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Recovery failure. Cannot access Recovery Manager

Q: Recovery failure. Cannot access Recovery Manager

This is a last resort for me nbsp My PC failed and would no longer boot to Windows Just kept spinning while trying to load Manager Cannot failure. Recovery access Recovery nbsp At this point I decided to access Recovery Recovery failure. Cannot access Recovery Manager Manager to do a Systom Restore back to factory settings I know I should have created a restore point when upgrading to Windows but life lesson learned nbsp Either way my installation failed and I'm no longer able to access Recovery Manager I did my diligence and backed up Recovery failure. Cannot access Recovery Manager my files to USB but it's useless since there's no operating system nbsp I downloaded a copy of Windows and burned to a disk but when booting from CD Drive it doesn't prompt to install Windows just says it is preparing set up for first use then an error appears saying Windows could not complete installation To install windows on this computer restart the installation nbsp I tried using my CD key on the microsoft website to try and download a copy of windows but it wouldn't let me because it was a factory copy nbsp I'm at a complete loss right now can't find any help with this situation and paying someone to fix this isn't an option nbsp What am I missing here guys nbsp Any assistance would be appreciated

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Preferred Solution: Recovery failure. Cannot access Recovery Manager

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Recovery failure. Cannot access Recovery Manager

Hi @xxboramirxx I would suggest you try the troubleshooting steps given in the link below : I am an HP EmployeePlease click ?Accept as Solution? on the post that solves your issue to help others find the same solution.Click the ?Thumbs Up? to say ?Thanks? for helping!
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I will try to be as precise as possible and give as much info as I can but I'm not sure what info is inconsequential and what HP HP manager recovery get inability Recovery Pavilion to error and past isn't at HP Pavilion Recovery error and inability to get past HP recovery manager this point But here goes For weeks I have tried to outsmart whoever it is that has had complete remote access to my laptop but changing as many admin permissions and incoming outgoing connections that I could find to keep them out A couple of days ago I did a system HP Pavilion Recovery error and inability to get past HP recovery manager restore to factory settings thinking this would do it It didn't he was still there He locked me out of all admin tools yesterday I have a system recovery disc made about a year ago and put that in my CD drive tonight thinking I could completely reformat the drive and wipe him out However at start-up I pushed F and came up with a screen that said something about HP Pavilion Recovery error and inability to get past HP recovery manager running the disc from E drive I apologize for not be able to give you specific language but I never thought it would get this far with no progress However under the line showing the drive it was booting from there was another line that started quot DETECTHAL REDIRECT quot then went on to say something about quot redirect name quot and redirect path quot none of which sounded legit to me And considering that this intruder had created so many other fake error info msgs already I didn't want to take the chance of this being something else that he had stuck in there I backed out of that reboot and restarted I've subequently tried to restart over a dozen times from the CD but even in Safe Mode it reverts to the HP Recovery Manager Once there I go through the prompts to reformat but then get an error msg that says error x a If the problem persists contact HP quot I can't get past this error nor can I get any type of command promt to come up I tried starting in safe mode with command prompt and it reverted back to the recovery manager Once the error comes up and I click OK to close it my laptop restarts and I continue in the same endless cycle If I try to boot up without the recovery disc in the CD drive I get a black screen that says quot Operating system not found quot I am assuming then that my Windows Vista system recovery disc is not working although if I put it into another computer I can see the files on it and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong I have a backup disc that I made a couple of years ago when I had Norton installed but have not tried them Should I Also a friend suggested that I use the recovery discs for my PC with Windows just to get an operating system loaded if it will load automatically from the CD then go in and try to access the Vista recovery CD I wish there was a quick fix to all of this as its been a very long weeks trying to get this guy out of my laptop and frustrating because I've been so incredibly unsuccessful I know you ask for detailed system information but I'm not sure what more I can tell you Please let me know what you need and I will do my very best to answer Any help with this issue would be so so appreciated - beyond words at this point So thank you to whoever can help

A:HP Pavilion Recovery error and inability to get past HP recovery manager

It sounds to me like you have malware. I suggest running malwarebytes.
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If I abandon my efforts to install the latest Windows 10 update, would it be a feasible and a good choice for me to command HP Recovery Manager to make the "Minimized Image Recovery" to the factory condition of OS (Windows 7 Home Edition) with drivers and select software?  I have used HP Recovery Mgr to backup my files on an external hard drive.  Next question: How do I restore those files to my computer?  Should the restoration be done in Windows 7 or after I install Windows 10 on my computer?
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I am on Windows 10, and for the past couple months I have had booting/BSOD errors that usually give me "bad_system_config_info" and occasionally, "0xc000021a ". Sometimes, I have been able to boot in by accessing the UEFI settings, other times it seems like it just randomly decides to let me log in to my computer normally. When I am able to login, I check for viruses and I haven't found any, as well as run commands like "sfc/scannow", "chkdsk", or "bootsect".  I am trying to recreate recovery media via the HP Recovery Manager, but each time I insert the empty flashdrive, the Recovery Manager suddenly crashes. Please, any response to these combined issues would be greatly appreciated, I haven't been able to use this laptop regularly for months now.
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I am running windows 7 on my laptop. I has windows vista before the upgrade. I had recovery discs for windows vista created from the recovery manager. I tried to make discs for windows 7. I would like to know why it won't let me make a disc for windows 7 because if I had trouble and needed to put in the recovery discs I wouldn't want to use the ones i had for windows vista. what should i do? here are screenshots to show what happens when i try to create the discs for windows 7.

A:Problem w/ creating recovery disc in Recovery Manager

HP PC Recovery Disc Creator, is for your HP Vista only, not for UpGrade of Win 7.

Try this:

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
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Guys I cant complete succesfully my system recovery nbsp Here is an event-by-event detail I have a DV Pavilion nbsp - I Complete fails) (Recovery Problem Recovery Manager Recovery Recovery is complete message appears Once your system restarts and you finish the inital - I restart- CMD exe window appears- Software Installation HP window appears- It restarts black window with HP Logo then Microsoft Corporation windows starting - Please wait while Windows sets up your computer Black screen - Please wait WHile Windows Continues Recovery Manager Problem (Recovery fails) setting up your computer light blue screen - Restarts again- black screen mouse pointer windows logo appears start sound Welcome Screen appears Vista Home Premium - Windows setup window Windows is now setting up the following items Pre-PININST Check Preinstall Software InstallerPre-PININST Preinstall software Installer ndPost PININSTAC Power CheckingBurnBoot Recovery Manager Problem (Recovery fails) All this with a HP on the back screen with the grey completation bar -Takes long time to complete the second task Preinstall Software Installer - Restarts Recovery Manager Problem (Recovery fails) logging off shutting down - Black screen white pointer again- Windows Welcome screen againNow when it is in the Windows is now setting up the following items - Pre-PININST An Recovery Manager window appears saying that The recovery attempt has failed Please select one of the following buttons Details or RetryWhen I hit details it appears the following - ChkErrBB CMD Detect some error during PININST-BBV - ChKErrBB CMD Check C system sav logs BurnBootWarn logI hit retry and the DVD CD open and it restarted the machineAnd Again back to the Welcome to the Recovery Manager original screen nbsp nbsp How can I solve this Thanks Solved View Solution

A:Recovery Manager Problem (Recovery fails)

I found away past it. Just close the window with the "X". Don't hit retry or it will just keep starting over. The box will appear a few more times during the process, but just keep hitting X and it should go through. Worked for me! I'm not sure if there are features or files missing because of the errors, but the system seems to work fine so far.
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My laptop has become very slow, I reinstalled windows and installed original drivers from HP's website. But, my laptop is still very slow. So, I'm hinking about restoring my laptop to factory settings. I don't have HP Backup & Recovery manager or Recovery Partition or any disc that came with laptop. If there is any way I can restore my laptop to Factory Settings, Please inform . And If I need to download anyting please give the link with it. Thank You.

A:Don't have Recovery partition and Recovery Manager to Reset ...

