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Intel: overclocker-friendly 14nm desktop Broadwell CPUs to arrive by mid-year

Q: Intel: overclocker-friendly 14nm desktop Broadwell CPUs to arrive by mid-year

A leaked Intel roadmap tipped us off in January that desktop versions of Intel's Broadwell CPU would arrive by the middle of this year. We now know that information to be true.

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Preferred Solution: Intel: overclocker-friendly 14nm desktop Broadwell CPUs to arrive by mid-year

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Intel: overclocker-friendly 14nm desktop Broadwell CPUs to arrive by mid-year

Sounds exciting, I'll wait for that to hit the shelfs.
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Intel has launched a selection of new 5th-generation Core processors based on the company's Broadwell microarchitecture. Five of these new CPUs are designed for performance mobile and IoT devices, while two are socketed desktop CPUs for Intel's LGA 1150 platform,...

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A:Intel launches new Broadwell CPUs for performance mobile, socketed desktop

The full list of socketed desktop and performance mobile Broadwell CPUs can be found below.Click to expand...

the two pictures link to only R series (socketed/1364, BGA/soldered to motherboard) and mobile/IOT processors. C series (unlocked, socketed/1150) are not shown in the two pictures but are listed in the article.
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It has been rumored that there will only be a short gap between the launch of Intel's socketed Broadwell and Skylake CPUs for desktop systems, and as such, the company will only launch two LGA 1150 Broadwell-based CPUs onto the...

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A:Intel reportedly releasing just two socketed Broadwell CPUs

It often makes you wonder why push Broadwell now, when Haswell has a lot of traction and it's a few months to Skylake. They also included some BGA in the mix for other devices, but pushing a desktop chip seems a bit odd. Given the few months in between them and people unlikely, to drop Haswell unless for lower power systems.

All in all it's negligible power savings, we'd need to obviously see how the integrated graphics fair. It might be a solution for some people, but obviously not everyone is going to see it as a huge importance. It's kinda amusing to me because, I'm looking to replace my mobo / CPU right now. I'd likely sit and wait for Skylake, simply because I'd only be wanting to buy one upgrade. Upgrading is a low priority right now anyways, so there's less inclination to spend right away.
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Intel's annual developer conference / mini trade show kicked off earlier today in San Francisco. Among the topics of discussion during the keynote was 3D XPoint, the new memory technology that Intel announced late last month.

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A:SSDs based on Intel's 3D XPoint technology will arrive next year under the 'Optane' brand

I swear that Intel and a handful of other tech companies use the same 12 year old kid to name their new products and technologies. What's next the Hexa-cuda or the Barra-Hexa-tane?
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OK, some more information:

The current installation on the Lenovo T400 (Intel 330 SSD ACHI) was done using the "double install" method using Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack Upgrade. It appears the current installation would allow me to use the Sysprep method (I didn't receive an error message when running sysprep.exe), but my concern is that when I boot up the Intel 330 SSD in my new Intel NUC, the validation won't work because the Family Pack uses an Upgrade key. The key has only been used once, so I still have 2 remaining activations, but I'm not sure if that has any relevance to the situation.

Any other recommendations? I am considering manually uninstalling the drivers, doing the swap, and hoping for the best, due to the fact that the current installation sees itself as a clean install, not an upgrade.

A:Move Intel SSD from T400 (Core 2 Duo) to Intel NUC (Broadwell i3)?

How do you know that activation won't work? Did you try? If the bit is already flipped from doing the double upgrade then it should reactivate with the same key since all that is needed for the transfer is to reset the hardware signature in MS Activation servers.

You also have three simultaneous activations at any one time with the Family Pack, and do not forfeit an activation for reinstalling a key to the same or other hardware. If using phone activation because web fails, then when the magic question is asked "How many installs has this copy of Win7 been made" you'd say three instead of one. If rejected again, ask for agent. If agent has problems, talk with MS Customer service who are often more attentive seeing that you get what you pay for.

What's easier than Sysprep is to reimage using a free lightweight app like Macrium Imaging - Windows 7 Help Forums then if Win7 won't boot on the new hardware as expected Adjust Win7 to boot on new hardware with Paragon Adaptive Restore CD.

Let us know how this goes.
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Intel has led the desktop processor market for the last decade, dominating in price and performance nearly without challenge since the introduction of the Core 2 chips in 2006. However, as of late the challenges of improving silicon chips has...

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A:Intel's 10nm 'Cannonlake' delayed, replaced by 14nm 'Kaby Lake'

"Devil's canyon" take two
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For the past ten years, Intel has successfully managed to shrink the manufacturing process for their CPUs every two years. However, with each shrink of the process node there are complications to deal with, which is why Intel has announced...

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A:Intel delays 10nm process to 2017, will release a third 14nm CPU family

I think this will be better in the long run. maybe amd will play catch up and cpu prices will become more affordable.
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Just yesterday they hit the market.

My workplace has actually had some given to us as demos from a few weeks back(We are an Intel Partner), but rather then let us employees play with them they were locked up in inventory.,1558,1777753,00.asp

(got the link from slashdot)

They top out at 3.6ghz. Can't wait to see how they perform against the Athlon64/Athlon64-FX. Oh boy!

So, who of you intel fans out there is going to gobble one up?

A:A year and a half after AMD, Intel releases a 64bit desktop CPU

Soul Harvester said:

Just yesterday they hit the market.

My workplace has actually had some given to us as demos from a few weeks back(We are an Intel Partner), but rather then let us employees play with them they were locked up in inventory.,1558,1777753,00.asp

(got the link from slashdot)

They top out at 3.6ghz. Can't wait to see how they perform against the Athlon64/Athlon64-FX. Oh boy!

So, who of you intel fans out there is going to gobble one up?Click to expand...

Meh, I wouldn't mind having one...


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There's good news and bad news for those of you wanting to purchase a socketed Intel processor with high-end integrated graphics. Let's start with the bad news.

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A:Intel: No socketed Skylake CPU with eDRAM, Broadwell not discontinued

So... as we did know already: Intel = stagnation.

Q1'07 Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (Kentsfield) 65nm cores:4 Cache: 8MB 2.4GHz
Q3'15 Intel Core i7 6700K (Skylake) 14nm cores:4 Cache: 8MB 4.0GHz

real world application performance gain at best +100% ... with a 8 year R&D.
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Hi all

Yes, that's about it really...

Advice in a previous thread (many thanks) has got me leaning towards Intel.

So sorry for the silly question, but are they excellent with AMDs too?

I have a X4 965 3.4 GHz and it's running great (for me anyway).

Many thanks to all who give advice/opinions.



A:Intel SSDs - Configured for Intel CPUs or Excellent with AMDs too?

A hard drive is a hard drive. They are not "configured" for any one system or processor or computer. They operate on the SATA standard which all computer platforms comply with also (older drives operate on the PATA standard, but that is an old story!). A new hard drive will work perfectly fine in an Intel or AMD system, on Windows, MAC, Linux, and more.

This is not to be confused with formatting. A hard drive can be formatted specially for different operating systems. And typically new hard drives come preformatted NTFS for Windows. But that does not change the fact that the bare, unformatted drive can work in any system using the same connection standard (SATA, PATA, etc.)

Hope that helps.
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My computer is real old and i want to build a new computer, and im a little low on cash so i wanted to know if this would be enough to keep up with todays games//applications

Intel Celeron D 355
- Processor Speed: 355 / 3.33GHz
- Cache Size: 256KB

1 Gig of memory

ATI RADEON 9250 / 256 DDR

250 gig hard drive

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I just have a quick question, I know Intel and AMD used to have a different unit for the gigahertz (if you don't understand I mean and intel 3.2 ghz was equal to a amd athlon 64 3200+ 2.2 ghz, thats right isn't it?) Anyways I was wondering if they are equal now that dual cores came out and do you guys in the core 2 duo is better or the amd X2, thats overall. I ahve been looking to get a laptop, so I was just wanted to know if a mobile cpu's ghz is greater than a "regular" cpu and whats the big difference with mobile cpus. Thanks a lot

A:AMD CPUs v Intel's

This comparison is meaningless nowadays. While Older AMD athlon XP series numbering systems were used as comparatives to intel, it is not true with the Athlon 64 FX or Athlon X2 series processors. The number in the CPU is simply a model #.

Core 2 duo is by far a better CPU than the AMD series. But you are comparing apples and oranges. For pure speed, Intel has the advantage (usually) in the athlon 64/ x2 / fx to core2 duo matchups. But there are many other things that come into play such as motherboard archtecture L2/L3 memory on the CPU and FSB handling of which intel and AMD greatly differ in design. There are some cases where AMD comes out ahead.

Mobile processors are designed to be unlocked and to step down to save energy and reduce heat output automatically. They also tend to have lower voltage usage.

In laptops, intel definately has a strong edge. Get a core 2 duo. Stay away from celerons, P4s, and core duos. these are low end budget processors. On the AMD side stay away from semprons, athlon XP (outdated) series.

For a real CPU comparison, go to and checkout their CPU charts.
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I love keeping up on the latest and greatest, and Intel is at it again! Say hello to the 10 core, 20 thread i7-6950x:

Obviously between the fact that very few if any of us need 10 cores, and that almost 2,000$ price tag, most of us would probably be more interested in these not as crazy but still really good looking chips:

Personally I had planned my next build around the 6700k but due to other more important bills and whatnot combined with some microcode issues that came about after it's release, I think I may choose one of these bad boys instead

A:Latest Intel CPUs

Interesting article about them Intel's Broadwell-E gaming CPU is a stunner, offering 10 cores for a whopping $1,723 | PCWorld
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looking at dxdiag what does the 2 cpu's mean? I did want to install 2 monitors on this machine but ony have a plug for 1. the 2 cpus makes me wonder....

