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Monitor won't work

Q: Monitor won't work

Yesterday morning I tried to clean my desktop computer inside case all I did was open the case and clean off all the fans and plugged them back in I also disconnected my computer monitor and cleaned won't work Monitor that Once I was done I plugged everything back in and turned my computer on it started up but my monitor said dvi was inactive instead of active so then it said it was going to sleep I tried just turning the monitor on and off but it just Monitor won't work goes back to Monitor won't work sleep lazy and I ve also tried to use a different monitor and video cable but it seems that did not work either same thing happened and I am Monitor won't work unable to do anything Maybe I knocked something loose or dust got in the receiving end of the video cable haven t cleaned this computer in over years I don t know just thought I would ask here before I went to get it serviced somewhere My system information can be viewed here under the information tab Thanks nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Monitor won't work

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor won't work

Disconnect everything wired to the system. Also the power cord. Open the case use some dryer sheets and rub them into your palms of your hands. Now go inside and make sure everything is seated into the the slots. You might have to pop them up and then click them back into the slots.
Make sure everything is connected inside.First!
Once everything is AOK!
Put back on the cover
connected all outside cable connections back to the PC
Check to see if any pins are bent also.
Connect the PC back to AC power
Turn it on
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Question How can I reactivate my monitor without reformatting the hard drive This is what happened Two monitors were hooked to my computer Dell Inspiration and I had to reduce it into one monitor I opened screen resolution Clicked on Advanced settings Clicked on Monitor Clicked on Driver Clicked on Disable After I did that one monitor became completely dark and the second monitor display was if it would run in safe mode graphic quality was so bad it hurt to my eyes to watch it I checked the device list and both monitor was removed from the list there were no monitor listed [SOLVED] monitor driver work - 7 not windows does monitor disabled - anymore before they were there I tried the system restore but after the system restore finished there were no more connection with the monitor When I start the computer the monitor works for few seconds shows the start up [SOLVED] windows 7 - monitor driver disabled - monitor does not work process and right [SOLVED] windows 7 - monitor driver disabled - monitor does not work after the windows logo displayed it shuts off I tried to reboot in quot safe mode quot and it starts up as usual the monitor works but before it reaches the desktop screen it shuts off Windows version is Windows Computer DELL Inspiration s Operating System -bit Processor AMD Thank you in advance for your help

A:[SOLVED] windows 7 - monitor driver disabled - monitor does not work

Boot into Safe Mode with Networking, go to Start/Search and type devmgmt.msc, Right click the devmgmt results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Device Manager, are there any devices with a Red or Yellow flags next to them? If It is Red (Disabled) then right click it and Enable it.
If it is a Yellow Exclamation mark, then you need to download the video driver for your model. First try Right clicking the yellow mark and then Uninstall. Then Right click any device and choose Scan For Hardware Changes, this should reinstall the previous Video Driver, then restart the computer in normal mode.
If that doesn't work, Go to the Dell Support/Download drivers site Product Support | Dell US type in your service tag # or make and model# and download the Video driver for your model.
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My HP monitor works on old HP pc with windows 8. It does not work on HP - Pavilion 550-179na Desktop PC with windows 10. I get a 'not connected' message. All products are HP. The new PC works with a borrowed monitor. Any help gratefully received.

A:HP monitor not working with new Pavilion. Monitor DOES work ...

Hi there @Beelady11, Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel.  I understand that one display is not working with your new computer, but it works with an older one without trouble. I am happy to help you with this. What is the model of the display you are trying to use?Have you checked for drivers for that display?What type of connection are you using to the computer? (VGA/DVI/HDMI)Are you using the exact same connection on the computer when you test with another display? There is a possibility that if you are testing using different connectors, that the ones on the board itself are disabled. This would depend on whether a video card is installed or if you are using the integrated display adapter.See the: HP Pavilion 550-179na Desktop PC Product Specifications and you will seethe following note for the integrated graphics adapter.Integrated video is not available if a graphics card is installed.This means that the on-board video connections, linked to the integrated adapter would be disabled. Please let me know how that works for you, and if it does resolve your issue, please mark this post as a solution. Kudos would also be appreciated.
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For some reason my monitor has decided that you can only view it when a second monitor is hooked up. When I turn on my laptop the hp logo loads then it will go to a black screen.  If I plug in a hdmi or vga monitor the display on my laptop starts to work.
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Please help me!

i just installed a dvd burner. When I went to turn on the computer, the computer turns on and it beeps, but the nothing is on the monitor. I tried the monitor on another computer and it works. I disconnected the dvd burner and still nothing. The computer sounds like everything is working, but just nothing on the screen.

Can anyone suggest anything???


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Hello First thank you for your help Second I'm new to the forum world This is my first post so bear with me My supervisor purchased a new monster computer for me I run CAD programs and possibly in the future will be running BIM software Therefore before purchasing the monster computer the CAD and BIM software specs and manufacturer were consulted to ensure the new computer would service all needs It is a wonderful computer This supervisor also purchased two amazing monitors Dell UltraSharp Monitor with PremierColor suggested when purchasing the computer The problem MY new monitor computer, New work won't New monitor, but OS has been downgraded by IT from Windows to Windows New computer, New monitor, but monitor won't work office IT rules and now one of the new monitors will not function properly The monitor will work for a moment then go blank if bumped or moved The IT office told me every time the monitor is bumped it resets the BIOS therefore I cannot use one of my new monitors Now I'm working with one good monitor and one shitty monitor New computer, New monitor, but monitor won't work This is liking asking someone to ride a bike with one good tire and one flat And completely ridiculous to have a brand new monitor thrown into storage to collect dust IT cannot figure out how to make the new monitor to work Their solution was to give me a lesser quality monitor and refused to figure out how to correct the problem This attitude is not acceptable especially when good money has been spend on very nice equipment I know there is a way to correct the problem I don't have the experience or knowledge to figure this out on my own This is why I'm asking for help How to I get both of my monitors to function with my new computer without one of the monitors to go blank every time it is bumped or moved Thank you Thank you for any and all help It is much appreciated
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i changed the display pixils in the control panel now my monitor won't accept the changes i made but i can't see anything to change it back. please help

A:My monitor won't work?

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I've had this AcerView 54e SGVA 15" monitor for about 8 years. It came with my Win95 computer and worked fine. Recently, I used it temporarily on a Dell WinXP machine; worked fine. I "borrowed" it for a Win98SE machine and couldn't get it to work right. On bootup, it displays the DOS screens, and then the Windows start screen, but then I get nothing but a screen full of wavy horizontal lines. I tried it on another Win98 computer, with the same mobo, and got the same results. So I put it back on the Win95 machine, and it works fine. What gives? And is there something I can do to make it work with the Win98 machines?

A:Why won't my MONITOR work right?

Sounds like the 98 machine has other problems such as video card issues.
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I have a 19'', 1440x900 LCD monitor, and I'm trying to get it to work with my Playstation 3. Everyone said that you just have to get an HDMI/DVI cable (which I did) but it's not working. When I turn the system on it just stays on a black screen. After some research, it seems that you need a monitor that supports HDCP, something that I apparently don't have.So now the question. What do I do to get it to work? Obviously I could just buy a new monitor, but unfortunately I don't have $200 lying around. Is there any other way to get this to work on my monitor, or do I just have to start saving my pennies?
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On monitor it says no dvi signal and no vga signal. I'm not sure how to fix this problem. I bought a new monitor because I thought my old one was bad. But it didn't fix the problem
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Hi there iam tryin to install a second monitor (sony kdl-26U300) this has been connected via a 5M HDMI to DVI CABLE w/FERRITE the resolution is set to 1366*768 and 60htz rr. When this is the secondary display (as an extented desktop), it seems to be ok but when i make it the primary one(which is what i need it to do) after a few mins the display starts to fade and go blocky then freezes altogether. There is no warning from my graphics card to say it is overheating so i dont know what i'm doing wrong, as you can imagine im very concerned for both my monitors and my graphics card, what do you recommend ?
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I put together a new computer for a friend. Not my first but I am not an expert either. I made it at my place and set it up using my monitor. Everything worked as expected and there was no problem.

