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Processor & motherboard upgrade for my laptop

Q: Processor & motherboard upgrade for my laptop

I have a dell latitude c640 laptop ddr sdram, P4, 1.20GHz, HDD 30GB, L2 Cache 512 KB, and RAM 256 MB.
I need to remodel the laptop so that it can work with virtualization simulations & have atleast 4GB RAM. Can you kindly let me know the processor, motherboard, and specifications of other upgrades which will be compatible enough to enable me to reuse THIS very laptop just by upgrading it? Also let me know an approximate cost estimate.
I repeat kindly let me know the specifications of the above which will work with this series of laptop for virtualization simulations using Virtual Box, OpenvSwitch, Xen etc.

Thank You!!!

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Preferred Solution: Processor & motherboard upgrade for my laptop

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Processor & motherboard upgrade for my laptop

Laptops do not have standardized motherboards that will interchange. If and I stress IF there is a motherboard you can use as an upgrade, you would need to contact the manufacturer for the specific details. There is little to no way for anyone to know these details, outside manufacturing service department.
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Hello i have a dell xps 710 and i would like to upgrade the processor to an i5 but i know that the i5 processors use lga1155 and my current motherboard has lga775 connection. i know that to upgrade the processor i need to upgrade the mobo too but from doing a bit of research i found out that the xps 700 series use custom mobos. so my question is can i upgrade the motherboard (keeping other components not necessary but preferable) and keep the case because i really like the thing

Vista ultimate
nvidia 8800gtx
750 PSU
intel core 2 6420
4gb ddr2 667MHz ram

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As of now my computer is a Systemax 1.4 AMD Athlon, 60 gig, gf4ti4600, sb audigy2 and 768 ram. I can feel my computer's age, although for the most part the hardware that I installed is fairly new.(All of which was installed by me) Point being that I want to upgrade my motherboard and processor, but I am not sure on how to go about doing that. Any tips and suggestions on what I need and should do will be appreciated. I want to do this mainly for games, as I feel that my processor just isnt cutting it anymore, and I dont exactly have the money for an alienware pc . Thanks for the help.

A:Motherboard/Processor upgrade help

Well at the least you are looking at a new CPU. Chances are you will need a new motherboard as well, but maybe not. Other things you may need to upgrade is the RAM and powersupply - but again maybe not.

Can you post you motherboard model, RAM type and speed(ie PC2100), and powersupply make and wattage. Also post any Systemax model number. You can find all this using Everest: - just note that you may want to look at the RAM visually to see if whats being reported is the correct info - you could have faster RAM running at a slower speed.

Also note that in most cases you will need to format and reinstall Windows when upgrading the motherboard due to the change of the motherboard chipset - its also just a good idea to do.
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I have a Hp xw8000 workstation that came preloaded with Windows xp Pro 32 bit OS and as far as I know a 32 bit processor is the most my motherboard can handle. Thus bring me to my question does anyone know if it is possible for me to get a 64 bit processor to run on the stock motherboard and if not is there a motherboard that would be a good substitute? The only exception is that there must be at least one AGP 4x slot and 6 RAM slots. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I recently burned up my AMD gig processor and processor and upgrade motherboard just to get back up I replaced it with a megahertz AMD Duron I would now like to upgrade my motherboard and processor to motherboard and processor upgrade around gigs I want some speed back I m not a gamer and plan on new system w DVD -RW in to mos So I want to be economical around but at the same time don t want to skimp I have onboard sound and video and would like to use the Megs of SDram I have to save buying DDR memory If I can find an adaptable motherboard and processor upgrade using the existing hardware listed below will I need any other hardware Does anyone have any suggestions for the MB amp Pross replacements or the easiest way to upgrade Present specs Board SNC motherboard and processor upgrade EEH Bus Clock megahertz BIOS Award Software International Inc PG Megabytes Installed Memory Slot BANK has MB Slot BANK has MB Slot BANK is Empty ATI All in Wonder Pro MB Graphics Card X Write X Rewrite X Read CDRW Drive X Max DVD-ROM Drive with Software Decoding PCI Ethernet Adapter Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live PCI Sound Card Thanks Bob nbsp

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OK I'm getting rid of my VIA motherboard & AMD 1.1 gig and getting an AMD XP1700 with an ECS motherboard, should I be able to throw this in the existing system with minimal problems ???

BTW I am also relpacing the Video and the memory.

P.S. I am running Win2K also

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I am an avid computer gamer and my year old computer is starting to barely meet the minimum requirements of games coming out nowadays Only so much of counter-strike I can take I d like some eye candy haha I would like to determine if upgrading my processor and possibly mother board will get me to a point where I don t need to buy a whole new computer Current Specs Processor- Intel Core Duo E Ghz Codename Conroe Socket LGA FSB Bus Speed MHz Got this info from CPU-Z if more info about processor is needed I can give it Motherboard- Intel possibly motherboard? and to I'd upgrade like processor my DP LT Chipset is P G BIOS date is I went to the intel website I'd like to upgrade my processor and possibly motherboard? and tried to find a compatible processor for this motherboard that would put me at least over Ghz but it seems the best I could find is the quot Intel Core Extreme Processor X quot which is Ghz I m not sure that increasing to under Ghz is even worth the effort So I was hoping I could get some help with regards to finding out what is the best processor this motherboard can handle If the best is a mere Ghz some advice as to which new motherboard and processor combo to buy would be greatly appreciated If I left out any information that is needed please let me know I will get it to you ASAP Thanks in advance for the time and help nbsp

A:I'd like to upgrade my processor and possibly motherboard?

Hi fcKid,
what GPU are you using?
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I got an Nvidia gs So I could run oblivion I can barely play on the lowest settings I have current drivers I have enough ram GB DDR I have a celeron ghz processor that could easily upgrade to pentium ghz This lag. Oblivion processor? Upgrade or motherboard would be my prefured option if it will help My mother board is a ASRock M A socket That may be too old not sure I would need a board with agp slot for my video card I did try overclocking a little with nvidea program detecting optimal settings that did help Oblivion lag. Upgrade motherboard or processor? a little heres my DXDiag ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name PRETTYRIVER Operating System Windows Professional Build Service Pack Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer VIA System Model M BIOS Default System BIOS Processor Intel R Celeron R CPU Oblivion lag. Upgrade motherboard or processor? GHz GHz Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINNT DirectX Version DirectX c DX Setup Parameters Not found DxDiag Version bit Unicode ------------ DxDiag Notes ------------ DirectX Files Tab No problems found Display Tab No problems found Sound Tab No problems found Music Tab No problems found Input Tab No problems found Network Tab No problems found -------------------- DirectX Debug Levels -------------------- Direct D n a DirectDraw retail DirectInput n a DirectMusic n a DirectPlay retail Oblivion lag. Upgrade motherboard or processor? DirectSound retail DirectShow retail --------------- Display Devices --------------- Card name NVIDIA GeForce GS Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce GS DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV E amp SUBSYS A amp REV A Display Memory MB Current Mode x bit Hz Monitor Default Monitor Monitor Max Res Driver Name nv disp dll Driver Version English DDI Version or higher Driver Attributes Final Retail Driver Date Size bytes WHQL Logo d n a WHQL Date Stamp n a VDD n a Mini VDD nv mini sys Mini VDD Date bytes Device Identifier D B E E- A - CF- F- C CB Vendor ID x DE Device ID x E SubSys ID xA Revision ID x A Revision ID x A Video Accel ModeMPEG A ModeMPEG B ModeMPEG C ModeMPEG D ModeWMV B ModeWMV A Deinterlace Caps DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YUY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out UYVY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out UYVY YUY Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out YV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out YV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch DC - - A -BD -E BBCC C Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech PixelAdaptive AA E- - A - C - F FAF E E Format In Out NV x e Frames Prev Fwd Back Caps VideoProcess YUV RGB VideoProcess StretchX VideoProcess StretchY DeinterlaceTech BOBVerticalStretch Registry OK DDraw Status Enabled D D Status Enabled AGP Status Enabled DDraw Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run D D Test Result Not run Its too big but heres relevent styff I think Any advice would be appreciated THANKS nbsp

A:Oblivion lag. Upgrade motherboard or processor?

Hello, HyperDrive! From my own experience, upgrading the processor can improve performance. I have read an article somewhere that stated that no matter how powerful your graphic card is, the processor speed will be the limiting factor of the performance. Therefore, the processor should be taken into consideration as well. I used to play Oblivion on a Celeron processor too, and the game lagged as heck! I then bought a new computer with a better graphic card and processor and the game ran quite smoothly. Anyway, I heard that it is difficult to upgrade the processor alone. I heard that you must upgrade the motherboard along with the processor, because each processor is specially made for a specific motherboard. I am not sure whether that is true, but you can ask other computer experts for more information.