Hi there @HPian_B,  Before I provide troubleshooting documentation, I would like to take a minute to welcome you to the HP Support Community, where you can ask questions, find solutions and get help from the community! I read that you would like to reset your HP Pavilion g6-2310ex Notebook PC to factory settings.  Please read the document called Backing Up Your Files. This will provide you with ways to back up the files you have on your Notebook. Here is a document for you to read called Creating Recovery Discs or Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive. I pulled some information from the document for you. The first thing I would like to make you aware of is that only DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R, or DVD+R DL discs are compatible with the Recovery Media Creation program. The following disc types are not compatible with the Recovery Media Creation program:CDsDVD-RWDVD+RWDVD-RW DLDVD+RW DLYou will then also see that in the document it says: The Recovery Media Creation software program allows  only one complete set of discs to be created.The Recovery Media Creation software program  requires an uncorrupted recovery partition (Recovery Image (D) to create a set of discs. Uncorrupted means the recovery partition has  not been modified or removed.The creation process takes about 30 minutes per DVD. The entire recovery set does not need to be created in one session.The Recovery Media Creation software can be aborted at any time, except during the writing (burning) process, by clicking  Cancel. The next time the Recovery Media Creation software program is run, it automatically starts where it last stopped.You can use the recovery discs you create on your computer on another computer only if the second computer is the same model as the one that created the recovery discs.Here is a document called Performing an HP system recovery (Windows 7) and another called Recover Windows 7 Operating System Using Microsoft Windows Backup and Restore. - This is used to Recover, Restore, or do a Clean Install of Windows 7.  Please make sure that you read these documents very carefully before you decided to reset to factory settings.  Thanks for being a part of the HP community. Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution". If you require further assistance let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help. Please also re-post with the exact error message you received. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos. Thanks!Have a great day
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My laptop came with Windows bit operating and there is a recovery partition to factory reset It was nbsp protected by the HP recovery manager After i update to Windows reset my PC not factory reset create manager media recovery recovery without with the option keep my files so now i have a Windows and i can create recovery media without recovery manager see nbsp in recovery partition nbsp one recovery folder and inside it one file of name lang in the Recovery partition rest of the files and i can't create recovery media without recovery manager see and there isn't any virus in my laptop its just create recovery media without recovery manager of changing settings i took the step of reset windows i believe my recovery partition is save but due to un availability of recovery manager it is not protected nbsp now i want to factory reset and by going to advance startup option i saw recovery manager ther but when i clicked to recovery manager it says can't open file x recovery hp rita-tool thats why i cannot proceed for factoey reset please guide me how can i get back recovery manager or how can i make recovery media nbsp please help nbsp
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I had deleted recovery partition because of boot mgr error. pre-installed OS: Windows 8.1 I have also ordered two sets of hp recovery disc but both shows same error (boot mgr) but yesterday I can't even open system recovery from hp recovery disc by press F11, even I try to change bios setting from secure boot to legacy boot but can't  open system recovery  What I do now?
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Hello nbsp I upgraded Recovery the HP to Using Manager Recovery delete Partition--... my notebook to Windows shortly after it was offered in August nbsp I also upgraded my main drive with a smaller SSD nbsp So now that the notebook's been running OK for almost a year I'd like to delete the recovery partition nbsp I only have a GB SSD so deleting that Recovery partition would give me almost more space on my C drive nbsp I tried using two different partition programs to do this-- both apps let me delete the partition D Recovery-- far right top but then neither will let me add the new space to the C drive nbsp There is small partition between the two and they will let me resize that partition but not the C partition nbsp nbsp I found that the HP Recovery Manager that's installed on my notebook has an option for deleting the partition Using HP Recovery Manager to delete the Recovery Partition--... but Using HP Recovery Manager to delete the Recovery Partition--... it doesn't say where it will put the new unallocated space but I didn't go all the way with it yet nbsp If I work through it the rest of the way will it give me the option of where to put the new unallocated space nbsp Or will it add it to the C drive automatically nbsp nbsp Below is a snapshot of the drives configuration the drive on TOP is the one in question nbsp

A:Using HP Recovery Manager to delete the Recovery Partition--...

Hi, I can see C: and D: do not sit next to each other therefore Windows Disk Manager may not like this. Please try: Note: you have to delete D: first. Regards.
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I removed some spyware and recovery from Manager not Recovery Gateway the does work viruses from my father-in-laws computer It works ok for a little bit but then I will get a BSOD with the STOP x e error I do not have the peripherals that originally were installed on the system as I only took the tower to work on and have my own mouse keyboard and monitor installed Would this cause the problem At any rate I want to use the Gateway Recovery Center to do a factory system restore When I open it up and chose the factory restore option it wants me to restart my computer I chose to restart but it doesn't do the restore I have also asked it before to do a scandisk check recovery from the Gateway Recovery Manager does not work on start up but it won't do that either I have the mini dump files from the BSOD messages but I am just wondering if I should go ahead and take it back to his house and hook up the normal monitor and such and see if I get the BSOD then It doesn't seem to have any particular triggers like now I have had it on and running just fine for about minutes just trying the things that I have tried before It is running Windows Update now as it hasn't had any updates since March of this year I did a System Restore and then used Spybot S D to remove what was there whatever it had at the time would cause the computer to go to a blank white screen after about seconds on the desktop at startup I was told that it had started with some FBI pop up that was asking them to send to them to unlock their system or such Spybot caught a trojan something like fakeporn and removed it Since then the computer will start up normally but then give me te BSOD after a while It will start in safemode and run ok Guide me OMG don't judge me

A:recovery from the Gateway Recovery Manager does not work

This might help: seems to often relate to drivers and 0x0000008e to RAM. If there is a virus still about then you could get confusing BSOD errors.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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Hello, I am trying to completely factory reset my pc but when I select Windows Recovery Environment in HP recovery manager, it just brings me to the login screen after it restarts my computer. I have tried factory resetting using windows but I get the message 'Could not find the recovery environment.'Is it possible for me to factory reset without having to spend any money, or will I have to order a disk from HP?
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.... but I didn't touch it.
My d:\ is not empty - it is almost 80% full but when i click on it there are no files. Tried - to the extent of my knowledge - to see if the files are hidden but didn't reach anywhere. Tried a restore point but that didnt work either. Please help

A:HP Recovery Manager says that my recovery partition has been removed

Recovery Manager has hiccups sometimes...
Try re-booting and entering at boot.

If that fails you can order the Recovery Media from HP for a reasonable price.
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My laptop crashed but I was bale to recover my data from the drive using an external cable to the drive on my desktop PC.  I can see the recovery partition, can I make a recover USB from the drive without it being in my laptop?

A:Re: Don't have Recovery partition and Recovery Manager to Re...

Hi there,  Do you not have Recovery discs?How did you previously load Windows 7 on your Notebook? The media creation software allows only  one system image to be created. If you created a set of recovery discs, you can not create a system image on a USB drive. The media creation software requires an uncorrupted recovery partition (FACTORY_IMAGE D. Uncorrupted means that the recovery partition has  not been modified or removed. That being said, at this point, I cannot guarantee that the image will work on your USB.
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So a while ago my Manager can't HP Why Up Offi... Open save Recovery Manager/Back automatic updates told me I should upgrade to Windows on my Windows Why can't HP Recovery Manager/Back Up Manager save Open Offi... computer I did I've used it find for a while and then suddenly Why can't HP Recovery Manager/Back Up Manager save Open Offi... it started repairing itself and I got one of those bsod that eventually lead me to a nbsp pick a keyboard set up It of course made it so that I couldn't use any ports keyboards or mice no matter which I used After some reading I was told to go back to factory settings but before I did that I used the backup manager that HP offers I selected music videos and documents actually I think I selected all of the available options Anyhow once my computer was finished backing itself up onto my external harddrive with the HP program I reset the computer back to factory settings Upon opening the recovery manager and searching through my recovered files i have everything except my Open Office Files Is there a reason why this happened Did I do something wrong Does anyone know why it wouldn't have accepted those as documents to back up I'm extremely frustrated as I am a writer a poor one obviously since I have to use a free program instead of Microsoft Office and everything I was working on is simply gone with no explanation nbsp nbsp Can anyone help me understand Possibly even help me find the files if they are somewhere not quite so obvious
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My mom's PC didnt want to start up earlier today, so i looked up what may have caused it, and i came across a page that said that a boot failure along with beeping (which it was doing) could be the RAM, and just re-set it, so i did and it booted fine, it got to the desktop and shutdown and said the /system32/config file was missing or corrupt, i attempted to do a standard PC recovery and i got:

\minint\system32\ntkrnlmp.exe could not be loaded. Error Code 18

Im looking around online now on what to do, my mom really doesnt want to have to format her entire PC, so if there is a way to fix this without having to do so, would be great...if its the only option, ill do the format.

A:Windows Xp Boot Failure/recovery Failure

Try booting from your XP CD into the recovery console and run the system file checker (sfc /scannow).
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I have a hp pavilion g7-1219wm Notebook PC and upgraded from windows 7 home premium to the new windows 10 and the hp set up manager and hp recovery manager will not open the user account  control says this app has been blocked for your protection. I do not know if my Norton 360 is blocking it or what. Windows 10 also did not load the hp wifi connection manager.  My hp launch box ans hp support assistant works fine. Does anyone else have this problem?

