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HP Z600 & Geforce GTX 1080

Q: HP Z600 & Geforce GTX 1080

Hi,I would like to know if I can install a Geforce GTX 1080 in a z600 workstation?My power supply is 650W so that seems to be enough. I have 2 * 6 pin connector so I guess I can add an adapter to 8 pin. Would this work? Thanks.
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Preferred Solution: HP Z600 & Geforce GTX 1080

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hey guys, I have searched a lot of forums but haven't found any relevent answers. I am sorry if this is a repeat.

What happened is that I disabled my nvidia graphic card from the control panel and it was too late until I realised my mistake as I had already pressed the restart button. Now I try to start my pc but all that happens is that I hear the sounds I always hear but nothing appears in the screens. I have tried several monitors. I have unhooked the monitor from the nvidia and connected it to the onboard gpu and still no luck. I tried resetting the bios but that didn't help either.

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00 ghz

ZOTAC Nvidia GeForce GT610 Synergy Edition.

A:I disabled my Nvidia Geforce GT610 graphics card accidentally and now I can't see a thing

You'll not make that mistake again and neither will I. You can't see anything when Windows boots but you know it's there. Maybe there's a way round this but I never found it and ended up reinstalling Windows.
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With Nvidia reportedly set to announce a new mid-range graphics card in under a month's time, rumors are starting to appear that allegedly reveal this card's specifications and features in detail.

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A:Nvidia's upcoming GeForce GTX 950 reportedly detailed

Ouch! Half way between 750Ti and 960, it will go for 165euros. That will make outdated AMD offerings price competitive, and sales internally cannibalised by 960, not to mention that all the recent games like GTA, Witcher shows 960 is actually todays entry gaming card from nVidia.
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Specifications for Nvidia's upcoming high-end consumer graphics card, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, have reportedly been revealed thanks to a GPU-Z screenshot posted on Korean website Hardware Battle.

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A:Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti specifications reportedly revealed

After watching the Titan X struggle at 4K with several new games (even in SLi) it's difficult to manufacture genuine excitement for this card, as sweet as the specs are and as good as it looks.
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Nvidia has once again decided to prevent some notebook owners from overclocking their Maxwell-based GeForce GTX 900M GPUs, after removing the restriction in a March driver update.

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A:Nvidia quietly blocks GeForce GTX 900M overclocking once again

Why would nVidia do this secretively? This just erodes their relationship with gamers and their buyers... At least give a SIMPLE statement: "Overclocking was shown to make GPUs unstable and lessen their lifespans, so we disabled the overclocking ability in R350 drivers again". No need to keep that secret.
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Ahead of tomorrow's launch of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Nvidia has released a new GeForce graphics card driver that's Game Ready for the open-world action RPG. The GeForce 352.86 drivers are also WHQL certified, meaning they are stable enough for everyday...

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A:Nvidia releases new GeForce WHQL drivers for The Witcher 3, Windows 10

Mine were updated hours ago, you just can't beat GFE for this sort of thing (or for game display settings optimisation as far as I'm concerned, it works for me).
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Help !

I've bought the new gaming laptop ( not really new ) MSI ge60 apache pro 003 with GPU nvidia geforce gtx860m , the problem that I've not getting fps more than 20 - 30 ive tried 3DMARK test and got 0.6 fps on 4K test ! and tried Dota 2 on ULTRA and got about 20 fps ,, can anyone help me please

A:Nvidia geforce gtx860m won't go above 30 fps

Try lowering some of the settings when conducting these "tests". Your computer is not designed for 4K, so that explains the 0.6 fps in 3DMARK. Your MAX resolution is 1920x1080 (4K UHD resolution is 3840x2160 and higher). And DOTA 2, simply run it at High settings instead of Ultra and see what you can get with your fps. Just because it is advertised as a "Gaming Laptop", does not mean that you can run everything at its highest settings.
Also, are you running the latest video drivers?
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I recently replaced my AGP NVIDIA GeForce GT M with a newer AGP NVIDIA GeForce GT M I believe that the GPU processors are the same but noticed when changing over the heat sinks that the memory chips are of the Samsung variety the old one had Nanya The older card had a pre-windows boot BIOS where as the new one needed me to install new 512M 7600GT same Replaced GeForce NVIDIA with drivers from the Nvidia site using automatic driver scan does not BIOS boot My Replaced NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT 512M with same issue is that the Windows reported a BSOD on first reboot after the new driver installation stable since and have Replaced NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT 512M with same since increased the voltage by V to the card spec without BSOD and there is no solution in the Action center and Windows is still looking a month out Upon opening the Nvidia control panel suite to check why the newer card did not have any on board memory to aid Adobe rendering as the last card did use the M vram I found that the suite reports the card as a GeForce GS could this lead to a driver quot signing quot conflict and therefore the BSOD Computer Management reports the card as the GeForce GT as does the device properties driver tab Would it be possible to flash the BIOS on the newer card so that the M of vram is quot scalable quot for Adobe rendering use Thank you for reading nbsp

A:Replaced NVIDIA GeForce 7600GT 512M with same

If you're having a lot of trouble with it I would see about returning it if possible, I see this post is already a few weeks old but hopefully that is still possible..

You shouldn't run into that many issues, although if the card is manufactured by a different company then there "could" be problems.. In which case the safest bet is to go into Safe Mode, remove all drivers and reinstall fresh working drivers. Just to make sure nothing is being mixed up between the way the cards operate,
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Hello All please help not computer literate- just basic hope Nvidia GT635 GeForce card video I have posted in the right place if I have not then any guidance to the correct area will be most appreciated Can someone please advise from the Nvidia GeForce GT video card - can Nvidia GeForce GT635 video card I use an hdmi cable and connect to a Samsung lcd TV Samsung quot p Hz LED HD TV Nvidia GeForce GT635 video card UN F I intend to buy this TV currently didn t as I m not aware if it will work once I have the correct advice only then can I proceed to buy im using windows my system specs are as follows Orchid Motherboard orchid s Manufacturer MSI Form factor uATX - cm in x cm in Chipset AMD A FCH Memory sockets x DDR Processor socket FM Expansion Slots One PCI Express x Gen Three PCI Express x Gen One PCI Express mini card Processor AMD A TDP W Operating speed Up to GHz up to GHz turbo Number of cores Socket FM Memory GB Amount GB Speed PC - MB s Type DDR - Video graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GT Figure Video card kindly see attachment Images of video card and Ports also see Image of video card bracket showing ports - HDMI - DVI Form Factor Low profile PCB with ATX bracket Dimensions cm x cm in x in Maximum resolution DVI dual-link resolution x x bpp at Hz HDMI resolution x Analog VGA resolution with adapter x x bpp at Hz NOTE Not all ports support the highest resolutions GB onboard memory Memory interface -bit DDR Total power consumption W max Supports Blu-ray Supports HDCP Supports up to two displays at the same time nbsp

A:Nvidia GeForce GT635 video card

It says "HDMI resolution: 1920 x 1080". Which is a common port you would connect to a TV.
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Hello.I really need help.
I own a GEFORCE GTX 550 Ti.
Its fan gone broke so I bought a new one.
When I removing the stuck screw of my GraphicCard, I accidentally hit and remove two tiny parts which I can't name.
So I ReAttach the removed component via taping it with ElectricTape.
I lost the other one so I get something like that from other broken GraphicCard and tape it with ElectricTape.
I test the GraphicCard without fan yet, the result, it turns ON, the PC reads the GraphicCard but restarts when the MOBO's name appears.
I can't attach the fan yet because it was under warranty and I wanna return it if my GraphicCard is broken due of this matter.
***Now the problem is, Do my beloved GEFORCE GTX 550 Ti will still work or it is permanently broken due of this two tiny component?***

I attach a photo regarding "that" two tiny parts.It's sad.Please Help.

A:Geforce GTX 550ti removed tiny parts

You might as well try installing the new fan because from your description of what you did you already voided the warranty. My guess is that those tiny pieces have a function otherwise they wouldn't be there in the first place. If your graphics card doesn't work anymore, you're just going to have to buy a new one.
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If you are curious about the performance of this $3000 GPU, you can check out a benchmark >>here<<.

The Titan Z does not look good in its current state since the AMD R9 295X performs basically the same for $1500 less and only takes 2 slots rather than the Titan Z's 3 slots. Overall though, the benchmark is worth a look.

A:Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z Benchmark

It's a monstrous compute card though.
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EVGA SuperClocked 03G-P4-2666-KR GeForce GTX 660 3GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP
is this a good enough step up to play battle field 4 at a high level?
low on cash but this card I found seems to have what I need plus maybe a few yrs in it before a upgrade is needed. any input would be appreciated.
reason I ask is I have a day to cancel and get something else but I am not real good with computers. I am running a phenom quad core with 4 gigs of ram on win 7 ultimate and a 600 watt power supply and 1t hard drive


A:EVGA SuperClocked 03G-P4-2666-KR GeForce GTX 660 3GB 192-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 x16 HDCP

This should answer your question. The GTX 660 has 30FPS with ultra quality at 1680x1050. Lowering the quality settings to high, raised the frame rate to nearly 50FPS.

Final Thought:

If you can live with high settings however, you'll boost your frame rates by around 60%, sometimes as much as 80%, which is enough to make the GTX 660 and HD 7850 practical options. ...
Fortunately, there's less to consider when choosing a processor -- just make sure you have a quad-core chip. It doesn't even have to be a new one, as even the Core i7-920 and Phenom II X4 980 took care of business. ...Click to expand...

