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USB C on the new 2016 Spectre x360 compatibility

Q: USB C on the new 2016 Spectre x360 compatibility

Hey everyoneI'm thinking about buying the new 13" Spectre x360Do you know of any HP or even third party usb C adapters that have HDMI and ethernet ports using only 1 usb C port? If its possible to also have a usb C charging port and/or other connections on the adapter as well that would be even better. Also does anyone knows how to tell if a certain adapter I find online is compatible with this laptop?
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Preferred Solution: USB C on the new 2016 Spectre x360 compatibility

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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According to the latest reports, AMD will skip the problematic 20nm manufacturing node for their next-generation 'Arctic Islands' GPUs, which the company is expected to launch in 2016. Instead, Arctic Islands will progress directly to 14nm FinFET in the hope...

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A:AMD to reportedly skip 20nm entirely for its 2016 GPU family

Sounds like a good strategy.
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AMD's roadmap for the next two years has leaked, and it's filled with information about what the company is planning for their desktop and mobile CPU and APU lines. While 2015 will see a mix of 32, 28 and 20nm chips,...

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A:Leaked AMD roadmap suggests all 2016 APUs will be 14nm

If it beats the Bulldozer family by a solid 5-10% in video games plus media encoding with reasonable prices, I am going to use it for all my builds.
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Hello someone know if the I7 3820 is working with a graphic card pci-express3.0?

A:Processor compatibility

Check your motherboard specifications.
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I have an issue with my brothers computer I have upgraded my brothers computer with a new PSU I connected all the ends and powered it on Because my brothers computer is an older one the new PSU came with a pin CPU v my brothers MOBO is a pin So I plugged it in closest to the sides The PSU s fan would spin the lights in the front would light up and I see the RAM indicator lights turn on but I never reach the boot screen of BIOS I double checked the connections nothing is unplugged I thought PSU compatibility mobo I either fried the MOBO or the PSU was a DOA So I placed the old PSU back in the computer plugged everything accordingly and it booted up with no PSU mobo compatibility problems I went back to the new PSU did the paper clip trick attaching the green wire to a black wire and checked all the connections with a volt meter to see if the connections are going through All the connections are supplied appropriately So I went back to the computer leaving the old PSU inside still attached I placed the new PSU to the side I only disconnected the pin connection and the pin from the MOBO connected to the old PSU Using the new PSU connections I ONLY plugged in the pin and the right half of the pin into the pin on the MOBO I pressed the power button still the same result No boot up screen at all just the fans spinning both PSU and CPU fans and the RAM indicator lights turned on Before I hear people saying did you plug in the video card the video card does NOT need power directly to it because is old there are no slots for one So plugging that in is not an option I don t know what to do about this I have absolutely no idea what is going on I cannot get the spec as the moment but I can get them as soon as I can Thank you for your time nbsp

A:PSU mobo compatibility

What is the new PSU model number, and just check if the 8 pin splits in half to form 2x 4 pin connectors as lots of modern power supplies do this.
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Hey everyone are all these parts compatible and also if possible I would like to take it down to around but I don t want to change the CPU Processor at all BTW I am in B Part Check Compatibility Computer C Computer Part Compatibility Check Canada and if you know where I can get any parts cheeper please let me know Intel Core i - Haswell Processor http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E MSI Z -G PC Mate LGA http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E XFX Double D FX- A-CDFC Radeon HD http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E GB Corsair Vengeance DDR RAM http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Western Digital WD Black Tb Hard Computer Part Compatibility Check Drive http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Cooler Master Elite http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Rosewill Hive Series Hive- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E ASUS Black SATA X DVD Burner http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Thank you to everyone that does help nbsp

A:Computer Part Compatibility Check

Quick glance over, everything looks fine to me.

Current 4th gen i5 and motherboard with DDR3 1600 memory. The case is a standard ATX, so the motherboard will fit nicely. The Radeon HD 7870 (single card 500W) calls for 600W in XFire, and you have a 650W selected. Everything else is fairly standard, where there is no need to worry them.
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Hi there!

My question is whether the motherboard ASUS P7P55D-E PRO is compatible with this G.Skill ram:

I have this motherboard and an Intel i5 760 2.8GHz CPU but I need to buy RAM (preferably 8GB) and a heatsink/cooler (already decided on this Enermax:

A:RAM Compatibility with M/B


4 x DIMM, Max. 16 GB, DDR3 2200(O.C.)*/1600/1333/1066 Non-ECC,Un-buffered MemoryClick to expand...

Looking at the motherboard specs, I'd say you were good to go.
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This is my first time ever building a PC and I m not very PC hardware savvy I would really appreciate it if someone would let me know if this build is compatible and if there are any fixes changes to be made please let me know I will be using this computer for gaming CPU Intel Core i - K GHz MB Intel Smart Cache LGA HDD TB TBx SATA-III of Help build compatibility with Gb s MB Cache RPM HDD Single Drive MEMORY GB GBx DDR MHz Dual Channel Memory MOTHERBOARD CrossFireX MSI Z -G PC Mate Intel Z Chipset DDR ATX Mainboard w Military Class OC Genie II HD Audio GbLAN HDMI Gen PCIe x x PCI-e amp PCI POWER SUPPLY Watts - Corsair CX W PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC VIDEO NVIDIA GeForce GTX GB X PCIe Video Card Windows bit OS Monitor x I was told by a friend to be wary of the power supply being only W Would it be recommended to raise it Thanks to anyone who takes their time to read help out I greatly appreciate any and all help nbsp

A:Help with compatibility of build

Everything is compatible.

acrippledninja said:

I was told by a friend to be wary of the power supply being only 500W. Would it be recommended to raise it?Click to expand...

The 500W will be fine running a single GTX 760. However you did list a motherboard that supports two cards. AMD Crossfire anyway, there was no mention of SLI support.

GTX 760 GPU Engine Specs:

Minimum Recommended System Power (W) - 500W
Click to expand...

The minimum power specifications have headroom for the average user.
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Before I carry on I need to know one thing Does the Cosmos support ATX motherboards The reason I ask is because there is conflicting information provided by the cooler-master website and reviews online The website http www coolermaster co uk product php product id The Review pause the video when he shows the specs on the side of the box Will all of this hardware work together nicely Motherboard Sabertooth FX Gen R http www amazon co uk Sabertooth- amp sr - amp keywords SABERTOOTH FX GEN R PC Case Cooler Master Cosmos http www amazon co uk Cooler-Mast keywords coolermaster cosmos productDetails CPU AMD FX http www amazon co uk AMD-FX - F amp qid amp sr - amp keywords amd fx GPU Sapphire HD http www amazon co uk Sapphire- amp qid amp sr - amp keywords Sapphire PSU Corsair HX Gold http www amazon co uk Corsair-HX amp sr - amp keywords Corsair HX productDetails Feel free to suggest ram but I have gigs of ddr that only costed me And it is Crucial I might buy new stuff but I don t know yet I plan to buy lots of water cooling and radiators eventually once new Building a Compatibility - machine I got the basics set up nbsp

A:Building a new machine - Compatibility

Yes it does. It supports MicroATX through SSI EEB.

Good build. I recommend you wait till September 25th for the GPUs since AMD is set to unveil something new. Or if you want, just get the 7970 and wait for the new GPUs to release. Just remember, dont waste your money on watercooling if you have just 1 GPU.
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My system specs are

intel i5-3570k
intel DZ75ML-45K mothterboard
corsair vengeance 8gb 1600mhz
cooler master thunder 600w PSU

my question is ,does my motherboard (intel DZ75ML-45K) supports nVIDIA GTX 660 gpu...?

plz reply...!! I am waiting to purchase that card ...

thanks in advance....

A:Motherboard compatibility

vivek viru said:

my question is ,does my motherboard (intel DZ75ML-45K) supports nVIDIA GTX 660 gpu...?

plz reply...!! I am waiting to purchase that card ...Click to expand...

Yes, go for it.

The motherboard will support any PCIe x16 graphics card. Just remember the second x16 slot is only pinned for x4 connectivity and is limited to PCIe 2.0 specs.
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Anyway that I can make the Thermal Element G case compatible with the ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155? I know the case doesn't have a USB 3.0 front port but the motherboard does. What can I do to get around this, because this is the only case that I can find that I really like.

A:MB and case compatibility issue

Ah, good to see you have received your components . I dont really get what you mean. The case doesnt have front USB3 ports? This may be because the case is an old model.
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Hello everyone

I am about to buy corsair vengeance 8gb 18660mhz. My mobo is Asus M5A97 LE R2.0. My cpu is AMD3+. Will the ram be compatible with my motherboard. Please answer asap.

A:Corsair Vengeance memory compatibility

Yes it is compatible.
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Hello , I am buying different parts in order to build a decent gaming pc at a relatively cheap price.

I would like to know if these four are compatible :
- Graphics card : POV TGT GeForce GTX 650 Ti Performance Boost or MSI GTX 650 ti OC
Power Edition . What differences are there between POV and MSI?
- Motherboard : MSI Z77MA-G45 or Z77A-G45 . I went on the MSI site and I didnt find in the
compatibility sheet with VGA cards, the GTX 650 TI , is it normal ???
- Processor : Intel Core i3 3220 Ivybridge
- Memory : Kingston 4Go DDR3 1600MHz CL9 HyperX PnP

Thank you.

A:New graphics card compatibility

Yes, this is all compatible. List your PSU to make sure though, as this has a large effect on compatibility too.

MSI vs POV - they're just brands. They may have slightly different overclocks and coolers.

Also, either upgrade your CPU, or downgrade your mobo. You don't need a Z77 mobo. Either way, I highly recommend an i5 3470 CPU anyway.
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Are all these computer parts compatible Part List- RAM Memory- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Video Graphics Card- http www newegg Compatibility check ca Product Product aspx Item N E CPU Processor- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Hard Drive- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N Compatibility check E DVD Drive Burner- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Motherboard- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Case- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Power Supply- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Monitor- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E OS- Windows Keyboard- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Mouse- http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E I will not be overclocking because This is the first time I have built a computer I don t know how and I don t want to attempt to and break something My budget is Compatibility check around and I don t want to go much over that nbsp

A:Compatibility check

Over-clocking is easy, I understand your concerns though. It doesn't void the warranty. But, if you set the voltage too high then you can wreck your CPU. I recommend you watch videos if you want to OC.
1) I would get a K series CPU just so that you can future proof it longer. (CPUs dont really need to be replaced as often as GPUs, so get a good one @ the time of purchase)
Note: If you want to OC, and get the K series like I recommended, then you may wanna add in a Hyper 212 Evo.

2) I would get this PSU instead: Since you are spending so much on your build, you wanna get a reliable power supply, and the one I stated is high quality.

