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Folder Not Visible on USB

Q: Folder Not Visible on USB


I need help with my U3 Scan Disk drive. Im unable to locate or view the folders in the USB drive. But when i try to scan for virus with Avast the folders and the files in them are being scanned.

Can you help me locate my files on the drive?

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Preferred Solution: Folder Not Visible on USB

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Folder Not Visible on USB

Control Panel-->Folder Options-->View tab
Tick Show hidden and system files/folders
Apply Ok

Check the drive again
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I am seeking help either immediate help or as soon as someone gets a chance... please.

I bought a usb flash drive (my laptop recognizes it as a generic usb mass storage device) from the library... cheap I know... anyways I was using it prepairing to restore my pc... I removed it without clicking on the safely remove button and now it says cant remove files because its write protected... and it wasnt before... did I mess it up if not then how do I remove a write protection if I have no lock/unlock switch deal? I scaned it for viruses/malware etc... I can view all the files but cant delete them and I wanted to clear them off so I can use it for another purpose... can anyone help please...

A:How to remove write protection of USB mass storage with no visible lock/unlock

insert the USB device, then

control panel->Admin Tools->Disk Management

Your boot drive will show as C:\ and under
Layout will be Partition
File System will show NTFS

How does your USB show up?
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My ext.HDD don't show content of one of folders. It's not hidden! It start playing movies inserted in it when I try to play this folder with VLC player, but that is all what I'm able to do with it. I tried to check disk for errors bot none was found, have anyone idea what could be wrong? Thanks in advance Michal

A:Files in one folder on Ext.HDD don't show - not hidden

And we should play 20 questions as to WHICH directory??
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HI There is a solution for Pendrive not detecting or usb drive not visible in My computer and device manager Recently I had a problem with Sandisk Cruzer Micro gb pendrive When I inserted the pen drive the system is detecting but it is not visible in Windoes explorer and device manager But it is working in other computers So it is not damaged or virus problem Solution for not visible pendrive infected If you Open Disk management there you will find your pendrive without any drive letter Here the problem is not with the pendrive it is with the system To resolve this Solution for pendrive not visible problem I tried in many ways and installed driver detecting softwares but there is no use Finally I succeeded in the following method The problem occured because unexpectedly the drive was un-mounted To solve you should have Administrator privilages on your local system Later go to Local security policy select Local policies in that select Audit policy and select Audit object access and check Success and apply From RUN type diskpart and right click on it and select Run as Administrator At the DISKPART prompt type automount press enter next type recover press enter next type rescan press enter and exit In Device manager under storage devices find your device not recognized and uninstall it Unplug the device and plug it again then the driver automatically installs and it is mounted to your computer You will get the autoplay window Thats it Solution for pendrive not visible problem nbsp

A:Solution for pendrive not visible problem

This is the only and unique one that was worked!!!n awsome!!
how did u found it???
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This is going to sound weird, but does anyone know why I can only see the partitions on my drive when it is connected to a USB port and not a SATA port?

This is a 2TB SATA-III 3.5" drive, formatted in standard NTFS format.

A:Partions only visible when connected to USB

When connected to USB port, the system recognise it as another drive and shows the partition
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HDD 1 tb Seagate hardisk not working,is not visible in the laptop, can b seen in device manager for 1min then gets disconnected automatically and the light on the hard disk starts blinking

A:HDD hardisk not working,not visible in the laptop,visible in device manager for 1min then disconnect

If the system worked before with this drive, I would say the drive is bad.
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I have two SanDisk flash drives (8 & 32 GB) and a 32 GB SanDisk Micro SD card and, as of yesterday, the folder icons have changed to shortcut icons that refer to "C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe F/c "start %cd%\sony.exe && %windir%\explorer %cd%\Extras". 'Extras' is just one of the folders on my 8GB flash drive. My files are still on all of my devices, but I cannot access them. After seeing the C prompt statement, I figured I am way out of my league. What do I need to do to restore my folder icons and directly access my files again?

My thanks in advance for your help.

T Smith

A:Folder icons changed to shortcuts

The files have been corrupted, so I don't think they will be recoverable. Always use SD flash drives for temporary storage, and back up important files also on a DVD or on a second standard hard drive
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I have a mixture of domain and workgroup computers on the network and wan to have them all visible in Microsfot Windows Network My Network Place Group - Machine amp Machine are on workgroupA with its not Computer Microsoft in visible Windows Network own subnet and can see each other fine Group - Machine amp Machine are on the domain and can see each other fine Group - Machine amp Machine are also on the domain however on a different subnet and it too can see each other fine If I am on Machine it only sees Machine When I am on Machine it can not see Machine or however it can see Machine The same goes for Machine can t see any other machine except Machine even though its on the domain I have a WINS server in place in Group and it WINS see all the machines as Active Registrations But when I go into My Network Places on the WINS server it only sees machines in Group which are Machine amp Machine DNS entries are setup correctly with correct hostname and IP so I m lost as to what is happening here Sorry of this sounds confusing nbsp

A:Computer not visible in Microsoft Windows Network

My understanding is that

a given system(A) may be attached to a domain OR
unattached and accessed in a workgroup; mutually exclusive.
That says your request is not possible
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I have an hp laptop. The screen is unreadable when it is turned on. Tons of squiggly horizontal lines. I get a clear perfect picture on an external monitor when I plug it into the laptop. I have replaced the screen, the inverter and the cable connecting the screen to the laptop. None of this has changed the outcome. I get exactly the same result on the laptop screen. From what I understand it can't be the video card, which I'm assuming is part of the motherboard given it is a laptop, since the external monitor shows a perfect image. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Not sure of the next step. Screen output not visible

Hi Rick, thanks for the reply. I really appreciate the info. You are correct, the model is a dv6700. I'll ensure data is backed up and use it until it dies. Laptops are so cheap these days.
Have a good one.
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hi guys, im having issues with this error file and folder. im trying to transfer files to WD essential storage using wdtv live n router netgear dg834g. but recently the past week im starting to get these error message which states "error copying file or folder" cannot copy ... the specified network name is no longer available. never had any problems for a year n just started about a week ago. i have rebooted router , wdtv , storage to no avail. any ideas.

A:Error copying file or folder

Maybe the WD essential storage device is failing or needs a formatting restore
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As I saw today, my mobile phones folders are converted in to shortcuts, i tried to change shortcut directory, but it didn't work either, also, i noticed, that the real files where hidden, and that shortcuts, which where made itself somehow, opened through CMD. I need any solution, what to do, also, i lost some of my import photos, and the PC is not mine, it's public domain and there's admin privilegies set up. Any solutions?
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Hi to everyone........

Big favor, I need help. My external HD is recognized, but no folder....need for school. Anyone, please help me out


A:External HDD is recognized but there's no folder

Hi Pam and welcome to TechSpot.

What kind of external HD are we talking about? Brand and model would help along with the type of interface, assume it's probably Usb2 but still need to know for sure. When you say it is recognized does this mean you can see it in Windows Explorer and if so, does it have a drive letter assigned to it? That should be enough to get things started.
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Hello. I have a folder share on my Windows 7 computer and I was trying to access it with a Windows XP Home computer in the house. However, I kept getting an "Access Denied" error whenever I tried to write to the folder. How can I fix this?

Also, sometimes when accessing .zip files and .exe fines from one XP Home computer to another XP Home computer, I get a "Unspecified security risk" and "Access denied" error respectively. How do I fix this?

A:Access Denied error when trying access Windows 7 folder from Windows XP

multiple levels of controls here

the XP needs the LLTP service from SP3 to be able to share w/ win7

there are two layers of access for share resources:

the network access
the NTFS access
The simplest solution is to use Simple Sharing and share via the All Users\Shared Documents\ directory. The Admin can set Allow Modifications (or not as needed),
which create the NTFS perms for the <Everyone> group.

So, *IF* you have network access (you can see the shared folder and it's contents),
then the NTFS permissions are the controlling factor.

IF not, the the network access is in control and you need to figure out Simple Sharing vs not-so-simple and those requirements
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My external western digital hard drive has worked perfectly in the past. I used it to backup my computer when switching from xp to 7 and ever since then i can not see the files even though when i go to the properties it still says the space is used. (its 1T and amount used but invisible ~2gb) The rest is empty. How do i get these files visable again? I tried searching for hidden files and it didnt work either.

I have tons of important pictures, videos, and documents and need to get them back. Im hoping not to have to do an expensive data recovery service.

A:Files not visible on WD external HD

So the drive shows up fine in Windows explorer or My Computer but you see no files at all? That's pretty strange. You could always try one of the free recovery programs like Recuva to see if anything shows up.
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Hi there I recently moved some folders which are on an external hard drive into a new folder on that drive called quot August re-sort quot A few visible, no Folders corruption longer possible days later windows was running a backup and the USB cable Folders no longer visible, possible corruption to the drive came disconnected Most likely as a result of the above incident the new folder is no longer visible I ran CHKDSK with the F command and it found an index entry for that folder or that it was unindexed but looks as if it had deleted the entry and the folder is still not appearing after the chkdsk ran Interesting chkdsk text relating to the process is as follows quot Deleting Folders no longer visible, possible corruption index entry August Re-sort in index I of file CHKDSK is scanning unindexed files for reconnect to their original directory CHKDSK is recovering remaining unindexed files Unindexed files recovered If you have any advice on how I can recover this folder and the data within it it would be greatly appreciated Thanks in anticipation nbsp

A:Folders no longer visible, possible corruption

You can try a data recovery application, it may be able to recover the data. I use GetDataBack but there are others.

