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HD 4400 graphics Displayport 1.2 support

Q: HD 4400 graphics Displayport 1.2 support

Hello I recently support 4400 1.2 HD Displayport graphics started to experience problems with DP support on my Latitude E with Intel HD graphics At firs the monitors failed to show image when I docked my laptop Undocking and docking again HD 4400 graphics Displayport 1.2 support would then resolve the issue But HD 4400 graphics Displayport 1.2 support after a few days it failed to show image no matter what After long hours of troubleshooting with drivers and firmwares and updates etc I discowered nbsp that disabling the DP from my monitor enabled me to get image at least to one of my HD 4400 graphics Displayport 1.2 support screens diabling can only be done when there is an actual image on the screen P As I have now come to an understanding through multiple support requests that it is actually something that is not supported under WIN with my setup My WIN is an update from WIN Could this be the cause that it was working in first place I cant confirm it because it was some time ago but I started to use the DP option when I had already updated to WIN Does anyone have an idea of such similar cases or have I been privileged to use something that was not supposed to work in the first place My setup Dell Latitude E WIN upgraded from WIN x Dell U H monitors daisy chained Dell dock All the best Vahur
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Preferred Solution: HD 4400 graphics Displayport 1.2 support

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi, I plan to buy new laptop and ProBook 450 G4 seems to me like reasonable priced laptop. I wanted use docking station that uses Thunderbolt 3 but I don't know if it will work as I plan.  For that I need support of DisplayPort over USB-C and USB Power Delivery. Thanks
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Hi all,

In a few weeks (I can't wait! ) I will replace my laptop with the Surface Pro.

Right now, though, I have my laptop connected to two monitors: One via VGA and other via DVI. I'm running Windows 8 Pro x64, so this all works great.

So the big question is whether it is possible to have multi-monitor support via the one-and-only DisplayPort that is on the Surface Pro? If so, what--if any--additional hardware would I need?

When I'm docked at home and using my Surface Pro as laptop, I really need to keep the functionality of using both external monitors (one is 31" and the other 29"). I would really hate to go back to only being able to use one.

If you can provide any insight, I'd appreciate it.


A:Multiple Monitor Support Possible via DisplayPort?

there are 2 options:

1) DisplayPort v1.1a hubs available today that allow you to connect multiple monitors to a single DisplayPort connector. Various output configurations are available for these hubs including DisplayPort, DVI, and HDMI.

2) you need DisplayPort monitors that support daisychaining. DisplayPort v1.2, supports monitor daisy chaining.
DisplayPort v1.1a displays are fully compatible with DisplayPort v1.2 PCs and graphics cards. A DisplayPort v1.1a display can be the last display in a DP v1.2 chain.
Here’s an example:
A PC with one DP connector is driving two monitors via daisy chaining. The 1st monitor is a DP v1.2 monitor with input and output connectors. The 2nd monitor is a DP v1.1a monitor. DP v1.2 PC—> DP v1.2 monitor with in & out connectors—->DP v.1.1a monitor.
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Just as 4K displays were becoming more affordable and widespread, it seems as though industry standards groups are preparing to up the stakes again. Apple's 5K iMac still isn't a high enough resolution for the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA),...

Read more

A:VESA readies DisplayPort 1.4a standard with support for 8K displays

it is likely that we will see 8K TVs become more readily available before 8K computers do.Click to expand...

It is likely the only reason to have an 8K computer would be to use an 8K TV as the display.
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Will a dell 4400 be able to run this graphics card or is it not the right one ?
Also can i mix a 512mb of ram with 256mb?

A:My dell 4400 with this graphics..Help

Yes, that card should work. Your system has agp (4x), and the card is agp 8x, so it should be fine(the reviews seem to indicate 4x backward compatibility). There are probably faster cards in the same price range that would work as well, but you may not need a faster card, depending on your intended usage.

Also, yes, it's ok to mix the 256 with the 512mb.

Here're your system specs for reference.
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Would be an update to openGL 4.5 on EliteBook 840 G1 ( Intel HD Graphics 4400 )?I hope so !!Thanks  

A:will be openGL 4.5 for Intel HD Graphics 4400

Hi, HD Graphics  4400 only supports upto OpenGL 4.0 (See 4th Genaration Intel processors) Regards.
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I have built like two computers before but I am still a bit confused on a very few things I am planning to build a new custom rig and order the parts online tomorrow once I am sure on everything This purpose is for light video enough HD for Is the Graphics video 4400 Intel editing? editing and average gaming To be more specific I want to record game play from my gaming console edit them with Adobe Premier and upload to YouTube in HD with maybe some commentary On the gaming side of things I want to play games like Minecraft and Fallout I have no intentions on live streaming yet The problem is that I am sort of on a tight budget right now The parts that I have selected for this build can be found here http pcpartpicker com p wgDBm Basically the stock CPU cooler will be used the built-in Is the Intel HD Graphics 4400 enough for video editing? graphics in the Intel CPU will be used and GB of RAM Of course I will upgrade later but will this be enough for now Suggestions or is it good as is nbsp
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Good Day Acer Community, Its been a week since I have been having this trouble regarding my Intel HD Graphics, Currently I have this version of driver installedon my laptop, but I installed a Program ( Intel Driver Update Utility ) and it shows that there is an available new version of it, ( version ) I downlaoded it, and run it, but it shows and error  "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer". I need help on this please, and I am running on Windows 10 version 1511 ( it means I have it with the November Update ) but as I keep on searching, I found out that my laptop Acer Aspire E1-472G is not supported with the said November Update.  Really wish to receive some help in here.  Best Regards,Angelo Arnigo
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I have built like two computers before but I am still a bit confused on a very few things I am planning to build a new custom rig and order the parts online tomorrow once I am enough video Is the for Graphics HD 4400 Intel editing? sure on everything This purpose is for light Is the Intel HD Graphics 4400 enough for video editing? video editing and average gaming To be Is the Intel HD Graphics 4400 enough for video editing? more specific I want to record game play from my gaming console edit them with Adobe Premier and upload to YouTube in HD with maybe some commentary On Is the Intel HD Graphics 4400 enough for video editing? the gaming side of things I want to play games like Minecraft and Fallout I have no intentions on live streaming yet The problem is that I am sort of on a tight budget right now The parts that I have selected for this build can be found here http pcpartpicker com p wgDBm Basically the stock CPU cooler will be used the built-in graphics in the Intel CPU will be used and GB of RAM Of course I will upgrade later but will this be enough for now Suggestions or is it good as is nbsp

A:Is the Intel HD Graphics 4400 enough for video editing?

I'm posting your computer parts list here so it's quicker and easier to view.
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I have just upgraded my laptop from Windows 8.0 to Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional Edition (build 9600), 64-bit. However when I look in the device manager it says the following error next to the graphics device, "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)". I can still continue to use my laptop, however cannot use the monitor and HDMI ports. I have tried the latest and beta drivers from the Intel site and I have also used the driver given on the HP support site for this laptop, but still no joy.

The current graphics driver version I have installed is

If I use the basic Microsoft driver the device

Any suggestions? Could it be a driver conflict or hardware incompatibility?

Are there any logs I can provide or run any diagnostic utilities?

Thanks in advance.
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I have just recently performed an inplace upgrade from Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 pro and initially my Intel 440 graphics card was working as normal. Over the pass few days my machine kept on rebooting after a few minutes use with the error message of SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (dxgkrnl.sys). I managed to get the OS to use Windows basic one but each time I tried to install the drivers for my Intel 4400 card it will go BSOD and I get the same error message. I also noticed that WIndows Update tried to install the new drivers. I used that method too but again it causes a BSOD. Any ideas how I could fix this please?
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I am considering buying a new laptop (both are HP) and was hoping to get an answer to which processor would better suit me..I don't game a whole ton, so no worries in that. I'm looking for the best bang for the buck and the one that will last the most. They both are roughly the same price out the door with tax.

Core i7 Intel? HD Graphics 4400 or AMD A8-Series AMD Radeon HD 8210 which is going to be better in the long run.