She took it and hooked it up to her old monitor but the monitor won't work though it works fine with her old PC.

Don't think it's an issue with the power supply as neither mine (which works fine) and hers are running the power separately from the computer and it is 750w regardless. Both mine and hers are quite old LCD monitors connected using VGA sockets.

Anyone have any idea what the problem may be?

A:Old monitor on new PC won't work

Do you get any video at all during boot-up (POST)?
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Okay my computer started having this weird problem If the power goes out due to a storm or anything and my computer shuts off after that If I try to turn on my computer my monitor won t display properly If I look in Device Manager it says quot Default Monitor quot instead of quot Plug and Play quot or whatever it used Monitor My Won't Work to say And the screen resolution shows that I can put it up to x which wasn t even possible on my monitor before It doesn t display properly but the option is there When the computer starts up its still on my usual x but its all huge and the only way to see the whole screen is if you put your mouse to the sides of the screen the screen will My Monitor Won't Work move around and show you it It doesn t actually display on the whole screen properly because the drivers aren t working when I start the computer up Sometimes I have to restart maybe - times and then it starts working again but as soon as I turn off my computer or the power goes out while its on it will mess up the monitor again This time I ve restarted times and it won t fix it so I m not sure how to make it work This problem happened before but eventually it stopped doing it but once the first storm hits and my computer turns off then the monitor stops working How do I get it to detect my monitor properly again after turning it off nbsp

A:My Monitor Won't Work

You could try to connect another monitor (if you have one) to check where the problem lies.

You could also download the latest available drivers for your Video/Graphics Card.
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Is a faulty video card usually responsible for a monitor not working on a computer when it works on other computers?

A:Monitor won't work

Could be, provided that the computer on which the monitor fails to work is really booting up.

A computer that fails to boot will never display anything on a monitor.
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I just built my computer and everything turns on, but when I hook up my monitor to it, nothing comes up on the screen. My monitor work on my other computer.
Please help.
My motherboard is Biostar TForce 6100-939
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+

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I have everything set up normally, I have power running to the moniter and the PC, but when I power it up, the moniter fails to do anything. It just reads that there is no signal. Every once in a while it will power up normally but most of the times it doesnt. I use an I/O Moniter with a digital cable secured to the video card.I tried using a regular cable but that didnt work either.
It seems like this should be an easy fix but I am perplexed. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

A:Monitor won't work

Try the monitor on another PC. If it works well then it may be your graphic card damaged. If it still don't work then it is you screen faulty.

Another thing try to see if everything is well plugged and that it is not moving and that all the pin and well in it.
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I recently upgraded my video card, currently using a GTX 570 HD. Before I upgraded, I had a dual monitor setup. The monitor that I use as my main monitor has a VGA plug. My new GPU doesn't have an output for that. I purchased what is called a DVI-D adapter. I still cannot get the monitor to pick up anything unless I use it on integrated graphics. I have tried resetting and trying it by itself but the monitor just says "No VGA Cable" whenever I try and plug it into my video card. My secondary monitor, which is hooked in via HDMI works just fine. I am guessing the problem is something with analog and digital signals. I am using windows 8. I really don't know much about this stuff and this feels like a really silly problem to have.

A:Cannot get second monitor to work

Hi, and welcome to TSG

Assygrin said:

The monitor that I use as my main monitor has a VGA plug. ... I purchased what is called a DVI-D adapter.Click to expand...

A VGA signal is analog video. A DVI-D signal is digital video only. Any kind of adapter/converter would need active, powered electronics to convert a DVI-D output to a set of VGA signals. Can you provide a link to a web site that sells the adapter that you purchased?
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After testing my new Razor piranha headset in the back of my computer, my screen went into a bluish haze, and my monitor immediately disconnected with the classic "no signal" screen after. I restarted my computer, and still, no signal. I moved my computer a bit by accident, and heard something move from inside. I opened the box and took a peak, and noticed my video card was out of place. i fixed it, and restarted my computer again. No signal.

An extra note that i have two computers, and one monitor. one is for gaming, which is the one with the problem, and the other is for work. I have a switch device that i can use to switch mics, speakers, and my monitor from com to com. my work com is doing fine with the monitor, my gaming one is the one with the problem.

please help, Sonjee D:

A:Monitor will not work

it sounds like to me you might have fried your video card. if you have an old one you can confirm this by switching out your video card, or put your gaming video card in the work computer and see if it works
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Whenever I turn on my monitor, it does not work. Once it enters into windows it will then come on. Also if I try to do work in dos it will go black.

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Even with the computer on the monitor is not responding to sygnals. It is installed properly but yet nothing. What should I do?

A:Monitor won't work

do you have a spare pc? if so try the monitor on that and the other monitor on your first pc, you may be able to see if it's the monitor or the video card

is the video card ok in the first pc ? check device manager, resest the video card

check all the cables

do you get any errors on boot, i.e do you hear error beeps, if so check with the manufacturer of the motherboard for these beep codes
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ok so i got a virus on my computer and i needed to reinstall windows So once it was installed i got all the updates needed and then the service pack update was giving me problems I searched for a solution online ad found that changing the name of fixccs exe would make the installation run smoother It worked and I got servicepack installed but when i restarted my computer the mouse and keyboard were not working They would work work not will Monitor on the startup but not on the login page so i decided to enter the bios menu I thought there might of been a problem there so i pressed the button that restored it to defaults and then saved and exited Imediately after that my monitor Monitor will not work stopped working It said it was on and connected but the light was orange not green and there was nothing on the screen My monitor had worked perfectly before and so did my mouse and keyboard before i reinstalled widows and service pack I have my monitor plugged into the graphics card not the main card It is most likely a problem with the bios settngs and i cant get in to fix that because i cant see what im doing so a step by step guide on what buttons to press would be helpfull Also if you could tell me what was wrong with the mouse and keyboard that would be helpfull too nbsp

A:Monitor will not work

first thing to do, is remove the video card and see if the onboard video is working. Very rarely is it a case of a monitor going out first. Is the computer turning on and posting?
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hello all i got hold of a 21" monitor fom an old power mac comp was wondering will it work on a pc ? the cabling is bnc (3 seperate conectors to monitor ) and no it wont fit a pc graphics but if i get a bnc cable for a pc will it work ? or just waste of time ? how much a bnc cable ?

A:Will mac monitor work on pc?

does the monitor specify if it is "plug and play?" if so than I dont see any reason y it wouldnt, u could prolly find the cable ur talking about on EBAY!if it will fit into the VGA port on the back of the computer than i thnik it should work

a PC monitor works on a MAC computer, so it should
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My computer was working perfect until i decided to change the display settings. I changed the pixels to the highest setting now my monitor won't accept my changes and now i can't change it back. please help asap i need the computer.

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Have gateway a thrasher,2002.2gig 4.intelR8245G/GL/PE/GRAPHICS.internal. I want to install aATI RANGERS 8MB PCI CARD. NO GAMING. Just want gaming. Tv works off someone's lap top.CAN'T fin out if I should uninstall drivers from intel. No says Y or N. Piggyback neighbors xfinity (he knows),and want to watch ChigacoPD. HELP?

A:tv won't work as monitor

First of all - welcome to BC !
As far as I know there is no need to uninstall the drivers for your on-board graphics when you install a plug-in video card. Certainly the last twice I did it I didn't uninstall any drivers and everything works fine.
Chris Cosgrove
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It says message; mode not supported then underneath it, it says H: 35.5KHX next to it it says V : 87. OHZ. This came up on my new tft montor. This box appears after the settings come up and windows screen comes up. Can anyone help me? I try pressing the buttons on the monitor but nothing happens. The box just appears and stays.

