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Q: Microsoft Razer Reclusa Keyboard

I just bought a Razer Reclusa keyboard and the only problem I'm having is that it does not "power up" so to speak until after post. If I needed to get into the BIOS I could press [del] a million times and nothing would happen. Once windows starts up, it works fine. Is this just the way the keyboard is? I'd appreciate any info.

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Preferred Solution: Microsoft Razer Reclusa Keyboard

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Microsoft Razer Reclusa Keyboard

Haven't looked up that keyboard, but I think I know what it is (the fix) anyway.

You need to get into your BIOS (with another keyboard, ideally PS/2 if you have the connection)
Then set Enable for USB Keyboard/Mouse support

I think that may be a bit of a mind teaser to do, but I'm sure you'll work it out
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Since using Win 8 CP I have noticed my keyboard often misses the letter "e" and double types other letters randomly. I am not sure if it is a win 8 problem or coincidence that this has happened since using Win 8.

A:Razer Blackwidow Keyboard

Razer is completely notorious with drivers. Make sure you are using their latest and if you are already, complain to them.
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Hi guys i have a Razer Arctosa Keyboard but i lost the cd driver does anyone know where i can download the driver from internet and what kind of driver i need to download? Also i have a Razer Naga Mouse i have the driver called Razer Synapse that's only for the mouse right? not for the keyboard

A:Razer Arctosa Keyboard Driver

Directly from Razer,

Razer Arctosa Vista/XP Driver v1.00 (English)
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I've recently acquired a Win 7 PC. I installed a Razer Lycosa keyboard and found out quickly that the "show desktop" shortcut keys (Windows key +D) don't work. I also noticed if I happen to have a search box open, it will enter a D when I try to use the shortcut. This keyboard has worked fine on a XP machine. I also dowloaded the driver from the Razer site and installed it with no change. Any ideas will be appreciated.

A:Razer Lycosa keyboard shortcuts

It's only with the show desktop key combination that the Windows logo key is a problem? Other key combinations work?
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So I just updated Razer Synapse on my desktop PC once it was complete I lost the ability to use my Naga mouse and keyboard (not Razer). I pressed the power button and my PC immediately shut down, which I thought was a little odd since I did not hold the power button....Anyways I restarted the PC and when it booted up the resolution was changed and I was not able to utilize the mouse or keyboard. I tried starting the PC in safe mode and it still had the same issue. The mouse and keyboard will function up until windows 7 is loaded. The only thing I think it could have been is that while synapse was updating AVG popped up saying it removed a potentially dangerous file, could that have been part of the synapse software?...Any help fixing this issue would be appreciated!

A:Updated Razer Synapse, now Keyboard and Mouse will not function.


You could simply do a System Restore from a command prompt - Microsoft Windows Help to a restore point prior to the upgrade was done.
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Hi People! So i recently bought a Razer Deathstalker Ultimate keyboard, and since I received it i had a problem.

- i plugged it in and it would say, "could not install unidentified device driver", something along those lines.
-So, for some reason its unidentified so i cant install drivers onto it.
-I've tried doing a few things in the device manager, installing it on several computers, but still nothing.

So i was wondering whether anyone could help me with this please? It would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
- Joe



You ssid you tried it on other computers did it instsll on those computers?
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hello, i have been using windows 7 for almost 3 years now, and i had a xbox controller and razer keyboard in the usb slots, and the keyboard isn't working when i take you the xbox controller or vice versa. the keyboard works when i am in windows system repair, but not on the password screen. please help

A:driver issue with razer keyboard and xbox controller?

Hit F8 on startup then enter on "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement"
You can also uninstall the driver for the keyboard and controller and re-install using Device manager.
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Hi all,

I bought the Razer Lycosa tonight and plugged it in looking forward to using it but upon loading the computer my bios has gone so slow i see each letter as if it's being typed out and cannot load windows.

I have plugged in another keyboard and managed to open my BIOS (blue menu bit).

I'm not technical really I just liked the look of the keyboard. I think it's a software related issue?

Above all I need my computer back working but has anyone come across this before?

I noticed I had some windows updates recently and also read a similar thread of which I can no longer find on this web site.

I'm using windows 7 64 bit home premium.

Can anyone help me anything will be much appreciated.


A:Razer Lycosa Keyboard has slowed computer dramatically

Does your computer boot right with another keyboard plugged in, instead of the Razor? If you would, would you please fill in you complete system specs. click the 'my ststem specs' at the bottom of your post and click update system specs. It would help to know what hardware you have. I might suggest you update your bios to the latest version also. A keyboard should not affect you bios or posting.
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i recently installed a razer program and my friends USB drivers onto my computer, when they were finished i needed to reboot my computer so i did, once it was done i could use my keyboard in the bios setup and such but i cannot use it to login to windows. i tried booting in safe mode, still no luck, i tried booting in safe mode with command prompt it boots in safe mode but the command prompt does not come up so i cannot use that. i havn't got my install disc, its gone missing so a complete reinstall is out of the question. i'm in pretty dire need of some help here.
many thanks.
some extra stuff you may need.
Using a wired Razer keyboard
wired mouse
an M5A78L-M mobo
win 7

A:Keyboard stopped working after installing Razer surround.

bumbing forhelp
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I've been playing games for more than 12 years with KB+Mouse and have never used a controller before. Games are becoming more and more controller optimized and I have an Eyefinity setup that would give a better experience with a gamepad, so I decided to get one

I've narrowed my options to Razer Onza TE BF3 Edition (Wired):

And Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows :

They both seem pretty good, but have heard very mixed views on razer products...

Which one is better ?

A:Razer Onza or Microsoft controller for Windows?

Do you already own a wireless 360 controller? You can use a 360 controller on your PC if you add one of these. I use it and it works fine.
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Might be related to my other current issue link to the thread http forums techguy org virus-oth -windows- - bit-avast-free html post I run Windows bit Home Premium I ve just Solved: and key Tarantula Razer stucking non-physical - unresponsiveness Keyboard recently started to get issues with my keyboard which has never bothered me with problems before It makes it difficult to type so I ll keep this short Keyboard is in fine state no moisture or damage that I Solved: Razer Tarantula Keyboard - unresponsiveness and non-physical key stucking know of Problem appears at random intervals no dependancy on speed of typing can happen at random test-spam as well as letter by letter typing Keyboard becomes momentarily unresponsive Never happend before not even any significant delay Most Solved: Razer Tarantula Keyboard - unresponsiveness and non-physical key stucking of the time after unresponsiveness comes self-replication of symbol combination of symbols function backsspace space etc pressed during quot pause quot It s either infinite and doesn t stop without new input from keyboard as in changing windows doesn t help or stops after a couple of dozen of symbols functions Problem doesn t appear at all when I plug keyboard into my Laptop Now I will type to show how this works I ve been correcting all the previous sentences by making new input and then rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr s There it got stuck on r Solved: Razer Tarantula Keyboard - unresponsiveness and non-physical key stucking and would keep going if I didn t press quot s quot or any symbol really functions don t stop it but can be stuck like continuous backspace I d love some help on this as I am rather avid gamer and having keyboard do this in any game really is just unacceptable Not to mention writing posts takes at least twice as much time due to random unresponsiveness and having to deal with fixing the infinite loops nbsp

A:Solved: Razer Tarantula Keyboard - unresponsiveness and non-physical key stucking

