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PC Reboots When Burning a DVD

Q: PC Reboots When Burning a DVD

Hey all well im a total noob when it comes down to computers all Reboots DVD When Burning PC a i know what to do is game and look on the net PC Reboots When Burning a DVD Heres my PC Reboots When Burning a DVD problem ive burned loads of films useing this pc and about weeks ago just went to burn another one and it rebooted it self when it got to the burning stage I was like ok that was weird so i tryed again same thing so i tryed a different film one ive already burned and no luck That was using ConvertXtoDVD so i tryed Nero converted it fine hits the burning stage and BANG same again So thinking it might be over heating i took the side of my case off and stuck a fan there no luck read somewhere about some guy having the same prob and he fixed it by putting my driver to DMA something like that anyway dont that and no luck and its really annoying me Pc Specs AMD x GIG Ram GTS w Power Please help me people Thanks Sam nbsp

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Preferred Solution: PC Reboots When Burning a DVD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: PC Reboots When Burning a DVD

hey sam check all the connections to the drive the power and data cable after that if it still does the same try restoring your computer to an earlier stage in system restore points if that fails then try reinstalling the driver for the cd/rom or uninstall it in device manager then reboot the OS should do it for you if it still continues after all this let me know
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Hello. I have a self built computer. I play a game called War Thunder. I have a Radeon 2900 HD 4 gigs of RAM. A dual core processor at 2.66 Ghz. When I play my War Thunder game I will get in a flight and a half at the most, then the system shuts down and reboots. I have run a stress test and eveything but nothing shows up as a problem. Any ideas why this is happening?

Update: I ran OCCT stress test again but this time I ran it in fullscreen mode. As soon as the test starts in full screen mode the computer shuts down and restarts. I am guessing now that my PSU is going bad.

A:Computer shuts down and reboots

More likely the cooling system is insufficient and it's getting over heated. Run Eventvwr.msc and under system events, look at the events being created.
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I have an ASUS U56E laptop that randomly reboots when running anything, minesweeper, spider solitare, IE explorer. No bluescreen appears, the screen goes black and the machine reboots. If you win a spider solitare game and leave the fireworks running in background it does not reboot, but if you leave the fireworks running for a while as soon as you kill the fireworks it shuts down immediately. I have run temperate checks, memory check, full disk scan, and reloaded the machine from initial disks. I even brought it to Best Buy and their geek squad told me they tested it thouroughly by running a video streamer on it and it didn't shut down after 4 hours so there is nothing wrong with it. I don't know where to go from here and appreciate any suggestions.

A:Asus U56E laptop randomly reboots - except when fireworks from winning spider solitare is running

"reloaded the machine from initial disks" Did you do a clean install of Windows and reapply all the Windows Updates?
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Hi all I am trying to work out if there is something wrong with my PC or something wrong with the game Guild Wars While playing this game the computer screen will flash a pink purple and my computer reboots itself additionally just as it reboots I ll hear a strange sound in my headset almost like a buzzing noise The odd thing is I ve taken it in to the store and they ve ran all the memory video card stress tests and it was completely fine it s less than a year old still under warranty they wont replace anything unless it playing Wars 2 while Computer Guild reboots is actually hardware failing and not the game causing it While playing the game temp levels are completely normal too and I bought a new case to further improve cooling just to be sure The problem persists Computer reboots while playing Guild Wars 2 I have an ASUS motherboard Intel core i - GHZ GB of Ram GTX s in SLI If any of you talented Tech Computer reboots while playing Guild Wars 2 Spot people could please help me to conclude this issue it would be greatly appreciated If it is the game itself I can pass the information on to ArenaNet to fix the issue and put an end to my frustration Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Computer reboots while playing Guild Wars 2

I doubt it's the game as there are millions playing it and I'm sure at least thousands with a rig similar to yours. When the game crashes you have the option to have it verify all the files on next launch. Are you choosing to do that?
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Hi I just bought myself a NEC medias t smarthphone days ago and now I got a problem The phone just reboots itself a software reboot not total for no aparent reason without me doing anything to it it s just lying there doing nothing and with medias me NEC anything without 101t and doing itself randomly reboots the screen blocked and suddenly it NEC medias 101t reboots itself randomly and without me doing anything makes the quot rebooting quot melody and so I notice This is happening to me since yesterday it did it like - times and hasn t done it today yet I would really apreciate if you could help me solve this issue That I have likelly caused myself without knowing it this are it s specifications Net GSM - HSDPA Size x x mm Weight g Display Tipo LCD touchscreen capacitivo M colores Size x pixels pulgadas - Resistant to damage surface - multitouch - IP X IPX IPX waterproof and dustproof certification - accelerometer sensor for autorotation - Gorilla Glass screen - proximity sensor for auto shutdown ithink that s how s it s translated - touch controls Ringtones type Polif nico MP WAV Customization downloads Vibration Yes - Audio conector mm Memory Phone numbers Nearly unlimmited fields and entries call picture call registry Nearly unlimmited card slot microSD up to GB - GB internal memory MB RAM - processor Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM GHz GPRS Yes data speed OS Android OS v Gingerbread Messaging SMS MMS Email IM Push Email Browser HTML Clock Si Alarm Si Infrarred port No games yes downloadables colors Black Camera MP x pixels autofocus flash LED geo-tagging video - GPS with A-GPS support - digital compass - EDGE class - G HSDPA Mbps HSUPA Mbps - Wi-Fi b g n - Bluetooth v A DP EDR - microUSB -social webs integration - video player MP H H WMV - audio player MP eAAC WMA WAV OGG - integrated with Google Search Maps Gmail YouTube Calendar Google Talk - Memo calling voice command - Hands free included - predictive text input XT Batery Standard Li-Ion mAh Stand-by - Tiempo de conversaci n - Ok that said I go to say the things I have done to it xD As a good newbie with a new toy minutes after getting it I dedicated to explore all the new possiblities toying with the google play store customizing my desktops with widgets wich took me minutes to figure out how to do it xD etc I installed tested and uninstalled a variety of apps and stuff but nothing shady or dangerous except for the apptoide and blackmart wich I have already uninstalled My phone is not rooted or overclocked in any way Now I will list the currently installed apps on my phone it s all in it s original language and it s all last versions as far as I know mensajes Portal movil telcel Portal telcel telcel ijuegosHD ijuegos Ideas iapps ideasmusic msngr plugger iradio rss gps telcel itv iimagenes itonos Adober Reader -free Age of empires -free Agenda Ajustes Android asistant -free Angry birds -free App SD -free Archivos Asistente Avast mobile security -free beautiful thunderstorm -free block breaker HD brujula -free google search busqueda de voz calculadora call timer pro full paid camara contactos convert pad -free copia de seguridad correo descargas double twist -free el acuario real-gratis evernote -free evernote widget -free facebook fruit ninja -free galeria gmail google goggles -free google grabador de voz gun amp blood -free GYM guia de ejercicios -free Heroes call -free Instagram f-ree linterna tiny flashlight -free local google maps messenger musica navigation need for speed shift plague inc -free google play store real calculator -free reloj symphony of eternity google talk telefono The sims touchstore pro -free Google traductor -free SCT traza tu ruta Video camara Whatsapp -free wikipedia -free You tube Zello -free Great little war game items marked with an where included on the device and can t be uninstalled Now the Widgets in my desktops clock and date x tiny flashlight x calendar x avast x calltimer pro x double twist player x android asistant x wheather x evernote x ... Read more

A:NEC medias 101t reboots itself randomly and without me doing anything

Pull out the battery and re-install it. If your phone is using a micro SDHC flash card, remove it and re-install it. If these steps don't work, try restoring the phone to factory settings
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I use DVD-R for almost a month only thing on it is pictures and word doc so nothing can go to wrong I do back ups I would say almost times a week I have use this DVD-R for almost a month and every thing is working okay Now gone showing burning wrong DVD disc nothing now on the sessions some thing gone wrong When I click start computer DVD drive it shows no DVD burning gone wrong now disc showing nothing files nothing It like the files got DVD burning gone wrong now disc showing nothing deleted or it cannot see the files When I right click on the drive and click on properties it shows MB used and that is about right I don t know what to do it like the files got deleted or it cannot see the files But the properties it shows MB used that about right I was using windows vista built in burning software This all stop working after I copy an paste folder to other folder on the disc I than tried Nero the basic burning software and when in Nero burning software I click on analyze disc it shows sessions and MB used and that is about right I than tried to make copy of bad disc When I click copy disc it copies it and than tells me to put in new disc and copies to it but it is still not showing up when I click on start computer DVD drive So it seems it still there but for some reason it cannot see it nbsp

A:DVD burning gone wrong now disc showing nothing

Burning multiple sessions to a DVD-R disk is most likely the problem. (Ideally, you should be using an external hard drive to backup) You should use DVD-RW, rewritable, disks and just burn everything in one session, close the disk; then move onto next DVD-RW, burn everything, close disk. continue this until you are back to the original disk in a rotation, then erase the disk, and continue on.
As for why you cannot see data on the DVD-R disk, it's most likely because of the multiple sessions. On a DVD-R or +R disk you should burn once, and be done with it. You might be able to recover data with a 3rd party program, but since it's optical media my hopes are not high. Be sure to have the "show hidden files & folders" option ticked on so maybe, if the files are hidden on the DVD-R disk you might be able to see them.
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I hope this helps you in the future.
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Last week we downloaded "log me in" so the physicians in our group could access charts using WIFI. Now everytime a fax comes in, as soon as it begins to print, the fax clicks, the router buzzes and the computer reboots.So we plugged the fax into a separate power line but the same phone line. Problem continued. Disabled "log me in" but computer still rebooted after fax began to print. The only difference is the router did not buzz. Can anyone help us?
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Occasionally I will get errors in my event viewer when I burn a music dvd or data disc. The errors are, device cdrom has a bad block and nvgts errors. If nvgts is to do with nvidia then what would that have to do with my dvd writer? I noticed after that dvd was made it had a cyclic redundancy check errors on it and it was a brand new disc. Also it gave me crc errors and the same errors in event viewer of cdrom and nvgts when trying to copy the disc contents to the hard drive. What I don't get is what would cause these errors when burning a disc and how did a brand new disc get crc errors? If anyone can help me that would be great. Thank You!

A:Errors when burning discs

Replace it. Asus, LG, Lite-On, Samsung, Plextor, and Pioneer all have DVD-RW optical drives in the $18 to $30 price range. Why put up with a troublesome unit when they are so inexpensive.
Optical drives, DVD-Rw drives wear out quickly... depend on it to fail within a year, and if used a lot it can fail in five months.
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Hello everyone

I'm having a problem with my DVD burner... actually I've had it for almost two years now, but I only decided that enough is enough with this thing and I want to find a solution for it.

The long and short of it is this. Whenever I try to burn something on my DVD, it fails at the end and gives me an 'input/output' error and ejects the DVD. I have no idea why this happens. I should note that my DVD drive is fine otherwise, it can play DVDs and CDs without any problem. If anyone needs any additional information, I even saved the log-file that the my DVD burning software saved after it was finished.

Can anyone lend a hand? Thanks in advance.

A:Input/output error when burning DVDs

What software are you using? Try CDBurnerXP, it's free.
Also, try a different manufacturers DVD's.
And you could look for a firmware update for the drive.
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Hi everyone,
My name is Amanda, mommy of 2. Know some about computers but not everything and I don't know how to fix this. I have been using my burner just fine for days, now all of a sudden it's saying Wrong Volume, some type of error message like that. It has said that before with please insert Audio cd or it will say some other weird insert the file name.
So I'm not sure what's going on. What happen from a few days ago to now? I've been having this problem for the last couple of days now & I just got this computer like a week ago. So I'm trying to see if I just need to take all my stuff off of here (which isn't a lot) And just get a different computer.

Help please!!!

Amanda Webb
Thanks for reading and if you can help I really appreciate it. :wave:

A:Burning & then says wrong volume

Describe the computer, and whether a desktop or laptop... and tell us how frequently you burn items to a disk. Those units do wear out, and are one of the high volume failures on some computers.
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So I Just had to go through a pretty long virus recovery it ended up in me needing to clean install windows and pretty much reinstall everything so that being said here s my problem Before the reformat I never had internet or modem problems And since I ve been having to reboot my modem every so often because I just randomly lose internet but when it happens all the lights are on just like normal Frequent required modem reboots and all the lights on my router are fine as well When i go to troubleshoot the problem i get the message quot Your broadband modem is experiencing Frequent modem reboots required connectivity issues quot and i have to unplug it for a little bit I have Cox ISP my router is Asus WL- GU with a SB surfboard modem Usually when i notice the reset its when i m playing WoW or counter-strike I don t know if the usage could be the cause of the reset When i was downloading and updating wow i had to reset every minutes or so but i also had problems with my Avast firewall i think which never caused a problem before either My modem is about - years old and i would say i might need a new one but it doesn t make sense that it works fine until i reformat my computer and now it s suddenly dying nbsp
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Hello Techspot,

on my PC I found some windows 7 professional 64 bit and 32 bit isos. These are from my friend who built my PC. I currently have a 32 bit. I would like to update to a 64 bit. I will be using a DVD-RW type DVD and my optical drive: BENQ DVD DD DW1640 ATA Device.

