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sound issues pavilon

Q: sound issues pavilon

i have a Pavilion and when watching videos or listening to music the volume will go away or turn way down but the actual volume settings do not change just the volume its self. I have tried reinstalling the drivers and ran all the test. I have also shut off my mic and told it to do nothing in the auto volume settings yet it still randomly decides to turn its self down. I have spend hours with tech support doing the same things over and over and even rebooted my entire system. I have only had this HP for a month. never had a problem in 7 years with my old hp and this one is about to go in the trash.
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Preferred Solution: sound issues pavilon

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi , My HP Pavilion dv7-4276nr Laptop is not booting and getting below Error,when i run the diagnostics after completing ~40% its terminating and showing the same error again. Error Details:- SMART Hard Disk Error The SMART Hard disk check has detected an importannt failure.To ensure not data loss,Please backup the conetent immediatelyand run the Hard Disktest in System Diagnostics. Hard Disk 1 (301) Please help me on how to resolve this issue. Guru.

A:pavilon Dv7

Hi @guru99! I'm sorry to say that, but this error may indicate that your HDD is failing and needs to be replaced. If your notebook is still in warranty you can contact the support, but in case you're out of warranty and would like a guide on replacing the hard drive yourself I would be able to recommend you some replacement. Hope this helps and best of luck!

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Have HP pavilon...was Vista...installed Windows 7 upgrade...can I put Windows XX home edition to redtore? I am frustrated...cannot get online witeless or with ethernet?

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I have Pavilon dm4 and i was upgraded my operation system (windows 7) to windows 10 . after 2 months i need to recover my old operating system windows 7 but i dont have recovery of my labtop so could you please provide me a recovery link of my labtop to download it and install itKing regards 

A:pavilon dm4 recovery

Baselo Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!What will work is restoring your machine to its original factory condition using HP Recovery Media.This is a set of DVDs and a CD, or USB stick, that will erase the hard drive (removing all data, settings, and applications, reinstall the original OS, drivers, and some HP Utilities. In some cases, you may be able to order a USB stick instead of disks.  You have to order these from HP; they can not be downloaded.You can look online for Recovery Media starting with the linked paged: there, input your Product name or number. On your Software and Drivers Download page, select your Operating System and and Version. Click "Update".  If HP Recovery Media is available for your machine, down near the bottom of the page, you will see an entry for Order Recovery Media-CD/DVD/USB. Click the "+" symbol to expand that entry and click on Order Media for details.Or, if you prefer, you can do the same by contacting HP Customer Service:If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!---------------------------------------However, HP Customer Support is generally not available on the weekends, so you might have to wait until Monday to contact them.---------------------------------------If HP no longer provides Recovery Media for your model, a couple of other sites you can check are:  and Luck
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Hello all Im working on my friends pavilon and im out of ideas so im posting here to see if any one has any suggestions So heres the problem My friend bought this as a display model about months ago Having Pavilon Problems 763n with and besides having to reformat the system to get rid of all the store installed junk it worked fine until about wks ago All of the Having Problems with Pavilon 763n sudden the computer started randomly booting Having Problems with Pavilon 763n to the bios screen the sound stooped working and whenever the computer was connected to the internet random screens would pop up It got to the point that the computer would only boot to the bios and then lock before that you had to renter the time and date and save and exit I was able to fix that by replacing the battery and resetting the bios manually from the jumpers Unfortunatley the operating system side of things continued to get worse random restarts freezing more windows popping up etc so i ended up reformatting the system with the hp recovery program This appeared to fix all of the problems and i was able to update windows and reinstall my friend programs Unfortunatley the computer starting to boot the bios again and the screens on the internet are becoming more frequent thanks in advance for any suggestions m a c System specs ghz p gig hard drive mb ddr ram geforce mx Intergrated sound and nic nbsp
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Hi there, I am having problems trying to make a clean install of Windows 7 on my HP DV6000. I have rpeviously formatted and installed operating systems on many computers, but this one is giving me to fight!

The main problem is that the instalation never continues from the "Windows is loading files" at the start of the CD booting!

Does HP or this pavilon have any issues?

help will be appreciated!

A:HP Pavilon DV6000 & Win7

Make your HP REcovery Disks or a backup image so you have a path back to factory condition. You can also extract apps from the HP REcovery disks using this method:

Next make sure you have the latest BIOS version update from HP Support Downloads webpage for your model, which is safest installed from Windows.

CHeck also in the BIOS for SATA controller setting: try AHCI first, then IDE if necessary.

Now wipe the HD to get the cleanest possible slate: SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

Clean Install Windows 7

If install fails again, remove all but 2gb of RAM and test your ram with memtest for 5-6 passes.

Then test your HD using maker's full diag/repair CD scan:

Where did you get Win7? DId you burn it yourself?
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Hello - I would be extremely grateful if someone coudl hep me, please!! I haven't used this particular laptop for years, but I desperately need to get back on it to retrieve some files. The laptop seems to work fine, but when I've turned it on a black screen appears with Enter Password in blue - it doesn't look like the normal Windows page that I can remember. It looks as though it's in some sort of safe mode or something. I don't know what this password is. If I enter it incorrectly too many times it says System Disabled [05745] Can anyone please advise? Thanks so much


Hi: See if entering this unlock passcode allows you to access the PC... ehwdi
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Just bought this HP Desktop PC with the Orchid2-S motherboard. The motherboard spec's refer 6 internal  SATA 6 Gb/s connecters but there are only 3. How can i install my 2 additional SSD drives?
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Help! I have an HP Pavilion a520n that was handed down to me from my brother-in-law. Being free I couldn't pass it up but there are a few issues I hope you can help me with.

The card-reader does not work, neither does the 3.5' floppy drive. I put the memory card from my digital camera in the reader but the drive is not recognized when I click on My Computer.

Drive "A" does show in My Computer but when putting in a disk and clicking on the icon the drive light does not turn on and the window pops up stating to insert a disk in drive A:

I am running Window's XP Pro 2002 with Service Pack 2. I downloaded the driver off HP's website but trying to install it I get the message that the card reader is not installed.

Please help!


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Yesterday I tried switching on my laptop but it wouldn't come on even though the battery was in until I plugged in the AC adapter did it come on .when I looked at the battery notification it wrote plugged in but not charging ,pls what should I do.
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Yesterday I tried switching on my laptop but it wouldn't come on even though the battery was in until I plugged in the AC adapter did it come on .when I looked at the battery notification it wrote plugged in but not charging ,pls what should I do.
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Hey guys This time I'm on a friend's Pavilon G series laptop Lately whenever we put it to sleep mode and want to wake it up it screen. blue Pavilon laptop HP series G usually goes into a blue screen This time however I was just playing world of tanks with my stunning fps I hate laptops SO MUCH when it decided to blue screen on me I have absolutely no idea what's causing it and why the sleep mode shenanigans started but you good gentlemen might I've attached the blue-screen minidump from minutes ago so you smarter ones had something to go on Basic information Windows Windows basic mode not aero GB of RAM Phenom II N Dual-core processor Ghz Download - - dmp from Sendspace com - send big files the easy way lt The minidump file around KB More detail Since that copypasted post from that another board where people didn't lift a finger to help me it happened twice I just accepted a gmail voice chat from my dad and looked away HP Pavilon G series laptop blue screen. for a second then when I looked back blue screen Just now I was HP Pavilon G series laptop blue screen. on the loading screen for C amp C Generals a OO game I don't think a nearly ten year old game would tax a dual core cpu bad enough that it had to blue screen to get out of working or gmail chat even It happens once a day on average and I have absolutely no idea what the friggen hell is causing it I suspect the laptop has an internal component that's on its' way out but hey I'm not the expert here I have some more minidump files if you want to see them Necessary information System Windows Bit Processor Dual Core AMD II Phenom N Ghz no overclocking RAM GB Exact type of machine Undeterminable does not say on sticker on bottom ADDENDUM I remembered something I forgot to mention After the quot more recent quot blue screens it would throw me unto the safety screen before booting into windows You know quot start in safe mode quot etc etc Well at that point the laptop takes no input Not up not down not enter nothing I have to turn it off and turn it back on again for it to take any of my inputs I'm posting from it right now actually

A:HP Pavilon G series laptop blue screen.

NOTE: Please provide the following information for a more detailed response:

While waiting for a reply:

I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests (located at this link: Hardware Diagnostics ). They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
Hard Drive Diagnostics (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Resources (read the details at the link)
There are also free, bootable antivirus disks at this link: Free Online AntiMalware Resources - Bootable Disks

The BSOD is a STOP 0x124.
This is most likely a hardware error - which includes:
- overclocking
- compatibility issues
- low-level driver problems
- malware

Daemon Tools (and Alcohol % software) are known to cause BSOD's on Win7 systems due to the sptd.sys driver.
Please uninstall the program, then use the following free tool to ensure that the troublesome sptd.sys driver is removed from your system (pick the 32 or 64 bit system depending on your system's configuration): DuplexSecure - FAQ

I believe that you have Comodo installed on your system. Try uninstalling it to see if that helps.