Is the Razer software/drivers installed? If so, uninstall, reboot, and test using the generic Windows driver.
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Hi I m new to the forum but I can t seem detected keyboard or Anansi manager software in device related not Razer to find resolution for this anywhere Razer Anansi keyboard not detected in device manager or related software even from Razer s tech support I just built a new computer TSG info log below and my keyboard s software has stopped working I ve updated its firmware and am using the latest drivers compatible with Windows v The device s quot configurator quot software says quot No Anansi detected Applicaton will now close quot Under keyboards in the control panel it does show up as Razer Anansi with all of the appropriate drivers showing as installed Under device manager it just shows up as composite USB device Under that hardware list is the Razer Anansi If anyone can help I d appreciate it This is the first tech support problem I haven t been able to resolve just using myself and a friend of mine that s a programmer Thanks Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows Professional Service Pack bit Processor Intel R Core TM i - K CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX - Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard ASRock Z Extreme Antivirus Norton Internet Security Updated and Enabled nbsp
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I just ran my Microsoft Windows Update a couple of days ago which included Microsoft - Keyboard - Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Keyboard (Mouse and Keyboard Center). I think this is the culprit causing my problems. Now both my mousepad on my laptop and my mouse are active at the same time and I am unable to uninstall or turn off the mousepad. I've tried uninstall two different ways and neither worked after restarting and shutting down as per instructions. It is driving me crazy because it is extremely hard to type as the cursor will jump on the page and insert my typed letters into the wrong place. I have to get it uninstalled! Typing this is a nightmare and I am not dragging my thumbs on the pad or touching it in anyway. Any suggestions?

A:Microsoft - Keyboard - Microsoft USB Dual Receiver Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Update
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I wonder if anyone knows if DeathAdder and Tarantula going to function if I install Windows7 64bit?

A:Razer DeathAdder and Razer Tarantula Windows7 64bit

Here is an article from Razer. They state they will be offering windows 7 drivers before the Windows 7 launch on the 22nd. So I would have to say that they should work. The models you are inquiring about are on the list. Razer & Windows 7 | Razer - Windows 7 Updates
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I'm having problems with my All-in-One Keyboard on Windows 8.1(64 bit): it doesn't accept input both from keyboard and touchpad at same time (can't walk in a FPS game while looking with mouse, for example).
Is this a product's limitation or should it work?

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Does anybody know how to get razer synapse to work with razer naga right-handed mouse and razer naga left-handed mouse at the same time? Razer synapse will not support this. Does anybody know how to run two instances of razer synapse from one computer. One instance of razer synapse for the razer naga right-handed mouse and one instance of razer synapse for the razer naga left-handed mouse? That is the only way I can think of getting both mice to work simultaneously on one computer.
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Hi Guys I am having trouble with my keyboard - it doesn t print what it has on the key - the alphabet is okay but for instance I can t Microsoft keyboard find any key that does a back slash - forward slash is okay but back slash is and is Does anyone know how I can change these things around I have Microsoft Multimedia keyboard A I have looked on their info and website On the keyboard there are lots of buttons buttons for other things which I don t use very much and these are changeable but I can t Microsoft keyboard find how to change the ones I need I am in the UK and have set language to EN The other things is that I can t find out how to use or it is not working the ALT key I hold down ALT and type a number in and nothing happens Am I doing something wrong Thanks for your help Mike Edwards nbsp
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Hi, has anyone esle encountered the problem of having microsoft's wireless keyboard 6000 v3.0 and not being ably to install the drivers for it on windows 7, it is giving me the message that my hardware is not compatible with the operating system?


A:microsoft keyboard

Your keyboard w7 driver can be found here just select applicable info and then download
This should install.
Software Download
The reason it wont install is probably because its a vista or earlier driver and would need to be installed in compatibility mode to get around the OS mismatch, so just download the above w7 driver and you should be ok.
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Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could help. Ive recently bought a Microsoft keyboard and mouse and the problem is with all the 'F' keys. The keyboard settings are all preset (F2 is undo, F3 is redo, F4 is new, F5 is open etc) and i have tried to disable them as i use Macromedia Flash and need the keys as shortcuts. However it still fails to recognise the keys on Flash. Is ther anyway that i can disable the default and still allow it to work as other shortcuts on other applications? Thanks in advance.

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I have a Microsoft Multimedia keyboard KB-0168.
Worked fine on XP but now that I have upgraded to a Win 7 system the keys across the top wont take me to whats labelled .
eg one key says "My Documents" which in win7 is just called documents. I went into Start/Device & Printers/ Right Click/ Keyboard Settings/Configue,
but cant get to the right path path to re-assign the key.
Have updated from Microsoft the "IntelliType Pro" to v7.1.
Any suggestions, I would be gratefull.
This is a great keyboard to use for use "oldies" as it is white with black letters on keys, much easier to see than black with white letters.

A:Microsoft multimedia keyboard

Is this keyboard compatible with Windows 7?
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Hi, I am a beginner in the computer world so please have patience. I just bought subject keyboard. While playing an internet game I realized I had no volume. Checked speakers and they are fine. Instructions w/keyboard talked about a "mute" key. I can find no symbol to unmute. HELP please. Some games you just can't play without sound!!!! Thanks

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I have a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse which work really well but when I reboot, the keyboard shortcuts that I have programmed don't work until I go into properties and click on them and then click ok. The keys then work ok until I reboot again.Is there any way that I can programme the changes so they are the default programmes whenever I reboot. The software loaded fine and I clicked on apply and save when I originally set the keys.....I have a HP Pavilion DV6700 Laptop with windows visa home premium which is about one month old.

A:Microsoft wireless keyboard

Originally Posted by Stefano

I have a microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse which work really well but when I reboot, the keyboard shortcuts that I have programmed don't work until I go into properties and click on them and then click ok. The keys then work ok until I reboot again.Is there any way that I can programme the changes so they are the default programmes whenever I reboot. The software loaded fine and I clicked on apply and save when I originally set the keys.....I have a HP Pavilion DV6700 Laptop with windows visa home premium which is about one month old.

Hello Stefano,
Do remember whether you had installed the optional windows update called " other hardware Hid Non-user Input Data Filter" ? This optional is specifically for wireless mice and keyboards. If you don't have that, it could be the root of your problem.
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this document shows the "box" that when lit does what? and how did i do it? want it off and don't know how did my attachment attach?

A:Solved: microsoft keyboard

The file is not a valid PDF, and the description of the problem isn't clear.
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I just got a Microsoft Digital Media Pro keyboard and I really like it. I tried to change the media key command to open itunes rather than my music. I browsed to itunes on the desktop and selected it, but it won't open, do I need to find it elsewhere? The rest of the functions like my documents, favorites, etc etc work great.
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Hi to everyone,

I'm a new member and have been using computers at work and home for sometime but only as a novice, my problem is the wireless keyboard has stopped working.
The mouse works fine but the keyboard is now completely non responsive, i've fitted new batteries and have followed the connect instructions but nothing.
The operating system is Vista and by using the on screen keyboard can log in and checked to see if the keyboard is working and the message is YES.
I have purchased another keyboard and mouse ( Microsoft again ) but still the same thing no keyboard, i'm guessing now that it's not the wireless keyboard but the PC itself any ideas please.



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I just purchased a new microsoft keyboard natural ergonomic 4000 and I have tried to download the driver software trying different things like disabling firewall and spyware protection and the same error message pops up just as it has loaded half of the bar saying that it could be I dont have enough room on my hard drive or for me to contact microsoft I cant understand it I have a Dell pentium 4 intel 2.53 ghz 2gig memory 200gig hd 300 gig external hd with only about %25 used .It is strange but part of the board works after I have tried to download the disc like the volume control, mail button ,delete but not all of the func tions but when I do a restart I lose them again until I put the disc back in can anyone help me thanks, matsui 55

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I don't really have any serious issue with this keyboard.

It is just the standard "Microsoft Internet Keyboard", (Dell by Microsoft).

It is the one with the 7 buttons on top, and 3 buttons on the right.

The 3 on the right are ", Dell Support, Sleep".