A:intel pentium 4 cpu 3.4 ghz (2 cpus)

Most likely referring to a technology called 'Hyperthreading'. Made by Intel, and introduced into some of their P4 processors, Hyperthreading or HT is essentially a 'virtual' dual-core CPU. The way the processor functions is designed to mimic two separate processors inside a single core processor. If your processor has HT, some system diagnostics will report it as 2 processors, when you only have one. Do not confuse HT with the new Core 2 Duo processors by Intel, as these new chips are true dual-core processors.

In order to install two monitors, your video card needs to support multiple monitors. Does your video card have two monitor connectors on it or just one?
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Hello, I dont mean to spark a mean debate. But I am looking to upgrade my P42.0ghz Intel to this little guy...
What would be a similiar INTEL proc?? I already have an ASROCK 939Dual SATA2(what the hell is SATA anyway??)<---anyone point me to a guide for sata and sata2, raid0, raid1...etc. thats all new to me but since this board supports it I should look into it!! Thanks for your thoughts.

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Processors built on Intel's new Skylake architecture officially launched on August 5 but that doesn't mean you can actively fork over your hard-earned money for one today. If you live in North America or Latin America, you're going to have...

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A:Intel says Skylake, Broadwell CPU shortages will be remedied "soon"

A good thing this doesn't affect me but I hope Intel has their 'stock shortage' woes sorted out in about three years time or else I will be affected.
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Microsoft announced that Intel Skylake CPUs and later will require Windows 10 for continued security updates. So people who are running Windows 7 or 8.1 in their shiny new Skylake rigs are now forced to upgrade to Windows 10 and their Windows 7 and 10 dual-boot setups are now void. Now there's yet another way for Microsoft to shove Windows 10 down peoples' throats. And while Ivy Bridge and Haswell CPUs can technically run Windows 7, there must be workarounds to make them boot that operating system by turning off secure boot, enabling legacy BIOS, etc. With that being said, even Ivy Bridge and Haswell builds are best run on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

New Microsoft Windows support changes: What they mean to business users | ZDNet
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I m just starting plans for a DIY PC for racing games my first build I don t demand cutting edge performance a reliable fps on a singe -inch display would be fine But I want at least Intel? racing games: or for AMD CPUs that in TDU GRID GRID if it s ever released SHIFT and pCARS SMS And this probably won t be built with parts purchased all at once I expect to buy a few CPUs for racing games: AMD or Intel? parts each month or so CPU next month mobo the month after etc But I do want a build flexible enough for future expansions My old Vista machine works fine for home office and non-game entertainment and I plan to keep it So I presume I need to choose a CPU and mobo to start graphics card etc to follow What about the rivalry between AMD and Intel Are there still problems with modern games and AMD CPUs It seems like mobo swaps are required more often with Intel CPU upgrades than with AMD Is that still true Would an AMD-based machine be easier to upgrade in the future Would like to keep total cost less the peripherals at or below Thanks for your help folks Frank nbsp

A:CPUs for racing games: AMD or Intel?

Those games you mentioned aren't that taxing so you should be able to easily get a smooth 60fps for $1200. You can use this as a baseline, the components come to $1500 so to meet your budget I'd say get the ASRock Extreme4 mobo instead of the Extreme6, ditch the sound card and BR drive and get the Corsair 400R case instead. The Samsung 830 is only $5 more than the Crucial m4 so I'd get that instead.

The most important part for gaming is the GPU. While the GTX 670 is an excellent card it will be overkill for the games you're running (not sure about Grid 2 obviously), something like a 7850 for $240 or the GTX 570 for $260 will easily run all your games.

I wouldn't worry about upgrade paths, the i5 3570K will last you 3-4 years at least.

Not sure why you're purchasing parts separately but if it's because of cashflow issues, I'd recommend saving up and buying everything together because components usually only ever decrease in price, especially GPUs. But if you're really keen to upgrade something I'd recommend getting an SSD first.
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I think this information is incorrect.

Quote from lipe
"All CPU manufacturers make the same silicon wafer for an entire family of cpu's and then just disable some features to sell them for the value market. It's much to expensive to reconfigure the assembly line/process for each different model of CPU in a series of chips.

What Intel is doing here is actually great because instead of leaving the turned off features disabled for good they now will allow you to just pay a small extra for the upgrade rather than forcing you to buy a NEW cpu and lose the money for the old one."

If this is true it would cost them more money to make a dumb downed cpu, of course a dumbed down cpus sell for less, but costs more to make?
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Since there doesn t seem to be a great deal of concrete information around on the X LGA successor I thought I d repost this from VR-Zone X is supposedly looking at a three year lifecycle -around for LGA2011 info Patsburg Intel (X68) CPUs the same lifespan as the chipset it is replacing Note that the chipset is called Romley - this is the server version for the LGA socket as opposed to the desktop part Salient details are -Quad channel memory DDR - DIMMS Gb max Desktop parts are expected to conform to quad-channel DDR - DIMM presumeably x Gb max Lane assignments x PCI-Ex Gen x or x x PCI-Ex Gen x PCI-E lanes split between PCI PCI-E x and I O x USB x SATA Gb x SATA Gb ONFi GbLAN and HD Audio The main difference between LGA and LGA are obviously the quad channel memory as opposed to dual channel and the use of PCI-E spec over in LGA Effectively double the bandwidth greater Intel Patsburg (X68) info for LGA2011 CPUs Servers will exchange the four lane DMI PCIe interface for PCIe spec SATA Gb increased to Intel Patsburg (X68) info for LGA2011 CPUs or ports and SAS Gb compatible PCI-E lanes increased from to -Utilised as x PCIe x x x PCIe x x x PCIe x x in the Fujitsu board outlined in addition to x PCIe x x and x PCI TDP for desktop parts is lt - w and lt to w for server Xeon And some fuzzed out shots of an MSI board showing the DIMM configuration of two either side of the socket nbsp

A:Intel Patsburg (X68) info for LGA2011 CPUs

PCIE 3.0 power delivery specs are still 150/300w....this may be a problem for the big 2. well one of them anyway.
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I was wondering if there were any clues or news about the new intel haswell prices and variety range any clue on if the prices will be cheaper then those steep prices of sandy and ivy bridge in the begining which were hell alot

A:Any pricing info on Intel's Haswell CPUs?

I very much doubt Intel will change their pricing structure, expect Haswell to come in at similar price points but with IPC improvements, lower power consumption and better integrated GPU.

I wouldn't call SB/IB expensive, given their performance they are reasonably priced compared to the competition. The i7 chips with Hyperthreading and the six core SB-E ones are a bit pricier but normal computer users and gamers won't need that sort of power. 1155 motherboard are around the same price as AM3+ ones too.
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Leaked specifications from a pair of upcoming Intel Skylake processors have hit the web. If accurate, we could see Intel pumping out CPUs with high clock rates on par with the company's existing Devil's Canyon offering.

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A:Leaked specs for upcoming Intel Skylake CPUs reveal high clock rates, 95W TDP and more

I read that the performance jump between Broadwell and Skylake will be like what we saw with Prescott to Conroe. Do you believe this is possible with the unlocked Skylake-S parts? Have you heard this rumour?
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I keep reading it's mediocre in performance compared to many others and i can't afford the 700 series, right now i just have a 5400 rpm hard drive that came with the laptop.

I know Samsung is popular as well , is it superior to the Intel?

Thanks folks

A:Is the Intel 530 SSD worth buying for a two and half year old laptop?

Any SSD will be a massive improvement over the HDD. You won't notice much difference in performance if you buy a top of the range model or a cheap one other than benchmarks.

The Samsung Evo's seem to be the hot drive at the moment that won't break the bank. I recently got a 250GB one myself and know many other people that are very happy with them.

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Being pretty happy with finally making the jump to Windows 7 64 bit on my newer machine a few months ago, I'd now like to also upgrade my 10 year old dual Xeon workhorse from XP SP3 to Windows 7 32 bit.

It's a Super Micro P4DCE+II - Super Micro Computer, Inc. - Products | Motherboards | Xeon Boards | P4DCE+II

I'm wondering about the Intel 860 chipset drivers and Windows 7 compatibility, The drivers linked on Super Micro's site only list XP as the most recent OS supported and the same on Intel's site.

I've seen this page - intel drivers pour chipsets - is this what I want?

Would this be as easy as installing Windows 7 then installing a chipset package from station-drivers? If so, which version would be best?

A:10 year old Super Micro P4DCE+II Intel 860 Chipset and Windows 7

You might be able to get something working. It's possible there are vista drivers available that will give you some joy in win 7. The honest truth is that scenario is prone to crashes largely because of the vast difference between how vista and win 7 handle power management.

Honestly I would suggest keeping xp on that machine, as even vista drivers seem to be in short supply for your specific chipset (just basing that on a quick search though)
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Hi Friends:

Yesterday, I installed my new computer and it has the following:

- Intel DX58SO Extreme Series X58
- Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
- Corsair TR3X6G1600C8D Dominator 6 GB
- EVGA 02G-P3-1185-AR GeForce GTX285
- Western Digital 300GB Sata HDD 10K RPM
- WDC WD1001FALS-00J7B0
- Samsung CD/DVD Super WriteMaster
- Corsair CMPSU-850TX 850-Watt
- Cooler Master HAF 932
- OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bits

but I would like to ask you if I need to install the new Intel? Chipset Device Software for Intel? Desktop Boards are the advantages and disadvantages?....Can you help me please?


A:Intel« Desktop Board DX58SO & Intel« Chipset Device Sof

Their should be ( on the site where you found the update) information as to what issues it specifically addresses.Most of the time it is advisable to update chipset drivers. They control all the way everything your MB does, from the Ethernet to NB to Sb and ram communication. Where as a bios update should only be done if it specifically addresses issues you are experiencing, or new support for your CPU. This is of course my opinion. There'll be others I'm sure.Fabe
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AMD's roadmap for the next two years has leaked, and it's filled with information about what the company is planning for their desktop and mobile CPU and APU lines. While 2015 will see a mix of 32, 28 and 20nm chips,...

