Blue Screen" the driver wont work i tried download the driver from the XFX Page and still doing the same problem.... Chipset Driver just wont work, i tried installing the driver from the "Safe Mode" and still the same problem

Please if anyone can help me out here i would really appreciate it....

Under the Hood -->

XFX nForce 680i SLI Intel 775 Motherboard
Intel Core2 Quad Extreme 2.67GHz 8MB QX6700 Box CPU
EVGA e-Geforce 8800 ULTRA PCX-E 768MB DVI Video Card
Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C4D Dominator (4x1024) DDR II 800 Dual XMS Memory
CPU Cooler Zalman CNPS9700 LED 110mm Fan Cooler for PIV/AMD939/AM2/775
Case Antec P180B Aluminium P/S not include Black Tower Case

Many thanks in advance
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I have a Intel D865GLC Motherboard in my Gateway 510-S tower and I want to know if I can use a 800W power supply on it, I have a 420W and it heats up (When I feel the side casing of my tower, I feel heat from the PSU but when I exit the game it doesn't heat up) I play games like Team Fortress 2 and other Steam games, What Watt is better for games? Because I had this issue with other 300W PSUs I had in other towers (that I got rid of) and they heated up when I played games, I am using this forum to get some help, Please help someone, It will be appreciated, Thanks

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systems specs:

Processor: Intel pentium D 820 (smithfield)
Package: socket 775 LGA
technology: 90nm

SPECIFICATION: Intel pentium D CPU 2.80 ghz

Motherboard Manufacturer: ECS
Model name: Asterope 2
Chipset: ATI RS400/RC400/RC410
Southbridge: ATI SB400

Graphic card: Nvidia Geforce 8800 gt (1gb)
thank you very much.

A:Can my motherboard supports INTEL core 2 DUO

Supports the following processors:
Pentium D 900 series Dual Core (Presler)
Pentium D 800 series Dual Core (Smithfield)
Pentium 4 500 (Prescott)
Pentium 4 600 (Prescott)
Celeron D (Prescott)
Celeron D (Cedar Mill)
(extract from HP site that was the first google hit when searching for ECS asterope 2)
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so i just got a
ATI Radeon 9550 graphics card
but whenever i install it
windows just freezes
when i put the card in the computer
when you start it up
im trying to look for the intel vgart drivers but i can find them
my intel chipset is 845G

so if anyone
please doo

A:radeon 9550 on Intel motherboard

It would help if we knew which mobo (motherboard) you are using.
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I have got this motherboard : Intel Desktop Board D860PERL,,,,,,I just tried to change the case for it, now it does not work.

I unplug all the cables (CD and HD ,,the FAN does not spin (some time just start to spin and then stops) . I removed the cmos battery does not fix the issue.

I tried another power supply same thing still going on.

I have got another motherboard it behaved same thing with both power supplies? I do not know if I did something wrong with cablings ?

For the CPU fan to work (testing) do we need to connect the cables to a front panel jumper,,,,,I do not thing so,,,,,but I did connect them

A:Intel motherboard suddenly stops

You probably do not have the proper power supply connection(s) to the motherboard. There is a power supply connection to a plug near the Intel CPU. This plug could have 4, 6, or 8 pins. Most common is a 6 pin. You have to be very careful to select the right power supply connection. Sometimes a 4 pin connector fits into a 6 pin plug...

And YES, you need to connect the front power switch to the proper motherboard pins to power up the computer
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Hello I was just wondering if someone can help me with a problem that i have with a motherboard Bios that comes with dh67cl intel.

ok let see i just have a screen that appears when i switch on the pc the bios popup a message that said clear bios password a follow the instructions to do this and after that shutdown the pc change the jumper bios to the normal mode and start de pc but again pop up the same window with the same message clear the password bios again .Note :The Bios recognize all parts of the pc in main window.

I can't figure out what seems to be the problem or if i did something wrong please help me with this case

thanks a lot I'll hopefully wait for your help

A:BIOS problem with DH67CL INTEL motherboard

The instructions begin on page 52 of the Intel® Desktop Board DH67CL Product Guide.
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I have a Intel 815 Desktop Motherboard that I need the jumper settings for. I already checked out Intel and they didn't have them and I don't have a user's manual. Maybe someone can help.

