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Laptop touchpad not working Windows 8

Q: Laptop touchpad not working Windows 8

So I needed to disable the touch pad on my laptop and the icon in the task bar was not there like it was, I needed to re-install cause things were getting slow everything works like it should now. But I went to the Control Panel and went to where you would disable the touch pad and the disable button is grayed out. I don't know why and I want to disable it.

(Attached is what I see when I get to the mouse from the control panel)

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Preferred Solution: Laptop touchpad not working Windows 8

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Laptop touchpad not working Windows 8

Have you rebooted since?
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Hello I have an Advent Monza S laptop I've recently upgraded to Windows Before I upgraded my touch pad was working fine but after the upgrade my touch pad stopped working Once my laptop is turned 10 since touchpad Laptop Windows working not installing on the cursor is not visable on the screen the touch pad is unresponsive too If I plug in an external mouse the cursor re-appears and I can control my computer that way although as soon as I un-connect my external mouse the cursor stays on the screen but I can't control it with the touch pad I can un-install the touch pad drivers then re-install them from the Advent webpage and the touch pad will work perfectly until I turn my laptop off then when I switch my laptop back on I'm back to square one again and can't do anything unless I plug in my external mouse I've tried asking on the Advent forums but they don't seem to have had any traffic since early Any help would be great Cheers Mark Laptop touchpad not working since installing Windows 10

A:Laptop touchpad not working since installing Windows 10

Hello ObiDad. Welcome to the Forum

You don't say how old this laptop is or what operating system it came with, but that would be helpful to know.

The first thing I would try is to uninstall (remove) the touchpad from Device Manager. If the option is available remove the driver also. Then restart.
The important thing is that you try and remove all instances of any old drivers that may interfere with the generic driver installation.
Windows comes with a generic touchpad driver and that will be installed automatically and it may work right off, particularly if there is a driver conflict going on here.

If it works, then you could try and install the Advent driver. Only this time run the installer program (app) in Compatibility Mode. Use the compatibility mode for the operating system that the Advent driver is made for.
Compatibility Mode Settings for Apps - Change in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

See if either or both of those things help.
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Hey guys, the touchpad stopped working, I did a factory reset and updated the Touchpad software in the DM but same deal. It also will not load a linux dssk for me to know if it's software or hardware, what else can I try please?

A:HP 15 laptop touchpad not working

Hi @MIKE_HENDERSON,  Welcome to the HP Forums!  I understand that your touchpad stopped working and that your HP 15 Notebook will not load a Linux disk. I am happy to help!  Regarding the touchpad, what is the exact product number of your Notebook? How Do I Find My Model Number, Serial Number or Product Number? What version of Windows are you using? (If you are using Windows.)  Regarding loading the Linux disk. see the following:  Frequently Asked Questions About Linux (FAQs).Ubuntu on HP Models.Ubuntu Forums. Assuming you are using Ubuntu.  If you are able to reach some resolution, please click on Accept Solution. If you appreciate my help, please click on the thumbs up icon. Both icons are below this post. Hope to hear from you soon!
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Hi, As mentioned, i have a problem with my laptop. When I put it into sleep mode, the touchpad doesn't respond once I wake it up. The only way to make the touchpad work again is to reinstall the drivers in device manager, however this is frustrating when you have to do it all the time, so does anyone have any idea how to permanently fix this?Laptop is HP pavilion 13-b110tu (windows 10 64bit) Extra info:I can fix the problem if I uninstall "Synaptics SMBus TouchPad" in device manager, but this leads to a number of other problems (gestures not working, left/right click reversed, touchpad behaving erratically etc.) Thanks in advance
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Hello hi im lili b any my toupad isnt working right the dang strolling up or down wont work and I cant fix it I have an hp pavilion dv4 1435dx could someone help mi find the orrect driver that could fix it

A:Laptop touchpad is not working properly

You should find the drivers you need here. Click on next By the windows 7 64 bit box.
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So one day, all of the sudden my laptop's touchpad started acting its own life, it didn't respond my touches as it should've, and this continued few times I used my laptop. Today when I opened the laptop again, the touchpad wasn't working at all. Driver issues? (This has nothing to do with win10, as I downloaded it like half a year ago and this problem started just today)

A:My laptop touchpad stopped working?

Hi @Oodi ,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the touchscreen. I will be glad to help you. Step 1: Shutdown your PC.Step 2: Install Windows Updates.Step 3: Perform a touch screen diagnostic test     a.1: Plug the AC Adapter into the computer.     a.2: Press the power button on the computer for 5 seconds.     a.3: Turn on the computer and press the F2 key repeatedly.      a.4: When the HP PC Hardware Diagnostic UEFI screen displays, click Component Tests.      a.5: Click Touchscreeen.      a.6 There are two interactive touch screen tests. Start by clicking Touch Pointer Test.       a.6 Read the on screen instructions, and click Run Once.       a.7:  Touch each block to erase them the test ends when all blocks are erased or after three minutes have passed and results are displayed.     a.8 Click the main menu to return to the UEFI Screen and click the second test.      a.9:  Click Compenent Tests, and then click Touchscreen  again.      a.10 Click Drag and Drop Test.      a.11: Read the on screen instructions, then click Run Once again.      a.12: Drag and drop the the blocks according to the screen. The test ends after all the blocks are repositioned, or after three minutes have passed. Press the Windows logo key + X.Select Device Manager from the list.Click the little arrow next to Human Interface Devices to expand the list.Double-click the touch screen driver.In the window that opens, click the Driver tab.Click the Update Driver button.In the Update Driver Software window, click Search automatically for updated driver software.If updated driver software is available, install it.Restart the computPlease keep me informed of how things went. If you require further assistance, let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help you.Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!  Thanks.
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I upgraded to Windows 10 and the touchpad worked at first, but now has stopped completely. There is no light on, but the system diagnostics and device manager say it is working. Have checked that is not coinflicting with external mouse and the driver is up to date. Help!Mark

A:Pavillion 13 laptop touchpad not working

I uninstalled the driver and restarted the computer, this made the system re-install the driver (19.2.4) and now works!!! The wonders of technology.
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Hey guy i have a alienware m17xR4 and ive been searching all day and cant find anyone with this problem. Everyone that has a simular problem it is either their keyboard or their mouse not working but i havent found anyone with both of them not working.

Anyway my keyboard is showing a code 19 (windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged)

And touchpad is saying code 10 (this device cannot start)

Thank you guys for your help, it might be a while before i cand respond to you and try your solutions.
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I had a registry error so I did this:;en-us;307545

and it fixed it. However, now my touchpad won't work. All it did was beep like crazy if I tried to use it then I restarted my laptop hoping it would fix it but now it just wont work and I dont hear any beeps...

any ideas?

A:Touchpad not working on dell laptop )-:

Have you checked Device Manager to see if the driver is missing?
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Yesterday I turned off my laptop, next day when I turned on laptop the keyboard and touchpad wasn't working. When I'm pressing a key about 20 times then sometimes it works as one press. Yesterday everything was working well untill I turned off.I've tested 2 laptop keyboards and still same.I'm looking for any help.
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My laptop touchpad is not working properly; that is I cannot scroll properly and also have problems with the sensitivity of touch. I downloaded and installed the Synaptic touchpad driver but it is still not functioning very well. Please can someone help me with a solution.
The name of my Laptop is; Compac Presario CQ50-115NR Notebook PC
Thank you.

A:My laptop touchpad is not working properly

Go to Start -> control panel -> Hardware and Sound.

Somewhere in there you should find adjustments for the sensitivity.

If this does not work please state your operating system for further help and try it with a USB mouse.
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My scrolling up and down option of touch pad is not working what should I do...?

A:My laptop touchpad is not working properly

Are you referring to the the right side scroll bars on laptop touch pads that allow you to scroll up and down pages?

Try updating the driver for your touchpad and see if that helps.
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I'm not sure where to ask but I have a problem.

My laptop (Acer Aspire 4750G) touchpad is not working. It is still usable, I can move the cursors with it. But the system seems telling me that I keep pressing the right button of the touchpad, so when I left click/tap the touchpad, it works as a right click instead. I disabled that by plugging in my USB mouse and right-clicking on the mouse. Well the problem comes again after I do that so I'm forced to use the USB mouse, which would be very annoying and time-eating if I have something to do quickly. Also, there's nothing stuck in there a the drivers are up-to-date.