If you're using the external drive for a backup, where's the original data?
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While logged in as administrator, I copied a share folder to my local computer. I've manage to delete all the contents within the folder but can't delete the folder itself. The error I get when I right-click and select delet is :

Cannot delete: Access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the files is not currently in use.

When I try to delete the folder for command prompt using RD /S I get the error:

Access is denied

When I go into properties, there is no SECURITY tab but only GENERAL & CUSTOMIZE. Also the folder attributes are 'read-only' but of course Windows won't let me change that either.

Can someone show how to delete this folder?

Thank you

A:Can't delete folder

Have you tried Unlocker ?
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hello guys im about to give u a problem that i have for almost weeks and share 7 with printer folder windows Problem in now recently in my office we upgraded from XP to win everything was fine before until win come to the scene so we have pc that act as main pc to save all document and data and we share that folder to other PCs in the office it work Problem with share folder and printer in windows 7 fine for like - days then Problem with share folder and printer in windows 7 i cant access the shared folder anymore and have to reconnecting the other PCs to the main pc again here is what i did - connect the PCs to main PC via pc name and mapped drive - use static ip on all PCs some more info - main pc use windows the other using windows XP - all PCs use F-secure v anti virus yup i suspecting win and Fsecure has something to do with this problem - all PCs joined domain but already use admin password to connect before and work for - days without asking password everytime we want to access share folder any help is welcome thanks in advance edit printer also suffer the same fate as PCs nbsp

A:Problem with share folder and printer in windows 7

ermm..i guess there is no solution for this one...
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Hi i ve got a Pentium with GHz of processing no PC for visible reason lockup... hard power GB DDR RAM GB hard disk NOT SATA ASROCK P VM Motherboard GeForce GS PCI Express Graphics Card and a v Power Supply Unit Ok the problem is that my PC gets hard locked for no apparent reason at all It happens randomly and there is no specific program or application that would happen to be running while this happens When it gets hard locked nothing works not even the Ctrl Alt Del function for the PC hard lockup... for no visible reason task manager Reboot is the only option in order to continue This has been happening since the first day that i bought my PC and has been happening ever since I have tried swapping RAM with my brother s PC with a similar setup which by the way runs perfectly fine But still the same happens to my pc I ve even tried changing my Power Supply Unit but it didnt help Changed my hard disk configuration from GB hard disks to only Changed and fully formatted for different operating systems from XP x to Vista Ultimate and Windows Ultimate But the problem remained the same for each of these operating systems I have fully updated drivers for every hardware component on my PC So drivers is not an issue I NEED SOME HELP Need to know the reason why my pc still gets stuck nbsp

A:PC hard lockup... for no visible reason

It seems something is unstable on your system. Are you running one or two modules of RAM? If you're using two try just using a single stick at a time and see if there are any further issues. You could also try running memtest86+ to ensure that your RAM is OK.
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Hi guys,

noob here hope someone can help me..

i physically took out my hard drive from my desktop computer and connected it to a HDD dock to transfer data to my laptop.

when i put the hard drive back inside my desktop computer, C:\ and D:\ appears as a folder instead and cannot open when i double click. i have to right click and click open for it to work.

so i did a format on D:\ because there's no data in it originally and now it's back to the original D:\ hard disk icon and works fine when i double click it. but i have alot of valuable info in C:\ that's too large to transfer anywhere else to format.

does anyone know a way to restore the C:\ icon back to the original hard drive icon and double click works without wiping out the data?

A:Local disk drive C:\ appearing as a folder!

read this post there may

read this post there may be some similar problems / fixes for you.....don't forget to use the Micro soft USB disconnect tool before unplugging any devices
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yesterday I tryed to open a folder on my external hdd I received the error message that the folder couldn't be accessed becouse it was corrupted.
I am arfraid this might have have happend when I unplugged my hdd without using save remove, but I'm not sure this is what caused it.

Does anyone know howe i might recover the files in the folder. because it was al large (about 300 GB) and important folder.
I use windows XP, and it is a NTFS drive.


A:Corrupted folder on external hdd

Try running CHKDISK (check disk) on the external drive
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Every time I turn the computer on, I can see the shared folders that are my two other computers. The problem is, when I close the lid of the laptop and reopen it, I can no longer see the shared folders. Even if I hit refresh multiple times, the folders don't appear until I restart. It is really annoying and frustrating. Please help!!

A:Windows 7 - folder sharing problem

After Standby or Hibernation, you've lost the connection(s) to the other shares

If you have two systems with one share each, then use the command prompt or RUN to access:\\system#1\sharename#1
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Im having some problems sharing certain files to the network here on our office. The thing is when i try to share a folder it cant be spotted or viewed by anyone. I guess i dont share the folder properly. Its not only rightclicking on the folder and ticking in the share folder bars i presume? What else needs to be done?

A:Problems setting up folder on shared network

There's several variables the can come into play but let's just start here
1) Make sure all the computers are in the same workgroup
2) Make sure all the computers can "see" each other in "Windows Networking" (i.e. they are all "visible")

See this post
> Do step 1 to confirm each computer's workgroup
> Then jump to Testing Network Visibility
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I have a customers computer I am about to do a reformat on. Naturally I need to back up mainly their pictures, but preferrably the entire 'my documents' folder. What I am running into is an error box saying 'cannot copy'. I am thinking there is some sort of protection on the drive, but am unaware of how to find this out. Any suggestions?

A:Unable to copy folder from hard drive

Which version of Windows are you running? And what exactly is the error message.

It might just be a matter of access permissions. Are you logged on to an account with Admin rights?

You can try
1) Taking ownership of accounts/modifying permissions (see here)
2) Or just boot into Knoppix (an alternate operating system) and then copy the files See How to recover your folders/files when Windows won?t boot
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i had a hard time with viruses so i decided to format C and reinstall XP i am using two IDE hards of gig and gig i have xp s on both the drives but i am working with the xp on hard disk so i booted with an xp CD although i was supposed to format only the partition C unfortunately i had formatted the whole gb that way i lost all the data on my because there it didnt show me the separate partitions of disks after installing the xp when i open the quot my computer quot i realised that the volumes on my is not visible there so i opened disk mgt in computer mgt wondering there i saw both the disks and but for the it was visible only a one partition and there it shows that partiton takes the whole capacity one My not HD visible IDE is of the disk but i had partitions on my here i have attached a view of my disk mgt window pls My one IDE HD is not visible have a loot at it there also you can see some unusual two capacities showing for that partition in above window gb and the bootom window gb my all the important data are on my i suppose the data is still there since i didnt format that so can anyone please help me to access the partitions on my thanks in advance nbsp
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Hi, I recently installed xp on a new computer, I chose to partition my seagate 320gb hdd. I called the main partition c. (Don't boo, it's traditional!)

C has windows and all my programs on it, the other one (oh i divided the disk in half btw) isn't showing up in my computer. I used the windows disk to create the partition. However D isn't showing up in my computer at all, C does and says it holds half the disk capacity, but d isn't anywhere I can see Can I make it appear as it should? Or if not delete d, whilst keeping c untouched I do not want to lose my xp installation or any of my data oh btw its ntfs i used.

Thanks Bob. oh btw my dvd drive is called d is this anything to do with it?

Oh no i just noticed the storage sub forum. Sorry.

A:My disk partition isn't visible?

right click my computer and choose manage then click on disc management when you see the missing drive right click the drive and you should get an option to activate the disk this will allow windows to now see the drive and assign a drive letter to it

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My laptop window is window vista. I had turn all the sharing option without need to insert any password, but i just can see the sharing folder but cannot acess in the folder to see the files inside the folder. I connect my laptop with my friend's laptop with window xp via router. Some more the workgroup name of mine and my friend is the same....So, please let me know where i am gone wrong...Thank a lot.

A:Please help me about sharing folder problem.Thank

I'm not trying to be rude or anything but I can't begin to figure out what you just wrote =/
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Hi I need not Hard Drive Function accessible: Incorrect folder help on an external hard drive problem I m having now I have a Western Digital gb IDE hard drive in an external USB enclosure I set it to CS on the jumpers and it detected the drive and I was able to access all files with some permission issues Then a power Hard Drive folder not accessible: Incorrect Function outage occurred and when I connect to the drive it runs but I can only access certain files and folders Other folders take along while to access then I get this message folder not accessible Incorrect Function see image attached I ve tried connecting the drive to another computer and it opens the folder but it s blank The drive itself indicates that there s about gb stored The folder i m trying to access has about gb of data Also when I Hard Drive folder not accessible: Incorrect Function try to safely remove hardware for this drive it stalls for a long time I ve also tried another smaller gb WD hard drive and it works fine when I connect to the enclosure although it s a blank drive with no data When trying to safely remove it works fine It s strange that the drive was able to be accessed prior to the power outage and now it s not and seems really slow I m running Vista Home Please help Siedog nbsp

A:Hard Drive folder not accessible: Incorrect Function

You may need to Take Ownership of your folder and grant yourself Full Control privileges

See these two links:

Some more excellent help here:

File and Printer Sharing in Windows Vista

Five Windows Vista Tips for Networking and File Sharing
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Well basically Vista XP between sharing Folder/Drive and I ve been reading around the forums about hooking up vista xp together for Folder/Drive sharing between XP and Vista filesharing over the network So far Ive failed miserably I ve went over all the settings that I know in XP and had to look up the others that I didn t know including ALL vista settings I m just wondering if someone has a link to a site that goes over all the vista xp settings or if someone is willing to type it all out note did what like different sites on google said to no avail Trying to transfer the WoW folder GB can t redownload all of that would take like years on KB down from my wired XP desktop to my wireless Vista laptop All firewalls OFF ports are wide open file sharing enabled on each there s a lot more I m sure I m missing a setting somewhere but I can t find it So epically confused nbsp

A:Folder/Drive sharing between XP and Vista

Start with the basics. What are the IP addresses of each machine and can you ping each other?
Try pinging using the IP address and then try pining using the machine name
If you can ping each other try the mapping the network drive though the net use command computer name of the pc with the shared folder i.e. net use \\computer\sharefolder X:
If prompted for a user name and password there is a permissions issue. Set the permissions on the shared folder to everyone and full access. I would do this on the XP machine.

