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Buzzing after shutdown HP spectre x360

Q: Buzzing after shutdown HP spectre x360

I just bought spectre x days ago and I heard a constat buzzing after shutdown computer completely which comes spectre HP x360 after Buzzing shutdown from bottom air intake close to delete button When I turn-on X the buzzing is Buzzing after shutdown HP spectre x360 stronger normally it is not possible to understand a noise while you work however it is really weird that there is a buzzing noise nbsp even after shutdown completely I contacted with HP service however they Buzzing after shutdown HP spectre x360 said there is no any record for similar things and they said the buzzing is normal nbsp I should say this is not good I checked some forums and saw some records related HD Intel And it is obvious there is no any solution Buzzing after shutdown HP spectre x360 However my problem is more buzzing noise goes on after shutdown I made some minor test I insert a USB and the buzzing was more noisy after takei it out buzzing niose was minor however still nbsp nbsp My question what should I do Isn't it weird that you turn off your computer and get on a plane and your computer is still active Or it consume battery life while you sleep Or isn't clear that there is a problem with this computer nbsp nbsp I hope someone from HP answers me because service thinks it is OK nbsp
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Preferred Solution: Buzzing after shutdown HP spectre x360

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Okay so I've read the other threads and figure that...well...I figured nothing.

Audio sounds great. It's from my gigabyte motherboard, not from an expansion card. I have a jumper cable running from my mobo to my video card for the audio signal. When there is no audio playing on my computer, there is a sort of static buzz that has what seems like a specific rate to it... "blip blip____blip blip___blip blip"..... sort of like that

All inputs/recording settings have been disabled.

The only fix I have is to basically open an app (winamp) and have it play audio at 0% volume. It's kind of stupid and would prefer to not have to do this. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Buzzing when no sounds play over HDMI connection

I have a jumper cable running from my mobo to my video card for the audio signal.Click to expand...

That's the norm for HDMI. HUMMMMMM or other noise when no sound is being produced intentionally is usually a grounding or cable shielding problem.

To be honest, my laptop HDMI is iffy; by that I mean, a connection to the HDTV at home and at one auditorium is just fine, but at another location, I get hum all the time both with and without sound originating from the laptop - - using the same hdmi cable.

The laptop has a plastic case and of course can not be shielded and therefore subject to 'environmental' interference'

In normal audio circuits, a/c hum indicates poor or no shielding (ie grounding) OR
the leads on the audio cable are reverse - - the ground on the cable is wired (by mistake) to the audio hot lead (ie the input).

On your PC, make sure you have a grounded A/C power cord and the wall plate has an active ground connection.
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I have a mildly used 13 month old Samsung laptop that is having shutdown issues. It starts up normal and in about one minute, the screen pixilates, freezes and then shuts down. You the have to wait about 10-15 min before it will start. The fan has zero dust build-up and spins ok at startup. Can a heat sensor be bad on one of the parts? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You

A:1 min shutdown

The thermal pads and/or paste may need to be replaced...
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Hey guys I've got a problem. My GPU GTX780 GHz is making a buzzing / whining sound at very high fps and I mean 300+. I tried to google it but most buzzing seems to be made by PSU however PSU has nothing to do with fps. And I assume that the power consumption is roughly the same when playing Crysis 3 120 fps or Dead Space 2 400+ fps.
Yes I know I could use v-sync but sometime it causes noticeable input lag.

Is it normal? Safe for the GPU? Does it go away?

Thanks for info

A:GPU buzzing / whining at very high fps

What is you PSU make and model? When was the last time you cleaned your system out (physically powering down, opening the case and removing all the dust - especially on all the fans)? Do you monitor your internal temps when you game - if so what are they when you game? Have you overclocked anything?
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Hi Guys,

I would like to seek help regarding my laptop (Dell Inspiron 3437). I oftenly encounter a very slow start up/booting and also there are times that shutting it down takes too long also as if it is not responding, which will result to forced shutting it. I need help in this.

Thanks you very much.

A:Dell Inspiron 3437- Startup and shutdown problem

Which Windows and how much free space do you have?
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Hello everyone.
I have a Dell Latitude E6410 laptop, which I bought it as a used laptop. Last week, while I am using it to browse websites, it SUDDENLY shutdown, then I try to turn it on again by pressing the power button, but it doesn't turn on. I look at the power adapter, it's green light is FLASHING. When I disconnect the power adapter from the laptop, the light on the power adapter is STEADY green. As soon as I connect the power adapter back to the laptop, its green light is FLASHING again. I also tried to turn on the laptop by using the battery, but it doesn't turn on. There is NO sound or light on the laptop at all. What's wrong with my laptop, is the motherboard dead? Sorry for a long message. Thank you very much for any help.

A:Dell Latitude E6410 Suddenly shutdown

Remove the battery and the AC Adapter and hold the power button down for at least 30 seconds. Put the AC adapter in and leave the battery out. try powering it up again
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Hi, I'm new to this site, as to any forums in general, but I was wondering if someone would help me identify what's wrong with my laptop.
It's been used for at least two good years and 've been working better or worse, I'm currently running W8, I've cleaned it many times and it isn't overheating (as far as I can tell by checking the fan.
The problem is that after an hour or so of use, it just goes to the Shutting down... screen. Sometimes it shuts down during a game, sometimes during a video or if I wait long enough it'll shut down on the desktop without any apps running.
It's really frustrating and weird, there are no errors or any indications as to why it shuts down. Happened about 20 times for the past few days. Ideas?

A:Laptop goes to shutdown screen abruptly

The laptops thermal compound has probably gone bad and hardened... This causes the motherboard to trigger its "overheating" circuit, even though it doesn't seem that hot
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Hello all, this is David!

I'm having a problem with my laptop speakers. When the PC arrived they were all magic and the sound was great but now there's a buzzing sound when the PC volume goes 50%+ or even lower. I can't really tell much more. I only happens with some songs, not all. And it's really annoying. This are supposed to be good speakers, but it happens everywhere, with or without ac adapter, home not home... I don't know what to do since I don't know very much about audio.

Thank you very much, I hope you can help me!

A:Dell XPS L501X JBL speakers 2.1 buzzing sound

The audio driver may have become corrupted. Make sure you run Windows Update over and over again until ALL updates have been installed...
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My speakers work fine when plugged into my gf computer, but when plugged into mine, I get nothing but buzzing. No music or anything else. I have not made any changes to my computer. I tried rebooting the computer didn't help. Not sure what to do.

A:No sound other than buzzing noise from my PC speakers

Try other speakers or headphones. The audio jack might be broken.
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Hello people I am fairly green when it comes to computer and hopefully you who are more educated on the subject can lend me a helping hand It started out about a week ago The computer shut down while I was playing WoW I reached down and touched the casing and it was scorching I gave it time to cool down for about an hour and AMD shutdown 88C. at FX-4100 Occasional computer started it up again Same thing happend I AMD FX-4100 at 88C. Occasional computer shutdown opened her up and could barly touch the CPU and powersupply due to the heat I once more let it cool down and turned it on once more to check if all the fans were working I could spot no problems This has occured a few times a day since then Both in games and when just browsing Im not quite sure what information to leave but ill write down what I think you need My computer OS Windows home premium bit Processor AMD FX tm - Quad-Core GHz RAM MB Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Series I DLed CPUID HWMonitor to check the tempratures and while playing I had - C on my processor and down in the low s while browsing Would really appriciate some help on this Thanks in advance Petter nbsp

A:AMD FX-4100 at 88°C. Occasional computer shutdown

Temp max safe temperature according to AMD is 61c for the bulldozer chips. If im not mistaken the CPU starts to throttle after 81c. If you are hitting 88c, you are overheating the processor and theres something wrong. I would suggest reseating the CPU cooler with some new thermal paste to start and we can go from there, however the temps your hitting are far beyond even what a stock cooler on an FX 4100 should let it achieve.

I also notice you say your PSU is also just as hot, what wattage is your PSU and what specific video card do you have?
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Hello all I m having a pretty unique issue My laptop s battery died recently out of the blue HP DV t I purchased a replacement battery The battery seems to be working fine holds a charge well It doesn t fit perfectly there s a slight amount of quot jiggling quot but I can jiggle the battery around and the power does not turn off or anything When I close the lid to my laptop it goes resume during Shutdown system into sleep mode When I reopen the lid the log in Shutdown during system resume screen appears and then the laptop dies I can manually turn it on again after seconds or after removing the battery and putting it back in This does not occur when the laptop is plugged in I have been trying to experiment to see what else triggers this to happen I have found that when I go into quot Hibernation quot mode and then wake the laptop up it dies during the quot system resume quot process It will continue to repeatedly die during system resume until it is plugged into a charger and then starts up normally Does this sound like a faulty battery issue or something more Where in the world can I find a reputable source for a HP DV T battery Running Windows Home Premium -bit for the record I m inclined to just blame the battery but as the old battery is dead I cannot know for sure nbsp

A:Shutdown during system resume

Yes, I would return that "cheap" battery and make sure that you get a equavalent battery with the same HP part number
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Hello Techspot! So yesterday, I built a new computer and everything works fine except one thing. I get these weird distorted buzzing noises when I play games. It only happens ingame and its coming from my headphones. Youtube and media players work fine. They are kinda non existant when you start the game, like really low buzzes but then they get higher when I get into it. Like the main menu is fine in Saints Row 3 but when the loading screen and the game itself starts it just gets a lot higher. Can it be soundcard drivers? I don't think its my headphones fault because I tried them on another computer and they work fine. My motherboard is: Fatality Z77 Performance.

A:Weird buzzing noises during games

Btw, the soundcard is a Realtek ALC892 7.1. I'm searching for drivers but I can't seem to find any
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Hi... I just bought a new mobo(asus p5g41t-m lx3) and installed win7 problem is about the sound... I already tried installing several drivers... and right now I installed Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.6402 and updated it...I also installed the latest codecs... but still the only sound coming out is a buzzing noise when I play music or video max volume... there's no buzzing when I don't play anything... can anyone help me?

A:My PC sounds are just buzzing noises

Eighter u downloaded the wrong driver or its time to get a new sound card pal :S
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I recently purchased a GTX and after installing it and rebooting my computer once windows fired up I noticed my speakers were making a high pitched noise along with fluctuating static Upon further investigation I realized my audio was also not working Here are some things I have tried to remedy the situation - Checked the speakers They work perfectly on another computer likewise I still get install new audio buzzing, no video after card Speakers the noise when I tried a different set of speakers and a set of earbuds in the problem computer - Tried changing the video card out with the old GTX didn t work - I have tried uninstalling reinstalling both audio and video drivers using these instructions http www Speakers buzzing, no audio after new video card install evga com forums tm aspx m amp mpage with drive sweeper again to no success - Speakers buzzing, no audio after new video card install I have swapped out PSU s and still get the problem - I have tried doing a fresh windows install with a spare HDD and I still get the noise as soon as windows boots I have figured out that if I go in to Device Manager under System Devices and disable one of Speakers buzzing, no audio after new video card install the High Definition Audio Controller there are two but the other is associated with my video card then the noise will stop At this point I am pretty perplexed as to what is causing this Could something on my board have been zapped I m out of ideas for a fix any help ideas would be greatly appreciated ASUS x Sabertooth mobo Intel i - Bloomfield GHz Quad Core EVGA GTX GB Corsair Vengeance DDR RAM Kingston SV GB SSD WD Black TB RPM HDD Corsair HX Watt PSU nbsp
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I'm using Windows 7 and a ASUS X54C Notebook.

