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Microsoft shows off PC integrated into power plug

Q: Microsoft shows off PC integrated into power plug

Microsoft showed off a whole range of new PCs and devices running Windows 10 at Computex 2015, but one that really caught the eye is the Quanta Compute Plug, an entire PC integrated into a power plug the size of...

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft shows off PC integrated into power plug

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft shows off PC integrated into power plug

They may be handy to a lot and even have very reasonable prices but I can't imagine myself ever wanting any of these.
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I verified the PSU is good.
I removed all drives, all cards, even memory.
All the fans spin for a moment then nothing they stop.

I assume the MB is now destroyed? A GTX 260 has two 6 pin power connectors, since the PSU only had one 6 pin power connector, I thought to try it.

MB is Asus P5QC
So is it dead?

A:Plug in GTX 260, hooked up one 6 pin power plug, motherboard wont post

Did you read the GTX 260 manual to see if it has to have the two connectors on?
This is an old MB, so it has a story. Tell us how did you get it and what memory, GPU etc it has before.
With no memory it won't boot. Do you have a speaker connected to the MB so you can hear the beeps when you turn it on?
Witch power supply you have? GTX 260 requires 500W as minimum.
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I have an external hard drive Seagate backup plus 1 tb working fine with Sony vaio E15136 win 8.1 64 bit 4gb Ram. As long as I change the power supply i.e either plug in or plug out the power supply of my laptop, external drive is re-detected.
The external drive draws power from laptop.No external power source.
In case of USB pen drives this thing didn't happen.
Looking for any solution or explanation?
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Sorry I don't know the proper terms, but basically the pin inside the jack where the power cord gets plugged into on my laptop was bent so that it's really hard for me to plug in my power cord and have it stay in place. My warranty with best buy has expired, so I need to figure out how to solve this problem on my own. I can't just leave it like this because the cord comes out really easily and I can't continue to work with such a tenuous setup. Anyway, is this just a matter of replacing the entire unit inside my laptop? I know you probably need more information, but I'm not sure what to provide, so please ask any questions. The laptop is a Toshia M-45, about 3-4 years old. Thanks in advance

A:Bent power supply pin - Hard to plug in power cord

umm.. bend it back so it's closer to normal? That's all I can say about it. usually works for me.
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Usually when we plug in a SATA drive it will show up in explorer but it doesn't now after I install Windows 10 (clean install). It work well when I'm on Win 7.

I've check the BIOS it indicate all ports AHCI an I never change anything since Win 7. So what could be the problem? As I swap drives often this feature really important for me, please help. Thanks.

A:Hot plug SATA HDD or DVD drive doesn't shows or not detected

You may use "Scan for hardware changes" in Device Manager.

Hot plug still works in Windows 10 but sometimes with an unknown interference, it won't detect the swapping.
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Finally broke down and started building a new system - I m too old to game this all started out as a home video project Anyway - gathered all my components now I m working to assemble them The case power plug. fan power New for supply, no schematic, looking came with New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug. an Okia Model -ATX power supply But no wiring schematic I m trying to identify the power supply fan plug - what New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug. seems to be it doesn t at all match the connector on the board And I ve got that positively identified by the board manual The board has a small male pin connection The only thing I can find that might be the fan connector coming from the supply is a small pin plug at the end of of the New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug. strings of drive power harnesses Nothing tucked up behind the supply case or anything Is that likely to be it Or would that be for a floppy or something I tried to Google for a wiring schematic but could find nothing In fact nothing much at all on this brand of supply - just a couple places that sell them Please don t tell me I got an el cheapo that isn t worth having At the risk of getting ahead of myself in case I need to adapt something like that to the different style male connector on the board in this case or something else I may find as i progress is there some type of source for adapters or what would I do Bear with me this probly won t be the last question I ll dream up - just getting started While I m at it - the board manual talks about a connector for a power supply that senses board temps - that s another reason I d like to find a schematic or some sort of instructions for the power supply OH The connectors for the fans in the case don t match the connector on the board either The board has another small male pin connector for the case fan s but these have a larger bigger pin pin connector Again - I suppose it s adapter time Guess I ll need that source Thanks for helping an quot old quot computer student still and probly always in a definite learning curve nbsp

A:New power supply, no schematic, looking for power fan plug.

There are basically two voltages available to you: 5V and 12V. Doesn't really matter where you get it from - some pin on the mobo or some wire from the PSU.

From the PSU the yellow wires are 12V and red ones 5V, black is ground. The fan voltages should be written on the fan itself, the black fan wire is ground, red may be 12V or 5V depending on the fan voltage.

Fan headers on the motherboard should be labelled so, check with a voltmeter what pin gives out what.
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I have a Tata indicom plug 2 surf internet modem it shows connected. The signals shown are full. But i can't open any page. At first it displays my default page i.e google. And when i click on any of the link it can't display any page.And now if i try to open google it can't open it. It seems the connection disconnects after 2-3 mins but it shows that it is connected. I disconnected the modem and connected it again but now also it shows connected but i am not able to open any page. Not even my default. The speed shown is 115.2 kbps. Now if i restart my computer it shows Application error: The instruction at memory 0x0000 could not be written or read. Need help????

A:Tata indicom plug 2 surf internet modem shows connected but cannot open any page

Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

Name of your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
Make and exact model of the broadband modem.
Make and exact model and hardware version of the router (if a separate unit).
Model numbers can usually be obtained from the label on the device.
Connection type, wired or wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (none, WEP, WPA, or WPA2)
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP (Home or Pro), SP1-SP2-SP3, Vista (Home, Business, Ultimate), etc.
The Internet Browser in use, IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Please give an exact description of your problem symptoms, including the exact text of any error messages.

If you're using a wireless connection, have you tried a direct connection with a cable to see if that changes the symptoms?
For wireless issues, have you disabled all encryption on the router to see if you can connect that way?
Have you connected directly to the broadband modem to see if this is a router or modem/ISP issue?
If there are other computers on the same network, are they experiencing the same issue, or do they function normally?

On any affected computer, I'd also like to see this:

Hold the Windows key and press R, then type CMD (COMMAND for W98/WME) to open a command prompt:

Type the following commands on separate lines, following each one with the Enter key:





Right click in the command window and choose Select All, then hit Enter.
Paste the results in a message here.

If you are on a machine with no network connection, use a floppy, USB disk, or a CD-RW disk to transfer a text file with the information to allow pasting it here.
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Now the laptop DELL 9400 is saying I cannot defrag because the battery is too low. But I dont use the battery at all. I always use the ac adapter cord.
Is there a setting to address this issue, or is this a hardware problem?

A:Using AC power but laptop shows using battery power

Turn off the laptop, remove the battery and then start up again (with the AC power attached of course!). Do you still get the problem? Or does the laptop not turn on at all?


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Microsoft officially confirmed Spartan's existence during a media event near the end of January. Since that time, developers and enthusiasts alike have been clamoring to get their hands on the new browser.

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A:Have a look at how Microsoft has integrated Cortana in its Spartan browser

Looks pretty good
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I am installing a cd drive. I took my old one out but forgot to check which plug to the power supply I am supposed to use. There is P2, P3, and P7. Is there a certain one that is used for a cd drive?