3) The 3GB GTX 660TI is not necessary for 1080P resolutions. It may come in handy in the future with more strenuous games, but games are good at working with what you have and toning down AA (uses up most VRAM) wont do much other than take away unnecessary eye candy.

4) When you get all your components together you will have to set the RAM to 1600MHz through the BIOS.

Note: When building a PC, dont use drivers from CDs. You will want to get drivers from online. Would you like me to outline the vital drivers you will need when you receive your PC?

As for the $100 question, yes they are all compatible.
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Ram http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Video Card http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E CPU http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Hard Drive Computer part compatibility check http www newegg ca Product Computer part compatibility check Product aspx Item N E SSD http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E DVD Drive Burner http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Motherboard http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Case http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Power Supply http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Monitor http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E Heatsink http www newegg ca Product Product aspx Item N E OS Windows BTW I am still saving up for Computer part compatibility check this and by the time I have enough money Windows most likely wont be available I have never owned a windows computer but I have used windows and and I like more so please don t complain about me going with windows nbsp

A:Computer part compatibility check

P.S this computer will be used for gaming, computer animation, photoshop, and recording and editing youtube videos.
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I want to buy a new motherboard but the problem I'm having is I don't really know anything about the compatibility of things to buy one. I wanted to know if someone could tell me what I need to be compatible with the motherboard, then I say what I have and maybe if your the most helpful person ever you could give me advise on what motherboard and case to get that will get everything working.

thank you to anyone who is willing to help.

A:Motherboard compatibility

I'm certain we can help you find a compatible motherboard but first we need to know more about your computer. Could you let us know the make and model of the computer, including any build codes, or if it's custom built, the components you're already using please.

We'll then be able to advise you of what is suitable at your budget.
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Guys, I'm 99% sure it's alright, but here's the question:

Will this GPU work with either these PSUs? PSU-1 PSU-2
How do I know if the 6-pin PCI Express connector is the required 75W?

Which PSU would you recomend?

A:Checking compatibility between components

I'd go Corsair. They're proven good PSUs.
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I'm very new to this, and trying to upgrade the CPU and graphics card in my PC.

I have a Pegatron Narra5 motherboard, and I'm planning to get an AMD Athlon II X4 640 Propus 3.0GHz Socket AM3 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor ADX640WFGMBOX for it.

My question is, what's a fairly high-end graphics card that would be compatible with these two?

The MSI Computer Corp ATI Radeon HD7770 1020 MHz 1GB DDR5 PCI-Express 3.0 x16 Graphics Cards R7770-2PMD1GD5/OC was suggested to me, would that probably work?

A:CPU, motherboard, and GPU compatibility

That GPU isn't 'fairly high end'. It's very much mid-range. Here's a TS review of the card.

I guess now is the time to ask - what do you want to do with the computer? Depending on your PSU, you'll be limited to what GPU you can get. And if you go for higher-end stuff, the 4GB DDR2 RAM limit on your mobo may start to hurt, along with your CPU.
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Hello TechSpot community! It's my first post here and I just wanted to ask are the parts of my new computer all compatible?

Here are the specs:

Intel core i7 3770 3.4GHz
ASUS P8Z77-V LX [Bought]
Hitachi 1TB 32MB SATA3 7200RPM ? HDS721010CLA332
Corsair DDR3 Vengeance Black PC12800 8 GB [2x4GB] CMZ8GX3M2A1600C8
ASUS GeForce GTX 660Ti 2GB DirectCU II
PSU: Corsair HX Series 650W
Case: Cooler Master CM 690 II w/ Transparent Acrylic
Cooling: Cooler Master HYPER 212 EVO TURBO Edition
Windows 8 Pro​
I will use it to play games, edit movies, photoshop for most of the time.
Thanks in advance!

A:New rig compatibility check

If you're asking whether all these parts together will boot up and run Windows/Apps/Games... then yes, it should run just fine (so long as your case has enough clearance for that Evo which I think it does.) You may get several people giving their personal opinions on some of the parts so you might want to give a bit of detail about what you already have or parts that you have no control over. For the most part it should be a really fast machine with the exception of an SSD.
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I just bought an ASUS GTX560TI gpu and intalled it in my Asus P5G41T-M LX3 Motherboard . The GPU does not seem to give output or is not being recognized by the MB. Could there be compatibility issues between the 2 cards or is it a fault with the GPU. My old Radeon 4890 works fine. The only reason I am upgrading is because Windows 8 is not compatible with my old card. Any help would be appreciated.


A:GPU compatibility with motherboard

Did you remember to connect a power supply connection to the new video card?
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Hi, so I've recently purchased a radeon HD6870 card and was considering going for a cross fire setup.

At the moment a second 6870 is outside my budget. Whould it be possible to pop in a 6850 without any issues?

Is crossfire limited to a given manufacturer or can I mix them.......I.e Sapphire + HIS

A:Crossfire compatibility... 6870+6850?

Any manufacturer will work with any other as long as it is the same card. No the 6870 needs another 6870 to crossfire I assume that hybrid crossfire might work but it would be less than stellar. Others would know more on the subject.
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I plan on installing a different GPU on my PC
the GPU in question is a GeForce 660GTX 2GB DDR5
and the CPU is an Intel core2duo E6550 2.33Ghz

question is, is the GPU compatible with the CPU?
and are there other factors I should consider before trying this?

A:GPU compatibility

The factors you should be considering is the Cpu and Motherboard seeing that the cpu is An intel CoreDuo E6550 Im having my doubts on how much your pc will take the full power of the gfx card and idk what socket your motherboard takes please tell us the motherboard serial number or name
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I've been wanting to build a gaming rig for quite some time and finally racked up the money to afford it. The last stop is to make sure it's all compatible, which I need help with. This is what's going into the rig:

Case: CM Storm Enforcer
Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V LX
Graphics card: Asus GTX 660 Ti
Memory: G.Skill 8GB DDR3
Processor: Intel Core i7 2600k 3.4GHz Socket 1155 8MB Cache Retail Boxed Processor
Power supply: Coolermaster 650 watts

The rest is pretty self explanatory I think.

Do these parts work together? All help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me with putting together a desktop pc from scratch test Compatibility I haven t done this before and I was wondering if someone could help me in determining if these parts will go together I looking to build a gaming pc These are the parts I m hoping can go together If there is a better deal or Compatibility test better performance Compatibility test system for the same budget I would be glad to know CPU AMD - FD FRGUBOX Motherboard Gigabyte - GA- FXA-UD Memory Compatibility test Corsair - CMV GX M A C SSD Corsair - CSSD-F GBGT-BK HDD Western Digital - WD EZRX Case Antec - LANBOYAIR-RED Video Card EVGA - G-P - -KR Sound Card ASUS - Xonar-DX PSU Antec - EA- -GREEN Moniter Acer - S HL Blu-Ray Burner Panasonic - UJ- Wireless Card D-Link - DWA- Moniter Acer - S HL Mouse Logitech - - Keyboard CoolerMaster - SGK- -GKCC Network Card - Wired INTELLINET - OS Either Windows Professional or Windows Release Preview Webcam Microsoft - PD- nbsp

A:Compatibility test

Hi Dillon, there's a few things that you could tell us to help us help you.
1. Do you have a budget?
2. Are you willing to buy online?
3. What is your intended usage for this PC? Anything other than gaming?
4. Do you require any specific parts?

as for your current list, It looks OK, but I would make some changes.

firstly, switch the AMD FX-4170 out for an intel i5. I run an FX-6100 in my rig, and it performs nicely, but it's not so great for intense gaming (BF3, Metro 2033, Crysis, etc.) I'd go with the intel i5 3570K or the 2500K. A nice Motherboard to go along with that CPU would be the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H, which is around $175.
Also, I'd suggest you look into getting an aftermarket Heatsink for your CPU. the Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO is insanely good for the price of around $35, so I highly recommend that.
Next, the EVGA GTX560Ti is a great choice for gaming, but at around $330 (AUD) it's a bit pricey, and you'd be happier with a HD7870 or a GTX570. here are four cards I'd recommend:

AMD: Sapphire Radeon HD7870 2GB GHz - $320
or if you're willing to spend a little extra: MSI R7950 - $369
both these cards would outperform a 560Ti, plus they're PCI3.0

NVIDIA: ASUS GTX570 - $309
or if you're willing to spend a little extra: Gigabyte GTX670 - $399
these cards would absolutely demolish any game when paired up with a 3570K or a 2500K.

my personal recommendation would be:
CPU: intel i5 3570K
GPU: MSI R7950
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H - $175
HSF: Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO - $35

this list is just my opinion, so feel free to disregard :3

Anyway, moving on, the rest of the parts seem good, it's just those few things I wanted to point out. I'm sure other techspotters will help soon enough too.
Good luck
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I have a Gigabyte GA-890FXA-UD5 version 2.1 and I have bought a AMD FX 8150 CPU. The manual says this board takes Phenom 11 processor being a version 2.1. With the latest drivers for the chipset I was wondering would my CPU and the Motherboard be compatible.

A:CPU compatibility with motherboard

According to Gigabyte that motherboard does not support the FX 8150. See the list of supported CPUs here:
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Acer S220HQLBD 21.5in Widescreen LED Monitor In stock $129.00 ​ Sharkoon T9 Value Red Case USB 3.0 In stock $65.00 ​ ASUS GeForce GT 640 2GB In stock $129.00 ​ Intel 330 Series 120GB SSD In stock $139.00 ​ Western Digital Green 2TB WD20EARX In stock $115.00 ​ OCZ Fatal1ty Series 750W Modular In stock $109.00 ​ Pioneer DVR-220LBKS Black 24xDVDRW OEM Due 11/07/12 $29.00 ​ Intel Core i7 2600K In stock $325.00 ​ ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Performance Motherboard In stock $185.00 ​ Corsair CMV16GX3M2A1333C9 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR3 In stock $115.00 ​ Logitech G510 Gaming Keyboard In stock $105.00 ​ Arctic Cooling Freezer i30 CPU Cooler Due 10/07/12 $39.00 ​ Logitech G400 Optical Gaming Mouse In stock $35.00 ​ Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Retail Pack In stock $239.00 ​

A:PC compatibility check

I'm new to this sort of thing (presumably obviously) but I'm just looking to build a decent gaming computer - decent basically meaning pretty fast with good graphics and lots of space. I don't have too much of a budget, I'd like to stick somewhere around the $2000 mark.
If any of you have any suggestions or whatnot as to how I can improve my rig please let me know!
I'm looking to buy all my gear on
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Hi just hoping you guys can double check my computer im going to build to make sure that everything looks good....

