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Laptop won't charge when plugged in

Q: Laptop won't charge when plugged in

My Laptop won't charge when plug into the adaptor, the battery icon on the desktop says it's not plugged in but the light next to the computers charging point is shining white. I have managed to get it charging in some positions but I fear this is beacuse the computer's interior chargin point is loose
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Preferred Solution: Laptop won't charge when plugged in

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Please help me!So my laptob will not charge while plugged in and TURNED ON. It will only charge when the laptob is off and plugged in.I had tried changing the AC adapter AND the battery itself, same results. I also have trid almost every internet solution of turning off power/ removing battery / uninstalling "Microsoft AC adapter and Microsoft ACPI Compliant control method battery" / then powering it on ----- I have tried all these steps. I come for help, please tell me what to do. This situation is killing me!!!
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I have my latop plugged in, but it won't charge. I've tried turning it on, but all I get is a orange light, which I understand is the indication the battery is low. What I don't understand is, if it's plugged in, shouldn't the laptop come on? I have a Dell Latitude D620. Any advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
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My laptop is a Samsung RV510, i purchased it brand new and upgraded the ram to 4GB.

Everything work's fine, apart from when i pull out or plug the charger in, it will re boot itself ?

If it's a fault i will just have to put up with it as the first time it was supposed to be delivered, it went missing for 2 weeks.

Help appreciated, thanks.

A:Laptop shut's down when charge is pulled out or plugged in?

Hi TDPUK, have a look at this trouble shooting guide Note PC Troubleshooting : Learn to troubleshoot
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Hi I just bought a refurbished HP Envy M laptop from PCWorld and for some reason when but Charging' in, says windows 'Plugged charge! 8 New doesn't laptop I plug in the New windows 8 laptop says 'Plugged in, Charging' but doesn't charge! charger the battery icon says 'plugged in charging' however it has been stuck on for over hours now The battery level on the icon increases at first i e it goes up and down showing it is charging for about a minute and then the icon stops moving at all When I got the laptop the battery level was about and I used it at first without charging it until it got to and now its been stuck ever since I would be extremely grateful if someone could shed some light on this issue for me I would take it back to PCWorld however I bought it from the ebay outlet and the only option they have given is either a full refund or a partial refund however I would prefer to keep this laptop and get this issue sorted out Thanks

A:New windows 8 laptop says 'Plugged in, Charging' but doesn't charge!

See > New laptop says 'Plugged in, Charging' but doesn't charge!
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My laptop is plugged in, but won't charge.I didn't get any messages, it's like nothing is plugged in. I've tried another charger that works, but it also doesn't work on my laptop.So the problem isn't my charger. I also tried taking out the battery and starting the laptop, but then the powerbutton and capslock light flash, and it won't start.When the battery was out, I pushed the power button for 30 sec. and put the battery back in, but that didn't help either. What can I do?
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I have no idea what's going on. It was fine and then just says "plugged in, not charging". I only got this about a month ago. Wanted to see if anyone knows of something I can do from home to save the hassle of driving a few towns over to the warantee place.
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Hi, I have an aspire E1 570 laptop, which stands unused for some time in the warehouse of my company. The battery does not charge when plugged in. If anybody faced similar problem, please help.
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Hello I have recently been speaking to someone in the Malware forum to in not Plugged Charge Does Computer try and get rid of a virus He told me Plugged in Computer Does not Charge that now everything looks good on my system and that my new problem would have to be software hardware related and I should come over here and talk When I plus in my charger it does not charge the battery I had this problem before so I took the charger to the store and got a new one For a while it was charging and then just last night it stopped charging again Basically I have about minutes left on my computer and if I use that up I will not be able to turn on my computer again The recent occurence happened after on the other forum I did a cleaning of Windows I am not sure if the two are related but I would really like to be able to use my computer and not have it shut off permanently I have posted a link to my other conversations on the Malware forum Please help Possible Virus on Windows - Page - Tech Support Forum I really appreciate your time on this matter William

A:Plugged in Computer Does not Charge

Hi ok what is the make and model of your laptop, have you tried removing the battery and AC Adapter and hold down the power button for 30 seconds then plug in the AC Adapter and try booting if it boots add back the battery and see how it goes
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I have two Lenovo Y - computers that I purchased within a couple weeks of each other nbsp They came with Windows but I upgraded to Windows nbsp A few months ago I noticed that my computer battery meter was reading in not ch... will not - charge battery Y40-70 plugged for an hour nbsp I continued to work unplugged until the battery died while still reading nbsp I recharged and the battery again read for more than a couple hours then died nbsp So the battery lifetime is as good as always but the reading is not right nbsp When I reboot it still reads nbsp Strangely Y40-70 battery will not charge - plugged in not ch... the second system whcih I had not used for a while was OK but a few days later it started doing the same thing though it was reading the charge when the computer last worked right nbsp I suscpect that this happened after a critical update which the second system went through later nbsp Recently I downloaded from the Lenovo website the newer power management software Y40-70 battery will not charge - plugged in not ch... on both computers and it did not help nbsp Then I noticed the Battery recall so downloaded the Lenovo Battery Utility to see if my system was afffected by the problem nbsp When I run the utility I get the mssage No Battery Detect nbsp So it would appear that there may be an Y40-70 battery will not charge - plugged in not ch... issue with the software detecting the batter nbsp Since I can't know the state of the battery it appears to not want to recharge until it's empty I gues because it thinks it's charged I cannot count on this computer when it's not plugged in nbsp Now I am in a bind nbsp I bought two comptures so that I would have one as a backup am leaving for a business trip in a week where I need to give a talk at a conference so need to approach the podium with the system unplugged and I have no working computer that I can count on nbsp I would buy a battery with expedited shipping if I thought this would work but I beleive it may be an issue with the OS nbsp What should I do nbsp I have two top-of-the-line systems GB SSD GB ram for whcih I paid a pretty penny and now I might have to make a quick laptop purchase for this important trip nbsp Not the stress I need at this tiem nbsp Is there a untility that I can run to isolate the problem nbsp Help
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I have a Inspiron 17R SE-7720.  The battery is no longer charging, even when it is plugged in with the AC adapter that came with the laptop.  The blue light on the plug is on when the adapter is plugged in.  Unfortunately the battery is now completely dead, so I am no longer able to turn the laptop on.  Before the battery died, I checked the BIOS and noted that it was not registering the AC adapter.  Not sure where to go next with this issue.  Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

A:Battery does not charge when plugged in

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suspect a hardware failure .Kindly check if you are able to run diagnostics on the system .
Kindly also private message the service tag of the system along with the email address.
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I have an NV7802, original battery. Windows 10. Last night I noticed that the battery was not charging whike plugged in. I removed the battery, plugged the adapter in no power. Purchased an adapter this morning, battery charges for about 10 seconds. Battery is now dead and laptop will boot up when plugged in with the battery installed, lets me logon and then shuts off with no lights on the front panel. I think this a windows problem and I have notified them also.

