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Q: OneDrive Architecture

I'm stumped by OneDrive's performance on my wife's Surface Pro. Is OneDrive only in the cloud or does the term "OneDrive" also apply to a folder or virtual folder on the S Pro's hard drive?

When we login on my wife's OneDrive account at, there are no files or photos. But in the File Explorer on the S Pro, all her documents and photos are in OneDrive, in C:\Users\<wife>\OneDrive. So where exactly exactly are the files?

The C drive's Properties window says it is nearly full, but is it? Are the OneDrive files in the cloud or not?
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Preferred Solution: OneDrive Architecture

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Interesting stuff on the new gen of GPU from VR_Zone

The article can be had here

A:AMD: The new GPU architecture

Good read, having a shared address space between the cpu and gpu opens up a lot of possibilities. Things have come a long way since the days of the 8086 and 8087, anybody here except me remember the NEC V20? That was my first processor upgrade from an 8088.
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i found this article about AMD's new pending architecture from the folks at BeHardware. the article can be read in its entirety here:


A:More on Bulldozer architecture

So what excites you the most, G?
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This is about the most comprehensive information that I have been able to find on the new k-15 architecture.
are you listening Mizzou?

A:Bulldozer architecture detailed

Yep, right here buddy. Everything I see on the net right now makes it sound like September before we'll get our hands on this baby.
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Now here is something you dont hear a lot of croncrete stuff about....
Searched for a forum on this subject but found none, so here you have it.
Some questions if you please:
-Should we be going wider and/or faster, faster?
-Should we be standardising more?
-Should we be focusing on getting the OS completely right? Should it be free?
-Is the future of computing best left entirely in the hands of Corporates or should there be some Governance?
-What is the best all round PC architecture?
-Why do they still cost so much?
-Why cant I add my new system to my old system and get the power of both?

Many more where that came from but lets open the discussion......

A:Future PC Architecture

1)The faster new technology is brought to the mainstream market, the faster prices on the "older" tech drops so it's a cycle that will benefit the consumer.

2)Standardization might help in some cases, but then that would mean either everyone has a gaming PC or they do not. That would be pretty limiting IMO.

3)Getting OSes right would not need to be the focus, since Service Packs/updates would eventually fix all the issues present in them. But yes, I do think they should be made cheaper. Free? I don't think that would help, since it would not give anyone incentive to develop something that's better and even if they do, they wouldn't be able to/willing to share it with the rest of the world.

4)Governments usually mess up things since in the end, they are able to get away with everything. Corporations depend on the end user's satisfaction to survive, so that would be a better thing. But a merging of the two ideas, such as greater governmental control over corporations regarding research wouldn't be such a bad idea.

5)This is debatable and bound to change, according to the first question, so it really isn't valid.

6)PC costs have reduced quite a lot since the late 1990s. So I don't think they cost too much.

7)Well that's because new tech always phases out old tech since companies need to sell the new tech more to earn more money to research more "new tech" and recover the cost/make a profit off of producing the recently released "new tech" that is going to become "old tech" in some years' time. They don't want you to use the old parts with the new ones since the new ones "perform better" and also get them heftier profits. And so the cycle continues...
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So i finally sold my Pentium D setup and got in all of my + into adventures Core pics. overclocking architecture, my parts to build my Core Duo setup Here s what i m running along with some pictures of my hardware and some screen captures I ll explain my problems later Thanks to RangerXLT from xtremesystems org my adventures into Core architecture, overclocking + pics. for helping me learn a little about oc-ing my previous overclocking rig was a at ghz so this is a my adventures into Core architecture, overclocking + pics. huge jump for me I ve given up on netburst architecture for anything more my adventures into Core architecture, overclocking + pics. than a decent workstation or pc for my mom Processor Intel Core Duo E Motherboard Gigabyte GA- P-DS Memory G Skill x gb F - CL D- GBPK Video Card XFX GT mb Hard Drive WD gb Raptor SATA Hard Drive Seagate Barracuda gb Optical Drive NEC- a DVD -RW Optical Drive Samsung CD-RW Case Thermaltake Mambo Power Supply Ultra X-Connect w CPU HSF Scythe Ninja Plus mm North Bridge HSF Thermalright HR- Case Fans x Scythe DF mm Floppy Drive Mitsumi mb G Skill GBPK XFX GT mb Thermalright HR- NB HSF Gigabyte GA- P-DS w Retail E week Scythe Ninja Plus HSF s mounted on board nbsp

A:my adventures into Core architecture, overclocking + pics.

74gb Raptor

Everything mounted and ready to go in

All mounted into a Thermaltake Mambo, ready to fire up (cable management sucks, my friend is gonna help me with it.)

[email protected], 380x7, 1.4125 vCore, 5-5-5-15 1:1

CS:Source Stress Test
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Dropbox users in the market for additional cloud storage without having to actually pay for it can take advantage of a new promotion from competitor Microsoft. Here's everything you need to know.

Read more

A:100GB of OneDrive space to Dropbox users, offer applies worldwide

I got my 100GB for 100 bing rewards points back in March of last year. Not sure what is going to happen when that ends... I have ~25GB of photos on it. Maybe the dropbox thing will still be effective when it comes time for me to renew.
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Microsoft is running a new promotion in which they're offering up 100GB of cloud storage space on OneDrive absolutely free. Here's everything you need to know.

Read more

A:Follow these instructions to get 100GB of OneDrive cloud storage free for the next two years

I knew I've been coming to this site for 5 years straight for something good. You da man Shawn!
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Win XP SP3, Thunderbird, Firefox

I've been sent an email which on opening shows a number of thumbnails of photos which are apparently stored on OneDrive.

The screen shows two options:- 'View Slideshow' and 'Download All'.
Selecting either of these sends me to a Launch Application screen which says 'This link needs to be opened with an application. Send to:'

I am then asked to choose what application to use, but I don't know what to select.
I tried Firefox.exe, but for some reason it placed the following in the search box on eBay!! ie wlmailhtml:{3976B306-1F8B-4E4C-96CF-A...................

I read somewhere that OneDrive can't be installed in XP.

Any offers, please?

A:How do I view photos on OneDrive sent by email?

Hi silverman166,

Have you tried using windows photo viewer? Try this, download the photos to a location on your hard drive. Then try viewing them with windows photo viewer and see if that works. Hope everything works out well and do not hesitate to ask more questions.
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I installed OneDrive in Windows 7 and shared with me all My Documents.

OneDrive is full and I want to uninstall it to clear the content.

Could you please let me know if by uninstalling OneDrive I would also be risking deleting my original PC files in Documents or are they safe ?

Thanks for your help.

A:OneDrive Unistall Windows 7

Uninstalling OneDrive won't delete anything, not even the files on OneDrive.

You have to delete from OneDrive itself, not by uninstalling it.
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Which, from one of these, is better as of performance for a Windows 7 OS?

2048 or...
4096 bytes / per cluster formatting?

Expert reply please (tech. details)!

Many thanks!

P.S. Enjoy the free upgrade to Windows 10, from Windows 7 or up. Thanks to the Microsoft and an off-shore communities! :)

A:Cluster architecture! Which one to pick?

Hi, well cluster architecture (server based) is not what you are referring to, I assume you mean the allocation unit size cluster?

Why do you want to know, and what do you use your computer for? We have found that the default works for most users, there is pro's and con's to any changes. SSD's also make a difference.

If you are in the process of formatting, then the following will not be relevant.

