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hard drive light is amber, computer will not boot on

Q: hard drive light is amber, computer will not boot on

My hard drive light is amber and my computer will not power on. Battery light is white when power cord is plugged in. Ran updates earlier today and now computer will not power on.
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Preferred Solution: hard drive light is amber, computer will not boot on

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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I just recently took a fan out of a working GX280 and put it into a GX280 that needed it. When I went back to put the fan in it the working machine, plugged everything in. The power button was glowing in an amber color. There is also an amber light on the motherboard. I had grounded myself ahead of time so I don't think I fried anything. Could it be a wire?Any help ahead of time is greatly appreciated. Also if the motherboards are the same can I swap hard drives?

A:Dell GX280 amber light and hard drive swap

Unless you created a surge of static electricity, then you should not have hurt anything. But you Likely have connected the wires backwards... Does the fan have a four wire or three wire plug and socket?
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i recently had blue screen error due to memory ram. i bought a new ram installed it now when i start my computer the hard drive light stays solid red i get no signal for my monitor. and the cd & cdrw (both are seperate slots) lights keep blinking even though i have no cd in them. please help!

A:Computer won't Boot, hard drive light stays on

clear the CMOS (best to unplug the system and pull out the battery on the motherboard)
Do that for 30 minutes then connect back and turn on the system. If you still have issues then the RAM Voltage is not compatible with your mother board.
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The fan has always been loud, but now the drive will not boot up at all. When connected to the monitor, it's either black or has no signal. I have the cpu open and know a little, but there are some cables not connected, P8, P4 and one other. I am no expert with stuff like this but would love to keep this little computer going for my kids. Thanks for your help!
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Did some searching on here and tried a couple of things. Turned computer on earlier and just got a black screen and two green lights on front. Turned off power from back(because power button on front didn't work), powered back on and an amber light came on and green light on the right. I can hear the fan running and I can open doors on my disc drives so i'm thinking it's not the PSU, plus I had replaced that from the original one when it failed a couple years ago. Another person suggested a motherboard test so I removed all the cards and disconnected all the drives like they said, powered back up and the solid amber light is now solid green. What can I try next?

A:Solved: Dell Dimension won't boot, getting some power and amber light
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Hi guys,

I've got a Dell Studio Slim desktop 540s. I was disconnecting the monitor from the video card and the next time I went to use
it, I couldn't get it to boot or show anything on the monitor. Get a constant amber light on the power button, louder fans than normal and no input to monitor. Tried reseating video card, RAM, cleaned dust, CPU fan and still won't boot. Does this sound like something happened when I was tampering with the VGA plug in the video card? that was the last thing I did before this problem. Operating windows 7. Thanks in advance for any suggestions,

A:Dell Studio Slim won't boot, constant amber light

Solid amber LED is a hardware failure indicator. motherboard I believe.
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Occasionally I have this problem occur once in a while but I usually fix this problem by unplugging
the power cord to and replugging it back in. I think the problem lies in the graphics slot or the graphics card itself. I have disabled my on board graphics card and added a PCI graphics card for 6-7 months now. Like I said it happens once in a while but now this solution isn't working for me. Any ideas?

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My Dell Optiplex 790 doesn't turn on, and the power LED blinks amber. However, if I hold down the built in self test button, everything boots up fine and I can use the computer. Anyone know what I could try to fix this?
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The only other problem I have is when I cut the computer off and try to turn it back on the amber light blinks in the front and turn on at all, I have to take the battery out of the board to get the PC to come on!! It's a Dell Dimension E510
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Hi Last night I turned off my computer and went to bed everything was normal Then I woke up this morning and tried to power it back on but it won t boot and this is all that happens The CPU fan comes on and stays on The hard drive light comes on immediately but then stays solid No BIOS nothing at all Just a blank screen The computer will stay like this for as long as it s powered no beep, bios, no boot, Solid drive odor weird light, no hard on Keyboard lights come on and stay on Checked all the motherboard connections hard drive connection everything is normal Computer gives off a weird odor now like the smell of permanent marker Computer stays in this idle state with the hard drive light solid until I get sick of looking at it and I turn it back off One thing---last night before I shut down the computer I disconnected Solid hard drive light, no beep, no bios, no boot, weird odor my mouse while still running the OS Windows XP I then shut down the computer without plugging it back in Solid hard drive light, no beep, no bios, no boot, weird odor and as luck would have it the mouse was taken from my desk and I don t know where it is How likely is it that this is the cause of the entire problem Because really I ve had similar experience like this before where the BIOS wouldn t even load just sat there at a black screen and a friend of mine said it was probably the BIOS itself or the hard drive but definitely something with the hardware itself Thoughts Everything is on that computer I don t know what I m going to do if the hard drive is shot I m desperate for help I ll try to do this accurately after reading the posting guidelines Operating system - Win XP Laptop or Desktop - Desktop If name brand - Brand and Model - Custom Type of Mouse USB PS Wireless - PS Type of Keyboard USB PS Wireless - PS Amount of memory - GB Motherboard model if known - PC CHIPS M G - SOCKET - FSB mhz - SIS GX CHIPSET - BIT SUPPORT Video card PCI PCI-E AGP or Integrated Video if known - Integrated Tried unplugging the hard drive and then switching on the power hard drive light still stays solid nothing appears on the screen still nbsp

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Hi everyone

for the last 2 weeks or so my computer has been locking up and freezing with the data light on the computer to go into a solid state of red.

i thought i had fixed it by trying a few other solutions i had found here on the net such as....

1. re-applying thermal paste to CPU
2. removing build up of dust
3. checking ALL connections
4. Re-installing windows
5. checking hard drive for bad sectors (which it found and fixed)

im running...
windows 7 32bit
3gb RAM
ATI HD6870
1 320GB western digital HDD
1 500GB western digital HDD ( which i think is causing the problems but its only a year old and shouldnt be failing now).

so yeaa..thats my problem..reall starting to anger me and im considering building a completley new system but this ones only a year and a half old :/ any help from you guys would be much apriciated


A:Hard drive light goes solid red and computer locks up...

It does sound as though the hard drive has failed or is not far off it.

I may be wrong, but I think Western Digital have a five-year no-quibble guarantee on their hard drives so it'll pay you to check with them.

A hard drive can fail at any time so I think you've just been unlucky.

You should try and get any important data off the drive as soon as possible.
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I am wondering if I am Infected. I have a Compaq Presario SR5110NX.
I am running
Windows Vista Home basic
the computer is very very slow and the hard drive light never stops blinking. I have run Avast

anti virus and Ad-Aware but the hard drive light never stops and it is still very slow. Could

someone please help me?

Thank you,
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Hi everyone

for the last 2 days my computer has been locking up and freezing with the data light on the computer to go into a solid state .
as for the locking up thing i mean it completley locks..mouse doesent move.. CTRL ALT DEL does nothing..only thing i can do is hit the power button untill it shuts off. I'v tried leaving it but the computer was still the same.

im running...
Hp pavilion desktop
windows 7 64bit
4gb RAM
Nvidia Geforce GT 130
500GB samsung HDD ( which i think is causing the problems )

And also i didn't mention to one thing that when I unplug the wire of Pc my BIOS didn't recognize the time and date , I have to change it myself (Not always) just when I unplug the wire .

so please help me with that im getting mad on that

A:Hard drive light goes solid and computer locks up and freeze

You seem to have a couple of issues.

And also i didn't mention to one thing that when I unplug the wire of Pc my BIOS didn't recognize the time and date , I have to change it myself (Not always) just when I unplug the wire .

This happens when the CMOS battery is unable to keep enough charge, so when you unplug the PSU power source
+5V Standby Power also drops and clears your CMOS (BIOS).

for the last 2 days my computer has been locking up and freezing with the data light on the computer to go into a solid state .
as for the locking up thing i mean it completley locks..mouse doesent move.. CTRL ALT DEL does nothing..only thing i can do is hit the power button untill it shuts off. I'v tried leaving it but the computer was still the same.

Hard Hangs are usually hardware related .
I would start by taking a closer look at the HDD indeed as it is the first culprit that comes to mind.