OS: Win7

A:Computer parts compatibility check

that looks like quite a powerful build. although a 1000W power supply is waaaay too overkill unless you intend to SLI.
apart from that, yes everything looks compatible.
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I m new to building computers so please bear with me I m looking to build a relatively fast computer not really for gaming or anything more just for video editing compatibility parts Computer etc I have a budget of around and I was wondering if these parts I picked out should Computer parts compatibility work with each other well Motherboard - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E CPU - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E RAM - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Video Card - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Power Supply - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Hard Drive - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Disk Drive - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Case - http www newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Thanks for the help and input I appreciate it nbsp

A:Computer parts compatibility

Looks good, everything is compatible.

One thing I noticed is the case doesn't have USB 3.0 front panel ports. If you plan for having USB 3.0 now you can save yourself from upgrading later. If you do plan for including USB 3.0, you might could use a motherboard that includes a USB 3.0 connector on-board.

The motherboard had a H61 chip-set that was designed for Sandy Bridge. I noticed Ivy Bridge has also been listed in the CPU support list.
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hey guys i just want to know if i buy a USA mobo and a Korean GPU they will work as they supose to?

A:Different countries, same hardware compatibility?

Of course. As long as the GPU understands english. LOL. Just kidding.
Hardware doesn't understand human speech of any form.
So, yes, they will work.
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I have Intel Core 2 Duo Cpu, [email protected] 2.80ghz Processor, 3GB RAM.
"320 GB HDD"
My display adapter is "Intel G33 Express Chipset Family"
"PCI Express Motherboard"
Can anyone please tell me which Graphics Card is compatible with it?
I want to run games like Gta 4, call of duty modern warfare 3, And please tell whether these games will work on my CPU or not

Thanks Alot

A:Graphics Card Compatibility

Unless you have a 450W to 600W power supply chances are you will need to replace the power supply to run the requested graphics adapter.

I would think you need to be in this range for graphics card selections. - Newegg search
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Hi there I was purpose? What listings motherboards? are for compatibility their Memory wondering if someone could clarify why motherboard manufacturers put out memory compatibility listings Im in a discussion with a work collegue who seems to think that these lists are non-exhaustive and they do not also display incompatible ram Ive explained to him that i believe these listings are designed to show a list of all ram that is tested by the MB manufacturer and is known and therefore guaranteed to be compatible with the board in general He disagrees Memory compatibility listings for motherboards? What are their purpose? and suggests otherwise - he thinks that memory of similar specification timings and voltage to those listed on the compatibility are guaranteed to work as they Memory compatibility listings for motherboards? What are their purpose? share the same characteristics - he suggests those lists serve no purpose when trying to match memory types and motherboards for compatibility and therefore cannot be relied upon in a situation where ram may not be compatible with the board in question If anyone can clarify exactly why motherboard manufacturers provide these lists - Memory compatibility listings for motherboards? What are their purpose? that would be great nbsp

A:Memory compatibility listings for motherboards? What are their purpose?

But you don't want to assume the various modules would work together, or at the same time. Those listings of compatibility may show they work in the same system, but may or may not show memory that works together..
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I just got a new computer and put in it a 6950 HD radeon gfx card with crossfire capability. My older computer was using a radeon sapphire series 9600. I am assuming not, but could I link them both or is the 9600 too old to use or provide any benefit?

A:Crossfire compatibility with older graphics card?

No Crossfire.
6950 would require either another 6950, or 6970, or 6990
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Hello everyone,

I'm thinking of building a new PC:

1. My budget is around 2,000 (US $)

2. Configuration:
Cabinet- Thermotake Level 10 GT.
MB- Asus Sabertooth X79.
CPU- i7 2600 (because i can't afford the higher ones right now).
Graphics- MD Radeon HD 6950.
HDD- Western Digital 2TB.
Monitor- ViewSonic 24" LED VX2450WM.

3. First question,does Asus Sabertooth X79 support i7 2600?
Second, What about the Graphic card?

4. I would highly appreciate it if you guys can tell/advice/suggest me if the config is alright or not.


A:Mobo, CPU and graphic card compatibility question

Graphics card will work but the CPU won't. you need either of these CPU's.
SandyBridge (SB) was never designed to be a replacement for X58 but a replacement for LGA 1156. Due to some of the architecture design changes, the CPU is size changed so it is no longer compatible with the LGA 1156 or X58. The X58 is still considered Intel's Highend Setup until the X79 was released.

The issue Intel has created is that the performance of the SB is so good, it has made both previous platforms obsolete in terms of price to performance. There is no need to purchase a 2011 socket setup and the X79 is only king on high resolution multiple card setups (high level multi-tasking / CS5 / AutoCAD work is ruled by the i7 980X) due to the lack of bandwidth restrictions.

If you don't plan on running dual cards or over 1920x1200 resolution, than IMO the SB is the way to go!
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I am a hardcore gamer Graphics compatibility card and want a new graphics card as my built in one only gives fps in my game which is unplayable But i don t know what graphics card to buy My motherboard is Gigabyte - GA- GM-DS According to the company website http www gigabyte eu products product-page aspx pid fq The system specs are CPU Supports Intel Core Extreme Quad-Core Core Duo Intel Pentium Extreme Intel Pentium D processor Supports MHz FSB Chipset Northbridge Intel G Express Chipset Southbridge Intel ICH Marvel Gigabit LAN Controller GIGABYTE SATAII controller Realtek ALC Channel Audio Codec Memory Supports DDR memory Dual Channel architecture support up Graphics card compatibility to GB by DIMM slots Due to standard PC architecture a certain amount Graphics card compatibility of memory is reserved for system usage and therefore the actual memory size is less than the stated amount Expansion Slots PCI Express X slot PCI Express X slot PCI slots Form Factor MicroATX form factor x mm Internal I O Connectors -pin ATX power connector -pin ATX V power connector floppy connector IDE connector SATA Gb s connectors CPU fan connector system fan connector front panel connector front audio connector CD In connector power LED connector USB connectors for additional ports by cables SPDIF In Out connector COMB port connector IEEE a connectors for additional ports by cable Chassis Intrusion connector Back Panel Connectors PS keyboard port PS mouse port parallel port VGA port serial port COMA USB ports IEEE a port RJ- port audio jacks Line In Line Out MIC In Surround Speaker Out Rear Speaker Out Center Subwoofer Speaker Out Side Speaker Out H W Monitoring System voltage detection CPU System temperature detection CPU System fan speed detection CPU warning temperature CPU System fan failure warning CPU Smart Fan Control BIOS Mbit flash ROM Use of licensed AWARD BIOS PnP a DMI SM BIOS ACPI b Other Features Supports RAID JBOD ports with RAID function supported by GIGABYTE SATA Supports BIOS Supports Download Center Supports Q-Flash Supports EasyTune Supports Xpress Install Supports Xpress Recovery Supports Virtual Dual BIOS Xpress BIOS Rescue Remark Due to different Linux support condition provided by chipset vendors please download Linux driver from chipset vendors website or rd party website Most hardware software vendors may no longer offer drivers to support Win X ME XP SP SP If drivers are available from the vendors we will update them on the GIGABYTE website Motherboard make model Gigabyte - GA- GM-DS Motherboard graphic interface PCI AGP x AGP X PCIe other Power supply make Power supply watts Power supply amps on v CPU Intel R core TM CPU Ghz Ram GB So if my computer has PCI Slots i went to the shop and saw Nvidia graphics card mb GBP it said Pci or pci Will it be compatible and how better will it be from my current built in one nbsp

A:Graphics card compatibility

For the record there is a difference in PCI and PCIe. PCIe is the card slot you are talking about.

PCIe 1.0 and PCIe 2.0 is backward and forward compatible, so that is a non-issue for you.

PCIe 2.0 transfer rates can only be used when the motherboard and graphics card are both compliant. If both motherboard and graphics card are not compliant, PCIe 1.0 standards are used.

As far as performance see for yourself. -

Your internal graphics is "Intel G965 Express" which scores 111 on the PassMark Benchmark's.
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I have an Asus P5W DH Deluxe motherboard and I was wondering if it is compatible with PCI-E 2.1, as I am interested in a Gigabyte HD5670 G/Card which is of this configuration and takes its power via the board instead of a separate cable.
The only info I can find out for the MB is the following but it doesn't seem to reveal much.
2 x PCI Express x 16 slot for discrete graphics card
2 x PCI Express x 1
3 x PCI


A:My Asus motherboard compatibility with PCI-E 2.1 graphics cards?

Yes the Gigabyte HD5670 will work just fine in the Asus P5W DH Deluxe
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i have a HP PSU compatibility p - c computer and i am using a Bestec ATX- - Z-D R psu that has watts which is weak i want to know is using a different brand of psu with different specs is ok to use with my pc or do i have to use that same model of psu i wanted to buy like a watt startech psu if i don t need to use a replacement psu of bestec watt psu PSU compatibility because i heard bad things about bestec power supplies Is a different brand or model of psu going PSU compatibility to have the right adapters on it to use right away on my pc I keep thinking there are didn t adapters on all atx power supply units so i am not sure if others are compatibie with my pc help please I want this psu for to use with a HD gb video card i plan to purchase soon any ideas what i should do nbsp

A:PSU compatibility

If the PSU is stamped as a ATX PSU, and not some oddly sized OEM style version then you can upgrade it with any ATX type PSU.

Any half decent PSU will have all the connectors you need included. I would recommend you purchase a 500W PSU to give a little additional headroom.

What is your budget for a new PSU and I'll recommend a few.
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Hey everyone gaming machine PC check -- build Compatibility on first new I m building a new gaming desktop Compatibility check on new gaming machine -- first PC build and want to make sure everything is compatible I ve never built a pc before so if you could take a look at this list and see if anything stands out to you as being wrong A couple of main things I want to be sure of are Will the water cooler work with the case and Which PCI wireless card will I need PCIe x or PCIe x Thanks Here s the list Sorry I can t post links yet since I m new Case Antec Nine Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case CPU Intel Core i - Gulftown GHz x KB L Cache MB L Cache LGA W Six-Core Desktop Processor Motherboard ASUS P X D-E LGA Intel X SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard RAM CORSAIR Vengeance GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR Desktop Memory Model Hard Drives Western Digital Caviar Black WD FAEX TB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive Video Cards gtx EVGA SuperClocked -P - -AR GeForce GTX Fermi MB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Power Supply KINGWIN Mach ABT- MA S W ATX BTX SLI Certified CrossFire Ready PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply DVD Burner ASUS X DVD Burner Water Cooling CORSAIR CWCH - High Performance CPU Cooler Keyboard Mouse Logitech Wireless Combo PCI Wireless Card Rosewill RNX-G LX Wireless Adapter Compatibility check on new gaming machine -- first PC build Card IEEE b g PCI or Asus Wireless Compatibility check on new gaming machine -- first PC build Network Adapter PCE-N nbsp

A:Compatibility check on new gaming machine -- first PC build

Personally I wouldn't blow money on an i7-980 1366 based system. Enthusiast level Sandy Bridge products are scheduled before the end of the year and AMD Bulldozer CPUs should be competitive as well, even the 1155 socket Sandy bridge systems are giving very similar performance to that Gulftown processor for a lot less money. I'd rather put the money into better video cards. Also 24Gb of ram is excessive. 8-16Gb is as much as I'd recommend for gaming. If you have other planned uses for the machine then you might have reason to put that much ram in it, otherwise cut back on the ram to at least 16Gb and invest the money into an SSD drive for OS and current games to be stored on. That improves boot speed and loading times for games. Don't think there should be a problem with the H50 in that case. As long as there is clearance between the rear exhaust fan mounting position and the CPU positioning for the radiator and fan to fit then you are good to go.
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I am thinking of upgrading my Toshiba Satellite C655 with a faster CPU and am wondering if anyone can tell me which CPU's are compatible with this laptop? At this time it has a AMD V140 Processor 2.30ghz. The laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C655D-S50851. Thank you for any information you can give me.