To see what you have go to start search and type:- cmd right click on the returned cmd.exe and select "run as administrator" at the prompt copy paste:-

fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo c: > 0 & notepad 0 press enter ( this assumes the drive is C:, if not change), you can post the notepad outcome here if you like.
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Hope this is in the right area, couldn't find a section that deals with win 8.1 in the questions section. I don't use onedrive and have no intention of ever using it, so what's the best way to remove it, or does win 8.1 need it to operate properly? Thank you

A:Remove onedrive from win 8.1

How to Completely Disable OneDrive - Microsoft Community

OneDrive - Add or Remove from This PC in Windows 8.1
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Hi I'm using OneDrive on a Windows Home which I upgraded from Windows on an ASUS Q LN I sign on Windows using a local account I used OneDrive for days without problems Around GB of data synced on local machine folder and the onedrive site Yesterday I didn't need a folder around GB and deleted it on the onedrive site I then went to the Recycle Bin on the onedrive site and emptied it Since that time OneDrive is not working It shows 'processing changes' but crashes I know this because when I hover the mouse where it would show progress the icon disappears because it has crashed When I open OneDrive again using the start menu or restart machine same process repeats icon shows up 'processing ' but crashes within few seconds If I try to right-click and open crashing repeatedly OneDrive 10 Windows something like Settings it shows the 'OneDrive has stopped responding OneDrive Windows 10 crashing repeatedly message' After attempts and restarts since yesterday its not working Here's the error log of latest crash from Event Viewer Faulting application name OneDrive exe version time stamp x a c Faulting module name KERNELBASE dll version time stamp x f b a Exception code x Fault offset x bd Faulting process id x dc Faulting application start time x d dab f ddc dc Faulting application path C Users ADMIN AppData Local Microsoft OneDrive OneDrive exe Faulting module path C WINDOWS SYSTEM KERNELBASE dll Report Id fb b- d d- - f -f db a bca Faulting package full name Faulting package-relative application ID This fault means OneDrive is completely unusable now Pls help

A:OneDrive Windows 10 crashing repeatedly

have you tried deleting the same folder on onedrive folder on the PC
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I have a five user Office 365 license.

I want to install OneDrive on an old computer where I want to sync files, but don't need any Office application like Word on that. If I install OneDrive only and use the storage space, will that count as 1 of my 5 Office 365 licences?


A:Does installing only OneDrive and sharing files count towards a Office365 license?

The licenses is for the whole suite, even if you use one component of it.
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Keep your files backed-up and synching together across all of your devices using OneDrive Desktop App for Windows which offers gb free cloud storage for each Windows Live Hotmail Outlook ID and sells more for cheap It can be Cloud with to the your OneDrive Store Backup Sync, Files and as easy as dragging anything you want backed up into OneDrive formerly SkyDrive folder which lives both on your HD and in the Cloud which is the gauzy name for MS Servers But with a few more minutes configuration you'll have your User folders stored in the cloud ready to access on the internet and sync'd to any of your devices After trying several methods for over a year I've settled on physically moving the active User folders to the OneDrive folder with the steps in User Folders - Change Default Location You can also place the OneDrive folder on any other HD but be Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with OneDrive aware that if it is moved from C and you use Win Backup Imaging it will force the inclusion of the data drive to which Onedrive and or User folders are moved since they are System folders You can do the same on all your PC's and have one master set of files hosted and kept Sync'd this way by Onedrive even access them from any device anywhere via the internet share them publicly by invitation or link In using this method the only risk is if you'd delete a file or folder and have it sync on other devices before you realize you still need it In this case the file folder will be in each Recycle Bin For this reason I'd uncheck Recycle Bin in CCleaner so that it is only emptied manually when you have the chance to review contents Alternative method If you prefer not to move the User folders into Skydrive folder you can also copy each one there delete the content in the C User folder then rightclick each User folder in Onedrive to add it to the related Library - Include a Folder - Windows Forums If you use this Library method keep each empty C User folder in the Library so you can visually monitor if any files land there and simply drag them over to the Onedrive User folder You may want to leave some files which exceed the Onedrive size limit in C user folder so they don't cause an oversize error message

A:Sync, Backup and Store your Files to the Cloud with OneDrive

Hi Greg,

Sounds like a pretty nifty idea. I've got a similar idea and I'm sure there is a downside to it that escapes me at the moment, but instead of copying why not just change the location of your user's document folder from its default location, i.e. via right clicking on the folder, then properties, and then the location tab and choosing change location, and moving it to within your SkyDrive folder on your hard drive? I guess the down side would be every document you saved, unless you made a conscious effort to "Save As" in an alternative location, it would naturally if a document, be automatically saved in the "Default" user's documents folder, which now after the change in locations would happen to be the newly relocated user's "Documents" folder now inside the SkyDrive folder which gets synced to the cloud and you might not want it in the cloud. That's the only downside I can see. Can you think of others? I'm sure I got to be missing something...
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Hello All.
I'm having a problem installing Onedrive on Windows 7 Home Premium. It will install with no problem on one account, but not on the one I want it to. The error from the the install log is:

06/16/2015 11:30:01.783 RegistryManager: !ERROR! (0x80070005) RegCreateKeyExW() failed for Key Software\Classes\CLSID\{F8071786-1FD0-4A66-81A1-3CBE29274458} with Value SyncFileInformationProvider Class and use64BitRegistryView = 1
06/16/2015 11:30:01.783 RegistryManager: !ERROR! (0x80040CA0) Failed to register per-user Office COM objects
06/16/2015 11:30:01.783 SetupComponentLogger: SetupComponentSettingsFolderMigration::InstallComponent - enter
06/16/2015 11:30:01.783 SetupComponentLogger: oneDriveInstallRoot: C:\Users\we all\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive
06/16/2015 11:30:01.783 SetupComponentLogger: oneDriveSettingsRoot: C:\Users\we all\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\Settings
06/16/2015 11:30:01.783 SetupComponentLogger: SetupComponentSettingsFolderMigration - No existing settings folder
06/16/2015 11:30:01.783 SetupController: !ERROR! (0x80040CA0) Installation has failed, cleaning up

Seeing that the installer was having trouble creating a registry key, I changed the account to an administrator account and also turned off Bitdefender (free). I still have the error. Any advice would be appreciated.


A:Onedrive install fails

Did you re-log after changing to Admin?
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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows issue setup 10 onedrive Windows Pro bit Windows 10 onedrive setup issue Processor Intel R Core TM i - U CPU GHz Intel Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card Intel R HD Graphics Family Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Dell Inc Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled I just upgraded to windows from windows Windows 10 onedrive setup issue at first i did not have a microsoft account connected but i decided to do so when i try to set up onedrive i get two messages there first is that there are already files in the one drive folder which are two empty folders labled documents and pictures i go through the set up process and get the message that one drive cannot access the folder labeled documents and to restart or reconfigure one drive which does no good if i choose a different folder i get the same thing if i delete the one drive folder and recreate same result the folder and its subfolders are all read only but i cannot change that it redoes it as soon as i try can someone help me and possibly explain the read only thing at the same time nbsp

A:Windows 10 onedrive setup issue

Do you have any documents in onedrive - if you log in via the website

goto , login and then click on the Square with 9 dots 3x3 and choose onedrive
whats there

I would delete all the folders files from the website onedrive
and also in the PC folder for onedrive

now use the upload on the website and load a test file
see if that syncs back to the PC
if so, then add a file to the PC and see if that syncs to the website onedrive
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I've upgraded to Windows 10 from Window 8.1 and all is ok but OneDrive is not uploading or scyning new changes I make to word docs or text files in This PC. It worked well in Windows 8.1 but not in Windows 10. My files in Onedrive are just sitting there as copied over on the upgrade. It could be that it copied over my photographs as well as my documents so there is no space left on the OneDrive folder. I've tried to disconnect OneDrive and then 'Choose Folders' instead of All Files but this does not work either.