My question is, will the optical drive be capable of burning the iso to the DVD-RW?

The description of the optical drive from Speccy can be found in the attachment.


A:Burning Windows 7 64-bit ISO using Benq DVD DD DW1640 ATA device

Looks like it'll support both +RW & -RW. More importantly, what size is the ISO? I've only seen 4.7GB rewritable DVD. So if the ISO is bigger than that, then you'll have to burn it to a double layer DVD. Which looks like your drive will support also.

You have a retail version of Win7 or OEM? You might want to look into whether your existing key/license is still valid after you upgrade it to 64bit.
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I bought this mobo in Nov never installed it until sometime in Mar Mobo works perfectly with win ultimate and was always on until a couple of weeks later I noticed it would restart whether or not it is being used at the time and would work seamlessly thereafter then it starts to restart before POST is complete lost a hard-drive -Seagate ST AS- hard-drive could not be detected in another PC I put away the mobo until Feb when I needed a mobo for an emergency situation the mobo worked OK until a week or two ago when it started its routine again I removed dust from fan and heat-sink assembly mobo worked OK until yesterday it started to reboot before POST is complete Before cleaning the fan and heat-sink assembly in BIOS under HW monitor i saw the CPU temp went up to C before restarting after cleaning the temp hovered around C - C Now it s rebooting with the temp between C and C Oh BTW I live in the Tropics Jamaica my ambient temp is somewhere around C and C at this time of the year I have all the latest drivers for the board installed there are no other peripherals installed Any assistance will be greatly appreciated P S sorry for the long post just trying to get everything history in Thank You nbsp

A:Asrock G965M - S reboots during and after POST

The first thing I would test is the CMOS battery. If it is much lower than 2.5V replace it.

Does the hard drive that you are using have all the correct chipset drivers for the mobo installed on it?
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Updated memory on Diemension dell 1100. Put the sticks in wrong way. Turned on, no action
but a burning smell. Powered down and inserted chips correctly. PC ok now but would there have been any
permanent damage and is there a remote risk of the PC going on fire ?

A:Burning smell upgrading RAM

It's hard to see without me seeing it personally. If it's working OK now I'd continue to use it as normal. However obviously they're not designed to work with backwards memory hehe.

I'd do a backup of your data just in case, and then keep an eye on things and see how it goes. I doubt the machine will catch on fire. Check the motherboard for any signs of blown capacitors or scorch marks maybe?

Can't remember the last time I dealt with improperly installed memory and then tried to boot so sorry I can't offer up more suggestions.
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I have a computer that was put together. I have a LG Internal Super Multi DVD Rewriter that should burn dvd's! Recently i've been trying to burn some movies onto them so i can watch them on tv. I'm using Memorex 16x 4.7gb DVD-R and i've used like two or three different burning programs but im not sure if its the discs, disc drive, or burning programs. So far i've used ImgBurn and Windows Media Player but neither of them worked on my xbox nor DVD Player.

A:Need assistance with burning DVD's

Hi Jo you could try one of these of the list on this page.
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I just built a computer. My dvd drive is a Lite-On ATAPI iHAS124 B ATA Device. i can use it to read discs and it seemed fine till i tried to burn a dvd with windows dvd maker. It cant find a DVD burning drive. I tried different programs with the same results. I went into the device manager and device properties, and under its general properties in "device status" it says "A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)". I have gone to the Lite-On site and looked for its drivers to download and the closest i could find was iHas120. Ive tried looking on other websites but have had no luck. I am running Windows 7 64bit Home edition. Hope someone can help. i know its dvd+r rewriteable drive, it says so right on it.

A:DVD drive isn't being recognized by burning software

Try this firmware.
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hey guys girls im having a rather annoying problem with my dvd burner as the title leads on it started burning extremely slowly and by that i mean a regular gb dvd takes hours to burn and im burning regular avi movies something that normally takes somewhere between - mins max the hardware i got is a LG HL-DT-ST DVD -RW GSA-T N burner and its attached to my DVD burning extremely slow xps laptop running windows xp pro now i did a little digging on the net about this issue and alot of DVD burning extremely slow ppl have experienced this with alot of other drives and usually the problem is the OS changes the data transfer mode from DMA to PIO to which many ppl have many solutions so here is where my problem begins first and foremost my device manager IDE controllers looks like this ------------------------------ intel r ICH M port serial ata storage controller - intel r ICH M ultra ata storage controllers - primary IDE channel primary IDE channel ricoh memory stick controller ricoh sd mmc host controller ricoh xD-picture card controller -------------------------------- first thing i did was check the advanced settings in the primary ide channel both of them and one of them is running ultra DMA mode im assuming thats the hard drive and the other is running ultra DMA mode assuming thats the dvd burner so nothing i can change there so i tried to DVD burning extremely slow uninstall the quot second quot primary IDE channel the fourth one from the top - the one that is running ultra DMA mode then i restarted and the problem still persists so i went back on the net to search for other options some which called for a registry fix which was something along these lines went through regedit to HKEY LOCAL MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Control Class D E -E - CE-BFC - BE where i was supposed to find and manually delete the correct folder which contained the dvd burner registry in the above mentioned reg folder i have this --------------------------------- -- gt DiverDesc - intel r ICH M ultra ata storage controllers - -- gt DiverDesc - intel r ICH M port serial ata storage controller - -- gt DiverDesc - primary ide channel -- gt DiverDesc - secondary ide channel -- gt DiverDesc - primary ide channel -- gt DiverDesc - secondary ide channel -- gt DiverDesc - ricoh sd mmc host controller -- gt DiverDesc - ricoh xD-picture card controller -- gt DiverDesc - ricoh memory stick controller properties ------------------------------------- so i deleted the as naturally it seemed to be the quot second quot primary IDE channel entry here i wasnt sure about and as per why where they named secondary ide channels when there wasnt any indication of secondary in the device manager after which i restarted and again nothing changed at this point i went and updated the firmware for the burner to the latest version but again to no avail after countless other hours sifting through the net for solutions i thought id ask some experts about this so here i am EDIT it seems my hdd transfer speed is slow as well i tried moving gb from my onboard hdd to an external hdd an operation which normally takes maybe mins and it took me over an hour and a half can you please help me ps in case any is asking or if it is of any relevance using nero sony blank dvd-r single layer also i burned about dvd s one after the other out of the same package and a few hours later i tried a th one which turned out to take more than twice the other combined i also burned a th th and th with all my other speed check attempts after the troubleshooting i attempted nbsp

A:DVD burning extremely slow

Hm, if both your hard drive and your DVD burner are running slow, I would suggest maybe looking into flashing the BIOS of your motherboard? Both the HD and the DVD are hooked up by SATA, correct?

A few things to test here: Transferring data from the computer to an external drive seems slow, try transferring data the same way in Safe Mode, see if it speeds up any, if it does, I would say some type of software is slowing it down.

Could try replacing the SATA cables, or if you have more then 2 SATA ports on the board, if they are not already spaced out, try spacing them farther apart(Though I do not see this as a soloution, you can always try it)

One other thing you could try if you believe it might be software/registry related rather then hardware is do a Recovery to a date/time previous to when you experienced this problem, see if that helps any,
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I've heard overclocking is not a great idea because it can burn up your vid card.
Is this true?

I don't overclock and my vid card seems to get hot all too often.

A:Burning up vid cards by overclocking?

Usually will only happen if you overvolt for extended periods.
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Hi there,

first of please excuse my bad english (grammatics).

The Problem is i have Reboots when i load or play 3D-Games or watch some HD clips on Youtube.

I disabled "Automatic Restart" but there comes no Bluscreen at all.
from Everest


Motherboard 27 C (81 F)
GPU 32 C (90 F)
Seagate ST3500418AS 32 C (90 F)

Voltage Values:

CPU Core 2.27 V
Aux 3.58 V
+3.3 V 2.80 V <---- This Value is Marked RED in BIOS (AMI)
+5 V 4.70 V
+12 V 8.51 V
-12 V -10.57 V
-5 V -2.99 V

My Hardware:

Xilence Power 480W
Intel Pentium Dual Core, 2x 3000 MHz
NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT (1024 MB)
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller

NO USB what ever connected

Maybe you can help me, that would be superb.

Thanks in Advance, for your time and effort

If you got any questions, please ask!!

A:Reboots as a result of heavyload using (3D-Games)

Check the temperatures of the CPU and GPU under heavy load to see if that's what's causing the issue. It certainly could be a PSU problem but the heat is easier to investigate.
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Hey guy s I always have problems burning Either the disk will burn and only work on my PC or the process will stop when it comes time to burn and say there s no CD I have the Matroska pack and Divx plus I did manage to download an audio cd and burn it and have it work last night in my car I think my problem is that my DVD player on my TV is to burning Buring noob Total problems. not DIVX do I need to use a different Codec WMA Does some one have Buring problems. Total noob to burning an easy solution for burning I ve got DVD-R and DVD R and CD-R What Buring problems. Total noob to burning should I use for what Buring problems. Total noob to burning Is there one CD DVD I can get to do it all I m running Bit Torrent Real player SP Win media player Video free file converter I have a Pentium R Dual-Core E Ghz Ghz Gb Ram On Win XP with SP MB is a ASUS P GC-MX Socket DVD R burner by LG nbsp

A:Buring problems. Total noob to burning

74sundance said:

Hey guy's...
I always have problems burning..Either the disk will burn and only work on my PC or the process will stop when it comes time to burn and say there's no CD.I have the Matroska pack and Divx plus.Click to expand...

Have you tried "ImgBurn" ? WTF is the "Matroska pack"?

74sundance said:

I did manage to download an audio cd and burn it and have it work last night in my car.Click to expand...

Big deal, even Windows Media Player will burn CD Audio. You should give that a shot.

74sundance said:

I think my problem is that my DVD player on my TV is not DIVX do I need to use a different Codec (WMA)? Does some one have an easy solution for burning?Click to expand...

The DVD player in the TV is probably DVD-Video format only, unless it specifically states otherwise. Even free standing players that claim Divx, won't play all forms of it. It certainly won't run .wma or .avi files.

74sundance said:

I've got: DVD-R and DVD+R and CD-R
What should I use for what? Is there one CD/DVD I can get to do it all???Click to expand...

In a perfect world, yes. In this one, not a chance. Although you could ditch the DVD-R, there's no real need for it unless you have an old freestanding DVD recorder that needs them.

Data files and some others can be placed on CD or DVD. You wreck the quality of files when you convert them to different formats. Better to play them in the format you get them. Try installing VLC Media Player, it has codecs built in for almost every format.
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Hello Techspot. I have a problem with my computer. Yesterday it worked just fine - but today when I turned it on, it keeps rebooting every 5 sec.. the screen is black all the time. It has happened before, but I was able to solve the problem by removing the cmos battery and putting it back in. It usually happens when I plug the powercord out and have to start it after putting it back in.

I tried switing out ram blocks, resetting the cmos battery, I even tried starting the computer without the any ram blocks or battery.

Any thoughts on this? I tried pretty much everything I had in mind.
Oh and if this helps, I just formatted the computer with windows xp yesterday.. it worked fine, but today it just keeps rebooting every 5 secs. So it's not a system error.
The motherboard is:
Gigabyte P35DQ6

A:Computer reboots after 5 sec

Try replacing the motherboard battery.

