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i have my recovery partition still working fine. OS is also working. But i cant do the one key recovery. The link which connects both boot agent and recovery drive is gone somehow and HP RECOVERY manager says recovery partition is disabled. But for me its still there. Can you give a solution to recover the recovery manager ?

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Preferred Solution: Recover Recovery Manager

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Recover Recovery Manager

Dear Customer, I did research on this issue and found this Document: Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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After plugging my cell phone into my HP dv laptop to charge it my USB wireless mouse stopped working and I received a USB device pop-up error I have done this numerous times without a problem I contacted Logitech the mouse manufacturer and they were useless so I contacted HP They had me uninstall all of the USB's in the quot Device manager quot restart download a chipset update restart and the problem still existed I went back to an online chat with HP and was told that I could try a system recovery in order to solve the problem I was given instructions and told to use the system retore option theirs not Windows and I was assured that I wouldn't lose all of my docs and pics etc I was never given the option to click system restore and their program reformatted my system to the original factory settings When I checked the Windows system restore the oldest point was the reformat All of my programs added after I purchased the laptop documents an pictures were gone This is my first time posting so I apologize for all of the extra information I just wasn't sure what (well to performing recover there I HP after Recovery guess my Total Manager Solutions way everything) an any Is process? anyone might need to know Is there any way to get back all that I have lost Thank you in advance for looking at my post and for any help or suggestions

A:Is there any way to recover my (well I guess everything) after performing an HP Total Solutions Recovery Manager process?

Once it is reformatted, it is highly doubtful you will be able to save anythingYou can try PC Inspector: Recuva: don't get your hopes up too high
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Dear All,

My colleague mistakenly deleted all the file from the Windows 7 recovery drive, drive is still there and nothing have been copied in that drive after deleting the recovery files. Machine is HP Probook 4530s. Is there any way to restore the windows 7 recovery reset the system to its factory settings?

Thanks in advance


A:Recover Deleted Windows 7 Recovery Files from Recovery Drive

You might be able to use a free recovery tool like Recuva or MiniTool Partition Wizard. But there are no guarantees that all deleted files will be recovered or that they will be in a usable condition.

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

MiniTool Partition Recovery

It may be safer to contact HP support and buy a set of recovery disks for your particular machine. I'm taking a guess that you are in India?

Contact HP - Office locations | HP? India
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So a while ago my Manager can't HP Why Up Offi... Open save Recovery Manager/Back automatic updates told me I should upgrade to Windows on my Windows Why can't HP Recovery Manager/Back Up Manager save Open Offi... computer I did I've used it find for a while and then suddenly Why can't HP Recovery Manager/Back Up Manager save Open Offi... it started repairing itself and I got one of those bsod that eventually lead me to a nbsp pick a keyboard set up It of course made it so that I couldn't use any ports keyboards or mice no matter which I used After some reading I was told to go back to factory settings but before I did that I used the backup manager that HP offers I selected music videos and documents actually I think I selected all of the available options Anyhow once my computer was finished backing itself up onto my external harddrive with the HP program I reset the computer back to factory settings Upon opening the recovery manager and searching through my recovered files i have everything except my Open Office Files Is there a reason why this happened Did I do something wrong Does anyone know why it wouldn't have accepted those as documents to back up I'm extremely frustrated as I am a writer a poor one obviously since I have to use a free program instead of Microsoft Office and everything I was working on is simply gone with no explanation nbsp nbsp Can anyone help me understand Possibly even help me find the files if they are somewhere not quite so obvious
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I will try to be as precise as possible and give as much info as I can but I'm not sure what info is inconsequential and what HP HP manager recovery get inability Recovery Pavilion to error and past isn't at HP Pavilion Recovery error and inability to get past HP recovery manager this point But here goes For weeks I have tried to outsmart whoever it is that has had complete remote access to my laptop but changing as many admin permissions and incoming outgoing connections that I could find to keep them out A couple of days ago I did a system HP Pavilion Recovery error and inability to get past HP recovery manager restore to factory settings thinking this would do it It didn't he was still there He locked me out of all admin tools yesterday I have a system recovery disc made about a year ago and put that in my CD drive tonight thinking I could completely reformat the drive and wipe him out However at start-up I pushed F and came up with a screen that said something about HP Pavilion Recovery error and inability to get past HP recovery manager running the disc from E drive I apologize for not be able to give you specific language but I never thought it would get this far with no progress However under the line showing the drive it was booting from there was another line that started quot DETECTHAL REDIRECT quot then went on to say something about quot redirect name quot and redirect path quot none of which sounded legit to me And considering that this intruder had created so many other fake error info msgs already I didn't want to take the chance of this being something else that he had stuck in there I backed out of that reboot and restarted I've subequently tried to restart over a dozen times from the CD but even in Safe Mode it reverts to the HP Recovery Manager Once there I go through the prompts to reformat but then get an error msg that says error x a If the problem persists contact HP quot I can't get past this error nor can I get any type of command promt to come up I tried starting in safe mode with command prompt and it reverted back to the recovery manager Once the error comes up and I click OK to close it my laptop restarts and I continue in the same endless cycle If I try to boot up without the recovery disc in the CD drive I get a black screen that says quot Operating system not found quot I am assuming then that my Windows Vista system recovery disc is not working although if I put it into another computer I can see the files on it and there doesn't seem to be anything wrong I have a backup disc that I made a couple of years ago when I had Norton installed but have not tried them Should I Also a friend suggested that I use the recovery discs for my PC with Windows just to get an operating system loaded if it will load automatically from the CD then go in and try to access the Vista recovery CD I wish there was a quick fix to all of this as its been a very long weeks trying to get this guy out of my laptop and frustrating because I've been so incredibly unsuccessful I know you ask for detailed system information but I'm not sure what more I can tell you Please let me know what you need and I will do my very best to answer Any help with this issue would be so so appreciated - beyond words at this point So thank you to whoever can help

A:HP Pavilion Recovery error and inability to get past HP recovery manager

It sounds to me like you have malware. I suggest running malwarebytes.
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pls provide a link for hp recover manager

A:hp recover manager

 Hi @iamvaku, Welcome to the HP Forums! I read your post and wanted to reach out to help you! In your post, you had said that currently your HP 15-r036tu Notebook and needing the HP Recovery Software. HP Recovery Manager only works with the Factory Installed Operating System that came with it not with a upgraded O/S that you installed. The Recovery Manager can be accessed from the Start Menu, or by tapping F11 key as soon as you power on the laptop. This  link shows you how.  Please let me know how this goes. To express appreciation for my post please click the Thumbs up icon. Thanks.
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If I abandon my efforts to install the latest Windows 10 update, would it be a feasible and a good choice for me to command HP Recovery Manager to make the "Minimized Image Recovery" to the factory condition of OS (Windows 7 Home Edition) with drivers and select software?  I have used HP Recovery Mgr to backup my files on an external hard drive.  Next question: How do I restore those files to my computer?  Should the restoration be done in Windows 7 or after I install Windows 10 on my computer?
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I am running windows 7 on my laptop. I has windows vista before the upgrade. I had recovery discs for windows vista created from the recovery manager. I tried to make discs for windows 7. I would like to know why it won't let me make a disc for windows 7 because if I had trouble and needed to put in the recovery discs I wouldn't want to use the ones i had for windows vista. what should i do? here are screenshots to show what happens when i try to create the discs for windows 7.

A:Problem w/ creating recovery disc in Recovery Manager

HP PC Recovery Disc Creator, is for your HP Vista only, not for UpGrade of Win 7.

Try this:

Backup Complete Computer - Create an Image Backup
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I am on Windows 10, and for the past couple months I have had booting/BSOD errors that usually give me "bad_system_config_info" and occasionally, "0xc000021a ". Sometimes, I have been able to boot in by accessing the UEFI settings, other times it seems like it just randomly decides to let me log in to my computer normally. When I am able to login, I check for viruses and I haven't found any, as well as run commands like "sfc/scannow", "chkdsk", or "bootsect".  I am trying to recreate recovery media via the HP Recovery Manager, but each time I insert the empty flashdrive, the Recovery Manager suddenly crashes. Please, any response to these combined issues would be greatly appreciated, I haven't been able to use this laptop regularly for months now.
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I have a hp pavilion g7-1219wm Notebook PC and upgraded from windows 7 home premium to the new windows 10 and the hp set up manager and hp recovery manager will not open the user account  control says this app has been blocked for your protection. I do not know if my Norton 360 is blocking it or what. Windows 10 also did not load the hp wifi connection manager.  My hp launch box ans hp support assistant works fine. Does anyone else have this problem?

A:HP recovery manager and hp setup manager not working with wi...

I have a HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC and I have experienced the same problem with HP Setup Manager after upgradingfrom Windows 7 to Windows 10. It has also de-activated my Microsoft Office 2010 and completely got rid of my Norton antivirus program. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks WinonaJS
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Guys I cant complete succesfully my system recovery nbsp Here is an event-by-event detail I have a DV Pavilion nbsp - I Complete fails) (Recovery Problem Recovery Manager Recovery Recovery is complete message appears Once your system restarts and you finish the inital - I restart- CMD exe window appears- Software Installation HP window appears- It restarts black window with HP Logo then Microsoft Corporation windows starting - Please wait while Windows sets up your computer Black screen - Please wait WHile Windows Continues Recovery Manager Problem (Recovery fails) setting up your computer light blue screen - Restarts again- black screen mouse pointer windows logo appears start sound Welcome Screen appears Vista Home Premium - Windows setup window Windows is now setting up the following items Pre-PININST Check Preinstall Software InstallerPre-PININST Preinstall software Installer ndPost PININSTAC Power CheckingBurnBoot Recovery Manager Problem (Recovery fails) All this with a HP on the back screen with the grey completation bar -Takes long time to complete the second task Preinstall Software Installer - Restarts Recovery Manager Problem (Recovery fails) logging off shutting down - Black screen white pointer again- Windows Welcome screen againNow when it is in the Windows is now setting up the following items - Pre-PININST An Recovery Manager window appears saying that The recovery attempt has failed Please select one of the following buttons Details or RetryWhen I hit details it appears the following - ChkErrBB CMD Detect some error during PININST-BBV - ChKErrBB CMD Check C system sav logs BurnBootWarn logI hit retry and the DVD CD open and it restarted the machineAnd Again back to the Welcome to the Recovery Manager original screen nbsp nbsp How can I solve this Thanks Solved View Solution

A:Recovery Manager Problem (Recovery fails)

I found away past it. Just close the window with the "X". Don't hit retry or it will just keep starting over. The box will appear a few more times during the process, but just keep hitting X and it should go through. Worked for me! I'm not sure if there are features or files missing because of the errors, but the system seems to work fine so far.
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Hello, I am trying to completely factory reset my pc but when I select Windows Recovery Environment in HP recovery manager, it just brings me to the login screen after it restarts my computer. I have tried factory resetting using windows but I get the message 'Could not find the recovery environment.'Is it possible for me to factory reset without having to spend any money, or will I have to order a disk from HP?
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.... but I didn't touch it.
My d:\ is not empty - it is almost 80% full but when i click on it there are no files. Tried - to the extent of my knowledge - to see if the files are hidden but didn't reach anywhere. Tried a restore point but that didnt work either. Please help

A:HP Recovery Manager says that my recovery partition has been removed

Recovery Manager has hiccups sometimes...
Try re-booting and entering at boot.