A:Syncing OneDrive

are you able to manually sync with OneDrive?
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I ve read a lot about the changes to OneDrive but I m not sure I understand them On Win it was something I used a lot as I move between PCs quite a bit during the day and found it easy to save files in there and pick them up on the next something be? my the or there it's wrong OneDrive Is supposed is to way with this machine I also have a Windows Phone so all the photos I take are easily accessible I have around gb of files on my OneDrive I upgraded one of my machines to Win last week and on that OneDrive is totally useless During the upgrade process it told me it would now need to sync and store files locally which is fine as I have the space But the OneDrive folder despite showing all the folders inside it always says quot This folder is empty quot when I open any of them If I log in to the web based OneDrive Is there something wrong with my OneDrive or is this the way it's supposed to be? all my files are there and I can download them but I can t use anything directly from Explorer any more on the Win PC Is this normal and to be expected from Win I know people have been complaining about it having to sync instead of having smart files is this the result if so I think I may go back to Win for a while Thanks in advance for helping me with my confusion nbsp

A:Is there something wrong with my OneDrive or is this the way it's supposed to be?

onedrive works differently on W8/8.1 to Win10 (and Win7)

onedrive was sort of integrated into the log-in ID on Windows 8/8.1
so to use one drive you needed to have the PC login to a MS account (or registered email , with MS)

Now you can use any MS Account

So on Windows 10 you can sign into any MSAccount to use onedrive

And the folder should be in file explorer
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Attackers can access Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive files without a user's password
The so-called "man-in-the-cloud" attack is said to be a common flaw in most cloud-based file synchronization services.
research released at Black Hat conference. Scares crap out of me because I use Dropbox and MS cloud stuff - One Drive and One Note.
Can someone with knowledge tell me whether 2factor authentication can protect you from man-in-the-cloud attacks?
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I have a W7 laptop, an iPad & a MacBook Air and I am thinking of storing photos on one on the above mentioned as a safe guard. I have absolutely no idea at all how this iCloud etc stuff works as it is beyond me in my old age. So what I am looking for is advice on which one I should use and how to go about it. From what I have read One Drive gets the best write up but I would rather take opinions here from members who have had experience & know what they are talking about. Thanks for any help here.

A:OneDrive or iCloud

I use and like DropBox.  They have a free version with no limitations except amount of storage.  I pay $9.99 per month for the basic since I have a lot of photos and some videos.  I back up almost all files I create. And you can share files with others. Without them having access to your folders by a simple right click to create a link like this one:
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I am using OneDrive to work on files at work (Windows 7) and home (Windows 8.1). Last night I made modifications to the files at home. When I went to access the OneDrive files from work this morning, the files showed a modification date and time for last
night, but when I opened the files, they showed none of the updates I made last night. I went to and logged in. The files showed all the changes I made last night. So I downloaded the files from, saved to a folder on my work computer
then copied over to OneDrive from my work computer!!  Argh!  I thought the whole idea of OneDrive was to make changes anywhere and see them anywhere.  Why did my Windows 7 computer not see the changes made to OneDrive files on my Windows 8.1
computer???  THanks for any help.
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I honestly don't use OneDrive and I just see it as bloatware. Anyways to remove it? I tried looking in the Windows built in uninstaller but I don't see it there.

A:Disabling/removing OneDrive?

Hi Eddie Follow the instructions in the link below. as that.
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I'm trying to login to a O365 account on Windows 10 that is provided from my place of work (a college). However upon login to the pre-installed OneDrive client, it says the Microsoft account does not exist?
Is there a fix for this or do I need OneDrive for business installed?

A:OneDrive Win10

I'm trying to login to a O365 account on Windows 10 that is provided from my place of work (a college). However upon login to the pre-installed OneDrive client, it says the Microsoft account does not exist?
Is there a fix for this or do I need OneDrive for business installed?
Most likely it's that they have the Pro version.  Don't know whether colleges are prohibited from using the free version or not.
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What happens if I delete the files in my Tablet 8.1 OneDrive Folder?  Do the corresponding files in my online OneDrive get deleted too?  I very much do not want this to happen.  The files arrived in the folder after they were uploaded to OneDrive. (synced presumably?).  I set them all so they are not available offline which I understand (just about) means they are Smart Files which do not occupy storage space on my small HDD.  But if they were synced in one direction (downloaded) is what I do with them synced in the the other direction (uploaded)?   
I think it will be clear that this is something I am new too and know (too) little about!
Also, are Smart Files unique to Microsoft / Windows, or will I find this behaviour with other Cloud services?
I would be grateful for some enlightenment on this.

A:Deleting files in the OneDrive Folder

If you delete the files in the OneDrive folder they are deleted online as well. Any files that are deleted from OneDrive should be sent to the recycle bin.
OneDrive - Delete or restore files and folders
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I just re-installed Win 8.1. When tryiong to open Onedrive I get an error message like this"Cannot upload Ondme files on two other computers and no problem, Help! file path too long". I have the same files on two other computers and no problems, Help! T.I.A.
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I'm new to so Question concerning OneDrive security I found one of my main folders sitting there in OneDrive I am not sure if that was mistakenly placed there by me or how it got there but Please tell when my folders OneDrive Question concerning security or data is sitting there in OneDrive does that mean that it is in another on line OneDrive Question concerning security file somewhere called cloud I really hope not like for example MS is slowly depriving intellectuals of independence for example pushing Gif art to on line in order to open it when it comes to art or works of art OneDrive Question concerning security any fool would know that art work is definitely something you want to protect until you want to unveil it Art may seem plentiful in this world but the security of original art work is always under pressure and so if it isn't broke why fix it I don't get it the only thing I can figure is these MS people are already greedy for all kinds of information maybe there greed is limitless

A:OneDrive Question concerning security

Unless I'm mistaken the One Drive is the cloud and the files there should be copies of the ones on your computer [it's backup solution which you do not 'have' to use]
You have to understand that it's not "greed" it's just that I don't have enough and need just "a little bit more"
Stay well and surf safe
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I'm running 8.1 with the recent update, 8GB memory, HP Intel.  I used to have an icon for onedrive in my notification bar.  I know it was taken away but then they restored it with an update and I used to have it.  But it's gone now and I know it's supposed to be there.  I miss it. 
Onedrive shows in file explorer and when I right click on it and choose Properties, then Security, it shows that all listed have full permissions.  I don't see the onedrive host file running in Task Manager under Processes.  I have onedrive enabled in the startup tab.
How can I get it back In the notification bar?  It seems to be syncing fine. Thanks to any and all that can help me get it back.

A:No onedrive notification icon

Hey there,
Attempt the following
Click the white upwards facing arrow in the bottom right hand corner and click Customise...
In here look for onedrive. 
If it's there change the behaviours to show icon and notifications.
Then click OK.
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How can i get the windows Vista architecture?

A:windows vista architecture

What do you have now?
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How do I remove onedrive. I would like to send photo's/videos the old way so friends and family who do not have onedrive are able to view. I don't like my emailed shots etc.. to be removed at such and such a date either.
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I am trying to recover the unsynced files from the OneDrive for Business cache of a user who's computer has crashed. The hard drive is readable from another computer (where I am working from) but I am struggling to recover the files. Unfortunately the HDD
is not repairable or bootable.
Does anyone have a suggestion of how and where I should be looking?
Thanks in advance!