When I played Oblivion on a Celeron processor, I found numerous tweaks for both the game and the graphic card driver that helped me to play Oblivion slightly smoothly. Here are the links to the tweak pages:

In the NVIDIA control panel, I suggest you put the slider to the "Performance" point if you do not know how to use the advance settings. Only use the advance settings option if you know what you are doing!

I hope that the information that I have given you are beneficial in solving your problem. Good luck!

NOTE: According to my friends, Oblivion is a laggy game itself! A few of my friends have reported that even though his computer is the latest gaming rig available, Oblivion still ran laggy at a High graphics setting! For me, I always play Oblivion at the Medium graphics setting. I value performance over graphics!
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I just installed a ssd in my pc and thought about upgrading the motherboard & processor. This is what I have right now. ARK | Intel? Core
HIS HD 4850 iCooler IV Native HDMI 512MB(256bit) GDDR3 PCIe < Legacy Products < ?????????? ??????? < Products | ??????????? ????? HIS

GIGABYTE - Motherboard - Socket 1156 - GA-P55M-UD2 (rev. 1.0) and I was thinking about this combo or similar for around $400.00 Intel Core i5-4670 Processor and ASUS Z87-A (SLI) Socket 1150 Haswell Motherboard Bundle at I know the board is an upgrade but, not sure about the cpu and I'd like to continue using my 4850 graphics card or, is the built in graphics in the processor a better choice? Any suggestions on another better, combo in the same price range and whether or not I should reuse my 4850 graphics card would be greatly appreciated Thanks!

A:Motherboard & processor upgrade questions

One thing you should know about the AMD HD-4x series cards is that AMD is not keeping up with video driver updates for Win8. I have a 4290 and am running Catalyst 13.1 "legacy" drivers -- and installing those in Win8 was a real chore.

IF you're planning on staying with Win7, you will OK video driver-wise; but, upgrading to Win8 will present video driver problems.
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Hi there , I need another 1261nr motherboard and am interested in the best upgrade for both motherboard and processor . Can you kindly link the best 1261nr motherboard and processor upgrade for my already disassembled 1261nr and also any important motherboard and processor installation info .. And if i do finally update can you recommend a large laptop replacement with good sound (speakers) Thank You so much for your help  Cheers Jono

A:1261nr motherboard and processor upgrade

Hi, Please check the following discussion: Regards.
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At the moment my kit stands at:

ECS KV1 Deluxe
AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3000+
Corsair Value Select 1GB PC3200 Non-ECC 184Pin CL3
Radeon x700 Series
Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 Hard drive - 250 GB
Sony DVD RW DRU-810A
Hiper Type R 580W
View Sonic VX924
Thermaltake Damier V5000A Black Series

I am looking at upgrading my motherboard/processor/memory only, have been looking at some motherboard bundles on for around the £150-£200 mark but nothing really takes my fancy.

I've like something with a dual core processor, lots of USB ports (both externally and internally as I have two USB ports on the outside of my case) , firewire ports (again inside and out), and can support all my current hardware.

Any suggestions?

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I am trying to upgrade the processor for an ABIT IP35-E Motherboard currently at Bios version 18. According to the owner's manual and the people at Intel, this board can handle a Core 2 Quad Q9550 LGA775 2.83 GHz. Right now it has a Core 2 Duo E4300 LGA775 1.80 Ghz.

When I install the new processor, the pc only powers on. No splash screen or boot up. With the old one in, it does run although it's slow. Hence the reason for the upgrade.

I can not get any support from ABIT so, I am not exactly sure if this is truley compatable as the manual and Intel indicate.

Can someone think of something I am missing? Perhaps a setting somewhere in the Bios to allow the new processor?

Thanks in advance.


A:Abit IPE35-E Motherboard Processor Upgrade

the cpu support sheet for that model says that it works with bios version 15. i would think an updated bios version would carry over support but there is a slight possibility that it does. i would first look into your power supply to see if it is big enough. you are jump to a much large cpu that probably is pulling more watts so post the make and model of that so we can check. also post any peripherals that you have such as video cards or sound cards.
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Can I use Intel Core i3-3220 (3rd Gen) Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz LGA 1155 55W Intel HD Graphics 2500 for my aio pc Omni 1020 120 pc?
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 Question in English :I have an HP Pavilion g6 with a motherboard Hewlett -Packard in 1849 with an AMD A4-4300M APU with Radeon HDgraphics processor ( Socket trinity FP2 ( 827 ) . I want to upgrade the processor, which is the best compatibleprocessor for this pc ? Thanks   A mesma pergunta em Portugues:Tenho um HP Pavilion g6 com uma motherboard Hewlett-Packard 1849 com um processador AMD A4-4300M APU with Radeon HD graphics (trinity Socket FP2(827). Pretendo fazer um upgrade no processador, qual é o melhor processador compativel para este pc? Obrigado

A:Upgrade processor in my HP Pavilion g6, motherboard: Hewlett...

Hi, What is your g6 ? On many g6 AMD APU computers, you can't upgrade CPU without buying new motherboard. Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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I have a Dell Vostro Mini Tower and it currently has the Intel Pentium E processor I would like to upgrade to something better because my current processor does not meet the minimum requirements of some games I would like to play I was wondering which processors I could upgrade to I know that the new processor has to fit the socket on the motherboard but I don t know how to find out what socket my current motherboard has or even what motherboard it is I would also like to know if I don t upgrade the processor but instead get a new motherboard can I get any motherboard and plug it in and will it come with a new processor or will it have to Mini on or 230 processor Dell Vostro Upgrade Tower motherboard fit Upgrade processor or motherboard on Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower my Upgrade processor or motherboard on Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower current processor Does upgrading the motherboard make much difference to the CPU speeds if I don t actually upgrade the processor I am running Windows amp SP DirectX with GB RAM and i also have an ATI Radeon HD Graphics Card and a W power supply nbsp Would I need to get a new power supply if I upgraded the motherboard or processor nbsp

A:Upgrade processor or motherboard on Dell Vostro 230 Mini Tower

I have mentioned list of processors which are also compatible with Vostro 230 mini tower.


Code Name


Clock Speed

Front Side Bus



12 MB

3.00 GHz

1333 MHz



12 MB

2.83 GHz

1333 MHz



4 MB

2.66 GHz

1333 MHz



4 MB

2.50 GHz

1333 MHz



6 MB

3.33 GHz

1333 MHz



6 MB

3.16 GHz

1333 MHz



6 MB

3.00 GHz

1333 MHz



3 MB

3.06 GHz

1066 MHz



3 MB

2.93 GHz

1066 MHz



2 MB

2.80 GHz

1066 MHz



2 MB

2.70 GHz

800 MHz



2 MB

2.60 GHz

800 MHz



512 KB

2.20 GHz

800 MHz

Vostro 230/230s has been tested with Intel G41 chipset (Motherboard) with ICH07 only. Motherboard and processor are two different components. I would suggest you to upgrade the processor. Please reply for further assistance. Thanks & Regards Manshu S #iworkfordell
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Here are the specs on my parents old computer:

eMonster | 600, 550, 500 and 500a
Napoli-2 Micro ATX (STX V1.2 form factor) motherboard, TriGem, Korea Single Edge Contact Cartridge design with Slot 1 connector Intel 443 ZX core and ITE8673F Super I/O controller
Add-on AGP 3D graphics accelerator slot Crystal CS4281/CS4280 built-in Sound Blaster Pro, MPC-3, MPU-401 compatible Audio Enhanced Stereo full duplex operation

I bought Zoo Tycoon 2 for the kids to use on their computer, and the processor need to be upgraded to at least 733mHz. I ordered a Slot 1 866 MHz Pentium processor through eBay and just tried it out in the computer, but my computer does not boot-nothing on the screen-no beep (to my recollection). The 600mHz processor had a fan and the 866mHz did not come with a fan.
Do I need a special processor for this motherboard? Or do I have a defective processor? And do I need to order a fan for whichever processor I reorder?
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Hello all! In my laptop (HP G62 340US), I currently have an AMD Athlon II Dual-Core P340 Caspian processor (at least that's what Core Temp tells me). It is a "Socket S1g4 (638 pin)" (what does this mean?) and I currently do not remember my motherboard type. I will update you when I do. Along with this info, is there a way to upgrade the processor? I know the processor is removable because I recently cracked it open to remove and replace a busted USB port. Thank you all for helping this silly n00b.