A:which power plug in

No, any one of the standard four prong plugs should work just fine
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I am not sure if this is the right area, but I have browsed through all the places and sadly clueless.

I have a westinghouse flat screen monitor Model LCM 17v2ls and I cannot located the plug.
I want to use it as the temporary monitor since my MAC OS screen cracked and it costs over 300 to replace.

I went to radio shack and they could not find the right type of powerplug. I just need some direction I will also call Westinghouse on Monday but any support would be great.


A:looking for a power plug

Welcome to Techguy! Don't feel bad about not knowing everything; we all suffer from that. Generally, monitors either use a standard 3 prong power connector just like your computer, or an external AC adapter, i.e. a power brick. Yours uses a brick. I did a quick search online, and found at least one vendor selling them: However I don't know them, so don't take this as an endorsement. You might also find adapters on eBay. As long as you stick with top-rated vendors, I wouldn't be afraid to buy. You can also search more online using "westinghouse LCM 17v2ls power adapter" (no quotes) as your search string.
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So I have my modem SBV and a port linksys router that I had connected to my desktop and laptop computer Power went off and shut everything down beside the laptop obviously since it has a integrated ethernet fried Surge, Power port? Solved: battery Andd now when I turned my computer back on it said quot Mbps Connected quot but I had no interent and it looked like the light from the back of my computer was orange and flashing So I tried bypassing the router Solved: Power Surge, fried integrated ethernet port? and going directly Solved: Power Surge, fried integrated ethernet port? from my modem to my desktop and it would stay at accuirering network address and then I try to click cancel and it wont Solved: Power Surge, fried integrated ethernet port? let me then proceeds to freeze so I have to end explorer exe and you know the deal After that not working with or without the router I tried to use the USB port on my modem to my computer that would do the same thing - get stuck on accuirering network address So now I m stumped and not sure what to do My laptop works fine going through the router and going directly from the modem Devices Linksys BEFSR v Port Wired Router Surfboard SBV Modem Thanks for any help I can get nbsp

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Heres the latest about XP SP2.,39024673,39123224,00.htm

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Staff at our office have received from HP Services, replament power cords for their notebook computers. The recall information on your site informs us that if LS-15 is molded on to the plug then it needs to be replaced. My question is why did HP send us power 4 sets of power plugs all with LS-15 molded onto the plug? If these plugs were these sent in errorhow do we send back the defective plugs and get the new plugs? Thank you. Bogdan Kowalski

A:HP Power Plug Recall - LS-15

Hi  @MAGPGT  I just sent you a private message. If you are not sure how to check your forum messages, this post has instructions.
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Boldfisherman: My Fujitsu N3010 Power plug is broken,I am looking for Part, one repair shop wanted to sell me a complete motherboard, It is a shielded pin connector to motherboard.
I read postabout opening computershell, if I read this correctly one must remove keyboard, How?
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My mobo-ECS PT890T-A's manual says to plug the power/sleep/message waiting LED to the 2 and 4 pins on the 10 pin Panel1 header, but the front panel power led cable has 3 holes. Any suggestions?

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I shorted out my HHD with its power plug now it wont power up. I'm sure i fried the circuit board rether HHd runs fine with that power plug.
I was just wondering if i could fix or get a new circuit board for the HHd .
I have very important info on it i need ...(TAXES) augggggg
Any help PLEASE

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Basically i was in the middle of putting together a computer to whihc i had previously had no prcessor, i ordered on from ebay about a week ago and today it finally came, when i realised taht i have idea where to plug in the power button on the motherboard! (which is a stock board from another computer taht was given to me by my friend). Ive put together computers before but ive always unplugged them from the previous one, thus knowing where i need to plug everything. Ive had no luck searching for it online, i was wondering wether there is a symbol were i need to plug it in or some universal way to tell where it goes, or if u can tell me where to find a guide, i just have no idea where to put this thing, heres a picture

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I have a Dell Lattitude D I believe it s at least three years old I have had it for a year and everything was working fine My children thirteen ten and eight were using it and they said the plug kept falling out of the outlet and they said there was a spark when they plugged it into the outlet but it worked after that Then all of a sudden the laptop went black Assuming it was out of battery power and well past thier bedtime they returned the laptop to me I Plug Problems Power plugged it in and the transformer box Power Plug Problems on the plug worked when I plugged it into the power outlet but as soon as I plugged it into the laptop it lost power Hence the blue power light on the transformer box went out I have to let it sit for about minutes and plugged it back into the power outlet the blue light on the transformer box came back on but once again as soon as I plugged it into the computer the blue light went out again HELP I have a Blockbuster DVD stuck in the laptop and I don t want to break it to get it out Luckily it isn t due for a week LOL I appreciate any help you can give me nbsp

A:Power Plug Problems

there should be a tiny hole on the front of the DVD tray. You can insert a straightened paper clip in it and manually open the tray
As to the power problem, I am sure one of the folks with more experience will stop by and assist you.
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Ok... now i am having a real trouble. my Power cable to CPU fan plug is broken, not the fan, but the power to connect it to the fan(the male one). its 3 pin connector. there is one fan using 3 pin connector too from the MB (motherboard). i think its the fan for the motherboard. i am just wondering if i can use the splitter to the MB plug so i can connect it to both fan (motherboard and processor)


Are you refuring to the 4 wire Molex adapter? If so, yes use that. Well, there are no molex plugs that plug into the mobo, there is the 20pin or 24, and the 4 wire, square one. But yes, you can use the 4wire molex adapter, that would be giving cdrom/hdd/video card power.
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My MOBO is ASUS P P Deluxe I just recently flashed my BIOS to shows fix?? "!" BIOS under 'System Devices' Extension' 'Plug-N-Play to the latest BETA version from the German ASUS FTP site in order to correct my compatibility issues detecting my GB Maxtor SATA drive All was perfect until I tried to connect my mobile phone via USB and something went wrong and it wouldn t detect properly The phone does however show up under USB devices as MOTOROLA USB MODEM like it 'Plug-N-Play BIOS Extension' shows "!" under 'System Devices' to fix?? did in the past So I don t know what s the problem and don t know how related this issue is but then I saw that under System Devices there is Plug-N-Play BIOS Extension listed twice First one is fine second one shows an exclamation mark and under properties it says that there is some corruption in the registry or something I don t like exclamation marks anywhere under Device Manager I hope someone can tell 'Plug-N-Play BIOS Extension' shows "!" under 'System Devices' to fix?? me how to fix this Do I look for a driver And if so which one and where Is this device suppose to be listed twice Maybe I should just try removing it nbsp

A:'Plug-N-Play BIOS Extension' shows "!" under 'System Devices' to fix??