Ok, the jumpers for this motherboard are NOT like the jumpers on modern mobo's or on hard drives, CD Roms etc. The jumpers on this mobo are on a blue rectangular box with numbers 1 through 5 on it with switches to go up and down(ON and OFF positions). Now this is what is written under it:

J24, J27, J28, J29, J39

Hopefully someone can recognize what all that means and please tell me what configuration I need those to be in so my motherboard and power settings and CPU settings will all be correct. PLEASE HELP!!! Thank you

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Will it support this newer cpu? it currently runs P4.


A:can i put Intel e8400 into Biostar i945P-A7 motherboard?

This is your motherboards web site
unfortunately it doesn't tell you what cpu's are supported with what bios's. Try contacting Biostar directly.
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I recently updated the bios, for first time after purchase. It was purchased in 2009.
After I updated bios, I got lots of new options in the bios menu.
Like Core Multiplexing, CPU fan control, Usb port disabling, Hard disk predelay, Expansion card text, XD technology, Intel VT, Booting USB devices.

So, I don't know anything about all above things.
Does my mobo support uefi boot for Windows 8.

A:Does this motherboard Intel DG41RQI support UEFI?

Imran I don't know but am very doubtful unless they have made some spectacular advances for that board which is getting on in years.
Now the BIOS update might have been made up to include those features but to give you some idea of the different types see pics - the blue one is the one I think you will have the other darker one is the EUFI type.
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Have a 2004 clone computer with a ACPI-Genuineintel x86 family_15_model_4\_0 --- has integrated SoundMAX sound, driver has disappeared from system. Not listed under the Device manager in Windows XP pro. On each restrart it goes through the motions-- "found new hardware" but never finds driver and ask for disk, which I don't have. Please advise, thanks, tc

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hey i have intel g33 chipset and dual core processor i just want to know can i change my chipset by just replacing my motherboard which support my processor. for ex core2duo processor support g33 chipset as well as g41 chipset

A:can i change my intel chipset by just replacing motherboard

A new motherboard might have a different chipset. The chipset is part of the motherboard specifications.

You need to ensure that the chipset on any new motherboard is compatible with your processor.
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Hi TechGUYs,
I have installed SUperVisor password in my MotherBoard in BIOS setting and now I have forgot that password and want to uninstall that,Wud any one tell me how to uninstall...............?.However I manage to enter in to BIOS settings by pressing return key and there I have found SuperVisor password in deactive mode and I have remove battery and check is there any chance that password is UnInstalled.But my efforts are of no use.So Kindly help me out from this probs.

A:UnInstalling SuperVisor Password in INTEl 915 GAV MotherBoard

Please see the TSG Rules, we no longer provide any help with lost passwords or getting around password protection. Obviously, we can't determine the real intent here, so our policy is to abstain from any assistance in these matters.
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Having just replaced my heatsync with the Artic Freezer Pro I have become intrigued by the idea of overclocking for Intel Overclocking Core 2 Duo Motherboard E6300 my PC as the cheapest way to improve my system s performance Not having any money this would seem to be like a good way to increase my system s life-span and I thought that I would ask for help I understand that I will have to replace my motherboard for something more OCing friendly and will probably have Motherboard for Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Overclocking to replace my memory too although the ideal would be to be able to buy another Gb to take the memory to Gb but this might be impractical Having installed the new fan which is brilliantly quiet I have downloaded SpeedFan which offers FSB speed changes but other motherboards Motherboard for Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Overclocking have have their own OCing management interface for total novices like me Having Motherboard for Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Overclocking done some basic research it would seem that achieving Hgz is well within the bounds of possibility stability is more important than pushing the envelope but it will very much depend on the cost of getting there Any advice that you guys can offer on a choice of motherboard and the settings that I would need to look at using would be hugely appreciated nbsp

A:Motherboard for Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 Overclocking

i would suggest against overclocking if you want to increase lifespan because oc'ing runs the pc at more than its made for making it work harder and it will make your hardware and stuff start breaking sooner rather than later. also changing a mobo is a huge pain so i would just oc the ram and change your fsb in bios but do it in small increments to avoid death. don't fry anything now!
good luck hope it works out for you.
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I have two Intel Xeon processor (3.06 GHz 3066DP/512/533/1.525v SL6VP) and would like to know the motherboards that support this processor. Any suggestion for a dual processor motherboard is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm looking to replace the logic board in my desktop system with a PCI Express-capable model. The current logic board is an Asus P4C800-E with a 3.4 ghz P4 CPU.

