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Troubleshooting an evga GTX 660

Q: Troubleshooting an evga GTX 660

Alright so I got a new video card for an old build with a dying video card The new one is an evga GTX non ti non overclocked The problem is upon installing the drivers the PC bluescreens while at the starting windows screen The message says attempt to restart the graphics driver and recover failed or whatever it is along those lines the stop message ix x driver in question is nvlddmkm sys I have eliminated as far as I can tell the possibility of a driver problem I tried driver sweeper once tried two versions of drivers the one on the disc and the latest from online and I simply just uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times Anyway I have eliminated the possibility of drivers im fairly sure and the possibility of a bad motherboard as my GT is working perfectly as I type this on the PC in question Noteably the GT bluescreens 660 Troubleshooting an evga GTX about once a week or so with the same message of driver recovery failed I could not tell you if the stop message is the same if it happens again ill update thread This only happens after a while of gaming or sometimes tabbing in and out of games Temperatures are reasonable not a cause Troubleshooting an evga GTX 660 I might also say that the card DID boot ubuntu live off a USB and display the screen in p quite well It also works fine in safe mode for windows I couldnt get any of the GPU diagnostics tools in ubuntu to work though-most seemed to be unavailable Troubleshooting an evga GTX 660 to download the nvidia drivers didnt like live copy So my question is could the OS itself be the problem Should I attempt to make a small linux partition Or is Troubleshooting an evga GTX 660 it more likely than not just a faulty card Im about done here I just want to know by tommorow if I can send the bloody thing back if it is indeed faulty Specs core quad Q GB ddr w PSU card appears to be working fine on it in terms of fan spinning slight heat generation Intel DG CN example link http compare ebay com like var lv amp ltyp AllFixedPriceItemTypes amp var sbar I know its not a good system to put a gtx on but the rest will be replaced eventually If its relevant my case has more than adequate cooling This is not what I wanted to do upon receiving a new card I wanted to game Please please help and thank you nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Troubleshooting an evga GTX 660

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Troubleshooting an evga GTX 660

The 660 requires a 450W PSU or greater, so you are fine. What OS do you have?
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EVGA SuperClocked 03G-P4-2666-KR GeForce GTX 660 3GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP
is this a good enough step up to play battle field 4 at a high level?
low on cash but this card I found seems to have what I need plus maybe a few yrs in it before a upgrade is needed. any input would be appreciated.
reason I ask is I have a day to cancel and get something else but I am not real good with computers. I am running a phenom quad core with 4 gigs of ram on win 7 ultimate and a 600 watt power supply and 1t hard drive


A:EVGA SuperClocked 03G-P4-2666-KR GeForce GTX 660 3GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP

This should answer your question. The GTX 660 has 30FPS with ultra quality at 1680x1050. Lowering the quality settings to high, raised the frame rate to nearly 50FPS.

Final Thought:

If you can live with high settings however, you'll boost your frame rates by around 60%, sometimes as much as 80%, which is enough to make the GTX 660 and HD 7850 practical options. ...
Fortunately, there's less to consider when choosing a processor -- just make sure you have a quad-core chip. It doesn't even have to be a new one, as even the Core i7-920 and Phenom II X4 980 took care of business. ...Click to expand...

Side note:

As was the case with Battlefield 3, as long as your processor has four cores/threads, it shouldn't have a problem in EA's latest shooter. The only processors to struggle were the dual-core AMD Phenom and Athlon CPUs, while the game can utilize up to eight threads if your chip has them on tap.Click to expand...

Another improvement would be to get 8GB memory. In my opinion 4GB is boarder-line to being sufficient.
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PSU issue I think

heres what it is when I first installed this card (had a 500w antec psu) the comp was fine till I played diablo and poof shut off the comp via psu , so decide to get a thermaltake 2 600w and hook tht up now ot plays for a longer time
but does the same thing,I took the card back and got a new one of the same
same thing happens , so I decided to try a different approach and I have a psu I modded for xbox 360 tht is wired to stay on and I ran the card powered by tht and was able to play for hours and only 2 times it shut that psu off suggestions or now a psu tht doesnt get fooled so easy or what is really going thank you


A:PSU issue with evga gtx 660 superclocked

If you got a different video card and a different PSU, chances are there is something else wrong unless you got very unlucky and got another bad part from one of the two things swapped out.
My guess would be one of the following just from one you said:
The new PSU is bad as well
The CPU is overheating and shutting off
GPU could be overheating and shutting off (Though this is unlikely)
Those are just a few things to check, I would go into the bios and see what temp the CPU is running at while in there and decide if its running above what it should be. If that's not the issue I would try returning the PSU for a different one and see if that fixes the issue. Though the fact that the machine shuts off with 3 different PSU's points to a different part being an issue.
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Hi, I am planing to build a custom budget gamning PC.
Is this GPU( gtx 650 2 gb) or this ( gtx 650 2 gb) really worth it and does it fits to this:

AMD Athlon X4 760K-CPU
Corsair Vengeance 1600 Mhz 4 or 8 GB-RAM
Corsair CX430-PSU
NZXT Source 210-CASE
WD Caviar Blue 500 GB-HDD
Sorry for my english.
Thanks in advance.

A:Is EVGA GTX 650 2 GB worth it?

Do you have a budget for how much you can spend on the Video Card itself? I would suggest shopping around because Amazon doesn't always have the best deals. Depending on where you are located, you could find some really sweet deals. Spending another $10 you can get an EVGA GeForce GTX 750 Ti Superclocked 2GB ( ) or for the same price as GTX 650 you can get a PNY GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB ( ). I'm not saying you have to buy either of those cards, just showing you that you have options. You could also go with an AMD video card if you wanted to. Let us know how much you can spend (on either just the Video Card or the whole system) and we can help you out.
Also, looking at the specs you included, it looks like you have a decent plan for the build. I would suggest getting 8GB of Ram, not just 4GB. If you want to game on it, then 8GB is pretty much the "safe zone" for gaming.
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I really want to understand this I m NOT just looking for somebody to do my homework I ve been working on this and I keep running into problems If anybody could help me out I would appreciate it So far I have this Not sure if this is right - register new Domain - Add an A record in XYZ zone File for ABC that points to understand troubleshooting Help DNS the same Name Server - Use FTP to change all instances of the Old Domain Name to the New domain name using Find Replace or something similar - Set up a redirect under the old domain so that visitors are redirected to the new domain - When the months is almost over set a low TTL for the XYZ record so that it doesn t remain cached and Help understand DNS troubleshooting the New Domain name propagates faster I m confused on how to add the second Domain name Should I add an A record to the XYZ zone file or should I create a new account on the server for ABC I m also confused about the SOA configurations for both Can anybody put me on the right Help understand DNS troubleshooting track Question quot We need to change the name of one of our main servers Currently it is called XYZ and we need to change the name to ABC However we cannot have any lapse in our customers ability to access the server regardless of whether they use the old name or the new name What process can we use to change the name of the server on our domain s DNS zone without any gap The IP address of the server will remain the same Currently there is an A record in the DNS table for XYZ We want to make the change so that during the next months either name will access the server Then at the end of the months we want the old name to disappear Please suggest a timeline of changes we need to make to the DNS to make sure this is a seamless transition quot nbsp
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I have had this card for a little over 2 years. Now I want to upgrade to something better because I not only game, but hook my computer up to my Sony HDTV for movies and such.
My system Specs:
Intel core i7 960 (3.85 GHz)
18GB RAM (corsair vengeance? forgot)
512GB SSD (OCZ vertex 4)
EVGA GTX 560 TI Superclocked (want to upgrade?)
650w PSU

I am looking at maybe a EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked or around that price range of $250. I do not want to SLI my 560 because I don't think my PSU can handle it and heat issues.

Any suggestions or advice? Thank you guys in advance you are the greatest!!!!!

A:Upgrading from EVGA GTX 560 TI Superclocked

The GTX 760 is a good choice. Other option in that price range would be a HD 7950.

Btw playing movies through a TV doesn't warrant an upgrade since it's not GPU intensive. You should see a nice performance bump when playing graphically demanding games though.
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Hello !! The Lenovo G430 that I have is unable to read the pen drives though it gives an indication that the pen drive has been inserted.Can you please suggest a way to rectify this problem.Thanks in advance !!

A:Pen Drive Troubleshooting

Verify it has FAT32 partition and has been formatted
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System Specs:
Motherboard Asus P8Z77-V Pro
CPU: i7 3770k
PSU: Antec EA650 Green
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 670 2GB OC
SSD: OCZ Vector 128GB SSD Indilinx Barefoot

First problem, every time I started my system, it would run a scan on the SSD for no reason. Figured there was something wrong with it, and exchanged for a new one. Same problem.

Today, suddenly the SSD disappeared from my boot devices completely. I am unable to find the SSD in the bios, and the system can't boot up.

About to give up on it and just use the HDD. Any suggestions on troubleshooting?

The ssd is connected to the Intel Z77 Sata 6 Gb/s connector on the motherboard.

A:Need help troubleshooting SSD

So the SSD is the primary drive with the OS installed? Is it set as AHCI in the bios?
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I noticed after I installed beta driver 310.70 that temps at idle were way up, about 41c, so I removed the card and cleaned the fan and heatsink with compressed air (it wasn't very dirty). Still high temps afterwards, started looking at settings, and noticed that the card was no longer idling down (staying at 981 MHz core and 2257 MHz memory all the time). That explains the high temps, but how do I fix this problem. I tried a completely clean install of the stable driver (306.97) per a guide on the proper way to update Nvidia drivers, but the problem remains. Checked all the BIOS settings, multiple monitor is disabled, etc. Checked all settings in Nvidia Control Panel. Any help will be much appreciated! BTW I am running Windows 8 Pro x64
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Just installed a new EVGA card This is the card that has GTX Gpu s on it 460 EVGA GTX problems The problem is the PC starts up normally I get one beep and all things start loading fine and I can even hear the windows startup tune Unfortunately I EVGA GTX 460 problems get no video to the monitor I will then hold down the power button and power it down I hit the power EVGA GTX 460 problems button again get the quot Windows did not start up normally quot screen and THEN I am able to get it started and working correctly Now this morning I did all the things I previously did and got quot Startup Recovery quot This ran for a while and then windows came up normally Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated System Asus P Z deluxe mobo evga win gtx dual gpu gb vid mem OCZ Fatality series PSU w Intel Core i k cpu gb Corsair vengeance Ram tb Seagate HDD nbsp

A:EVGA GTX 460 problems

did you upgrade to the latest drivers? If all else fails try updating the BIOS.
if that fails, save yourself the hassle of troubleshooting and RMA the card.
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I recently bought a new custom pc, but kept old 560 Ti in it.
So System what I have now:
850w PSU Corsair;
16gb Kingston Ram 1600Mhz;
3770k i7 Intel Cpu @ 4.7Ghz
Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H;
Gigabyte 560 Ti Video card;

There is 2.2 Cm distance between Cards. I would get a 560 Ti in no time if I wouldnt be worried about the heat.

I want to buy a new video card or add another 560 Ti. But Selling my current 560 Ti would be hard here.
I could get a new 560 Ti for 300$ (Hate prices in Latvia(East Europe))
or Gigabyte's Gtx 680 2gb For 740$(Price here)
or Gigabyte's Gtx 670 2gb for 570$(Price Here)
I have a chance getting Evga's 680 FTW 4gb from US but its gonna be only on october 630$ (Price in the US)

Question is, What would you do if you were me?

EDIT: I am using old Monitor - 1440 x 900 Resoulution, Going to buy 1920 x 1080 Soon

A:What should I get? Another 560 Ti or EVGA's 680 FTW?