A:Laptop Touchpad not working (Acer)

the left and right settin gor switched some how maybe ! in the keypad settings.
go to start /control panel ,mouse / and In there click on the hardware tab along the top .in the list should be synaptics ,click on the Synaptics and then click on properties ,and In there should be all the different settings for the keypad
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My first post Hopefully NOT one of many I recently got a secondhand HP working not HP Touchpad Laptop NX9105 all Synaptics at NX laptop I reformatted the hard drive and installed Windows XP SP All worked fine except the touchpad isn t working I could not see a driver for it so I went onto HP support website and downloaded the Synaptics driver sp The install got interrupted with the message quot This Synaptics pointing device installation package does not support one or more of your pointing devices and will not be installed quot I then tried the Alps HP NX9105 Laptop Synaptics Touchpad not working at all driver sp and that installed is visible in the Add Remove Programs but the touchpad still didn t work and it doesn t appear in either the Device Manager or in Control Panel- gt Mouse- gt Hardware tab Next I tried to install another version of the Synaptics driver sp This one installed so I then rebooted the laptop The touchpad still doesn t work but now I have the Synaptics Device Settings tab in my Mouse settings The problem is that all the buttons are grayed out and no devices are listed Is it possible that this is a hardware fault or is there anything else I need to download I m really stuck now please help nbsp

A:HP NX9105 Laptop Synaptics Touchpad not working at all

well heres your drivers....

You touch pad should automatically just "work" with no special drivers...

Mabe it broke...
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I just reformatted the HDD on my girlfriends laptop and now the touchpad mouse is not working properly. The scroll wheel doesn't work and when scrolling down on a web page with the keyboard it goes step by step. Are their any settings that I need tochange to make it work right?

A:Laptop touchpad mouse is not working properly

Some touchpads require specific drivers installed. Did you install these from the manufacturer? This is the integrated one on the laptop not add-in devices?
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Hey all you wonderful tech-savvy people! I know this is probably an annoying question that gets asked all the time, but I honestly have no idea how to fix this. The two finger scrolling on my Samsung RF511 laptop has decided it wants to stop working. I haven't installed anything or done anything different, so I don't know why this is happening.

Anyone out there willing to tell me how to fix this?

A:Scrolling on my Samsung laptop touchpad not working...

Try reinstalling the TouchPad drivers/software from the Samsung website which you can find here:
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installed windows 10 now touchpad not workingupdated driver fully up to dateCompaq laptop Pesario CQ61

A:Compaq laptop touchpad not working after win 10 installation

Did you able to access it through external keyboard or mouse?Hardware Technician
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so, EVERY TIME I close(and re open) my laptop lid the touchpad stops working. seemed to happen after a win X update(not upgrade TO win x) it is so extremely frustrating. the only way i can get it to respond again is to reboot. I have tried disabling and reenabling the touchpad, updating drivers, and nothing seems to help.
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The touchpad not IRQ - error? Drivers? touchpad Something working Laptop else? on the laptop I m using isn t working properly Since my old computer died I plugged in the monitor and the MS Laptop touchpad not working - Drivers? IRQ error? Something else? optical keyboard and Laptop touchpad not working - Drivers? IRQ error? Something else? mouse so we could all use it like a normal computer rather than a laptop I did this on monday and as far as I can tell for the first day or so both the touchpad and the mouse worked as well as both keyboards However now the touchpad won t work whatever we do We have tried -Unplugging all external mice and restarting the computer -Disabling external mice haven t tried this with restarting but don t think it makes much difference -Using System Restore to revert any changes up to Sunday before when the other keyboard mouse was plugged in -Uninstalling drivers for the touchpad and allowing the laptop to self-detect which takes two restarts - one for uninstalling the drivers and one for finalising installation -Opening the BIOS and restoring the default settings by the way I was unable to find any touchpad-looking setting in the BIOS but I wasn t sure if there would be one I didn t install any software for the external optical stuff We also have just a single optical mouse that we only use for the laptop and it has never caused us problems like this I haven t installed any software in the duration and System Restore should have reverted any changes in any case What may we have overlooked in fixing it Some have suggested that the only thing to do may be to rip everything I can off and reinstall Windows but I have no desire to do this and do not believe it will work in any case The most annoying thing is that for about five seconds while the computer is saying Windows is shutting down before the laptop actually turns itself off the touchpad works It also worked for about the same period of time directly after the computer had booted the second time after reinstalling the hardware but then stops The most recent appraisal I ve had is that it is an IRQ issue however I am unsure what an IRQ issue is or what I would do to fix it Anyone wanna add their two cents or fill me in on anything nbsp

A:Laptop touchpad not working - Drivers? IRQ error? Something else?

take a look in device manager to make sure there are no little yellow !'s. Windows will detect the touchpad as a genric ps/2 mouse, but to make it work properly you'll need to get the actual driver from your laptop manufacturer's website, what brand is it?
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Hi there,

Yesterday my touchpad just stopped working, although a external USB mouse does. I have restore my computer to an earlier point, ran a virus scan and uninstalled and then re-installed the synaptics driver. It still isn't working and I'm not really sure what to try next.


A:touchpad on asus laptop stopped working

Hello and welcome Vicky mate some machine specs would be nice model etc etc

Try this and post back a screen shot or just some specs and how old is the machine? < download from piriform
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I am using accer aspire e15 laptop. My touch pad is not working after installing windows 8.1 what shall i do?but external mouse is workingI amusing accer aspire e15 laptop

A:Acer aspire laptop touchpad not working after W8 install

If you've upgraded from Windows 7 or 8, new drivers are required for some devices on Windows 8.1Go to the appropriate Acer website for your country, click on support and enter your laptop's serial number which is printed on it's base:
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I am having serious problems with my latop HP Elitebook 840, with Windows 7 (64-bit) OS. Keyboard and touchpad of my laptop stop working after 1-2 minutes of activity. Restarting does not fix the problem, the keyboard and touchpad stop working again after random time. I can confim that the touchpad is not locked up. It has an antivirus software. Can you help me. Thanks a lot.
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Well... Thats about it. My left click was working and then all of a sudden. BANG. stopped. Moving the mouse with the touchpad and using the mousepad to left click still works as does the right click button on the touchpad. Any solutions?

A:Left Mouse Click on Laptop Touchpad stopped working

I assume you have checked your settings in Control Panel > Mouse Properties?

It will save a lot of time if you can determine whether this is a hardware problem or a software problem.
Try this: Download a copy of UBUNTU. Put this on a USB stick. Boot from the USB stick and choose to Run The Program (you do not need to install it on your hard drive). Then check to see if the mousepad works OK in UBUNTU. If it does then it is a Windows/Software problem. If it doesn't then it is a defective mousepad.

Download Ubuntu Desktop | Download | Ubuntu
How to create a bootable USB stick on Windows | Ubuntu
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Hello I discovered my laptop was infected with a Trojan Zefarch and took a couple steps in an attempt to remove it I ran scans with Symantec keyboard/touchpad attempted laptop zefarch working removal, not Spybot S amp D attempted zefarch removal, laptop keyboard/touchpad not working and Malwarebytes ran RegistryCleaner and deleted attempted zefarch removal, laptop keyboard/touchpad not working a couple suspicious-looking folders in my AppData folder After doing all this and at least one restart I discovered that the touchpad and built-in keyboard on my laptop were not working I m currently using an external USB mouse and keyboard until I can figure this out I m running Windows on an hp dv Here are the results from HiJackThis Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Program Files x Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection ProtectionUtilSurrogate exe C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard HP Advisor HPAdvisor exe C Program Files x Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files x McAfee Security Scan SSScheduler exe C Program Files x OpenOffice org program soffice exe C attempted zefarch removal, laptop keyboard/touchpad not working Program Files x OpenOffice org program soffice bin C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard HP Quick Launch Buttons QLBCTRL exe C Program Files x HP HP Software Update hpwuschd exe C Program Files x Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C Program Files x Seagate SeagateManager FreeAgent Status stxmenumgr exe C Program Files x iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files x Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C Program Files x DivX DivX Update DivXUpdate exe c Program Files x Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart Media Kernel CLML CLMLSvc exe C Program Files x Hewlett-Packard Shared hpqToaster exe C Program Files x Mozilla Firefox firefox exe C Program Files x Mozilla Firefox plugin-container exe C Program Files x Mozilla Thunderbird thunderbird exe C Program Files x Trend Micro HiJackThis HiJackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http g msn com HPNOT R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www uusa vt edu cepdotnet CEPloginToCEP aspx R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http g msn com HPNOT R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http www comcast net R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Local Page C Windows SysWOW blank htm R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Window Title Windows Internet Explorer provided by Comcast R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyServer R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName F - REG system ini UserInit C Windows system userinit exe O - BHO HP Print Enhancer - C E- - -BF - C - C Program Files x HP Digital Imaging Smart Web Printing hpswp printenhancer dll O - BHO AcroIEHelperStub - DF C-E AD- -A -FA C EBDC - C Program Files x Common Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelperShim dll O - BHO Spybot-S amp D IE Protection - - F - D - - D F - C PROGRA SPYBOT SDHelper dll O - BHO no name - C C A-E - b - D - CECB - no file O - BHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper - D - C - ABF- ECC- C - C Program Files x Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WindowsLiveLogin dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - DBC -A - b-BC - C C C A - C Program Files x Java jre bin jp ssv dll O -... Read more
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I'd be very grateful if someone could suggest a solution to the problem I have with the touchpad on my laptop, the one finger scrolling is not working, I have checked as far as I can using the info provided, as far as I know the driver is up to date, I've looked for 'Dell touchpad' or 'Device settings tab' in control panel and they aren't there, just mouse ( ps/2) properties and these are shown as ok, any ideas please? many thanks,Steven. ps, guruaid tell me it's a hardware problem but I'm not so sure, it used to work fine before Windows 10 was loaded and messed up a whole lot of functions, I was then told it's not compatible with this laptop, so I had to put Windows 7 back on and the problem stemmed from around that time 

