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Need to select new mobo - and power?

Q: Need to select new mobo - and power?

Greetings I thought I knew something about computers - but my research is proving otherwise I power? Need mobo new select to and - seem to know enough to get more confused Hope you can help Custom built ATX form Alabatron motherboard w AMD Athlon XP CPU FRIED IT Thought power source only problem but replacement did not help and then I noticed bulging capacitors Figure power took out mobo So that s really all I know I know I need to buy new board - would like to upgrade to a faster AMD processor if possible - but want to be sure I wouldn Need to select new mobo - and power? t need to upgrade anything else Certainly need new power supply as well PROBLEM I can Need to select new mobo - and power? t figure out what comes WITH a new motherboard I am really embarrased Does it come with the processor If not do I have to get a very specific motherboard to match the processor I want How do I figure out what motherboard I need to fit my sticks of mhz DDR ram three add-on cd dvd cd-r burners video card USB etc Does the motherboard determine what power source I should buy I SHOULD take this to a professional I know but am stuck with a wounded ego and hope to make myself feel better by doing it myself I am comfortable installing hardware pieces just not comfortable knowing how the big picture all fits together Would sure appreciate help Can give all kinds of gory details if they will help Thanks nbsp

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Preferred Solution: Need to select new mobo - and power?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Need to select new mobo - and power?

A motherboard doesn't come with a processor. If you want an AMD processor search for an AMD motherboard. Socket AM2 or AM2+ 64 bit processors and a motherboard that supports AM2 or AM2+ CPU's are good. Just choose a board and processor that suits your budget. If you are in the US you can start looking here and look at the motherboard specs for the type of memory it takes. DDR2 memory may be what you need to get. Everything else may work... A SATA hard drive may be needed too for this upgrade. A good 450 watt power supply should work fine
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I would like to replace one of my system MOBO, and need help selecting a good one. I want to replace one of my ASUS A7V8X boards with something that will run the latest AMD CPU's but need at least 4 or more PCI slots (2 for SCSI cards; 1 for Promise card; 1 for USB card). I can live without an AGP slot if onboard video is good. Would need onboard sound, NIC, and have never used Sata drives (prefer scsi 320). Any help would be great!

Thanks in advance.

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Hi everyone! Recently did a reinstall of windows (yikes, what a pain), recently did all critical updates and installed SP2.

Now, when I attempt to shut down and select "Turn off Computer" from the start menu it no longer powers down completely, it gives me the "It is Now Safe To Turn of Your Computer" screen,,,,ugh!!

I've not messed with my bios....APM is enabled.

I've gone into Power Options and selected to not enable hibernation and I've selected Always On power schemes with all options to never.

By the way, before the install of SP2 it would shut down normally, please help so I don't have to use the power button!!


A:XP Won't Power Off When I select "Turn Off Computer

You can go here:
Scroll down to #76 and click on the word "Off" ,when the file download box opens up,click Open.
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Hello I Reboot boot and change device proper select power after recently heve moved to the UK from the US My PC was running on Reboot and select proper boot device after power change power converters to start until I could replace the power supply with a UK version My first problem is that I burned up the power converter I was using I ordered a replacement that would work with UK power I replaced the power supply and have double checked all connections and started up my PC to get the error message quot reboot and select proper boot device quot I have tried checking the boot order in the bios and it is prioritizing my hard drive st I have tried disabling the cd dvd drive as well I have tried removing the motherboard battery and reinstalling it and trying but besides telling me it needs a set up the results are the same I'm now in a pickle here as I am using a tablet to request help I have no boot disc or method of burning one and I need to save recover the software on the hard drive at the least though I really do prefer to make it all work like it was None of my back ups will arrive for a few weeks Any advice My PC stats are on my user info Thank you

A:Reboot and select proper boot device after power change

At this point i would suggest double checking all the cable(s) going from the hard drive to the motherboard to see if something possibly came loose during shipping(even if it was packed well it still could happen). If that does not do anything; then its quite possible since you moved here to the u.s. from overseas that you need u.s. power supply as the electric grids in the u.s. are much different than overseas due to the voltage they operate on.
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Ok so i do know what the no Power and supply 100%, mobo are power problem is this is more about what i can do to use my computer until i can fix the problem Ill start off with what the problem is My computer wont turn on from the get go i knew the power supply was okay Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power because the mother board has a green light on it showing that its getting power of course just in case i tried putting a new supply in but there were no changes At first glance the mother board looked good No blown resistors or anything of that sort i sent it to a friend to check it out though once again just to be thorough and sure Finally after Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power hours of tedious searching i found the problem The chip that the power button plugs into has blown out Very happy thats all it is Now my question to all of you is is there anyway to bypass using that board so i can run my computer until i replace it if i just unplug the little board that the button is a part of the computer obviously does not turn on when i attach the computer to power and i dont know how i can trick it into turning on without having the use of the power button Any info would be greatly appreciated Thanks Ryan nbsp

A:Power supply and mobo are 100%, no power

There are some motherboards that have a power on button directly on the motherboard. I don't suppose you have one of those? There are some BIOS' that can enable the keyboard to power on the PC by pressing any key. I'm using one of them now. Of course, the problem with that is to get the PC started in the first place so you can change the BIOS setting (if it has that setting).

What motherboard do you have?
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Just yesterday i got a MSI P35 Neo2-FR/FIR
And when i plug my powersupply in all i see is a red light i haven't tried to put the processor in or anything yet but when i turn the powersupply switch on all that comes on is that red light but the powersupply dosent turn on the fan dosent spin and the led light in the powersupply dosent turn on and i was wondering what causes this and ive tried to hook up 80mm fans to the powersupply and they dont turn on either, Thanks for the help

A:New Mobo no power need help

Install the processor and memory, then try turning it on again... The red light may mean nothing at this point
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My PC hates me and I hate my PC Power Mobo to No Have been having a few problems with puter lately Original problem was that the power had to be left on at wall switch otherwise the machine would take up to half an hour to switch on If left plugged in at wall No Power to Mobo there was no problem However a member of family turned off wall switch and since then the PC has not started Have checked the PSU by jumping the green and black cables - all HDD and CD DVD and LED turn on no fan on Mobo though this would indicate to me that the PSU is OK Have tried bypassing the power switch on Mobo by jumping the Power switch pins - there is no power at all to anything have tried removing all components well the video card also and there is still nothing CMOS battery has also been removed Mobo is GA- N pro - PSU is CodeGen W ATX Anybody have any ideas what could cause this Any help would be much appreciated nbsp
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I just bought an Abit VI7 mobo, and an Antec SP 500W PSU, and put them both into my box. I put in my CPU (an Intel 2600 PIV), my video card (an Envidia Geforce 6200) and one of my HDD's (120 GB WD). I'm not sure how exactly to hook up the power switch, the HDD light, and the reset switch, so I just left those un-connected. When I turned on the power switch in back, I get a small green light on the mobo, and the three lights blink on the keyboard. But my fan to my CPU doesn't spin; nor does my HDD spin up. I'm flummoxed! I can't think of anything that would let power through to the keyboard, yet not power up the HDD. I'm fairly sure all the power cables are connected correctly. Help! What could cause this?

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I received a pc to look at with no power, I replaced the psu but still no response at all, disconnected the power switch and shorted across the mobo connections but still no power.
I concluded it must be a problem with the mobo so replaced it and the cpu but still no sign of life from the pc. I then tried the old mobo, psu and memory out of the case but still no signs of life. Tried some other memory but still the same.I shall try the same with the new mobo but am not hopeful.
Have any of you guys any suggestions?

A:No power even with new mobo

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Hi All

I believe my PSU may have blown up (really odd coz wasn't even on at the time!) and damaged my mobo. I have an ASUS K8V SE Deluxe, which has an LED in the bottom corner to indicate power, this no longer comes on. I have swapped PSUs and still nothing.

Does this mean my mobo is dead? If so how likely is it that my CPU has been damaged?

Thanks in advance

A:No power to mobo!!??

It actually could be a couple of different things.

How long have you been running your current configuration.

What leads you to believe your PSU blew up. Was there an electrical surge/brownout.

I see the following as possibilities
1. PSU - you said you tried another PSU (known working I hope)
2. Mobo - do you have another mobo you can try
3. CPU - I have seen this before with CPU problems.
4. RAM - not very likely but possible.

Try the following ( remove all unessential devices cdrom/dvdrom/hdd/floppy/sata/pci/
1. Unplug power from pc PSU connected to mobo. Hold in power button for aprox 60 seconds, this will drain any residual power from the mobo capacitors ( caps have a tendancy to work like batteries at times where they can have a "memory" and when power is applied they will not fully operate. ( I wouldn't have believed this myself if I hadn't seen it fix many pc wont power on issues when working HP techs support about 5 years ago)

2. remove cmos battery, or set clear cmos jumper and clear the cmos for a good 30-45 seconds.

3. Reapply power and see what she does.

4. try removing one stick of your RAM if you have 2 sticks, ( again unlikely but possible)

5. is the mobo properly grounded?
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My question is do I need to connect power to the power connector beside my CPU [Atx 12v 2x]. Is this optional/for overclocking?

My computer will have:
Intel i7 920
Gigabyte Ex58-UD4P
cooler master V8
Corsair TX 750 w


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Just a quick question for some opinions but I think I know the answer, I had a pc with no power so changed the psu but still no power, checked all connections and tried bypassing the on/off switch but still no power so decided mobo was faulty. I replaced the mobo but still no power, tried another psu and no power, suspect new mobo may be faulty.
I have checked and rechecked all of the connections. the mobo is a socket 478 from Asrock.
Any other suggestions you guys may have would be appreciated.

A:New mobo - no power

I think it`s either a dead mobo or possibly a dead cpu.

I suggest you take the cpu to your local pc repair shop and have them test it. It will only cost a few dollars to have this done.

Regards Howard
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I just bought new mobo, p4 and psu. when i installed everything and tried to boot nothing happened. both the psu fan and the cpu fan started but nothing else. the monitor wouldn't even reconize that the computer was on. Ive double checked all the connections and they are fine.

the only thing that concerns me is the psu connector is 24 pins and the mobo is 20 pin but i was told it would hook up fine just wont use the four extra pins.