If that fails you can order the Recovery Media from HP for a reasonable price.
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I had deleted recovery partition because of boot mgr error. pre-installed OS: Windows 8.1 I have also ordered two sets of hp recovery disc but both shows same error (boot mgr) but yesterday I can't even open system recovery from hp recovery disc by press F11, even I try to change bios setting from secure boot to legacy boot but can't  open system recovery  What I do now?
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I removed some spyware and recovery from Manager not Recovery Gateway the does work viruses from my father-in-laws computer It works ok for a little bit but then I will get a BSOD with the STOP x e error I do not have the peripherals that originally were installed on the system as I only took the tower to work on and have my own mouse keyboard and monitor installed Would this cause the problem At any rate I want to use the Gateway Recovery Center to do a factory system restore When I open it up and chose the factory restore option it wants me to restart my computer I chose to restart but it doesn't do the restore I have also asked it before to do a scandisk check recovery from the Gateway Recovery Manager does not work on start up but it won't do that either I have the mini dump files from the BSOD messages but I am just wondering if I should go ahead and take it back to his house and hook up the normal monitor and such and see if I get the BSOD then It doesn't seem to have any particular triggers like now I have had it on and running just fine for about minutes just trying the things that I have tried before It is running Windows Update now as it hasn't had any updates since March of this year I did a System Restore and then used Spybot S D to remove what was there whatever it had at the time would cause the computer to go to a blank white screen after about seconds on the desktop at startup I was told that it had started with some FBI pop up that was asking them to send to them to unlock their system or such Spybot caught a trojan something like fakeporn and removed it Since then the computer will start up normally but then give me te BSOD after a while It will start in safemode and run ok Guide me OMG don't judge me

A:recovery from the Gateway Recovery Manager does not work

This might help: seems to often relate to drivers and 0x0000008e to RAM. If there is a virus still about then you could get confusing BSOD errors.Always pop back and let us know the outcome - thanks
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This is a last resort for me nbsp My PC failed and would no longer boot to Windows Just kept spinning while trying to load Manager Cannot failure. Recovery access Recovery nbsp At this point I decided to access Recovery Recovery failure. Cannot access Recovery Manager Manager to do a Systom Restore back to factory settings I know I should have created a restore point when upgrading to Windows but life lesson learned nbsp Either way my installation failed and I'm no longer able to access Recovery Manager I did my diligence and backed up Recovery failure. Cannot access Recovery Manager my files to USB but it's useless since there's no operating system nbsp I downloaded a copy of Windows and burned to a disk but when booting from CD Drive it doesn't prompt to install Windows just says it is preparing set up for first use then an error appears saying Windows could not complete installation To install windows on this computer restart the installation nbsp I tried using my CD key on the microsoft website to try and download a copy of windows but it wouldn't let me because it was a factory copy nbsp I'm at a complete loss right now can't find any help with this situation and paying someone to fix this isn't an option nbsp What am I missing here guys nbsp Any assistance would be appreciated

A:Recovery failure. Cannot access Recovery Manager

Hi @xxboramirxx I would suggest you try the troubleshooting steps given in the link below : I am an HP EmployeePlease click ?Accept as Solution? on the post that solves your issue to help others find the same solution.Click the ?Thumbs Up? to say ?Thanks? for helping!
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Hello nbsp I upgraded Recovery the HP to Using Manager Recovery delete Partition--... my notebook to Windows shortly after it was offered in August nbsp I also upgraded my main drive with a smaller SSD nbsp So now that the notebook's been running OK for almost a year I'd like to delete the recovery partition nbsp I only have a GB SSD so deleting that Recovery partition would give me almost more space on my C drive nbsp I tried using two different partition programs to do this-- both apps let me delete the partition D Recovery-- far right top but then neither will let me add the new space to the C drive nbsp There is small partition between the two and they will let me resize that partition but not the C partition nbsp nbsp I found that the HP Recovery Manager that's installed on my notebook has an option for deleting the partition Using HP Recovery Manager to delete the Recovery Partition--... but Using HP Recovery Manager to delete the Recovery Partition--... it doesn't say where it will put the new unallocated space but I didn't go all the way with it yet nbsp If I work through it the rest of the way will it give me the option of where to put the new unallocated space nbsp Or will it add it to the C drive automatically nbsp nbsp Below is a snapshot of the drives configuration the drive on TOP is the one in question nbsp

A:Using HP Recovery Manager to delete the Recovery Partition--...

Hi, I can see C: and D: do not sit next to each other therefore Windows Disk Manager may not like this. Please try: Note: you have to delete D: first. Regards.
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My laptop came with Windows bit operating and there is a recovery partition to factory reset It was nbsp protected by the HP recovery manager After i update to Windows reset my PC not factory reset create manager media recovery recovery without with the option keep my files so now i have a Windows and i can create recovery media without recovery manager see nbsp in recovery partition nbsp one recovery folder and inside it one file of name lang in the Recovery partition rest of the files and i can't create recovery media without recovery manager see and there isn't any virus in my laptop its just create recovery media without recovery manager of changing settings i took the step of reset windows i believe my recovery partition is save but due to un availability of recovery manager it is not protected nbsp now i want to factory reset and by going to advance startup option i saw recovery manager ther but when i clicked to recovery manager it says can't open file x recovery hp rita-tool thats why i cannot proceed for factoey reset please guide me how can i get back recovery manager or how can i make recovery media nbsp please help nbsp
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My laptop has become very slow, I reinstalled windows and installed original drivers from HP's website. But, my laptop is still very slow. So, I'm hinking about restoring my laptop to factory settings. I don't have HP Backup & Recovery manager or Recovery Partition or any disc that came with laptop. If there is any way I can restore my laptop to Factory Settings, Please inform . And If I need to download anyting please give the link with it. Thank You.

A:Don't have Recovery partition and Recovery Manager to Reset ...

Hi there @HPian_B,  Before I provide troubleshooting documentation, I would like to take a minute to welcome you to the HP Support Community, where you can ask questions, find solutions and get help from the community! I read that you would like to reset your HP Pavilion g6-2310ex Notebook PC to factory settings.  Please read the document called Backing Up Your Files. This will provide you with ways to back up the files you have on your Notebook. Here is a document for you to read called Creating Recovery Discs or Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive. I pulled some information from the document for you. The first thing I would like to make you aware of is that only DVD-R, DVD-R DL, DVD+R, or DVD+R DL discs are compatible with the Recovery Media Creation program. The following disc types are not compatible with the Recovery Media Creation program:CDsDVD-RWDVD+RWDVD-RW DLDVD+RW DLYou will then also see that in the document it says: The Recovery Media Creation software program allows  only one complete set of discs to be created.The Recovery Media Creation software program  requires an uncorrupted recovery partition (Recovery Image (D) to create a set of discs. Uncorrupted means the recovery partition has  not been modified or removed.The creation process takes about 30 minutes per DVD. The entire recovery set does not need to be created in one session.The Recovery Media Creation software can be aborted at any time, except during the writing (burning) process, by clicking  Cancel. The next time the Recovery Media Creation software program is run, it automatically starts where it last stopped.You can use the recovery discs you create on your computer on another computer only if the second computer is the same model as the one that created the recovery discs.Here is a document called Performing an HP system recovery (Windows 7) and another called Recover Windows 7 Operating System Using Microsoft Windows Backup and Restore. - This is used to Recover, Restore, or do a Clean Install of Windows 7.  Please make sure that you read these documents very carefully before you decided to reset to factory settings.  Thanks for being a part of the HP community. Please let me know if this helps resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution". If you require further assistance let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help. Please also re-post with the exact error message you received. If you wish to say "thanks" for my effort to help, click the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos. Thanks!Have a great day
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Newbie here with a -bit compatibility issue I bought a Viao FW with Vista last week after my very old tired Dell crapped out mechanically failed hard 64-bit manager with not data OS!! from compatible recover but to a Maxtor, Trying is drive it looks like Sensing the Trying to recover data from a Maxtor, but manager is not compatible with 64-bit OS!! end might be near after hearing grinding from the HD I backed up my files to one Maxtor Onetouch Mini and used another day to day bought when they Trying to recover data from a Maxtor, but manager is not compatible with 64-bit OS!! were off I had enabled drivepass and password protected both of the used drives always worked like a champ on the old notebook XP I needed to get Maxtor Manager on my new Sony Seagate s website doesn t provide the software just a few drivers nothing for -bit OS They refer you to the software preloaded on the drives and require you to contact them with a SN on your drive before they ll send you software not sure why anyone would want the software if they didn t have a Maxtor drive Whatever I dug up the rd unused onetouch and installed manager from it The new drive was now recognized and manager seemed to work fine except that Drivepass didn t work error this drive does not support security When I connected the other two drives that were password protected windows did not recognize anything Maxtor manager recognized them as unknown and prompted Trying to recover data from a Maxtor, but manager is not compatible with 64-bit OS!! me to format Seagate s tech support was no help They basically said there was no -bit compatible software and my only option was to ask a friend if I could use their computer to remove drivepass in order to access the files a feature that appealed to me when I was deciding on what kind of ext hard-drive to purchase and one I don t think I should have to give up I feel stupid asking someone if I can install software on their computer and connect externals why Cuz it doesn t work on mine and almost made me erase GB of important data I d be wary if it were asked of me Any alternative would be great especially since I d like to keep the drives password protected Any help would be greatly appreciated

A:Trying to recover data from a Maxtor, but manager is not compatible with 64-bit OS!!

how about installing VirtualBox and Windows XP 32 bit as a guest software ?
maybe Maxtor Manager would work this way ?
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I hope I can explain this properly...