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I have the same problem. I tried the monitor with another computer but to no avail. It turns on for about a second then chips out, exactly like described before... I have tried turning it on and off a few times, leaving it unplugged, resetting the BIOS, using onboard graphics instead of PCI or PCI Exresss but nothing seems to work. I had this problem with a monitor before, but I returned it to ACER who didnt do refunds, instead sent me another screen, now this.... Any suggestions? I have had this monitor going on 3 years, not sure if its still under warranty. Any help would be appreciated!


A:Monitor won't work

So it doesn't work on two computers? If so you need to have the monitor professionally fixed or replaced.

If its an Acer, and wasn't purchased as part of a system it may have a three warranty. I'd call Acer or visit their website to find out.
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I have my PC hooked up to my TV(Movies, TV Shows, Gaming) and it has always worked. Tonight I turned on my PC after the SuperBowl, the main monitor flashed a couple times(Went black then showed my wallpaper a few times) and then the icons shrunk. I tried to go to HDMI Slot 1 and... No signal.

I turned off, unplugged the HDMI cord, plugged it back in, turned on PC. When it first loaded the HDMI Slot 1 showed what it should, then the main monitor flashed again and the HDMI Slot 1 showed no signal. I went to Nvidia Control Panel and it doesn't detect the other screen.

What could it be and could it be an easy fix? If not thankfully I have this PC under warranty.

A:Second Monitor Won't Work

WTF? The screen flashed again and so I thought gee, I'll check my HDMI Slot 1 screen. And sure enough it is showing what is should.

Also, with my TV the Name of the Input is grey if it isn't connected, while white when it is. When my PC is off the HDMI Slot 1 is grey. But when it wouldn't work it was still white so even though it said no connection it must have had one. Sorry if this is confusing because even I am confused as how it like magicked itself fixed.
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I have an Nvidia Geforce GS PCI XXX edition graphics card Monitor: DVI not work. does It has both DVI and Analog input but the problem is DVI simply does not work when the nvidia drivers are installed During startup everything is fine and if I use standard VGA drivers it works at x and very slowly of course but as soon as I install either the standard nvidia drivers OR omega drivers tried both a mystery third monitor is detected and the monitor plugged into the DVI port promptly stops working Also when I install any Monitor: DVI does not work. nvidia drivers XP keeps detecting a mystery gforce -- I tried installing one before but that card is no longer in the machine As it works without the drivers I m fairly sure it s some sort of software problem but buggered if I can work out what Anyone got any ideas as I feel a wipe n reinstall coming up soon if I can t figure anything out nbsp

A:Monitor: DVI does not work.

Bumping this thread for western hemisphere times. Although I am from Canada, currently in australia. Does anybody have any idea how to fix this problem, or even determine what it is? Are there any other stats that I should give you guys? The motherboard I am using is a WinFast 6100K8MA, Geforce series.
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Hope you can help I am trying to get sound out of my new HP w h monitor attached via HDMI to my new HP Pavilion dv running VISTA Ultimate One of the playback device options in the system tray for sound is work. new to my monitor Can't get SPDIF Should Can't get my new monitor to work. I choss that There isn t an option for HDMI on the menu I m also having trouble setting up the monitor to quot mirror quot my desktop or to show a seperate window HP doesn t seem to understand what I m trying to do i e see windows on both my laptop screen and stand alone monitor and hear sounds coming out of the monitor speakers Already Tried Restarted the computer Unplugged and replugged the monitor Made sure it was turned on Changed cables Cables on friends comupter and monitor worked fine Pressed quot Can't get my new monitor to work. fn quot quot f quot key and I get my desktop on the monitor but my laptop screen then goes blank and still no sound out of monitor s speakers Sound continues to come Can't get my new monitor to work. out of laptop speakers though HP website advised me to quot enable quot the speakers on the monitor Unfortunately that isn t an option on the monitor menu When I press quot fn quot quot f quot again I get a background wallpaper image on the monitor and my laptop screen goes back to normal I haven t tried to change any of the settings on the monitor control panel I am getting different directions from three different sources HP website VISTA quot Help quot amp documentation that came with the monitor Not sure what to do and don t want to break anything HELP nbsp
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I have this great monitor... well, sort of. It has this annoying tendency of getting fuzzy then having "scratchy" line all across the screen. This will happen usually after using the monitor for about a week or two (depending how long I leave it off). Would anyone know what is causing this and how to fix it? Thanks.

Scratchy - Like when you can get a clear reception on an old TV.

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I just got a brand new eMachines T2460. I could not offord the monitor and have a Packard Bell 1010...FCC ID:BEJCP480, made in 1996. When I connect this monitor, it displays fine, until Windows starts (XP) and then the display goes dark. Do I need to get a driver for this monitor, or what? This monitor looks as if it just came out of the box and has beautiful color upon boot. I really would appreciate some help using it.

Thanks in advance!

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I Found This Through Google Search, While Looking For Ac Adapters!
The Description Says That It's For And/Or Works With laptops!
But This Should Also Work With Flat Panels,
Such As My Lcd Monitor Seen Here, Right !!??



A:THIS(See Link) Should Work With An Lcd Monitor, Right !!??

it MIGHT work, but you have to check the voltage , current (Amps), polarity of the connector, and connector type, as to whether it will fit or not. If all these are the same it will porobably work, if noy, then it wont
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I have an hp laptop dv5115nr. a few months ago I install win 7 on it and it works fine. I got a samsung 22 inch lcd monitor and it will not work. I thought it might be the driver for the hp and they do not make them for the hp for the Win 7 version. so what do I do now?? I connected the monitor to my dell lap top and no problem works fine. has anybody had such a problem.

A:cannot get external monitor to work

Hi there.

Have you tried going into screen resolution and take a look if the monitor is detected? Please make sure to do all hardware and physical checks, then from there we can determine the specific software cause.

Physical checks means check the VGA cables are working and tightened. Check monitor power is on. And lastly is to check if it's detected by your laptop.
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Hi I recently upgraded from an anolog monitor to a new digital 19" Dell Monitor, now everytime I try to play, The game crashes when I try to start. Any suggestions please?

A:New Monitor, now nascar2005 won't work

zercar said:

Hi I recently upgraded from an anolog monitor to a new digital 19" Dell Monitor, now everytime I try to play, The game crashes when I try to start. Any suggestions please?Click to expand...

Possibly the game was set to a resolution the new monitor doesn`t support. Put the old monitor back on and fire up the game, change the resolution to 1280x1024 which is what that Dell runs at I think, (check to be sure) then switch the monitors back.
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I have Asus N61jv laptop with win7 home premium and want to connect my Eizo s2031w monitor to it. I use HDMI to DVI cable for digital connection. when I turn on the laptop, the "windows is starting" screen appears on external monitor, laptop monitor is black. but when win7 starts, only laptop screen is working and I can't get the Eizo to show any picture at all. simple winkey+P has no effect, nor has Fn+F8. also with graphic card settings there is no external monitor option enabled.

The laptop has both intel graphic accelerator and Nvidia graphic card and somehow switches between them for better battery life, so maybe problem is there?

When I connect the monitor via analog connection, all works good.

thanks for any ideas!

A:external monitor won't work

Did you install the right video card drivers?
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i have a dell dimension xps m233s w/windows 98 and a couple of days ago i unpugged it and moved it to another room, when i plugged it back in and started it up the light on the monitor would turn green and after a couple seconds it would turn to yellow but nothing would come up on the screen. i tried another monitor but the same thing happens, and i also reseated the video card and still nothing. i'm very concerned because i have important data on the computer that i need soon and i refuse to wait on hold with dell tech support EVER again!!! Please Help!!!