Also check the hosts file for bad entries, something may be blocked

If all you want to do is transfer a file or folder there is always the sneakernet method. But I understand the desire to make it work. So try the above and reply back and we'll take it from there.
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My network has 2 PC's, one of which had XP installed when purchased. The other had Windows 98, and has been recently upgraded to XP. I want to be able to access any file from either machine. On the PC that was upgraded from Win 98, I have set Drive C to be shared. The other PC can access any file, including those in the Program Files folder. It can, for example, run PaintShop Pro across the network, even though it's not installed on that machine.

I have set Drive C on the other PC to be shared, but I cannot access its Program Files folder from the (former) Win 98 PC. I get "Access Denied" messages.

Does anyone know how to allow complete sharing of all files?


A:How do you access "Program Files" folder on a network?

You need to set both share permissions and the file permissions on disk.

No need to specifically share the drives BTW. Windows automatically enables administrative shares in the form of c$ d$ etc.
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my C drive is only an 80G and right now 60G of it is full of apps. I rather like these apps and I don't want to uninstall them. Is it possible to actually move the whole folder to my terabyte and just fix the shortcut paths as needed, or is it more complicated than that?

A:Is it possible to move your entire program files folder to a seperate volume?

Hi BlackScarlet

Yes, it is possible to do that. It's called ghosting. Acronis and Norton Ghost are two of the best programs on the market for doing this. Good luck!

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Hello recently a friend of mine got a new computer but wanted to pull files off her old one She had hard drives in her old PC So basically what I did was take them out and plug them in to the new PC as secondary drives The drive in Hard visible not Windows first one worked just fine appeared in windows and I was able to drag and drop the files onto her hard drive The problem comes with the second drive It is visible in the BIOS but it wont say new hardware found and there Hard drive not visible in Windows is no icon for it in My Computer Now I am decently computer savvy so I know all about Disk Management and the need to assign a drive letter The problem is Disk management DOES see Hard drive not visible in Windows the drive but doesnt let me do anything to it except quot Delete Partition quot granted if she wanted the hard drive in the new PC just for the extra space I bet i could delete partition and it would work but she wants files off of it The disk management even says of gb free so it sees the hard drive and even measures the amount of it but why cant I access it Yes it was a windows drive not a linux one or anything Any help is appreciated nbsp

A:Hard drive not visible in Windows

hey dmzta317

If the HD was working in the old computer, you could just them both back, copy the files to the other working HD and then format the one not working when plugged into the new computer. Might save you the trouble of trying to figure out what the problem is with detection .... mind you, I can't say that I know what the problem is.

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Like a Flashdrive for example? (And by protect I mean with a secure password.)

A:Is there any way to protect a Folder on a external harddrive

Most externals are formatted as FAT32, so the answer is basically NO.
You can get a PGP tool to protect files and folders.

If you ONLY attach to Windows systems, you might consider

converting the external to NTFS
then changing the NTFS permissions on the folder of concern to allow only your login
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i am in a big fix with my computer hard disk space.
It's capacity is 75 gb.
The windows folder itself is 60 gb
i tried uninstalling windows sp 3 but it didnt work.
i have only 2 gb of free space remaining and i am afraid soon i will be out of free space.
i have downloaded ccleaner and few other softwares that remove pc junk but my hard disk
space is still decreasing.

Please Help !

A:Windows folder out of control

Have you run scans for spyware and viruses?
What is the brand, model, and configuration of the computer
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I have a 40GB external USB hard disk where I backup my files. Now when I am trying to delete any file or folder I get the message

Cannot delete "file name":Access is denied
Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in useClick to expand...

There is also a hidden foler $AVG8.VAULT$ which is unknown to me.

I am using windows xp sp2
thanks for help.

A:Cant delete any file or folder on my external USB Hard Disk

the external has NTFS on it and permissions restrictions.

login to an admin account
plug-in the external HD
dbl-click My Computer
find the external HD->right-click->Security
add <Everyone> to the permissions
then set Full Control on Everyone

click REPLACE permissions and Apply
(will take a few minutes to complete)
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I'm sharing a drive on my network using Vista, but would like to limit some folders in the drive. How do I go about doing that?

Sharing a drive seems to be a little different than sharing a folder. I clicked on the drive that I wanted to share and went into the "Sharing" tab, and then enabled the share. Now all I want to do is limit some folder from being on the network, how do I create a permission to deny access to those folders?

A:Hiding folder in drive share

giyad said:

I'm sharing a drive on my network using Vista, but would like to limit some folders in the drive. How do I go about doing that?

Sharing a drive seems to be a little different than sharing a folder. I clicked on the drive that I wanted to share and went into the "Sharing" tab, and then enabled the share. Now all I want to do is limit some folder from being on the network, how do I create a permission to deny access to those folders?Click to expand...

Sharing a physical drive is a high risk choice; MS suggestions sharing only folders.
This automatically excludes all non-shared folders and enhances your security.
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Im having this problem with one particular drive specifically after i merged two partitions together My original configuration for the machine was my WD Gig that had Windows XP Professional on it and a WD Gig that had Windows Server Eval Edition I had A LOT of crap on both drives and decided i was going to reformat both drives and start clean I got through backing up most of it but then decided that i was just going to make a gig partition on my gig drive that had Server on it So I made the partition dumped all the data that i wanted to keep onto it and Partition a Access with merged denied Magic to folder decided to reformat both drives that had OS s on them When it came to installing the OS s i decided to take a different approcach I put the OS s on there own partitions on just the Gig drive and decided i was going to use the Access denied to a folder merged with Partition Magic gig exclusively for data I loaded back up partition magic onto the XP drive because you cant run it from server Decided that i was going to merge the partitions back it asked me what folder i wanted to put all the data that was on the drive into on the newly merged partition it went all the way through no problems Went to sleep and let it run woke up this morning the drives were merged i had all of my drive back in one but the folder that i moved all the data to is giving me quot Access Denied quot errors i right click on the folder and it tells me Bytes as if nothing is in the folder but if i click onto the properties of the drive it tells me that the drive still has gigs used up so i know the data is there somewhere i just cant get to it I did a thorough scandisk and went to work and it ran still having the same problems I didnt want to really try anything else in fear of losing the rest of the data and not being able to get it back ANY suggestions would be much appreciated nbsp

A:Access denied to a folder merged with Partition Magic

"Access denied" would suggest that you are not using and administrator account or you have denied yourself (administrator) access to the folder.
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I have HD s running Two NTFS internal copying folder" file "Error message XP or and one XP "Error copying file or folder" message FAT external A GB NTFS with about GB of free space A GB NTFS with GB of free space A GB FAT with GB of free space I am getting this error message while trying to transfer a GB Movie from the GB HD to the GB HD saying quot Error copying file or folder There is not enough free disk space quot Obviously there is enough disk space on the target drive for the movie but for XP "Error copying file or folder" message some reason or another it doesn t think so Windows also recognizes that there is the correct amount of space available it only says there isn t when I try to transfer I tested transferring with other files and it works fine its just that file I also tried transferring it to the GB HD and it worked without any problems My questions are Is there something wrong with the file Is it that there isn t enough room in a temporary folder for it to transfer a file that big Is it the fact that they are different file systems Is there something wrong with my HD Or is it something that i m not thinking of Thanks for your help Sorry if this post is in the wrong section I thought it was the most appropriate nbsp

A:XP "Error copying file or folder" message

Thankfully you didn't try "moving" it, sometimes from doing this it vanishes from the source (as wanted) and never gets to the destination (due to out of memory error)

I've seen this myself, it's to do with system resource on your PageFile amount of Ram being used and the CPU coming in trying to process it all.