Did you try booting with only a single stick of memory installed in the first memory slot? It could also be a power supply issue. If you have a spare working PSU put it in the system and see if it POSTs.
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Hi whenever i try to play any video or so the computer reboots and shows blue screen saying quot STOP x E XCOOOOOO X F XABC C X quot I tried updating drivers B the problem of video playing was just that whenever i start to play a video it just get paused and never plays ahead but i can still move the slide bar and it shows the video But now the problem is more intense so please help i have nothing newly installed in my CPU expect another sound card shows and reboots video? any blue screen Help after playing computer as the one b stopped working It wont give any sound out of any thing so But another thing when i installed a new sound card Help computer shows blue screen and reboots after playing any video? It didnt work too lt I ordered another one now I have Intel R Pentium R D CPU GHz GHz GB of RAM Video card ATI RADEON XPRESS Windows xp By the way this problem started after installing that new sound card in try of repairing windows i did dual boot problem of windows xp in same disk tho its fixed cleaning inside of CPU with blower nbsp

A:Help computer shows blue screen and reboots after playing any video?

please do a mem test on the ram
however the graphics card looks like it requires an update
the ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 is a June 2005 card so if you are trying to play anything with HD content embeded in the video stream...your computer will bottleneck and freeze

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I currently have a Wire DSL modem model HG-B with built-in wireless and ATT is the ISP I had a Motorola modem DSL please help constantly reboots, modem before this one for months that would lock up and need a reset to re-establish connect several times a day I complained to ATT and they sent a tech who replaced the modem with the -Wire I have had the Wire for about months now and the entire time it appears to be rebooting itself several times a day which interrupts my work and is very frustrating The symptom is the DSL led light is solid green and the Internet led is solid red It will stay like this for sec or so then appears to go through a reboot process Then the connection comes back There is no other router on the network just a desktop with XP and a laptop with XP I sometimes sign on to a VPN from the laptop for work I have tried shutting one pc off at a time but that doesn t seem to be a factor Can anyone provide some suggestions on how to troubleshoot this I can provide info from the modem diagnostics page if that would help nbsp

A:DSL modem constantly reboots, please help

I never had any problems with my modems, Try reseting your modem to factory stage. on back of your modem you will see a small little hole press it with something small and hold it til your lights flash krazy. If that works then good. log into your modem from web browser if you dont know your modem IP go to start> run> type in CMD> type in ip config >enter and you'll see your ip from gateway type it in your web broswer for me would be then just basically mess with sittings there or look around. best of luck!
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I just put together a new computer I have everything plugged in correctly and everything is connected correctly Everytime i turn it on all fans turn cpu fan turns on reboots 10-15 seconds every Computer both video cards start up i can turn the led lights on but Computer reboots every 10-15 seconds the drives will not open up and the nothing displays on my monitor It restarts over and over again every - seconds Not sure what could be cause this issue Guts AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Quad Core Processor - GHz Socket AM MB Cache MHz MT s FSB Retail Processor with Fan MSI NF -G Motherboard - Socket AM NForce a SLI ATX RAID SATA Gbit LAN Hybrid SLI -Way SLI Kingston HyperX GB DDR MHz Memory - PC Dual-Channel Non-ECC CL Unbuffered DIMM -pin COOLER MASTER Silent Pro RS- -AMBA-D W ATX V V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Computer reboots every 10-15 seconds Modular Active PFC Power Supply EVGA -P -N -AR GeForce GTX MB -bit DDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Writermaster writable drive LG DVD CD Drive GB Westerndigital HDD rpm Vista Home Premium bit Not sure if these will have much affect on it running Case COOLER MASTER HAF RC- M-KKN -GP Black Steel Plastic and Mesh Bezel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail Monitor LG - quot Widescreen Flat-Panel LCD Computer reboots every 10-15 seconds HD Monitor - Glossy Black Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Computer reboots every 10-15 seconds

First thing... did you install the CPU properly, using thermal compound between the CPU and it's heatsink? Did you connect the heatsink fan to the proper CPU fan header on the motherboard?
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CPU Athlon X M b ECS KN SLI Extreme RAM x GB PC DDR GPU x SLI PNY nVidia GeForce GS w MB GDDR PSU Corsair HS W OS WinXP Sp ATA HDD WD GB Main disk Other sata HDD Seagate GB WD GB WD Nv4_disp.dll reboots IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL GB Case Aspire X-Superalien with fans Hello First off when my computer boots I have ActiveSMART Malwarebytes and AVG running What happens is my computer will spontaneously crash If I m playing a game then the computer will just freeze looping the last second of sound over and over indefinitely Nv4_disp.dll IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL reboots It does not respond and I have to do a cold reboot If I am merely reading documents or perusing the internet Nv4_disp.dll IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL reboots then the computer will BSOD and leave a minidump The crashes occur randomly and all point to nv disp dll and irql not less or equal Some things you should know one of my gfx cards does not have a fan It burned out months ago and my case fan cools it I actually bought the second gfx card to replace it but thought that my case does a sufficient job as it is so I could SLI it instead I use nvidia system monitor Nv4_disp.dll IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL reboots and my quot broken-fan quot GPU never runs more than C hotter than my working gfx card They average around - C when idle and never more than C when playing games With that said I have removed the broken card and used only the newer working gfx card I have uninstalled and manually deleted in safe mode all gfx drivers and references to nv disp dll and re-installed with nVidia drivers The problem persists I have removed the working gfx card and left only the quot bad quot card in and it still persists I have run memtest on my two sticks of RAM together and separately for at least passes each time and never once did I get an error I have also deleted AVG malwarebytes and ActiveSMART so that nothing is running on boot and still the computer will crash If somebody knowledgeable on the issue could take a look and let me know how to go about resolving this I would be very much appreciative Thanks nbsp

A:Nv4_disp.dll IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL reboots

All minidumps point to:

BugCheck 1000000A
nv4_disp.dllClick to expand...

Looks like a driver issue, for your nVidia Video Card Try confirming they are updated:

kimsland said:

nVidia Video Card Drivers
Click to expand...

You should also update to XP SP3, all is well with this now, for many.many months
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Hi sorry if this is the wrong forum but I need help Every now and then my computer will randomly reboot It turns off as if I Random Reboots ve held the power button and then turns back on The first couple times it would reboot One time it sat at my motherboard s welcome Random Reboots screen Random Reboots and just sat there and now it doesn t boot at all No video now keyboard power If it doesn t boot I have to leave it off for about minutes before I can boot it again I have ruled out overheating It is pretty damn cold in here I cleaned out the dust last night and it rebooted with a temp checker open all temps were below C It seems to happen at random times although the first few times were all when I was playing WoW It has only happened once out of a game and I was just sitting in windows with IRC and ventrilo open I ve considered it to be a possible power supply issue but I am not convinced I ran a stresstest prime and it did it fine did not reboot so being under load and not rebooting made me less convinced However I ve noticed that some of my rails are very skewed My and my V rails are within range however my and - V rails are very very off my V rail reads between V and V V was achieved under the stress test My - V rail is constantly at - V During a virus scan my - V went to - V I know that it is possible for speedfan to be wrong so once I find my multimeter I m going to test them again Also in the BIOS all my rails read fine which further convinces me speed fan is wrong Specs GIGABYTE GA-P -DS L LGA Intel P Mobo Intel Core Duo E Conroe GHz LGA W Dual-Core BX E OCZ GameXStream OCZ GXSSLI W ATX V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready Active PFC PSU G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC RAM Western Digital Caviar Blue WD AAKS GB RPM SATA x SONY DRU A and DRU A DVD burners EVGA nvidia GTX any help is greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Random Reboots

So, I can't find my multimeter, but looking at my PSU it shows that I have 4 +12V rails and what they're designated to. The plugs for my PSU have the same indicators that are on the lable, such as pci-e 1 and pci-e 2. So I'm curious if those correlate to the rails or if that is just for ease of installation. Also, my graphics card has a 36 amperage requirement, and my 12V rails are rated at 18A, but since it's getting 2 it's ok? but one is possibly shared so it's bad? but it's worked for a year? please help
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I have an Intel D845WN motherboard with 512MB of PC133 SDRAM. I originally had a 1.6GHz processor and just upgraded to a 2.6GHz processor which is the maxium that it can handle. The PC boots up fine and the processor is recognized in the BIOS and in Device Manager. It seems that once I start opening programs or do anything that taxes the processor at just reboots. The new processor is the only thing that I have changed. Could it be a heat issue? I did not use any thermal grease when I installed the new processor. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Upgraded CPU now PC reboots

Immediately get hold of some TIM and apply it on the CPU. It is definitely heating up. Have you checked the CPU temp?
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I have an older HP desktop that continually please continually mode, won't safe use reboots, allow to me help! Computer reboots when I try to turn it on I get a black screen and it gives me options of starting windows normally safe mode safe Computer continually reboots, won't allow me to use safe mode, please help! mode with networking last known configuration For every option I pick nothing works It just continunally reboots over and over again It s my kids computer but it does have some pics and stuff that I would like to get off of it If I do a system restore or configuration is that going to wipe out all the data I have saved It Computer continually reboots, won't allow me to use safe mode, please help! s an HP ghz MB GB Windows XP not vista It s a pretty basic computer about years old I would just chuck it but I want to be sure I get the data off it I have not added any hardware and wouldn t have a clue on how to do it I am not computer savvy at all other than the basics but any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Computer continually reboots, won't allow me to use safe mode, please help!

Remove the old hard drive and put it aside... Get a new drive and install it. Install Windows and go to HP's support site and download and install the chipset, video, audio and network drivers for your HP model. After the computer is up and running, install the old drive as a "slave" and recover any data you need from the slave drive
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Q: Burning

i use nero 9, when i bur n movies my pc tells me my drive is disconnected


What drive is disconnected? An external burner?
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I have an emachines T with a AM mobo in it Recently we went on vacation When we got home the wife tried to turn the computer on but the power button didn t light and the computer wouldn t boot the fan on the cpu would run I opened up the case and noticed an electrical fire smell Two components on the motherboard were burning The component in the U up Motherboard Emachines T2482 Burning and the R sockets on the board Emachines T2482 Motherboard Burning up Tiny components around the system fan plug Okay so must be the motherboard is shot I bought a brand new one for Not bad I would say and a cheap fix Well I received Emachines T2482 Motherboard Burning up the new mother Emachines T2482 Motherboard Burning up board installed it and pluged the cord into the back of the power supply and the machines turned itself on still with no power light As I watched what it was doing I noticed the same two components burning up again I ve read many posts about the power supply having no overpower protection Is this a problem that anyone else has had I want to get the wifes computer running again but I don t want to spend the money on a mobo and jpower supply just to burn up another mobo nbsp

A:Emachines T2482 Motherboard Burning up

Chances are it's the power supply. there are two common faliure modes for e-machines and both lead to a failed psu (1. PSU overvolts and takes out the motherboard, 2. Motherboard shorts out and takes out PSU). Since e-machines uses cheap PSUs with poor protection they will still run when they are "Bad" but they will fry anything connected to them. Other components could have been fried by the initial failure but the damage is usually limited to the PSU and motherboard.
Any of these PSUs would work well for that system (and they are good quality)

Also E-machines motherboards are failure prone and non-e-machines motherboards will require a new copy of windows (about $100) to work. Your best bet may be to build/ buy a new system perticuarily given the age and specs of that machine. $350 could build a system that will run circles around that computer useing decent components. (Just someting to consider)
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Hello everyone I am nearly fed up with my Dell Inspiron I have only had for about months now Not only has it started falling apart on me by this I reboots when Laptop bumped or moved gently mean screws falling out screen loosening up left-click mouse button getting stuck and eventually falling Laptop reboots when gently bumped or moved off CD drive cover falling off bottom of the casing falling off because of lack of screws etc but I have also experienced my hard drive failing on me twice in a two-week interval which was about a month and a half ago Now I have another problem It rebooted on me the other night and when I try to boot up it tells me that something isn t recognized in the system and won t boot up and sometimes it tells me that a quot recent change in hardware might have created the issue quot or something of the sort I m not sure what the problem is but when I finally am able to boot up I can t move my laptop or it will BlueScreen and perform a memory dump and won t reboot up for many of the times that I try to start it When I am able to get onto my user screen and start up all of the applications that I use a bubble will pop up saying that Microsoft has recovered from an unexpected shutdown and that Windows can check online for a solution It never finds a solution when I tell it to I click details and it shows a bunch of techie codes or something that I can t understand I m not sure what they mean but maybe they will mean something to you all If this information is needed I run on Vista Home Premium Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode e BCP C D BCP DF BCP ADCBBBC BCP ADCB B OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump Mini - dmp C Users Brandi AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml C Users Brandi AppData Local Temp WER tmp version txt If any of you are able to help it would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Laptop reboots when gently bumped or moved

Is this laptop still under warranty? Is so, return it for repair or replacment before the warranty expires
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ok, so i know that this question has been asked a few times already but i am in need of a free program to burn dvds. i have downloaded some movies to my pc and now im having trouble finding a good program that will allow me to burn them to disc. obviously they are not all the same type of files, some are avi. some are mp4 files etc. i can covert them to other formats, but so far i havent been able to burn them.

if anybody knows of a program that will do what im looking for please let me know.

A:In search of a free dvd burning program

If you want free dvd burnung program you can find it via google easily. i found one program called InfraRecorder, but i didnt test it so i dont know if it works. just type infrarecorder in google and go to their website. on the righ menu somewhere you have download link. its a small program, just 3.19MB.
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I have a LaCie 500gb external harddrive that I use to back up my laptop and store large files. It has its own power supply and connects to my computer by USB. The other day I plugged it into the power supply and noticed it wouldnt turn on and there was an electrical burning smell coming from the plug on the harddrive. Is it possible that it is just the plug damaged and my data is still ok? Can I remove the data from the harddrive somehow? Would it be worth trying to get someone to repair it or should I just buy a new one?

I don't know alot about this sort of thing and any help is greatly appreciated!

A:External harddrive not working, burning smell, can I retrive my data or repair it?

Yes Ur Harddisk Is Damaged Nothing will be retrive from It
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Hi all,
I'm using SAMSUNG CD R-RW for the last 5- 6 years.
Recently I tried to burn a CD wih Nero, but it went fine and in the end throwed the message Burn process completed. But nothing there is in the CD.
The second time, when i tried, it went to 99% almost and showed as Burn process failed.