A:monitor doesnt work

First thing I would check is the cable to make sure no pins are bent. If that does not do it then reseat the video card.
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I have a Samsung Syncmaster 193P LCD Display. I just got my new computer which is equipped with a 7900 Geforce which only has DVI inputs. They included VGA > DVI converters so I installed one at the video card end with the VGA cable plugged into it. I then tried to put the other DVI converter to plug into my monitor but it is slightly large and won't fit on the monitor. So I attempted to just plug the VGA side directly into the monitor but I cannot get an image. I have switched from Analog to Digital on the monitor and still nothing comes up. The computer is brand new and the VGA cable works fine as I'm using it right now on my old one. Any ideas why the monitor has a slightly different DVI input and on anything that can get the monitor to work? Thanks alot!

A:Cannot Get Monitor to Work with New Computer

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

DVI, an uncompressed, digital video interface, was developed for the PC industry which was seeking a low-cost, high bandwidth digital connection between PC's and Digital Monitors. DVI keeps data in digital form from the computer to the monitor, virtually eliminating signal loss.

DVI is technology-independent. Essentially, this means that DVI is going to perform properly with any display and graphics card that is DVI compliant. If you buy a DVI monitor, and you want to take advantage of DVI video, make sure that you have a video card that has a DVI port.

Important: All current Samsung monitors that are DVI compatible have DVI-D Single Link input ports. You can use either a DVI-D Single Link cable or a DVI-D Dual Link cable. You cannot use a DVI-A (Analog) cable or a DVI-I (Integrated) cable.

The video card on your PC must be either a DVI-D Single Link output port or a DVI-I Single Link output port.Click to expand...

Hope this helps!

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I bought a new beefy tower pc with a AMD Athlon duo core ghz cpu and a mb gt nVidia graphics card and gb ram gb hdd When I picked up it was demonstrated to me by the seller who showe it to me on one their old crt monitors in their factory I did not buy a new monitor I did not think it necessary when my old one a flat lcd in was still in working order By the way it worked with my old pc and I put my lap top to it and it was fine I used the chord at the back to hook my laptop to my lcd tv and it was fine SO Monitor is ok and connection is ok what happens when you boot the fine new pc up is nothing The monitor light remains amber I pressed one of the buttons on the monitor and it came up with a message that is was in sleep mode and to move mouse or touch keyboard I moved mouse and nothing happened The pc is brand new wah wah I cant take it back until after th of Jan when the place opens again after the holiday break but I would like to use this new pc What can I do Please help me nbsp

A:Dell Monitor won't work with my new PC

Either you have your monitor connected to the motherboard video and the BIOS is set to output to the video card, or you have your monitor connected to the video card and haven't installed drivers for it or switched video modes in the BIOS.
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I have been using my old desktop PC for well over a couple of years.

Everything was fine......until I moved it.

I bought a new desk and had to move the desktop PC to get the new desk in, I have now reconnected everything and plugged it all back in only to find that the monitor has now decided not to work!

Before the move the monitor would turn on whenever I booted up the PC, now when I boot up the PC I get the following message on the monitor:

Self Test - G
Check your PC and Signal Cable - R
Monitor is working - B

Behind each option is a corresponding colour ie G - Green, R - Red B - Blue.

I have no idea what is going on, I have reconnected everything the exact way it was before I moved it....

Please help.

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Well, I just built my new computer and i plugged just a monitor and a keyboard in and turned it on. All the fans were spinning including the video card one and everything looked normal but the monitor didn't do anything? It just stayed at the "orange color" mode, instead of displaying anything it just stayed black? And the keyboard doesn't work either... I think the motherboard might be off? But that doesn't make much sense since i have the power plugged into it. Any suggestions?

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A friend of mine is in Texas I am in MI and she just snatched a computer on Ebay http cgi doesn't the work???? monitor why So ebay com ws eBayISAPI dll ViewItem amp ssPageName ADME B EOIBSAA US amp Item She So why doesn't the monitor work???? called me and asked me to help her set it up She powered it up and and it just stayed on the Compaq splash screen I told So why doesn't the monitor work???? her that maybe the previous owner removed the operating system but they did provide the installation CD s and she just need to put Windows back in Well I started to talk her through some of this stuff but she told me that her monitor which is a Dell was like in quot sleep quot mode the amber light stayed on even though the computer was on After a few minutes it would pop up but every time she tried to do something put the Windows CD in or hit an F key at bootup it went out again I told her to connect her monitor from the other computer she had That one although a little quicker to respond did the same thing I have no idea what is causing this as I have never come across this issue before I told her that we couldn t do a thing if we couldn t see what was going on LOL So I really have two questions what the heck is the deal with the monitor thing and also even if the OS had been wiped out shouldn t this computer still boot to SOMETHING like a DOS prompt maybe It is totally just sitting on the Compaq splash screen Thanks in advance nbsp

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ive tried 2 different monitors and nothing works.. it turns on and then after the computer boots up all the monitor says is "no signal" any one know how to fix the problem????

A:No monitor will work on my computer

Start your computer in Safe Mode (by pressing F8 at system startup)
Un-install any graphics drivers from Add\remove programs, and from Device Manager (Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc), and remove it from there too

Then restart you computer back to Normal Mode
Then download and install the newest graphics drivers from your manufacturer's support page
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I just got a new cpu and i hooked it up to my monitor that i already have and it wont work. so i hooked it back up to my old cpu and it works fine. At one point it said it was in power save mode. I also have another monitor and tried hooking it up to the new cpu and it did the same thing. Its almost like they are both in sleep mode. please help!!!

A:monitor wont work

The problem is with the computer, not the monitor. Is this a brand new computer? Used? Has it ever booted? Do you hear any fans starting? Beeping? Any indications whatsoever that it's actually starting up?
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Samsung monitor model S A H will display no computer output First off I ve connected a good monitor to the computer and it works I ve Monitor Solved: Work No connected the troubled monitor to another system and it will not work on another system so the problem follows the monitor This monitor has analog and digital HDMI inputs but we have nothing here that puts out to HDMI If I turn on the monitor without its being connected to the computer it searches for the HDMI for about three seconds and then Solved: Monitor No Work the analog for about another three Then it displays quot Check Signal Cable quot displays a red green and blue dot and quot HDMI quot all in a small rectangular box that floats all over the screen If I connect an analog cable to a computer then turn it on it looks for an HDMI signal for about three seconds as above then checks for an analog signal for about half a second instead of the three seconds above or less and then goes blank black Solved: Monitor No Work Based on the fact that it displays searching for analog for such a short time when analog is actually connected I assume it is sensing analog is connected but can t do anything with the signal I have eliminated the CCFL and the inverter as Solved: Monitor No Work a possible cause and there seems to be no manual settings for user-selectable HDMI or Analog And I have read the troubleshooting section of the manual which is no help Anyone know of any magic dust for this nbsp

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Hey all, I recently got an amazing 20'' widescreen monitor (Dell UltraSharp™ 2007WFP 20.1" Widescreen LCD Flat Panel Monitor), problem is I have nothing to run it on now. So what I want to do is get a new laptop, but be able to use my monitor with it when the laptop is in my room. (keeping the high quality image I could have gotten with a PC).

Do you guys know of any good laptops that can do this? Or what extra cables/adapters I would need? I plan to use the laptop for media, school work, and web browsing (money really isn't an issue).

Thanks in advance!

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if someone can help me, im at college and i really need to use my computer but my monitor will not turn on. the LED light that comes on when the monitor has power doesn't turn on either. i can not figure it out. The monitor does not smell like anything fried and i made sure the power cord is plugged into a working outlet. anyways if anyone knows what the problem could be it would really help me out. maybe a fuse or something. its a dell ultrascan p1110 thanks


[email protected]

A:computer monitor will not work????


Any chance you can borrow a friend's working monitor to see if the problem is really your monitor?

Open up the computer and make sure the video card hasn't come loose from the MB slot.

Is the computer starting up ok? fans spinning, lights come on, hear the disk drives spin up..
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New problem from older thread
thanks for all your help, i finally got the connector on the back to operate....
It finally clicked that I had to keep the connections closed in order for to operation to take hold.