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I'm using one single OneDrive account on my PC that PC is used by my wife and I each of us a separate on-admin user can't create OneDrive folder and have a separate Admin account i want all quot users quot have the same OneDrive account this is from an Office subscription and will be my off-site backup OneDrive can't create folder up to TB I have signed myself and Admin up with the same OneDrive account and chose one single folder on OneDrive can't create folder my HDD by selecting the HDD OneDrive creates a folder called quot OneDrive quot so far so good and Admin and i regualr user can use that folder by clicking on the cloudy blue OneDrive symbol Now my plan is to set up my wife's OneDrive can't create folder account with he same OneDrive All fine until I chose a folder then OneDrive tells me it can't create a folder I tried locations on the same HDD same message i can use different HDD but obviously i want to use the very some physical OneDrive location There is a possibility my wife's account doesn't' have access to all folders or the complete drive but not sure how to check I myself work as Admin or myself with the computer attached a shot of the error message and my drives All attempts to have OneDrive use HDD quot F quot failed I assume it is some rights issue I temporarily changed my wife's account to an admin account to no avail I googled for that error but didn't find anything not sure it helps but my drives work as follows C SSD with OS software F HDD data storage E separate HDD for backing up most of quot F quot I is a smaller HDD that backs up selected folders from quot F quot only One Drive is supposed to back up from quot F quot to the cloud I plan to move all important date into that quot OneDrive Folder quot
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I have Onedrive installed on my Win 7 Desktop as well as my Win 7 Laptop and am brand new to Onedrive.

I put two folders and six files in the Onedrive folder on the Desktop but they do not show up in the Onedrive folder on the Laptop. Both machines are signed in to my Microsoft account and I believe the sharing is set up correctly. Both machines can see each other on the network.

Will someone give me hand in sorting out the problem. It may well be I can't do what I think I can.

Thank you.
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Today I logged into my Windows PC and opened up my OneDrive folder expecting to see a folder with some pictures I had uploaded from my cell phone I fried up my laptop and on this PC the files were there indicating that the sync was failing on my desktop Somehow by dumb luck I managed to get the sync started and when that happened I noticed that there was a cloud icon in my system tray and the icon remained in my system tray until I rebooted Upon reboot the oneDrive cloud icon is missing and I've been unable to figure out how to get it back I did notice on my laptop that the cloud icon the Tray from OneDrive System missing icon is in the system tray each and every time I boot but not on my desktop PC Has anyone experienced this problem and was able to get the icon to show up every time If so can you please share with me how to get the icon back in the system tray Thanks

A:OneDrive icon missing from the System Tray

Browse to C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\OneDrive.exe and Send to Desktop (create shortcut). Run this whenever you need to, no need to keep it running all the time

If you still want it to auto-start, run with the shortcut/or the exe. On notification area icon, right click and settings - settings (tab) - check "Start OneDrive ...."
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I'm using OneNote on Assist? OneDrive: Live Essentials/Sign-in Using Win which with OneNote Win x and putting my notebooks in one of several OneDrive accounts To handle the OneDrive sign-ins I'm using Windows Live Sign-in Assistant build which was released on June The installer is wlsetup-idcrl exe a MB file Using OneNote with OneDrive: which Win Live Essentials/Sign-in Assist? It's identified as quot Windows Live Sign-in Assistant quot on the Microsoft download page Download Windows Live Using OneNote with OneDrive: which Win Live Essentials/Sign-in Assist? Sign-in Assistant from Official Microsoft Download Center but once installed it's listed in Control Panel gt Programs as quot Windows Live Essentials quot The question Is this the proper and most current software for the intended purpose Seems like four years is a long time to go without an update on a tool such as this There is a quot Microsoft Online Services Sign-in Assistant quot but that seems to be only for Office There's also quot Windows Essentials quot but that tells me that OneDrive is already installed and then offers to install a lot of apps that I don't want there being no sign-in assistant listed The branding is about as confused as it can be Thanks for any guidance
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I've read about half a dozen blogs and about without folders OneDrive Windows 7 to from Synchronizing relocating? all the posts I can find on this but Synchronizing folders from Windows 7 to OneDrive without relocating? the only solution that is being presented sounds like quot If you want to sync folders from Windows to your OneDrive just change the location of the folder in the folder properties quot But if you have a directory nested somewhere on your secondary D and do not want to move the directory or you have a single file that is not part of your User's library and you just want to synchronize this single file without moving it off of D that there isn't a way to have OneDrive Synchronizing folders from Windows 7 to OneDrive without relocating? automatically copy any changes made to this file automatically Or is there a way for us to setup our users so that the can sync files from their D drive or even a mapped drive to their OneDrive without having to do it manually every time a change is made Or is the only solution to just keep two copies of the file one on D and one in the OneDrive PC library and run a script every so often to have any changes made on the mapped drive or data drive's file up to the file staged in the OneDrive library The other potential concern with this is that if this is the way it works in Windows is this the kind of hassle we can expect from using OneDrive when we move up to Windows We know that Windows deprecated user's abilities to manually backup files and settings that they wanted saved into a Mig file using the Windows Easy Transfer tool so they could keep it on their personal drive and that Windows seemed to rely entirely on the SkyDrive Do this mean also when we move to we're not only going to have to manually sync all of our user's files up to OneDrive with copies but we're also going to have to go through the hassle of designing some kind of script that forces the end user to use come kind of convoluted script to select which files and settings they want to capture using the Scanstate or whatever the USMT solution for Windows is instead of using Easy Transfer WE're sincerely hoping for a simple solution for this issue Thanks ahead of time for any information provided on this
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I am returning my laptop due to several problems.  How do I remove my email address form OneDrive and the startup password?

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I was able to map this onedrive account to Windows Explorer, but I wasn't able to map this onedrive

I kept getting error code: 0x80070043 and the log file shows "System error 53 has occurred. The network path was not found.". Then I make sure all securities setting like app password, two-way verification are disabled on
But still no luck.
Please kindly help me to resolve this issue.
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I have Windows 10, but it's slow and has viruses so I am restoring the laptop to it's factory settings so it'll be Windows 8 when done, I'm converting all my files to one drive, which isn't online, it's in my file explorer, will I keep the files when I restore the laptop back to windows 8 or will it literally remove everything?

Hoping it'll be okay but I need help!

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I recently bought a new tablet a dual-boot Android Win system My problem is that the OneDrive icon which is supposed to be 10 Selective OneDrive and Win syncing, on the taskbar is not there Supposedly the only way to set up selective sync is to right-click that icon and go from there The tablet has very limited storage so I really do need to sync the folders I need for working mobile Microsoft and the manufacturer are exchanging pointed fingers No help at all I would simply reinstall Win from the disk I burned after upgrading my desktop and using the tablet s Win key but I don t yet have enough confidence in the Selective syncing, OneDrive and Win 10 Win installer to do that The purpose of the reinstall would be to encourage the icon to show up overkill it seems to me at this point The OneDrive app isn t available in Win because the functionality is supposedly baked into the OS The question is whether anyone can show me a different route into the settings to make selective sync work With the multiple ways to do almost anything in Windows I m hoping that this task is no exception Because the cloud icon isn t there to right-click on how else could I navigate to the right place to start I can kludge a solution by opening OneDrive in a browser window and upload download files from there to work on But I don t always have Wifi available In File Explorer the OneDrive folder is empty Maybe this will be resolved by the end of the year because MS has promised that it will restore the full Win functionality of OneDrive in Win I hope so but because I don t know why the icon is missing I don t know if the change will make my tablet work Thanks for any help nbsp
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I have a desktop computer with Windows that does not have a TPM Chip This PC has a second fixed hard drive with tb of space and I use this hard drive primarily to store and Bitlocker OneDrive all my OneDrive Files Folders I use Bitlocker to encrypt my fixed hard drive for protection and I use Microsoft Account to log into the computer The issue is that when I restart my computer I have to manually unlock my bitlockered drive as my OS drive is not encrypted but there is no way I have been able to find to stop OneDrive starting automatically This OneDrive and Bitlocker causes OneDrive to freak out at every start and then the app takes hours of quot Setting up quot and quot Checking for changes quot to go through my K files that I store on OneDrive I have trying switching to Local Account but OneDrive goes completely missing nbsp Has anyone else have this issue and have they managed to resolve this I think it is a very obvious use case All I want to do is protect my import files on local PC and Sync it with OneDrive Any suggestions to fix this issue

A:OneDrive and Bitlocker

This TechNet article tells that if you want to unlock your fixed drive automatically, the operating system drive has to be also protected by Bitlocker.
Then your fixed drive will also be automatically unlocked and the OneDrive application will start normally.
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Anybody got a torch that can throw some light I just did a scan with Folder Size just out of interest to see what was using space no problems just interest I was surprised to find AND Onedrive? Skydrive that in my user s folder I had two sub-folders - Skydrive and Onedrive Both folders were roughly GB in size with Skydrive being slightly the largerof the two I then took a gander using File Manager and found I had TWO Onedrive folders and no Skydrive The folder sizes and Skydrive AND Onedrive? contents were the same as for the two differently named folders shown by Folder Size I m a bit befuddled because File Manager showed two sub-folders with identical names which I didn t think was possible and being a miser I don t like the thought of throwing GB of disc space away So why I have got two sub-folders apparently doing the same thing and can I safely delete the Skydrive folder nbsp

A:Skydrive AND Onedrive?