While my laptop is charged, no matter how I shutdown, whether it be on start command or closing the lid, the laptop refuses to shut all the way off, the power just stays on. I already set the options to shut it down whether the power is being charged or not when closing the lid.

A:Why won't my notebook shutdown while being charged?

Try doing a factory restore, after backing up your important files
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so I was making a video coming from sound or CPU GPU? It's not fan? the Buzzing/sizzling in sony vegas pro a few minutes ago and noticed a buzzing sizzling noise coming from my computer so I opened up the side panel to take a look I think it s either my GPU or my CPU but the weird thing is it s not the fans because I stopped them with my finger and the buzzing continued also another MAJORLY weird thing is that the buzzing only occurs when the video is playing when it s paused- nothing Ive also noticed this happening during gaming could you guys please inform me of what you think is happening because I m at a loss and yes I m sure the buzzing is coming from my GPU CPU or Motherboard and not my speakers please help me I dont like Buzzing/sizzling sound coming from CPU or GPU? It's not the fan? the sound of this also sometimes out of nowhere the screen will like go red for a few seconds then just turn off then it re-appears and a notification bubble pops up saying Display Driver stopped responding and has recovered Kernel has stopped working what is going on specs Mobo ASRock Extreme CPU AMD FX- GPU Gigabyte GTX Ti nbsp

A:Buzzing/sizzling sound coming from CPU or GPU? It's not the fan?

Does it sound like this?

Determine exactly where the noise is coming from. Its more likely to be your power supply than your gpu, and least likely to be your cpu.
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I have dell vostro 3300 brand new. when I press shutdown the laptop restart, I could not fix
I think mp laptop is not normal.I tried to install another operating system
I changed OS to XP but I got the same problem...

A:When I press shutdown the laptop restart

ohail said:

I have dell vostro 3300 brand new. when I press shutdown the laptop restart, I could not fix
I think mp laptop is not normal.I tried to install another operating system
I changed OS to XP but I got the same problem...Click to expand...

You might of voided the warranty by putting another OS on it,but you might contact Dell & see what they say.
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The server has a software it shows the clients,yes and gives the option to restart selected clients but that allows (option) the users(clients) to select to restart in a couple of mins or now which i don't want,

i want to shutdown a specific computer(client ) when i feel that the user is stubborn to shut down or when it just too much work to shut down all computers... is there any way to do this? preferably without installing a new software even by using any other method than symantec cus thats mostly for the updates and so on...

A:Restart or shutdown clients by using the servers

Set it on a script in AD. You do have AD domain right? Or set a remote task to that system there is third party freeware software for the LAN Shutoff one system. But Windows Task Manager can do this on the server level.
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a mate of mine dropped his laptop (acer travelmate 8372) from about 1.4m height, and it makes really really loud buzzing crackling noises. is it the busted hard drive? or is something electric in the laptop about to explode?

A:Laptop dropped, making buzzing noise

Such a noise could be a number of things, is it still booting up to the desktop?

I guess from your description that the noise is coming from the speakers, if you could just confirm that.
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Hey guys having an issue with my friends laptop. It's an HP G62 with Intel I3 running windows 7.

I have had to replace the screen and ever since it hasn't shutdown or gone into sleep mode properly. It will turn the screen off but the machine will still be running (fans etc) and the only way to turn it off is with the power button.

I have tried alternating the RAM and it doesn't appear to be a Windows issue. The BIOS looks a bit outdated (F.07...I think the latest update is F.36) but I'm sketchy about about flashing the BIOS because if the laptop wont restart properly I don't want to kill the laptop.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

A:Laptop won't shutdown / sleep

What have you got setup in the Power Options for sleep and hibernation. There is a setting to select what it should do when you close the lid, have you set that?

Try shutting it down from safe mode and see if that works, that may give some clues to the problem.
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Hi gang
well i have a pc tower in and it is doing random shutdowns and then restarting
it is not a brand pc it is a bitsa (bits of this bits of that ) lol

we have done a deap virus scan " all clear"
we did a defrag
drive usage is not over 80%
oh and i gave it a good dusting out so it is dust free for now
It always seems to occur when on facebook

did i say its my wifes computer so it has to be done a.s.a.p ...... lol

A:Help with shutdown

What about your system temperatures. Random shutdowns are usually an indication of an overheating CPU.
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I hear a buzzing sound from my audio speakers and this post actually explains it nearly perfectly Hey guys So I finally got finished with my Cosmos Mod which I hope to have up and posted on the forums soon but I outlet front from sound audio Buzzing m having some trouble with buzzing and crackling with the headphones plugged into the front jack My Cosmos Buzzing sound from front audio outlet case comes equipped with the HD Azalia front audio connector in addition to the AC audio connector When completing my wire management and sleeving I decided to remove the AC connector since I only needed the HD Azalia connector which is attached to my Creative X-Fi Extreme Gamer sound card Buzzing sound from front audio outlet So I simply cut the AC connector off I did not cap each of the exposed remaining wires as they were very small in diameter and I figured I would just sleeve over it and try it Problem When I plug any of my three pairs of different headphones to the front panel I have buzzing and crackling whether games or programs are making sound or not I especially have crackling when I move my Razer Death Adder around which seems really weird I ve got the Death Adder plugged directly into my Logitech G By the way I ve also got my wireless Logitech mouse plugged in and when I move that one around there is no ill effect on the sound When I ve got the headphones plugged in directly to the sound card at the back of the computer I ve got perfect silence No interference at all with each pair of headphones I plug in Click to expand from http forums bit-tech net showthread php t The solutions on that forum say grounding shielding and basically things that I am clueless about Help Thanks nbsp

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Hi everyone Let me start by explaining the problem that s occuring here everytime a graphical processing application a heavy one like games starts running it starts making this annoying buzzing humming sounds that won t stop until you stop the app Now i m pretty sure it s the gfx card causing this noise cause when I start my driver and test the from (what card graphics Buzzing believe) sound I coming D settings the noise occurs till I stop the D settings Now this might be the cause of some interference between my mobo with onboard soundcard psu wireless card but to be Buzzing sound coming from (what I believe) graphics card honest i have no frickin clue of what really could be the problem Another weird thing is that if I wear headphones i Buzzing sound coming from (what I believe) graphics card can actually hear the noise through my headphones and it coming out of my pc at the same time Even when using a VoIP program other people can hear this noise Buzzing sound coming from (what I believe) graphics card and even louder than myself I believe through their speakers only when my mic is activated though This problem has been occuring for about almost a year now but i never really tried anything because it didnt bother me that much as my music is always on but it can t go on like that forever right system specs ati AMD X ghz Asus M A T Deluxe PSU OCZ ModXstream pro W now i dont think the rest of the specs really matter I hope anyone can help it would be really appreciated nbsp

A:Buzzing sound coming from (what I believe) graphics card

It might also be the power supply. I suggest substituting a known good graphics card and then power supply to find the source of the problem.
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Hi I got a new system assembled in September this year Since the last two weeks there is a weird buzzing sound like that of a bee emanating from inside the system at random intervals It lasts for an intervals fan buzzing creates Computer at irritating random sound - seconds and then stops only to occur again Initially I ignored it Computer fan creates an irritating buzzing sound at random intervals But when it continued this way I opened up the CPU while the system was running Now there are two fans inside my CPU a big one mounted vertically at the back kind of like an exhaust fan and a smaller one screwed horizontally on a heat sink processor fan I suppose I discovered that the sound was emanating from the processor fan How did I know Well I waited for the buzzing sound to occur again and when it did I placed a finger on the center of the fan The fan stopped rotating and so did the buzzing sound The fan is screwed on to the heat sink Initially I thought that it might be due to friction fan rubbing against a rough surface So I unscrewed it and took a peek underneath But it seemed fine to me Then I cleaned the fan with a hair dryer It didn t have much of dust anyway as it s just months old I also used the hair dryer to clean the top of the heat sink then screwed the fan back on and started the system It was fine for a couple of minutes and then the buzzing sound materialized once again And this continues to occur at random intervals even now I have experienced noisy computers before and I do understand that it s normal for computers to be slightly noisy due to the cooling fans However this buzzing sound is something new to me Can anyone diagnose this problem and help me get rid of the buzzing sound It gets on my nerves especially at nights while I am surfing My system configuration is as below AMD Athlon II X Processor on MSI GMA-E motherboard with GB Corsair DDR RAM OS is Windows Ultimate Ed bit By the way I had enabled the quot AMD Cool n Quiet quot feature in my BIOS setup a long time ago I have tried disabling it But this did not stop the buzzing sound As this is a brand new system shouldn t the fan be running smoothly I do remember that the heat sink and fan were part of the AMD processor package kit nbsp

A:Computer fan creates an irritating buzzing sound at random intervals

I'd say the fan is defective. I'd just replace it. I doubt it would be worth it to return the CPU, heatsink and fan just to get a new fan but I suppose you could if you wanted to.
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My laptop is shutting down when i attempt to play any kind of game even one as simple as runescape I shutdown Gateway unexpected NV79 brought it in to be professionaly cleaned and when i recieved it the problem remained Speed fan records the temperatures getting into the cel before this happens tho I ve even tried putting it on a big square fan but it does not help it Gateway NV79 unexpected shutdown worked fine for months before this started happening could it be the memory the Gateway NV79 unexpected shutdown motherboard please any help would be very apperciated thank you OS Name Microsoft Windows Home Premium Version Build Other OS Description Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Manufacturer Gateway System Model NV System Type x -based PC Processor Intel R Core TM i CPU M GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Gateway V SMBIOS Version Windows Directory C Windows ATI mobility radeon HD GB Installed Physical Memory RAM GB Total Physical Memory GB Available Physical Memory GB Total Virtual Memory GB Available Virtual Memory GB Page File Space GB nbsp

A:Gateway NV79 unexpected shutdown

You might need to have the CPU thermal paste replaced by a laptop tech
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im not sure if this post should be here Well for the past year and a half now of my pc s keeps shutting down At first it would only shutdown PC Random do so when playing games Over time it has Random PC shutdown come to the point where spending any time on the pc doing anything like something as simple as checking my facebook or my emails my pc only has fans one at the back under the power supply and one on the processor i have even taken off the side cover on the casing hoping thinking it might have been due to over heating but still it shuts down on me i had brought the pc to a few pc Random PC shutdown repair places most of them were telling me that it was due to ether my pc being dusty or my power supply Well i have changed the power supply and cleaned the whole pc and it still shuts down I have even gone as far as to remove everything and Random PC shutdown reinstall it all in hopes that it was just a bad connection this worked for maybe days then it started shutting down again This is about as much info i can give you about my pc not all that great with them Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co Ltd Processor AMD Athlon tm X Dual Core Processor MMX DNow CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Hard Drive GB Video Card NVIDIA GeForce SE nForce Monitor SyncMaster N N N N Sound Card Realtek HD Audio output Operating System Windows XP Home Edition Build Service Pack xpsp sp gdr - Motherboard GIGABYTE GA-M PME-S any help would be most appreciated nbsp

A:Random PC shutdown

Well generally pc shutdowns are due to the power supply being faulty or general overheating.
As you have replaced the power supply there is a small chance that this is the cause. Again you have checked the connections to the motherboard and they are fine too.