AMD OverDrive (AODDriver2.sys) is either a stand-alone application, or a component of the AMD VISION Engine Control Center. This driver is known to cause BSOD's on some Win7 systems.


Please uninstall all ATI stuff from Control Panel...Programs...Uninstall a program
Then, download and install a fresh copy of the ATI drivers from Global Provider of Innovative Graphics, Processors and Media Solutions | AMD
Then use the ATI uninstall manager to uninstall the Catalyst Control Center (CCC).

If the device (AODDriver or AODDriver4.01) remains a problem in perfmon /report, open Device Manager, select the "View" item.
Then select "Show hidden devices" and scroll down to the Non-Plug and Play Drivers section.
Locate the AODDriver entry, right click on it and select "Uninstall". Reboot for changes to take affect.

If overclocking, please stop. Remove the overclock and return the system to stock/standard values while we're troubleshooting. Once the system is stable again, feel free to resume the overclocking.

Further info on BSOD error messages available at:

The following info is just FYI, I've already addressed the issues that I saw in the above paragraphs:
- Create a System Restore Point prior to doing any of this. DO NOT mess with the drivers themselves - leave the Windows\System32\drivers directory alone unless we specifically direct you to it!
- Please either update the older drivers from the device manufacturer's website - or uninstall them from your system. Reference links are included below.
- DO NOT use Windows Update or the Update Drivers function of Device Manager.
- Please feel free to post back about any drivers that you are having difficulty locating.
- Windows Update exceptions may be noted below for Windows drivers.


amd_sata.sys Thu Jun 16 15:07:44 2011 (4DFA5480)
ew_jubusenum.sys Tue Jul 27 03:26:32 2010 (4C4E8A28)
amd_xata.sys Thu Jun 16 15:07:47 2011 (4DFA5483)
amdxata.sys Fri Mar 19 12:18:18 2010 (4BA3A3CA)
dtsoftbus01.sys Mon Oct 17 08:12:30 2011 (4E9C1BAE)
AtiPcie64.sys Wed Mar 10 09:33:45 2010 (4B97ADC9)
aswTdi.SYS Tue Sep 06 16:36:39 2011 (4E668457)
aswMonFlt.sys Tue Sep 06 16:36:29 2011 (4E66844D)
as... Read more
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Computer screen will not turn on. Black screen and caps lock blinks. What do I do

A:hard reset on pavilon 11x360 11-n010dx

Hi @kenneyjosh ,Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. It is a great site for information and questions. I have looked into your issue about your HP Pavilon 11x360 11-n010dx Notebook and issues with the Screen turning on. Here is a link to computer screen remains blank. Please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices, as these could cause some issues. Please let me know how this goes. Thanks.

Please click ?Accept as Solution ? if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.Click the ?Kudos, Thumbs Up" on the bottom left to say ?Thanks? for helping.I work on behalf of HP
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hi all i write this post becouse i realy suprised yesterday... My pavilon 15-ab291sa is 3months new and when i start use Ashampoo Movie Studio Pro 2 to create and build my movies my laptop stop working... Graphic card is realy low, and i thinking to add one more and that is the qyeston, can i add 1 more good graphic card to my laptop ???

A:Upgrade Graphic Card on hp pavilon 15-ab291sa

robcioslaw Sorry to say this, but you're operating under a misunderstanding, as laptops to do not have customer-replaceable graphics "cards". Instead, they have a graphics processor (GPU) that is soldered to the system board which also contain the CPU chip. While these are sometimes replaceable, that involves sending the PC to an HP Service Center and paying a LOT of money to have it disassembled, have the system board replaced, and have it reassembled -- typically considerably more money than simply buying a more powerful laptop. So basically, it is not practical to upgrade the graphics on a laptop. Good Luck========================================================================I am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.---------------------------------------------------------------If my posts helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol on my post to say thanks.If my posts solved your problem please click "Accept As Solution".========================================================================
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I kept getting a blue screen with an error code 0xc0000185. I ordered the recovery Disks from HP but when I went to recover the machine, it sort of reads the cd and then I get the HP logo and the circle just spins and spins. We left it alone for hours and nothing. I ran a Hard Drive Test and it said Hard Drive Short DST Check: FAILEDthen gave this Failure ID: 63621R-7AQ87K-MFPV6K-60XL03Product K7U05UA HARD DRIVE 1 SYSTEM EXTENSIVE TEST: FAILED Any idea what I can do? It is just out of warranty- Of Course. 

A:Pavilon Failed Hard Drive Short DST Check

Hi, The 24 character error id does confirm a failure of the short Disk Self Test and would indicate that the Hard Drive is failing and needs to be replaced.  This is also consistent with the issues you describe. If you would like a guide on replacing the Hard Drive yourself, please let me know. Regards, DP-K
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Hey all,

This started last night, the only thing that I did that was out of the ordinary was ran Avast's thourough scan fully, but even after that my sound worked, so it didnt delete the driver to my knowlege, but when I do a dxdiag and look at my audio, it doesn't exist, there is no sound card installed, and allI use is my DFI Lan Party UT RDX200 CF-DR mother boards on board sound. I tried installing the driver again fom DFI and to no success, now when I went to install the drive again, I got an error saying that this device isnt approved by Windows, could windows be preventing my audio card from working?



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I'm not Issues Multiple issues/delay sound sure if this is all part of the same problem but there are multiple things going on On my laptop its an HP Pavilion DV with an intel core i CPU ghz amp but operating system The only way Multiple Issues sound issues/delay i can get any sound to play is if I watch videos in my firefox browser No sound will play when i use Chrome which I prefer or Itunes or windows media player The problem with watching videos in firefox is that there is Multiple Issues sound issues/delay about a second delay before the video will play and an error comes up to stop the plug in or continue If you close Multiple Issues sound issues/delay out of that box the video will play but you will get the same delay every time it is paused and started again Browsing in Chrome and playing videos from that browser there is absolutely no lag its lightening fast but you will not get any sound Other simple programs Like solitaire have the same lag each card you click takes about seconds for the move to actually take place I've tried messing with my sound drivers to correct the audio issues but I am not sure if it is an audio issue a flash player issue or a combination Any input
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MSI P -G B EVGA SC TI Antec V I GHz GB RAM Windows HP Bit I m having issues with my speakers not cutting off when I connect my headphones to them The speakers are the Klipsch Pro Media PC set and I have tried two different sets of headphones plus the sound is full of static and buzzing I ve also tried re-installing updating my onboard sound driver but that doesn t help I do notice that when I connect my headphones to the speakers that the sound emitted from issues. issues Youtube Sound and buffering the speaker will lower by but will not fully cut off I m also having issues with the front panel headphone jack on my computer case Antec V The sound coming out of the headphones when connected to the front panel is filled with static and buzzing I have tried re-grounding the front panel ground connector but that didn t change anything However if I connect the headphones directly to the back of the computer the sound works Sound issues and Youtube buffering issues. fine When watching Youtube videos each video has a hard time buffering My speed is at Mbps and it registers at that speed when Sound issues and Youtube buffering issues. I do a speedtest plus Sound issues and Youtube buffering issues. all other websites work fine it s just Youtube that I m having a problem with I ve cleared the cache and tried using a different browser but nothing helps I have also ran Malwarebytes AntiMalware SUPERAntiSpyware neither yielded any harmful results Any help would be appreciated Thanks Mike
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I've seen this happen with the games I play recently. For example, in games like Battlefield 1942 and Black and White 2, some places showed "straight lines" from objects. At the top of the 3d static object in question, the straight lines go from there to the sky. There seems to be no end to that unless I get really close to that object.

As for the sound problem, I'm hearing static occur at random occasions. Any way to fix these?

I got a 256 MB Geforce 5700 VE and SoundMAX Integrated audio.