In most cases I have run CCleaner first then copied the large file(s) across without fuss.
It's just all the temp files together and Windows thinking that memory is low when it's just the processing of this memory in a temporary location (being %temp% usually)
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How can I put art covers in one folder that are seperate
I have a one folder and Id like the mp3's to have different pictures in that folder so winamp displays them in album art seperetly.
Cause I download the pictures and it shows me Folder.jpg the same pic is for all songs. Id like in that folder lots of pictures and so that winamp recongizes them
1.mp3 same folder same picture I'd like different picture
2.mp3 same folder same picture I'd like different picture
3.mp3 same folder same picture I'd like different picture
Id like those mp3 in the same folder and so that they display each cover seperetly
I don't won't to make new folder just one and so that each mp3 has a dffferent picture in the same folder

A:How can I put art covers in one folder that are seperate

I solved my problem

I solved my problem
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I m trying to back up some stuff to an external hard drive And there are errors in movies that I have ripped because I either forget to put them back in the case or they get lost some movies and whenever I try to move the video file ripped int a AUDI TS file and a VIDEO TS file I have an error Error copying or file folder box where the title of the window in Error copying file or folder the blue bar says quot Error Copying File or Folder quot and in the window the gray part it Error copying file or folder says quot Cannot copy VTS quot Data error cyclic redundancy check quot And then I click the quot OK quot button and it stops the transfer The VTS is sometimes replaced with whatever file that cannot be transferred or that is causing the problem I used DVDShrink and DVD to back them up I am running Windows XP sp and transferring them onto a GB hard drive Can anyone help me please Thank you nbsp

A:Error copying file or folder

What backup or software or DVD recording software are you using?
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i got big head on the wireless network sharing files, the problem is i can see the files that sharing from my PC, but he cant access to my computer, because is under password protected.
The thing is i didnt set any account with protected password in OS. Beside, i've turned off the window firewall. So pls help me up.
i;m using XP service pack 2

A:LAN sharing folder issue

This tutorial may help:

But I'd also say, try with your (or Windows) firewall off
Relevancy 21.07%

my music folder use to arrange my mp3 files in order from oldest to newly added. i must have clicked something because it doesnt anymore. can you tell me how to make it so it will arrange them from when they were added, like it once did?

please & thanks,

A:Music Folder

Open the music folder and then click on the 'Date Modified' tab at the top. You may have to click it one more time to get the latest file on top.
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hi guys i m working on a winxp machine that has users that need access to all the same information i d like to keep things as transparent as possible so windows doesn t really folder MyDocs users the multiple Sharing with appear to function differently than normal i ve Sharing the MyDocs folder with multiple users also read up on changing the target folder for the quot My Documents quot folder my idea is to create a new folder and point both accounts MyDocs folder towards that new folder i understand there may be the occasion where one user will want to use a file that the other user has open but that is a minimal concern i d also like to make is easier to back up the files from both users with a single operation instead of digging through things so the big question is is there any reason that its a bad idea for users on the same Sharing the MyDocs folder with multiple users machine to use the same logical folder as their my documents folder nbsp

A:Sharing the MyDocs folder with multiple users

Your working too hard at the objective. There's a Shared Documents fold that is intended to be shared by everyone.

Under the All Users, there's the \Shared Documents; everyone has read/write/delete
permissions and can copy or create files therein.
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Hi guys Just to get it out of the way I have already searched the forum can't Folder merged with Magic, problem open Partition files/folder. for help and the web and I already found a thread in here explaining what to do write techspot com in front of vb all windows t- -Access-denied-to-a-folder-merged-with-Partition-Magic html i can t post links because i m new here But I can t find the freakin security settings in Partition Magic I ve been looking through them all quot general view disk tools and so on quot but anything saying security I cannot find Is it me or my partition magic that retarded -S I have to admit it s a craked version but it didn t complain about anything when I typed the serial just - quot thanks for using partition magic and Folder problem with Partition Magic, can't open merged files/folder. so on quot When I try to access the merged folder this is what Folder problem with Partition Magic, can't open merged files/folder. comes up F g is not accessible Access denied The same thing a unformattede harddrive would say So is it still a security thing Or is it my partion magic that needs changing Please forgive my newbi-ways p s i m using XP home edition from dell if that helps nbsp

A:Folder problem with Partition Magic, can't open merged files/folder.

Although your issue may be easily resolved

TechSpot cannot help with cracked software - as the cracked software may be faulty itself.
Let alone the legal issues

Thread to be CLOSED
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I recently merged two partitions together using PartitionMagic and for the 2nd partition it moved all the data that was on it into a folder onto my 1st partition like I wanted it to. Except now I can't access the folder at all and windows says the folder contains nothing at all(there was at least 30 gigs of stuff in there). Am I screwed or is there a way to recover this data?

A:Unable to access folder after partition merge

I use Partition Magic a lot on computers, but normally I move the files in Explorer first, actually I didn't know that PM could do this for me. Mind you, from your post I'm glad I always moved files first.

Anyway, you say that "now I can't access the folder at all" can you access the folder in Safe mode ? What actually happens when you do try to open the folder ?
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Hi We have a network with a server running and all computers using xp pro the office computers need to access a shared folder containing a shared not folder network Can but see computer on frequently used program on one of these computers This folder cannot be stored on the server as the program doesn t work then It is also easier as only one computer needs the frequent program updates I have done this by mapping Can see computer but not shared folder on network a drive to the folder The user of Computer A has left and I changed the username and password on server and computer When I tried to connect using Computer B I was prompted for a username and password to access it and everything was fine But computer C didn t give me this option I disconnected the drive and tried to remap it computer A has the folder computer B can access the folder and program computer C can see the computer but not the folder All computers were recently upgraded from win with fresh install except Computer C which was just upgraded over the top Lazy tech guys couldn t be bothered to reformat I have called in tech guys but they take days to arrive and usually Can see computer but not shared folder on network mess things up Has anyone any ideas on why this is happening Any help would be appreciated Thanks Mel nbsp

A:Can see computer but not shared folder on network

What are you the System Admin or Network Engineer?

Computer C has to be re-formated with a fresh copy of XP. So that would have to be done if the lazy tech didn't do it right the first time.

Sounds like your remoting into these Computer A, Computer B and Computer C. Can you go out to their location and see what's going on? If you can't get the techs to do since you have to wait 3 days. Computer C needs to be taken care of.

Each PC A, B, C need to be setup in Active Directory so you can administer them correctly.
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Hi everyone This is my first post here on this community and I am hoping to become an active member in the months ahead I am experiencing a very toughie This a Sharing one's guys! Issue: Folder unique issue that I am hoping someone might have a fresh perspective on it has to do with folder sharing options under the security tab on a local computer We currently swithced over to a domain based network in order to accomodate some heavy duty software that was loaded onto our server This software can only be loaded onto local workstations by pulling the install files from a Deploy folder on the server Once the software is fully installed and the local workstation user needs to open the software it is pulling some data from the server but also needs to access some files from the local computer specifically from the quot Temp quot folder and the quot System quot folder under the WINDOWS folder in Docs and Settings So on the majority of our computers I just right click on the Temp and Sys folder go to the Security tab and add the domain user on to the Groups and Users area without any problems b c the local computer and security settings can see the domain server Well this is where it gets weird I am on this one particular workstation and when I try to go through the same process I am not able to add any domain users to the security group users b c for Folder Sharing Issue: This one's a toughie guys! some reason the workstation is not seeing the domain server - only the local computer - eventhough I am officially logged in and connected to the domain as the domain administrator So if I try to add a user from the domain it tells me it can t find it b c the only location it can access is the local workstation I have tried everything from disconnecting and re-connecting to the domain restarting the computer a number of times deleting the computer name off of the actual server etc - nothing is working Any other suggestions besides re-building the computer nbsp

A:Folder Sharing Issue: This one's a toughie guys!

Welcome to TechSpot!

Are you the admin of that workstation that has the software you need to install on other system on the network? You should use Active Directory and assign that workstation and anyone who has rights the to access the data you need. You could use SMS to push the software down. I rather use AD Managed Software to do it better. Most likely you'll need some scripts to perform these task. If you don't want to do it that way you could again go into active directory assign access rights for tech who has admin rights who could access the system to pull down the software manually for each PC. Again that would take time to do. Most companies use SMS or some deployment tool to install updates an etc..

Can Active Directory under Users and Computer can you see the PC? Yes or No?
Can you ping this PC
As it setup correctly on the domain.
Go to that PC and take it off the domain and put in on a workgroup.
Then when you log back in to the PC add it to the domain.
If it doesn't get added then go into Active Directory and see why?

How many Certifcate Licenses did you get for your server connections? Something else you should get into?
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Here's the situation:
Hard Drive: Western Digital
Is this a mounting problem?? If so.. how do I mount the drive?
Original problem is that the pc wont start on boot. I pulled out the drive and put it into an external enclosure and connected it to my other pc vis USB.
The drive powered up; began spinning; no strange noises etc.
The pc recognizes the connection of a USB device but it does not show on the computer other than the device manager. According to the device manager, the device is working properly and make and model is correct.
Yes, this is where you tell me to reformat but I need the data! Part of my thesis that didnt make it to the backup drive!!!!! I would appreciate any suggestions you have!

A:Hard drive not visible except only in device manager: Help!

How was this "bad" drive formatted? NTFS or FAT32?
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i got an old pc, with a 20gb ide drive (wd200eb). the drive has been binary wiped and now i want to install a new os. in the process of doing so, windows setup said it could not install on this drive. i then took a hard drive out of another computer and connected it with the wd200eb the pc was able to boot from it. then when i went into my computer, the wd200eb was not visible. i went into disk management, hoping to format it, but it was not there, but it is visible in device manager. what is the problem??