Go to Solution.

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Hi,my laptop battery will not charge when plugged in, it stays on 0%, ive purchased another battery from HP, but that hasnt solved the problem, Have tried to uninstall the Microsoft ACIP driver but didnt help, HP battery check comes up with UNKOWN , (93) the hp bios battery check shows unknown aswell, so stuck on this please help
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I have an NV7802, original battery. Windows 10. Last night I noticed that the battery was not charging whike plugged in. I removed the battery, plugged the adapter in no power. Purchased an adapter this morning, battery charges for about 10 seconds. Battery is now dead and laptop will boot up when plugged in with the battery installed, lets me logon and then shuts off with no lights on the front panel. I think this a windows problem and I have notified them also.
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Hey mangers I got win and suddenly i found the laptop turn off by its own so i tried to switch it on again but fail then i changed the battery from another inspiron laptop which is charged and switched my laptop on just Plugged charge and It charging the in says losing .. - again and looked at the battery icon and found It says .. Plugged in - charging and just losing the charge it saying plugged in - charging also the bulb on charging was lit after a while i found out that i am just losing charge and suddenly with out warning me the laptop turn off again so i went back to the inspiron nbsp have taken the battery from after connecting my laptop battery on and it was charging even when the laptop was plugged in while my laptop don t charge untill it is switched down and sometimes it dont charge the bettery while is is switched down so i really need your help and would like to know how to fix this By the way i tried much thing i have seen on youtube but nothing work thanks nbsp
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Well, in the past when my battery is below 90%. It will start to charge untill 100% when plugged in.

Now i notice that it can only charge to 90% then stop. What is wrong?

A:Notabook battery won't charge to 100% when plugged in..

Maybe your battery can't hold a full charge.

Can you see the battery tray icon?
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i have a hp g72 series computer that will only charge while the computeris on is if i only plug the power cord in less than halfway any ideas how to correct this issue

A:ac power cord will only charge when its only plugged in less...

Hi!, @tammieh: Welcome, to Forum !. Requirements for all countries or regions:The requirements, listed below, are applicable, to all countries or, regions:? The length  of the power cord set  must be at least 1.5m.  (5.0  ft)  and  no more, than 2.0 m (6.5 ft).? All power cord sets must be approved  by an acceptable accredited agency  responsible for evaluation in the  country or region where the power cord set will be used.? The power cord sets must have a minimum current capacity of 10 amps and a nominal voltage rating of 125 or  250 V AC, as required  by  each country or  region?s power system.? The appliance coupler must meet the mechanical configuration of an EN 60 320/IEC 320 Standard Sheet C13  connector for mating with the appliance inlet on the back of the computer.
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Some information on my PC nbsp Lenovo x Windows Version Build System Model - CMCTO WWSystem Type - x BIOS Version amp Date - LENOVO N ET W Two batteries Internal -cell battery amp hot-swappable -cell rear battery nbsp in plugged when Lenovo charge not does x250 My laptop charges normally when it is shut down charging up to every time but when it is turned on it does not want to charge nbsp I have tried the method presented in the following YouTube video https www youtube com watch v HFGfAKj xFM nbsp This method involves uninstalling my batteries under device manager Lenovo x250 does not charge when plugged in along with the AC adapter rebooting my PC after and then re-plugging my AC adapter in nbsp I have tried this method several times with different variations shutting down instead of restarting having the AC adapter plugged in when I am uninstalling the batteries removing the external battery and only uninstalling the internal battery etc etc as well all to no avail nbsp Also every time my computer boots up I get a small window that says Configuration system failed to initialize with the header saying Another instance is running Maybe this has something to do with the battery issue A picture of this error is here https www google com search q configuration system failed to initialize windows amp biw amp bih nbsp Thanks for the help
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My HP Compaq 6910p is plugged in but is not starting to charge I have charger that fits but unsure if it is the right charger battery completely dead and this gal told me to give some time how long will it take to start charging?
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I've had my laptop plugged in for a while now and it won't turn on. When I plug it up the light beside the charger turns white for a few seconds and then turns red.Any suggestions?

A:HP 2000 won't turn on/charge when plugged in

Hey Ctfields,  I'm sorry you're running into this issue. If the light is turning solid red/amber and not blinking, that means it is charging the battery.  What happens when you press the Power button? Does the light on it come on at all, blink or remain on? Do you hear any spinning sounds from the fan and/or drives in the computer? Do you see any image on the screen, whether it is just an HP logo or a black screen with a blinking cursor or anything at all? Do you hear Windows' startup sounds? Do you see the Caps/Num lock lights blinking? If so, please let me know how many times it blinks.  I would suggest trying a hard reset, if you haven't already. A hard reset will drain all of the residual electricity out of the unit and give it a clean boot state. This can solve a lot of mysterious no-boot situations. 1. Disconnect the AC Adapter and battery.2. Press and hold the Power button for about 10 seconds, then release.3. Reinsert the battery and AC Adapter.4. Press the Power button to turn the computer on.
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My z510 shows that plugged in, not charging.I tried to reinstall energy manger and to update the battery firmware.Also tried to uninstall Microsoft APCI but with battery, for some reason my notebook doesn't boot without battery.The only way it can charge is when I change to conservation mode and then back. But also works for some time and then stops charging. Thanks

A:Z510 battery will not charge - plugged in not char...

  what do i do to fix the problem         battery pluged in not charging
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Hi,I have a Lenovo Z50-70 running Windows 8.1. The laptop is relatively new, bought in Jan. 2015.Some time ago, the original battery suddenly started to have a problem where it would say 45% available, plugged in, not charging. No matter what fixes I tried (after looking through a lot of articles, posts, comments, etc.), nothing made the battery start charging again. It always stays at 45%. Also the battery light/indicator on the front of the laptop is always blinking white.So I got a new battery, put it in hoping that it would work and charge up to 100%, but the new battery is having exactly the same problem as the original old one! It will only charge up to 45%, then it says plugged in not charging. The battery light is again always blinking white.What do I do? How can this be fixed? What's going on?Appreciate any help. Thank you very much.