What I would like is:
1 16x PCI Express slot (two would be better)
at least 4 other PCI slots
USB 2.0
Onboard gigabit Ethernet
Has to play well with the current processor

My upper limit is around $250 for the board. Suggestions?

A:PCI Express Intel-Compatible Motherboard Suggestions?

A socket 478 p4 board with pci-e is not too common.
I also doubt you'll find one with 4 pci slots as well(although they have some pci-e x1 slots too).
Here're two I could find w/ pci-e and socket 478.
After looking at both, I'd definitely go with the albatron model of the two, it has 1 more pci slot, and also has full pci express x16(not the asrocks "agi express", which is limited).
The downside to the albatron is that it only has 1 ide port, so you could only have 1 ide hd if you have one cd/dvd drive, or no ide drives if you have 2 cd/dvd drives. It basically means you need to use sata hard drives with the board, (or you'd have to get a pci/pci-e x1 ide controller to add 2 more ide connectors).
^that has 2 ide connectors if you'd need more ide connectors. It also adds usb and firewire.

If you need firewire you can add a card like this(or if you need ide ports and get the above, firewire is already built in).
Or if you don't want to tie up a pci slot, you could get a pci-e x1 model like this.

And if you need gigabit ethernet, same situation, you can get pci or pci-e x1.
Here're 2 x1 cards.

So if you got the albatron board, the pci-e x1 firewire card, pci-e x1 gigabit ethernet card, you'd mostly have your requirements(you'd have 3 pci instead of 4).
Also, if you fill both pci-e x1 slots, you'd need to make sure your graphics card only take up one slot(or you'd lose the one x1 slot if you got a dual slot card), as many newer cards use two slots.

So the price including the adapters(firewire, gigabit), would be about $230.
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I have an Intel D930 3.0Ghz processor and Intel D945 Motherboard with 3gb ddr2 ram.but recently, my motherbaord got an external damage and thus not working anymore.I contacted intel and they told that such motherboards and processors are not available in market anymore. So, now i need a motherboard which supports my processor and is available in the market for purchase.It should have PCI slots.Please suggest me a compatible motherboard as soon as possible.


A:Motherboard Supporting Intel D930 processor

All of these boards will support the Pentium D930. The first two will also support some Core 2 Duo and Core Quad processors if you want to upgrade later. 3 of the boards are Micro ATX, and 1 is ATX. The G965WHMKR and G965OTMKR are better boards than are the D945GCPE or the D945GCNL.
Intel BOXDG965OTMKR LGA 775 Intel G965 Express Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

Intel BOXDG965WHMKR LGA 775 Intel G965 Express ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

Intel BOXD945GCPE LGA 775 Intel 945GC Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail

Intel BOXD945GCNL LGA 775 Intel 945GC Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
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My intel 3.2 Prescott Just got overheated and died on me after using it for quite a few years.. so now I'm looking for a cheap solution to get my computer running using all the same parts. I'm considering buying a 3.4 GHZ Pentium 4 Processor and possibly a new motherboard but keeping all pci cards and graphics card as well as the ram.

I'm looking for a motherboard that supports:

Intel 3.4 Ghz Hyper Threading FSB 800
DDR PC 3200 (supporting 4GB of ram)
Dual-Channel DDR400 Memory
5 PCI slots
and an AGP slot (8x)

The only thing I've found that looks decent is the asus P4P800-E Deluxe Edition, which seems a bit pricey considering how old it is and how not that fast it is compared to the newer mobos. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

A:Solved: Need Motherboard supporting intel 3.4 ghz HT fsb 800 ddr pc 3200
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Short version - I used DG45ID (solved) motherboard Intel dead a non compatible cpu which has the effect of leaving Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved) the board switched on Long version - I bought the DG ID off ebay and got a CPU to go in it I switched on the fan worked and HDD was active but no screen The USBs were active When I switched off at the mains When I switched on it powered up without the start button I realised I had a non compatible cpu I bought an E The first time I switched on at the mains it came on without the start button but subsequently I had to press start to power the board ie as normal CMOS jumper When I bought it the jumper connected pin with the LED pin I assume that is like a removed jumper ie BIOS flash mode Hence Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved) when I connected a DVD drive it Intel DG45ID motherboard dead (solved) crashed I assume it was looking for a bio file Nothing I could do would recover the board The green standby light came on but nothing else It was dead No USB power no fans nothing I remembered the wrong CPU that had left the board quot switched on quot I put it in and it behaved as before power but no monitor I then replaced the E and hey presto I was in but only on cmos recovery there was no bios But the USBs were active So I removed the jumper flashed the BIOS from a USB stick and it s up and running NB the intel manual is wrong regarding the CMOS pins It shows pin closest to the battery That is actually pin If you look I can t post the pdf link page the pin is clearly show closest to the battery I thought it was strange that all the images on Google show the jumper on pins furthest from the battery the manual says that is the recovery position nbsp
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Can you guys help me, what should i buy?
my ram memory is 256mb ddr2 ...
Q:if i buy 2x 2gb ddr2 ram memory pair it will not burn my pc or destroyer?