The only thing I can suggest without further thought is to check the cpu temperature. This can be accessed in some bios configuration screens. Generally you can enter this screen using the f1, f2 or delete key.

The temperature will be under the power tab and it will probably show the motherboard temp as well as the cpu's. between < 35 is great 35-45 is ok anything over 45 is starting to run hot etc. *Note AMD chips do run a little hotter so take this into account*

What cpu fan do you have? is it connected with thermal paste?

The motherboard could have a faulty connection point I once experienced this except the computer was in permanent sleep mode rather than sporadic shut downs.
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THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR HELP JUST A HELPFUL TIP If anyone has ever run into a problem with their Acer Travelmate have not seen with other models laptop stalling during a shutdown restart then take this into consideration right click My Computer and click Manage on the left side select Device Manager press the beside Imageing Devices Right click your webcam Travelmate shutdown fix Acer stall and click Disable Try and restart your computer If it restarts fine without stalling this fix is for you keep Acer Travelmate shutdown stall fix reading If the above worked re-enabled the webcam Now following the Acer Travelmate shutdown stall fix same steps My Computer gt Manage gt Device Manager gt At the bottom of the list you will see Universal Serial Bus controllers in that list is your USB plugs Now this will get a little tedious but in order to figure out which one is stopping the webcam you have to try it on each one You will only have to do this one the USB Root Hub Right click one go to Properties then go to Power Managment and uncheck Allow the computer to turn this device off to save power Restart the computer if it freezes re-enable that device and try the next one nbsp
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Hey guys,

I've had my ASUS G50V for about a year now, and I recently spilled a gracious amount of water right into the keyboard.

Now, whenever I press the power button, the LED display lights up, but then it immediately shuts down.

Any suggestions to what could possibly be the issue? Or is it un-fixable?

Any answers, helpful or not, would be amazing.

Thanks guys,

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Hi I'm running vista 64, home premium and have recently purchased a WD 1TB network drive.

Now everytime I go to restart, put my computer into sleep or hibernate mode it hangs at the shutdown screen in vista. Only when I disconnect the external HDD and turn it off does my computer go back to normal.

I checked the removal policy from the HDD under the device manager and optimized for performance is checked. I can't get access to change it to optimize for quick removal. Does anyone know how to change the removal policy so it doesn't cause vista to hang?

Or does anyone know what might be causing this?

A:Western Digital My Book 1TB Network HDD- hangs on shutdown

It is probably a good idea to shut down the HDD before shutting down the computer. It sounds like the drive is "writing back" how have you got your back-up settings? Auto Backup write\save to the WD 1Tb? There may be a way to hang-up the HDD on shut down/hibernate but this may corrupt it! in "Computer Management" - "Services and Applications" - "Services" but I don't have an external or WD drive so cannot get you any closer to this action --which I don't recommend anyway. Is there any info on the HDD enclosure\docking station at the manufacturer site?
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Sub-woofer only has a two pin a/c plug.

Connecting input cable is single wire with a stereo mini-phone jack on each end.

If I plug the sub-woofer into the a/c there is no buzzing until I plug a cable (unattached at the other end) into the input hole after which a low buzzing.

Changing the volume raises the buzz sound a little but not very much.

The big buzzing starts after I plug the other end of the cable into the output socket on my laptop.

If I have the volume on the sub-woofer turned down then there is no buzzing, but if turn it up just a little then the buzzing is loud and unaffected by increasing its volume.

Any help would be appreciated.


A:Another buzzing sub-woofer problem

try using another set of cable,looks like you have a defective plug.
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Hi everyone I just put together a Computer build shutdown issue, new new computer but I m having difficulties and my hardware error diagnosis skills are pretty lacking so I m hoping that someone can help me It looks to me like a PSU issue but like I said I don t know that much about it and it s a nice PSU so I wasn t expecting any problems with it Anyway everything boots up just fine for a very short while I ve been trying to poke around in the BIOS to look for any potential problems there but the computer has a nasty habit of shutting down after a few minutes I have the same problem when I try to install Windows It gets about halfway through loading the installer and the computer just shuts down It s worth noting that the first time I tried to turn it on the fans spun up for less than a second and it just shut down again so this Computer shutdown issue, new build sometimes happens very fast Here s the hardware Intel core i gigabyte GA-H M-USB motherboard TB seagate hard drive x Gb GSkill ram chips I don t know the model off the top of my head A sony dvd burner once again I don t know the model right now XFX HD- X-ZNF graphics card Everything but the disc drive and the graphics card were part of a combo deal on newegg so I don t think there should be any compatibility issues though I did try running it without the graphics card It ran longer but still shut down All this seems to point to the psu but as I said I m no hardware expert and I d like to get some other opinions before I start sending specific parts back EDIT I appear to have fixed the problem though the solution is troubling I loaded the optimized default settings for the BIOS The only setting I had changed was to put my hard drive into ahcpi mode rather than IDE So running my hard drive in IDE mode is the way to fix it Does anyone know why this would be Should I be sending for a new drive nbsp

A:Computer shutdown issue, new build

For clarification sake: Are you saying the harddrive was originally set in the BIOS as ahcpi mode but by setting the optimized default settings the BIOS set it to IDE? Anyway...

Before sending for a new drive run Chkdsk and run harddrive diagnostics by using the free utility that you can get off of your HD manufacture's website.

In your case it would be Seagate's Seatools. You'll have to burn the ISO file to a disk and make sure your CD/DVD drive is first bootable in the BIOS because this program kicks in almost immediately after boot-up, much like Memtest does for memory.

Run both short and long tests.

* By the way, what model is your Seagate? Can you link us to it?
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i got my system in the open [without case] on my desk. when i open Crysis warhead the buzzing starts at the flash screens and gets lower at the menu. its not loud, you have to be within 2 feet of the psu to hear it. i know its not the fan. it sounds like air leaking out of a Balloon. it doesn't happen when im playing a game or at idle. im not using a UPS but im using a power strip. can the buzzing any cause damage.

A:Corsair 850HX buzzing

A buzzing sound could indicate some electrical damage on the PSU. Which brand is it and how long have you been using it?
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Hey everyone New to the forum and have a situation here I built a rig but the problem I am having is whenever I play certain games then shutdown power on Random back ie Prototype L D GRID the computer would most of the time in random places shut down completely as if someone held the power button and then about Random shutdown then power back on - seconds Random shutdown then power back on later power back up and do the normal load The thing is that it does the exact same thing when I change the RAM setting in BIOS I have the option on picking the speed and etc And when I change the RAM speed and click F to save and exit shuts down and then powers back up not a normal restart all the fans etc stop running And that only happens with the ram speed I can change ANYTHING else in the BIOS and that will not happen I did a memtest on the ram each stick separately and did about - passes on each no errors I am stumped I have been in contact with ASUS and so far no one was able to tell me anything My mobo is an ASUS P T WS Revolution and I am using CORSAIR XMS DDR SDRAM DDR PC full name CORSAIR XMS GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Triple Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model TR X G C I would post a link but it won t let me need more posts lol It does that on some games but games like Crysis for example everything on high and no problem But on Prototype there is one specific area where it will shutdown few seconds before getting to it or a few seconds after In L D its random might not happen for a week might happen a few times an hour so ANY help would be much much appreciated nbsp

A:Random shutdown then power back on

What power supply do you have?

It's normal for motherboards to reboot after changing RAM settings, mine does.

The reason your machine may turn back on, is that it may be set to reboot after a power failure. If your power supply is shutting down because it's being overloaded, the motherboard sees that as power failure.
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Hey there!

I've been experiencing a very annoying problem lately.

I have a 2.1 sound system for my pc, namely this one: Sweex SP002V2 2.1.
Now after a while it starts humming/buzzing, getting increasingly louder. The only way to stop the buzzing is to hit the power button and turn it on again, but the buzzing returns very fast.

It continues to buzz when the cable to the pc is disconnected, so the problem is in the sound system.

Any ideas how to make it stop? it's kind of annoying to have to interrupt gaming/movie watching experiences to get rid of the nasty buzz.

Thanks a lot in advance!


A:Buzzing subwoofer

Replace the 2.1 sound system
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I went to turn on my computer and it was making this buzzing noise and then it started to load but it wouldn't and the screen went black with a bunch of numbers on it does anyone know what the reason might be?

A:Buzzing noise

I assume you have a bios beep or buzzer. Read the FAQs.
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Hi everyone My computer is Computer automatically shutdown while playing Hp m f pavilion elite I replaced my stock psu and gpu My psu is corsair w and the gpu is xfx While playing the dragon age origins for hours suddenly the pc shut itself down This happened ones I ve been monitoring the gpu temp since I installed it the gpu idles at c with fan speed and c on load with fan I don t no if this is normal but sure im getting high temps The cpu is phenom x idles at c and it can go up to c in load I live in the tropical country so it Computer automatically shutdown while playing could really get hot here I ve talked to the hp tech and he said the reason why the system shutdown automatically is that the gpu and psu might not be compatible with the mobo because the mobo requires watts for factory set up Computer automatically shutdown while playing First he suggested me to replace the gpu and I said would it be it better if I replace the mobo instead then he agreed Does mobos have a wattage limit for gpu There s also system freeze occurring randomly First I was planning to replace the cooler for the gpu now I don t know I might replace the mobo instead Is it possible the gpu is overheating because it s not compatible with the mobo I really want to make sure before buying the mobo because I really have a tight budget Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Computer automatically shutdown while playing

Check your system logs for clues as well before making any move, you can do that by going to Control Panel, Admin Tools, and Event Viewer; you should see some error logs over there about your freezes and perhaps crashes as well along with details and Even ID.
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Hi I am using Logitech X- surround sound speakers The speakers suddenly developed a Buzzing sound You can only hear the buzzing sound when the volume is turned down all the way or turned up all the way Volume control on the speakers The buzzing sound is not there in the range between the two settings speakers Buzzing just mentioned I have tried all the Buzzing speakers pc volume settings from off to all up with no effect to the buzzing sound The buzzing sound is on all the speakers It d does not matter which one of the sound jacks green orange black I remove from their connecting on the back of the pc the buzz remain Even if the PC itself is switched off the buzz remain The sound connection is not from a external card but from the motherboard The jacks are not dirty The speakers are not close to any electrical sorce or cords The speaker cords do not run close to other electrical cords Any sugestions would help Regards Burger nbsp

A:Buzzing speakers

If the buzzing is heard with the PC off, the buzz has to be coming from the Creative speakers amplifier
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Hello new to the board swung by when i interference? buzzing Help Electrical with noticed you guys are pretty good at answering tech questions my issue here is my setup has been flawless until i recently added a DJ Mixer Electrical interference? Help with buzzing to it I used to have my speaker monitors basically powerful speakers with their own power supply set up directly to my sound card to play everything from my computer Electrical interference? Help with buzzing Then I had an external Monitor to run a dual monitor set-up I recently purchased turn tables so I picked up the mixer so I could have two channels for the tables channel for my record player and another for my computer The new set-up was working Electrical interference? Help with buzzing perfectly until I tried plugging in my external monitor again As soon as it was plugged in a high pitch frequency came along with it I checked all the inputs and it is certainly coming from the mixer the buzzing only gets louder when the mixer volume is turned up and doesn t change when any of the channel volumes are adjusted I also tried separating the power supplies for the monitors and the computer monitors and moving the plugs so they re not on the same powerbar but I m still not getting any solution Can anyone help me out I realize proximity between the monitors computer monitor and mixer maybe be an issue and I ve been trying to move some stuff around but with limited wire length it s been a little hectic Please help a sound guy in need nbsp

A:Electrical interference? Help with buzzing

Did you figure this out?
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Hi everyone thanks in advance for any help,

I'm getting a constant humming/buzzing sound that is driving me nuts. The noise only comes through when no other sounds are being played. For example, music, games, Ventrilo activity will all mask the noise. (I'm not sure if it completely cancels the noise or is just loud enough to cover it up...) But if I am browsing the web or typing a document with no background audio the buzzing is always there.