A:Lenovo Z50-70 battery plugged in not charging, won't charge no matter what I do

Sounds like it may be either the charger or the charging port at fault here.  However, I have a couple of questions...1. Does the battery charge increase at all if you leave the machine turned off and plugged in, or does it still report 45%?2. Does it power on when only on battery power?3. Was the new battery a new, genuine Lenovo part?There seem to be a lot of people reporting similar issues with this model unfortunately.,156537.0.html
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Work laptop received October 2015 running Windows 7 Enterprise and the battery won't charge past 45%, even while plugged in.
I've tried the compressed air thing - no good
I've switched out power cords - no good
Switched between Balanced and Power Saver - no change
I'm running out of options, has anyone else experienced this?

A:Latitude E7450 battery won't charge past 45%, even while plugged in

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please update the BIOS to the latest available version from our Dell Support Site.
Also, check in BIOS <F2> what is the status of battery / adapter listed.
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).
Regards,DELL-Akshatha MSocial Media and Community Professional#IWork4Dell
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I purchased a used Toshiba Satellite L305-D, it did not come with a power adapter. I purchased a new power adapter but soon learned the battery wasn't very good so I purchased a new battery. I shut the laptop down, put in the new battery and let it charge overnight. In the morning, it showed 100% charged. In an effort to "condition" the battery, I let it run on battery power until it shut down, then plugged it in to recharge. It first charged to 40% when I noticed it was not charging any longer. I unplugged it, plugged it back in and it started recharging again. It stopped again at 62%. I can't get it keep charging to 100%.

The system shows that it's plugged in, but not charging. When I unplug and replug back in the battery charge light will come on for a short time, then go out. Any suggestions?

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Product Name nbsp HP not light charge "plugged and in, charging" Envy blinking HP ENVY -u dx x Convertible PCProduct Model -U dXOperating System Windows -bit When Purchased July nbsp The Problem The LED charging light flashes continuously even when powered off or plugged in and when the laptop is plugged in the battery simply will not charge nbsp nbsp Details nbsp This just started today nbsp When the laptop is plugged in it states plugged in not charging However the battery doesn't nbsp lose charge while HP Envy "plugged in, not charging" and blinking charge light it's plugged in It's like the computer is dependent upon the power cord and the battery is shot nbsp This is strange nbsp because I don't leave my laptop charging for long periods of time Thinking back my laptop has died at around charge since I purchased it nbsp What I've Tried turning it off and back oninstalling updates and restartingseeing if the laptop would charge while it's offswitching cordsswitching outletshours of browsing HP and other support forumsI'm hesitant to try any battery calibration or removal until I know whether my battery nbsp is removable Hopefully you all can help I also don't even know what the diagnosis of the problem is and don't want to spend money taking it in to nbsp get it fixed until I have a better idea nbsp
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Ive done a clean install and in the midst of putting back on my programs, im getting the error battery plugged in , not charging, i uni stalled the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery in device manager, scanned for changes and its back again, still same error, any ideas pls, genuine dell charger and new battery which was charging yesterday, battery meter doesnt flag up any issues, any ideas pls ? thanks

A:Battery not chargin windows 7 64 bit error plugged in no charge

Hi Linda ... What percentage is the Battery at .. Also does it show up in the BIOS .. You are never out of trouble girl
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Hello all this is my first post on these forums, and hope you guys can help.

My cousins laptop had some issues with the os, so I installed windows 7 ultimate 64-Bit, but the issue is when I plug it in it will not charge, the battery LED says it is but the battery icon says it isn't.
Or sometimes it says its plugged in (The icon) for only a while then it says its unplugged, once I re plug it it will back to say its charging and then so on.
It actually says its charging and have done the power button hold, the Microsoft ACAPI thing in the Device Manager and nothing works. I have no clue what this is and if there is something that could help.
Thanks for the help and If you need more details feel free to ask.

A:Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Acer aspire 5733 Plugged IN but no charge

Welcome to the forums!

This will check your battery life. How old is this laptop? Power Efficiency Diagnostics Report

Does the battery charge at all? I mean , even if it says it isn't does it take and keep a charge?
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PC Specs: [According to DXDIAG]

OS: Win 8

Processor i7-5600U CPU @ 2.60 GHz (4 CPUs), ~ 2.6GHz

Memory: 16384MB RAM
Direct X: 11


Intel HD Graphics 5500

NVIDIA GeForce 840M

Do you need sound and input?

Running off battery, fine. As soon as I plug it in, all hell breaks loose inside. Games are so laggy to the point that they are unplayable.

I do not have admin access but I have UniExtract (You'd be surprised at what it can do) and Access to C: Drive.

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I have just tried to update the Bios on aa Acer aspire one zg5 after several attempts all I get now is a brief orange flicker from the charge led previously the unit worked fine on the mains adaptor. Have I damaged the internal power card by turning it of and on to much during this proccess? If so is it possible to get a replacement card?

A:Acer One ZG5 dead, only brief flicker on charge light when main adapter plugged in

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Hi my laptop today morning had an issue. When I plugged my charger I was not charging and there was no indication of being charged. Even the charging indicator light didn't show up when connected. I tried all the procedures of connecting charger with battery plugged out it didn't boot. And my laptop s updated until today. Any help????

A:Laptop no charging no signs of plugged in when plugged

Hello Remove the charger and the battery press and hold the power button for 30 secs. if in case the unit is not powering on with only the charger then the charging port is faulty, contact hp #hpexpertday

Regards;SmileyI am an HP employeePlease click the White Kudos star to say thanks for helping.Please mark Accept As Solution if my help has solved your problem.
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My charger unable to charge my laptop but it is able to charge other hp laptop ,and other charger is able to charge my laptop. Give me solution for my question as soon as possible??
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i have 2 laptops a dell mini which is working fine and a fujitsu v5535, basically the fujitsu will not power on there is a light on the charger but no power to the laptop, so i do not know what is up, a local pc techincian wants nearly 50 to check and thats before he finds the fault. any idead, help please

A:laptop charger wont charge laptop

It could be the charger has died.this can be checked with a voltmeter.
You can probably pick one up on Ebay for about 20
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So basically like the title says, I can't charge the laptop, I know the charger works though because I tried it another laptop that's the exact same as mine and it works on the other laptop but not mine, is there any inexpensive way I can fix it?

If not then can someone guide me through how to transfer the data over to another laptop?


A:Can't charge laptop, how do I fix or how do I transfer data over to a new laptop?

To transfer data, remove the disk and connect it to the other laptop using an adapter such as this or put it in an enclosure.