Thank you all,

A:Core i7 Intel Graphics 4400 or AMD A8-Series AMD Radeon

the intel graphics are onboard and the amd is an add-on board.. in case of failure - the amd is replacable
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I am a bit befuddled with the T for a few reasons but primarily while trying to dual T420 Graphics Integrated Displayport With screen I keep hitting one problem or T420 Displayport With Integrated Graphics another First Specs Basic Enterprise T i - m Gbs RAM Integrated HD with CD DVD RW It has the x Built in LCD and is equiped with a smartcard reader and modem card Now that thats out of the way I cannot get dual screens for the life of me with this laptop Now nbsp I dont have any monitors with Display ports so Im still utilizing DVI and VGA and one HDMI port and I have nbsp a display to HDMI adapter lyin around I tried using the adapter with my monitor and TV but with no success Next I went well Ill get a docking station it has T420 Displayport With Integrated Graphics a VGA and DVI connector so I did but the VGA port outputs red only no blue no green whilst the DVI works fine and best thing is I cant return it So I grabbed the Display to HDMI and tried the docking station Display with the same results Even when its the only attached monitor it doesnt see it I tried Win Display Settings Enabling and disabling the Digital Display in the Intel Graphics options and tried the Fn F or whatever thats suppose to out put to the external monitors all with no luck I see people here saying to change BIOs Video options but since I dont have nVidia all I got is Defualt Boot Screen selection i e Built in Display Analogue Digital Disp Digital Disp lt --When I select either of those it still outputs on DVI So Im at a loss the frick do I do nbsp
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Probably a dumb question (sorry) but trying to do some homework before my new system and monitor arrive.

Monitor (Dell U2713HM) will have multiple input possibilities, including DVI-D, Displayport and HDMI.

Graphics card (GeForce GTX 745) will have DVI-D and HDMI outputs.

Computer will also have onboard Displayport 1.2 output.

I assume I am going to connect the monitor and graphics card directly via DVI-D, but my questions are these:

Is there going to be any difference between using the onboard DisplayPort vs the graphics card DVI-D connection? If I use the onboard Displayport as the connection to the monitor, is this bypassing my graphics card altogether or is the graphics card working in conjunction with the DisplayPort in some way?


A:Which to use? Onboard DisplayPort or DVI-D on graphics card?

Personally, if you have a dedicated card then use the ports on that card. I would assume (only an assumption without knowing more detailed system specs) that the onboard display port is associated with an integrated APU / GPU setup.

As far as DVI-D and HDMI go, they are essentially the same as far as graphics are concerned, the main difference is that HDMI also carries audio (DVI-D is only video). If you have speakers connected to normal audio ports then it makes no difference. If you are using a screen / TV with its own speakers then HDMI is probably a better option as it means less cables.
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I have a Dimension computer and recently purchased a Radeon graphics card After installing the card all I get on my monitor is quot No Signal quot Is this a compatible card for this computer And if it is any suggestions as to what might resolve 9100 work, 4400, Graphics Dimension card doesn't Radeon this issue Thanks y all After chatting with Dell Support they say that my system may not be compatible with MB card However when I search their parts and upgrades for my computer all the graphics cards they recommend are MB MB even MB cards Now if my system won t handle those cards then why do they recommend them as upgrades When I Graphics card doesn't work, Dimension 4400, Radeon 9100 asked that to the dell chat rep he said I d have to contact Dell Solution Station which of course I d then have to pay them to use Man I m really about to get fed up with Dell So does anyone know if this is true Will the MB card not work in my system if my system is set for MB nbsp

A:Graphics card doesn't work, Dimension 4400, Radeon 9100

The memory located on the video card is separate from the computers system memory. The set 64MB memory, is on-board graphics memory. You should turn the on-board graphics in the bios off before you install a graphics card
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My 15 R2 has an AMD R9 395X discrete GPU.  When using just the laptop itself, I don't have issues with the switchable graphics, the Intel 530 works when it should and switches to the R9 when gaming.  When I connect an external monitor (Dell U2415 Ultrasharp) via a USB-C to DisplayPort (1.2) Cable to the monitor, it only uses the 530 graphics - even for games in High Performance mode.  In games where I can select the GPU I want to use - only the 530 shows up, and the AMD Settings states that there aren't any displays connected to it.  Both drivers for the respective GPUs are the current versions as posted by Dell.  
Is this a known issue that is being worked on, or should I be opening a support ticket with both Dell and AMD?
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Are there any adapters to do this or ways to do this? I can't seem to find any.

I am buying new monitors, the dell u2414h. Now, while this does have hdmi, I will be connecting multiple monitors together to extend the display from the laptop to give me multiple screens. The problem with this is that it only works if you use displayport and not hdmi, so I need a way to convert the hdmi to displayport or mini displayport.

I will primarily be using these monitors with my laptop that has displayport, so that is why I am getting these monitors and that won't be a problem. I will most likely hook up other laptops to the monitors and hdmi is way more common from what I have seen on laptops than displayport and is why I need a way to go from hdmi to displayport or mini displayport.

Any ideas? Thanks.

A:Hdmi to Displayport/Mini Displayport

You can't, HDMI does not support daisy chaining in the manner that DisplayPort does and you can't use a simply adapter to go from HDMI to DisplayPort and get the features of DisplayPort.
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I have been unable to install this. 80070103 Unknown error
How important is it and would there be any way to hide it if necessary?

Intel Corporation driver update for Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400

Download size: 147.0 MB

You may need to restart your computer for this update to take effect.

Update type: Important

This driver was provided by Intel Corporation for support of Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400

More information:

Help and Support:
</title> <link href="//" rel="shortcut icon" /> <link href="//" rel="stylesheet" /> <script src="//"> </scrip
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I just upgraded to Windows Vista, and I think it may have done something to my graphics card settings.

I run the direct x diagnostic tool and click on display and it just comes up with blank under device name, and n/a for the rest of the stuff.

The thing is, my video on my computer keeps lagging and being choppy (when I play it from a file), and I'm also having trouble running a game (Warcraft 3) that used to run fine before I reinstalled windows, because it keeps saying direct x is not installed, when it is.

Could this be a result of the reinstallation? What should I do to fix it?

A:Graphics card support

I should add: I have no idea whether I have a graphics card or not, the only way I know to check is to go into said direct x diagnostics program. So I don't know whether it's that I have no video card or that the settings were lost in the reinstall. Either way, graphics stuff is not working right now that was working before. So I'm also wondering if there is an alternative way to check what video card I have/if I have one, to determine whether that is the problem or if its something else.
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Hi I have a
Zoostorm AMD A8 7600
Computer and just wondering what graphics card will it support and would I also need to upgrade my processor for it thanks hope some one can help
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Hello, I've read through these forums searching for information about running a newer GPU with my M90p series desktop. I'm quite disappointed by the fact that there is no official information about support for AMD graphics cards. I have already purchased the new AMD RX 460 due to it's superior price to performance ratio, only to find out that it's probably not even possible to boot up the M series with it, due to the outdated BIOS for ThinkCentres. Are there any plans to add support for the new AMD GPUs?
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It's been this way for a while, just never have tried to resolve. When I use Windows Help and Support in my Vista machine I get the following if a button or pic should be displayed. Any suggestions?
Thank you very much for any help in advance,


A:Graphics missing in Help and Support window

Remove red eye from a picture
I would follow the link and remove the red eye. Once done you should not be bothered.
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I'm looking for a new graphics card. In the reviews I've been looking at I see that a lot say they will become obsolete when Windows Vista is released, as they do not support DirectX10. Is this a bad time to upgrade my graphics card without spending a hefty amount? I really don't want to spend over $200. However, I've been needing an upgrade for quite some time, and I would like to ypgrade soon. All these reviews make it sound like I'll need another upgrade very shortly.

I should also mention I use my computer a lot for gaming.

Are there any AGP graphics cards within $200 that will support DirectX 10 within $200 (or neat that)? If not, is it worth upgrading to a card that doesn't support DirectX 10 right now?

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I have a motherboard of intel dg31pr. I am willing to buy a graphics card

Zotac nvidia gtx g50amp!edition 2gb ddr5 will my motherboard support it

please help and reply as fast as possible.

A:graphics support for intel dg31pr

Hi raja basak,

Mentioned below is the system-board layout of 'Intel dg31pr':

It offers that following 'expansion capabilities':
- One PCI Express x16 bus add-in card connector
- One PCI Express x1 bus add-in card connector
- Two PCI Conventional bus connectors

Please share exact details about the 'Graphics Adapter' that you are exploring. Is it a 'GTX 500 series or 5 series' card? You may point at the 'desired GPU' on the following website: Graphics Cards: ZOTAC - It's time to play!
Also share the 'Power Supply' that you're planning to use; will need to verify if it is good enough to handle the 'GPU load'

Do reply with the findings; will take it forward from there.
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I wanted to know if this motherboard: Gigabyte GA-73VM-S2 can support this graphics card: GIGABYTE GEFORCE 210 GV-N210D3-512I 512MB PCI-E RETAIL

thanks in advance!