Click on update driver
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Hallo,I use a IdeaPad 100S (Win 10). Sometimes I use this Laptop for a couple of hours. Here is my question: Is it better to plug the power supply while working or is it better to use the battery till it is empty (~20%)? Or what is the best solution to save the battery.
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I recently purchased an HP Pavilion dv9700t laptop. The power connector attaches to the right side of the laptop and the plug is straight. Unfortunately, I do not have much spare room on the right side of the laptop where I typically use it and the plug/cord is interferring with my mouse. I've been scouring the internet looking for some kind of a right angle adapter that I could plug into the end of the power cord and then into the laptop so that the cord would immediately turn towards the rear of the laptop and give me more space for my mouse. Does anyone know where I could buy such an adapter?

Thanks for any suggesions.
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I replaced a failed HP PSU 03057F3R with a "compatible" PSU from a supplier. There are 5 wires attached to the sata power plug for the failed PSU, but only 4 wires attached to the sata power plug for the compatible PSU. One of the 5 wires of the failed PSU is not connected to the molex plug but directly to the circuit board of the PSU.

The PC works fine with the compatible PSU and the hard drive seems to work fine with the 4-wire sata power plug which used to be connected to a 5-wire sata power plug. Should I be concerned that the use of the 4-wire sata plug will pose a safety or data problem for me?

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Can I plug in the power cable to a sata drive (already connected to sata port on mobo), while the computer is on.

With that drive connected Windows will not boot (I never have had a problem with the drive before, even when installing windows). If I remember right, a few years ago, I moved the pagefile to that drive, and it also had a boot.ini file on it (for some reason) I wonder if that is the problem (never until now), because when that drive is installed windows hangs at starting windows.

A:Plug in a sata power cable

If the SATA controller is set to AHCI mode, and the SATA port the drive is on is set to allow "hot-swap", then yes you could. If not, then no you can't.

You should post a screenshot of your Disk Management window with the problem drive connected. Expand the window so everything can be read.
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Hello I bought a Sidewinder from PC World about a year ago because I thought it was pretty standard and easy to set up being USB Back then I connected the game controller to my front USB port and Windows Me detected hardware and began to install it I then started Rayman and it worked fine it was the pad that Ubisoft had suggested It went in my drawer and I hardly played on Rayman again I bought Windows XP a year ago and now I decided to have a go I inserted the USB cable into the port and nothing I have played around in control panel but nothing seems to happen it won t work with Rayman and it doesn t make any sounds when I insert and remove it from the Sidewinder N Microsoft Gamepad Plug Play port I have checked the official sidewinder website but I can t Microsoft Sidewinder Plug N Play Gamepad find anything Please can Microsoft Sidewinder Plug N Play Gamepad someone help me get my Gamepad working Any replies are extremely appreciated nbsp
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Does such a thing exist?

I sometimes find I need my external drive for like 5 minutes on the road without a socket in sight so it'd be great if I could just have it suck power from my computers USB port.

Or even solar power.

Obviously I wouldn't power something for a long time with it.

Or it'd be great if only one plug is available like at a coffee shop

Anything like this on deal extreme?

A:USB to electrical power plug? / or solar/AA powered

I think the best solution for you would be a portable hard disk that don't need external power supply. I've been extremely happy with Western Digital products, using this 640 GB as my "on the road" drive. It fits to my jacket pocket.

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I am traveling to Hong Kong in a couple of months. My HP laptop is from the US. It has an external power brick that takes 100-240V.

My question is about the cord that goes from the power brick to the wall outlet. The cord has a US plug. Does the cord also take 100-240V and I just need to buy a plug adapter, or does the cord only take US voltage and I need to buy a new cord?

A:Buy plug adapter or new power cord for travel?

You just need a plug adaptor, the power brick and the cord itself already supports International Voltages (worldwide)

(e.g. Hong Kong uses 50 Hz, 200/220 V, so you're pretty much covered there.)

Something like this:- Belkin F8E449 Universal AC Travel Adapter: Electronics
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I just bought an AMD RX 480 to put in my XPS 8500.  Leaving aside possibly needing to get a new PSU - I have noticed that the card extends under the front cage of the case - I am wondering how I plug the power into the card?  The card power plug is at the very back of the card.

ANyone else dealt with this issue?  Any suggestions?  I considered briefly sawing part of the front cage off since it doesn't really serve a purpose.
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I had a look at a friends computer which was working, but was very silent. When I checked it out no fans were working, I replaced psu & cpu fans & everything was working fine for a couple of weeks. Now when you plug in the power cord the computer starts but with no post or beep codes, I'm not sure how long the cpu was running without a fan and if was damaged by heat. At first I changed the psu but same troubles. I have no way to check the cpu which is a "pentium III 500 mhz slot 1" . Sound like the cpu ?

A:Why does computer start when I plug in the power cord ?

Sounds mure like the mobo has packed up to me.

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I use a IdeaPad 100S (Win 10). Sometimes I use this Laptop for a couple of hours.
Here is my question:
Is it better to plug the power supply while working or is it better to use the battery till it is empty (~20%)? Or what is the best solution to save the battery.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:Ideapad 100s - plug the power supply or use the ba...

Welcome to the Lenovo Community !
Doing charge cycles of full to empty can be hard on a laptop battery.  If you are going to have the laptop plugged in and you will be working on it for a extended period of time then why not take advantage of the Conservation Mode option that the Lenovo Settings app has to offer.  With the Conservation Mode enabled it will maintain your battery's charge in the 55 to 60% range rather than continually charging it to 100%.  This will help extend the overall life of the battery.  In the event you can foresee the need to go portable then switch the Conservation Mode Off and let it fully charge.
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Hey there EXPERTS nbsp My laptop has the following problem nbsp Envy m -k dx Will Not Power On- LED On- Not Plug-In Envy Power m7-k211dx Blinks... Will AC LED Near Near AC Plug Blinks x When Power Button is Pressed nbsp I've performed hard reset by taking out battery and holding in the power button no luck nbsp The blinks of the blue led lite occur only when the AC is plugged in then when the power on button is pressed This happens regardless of the battery being in or out When the AC pin is plugged in there is no action at all on the led light no blink not on only if the Power On button is pressed then blinks and nothing further I have tried holding the power button for over seconds but nothing after the initial blinks nbsp I've tried using power cords- both have been v output with one being a and the other an iGo Green power supply with the correct tip Given that the led light does not illuminate when the power is plugged in I'm assuming that Envy m7-k211dx Will Not Power On- LED Near AC Plug-In Blinks... the battery is not being charged I can't tell if the battery has a Envy m7-k211dx Will Not Power On- LED Near AC Plug-In Blinks... charge or not it is HP part - ICR v mAh mfg and says replace with HP spare - It is a HP VI nbsp Sorry if TMI but better too Envy m7-k211dx Will Not Power On- LED Near AC Plug-In Blinks... much than little right I feel certain that the blinks by the led only when AC power is plugged in and the power button pressed is telling something and I'd be most grateful if one of you folks could give me some guidance nbsp Mike
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I have just bought a new NB10-A-10U laptop.

I have plugged it in but the battery/dc light shows no signs of life.
According to the manual the light should be on.

Is something wrong or everything will operate when i will press the power button?
I would hate the installation process to be interrupted...

Does anyone have a clew if this is normal or something is wrong?