I have no idea what to do now any suggestions

A:new mobo will not power on

is the 4pin atx12v line connected to the motherboard.? you should go over the motherboard's manual for installation and make sure there wasn't a spot you messed up or forgot.
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I seem to have a problem that quite a few people have mentioned but no working solution has been found that I can find After plugging everything in and then flicking the power switch on my power supply mobo new issue up Power with not on the PC box all the fans start Power up issue with new mobo up but it seems like nobody is at home No beeps and only one green light on the box that doesn t flash or flicker Monitor doesn t register anything and no POST or bios information shows up My specs are Asrock AM NF -VSTA Motherboard AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz ELSA GLADIAC GT AGP MB GT GB PGI DDR - RAM MHz GB DDR PC - Elixir MHz Western Digital GB HHD ENERMAX EG P-VE FMA ATX V W Power Supply I bought the board because my AGP is still strong enough for what I need but I wanted to start using a bit processor I ve tried switching RAM sticks and slots and using only one chip and but no change The power seems to start up as soon as the PS is switched on Holding down the power button on the box does t shut it down and the reset button doesn t seem to have any effect either Any help would be appreciated nbsp

A:Power up issue with new mobo

I have seen this on one or more occasions and it turned out to be a bad motherboard. Also, if I had another power supply to test with;I would try that too. Its possible you may have a standby problem. Do you have a power supply checker?
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Hello All, I'm back.... ... I installed a AMD 2400+ 2.0 processor back into my compaq presario S4020WM computer... when I had hooked the power supply back up and had all my cables back in place.. I proceeded to restart the computer. The computer powered up for about 45 seconds and it keeps shutting back off... can anyone help me to get my computer back up and running?

A:MoBO will not power up after cpu installation

Did you renew the thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink?

If not, it will overheat and shut down quite quickly to prevent damage.
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I didn t remember to write down my motherboard s model number but it is an intel socket board as well with a ghz P cpu I woke up to find my computer off so I turned it back on When it first booted it just held a blank screen and then rebooted itself After this try BIOS booted and left me with an quot CMOS failure quot error The error was followed by an option to press F to enter setup I made sure that all of the hardware was detected in setup and that the settings were still set for default After that the computer rebooted upon leaving setup During this boot I never saw BIOS attempt to load and I was left with a black boot screen with a flashing underscore character A minute later I would finally get a message stating quot error loading OS quot Every boot after that I get a blue quot intel inside quot logo screen that I have never Bad Loss Mobo / Power CPU? -> seen before in the last two years All of the hardware appears to be intact and there have been no beeping or alarm sounds coming Power Loss -> Bad Mobo / CPU? from the motherboard Power Loss -> Bad Mobo / CPU? speaker quot This forsaken apartment has had Power Loss -> Bad Mobo / CPU? problems power causing lights to flicker slightly and computers to reboot I had been meaning to purchase a UPS within a months time Also I have no idea if it s a possible problem with my PSU from OCZ Though it s sensors on it show that it s putting out proper voltage nbsp

A:Power Loss -> Bad Mobo / CPU?

Eh fluctuating power is never a good thing, motherboards are very sensitive.

You need to start checking the continuity of your parts. Do you have another PSU you can use temporarily?

Does the green power good LED on the motherboard light up?
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Hello everyone I have a year old Dell XPS with a stock tp mobo Intel C Q GHz Vista GB of RAM and an ATI Radeon that s ready for an upgrade I purchased a Radeon HD without verifying I had an appropriate power power my Can this use with I mobo? supply supply but unfortunately the stock Dell is rated at W Other Can I use this power supply with my mobo? forums have suggested a W PSU would be fine for the card but those posters typically have C D processors instead I think a W would theoretically cover it which is the only other option available directly from Dell but I also have another power supply lying around that I wanted to try first well - ask about trying could fried mobo It s an Ultra ULT-V DR rated at W and it has -pin connectors which I m assuming are for dual PCIe graphics cards This leads me to believe that the W rating is legit but I m unsure if it s going to be too big looks to be a standard ATX size though the mobo is BTX from what I ve been reading and I can t find anything online that says it would be certified for use with a the or b the stock Dell tp mobo Any help would be greatly appreciated and Happy Holidays Also I apologize if I double posted but it s my first time on the board and I think I closed out my previous tab while still proof-reading my post Thanks Nate nbsp

A:Can I use this power supply with my mobo?

Okay, so I did a little more research into the "new" power supply (basically looked up what all the Amps and Volts meant). It seems to me from the sticker that there are two +12V rails that are rated as such:

Ultra ULT-V600DR
+12V1: 18A
+12V2: 20A
Max combined wattage: 420W

Across all of the listed voltages, the Max Combined Wattage is 600W. Now I read where the ampere ratings don't directly add up, however there is some formula I found in another thread on that leads me to think that 18+20A would be something above 30A, but it's limited by the combined wattage. My concern is that the box for the 5770 says the minimum required for a 12V rail would be 40A (to be fair, the ASUS box also says it requires a 500W PSU when it really needs 450W by ATI's specs).

To top it off, I found another single post in a PSU/5770/XPS thread where someone simply posted "I've got a 5770 in my XPS 420 with my stock 375W PSU and it works no problem." I can't find the thread again to link it, but that was the gist of it. By the sticker on the side of the stock 375W unit, it wouldn't have anywhere near the required 40A rail...

Confused thoroughly,
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Hi all I m a new boy to the forum but MoBo it is or dead Is or else? something my power would be grateful for your help on a problem that has suddenly developed on my son s machine I have some knowledge but not a lot what s that they say about a little knowledge being a dangerous thing Anyway the problem is as follows The system was bought from novatech in the UK about years ago It is AMD processor on Is my MoBo dead or is it power or something else? a K SA motherboard running XP home All was fine at lunchtime When switching on this evening the fans graphics CU case PSU start the power LED HDD LED and CD LED all come on and stay on but nothing else happens Normally there would be one beep and the system would start Now no beep nothing The power switch and Reset buttons now do nothing - need to switch off at the wall I ve check some of the power leads and they seem to be sending out V and V OK There have been no general power problems that I am aware of eg surge spikes other machine in the house are fine I ve checked the CMOS battery and reseated the cards and memory My guess is that the system isn t even getting to the motherboard ROM to start up the POST Could it be the PSU The Power Switch The Motherboard Any thing else Any pointers gratefully received I m not keen to change the MB unless I have to as the PSU is only W and any newer stuff is likely to need that upgrading too - I might end up with the costs of nearly a whole new machine Thanks Brian the Cat nbsp

A:Is my MoBo dead or is it power or something else?

Same thing

My computer is doing the same thing, except, I switched my hardware from one case to the other and power up was attempted, a fan would spin, a led would pop on and nothing else. I switched back to the original case and the same thing happens. The RAM led is lit on the motherboard and network port is lit and flashing so I know the MOBO is getting power, but it just does not want to power on the whole way. I had the same problem when I first built the box, but it was resolved by another friend when I wasn't looking and I neve asked the technical details on how he fixed it. My specs are below.

MOBO: Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000 Pro Intel P4 3.0G HT
VC: ATI Radeon x800 PRO 256MB AGP
PSU: Turbolink Switching Power Supply (stock with full tower)
Memore: 1.5G of Corsair Value Select and HP stuff
HDD: Seagate Barracude 120GB

I have fooled with the front panel wiring to see if that is the problem. Tried powering on sans video card, soundcard, HDD, fans, etc. I am completely lost. Cleared CMOS as well.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

B to the J.
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i bought the GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3R a few days ago. After reading some reviews, I noticed someone said something about having an up to date power supply. I looked into it and saw that this motherboard requires an 8-Pin and 24-Pin power cable. I currently have the power supply that came with this JPAC Computer case. (i am very aware that this case is a p.o.s. I only bought it because of its price on ebay). The power supply in the case only has a 4-pin and 20-pin power cable. Do i need to buy a new power supply? Or can I use one of the 4-pin to 8-pin and 20-pin to 24-pin adapters like this one.

Here are my specs.

Intel Q6600 2.4GHz Quad Core
Kingston HyperX 4GB 2x2GB PC28500 DDR2
ATI Radeon HD3650

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I have an Emachines Etower 500i that doesn't power up. When the power cord is attached the fans on the ps and cpu spin and then stop. Then it won't do anything, until the power cord is unhooked and hooked up again. I've tried a different psu and motherboard. If I unhook everything from the mobo except the power switch connector, it will turn off and on with the power switch. But as soon as I plug any drives in the power switch won't turn it on or off and the power cord has to be unplugged and plugged back in then the fans spin for a couple seconds and stop again. If the memory is in when I plug the power cord in I get 2 quick beeps and then 8 more beeps. Everything I've seen about these symptoms points to either ps or mobo, but I've switched both with the same results.

A:power supply or mobo?

You may have had a catastrophic failure that has taken out the processor, ram, video card(if not integrated, and/or the hard drive or CD drives. You'll need to have those parts tested or swapped out to narrow it down.
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Hello all I have a gigabyte MB with AMD chipset on it This past summer my powersupply went out so I bought one while I went through the processes of warranty replacement SO I ended up with a functioning machine with an extra PS in the box if the need arose That was months ago Last week I Mobo Up? Power Wont did a fresh install as I do on occasions when I get sick of all the windows updates causing things to act funny Well in the process of updating some drivers my computer froze and would only boot partially and freeze Its done this in the past no big deal just a couple of resets and it pulls through Well I Mobo Wont Power Up? was in a hurry so I just left it to see if time it would pull through and boot into windows Well I came back and the computer was off B c its a media center machine Its set to go into standby after min if left alone and it awakes on its own But when I tried to start it It was stone cold dead no power lights no RAM LED on Mobo Wont Power Up? MB nothing I removed Powersupply and installed my fresh out of box Power supply and hooked it up and nothing no effect Mobo Wont Power Up? I got a power supply from another computer It didn t have the v cpu power but it did have the wide MB power no help I got spare case and removed the switches thinking its the switch nope I unhooked everything still dead B c Compatibility was an issue building it years ago I bought a working MB of the SAME MODEL on ebay and hooked it up and it started and recognized everything EXCEPT it said OS was not installed or not recognized So I just figured that a file or something was damaged when it didn t boot last so I put in windows disk and rebooted I began a fresh install and a quick format it copied all the files to it and proceded to reboot as windows does and it gave me the error no OS seen or available I Put the disk in again and did a partition delete and a full format I had a meeting so my wife is watching i now Well after the format of gb HD it tried to reboot and it gave the no OS error again and sat and she said it turned off I came home and tried to start it and nothing ALMOST dead but the Power LED comes on and when I kit the start switch the CPU fan makes one revolution and stops I am using the power supply b c I assumed was the cause of the problem the first time Well I go back to powersupply and everything spins and stays on but I turn it off in like seconds b c I didn t have any HDD hooked up or it wasn t in the case I then try again just to see if it really did fix it and again nothing but a half second cpu spin and RAM light with no changes made I then remove the CPU ATX v power supply and it works again I get powersupply My newest and plug it in just as the one that worked just a minute ago and still the half a second cpu spin I know this is wordy but I was hoping to tell ya ll my troubleshooting so maybe you have an idea of the culprit How does a computer act if the CPU isn t working I don t have any other CPU s with this socket type so I can t test a new one Does this point to anything in particular Just to clarify with the second MB its the same model and version and it recognized the RAM and all the drives just no OS by it does that mean that CPU is not right b c other stuff is BIOS related right Please help I don t want to spend anymore money on this like I did with an extra Power supply and motherboard now and its still not working It didn t show My signature so here it is AMD socket - CPU Gigabyte GA-K NSNXP- - MB w Ultra - PS ATI XT Video card gb DDR Ram x gb SATA x RAID GB for OS Just to add I saw another post that sounded like my problem and they were advised to place a jumper on power supply and I did that and found the Powersupply fresh out of the box was not comming on but the powersupply that I was using when the first MB went down checked out and all voltages read correctly I kept powering on and off the power supply till it started working my MB is running on the floor outside of the case with only the... Read more
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I tested my mobo to see if it would start up. I have it on a cardboard piece with CPU+heatsink, graphics, and PSU connected. Plus on stick of ram. I connected the 24 pin and the 8 pin to my mobo and then when I pushed the power button, everything started up for half a second then stopped. The mobo light was still on indicating power was still running through it. Any ideas why?
ABS Tagan ITZ Series ITZ700 ATX12V / EPS12V 700W Power Supply
EVGA 122-CK-NF68-A1 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI ATX Intel Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 Conroe 2.66GHz LGA 775 Processor Model BX80557E6750
EVGA 256-P2-N615-TX GeForce 7600GT

A:MOBO power on problems

Try this;

Disconnect the machine from the power source, and press the Power On button for about 10 seconds to drain any residual charge from the capacitors.