I just bought an HP Envy laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. There is a recovery partition, but I'd like to erase the data in this partition and use it for personal files. My question is: if I do ever need to re-install or recover Windows 10 on this laptop, can I do it with a DVD I burned using the media creation tool from Microsoft instead of the specific HP recovery app the laptop shipped with?

Thanks for any info...

A:Using ISO to re-install/recover W10 instead of HP recovery app

Originally Posted by pjfarr

I hope I can explain this properly...

I just bought an HP Envy laptop with Windows 10 preinstalled. There is a recovery partition, but I'd like to erase the data in this partition and use it for personal files. My question is: if I do ever need to re-install or recover Windows 10 on this laptop, can I do it with a DVD I burned using the media creation tool from Microsoft instead of the specific HP recovery app the laptop shipped with?

Thanks for any info...

Recovery partitions that come on a pre-loaded box will contain the factory image as set by HP, in your case. That would include any pre-bundled bloatware and such. If you want a clean, fresh start without the crap, save the contents of that recovery partition on an external drive, and during clean install from your MCT DVD, delete the partition and extend the OS partition. MS Win 10 will create it's own recovery partition.
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I bought the computer with win 8.1 installed and some months ago I have upgraded to Win 10 and now i have problems and was advised by remote support to reimage the computer with recovery DVD windows 8.1 that was ordered for me and I recived from HP. It says on the disk: "To begin insert the disc into an optical drive and follow the on-screen instructions.I did so with disk 1 and nothing happens and nothings appears on screen. I tried to reboot from the DVD media by clickking esc while booting and tried the recovery options and it failed syaing that it can't recover this computer. Please advise   

A:How do I recover from a System recovery DVD win 8.1

Hi, Try the following. Start the notebook. Insert the 1st Recovery disc and Shutdown the notebook by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Boot Options Menu ( f9 ). Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM (uefi) option and hit enter - if prompted to 'Press any key to continue....' - do so. Regards, DP-K
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Dear all,

I replaced the hard disk, i have the three recovery DVD for windows 8. please help me to recover the same.

when i am trying recover from Recovery of factory default software(out of box) is not working. please help

A:How to recover Windows 8 from Recovery DVD?


Start your machine and press F12 to enter boot menu. When you see the boot menu on the screen put disc 1 in optical disc drive. After doing that choose CD/DVD as first bootable device and press ENTER button.

ODD should start to read recovery disc. All you must do is to follow the menu on the screen.

When you write “it is not working” what do you mean exactly?
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My won't recover? recovery System Vista laptop is having a bit of an issue When it boots the main laptop display is black it never loads My second monitor however does load but only on bit color with a x res It will ONLY load safe mode and from there ive been trying to use restore manager to reset to an earlier setting or to restore to factory I have my backup cd in the drive but when Restore Manager trys to open to run it it crashes How can I fix whatever System recovery won't recover? is wrong with my vista if the restore feature itself is part of whats broken I have run about startup repairs and the messages range from quot no error detected quot to quot error unable to be fixed quot to quot error repaired quot but the res and color never fixes and the monitor stays black and only safe mode will load Not sure what to try from here Thank you for any tips you can give me on what to try next Here is my computer rig if this helps Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard Processor Intel R Core TM CPU T GHz CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Hard Drive GB Total Video Card NVIDIA GeForce Go Monitor Inch Laptop Monitor Inch Flatscreen LCD Sound Card Internal Speaker Headphone Conexant High Definition Audio Speakers Headphones Razor Gaming Headset Keyboard Razor Tarantula Gaming Keyboard Mouse Logitech Gaming Mouse Mouse Surface RockeFish Tournament Gaming Mousepad Titanium Surface Operating System Windows Vista Ultimate Build vista rtm -

A:System recovery won't recover?

In safe mode, deinstall your graphics card then try rebooting as normal on vista.
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I have sony vaio desktop. For some reason i had to go thru system recovery options which ended up deleting all my personal files in C drive. To my surprise there was no option in system recovery to save my old files .Is there any way to recover these files ? ( i did my system recovery from system itself and did not use any recovery cd/dvd and i did not format my hard drive). I tried with recuva and file scavanger but i am not able to see my old folder there anymore. Please suggest?
OS : windows XP home edition
Please let me know if you need any other information or any other data recovery software i can use ?

A:any way to recover files after system recovery?

I got 14 views but not even a single reply ..techsupport crew .. please help me !!!!
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Need some help.
Turned on computer and no boot.
Message:No disk...
On loading Windows XP disk and typing "R" it gives the following at the C:>
The specified drive is not valid or there is no disk in the drive.

Ran Seagate tools on the drive as well as Bios disk test and it appears to be ok.
I did not try the FIXBoot or FIXMBR commands yet. DIR does not return anything.
It's like there is no Windows installation on the drive or directory structure.
Drive is ST3500630AS

Any thoughts?

A:Help - Can't boot, can't recover with Recovery console

Additional information:
On Boot the message is:
Non-System disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready.
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I want to create a recovery media for my laptop running windows 7 home basic. so i just want to make sure what would be better for creation of recovery media, DVDs or a USB flash drive? because I heard discs are prone to get corrupted as compared to USB.

So what should i use? i'm really confused

A:What is better, creating Recover Discs or Recovery USB?

Here are the expected lifespans of various data storage methods:

Magnetic data and cassette tapes: 10-20 years
Nintendo Cartridge: up to 10 years
Floppy Disk: 10-20 years
CDs and DVDs: 5-10 years unrecorded 2-5 years recorded
Blu-Ray: Not certain, probably over 2-5 years recorded
M-Disc: 1,000 years (theoretically)
Hard Disk: 3-5 years
Flash Storage: Depends on write cycles, 5-10 years or more

Source: Data storage lifespans: How long will media really last? - StorageCraft

Bear in mind that these lifespans could be shorter, or longer, depending on things like manufacturing quality control, how the end user treats the media, etc. I have several hard disks and CDs that are over 10 years old and still working just fine. I have DVDs approaching the 10 year mark and working well. I also have a couple of 64MB and 128MB USB flash drives that are well over 10 years old and still working. But I've also had brand new flash drives fail out of the box as well as CDs, DVDs, and external hard drives.

My suggestion is to buy quality name brand products, make your recovery media, test it, and then create a second set of recovery media on a different product. (One set of recovery media on CDs and one on a flash drive.) Test the media once in a while to make sure it's still working. And maybe make new recovery media every couple of years "just in case".

And don't forget to make periodic system images. Recovery media will usually restore your computer to original factory configuration and then you have to reinstall everything from scratch. A system image is like a photograph of your entire hard drive and you can restore your computer to the same condition it was in when the system image was made. If you make a system image once a week (for example) your computer will never be more than a week out of date.

Perhaps others will join in with other suggestions and thoughts.
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I've a HP Pavilion with Windows XP. I never had an installation CD because Windows was an OEM version. But the system has a special partition containing all original files. I'm trying to wipe the C drive clean and reinstall orignal, factory supplied files. HP calls this distructive" recovery and you can access it pressing F10 on start up or from HP Tools in Windows.

I've run it three times. As a matter of fact, last time I did so I watched files names scrolling across as were apparently being reloaded and could recognize promotional files originally on the computer but deleted long ago. I'm beginning to feel good.

Problem is that after the dust settles (and everything has happened as you would suppose -- no error messages) and I return to Windows, absolutely nothing has changed. Everything is status quo ante. C drive not formatted, orignal files not reinstalled.
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I have an HP PAvillion DV2000 that had a disk failure. The primary partition is dead (get's IO errors), but the "HP_Recovery" partition seems to be OK. I copied the recivery partition (using Partition Copy" function of Partition Commander) to a backup drive and replaced the disk drive. The new drive checked out fine from end-to-end, so I did a partition copy of the recovery partition back to the new drive from the backup drive. I can see the recovery partition as well as the "C Drive" partition, but I cannot get the recovery partition to be recognized as a bootable partition either by the BIOS (either as the primary partition or as the partition pointed to by pressing "F11" t startup) or by Partition Commander. I have tried everything i can think of, but it feels like I am missing something. Anyone have any ideas?.

A:Solved: Can't recover the recovery partition

The MBR of systems with a recovery partition senses keystrokes to enable boot from the recovery partition. That is now gone and it is not normally bootable.