Thanks in advance for any help/advices

A:Satellite NB10-A-10U first plug in power but no DC light


Usually the "DC IN indicator" glows green, white or blue depending on your device when DC power is supplied correctly from the AC adaptor.

Please connect the AC adaptor once again.
Check if there is no lose contact and wait 5-10 min.
The press the power button and check how the unit will act.

Feedback would be appreciated.
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Yesterday my power supply was blown up (fuse). So i bought the power supply (PS HEC 300W) and plug in my compter which is assembly with Intel Desktop Board D845GEBV2 mounted with Celeron 2.0GHz. If i am not wrong, it is compatible with my mother board right. But there is problem after switch it on the power. First i switch on the main switch in the power supply. And i realised that the CPU fan is running although i didn't switch on the power from the front panel of my system unit. The LED for the harddisk in the front pannel also light up even though i didn't connect power to the hard disk. Is it the Mainboard problem.

A:Motherboard problem after plug in new power supply

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot

I see from pic on intel your board has two power plugs,
did you plug in the 4 pin plug as well as the 20 pin?
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The laptop shuts down when I pug in my jackit started out to just crash after a short space of timethen freezing somewhere along the line o fthe rebootand yes have checked heating but htis does it hot r coldin fact i wonder if this is making the fan not work cos have had so much trouble with it for such a long timethe only way can run pc is on battery and in safe mode with networkingbattery is charging but when you put in the power jack it now completely crashespower jack is not at all wiggly replaced it myself last year

A:why is my laptop crashing when i plug in the power jack ?

Is this a laptop? Sounds like it might be the power adapter but just to be on the safe side download, install and run this: version from green button top right).Before you run it go to "Settings > Detection and Protection" and put a check mark in "Scan for rootkits". If it finds anything at all please copy/paste the log on here.I appreciate you might have to download and install it using safe mode. If you can't get the download then Save the download file on another computer then transfer it with a flash drive to this one. Double click the download file to install.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanksmessage edited by Derek
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hi i got hp dv 7 installed all drivers from hp site its all good as long i got the power plug connected but when i unplug the power plug and run the laptop on battery the graphic setting change pop up comes and youtube or any video that i watched oges slow even the net? so what could be the problem ?
just to mention if i plug the power plug back it goes back to normal again

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Hello, I've had this laptop forever and along the way lost the power cord.  Of course it's older than 10 years so HP no longer supports it but I wonder if anyone would know where I can find a power cord for a HP Pavillion Laptop zd8000? I need to transfer items from this computer to another computer. Thank you in advance.
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A little while back we (Old Update Laptop Plug Power Thread) had a thread on a broken lappy power socket Well low and behold mine gave out again nd time The symptoms being intermittent loss of AC power during use or after shutdn Power goes on off if the plug is jingled at the back of the unit Well after disassembling the unit an HP ZT I found that the socket itself had not broken again Yea JB Weld This time the solder joint to the MOBO had come loose Well since I have been looking for a good excuse to buy a new laptop I decided to fire up the ol low wattage soldering pencil All I did was tin the tip and re-melt the existing solder joint and checked that the socket was mechanically secure Before closing it all up tho I re-routed the LCD cable bundle thru the hinge area AGAIN because the screen had been flickering and going off in certain positions another old thread Both of these problems appear to be due Laptop Power Plug Update (Old Thread) to Laptop Power Plug Update (Old Thread) poor designs by HP Even found a Google reference that said the Power Socket problem was RMA able by HP on some models Anyway Laptop Power Plug Update (Old Thread) this time when I put it all back together I managed to use ALL the screws Two for Two for now nbsp
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Whenever I open my laptop and it is plugged into the power source, the screen display does not turn on. When I unplug it, it automatically turns on. It does not matter what the battery percentage is. I have not recently made any changes to my display settings. It seems like everything is working in reverse. Does anyone know a way I can fix this? Thank you in advance.
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I have a motherboard thats 24 pin and a 4 pin processor connector, but the power source i ordered is a 20 pin and 4 pin for the processor, is there any way i can get a converter instead of having to buy a new power source?

A:Convert Power Source Motherboard Plug?

Look closely the 4 pin may be able to slid onto the end of the 20 pin connector making it a 24 pin. many power supplies now offer this feature where you are able to do both.
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Hello I have three fans I wanted to add a fourth on the front of the case to blow in

However it comes with at the end of it is a power cord that plugs in itís a powerful fan

But it didnít come with something so I could plug it into. Is there some sort of converter?

So I can plug it in? Or am I screwed?

A:Adding another fan ran into a little power plug issue any advice?

G'day theblob, I imagine it is a computer case type fan, if so it is likely a twelve volt type. As you would be aware the normal drive type plugs from the power supply provide two different voltages using the outer pairs (each side) Including twelve volts.
So if you can find a socket to suit that type plug fit it to the fan.
You should be able to find a suitable adapter that you can modify or pick-up the correct wires in.
Alternately some motherboards have a case fan pin header near the HDDLED set which might be useable but the plug would have to be made somehow.
Cheers, qldit.
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i have to keep unplugging this and wait a few seconds then plug it in before pc will power on any ideas? I can't post a picture on here but it has like 24 wires going in to it.
Please Help thank you

A:unplugging this and wait a few seconds then plug it in before pc will power on

Are you talking about this?
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I'm building my first computer, and the video card I have is MSI R6670-MD1GD5 Radeon HD 6670. I was watching a video that said you needed to plug in a cord to supply power to it, but I can't find where to plug it in. Does the motherboard supply power for this card or what?

A:Solved: Where do I plug in power for my video card?

You 6670 is a mid range card.
Some mid range cards need external power,some dont.
If it doesn't have a PCI express or molex power connector
on the video card,then all power is supplied through the
motherboard PCI express slot.
I don't see any power connectors in pictures of that card.
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Does anyone have a source the plug used on HP Compac laptop ac power supplies? I have several that have failed at the point where the cable is molded to the plug. I thought the connector was a size "K", but the ID is too large.
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A (burning really power gets hot plug hot) adaptor Laptop few weeks ago my laptop died on me or to be more specific ran out of power even though the adapter was plugged in I bought a new adapter and that seemed to solve the problem although I had to move the plug around in the jack to get it to work Last week I notice the adaptor plug new one to the jack got really hot so hot in fact that some of the plastic on the plug melted nothing too serious as it still works It happens every so often but its getting more frequent What I mean is that there s no telling when it will happen although through further inspection I ve found that the laptop makes a peculiar noise when it does heat up That being said the only method I have of charging the laptop without it heating up is to have it turned off before I plug in I ve found a replacement jack for the laptop Laptop power adaptor plug gets really hot (burning hot) and I m pretty sure I can replace it but I m not sure that it is the root of Laptop power adaptor plug gets really hot (burning hot) the problem A friend of mine who is an electrical engineer believes that it might be something wrong with a resistor as it shouldn t be emitting so much power that it heats up the plug Any one else have insight on this problem nbsp

A:Laptop power adaptor plug gets really hot (burning hot)