Once connected, the laptop will see the HDD as a removable storage and you can click and drag files from one to the other.
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I ve got a Sony Vaio PCG-GRT P laptop that I just recently got a new battery for The old battery had reached the off is Laptop Laptop Charge Battery Doesn't if end of its life only lasting for about - minutes if I was lucky Anyway I got a new battery but Laptop Battery Doesn't Charge if Laptop is off it was not the original Sony battery it was a comparable one of a different brand for less then half of the price of the Sony When charged it lasts a good hours no problem but doesn t seem to charge when the laptop is off Yesterday I turned it on it said it had remainng I charged it for about minutes and then it read Upon unplugging it it again read but with another minutes plugged it it went up to and stayed there when unplugged I should also note that I ve reformatted the computer so it only has Sony drivers that the device manager said I lacked Was the lower priced battery too good to be true or is there an easy fix to this problem Appreciate the help in advance Zach nbsp

A:Laptop Battery Doesn't Charge if Laptop is off

a bios update is often needed when using a different battery than what the laptop was designed to use, and since you bought a generic battery, i highly doubt that Sony will provide support of any kind for it.

Check Ebay for actual Sony brand batteries (not another generic), you can get them on Ebay for 1/2 (or less) the price that you would pay in a store or from Sony
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I have two laptops given to me by a friend to see if I could get them up and running. BOTH have the EXACT issue, which to me is really weird. Neither will power up. Both Power Supply/AC adapter's Power on indicator lights go on when they are plugged into an AC wall outlet, BUT when the PS's are connected to the laptops, the indicator light goes out and therefore, I can't charge the battery or power up the machines. Anyone have any clues?
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Hey everyone. I have a Gateway p7805u FX and over the last couple months I started having a problem with my laptop being plugged in, but not charging. I noticed the plug into the computer itself seemed a bit worn down and heating up (imo a little too much). Just recently I went and bought a new ac adapter, thinking that might be the problem, but it is not. Now when it's plugged in, it says it's "plugged in but not charging" and I can see the screen flashing, going from "plugged" to "unplugged" mode. It seems that the problem is the computer side, and not the adapter side, I think. Any help or suggestions that do not include sending it to gateway? (or maybe that's the only fix!) Thanks in advance.

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I have a Dell Vostro 1000 laptop. The problem is that it will not charge, i`ve tried other dell chargers but they won`t charge it either.
Could this be a major problem or is it something that can be fixed without handing it into a repair shop?

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HP LaptopWindows Vista BusinessHelp me please!Sorry if in the wrong section.

A:Laptop Won't Charge?

Sounds like your laptop battery is failing. How old is the laptop? Is it under warranty? If so, call HP support to get a replacement.
If not, you could order one.

Before you do anything, make sure it is a consistent issue, and not a one time thing.
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I have a hp pavilion dv6000 laptop running vista. All of sudden my battery is not working. When the computer is plugged in; it states "plugged in, not charging".
Could this mean it is time to replace my battery? or something else.
Any ideas??

A:Laptop will not charge

I have a DV9000, which is the DV6000's bigger brother. They use the same charger.

I had the same problem, bought a new charger, and it works. I'd recommend you try this as well, the charger is fairly ubiquitous, available in most electronics and many retail stores.
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My toshiba laptop won't charge when I plug it in. All the cords are tight in, and I can't turn it on. When I plug it in, the light that says its charging doesn't turn on.

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i have a Acer laptop with windows 7 and it's about 3 months old, but suddenly i'll plug it into the cord wich go's to the wall, but, it will not charge half the time (the cord has to be in JUST the right place!)
any help

A:Laptop Won't charge

bond4141 said:

i have a Acer laptop with windows 7 and it's about 3 months old, but suddenly i'll plug it into the cord wich go's to the wall, but, it will not charge half the time (the cord has to be in JUST the right place!)
any helpClick to expand...

If your laptop is Only 3 months old then it should be still under Warranty, bring it back ASAP and either have them fix it or replace it.

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Hello All I m having some problems with a Packard Bell Argo C also known as MZ MZ To start with I would have to fiddle slightly with the charger at the back or put it at an angle for the laptop to charge Won't Laptop Charge Last week it stopped charging altogether as no light displays Laptop Won't Charge on the front when the charger is plugged in The charger has a green light on that still stays a solid green so I thought it could be the DC Jack I have successfully replaced the old DC jack with a new one put the laptop back together to find it still won t charge I have tried running the laptop directly from the charger without the battery in and it still won t power up When the battery is in the laptops battery light flickers usually does this if the battery is low I m guessing now it has to be the charger I thought though that because the power pack has the solid green light it wouldn t be the problem Before I buy a charger could the problem be anything else Thanks a load nbsp

A:Laptop Won't Charge

Please, 28 views and no reply?

Any advice would be greatful
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I have a compaq presario cq61, which as the thread title might give away, isn't charging when plugged in. I've gone as far as buying a new charger, which hasn't resolved the problem. I'm a bit stuck where to go next. I have noticed the connection seems to be a little loose between the laptop and the lead, but i'm struggling to remember if its always been that way.

I'm open to ideas anyway.

thanks in advance.


A:Laptop won't charge

Hi QTR1,
The connection should be tight, there you could start.
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My husband has a CQ60-615DX Notebook he got last year and it won't charge. Suspecting maybe the charger, I took it to the store and had them check the charger and it works fine, and then we tried every available compatible adapter. Nothing worked! The power connector piece on the computer seems loose on the inside.... I called HP help and the warranty ran out 2 weeks prior! They said the power connector is attached by a pin to the motherboard and it needs entire motherboard replaced $350.00. Anyone with any experience with this and is it true. Thanks any input appreciated.

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please don't flame Mods please help me move this to correct section and emal me telling me where it my Cannot charge laptop went to if need be Hello I am using a toshiba satalite laptop model no L -s Its os is vista home basic Cannot charge my laptop bit or weeks ago i was using the laptop when sudenly the screen suddenly became darker indicating that the power from the wall point had been lost i tried reconnecting it but the power light would come on followed by the battery charging light then both would turn off Cannot charge my laptop after or secs i changed wall points but the same thing would happen After a few tries the laptop could charge However the prob came back after days but this time i could not charge it at all the power light would flash on and off at that time i had percent batt I hibernated the laptop oh ya i had this habit of hibernating the laptop and went out Next day i tried again same thing happened But when i turned the laptop on with tt little bit of batt and deleted the restoration data i tried plugging in the cable and then VOILA it started charging Then today tt was monday today is friday the laptop cannot charge again The power light would turn on then off I went to find bios update i am very sure it is not a prob with the cable as it could work from mon till ystd and there were none I went to the Device manager and tried disabling and re-enabling the Microsoft AC Adapter thing but it didn't work The laptop has abt now i do not intend to switch it on unless absolutely necessary The laptop was bought in singapore with year international warranty in march and yrs local warranty aft that However i am in livorno italy for yrs and the nearest repair center is hrs away And my dad won't drive hrs down to go fix the laptop i won't too does anyone have any way to fix it thanks in advance