Now, I am not worried about contacting Dell, as my 3 year warranty expires next week.

Even if I did want to contact them, I believe any primate could eventually key in

My question is:

Am I experiencing a default setting for these buttons?

The middle one takes me to a Microsoft Calculator, and the left one takes me to My Computer.

This started happening after I upgraded my Intellitype software with XP.

It also happens with ME.

Thanks for any input.

A:(Solved) Microsoft Keyboard


Go to Control panel | Keyboard.

Look at the Buttons tab.

You can click on Restore Defaults, or even change them to what you want for each.

Does that help?


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Laptop Keyboard types gibberish after plugging in Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

I connected my Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro to the USB port on my Samsung R70 laptop and the device automatically installed itself OK and keyboard worked :-)

BUT I then disconnected the keyboard, reverting to the laptop kepboard, and some of the keys have changed :-(

I was only able to get the laptop keyboard working again by doing a system restore

I checked the keyboard driver and it only has 1 listed - Standard PS/2 Keyboard
Driver provider Microsoft V6.1.7600.16385 21/06/2006

I'd much appreciate any thoughts

A:Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro

Make sure that the, "Num Lock" indicator was not left on after the external keyboard was removed. You may need an alt-num lock keypress to disable Num Lock.
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I bought and installed a Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard It has it s own software that I installed but there are times when it tries to dial into MS I wanted this keyboard primarily for the volume control it has on it although I may use some of the internet keys I have Nortons Internet Security installed and it gives the usual message that contact with MS is being attempted I do NOT give permission but I have to repeat this - times in rapid quot fire-order quot I have looked at the software to be sure I didn t overlook taking away that option when Microsoft Keyboard Multimedia 1.0A I installed it but there is no such option given I don Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A t want it doing that and though I understand from a forum member that the keyboard it just checking to see if there is a later update---well I don t want it checking--for anything Does anyone know how I can prevent this from happening--short of removing the keyboard I tried the keyboard feature without the software but as you guessed it won t work I was unaware that this would be done by the software hardware and the package did not indicate that it would Have I checked with MS--Naw are you kidding nbsp

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I have a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard. The keyboard has a backlight on the keys as it is made for gaming from what I believe.

However everytime I boot my computer the backlight stays on and I have to turn it off by pressing the backlight key 3 times (three times as the keyboard has different dimming settings, bright, less bright, even less bright )

Does anyone know how I can have the backlight turned off forever unless I press the button to activate it?

I assume there must be a setting in the registry telling the keyboard to light up upon boot up?

A:Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard

If the backlight is OFF and you reboot, does it start out back on, or does it stay off?
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i brought the microsoft all-in-one media keyboard with trackpad (1632-1496) i can't seem to get it to work, i'm running Windows 10 64bit, i have installed the driver (it automatically installed on inserting nano usb receiver) and have installed the microsoft mouse and keyboard centre, my computer shows that the usb is connected nothing happens when powering up the wireless keyboard, no mouse or keyboard response, am i missing something as i thought these were supposed to be plug and play, its a laptop im using HP Pavilion 15-ak056na, do i need to tell the computer which keyboard i want to use or is it automatic could someone please help im pulling my hair out!
Many thanks

A:Microsoft All-in-One keyboard not working help!

i brought the microsoft all-in-one media keyboard with trackpad (1632-1496) i can't seem to get it to work, i'm running Windows 10 64bit, i have installed the driver (it automatically installed on inserting nano usb receiver) and have installed the microsoft mouse and keyboard centre, my computer shows that the usb is connected nothing happens when powering up the wireless keyboard, no mouse or keyboard response, am i missing something as i thought these were supposed to be plug and play, its a laptop im using HP Pavilion 15-ak056na, do i need to tell the computer which keyboard i want to use or is it automatic could someone please help im pulling my hair out!
Many thanks
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I have the same problem to all my pcs !
my keyboard is the  , Microsoft  wired keyboard 200
so it goes like that.
When i don't use my Keyboard  after 6 seconds all the leds go off
when i press a key they goes on again .
the thing is that sometimes you need to press a key 2 Times to make it start.
I use windows 8.1
This is a problem for me and i gues to all gamers that use the same keyboard like me cause When i want to press the key "A" in a game i want to press it just once not 2 times

Dunno If you heard about this problem again but it is a bad one

this will happen even if i am playing a game and don't touch my keyboard for 6 seconds

A:Microsoft keyboard Turns Off By itself

Figured it out if anybody is searching and comes across this. I'm on windows 8.1 and using the wired 200 Microsoft keyboard.

Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers

Right click on your USB Keyboard, go to Properties, then the Hardware tab.

Highlight USB Input Device (this is the part that doesn't show up under Device Manager) and click on Properties. Click on Change settings.

Go to the Power Management tab and uncheck 'Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power'

That should do it. The keyboard wont shut off after not using it, and it wont shut off from holding down a key for 5 seconds. Kind of ridiculous why that is checked by default.
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Hi ,
i have just made my PC duel boot WIN 7 & XP ,but when i get to the
boot screen i cant use my USB Microsoft Keyboard 600 up n down buttons
to pick a O.S. , i have to have a old ps2 one plugged in ,works fine once i am logged in ,any suggestions please

A:USB Microsoft Keyboard 600 wired

Go into bios and enable USB keyboard support, legacy support or similar. Make sure keyboard is attached to motherboard USB port and not an add on card with ports. Rear port as opposed to frontal, is suggested.
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I would like to ask you for advice with my problem. I installed this wireless keyboard and mouse into fresh new system Windows 7 x64. Everything was ok until first restart. It could not restart any more even if I remove this fancy keyboard. Does anybody have any idea where the problem could be? Is even possible that this wireless item did crash my system?

A:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 3000


Try rebooting with your old keyboard plug in aswell.
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I'm new to this forum so first of all. Hello!

I have a problem with my Microsoft keyboard (Model: wireless optical desktop 1000) on Windows 7 x32, the receiver seems to disconnect every few minutes, it is not a battery problem, the receiver disconnects and not the keyboard/mouse separately.
Even tough I've tried changing batteries, I've tried switching to another USB port, the receiver is not connected through a hub, there is not interference around, I've tried installing and updating the software to the latest version (IntelliPoint, IntelliType).
Be sure the problem has nothing to the with the set itself, I've been working on Windows Vista so far and the keyboard set has worked flawlessly, I have a dual boot with Vista, and it is still working flawlessly (under Vista).

Thanks a LOT in advance!
(BTW: the system specs on my profile is a completely different machine than the one with the keyboard set problem)

A:Microsoft Keyboard Disconnects randomly on Win 7


Sure sounds like a driver issue to me.

Try installing the drivers in compatibility mode for Vista.
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Can I install a microsoft digital media keyboard (Model 1031) on a Dell XPS 8700 with windows
Thinks for your help, Willie T.

A:Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard

The answer would appear to be 'Yes', see :
You need to choose the appropriate 32 or 64 bit drivers, depending on your operating system.
Chris Cosgrove
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Windows 8. Dell Studio PC

I have an Excel spreadsheet which I can scroll for viewing when using a projector. It requires the Crtl-Break key to be pressed to stop the scrolling. However, my Microsoft 2000 Wireless Keyboard does not have a Break key and pressing Ctrl-Pause does not work. Does anyone know what key combination will work?
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Does any one else have this keyboard??

I can get drivers for the mouse but not the keyboard, just wondered if any one else had a similar issue


A:Microsoft Keyboard with fingerprint reader

It says its not supported in W7 anymore your best chance is to install the vista 32bit driver if your running W7 32 bit or nuke it (new keyboard):

To install a driver OR program in compatibility mode - right click the setup.exe file - click properties - click compatibility - check run in compatibility with vista/xp etc - check run as administrator - leave the rest blank. Start setup.exe and install.