A:Toshiba Satellite C655 CPU compatibility

As a general rule with laptops, CPU upgrades don't really give decent increases in performance. Increasing system memory to max allowed and installing a bigger faster hard drive will give you the most "bang for the buck"...
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I am thinking about getting the GIGABYTE 990FXA UD3 mobo for the AMD FX series CPUs. I am not sure if my RAM will be compatible with it. Is there a way to find out? Here is my CPU-Z


A:Motherboard + current RAM compatibility

Memory support list here. Opens as PDF.

I doubt your RAM would work, the lowest speed listed on the Memory support list for that motherboard is DDR3 1066. To be honest its rather slow anyway, you want to be considering DDR3 1600 or higher.
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Hi, I'm new here and I'm building my first PC.

What I had in mind was these products

M5A99X EVO motherboard

AMD Phenom II X4 Quad Core 955 Black Edition "125W Edition" 3.20GHz (Socket AM3)

Zotac Geforce GT440 1GB DDR5 Graphics Video Card

Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1866MHz CL9 XMP (CMZ8GX3M2A1866C9(XMP)
(going to buy 2 sticks for now and anoter 2 in the near future)

I'm just checking that these are all capable of running together and get any recomendations on other products.

Thanks in advance


A:Motherboard, CPU and RAM compatibility

Link us to your motherboard. What power supply will you be installing?
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Hello guys First building: PC compatibility? of my apologies for PC building: compatibility? the possibly dumb question but I m totally new to the whole building your own pc yet I wanted to make myself a pretty nice pc Since I have no idea how to really see if everything is compatible and would probably screw up I wanted to ask you people for a little help on my future pc These are the things that I wanted to buy Seagate Barracuda LP ST AS TB X Dell Ultrasharp U X Windows -bit Cooler Master CM II If you guys know a nice case I d be glad to see that too though Intel Core i X Extreme Edition Boxed Sony Optiarc BD- S Blu-ray PC building: compatibility? Disc Writer Cooler Master Silent Pro M W Intel GB GB SSD SATA- X Corsair Dominator CMP GX M A C Apacer AE Cardreader MSI X A-GD X ATX x DDR x PCI x PCI-e Point of View GeForce GTX GeForce GTX MHz with GB GDDR X I m building this pc to run games like Crysis The Witcher and future games at max settings but I m not sure if this pc will do and if it is compatible If there is any site where I can easily check this I ll do it myself but I m a complete noob at this Thanks for your time - Loyal nbsp

A:PC building: compatibility?

Hi Loyal and welcome to Techspot. Think we can safely assume that you have a liberal budget for this build based on the components you've selected. I'm sure there are plenty of folks that will offer suggestions on your proposed build.

I can tell you for sure that you will like the Dell U2711 but if you plan on using three you might want to consider an AMD graphics solutions. Also, would help to know if you intend to overclock this system.
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I m trying to build a computer based off the TechSpot guide for an Enthusiast PC They have recommended the ASRock P Extreme motherboard and the Radeon HD video card I want to make sure the graphics card I ve chosen is compatible with the recommended motherboard Motherboard ww newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E Graphics Card ww newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I thought I understood that compatibility was based on the Expansion compatibility card question Motherboard-video slots Interface of the two the Motherboard-video card compatibility question PCI Express slots NewEgg says the graphics card is a PCI Express x while the motherboard has PCI Express x slots I am not sure if these need to match exactly in order for the two to be compatible VisionTek makes a Radeon HD with PCI Express x ww newegg com Product Product aspx Item N E I don t know what is a good manufacturer to purchase for this video card so help on that would also be appreciated in addition to my compatibility question Thanks Sorry for the weird links--TechSpot won t let me add real links to my posts until I have a count of or more nbsp

A:Motherboard-video card compatibility question

Yes, they are compatible. PCIe is backwards compatible, so you could even use that video card with a motherboard with only PCIe 1.x slots and it would still work (with bandwidth reduced to 1.x speed).
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Hi there peeps,

I intend to buy 8 Gb of corsair vengeance memory and i would like to know if it is compatible with my mobo. My motherboard it the AsRock N68c-s ucc, its chipset is Nvidia, although i dont know if this makes a difference or not?? please respond asap

thankyou, Ace Rimmer.

A:Corsair Vengeance memory compatibility?

You are going to use memory that cost 3 times as much as your motherboard. This doesn't make much sense. If you are using an AM3 CPU this memory should work
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I have an ASUS M AGTD PRO and it requires EATX power However my power supply only has ATX and EPS power Both v as required by my motherboard I at first tried using the EPS cable which worked Sorta It wouldn t boot but I can t exactly say that it was at the fault of the PSU just yet as I had incompatible RAM wasn t listed under the QVL and CPU wasn t listed under the supported processors my and compatibility motherboard Question v.s. EATX v.s. supply about EPS) power (ATX both of Question about my motherboard and power supply compatibility (ATX v.s. EATX v.s. EPS) which are being replaced shortly It fit perfectly into place as well Which I can t exactly say for the other cable The ATX cable didn t work but it s possible that I didn t place the x pins in their correct positions as I ve heard mention that it s still possible to power the motherboard with ATX when it requires EATX I m troubleshooting several other things on my new build so I can t exactly limit my issue to my power supply But I guess what I m asking is whether or not my PSU is compatible with my motherboard If it is then I can eliminate it from my list of suspects nbsp
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I'll use it primarily for gaming and music production, but for now, let's stick to the gaming part.

CASE: Cooler Master HAF 922
CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 970
GPU: GeForce GTX 560 Ti
PSU: CORSAIR Enthusiast Series CMPSU-650TX 650W
HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black WD1002FAEX 1TB 7200 RPM SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5
Monitor: ASUS VH197D Black 18.5"
Keyboard: Microsoft SIDEWINDER X4

I already have a decent mouse that I use with my lappy.

Are these compatible?
I checked already, and everything seemed to be in place, but I'm also a bit of a n00b, so I could be way off here.
And lastly, any recommendations/part swaps for a cheaper build while also maintaining a comparable level of power?

A:Compatibility check/recommendations for my first build, anyone?

That PSU is quite a bit of overkill, unless you're considering multiple video cards in the future.

An 18.5" monitor would make me so very, very unhappy. I had two 19" wide screens and got rid of them both almost immediately. 22" is about the sweet spot for the 1680 x 1050 computer 16:10 standard, and you should bump up to 23" if you're going to get a 1920 x 1080P 16:9 ratio panel. There just isn't enough screen height in the smaller panels.

I tried plugging a desktop mouse into my lappy and it didn't work. Don't know if the reverse is true. I didn't try very hard though. Try it first.

You should have enough posts to link your parts choices. Being able to click to the product pages helps us a bunch.
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ASRock P PRO SE LGA Intel P SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard NZXT Apollo Black SECC Steel Chassis compatibility purchasing check Last before ATX Mid Tower Computer Case G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR Last compatibility check before purchasing SDRAM DDR PC Last compatibility check before purchasing Desktop Memory Model F - CL Q- GBRL Intel Core i - Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost x KB L Cache MB L Cache LGA W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX I Seagate Barracuda ST AS TB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive HIS H QR GH Radeon Last compatibility check before purchasing HD GB -bit DDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card SAMSUNG Black X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X DVD-RAM X DVD- ROM X CD-R X CD-RW X CD-ROM MB Cache SATA CD DVD Burner - OEM Microsoft Windows Home Premium SP -bit English -Pack - OEM Vizio quot Class LED-LCD p Hz HDTV quot ultra-slim E VA CORSAIR Enthusiast Series CMPSU- TX W ATX V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i Power Supply Rosewill RNX-G LX IEEE b g PCI Wireless Adapter Card Up to Mbps Data Rates bit WEP WPA WPA x i AES TKIP with dBi Antenna nbsp

A:Last compatibility check before purchasing

You should probably consider upgrading to a 802.11n series wireless adapter, supports much faster transfer rates than 8022.11g.
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There are mainly Compatibility check two things i would like help with for this build i want to know if the build s parts work together and if it would work in my presario case Compatibility check i can change the case if need be Intel BOXDP DEB LGA Intel P SATA Gb s USB Micro ATX Intel Motherboard Western Digital Caviar Black WD FAEX TB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive EVGA G-P Compatibility check - -TR GeForce GTX SE Fermi GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready SLI Support Video Card Intel Core i - Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost x KB L Cache MB L Cache LGA W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX I G SKILL Ripjaws Series GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model F - CL Q- GBRL SAMSUNG Black X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X DVD-RAM X DVD-ROM X CD-R X CD-RW X CD-ROM MB Cache SATA CD DVD Burner - OEM CORSAIR Enthusiast Series CMPSU- TX W ATX V EPS V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i Power Supply nbsp

A:Compatibility check

I cant confirm that the case will fit everything but it probably will. Everything else looks good. That motherboard by default will only run the RAM at 1333mhz but getting 1600mhz RAM will give you room if you wanna try to overclock.
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I am planning to build this computer over this weekend or next week I have been on a few forums and they have helped me with putting these parts together As i am not too good with computers i was wondering if somebody could check if these parts are compatable with each other as i dont have compatibility help of with parts Need a clue what i should Need help with compatibility of parts be Need help with compatibility of parts looking for The parts i am planning to buy are - Motherboard - Asus Need help with compatibility of parts P H -M Intel H Motherboard mATX Revision -MIBF -G EAY GZ Processor - Intel Core i GHz Socket LGA MB L Cache Retail Boxed Processor RAM Corsair Vengeance GB x GB DDR Mhz Memory Kit CL GPU - Gigabyte HD GB GDDR Dual DVI HDMI Dual DP Out PCI-E Graphics Card HD - Samsung HD SJ Spinpoint F TB Hard Drive SATAII rpm MB Cache PSU Corsair TX W V PSU - plus Bronze Certified Case - Coolermaster HAF Plus Case CD DVD - Sony Optiarc AD- B x DVD RW amp DL SATA Optical Drive - OEM Black OS - Microsoft Windows Bit Have a XP disk Due to not having posts im not able to link where im going to be getting these products from but if anybody is willing to help me with this problem i can pm you the full list with links to were im going to be buying the parts nbsp

A:Need help with compatibility of parts

Looks good. It's all compatible. I might have gotten a full ATX motherboard instead of a micro ATX but that's just me. It will still work fine.
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Hey guys, joined here because I need advice from people who know what they're talking about.