P.S. the reason why i want to buy this graphics card is to play Counter-Strike Source better... so if anyone got any good suggetion plz let me know

A:Can this motherboard support this graphics card?

I assume you already have the motherboard..if so the card should be fine..if not its also fine.Don't have to be anything over the top to run CS.
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I purchased a game called Mystery Case Files Escape from Ravenhearst when trying graphics game my Purchased support a not do and to load game a box pops up that says my graphics do not support this game The system requirements for the game are Operating System XP Vista Windows Windows CPU GHz RAM GB MB Display Memory graphics device MB DirectX Version Hard Drive MB of free space My Purchased a game and my graphics do not support system is Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version Service Pack Computer Intel R Pentium R CPU GHz GHz GB of RAM When i go to DirectX Diagnostic Tools under the display tab it says Device Name Intel R G GV GL Express Chipset Family Manufacturer Intel Corporation Chip Type Intel R G GV GL Express Chipset DAC Type Internal Approx Total Memory MB Current Display Mode x bit Hz Monitor Plug and Play Monitor When I did the test on the DirectDraw Acceleration everything was fine I did the test on the Direct D Acceleration x s The first test showed that Direct D was fine and Direct D was fine but no Direct D The second test showed Direct D but no Direct D or I don t know how to fix or upgrade my graphics card HELP nbsp
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I have the Compaq 4000 Pro small form factor computer and it only has a 240w PSU, and obviously it is specifically made to serve the motherboard. Is there any upgradability options for the PSU?
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I have an old system that won't seem to support 1440x900 resolution. It uses a ProSavage DDR 32MB integrated graphics chip. After updating the drivers, only four options show up in the control panel, and none of them are the proper ratio. Is there a way to force this thing to render at 1440x900?


A:Widescreen support with integrated graphics

It might not support WideScreen Resolutions, many older graphics chips don't.

Is this the driver you are using:
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Hello I ve been thinking about changing be PC my Graphics to able would Card handle? Which (support) my Video Card to another better NVIDIA My current computer specs Computer HP PAVILION ELITE HPE NL Computer Name PavilionElite System Manufacturer Hewlett Packard BIOS Ver OS Version Microsoft Windows Ultimate bit Build Which Graphics Card would my PC (support) be able to handle? Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU GHz CPUs Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Will be extended to Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX Mb Power Supply W Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB E Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard MSI IONA DirectX Version DirectX Antivirus McAfee All Access - Total Protection Updated amp Enabled Click here for more specs Which Nvidia Graphics Cards does my PC maximum support Could it support one of those -GeForce GTX TITAN -GeForce GTX TITAN Microsite -GeForce GTX -Series Microsite -GeForce GTX Ti new -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX Ti -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX Ti BOOST -GeForce GTX Ti -GeForce GTX -GeForce GTX Could you also be specific which ones would be the best for me to buy nbsp

A:Which Graphics Card would my PC (support) be able to handle?

Upgrading from a GTX 260, I'm not sure I would select a 660 or 760. Unless I was going for DirectX 11 capability. The 670 requires a 500W power supply and the 770 requires a 600W power supply. So while DirectX 11 would be an upgrade, if you are wanting a large performance increase, you will need a larger power supply than 460W. Judging by the dimensions of the GTX 260, I would say the longer graphics cards (11 inches) would physically fit. Speaking of the GTX 260, nVidia specifies a 500W is required. I know the specifications allow for headroom, so it is your call whether you want to risk a card that calls for 500W.
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Some online games arent working with my direct x or video card , and i need help. The technical issues cant really be helped out by the games support , so someone please help me? This is my second attempt on posting this issue please someone give me support.

I get an error that says:

Error occurred in game.
No graphics device with hardwaresupport was found using DirectX!
If this is not correct restarting the computer might help.

During the launch of Anarchy Online , and when it ask me for my rendering device it says the only one available is Primary Display Driver - RGB Emulation

I've tried reinstalling my Nvidia drivers , all diffrent versions , and still no luck. Any Help? Please Give Support.

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Hello. I am very interested in playing Diablo 3 when it comes out; although my current "stock" graphics card will not allow me to play, even at the lowest settings. I am thinking of upgrading to the
XFX - AMD Radeon HD 6670 2GB DDR3 PCI Express 2.1 Graphics Card

Will my "stock" HP Pavilion support this? Or will I need to upgrade something else in order for it to accept the new hardware?

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I'm new to gaming and just starting to learn, but I could really use some help.

I have a Dell Studio 1558 with an Intel Core i3 CPU and a 64-bit operating system, and I'm wondering if it will support an nvidia gtx 770 graphics card.

I'm not really sure how to tell and most of the explanations I've found have been too technical for me at this point, so I would really appreciate help.

A:Will computer support an Nvidia GTX 770 graphics card?

Can you tell us your complete specs and what wattage your PSU is?


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Hello!  Is the 400 W PSU capable of feeding a graphics card that's just below the 150 W limit (like the RX 480 mentioned above)? It would be nice if someone who made such an upgrade and has it working for a longer period of time could give me some advice. I don't want to risk damaging board or PSU. Thank you!
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According to Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Report.
I computer is legging in hardware support.

Error was
Windows Aero support:
Your current graphics adapter won't support the Windows Aero user interface. If you want to experience the benefits of Windows Aero, contact your PC manufacturer or retailer to see if an upgrade is available.

I also having 2 error more of RAM & Hard Disk requirement such error I can able to solve by buying 1Gb RAM & 160 GB Hard Disk. But...

I just wanted to know how can my computer is able get windows aero support.
As i am not aware of using which type of graphics cards is supporting aero.

Plz Suggest me ....
Pasting my graphics confrigration...


A:Graphics adapter won't support the Windows Aero.

Anything HD by ATI or anything 6xxx and above NVIDIA.

You'll have to check your psu to see if it's strong enough for any card you get. And also, you'll have to check which kind of video card slot you have. Probably AGP but if not, then you'll need to get a PCI card.

IMHO, don't upgrade that machine. Get a new one ready for Windows 7 out of the box.
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I have been chasing down a computer restarting issue and it seems much of my problems are pointing towards my graphics card. I've tried a full uninstall / reinstall of the lastest from nvidia with no success. I am trying to figure out if my graphics card is going or if this is a software issue.

Symptoms, random restarts.
The computer will restart and I can here it log into windows but the monitors never turn on. If i switch to my onboard graphics and restart again I can usually get the display to start. Then I can switch back to my GTX 670 and it will work for awhile before the restarting and monitor blackouts happen again.

?Windows 7
?x64 ?
? windows 7
?Retail version
? 2 years

? i5 2500k
? GTX 670
? gigabyte GA-Z77MX-D3H
? Power Supply - Thermaltake TPG-1050M / 1050 watt

? Home build Desktop?

A:BSOD and computer restarting without graphics support

I can't upload my .html report it keeps saying invalid file. I've run it and saved it twice as two different files. Sorry.
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As time goes on and a product catalog grows, it's not unusual for a company to reduce and eventually eliminate support for older products. In the case of ATI, AMD's graphics division, a new decision to reduce support for older graphics chips is about to take effect. To date, ATI has provided a new WHQL certified driver every month to nearly every graphics card capable of DirectX 9 acceleration. That includes cards all the way back to 2002's Radeon 9700 Pro. After this month's Catalyst 9.3 release, that will not be the case.
After Catalyst 9.3, products prior to the R6xx generation of graphics cards (that go by the Radeon HD 2000 series brand names) will be changed to "legacy support status." This means that these products will get quarterly WHQL driver updates, instead of monthly updates. AMD assures us that these products will still receive critical "hotfix" drivers if high-priority fixes are needed.

more: ExtremeTech

A:ATI Reduces Support for Older Graphics Cards

Oh i hate you ATi!

New card for me then...