Here's my setup:

-Logitech headphones (used these for over 4 years with no issue...)
-Plugged into Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD3R LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel mobo audio jack [Realtek HD Audio Manager]
-CoolerMaster Cosmos case

I don't think any other hardware would be of relevance, but tell me if otherwise.

I built my rig in July and this issue has only crept up in recent weeks - please help before this sound drives me nuts!

A:Maddening buzzing/humming when computer is idle

A fan or hard drive can broadcast and electrical hum or buzz in a computer
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hey guys im having a few problems with my ms-7184 v1.0
i originally thougth it was a PSU malfunction but i have since changed PSu's and the problem is still there.

i can boot up my system fine and everything run perfect untill randomly it shuts down and i cannot restart the PC untill i have unplugged the power and let the power relay inside the PSU reset. Then it works fine again untill it shuts itself down.

my motherboard has a 24pin power socket on it and im using a 20pin connector, ive been told this shouldnt be the problem but im not sure of it.

any reply would be much appreciated.

A:Random shutdown

I have seen this problem many times... You could try updating the motherboard bios and resetting the CMOS, but you might have to replace the motherboard to get rid of this
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hi im shannon

Iv just finished building my pc a couple of days ago and i cant get rid of this horrible buzzing noise from my speakers.
It starts as soon as the pc gets to the windows loading screen then it is permanently there.
It gets louder with the volume its only once went away for a short time when i was loading WMP and i dont know why.
Iv checked all the other threads and my problem is different to everyone elses please can someone help me out here cheers.

A:A high pitched buzzing noise on my PC speakers

Hello Shannon
My experience with noise in the speakers is that it usually is coming in through the speaker's power adapter, although defective audio cables may also cause the problem.

I would suggest... (in this order)
1. Swap your surge protector for a known good, and see if that resolves the noise.
2. Swap the audio cable (the one that attaches between your speakers and the audio out port on the computer).
3. Swap speakers for known good.
If none of these solve your issue, then it could be a bad sound card in your computer.
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Hi there, one day my powersupply fan started to make this rattling noise and then one day the whole pc shut down. I replaced the power supply, but the problem is still occurring. The computer would boot for around 20 seconds then shut down randomly. I quickly went into BIOS- Power- Hardware Management, and saw that my CPU temperature was increasing from around 32C to 53C before shutting down on its own immediately after reaching exactly 52 degrees. Does this mean their is a problem with my CPU cooling? Somebody also mentioned that i need to replace the "thermal paste". Sorry for my lack of knowledge of this subject, but does anyone understand what the problem could be? Thanks Alot!

I have a video if it helps, but i did this video with the starting temperature already quite high so it shut down much quicker.

A:CPU Temperature Causing Shutdown

hmm sounds like you might have the temp warning set to 52c because cpus dont usually shut down till around high 70c. your heat sink fan may have died too so might open it up and see if thats the case will have to buy a new one.
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Hi About a month ago my system froze and became unresponcive I tryed al the normal tricks to Shutdown an crashed PC and was forced in the end to switch off the power suply When I went to turn it back manually with No killing POST, shutdown the power out cannot on It did not POST it just sat there spinning fans and HDDs at me I then tryed shuting No POST, cannot manually shutdown with out killing the power it down by holding the power button on the front of the case for about seconds Nothing happened and i was again forced to switch it of at the power suply SPECS ASUS M A -MVP Delux AMD Phenom Corsair XMS - mb MHz x Radeon HD mb GDDR HIS IceQ Corsair HX W Modular PSU Sata HDD gb gb IDE DVD-ROM Burner D-Link DWA- Wireless Network Adapter I have methodicaly gone through and removed all pieces one at a time and tryed to start the computer with each item removed The resault was alwas the same I had to switch off the PSU to shut down I tryed both sticks of RAM individulay also to no resaut The first sign of a normal boot was when I had just the PSU pluged in to the Motherboard In that instance I could shut it down using the Power Button on the front of the Case I have taken the Motherboard back to ASUS to be looked at and I shiped off the CPU to be tested also Both came back said to be working exactly as they should be I still have to test the ram on a friends computer along with my Cards and HDDs But I realy do not think this will prove anything except that thye are in pperficet working order So I guess my question is what else can I do to figure out what is wrong with my PC Thank you for taking the time to help nbsp

A:No POST, cannot manually shutdown with out killing the power

You can assemble the computer outside the case using just the minimum hardware... Motherboard, CPU, memory, video, hard drive and CDROM. See if it POSTS in this configuration
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I have a Dell Dimension computer that I inherited from my stepdad I know for a fact that he bought two new sticks of rambus mem as an upgrade before he gave the computer to me The reason he gave it to me was because he said it was quot on the Not Boot Will 8100 After Dimension Shutdown Dell fritz Dell Dimension 8100 Will Not Boot After Shutdown quot and he had bought himself a new computer anyway AMD Athlon with bit architecture After shutting down the computer it will not reboot for about an hour to sometimes about an hour and a half It sounds like it is booting up but never powers up the monitor I have read similar posts to mine and have followed the recommendations in them I am getting a yellow A-B Dell Dimension 8100 Will Not Boot After Shutdown and green C-D which means it is not booting the memory correctly and i have tried over and over to reseat the memory Dell Dimension 8100 Will Not Boot After Shutdown and it still does the same thing Once it does actually boot i can go into the bios setup and see that is recognizes the memory as two sticks of rambus mem but then when i look at the total memory count it is only Coversely when i right click on my computer in windows it says I only have but when i go to the system information window it says i have So what gives Is this a motherboard problem a memory problem or possibly something else My friend has a theory he says that heat can casue the pins in the memory slots to droop and not contact the memory correctly and therefore that is why it seems the board must go through a cooldown period before booting again I am desperate to get my computer working correctly again Imagine not being able to restart when you need to Please help Thanks nbsp

A:Dell Dimension 8100 Will Not Boot After Shutdown

Oh yeah, I ordered a new Dimension 8100 specific 410 watt power supply from to replace the existing Dell 250 watt stock PSU.

I know the mobo diagnostic code is saying it is a memory problem but i am still skeptical.

I really need some help here!! Here is some more information about my pc:

Dell Dimension 8100
Stock 250 Watt PSU
Pentium 4 1.4 Ghz Processor
1024 Megs Rambus Ram
2 7200 RPM 60 Gig HDs
Nvidia GeForce 3 64 MB GPU
USB 2.0/Fireware (3 and 2 slots respectively) PCI Card
Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound Card
56k modem (just collects dust)
DVD ROM Drive (LG)
DVD Burner (Sony)
Zip Drive (is not hooked up to power supply though)
3 1/2 floppy drive
Windows XP Home Edition


Altec Lansing Power Cube Speakers
19 inch monitor
Standard Keeboard
Microsoft Intellimouse Optical
Saitek X52 Flight Control System (Awesome, You need one)
DVC 150b Video Capture Device
Net Gear 54mbps Wireless Router
Compaq Pocket PC
HP Photo Printer with data card reader (SD, etc.)
Visioneer Scanner
Cable Modem
Creative Webcam

And probably more stuff that I am forgetting. As you can see I love my computer and I love computing and especially gaming. I have over 150 PC Games in my collection with new ones like HL 2, COD 2, Far Cry, Battlefront 2 etc.

I am upgrading to the 410 watt power supply and a new ATI Radeo X800XL video card (or possibly a slightly better model).

My computer works fine when it boots. It's getting it to boot after a shutdown or trying to restart it that doesn't work.

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I just made a usb LED light for my computer's case, and as I did not have a spare molex connector to be torn apart, I decided to make it usb powered. So when I'm done, I shut down, only to find that the light is still on. Does anyone know how to disable power to the usb ports after the computer is shut down? I've looked through the bios for an option, but have not found anything promising.

A:Disabling USB Power After Shutdown

You can find them available at any computer shop

Y Molex
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Every once in a while, seemingly at random (could be playing a game, browsing the internet, sometimes just after start-up) I will hear a short burst of buzzing (not static) from my speakers. This happens for a second or two, stops for a second or two, and then starts again. Also, at the same time the buzzing is happening, my whole computer will stutter....the mouse will jump, the display will stutter, the whole computer seems to quickly freeze and unfreeze for a second or two, then be fine, then stutter again. Basically it makes it unusable.
The only "cure" Ive found so far is to just restart the computer, and it usually goes away.
Any ideas?

A:Buzzing speakers, computer stutters

Run CCleaner

Update your Drivers

Check your Hard Drive for issues
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Hi I have recently got back into PC gaming after purchasing Dawn of war im having a problem where anygame i play on any settings i get - minutes into the game and my monitor will turn off and then the sound of the game will get distorted also sometimes the pc shutsdown completely When the monitor turns off after of 15 Monitor/PC gameplay minutes shutdown i have to hold down power button on machine as i cannot turn the monitor back on my PC is a very high spec machine i have GB Monitor/PC shutdown after 15 minutes of gameplay ram windows xp with Monitor/PC shutdown after 15 minutes of gameplay SP quadcore processor mb ATI graphics cards using SLI gb harddrive this machine was made from scratch by a independant supplier and has now run out of warranty i upgraded my graphics card and still the same issue happens this issue did happen in the past but i got a bigger power supply which at the time resolved the issue in the past i got a complete shutdown never did i get just the monitor turn off i went onto the ATI website to get hold of graphics driver and while on there i checked to see if my motherboard used ATI driver it was asking me to install the latest driver saying my motherboard currently does not have one this now happens on everygame i play any help would be great regards Steven nbsp

A:Monitor/PC shutdown after 15 minutes of gameplay

Any luck with this? I would suspect the motherboard/bios, cpu temp settings are incorrect or they need to be raised a bit
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Hi all This is my first post and whilst I understand there has been similar posts on this subject to be honest I have not understood them and I am going through a massive PC learning curve it seems Ok to the problem I have been given a PC by my girlfriends parents I can surf for hours without any problems but then as soon as I touch the most when playing Complete Shutdown games simple PC of a game such as WoW or basic Mahjong on the internet after mins or less the PC completely shuts its Complete PC Shutdown when playing the most simple of games self down No error messages just a complete switch off I can restart after a min and its fine until I touch a game My spec is from my computer properties Pentium CPU GHz mb of Ram I have a sticker that says Nvidea gforce fx but on the device manager it says CONNECT D RADEON CONNECT D RADEON Secondary Windows XP Home I have read much about overheating so I downloaded Speedfan but to be honest I have no idea what it is telling me Please help and let me know what other details you need and where I can get them from Thanks G nbsp

A:Complete PC Shutdown when playing the most simple of games

Sounds like an overheating issue with the graphics card to be honest.
When you're surfing the net and such, you're only using 2D acceleration, which takes very little power and produces very little heat. 3D acceleration produces tons of heat and uses a lot more power.