A:n5010 laptop touchpad not working correctly - no 'one finger' scrolling function

Have you performed a clean install of Windows 7 or have just rolled back the OS from Win10 to Win7? Is the touchpad detected in device manager? Is there any damage on the system? Do the touchpad button register a click?
Update the BIOS - restart the system and check if it works fine.  Reinstall the touchpad drivers from the same site and check.
If the touchpad is not detected in device manager- then download the service manual from the support site link above - and reseat the palmrest cables and check if it works.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.
Write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Upon starting up my laptop the touchpad is no longer working, I am currently using a USB mouse but would like to use the touchpad. It have run a troubleshoot and it comes up with a code 10 error. I have also noticed that if i hit Fn and the touchpad button nothing happens but my keyboard will then stop working and i have to hit the power off and then on again and it then works. Also if i scroll over the touch pad my keyboard no longer works and cannot type until again I power off/on.
Please can anyone help with this, I have been looking into this for the last 3 hours and no joy at all
Many thanks

A:Touchpad not working, windows 7

additional note the message that comes up when troubleshooting also says Synaptics PS/2 Port Pointing Device has a driver problem
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Hey :-)
i just upgraded to Windows 10, and everything is working fine exept for my Elan touchpad.
I have never experienced it not working for Windows 8.
Please help.

A:Touchpad not working for windows 10.

Go to Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, click Mouse then select Elan option. You can enable the features you need.HTH.
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I have an ES1-512 laptop and when I first got it the touchpad worked fine. I then started using a Microsft Wireless mouse and now the touchpad doesn't work. There is no driver installed for it and it doesn't appear in the device manager. If I do a search for new hardware it is not detected. I tried the fn f7 but this did not help. I tried using Acer Recovery but the touchpad is not listed so I can't load the driver. I even checked the website and again no driver for the touchpad. I have run out of ideas.

A:Touchpad not working in Windows 8.1

This may sound silly.  Because it's the first thing most would do.  But you didn't mention it. Did you check settings to make sure the touchpad is enabled?  You may have turned it off when setting up the mouse. To access settings in Win 8.1 it's Windows Key + C.  Or you can getting there by swiping right and bringing up the charms.
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I just recently bought a Lenovo B570e. I've installed Windows 8 Pro 64bit on it. I want to get the windows 8 gestures on my touchpad. I've tried many things... installed two or three versions of Synaptics. The one on my laptop's drivers CD, from the synaptics website, from the lenovo's drivers page, and a couple others. With synaptics I can't get any gestures, even the scroll feature isn't working. I tried ELan on my drivers CD... and that enabled pinch to zoom and scrolling but how can I get all the Windows 8 gestures on my touch pad. Please tell me a step by step procedure, cause I'm not that good on these things yet.

A:Windows 8 gestures on touchpad not working

If the latest Lenovo drivers from the laptop's website don't do it, it is probable that your system does not support it. Remember that the gestures for Windows 8 were designed for touch screens, not touch-pads. I have a Samsung Series 7; it also doesn't support all of the gestures.

However, to overcome this, I purchased a Logitech Touchpad (the T650, I think). It does support the gestures. It is wireless and rechargeable.
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Hi everyone I have a Toshiba Satellite M that I upgraded from Vista to I performed the Upgrade but had issues immediately black screen & working Windows 7 Touchpad Keyboard not constant freezing so I backed up everything and did a clean Windows install Now I have a fresh install Worked fine downloaded updates and now the keyboard any touchpad will not Windows 7 Touchpad & Keyboard not working work USB keyboard amp mice work fine though Under device manager it shows the keyboard as PS but no errors For the touchpad it says quot PS Mouse quot but it's a touchpad and error code I noticed that if I uninstall the quot mouse quot and reboot the touchpad will work until next reboot Next I downloaded new Synaptic drivers and even tried the Toshiba driver pack Didn't work the uninstall trick doesn't work now either I'm not sure what's going on Any ideas I am leaning on a bad update from Windows update I have searched Google and found numerous similar problems but cannot seem to get this resolved Thanks for any help I can provide any more info that may be needed Corey

A:Windows 7 Touchpad & Keyboard not working

Since the install is probably still pretty clean, maybe you could try reinstalling again (I know, I know...) and installing your mouse drivers right off the bat from the Toshiba Website. Of course, be sure it's the right version of the driver, you know x86/x64, and for Vista/7.

This is my best guess, but if you have more pertinent info, maybe we can work something out.
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I have a Dell Vostro 1400 laptop. After upgrading to Windows 7, I no longer have touchpad control settings. (I usually disable my touchpad when using a mouse). I no longer have this option.

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Hello I am using an HP Pavilion dm - us with Windows and the touchpad scrolling is not working I upgraded exactly two weeks ago on October th and the scrolling has been working perfectly fine until today Since I discovered the problem I have done everything I could I reinstalled the driver on scroll Touchpad working not Windows 8.1 I restarted the computer multiple times I have played with the settings but nothing is working nbsp There was another thread with the same problem except that all the solutions that worked for those people did not work for me I have multi-finger gestures turned on and I have vertical scrolling turned on as well What is Touchpad scroll not working on Windows 8.1 interesting is that other gestures work perfectly fine except for the gestures that require more than one finger If I swipe in form the Touchpad scroll not working on Windows 8.1 left side I can switch between Windows apps and if I swipe in from the right side the charms bar comes up But I cannot scroll Touchpad scroll not working on Windows 8.1 with two fingers I cannot switch between apps with fingers and I cannot right click by tapping the touchpad with fingers These are all things that worked literally yesterday Is there a reason that the touchpad can only register gestures that use one finger but not those that use more than one finger nbsp When I try scrolling with two fingers the mouse does not move This tells me that the computer knows that I am trying to scroll but is not doing it I know this because when I try to scroll with two fingers on a page that cannot be scrolled the mouse just stays in place nbsp Can you help me out nbsp Thanks Nick

A:Touchpad scroll not working on Windows 8.1

Hi HP, I'm experiencing exactly the same problem, after the update multi-finger gesture just stopped working. Also, as explained by Nick, Multi-Finger gesture is turned on in the settings and when I tried to scroll, the pointer just doesn't move. Hope you could help us solve this. Thanks!
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S7-392I installed the upgrade to the Synaptics driver to no avail.FnT and Alt.7 don't work.Any ideas?

Go to Solution.

A:touchpad stopped working after windows 10

Following a thread from earlier Microsoft forums, this worked for me yesterday to restore trackpad function. Go to the Acer driver page for your computer. Download the intel IO chipset drivers for Windows 8.1. Run the setup for the driver in "compatability mode" and install. You will need to restart the computer. The computer will then recognize the trackpad as a valid device. Then download and install the Synaptics (or Elan) driver for Win 10 from the Acer support page and restart. If the trackpad is not immediatley active on the restart, hit Function F7. At least this fixed it for me.

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Hey, after several hours of searching today for a solution for my non-working touchpad after the update to W10 some weeks ago, going through this whole forum, installing and uninstalling all kinds of drivers etc. I found a solution in another forum: All I had to do was pressing Fn - F7 on my Acer Nitro to enable the touchpad... Somehow the Windows 10 update seems to disable it since I never disabled/endabled it before - it never occured to me that this switch would somehow overrule all other settings etc. So before you go into a driver frenzy, try this one first... :-) Cheers, Tom

A:Solution for Windows 10 touchpad not working

My Iconia W510 showed similar problems. The touchpad worked under Win 10 for almost a week before it stopped responding. I did try Fn+F7 but to no avail. Drivers nor hardware could not be found in device manager, thus not reinstalled either. Win 10's system restore function did the trick for me.
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I upgraded my yoga pro to windows last night nbsp I went to the support page and downloaded all new drivers for the thing in particular the synaptics touch pad drivers nbsp Before I did that gesture support was severly limited nbsp Despite the settings saying it was enabled two finger tap and scrolling was disabled nbsp In any event after I got the latest drivers I discovered the following i define a tap as just a forceful touch where as a click involves pressing the trackpad until it clicks nbsp single finger tapping workssingle finger clicking works two finger tapping does not worktwo finger clicking does worktwo finger scrolling worksI suspect most two finger gestures work but I havent tested them all three finger gestures workfour finger gestures work nbsp Windows in 2 quite Touchpad Yoga not 10 working basically everything works as the settings dialogs were configured Yoga 2 Touchpad in Windows 10 not quite working except two finger tap nbsp two finger click works just fine nbsp Ive got the v May synptics driver installed nbsp The config tool to Yoga 2 Touchpad in Windows 10 not quite working adjust gestures works and most of its settings are behaving properly Just two finger tap is failing nbsp Any thoughts nbsp nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Yoga 2 Touchpad in Windows 10 not quite working

Thoughts? Yes! Why did you change that Microsoft? Three fingers "back" is not working any more, instead it's "show tasks". Which I never used before. I cannot change it in the touchpad settings. Again: WHY?
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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my Acer Aspire 7750G-6645 Notebook computer.  Everything seems to work fine except that the touchpad scrolling doesn't work. The touchpad for this notebook isn't 2 finger it's a up & down band on the rightside of the touchpad that you gently slide your finger over it up or down to scroll.  If it's a Driver issue which driver do I needto install because I don't see a Windows 10 driver for the 7750G LAPTOP I have. How do I go about fixing the scroll issue? I'm pretty much just a novice when it comes to dealing with computers so please to sure to type it out step by step. Thx If you need any other of my computer specs let me know.