A:Binary Wiped Hard Drive Not Visible

The boot sectors are probably corrupted. Try regularly formatting it as an external drive. Then reformat it and reinstall the OS as an internal drive.
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Bravo to RealBlackStuff He solved my problem that I Folder denied accessible is access is not ve been struggling with for days I stumbled on this forum just yesterday and I m hooked I want to thank you for your Folder is not accessible access is denied post below because I ve been struggling on how to access the quot owner quot folder in my defective old hard drive with the following error message quot Folder is not accessible access is denied folder is not accessible - access is denied quot Thanks for the remedy you gave below There may be a case of encryption on the old W K disks that you have not yet installed on XP-home Also you will be a different user on XP from W K even if you used the same name You can take ownership of these files as follows Boot XP-home into Safe Mode Press F a few times when starting up as an administrator Now use Explorer to go to the folders etc on your W K-drives right-click them select Properties click the Security tab and click OK if a security message pops Folder is not accessible access is denied up Click Advanced then Owner tab In the Name list select your administrator s name Mark the Replace Owner on subcontainers and objects check box Click OK Yes and OK For taking ownership of files rightclick them Security tab Advanced Owner tab In Name list select Administrator or Admin-group and click OK Click Add and in the quot Enter the object list quot type a user or group account or Administrator Click OK In the group or user name list click the account you want e g Administrator then tick the check boxes for permissions e g Full Control Allow Hope this gets you on your way nbsp

A:Folder is not accessible access is denied

Hi Lexirad,

Thanks for that its always nice to get some positive feedback about the experience people have with the TS forum,

I found that people were having that kind of issue a while back so I made this page up.

How to change the rights in XP or 2K.

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The Size of Priv1 .EDB and HTML on my Exchange 2000 both are making like 15 GB although I don't have a big list of email accounts, its max 50. It 16 GB a week back I run offline defragmentation and used NT Backup. It reduces just 3GBs and today its again on 15GB. Definately if in a week it gained 2GB then in 2 or 3 days my Exchange will be down.

Kindly help me how to reduce the size of these files.

A:MDBData Folder

16GB is the builtin database size limit for Exchange. Don't worry - it will never grow beyond that size.
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I am trying to map to a shared folder on a server, but cannot. I go through the steps of mapping a drive, but when I try to expand the server, nothing shows up. So the server is visible but not the shared folders. any clues as to what might be happening?


A:Shared Folders not visible

the system names get passed via port 137
the actual shares are passed on ports 139,445

make sure the system that has the data shared, does so without using a
sharename that ends in $, eg invisibleShare$

what version of the server are you using?
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Regarding Network Drives (Mapped Drives) and Folder Permissions on a Network Domain.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew of how to set it up to where users had permissions to create folders/files, write, and read access, but dont have permissions to rename folders, move, and/or delete them.

If there was anyway to do this and you knew, I would appreciate any help.

Currently, we are running our network with Windows 2003 Server, and we do not have a group policy setup.

A:Folder Permissions on Network Drives?

nkarunatilaka said:

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew of how to set it up to where users had permissions to create folders/files, write, and read access, but dont have permissions to rename folders, move, and/or delete them.Click to expand...

Unless update-in-place is implemented, a save (after some edit)
is ususally a delete, create, write sequence and this makes it difficult to
avoid rename/move/delete.

Someone with more XP/Pro or servier 2003 experience might have more insight ...
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i used partition magic to merge 2 partitions and a folder has been created. i cannot delete the folder but i can access it. i have read this thread and followed the instruction but still can't make it. might be something wrong at somewhere.

the error that i got is

Cannot delete System Volume Information: Access is denied.

Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is nor currently in use.

FYI, i am logging as an administrator since i am the only user of this computer. the folder name is 'merge'.

Properties of this folder:

Administrator : full control
Everyone : read

at the Advance Secutiry Setting for merge
Administrator has full control while Everyone only has several Read options that has been ticked.

A:Cannot delete folder : Access is denied


ok, i've done it. just follow instruction from miscrosoft website.
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Hello I am new here and not really a computer whiz My old system crashed probably software so I took it to a friend to get my data off the hard drive He almost cried at how slow my system was so he practically gave me a new mother board video card modem etc So now I m tearing apart the old and putting in the new My question is--the new mother board I have the manual for and it says very emphatically to not put a V video card in--to use a V card The video card he gave me is used no box or manual and I cannot find ANYWHERE how to figure out for sure what it is The pin configuration and the slot on the board don t match exactly though they do fit The identification I have is ASUS AGP V M TVR REV Does any one out difference between & 1.5V AGP 3.3V? Visible there know whether this card is V or V or can anyone tell me how to tell by looking at it whether it is one or the other Thank you Melanie nbsp

A:Visible difference between AGP 1.5V & 3.3V?

This may help:
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Hi guys,

I have a Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200GB internal HDD made external. It is hardly a year old and sometimes I get error message when attempting to copy a DVD5 out of that HDD into the internal HDD on my PC...
The error reads:

Error Copying File or Folder
Cannot Copy VTS_01_1 : Invalid MS-DOS Function.

I dont know what to do

A:Error Copying File or Folder (invalid MS-DOS Function)

That probably means its copyrighted and illegal to copy!!!!
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I am in the hunt to buy a new ATI x800 "Platinum Edition" AGP card.

Is there any way to tell the difference between an x800 "Pro" and the "Platinum Edition" just by looking at it so I can be sure I'm not being sold an overclocked Pro as a PE?

A:Any *visible* ID diff between x800 "Pro" and "PE"?

What is the card your are going to buy? Can you link to it?

This is just a suggestion, but if you can afford it, I recommend a X850XT PE or the X850XT, they`re slightly better than a X800 pro or PE.
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I bought a GB Western Digital WD HDD JB caviar last year and formatted it with WD tools which layed down a Dynamic Drive Overlay of visible not Half HDD DDO I removed the DDO and was left with only GB I recently bought a WD GB JB caviar which I m now using as my primary OS disc and works great on its own So the GB disc reads fine however the Half of HDD not visible GB disc is only read as GB under windows and Ghost partition magic etc after I reformatted it unless I use the DDO again Gigabyte sent me a link to flash my BIOS WITH the driver version my motherboard was shipped with GA- TXE as their solution The AI support-bots at Western Digital email support say I should use WD tools to format the drive Geez Does any company actually offer any real help these days Why all the flip flopping from GB - GB - GB Under partition magic I see no hidden partitions and I can t figure out why I only get GB s Even would seem reasonable What bothers me the most is the GB drive Half of HDD not visible cost more than the one year does a lot to value Things I ve tried Everything but Fdisk see number one nbsp

A:Half of HDD not visible

Look at this it may help.
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I downloaded a movie tried to convert it to disc to play on tv, found the movie to long for one dvd, so tried to split it, that failed after a couple of attempts, I ended up with aload of vob files in my music folder. When I tried to delete these I found that I couldn't open the folder. I have tried two uninstall programs, they failed to open the folder then froze, I finally tried the search option, found the files, there were over one thousand files, I resigned myself to deleting them one by one, but after deleting half a doz. twice, that froze also. Can anyone please help?

A:locked folder

Open a command window and type: del folder\*.*

When prompted press y to confirm.
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I've set the Shared Documents folder to be shared over a network on computer A, when I go to my Network Places on computer B the folder shows up twice. Documents on Computer A and SharDocuments on Computer A. Can I do something to have it only show one instance? XP-Pro. Thanks.

A:Sharing the Shared Documents folder

I believe that you are looking at two different folders, if you have logged in from Computer B as Administrator on Computer A. One is the My Documents folder and one is the Shared Documents folder. Someone correct me if I'm wrong...
Relevancy 20.64%

Hi all I have setup folder redirection to redirect my documents and the desktop from one folder on our win k server to another folder on the same server I have created a security group and placed everyone in that group that I want to have folder redirection I tested files!!! not redirection all Folder redirecting it on my account and it worked fine it redirected my desktop to the new folder and redirected my documents even though Folder redirection not redirecting all files!!! there was nothing in my documents at the time And it deleted the old folders once the new ones were created and everything moved across However when the Folder redirection not redirecting all files!!! group policy tried to move other users my documents to the new location it would only move some of the files and leave all the rest in the old directory and it wouldn t change the path of the my documents to point to the new directory However it would move the desktop icons with no problems at all and delete the old folder The path that I am using to redirect the folders is server usersdocuments USERNAME and server usersdesktops USERNAME And this is applied to a security group call folder redirection I am completely at a loss with this problem and any help would be much appreciated thanks nbsp
Relevancy 32.25%

Well i m getting riiiigggghhhhh at the end of my tether here I m running a Toshiba Laptop ghz mb of ram BIOS Toshiba version updated Windows XP professional SP Right so i purchased a Western Digital gb hard drive and mounted it onto an external case with USB This external case has a volt adapter with am max W The hard drive is set on Master note i have anoter USB gb seagate drive that works like a charm connected to same computer Here is the problem i connect up the gb HD to one of my ports THe computer happily runs that new USB mass storage device says hello Then everything goes to hell I opened up explorer expecting my lovely new HD 200gb management. manager, in not visible drive Device disk hard to appear Uh oh this is goign to be one of those long 200gb hard drive visible in Device manager, not disk management. days week really I opened up disk management expecting to find it there and only needing a new drive letter assigned but nope the new HD is not there just the two i already have internal and external gb Its as if my computer refuses to acknowledge it Next i go to device manager and lo and behold there is a new entry under disk drives that says quot 200gb hard drive visible in Device manager, not disk management. Disk Drive quot So here i m thinking what the heck is going on I contact Western Digital demanding nicely for an explanation We go through all the usual basics and crap ie viruses spyware and drivers All drivers are up to spec USB Xp SP and as far as i know there are no specific drivers for Western Digital hard disks only their diagnostic tools which can 200gb hard drive visible in Device manager, not disk management. t even seem to find the connected gb model Windows diagnostic seemed to find it i ran a quick test and it says Error cable error So i dutifully swapped out the cruddy cable with the cable from my other hard drive Now it disappears The reeeaalllyyy frustrating thing is that it works on a computer with freaky deaky windows on it Sooooo windows XP is too good for it or what Its a recent model gb WDC JB for crying out loud So here are the things that are reeealllyy p me off the fact it works on other computers the fact that its spinning round and round as if its was mocking me the fact that my computer can t decide whether to accept it or not So in a few days my computer is not going to be looking good as i constantly pound it into the ground So any suggestions guys nbsp

A:200gb hard drive visible in Device manager, not disk management.

take it easy, there's nothing wrong with your computer. the hard drive case needs it's own drivers or you'll have to return it and get a different (and possibly better) one.
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In the process of setting up a 20 computer closed network using a workgroup running xp-pro. All 20 show up in "Workgroup" and I can "click on" each computer and have access to shared folders on all but 3. On these 3, when I "clickon" the computer, a login window appears(which I don't want). I thought I had setup all the machine in the same fashion, but apparently I didn't. Is there a setting, checkbox or something that I'm missing? Thanks.
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I was formating a Fujitsu external hd. i think i deleted something i shouldn't have. anyway it is not visible now in Explorer. how can i get it back?