A:Cannot charge my laptop

Try removing the battery and see if the comp works OK without it. Modern batteries must be used, so if you haven't been using the laptop with just the battery then it is possible the battery has died.
If it works Ok sans battery then reinsert it and if you get the same symptoms as before you might have to buy a new battery.
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My Hp laptop won't charge, when I put in the charger it occasionally worked at some angles but now it doesn't seem to be at all so it has now run out of charge and I can't turn it back on. Any help?
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I know that there are probably a hundred other posts about this, but I cant seem to find an actual solution to the problem. My laptop was working perfectly fine for about the first year that I owned it, but now it won't charge. I thought the problem may have just been the battery, so I went and got a new one. The new battery that I got still won't charge. I know there's probably a simple solution to this, any information regarding the problem would be a huge help.Thanks.

A:My laptop will not charge

Does the power cable still work?
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I was watchin a movie on my laptop and then suddenly the power went off i looked at the cord and the led was out so i think since i plugged it into the wall i was running on batterys power and when i tried disconnecting it and connecting it. but it wont turn on. before i plug it into the laptop the led on the charger works perfectly and when i plug it into the laptop the led comes of on the charger. and the laptop still wont charge. What seems to be the problem.

A:Laptop won't charge

I've come across this problem before and found the ac adapter (the charger) to be faulty.
Try a different one.
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I have an Acer Aspire 3680 laptop.

Problem is, it won't charge. This just started a bit ago but I want to possibly nip the problem now before it gets worse. I have it running off of the power cord now but as soon as I unplug that it says you have 4% remaining.

I've restarted the computer and all that trying to get it to charge but it just won't.

Any suggestions? I've looked into updating the driver but I am kind of leery about that and don't know where I would find the proper driver.

A:Laptop won't charge


1. How old is this laptop (approximately)?
2. How often do (did) you run it with both battery attached and power-cord plugged into the computer?
3. Which OS are you running on the laptop?

You see, a very common problem with laptops is that people leave the cord attached most of the time, putting unnecessary charge on the battery. Eventually, the battery gets too exhausted to recover itself (the electrons are frozen in place) - which eventually results in symptoms very similar to yours.

As for the OS-question, charging is mainly done by the ACPI-codec IF driver-related at all. There are (many) laptops which rely fully on mechanical solutions for charging the battery. Although some, especially those from Toshiba and HP, rely on ACPI for charging, shutting off, restarting and so on - properly. If you're running Linux, then this might be driver-related. If your running Windows, then this is presumably not driver-related.

Are there any more details beside the questions above?
The TechSpot forum is here to serve, so to speak
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Hi there,

I recently had my charging port on my laptop fixed because I dropped my computer with it plugged in, and it completely broke. My laptop was able to work when I plugged it in, but slowly the battery completely died. I thought because I had the computer for almost 5 years, the battery was not good anymore, so I bought a new battery. However, now the computer indicates that it is on "AC" power, but it will not charge the battery. I can't use my laptop as a portable computer because now it has to be plugged in all the time. Anyone have any ideas of what might be going on?? Thanks!!

A:Laptop Won't Charge

I suggest talking to the person who origionally 'fixed' the issue, as it seems he hasn't done a proper job.
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Hi there! I am very concerned because my HP laptop will not charge! I mean at first I thought that it was the battery, however, I tried it on a family members laptop, and the light appeared and it charged their laptop fine and dandy. But, my laptop will not even turn on with either of the charging cables. They are both HP as well and have worked fine on the laptop for the last year. What is going on???

A:Hp Laptop Will Not Charge

you mean your cable charger for your laptop is working when u insert it to your friend hp laptop and it's charge. if so there is a lost contact for your power adaptor.. check it out if there is leakage...the adaptor leakage can prevent current to flow into the adaptor and thats the case your laptop wont power up.
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I currently have a Gateway MT laptop and recently I have to play with AC charger jack in order to get a charge It seems the laptop does not recognize the charger A friend suggested it might be the battery When I take the battery out the computer with the charger connected it does not receive any power so I can t turn it on unless I move the AC charger jack around until charge. not will Laptop help!!! its detected One slight movement of the charger cord and bamm power s out I was willing to purchase a docking station attach it where the battery is currently located but I haven t found one for Laptop will not charge. help!!! my computer So Can I solve the problem with out any expensive tooling Is there a universal docking station that will allow Laptop will not charge. help!!! me to get a charge If and fail how much should I expect to pay for the fix in the US Geek Squad or Fry s for example nbsp

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Just now my laptop has stopped charging. When the laptop's turned on the charger isn't detected at all and doesnt charge but when the laptop is turned off the charger is detected by the little white light but it still doesn't charge. Is there a fix?
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Some people recommend to keep the ac charger always on ,so that battery charge count remain less,Where as some people says to disconnect the charger after 100% and then use it till 20% or less and then charge it again till 100%.So there is little confusing regarding these matter.

A:What is the best way to charge a laptop ?

Dear Customer,  While researching on the issue, found few documents.Kindly go through:   Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Sir plunged in but not charging my laptopMy battery and adapter both are goodWhat's should be do please help meIt's emergency
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I have a Dell Inspiron E Laptop Just yesterday Battery Laptop Will Charge Not I was Laptop Battery Will Not Charge using it on battery which was at full charge when I took it off AC Power About a month ago I had the battery replaced because my old one Laptop Battery Will Not Charge provided me with a charge lasting only minutes and for a college student it is not easy to drag around the power adapter everywhere I go It has been running fine until today From what I can tell the light that goes on when the battery is charging does not come on when the computer is on but when it s off it comes on Everything I ve checked says my laptop battery is quot performing normally quot and what not I highly doubt It s the outlet that I am using as I Laptop Battery Will Not Charge ve been using it for days with no problem The last thing I have to check is my power pack but I don t just have another one lying around Any help is appreciated nbsp

A:Laptop Battery Will Not Charge

About a month ago, I had the battery replacedClick to expand...