A:HP recovery manager and hp setup manager not working with wi...

I have a HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC and I have experienced the same problem with HP Setup Manager after upgradingfrom Windows 7 to Windows 10. It has also de-activated my Microsoft Office 2010 and completely got rid of my Norton antivirus program. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks WinonaJS
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My Father In Law just bought a used Dell Studio 1737 laptop. I tried to run the recovery software to restore it to factory. During the restore something happened and it failed. Now the computer can not boot into windows and the recovery will not run again. I can launch the recovery software but the screen just pops up and then goes back to the choice list. I can open a DOS prompt and browse to see that the recovery files and disk image are still in place. I tried to manually launch the repair and got the same result. Is there any thing else I should try before I have to order the recovery disks from Dell?

A:Recovery Failure

are you pressing the F8 key during post to access the dell recovery ?
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Hi I have a Medion MD Uhmm I'm not a RECOVERY FAILURE please HELP computer person so I don't know all about the technical stuff so I hope you guys can help me out So I was watching a youtube vid last night and then the computer suddenly froze but I RECOVERY FAILURE HELP please can still move my mouse but I can't click RECOVERY FAILURE HELP please on anything The only thing I could do is press the power button to shut it off I decided to go to sleep because it was late Then the next day when the computer got to the point where I need to chose weather I want to boot in RECOVERY FAILURE HELP please safe mode or what ever or start windows normally I chose to start it normally but then it will say it like you need to use the disk to repair damage but I can't find my disk cause I just moved so I decided to reformat it cause I have nothing important installed anyway But when I press F to start recovery when it's booting it will ask me for the language normal then comes the warning normal then comes the warning again normal then comes the final warning normal there are options abort back and finish i selected finish Then I see ghost for seconds and then it will go to black screen and say 'ABORT Read sector failure result drive sectors to RECOVERY FAILED ' This have never happened before when I reformatted my computer before Does anybody know what to do plz help


Your hard drive may have failed (which they all do eventually) so you will need to confirm that by running the drive manufacturer's diagnostic DOS-based software from a bootable CD.
The software is supplied as a CD image (ISO file). Use nero or something similar to create the CD from that ISO file.

Links are here: Hard Drive Diagnostics Tools and Utilities (Storage) - TACKtech Corp.

If you are unable to determine the make of drive, you can use Seagate SeaTools for DOS which can test any brand: | Seagate

Make sure you download the DOS version (not the Windows version).
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This is a hypothetical scenario but one that many will have to deal with in the real world.


Type : Desktop PC
OS : W8.1 with all updates

Internal HDD : 1 disk - System C: Data E:
Recovery Drives : a) USB Flash W8.1 Recovery Drive and b) USB HDD W8.1 System Image
Data Backup Drives : USB HDD

Recovery software : W8.1 Recovery Drive and W8.1 System Image (no 3rd-party imaging software)
Backup software : W8.1 File History (no 3rd-party backup software)

User experience : Non-technical but is comfortable carrying out clear instructions.


Internal HDD failure rendering the disk as unusable and inaccessible.


What is the best procedure for a non-technical User to follow to recover their system in a reasonable time-frame?


Assume that the User has a spare formatted HDD and the necessary ability to remove and replace the failed HDD.


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Hi, I recently bought HP Pavilion  15 N259TX Laptop. While trying to do  software recovery in dvd i am getting the below error message "We are experiencing errors in recovery media creation. Please try again" I tried numerous times without any success. How can i take recovery? Thanks

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A:Recovery Failure

Hello Maha76, Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!I understand there is an error when creating recovery media. I'll do my best to help out! Please try entering Safe Mode, and creating the media in Safe Mode. This document will show you how to access Safe Mode: Windows 8 Safe Mode If that doesn't help, you can call HP and they can just send you recovery media for your notebook! No effort on your part  Use this link to the correct contact number for your location: Contact HP I will look forward to your response Mario
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Hey folks,

I'm having a hell of a time trying to factory recover/restore my Toshiba Qosmio!

At first I couldn't even

get the menu to come up, but by waiting what seemed ages (20 minutes) the recovery menu came up.

It was all going well, I told the the computer to reset to "out of the box" factory reset, but it came up with an error code...

ERROR : 08-0648-0000

Particion creation failed.
Please press [OK] to turn off computer.

So I have no earthly clue what a partition is, or what it means that the creation is failed, if anyone could help out I would be very greatful!

All the best,


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Hello and I hope someone can help? I am trying to recover my mates Xp OS by the ASR but it keeps failing due to the fact it asks for me to locate the drivers C:` Dell`r126542`win2000 but the root folder it is looking at is empty

I thought I might be able to down them from another comp and put them on a usb stick.But as you probably know this is not possible as the usb stick is not recognised by the system at the moment. If I choose to ignore therequest then all that happens is the Win install stops as it keeps asking for these drivers.. Also if I try to ignore more than once the drivers for the mouse stop and then I am for want of a better word "dead in the water"

So if someone could maybe provide a soloution I would appreciate it- Thanks
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Hi everyone,

I have a 2 months old HP Pavilion DM1-3014AU running on windows 7 home basic.

My query is that if i delete the recovery partition, can i get it back if i restore the netbook to factory condition through recovery disks.

A:HP Recovery Manager......

HP's recovery DVDs will not perform a Repair Install ...
It's also a good idea to make a Repair CD ...

After You remove the recovery partition .. W7 can resize the system partition to fill in the unused space ..
W7 can Extend or Shrink a partition.

Any partition resizing can be risky .. Make sure you have your data backed up.

I'm not sure about W7 .. but it used to be that if you removed the recovery partition ..
Then tried to use it to recover a HP supplied application ... it would know that the recovery partition was missing .. and ask for the recovery DVDs
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My question is hopefully simple.  I recently reinstalled Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion 6000 series desktop using the HP Recovery Manager app built-in to the computer.  The restore went well, without any hitches. What I need to know is whether the process wiped the hard drive clean.  That is, is the data I created, e.g., Excel, Word files, etc., still there even though the file names, etc. have been deleted?  Is the computer hard drive wiped such that I could donate the computer and not worry about someone using some data recover utility to find and recreat the data that was on my C:\ partition?
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I was creating the recovery of window 8.1. I  used HP recovery manager for creating recovery DVD's. It required 5 two DVD's completed burnig process but  3rd DVD completed 80% or 85% and show ' error ' .I tried many times but it cannot work. So, please give me response  What am i do in thi situayion..
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Hi....I want to install a new operating system (linux) on my laptop and I havent made the recovery disk yet,after installing new operating system , can I do the recovery by the default recovery drive on my hdd without having the disks? in case I  make the recovery disk , do I lose the the ability to recover from My hard drive recovery drive ? (Because my hdd drive is much safer than the Disks in case of protection)thanks.

A:Recovery manager

Kooshan wrote:Hi....I want to install a new operating system (linux) on my laptop and I havent made the recovery disk yet,after installing new operating system , can I do the recovery by the default recovery drive on my hdd without having the disks? in case I  make the recovery disk , do I lose the the ability to recover from My hard drive recovery drive ? (Because my hdd drive is much safer than the Disks in case of protection)thanks.Create a usb recovery flashdrive before you make any changes!  Do not create a recovery disk set!  A Recovery disk set is quite fragile and can be destroyed with a single scratch on the disk label. A usb recovery flashdrive is, unlike a recovery DVD, quite durable. If you install Linux on the hard disk it will change the bootloader if you are not careful and no longer allow you to boot to Windows.  Making a usb recovery flashdrive will not remove the ability to use F11 unless you make any changes to the D: Recovery partition. That is where the Recovery Manager boots from when you use F11.
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hey does anyone know were i can get the recovery manager for my HP pavilion desktop computer a1253w?

ive looked for it everywere in my computer but it isnt there...

A:recovery manager

Originally Posted by vistafever

hey does anyone know were i can get the recovery manager for my HP pavilion desktop computer a1253w?

ive looked for it everywere in my computer but it isnt there...

Welcome to the forums!