If you create an SGD Boot Disk and boot from it, you may be able to bypass the MBR and boot directly into the partition. It has worked for others, but that really depends if the partition was altered in the imaging process.
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I had dual OS windows default and a linux ubuntu os in it suddenly day i was nt able to boot either when i tried to boot windows it hangs in the starting windows screen when i tried linux i said showed some errors one of recover from dvd+blue xp recovery cant with screen it was quot grbldr quot missing i taut grub loader has gone so i inserted a linux cd and deleted the partition which had linux in t Now when i boot it says quot OPERATING SYSTEM NOT FOUND quot i tried with my windows recovery dvd but it hangs up with the cant recover from recovery dvd+blue screen with xp starting windows screen tried XP here once the setup files are copied a blue screen appears A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your Computer If this is the first time you ve seen this Stop error screen restart your computer If this screen appears again follow thease steps Check for viruses on your computer Remove any newly installed hard drives or hard drive controllers Check your hard drive to make sure it is properly configured and terminated Run chkdisk f to check for hard drive corruption and then restart your computer stop bla bla i tried to install ubuntu set sarts but stops when it reaches in partition stage i really don kno what to do now someone please help me solve this problem note i am not able to run CHKDSK n all as i cant go to prompt
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Please help me.......I had formatted my original operating system (windows  8.1) and also my HDD and now i lost my old os and now i hav installed pirated windows 7 with legacy boot order....WHAT SHOULD I DO TO RECOVER MY ORIGINAL OS 8.1?I ALSO TRIED THROUGH RECOVERY MANAGER IN BOOT MODE BUT ITS NOT OPENING...PLEASE HELP ME ...ANYONE...
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Hi I am trying to fix a friends HP Stream for them It looks like it has got messed up during the upgrade to Windows - an I if recovery Can have don't I recover media 11 Stream HP if you power it on it starts to boot then shows 'restoring your previous version of windows' then reboots agian and just goes in an infinite loop I'd like to just do a fresh install however having googled it it looks like you need recovery media Can I recover an HP Stream 11 if I don't have recovery media to do this - i e recovery media that you need to have created while the Windows OS was working I do not have this recovery media so I'm a bit stuck I've contacted HP support via the form on the website but it doesn't look like they will help as it is out of warranty One thing I tried was to create a windows installation USB on another PC and try to install this however I only get as far as the screen where you enter the windows Key but I do not have a windows key for Can I recover an HP Stream 11 if I don't have recovery media this machine there isn't a sticker on the machine with the key number but having googled it I beleive the key Can I recover an HP Stream 11 if I don't have recovery media is embedded in the BIOS somehow and nbsp that the Windows installer should just detect it - however this did not happen I was trying to install windows bit as I believe that is the version that comes with the HP stream however I could be wrong about that - I've never seen this laptop in a working state so I just did a search to see what Windows version it would have come with nbsp So does anyone know of a way to reinstall windows on an HP stream if you haven't previously created any recovery media Or is the only fix for to just purchase a new Windows licence nbsp Thanks

A:Can I recover an HP Stream 11 if I don't have recovery media

HI Jsd1,At the startup, before windows attempts to launch, Press F11 to launch the HP Recovery Manager.if the partition containing the Recovery Manager has not been formatted, then this can help. you might need to backup data before doing this as this will reset the laptop to the factory is a guide for the Recovery manager: regards 

IT engineer,Team/Tech lead End User Computer team. Consultant at TATA Consulting Service and Tricontinental LTD.
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I have inbuilt window7 in my wht is procedure of hard disk partitioning???? How can i do partitioning of hard drive
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I recently used my system recovery CDs for my HP Pavilion in an effort to clean out my computer get back Recover to Recovery System unable CD to the factory settings and make it go faster It turns out this was a pretty big mistake The whole process was going good up until I put in the rd recovery CD At System Recovery CD unable to Recover the file quot BASE quot I forgot what type of file it was -- I will check again later if it is necessary the computer stopped reading from the CD and a message came up saying quot Could not recover BASE quot with my options being Abort and Retry I retried a few times with no sucess The abort option restarts the computer and brings it back to the beginning of the system recovery process beginning this cycle again If i try to start it without going to system recovery it says there is no operating system and it cant start so it brings me back to the system recovery process where it once again stops on CD Anybody have any idea on what I can do now to fix this Right now my computer wont start and it is looking like I will need to purchase a new one Thanks a lot in advance Brian nbsp

A:System Recovery CD unable to Recover

Sounds to me like CD3 is either dirty, defective, or damaged. Try cleaning it, if that doesn't help then call HP and try to get another if you are still under warranty. If you are out of warranty you can format the drive and install the OS of your choice, just remember to go to HP's site to get drivers since they do use many proprietary devices.
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A:During recovery, I lost a few apps. Can I recover them?

Norms1 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!Might help if you told us WHICH apps you lost. Also, WHY did you do the recovery?  Know what caused that will help. We can proceed once you provide the information.Thanks
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Hi, I bought a laptop from a large retailer, it was a demo laptop.I've created a set of recovery disks from the laptop and have attempted to do a recover using them. (when creating the disks i did get the recovery software to verify the disk for errors) once i boot to the DVD drive i get the below error message. your PC/Device needs to be repairedError code: 0x000000f i've reset by BIOS to back to factory defaults and it makes no difference. i noticed there is no recovery partition as well, im guessing the store deleted it for some  weird reason. this is not so much a problem if i can get these recovery disks working. Operating System:Windows 10 Model: Star Wars Special Edition Notebook - 15-an007tx
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Ok so I apologize in advance if this story is a bit long and horrifying actually it's probably entertaining xD nbsp I purchased the Lenovo y p gaming laptop on back on July th I got the laptop and it just didn't work for me It didn't play the games I wanted it to it had overheating issues the keyboard "Recovery How deleted Partition" to recover had a really sharp edge making typing uncomfortable as well After installing Sony Vegas and Avast and just shifting some of my personal photos music over I made a backup of the laptop using the OneKey Recovery software This backup was made to one of my GB external hard drives nbsp So I then decided that I How to recover deleted "Recovery Partition" just How to recover deleted "Recovery Partition" didn't like the laptop and it was time to return it I called Newegg and got my RMA all ready to go Because I had lot of my personal files and programs I decided the fastest way to delete everything would be to use the OneKey Recovery by Lenovo and do a factory reset At the time I didn't think anything of this then simply putting the laptop back to exactly how I got it I even booted it up after the factory reset and it looked just like the first day I got it Fast forward weeks and my RMA is denied from Newegg nbsp nbsp nbsp Your RMA RMA Number return was received and sent to our Inspections Department for closer examination nbsp - - nbsp NB LENOVO IDEAPAD Y P RTSystem has been modified altered original manufacturers operating system has been removed cannot access restore partition this voids Newegg warranty Unit cannot be accepted or resold as received nbsp nbsp So I was completely shocked as to how I had managed to delete the recovery partition I didn't modify the OS in anyway and I phoned Newegg to check what was going on They confirmed that the tech people at the returns department could not reset the laptop properly because the recovery partition had been deleted So the laptop is being shipped back to me this week and my question was what on earth could I do to recover this deleted recovery partition nbsp nbsp If the OneKey Recovery still works I don't see why it woudn't then I can restore the backup that I made on my external hard drive from Day That should bring back this alleged recovery partition that's been causing all hell to break loose lol If however I can't access that OneKey Recovery I believe I'm in a huge pile of trouble Newegg said that if I can manage to recovery that lost recovery partition then they will honor my RMA and refund my money nbsp At this point in time I'm trying to salvage my situation and think and act quickly as Newegg does have a day only return policy I didn't do much with the laptop when I had it other than test a few games so I honestly have NO IDEA how I could've deleted the recovery partition But I'm not thinking of that anymore and thinking ahead as to how I can recovery this deleted recovery partition nbsp Thanks for reading this horror story and I really appreciate any responses nbsp nbsp

A:How to recover deleted "Recovery Partition"

If you only used One Key Recovery by Lenovo, it should not delete the partition. (I hope you did not format the whole system) Once you receive the laptop, you can check if this partition still exists in Control Panel >> Administrative Tools >> Disk Management.It should show some drives, other than the C: , D: and the SSD (if you have). Those drives are the recovery partitions. I can post a sample screenshot in the evening. Sadly, I do not know any way to recover that partition. As I have seen on this forum several people who lost that partition could not roll back their laptop to original settings without a recovery drive (which is different from a recovery backup).
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 There is issue related with speed of my I want to recover my pavilion g6-1118 tx...I have recovery DVDs... .Tell me how can i recover my lapi with these DVDs
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I have my netbook dual-boot WinXP and Windows I used EasyBCD for the dual-boot setup In booting into Win I used to have the option of the quot repair your computer quot which brought one several useful tools if there is problem booting Of course the exact same tools are on Recovery 7 Recover Partition? Windows the Win setup DVD which I have However with a netbook I don't always have the USB DVD drive with me or the DVD and that recovery Recover Windows 7 Recovery Partition? stuff boots up much faster from the HDD partition than from the DVD So I think it is good to have Not at all like the notebook manufacturers recovery partitions I wouldn't want to use those at all wiping out all my data Recently I upgraded to a larger HDD I used Acronis to clone my old HDD at that time in the notebook to the new HDD attached via USB enclosure It was an older Acronis version long predating Win I don't know if I would have had better results with a new version Well at first I could not boot at all with the new HDD installed I was able to fix that though I forget the details of it at the moment Also my drive letters I have four partitions-drives were messed up so somehow the Acronis cloning did not keep that information and I had to fix that in both XP and with Disk Management For the most part though my partitions were all intact in the new drive Being a larger HDD I increased the size of a couple in the Acronis interface I realize now though that I do not have the recovery boot-up option any more That can show up while booting into Win and pressing a key but if one chooses it it just tells one to put in the Win DVD Therefore that option of booting from the recovery partition seems to be gone Looking in Disk Management from Win I see an unallocated partition I think about GB I think Is that the Win recovery partition Did Acronis copy it correctly but somehow the boot sector on the new drive cannot access it How can I fix that Please no suggestion of a clean reinstall of Windows No It is not urgent as I have the Win installation DVD which can do the same thing but I would like to get that capability back How can I get that Thanks in advance

A:Recover Windows 7 Recovery Partition?

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized full Disk Management drive map with listings, using Snipping Tool in Start Menu. Screen Shots

If you cloned the HD over then the Recovery Partition should be intact, although whether it will still run from the hotkey at boot is questionable. What is your make and model so we can advise you on trying to boot Recovery?

If Repair console is on the HD it is the 100mb System Reserved partition placing it on the F8 Advanced Boot tools menu. What options do you have on that menu now? Does Repair load if there?