I think they are both 'cloud' drives and so they don't use any of your computer's hard drive space, they are on a server somewhere instead.
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I have all my pictures uploaded to onedrive and all is well Now one day about Question onedrive I noticed it had uploaded my whole documents folder so I thought that was good as I have a backup on an external drive of my documents and I though I could eliminate the external drive Question about onedrive In these documents I had some pages saved offline for future viewing and I thought that would be good except I see that you have the html page in onedrive but it only shows the html code and there is no where you can actually go to a web browser and view the actual page you want to see I wanted to be able to save pages offline and then upload them to onedrive and then we able to view them later but it does not seem to work unless I am doing something wrong I am saving as webpage complete This is now another complete question about windows I can not find where to save a page offline I searched online Question about onedrive and found a site and it states press the page button but after searching high and low can not find any page button this is when I am using the edge browser Maybe someone out there has an idea where it is nbsp
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We have setup a new domain with Windows Server 2012 R2 and a fresh install of Windows 8.1 Pro.
The PC connects to the domain ok allowing us to log onto a domain user account.
When the user attempts to connect to a Microsoft account so they may synchronise their personal OneDrive data they do the following:
-> Settings
-> Changes PC Settings
-> Accounts
-> Your account
-> Connect to a Microsoft account
-> Next
It then thinks for a moment and the below error pops up:
"This service isn't available right now--please try again later."

Any help or direction would be great.

A:OneDrive + Domain Account Error - Windows 8.1

We might first take use of the Microsoft Account troubleshooter, download it from

More information, see:
How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Account Issues
Best regardsMichael Shao
TechNet Community Support
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Win 10, HP 570f Pavilion Elite PC, upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10 Sept/2015. Just recently I noticed I have activated or somehow acquired a OneDrive folder. All my downloads, documents and pictures are there in appropriate folders under OneDrive. This is terrible since my wife can just open OneDrive from my Computer Shortcut on the Desktop and view my secrete sites and pictures I've gleaned from the liberal internet (meaning porno sites)!! Everything I've seen or been to is in OneDrive. I use to hide things in different named Folders or moved them to an external drive but now those videos and pictures are duplicated in OneDrive. This is annoying and time consuming to delete items in OneDrive that I didn't want to go there. Can I tell OneDrive to be more selective or not to function at all?

A:OneDrive invading my privacy!

In the taskbar, right click on the Onedrive icon and select Settings. Under the "Account" tab you can either modiefy folders or just unlink Onedrive.
Open task manager and click on the "Startup" tab. From the Startup tab right click on OneDrive and select disable.
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I can't edit the title of a shared doc even if I'm the only one editing it. Even if the User B (I'm user A) signed out the web interface and  from word,  OneDrive keep showing the disconnected user (B).

What a user must do to quit editing a doc (so another user could edit the doc title)?How can I force the other user(s) to quit editing a shared file?
(Word 2013)
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I made a mistake and copied a 4.5gig folder to my Onedrive folder. It started to sync before I realised the mistake. I stopped Onedrive and removed the folder from the Onedrive folder. I started Onedrive again and it still wants to sync. As usual it grabs all my internet bandwidth and I can't do anything.

I have checked my Onedrive through the web interface and the mistaken folder is not there.

Any suggestions on how to stop this syncing a folder that now no longer exists on my machine?
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Is it possible with de standard Windows Backup to backup directly to OneDrive; e.g. not via the local synchronized directory of Ondrive.

A:OneDrive backup

As to the OneDrive specs, you can use it as an additional local drive.
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Good morning,
I'm having difficulty finding any information around disabling OneDrive on Windows 7 machines.
Ideally Group Policy would be preferred but this is only available on Windows 8.1 and 10.
This isn't OneDrive for Business but normal consumer OneDrive. Would there be anything withing Azure RMS that might help with this?

Best regards,
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Win 10 has onedrive app preinstalled. It has uninstall in the rightclick menu. Anyone successfully uninstalled onedrive through the rightclick uninstall option?

When I click on the rightclick uninstall option it takes me to add/remove programs but onedrive is not in the list there?

A:Win 10 preinstalled onedrive uninstall query

If you are going to remove via group policy editor, then its only available on higher version than PRO of Windows 10.

Consider to disable via registry tweak:
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A new version of OneDrive was released yesterday. I cannot find any release notes or change log as bizarre as this sounds.

Are the changes secret?

A:OneDrive change log/release notes?

Hi Miles all update are now "Shhhhh Ancient Microsoft Secret".
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I have a personal account as well as a university account. In Windows 8.1, how do I switch from my personal account to my university account so that all my OneDrive for Business data is showing in Windows 8.1 instead of my personal OneDrive for consumer?

Thank you!

A:How to change OneDrive account in Windows 8.1?

Hello Charlie, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you needed to switch between the accounts often, then you might consider creating a new Microsoft account using your university address in Windows. This way you can easily switch between the user accounts in Windows as needed.
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Hey Everyone,

Today, I rebooted my machine and did a clean install of Windows 10 Pro. I installed all my apps etc and then tried to access onedrive and it gave me a sign in screen. I put in my correct information and it won't let me sign in at all. It gets stuck saying signing in. Any ideas?

Thank you very much!
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Good day everybody.

Is it necessary to logon using my Microsoft passport to get onedrive worked ?.

1- if not what shall I do to have onedrive worked and sync ?.
2- if yes how to set pc to sign in automatically ?.

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The odd thing is I don't even use OneDrive except to automatically upload photos from my Android phone to my desktop; nothing has been detected on the phone.
I've run another full scan with Bitdefender and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free) without any further detection.
Was just wondering if there might be other steps I need to carryout to be sure nothing spreads? Thanks!

A:Trojan Detected in OneDrive

I don't use OneDrive but i am very familiar with the Heur Trojan , it's a complete nightmare and one of the worst i ever experienced .

If it was me i would wipe and re install but i never keep anything of importance on my computer so thats easy for me to say .

I had to use Dban to get rid of that thing completely .
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Can someone advise me on how to get rid of "Documents" folder created by OneDrive for Business? See the below screen

This PC 'Folders' - Add or Remove in Windows 10

The above mentioned tricks don't work for this particular folder and I can't really find it in the Registry...

I was hoping this was this one {24D89E24-2F19-4534-9DDE-6A6671FBB8FE} described as "OneDrive Documents" but the well-know trick with adding "ThisPCPolicy" string with "Hide" value doesn't seem to work...

A:get rid of "Documents" folder created by OneDrive for Business?

Hello mikolajek,

I don't have OneDrive Business to test with, but you might see if the .reg file below may be able to remove its Documents folder for you. You'll need to restart afterwards to fully apply.