Testing the HDD:
Perform a Disk Check | Disk Check
Then Post the results following | THIS METHOD
Download SeaTools for Windows if you don't want to use a CD to test the HDD you can use YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator to create a bootable USB (instructions are found at the bottom of both pages).
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I have a HP G60-443CL Notebook, 64 Bit Vista, lately is been slowed down considerably and the fan is running constantly and the hard drive light is almost constant. When I open an application such as browser, after a bit the hard drive begins to run constantly and slows the computer down to a crawl. The fan is always running loud. I do not notice anything under Task manger that appears to be hogging memory, but I may not know quite how to look more extensively. It has become very annoying and quite a hindrance to my work environment. If I try to run more than one application, everything on the computer just slows down tremendously. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Tonight I had a problem with my laptop It was in sleeping mode and when I open the lid there were no mouse function and no touch screen function So the only thing I could do was to press the power button for seconds to turn it off but it didn't completely because light drive blinking, laptop light button hard and power doe... the screen turn off but the power button light is blinking just like when it is on sleep mode and I'm not sure if the hard drive light was on off or blinking before this hard drive light and power button light blinking, laptop doe... but hard drive light and power button light blinking, laptop doe... now is blinking I press the power button and nothing happen I press it for seconds and nothing happen I even did the HDMI connection to another monitor but both monitors don't show hard drive light and power button light blinking, laptop doe... anything not even recognize that something is connected to the HDMI port in the new monitor There is no sound nothing just the blinking lights What should I do Thanks nbsp PS I'm not sure if it's Windows -bit or -bit It was upgraded from Windows
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I am little bit worried about my harddrive. Previously I had 80 gb harddrive and then I upgraded it to 320 gb. I have dell latitude d630 laptop with two operating system. Windows 7 and XP. When I use Windows 7 then my computer specially hard drive light stays on and mouse is busy and I have to restart my laptop however in my XP this problem is never seen. I also installed vista and deep formatted the hard drive but the problem still persists in windows 7. The system is normal but when I surf internet via mozilla or chrome. This problem arises. I have done everytrouble shooting I can chkdsk and everything but when I use chkdsk in my western digital harddrive, it says error. I am thinking its harddrive issue what do u say?


OS is Win 7 Prof

A:Hard drive light stays on and computer freezes randomly in windows 7

Can we get some system spec's?
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I am little bit worried about my harddrive. Previously I had 80 gb harddrive and then I upgraded it to 320 gb. I have dell latitude d630 laptop with two operating system. Windows 7 and XP. When I use Windows 7 then my computer specially hard drive light stays on and mouse is busy and I have to restart my laptop however in my XP this problem is never seen. I also installed vista and deep formatted the hard drive but the problem still persists in windows 7. The system is normal but when I surf internet via mozilla or chrome. This problem arises. I have done everytrouble shooting I can chkdsk and everything but when I use chkdsk in my western digital harddrive, it says error. I am thinking its harddrive issue what do u say?


OS is Win 7 Prof

A:Hard drive light stays on and computer freezes randomly in windows 7

Run the western digital diagnostic tool, if it says its bad, then time to rma the disk.
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hi guys as per one of my friend I could replace my memory RAM up to GB so I ve ordered Power Light Motherboard/Power 8300 AMBER Green XPS - Supply - Light a couple sticks of Kingston HyperX nbsp so I ve took slot and replaced GB Hynix RAM by GB HyperX Now I have a good old CPU that doesnt work plus it smell like burnt plastic with no apparent damage to XPS 8300 - AMBER Motherboard/Power Light - Green Power Supply Light the board or RAM nbsp Startup x BEEP No BIOS Motherboard Light Solid AmberBootup Light Flashing AmberPower Supply Light Solid Green I ve tried booting from nbsp a single RAM unit on slot one then slot two and nothing has changed anyone can help Motherboard Y MRGhttp www findlaptopdriver XPS 8300 - AMBER Motherboard/Power Light - Green Power Supply Light com specs- y mrg-dell Processor i Primary SSD Kingston HyperX Savage added Secondary Seagate TB TB added Barracuda New RAM nbsp ts HX C FK http www kingston com dataSheets HX C FK pdfOld RAM nbsp HMT U CFR C-H https www amazon com PC - - MHz-Hynix-HMT U CFR C-H -Unbuffered dp B BTRAS
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My Computer freezes and stops working only when im downloading a torrent or try to stream!
The Red Blinking light (Which im sure is for the Hard Disk) stops blinking once these freezes happen
When it freezes sometimes i cant even restart it with the restart button on the case and have to take its cable out.The problem has been on my computer for a year but i havent tried fixing it.

I had a blue screen of death once but that was months ago.
Havent ReInstalled Windows even once since ive got it last year.

Sidenote: I sometimes have Administrator problems and cant do some stuff when i am the administrator could that be the problem?
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Hi there new here I have searched for about - hours on this topic I have updated as many drivers as I could and I have changed my SATA cables out I cannot figure out this problem When I am on my computer the red hard driver indicator light on the top of my case will blink constantly When I start playing a game fast, it? freezes. causes computer drive solid, What and Hard light stays then blinks it will blink really fast and then you can hear a Hard drive light blinks fast, then stays solid, and computer freezes. What causes it? quot beep quot sound The light stays red for a few seconds Hard drive light blinks fast, then stays solid, and computer freezes. What causes it? then goes back to blinking intermittently When it beeps everything freezes up for a bit - seconds Then it will come back and resume like before Sometimes the beeps and freezes are minutes apart sometimes they are minutes apart Its really annoying and I dont want to take it to a shop just yet Anyone ever heard of this happening Is the hard drive overheating maybe Cause it gets worse when I have things like music and games going at the same time If anyone would like to know more about the computer I will list it all

A:Hard drive light blinks fast, then stays solid, and computer freezes. What causes it?

Go to Start/Search and type CMD Right click the CMD icon in the Search Results and Run As Administrator. In the Elevated Command Prompt type chkdsk /R and press enter. Now type a Y for Yes and restart the computer. The Check Disk Utility will check the integrity of the drive.
You can also download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature, and burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature and run the Quick and the Extended diagnostic tests on the HDD.
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The amber light is constantly on, not flashing just solidly on, whether on or off and regardless of the battery charge percentage.  The battery charges just fine. It's been this way since I got it.  I tried posting for help before but didn't get any responses.
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I have a Dell Optiplex that runs a small CNC machine. The other day I started the computer and while it was booting up I turned the key board over and tapped it on the counter to remove some metal chips that were stuck in the keys. The computer quit working. I opened the back and saw a green blinking light on the mother board. I was told to replace the power supply. I did. Now I have the green blinking light on the mother board and a blinking amber light in the start button and nothing working on the computer. I don't know what to do next.

A:Blinking amber light

"I don't know what to do next"...

What's a small CNC machine, and where did the metal chips come from?
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On pressing power button briefly, the fan will start but only for a second and then stops. The green LED on motherboard remains on constantly and the orange/amber led near the power switch flashes regularly but the green LED adjacent to it is off.
Can anyone advise where the fault lies?

This is a Dell Dimension 1100 desktop.

A:blinking amber light

That's a classic Dell symbol for a bad power supply, but you can check the four diagnostic lights on the back of the computer against the chart here...
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My power button on my Dell is blinking ambur. I suspect when I dusted the tower yesterday (while it was on), I created static. I went in later to use the computer and it was blinking amber, no fans were running, it was quiet. I have unplugged the power source for 24 hours...nothing has improved. Does this sound like the motherboard is fried or worse? Can it be replaced? And how much do they generally run? I can't believe I did that!

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i am building a dell precision t7400 had it all ready to fire up and powered it up and the power button flashed 5 times amber and just above it green light 1 & 3 showed up any help appreciated i am thinking psu or mo bo these two are the only two components i cant vouch for cpu's good , ram good ,

A:amber light flashing

diagnostic lights are here

1 & 3 green = Memory modules are detected, but a memory configuration or compatibility error exists.

also manual here

Ensure that no special requirements for memory module/connector placement exist (see "Memory" in your User’s Guide).
• Ensure that the memory you are using is supported by your computer (see "Memory" in your User’s Guide).
• If the problem persists, contact Dell (see "Contacting Dell" in your User’s Guide)
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Hi just joined and my first post Have been searching for possible solutions to my hardware problem on the net and hope someone here can help Have a Dell Light Amber Dell Dimension C which is just over yrs old Over the last few weeks have Dell Amber Light had problems turning it on and off There s a solid amber light on main switch At first I could resolve by unplugging and restarting which did the trick but it seems to be getting worse I can still get it to come on - sometimes it s after a few attempts but other times it takes or Once on it works fine Took it to a local shop who couldn t start it at all but they tested power supply which was ok and a few other things not sure what and said they thought it was probably the motherboard Can anyone advise about this - would a motherboard fault cause this kind of intermitent problem deterioration over time One new thing today is when trying to turn it on sometimes the on off button doesn t click at all Not confident to start dismantling it and taking things out etc Can t find any useful info on Dell site - is there any point trying to run the Dell diagnostic tool F when Dell logo appears shortly after start up Any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks nbsp

A:Dell Amber Light

See here for the manual for the system and the diagnostics codes that show on the front panel:

Yes, it could be the motherboard,or the memory, or the CPU. I recently had a C521 come in with a failed processor.
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I have a Dell Dimension 8400 with a Xion 600W power supply to power my NVidea video card. Recently, my computer just shut off with out warning. When I tried to turn it back on, I noticed a blinking amber light on the power button.