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I am currently in an academic program that requires me to have a laptop that has an i5 or higher Intel processor, and 8GB of RAM. Can I upgrade my new laptop, the HP Probook 11 G2 from Intel Celeron and 4GB to those specifications above?Any information would be extremely helpful...
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i have a 3 year old Toshiba satellite A10 which came with a Celeron 2ghz (99Mhz x 20) processor with 400 mhz FSB and 256kb L2 cache. It is a 478 mPGA socket cpu. My motherboard is a Toshiba Portable PC A0. I've beeen thinking of upgrading the processor with a Pentium 4 mobile that has a higher FSB (533Mhz) and double the cache.
But my question is, Can my motherboard handle the processor with a higher FSB?
I couldn't find specs about the motherboard. Please help

A:Laptop processor upgrade?

Typically laptops are not CPU upgradeable, unless it was a choice at purchase time as to processor speed. (In which case the system could be capable)

The problem mainly arises from the inability of the laptop to disperse any extra heat generated by a faster processor. The BIOS would probably be locked to prevent the upgrade to anything that was incompatible.

Also consider that even if it fitted and worked, the extra heat may speed-step the CPU back down to where you are now anyway.
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First post so please bare with me,

I have a HP Pavillion G Series laptop running an AMD E2-3000M but i want to upgrade to something faster. My question is would i be able to upgrade to an AMD A8-5600K 3.6 GHz Processor Quad Core FM2 4MB 100W Black Edition?

If i upgrade will i need a new version of windows too?

Thanks in advance

A:Laptop Processor Upgrade

What's the full model number of the lappy? It may require a new motherboard if available. Many use soldered in CPU and aren't upgradeable.
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my question/query is..

is it possible to upgrade processor on laptop. and is it worth doing?

acer aspire 5315 intel celeron m540 1.86GHz

and how to know what to upgrade to i.e what is compatible?


A:processor upgrade (laptop) ?

It is possible, i'vre upgraded mine on my 8930g and my mothers 5 series acer.

You need to just google search your model, but I'm pretty certain youre cap'd at an 800mhz fsb.

Read this forum thread:
Aspire 5315 CPU upgrades and other info
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Hello guys,

I have a an HP pavilion dv6500 with the following specifications:

OS Version: Microsoft® Windows Vista&#8482; Home Premium , Service Pack 2, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz, x64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 13
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3069 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 146451 MB, Free - 7020 MB; D: Total - 6173 MB, Free - 1583 MB; H: Total - 476937 MB, Free - 251074 MB;
Motherboard: Quanta, 30D2, 79.22, None

I was wondering if there is any way that I can upgrade my processor to an intel core i3 or i5, is this possible? If so, How?

Thanks in advance...

A:Laptop Processor Upgrade?

In the first place, the socket for your processor has been retired by intel (and is not compatible with the i3, i5, or i7). In the second place, the processor is soldered onto the motherboard. So, in short, NOPE.
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I have a HP DV7 - 1273 CL and I want to upgrade my processor and I need to know what my options are. It comes with a T6400 CPU Pre-installed.

A:Laptop processor upgrade

Hi gtasmy,

Some laptop and portable computer manufacturers allow their customers to upgrade their processor speeds.

However, if available seriously consider the upgrade in speed and the cost, often for the amount of money spent and the little increase in performance it may not be worth the upgrade.

This type of upgrade often requires the laptop computer or portable computer manufacturer or authorized repair shop to perform the upgrade and is not something an end-user will be able to do.

The time and money it takes to replace a CPU may not be worth the trouble, but that is up to you to determine. If you are inexperienced in changing the parts of the computer or the general construction of the laptop, you can cause damage to the laptop, making some or all of it not work properly.

I personally have never done this but I am sure some of the more experienced members will have better advice and suggestions.
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Intel 1.5Ghz Core 2 Duo
2GB Ram
Gefore 8600GT M
Vista Premium
17 inch widescreen

I was hoping to upgrade my processor to like a 2.0 or 2.2Ghz, now my question is, would it be difficult to do it myself without a very high risk of wrecking my entire system. Or should i just pay a company to upgrade it for me?

A:Laptop Processor upgrade?

I think that an upgrade will certainly be difficult, and the laptop may not even accept the faster processor.

Truthfully, I'd be looking to upgrade the laptop if you really need faster speeds.
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Can my laptop processor be upgraded? I tried finding info but couldnt. product #: A7A84UA#ABA1.65GHz AMD E-450 

View Solution.

A:Can I upgrade my laptop processor?

Hi, The following link shows specs of your machine: It has  1.65GHz VISION E2 Technology from AMD with AMD Dual-Core E-450 Accelerated Processor  which is has   SocketFT1 BGA 413-Ball That means you have to replace the whole motherboard because processor (CPU) is soldered to the motherboard. Regards.
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Hi all:
I have an NEC Versa LX with PII 266 mHz. Can anyone tell me what this processor can be upgraded to? ... and is this a drop in upgrade?
Thanks in advance.

A:Laptop Processor Upgrade

Here's something from NEC:

Its not much of an upgrade - you would be better off selling it and getting a newer model.
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I have a Toshiba Satellite L855-S5240. So I've been looking into this laptop and I've discovered that the processor is interchangeable. I've opened up the laptop on many occasions to clean it out and recently to reseal the heat sink and processor with higher quality thermal paste. I've looked into several different i5 models and I already have a means to deal with the increased wattage the one I've picked has. It's the Intel Core i5-3380M. After doing further research I found that this is the best i5 I can get with my laptops socket type. What I'm wondering is if anyone can help find out about compatible processors with this laptops motherboard or if this one is compatible. I've already dealt with the graphics problems with a docking stations so I'm looking into a better processor.

A:Processor upgrade for a laptop

I did a bit of online research and the i5 3380M should fit into the laptop's cpu socket ok and it's TDP rating is the same as your present Cpu so heat shouldn't be a serious problem.

The Cpu must be supported by the Bios as well but I can't find any information about that so you will be taking a gamble there.
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hey guys, i am new to this site and i dont know whether this is the right place to post this but i need help,
my laptop is great at the moment but i want more out of it.
it is a acer aspire 5532
it has AMD Athlon TM 64 processor TF-20 (1.6GHz)
ATi Radeon TM HD 3200 Graphics up to 1408MB hypermemory TM
3gb memory
acer nplify TM 802.11b/g/n

i was wondering if i can upgrade my processor and get more out of my laptop and looking to upgrade my graphics card

any help would be appreciated..

thanks scotty

A:Looking to upgrade my laptop's processor and graphics

There's nothing you can do, except upgrading the bigger ram ( laptop has the limit. ), bigger hard drive, and maybe new wifi card.

Better suggestion is to exchange your laptop in for the new one; or ride this out and suck it up.
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I have an Acer 5512-5619 with an Acer JE51_DN Motherboard and a 2.1 gh AMD Phenom II N830 Triple Core Processor, Authentic AMD 2100. I would like to upgrade the processor. Does anyone know if I can and what can I replace it with to gain more speed with programs. Thank you in advance. Jack

A:CPU / Processor Upgrade for Acer Laptop

Check with the manufacturer.

You will need a cpu of the same socket type, but more importantly, the cpu needs to be supported by the BIOS. Only the manufacturer can confirm which cpus are actually supported.
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I have laptop Lenovo g40-30 with n2840 processor, Machine Type Model: 80FY00FCUACan i upgrade processor to n3710 or n3540? Thanks in advance!!!

Screenshot_1.png ?30 KB
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Is the socket type the main thing to look out for if getting a better processor or APU for a laptop, provided you are not running some ancient hardware that the processor wouldn't talk to......?

Thanks guys, I like this forum

A:Solved: what you need to know for a laptop processor upgrade

Two main things: 1) socket type 2) BIOS support

OEM makers often only support specific cpu's on a given model line.
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Hi i have a gateway p7803h. I'll put the link so you guys can see.

So the laptop is great, pretty fast, no lag on games, and does pretty much everything I want. i'm just wondering if the laptops processor can be upgraded. I'd love to bump up processor speed to make the laptop even better than it is. I just couldn't find online or in the manual if it can be upgraded. If so please let me know, thanks. And also if it can, i'd love to hear people's recommendations on what to upgrade to.

A:Solved: Help On Gateway Laptop Processor Upgrade

Probably not. They are generally soldered right to the board. Laptops are not really meant for gaming, though a few are designed specifically for that purpose.
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I have Dell 8600 and looking to upgrade the processor which is a Pentium M 1.5. Is this compatible:

If not what is?