My opinion based on the fact that you aren't yet capable of gaming at 1080p resolutions is stick with your 560 till October and then get a much cheaper 670 from the US (instead of the FTW). For $630 you're inching pretty close to a pair of 670s @ $800. The rest of your machine would NOT be a bottleneck to a pair of 670s but I'd be willing to bet you would be happy with just 1 of them.
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I recently bought my gtx 570 and love it does everything I want (havent tested very demanding games just yet) and I was wandering is there any game out there that I would have to overclock it

A:Is it worth overclocking my EVGA GTX 570

Well what games do you play? BF3 for example would benefit from an overclock. You should be able to get 800-850Mhz without a voltage tweak.
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This is my first time posting on any forum so please excuse me if I miss some things out I recently got a second hand EVGA GTX gb OC from an online auction site I have a Dell XPS which 460 signal! GTX EVGA no Secondhand -- had a w psu in it I installed the card and attached both pin power cables and I got a single beep no signal and my computer wouldn t boot into the operating system I figured this might Secondhand EVGA GTX 460 -- no signal! be due to my power supply being under the recommended wattage so I bought a Zippy w psu and I m still having the same Secondhand EVGA GTX 460 -- no signal! problem My old card still works fine so no problem with the motherboard I ve tried uninstalling the old gpu drivers and still nothing The error code that my computers lights display translates to quot Other failure quot which Secondhand EVGA GTX 460 -- no signal! according to dell means there is most likely a hardware failure Is this a common problem and is there a solution or am I now the proud owner of a paperweight Thanks in advance Nesh nbsp

A:Secondhand EVGA GTX 460 -- no signal!

Maybe Dell don't allow you to change the graphics card? Maybe you can try the card in a friend's PC.

Btw $230 is very expensive for that card, about twice the market value.
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Thanks for taking a moment to read my question.

I recently built a computer and attempted to power on the first time. I do already think I know what the problem is but I want to verify.

When powered on, for 2-3 seconds the fans/lights turned on and then off with a temporary period of time where I couldn't power again. If I waited 30-60 seconds I could try to power again with the same result.

I have a Zalman heatsink with an Intel Core i5 2400k on a Gigabyte motherboard. I don't think I applied the thermal grease well enough and the connection between the mobo, cpu, and heatsink is not the best.

Am I right that the faulty connection with the CPU is what causes this exact problem? Everything is connected properly, and the only other reason I think is possible is that I shorted a component.

Any thoughts are welcome.

A:Help troubleshooting powering up problem

The thermal grease will not affect the operation of the computer until it overheats and either the CPU dies or overheats to the point that the mobo senses this and shuts down. If it's not even getting to the post, I doubt that is the problem. It sounds like a power supply problem to me. What output your PSU rated at?
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I wonder if EVGA had the official 'okey-dokey' before pushing out this little gem. It handily bests the GTX 580 while sporting 2GB 's of memory.(only 1GB per GPU however). In many situations it will give the GTX 590 a run for its money...actually for about $200.00 less. At the same price as the average GTX 580, this card would seem to be ready to cannibalize sales of both the GTX 580, and 590 if it is made widely available. It's seemingly an odd move, but a tremendous card according to the folks over at PC Perspective

From PC Perspective:

the review can be had here at PC Perspective

A:EVGA GTX 560 Ti 2 Win 2GB dual-GPU graphics card

The card more than likely has Nvidia's stamp of approval since at the price point it equals enthusiast territory, and like the dual GTX 460 EVGA launched earlier, I think the card is neutered on being SLI'ed with another of it's kind ( strike one). Nice niche card but...
At $500+ it's also going up against EVGA's own GTX 560Ti DS (with similar cooling) that's clocked faster and would certainly have more OC headroom at the same price point (SLI) (strike two)
Like the dual-GTX460 (and the PowerColor dual HD 6870) I wouldn't think the card would see widespread release. It checks the same boxes as the conventional two card setup ( good price/ perf. relatively cool'n'quiet ..but is still saddled with the 1GB frame buffer and 256-bit bus that makes it less than suitable for Surround/ 3D/ 3D Surround (strike three).

I'm actually surprised that EVGA haven't launched a dual version of their GTX 580 Classified 3GB (just for PR's sake at least) and Nvidia probably would frown upon a GTX 570-2Win, but I'm also guessing that the PCB, extra memory and VRM's would make it prohibitively expensive in any given that those two options are off the table, then a dual GTX 560Ti becomes the de facto choice I suppose.
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Several mos ago replaced OEM GPU that ran hot w EVGA GT When hot weather got here I noticed GT seemed to run hotter than I think it should w normal browsing temp to EVGA before GT up? 240 Max fan cranking allow But also noticed fan speed really didn t increase much until temps were in high s - Max temp to allow EVGA GT 240 before cranking fan up? even then fan might run only - I can get GPU up past C just clicking back forth on some images - like Mozilla themes Yes the GPU fins fan are clean - took em outside amp blew out Can see down thru the fins w a flashlight to check Really wasn t dirty so made no diff under type of use described Installed MSI s Afterburner amp tried the quot User defined software automatic fan control quot - which controls the fan well SpeedFan didn t amp easy on resources Question - at what temp would you really crank up the fan to avoid ever getting above that temp Specs or manuals don t give this info Obviously the stock setup wasn t effective Right now have Afterburner set to at C C see graph This may not be running the fan high enough to keep it below C - still gets there opening a lot of pages Once fan kicks in temp drops fairly quickly amp running at that easily drops it below C or Should note - no other components get nearly as high so doesn t seem to be a problem w the case I know some report GPUs running F amp even higher but seems kinda high amp hard on components if happens very often Still have a lot of room to increase fan speed but don t want to be overly concerned if C isn t an issue I could raise it to or higher C if necessary This also makes me question effectiveness of the factory thermal paste as I ve read so many complain about That maybe I should think about redoing the paste Thanks nbsp

A:Max temp to allow EVGA GT 240 before cranking fan up?

Hi Debbie,
GPU' s are designed to run warmer than CPU's so while cooler is better, 50-60c is nothing to get overly concerned with. increasing the airflow through your case to lower temps would be preferable to running the cards fan at 90% constantly if you can. The upper thermal limit for GPU's (AMD & Nvidia) is 105c. while thats to warm as far as I am concerned, If you can keep idle temps below 50c and load temps to 85c or less, the card will probably outlast your use for it.
Hope that helped
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Hi everybody I m having some problems with an OEM computer a relative bought some years ago At startup the CPU fan spins endless and computer does not boot I tried a few cold boots and restarts and it finally booted The HDD prompted that boot ini was missing but it continued to start Windows for some reason After a long time on the windows loading screen it took me to CHKDSK minutes later I heard high beeps from the internal speaker and the system hangs So I checked up the beeps on Intels website and it said that it was memory error so I changed the RAM I fired it up again just to be greeted with the same endless spinning of the CPU After some more cold boots It booted up and did CHKDSK again until it beeped times and hangs So I did boots with nearly all D975XBX Troubleshooting Intel my RAM Troubleshooting Intel D975XBX sticks and still got beeps memory error yes i have cleaned the DIMMs from dust Troubleshooting Intel D975XBX Because of all this RAM changing I began to notice the LEDs in the computer fluctuating Since the GFX is passive cooled it had no fans So I decided to put one with fans in When removed the GFX card it was so freaking hot hotter than it should be And when I inserted my GTS the fans also fluctuated when powered on The HDD also began to do a cracking noice There had been a recent power outtake so I called my relative to ask if she was affected by it and she told me quot Yes quot - Ok so the power went out she did not care to turn off the PSU and when the power got on it surges and something or everything short-circuited So well I hope I ve been thorough enough Is the motherboard failing due to the power outtage How can I know for sure Thanks for taking your time nbsp

A:Troubleshooting Intel D975XBX

Sounds mostly like a failing hard drive....
To prove the point for free, have you got a Linux disc that you can run 'Live' in the DVD drive?
Just go into the BIOS, (power on & tap F2 key straight away) ~ (But some pc's are 'esc' or 'del')
Change the boot order to 1)CD/DVD drive 2)HDD
then 'Save changes and exit' (usually F11)
Put the Linux disc in, reboot and see if it runs ok.
It will run slower than you are used to, but will prove everything works, and may point to the Hard drive or maybe the Windows O/S being at fault.
You could download the Linux O/S , but I have several that were given away on PC magazines. (eg. Ubuntu 10.10 ).
One advantage is you won't need to download any drivers for it, it's all on the disc and sets itself up. Used this method here several times.
*Look for the link to 'Ubuntu live CD' (you would need to burn this file to cd to use it, I use 'Trueburner', the 'Burn ISO image' option).
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ok first off i got this board second hand from my brother he couldnt get it to work at all however he thought it was a video card compatability issue He had a ATI Radeon card and its an NVIDIA chipset on the board Now that ive giving a tiny bit of back ground ill give you the systems specs or atleast the specs itll be once its working and can see things CPU Intel core duo E RAM GB DDR x OCZ REAPER Motherboard As mentioned EVGA NVIDIA i sli GPU GEforce GS PSU Sparkle W gold class TB for storage and a GB + no =( sli output board video Evga 680i Nvidia for the OS Thats whats in my box and the box itself is a Rosewill Evga Nvidia 680i sli board + no video output =( CRUISER So far everything looks like its powers up right and and the HDD spins up it seems like its posting correctly i jus cant get anyvideo out of it Any suggestions would be helpful also keyboards will not work in any usb port and on the mointer it says entering power save mode it detects the cable being there but does not get a signal ive tried multiple keyboards and multiple video cables nbsp

A:Evga Nvidia 680i sli board + no video output =(

sounds like it's just a faulty board... it doesn't matter if you have a single ATI or NVIDIA card, it should work with either
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I ordered a card reader for my system System in my specs So I shut down Need advice some troubleshooting POST) (won't and pulled Need some troubleshooting advice (won't POST) the power cord from the PSU after shutting down then to get any extra juice out of it I pushed the power button Then I took the side and front panel off and put in the card reader and hooked it up to the mobo During this I noticed the system was moderately dusty so I blew it out with canned air in place figured I d just vacuum the area up later Put the front panel back on and hit the power button everything fires up but I don t get anything on screen I also do not get any beeps The fans all power up and stay on the hard drive spins up vid card spins up everything seems normal I just don t get a POST It also doesn t sound or look based on the hdd activity light like Windows is loading up at any time Here is what I ve done to try and fix it so far Removed video card to access CMOS jumper reset with that Even pulled the battery and hit the power button while unplugged from the wall for good measure Disconnected all unnecessary hard drives Disconnected the USB header for the card reader Unplugged the PSU flipped the voltage switch on back then flipped it back to normal Switched to a spare PSU I m a bit unsure on what else to do I didn t touch anything else in the system during the addition of a card reader I m going to remove the RAM and put it back in just because that is simple enough to do I really don t want to unmount the CPU and reseat it because I didn t do anything with that and my heatsink basically requires I remove the entire motherboard to reseat - guess this is where a super expensive case is nicer Edit Removed RAM Powered up Got warning beeps Put GB back in No POST nbsp

A:Need some troubleshooting advice (won't POST)

Swap the Ram modules around and try again using just one module at a time.

Try to boot the PC with your OS disc in the drive.

Did you earth yourself before touching any of the components?
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I was just curious if the was good card for a low end system? I really only play CS 1.6 and use the net to look up football and movies!! i got 50 dollar gift certifacate to best buy so i thought i would get this video card!!!

1.9ghz athlon xp
1.5 gigs of ram
A-bit nf7 mother board
audigy soundblaster
pny Geforce 256mb video card
500 watt power supply
Windows xp sp3
160 gig WD 7200rpm
40 gig 7200 rpm

That is what im runnning!! I kidna wonder if the 2 gigs of ram im using is making the 256 meg video card lock up my computer!! Not really sure what the deal is though lol!!

A:Evga GeForce 6200 512MB video card

I personally think you'd be better off getting a Geforce 8400GS, or ATi HD4350, or Geforce 210GT for that kind of money. I've no idea which is better of the three, but they're all under 50 bucks.

I would have recommended the HD4670 if it wasn't over 100 bucks, which is shocking given the price I paid for it here in the UK a year ago!
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I have an old computer which I am converting into a media system. It has a EVGA NVIDIA 7800GS card (AGP) which I am connecting a DVI to HDMI cable. Will this support sound through the DVI to HDMI cable or am I stuck with computer speaker sound from the computer audio port?

A:EVGA Nvidia 7800GS - DVI to HDMI sound

no, the sound will not be carried through the DVI connection. if you were using a direct HDMI output on the card it would work (if the sound had audio processing) but only the video will be carried (i.e. DVI does not support sound)
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It's a simple question i have 160? to buy graphic card, the best i can get for that kind of money is either EVGA gtx 460 786 SC or MSI gtx n460 786/5d Cyclone.

Which one is better?
Both cost same, one is 158? other 160?.

Which is quieter?
I can't find accurate info, for EVGA it says max noise 40 db, but at the same time it says it is the quieter of this class. For MSI i found review that says it only produces 31 db at full load.