According to the HP support website, here are the steps to use the recovery manager:

Starting the recovery from Windows Vista
Use the following steps to recover the computer starting from the Windows Vista desktop:
Turn off the computer.Disconnect all connected devices (such as the Personal Media Drive, USB drives, printer, and fax), remove media from drives, and remove any recently added internal hardware. Do not disconnect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and power cord.Turn on the computer.From the Windows desktop click Start , and then All Programs .Click PC Help & Tools .Click Recovery Manager .
The Recovery Manager Welcome screen appears.Click Next . On the Software Program Re-installation screen select No , and then click Next .On the Hardware Re-installation screen select No , and then click Next .On the screen that prompts for Microsoft System Restore select No , and then click Next .The Recovery Manager prompts if you want to restore the computer to its original factory shipped condition. Click Yes , and then click Next .
The computer restarts and opens the Recovery Manager program.Click Next .On the Microsoft System Restore screen select No , and then click Next .Confirm that you want to run a System Recovery by selecting Yes , and then click Next .The Recovery Manager gives you the option of backing up your data files. Backing up your files is recommended. To back up your files select Yes , and then click Next . Follow the onscreen instructions.
If you do not want to backup your files, select No , and then click Next .After the System Recovery is complete, the computer restarts and continues into Windows setup. Complete the setup screens and wait until the computer finishes the setup. Then, turn off the computer, reconnect all peripheral devices, and turn on the computer.Before using the computer, update and protect your computer. Reinstall any virus and security software that was installed before the System Recovery.Reinstall any software applications that were added after puchasing the computer, and any files that were backed up.

If you can't access the recovery manager with these steps or it's not working, you'll need to order recovery disks from HP directly.
Please let us know if this works for you.

Here's the source URL which contains links that may be helpful to you: HP and Compaq Desktop PCs*-* Performing an HP System Recovery in Windows Vista*
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I just deleted my recovery drive from my pc and lost my recovery drive and disk too how can i restore my pc or how to get recovery drive back.......
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I want to restore my G60 to factory settings. It came preinstalled with Vista. Not sure if its 32 or 64 bit. When I enter the recovery manager, the directions state to make sure the wireless connection is enabled. The computer button is red indicating the wireless connection is turned off. I press it, and nothing happens, it remains red.  I don't think the issue is the internet connection because if I boot up the computer normally I do get an internet connection.  Not sure if I should continue to the next step in the recovery manager or not since I don't appear to have an internet connection in there. Help please. Thank you.
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Hi !I want to make a recovery disk for my envy- dv6 win 8 operating I lose the ability to refresh and install win 8 from my Hdd and have to Install it every time from the recovery disk or refreshing windows from hdd is still available ?thanks.

View Solution.

A:recovery manager

Hi, The option to reinstall the OS from the hard drive partition will still be available after you create your recovery media. Regards, DP-K
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HelloI have a laptop hp pavilion entertainment dv6500 and I needed to format it, but by mistake I formatted the recovery manager.Can I get/buy a recovery manager CD?Thank you

A:Recovery manager

Yes you can purchase recovery CDs further instructions here James
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Hi i have Windows 8 currently installed on my computer which i upgraded from windows 7, i am disliking windows 8 so i want to go back and i remeber there being a recovery manager on windows 7 but i can no longer find it on windows 8. i have looked in my C drive and cannot find it either.
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Hey from where to download hp recovery manger for windows 10 ? 2. when i purchase laptop i have pre installed windows 8.1 then i formatted and clean install windows 10. now how to get back like when we purchased new laptop
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Hi my Compaq presario laptop has been corrupted by a virus...unfortunately, I did not take a recovery disk. Although I am able to access my vista I am not sure if I make the recovery disk now, it will reset my comp to current condition(with viruses) or factory outlet ????? What should I do????

A:Recovery manager

Backup your files, shut off the PC, turn power on again and keep tapping F11. That will get you to the reinstallation wizard - follow the prompts.

HP Notebook PCs*-* Using HP Backup and Recovery Manager*
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I accidentally uninstalled HP Recovery Manager. I tried doing a system restore but it did not help. Is there anyway I can download this program ? Thank you

A:HP Recovery Manager

shge123 Try this link: Good Luck
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I have pressed F11 key on startup and searched recovery manager on the search but hp recovery manager didnt come. Can anyone tell me what to do ?

A:where is recovery manager?

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. Welcome!  HP Recovery is only available for comuter that originally came with Windows preinstalled by HP (a.k.a. OEM Windows). It will appear if the recovery partitions are working and intact. Once you start your computer after pressing the power-on button, keep hitting the Esc button (like tap-tap-tap).Then an HP boot options will appear and you can choose the recovery options. Alternatively, start to Windows and load it from there. More information can be found in the HP official article >>  (Win 10)>>  (Win 8/8.1) If the recovery partitions are not working, if you want to recover your machine to factory default condition, you may have to reinstall Windows and/or purchase recovery media from HP to restore to factory default condition. Let me know if this works for you.
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Hello. When i start my computer it goes as usual, then when the windows icon is expected come it says ''Recovery Manager''Then it says ''The  attempted to recovery has failed. Click one of these buttons'' with the options ''Save log, Ditails and try again'' the rest of the screen is black. Help please.
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Is the HP Recovery Manager installed on this computer or does it have to be downloaded?If is installed how  do I access it?Frank C 

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A:recovery manager

Hello, Thank you for posting in the HP Support forum. If the computer arrived with Windows preinstalled and if you did not attemp to manually remove HP Recovery manager software then it should be there. You can click on the Start button of Windows and type its name to search for it. If you would like to perform system recovery, here are the official instructions >> If you simply want to create recovery media, here are the official instructions >>  (even though it states Win 8, it will work for Win 10, as well.)  Please, let me know if this works for you.
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My Hp Laptop Was In The Process Of Getting An OS Update & My Sister Turned It Off (As A Prank) Before Windows 10 Finished Installing. Long Story Short I Had To Reinstall Windows 7 On It But Before Downloading Win 10 I Had To Free Up Space On My Recovery (Partition). So I Formatted It. Now I Don't Have HP Recovery Manager Or Any Other HP Factory Apps. How Can I Get Those Back?

A:HP Recovery Manager

Hi, There's no download for Recovery Manager, but pretty much all the other software and drivers for your notebook can be downloaded from the link below. Regards, DP-K
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I read in another board that HP Recovery Manager can be accessed from the start menu. But it cannot be accessd from the Start Menu on my Windows 10 system! I haven't tried this recently, but can I still access it by pressing F11 immediately after switching on my PC? More importantly, can I still reset my PC to Factory Settings using the HP Recovery Manager now that I have Windows 10? If not, I might as well delete the HP recovery partition to free up space....
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I got something buggy on my laptop, and i want to recover my laptop to the first time i got the pc. And when i downloading the recovery manager i got a message : This softpaq wil nott be installed on this pc beacuse HP Recovery Manager cannot be found in this system. Any help ?

A:HP Recovery Manager

Your specs say, HP PC with Windows 8 x86, therefore not Pre-installed, HP Recovery Manager would only work on the old OS & not on the upgraded OS.
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In my desktop PC, Windows 7 Professional 32 bit was preinstalled and recovery partition also available. But in the programe menu, HP Recovery Manager was not available. I have downloaded HP Recovery Manager software in several time and tried to install, but failed. I want to re-install windows through hp recovery manager. Please help me about the installation of HP Recovery Manager and how can I get this software. Sir, help me in details. My email- [email protected]
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When I open my HP Recovery Manager and select "yes" for the Software Program Re-Installation,
the Select a program to install window appears (like it should) EXCEPT it is EMPTY!!!!
Where is the list of all the programs that we installed on my computer when I first used it?

Thank you!!

HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx
Vista Home Premium x64

A:HP Recovery Manager

Above link may answer any questions you have about HP's reovery manager.

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hi !

i have got a laptop acer aspire 5535 ! i wanna make a recovery disc !
but i was search in search box of start menu for recovery manager and i found nothing ....

perhaps i have delete the file and i dont remeber ...

i wanna format my laptop and can find the way ....

i am greek and i donno very good english ...

thanks for your time and assistance

A:recovery manager

Too many computer manufacturers don't furnish a Vista installation DVD with their pcs that are pre-installed with Vista. Often they only have a hidden recovery partition that you can access to take back your pc to its original factory installation state! (Thus you lose your data and all installed applications, setting changes, etc.)
If you don't have an installation DVD, then you cannot reinstall Vista without using this recovery partition, and you cannot access the new Vista Recovery Environment, which is what corresponds to XP's Recovery Console. So, if you don't have a Vista installation DVD, what do you do in order to access the Vista Recovery Environment, at least? You go to this site and download the makings for a recovery disk:
Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download — The NeoSmart Files

As far as formatting your hard disk, you can boot from the sytem recovery disk you download from the URL above, then go to the Command Prompt section of the Recovery Environment, then use the FORMAT command to format, as explained in this tutorial:

How to use the Command Prompt in the Vista Windows Recovery Environment
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Hi I have Hp-Labtop with windows 10 home edition, few days I think windows a liitle bit slow, So I decided to make a recoveryHp recovery manager gives a message that recovery parition is not found(recovery parition exists in my computer and I haven't touch it) I have split C into two paritions one for my files and other for windows, could this be the reason????also by mistake windows.old was deleted..... If I try to create recover disks through Recovery manager will this delete recovery parition or what???Help Please
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If there's here any user with a Hewlett-Packard PC that has preinstalled Windows 7 , maybe has notice that has some recovery tools, which are call "Recovery Manager" and is showed in the start menu. Inside the program there are many options, and two of them are which I need further information. (Sory but the interface is in Spanish, anywhere options are positioned in the same place of the English version... I think :s)

One of them (mark as number 1 in red) allows to restore the computer to its original factory condition. So what I figure out is that the program will format the hard drive and will install install everything from scratch. Am I rigth?
The other option (mark as number 2 in red) allows to delete the recovery partition. Is that recovery partition the same which is common name as FACTORY_IMAGE ?