It says "After Catalyst 9.3" does this mean 9.3 will support them?
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I have HP Pavilion -p nm and i have a problem with Intel HD graphics driver nbsp Default generic driver that comes with Windows has low graphics performance and backlight can not be controlled Windows update installs new driver but it has black screen problem on startup if brightness is Also it HD drivers HP on graphics wrong Intel support has BSOD if i put laptop to sleep I went to HP support webpage and downloaded available different driver versions for Intel HD graphics None of them can be installed it says that this computer does not meet minimum Intel HD graphics wrong drivers on HP support requirements for installing this software I tried installing Windows but same thing happens There is wrong driver on HP support webpage I extracted setup Intel HD graphics wrong drivers on HP support file and opened inf file there is no reference to my laptop intel graphics hardware id This is what my HP -p nm reports in device manager for Intel graphics PCI VEN amp DEV F amp SUBSYS A CAnd this is list of compatible hardware id's with Intel graphics driver from HP support page for this laptop nbsp Spoiler Highlight to read nbsp Mondavi '' Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Mondavi '' Wide Screen I N iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Stag '' Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Stag '' Wide Screen I N iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Antinori '' Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Antinori '' Wide Screen I N iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Latour '' Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Latour '' Wide Screen I N iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS B C Petrus Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Petrus Wide Screen I A iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C C Romanee '' Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS A C Romanee '' Wide Screen I A iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS D C Mondavi '' Wide Screen UMA iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS D C Mondavi '' Wide Screen I N iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS C Stag '' Wide Screen UMA iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS E C Stag '' Wide Screen I N iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS C Antinori '' Wide Screen UMA iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS F C Antinori '' Wide Screen I N iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS C Latour '' Wide Screen UMA iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS C Latour '' Wide Screen I N iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS C C Petrus Wide Screen UMA iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS A C Petrus Wide Screen I A iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS D C Romanee '' Wide Screen UMA iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS B C Romanee '' Wide Screen I A iHSWGT UT iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV A amp SUBSYS E C Mondavi '' Wide Screen UMA-H iHSWGT CW iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV D amp SUBSYS C Stag '' Wide Screen UMA-H iHSWGT CW iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV D amp SUBSYS C Antinori '' Wide Screen UMA-H iHSWGT CW iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV D amp SUBSYS C Latour '' Wide Screen UMA-H iHSWGT CW iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV D amp SUBSYS F C Petrus Wide Screen UMA-H iHSWGT CW iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV D amp SUBSYS C Romanee '' Wide Screen UMA-H iHSWGT CW iHSWM w PCI VEN amp DEV D amp SUBSYS C nbsp Mondavi '' Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Mondavi '' Wide Screen I N iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Stag '' Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Stag '' Wide Screen I N iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Antinori '' Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Antinori '' Wide Screen I N iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Latour '' Wide Screen UMA iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS C Latour '' Wide Screen I N iBDWULTGT iBDWM w PCI VEN amp DEV amp SUBSYS B C Petrus Wide... Read more
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Intel Extreme Graphics XGA x support Hi im new here and i really have searched hard for many weeks to resolve this issue to no avail I will be very impressed if support? 2 XGA Extreme 1200x800 Graphics Intel someone can help Im having problems with intel gme graphics drivers Intel extreme graphics on my clevo M CW M W M W yrs old XGA x and dont know where to turn The basic driver that came with the computer regularily when i open a browser window or Intel Extreme Graphics 2 XGA 1200x800 support? video window the screen goes stripey grey Everything seems to be fine underneath as i can shut down with no problems but no screen until i reboot I installed the latest drivers and tried those inbetween to no avail and this seems to overcome this problem but there seems to be no support for XGA resolution The new driver says in display gt settings that monitor is digital flat monitor x but my screen is x XGA and there is no option to change that The only resolution that is usable is x which fits the screen but the text and icons are slightly distorted Ive searched all driver sites intel drivers and the give the same driver for the GM and GME Is there any other drivers i could possible use for this resolution or is there one i can t find Im running Phoenix NoteBIOS would an upgrade resolve this excuse my ignorance on this one i don t know much about BIOS upgrade and will have to read up There must be others with this model that have had similar issues over the past years Im running XP Pro with SP Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Intel Extreme Graphics 2 XGA 1200x800 support?

Have you thought about getting an add-on AGP or PCI HD ready video card?
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Does anyone know how to find out if a graphics card driver is WDDM certified? Because I'm not sure if the latest one for my NVIDIA card is or not, as a driver not being compatible with WDDM can cause issues with transparency and other Aero effects as I've read.

A:How to check a graphics driver for WDDM support?

Start search box type >>> dxdiag Press enter ..

Then look under the Display Tab ...
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I have an ASUS maximus VII here that I have been very happy with so far. By far one of my favorite boards to date. I am running dual GTX 780s on it and am looking to expand to 3gtx 780s..... It LOOKS like there is about a spare 6mm of clearance left over id I were to install a 3d card, but before I go drop another $450 I am hoping someone can tell me if the board will actually support 3way SLI. I cant think of why it wouldn't, but $450 is not a small amount to be doing an experiment.

I appreciate the support!

A:Can an ASUS Maximus VII support 3 graphics cards?

I just did some research and see that it chokes up on the last one being PCIe2.0-8x I may buy a rampage in the future and use this one in my server farm.... We will see. Still looking for opinions. I think the obvious answer is the transfer rate is not worth it but if someone wants to tell me I'm wrong, I'm all ears.
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Currently set up with a Philips Briliance 190SW and about to buy a new monitor. Figured it wouldn't support the resolution so I had to go with a lower-cost monitor. Will my graphics card support dual monitoring? This is the one Will it work? And by any chance this one can be compatible? Sorry I just don't know where to look through the internet.

A:Will this graphics card support dual monitors?

Sorry please can you link us to an english website.
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I havne't upgraded my PC in any way before, but I do a fair bit of gaming on it and I was wondering if it's possible to upgrade the standard Intel HD Intergrated graphics it comes with to something better. The specs are in this link, could you please let me know which graphics cards would be compatible with it (if any) and what else I would be required to get to enable it to work, e.g. maybe an upgraded power supply. Thanks!

A:Can my HP 110-050ea Desktop PC support a graphics card?

Hi, As you can see, it does not have any slot for you to install a video card. It only uses Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD Integrated graphics which is soldered to the motherboard as on the motherboard specs:   Regards.
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Currently, I'm using a Gateway PC (Mini tower) with the built in Intel GMA 4500 HD Graphics. I'm looking to find a decent Mini tower PCI Express Graphics card that can run games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 at a low-decent resolution at a high FPS - preferrably 80-90 or more if possible. My price range is basically anything under / around $70.

I found a Radeon HD 5450 1 GB supposedly low profile graphics card on Amazon, any opinions on that quality of that?

I'd just like some suggestions, please. Thanks.

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Yesterday I got battlefield 2 and installed it. It was working fine until I got to the start menu. Then this thing popped up and said my graphics card was going to reset its resolution and needed to restart the computer. So I said yes then restarted the game and got back to the menu but it did the same thing so I went online and looked up the requirements for a BF2 graphics card. It said it could take ATI radeon 8600. So I'm thinking wait I have ATI 9250 and thats higher soooooooooooo. I NEED HELP PLEASE.

A:Battlefield 2 doesn't support a higher graphics card need help!!

Go to BF2 website and make sure you have the latest patch installed for that stupid game. By stupid I mean "nothing but technical problems for everyone that buys it". Your 9250 is supported. Make sure you have the latest drivers for the 9250 from the ATI website and the latest mobo chipset drivers. Also you'll need Direct 9.0c installed (prob on the installation disk).

Good luck
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I have intel HD Graphics with core i3 processor, which I know intel have released WDDM 1.2 for,

but when I install it gives me (driver installed UNSUCCESSFULLY) and rolls back to the WDDM 1.1 (8.15.10.whatever)
please help me install the latest drivers WDDM 1.2 ( because I feel the HD video playback is a little bit jerky.
additional info, my version of Windows is Windows 8 Pro (build 9200).

and help would be appreciated

A:Windows and Intel HD Graphics and support for WDDM 1.2, riddle

They have not released drivers for Intel HD Graphics. They only released drivers for HD 2000 and 3000 (Known as sandybridge processors or 2nd generation processors.) and 2500 and 4000 which are Ivy bridge (3rd generation processors)

Try the driver from this page.
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i searched in a lot of forums to see if a gtx 750 ti is compatible with the dell 660 mini tower and i cant find a reliable source and i need help to see if its worth it to get it if it is compatible.
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As stated in the topic I have a Dell Optiplex GX It came with onboard Intel Extreme Graphics with MB VRAM I looked in the case and saw different types of slots so GX270. a Can it Optiplex a graphics support I card? have Dell I m thinking mabye one of those is for a graphics card A now old verison of cpu-z didn t have any information on my graphics card capabilties like whether it would support AGP X X etc Aida wouldn I have a Dell Optiplex GX270. Can it support a graphics card? t tell me anything either I m getting an updated version of cpu-z now and will see if that tells me anything more Anyway let me throw you some of my specs Maybe that will help Dell Optiplex GX BIOS Version A Date CPU Speed Normal Compatible Bus Speed MHZ Processor OID F Clock Speed GHz L Cache Size KB Mainboard CPU-Z Dell Computer Corp Model OFG Chipset Intel i P PE G i P Rev A Southbridge Intel EB ICH LPCIO SMSC Processor CPU-Z Intel Pentium Code NMe Prescott Package Socket mPGA Technology nm Well that s alot of info but I thought it might help I can post a full listing of specs from a log file I generated using CPU-Z if that helps It s a GHZ GB ram computer processing power wise I looked up the specs for the GX on Dell s site but it didn t say whether or not I can instal a graphics card Oh and I bought this compuer refurbished from www intechra com so I dont have a computer manual for it nbsp

A:I have a Dell Optiplex GX270. Can it support a graphics card?