What I would do is open up the side of the case, and take a vacuum or can of compressed air (About $5-$10 at any computer store) and blow the processor fan/heat sink and the video card fan/heat sink (The video card is the one the monitor plugs into) out with it, or vacuum as much dust out as you can.

This, of course must be done while the computer is off.

Then try again.
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HP dv us laptop GHz AMD Turion CPU GB DDR RAM Memory Shutdown after disc first recovery GB WD Scorpio HDD Upgraded from Shutdown after first recovery disc stock GB Seagate HDD Windows XP Media Center Edition Bought in August of Recently I had to do some work on the power jack the battery wouldn t hold a charge and it would die in about seconds off the charger Also I would have to wiggle the plug to the laptop around for it to get a good connection and keep charging The insulation around the wiring had melted and the actual wire was corroded to the point where it just broke off So I stripped the insulation back to get some new wire and then soldered that back to the power jack and wrapped that in some electrical tape so it had some insulation Now after that fix I don t have to wiggle the plug around at all but the battery still won t hold a charge So I might need a new battery but I m ok with just leaving it plugged in all the time I have a new laptop now so I transferred all of my files to the new laptop and wanted to take the HP back to factory settings so I can give it to my cousin so he has a computer for school But whenever I try to use the recovery discs it shuts down after the first disc is completed and asks me to insert the second I thought maybe it was overheating but the computer isn t even warm to the touch Then I used Ubuntu Live CD to format the HDD so it was almost like installing on a fresh HDD but it still would shut down after the first recovery disc Any suggestions on how to keep the computer on after the first recovery disc I haven t tried to just do a fresh install of Windows XP Home Edition but I would really like to have Windows XP Media Center back on it nbsp
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Windows start and shutdown wavs not played
I'm using XP sp3 with onboard Sigma Tel Audio. High Definition Audio Codec driver ver 5.10.5067.0
Sigma Tel audio loads at system start. All sounds are perfect after boot.
The problem is I don't get the Windows Start or Windows Exit sounds.
The sounds are enabled in Control Panel Sounds, and when I sample them, they're fine. They just don't play when starting or shutting down Windows.
Help will be most appreciated.

A:Windows start and shutdown sounds not played

Reinstall the sound drivers
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my profile specs have changed, my imedia pb died , but thats not the issue, My now mobo is microstar 6738 , and the cpu is AMD athlon xp 2400+ ive added a program pc4 alert , whats a good safe max temp to set the alert at ? currently the the cpu is running at between 49 and 51 degrees celcius ?

A:Temperature alert and shutdown

I would set it at 60 or just above. That temp won't hurt anything but over the long haul it will shorten the life of the processor. You want to know about temperature issues before it gets to the point where the system starts running flaky
Relevancy 24.08%


Recently, my laptop shut down and I havn't been able to turn it on since, I thought it might have been my Power Cord, so i got that replaced, but it still never worked?
Nothing works, nothing works when i press the power button, I tried taking out the battery and power cord, etc. but still nothing...

I don't think it is the motherboard because I recently had my motherboard replaced with a brand new one, so I don't really know the problem?

Could somebody please help me...?

A:Laptop shutdown, now won't turn back on?

Hi Howlett93,
Welcome to Techspot.

Just a couple of question:

Why was the orgigional motherboard replaced?

What is the make of the Laptop?

What did you do the day before is didnt turn on again?

CAn we have more PC specs? eg operating sytem RAM etc.

When you tired taking out the battery did you hold down the powerbutton for about 0 second to get rid of any remaining charge.

This gives us a clearer picture.
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I have a problem with my newly built server. Was working fine, then I install a third hard drive (WD-320GB-SATA). Now, when I try to shutdown the server I hear a sound like it has shutdown-the monitor also shows that it has shutdown but the power light is still on and the fans are still running. Can any one help me with a solution?

A:Shutdown Problems


does it do it when the drive has been removed ?
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I have a HP 8510 laptop running XP Pro, Intel Core 2 T5600 and when I select Shutdown or Restart it closes network connections but sits at the blue screen, (not the BSOD) and will not shut down or restart without having to hold the power button on the laptop. I have shut down all processes before I shut down and scanned the PC for any spyware and malware. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this to work properly?

A:XP Pro Laptop will not shutdown

scan/clean your registry with something like ccleaner. Also check this page for more suggestions
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I have an emachine desktop computer using Windows XP. I leave it on 24/7 and it started shutting itself down about once a week, then once a day, then once and hour, then every two minutes. I was sure it was the power supply so I ordered the correct one online. I installed it but it still shut itself off. I did a Google search and found that emachines frequently have the motherboard go out at the same time the P/S goes. I found a motherboard on line with cpu for $170. but of course I would then have to buy an operating system which would then approch the cost of a new box. Anybody got any suggestions on how to save this PC.

A:Emachine shutdown issues

Go to!

I'm contemplating replacing my T3958's board with one from there.

They have a "combination" section.

There's an AMD/ECS 3 combo around $50 right now!

And other deals for cheap.

I myself want to retain the Celeron D 340 that came with my pc, so my options are kinda limited due to socket 478.

Are you sure you need to replace the CPU? Can I have it? lol
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So today i finally finished gathering all the hardware for my custom computer and got it all hooked up and booted up.

Everything has been going good, got all drivers and what-not installed.

Lastly i installed Half Life 2 on it, and noticed that only when im playing the game that i hear a high pitch buzzing noise. Its loudness decreases when the game is paused and goes away when i close the game. I first checked all fans to see if that was it and checked for rubbing cords, but after discovering it gets louder and quieter depending on the load, it sounds more electrical. Cant tell if its coming from the CPU or GPU or if its either. Any ideas what could be causing this?

System specs:
Asus P5Q Pro
Intel E8400
Corsair TX650
Corsair Dominator PC2-8500
EVGA Nvidia Geforce 9800 GTX+
Seagate Barracuda 500GB

A:Computer makes high pitch buzzing noise

That can be just about anything... bad speaker or speaker with torn sound pad, electronic radio wave interference from another device, etc. It can take a long time tracking it down.
Often, however, the cause is merely a mechanical vibration from a cable or plug vibrating against the case, another hardware item, or touching the blade of a case fan or heatsink fan.. If the frequency goes up and down, it can be a fan blade, or dirt on a fan blade. Clean all fans with a que tip and denatured alcohol. Use plastic slip-ties to tie down anything loose.
You might also want to use a cheap AM/FM radio as a detector. Move the radio around the case when it is tuned to a weak station, to see if there is a change in volume or frequency of static.
Defective sound cards, damaged by too much high volume can also result in unwanted sounds, as can wear to a video graphics card, any cooling fan wearing out, optical drive gears or motors.
Remove components, or remove and replace, are the only practical ways to find some such problems.
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Hey all Been having this problem for a long while now Just started up suddenly and can t remember if Shutdown Spin System Fans After it occurred after installing a software or if it s something hardware related Any help is appreciated Problem After I shutdown the computer maybe - minutes later System Fans Spin After Shutdown all the fans PSU CPU Rear Side case start spinning the System Fans Spin After Shutdown hdd led flickers and if my speaker system is on I can hear a flickering sound on there too kinda hard to explain the sound This continues for about - seconds and then it all stops then after another minute or it starts up again and stops This continues unless I turn off the PSU power switch Also the rear case fan think x it s the smallest size that ll fit since there s mounting hole levels above that one went out yesterday after I air cleaned the system I went and got an Arctic Cooling PWM fan to replace it but the connectors seem to be totally different Arctic seems to use pins while I can only see pins on the Mobo so that one doesn t work But a while later I retried the rear fan and it seems to work for now Dunno if something was lose of it it is truly dying I don t know if it s my Mobo ASUS K N or something else Only things I ve upgraded since I purchased this system about - years back was the ram Upped it from GB x Kingston Value Select to GB x GB OCZ Platinum Again any help is appreciated Would go for a new system if I had the cash but least for another few months at the earliest I ll have to wait nbsp

A:System Fans Spin After Shutdown

It sound like either a PowerSupply issue
Or your HardDrive or CD Drive is causing it
You could try disconnecting the CD Drive ATA data cable (obviously computer off first). It's difficult to tell though, because it may even be software!
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Hey there I ve heard you guys have a lot of technical expertise in this stuff I hope someone can give me advice to kill this crazy problem of mine I think I have the same problem as the post by pentagr titled quot radeon pro quot or something around those lines in the A V section of the forums My computer will shut down everytime when starting problem games shutdown Strange computer I turn on a game like Rome Total War or even Gunbound Shut down occurs whenever I turn on the visual plugins that you can use with Winamp like AVS It isn t instantaneous but takes a few minutes to shut down It even sometimes randomly shuts down when I m just browsing through the web When it shuts down the power light is still on but everything else is off eg all fans turn off amp hard drive turns off The problem just started Strange shutdown problem when starting computer games out of nowhere I did not install any programs did not screw around with settings that I didn t understand did not alter any configurations and did not change any parts One day my computer just shut down and from then on anytime I accessed anything quot graphically intense quot it would just shut down I updated my radeon drivers still had the same problem and then rollbacked the drivers and still had the same problem I reformatted Still had the same problem so therefore it is a hardware problem I have two sticks of ram and tried out each of them seperately if the shut down still occured It still shut down I swapped my current w power supply with another w I had laying around Still had the same problem I used to have an XP processor when the shut down problem first started then replaced it with an XP and the problem still happened I ve checked the temperatures before and after shutdown and the CPU is NOT overheating I m not too computer savvy but I got a hunch that the motherboard went bad somehow or maybe its the pro I haven t had time to swap out these with someone else s to test them Someone save me nbsp

A:Strange shutdown problem when starting computer games

Have you tried the natest nVidia motherboard drivers? Although I don't recall problems with any of the nForce drivers that would cause that. I have heard people complain that ATI cards don't play well in nVidia motherboards but I know lots of people who run the mix with no problems.

have you tried with the side of the case off and a room fan blowing into the box to rule out heat? Blown all the dust out of your heatsink? Could your CPU, RAM or AGP voltages be too low? Could your RAM timings be too tight? Things change with age and what used to work may be just marginal with age and heat.

that's about all I can think of.
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hey guys,i got this blue screen error in my windows xp..(panda av blocked many malicious programs unknown threats like logonui.exe,system32\cpl32ver.exe,spoolsv.exe etc)""stop:0x0000008e(0xc0000005,0xf8314640,0xa8a9d6a4,0x00000000)
fastfat.sys-address f8314610 base at f8314000,datestamp 41107eb7""" at shutdown of my laptop & also when i hibernate, after some time system automatically starts,i dont know what is going on..
can anyone urgently help

A:Blue screen error at shutdown

Cpl32ver.exe is Trojan/Backdoor.