How does mini-hdmi/dvi to hdmi work?
I saw lots of threads on different forums, where people are reporting problems with sound when they connect gtx 460 to TV to watch movies.

Thnx for help.

A:GF GTX 460 EVGA SuperClock / MSI cyclone

So, i found more information at goru 3d, they tested some of gtx 460 cards and now it is even tougher to decide.

MSI GTX 460 Cyclone OC - The idle noise levels coming from the card are downright silent, in idle you will barely hear the card as we measured 37~38 dBA, which is right below the threshold of noise coming from the PC itself.Click to expand...

eVGA GeForce GTX 460 768MB SuperClocked - Despite the temperatures being a little higher on this card, that does not have an effect on overall sound levels. At its hottest measured point (64 degrees C) the fan RPM had risen towards 45% RPM, and that's still very little. So even this massively overclocked SKU remains absolutely silent.Click to expand...

eVGA is a couple of fps faster than cyclone in most tests, but it doesn't have a voltage raise function if i decide to further oc. Whinch means max overclock is a bit lower compare to Cyclone.

In the end i may just buy the cheapest palin gtx 460 fot 145? and overclok it, i am sure i could oc it to 800mhz core and 4000mhz ram.
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My EVGA 8800gt is experiencing major issues, so I will be RMAing it shortly. I was wondering which card you think I will get in return? Anyone RMA one recently?

A:Evga 8800gt rma?

Probably a direct replacement.
EVGA will probably tell you what card you'll be getting once you get the RMA ticket.
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I've got an LG LS50-1Z1A Laptop. How do I force the Troublesooting Manual to execute through a later version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. I currently only reads V6 and I have V9 installed. the program is tguide.exe?

Possibly more importantly, and the reason I wanted to access this manual, is that when my screen turns off in the power save or hibernation, it wont turn back on for ages. I can get the laptop to re-activate easily, and I can just see to images on the screen enough to logon, however full poer/light doesn't re-start for age, and it's re-start is inconstant. Can you assist me with any paramaters in this style of machine so that I can get the screen to re-activate more quickly?

A:Troubleshooting problem with LG LS50-1Z1A laptop

Try restoring the laptop to factory new settings
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I just installed a EVGA geforce 8400 gs onto an intel board that does have onboard video. I set the display adapter to PCI-e on the BIOS but when I use the card the screen has a light blue tint to everything and the colors just look really off. I've tried changing the setting with the nvidia control panel but I just can't get a true white at all. When I take the card out and use the onboard video it looks perfect. I've updated the BIOS on the MoBo, the driver for the evga card but nothing works. I'm using windows xp sp2. Any thoughts? Thanks.

A:EVGA GeForce 8400 GS on an Intel D101ggc has a bluish tint and dull

It appears you have answered your own question. If still under warranty, I would find a way to replace it.
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Hi guys after quite a bit of trouble with choosing comparing etc my next graphic card I decided to go with GeForce GTX mainly because it seems a bit better than radeon HD and even though it doesnt have dx as radeon has it has PhysX which is an advatage since newer games will focus on dx and not but anyway I m now stuck on choosing the quot type quot of this Zotac, gigabite type EVGA, GTX GeForce OC...) 260 (TOP, graphic I sort of eliminated the basic one because I dont really care about say - bucks for better performance and decided to go with ASUS TOP version but than I saw this Gigabite OC version and really can t tell which one is better they re almost the same price or if there is better type here are the types I came across on my GeForce GTX 260 type (TOP, Zotac, EVGA, gigabite OC...) shop website with prices in USD -GigaByte GTX SO GV -N SO - I MB PCI -E - -GigaByte GTX OC GV-N OC- I MB PCI-E - -Zotac GTX Synergy ZT-X E KG-FDR MB PCI-E - -Asus ENGTX Glacia tor Plus HTDI MD MB GeForce GTX 260 type (TOP, Zotac, EVGA, gigabite OC...) PCI -EAsus ENGTX Glacia tor Plus HTDI MD MB PCI -E - -Gainward -Bliss GTX Golden Sample MB PCI -E - - Zotac GeForce GTX GS AMP Editio n ZT -X E KG -FCP MB - - ASUS ENGTX TOP HTDI M from asus store http www asus com product aspx P ID wFbgFmfX Zo exlV amp templete - and many other types mainly Gigabite Zotac EVGA here is the link site is in my native tongue czech but you will be able to clearly understand the types and prices they have USD - czech crown http www czechcomputer cz fulltext jsp query GTX amp type stockitem what I m looking for is obviosly the best-go best performance and I would like it to eventualy be able to go crossfire when I upgrade my motherboard And I would like to ask if it would be compatible with my PC here are current specs Motherboard - ASUS M A Graphic interface - ATI Radeon HD Graphics Memory - mb dual CPU -AMD Athlon X CPU Speed - overclock from bus speed MHz Power Supply Make Model - Watt output Amperage - not important since I obviously need a new one for this graphic card OS Windows XP Prof bit thanks for any hints and help nbsp

A:GeForce GTX 260 type (TOP, Zotac, EVGA, gigabite OC...)

The Gigabyte GV?-N26SO?-896I? (Super overclock ) version is the best performer of the bunch. It is on par with the GTX 275 in performance and comes with the standard Gigabyte three year warranty.
Review here
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My Gtx crapped out so I called EVGA to get eVGA over Fuming a replacement After tests a stool sample and a promise to give up my first born child they agreed to replace my card I shipped my card off to them and about days later I get an email telling me that they will not replace the card because when they looked at my card it had a tiny Fuming over eVGA i mean tiny chip at the very edge of the card They said that this damage is Fuming over eVGA a total loss to the card and they will not replace it The chip touches nothing not the circuitry at all and is so smal that you can barely see it My wife unfortunately did not ensure the shipping of my card so Im out of luck EVGA knew the card was bad IE the RMA they gave me before i shipped it off Anyone else have the crappy customer support from them or am I one of the goats running out to slaughter nbsp

A:Fuming over eVGA

When I RMA'd my video card EVGA responded very quickly. They gave me an RMA number just a few hours after I requested an RMA, and I got my new card just under two weeks after I shipped it to them. My card did not have any damage like a chip out of the edge though.
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i have a new toshiba l305 laptop that am unable to partition. it runs on windows vista. i have freed the hdd up to 74 gb of 120 gb. also i have used paragon partition utility that reports cross linked files. the vista shrink utility does not even function it displays 0 in the shrinked space.

A:Hdd partition troubleshooting

You could try Gparted.
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good morning new guy here I d like some help troubleshooting a home PC internet connection if someone has time to take pity on a novice BACKGROUND my PC is hooked up to the internet through a wireless router and cable modem the PC also had an aftermarket network interface card that had previously been used to enable another pc to share the internet connection the second pc is no longer in the house i had the pc harddrive wiped clean and the Internet connection troubleshooting Help operating system windows xp reloaded by an experienced IT professional now pc will not connect to internet WHAT I KNOW AND WHAT I VE DONE performed all Help troubleshooting Internet connection re-starts and disconnect connect of cables as Help troubleshooting Internet connection recommended by NIC router modem manufacturers and cable company Troubleshooting via telephone with cable company rep indicates that cable company can quot see quot my modem and router further the laptops in the house routinely connect to internet from their wireless connections through the wireless router just fine quot found new hardware wizard quot pops up upon starting pc and prompts indicate that network interface card software needs to be reloaded various methods of accessing cd to reload unsuccessful dialogue box says quot cannot find drivers problem with istallation device may not be working properly quot went to device manager and found yellow question mark next to quot ethernet controller quot indicating pc does not recognize NIC Router software also indicates quot you must have a working NIC to connect to the internet quot Removed aftermarket NIC and associated software thinking pc would connect through on-board NIC still no connection and device manager indicates ethernet controller is still not recognized unsuccessfully tried to load drivers with windows xp disc and dell os reinstallation disc inserted in cd drive device manager indicates ethernet controller enabled but not working properly ethernet controller location PCI BUS Device Function QUESTIONS how do i know whether or not i even have an onboard ethernet controller on the motherboard what does location quot PCI BUS quot above indicate Is it possible this is a simple matter of a bad aftermarket NIC that needs to be replaced Or does it indicate that the ethernet controller portion of the motherboard is bad aftermarket NIC removed and ethernet controller was still not recognized If so then i have to buy a new pc right vice repair or replace motherboard Why do I even need a NIC installed since pc is connected to router by cable and laptops connect wirelessly any information guidance would be greatly appreciated i think this is probably an easy fix and i m just not know- ledgeable enough to recognize the obvious nbsp

A:Help troubleshooting Internet connection

Open Device Manager -- Start/Control Panel/System/Hardware -- and scoll down to Network Adapters. Click on it to open the pull down menu. From what you said, the adapter will have a yellow exclamation mark beside it. Click on the adapter and then choose to uninstall the device. On the next bootup, Windows should find new hardware and load the Windows generic driver for it. You can then use the Network Wizard to create an internet connection
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Good Morning I hope you can help me with my question. I have a Cisco 827 ADSL router. The dsl line went down the other day. I still was able to ping the internet because we have a backup line so when I did a trace ip; it showed it was going out the other line. The DSL line is back online now; but when I do a tracert still it shows it going out the other line; If I change my gateway( on my pc) I'm able to go out the DSL line but I need to know how can I force a "ping" to go out the DSL line so I could know whether is down or not? or how would you approch this issue to find out if DSL is down?

Thank You.

A:DSL troubleshooting

forcing a path is not possible.

whatever program we use, we connect to the socket and then SEND packets.
The SEND will route traffic according to the routing table
(see yours using run->cmd /k route print)

the important like is the DEFAULT GATEWAY address; unless your target is on your
LAN (where traffic will flow there), getting outside your system is via the default gateway.

How to change the default gateway?
disconnect all devices from the router and disconnect any dial-up connection.
wait 30 seconds.
reconnect the link you wish to become the default
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Hi guys I just needed some advice as to whether this plan will come to fruition I have an ASUS EN GTS MB DDR that burnt out started seeing horizontal spots all over the screen and win -bit won t boot because of it Hence I have decided I will be getting a higher end video card to replace GTX260 core216 OC Planning GeForce buy to EVGA my year old GTS that I had paid CAD for Also I had modded the card with a Duorb VGA cooler about a month ago The new cards I have been looking at seem very power hungry and that is why the GTX core OC seems interesting I humbly require your expert opinions to help me decide if this thing will work with my rig or not And what alternatives can i go for Please note that I am not restricted to NVIDIA I am flexible for ATI Planning to buy EVGA GeForce GTX260 core216 OC s as well My rig specs are as follows Motherboard with only one PCIe x slot AMD Planning to buy EVGA GeForce GTX260 core216 OC Athlon x GHz AM socket modded w mm TR fan from Tt GB DDR RAM MHz W Antec PSU SLI ready NZXT Zero Case with x mm case fans LED SATA HDD one of them is a GB Hitachi rpm other is Seagate GB Windows RC -Bit Your thoughts are MOST welcome nbsp

A:Planning to buy EVGA GeForce GTX260 core216 OC

That card is a good choice. I'd go for a better psu with that thing, you'd barely make it.