I unplugged everything, reseated all components (except CPU), removed all ram, unplugged HDD+Cd/Dvd ROM's, no luck. Replaced the CMOS Battery, no luck. Checked all USB ports for broken/bent pins, none.

I reassembled everything the way it was, no luck. The "inbound current" light is green on my MOBO indicating incoming power. However, the PSU fan will not kick, nor will any of the other fans/components.

I am at my wits end here, as I need my PC. Any other ideas would be appreciated. I think I may just need a new PSU.

A:Flashing Amber Light... Ugh!

karmalize said:

I think I may just need a new PSU.Click to expand...

It sounds lkie a PSU issue to me.
Check the outputs if you can or just try a different one.
It's not too common for them to blow, but they do.
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I have a two Optiplex 990's that have quit booting up. They turn spin up and the DVD drive spins up...but then the Diagnostics lights show 2,3,4 and the power button lights up Amber instead of green.
The system then just keeps powering up and shutting down with those diagnostic lights constantly.
I have tried removing the HD, CD drive, Graphics card, CMOS, Both fans. None seem to resolve the issue. On one of the two I replaced the motherboard. That also didn't help. 
I have also reset the memory on the units 
Grateful for any help!

A:Optiplex 990 Amber Light / 2,3,4

i have the same problem with dell optiplex 990 SFF... also there was a previous optiplex 790 with the same problem but both i was able to fix...   i opened the power supply and found out bulging 2 capacitors (10V 2200uF) and replaced them both.  Now both systems are running good.  This is a cheap cap and needs to be replaced with high quality ones like nichicons, etc...

It could be possible to also find bulging caps on the motherboard esp on the heatsink area.

if you are not that technical then go to an electronic shop and have your powersupply be re-capped/ refurbished.. Take note: before repairing it myself i tried the built-in self test for the powersupply (pressing small black button at the rear) and it says the psu is good and also i measured each individual output voltages (5V, 12V, 3.3V) and all were giving good readings but you cannot be sure since there is still yet no Load.  So as i suspected i opened the PSU and found out the bulging/leaking caps...

Hope this will help you all.
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Recently, I lost wifi connection completely on my XPS 8700. The computer cannot detect any router. I noticed that the Realtek wireless adapter was missing in the device manager. Fortunately, the Dell wireless adapter was still available. After enabling this adapter, wifi connection worked again. However, during this trouble shooting, I found that the aux_pwr light turned on even if I shut down the computer.
My questions are:
1. Is the Realtek wireless adapter dead?
2.Why does the aux_pwr light turn on - solid amber light? Is it related to the Realtek wireless adapter issue or it indicate some other issues in my computer?
3. Can I turn off the aux_pwr light or how to trouble shoot? I don't think the aux_pwr light on is normal.
So far, the computer is working fine. Surely, I haven't tested all functionality.
Any help is appreciated!

A:aux_pwr amber light is ON

Are you talking about the LED on the motherboard? That LED should be on as long as the PC is connected to a "live" outlet. It means the motherboard is getting "flea power" and is perfectly normal. 
If you unplug the PC from the wall and press/hold the power button for ~15 sec, the motherboard LED should go out.
nongjin100 I noticed that the Realtek wireless adapter was missing in the device manager. Fortunately, the Dell wireless adapter was still available.
That makes no sense - to me. There's only one wired and one wireless adapter, but you said there are two wireless. Do you mean the Realtek 8111E Network (integrated) wired Ethernet adapter ?
Have you looked at rear of the PC to see if any LEDs are on, next to the Ethernet (RJ45) port?
Reboot and press F2 to open BIOS setup. Make sure the Onboard LAN Controller option is set to Enabled. Be sure to save any changes before exiting setup.
Is there an "Unknown" device listed in Device Manager?
Have you tried reinstalling the NIC driver? Go to the Support page and select your version of Windows. Then download the Realtek adapter to the desktop and install it. And then reboot.
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I just exchanged my Inspiron 560s's CPU with a Core 2 Quad 9400 which, according to Dell's upgrade website, is compatible to my PC.
However, when I start my PC, i get a constant, amber colored light on the power button and the PC won't start up.
I already tried resetting/updating my BIOS, but that didn't do it.
Does anyone know what the problem is? I suspect it might be the PSU because the new CPU takes a lot more energy and the PSU is only a 250 Watts one.
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Hi i have packard bell machine with amd processer and a nforce motherboard I know its abit old but im having problems with my system Basically my system had a virus which destroyed my hardrive i decided to do a full format During yhe installation of windows my pc shut down on its own nd did not turn not amber Pc on. turning light on after that The fan spins for abit but no other signs of life After leaving it for a day i turn my pc on again and the amber light comes on Normally after ita amber it will turn green but this time it stays on amber and my fan Pc amber light not turning on. was spinning way to fast The amber light does not flash but just stays lit I dont hear no beeps but Pc amber light not turning on. my motherboard led light is on I decided to purchase a new power supply nd a cpu fan I inserted evertthing normally but still have the same problem Iv removed componenta one by one and still no hope Can anyone help plz My specs are gb ddr ram Amd ghz Nforce motherboard watts psu new There is no sign of leakage on the motherboard nbsp

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i share my computer with a co-worker. When she got in to work last night she couldn't log on to the computer. When the computer was turned on she notice alot of information, then it said starting windows 95 and all tha happened was a flashing bar in the upper left hand side of the screen and the monitors power light turned from green to amber. What happened?

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I am experiencing some difficulty with my desktop computer It is a Dell Vostro s Windows XP SP GB ram GB hard drive A couple nights ago we had a power outage I get up the next morning to find my desktop off I usually leave it on I go to turn it on and the power light comes on blue amber Blinking light like normal and the fans kick on However after a second or two it turns amber and begins blinking I googled what the potential problems could be and how to troubleshoot it I m assuming based on my search results that it is a power-based failure of some kind typically either the power supply or the motherboard I came across this while I was searching Blinking amber light ftp ftp dell com Manuals all-prod desktop vostro- s service manual en-us pdf excerpt from page If the power light is blinking amber the computer is receiving electrical power but an internal power problem may exist Ensure that the voltage selection switch is set to match the AC Blinking amber light power at your location if applicable Ensure that the processor power cable is securely connected to the system board see System Board Components Click to expand So I viewed the diagram linked there and started disconnecting one thing at a time I took the two cables out of the hard drive tried to boot same problem I took the cable out of what looks to me like the power Blinking amber light connector based on the diagram from pg it is labeled When I restarted it finally did something different When I pressed the power button with the power connector disconnected the light was solid amber and it didn t seem like anything was running except the fans The fans were on full blast So long story short what can we determine from that In case it makes a difference I should note that I had everything but the power cord monitors usb devices ethernet etc disconnected I thank you all in advance for any help nbsp

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I leave my computer on and just yesterday I came back to find no video signal no audio signal no keyboard or mouse functionality and a steady amber light on the power button i turned the computer off started it up and found that the hdd fan started up fast and then slowed to a halt as it normally does but then the system fan spun up to full speed and just remained there not normal The diagnostic lights don t turn on indicating the machine doesn t even make it to the bios The only signs of life on the machine are the amber power light and the system fan blasting I turned the machine off waited turned it on same deal I later opened it up took out the memory that i added last month tried every combination of taking out components I even went barebones unplugged everything save for the 710 Amber - Light Steady XPS fans video cards sound card vid capture card hdd s dvd drives all unplugged and all still the same thing The steady amber power-button light Also there is another amber light on the mobo XPS 710 - Steady Amber Light towards the top I don t know if that is supposed to be green or what but that light is also steady amber anyone know what that light even is it s not on any support manual diagram I m hoping this is just a connection power issue replacing the psu would be much cheaper than replacing my mobo my yr warranty ended a month ago If there s anything you guys can give me that ll help my situation out it d be much appreciated

A:XPS 710 - Steady Amber Light

The motherboard/processor has died. Power supply appears good as fans act like they should on bootup..with everthing out or disconneted except the processor and mb if it still is solid amber my moneys on the motherbord...
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The amber light below the start button is always bust like somethings running in the background or as if something is trying to instale. Does anyone know why this light is continuously on?