Remove this file from your Windows folder

Then go to, and complete, the New Preliminary Removal Instructions
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Ok, so I just got a new graphics card, and in the manual it said to just take out the old one and put the new one in, and then put in a cd which would update the computer with the right drivers.

I took out the old video card, and put in the new one. When I turned on the computer, it just beeped 4 times and shut down. I put the old card back in to see if that would change anything, but it just did the same thing again. I can't get the computer to boot in any way shape or form.


A:4 Beeps and Shutdown?

I should say that the motherboad is an Intel D915PBL
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I have an abit A-S78H motherboard and i have 4Gb ram but when I run dxdiag it says that I have I was wondering how to disabel the integrated graphics card so it wouldn't take that 750Mb of ram "away"..?
-I'm not using it so it's unessesary for it to use any of my ram...

sorry for the spelling...and thx!

A:How to shutdown integrated graphics card?

Usually they are automatically disabled when you install a plug-in card. If the integrated cad is not disabled then you have to go into the bios and find the screen that has the video card listed and make sure it is set to disabled.
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Heya I shutdown USB resulting storage from unnormal issue mass ve got some issues with my usb devices I bought my comp years ago with a cordless keyboard which was few weeks later the first usb device to go unrecognized The problem seems to result from computer shutting down due to a reason other than manually doing it Pressing the power button if the comp freezes seems not to cause this but such from overheating or power blackout cause my computer to loose recognition on seemingly random usb device I have usb devices connected and yesterday I received the fatal blow My cable modem is connected through an usb wire because ethernet just USB mass storage issue resulting from unnormal shutdown doesn t seem to do its job The computer shut down unnormally resulting in the cable modem being reported as quot unknown quot under USB mass storage Thusly I cant use my internet at home The problem though seems to be sometimes fixed by moving the device to another port which I did with my cordless keyboard During some months I went through all ports with the keyboard and today all ports report the device unknown I would really like to fix this problem once and for all As short side story I once tried to fix it without any knowledge of what I was doing and I shut off one of the USB mass storage thingies that appear when windows reports the device not being recognized It resulted in complete loss of control over my usb devices meaning mouse and keyboard as well Goddamn I had hard time fixing it Continuing to work without any knowledge I stumbled upon bios where the devices worked and managed to gt gt gt gt gt gt turn OFF usb controls lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt lt and somehow all controls were restored although the initial problem remained Any thoughts nbsp

A:USB mass storage issue resulting from unnormal shutdown

I fixed the modem, somehow I had some driver for network stuff disabled and it formed connection through the ethernet cable when I enabled it. USB problem remains though.
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My computer has a problem the problem is that after having tried to turn my computer off and turning it on again later on - My computer starts the shutdown process much like the one you can do with command prompt where as a box opens up and in x amount of times it will shut down Right after the Welcome blue screen It starts the minute count down my desktop not fully loaded cannot do anything I can t do Safe mode because when i try a hole load of text pops up on the blank screen At some point asking me if process Computer shutdown initiates i want to cancel something like Computer initiates shutdown process STDP exe by pressing exit How do i get to my desktop or stop the shutdown process A quick note It tells me that it wants to shutdown the computer because of a status failure with a certain program Edit Safemode works But the same thing happens as when windows starts normally - the shutdown process telling me that servces exe or something like that is corrupted or has some problem Help Thanks nbsp
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CPU usage constant at 50% - all checks with AVG, Asquared, Ad-aware, Spybot, Spywareblaster, WINDefender all negative. CPU usage not attributable in task manager. Won't shutdown/restart with power off. Updated all drivers. WinXP home with SP3 and all updates correct as per Belarc advisor. Intel Core2 [email protected], 3gb memory. Removed/replaced all memory sticks, removed/replaced all video and PCI cards. Only error in device manager was USB audio device associated with terratec cynergy hybrid usb stick which now removed. PC wizard 2008 show no problems. Hijackthis log attached

A:CPU usage constant, won't shutdown

i would suggest 2 things to start...

type this: sfc /scannow (this will check the file system, if errors are found will replace with original, most likely will require xp cd)

if the above does not help try Registry Mechanic


PS: have you tried running the system in "diagnostic startup" ... start>run>msconfig
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Hi For the past months my computer has operated fine but last week consistently powered off within a minute of being turned on My first diagnosis was that the processor was overheating and I thought that applying a new layer of thermol after shutdown Computer ~1minute paste to the heatsink would stop this from happening Later however Computer shutdown after ~1minute I was told that the CPU should be able to last more than a minute even without any cooling and so I decided to return it as faulty I have been updated that it has actually passed all tests and that it was not duplicating the problem on the test machine used Once my processor returns I will test the memory video card to see if they are causing the problem substituting other components in their place I assumed that my hard drive is not causing the problem since my computer powered off after minute whether I booted into windows or just the BIOS screen This will leave the power supply unit and motherboard which I am unable to test unless it is safe to use an old W PSU with ati Q processor I would like to know can a faulty power supply motherboard cause such a problem could my windows installation a faulty HDD be causing the problem though I am not booting into windows can I boot my computer without a video card RAM rather than switching them components with ones from another computer Even if I cannot access the BIOS screen I will be able to see if my computer doesn t turn off after minute Any advice will be very useful I m lost for any more ideas Thankyou in advance nbsp

A:Computer shutdown after ~1minute

It's a process of elimination....

1st off, I'd run Memtest - create a bootable CD and run the test
If that fails, then you've found the Culprit.

As for your questions:
1: Definitely

2: Yes, I've seen HDD's cause crashes even in BIOS. Disconnect it & see if it stays on

3: Yes & no. Won't POST without any RAM at all. Just make Beeping noises. If you have Onboard Video {or an old Vid Card you can use} then by all means remove the card & try it - if it doesn't have Onboard or a Card in it, you just won't be able to see anything on the Monitor.

From what you've said, I'd be looking at the RAM as suspect 1.

Good luck.
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I build my computer about six months ago The other day I turned on my computer and as windows was loading the power cut off I thought it was just a temporary power outage so i tried to reboot during the post before windows started booting the power cut off again it has been doing this since then If i wait a while before i try to boot again it will get farther before it turns off and if i power on over and over it takes less time to turn off every go I run vista with gb of ram PD overclocked to ghz a gforce with mb vram I have a watt power supply and it has worked fine for months so everything computer Random shutdown should be getting sufficient power It is plugged into a surge protecter so the power outage should not have damaged any of the components I don t think it is overheating either becasue the mobo s beep code says that everything was working during the post and usually the fan keeps the cpu at Random computer shutdown around degrees C Can someone please tell me what might be wrong because i have no idea nbsp

A:Random computer shutdown

well check to see if all fans are spinning. well could be a faulty power supply. if you have a psu laying around, if so, try it.
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I have an older hp computer (1.7ghz, 640 ram, 60Gb hdd) and it randomly shuts down after a random period of time. This problem should not be related to an OS for I have installed several on the hdd and the problem still persists. By "randomly shutting down", I mean the computer does not actually shut down completely, rather it enters a "standby-like" mode. Many of the parts are still on ( i.e usb devices, keyboard, mouse) but all the fans and output to the monitor ceases. And I know for a fact the processor and hard drive are still functioning well. I was guessing it to be a short in some circuit, but I wanted to get some opinions. Thanks in advance.

A:Random Shutdown Problem

It's possible the the computer is over heating or the power supply is dieing... The CPU's thermal past may need to be cleaned off and new paste reapplied. If you don't know how to do this, take the computer to someone who does
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I have a ati radeon sapphire pro mb vid card and im having this wierd shutdown problem where everytime i play a game my pc shuts down soon after Its not just games i can be listening problem. Shutdown 1650 Ati 512mb to music or watching Ati 1650 512mb Shutdown problem. a movie I figure its the video card because i have tested everything else I know my pc is not over heating because i turned off the overheating temperature in my bios I also put in another fan that mounts to the motherboard and i can aim it at whatever in my case I know its not my operating system because it has shut off in the bios before the os has even booted and i ve even formatted and reinstalled windows to double check I know its not my processor because i have bought a new one and tested it and it still sht down My pc system includes hard drives gig as primary and gig as slave gigs of ram ddr memory watt atx power supply and my ati radeon video card When i remoived the video card it shut down after hours instead of the minutes and after the first shutdown it completly stopped I dont think its the power supply because my cousin has the same problem with i beleive an ati video card and has switched his powersupply I may be wrong but i need some more opinions If anyone can help please e-mail me at alexjk hotmail com or jus reply to this nbsp

A:Ati 1650 512mb Shutdown problem.

You say its not heat related but have you used any temperature monitoring software? If so, what were the results?
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Holy Rusted METAL Batman Wow I just got really excited while reading this thread quot Computer Shut down need cooling help quot It s in this forum somewhere I couldn t link to it because I m new You know Schmutz how you asked this quot BTW fine. shutdown, It's Initial then it's mystery. a does anything happen just before it shuts down Do you get crazy colours on the screen quot YES YES that s what happens to me quot If Initial shutdown, then it's fine. It's a mystery. you get any of the first two things I ve mentioned it could be your graphics card because I ve had them problems before and it was linked with the graphics card overheating or malfunctioning quot Please let it be that Please tell me I don t have to get a new heatsink or CPU or update the BIOS AGAIN But here is the kicker This only happens if I let the computer sit for a while say overnight After such a hiatus - I turn the computer on and after about minutes Initial shutdown, then it's fine. It's a mystery. the screen goes nuts and it either freezes or shuts down and restarts or both The funny thing is once it does this freak out thing I turn it back on and it s fine I will run indefinitely without a hiccup This was happening before Windows was installed So it s not a Windows driver problem Do you think it could be my video card Here s what I m running ASUS M N-SLI Deluxe AM NVIDIA nForce SLI MCP ATX AMD Motherboard AMD Athlon X Windsor GHz Socket AM W Dual-Core Processor G SKILL GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Rosewill RP - ATX V v W Power Supply EVGA -P -N -TX GeForce GT MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x SLI Supported Video Card Western Digital Caviar GB RPM SATA Gb s HDD ZALMAN A mm Ball CPU Cooler yes I put one rice grain sized drop of Arctic Silver Thermal Grease between the CPU and heatsink Why oh why - does it shut down after minutes and then restart and act totally fine nbsp

A:Initial shutdown, then it's fine. It's a mystery.