It has an 8x AGP slot, but doesn't most propably have enough good a power supply to support any decent cards, like these: or
Neither do Dells have good cooling so the 3850 would run pretty hot in it.

The Optiplex basically takes a standard ATX PSU, but you might need to cut some metal to expose the new PSU's power switch or something like that. Safest way would be to get a Dell specific PSU, like this: but if you're feeling lucky, you can save a bit and get this:
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I planned to buy external graphic card (GeForce GTX-960) for my laptop which has Windows 7 SP1 installed, a thunderbolt port, and HD Graphics 3000. But some people on internet said that GeForce will not working on laptop monitor. I want to know is that fixed
yet or not.
Thank you,
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I just recently bought myself a new graphics card, GeForce 6 6600LE 256 mb DDR AGP8X 128 bit, abd got a free game with it called riddick, but when i try to play it the error message...

'This application requires graphics driver support for OpenGL 1.3 or higher'

comes up and the game doesnt work, however my other games like age of empires 3 still works, can someone please help me?

A:'requires graphics driver support for OpenGL 1.3 or higher'

Can someone please help because i am really puzzled and would like to know whether i have to go and download the driver from the internet or whether it shud be on the disk that came with my grpahics card, but i havent fully installed it.
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Do the newer graphics cards support 640 by 480 32bit color ?

I was reading a forum and one guy claimed that the newer graphics cards do not support 640 by 480 resolution anymore ?

I don't understand this, 640 by 480 has been a standard for years.

Does anyone know if this is true ?
Does anyone have any experience with this?
COLE manager: You have 60 minutes for the questions.
Grol license exam taker: How much time for the answers ?

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Hi, How is "Switchable graphics" supported on HP laptops? Is it via a BIOS setting, or is it through the Catalyst drivers? Even when this is through Catalyst drivers, is there a way to permanently disable the built-in Intel HD graphics and only use the ATI Radeon HD5430/5450/5470 graphics card? I'm a bit concerned with Switchable Graphics through the driver, as it requires a custom-built HP driver, eg. I cannot use drivers provided by ATI, which is a bit scary. Thanks,Fred 

A:"Switchable graphics": BIOS setting or support via Catalyst ...

How is "Switchable graphics" supported on HP laptops? - It is function of BIOS supporting this featureIs it via a BIOS setting, or is it through the Catalyst drivers? - the Switching is controller by the driverEven when this is through Catalyst drivers, is there a way to permanently disable the built-in Intel HD graphics and only use the ATI Radeon HD5430/5450/5470 graphics card? - Yes, check below screenshot... but there is ATI-ATI switchable graphics as well, but only on AMD units, for which drivers can be downloaded from ATI directly as well...
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What have forum members found to be the fastest, highest quality half-height PCI-Express, DirectX 10 graphics card?

I've currently got an ATI x1300 Pro (256Mb) but would like something that has DirectX10 support and has more and faster memory.

A:Best half height graphics cards with DirectX 10 support

Depends on how much you really want to spend. I cant speak for ATI cards because im a fan of Nvidia, but if you dont want to spend to much you can go with the GeForce 8800 GT Video Card which is about $200, or the or just go all out with an 8800 Ultra.
But those are about the fastest you will get.
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Hello, I had dell inspiron 15 5558 8gb ram 1tb HDD core i7 5500u the my question is that will my laptop  supports nvidia geforce 945m or nvidia gtx 950m dedicated graphics card? If I replace it with my current nvidia geforce 920m dedicated graphics card???? Please reply fast!

A:Dell 5558 i7 8gb ram dedicated graphics card support

Thank you for posting, I wish that i have better news for you. The 5558 is similar to a good many Dell notebooks in which the discreet GPU is soldered on the system board. Unfortunately there are no means to upgrade the GPU. 

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I recently bought a new computer setup as noted at the bottom Monitor-graphics 906bw Card Support Samsung of Samsung 906bw Monitor-graphics Card Support this post The HP PC has an NVIDIA GeForce GS graphics card installed in it I also bought a quot Samsung Monitor model BW Some of the literature indicates that this monitor can utilize Samsung s software based MagicTune system for making changes in the image on the screen such as the intensity of the color and the tint etc The OSD system utilizes a series of buttons under the bottom right edge of the monitor These have limited functionality I have yet to figure out how to reduce the amount of color some of the DVDs I play show on the screen with orange faces this is so ez to correct on my Sammy quot DLP but NOT on my Sammy quot LCD I found out the hard way that Samsung does NOT support the NVIDIA GS card yet I talked to customer service today about this situation and was given no idea of when if Samsung will add support for my Graphics card to the MagicTune software If they do I will have to download a new version of it with this support My question is this is there any sort of patch or work around that would enable me to us the MagicTune function with my system as it is There must be Samsung 906bw Monitor-graphics Card Support ALOT of GS cards out there with Sammy Monitors and no way of Samsung 906bw Monitor-graphics Card Support using the software based mouse and keyboard controlled MagicTune function Charles I Proche Here is my configuration -HP Pavilion Slimline s y PC -Genuine Windows Vista Home Premium -bit - Intel Core Duo processor E GHz - GB DDR - MHz dual channel SDRAM x - MB NVIDIA GeForce GS DVI-I HDMI - GB rpm SATA Gb s hard drive - X DVD -R RW SuperMulti drive - -in- memory card reader USB headphone port - Integrated channel sound w front audio ports - HP wireless keyboard and HP wireless optical mouse nbsp
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Hi I am fairly new to all this computer building, infact this would be the first time ever that I am putting something into my machine. So I am a little worried that I might buy the wrong part for my motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD3R (Rev. 2.0).

I basically just want to know if this motherboard can support a AMD radeon HD 7950. If not what is a powerful graphics card that it would support.

Sorry if this is a really dum question.

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I'm not very good with computers, so if it's a stupid question please forgive me!
Anyway, my windows XP laptop's graphic card is ati-radeon7000, and I was wondering if it can be updated (without having to buy a new graphics card, because I'm broke). So I downloaded the ati radeon9250, and both 7000 and 9250 are from the version 6.11. So can it be done?

A:Can A Graphics Card That Supports Ati Radeon7000, Support Ati Radeon9250? (since Both Are From The 6.11 Version?)

What you are downloading and installing is the drivers for ATI video cards. A driver is basically software that tells a piece of hardware how to work. It has basic and advanced instructions telling it how to perform certain functions. ATI video cards all use the same driver, so really what you are doing is just updating the software that tells your video card how to work.
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I have a Latitude E6520/Core i7/8Gb RAM with standard Intel HD(r) Graphics - would I be able to use the Dell U3415W Monitor externally, connected to the Latitude's built-in display port, and drive the monitor at it's native resolution - WQHD (3440x1440), simultaneously with the built in LCD panel at 1920x1080? How about without the built-in panel?
Incidentally, I'd love to know how to figure this sort of stuff out myself, if anyone has any pointers to doing so.
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Just bought the above card to replace an old AMD Radeon HD 6450

When I unplug the old card and insert the new one, connect the 6-pin connecter from the PSU to the new card and power on - the new card led goes solid green, the fans run, but there is not output from the card to my monitor (which then goes into power saving mode).
Can anyone confirm if there is anything else I need to do to get the new card to work on the XPS 8300?

XPS-8300  i7-2600 3,4GHz 12Gb RAM
H67 Motherboard (Dell 0Y2MRG)
Win 7 64 bit

new card is ASUS Radeon R9 270 2BG GDDR5 

Please help!!!