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A:Leaked AMD roadmap suggests all 2016 APUs will be 14nm

If it beats the Bulldozer family by a solid 5-10% in video games plus media encoding with reasonable prices, I am going to use it for all my builds.
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had a bsod for the first time, was just on firefox - computer restarted and to a black screen. here is the dmp file . show me what you got.

im thinking ram / malware bytes premium free trial caused it.

i3 2300
gtx 760
12gb gskill
intel 180gb ssd / wd 500gb
some shit alienware motherboard
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Hello Every one i am not sure if i can post my question here I won the lottery No i did not lol but i did come across a few extra dollars and now i am thinking of doing a updrade on my Desktop from Gigabyte GA-MA GP-UD H to Gigabyte FXA-UD SKT-AM Motherboard Rev Amazon co uk Computers amp Accessories Windows Pro X Corsair MB DDR - DDR SDRAM to Corsair CMZ 4 Looking Year to Upgrade old Desktop GX M A C GB MHz CL DDR Vengeance Memory Two Module Kit Amazon co uk Computers amp Accessories Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce GTX MB to EVGA Nvidia GTX Ti GB -Bit D Ready Graphics Card Amazon co uk Computers amp Accessories Hitachi HDT SLA T ZALMAN CNPS LED Processor cooler to http www amazon co uk Corsair-CWCH IQFXM EJQBDEB Corsair W power supply i would some input on what the groups thinks of this Video and Motherboard Upgrade and some possible suggestions for an upgrade to a CPU currently running a Phenom X looking to go to a FX series CPU Thanks in Advance

A:Looking to Upgrade 4 Year old Desktop

Well Pantz personally I like Intel and I think that AMD are really in a rut as far as CPU's go so I reckon you cannot go past a an i5 on a 1155 board take a look at my specs and see. The Asus took some getting used to but turned out real nice.

As for the GPU I am no expert at all and I guess I shall have to leave that for someone else.

Really does depend on your budget and what you are going to use the machine for.
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Hi all,

I have lately been conversing with gregrocker (who, seriously, is possibly the most helpful person on Earth) about troubleshooting my pc which has been having boot trouble ever since I returned home from a year long journey. Specs on this are located in this thread: Spent a year travelling while my desktop at home, crashes upon booting

He suggested I post my BSOD output here.


A:BSOD on a desktop after being gone for a year

Well; from what i could research via google on this issue; it looks like you could; and i mean could have a issue with one or more possible sticks of ram being bad. But in order to find out for sure; you should run memtest86+ from the following link. It is a program that you will need to burn to a disc or to a flash drive or the like to be able to run it as it cant be directly run from a system. Here is the link to memtest86+: post back if no issues and we can go from there and i will try and research it some more to try and determine where to go next.

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
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I installed windows vista home pre but my time keeps on changing to 1601 or different years and am or pm. Changed battery(comos). Its new mother board Msi and new HD. I had some thing in pc thats why changed these things but after installing windows over and over still same problem also coudn't install any anti virus program.formated hd many time. Bios time is right and did changed the time in bios after changing the battery. problem still there. Thankful for respons in advance.

A:desktop time and year problem

Did you put a new CMOS battery in? "Changed" means you put another one in, not necessarily a new one.

After installing the must go into the BIOS/Setup...set the correct date/time...and save the changes made.

I've found that...if the dates are changed (erroneously) on new files installed, it can (among other things) prevent Windows from booting. Files get their dates from the system/CMOS clock.

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I am looking for a way to bring an old IBM desktop machine that I built Into more sutible working conditions. Does any one have any Ideas on how I can update the innerds of my computer?
I know this very vauge but I dont have the computer with me now and am looking to stock up on what I need (Info and parts) Before I get back to it.

A:Best way to update graphics on five-year-old IBM desktop

We heed to know the components you have before we can recommend upgrades. What is the IBM model number - or better a link to the IBM spec list for it - and what new components did you put in?

Also, what is your budget and how do you use the PC?

For a starter on learning about video card upgrades, I recommend this site:

Pay particular attention to the criteria page that addresses system constraints in the upgrade process - and helps you define your wants and needs in a way that is useful:
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My daughter is calling me because after her 8 yr old played on the computer, there are no icons on her desktop. She can see the picture background, but nothing else - oh, when she Ctrl-Alt-Delete, that box pops up. It is a MSWindows2000.

Any ideas?



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I'm not sure of what to really ask, so let me just say what the message is that I keep getting!
  A window, that says you have 21 drivers missing  the performance of the screen is very poor at times,

   it takes over 5 minutes for my screen to come up, I can be on a site, and it will freeze up or just take me to another site,  and at first I thought the drivers was for a printer I don't have a printer, please help me and I do not have
a battery in it, I just keep it plugged in!
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hi! after spending a year or so in the amd camp, i've decided to make the jump to intel

i've seen that the intel northwood cpus overclock really well, so i was wondering what would be the best cpu to get (for overclocking)

almost everything i have read points to the 1.6a, but i also heard that the 1.8a was a good about 2.0a?? the 'b' processors are expensive and dont seem to overclock very well...

the motherboard i plan to get is an asus p4b533-v

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

A:best P4 overclocker?

Well Intel discontinue making tha 1.6GhzA so maybe you can still find some. Your motherboard can support 400 and 533 FSB. Since you dont want to move to those chipsets I would recommend tha 2.0GhzA
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I bought a new Acer Travelmate G with docking station just after Christmas to replace my year old Acer desktop This new laptop is slower than my old system It seems to be running a lot of stuff that I old 4 slower replaces New that year it Acer desktop Laptop don New Acer Laptop slower that 4 year old desktop it replaces t use or want as it takes forever to boot Can anyone suggest New Acer Laptop slower that 4 year old desktop it replaces how I can speed this thing up I would appreciate any and all comments Below is the hi-jack log I can t believe how long it is On my old desktop s log was New Acer Laptop slower that 4 year old desktop it replaces only a fraction this size I am on a network but don t use bluetooth or any of the laptop s security features I also prefer WordPerfect to Word Thanks Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on - - Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe c Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software bin btwdins exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin S EvMon exe C WINDOWS system Ati evxx exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccSetMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccEvtMgr exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared SPBBC SPBBCSvc exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS system agrsmsvc exe C Program Files Intel AMT atchksrv exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus DefWatch exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin EvtEng exe c WINDOWS system ifxspmgt exe c WINDOWS system ifxtcs exe C Program Files Common Files LightScribe LSSrvc exe C Program Files Intel AMT LMS exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared VS DEBUG MDM EXE C Program Files O Micro Oz Driver o flash exe c WINDOWS system IfxPsdSv exe C Program Files Intel Wireless Bin RegSrvc exe C Program Files CyberLink Shared Files RichVideo exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus SavRoam exe C Program Files Winsim ConnectionManager SimplyConnectionManager exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C Program Files Symantec AntiVirus Rtvscan exe C Program Files Intel AMT UNS exe C WINDOWS system wbem wmiapsrv exe C WINDOWS system SearchIndexer exe C Acer Empowering Technology eLock Service eLockServ exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Winsim ConnectionManager Simply SystemTrayIcon exe C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared ccApp exe C Program Files Intel AMT atchk exe C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Acrobat Acrotray exe C PROGRA SYMANT VPTray exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C WINDOWS RTHDCPL EXE C Acer Empowering Technology ePower ePower DMC exe C Program Files Messenger msmsgs exe C Program Files Microsoft Location Finder LocationFinder exe C Program Files Copernic Desktop Search DesktopSearchService exe c Program Files Infineon Security Platform Software PSDrt exe C Program Files MSGTAG Status MSGTAGStatus exe c Program Files Infineon Security Platform Software SpTna exe C Program Files Common Files Macrovision Shared FLEXnet Publisher FNPLicensingService exe C DOCUME mfbfrancis LOCALS Temp RtkBtMnt exe C Program Files Internet Download Manager IDMan exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C WINDOWS system wbem unsecapp exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software BTTray exe C Program Files palmOne Hotsync exe C Program Files Windows Desktop Search WindowsSearch exe C Program Files TripleSync TSync exe C Program Files Internet Download Manager IEMonitor exe C Program Files Internet Explorer IEXPLORE EXE C Program Files Norton Navigator FILEMGR EXE C Program Files Microsoft Office Office OUTLOOK EXE C WINDOWS system SearchProtocolHost exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared office offlb exe C Program Files Trend Micro HijackThis HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http ca rd yahoo com customize ycom... Read more
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I don t P4 overclocker Greatest ever??? = know if this has been discussed before but I ll post it anyway I know you guys have heard tons about the overclockability of the Northwood A P s I ve seen plenty of reviews getting this chip up to P4 = Greatest overclocker ever??? GHZ and it being stable That is an MHZ overclock for all of you non-mathmaticans This got me wondering what are some of the P4 = Greatest overclocker ever??? most extreme overclocks you guys have seen I ve also seen plenty of overclocks that take the GHZ all the way to GHZ but that s with Liquid Nitrogen and I seriously doubt it was stable at all I want to see overclocks that are stable and accomplished with either air or watercooling but if you see necessary please feel free to blow me away with some crazy overclocks My guess is that the old Celerons were the greatest overclockers ever Anyway if you feel so obliged post your specs and overclock that you got your CPU to I personally have gotten my T-bird up to stably with air cooling Also chime in with your opinion of the greatest overclockable CPU s nbsp

A:P4 = Greatest overclocker ever???

I can't comment on any O'Cing I've achieved(not with se440bx), but by crikey you've got me interested.
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Lets use this thread to make a list of usefull tools which overclockers use.