Video memory is such a strange thing.
Most users work off 512Meg (or around) when in actual fact around 2 meg is all you need to run Windows (not including themes and other graphics supported, especially in Vista)
But the graphics card memory actually will use all of this memory, to give your Desktop that real deep view. (ie we can't turn down the memory)

Computers actual Ram cards, these days usually being around 1 Gig on average. Do the opposite, you only use the amount of Ram that the application requires.

Due to this; high end video cards are more subseptical to heat (ie these cards usually come with their own fans) and basically faulty Ram or processing of this ram.

Therefore, it is likely that your video card's hardware is damaged. This damage can be in the processor or memory within the physical card. Which is usually unrepairable.

In saying that. In many cases it may just be dust (that requires being blown out) or even re-thermal pasting the Video cards heatsink to the processor (which is normally not done.)

Try removing all dust, from your entire computer, and video card.
Reseat the card securely (ie the card should be fully seated in the slot) You can also electronic spray all components and the Video card slot (whilst the card is out) And then wait a day or two for it to fully dry (sometimes sooner) and then put it back together again.

This all assuming that it's not a monitor fault !
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Hi guys, I have a problem with Vista at the moment. Recently about 1-2 months ago, when I shut down my PC, or restart it, there is a delay from the point where it shuts down to where the computer actually restarts. Let me rephrase that... When I turn off my computer, it takes about 2-3 seconds, then as all or most computer do, it makes a small click sound right when its about to turn off. After it makes that click sound, which is normal, it has done it before, and it didn't delay after the click sound; generally it just turned off or restarted into boot. Now after it makes that sound, there is like a 5-6 second delay before it actually restarts or turns off. Now, I was wondering if there is any way to fix this. I already have the shutdown optimized down to 2000ms from 20000ms.

A:Shutdown Delay in Vista

Have you taken a look at your boot menu to see which devices are loading, there may be something there which is causing the extra delay, both on boot up and shutdown.
Admittedly, unless you are speaking about the tail end of your shutdown your times seem really good, have you changed your anti virus or firewall etc, think it is just down to the programmes you have loaded.
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HI I shutdown GFX hope our lovely community can help me with this problem My GFX card Radeon Sapphire X started to do something awfully strange yesterday as soon as I stress it for some time depending with what then suddenly screen goes black and my monitor starts to look for input like when GFX shutdown i switch off my computer but fans continue to work and it stays that way until i switch my computer off and on again like some thermal protection Recently I changed the cooler of the GFX card cause the stock Sapphire cooler was giving me worrying temperatures exchanged it with Zalman s VF so it shouldn t be temperature issue i ve also noticed that the crash occurs when the temperature goes around - C I ve had this card about half a year and there s been no failures so far so i don t think it has anything to do with my PSU which is ca year old W and in addition i ve updated all sorts of hardware drivers possible and it hasn t helped so far So if anyone has an idea what could be done about this please post nbsp

A:GFX shutdown

I don't think its the cause of overheating, poor thermal dissipation etc, cause all temperatures show normal...
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I need some serious help with my laptop. I have a hp dv1000 Centrino. Today, as i was watching a video of a band called GB5, it froze. I could hear the videos in parts but then quickly tapped the keyboard to see what would happen. Suddenly the screen goes black and but the keyboard is still on. You can see the the power key on, music, and dvd button. the top ones were all on because it showed a blue light, except that the screen is still black.

Also, the computer has been tellin me that i need more memory because i only had 2% left until i cleaned everything up and it went up to 3%. Could not havin much memory anymore be the issue or is there an additional problem? Someone help me out. i'd appreciate it.

thanks in advance.

A:Erratic behaviour after improper shutdown

No, i've had to hold the power button to shut it off because the screen still wont show. The keys and power button will turn on but the screen wont show. Is this a battery issue or is it somethin more?
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Hi guys i ve recently taken delivery of a new custom pc The specs are case lian li to overheating? Any shutdown sudden for due suggestions cooling water-cooling of cpu gpu and northbridge cpu quadcore intel core extreme qx overclocked to mhz x m board asus p k premium wifi-ap black pearl edition chipset intel bearlake p Any suggestions for sudden shutdown due to overheating? psu hiper hpu- m watts ram gb crucial ballistix mhz ddr ram reported as x gb ddr - ddr sdram - - - mhz - - - mhz gfx bfg overclocked nvidia geforce mb gtx hdd x wd raptor gb sata in a raid configuration sound creative sb x-fi xtreme audio sound card os windows vista home premium bios version american megatrends i ve had one or two problems with the computer but most notably i had an issue with the cpu apparently overheating I turned on the computer first thing in the morning so it had been off all night and i d barely logged into windows when it just shut down without warning I tried again and it happened before i got as far as windows so i rebooted and quickly went into the bios to see what the hardware monitor was telling me It showed the cpu temperature as c which was rather alarming i presume it would ve gone higher but was limited to degrees i removed the sides of the case and had a look inside not sure what i was hoping to find really but it seemed the sensible thing to do Anyway after having a look around and giving a general prod of this and that tell me if i m getting too technical for you i decided to boot it up again to see what would happen this time It then started up fine with the cpu temperature in the high s low s Very odd It was fine for most of the day and then it did it again about hours later That was over a day ago and hasn t re-occurred since but i m still pretty worried about it I ve invested in various temperature monitoring tools namely everest ultimate sensorsview and coretemp as i m paranoid it ll fry I ve run a couple of stress tests and the maximum cpu temperature was a little under c I ve set the alarm threshold at within sensorsview as i want to shut things down before they get really hot A few days ago i changed over the supplied psu to the one referred to above as the original one was making an annoying high-pitched buzzing sound which was going through my head and driving me nuts i d never changed a psu before the limit of my experience is upgrading installing ram graphics cards sound cards etc so my first concern was that i d made a mistake in connecting things up It certainly doesn t look half as tidy inside now as i don t have any of those cable-tidy things but i m reasonably confident i ve done it ok So after all this waffle here are my questions having read stuff on the internet i gather cpus can get very hot very quickly but that seemed super-fast and if it was really that hot would it have cooled down so quickly have you heard of temperature sensors having intermittent faults assuming it is getting very hot could it be a dodgy water pump perhaps would the lack of pumping cause such rapid overheating the case felt pretty cool inside when i opened it up Any other intermittent faults you can think of Any other ideas or suggestions nbsp

A:Any suggestions for sudden shutdown due to overheating?

Your assumption is correct. 100 celsius is too high.
Something has to be wrong with your watercooler, heat sink, or you have no thermal paste.
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Hi All I m completely new to Forums and such so I would like to apologize for any common courtesies I might not be aware of Second I am in desperate need of help I just built a new rig and so far it works great except for the small minuscule problem that my case just will not shut down My rig is composed of the following parts XCLIO A BK Case W OCZGXS Abit KN SKI Mobo xWD GB RPM HD AMD X Proc ZALMAN CNPS Heatsink and finally with problem Weird shutdown x LiteOn LH- A S Drive Windows Vista Ultimate bit Version First Weird problem with shutdown I d like to mention that there is nothing overclocked Ive flashed the bios to the latest version on my Mobo and downloaded the latest drivers for the vid Card Boot up works just fine I have yet to encounter one crash or BSOD BUT When attempting to shut down start - gt shutdown the software beggins its normal shutdown routine video cards stops sending Weird problem with shutdown video to my monitor but Weird problem with shutdown my case cpu and PSU fans are all staying on All leds too So If anyone has ANY ideas suggestions pointers or maybe a joke to cheer me up I d reeeally appreciate it Im completely out of ideas nbsp

A:Weird problem with shutdown

Oh and my video card is a Geforce 8800GT superclocked....almost forgot about that
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I got a very new sound card. SB X-Fi. When I go into its CP and change from microphone to What U hear nearly all the time the microphone mutes it self, but its not muted anywhere in any CP its like a bug I can even still his the hissing from the mic so its on but not on ... confusing ....

The only way to solve this is to restart, but it wont restart I just wait and wait for the PC to shut down and wont. So I have to push the power button for 5 seconds then when I come back it works

Any ideas?

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problem =
5 year old 32 inch crt t.v makes a high pitched buzzing noise, this happens randomly, it goes away if i put a little pressure on the top, or if i bash it, but it soon comes back.

any thoughts ... thanks

A:T.v makes a high pitched buzzing noise

Open the back of the old CRT television and carefully clean the dust and dirt away from the high-voltage components, usually located on the right side of the chassis looking at the back of the TV. The CRT holds a high-voltage charge where a big red or black wire connects to the glass tube so be careful. The area around the red wire rubber cup can be cleaned using a spray bottle of window cleaner, but again be careful not to get shocked... 25,000 to 30,000 volts can be present on the CRT
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Hello Recently I bought an ASUS F M-AP H notebook From the beginning I have a strange problem with sound I don t know what s causing it It s very annoying and almost ASUS problem: sound interruptions buzzing F5M - paralyzes all sound-related activities like watching films on the notebook listening to music or playing games The symptoms ASUS F5M - sound problem: buzzing interruptions are mostly ASUS F5M - sound problem: buzzing interruptions technical when the notebook plays any sounds longer or shorter strange - second interrputions - loud interrupting noises It s hard to descibe them Like repeating the last played noise very fast for seconds And it occurs quite often like times during minutes of a movie What s more - this kind of interruptions occur almost always when I open or close my sound-related files with any program - be it Windows Media Player or AllPlayer of WinAmp I thought that this problem is connected with wrong drivers But I downloaded the most recent from the website reinstalled them and nothing helped Also I reinstalled the newest DirectX and codec pack K-Lite Still - the problem occurs The problem may be connected with memory but I don t know how I ve defragmented my disc many times and it s looking great Diskeeper shows no problems Also I cleaned my registry with CCleaner and RegCleaner No help here also My running processes list is very short I ve killed all the unnecessary ones Once also the Splendid process - thinking that it s the cause - but nothing helped Please help this is a big problem for me It disrupts most of leisure things which can be done on my notebook nbsp

A:ASUS F5M - sound problem: buzzing interruptions

defragging and ram would have nothing to do with this issue.

It is probably related to a bad grounding on the mobo if drivers are not the issue. Or there is a loose or shorting speaker wire.
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Hello all it has been weeks since my last post here im back to my shutdown. random AsRock P4VM800 hometown for another quarter-year holiday yet i got one annoying problem with my close cousin desktop which is about - years old the system specs is Intel Pentium GHZ KB L Cache i don t know what is the quot name quot MB DDR RAM x GB IDE Maxtor HDD LG AsRock P4VM800 random shutdown. DVD-RAM drive Asrock P VM mobo Windows XP Sp Pro bit the power supply is crappy so i did give another new power supply to gear it up AsRock P4VM800 random shutdown. here is the problem once in a while the system will freezes and shutdown itself eventually No BSOD present just a notifying windows saying that quot system has recovered AsRock P4VM800 random shutdown. from serious error send don t send report quot there s minidump present however i cant upload it right because the whole desktop is in his house of course and i cant get internet connection in the cpu location changing the power supply seems to give no effect to the problem i thought this might because of PSU or lack of thermal gel present so i did open the CPU and re-paste cpu thermal gel because the previous one was going to dry similar problem happen to my prev p desktop too last year since i cant figure out the problem i went to the quot camera and scanner wizard quot strangerly when the wizard start the camera and prompt me to click quot take picture quot the computer instantly off like usual and it restarted with the old message again saying that the system has recovered from serious error the next boot i try to went to the same window again this time it s not shutted down but the computer freezes and even capslock does not lit when pressed im still curious i did open the wizard one more time so this time it shutted down at the different window then i ask my cousin the owner when does this kind of thing start happening he said it has started from long time ago perhaps about years before but last time it s not frequently maybe once a week or less he told me that previously the motherboard was ASUS but somehow when he sent it for repair the repairman charged him for new motherboard saying that mobo is spoilt sometimes i left the computer playing a song on windows media player minutes after computer is either shutted down or restarted or freezes today i remembered that maybe BIOS update is significant for the computer health soon im drivin to his house to install the new bios update im not sure whether the system can be cured however i ll bring back minidump later in the meantime do you guys know what seems to be the problem before that i should say thank you for reading the post hope i don t open a post in the wrong thread category Thanks nbsp

A:AsRock P4VM800 random shutdown.