The fact that the laptop plug gets hot means that you don't have a good connection between the connector and the laptop power receptacle. I would NOT use it that way, because very bad things happen when you do. Rather than try to put it in words, how about a picture. This is one of two laptops that I've gotten after the user ignored the advice to fix the power jack. The other one looked worse, but both motherboards were obviously a total loss.
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I am having trouble with the prongs where the power cable is plugged in on the back of the tower. The computer does not come on unless I jiggle the prongs. The computer stays on just fine, then, so long as I don't turn it off. If I have to turn it off, then to get it on the next time, I have to jiggle the prongs again. I have already replaced the power cord, so I know it's not that. Have you ever heard of this happening? Is it possible to replace this part?
Thank you for your help! Maggie

A:plug for power cable on back of tower

That power cable goes into the power supply. If the cable is good, there is something wrong with the prongs of the power supply. Do you have a spare to swap to confirm?
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Triggers rarely-used blocking feature to protect users from attackMozilla late Friday blocked the Microsoft-made software that had put Firefox users at risk from attack.
The two-part Microsoft component -- an add-on dubbed ".NET Framework Assistant" and a plug-in named "Windows Presentation Foundation" -- have been blocked by Mozilla as a precautionary measure, said Mike Shaver, the company's head of engineering.

Mozilla blocks Microsoft's sneaky Firefox plug-in
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Doubles IE8's potential security problems, cripples privacy mode, argues exec.
Microsoft today warned Internet Explorer (IE) users that they could double their security woes if they installed and used Google Chrome Frame, the plug-in that provides better JavaScript performance and adds support for HTML 5 to Microsoft's browser.
"It's not necessarily that plug-ins aren't or can't be secure, but that running a browser within a browser doubles the potential attack surface in a way that we don't see is particularly helpful," said Amy Bazdukas, Microsoft's general manager for IE.

Read more -
Microsoft blasts Google over Chrome Frame plug-in | Security Central - InfoWorld
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Quote Many users have this experience they are supposed to attach certain documents to their email before sending out to recipients but they forget This simple mistake creates inconvenience to the sender and the recipients as the email will have to be resent Besides it can be quite embarrassing especially if the senders have to send important documents on behalf of their company A less than professional impression is surely to be avoided To avoid this unnecessary embarrassment there are some useful plug-in applications which can help if you are using Microsoft Outlook These useful applications serve as email filter which will detect and scan your outbound messages for some typical keywords that you normally use when attaching files e g file attached attachments etc These email reminder tools will alert or prompt users with notifications or dialog boxes to serve as reminders Some of these tools include Source Microsoft Outlook Attachment Reminder Plug-in to Remind Absent Minded Users To Attach Files My Digital Life

A:Microsoft Outlook Attachment Reminder Plug-in to Remind

Who knew?

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Microsoft is next Tuesday Explorer Microsoft is 10 plug 9, the and on Internet pulling 8, pulling the plug on Internet Explorer and next Tuesday Microsoft is ending support for Internet Explorer and next week on January th releasing a final patch encouraging users to upgrade to one of Microsoft is pulling the plug on Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 next Tuesday the company s more recent browsers The end of support means that these older versions of Internet Explorer will no longer receive security updates or technical support making anyone who uses them much more vulnerable to hackers A recently-announced patch will deliver the last few bug fixes as well as an quot End of Life quot notification telling users to upgrade to IE or Microsoft Edge the company s successor to Internet Explorer built for Windows This move has a been a long time coming with Microsoft announcing the end of support for IE and Microsoft is pulling the plug on Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 next Tuesday back in August And in March last year the company relegated IE to quot legacy quot status meaning that the browser will be kept around mostly for the sake of enterprise compatibility Despite this though there are still thought to be several hundred million users using soon-to-be-obsolete versions of Internet Explorer Those users are about to become a security risk so Microsoft must be hoping that its quot End of Life quot warning encourages at least few million to upgrade Then again they might just switch to another browser altogether nbsp
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I noticed that the brightess now increases as the slider is moved to the left, the slider was all the way to the right when on a/c, this caused the screen to go black when plugged in. Did an update do this??

A:my computer screen goes dark when i plug in the power cord. ...

HiWhat u need to do is change the brightNess when plugin and adjust it into it come on
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Hello all: I used the search but didn't find a direct answer to my consern. I am finally going to upgrade mother boards. The old Mobo was called "baby" ATX when I got it about 4 years ago. The newer Mobo I am looking at are called "micro" ATX. Is there a differance in power supply plugs between "baby" and "micro"?? I really want to keep the current power supplies since they are only about 3 years old and are good quality Antec 400watts. (and very Quiet)

The only thing I read was comments about 20 pin vs 24 pin. This would be online orders so getting answers about the Mobo is not always easy? Take a chance? Are there cables to fix the possible mis-match? Thanks for any info... agpilot

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ok will skip the whining anyhow my p is ca810 plug power mb intel button locations down thinking its the power supply its a pain the backup is an intel mother board mini atx the six small power whatevers are unplugged two of them anyhow and cant remember where i had the schematic so here goes the prongs are like so red left i think one goes into empty ca810 intel mb power button plug locations right white left i think one goes into empty right white white orange black empty empty empty empty empty empty empty empty green and white are the loose two got any clues went to intel but to old no support Its the wires that go to the power button and lights i think not even sure it the two off ones are important my other pc has always been a pain and short of throwing it off a high cliff its a lost cause but free is free anyhow thanks i would answer your guys questions but should probably wait till i can actually pass the a s and get some real experince i know enough to not plug these two in randomly duh thanks mostly lost but still stumbling along carrie nbsp

A:ca810 intel mb power button plug locations

Hi carrie
I couldn't find a picture but maybe this will help.
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I've been getting the above error recently. in the event log they seem to happen simultaneously. plug and play/power source/dcom terminated unexpectedly. windows must restart. it's not so bad that I can't use my computer. just a tad bit annoying. the error message comes up and then forces a restart. it mostly happens in the middle of the night when I'm trying to seed torrents. broni over in the malware section has inspected my logs and says it's not a malware problem (googling these errors inevitably leads you to malware forums. that's how I wound up here.). he suggested I post here and see what y'all could do to help out. I'm running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on intel i7 processor. let me know what other information I should provide. much appreciated!

A:Plug and play/power/dcom terminated unexpectedly...

What antivirus program are you using and what are your full computer specs? Are there any minidump files in C:\windows\minidump?Minidump files have a .dmp extension? If so, can you zip them by selecting them all and right-clicking to send them to a compressed zipped folder and uploading that folder here?
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I have been searching for a right angle adapter for the DC power plug.  The male plug diameter is 4.5 mm (0.178 inch diameter).  The existing male plug is straight and the cord receives much stress at that point because the female receptacle is located on the side of the laptop rather than the back.  A right angle adapter will relieve that stress.  There are many right angle adapters available but I have been unable to find any of the correct size needed, which is much smaller on this  laptop.  Looking for a source!

A:New Inspiron 5558, Right Angle DC Power Plug adapter

If you search the forums, you'll find others who've looked extensively and not found any.
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when i plug in power, my cpu kept on blinking try removing video card, blinking memory, hddisk, keep on blinking how can i fix the problem??? nid help
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My daughters HP laptop power plug is fried and can't get power to turn on. I would like to get her music and pictures off of the hard drive and put on my Apple laptop. How can I transfer this information without putting the hard drive in another computer? I'm new to site and novice at computer repair but would like to do this myself, if possible. Thanks.