Other specs:
P4 2.8 GHz
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Ok Here is the issue with this sound card First off it s a nice Diamond great cards Xtreme Sound The problem I have with it is it s affected by certain videos Youtube it plays fine until you go into Full Screen mode then it s garbled you can video Sound issues some issues and t make it out what anyone is saying during play back Sound issues and some video issues in F S mode Another problem I have is Encoding videos do the exact same thing Last night I downloaded a freeware program that was on my old box Sound issues and some video issues called quot Panzera mp to avi converter quot it s a great program My Camera uses the Mp format and I am not too fond of quicktime just to run that format The reason I am trying to convert them is to kill the file size and make quot nolstalgia quot DvD for the family the Mp plays fine however no sound problems in the original clip My video and sound cards are up to date My video card is a Geforce GS Running on a AMD Athlon processor at ghz with gb of ddr Anyone ever had this problem I tried Divx and Xvid thinking it was a codec problem boy was I wrong any suggestions is welcomed nbsp

A:Sound issues and some video issues


Update:This isn't really an update but I found out something weird. My video playback with Wmv,Mpeg,Avi,Asf ETC. is always garbled. No matter if it's online or on the computer the playback audio is garbled. What could be causing this. I uninstalled,re-installed Diamond Xtreme soundcard drivers. I installed DirectX9.0c, I have Divx and Xvid codecs. My sound drivers are up to date. I unhooked the onboard sound and uninstalled sound max after buying the Diamond. A friend told me I should disable the onboard sound entirely but I can't find the option in the bios. My mother board is a "Asus A8x socket 939" board. Any helps please? I am desperate!
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Hello I have a strange problem with my sound settings that has just started since I reinstalled Windows Basically Im a dj amp I use my pc to stream shows on the issues, Sound boffins there..? sound out any internet My decks are connected to my Vestax mixer which is connected to the line-in on my soundcard Connected to the line-out is my hifi When I do my shows I have jingles to play etc which I use Media player for So while Im streaming with shoutcast I open a jingle in Mediaplayer amp that goes out over the stream aswell as the audio coming from my decks through line-in Now since my reinstallation the problem Im having is I cant get Sound issues, any sound boffins out there..? the audio from Media Player to go out at the same time as my music from my decks Ive fiddled with the audio properties in Windows etc which Ive never had to do before and I cant get it working how it was before I dont understand whats chnaged since my reinstall Any ideas anyone If its any help I have an Realteck AC onboard soundcard Thanks in advance for any replies nbsp

A:Sound issues, any sound boffins out there..?

p.s I have installed the drivers for the soundcard so I dont think its that *thumbsup*
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My pavilion laptop has recently been unable to charge when im on it. The battery has a short life (admittedly my fault), so I have to stop and wait for it to charge every hour or so.
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My fianc?e upgraded to Windows 7 a few months ago and all was working fine until a few weeks ago. Her onboard sound just stopped working for no reason. I have tried everything to fix this and it doesn't work. I have played sample sounds and the device says it is producing sound but nothing comes out of the speakers. (They work, tested on a laptop) Also there is no option for speakers anywhere. All that appears is High Definition Audio Device, it is enabled but nothing for speakers. This is doing my head in.

A:Sound issues

If all that is showing is "High Definition Audio Device" then it is running on the default Windows driver and needs the actual driver for it installed.
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Hello all I m new to the forums so sorry for what ever I m doing wrong Blah Blahhh Ok I have this problem with my sound When ever I play sound music it plays for seconds or seconds or seconds or hours meaning it s totally random No matter Sound Issues! what player I use even youtube Once it stops playing it will either start again in half an hour or I have to restart I have Windows XP Professional I also have recently repaired my WINDOWS folder as it was corrupt Sometimes the Sound Issues! music is fine and only stops after I do something extremlely laggy such as run Adobe Photoshop CS and a game at the same time I usually use Itunes and Limewire as I said no matter what player the results are the same My sound system is Realtek AC Audio No I am not stupid enough to plug them in the wrong place Right now I am playing music on Limewire and it s working it s played around songs without any problems soon it will probably stop again and I will have to restart the comp I also have an audio driver installed Tascam US- USB Audio MIDI Interface It plugs in to usb Sound Issues! and I usually unplug it when I m not using it But I ve done a bit of reading and it s possible to cause interference My usb ports are all type Please post any more info you need Please help me out Btw forums are great Great community nbsp

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I have a weird problem with my pc. On some games the sound works when the game is booting up but as soon as it gets to the main menu the sound doesn't work anymore. I tried new speakers and that wasn't it. I have XP pro service pack 3. It just started doing this. The games I have played before and the sound always worked. Any suggestions?

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so my girlfriends parents just got a new computer and everything but the sound works great. its just on-board sound, but they don't need anything special.

I can't get any sound out of the speakers. I get the Error message "No Audio Device Installed" from a bubble in task tray. when i look at it in the device manager it says the sound device is installed and working properly and that the drivers are up to date (i tried uninstalling/reinstalling them).

All the volume setting/output settings are correct, nothing is muted etc. if anyone has any ideas let me know..

Its windows Vista pre-installed on a Compaq computer.

A:Sound Issues

Check your speaker configuration on Vista. Reason: I sent a 2.1 system with my mom's computer to Colorado. The tech who hooked it up said 2.1 wasn't supported in Windows Vista
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wysiwyg PADDING-RIGHT px PADDING-LEFT px BACKGROUND fff PADDING-BOTTOM px MARGIN px px px FONT small verdana tahoma arial helvetica sans-serif COLOR PADDING-TOP px wysiwyg A link COLOR c wysiwyg alink COLOR c wysiwyg A visited COLOR c wysiwyg avisited COLOR c wysiwyg A hover COLOR ff wysiwyg A active COLOR ff wysiwyg ahover COLOR ff wysiwyg PADDING-RIGHT px PADDING-LEFT px BACKGROUND fff PADDING-BOTTOM issues [HELP]Sound px MARGIN px px px FONT em verdana tahoma arial helvetica sans-serif COLOR PADDING-TOP px P MARGIN px inlineimg VERTICAL-ALIGN middle Hello there im having a few problems with my sound Firstly my specs Soundcard Name Realtek High Definition Audio Manufacturer Realtek Computer OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Version Service Pack Build OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer ECS System Model GeForce PM-M System Type X [HELP]Sound issues -based PC Processor x Family Model Stepping AuthenticAMD Mhz Processor x Family Model Stepping AuthenticAMD Mhz BIOS Version Date American Megatrends Inc SMBIOS Version Hardware Abstraction Layer Version quot xpsp sp rtm - quot Total Physical Memory MB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB my soundcard is onboard and ive installed the correct software Realtek Semiconductor Corp High Definition Audio System Software Ver R However i try to play music i get nothing through my speakers ive already taken the following steps checked the speakers on a different audio device checked the mixer for any muted lines tried the front audio ports uninstalled reinstalled Sound drivers all to no sucess Any ideas nbsp

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So I just recently got my ethernet card fixed because it wasn t detecting ethernet cords at all after a recent thunderstorm Just after it got fixed the sound was working then randomly stopped working altogether The computer still detects the speakers and thinks it s working but I m getting Issues Sound no sound at all from speakers or head phones I have tried system restoring restarting the comp re-installing the driver ctrl alt delete and finding any programs that might be hindering the sound but it s Sound Issues all to no avail The sound waves go up and down when I m playing an audio Sound Issues file so it s working but I m not getting any sound If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated it s very frustrating and I d rather not have to call dell again and deal with those guys I use high definition audio device realtek audio manager got deleted some how It didn t work with either I use vista of course nbsp

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When I watch a DVD on my computer, it has that computery sound glitch thing. It's kind of hard to explain, when it's quiet you can hear high pitched squeels and squeaks and stuff. I have tried it in PowerDVD and in WMP, but both do it.

Anyone know what could be causing this?

edit: CRAP, sorry, can a moderator move this to the troubleshooting forum? Sorry about that

A:DVD Sound issues

Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

I believe you are posted in the correct forum...
We need to know more about your system.
1. General info: CPU, MoBO, ram etc.
2. What brand and model dvdrom?
3. onboard sound or separate sound card?

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Alright I was wondering if anyone here might have an idea about what is going on with my computer My sound has been distorted when I play music It sounds like the bass Sound issues is muffled not playing clearly I am using a Audigy Sound Blaster card I tried going to Creative labs forums but that was pointless I have uninstalled it numerous times moved pci slots updated drivers and adjusted settings in the program After all that I decided to disable and install my on board sound card My mobo is an A N Sli Deluxe board I did that but it still sounds distorted I have no idea what it could be Does anyone have any ideas if there is something wrong with my motherboard or what I used to have the card installed on another computer and it sounded fine it was installed on this one for awhile and worked one day until one day I noticed it sounding different Thanks Jeremy nbsp

A:Sound issues

What kind of speakers do you have? It is possible that the problem is there, or with the connections to the speakers or subwoofer. I think I understood from the post that the sound is bad with both the audigy and the onboard sound? If so, that would tend to eliminate the sound card. It could be a mobo going bad, as you say, but I would also check for outside interference from another electrical device (laser printer, monitor, etc)
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This is probably another thread that says "I have a sound problem." But I think my problem differs from other people who's having problem.