On the other hand look into a 4890 1gb, it does beat out the 260 in some benchmarks and is a bit cheaper.
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I recently purchased an Open Box monitor ASUS VW off of Newegg It seemed to work fine from defected New troubleshooting advanced or Monitor, the intial start up but after working for a few New Monitor, defected or advanced troubleshooting hours online nothing graphics intensive it went randomly went New Monitor, defected or advanced troubleshooting black The power light was still blue as if it still had signal Tried turning monitor on and off also removing the power cable for a minute Once it restarts it will flash the input VGA and show the home screen for literally a second then fall black again Occasionally i can quot catch quot it by pressing the menu button Yet upon computer and monitor restart it will work again for a matter of time sometimes hours After blacking out the monitor will respond to stand-by modes showing an amber light but once woken flash input screen and fall black again No bent pins on VGA cable My display drivers are up to date as with Direct X I still have plenty of time for the -day return policy At this point i ve done what i know but i want to be sure it s defected before i send it back This was my first LCD anyhing coming from a CRT it s beautiful and i d rather not part with it Any help would be much appreciated Compaq Presario AMD Athlon ATI Radeon X mb nbsp

A:New Monitor, defected or advanced troubleshooting

Time to get a replacement from NewEgg.
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Now heres the issue im having thus far All components are are set Pc is ready to be powered Unfortunately this case has no pc speaker so i cant listen to the beeps upon powering on Hardware not functioning properly dvd drives have power but tray doesnt eject The system will that newly built wont Need troubleshooting a help pc on autoboot powered when power on when i flip the power switch on on the back of the psu power and reset on front is non operational yes theyre wired properly pc can only be Need help troubleshooting a newly built pc that wont autoboot when powered on powered off by turning off power on back of psu onboard reset and memok are working properly pc wont boot to bios stays at black screen and monitor goes into powersave Need help troubleshooting a newly built pc that wont autoboot when powered on All usb ports are working yet my keyboard doesnt seem to be operational guess that can be expected if pc isnt going into autoboot like it should upon being powered on for the first time Water cooling is fully functional as are all fans and leds Video card appears to be fine as far as the eye can see What should my next step be to troubleshoot Plz suggest another location to post this thread if need be Need help quick Will post very frequently on this thread so keep in touch Thx nbsp

A:Need help troubleshooting a newly built pc that wont autoboot when powered on

borrowed a pc speaker from another pc in hopes of being able to get an answer from beep codes, but the speaker hast runneth silent. im at a standstill.
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Like the name says i have an EVGA nVIDIA 9400 GT 1 gig video card, 2.8 dual core processor, 3 gigs of ram, runnin xp, wondering if i can tweak it to improve performance for both call of duty 4 and battlefield 2.. anything else you need to know about my computer just let me know i'll be sure to post it here .. thx in advance

A:Help with tweaking eVGA Nvidia 9400 GT

Try downloading Nvidias "NTUNE" software amd use it to increase your video performance
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Okay so recently I built a system with Troubleshooting Help Need some pretty nice stuff I ordered all of it from newegg com as I m sure most of you Need Help Troubleshooting are familiar with The build looks something like this CPU Need Help Troubleshooting AMD Phenom II Deneb X Ghz Video Radeon HD Sound Creative Soundblaster Audigy SE Mobo Need Help Troubleshooting ASUS M A T-Deluxe Memory GB OCZ Platinum DDR Mhz OS Windows Vista Home Premium -bit Anyway I booted the computer ran fine and everything when I noticed the video quality was poor After some contemplation I realized I had placed the card into a PCI-E x slot instead of x Upon replacing the card in the proper slot the video had gone out I suspect the card received ESD sometime during the transfer but I m not totally sure it was the card EDIT The card was originally running in a PCI-E x slot but the mobo runs it as a x slot My brother recently sent me is old Radeon HD but unfortunately it is missing somewhere in the postal service Is there any way that I can tell if my card has received ESD or if it s a mobo processor problem Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Need Help Troubleshooting

Here's a pic: (click to maximize)

Your card can't fit into a PCI-E x1 slot

Anyway the best way to test is by installing another card
Or possibly downloading a Motherboard diagnostic tool from your motherboard's support website (if the tool exists)
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Guide Troubleshoot XP File Printer Sharing Part - Finding Network Computers Troubleshoot XP File Printer Sharing Part of Computers all visible v Windows File and Printer Sharing FPS must be configured for a mix-and-match of machines components options This guide helps troubleshoot XP File XP Sharing, and Troubleshooting: Computers Printer not File found? Sharing visibility and access problemsVisibility Errors Some of your computers can t see find all others on your Windows Network Access Errors A user can t connect to or is denied access when attempting to use a remote resource This guide has parts Part this post troubleshoots most visibility issues Part explains troubleshoots Computer Browser Service which may also cause visibility issues Part troubleshoots access errors NOTES Visibility problems must be fixed before tackling access errors Successfully complete the visibility tests outlined in this document before proceeding to another part Control Panel Classic View is assumed applets display in single list See upper left Control Panel to switch between Classic and Category View This guide is specific to XP Home and XP Pro tho many things to look for apply to Vista as well BASIC CONCEPT Windows File Sharing uses a client server model to control shared access User logs on to their computer Troubleshooting: XP File and Printer Sharing, Computers not found? client and requests a resource on server Server authenticates the client request It completes a client to server network logon and establishes the client server session A single computer can be both a client and server if it requests resources of others while offering its own Configuration Setup Checklist Verify Computer and Workgroup Names Click My Computer - gt Properties Click Computer Name tab Check note uppper lower case sensitivity Computer Name must be unique across your network Workgroup must be identical for all computers which share a set of files and printers To change Computer Name or Workgroup click Change You must restart before changes take affect Verify Network Connections Check each network connection used for file sharing This guide assumes all devices and shares are on a single subnet makes the task easier Control Panel - gt NetworkConnection Check connections are Enabled and Connected Then Rt click- gt Properties Verify items under used by the connection are there and checked Client for Microsoft Networks File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks only required on computers owning shared resources Internet Protocol TCP IP should always be present Can not be uninstalled If corrupted see Microsoft KB Verify NetBIOS enabled Click Internet Protocol TCP IP - gt Properties Click General tab - gt Advanced Click WINS tab Under NetBIOS setting click Enable NetBIOS over TCP IP Close dialog boxes Verify the subnet The subnet mask of each adaptor and device used in filesharing must be identical across the LAN gt Start- gt Run cmd Enter ipconfig all note the blank ipconfig and the forward gt Check subnet mask of each adapter Verify Services Confirm services are set to start on boot Startup Type Automatic and are currently running Status Started Start- gt Run enter services msc Scroll through service list to find then check gt Computer Browser gt TCP IP NetBIOS Helper Service gt Event Log To set a service s Startup Type gt Rt click on service then Properties gt Set Startup Type Automatic If Startup Type already Automatic but Status not Started there s a problem Look in Event Log if any clues next step Check Windows Event Log for errors The Event Log service records significant events in the Event LogTo check Event Logs Start- gt Run eventvwr msc Click System then View - gt Filter Only check Information and Warning Uncheck others OK Review events of last few days In particular since last boot Double click event for description Click the link you find in description Use Microsoft Help and Support to search Event Source and ID Check for frootprints of known issues th... Read more

A:Troubleshooting: XP File and Printer Sharing, Computers not found?

the checklist you sent me

Thanks so much. I began doing the items and came to a stall at the run: cmd: ipconfig\all. I got the message "the system cannot find the specified path" What does that imply?

I will continue down the list and will post any other issues.

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Hi I'm having problems with my new PC.
It started with a few blue screens and now the computer turns on but no diplay what so ever, you can hear PS running and HDD spinning but no beeps or any display! My graphics card has been checked and is working fine! I got another MOBO through warranty and still no display, i think there is something wrong with MOBO or the power supply! As i don't get the three flashing lights on keyboard, the mouse laser does not turn on and non of the USB ports carry any power.

I have 4 SATA HDD 1.5 TB
ASUS 1GB Graphics card
4GB of RAM


A:Gigabyte MA790FX-DQ6 troubleshooting

What brand of power supply do you have and what model graphics card? I would think that 4 hard drives combined with a high-end 1GB graphics card would require a lot of juice to operate. Does the video card have any power connectors/headers and does the fan spin at all? It almost sounds like the card isn't getting the power it needs so it's not putting out any video. There is a certain amount of +12V amperage that the card needs in order to work properly. If the combined amperage on your PSUs +12V rail (there could be several) doesn't par up to what the GFX cards' needs, it probably won't work. Check the power requirements of the card and post back what the specs are on the PSU as well. Also, what happens if you clear/reset the CMOS (BIOS settings to default)?
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Evga just released their GPU post Evga GPU results your Tuner, Voltage voltage tuner exclusively for GTX and cards and now a patch has been released allowing higher unsafe voltages and foreign cards google it So I thought there should be a thread for people to post their results with overvolting Provide essential information if you can some are not too important Your card a brand and or any factory overclocks Any prior overvolting via hardworking or BIOS Stable clock speeds prior to overvolting Stable clock speeds after overvolting Amount of overvolting ex mw - gt mw Temperatures from a reliable source I hear GPU-z is good Evga Precision seems concurrent Graphics card Evga GPU Voltage Tuner, post your results and case cooling ex Stock fan at fan speed and one mm HDD fan with cfm Method for testing stability I just run the Crysis Benchmark GPU demo for a while Driver version for simplicity and convenience you can just say latest if thats what you have Motherboard if that matters I don t really know Any other relent data If your card still works v can be fatal Stay safe don t push your voltage too far the patch removes the safety limitations Evga put on if you have any recommendations or other comments post those too nbsp

A:Evga GPU Voltage Tuner, post your results

I will post my own results as soon as i have time...
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At this point I am now frustrated so I have turn to yall to seek help I have a Gigabyte motherboard installed in my computer and on it is an on board sound card The sound card is installed and used Xear D Audio to manage my sound The problem that I run into is one that I have dealt with in the past and i ve done several re-formats on my computer so it C Audio Media Config Troubleshooting always goes away for a while and then returns Whats going on is that this Troubleshooting C Media Audio Config audio program uses what s called quot Smart Jack quot it s supposed to be able to read when you have stuff plugged into the jacks Well anyway this Smart Jack is being RETARDED lol I have a Troubleshooting C Media Audio Config headset plugged into Troubleshooting C Media Audio Config the pink and green jacks like they are supposed to be but for some reason when I run programs games winamp etc the Xear d Audio Configuration pops up with the gray audio jack flashing It s frustrating because it continues until I have to restart my computer because it will constantly minimize my games and cause my browsers to minimize Any help would be very much appreciated regarding this problem I ve searched for new drivers and installed the latest ones and that isn t seeming to help If anyone has another suggestion let me know Thanks nbsp

A:Troubleshooting C Media Audio Config

Time to install an audio card.
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This is my system MB:
* MB manufacturer name: ASUS A7V8X-LA
* HP/Compaq name: Kamet2-GL6E

Compaq Presario S6500NX
Video: VIA SG3 Unichrome IGP 64MB Max
Processor: AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.2GHz
and 512MB Of RAM

I am buying a EVGA e-GeForce 6800XT W Fan 128MB PCI-Express 128-P2-N367-TX video card(unless someone recommends another) An want to know how to install it, and what I'll need to install it(BTW I am upgrading to 1.5GB's of RAM and a 400W PS before I buy this)

A:Help with installing EVGA GeForce 6800XT on a Compaq S6500NX

It should not be too much of a problem to install the new video card. You just open the case and install the card in the AGP slot on the motherboard. The card should be autodetected on boot up
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Hi guys (n gals)

So this is my problem
When the usb memory stick is connected, and i try to access the drive, its empty, just a blank screen.

When i try to copy files onto the memory stick(drive e), i get an error message saying "cannot find specified file. Make sure u specify the correct and file name".

Now im really frustrated and dont know what to do. PLZ HELP :-(

PS: the drive is saying that i have a kingston usb memory stick attached, but when i go to "manage disk drives" on my computer, its not reflected there.

Thanks guys, any help appreciated!

A:USB Troubleshooting

Does another USB memory stick work normally?
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Well, i finally decided on my new gaming rigged but i need to know if anybody knows if there is a good heatsink out there that fits my motherboard link

and also the case link

i'm not sure if you need to PSU cause sometimes i read about people heatsink taking up the motherboard space. here is my PSU link

now i know how the motherboard is crap cause it's just like a 680 but since i'm getting the GTX260 216 core, the combo deal from newegg pretty much lowered the cost of a nice motherboard to an affordable price.