A:Amber Light Below Start Button

Are you referring to your casing start button?

If so, that is the light of your HardDisk activity. It is normal for it to blink.
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Am writing this on my Droid because I don't have access to another PC. Last night I came home and my computer had black screens and the light on the PC was amber instead of blue. Also the fan was running loudly. Tried turning off and on and unplugging but nothing. It was fine when I left an hour earlier. There were no storms or anything. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi, I have a Dell Inspiron 545 desktop about 4 years old,Duel Core intell,6 gig ram,500 gig hd.The electric at the house went off and then back on.Computer was dead.Took it to a local Tech.they replaced the power supply.Computer ran for 30 days or so just fine then I heard something like a click .The computer went into like sleep mode with a solid amber light.after a bit of reseach I checked the back connection from the power suppy (4 wires).I just unplugged it and reconnected it.I then took out the ram and reseated it.Worked fine for 3 days and then back to solid amber light again in front.Will not do anything. I dont think the psu fans are running either.Any help would be great! Thanks.ZZ

A:Dell solid amber light

The User Manual typically has the meaning of the LED lights in the trouble shooting section.

You can also check here:
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Ok, a lot of posts have been about the steady amber light but mine is different - I think. I "stripped" down all of the parts except for the PSU, MB, CPU and the drives. I got the beep errors - a lot of them. Lol. The lights were all on but the steady amber light turned green! What am I missing? Please help - I'm getting paid for this. =)
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trying to fix this Dell Dimension E310 when i turn on power tower starts but light is amber and i have no display this making very hard to fix. Please help!!!

A:amber light on dell dem e310

Hi and welcome to the TSG web site.

Found on Dell web site using a Google search for troubleshooting Dell Dimension E310:

Solid yellow Power Button:
The Dell Diagnostics is running a test, or a device on the system board may be faulty or incorrectly installed.

If the Dell Diagnostics is running, allow the testing to complete.

Check the diagnostic lights to see if the specific problem is identified.

Blinking yellow Power Button:
A power supply or system board failure has occurred.

Check the diagnostic lights to see if the specific problem is identified.
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My XPS 700 was purchased in 2006.  The only thing I've replace in that time has been my CD drive. A couple of days ago when I turn on the computer all I got was blinking amber light.  Any suggestions as to what this means and how do I fix it?  Or, is the computer dead after 10 years.  I can hear the fan. I did not notice any beep at startup.  I get nothing but blinking amber light, so trying to get to safe mode isn't going to happen. 
Thanks in advance

A:xps 700 blinking amber light when powered on

My XPS 700 was purchased in 2006.  The only thing I've replace in that time has been my CD drive. A couple of days ago when I turn on the computer all I got was blinking amber light.  Any suggestions as to what this means and how do I fix it?  Or, is the computer dead after 10 years.  I can hear the fan. I did not notice any beep at startup.  I get nothing but blinking amber light, so trying to get to safe mode isn't going to happen. 
Thanks in advance
A blinking amber power light, usually indicates a power supply issue.
See page 14 Here:
What is the reading of the four Diagnostic lights, located on the front panel, or are they off?
See pages 15 and 61 of the owners manual.
The best method to check the power supply, is to replace it with a known working unit, to see if this makes a difference.
The power supply is a Dell proprietary unit, with a 24-pin and 20-pin motherboard power connectors, there are no compatible retail power supplies available.
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I've been searching and searching and have yet to find a solution for my specific problem I've had this Toshiba for a good while possible going on - years I've had so many issues with it at one point it wouldn't boot up past recovery for a solid months or so Then the Video card completely died on me and i find out that i'd have to replace the entire motherboard to just fix that but instead I just hook Amber Satellite - Light A5321 it to an external monitor Satellite A5321 - Amber Light Then the charger got a short in it Its irritating that when it Satellite A5321 - Amber Light does keep unplugging and plugging itself in the desktop refreshes so if I'm hovering over something it resets itself Highly annoying when I'm working between folders and a bunch of other application that stack on top of each other I noticed only a couple of hours ago that the light on my laptop stays orange Its about the same time that the charger completely died and no longer works I just ordered another one that should be coming next week I thought that would solve all my problems but I noticed that the Orange light will not turn off even with the computer off and the charger unplugged from it What does the solid Amber Light actually mean in this case Is it truly indicating that my battery is low I was under the impression that once the battery died so did the LED because isn't the LED getting power from the battery My laptop is completely dead no way to charge it right now but the battery indicator won't shut off Am I going to need to invest in a new laptop all together Because I cannot find where the battery is located on this thing I can't even find it in in the manual I can't even find the right manual of it either The manual it shows for my model shows that the battery is external which is definitely not the case
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Not sure if i'm in the right place, but just wanted to see if I could get any help with this problem. I "tried" to turn on my computer the other day and nothing happened, the power light just blinked an amber color with no noise or anything. I know that if it buzzes or makes a sound it can be determined what the problem is, but it does nothing. Can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thanks

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Hey Reciever here My computer a while ago got the solid amber light and I believe i blew dust out of my case and took out put back in the power cord :/ Dell Flashing Optiplex 320 Amber Light and it was all good after that Then maybe a month later I got the flashing amber light which was maybe weeks ago I ve used my old power supply my current one around watts and my second optiplex s PSU yes i have --one in my study and one in my bedroom I ve replaced the Optiplex 320 Dell Flashing Amber Light :/ RAM the Processor i ve disconnected all the cords PCI cards etc and reconnected them and it still Optiplex 320 Dell Flashing Amber Light :/ gives me the same error And also i have to unplug and plug in the power cord in order to retry the boot and each time i do the fan on my graphics card flutters for a single flick and then stops The CPU fan and PSU fan do not move So i figure it s the motherboard I ve looked up on the internet what busted capacitors look like and nowhere on my motherboard is one They all from what i can see look fine and everything seems to be running normal however that s not the case Any help I d like to know whats wrong before i end up buying a new motherboard Is there anychance the motherboard warped or something If so how can i tell Thanks for any help in advance -Reciever nbsp

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I have an external harddrive with all of my family photos, when I turn the harddrive on it will not
boot up just has an amber light. So I figured it had to be the power supply in the enclosure, so
I went out and purchased a new drive enclosure. placed harddrive into the new enclosure and continue
to get an amber light flashing. Please help I have all my family photos on this external drive!!!

Thank you very much!!
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I was given an Inspiron 620 tower that won't boot.  There's no light of any kind associated with the power button on the front of the case, but the amber light on the motherboard (near the SATA ports) blinks.  The power supply tests OK, so I'm wondering if  the problem is likely to be anything fixable besides it being a bad board.
Any ideas?

A:Inspiron 620 with blinking amber light on motherboard

It's just about 100% certainly a bad system board -- not much repairable about these.
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I m working on a Dimension XP MB single RAM module on which I installed an Solved: amber 2400 Dimension light Ubuntu dedicated partition Sometimes Solved: Dimension 2400 amber light instead of booting it will progress through the boot process only partially and then the solid amber light on the front panel near the power button will come on and the monitor will remain black Sometimes it will boot to Windows and run OK for Solved: Dimension 2400 amber light awhile but then the screen will go black and the amber light will come on The amber light does not blink Whenever this happens the four lights labeled quot ABCD quot on the back panel will indicate the following the first two or three quot AB quot or ABC will be lit up with an amber color and quot D quot will be dark Nothing here for that I ran a memtest for a couple of hours four quot passes and no errors were found I have a power supply tester and the power supply tests OK The same thing happens when I try to boot to Ubuntu it will try to boot then fail with the solid amber light However if the machine boots all the way to Ubuntu it runs fine So I m guessing a bad motherboard But I m not sure Thanks in advance for your help Scott nbsp

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I have changed my gpu to gtx780 and psu to cooler master b700 about 2 years ago. I haven't played any game for a long time. I tried to play arma 3, total war etc. yesterday but i have a black screen issue. After about 15-20 min (arma 3 doesn't even launch) black screen comes.( i can still hear the game).
I opened the case and saw an amber light which is under "aux-pwr". It doesn't blink, solid. What does it mean? Do i have to change the psu?