Side note:

As was the case with Battlefield 3, as long as your processor has four cores/threads, it shouldn't have a problem in EA's latest shooter. The only processors to struggle were the dual-core AMD Phenom and Athlon CPUs, while the game can utilize up to eight threads if your chip has them on tap.Click to expand...

Another improvement would be to get 8GB memory. In my opinion 4GB is boarder-line to being sufficient.
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Hi everyone I ve been having a little problem and hopefully someone from the community might be GT Problem installed 610 Newly GeForce able Newly installed GeForce GT 610 Problem to help I own a really basic computer that I ve had for years I don t use it for gaming or anything like that Mainly sufing the web really basic none labour intensive tasks Anyway I started getting random BSOD problems and the code that came with the shutdown pointed to it being a driver problem I was using a fairly old driver anyway as I d have previous problems with BSOD s with the updated versions After numerous uninstalls and reinstalls of different drivers the problem wasn t going away Until after one BSOD and restart the screen was completely filled with either green or pink pixels depending on the background colour After a little research I came to the conclusion that the graphics card was on it s way out I should say at this point that the old graphics car was a GeForce GS So not wanting to have to upgrade anything but the gpu and also not wanting to spend a great deal of money that really dont have at the moment I started searching for a replacement card for my system I finally settled on a GeForce GT as it sounded simpler to replace Nvidia for Nvidia in this case and was pretty basic After researching and installng the new gpu I started up the computer to see wether I d still have the pixel problem or not Low and behold they had gone and I thought my troubles were behind me hahaha how wrong I was Without any of the Nvidia driver installed uninstalled in control panel and DriveSweeper used running on the quot Standard VGA Graphics Adapter quot I had no problems at all and my cpu usage when idle was fine I then updated the drivers to the latest version and numerous other versions throughout the day and started getting a problem When the computer attempted to do any task no matter how basic it would stutter The loading icon next to the mouse stopping starting and freeze continuously which it had never really done before I opened up tast manager to check what was going on and in the performance tab the cpu usage was at in an idle state After checking processes for all users I couldn t see anything that seemed to be causing the cpu usage to be that high There were numerous quot svchost exe quot open but only as many as there were without the drivers installed and they weren t using any more memory than normal either Running HWMonitor showed all my voltages and temperatures to be fine I ve also checked my voltages with a voltage testing machine and they cam back fine Every time I uninstall the driver and use the standard vga its fine then as soon as the driver is install I m getting the lagging and high cpu usage problem So does anyone think they could possibly shed some light on what might be going wrong Could it be a clash in the hardware But obviously I m so far away from being an expert it s not funny haha Any help would be appreciated and sorry for such a long winded essay Congrats if you managed to read it to the end System specs CPU - Intel Core Duo E Motherboard - GigaByte GA-T MG Old GPU - GeForce GS New GPU - GeForce GT PSU - XFX Pro W RAM - GB DDR Storage - Seagate Barracuda GB ST AS Thanks nbsp

A:Newly installed GeForce GT 610 Problem

Try this:
1) Download, do not install, the latest nVidia driver from here (32bit).
2) Create a system restore point before proceeding. Use these directions for assistance.
3) Download and run Display Driver Uninstaller from here.
4) Check the boxes that state "Remove PhysX" and "Remove C:\AMD or C:\NVIDIA folders" and "Save log files in startup path".
5) Chose the option "Uninstall the current and previous drivers and restart the computer".
6) Let the computer reboot/restart.
7) Install the driver you downloaded in step 1.

If this does not work, there is an issue with the GPU. You will need to RMA it and get a new one. Tell the manufacturer that you are having issues. They will usually comply and send a new one.
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Hey, my name is Dazz. I am pretty new here and have just built a new PC, I have connected all the parts of the PC up correctly and seem to be having problems on startup. I hear the general kick into life startup but when I look at my monitor it is completely black, no startup screen. Doesnt even turn on, the light on the monitor is set to 'standby' straight away. I have no idea what the problem is at all.

Any ideas what it might be?

I am using Sabertooth 990FX R2.0 motherboard, 750W ATX PSU, Corsair Dominator 4GB Phenom II x6, and a Prolite E2208HDS monitor

A:GeForce GTX 690 black screen issue

The real question I have is why you are pairing a GTX 690 with a Phenom X6 and 4GB of RAM!

Jokes aside, does the GPU fan spin when you startup the PC? Is it properly seated on the PCIe port? Is there a power connection to the GPU?
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This is my first post.

My PC currently has GeForce 6600 as my graphics card, however I feel it is time to upgrade it so I can play new games etc. I would like the best graphics card (regardless of price) that my PC can allow.

I have Windows XP 32, Intel Pentium 4 540 3.20GHz

2GB RAM with ASUSTeK Computer inc motherboard.

I realize I can't have the ultimate best Graphics card with my current PC set up, but what is the best my PC can allow?

A:I want to upgrade my graphics card from GeForce 6600

Does you PC have an AGP or PCIe card slot? We can't recommend a card until we at least know this answer.
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So about 6 months ago I bought a Gtx 570 and was quite satisfied but most recently things have taken a turn for the worst. I have started having random display glitches where my display disconnects and recovers immediately. It's very annoying and I'm tired of it.

When I googled my issue I discovered this was a common problem that Geforce hadn't fixed and it has been happening for quite some time now. I've always been a fan of Geforce but this has driven me over the edge and I'm looking to change.

I'm not familiar with any other graphics cards so some help would be nice. I'm looking for a card that can run any game on ultra settings for under 500 dollars. That is possible by the way, that's what the Gtx 570 was. It also needs to be able to support dual monitors.

Thank you,


A:New Graphics Card (Not Geforce)

Generaltuber said:

I'm not familiar with any other graphics cards so some help would be nice. I'm looking for a card that can run any game on ultra settings for under 500 dollars. That is possible by the way, that's what the Gtx 570 was. It also needs to be able to support dual monitors.Click to expand...

If you can wait a few more months AMD will be releasing their next generation of graphics cards. AMD has what is know as Eyefinity, which commonly supports 3 independent monitors per graphics card.
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Whats up guys?..I have a question,im building my first pc and I wanted to know if this graphic card (geforcegt610) can support tripple monitors, I see it has 3 different outputs like,vga,hdmi and dvi.Im not really big on pc gaming so I wont do much gaming most likely music production or video buy have a good sale on video cards and I saw this one for 40 bucks,is it worth buying?

A:GeForce GT 610

Quote found here -

The MDT GT 610, like all GT 610s, does still have two discreet outputs. In order to connect more than two displays, special integrated hardware splits one or both outputs which show up as a super-wide display in the control panel. When you connect three 1080p monitors, your control panel will show that you have one 1920x1080 and one 3840x1080 display (rather than 3 1080p monitors or a single 5760x1080 screen like in Surround.) Once you open and set the MDT EZY software, the pair of displays that show up as one in the NVCP will then act just like two individual monitors- windows will fit each screen individually and snap to the proper positions.Click to expand...
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Hello comunnnnity!!
I wanna ask something about this video card nvidia geforce 315m
I want to buy this laptop FOR GAMING
i5 , 4 giga ram , 500 HD
But I need to think about the video card ,, is it good enough for games such as Battlefield 3 ?
Many thanks,

A:Nvidia geforce 315m?

It will probably run BF3 at low settings with a terrible frame rate, there are a few videos on you tube.

If you are buying the laptop for just high end gaming. I would not bother.

It would run the sims fine though
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Hi, if I play crysis 3 on my GeForce 610 along with core i3-530 and 4 gb ram, how much fps will I get at a resolution of 1366*768 and all other settings at low?

A:Crysis 3 on GeForce 610

According to this video, min. 15 - max. 25.
Crysis 3 - GeForce GT 610
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I am thinking of buying a used video card and it is a GeForce 9800GT 1gb card and it is actually really cheap. The thing is though the guy said it sometimes overheats and could be the fan. Is it possible it would only be the fan in this case or would it ever be in the circuitry?

A:Used GeForce 9800GT 1GB overheats -- should I buy it?

Only way to be sure really is to replace the thermal compound, check the fans are spinning ok, and see if the overheating stops.

As a cash deal I would not touch it unless it was under 10 sheckles
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Hi all My computer was top of the line years ago The past few years my computer has been freezing crashing and bluescreening due to the kind of functionality I force it through namely the use of multiple programs at once internet livestream games The fan hasn t worked for over a year now it was choking I simply turned it off and often attempted to keep my system as cool as possible using a large floor fan Today it gave it s death knoll - freezing with video ram artifacts all over the screen I had been I messing around with the EVE Online character creator with internet playing music and Steam open naturally Un- and reinstallation of the drivers would not fix the artifacts it had forced non-native resolution it wouldn t go beyond x or something native is x and was happily informing me that I wasn t quot currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU quot despite the fact that the second I uninstalled the drivers my computer was GTX Nvidia 8800 for Geforce Replacement searching for and reinstalling them again I gave up and shut down to look at the power supply and when I turned it back on it was miraculously in it s native resolution and artifact-free but I ve abused it long enough now that it probably only has a few months left and is in desperate Replacement for Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX need of replacement I realize it might even be artifact-ridden next time I turn it on Dell pre-built desktop years old Windows Vista Ultimate bit Intel Core Quad CPU at GHz GB RAM I think my power supply is max W but I m having trouble figuring the label out so I attached a picture in case I m sorely mistaken I m looking for something that works within my current specs approximately the same size as the Geforce GTX my case won t fit anything much bigger as far as I can tell and I can t get a new case because it barely fits height-wise where I need it to go As I said I use multiple programs and I especially game on my computer so I need something that can handle my usage On the other hand I am looking to completely replace my system within a few years with something custom from Origin so I don t want to be pouring money into this system So - something that will allow me to eke out a few more years within my other current specs without costing me a bundle Say around or Please let me know if you need more information and thanks in advance nbsp

A:Replacement for Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX

Umm have you thought about buying a new computer, yours is rather old. The amount of work, time and money you will probably spend on it trying to fix it up until you throw it away will be quite a lot.
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I feel like there is some truth to this since nVidia doesnt really need a major refresh like AMD does.
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Guys,I m planning to buy a new cpu.Just come to know that very soon this series will release.I have budget about 255$ for gpu.can u tell me when will it release?so I can afford more powerful gpu with this money.