Looking to build a budget gaming rig with these specs...

Main concern is if everything is compatible?
Any further input is appreciated as well.


HEC Blitz Black Steel Edition ATX Mid Tower

Western Digital Caviar Black WD6401AALS 640GB 7200 RPM SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5"

-Wifi Antenna-
Rosewill RNX-N180UBE USB 2.0 External 5dBi

MSI 870A-G54 AM3 AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard


-DVD Drive-

Antec BP550 Plus 550W Continuous Power ATX12V V2.2 80 PLUS

G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333

AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition Deneb 3.2GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor
Total: $664

A:Compatibility check. Am I good to go?

Looks good for a budget.
Do you really need the WiFi?
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O K Here goes I have an asus P BW-LA motherboard and I am wanting to upgrade my RAM I have tried doing a little research on the subject of latencies and timing as well as a size that is reasonable for my Core Duo CPU My motherboard does not allow me to change almost ANYTHING in bios Phoenix as HP has made it that way I do know that HP says that pc - pc- pc - are compatable I do want lower lantencies of CL if possible I am unsure of what for voltages, RAM gaming compatibility D4650y, voltages are o k to use D4650y, RAM voltages, compatibility for gaming I do know will work and what RAM would be an efficient choice for my computer for mostly gaming and audio video without overdoing it From what I have read my bios will pretty much limit my upgrades by lowering voltages and speeds but thought of buying higher spec s for possible future use Possibilities are that I may decide to upgrade to a motherboard with a bios that I can change and would add a faster CPU of gh or more that I may overclock For all of you Rabid Posters---SEE BELOW--- please refrain from cluttering up my post as researcher s want REAL answers they do not have to dig through the garbage or Ads for Or better yet take a class on writing with all of your super tech intellect quot If we as a people do not inform others of real truth knowledge We are truely the scurge darkness of the earth quot -Natale C G Anyway I used G Skill x GB pc - CL V and it worked like a charm But as I said before I cannot change anything OC due to my Bios As for the gb comment THAT part I read already in countless searches for a new OS nbsp

A:D4650y, RAM voltages, compatibility for gaming
(Click system scanner)

Try this tool from crucial to see what memory will be compatible.

It will scan your system automatically and tell you the various specs,latency,voltages ect that will fit.

Also note if you have a 32 bit OS you will be limited to 4gb total. As for latency and timing, i would worry about that when you have the option to overclock.
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have CQ60-101AU laptop. I'd like to buy Corsair Memory ? 2GB DDR2 SODIMM Memory (VS2GSDS800D2). Is it compatible with my laptop?

A:CQ60 memory module (RAM) compatibility
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Are these parts copmatible And can you suggest a case for these pieces And anything I m possibly missing ASRock P EXTREME B LGA Another compatibility parts Intel P SATA Gb s USB ATX Intel Motherboard PowerColor AX GBD - DH Radeon HD GB -bit GDDR PCI Express x HDCP Ready CrossFireX Support Video Card with Eyefinity Seagate Barracuda ST AS GB RPM MB Cache SATA Gb s quot Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive Mushkin Enhanced Redline GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Desktop Memory Model Intel Core i - K Sandy Bridge GHz GHz Turbo Boost x KB L Another parts compatibility Cache MB L Cache LGA Another parts compatibility W Quad-Core Desktop Processor BX I K LITE-ON Black X DVD R X DVD RW X DVD R DL X DVD-R X DVD-RW X DVD-RAM X DVD-ROM X CD-R X CD-RW X CD-ROM MB Cache SATA X DVD Writer LightScribe Support XIGMATEK Gaia SD mm Long Life Bearing CPU Cooler bracket included I i AMD and dual fan push pull compatible CORSAIR CMPSU- TX W ATX V v SLI Certified CrossFire Ready PLUS Certified Active PFC Compatible with Core i Power Supply ViewSonic VX mh-LED Black quot Full HD HDMI LED Backlight LCD Monitor Slim Design w Speakers cd m DC nbsp

A:Another parts compatibility

It looks exactly the same as what you posted in your last thread.
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Hello there! First time at this forum, I'm just looking for a second pair of eyes to see if all these parts are compatible, I know some people might recommend a AMD phenom II x4 but I would like to stay with the AMD 1100t. Eventually I would like to put in dual GPU'S and a SSD for the OS. This build is mainly for gaming and entertainment.


Ultra black tower case- 129.96

AMD 1100T Black edition - 229.99

Crosshair Formula IV (socket am3)- 229.99

Corsair Dominator GT (8gb)- 119.99

Ultra X4 850-Watt Modular Power Supply - 169.99

Western Digital 250gb hdd - 54.99

Corsair 32GB SSD - 74.99

Asus dvd/cd drive - 29.99

Corsair Hydro h50 cpu cooler - 79.99

Windows 7 Home Premium 99.99

XFX Radeon HD 6970 - 364.99 -$30.00 rebate ($334.99)

A:AMD 1100T BE compatibility check

That cpu and motherboard will go well together. I used the same board for a build for my brother-in-law with the 1055T and it runs great.

Go to Asus website and look up your motherboard and then check the recommended memory list and see if that Corsair is on that list. Keep in mind the list is not exshaustive but Asus boards are known for being picky about the RAM installed.
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I am planning to build a PC using the following parts:
Mobo-Gigabyte*GA-890GPA-UD3H*AMD 890GX - Socket AM3
CPU-AMD CPU Phenom II 955 Black Edition Quad Core Processor
RAM-Corsair Memory Vengeance 4GB DDR3 2000 MHz CAS 10 XMP Dual Channel Desktop
GPU-Asus HD 5770 CuCore AMD / ATI Graphics Card - 1GB
HDD-Western Digital Caviar Black 750GB
Optical Drive-Lite-On iHAS124-04
PSU-Corsair Enthusiast Series 650TX
Case-Cooler Master Elite 430

These are my concerns:
I am not sure whether the Mobo is compatible with the CPU
if the PSU is suitable i.e. too much or too little power
whether the GPU would cope well with games like Black Ops etc.


A:Parts compatibility concern for new PC build

The graphics card is weak.
What's your budget?
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Alright so this is a compability question regarding a MB and a CPU I m about to make a rather expensive deal so before I do this I need to know if there are any incompatible facts need to know of The deal I want to upgrade my motherboard with a new CPU Current setup CPU AMD Athlon II - MHz FSB Motherboard Asus A N-E Targa Edition Memory GbB DDR SDRAM Siemens MbB MHz OC Videocard GbB XFX ATi Radeon HD Passive MbB HyperX included Cooling Cat-hair Soundcard Speakers Sweex SC Pioneer SE-L from amp Panasonic RX-CS Hard Disk s rpm Hitachi GbB GbB The newer CPU in question AMD Athlon question Compatibility 4800+ AMD X My old board has socket and the newer CPU has socket this I m sure of The current PSU has a total power-coefficient of W but I have a W just laying around if I need to upgrade that part Any thoughts Like quot the motherboard s chipset doesn t support X -CPU s quot or anything like that would be greatly appreciated And I do not want any comments about my PC being obsolete or quot just buy a new PC instead quot Edit Ha get this the OEM manufacturer of the motherboard vs CPU stated that they made a mistake regarding the name back in - resulting in this Athlon or Athlon II question It is an Athlon CPU but it s called Athlon II by the manufacturer of the specific Compatibility question AMD 4800+ board vs CPU configuration nbsp

A:Compatibility question AMD 4800+

It is supported. For a list of compatible processors for a given motherboard, you can always go to Asus' website. Here's yours:

Click on the tab, CPU Support List.
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I am looking to add RAM to my parents' home machine but don't have any motherboard info. The RAM chip currently installed is a Kingston KVR400X64C25/256 256MB 400MHz DDR NON-ECC DIMM.

The chip I am looking to get is the Super Talent D400 2GB (2X1GB) CL3 Dual Channel Memory Kit(PC and Mac G5) - X32PB2GC.

Based on the current chip used can someone suggest whether the above Super Talent will be compatible?
Thank you for your input,

A:RAM compatibility question (Kingston to Super Talent)

In theory there should be little difference between the settings although you may need to configure the BIOS to the worst parameter of each - the Super Talent modules run at a more relaxed latency of 3 (as opposed to the 2.5 of the Kingston), while the Kingston is rated at 2.6 volts (as opposed to the Super Talent's 2.5v).
The bigger question would be why bother mixing modules? Using the 2x1Gb Super Talent kit in the system won't be appreciably improved by the addition of a single-channel 256Mb module.
If you're willing to jump into the BIOS and relax out the voltage and latency to suit both RAM kits then I wouldn't see the harm in trying it -worst case scenario is the system BSoD's or hard locks once the OS is up and running. If that isn't a problem then dive in.
You can minimize the unwelcome surprise factor by running Memtest86+ after installation of the RAM. Pretty straightforward. Download, burn the pre-compiled bootable .iso to CD/DVD( or USB if the BIOS allows for booting from USB), pop the bootable disc into the drive, change the boot order in the BIOS to CD/DVD (or USB), save changes, reboot - the program will initiate straight after POST. Let the program run at least seven/eight passes (each pass constitutes 8 memory tests) which should take around 15 minutes each to complete.

Even of you decide to go with just the 2x1Gb kit, it wouldn't be a bad idea to run Memtest just to make sure you are dealing with good RAM -unless you know the sticks to be known working.
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I just got fallout 3 for pc and I ran it and it said I needed this t&l thing, I have windows xp

I found out it is a graphics card thing and I might need a new one
my questions :
do I need a new graphics card and if so where do I buy one that is not going to break the bank but is good?

I have windows xp

A:T&l graphics compatibility

You might need a new graphics card but how can anyone say unless you tell us what card you have now?