Prime 95- Cpu and memory stability test
Memtest- Memory Stability
HD tune- hard drive benchmark
Everest- Multifunction hardware analysis. Great memory benchmark.
Sis Soft Sandra- Multifunction hardware analysis
Core Temp- CPU temperature (measures top of die, unlike other monitors)
CPU Z- reports cpu and ram speeds.
GPU Z- for graphics card speed reporting.
Memset- For advanced ram timing and subtiming tweaking.

Open for suggestions.

A:Tools for the Overclocker

I suggest 3dmark06 as well for a late machine. I've personally gotten through prime95 and some other programs fine, gone through 3dmark06 and bsod.
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Aloha friends I apologize in advance if this thread had already been posted although I year booting home, travelling while a at Spent upon desktop my crashes doubt it since all of my research attempts haven't rendered anything very Spent a year travelling while my desktop at home, crashes upon booting useful to me Long story short my desktop was working before I left on my year long voyage I came home a few days ago after being gone for such a long time to find my pc sitting in my room where I had left it I brushed the dust off I know some of you are cringing right about now set it up and booted it First attempt it failed I figured the inside was dusty as well so I got a can of compressed air and cleaned the heck out of everything in my tower fans drives cables you name it I was able to get it booted after this but noticed my pc was extremely slow it was really fast when I left to the point where it would freeze and I would have to do a hard reboot I finally got it running up to speed ran a disk defrag and deleted a lot of old files I didn't need any more I then noticed there were about updates that needed to be installed Ok no problem I'll just download the updates and things will run smooth right Nope Desktop crashes and I try to reboot again This time I received startup repair It found a problem but was unable to find a solution At this point I began trying different ways to boot it checking BIOS trying to get in through safe mode Every time my computer crashed I then tried to do a clean install of Windows however it will begin installing and will present quot Windows is loading files quot on the screen with a load bar It will load and then promptly crash again Same goes for if I try to start it in safe mode and yes starting normally I'm not sure if it's a loop if my HDD is on it's deathbed or if it's something completely different Sorry for such a long post but I am completely stumped on this one If anyone can be of any assistance I will greatly appreciate it

A:Spent a year travelling while my desktop at home, crashes upon booting

There may have been a power surge while you were gone if the pc was left plugged in. If you have another computer available, try making a bootable flash drive to run tests. For Hard Drive:SeaTools for DOS and Windows - How to Use
RAM: RAM - Test with Memtest86+
Put them on seperate drives if possible as they will delete all data on the flash drive.
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i have a compact preserio pc, about 8 yrs old, I am unable to remove a disk. the tray opens, and disk stays inside. I have opened the front cover, can see the disk, can move it back a bit, but doesn't seem to be enough space to grab it with pliers. can you assist. is it a matter of removing the entire tray. thanks.

A:CD disc stuck in 8-year-old Compaq Presario desktop tray

hi. I fixed the problem. my fault. I didn't place the disk on the tray properly when loading. my pc told me that by not completely closing, but in a seniors moment, I automatically pushed the tray in. this cause the disk to slide over, and past the spindle. I could see the disk, but couldn't grasp it, till I had an eureka moment. I wrapped some sticky side out duct tape around the blade of a long knife, being careful to secure the end towards the handle with sticky side down duct tape. then I simply guided the knife under the disk, with sticky side up under the disk, and removed it. another use for duct tape. usually duct tape is placed on my mouth. thanks for all of your assistance, as I didn't see the same solution already posted. but I am happy anyway.message edited by bobmackie
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Hi i ve searched and searched for a good beginners guide to overclocking but I can t find a good one I m about to build a new computer for gaming and I ve come across the famous duo e vs the quad The duo would be better for gaming un-overclocked stock GHz but the quad would be better if I can overclock it stock Ghz I won t be overclocking this computer but I want to learn before I buy everything help Beginner Overclocker need overclocking cpu - I have an intel single core GHz processor I m not sure what model but I tried following one Beginner Overclocker - need help overclocking cpu guide http www pcstats com articleview cfm articleID but my BIOS screen didn t look the same as that guide showed and when I tried to edit FSB or when I pressed enter where it says CPU it says something like this page is informational only and cannot be edited My Beginner Overclocker - need help overclocking cpu future computer if this Beginner Overclocker - need help overclocking cpu helps at all RAM G SKILL GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F - CL D- GBNQ - Retail Hard Drive SAMSUNG SpinPoint P Series SP C GB RPM SATA Gb s Hard Drive - OEM CPU Intel Core Quad Q Kentsfield GHz LGA Processor Model BX Q - Retail Power Supply PC Power amp Cooling Silencer EPS V EPS V W Continuous C Power Supply - Retail Cooling ZALMAN CNPS LED mm Ball Cooling Fan with Heatsink - Retail Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-P -DS R LGA Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail Case COOLER MASTER Centurion RC- -KKN -GP Black Aluminum amp Mesh bezel SECC Chassis ATX Mid Tower Computer Case - Retail Graphics Card PNY VCG GXPB G GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express PureVideo HD Technology HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Retail Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition FULL VERSION with SP Optical Drives Use from current computer Sound Card Use from current computer Total Also I need help with cooling The tower has mm fans and I m whondering if that cooler will keep it safe to overclock to about Ghz or so and will this case have room for another fan other questions What s a good program for monitoring CPU temperatures What s a good stress test program to test overclocked CPU s stability Will overclocking be different on my new computer Why is my BIOS different Above all I want to keep this SAFE and not endanger any of my parts Thanks in advance nbsp

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Hi this is my first post and I m a novice when it comes to overclocking In readiness for a new C D rig that I intend to purchase in the new year Novice in overclocker advice of need I thought I d try and get to grips with overclocking on my current PC I have a P E Prescott MSI NEO X MB Corsair Value Select RAM dual channel Scythe Infinity cooler Gigabyte video card unlocked to and a watt cooler master PSU I d be really grateful for some advice So far I have my system running stable at Ghz I ve done this by setting a RAM divider so that I can increase the FSB to with the RAM running at I have also increased the RAM voltage to v and the CPU to v I can run Prime with no errors well for the hour or so I Novice overclocker in need of advice ran it and it has a load temp of C I m not sure about memory timings yet although I have got my head round most other aspects They are when running at Ghz Novice overclocker in need of advice Is this about as good as I can expect from my current rig or could I get more from it Also have I gone about things the right way At first I tried to overclock but the PC is not stable if the RAM is higher than even with the RAM voltage increased To be honest I don t really need Novice overclocker in need of advice any more from it I just want to understand this subject a bit better Cheers Failsafe nbsp

A:Novice overclocker in need of advice

You have done a good job so far!!

I would advise more case cooling if you haven't already done so already as overclocking heats more than just the processor up!!

I personally run plenty of extra fans (9 at last count) and have found it possible to squeeze a little more out of my system!!

A slot cooler close to your graphics card is a good example, but don't put one near the gpu fan as slot coolers suck air out only, i have mine on the back of my graphics card!!

I hope this info is of some use to you!!


Let me know what mobo you have and i will see if i can help further!!
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Somewhat new computer I brought Dual-Sata motherboard from ASROCK http www anandtech com mb showdoc aspx i Processors Athlon Ram GB MHZ The let overclocker, it a too wont be should great me bad Motherboard only think bad with it is that It won t even let me overclock it at all http apenguinandaduck com biosscreen jpg This is what it looks like but I didn t take the picture I have the Multiplier Voltage change set to manual which does let me change the multiplier but the Maximum Multiplier is the processors stock speed GHZ It will not overclock at all because it won t let me set the multiplier higher then maximum multiplier which happens to be GHZ To recap Maximum Multiplier GHZ which is the processors stock speed I want to raise the multiplier to GHZ I can t raise the multiplier past GHZ no matter what I do Is there any way to increase the Maximum Multiplier Any ideas on how to raise the maximum multiplier or another way to overclock it I emailed ASROCK and they said I could try quot For overclocking you may try the CPU Frequency by going to quot CPU Configuration quot change quot Overclock Mode quot to quot Manual quot then go to quot Motherboard should be a great overclocker, too bad it wont let me CPU Frequency quot try to raise MHz at a time There is still a limitation depending on the installed CPU quot Trying it this way kinda doesn t work Setting it to MHZ will cause the system to be very unstable with random crashes and bugs Setting it to MHZ and the computer wont POST which leads me to have to reset the CMOS jumper MHZ does seem to work but I know the processor can handle more Any Ideas Edit http www ocworkbench com asrock reviews Dual-SATA Picture copy jpg This shows what I want the Maximium multiplier to look like nbsp

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hi there.
i had an nforce 630i before i got this pathetic excuse of a motherboard. i could clock my intel e8400 upto 3.7Gz without a altering vcore(was locked in the board sadly). sadly, my 630i died on me and i bought asus's p5ql-cm that comes with a g43 northbridge chipset (worst idea ever).
alrit, here is my problem,
the g43 wont let me go past 3.2ghz.. the irony here is.. this board has options to increase vcore but still am not able to go past 3.2ghz.
i read reviews prior to buyin this crappy board and learnt that it was a mediocre overclocker. but 3.0 to 3.2 is not even an overclock.. yeah?.. abysmal.

any suggestions what could be wrong?

my specs..
intel wolfdale e8400
corsair tx650 psu.. with 52amps in the 12 volt rail
xfx 9800gtx+ (oh yeah.. i almost forgot..i cant clock this guy too. i used get 830 core.. but now.. barely 775..)

thanks in advance

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I found a post on this exact topic from back in I am trying to incorporate the code into my database and am not able to get the code to work if I make any changes Here is the link to the previous thread http forums techguy org business- increment-field-including-year-restart- html I have also uploaded the database that was provided in the last post If I Autoincrement restart - year including field year each try to change the field and object names I appear to be unsuccessful in having the code still work even when I change the items in the code as well I woud like some help I would like for there to be a Autoincrement field including year - restart each year field called quot RequestDate quot that has the date stamp Autoincrement field including year - restart each year that is keyed in by the user Then after that is Autoincrement field including year - restart each year keyed in on the form the quot AssignmentID quot field is updated to the new assignment number The quot RequestDate quot quot Admit Date quot and quot AssignmentID quot quot ActualFWCNumber quot I am trying to do this in Access If I make changes either the number field doesn t autopopulate or the same number keeps repeating Any and all assistance on this would be great nbsp

A:Autoincrement field including year - restart each year

tamanthalou, welcome to the forum.
As you have posted the original database a copy of your database with no data in it would be better to understand your problem.
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I've read every post I could find on this so I'm sorry to ask another dumb question but here goes.