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




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I am still getting used to the idea of OneDrive automatically sucking up every file I create into the electronosphere even if it is Microsoft up there that is housing them. I feel comfortable thinking what goes on in my computer stays in my computer until
I choose to upload my file to the Cloud. So, how to turn off OneDrive until I choose to upload a file. I have Win 10. When I had Win 8.1, I pressed the wrong button and uploaded my entire frigging directory tree to God knows where to be accessible to God knows
who...Advice appreciated.
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So I reformatted Windows 8.1, and there's some system settings I wanted to save but forgot. I think Onedrive may have these settings stored, but I don't want to use onedrive/use a MS account, I prefer local-- nor do I want it syncing my files and such. Is there any way I can extract those system settings from onedrive without it doing that?

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Hello Good People,
Despite looking around, I don't understand how the sync works.

First, is there a master, so to speak. ie does the cloud version mimic the PC files. ie if there is a file on my PC and not on the cloud, will the cloud get updated? An then, if a file gets deleted on my PC, does that file get deleted from the cloud?

And is the One Drive folder in Users on my PC really an actual folder on my C:\users, or is one of these "smart" folders that is where?

Grateful for any help.

A:OneDrive Sync

Originally Posted by doug4901

Hello Good People,
Despite looking around, I don't understand how the sync works.

First, is there a master, so to speak. ie does the cloud version mimic the PC files. ie if there is a file on my PC and not on the cloud, will the cloud get updated? An then, if a file gets deleted on my PC, does that file get deleted from the cloud?

And is the One Drive folder in Users on my PC really an actual folder on my C:\users, or is one of these "smart" folders that is where?

Grateful for any help.

This "how-to" may help even though it mentions Win8/8.1:
OneDrive How-to

Also see this information, it impacted my decision on some storage issues:
Microsoft to Discontinue Unlimited OneDrive Storage
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Onedrive was working a few months ago. Used it today but kept getting the above error message.

Did the google search and also microsoft forums and I just cannot figure out how to get this issue fixed.

Using firefox 42 and it is set to allow cookies

Windows ten up to date as of 12/27/2015

also attempted using windows edge and internet explorer - same error msg

If anyone has any tips, I would sure appreciate the help

A:Onedrive error message cookies turned off in your browser

Are cookies turned of in Edge and/or in IE ?
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Because I have a friend who is deeply in love with OneDrive I keep trying to make it work with little success. Here's my latest try:

When I try to share this link I get varying results.

When I try to view the images on my computer I can click on a thumbnail and it opens full screen and shows the caption. But if I try to "View Original" it throws this error message

My friend who loves onedrive is able to View Originals with no problem. So he says it my computer.

My wife's computer can go to the link but only view thumbnails, it cannot view larger images.

Another friend gets the same behavior as my wife's computer.

If I can't solve these problems I'm abandoning attempts to make OneDrive work.

Thank you.
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In Windows 10, I already have folders for Music, Videos, Documents and Pictures.
Why can't these folders be synced with OneDrive? It would make so much more sense. Instead I have to create separate folders in my OneDrive directory in Windows Explorer with the same names, doubling everything up. Am I missing something?

A:OneDrive Folders

Hello Nick, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You might see if the tutorials below to auto save those to OneDrive may help.

OneDrive Auto Save Photos and Videos - Turn On or Off in Windows 10

Documents & Pictures - Auto Save to OneDrive or This PC in Windows 10
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Hi all OneDrive Win will to restart not syncing 8 downgrade after I downgraded back to Win yesterday using an image backup OneDrive will not restart syncing after downgrade to Win 8 as there aren't any new Bootcamp drivers for my old Mac and life without proper GPU support is a bit frustrating Anyway as my OneDrive is overflowing I decided to sync everything down to disk then move it so as to clear my cloud storage out The first problem I encountered was that I could neither open nor remove a folder called Music inside the SkyDrive folder on my box Yes the folder is OneDrive will not restart syncing after downgrade to Win 8 still using the old name My computer started life running Win XP I think All attempts to take ownership in order to gain access rights failed including starting an elevated prompt via psexec exe I finally fixed that by deleting the folder online - the change got synced down I rebooted my laptop and I have had an exclamation mark over OneDrive's tray icon since The tooltip now reads quot resuming quot cf below When I selected the context menu I selected the entry to continue syncing The tooltip on the icon then read quot resuming quot The context menu now looks like this As you can see the entry to resume syncing got greyed out after I clicked on it However there is no sign that anything is being synced The exclamation mark on the tray icon doesn't disappear the context menu doesn't revert to quot pause syncing quot and - most importantly - when I try to move a copy of a file from the local SkyDrive folder I get the following error message telling me that the file is only available offline and cannot be downloaded because syncing is paused Any idea how to force OneDrive on Windows to resume synchronising files and folders skydrive exe stop skydrive exe reset and skydrive exe didn't help and neither did the OneDrive troubleshooter available at http go microsoft com linkid via https support office com en-gb art rs en-GB amp ad GB Alternatively is there a way to break the link to the cloud storage and to start syncing down from scratch like the Repair option for OneDrive for Business When I reboot the context menu changes back to offering me the quot resume syncing quot option by the way There are roughly GB in my account am I maybe too impatient Regards Chris
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Are there any temporary files, settings, etc. I can set CCleaner to avoid cleaning, because every time I restart my computer, OneDrive keeps asking for my Microsoft account to continue using it.

In a similar fashion, the same behavior can be observed if OneDrive is run under Windows 7 SP1 using the latest version of the OneDrive client.
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My one drive app won't sign in on my Win 7 computer.  I was sent over here from another forum to seek help.  I have been using it for 3 years, and one day, it stoped signing in.  I just came back from vacation and still won't sign in.
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I use DOS (specifically the WinZip Command Line Add-On) to backup my files. Have been for years and years. I can't figure how to address OneDrive in my .bat file. Can it be done? If so can someone point me to the solution.


A:Can I access OneDrive in DOS

Firstly, Windows 10 does not have "DOS". Apparently, you are talking about command line interface.

Secondly, OneDrive stores all its files in some specific location on your machine. All these files are regular files accessible as any other file. There's nothing special about them. By default, OneDrive directory is 'Users\<Your User Name>\OneDrive'
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Having nothing but issues with this, only on this one PC. Onedrive basically refuses to sign in. The cloud icon in the tray is gray (but can be right-clicked for settings/help/ext), shows not signed in. On the few occasions I've managed to get the sign in box to open it just sits on "signing in..." forever.

I can login on web without issues but this PC does not show in PCs list (previously was duped 3x, and not working, and I removed all).


A:OneDrive issues

Update- at the moment, unknown reasons, it signed in. Shows "up to date". Still not showing in PC list online.
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Can someone help me understand what it going on with OneDrive?

From what I can tell, all my "Documents" and "Pictures" are going to OneDrive, which immediately chews up all my space. I initially deleted a bunch of stuff thinking it was like a backup before realize the files did not reside anywhere on my PC. Thank goodness for Recycle Bin.

I've tried to change the location of my Pictures folder from OneDrive to my PC, but it told me that "the folder cannot be moved". So now I'm copying everything from OneDrive to my C: drive, but my default folders will still point to OneDrive. Can anyone help figure out how to get things pointed to my PC?

A:Clue me in on OneDrive

Right-click the OneDrive icon in your Notification Area & click Settings. Click the Auto save tab; set Documents and Pictures to This PC only.

Documents & Pictures - Auto Save to OneDrive or This PC in Windows 10

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After upgrade of Win7 to Win10 I got an Onedrive icon on my desktop. It can't be deleted.

Is there a way to disable this icon in the registry? What is the guid?

A:How to remove OneDrive desktop icon

Hello zdzdz,

Downloading and merging the .reg file below should remove the OneDrive desktop icon for you. You may need to either refresh (F5) the desktop or log out/in to fully apply.