my motherboard is MS-7507...
Q: can you guys give me a good advice what should i buy that belongs to my pc for gaming only

Processor: x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6 GenuineIntel ~2520 Mhz

Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU
E5200 @ 2.50GHz
2.52 GHz, 0.99 GB of RAM

i don't have memory that why ^^,

please... advice what should i buy and i wanna buy a video card but i don't know what should i buy... i'm so newbie at computer ^^, wew.

A:My motherboard is M7 & Processor is Intel Dual Core 2

First, what is your budget?

Second, what games would you like to be able to play?

Third, what Operating System are you running: XP or Vista?

Without a doubt you need more memory. 256 is bare minimum to run XP.

* I looked up your motherboard and you can run upt to 4 gigs of memory but only do so if you are running a 64-bit Operating System. You can also run PCI-express video cards.
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Hi This is my first homebuilt rig I have an Intel D PBL motherboard with a processor I ve been very pleased with the motherboard except for one nagging problem that has me a bit concerned As this processor runs hot for me I want to use Intel Desktop Utilities to monitor the temperature of my system I had it all installed and everything was up and running and then I started getting an error message that said quot Connection to hardware sensors failed Click YES to restart application or click NO to close application If problem persists after restart please reboot your system quot I only get it every once in a while when I have the desktop utilities open question/issue Intel Motherboard D915PBL but it is kind of annoying So I started to look into it a bit more The name of the service that runs the hardware checking is IDUServ EXE I looked in the event viewer and noticed that there were several instances where it was Intel D915PBL Motherboard question/issue starting and stopping So I rebooted and watched for it in task manager Sure enough when first booting it kept appearing and disappearing After about five appearances disappearances it stays put and the desktop utilities works If I leave the utilities open though every once in a while the connection disappears again though the service does not actually stop as seen through the event viewer I contacted Intel and they ran me through a bunch of hoops that didn t help one bit Finally they gave me instructions to follow for reformatting my machine reinstalling my OS the chipset driver utility and other drivers They said that with Intel boards order of installation is extremely important I followed their instructions to the letter For a while I had the exact same problem then all of a sudden and I m really not sure why the service stopped its starting and stopping I still have problem with the desktop utilities program losing its connection every once in a while though I only notice it when the desktop utilities is actually active When the system tray is sitting there I don t get any error messages but I also don t know if it is actually monitoring my system I gave MBM a try but it didn t work with my board I gave Everest a try and it did work I ve searched the internet from top to bottom and I can t find any reference to the error message I m getting I also can t find much on IDUServ Intel s tech support seems less than clueless about this They re now recycling the instructions that gave me for uninstalling and reinstalling the OS Has anyone had any experiences with this issue or anything similar with this MB or any Intel MB My biggest concern is that this is a hardware issue with the MB and that it needs to be replaced This MB is only about weeks old I don t want to have to take everything out again I had a hell of a time getting the heat sink on correctly and I would hate to have to go through that again I d really appreciate any help I can get Like I said this has been a great MB so far except for this issue Thanks nbsp

A:Intel D915PBL Motherboard question/issue

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

It could just be that the software for the intel desktop utilities isn`t very good.

You said that the Everest programme works ok. Again this is a clue.

Maybe you should try the speedfan programme from, and see how it performs.

If that also seems fine, then it`s got to be the intel programme itself.

If you aren`t having any problems with the system itself, then that`s a sign that everything is ok. What temps are you getting?

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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hiii all

i had problem with desktop.

normally it works fine some times no display after i switched off and remove harddisk cables and reconnect its works normally for some days and and same issue sometimes it will hangs at intel motherboard screen i tried format my hard disk same prblm
what was isuue with pc plz let me knw

A:no display and hangs on intel motherboard screen

Hanging on the "motherboard" (BIOS) screen means you have problem with either bad CPU, Motherboard, or Power Supply. There are no tests to tell which one is bad. You must replace each one and it eventually will be fixed by replacing the bad part.