I created an access database (volunteer work) which has an autoincrement field to issue numbers to animals taken in at our shelter. My 'boss' (also a volunteer) wants this simple autoincrement changed to a value which begins with the two digit year and then has 4 digits, starting with 0001 which will increment sequentially and restart at 0001 with the new calendar year. Therefore, records will start with 10-0001, 10-0002, etc for this year and 11-0001, 11-0002 for next year.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Relevancy 49.02%

I have created
C:\00 - savehere \2012
C:\00 - savehere \2013
C:\00 - savehere \2014

current vba code is:-
ChDir "C:\00 - savehere \2012"
Range("c57:h102").ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=composedfn & ".pdf"
Is there a way to save to ChDir "C:\00 - savehere \ currentyear
without having to change the vba integer value to each new year? or using if statements for each year? So when the 1st of jan comes it automatically save to the new current year directory and if possible creates a directory at the start of each new year as well?

A:Solved: Save PDF to a year directory each new year or month

If folder exist....

' Does this directory exist? If not, create it.
If objFSO.FolderExists(strParentPath) = False Then
Set newFolder = objFSO.CreateFolder(strParentPath)
Wscript.Echo "Put a ocr fold here" &
'Save it here code'
End If

This will get you the year
CurrentDate = Date
File_Year = DatePart("yyyy",CurrentDate)

You should be able to code it with this info
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Hi My motherboard currently runs at around C and CPU at around C which isn t bad but I m wondering what products I could invest in to cool my PC down in the most effective way possible I ve looked at some Bay Freezers which go into a quot slot and disperse hot air ensuring a cold air supply in the case as well as some VGA coolers http www arctic-cooling com vga php idx and a PCI exhaust blower as well I m just wondering what I can do to get temperatures down in the easiest way really as I would then think about overclocking my CPU not too keen on getting new cooling for that as I ll have to remove the heatsink and that will void the warrenty for my PC or other components PC Specs P Ghz GB PC RAM ATI Radeon Pro for cooling ways Most a time effective first overclocker? of MB ASUS P C Deluxe Motherboard Pioneer DVD Drive and ASUS CD-RW Western Digital GB SATA Most effective ways of cooling for a first time overclocker? HDD W PSU Case already has one side fan Thanks for you help in advance nbsp

A:Most effective ways of cooling for a first time overclocker?

If you're not interested in replacing HS/Fan because of warranty issues, then you really should reconsider any serious OC. And I'm fairly certain OCing would void your warranty anyway.
You can always bump it up a little and watch the temps each time until they start to get out of hand or system stability starts degrading. Sometimes the stock cooling works good.
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Barring any last minute delays, AMD is expected to finally launch its Bulldozer processor line tomorrow, as was reportedly confirmed by U.S. retailer Micro Center just over a week ago. That's good news for AMD fans. Even better news is the fact that these chips should come with plenty of overclocking headroom, provided you're prepared to push the pedal to the metal.

Read more at:
Maximum PC | Overclocker Pushes AMD FX-8150 Processor to 8GHz

A:Overclocker Pushes AMD FX-8150 Processor to 8GHz

If I remember right I believe it was last year that they where able to push 6 ghz using dry ice. Or was it liquid nitrogen. Either way what they're doing is impractical and dangerous.
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Barring any last minute delays, AMD is expected to finally launch its Bulldozer processor line tomorrow, as was reportedly confirmed by U.S. retailer Micro Center just over a week ago. That's good news for AMD fans. Even better news is the fact that these chips should come with plenty of overclocking headroom, provided you're prepared to push the pedal to the metal.

Read more at:
Maximum PC | Overclocker Pushes AMD FX-8150 Processor to 8GHz

A:Overclocker Pushes AMD FX-8150 Processor to 8GHz

If I remember right I believe it was last year that they where able to push 6 ghz using dry ice. Or was it liquid nitrogen. Either way what they're doing is impractical and dangerous.
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Does anyone have any information on this and is there any truth to the rumor that Broadwell E won't be supporting operating systems older than Windows I've read a few articles and they're clear as mud about the subject Will I even and I Concerned is the Corner BROADWELL Around E am be able to use Windows with the new X chipset that will be coming with the new Broadwell E - platform I mean Windows is fine for those who like that sort of thing but personally I am averse to all the garbage I would have to disable without any BROADWELL E is Around the Corner and I am Concerned assurance it would stay disabled and the whole quot FREE quot concept Windows Keylogger Edition offers its users I have already tried Windows and I don't like it one bit I'm currently running Win Ultimate and Win in dual boot and I still have to say that I prefer Windows What would be the point in forking out for all this new hardware only to discover I can't even run a decent o s on it Am I up a stump

A:BROADWELL E is Around the Corner and I am Concerned

Well I did see mention that it will only support 10 and also that manufacturers like Asus will be making products only supporting 10.

I am not sure where I saw this but it seems to me to be the way things are going now.

My concern is that all others that came before will become so expensive or not available ie Ivy Bridge stuff that the systems we have now - quite adequate for what I and I suspect a lot of other folks use will become defunct as and when the parts become so scarce and the OS's not support them.

This raises a good question as a matter of fact - will the new gear support Linux systems??
Relevancy 49.02%

Does anyone have any information on this and Around BROADWELL Corner is E am Concerned I the and is there any truth to the rumor that Broadwell E won't be supporting operating systems older than Windows I've read a few articles and they're clear as mud about the subject Will I even be able to use Windows with the new X chipset that will be coming with BROADWELL E is Around the Corner and I am Concerned the new Broadwell E - platform I mean Windows is fine for those who like that sort of thing but personally I am averse to all the garbage I would have to disable without any assurance BROADWELL E is Around the Corner and I am Concerned it would stay disabled and the whole BROADWELL E is Around the Corner and I am Concerned quot FREE quot concept Windows Keylogger Edition offers its users I have already tried Windows and I don't like it one bit I'm currently running Win Ultimate and Win in dual boot and I still have to say that I prefer Windows What would be the point in forking out for all this new hardware only to discover I can't even run a decent o s on it Am I up a stump

A:BROADWELL E is Around the Corner and I am Concerned

Well I did see mention that it will only support 10 and also that manufacturers like Asus will be making products only supporting 10.

I am not sure where I saw this but it seems to me to be the way things are going now.

My concern is that all others that came before will become so expensive or not available ie Ivy Bridge stuff that the systems we have now - quite adequate for what I and I suspect a lot of other folks use will become defunct as and when the parts become so scarce and the OS's not support them.

This raises a good question as a matter of fact - will the new gear support Linux systems??
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I'm in the process of building a new rig, and with the statement that Microsoft will not support windows 7 & 8/8.1 on newer microprocessors, I'm wondering if this also includes the broadwell-e chips. Has anyone heard if Microsoft will cut updates to
win7 with the i7 6XXX line?
Relevancy 49.02%

I am seriously considering buying one of Intels latest Broadwell based NUCs th generation Core The processor specs for the just released i s and the specs for the soon-to-be-released if they are available I can Broadwell New NUCs Intels t find them i s are shown below using a little cut n paste magic I am hoping someone can explain the pros and cons of going with one of these CPUs versus the other The top specs in the image above are for the i - U and the bottom specs are for the i - U My main question above Intels New Broadwell NUCs all else is with regards to having a CPU with Turbo Boost as the i - U does versus not having Turbo Boost which the i - U is lacking I guess my question is are there tradeoffs to having Turbo Boost in a CPU or is it all good In other words if your computer could ramp up to GHz when necessary and drop down to GHz when idling or whatever is there any downside to having Turbo Boost at all I don t know why I am thinking there must be tradeoffs pros and cons but maybe there are none The GHz slower base-speed is what scared me in the beginning Anyway I have rambled enough Hope someone can put this issue to rest for me Thanks for reading nbsp
Relevancy 48.59%

I have a very strange issue with my processor underclocking The factory specs for this laptop state my processor is the intel i U GHz Which it does fine and has perfect performance Unless my laptop is under percent AND plugged in yes plugged in not on battery I fmy laptop gets low on charge and drops below percent I can hardly my Issue Lenovo (Broadwell) with Edge 15 use it at the same time it is charging because it underclocks my cpu to a max clock of GHz rendering my laptop extremely sluggish even when doing simple operations Once it has charged to percent or above I have to disconnect the charger and then the cpu will throttle back up and then I can reconnect the charger without it underclocking until next time it has dropped below percent and I plug it in nbsp Please tell me if you have a suggested fix or if this may be a hardware problem which seems a little unlikely nbsp For Issue with my Lenovo Edge 15 (Broadwell) the record I have played around with every option in the advanced power settings and have it on high performance mode and everything but nothing fixes it nbsp Thanks in advance Alex

A:Issue with my Lenovo Edge 15 (Broadwell)