See also: OneDrive Desktop Icon - Add or Remove in Windows 10


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

; Created by: Shawn Brink
; Remove OneDrive icon from desktop



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Hi - I have a laptop with about GB of OneDrive sync'd data I now have a new laptop which I am setting up and it will replace my old laptop I've done some online research on this but not found an answer I trust What is the best way to do migrate all my data to the new machine Let OneDrive automatically sync with my new PC and use GB of my GB monthly allotment I could manually move the data over - as we did in the old days - and then turn on OneDrive and quot hopefully quot let it sync and realize that same data is on the new laptop and not download to new folders PO files and Moving OneDrive or create other copies Does anyone know or have tried manually moving Moving OneDrive folders and files to new PO the data over to Moving OneDrive folders and files to new PO a new machine How does OneDrive react I tried with one folder and it seems to work where it did not download the folder again or create a second copy I tried another folder and it started downloading syncing Bottom line is I'd prefer to manually move all the folders and files copy from my old laptop to my new laptop's OneDrive but don't know how well this will play out Nothing on Microsoft's OneDrive sit or elsewhere on this specifically that I've found Thanks

A:Moving OneDrive folders and files to new PO

I'd say stop OneDrive on both computers then go ahead and copy the data over. You can use a big flash drive or your home network. Network is probably better and will not affect your data usage since it should all be within your local network.

Once done, start OneDrive on both and all should be well.
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My system is Windows 8-64bit.

Password was expired in the windows. I have changed the password and Login then the entire Windows Keychain for password credentials get reset as well (including shared drive credentials and outlook username/password).

In which case this will occur?
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I have put Onedrive folder under Favorites in the Windows Explorer.  However, it disappears every now and then and I have to repeat the process again.  Why?  How can I prevent it from disappearing?
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So, I am just now getting around to trying to solve this problem due to the fact that I am needing to use the computer that has this problem at the moment. When ever anything that would put crap in My Documents (I.E. Rockstar) it instead goes to onedrive. The System will not let me change the setting on where documents get saved automatically. when I try to change it the selection box just goes blank. if I try to select "This PC" again it will then show up, however if I go away and come back the setting is back to saying "OneDrive". Does anyone know of anything I can do to fix this issue?

A:Onedrive sync selection issue


The usual place to adjust the OneDrive settings is from the OneDrive icon in the System tray. If you open up the icons by clicking the ^ symbol, right click on the OneDrive cloud icon and select settings. In the Auto-save tab you can select where you want documents to save and make sure this is set to "This PC only".

Hope this helps!
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So, I am just now getting around to trying to solve this problem due to the fact that I am needing to use the computer that has this problem at the moment. When ever anything that would put crap in My Documents (I.E. Rockstar) it instead goes to onedrive. The System will not let me change the setting on where documents get saved automatically. when I try to change it the selection box just goes blank. if I try to select "This PC" again it will then show up, however if I go away and come back the setting is back to saying "OneDrive". Does anyone know of anything I can do to fix this issue?

A:Onedrive sync selection issue


The usual place to adjust the OneDrive settings is from the OneDrive icon in the System tray. If you open up the icons by clicking the ^ symbol, right click on the OneDrive cloud icon and select settings. In the Auto-save tab you can select where you want documents to save and make sure this is set to "This PC only".

Hope this helps!
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Windows 7 - No problem, I get a list of all my OneDrive folders for Web Locations.
Windows 10 - Doesn't connect me logged into OneDrive and I cannot select a location.
Note however, that if I follow the "Microsoft OneDrive" hyperlink right after the words "Web Location", it DOES open the OneDrive folder list automatically in a separate window, but that doesn't get me choice of locations on this screen so that I can choose a location. What's missing here?
My work around for now is to keep switching back to Win7 to use OneNote there when I need to create new notebooks on OneDrive.
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The following message is being displayed when I move a folder in Onedrive. All sorts of nasties happen if I don't reconfigure. This is just one in a vast line of ghastly issues I have had with Onedrive whic is surely the worst piece of programming ever written!
Reconfiguring involves rleoading all onedrive files which is 20GB a pop in my case. Just awful and just about the last straw Microsoft.

Microsoft OneDrive
We couldn't access c:\......
Please make sure this file or folder still exists in this
location and restart OneDrive, or click "Reconfigure
OneDrive" to set up your OneDrive folder again.
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I am trying to disable OneDrive & every time I type in "gpedit.msc" I get a message that Windows can't find it. Surely there has to be a way to disable it isn't there.

A:Trying to Disable OneDRive

Hello gourdguru, and welcome to Ten Forums.

Local Group Policy Editor is not available in the Windows 10 Home edition.

Windows 10 Home editions can use Option Two below instead.

OneDrive Integration - Enable or Disable in Windows 10
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Hi I'm using OneDrive on a Windows Home which I upgraded from Windows on an ASUS Q LN I used OneDrive for days without problems Around GB of data synced on local machine folder and the onedrive site Yesterday I didn't need a folder around repeatedly OneDrive Windows crashing 10 GB and deleted it on the onedrive site I then went to the Recycle Bin on OneDrive Windows 10 crashing repeatedly the onedrive site and emptied it Since that time OneDrive is not working It shows 'processing changes' but crashes I know this because when I hover the mouse where it would show progress the icon disappears because it has crashed When I open OneDrive again using the start menu or restart machine same process repeats icon shows up 'processing ' but crashes within few seconds If I try to right-click and open something like Settings it shows the 'OneDrive has stopped responding message' After attempts and restarts since yesterday its not working Here's the error log of latest crash from Event Viewer Faulting application name OneDrive exe version time stamp x a c Faulting module name KERNELBASE dll version time stamp x f b a Exception code x Fault offset x bd Faulting process id x dc Faulting application start time x d dab f ddc dc Faulting application path C Users ADMIN AppData Local Microsoft OneDrive OneDrive exe Faulting module path C WINDOWS SYSTEM KERNELBASE dll Report Id fb b- d d- - f -f db a bca Faulting package full name Faulting package-relative application ID This fault means OneDrive is completely unusable now Pls help

A:OneDrive Windows 10 crashing repeatedly

Mate - did you get this issue resolved?
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Hello I recently found out that it should be possible to 'copy' a pc-Excel-workbook to my Samsung Android tablet and sync it there This would be useful for the big trip schedule and expense tracker that I created on pc Would be nice if I could keep it updated from my tablet during the actual trip - I will not carry a laptop around I found out that I can create a Microsoft account I did so and use OneDrive to keep both files synced But there I get lost I succeeded in connecting both devices and keep to using Excel OneDrive How pc/tablet, workbooks on sync my the TRIP SCHEDULE synced How to sync my Excel workbooks on pc/tablet, using OneDrive but only if I keep working with it online But I wished I could keep working on the schedule in my offline EXCEL application and from there automatically 'export' all changes to my tablet - and vice versa Is that possible And how Please don't expect to much from me in terms of understanding syncing issues So be 'careful' and 'patient' in your assistance Thanks in advance I use Windows bit and Microsoft Office Professional Plus bit Greetings Wim
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Files can't be uploaded because the path of this file or folder is too long. Move the item to a different location or shorten its name.
I first tried to shorten A LOT but still got the same error message.  Then I moved it to a different folder, but I still get the same msg about the same file name!  How do I "restart" OneDrive uploading when I can't get rid of this message?
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I originally setup my onedrive account with my company email address. Since this is really a personal OneDrive account I want to change the email address associated with it. How can I change it without losing the content online or having to re-upload it?
Also I need to remove any references to my company email account from the microsoft system so I don't have conflicts when my company moves to Office 365. 