A:Scroll not working on Touchpad [Windows 10]

I Have an Acer Aspire V5-122P that I have just upgraded to Windows 10.The mouse pointer disappears once I enter my password at login; I have to connect an external mouse to continue.Can you sort this please?
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Laptop: Toshiba Satellite C655D-S5518
OS: Windows 8 Pro (clean install)

I recently purchased and updated to Windows 8 Pro. The touchpad works just fine but noticed gestures are not working. I did a Windows update, gestures still do not work. Weird how it's providing an older driver but I still tried it.

I then went to Synaptics website and downloaded and installed the lastest Windows 8 driver. I'm still not getting any gestures.

Under mouse settings in the control panel, my only options to configure buttons are left/right. No gesture settings. Other screenshots of this window I have seen have all kinds of gesture options.

Anyone have any suggestions to get gestures working for my laptop? Simple scrolling gesture would be nice!

If any other info is needed that I didn't already explain, please ask. Thanks!


A:Windows 8 touchpad gestures are not working. Tried everything I could think of!
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Hey, after several hours of searching today for a solution for my non-working touchpad after the update to W10 some weeks ago, going through this whole forum, installing and uninstalling all kinds of drivers etc. I found a solution in another forum: All I had to do was pressing Fn - F7 on my Acer Nitro to enable the touchpad... Somehow the Windows 10 update seems to disable it since I never disabled/endabled it before - it never occured to me that this switch would somehow overrule all other settings etc. So before you go into a driver frenzy, try this one first... :-) Cheers, Tom

A:Solution for Windows 10 touchpad not working

My Iconia W510 showed similar problems. The touchpad worked under Win 10 for almost a week before it stopped responding. I did try Fn+F7 but to no avail. Drivers nor hardware could not be found in device manager, thus not reinstalled either. Win 10's system restore function did the trick for me.
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I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on my Acer Aspire 7750G-6645 Notebook computer.  Everything seems to work fine except that the touchpad scrolling doesn't work. The touchpad for this notebook isn't 2 finger it's a up & down band on the rightside of the touchpad that you gently slide your finger over it up or down to scroll.  If it's a Driver issue which driver do I needto install because I don't see a Windows 10 driver for the 7750G LAPTOP I have. How do I go about fixing the scroll issue? I'm pretty much just a novice when it comes to dealing with computers so please to sure to type it out step by step. Thx If you need any other of my computer specs let me know.

A:Scroll not working on Touchpad [Windows 10]

I Have an Acer Aspire V5-122P that I have just upgraded to Windows 10.The mouse pointer disappears once I enter my password at login; I have to connect an external mouse to continue.Can you sort this please?
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Since upgrading my HP laptop to Windows my touchpad has completely stopped working I currently use a USB mouse but this isnt a solution nbsp nbsp First of all when I unplug my USB mouse the pointer disappears completely If I go into device manager in the 'mouse and other poiinting devices' section there doesnt seem to be an option for a touchpad nbsp I have installed the most up to date drivers for the touch pad off your website countless times I have tried reinstalling Windows times and nothing has changed nbsp I have had an on going conversation with Windows support for about months and nothing has been resolved I am incredibly disappointed with both HP and Windows for the lack of support and solutions to an update which was supposed to impove my computer experience nbsp Here is the link to my conversation with Windows regarding this matter I'm attaching it for reference so you can read it and perhaps suggest alternative options which haven't already been suggested to me nbsp http answers microsoft com en-us windows forum Touchpad working update windows 10 after not windows -hardware trackpad-no-longer-working-does nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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S7-392I installed the upgrade to the Synaptics driver to no avail.FnT and Alt.7 don't work.Any ideas?

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A:touchpad stopped working after windows 10

Following a thread from earlier Microsoft forums, this worked for me yesterday to restore trackpad function. Go to the Acer driver page for your computer. Download the intel IO chipset drivers for Windows 8.1. Run the setup for the driver in "compatability mode" and install. You will need to restart the computer. The computer will then recognize the trackpad as a valid device. Then download and install the Synaptics (or Elan) driver for Win 10 from the Acer support page and restart. If the trackpad is not immediatley active on the restart, hit Function F7. At least this fixed it for me.

View solution in original post
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E1- 572G "Elan touchpad not working in Windows 10 " I want driver Elan touchpad for Windows 10

A:E1- 572G "Elan touchpad not working in Windows 10 ...

Hi Thak,
The driver is included in Windows and therefore has not been validated for release on our website. I might suggest uninstalling and letting Windows pick it up and performing all of the update.
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Greetings nbsp Windows installed on my wife's laptop automatically when she told me I not 10... working Touchpad DV6-1360us HP Windows after Pavilion didn't believe nbsp it but after doing some research it's happening to alot of people nbsp nbsp The first thing I noticed was the touchpad didn't work I could move the pointer around but that was it nbsp nbsp After much research nbsp I schooled up on windows and this issue and quickly learned nbsp that alot of people seem to have this same problem nbsp I'm not going to HP Pavilion DV6-1360us Touchpad not working after Windows 10... bother you HP Pavilion DV6-1360us Touchpad not working after Windows 10... with everything I did to get the tap feature to work that's easy business the scroll feature is the tough bit nbsp Listen HP Pavilion DV6-1360us Touchpad not working after Windows 10... up HP I went to the Lenovo website downloaded and intalled their driver onto your machine and it works with Windows nbsp You cats should be embarrased nbsp nbsp Yes this fixed the scroll issue nbsp nbsp Will Windows change it the next time it updates Probably but nbsp how about yall get off your rear ends and support nbsp your customers and provide nbsp us a nbsp driver fix nbsp for this nbsp Lenovo figured it out why can't yall nbsp nbsp nbsp Here's the link to the driver http support lenovo com bd en downloads ds nbsp The driver nbsp V If your touchpad isn't working at all connect a mouse up and keep it moving nbsp You need to go into device manager and intall from there nbsp nbsp Download the file whereever you want it to live create an empty folder next extract the downloaded files contents into the new folder you created nbsp nbsp You will need to open the new folder open the WinDVF folder then open the x folder nbsp nbsp You will need to copy this path nbsp nbsp nbsp Next go to device manager click on mice and other device tab on the tree nbsp You should see PS Touchpad device or similar click on that click on the driver tab next click on update driver select browse my computer for driver software nbsp The screen that opens up paste the path I mentioned above and click next nbsp Easy business after that the driver will install and you'll have to restart your computer nbsp Seriously HP nbsp yall have alot of folks out there with Windows and laptops that aren't fully functional because you haven't done anything to fix this nbsp nbsp nbsp Bad Business nbsp nbsp nbsp
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Hello,I have a HP Envy laptop and my laptop's touchpad scrolling gestures are not working since I updated my windows operating system from windows 8.1 to windows 10. Please help me out!

A:Touchpad scroll gestures not working in windows 10

Enter the control panel and look for the touchpad control panel. In my HP Omen 15 product loan it was a Synaptics application. I found that upgrading to Windows 10 appeared to have removed the tick mark to the right of the scrolling feature. It was working before I upgraded. I put the tick back in and scrolling started working again.
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I have an Acer V17 Nitro and the Touchpad worked fine with Windows 7 but with Windows 10 it doesn't work.  In device manager under "mouse and other pointing devices" I see two "HID-compliant" mice but no touchpad.  I've tried the latest drivers from Acer but they don't help.  What can I try?


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A:Touchpad not working on Acer V 17 Nitro on Windows...

Isn't there a keypress that enables/disables the touchpad? You might give a toggle a try...
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I've recently reinstalled windowsn10 in my laptop and found that touchpad gestures aren't working and when i tried to open the mouse settings it shows that  "unable to connect to synaptics pointing devise driver. If you have installed another PS/2 driver please unimstall synaptics"I haven't installed anything i've just reinstalled the windows...SOLUTION?

A:reinstalled windows 10 and touchpad gestures not working

The re-install has caused a hiccup. Just  reinstall the synaptics driver. Download the correct version for your laptop here:
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I bought a Sony Vaio VGN-CS17 laptop with windos vista. Later i changed to windows but now my mouse touchpad scroll is not working. There is a multimedia touchpad as well and that is also not working.