Since you have the DVD to use the preferred method of reinstall, you probably don't really need the Recovery Partition anyway, so may want to recover its space if it doesn't cue up to run from boot. You can always order Recovery Disks from your tech support if you didn't make them when Recovery was still working from All Programs.
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Hi All I'm in a real bind When I first bought my ASUS N JQ Laptop it was recommended to make a set of backup cd's to recover the system in the event of a major incident which I duly did Today after putting up with a poorly running Windows for too long I decided to install a new SSD and try and do a clean install of my system software from these CD's They all loaded successfully and when they finished loading I was prompted to Restart the computer All looked good on restart the Windows logo appeared then another screen and after a few from recovery recover CD's Windows ASUS 7 Can't seconds a very large red word saying quot ERROR quot and the message quot cannot find c recovery dat I've spent the rest of the day trawling the web to find the way to recover Windows from the data put on the SSD from the CD's but to no avail I would have thought that if ASUS wanted you to make a backup of the recovery files they would also give you the procedure on how to recover to a clean installation Can't recover Windows 7 from ASUS recovery CD's Unfortunately I can't seem to get a lead anywhere I'm confident there are some people out there who know how to do this and I would really appreciate it if you can point me in the right direction because is starting to really do my head in Regards Ron

A:Can't recover Windows 7 from ASUS recovery CD's

Hmm, wait until someone gives a green light on this:

Some searching show this is quite common

Make a bootable media of Partition Wizard free and delete the hidden recovery partition.
If it works, later "move/resize" C into unallocated space on left.
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I don't mean to highjack the thread but I have an additional question that may be helpful for others performing the same type of recovery. I ordered the recovery CDs for my HP 2000 Notebook just today. To increase performance, I am also thinking of replacing the factory-installed 320GB hard disk drive (HDD) with a 240GB solid state drive (SSD). QUESTION: Does the OS recovery CDs/DVDs need the drive to be the exact same size - 320GB? Obviously, WIndows will fit just fine of a 240GB drive. Does the recovery process recreate the recovery partition as well as part of the restoration process? Thank you for your time and any advice. 

A:Re: how can i recover my laptop with recovery DVDs

SBDavin wrote:I don't mean to highjack the thread but I have an additional question that may be helpful for others performing the same type of recovery. I ordered the recovery CDs for my HP 2000 Notebook just today. To increase performance, I am also thinking of replacing the factory-installed 320GB hard disk drive (HDD) with a 240GB solid state drive (SSD). QUESTION: Does the OS recovery CDs/DVDs need the drive to be the exact same size - 320GB? Obviously, WIndows will fit just fine of a 240GB drive. Does the recovery process recreate the recovery partition as well as part of the restoration process? Thank you for your time and any advice. It is advised not to go smaller on the replacement drive. SSD are pretty inexpensive for 500G right now. You don't want to go smaller. It doesn't have to be the exact same size but it should always be bigger not smaller. Factory recovery will create AS IS from the factory setup and recovery partition if you should use the Factory Recovery media.
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I have inbuilt window7 in my wht is procedure of hard disk partitioning???? How can i do partitioning of hard drive
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Hi I had 2 external hard drives connected and in disk manager I clicked delete on the wrong one? So now the drive wont show up, so I simply created a Simple volume and know it is a RAW drive? How do I recover the files there was over 100GB and some of them are really important such as records and work related stuff, it is currently a RAW partition and all the hard disk recovery softwares dont recognise it because it is a RAW drive? do i have to format it to recover the files? Please Help!?!

A:*Important* Accidently deleted volume in Disk Manager, how to recover?

Do not format the disk.
this would make your task more difficult or even impossible.

There are free partition recovery tools available on the net.

Question the deletion, was it your operating system or are you still able to boot into Windows. I have never been in this position but someone will post some software for you. Just don't muddle the disk any further.

If you are able to boot into Windows this link will give you an idea of what you are looking for. Hang on because I know some forum members have done this will be suggesting more software.

[email protected] Partition Recovery Freeware Toolkit.Recover Deleted Partition, Volume.Undelete NTFS,FAT,exFAT,HFS+,Ext2/Ext3.
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Started a thread here but apparently only for US models

A:Recovery USB is not partitioning correctly and will not recover to factory.

HDD got corrupted,resulting in partitions loss.

Made HDD into 1 partition and formatted.

Bought recovery usb from Toshiba.

Will the usb remake the partitions?

It goes through the stages,says initialising partition,reboots but then just sits on the Toshiba splashsceen.

No idea if it's partitioning,transferring data or anything...............

Satellite C870 1JV

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XP said I had some problem while using it I screwed install, CD, from Boot XP recovery, recover repair, HELP!! up it gave me some cool recovery console I have never seen but I shut down It may have found a bad XP recovery, Boot from CD, repair, install, recover HELP!! sector or XP recovery, Boot from CD, repair, install, recover HELP!! corrupted file at this point on the C drive I could not boot to save my life blue screen of death I tried to boot from CD I never could get the REPAIR screen to come up I got set-up I went ahead and did that existing partition It failed a few times ending with a blue screen warning XP recovery, Boot from CD, repair, install, recover HELP!! shut down to protect blah blah I finally got it to successfully install and was encouraged to see it say reading previous version of WIN XP copying needed files So there was hope files and programs would be there Well now I have this clean installation of XP None of the programs or hardware or files shows up on desk top but THANK GOODNESS they seem to be there hidden Also my second drive is there with all the files but was not too worried about that Going to C gt administration the folders are there but hidden Even one simple program short cut works IS THERE A RECOVERY PS I rebooted and there two XP s I booted to the first It came back to the clean install May be I should boot and selected the second XP I am not too upset since I been procrastinating about migrating all the hardware out of this machine to another but I would like to recover if possible nbsp
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Got one of my kids a new laptop for Christmas and having BSOD problems bought it from an auction so can t return it It s an ASUS X DC intel D Asus recovery from and Various CD errors can't recover BSOD with gb memory and gh HD Its running Widows bit OEM I set it up before Xmas and loaded AVG Superantispyware and Firefox Various BSOD errors and can't recover from Asus recovery CD which we all prefer it was OK at first but started to give BSOD errors after some on line games were Various BSOD errors and can't recover from Asus recovery CD installed Puzzle Pirates and Grand Fantasia the kids have played these for some time on other machines with very little problem Also VLC media player was loaded to watch videos There have been a number of errors including IRQL not less or equal to and page fault in nonpaged area I was able to boot in safe mode and removed the new software hoping to clear the fault but no luck I then decided to use the Asus recovery disk as advised in some forums I tried each option recover first partition entire HD and entire HD with partitions but none worked got up to once but then blue screened again with IRQL message Now I can't access safe mode either so I'm not sure where to go next so any advice on making my year old daughter happy again would be appreciated Cheers Rob
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Hello there I Recovery Greyed RECOVER 7 Out, Windows CANT System am new to this tread and just want to thanks ahead of time for any help that anyone has to offer I have a HP DV - us Laptop that I am having issues with I have several virus's that I have been unable to get rid of I am trying to do a factory system recovery but the options Windows 7 System Recovery Greyed Out, CANT RECOVER are all greyed out I can still get on my computer and once logged in and I go into HP Recovery Manager I am able to click on all of the options with no problem but once it shuts down and loads into the manager the only things it allows me to click on are the perform computer maintenance and get assistance from HP Everything else is grey and will not let me click on them So here is what I have tried -Entered the HP Recovery Manager Windows 7 System Recovery Greyed Out, CANT RECOVER both while logged on and after hitting F always greyed out -I made the recovery disks and tried to use them no luck it doenst do anything while loading so I tried ESC and started boot up from CD instead of harddrive quot ESC F Internal CD DVD ROM Drive and it loads the first DVD and get this message The System recovery media does not support this computer You are not able to restore this Windows 7 System Recovery Greyed Out, CANT RECOVER system with media -LW UA ABA-A Y UA ABA Keep in mind I just made these disk off of THIS computer last night I am sooooo lost and willing to try new ideals so please if you can help I would appreciate it Thanks agian

A:Windows 7 System Recovery Greyed Out, CANT RECOVER


Perhaps the viruses are preventing you from recovering your system, or perhaps the disks
got corrupt, I would try to kill off any viruses first.

Run these programs to check for virus infection:
Windows Defender Offline

Please download Malwarebytes:

Do not start the free trial of Malware Bytes, deselect that option when prompted.

Run a full scan once downloaded, installed and updated.


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 I had problem and had  to use the HP System Recovery Disk to re-install Windows 8 to this machine. While Windows installed with-out problem, the OEM Microsoft products ( MS Office) that came with the machine did not install at all. Unfortunately - I can not find the paperwork that has the original Office Reg key. Is there a way, with the Model and Serial number to get the Office Reg key that came with this machine from HP?Thanks in advance.
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My cousin started a system restore on my computer. I think it was only going for like 5 seconds when i noticed. I cannot start my computer now because it says files are missing. I have a final project on my computer that is due in 4 days and I really need it. Is there any way to hook up the HD to another computer so its not being booted off of and recover any data that didnt get deleted? This is very important. Any suggestions or am I out of luck.
Thanks All

A:Accidental System Recovery - need to recover data

1) get your XP CD and boot from it

2) see
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Hello everyone,I have hp pavilion notebook 15, lately I have some issues related to my local drive and operating system, so  I wanted to reset my laptop to factory default, I used f11 then advanced and reset ,but the process could not be completetd due to an error ! so I just want to know how to get my recovery partioion and download online my os key based on laptop serial number ?or if there is any way to fix my recovery partioion also would be good solution alsoany reply or help would be highly appreciaated  B regards
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Hi all I recently purchased a new motherboard after my old one died I can't get my Vista running on it again I have a SATA harddrive with Vista Ultimate x installed on it When I boot the machine I get the standard Windows Error screen I've inserted the Vista recovery disk in the optical drive but even after changing the BIOS options to boot first from the optical drive the only way System find to Vista recovery OS recover cannot I can load the recovery disk is by physically unplugging the harddrive When I try to repair Vista with System Recovery Options it cannot find an OS and can't seem to recognize the harddrive after it's plugged back in I have System recovery cannot find OS to recover Vista both the motherboard driver disk and a USB drive with the harddrive's setup program but System recovery can't load the drivers Finally when I open up the command prompt and run chkdsk r the error message I get is quot The type of the file system is NTFS Cannot lock current drive Windows cannot run disk checking on this volume because it is write protected quot Any idea why it refuses to boot or recognize the existing OS on the harddrive At this point even a clean reinstall would be fine but the install disk also can't find the harddrive Any help would be much appreciated Thanks

A:System recovery cannot find OS to recover Vista

Hi CPstyle,

Welcome to Vista Forums!