As to a potential new card, it would help to know what your current PC specifications are. Sometimes a PC's specs are so low it isn't worth it to just buy a new graphics card. Also, you could need a new power supply to power the new card although that depends on what card you get and what PSU you have now.
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Hey, I currently got a AMD PHenom 9500 Quad Core 2.20GHz
looking to upgrade, my proccesor and video card.

My mother board is: Acer Aspire G7200.

And I'm wondering if it would be compatible with these.

Add my msn If you would like:

Thanks alot!

A:New processor and video card compatibility

Acer Aspire G7200.Click to expand...

This is the model of the PC, you need to supply the make and model number of your mother board. If you look inside the box you should be able to find this information written on the board. You should also think about checking your power supply to be sure it can cope with the extra power. What size is your PSU at present.
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Two questions:
Will my AM2 processor fit into an AM2+ motherboard?
Will my AM2 heatsink and fan fit onto an AM2+ motherboard?

A:AM2 / AM2+ Compatibility

Yes & yes, however you won't benefit from HT 3.0 with your AM2 processor.
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A few years back I purchased - GB Kingston Value Ram sticks Kingston ValueRAM GB x GB -Pin DDR SDRAM DDR PC Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model KVR D N K G I used it on an Intel X board that warranty, compatibility... Memory was glitchy finall gave up and swapped it on to an MSI X- board with a Q processor Memory warranty, compatibility... that was glitchy so I scrapped the Memory warranty, compatibility... whole thing and did an I- build Decided to revisit the Q and the Kingston Ram and do a Home Theater build using an Intel DG RK The quot tested ram quot spec for that board calls for volt non ECC ram However when I go Memory warranty, compatibility... on the Kingston website and plug in that motherboard it specifies the ram If I plug in the - GB sticks of that I use in the I- build everything works fine But when I plug in the ram of the GB sticks are accepted by the motherboard and two are rejected with the -beep code When I was running this ram on the previous motherboards they were always glitchy beep codes at startup lock-ups I must have run Memtest times and always showed no errors Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should look for the problem Ram always says quot limited lifetime warranty quot but when I have run Memtest in the past it shows no problems Does anyone have any suggestions about warranty replacement I think that will be a waste of time nbsp

A:Memory warranty, compatibility...

Compare the votages and timings in BIOS against the designed specs of the RAM. Do they match?
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Good morning everyone I currently own a Song VGN-AR E Laptop It is starting to get a little slow doesnt play some games as nicely as I would like The laptops I have been looking at to replace it are around the mark so I was thinking of the possibility of upgrading it I have had a nose around and this is the spec of the laptop that I have managed to find Processor Intel Pentium Dual T GHz Memory MB Ram Graphics GeForce M GT Approx Total Memory MB Adapter RAM MB Chipset Mobile Intel PM Express Chipset One of the games that I tried playing was BFBC which requires Intel Core Duo GHz MB Ram and MB Video Card Not sure what that means Anyway I appreciate this is a lot of writing but so far this is what I am stuck on I KNOW that I can upgrade the RAM to GB but do not think this will make any difference with the rest of the components Will the Intel Core Duo Processor T GHz be compatible with my system Is it necessary for me to upgrade the graphics card It does appear that it is not adequate and if so how would I go about determining a compatible card EDIT Or are the graphics integrated to the motherboard in which case they cannot be upgraded I appreciate there are a lot of questions here but it is my first time at compatibility Processor upgrading a computer Processor compatibility Kind regards Mike nbsp

A:Processor compatibility

Most laptops use integrated graphics, so its unlikely yours will be replaceable with something better. The CPU may of course not work either, it depends on whether it was sold with your motherboard and that CPU as to whether it will work - There are other factors, but I tend to take the approach of it working if its been done already by the manufacturer.

Upgrading your RAM will boost overall performance, but you won't really see any improvement in game.

My advice would be to replace the laptop. You could probably sell this one and use it against the cost of a new one.
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I have an ASUS K501E which has a Pentium T4400 in it.

I also have a Intel Core 2 Duo T9400 CPU that I'd like to replace the Pentium CPU with.

From the research I've done, I'm pretty sure that the T9400 is compatible with my machine, but then again, I'm no expert.

Can anyone clarify this for me please.

My laptop has an NVIDIA MCP79 chipset.
The BIOS manufacturer is American Megatrends. BIOS date: 01/12/10. BIOS version: 207.

A:CPU upgrade - compatibility advice

I see the forum at Notebook Review told you the proposed CPU upgrade is fine. If this (K50IE) is your model then it suggests that..

Intel® Core?2 Duo Processor P8800/P8700/P7450/T6670/T6570/T5900 : 2.66 GHz - 2.2 GHz,
Intel® Pentium® Dual Core Processor T4400 : 2.2 GHz
Intel® Celeron® Processor T3100 : 1.9 GHz

...the range of CPU's are a little lower specced. Might be an idea to join Asus Forums and get a definitive answer. The MCP79 seems to compatible with T9xxx CPU's, but a lot will depend on the laptops BIOS.
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I am trying to add a little more ram to my PC. Right now it's got 4gb, 2 1gb cards and 1 2gb card of 6400U. I read somewhere that 6400U and 4200U are compatible, so i put a 4200U card from an old PC in the empty card slot. However, when I powered on and checked my ram, I was still only showing 4gb total. What gives? Is there a reason my machine isn't recognizing the the 5th gb? are 6400 and 4200 actually not compatible?

A:6400U and 4200U compatibility

What OS are you using? Is it 64bit or 32bit?
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im having intel pentium dual core E2160 processor @1.8ghz.
and a 2gb ddr2 ram @ 667mhz
and the motherboard is GIGABYTE GA G31M-S2L. the motherboard has one PCI express x 1 slot and one PCI express x 16 slot.
the chipsets are G31 express chipset (north) and ICH7 (south).
now how can i know what are all the graphics cards compatible to it.

graphics cards have core speed and memory speed. what should be these values for moderate gaming.
do i get a driver disk and few games on purchase of graphics card.
what is the use of graphics memory. what will be the use if it is a higher value like 1gb.

A:How can we know the compatibility of graphics card with motherboard, processor and RA

Look for any graphics card that is "pci express x16" compatible.

Some gpus come with free bundled games and such.. all of them come with a driver disk, and are very easy to update from the manufacturers website.

Graphics card memory is less important than overall core, mem speed.

Ensure whatever you choose, your power supply is up to the job, as a lot of these cards require extra power to run.

Hope this helps
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I m getting a GeForce gs and a W power supply The graphics card says quot Minimum recommended power supply with Volt current rating of Amp Amps quot I looked about graphics compatibility with supply card power Question over the power supply specs and none of the v outputs have an amp rating of I read somewhere though that you have to combine the rails to add up to the amp rating Question about power supply compatibility with graphics card I assume that s for high end graphics cards where you have to plug the psu directly into the card I don t know what a rail is I don t know how it would work for this graphics card since it doesn t seem to require the psu to plug into it directly Iz confoosed I am basically clueless when it comes to power supplies so can someone please educate me in this and PLEASE be mindful of how you Question about power supply compatibility with graphics card explain it because like I said I m almost clueless about this stuff Taking a couple more minutes to throughly explain this to me so I understand it well won t kill you I don t want to sound rude when I say this but it annoys me when people do this to me I honestly don t care what graphics card or power supply you have if it s better than mine and you think I should get it I am well aware that there are graphics cards and power supplies that are WAY better than the ones I chose I chose these pieces of hardware because of my budget nbsp

A:Question about power supply compatibility with graphics card

It may be the way the specs are written on your PS... but
The graphics card does care what the output is... more than the motherboard or other component does...
A cheap power supply from 2005 or before had a better chance of not supplying the minimum power.... Now you can see all these specs for a quality power supply when you look at the descriptive information on the power supply section of Newegg, Directron, ZipZoomFly,, and many others... but only in the past year or two has it all been published.
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You may get information about my Desktop on my specs. I have precisely an HP Compaq DX2300 Microtower and I recently get a 1GB RAM stick with a friend as he change everything on his PC. The RAM that I use is DDR2 667 Mhz but the one I got with my friend I do not know what it is exactly. I can see that there is 1GB DDR2-533 but I do not know what it is.

I would like to know if someone could tell me what number of Mhz it is? And also if this will work on my PC.

Thanks in advance for any help

A:RAM compatibility HP Compaq DX2300 microtower

Well your specs say you have DDR2-800 Mhz RAM module, whereas the one you've got from your friend is 533 Mhz stick, and 1) they won't work together 2) you wouldn't want to use a slower module than the one you already got, which is faster off-course. Hope that answers your question.

Now, getting another 1GB would improve your system's performance, perhaps you can trade this 533 Mhz stick with some IT parts shop over there, and get another 800 Mhz stick. Regards.
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HI there guys!

I have a question before purchasing some ram. I would like to know if the following RAM will be able to run on my Asus M4a79XTD Evo :

I know the ram is i7 optimized but is it possible to run the ram on my mobo at the rated speeds?
Also is it possible to run the triple channel memory on a Dual channel motherboard?
I hope to hear from an expert soon.
Thank you.

A:RAM compatibility

For a dual channel system I would recommend two or four DIMMS. Those will work with the motherboard you have but it's not optimal.
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Hello i am currently looking into build my own computer for HD video editing. I am looking at putting two vision tek 4850 graphics cards in which are cross fire x support ready, and is this compatible with and EVGA Intel X58 ATX X58 SLI LE Intel Motherboard? If not, any suggestions on mobo would be swell, i would like to keep the graphics cards i have selected though.

A:Compatibility worries

I could be wrong (as some X58 boards do both), but it looks like it is SLi only.
You need to find a board that does crossfire or both.
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Hello I bought a game to play Treasure Island c and after installation went to start it and had an Video card DirectX compatibility Intel, 8.1-9.0 error message regarding quot shader obsolete quot issues and the game will not start at all I emailed the game creators Dreamcatcher and they say I need a directx compatible video card On the Video card compatibility Intel, DirectX 8.1-9.0 game box it says Directx compatible I have a Dell Inspiron with mb RAM and have played newer games than this one I did the quot run quot thing to find out the version I have I have an Intel G G Express Chipset It says I have Directx On the quot directx quot tab of info on the day I loaded the game all these new quot microsoft directx direct D dll quot files were installed I uninstalled and reinstalled Video card compatibility Intel, DirectX 8.1-9.0 the game several times and still get the shader error message The game creator says my video card is not compatible Is this true Is there a magic list somewhere that says what my video card is compatible with I am not a techie I know a little about some things so if you could speak to me like I m five years old Video card compatibility Intel, DirectX 8.1-9.0 that would be great Well maybe years old Thank you ahead of time I should also add that the driver is dated for the Intel thing And I have Windows XP Here are the game specs Windows XP Intel Pentium GHz GB RAM GB Free hard drive space MB DirectX Compatible Video Card -bit DirectX Compatible x CD DVD-ROM nbsp

A:Video card compatibility Intel, DirectX 8.1-9.0

Have you tried uninstalling DirectX 9.0 and installing DirectX 8.0?
I don't know if this works, but I have heard of the problem before... One would think the upgrade to 9.0 would work... and if a recent card since 2006, why wouldn't it work.
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I recently purchased am Asus Rampage III Extreme mobo for my first enthusiast build in several years, and I have some questions about which memory its compatible with.