I tried to do the settings through control panel but could not find anything.

Are there any extra drivers need to be installed? Please help.
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I have a Lenovo Edge one of the Flex Series that has been working great for the past months nbsp I usually use the mouse and turn of the touchpad so I don't accidentally move the cursor while typing nbsp On this machine the F key enables disables the touchpad NORMALLY nbsp a nbsp notification comes up briefly on the screen when F is pressed either a diagram of the touchpad or a diagram with a diagonal line across the touchpad there is a live icon in the lower right hand tray of the display that indicates when the touchpad is disabled PROBLEM nbsp Yesterday evening an automatic Windows update occured and the touchpad could no longer be disabled the notification came up but ... not latest Windows Hotkey after working Touchpad the touchpad worked even when the notifcation indicated that it should be disabled also the live icon was gone nbsp TEMPORARY FIX I uninstalled the Windows update and resinstalled the Synaptics driver for the touchpad from the Lenovo website and everything is back to normal nbsp I have prevented automatic updates by making my internet connection metered but I work in many places and use different networks and don't want to have to keep all of them metered MY QUESTION nbsp Any ideas what this update is doing to mess up my touchpad and how to fix it I would like to allow the updates
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Hi, I've got a friend's Packard Bell EasyNote Model MV35-V-007 laptop and I just want to copy her files before doing a clean XP install. The problem is NEITHER KEYBOARD NOR TOUCHPAD WORKS, so I cannot do anything with the computer!

I've tried plugging an USB keyboard/mouse, didn't work. I've tried using Windows XP install cd-rom, but after "checking for boot files on cd-rom drive" I'm prompted to "press any key to boot from cd" - I CAN'T!!!

Pls help!!! It's driving me mad!

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Dear All, Updated to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (1607, 14393.187) from scratch 2 days ago. Gestures (Scroll, zoom etc.) in Apps (Edge, Word etc.) are no longer operational. Checked the HP, MS and Synaptics website, downloaded drivers from HP and Synaptics but gestures are still NA (Not Available) Checked properties for the driver and tried to downgrade to last release without any success. Since the touchpad is the pimary interface for scrolling and zoom, any chance this will be fixed shortly? Thanks
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For the past few months, the right touchpad button does not work with the Windows 10 drivers. Windows 8.1 drivers worked fine. If I switch mouse settings to left handed, then the buttons work fine, but obviously this is awkward to get used to. I have rollbacked the driver to a very old edition and it worked fine, however then I had no synaptics touchpad settings so the touchpad settings could not be altered. is the synaptics version

touchpad works fine on other user accounts

A:Acer Aspire V3 - Windows 10 - Touchpad not working with new driver

Aspire E15 - Touchpad not working at all

The touchpad on my e15 does not work at all, but after searching for forums, they said its the BIOS problem, so i updated my bios via acer support page, it works fine now, hope this help..
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Hello. I upgraded my laptop Toshiba satellite S50D B100 to Windows 10. And everything is perfect the only problem I've had since I updated the touchpad is not working at all or to the left or right click. My ELAN touchpad is smart pad version. I searched all over the internet and can not find a solution valid. From what I understand the problem is to update this driver. I went to the ELAN own page and can not find the update, but it says I have to go to the computer manufacturer. I went to the page and neither toshiba meeting and nose to do this and the truth esque driving me crazy because I can not use my laptop and I need it urgently. I appreciate a prompt solution. Thank you.

A:Satellite S50D-B - TouchPad is not working after update to Windows 10


after two full days looking for a solution to this problem validates I found in a Microsoft forum page to download the driver and achieve ELAN touchpad solve the problem or I think because so far not returned to give me problems.

What I did was this link between this locate the driver called ELAN touchpad was published on 07.08.2015. After my toshiba I went to settings, devices, mouse and touchpad, extra mouse options, Hardware, properties, General, change settings, controller and revert to the previous driver, restart the PC and then install the driver to download toshiba page back to restart the PC.

But I discovered that the update had launched ELAN Microsfot not go away so I went back to reverse the upgrade I had done with the downloaded driver, restart and install Microsoft had released early and then went back to restart the PC.

At the end the whole process I did not need to reinstall the driver unloaded and everything works perfectly so far.

I hope you like because I really suffered much to find an effective solution and that I did not lose the functions of the touchpad.

A greeting.
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On windows 7 the touchad isn't working properly meaning that I can't scroll on pages by sliding my finger at the edges of the touchpad. It worked perfectly witn Vista and now it's not. I have 64bit version.

I searched for new drivers but there aren't any. How should I resolve this?


A:Portege M800 - Touchpad not working properly on Windows 7

What Model do you have exactly?

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Just bought a Satellite S50D-B last week. Comfortable with technology. Updated to Windows 10 (3rd machine I have done this on). New laptop is the only one giving problems. Tried enabling in the Settings - seems Win 10 auto disables the device which is strange. Indeed this (kinda) works except for the left and right buttons. Tried reinstalling Elan software but no change. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

There can be only One Highlander (1Timothy 2:5)

A:Satellite S50D-B - TouchPad is not working after update to Windows 10

I have the same problem - I updated a brand new Toshiba Satellite S50D-B-100 to Windows 10 and the cursor has disappeared all together. I connected a USB mouse and re-enabled the touchpad in Control Panel's mouse/touchpad settings but I am still unable to see the cursor, or have any functionality at all from the touchpad. Uninstalling and re-installing and re-starting does nothing... now the laptop is tethered with a USB mouse = please help !
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Hello I recently received an update to my ASUS Vivobook laptop which was running windows quite flawlessly I might add After the update my USB Not ASUS Windows update Working 10 Touchpad after and Ports touch pad stopped accepting multi-touch and my USB ports stopped recognizing any devices including my mouse It would not even give a quot device not recognized quot notification It just is not detecting the devices I first tried to fix my touch-pad by unistalling the ASUS USB Ports and Touchpad Not Working after Windows 10 update SmartGesture ASUS USB Ports and Touchpad Not Working after Windows 10 update driver and reinstalling Nothing changed The touchpad only accepts one ASUS USB Ports and Touchpad Not Working after Windows 10 update finger operations so it does not allow for two finger scrolling etc I read a post that said you don't need SmartGesture because Win comes with its own drivers to allow the touch-pad to do those multi-touch things but its still not working I tried to fix the USB ports by first changing the power management to not turn off the ports in power saving mode Didn't work Then I tried reinstalling the drivers using the Device Manager Didn't work Then I tried to uninstall all the USB drivers within Device Manager and restart my laptop and let it reinstall itself Didn't work The ports are not faulty because they were all working before the update and I know that my mouse is working and that all the cords and flash drives I plug in are working because I tested them on another PC I need help

A:ASUS USB Ports and Touchpad Not Working after Windows 10 update

Hi, in one sense you're fortunate to at least have had a good Win 10 experience ...until...

Obvious question - what happens if you uninstall the Windows update?

And do you have any system restore points that might be useful?
Or a Win 10 System Image?
Or disk images?
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Apart from older features those are also applicable for previous Windows versions some extra feature for the touch pad exists in Windows However in this 7 Touchpad in Windows Tips your Laptop's for tutorial all the features which can be used for more personalization and for ease of use Tips for your Laptop's Touchpad in Windows 7 are being discussed Majority of the touchpads are manufactured ALPS Tips for your Laptop's Touchpad in Windows 7 Electric Company Ltd ALPS is the OEM supplier of major market leaders in Laptop computer such as HP Compaq Lenovo Dell etc However ALPS does not support directly to the end users by providing the firmware or software So we have to upgrade the program manually by visiting drivers download page of our Laptop manufacturer or update automatically by automatic update software Such as HP Total Care A typical touchpad of today s laptop looks like this ALPS touchpad The two buttons left click and right click buttons are generally placed in the lower portion making it ergonomically difficult to use However we will learn the techniques using them we don t have to use these buttons at all Now about the settings Nearly all laptop except Dell s few models use this software interface which allows users to do practically many things through single touch interface Dell s those high end models supports two finger touch interface Despite having the same hardware we can not use Dell s software to use that feature tested by author in HP Compaq and Lenovo Laptops for educational purpose Nothing to worry about we will tweak the touch pad in a way that it becomes easy to use Click the touchpad looking icon right top in the screen shot this will bring this program Nothing to change in the above screen shot Buttons Click pointer option and make it fast as you like Now click Gestures Assign the left corner from the drop down menu as Shortcut Menu Click Apply Now tapping that area of touchpad will work as right click button To test tap the area while the pointer is on any empty place of desktop you may find some difficulty in the beginning but gradually your hand will set well For more advanced settings click setting You can set the speed as well here Now about a different thing tell me how you evoke the stack in the taskbar Right click over it right I am showing you other two ways As we just learned just move the cursor over any running program and gently tap over the right top corner it will work as right click and provoke the stack Another geeky way is to hold the left click button while the mouse cusor is over the running program in taskbar and gently pull it upwards it will provoke the stack The way the animation appears is a bit different from right clicking because a specific set of dll and associated CSS scripts works for it It was developed for specific HP tablet PCs but any how the dll has not been removed Other things you can try Opera browser supports gestures You can assign drawing a half circle for page reload for example I think you will be more happy now with your touchpad after reading this article Read more http thecustomizewindows com ixzz JfDYLjQB Under Creative Commons License Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives Original source The Customize Windows

A:Tips for your Laptop's Touchpad in Windows 7

Very well done. I can even follow it.
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Okay, I'll keep this short. I know how to disable the touchpad clicker thing, so that it's only being used to move around. What I don't know is why it continues every so often to re-enable itself so that I must go through the whole process all over again.
Is there a way to disable this function completely?!