A:External HD not visible in Explorer

try right clicking on my computer, click manage, click disk management, on the bottom right of the window, scroll down until you find your drive. assign a drive letter to it. if it's not there well you gotta try something else.

Hello and Welcome to Techspot :grinthumb
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Kinda of a 2part question.

I had a lexmark Z25 printer I uinstalled it but it says deleting in the printers folder, when I try to delete it, it says printer is currently in use. When its not even use even tried to delete it in safe mode no dice.

other problem is 3 users are on the computer they all have admin rights, hooked up a new printer Lexmark X125, on 2 users it will print but on one user it will not print it will just sit there then say document failed. When I go to the printers folder the Z25 print is still showing saying deleting. This has been going on for serveral weeks anybody know a way to fix this with out having to reformat.


A:Lexmark printer wont remove from the printers folder

did u make th enew one your default printer?
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Okay what s the deal here why doesn t CHKDSK even with additional attributes added work in repairing disk file problems I have SATA s added to my system and both are additional storage only at the moment I ll switch over to installing the OS on one later For now however I only want to convert them both to NTFS For some reason they ve both begun to deny my access to certain folders with the system rendering the following error message quot The file link to and convert size SATA to - 160Gb Unable NTFS folder improper invalid or directory is corrupted and unreadable quot The names of some files and folders have become truncated and not all have long path names so I doubt that s it I m at a loss with this one Is there a utility someone could suggest or know of something else I could try I d appreciate it I also own SpinRite - Steve Gibson s awesome HD recovery utility - but I don t think Unable to convert 160Gb SATA to NTFS - invalid link and improper folder size that applies here to this sort of problem Thanks greatly in advance Eis nbsp

A:Unable to convert 160Gb SATA to NTFS - invalid link and improper folder size

is there anything on those hard drives? also, who makes them? seagate has some good software available on their website for adding and formatting hard drives.
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I have two "Window XP Home" computers on a home network. After setting up the network to share internet connection, I decided I could share files and for a time it worked. Now for some reason my computer when I try to get something off the daughters says access denied talk to the admin. I went to hers the other day and while on it I checked the My Network Places and it does not even see the shared folders on mine. Is there a way to fix this??? and How???

A:Sharing files and folder ?????????????????? Help

maybe this will help

another thing is to make sure the folders are set to allow the network to see them, i did this last night. my comp was able to see the drive but nothung in it, i had to set the setting on each folder to share on the network and that fixed it.
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Wtf? ive just got norton antivirus 2005 and i put it on for a full system scan...i went off and had a mess around on my ps2 and came back dowstairs and its checkin a folder called 'recycler' in c:\, i opened c: and couldnt find it so i put C:\recycler in on run on the start menu. It came up and showed tyhat there was nuthin in the folder but there clearly must be if the folder is over 10gb....the files are not hidden either cuz ive tryed that.

any ideas what its there for?

A:'Recycler' folder in C:\ ????!!!!

The recycler is you recycle bin

Regards Howard :grinthumb
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I have created a folder on a spare machine called users shared it.

In that folders i have put a folder for each user with there name as the
folder as their username.

And created the following script:

Dim objNet, strUserName

Set objNet = CreateObject("Wscript.Network")

strUserName =objNet.UserName

objNet.MapNetworkDrive "N:", "\\server\users\" & strUserName

Saved as a vbs added to all the All Users/Startup so it runs and the drive
appears in My Computer. Perfect!

But i want the my document location to be set to that drive, how would i do
this rather than properties on each My Docs folder on every machine! Is
there a script or anyywhere in gpedit?

All machines including server run xp pro sp2.



- Please use proper thread titles

A:Changing users' MyDocuments folder with a script (Is this possible?)

I think this is what you're trying to do:
If you are on a domain you can do folder redirection through GPO.
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I have been doing some work at a Library and one of the tasks is setting up Active Directory I have never setup Folder Redirection before but I am literally doing it exactly how everyone has told me to do it and how every page online explains it has to be done yet when a user logs on Redirection Folder Active Directory in from any machine even the AD server itself Folder Redirection does not work Nothing happens at all The main task is to get My Document s for each user to be placed at SERVER user username In the settings I have set the Folder Redirection for SERVER user username Now I am sure that I am setting this up correctly but I think I am missing something else that needs to be done possibly Also another thing is I have created a Visual Basic script which is executed when a user log s on The Folder Redirection in Active Directory script works perfectly when Folder Redirection in Active Directory any user in the Lib Staff group log s on from the AD server itself but not from ANY other computer Including and XP machines Neither execute the script If the script is ran manually from any machine it works completely fine but the script will not execute automatically at logon like it should What am I missing Yes the server has been rebooted nbsp

A:Folder Redirection in Active Directory

Can't help you with the folder redirection :\

As for the logon scrpt, I assume the netlogon share is set up properly and the script placed in the right directory. It may be that running remote vbs scripts is disabled. Try with a simple batch file as the login script to eliminate problems with server-network-client setup.
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I want to back up 'My Documents' which is like 4gigs....and all I have is a CDRW it will take like 6 discs to get it all. What is the easiest way to do this?


A:Backing up a folder using Nero???

Documents are prime food for Winzip or Winrar. Stick your (sub)directories in zip-files, then burn those to CD. Winzip reduces the needed space by up to 60%, depending on the content of the document. Winrar squeezes even more.
So you might be able to burn the lot (in zip-files) on 2-3 discs.
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So I was browsing my email and found a msg that I was chosen to beta test the new MMO Skyforge which I had registered for almost a year ago Excited I followed the directions to download the beta client file and when I ran it I noticed that it was trying to default to an additional disk drive that I had plugged in Insufficient folder to write Permissions to that was from an older rig build the only component that survived a lightning strike It should have defaulted to my C drive but Insufficient Permissions to write to folder instead is trying to install on the older drive which is marked as F drive So I tried to change the location and I got a msg I ve never seen before quot Insufficient permissions to write to folder quot HUH I m logged in and ran the program as administrator and yet windows refuses to allow me to install it Is there a way to fix this UPDATE I decided to try and run a command in cmd prompt as administrator sfc scannow thinking that maybe there might have been corrupted files in my OS Win Ultimate sfc found nothing Still stumped nbsp

A:Insufficient Permissions to write to folder

Right click on the folder, and select properties. Make sure the Read-Only attribute is unchecked/deselected, as it could've been installed as read-only for some odd reason.
From there, open up the Security tab. Scroll through the list of "Group or user names", and look for your Windows log-in name/username.
If you do not find your username there, select Edit... underneath that list, select the Add... button near the middle of the window, and enter in your Windows username, and select OK. Make sure your username is highlighted.

After that, try and set the Permissions to Allow:Full Control. Select OK. If it asks you if you would like to apply settings to sub-folders, then yes apply changes to sub-items.
Let me know if this helped you out.
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I compressed my entire computer files or folder in Zip files but unfortunately the Zip file has corrupted or damaged due to virus interruption. So in such circumstances how to repair corrupt zip files?

A:How To Repair Corrupt Zip Files After Damaged Compressed of Zip Archive Folder?