A:Will Dell XPS 8300 A06 BIOS support ASUS Radeon R9 270 DirectCU II OC graphics card?

It wont with the stock power supply and its likely that it wont post at all due to UEFI bios requirements.
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Ordered my new CPU + Mobo yesterday, now in the process of getting the other bits, I would like a silent, mayb with a blue LED or something, what can you recommend??

A:PSU for AMD 64 x2 4400+

is your mobo a sli? if so get at least 600w power supply and I would definatly get geforce 7800 gt or gtx for your GPU and definaly go with corsair xms 2-2-2-5 latency ram at least 1.5 gig preferably 2 gig if you plan on playin BF2,Quake 4, HL2, Doom 3 and so on especially these games if you play on ultra quality they use 512 ram just for added textuing alone so 2 gigs is a must for smooth gameplay on highest graffix settings.

here is my setup:

Fatality a8n sli
amd 4000+ 1 meg cache
2 gig xms corsair 2-2-2-5 latency
2 bfg geforce 7800 gt oc
600w power supply
maddog cd+dvd burner
HD WD sata 120gb 8meg cache
xp pro sp2

hopefully this is helpfull to you and anymore questions feel free to ask!

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Want to upgrade memory, we buy pc stuff from newegg thet have pages on 256mb,512mb looking for ideas on what brand to get price really not an issue. Thanks

A:Dell 4400

I personally like Crucial and have used them on laptops. Their website tells you which RAM is right for your laptop. You can use the configurator and see if you can find it on Newegg for a cheaper price. I just like Crucial's free two day shipping.

Other brands are Kingston and Corsair -- I've only used them for desktops, though.
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Hi! my specs are :
amd 4400+
asus m2n mx se plus
800 mhz 1gb ddr2 ram

could you please tell me how to overclk my cpu?

A:How do I overclock my AMD 4400+

There are TONS of overclocking resources scattered throughout the web. Google your chip and search for guides and/or a database of overclocking results similar to your setup. The most common and best way to overclock your system is through the BIOS. Be careful though as overclocking voids warranties and may harm your computer.
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im thinkin of buyin one of these CPU's but cant understand y the 4400 is only $2 more than the 4200 yet the 4200 is the top seller am i missing something


A:AMD X2 4200 vs 4400

Its a good deal for the 4400....that is the exact same proccesser that im runnning.......i payed 150 for it......good cpu.....even though its only 2.3 ghz still runs games really good
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Since I have put this new chip some games just won t run properly One is UT Goty version and runs like being on k dial up with bad lag The other is a new game Codename Panzers X2 and 4400+ A64 some games Phase Two The settings screens on both are fine but on Panzers when I select A64 X2 4400+ and some games vehicles etc to move the tanks troops shimmer about all over the place making the game unplayable Other games like UT Cod BF BF Desert Combat C amp C Gens ZH for example run without problems Is there anything with this dual core chip to make it more game friendly I have the latest Nvidia video chipset drivers DX c I have tried a couple of video driver versions but no difference Maybe a fresh install of XP Pro might help I have all my games installed on two little Raptors in Raid I have installed uninstalled UT twice but Panzers is the original install before the new cpu The previous San Diego did not cause any problems Maybe I have gone dual core too early nbsp
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Dell 4400 wont let me past start up screen[Moderator edit: added topic description.jgw]

A:dell 4400

Some more information would be quite helpful. What was going on before this happened. Any new software? New hardware added? Help us with information so we can be helpful to you. As much information as you can provide will be great.
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Okay all didn t think this warranted news on the main page but thought I d let everyone know that I picked up a PNY Verto GeForce over the weekend Really great card Couple of issues that I ve seen so far First overall length of the card I m running an Asus A V Motherboard and the end of the card actually rests on the ribbon cable coming out of one of my ATA controllers Nvidia dogged dfx for the length of the V which I also owned and now they are doing the same thing Eh Second PNY bundles those d glasses with this card Horrid hardware Really bad GeForce4 4400 strobing There s no way I d actually play a game with these things on Other than that well worth the US I paid for the card My dmark scores are in the low s though but that probably has more to do with the fact that I m running a Tbird Mhz FSB If anybody else picks up either the or the I strongly recommend downloading the tech demos that Nvidia has on their site It will really show you what your card can do Last thing For some reason I m topping out at about FPS in UT avg GeForce4 4400 Not sure if it s a CPU issue or Vsync or what I ve seen the topic floated before but never saw a definite resolution Any help or ideas would be cool BTW here s the specs on my system ASUS A V AMD Tbird MHz FSB not OC d PC SDRAM Hard Drives one on the ATA Controller you don t want to know SBLive Value Soon to be replaced with an Audigy GeForce4 4400 No modem installed been using Cable for last years oh and last but not least PNY Verto GeForce stock nbsp

A:GeForce4 4400

Welcome to 3ds 3ds Editor

Reinstall UT for a start if you've switched video cards...

Check out GeForce4 ti 4400 slow frame rate from further down the page

As we moderators like to say "Search feature is your friend"
Check signature for details

When are you planning to upgrade that Athlon 800? It will be limiting your GF4 something rotten. UT is quite CPU intensive so I don't know if you'll get much more fps out of your system as it is.

Check out my post on this page of this thread. There is a graph linked in that shows the limitations of a GF2 with < 1300Mhz Athlons. Here I will post it here:Tomshardware Geforce2 scaling analysis article
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I am going to make a desktop computer with the following specs :-
Core i3, 4gb ram, 500gb storage. I just want to know that the integrated graphics Intel hd 4400 Is strong enough to run games like battlefield 3 or far Cry 3?
I don't find any problem running games at low settings or with low fps.
Any help in this matter would support me in building my pc. Thanks

A:PC with Intel hd 4400

You have too many threads going and causing confusion. Please continue with the following thread:

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It's my first post here!

My config.

256 meg RAM
Asus A7v133
G4 Ti 4400
SB Live 5.1

i just buy a G4 TI 4400 and i have this probleme,
In Bios, my screen is freak, i see verticaly little dot and f***** charaters, generally i can't boot in windows! Im not alone, other pepole have this probleme, but i never see the solution! I put my G4 MX 420 and all run fine! What the f****** probleme???

Plz tell me a solution im very frustrated!!!


p.s: sorry for my poor english!

A:Big probleme with G4 Ti 4400

Sounds like a driver problem.

What is the wattage of your PowerSupply? This could also be caused by the video card not getting enough power.
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so i have seen the ddr550 512mb sticks that are at pc-4400 and i have yet to see a motherboard to suport that. the highest i have seen is ddr400. who makes the motherboards that suports that hight of a clock speed? im starting to think that they make the sticks only to say they have them but no motherboard can support them yet. what do you say...

A:DDR Memory PC-4400

those pc4400 sticks are for overclockers right now. they need the ram to be stable at that speed.
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Hello all Im in need of a little assistance Im basically trying to OC Toledo A little 4400+ X2 - OC help AMD an AMD X Toledo to around A little OC help - AMD X2 4400+ Toledo tho would be nice I have no prior experience of OCing a CPU however i have built up my computer a fair bit and am generally good with computers so im no noob As stock my cpu cores run at around c idle and max c full load - when put under the small FFTs torture test of Prime I have had a quick OC try and upped A little OC help - AMD X2 4400+ Toledo the CPU freq from to in BIOS it appeared not to boot at any higher which gave me around Ghz i think and added a couple of degrees to the max load temp maxing at c ish My question is how would you seasoned OC ers go about getting a little more from this old chap of a CPU Should i increase the voltage as i have heard this gives a minimal benifit for the risk it poses to the hardware I dont seem to have access to the HT multiplier in the BIOS the one which is x by default but i think i have access to the CPU multiplier listed as K CPU clock ratio in the BIOS My motherboard is a GIGABYTE Nvidia Nforce SLI the model is GA-K N Pro-SLI and i have x GB pc RAM think that is all you need to know for this and i have uploaded a pic of CPUz showing no OC readings and the menus I get in my BIOS Id be happy to use some software to OC if any can be reccomended Also any ideas how i can access my CPU fan speed so i could keep it cooler under load as i dont seem to be able to find how Any help would be much appreciated Dan nbsp

A:A little OC help - AMD X2 4400+ Toledo

My question is how would you seasoned OC'ers go about getting a little more from this old chap of a CPU. Should i increase the voltage? as i have heard this gives a minimal benifit for the risk it poses to the hardware.Click to expand...