A:Heatsink that fits evga 780i

What did you find out?
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Ok this computer s a few years memory screen errors, Blue troubleshooting old and last year I bought new ram for it and it worked fine for the past year or so Here s some Blue screen memory errors, troubleshooting info on the computer and the ram I m new so I can t post the actual link but the web address is below You ll have to copy and paste it h www hp com ewfrf wc document cc us amp docname c amp dlc en amp lc Blue screen memory errors, troubleshooting en amp jumpid reg R USEN N Crucial Ballistix PC ddr MB x part is BL Z on the modules but it doesn t appear on their website anymore Recently I started getting automatic restarts when I might be playing games or such I disabled those so I could see what the blue screens said and I ve seen varieties though past the error in general there wasn t anything to identify source of the error The errors are DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA Troubleshooting I did some disk checks and scan disks from a recovery dos prompt and scanning at bootup I believe these did find and correct some errors but that didn t alleviate the problem so I thought maybe the ram was at fault I got a memtest boot CD made and it was detecting some errors on each slot but two seemed to have more than others so I removed those two ram dimms and tested again Errors still occurred but not in great frequency I realized when I switched the chips with the other ones I still got errors but again not with great frequency I began to wonder if I was doing things right and so I got Windows Memory Diagnostic and made a boot cd with that hoping it would be easier to interpret Windows Memory Diagnostic was simple enough it picked up fewer numbers of errors but I noticed that if I ran with all the chips in I got about errors failed tests in the extended test mode over hours - it keeps testing till you stop it I took out one module from the last slot and ran the tests again and got nothing in the first hours I thought maybe I identified the bad module so I stopped it and switched it with the memory module in its paired slot and ran it again I m getting no errors again If that module I switched back in were bad shouldn t it have created errors again I m beginning to wonder if the memory slot is dying Is it possible the the last memory slot is just dead dying and that the memory is fine nbsp

A:Blue screen memory errors, troubleshooting

What are your systems specs? Motherboard? OS?
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Im using Windows XP Professional on both my desktops.
I am using a Netgear 108 mps wireless router, WGT624v3
And a LinksysWireless-G PCI Adapter.
I have completed the setup, I have good signal strength. However I cannot connect to the internet, and The adapter is saying the it is "Aquiring Network Address"
Under the support tab, it reads that I have an invalid IP address and lists the ip address as When I click repair it reads renewing ip address but never seems to renew itself.
I have disabled my firewall restarted both computers, router, and adapter multiple times and still have no success. Please help with any advice or recomendations.

Much appreciated

A:Wireless Adapter - Acquiring Network Address Troubleshooting

If your "setup" includes encryption and MAC addresss block or other filtering/security methods you should only add those incrementally as you know other stuff is working

Startout just trying to connect to a simple wireless broadcast and verify your adapter sees the SSID being broadcasted by the router.
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Ok Problem GeForce 9600 GSO eVGA I got a new graphics card today It s a eVGA GeForce 9600 GSO Problem EVGA GeForce GSO So eVGA GeForce 9600 GSO Problem I grounded my self unplugged everything the usual stuff Installed my card made sure it was all the way seated but didn t plug in the power supply because I need an eVGA GeForce 9600 GSO Problem adaptor So Question is the power just for the fan ON the card or for the fan AND the card I turned back on my computer and it put out this loud constant beeping sound and nothing showed up on the screen In the manual for the GeForce under Quick Fixes it says quot Problem At boot-up all you hear is a series of beeps from the computer but see no screen at all Cause The beep sounds are warning sound from the motherboard BIOS that says that it cannon initialize the video card This can mean on of three things The card is not seated correctly Well I made sure it was seated There is a problem with the motherboard s video card slot It s a brand new computer I don t think the motherboard is crap already There is a problem with the video card Well its a brand new card too so I don t think it s that either Solution Remove the card from the computer and reinsert it making sure that the card is seated properly in the slot Then try to boot the computer again If this does tnot work then the problem is either with the motherboard or the video card and you should contact your hardware manufacturer So Question arises What could the problem be Also Question Where can I get an adaptor to adapt my pin power on my card to my SATA power supply cables I would post a link but it says I need posts nbsp

A:eVGA GeForce 9600 GSO Problem

It needs that power connection, usually there is a cable that comes with that card that you can attach one end (2x 4 pins) to the PSU and the other 6-pin to the graphic card.

It might just need that power.

If it still doesn't work, even if you think it is seated perfect take it out and put it back in.

You know it seems unlikely but I just bought a 9600 GT yesterday and put it in. I had the exact same problem. Power was connected, it was in just fine and yet no signal.

I took it out and made sure there was no dust and that it was in there correctly when I put it back in and It is working fine for me now.
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In the past few days I have noticed many questions from people with memory RAM issues Being that I have ran into similar problems in the past I am posting this sticky so that FAQs can be answered quickly STEP INDENTIFY WHAT TYPES OF MEMORY YOUR MOTHERBOARD ACCEPTS First Know the types of RAM that your motherboard can take If not sure Read The F ing Manual RTFM or contact the manufacturer go to the website or call of installation RAM problems are caused by incompatibility Some motherboards are very picky about what types or brands of RAM they ll take Asus is one of the motherboards Dell is another in addition Dell uses proprietary architecture in many of their systems so generic RAM or third party RAM will not work in many cases It PAYS to build your own computer Be aware that identifying & troubleshooting ram Updating programs and or websites are NOT reliable indicators of what type of RAM you can use When all else fails RTFM NEVER MIX SPEED TYPES SIZE OR BRANDS OF RAM At best it might work at worst it won t and you might permanently do some damage Faster memory mixed with slower will always result in the slowest speed available if it does work and you re wasting the faster memory speed for nothing DO NOT OVERCLOCK memory This means do not adjust voltage settings latencies or other settings in your BIOS before installation Increasing voltage is a sure way to burn out your memory early Leave this stuff for experimenters and those that can Updating ram & troubleshooting afford toasted and burned out components If you re a newbie or an average joe jane LEAVE IT ALONE Step GROUND YOURSELF and the COMPUTER When installing GROUND YOURSELF and the Computer Use an anti-static mat and or wrist strap available at Radio shack and most electronics stores Some Updating ram & troubleshooting recommend keeping your computer plugged in the wall for grounding reasons I do not Accidentally turning on your computer is a sure way to damage something as well as to shock yourself- so leave it unplugged You may want to run a thin wire from the case of the computer to a common ground like a cold water pipe Do not work on a computer in a carpeted room if possible Turn OFF the computer I have seen stupid people plug components in when the system was still on If you re that dumb don t bother upgrading the system yourself Read a book about basic computing before attempting operation Touch the computer frame and if you can keep a part of your body in contact with the frame at all times to ensure no static buildup Step LOCATE SLOTS amp of STICKS REQUIRED FOR UPGRADE RTFM Locate your memory slots Motherboards vary in the number of slots available Some motherboards particularly Pentium require memory upgrades in pairs Always try to match memory sticks when upgrading for enhanced performance particularly with DDR RAM Step INSTALLATION There are basic types of installation depending on your type of RAM SIMM When installing SIMMs most manufacturers require the module to be inserted at a degree angle then snapped forward to the correct position Most Pentium systems require matched pairs DIMM Unlike SIMM DIMMs may be snapped directly into the socket Note Some DIMM sockets have different physical characteristics If your module doesn t seem to fit do not force it You probably have an incompatible type SODIMM Commonly found in laptops Insert the module and snap down into position Some laptops require a single SODIMM module while others require matched pairs Step REBOOT amp TROUBLESHOOTING Put your case back together and replug everything Turn on your computer and boot up as normal Your BIOS should automatically recognize the added memory If you did it right you shouldn t have any issues however if you did it wrong If you receive an error message or hear a series of beeps when booting your system may not be recognizing the new memory Remove and reinstall the modules to make sure they are seated securely in their sockets Make sure that your new memory is t... Read more

A:Updating ram & troubleshooting

Wow. It's people like you that make this place what it is.

Amazing post Tedster.

[DonNagual bows down before him]

.... and a sticky it shall be.
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Yes it is a budget card But for the price it is still an awesome card http www nvidia com object geforce html First the cons Setting up D settings through the Nvidia control panel while easy was a mistake I have set 8400GS EVGA eGeForce it up to run at almost the best possible settings leaving almost nothing to run as per application settings Run into issues immediately Playing BF with in-game settings at a medium the game would crash about every hour Same was for the Chronicles of Riddick game The stock cooling is useless Card very often heats up to degrees The multi-display settings in the driver a hard to figure out EVGA eGeForce 8400GS EVGA website does not even display the card anymore and it wasn t very easy to find it there The pros Very good with video processing I run Various Adobe graphics and video programs and none of them have any issues When I finally adjusted the settings in the control panel to let each program decide the quality for itself the card performed great Overall i would have to say that if You like me have a low budget but do want shader and DX compatibility this is the card for You I have yet to test it on Vista nbsp

A:EVGA eGeForce 8400GS

detoam said:

Yes it is a budget card. But for the price it is still an awesome card.
First the cons:
The stock cooling is useless. Card very often heats up to 58 degrees.Click to expand...

58 degrees Centigrade is not very hot for a GPU.

detoam said:

The multi-display settings in the driver a hard to figure out.Click to expand...

Yes, to a degree, but Nvidia has included every setting you might think you need but it does require a bit of digging and patience.

detoam said:

EVGA website does not even display the card anymore and it wasn't very easy to find it there.Click to expand...

Well, true enough, but this is true of most manufacturers sites now. They try lead you right to the 8800GT cards right from the jump. I suppose they figure that's what everybody's looking for at the moment.

detoam said:

Overall i would have to say that if You (like me) have a low budget, but do want shader 4 and DX10 compatibility this is the card for You.Click to expand...

I didn't take the time to check this out, but I believe the GT8400 also is HDCP compatible as well.
If you aren't trying to establish yourself as a legend in gaming circles this could be the graphics card for you, as it adds dual monitor and High def capability to the average computer with onboard graphics.

I would also suggest that people check out this GT8500 from Biostar: this card is a steal ($35.00) after MIR. It has 512MB of GDDR2 of it's own (doesn't use any system RAM), and is 128 bit access. I believe the 8400s are 64 bit, but keep in mind I don't know if that is really a downside when you consider the likely uses of either of these cards. They both should do a bang up job of driving your flat screen TV and monitor.
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Ok quick question, are the GeForce 8800GTS Superclocked compatible w/ a Win2k OS?

A:Evga 8800gts

I believe that if your GPU is compatible with your P.C., you should be able to run any Windows.
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Im new at bios stuff and i want to know stepby step how to flash or update my bios. I dont have a floppy drive, and I dont wanna use a disc. can any one help me?

A:Bios update EVGA 590 SLI or the Foxconn one

Well you've obviously been to the evga site already and didn't like the options you were given, so please let me write you a nice little BIOS firmware update program. It'll take a few hundred hours of learning and continuous testing, but if you don't want to burn a disk then I feel I have no other choice. :rolleyes:

So what is the real problem? What don't you have or know what to do?
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Hi all long time no see I was at work this morning when I noticed a product sitting on the counter n ow this isn t uncommon as there is often product laying around before the store opens it s my job to put it all away Anyways this particular product was an EVGA USB-VGA Adapter I took a closer look at it question USB just VGA Adapter, a EVGA little and it appears that what it does is allow people that don t have secondary monitor outputs to use an open USB port to achieve the same effect Now I do have DVI ports on my computer and monitors but my question is not related to that it s this would I EVGA USB VGA Adapter, just a little question be able to reverse the flow meaning instead of going from the computer through USB to the monitor could I go from something outputting a VGA signal and put it into the computer Here is the product on Circuit City s where I work website http www circuitcity com ssm eVGA catOid - rpem ccd productDetail do I ve been looking for a way to record in at high def even p from my Xbox I have the VGA adapter for the Xbox and I would like to look into getting this if I could plug my s VGA output into this and record it through some app for the computer Maybe FRAPS or some screen recording software If anyone knows anything about this product or can use deductive reasoning I can t to save my life on things like this to figure out whether I could use this for this purpose I would be grateful indeed this might be just what I m looking for Thank you in advance nbsp

A:EVGA USB VGA Adapter, just a little question

This can't be THAT tricky of a question, someone has to know. Please help me out.
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Troubleshoot Part XP File amp Printer Sharing Computer missing Chk Browser Service TROUBLESHOOT Part XP File and Printer Sharing Computers Not Found Diagnose Computer Browser Service File and Printer Sharing between Windows computers requires you properly select and configure a mix-and-match set of Windows components and options For brevity this guide refers to File and Printer Sharing as F amp PS Network visibility Troubleshooting: XP missing? Sharing, Printer Computer File & and access errors are indicative of underlying problems in F amp PS Visibility Troubleshooting: XP File & Printer Sharing, Computer missing? You can t find all Windows Network devices under My Network Places Access Access privilege errors occur when you open a workstation or workgroup you should have access to This guide helps find and fix most causes behind Visibility and Access errors The settings suggested are fairly generic and support most users Once errors are fixed you can further modify these settings as meet your needs The system details instructions herein are specific to XP Pro and XP Home running SP or SP For other versions you can still gain an understanding of things to look for but can t use these instructions to fix other versions This guide is divided into parts Part Troubleshoot XP File and Printer Sharing Computers not found Check your basic configuration focuses on common problems and F amp Troubleshooting: XP File & Printer Sharing, Computer missing? PS configuration issues which cause visibility errors Part Troubleshooting: XP File & Printer Sharing, Computer missing? this document focuses on Computer Browser Service and how it may cause visibility errors The guide explains The Computer Browser service and its role in a peer-to-peer Windows network How the service might cause network visibility problems Tools and methods to find fix and prevent Browser problems Part Troubleshoot XP File and Printer Sharing Fixing access privileges helps fix access errors between machines This document not yet published This guide assumes your computers are on a single subnet There are additional issues if on different subnets Overview NOTE Browser in this context has nothing to do with Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows Network is a networking protocol used between Windows based computers It allows them to communicate with each other share resources files and printers and function in a Windows architecture Computer Browser Service must be enabled and running on at least one computer per workgroup Rule of thumb Run it on each wired LAN computer Browsers are dynamically assigned roles including Master Browsers jointly quot elect quot one of themselves as Master The Master browses the network to both maintain and distribute a browse list The browse list contains info on computers and resources in the workgroup This list is shared with others in the group Backup Backup browsers keep copies of the browse list and stand ready to elect a new master if the current one fails Computers not running the master don t browse the net themselves They obtain the browse list from a master or backup browser Issues of Design gt a Multiple Masters There should only be one master browser However a brief network interruption can force an election and a new master When the old master reconnects some recovery scenarios may result in masters This then causes visibility problems Use browstat to Confirm all computers report the same master View browser properties of each computer Only one should be master To avoid problem scenarios Only run browser service on LAN not wireless computers Choose one reliable computer as preferred master Modify registry keys under HKLM SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services Browser Parameters to influence elections Possible key values are shown Set bold value for preferred master MaintainServerList Yes Always a master or backup Auto Windows chooses browser roles No Never a browser IsDomainMaster True Preferred master False No preferenc... Read more

A:Troubleshooting: XP File & Printer Sharing, Computer missing?