These instructions ONLY apply to INTEL coolers that were shipped with pre-applied Thermal Interface Material or Thermal Interface Compound.

Without removing the cooler take a flat blade screwdriver and turn the locking pins counterclockwise to the unlock position. With all the locking pins loose, without lifting up on the cooler assembly "gently" turn the cooler assembly left and right a couple of times (Just a couple of degrees each way). Turn the locking pin assemblies until the notch on the locking pins is perpendicular to the heatsink. Re-align the locking pins with the holes in the motherboard. Push down HARD on 2 pins at a time diagonal from each other, until all 4 pins are fully down and locked. After all 4 pins are down and locked push down HARD on each pin individually.

Re-connect the power source, power on the machine and see if it will boot.
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Hi I seem to have gotten myself into quite a predicament I had my PC on earlier left it on while I went supply? Possible power bad or mobo to go watch TV and return to find my PC off and no longer able to turn on The greed LED on my motherboard is no longer on and will not go on no matter what I do Switched which outlet the power supply was plugged into checked to make sure the cords were securely plugged in and finally made sure that the power switch on the power supply was on The primary issue right now is that I don t know how to identify which component of my computer has likely gone bad The PC is just a few months past years old and has been on and in use pretty much constantly I m assuming that either the power supply or the motherboard has gone bad but I don t know how to tell which The fan on the power supply does not spin or turn on and it doesn t seem like anything is getting power from the power supply at all I m really worried about the damage such a failure could have done to the rest of my system and I d obviously like to get this repaired as soon as possible I just simply don t know Possible bad mobo or power supply? where to go from here How would I check Possible bad mobo or power supply? whether my power supply has gone bad How would I know if my motherboard has gone bad What possible damages could I be looking at Any and all help is appreciated nbsp

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I'm trying to recycle my older computer parts to build another one. I picked up a Foxconn 915A01 motherboard today but it uses a 24-pin power supply and I have a 20-pin. As I understand it the other 4-pins are for the PCI-e slots (which I won't be using). I've read the manual can't seem to find anything about using a 20-pin.

A:Using 20-pin power supply on 24-pin Mobo

you are usually OK using a 20 pin supply on a 24 pin board, you do have to pay attention when fitting the connector and DONT FORCE IT, if it doesnt fit then you have the incorrect orientation, rotate and try again!. The connector shape will prevent you from connecting it wrongly tho
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My neighbor has a desktop that is having a strange problem. If the PC is shut down it will not start properly. The green light on the back of the PC (power supply) is dim and blinking. In order to get it to start, you have to open it, remove the plug from the PS to the MB. Then while power is on, plug the PS back into the MB and move it a bit until the green light is solid. Any ideas as to what it may be?

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i was using my computer normally not in a game or anything at the desktop , i unplugged my joystick and put my webcam in whitch i do alot then about a minute after that im talkin to friends and my system just shut off... i thought it was my power supply so i used a paper clip to connect it to itself with it or sumtin weird my friend tought me, that tested my PSU to make sure it was working and it was...

pentium 4 3.2
ge force 6800 ultra
audigty 2 soundcard
2 gb ramm
200 gb h/d

A:??NO Power Mobo Fried??

did you actually use a paper clip to complete a circuit? what exactly did you do and why?
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As I on Mobo power No Drive New Help!!!! know I am not the first to ask I ask for any and No Drive power on New Mobo Help!!!! all help I built a pc a few years ago and it has rocked ever since I decided to add some more ram but it was late and I was tired and I seated it wrong and fried the board Intel was nice and No Drive power on New Mobo Help!!!! gave me a new one with no isntructions I put it back together and made sure everything was seated correctly this time but now I m not getting any power to any of my cd drives or more importantly my HD to start my pc Also when I start it up the power led comes on and stays but the hd led doesn t come on I catch the No Drive power on New Mobo Help!!!! floppy light up for a sec but that was it So all of the fans are running but nothing else is flashing or starting When I go to hit the power buton up front it won t turn off or reset or do any thing at all very frustrating I have to flip the switch in the back and unplug it I checked cables again but couldn t find anything I really need to get my pc back and running as I have been over a month without my killer rig It s a intel d pebt mobo p watt power supply nbsp

A:No Drive power on New Mobo Help!!!!

sounds likely that your power supply went out on you, try swapping it with a spare known good one. if you haven't the parts on hand, i reccomend taking it to a local pc repair shop, where they will have plenty of parts and experience to solve your problem. good luck.

PS > i'm assuming there is no pilot error on cables or something
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OK so this has been going on for a bit: my machine is running fine, sometimes for hours, but then all of a sudden the screen goes black and the monitor switches to power saving mode. The computer is still running but can't be woken up and has to be restarted.

What I've tried:
1) New video card- it was a good excuse. Went from 9800gtx+ to HD 4870.
2) trashed Vista, clean install of Windows 7 beta 7000.

3) in control panel, turned on "balanced" rather than power saving.

The machine: MSI P7N 750i motherboard. 4 gigs of corsair xms ddr-800. Xfinity 600 sli PSU. E6850.

So I am thinking next step is to replace the PSU....but I thought I'd check here first for ideas as the old budget is hurting a bit and a decent PSU does cost.
Your thoughts?

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hi i have trouble with a pc of mine which is very strange my pc s specs is core duo ASUS P B-E Zalman CNPS hsf antec truepower W sticks of corsair gig xms - win k pro it s been running fine for months without problem until recently when i tried to swap the ram with that from anther pc the pc wont start at all hard drive not spin none of the fans spin is not power led up light on on pc but mobo but the green led light on mobo is on i tried putting back the old ram checking all the front panel connections and cpu fan in pc not power up but led light on mobo is on case they might have gotten loose stripping all the parts from pc not power up but led light on mobo is on the system video card hard drives pci cards swap psu with another psu also truepower W swap case with another working case even reinstalled the hsf in case cpu became loose but nothing works now there s just the motherboard and cpu but i dont seem to get any sign of powering except on the mobo led What other steps should i do to troubleshoot this Thanks for any help you can give me nbsp

A:pc not power up but led light on mobo is on

Have you tried booting up the system without the ram? Take the ram out and see if anything happens when you turn on the puter. However, it could also be that you've accidentally damaged the mobo while swapping the ram... If that has happened, it might explain why nothing is happening and you will have to replace it..
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I have just run across a problem in a Power/Mobo Issues...HELP comp I built for my sister that I have never heard of before I basically bought a new case and Power/Mobo Issues...HELP PSU because the previous case and PSU were mATX and I found the ATX PSU s to be cheaper I built it back in early and had it working great with all her software installed This week she finally got a desk to put it on so I carrried it from the kitchen countertop where it had been sitting unplugged for the past months and put it in her desk in her room I Power/Mobo Issues...HELP then hooked everything up and put screws in the back of the desk for the surge protector as well as nails for cord management The computer was also in the desk while I was hammering With all the cords hooked up I turned the PSU switch and surge protector on and the PSU and CPU fans began running That was it nothing else ran I did not push the button to turn the system on I tried to turn the system on after the fans were spinning but no go Has anyone ever had experience with this Can you offer ideas My specs mhz Celeron mb SDRAM gb HDD Watt Rosewill PSU bought off newegg very good reviews mb Nvidia Geforce video card CD Burner Floppy Please bear in mind that this machine was working prior to sitting months on the counter While sitting no harm came to it I have also tested another PSU with this machine and the same thing occurs Thanks sph nbsp

A:Power/Mobo Issues...HELP

Try resetting the CMOS battery on the Mainboard
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i am currently in process of on power light is mobo building my first computer i have all the components except for the hard mobo light is on power drive and dvd burner i put in the memory cpu graphics card and connected the mobo light is on power power supply to the appropriate places i then plugged in the power supply to a power strip and switched it on thats when the motherboard s lights light up two out of that is now i didn t connect the wires for the tower to the mobo yet for power and lights and such but instead pressed the little button on the mobo that says power did not do anything then i decided to plug in the power sw from the tower into the proper place in the mobo light is on power mobo i checked in the manual i pressed the power button on the tower still nothing turning on only the little lights on the mobo the only thing that i could think of is that you need the hard drive for the entire comp to start but otherwise i have no clue what to do im hoping that this isn t a sign of something being doa so if anyone knows the solution to me problem i would greatly appreciate you helping me out thanks foxconn c xem aa x gskill gb pc - amd athlon x sapphire ati radeon x pro rosewill rp v -d-sl w nbsp

A:mobo light is on power

Try removing and re-fitting the PSU connections again and also remove and re-fit the memory and CPU. If that does not work, then your mobo is most likely dead.
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Going for my 2nd ever mobo install,
this one into a new case & new power supply.

Going ASUS P4C800-E and a P4 Northwood

Reading up on the board, I noted it might be
a good investment to make sure the power
supply voltage is stable, to avoid spikes.

I then found a main power cable that has a
large capacitor wired into it to absorb voltage

Is this a valid concern and a worthwhile investment?
Only a few $.


A:Mobo power stabilization ??

If $ is not a problem this capacitor cannot hurt.You did not state the make and model so I can't comment .
Generally , any brand name power bar with voltage surge protection will be fine .Look for the brands that offer a warranty covering your equipment replacement is a good bet.
Look at this post;
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I've got a Premio mobo. a 212J, that has an unusual board socket for the power supply.
It's a white plastic socket with the internal pins.(2 banks)
A scan of this board can be seen at:

This is probably a real newbie question but I've never seen a power socket like it.
Thanx in advance.

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Could this be a memory issue? I noticed that the RAM that I am using is compatible with my MSI Z97 Gaming Mobo but it is listed under the OC Memory List in the manufacturers website. What does this mean exactly? Should I not be surprised that my PC won't turn on at all.

The new parts are...

CPU: Intel 4690K
Mobo: MSI Z97 Gaming 5

A:Just Upgraded CPU, Mobo, and GPU and PC now won't Power Up

What power supply are you using?

Did you first connect all of your hardware outside the case and do a burn-in test?