A:When will the Radeon 8000 or GeForce 700 series be released?

Well, I wouldn't expect to see any HD 8XXX series card this year. However, I'm not so sure about Nvidia.
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Guys, I have a dell monitor which is that:Dell E Series E1912H 18.5" Monitor with LED | Dell.
I bought it yeasterday.
Is it possible to run game at 1920*1080 resolution in 18.5 inch LED monitor along with this config which would be my config in very near future:
PRO:core i5 3470 or core i3 3220
Ram:8GB ram ddr3 1600mhz/1333
GPU:ATI 7770/7850 2GB OC
A guy tell me it is not possible if I had not 21 inch what is the difference between in 21 and 18 inch monitor.what I know that screen is bigger.pls tell me more about their difference.That's it
Negetive reply will

A:Is it possible to run game at 1920*1080 resolution in 18.5-inch LED monitor

Mate, the difference between a 18 inch monitor and a 21 inch monitor, is quite literally, 3 inches. What resolution a monitor will support is not the same as how big it is.

You cannot run 1920x1080 on that monitor, because your monitor only supports 1366x768, it has nothing to do with your pc configuration.
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Hello with 64-bit GT problem Windows GeForce 9800 Having GeForce 9800 GT problem with 64-bit Windows a problem with the GeForce GT precisely Windows -bit won t recognize it Previously I was using Windows XP Pro -bit and it worked fine At the moment I m using Windows -bit and no problems I have tried installing the latest drivers for Windows -bit but nothing seems to fix the problem Tried multiple times installing and uninstalling drivers as well as Windows doing clean installs etc My processor is AMD Phenom Tripe-Core GHz so it support -bit Windows Also I have GB of RAM I have read numerous threads about similar problems but the solution hasn t been clear It can t be video card s fault because it runs fine with -bit Windows and GeForce GT supports -bit When checking under device manager on -bit W I get the code for the video card Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Also if I try to open NVIDIA Control Panel I get and error saying quot You are not currently using a display attached to and NVIDIA GPU quot but I am because my monitor is functioning Thank you in advance nbsp

A:GeForce 9800 GT problem with 64-bit Windows

Go here and try downloading the Windows 7 64-bit driver for your video card:

Try the auto scan too
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I was wondering if the better deal would be a GTX 670 for $319 or a GTX 660Ti for $239. Anyone care to comment?

A:GeForce GTX 660 Ti or 670?

List some games you play, the screen resolution you have, and other components on your PC.
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I have an i5 3550 CPU and a NVidia 9400 GT 1 GB DDR2 Graphics Card.
Should I use the onboard graphics of my CPU for gaming, or should I use the card ?
Please suggest.

A:GeForce 9400 GT 1GB or i5-3550 inbuilt graphics?

Always use the 3rd party video card first...
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I noticed an awful noise in my tower just now and realized that the fan blade was loose on my video card and I took it out and I could pull the fan blade right off so my question is, are the fans replaceable on a 9800GT card or could I put the blade back somehow? Thanks

A:GeForce 9800GT fan

Does the fan look like this?

Try eBay for replacement fans. Just remember to look at the seller reputation and where the item is shipping from.
65mm Fan 4 9800GT

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Hi in lots of games I play , in menu they lagg like the cursor delays to move from side to side + during cinematics they lagg alot !! now . ive been disappointed mostly by the game 'I AM ALIVE' an arcade game which some guys with less specs than mine can run it on high settings and I cant eeven play it on low and lowest resolution + in window mode !!!
my specs are :

OS : Windows 7 64-bit
CPU: AMD Athlon IIx4 620 ( 2.6 quad core )
GFX: Nvidia GeForce GT 430 1 GB ( with latest drivers updated)
my native resolution: 1600x900

PLEASE Help me and tell me whats wrong in games . I really appreciate ur help . thanks

A:GeForce GT 430 problem :(

Probably a software issue (background process, driver, update etc). Your antivirus could also been the cause seeing as it affects a lot of games you play. If you just updated the drivers you could try rolling back a set but first make sure there is nothing running in the background or there aren't any updates downloading. Make sure the game is up to date as well and if it still jerks around maybe revert to defaults in NVIDIA control panel (if you've changed anything).
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So my graphics card has been giving me some issues lately I am in game WoW The Walking Dead game Starcraft etc full screen high graphic capable games and frequently after a Geforce issues Nvidia 520 GT period of time the screen would just go black for a couple seconds and it would sound like the fan on the card is restarting and then the game would load back up rarely the game would just crash altogether and it would cause my computer to be unresponsive not able to ctrl alt delete my way out of Nvidia Geforce GT 520 issues it mouse pointer would be frozen as well forcing my to manually turn off the computer and turn it back on the most recent problem has been after the new WoW patch whenever the screen would go black for the few seconds to reboot where normally it would just reload the screen now the whole screen goes black I can see my task bar and whatever I have running in the background web browser normally for waiting for queues but the game program has disappeared even though I can still hear the game sounds and see the game cursor on a black screen It stays like this with no reload until I control alt delete my way out of the program I have completely uninstalled the graphics card and drivers reinstalled the card and reupdated the drivers still to no success Any help at all would be greatly appreciated OS NameMicrosoft Windows Vista Home Premium Version Service Pack Build Other OS DescriptionNot Available OS ManufacturerMicrosoft Corporation System NameDAHLIA-PC System ManufacturerDell Inc System ModelInspiron System Typex -based PC ProcessorAMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version DateDell Inc SMBIOS Version Windows DirectoryC Windows System DirectoryC Windows system Boot Device Device HarddiskVolume LocaleUnited States Hardware Abstraction LayerVersion quot quot Time ZoneEastern Daylight Time Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB Page FileC pagefile sys NameNVIDIA GeForce GT PNP Device IDPCI VEN DE amp DEV amp SUBSYS amp REV A amp BE amp amp Adapter TypeGeForce GT NVIDIA compatible Adapter DescriptionNVIDIA GeForce GT Adapter RAM GB bytes Installed Driversnvd dumx dll nvwgf umx dll nvwgf umx dll nvd dum nvwgf um nvwgf um Driver Version INF Fileoem inf Section section Color PlanesNot Available Color Table Entries Resolution x x hertz Bits Pixel Memory Address xFD - xFE FFFFF Memory Address xF - xFEBFFFFF Memory Address xF - xF FFFFFF I O Port x D - x D F IRQ ChannelIRQ I O Port x B - x BB I O Port x C - x DF Memory Address xA - xBFFFF Driverc windows system drivers nvlddmkm sys MB bytes PM nbsp
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Hi Can anyone please tell me whether the above video card will work in my computer I would also like to upgrade the ram but don t know if I should stay with what I have and just add another slot or change the ram My computer details are Personal Desktop S NZ - Dell Studio XPS Desktop Base System -Studio XPS Base Processor Options -Intel R Core TM i - in GeForce work GTX this Gigabyte will 670... computer? my Processor GHz MB -Intel R Core TM i Label Operating System -Pre-Loaded Genuine Windows Vista R Home Premium bit OEM Version -Genuine Windows Vista R Home Premium bit SP Edition English -Genuine Windows Vista R Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670... will this work in my computer? Home Premium Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670... will this work in my computer? bit SP English DVD Media Included -Vista QFE OS Home Premium bit SP -Dell TM PC Restore Software -Vista R HTML Guide Included -Dell TM Dock Software - -Genuine Windows Vista TM Premium label Included Dell Services Hardware M - -year XPS Premier Service with -year CompleteCo aintenance ver - Years Priority PC User x Support Round-The- Clock Technical Assistance Dell Services Datasafe B -Dell Online Backup GB ackup Service - MOD SW DTSV OL - MOD SW DTSV OL GB-free -To activate your online backup account go to Sta rt Programs Datasafe Online Freight Charges -Dimension Desktop XPS-MT Handling amp Insurance Cha rges Monitor -Dell S W quot Full HD Widescreen Flat Panel Mo nitor Memory - GB X GB DDR SDRAM MHz Memory nbsp

A:Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670... will this work in my computer?

What's your motherboard model and PSU?
You also need to check if the card will physically fit in the case, that card is 275mm long.