Now the only problem I'm having is connecting my xbox 360 to it via the vga adapter.
I have wired up the db-15 rgb2 output to the same pin 1-15 to a hd-15 vga plug.
I plug in the xbox to the adapter and nothing. Doesn't do anything.
I might be missing something, but I'm not sure so I included all the pages that have anything to do with that port.

and some pictures of the little adapter I made


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I have the following problem first of all when I made a boot defragmentation of C VGA not work monitor in My do mode after minutes my monitor showed up quot no video imput quot and got in stand-by This was frustating I had to wait until the system started to beep and reboot And second I wanted to find some settings in the BIOS to fix this problem I started to search and after or minutes the same thing My monitor do not work in VGA mode quot no video imput quot and a black screen How can I get my monitor to work in vga mode also Or is something else here Some infos I have a HP XW- Workstation it comes with pre-installed XP but for two years I upgrade it to W Pro I installed all the drivers for w from the HP site because on my recovery CD are only the drivers for XP Some of the w drivers failed to install but all that I could install I installed I tried to find a driver for the quot on-board vga intel video driver quot but nothing to find on the HP site My monitor do not work in VGA mode I already searched everywhere on the w and I put all the settings for monitor and video to sleep quot never quot but with no change when it comes to boot operations Can somebody help me please It is very risky to not see what is going on when you defragment on boot or when you are in the BIOS settings Please forgive my english I am not a native one Thank you in advance Eugen

A:My monitor do not work in VGA mode

Hi meistergroe, Welcome to the forums , download the Intel chipset drivers here HP xw4400 Workstation*-* Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility - HP Business Support Center These are only for XP you will have to install them in compatibility mode , Have you tried booting into "safe mode" if so what was the out come ? you may also want to try a system restore prior to the start of your problems
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recently, I bought 3 optiplex GX280 and a LCD ViewSonic VG700b, from the companny where I work.
they had to remove the OS before they sell these computers to their employees.
when I tried to connect the monitor, all I could see was "no "signal.

the optiplex has an integrated video card and I need to install the OS.
but how can I navigate the installation if I can't see anything on the monitor.

I feel very lost and I would greatly appreciate any help that you can provide.

A:My monitor doesn't work

Have you tried the monitor on all the machines? Have you tried the monitor on any machines other than the optiplex's? Could be the video card on the optiplex. Make sure you have a good solid connection to the video card. Make sure it's not loose. Make sure the fan is turning on the video card. If the fan is not turning it could be dead.
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I have this computer that I am trying to get going so I can switch to it for good It is a windows with MB now Solved: won't Monitor work It doesnt have a sound card and the CD rom is not plugged in to anything But what my Solved: Monitor won't work now problem is I took a sound card out of another older computer and tried to put it in this other one Moved Solved: Monitor won't work now things around so it would fit and when I turned it on the sound card didn t work so I put everything back just like it was and when I turned it on the monitor would not come on I could hear it beep but there just isn t any picture Did I completely ruin it or is there something that I need to do that I didnt do It was working before I put the sound card in and after it was in but when i put all back is now where I don t have the monitor The monitor works cause it is on the computer that I am on now with Thank you for any help you might could give me creekrat nbsp

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I just bought a new V193HQV Acer monitor, but it won't display properly.

I've connected it to a power supply and to the port with the |O| symbol, as well as the one marked CRT (which is connected to the graphics card, the other one connects to the motherboard - unsure which one is right, both fit). But all it does is that it divides the screen into three square parts, aligned next to eachother, either black or scrambled with colours. It does the same if it isn't connected to the computer.

My old monitor is a CRT-model, with 1280*1024 max resolution, the new one has 1360*768. I tried setting it to 800*600 on my old one, then reconnecting the new one but there wasn't any difference.

Any clue what I can do? Thanks

Edit: I should add that I have a Radeon 4600 HD with the latest drivers. Cheers

A:New Acer monitor won't work

"It does the same if it isn't connected to the computer"... Return the new monitor and get a replacement
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Well our shops second Envision Professional Series monitor has started to die. Its taking longer and longer to bring out of sleep mode, and if it follows the pattern of the first one in about 3 weeks it wont turn on at all .
So before I am at the mercy of the box stores in town I thought I would start shopping for a good monitor.
I need to keep it under $400.

The monitor will be mostly used for design work on signs and posters. Larger stuff most of the time. I have never shopped for a monitor for graphic design before, only for gaming so I'm not quite sure what to look for.

Any suggestions?

A:New Monitor for graphic work

What are the requirements for your work?

Physical Size?
Screen Resolution?
Refresh Frequency?
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Ok my monitor goes to sleep sometimes and it won't wake up. I have to unplug it for the video card and plug it back in until the next time I want to use my computer.

A:My Monitor doesn't work right!!

Have you tryed just turning the monitor off and on? Also go to start,settings,control panel, power management, power schemes, set it to AlWAYS ON, then set turn off monitor to NEVER. BOL
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Okay so I just purchased a Viewsonic VX2753MH. It has an audio in and a headphone jack along with all the other bells and whistles. I also got me a Logitech speaker system Z623. I've plugged the 3.5mm cable into the headphone jack and have the monitor hooked up to my laptop via HDMI. The speakers sound great but the subwoofer doesn't work. I hooked up the 3.5mm cable directly up the laptop and it worked fine. Is there a way to get it working through the headphone jack? I ask because I also have my 360 and ps3 hooked up to the monitor and would rather not have to move the 3.5mm everytime I want to switch from PC to console.
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Okey my problem is that when i try to start my computer the monitor wont start, it stays black and nothing happens.
I have tried with another monitor but the same problem there, and when i tried my monitor on my laptop it worked in the beginning so it should be something with the hardware.
Everything is brand new except for the RAM.
I hade exactly the same problem with my other older computer but i had several problems with that computer, but i say again, The CPU, GPU, PSU and the motherboard are all brand new.
I really hope someone can help me now cause it's really important that i have a working computer.

A:The monitor wont work!

It would help if you told us what your hardware is. if your mobo hasonboard raphics make sure that the onboard graphics are disabled since you are using a video card.
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Hey guys I just recently bought a LG IPS P link at the bottom with new won't work Speakers monitor. and hooked it up After doing so my Logitech speaker s wouldn t work I m guessing it s because my monitor is a DVI monitor Speakers won't work with new monitor. or something or that sort I didn t know much about DVI and HDMI until I looked it up after my speakers weren t working The speakers that came with the monitor do work but I would prefer to use my Logitech ones To solve this problem do I need a DVI to HDMI cable or something similar If so can anyone recommend me to a good one If not what do I need to do to fix this problem It also seems that my graphics card ties in with this issue so I ll add a link to it also Thanks for the help guys Links Monitor http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Speakers won't work with new monitor. Graphics card http www frys com product Sorry Just noticed that I posted in the wrong section nbsp

A:Speakers won't work with new monitor.

When you connected the audio cable, you used the same output as where your speakers where connected?
Just replace your own audio cable. I've heard about the HDMI and DVI cables but that's not the case with a PC.
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a customer brought into our shop a monitor that he thought didnīt work. The monitor does work on WIN98 computers but when we hooked it up to a WINXP computer it goes black after the boot screen. However when we start XP in Safe Mode, the monitor works fine. Can this be a driver issue? I have never heard of a monitor driver issue so I am stumped. Does anyone have any Ideas?

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate x64 installed on my self built PC. A month ago I did a clean reinstall due to BSOD's since then no more BSOD's but the reliability monitor stopped working on the 22.04.15, and I can't find out how to get it going again I have gone through all the systems settings and admin tools but no joy. Can anybody tell me how PLEASE Error reporting is on etc.

A:Reliability monitor does not work any more since 22.04.15

Hello Lenn, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You might see if resetting Reliability Monitor may help to get it working again.

Reliability Monitor - Reset
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I'm running two Nvidia video cards with 3 monitors (SLI). Most of the time the monitor on the 2nd video card (only one on this one) won't load the screen. It does an odd thing where it sort of is flashing on and off in a regular pattern (sort of like it doesn't have data feed). Sometimes, however, it does load and works fine, and it seems that this is usually right after a start up.