I'd try running MemTest as the 1st resort - faulty RAM will cause this (mis)behaviour, and if it passes, then you've ruled out one suspect.

Either make a Floppy, or Bootable CD from here: , boot from it & let it run for at least an hour {unless errors show up straight away} if there's errors and there is more than 1 stick of RAM, turn it off, remove 1 stick & run the test until you have found the culprit.

If it passes OK, then do the same thing with the Hard Drive and see if that is at fault.
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A few days ago i restarted my computer and when it started up again my audio has been messed up Some things like backrounds in mp s or like the windows start up wav sound fine but speach and alot of other sounds get VERY VERY quite and the quality gets really bad I listen to internet readio on Shutdown Losing Audio and just to barely hear what they are saying i have to turn up my speaker sound to max the player sound to max and my headphone sound to max other things like spells in WoW don t make any sound either Sometimes if i reinstall my sound drivers it will start working again until i reboot then I lose them all over again Also system restore does nothing to help I use a Creative SB Losing Audio on Shutdown audigy sound card and i downloaded the latest drivers from there site Please help me if you need any more info just lemme kno and Thx nbsp

A:Losing Audio on Shutdown

Your card may suffering from slot creep. Take it out of the slot, clean the connector strip wioth a cloth soaked in gin (yeah, I know it's a waste but it is gentle!) and refit. If this does not cure it, your sound card my be on the way out.
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My computer is constantly shutting itself down, but only when I am gaming.
After playing a game (e.g Brothers in Arms) for maybe 15 minutes, the computer just turns off!! It is getting really annoying and I'm worried the computer could be damaged if this continues.

I am guessing this problem is heat related and I was wondering (Since I have no knowledge in cooling) if anyone could help me find compatible cooling hardware for my computer, or even some tips that don't involve $$.

Any help is appreciated, and I can provide all system specs and temps if needed.

A:Computer Shutdown - Need cooling help

It's not only heat that could be causing the problem. It could also be power related. If your card isn't getting enough power, it's enough of a problem to cause shutdowns. So you may want to check what kind of specs you get with your current power supply, and double check to see if it provides enough power. I'm no expert on making those kinds of calculations. I only know enough about what might be causing the problem.

Typically shutdowns are related to a few things:
1) thermal events
2) insufficient power
3) corrupted memory
4) corrupted hard drive

Since you only experience the shutdowns during gaming, that means you can rule out #s 3 and 4. Post the specs of what your computer is running, and the power supply you have. It'll aid in further narrowing the cause between heat or power.
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hey guys,
im new to this site and i think i need ur help.
i built a new computer about 3 months ago and it works.
although i have been having this problem with the PSU. everytime i move the mouse, it makes this really wierd buzzing sound. i've had a look around other sites and apparently it could be a problem with the bearings.
please help me out!!

A:Buzzing PSU when the mouse is moved

Are you sure it is coming from the psu and not the speakers?
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Can anybody help me with this one because i pulling my hair out I bought a pc from palicomp of which they are not responding to my mails at all it s a amd dual core with gb ddr ram sata hard drive with a ecs mobo geforce sm-m in a xblade case w power I m running windows xp with all the updates and security updates but when i go on the net after about - mins the pc just shuts down dead then i just hit the power button and it strikes up ok shutdown computer then i go on the net and it s fine for a few mins and then it go s again computer shutdown then i start the thing again and it fine for a bit longer It only does this when on the net i ve played games for hours no proble i ve done a virus check with avast antivirus with full updates i ve done a system error check with tuneup utilities nothing please can computer shutdown anybody help nbsp

A:computer shutdown

Try another power supply
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I have a new Gateway GM5478 (media center) desktop. Problem: fan starts a loud noise then computer shuts down. Will ask if I want to open in 'normal' windows then boots up - losing data from past minute. Any remedies??

A:Fan Noise then Shutdown

Are you getting any beeps when the computer boots?

If so how many?

Regards Jase
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I recently bought a new computer from It was running great for about a week and then when i was playing a game, it just shutdown and i havent been able to turn it back on since.


A:Random Shutdown

If you`ve tried Safe mode and last good config etc,get onto IBuyPower for an exchange/refund.
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I recently moved up north for a month to spend some time with a friend of mine. She says her ISP forces subscribers to have a dynamic IP configuration, with local DHCP (router-based). I didn't believe her, and so I set up a static IP on all the computers in the household (including IP reservation on the router) to increase my down speed and up speed through port forwarding.

Now, the modem has begun to shutoff. I was of the mind that prohibiting users from making a static address was illegal or some such, but perhaps I was wrong. Is the modem going down because of my static addresses, or for some other reason?

A:Modem Self-Shutdown (Forced Dynamic IP?)

If there was a IP conflict on the network it may act strange, but not shutdown.

What are you settings as your DNS server/s when you manually assign yourself an IP address?
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Hi,I could do with some help. My computer has stated to to shut it self down,
when it starts back up having automatically checking files I get this message
I have done virus and spy ware checks and what has been found has been dealt with yet this problem persists.Anyone got any ideas?????

A:Computer shutdown

Have you checked the event viewer to see what the errors are?

Right click on My Computer and choose Manage...

Then click on Event Viewer.

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:suspiciou I have a problem about the computer that always shutdown, and i dont know what is the problem if it is a fan or the PSU... After using for an hour the computer is shutting down.....

can you tell me what can i do?

this is the specs
Pentium 4 intel inside 2.40 GHz
512 MB Ram
Nvidia GEFORCE4 MX 440 with AGP8X
40 GB HD

:knock: :knock:

A:need helpppppp ...... always shutdown

it could be many things, temperatures, hardware, power, programs etc.

how is it shutting down? just power off or through the shutdown process? can you start your PC immediately afterwards or do you have to wait for a bit?

Read the guide linked below, even if its aimed at game problems it should be useful info for you to start troubleshooting at.
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My newly built computer just shutdown suddenly every time the cause Could graphic pc card? by suddenly shutdown I push the start button The computer won t stay any longer than one minute I have thought about the power problems so I take the computer without the monitor and plug in another power surge the computer starts and stays for more than five minutes after I shut it down with the power button Now I connect the monitor with the computer but same problem occurs the computer shuts down by itself When Could the pc shutdown suddenly cause by graphic card? I test the computer with another monitor it works fine after I switched the DVI connector By the way I connect and plug everything together back to the original power surge and it s not the problem I connect my origin monitor and it works fine too Everything was not change except I switched the DVI connector in the graphic card So is the problem involved the graphic card s DVI connector I have done some researches over the internet and I have not found any sudden pc shutdown is cause by the DVI connector Everything I have found is relate to failure power supplies dead motherboard and cpu overheating More importantly my computer don t seem to have these problems I m seeking some advice from you guys to see if I omit some something that might be another cause of shutdown because I really want a stable computer that I built for myself My dad gets mad at me every time the computer is having some weird problems Anyway my computer seems to work fine for now but I don t expect it to be stable Here are some of my computer s specifications MB JETWAY GT L-G-VC NF SLI AMD Athlon BFG Nvidia Geforce GT nbsp

A:Could the pc shutdown suddenly cause by graphic card?

yes, if your card is running hot, it will shut down to save your card.
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I due to Shutdown overheating ve been looking the other posts here and haven t found anything that would answer my question I am new to the forums here so figured I would just ask Two days ago my computer shut itself off while I was playing WoW The computer will not restart at all I get no sound or fan movement of any kind when I try to turn it on No indicator lights on the front of the machine but the light for the ethernet card does come on I m assuming that my motherboard and processor are probably fried My question is what other components have possibly lost from this Is the hardrive ram and videocard salvagable It is an older computer at least years old The video card and ram are not even a year old I am considering trying to fix another older computer simply because I can t afford to build a new one Anyway I was just curious as to what I lost from this I know you can never know for sure without having looked at Shutdown due to overheating the machin but I figure most of you vets here would have a better idea of what I m looking at I appreciate any help or info that you can give me on this nbsp

A:Shutdown due to overheating

What are your complete system specs? Model number, CPU, memory and operating system
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Hi guys I ve been having a restart problem for shutdown being temp tripped? accidentally a week now Whenever i m playing games and reach exactly c f my system will restart I ve bought a new case got new fans new power supply new ram I ve been googling for solutions since it started and I recently found this dead topic http www techspot com shutdown temp being accidentally tripped? vb topic html Sounds exactly like someone suggested what might be happening is the mobo temp sense circuitry or the thermistor on the cpu die has aged and they are quot tripping quot at shutdown temp being accidentally tripped? a lower temp They think the temp is critical but in real life it might still only be - C Click to expand The mobo cpu is rather old roughly years However i m broke and cannot afford buying anything not even thermal paste Is there a test I can do to see if it s really tripping at the wrong temp i ve already turned it off in bios and if it is is there a fix for this Another thing I should mention problems started when I downloaded omega drivers for my ati radeon x I uninstalled them but is it possible it set a shutdown temp for my GPU Thanks for all the help I appreciate it nbsp

A:shutdown temp being accidentally tripped?

Try running the computer with the case sides removed
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I m working on an eMachine The pc wouldn t power on and the power supply was making a strange noise I ve seen many eMachines fried because of a bad psu but I tried a different power supply anyway and it worked sort of With a new psu it powers on and works fine while it s on but when ever I shut it down all the lights keyboard HD Pwr shutdown sounds Lights after & still blink constantly and I can here the power supply making a clicking sound with Lights & sounds after shutdown its fans still running I have to use the switch to turn it off and when I turn the switch back on all the lights stay off as they are supposed to I ve checked every single cable to see if anything was loose The power supply has plenty of power for this little eMachines amp I ve gone through all the bios power settings I ve also taken out everything but the bare necessities just MB amp HD and it still does the same thing I saw another thread that sounds exactly like my Lights & sounds after shutdown problem but was never solved http www techspot com vb all windows t- -Ticking-sounds-after-shutdown html Any ideas greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Lights & sounds after shutdown

Can Linux shut down the machine properly? Try Knoppix.
Update the BIOS or replace the motherboard?