Remove everything from case.
Grab motherboard box.
Place motherboard on top of box.
Connect everything.
Power up board.
Let it run for a couple hours like that, if nothing asplodes put it back in the case, if it don't work, you probably have a short behind the motherboard.
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my computer wont start up. after pushing my power button about 50 times, it randomly turns on. the DRAM power LED is not on but the other things are fine on the mobo. when it does randomly turn on, it works flawlessly. i tried to push the Power switch on the mobo itself, still nothing. what is the cause of my DRAM Power LED not being on? is it a faulty MOBO or is it power supply related?

DFI Lanparty UT nF4 Ultra-D
corsair xms dual channel, twinx1024-3200c2pt
antec smartpower 2.0 SP-500 atx12v 500w PSU

A:mobo or power problem

how new is the mobo?
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Hi, I am tying to sort a PC for a friend. The PSU appears to be fried, so swapped that for a spare one. The spare provides power to the mobo in that the on board LED lights up, AGP powered fan spins up, as does the CPU fan and the case fan. However this is as far as I get, the is no video output. I am wondering if the mobo is fried too. One other thought is that the 20 pin connector on the original PSU contains 20 cables, whereas on newer PSUs there are only 19. Could it be that as the PC was built with a PSU which provided 20 cables into the 20 pin connector that a 20 pin connector fron a newer PSU which only contains 19 cables might not work? Sorry if this is a bit garbled.

A:Mobo power connector

partofthechaos said:

Hi, I am tying to sort a PC for a friend. The PSU appears to be fried, so swapped that for a spare one. The spare provides power to the mobo in that the on board LED lights up, AGP powered fan spins up, as does the CPU fan and the case fan. However this is as far as I get, the is no video output. I am wondering if the mobo is fried too. One other thought is that the 20 pin connector on the original PSU contains 20 cables, whereas on newer PSUs there are only 19. Could it be that as the PC was built with a PSU which provided 20 cables into the 20 pin connector that a 20 pin connector fron a newer PSU which only contains 19 cables might not work? Sorry if this is a bit garbled.Click to expand...

what mobo is it? does it have an additional 4 pin power connector? or an additional 8 pin power connector?

The more specs you can provide the better.
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hi-i have a emachine,with a 1.4 g processor.all of a sudden my screen went blank with no activity at all.i thought my video card was bad but now i'm not sure.when i turn system on,the power supply unit starts,but there is no power going to harddrive or processor-no activity at all.i still can open and close my cd-rom drive,but there is no attemp to boot.i've hooked-up another power supply,but still same problem.any suggestions on what to do or what the problem??

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i have an Epox 8RDA3G motherboard and just today it wont power on. i turn the power supply on ,from the back of the case, and the fans start up. thats without pushing the power button in the front. when i push the power button nothing else happens. any suggestions?

A:mobo wont power on


i have had that problem so many times. all of those times it was because the motherboard was earthing. something about the mobo touching a part of the case is shouldnt. but to make sure the mobo hasnt blown take it out the case altogether, sit it somewher (say on a pillow) , put power in2 it an get a screwdriver, an uno the little bit wher u plug the power cable switch, along with teh hdd light, reset switch (i dont know the name of this bit,jus aloada pins lol) put a screwdriver in there, just so its touching the bits of metal and teh mobo should start up. if it doesnt the mobo might have blown. if it does the mobos fine. you just gotta be careful when your puting it in. try and test it everytime you put a screw in, and use risers if you can. everytime i have had this problem i took out the motherboard an put it back in and it was fine.

p.s. it dont matter when or how it happens, you dont have 2 hit it. what im saying is you could be sitting and for no reason it powers off and wont start back u, liek what happened to me. try what i said above and you should be fine :grinthumb
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I have a ASUS P6T mobo with a i7-950 CPU.The mobo has a 8 pin power cable connection for the CPU, but 4 of the pics are covers. Not 4 on one side, but 4 on one end.

I have the machine running, all is well, but I'm wondering if I should get an 8 pin cable and use that instead of the 4. I don't do any gaming or real heavy usage projects. A #2 pencil and a sheet of lined paper would do most of what I do.

I have looked on the ASUS forum but not found a positive answer one way or the other, maybe there isn't one.

I figured I'd post here since the knowledge level here seems to exceed any other forum.

Any info is appreciated.

A:Mobo/CPU power cable ?

All eight are not normally needed unless you've fitted an Extreme Edition
CPU which requires considerably more power...
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Hello Gents

New Mobo and CPU Power on everything works BUT.

nothen on monitor no beeps nothen

HD turns on
CPU fan Turns on
PC Back Fan turns on
light for ethernet turns on

but sill nothen on monitor no beeps nothen

my Mobo
Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H Socket 775 Micro ATX Motherboard, Intel G41 Chipset, Supports 45nm Intel Core 2 Multi-Core Processors, 1333 FSB, Dual Channel DDR2 800, SATA HDD, with Gigabit Ethernet LAN

"intel pentium4 630 sl7z9 3.00GHZ/2m/800/04a"

oh ya there is one thing the power cable that plugs into the Mobo has 4 slot/plugs remaining. The power cable plug only has 20 plug connectors but the Mobo has 24 so there are 4 plugs unpluged

help please

A:New mobo and CPU power on. Everything works, but...

As per Gigagbyte's website concerning this motherboard you must have the following from your power supply:

1 x 24-pin ATX main power connector

1 x 4-pin ATX 12V power connector

Are you saying your power supply doesn't have either? What power supply are you using?
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Hello, i have some simple questions. My system randomly turns off. no blue screen. No crash dump. no windows shutdown screen. This isnt really about the shutdowns.

1 - What happens when the 4pin connector of a 20+4 pin mobo power plug is disconnected

2 - Does the 4pin connector give more stability to a pcie2.0 x16 Graphics Card?

3 - What damage could have been done?

Ive swapped the graphics card out with a Power Color HD4850. The shutoffs happened with both.

I have four ram chips. i took out 2 and it still shutoff. Im now trying the other two.

Thank you for your time.

A:4pin of a 20+4 pin mobo power was n0t plugged in. What happens?

To answer your questions, I really don't know. But, I would suspect the +4 pin will supply more power to the motherboard. The 20 pin will supply enough power for it to run but not quite as much as it should have. I would not worry too much about any damage to the board. The GPU gets most of it's power from the pcie conntections, but the extra 4 pins may help. As far as the memory, I would suggest running memtest86 to test the memory. The link is to a tutorial on how to run it. You are looking for bad ram sticks or defective dimm slots.
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I have just bought a PcChips M810LMR motherboard and an AMD Duron 1.6 Ghz and putting it into a Compaq Presario 5000 case using the original power supply. When i turn the power on the fan on the power supply turns about a half turn and then stops and wont do anything else untill i unplug the power connector from the mobo and plug it back in then i get another half turn out of it. I thought that it might be a bad power supply so i tried another one but i get the same from it. Have I lucked upon two faulty power supplys or is it possibly a bad mobo? Or is there something else that im just overlooking. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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I have been unable to find a motherboard with 24 Power connectors and a PSU with the same number. Can anyone explain this conundrum?

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I am building a new pc with the above board but have a small query. The board has a 24 pin ATX power connector and my PSU has a 20 pin connector, can I use my current psu?
I have used this combination before with success but the manual with this board does not offer any advice on the matter.
I am only fitting one graphics card at the moment so won't need the extra power of the 24 pin power connector.

A:Asus A8N-SLI mobo power supply

Go to your local PC hardware store and pick up an adapter. Very cheap, and it'll fix you up just like that.

How many watts and what brand is that PSU anyways?
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Thanks in advance for reading (and hopefully, replying)

Specs (all new):
Case: Raidmax scorpio 868w w/ 420W PSU
MOBO: Gigabyte GA-MA69 series
CPU: AMD athlon x2 3000 w/ own heatsink and fan
RAM: 2 X 2 gb corsaid DDR2 PC6400

I have assembled everything except the HDD. There is a slight confusion with front panel connections w.r.t power switch polarity.
When I plug in the PSU, nothing mobo light, no beep, no fans, no sound. I became smart (or v. dumb) and plugged in my new PSU 2x10 V pin into an old mobo (and kept the 12 V in the new mobo) and both mobo's lit up. But when I plug in the 2x10 from old PSU into new mobo, nothing happens. I read somewhere that the psu wont start if mobo is not installed correctly, but it iis nstalled on brass brackets (supplied by manuf) and there is no contact anywere else. Help!

A:First boot, mobo won't receive power

does the new MB not have the brass attached to the MB at certain holes, if not u will have to read the manual and find where they are suppose to be ad buy them at a computer shop. if the MB is sitting without them, it is grounded and will never start. the first thing when building a computer is read the manual.
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i took my old motherboard out and put in a new one...ive installed everything else....chip,fan,ide1 and 2 power supply...but the problem im facing is on my new mobo the pin connections are different,i try to connect my led on/off..its just a diff pin connection on my new mobo is a gigabyte rz series 85661fxmp-rz (sis 661fx chipset)on the mobo the pins are 2x10 pins connecter,were can i get these because i cant turn my pc on/ using my old leads that were on my mobo..but some dont connect the pins are different...even the usb 1 usb 2 ,spdif_10 are different,can anyone advice me were to get these plzzzz...thanks Email:[email protected]

A:in need 4 sum advice plzzz..need power on my mobo

It would help no end if you could write intelligible English.

You don't say what your old motherboard is.

The new motherboard probably has a new 24-pin power connector instead of the old 20-pin connector.

The new board is: "8S661FXMP-RZ is a highly value-oriented P4 platform with excellent performance and impressive features. Empowered by the latest SiS 661FX/964 chipsets, and Gigabyte's R&D..."

I would just buy a new case, because it looks as if the power supply unit can't be used with the new board.
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I have a jumble of wires here from the power switch to the mobo ? they are all only two connectors at a time how do I know where to put them- I know the connectors on the mobo but do I have to insert them in sequence ?

mobo =

A:Power Switch (front) to Mobo

Any writing at all on the wires? You should be able to trace them back to the front case panel. Like which two go the power switch, which two to the reset button etc. Do all of the wires like similar or do you think some are USB or audio cables?
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Im replacing my Motherboard and CPU and i dont know how i can find out if the old power supply is right for the new motherboard.

A:Mobo upgrade (Power supply)

welcome to T.S.G samcat.

go to the mobo manufacturers site or do a search for reviews of that board and see if you can get any info on recomended psu`s
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Replaced old MB with ASUS P3B-F. With power cord plugged in, the power supply fan is on and the power led for the MB is on. When the power on switch is pushed only the hdd power on led is lighted. System does not start.

Is there a possibility that the power supply is the culprit?

Can you give troubleshooting tips?