A:Power plug fried - how do I get hard drive data?

If you are unwilling to remove the hard drive, you will have to get power to the laptop somehow. What do you mean by '...power plug is fried...'? Is it the socket in the laptop that got fried or is it the external power cord/power supply? Do you know someone who has access to an identical machine that you could use the power cord from and/or get your battery charged on their laptop so that you could run the laptop long enough to get the files off?
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Hi I have the first of my basic questions I am working on replacing the motherboard of my computer and I ahve been able to just remove the things from the old one and put them back on the new one but the in how front power I panel on of to my plug the to switch know computer need the double row of pins actually on I need to know how to plug in the power switch on the front panel of my computer one row has different wording and stuff than the old one and I am not sure which pins to plug in the power switch on The computer itself is an Enpower with an AMD Athlon processor The new motherboard is a Compaq Part - or - Also called QUIK SILVER motherboard I was told that any SOCKET A motherboard would work so I am hoping it is compatible Everythign seems to switch over just fine as long as I can figure out how to plug in the turn on switch I will probably have a bunch more questions after I get that one solved but for now I can t come up with any more questions because I can t turn it on haha Hopefully someone out there in cyberspace will know how to help me I spent an hour on line chatting with two of the HP Support people with only some results But not everything We managed to figure out which LEDs went where but not the power switch I could manage without the LEDs Thanks Lauralee nbsp

A:I need to know how to plug in the power switch on the front panel of my computer

The power switch and reset do nothing but short two pins for the time you hold the button down, so wire orientation doesn't matter. Which pins you have to short? You need the motherboard manual or decipher the writings near the pins.
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Hi My problem is I am running windows on a laptop power files plug corrupted wrong Solved: given to me by a friend She also gave me a docking station that goes to it My boyfriend accidently plugged in the laptop with the cord that goes to the docking station and it was like Solved: wrong power plug corrupted files that for about a week One day i got a error message i can t remember exactly what it said but it did say that some files were corrupted and asked to delete them i said ok It ran kind of buggy for about a week then smoothed out and was running alright It also wouldn t run the repair disc i made for it It booted with it but wouldn t run the repair program Then yesterday i tried to install a driver to connect to my gtc incredible phone by bluetooth It installed almost all of the bundle except for one file the first one called quot MSXML SP quot I am wondering what i should do of course i d like to have the bluetooth working but more so i am afraid something is wrong with the computer Is there anything that could diagnose the errors and fix them We really can t afford to take it to a repair shop Any help you could give us will be much appreciated Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM Duo CPU P GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Q Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard LENOVO CTO Antivirus AVG AntiVirus Free Edition Updated and Enabled nbsp

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Dear support pleaaaaase help ,Today is the first time I open my new laptop , I plugged the power wire plug to the wall socket and the power wire to the adaptor and did not connect the adaptor wire correctly to the laptop , when I switched on the wall socket , a spark came out small blue spark ,Please will this damage my laptop or the battery thankyou
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Hi All,

I am trying to find the solution of the problem:

My laptop Equium A200 1V0 freezes up as soon as I plug in the AC power supply. I have already tried the new battery and new ac power adapter after reading some solutions from internet but so far no luck. It works fine without the ac plug'in but as soon as I join the power supply it freezes up and I have to force shutdown the machine which is not good.

I would be very grateful to you if anyone can please give me the solution in detail to the above mentioned problem and also let me know the cause of this trouble as well?

Thanks for reading this thread and for your effort.



A:Equium A200-1V0 - Freezes up after plug in the AC power supply?


Do you use an original Toshiba AC/DC adapter? In my opinion the problem must be related to AC/DC adapter or mainboard itself?

Important is that you use Toshiba parts only so test it with an original Toshiba AC/DC adapter. If it doesn?t work it seems that the mainboard is malfunctioning. Such serious hardware issues can only be fixed from an authorized service provider so you should contact the guys and ask for help. ;)
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The computer in question is an HP G62 laptop.  THIS is the problem:  When I plug it in, the light where I  plug it in goes on indicating power is on, but the monitor doesn't power up at all. I was told that's the motherboard.  Is it, or how do I find out for sure?  It's the stock OS that came with it...I think Win 7 (32 bit?...not sure) Thank you
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i have an intel d845esp1 motherboard but the power switch cables have been unplugged can you please tell me the correct way to put them back on as the cables are labelled but the board isn't have tried every way possible with the power switch cable but i don't think it will work unless all three cables are attached
thanks for any help you can provide

A:need to know the correct way to plug power switch cables onto motherboard

According to Intel there is no such board as a D845ESP1. All Intel STANDARD 845 boards use the attached front panel pinout.
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Probably need new power supply as on/off switch on back of computer does nothing (won't turn computer on or off by that switch).

However, the ritual I seem forced to follow makes me wonder if that is my only problem--- Let me explain:

Hitting the switch on the front of the computer doesn't usually result in starting the computer-- but what does start it is to unplug the chord from the back of the computer and then plug it back in (unpluggin/pluggin in at surge protector doesn't usually have same results).

I leave machine running 24/7 and it works fine--- however, I am concerned that I want it repaired before it fails altogether.

Your help would be appreciated

A:Switch on Power Supply bad-- and need to plug cord in to start

Having to remove the cord to start is usually indicative of a PSU fault.
Though unplugging or turning off should have the same effect.

PS a "chord" is a series of three or more musical notes...
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Hi,I have a rather odd set of questions:One of my power adapter's end plugs (the area around the prong) sparked when I plugged it into a public outlet.It's been a few weeks and the adapter is still working. However, I noticed the prongs were blackened, or had black residue on them.Do you think it's still safe to use the adapter? What do you think the black residue, or blacked prongs mean? Thanks for your input,158408.0.html
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I am looking for a power supply that is adaptable to -volt and -volt source for my Dell Latitude D I am having a problem with identifying its tip that plugs into the laptop I know these things have names or numbers but I have no way of identify to Solved: supply's power this plug/tip laptop Need identifying mine Checking its dimensions with a digital caliper the outside diameter of its barrel is appx mm or inches The inside diameter of its barrel to the best of my ability to measure it with this tool is mm or inches The pin in the center is wire thin possibly smaller than a mechanical pencil s fine lead The charger I m looking at presently Solved: Need to identify this laptop power supply's plug/tip is this one but I might change my mind as I haven t satisfied myself this is the best I can do for the Solved: Need to identify this laptop power supply's plug/tip capacity and the money I would really rather have one with a - to -watt rating but that s beside the point of my question right now I have included a scan of the charger s tip that fits nbsp

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We connected power adapter but no light no signal nothing functioning, please suggest me how to resolve.

A:HP Laptop Pavilion dv7 power plug is not functioning no ligh...