Okay, here it goes. I clearly remember what I did on my laptop. I was deleting unimportant files and after that I went disk cleaning on my :D drive. After awhile I hopped on to a game and then i realise that there was no sound playing from my speakers. Nope it's not hardware problems because I was just playing some music on my iTunes before I even touch the disk clean-up manager. Tried the device manager and I tried to roll back the changes. It wouldn't work. I tried downloading the SndVol32.exe file and I extracted in the System32 folder but to no avail. I can't hear a thing from the speakers.

Well, I'd appreciate it if someone could help me asap. Thank you :)

A:Sound Issues

what does device manager show for your sound card....,,any yellow exclamation marks present??

what is the make and model of your pc and do you have the drivers disk? for you pc or motherboard?
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Here is the issue Installed new graphic card lost audio with a twist I can plug my headphones in and I have audio but no audio through speakers The details I had an ATI Radeon HD Series video card things went crazy with it so Issues Sound I installed a Galaxy GeForce GT I run my computer through my HDTV on the tv there is an audio jack the green one which I run into the back of the computer into the audio jack green one on Sound Issues the mother board which is a Asus KV -KM I also have a sound card in a PCI slot a Realtek HD card but I do not use it bc I Sound Issues don t have the proper hook ups for it but it does show up as enabled and working properly in device manager Device manger has no yellow showing everything seems to be running fine so it thanks I also downoloaded driver pro software to update all drivers which I have done My question is what are the troubleshooting steps I should take to get things to work Or why can I have audio when I plug headphones in but not sound through my speakers Thank you for the help in advance

A:Sound Issues

Check your Realtek software (should be a blue icon like a crab in your taskbar by the clock, or even a red speaker icon in some cases) sometimes the default jack assignment settings are incorrect or re-assigned (i dont have a realtek here at work so unfortunatley cannot walk you through the settings). Also the ATI HD3400 most likely has an onboard sound card if its a HDMI version, that could have interfered with your setup. Open your control panel/Sounds and Audio Devices, click the Audio tab at the top and ensure the correct device that you are pluging your TV into is the Default Device in the Sound Playback section at the top.

Hope this helps

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i get an error Windows- drive not ready exception processing message c a Parameters b bf c b bf c Sound issues b bf c that pops up randomly when sounds were ment to be played when i try to play a song i get Windows drive not ready the Sound issues drive is not ready for use its door may be open please check drive B and make sure that a disk is inserted and that the drive door is closed I think its refering to the usb outlet my usb headset is connected too When i try to play windows sounds MS SAm is muffled and quite when sound is on full and music when it plays seems scatchy and cuts in and out I think i have a USB audio issue so if anyone can help that would be great thanks so much using onboard sound with asus a n delux lso sounds in programs such as quot ventrillo quot and quot xfire quot are muffled and when people talk over ventrillo it is really quite eventhough all sounds are turned up to the fullest also printer works fine though the usb so i am only having issues with the sound coming from the USB most likely under hardware under sounds and audio devices i have sony dvd rom ddu sony dvd RW DW- a mpu- compatible MIDI device Standard game port RealtekAC audio Media control devices audio codecs legacy audio drivers Media Control Devices legacy Video Capture Devices Video Codecs USB audio Device also its got to be my usb because i pluged in a set of headphones in the audio out jack in the back of my pc and played the quot MS SAM speach quot and i could hear sam fine but when i try it though my headphones there is no ms sam at all and faint sounds from other programs such as a quot beep quot when a message is typed in the chat window of xfire so to reitterate its my USB i believe I also get an error when i join quot ventrillo quot unable to activate DirectSound for selected device DirectSoundCaptureCreate failed HR there is also a buzzing sound when i have headphones on however and a table mic dosnt work properly nbsp

A:Sound issues

These are listed under Sounds and Audio Devices?

: sony dvd rom ddu1615
: sony dvd RW DW-130a
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I no longer have any system sounds, nor any sounds with any programs at all. I've double-checked all my physical connections and have reinstalled OEM drivers. No problems reported in Device Manager. I had this problem a short time ago and installed the K-Lite CODEC pack and the latest update for that, which fixed the problem, but now I have no sound again. Anyone have any ideas?
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About two weeks ago I built a computer It was put together perfectly with no problems to deal with up until now My sound has been giving me trouble recently I think I ve got it narrowed down to drivers but I m having trouble actually installing them But anyways heres the story If I have any program that outputs sound i Sound issues e WMP online radio video game etc and start up Ventrilo online voice chat program two things happen The first is that ventrilo tells me my sound input device is in use by another program hard to believe when nothing I ever have up requires a mic except ventrilo and then I get a windows bubble popup saying my USB bandwidth has been exceeded I go into the bandwidth to see what s hogging it all and I see a USB composite device eating of the bandwidth I have USB devices connected to my computer those two being my logitech USB headset and a keyboard mouse receiver Those are recognized Sound issues under their respective names however the device using is simply called quot PnP device quot In a hopeless attempt to figure out what it was I disconnected all USB devices and plugged in a different keyboard yet the PnP device was still showing up as So I went and tried to download another driver for my ASUS M N-SLI mobo soundmax to be specific and when running the exe for that I get an error message saying an HDA driver is missing and is needed to install soundmax From that point on I gave up in attempts to fix it as I keep running into error after error However on the flip side if I start Ventrilo before anything else is running and then start the rest I don t get any issue with it My computer specs are as follows also going through built in sound AMD Athlon X Radeon x MB ram Asus M N-SLI mobo OS XP SP Cliff notes Error from Ventrilo quot Failed to open sound input device Another program might have it in use already quot Error from XP USB Bandwidth exceeded Error from Soundmax installer quot The HDA Audio bus driver is required and not found quot nbsp

A:Sound issues

Have you tried installing driver in safe mode?
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my computer will play system sounds, but not sound from cds or videos, the head set will not work eather iv tryed to update the audio and do a roll back, didnt fix the problem, not sure i did it correctly tho. then i try to just do a simple system restore and it wouldnt allow me to do that eather -.- any thoughts?

A:sound issues

Try uninstalling the audio drivers and then reinstall it.
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Well as PP and CarnageX know, i have this old dell optiplex gx280 that i got from a friend. I got the internet fixed and just today (07 October 2014, around 4:50 GMT) I had bought this pretty awesome 21.5 inch AOC Monitor, I had a keyboard and mouse from my raspberry pi and my neighbour gave me really good dell speakers. Ok, I installed the SoundMAX drivers, All it does is the native windows sound work. My problem is that youtube, vube and other video/music sites etc Will not play sound through my speakers or through my sony headphones. Any help would REALLY be appreciated right now.

A:Help! Sound issues

Do normal audio files play properly, i.e. MP3's?

What browser are you using that you're accessing these sites?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Sempron(tm) Processor LE-1200, AMD64 Family 15 Model 127 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 2942 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 292916 MB, Free - 224375 MB; D: Total - 12225 MB, Free - 2215 MB;
Antivirus: Norton AntiVirus, Updated and Enabled
I'm having sound issues. No sound and getting message that there is no device installed. The Geek Squad fixed it twice and it would work for a bit and then go out again. Any advice?

A:Sound issues

1. Welcome to Tech Support Guy
2. Did they offer any advice as to what the problem was when they fixed it the second time
3. What is shown in device manager for sound - if you expand the entry sound video and game controllers
and is there a warning shown against any device
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I am not getting any sound on my computer at all. When I clicked the speaker on the toolbar and ran the troubleshooter it told me I needed to update my drivers. But when I go through the Device Manager it tells me I have no Sound Card installed. I'm fairly sure my soundcard is on the motherboard. But I've even reseated the video card and the only other card that can be reseated. I've downloaded the Realtek High Definition sound Device driver and rebooted at least 3 times and nothing has worked.
Also, out of paranoia I ran Spybot to see if there is a virus causing the troubles and it found nothing.
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OK long story short I m being forced to build a computer for somebody Issues Odd Sound Very Unfortunately the person buying the parts for me is my dad who is a close friend of the guy I have to build the computer for Now I normally wouldn t mind this Very Odd Sound Issues but they re both being unreasonable about it So I d like to finish this ASAP I ve dealt with numerous hardware issues on the thing and resolved every last one of them by getting a compatible part my dad is such an idiot I found that the mobo s sound was dead so I put my own old known-good sound card in there and got a new one for myself The sound card works perfectly when it s in my machine but in this new one it can only play stuff off of CDs and DVDs as well as files opened in Windows Media Player I cannot get system sounds to work and I cannot get sound from the Internet to work Now note that this was what was occurring before I reinstalled XP using the same disc I ve tried -Installing the latest Flashplayer -Installing the latest Direct-X plus reinstalling the drivers that came with the card -Installing Java mostly to view Youtube videos -Checking if Windows Audio Service is enabled it is -Reinstalling XP only to find that about system files were missing I replaced as many as I could about two -Spitting upon the image of the world and cursing my terrible luck Also those system files I replaced the dlls that were missing during the second install but I couldn t locate pn or in files anywhere on my computer that I could donate to the new one Not to mention since performing the reinstall I ve been unable to get ANY sound working at all minus the computer beeping at me once as I put my head down on the keyboard in sheer frustration Can anyone help me please nbsp
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Okay I got a new laptop a HP Windows the bottom says something about a Hewlett and the top corners of the computer say beats audio and pavilion m if that helps figure out what type of laptop it is I just bought some logitech USB quot logitech headset h quot when I first tried to get them to work they wouldn't work but by issues Having sound accident they started working for the most part they worked fine no issue except when I was on skype it would go to stereo speakers when I had a message the message alert but besides that it was fine Having sound issues then a few days ago i had trouble with Skype Having sound issues I couldn't get Skype at ALL on my headset now I can ONLY get it on the headset and now when I play videos sometimes there is no sound like youtube streaming videos tumblr facebook videos etc or there will be sound but if I pause it and press play it goes back to being no sound I have NO IDEA what to do to fix these two things