Fingerprint Reader Support

Microsoft Hardware Support for Windows?

Software Download
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Hi I recently purchased a used Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard which I brought home and tried to use Microsoft keyboard with Problems Pro Natural with my Compaq Presario V US laptop running Windows XP I tried to download the software Problems with Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard first before plugging in so I downloaded Intellitype and off of the Microsoft website and installed both Then I plugged in via the USB connection The computer appeared to recognize both the keyboard and the USB hub However while the USB hub worked my mouse worked fine when plugged into the hub the keyboard itself was completely unresponsive None of the keys produced a result on the screen and I couldn t get the lights Num lock caps lock etc to turn on either I tried various different things such as plugging into a different port using the keyboard Ps connection with a PS USB adaptor my laptop lacks a PS connection deleted the drivers and Intellitype software and plugging the computer in directly etc Nothing worked and all of my USB ports seem to work fine with other devices including the Compaq brand external keyboard that I currently have plugged in via USB and am Problems with Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard using to type this Problems with Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard message I should mention that the lights on the keyboard DO go on briefly during Windows startup but they only flash on and that is it Suggestions Is my keyboard broken or am I just missing something Thanks for any suggestions Jerry nbsp

A:Problems with Microsoft Natural Pro keyboard

Are you plugging in both connectors? If memory serves me correct, these have a usb cable for the mouse and a PS/2 for the keyboard. If you want to go with USB, ONLY plug in the mouse(USB) cable. This will allow both KB/MS to work via USB with just the one connector. I had the same issue and didn't realize you didn't have to plug both in.
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hi!...i bought a wireless keyboard/optical mouse set but the keyboard is malfunctioning
the mouse is fine...

i still have my old keyboard plugged in...i've tried taking it out and just leaving the new one in but it still does the same thing...

whenever i plug it opens up MY DOCUMENTS folder and WINDOWS MESSENGER, and leaves 5-7 random characters (because i plugged it in whilst wordpad was the active application)

by "plug it in" i mean just inserting the final battery...

hopefully u guys can help!!!!..thanks

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hello everybody,

I've been given a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700:

the first time i've connected the Receiver, XP auto-installed it and the keyboard worked fine.

but after rebooting, the keyboard isnt working any longer. i tried syncing the keyboard, changed the batteries, reinstalled...but it still wont work: do you have any suggestions on how to get it to work?

PLEASE help me
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Hi, I have the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800 and Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000 that both use the same USB receiver. I've had them for over a year with absolutely no problems. However, I unplugged my USB receiver as I have done many times before and then plugged it back in. The mouse carried on working as usual but the keyboard didn't work at all. I tried new USB ports, a different computer and a laptop and nothing works. I have tried new batteries and the little green light in the bottom right comes on but it still doesn't work.


A:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 800 not working.

Hi James the link below might be of some help Though i think you have done every thing possible to get the keyboard working

Troubleshoot response failures in wireless keyboard or mouse

Sorry I can not suggest any thing else Maybe some other member might be able to enlighten you better.
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I have a Microsoft Wireless Comfort Keyboard 5000 and every so often when I try to use of the the quick launch keys, I get a huge delay before the program actually launches. Other times, it will launch instantly. This is any program from the assignable quick launch keys to the built in calculator button.
Any idea what I should check for or what the problem might be?


A:Microsoft Keyboard Shortcut Delays

Does the delay still happen when you have been logged in for a while? I get a huge delay between logging in and Windows responding to shortcut keys (e.g. Ctrl-Alt-B). Double-clicking the same shortcut launches the program instantly.
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Hi, i have a Microsoft wireless optical desktop 4000 comfort edition keyboard/mouse and for a while i have not been able to print screen and couldn't work out why. I have now noticed the little notification when you turn the locks on/off (such as caps, num, scroll) no longer comes up for F-lock. On the wireless receiver the light for f lock does turn on and off like it is supposed to but it appears to have no effect on the computer. none of the function keys work when it is turned off. i reinstalled intellitype and this seemed to solve the problem but since then its started doing it again. any ideas how to fix it?

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Edge, Microsoft's new browser, might be a rough diamond and you can make the most of it with a list of shortcuts we have compiled.

Keyboard shortcuts remain an essential tool for any computer user looking to improve their productivity, something not available on tablets or smartphones.

While the growing popularity of touchscreen computers means that some shortcuts are redundant, many will still prefer to use them because, well, they feel more natural and are usually a faster way of getting things done.

If you think we have missed some shortcuts, let us know in the comments.


A:58 keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Edge you must try

Thanks for the tip. I really appreciate it.
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My first thread so please be patient with me.

I have a problem with my mouse that freezes.
It mainly happens if I switch the computer power off from the socket in the wall or there is a power cut. If I switch on my computer and press any key my mouse freezes. The only way out of this is to again reboot and then delete Microsoft intellitype Pro5.2 and Intellipiont 5.2 from my computer and then again reboot.
If at a later time I get the same problem I then reboot and reload the two micosoft problems.
This problem can sometimes happen without the loss of power.


A:Microsoft Keyboard & Mouse Problem

Generally you should use the power button on the computer to shut down
The power button signals the motherboard that it is ready to shut down and Windows begins a series of steps to ensure that it is done correctly.
I will do things like save anything that is open.
If it doesnt know where to save something it will ask you.
It also take anything in its own memory and assure that it is safely on the HDD.

Just turning it off at the wall is the same as a power outage and important data could be lost.
I cant say for certain that this is your issue but it is possible that the driver settings arent being fully saved due to improper shut down and thus causing an issue.

On a side note I use a intellipoint mouse and never load the software for it.
When Windows starts it creates the mouse driver and works fine.

Im not certain what the intellitype software does exactly but I am using a MS keyboard with no additional software.
Perhaps your keyboard has extra keys or multimedia buttons on it but if not try to not use any software and see how it goes.

Over the years I have found that it is best to let windows decide what is best for it and not load any extra programs or drivers unless necessary.
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I have once again had a problem with my Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard running Vista Ultimate I was on the net watching a video through CNN when the video froze The mouse wouldn't function froze and the only Not Microsoft Being Ergonomic Recognized Keyboard thing Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard Not Being Recognized I could do was to restart When I did the keyboard would not be recognized quot no keyboard present or not working quot and I could get nowhere I tried changing the usb port that I used for the keyboard and nothing happened Finally as the last time I plugged the keyboard into my laptop Keyboard worked fine I took the USB plug gor the keyboard out of the laptop and put it back in the USB port I have been using for the keyboard on my desktop and it worked Is it possible that the keyboard just gets locked up and that by putting it into the laptop that I was able to straighten it out I don't have any other answer for this and thought maybe someone else here might know I am hoping that the keyboard port is not bad If it were it shouldn't work now should it Any suggestions or ideas would sure be appreciated Is there a way to repair a keyboard port I have a homebuilders version of Vista Ultimate that is tied to the motherboard If I have to change the motherboard I will loose Vista which I don't want to do Thanks for any ideas

A:Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard Not Being Recognized

Second paragraph-second line-"I took the USB Plug for the keyboard....Sorry for the typo!!
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I've been trying to pair my Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 7000 and have not been having any luck discovering the device. It came with a Laser Mouse 8000 which has paired successfully. Anyone else having a similar issue? I tried searching around, but no luck so far. Thanks for any help in advance.

I also posted this thread under General Discussion because I was unsure what board this question would fit best!

A:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 7000

hello MrVagabond and welcome..
at what point does the pairing fail?
since you said that the you have successfully paired your mouse this means that it shouldnt be a driver issue (this is a bluetooth pairing correct?) at least with the bluetooth dongle...
is this the first time you pair the device or have you paired it before with another OS in the another system (prefferably a Windows Vista) and can you confirm it works?
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I bought a new keyboard which came with this software. The EULA says that I am agreeing to auto-updates and that Microsoft can install "updates and/or supplements". I don't want to agree, but the alternative is to return the keyboard (which is logistically difficult, and I need a new keyboard...). My question is, does "supplements" have any particular defined meaning or usage, or would this be giving MS permission to put whatever it likes on my computer?

A:Microsoft Intellitype Pro 5.2 Keyboard Software

The auto updates will come with the windwos updates and you still can choose what you want to download anyway. There is no defined meaning for supplements I would say..
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I have a Kensington bluetooth adapter that i bought for a wireless tablet Now i found my quot old quot as bluetooth Keyboard no? Microsoft = + Kensington in not used in a month wireless microsoft keyboard and mouse i ahd been looking for and could now use again the original radio busted from a chair So i set it up the mouse fine im accually using it right now But the keyboard everytime i try to connect it it doesnt appear on the screen Keyboard Microsoft Keyboard Elite for BlueTooth Mouse Microsoft intellimouse Explorer for BlueTooth Adapter Kensington BlueTooth with version or something along that number apperantly its new What i dont get is that the mouse and keyboard look the same and came as a set in the same package Please help i really want to get this working thanks in Advance PS I remind you THE MOUSE IS NOT THE PROBLEM ust so you dont over look Kensington bluetooth + Microsoft Keyboard = no? that i dont ened help on that nbsp

A:Kensington bluetooth + Microsoft Keyboard = no?

FWIW, I have a Microsoft wireless keyboard in my closet because it didn't work with the other stuff in my computer room. I stick to a couple of wireless mice nowadays, too many wireless devices all on the same frequency band are a problem.
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Whenever I turn on my Arc Keyboard using the FN + Esc key combinations, the keyboard makes a long, sustained, high-pitch sound, and then plays a very rapid sequence of notes.

Does anyone else notice the same thing about their Microsoft Arc Keyboard?

A:Microsoft Arc Keyboard ... Plays the Piano?

My Arc started today to do exactly as you descrive the same sound
starts with a scale, then sustained sound and then the inverse scale
I had never heard before and I am lookin for some answer in internet but can?t find anything...
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HEy everyone I have the Microsoft Wireless Multimedia keyboard a what it says on the bottom anyways my question is about the driver Intellitype pro Anyhoo with I can change the function of all the special keys like volume media mail web home mute and all that The problem is when I press certain keys Keyboard/ Lock Query F Microsoft a little helpful box pops up in the bottom right hand corner of the screen For usual windows browsing this is nice but while playing a full screen game such as CS S it screws up the video and will sometimes minimize the game The keys is does this with is the volume level caps locks toggle and the F Lock There may be others but those are the main problems I was just wondering if there is an option or a Microsoft Keyboard/ F Lock Query fix out there to turn off the notifications I like the driver which lets me change songs without pulling up winamp Also for anyone fimiliar with the F Lock you know how annoying it is is there any way to leave that on like with Num Lock sorry if this was long and thanks for any responses really guys this isint killing me but does anyone have any input whatsoever nbsp

A:Microsoft Keyboard/ F Lock Query

You only gave 14 minutes between bumping. DO NOT do this, you aren't going to get help any quicker if you complain more. If you want help instantly pay the money and call microsoft.
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I just ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser and it reads that my Intellitype Pro driver for my ancient Microsoft Office Keyboard (Model RT-9450) won't work with W7. MS has stopped supporting it after XP. For me this is a deal breaker because I love my keyboard with the cut, copy, paste buttons and the scroll wheel on the left side of the keyboard.

The last time I recall I had to install an old French language driver to make the keyboard work with Vista.

Anyone know of a fix?


Vista Ultimate

A:Driver for Microsoft Office Keyboard?

FROM: Microsoft Office Keyboard

Just to update everyone,

I found that you can select "Digital Media Pro" from the IntelliType Pro 6.1 Keyboard Software for Windows, here for the Microsoft Office Keyboard (RT9450) and every function will work except the scroll wheel.



For those of you still struggling, as I did for months, in finding a way to make your Office Keyboard to FULLY function in Vista here is a method that will work. It will take you some time, but a little more time spent to have the keyboard and all settings available for use will be worthwhile.

The first thing to do is to download and "Save" the installation for version 5. The link below to the Microsoft website is the first step.

Scroll down to: IntelliType Pro 5 Keyboard Software for Windows XP and Windows 2000.

The proper procedure now is to "Save" the Pro 5 to any folder, preferably not on C drive where your OS is located, but if you do then create a new folder to place the download into.

If you are like me you have downloaded or loaded several different versions of IntelliType Pro setup programs. Further, when you attempt through add/remove programs to eliminate the prior version listed you cannot uninstall; maybe delete but that only deletes the surface problem not the registry problem where the program still resides. So you must get rid of all prior installed versions; I would recommend removing a prior installation of Version 5 as well.

To do this open “run” and enter “regedit”. This will lead you to the registry. Yes, if you don’t pay attention you could foul something up but you can always restore to an earlier date and get yourself up and running again. Condense the various categories so only the title of the category shows. Highlight “My Computer” (don’t click it) then open “Edit”. The menu drop down has “Find” so click it. Now type in the blank space “Microsoft Office Keyboard”. The reason we highlighted “My Computer” is that we want the search of the registry to start at the beginning of all available folders and work its way through the entirety of the folder tree.

The search will begin when you click “Find Next”. Delete every occurrence found in this registry search that is associated with any version of Office Keyboard. I had one sub- folder open (can be seen in the left pane the precise folder that is open) that was obviously dedicated to this program, thus I deleted the “folder” not just the contents of the folder. I did not delete any other of the sub-folders that preceded the one that was opened and that numerous entries of Office Keyboard associations and I didn’t want to sit there deleting about two dozen entries one at a time. It was obvious this opened sub-folder was nothing but Office Keyboard related paths and values.

Indeed, this sub-folder was the only location of Office Keyboard within the entire registry.

Next we go to the Control Panel and click “Keyboard”; the Keyboard Properties box will open. Now click the “Hardware” tab; this will open a box that lists “devices” and “Microsoft USB Office Keyboard (IntelliType Pro and version will be shown within the parenthesis)”. A button titled “Properties” should be shown. Click this button. Another box will open entitled “Microsoft USB Office Keyboard” (IntelliType Pro) Properties. Click the “Driver” tab. Go down to the bottom button and click “Uninstall”.

Once the uninstall has finished close out and go back to the Control Panel. This time click on “SystemR... Read more
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I have windows xp . I accidentally pushed some keys the screen is now inverted. How do I get screen back to right side up? The keyboard is microsoft multi media wireless keyboard 1.1

A:microsoft multimedia wireless keyboard 1.1

This isn't a keyboard issue, it's your video driver. They probably have a hotkey that inverts the screen image.

Right click on the Desktop and select properties, Advanced.