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Hi all I have an old HP G - EA laptop Product Part Number FX EA ABU with a C circuit board to be honest I've not been able to HP Core2Duo T5800 - Laptop G70-111EA optio... processor upgrade learn what that represents in terms of a system or motherboard and a Core Duo T processor nbsp I would like to try and upgrade the cpu and or anything else I can in order to try and upgrade to either Windows or if possible or even to try a Linux based OS like Ubuntu as the limitations of HP G70-111EA Laptop Core2Duo T5800 processor - upgrade optio... Windows and will be following the end of support for the OS as in Vista and the disappointing loss of my favourite Win XP nbsp And the problem is I can't find anywhere that identifies the exact specifications for the motherboard cpu socket set FSB speed limitations of the hardware and possible cpu upgrade options etc etc that are possible or at least sensible for the existing hardware nbsp nbsp I have downloaded the maintenance amp Service Guide for the model which shows an 'Intel Core Duo processor -MB L cache -MHz FSB ' can support a 'T -GHz' but was really hoping to exceed this as it's not much better than the current T -GHz -MB L cache HP G70-111EA Laptop Core2Duo T5800 processor - upgrade optio... -MHz FSB nbsp nbsp The only memory options seem to be PC - -MHz DDR or PC - -MHz DDR - would the limitations of the motherboard and or memory modules or any other hardware limitations also prevent changing the memory and change from bit to bit in an attempt to increase the current limitations of GB- GB memory or is this a fixed limitation built into the system nbsp Basically I'm looking for any way I can increase the spec performance any help or advice on this would be appreciated nbsp Cheers nbsp nbsp
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ok i have a gateway laptop model 7330gz with a 64mb intel videocard i kno that there are laptops in the series with better videocards and i was wondering if i am able to upgrade my entire motherboard with one that has a better videocard. i am not an ***** when it comes to computers i have repaired laptops before and installed new motherboards but always the same model and taking it apart and reasembeling it will be no problem. ps sry about the spelling mistakes

A:upgrade laptop motherboard for a better videocard

You might want to check with the gateway on that one. I have worked with a lot of laptops and always exchanged them out with the same one. Sometimes there was an up grade but it never upgraded the graphics card. So yeah check with them
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal The exact Error that s provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last Collaborative are for Power Processor Controls disabled Processor upgrade after one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Mb NOTE my laptop has an Nvidia GeForce m Chip as well but it did not detect that for some reason Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC N JN Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled Have not had time to get antiviral software yet So is there Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade anything i can do or do i just have to wait and see if Asus pushes out an update thanks in advance nbsp
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So i got this message after i upgraded my Asus Notebook to Windows Home from What got me to check this was having my laptop Hard Shutdown when the power for Power disabled Collaborative Processor Controls after upgrade are Processor was at and the laptop had been on the charger all day plus the CPU temperature was normal I went into event viewer to see if there was any ACPI Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade error's listed and this came up The exact Error that's provided via Event Viewer Collaborative processor power controls on processor in group are disabled due to a firmware problem Check with the computer manufacturer for updated firmware This message is provided for each of my Processor Cores Unfortunately there are no new Firmware Updates for my laptop model from Asus Last one was pushed in October Very odd seeing as i got this new in December I want to know if this is something serious or if i should just ignore it An error having to due with Kernel Level Power Controls seems serious to me System Info Asustek N JN-MH Notebook Processor Intel R Core TM i - HQ CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Core Thread Ram GB MB Video Intel Onboard MB Nvidia GeForce m OS Windows Home Upgraded from Windows So is there anything that i can do or do i just have to wait for asus to publish a new Firmware Update even though it's probably likely they won't Thanks in advance guys

A:Collaborative Processor Power Controls for Processor are disabled after upgrade

Hi and Welcome to TSF!

See if this finds any new drivers:

Intel? Driver Update Utility
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How do i tell what kind of processor i can use on my motherboard? Am i right in saysing that you can only use certain processors on the certain motherboards? If so where could i find a program or site that will tell me what processors my motherboard could support?

A:Motherboard and Processor

The manufacturer's site will tell you. Sometimes they also have a BIOS update that expands the types of processors that are supported, too.

These will give you detailed information on your machine:

System Information for Windows (SIW)
Belarc Advisor
Mitec System Information
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Hi so I did something rely stupid last week you see I vacuumed out my computer so when I plugged it in and turned it on everything powers on correctly but the screen dose not come on or wake up so I assumed it was my graphics card so I popped another Motherboard or Processor? New video card in an ATI Card and it worked so the just to make sure it was the video card I popped the old one back in and it was dead so I replaced it with my working one and now it dose not work so I assumed that somehow fried my working video card New Motherboard or Processor? and that was New Motherboard or Processor? not the end of the world because I wanted a new card anyways so I bought a MB GeForce GT and popped it in and it dose not work so it looks like my other video cards are fine and I eliminated the video card being the problem so then to troubleshoot things further I removed the Hard Drive and the Optical New Motherboard or Processor? Drive from the computer so when I tried powering it on I still had the same problem so then I tried taking out the ram and that did not work so then I tried putting it back in one stick at a time with no success and the last thing I tried was going over all the wiring and making sure it was all seated properly again no success So anyway I have eliminated the Video Card Hard Drive Optical Drive Ram and Wiring so that leaves the Processor and Motherboard so I am wandering witch one it is and just to let you know I have tried another monitor with no success And all the fans start spinning when I power it up and it makes all the little beeps it would normally make BUT IF I HAVE A KEYBOARD OR MOUSE PLUGGED INTO IN THE LIGHTS ON THEM DO NOT COME ON I would think if the motherboard was bad the monitor would still get a signal but I have been wrong before And the thing that creeps me out the most is how after I vacuumed it out I was able to get it running once with the ATI card and the the next time I tried it did not work Here is my setup Asus P W DH Deluxe GB x GB DDR GB HD Philips Optical Drive Q Intel Core Quad Processor Basically I want to know weather a new Motherboard will be a guarantied fix Thanks nbsp

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I have a compaq presario, CQ56 115DX Notebook, by HP.
Problem started last week and resurfaced again this monday.
could not get my notebook out sleep mode, the caps lock was blinking once, indicating a cpu problem.
took it in to a tech, who changed the cpu. System was running until 2 days, ago, when again, could not get it out of
sleep. Press the power button, turns the laptop off completely, press again, back to sleep, with caps lock blinking once, indicating cpu issues. Took it back to tech, who now thinks it could be the motherboard.
If that was the case, then HP diagnostics would have the caps lock blinking 5 times, right?


A:Motherboard or processor, which is it??

Hello GLENDAGIRL. Welcome to the forum.

Not necessarily. If the problem were in the motherboard's CPU socket that could be mistaken for a CPU error.

CPUs are hardy components. It's hard to kill them and they don't usually go bad. The fact that the CPU was switched and the problem persists would pretty much eliminate it as a suspect.

Have you or the tech checked and reseated the RAM? It is generally a good idea to check everything for loose connections.
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My system sometimes does not boot up. I power it up but, nothing happens. What could it be? The power just shuts off.

A:Bad Motherboard or processor?

It could be a power problem or a lot of other things. Can you give us more detail on what happens. I would think the first thing to do would be to check the power cord and make sure it is plugged in good. Then I would see if any of the lights are lighting up.
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I need help!!!i am having problems getting my operating system to run!when i power it on, atimes,it gets stuck in the press f12 for boot menu or del for setup display..and when i click on f12 of del key, i just get a beeping sound from the motherboard..
sometimes, i get a stretched beeped sound when it powers on, or jumbled digits displayed in the all, the OS does not come on..
i only just added a 2nd hard disk and left it hanging for days while trying to get it formatted and OS installed...
can any one tell me what is destroyed or faulty if any...

A:is it my processor or motherboard?

read :
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Hi, a quick question if I may.
I'm thinking of up grading my motherboard and processor, currently running a Gigabyte G33M-S2 and intel core2 E6750 @ 2.66GHz. 4GB ram Vista home premium SP2.
3 years old now but with the new crop of games recently out and coming soon requiring quad core processors it seems like a upgrade to i5/i7 processor and surrounding bits would be a good move.
Question is can I install my currant OS "Vista" have the disc and key? or with it being OEM will I have to splash out the extra ?100ish for a new OS..

Thanks Ian..