If anyone KNOWS something about this, please give me a hand, thanks.

A:Need help with Recovery Manager

Unless it gives you a further option for Non-Destructive Recovery which saves your files, a Factory Recovery will wipe the HD first before putting it back to factory condition.

It can also be run from boot by tapping the F11 key at bootup.

Make the Recovery Disk set from within that Windows7 utility now so you have another option, or can then consider wiping the Recovery partition although having it as another backup is probably wise with a Win7 computer.

Many tech enthusiasts find a clean-copy retail installer for their version to clean reinstall without the factory bloatware, using the Product Key on COA sticker on machine. In that case, you can wipe the HD before reinstalling, but make the Recovery disks first as sometimes the maker requires factory install to service hardware warranty.
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If you have a HP computer then HP has it's own Recovery Manager HP version of System Restore installed called HP Recovery Manager You can uninstall this in Programs and HP Recovery Manager Features I ran across this statement in Tutorials It needs some clarifications In Pavillion and Presario notebooks HP Rec Mgr does more than just System restore And btw HP does not have its own version of SR It runs Windows' version HP Rec Mgr has other functions Re-install original software programs and hardware drivers and complete System Recovery restoring the original hard disk factory template It can be utilized to create a set of recovery discs In HP Business notebook Rec Mgr does not re-install software progs and drivers but does the others listed in Pavilion Presario models I don't think HP Recovery Manager should be uninstalled Or if perchance he meant uninstalling System Restore be aware that HP Rec Mgr will be unable to system restore on its own if Windows SR is unstalled or disabled

A:HP Recovery Manager

Umm where did you see that cause you can't uninstall it and its not even listed in the Program and Features. You can only disable the windows system restore. I'm pretty sure all HP products have the Recovery Manager to restore you computer to Factory Condition.
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im having some very painful problems with my computer. i had to reformat my system so i made a backup using the HP recovery manager which backed my files in an external hardrive and they are names as Backup.001.exe and backup.002.fbw etc until 005

after i installed a fresh new vista i execute my backup.001.exe and when it tells me to click next it freezes for a minute then its back to normal and the next button dont work... (the next button does not take me to the next step of restoring, it stays in the same page)

the next button is active but does not take me to the next step so i cannot back my files up... i need help badly.. there is atleast 2 years of data in those backup files... i cannot get them running

i have Windows Vista Ultimate with 3 GB RAM

please help

thank you

A:HP Recovery Manager HELP!

anybody??? i reli need help badly
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hey guys~

ive recently created the recovery disc from the recovery manager, ive installed it, say it would turn my laptop to the original factory setting, after i installed it, everything is clear, as i expected, but however, now my laptop performance shrink ALOT! i mean ALOT! i cant even run Need For Speed Undercover properly in the lowest graphical settings, do anyone know whats the problem here?

ive checked the graphic card to see if its installed properly after the recovery and it is install and working properly, do anyone know the problem here?

however after the recovery, i didnt seen to care about the window update that much, could this be the problem?does updates make a difference? my laptop has Intel Dou Core @ 2GHz and has 2GB RAM, and graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, my laptop now cant even run games at high graphics setting where prior to the recovery i can and very smooth

A:HP recovery Manager

Start by updating all of your drivers.

and yes, windows updates can make a huge difference. For example, no windows updates, no directx.
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i have tried to installed hp recovery manager software from different setup .. but none of them works.  recovery manager is not working in my pc.. how to download? where to get?
Relevancy 67.08%

Upgraded to Windows 7 from vista but now I cant revover my files that I backed up before to this version cause the hp recovery manager freezes around when it gets to 12% of the first disk. If possible I would like to get those files back. Any ideas anyone?

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Help. My Hp Touchsmart 300 won't boot up windows it goes to the blue house screen when switched on.  If I press F11 it will only let me do a system recovery with warning it will go back to factory setting.  I want to "file back up program" but it is greyed off and won't let me click it. 

A:Recovery manager

Hello, Welcome to the HP Support forum. Thank you for post. Some (most) HP Recovery procedures include procedure to back-up files before the actual recovery process. However, yoy may back-up your files this way usig external software.Please, download GNU/Linux version - > Linux Mint XFCE 18 - Linux based OS.  >> Download/save the ISO image. You need to write it on a new blank DVD or on empty USB thumbdrive (min 2 GB capacity).  How to create bootable ISO on USB device >> to write ISO to DVD >>   When ready with the USB drive or with the DVD: * Ensure Secure Boot is disabled.* Ensure Legacy mode is enabled.* Save the UEFI/BIOS changes.Details>> Eventually, please, shutdown the computer using the power button.Insert the Windows USB thumdrive or the DVD prepared previouslyPower  on the PC.As soon as you press the power-on button, keep hitting the Esc button (like tap-tap-tap).This should open a HP Startup Menu which may look similar to this one Choose F9 to open Boot options. Select the thumb drive as boot option.You will now boot from Linux Mint media. Once ready and once you open the Files, you will notice it has automatically mounted your PC's HDD - you will be able to browse through your directories and copy/backup to external device the required files.  Once ready, you can use the F11 option to reimage your PC  / restote to factory default condition.Hope this helps, let me know how it goes.
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Using an E-machines desk top with Vista 32-bit Home Premium.

Recently, I tried to install some service pack update & it wreaked havoc on my computer. After fiddling around with it (it had basically frozen while installing the pack), the whole thing ended up wiping Everything clean & in the end, I needed the install disc to fix it. (which I *just* found)

So now I'm stuck on some "Welcome Window" & it won't connect to the internet. I know the connection works, cause I'm using the same broadband line to it on my laptop now. I keep reading online about fixing w/ a "Recovery Manager" in the start menu, but I'm not seeing that anywhere. There's an error I see that says "Error 815"..."WAN miniport", etc.
What to do now? Thanks.

A:Help w. recovery manager

5 days. all is still quiet. * bump*
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Getting error code FFFFFF15 then i click on ok and come up with error code=45D can anyone tell me if this is a motherboard problem and will it be easier for me to buy a new laptop or to get it fixed

A:Hp recovery manager

Please explain in more detail what you are attempting to do when you see the error code.  Are you trying to perform an HP  recovery for the notebook from the onboard HP Recovery Manager? Did you create USB or DVD recovery media? You can boot to recovery media to invoke the HP Recovery Manager and perform a recovery.
Relevancy 67.08%

Every time I use the magnify button on my microsoft comfort sculpt mouse the hp Recovery Manager screen opens up..... This is so agrivating....  is there anyway I can get this to stop....  and usually it is right where I am working...I am 70 years old and I need the magnify button....
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New to the site, a little slow on computer knowledge and ill face it, I AM COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT WITH A PC. So, with that said...

I deleted my Recovery Manager feature off of Windows 7, wondering if it possible to recover? I wanted to restore back to factory settings but it fails every time, pretty sure it is due to the recovery manager being missing. Tried the F11 option also, still no hope. After hours of searching I now realize that it cannot just be added like a regular application but is there any possible way? I ordered the HP Recovery Disc hoping it holds an answer but I'm kinda in a time crunch. Any alternatives?

Even thought about upgrading Windows 7 but I'm guessing it wouldn't upgrade what isn't already there, correct?

Help is appreciated, and THANK YOU very, very much.

A:Recovery Manager

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.

Are you stating that you removed Windows system restore from your computer or are you referring to a third party recovery manager program?

Thanks in advance.

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could smeone tell whats wrong with my recovery manager program in HP pavilion laptop... when i run the program, a window appears:

microsoft visual c++ runtime library
runtime error
program c:\windows\sminst\restore7.exe
abnormal program termination...

how can i fix the error?

thanks for helping!!!

A:hp recovery manager

Originally Posted by opette

could smeone tell whats wrong with my recovery manager program in HP pavilion laptop... when i run the program, a window appears:

microsoft visual c++ runtime library
runtime error
program c:\windows\sminst\restore7.exe
abnormal program termination...

how can i fix the error?

thanks for helping!!!