On newegg, the specifications state that these frequencies will work: DDR3 2200(O.C.) / 2133(O.C.) / 2000(O.C.) / 1800(O.C.) / 1600 / 1333 / 1066.

Does that mean that I can put DDR2200 memory in that mobo, or that I can overclock DDR1600 up to 1800, 2000, 2133, or 2200?

Thanks for your help!

A:Asus Rampage III Extreme memory compatibility

The overclock RAM bandwidth is dependant upon overclocking the CPU for the most part since CPU and RAM frequency are linked by fixed divider ratio's. Overclocking RAM is usually a by-product of overclocking the CPU.
If you are looking to get the RAM to DDR3-1866+ speeds you should be looking for a faster kit. DDR3-1600 in general will not reach past 1900 for the most part*- if it did then it would be sold as a faster kit.
Buying a DDR3-2000 kit (for example) gives supposed headroom for overclocking, plus has the standard JEDEC RAM profiles embedded within it (DDR3-1066, -1333, -1600) for operating with a non-overclocked CPU. This range of utilisation (along with the higher speed bin) is why faster kits sell for a premium.

* This is assuming the RAM is not over-volted. While the Core i7/i5 CPU's have a maximum memory voltage of 1.875v ( Intel spec pdf Table 2-6, pg.22), I believe any CPU damage that occurs using a voltage over Intel's 1.65v recommendation is not covered by warranty.
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Here's the line up (hoping it, too, gets the job done for lower budget):

Mobo: Intel DP55WB w/ LG1156,
CPU: Intel Core i5 750
Video Card: GeForce GTX 260
RAM: Corsair XMS3 (bunch of letters here) 4 GB dual channel.

I have an old Toshiba Satellite A105-S4064 laptop with a 90 GB Hard drive, which is yet filled to half capacity and will continue to see use. The coputer I'm looking to build is to support StartCraft 2 on at least high settings. I have found no data about system specs required to run it on ultra, so if you have some info on that, you see the line up, drop me some advice. But the major question is for the hard drive. What, if anything, do I need to know or look for when it comes to getting a reasonably-priced unit?

A:Building my first PC should I be concerned with compatibility

OK, you can't keep starting new threads on the same topic...If you're building a PC, then open a thread in Processors, Chipsets and Motherboards, or General Hardware, and I'll ask the moderators to close whatever else you have open.

If this is a build, then all of your questions, including the one about video will be answered there.

And ditch the Intel motherboard.
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I am building my own PC for the very first time and i chose out my parts and the only thing i'm unsure about is the power supply. I am not sure how powerful it needs to be.
Also i want to be sure that all my parts are compatible with each other. Thanks in advance.

Here are my parts:

AMD Phenom II X6 3.2GHz Black edition
Intel 40 GB Internal SSD
NZXT Tempest EVo
ATI Radeon HD 5970
Asus Crossahir IV Formula + OCZ Gold 8GB RAM
Barracuda HDD 1TB

Also if some of these parts aren't good of they could be repaced with something better please let me know. And if I am missing anything important.

A:Buiding my own PC... power supply and compatibility unsure

IMO, 40GB is way too small for the system drive. You'd be constantly babysitting it, moving files, and everything you do would have to be retargeted before starting a project. Windows 7 64 bit would use half of that space just for itself.
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can i install 2 geforce 8500 gt video cards i have two that splice together with an nvidia SLI the problem is that on my motherboard I only have 1 place to install a video card unless i'm not seeing the other please if any one knows how please include details on how to install or a website that has the information on how to install video cards

A:GeForce 8500GT video card compatibility

If you don't see the second PCI-E x16 graphics card slot, then the motherboard doesn't support SLI. You'll have to get another motherboard that does.
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Hopefully this is a simple question I have a Blu-Ray drive in my PC but I can t watch BR movies because I have no HDMI port on my monitor Dell quot ws LCD or video card Radeon I tried connecting my PC to a monitor with an HDMI input using a quot DVI to HDMI quot cable and it worked great So I started my hunt for a new monitor with a built-in HDMI port but everything I ve found so far sucks compared to the monitor HDMI Q: Simple compatibility I already have manufacturers seem to be cutting a lot of corners since I bought mine years ago I m thinking now I d rather keep the monitor I have love great color amp sound pivots solid heavy base zero dead pixels So my question is I know a monitor with HDMI input will allow me to watch BR discs can I do the same thing in reverse replace my DVI video card with one that has an HDMI output and connect it to my DVI monitor Or must the receiving device be HDMI nbsp

A:Simple Q: HDMI compatibility

Your monitor seems to have a max resolution of 1680x1050.
Bluray playback is 1920x1080(1080p) or 1280 × 720(720p). So unless it can be downscaled by the card or the software you are using for playback to 1280 × 720(720p) or other lower resolution I don't think you can view it on your monitor. On second thoughts I don't think the resolution should be an issue as the monitor should be able to support something that is accepted for 720p playback.

The laptop I have has Bluray player in it and only a 1366×768 screen. So you should be able output it to the monitor. The problem might be related to HDCP.

On the plus side it seems like the DVI output on your 3800 series card supports HDCP and 1080p resolution so you should be fine for outputting Bluray with it. If you have a HDTV that supports 720p/1080p then you may output from your PC to that instead.
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Hello all,
I'm planning to upgrade from my ancient Intel 82845G graphics card to a new one, but I'm unsure if the new ones are compatible with my motherboard. It's ASRock P4i45GX PE.

As this is my first post here, I can't post links of the motherboard specs. So, you can just google ASRock P4i45GX PE and check it out.

It says something that the maximum graphics memory is 64 MB, but I'm unsure about it. So, are there any geeks out there who can help? I'll be glad.

A:Compatibility Issues? Upgrading from Intel 82845G Graphics Card

Hello henson93. Welcome to Techspot.

It seems that your motherboard is based on the Intel 845G chipset. I cannot find your mobo's product sheet anywhere but it's likely that you have an AGP 4X slot. The most powerful AGP card that would be comaptible with AGP 4X is the Radeon HD 4670. However, they cost over $100 and definitely cannot provide the performance levels of newer (PCI-E) cards available at a similar cost.

It would be helpful if you could confirm whether you have that AGP 4X slot on your mobo. Also, what is the reason for your upgrading to a discrete GPU. Are you looking to play games?
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I know this might be noobish question, but I would like to purchase a new graphic card and I wonder if it is compatible with my motherboard. I mean Im sort of confused with this new PCI-E 2.1 thing. In overview of my motherboard ( ) it is stated that it has: "1 x PCIe x16 (Support PCIe 2.0 / 1.0 Architecture )" so it does support PCIe 2.0.. but what about this PCIe 2.1 ? I've read that it should be the same architecture shouldn't it ?
My question is therefore simple, will it work together ?
btw. the graphic card would be most probably: GIGABYTE VGA ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB DDR5
thanks !

A:PCI Express 2.1 compatibility with Asus M3A78 Pro motherboard

PCIe 2.1 should be fully backward compatible with PCIe 2.0. Just make sure your power supply is able to handle the new card.
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I am currently working on my first PC build but have heard a rumor about some compatibility issues with RAM and Windows 7.
I have been told that Windows 7 can only recognize up to 2GB RAM depending on the MHz. I am planning to use 4GB 2000 MHz RAM in conjunction with Windows 7 Professional 32 bit, will this work? I have my entered PC specification on my profile if you need more info.
Many tanks.

A:Windows 7 and RAM Compatibility

If it doesn't work you can always exchange it with other set with different MHz or brands. But there shouldn't be any problem when it come to recognizing RAM, but i'm not sure about the 32bit Win 7.
The only problem i see is that you're using a 32bit version of Windows 7 when your build will benefit more from a 64bit OS. Some people did have problems with the 32 bit win7 when installing >=4gb of ram (rare cases), but nobody said anything about the MHZ's (the MB supports it so the OS shouldn't have any compatibility problem).

I recommend using win7 64bit.
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Motherboard: K8MC51G (emachines-W 3107)
FSB: 1500 MHz
Processor: AMD Sempron 3100

My frineds computer, she was sold a Zotac Nvidia Geforce 8400GS 64bit video card and was told it would work in her computer. After installing it the computer will not even power up. What could be the problem, other than the card is not compatible?

A:Video card compatibility problem

If the card can be physically installed, then it's probably compatible. You may need to upgrade the power supply since eMachines are notoriously underpowered systems.

If the motherboard has onboard video (meaning the graphics card is built into the board) then it needs to be disabled before the new card is used. Also make sure that the old drivers are uninstalled before installing the new graphics card.
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Im buildin a rig wondering if the Asus Maximus III Formula supports crossfire technology because i am going to put 2 ATI Radeon HD 5770 in it with an Intel Core i5-661. Also all of that is going in an Antec 1200. Just in case im getting a Corsair HX 1000w PSU any help is appreciated

A:Compatibility Help Needed

yes the Asus Maximus III does supports crossfire and SLI. you can save some money and get the Corsair HX 850w which i have. the Corsair HX 850w will have plenty of power for you to upgrade later too.
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Hi guys,
I know this is noobish question, but I decided to buy new video card - Gigabyte radeon HD 5850 (I choose between Gigabyte and Sapphire, and decided to go with Gigabyte because it has one aditional year waranty 3/2 years and they seem pretty much the same in performance), but I dont know if it is possible to add it to my motherboard. I have, as mentioned, Asus M3A78 PRO. Here is a review of it with all specs:

btw. if you told me how to find out for myself, I would also be glad, so next time I won't have to ask, thanks !!!

A:Motherboard (M3A78 PRO) compatibility with radeon HD 5850

Your motherboard does indeed support that graphics card. It has the necessary PCI-E x16 slot. You need to make sure your power supply is sufficient.
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Hi guys,
I decided to upgrade my computer and first of all my graphic card, but my brother keeps telling me something about compatibility of my graphic card and motherboard. Again, I have: Asus M3A78 PRO motherboard --> here is a review of it with all specs:

The graphic card I would like to purchase will most likely be either of those:
-Gigabyte GTX260 Super Overclock (
-Asus ENGTX260 Matrix (
This motherboard should support PCI-Express 16x (one spot) so it should be allright regarding that... . But it also says that it doesnt support 2 graphic cards (with exception of crossfireX with integrated card). I don't really understand that, but it should be possible to add this card and switch from using the integrated one to this added Nvidia right ?
thanks for help !