A:New motherboard and processor

The really won't know until you try it.Technically...MS considers a change of motherboard alone as a change of systems. That would make the textbook answer depend on the type of license you have for Vista.If the license came with a system assembled by one of the OEMs...or is a MS System Builder/OEM license...technically, MS has the right to tell you that such license is not transferable.If it's a retail license where you bought/installed Vista on the could move it with no problem.In won't know until you try. I know for a fact that many XP users in similar situations...have made the changes mentioned (and more) and had no problem with PA after the changes.Vista is a tad more recent than XP...and the rules being applied may be a bit different...hence my answer.Louis
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ok, my computer is old, and has a 486 processor. I want to upgrade it. But, the upgrade thingy says that I probably will have to change around some jumpers, and whatnot. I don't have my manual, so I need to know what motherboard I have so's I can get help. How do I find out.

And also, is it possible to fit a pentium processor into the socket that now holds the 486? I mean, could I just buy a new processor and jam that it there, or would I need a whole new motherboard?


To find your motherboard is a pain but this place will tell you how.
Home page.

Here is the page that tells you how.

As far as upgrading goes The Pentium processors will use a different voltage and socket. You may be able get a faster 486mhz chip for that board. I would not recommend spending much money on it though as it might be time to build or buy a new one.

My brother was in this same position. Things he bought Evergreen Turbo chip. $100.00
64 megs of EDO ram $50.00 New CD player $45.00

It is easy to get caught up in the upgrade path as you hate to see a older computer not being used. But then it is easy to spend too much money trying to get a old system to run marginally better.

Remember the light at the end of the tunnel just might be a train
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Hi all I have built about computers for friends and family I have just built one that has all the correct leads going to the correct places however - when I have put Vista or Processor? Motherboard on this system I bought everything from the shop today case motherboard h drive i mean everything MSI motherboard gb H Drive AMD dual core processor problem is - it loads up correctly I can use Vista for about Motherboard or Processor? mins it crashes like loads of mini pics of the last screen it happens most when i go to use the internet I have wiped the pc again and it doesnt crash I have used my memory that is the same as the new stuff and it works with both sets of memory I have changed all the leads gone back to basics and it still does it I have even changed the thermal compound on the processor and it still crashes the temp before it crashes it Degrees so i am thinking its the processor or the motherboard Please can someone advise me how to test these or can anyone tell me the problem Thanks Rick nbsp

A:Motherboard or Processor?

Try installing a linux distro from a free download and test with linux to see if its just a windows driver issue ,or infact a hardware issue,as for Vista bin it and try Win7.
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so i fried my motherboard, got it fixed and he put a single core procssor in it. this isnt nearly fast enough, so i want to put my processor from my old computer in this one, which is a dual core. i talked to the guy at the computer shop, and he said that using a new motherboard with a used processor isnt good? like they are not compatible or something like that? i didnt think this is true at all and was wondering if it is true or not?

A:New motherboard and used processor

Find the model number of the new board and see if the old CPU will match the allowed CPU's for that model board
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Hi every one im newbie here i got a question for you guys if you could help me please
Ok i got a gigabyte GA-M51GM-S2G here is the link: ... Could you take a look at it and tell me if my board will support this processor please: AMD ATHLON 64 7750 X2 PROCESSOR, BLACK EDITION, AM2, could you get back to me soon as possible thanks for everithing.

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Just did a new system build...
It keeps freezing during the windows xp home install right past where you select the partition.
I thought it might be bad RAM, so I tried a stick from my neighbor's pc and had the same problem, tried a different video card, still no luck, even tried different IDE cable... you guessd it no luck.
I figure it must be the board or the chip, I just don't know what to replace... Any ideas?


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I am looking to buy a new motherboard and processor. I've been doing some pricing on the internet at different sites, but the problem is I am having trouble figuring out how good the equipment is because I don't know what all the numbers and abbreviations mean. Could someone give me some help on this as well as what I should be looking for when buying the motherboard and processor?

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I have an old motherboard with 478 chipset, intel Celeron D320 2,4GHz and FSB: 533. My motherboard (2003 year) supports FSB 400/533/800 but now it rus at 533 with celeron.
1. Can I overclock my system to max FSB 800MHz if the rest of the system supports it?
My processor runs at 2620MHz and PC3200 RAM runs at effective 366MHz. Original system bus is 133MHz.
2. Can i buy socket 478 pentium processor wich FSB is 800MHz?
3. Wich of these is better:
P4 2,8GHz, FSB 800MHz, system bus 200MHz
P4 3,0GHz, FSB 533MHz, system bus 133MHz (Or something near that)
4. If processor is 3GHz and FSB 533 will memory bus still be 166MHz? My curren celeron is 2,4GHz with FSB 533MHz and memory bus is at 166MHz.
Sorry for bad english and probably posting to the wrong place.

A:P4 processor and motherboard

Socket 478 CPUs are hard to find these days. You'd probably be better off just upgrading the system to a cheap Core 2 on socket 775. That would probably triple the performance.
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Recently ive been having trouble with my processor overheating. Today i left it running when i went to work and when i got back the computer had shut down. I have it seet so that if the cpu temp is 70c its shuts down.
When i switched it back on, nothing happened. No sounds, no beeps and nothing on the screen. I checked the little LED diagnostic thing on the mobo and it said that there was a problem with the processor, so i reseated it and still nothing happened. I then tried my old p4, but still nothing happened, so i put the old p4 into the old mobo and now that wont boot.

What has happened? Have the processors died, the motherbord died or both.

I would be greatful for any help as im pulling my hair out over this.


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I recently bought a ecs motherboard X58-A2 and installed a Intel i7- 920 processor with 6GB of Crucial DDR3 PC-8500 ram. Installed windows 7 and it booted up fine, but it apears to be extremely slow, my dell duo core far surpasses this thing. Now I have been trying to update the BIOS and when I restart to install the update, it takes a good 15-20 minutes to install windows, and then it goes to a black screen with the mouse curser as the only thing on the screen. What is going on..... is this a bad processor, memory, HHD, or MOBO.Can some one please help.

A:ECS x58-a2 motherboard with i7-920 processor

First of all double check that everything is installed correctly, e.g. the heatsink in on properly, RAM modules are pressed in firmly, all the cables are plugged in and have a browse through the motherboard's manual because tbh I've never really heard of ECS.

You could also try booting with another hard drive if you have one, if that's from your old computer then maybe it's dying.

Out of interest did you fresh install a copy of Windows 7 and how did you go about updating the BIOS?
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Will i notice a difference in performance if i put my socket AM3 Phenom II x3 720 BE processor on a socket AM2+ Gigabyte motherboard?

A:AM3 Processor on AM2+ Motherboard

Hi bedouinrising,
what are you comparing it to? what do you have your x3 720 in now?
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I'm planning to upgrade my PC setup by getting a new processor and motherboard. I heard somewhere that W10 license is somehow linked to the computer setup it was initially installed on. Since installing a new motherboard and processor does require reinstall on the OS as well, what kind of trouble should I expect? How should I go about this?

A:What happens to my W10 when getting new processor and motherboard?

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question I'm planning to upgrade my PC setup by getting a new processor and motherboard. I heard somewhere that W10 license is somehow linked to the computer setup it was initially installed on. Since installing a new motherboard and processor does require reinstall on the OS as well, what kind of trouble should I expect? How should I go about this? windows 10 comes with two types of activation > Digital entitlement ( when you have successfully upgraded from win 7 / 8 pro-there is no product key in this) >product key
difference between the two is , in digital entitlement, microsoft activation information is saved in your BIOS, and i case you change your motherboard you will lose your activation.
> product key, motherboard change wont effect it and should work fine.
so yours being linked to computer setup ( i consider it being Digital entitlement) you can connect your digital license with your Microsoft account because after the hardware upgrade you will lose your license , . here are the picture of what you see when you have successfully linked your account :
before :
there is another way where you can contact Microsoft support and you will receive the activation, as it was mentioned by Gabe Aul.
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It looks like I m being bottle necked in the end after being told this will not Motherboard + New Processor? happen is quite frustrating Current specs GPU XFX DD Radeon HD CPU AMD Phenom II x New Motherboard + Processor? ghz RAM x GB DDR Corsair Dominator OS Win bit MB Gigabyte GA-MA T-UD P REV I can t overclock this due to me not sorting the heat problem out at the moment but I still think I ll get bottle necked I m pretty annoyed with this because I was told that I wouldn t be bottlenecked I want to know what a suitable Motherboard and Processor will be to get the most out of my graphics card but the price not to be too high I will also be getting another x or I could change to a x instead If I get a new motherboard and processor will I still be able to use the same windows system because that will also be really annoying as I recently paid for it thanks nbsp

A:New Motherboard + Processor?