Hi there @pvenkiraju,  Thank you for joining in on the HP Support Forums and Welcome! This is a great place to ask questions, find solutions and get help from HP and the community! Based on the description you provided, I understand that the power adapter is not functioning and the Notebook is not powering on.  Please make sure that the AC adapter cable is not plugged into a power strip, surge protector, or secondary power source. It should be directly into a wall outlet.  If you remove the notebook battery, plug the AC power cable back into the notebook, then turn it on, does it power the Notebook?Does the battery indicator LED  blink? There are two documents that have some great steps for you to use. Please follow the steps in both the Battery Does Not Power Notebook or Hold a Charge and Using and Testing the AC Power Adapter to find out where the problem is originally occurring from.  Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant if you need it. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updating. Did this reply resolve your issue or answer your question? If yes, then please share the good news! Let others know this reply was helpful by clicking the Accept as Solution button. You can also show your appreciation by clicking the Thumbs Up. If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help you. Please just re-post with the results of the troubleshooting and include your Model Number (How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?).  Thank you!Have a great day!
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So i have a really old computer. The mother board is a Asus M2N MX SE Plus and i'm having problems doing the last step which is plugging in those Power cables to actually turn on the computer. So there's a 2 pin with the label, "Power sw", another 2 pin with the label. "H.D.D Led", another 2 pin with the label, "Power Led" and lastly a 3 pin with the label, "Power Led E". On the mother board, i know where the panel is for these cables but i just don't know where each one goes. There's intotal of 9 pins with 4 on top and 5 on the bottom. Please if someone knows where to put each on this old motherboard pleaseeee tell me

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I have a strange issue. I have a Lenovo T60 laptop and I am experiencing problems with the power management/power guage.

It will often show the battery not installed (power gauge is a greyish-white color with dashed lines) or it shows a red X. It does not matter if I am on AC power or on Battery power, it will show the full range of power, battery level, not installed, or an error.

I have searched Lenovo's site and I seem to remember seeing an FAQ about this, but now that I need it, I cannot find it.

What can I check or do to stop this? While it is annoying, I am not sure if I am having a battery problem or not. I did check my battery on Lenovo's site to see if it was recalled and it is not.

I do appreciate any help that any one can give me.

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An add-on that Microsoft silently slipped into Mozilla's Firefox last February leaves the browser open to attack, Microsoft's security engineers acknowledged earlier this week...This week, Microsoft did not revisit the origin of the .NET add-on, but simply told Firefox users that they should uninstall the component if they weren't able to deploy the patches provided in the MS09-054 update.the code in that add-on has a serious code execution vulnerability that exposes Firefox users to the ?browse and you?re owned? attacks that are typically used in drive-by malware downloads.Mozilla added the addon to their default blocklist.Sources:;content

A:Sneaky Microsoft plug-in puts Firefox users at risk

To add to what AA posted:Mozilla now has a site you can check your plugins for security updates. Just click and it is pretty darn fast. This:To protect users who may not have installed Microsoft's patch, Mozilla is automatically blocking two add-ons: the Microsoft .Net Framework Assistant and a related plugin called the Windows Presentation Foundation. The open-source browser started blocking the software late Friday night."Because of the difficulties some users have had entirely removing the add-on, and because of the severity of the risk it represents if not disabled, we contacted Microsoft today to indicate that we were looking to disable the extension and plugin for all users via our blocklisting mechanism," wrote Mozilla Vice President of Engineering Mike Shaver in a blog posting. "Microsoft agreed with the plan, and we put the blocklist entry live immediately."Buggy plugins are a growing problem, as cyber criminals have increasingly leveraged flaws in products such as Adobe Flash Player and QuickTime to launch browser-based attacks. Earlier this week, Mozilla launched a Plugin Check site where Firefox users can see if their plugins are up-to-date.
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An add-on that Microsoft silently slipped into Mozilla's Firefox last February leaves the browser open to attack, Microsoft's security engineers acknowledged earlier this week.

Sneaky Microsoft plug-in puts Firefox users at risk

A:Sneaky Microsoft plug-in puts Firefox users at risk.

Originally Posted by JMH

An add-on that Microsoft silently slipped into Mozilla's Firefox last February leaves the browser open to attack, Microsoft's security engineers acknowledged earlier this week.

Sneaky Microsoft plug-in puts Firefox users at risk

This is the sneaky, under-handed, back-door burglary conducted through a Microsoft Windows Update and referred to in the article shown as a link above;

Thankfully this vulnerability was picked up by Mozilla Firefox, and disabled by them through an automatic notification. It cannot be disabled or removed through the normal Firefox methods, and must be extracted through the Registry system, shown as a link below.

This despicable action by Microsoft, has severely dented my faith and trust in what they now present as 'Updates', and any future Windows updates mentioning Firefox will be thoroughly researched before any installation is considered.

Instructions for the removal of this nasty piece of Microsoft 'business', are here;

How to remove the .NET Framework Assistant for Firefox

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Hi I'm using an Advent 7111 Laptop using Windows XP Media Centre SP2.
I have an Orange Livebox wireless router (formerly Wanandoo I believe) and I can connect wirelessly on my laptop just fine when it is running on just the battery. As soon as I plug in the power adaptor/charger, the wireless connection disconnects. When I hover the cursor over the wireless connection logo in the bottom right corner (system tray i think it's called) it says the connection strength is excellent!? But even when it says it is excellent strength I still can't sign to Windows Live Messenger or surf the web! Please reply ASAP please!!!

A:Wireless network diconnects when I plug in the power adapter/charger!?

I did that to myself once when I carelessly put the power supply too near the wireless adapter.

If your power supply is not within inches of the adapter, and not in the direct path between router and adapter's antenna I'd guess you have a serious problem with the power supply or with the overall wiring in your house. Try plugging into the same outlet as the router.
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Cambridge Power Soundwords Plug/Jack FPS2000 Problem Cambridge Soundworks FPS Power Plug Jack Problem My subwoofer seems to not be recieving power from the cable It s gradually spiraled downward at first my subwoofer would cut out sometimes but if I jiggled the plug around a little it worked then it started doing it more and more Until it got to the point where the speakers would not work unless I took a piece of tape applied it under the subwoofer looped it over the power plug pull it down as far as it would go then reattach it under the subwoofer again which holds the power plug down That worked for about a week Now it won t work at all I ve tried almost everything aluminum foil tape etc thinking it to be a problem with the contacts Apparently it s not Nothing works Cambridge Soundwords FPS2000 Power Plug/Jack Problem I m wondering if anyone has had this problem or has some kind Cambridge Soundwords FPS2000 Power Plug/Jack Problem of solution for it P S - gt I still have warranty coverage on it I ve only had them for months on a one-year warranty Thanks nbsp

A:Cambridge Soundwords FPS2000 Power Plug/Jack Problem

I'd agree that it is the contacts. Since the Warranty is still good, you might be more comfortable going that route, personally I'd check the continuity then resolder any bad connections.
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Hi i have a issue with my  HP Pavilion g6-2231ec. I used it without battery because battery is dead, just power connector.  Notebook works normaly but on a next day it won't turn on. It only blink one time near power plugin. When pressing the power button the button light doesn't even light.I tried to test it with friend power adapter but won't turn on. But we tried to get battery to it (without adapter), and everything works. I decided to change power DC Jack Power Cable and it doesn't help. It is the same. I don't understand what's wrong. Thanks for reply.
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Hey guys, I'm new here; I'm having a problem that is bothering me, I recently installed windows 8.1 on my alienware 17x R2, the problem is the laptop never shutdown and still running !, also when I unplug the power cable then plug it back again the windows freeze ! , Note that the battery on my laptop is nearly dead; I wasn't have a problem like this with windows 7, please advice, thanks

A:Windows 8.1 Freeze on shutdown and plug/unplug power cable

Right click the battery icon in the taskbar. Then, click power options. Then choose what the power button does. Click Change settings that are currently unavailable. Finally, uncheck turn on fast startup.
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Cannot find a solution--don't know enough about it to even start.  Most online entries point toward malware (perhaps in svchost.exe).  Nothing shows up on scans.  Can it be a hardware problem?
Opening the device manager causes it.