Then i tried with Windows writer wizard, but the same result.

Almost I have tried with 3-4 brands of blank CD's.

Not able to figure out where the problem located CD or CD Drive? If so what to do to solve this issue?

I hope this is the Right place to raise this question.

A:CD R-RW not burning my CDs

If you used different brands of CD I am positive you can get rid of that notion. Have you tried just moving files over to the discs? Sounds like your disc drive might be going out (Or already has) Is it making any sound it didn't before? I had my disc drive on my laptop go out. Started to sound like a jet engine taking off.
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my computer just started to freeze up started in the morning and got worst through out the day till it would hang on the boot process some times before memory check after memory check during OS startup at first sometimes I could get into the OS but it just got worse till it would just reboot without warning thinks I ve done so far replace the PSU ran memtest with no errors after passes and ran the windows memory test with on errors tried two different hard drives removed every thing but one hard drive and keyboard current config it a hard drive mother board cpu keyboard using the onboard video Mother board GF V-m CPU - Intel quad core hard drive western- digital G PSU- new black widow W W more then the it could be Computer motherboard? the reboots, old one currently trying to reload vista managed to reformat the hard drive but now during install it will reboot without warning when starting back up it will start the install over again even dug Computer reboots, could it be the motherboard? out my old XP pro cd s and tried installing it it would always lockup before completeing Could a bad mother board or CPU cause the lockups than the rebooting that I m currently getting when tyring to install Vista Not sure where to go from here If I just need to order a new mother board or CPU or both thanks Mike nbsp

A:Computer reboots, could it be the motherboard?

it sounds like your cpu is overheating, if you built the computer yourself then make sure the cpu heat-sink is installed right
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My PC was working fantastically until I added more RAM I have an XFX i LT SLI mobo and it had GB of Corsair XMS Dominator pin DDR MHz starts PC boot enough with hangs but reboots on Worked absolutely perfectly until I got more gigs of Corsair same exact thing just not the dominator series Once that happened the computer started hanging on the splash screen I figured it was PC hangs on boot but starts with enough reboots RAM voltages and it was so I PC hangs on boot but starts with enough reboots went into BIOS which had them set at volts and I set them to volts Problem persisted Computer runs absolutely fine when I get into the OS Win but now PC hangs on boot but starts with enough reboots it hangs on a black screen Keyboard and mouse don t get power Fans and lights come on The only way to get anywhere is to let it just run like that for fifteen minutes or so and then kill power and then turn it back on and boot When I finally do get anything BIOS tells my my voltages are wrong I go back in and have to reset RAM back to volts AGAIN I tried resetting CMOS flashing BIOS checked PSU pins to mobo now I m not sure what the problem is anymore Took my RAM out and tried just a single stick at a time but that doesn t help it boot any faster but like I said once I finally do successfully boot into OS everything runs perfect I can restart the computer just fine after it gets running even shut down and power on as long as it doesn t stay off for a while If it stays off long enough it just doesn t wanna come back to life CPU is a Wolfdale e GHz I have an eVGA GT and one GB hard drive PSU is a watt Ultra Xfinity Thank you nbsp

A:PC hangs on boot but starts with enough reboots

Corsair XMS2 Dominator has 3-4-3-9 Timings listed and 2.4V
while Corsair XMS2 has 5-5-5-18 timings and 19v listed.

Might want to set the timings to the 5-5-5-18 and 19v. Since it sounds like your overclocking the regular XMS2 ram which cannot handle it. Or maybe sell it on ebay and get Dominator. Mixing 2 high end rams with dif timings is not a good thing.
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I have an HP Pavilion Notebook dv6755us. For the past couple of days I've been experiencing Blue Screens with my laptop. It will reboot on its own, then come back up. I recovered my entire laptop to its factory settings, but still experiencing the same problem. This is the problem that it gave me after one of those sudden reboots. Can someone please help me!!

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.0.6000.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 1000008e
BCP1: C0000005
BCP2: 81C74CD5
BCP3: ADE1791C
BCP4: 00000000
OS Version: 6_0_6000
Service Pack: 0_0
Product: 768_1

Files that help describe the problem:


A:HP Laptop Reboots On Its Own

Something is failing or has failed, or your drivers need to be updated. A blue screen could be a report on just about any hardware that is no longer quite right.
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About a month ago I purchased two GB kits of RAM Each kit came with two GB PC DDR PC - low density chips Once I recieved the two GB kits I installed them into my computer After installing the RAM I turned on my PC and my due to PC RAM reboots OS began to start up Once Windows Vista started up I went to Control Panel then to System to make sure I had the right amount of PC reboots due to RAM memory PC reboots due to RAM GB in total I checked and noticed that only GB was showing At first I didn t understand why there was only GB rather than GB So I shutdown my computer and took out all of the chips then put them back in I turned on my computer and checked once more but there was still only GB showing I was confused I tried once more I shutdown my computer took out all of the chips but this time when trying to install the RAM I struggled a bit I managed to get them in PC reboots due to RAM however when I turned on my computer instead of getting the Dell boot screen as I usually do before Windows starts up I got a black screen with white letters and numbers on the top left corner I can t remember exactly what it said but I remember seeing DDR some where inbetween Everytime I try pressing Enter or any other key on my keyboard nothing happens I turned off the computer and powered it back on but got the same message I turned off my computer again then took out the RAM once more to check if there were any visible scratches or cracks on any of the chips but nothing This time instead of putting all of the chips back into the computer I decided to put just one set GB of RAM After putting the GB of RAM I turned on the computer and got the same black screen At that point I was convinced that the RAM was damaged due to my struggling when trying to install it I took out the first set of RAM then tried the second This time the computer booted up and Windows Vista began to start I went to Control Panel then to System to see how much RAM was showing up it showed GB I said to myself quot Okay then I must of just damaged the other set of chips quot I accepted the fact that the other set of RAM was damaged A few minutes later suddenly the screen goes black then quot The Blue Screen of Death quot as they call it pops up and my computer reboots It does this every time I have the memory sticks installed into my computer I m left with no choice but to use the original RAM that came with my PC Why is this Is my second set of RAM damaged as well Or is there something that i have to do Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance nbsp

A:PC reboots due to RAM

Now I have a question. Do you understand now why only 3GB was showing?
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Well my problem is i can't seem to burn any file types that i want to. so i was wondering if it's my dvd writer that's at fault or what.. cause i tried well 3-4 dvds and all the same error. its working fine until yesterday.. so anyone pls help. cause i dont wanna buy one if its still working. help here anyone? any help would be greatly appreciated.. thanx. here is the log that Nero made. (see attached file)

A:Dvd Writer Burning Issues

Well because you are running a cracked version of Antivirus
And support never finished helping you (due to this issue) on Malware removal (ironically)
I'd say format and start again, CLEAN

By the way, free Avira Antivirus (which I use) is really either the best Antivirus presently in the world, or very close to being the best. IMHO

So good luck either doing a clean install, or trying somewhere else, away from TechSpot :wave:
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Ok I had a virus on my pc a few days ago and burning smell drive Hard through my negligence I waited too long to run a full system Hard drive burning smell check and on restarting the pc it wouldnt go into windows just a black screen with the mouse cursor Anyway no big deal most of my stuff is saved on an external So I pluged my hdd as a slave into another computer to run a virus scan it took out a lot of files and when I pluged it back it it had the same problem so I figured what the hell time for a fresh install anyways Now today I was going to Hard drive burning smell xfer my files that I had on there to my external and pluged the gimped drive into a recently purchased enclosure NSP-E upon firing it up the HDD began to make a lot of noise as it began to spin thought it was just it starting up but then I smelt a electric fire smell and quickly shut it off Upon inspection It was coming from the HDD Just recently I tested it on my other pc installing it internally it imediatly began making the same noise so I shut down again What just happened and is Hard drive burning smell there any recovering nbsp

A:Hard drive burning smell

Actually it's very strange. The Hard Drive is a sealed unit
Are you sure nothing was touching it? But if its making a bad noise anyway, I's say it's shot, gone, ded, and done.
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Hi hits my range 70C BURNING CPU UP is Help My CPU or something Help my CPU is BURNING UP hits 70C range inside my PC started making rediculous high pitched sounds so i checked my bios for settings and found out that my CPU temperature was going into the C range At average its still like ish I have no idea why in gods name this thing is getting such heat When i do some process extensive processes the thermal throtaling thing or something kicks in so it only works in like of its potential Ghz I found out that when my temp reaches to the late C range it starts sqeeking Anyone have any clues whats up This is my rig Motherboard Name ASRock P V bios v PCI AGP DDR DIMM Audio LAN System Memory MB DDR SDRAM CPUrescott Intel Pen EGhz set default clock speed fsb Heatsink Intel Copper Core Socket Heat Sink c - Power EVERGREEN Silent King- W LW- H- Temp CPU C F lt -what bios says and its really hot if you touch heatsink M B C F Vcore v v v v v v v - v v v v vsb v VBAT v fan speed around RPM EEK help i think my CPUs gonna burst It hits the C termal throttling and duty cycle which i think cuts down the process power to when it hits C Not good for rendering CG takes x as much time to render Plz help yorokoB nbsp

A:Help my CPU is BURNING UP hits 70C range

Have you cleaned out the HS and Fan to remove any dust? Have you checked the CPU fan to see if it's operating properly?

You may want to just get a good aftermarket cooler.
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Hi there I recently had an issue with my PC where I was getting BSOD s and lots of headaches Thanks to viewable no burning Computer longer video Route we managed to work out what the problem was but not before I had done various things to the PC in an attempt to get it to work The original thread is here http www techspot com vb showthread php p post I hope I m allowed to post links - please delete and accept my apologies if not The PC is now working fine however now whenever I burn a video file whether it be a data avi file or a wmv the file on the disc plays with perfect audio but a very pixilated image which turns what s on the screen into a negative or in some Computer no longer burning viewable video cases just freezes I m using the same burning software Computer no longer burning viewable video as before Nero with the same DVD burners x HP DVD Writer d H Computer no longer burning viewable video and x Sony DVD-Rw AW-G a the same operating system Windows XP and the same DVD s and CD-Rs sony but the issue is still occurring I did not have this issue before and had been burning avi files happily for many moons I ve tried updating the nero drivers but had the most up to date version anyway for my serial number I ve tried different discs burning at slower speeds making original avi files but nothing seems to be making a difference I ve even had the side off the machine and made sure all the plugs are connecting a to b correctly Has anyone had a similar problem The files on my computer play perfectly it s only when I burn them to a disc and try to play them on either the PC or on my divx player that they go wrong I have tried to attach a clip of the original file and then a clip from the burnt dvd as zip files to give you an example of the quality difference but the files are too large to upload Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated Many thanks in advance for your help Hi again we ve tried to do some detective work ourselves and changed the cable to the cd burners it didn t work We tried burning onto a different burner but still playback is pixilated and unviewable We tried uninstalling and reinstalling Nero it didn t work We tried uninstalling nero and installing CDburnerXP it didn t work I m all out of things to try now Does anyone else have any suggestions Happy to run checks etc and post them if anyone is willing to take a look for us Please help Many thanks nbsp

A:Computer no longer burning viewable video

I may have missed this, but how old are your burners? It sounds like you need new ones. The average is 3-5 years, but I know people who have had them last longer.
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I have a Compaq Presario SR5710Y with AMD Athalon x2 4450e dual core processors, 3gb memory and 350gb hard drive. My CD-DVD burner is (this is what it says in device manager)
ATAPI DVD A DH16A6L-C SCSI cd rom device.
I have been burning my dvds with convert x to dvd with no problems up until this . Every time I go to burn a DVD it will convert but when it burns it is taking so long (I usually burn at 6x) I did a speed test and it said it was burning at .05%. It would probably take 5 hours to burn a normal movie,Anyone know why this may be happening? Thanks in advance

A:My dvd burner has slowed was burning at 6x now burning at .05%

If you are converting to a format readable by a dvd player they burner will burn very slowly depending on the source file. Now does you cpu max out when burning?
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Hi I have an LG DVD RW it worked properly but few days ago i tried to burn an iso image and it was not burning could you pls help Thanks Device HL-DT-ST-DVD-RAM GSA-H N E DVD problem burning ATA Firmware Version DVD burning problem Vender U Serial Number J Buffer Size KB This the ImgBurn log I ImgBurn Version started I Microsoft Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack I Total Physical Memory KB - Available KB I Initialising SPTI I Searching for SCSI ATAPI devices I Found CD-ROM and DVD RW RAM I Operation Started I Source File C win beta - client en-us Ultimate-GB CULFRE EN DVD iso I Source File Sectors MODE I Source File Size bytes I Source File Volume Identifier GB CULFRE EN DVD I Source File Volume Set Identifier f a MS UDFBridge I Source File Application Identifier CDIMAGE TM I Source File Implementation Identifier Microsoft CDIMAGE UDF I Source File File System s ISO Bootable UDF I Destination Device HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H N E ATA I Destination Media Type DVD R Disc ID MBIPG -R - Speeds x x x x I Destination Media Sectors I Write Mode DVD I Write Type DAO I Write Speed MAX I DVD R Reserve Track No I Link Size Auto I Test Mode No I OPC No I BURN-Proof Enabled I Book Type Setting DVD-ROM I Filling Buffer MB I Writing LeadIn I Writing Session of Track LBA - I Writing Track of MODE LBA - W Failed to Write Sectors - - Reason Spindle Servo Failure W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason No Seek Complete W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write W Retrying of W Retry Failed - Reason Invalid Address For Write E Failed to Write Sectors - - Reason Spindle Servo Failure E Next Writable Address I Synchronising Cache W User opted to skip the Close Track Session Disc functions E Failed to Write Image I Exporting Graph Data I Graph Data File D Documents and Settings Senan Application Data ImgBurn Graph Data Files HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H N THURSDAY-JANUARY- - - PM MBIPG -R - MAX ibg I Export Successfully Completed E Operation Failed - Duration I Average Write Rate KB s x - Maximum Write Rate KB s x nbsp