I've mentioned this prior, but you have a lot of info

Master browser can be done in the services.msc

Master Browsers
Computer Browser Started enabled set to auto
Network Connections Started enabled set to auto

None Master PCs
Computer Browser disabled no started
Network Connections enabled and started

Browstat - status command is what most user can use
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i just bought a new EVGA 6800gt off of ebay and i want to know if it is possible to remove the stock heatsink and turn it 180 degrees and reattach it. if some could find a pic of the underside of the heatsink it would help me out alot. the reason i want to do this is because i have a pci slot fan and i want to use it to suck the hot air from the video card

A:Nvidia EVGA 6800gt heatsink

You might be able to get some pics off google.

However, without checking, I'd have to say no. From experience, their heatsinks were manufactured to fit the graphics card and RAM, which are of different heights. Therefore, the underside of the heatsink isn't flat... and you get the idea hopefully.
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Here s some info of the situation before help Troubleshooting - not Dimension powering up I describe the problem The machine is a Dell Dimension V c with x GB Hard Drives and MB of ram It is currently being used with no GUI as a network fileserver The machine was fully functional with no blips ever up till days ago after I swapped a hard drive The universal power cable that its connected to the power with has been checked and even swapped and is working fine The powerboard that the computer is connected to has been reset and is working fine Other equipment is running on the same Troubleshooting help - Dimension not powering up circuit and as Troubleshooting help - Dimension not powering up such it is not blown days ago I took a hard drive out to use in another machine temporarily and was extremely careful getting it out system fully shut down unplugged antistatic etc Yesterday I put the drive back in the machine When I plugged the power cable in and turned the power on I noticed there was no green power light on the motherboard I tried powering up the machine with the power button but it didn t turn on Upon jimmying the power cable around I have found that if you stick it at a certain angle you can get the machine to start to power on for between one half and a whole second but it immedeatly powers off What I need to know is what component has died if anything I have a suspicion that it is the psu but cannot be sure Can anyone help Thanks Theo nbsp

A:Troubleshooting help - Dimension not powering up

It may be entirely coincidental, but I think the power supply is bad. Change it first, before suspecting the motherboard
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BASIC TROUBLESHOOTING FILE AND PRINTER SHARING ON XP SP and SP Part a Network Visibility Issues Troubleshooting File and Printer Sharing can be frustrating as it involves a variety of mix-and-match variables that must be just right across multiple computers on a network This troubleshooting guide focuses on XP Home and XP Pro computers It divides the File and Printer Sharing problem into two parts Solve Network Visibility Issues Verify computers on a network are visible to one another Initially the only concern is that computer A and Printer XP Guide Sharing for File Troubleshooting (part1): can see Troubleshooting Guide (part1): File and Printer Sharing for XP computer B and other devices on the Microsoft Windows Network Don t be concerned with access privilege errors between A and B Solve Access Privilege Issues Verify your computers can share file and printer resources Don t even try to attack this problem until you ve resolved underlying issues which prevent network visibility The troubleshooting guide is being Troubleshooting Guide (part1): File and Printer Sharing for XP published incrementally in different posts as I have time to complete each of them Part a Basic Troubleshooting Network Visibility is this post A basic step-by-step how to resolve most Windows network visibility issues for XP computers using Files and Printer Sharing It includes instructions on how to test each computer to confirm it can see your other computers Part b Extended Troubleshooting Network Visibility not yet published Contains additional info and more detailed instructions one might find helpful as a companion document when problems are uncovered during Basic Troubleshooting Part Troubleshooting Access Privilege Issues not yet published Eventually I or someone else will tackle Vista as well These instructions assume your Control Panel is set for Classic View all control panel applets displayed in a single list Look in upper left of Control Panel to click switch between Classic and Category View Verify Computer and Workgroup Names Click My Computer - gt Properties Click Computer Name tab Check these are uppper lower case sensitive Computer Name must be unique for each of your computers Workgroup should be identical across all computers sharing file and printers To change Computer Name or Workgroup click Change You must restart before changes take affect Verify Local Area Network Connection properties Your computer may have several ways to connect to a network Verify the settings properties assigned to your computer s Local Area Network LAN Connection Control Panel - gt Network Connections You re presented with a list of available network connections Confirm the Status shown for your LAN connection is Connected Right click your LAN Connection select Properties Review list of items used by the connection Verify the following are listed and checked for instructions to uninstall reinstall or repair an item see Part b Extended Troubleshooting Client for Microsoft Networks File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks Internet Protocol TCP IP this should always be present and can not be uninstalled If corrupted see Part b Extended Troubleshooting Verify NetBIOS over TCP IP enabled Select Internet Protocol TCP IP - gt Properties Click General tab - gt Advanced Click WINS tab Under NetBIOS setting click Enable NetBIOS over TCP IP Close the property dialog boxes Verify Required Services are Running Computer Browser and TCP IP NetBIOS Helper services are required components Confirm both are set to automatically start on boot up and are still running now Right click My Computer then Manage Double-click Services and Applications double-click Services Scroll right pane to Computer Browser Confirm Startup Type Automatic If you need to set Startup Type Right click Computer Browser select Properties Set Startup Type to Automatic hit OK Reboot and check Browser settings again Confirm Computer Browser s Status Started i e it s running If it s other then Start... Read more
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Hi fellas, im wanting to build a PC for gaming and im not sure which way to go. Im a bit new at choosing my components and was wondering what you guys thought. The Asus Striker 790i or the EVGA 790i? Or any other mobo ideas?

Ive currently ordered a Q9450 CPU.

Once ive chosen the motherboard another problem im going to have is the DDR3 ram. I havent got a clue which goes best with what. Any help would be appreciated!


Heard a lot more complains on the striker then on the EVGA. So...
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I know that 8800GT is definitely a better one, but I'm not sure about the manufacturer, what are your experiences with Club3D, and is it better to give 30EUR more and get this card instead of 9600GT.
I don't plan to buy anotherone in 2-3 years and I have 19" LCD wide...
BTW, I will use E4600, so will it enable me to use 8800GT to its full potential?

This is the model in question
Club3D CGNX-G882DDF 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 HDTV TV+2DVI 600/1800

A:Club3D 8800GT vs EVGA 9600GT SC

Yes, the 8800GT will be used to its potential, although i would get a BFG. just personal choice.
Relevancy 37.41%

A buddy of mine ordered a 8800gs and I was wondering if a fan from an 8800gt fit on his card. The reason I ask is that I am about to install an aftermarket cooler for my 8800gt and I was thinking about giving him the fan off of mine. My guess is it will work, but I might as well ask. Thanks in advance.

A:Will a fan from a EVGA 8800gt fit on a XFX8800gs?

I suppose it will... After your friend tries to install it, tell us how it went
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i just got my motherboard RMA d after a power outage i plugged it and when i powered it mother RMA'd DOA? 680i Board EVGA Just on a spark flew from my video card so i knew that my video card was probbably fried so i bought a brand new GT plugged everything in again started it up and nothing there is not a video signal at all my mother board being a EVGA i A has a cool little DEBUG led and all im getting on it is - - when Just RMA'd EVGA 680i mother Board DOA? my computer was up and running i usally got FF Just RMA'd EVGA 680i mother Board DOA? witch i checked on the manual is Boot since Just RMA'd EVGA 680i mother Board DOA? i get a Random - - that is not even in my mother board manual i think that it might be dead on arrival the computer powers up and my fans start running my brand new graphics card starts up and the mobo lights come on another thing about the mother board lights when i would start up my computer before i had the power outage i would only get a BLUE led which would come on when there was power to the system and a Green light that would come on when i powered on now i get those two and a orange one that i think hads a label of J if anyone can help me out with this the things that ive done I reset the bios using a jumper that my mobo manual said I took out the board and re set it in my case I made sure that all my connections were good while i wait for an reply from someone i am going to reset my CPU on the mother board nbsp

A:Just RMA'd EVGA 680i mother Board DOA?

Well, it is likely dead, but dead due to what happened, rather than dead upon arrival.
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I just upgraded from a fx to a gs The is a big buggy when I play games Normal 7600GS problems EVGA graphics is normal such as on desktop or media etc But whenever I play games stuff like this EVGA 7600GS problems happens like in the screen shot The card is not overclocked I uninstalled the previous drivers and downloaded and installed the new ones Reseated the card in the AGP slot and unplugged and replugged in the pin molex power on the card I ran ATI tools and I scanned for artifacts and none were found at default clock I found that really weird since the graphics on games were screwing up One thing I did notice was that on the show d view tab on atitools the sample graphic was screwed up Missing pieces and lines all over the place Another wierd thing was that Everest home edition does not give any info in the GPU and AGP PCI tabs It only gives info under the Windows Video and Computer summary tabs However GPU-Z and all other OCing programs detects the card fine Could this be a bad card Or maybe my AGP slot drivers need to be updated Any insights would be very much welcome nbsp

A:EVGA 7600GS problems

What are your system specs? What is the computer that the video card is plugged into?
Relevancy 36.55%

I'm trying to OC my EVGA 7600GS with Ati tools. I updated my drivers and now when I open up Ati tools, the low power 3d clock is at 0 Mhz. My 2D and 3D are at default clock. I can't change the low power 3d clock speeds. Is the newest forceware drivers blocking OCing for the low 3d power clock?

A:EVGA 7600GS OCing ATItools question

try using nTune to overclock the card, i had to do this with my 8800gts.
i had the same thing happen with the ATITool, it showed 0 core mhz / 0 memory mhz

you can get nTune here:
its strait from nvidia, so its safe to use, just dont over do it.
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Well i have just ordered a few new items for my pc, to allow me to play cod4, crysis etc
on high details. I was wandering as my motherboard has an unbuilt graphics card if i would have to disable this somehow? and if so anyone help me with that? Or wether it would just go straight in and be used instead of the inbuilt card. If anyone could please help with this matter i would much appreciate it! My cards due on Wed-Fri. Thanks MoiRa
Relevancy 36.55%

Which MOBO should I get and why?

EVGA nForce 680i SLI Motherboard



Intel 975XBX2KR Motherboard


The main reasons I am considering them are value (features for the price -around $200) and expandability (as many PCI express slots as I can get)....Any opinions/experiences appreciated! Thanks!

A:EVGA nForce 680i SLI vs Intel Bad Axe mobo

u say PCI express slots and as having a lot of old computers with good components I look for boards with more PCI slots to use.

Good Luck
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2 questions really... Is it hard to replace the fan/heatsink on the card? Is it done? If so, what kind of fan/heatsink am I looking for?
I'm planning to overclock it, not severely, just slightly if any.
Did some scouring on the forums and some searching, couldnt find an answer so anything that will lead me in the right direction would be awesome.