If you want to upgrade the RAM I'd recommend just getting a new 6GB kit, RAM is very cheap nowadays.
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I m trying to install a PNY GeForce GT Nvidia on a Dell GX P HT Ghz running XP nightmare GeForce PNY 9500GT I first tried to install it on a Dell Optiplex P D Ghz running Windows -bit Both give the PNY GeForce 9500GT nightmare same results after installing the card then drivers and reboot I get a blank screen on the Win machine and a broken graphics screen after the Windows logo on the XP machine I ve tried the latest drivers from Nvidia and the beta drivers from Techspot to have the same problem I think the card is conflicting with the on board GPU Intel G chipset I m trying to find a way to disable the on board GPU When I looked at the Resources I get this message Input Output Range B - BB used by Intel R G GZ P PL PCI Express Root Port - Input Output Range C - DF used by Intel R G GZ P PL PCI Express Root Port - Memory Range A - BFFFF used by Intel R G GZ P PL PCI Express Root Port - I ve tried to disable the Display Adapter in Device Manager before installing the card to no avail I really want to install this card so I can run two monitors Any Ideas nbsp

A:PNY GeForce 9500GT nightmare

You will need to go into your bios,To disable the on board graphics. First of all if you would not have tried to disable the on board graphics from the device manger. Your computer would have disable the on board graphics .For you when you installed the card. I don't know if xp will run this card. But I know win 7 does. You will need to make sure you have the latest 64 bit drivers. Hope this helps you.
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Good day guys I 8500GT My GeForce just um need your help guys regarding about my video card so here is the story last months I think is the day that I bought my video card I used it very fine with my desktop with no errors My GeForce 8500GT and bugs but recently few weeks before now I start my computer as I normally regularly do when suddenly my video card crashes ragged screen and I dont know what s the problem And unfortunately the shop where I bought the card doesnt allow replacement and returns So I try to figure out the problem First I rebooted for three times but the ragged discolored screen is still there and I noticed that in the boot screen there are some errors the word quot RAM quot in the quot MB RAM quot becomes quot RAE quot etc and the resolution of my screen becomes something like x Second I try to boot with quot Repair Computer quot and quot Safe Mode quot and try to fix something in there also I tried to use System Restore but failed to fix it Third I checked if it was overheating or look for something like burnings in the video card itself but failed to find any Fourth I remove and reattached it and repeat the boot for x again I failed I repeat this process but now after I cleaned the video card PCI-E Slot Motherboard etc Fifth I re-checked all of my drivers but all up to date do whole computer scan and boot scan but it couldnt find any virus or errors Sixth I uninstall and reinstall my drivers but unfortunately failed to fix it also do I have to replace the thermal paste in the chip Because it looks dried up After trying these steps I got the idea to ask online for help I read about baking video cards but I dont want to risk my only graphics card and also we dont have microwave My Video Card is Nvidia GeForce GT DDR MB now I m just using the motherboard s integrated graphics Unit All other informations about my system is in the link https skydrive live com cid C AE D amp id C AE D Please help me to fix my video card Thanks nbsp

A:My GeForce 8500GT

"(also do I have to replace the thermal paste in the chip? Because it looks dried up)" Yes, clean off the old thermal paste and apply a small amount of new paste. Also make sure that the heat sink is clean and free from dust
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Was wondering if the AMD 7970M outperforms the GTX 580 desktop card. I am only asking this since I heard it on some forums, just wanted to double-check (google no yielding any search results).

A:Radeon HD 7970M vs GeForce GTX 580 (desktop)

Iv read that the 580m loses heavily to the 7970m, Not sure about the desktop version.
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Currently what's the best motherboard for a GeForce GTX 690

A:Currently what's the best motherboard for a GeForce GTX 690

One which has PCI-e 3.0. Other than that there's not a lot of correlation between motherboards and GPU performance.
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Hello I think i ve got the noisiest video card on the planet but that s not the issue The issue is that in most games when it reaches about - degrees C my video card driver stops working Ti down MSI heating GTX 550 driver shutting video GeForce and up as Windows kindly tells me in a pop-up It does reinitialize MSI GeForce GTX 550 Ti heating up and video driver shutting down almost instantly but this is definately not normal and it s annoying to have the game stop for a sec while the driver does that While i can t complain about the temperature since i understand that s within the limit degrees max according to producer i definately need to find a fix for this problem Full PC specs are KingMax GB DDR MHz Intel Core i MSI GeForce GTX 550 Ti heating up and video driver shutting down GHz box MSI GeForce GTX Ti OC GB DDR -bit Seagate GB SATA-III rpm MB Barracuda Arctic Cooling Silentium T full black Gigabyte GA-H MA-D V Sirtec - High Power Element W I have the latest nvidia driver I have a fan at the front and at the back of my PC case only has slots so the air flow is decent Any ideas I didn t try to OC it or anything like that nbsp

A:MSI GeForce GTX 550 Ti heating up and video driver shutting down

If the card is making noise and giving Windows errors, replace it. The noise is coming from the fan. Is anything touching the fan inside the case?
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Please help I have an eMachines ET G- w It has a cheap integrated graphics card and I purchased a new Galaxy GeForce GT graphics card along with a Thermaltake TR w PSU yesterday I installed both and powered the 430 upgrading after card a to No display GT GeForce graphics pc up The fans fired up in the PSU the Processor and the new graphics card I had my monitor that I had been using with VGA hooked up with an HDMI cable Now comes the problem I am not getting any picture whatsoever on my monitor No display after upgrading to a GeForce GT 430 graphics card It says no signal and it wont show any picture even at the start up I tried two different HDMI cables I tried a VGA and I tried a DVI None of these made anything appear on the monitor I turned the system off took out the new graphics card removed the new power supply and put the original one back in and tried to fire it up Now I have now picture with my original computer plugged into the original VGA slot I have no idea what to do and I am only a beginner when it comes to installing things into a PC I have asked around and no one had any idea how to solve this problem I don No display after upgrading to a GeForce GT 430 graphics card t want to have to buy a new computer just because I tried to upgrade this one That would suck If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:No display after upgrading to a GeForce GT 430 graphics card

What happens if you try to boot up the pc with the new GPU and PSU installed, but have the monitor hooked up to the integrated VGA port?
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How would I be able to know if I'm running on my onboard graphics (Intel HD) or my video card (GeForce 310M)?

*Edit* Specs:
Intel® Core? i3 Processor 330M : 2.4 GHz
Mobile Intel® HM55 Express Chipset
nVidia GeForce 310M (1GB)


A:GeForce 310M problem -- integrated graphics?

This is a laptop...
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Hello everyone, nice to be here.

I have an Asus p6t se and just upgraded the video card to an inno 3d gtx 570 but it wont boot, just gives 1 long and 3 short beeps. I swapped out the video card with my old one and it boots fine. I'm wondering if it's a power issue. On my Inno 3d gtx 570 are 6 power pins and 8 power pins, The box came with a converter for the 6 pins but not the 8 and I'm wondering if I need both.
Any light you could shed would be appreciated.


A:No display after GeForce GTX 570 upgrade

Yes you need both of the pins connected to the power supply.

What PSU have you got?
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Will a corsair cx 430W be enough to support a Asus GTS450 1GB DDR5 card?

A:PSU for GeForce GTS 450

Yes, a minimum of 400w is recommended for a GTS450. The information is in the spec's on Nvidia's website here.
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I'm new to the forum but have a problem that I want make the right decision on. I play Aces High II which is a flight simulation game. It may not be as hard core as Battlefield 3 but they do keep upgrading to high res graphics. My computer is a prebuilt Dell Studio XPS 8000. Intel i7 core 860 processor @ 2.8GHz. Graphics card a Nvidia geforce GTS 240. 8 Mb memory, Windows 7 home premium os. Now that said I am experiencing stutter sometimes while i'm playing. My fps go from 60 which is where it should be to 10 or less. I,m not sure if this is the game card or a lousy connection to the game server as we do get discoed sometimes. The computer is a year and a half old and don't remember experiencing this before that much. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm not against getting a new card and probably need new power supply.

A:GeForce GTS 240 issue or gaming server issue?

What resolution are you playing at? What is your budget for your upgrade?

Its your gpu more than likely
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I have look on alot of websites and havent found one that is compatible. Would like some ideas or places to look. Thanks

A:I need a replacement fan/cooler for a Nvidia GeForce GTS 250. Ideas?

try some custom cooling? maybe a heatink of an old card with some extra fans spliced in
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Okay recently purchased an hp slimlines w Its running a pegatron corps mother board narra Max output on my power supply is w I know its small So im looking for something compatible I need it to be low profile due to the case design It has two pci upgrade 6150se card, 430 my graphics Trying GeForce to e x ports and and one pcie x port Anything else you would need to know please tell me I m not looking for the most powerful card just something better than the geforce se nforce that is built in to the motherboard Thank you for helping Motherboard - pegatron corps mother board narra Graphic interface - notsure Trying to upgrade my graphics card, GeForce 6150se 430 Memory - gb mem CPU - AMD sempron CPU Speed - Power Supply Make Model - HP tfx od wa Watt output Amperage - w v a I am in united states Looking to spend about - I only watch tv and movies web surf and the kid plays some online game runescape nbsp

A:Trying to upgrade my graphics card, GeForce 6150se 430

To be honest, you're not going to get much of an improvement using such a low wattage power supply.

Although the case is slimline, it is possible it is fitted with a standard ATX PSU. If you are unsure, you could take a picture of the label on the side of it and post it here for us to check what your options are moving forward.

In order to improve GPU performance you're almost certainly going to need to replace that power supply though. Being a slimline case you'd also need to check you have enough height clearance for an aftermarket GPU as well.

Also, your Sempron 140 is going to bottleneck with more powerful GPU's pretty quickly. So you also need to consider this -- given your intended usage it shouldn't be an issue though, but is a point worth making none the less.
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so.. as the title says, the 2nd connector for VGA Fan is not working on my 9800GT, do i have to enable it anywhere or is it just broken? -.-
I have never used it before, but now im getting new cooling system for my whole case because im going to overclock GPU & CPU
so.. when i connect the stock fan to 1st connector is works, but when i connect it to the other connector is just doesnt work, same happens with other fans i tried

Thank You in advance!
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Hi, new I'm here and have worked on my computers for many years with success. i have a problem with a new Nvidia MX4000 video card with an Asus P5P800-MX/CHANNEL-UAYGZ motherboard. All works well except there's no video signal until the Windows XP boots up and loads the driver. This means I can't see the Bios setup or dual boot screen on startup. It works fine with the built in video on the motherboard but I'd like to use the dedicated video card. Has anyone had this problem and suggestions to work around it.
Thanks, Don Black.