Are you using Vista....
If yes you can refer this link where you can download universal recovery disk. Please follow this link
Create a Recovery Disc
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I have experienced hard drive failure on my Samsung SATA Drive from my old computer (HP A1540n). I went to plug this HDD into my new computer and I can't get the system to boot. When running the diagnostic I am getting error BIOHD-8. As far as I can tell from the boot sequence, it is set to boot off of the new HDD. The new computer is running Vista 64 and the old HDD is XP 32, not sure if this matters. I wanted to use the old HDD as a secondary in the new computer, but if nothing else I have data I need to recover off of the old HDD.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Relevancy 67.08%

First of all, my other computer was running slowly so I made a recovery disk via the control panel and then booted the disk. I chose the option to set my system to factory settings and it took me to this ACER eManagement thing which gave me the same options. After about a while of loading, my computer rebooted but I end up with a loading screen that says "set up is starting services" and I get an error immediately after saying "Windows couldn't complete installation. To install windows on this computer, restart the application." I click OK and then it reboots and gives the same exact (setup is starting services) loading screen screen and the same (windows couldn't complete installation....) I need to desperately use that computer and ANY help right now would be much appreciated.

My specs are:

Windows 7 Home 64 bit
Intel core i7 870
Nvidia GT 320 - 1GB
420GB Hard-drive


A:Recovery disk failure!

As you are running Factory Recovery, you should have made your REcovery Disk set in case it failed when run from the Recovery Partition on the HD.

There are a few things you can try. Failure at this stage of install can be a driver hanging during setup. Try using this method to enter the Device Manager during install to uninstall any drivers showing in error - in particular the Display driver is the usual culprit. This may let the install complete so you can update the driver from the desktop.
Device Manager - Access During Windows 7 Installation

If this fails, you'll need to order your Recovery Disk set from Acer Tech Support, or find a Win7 installer for your version to clean reinstall using the Product Key on the COA sticker: Reinstalling Windows 7
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I have another computer exactly like the one you'll see under Sleep Recovery Failure my profile however it has a different GB video card that uses only x -pin connector Sleep Recovery Failure a wireless mx keyboard and mouse After sleeping overnight or for extended hours when the mouse is moved the system powers up but the screen stays blank It has to be rebooted and then I get this in Application Event Log The winlogon notification subscriber lt SessionEnv gt was unavailable to handle a notification event Windows license validated The winlogon notification subscriber lt SessionEnv gt was unavailable to handle a notification event The Desktop Window Manager was unable to start because a composited theme is not in use Some stuff about Win Mail Anybody Know What That's About The COM Event System could not remove the EventSystem EventSubscription object C F E -C A - A-A DE- D B - - - - - - - - - - Object name YahooMessenger ISensLogon Subscription Object description The HRESULT was The Desktop Window Manager has exited with code x The winlogon notification subscriber lt SessionEnv gt was unavailable to handle a notification Sleep Recovery Failure event Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services The file will be unloaded now The applications or services that hold your registry file may not function properly afterwards DETAIL - user registry handles leaked from Registry User S- - - - - - - Process Device HarddiskVolume Windows System winlogon exe has opened key REGISTRY USER S- - - - - - - Software Protection service is starting messages The winlogon notification subscriber lt SessionEnv gt was unavailable to handle a notification event The winlogon notification subscriber lt SessionEnv gt was unavailable to handle a notification event Then the mighty Problem signature Problem Event Name BlueScreen OS Version Locale ID Additional information about the problem BCCode a BCP FFFFFA D BCP BCP BCP FFFFF C OS Version Service Pack Product Files that help describe the problem C Windows Minidump - - dmp C Users jennifer AppData Local Temp WER- - sysdata xml I uploaded the dmp file I missed the xml file so I hope you don't need it I had saved the desktop theme but when I looked it was no longer saved so I saved it again I'll keep an eye out to see if the Desktop Theme goes missing again when this happens Any suggestions or thoughts would be great

A:Sleep Recovery Failure

a) You are running the RC 7100. When did you install it?

b) Open the Device Manager. Check any Network Card or Wireless device Power Management properties and disable (do not allow) them to wake the computer.

c) Use MSCONFIG to disable all startup programs. Test to see if problem, continues to occur.

If it does not one of your applications is not playing nicely.

If problem does continue, have you double checked all the device drivers? Espeically mouse and keyboard and video.

Edit: Have you run a virus scan or anti-spyware like Malaware lately?
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Hard driver failed.  Installed new one. Got the DVD recovery kit fro HP but recovery attempt failed. ErrorsChkErrBB.CMD: Detect some error during PININST_BBV.ChkErrBB.CMD : Check c:\system.sav\logs\NurnBootWarm.logChkErrBB.CMD: or, check c:\system.sav\logs\BurnBootMerge.log

A:Recovery attempt failure

The other thing that will stop a recovery dead in its tracks is bad memory. Can you run a memtest in the F2 UEFI diagnostics?
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I've tryed reformatting my computer today when i came to this error in a quick flash before it turned of and restarted my computer. "Lsass.exe" ... "Virtual memory" and that's all i could get before it restarted.

Does anybody how to fix this. My virus removal programs simply do not work. Malwarebytes does not do its job.This is my last resort and even it does not work , what can i do?

I really need to figure out how to get that recovery partition back and running before worst comes to worst and my computer becomes obsolete.

A:Recovery partition failure.


Can you boot into safe mode ?
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Yesterday, I installed a RAM optimizer program and then it slowed down my prcesses. I uninstalled it and then restarted my computer at which point it would automatically logoff. I would login to my user and all it would show was my desktop with no icons. I attempted to run it in safe mode and it would not go through. I decided to run system recovery and it would give me a blue screen with the error message:
"Stop: c0000218 {Registry file failure}
The registry cannot load the hive(file)
or its log or alternate
It is corrupt absent or not writable"

I do not have the XP startup disk, only the 5 system recovery disks
Please help

A:System Recovery Failure XP

Read here:
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One of my HDs in my Raid 0 failed and now I'm trying to recover any data possible from it.

Any feedback is appreciated.

A:Recovery from Raid 0 failure

Be advised that data-recovery services generally charge per KB of data recovered. Also depending on WHAT kind of failure you have had... it COULD be almost impossible to recover.

You're looking at about $1500 (sometimes up to $5000) for data recovery. And RAID 0 is about the WORSE you can do. It's not even a "true" RAID since there is no "redundancy" involved - but it is called "0" for a reason.

If you don't have the money or the data is not worth thousands of dollars.... then its time to buy 2 320mb Maxtor or Seagate drives and set them up as RAID-1. if a drive fails, your data *IS* intact. You can even boot into Windows and use the system as normal until you replace the FAILED drive... RAID 1 is a bit slower than a single drive. A Performance RAID with protection is RAID-5... with does work best with 4 drives or more. I've built servers with such configs. Usually with a $150~500 SCSI RAID controller... and 15,000RPM Seagate Cheetas.

Sorry - but that's about all there is for this situation.

Use RAID 1... and warn others.

Here is a good article on RAID:

note: the article above is a bit out-dated as today's SATA-RAIDs come close to yesterday's SCSI drives... but the latest SCSI totally murder SATA.
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I've been using a Freecom Classic HD 160gb for about five years now? Recently it has been cutting out and restarting but once it connected again it was fine. Then It cut out today and wouldn't connect. I restarted, tried another computer, used another usb cable but nothing has worked. When I plug it in now, it turns on and the disc spins for a few moments. Windows XP beeps telling me something has been plugged in, but then it shuts off and reboots. Please, please, I have a lot of school work on there that I need for this week not to mention all the data I've collected over the years. If anyone has any suggestions for recovery PLEASE post them.

A:HD Failure? Recovery Options? HELP!