I have the same problem and I think it will have to be fixed with BIOS update.
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Hi nbsp Is it possible to upgrade any Z with Xeon V Broadwell Xeons given the proper BIOS version is installed I already have updated to M v nbsp With Z you could not update from X xx to X xx as the latter required a new Mainboard With Z you could not update from E - xx to E - xx V as the latter required a new BIOS bootblock which could not be flashed nbsp I have a very early Z with dual E - V which I am looking to replace with V Xeons and more cores I already have the more powerful powersupply required by the bigger Xeons and consider swapping the coolers by vapor-chamber Z Coolers which definitely support all Xeon models nbsp I would like to know if any Z mainboard supports the v Xeons or if a mainboard-swap is required nbsp Likewise as an additional question would a pair of E - V be supported There are some good deals on the OEM versions available which could be an option for me Otherwise i'd pick a model in the supported CPU list nbsp I'd be happy to read some qualified answers Thanks in advance
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Hi I need to choose a laptop to my daily use between only those choices I cant choose different one first option ThinkPad Yoga broadwell includes inch usb level mini hdmi port no vga - provided converter to vga has digitizer work on wifi can add external usb splitter ethernet battery - around hours internal - 840 HP ThinkPad broadwell VS EliteBook Yoga G2 12.5 14.0 can t be switched fast charging reviews talks about hours even in average wifi work second option HP EliteBook G broadwell includes inch usb level no digitizer has Ethernet connection battery - around hours external battery max - hours Beside of this - both are equal with internal content same cpu ssd graphics etc for both I won t change battery or something like that in my daily use I don t plan to take a spare battery ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 broadwell VS HP EliteBook 840 G2 14.0 with me but I do need it to work duration as much as possible I will work with this only on laptop hours a day - rest of day is on external screen What I need is highest battery life as possible convenient and easy connection to docking I heard many argument against HP docking stations with series normal keypad today I have lenovo thinkpad and its wonderful normal screen bigger is better but not in any case for hours a day max what do you say I would appreciate you comments - how much the change in screen size is critical it s only cm- cm ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 broadwell VS HP EliteBook 840 G2 14.0 correct vs - for the lenovo- I afraid that the battery does not have a long life time and after a one year it will die the cell is an internal cell - hours by team mates review and more How manufacturers treat nowadays to cell issues Does a user still need to replace a battery every - years how this in internal battery devices Thank you nbsp

A:ThinkPad Yoga 12.5 broadwell VS HP EliteBook 840 G2 14.0

What did you choose in the end and why? I have the exact same options offered to me.
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I have an installation folder on my main machine(Windows 7) with all my software. I have repeatedly run into issues connecting odd devices to my shared folder. This time I have installed Windows 10 Technical Preview (on a different machine) and don't understand why it tells me I can't access my own machine. After all these years, you would think user friendly would be a reality. It seems to be a coin toss as to which machines will connect. I hate never knowing I can access my own machine without issue. Here I am trying to install applications but yet I can't get to my storage location.

What is the secret to sharing your machine, so that anyone on the same network can access shared folders?

Edit: I always turn on "Network Discovery" and "File and Print Sharing".

A:Network connection issues (year after year)

I'm more brutal via the firewall:

set trust localhost and your lan ip's, eg

then add two rules for only the PRIVATE PROFILE

inbound allow tcp/udp from to any for ports 137-139,445
outbound allow tcp/udp from any to for ports 137-139,445
I use a much more complicate scheme in reality to enforce known vs unknown devices and to segregate WiFI from wired access, but that's just me.

In services, ensure these are running

Bonjour Service ( mDNSResponder)
Network Connections
Network List Service
Network Location Awareness
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at a wal-mart store. It disappeared from my PC although the year not up until 2016. I saw for a minute the Product Key on my PC but it is now gone alone with all traces of Norton 360> How do I reinstall my product key?

A:I bought a 1 year protection for 1 year Norton 360

I'm not exactly sure what you need but if you're asking how to recover the 360 product key so you can reinstall you might try Belarc: will list most/all? of the product keys associated with your installed software. For anything beyond that you may need to contact Norton.
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I can't install Win7 x64 SP1 on notebook Lenovo Z70-80 from USB 2.0 pendrive.

I was trying USB 2.0 ports and USB 3.0 port with no success.

Than I integrated latest intel USB 3.0 and storage drivers into boot.wim and install.wim using DISM tool and there is still no success - the installer can't find Windows 7 installation pendrive. There are disk partitions and mounted boot.wim in drop-down list, but even USB mouse doesn't work.

PS I'm sure that it is USB issue - not storage. I added storage drivers "just in case".
PS2 I'm sure that USB 3.0 and storage drivers are correct.

It looks like Windows 7 can't even see USB 2.0 ports.
Any ideas?
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My Lenovo Edge 15, i7-5500U Broadwell Processor, laptop is having same problem as described in this post (LCD Panel Auto-Touch or ghost touch solution) see post: The solution listed is for the Yoga. I have confirmed I too have the LCD Panels, is there another fix for my Edge 15machine, or can I use the fix and download link mentioned in this article? I appreciate your help. Thanks.
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It's approaching the one year anniversary of the Surface Pro 3's launch, so one would expect that the popular tablet from Microsoft will be getting a refresh sometime soon. While Microsoft isn't ready to share any details on a Surface...

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A:Possible Surface Pro 4 specs reveal fanless, Broadwell-based tablet

I hope it is true, and Windows 10 will make it on this device, but if it doesn't, it'll be more of a funless than fanless device, considering the high prices expected.
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AMD will have their new Puma and Intel will have Santa Rosa. I have been trying to find more information on both platforms and I have some success but not a lot. Does anyone know when these platforms will be released to the general publice en mass? Thanks.
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This strikes me as strange I reserved my Win for my main desktop as soon as it was available maybe weeks ago then reserved for my main lappy weeks ago and my second lappy days before Win was When arrive? does the upgrade due to When does the upgrade arrive? hit Since then my main lappy has an upgrade notice on day my second lappy the next day and my main desktop well still waiting I know that the install is coming out in waves but it seems that ordering early was of no use at all All I get on the main is the message saying quot we are validating your pc quot which seems to be an ongoing thing The main is on win my install valid and unique licence the second lappy is Win again valid and unique licence and the main lappy was Win asus pre supplied licence Has anyone else found this I dont want a date as there isnt going to be that sort of answer but any MS notification would be useful Thanks nbsp

A:When does the upgrade arrive?

I am in the same situation. My main 8.1 laptop got the download on the 28th of July, my back up win7 laptop got the download on the 29th. Wife's 8.1 laptop just go it yesterday. My Win 7 Desktop is still waiting with a similar message that they are making sure my download will be better suited to my PC. That is fine by me, They have already listed the one Program that isn't compatible with win 10 on that computer. so it is a waiting game now.
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Cortana says she will send text messages from my Tablet using my Lumia phone, but so far none have arrived. Any advice?
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A friend recently bought windows7 and uses gmail to send mail. A lot of times I get the email but the pics have either been replaced with the dreaded red x or just the frame is visible. He has Norton installed and was wondering what I can do to fix this from his end.
I have tried the usual but nothing seems to work. Any ideas what I could try?

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I have started using Calender (within the MS Outlook) alot these days. Is there any way I can arrive straight into calender after login without click icons???? This way I will see my diary for the day immediately.



A:..arrive straight into MS Calender

Drop and drag the Calender icon into the startup folder.
1)Grab the icon by left clicking it and holding the left mouse button down.
2)Now move the icon to the Start button,the Start menu will open.
3)Now while still holding the left mouse button down,move to the All Programs button.
4)Now follow the menu to Startup.
5)Let go of the left mouse button
6)The Calender should start the next time you restart your computer.
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Hi folks I have a problem with Outlook with service pack on a new Windows laptop For some reason when some people email me PDF attachments the body of the emails display both the messages and the attachment as raw HTML and text I copied and pasted one of the emails below I removed some of the message text and attachment text for the sake of brevity as well as replaced portions of people s email addresses and names with s attachments Outlook raw - HTML as arrive PDF for privacy I ve tried sending myself PDF attachments and they came through fine and I have HTML Thanks for any help -----Original Message----- From Rodrigo com mailto Rodrigo com Sent Wednesday June PM Subject Research - Coffee X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection Return-Path lt rodrigo com gt Received from pop olamnet com by mail olamnet com Olam International Ltd Mail Server with ESMTP id KXQ for Outlook - PDF attachments arrive as raw HTML lt vancler com gt Thu Jun X-ASG-Debug-ID - d c -uDWCeq Received from outbound na newedge int outbound newedgegroup com by pop olamnet com with ESMTP id C RDrT nqnYv o for lt vancler com gt Thu Jun SGT X-Barracuda-Envelope-From rodrigo com X-Barracuda-Apparent-Source-IP Received from CHI-NT-HUB calyonfinancial int unknown by outbound na newedge int Postfix with ESMTP id F C E for lt vancler com gt Wed Jun - CDT Found to be clean Received from njs-nt-mail na newedge int by CHI-NT-HUB calyonfinancial int Lotus Domino Release with ESMTP id - Wed Jun - X-Barracuda-BBL-IP X-Barracuda-RBL-IP Subject Newedge Research - Coffee MIME-Version X-ASG-Orig-Subj Research - Coffee X-KeepSent EEDC B E A- D A type flags name KeepSent X-Mailer Lotus Notes Release September Message-ID lt email protected om gt From Rodrigo com Date Wed Jun - X-MIMETrack Serialize by Router on NJS-NT-MAIL SRV NEWEDGE Release September at PM Itemize by SMTP Server on CHI-NT-HUB SRV NEWEDGE Release September at PM Serialize by Router on CHI-NT-HUB SRV NEWEDGE Release September at PM Content-Type multipart mixed boundary quot mixed DD quot To undisclosed-recipients X-Spam-Status No X-Barracuda-Connect outbound newedgegroup com X-Barracuda-Start-Time X-Barracuda-URL http cgi-mod mark cgi X-Virus-Scanned by bsmtpd at olamnet com X-Barracuda-Spam-Score - X-Barracuda-Spam-Status No SCORE - using global scores of TAG LEVEL QUARANTINE LEVEL KILL LEVEL X-Brightmail-Tracker AAAAAA X-Brightmail-Tracker AAAAAA -- mixed DD Content-Type multipart alternative boundary quot alternative DD quot -- alternative DD Content-Transfer-Encoding quoted-printable Content-Type text plain charset quot ISO- - quot Please see the attachment for a more detailed pdf Sincerely V E ronique V E ronique CMT Vice-President amp Senior Research Analyst veronique com This electronic communication and its contents are intended for the recipie nt only and may contain confidential non-public and or privileged informat ion If you have received this electronic communication in error please ad vise the sender immediately and delete it from your system if permitted b y law -- alternative DD Content-Transfer-Encoding quoted-printable Content-Type text html charset quot ISO- - quot lt br gt lt br gt lt br gt lt br gt lt font size D face D quot sans-serif quot gt Please see the attachment for a more detailed pdf lt font gt lt br gt lt br gt lt font size D face D quot sans-serif quot gt Sincerely lt br gt lt br gt V E ronique lt br gt lt br gt V E ronique CMT lt br gt Vice-President amp amp Senior Research Analyst lt br gt USA LLC lt br gt Chicago IL lt br gt veronique com lt font gt lt br gt lt br gt This electronic communication and its contents are intended for the recipie nt only and may contain confidential non-public and or privileged informat ion If you have received this electronic communication in error please ad vise the sender immediately and delete it from your system if permitted b y law -- alternative DD -- -- mixed DD Content-Type application octet-stream name quot coffee technical analysis pdf quot Content-Di... Read more