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i have a dell 2400 that has a similar problem to the one in this thread:

difference is that all 4 lights in the back stay green and there are no odd rings during start-up.
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Hello looking for some advice and help My gx was working fine I tried turning it on today and the oragne amber light just stays steady and the fan goes crazy like a jet taking off not joking however once i open the case and play around with up amber sometimes fan, help loud however gx280 light starts it it works i havent changed anything ive tryed replacing ram but its same tryed replacing hard drive same outcome i think its a psu problem i have done my research and found out that the cap s might be bad however i cant find any cap s that are bad they all seem to be in good gx280 amber light loud fan, however starts up sometimes help condition i have images of the motherboard my guess is its the power pack any adivce would be okay im sending these post using the same machine i can get it to start but the orange light comes on most times i have to open the case and fiddle with the motherboard power and heat sink then it starts help please really confused nbsp

A:gx280 amber light loud fan, however starts up sometimes help

A fan running at full speed can sometimes [however not always] mean a failing board. I would swap in a known good pw supply to test. With that video card, you are going to need a pretty high quality pw supply; something like a 650W corsair.
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I got a Dell desktop that won't power up. I've unplugged everything, plugged it back in, held down the power button...nothing. The amber light on the front just keeps flashing, even with the power cord unplugged from the computer.

Any ideas? Bad power supply?

A:Dell desktop amber light flashing

I'd say so. Do you have or know anyone that has a similar computer? That way, you can switch PSUs to see what the problem really is.
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About a month ago I found my computer tower was still on but the screen was black and the green power light on the tower had turned amber The light wasn t blinking it was steady I had to hold the power button down to get it to shut down and restart It happened yesterday again when I hadn t been near it for awhile and that time and the time before I had FF up with stuff to look at later so I thought it was going into standby mode or something except that it happened again about minutes ago while I was using it No odd noises before the light changes color either Although I have heard a couple odd noises that might be coming from the tower in the last little while It sort of sounds 'on' power tuns light Tower amber? but still like a phone set to ring on pulse but it is pretty quite and two quick rings of two pulses about minutes apart It seems to be fine after restarting Preliminary ideas as to what could be causing this I ve done some basic research and have read that it could be the power supply I will also say that each time it has happened the computer has been on for over hours before hand It is a dell can t mind model right now and is running Windows XP home nbsp

A:Tower still 'on' but power light tuns amber?

worth running dell diagnostics usually press 12 on start up
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Power cord plugged in to notebook.  Charging light is amber.  Battery is at 87% plugged in and charging.  The mamium charge for the last couple of month is about 86% to 87%

A:HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook battery light amber

Hi MillerDo a hard reset. uninstall battery driver from device manager after physically removing battery and powering on notebook with AC power alone. -->In Device Manager, expand the Batteries section by clicking the little icon to the left of the word Batteries. Right-click Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and select Uninstall. Verify that that's what you want to do. Do not uninstall any other drivers.Then power on system with battery inserted, go to BIOS setup --> reload BIOS to default. Save and continue to loading Windows. if has resolved.If not, do a manual calibration of battery. Follow this web document:
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I have a HP desktop model p p case that had a failed motherboard bad capacitors After replacing the power supply and a motherboard with one from no known Solid but issues Amber Light, Power a DELL Inspiron because it was only on amazon the PC functions just fine with one exception The power light in the HP case instead of normally being blue is amber I m not sure if this is indicates an issue or if there s simply an incompatibility with the dell motherboard and the HP power light There are no known errors from post single beep on bootup The case power light is initially blue for about a second when the PC is initially powered on but immediately turns solid amber from then on I have ran Dell s online PC diagnostics which detects the PC as an Inspiron with UNKNOWN service tag and reports no hardware issues Should I ignore the solid amber light and go on or should I be concerned PC HP model p p case DELL F N N Motherboard AMD Phenom Quad-Core socket AM Ghz G RAM Coolmax ZX Series W power supply nbsp

A:Solid Amber Power Light, but no known issues

Sounds like the dell board just doesn't
display the same way as the HP.
Might make it difficult to see that the
computer is in standby mode,if you use standby.
I don't see it causing any major issues otherwise though.
I have an HP board that flashes green in standby.
That thing was annoying when I was trying to sleep.
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Hi there Sorry if these kind of questions have been explained somewhere if I m posting wrongly I apologise Yesterday morning when I turned on the computer it made this loud groaning humming whirring noise something like that which terrified me So I took the case off and there was an amber light lit up on the motherboard I turn the comp back on to try and hear where the sound was coming from and it sounds like it s coming from the power supply After about five or ten minutes of the computer being on the noise disappears and it s quiet though the amber light is still on The same thing happened this morning - noise then quiet light still on I m worried that something is failing and want to fix it before I suddenly have on light + Loud noise amber groaning no computer Can anyone tell me if it is the power supply I have no idea about how to replace it I was looking at THIS one this morning sorry if I m not supposed to link because I Loud groaning noise + amber light on quot think quot it matches some of the numbers on my own PSU but I don t want to stick he wrong one in and poof bye bye computer I m looking on ebay since my pockets aren t deep enough to go elsewhere I don t know what details you need Loud groaning noise + amber light on about my computer so ask away and I ll try to provide what I know can find Any advice is mucho appreciated Thanks nbsp

A:Loud groaning noise + amber light on

Power supplies are easily replaced... by a variety of brands an models.

We would need the brand and model of the motherboard to tell you more, but...

The noise could be anything... but is usually sound card, DVD Rom, or CPU fan...

What performance changes?
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Hey folks
A few weeks back, I had the four beeps and amber light on my 8300. Following forum advice, I reset my memory into their slots and trying booting again. This time, no four beeps, but amber light and the screen still blank.
I had to go away for a while, and when I tried again on my return, I was getting the four beeps again. Reset memory once more, but this time it remains along with the amber light.
Help me Dell forums, you're my only hope.

A:XPS 8300 four beeps plus solid amber light

The four beeps is a memory failure like you've read before. If you have more than one memory stick, try isolating it down to a certain stick. Like having one stick in and turning on, then swapping for the other stick.
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When I left home this morning, all was well with the Dell XPS400 was running smoothly, no indication of any problems. Came home this evening to find the PC basically lifeless, with only a blinking amber power light. No fans running, nothing. All attempts to revive failed. Disconnected power cord, cycled down, reconnected power.....nothing but that blinking amber power light.

Does anyone know what would cause this? Power supply? something else?

Thanks in advance.

A:Dell XPS400 - blinking amber light

You may have had a power surge during the day that possibly damaged the XPS power supply. Did you try unplugging it from the wall and waiting 10 seconds or so. then plugging it back in? Is it connected through a surge protector? If so, try plugging the computer directly into the wall plug
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Hello Techies, this is my first time on Tech Support Guys. So here goes.
I have a Dell Dimensions 3000 desktop about 7 years old that does not start.
Symptoms are as follows:
- Power light on front of tower flashing amber when turned on
- Light on motherboard is solid green
- Power supply fan does not run
- Diagnostic lights do not light up at all
- Checked USB ports for bent pins and are OK.
- Removed power supply unit and visually checked components. Appears OK.
I was going to replace battery on motherboard but I have not recorded System Info. Can I still do this?
All is pointing to faulty power supply.
All help appreciated.

A:Dell 3000 amber light flashing

Jump a known good power supply to the board and see if that solves your problem. 95% chance that it is a defective power supply. You really can't tell much about the condition of the power supply by examining the external portion.
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I have a new Dell XPS 13. When attempting to boot the front led blinks amber twice, then white twice repeatedly. The device never boots to the dell logo. This is with the AC plugged in and the battery test showing no issues.