What kind of HDD do you have?
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I am currently looking for a new motherboard and obviously processor.
I don't know what to go for. The thing is that I want to keep it so the motherboard I buy, supports my existing RAM which is : PC2100 266MHZ 2100 DDR RAM MEMORY 266 512 DIMM.
Hopefully someone will recommend me a few.

A:Looking for Motherboard and Processor

Try the new Asus line-up ! Check dual core AMD proc., and why keeping that RAM pack ? New mem. chips go @ 533MHz so an upgrade of that is also a good choise...(and for the price u don't have to have second thoughts ) !
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I have a Biostar TA990FXE motherboard, that doesn't like to overclock, and I have a FX-8150 CPU to go with it. I know that if a game isn't very threaded that my processor will look like crap, but should I get a new motherboard to allow me to overclock, or a new processor, maybe a Phenom II x4 965, maybe an x6? I've been having problems in games, specifically Arma 2, with bad lag and low GPU usage. I have a GTX 680 GPU, and my processor is under water cooling. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I have just bought one of these: (Intel Core 2 Quad Pro Q6600 "LGA775 Kentsfield" 2.40GHz (1066FSB))

Can anyone suggest a good motherboard (and PSU) to go with it. Preferably an Intel board.


A:Motherboard to go with this processor?

Intel D975XBX2KR Motherboard - £145.69 -( Great Motherboard, and very powerful.
Colors 600W PSU - £23.99 -( a brilliant cheap PSU that i love!!!
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First time poster so please bear with me if I m not explaining this well I ve recently purchased a new motherboard to replace a motherboard that I thought had gone bad The reason being when attempting to install programs such as World of Warcraft from disk or from downloaded install package it would always error out usually saying that certain files could not be loaded Even times I was able to somehow get through installing my exe files would quickly become corrupted and unusable Thinking it was my RAM I ran the memtest utility which gave me Stride errors I then or Motherboard Processor replaced the RAM and got no more errors installing issues continued Checked the Hard drive reformatting and putting on a fresh XP install which was hell Got it installed and had no problems installing when connecting the hard drive in my spare computer s motherboard Now that I ve replaced the motherboard everytime XP does manage to boot up fine which is getting less and less it says there is new Hardware to install PCI Device Motherboard or Processor Ethernet controller USB I ve run the driver installation that came with the motherboard many times and still get the Motherboard or Processor same thing everytime I load up Windows At this point I m at a loss for what to test next or if it is just my CPU If it helps I did take the processor out and power on the system It came on just fine but of course turned off when it got to the point of booting from the PC Long story short switched motherboards switched RAM reformated and tested hard drive in another PC Still can t install properly Any suggestions nbsp

A:Motherboard or Processor

Corrupted files usually point to a corrupted\failing HDD.

However, there's one thing that wasn't clear from your post: Did you replace the motherboard and then do a clean install of XP or was it the other way around? If you did it before replacing the motherboard, then you'll have to do it again, because while Windows can handle hardware changes like new RAM, a new video card and even a new CPU, a new motherboard is too much for it to handle and the Hardware Abstraction Layer becomes messed up, usually ending in BSODs or other problems.
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let me start off by saying that this is an issue brought on Right after i messed with overclocking settings in my bios i set my HT multiplier from auto to x it ran at which i noticed is below the usual specs i set my HT multiplier from x to motherboard Did and processor die? my x this made it Did my processor and motherboard die? run at default specs i made a foolish leap and changed it to x i had no real understanding of what i was doing just trying to maximize Did my processor and motherboard die? THIS IS WHERE PROBLEMS HAPPEND the computer Did my processor and motherboard die? rebooted after the last saved settings but there was no boot screen everything stayed black for several minutes no keyboard lights would come on if pressed here are the main specs motherboard MSI K A CF-F V processor AMD Phenom Agena GHz ram G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR power supply w ive done alot of trouble shooting so far so before you think of any ideas let me tell you exactly what ive tried -left the battery out and the jumper posts on CLEAR overnight with power cables unplugged -done the same process and powered the computer on for a few minutes -pulled ram out and powered on there were no beeps nothing changed -pulled processor out and powered on no beeds nothing changed -tried putting my brothers AM dual core into my motherboard nothing changed -tried putting my quad AM quad core into his motherboard didnt boot no beeps -ran my powersupply in different machines everything worked fine as a conclusion when i run my computer like i usually would my monitors dont pick up any signal immediately after i press the power button all my keyboard lights flash once and never come on again all fans run all hard drives power on my dvdr burner drive runs lights on the PC come on did my processor destroy my motherboard and in the process kill itself it seems pretty blunt to me but im just checking to see if there is something i may not know or have overlooked nbsp
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As a result of :

my friend is now planning to buy a new mobo and processor. Call it lack of funds but he can afford to spend $150 for both mobo and processor. I'll try to chip-in $50 so we are looking for about $150 to $200. what would be the best options for us.

A:Want to buy new processor and motherboard

What kind of memory are you going to be re-using, DDR or DDR2?
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What should I do before I install a new motherboard and processor to an existing Windows Vista Business x64 OS?

I know I should probably uninstall all the drivers, but where do I find these?

A:New motherboard/processor

I did this not too long ago. All you need to do is get rid of the drivers that correspond with hardware that you wont have anymore. For example, a new motherboard usually means a new onboard sound, so uninstall your sound drivers. They can probably be located in the Control Panel -> Programs window. If not there, go into the Hardware Manager and uninstall/disable whatever you need to. Anything thats motherboard specific should go, although there isnt all that much. There is no software that corresponds to processors. Once all that is done, you can swap the hardware and install the new drivers that came with the new motherboard.

Hope that helped
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I'm upgrading a computer that has a 450 megahertz AMD K6-2 w/ 3-d Now Processor. The motherboard is a Compaq 043Ch..I believe.

I was wondering if I would be able to get another processing chip to put on the motherboard to speed it up to a 700 or 1 Gighertz processor...Don't know if it is possible or if it is just cheaper/better to get another motherboard w/ processor.

Also how would I go about updating the BIOS...cuz the last time it was updated was in '99 and I have no clue on how to update them or how to use most of them.

Any help is appreciated...

A:Can I Get A New Processor For A MotherBoard??

No, the fastest Socket 7 CPU ever made was the K6-2 550Mhz if I'm not mistaken. You could upgrade to that but it would not be worth it.

There is no point to upgrading a bios if it is working ok, the only reason to do so is to fix a problem or to support new hardware or O/S.

Unfortunately, upgrading your system to say a new AMD or P4 would require a lot more than just a Motherboard and CPU. You would also need a new case, powersupply, and Ram and maybe even a new video and sound card if the old ones are intergrated as they usually are with Compaqs. Also you may need a new modem if the old one is ISA because most new mobo's do not have ISA any more.
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I all a buddy I know got a new processor and motherboard from a computer store This salesman was saying that this is the top of the line processor and motherboard and new processor motherboard and you can t get any thing better than this he paid over for this processor and motherboard He took it home and assemble it works fine Problem is new processor and motherboard he called me over I look at the paper work on this processor and motherboard and looks like he got robbed for is money Look at the paper work blow it does not look like the top of the line processor and motherboard How old would you say this processor and motherboard is I know not top of the line but how old and how much did he got rubbed Intel Celeron processor GHz system bus -KBL Advanced transfer cache micron process techology MHz FSB up only MoBostar Motherboard ASROCK Motherboard for intel pentium celeron DDR micro ATX FSB MHz USB ports M integrated prosavarage d graphic ATA A GP x Lan str modem audio x DDR SDRAM slots amp x PC SDRAM slots clock generator MHz - MHz memory slots for DDR-Dimm and Dimm PC PC Max GB slots for SDR Dimm and Dimm PC PC Max GB IDE and IDE ATA ultra DMA mode can connect up to IDE devices Audio channels AC Adio Lan speed u Ethernet supports wake-on-lan nbsp

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My husband Processor bad tell is Motherboard How or if to was messing with my computer and now it isn t working He was trying to put it into a new dell xps case It is How to tell if Motherboard or Processor is bad a dell xps with this motherboard http support dell com How to tell if Motherboard or Processor is bad support edocs systems dimxps en sm techov htm and a intel processor When I turn the power on it seems to be running but the power light is amber and none of the lights on the back abcd are on The fans run the hard drive is spinning he tested the video card in his computer and it works the monitor is fine there is a light lit on the motherboard It doesn t have a fan on the processor I have seen that a defective fan is a problem sometimes He put everything back into the old case and it still did the same thing Also tried different RAM My husband who builds his own computers believes that it is the motherboard or the processor Now he wants to buy a new processor first and go from there I would like to find out if there is any way to test these without buying them first I don t know a whole lot about these thing but I figure that there has to be some way to do this Thank you for any help nbsp

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I need to replace a motherboard and a processor for my desktop computer. The computer is mostly used for internet use and emails. Maybe some game play.