A:Having sound issues

Are there any errors in your device manager?
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Having problem with Windows playing audio and video sound files too fast. Event sounds are fast and high pitched and so are Windows logon and logoff sounds. I have uninstalled and reinstalled sound drivers, repaired system files, checked the Microsoft support database (audio acceleration) When reinstalling the system files and entering information the music was playing fine, but when windows started with the regular logon music, it was too fast. Any ideas?

A:sound issues

Are you using onboard audio or a added sound card?

Do you have Sound Max drivers in your add/remove programs?
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I m assuming this is Issues Sound a hardware problem Sound Issues although it might not be I m Sound Issues having sound issues with my hi-def audio listed in device manager as nVidia MCP XE MCP P MCP S PC Specs OS Version Microsoft Windows Service Pack bit Processor AMD Athlon II X Processor AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB D Total - MB Free - MB G Total - MB Free - MB H Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard BIOSTAR Group GF E None Antivirus Outpost Security Suite Pro Updated and Enabled All audio plays well for several seconds then there is a lot of noise hissing Sound Issues crackling and buzzing after which it plays well again for several seconds And yes I ve tried different speakers Device Manager shows it is using a Microsoft driver dated v I m unable to locate a newer or nVidia driver does anyone know if there s an updated driver for this sound device or does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can improve the sound quality Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Sound Issues

Have you tried going to Device Manager and uninstalling the Sound drive and restarting?
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Ok recently rebuilt xp sp machine sound creative labs live old boston accoustics old The sound issues xp sound went out before rebuild Put an Mobo asrock fx extreme CPU amd Phenom II x GPU evga geforce ti RAM gb Corsair Vengeance PSU Corsair Enthusiast watt SATA HD gb on windows xp sp from last build So build is good so far I realize the limitations of xp as far as the ram goes I still cant get balanced sound Using the ports on mobo i couldnt get the bostons to work sound issues xp on any ports So i get a pair altecs still unbalanced sound example diablo cant hear npc speech music varies footsteps loud Put the creative card in and after latest driver install Dim sound on windows noises Worse than mobo sound Speakers are new card is old I've diasabled mobo sound issues xp ac sound to isolate the card Wasn't happy with ac sound to start with Any suggestions I really like the bostons they lit up just no sound

A:sound issues xp

Oh ya and what is the best port on either for a 2.1 speaker set? the bostons ran on the digi port and it was checked in settings. the altecs also require that box checked to get "noise"
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When ever I click on my volume control button I get an error that says

There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, click Printers and Other Hardware, and then click Add Hardware. This program will now close.

Ive done this and it just keeps saying that all my devices are working properly.

This is a brand new problem and my sound has always worked fine. I can still hear windows beeps and so often i can hear mp3 and some youtube videos but most of them i cant hear anything.

any help? thanks

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The sound on all my AIM features is severely muffled. At first I just thought it was the Talk feature, and I thought it was an issue the person I was talking with was having because all my other sound is fine, but I recently realized it all of my AIM that's muffled. And I mean, muffled to the point where the sounds are only loud enough to sound like soft breathing, which was really freaky, by the way. I uninstalled AIM and installed the newest version and the problem is persisting, and I don't know what else to do.
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So I have no clue what I am doing so be patient, please.

I have asked around many a website, looking for a solution no one seems to be able to give. The sound is crystal clear for everything, except the internet. Can someone please help me out?

Currently I am on both Safari and Internet Explorer.


A:Sound Issues

Emm i dont use internet explorer so maybe go to tools and look at the sound settings for it?
(may not help)
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Hello everyone Okay here are some quick system specs AMD Athlon Asus motherboard WinXP Pro Sp recently upgraded to Sp Sound driver appears to be mainly SoundMax So about a week ago I noticed my sound stopped working on Youtube After a little testing I noticed it doesn t seem to work on other sites that utilize Adobe Flash player for sound Issues has Sound For the most part it does Sound has Issues seem to work on some Quicktime and Windows Media player sites However even when the sound works the voices seem to waver and are usually muffled and garbled at certain points Sometimes the sound cuts out completely Here s the Kicker though If I find a site that actually plays sound the sound will also work on Youtube or wherever It s very muffled and faint but it works nonetheless If I stop or pause the sound that s working then Youtube becomes silent as well This also happens when I get a quot ding quot from an instant message For about a second I ll hear sound exactly as the beep or Ding from my Instant messenger happens here are some other strange occurences --Sound works fine on Games ---I ve had some troubles with Quicktime pro First it would crash and shut down when I went to export settings I fixed that now but I still have file Sound has Issues that I transfered from another computer and it has no sound or video Another you can see the video but hear no sound even though sound and video are present in both cases --Music and SFX seem to play cleanly but voices never sound quite right --Windows sounds and alerts usually work fine but sometimes they seem cut short Here is what I ve done to attempt to fix it checked the volume in my Master Volume and any other Volume control that I m aware of Uninstalled the USB Audio Device unintalled and reinstalled Adobe Flashplayer nbsp

A:Sound has Issues

Any ideas at all??
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Brand new computer and sound had been working great for about a week, then when i update the drivers on my video card, the left side sound gives me a kind of scratching, static sound, i know its not the speaker because i switched it and got it on the right one. I've tried total uninstalling all the ati/audio drivers and reinstalling one by one, but after installing audio i get the dreaded sound. hopefully its just some configuration issues, i dont want to either buy a sound card and/or reinstall windows (grr)

oh yeah i also reset the bios (took out battery and put it back in) its not that

MSI K8N Neo 2 (intergrated audio)
AMD 64 3000+ (stock)
AIW 9600XT
Creative Inspire T-3000 Speakers

A:Sound Issues

SP33DFR34K said:

kind of scratching, static soundClick to expand...

I just started having this same kind of problem. When I play music there is lots of static, like you would get on a radio when the speakers are dying.. I switched speakers from a different computer and I still have the same problem. Though they work perfectly on the other computer.

My sound is Realtek AC'97.

Any suggestions?

Thank You
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I have a dell XPS running windows XP with a 3.0 ghz processor, ATI 9800 pro video card and a Sound Blaster Audigy 2 sound card.

My problem is that I am hardly getting any volume out of my speakers even with the Volume fully up in both windows and on the speaker controls. This problem developed while playing a game and is now system wide. I thought it might just be the speakers so I hooked up some old ones, however the problem remained. I than thought it might be the soundcard drivers so I reloaded the original ones to no avail. If it helps, the game I was playing was Vampire the masquerade Bloodlines, and I had just installed directx 9.0c I also have the dell mulitimedia keyboard which I sometimes use to lower or raise the volume in game, but it seems to be working fine. I would be greatful for any help.

A:Sound issues, need help

I just tried using a set of headphones with the system and the sound comes out very loud through them. I hope this info might help someone give me a suggestion as to the cause of my problem
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Recently having problems with playback on different movies I've downloaded. Watched em before with dialogue but now recieving background music and effects but no dialogue. Also games I've played before perfectly well have no sound whatsoever. No hardware upgrades, no sound card, checked drivers....sound mixer volumes all ok. Would like to just restore to an old restore point but comp isn't showing restore points older than a day. Even tried downloading a codecs packet but to no avail. At A loss now please any suggestions.
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i am working on a clone pc, i have a collection of drivers so i allowed the system to check through the drivers and pick the appropriate one. it did so and the yellow mark on the device is gone but still the sound is not playing. the name of the drivers showing now is vinyl AC'97 codec combo driver. can someone help with the solution?