What is the manufacturer, make, and precise model of your computer? What is the manufacturer, make, and precise model of the new motherboard and where did you get it and can you provide a website link for the motherboard? Have you verified with the computer manufacturer that the motherboard will work in that computer given the other components and its requirements? How did you run chkdsk if you can't run the Recovery Disk with the HDD installed and can't boot to the HDD? If you need to re-install, how will you do it (genuine Vista Installation Disk, Recovery Disk from the Manufacturer, Recovery Partition on the hard drive,...)?

My first guess is that the motherboard is not compatible with one, some, or many components in your computer (or the computer in general) and/or with your version of Vista. Another possibility is that the BIOS aren't compatible with the motherboard and you either need updated BIOS or a motherboard that can work with them (or possibly that the BIOS just need some type of reconfiguration based on the change).

My second guess is that the system wasn't put back together properly in some way and thus is causing this problem. Double-check all the connections. Don't just snug them - remove and replace them all.

But first, let's see what you have and see if there are any obvious problems. Please answer all the above questions and provide any other details you think may help (and try to fully complete the System Specifications section of your User Profile on this forum).

I hope this helps.

Good luck!
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Hi all I have inherited a Qasmio Model PQF A- Y and am trying to revert the computer to its out-of-box condition I to recover recovery Qosmio Unable or disks F60 HDD using have had to replace the system board with a second-hand one 'guaranteed to work' There was a slight difference in the boards even though they had the same P No in that there was nowhere on the replacement board to allow for the TV Connection Board Which I have no use for anyway I can get to the stage where it Unable to recover Qosmio F60 using HDD or recovery disks says quot HDD RECOVERY MODE quot by holding zero or tapping F but it stops loading just as the quot Loading windows coloured flag quot starts to appear This happens with booting from HDD Unable to recover Qosmio F60 using HDD or recovery disks or Recovery disks I have tried using 'ultimate boot CD' and 'gparted live' with no luck I have tried the Windows repair disk but it only loads the files and then hangs on a black screen with no HDD activity displayed I have searched for a copy of the quot backup media quot but it appears to Unable to recover Qosmio F60 using HDD or recovery disks be only available in Europe Has anyone got any other actions that may allow me to recover this laptop Thanks in advance
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Hello, hope I come to the right place! Honestly, my Toshiba flash drive has been used for saving some videos, photos and files for several years. But, last night, I just formatted it by mistake and lost all my stored information. Honestly, I did have another copy of these files on my computer, but, some of the newly edited videos and several school documents have not been backed up yet. Is there any data recovery software that can help me take them all back? I did have searched a lot of the related problems over the internet and all of them recommend me to apply the related data recovery tools. But, I am not sure whether the related data recovery tool is really necessary? Do you have any similar experience? What am I supposed to do now? Thanks!
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My Acer Aspire A U-UR came with windows I made a recovery drive by choosing quot create recovery drive quot in windows After making the drive i installed windows from DVD Some time later I tried to restore it back to factory with my recovery usb found. windows 8 recovery my not trying drive recover to Every time I try I get quot windows cannot find a system image on this computer quot even though my flash drive is plugged in I tried booting from the drive doesn't seem to work Not sure if my windows version not being activated has anything to do with it I installed on computers from the same dvd didn't realize i couldn't do that my windows 8 recovery drive not found. trying to recover but I think I should still be able to boot from the drive I need help I was thinking if the problem is my flash drive can I somehow transfer the system image from one flash drive to another here's the screens at this point there should be an option for windows but there's not

A:my windows 8 recovery drive not found. trying to recover

If I understand correctly you created a USB Recovery Drive when you had Windows 8. It only contains files that help recover Window 8 in the event of a problem, it will not contain the factory recovery partition. It is of no value now since you tried to install Windows 8.1 by DVD. Was it an update version or upgrade to Pro?

Should you wish to return to Windows 8 OEM you must use the recovery partition process as outlined by Acer to reset to Factory Conditions. Hopefully the recovery partition was not corrupted when to tried to go to Windows 8.1. If it was, you will have to order Recovery Disks from Acer for a nominal charge.

Others here on this forum may have different ideas or understood your problem differently.
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Following a number of unexpected shut downs I decided to run the system recovery discs on my old advent 7109 xp comp. These are 5 discs which were made when the laptop was new; They have never been used - until now. The process stopped during recovery disc 2, with the message unable to recover c/136/s3sav3d.in_

since then I can go no further; each time I start the comp it is at the same recovery point at which it stopped.
Is there any hope of being able to fix this? And, in case you're wondering why I'm still using XP. It's an old back up that I use for documents etc

A:XP System Recovery unable to recover file

The only thing you can do, as far as I can see, is start the recovery again with Disk 1 and hope it can read all of Disk 2 this time.
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Hey guys I've tried searching a lot about this topic but couldn't find an answer or maybe it was too complicated for me So basically i 'm trying to restore my windows home premium to factory settings I don't have a backup CD and I can't find my product key which is supposed to be in an sticker at the back of my laptop Well there is a sticker but its been two years and the sticker has been washed out sort of and I can't properly see the product key now My HP G notebook PC has partitions Drive C is where all of my data is stored Drive D is named recovery which I guess is a manufacturer's recovery partition It occupies about GB of memory The third partition has nothing I was manufacturer's recovery partition recover Need to 7 my windows using thinking I could restore my laptop to factory settings using this manufacturer's recovery partition but a Microsoft support guy told me I'll need the product key and a windows disc for this to work So what do I do now How do I get my product key I tried contacting HP to see if they could help me with the product key thing but since I don't live Need to recover my windows 7 using manufacturer's recovery partition in the US they keep transferring the line Need to recover my windows 7 using manufacturer's recovery partition from one department to another I'm so disappointed with their so called support So could you guys please tell me what shall I do now

A:Need to recover my windows 7 using manufacturer's recovery partition

Offhand, I think the MS support guy is wrong.

I've never had a PC with a recovery partition, but my understanding is that they will restore without any Windows 7 disc or Product Key.

Somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.

You'd need the Product Key from the sticker if you were going to do a clean install, but you aren't.

I think the recovery partition will self-activate.

I don't think recovery partitions are foolproof, so you may have issues of some kind. But generally they work OK.

You must back up any personal data or it will be lost.
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Hey guyz!
Due to a program failuer (partition magic) some of the data are corrupted and some are deleted. By using PC inspector i could get almost all of them back but still some are corrupted. for example some JPGs and WAVs which are so so important to me!
by any chance do you know any program which can revover CORRUPTED files rather than try to undelete them???

this topic helped me out a bit but no one had correct answer to my problem!

Ill appreciate your help.

A:DATA recovery! (recover corrupted files)
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Hi, can anyone help,
my system recently crashed,
showing a message " windows can not start because the following file is missing or corrupt \windows\system32\config\system". so I used my XP start up disk which ran the system recovery. I now find that all my files/data is missing and the system has gone back to it's original settings. After searching TSF I see "Getdataback" is an option. Can you tell me is this a good program to use? Will it help my problem?


A:How to recover lost data following system recovery

That's an excellent program but do you have a desktop or laptop? You're going to need another drive to retrieve the data
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I have an old Acer won't - recover problem recovery Acer discs OEM Aspire I had some deep rooted malware and decided to do a system restore The system restore worked and the first thing I did was windows update There were updates and it took a couple of hours for them to download and install When it was down to the last updates to be installed a box appeared on the screen stating that the updates failed and the entire group of updates would be rolled back Eight hours later nothing had changed The screen looked exactly the same I don't know if I did the wrong thing but I assumed the rollback was in an endless loop and made a decision to do the recovery with my OEM Acer discs There is one system disc and three recovery disks Acer OEM recovery discs problem - won't recover I don't know if all recovery discs work exactly the same but in case they don't I'll include the information that came up onscreen After the system disc is inserted and windows loads files the Acer Recovery Management box options are - Restore OS to factory defaults Acer OEM recovery discs problem - won't recover - Restore OS to factory default status All data on C drive will be deleted This was the option I've been attempting to use Restore OS and retain user data -Restore only the OS of your PC to the factory defaults Files from your user accts will be transferred to C backup This option will not remove malware When I tried this No user data has been found on your computer Completely restore computer to factory defaults - Restore your computer to factory default status All data in the hidden partition and on the system partition will be restored Before restoring please delete any data on the hard disk When I tried this Please remove all files from your hard disk before starting This function will not work if there are any files on the hard disk So clicking on option there is the notice box of what occurs The box changes to Restore Destination Hard Drive Name ST LM - EJ ATA device Partition Label Acer Partition Size GB Copying files from disc Please insert recovery disc Copying files from disc Insert Disc Copying files from disc Insert Disc It's at progress Copying files from disc Shortly after the disc starts running a message box comes up stating There is insufficient space on the disc for the temporary files required for this operation Press Ok Please wait a moment Acer boot screen then the dos BOOTMGR is missing Press Control Alt Delete Pressing C A D loops back to the Acer boot screen and back to BOOTMGR etc I don't understand what happened These discs have been used one other time with no problems The only changes made to the laptop in the past -my original hard drive crapped out about mos ago and I replaced it with a GB hybrid drive When Windows came out MIcrosoft offered it for about and I created a Gb partition for it but rarely used it I don't what effect if any either of those changes would have in a system recovery and there was never any issue in the past and I'm pretty sure I used the recovery discs after replacing the hard drive I hope someone can give me advice as to what to do to fix this problem My tech knowledge comes from having a problem depending on the kindness of strangers to give me the correct terminology for what my problem is called so I can look it up or giving me instructions or a link on where to find the instructions to fix it Thank you for any assistance
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I have accidentally deleted a text file yesterday. It is very important for me.

I haven't find it in recycle bin.

I have used the following programs to recover the file with no result ( Immediately after one hour ). However, I could recover other files which are not required for me now.

PC INSPECTOR File Recovery
Panda Recovery
TOKIWA DataRecovery
Undelete Plus


Thank you for your time.

A:could not able to recover the deleted file with any of the recovery software?
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I'm trying to clean up my Toshiba P300 Laptop with o/s Vista Home Premium SP1 64 Bit......

I've done a complete RECOVERY of my system a short time ago without a hiccup.

Once again I decided to do it but half way thru the 1st disk I get the message"Cannot read from the source file or disk" - PREINST5.SWM. A choice of 3 options allows the CD to proceed so I chose "SKIP".