There's a limit to what and how much damage can be repaired. You can try the free Object Fix Zip, but don't set your hopes too high.
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Windows Home Premium Service Pack -bit AMD Phenom II X T Processor GHz GB RAM AMD Radeon HD Mine is seemingly a story of blunders Yesterday I noticed malware called After Not Deleting Folder AppData Programs in Opening Conduit Programs Not Opening After Deleting Folder in AppData on my computer specifically BackgroundContainer dll AppData Local Conduit BackgroundContainer BackgroundContainer dll I quickly googled it learned it was no good and in my haste deleted the entire Conduit folder and yes removed it from the Recycle Bin as well Then I went to Task Scheduler to remove the Programs Not Opening After Deleting Folder in AppData error from appearing at startup While I was in Task Scheduler I thought I might as well clean up my startup while I m at it and deleted a few other things Programs Not Opening After Deleting Folder in AppData Unfortunately I can t remember exactly what I removed but it was stuff that didn t seem important e g Java and Adobe update notifiers etc I can t say which of the above actions caused my problem or if I m at the mercy of some virus but after said actions I soon realized that many programs would not open most displaying an error Steam gets stuck in an update loop iTunes says it can t start because GNSDK DSP DLL is missing MSIAfterburner says Failed to initialize display driver wrapper Nestopia says found no valid display adapter most of my other emulators also give errors involving video plugins and the like None of this has ever happened before I ve tried reinstalling many of these programs only to be met with the same errors Booting Windows in Safe Mode yields the same results On the other hand many programs seem to work just fine e g all internet browsers uTorrent Photoshop Sony Vegas What could be the cause of this Should I not have deleted the Conduit folder in AppData Could removing something in Task Scheduler cause this I ve scanned for viruses with Avast and removed any infected files I ve run AdwCleaner to remove any junkware etc notably some files associated with Conduit came up I ve booted Last Known Good Configuration booted in Safe Mode I ve run System File Checker Windows Research Protection did not find any integrity violations No luck Unfortunately I do not have any System Restore points Please help What could be the problem here nbsp

A:Programs Not Opening After Deleting Folder in AppData

I have win/7 pro, 64bit and iTunes runs
but GNSDK_DSP.DLL: Not found in AppData

AppData is (duh) for the applications. Deleting a folder within AppData should be fatal TO THAT application and that one only.

It is true that any EXE in AppData\* ... is suspect - - the app was not installed as an Admin OR it's a virus.

I do find several DLL files within AppData\* ... so these should be expected.

Uninstall and Rinstall of a failing application should resolve that app.

*Conduit* itself should be blamed for your existing issues.
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I had a portable drive at work several years file way to open encrypted an or folder? Any force ago that I needed to load some business info on to transfer to a colleague in another company but wanted to protect the other things on the drive from being opened Being what I now know to be pretty much in the dark about such things other than maybe trying Any way to force open an encrypted file or folder? to password protect them from opening which I was unable to do at the time I took it to the Project Any way to force open an encrypted file or folder? Construction therefore short term IT Any way to force open an encrypted file or folder? guy who did something to it which did what I wanted It took a little while to get the drive back by which time the project had wound down and the IT guy was gone not to be found Now I can t open several gb s of data and photos The titles are in green font I asked the IT guy at my current project if he could help He hooked it up his laptop and worked with it for about minutes and said it appeared to be encrypted and that I d need the original encrypter to quot release quot it don t remember the exact term Being that s impossible I took it home and worked with it awhile I finally got some things to happen so thought I was on the right track but ended up stonewalled with a message that I needed quot permissions from quot and a long number interspersed with s So I m stuck Any thing out there with all this new technology I might use to crack that nut open I don t care if I have to buy something I d sure love to be able to access all that data and those personal photos Thanks nbsp

A:Any way to force open an encrypted file or folder?

Circumventing encrypted files/drives is breaching security. This site has regulations preventing us from aiding anyone in circumventing security. There is no way for us to know if you are the true owner of the machine and files, which prevents us from helping.
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I have done a restore and still no fix, I have used the male ware removal forum help and nothing. When ever I open my downloads folder it freezes the taskbar and my hole pc and on then next bootup it is so slow for awhile please help.

A:Folder problem

What did you use to remove the Malware? Do you get other errors or have problems doing anything else?
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Hi I have a gargantuan wallpaper folder that messy folder? How can a organize I MASSIVE I download wallpaper packs into every day I ve done this for years and that folder is imposing to How can I organize a MASSIVE messy folder? say the least The problem is it s not sorted The packs inside it are either a folder or an archive I would like a program PLEASE tell How can I organize a MASSIVE messy folder? me one exists that will for How can I organize a MASSIVE messy folder? example move all folders and archives in the root of this folder to a new folder simply based on a keyword found within the title of said folder and archive eg if it has quot nature quot in its file name put it in a folder called nature etc This would be an easy way to sort out that hell hole Please tell me a program like exists Or does anyone know of another way to sort it I don t just have quot nature quot wallpapers there are several category folders I want to create mixed dreamy anime etc nbsp

A:How can I organize a MASSIVE messy folder?

Brute force:
create a list and then move them manually

get a command prompt
CD to the Wallpaper directory

DIR /B >_file_names.txt
@@ list is naturally sorted by name

open it: Notepad _file_names.txt

get another command prompt, place it beside the first
cd to the Wallpaper directory

COPY a line from list in window one
in window two type MOVE and paste after it, and then add the destination folder name​
repeat for every line in the notepad
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Hi everyone,
I am working on a simple crawler that downloads web pages and stores it on my computer on local drive. The crawler works fine for the simple task I needed. My problem is, the crawler fails to create files and save the web pages once the number of files in the folder is around 630. The crawler works normally but the files are not created. I think this has something to do with Operating System than the crawler. Disk quota is off on the computer. I run Windows 7 Professional 64 bit version on laptop. Do you see any reason why this happens?

A:Problem with number of files in a folder

More likely that the script processing limit(cpu time) is reached.
Unless you have quotas enabled, the file count is not limited to this smallish number.

a simple crawler that downloads web pagesClick to expand...

I find this to be objectionable and may easily violate DRM and Copyright laws.
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I was doing some organizing (I don't know why, but I don't have "organize" in my bookmarks menu?) and moved one main folder into another folder by mistake, now can't move it back out into the main bookmarks menu.
Have done a search and nothing I can find will work.

This can't be that difficult!


A:Firefox, Yahoo: How to move bookmarks folder out of another folder?

Organize favorites is for IE. For Firefox you can restore your bookmarks by clicking on Bookmarks in the Menu Bar, click Show All Bookmarks, click the Import and Backup button, click Restore, click Choose File and then navigate to and select the .json file that was moved. Firefox will place a copy of the .json file (which are your bookmarks) back to the default folder. If you want, you can select a recent backup copy from the drop down list instead of choose file. That would save you a few clicks.

After restoring your bookmarks you can delete the accidentally moved file.
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I can find nothing either in Win s Help -bit on a Dell Vostro laptop or at Microsoft s forums about vs Folder folder 7 frustration Win sub a frustrating Win issue and am hoping someone out here can tell me if there s a setting to fix this or if I m just going to have to learn to deal with it I have a LOT of folders beneath my primary quot My Documents quot folder I have a small jewelry business I help coordinate Win 7 Folder vs sub folder frustration a local Arts Fest I have photos recipes correspondence health family-related stuff and on and on Recently I had several folders containing a lot of files that I felt could be better searched by adding sub folders separating out smaller categories beneath the main folder I e My Pictures has sub folders for jewelry home dog historic etc What I discovered was I thought I was MOVING these files from the primary folder into their appropriate newly created sub folders only to later discover when I went back at a later time that ALL the files separated neatly I thought into their tidy sub folders had somehow reappeared beneath the primary folder What this means is that all of these files are now taking up twice as much space One file in the primary folder and a copy in the sub folder This maintains the primary folder as a bulky and awkward place and useless to me for file searching I used to keep stuff in the primary file that didn t fit into a sub folder category and or if there weren t enough of these misc sorts of files to warrant creating a new sub folder but if I try to DELETE the file from the primary folder the copy also disappears from the sub folder and I have to go out to the recycle bin and quot restore quot and of course it restores the files to both places I ve still got plenty of space left on the laptop but that s sort of beside the point My whole point was to tidy up the files and while I can search through the sub folders the continued presence of all those files in the primary folder makes me crazy Is there something I m missing setting wise Losing hair in northern NY Karan nbsp

A:Win 7 Folder vs sub folder frustration

Be careful; My Documents, Documents and Library get confusing.

get a CMD prompt and enter explorer %USERPROFILE%
this will position you at your root and using the TREE view, you can get to the correct My Documents.

I too like structure, but windows is limited on the nesting depth of folder\folder\...\filename.ext

The sum total length of (c:\folder\folder\...\filename.ext) on windows can not exceed
260 character ( see this )

Too much structure and you get into trouble.
For product organization, don't add subfolders for size, color variations, let the product itself be a folder and the details to be contained in the files within it.
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This Quesiton may be asked serveral times but i m looking for something crazy that's make no sense but that will help me in testing my REGEX programing

I have a directoy :c:/testing

in which there are serveral files or subfolder's which contain
- movie files (.avi , .mpg , wmv)
- some html file

I want to copy the folder structure as well as it will also copy the file name of movie file and create textfile with same name of movie

Like :

Original Folder :


i want output like this (Just create a empty textfile)


Suggest me how to do

- Any software
- Any Trick
- Any Dos prompt prograaming

I just want to do this


A:Copy folder structure and filename only

Have a look at this link, and scroll down to Filenote

Perhaps this, along with xcopy, can do what you need.
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Everytime I click on the downloads folder in windows 8 it hangs my pc, shows an "empty" folder and then closes it. I have used systemlook but I don't understand the log so if anyone could take a look at it it would be greatly appreciated!