A:Plug and Play, DCOM and Power unexpectedly terminate and cause a restart.

Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
 Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - , taking care to post the link of the snapshot in your next post.
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I own a relatively old laptop / notebook with on-board graphics ( MEDION MAM2120 / MD97300 ).

It used to work fine with live online video streaming but with the implementation of plug-in containers for all three big web browsers ( Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Google Chrome ) my CPU ( AMD Turion 64 ML-32 with 1.6 GhZ ) gets pushed to 100% usage which negatively impacts not only on fan noise but also visual experience.

I there a way to switch on the 'plug-in container' functionality in any of those browsers to improve may streaming quality? Does an alternative 'light weight' browser exist which is not as resource hungry and well suited for online streaming? I appreciate any suggestions other than buying a new laptop.

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I have had the computer since May and all of a sudden the power cord will not plug into the computer, thus the laptop cannot charge.  I had no issues until this last weekend when I went to plug in the power cord, it just fell out.  I can't tell if somehow the receiving end inside of the computer got moved, or if the metal end of the power cord got pushed deeper into the hard rubber part of the cord.  It appears the cord cannot reach to connect.

A:Dell Inspiron 15 300 series power cord won't plug into laptop anymore

Hi Scxc1638,
Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Do you have another power adapter to try or to test this on another system?
please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address and a picture of the adapter port.
Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information
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My brother in law has a got himself a free computer to which I am going to donate my old Sapphire X1950GT graphics card. The problem is, is that I can't easily wire it in to the computer as it has a crappy generic PSU with only one Molex and several Sata power plugs.
What I do have, without slicing and dicing and getting out the soldering iron, is the adaptor cable below. What I don't know is whether this has a sufficient amount of wires I.e. 0V and 12V to provide power to my G/Card.
Any ideas?



A:Wiring a graphics card to a generic PSU - sufficient power wires on plug?

System power consumption with a Sapphire X1950 GT is less than 250W. I think you will be fine with the splitter mentioned above. You probably don't need much extra power to run the card. I assume there is at least a 300W PSU or greater in the system.
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I think I Virus? - and Reboot DCOM, Service, Automatic Plug Power - Play Errors have a virus I went online to check my bank account this morning Wells Fargo and when I logged into my DCOM, Power Service, Plug and Play Errors - Automatic Reboot - Virus? account an overlay box popped up in my browser and asked me to verify my personal information Name Address SSN Credit Card Info Suspecting I DCOM, Power Service, Plug and Play Errors - Automatic Reboot - Virus? got a virus I ran a quick scan of MBAM and nothing was detected I restarted my computer and ever since then I can t do anything I am running Windows -bit and every time I login I get an error involving one of the following DCOM Server Process Launcher Plug and Play Power Service terminated unexpectedly system needs to reboot I can stop this by running quot shutdown -a quot from the Windows run box windows key r I have MBAM and SuperAntiSpyware installed DCOM, Power Service, Plug and Play Errors - Automatic Reboot - Virus? but cannot run anything I cannot open anything from my desktop I cannot open anything from my start menu Fiddling around some I opened a command prompt via Run command quot cmd quot and can navigate my files through DOS I cannot get anything to run though still What should I do and what programs should I try to get working
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With every Microsoft OS release comes a new keyboard to take advantage of the odd extra feature that it possesses. For Windows 7, Microsoft's new range includes instant access to Windows 7's Taskbar Favorites, saving a little bit of movement and time whenever you need to access one of your more popular files or applications:


A:Microsoft shows off first Windows 7 hardware

Wow... nice mouse and keyboard set...

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I am running Windows XP professional and recently I installed the Microsoft Antispyware program. Since I installed the program, the program has not worked properly.
Once I open the program the menu are my only options as all I get is a blue display. I can go to the menu and I can get into most menu items. For instance I can go into Tools - Spyware Scan - Run a scan. The run a scan display shows, but once I hit the run a scan button all I see is a blue screen again. The program does a daily check and finds that the computer has spyware, but I cannot view the results as again all I see is the blue screen. Please let me know if anyone else has experience this problem and what they did to resolve the problem.

Thanks Jim

A:Microsoft AntiSpyWare shows no results

Perhaps you should uninstall the program and reinstall it - sometimes you get a bad install the first time around...
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Still re installing software after new hard drive installation and unable to view Power Point Presentations.
Downloaded Microsoft powerpoint Slide Show and created association in Folder Options control panel, but still doesn't work.
What can l do to correct problem.

A:Power Point Slide Shows

Did you install M$ Office ... or this free M$ PP viewer ???
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I have a T23 IBM laptop. When I push the power button, it flashes green lights on the startup row like it will start up but then all lights except the (Z) go off. The fan sounds like it runs with a pulsating whirr. That is the only noise I can hear and it is quite loud. It is not a rattle, just a soft whirr that gets loud and then soft repeatedly.
I get nothing on the screen, no post, no beeps, nothing but black. When the problem first started, the LCD screen showed rows of different colors, not icons, just rows of colors.
I don't know what to do. I have replaced the hard drive, thinking that might be the problem, but that didn't help.
Does anyone know how to fix it, or what may have caused this problem?

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I can't get the lap top to turn on but I know it's getting power Because the light on the lap top turns on for the actual adapter. Hard reset steps did not work
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Every once in a while I get a PPS Slide Show that has some images that my bride would like to save. She doesn't want the whole group just a couple of individual ones. Is there any was that I can save select images.
Thank you

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I have a brand new Sony Vaio which I just bought a month ago There s this problem with it whereby after I shut down hibernate the next time day I want to turn on my PC the power button shows that it is on but there s no display on the LCD Screen I have no choice but to force shut down press power button for secs and then turn on my PC again The On button nothing, but shows power Laptop nd time it will power up like usual the LCD displays boot screen again and everything work well except that each time I do that my windows time is reset to Jan AM Would it be something wrong with my BIOS I hope someone can help me with that because it is sort of annoying at times and frequent force shut down may harm the PC I believe Thanks in advance Here s my specs Sony Vaio VGN-FZ G Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Core Duo T GHz Laptop shows nothing, but power button On nVidia GeForce M GT GPU GB RAM GB HDD nbsp