A:Sound issues

What is the manufacturer and model for the motherboard?
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As of recently I have noticed my sound will randomly Sound issues just stop There's first a brief half-second of a static-like crackling and then a few quot pop quot noises It will then stay muted for Sound issues anywhere between a few seconds to several minutes However using my Creative software either Creative Console Launcher's mode switcher or Creative Audio Control Panel to change the quot sound mode quot will instantly fix the issue I first noticed this occassionally happening when I would use the Metro game app quot Flow Free quot and didn't have any music playing in the background so I figured it was a bug with the app Now I'm noticing it when just doing anything on my desktop The sound completely glitches up exiting Winamp what I use for music does not fix the issue and opening Windows Audio Mixer shows that there is sound coming from winamp even after I've exited it For clarification I am using Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme Gamer with PCI interface and using its Windows driver

A:Sound issues

Do you happen to have the on-board (integrated) audio also enabled? If you do that can cause conflicts and problems. It may not be your problem, but if you left it enabled when you installed the SoundBlaster, disable it in the BIOS and see if it makes a difference.
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So, I recently rolled back to XP, from Vista. And I could get all the drivers I needed installed again. (Video, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse). But, whatever I try to do, or no matter how many different drivers I install, the sound will not work! I have checked the back of the computer, referred to the manual, and have done countless Google searches.

Can anybody help? I would greatly appreciate it!


A:I am having sound issues!

What's the brand name and model name and complete model number of that computer?

If perchance it's a HP/Compaq brand, advise what the product number(P/N) on it is.

If perchance it's a Dell brand, advise what the 7-character "service tag" number on it is.


Never ever upgrade or downgrade to a different Windows version without first confirming the identity of the computer's devices and confirming that device drivers exist for that Windows version.

If you go into the Device Manager, it's my guess there's one or more entries with a yellow ? next to it - which indicates the driver hasn't been installed.

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Hello everybody !

Decided to create this topic in order to discuss sound issues related to Windows 7. In my case, I decided to install W7 in my Sony Vaio VGN-S360, despite all warnings related to Vaio only supporting its original XP Home Edition. Everything is running smooth and the OS works fine and fast. I have already downloaded and installed most drivers from Sony support webpage. However, there is one thing that won't work the way it should. I have my Fn key working fine for brightness control and other stuff. But as for sound, it won't control the overall sound. You see the scale going up and down, but that doesn't affect the master volume (soundmax). Does anybody have any idea how to turn the Fn key into a master sound control again ? Thanks !

A:sound issues

You'll have to update at least 2 pieces of hardware to do this (and hope that they work together).
Update the keyboard driver that runs the Fn keys - but get it from the hardware manufacturer's website - NOT the Sony website.
Do the same thing with the sound card driver.

Run the installers in Compatibility mode for Vista and Run as administrator.
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again...its my bro's computer that is f-ing up. his sound is going kind of nuts. when he is playing streaming sound such as music or video game sounds the speakers put out a sound like they are under water. its not a major issue but it gets annoying. its not the speakers because we have replaced them twice and now they are hooked up to a reciever with 4 good speakers and it still does the sound thing. Help if u can...thx

A:sound issues

could be the file he's playing. i had the same thing one time and unistalled the device and reinstalled it and it fixed it.and also i have had several mp3 files sound girgly.
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I have an SB Live! sound card. I have no sound coming from my computer. I've tryed everything I can think of, updated drivers, trying another soundcard, another pci slot.

When I go into my device manager, it recognizes all the sound drivers. I've started up in safemode, and deleted all the drivers, and started over again. I've also tryed getting sound from my onboard sound card, and still no luck

If anyone has anything I can try, it would by much appreciated.


A:Sound issues

That's not much info there but try these 2 thangs:

1. double click on the volume control and make sure everything is turned on and turned up.

2. Make sure youyr speakers are connected correctly and the power is turned on. Do the good ol finger test on the input cord.
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Pacific assault loads fine playing music and sounds while game is satrting but when join server nothing,absolutely quiet,motherboard is a gigabyte ga7vrxp,onboard sound,i have not had no probs with bf1942,viet,call of duty,doom3,i buy all the new games and this is a first?????????help if ya can please
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Hi Guys Thanks in advance for your time reading this I ve had my laptop since January specs at the bottom and for ages its had a sound problem Sometimes the sound just distorts quite loudly almost Sound issues... as if its loading or getting stuck but the rest of the system will usually be running fine This happens during anything from online videos to iTunes to video games and can happen as frequently as every few seconds to as infrequently as once an hour My friend has the exact same laptop as me bought literally a week or so after mine and he has no problems at all Can do all the same things I m doing and receives no sound problems nothing even resembling the issue I have I Sound issues... restored my laptop to factory conditions I wiped the drive I updated all my drivers to no avail So I got in touch with HP After the usual Have you tried a different browser for the videos and have you updated your software I sent my laptop back to HP last week and it came back yesterday They updated the bios cleaned out any dust and replaced the Hardrive due to a Smart error Then ran their tests and shipped it back reporting no errors but within the time it took me to open my laptop place it on my desk and install and run a low spec game it started to make the sound problem again and its beginning to drive me up the wall I don t really know how to even test it to find out what it is especially without opening it up myself and risking avoiding its warranty but I don t want to send it back to HP only to be without a laptop for another week and still have the problem One of my friends suggests it could be a RAM issue but I m really not sure I m not vastly experienced with Hardware so I m not entirely sure What bugs me most though is that my friends laptop runs perfectly meaning there s got to be some difference between our two laptops Anyway Thank you for reading this any help or suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated I find the problem really hard to explain Specs right from the box HP Pavilion dv - ea Intel Core i - QM processor GHz with Turbo Boost up to Ghz gb RPM Hard Drive MV DDR SDRAM Dimm ATI Mobility Radeon HD Switchagble Graphics with MB DDR dedicated graphics memory Windows Home Premium bit nbsp

A:Sound issues...

if you have waranty, send it in
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Hi I've been getting various sound issues recently I would turn on the laptop but there would be no sound Found a temporary fix on the Internet which was to disable and enable the Issues Sound sound driver in the device manager I used to get by just fine using this fix until about a couple of days ago Windows requested to restart due to a hardware change I restarted the system and upon loading the desktop Windows requested to install the IDT driver I let it install and everything seemed fine until another restart when I Sound Issues noticed the sound quality had somewat degraded and the vloume was not as loud as it used to be Checked in the system tray and the beats audio control panel icon was gone Searched for it on the laptop and found a file saying beats audio panel but whenever I try to launch it it comes up with an error saying cannot find startup file I've tried system restores and other fixes but to no avail Plus I can't seem to find the sound drivers on the hp website Please help ASAP Thanks nbsp nbsp
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My computer has trouble playing DVD's(because there is no sound) .
It plays vcd's format with sound and windows sounds work.
Just the DVD's wont play sound.

A:Sound Issues

try reinstalling your dvd software

[is your dvd burner hooked to your sound card?]
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Okay so Ive had this problem for a while now for some reason when my realtek sound driver is enabled my cpu usage goes through the roof, I cant watch a youtube video because it skips repetitively and I cant play my games. I can barley do anything. I disable the driver, and everything works great. I have no clue whats wrong. It is a PC I built myself and I used a motherboard out of an HP and put in an AMD radeon 6700. Im guessing that this is the problem but im not sure as to what a solution could be. Anyone have any ideas? Your time and help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

A:Sound Issues!! Need help. Thank you

Please download MiniToolBox , save it to your desktop and run it.Checkmark the following checkboxes: List last 10 Event Viewer log List Installed Programs List Users, Partitions and Memory size.Click Go and paste the content into your next post.Also...Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - .Louis
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So basically started last night, PSU blew up, went out today and bought a new one, had them fit it, get it home, re-plug everything back in and now my 5.1 headset isnt picking up sounds other than world of warcraft at the moment, not sure why, skype and chrome arent getting sound, picks it up fine through TV (set as secondary monitor through HDMI.)

Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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We have a computer that was given to us (NEC, celeron chip and running Win98) and we are trying to get it ready for our daughter's roommate for college. She may load win xp when she gets it, not sure. It works fine except the sound. We have the sound for the windows media player but for all other sounds, it is garbled or a static sound. We checked the sound from the control panel. When we try checking the sound it is the garble/static sound. The media player only worked from the head phone plug in the front of the computer, not the card in the back. Does anyone have any suggestions for us? My husband is trying to install another sound card, not sure if it will work. Any other suggestions would be helpful.
Thanks in advance!