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Quote Firefox To Arrive Late Mozilla recently released a product roadmap with Arrive 4.0 2010 Late Firefox To a number of new details on what the foundation is hoping to release between now and the end of including information on when to expect the next major iteration of Firefox The report details Firefox 4.0 To Arrive Late 2010 that Firefox is due to arrive in either October or November of and will bring with it a range of new features such as a new slick user interface and multi-touch gesture suppport But take note that this report is currently classed as a 'draft' and could be open to any number of changes For those existing Firefox users a plentiful number of changes can be expected prior to the late release date of with both and lined up for debut before then These new releases will offer such improvements and features as faster javascript handling improved form completion tools bookmark synchronization and pageload enhancements Mozilla also revealed that when Firefox does hit it will take a leaf out of Google Chrome's book as each tab will function with it's own separate process reducing the instances of losing your precious browser session Firefox will be with us in late so be sure to stick it in your diary In the mean time why not take a look at our tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your current version of Firefox Source

A:Firefox 4.0 To Arrive Late 2010

Cool Though.. from what I've seen the next version of FIre-Fox is going to look more like Franken-Fox.
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DNS Cloud Security Services Arrive.

OpenDNS offers new subscription-based secure DNS service; other vendors' DNS services to follow

-- Tom
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Hi I'm brand spanking new the 7 to BSOD Win Hated Restored Win 10 arrive at here and am not super smart with Hated Win 10 Restored Win 7 to arrive at the BSOD the back end of pc's However updating to Win was killing me and my laptop daily slow cortana issues internet drop etc I had enough and decided to restore my win I did steps as insructued and was within the day window only to arrive at a x b BSOD I've been up all night trying to fix as I had not backed up this laptop that I use for my garment printing business I do have recovery disks but I really need the graphics on my cpu I've tried everything but nothing has worked so I'm hoping someone can help me out I've used Farbar but am stuck on what is corrupt files and what is good to go I don't want to delete the wrong data I did not think a simple retore would result in this or I'd lived with the awful win experience I have a ASUS i bit year old laptop that really needs to get back going Even if I could get to point of copying graphics on external hard drive that would be great Thanks for any help someone can give Dee

A:Hated Win 10 Restored Win 7 to arrive at the BSOD

Do you have any external devices attached to your computer (Printer, ect).  If so unhook them and try to restart.  Are you able to book into Safe Mode at all?
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Looking for drivers for
Intel Desktop D845GVS1 Motherboard
Ethernet Controller,
SM Bus,
USB Controllers

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Microsoft released its first preview build of Office 2016 to developers and IT professionals this past March. Two months later, the Redmond-based company invited all Windows users to try out its second preview build. Now, the popular productivity suite is...

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A:Office 2016 for Windows to arrive September 22

Can't wait to see what high priced mediocrity looks like.
What ever happened to upgrade pricing ?
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OS: Windows XP Professional.
My computer started to be slow.
From a time I receive more and more spam.
Strange is that I receive spam with my email address instead of sender address.
I observed also that spam started also to use, like sender address, addresses from my address book.
Please help me to clean my computer.

A:My computer is slower and more and more spam arrive in my mailbox

Download Security Check from HERE, and save it to your Desktop. * Double-click SecurityCheck.exe * Follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box. * A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.=============================================================================Please download Farbar Service Scanner (FSS) and run it on the computer with the issue.Make sure the following options are checked:
Internet ServicesWindows FirewallSystem RestoreSecurity Center/Action CenterWindows UpdateWindows DefenderPress "Scan".It will create a log (FSS.txt) in the same directory the tool is run.Please copy and paste the log to your reply.====================================================================================Please download MiniToolBox and run it.Checkmark following boxes:Report IE Proxy SettingsReport FF Proxy SettingsList content of HostsList IP configurationList Winsock EntriesList last 10 Event Viewer logList Installed ProgramsList Devices (do NOT change any settings here)List Users, Partitions and Memory sizeClick Go and post the result.=============================================================================Download Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware (aka MBAM): to your desktop. * Double-click mbam-setup.exe and follow the prompts to install the program. * At the end, be sure a checkmark is placed next to Update Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and Launch Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, then click Finish. * If an update is found, it will download and install the latest version. * Once the program has loaded, select Perform quick scan, then click Scan. * When the scan is complete, click OK, then Show Results to view the results. * Be sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected. * When completed, a log will open in Notepad. * Post the log back here.Be sure to restart the computer.The log can also be found here:C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Malwarebytes\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs\log-date.txtOr at C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\Logs\log-date.txt=============================================================================Download aswMBR to your desktop.Double click the aswMBR.exe to run it.If you see this question: Would you like to download latest Avast! virus definitions?" say "Yes".Click the "Scan" button to start scan.On completion of the scan click "Save log", save it to your desktop and post in your next reply.NOTE. aswMBR will create MBR.dat file on your desktop. This is a copy of your MBR. Do NOT delete it.
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Hi everybody I m developing a application to run over Windows XP embedded and have some troubles with the usb flash memory handling My application needs to do some job when a USB flash memory notification arrive/remove USB memory Flash is Removed Inserted in any available USB port I am using the Windows Messages WM DEVICECHANGE with the flags DBT DEVICEARRIVAL and DBT DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE It works very well after the the usb flash memory has been used in the computer where the application run But When the application is running and a flash memory is inserted by first time in the computer Windows sends the WM DEVICECHANGE-DBT DEVICEARRIVAL followed by a WM DEVICECHANGE -DBT DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE and other WM DEVICECHANGE-DBT DEVICEARRIVAL In this case the behavior of the application is apparently wrong because it process the Device Remove USB Flash memory arrive/remove notification message and the flash memory is still inserted in the USB Port Is there any diference between the WM DEVICECHANGE-DBT DEVICEARRIVAL USB Flash memory arrive/remove notification message sent by Windows the USB Flash memory arrive/remove notification first time that a flash memory is inserted in a computer Does anyone know how to identify this first WM DEVICECHANGE-DBT DEVICEARRIVAL I have another issue sometimes take few seconds to detect the WM DEVICECHANGE- DBT DEVICEARRIVAL or WM DEVICECHANGE-DBT DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE is this a isolated issue or any of you have seen something like that Thanks for any help nbsp
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Hello everyone. I was wondering if there is a way to make Outlook 2010 scroll as new messages are received? I upgraded from 2003, and in the older version the incoming messages pushed the older messages down on my screen. This made it easier to see when a new message arrived. Right now I find myself constantly using the scroll wheel on my mouse to see if a new message has arrived. Thanks!

A:Outlook 2010 scroll as new messages arrive

Same problem... I used to be able to (Outlook 2007 and prior) just glance at the screen to see if I had new emails. In Outlook 2010, though, it's not doing that and I find that I have to scroll up just to check. It's frustrating thinking I have no new email and then scroll up and there are all my new messages that I didn't realize I had... very annoying. Now I am constantly scrolling up every 5 minutes just to check if there are new messages. Ridiculous.
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Unless I am connected to the internet any messages I send do not arrive. They go to the outbox OK, and they disappear, ie go to sentbox, when I connect, but they fail to arrive and fail to return any error message. Currently I connect and then write my messages. This works. I would normally write all my messages, put them ALL in outbox, and then at a convienient time connect and then send. I also have noticed that even if I'm connected messages coming in only arrive if I click the send/recieve button. Maybe there is a connection??
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This is the first and last time I will ever buy an Acer product. I picked up this Acer desktop at my local Walmart and had no idea just how small the CPU was. It has a notebook type Intel 1.6 CPU that will not even allow me to stream live videos. The worse part of all is that I cannot even upgrade it. It seems to be fused to the motherboard. Otherwise my brother in law could pop in a better CPU plus addition RAM sticks. It is terribly slow also, and sometimes freezes up. I am furious that I cant stream live video, but more upset about the non upgradable motherboard.
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I was planning on getting a new computer for my editing software. im only 17. and will be getting a mac when i attend college at CCS.
but, im looking into a windows based computer for now.
not to expensive.nor to intense, just looking to get the job done.

i usually have one of these running.