A:DVD burning problem

Burners wear out... Try another optical drive
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Last month I built a new system Games During Sys New Reboots i7 that works fantastic until I try to play some games The New i7 Sys Reboots During Games computer will reboot itself with no errors Some games I can manage to play for a few minutes others in seconds some at specific points in the game others quite randomly So far I ve tried rolling up and back all my drivers reseating all the cables cards and memory and reinstalling Windows to try to fix the issues the reinstall actually seemed to make the problem worse I don t overclock and I don t believe temp is an issue except for possibly the video card From a cold boot there are some games I can run that will reboot the system in seconds not sure if they could heat up the card that fast New i7 Sys Reboots During Games I also replaced the memory as I was previously using incompatible DDR memory on this unit It had the same problems with them and I was hoping the new memory would fix everything Here s my setup MSI X Platinum SLI bios updated Intel i CPU EVGA GTX Crucial DDR GB PC - MHz SB Audigy RaidMax W TX- SS CPU temp C IOH temp C SYS temp C GPU temp - C gets hot not sure how to fix this Even opened the case and had a fan blowing on it to test I appreciate the assist nbsp

A:New i7 Sys Reboots During Games

Someone may say different but I think that your Graphics card heat could be causing the system reboots. It?s a possibility that it is rebooting as a precaution to try and stop any damage.

I would download speed-fan. Set that up and while running the system try and keep an eye on the temp and also the voltage your system is throwing out. It could be that there?s just not enough juice to run.
Then if there are no problem load a game and if you can keep speed fan on top and see if anything tragic happens.

There is a guide and download here
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I am using Nero 8 (store bought version) due to all the neat DVD burning features and software included in the program. I have been using it with my Memorex 16x DVD Rewriter for a long time now to great effect until the last couple months or so. Now it seems everytime I use Nero Vision or any of the DVD writing tools to try to burn video onto a DVD I always get an error close to the end of the burning process. This is driving me nuts. I really want to be able to make my own DVDs. I have tried different types of DVD-Rs, etc. to no avail. I have attached one of the newest error logs from Nero below so maybe hopefully it will give a clue as to what is happening.

Thanks in advance!

A:Memorex DVD rewriter not burning DVDs with Nero 8 any longer

I also tonight upgraded my Nero to version 9 to see if that would help but it has not. I still cannot burn a DVD. In addition, I cannot seem to burn using just the Windows Vista burning options either. I am starting to think I need to buy a new DVD Rewriter.

Please help!
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After booting windows xp fine, and coming up to the desktop, the desktop is stable as well...

however when any program is launched for more than few seconds (trillian, itunes, ut2k4), the computer simply reboots without any warning

tried another HD... same problem. any ideas what could cause this?

A:Windows xp continually reboots after any program is launched for a few seconds

Is your pc overclocked? If so, downclock it a little to see if that helps. Have you run a decent virus scanner? A virus could certainly cause the problem you describe. And finally, open the case up and get rid of all dust as this can make the cpu, mobo, graphics card, and memmory overheat which could also cause the problem.

Hope that helps. Rik.
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Running Dell Vostro 200, approximately 12 months old with Windows XP Pro, 2G of RAM. Just replaced power supply yesterday upgraded to 500W because I had been ripping my CD library to an external HD, when all of a sudden, whenever I would insert a CD into the CD/DVD burner, the computer would reboot before it gave me any choices. I attempted to update drivers and that did not work. The DVD ROM drive works find for ripping, just the burner causes restart. I tried switching the SATA cables on the drives and still got the same result. Should I try replacing the DVD burner?
I ran diagnostics, said everything was find, Device Manager says everything is fine, ran Check Disk, no errors.
I don't know what else to do other than try to replace burner and if that's not it, call in a professional!
Any other ideas?

A:Computer reboots when inserting CD

Yep, I'd replace the burner. They are incredibly cheap anyway. You can get one for less than $30 online easy if you can wait for shipping.
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Problem I get occasional reboots with stop xA stop xD and stop x amongst others Problem My PC does not recognise primary IDE when the temp inside the related reboots? GFX Optical & case is low and only works if I leave the PC on long enough to heat up the inside When The reboots occur often not always a few minutes into playing a gfx-intensive game and often but not always when I have a CD in any drive even while the computer is idle USB GFX & Optical related reboots? devices do not affect the problem GFX & Optical related reboots? s frequency Booting up the computer with a CD in the drive sometimes results in a blue screen either at the desktop after a few minutes during the booting process or while playing a game The common factor to this problem seemed to be the CD in the drive Here are my stats I would post the whole HWINFO log but it s giant and would rather hear some general ideas before posting it GFX & Optical related reboots? in full CPU AMD Athlon XP Mobo FICA AU Nforce chipset MCP APU PSU W stock GFX ati radeon x xt w pin connected Memory gb amp mb DDR dual channel mhz clock - - - timing HDD gb swapfile gb OS XP SP I noticed the gb module reads a supported timing of - - - whereas the mb module reads - - - is this an issue Might be causing some STOPs but as they havn t occurred unless a CD is in the drive I wonder Summary Now problem only occurs when CD is in any optical drive whether or not i m playing a game Problem does not consistently occur but occurs far more often when I am booting up with a CD in the drive So please enlighten me or point me in the direction of enlightenment New PC suggestions will be ignored as it doesn t fix the problem Sorry if this problem is not entirely GFX related but if it is a power drain issue then GFX will be a factor as I am getting a replacement card eventually and will need to buy a better PSU if wattage is an issue Thanks theo UPDATE new gfx card and no problems yet am testing with CD in drive and under heavy load to see if problem can be recreated PSU seems to not be the problem after all Windows is throwing me CRC errors and fatal exceptions when i enter DXDIAG but it does not affect DXDIAG s operation other than give me four consecutive exception errors nbsp

A:GFX & Optical related reboots?

Replace the power supply first, and see if the computer settles down
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Well my system specs are in my profile but I'll put them here for simplicity sake as well.
Asus P5N-T Deluxe
Q6600 @ 3.0 Vcore 1.20v
2 x 2GB Corsair Dominator RAM @ 1066
2 x 8800GT stock
Razer Barracuda AC-1
750watt Corsair PSU
3 HDDs and DVD drive

Okay before you go and say its my overclocked CPU its been oced for months now and the problem has only recently just started. It usually happens when I'm playing a game of some sort but at random times, I played CSS for a good 3 hours then it reboot, other time less than an hour. It has happened most recently when I booted up FEAR 2 and I was was tweaking the games settings, after I had it setup just right and clicked New Game, system reboots. Any thoughts?

A:System Reboots but no BSOD or Error message

Is the video card overheating? Open the case and make sure that all the fans (including video fan) are clean and working properly. I'll try overclocking my Q6600 when I install my new motherboard next week
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Hi, recently I have been burning DVD's to DVD-R and everything is fine, but when I try to burn a CD, either music or data files it won't let me do it. Windows media player kicks the disc out asking to try a different sort of disk, Have tried using a different make of CD-R but still same problem. Upon using Nero to burn the CD it freezes on 6% everytime, but like I say, if I do a DVD I don't have one problem. I have also tried using a totally different DVD/CD burner and the same happens.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

A:DVD/CD burning problem

XP Media Center? Have you installed or deleted anything recently that may have caused this problem. Is your virus and malware protection up to date?
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During game play, my son's new PC suddenly reboots. There are no Windows errors. I have all the new drivers, fans are working, and this is a new PC. It happens on any game. Any help appreciated

PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge OK
Evga geforce 8400gs 512mb pci-e
PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge OK
Realtek RTL8168C(P)/8111C(P) PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet NIC
AMD SATA Controller(Native IDE Mode) OK
Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller OK
PCI Class USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller OK
Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller OK
PCI Class USB 2.0 Enhanced Host Controller OK
Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio OK

A:PC Reboots during game play

If you installed the video drivers from a supplied CD, go th the PC or Video cards support website and dowload the video drivers from there. Also, make sure the new PC has all the Windows Updates installed...
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I haven't burned too many cds with my current setup. The first few were fine, then a few months later I went to burn a cd and two tracks were fine, and the other seven or so were all staticky and skippy. I've tried different software, tried using better cds, and even took the cd burner from my old computer and installed it, and I still have the same trouble, so I know it is some setting on my pc, that I don't know about.
Please help!

A:CD burning trouble

So now... what are your computer specs?
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Hi. I'm stuck and can't seem to get help from the companies I buy from. Yea! Anyway, I am hoping someone out there can help me. I have Dell Media Experience. And, I installed an external HP DVD burner. I have the codecs I need downloaded. However, when the media experience is almost completed, it gives an "Unknown Error" message and won't finish the burn. Any ideas on this? I have searched and searched, but no answer and Dell, nor HP are any help. I am guessing the problem is the software, and not the HP burner. Dunno?????
Thanks for any ideas! Am

A:Dell media experience DVD burning

Bad optical drive. Currently the highest failure rate of any desktop computer component. Just because it is new does not mean it is working properly. Also look at all other parameters
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hi i've just discovered that my version of nero 7 ultra edition has not got the nero fast burning cd/dvd plugin installed .. and when i go to modify the installation to install the plugin .. it says that it cannot find the installation files to complete the process .. is this why my dvd's wont burn any more??

any decent help would be appreciated thank you

A:Nero fast burning cd/dvd plugin help needed

Have you tried updating your drive's firmware?

Also, try using a free software like ImgBurn to burn your DVDs.
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Hey everyone I bought this computer for about years ago and when I decided to reformat it because it was full of junk And I installed it as I have done many times before and it would work just fine but now when I start a game up it will restart and random times I ve managed to play for about hours or so playing Games while reboots Computer but that s it I left the computer on all night once with just the desktop and a file open and it never rebooted But once i start a game up and play it reboots SPECS Machine name LUBURIUM Operating System Windows XP Professional Build Service Pack System Manufacturer MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO LTD System Model MS- BIOS Default System BIOS Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU E GHz CPUs Memory MB RAM Page File Computer reboots while playing Games MB used MB available Windows Dir C WINDOWS DirectX Version DirectX c Card name NVIDIA GeForce GT Manufacturer NVIDIA Chip type GeForce GT DAC type Integrated RAMDAC Device Key Enum PCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A Display Memory MB I have have replaced my Power supply to a new one called USP W formated and reinstalled windows XP Professional Tested my RAM Installed all the windows updates downloaded the latest video card driver Motherboard drivers And my CPU is according to quot SpeedFan quot Core amp C - C I ve been Googling ALOT and I think it is my PSU Power Supply that does not have enough power to run my I will if you guys would say that it is my PSU buy a new one with higher Watt strenght Any Ideas Apriciate it alot Games that I play and reboots on Battlefield World Of Warcraft nbsp

A:Computer reboots while playing Games

1. google psu calculator to determine your needs. add 30% to the results.
2. Your graphics card may not be powerful enough to play the games you play.
3. Your system could also be overheating as well.
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PC & Burning Case Power Switch smell PC Problem Hi I recently built a new PC for a family member but I have one problem the old motherboard fried due to a power surge couple of days back I refitted a new motherboard but am having problems with the Case Power Switch I know where is goes on the motherboard but not which way I know which is plus and minus on the motherboard but can identify which PC Case Power Switch & Burning smell is which on the wire at the back of the wire it has a small arrow on one side and nothing on the other Normally I have a sheet which identifies the plus and minus that come with the case PC Problem On another PC which I have built for someone else I could smell burning and I can t identify what is wrong I have built a few PC s but first time this has happened could it just be because its a new motherboard Thanks in Advance nbsp

A:PC Case Power Switch & Burning smell

Case power switches, reset switches have no polarity needs. Plug them in anyway you want. Burning smells coming from computers is never a "normal" or good thing
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How do I burn karaoke files to discs that I can use on separate karaoke machine. Step by step please, as I am a little backward in progressing forward, as far as computers are concerned. I have tried various commercial software, but I found them all confusing.