If the battery is under warranty, have it replaced
Did it come from Dell? or elsewhere
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Hi guys!
i recently purchased an used NC4400 laptop for work....

i chose that model because i have several years working with it and is one of the most rock solid laptops i ever have tried...

but this time i think the seller sold me a defective one...

the seller sold me this one without battery and without charger, its ok for the price (70bucks) i already have couple of those batteries around there and some chargers...

when i receive it, i plug it to the ac and after 20 minutes notice the laptop don?t charge the battery, i tried another battery and the same, i decide to try the battery in another nc4400 i have and it charge it fine.... so is not the battery, and is not the power adapter...

i checked the BIOS and it is exactly configured like the others nc4400 i have here.

what is wrong here?

Thanks in advance!

A:Laptop won't charge the battery

Well it sure sounds like the issue is with the laptops charger and that's not a good thing, but the laptop runs fine off the ac adapter?
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Hi all I apologize as Laptop Battery Not Charge Will I m Laptop Battery Will Not Charge sure there are quite a few similar posts but I haven t had success with some of the standard remedies so I figured I would start a new Laptop Battery Will Not Charge post Computer Asus laptop running windows Problem Laptop powers on and runs fine Laptop Battery Will Not Charge but the battery will not charge When I initially boot up the battery icon looks like it is charging but then stops At any time when hovering over the battery icon it says plugged in charging but it never charges It is currently at Things I have tried I have tried a different charger I have tried to uninstall the windows acpi drivers I have tried to uninstall asus branded battery drivers I have tried rebooting shutting down and pulling the battery and hot swapping the battery Details and things leading up to this My battery has been functioning fine and has been holding a charge nicely it is about years old I recently had my laptop power off unexpectedly a couple times probably due to heat which led to me to not being able to power it on at all I disconnected the battery and power cord held the power button down to discharge it and then it powered back on just fine In the process of tinkering around I accidentally wiggled the RAM chip loose which caused the laptop to not boot up but that was resolved by getting the ram chip back into place probably irrelevant but i figured i would call it out Any ideas I feel like it is a software or driver issue since I ve been experiencing pretty decent battery performance up until it just altogether stopped charging On some of the things I have tried is there specific order I should do things in Thank you so much for the assistance nbsp

A:Laptop Battery Will Not Charge

The battery might have become corroded/damaged, but it could also be the battery bay.
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I'm not sure if I'm putting this in the right place, but I suppose it will work. I have an HP pavillion notebook that's a little over a year old. I was playing a game on it last night when the screen just went to black. It sat there with a black screen for about 10 minutes before I did a hard shut down. I tried to turn it back on about 20 minutes later, and it wouldn't turn on. Assuming it was dead, I plugged it in, but the charging light wouldn't light up. I'm really not sure what's going on, I've read some places it could be the mother board, or the charger needs to be replaced. My warranty conviently ran out in August, and it would be great to know what's wrong with it.

A:Laptop won't turn on or charge

Hi sklassen,


I saw your post regarding the computer not turning on. It could several things that are causing the problem; the motherboard, battery or power cord. I would start with a hard reset, remove both the battery and the power cord. Then hold down the power button for 60 seconds, this will drain any excess power in the unit then start by plugging in the power cord first and try starting up the laptop. Then try it with the battery.


Are the Num and Caps Lock key flashing at all? If so how many times? Do you hear the fans turning on at all? It will be hard to diagnose this issue without the laptop turning on.


What is your product number? What is your operating system?


Find your product number on a notebook:


Finding your OS:


Thank you,
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I hope this is ok to post here.

I have had this problem for a while now, my laptop hasnt been charging very well if at all, but luckily my mum has the same laptop so I used her charger for a while which seemed to work. But now it won't charge on either and my laptop went completely dead last night.

But today I tried switching the battery from mine and my mums laptop, and that worked fine. My battery charged in her laptop, and her battery worked fine in mine. But when I switch them back, I can no longer charge it.

What could be the problem here?

A:Laptop battery won't charge?

Do you still have the warranty? If so I would recommend to leave it for service. And yes, this is hardware related, it has nothing to do with Windows.

There is a laptop support here:
Laptop Support - Tech Support Forum
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Funny thing, first it won't see my primary battery (which is probably normal, the dumb thing only held 5 minutes anyway, it most likely died), second it will not charge my select bay battery (which holds 3.5 hours of charge) if the laptop is off, it only charges it when it's on. If I have it plugged in when it's off to try and charge it the Power LED is green and blinking and the Select Bay Battery LED is amber and blinking and no charging happens. I tried removing the primary battery to see if it was causing this and it still did the same thing...anyone know what causes this? It's a Tecra 8100, PIII 750, 512mb ram, Windows 2000 SP4. I checked the manual, it's says nothing about the power light flashing green and nothing about the battery light flashing amber. Thanks for anything guys.
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Last night I was using my laptop and out of nowhere my screen went blank but the machine stayed powered on. I rebooted and about 15 mins later the screen went blank again and the power turned off. I tried to turn it back on and it wouldn't respond. The charge indicator light won't respond either when I plug it in. The computer never told me the battery was running low either. I've tried plugging it in a few different outlets. Does this sound like a battery problem or something internal with the computer? The laptop is about 2 years old.

If it sounds like a battery, I'd have no problem buying a new one and trying it. If this sounds like an internal one though I don't want to waste my money on one and would like to put that towards a new one.

Thank you.
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Hello I have an Acer won't Charge Battery Laptop Aspire - and the battery will not charge no matter what I try If I plug the charger in without the Laptop Battery won't Charge battery inserted the laptop will run perfectly fine But as the battery will not charge and is now dead if I insert the battery with the AC adapter plugged in the laptop will power on for a few seconds then will just die I have tried replacing the battery the issue persists I know that the AC adapter works because the laptop will run solely off of it and it will charge the battery of another laptop perfectly fine I ve tried reinstalling the BIOS with the latest version and holding the power button to release excess power Nothing seems to fix it Do you think this could be a motherboard problem I have removed the keyboard and shell and there seems to be a cable in front of the DC power jack which says quot TO I O quot Could it be an issue with that cable I m all ears so if any of you has a suggestion that might work that would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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Hi guys, I recently bought my HP laptop from PC world and all of a sudden it refuses to charge when the lid is open, it only charges when the laptop is shut. I have taken it back to PC world and they say that this default is only covered under HP's warranty and not their care plan warranty, how do I go about solving this issue in the best way possible?  VicTensioner

A:I need help because my HP laptop won't charge when the lapto...