A:Aftermarket Cooling options for EVGA GeForce8800GTS (G92) 512mb

At this point I'm going to say finding an after market cooler should be fairly easy, but I don't have an example yet.

The review.

The product. but not in stock at Newegg at the moment.
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Apparently my computer is entering it s quot golden years quot because I can t seem to turn it on No matter what I try I just can t get it up and running Actually I built it about years ago I ve already done quite a bit of troubleshooting on this so I ll give you info I think might help you help me About - months help need won't up, finish power troubleshooting to PC ago it started giving me problems starting up I would often have to hit the button several times or finesse it just right holding it the way in but not clicking it Back then I thought the button itself was acting up I highly doubt that now The problem got a bit worse as time went on Then I PC won't power up, need help to finish troubleshooting went abroad and left it unplugged and alone for three months When I got PC won't power up, need help to finish troubleshooting back it was EXTREMELY hard to turn it on I left the computer on for a couple - day periods as I knew how hard it would be to start up I was dealing with this for PC won't power up, need help to finish troubleshooting about two weeks fiddling with all sorts of things that the culprit might be On different days different things would seem to coax it to life One time this meant booting with the monitor disconnected this did no good because though it appeared to boot into windows reconnecting the monitor didn t give a display I believe towards the end the monitor would often not turn on if the PC happened to And then came the finale When it would be running the POST there were stationary lines of distortion that looked like something you might expect from a busted video card When the windows loading screen came up this distortion was present as well It started off covering a bit less than half the screen every other line or so but the distortion built and spread rapidly as windows loaded until eventually my monitor was little more than some psychedelic trip out The colors were the very simple BIOS type pink green maybe yellow Windows would never boot I knew the PSU might be the culprit so I took a known good one out of a good machine and tested it in mine Still no luck Not the psu Also right before it died while playing CS S the image would slightly distort and freeze which lead me to suspect the video card I installed the GT into a problem and videocard free PC and the problem remained or so I thought At first it booted fine Then I upped the resolution from x and the screen went black and stayed that way there was no auto reset back to default resolution that comes when you don t click the quot accept new settings quot in seconds box This lead me to believe that my card could no longer handle high resolutions I now have a feeling I may have increased the resolution above the x that the old CRT could handle and that might MIGHT have caused the problem Unfortunately I didn t do further testing in this manner didn t cross my mind my conclusion might be wrong and now no longer have access to that pc I ordered an GT and installed it and my PC still won t boot Yay for wasting -- I would have been happy to ride out my GT another year or so The pc won t do anything when I try to boot it with this card in Also - The little yellow standby light on the mobo still lights when the computer is plugged in - I ve checked all connections and reseated everything except the cpu - Cleared the CMOS - Set all BIOS settings to default while it was still staggering on one leg rail - Going to try hour CMOS clear tonight I now think that it is either the DFI Lanparty Ultra nforce mobo or the CMOS battery Considering the battery would be a cheap low labor fix I m betting it s the mobo What do you think Any help is greatly appreciated -------------------------------------------------- System Specs DFI Lanparty Ultra nforce AMD Opteron x patriot ram GT --- gt GT Audigy zs Antec neopower gig raptor gig WD nbsp

A:PC won't power up, need help to finish troubleshooting

Well I got a new CMOS battery today and it still won't boot up.
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Just wondering before i buy. Dont wanna come home and find out its not compatible with vista.

A:Does the eVGA e-GeForce 7300 GS Graphics Card compatible with Vista?

What do you mean by compatible ? Do you simply want a card that will allow you to enable the Aero effects of Vista ? Try looking in this LIST.
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Troubleshooting a Motherboard from the PC Guide from http www scsd k wa us wrms Info tech Beep Codes SG pdf When first troubleshooting your motherboard check the following first power cable may (GUIDE) Mobo troubleshooting Basic be faulty loose screws or other components inside the case - causes shorts tight or pinched cables or wires cables off one pin red line of cable not on pin loosened connectors cables getting in the way of the CPU fan - fan does not run or makes noise cables being pushed inside the mechanisms of floppy disks loose mounting of the motherboard motherboard touching case cables to motherboard have black wires together Check for correct wire configuration plug in of the power supply cables to make sure they are plugged in correctly loose connections from the motherboard to a device ports not securely in place fan not securely on processor processor loose in the socket slot examine the memory in banks expansion cards are not seated fully into their slots motherboard jumper settings are not correct (GUIDE) Basic Mobo troubleshooting - see motherboard manual nbsp
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Hey guys and gals,

I bought this mobo back in July and have not used it yet. It's the A1 680ISLI and I am not sure if It supports the new PCI 2.0 interface. Any suggestions/Answers???


A:Does the EVGA 680ISLI MOBO support the 8800GT

The 8800GT should be a PCI-e x16 interface, so as long as the mobo has that then you'll be fine.

Basically everything you can get these days has PCI-e x16 on it so it will most likely be ok

If you're not sure, google for pictures and compare what you have on the board.
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I have purchased a eVGA 7900GS PCI-E video card. I also have an eMachine T6528 which uses the MS-7207 Motherboard. It has the intergrated VGA card with Geforce 6100. I placed the eVGA 7900GS, but I got no signal from it. I still have signal from my intergrated VGA card. I set my primary video card to PCI Express on the BIOS. It still does not see the new card, any clue for me? Thanks.

A:Help With EVGA 7900GS

Hello, ken123, and welcome to Techspot :wave:

Please take a moment to read the following threads to make your experience here as enjoyable as possible

Message for all newcomers

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The Techspot FAQ

If you could take a minute to fill in some of your profile information that would be helpful to all members of the forum
Knowing someone's location in the world can be extremely helpful, even if you just put a country.

Also remember to post any problems or questions that you have in the appropriate forums

With regards to your problem, did you disable the integrated card? You said that you set the PCI-e to the primary but i don't know if this is the same thing or not.

To disable the integrated graphics in Windows: Right click on your My Computer icon, click Properties. Open the Hardware tab and press the Device Manager button. Expand the Display Adapters section and double click the built in graphics. On the drop down menu at the bottom, change it to Disable and make sure that the PCI-e graphics is set to Enable.
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Ok i recently brought a brand new gtx installed with EVGA new 8800GTX problems it into my pc and ran problems with new EVGA 8800GTX dmark to compare the increased performance Running my previous GS i had obtained comfortable scores of gt with a little tweaking of core and memory of the GPU With the GTX installed at stock speeds this dropped to - I originally thought this would be driver related and rather than using the drivers EVGA website suggest i dropped back to the ones the official nvidia site gives no change score were still around k ish Wondering problems with new EVGA 8800GTX if the PSU might be at fault i tried both changing the wiring and even switched in the older w PSU i had Again no change still way below expected benchmarks Incidently the fps on world of warcraft had also dropped from ish on the old gpu to - on the gtx Riva tuner shows the GPU to be running at stock speeds on core shader clock and memory clock Have tried altering settings on the GTX with riva tuner and have had some success with this although this doesnt provide any siginificant improvement and certainly doesnt bring the scores up to the k ish mark i should be expecting My system is as follows - Windows XP professional Gigabyte DS R motherboard Pentium core duo E running at Ghz o c Gb geil black dragon pc ram x gb sticks Thermaltake toughpower w PSU and ofc EVGA nvidia G GTX gpu With the GTX installed i have also had an odd period when frequencies on the gpu core and memory dropped to below half stock speeds and have experienced or random blue-screen crashes usually when running d applications My question i guess is what else could be wrong what could i do about it And i guess most importantly does anyone have suggestions for diagnostic tools or programs with which i could locate the problem EVGA have offered return or replacement under their RMA warrenty but i would like to be sure before incurring the expense of shipping the card back to them and any help would be gratefully appriciated nbsp

A:problems with new EVGA 8800GTX


ok my friend , look the 8800GTX is an amazing card with a high level of next genaration grafix, you should check if you PCI slot is runnig at 16x and also that you DX is up to date , the 8800GTS is only 3600 rand or less , you waited money on that card why did'nt you just buy the 8800GTS the clock core is the same and the memory is just a little bit less i mean ok half the amount , but if you have about 1.5 to 2 GB of ram it shaouldnt matter. allso make sure that they did'nt trick you when you bought the card , try computers only they have grate prices >>> , ,because my dad purchased the 8800GTS and he plays gothic3,bioshock,quake wars, eany other new game full grafix at a wounderfull 50+ frame rate.
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Hello I have an Nvidia eVGA gt graphics card running the latest Forceware drivers I play an online shooter called WarRock games (eVGA) quite in often Nvidia freezing 7600gt much like CounterStrike For some Nvidia (eVGA) 7600gt freezing quite often in games reason Nvidia (eVGA) 7600gt freezing quite often in games when I am in game the game will Nvidia (eVGA) 7600gt freezing quite often in games just suddenly freeze for a period of about seconds to minute and then go back to working just fine This will happen several times during the game When the game freezes I can still hear sound It does not freeze when in just regular Windows OS Why would it be doing this I have not had a chance to test it in other games but my friends say that they have never experienced a freeze up like that in WarRock Any solutions I have had this card for about - months and have never had it happen It has only now started happening Also one other question about the fan on a GPU Is it supposed to suck air inward toward the card or blow outward away from card Thanks nbsp

A:Nvidia (eVGA) 7600gt freezing quite often in games

Firstly, what are your pc specs? To your question about fans, some are designed to blow air out the back of your case, but most fans blow air off of your card by either blowing cooler air towards your card or blowing hot air off the heatsink.
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hello i am running a e6400 (not overclocked havent got around to it yet jusst got this board on thursday.and speed fan reports my proccesor is 40c which is very hard to belive.because i have my proccesor liquid cooled also how the proccesor be 40c when the thermal sensors for the cores inside the processor are only 30c.correct me if im wrong but i think the sensors on the board are incorrect i rather trust the intel sensors inside the prccesor also on my old Gigabyte 965p-dq6 my cpu heat reading was always cooler than the cores so could it possibly be that my proccesor is colder than the cores on my proccesor?

A:EVGA Nforce 680i thermal sensors

So are there any updates to this question? What have you found out so far?
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I am about too build this new prebuild build mobo evga any 680i suggestions please?Thanx on new pc EVGA i mobo Intel e processor Evga gtx gigs kingston hyper x ddr mhz samsung and new build on evga 680i mobo any prebuild suggestions please?Thanx western digital gig HD sata g s zero therm btf cpu cooler thermal right hr- vga cooler cooler master new build on evga 680i mobo any prebuild suggestions please?Thanx cosmos case pc power and cooling quad power asus dvd super multi w lightscribe drives I was just wondering if any other tech geeks out there might have any prebuild suggestions for me i already downloaded latest bios and latest video drivers and have both burnt on disks Oh i also have artic silver ceramiqe thermal paste for all cooler instals Yea i would just be very greatful if anyone having any thoughts that could help this build go smooth would be greatly appreciated These forums have helped me in the past and i even may have helped a few people although im not realy a pro at this stuff this pc will only be my second build and i just spent a good bit of cash so i dont want mess any thing up one again thanks for any replys too this post live healthy and game hard all nbsp

A:new build on evga 680i mobo any prebuild suggestions please?Thanx

Take it easy, one step at a time, keep kids away, watch for static, think before you act and then think again. If in doubt, build the whole thing outside the case and boot it up before fitting it for the final time.
When you have built hundreds of them you will wonder what all the fuss is about, but I remember the fear of the first build and all that cash just waiting to burn away!
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This is my first computer i ve ever built and im having drives 680i 122-ck-nf68 cd and EVGA trouble finding a logical way to connect my CD drive to my motherboard Right now i have my hard drive IDE connector plugged in then im using one of the connectors into my hard drive and the cd drives and EVGA 122-ck-nf68 680i other into my cd drive Im pretty sure that this isn t the right cd drives and EVGA 122-ck-nf68 680i way to do it but my motherboard only has IDE connector Im using an EVGA -CK-NF -A Are there newer CD drives that dont require an IDE connection or something Also when i boot up i get past the bios then when the Windows logo comes on the screen i get a blue screen but it goes off my screen so quickly that i cant even get a glimpse of what it says Im using an old hard drive that already has windows xp installed on it but i dont have the CDs handy Do i have to get them and boot up using the cds specs EVGA -CK-NF -A ATX Intel Intel Core Quad Q GHz x MB L Cache gb OCZ Gold ddr ABS w power supply BFG gtx mb bit gb Segate Barracuda rpm nbsp

A:cd drives and EVGA 122-ck-nf68 680i

Heh, my last version of windows wasnt genuine but i guess ill go out and buy it =p. So what im thinking is i should go out buy a new hard drive, a copy of windows xp. The new hard drive shouldnt use a IDE interface right? If thats the case then i'll keep my old hard drive connected using the IDE as a slave then transfer all my stuff onto the new one then disconnect the old one.

oh and im in the US btw

thanks for the reply
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I tried a set of known good speakers without any luck.
Uninstalled the audio and, upon start-up, windows recognized the sound and reinstalled it.
I am running a virus scan now. There was no antivirus software.
No antispyware either. Could the driver files be damaged?
I am stumped.
Thanks everyone.