A:Nvidia GeForce MX4000 video card won't start until Windows loads

Don Black said:

Hi, new I'm here and have worked on my computers for many years with success. i have a problem with a new Nvidia MX4000 video card with an Asus P5P800-MX/CHANNEL-UAYGZ motherboard. All works well except there's no video signal until the Windows XP boots up and loads the driver. This means I can't see the Bios setup or dual boot screen on startup. It works fine with the built in video on the motherboard but I'd like to use the dedicated video card. Has anyone had this problem and suggestions to work around it.
Thanks, Don Black.Click to expand...

This usually happens with HDMI, are you using HDMI?
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Hi there I m looking to try and get my old Dell Dimension up to minimum spec to run Skyrim I don t want to spend too much so I ve done some googling and the EVGA Geforce GT looks like a good bet for on dabs I can GT for enough GeForce 430 Skyrim? good t post a link to it but it s the EVGA GeForce GT MHz GB PCI-Express HDMI According to systemrequirementslab com it s only the graphics card I need - ram etc is OK so my query is will this card be suitable for my PC I believe I have a PCI-Express GeForce GT 430 good enough for Skyrim? slot currently running a Ge Force and the power supply is W minimum recommended for the card is W Is there anything else I should be thinking about - I m worried the PC is a bit long in the tooth and I may have overlooked something Feel free to recommend a different card if you think I ought to be looking at something else Cheers Bob PS Whoops - just read the sticky CPU-Z says I have Intel Pentium Core speed around mhz Mainboard - Del W Ram - gb PCI-Express x Does this help nbsp

A:GeForce GT 430 good enough for Skyrim?

Expect to play on lowest details with low fps, around 20ish fps in heavy areas.

What resolution will you be playing at?
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I have tried to increase the amount of memory my computer has but am running into some issues. It says I can use 1066/800/667/533/400 for which there are 4 slots each of which have a led light next to them. They light up in either green for good or red for not so good. Anyway I have a total of 3 2gb memory cards (PC5400) but I always seem to get a red light on which ever one I put in the third slot.... I want to get the maximum usage out of my pc but would like to fix this problem. Any clues?

XFX GeForce 8200 AMD SOCKET 940
Galaxy GT430 1gb GPX Card
AMD Athlon 64 X2 5800+ 3.0 ghz.
4gb (At the moment) pc-5400 2gb x2

A:XFX GeForce 8200 AMD socket 940 memory

As XFX has a really annoying system for hiding whatever minimal amount of info they have for this board of yours, it is hard to give you too much help.

The general specs for the GF 8200 chipset allow for easily 6 GB of RAM. If I interpret your question correctly, you are having trouble with the 3rd slot only and not the others. If so, don't use the troublesome slot and use the 4th slot. If that doesn't work either, your board is probably starting to fail, but then again, your board is probably starting to fail. It may well be time to move away from an AM2+ board to an AM3 or AM3+. You may also have to change your CPU and/or RAM but then again you may well still be able to get a compatible board such as this:

Prices are not very high and will probably only be available for the next 6 months or so as all these boards have been phased out by their makers. This is the not-so-bad news. The good news is that you will be able to use all your other parts with them.
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Hi everyone on Asus MX440 4 GeForce P4B-LA I have an HP Pavilion GHz Pentium MB RAM GB HDD which according to HP has the following motherboard ASUS P B-LA Amazon Pictures seem to visually confirm what I have inside my case I want to replace the default MB TNT AGP card with the following Gforce MX MB x x AGP card At least that s GeForce 4 MX440 on Asus P4B-LA how it was advertised x x The trouble however is this Everything works fine when the TNT is in the AGP slot When I replace it with the Geforce the computer gives me beeping noises on startup and gives me a blank screen It won t even display the BIOS POST and the monitor s LED flashes as if it isn t even receiving a signal When I put the TNT back in all is well I know it s not the Geforce as it works fine on another machine The motherboard doesn t have on-board video so there s no way for me to troubleshoot this Does anyone know what s going on Help nbsp

A:GeForce 4 MX440 on Asus P4B-LA

Did you download and install the latest BIOS?

Aside from that there are only two things I can think of.
1. The new card draws too much power for your PSU to run.
2. The card is not "playing nice" with your older motherboard. The TNT2 is a 2x/4x card where as the MX440 is a 4x/8x card. In theory your motherboard should work with the mx440 if the listed specs are correct since it has 4x support, some older motherboards have issues with 4x/8x cards.
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Hey all I am trying to play BF on my laptop Dell Latitude E that I got last year from my college but my graphics card does not meet the minimum requirements for the game I have been looking online and I found a pretty solid graphics card that will allow BF to run but the only PCI Galaxy graphics a e6400? GTX card work Express Will 550 Latitude on a GeForce Ti issue is concerning whether or not the graphics card and my laptop are compatible The graphics card is a Galaxy GeForce GTX Ti GB PCI Express I found it online at BestBuy com I can t post the link because this is my first posting on the forum for I used software called Everest to get some info about my laptop My current graphics card is a NVIDIA Quadro NVS M The bus type is PCI Express x CPU Type is Mobile DualCore Will a Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti PCI Express graphics card work on a Latitude e6400? Intel Core Duo P MHz x Will a Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti PCI Express graphics card work on a Latitude e6400? Is there anything else that would be Will a Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti PCI Express graphics card work on a Latitude e6400? good to know to tell whether or not this graphics card will work Thanks in advance for all the help -RG nbsp

A:Will a Galaxy GeForce GTX 550 Ti PCI Express graphics card work on a Latitude e6400?

If the laptop has a removable graphics card, you might be able to upgrade it. Don't confuse desktop graphics cards with laptop video graphics. The video devices are very different, and most laptops do not have video cards, they have integrated video chips on the motherboard...
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I recently purchased a EVGA 01G-P3-1335-KR GeForce GT 430 (Fermi) 1GB 64-bit DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card ( and I don't understand why it isn't working. I'm concerned it's defective but it's probably just as likely I'm overlooking something. I'm trying to put it in an older PC - an eMachines T3304. Here are the specs for the motherboard ( I have also upgraded to 1.5 GB of RAM and to a CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 V2 430W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply. When I turn on the PC the fan on the video card doesn't even spin... Is there something I'm missing here?

A:Can't get my GeForce GT 430 to work

sounds like the video card is dead, going here for EVGA's Advanced RMA - Cross-Ship program
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I know That hp compaq D530 is an old pc but thats why im trying to upgrade it i had this GeForce FX 5200 (3D) video card in another pc which had Linux on it so i took the video card and inserted it on my hp compaq as soon as my pc starts up the information of the GeForce video card comes up my computer continues to start up windows 7 loads but i noticed that my new video card didn't get detected and installed automaticly i've done lots of things but windows wont see my new video Card help plz?

A:HP Compaq D530 Windows 7 won't see new video card: GeForce FX 5200

Try cleaning the Video card contacts with a gum eraser and reseat. Change your BIOS to use your Video card and not the on-board.
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I've a Dell Dimension e310, which I've previously upgraded memory to 2GB. Has two HD's(not sure if that means it's dual-core??). My integrated video/audio isn't enough for using audio production software nor for my need to work with dual-monitors. I've acquired another PC that's got a NVIDIA Geforce 6200 TurboCache, using a PCIe x 16. My this card gonna' work? I've tried finding out whether my PCI slots support it, can't figure it out. I've gotten the info that my system does have one PCIexpress, but don't know what this "x16" thingy means for me?

A:Can I add an Nvidia GeForce PCIe to my Dell Dimension e310?

Hi, according to this Cnet Review the Dell Dimension e310 has no possibility to upgrade the graphics card.

The bad: FireWire ports aren't standard; system lacks graphics-card expansion slot.Click to expand...

At the bottom a user has commented:

Cons: No PCI-e x16 slot for a killer video card -- BUT -- I didn't make sure it had one when I ordered it, so I got just what I paid for , which is a PCI-e X1 slot. That PCI-e X1 slot is now holding an excellent ASUS Xonar D2X Audio Card.Click to expand...
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A friend of mine has this pc;rnav

Dell Dimension 4700 Series Desktop/PC

He was debating on buying 4 x 1GB RAM and/or the Geforce 8600 GTX to get some more performance out of his PC for gaming.

Would you recommend something differ then the RAM upgrade with the card or is that the best choice?

He only has $100

A:Have $100 to upgrade. RAM or GeForce 8600 GTX?

If he has only 512 MB ram I think more ram would be the best choice. Even though a better GPU also could be necessary the low amount of RAM would be a bottleneck anyways.
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I have a GeForeve 9800GT from a friend and I would like to know if it will be compatible with my MSI 785GM-E51 motherboard.

Thanks in advance
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This is unbelievable !!
A friend saved all his money to get a brand new game pc.
Finaly he went to the shop and asked for an extreme gaming pc.
The shop suggested to take a Gigabyte mobo with GTX570 SLI.
he waited for a month, then they finaly called him to say the mobo is not good.
So in the beginning of this week they suggest to take ASUS 1366P6X58D Premium, he agreed and today new phone call....
"I 'm very sorry but one of your GTX570 caught fire, we suggest you to pick up your pc and play with 1 GTX570.

This is not normal right? Anybody had same problem?
What should he do, just accept this?
The pc was over 2000 euro.