Call HP Support for warranty service.  >>Contact HP
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Hello I'm really disappointed with my HP laptop which is not even a year old It has hardly been used I used it last night and it was fine Today I plugged it in and tried to turn it on It was or not will charge on almost turn new My laptop charging and the power button was flashing but it would not turn on I left it charging for a while and then returned to try and turn it on This time when I tried it made a strange noise as though it was literally dying and then suddenly the light behind the power button and the LED that indicates it's charging both died out I have tried taking the battery out draining the residual energy using it without a battery Nothing I suspect it is a problem with the laptop as oppose to the charger as the laptop WAS charging it just would not turn on And after the computer made the dying sound it will not light up at all Help would be appreciated I'm so My almost new laptop will not charge or turn on frustrated as I desperately need to use my laptop right now for work and I am not in a position to buy a new one
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I've got my laptop set up to warn me when it's got a charge left and go into hibernation at and usually that's no problem But lately it's been abruptly shutting off Laptop shutting at charge down 50% when I Laptop shutting down at 50% charge should have a couple hours left on it When Laptop shutting down at 50% charge I plug it back in and turn it on- it shuts off and doesn't go into hibernation -I immediately check the battery status and it's always between - Laptop shutting down at 50% charge depending on how long start-up took I try to turn it back on after it dies without plugging it in but it acts like it's completely dead and won't even pretend to turn on I have an HP g- Pavilion and I already know that they like to overheat I killed my last battery by letting my computer overheat to the point I could only use it like a desktop until I was able to order a new battery they're too expensive for me to just up and buy one But since then I always use one of those lap-fan things that the laptop sits on I always use the fan when it gets warm and that always cools it down so I know how to keep the laptop cool That's definitely not it What's happening to my computer

A:Laptop shutting down at 50% charge

This happens because your battery is giving incorrect information about its remaining charge to your computer. Don't worry, this is a pretty common thing with batteries that have been in use for a while. Their performance degrades aswell as their capacity. Your battery is the culprit, not your laptop.

Replacing the battery will probably fix your problem.
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nbsp Hello nbsp Okay I am having some charging problems with my HP ENVY My laptop won't charge as I am using it nbsp It nbsp will charge but it only charges when the laptop is closed and sometimes if it's closed and turned off nbsp nbsp I'm not sure if this would be the battery or the powercord Maybe something laptop Envy HP won't on. is while charge internally nbsp nbsp Key Points Battery charging only works when lid is closed sleep mode nbsp If I close the lid and plug in the charger the indicator light shows orange and the battery HP Envy won't charge while laptop is on. will then proceed to charge to near full nbsp If I open the lid prior to the orange light changing to white the battery icon always says available plugged in not charging nbsp I tried losing the battery I removed the battery and plugged in the AC adapter I tried powering up the laptop and it doesn't power up nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp I haven't replaced anything yet nbsp I was hoping nbsp to find out if anyone has had this happen to them before nbsp Thanks nbsp nbsp Maggie Solved View Solution

A:HP Envy won't charge while laptop is on.

Hi there @mdeely?,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the battery not charging. I will be glad to help you. Please post the full product number of your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?When I get product number I will look for documents for your computer.
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My laptop only charges while its on sleep/off. It started happening about 3 days ago and i just bought this laptop 3 months ago. In sleep/off it will display an orange light indicating that it is charging. But as soon as i open the lid/press the power button it changes to white and it says "_%available (plugged in, not charging). help pls
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my laptop wont charge in a nut shell.

the battery indicator has 0% remaining, and i have to have it run on mains permanantly, even with the mains plugged into charge the percentrage doesnt change, the AC adapter LED is green with power obviously because its making my laptop run on mains!

the battery itself i have taken out to see if there are any dust obstructions, there is a button on the battery itself and it tells you the charge level, it has 5 led's and it has 1/3/5 all flashing when i press the button.

i have a samsung q35 laptop.

any further questions please ask!

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So I just got my brand new Acer TravelMate P2 laptop, how long do I need to charge it for the first time? Is there required number of hours it needs to be charged? I mean most phones need to be charged at least 6 hours for the first time, I'm wondering if it's the same for laptops because I really don't want to damage the battery. Please reply ASAP thank you!
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My laptop won't hold a charge. If you wiggle the cord around a bit it might, but then it stops charging after a minute or so. Last night I managed to charge it completely.

I'm not sure what's wrong with it. I know it can't be the battery since the battery lasts a pretty long time when it IS charged, but it just doesn't charge good. I'm not sure what's wrong with it.

I'm not sure if it could be the AC power adapter not connecting with the laptop or the thing in the laptop itself..

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Thanks I will try that. I have another question for you guys. I have another lap top exactly like the first one latitude c610 with windows xp. It work great until about a week ago, the wireless internet worked perfect, never an issue one, then we left it plugged in for a couple of days and now it will not power on at all. when you try to turn it on, it acts like its going to come on and the lights flicker and then it goes back off. I though the battery had gone bad, however it does this when plugged into electric also. Any ideas?

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when i plug in ac adapter to laptop it only charge when laptop is off but when i power on laptop charging light start flashing with greenish color and don't show charging status, also laptop didn't power on with ac supply only by removing battery
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Not sure if this is a Vista thing or a Dell thing but the computer (Insperon 1545) will not charge the battery when plugged into the pwr adapter. When booting there is a message that says the wrong adapter is attached and to use the correct one. Also in the tray when I mouse over the battery icon it says "Plugged in, not charging". I have tried a second pwr cord without success. I have read forums suggesting that Dell uses a 3 wire cord and that the middle pin is there to tell the computer what adapter is attached. The computer runs fine when plugged in to the adapter it just will not share with the battery. I am trying to make the computer ignore the "incompatibility" and allow the battery to charge. Any suggestions?

A:Laptop will not charge battery

Hello This should be able to help you =]
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Hello nbsp My HP Pavilion laptop has been working fairly well up until recently The basic issue this the laptop won't Laptop charge not accepting charge I've managed to run HP Support Assistant multiple times and reports the battery itself is fine I believe the issue is with the charger or the charging port Here is what currently happens when I plug the charger into the machines nbsp - If battery is connected to PC With power in battery LED Laptop not accepting charge light turns on orange to indicate charging Doesn't actually Laptop not accepting charge charge when closed and White when PC is open and turned on - If no battery is connected to PC no LED light turns on and nothing happens nbsp The charger can be swivelled out of the port by spinning it and gently tugging but I assume this is normal as the pulling motion and spinning combined would be akin to just pulling it out What can I do to rectify this issue The metal end of the charging cable is slightly bent is it meant to be fully straight or look like this nbsp Please help
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I have a two year old Acer 5735 laptop (bought new in 2009). When I plug it in, the charge indicator never goes on. The laptop simply runs off the battery. I tried using a different AC adaptor (known to be good). There was no difference.

The DC jack was replaced about a year ago. Thinking that the problem may be the jack, I disassembled the laptop, and tested the resistance between the DC jack terminals and the connection of both wires to the circuit board. Both connections look good (resistance near 0). I also replaced the battery, on the outside chance that it could be the battery.