This is what I had before:

Processor ( [939-pin] AMD® Athlon-64 X2 4200+ CPU w/ Hyper Transport Technology )

Motherboard ( Gigabyte GA-K8NF9 nVidia nForce4 Chipset w/7.1 Sound, Gb LAN, S-ATA Raid, USB 2.0, IEEE-1394 PCI-E Motherboard )

Let me know what you guys recommend for a good motherboard and processor. Thanks!

A:New motherboard and processor

Buy a new comp. You are wasting money re-placing that stuff.

My BEST advice.
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My computer is unable to start when I press on the power button. When I press on the power button, everything doesn't run except for the processor fan and the power supply fan which only run for 1 second then it stops. It seems like there is no power connected to the system.

Even I have tried a new power supply, it does the same thing. When I look at the motherboard, a green light is on. This is confusing me because if there is no power connection, the green light on the motherboard can't be on. But if there is connection, then why system doesn't run.

I am suspecting either the processor or the motherboad has gone. But I am not sure at all. Your helps is highly appreciate. Thanks you so much.

Gateway 500SE Desktop PC
P4 1.6Ghz
Window XP Pro
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i need to upgrade my computer in the areas of processor speed and RAM. i'm looking to get at least a AMD athlon 2800+ 64. what i need to know is whether or not i need to get a new motherboard aswell. i'm not too sure on the type of motherboard i have all i know is that its currently holding an AMD athlon 1.24 ghz processor. if i do need to get a new motherboard could someone tell me the difference between sempron and athlon.

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Hello, i have an hp (unfortunatly) that i have mostly replaced parts to make up for what they have screwed up. However! i am thinking of getting a new mother board and want to know if my processor, like everything else, has been tampered with by hp and if it would be in-compatible in a new motherboard. the processor is an AMD Phenom II 3.4 GHZ quad core black ed. and the computer is a HPE300Z. please and thank you...

A:HP, transitioning processor to new motherboard

It would be pretty close to impossible to hack a processor and change any of it's characteristics - like making it display a corporate logo or any other shenanigans.
And I can't imagine the chip manufacturers doing so for them.

I'd say you are safe to assume it is just a processor, not a special HP customized one.
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Hi i was looking at this processor and these motherboards, what do u think, let me know please,,, and boards ,,,,, ,,,,,
,,,, artical for the Foxconn C51XEM2AA as i liked it
will be getting 2 graphics card to go with the set too,,,, thanks for your time ,,,doj,,,, harris,,,,,

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Hi... again....

Ok, so my motherboard has both 45CM and 45GM on it. (foxconn) (old i know.)

So my question is, will a Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz (Retail 775) ( run on it?

also, got these off some bar codes on my mobo: uyqb72402334pc45cma and 02010bg00004-g (might be able to help me find something on it?)
Thanks for any help in advance (i havent made any sense have i... )

edit: + if you do find anything on my mobo, any ideas on any BIOS updates? foxconn confuses me ):
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a n00b question... but here goes
i bought an intel P4 processor..
i have a question on the installation of the heatsink

on the bottom of it, there is a black, metal (i think) strip of material. am i supposed to take it off?? or am i supposed to leave this on there?

any advice on installation would be useful too... thank you

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I have an eight year old pc and when I watch certain videos online, the motion is not fluid at all. I was told that a new video card probably wouldn't help, but a new processor probably would and I should be able to get one fairly cheap.

Motherboard: MicroStar MS-6330
Processor: AMD Athlon Thunderbird Socket A (462) 951 MHz

A:Finding a processor for my motherboard

I guess this would work?:

Do I have to buy a new fan and heat sink?

To remove the old one, I just remove the fan and pull it straight out?
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I thought it was time to sort out my old computer and start getting it updated Went out and bought a new motherboard and processor from Maplins AMD QUAD CORE Phenom X Motherboard Bundle GB DDR MHz Memory After getting it processor, now is motherboard and all. nothing working New at home it occoured to New motherboard and processor, now nothing is working at all. me there was only IDE port and SATA I have devices that are IDE New motherboard and processor, now nothing is working at all. so decided to get an adaptor from Maplins http www maplin co uk Module aspx ModuleNo With HDD I purchased of them Now here is the thing I can New motherboard and processor, now nothing is working at all. get the IDE devices to show up on the BIOS but not the SATA devices Remember I can not even get to load windows at this stage because the HDD with windows on it is now on SATA I have looked in the BIOS and SATA is enabled I have an external HDD which is SATA and fitted that and it found it so I know it is set for SATA At this point I am about ready to throw it all out the window Spent over and nothing wants to work If anyone can help me please I have nothing left to break apart from that computer nbsp

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Hi, I just wanted to know if the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz will work with my GIGABYTE GA-M78SM-S2H motherboard (That is what the manual says). I saw in a review that it is AM2+ compatible and my mobo manual says it is AM2/AM2+, is this true?

And also if I will need a fan or the stock one will work fine.

A:Will this processor work with my motherboard?

Quote: Originally Posted by Evilhugbear

Hi, I just wanted to know if the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz will work with my GIGABYTE GA-M78SM-S2H motherboard (That is what the manual says). I saw in a review that it is AM2+ compatible and my mobo manual says it is AM2/AM2+, is this true?

And also if I will need a fan or the stock one will work fine.

First off let me say that a question of this kind can easily be solved by visiting Gigabytes website, they like most major mobo manufacturers have great online support. Here is the CPU Support list for your mobo:

The answer is No, your mobo does not support that CPU, it will take the Phenom II X4 945 3.0GHz with BIOS revision 3.1.

Do you need a fan? Im unfamiliar with the AMD Phenoms and their stock fan, but I never stick with the stocker, as I'm an overclocker!

Hey... Im also a poet and didnt know it! LOL!
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I m a college student I came back Overheated... Processor/Motherboard to my room yesterday and my computer that I built had frozen I restarted it Processor/Motherboard Overheated... and when it came back on it gave me the good ol siren noise and wouldn t boot up or post My motherboard is an nFORCE EP- RDA EPOX When it starts it gives me a P message on the little light screen I m not sure what that means and I don t have my manual to check I m assuming something is fried Either the motherboard or the processor If anyone knows for sure I d love to know Here s my question Do you think I need a new one or is there something I can do to fix this If I do need to buy a new motherboard and or processor I want to be able to use all of my old stuff I can post all of that if you need it to give me recommendations Thanks nbsp

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I'm not too good at the whole hardware thing ... I have a relatively new processor and an old motherboard ... if i put them together will i have any problems?

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Hello i m very new to anything to do with building computers and today I installed a new processor The old processor and the new are both AMD but I am not sure which ones they are I do know that they are both compatible with my motherboard which is an MSI Z - So I took out the old processor and installed the new one Problems. Processor/Motherboard with the help of my friend who has built computers before and has knowledge of that kind of stuff and apparently it was installed properly But now when I turn my computer on I hear the sounds of it turning on and some lights inside the computer Processor/Motherboard Problems. turn on but nothing else All the fans and stuff work but nothing shows up on my monitors my keyboard and Processor/Motherboard Problems. mouse don t seem to have power and the light on my power button no longer works I tried putting the old processor back in and nothing changed Is my computer broken nbsp

A:Processor/Motherboard Problems.

maybe not....first we NEED to know what BOTH of the cpu's are supported by the board....your symptoms are indicative of an unsupported CPU.
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here we are  hello everyone i would like to change my processor ,  my motherboard's manufactured from pegatron corporation  2AB5 and  i cant found any intel about  Which processor is compatible with my motherboard thx for your answers
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I am going to buy a new mobo, processor and RAM.

My current ones are the following:

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-73PVM-S2H
Processor: Core 2 Duo E5300 @2.6Ghz
RAM: DDR2 800Mhz.

I will be upgrading to the following:
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-870A-USB3 AM3+
Processor: AMD FX-4 4100 Quad Core @ 3.6GHz
RAM: DDR3 1600MHz.

I will be keeping the same hard drive, case, PSU and GPU. Is there anything i should take into consideration when replacing the mobo, processor and RAM such as drivers having to uninstalled etc.?

thanks for your time

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Processor a Main Circuit Board b
2.60 gigahertz Intel Celeron
8 kilobyte primary memory cache
128 kilobyte secondary memory cache Board: TriGem Computer, Inc. Imperial 1.01
BIOS: Phoenix 6.00 09/16/2003

Is it possible to put a new/better processor on thes motherboard? Any suggestions?
Thanx, xroads

A:Can I replace Processor on motherboard?