The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite.

A:Windows 7 laptop touchpad needs to be disabled

You should be able to disable the touchpad in the bios but that will most likely disable the pad and the buttons but it should be permanent.

I looked at several threads for the same problem but there were no answers.
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Anyone know how to change the touchpad settings so that it is inactive when a usb mouse is used with Windows 7? . . I loaded the Dell Alps driver, but cannot find how to change the mouse settings . .

A:[SOLVED] laptop touchpad with windows 7

Some of 'em have a button that controls it (spent 3 hours trying to fix one until I found the button!) - others have a software switch.

Mostly depends on the model that you're using - they tend to change these things from model to model.

I have found references on the web that claim that this isn't possible tho'
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I was recently playing a game the touchpad has been having no issues before this but during the game the touchpad randomly stopped working I restarted my computer and it hasn t worked since I ve attempted to install the Alps multi-touchpad drivers it isn t meant for M but it is meant for windows but none of my attempts at installing have been successful it seems Pretty much every time I install it it says the installation has failed and doesn t give me a reason I ve also attempted to install the synaptics drivers Is meant for the M isn t meant for windows that initially came on the computer this successfully installed but didn t succeed in making my touchpad work I would attempt to auto install the drivers but when I go to the device manager my touchpad no longer shows up in any of the options The computer does however work with a mouse but Dell - Windows working longer No M6500 Precision 10 Touchpad I d prefer to have the trackpad working Dell precision M Windows originally Windows Nvidia Quadro FX M up to date Intel Core i CPU M GHz Gb Ram -bit

A:Dell Precision M6500 Touchpad No longer working - Windows 10

Hi DART737,
If the system was working fine earlier, then perform a system restore to restore the machine to an earlier point where it was working fine - 
Update the BIOS if possible - restart the system and check in device manager under mouse and pointing devices or check for any unknown devices.
Reset the BIOS defaults and check again - press f2 on startup.
Restart the system and press f12 key on startup - choose diagnostics. Let it run the diags and if you encounter any errors - make a note of the complete error and report the same to us.These are onboard diagnostics and they might possible pick some error if the hardware is not functional.
Restart and check in Safe mode - press f8 on startup.
If nothing works, try reseating the touchpad / palmrest cable and check - download the service manual here -
Lastly, your system model is not compatible to work with Win 10 - see this link - Although the system might work with Win10, you might not find drivers available for win 10. The system might not be completely functional or stable, such as it might the issue you have encountered now.
Also, please click my DELL-username and write me a private conversation with the service tag and your contact details(Name and Email) for case records.
Let us know if you have any other queries.
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Hi everyone,
So on August 2nd I updated my Dell XPS 13 (9333) to Windows 10 Pro, and despite a few glitches from the OS, everything worked as expected, especifically the 3-finger swipe up to show Task View and down to show the Desktop, as well as (finally) being able to scroll windows out of focus just by hovering over by enabling the option in Settings.
However, yesterday I realized that is no longer the case. The 3-finger swipe brings up Cortana/Search and down opens up the Settings app. Moreover, scrolling w/o focus stopped working too!
I'm running the latest Dell Touchpad driver (v. and I have Multi-Finger gestures enabled in the options. Checking the Windows Update history, besides the Windows Defender updates, I see the following: KB3074678, KB3074686, and a Failed Synaptics Update for Dell Touchpad (around the day it stopped working as it should).
Anyone experiencing a similar problem? Suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
-- Pol

A:Windows 10 touchpad gestures no longer working as expected (XPS 13 9333)

Nevermind, I got it to work after uninstalling Dell Touchpad, and then installing the same version from the Dell website. However, the "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them" setting doesn't work with the touchpad, but it does work with a mouse (generic drivers). Any idea on why is that?
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Hello "Toshiba"

After the update for Windows 10 I have a problem with the touch pad does not work and became come boiling Forum and found out that the solution is to uninstall "ELAN Input Device" from "Device Manager", finally worked the touchpad but alas multi touch properties like: "zoom/minimise scrolling gestures and two-fingered" no longer work

Please help me solve this problem Toshiba company

A:Satellite S50T-B950 - touchpad is not working after Windows 10 Update


I can't give you the perfect answer.
Howver, I can share my road to success:

In Win 8.1 - uninstall the ELAN package. The touchpad will continue to work, at least basic pointer-move and click.
Upgrade to Win10
In Win 10, reinstall the Win 8.1 ELAN driver.

That worked for me.

BR Tom
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I recently updatet my Laptop (Z930-12m) to windows 10, everything is working fine so far, except the Touchpad (Synaptics).
I can't scroll any more and also the momentum setting I used before seems not to be working any longer.

So I ask myself are there any updates for the drivers planed for this? Or can I get them anywhere else?

A:Portege Z930-12M - Touchpad is not working properly after Windows 10 update

The scrolling on the touchpad works now, I just did not adjust the settings properly.
But the momentum still does not work.
Anyhow, I found a view drivers for my laptop
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Hi I have a CZ- laptop from iBuyPower subbrand of MSI I hear running Windows x SP The touchpad (code and and Laptop not code keyboard 24) 19 working keyboard and touchpad both stopped working after I cleaned my registry with CCleaner and defragmented the OS partition of the HDD with Defraggler The defragmentation process has not been interrupted The ELanTech Touchpad The touchpad icons have not been loading in the task bar tray at startup Neither could I manually start the applications associated with the touchpad from my Program Files on Drive C Here is what I have tried without results Switch on the touchpad with the designated laptop function key combination Fn F Restore the system to an earlier point Uninstall the device from device manager restart and let Win install the right drivers and what not Install various drivers including manufacturer recommended As of now the touchpad is hidden in the Laptop keyboard and touchpad not working (code 19 and code 24) device manager and is marked with an exclamation sign Under properties I see This device is not present is not working properly or does not have all its drivers installed Code I am using a USB mouse as I write this The Laptop Keyboard The keyboard stopped working at the same time as the touchpad after registry cleaning and defragmentation Most of the time I was able to use a USB Keyboard to be able to try to fix the problem A few times however even the USB keyboard would not work I noticed that when I uninstalled the ElanTech Drivers for my touchpad I saw the yellow sign with an exclamation mark for keyboards in the device manager Under properties I could see the error Code Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged I have read that some recommend manipulations with the registry I tried to remove the Upper Filters for both the mouse and keyboard I had no idea what I was doing and my usb devices also stopped working I was able to reboot to the last good version and reclaim some degree of control over my machine Noteworthy The laptop keyboard works fine in BIOS I have spent quite some time researching this but none of the things I came across helped me fix the described issues Yet

A:Laptop keyboard and touchpad not working (code 19 and code 24)

I would recommend performing a repair installation of the operating system, since you used the registry cleaning portion of CCleaner.In addition to Broni's link Bleeping Computer DOES NOT recommend the use of registry cleaners/optimizers for several reasons:Registry cleaners are extremely powerful applications that can damage the registry by using aggressive cleaning routines and cause your computer to become unbootable.The Windows registry is a central repository (database) for storing configuration data, user settings and machine-dependent settings, and options for the operating system. It contains information and settings for all hardware, software, users, and preferences. Whenever a user makes changes to settings, file associations, system policies, or installed software, the changes are reflected and stored in this repository. The registry is a crucial component because it is where Windows "remembers" all this information, how it works together, how Windows boots the system and what files it uses when it does. The registry is also a vulnerable subsystem, in that relatively small changes done incorrectly can render the system inoperable. For a more detailed explanation, read Understanding The Registry.Not all registry cleaners are created equal. There are a number of them available but they do not all work entirely the same way. Each vendor uses different criteria as to what constitutes a "bad entry". One cleaner may find entries on your system that will not cause problems when removed, another may not find the same entries, and still another may want to remove entries required for a program to work.Not all registry cleaners create a backup of the registry before making changes. If the changes prevent the system from booting up, then there is no backup available to restore it in order to regain functionality. A backup of the registry is essential BEFORE making any changes to the registry.Improperly removing registry entries can hamper malware disinfection and make the removal process more difficult if your computer becomes infected. For example, removing malware related registry entries before the infection is properly identified can contribute to system instability and even make the malware undetectable to removal tools.The usefulness of cleaning the registry is highly overrated and can be dangerous. In most cases, using a cleaner to remove obsolete, invalid, and erroneous entries does not affect system performance but it can result in "unpredictable results".Unless you have a particular problem that requires a registry edit to correct it, I would suggest you leave the registry alone. Using registry cleaning tools unnecessarily or incorrectly could lead to disastrous effects on your operating system such as preventing it from ever starting again. For routine use, the benefits to your computer are negligible while the potential risks are great.Ed Bott's Webog: Why I dont use registry cleanersDo I need a Registry Cleaner?
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Could someone let me know how to eliminate the "tap" feature on my laptop's (Dell Inspiron 1150) touchpad? I was once able to remove it, but I reinstalled XP and drivers. Now, I can't find in Control Panel's "mouse" or in Device Manager or elsewhere the controlling features that allowed me before to remove the "tap", which I find too sensitive.