Most recent video card drivers, Win7 up to date, etc.

A:Monitor on SLI doesn't (always) work

You can only run two monitors when configured in SLI:
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I purchased a new LCD monitor and went through the steps of changing the refresh and the resolution from my old monitor. Now the screen on the new LCD monitor comes on for just a few seconds. Do I need a new video card or what can I do? My computer is older and has been pieced together by a friend so I don't know what it has other then windows xp. Help me please. If i need a new card which one should I get?

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Problem solved guys i dont know what i did but after i moved my computer to a different room the monitor worked soo heres the story help? more... work dosent any Monitor people so i made this computer and everything worked and such the monitor worked my friend was having trouble w his computer so i took his hdd and installed XP on it for him he wasnt able to his computer monitor was also working fine b this i installed xp on his hdd and mine and gave him his hdd back he hooked it up to his computer and it booted up but his monitor would not turn on and stayed black well it was on but the little light was an amber color so it was on so he brought his computer to my house and hooked it up to my monitor so i could try and figure out was was wrong w it now keep in mind my monitor was working w my computer then the same thing happened to my Monitor dosent work any more... help? monitor as his so i hooked up my computer to it and still the monitor would not quot go on quot so any ideas what is wrong nbsp
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I have a Dell 1800fp monitor and a Sparkle GeForce 7300 GT video card. The monitor has dvi-d and vga, and the card dvi-i as well as vga and video-s. When they are connected with the vga it works ok. When connected with dvi the intel logo comes up for a second and then it goes black and the light turns from green to amber. I can hear the os come up but the display never comes on again. Sparkle has no support other than driver downloads, which I have done, and Dell support thinks dvi-d and dvi-i don't work together-gives lots of confidence.
Any ideas?

A:Problem Getting Monitor To Work With Dvi

Is everyone stumped? Should this be on another thread?
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I have windows xp pro installed om my pc. I was working on my pc and it suddenly shut off. I rebooted and went into the set up screen to check the CPU temp, thinking it may have been hot and shuit down. I can't recall exactly what the temp was but it wasn't usually high. Turned the pc off and let it sit for a few minutes then tried to turn it back on and NOTHING! The pc boots up, you can hear the fans working and the lights flash on the cd drives like normal but, the optical mouse doesn't light up and/or work (tested it and it works fine o ther pc's and have tried other mice) and the monitor acts as if it isn't hooked up to the pc at all. I turn it off and back on and get the no input signal message. HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!

A:Monitor and mouse don't work

Sounds really bad, like something died that was major - mobo probably. Does your box make any beeps on boot. Your mobo manual will tell you what the beeps mean but it does sound bad...doc
what OS?
computer specs?
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Heres TV doesn't as second right. monitor work a the TV as a second monitor doesn't work right. problem I have a Gateway GZ notebook with integrated Intel Extreme graphics I have had a second TV as a second monitor doesn't work right. monitor hooked up before with no problem at all but when I try and go from my laptop to a TV the desktop on the TV has no color is stretched Vertically and squeezed horizontally making my desktop appear to be a couple inches wide and as tall as whatever screen I try it on It also shows seperate desktops on the TV like the image is repeating itself I have tried everything I can think of from updating drivers trying component instead of S-cable I even installed Powerstrip to see if it might help Nothing fixes it Anyone know how I can get the TV to work correctly as a second monitor Is there a driver for that chipset that will allow me to fix the problem I hooked up my nieghbors notebook the same way and it works just fine It s a mac but has the same Intel graphics utility as mine does Please help I m sitting behind my TV cramped with my laptop on my lap hahaha Thanks in advance guys NIck Reynolds email protected nbsp

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I have a sony Vaio vgn-s460 and I primarly use it with a LG FLATRON l222wt via VGA out. one day I was setting up my computer and when I went to plug in the monitor to the VGA it made a little spark and stopped working.

I have tried different cables and a different computer and am positive that the monitor works. I have also tried just about every output setting and nothing. The computer knows when the monitor is plugged in and what model number it is and the monitor knows when the computer is plugged in but will not display anything.

I tried replacing the card that the VGA gets plugged into but it still has the same problem.

I am considering reformatting the computer with hope that it is a software problem. Any good ideas?

A:second monitor does not work on laptop

I tried replacing the card that the VGA gets plugged into but it still has the same problem.

WHAT? please be more descriptive. what card? make model type interface. did well with identifying your monitor and computer but ..... yea more info,
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Hey, When i turn the computer on, the monitor doesn't display anything on the screen. The little display light by the monitor power button will go from green to orange then to nothing.

I know the hard drive and processor are working because there is a beep sound after the computer is on. I checked all the power cables on the monitor and the cpu and all of them are well connected. I also change another monitor but still having the same problem.

If I turn off the computer and restart the computer after 20-30 minutes, the monitor will work fine. But this doesn't work all the time because sometime even been waiting for 45 minutes and I still don't get anything from the screen.

Any suggestion or helps? Thanks

A:Monitor doesn't work

klnaj said:

Hey, When i turn the computer on, the monitor doesn't display anything on the screen. The little display light by the monitor power button will go from green to orange then to nothing.

I know the hard drive and processor are working because there is a beep sound after the computer is on. I checked all the power cables on the monitor and the cpu and all of them are well connected. I also change another monitor but still having the same problem.

If I turn off the computer and restart the computer after 20-30 minutes, the monitor will work fine. But this doesn't work all the time because sometime even been waiting for 45 minutes and I still don't get anything from the screen.

Any suggestion or helps? ThanksClick to expand...

probably a gfx card problem, if you can try your monitor on anothe rpc or try a different monitor on your pc just to take that out of the equation
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Hi All- I posted this previously and driver Monitor work won't I suppose it was really too boring or there were so many other posts or whatever - so I got no answer but I may have a bit Monitor driver won't work more info this time Ever since I totally crashed my computer months ago my monitor will not shut off I had to completely wipe the computer and then reinstall the OS I am very sure that I Monitor driver won't work installed all the drivers and looked for updated ones However in the device manager area I don t show a monitor I do show a big yellow question mark of them actually saying quot unknown Video controller VGA compatable quot Oh I have a Samsung SyncMaster v on a Sony Vaio and they are approximately years old I m running XP Pro I have the CD with the driver and it won t let me install simply giving me an error code of I went to Samsung and found that their driver was a year younger I downloaded and unzipped it and got the same error code when I clicked on it I really know little about computers - I don t know what video card I have if I have one etc I could get all that from Belarc or HiJackThis I guess My problem is that I set the thing to shut off at night and it won t do it I set the timing after the screen saver and the screen saver will just go all night I also tried it without the screensaver and it didn t help Maybe someone can tell me where I may go elsewhere to get a driver or I m guessing this problem is probably more serious that that I appreciate any suggestions - just remember I m not very educated on this stuff Dawn nbsp

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Hey all,
We have a 7 year old desktop, which nowadays is only used for e-mail/internet surfing. Anyway, the big CRT monitor takes up a lot of room, does anyone know if this machine can handle those flat LCD monitors?

Here are the machine specs:
Processor: Intel 266MHz Pentium II Processor w/ MMX Technology
Memory: 128MB
Monitor: Vivitron700 color monitor (15.9" viewable)
Graphics Accelerator: STB ViRGE[TM], 4MB, 3D 64-bit Graphics
Display Adapter: STB Nitro 3D, with STB Vision 95
Hard Drive: 6.4GB Ultra ATA hard drive
Floppy Drive: 3.5" 1.44MB diskette drive
CD-ROM: 12X min./24X max. CD-ROM drive
Multimedia Package: Ensoniq wavetable sound card & Boston Acoustics Micromedia Speaker System
Fax/Modem: TelePath Modem for Windows w/ x2 Technology and Speakerphone
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95 B (OSR2)

If it does, what kind should I look for? What are the connection/ports I need to know about, and any other resources to read up on? Thanks!