A:GeForce GTX 570 caught fire

Why the hell are you posting?
Sounds like "your friend" needs legal advice. Maybe you should have friend post in the "Belgian Consumer Law" section.
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Hello i want to know if i can play Medal of honor without lag online

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q8400 @ 2.66GHz
3.5 GB Really 4 but on vista
GeForce 8400 GS
Btw on systemrequirementslab it says my video ram is 2.0gigs

on systemrequirementslab it says i cant play but i played in the beta perfectly
and i can play call of duty black ops on low no lag even though my vid card doesnt reach the reqirements

i dont mind playing the lowest possible graphics

A:Can I play Medal of Honor 2010 with GeForce 8400 GS?

You must be running Vista 32-bit. You need a 64-bit operating system to "see" 4GB or more of system RAM. With playing on-line games, your Internet speed is more important than your hardware. What type of Internet access do you have, DSL, Cable?
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Video Card Nvidia GS GB Games crashing 8800 with GS GeForce RAM MSI Motherboard has been working like this perfectly for years now About a month ago I would try to play a game that I had been playing for Games crashing with GeForce 8800 GS months already but tit would just crash on the loading screen I ran DXDiag and tried Direct D At first it would freeze at Direct test Then it would freeze at the Direct test So later on this problem would persist with avi s Games crashing with GeForce 8800 GS youtube videos but not MPEGs really didn t help my current video editing problem but that s another story Today I had the time to try to find out the problem I changed the hardware acceleration Games crashing with GeForce 8800 GS all the way down and uncechked the little box under it I would get an Nvidia message saying that I need to have it at full After restarts I just disabled the Video Card This made the computer switch to use the Integrated Graphics I then downloaded the drivers for my graphics card installed and restarted I couldn t find out where to switch back to the Video Card instead of the integrated graphics So all I did was disable the Integrated graphics from the desktop restarted and got no video but I woul d get audio I tried running the BIOS and selecting the PCI-E save and quit but still black screen I then tried to switch to the integrated graphics still a black screen So then I removed the grpahics card re-attached the monitor to the integrated graphics instead still no luck Black screen again Then I popped in the video card plugged monitor to video card no luck again Even did the BIOS things again Black Screen after Windows XP loading sign Any solutions This is pretty urgent nbsp

A:Games crashing with GeForce 8800 GS

Press F8 like a mad man when splash screen comes up. You will get a list of options including safe mode. Select the option that says "enable low resolution" once windows loads, select the proper resolution.

Hope it works!
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i purchased Zotac NVIDIA GeForce 210 ZT-20301-10L 512MB DDR2, and it is not working on my system. i see distorted image on screen, text is unreadable. it is not a driver issue since i cant even see the bios screen correctly. it is detected correctly on windows 7. the fan is spinning and i also disabled my onboard graphics. it is a HP PC model SG3510IL, motherboard is ECS Iris 8, AMD Athlon 64, 2 GB RAM. I have 19'' LCD connected using VGA cable.

here is the homepage for my PC (

i searched and found this page, it shows many corrupted screen - ( my problem was similar to the 'Bus artifacts' he described.

any suggestion why it is not working, or should i get a refund. <_<


A:Zotac GeForce 210 doesn't work

Try the monitor on another computer before you return the video card
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Hey, I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card, unfortunately while I know that better ram and clock speed will boost performance, I'm having trouble putting that to physical cards to put together upgrade options.

I much prefer Nvidia and would prefer to stick with them, my budget would be around £60-£80, can anyone suggest me an upgrade? reasons why would also be a massive help, thanks a lot

A:An upgrade to my Nvidia GeForce 8600GT?

Oh, it needs to have 2 monitor ports, currently mine are both DVI, other than that, I don't need any other ports, hdmi or anything, just the monitors
Relevancy 26.66%

Ok so I have the NVIDIA GeForce GT and it seems to being some werid things like not being able handle Dragon age on direct and things like that even though I can play other games Also my monitor has been going idle while gaming and the only way to get out is to turn the computer Suggestions upgrade GT Nvidia 230. Very detailed! GeForce for from off Money range is - and I only have one pci x slot Basically I just want to know what series are compadable with my system for example Can I use ANY series Suggestions for upgrade from Nvidia GeForce GT 230. Very detailed! Can I upgrade to the series Thankyou techGuru s So here are my specs Operating System MS Windows Home Premium -bit CPU Intel Core i GHz C Lynnfield nm Technology RAM GB Dual-Channel DDR MHz - - - Motherboard MSI Indio CPU Graphics HF x Hz NVIDIA GeForce GT Hard Drives GB Seagate ST AS RAID C Optical Drives MagicISO Virtual DVD-ROM hp CDDVDW TS-H R Audio Realtek Suggestions for upgrade from Nvidia GeForce GT 230. Very detailed! High Definition Audio And I have a x monitor nbsp

A:Suggestions for upgrade from Nvidia GeForce GT 230. Very detailed!

i would think that a 6850 or 6870 would be a great investment and there both under the $240 range and yes they should work fine in your computer as long as your power supply is up to the task.
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A:Nvidia GeForce GT 220

It will play modern games at low resolutions without AA. The Radeon 4650 is a small step up. You might try looking for a used 8800gt. I just picked up another 4870 for $55 and a 9600gso for $35 on some other forums.
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hi guys, i am having a trouble upgrading one of my customers video card,
he has a nvidia 8400 before, and when we tried to upgrade from 8400 to 8700 the video wont work, thats why i recommended to change the video card to radeon ati. will that replacement work? havent yet tried to install the ati, we will be doing it on tuesday, hope nothing wrong will happen

A:Upgrading from GeForce 8400GT to Radeon HD 4650

There is no particular reason the Radeon card shouldn't work provided everything else is working and up to the task. You should uninstall the old Nvidia drivers, of course.
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im looking for 4 tiny black screws for this card that go on the back plate, one screw where the cooler has a spring attached to it is,that holds the cooler on anyone know where you might be able to get some and thanks in advance

A:Backplate screws for PNY GeForce GTX 480

Let me guess, you took the cooler off to put decent Thermal compound on , and the kids found the screws?
anywho, a couple ideas. Go to your local hardware store with GPU in hand and go down the screw and bolt ect isle (the one with all them drawers) in the machine screw section, you should find some that will work. next if you live anywhere by a Micro center, they have a good section with DIY hardware and screws.
Next, check out accessory section. you can call them, if they don't have them, they will be able to order them, or aim you in the right direction...tell'em Greg sent ya (kidding)
You can try these guys...I have yet to stump them (and I order some esoteric pieces)

Hope one of them helps.
Relevancy 23.65%

My old video card (Nvidia GeForce 8500) overheated and stopped working. I ended up buying the Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+. I just got it this morning and installed it. I think I have everything plugged in correctly, but I am not 100% sure. When I tried booting my computer up all the fans were working, but my computer didn't start up. On my monitor it said "No input signal." I've been trying to fix this for the past few hours now and I've exhausted all possible options. Can someone please help me? I have a HP m8000, I can try and find any specifications if needed. Thanks for your guys help!

A:"No input" after installing Nvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+

Ensure that you have plugged in the 6 Pin PCI-E power connector to the card.
Relevancy 27.95%

can anyone recommend for desktop

A:GeForce GTX 480 or GeForce GTX 570?

If the choice is between the GTX 480 and the GTX 570 I'd opt for the GTX570. The cards are very similar in performance but the GTX 570 uses considerably less power.
Relevancy 27.09%

Hi GT display 8500 issue GeForce I recently got an Inno D Geforce GeForce 8500 GT display issue GT MB card I removed my old ATi X using the clean install method installed the GT under safe mode and rebooted All seems to be well Just recently there have been five bars of what I can only describe as static dropping down from the top of the screen You don t GeForce 8500 GT display issue always notice them but when I play back video or there is some light colour being used on the whole screen there they are Have rolled back the drivers to several previous versions but this doesn t seem to help The D capability is unaffected and everything seems to run as it should but those static bars are always there Does this mean the card is a dud or can it be fixed in some relativly simple way Dell Dimension Windows XP Home SP Geforce GT GB DDR GB Hard Drive Intel Pentium Ghz Sound Blaster X-Fi PSU W nbsp

A:GeForce 8500 GT display issue

I have a few thought on this but not a fault I have seen before.

First I would remove all cards and mamory and clean the contacts with a soft rubber (up and down the contacts not from end to end) then refit them all, see if there is an improvement.

Try another known good screen.

Try running with just one memory module installed then swap them around to test each one, you might find that one of the modules produces the fault.

If none of the above isolates the problem then it probably is the graphics card.
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I have an HP Pavilion Media Center a n ram Athlon X W GHz Win xp bit media center edition The video card that came with it was Nvidia GeForce LE I put an Nvidia Geforce GTS mb Gddr in it When I bought it way back when I used it for gaming and such Now the computer is just used for work I have monitors hooked up to it for dual view It has dvi inputs so each monitor was hooked up to each input The Geforce GTS just died on me So it is now using the original GeForce LE and using just monitor in the original vga input I want to still use monitors on it using dual view Can I just buy a vga splitter and hook monitors to it while using that original GeForce LE Or will that be too much for it Would I be better off buying another LE view 2 6150 dual monitors on with GeForce Geforce GTS mb or similar Keep in mind that I only use it for web development design work Not gaming nbsp

A:2 monitors with dual view on GeForce 6150 LE

It should work. At work some workstations used a vga splitter with the onboard graphics. Each monitor showed half of a wide angle view. The cursor moved from one to the other by moving the mouse normally. You could open two applications and place one on each monitor.
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I was just curious if the was good card for a low end system? I really only play CS 1.6 and use the net to look up football and movies!! i got 50 dollar gift certifacate to best buy so i thought i would get this video card!!!