There must be a driver for it that I need to download in order to control the touchpad features.

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I have a Dell Vostro 3546  Service Tag:<ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed per privacy policy>| Express Service Code:<ADMIN NOTE: Express service code removed per privacy policy>laptop, yesterday i upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. after completing all the steps i found that the touchpad isnt working. its was working with the previous version. please help. Vostro 3546
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I don t know for sure the the Win update killed the track-pad but about a week or so ago after I let it run I ve lost the track-pad function completely and the keyboard is erratic If I accidentally hit the Caps Lock key the keyboard stops responding I discovered if I open the keyboard control panel and Windows update keyboard HP killed laptop touchpad, just change a parameter like how fast the cursor blinks and APPLY then I get the keyboard back without rebooting I downloaded the track-pad driver says it s the same as installed but the system no longer recognizes it s there in the control panel This is an HP G series laptop running Win Home I m downloading TSG to add that info but searching I see many people have had similar problems like this with no solution on various brands of laptops and Windows Anyone suggest a reason for this And how to fix it without reinstalling Windows from scratch nbsp

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I installed Windows 10 on my Daughters Gateway NV55C laptop and now the Elan touchpad won't work. I uninstalled the old driver and went to Gateways website and installed the new driver and it's still not working. The touchpad doesn't even show up when I click on the Elan tab in settings. I'm getting quite frustrated and any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Installed Windows 10 on Gateway Laptop now Touchpad won't work

Do you have a mouse plugged in? Some Notebooks automatically disable the touchpad when using an external mouse. Most Notebooks have a procedure for turning it off, sometimes a switch but most use the Fn key plus another Fx key to toggle it On or Off, these usually occur before the Operating System loads. What I do in such a circumstance is boot to a diagnostic CD disc or Linux LiveDVD to see what works.
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This is pretty much the basis of my problem and it happens in that order always. I got a new HP Probook 4530s less than a year ago and have barely used it because of this annoying problem. I'll be on the web doing my thing and just using the arrow keys to scroll up and down a page. After some time, the arrow keys will just stop working so then I'll go to the scroll bar. Next my touchpad will start highlighting everything no matter where I tap and then any links I click will open up in a new window. I've even attached a USB mouse and get the same results with the highlighting and new windows. The browser I typically use is Firefox. I loathe Internet Explorer.
I just can't seem to figure out why it's doing this. It updates itself almost every boot and is fine otherwise.
Any ideas?

A:Arrow Keys Stop Working, Touchpad Highlights and Constantly Opens New Windows?

Have you contacted HP about the problem?
If so...what did they say?
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So Windows has successfully installed itself issues Asus laptop on Windows upgrade Elan and 10 Touchpad on most of our home computers and laptops with the exception of my ASUS K JT laptop I had similar issues when it was running Windows and but it was fixable under those Windows 10 upgrade and Elan Touchpad issues on Asus laptop operating systems The problem is with the Elan touchpad Apparently Elan touchpads are Windows 10 upgrade and Elan Touchpad issues on Asus laptop not compatible with any operating systems above Windows on ASUS computers ASUS fixed this problem by creating a program called ASUS Smart Windows 10 upgrade and Elan Touchpad issues on Asus laptop Gesture which gives you back control of whether you d like tapping and gestures turned on or off The previous versions of ASUS Smart Gesture are not compatible with Windows however because there are no Windows style charms to pop out depending on how you ve programmed it A Windows version of ASUS Smart Gesture has been released but it won t install Instead it gets almost done with the installation then pops up an error that states quot There is a problem with this Windows Installer package A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected Contact your support personnel or package vendor quot The installation then uninstalls itself and an Installation Incomplete window pops up that says quot The installer was interrupted before ASUS Smart Gesture could be installed You need to restart the installer and try again quot Restarting the installer does not fix the problem At the time of this writing there are two versions of the program available SmartGesture WIN VER and SmartGesture Win VER Both copies have the exact same errors and are downloadable direct from the ASUS website I tried installing the Windows version of the program and it installed successfully but failed to actually adjust the settings of the touchpad under Windows so that was promptly uninstalled If there s any way to fix this one I d be very happy to stick with Windows otherwise I ll have to roll back to my previous OS of Windows It was on and at one stage but due to other compatibility problems it was impossible to adjust the screen brightness so I rolled back to and yes the brightness issue is back with but I m willing to overlook that problem Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Home bit Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD M Series Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASUSTeK Computer Inc K JT Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled Why it s reporting Antivirus as disabled I know not It s quite definitely enabled maybe the system info utility needs upgrading for Windows as well nbsp
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Hi, I have read some of the other threads hoping a previously posted solution would work for me. I did find the post where fmapp.exe was the culprit but I do not have that program.

My keyboard is erratic. The touchpad seems to highlight and delete stuff at will and the cursor moves around, too. I just ran CCleaner and Malwarebytes and have 360 Total Security, which is also up to date.

Thanks very much for suggestions and assistance.
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Hi, I have read some of the other threads hoping a previously posted solution would work for me. I did find the post where fmapp.exe was the culprit but I do not have that program.

My keyboard is erratic. The touchpad seems to highlight and delete stuff at will and the cursor moves around, too. I just ran CCleaner and Malwarebytes and have 360 Total Security, which is also up to date.

Thanks very much for suggestions and assistance.
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So now that I have gotten the Windows 10 3-finger grestures to work on my Dell XPS 13 9333 (2014), it looks like one of the most useful features finally introduced in Windows 10 --the ability to scroll windows out of focus without having to click them first-- is not working with my touchpad, even though the option is clearly enabled in the Settings app.
Hower, it does work just right with a wireless Logitech mouse, in the exact same situation where the trackpad fails to work. Even more weird is that I have gotten it to work with the touchpad if the window in focus is one of the Modern/Metro apps, but it is just impossible to get it working with "normal" software.
I am running the latest version of the Synaptics Dell Touchpad driver (v., just installed from the Dell's website after uninstalling the previous version.
Anyone experiencing the same issue? Suggestions?
Thanks in advance,
-- Pol

A:Windows 10 "Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them" not working on Dell XPS 13 9333 touchpad

I have the same problem. Didn't find the solution anywhere on the Internet, nothing seems to work...
my laptop is Dell Inspiron 3542
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Hi all I just got this Dell Inspiron laptop about wks ago i - U GB RAM Windows I did not go for the pre-installed McAfee trial I installed Kaspersky Internet Security It has been several days now that I get a Windows notification saying that Kaspersky firewall nbsp and Windows firewall are disabled I tried turning on Windows firewall but the option remains grayed out When I open Kaspersky it shows that my computer is protected and no mention of anything being disabled I completely removed Kaspersky from the disable and disabled, stopped Intel can't Internet working Windows recovered, graphics HD Firewall Security Kaspersky and touchpad system and only then I was able to turn on Windows firewall Now I am relying on Windows firewall and Windows defender Another thing that has been happening almost daily is nbsp this notification saying that Intel HD Graphics had stopped working and has recovered Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows Firewall disabled, Intel HD graphics stopped working and recovered, can't disable touchpad I don t think I want to reinstall Kaspersky At Best Buy they told me that they use Bitdefender I am leaning towards that but since I have no idea what is going on I just wanna wait a while I hear a lot of complaints about Windows Personally I use Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows Firewall disabled, Intel HD graphics stopped working and recovered, can't disable touchpad Internet Explorer instead of Edge I find it too slow On a previous laptop not Dell I was using Firefox and it worked fine until I took the nbsp bait and installed Windows Since then Firefox crashes upon first run I did not install it on the Inspiron because I didn t want to take a chance I was told at the store that GB of RAM is enough for a home user I don t play any video games Only surf and use Microsoft Office Yeah even with Office apps I have an issue I only use Word and Excel When I press Save the computer becomes a dinosaur that s how slow it is Here I am thinking the guy who sold me this thing was not even a computer grad but a police foundations one Bottom line I don t rely on quot expert quot in-store advice no more because salesmen don t know the product they just want to sell you anything the more expensive the better So any ideas on these issues The Kaspersky firewall and Windows firewall being disabled Who is doing this Could it be incompatibility with OS I mean Windows hates all third party anti-viruses What about the Intel HD Graphics stopped working and has recovered Is that something I should worry about What can I do about it Why is Firefox on first run saying it has stopped working Is this how great Windows is thanks