Not until your processor becomes unstable.
CPU's obviously take more power to do more work, normally manufactures limit the voltage to a safe, yet plentiful value. If you push the processor pas what it should be running, it will require more voltage. For minor overclocks, the default limit should be fine, higher overclocks may require a voltage boost.

I have had a 'quick' OC try and upped the CPU freq from 200 to 210 in BIOS (it appeared not to boot at any higher) which gave me around 2.3Ghz i think, and added a couple of degrees to the max load temp maxing at 53c ish.Click to expand...

So you can't even boot up past 2.3ghz? That shouldn't be happening, even with a low quality motherboard. You shouldn't even need to boost the voltage under 2.7ghz.

Also, any ideas how i can access my CPU fan speed so i could keep it cooler under load as i dont seem to be able to find how.Click to expand...

You shouldn't be able to, and if you can it would probably be in the BIOS.
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Hi guys, I am looking at upgrading my laptop, now the one I am upgrading to has a newer HD 4400 graphics card in it. I know these are not the best graphic cards in the world, but I don't really play games at all, just one, that requires ok graphics, but nothing spectacular.

I just have one query. When I do a Windows Experience Index score as a rough comparison, one thing that confuses me is.

HD 4000
GraphicsScore 5
Dx9SubScore 5
Dx10SubScore 6.4
GamingScore 6.4

HD 4400
GraphicsScore 4.9
Dx9SubScore 5.2
Dx10SubScore 0
GamingScore 5.2

The graphics, according to this, tells me that the HD4000 will out perform the HD4400 in every aspect, apart from the Dx9 score. To be honest, I know the difference will probably be minimal, but I am just curious as that what these scores are based on.

Also, on the HD 4400, should I be concerned that the DX 10 score is 0


A:Hd 4000 vs hd 4400

I wouldn't trust WEI mostly, maybe you can post The Specs of both computers? One may have a powerful GPU but the CPU is a bit weaker. And no, the HD 4400 is superior to HD 4000.
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Puter is working fine but have recently noticed some hangs when trying to close programs There are systems in the room and this room is usually warmer than the rest of the house These temp readings were taken in the early a m before the heat of a Houston summer I have a top if the line Antec case with fans running and OEM heatsink and fan Any suggestion would be appreciated Generator John my for hot What Athlon is 4400? dual to AMD Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Professional WinXP Retail Date - - Time -------- Sensor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sensor Properties Sensor Type National LM ISA h GPU Sensor Type Driver NV-DRV Temperatures GPU C F WDC WD JB- FMA C F Seagate ST A C F Voltage Values CPU Core V Aux V V V V V Debug Info F F FF F Debug Info T Debug Info V F FF F FF FF F Processor Model AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor Speed GHz Model Number estimated Performance Rating PR estimated Cores per Processor What is to hot for my AMD Athlon dual 4400? Unit s Threads per Core Unit s Type Dual-Core Internal Data Cache x kB Synchronous Write-Back -way set byte line size L On-board Cache x MB ECC Synchronous Write-Back -way set byte line size System BIOS Phoenix Technologies LTD PG Mainboard NF-CK Total Memory GB DDR-SDRAM Chipset Model Advanced Micro Devices AMD Athlon Opteron HyperTransport Technology Configuration Front Side Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate Total Memory GB DDR-SDRAM Memory Bus Speed x MHz MHz data rate nbsp

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hi guys
well i have this video card (nvidia 4400) for some time now (like 3 years)once in a while i get problems in counter strike (half life game for the network)

usually i reformat my hard drive or run some cleaning program like ccleaner to
fix my registry.

this time i'm lost - i had problem in the game (counter strike) than i reformat my hard drive now usually after that everything will work smooth (100 stable fps) but this time it doesnt -- i run registry mechanics and ccleaner and defragment my hard drive
but nothing do it - I get fps between 50 to 95 that is so unstable i can barely read it (while in the game you can see the fps on the right hand side) and all i can see is the first digit so i know its between 50 to 95.

any guess guys?

thanks in advanced
desperate guy

A:Nvidia 4400 fps problme


Hey Zevel,

You should try updating your graphics card driver. Take a trip to nVidia's Website ( ) then click on download drivers, then go through the different selections to find the right driver for your card.

Updating drivers is really important - i've had many bad experiences in the past with old drivers :dead:
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Hi All, I have created lobbyadmin user on my wireless controllar but i can't access WLC 4400 as a Lobby Ambassador Guest Management i can only access through AAA user please advice
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Hi all,
I opened my dimension 4400 and installed a PCI adapter; tonight I
tried to open my husand's dimension and when I push the button on the top of the tower the bottom part of the tower is able to push out but the top
seems to be stuck. Should I be pushing another tab? Do these buttons get stuck? I'm afraid to pull too hard and break the plastic at the top. Am I missing something? Any tips?

A:Opening the Dimension 4400

Can you unscrew the sides of the case off?
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So, I've read a lot of reviews on NewEgg that say they notice big performance difference when replacing an AMD 4400x2 CPU with an Opteron 185. 2.2 vs 2.6 clock speed is obvious, but will I really notice a big difference? I don't plan to OC my rig in the least, but I am doing a lot of AfterEffects and other audio/video editing, and I basically play 1 game, Battlefield 2142. Other than updating the bios (Asus A8N SLIPremium MOBO) I'd like to get some opinions or advice from anyone that's done this before I plunk down $250 for a new CPU. It's the last gasp for my socket 939 mobo. Problem is if I upgrade MOBO AND CPU, I will have to get a new copy of Windows plus new memory on top of it all. If $250 for this Opteron 185 will give me a really noticeable performance bump, I want to go for it.
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I have a computer at work that will recognize 1 cd in it when i turn the computer on, but then when I switch the cd with another one, it doesn't read it.

I'm using a dimension 4400, and I've already tried switching CD rom's the problem comes up on both of them. The Bios recognizes the Cdrom and its all set the right way Master/Slave wise.

Basically I turn the computer on and the cd is recognized, I change it for another one and it doesn't see anything or work at all. Repaired Windows, still same problem.

help anyone?

A:Cd rom won't recognize new Cd's in Dimension 4400

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Hi folks I have CMX512-4400? Corsair banks in Corsair CMX512-4400? my computer for memory While two of them are occupied already They are two sticks With the other two banks left would I have to use two more or could they be of a larger size as long as both were the same Here are some specs you may need Motherboard Name Asus A V Deluxe Front Side Bus Properties Bus Type AMD Hammer Real Clock MHz Effective Clock MHz HyperTransport Clock MHz Memory Bus Properties Bus Type Dual DDR SDRAM Bus Width -bit DRAM FSB Ratio CPU Real Clock MHz DDR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Chipset Bus Properties Bus Type VIA Corsair CMX512-4400? V-Link Bus Width -bit Real Clock MHz ODR Effective Clock MHz Bandwidth MB s Motherboard Physical Info CPU Sockets Slots Socket Expansion Slots PCI AGP RAM Slots DDR DIMM Integrated Devices Audio Gigabit LAN IEEE- Form Factor ATX Motherboard Size mm x mm Motherboard Chipset K T Pro Extra Features Asus Intelligence JumperFree Q-Fan Stepless Freq Selection Ultra-ATA SATA RAID Motherboard Manufacturer Company Name ASUSTeK Computer Inc Module Name Corsair CMX - Serial Number None Module Size MB ranks banks Module Type Unbuffered Memory Type DDR SDRAM Memory Speed PC MHz Module Width bit Module Voltage SSTL Error Detection Method None Refresh Rate Reduced us Self-Refresh Memory Timings MHz - - - CL-RCD-RP-RAS CPU Properties CPU Type AMD Athlon FX- MHz x CPU Alias ClawHammer S CPU Stepping SH-CG Instruction Set x x - MMX DNow SSE SSE Original Clock MHz Min Max CPU Multiplier x x L Code Cache KB Parity L Data Cache KB ECC L Cache MB On-Die ECC Full-Speed CPU Physical Info Package Type Pin uOPGA Package Size cm x cm Transistors million Process Technology Mi um CMOS Cu SOI Die Size mm Core Voltage - V I O Voltage V V Maximum Power W CPU Manufacturer Company Name Advanced Micro Devices Inc Thank you for your in put nbsp

A:Corsair CMX512-4400?

U can use any size of RAM, but make sure that it's of the right speed (and same brand preferably). If ur able to get a dual-channel kit (i.e. a 1GB kit with two 512MB sticks that have exactly the same specs), then that would be best since it would give best performance.
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I have already upgraded my processor to an AMD 64 X2 4400+ from a single core 3700+. Right now the system seems to be working fine, but is not as fast as I was hoping it would be, never fast enough I guess.