Here's the ATI control center for my card and the options I'm talking about.
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Hi I currently bought a Logitech Wave Keyboard Newegg com - Logitech - Black Normal Keys Function Keys USB Wired Ergonomic Wave Keyboard for days as a replacement to my Logitech Wireless MK Combo Newegg com deciding Microsoft between Logitech Keyboard Help vs - Logitech MK Black Function Keys RF Wireless Ergonomic Desktop I really like my wireless combo in terms of keyboard feel slim keys straight keys and mouse feel but for casual gaming the wireless combo does not cut it Help deciding between Microsoft vs Logitech Keyboard Thus I bought the wired Wave keyboard to solve my problems but I somehow do not like the feel of the keyboard I Wave keyboard is much better for gaming ad the big palm rest is definitely a plus but the keys a not spaced so well Help deciding between Microsoft vs Logitech Keyboard and the slight curve makes my type the wrong keys constantly I've only had the Wave keyboard for days making me think I'm maybe not use to the feel yet but at this rate I don't think I'll ever feel comfortable with the Wave keyboard despite high praised reviews I'm think of returning the Wave keyboard in replacement for this Microsoft Digital Media Keyboard Newegg com - Microsoft J - Black Normal Keys Function Keys USB Wired Slim Digital Media Keyboard despite the fact that the Microsoft keyboard does not have a cushion palm rest like my current Logitech wireless and the Wave However I like the keys on the Microsoft keyboard straight and slim like my current wireless MK and the media keys on the Microsoft one seems better than the Logitech Wave better placed I'm not looking for a gaming keyboard cause it'll be a waste on money for me as I am a full-time desktop user typing and use media keys a lot and only a casual gamer All thoughts welcome

A:Help deciding between Microsoft vs Logitech Keyboard

I'm a big fan of MicroSoft keyboards and mouses(mice?).

I have 3 PC's - one for gaming, one for internet and media, and another for my digital audio workstation. All home built, and working just fine, thank you I've built over 15 PC's in 20 years, from scratch, and upgraded components more times than I can remember.

Wheneven I've tried a Logitech, eventually, the software, or the hardware lets me down. I always end up replacing them with MicroSoft hardware.

It's solid hardware and it works.

But that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

PS. Personally, my favorite is the wireless 6000 combo.
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I have a WIN ME system with a Dell Microsoft ergonomic keyboard Like an idiot I spilled water on it and didn t realize that natural keyboard berserk Microsoft went until I picked it up and the water ran out As a result the Microsoft natural keyboard went berserk keyboard works in a crazy fashion--the Microsoft natural keyboard went berserk shift and capitals don t work plus I get device manager when clicking on My Computer etc I was wondering if it s simply destroyed or that it lost it s programming I m letting it dry out but I have a suspicion that it won t work when it does The question is if it lost its programming how do I get it back Is this a plug and play device that automatically is set to work when the computer turns on or do I have to hunt down drivers for it There was no keyboard driver disk that came with the computer When I opened up the recovery disk I couldn t get to the options menu as the keyboard just giving me properties boxes for all options I put on another keyboard which works fine and will go back to that recovery disk as I can now navigate but was wondering if there is something I m missing here Most likely the water shorted out the keyboard and that is that but it s woth taking another look at it Thanks Mark nbsp
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hello everybody,

I've been given a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700:

the first time i've connected the Receiver, XP auto-installed it and the keyboard worked fine.

but after rebooting, the keyboard isnt working any longer. i tried syncing the keyboard, changed the batteries, reinstalled...but it still wont work: do you have any suggestions on how to get it to work?
PLEASE help me

A:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 700 not working !!!

Try disconnecting the USB receiver for the keyboard and reboot. Once Windows is running connect it and see what happens.

Good luck.
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I used Microsoft with Keyboard Microsoft Help Layout Creator Keyboard Layout Creator to install a modified Arabic keyboard on my Vista -bit system and I made a Help with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator quot newby quot mistake that somehow corrupted the layout that was installed I failed to create a user-defined name for the layout and also inadvertently specified the language as English-US As a result when setup ran it specified the language under English-US and when I activated it under Arabic Saudi Arabia it created a second layout file or at least a second listing under the same stupid name quot Layout Description quot Then the next time I tried to use MKLC the editing screen was blank no keyboard graphic and it lists quot Layout Description quot as the currently loaded source file And nothing I do will get rid of it If I try to load a different source file it acts as though the file has been loaded but the top margin still says quot Layout Description quot and the editing space is still white I tried changing the colors for the display but it's still blank I've even loaded a different source file and verified it and it will even create a new setup folder and setup indicates that it has installed the new layout but it's not visible on the list I've tried using the setup exe for quot Layout Description quot to repair the layout and when that didn't work I tried removing it but although the setup exe indicates success in both actions the bad layout remains on my computer under both Arabic Saudi Arabia and English-US I've tried uninstalling MKLC and re-installing it but still get the same behavior I tried uninstalling the keyboard layout using the Control Panel software removal tool and also tried creating a new user but the MKLC program still doesn't work correctly So is there some way I can manually fix or remove the corrupted quot Layout Description quot keyboard layout and also completely remove MKLC so that I can start over I'm afraid to tackle the registry but don't see any other options By the way MKLC creates three different installation instruction sets but setup exe insists on using the AMD msi files even though my processor is Intel I assume that's OK because the other two are for -bit and Itanium processors and the AMD instruction set is virtually identical to Intel's version I think the basic problem is that there are two layouts installed with the same name and I've got to manually clean things up I just don't know how Help

A:Help with Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator

OK, let's just keep this simple. Is there a recipe for deleting a key layout/program/whatever that has been corrupted so that it doesn't show up in Add/Remove Software? Is there a way to do this sort of thing manually? Yes? No? Sort of?
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I'm currently using the M/S Keyboard with fingerprint sensor, however, it does't 'come alive' during the boot process until the welcome screen comes on. I cannot access my bios nor type any commands during boot up.

Has anyone had any experience with this keyboard? If that's just what it does, I'll replace.

Relevancy 42.14%

My Keyboard/Mouse 3000 isn't working correctly.  I can't reinstall without deleting the program.  If I delete the program, my mouse and keyboard won't work, so I cannot install the program again.  If I had ham, I'd have ham and eggs, if
I had eggs.  What's my move?
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I have a Sony VAIO with a Windows XP Professional operating system Every time I reboot a window comes up that Keyboard Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 says it wants to install a driver for the quot Microsoft eHome MCIR Keyboard quot It says that I should put in the appropriate CD or find the file that contains that driver Well guess what I don t know what the quot Microsoft eHome MCIR Keyboard quot is or why it should need to be installed on my PC I read somewhere that it s probably a gaming application but one that isn t actually a Microsoft product It obviously isn t working and so seems unnecessary The extent of gaming that is played on this PC is Runescape and a few simple kids games like Pajama Sam all of which are played by my children I d Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard like to remove it if possible Although it probably isn t be hurting anything I m always wary of viruses and don t want it to be the tip of the iceberg Could someone please explain its function How necessary is it If it is necessary where do I find the pertinent driver If it s unneeded how do I go about deleting it Thanks for the help

A:Microsoft eHome MCIR 109 Keyboard

Hello and welcome to the forum!

What type of keyboard do you currently have on the system and is it wireless?
I assume that it works correctly.

The next time this pops up see if there is a checkbox that says something to the extent of "dont prompt me to install this again" and check it.
That should make it go away.
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Installed new key & mouse.Everything worked fine for couple of weeks. then key & mouse started freezing up about once an hour. Checked sending unit and now 2 lights showing instead of one. Installed new unit and single light is on and working good for a week, then started freezing again and 2 lights on the sender.Changed the sending unit with new one and after a period of thime same problem. Stumped !
IntelPentium4 3.20GHz 1.00GB of Ram, Win.XP Pro.
Kaspersky Pro Virus Scan.