Adobe Photoshop Cs2,
Adobe Illustrator Cs2,
3d studio max,
i run up to 5 sites,and itunes.

which is better? AMD or Intel CPUs
what type of computer should i run,
videocards, ram, processor speed etc. help? thanks.

A:AMD vs. Intel for Photoshop Desktop

how much money do u have to spend on this system?
i personally like Intels for your purposes but I have heard good things about the opterons. might wanna do a bit of research into these as they are new

oh and welcome to techspot
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I have a INtel Desktop Board D945GCCR, and everytime I boot it up with the hard-drive i get a black screen, no intel logo, nothing happens to it just freezes up, when i remove the hard-drive (160 gb sata) it boots up to a screen still without the intel logo but it shows media failure and that it is quiting boot agent and that is all.

Has anyone had this problem before? This happens when there is no Windows installed on the hard drive. Can anyone help out? Thanks in advance.

A:Intel Desktop Board

Do you have another hard disk you can try?

If not, do you have a floppy drive you can boot to or maybe a CD-ROM drive and a bootable CD?

Try these and let us know your result.
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Hi All,
If anyone is familiar with the new intel boards, can you tell me the difference between the D815EPEA and the D815EPEA2. They list them both but I'll be darned if I can find out the difference.

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This is the first and last time I will ever buy an Acer product. I picked up this Acer desktop at my local Walmart and had no idea just how small the CPU was. It has a notebook type Intel 1.6 CPU that will not even allow me to stream live videos. The worse part of all is that I cannot even upgrade it. It seems to be fused to the motherboard. Otherwise my brother in law could pop in a better CPU plus addition RAM sticks. It is terribly slow also, and sometimes freezes up. I am furious that I cant stream live video, but more upset about the non upgradable motherboard.
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Got text on my Lumia 520 from my sister's Samsung Galaxy 3 weeks ago in Asian characters. She said it happened to her coworker weeks ago. I re-booted phone. Tonight, 3 texts from a friend's iPhone, then 1 from my sister. Online translator can't translate. These are sent in English and arrive on my phone in Asian, perhaps Chinese. Again after re-boot tonight. What do I do?
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Over the past 10 months, more than five million people signed up to receive the Windows 10 Technical Preview. The Windows Insider program played an instrumental role in helping Microsoft hammer out some early bugs ahead of Windows 10's arrival yesterday.

Read more

A:The first major update for Windows 10 could arrive as early as next week

I installed yesterday Windows 10 on both my hybrid PC and Desktop PC, it's been really amazing and the update process was rather quick. It's good to hear they are improving this OS so soon
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Kik was working just fine but as of yesterday I stopped receiving notifications when new messages arrive. I checked whether I accidentally set it not to work in the background but I didn't and I can't even see Kik on all apps list where I, for example, change sounds of the apps on my phone. There is nothing I can do about kik in phone setting but only in Kik settings itself where I checked the sound and message preview box. I tried installing it again and resetting but nothing happens. Any suggestions?
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Ok while listening to audio on my Windows Media player V my audio on the WMP AND my system is completely muted immediatly after arriving at websites such as weatherchannel com atlantafalcons com or any website that appears to be certain at completely I Audio arrive when dies system whole on websites running some type of Java or extraneous video or graphics Now sometimes it will happen and sometimes it won t But when it does happen it ALWAYS occurs after I have just arrived at an quot offending quot site and usually just after IE has just blocked a pop-up The audio never returns unless I restart my system Now sometimes the Audio completely dies on whole system when I arrive at certain websites audio returns after I close IE but it is very rare I have checked all my connections cords etc when the problem occurs it always does so after arriving at certain websites and returns after a restart I am to the point that I tend to avoid sites I really want to visit because I m afraid the audio i m listening to will be killed and I ll need to Audio completely dies on whole system when I arrive at certain websites restart This problem has occurred even after a few repartions of my system Problem did not seem to appear after Audio completely dies on whole system when I arrive at certain websites any Windows updates I m very VERY sick of this Please help System Dell Dimensions Windows XP SP nbsp

A:Audio completely dies on whole system when I arrive at certain websites

Any ideas or anyone run across this problem??
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What is your budget - Are there any brands resellers that you Solved: Desktop $800-$900 w/Intel Build i7 prefer or any you really don t like not really as long as their products are reliable and of excellent quality What tasks will you be performing with the Desktop intensive applications some gaming web browsing Will you be playing games on it if so which games Mid Range Games maybe some High End Games Do you mind buying parts online without seeing them in person no as long as they are of excellent quality What OS do you prefer Windows XP or Vista Mac OS X Linux etc I prefer Mac OS X over Vista and Linux How much hard drive space is needed not much gb- gb will do What size desktop would you like All in one compact large I would prefer a compact Does the case need to be stylish It ll be nice if it can be What resolution will the screen run at One or Two screens One screen for now Do you Solved: Build Desktop w/Intel i7 $800-$900 need any particular hardware Ports HDD slots double DVD drives etc Not really How would you rate your technical skills Beginner-Intermediate Have you ever built a Solved: Build Desktop w/Intel i7 $800-$900 desktop before Nope Solved: Build Desktop w/Intel i7 $800-$900 Do you need wireless connectivity Not really When are you going to be building this In the next month Have you considered a pre-built desktop Or even a notebook Yes the Dell Studio XPS and the HP Pavilion Elite e t with the student discount Are you going to overclock No Note I am concerned about the warranty in case one of the parts turns out defective from where do you suggest I should buy the parts that s just a little heads up I want to buy the parts from a reputable place excellent quality and reliable nbsp

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i have problem to install windows 7 64 bit sp1 on the Intel Desktop Board D975XBX2 with 8 giga of ram i got bluescreen and then the computer restart automaticly. (the type of the memory is identical by corsair) in 4 giga mode the windows installation goes perfectly

what could be the problem?

by the way i try to add the memory after installtion in 4 giga mode but no good same blue screen

for info:

allready install the latest bios version.

thank you guys its very important to me.

A:Intel Desktop Board D975XBX2 with win 7 64 bit

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

Check this link for any compatibility issues: Windows 7 Compatibility: Software Programs & Hardware Devices: Find Updates, Drivers, & Downloads
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I have found an Intel D945GCLF2D mainboard and want to build a computer with it. I have been looking at mini ITX cases/enclosures but not too sure what sort of PSU I need and what exact case either. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions?

I was looking at
which looks pretty good but don't think it comes with a psu.

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Hi All

My Assembled machine with Intel DH67BL WITH i5 2500k , 16GB ( 4 X 4GB) STICKS, Nvidia graphics card with 512 mb ram , with windows 8 is crashing too frequently. only way I can stop the machine crashing is by keeping media player active throughout .

I am attaching my BSOD for your reference .

kindly give me some solution urgently.

Thank you

A:My Intel Desktop crashes very frequently


Various different bugchecks attached:



A problem occurred in the NTFS file system driver, Ntfs.sys. This critical file is used to read and write all NTFS drives.



An exception happened while executing a routine that transitions from non-privileged code to privileged code.

This bugcheck is generally related to a video driver issue.

Ensure you have the latest video card drivers. If you are already on the latest video card drivers, uninstall and install a version or a few versions behind the latest to ensure it's not a latest driver only issue. If you have already experimented with the latest video card driver and many previous versions, please give the beta driver for your card a try.



A severe memory management error occurred.

BugCheck 1A, {41792, fffff680233412b8, 800000000000000, 0}

First parameter is 41792 = a corrupt page table. The page table is used to store mappings between physical and virtual memory addresses.

2: kd> dt nt!_MMPFN fffff680233412b8
+0x000 u1 : <unnamed-tag>
+0x008 u2 : <unnamed-tag>
+0x010 PteAddress : (null)
+0x010 VolatilePteAddress : (null)
+0x010 Lock : 0n0
+0x010 PteLong : 0
+0x018 u3 : <unnamed-tag>
+0x01c NodeBlinkLow : 0
+0x01e Unused : 0y0000
+0x01e VaType : 0y0000
+0x01f ViewCount : 0 ''
+0x01f NodeFlinkLow : 0 ''
+0x020 OriginalPte : _MMPTE
+0x028 u4 : <unnamed-tag>
Can't seem to get much info when trying to view the data structure for the PFN database.



This indicates that invalid system memory has been referenced.

Usual causes are a bug in a device driver, hardware related memory issues, corrupt NTFS volume, anti-virus software.

Overall, here's what we should do:
1. check physical connections to the drive (sata cables, etc).

2. chkdsk:


start>search bar>type cmd right click and select run as admin

Elevated CMD should now be opened, type the following:

chkdsk x: /r

x implies your drive letter, so if your hard drive in question is letter c, it would be:

chkdsk c: /r

Restart system and let chkdsk run.

3. seatools - SeaTools | Seagate

4. If hard drive diagnostics pass, Memtest:



Download Memtest86+ here:


Which should I download?

You can either download the pre-compiled ISO that you would burn to a CD and then boot from the CD, or you can download the auto-installer for the USB key. What this will do is format your USB drive, make it a bootable device, and then install the necessary files. Both do the same job, it's just up to you which you choose, or which you have available (whether it's CD or USB).

How Memtest works:

Memtest86 writes a series of test patterns to most memory addresses, reads back the data written, and compares it for errors.

The default pass does 9 different tests, varying in access patterns and test data. A tenth test, bit fade, is selectable from the menu. It writes all memory with zeroes, then sleeps for 90 minutes before checking to see if bits have changed (perhaps because of refresh problems). This is repeated with all ones for a total time of 3 hours per pass.

Many chipsets can report RAM speeds and timings via SPD (Serial Presence Detect) or EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles), and some even support changing the expected memory speed. If the expected memory speed is overclocked, Memtest86 can test that memory performance is error-free with these faster ... Read more