A:Blinking white + amber light on front of XPS 13

Please list exactly your Dell model. Example: Dell XPS 13 9350
Secondly, I like to suggest you try the steps below
A) Disconnect all peripherals(printer, external drive, etc...) from computer
B) Power off computer
C) Unplug the AC adapter from computer and wall socket 
D) Press and hold in the "Power On" button for 15 seconds then release
E) Plug in the AC adapter into the wall socket, then the computer
F) Press the "Power On" button. Hopefully your computer run normally

If those steps didn't work then I like to suggest you run the Diagnostic tool on your computer to scan for hardware problems.
A) Power off computer
B) Power on computer, quickly tap the F12 key continuously. You should be in the Diagnostic screen. Please list any error codes.
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Hello, My Dell 2400 computer that I've had for 2 years went completely dead. I replaced the power supply and now there is only a steady amber power light right at power up. Never gose to green. No video or drive lights come on. None of the diagnostic leds are on. Went to the Dell support page and did the unplug boards and cables steps, etc. until I got to the "contact a tech" part. Computer is out of warranty. Any suggestions? Is the motherboard bad?

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A couple of weeks ago my Dell Light Amber Flashing E510 Dell E started shutting off randomly After it would shut off the front would start flashing a yellow light but the Dell E510 Flashing Amber Light computer could be turned back on by holding down the power button and pressing it again About two weeks later this solution stopped working and the pc would always show a blinking amber light regardless of any attempts to turn it back on After several days of researching the problem I found out that it could be a power supply I ordered the exact same PSU that was previously in my pc and installed it To my surprise it worked Sadly after minutes of use it shut off and I am now unable to get it to turn on again I have cleaned the entire case and there are no corroded or leaking pins or caps on the motherboard I just recently replaced the CMOS battery so I don t think that is the culprit I have tried fiddling with the wattage switch on the back of the case but that didn t seem to do anything for me I also tried resetting the CMOS memory by using the -pin jumper plug Nothing seems to be working Is this a motherboard problem or something else

A:Dell E510 Flashing Amber Light

Thanks for writing to us. 
That sounds more of a motherboard failure. 
You can try to remove memory modules and observe if the system beeps , then put back the modules one by one and look for any promising changes. 
if nothing works, please consider replacing motherboard. 
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Got amber light on a Clariion C1100R Disk Array. The manual has been misplaced. Anyone has information on how to troubleshoot or what does the amber light means? The AMBER LED is on the box, the status for all disks are still green.
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System will not power on at all, and the power light displays the dreaded blinking amber light. It's getting no power at all, and the PSU has been ruled out because I tested the machine with another known working PSU. I have also reseated the RAM, video card, and CPU as well as reseating all power cables and still nothing. I'm trying to find another socket 775 P4 for testing, but haven't come up with one yet. Am I looking at a defective MOBO here, or does anyone have any other troubleshooting ideas?



A:Solved: Dell XPS 400 Blinking Amber Power LIght

We decided to just say forget it and build a new one, lol.
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Dell Vostro 1015, well out of warranty. Plug it in and get an immediate flash code on the battery light on the front of the laptop. Not even getting to POST. Alternating 1 blue and 4 amber quick flashes, followed by various blue flash patterns ( which I know makes no sense but I am failing to find a pattern ). Unable to find any useful docs, can anyone help?

A:Vostro 1015 flashing amber battery light

Hi Escatdell,
Thank you for reaching out to Dell Community Forum.
Can you check if you can boot into Dell diagnostics <F12> and capture any error codes or messages?
Also,weI would suggest you to drain the residual power from the laptop:
* Disconnect any external peripherals (flash drives, printers, external hard drives) from the computer.
* Remove the adapter and then the battery.
* Press and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds.
* After draining the residual power, try reseating the memory and see if the system is able to boot.
Please click my DELL-username and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your email address.
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Hi friends, I'm using Dell Studio 1558 and recently bought an original battery online and I dont know the authenticity of that battery. Also before changing the battery, I had a hard disk crash and changed a new hard disk.
Now at times, I'm getting amber and white light flashing. Its getting corrected if I restart the system.
Can anyone let me know the meaning of this flashing amber and white lighting?

A:Amber and White light blinking. What is the meaning of that signal?

" recently bought an original battery online and I dont know the authenticity of that battery "

It's a possibility the flashing amber/white light means battery is low and isn't being charge. I like to suggest you check the status of the battery and AC adapter in the BIOS.
1. Power off computer, and then make sure AC adapter is connected to computer well
2. Power on computer, quickly start tapping the F2 key continuously, you should be in the BIOS screen.

Under the main screen, look for the AC adapter type. If the adapter says None or Unknown then it's an issue with the adapter. Suggest you replace AC adapter.
Under the Advanced screen, look for Battery Health, it should say "This Battery Is Performing Normally". If there's any other message, it could mean that the battery is faulty and needs replacement.

Note: If you indeed need replacement, please get a new genuine Dell battery that comparable with your system.
Studio 1558 Setup Guide - Page 88
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I have recently gained a Tecra A7 but without a battery or power adapter.
I purchased a power adapter (15V, 6.0A) and plugged it in.

Whenever I try to power the laptop, the only response I receive is the battery light flashing orange 11-12 times.
Note: I do not have any battery plugged in.

Could this be the problem?

Does anyone know a solution for this problem I'm experiencing?

Kind Regards,

A:Tecra A7 - battery light flashes amber many times


If there is no hardware problems notebook must run with AC power supply only and without battery.
Of course we don?t know if this notebook is defective or not but fact is that you use, according Tecra A7 specification, right AC adapter.
If you can see flashing power led only it can be that power supply electronic is defective and need to be checked by authorized service provider.

Sorry but on this virtual way it is not easy to say more than that.
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we have already faced to an issue that a few months ago we want to start the dell 9020 PC we saw that the power button continuously flashing the amber orange light means (flash....flash..................flash) by duration. we tried the supply change main board maintenance etc. but in-van. now we create a solution that i m going to share with all world which are facing the same issue,
i m going to practically done in a video and you can find on youtube with a name of (dell optiplex 9020 amber light power problem)
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I have a big problem in my dell studio 1558
I spilled juice on it
I cleaned the keyboard then drying it. , switched on the computer it worked for one day then i decided to remove the keyboard and clean it again as the keyboard became sticky
After connecting the keyboard , the computer never turns on. It gives steady amber light
I removed the whole computer, no sticky things found in the motherboard ,, i dried the motherboard using air dryer No sticky things found, the motherboard looked like nothing wrong on it...
Cleaned everything but computer would not start.. I am afraid that my Motherboard might become faulty now, how can i check the motherboard ......
I really need your help

A:my Dell Laptop gives steady Amber light, never starts again

Those flexible ribbon cables are notoriously difficult to snap positively into their sockets. If the keyboard cable is not making good contact that may cause your problem.

Other than that, if any part of the motherboard was still wet, or had any residual film on it, when you started it up after the spill that could cause a short circuit that could have damage some component on the motherboard. Were you absolutely sure everything was clean and dry before applying power?
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The Dell in question will not boot up. The power light has a blinking amber light. I googled for information for troubleshooting lights on the power supply and it could be a power supply failure, bad motherboard, or bad hard drive. I turned it off, unplugged everything, then rebooted. Nothing. There are two lights by the ethernet port that are normally green and now one is red and the other is amber. I personally suspect it is the power supply because the fan does not come on.

The machine is a Dell Dimension 4700C, Intel Pentium 4, running Windows XP. Can anyone be more specific? The machine is no longer under warranty so we'd have to decide if getting the computer repaired is better than the purchase of a new one. Thank you!

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My mom gave me a Dell Dimension 4700 computer that was acting up. She said it would turn it's self off randomly and she thought it was a virus. When I brought the computer to my place, it powered on once, then I went to turn it on again and nothing. No lights, no power what so ever. So after doing some research I bought a new power supply for it. I just replaced the power supply and plugged the computer in and now there is a blinking amber light in the front and a solid green light on the motherboard but it won't turn on. I have checked all of the connections and they are properly seated. Any ideas what is causing the problem?
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ok - i built my new computer and everything was working fine-- all the case fans were spinning, the lights were all on, the cd drive worked, and the fans on the graphics and cpu are spinning

at first the light on the pc flashed green which meant nothing, so i got a new SDRAM which i believed was the problem, all seemed to be working, but when i hooked the monitor up, the light went from solid green to amber- if anyone can help- it is greatly appreciated-- could it be a wire isnt connected to the right spot? i really hope it isnt the graphics card because it was $300 alone--

thanks for any help!