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i posted this in the gaming forum because it was initially a problem with ventrilo after i made the post i found out i am having the same problem with internet issues Sound applications Last night everything was working fine but my sound card prompted me for a driver update naturally i followed through and let it fully update overnight When i booted back up today i logged onto ventrilo and every sound coming out of vent including the wav files that play when you log on and off and change servers have a staticy robotlike sound to them I assumed it was just ventrilo because winamp is playing music perfectly through my speakers without any problems at all SO i posted in the gaming forum but then i opened up firefox Sound issues and went to watch a few flash videos and they were doing the same thing curious i tried a few other things myspace music profile player is doing the same and a lot of other things too so im assuming its something to Sound issues do with my sound card drivers i plugged Sound issues my headset in with ventrilo and after changing my default input and output settings it worked just perfectly but i dont want to have to put in my headset every time i want to watch a video or something if anyone has any suggestions please help this is ticking me off or if anything a way to uninstall the drivers because everything was working fine before i updated drivers nbsp

A:Sound issues

i have uninstalled my drivers and reinstalled them and only updated the drivers that i HAD to, but im still having the same problem

it is really starting to bug me :\ games and music play just fine, but internet applications like youtube and flash and certain programs like Ventrilo and Audacity dont work

please i could really use some help here
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Hi guys i have recently cleeaned out my machine and put it back together and reinstalled everything, but now for some reason the sound is not working, it has onboard sound and is installed with no errors. I have also tried old and newer drivers. so i have tried connecting up my front sound ports and still no joy, onboard sound is enabled in bios and speakers are fine but i just cant seam to figure out whats wrong with it.

the board is a pc chips M863G. I have not changed anything like jumper settings or anything but for sum reason it has just stopped working.

Hope sumone can help with this issue.

Thanks for the help it is greatly appreciated.


A:Sound Issues

I know this might sound obvious, but.......Have you checked the volume control. I say this cause i had the same problem everything worked, all drivers present just tickety-boo. Until i realised the volume was off. I wanted to hide for a week!
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About four days a go my battery died I took my laptop home plugged it in turned it back on and there was a strange grating sound issues Sound that was very loud I Sound issues turned it off then restarted Everything seemed fine until I tried to use my audio There was absolutely no sound Not even system sounds works I checked all of my volume settings reinstalled my driver from the dell website all of that no apparent issues still no sound It appears the sound is working I get no error message but I hear nothing And then I plugged in headphones and realised I could hear sound but very very faint If while watching something for example Sound issues someone yells I can hear they vaguely through the headphones I am utterly confused as to what this could possibly mean I have a Dell Latitude C There were no sound issues before though the quality never was very good Any suggestions Appreciate any help this is driving me nuts
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Good evening all It seems these few times I have had problems I end up coming here when I can't figure out the problem myself but that is always because of the great help I've had from the TSF force I have an Advent DVD Laptop that has had its share of issues but nothing ever serious just your usual growing pains Never has the sound been an issue though But earlier today I was once again on MSN Messenger talking to someone I had installed Messenger Plus and was just going through the motions of it yet I don't believe that to Cause?) The (MSN Sound XP Issues 7.0 With be Sound Issues With XP (MSN 7.0 The Cause?) the cause as the sound was fine even after installing it The person I was talking to wanted to start up an audio conversation and which prompted a Setup of the process I don't have a microphone and in my haste just ran through the process and didn't pay much Sound Issues With XP (MSN 7.0 The Cause?) attention my bad I know the result though has left me with an Echo effect in anything I do That's right it isn't just locked into Messenger I closed down to see if that would help the echo was still Sound Issues With XP (MSN 7.0 The Cause?) around I even uninstalled both MSN and Messenger Plus just to be sure and the echo was still effecting regular Windows sounds and Winamp Restarting the computer hasn't helped either muting the 'microphone' as I don't really have one to my knowledge and I don't believe the laptop has a hidden microphone hasn't helped either I'm really confused as to what I can do in order to stop this echo The only thing I can imagine has happened is that in the Audio Conversation setup through MSN has registered SiS Wave what the computer uses for Sound Playback for the microphone also and that has caught my computer in a loop for the sound Does that sound too stupid And am I more than slightly screwed in my endeavour to stop this echoing annoyance Any help is appreciated
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Hello SoundMAX Integrated Digital Audio - What Gateway says Intel Integrated Audio BA M ICH - What my PC and Everest says When I say quot What Gateway says quot I'm meaning that the drivers they gave me match that audio device You would think it would come up as the same thing but I guess not That just confuses the heck out of me The real problem is I have NO sound at all Sometimes on restart the sound will start working again but it will eventually cut out and stop working all together When it doesn't work I hear static when I adjust the volume Sound Issues It isn't a new hardware problem it has slowly been getting worse and worse In fact I would say it started doing this shortly after we got this damn thing However a quick restart would solve the problem so Sound Issues I never thought much of it until recently Yes I have updated Sound Issues my motherboards drivers Yes I have downloaded the supposed quot new drivers quot for both of the devices I listed up there Installed both of them of course I did them at seperate times I have gone through the hoops with both sets of drivers It should be noted that when I try to install the new SoundMAX drivers filename WDM d SM I get an error at the end saying quot Drivers not found Please restart windows and restart this setup quot I have messed with all the options and settings for my Sound Issues sound device I have looked up troubleshooting on Gateway Intel SoundMAX and Microsoft websites I'm not sure if t matters but I did recently install SP watch my computer crash and format and then reinstall windows Needless to say I'm using SP and have chosen to ignore the SP update There's more to it though I never got a Windows CD from Gateway it's true whether you believe it or not I got a drivers CD that I can use to reinstall Windows but I wasn't able to find that until after I had already used a friends XP disc to reinstall I think the reason I never found it until afterwards is I wasn't looking for it when I was tearing through my storage looking for my imaginary XP disc When I used a program to find out my XP CD-Key because the one stickered to the side of my tower didn't work it came up as one that didn't match my key nor my friends key I'm guessing it's what they call a quot Volume Key quot I read somewhere that companies like Dell and Gateway use those to install Windows I eventually just used my friends key and it worked which surprised me I always thought OEM keys were tied to the one system Unless of course Dell uses quot Volume Keys quot or something of that nature as well That's a whole other mystery in and of itself I tried calling Microsoft for help but all I got was an automated voice Gateway wants to charge me for tech support is that and Dell already helped me get my PC up and running again so no more bugging them yes they helped me get my Gateway PC working again Whatever I've searched the net and found nothing similar to my problem I have also tried two different sets of speakers both of which used to work on this PC Any ideas EDIT For good measure -------- EVEREST Home Edition c - Lavalys Inc ------------------------------------------------------------ Version EVEREST v Homepage http www lavalys com Report Type Report Wizard Computer NOSTFERATU Generator StateofNeph Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition WinXP Retail Date - - Time -------- Summary ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS Service Pack Service Pack DirectX DirectX c Computer Name NOSTFERATU User Name StateofNeph Motherboard CPU Type Intel Pentium MHz x Motherboard Name Intel Pendleton D PT PCI AGP DIMM Audio Motherboard Chipset Intel Brookdale i D System Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM BIOS Type AMI Communication Port Communications Port COM Communication Port ECP Printer Port LPT Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce MX MB D Accelerator nVIDIA GeForce MX Monitor Gateway EV quot CR... Read more

A:Sound Issues

Hello and Welcome to TSF

First off, you are now using an illegal copy of Windows XP as you stated here


I eventually just used my friends key and it worked, which surprised me. I always thought OEM keys were tied to the one system.

Secondly we cannot help you with your issue as we would be assisting in pirating software.
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After downloading a program and then removing it, I have sound issues now. The programs lag and sound is distorted. I am not sure what it could be. I have ran virus scans and it isn't working still. I am wondering what it may be?

A:sound issues

right click sound, playback devices right click on speakers, advanced, set to 16bit 41000, apply,restart
lookup latency mon program also.
if needbe device mgr sound uninstall restart
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Hi everyone I have recently started having some sound problems with my computer One day when I turned my computer on most of the programs that use sound including windows couldn't recognize my sound card Oddly enough winamp was still Issues Sound able to detect it but nothing else could I thought it may be a soundcard issue so I bought a new one but it has the same problems In the Sound and Audio Devices section it has quot no audio device quot under the volume tab and under the audio tab the only devices that are listed for playback are modem line playback and modem line playback However the soundcard is recognized under the hardware tab The only program that regularly recognizes it Sound Issues is winamp however every now and then it doesn't but all that requires is a restart of the program Also I have a PODxt which is a guitar recording interface that is connected via USB When these issues Sound Issues began the recording programs stopped recognizing it as well Further every time I turned off the pod while it was connected my computer would restart Any help would be much appreciated Thanks
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Okay So im completly clueless here I came home last night and issues sound Bad turned on my computer but for some reason it had no sound I tried playing around with the volume Bad sound issues control and managed to somehow turn on the headphones Using Realtek HD audio manager i managed to switch jacks in order to use my speakers But the sound quality is horrible and my ears are screaming in my head I don t understand where the problem begins and where it ends since i didn t touch anything that could have sparked it and it worked fine before i left I tried updating codecs but nothing Also tried system restore on the computer figuring it may have something to do with the system itself but it didn t work just keeps going on and on with that message quot Restore incomplete quot Am using a Windows XP- bit system Model DG PR Motherboard Version Realtek Audio codec ALC If im missing anything out here please let me know nbsp

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Bought a soundblaster live 24 card.
5.1 Surround sound speakers. Plugged them in and they all worked. Sometime between now and then they have gone back to only playing left and right channels and ingnoring the other speakers, except the sub stll works. When i use Creative diagnostic, there are no problems, it checks each speaker with a sound and the sounds come through. When i use winamp... windows media player et al... it goes back to only 2 channels. All my setting in all my programs are set to creative soundblaster im sure, as well as my options in control panel.
Im truely confused. any suggestions?