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when i try to turn on the desktop, the modem light will be on, but when i turn on the monitor button, it shows the screen that displays when you shut down the computer. the modem is on but the monitor wont turn on. everything is plugged in, but i think there might be something wrong with the monitor itself since my brother leaves the computer on 24/7

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I just installed windows 7 home premium 64 bit. I was running xp. After I installed the new os my usb ports on my monitor quit working.

My monitor is a dell 1905fp. I assumed it was a driver issue and looked on the dell site but the only driver they had for this monitor was an xp driver.

I also note that the fonts and windows are smaller than they were. I checked the settings and it said this was the best setting for this monitor

I use my usb ports and I would like for my display to be correct again.

I have also posted this to the dell community forum in hopes someone there has resolved this already.

Any ideas would be appreciated

A:monitor usb ports do not work

Well this is solved. I checked the device manager and saw that I had an unknown device in the usb section with an 43 error. I don't know why I didn't check this before. I guess I am about 2 days into working with the windows 7 os.

Anyhow I put google to work and found someone with the same error. He suggested.

1. shut the computer down
2. unplug the power to the computer
3. unplug all usb cables to the computer
4. plug them all back in
5. plug in the power cord
6. restart the computer

Yahoo! It worked. My monitor usb ports are working again. I figure I can work around with the resolution settings to get my display back as I like it.

I would say just unplugging the usb cable and plugging them back in would do the trick but this is something I had already tried.

Sorry for the false alarm. It apparently wasn't driver related at all. I think I am going to learn to like this os but it will take me a while to become real familiar with it. After all, I had 7 years to learn xp
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I have a nvidia fx5500 video card. When i connect a converter to convert the dvi port to a vga port the monitor that is attached is tinted green. I have no clue what to do. this is the second adapter(dvi to vga) that i have tried and both have had the same result. PLEASE somebody help me.


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I have a TIME monitor from an old computer, now connected to a new motherboard etc. I have no other speakers except the ones built into the LCD monitor.

The soundcard is built into the motherboard and obvioulsy has inputs for upto 7 speakers. The monitor plugs straight into the graphics card - but I cannot get any output. It isn't broken and the drivers are non existent on the net.

Any ideas?

A:Speakers on my Monitor don't WORK.

Isn't there a separate audio input for the monitor speakers, it shouldn't run through the monitor connection.

My old monitor with speakers had a separate input, a cable needed to be connected to the sound output of the PC.
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My external monitor, all of a sudden, will not work. It shows as being unplugged. It is not the monitor because I tried another laptop and it works fine. I bypassed the FN F8 and still nothing. I tried safe mode but it does not even show up. The light is amber on the monitor and it shows no signal when I try to make the switch.
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I have an NVIDIA GeForce work. Monitor Wont 1680x1050 GTX and two days ago my monitor stopped showing my normal resolution if i go into the NVIDIA control panel i select an option in resolution to quot Show Resolutions not exposed by the display quot and force it into x but when i play certain games which take the resolution of my monitor s settings those games are messed up because it still only sees the quot x x x x x x x x x x x x quot Which unless i force my my monitor in Monitor 1680x1050 Wont work. my NVIDIA panel to show more it only shows this when i click for resolution I am running Vista ALSO Another problem is i accidently set my st Monitor input to quot out of range quot and i do not own a P keyboard so i cannot go into safe mode to change the resolution back to something that shows something Is there a way to change the resolution while in windows or start in safemode from windows and how do i fix the first problem nbsp

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i have duel 7800gt cards and my monitor dosnt come out of powersave mode
dont know what i can do about it
any ideas?

A:xfx 7800gt's & my monitor dont work

you need to give us WAY more info, like your specs, when this stared t o happion
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So i have a mix computer i just bought as a bare bones kit im running windows 7 home basic 2 gigs ddr2 ram a geforce 9500gt 1 gig graphics card with 2 dvi input and a s video hook up i have a amd 64x2 dual core 2.2 ghz processor with a bio star mother board any way i hook up the computer to my tv through s video and it works fine but when i hook it to my vga monitor with an adapter it does not work any thoughts

A:Trying to get my VGA monitor to work with my DVI graphics card

please explains exactly what happens when u connect the monitor? nothing at all? does the monitor say anything? does it say that theres no input?
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Thank you so much in advance for any advice.

I am not sure if this is in the correct section of the forums, so apologies if it isnt! I have a GTX 660ti. When plugged into my 1080p television, it works perfectly. However, when I plug in my 17" dell flatpanel, it says "not supported" across the screen. Is my GPU too advanced for me to use a small monitor? I have tried changing my resolution much lower, then turning the pc off, then plugging in the 17", still not supported. Is there something I have to do in bios?


A:GPU wont work with small monitor?

hiya,start your PC tapping F8 to get into safe mode,once in safe mode go to start and type msconfig in the search box,click the boot tab and put a tick in the "Base Video" box and click OK.reboot and everything will be big because it is t its lowest resolution,from here you can adjust the screen resolution to what you want,remember to go back to msconfig and remove the tick from Base Video
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Hello, I was just adding a new DVD drive to my desktop computer and just took it out to my patio, put it in, and then closed it back up. I blew inside the tower a little to get some of the dust out. After, I tried starting my computer and then the monitor didn't work. It could not detect the computer and nothing happened. The computer was up and running (from what I saw) but the monitor wasn't working.

At first, I thought it was the monitor, so I tried a different monitor on the computer, but that didn't detect the computer also.

So then I thought it was the graphics card, but I realized my graphics card is an integrated graphics card.

So, I just put in another graphics card, plugged the monitor into that output, but it still didn't work.

I don't know what's going on, could somebody please help?

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LCD monitors suck. I can't calibrate them. Not even with a SPYDER.

If I'm gonna spend $1300 on software, then I want a good CRT monitor.
Money is not an object. I just want a good CRT.

Any suggestions?

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Hey, guys... I'm just wondering if someone can help me here about my DVI.. Because earlier my DVI cord still works on my Acer X193HQ 18"5 and I tried to dual display my MSI N430GT in a VGA.. I connect the two monitor on my one video card, the Acer X193HQ in DVI then I have another monitor Acer H193HQV in VGA... After I turned it on my pc.. Theres no display.. I turned off my computer then back on a single monitor the DVI-I on my X193HQ = no display (no signal) But when I plug my VGA to the monitor is has a dispay but when DVI it has no signal... Please help me.. I need a DVI so that I can NVIDIA scale it cause VGA doesn't have NVidia Scaling.. Thanks

A:My DVI doesn't work - no display on the monitor

Check your DVI cable for bent pins at each end. For test purposes try to get another DVI cable and see if it will work.
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I motherboard, now Changed won't HD work and/or monitor ordered a Chaintech and got subsituted Changed motherboard, now monitor and/or HD won't work with a Shuttle I installed it in a new case with a new power supply and a new floppy drive and used the old hard drive and CDROM My first problem was that the new case came with it s own wires for special things like temp control and lights I really don t know what to expect because I can find no place to hook in the single prog ends each Where on a motherboard can extra wires be attached Second problem is that althought the computer turns on the monitor won t respond I tried bypassing the onboard video connector and installed a video card I still could not get a response from Changed motherboard, now monitor and/or HD won't work my monitor So now I think the monitor is confused because of the old hard drive Is it mandatory to format a hard drive when replacing a motherboard If I got a new hard drive I suppose I could install Changed motherboard, now monitor and/or HD won't work the old hard drive as a slave although my computers are old and I have never had any luck with that before Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated Sandy in FL nbsp