A:HELP- monitor wont show- amber light on screen

If the Monitor light goes from green to amber then yes there is problem with the vid card not being able to dispaly anything, it could be that it isn't seated properly in whatever slot your using, What Vid card is it, it maybe that you need to connect it to power on the motherboard, it also could be that your power supply isn't powerful enough to run the card and everything else so what wattage is the power supply?
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I've been using my new Lenovo laptop for weeks now and today it just shut off screen went black everything stopped running suddenly and the battery light was flashing amber I didn't want to panic too quickly so I just plugged in the battery and waited a while before I tried turning my laptop back on When I managed to turn it back on it asked me to wait while it was updating nbsp I quickly googled about the 4 amber battery flashing Ideapad Flex light flashing amber light and found people experiencing battery problems This laptop is still very new so I'm not sure if it would apply to me Anyway it's the first time a laptop computer has suddenly shut off to apparently do updates So I'm wondering if I should look further into this or brush it off since my laptop is now again up and running My laptop is currently still charging but before it shut off I didn't see any notifications about running out of batteries
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Hi & Thanks for reading my question,

I have a Dell e510 I am trying to fix for a friend. When power is turned on, the power light flashes green for an instant, then continues to flash amber. Nothing at all appears on the monitor. It goes to flashing amber in a sec or 2.

I have unplugged all the components and removed the memory so that I have just the motherboard and video card. I have replaced the Power supply. I have remocved the CMOS battery. Still having the problem. Is it possible that a bad or no hard drive (I have the power unplugged to the hard drive at this point). Would cause a Dell E510 not to POST.


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Hi Folks,

First time posting here. I have a Dell Inspiron 530 that I just replaced the motherboard(G33M02). The new motherboard is the same as the old one. I get steady amber light on motherboard and power button after turn it on. I get no beep, monitor not turn on. I tried onboard video card and the removable card still nothing. The monitor is working fine that I use with my labtop. All cables have been checked out many time all in place. Could it be I bought a defected motherboard? Any suggestion would greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Steady amber light after installed new motherboard

is the motherboard new or second hand? if it is second hand try cleaning the connctors including the ram slots, it could be that that is creating the problem as when i did not have my ram in correctly i had the same responce from my pc.

oh and welcome to TSG
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Hi My F1904 monitor seems to have a fault. When I power it on the power switch flashes amber and I get no display. Any suggestions? There does not seem to be any mention of this in the documentation. Many Thanks 

A:F1904 Monitor flashing amber power light

amber usually means sleep mode. flashing can mean different things. Disconnect the video cable, turn it off, pull the power plug, wait 10 seconds, plug it in and turn it on. Press the OSD buttons to see if you can bring up the on screen display. If that comes, up try connecting it again. Hopefully the PC is not sending out a bad video signal.
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When my Dell Inspiron 11 is plugged in, the power/battery indicator light is solid amber. When it's unplugged, it's somewhere between amber and white--almost like a pinkish white. It's charging and working fine both plugged in and on battery power.
Another symptom that has started at about the same time is that the USB ports don't seem to be recognizing hardware and when I ran a diagnostic, I got an error W11US-362 error (haven't figured out where I'm supposed to look it up!).
Any advice about what to do next? Thanks in advance.
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I am dazed with this problem. Trying to find the solution on all the forums.

My brother owns a Dell Desktop computer and suddenly it stopped working.

- The Power button light is flashing continuously.
- The green light on the motherboard is perfectly on.
- The port light where the telephone wire goes and the usb port next to it on the motherboard is blinking continuously.
- The processor is not starting.
- If I remove the power cord, the lights mentioned above and same for 15 seconds.

What must be the possible problem.

MAny Thanks in advance


A:Dell PC not starting: amber flashing power light

You would be dazed again, because this is probably caused by a failing power supply. The blinking power button is a good clue. The green LED on the motherboard simply means that you have a power cord plugged in... It could be a bad motherboard too, but power supplies are easier to replace and cheaper to start with
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When my IBM T84H is plugged in and the power button is pressed, regardless of whether it is plugged into a computer or not, the indicator LED on the front of the monitor blinks green over amber every second and no image displays. How can I fix this?

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I am currently having a problem when I hit the power button on my computer. The power light flashes amber for 5 to 10 minutes before the computer actually starts up. It then goes green and starts to boot. Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem>

A:Problem with Dell XPS 400 amber flashing power light

This occurs when there is a hardware issue. If you change anything then goback and check to see if it was correctly installed. (Reseat memory for example)Could be any hardware including the power supply, loose cables, video card ect..
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My XPS 13 started to act out pretty strange today. It seems like it doesn't not use battery at all, thus I can only boot it up when it's plugged to the charger. The battery indicator shows that it's NOT charging the battery, and it's stuck at 48%. When I disconnect it from the charger while it's running, it turns off immediately, and the only way to boot it up is to plug it back again. Additionally, the light indicator below the touchpad is blinking rapidly (~3-4 blinks per second) with amber light, both when I'm in OS as well as already on Dell splash screen during boot.
Any ideas on what might be going on ? I have bios 1.3.3 which I updated around April.
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I have a Dell Dimension C that I recently inherited from my mother when she bought a new computer Initially she gave up on it without consulting me because her monitor was blank when she turned it on I installed a new video card and voila a working computer for about Light Dimension Dell 4700C on Amber Flashing days I go to boot it up today and I get the amber blinking light of death or so it is called I read a previous thread on here suggesting it was the power cord so I tried a different cord of the same type Same problem I went to Dell s tech support online and followed the instructions there turn off computer Amber Flashing Light on Dell Dimension 4700C remove and reseat components turn on computer Tried this twice to no avail The computer was purchased in so I doubt it would be worth my time taking it to a shop to have it fixed Any ideas on what it could be other than the power supply that I could possibly fix replace myself Anything is appreciated I was trying to get this up and running to turn into a gaming PC Thanks for your time Nira nbsp

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hey there folks i was wondering if theres anyone out there that would help me fix a problem.

Dell Dimension 4500S

i cleaned my pc lastnight including the psu(opened it up and cleaned out the dust with a qtip.

after putting it back together & double checking everything i turned it on but the power light was

Amber, the psu fires up and the hard drive does as well but the pc does thing more ,, nothin on the screen no error messages ,,
oh and the diagnostic lights on the back are not comeing on either..


A:Amber power light on dell dimesion 4500s

Check that the 4pin CPU power connector is still fully plugged into the motherboard, as well as the 24 pin main power connector.

Does it beep at all?
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Hi everyone,

I need your help/suggestion for next steps. I have a Dell Dimension E310 that have been working well for a long time, but started flashing amber light on power on w/ blank screen. Behavior is like this:1) Flashing amber power light on power up. No beeping sound.
2) All 4 diagnostic lights lit up, steady green
3) CPU fan runs
4) Blank dark screen, windows does not start
5) But here was the weird part... If we leave it on for 20-30 minutes (in flashing amber state), then plug the external backup storage drive to the front USB, then Windows starts.
6) This technique had been true for 2-3 weeks, but now I could not get the PC to start at all.

​I checked the USB slot and can not see any apparent damage. I have also replaced the 3V system battery. Thanks.

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I have an older dell dimension 4600 that was given to me. It seemed to be working good until while I was using it it suddenly went off and the screen went blank. The only sign of life is an amber blinking lite on front. I took it apart and looked inside. There is only a green lite on that connects to the pwr switch. I disconnected everything but the hard drive & RAM but nothing else happened. Where do I start with this??
Thanks for any suggestions.

A:Solved: sudden black screen & blinking amber light

Disconnect everything (including add in cards, drives) but the processor and 1 stick of ram, is the light still amber? Try the other stick of ram if it had more than 1. Still amber? If so you have either a bad power supply, bad motherboard or processor.

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My laptop is almost 12 months old.  2 weeks ago the power light (on front of case) started blinking -- 1 white, 4 amber, repeated continuously -- when A/C power cord plugged in and battery has a charge.  Same if I unplug A/C power cord and run only on battery. (Bios show battery is "Normal" and icon tray shows battery is fully charged.)  Power light is constant white when I remove battery and power only with A/C cord. I called Dell Tech Support and they told me that this is not a problem with battery and that my laptop is properly functioning.  Blinking light would seem to indicate otherwise.  I would appreciate any insights that anyone might have, in particular if you have encountered this same problem.  Thank you.