AMD 2500
A7N8X motherboard (on-board sound that i haven't dissabled...)
1GB Ram
80Gig WD Caviar
and a grafix card.... TI 4200 i think

if you could help that would be awsome

A:Sound issues

have you set it to digital playback? sometimes digital has a difference.
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First off I'm certain that its not because I muted Sound Issues the volume or because the audio driver is installed improperly Pretty every program Sound Issues that tries to play any music or sound does not work EXCEPT Realtek HD Audio Manager I tried almost every single one of the programs on my computer and none works except when testing the surround sound system Things I did before this happened Tried watching a video on gizmodo about Abraham Lincoln on the clouds but that video never loaded Tried playing League of Legends but for some reason it had the Sound Issues quot firewall problem quot Sound Issues which didn't happen previously I played earlier during the day My computer just went slow as hell for no reason I ran the spybot search and destroy malware byte's anti malware to see if its some stupid malware spyware thats make it slow for some reason They asked me to update so I did Opened up Task Manager and realized its probably that quot msfeedssync exe quot that was making my computer slow since it took up gb of memory End Process every minutes to try to stop it from coming back Failed Turned off the options in Feed Slice under Internet Options then Restarted Computer is running back at full speed except now there is no sound in every program except the ones that test the surround system Any ideas how to fix this All help are appreciated

A:Sound Issues

Things I did after this happened

Control Panel>Sound>Disable/Enabled the drivers.
Restarted many times.
System Restored many times but all had "error" and was not completed (failed).
Run>services.msc or something>Windows Audio>Set to automatic and start.
Tried updating the driver through Control Panel>Sound>Playback>Realtek HD Audio
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k i just did a clean start and installed my drivers for my SB live value card. (sucks i know) anyways when im listening to my mp3s sometimes it randomly like skips and starts making weird high picthed noises that make me want to slice off my nut sac and throw vinegar on the wound... anyways any idead pros?

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I am having a problem with my sound just recently, I haven't been getting any sound for any games or music files, etc. However, the speaker system DOES work. It has something to do with my software I assume. Here is a picture of the error message I recieve:

A:I need help with sound issues...

Do you normally use Winamp to listen to music, etc?

Maybe try uninstalling it and reinstalling it.

Or in Winamp, go to Preferences - Output

Highlight over DirectSound output and hit Configure
Make sure the Device is set to the correct soundcard

If that doesn't work, try uninstalling/reinstalling the DirectSound plug-in
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When I turn on the sound from my speakers, I get a buzzing sound as well as a ringing tone sound its the error ring tone that one often gets but just keeps tolling. I checked all of the connections and I believe my speakers are hooked up correctly. I wonder if this issue is with my speakers or with my sound card and drivers? My computer is infected right now and I noticed the problem started around the same time as the other issues.

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I have my 5.1 sound system plugged into the front audio jack on my computer. but everytime I open up VLC media player I have to change the audio from 5.1 to stereo. or else I don't hear the voices only the backround music. Is there anyway to change it so that VLC media player to default to opening with stereo sound.

A:Sound Issues

Try changing the codec to A52 in settings. I'm not familiar with VLC's settings in Windows, but this is what it looks like in OS X:

Hopefully it's the same, and hopefully the A52 codec would keep it set to your 5 channels (I think A52 can do up to 6 channels, not sure).
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I just installed windows 7 and my sound isn't working i know how to fix i just need a link to a good replacement driver.
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Bought Envy 15" notebook in early 2015 with 2 year extended warranty. After a few months no sound thru the laptop speakers. Ok if using bluetooth or earbuds. Sent back to HP for repairs and onk upon return. Upgraded to windows 10 and again start with no sound. If I restart the laptop I have sound for a short time but it goes back off. Returned again for repairs and just received it back last week and the no sound issue started again. Have called tech support many times and went thru troubleshooting including allowing them remote access. Just completed a 1.5 hour session with them and after I had sound for a total of 30 minutes before it went back off This is a major issue with HP laptops apparently and all the are doing is sweeping it under the rug until the warranty is over. MY LAST HP PURCHASE....
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Hi All of my music files seem to have stopped working None of them play anymore in any media player and Windows Media Player says it can t find the files in my playlists and I have not moved any of the files online sounds and system Issues Sound sounds work fine I have narrowed the cause down to the installation of AIM and even further than that during complete while installing I can t figure out what AIM does to my system that causes all sound files to screw up I have tried uninstalling AIM and then competing a Sound Issues system restore and that makes them work But when I reinstall AIM system restored to point earlier than that the same problem occurs I would rather not have to use a different program for IM as I have other users that I interact with who refuse to change I have looked at my sound settings in the control panel have reset my default programs and looked at all sound settings in AIM and have changed them around but nothing seems to work Any help would be appreciated AJR nbsp

A:Sound Issues

If AIM is the problem, the AOL should have an answer (Good luck with that ). But many messengers can access the AIM network if you want to try another in case no one has a solution to the problem. Pidgin and Trillian are the most popular.
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Hi Guys , I have a big problem with my sound. when i go to a web site and try to watch a video , mostly happens on youtube, i completly lose the sound , i then have to close my browser and reopen to the site and start the video again, i have to do this countless time as i always at some point lose the sound. I have looked in my sound manager and it tells me the sound is good and is running fine and no problems, yet i always lose my sound and its on all videos from the web...can u please help?? I have vista on my computer and am wondering if it could be my sound card or a virus or just something i have configured improperly

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the sound slider on my HP Pavilion dv6263cl notebook lowers itself automatically and not matter what I do, it wont stay raised.

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After installing windows 10 on my HP Pavilion dv2719nr Entertainment pc, my sound stopped working after some upgrades. I unistalled the sound drivers and reistalled it again. the sound works now but the laptop shows mute on the softouch though it is not mute. When I plug in a headphone it doenst work at all. any help
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Quick question, I seem to have lost all my windows sounds. My media player plays songs no problem and all my games have sound, but my email notification sounds don't play nor will anyother windows sound. Any ideas? Thanks

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Hi all.

My problem is that when i play videos on You Tube i cannot hear the vocals. I hear all the instruments, but as i said no vocals. And when i play Medal of Honor online i hear all sounds except for the weapon that i am using. This comes out very muffled and i can just about hear the weapon firing. I have checked everything that i can check but to no avail. Can anyone help me please.


A:Sound Issues

Try uninstalling/reinstalling your sound drivers.

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Okaies, So hai.... Pleased to meet you. Was wondering if anyone could maybe, possibly help me out here. Basically it goes like this. I I just built a new budget machine and was all working fine, you know, plodding along on crysis seeing if it could handle it lol, but then... sound goes off only for a few seconds and then came back. but this started happening all the time ill play for a while sound goes off and then comes back. I know it's nothing major and I could probs live live it but its just sooo annoying!!! Any thoughts of idea's would be mucho appreciated. In other words PLEASEEEE HELP ME!!

look forward to talking to you guys some more ^^

A:Sound issues !! Help XD

First, test with different speakers or headphones to determine if it's a speaker or PC issue. Second, update/reinstall the audio drivers.
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I am windows XP professional I'm having problems getting IE to laod.
Sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't.
It may take me 3 or more attempts to log on.

Just last week I lost my sound.
Done the troubleshooting and my sound device says there is no problem.
Yes my cables and everything are fine.
I've run malware and I'm clean.

Don't know where to start.
Start up is very slow, maybe 5 to 10 minutes beore everything loads up.
Processes are from 59 to 63 currently.
CPU usage is between 3 and 13 %

A:IE and sound issues

If your audio function is not working properly...I would go to Device Manager and uninstall the sound devices...reboot the system and then reinstall the sound drivers.You might try running chkdsk on your C: partition, Running CHKDSK - Select both options (Automatically...scan).Reboot the system and let it run to completion, system should reboot when command is complete with task.Louis
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Ive had this since day dot on this machine....
Its an onboard sound chip running on SiS7012. Once the sound is running ie music and prolonged sound FX, its great. Its only short and sweet sounds, or when a sound finishes taht I have a problem. It almost clicks at the end. Its a C-Media codec sound system. Ive upgraded to latest drivers. No luck, Im wondering if a small conflict or close IRQ's can cause this? Just wondering.. any suggestions?