A:ASUS P3B-F Mobo wont power on

Is that a socket 370 mobo? If it is, it might be broken just due to old age, and even if it's not, I have to say it's time to upgrade to a newer socket.
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Hello all I bought an ASUS MOBO Mod # M3A78. I bought it at a Going out of business sale so no take backs. It was sealed in box. I have built computers since... well forever; but this is first! I installed everything fine all new components and green power light came on; but no fans, no post. Checked to see if the system was shorted some way, that was a no! Pulled components one at a time and replaced, including the power supply. Still no go! Called ASUS tech support, found out that warranty was 30 days out of service, even though I just bought the motherboard. They were about as useful with my computer problem as a bag full of roofing hammers! So I bought a new BIOS chip and installed it...still no go! Does anyone have an idea that may be useful? Thank You Joan

A:Solved: NEW ASUS MOBO No power,

You're getting help here: Posting multiple threads on the same issue will just confuse the ones trying to help.
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I just built a new computer with an Asus M4A89GTD Pro mobo/Phenom II x6 cpu. Power supply is corsair 750w. 4gb corsair 1600mhz ddr3 memory. Now the problem is, I can't get the light on my mobo to turn on. It's not my power supply so I am thinking the mobo isn't working. I had the 24-pin and 4 pin connected... also switched to 8 pin and still didn't work. Any suggestions? All help appreciated.

A:Built computer, no power to mobo

Anyone? I'm going to order a replacement if there's no ideas...
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I've wanted to know the difference in useing ATX power connector and ATX 12V connector. my mobo and psu both support ATX and ATX 12V. standard atx i kow has been around for awhile. so what the difference?

A:Solved: Mobo Power connector

1.2. Key Changes for ATX12V Version 2.0 and later as Compared with ATX and Pervious Versions of ATX12V Power Supply

This section briefly summarizes the major changes made to this document that now defines ATX12V power supply. With the move to 12V voltage regulators for the processor, ATX guidelines for 5V as main power are no longer provided.

1.2.1. Increased +12 VDC output capability
System components that use 12V are continuing to increase in power. In cases where expected current requirements is greater than 18A a second 12 V rail should be made available. ATX12V power supplies should be designed to accommodate these increased +12 VDC currents.

1.2.2. Minimum Efficiency
Minimum measured efficiency is required to be 70% at full and typical (~50%) load and 60% at light (~20%) load. New recommended guidance has been added to provide direction for future requirements.

2.03 is the current version of the ATX Specification as of this writing. Future references to the ATX Specification in this document imply version 2.03 or later, as applicable. ATX12V Power Supply Design Guide 8

1.2.3. Main Power Connector:
The 2 x 10 main power connector has been replaced by a 2 x 12 connector. This was made to support 75 watt PCI Express*requirements. Pinout assignments are based on the SSI recommendation.

With the added 12V, 5V, and 3.3V pins the need for an Aux Power connector is no longer needed and the guidance for this connector has been removed.

1.2.4. Separate current limit for 12V2 on the 2x2 connector:
The 12V rail on the 2 x 2 power connector should be a separate current limited output to meet the requirements of UL and EN 60950.

Here's the document that may explain it better:\specs\ATX12V PSDG2.01.pdf
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So I ve been having some problems with the power button I m not sure if its the mobo or the cases problem? (mobo) Power button button itself Obviously i hope its the button but everytime I want to turn on the PC i have to press the power button several times to make it turn on It almost always requires - button pushes for it to recognize i want it to turn on Any ideas if this could be a button mobo or maybe even a psu issue thx for any help EDIT Power button (mobo) problem? I have checked the PSU with SIW to see if there s any psu related problems All rails are reporting within almost EXACT specs Infact I have never seen the rails look so close to the min-max as they do before now So it can t be the psu EDIT I m not sure if this will help in any way but I ll just say it Upon pushing the button down the CLICK on the button thats on the case is pretty loud There has never been once a time where the click has never came out It has always clicked of the time Its just to rule out any possibility someone might think that the button might not be making sufficient contact with whatever it needs to turn on the pc nbsp

A:Power button (mobo) problem?

Which case brand do you have. We have seen power switch problems with at least three popular brands of computer cases..
Unfortunately, we have found no obvious fix because the case makers to not repair switches or replace parts.
On some a small plastic part breaks. On others the switch grounds itself against the case wall or panel.
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I just went way out on a limb and bought a new ASUS A7V8X-X mobo with an ATX Case including an XPower LC-B350ATX power supply. I have all jumpers at default. The CPU fan appears to be seated correctly and is plugged into the mobo. When I turn on from the switch on the power supply i get nothing. when i go to the front panel and hit either the reset or power button i get nothing. i checked both switches and they have continuity when depressed and lose continuity when released. i assume this is correct. i read in one of these threads about someone that said the mobo book was wrong for plugging in the front panel stuff and he used the markings on the board instead. my board markings match my book. do i need to change any jumpers? i dont even get the led light on the mobo to light. very depressing.

A:No Power to mobo ASUS A7V8X-X

only two things

come to mind............your power supply..........and, most likely, your connections being incorrect.........
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Hi All,

You may have seen my ramblings earlier on a six month old thread.... :blush:

Well, I've sorted out the case to motherboard wiring best I can but when I power up, the CPU fan spins for less than a second then nothing.

I have tried an alternative ATX power supply (300W, I think the original was 250W) which I know works in another machine but with no joy.

Can anyone give me a few pointers to look at our is something on the motherboard goosed.....


Ps. it's an old TIME (UK Company) supplied mini tower with 2*128Mb PC100 RAM and an AMDK6-2 500Mhz CPU

A:Help please - power issue with MS-5182 MoBo ?

mmm... faulty power switch?... faulty PSU conector on the MoBo?...
Check out the power connector of the floppy... make sure its well connected...
Make sure that the PSU isnt in short.... tighten every single screw that your board has... (that is the solution to power issues in many cases... still dont know why... but anyhow... hahaha i got my system running!!!).
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My computer just shut or mobo you power supply problem think? do what off by itself last week And it would not power back up I stripped down the computer to the bare essentials one stick of ram video card etc Through trial and error I have noticed that the PC will power up again but only if the keyboard is not plugged in When I try to attach the keyboard in the mobo or power supply problem what do you think? off position I start to hear weird fizzing noises Nevertheless with the keyboard in it will not power up Also noticed that the floppy mobo or power supply problem what do you think? has no power to it I cleared the CMOS JUMPER as well but that did nothing I have an AMI bios I got beep followed by although there was a very slight pause between the nd and rd I have checked out AMI s codes and everything seems to point to the mobo Has anyone ever experienced this sort of problem before Do you think my mobo is the problem or do you think it may very well be that the power supply is creating this problem Any input would be greatly appreciated thx nbsp

A:mobo or power supply problem what do you think?

Considering it's much easier to swap in a keyboard, I'd try that first. Are you getting video out? If BIOS is beeping this usually means it knows it can't write to the monitor, so it beeps fail codes instead. Although some BIOS will not complete POST past whatever fault they find, in your case the keyboard.(my guess).and therefore won't load video driver.

If it's not keyboard, then it very well might be the mobo connection at the keyboard or something in the interface chips dealing with the kb. In that case it's new mobo required. But before I did that I would try the PSU, again relatively easy to remove/install new one. What kind of computer is this?
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Hi guys hope y all doing good just a minor problem i got I have a built system from about two years now that was always starting operating shutting-down fine Soyo Mobo AMD clocking ram onboard videocard on Sunday suddenly it completely froze while i was using it a on drives, & BIOS in MoBo nothing happens Power very faint purple overlay Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS came on the monitor display after powering off the Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS system it refuse to power back on i know there is power on the mobo because it lights up when the Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS system is plugged in all fans start spinning when i push power button the cd drive lights up and i can eject and close it the problem is that nothing comes on the monitor monitor power light is green there is no beep no sounds at all not even hard-drive-reading sound no display from bios i reset the bios still nothing i bought a NEW battery same type for bios still nothing PLEASE I WOULD BE MOST GRACIOUS FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE nbsp

A:Power on MoBo & drives, nothing happens in BIOS

Possible a failed monitor or failed video graphics card. Replace with another to test.
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So I primarily 3?? Supply? or Mobo, Or Power all Processor, use a Mac and before Mobo, Processor, or Power Supply? Or all 3?? they released their core duo s that could run OS X and Windows I purchased an inexpensive eMachines T Although I primarily use a Mac I am fairly well versed in both operating systems and have built my own Window s based systems in the past and have successfully been able to troubleshoot hardware and software issue in Windows without many problems until now The History When I still had it there was one time it seemed to go into a permanent sleep mode but I was eventually able to get it out I assumed it was a software glitch with windows I recently sold the computer to a friend who after two weeks had a similar issue I had him restart spamming F to load in safe mode and the problem seemed to go away It had been a few months since it happaned to me Well a few more weeks later it seemed to have the same issue but now nothing will fix it Here is what happens When you turn the system on the Hard Drive light comes on and the fans come on Keyboard lights do not come on nor can you use the CD-Rom drive After doing some research I condluded the MoBo must be burned I replaced the Mobo with a brand new one and things were exactly the same no difference I did a little more research and have come to this conclusion The Power Supply is burned the CPU is burned or the MoBo is burned or all I know it cant be the harddrive or else i would be able to boot from the CDrom Does anyone have any experience in this area i dont want to spend a lot of money testing this and that I was going to get a Power Supply replacement and if that didnt work I was just going to take out what works and cut my loses Any other ideas would be great PS Both my friend and I are avid WoW players Is it possible the long periods of time playing the game could have burned something out nbsp

A:Mobo, Processor, or Power Supply? Or all 3??

You can approach this in two ways. One is just to replace the PS. The other would be to remove everything non essential for posting. Just leave the HS/fan/CPU, RAM (if you can or it applies one stick at a time) and video adapter. If that doesn't work try the same set up with the MB out of the box on a non conductive surface. Then when it still doesn't work replace the PS.
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First time I have ever upgraded my CPU and MOBO.

Anyway, I just popped in my Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 and my new intel D945gcpe board plugged in eveything and nothing. The fans turn about a 1/4 of a turn every 7 seconds like its trying to boot up but nothing. Im using the old power supply (250w) but im only running a harddrive and cd drive. Im thinking thats the problem but if anyone has any ideas let me know!

A:New Core Duo And Mobo Wont Power Up?

There's a 4 or 6 pin molex power connector near the CPU that many people forget to connect. Are you one of these people? Maybe your 250 watt power supply doesn't have the molex connector, does it?
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Does anyone know where to connect in a power switch on an AI5TV 13D Motherboard?

A:AI5TV MOBO Power Switch

Are talking about the power supply? Do you have the manual for the board? If not
Page 17 has a picture of the board and a discription of the connection.
Hope that helps.
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ok i have an ultra x connect 500 watt power supply and it has a 20 pin motherboard power cord..... i just realized my DFI LANPARTY nf4 ultra-D mobo has a 24 pin power connector. i have heard ppl say that a 20 pin connector will work with a 24 is that true?


A:does a 20 pin power cord still work with a 24 pin mobo

It might. My 24 pin MSI motherboard will accept a 20 pin power supply although you need to know which end of the connector to line up. Check the manufacturer's website if you don't have your motherboard's manual.