A:Changed motherboard, now monitor and/or HD won't work

you shouldn't have to format the harddrive just because you got a new motherboard. If you have another harddrive test it in the computer. If you have another monitor test that too with the computer. if both don't work its probably your motherboard...
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Hi Everyone I am attempting to configure EyeFinity with monitors My graphics card a PowerColor HD supports a maximum of monitors and it sports the following monitor outputs x DVI x HDMI amp x DisplayPort My monitors are all the same brand Dell and model U HM UltraSharp they each sport x DisplayPort x DVI amp x VGA connection As all of my monitors support DisplayPort I see no need for a DisplayPort adaptor and I have connected my monitors as follows DVI VGA by way of DVI Adaptor this is because I am using a KVM switch DisplayPort Ironically only the rd DisplayPort connected monitor is not working with EyeFinity I have manually set the connection on the monitor through the monitor's menu to DisplayPort Further when I turn the monitor off and on I see the message quot No DisplayPort quot - so the monitor doesn't quot believe quot with monitor get work it Can't Eyefinity to - 3rd DisplayPort! has that it is connected Windows - x - Professional on the other hand responds to the monitor being turned on and off by making the long quot doo doo quot sound that it typically makes whenever a USB connection is established However this being Can't get 3rd monitor to work with Eyefinity - it has DisplayPort! said quot Screen Resolution quot item only ever reports that two monitors are connected Furthermore ATI Catalyst can only see two monitors connected - it sees one Analog due to the adaptor and one digital as pictured below Any help with getting my rd monitor will be greatly appreciated I have considered uninstally amp reinstalling the driver - but I am not convinced that this will help as the monitor is reporting quot No DisplayPort Cable quot Thanks Davo

A:Can't get 3rd monitor to work with Eyefinity - it has DisplayPort!

DisplayPort can technically drive up to 3 monitors, but I am fairly certain that you cannot easily mix it's output with another digital output unless the video chipset can allow it (and this would be high-end, because DVI and HDMI are based on older technology and would require decent amounts of horsepower that a single GPU isn't necessarily going to be designed for). Nvidia makes some laptop video chips that allow splitting the signal between VGA and a DisplayPort port, but that's analog and digital, so it's a lot easier on the chipset than pushing 2 digital outputs at the same time (with content protection, scanning, etc. required by those interfaces).

The latest DisplayPort spec allows daisy-chaining of multiple DisplayPort displays on the same DisplayPort port from a video source, but to do so you need to purchase the requisite cabling or adapters to achieve multimon on the DisplayPort port and all devices along a DisplayPort multimon daisy-chain must be DisplayPort 1.2 spec or higher devices.

There are adapters that you can purchase that can take a DisplayPort signal and output it to multiple DVI endpoints (which could then be downgraded to VGA with an adapter on the DVI port), but you generally need to be driving the same monitors at each endpoint too which can be a pain.
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I have only just thought of this

I have a diamond view older style monitor

I hope it works as i cant afford to buy the box and the screen at the same time, gggrrr

Anyhow know if it will be that fussy?

Buying box tommorow so any thoughts would be good before then

A:Solved: Will my old monitor work with Vista?

No reason I can think of that it won't. I've run Vista on several older CRT's, works just fine.
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I bought a Diamond Digital LCD monitor not long ago. I had it connected throught the normal analogue cable because I didnt have a video card with the DVI socket.

I upgraded by Video Card to one with a DVI socket, but when i connect the 2 it does not work. The analogue connection still works fine but when i connect the digital DVI one the monitor doesn't recognise that it is plugged in.

What should I do?

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Hey I've been trying to get my samsung hdtv a monitor? hdtv as to work How second I samsung get my do to work as a second monitor The tv came with an VGA cord and my PC has VGA port and DVI port on it my current monitor is using the DVI port via a VGA to DVI converter thing So I switch to the PC SOURCE on the samsung with the cable not connected and it basically tells me to plug it in and change the VGA and PC Signal Setting so I How do I get my samsung hdtv to work as a second monitor? plug it in and the message disappears but my screen is black and the light starts flashing which I am thinking means it's looking for a signal I looked it up and everyone always says to go to the screen resolution menu and click quot detect quot so I did and absolutely nothing happened Someone told me that it should at least tell me that it doesn't sense another monitor but it doesn't even do that LONG STORY SHORT both monitors work on How do I get my samsung hdtv to work as a second monitor? the DVI converter neither work on my VGA port even if nothing is plugged into the DVI I am assuming that it's broken or my friend said it might be my graphics card but I am a little ignorant with computer stuff My graphics card is a AMD Radeon and I went and downloaded the most recent drivers for it and such but nothing seems to work If you need any additional information just ask possibly tell me how to find and I'll post Thanks

A:How do I get my samsung hdtv to work as a second monitor?

The card is not the problem.

A Question or two: Did the video card come with the computer, or is it an add on?
If it is an add on did you use the on board drivers or install those form AMD?

Also BTW, "Welcome to The Seven Forums.". . .
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Or display and the settings are not changing for me. Rebooted the computer 3x and also the 2nd monitor 4x and nothing changes. This is a VGA monitor hook up.

A:Windows updated 8.1 and now 2nd monitor won't work.

Are you using video card drivers from MS or it's manufacturer ? If it's MS's driver it may be updated to wrong one.
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Hello, this morning when i turned my computer on, speakers and monitor i discovered that my monitor does not seem to work. when i press it on, the green light comes on, but instead of going onto standby or turning on, it flickers on and off about every 3 seconds. i have tryed unplugging/replugging it back in, but it has not worked.
i can still hear things, ie when you log into your user at the username screen, but besides that i cannot do anything.
Please could somebody help and thank you in advance!

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Hi, I have a Dell GX 260 pc. It has always worked fine, but has a tiny harddrive. With all the updates and the software I need the harddrive was becoming too full. I put a bigger harddrive in, but when I switched the computer on to put the new operating system on, the monitor (which has always worked) seems not to receive the signal. The light just stays orange. The computer is making all the right noises. I put the original harddrive back in, but still the monitor wont work. The monitor is a flat screen one which is alot newer than the pc. Any ideas on how to resolve this? It was working fine before.

A:Dell monitor wont work

check the cables internally and that you have not knocked anything by mistake as you added the harddrive

Also when you put the VGA cable back onto the PC - check to see if any pins are bent - very easy to bend a pin on those connectors and still connect and screw up
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So i got a new monitor AOC L22W761
I can only get it to work if I boot in VGA mode (640x480)
or boot into safemode, in safemode it works at 1024x768

But for some reason, i cant boot normally

Vid card is 8600gt (2 dvi outs)
and the monitor has a vga in, so im using a dvi to vga adapter...

i know its not the vid card/adapter cause I used both of them on my last monitor set up and didnt have any issues
If anyone knows anyway to fix this lemme know...

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I installed the P6S5AT motherboard, the intel 370-pin CPU, 2 IDE hard drives, 2 CD-ROM drives, 128 MB SDRAM and 64 MB SDRAM, a floppy drive, and 3 PCI cards. When I turn it on, it makes many of the sounds that it normally makes starting up, but the monitor never turns on. It continues to make these starting up sounds, but nothing else happens. Since there is no on-board video card, I am using my ATI Radeon 32MB PCI card, but the monitor is recieving nothing. The fan on the graphics card does turn on, but that's it. Is there a problem with something else I've hooked up, is it expecting an AGP graphics card, or what else can I do?

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Hi, I tried opening my computer this morning and my screen did not show anything, it just stayed black, i tried plugging another monitor to my computer and it worked, so I just want to know how to make it work. I do not want to stay with this big monitor. takes up my whole desk

A:Monitor does not work and just stays black

Ok soo Im assuming the other monitor that worked is CRT ? Your current monitor does not turn on when you turn on the CPU. Do you see any lights on the monitor ? orange light possibly.

Turn monitor on and off again, then try using a different power cable, and finally try plugging in the monitor to your video cards other output.

If you still get nothing, then your monitor is busted. Take it back where you got it from or RMA. In mean time maybe this is good time for your to go dual monitor setup. Soo buy a 24 inch for 200 dollars, then when your monitor comes back from RMA make it your second monitor. ? youll never go back.....