Once this happens, the only way you will get your data is to remove the drive from the case and attach it as a slave if ide or sata if it is a sata. If it is a laptop drive then you need one of these:
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I hope someone can help Recovery Failure Acer me because I m totally at a loss I have an acer laptop aspire and I tried to run the recovery disks The very first time it ran it went almost all the way through the first disc and then failed So I tried it again and now I can get past the language selection and then it starts to run and I keep getting error TYPE MISMATCH The other problem is I think the first time I tried it it went far enough that the hard drive got wiped because now it won t boot from that either So I basically can t turn it on or use Acer Recovery Failure it Acer Recovery Failure at all If I run it from the hard drive it says quot a disk read error occurred press Ctrl Alt Del to restart quot so I can t run it that way and when I try to run it from the disk I get the recovery error type mismatch I m really hoping someone can help me ASAP because I m totally lost and the computer is completely useless Please help nbsp

Relevancy 67.08%

Good morning everyone I don t have much experience or knowledge in the world of RAID arrays and I recently had a power surge that burned my NAS I have an Intel SS -E NAS box with TB drives set up in a RAID- It was running fine and having experienced a drive failure event due to my careless handling of the power cord failure RAID - NAS recovery? proved to me its ability to rebuild a drive from the other three Unfortunately a recent power surge literally burned the box I ve taken it in to get analyzed by some HDD repair amp recovery people but I have no frame of reference NAS RAID failure - recovery? for this Story is thus NAS RAID failure - recovery? After the surge I was able to login to the dashboard app of the box via my network It reported all drives as failed and provided no further information The repair guy is saying that of the drives are fine while the other have electronic mechanical failures in addition the RAID chip on the NAS box was fried Those three things have to be repaired in order to even begin drive rebuilding His quote for repair amp recovery was in the vicinity of My first question is whether or not this is a reasonable price My second pertains to the Parity structure of the RAID setup Because the system can lose out of drives and still retain data integrity is it possible to only repair one of my failed drives and rebuild with those three I m thinking that would bring the cost down And realistically what percentage of data am I likely to recover I d appreciate some help on this as I m completely in the dark about all of this Thanks nbsp

A:NAS RAID failure - recovery?

one hd is the parity drive; if it's gone - - so are you. sorry
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recovery disk, when it hit 79% and froze ..i open and close cd rom, it continued..loading finish, install, had windows open with recycle bin, clock ..6-7 more icons.(programs), it continued to "install programs" but after a period of loading programs and rebooting ...a pop up come up ...recovery failed...try again...tried to 79% again on 2nd disk tried and tried.(i didn't interupt this time..error 0x400110020000 1005 come up..i am stuck...please help

A:recovery disk failure

try the recovery partition, if it's the hp in profile, try starting the computer holding down the 0 (zero) key...
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I have lost hp recovery manager from drive, i want a copy of recovery manager for windows 8.1. please help as soon as possible.
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Hello wizards,

I hope one of you can help with me with my problem.

My previous laptop was an HP running on XP. That got stolen. Luckily, I made back-ups with the HP Backup and recovery manager (/facepalm.jpg).

I now bought an Acer with Vista and of course none of my attempt to install the HP backup and recovery manager on my new laptop succeeds. I've tried to install both the XP version with a Vista plugin and the Vista version.

Currently, it cannot find STFiles.dll.

Does anyone know whether this is a lost battle or should it be possible to pull this off?

Perhaps there is a way to extract files from the back-up CD's so that they become readable again?

Many thanks for your wisdom,
A foolish id10t
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I just bought my computer and it came with Windows 8.1 installed.  I reserved Windows 10 so I will receive the upgrade when that OS becomes available.  I want to create a recovery set, but if I use HP Recovery Manager now to create the set it will have Windows 8.1.  Can I wait a couple of weeks and then create recovery disks after I have Windows 10?

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A:HP Recovery Manager and Windows 10

Recovery partiton contains windows 8.1 - It will create only recovery of windows 8.1 even if you install Windows 10 or 8 or 7.The windows 10 copy that you will get is from microsoft and not HP and its if you ever need to re-install, you will have to install windows 8.1 and then perform the upgrade again. You can also download the win10 ISO and burn it to a disc or create a bootable USB Flash Drive to install from and use your microsoft account to activate win10.
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I performed partition on my hp envy laptop and lost the hp recovery manager. How can I reinstall it?
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I had to reinstall Windows 10 due to a major Windows file corruption issue. In the process, I lost my HP recovery manager. Can the HP Recovery Manager be restored? I am trying to recover some of the original software applications which were on the desktop.

A:Can the HP Recovery Manager be downloaded?

Hi: Unfortunately, the HP Recovery Manager software cannot be downloaded for your model PC. In any event, it does not contain the operating system, or any individual programs that came with your PC. All the recovery manager software does is to provide a method to access the recovery partition to restore the hard drive to its out of the box condition. If the bundled software is very important to you, you can always purchase as set of recovery disks for your PC and re-upgrade to W8.1 and then to W10.
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Do to a bad driver in a program I installed yesterday I had to reformat my HP Pavilion a n to fix the blue screen of death I didn t want to lose any of the data on my computer so I did a recovery with backup The backup backed up somewhere around GB of stuff I think I got my computer all recovered now but Recovery Manager Problem HP when I use the HP Recovery Manager Problem Recovery Manager to recover the backed up data it seems to freeze at I let it sit for about a half hour and it s still at HP Recovery Manager Problem I don t know if it s ridiculously slow or it s not working Edit I tried setting the category to only music video files to see if it s freezing or not since I only have a couple hundred megabytes of those files and it s still frozen at I looked at the Restorwiz txt log for the recovery and it says this Code Log started Thursday - - at Using st log ini Log level Forced flush Compressed Encrypted - - STEP Initialization - - INFORMATION Create destination directory succeed - - INFORMATION Repertory to restore C System Recovery Files - - INFORMATION Get volume filename F MINWINPC Backup Files - - Backup exe - - INFORMATION Version of RestoreWiz exe - - INFORMATION File skin smf extract successfully - - INFORMATION File filetypes ini extract successfully - - INFORMATION File restorewiz lgg extract successfully - - INFORMATION English is the user language r n If language doesn't exist in lgg file the language is english - - INFORMATION Pictures extension jpeg tiff xbm svgz b bp d ds th i i i i i i ba bp xi a i xi ab adi aec aed ahs ai art bif bil bm bmp br br br bsk btf bw cad cam cci cck cdr cdt cfp cga cgm clp cmu cmx cov cp cph cpi cpt cr crw cs cs ct ctb cvp cvr cvx dc dc dcm dcx det dfx dgn dib dim djv dng dpx drt drw dsf dwg dws dwt dwx dwz dxb dxf dxx efx ega egm emf emo emz eps exp exr eya fax fh fh fh fh fh fh fh fh fhc ft ft ft fxd fxr g f g n gbt gcd gem gfb gfm gif gis goo gry hot hpl hrf hrz icb ico ief ifc iff igf im im im im imj imt imx j c j k jb jbg jfi jfx jif jmh jng jp jpc jpe jpg jpm jpx jsl jtf kdk kfx kic kpx kqp lbm ldf lm lpp lv lwf lwo lws mdi mix mrw msp ncr nef nib nic npm odi oil onx opd orf otb oti p d pbm pc pc pcc pcd pcg pcs pct pcx pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pd pda pdd pdn pdp pdw pfr pgm pic pig pix pjp plt png pnm pov pp pp ppm prt ps psb psd psp pwp pxr qti raf ras raw rf rgb rle rpx s g s j s n sda sfw sgi sjp skf slb sld spe spn srf svg sxd sy tcw tdi tef tga thb thm tif tim tnl tub u d ucg udi ufo upf upx uvp vda vec vel vff vfl vga vgr vml wbm wd wdp wi wif wmf wpg wpw x f xcf xif xim xjt xwd yuv - - INFORMATION Musics extension acm aiff midi cda aifc aac m a m b a k aa abs ac ahx aif amr aob ape au avr b s dls dus emp far fla it kar la la lav lqp lqt lsl lwz m a m a m a m u m a m b m p mad mdz med mid mjf mka mlp mnd mod mp mp mp mpc msq mtm mus myr ntx nxt ogg oma omc omg pcm pls pna ra ram rm rmi rmj rmm rmp s m s m sd se sfr sib sid smi snd sng swa tfx thx tta vbk vmf voc vox vqf w wav wax wma xm xmf - - INFORMATION Videos extension mpeg rv wmd wpl mp v mpv divx g gp afl asf asx avi d v dcr dif dmv dvd dvr dvx flc flm flv flx fmv gvi gvp ifo ivf jmf jmm lsf lsx m s m v m v m v mkm mkv mmv mng mov mp mpa mpe mpg mqv nsv ogm omf ppj qt qtc qtl qtm qtv rmx rnx rp rts rv rvx s s s q smo ssm ssw swf tmi ts vcr vfw vid viv vob vro wm wmp wmv wmx wvx - - INFORMATION TV extension dvr-ms - - INFORMATION Documents extension acl ade adn ag ans dic wbd xl vs wmz cdg html zip rar ace info py pyo enc php asp pyw rc policy pcl cer pth xslt pe ph tf abw adp asc asm ast aww bdb bsw bud bv bv bv bv bv bv bv bv bv c cpp css csv cw cwk cwl cws cxx db db db dbf dbs ddb def des diz doc dot dox dta dvi dwf dz ebo edd edn etd evy ext ezs faq fdf flp fm fm fm fmf fmo fmt fp fp fp fpt frt frx fsl fsx fx gdb gph gth h hpp htc htm hwp hxx hz ics iif inc ind jtd jtx lit log lst ltx lwd lwp m m m m m maf mar mbf mcw mdb mde mf mhp mht mn mn mn mn mn mn mn mn mn mny mpd mpp mpt mst msw mw nvr nws oas obd o... Read more
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I reinstalled Win7 on my laptop, but I didn't use HP recovery manager. Now widows is not functioning properly and I can't find recovery manager to reinstall it again.I've tried downloading it from HP website, but I get the massege: ''Softpaq does not apply to the system no hp recovery manager installed'' when I try to install it.  Please help!