If you want to use hardware tests, the UBCD is best.
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This motherboard supports Pentium D, Pentium 4 HT, and Celeron D CPUs.

Foxconn 661GX7MJ-H LGA 775 SiS 661GX Micro ATX Intel Motherboard (Retail):

Approved CPUs list:

Please try to pick the best CPU in the Approved CPUs list. It would be helpful if you could also provide some secondary, tertiary, quaternary, etc options.

I'm looking for the best CPU in performance.

A:What CPU is best for a Foxconn 661GX7MJ-H Micro ATX Intel Motherboard?
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I have a Gateway Computer Model G6-350. It have a Intel MP440BX motherboard with PhonexBIOS 4.0 Release 6.0 (4M4PB0X1.15A.0033.P21) and Pentium II 350 Processor.

I want to know if this motherboard support Pentium III Processor Slot 1 at 500, 550 or 600 MHZ.

Thanks to anybody.

A:Processor Support for Intel 440BX Motherboard

That's a Gateway-specific motherboard, Intel have no information about it on their site. From looking at similar boards you should be able to run a P3-450 (Katmai, not Coppermine), which is what the Intel SE440BX goes up to. I'm assuming you have a very early 440BX board as it came with a P2-350, the first 100MHz FSB processor Intel released.
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a friend has D945GNCL mobo...during POST and the place where the logo (Intel logo) is displayed,it says manufacturing mode...the computer works fine but it shows manufacturing mode and any changes made to the bios do not take happened after using some software on the he cant format the hard drive because the bios's boot priority is set to HDD rather than DVD drive so he is unable to boot from a Windows DVD

what should be done?

A:Manufacturing Mode In Intel D945GCNL Motherboard

accidental post plz delete
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Hi, im looking into a new motherboard for my computer. the reason i want to do that is because i want to turn it into a video editing computer. I have a intel pentium 4 cpu 1.90GHz and dont know what works with it. im hoping to not spend over 150 on it. but closer to 100 is better. after i get the new motherboard ill start getting a better sound and videocard. thanks so much.

Some more specs because idk what you need to decide on weather it will work with it or not:

intel pentium 4
package: pga-423

Model4sta, pcb version
chipset: i850, rev. a2

graphic interface:
version: agp version 2.0
transfer rate: 4x
Max. supported: 4x
sideband: enabled

Type: rdram
Size: 512mb
Channel #: dual

Hope this helps, thanks again!

A:NEED helpfinding a better motherboard, intel, DONTKNOW MUCH ABOUT COMPATIBILITY

Sorry but updating that setup is a hopeless cause. the intel 850 chipset was the best chiset available for the 423 socket processors. and it would be difficult to even find a replacement board for the 423 socket much less one better.

You could add more Rdram but that is going ot be fairly expensive. if your serious about upgrading your looking at a new CPU, MOtherboard, Ram, and probably video card.

* if that is an 850 chipset then that should be a socket 478 processor. in which case all you will need is anew mobo and ram (DDR) one of the best available is the Asus P4P800SE.
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i just order one intel motherboard w/975x 10/10/1000 lan can you tell me if this is a good motherboard
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Hi i have a problem

i like conect my board how system audio 5.1 but need configuration of the back jacks ( line in - line out - mic in )

my system logiteh heve 3 wires in stereo jacks (orange - black - green)

because i conect 1 to 1 and sensor of the board show error

Only the speakers (green) from show Perfect!


A:i have motherboard INTEL D946GZIS AND LOGITECH Z-5300e

Click here for a link to the Intel site that gives instructions on how to setup your audio. There are two different I/O configurations shown so you have to pick yours out.

Hope this helps.
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I have an extremely frustrating problem trying to install any OS using an Intel D925XCV motherboard. The system has a 3.4Ghz processor, 1Gb RAM, Matrox display adaptor, 250Gb SATA hard drive and DVD RW. I have tried Windows XP, Vista and 7; also Linux Ubuntu 8.1, Fedora 10, Mandriva one and OpenSuse. All fail at various stages and I suspect it has something to do with the BIOS settings. Windows XP installation freezes at installation start "Setup is inspecting ......", while Vista, 7 and the Linuxes when configuring the partitions. The BIOS has been set at defaults.
I have successfully installed on the hard drive on another system.