A:Burning karaoke disc


first off you need a decent set of recordable disks, dont use cheap ones,

Now go to and download power CD+G Burner

This simple program has 3 tabs




as the titles suggest what they are i wont explain it.

You choose the Burn tab click add, browse to the folder where the files are and add them in.

For some reason PCDG moves the last file to the top of the list, dont know why, just check they are in the right order if not click the file and use the up and down tab to move them in the list.

Hint to add files click the first one, hold down the shift key and click the last one.

Choose a low recording speed and then click Burn

Job done

I use this tool and its probably the best one on the market, however it does cost a bit but its worth it
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I dunno when it started really but my DVD burner LITE-ON DVD Burner has been burning burning blanks I am currently using NERO to burn my files I dont know why but when I burn it consumes a lot of memory to the point where when i play music it stutters and i cant watch movie coz My blanks, is burner DVD burning help my screen jumps ur like watching a stop motion movie well the main problem is that my burner wont burn pls if anyone has this problem and My DVD burner is burning blanks, help had a remedy for it pls tell me or i will have no choice but to buy a new one which costs me sigh Hope you guys can help me out Tnks a lot in advance and have a nice day PS The dvd-r that im burning when i put it back in the dvd rom it says it us blank but i had just burned files on to it and it took mins to burn it tsk tsk tsk how many time did i use the word BURN in this post lol UPDATE I tried to use the dvd-r s that i burned before and burn some stuff on it again but it says its not empty and that i can delete it burn new stuff on it The burning speed is weird though it only allows me to burn at x My DVD burner is burning blanks, help speed well be trying another software to burn ill post the update if its successful or not INFO Im using DVD-R disc s and not DVD-RW in case u were wondering nbsp

A:My DVD burner is burning blanks, help


You sure that Nero isnt using the image recorder. top tabs "recorder" > "choose recorder", as opposed to the actual DVD burner.?
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I have 2 Dvd burners on my computer 1 Internal and 1 External Dvd burner. I am trying to burn cds through Windows Media Player 10. The Internal Drive is an LG it came with my Dell computer and the External drive is an Iomega Usb. If I add 3 songs to download and click on start burn it prepares the music and starts the burning process but when it is finalizing the first song I get an Error saying Windows Media Player is unable to Finish burn process.

I work with computers so I brought the Burners to work and hooked them up to a different computer and they work just fine and burn Audio CD's. Not sure what's going on. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have Window XP Professional with 512MB RAM.

Pentium 4 Processor

A:CD burning won't work

Install XP's SP3 update
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I was about to burn a cd/dvd, but it says, connect a burner and restart the player. what is the problem ? I did use this even before but just now, i can't even see an icon with my drive d: ...any suggestions?
im using windows vista

A:CD burning

Yes read here:
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My computer is constantly rebooting and im not to sure why, every time i load up a game or somthing of the sorts, without warning it reboots. I have dusted out the insides, wiped it out. i have the sneaking suspicion that it is overheating. but, im not to positive. Also about a 1/2 - 1 year ago i bought a new fan because the other one burned out. I just need a some advice >.>

A:My Computer Constantly Reboots

You can download EVEREST to see if the system is overheating. If the fans work, then the chances are that it's something else. Are you getting any error messages at all? If so; to get a better idea of what is going on, I would advise that you "disable" automatic restart so that a BSOD will appear on error... instead of a sudden restart. The BSOD should point you in the right direction by identifying a certain file, most likely a driver.
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I have a laptop hp dv2800 series. My problem with burning an audio cd is that I either get an error message saying to insert a blank cd when I've already loaded a blank cd into the rom and when I don't get that message, the blank CD go through the burning process just fine until the burning is complete and it automatically eject the cd. I always have to make sure the CD is loaded with the audio files by testing the cd into a cd player and majority of the time there are no files on that cd. I've used roxio which is the program that came with the laptop when I bought it. I've also switched to using Nero and WMP and I still get the same problem when burning..

Techsupport, what do you suggest?

A:Problem burning Audio (CD-R) with Nero and WMP

Techsupport, what do you suggest?Click to expand...

I don't know, you'd have to ask them

Here at TechSpot, we may have some ideas though.

First of all confirm all your drivers are up to date, here
Possibly run a Virus/Malware scan, by going here
Also try different discs, and run CCleaner on your system
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hello everyone no mater how many times i try i cannot figure out why my computer is randomly rebooting i know my way around a computer slightly but i am no tech wiz i am runing a Custom computer Windows XP Professional K VTA Motherboard AMD athlon XP mmx Dnow Ghz Processor MB Ram DirectX c Nvidia Geforce FX PCI Graphics Card Diamond Multimedia Xtreme Sound bit sound card GB Hard Drive W Power Supply Side Cooling Fan Ihave ran a Virus scan with Mcafee and have done a total care scan and fix with System Mechanic Professional and still no luck my computer randomly reboots whenever it wants to dosent mater what im doing Computer Randomly Reboots playing a game watching a movie web browsing etc etc i have tryed reinstaling windows updateing drivers restoring to a previous time trying diffrent video cards and power supplys but nothing is working i am including a log i hope it helps im at my wits end with this EDIT-iturned off automatic restart and later i got a blue screen with some sort of error Computer Reboots Randomly report here is what it said- STOP x E X X X X if anyone can make sense of it cuz i sure cant nbsp

A:Computer Reboots Randomly

Hang on

I didn't unzip it properly
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Hi all,
I'm having trouble burning cds. I have Dell Inspiron E1505 with just the hardware that came with it. When I try to burn a cd everything seems okay (I can select the files, copy them to cd, & the process seems to complete), but in the end the cd is still blank. I have tried to burn w/ Windows Media Player & Sonic, both seem to be working, say the files have been burnt, & the cd drive even pops open at the end as if everything has been completed, but the cd is still blank. Any help is much appreciated.

A:Cd burning issue

Your burner may be worn out
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The past half year actually I ve been getting random reboots in the start they just came like once a week Then they could just vanish totally for about a month or so then they would appear again it has been going on like this since like last October Recently the reboots have appeared more often and some days it s so bad that the computer will keep rebooting constantly for minutes Something else which I guess is good to inform about is that sometimes when after the computer have rebooted the screen wont start Like if it was totally dead I am using an ASUS A Km by the way with AMD Turion mt- and a Geforce Go In the start well some weeks ago I thought that maybe it was the custom-drivers random Totally reboots that where messing with me since in the beginning I only got these reboots while playing But I started using the original drivers and yet I had the problems Aswell I suspected that the reboots were caused due over-heating but that wasnt the case The past weeks have involved the computer rebooting even out-of games generally when it feels like it Oh and sometimes when the random reboots occur in Windows games the computer freezes for about sec When these reboots occur during a start-up they are instant Oh and between the computer wont write a memory dump either So I got really no clues to go on hoping that someone can give me some answers The computer is nearly years old aswell may it just be that the hardware is giving up nbsp

A:Totally random reboots

Based on that, I would recommend downloading and running Memtest overnight.
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Hi guys,
Forgive me but my problem is quite specific.

It started with me wanting to burn some dvd's and vcd's using Nero. I tried it, and it never worked when burning DVD's, so I contacted Nero support and they told me that I should update my recorder's firmware
(Pioneer DVD-RW DVR106D- my drive's name)
I searched around the internet, and I found an update updating my firmware from 100 to 108.

However, I would try to update its firmware, but my computer would always say " available target is not found". For some reason my computer is not detecting my drive to update it.

Thanks in advance for the help.

A:Problems with my Pioneer burning CD/DVD drive

Could you be more specific about what tool you're running to update the firmware?

Messages like "Device Not Found" are more typical if a drive (i.e. the device) can't be found. So am wondering the sequence of events, "who" is outputing your "Target not found" message and if, in fact, it means something other then device not found.

(Try unplugging the device so really not there.. then what happens?)
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i have a friend who believes that if he buys a dvdr or dvdrw, he can just rent a dvd movie (ex// the matrix), burn it, then give it back, thus owning a dvd movie at the fraction of the cost (or borrowing someone else's movie, buring it and giving it back). I dont believe it is possibe. Is he rite or Im rite?

A:Burning DVDs

Firstly, what you are describing IS piracy, IS copyright infringement, and IS illegal.

And even if your friend gets a DVD writer, there is still CSS encryption on the DVD. This means that, for example, if he was to copy the files from the DVD onto his hard drive and then try to play it, it would not work very well at all, because 1/4 of the content he had copied to his HDD would be gibberish.

If he wanted to copy DVDs, he would need a piece of software which strips the CSS encryption from the files as they are written to the hard drive before he burned them to a DVD. I believe that such software, although available here and there perhaps, is also illegal now.

There is software around to rip DVDs to Divx files to burn to CDs.

Lastly, I don't believe that this "friend" of yours exists, and that in fact you are talking about yourself. So why not come clean about that??

But if your question is, is this possible? Yes. It is. If you strip the CSS encryption away whilst writing the files from the DVD to your hard drive, and then burn those to a DVD disk, yes. I have seen it done.
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I am quite new to burning dvd s and would like advise on the problem i have I have looked at many forums trying to search for the solution to my problem and have had no luck I have an iso file which i would like to burn to a Verbatim DVD R blank disc but i seem to have problems I ve used many programs but i have had no success using any of them The name of my cd drive is HL-DT-ST DVD -RW GWA B When using nero i get an Unspecified Recorder Error The error log is as follows Windows XP IA WinAspi - NT-SPTI used Nero Version Internal Version Recorder Version E - HA TA - Adapter driver HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type via Inquiry data Connected to MMC as unknown drive with class-nr Drive is autodetected - recorder class Std MMC recorder CD-ROM Version E - HA TA - Adapter driver Problem Burning DVD HA Scsi-Device-Map CdRomPeripheral HL-DT-ST DVD -RW GWA B atapi Port ID DMA Off DiskPeripheral ST AS atapi Port DVD Burning Problem ID DMA On CdRomPeripheral PU X VWA Q aitcvux Port ID DMA Off CDRom-Device-Map HL-DT-ST DVD -RW GWA B D CdRom PU X VWA Q I CdRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global DVD Burning Problem Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled Burn DVD Image Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line LockMCN - completed sucessfully for IOCTL STORAGE MCN CONTROL Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using DVD media Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Last possible write address on media MB Last address to be written MB Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Write in overburning mode NO enabled CD Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder HL-DT-ST DVD -RW GWA B Media type DVD R Disc Manufacturer ID Media Type ID lt gt Product revision number Disc Application Code Extended Information Indicators Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE - CD-ROM Mode ISO indices index not provided original disc pos not relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required not required - gt TRM DATA MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks D HL-DT-ST DVD -RW GWA B -------------------------------------------------------------- Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Prepare D HL-DT-ST DVD -RW GWA B for write in CUE-sheet-DAO DAO infos MCN quot quot TOCType x Session Closed disc fixated Tracks to Idx Idx Next Trk TRM DATA MODE x FilePos ISRC quot quot DAO layout Start Track Idx CtrlAdr Size NWA RecDep lead-in x x x x x x lead-out x x Text File SCSIPTICommands cpp Line SPTILockVolume - completed successfully for FSCTL LOCK VOLUME Text File Burncd cpp Line Caching options cache CDRom or Network-Yes small files-No lt KB Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files started Text File Burncd cpp Line Cache writing successful Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Caching of files completed Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Burn process started at x KB s Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Verifying disc position of item not relocatable no disc pos no patch infos orig at write at Text File Cdrdrv cpp Line ---- Disc Structure Physical Format Information h ---- Media Type Layer Address h AGID Length Book Type DVD R Part Version x Disc Size mm Maximum Rate F h Number of Layers Track Path Parallel Track Path PTP Layer Type recordable Linear Density um bit Track Density um track Starting Physical Sector Number of Data Area h DVD-ROM DVD-R -RW DVD R RW End Physical Sector Number of Data Area F h Data in Burst Cutting Area BCA does not exist Disc Application Code h Extended Information indicators h Disc Manufacturer ID MCC Media type ID Product revision number Number of Physical format information bytes in use in ADIP up to byte Media Specific D - MCC C - F B B T Tl B C C C D - C A A - E E D Z C A A E - E D Z C - C C Tp c lt - C C B fB DF C - C C T c lt E - A A u X Y - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ... Read more

A:DVD Burning Problem

I suspect the DVD drive is the problem and the solution would be to replace it with a better brand and/or model. I did a google search on your DVD drive model and found a number of reported problems with it.
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I been using my dvd burner for a couple of weeks now; & for the past couple of days I cannot burn anything. It goes into the burning motion and burns; but when I put the disc in a DVD system, comes up with disc error and the display shows numbers. I think it have sumthing to do with the DMA mode but not for sure. I used nero and dvd shrink but same problem occurred. Disc error and the dvd display shows numbers (goes thru a series of numbers on the display)..

Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

A:Sony DRU835A Burning Problem

You are probably burning in the wrong mode. Try changing the mode to (.ISO) and see if the problem disappears
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I am having an issue in the last week or so with my computer going into a random reboot. I've reformated my hard drive and reinstalled my operating system. No luck. I've tried cleaning the dust from around fans and such. No luck. I made sure the memory was in firmly. I even unchecked the automatic restart in the advanced system tab, but it will re-boot anyway.

Any ideas?

A:Reboots - even with auto reboot unchecked

u could try restarting the bios maybe that will help im not sure or you can try calling the motherboard manufacterer. hope this helps.
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This is really weird, I started messing with my old desktop (which is actually still really nice) and it has a Audigy sound card. I couldnt remember which plug was for sound so as I was messing with it and move the plug from jack to jack, and the computer froze! Then the next time I was messing with it the computer just did a hard reboot! Has this ever happened to anyone before??

A:Sound card reboots computer

the card sits loosely in the slot that's why.
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Recently been having problems with burning DVD s Dvd's properly freezes while but burning playing At first was using Power Producer on a recently re-formatted Dvd's burning properly but while playing freezes computer with Window s XP Burned off two or three different movies and suddenly any time we tried to burn it froze around - through the burn process ruining the disk Upgraded to Power Producer and burn process compleated seemingly without a hitch until we tried to actually watch the movie At about hour into the movie the DVD freezes and there is no way to get past that point Tried running DVD in computer and useing the slidebar to scan ahead in the Dvd's burning properly but while playing freezes movie this froze windows media player and restarted the computer Called a local computer repair place and they were pretty clueless Does anyone have any idea what might be causeing this I know we had been adding different Dvd's burning properly but while playing freezes things as the computer was just reformatted I just can t pinpoint what might have caused it Burning CD s with Nero works perfectly Could it be a driver issue I am getting so frustrated I ve gone through about blank DVD s trying different things to fix this I don t want to have to re-format the computer all over again to try and fix this problem so anyone who knows the cause the info would be MUCH appreciated nbsp

A:Dvd's burning properly but while playing freezes

Break out the Fiddle.......

Just because Nero will burn a CD, doesn't necessarily indicate that the drive is in good health. I have no experience with "Power Producer", so I don't know what the need for it would be. On older machines, (3 years or so), Nero 6 (full retail version only) has DVD-Video burning capability. I have found (personal experience only here) that burning DVD-Video onto DVD+R blanks usually generates the highest number of DVDs compatible with most stand-alone players. Granted, Nero 6 is the worst movie EDITING program I have ever seen, so if you're trying to edit footage, we can look for another solution. Lock-ups are sometimes caused by read and write lasers being out of alignment with each other, so could be the drive also. You must consider the possibility that simply because the drive finishes the task, doesn't necessarily indicate that it's done correctly. I don't think reformatting the HDD should be your first thought about how to solve this problem.
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Hi all,
I hope someone can shed some light for me. I burned my first dvd yesterday and all went ok except for playback. When played back in my dvd player everything was great except the sound. It sounds really wierd, very squelchy if that makes any sense. It's very hard to describe. I'm using Nero 7 to burn it. So I went to the "preview the burn before I burn it" screen and the sound was the same as the playback. The movie from the hardrive plays great using several different media players. Therefore, I know there's nothing wrong with the movie. Why is it previewing and burning with this wierd noise in the audio. Is it the wrong audio format? If so, how do I change it or convert it. I could'nt find any audio options to change the audio format. What's my problem?

A:Audio/Sound Problem When DVD Burning

Nero Mega Plugin Pack 1.0

Actually there are many Nero audio pluggins to download, just search Google.
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Hi i want to reboot my computer but i cant becaus i cant
insert a cd in the laptop can someone help me
Thanks in advanced

A:Latitude D430 Reboots

Does the laptop power up?
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Looking for the best configuration on connecting up my new Motherboard, I am using
a new SATA Hard drive and I have a 2 channel IDE ports available,
I am using 2 Sony burners, one is a CD-R burner and the other is a DVD burner,
should I connect them to the first channel and make one master and the other slave?
on the IDE 1.
Or make the both Master and connect one burner to each IDE port?
Has any one ever had any after run errors or burning problems?

Looking for some advice from anyone who has fiqured this out.

A:Sata HD and CD/DVD Burning

I would use both as Master, on different ATA cables.
But actually I don't think there's much difference either way, these days.
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Hi all I m at a lost end here I m wasting so many DVDR s trying burn discs The burner works just as often as it fails but if anyone can help me it will be appearing burning keeps DVD error greatly appreciated I m no genius with these things I get this error DVD burning error keeps appearing PM SPTI - File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line D CdRom SCSIStatus x WinError NeroError - Sense Key x KEY ILLEGAL REQUEST PM Text File Cdrdrv cpp Line - D PIONEER DVD-RW DVR- D Queue again later PM SPTI - File SCSIPassThrough cpp Line D CdRom SCSIStatus x WinError NeroError - Sense Key x KEY ILLEGAL REQUEST PM CDR - File Writer cpp Line Invalid block address D PIONEER DVD-RW DVR- D PM Text File ThreadedTransfer cpp Line all writers idle stopping conversion PM Text File ThreadedTransfer cpp Line conversion idle stopping reader PM Phase File APIProgress cpp Line Generating DVD high compatibility borders PM Phase File APIProgress cpp Line Generating DVD borders completed successfully PM Text File AudioCompilationImpl cpp Line DRM DRM burn session terminated PM Text File AudioCompilationImpl cpp Line DRM Closing entire DRM handling Bye Existing drivers File Drivers ASPI SYS Ver size bytes created PM Can anyone help me Thanks in advance ---- Sampan nbsp

A:DVD burning error keeps appearing

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

3 possible causes are.

1 low quality media. Try using a different make of blank disk.

2 you may need to update the firmware of your drive. If you decide to do this. Make sure you follow all the instructions carefully.

3 you have a dying drive. Self explanatory.

The top response is a copy taken from a post by Howard

I would like to add:

4. Update motherboard bios (this can be critical)

5. Download CCleaner and perform a full defrag on your drive

Regarding the updating bios (2 and 4) You will need to go to your manafacture website (for your DVD drive - which may need to be removed to confirm)
And your manufacture website (for your computer motherboard)
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So i am working on burning some pictures and my Drive keeps coming up with

E:/ is not accessible.
Incorrect Function.

I do have a CD DVD burner, I bought it from Newegg about a year and a half ago..

I have been searching the forum and have found answers to this question, but none of them have worked...

any trouble shooting things that anyone can help with??? this is really getting annoying...

ps, it burns CD's fine.. I just burned a mp3 CD earlier today from iTunes.... i just cant the get the pictures to burn..

A:Burner drive not burning pictures

Replace the burner
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I recently had to change my motherboard (after busting the other one with a dodgy fan installation), and it has been fine, bar for a couple of random restarts and an intermitant problem with some serious stuttering...

I checked the event log and it appears that the stuttering is caused by the CD ROM drives being constantly polled and not responding or being ready...this causes the entire system to stutter (mouse moves ever second or so)...I assume this is a bus clog up issue and it doesn't happen that often...solved by a restart.

I have had a couple of bugcheck reboots though (while playing games) got the following two mini dumps and don't know how to debug with them or even understand what they are there any chance someone more technically minded can look them over?

Many thanks...

A:Intermitant stuttering system and two bugcheck reboots...

Inside the minidumps:

Unable to load image ha10kx2k.sys, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ha10kx2k.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ha10kx2k.sys

Probably caused by : memory_corruption
Followup: memory_corruption

Creative sound card driver file.
Try updating your sound card drivers
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ok guys my pc seems to be rebooting randomly during games I know it can have lots of causes that s why I ll try to specify what I ve done The rebooting can be so random as to happening minute after running a game or after hours or even after running a whole day First of all my pc specs amd gig ram asus a v deluxe mobo nvidia geforce gs techsolo w PSU GB harddrive seagate if I remember correctly Now what I ve done so far -check for viruses spyware etc nothing -reinstalling windows -to no avail -checking for overheating not a probable cause I ve got nice airflow and good CPU and GPU coolers both zalman- gt CNPS reboots games during Random CU and for GPU zalmanvf speedfan reports normal temperatures about C idle stays under C full load The GPU is a bit hotter of course But since the reboots can also happen after one minute it s not really likely to be heat -run memtest for an hour No single error I might need to run it for a longer time Do I need to -blow out all dust you never know but it didnt help -tried to run the pc with the case open I really have no clue to what the solution might be I thought there might be something with the PSU I really don t know Hope you guys can help Also when I reboot I dont get BSOD s even with auto reboot turned off I also checked the event viewer and there were no system errors at all just an application error but that had to do with a missing dll a totally different subject Last thing I d like to add is that my pc has been running since I ve reinstalled windows a few times during the years but never had this before I really think this is a hardware related problem nbsp

A:Random reboots during games

I have had this issue before and fixed it by reconnecting all of my components in my case. It seemed to be that when I had installed my new motherboard i had not seated everything firmly. Hope that helps
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Hey I just finished burning a DVD for my DVD Player. And I went to go and play it and the Audio was faster then the Video. What could cause this?

A:Need Help Burning.

the codecs might have break,
or rather the burn process was interrupted, or
bad dvd have been used......

have you try burning other title to other brand of dvd media??
i suggest u to get 1 or 2 DVD-RW or DVD+RW so that you can use the re-writable media to check the result....
Relevancy 29.24%

i dont know why it does it but i have read abit into what might cause the problem, but still i dont have a clue why. the last time it happened...apart from today was about a week a go. here are the stop errors i got.

Error code 0000004e, parameter1 00000099, parameter2 00000000, parameter3 00000000, parameter4 00000000.

and whilst looking through the event view i noticed alot of DCOM errors, does this have any relevance?


Relevancy 27.09%


I have a little bit of a problem. I have Nero 7 Ultra Edition. And I wanna burn a DVD to put in my DVD Player. But see I need to use DVD-R but my Internal Burner can only burn DVD+R and I got an External Burner that burns DVD-R But I seem to not be able to burn. Because I go to select a burner and the External does not show up.


I'm using USB to plug it in.
It's a Plextor Burner.

A:Burning with an External

Unplug the external drive then reinsert it into the usb port then start Nero, it should work. If not try Deepburner, it's free.
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I built a new rig about a week or so ago Q G Asus P KC GB OCZ DDR - GT MB Sounblaster Audigy x SATA HDD x IDE HDD x IDE DVD-RW Antec Smartpower W PSU Running Windows XP SP I bought and have been playing Bioshock through Steam at high settings with no problems at all more than hours racked up in this game with extended hour gaming sessions no problem Bought NWN Mask of the Betrayer and COD as well a few days ago and installed both earlier However when I try to play them my PC just reboots of its own accord This happens at about - minutes into NWN MOB and with COD it always happens at almost the exact same point during the introductory sequence whilst the main game is loading Portal runs okay as well as Bioshock Given this pattern I suspected a Securom problem but I found it happens with Oblivion as well - again after about minutes of game time as with NWN I also tried a no-DVD crack for COD to see if that helped when reboots build New games starting but it didn t make any difference I also found that the HL Lost Coast video stress test causes a reboot as well So how do I diagnose and correct this issue Why does Bioshock run so well for so long whilst a less taxing game like NWN causes a reboot so soon and COD won t even get past the introductory loading sequence I am stumped Usual suspects for me would be PSU - but it s a quality brand with A on the V rail - and Bioshock runs fine RAM - but Prime Orthos and Memtest run okay Prime for hours blending Memtest I ve run for hours without errors Gfx card - I ve read about some problems with the GTs and have tried underclocking everything on the card though my temps are fine on it anyway and again New build reboots when starting games Bioshock runs perfectly I ve restored my BIOS to default settings turned off RAM transaction booster onboard audio PCI memory mapping and other potentially destabilising settings but still no joy I ve also got the latest chipset gfx and sond drivers installed I ve tried swapping my memory sticks around using one at a time and changing the slots they use I have no other PCI-E gfx cards to test with nor a spare PSU What are my next moves Help Please I have automatic restarts disabled in system settings as well nbsp

A:New build reboots when starting games

Have you modified the voltages or timings on the memory? If not, you may want to loosen them up and maybe up the voltage .05 - .1. My first thought if that your PSU may not be powerful enough. I know it is inconvenient, but maybe upgrading to a 650-750 watt might be a good investment for future and present issues. Also, I notice you used an IDE HDD, is that the original drive you formatted windows onto?
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OK here s my biggest issue right now I m hoping someone can assist me I am having issues with random automatic reboots of my machine My first thought was that it was potentially a power supply issue so I replaced my watt supply with a watt supply unfortunately I do not recall manufacturer of either at the moment random/intermittent solving reboots Help I m sorry That didn t solve the issue I pulled out my IEEE card as I m not currently using it as well as a bracket card that came with my motherboard that provided a TV-out as my video card also has a TV out Still no better I can go or days without a reboot then have reboots within hours of each other One would then think that the obvious culprit would be a memory issue and I thought think that as well I ran a memory tester overnight and when I got up this morning it showed no errors after passes I m honestly stumped The reboots began concurrent with upgrading Help solving random/intermittent reboots RAM and I was certain that the memory tester would turn up something overnight I ve also cleaned out the heatsink and fan for the processor and reapplied fresh heatsink compound my processor runs at it s hottest at Celsius I have a mess of minidump files if anyone can parse them I tried last night and I simply can t make heads or tails of what the Windows tools are telling me I can attach them as a zip archive immediately on request Here s my system hardware my PC is more a media center type machine than a heavy duty gaming machine I use it mostly for music and video editing photo editing et cetera I don t overclock MSI K N G-L motherboard AMD AthlonXP w stock heatsink fan Linksys LNE TX LAN card MSI Geforce MX AGP video card MB Seagate GB Hard drive ATA for OS applications primary master Seagate GB Hard Drive ATA data primary slave Western Digital GB Hard drive ATA data secondary slave LiteOn LH- A H DVD-RW DL Drive secondary master SoundBlaster PCI PCI sound card x Patriot MB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Anyone out there able to help me nbsp

A:Help solving random/intermittent reboots


If you could post 3 or 4 minidumps,they might help.