Sure its possible.

What processor are you looking to upgrade to? If you are upgrading to a p4, you should make sure your mobo supports that processor. Give me a little more info on what you are trying to upgrade to. Do you have the mobo book. It should say what processors it supports.
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Hi I recently bought these computer parts while I m waiting I was wondering again to make sure they will work together Motherboard Biostar TA G M Motherboard http www circuitcity com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Processor AMD Athlon X Processor http www circuitcity com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId For Memory I already added a GB one http www circuitcity com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId But I bought another currently though they did not have the same gb so I this motherboard support Will processor? this got a I GB http www circuitcity com applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId Will these two work together I noticed they had different CAS Latencies Finally one last question Will this motherboard support this processor? With this processor motherboard memory and GB Hard Drive Nvida Geforce GT MB DDR Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack bit Realtek HD Integrated Audio Cooler Master Watt PSU be able to work right and play Grand Theft Auto IV Thanks techdude nbsp

A:Will this motherboard support this processor?

Basically all the components are compatible, as for the memory mixing it with different CAS can be negligible the computer will just runs them at the slowest latency. As for the system requirements for Grand Theft Auto IV:

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / XP - Service Pack 3
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz
Memory: 1.5GB Vista / 1GB XP, 16GB Free Hard Drive Space
Video Card: 256MB NVIDIA 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900

Recommended System Requirements
OS: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / XP - Service Pack 3
Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1GHz
Memory: 2.5GB Vista / 2.5GB XP, 18 GB Free Hard Drive Space
Video Card: 512MB NVIDIA 8600 / 512MB ATI 3870

Official Rockstar GTA IV PC System Requirements
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Hello all I have an AMD Phenom II X Processor on an Asus board gt Gig Ram Windows Bit This thing is starting to act very creepy About a year ago it ate a RAM chip A little after that I replaced the power supply About nine months ago a hard drive died Processor Dorked? Is My Motherboard or Replaced that This week another RAM chip got eaten I also tested the drives with the Seagate Windows version One drive showed a problem on one pass A second drive the one that was replaced a year ago showed a problem on another pass Sometimes I run the drive tests show Is My Motherboard or Processor Dorked? up good but sometimes not The DOS version of Seagate didn't show any problems on any drives ever for some unknown reason Anyway I am wondering whether I should junk this whole system A piece here and a piece there and it really starts to add up Gregrocker said that my drive structure was weird and that I should reinstall everything I was about to do that when I ran all the tests I just described and started wondering whether maybe I should junk the whole system So how to know when it is time to put it out of its misery How do you know when the thing has finally given up the ghost Thanks in advance Michael

A:Is My Motherboard or Processor Dorked?

Posted the partitions.
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I want to know what kind of processor my Intel DG965RY motherboard can handle. Recently I've been noticing a number of games and Flash-related games getting very demanding on the CPU.

My specs are:

Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
320 MB nVidia Geforce 8800 GTS
320 GB HD
Creative X-Fi Xtreme Gamer sound card.

A:what processor can my motherboard handle?

It's amazing how good some search engines are.
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As the title says, I wanna change my motherboard processor, and insert an SSD aswell while keeping the old harddrive.

Was wondering if I need to perfom a new reinstall on windows or if I can just transfer windows itself to the SSD and then just keep going. I was also wondering if my windows install will messup if I insert my new motherboard due to new BIOS.


A:Changing motherboard and processor

Its always a good idea to fresh install when changing motherboards. A fresh install will minimize any issues that could arise from different hardware configurations. I've also heard that Windows setup detects an SSD and optimizes Windows for use with the SSD.

You should also keep in mind, an OEM license for Windows is not be transferable to a new motherboard. The motherboard is the one component that constitutes a new machine. OEM installs are bound to the motherboard they are activated on.
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current specs:

AMD Athlon 1.4Ghz on XP
Asus motherboard
ATI Radeon 9800pro

I'm looking to install an AMD Athlon 3000XP with an ABIT KV7. I have absolutely no idea about what this will do to my system, but I know how to physically repalce the hardware. The question is, will I lose windows XP? My comp came with ME and I upgraded to XP so I only have the upgrade CD. Also, should I just replace the motherboard first, and then the processor, or both at the same time?

The real reason I am performing this upgrade is that I need a faster processor, and I heard that you need a new motherboard to repalce a processor.

Basically I am just looking for advice on what to do, Im sure you guys will be able to accomodate me!

Thanks in advance.

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I am looking for a motherboard that is compatible with the parts I have now, and that can run a dual core processor.
My current system specs are:

Motherboard: Intel Corporation D845GRG
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GHz
Video Card: Radeon X1650 Series
RAM: Two DDR 2100 1GB 266 MHz

I need a processor upgrade and I want to get a dual core, but I need a new motherboard as this one can only go up to single core 2.8GHz and it needs to be compatible with my RAM and Video Card. Sorry for the pickyness. Thank you for your help.

A:Solved: I'm Looking For A New Motherboard and Processor

It looks like you are going to need to replace the RAM and graphics card too, because motherboards that use DDR RAM and AGP 4X graphics cards aren't made anymore. Can you tell us your budget, and what you plan to use the computer for (email, web, games, etc)?
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I seem to be having a bit of trouble with system stability especially when it is under heavy load from a game or processor intensive matlab run I m just looking for suggestions as to what could be wrong First off or Motherboard, Processor, is wrong? CPU. What the specs CPU - AMD Athlon XP Mobo - Abit KG- RAM - x MB DDR I forget who made it exactly I think Micron Video - MSI GeForce MB HDD - x RAID striped RAID controller - Promise FastTrak TX Sound - Hercules GameTheaterXP ---Prime and Motherboard Monitor information--- Prime Torture Tests Test - Blend CPU and RAM test - Minutes rounding was expected Test - In-place large FFTs max heat power - Hour Minutes rounding was expected Test - Small FFTs max FPU Stress - Hours minutes Prime calculated incorrectly Motherboard Monitor Information Case Temp Motherboard, Processor, or CPU. What is wrong? C Unloaded C Loaded CPU Temp C Unloaded C Loaded during Prime Runs CPU Speed MHz Core Voltage V Core Voltage V Volts V Volts V Volts V Fan RPM Constant Fan RPM Unloaded RPM Loaded during Prime Runs lt ----------- gt If anyone could shed some light on my situation I d greatly appreciate it K nbsp

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Im asking this question because i will be upgrading my computer but i dont know what processor it can handle at most.
My computer is Acer and the model is Aspire 5710G, so what processor can it handle at the highest?
And if i upgrade it to new processor, do i have to reformat my computer?
And also, what graphics card can it handle up to?
At the moment my processor is Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5500.

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I am thinkin of buying

and I need to know if it will support my processor which is a core 2 duo E6550 and my G card which is a NVIDIA GT220 (old I know but does its job for what I need) and DDR 2 ram cards.

thanks all

A:Need to know if this motherboard will support my processor, RAM and GPU

The board seems to be a P4 board. - Intel® Desktop Board - DQ963GS

However there does seem to be support for Core2 processros with BIOS updates. - Found 36 Compatible Processor(s) for Board "DQ965GF"
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First, I'll give you my specs. AMD Athlon 1.4Ghz, 60gig HD, Gf4ti 4600, SB Audgy 2, 768 MB RAM, and a MS-6330 Lite motherboard. As I think, and as you might think, my processor holds up the rest of my comp a bit. I want to upgrade that, and my motherboard, as a 1.4Ghz is the max it can handle. I want to do this mainly for gaming. The thing is I would love to do it by myself, but if its too complicated or if I risk messing up my computer, I'd take it somewhere. Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated. I'll give more specs if at all needed. Thanks.

A:Motherboard/Processor Question.

Installing a motherboard is a fairly straightforward process, but if its the first time you've done it, it can be problematic.

You have to install the case separators, the processor, fan, video and audio cards, and modem.

You also have to connect the power supply and the electrical connectors. But these are things that are explained in the setup manual. Its not as difficult as it seems. Also, modern motherboards come jumperless so that's one thing you don't have to worry about.

I advise you to learn how to do it, you'll save a ton of money over the long run and you'll get what you want..

I would get someone who know what he's doing to help me through the process.

The first time I did it, I spent 2 days, then after I figured it out it took me and hour...