Then part way throught Disk 2 I get the message to shut down my PC - "10-FC06-0002"


A:Can't recover toshiba laptop with recovery disk

hi and welcome to TSF have you tried your recovery partition it might be press zero on boot to access it
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I'm trying to help out a friend recover their files. They performed a system recovery using the system recovery cd and they responed "yes" to back up the files before the recovery process started. I can see the folder on the c drive that says MY BACKUP 1-25-09 and can open the folders and files. Now how do they put those files back where they were? Before we do something dumb I would like some expert advice. Thanks!
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Im realy stuck. Today my HP pc messed up and i had to do a system recovery. I have done this before with no problems, but this time i lost all my files. The pc is like it was when i first bough it with all the original software. I have a d: recovery drive on the HP. I know my files cant be totaly wiped off the hard drive but i dont know how to recover them. I tried looking at system restore but all the previous restore poins were wiped off. Help please i am going mad!!

A:Help! System Recovery Pc And Lost All Files! Need To Recover!

System Restore and System Recovery are two different things.See this:
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My laptop crashed but I was bale to recover my data from the drive using an external cable to the drive on my desktop PC.  I can see the recovery partition, can I make a recover USB from the drive without it being in my laptop?

A:Re: Don't have Recovery partition and Recovery Manager to Re...

Hi there,  Do you not have Recovery discs?How did you previously load Windows 7 on your Notebook? The media creation software allows only  one system image to be created. If you created a set of recovery discs, you can not create a system image on a USB drive. The media creation software requires an uncorrupted recovery partition (FACTORY_IMAGE D. Uncorrupted means that the recovery partition has  not been modified or removed. That being said, at this point, I cannot guarantee that the image will work on your USB.
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my cousin had accidentally deleted my MS office files on my laptop which was very important for me. I tried but i didnt find them in Recycle bin. I heard about data recovery software but never used them before, which data recovery software helps me to recover deleted file.
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Plz Help!!

I deleted a few files like a year ago.. i placed them in the program files of other software in C: . Eventually when i uninstalled that software the folder was gone. Is it possible to recover it in anyway??

A:Recover deleted file without recovery softwares in windows7

A year ago is a very long time. Most likely Windows has long since over written that area of the disk to a point that anything that you would get would be very incomplete and unuseable.
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If you know much about recovery disc I think you will know recovery disc is the best choice for Windows admin password reset besides another administrator nbsp The recovery disc includes password reset disk and system recovery disc Password reset disk is easy to create before Windows locked While if you want to create password reset disk after you couldn t log on to Windows you have to ask for Recovery Admin How Recover 7 with Password Disc Windows to help from third-party software For example Windows Password Genius is conceivable option nbsp System recovery disc can be instead of installation disc if you have back up your Windows Home Premium But if you have not done that it doesn t matter System How to Recover Windows 7 Admin Password with Recovery Disc recovery disc also could be created after you are unable to boot your Windows as long as you find a computer with same Windows operational system You have to create system recovery disc on it For example -bit System Repair Disc can only be created on a -bit Windows You can check the properties about computer through Control Panel System and Security System or right click the Computer and choose Properties nbsp Now let s see how recovery disc reset Windows Home Premium admin password Password reset disk reset Windows admin password System recovery disc reset Windows admin password nbsp Password Reset Disk Reset Windows Admin Password nbsp There are two cases you should consider because password reset disk comes from two ways and is created in two periods So when you use password reset disk you have to take different password recovery method nbsp Case With password reset disk created before Windows locked how should you do nbsp On the your Windows logon screen when you type incorrect password and press Enter there will be a message Reset password prompts you below the password input box Click it and follow reset password wizard you will successfully reset Windows lost or forgotten password nbsp Case If you can only use password reset disk created with Windows Password Genius how should you do then nbsp First insert password reset disk into your locked Windows computer USB or CD DVD and set your computer boot from USB or CD DVD Set your computer boot from USB refer to how to set computer boot from USB Set your computer boot from CD DVD turn to how to set computer boot from CD DVDSecond after Windows boot from reset disk and Windows Password Genius program runs choose account and click Reset password And then Windows password will be removed System Recovery Disc Reset Windows Admin Password nbsp Believe that many people have ever used installation CD to restore Windows including restore Windows account and password to early point However how to use system recovery disc to reset Windows admin password nbsp Step Set Windows boot from system recovery disc if you recovery disc is stored in CD and you have set your Windows boot from CD nbsp Step nbsp Select language time and keyboard preferences and click next then select Repair you computer then it ll do some searching then choose System Restore nbsp Step Select and make sure restore point after you are sure everything is OK and click next then finish nbsp Step In Confirm your Restore Point window click finish then yes to next window and then you will need to restart computer to complete system restore process nbsp Step When your Windows PC restarts you can use the password available for restore point that you went back to When you see System Restore Completed Successfully just click close to end system restore nbsp Maybe you lose some information data or programs during system restore but you still reset Windows admin password back to early point nbsp Source http www isunshare com blog recovery-disc-for-windows- -admin-password-reset nbsp

A:How to Recover Windows 7 Admin Password with Recovery Disc

Thanks for this article, it is informative and I also find out the other ways to recover Windows 7 admin password with recovery disc instantly. It is to make use of the sade mofe, admin account,  password prompt and so on.  In that topic we can know the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is also a good tool for us. It is really another smart Windows 7 password key and it also supports Windows 8.1, 8,XP and Vista. You can't miss it.
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Hi, anyone know of a program that will data recover MPEG-2 movies that were accidentally removed from my Recycle Bin? I have tried several programs, including Recover My Files, GetDataBack, Stellar Phoenix - one found no files, the other found 1300 files (where there should only be about 10), and the other found the right amount, but the files themselves were absolutely huge, so it must have merged the missing MPEG-2s to some of the other movies that weren't deleted.

Can anyone please suggest a way out of this, either by naming a program that can recover MPEG-2s, or a setting that I need change on one of the progs that I've already tried?

Thank you.

A:A data recovery program that can recover MPEG-2 files?

Hola try drive rescue or ontrack- data recovery
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A follow-up to my previous thread:

I, with the help of other generous members, have concluded that my USB drive has automatically deleted the important & only files that I had on the drive... is there any file recovery software besides Recuva that are freeware and can restore the files from USB?

Anyone who needs more information is kindly requested to go back to the original thread ( ) and he/she can infer what I am referring to.

Thank you in advance.

A:How should I recover lost files on my usb using a File Recovery Software?

there are several software that you can use.
When it comes to recovering lost files, I prevfer Runtime's GetDataBack for FAT or NTFS, your USB Flash drive will most likely be running a fat file system, so use GetDataback for FAT.
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Hello all I have following trouble my OS is Windows -bit It boots just fine but I suddenly found out that something wrong happened with my BCD store Tried more workarounds but none worked The last I found How To Restore Windows Boot Options Menu can't + no lost, recovery BCD recover store Problem - menu ended on bcdedit error mentioned below The problem indicates with following signs - bcdedit enum prints error quot The boot configuration data store could not be opened quot - bcdboot C windows prints error quot BFSVC Error BcdOpenSystemStore failed with unexpected error Problem - BCD store lost, can't recover + no recovery menu code Status c c quot - msconfig's boot tab shows empty OSes list nothing on the tab is clickablle - the same with System Properties Advanced tab Startup and Restore dialog OS dropdown has no entries Problem - BCD store lost, can't recover + no recovery menu - Trying to enter diagnostic boot by Shft Restart doesnot seem to offer full recovery menu It boots to GUI boot menu offering Continue or Troubleshooting Troubleshooting submenu offers Manage UEFI options this brings me to BIOS setup after reboot and Shut down No manage boot options no other choices - Tried to fix system booting with Paragon advanced recovery CD the fixes ended happily All of this Problem - BCD store lost, can't recover + no recovery menu point me to that my booting configuration is somehow ill I wonder a bit that Windows still can start Advices please Thanks

A:Problem - BCD store lost, can't recover + no recovery menu

Could you tell us exactly which procedure on your link you followed to cause the problem? You do have the recovery media the site suggests?

You say the system is booting normally, even with the errors?

Could you describe your configuration. A laptop with just Windows 8.1 installed? If you were trying to recover the GUI boot menu, what other OS are you booting with and how is it installed, same hard drive?
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Not that computer savvy but can get some help to do it.
Would like to create a restore drive, cd, dvd, etc .in case this machine gets corrupted severely and would need the drive wiped clean.
How to find out how large of a hard drive , or thumb drive to get,
How to do it.
Does it save all the files and favorites places.

A:recover, create recovery disc or hard drive

I think what you are looking for is a full backup of your computer in case something goes wrong.
Is this what you want to do?
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Hello, I'm at a loss and afraid I've lost all my files.   Every time I restarted my computer I kept getting the Windows Boot Manager error message: Status: 0xc000000f Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data. However, after googling and trying numerous methods to repair this, I now keep getting prompted with the Windows Recovery Manager.  I assumed that choosing the default factory restore option would prompt me with a back up option, but it didn't and proceeded to reformat.  I quickly shut my computer down. I don't know what to do next because now all I get is the Windows Recovery Manager option. Any help would be much appreciated!

A:Windows Boot Manager Error / Windows Recovery Manager Issue

If this string of events actually did start to reformat the drive, it might still be recoverable.  I would boot the computer to an independent OS IE: Linux Live on a CD or DVD and then look at the drive.  Then use that to copy your data to another drive.  Once the data is saved, then do whatever you want with this corrupted drive.  Do not try to continue with any other operations until the data is saved elsewhere.Since this PC came with Vista, once the data is saved, you could try the HP REcovery Manager to restore the original OS. Or just start over this a new install of windows 7
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Hi there,
I have a PC i am trying to format and reinstall windows vista. Unfortunately my mate has lost his original recovery dvd I made him and has now got a corrupted/damaged recovery partition.
After all the searching I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this. I want to format the hard drive and start from fresh as he has major Virus problems.
I tried searching old threads but couldnt find anything like what I needed, I hope I am not repaeting a thread already. If so please point me in right direction.
If it helps its a Acer 6252 travelmate.

All help greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance...

A:How to recover Vista Basic - no Partition or original recovery discs

Download: Windows Vista x64 Recovery Disc — The NeoSmart Files

the 32 bit version is a bit further down

how to use............