A:Inspiron 1545 Power Light Blinking White/Amber

Hello again
Thank you so much for replying. YES, when I disconnect the battery and only run on A/C power the light stays white.
So, I will have to get a new battery which is quite expensive as I am no longer under warranty. I hardly ever use it, only to move the laptop from one room to the other. I pretty much use it like a "desktop". I have been putting up with the annoying light for a couple of weeks now, sometimes I disconnect the battery just to get rid of the annoyance, but it has been windy/stormy weather here and we are known to have occasional power outages, so I rather keep it in.
Anyways, thank you so much for posting your issue and writing back. I appreciate it
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Hi everyone - my Dell Studio XPS 9100 tower computer turns on and works fine except there's a flashing amber light. Today I moved it from one part of my office to another and now there's a flashing light on the power button. I've read it might've been a power supply or motherboard failure but my computer starts up and works with, seemingly, no problems. Any help is greatly appreciated.A.

A:Dell Studio XPS 9100 turns on but with flashing amber light

Hi mindofchester,
This is normally the power supply. So you're saying that it works sometimes and other times the system fails to start?
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Hi Here is my computer specs DELL Optiplex GX Desktop Windows XP Professional This is my first time here here is the issue my friend amber dreaded light Dell Optiplex GX520 has My the flashing gave me his computer for me to fix it I replaced the hdd I My Dell Optiplex GX520 has the dreaded flashing amber light also reinstall the OS Windows XP recovery disk used Everything was fine and I let it stand there for a couple of days maybe a week My Dell Optiplex GX520 has the dreaded flashing amber light After that I decided to get everything ready by connecting the remaining devices and closing the chassis The computer started to show the blinking amber light I opened the chassis again disconnected everything and connect them one by one without luck I also reset the battery and changed the jumpers to the opposite ones I inserted the pin in one side and it showed a steady amber light in the other jumper a blinking amber light I also switched the power surge from on to off a couple of times The usb ports seem okay I also removed all of my usb devices including the mouse and keyboard The power supply was tested and it works I also bought another ssf power supply from Ebay it was the same power supply by the same manufacturer same watts and just identical It stay with the flashing light I don t think is the motherboard since the mobo s light is and when I replaced it with a normal power supply it works perfectly So I don t know what s wrong I don t think the hardware is wrong since it work with one of my power supply s from my other computer The problem is that there is not way for me to install a normal power supply it would be too big for the chassis It won t fit nbsp

A:My Dell Optiplex GX520 has the dreaded flashing amber light

i have the exact same problem, with the exact same pc, did you come to any soloution?
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I Please button. 8100 and on up amber booting has not light power Dimension HELP? have a dell dimension that has been powerleaped from a to a nbsp I recently upgraded the RAM from PC RDRam to nbsp I also have upgraded from a GEForce Ultra to a GEForce Ti quite Dimension 8100 not booting up and has amber light on power button. Please HELP? a while back nbsp Everything has been working great until the last week or so and I am at Dimension 8100 not booting up and has amber light on power button. Please HELP? a loss here nbsp I used to leave my computer on all the time with reboots here and there when I needed to nbsp Well after I lost the fan on my Video card I started to turn it off nbsp After about nbsp six months of this it decided that it doesn t like to boot up after a night or two of being off nbsp What happens is when I push the power button you can hear it power on but the monitor says there is no signal being sent from the computer nbsp The other weird thing is that the power button light is amber instead of green nbsp I turned off the computer and unplugged all power from it and tried again nbsp This time it booted up nbsp The last time it happened unplugging it didn t even work so I pulled the case apart and cleaned it out nbsp I yanked the Video card out of the AGP slot and reseated it and turned it on and presto it fired right up nbsp What gets me is when I leave it on and have to reboot it everything works fine nbsp It only acts up when I leave it off over night or longer and then start it nbsp Could this be the battery on the motherboard nbsp My clock doesn t seem to be losing time in windows or anything nbsp If anybody has any ideas please help

A:Dimension 8100 not booting up and has amber light on power button. Please HELP?

If the power button is blinking amber, it is probable that the power supply needs to be replaced.If the power button is solid amber, the power supply should be fine. At this stage of bootup, memory has not yet been tested, and is not a factor in this type of failure. Check the CPU and ensure that it is properly seated.
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Hello she says through gritted teeth My son spilt a glass of coke around my pc tonight as I was cleaning the keyboard I assume I hit the power off button as it shut itself down I decided this probably wasnt such a terrible thing so I could continue to clean the keyboard and the rest of the mess I then powered it up and the fan ran furiously louder than normal with a solid amber light from the power button and monitor power button I turned it all of at the power point then turned GX280 spillage! coke amber solid light Dell after it all back on same again So I decided to remove it open it up and check for moisture inside There was no moisture in and around the mother board or anywhere else that I could see other than some coming out of the plastic case area which I cleaned also vacuumed it out to remove dust but the metal case base and all insides looked fine After a while I plugged it back in but same again fan going flat Dell GX280 solid amber light after coke spillage! out and just amber lights Oh yes and I tried the mouse from it on another computer and it won t work either Which part is cactus Can I retrieve any of the information files from the hard drive I have an Acer and a HP Compact am I able to put the hard drive into either of these to get my files I had files I hadn t backed up on there I know it s a sin Any assistance would be greatly appreciated Ok my husband the computer illiterate came up with the solution I can t believe it but I suppose it s common sense he said maybe the keyboard was shorting it out so I unplugged all usb ports and what do you know it s fired up He s been told he s a genius I m sure he s happy the swearing and carry on is over The son will be pleased also that he s not being held responsible for killing my computer Thanks anyway nbsp
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My refurbished dell optiplex GX280 worked fine until a month or so ago when I moved it to another room in my home. When I powered up, the power light was blinking amber. I tried all of the options that did not require buying new parts du to financial reasons, so it's sat since then.

I just decided to look at it again and powered it on. Everything seemed to start OK but no dispay. The diagnostic lights indicated faulty memory. I then located and removed the faulty DIMMM, and it started right up.

About ten minutes later the computer shut off by itself back to the blinking amber power light. :evil:

Any info would be appreciated Thank you. :grinthumb

A:Dell Optiplex GX280 blinking amber power light

The power supply has probably gone bad...
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My Optiplex 780
- will not post
- will not beep
- will not output any video

When I push the power button, 
- Diagnostic lights 1 & 4 flash
- Power button is of solid amber

When I turn the computer off:
- if I press the Power Supply test button, it illuminates green
If I disconnect the power cable
- A tiny LED on the circuit board (next to AUX PWR label) stays amber for a minute or two.

Diagnostic lights 1 & 4 are not documented in the Dell manual. I have tried to disconnect all peripherals, all drives, all cards, even all RAM, still no POST no beep, no video: just the fan running, and diagnostic lights flashing.

Any hope for this computer? 

A:Optiplex 780 diagnostic lights 1 & 4 with solid amber power light

Thanks for writing to us. 
Diagnostics led 1 & 4 indicate power connector faulty. Please reseat the PSU connector if not yet done. 
If issue still the same, then consider replacing the PSU . Sometimes the PSU connector on the motherboard to be faulty. 
Do let us know how it goes post reseating the PSU connector.
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I was on my computer one morning and we happened to have a power flash quickly on and off Afterwards i turn on my computer everything comes normally gives me the safe boot option i on monitor light Power amber outage, ASAP] stays now. [NEED HELP start up windows log in and it freezes on a side note that is very unusal I ve had my setup for a month now and not freeze Afterwards anytime i attempt to turn on my computer the monitor stays amber and nothing shows no bios nothing I ve tried tried multiple things such as replacing the power supply running bare minimum stick of ram cpu cpu fan and power supply without graphics card installed Ironically im in a nerdrage rush to get it fixed by p m central time tonight a new game i ve been preparing for with new comp upgrades and such for months comes out on midnight and i very much so intend to be there for it my computer specs GPA-UD H Motherboard dual core am socket processor gt xlr nvidia graphics card sticks of gig mhz ddr ram [NEED HELP ASAP] Power outage, monitor stays on amber light now. w [NEED HELP ASAP] Power outage, monitor stays on amber light now. Power supply gig sata harddrive im running windows professional x i was running a w power supply when the power flashed i bought a w today nbsp