Any help will be appreciated.

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Ok here s the situation I m hoping someone can shed some light on a possible solution as ATI customer support hasn t been of much help I have a Micron PC that has an Intel D HV motherboard inside According to what I read from Intel s site it only accepts AGP X cards Also according to ATI s website the Radeon should be compatible with AGP X slots However when I try to use this card in the Micron PC I get no video signal and just some bios beeps that probably mean something like no video card installed I can verify this as another AGP card an nVidia TNT m card works fine as well as a PCI SiS mb video card works But here s something else that s interesting I know the Radeon card works because I have another PC that was custom built and has a Radeon AGP 9000 compatible? motherboard not Intel and Gigabyte GA- IXE motherboard inside which apparently only supports up to AGP X according to Radeon 9000 AGP and Intel motherboard not compatible? the manual and what SMARTGART allows me to go up to for the highest AGP setting So with that all in mind any ideas as to why this card won t work with the Intel motherboard Shouldn t the card automatically detect which of the AGP speeds the motherboard supports and use one of them Neither of the PCs have any of the special AGP settings in the BIOS setup either aside from AGP aperature size Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Radeon 9000 AGP and Intel motherboard not compatible?

The BIOS beeps are probably more along the lines of an address conflict... and likely the real problem.

Do you have any PCI devices in the PC? Many of those Intel motherboards have shared resources between the AGP slot and the first AGP slot. I''d suggest removing all PCI devices for a test, as well as disabling any PCI address space devices in the BIOS(such as USB, on-board audio, serial, etc.etc.) then save/exit and try the swap once more.

If your system suddenly posts with all hardware disabled and PCI slots empty, it'll then be a simple process of re-enabling to find the culprit... which should lead to a work-around to reallocated it somewhere else (or different PCI slot if its a card).
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Firstly I d like to thank anyone willing to help me on this matter in advance Now on to the problem I just recently bought a new monitor and speakers I have been using Altec Lansing speakers without fail or problems for quite some time and just today decided to move on to some shiny new Logitech speakers I first proceeded to install and plug-in my monitor Everything worked fine monitor started up perfectly Then I decided to move on to the speakers I took them out Soundmax/intel Audio D865gbf Issues... Motherboard of the packaging plugged the little green cable into its appropriate port the green circular port and also took the power cord and plugged that into the outlet The speakers turned on fine Computer s working like a dream that little light on my speaker is glowing a Audio Issues... Soundmax/intel D865gbf Motherboard nice orange Audio Issues... Soundmax/intel D865gbf Motherboard So I decide to turn on some music I m going through my quot My Music quot folder and decide to turn on some metal WinAmp opens up as usual except instead of my heavy guitar riffs and aggressive bass I m greeted by a nice little error message Bad DirectSound driver Please install proper drivers or select another device in configuration Error code Okay I think to my self Not a huge problem So I go ahead and decide to open up my SoundMAX control panel Except it looks like I have no audio devices hooked up to my computer so I can t use the panel Device Manager reads under Sound Video and Game Controllers - Audio Codecs- Legacy Audio Drivers- Legacy Video Capture Devices- Media Control Devices- Video Codecs I try to right-click on both Audio Codecs and Legacy Audio Drivers and use quot Update Drivers quot Apparently Windows can t find any appropriate updates I open up the Control Panel and go to Sounds and Audio Devices The first tab Volume reads quot No Audio Device quot Now I m quite sure I have one plugged in because if I check my tower right now I can see that green cable plugged into its appropriate port So now I start to get a little more serious I downloaded SIW System Information for Windows and looked up my Motherboard model Intel D GBF I decide to Google that and download the appropriate audio drivers on the official Intel site Everything seems to go fine except when I m done installing those drivers apparently everything the installer had done just magically disappears and I m greeted with a quot Driver not found Reboot and try install again quot error message I do just that Same error So I go Googling in hopes of finding some sort of solution to my dilemma Apparently installing the appropriate chipset drivers should help I look up my mobo model again go to the same site download install reboot I then try to run the audio driver install again quot Driver not found Reboot and try install again quot I m really at a loss of words Any help would be greatly appreciated because I enjoy having a little bit of sound while using my computer and gaming Thanks in advance

A:Audio Issues... Soundmax/intel D865gbf Motherboard

Has the onboard sound chip been disabled in the BIOS? Please make sure that it is enabled. This can cause the sound drivers not to install.