That said, you could also use a 20 pin to 24 pin adapter. About $4.00 or so.
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I came home Monday from a brief weekend vacation and my PC was dead - no power I of course suspected the power supply was out so I brought the pc up to work and threw a few known good power supplies in it Two didn t work at all and one supplied the power but the pc wouldn t post up - no beeps or anything it produced a faint burning smell I finally just went out and bought a brand new power supply hooked it up and my pc fired right up started to go thru the memory count etc then the burning smell again and then it died again - no power Forgive me I m not a very good hardware person but will a motherboard burn out a power supply I ve heard of power supplies burning out motherboards but not the other way around What are the board s thoughts on what my problem could be Thanks nbsp

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hello i bought a new sound card and i tried to connect it to one of the PCI slot when i was power Is My mobo my fried? doesn't on... CPU about to install the driver for the sound card my screen My CPU doesn't power on... Is my mobo fried? freezes so i switch my computer off after that i started it again however it doesnt work so i decided to remove the sound card and the computer worked however the output of the graphics is blurred so i removed the video My CPU doesn't power on... Is my mobo fried? card and cleaned it so it worked again after that i put the sound card again and same thing happened screen freezes i turned it off and when i powered it back on a beep was heard coming from the mobo so i removed the ram and cleaned it when i put the ram back and turned on the computer but it doesnt work is my mobo defected because i tried replacing the power supply but it still doesnt work Help me pls i really need tips Thanks nbsp

A:My CPU doesn't power on... Is my mobo fried?

What happens when you turn your PC on? Do any of the fans spin? Is the motherboard LED on?
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Just installed new ram in my PC prior to install I could hear a very high pitched noise from what I assume might be a fan. After install I had green led light and 2 fans on including the one on the mobo, now only the green led light on the mobo lights up no fans no noise. Help please.

A:Power supply problem or mobo

May we have some particulars on your hardware?
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I fixed my harddrive problem but Power what or mobo, processor, supply, now i have an even bigger problem Last night at around my computer shut down I powered it back on and it stayed on for about minutes then shut down again What i want to know is if the power supply is going bad it smells burnt The little green light shows that power is still going to the motherboard but it will not power on unless i leave it alone for or minutes I m pretty sure its not the processor since i removed the heat sink being careful not to smear or remove the thermal paste and it seems ok I ve had something like this happen before but the motherboard was fried power surge anyone that has heard about e-machine mobos and their psus knows what im talking about this is not an e-machine I m not sure i m ignorant when it comes to motherboard psu and processor problems but it might have something to do with the switching of my harddrives every minutes Anyway I want to know what exactly could be wrong and if theres anything I can do to fix it Thanks in advance ps not sure if this will help but before Power supply, processor, mobo, or what it started to shutdown and smell the computer stopped recognizing harddrives and would only recognize them if i switched which psu cable they were plugged into One last thing that confuses me to no end Anything that i plug into the motherboard works mouse light comes on mp starts charging etc I can t get to the hardware information so give me any suggestion you can I tried posting this on TSF but got no results please help nbsp

A:Power supply, processor, mobo, or what

subtleteddybear said:

What i want to know is if the power supply is going bad (it smells burnt) Click to expand...

Burnt smells are really not a good thing, and indicates that your PSU is pretty much 'toast'. Get it. "BURNT" "TOAST" HILARIOUS!!

Sorry, that was really bad.

Anyway, your PSU is not safe to use anymore. Get a new PSU and see if it solves the problem. If it does, then you're good to go. If not, it's likely that your motherboard was damaged as well. Processors rarely fail, so I'm more apt to believe that it's the PSU and/or motherboard.
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pc wont boot no fans no power but led on mobo comes on..

same old story eh...
a few days ago my pc packed up no power to the fans wont boot etc.. except the led on the motherboard comes on and stays on..
i have tried resseting cmos and shorting the power pin thingys.. still nothing

my rig: (not an oem)
window xp sp2
ASUS M2A-VM mobo
AMD athlon 64x2 6000+
1 gb kingston ddr2
maxtor 250gb sata hd
20x dvd
no video card or soundcard
x blade case with 450w psu

ye im a bit stuffed really as dont know a lot about pc's and stuff.
suspect its the power supply as the case psu is bound to be poor quality.
so think am gonna get a new psu.. if any1 knows any different or could advise me as to what the problem/solution could be i'd sure apreciate it.


A:PC won't boot: no fans no power but led on mobo comes on

The psu is the main suspect i recon. When you say you tried shorting it, what exactly did you do and what exactly happened?
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Hello I m trying to create a menu where there is initially one select box Funding Group displayed with approximately options available depending on what s in the database table I want another text box Program to be displayed but only where the program codes have a Funding Group that was selected in the first box from Update select box multiple box on based options select another Javascript: BUT have no Javascript: Update select box based on multiple options from another select box duplicate program codes see below for explanation For instance there are fund groups A B C etc The program table in Javascript: Update select box based on multiple options from another select box the database might contain some rows that look like this Code Fund Group Prog Code Prog Descr A Fred so prog code has more than one fund A Ethel B Fred so prog code has more than one fund C Ricky If the user selects Funding Groups A and B the Program box might initially contain this note the funding group and program code are concatenated in the value field --- I m thinking this will help me determine which ones to add remove Code value text A - Fred A - Ethel B - Fred Note the customer doesn t want to see Fred listed twice but I will worry about removing the duplicate entry for program later right now I m trying to generate a box that contains only valid entries even if they are duplicated initially Whew I think the functional description of the problem will end up taking more lines than the actual coding itself I have already run across problems with Internet Explorer rudely ignoring my attempts to hide or otherwise add remove options in a select box My Googling over the last FOUR days has resulted in a lot of old pages that frankly leave me more and more confused about the best approach The company where I work has designated Internet Explorer as the company-supported browser but I know that I have customers that use other browsers so I need to make sure this works in other major browsers as well My question is about which would be the best method to achieve the desired results Have the Program box fully populated on the page load and then remove items that don t match what the user selected using the Continue button to fire off the removal of unwanted items Dynamically add items to the Program box based on some hidden array of values I have squirreled away somewhere and thus allows me to check to see if there are duplicates before adding the option And the dreaded third option I m trying desperately to avoid make the menu recursive and take the values from Funding Group and go search the database for matching but DISINCT values in the Program table and then update the menu again UGH already been down this path and someone suggested letting Javascript create what I want after I grab all values I shudder to think based on what I ve read about passing variables and making the form sticky etc Other notes that might be worth mentioning There will be other boxes on the menu that will work the same way i e a Class box that is based on the Funding Group also a Department Level box based on which departments were selected Even fully populated the most any one box might contain is less than rows I m using Perl and Oracle SQL Below is a working page that I m using to test my theories I stripped out most non-essential stuff but hopefully have left everything in working order Any suggestions on how best to approach this would be appreciated I m also happy to provide more information clarification if needed Thanks Lori who is now going to go get a MUCH needed drink after reading page after page of suggestions all week on how to do this Code lt DOCTYPE html PUBLIC quot - W C DTD XHTML Transitional EN quot quot http www w org TR xhtml DTD xhtml -transitional dtd quot gt lt html gt lt head gt lt title gt WRS Main Menu lt title gt lt meta http-equiv quot content-type quot content quot text html charset iso- - quot gt lt style type quot text css quot gt body font-family Ar... Read more
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Have a stock Dell Inspiron Came in first because it would not start Started right off the bat for me returned to owner and worked fine Owner returned to have networking card replaced due to Power but and won't Mobo, boot. Solved: switch to possible lightning strike on phone line Went to start computer Solved: Power to Mobo, and switch but won't boot. would not boot Ordered power supply tester Solved: Power to Mobo, and switch but won't boot. and a power supply to for good measure Installed new unit and tested old one old one tested good when installed new on had Solved: Power to Mobo, and switch but won't boot. same problem Ordered replacement mobo installed same issue Testes power bottom button tests with DC volts and amps and ohms when button it depressed So button is good from what I can tell Jumped the jumpers with a pair of plyers twice and unit started without an issue Not such which prongs it touched to get unit to start and have been unable to get the unit to boot since Looked on modo and found the power prongs that control start took a switch out of a machine that I know to be good and put in this machine and no boot have attempted to jump the prongs with plyers without any luck Tested RAM HD and CPU in new Mobo and another unit just to make sure everything seems to to working fine by itself just not when everything is put back into origional configuration Any ideas or other tests that I could go through As an addition note nothing spins CPU fan does not spin PSU fan does not spin except for the two times that I got the entire machiene to boot nbsp

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I have my motherboard sat on a cardboard box attached to hard drive with OS installed,graphics card,2 sticks of memory,keyboard and mouse and everything seems to be working fine apart from powering/starting up problems.
On pressingthe power button on the case sometimes it starts sometimes it doesn't.
I have also tried another PC case thinking it might be a dodgy power button but the same thing happens with the other case.
Sometimes i have to disconnect the power from the wall socket before it will start up.Once it starts up it is absolutely fine and stays on with no problems.
Do I have to change something in the bios
The mobo isn't a new one it is a MSI 6526 ver 3. and I have a pentium 4 1.8gHz CPU
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated
Thank you

A:Bench test mobo, power-on problems

Always disperse the internal voltage (by removing the power cord, then holding in the ON switch for 30 secs)

Make sure to disconnect everything internally (ie all addon PCI devices, and CD/DVD connection and floppy connection (if you have one) from the motherboard

Actually here's a good BenchTesting guide.

One last possibility, I have had faulty case and CPU fans cause boot up issues.
And faulty Power Supplies (doing strange things)

You should also reset CMOS to defaults
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bought a p5g41 c-mlx asus mobo yesterday. was wondering if there was a way to turn off power step. there is no option in the bios or drivers. anyone know anything about this? it's really annoying that my cpu keeps going down to 1.2 mhz even while i'm doing ****.

A:Turning power step off with Asus mobo?

if it is throttling down while under load, there is something else wrong. the throttle up/down is faster than you would be able to perceive. how is it you know its going down to 1.2Ghz while under load?
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My computer recently would not boot supply and power Boot mobo w/new Problems up it would turn on and i can hear the fan going at an accelerated rate it sounded different from normal i callled the company i bought it from and after doing a few things such as taking memory out which did not result in any beeps whatsoever they sent out a Boot Problems w/new mobo and power supply new motherboard and power supply After this was finished the only issue i had was a sound problem but i am planning on replacing the sound card Now i am having the same issue Boot Problems w/new mobo and power supply as before with the only difference being i am not getting an amber light on the power button like before The system is a little over yrs old so im pretty sure its time to replace some pcs of hardware i just need to know what could be causing this issue and go from there I am currently running a intel core duo processor ghz gb ddr sdram dual mb geforce gs im not sure on the mobo i just know it is a slot btx according to the packing slip i would like to upgrade the video cards but im not sure with the age of the mobo which cards would work so any suggestions would b appreciated nbsp

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Decided to try my hand at my emachine T2895 repair. Lost power supply and Best Buy Geeks told me it took the MOBO. I purchased a new computer but thought I would just try to fix the old one....Replaced both Power and new MOBO and I believe I put all the jumpers on correctly(also removed old CPU and put in new MOBO) Powered it up and CPU fan comes on...No power to the CD or DVD and no image on the monitor.