So I ruled out the battery, and AC adaptor, and the DC jack. Any ideas on what to look at next?

A:Acer laptop won't charge

It could be the battery charging circuitry on the main board. This would not be a user-serviceable repair, other than to replace the main board. Some systems may have a plug-in module between the main board and the battery contacts.
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I have an HP dv5. i've had it for 2 yrs and its been wonderful. basically, ive been stupid and kept my laptop plugged in constantly except for the occasional trip somewhere.

about a month ago it wouldnt charge. the light next to where the ac adaptor plugs in always lit up before telling me the computer registered that it was being charged. now my laptops completely dead because the light next to the ac plug in wont light up. i dont know if the problem is internal or if i need a new battery or adapter.

i'd like to go the cheapest route possible because i'm a college girl and am pretty much broke. lol. im sure you all know what thats like.



A:My laptop wont charge!!! =(

It could be the charger, replacements not that expensive (try to stay away from universal adapters, they are often really poor quality)

It could be the DC socket (the hole where you put the charger in) Does it wiggle around a lot when you put the charger in?
has it still got the PIN inside that hole? Does it look damaged?

Try taking the battery out and plugging the charger in - see if that fixes it? It may be a faulty battery causing the issue.

Let me know. I will advise
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hey ive been using my laptop for quite some time and it doesn't seem to charge. i cant return it as i got it from someone else. when it is so call charging the battery icon in the bottom right corner of windows 7 doesn't seem to go up and if i pull the the charger out the system just turns off and goes black. basically i cant use my laptop if the chargers not in it which is bad as that means i cant take it around while im traveling.

A:My Laptop Wont charge

Hi mukz, Is it because the battery is dead ?
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Please help. My Hp Pavilion Dv7 windows 7 64 bit, will only charge my battery when my computer is either off or in hibernation mode. When computer is running battery reads plugged in, not charging.

A:Laptop battery will only charge when off.

It may not need charging ??
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When Windows is running and i plug the power to my laptop it does not charge it,
as i shutdown the OS it starts charging.
any one please help me.
My Laptop is HP Pavilion zv5000 with MS Win XP Pro

A:Laptop Charge Error

Whats the model number? It can usually be found found on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop.
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I plugged in my AC adapter to my Dell E1505 and I got this message:

"your system will operate slower and the battery will not charge please connect a dell 65w ac adapter or high for best system performance"

I have the appropriate Dell supplied adapter plugged in so what's the deal?

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My daughter has a Dell Inspiron 600m (so do I) and it won't recharge her battery. We keep swapping her battery and mine so that my laptop can recharge her battery. Any idea what I need to look at or why?

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Ok i have a Gateway MT its about months old and IS still under manufacturer warranty In the past few months i have noticed that my battery isn t all that good I do leave my laptop on my bed charging most of the day all wont Laptop charge week long Now about months ago something happened to my all the outlets in my room and none of them work still to this day until an electrician can get there After Laptop wont charge that i noticed that my battery doesn t like to charge as good as it used to Now by that i mean every so often i would see it flicker on and off as if its charging and not charging but the Laptop wont charge whole time it wold be plugged in Well last night it Laptop wont charge did it tremendously bad and began to flicker a lot when i would wiggle the cord Well i woke up this morning and my computer wont charge at all I called Gateway and they said to reseat the memory and hard drive whatever that has to do with power i don t know I did that and still no power I know my battery isn t very good and doesn t last long when unplugged but like i said i hardly ever unplug it My question is there something i can do to fix the computer myself instead of having to send it to gateway I m a college student and cannot afford to go without my computer for a month while it sits in gateways warehouse waiting to be fixed Any suggestions Anyone think they may know what the problem is Thanks nbsp

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I ve got a laptop that out of the blue stopped taking a charge This is the third fourth time this is happening and since I m not under warranty anymore doubt I ll be able to send it in When I first got the computer a gateway cx s it was broken and gateway refused to replace it a taking Laptop charge not They would only fix it They ended up replacing the entire motherboard Later from this point there were several occasions where it would stop taking a charge I sent my computer in it was sent back and it would work So I don t know the exact details of what happened to it in the past I was on my laptop last night with the charger plugged in and all of a sudden it stopped charging I took Laptop not taking a charge it to someone today and they said the battery was bad since my charger was still putting out a charge Yet from my previous experience w this problem I checked and if I put some pressure on the part that plugged into the laptop it would start charging It isn t a reliable charge So I called gateway I gave him my number and he said that the female port was loose I m assuming this is what was wrong the last few times since he told me that was the problem so quickly confidently So now I m here for a third opinion What do you guys think it is I m NOT going to send it back to gateway Because of the utter piece of crap they ve sold me I ve probably spent the same amount of money in repairs as the computer cost Additionally my warranty is now up so yeah Thanks a ton D nbsp

A:Laptop not taking a charge

From your clues, I deduce you have a bad connection as opposed to bad battery or charger. It is either the plug that is the computer end of the power supply/charger or it is the female connector soldered to the main board. The former is a cheap fix; but, the most likely is the internal female connector.

In my area, this is a 75- to $150 fix--at a competent shop.
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My Laptop wont charge.. I know its not the charger itself bc i bought another and it doesnt charge woth that one either... Is there any other way to charge the battery???

A:My Laptop wont charge!

Make and model of laptop?

Does the computer still run, even though the battery doesn't charge?
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So I just got my brand new Acer TravelMate P2 laptop, how long do I need to charge it for the first time? Is there required number of hours it needs to be charged? I mean most phones need to be charged at least 6 hours for the first time, I'm wondering if it's the same for laptops because I really don't want to damage the battery. Please reply ASAP thank you!
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I have a problem with my laptop.
I think my laptop charge system is not working well.
If i push start button, first start light on then off and again on and laptop turn on.
Of course this problem when my laptop is turn off and no problem when sleep.
Looks like my issue start newly and i dont have this problem before
My laptop: HP Probook 4530s
My OS: Microsoft windows 10
I will grateful and thanks

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I recently bought a new battery for my laptop Inspiron-15 N5010. But the battery stops to charge after about 89% and in the notification i see that it says "89%available(plugged in, not charging)" . What could be the possible reasons?? I set the settings in POWER OPTIONS to default also.
PS: I bought original battery only with original dell seal and packet. But I bought it in Snapdeal online E-commerce site.

A:My new laptop battery does not charge after 89%

Does the system correctly identify the AC adapter (F2 at powerup to check) or does the adapter show "unknown"?