What drivers should I update and are there some tweaks I should do or things I can do to take advantage of the new CPU?

A:Upgrading processor to X2 4400+

You might want to look at the AMD Dual Core Optimizer utility:,,30_182_871_9706,00.html
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I have a computer with specs:-
Core i3 3.3ghz
4GB ram
500GB storage
Intel hd 4400

Is there any way that I could run battlefield 4 on it? I know that without a dedicated graphic card it is difficult? But I have seen videos of it playing bf3 so I think there might be some way to do this....? Wish if anyone can help me?

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I'm getting ready to build a new computer and was wondering if it's worth it to spend the extra money on the 4800 over the 4400. Money isn't really the issue, although I won't spend $1000 on the FX-60, I just wan't to spend wisely. I may overclock some, but not much, so I basically need straight out of the box power. I do game often, but mostly recode and burn movies. I defianately want to go dual core to be future proof, and have had my mind set on the 4800, but thought I might give the 4400 some consideration since it's about $200 less. I already have an athlon 64 3400 which is 2.4 , so I want to make sure I don't lose much by going to the 2.2 X2 4400. I'm also using a 300 Gb Maxtor diamond max 10 SATA hard drive, adding 2GB OCZ ram, and a Radeon X1900XT.

A:Athlon X2 4400 or 4800

you might as well go with the 4800 since your mind is already set. And I think you'll be much happier instead of always wondering why you didn't buy it.
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Ok, i'm in a quandry...

I have 200 insurance money to spend on either a replacement AMD 64 4000+ San Diego (for the one I brutally murdered)....


Do I get an AMD 64 x2 4400+?

I shall be mostly using it for gaming..

What do you reckon people??
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Hi I have bought a geforce ti mb ddr I have installed it in my pc Which is an amd athlon ghz pc with mb sdram mhz The problem is that my card isn t functioning very well I have to run games like ut and battlefield at low settings Even than Geforce 4400 Leadtek 4 Ti i only get framerates around fps I know it is my pc that makes it perform bad Now i wanted to ask how i should upgrade I thought buying a new mobo and ddr ram Unfortunately i don t have Leadtek Geforce 4 Ti 4400 this money available for now and the upcoming months I would like to know if upgrading my ram to mb should make any difference I don t know much about hardware so maybe you have some tips for me to get better Leadtek Geforce 4 Ti 4400 performance I also would like to know what aperture size means it is in the bios I didn t changed it but it sais I thought maybe it has to be because i have an mb card Thanks in advance for your help nbsp

A:Leadtek Geforce 4 Ti 4400

your card should be performig better than that with the components you have. what kind of video card did you have before the Ti4400? and did you uninstall the drivers for the previous one before installing the new ones?
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I have a Dimension 4400 that has been working great. I have not added anything new that would cause this problem. If I start it in the morning all is fine. When I go to shutdown it hangs up. The monitor will go out and the light on the front of the tower will change to orange. Actually it acts like it is going to standby. I have to hold the power button or unplug it. One time when I tried to start it the Dell logo comes on then goes off over and over again. When this all happens the diagnostics lights blink in random patterns. If I let the computer sit for a while it boots up fine, but still has a shutdown issue. Any help would be appreciated.


A:Dimension 4400 Won't Boot Up

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

Have you checked with the Dell support website?
Sounds like maybe a fualty psu.
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hey i am looking for a new psu for a dell. any suggestions?

A:looking for a new psu for a dell dimension 4400

Luckaly your Dell system does not have a propriatary powersupply as any ATX powersupply will work.

I recomend one of the following:
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Hi I am PNY Ti Geforce 4400 Verto problem 4 having the most messed up problem that I ve ever had with my computer I bought a Verto PNY Verto PNY Geforce 4 Ti 4400 problem Geforce Ti about months ago And it worked fine for about a month It worked great actually But then I decided to tweak the bios and increase the FSB a little and ever since then my computer has gone down the crapper My system is as follows AMD XP Abit KR A-Raid ATA- MB Crutial DDR RAM watt Enermax-Like PSU PNY GeForce Ti Sound Blaser Live X-Gamer -and other crap Oh yeah Windows Professional The problem Verto PNY Geforce 4 Ti 4400 problem that I m having is as follows If my computer is turned on after being off for a while it boots fine and Windows looks to be in great shape Everything looks normal for about minutes Then things start to get outlined in yellow For example text and icons Then little yellow dots start to appear in Verto PNY Geforce 4 Ti 4400 problem a uniform pattern Then the dots turn into vertical lines Still yellow if that makes a difference Then the computer locks up if I try to click on something I can t move the mouse the keyboard is locked Everything I have the lates -in- drivers the latest bios n and the latest nVidia drivers Can someone please help me Thank you Paul nbsp

A:Verto PNY Geforce 4 Ti 4400 problem

I feel sure you've tried restoring the old settings. If not, just load all defaults in your BIOS, and tweak it back to what you had before, without the extra tweaking. (If that made any sense at all :dead: )

Exactly how much did you up the FSB? And what did you mess with in the BIOS? Be as exact as you can.

Your problem is that your video card just doesn't like the overclock.
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I did a .txt dump from cpu-z and noticed this: "Number of cores - 2 (1 core(s) disabled)." Now what is the point of having a dual core processor if one core is disabled? How can I enable it?

A:AMD 4400+ Dual Core question

Are you sure it's disabled ? When you look in the performance tab of the task manager, do you see two CPU graphs ?
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Hi My system was dead and I thought it was the power supply Staples put a new one in and it has been working fine since then Now yesterday it just shut down I turned it on again and it clicked off All the lights on the back of the dell were green and no Dimension Dell on 4400 won't turn beeps or anything like that Now when I turn it on I see Dell Dimension 4400 won't turn on the green light on the MB but it seems dead No lights ABCD lighting up on the back of the PC anymore I researched this a little and read of many problems like this but no one had a solution Some are saying the power options are putting the system to sleep and that s why the monitor is staying amber and not going on I am going to try a new v battery with my fingers crossed but something is telling me there is more going on here Any ideas would be greatly appreciated Thanks nbsp

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i am trying to fix my dads laptop. whenever i turn it on it goes into the safe mode option screen. then if i do "start windows normally" then it goes to the windows boot screen and then flashes the blue screen of death for half a second so you cant read it, and then restarts and does the same thing over again. if you go into safe mode then it starts, well, going into safe mode with the white letters and everything. but then it just restarts. if you do "last known goo configuration" then it does the same thing as "start windows normally.

A:acer travelmate 4400 with xp pro sp2 not booting up!!!!

Cant you just reinstall windows?
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Gonna sink alot of money into these soon, tell me if they are crap.

A:Is the Corsair TwinX 4400 C25 (DDR) any good?

Nobody has comments?

Okay, another question: since there are nicer timings for PC3200 RAM out there, would they perform better than this PC4400 RAM? I know they aren't meant to work at a higher speed, but would the lower lat be better?
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So i restored my system last night cleaned everything off Creative Inspire no audio... 4.1 4400 Now i hook Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 no audio... up my speaker system and i am getting no audio coming through at all i know my sound card is operating because i plugged in a pair of headphones to the jack and Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 no audio... i could hear audio through those Also when i click the speakers on with the volume control i can hear the click in the spearks like usual when they turn on however Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 no audio... no matter how high i turn it up i get absolutly nothing My first concern is do i NEED to install the drivers for them stupid question maybe but sometimes you never know I do remeber having some EAX type program driver on my computer before the wipe so i think that might have soemthing to do with it My problem here is i lbought these a long time ago and i cant find the disk for the life of me which is odd because i never throw those things out So if anyone has any idea if it truely is the driver situation maybe i could get some info on where and how to go about getting these required drives either online i have looked everywhere i could think of and havent found anything Creatives autodetect thing on their site could not detect the hardware saying it is not connected or if they are capable of sending out driver disks i ahve emailed their customer service and i am waiting figured i could get maybe a quicker response here The only other thing i could think of is some wire or electronic problem although i dont see why it would be that since they wroked fine before the system restore Well yeah thats about it tryed to be specific any and all help is appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Creative Inspire 4.1 4400 no audio...

you need drivers for your shoundcard, but not for speakers. check ALL of your volumes, because sometimes the extra sliders can be turned down. you should also make sure the card is set as your default sound playback device, btw.