Questions: Did the CPU go as well? How do I determine if I need to buy a new CPU?

Does the CD and DVD power go through the CPU first or do I have some jumpers put on incorrectly?

Thanks for assist

A:Repairing a emachine 2895 MOBO and Power

Usually when the PS in an eMachine goes bad it sends too much voltage through the ATX power connector so there is a chance the CPU was damaged. Call around and see if any shops in your area can test CPUs. Also make sure your new mobo is compatible with the old CPU. Also try clearing the CMOS on the new mobo.
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Hey guys! My moms PC had an Athlon MP 1600+ on an ECS K7S5A motherboard and though I knew the incompatabilities, I thought I'd try it out. It worked great for a while, but now every time I try to reboot, I have to (in this order): Unplug the power, unplug the monitor, hit the power switch a couple of times, and plug the stuff back in and power it on to get any video. Also, it will lock up randomly while either booting or checking the HDD for errors. I would think that I could just reinstall Winderz, but for the part about the video...


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Hello. I inherited a computer with a Biostar M5ALA motherboard with an AMD K6 Socket 7 processor (350 mhz). How can I find out the fastest processor the motherboard will support? Thanks a lot.

A:Maximum Power Processor for Older MoBo

You are at your limit with the capabilities of that particular motherboard. If you want to use any of the current generation CPU's you need a new mothernboard, CPU and memory.
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This has been updated since my original post from the other day I am having problems with one of my pcs The one in question is an old computer but very reliable It doesn t like being turned off This has been happening for about a month now and because it s noisey it has to be turned off when someone stays with us in our spare room Everything powers up except the monitor So far the only error message I get of any sort is on the monitor no signal check cable connections So I ve bought new cable connectors for monitor into pc replaced power cables exchanged sets of vga wires Tried different monitors Blank screen for both Swapped hard drives Took out ram monitor power Mobo/ problem Sudden cleaned it and reinstalled it Swapped different agp graphic cards which all work on my spare machine Tried monitors x CRT Sudden Mobo/ monitor power problem x TFT Both work on other pc So it can t be the power unit because the hard drives are booting up It could possibly be the mobo but perhaps something is wrong with the agp slot This pc s stats are Soltek DDR Motherboard P mhz Mobo has no ID on it and Soltek No longer exist Nvidia gt mb agp DDR ram pins with gb installed More ram can be added watt psu gb hdd Xp Pro sp Any help greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Sudden Mobo/ monitor power problem

Squiggey, don't know if this will help any but have you tried hooking up your monitor to the vga port to see if anything shows on your monitor?
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I have a new Aopen AX63pro motherboard (ATX form factor) being shipped from California and wonder if my old AT power supply and case will work with the new board. If I need a new supply, is 300 watts "better" than 235w or 200w? If I need a new case, any thoughts on what's the best value? Does an ATX power supply fit into some AT cases (if there is such a thing) or is a dedicated ATX case/power supply needed?

Thanks to anyone taking time to offer an opinion.

A:Will old AT power supply and case support new ATX mobo?

you will most likely need a new case and power supply. Some AT boards will take either a AT or ATX power supply but I have not seen an ATX board that will do both. There may be some exceptions but it is a good bet that you will need to buy some new equipment.

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This is a long story I have a Amptron M MR with P cpus, mobo? screens: power, or blue EB and MB DIMMS The system is also configured with a single IDE disk for boot and a highpoint SATA RAID controller with GB drives running RAID Also in the box are three NICs and a dual-head Matrox AGP card The machine has run reliably since May this year and the case had hosted a dual-PPro board reliably for a blue screens: cpus, power, or mobo? couple years prior to that The machine dual boots Win Pro and RedHat Windows got infected with some Nachi variant weeks ago so I cleaned it and installed SP Since then the machine blue-screens in Windows and hangs in certain apps on Linux The Windows blue screen messages vary sometimes I get STOP F messages but more frequently I ll get quot Hardware Error Contact your vendor quot or something like that Linux just locks up no reboot or crash message I ve found that if I swap the processors the system doesn t bomb as often blue screens: cpus, power, or mobo? and if I remove the original CPU of from the system it s much more reliable at least it s been up for nearly hours under fairly heavy load Before I start buying replacement hardware I want to solicit some opinions I m wondering if the power supply has gotten flaky if the motherboard is losing it or if I need to buy another pair of processors I can offer more information later I m at the office now and don t have access to the hardware nbsp

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EDIT I would post to get the posts to get the URL allowingness but I have very very limited time Please remove spaces from links I have a Dell motherboard that has the crumby disadvantage of being a quot Dell Prorpietary quot MOBO I dont know the chipset name but I dont think its gonna matter I do know however that i CANT use a standard ATX power supply b c it will fry both the supply and my MOBO due to the dell proprietary connector I want to buy a new graphics card however I do not have enough power The card requires watts power but my supply only gives watts So what I want to know is can I buy a drive bay power supply and stick in into my computer Here is the link ht tp w ww tigerdirect co m applications SearchTools item-details asp EdpNo amp CatId This power supply has specific connectors that go to the motherboard etc but if I use them I will destroy my computer All I want the supply for is for the graphics w/ Drive Supply mobo? Dell Bay Power card I want and thats it nothing more Drive Bay Power Supply w/ Dell mobo? So can I hook JUST the drive bay power supplies PCIE connectors to my video card and have it just power the card Basically this will leave all the other connectors on the drive bay PSU just sitting in the case unconnected Including the big one that would normally go to a MOBO If that doesnt work can I buy this htt ps shop pcpower com power-supply silencer- -dell h tml It fits my model and design of Dell E and I checked various sources and they all said this site is a reputable site Please help nbsp

A:Drive Bay Power Supply w/ Dell mobo?

Unless your Dell is quite old, it will have a standard ATX power supply. The drive bay power supply is a great idea. It just might work perfectly for you. The PCPower supply would work too
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I have a ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe mobo with a Antec SL450 watt ATX12V power supply and I messed up. My 3 1/2" floppy didn't work so I checked the small 4 pin power cable to see if it was ok. I removed the plug from the floppy and reconnected it. I couldn't see very well so I connected it 1 pin off on the back of the floppy and powered up. Nothing happened so now the fun begins. Is there a fuse on the mobo or power supply?? I know that the start button connects to the mobo and somehow it activates the power supply so did I blow the mobo or power supply? Is there a way to check the power supply without it being connected to the computer? I just hope that I didn't blow the Mobo and power supply. All suggestions will be greatly appreciated. TIA


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my PC did not power up when I pressed power button. The motherboard has lights (leds). turning power on at psu lights up leds. pressing power on pc button fires up the fans for < 1 second and then stop, boot process doesnt proceed but lights remain on board.

So I buy a new psu (another 800 watt). I unplug all but bare essentials on board. same issue. I then take out the 8 pin adapter (so only the 24 pin is connected) and leds remains on and boot up starts (yipee). I then put the 8 pin in again and it fails in the same manner as before.

Gigabyte GA EP45 DQ6 mobo
4 hard drives
2 dvd
intel q550 ( I think)
4 x 2 gb RAM
800 watt psu

any idea where fault lies? I assume board.

A:PC won't boot... power issue or mobo fault

...then go after the motherboard
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Hey guys I had some contractors doing some work on my house today and they needed to shut the circuit off to the room my computer was in The computer was on at the time so it shut off when the power was cut Now it won t go back on Power button does nothing at all and I don t know if it s the power supply mobo or switch I ve got a power supply tester which causes my computers fans to start up when it s plugged in so the power supply does respond not Power mobo button working... issue? The results are in the attached file It shows LL which means to low to register voltage for the - V line I honestly don t know if I even have that line so I don t know if that s bad I attached the label on my power supply too Would Power button not working... mobo issue? no voltage cause a computer to completely not respond Because the fans DO start up when the power supply tester is plugged in I don t think the switch is the problem because I tried to short the power switch jumpers with a paper clip and nothing happened I also took the CMOS battery out for a while and then tried it again and that didn t work Any ideas on whether I need a mobo or a power supply I don t have an extra PSU around to test with but I may try to find one before ordering a new mobo thanks in advance -mike nbsp

A:Power button not working... mobo issue?

Not the switch. Could be the motherboard or PSU, but I don't have any good insight.

I would unplug the PSU and flip the 120/240V switch to 240V, then flip it back before plugging it in. To me, this doesn't make any logical sense, but over about 16 years of playing with PCs I have seen it work twice.
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Hi there Last night we had a full power outage After power came back on I turned my PC on and it worked fine for a number of hours I went to bed with the PC still on but in the Possible shorting power mobo damage after switch? morning it was off and would not power on The front power button on the case seemed to have stopped working i e it didn't power on the computer and would become stuck inwards when pressed I first tested the PSU for issues I unplugged the power opened the case and disconnected the PSU from the motherboard I did a green black short on the PSU's -pin connector and the PSU's fan started up albeit very weakly not sure if the fan should be running fully when doing this type of short After that I tried connecting the V connector from the PSU to the mobo and Possible mobo damage after shorting power switch? did a green black short again resulting in the case fans powering up I reconnected the -pin connector between the PSU and mobo but left my GPU GTX disconnected from the PSU Next I tried shorting the -pin power switch with a screwdriver The first time it seemed to work and the LEDs on the mobo lit up the CPU's fan spun up but the case fans did not power on I powered off the PC by shutting off the PSU's power switch I didn't realize I could short the PWRSW Possible mobo damage after shorting power switch? again to turn off the computer I then reconnected my GPU to the power supply and turned the power supply back on After turning the PSU back on I tried shorting the power switch again and the same components came on but only briefly I tried a third time and here's where I may have messed up I think it's possible I accidentally connected the power switch's PWR pin to one of the other pins near it I Possible mobo damage after shorting power switch? think I may have briefly touched the power switch's PWR pin to the speaker's V pin Could this have damaged either the connections themselves or the motherboard I tried shorting the power switch one last time after this and nothing booted I did a green black short on the PSU again and the PSU fan came on but again the case fans did not So my best uneducated guesses are The PSU can't output enough power anymore which is why it worked when the GPU was unplugged and failed when it was plugged in I fried something by connecting the wrong front panel pins to eachother PSU src Motherboard GPU Thanks in advance for any replies
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When i try and connect the 4 prong power source to the motherboard, the fans and lights quickly flash and stop spinning after about 1/4 of a turn.
When i disconnect the 4prong power cable, and only leave the larger power cable in, the pc turns on like normal and stays on, but displays no picture on the monitor and also the mouse doesnt light up?
Am i right in thinking that the processor has broken? and that the pc needs the 4prong power source to function properly?
please help,

A:My pc only turns on when the main power is connected to the mobo.