Did you try reverting to your previous RAM configuration ?

That would be a good troubleshooting idea.
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Im having problems buring discs currently.

It is writing to the disc and the disc will play when playing it on my computer but then will not play on a dvd player or cd player.

This happens when using media player, nero 8 or itunes as the burning software.

Does this sound disc image related? I tried uninstalling itunes but this didnt work and i dont have daemon tools installed.

I have two optical drives but which ever i use i have the same problem.

specs are:-
Athlon X2 dual core 6000
Secondary Seagate 150gb hard drive
Asus m2v motherboard
550watt PSU

A:Problem burning cds/dvds. image related?

Disk image insofar as the write process is not writing leadins and leadouts?
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I was getting bsod with trend micro firewall. Changed to trial version of ZA v
7.0.408.000 and know it reboots while playing games. Dell crash analysis says vsdatant.sys. I am running wxp media center sp2 3 gigs of ram and pentium d 2.8. I have 15 day trial version of za. Any help appreciated.

A:Reboots and BSOD

check my sticky in the "windows OS" forum. i have a guide posted that will help you troubleshoot stop errors. perhaps it'll help you find the exact root of the problem and pose a solution.
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I have Intel GZis motherboard Intel PentiumD GHZ X Out. My Please Burning. Help Its System, me Kinghston Memory GB WD mb Cache HD Heavy Watt PIII Server supply Converted Nvidia GS mb d Card Although Please Help me Out. My System, Its Burning. I have recently reapplied new heatsink paste my heatsink is original fan is perfect But this is still going over C degrees upto C degrees and usually when idly stay on C Degrees The problem is heatsink didn t seems to be hot enough Few days ago I applied a very high Speed fan but useless My supply sometimes gets warm System never gets stuck or do any problem But this temp is to high as recomended by intel which degrees for this Proc What should i do I am tired You GUYZ PLZ HELP ME I use SPEEDFAN Software to check Temp Also Intel own Utility Shows Same Contact Phone number removed by moderator - if you wish to give you number out do it via private message though this is still not recommended nbsp

A:Please Help me Out. My System, Its Burning.

Could possibly be a faulty temp sensor. Have you felt the heatsink with your hand? You say it doesnt seem to be hot enough, but if processor is over 65C for a while it will burn you.
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I have recently created a video on Showbiz and want to burn it to a DVD in my DVD-Rom drive. I went out and bought DVD+R's and when I go into Showbiz My DVD and create the DVD folder, the burn DVD option is always grayed out. Why? Is there another program I can use to burn this show onto a DVD?


A:HELP!!! Having problems burning a Showbiz dvd file onto a DVD

Showbiz DVD burning problem

Try uninstalling your DVD burner by opening start/settings/control panel/administrative tools/computer management/device manager and DVD/CD-ROM drives. Right click on the name of your drive and click on uninstall. Recheck the above path to verify that the drive no longer appears. Then exit and restart your computer. Check the above path to verify that the drive now appears. This should solve your problem. Apparently when Showbiz is installed it somehow corrupts the path to the burner. Hope this helps.
Relevancy 26.66%

Black This is the error log file i got always this message i ve wasted 6.0 burning when Error using nero too many cds Windows Error when burning using nero 6.0 XP IA WinAspi - ahead WinASPI File D Program Files Ahead nero Wnaspi dll Ver size bytes created PM Nero Version Internal Version d Nero Express Recorder lt SAMSUNG CDRW DVD SM- B gt Version T - HA TA - Adapter driver lt atapi gt HA Drive buffer kB Bus Type default - gt ATAPI detected ATAPI CD-ROM lt SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC- L gt Version C - HA TA - Adapter driver lt atapi gt HA Scsi-Device-Map DiskPeripheral SAMSUNG SV H atapi Port ID DMA On CdRomPeripheral SAMSUNG CDRW DVD SM- B atapi Port ID DMA Off CdRomPeripheral SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC- L atapi Port ID DMA Off CDRom-Device-Map SAMSUNG CDRW DVD SM- B F CDRom SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC- L Error when burning using nero 6.0 G CDRom AutoRun Excluded drive IDs WriteBufferSize Byte ShowDrvBufStat BUFE Physical memory MB kB Free physical memory MB kB Memory in use Uncached PFiles x Use Inquiry Global Bus Type default Check supported media Disabled Video CD PM Text File VCDDoc cpp Line VideoCD document burn settings ------------------------------------------ Compilation type VCD Menu Enable Picture in separate folder TRUE Folder name ICTURES Use CD-I TRUE CD-I configuration CONTROLS ALL CURCOL YELLOW PSDCURCOL RED PSDCURSHAPE ARROW CENTRTRACK AUTOPLAY AUTO ON DUALCHAN DUAL ON TIMECODE X TIMECODE Y LOTID X LOTID Y ALBUM STANDARD Encoding bitrate mode User defined kb s PM Phase File dlgbrnst cpp Line Encoding video PM Text File VCDCompilationImpl cpp Line Using Nero Video Converter version PM Text File AVIVCDFileItem cpp Line Encoding C movie Incredible MPEGAV MUSIC DAT to D DOCUME Admin LOCALS Temp NER C tmp ScalingType Video yes Audio yes File size bytes Resolution x Hz Frames PM Text File AVIVCDFileItem cpp Line Playing time s Requested rate KB s iVideoRate iAudioRate Estimated size blocks PM Text File AVIVCDFileItem cpp Line Encoding done PM Text File VCDFileItem cpp Line Actual size blocks PM Text File VCDFileItem cpp Line The generated Video file is of the evaluated size PM Text File Isodoc cpp Line Iso document burn settings ------------------------------------------ Determine maximum speed FALSE Simulate FALSE Write TRUE Finalize CD TRUE Multisession FALSE Burning mode DAO Mode XA ISO Level Max of char Character set ISO Joliet TRUE Allow pathdepth more than directories TRUE Allow more than characters in path TRUE Write ISO file extensions TRUE PM Text File VCDDoc cpp Line VCD options ----------------------------------------------------- Create standard compliant CD YES Encoding resolution NTSC ----------------------------------------------------- PM Text File Burncd cpp Line SAMSUNG CDRW DVD SM- B JustLink activated PM Text File Reader cpp Line Reader running PM Text File Writer cpp Line Writer SAMSUNG CDRW DVD SM- B running PM ISO GEN - File geniso cpp Line First writeable address x PM ISO GEN - File geniso cpp Line First writeable address x PM Text File Burncd cpp Line Turn on Disc-At-Once using CD-R RW media PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Last possible write address on media Last address to be written PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Write in overburning mode NO enabled CD PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line Recorder SAMSUNG CDRW DVD SM- B CDR code OSJ entry from Moser Baer India Limited ATIP Data Special Info hex D A LI F B A LO Additional Info hex invalid invalid invalid PM Text File DlgWaitCD cpp Line gt gt gt Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities lt lt lt PM Text File ThreadedTransferInterface cpp Line Setup items after recorder preparation TRM DATA MODE indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required required no patch infos - gt TRM DATA RAW MODE config wanted index blocks length blocks SAMSUNG CDRW DVD SM- B TRM DATA MODE MUSIC indices index not provided original disc pos relocatable disc pos for caching writing not required not required no patch infos - gt TRM DATA RAW MODE config wanted... Read more

A:Error when burning using nero 6.0

DVD Copying fails when doing on Windows XPS 200--PLS HELP!!

Pls help me in burning the DVD, I have already edited so many DVDs on my comp and they are ready to be copied onto the DVD using NERO, BUT its NOT HAPPENING AT ALL. I get an error after completeing 30% process and the copying just stops, PLS HELP AND ADVISE.

Windows XP 5.1
WinAspi: File 'Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=4.71 (0002), size=45056 bytes, created 7/16/2004 3:24:34 AM
ahead WinASPI: File 'C:\Program Files\Ahead\nero\Wnaspi32.dll': Ver=, size=164112 bytes, created 10/26/2004 6:35:34 PM
Nero Version:
Internal Version: 6, 6, 0, 14d

Recorder: <_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A> Version: 102C - HA 0 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <atapi> HA 0
Drive buffer : 2048kB
Bus Type : default (0) -> ATAPI, detected: ATAPI
CD-ROM: <_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A>Version: 102C - HA 0 TA 0 -
Adapter driver: <atapi> HA 0

=== Scsi-Device-Map ===
CdRomPeripheral : _NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A atapi Port 0 ID 0 DMA: On
DiskPeripheral : ST380819AS iaStor Port 1 ID 0 DMA: On

=== CDRom-Device-Map ===
_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A D: CDRom0

AutoRun : 1
Excluded drive IDs:
WriteBufferSize: 83886080 (0) Byte
ShowDrvBufStat : 0
BUFE : 0
Physical memory : 1014MB (1038412kB)
Free physical memory: 369MB (378536kB)
Memory in use : 63 %
Uncached PFiles: 0x0
Use Inquiry : 1
Global Bus Type: default (0)
Check supported media : Disabled (0)

Burn DVD Image
10:17:41 PM #1 Text 0 File Reader.cpp, Line 127
Reader running

10:17:41 PM #2 Text 0 File Writer.cpp, Line 122
Writer _NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A running

10:17:41 PM #3 Text 0 File Burncd.cpp, Line 3230
Turn on Disc-At-Once, using DVD media

10:17:53 PM #4 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, Line 267
Last possible write address on media: 2295103 (510:01.28, 4482MB)
Last address to be written: 2171298 (482:30.48, 4240MB)

10:17:53 PM #5 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, Line 279
Write in overburning mode: NO (enabled: CD)

10:17:53 PM #6 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, Line 2433
Recorder: _NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A, Media type: DVD+RW
Disc Manufacturer ID: SONY, Media Type ID: S11, Product revision number: 0
Disc Application Code: 0, Extended Information Indicators: 1

10:17:53 PM #7 Text 0 File DlgWaitCD.cpp, Line 445
>>> Protocol of DlgWaitCD activities: <<<
Insert empty disc to write to.
(Medium in drive: DVD+RW. Medium required by compilation: DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL.)
This disc is not empty.
(Medium in drive: DVD+RW. Medium required by compilation: DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL.)
Accessing disc...
(Medium in drive: DVD+RW. Medium required by compilation: DVD+R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R DL.)

10:17:53 PM #8 Text 0 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 830
Setup items (after recorder preparation)
0: TRM_DATA_MODE1 (2 - CD-ROM Mode 1, ISO 9660)
2 indices, index0 (150) not provided
original disc pos #0 + 2171299 (2171299) = #2171299/482:30.49
not relocatable, disc pos for caching/writing not required/not required, no patch infos
-> TRM_DATA_MODE1, 2048, config 0, wanted index0 0 blocks, length 2171299 blocks [_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A]

10:17:53 PM #9 Text 0 File ThreadedTransferInterface.cpp, Line 1043
Prepare recorder [_NEC DVD+-RW ND-6650A] for write in CUE-sheet-DAO
DAO infos:
MCN: ""
TOCType: 0x00; Session Closed, disc not fixated
Tracks 1 to 1:
1: TRM_DATA_MODE1, 2048/0x00, FilePos 0 0 4446820352, ISRC ""
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Hello all...
Been having an issue for a while now with my Gateway laptop. I can format the system, re-install all my software per my setup, and then burn one data DVD successfully, and after that, all my burns fail. I'm currently updating my Nero software to Nero, in hopes that will resolve my problems, however I'm not relying on that. Hoping someone can advise that's better w/ burning than me. I know Nero creates a log, however I need advise on how to access it...

Thx for assistance... Plz feel free to ask what ya need to know...


A:Need Help with basic DVD Data burning Problem

Have you tried different Media?

Some of the cheap stuff is woeful, unless you want Drink Coasters...

You can also try slowing the Burn Speed {when you get to the final bit in Nero where you can rename the Disc etc, click on the left side of the box and it'll give you the option of what speed to burn at}.