A:No Recovery Manager on my laptop.

Hi Jugger, I think the computer that you are having is more than 2 years old.   You may use the following link to download the Recovery manager application in your computer, and that might help you to reinstall the windows 7 OS ,.  I don't think , Tech Support  would be able to send you the recovery software since the comp;uter is more than 2 years old.. but .. you may always call them @ 1-800-474-6836 The link i was mentioning about is  : Thank you for choosing HP, You have a great day, Regards, Ashok

Ashok ... HP..always working
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Due to my hard drive failing, I can only use the recovery program by pressing f11 on boot up. In the backup section, I have a 1TB external hard drive attached, with ~500 gigs of free space, and my internal harddrive had around 750 GBs used.So my question is, if I select all the backup options on the recovery manager, will the program wipe my external hard drive or will it compress the backup and make it fit in 500 GBs? I don't want my External HD to get wiped as it has a lot of family photos.
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Trying to create recovery disk on SanDisk Cruzer 32GB USB Flash Drive using HP Recovery Manager. On"Please Insert one of the Following Media" screen, the Recovery Manager just presents the system busy icon. Unable to select USB as media to be used. Is there a solution to address this problem?
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I am trying to run the Recovery manager on my HP pavilion 6000 and I have followed all the steps to run it. Each time it just reloads windows and doesn't reopen to run the Recovery manager program a second time (as it is supposed to). I have tried also using the F11 option and this doesn't do anything. I tried calling HP and they were of no help, unless I wanted to pay a $40 fee to speak with tech support (with no guarantee of being able to fix it). All they could tell me was the recovery manager program may be corrupted (lots of good that does when you need it). Has anyone run into this problem or any solutions on how to get the program to run properly?
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i have hp pavilion dv6 core i7 laptop. genuinely it has amount of 20GB recovery partition. very first the recovery manager remind me to write backup disks. I did not know what was that!!! now the recovery manager not working. how can i re activate the recovery manager...OR is there any other way to active the recovery partition(F 11 NOT WORKING).
When i trying to create recovery dvds appears this error message what do
i do now??

A:recovery manager does not work

How to make HP Recovery DVD disks:
Recover Windows Vista Operating System Using HP Recovery - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

How to make HP Recovery USB disk:
Creating a Recovery Disk on a USB Flash Disk HP Pavilion dv6700z CTO Entertainment Notebook PC - HP Customer Care (United States - English)

You can Order HP Recovery Disks from here:
Compaq Mini CQ10-500 PC series*-* HP Notebook PCs - Order Recovery Discs for Windows 7, Vista, or XP - c00810334 - HP Business Support Center
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I posted earlier today that I've had a similar virus to others posting recently. I have a Compaq running Windows 7 and received the Microsoft Security Essentials error that shuts down the computer after 1 minute. I've tried to run the FRST.exe to get this process started, but when I go to System Recovery, I get a little different screen then described on other posts. I'm seeing the Compaq Recovery Manager. The options are:
Microsoft System Restore
Microsoft Startup Repair Tool
System Recovery
Run Computer Checkup
File Backup Program

Can somebody please help me out here and let me know where to go from here? I'm struggling with this one!


A:Help! Still having trouble with recovery manager


I have reported your problem to a special group.

Someone should be with you soon.
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I have factory manager in my hard drive but when i try to access to recovery manager pressing F11 do not recognize it

and i don't have recovery manager in star programs , what can i do to recovery my computer to factory . thank you
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Hello,I had to reinstall windows  (w 8.1 single l.  out and w 8.1 pro in)  after that i cant finde my sistem recovery manager. Its a great tool and my question is can i download it?Tryed but i cant find for w8,only for vista and 7.Thank you

A:Sistem recovery manager

Hi @sir1960  Welcome to the HP Support Forums! I understand that the recovery manager is unavailable after reinstalling the OS. Did you delete all the partitions before reinstalling, or is the recovery partition still showing up on your system? The recovery image from the factory allows for the creation of a set of recovery disks for disaster recovery, or to recover directly from the partition itself. I am assuming you did not make a set of disks, is that correct? If the partition is gone or damaged and inaccessible, the only option would be to contact HP directly to get a set of recovery media. I believe there is a charge for this, as much because of the license fees for the operating system as anything else, but you can check and see for sure. Obtaining HP Recovery Discs or an HP USB Recovery Drive I hope this helps.
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hi there i accidentally erased my recovery drive and i would like to get back to the original factory state because im having a lot of issues with the windows 10 'upgrade' . can you please send me a link to get it?

A:hi there i need the recovery manager for HP Pavilion dv7 Not...

Hi, You'll need to use your Recovery Media to reinstall Windows 7 - a guide on using this media to reinstall Windows is on the document below. Performing A System Recovery - Windows 7. If you don't have this, see if you can still order it from HP on the link below. If this is no longer available from HP, you can still order this media from the 3rd party re-seller on the following link. Regards, DP-K
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i have my recovery partition still working fine. OS is also working. But i cant do the one key recovery. The link which connects both boot agent and recovery drive is gone somehow and HP RECOVERY manager says recovery partition is disabled. But for me its still there. Can you give a solution to recover the recovery manager ?

A:Recover Recovery Manager

Dear Customer,  I did research on this issue and found this Document:  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Hi,I formated hard drive and I tried to recovery system but when I'm pressing F11during starting up, instead recovey manager I received message "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key".What to do in this occasion? Thanks.P.S. I have recovery partition (ssd) installed on my computer, but I can't use it...
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where can I find cyberlink recovery manager software?I installed a new windows 7 and I found all the drivers difinitions and softwares that came with my dv6 notebook but I couldn't find the cyberlink recovery manager! how can I install it ? Thanks

A:cyberlink recovery manager

The Cyberlink recovery manager was designed to work with the HP recovery partition and the factory installed Windows 7 HP version OS. The recovery manager will not work with a retail install of W7.  Here is a better solution, go to the control panel and find "Backup and Restore". In the left column find "Create a system image" and "Create a system repair disc". These two applications work together to restore you computer at the time of creation. You can also use your W7 installation DVD as a system repair disc.  Unlike the HP recovery disc's, you can make as many sets as you like.
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Hi to all, my laptop HP 650 with Windows 8 sudenly crush and after traing to reboot with HP Recovery Managereveryting went fine until last step. I got message to press last window to reboot but after thatlaptop start and rebooting is already 6 hours long. All I have on monitor is HP logo and dots running in cirklelast 6 hours. Thank you in advance for answering.Sorry my english.... Nootebook manufactured 2013 and before.
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I'm doing HP Recovery Manager Disc copying to a USB flash drive and in Task Manager>Performance>Resource Monitor>Disk it says Rebecca.exe is reading 9.3 MB/sec while System is writing 9.3 MB/sec.

Is this a Friday bug? LOL

A:Anybody know what Rebecca.exe is? HP Recovery Manager

Quote: Originally Posted by Cymbal Man Freq

I'm doing HP Recovery Manager Disc copying to a USB flash drive and in Task Manager>Performance>Resource Monitor>Disk it says Rebecca.exe is reading 9.3 MB/sec while System is writing 9.3 MB/sec.

Is this a Friday bug? LOL

A Google search with the search term "Rebecca.exe" produces several results. Did you try using Google? Did you check the results? If not, that would be a good starting point.

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I recently bought a refurb HP Desktop. It does not come with the windows disks, so I'd like to create a windows iso to USB or disk as a backup. Microsoft website tells me to contact the manufacturer as this version of windows was a factory install. HP tell me to use the Recovery Manager software. However, this is not installed on my PC. I've looked on the HP software website for my machine and version of windows and there is no Recovery Manager available for download. Does anyone know how I can get the HP Recovery Manager to create my Windows iso backup usb or disk? Thanks, Chris

A:Recovery Manager not Installed

Hi, Please try the following instructions Regards.