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Hi I multimedia Microsoft 1.0A keyboard wireless recently purchased a quot new quot computer nd hand - but reformatted - Dell Optiplex GX I have only recently connected a wireless keyboard to it it was a keyboard mouse combo I used for years on my old computer with no hassles but the mouse didn t scroll up nicely anymore - just worn out - so now I only have the wireless keyboard from that set I also attached a new Logitech wireless mouse that works fine My problem is this when I first connected the keyboard it appeared to work fine - but ALMOST none of the extra features worked I figured that was because I hadn t installed the driver yet - so that is what I did Microsoft intellitype pro Microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard 1.0A BEFORE I installed the quot necessary quot driver some of the specialty keys worked email for example after installing the quot necessary quot driver only the basic keys work - none of the extra multimedia keys Anybody have any ideas It seems weird that installing the relevant driver would reduce funtionality rather than improve it nbsp

A:Microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard 1.0A

After reading another forum, I just happened up on one liner that solved my problem.
The receiver has 2 jacks; a USB for the mouse [that I no longer use - as previously mentioned] and a purple PS-2 jack for the keyboard.
I read in the other forum that you could use just the USB jack to power both. So I removed my $22 PS-2 to USB adapter from the keyboard jack and plugged in the USB jack [which hadn't been plugged in because it was solely for the mouse [or so I thought].
Now the multimedia keys work fine.
Gee, thanks Erwin0265 for solving my problem - lol.
Seriously though, I hope that this post may help others having sinilar problems.
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i have a french keyboard (azerty)

i have problems with the Alt Gr button

nothing is correct


alt gr + ( --> [
alt gr + ) --> ]

equal sign button --> !

my driver:
thanks for your support
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If so, how do you like it? I am thinking about getting one for my iPad.

Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard | Microsoft Hardware

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I have recently had to replace my old wireless keyboard.

I decided on the Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 6000 due to it's curvy keyboard.

I can't fault the keyboard in anyway except I am now finding that the function keys on the keyboard are pre-programmed!!!

There are 5 keys which can be programmed and I'd like to be able to use them for things such as rename (used to be F2 on my previous keyboard) etc.

Does anybody know how I can re-program this particular keyboard?

Can somebody also tell me the keyboard shortcuts etc?



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i have a new toshiba satellite c70 d-b- 10u and it works ok in both W8.1 or upgraded to W10 until i log in via my microsoft account

it then locks the keyboard.........if have factory reset back to 8.1 and upgraded to 10 with a new log ok, log into microsoft account and the keyboard locks....any ideas welcome

EDIT microsoft account also locks keyboard in W8.1 after first typing

A:microsoft account causes keyboard lock

Hi when I had this trouble with my Toshiba I found the BIOS needed updating and Drivers as well
Since having that done have had no trouble.
Go to the Toshiba Site type in your model as see if you have the latest Software and Drivers installed
If not then get it all from the site
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Hey, I can't type in Microsoft Word! My keyboard does not seem to respond, but it works fine on aol instant messenger and other things like typing in a web address....Also, my keyboard also does not respond in games like counter strike! What's going on! the arrow keys seem to work, but that's about all. Thanks for helping!

A:Microsoft Word - Keyboard does not respond

Better troubleshoot Word:
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I seem to have a problem with the driver for my keyboard running Vista Beta2The automated problemsolving suggest i download and install the IntelliType Pro 5.5Done that been there ,BUT ....... can't install the aplication .... instalation reports that I need Win XP or Winn 2000 to run the software ....... Hmm Anyone got a working solution ? , since Vista only loads a standard keyboard driver half the time i boot up the system
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Just a heads up on a problem with this keyboard, at least with a Lenovo w530 with Win 7 Pro.

When the OS goes into power-save mode, and I used my fingerprint reader to start the system back up and open Windows, the keyboard behaves as if someone were holding down a shift or ctrl key. In any case, if I click on the firefox icon I get a problem dialog box asking if I want to reinstall Mozilla or some such.

The workaround is to close the dialog box, press and release the shift and ctrl keys, and then start Firefox.

The sculpt is an ok keyboard, but is not as good as the old MS Ergonomic keyboards, IMHO. Elegant, but not as reliable on the keystrokes.
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I have just purchased a Microsoft Internet Keyboard.When I attempt to install the software off cd I get the message ERROR cannot read the file _is2054\1033MST.It should be in the WINDOWS\TEMP folder but is not there.There is a folder called _is2053.

Relevancy 42.14%

I can't find my manual, does anyone know how to program the 5 keys on top of the 4000 wireless keyboard? I don't have an icon to get me to the keyboard software. I want to make these keys start applications, etc. Thanks

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I'm using a Microsoft PS/2 Keyboard. Today when i started up my other computer, my keyboard did not work. The device status for it is like Windows cannot load the device driver for this device. The driver might be corrupted or missing (code 39).
I tried uninstall/reinstalling the drivers and installed Microsoft IntelliType Pro 5. These did not work.
The problem might have been cause yesterday when my virusscanner detected a dll file infected with a keylogger and i deleted it.
Can anyone please help me with this

A:Microsoft PS/2 Keyboard driver problems

I am puzzled.

If your keyboard will not work, just how are you managing to reinstall drivers etc?

Have you run a System File Check?
That depends on your Windows version however, and as you have not given a hint what it is, it may or may not be a solution.
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i have a new toshiba satellite c70 d-b- 10u and it works ok in both W8.1 or upgraded to W10 until i log in via my microsoft account

it then locks the keyboard.........if have factory reset back to 8.1 and upgraded to 10 with a new log ok, log into microsoft account and the keyboard locks....any ideas welcome

EDIT microsoft account also locks keyboard in W8.1 after first typing

A:microsoft account causes keyboard lock

Hi when I had this trouble with my Toshiba I found the BIOS needed updating and Drivers as well
Since having that done have had no trouble.
Go to the Toshiba Site type in your model as see if you have the latest Software and Drivers installed
If not then get it all from the site
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I have found my old Microsoft Multimedia wireless keyboard v1.0a, but cant find my wireless reciver. I have a sidewinder x8 mouse with the hub, and was wandering if i can connect both on that? im not sure if the keyboard is bluetooth or rf. failing that i have an older microsoft rf hub for an old mouse, but i doubt they are on the same frequency, is there any way i can change one, or connect the keyboard any other way? thanks
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I have come upon a problem wherein my Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard 1.1 (P/N
X801524-100) will not type (or for that matter, continue to register a button press) while I am moving any mouse. Note that the mouse need not be the Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000 (P/N X806939-007) that came with it.

The same issue does not occur with the manufacturer-supplied PS/2 keyboard when used in conjunction with any of my mice.

The issue occurs on Windows Server 2008 R2 (obtained from DreamSpark), with IntelliType and IntelliPoint software/driver suits installed, and on Windows Vista, where the mouse/keyboard are merely recognized as HID-compliant mouse/keyboard.

This issue is driving me crazy, as I can not play any of my games (obviously) as they often require me to move my mouse and keyboard at the same time.

Thanks in advance for any help - if you need additional information, ask and I will add it.
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I have a recurring issue I'll be listening to music or a Youtube video or whatever when suddenly my master turning down? sound Keyboard my Microsoft sound level will slide to Microsoft Keyboard turning my sound down? zero I can't override manually If I try to override using the mixer on the screen or the hardward quot quot sound button there is a fight between my effort and whatever is turning the sound Microsoft Keyboard turning my sound down? down So the sound goes up and is adjusted down right away as long as I hold the button on the laptop or on the screen the sounds zigs and zags up and down If stop pushing the button the sound goes to zero After about a minute the problem goes away Microsoft Keyboard turning my sound down? and the sound may be adjusted up again Also apparently if I whack my keyboard on the desk I'm able to adjust the sound Another related issue is that when I'm typing the sound level bars a white bar on a big black background in the lower middle of the screen courtesy of Lenovo and the narrower Windows green bar to the lower right pop up periodically say every few minutes and every time they do the sound level goes down by one increment This latter problem got me thinking as it happens only when I'm typing Could it be my keyboard I tried the volume key on the Microsoft Natural Wireless keyboard and sure enough pushing either quot quot or quot - quot set off the quot sound to zero quot problem Is this a known issue with MS keyboards or with the Mouse and Keyboard Center software or earlier drivers for mouse and keyboard Or do I have a weirdly broken keyboard It is rather old Thanks

A:Microsoft Keyboard turning my sound down?