1.9ghz athlon xp
1.5 gigs of ram
A-bit nf7 mother board
audigy soundblaster
pny Geforce 256mb video card
500 watt power supply
Windows xp sp3
160 gig WD 7200rpm
40 gig 7200 rpm

That is what im runnning!! I kidna wonder if the 2 gigs of ram im using is making the 256 meg video card lock up my computer!! Not really sure what the deal is though lol!!

A:Evga GeForce 6200 512MB video card

I personally think you'd be better off getting a Geforce 8400GS, or ATi HD4350, or Geforce 210GT for that kind of money. I've no idea which is better of the three, but they're all under 50 bucks.

I would have recommended the HD4670 if it wasn't over 100 bucks, which is shocking given the price I paid for it here in the UK a year ago!
Relevancy 27.52%

Forgive me if this is a stupid question.

I own an:

Alienware M15x
i5 M430 CPU
GeForce GT240m

There are no issues with crashing just or frame rate issues with the games I play. I just recently downloaded the Nvidia Temp Gadget and it reads 111°F while playing World of Warcraft. Is 111°F considered hot? Nvidia's website does not say under the specs for gt240m. What is the maximum allowed temperature for this chip?

A:GeForce GT240m

After some research on a different forum which I will most likely be using from now on. I found that GT240m is not uncommon to run at my temperatures. So I guess I should not worry. I have still yet to find out the answer to what is considered "dangerous" temperatures.
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just installed an Asus M4A88TD. it has quite impressive (to me at least) on board graphics - ATI Radeon HD 4250 with 128MB DDR3 1333 memory.

this is a budget-limited upgrade, so would i be better off with this graphics set up, or with my old card, an NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT? (until i get a new card)

my main use is for 3d modelling - the on board graphics works well so far

A:ATI Radeon HD 4250 vs Nvidia GeForce 7300GT

any thoughts on this?
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My hp pavilion a6230n its beeping

A:Will my new GeForce 9600GT work?

Did you plug in the external 6 pin PCI-E power connector?
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Recently upgraded. Want to sell my old card. What can I charge these days for a used 8600GT? Still works awesome.

A:What can I expect for a used GeForce 8600GT?

Well ... keep in mind that eBay auctions generally go up considerably in price during the last hour of bidding. lol
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A:GeForce GT 220 1GB or Radeon HD 4670 1GB


Umm, let me see, both cards excel at mediocrity. I'm going to speculate that since the GT-240 is often on sale in the price range of either of these cards, you should buy one of those instead.

Take for example this EVGA; Forty bucks after MIR.
Relevancy 27.09%

I got it Wednesday via USPS, and finally found some time to install it in a friend's computer to make sure it works. I'll probably leave it in there since I use his computer often enough for gaming. Have some pictures:

I left the SLI Bracket on even though I can't SLI with his other card (he has two GTX9800+'s) so he doesn't lose it. I also should have charged for cleaning his computer, it was god awful.

Yes, it does play Crysis, at least as well as it did with the two older cards in SLI.

Once again, thank you Techspot for the card.

A:Finally installed my GeForce GTS 450, thanks Techspot!

Grats madboyv1! Still waiting on mine, but at least you got yours! Again grats!
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i just bought left for dead and i was woundering if a BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 PCI Graphics Card will run left for dead.

A:Can the GeForce 8400GS handle Left 4 Dead?

It appears it is good enough:
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Yesterday my Dell XPS Gen laptop from back in started getting some terrible display artifacts They are there as soon as the computer comes on at BIOS but only when the screen is trying to display something i e Not when the screen is on but nothing to display There is a variety of different artifacts and I m not sure what to call of them Here are the ones I ve noticed shifting of single-pixel small vertical sections e g I bad Ultra 6800 Nvidia Confirm GeForce a can see part of my mouse move on the left side of the screen when the mouse is on the right side blinking smiley faces and accented e s complete disarray of colors screen blackouts artifacts accumulate in moving windows Along with these I ve been getting some BSODs The stop codes I can recall are E and EA The BSOD pops up when I try to boot normally but not when I boot in Safe Mode The artifacts are still there in safe mode I ve run a few diagnostics that I know to do such as Dell s diagnostic utilities from the F or F bootup menu and Memtest Memtest is still running but I ve gotten passes with it The dell diagnostics give me several errors I don t know if anyone here knows how the Dell errors translate but here are ones I ve gotten - Detected a failure while writing and reading virtual memory Video mode h x x Address B h expected to read h but read FFFFFFFFFh instead I get many many variations of this error F A or - Block Uncorrectale Data error or media is write protected I also get variations on this Confirm a bad Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra one I ve done the simple virus scans and chkdsk r but I m pretty confident there s something more With my limited knowledge of computer hardware the only thing I can think of is a bad video card If you can propose any quick tests other than using other cards which I dont have access to to Confirm a bad Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra confirm this or can point to something else please help me out This computer is no longer worth getting repaired if the fix isn t simple and very low cost In case it s useful some other specs Windows XP SP Video Card is NVIDIA GeForce Ultra Gb RAM Ghz Processor I think Thanks nbsp

A:Confirm a bad Nvidia GeForce 6800 Ultra

1. deleted to avoid further confusing the issue -
sorry... failed to note that it was laptop. Must be overtired.

2. You can you boot to safe mode?
If so, this should allow you to function with basic video drivers, and you may not have the artifacting.
Not a solution, but it will allow you to do some work with your system, perhaps to deal with bad drivers... or at least to backup your data.
Try changing resolution, and color settings (display modes) to see if you can "relieve" the issue to do basic work.

3. Check the use of Driver Sweeper.
This will help you to fully eliminate bad graphics drivers if they are at fault.

Perhaps Route44 will notice this thread an offer his thoughts too.
Also there is a video memory stress test. I will see if I can find the link and add it to this post.

Here is Freestone's benchmarking tool
Here is Furmark.
Furmark is recommended by Jonathan King, one of our BSOD team now.
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The title states it all:
Is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 worth getting or rather the GTX 480?

I mean the price of the GTX 580 is a bit higher, but again it is better.
So is it worth getting, or should I go with the GTX 480 or maybe even the GTX 470.

Hoping for answers soon,

A:Is the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 worth getting or rather the GTX 480?

Kind of depends what you have to pay for them.
At the moment the GTX 580 commands a premium because its 1. New, and 2. Has the title "Fastest GPU". Waiting until this card has competition in the marketplace (again, single GPU/card) in the form of AMD's HD 6970/6950 should result in a lower price -which in turn will translate into lower prices for the GTX 480, and also offer an alternative to the nvidia card if the performance level is similar (which should be the case).
The principle reasons for going with the GTX 580 over the GTX 480 or 470 would be the decreased noise and heat output due to a more efficient GPU and cooler design. If noise and heat aren't a concern - or you plan to use a waterblock- then the one metric that makes sense is whether the 10-20% performance decrease in the GTX 480 (for example) is matched by a 10-20% decrease in cost.
Bear in mind that the GTX 570 (basically a cooler, quieter GTX 480) is due for release fairly soon. This will also impact pricing on the existing (but soon to EOL'ed) GTX 480/470.

My personal advice would be to wait until the GTX 570, HD 6970 and HD 6950 make their appearances. You'll have a wider choice, better pricing, and at least another very fast card to take into consideration.
If your scope is not limited to one card then Crossfired HD 6870's will give better (for the most part) performance at a lower price with comparable power usage.
Relevancy 34.83%

I have both of these cards laying around and am trying to decide which to run in my PC. The 7900 is a little older so I'm having trouble finding a direct comparison between the two. Does anyone know which is a better card?

A:GeForce 7900 GT OC vs. GeForce 250 GTS

The GTS 250 is essentially a rebadged 9800GTX+. It offers significantly better performance than the 7900GT.
Here's Tom's graphics card hierachy chart to give you an illustration of where these cards lie.
For a more direct comparison of relative framerate, choose the benchmark from the list. Both the 7900GT and 9800GTX+ (GTS 250) are represented.
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Hi guys
I recently purchased a new PC from HP that came with an ATI Radeon 5570 installed. I don't like this card, and I have an older PC with a GeForce 7900 GT OC in it. Would it be possible to do a clean swap-out with these two cards? Do i need to download the GeForce drivers onto the PC first? I'm a newb and have never switched video cards out before so I don't really know where to begin. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Switching from ATI Radeon 5570 to GeForce 7900 GT OC

First you need to uninstall the ATI drivers and software, then you can shut down the computer and replace the ATI Radeon 5570 with the GeForce 7900 GT. Turn on the computer once you have it back together and get into windows. From there go to NVIDIA Driver Downloads to download and install the right drivers for your OS. After that you should have to reboot the computer and then your done.
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Hello all I recently tried to play the game Champions Online for the PC and found out that my video card was preventing me from doing so My Current video card is Nvidia 6150SE video my GeForce Upgrading Nvidia card from GeForce SE nForce I don t want to play Hard core games for my PC just this one mainly The Reqs for the game are Minimum OS Windows XP SP Windows Vista Windows CPU GHz Single Core or GHz Dual Core Memory GB RAM Video NVIDIA GeForce ATI Radeon X or HD Intel GMA Sound DirectX c Compatible Soundcard DirectX Version c or Higher HDD GB Free Disk Space Network Broadband Required Disc X DVD-ROM My Computer Upgrading my video card from Nvidia GeForce 6150SE is a Compaq cq F PC and was wondering what kind of video card would be compatible for it I don t plan on becoming a hard core gamer I just want to play this game I also play a game known as Anarchy online and with a bigger video card i ll have to replace my Power supply it s W right now I have a fairly limited knowledge on the inside Upgrading my video card from Nvidia GeForce 6150SE of computers but any other information you need i ll try my best to give to you Thanks in advance for your help I have also attached a DxDiag to help further nbsp

A:Upgrading my video card from Nvidia GeForce 6150SE

if you were to follow the game's minimum requirements i would recommend at least a 400w PSU, but it depends on the power supply itself as they are all different. if the card needs auxiliary power then it will most likely tax the PSU too much if you have a lot of other components, but you could always try. the radeon X700 isn't a very demanding card so i wouldn't be surprised if it worked fine with the unit you have. on the other hand, 400-500w power supplies are cheap nowadays and it can only benefit your system if you choose to invest in one, but it's your call. just because you don't need high end stuff doesn't mean a beefier PSU is a bad idea
Relevancy 26.66%

I have just installed the above Graphics card into my custom made system, whenever I ty to play a game, the computer shuts down as if someone has pulled the plug, I have a 500W powersupply in it so wouldnt think it was that.

can anyone help me with this issue? should the power supply have a supplimental powersupply direct to the card or am i overlooking something simple?

thanks for your help

A:Just installed GeForce 8600GT, PC shuts off when gaming

Just saying you have a 500W power supply isn't enough information. What brand and model is it?