A:Kaspersky Internet Security and Windows Firewall disabled, Intel HD graphics stopped working and recovered, can't disable touchpad

Hi A6RO81, and welcome to the forum.
As I recently purchased a Dell laptop, maybe I can help you. As you discovered, all Dells come with a pre-installed AV. The most important thing to do, if you did not want McAfee, was to not activate it, and delete it via your control panel. For extra assurance, you can run the uninstall tool (mcpr) from McAfee, which is available here, to completely eliminate
Computers do not like duelling AVs, which compete to eliminate threats. This degrades system performance. Kaspersky is a top-notch AV, but if you find it lacking, again you will want to run its uninstall tool, free to download from here:

When you completely uninstall all traces of McAfee and of Kaspersky, your Windows firewall and Windows Defender AV should be working. If not, let us know.
I can't answer all your questions. Suffice it to say that the native Windows 10 firewall, and the Windows Defender AV provide fairly good protection. You just want to be sure that all traces of other AVs have been deleted.
And yes, 8 GB of RAM should suffice for your purposes.
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Not really sure what genre this problem should be on. However i have recently purchased a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Li2727 notebook. Working fine when i got it but i decided to use a usb mouse instead of touchpad now the touchpad has stopped working entirely even when usb mouse id plugged out. i really want to resolve the problem. i have already gone onto control panal, mouse but the touchpad does not come up as a device. Any help appriciated thanks.

A:Touchpad not working, usb mouse does, touchpad never works even w/o usb mouse

Hello Tristan,

Welcome to the forums.

Been a while since I had a laptop, but I seem to remember there being a setting on what to do with the touchpad when the mouse is plugged in. Unfortunately I don't remember where and have no way of finding it.

Have you tried rebooting with the mouse unplugged?

Sorry I can't be of more help. The manual for the laptop ought to have that info in it somewhere.

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Hi, I've had a Lenovo P50 thinkpad for a few days, and initially the touchpad was working absoluely fine. But today it just randomly stopped functining all together. All the touchpad/tracker buttons/detection just doesn't respond.  I have to naivate my laptop using a mouse at the moment. I've tried re-installing the Synaptics pointing device driver but it didn't change anything - the touchpad is still unresponsive. I also noticed that when I drill into the "Mouse" properties under Control Panel, the touchpad/tracker options are disabled in the GUI, and only the touchpad is ticked (tracker is not ticked) - however, since they're disbaled I can't change anything.  I also checked my BIOS to see if the touchpad got disabled there, but it is actually enabled. Any ideas on what to do? Cheers
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HI.I have a TravelMate B115-M, and the touchpad is not working at all. In order to do anything, I had to go out and get a wireless mouse. I've tried FN-F7, but that doesn't seem to actually do anything. I even went to the drivers page and tried downloading there but still nothing. When I look under control panel or dvice manager I dont see anything there for a touchpad either. I could really use some help here. Oh, yeah, and I'm using Windows 10 if that helps.Thanks in advance.

A:Touchpad not working

Since it doesn't work at all, go to Control panel, Programs and Features and uninstall the touchpad driver there and make sure that there isn't any other driver installed for the touchpad. Then go to Device Manager and uninstall the touchpad if it still shows any driver. Then reboot and let windows install the default driver.It should do something with the default driver if it was just a driver problem.
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Hi, I am having problem with my Touchpad since 2 Months. I apply all the method but didnt working at all( install software, and also reinstall windows too) but still this problem occurs,, but working properly with Wireless mouse. Please help me on this issue. I have also valid warrenty till 2018. but currently I am using my laptop at Italy Although I buy it in London so what can I do.
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Hi all
having a bit of a mare borrowed my sisters computer, turned it on this afternoon and the touchpad wont work despite it saying its on. I have tried all the fn + f....buttons and have gone through the start page,control panel etc.... nothing seems to help any ideas would be great

A:touchpad not working!!

if you goto to
control panel
then you should see settings for the touchpad - is it disabled

often the F leys to use are FN + (F9 or F11) - should see a symbol of a touchpad
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My Alps touchpad quit working awhile back. I use a mouse, but I would still like to get it working again. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. When I try to install it the Install Wizard comes up for a second and then disappears. What's up with that? Any help appreciated.

A:Touchpad not working

It could be bad, how old is the laptop? You could get it fix, they would just replace the touchpad for you. Or just get a wireless mouse that uses USB instead.
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Thanks in advance.  Touchpad works until I enter log in pass and fully boot.  Then can only use Blue Tooth mouse.  Updated touchpad drivers but no luck turning on touchpad.  With Vista it was as simple as turning Blue Tooth off.   Computer is Alienware m15X.  Any ideas?   Forgot to mention the Fn + F12  Key turns the lights on and off the touchpad but do not allow it to work.Solved it, if I disable the HID mouse in control panel then the touchpad works again.  Not very user friendly but it is a beta.  Everything thing else is working great.  Very happy

A:Touchpad not working.

Stunka88 said:Solved it, if I disable the HID mouse in control panel then the touchpad works again.  Not very user friendly but it is a beta.  Everything thing else is working great.  Very happyGlad you got it solved.  Quoted your solution and will mark this as the answer.  ~Alex T.~Windows Desktop Experience MVP~
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Hello,I have an HP Stream 11. I upgraded to Windows 10 and have had no real issues until I decided to update the drivers (I was sent a message that drivers were out dated). I usually do not click on anything like this because it causes problems and it sure did.After the update, the touchpad no longer worked.I tried various fixes but nothing has worked.At one point, I went into Add or Remove Programs and deleted the Synaptics touchpad hoping that when I rebooted, the reboot would find the touchpad and driver and reinstall correctly. I was wrong and I believe that was a huge error on my part. Now I cannot get the driver to work that I downloaded.Is there any way I can get the touchpad to work again. I am using a mouse and that works fine but not efficient for a laptop. Thank youAlisonf1

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A:touchpad not working

There are five chipset drivers on for the Stream 11 and one is required for the touchpad to work, I think it's Intel Serial IO Driver without Connected Standby Support.  Install that and reboot and see if that fixes it and if not, install the other four.
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I have a Lenovo S41. After trying the recommendation of removing the touchpad from devices, the device did not reinstall. I went to the link provided to download Lenovo drivers, and upon installation received a message that the driver I download doesn't work with my device. Yes I downloaded a driver for the S series, and a 64-bit operating system. Please help, it's very inconvenient having no touchpad!
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A:S41 touchpad is not working

Good day and welcome to the community.
Which specific S41 model do you have? I see three on the support site: S41-75, S41-70 and S41-35.
Looking at each support page, I see the touchpad driver package, which is apparently a composite installer supporting three different touchpad models: Synaptics, Elan and Alps.
S41-75, Elan, ALPS 8.201.1611.246
S41-70, ELAN_11.4.68.3, ALPS_8.201.1611.247
S41-35, Elan, ALPS 8.201.1611.242
Does this help?
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I am using windows 10(64). My touchpad driver stopped working few days ago. By sometimes it was working perfectly and suddenly it stopped. I uninstalled and the reinstalled the driver but still its not working. Please help me
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i just installed window 7(64 bit) on my  HP Pavilion 15 Notebook Pc since that my laptop touchpad is not working. I installed the latest synaptics drivers but as it is it does not working and I go to the control panel>hardware and sound>mouse then it shows unable to connect to the synaptics pointing device driversas the following  after that when i click on "NO' and went to hardware from mouse then it does not show the mouse in the hardware i just installed external usb mouse it is just showing that not the ps2 mouse as following
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Im using HP Pavilion DV-6 1161 TX...I installed Windows 7 ultimate OEM the other day..The touchpad doesnt seem to work at all...Installed the synaptics drivers time and again...but nothing seems to work...Most of the times, the touchpad power light is always on and refuses to turn off...Im using an external mouse for the time being...If any1 could find a solution to this would be really helpful..Also the synaptics doesnt show up in the device manager...

A:Touchpad Not Working

Go to device manager (type it in on start menu search) and go to 'Mice and other pointing devices'. Double click on the 'PS2 Port Touchpad' (or something like that) and look at driver status. If there is anything interesting, please tell us.

I am note sure why installing the latest drivers doesn't help .
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My touchpad isn't working.  Uninstalled the Synaptics driver then redownloaded and installed and still not working.
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I have a problem with synaptics mouse driver, cause tounchpad is not working. My laptop is: Probook 450 G0, OS: Windows 10.Now, I installed synaptics mouse driver on hp-support website with version: Rev.A(5 May 2016).  The last time, when i uesed to Windows 8, Touchpad work very well. But when i upgrade windows 10, tounchpad have never worked. Although i installed with many version synaptics mourse driver on support.hp.comPlease, can you help me fix it?I hope you can support me soon. Thank you you much!I

A:Touchpad isn't working

Hi, Kindly update the BIOS.Heres how Cheers!

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My touchpad stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver software many time both from the HP and Synaptics web page. Went trough all troubleshoot and can not make it work. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thx