How to Make a Windows Vista Repair Disk If You Don’t Have One :: the How-To Geek

let us know how you get on
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I made 3 recovery disks for my hp laptop and ever since i posted the "my laptop wont turn on" ive been having problems with system recovery.
i want to system recovery, put the first disk in, formated the hard drive, let the recovery manager put the disk files on the laptop, and let it restart. now what do i do, there are 4 options. i need to do the other 2 disks, and if i try to use the computer, a popup says "system not fully installed. run setup again." Now what should i do? my parents hate windows vista and i dont want to put factory installations and stuff back on it, because it had vista.

A:Solved: Why Cant I REcover My hP Laptop With Multiple Homemade recovery Disks?
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Hi guys
have been through the whole folder lock shambles and still cant get my files back -i know they are there just cant see them -think i have exhausted every option except using a recovery program
Can anoyone recommend a software recovery program that will recover these files? -am happy to pay for the program but really was hoping to find someone who had sucess with one before buying
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

A:recommendation for recovery software to recover folder lock files


What do you mean when you say folder lock files? Do you mean it has the little lock icon next to the folder?

As for recover programs, we have used Easeus Data Recovery before which has worked well.

Also, I have moved your thread to another area on the forum as its not a network issue.
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After experiencing an error with windows, it wouldn't start up and said I was missing the hal.dll files, I fired up the windows recovery program. It worked like a charm, replaced windows and the hal.dll file, however all my folders with docs and pictures on the desktop that were there previously (which accumulated over years) were not there anymore. Is there any way to recover these missing folder and files? They weren't saved on the c: directly but only on the desktop. I tried system restore but it said there were no system recovery points I could recover from.
Does windows make a backup of these desktop files before it deletes them?
Please help anyone, thanks!

A:System recovery for xp deleted my personal files on desktop, can I recover them?

If the computer hasn't been used much since the recovery most of your files will be intact.

The tricky bit is getting them back. The only real way to retrieve your data is to remove the hard drive, plug it into another computer as a second drive and run a piece if recovery software over it.

The first two links are to free recovery software, the third is paid for - this one does work very well.
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This situation is a bit messy but anyways So I dualbooted Windows Developer Preview with my OEM Windows Home Premium years back and removed it thereafter together with restoring the MBR and everything So now whenever I press the F button at startup to access the Advanced Boot Options it shows the usual Windows black-and-white options After pressing F key at startup Windows after Recover/restore Options System 7 dualboot Recovery this shows thanks to SevenForums for the image The problem comes when I select the quot Repair Your Computer quot option which shows me the Windows Technical Preview quot System Recovery Options quot instead of the Windows this shows up thanks to EightForums instead of this thanks to SevenForums While I have created the Windows System Repair Disc to access my Windows options this bugs me a little as the quot refresh quot and quot reset quot options don't apply to me several options like System Restore doesn't work and my OEM options to Recover/restore Windows 7 System Recovery Options after dualboot access the recovery partition isn't there Furthermore I'm prepping for the upcoming Windows upgrade and am worried that the upgrade will further mess up the current situation So is there any way that I can recover restore the Windows System Recovery options

A:Recover/restore Windows 7 System Recovery Options after dualboot

Please post back a screenshot of Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image.

Tell us which partition had Windows 8. Did you correctly delete that partition which is how an OS is best removed?

Do you remember how you "restore[d] the MBR" exactly? Did you move the System boot files to Win7 or its System Reserved partition, and how? Has Startup Repair been run from 7 disk and what did it report?

If you deleted or formatted the Windows 8 partition and it's System Recovery Options remain then was the remaining System Reserved partition originally for WIndows 8 and only updated when Windows 7 was installed? This is the only way I can think of that Win8 SysRecovOptions would remain.

Seeing the screenshot and knowing the answers to these questions should make correcting this possible if the boot manager isn't corrupt. Keep in mind that any factory installed Win7 is a grossly inferior install to begin with, larded with bloatware and duplicate factory utilities that have much better versions built into Win7. Most tech enthusiasts choose to Clean Reinstall Windows 7 with the Product Key on the COA sticker.

As a last resort if you've lost Factory Recovery via F8 and that is the method to boot Recovery for your model, you didn't make the Recovery disks, but Recov partition is still intact, we could show you how to Boot Recovery Partition using EasyBCD to set the rig back to factory condition. Then you can Clean Up Factory Bloatware
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Using an E-machines desk top with Vista 32-bit Home Premium.

Recently, I tried to install some service pack update & it wreaked havoc on my computer. After fiddling around with it (it had basically frozen while installing the pack), the whole thing ended up wiping Everything clean & in the end, I needed the install disc to fix it. (which I *just* found)

So now I'm stuck on some "Welcome Window" & it won't connect to the internet. I know the connection works, cause I'm using the same broadband line to it on my laptop now. I keep reading online about fixing w/ a "Recovery Manager" in the start menu, but I'm not seeing that anywhere. There's an error I see that says "Error 815"..."WAN miniport", etc.
What to do now? Thanks.

A:Help w. recovery manager

5 days. all is still quiet. * bump*
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hey guys~

ive recently created the recovery disc from the recovery manager, ive installed it, say it would turn my laptop to the original factory setting, after i installed it, everything is clear, as i expected, but however, now my laptop performance shrink ALOT! i mean ALOT! i cant even run Need For Speed Undercover properly in the lowest graphical settings, do anyone know whats the problem here?

ive checked the graphic card to see if its installed properly after the recovery and it is install and working properly, do anyone know the problem here?

however after the recovery, i didnt seen to care about the window update that much, could this be the problem?does updates make a difference? my laptop has Intel Dou Core @ 2GHz and has 2GB RAM, and graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS, my laptop now cant even run games at high graphics setting where prior to the recovery i can and very smooth

A:HP recovery Manager

Start by updating all of your drivers.

and yes, windows updates can make a huge difference. For example, no windows updates, no directx.
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Getting error code FFFFFF15 then i click on ok and come up with error code=45D can anyone tell me if this is a motherboard problem and will it be easier for me to buy a new laptop or to get it fixed

A:Hp recovery manager

Please explain in more detail what you are attempting to do when you see the error code.  Are you trying to perform an HP  recovery for the notebook from the onboard HP Recovery Manager? Did you create USB or DVD recovery media? You can boot to recovery media to invoke the HP Recovery Manager and perform a recovery.
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In my desktop PC, Windows 7 Professional 32 bit was preinstalled and recovery partition also available. But in the programe menu, HP Recovery Manager was not available. I have downloaded HP Recovery Manager software in several time and tried to install, but failed. I want to re-install windows through hp recovery manager. Please help me about the installation of HP Recovery Manager and how can I get this software. Sir, help me in details. My email- [email protected]
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Hi i have Windows 8 currently installed on my computer which i upgraded from windows 7, i am disliking windows 8 so i want to go back and i remeber there being a recovery manager on windows 7 but i can no longer find it on windows 8. i have looked in my C drive and cannot find it either.
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New to the site, a little slow on computer knowledge and ill face it, I AM COMPLETELY INCOMPETENT WITH A PC. So, with that said...

I deleted my Recovery Manager feature off of Windows 7, wondering if it possible to recover? I wanted to restore back to factory settings but it fails every time, pretty sure it is due to the recovery manager being missing. Tried the F11 option also, still no hope. After hours of searching I now realize that it cannot just be added like a regular application but is there any possible way? I ordered the HP Recovery Disc hoping it holds an answer but I'm kinda in a time crunch. Any alternatives?

Even thought about upgrading Windows 7 but I'm guessing it wouldn't upgrade what isn't already there, correct?

Help is appreciated, and THANK YOU very, very much.

A:Recovery Manager

Hello and welcome to Bleepingcomputer.

Are you stating that you removed Windows system restore from your computer or are you referring to a third party recovery manager program?

Thanks in advance.

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When I open my HP Recovery Manager and select "yes" for the Software Program Re-Installation,
the Select a program to install window appears (like it should) EXCEPT it is EMPTY!!!!
Where is the list of all the programs that we installed on my computer when I first used it?

Thank you!!

HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx
Vista Home Premium x64

A:HP Recovery Manager

Above link may answer any questions you have about HP's reovery manager.

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I got something buggy on my laptop, and i want to recover my laptop to the first time i got the pc. And when i downloading the recovery manager i got a message : This softpaq wil nott be installed on this pc beacuse HP Recovery Manager cannot be found in this system. Any help ?

A:HP Recovery Manager

Your specs say, HP PC with Windows 8 x86, therefore not Pre-installed, HP Recovery Manager would only work on the old OS & not on the upgraded OS.
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My Hp Laptop Was In The Process Of Getting An OS Update & My Sister Turned It Off (As A Prank) Before Windows 10 Finished Installing. Long Story Short I Had To Reinstall Windows 7 On It But Before Downloading Win 10 I Had To Free Up Space On My Recovery (Partition). So I Formatted It. Now I Don't Have HP Recovery Manager Or Any Other HP Factory Apps. How Can I Get Those Back?

A:HP Recovery Manager

Hi, There's no download for Recovery Manager, but pretty much all the other software and drivers for your notebook can be downloaded from the link below. Regards, DP-K
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Every time I use the magnify button on my microsoft comfort sculpt mouse the hp Recovery Manager screen opens up..... This is so agrivating....  is there anyway I can get this to stop....  and usually it is right where I am working...I am 70 years old and I need the magnify button....
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I was creating the recovery of window 8.1. I  used HP recovery manager for creating recovery DVD's. It required 5 two DVD's completed burnig process but  3rd DVD completed 80% or 85% and show ' error ' .I tried many times but it cannot work. So, please give me response  What am i do in thi situayion..
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Hi my Compaq presario laptop has been corrupted by a virus...unfortunately, I did not take a recovery disk. Although I am able to access my vista I am not sure if I make the recovery disk now, it will reset my comp to current condition(with viruses) or factory outlet ????? What should I do????

A:Recovery manager

Backup your files, shut off the PC, turn power on again and keep tapping F11. That will get you to the reinstallation wizard - follow the prompts.

HP Notebook PCs*-* Using HP Backup and Recovery Manager*