The card should only have a supplemental power connection if it has a connector for it. I don't think it does.
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Hi guys,

I am trying to connect our desktop with GeForce 9500 GT video card to our Sony Bravia TV through an HDMI-to-DVI cord and i have not been successful yet. Please help! I am not a very techie person...

No video is appearing.

Thanks a lot.

A:GeForce 9500GT to Sony Bravia

Check the settings in the Nvidia Control Panel located in the Windows Control Panel for HDMI/DVI Out
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Hello, everyone. I've encountered a problem, that's been occurring to me for the past year. Whenever i switch to 9400gt from my integrated graphics card and start the computer, the monitor sometimes just wouldn't detect my graphics card. I have to restart and restart countless times, until my monitor picks up the signal.
So far, my only guess is that my power supply (CODEGEN 400w) can't handle it. I'm on my integrated video card right now, which is Geforce 7050pv.

PC specs:
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 2.99ghz
4gb RAM
Motherboard: ALiveNF7G-HDready.

I would really appreciate the help.

A:XFX Geforce 9400GT conflicts with my monitor

Ok, I no longer think the PSU is the cause of all this. I tried putting the card into my sister's pc, which had a 350w PSU and it worked like a charm. Her rig is basically like mine only with less ram and a weaker processor.
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So last Friday Nvidia when response K8S-MX GeForce Asus in plug motherboard card I GT my no 7300 my computers Hard drive died i replaced it the same day however my Geforce gt graphics card was not working while reformatting the new drive I later found out that i Asus K8S-MX motherboard no response when I plug in my GeForce 7300 GT Nvidia card needed to unplug the Graphics card form my computer so i did so I turned off my computer unplugged the power cord form power system changed the switch form - to O to make sure no more power was coming in and made sure i was grounded unplugged the card form my computer soon Asus K8S-MX motherboard no response when I plug in my GeForce 7300 GT Nvidia card after the on board card started to respond and i was successfully able to format and install windows XP to my hard drive After doing so i quickly installed all my drivers necessary for Asus K8S-MX motherboard no response when I plug in my GeForce 7300 GT Nvidia card the my computer However it has been a while and what i believe was my AGP diver was not needed this time around for the update Which is weird because if i remember correctly a year ago when i had to reformat last i had to install the diver Anyways I then wanted to start using my old graphics card again so i repeated the process above turning off the computer making use all the power cords were off and unplugged and plugged my graphics card back in and into the appropriate AGP slot It my monitor became unresponsive to the graphics card yes the connector to the graphics card is working fine and was plugged into the graphics card not the on broad one So i had no other choice but to turn off my computer and take out the card again the same way i had done before hand I started searching Google for answers came here with a few other post form people with similar problems and a few other sites I came to the conclusion that my computer was having a problem with the two conflicting graphics device running at the same time and believed the answer was to turn off the on board graphics card in my bios settings So without looking at the manual bad move i know i know i changed the settings from AGP Int VGA to AGP PCI and plugged in my graphics card after turning it off and making sure the changes were saved to my bios However this did nothing but allow me to not be able to use my on board graphics card and make my monitor responsive to the AGP card basically no changed occurred but i was unable to view the bios or anything else for that matter due to the change in settings The next thing i did was look up the manual on an other computer and reset my mother board via it s jumpers This was successful and i was able to see view the bios and windows once again I went into the bios and I changed the values to the appropriate value that the manual instructed me to This lead us to hear I am not sure if the AGP slot on my mother board is damaged or lacking of fivers or if the battery in the mother board is dead There evidence of any damage due to frying of any kind to the mother board or my graphics card Other information The motherboard is a ASUS K S-MX Motherboard stated in title The bios settings i have to chose from if you wondering if its on the wrong setting are Internal VGA AGP Int-VGA currently set to this AGP PCI PCI AGP PCI Int-VGA Graphics card is a NVIDIA Geforce GT BFG Any other information just post what you need to know and i will try tracking it down for you I would just like to know your guys options on what i should do to get this graphics card to work on my computer again I mean it was working just fine on thursday the spet So yeah Thanks for all your time and thoughts Remember no wrong answers until my computer explodes grinthumb nbsp

A:Asus K8S-MX motherboard no response when I plug in my GeForce 7300 GT Nvidia card

I see no one has any idea's yet. As an Update i have been looking through the Manual some more and have not found anything new. . .
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mobo: foxconn h-rs880 uatx with 1 PCIe (x16 graphics), and 3 PCIe (x1).
processor: AMD Athlon(TM) II 245 dual-core processor [2.9GHz, 2MB L2, up to 4000MHz bus]
ram: 4GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [2 DIMMs]
power supply: 300 watts

1st question: with the 9800 gt, can this computer run games like crysis at medium-high settings with a decent res and no AA?
2nd question: i know i need a new power supply, but this HP guy i talked to said that my mobo can't handle power supplies exceeding 300 watts. is this guy wrong?

A:GeForce 9800GT

1st question: with the 9800 gt, can this computer run games like crysis at medium-high settings with a decent res and no AA?Click to expand...

Yes...over 45 fps on most levels depending on your definition of decent and

What didn't believe me? No need to make more threads, posting/editing your original post will do.
It's only been about an hour, more intelligent people than I will come along soon enough.
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Hey every one I have a Video card problem I hope you can help with.....
I have a Pentium (R) Dual-Core
[email protected]
2.50 Ghz,3.00Gb Ram
On Win XP with SP3

Everytime I try to download a driver for my Geforce 9800 GTX plus I get the same error message from many sites......(The NVIDIA set up program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware.Set up will now exit) I do have the yellow question marks in the device manager..It say's (The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver..............Drivers will not install.........

I know this Video card works because I just took it out of my old AMD system.....Any input would be great.Thank's

I thought I should add the MB is a ASUS P5GC-MX/1333
Socket 775
I think the problem lies with the Boards Realtech drivers

A:GeForce 9800 GTX plus/driver fail

I got it working...It was a bad Mother board driver...It just couldn't see the Video card installed.
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Im buying a Gtx 460 for my new setup and wanted to know how good it really is I looked at a later Nvidia GTX 295 and it had some higher stats than the GTX but its an older GPU, sorry for sounding like a beginner but I want to make the right choice.
I getting one with Just cause 2 and Crysis, I used systemlab can you run it to see If I could at the moment, I have a very old Nvidia Geforce 6800 which runs the games at minimum. Thanks.

A:How good is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 460

GTX 460 is one of the best choices for mid-range graphics at the moment... a very good buy imo

if you have a little extra cash, you may want to look into the Radeon HD5850
Relevancy 26.66%

Hey guys I had to reformat my computer and after re-installing windows vista same as I 6600GT Screen problem resolution - GeForce was using before and getting Screen resolution problem - GeForce 6600GT several nvidia drivers ranging from Screen resolution problem - GeForce 6600GT the newest which caused my computer to not recognize the video card to others The problem is that I cannot get my monitor to display x resolution properly I used this resolution previously because it gives a larger image and clarity without the tiny eye straining of the etc For some reason none of the drivers I download will properly display the x resolution on my Screen resolution problem - GeForce 6600GT lcd monitor I can select the resolution in my display options and such but it is not displayed correctly This is for the geforce gt card on vista bit so if anybody knows what drivers I can try to solve the problem please let me know Also I tried popping my original driver disk that came with the card but it would not boot error for some reason lastly if it helps I have the gigabyte NX T D gt model I appreciate any help nbsp

A:Screen resolution problem - GeForce 6600GT

I would use the native resolution of the monitor, and then increase the font/icon size to one your happy with. I use 1680x1050 and it was small the very first time I used it, after about 10 mins my eyes were comfortably adjusted to it. I've always found my Viewsonic's work much better at their native resultion as well. They image is off, and slurry when viewed at a lower resolution - Its just not as crystal clear for some reason.

The drivers CD should be designed to work from within Windows. It shouldn't be used to physically boot the computer.

Even the latest Nvidia should support what your trying to do. Have you installed the driver for your current monitor as well?
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Hi, I just want to know which one is better? Geforce 8800 GTS or 9800 GT 1 gb.


A:Geforce 8800 GTS or 9800 GT 1GB

i would go for the 9800GT... GTX+ if possible
Relevancy 26.23%

I plan to upgrade my video card from geforce 9500GT to geforece GTS250.. my mother board model is gigabyte GA-M61PME-S2P..

A:Is the GeForce GTS250 compatible with a DDR2 board and PCIe slot?

Powersupply? Just making sure...