Sounds to me like a defective keyboard in the Laptop. Can you disable the built in keyboard, in the Device Manager when the external keyboard is connected? This is one possible way to try and isolate whether the problem is the keyboard or something else.
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Please help,
have installed wireless desktop set, ps2 connection only for keyboard and usb/ps2 connection for mouse. Mouse works fine with either connection, the keyboard is a nightmare.
Works fine on one PC reboots fine and no issues. The other PC doesn't get past POST. Blank screen and no beeps after POST or messages. Both PCs run on XP Professional.
Have even done a total clean install to get rid of any software or device conflicts, only has monitor, keyboard and mouse attached. Works fine with old cabled keyboard and mouse.

PS. works if I boot with old keyboard/mouse and then change over to wireless whilst running but when reboots same old problem

Please please help

A:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Problem

Could be that the PC is too old to accomodate a wireless keyboard.
Check that the powersupply for that keyboard-sender is ON before you boot.
You sure it's wireless PS/2 and that the keyboard is not also USB?
If so, check USB settings for keyboard in BIOS.
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Does anyone else here use a wireless keyboard and mouse? My mouse died a couple days ago, so I was going to purchase a new wireless one. Well Bestbuy was sold out of every single wireless mouse except for the $90 ones. I looked over and saw this really nice looking Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse for only $60. I said, heck with it. I bought it, and I love it. Just thought I'd share my experience with you all. I bought the Microsoft "Basic Wireless Optical Desktop"

A:Microsoft Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

So does anyone else use a wireless keyboard/mouse?
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Up until a month ago my life was good. PC worked fine. Then one day a blue screen showed up and I took my PC to the shop. It went in and out 3 times. It would lock up everytime I tried to type from the wireless keyboard that I have had for months before the trip to the repair shop. My PC will only accept a basic keyboard. I have downloaded the software driver from Microsoft but it still won't work.

All fixed thank you for your support! The keyboard was fried...I found out after I reformatted the drive and reinstalled windows and the basic keyboard worked and the wireless one did not.
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I just bought a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combination. The KB is model 800 and the mouse is model 1000. I just noticed, in Device Manage, both are shown as HID Compliant and I wonder why the don't show up as Microsoft devices. Should I be concerned?

Thank you.

A:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard and Mouse -- Hid compliant

Hello jsquareg,

USB human interface device class - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Hope this helps,
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microsoft multimedia ergonomisch keyboard 1.0 A driver needed ?????
Does Anyone know where to find the driver for this keyboard?
It's a cabled keyboard, not a wireless.
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I have an issue with new thinkpad p50s. I see that once the microsoft security update is done and after the computer restarts, the keyboard/USB does not function and I can't input password on the windows 7 login page. What is the best way to solve this issue?Does anybody have similar issue with microsoft security update and keyboard/USb failure and if this issue was sorted out.Please let me knowThank you.
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Hi friends,
I bought a new assembled PC and the new key board is Microsoft RT2300 and OS is Vista Home Premium. Few Key are not working properly. Below are the Keys:
if pressed @ it gives "
If pressed # it gives ?
if pressed " it gives @
if pressed back slash it gives #
I downloaded and installed the driver "P32Eng6.30.191.0" but still it dosent works.

A:Microsoft RT2300 Keyboard few keys not working

What language have you set Vista to use (English - UK or English - US)?
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I lost the USB transceiver from my Microsoft Wireless Mouse and Keyboard 2000.

I contacted Microsoft but they don't sell the USB's by themselves - I would have to re-purchase the whole keyboard and mouse set again.

No one is selling the transceiver on eBay either. I'm wondering if there is some other kind of transceiver I can use instead - or maybe is it possible to just use regular old bluetooth?

A:Lost transceiver USB for Microsoft keyboard & mouse

Sad to say You are pretty much stuck buying a new Mouse and Keyboard.
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I am running Windows 7, and currently using a Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard 1.0a. This keyboard has a rather disconcerting feature called the "f-lock", which is a key that you must press if you wish to have access to the function keys F1 thru' F12.

The problem with this f-lock key is that, after you boot up, you must explicitly press it on in order to access the standard function keys. Absolute nuisance.

There is a registry hack type of workaround that has been circulated but this is for Windows XP, and does not work for Windows 7 or Vista.

Does anyone know of a solution that is specific to Windows 7 ?

Thanks and regards,
Andrew Fortune,

A:Microsoft Multimedia Keyboard and the Wretched F-Lock

This may help you:

Microsoft Keyboards - F Lock Key Info
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Please help,
have installed wireless desktop set, ps2 connection only for keyboard and usb/ps2 connection for mouse. Mouse works fine with either connection, the keyboard is a nightmare.
Works fine on one PC reboots fine and no issues. The other PC doesn't get past POST. Blank screen and no beeps after POST or messages. Both PCs run on XP Professional.
Have even done a total clean install to get rid of any software or device conflicts, only has monitor, keyboard and mouse attached. Works fine with old cabled keyboard and mouse.

PS. works if I boot with old keyboard/mouse and then change over to wireless whilst running but when reboots same old problem

Please please help
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I use Windows XP Sp3 on my desktop computer with a Microsoft Wireless Multimedia Keyboard 1.0A. After having tro re-install XP, I have lost the use of the My Documents, My Pictures and My Music buttons although the WebHome and Mail buttons still work. I don't appear to have a software CD for it and it was pre-installed by my computer supplier. Can anyone please tell me how I can bring the dead buttons to life please? Do I need to get software for the purpose? I couldn't find software on a Google search.

A:Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Buttons Dead

Yes, you need to install the keyboard software to access any special keys.

The software you need is a free download from Microsoft called Intellitype:
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im bought new MCK 9000 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo
. Anyone got them?

Because i need know how to press Printscreen. i dont know how to, find which press first then Printscreen.

i know its normal keyboard, its press shift then printscreen but different keyboard!

nothing say in manual!

Anyone help me!


A:Solved: Microsoft Wireless Office Pro Keyboard

Done. its turn 'Office Lock' off, then press and hold shift and press 'Print Screen', then click 'Paint', click 'edit' and then click 'Paste'. Thats it!!!!

Thats why its not working because its 'Office Lock' is on!!!
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I've had this for a while, and just decided to install the software portion for the fingerprint reader......DigitalPersona Password Manager 1.0.

Now, upon restart, I get a log in screen with my user name for XP Pro, and a blank password.

I ASSUMED that my Windows logon password would work, but WRONG AGAIN

I cannot get past this stupid log in screen

I can start in safemode, and I removed my Windows logon password ASSUMING that would fix it, but WRONG AGAIN

In safe mode, I can't uninstall the program. For some silly reason, I have no system restore points A format and reinstall is not out of the question, but, I'd like to see if anyone has any ideas rather than the very large hammer sitting on my desk
This is the puppy:

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I am trying to determine if the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard has AES encryption but the technical data sheet (linked at the end of this post) does not state this.  Before I can use this keyboard at work I need to demonstrate that it is encrypted.
 I have search high and low and not found any direct confirmation for this keyboard.  I even tried ringing Microsoft but after being shoved around 4 different people (who kept saying I should plug the dongle in my laptop) I got nowhere.
Can anyone confirm that this keyboard does use AES encryption and for a bonus point is there a MS White Paper on their encryption methodology? 

A:Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard - AES encryption?

I found the link in Microsoft website, all features listed in the link for Sculpt Ergonomic keyboard, AES is not included.
Here's a compared result, in my opinion, if a Microsoft keyboard suports this feature, it will list it there. Zhu
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