A:Change email address on OneDrive account

Unfortunately Onedrive is tied to the email address and it cannot be changed, merged, etcWanikiya and Dyami--Team Zigzag
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Trying to login to Microsoft OneDrive and I am presented with a completely blank application window whilst logging in - just the title bar of Microsoft OneDrive

No idea what to do to login.

One forum suggested clearing browser cache, which I have done in all browsers, but this did not fix the problem.
I have desinstalled and reinstalled - nothing
I am running a windows 7 service pack 1 desktop linked to a windows 2012 server. I am able to login on other machines with other users and then OneDrive is working fine on those machines.

Have tried doing a OneDrive Reset The OneDrive reset did nothing.
I get the welcome screen, click Next and then get the blank screen.

Looking at OneDrive login credentials with the Credentials Manager.
I do not have anything relating to OneDrive and have no entry marked "OneDrive Cached Credential"
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I had my systems set up to store a copy of the stuff I had on OneDrive on the local PC's under Windows 8.1. Since I upgrade to W10 that option has disappeared? Am I missing something? I have Googled and Binged and can't find anything specific to W10 and the W8 explanation ain't there no more in W10! Help set me straight please. I really liked the ability to access my OneDrive Stuff if/when the internet is down. Is there another way to force OneDrive to store a copy on the local PC?

A:OneDrive offline storage?

Have you looked at the top portion of the Start>AllApps at all? I found it immediately with a fast look here since the present copy of 10 on the main(have a secondary as well) build was the Threshold 2 November 11th Update to the Windows Insider Preview 10586 build essentially being the exact same only the TH2 went out as the general update.

If you had somehow not seen that come about with the upgrade a repair install or now better a totally fresh clean install would be optional but not necessary while you would now lose out on the Free 15gb storage for the reduction to 5gb MS put into effect on Monday Feb. 1st!
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We have 100 users with Folder Redirection on Desktop and My Documents and with Offline Files function enabled.
Me as and admin would like to with a centrally controlled tool move their files to OneDrive for Business. I am an Admin in Office365 and on our network so I have access to the source and destination.
Are there any useful tools for this task so each user does not need to do this manually by themselves?
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I see a folder titled OneDrive in Windows Explorer and I'm not sure how it works exactly. Can someone explain?

A:What is the OneDrive folder?

Hello Ashley,

OneDrive is a cloud-based storage service where you can view, browse, upload, and share the files you saved online to When you save files to OneDrive, the files are automatically available to access or share from any device, even if something happens to your PC.

We have several tutorials for OneDrive, but here are a few below to help learn more about it. Please give them a look through, and feel free to ask any questions you may have.

OneDrive Selective Sync - Choose Folders in Windows 10OneDrive Fetch Files - Add or Remove Windows 10 PCsDocuments & Pictures - Auto Save to OneDrive or This PC in Windows 10OneDrive Auto Save Photos and Videos - Turn On or Off in Windows 10OneDrive Auto Save Screenshots - Turn On or Off in Windows 10
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I am creating a new Windows 8.1 image for our organization.  I am de-provisioning a bunch of the built in Appx packages that our users do not need (ie xbox games, food&drink etc). 
Our users use the Onedrive for Business application that comes with Office 2013.  I would like to remove the One Drive (Personal) App built into Windows 8.1 as it is causing our users some confusion.  I do not have the "Uninstall option when
I right Click it, and it is not listed when I run dism /online /get-provisionedappxpackages.
Is there any way to remove OneDrive (Personal) from my image, and only have Onedrive for Business available?

A:Remove Onedrive Personal Appx from Windows 8.1 image

Unlike other apps, you can't remove OneDrive.
regards,- Yannick Plavonil
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I've set up a new Office 365 subscription on my desktop system. I'm gradually moving folders into the OneDrive folder. OneDrive seems to be having a serious negative effect on network bandwidth for the other computers and tablets on my home network. I'm on the 12 Mbps to 18 Mbps level of service with my provider. I'm moving a few gig at a time into the OneDrive folder and letting it sync before adding more. It seems like Dropbox and Google Drive sync faster than OneDrive but I haven't done any measured comparisons. Certainly we are seeing slower web site load times when OneDrive is syncing.
The big issue is that OneDrive doesn't have an on/off switch or a pause button on the sync process. You can change the settings to start OneDrive on Windows startup, and that's all. Microsoft needs to provide some controls. What are other people experiencing?
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Me again I'm afraid You resolved my how-to-save problems in this thread http www tenforums com general-dis iles-win html I've started this new thread because of so many strange things happening since I powered-up at am GMT today stuff failed folders/files/OneDrive grabbing Restart problems: again. I accept that some all may just be that I've moved up from Win that many of the issues may just be changes introduced in Win that what problems: folders/files/OneDrive grabbing stuff again. Restart failed I'm seeing now problems: folders/files/OneDrive grabbing stuff again. Restart failed is how Win works but here we go in no particular order When I viewed the contents of a folder in Win and e g renamed a file or sub-folder I'm sure the change appeared immediately It doesn't now - I've to look at another folder and return then the renamed folder is there When I save a snip say to Desktop temporarily in Win I'd enter quot snip quot in the name box and it would bring up all the others snips saved Useful if I'm saving a sequence of multiple snips It doesn't now and I have to move down and find the snips already saved I went to my Club Secretary folder There's a number of folders there eg Committee Subs Legal and one is 'Other' In Other is a folder that I wanted to move up to the main Secretary list I first renamed it then dragged it into Secretary I saw no change - as per When I came back and looked again it wasn't there This happened again I opened it and moved the five files there into the new folder 'Private Functions' that I'd created I then went back found that Functions was still there but when I tried to delete it it wouldn't let me saying that a document was still is use But it wasn't - I'd checked I then decided to Restart and was able to delete it then But although This PC gt Desktop showed the new file to be on the desktop it wasn't Restart didn't work - it was showing for nine minutes before I switched off then on Will Event Viewer tell me what caused this or is it a known fault even in new PCs Showing at the top of the Event Viewer gt Windows Logs gt System was this quot quot I saved the contents of each relevant section of the Logs into a new folder in This PC gt Documents They saved and are there but why did I get a message that each one had been saved to OneDrive Every one of my files and folders are now showing again in OneDrive gt Documents although I'd deleted them A few days ago I'd changed my OneDrive settings per Brink's tutorial as this snip shows so why is OneDrive still poking its nose in The contents of OneDrive on my PC shows I have a new file - an empty one but I can't delete it I don't think it's a nasty but how can I remove it and the final strange happening earlier is that before restarting I went to close the five IE screens that I had open Clicking on the X in the bottom task bar didn't work so I tried to open one and then close them from the tabs there They wouldn't display - they shot up for a second and then disappeared Feel free to help in part or in whole - this kind of thing unsettle me having have this new PC freeze with the BSOD twice Thanks for your patience
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Hi everybody,

Hopefully someone can help with this annoying issue. At some point shortly after installation I changed the Location of my Documents folder, so it may reside within the OneDrive user folder.

Shortly thereafter I released this was not what I wanted, given that many applications, by default, spout numerous files into my Documents' location. I redirected the Documents folder once again, seemingly successfully, to its original location. Since then a second, duplicated Documents consistently reappears (even after deletion from both the PC and the OneDrive website).

On checking the properties of this Documents doppelganger I can observe that its location is configured still to the OneDrive folder.

I am hoping there exists some register wizardry that might solve this issue.

Thanks in advanced for any help!


A:Documents Folder Stuck in OneDrive

How did you change the location of the documents? If you're absolutely sure you cannot find it under This PC tab in Windows Explorer, then go to OneDrive and right click on the documents folder in there (make sure this is not the OneDrive documents folder, which looks very similar). Select properties in the menu that appears. Go to the Location tab in Properties. In the text box that appears, enter in C:\Users\Your-Username\Documents . This should put your documents folder back in its normal location. This definitely should work, as I did it to my own computer just to check.