A:Asus M3A78 PRO motherboard compatibility with graphic card

Yeah, you will be able to add a graphics card.

Consider buying the Radeon HD 4890. It should provide better performance than the GTX 260 IMO.
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Hi guys if anybody answered this question already as comparison between those is pretty common I would imagine please redirect me thank you so here is the thing I decided to upgrade my computer which now has only quot ATI Radeon HD Graphics quot which 5750 (+ or Radeon GeForce compatibility 250 question) GTS HD is integrated in my motherboard ASUS M A PRO motherboard and I m stuck between those two graphic cards GeForce GTS Radeon HD it seems that they re pretty much the same in performance or GeForce slightly better but Radeon supports DirectX which is better than NVIDIA PhysX or so I have been told Radeon seems to have smoother performance eats less energy and have gb instead of mb And least GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 5750 (+ compatibility question) but not last Radeon is a bit more expensive - dollars I think that said I dont know which GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 5750 (+ compatibility question) one to go with if we compare price and performance than GeForce is better I think but I dont know since it is pretty old model if it has any perspective to buy such card I dont know if it is compatible with my motherboard or where to find that out thanks for any hints btw here are some more specs for my computer Motherboard - ASUS M A Graphic interface - ATI Radeon HD Graphics Memory - mb dual CPU -AMD Athlon X CPU Speed - overclock from bus speed MHz Power Supply Make Model - Watt output Amperage - not important since I obviously need a new one for this graphic card OS Windows XP Prof bit nbsp

A:GeForce GTS 250 or Radeon HD 5750 (+ compatibility question)

If i have to choose between these two; I wouldn't be bothered thinking about Geforce 250GTS in any respect at all because it would be waste of time, beside 5750 is fine for reasonable gaming performance nothing more.
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Hi guys,

In the process of building an i5 750, and with the limited choice at my disposal in ZA, have chosen an Asus p55 LE board(not purchased yet).

Problem is that choices of RAM are fairly limited when trying to stick to the Asus QVL. I was going to go with the Corsair TW3X4G1333C9DHX G, but according to the Asus list, this ram cannot run in Dual Channel mode, even though it is 2*2gig package.

The following taken directly from their QVL:
Supports two (2) modules inserted into the blue slots (A1 and B1) as one pair of Dual-channel memory configuration.

(This option is not ticked off on their QVL for the ram in question)

Am I misreading this? I thought the fact that it is sold as a matching pair of modules implied dual channel usage, or is this perhaps an omission / error on their QVL?

Thanks for any insight you can provide...

A:RAM compatibility question

You're reading it right. The Asus QVL has qualified the RAM to run as one module in one DIMM.
The problem with a lot of manufacturers is that they rush the boards in the retail channel before the RAM kits have been produced (hence a lot of P55 chipset boards have a lot of tri-channel (X58) kits on their QVL's) and the compatible memory list is never upated to include newly released RAM as they are released. Asus normally only updates their QVL when the board's BIOS is upgraded to run higher bandwidth memory.
The memory configurators of the RAM manufacturers is more of a useful guide.
As you can from the given selection here...
The module kit Asus have qualified does not appear on their list-this is because, as you say, the modules are designed to run in dual-channel mode. You may also note that Asus have qualified modules running at 1.7-2.0v when Intels i3/-5/-7 CPU specification notes the running RAM at voltages exceeding 1.65v can damage the on-die memory controller.

As an aside, the RAM you've mentioned isn't particularly great. Unless you're getting it very much cheaper than retail I would consider it an average-to-poor buy. You are in effect paying premium rate for average memory chips stuck under a fancy Dominator branded heatspreader. The XMS branded Corsair RAM is exactly the same as the Dominator at 1066/1333/1600 and cheaper-it just looks a little plainer.
G.Skill RAM if available to you would probably offer better functionality, although you may need to manually set the timings and voltage in the BIOS (a 5 minute exercise at most)
Crucial's RAM is more expensive generally but is excellent memory LE
Kingston are the benchmark for many motherboard qualification tests
OCZ > Tools > Configurator

If the memory is stated to be XMP then the RAM has an embedded XMP profile that your motherboard can read and automatically set default timings and voltages.

As a side note you may well have a post on this thread from some "supposed" experts telling you that you should never ever deviate from the manufacturers QVL.
Should that be the case then you can take their information to heart, ot you could ask them if they are prepared to underwrite the cost of a new CPU if the memory controller blows because you attempted to run the RAM at it's rated bandwidth that required 1.8, 1.9 or 2.0 volts
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Hey first things first I ll tell you the specs as far as it can go but it s not going to be as detailed as possible and you ll see why Graphics parts? Graphics other Card with compatibility card Old but has been working in Graphics Card compatibility with other parts? previous Graphics Card compatibility with other parts? system ATI Radeon x Motherboard Brand new Asus P QL Pro PSU Brand new and working for definite OCZ Stealth Xstream W RAM Brand new OCZ PC x Gb CPU Brand new Intel Core Quad Q Also a brand new Western Digital Gb blank formatted HDD The problem is Graphics Card compatibility with other parts? that when all of them are put together plugged in correctly there is no video output on my monitor which does work the cables are working too Seeing as this motherboard has no onboard graphics which is stupid in my opinion we re unsure as to what we can do to make it work My boyfriend is the one who s putting the parts together and he s tried nearly everything we can We have tried another GPU - an nVidia Geforce GT which we re not sure but we think its dead anyway - and no luck there We figured that the harddrive and motherboard would work with the GPU once the drivers were all installed but with no onboard graphics to even show on screen we re stuck He now thinks that it could be the CPU but we have no proof of it Does anyone have any suggestions As you can see we cant get the nitty gritty details from cpuz as we cant access anything Not even bios haha Any replies would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance C nbsp

A:Graphics Card compatibility with other parts?

Do you have a motherboard speaker? Are there any beeps when you power up the system?
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I recently purchased 1 gb of SDRam (2 x 512mb) for my computer. after i installed it (and i know i did it right) my computer just beeped and wouldn't start up.
Can anyone help me?

My motherboard is: Compaq 0788h

and the ram is: KTC-PRL 133/512

Thanks so much.

A:SDRAM compatibility issue

Download you Manual and confirm what Ram specifications is supported
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My system is restarting again and again and last time it didn t started It was not showing display I had two RAMs and I removed the new which I recently installed months back Details Old Ram KVR X C A New Ram KVR X C A Motherboard Intel D GVHZ Intel RAM DDR400 compatibility with D865GVHZ motherboard urgent System BUs Speed MHZ System Memory I am running only the old RAM now as the new one seems to be causing problem The Intel website says RAM DDR400 compatibility with Intel motherboard D865GVHZ urgent in quot Supported system bus frequency and memory speed combinations quot that the RAM combinations are To use this type of DIMM The processor s system bus frequency must be RAM DDR400 compatibility with Intel motherboard D865GVHZ urgent DDR MHz DDR Note or MHz DDR or MHz I DONT KNOW WAT IS MY SYSTEM FREQUENCY AND WHICH RAM TO USE THE OLD ONE IS ALSO NOT COMPATIBLE IT SEEMS BUT IT IS RUNNING THE new ram is not What to do I ll be claiming RAM warranty so which one to get now DDR OR DDR Please help and visit the following link intel com support motherboards desktop RAM DDR400 compatibility with Intel motherboard D865GVHZ urgent d gvhz sb CS- htm Thanks nbsp

A:RAM DDR400 compatibility with Intel motherboard D865GVHZ urgent

Your manual :

From your manual:

Installing and Removing Memory
To be fully compliant with all applicable Intel SDRAM memory specification addendums, the board
requires DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data structure. You can access the
PC Serial Presence Detect Specification at:
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Can anyone explain the difference between these two ram types, please?


I have the corsair product installed but the MB (Asus A8N-E) does not work with the Geil ram.

Also, the corsair product says 400MHz but when I use cpu-z, it is running at 200MHz - why is this?

Where did I go wrong?!

A:Ram compatibility problem

U did not do anything wrong...

I looked at the specks on both corsair vs geil, i dont see anything really that different...

I do know that Geil is sometimes dont work in all pc's, and corsair make there memory a bit more flexable, to work in most systems...

the only thing that could be different... is the voltage for the two ram brands... one said 2.55v and the other didnt say anything... that could be the issue. but hard to say...

now about the mhz issue... as long as your BIOS is set correctly, for 400mhz, then your ok,

the way cpu-z reports the numbers, are hard to figure out... its to do with the bus and clock settings...

u need to do some reading online... try...
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Hey all

How do I find out if one of the i7 quad cores is compatible with my Dell Dimension
e521? The motherboard is completely stock, but I've upgraded the RAM to 4gb, and the video card to a nVidia 9800GT. I am just looking around at faster processors because I need one for the software I'm using. Totally not interested in getting a new computer. Oh, and I'm also running Windows 7 32-bit. The processor I'm looking to replace is an Athlon 64 3200+ at 2.0 GHz. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks a lot!

A:Core i7 compatibility with Dimension e521


I searched Goolge for "Dell Dimension e521 Athlon 64 3200" Seems a lot of Users have it working together

You can find all you Dell specifications here:

And your Manual is here:
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I currently have a Radeon X1300/X1550 Series video card and cannot upgrade because my Dell Inspirion is the "narrow case" model. I am currently running a Dell 19" monitor. Will this video card support an upgrade to a 24" or 25" monitor? I primarily use the computer for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Thanks, Jeff

A:Video card/monitor compatibility

Read the specs for the monitor, and the specs for the video graphics card. Other than the specifications there is no reason why it will not work...
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I'm using MSI K7T266 Pro mainboard that supports AGP 2.0 1x, 2x and 4x. Currently, I'm using Elsa Gladiac 311 4x AGP VGA card.

I'm thinking of installing GEFORCE FX5500 256MB AGP 8x card. Can it be done?

A:Compatibility Issue

Yes, you can upgrade to the GEFORCE FX5500
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I just got done ordering 4GB of ram for my Dell Dimension E310. Now I found the video card I want to get and I was wondering if it will be compatible with my computer.

On a side note I may be getting this for a monitor, its beautiful and I LOVE all the inputs. M237WD-PM


Yes, that card will work, but you might as well get a 512 mb one. 1 gb vs 512 mb will show pretty much no performance difference in a low end card such as that. Maybe something like this?

Saves 30$, and there's another 10$ rebate.