You should have to have all of them plugged in. Did you miss another power connection on your mobo that gives power to the CPU?
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I have a Compaq Presario 2100. well the power jack broke off the motherboard, while trying to solder it back in place, one of the prongs bent, so I was taking it out again to start over, when my friend bumped into me. I accidently pulled it out of the motherboard. While inspecting the prongs, it looks as though a copper looking "sleeve" was still soldered to the prong. Is there anyway to fix this?

Also, the original jack was lost. I have another one, it's not a replacement, but it fits the plug. How can I solder this to the mobo for it to work?

Please help me.

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Hi there I am not an expert but i am fairly competent on most things - here s my problem I recently took a look at a relatives pc It kept resetting before windows would boot up I had someone look at it and put it down to a mobo cpu problem As it was socket A Installed anything cpu new MOBO on and power / do - wont constantly I decided to change both and opted for a sempron cpu and a asus HP k n x mobo After installing the new mobo with both Installed new cpu and MOBO - power constantly on / wont do anything pin and pin connectors and processor i installed the video card mb Installed new cpu and MOBO - power constantly on / wont do anything ddr ram hdd and connected the monito and the mouse usb and keyboard ps Once i plugged in power lead the board powered up but no signal went to the monitor nor to the keyboard although mouse powered up All fans power on all drives cpu heats up - but no matter what configuration i use to connect the power switch and othe led cables the pc gets power as soon as you plug in power cord and the buttons don t serve any function As for system beeps - i wouldn t know as there doesn t seem to be anywhere to connect the speaker to on the motherboard I am losing the battle here and i would really appreciate it if anyone could give me their feedback to assist me along By the way the psu is W Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Installed new cpu and MOBO - power constantly on / wont do anything

Welcome aboard Paul, hopefully we can help. First things first, when you change out a motherboard (mobo) it requires, under most circumastnces, that you do a complete, fresh install of windows. Sometimes windows will accept a new mobo and CPU just by loading the new drivers but then there are a multitude of little problems that plague the user forever.

So a few questions:
1. Did you reload windows after fully formatting the Hard Disk Drive (HDD) or just plug the HDD in and load the new drivers?
2. Did you install this in a OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) type case (like Dell or HP) and if so is this the original Power Supply Unit (PSU)?
3. What kind of video card are you using?

If this is in a Dell case as an example then that may be the problem as their cases are not wired like others.
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Hello all, My question relates to this motherboard -Asus cuv4x-c.
The orignal psu did burn out, I pulled it apart to find scorch marks around some of the components I dont know the history of this board I assume this is a power surge problem!?
I connected it to 500w Gigatech atx, connected the cvd-rw, harddrive, floppy and power supply to the board itself. Switched on the power and no l.e.d s lit, the fan in the power supply started but the fan on the proccessor did not, there are no other fans in this box. On inspection of the board( after dissconecting from power) there seems to be no obvious signs of burnt out parts, none of the Solder has melted or scorched, the circuit board looks intact.
What is the best way forward here- test with multi meter perhaps, what else should I be looking for?? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

A:Asus cuv4x-c. mobo wont power up.

My guess is that you've had a power surge or lightning strike that has fried both the powersupply and the motherboard. This can also happen if you plug something into the board (e.g. a PCI card, or stick of RAM) while power is applied to it, as this may short it out. There don't necessarily have to be any visible scorch marks on the board for it to have been damaged by a surge, the powersupply took the brunt of it. Do you have insurance?
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Hi, I recently picked up this computer second hand. 

Every so often, sometimes after 6 hours sometimes after 36, the computer will act as though it has lost power. The power button is unresponsive and has no indicator light showing, the status LEDs on the power supply and the ethernet port are solid (I did not note what colours they were, I shall update next time it happens).
To get the machine to reboot I have to remove the power cable and then hold the power button until the PSU and network light go out (They turn off suddenly rather than dim). After this I can reattach the power cable and the computer will boot and act normally for another period of time.

Any ideas?
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Hi I posted a question yesterday about how to ID a mobo b c I had disconnected the power reset wires on sister s desktop and did not have mobo manual Never thought to ask how to reconnect the wires amp mobo power/reset to to connect wires HELP! Need totally bypass the mobo ID See picture There HELP! Need to connect power/reset wires to mobo is one wide wire that is made up of wires that are divided into groups of two Wires are labeled starting from the left st group of wires white amp black labeled POWER SW nd group of wires white amp orange labeled RESET SW rd group of wires white amp yellow labeled H D D LED Then a single white wire not labeled The last wire - a single green wire not labeled See picture for pins amp table There are metal pins sticking out of a small black plastic rectangle with holes The top row has pins w the vacant hole being the last one on the right The bottom row has pins Then on the mobo there is a small corresponding table to the left of the pins Right above the table on the left the text reads SW - H D D LED - SUS-LED - RESET - PWR-SW There is also a pic of the power reset buttons on the front of the tower Thanks in advance for any help nbsp
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Hi I m sorry if this is probably one of the longest posts to be posted on their forum but I need to explain the more information that I provide the clearer the picture is power or no post with Solved: mobo display New for everybody to read It s true what they say for every new rig you build no two are the same and they are unique with their own problems sent to task our brains to the limit This is build I don t Solved: New mobo with power no post or display know I have lost count over the years it could be I don t know but I ve run into a problem and I need a fresh pair of eyes to look over my trouble shooting and see if there is anything that I have missed Personally I think I ve been sold a duff mobo and I am really p d it s not the suppliers fault they didn t know they had sold me a duff mobo no more than I did not until I installed it along with other hardware Throughout this build I was waring an anti static wrist strap and was earthed at all times because all you need is a small spark of static electricity from your body and you an ruin a processor and mobo Rig Spec All the hardware is New NZXT Phantom white case ASUS Crosshair Formula Thunderbolt FX Chipset AMD -Core Black Edition GHz AM Arctic Cooling Freezer Corsair XMS GHz DDR Sapphire HD Toxic OC Edition Sapphire HD Toxic OD Edition Seagate Barracuda GB SATA Seagate Barracuda GB SATA Seagate Barracuda TB SATA OCZ ZX Series PSU COLD Certified W KWClick to expand Description of problem I started the build over the weekend and everything went very well because I started a bit late in the day I decided to leave the inaugural power-up on Sunday which I did I turned on the power and the motherboard lit up and the Start button and O C was lit up so all was well Then came the devastating silence of no POST with a blank screen So I thought Okay I m not worried because turning on a new system for the first time is like turning over an engine for the first time you get teething problems that you have to resolve and fix So I Cleared CMOS and tried again waiting for the post and beep and again nothing Please find below diagnostic tests that I ve carried out myself to try and resolve this matter Diagnostic Tests on new rig Diag Test Cleared CMOS but pressing the CLR Switch which is located at the rear of the motherboard Diag Results Rebooted after clearing CMOS and still no post and no beep Diag Test Powered off removed PSU power cable and then moved CLR CMOS jumper from - to - for seconds and then moved the jumper back to - default position Diag Results Rebooted after clearing CMOS and still no post and no beep Diag Test Turned off the system removed PSU power cable and then removed in series different hardware connected to the motherboard Removed memory modules and tested them in series left to right and right to left in module A and module B Removed VGA cards and tested them in series of - from top to bottom with bother VGA cards Removed and reseated CPU Checked over the CPU with a high powered LED magnifying glass could not find any faults Removed the HDD and tested them in series and individual connections Removed mobo battery and replaced with a new battery Disconnected all fans and none essentials Cleared CMOS again Diag Results Rebooted after removing and replacing all of the above in a series of swapping and changing hardware and clearing CMOS before each reboot and still no post and no beep Diag Test Took the mobo and PSU including all hardware connected to the mobo out of the case just in case there was a short being caused across the mobo somewhere I needed to eliminate the case as the cause of the problem I placed the mobo on cardboard because cardboard in none conductive but I placed an anti static bag underneath the cardboard just in case Diag Results Connected everything to the mobo and rebooted using the Start switch at the base of the mobo which is very handy Cleared CMOS with the switch at the rear of the mobo and restarted and still the same No post or beep Di... Read more

A:Solved: New mobo with power no post or display

The Asus Uk site says you need Bios version 0705 or later to use the FX-6100 Cpu.

There have been 4 Bios versions, 0404, 0506, 0705 and the latest 0813.

So I think you are probably correct and your Bios is too old for that Cpu.
Unfortunately I don't know of any way you can find out what Bios you have now if the PC won't POST.
So I think your plan of buying a cheap compatible Cpu and then flashing the Bios is your best bet.
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I'm in the middle of assembling a new computer (first one) and I just realized that my current PSU does not have an 8-pin ATX power connector for the CPU on the motherboard. Is it safe to use a 6-pin and half of a 4-pin connector to power the CPU? I've attached a picture and as you can see half of the 4-pin is just hanging off the end.

A:Using a 6pin and half of a 4pin for 8pin CPU power on new mobo?

Well, first you get the annoying lecture : If you are building a new system the power supply is the LAST thing you want to skimp on. You should buy a new, modern PS for the system.

Now that's out of the way.

There is nothing technically wrong with how you want to do it. The power supply delivers 12v to each yellow wire regardless of where they actually go. So if the MB needs four 12v wires (and 4 black grounds) to run you can accomplished that your way.

There could be a problem - resulting in odd behaviors and system problems - if the 12v leads came from different 12v rails on a multi-rail power supply. This could result in "dirty power", where the amperage (as opposed to voltage) is not the same across all 4 wires at the same time. This could even happen in a single rail system, depending on the internal circuitry of the PS and where those two separate wire bundles connect.

The only thing that concerns me from your picture is that 3 of the yellow wires are in the back row and that one (plus the extra one hanging off) is in the front row. This seems to be a problem with polarity and I am surprised the system runs like that. I think that all 4 yellow wires should be in all the rear slots.
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I ve read prior strings and listened to the advise My Emachines T was suddenly locking up and shuting off on its own until day it would not boot Took to 1.252 or power MOBO Is my it supply to run processor system is the my at or causing a service center and replaced my Athlon XP Everything seemed to be ok until I started burning some MP s and would not get full burn of the tracks on my burner Replaced burner and added TV Is it my MOBO or is the processor or power supply causing my system to run at 1.252 card Is it my MOBO or is the processor or power supply causing my system to run at 1.252 System seemed to be running very slow so I checked the processor Windows and the AMD CPUID tool said at mhz The jumpers on the board are at setting the bios does not allow an adjust to the FSB but reloaded the Bios settings anyway and still it says mhz The Mobo is a FIC AU with no capabilities to set clockin other than the jumpers on the board Why is my new processor running at half speed Is the Mobo bad or can a dying or intermittent power supply cause the Athlon to run at half speed nbsp

A:Is it my MOBO or is the processor or power supply causing my system to run at 1.252

the bios is telling it to run at that speed . maybe try and use a windows utility to overclock it . or see if emachines has a bios update for it . its a nforce 2 so u may be able to use ntune on it ...