A:Troubleshooting sound. Windows Vista

Hello Sylvia,
Vista is VERY picky about hardware. I don't know anything about your system... Are you running a sound card or are you using on-board sound? Did your system come with Vista loaded on it, or did you install Vista yourself?
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I was looking at the EVGA Nvidia 7950GT KO 512MB GDDR3 for my Dell 8400.

But it comes with a 6 pin power cord, how come?

Shouldnt I be able to slap this into the PCI-E slot and be good to go?


A:EVGA Nvidia 7950GT KO 512MB GDDR3

Nope, it needs extra power. PCIe can only supply 65W (I think...) the card requires more than that.
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I just put my first build together about a month ago and i couldent quite figure out how to flash the bios. i downloaded the Drivers from EVGA's website but im pertty sure that it did not even touch the bios.

can anyone give me a suggestion?

A:Need Help Updating my Bios on my EVGA mobo

Most of the time when you flash the bios, you need to transfer them to a 3.5 floppy disk. Then stick the disk in the A drive, shut it down and restart. When it reboots, it will go into DOS momentarily and flash the bios. It should then reboot, at which time you need to remove the disk. It should then restart in the normal mode. Even though EVGA has a program built into the motherboard utilities to download and flash in Windows mode, sometimes the bios just won't flash correctly OR the bios just won't catch. I had an EVGA 590 SLI and had the same problem. The program just wouldn't work directly from the internet or by saving the file in Windows. I had to transfer to a disk and flash the bios as above. One of the best utilities for flashing the bios in Windows has to be ASUS. Since I upgraded my board, I've upgraded the bios 2 revisions and haven't had a problem as of yet. ASUS rocks!!
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i been looking at both of these motherboards and i want to know which one should i get

A:EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 or ASUS P5N32-E SLI

For me the preferred choice is the ASUS every time.
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Hey everyone I decided instead of spending all the extra money on having someone build First monster My Build!~ Core/EVGA ~ Quad your computer or buying a wayyy over priced dell compaq something along those lines i would finally build my own Im years old and pretty much love computers to death haha I have a very very fair amount of computer knowledge so its not like im walking into somthing i have no idea about I just wanted to see the reaction about what im doing and about my selection of parts so here we go haha Case Raidmax Smilodon Mid-Sized Tower Processor Q Intel Quad My First Build!~ Quad Core/EVGA monster ~ Core Tech Conroe ghz CPU Cooler Tuniq Tower Motherboard EVGA nForce i SLi Ram Twin-X Corsair PC- mhz low timing ram GB Power Supply OCZ GameXstream Watt Video Card EVGA GTS MB Not SLi yet img src images icons new prekesh-wink png class mceSmilie alt title Wink DVD R W Both ASUS w Lightscribe Technology Hard-drive Seagate gb RPM Here are some pictures of the build so far This is all i have so far Mobo and PSU and Case So watch around for me to add more stuff Thanks for looking nbsp

A:My First Build!~ Quad Core/EVGA monster ~

Looks like you know your stuff, and is too late to change the OCZ, which is the only weak link I see in your system.
Let us know how it is working from time to time.
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I just recently bought a new motherboard and processor I wanted to get an Intel e processor so I went with the EVGA nVidia i motherboard I ll post the exact model once I get home I already had an existing machine so I reinstalled Windows XP Pro bit after replacing my parts Everything seemed to run just fine but once I have Windows loaded neither of the Gigabit LAN ports are recognized I figured that they were disabled in BIOS so I made sure they were enabled That EVGA nVidia detected not 680i motherboard LAN ports didn t help so I figured that I would have to install drivers After doing that I still have no network connections Ipconfig shows nothing either I didn t have a lot of EVGA nVidia 680i motherboard LAN ports not detected time after I finished the build so I haven t yet played around any further than what I described above but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what the problem is I m not currently with the machine but I ll edit my post accordingly once I get there and I ll post anything else I try as well As usual any help is appreciated P S Does anyone know what the normal or load temps that a stock e will run at No problems just curious nbsp

A:EVGA nVidia 680i motherboard LAN ports not detected

you need to install the motherboard drivers. Usually supplied with the mobo. You may need to download Win64 versions (if available)
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Hello. I have a evga 7900 gs ko. I need some advice on how to fully maximize my video card's performance. For some reason i can't even get a constant 100 fps on cs. I want to know if it's that is vista decreasing the performance, and how i could fix it. I also want to know the best 3D settings on the Nvidia Forceware Control Panel

Using a Gateway GT5404 =/

Can someone please help me?


A:eVGA 7900 GS KO advice

Your performane is of course depending on your cpu, ram menory, etc. Post your particulars and perhaps someone may have some input regarding that. Your graphics fps is being brought down by whatever is your weakest link. You undenialably have a quick GPU. Good Luck.
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Could someone more 8100 Assistance Dimension Troubleshooting Dell in the know that I help me troubleshoot a critical problem with my Dell Dimension I m trying to figure out whether my problem is likely a failed hard drive or something more serious Problem The machine failed to boot when I powered it up yesterday The Dell startup routine displays as ususal but Windows XP does not load I just get a blank black screen with the cursor blinking in the upper left corner What I ve tried I made a Windows XP boot disk put Dell Dimension 8100 Troubleshooting Assistance it in my internal floppy drive and turned the machine on It boots to an A-prompt showing the machine recognizes the A drive When I attempt to access the hard drive by entering C I get quot invalid drive specification quot Dell Dimension 8100 Troubleshooting Assistance I get the same result when I try to access the CD-R W and DVD devices However when I power up the machine I do get LED displays on the CD-R W and DVD devices I have gone into the setup menu set the boot sequence to boot from the CD-R W drive and placed a bootable CD in the drive The machine does ot boot I Dell Dimension 8100 Troubleshooting Assistance have removed the cover turned on the machine and touched the hard drive to check for vibration No vibration I am concerned about the quot invalid drive specification quot messages above when I try to access the hard drive and CD-R W and DVD drives Does that suggest something other than a hard drive failure Anyone out there want to hazard a guess as to what my problem is nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 8100 Troubleshooting Assistance


Easy thing to try first is to pull the Hdd and see if it will boot from Cd/rom.. If not try the other way.. Unhook A:/ Try to boot. Unhook D:/ (cd) try to boot.. let us know but its probably the hard drive failed.
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Well i got nvidia evga 8800 gts 320 mb i went to and got the newest drivers which are and i went to evga and seen they have 158.45 should i go there and download theres or stick with these?

A:Question about nvidia drivers and evga drivers

Why not try both... I doubt that it makes a lick of difference. The first one that dosn't give you the blue screen of death is the one to use.
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Hows the overall quality and performance of this card i got the 320 mb version to this brand new sealed and want to know shall i pop this in or get a 620 mb etc Any info would be great Thanks in advanced

A:Evga nvidia 8800 gts Questions.

From what ive heard the difference between the two versions only shows above 1600x1200 resolutions, and thats just framerates. I suppose it depends on the game also but from my research thats been the only difference. Last week I just upgraded from a vanilla 6800 to a EVGA superclocked 8800gts 320MB and I haven't found anything to complain about yet. Performance in Vista isnt up to par yet but thats true for all Nvidia cards, they generally perform 10-20% worse in Vista than they do in XP.
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I installed the drivers from the cd works etc.i go to the net download and install but when restarted pc gets a error about out of ranged change display mode to 1680x1050 @ 60 ghz so i cant see anything until i do a system seems the drivers arent being installed and removing my first set of drivers with the that resolution on it..any help please

A:Help installing evga 8800 drivers

Hey RUDEBWOY, If your willing to try my suggestion
Never install a driver from the provided cd, outdated. Go here:

re-download new driver, save it to your desktop
un-install all video drivers (go to control panel/programs)
nvidia should be listed as nvidia drivers, ati as catilyst---something like that
re-boot your system and allow the generic windows driver to install
run install program you downloaded from your desktop
if that doesn't work you'll need a driver-cleaner program, I believe there are free versions floating around, google for it
good luck
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I just updated my drivers on my new evga 8800 gts 320 mb and when it restarted im getting an error about out of ranged change display mode to 1680x1050 @ 60 ghz i cant get into windows to do anything cause that error keeps coming up with a black screen nor can i change anything on my monitor settings i can get into safe mode tho please help asap!

A:Help evga error!

it seems that what i go to nvdia it uninstalls my old drivers which removes the 1080 display mode and when its restarted its gone so it cant boot from there any ideas how to work around this?
Relevancy 37.41%

I just got my EVGA GeForce 7800 GS 256MB AGP video card a few hours ago and it didn't come with the installation CD and manual (yes, I've checked the box thoroughly). I think it's gonna take about a week for my CD to arrive, so I was wondering if I could install the video card without it and if so, how? Thanks in advance.

A:EVGA video card came with no CD

Yes, you can....all you have to do is disable the current drivers, shut down the computer, and then install the card. When you turn the computer back on, go to, and then download the latest drivers .
Relevancy 36.98%

I can't find any reviews comparing the g80 gtx superclocked to my current sli set, Just curious to know how it would compare. If anyone can find some good links with fps on a current game, like FEAR or something like that I'd appreciate. Or just any general 2 cents would do, thx.

/input come on people

A:BFG 7950 512 SLI vs EVGA g80 superclocked single

If SLI GeForce 7900 GTX 512MB cards can't beat a single 8800 GTX then your card (Slightly under the 7900 GTX) can't.
Relevancy 37.41%

Can anyone that has used this program or system please give me a brief description on how it works.

A:evga upgrade progam

Its pretty limited/restrictive.

Basically you buy a card, and if within 90 days of purchase you want a better card you can do it, you have to send your card back in perfect condition with everything it came with (you have to have bought it from a dealer on their list) and then you pay the difference in cost between the new card and what you originally paid for the old.

ALL The details here.
Relevancy 38.27%

I noticed on that all eVGA products were renamed to EVGA. I found this strange and I prefer the eVGA name over the EVGA name. But I was wondering if the name is eVGA or EVGA. I guess it really doesn't matter, but I kind of care.

Anyway because of neweggs change in names I thoughh the correct name is EVGA. Yet in my eVGA e-GeForce 7900 GS KO 256MB (and thats how I believe it should be named. Sorry cfitzarl) manual it is called eVGA.

Anyway, you known the question.

A:Is it eVGA or EVGA

If you head over to, then you see that it is EVGA all over the place. Maybe they decided to change the spelling at some point?
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im working on a EVGA GeForce 7600 GS and the cooling fan is got a bad bearing and i have searched and searched for a replacementy for it and it seems they r not out there?!?

seems that it would be a common fix?!?

anybody have any suggestions??

A:cooling fan for a EVGA GeForce 7600 GS

Contact EVGA. If you recently purchased the card within the past 30 days, they should ship you a new fan for your card.If not, you'll have to try and match one up from an older graphics card. This may or may not work. For the time being, take off the case and place a fan as close to your case as possible to keep the temps down. This is only a temp fix, but it will buy you some time to find the correct fan.
There are also graphics card fans that plug into a pci slot specifically designed to cool the card. The run around $$20 US and some work better than the onboard fan.
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I was looking at This mobo from EVGA and noticed tiger had the New T1 version for $20 more.

Does anyone know what the difference between these mobos is and is it worth paying the $20 extra for whatever the new T1 version is? They also have things listed like the A1 version.

A:Difference between EVGA T1 version of 680i mobo?

Usually those slight upgrades fix or repair some flaw or device driver... also you can often learn more by a Google search or just reading the specs at EVGA on each.
These slight upgrades are usually important enough to pay the extra 20 bucks.