The problem began after downloading windows live essentials


A:Clicking on Downloads folder hangs PC

I'm moving this topic to appropriate forum.
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I have the game called F E A R FEAR w DLC s FEAR and FEAR in my Steam Library In the event I ever want to re-install Steam I want a backup of the game files FEAR and FEAR were successfully backed up FEAR on deleting folder Difficulty named a F.E.A.R. the other hand has given me a headache I ve since successfully managed to get it done but not by using the default folder name quot F E A R quot for backup I eventually renamed the default and used quot F E A R quot First attempt was including the DLC links That is the main game link and two additional DLC links pointing back to the main game files The DLC s are basically embedded within the main game files So the links were not important Good thing too because when I add Difficulty deleting a folder named F.E.A.R. the links to be in the backup the backup appears to complete Difficulty deleting a folder named F.E.A.R. but never gives the finished status That makes me question whether I should trust the backup After three attempts to complete with failure I decided to drop the DLC links and just backup the main game files Second attempt is where my issue is at After removing the DLC links the default name for backup is quot F E A R quot Don t ask me why or how the name quot F E A R quot cannot be read from renamed moved or deleted Now the parent folder can be edited and moved but not deleted with the sub-folder quot F E A R quot While trying to backup the game I ve ended up with three of these folders I cannot modify or remove Third attempt was successful once I realized the DLC s links were causing a problem and the default backup name was not a good idea I usually don t have to worry about user permissions with the third party file manager I use I have also booted into Mini XP from Hiren s BootCD and faced the very same problem in a completely different OS Now for the questions Short of deleting the partition do you guys have any ideas as to how I can remove this folder And if you have any idea as to why this particular folder name is causing problems I d really like an explanation After reading comments from quot I can t delete a Steam game backup quot question number one is answered Use a DOS command quot RD S F E A R quot Question number two is still open Why was this an issue to begin with nbsp

A:Difficulty deleting a folder named F.E.A.R.

Precisely HOW are you attempting the delete?
There might be hidden files in the folder or even a hidden folder.

Attempting DEL from a command prompt might work
cd to the directory just above F.E.A.R
then DEL /s /a:h F.E.A.R
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I'm using the Windows Backup tool to backup my files onto both an internal and external HD throughout the week. I choose which folders and libraries to backup because I only care about certain things getting backed up. When I use the Windows Backup tool, it backs up the files to a backup file that allows me to grab the data I want from it.

Is there a way to just backup the folders so I see the folders the way they would display in the Windows OS? If Windows backup doesn't do this, does any other backup solution? If so, what are some you may recommend?

A:Is there a backup system that backs up copies of the folder structure the way its shown on the PC?

I use syncbackSE which does all you want, and much more. There is a (slightly limited) free version.

I would say the number of options available makes this a very professional product - it's been around a long time and is widely used by professionals - but the trade-off is it may not be the most suitable for inexperienced PC users. However, taking the default options throughout would result in a very good solution for you. It's main aim is the copying of existing file structures to backup devices in which typically the same file structure is repeated (or any selected parts of it). You can also, quite usefully, set the copy to not delete files which you have deleted from your source directories, which makes it an extended recycle bin. Yet you can clean up those copies of deleted files any time you like in a couple of clicks.
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I installed windows 7 (Ultimate SP1) x64 on my machine. After installing some tools/apps when I looked at my C:\ drive I saw the following shape (left hand)! That is, there is one folder named Program Files (x86) folder! And I saw the right hand one when I opened that Program Files (x86) folder. I?m not sure do all of my tools were in x64 version or not but I tried to install those that I was sure about them. Is this x86 folder typical in C:\ drive of x64 or it was my fault of installing the x86 apps please?

A:Program Files (x86) folder in Windows 7 x64 C:\ drive

32bit programs on Windows 64 run emulated in WOW (windows on windows). 32bit programs end up being installed there by default, whereas 64bit programs get installed to regular Program Files.
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To the best of my knowledge, I've never noticed a folder on the desktop of a Vista Home Premium specifically named "desktop". On mine, it has one & 99% of the time ALL downloads go in it. I have even deleted said folder but it always returns. No biggie, just curious.

A:Vista Home Premium desktop folder?

Probably whatever software you use for downloads (or at least one of them, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) has accidently got a default value for the download location of 'desktop'. If you use a specialist downloader that would be the first place to look.

The trick will be to establish a different location to be used as default. You are using Vista I assume, but from Win 7 onwards, the location tends to default to the last one you specifically chose when prompted.

So download something, and take the option to 'let me choose' then select whatever you want, such as Favorites\downloads. The default should normally be Favorites\downloads (see below)

Note on a standard PC there are already several directories called 'desktop', for instance under Favorites, and under c:\users\ every user including \public and \default also has one. It's all hopelessly and unnecessarily complicated. For instance the location I just mentioned, 'Favorites' is not a real location at all, but is really C:\users\<myusername>

Also it is still quite common for older type software to assume the desktop is a reasonable place to put a downloaded file. This is mainly because it shows up under the users nose all the time, under any windows version. But to be honest, once you start trying to understand the whys and wherefores of a Windows OS you are just pointlessly shortening your life.
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My Outlook has just started sending all my emails directly into my Deleted Items folder and bypasses the Inbox. I have run 3 anti-virus scans (Avast, Malwarebytes, and Spybot--thorough scans). They found no viruses.

I did go and create a rule for a couple of contacts for them to go into the Inbox. Now they go into the Inbox and the Deleted Items folder.

I am very unsure of what to do now. I would appreciate any help you give me.


A:Outlook automatically sends email to Deleted Items folder

Couple questions.

1) Are you using Full Outlook or Outlook express?
2) Do the times in the deleted folder have any weird tagging on them (in the subject line)?
3) Is this connecting to an exchange server (like at work) or are you just using this for personal emails. (ie what email address are you getting email on )
4) do you remember any thing that you did recently in changing settings/ installing any new software, etc. . .
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Thankfully free of any is Folder Lock not Do crap use it - FYI: issues for the moment so I figured I would make my first thread about my most recent mistake in the software field For the unfamiliar Folder Lock is a program that is supposed to be able to secure files in something called quot Lockers quot and give the option to encrypt that data as well I tried it on a folder just under GB and wanted to headdesk as soon as I tried to undo what I had done It locked the data well enough then when I tried to open it the program attempted to create a virtual drive on my computer where the data would be accessible Only it wasn t Every time I clicked on this new virtual drive it kept saying it needed to be reformatted The whole program was one huge frustration Ironically enough this is one time where System Restore saved my data when I least expected it to work But seriously I ve heard of other programs doing better jobs securing data than this something like TrueCrypt I ve heard works well plus its freeware Carry on nbsp

A:FYI: Do not use Folder Lock - it is crap

Thanks for the advice.

There's always some risk associated with the use of such locking-encrypting software. If something goes wrong, your data can remain inaccessible for ever.

It would thus be advisable to have a backup of locked data...locked physically but unlocked electronically, somewhere else.
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I am running Windows 7. For some time now if I double click a file or folder in windows explorer left or right pane it moves up a level to the parent folder and shows the contents of that in the right pane rather that opening the contents of that folder.

I have no trojans or viruses. I am using the QTTabBar.

Any ideas of why this is happening?

Thanks, Tom.
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Hi, not sure if this is the right thread to post in but earlier today I cleaned out my temp folder and now I'm having trouble downloading pdf files and firefox add-ons, my browsing history isn't saving (and there are a handful of sites that I visited when searching for clearing temporary files that won't delete) and there are no doubt a couple of other things that are no longer working that I haven't found out about yet.
I've also tried doing this following the steps on to restore the 'Low' folder and it doesn't work, and I've tried putting some files back in the folder but get this message: "C:\Users\Claire\AppData\Local\Temp could not be saved, because you cannot change the contents of that folder."
Any ideas on how I can fix this...?

Thanks a lot
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Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate -bit Service Pack A strange and frustrating thing is happening with my Windows Vista folders When I change the settings position settings folder's view have linked Two different become size view layout etc of one folder the settings of a different folder changes in the same way And if I change the other folder Two different folder's view settings have become linked s settings the first folder s settings change in Two different folder's view settings have become linked the same way It s as if the folder s saved settings are somehow linked as if Vista is treating them as the same folder If I change the name of one of the folders they are no longer linked but they become linked to different folders instead This is happening to a number of folders where two different folder s saved settings are being linked I ve even noticed three different folders settings being linked together in this way In Folder Options View I have Remember each folder s view settings checked That didn t help In fact it seems to remember the settings even when it s unchecked And the folders that are Two different folder's view settings have become linked linked together still change each others settings in the same way In Folder Options View I ve tried the Reset Folders and Apply to Folders buttons That didn t help In Folder Options View under Managing pairs of Web pages and folders I checked Show both parts and manage them individually That didn t help I edited the registry to disable Automatic Folder Type Discovery That didn t help I have never come across a software problem that I couldn t find a solution to or even any mention of with Google until now I hope there is someone who knows how to fix this It s really stressing me out nbsp

A:Two different folder's view settings have become linked

I think I found a solution that seems to have worked. I don?t know what caused the problem in the first place, so I don?t know if this solution will be permanent. For anyone else who has this problem, I hope this solution works for you:

Reset All Folder View Settings to Make Vista Remember

After doing steps 1 to 8 in OPTION ONE (automatic method), I skipped down to step 29 in OPTION TWO (manual method), (as instructed in step 8 of OPTION ONE) I did steps 29 to 32. I found steps 33 - 35 confusing. I skipped them, but the problem seems to have been fixed anyway, so you may not have to do past step 32.
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i have just tried to download folder lock(unregistered version), but when i downloaded it i was unable to open the program because it asked for a user id and registration password , which i dont have can anyone help me on i am able to get this.

i also tried to uninstall it, but because you need to do it through the program not the manual way

A:Folder lock 5.7.5

What does "unregistered version" mean?