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bios update a2cn45ww lenovo g40-45 failed to insta...

Q: bios update a2cn45ww lenovo g40-45 failed to insta...

bios update a2cn45ww lenovo g40-45 failed to install. after restarting, insydeh20 firmware update failed. os win 10 64bit uefi. thanks a lot
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Preferred Solution: bios update a2cn45ww lenovo g40-45 failed to insta...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hello, I recently bought a Lenovo z50-75. A few hours ago I wanted to update my bios. It was updating and suddenly the laptop restarted and there was just a black screen. I could hear the fans running, but the keyboard doesnt work because if I press Caps Lock the light won't turn on. I searched on google and there I found some solutions (with pressing keys, removing battery, etc.), but none seemed to work.I also found something about the CMOS battery. I opened my laptop but I couldn't seem to find it. What can I do now?  Best regards, Max

A:Lenovo Z50-75 bios update failed > black screen

Welcome to the Lenovo Community Max !
From viewing your model's Hardware Maintenance Manual there is a motherboard CMOS battery.  Unfortunately from the illustrations in the manual it would appear that the CMOS battery on the Z50-70 is soldered directly to the motherboard and can not be easily removed.  In that case try removing the main battery pack again and then press the power button for 60 seconds or longer.  Hopefully the CMOS battery will not be able to keep up with the power drain and will clear the CMOS.  Then reinstall the main battery pack and try powering it up. 
For your reference, here is a link to the Hardware Maintenance Manual......
If that doesn't resolve the problem then I recommend you contact Lenovo Support for additional warranty service.
Lenovo Support  -  Netherlands

Dutch 0900-654-654-0 or Email: (? 1 per gesprek)
9:00 - 18:00 Monday - Friday
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Hi, My G460 wont boot after i tried to update BIOS. There was an error message during the BIOS update and bad that i failed to note down the error code. After reboot, the system is not starting. The RAM light is not blinking. System starts with 3 led and then shuts itself. No display and I am not able to enter BIOS setup too. 

A:Lenovo G460 - BIOS update failed - wont boot

Default BIOS settingsGo to BIOS and press F9 save and exitUnit should boot to the OS

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Hello, I have a Lenovo G500 with an I7-3632QM and I run into some problems with the USB controlers when the Linux is loading. The USB ports work but these messages slow down the boot process. For information the "USB Legacy" is disabled in the BIOS. $ dmesg
[ 2.436663] pci 0000:00:1a.0: EHCI: BIOS handoff failed (BIOS bug?) 01010001
[ 3.769960] pci 0000:00:1d.0: EHCI: BIOS handoff failed (BIOS bug?) 01010001

$ lspci | grep -E "00:1[a|d].0"
00:1a.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller #2 (rev 04)
00:1d.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation 7 Series/C210 Series Chipset Family USB Enhanced Host Controller #1 (rev 04)

$ dmesg | grep DMI:
[ 0.000000] DMI: LENOVO 20236/INVALID, BIOS 78CN25WW(V2.03) 11/19/2013 As you can see the last BIOS update is here. What is the problem? Do you plan to solve it? Thanks in advance for future answers...
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Hello everyone I ama new user and i am coming up with this post as I couldn t find any kind of solution update BIOS B590 failure! Lenovo BIOS FLASH! Black... for my problem Recently I decided to do a reinstallation of my operating system which also previously was Windows Ultimate x The installation went as usual and after finishing it I went on to install all the latest drivers from the Lenovo site for my product When getting close to installing almost all the drivers i ve needed i Lenovo B590 BIOS update failure! BIOS FLASH! Black... stumbled upon a new version of the BIOS amnd the drivers and sfotware recommended for my laptop by the producer So i proceeded to install the upgrade restarted the computer when it prompted me to do so but after the so-called restart the laptop did not boot up as usual At first it was telling me to not do anything as the BIOS is being flashed and then it was telling me something about some sort of image processing things that i did not understand at the time i have never encountered anything like that After that my screen turned black I have not done anything for a few couple of minutes as i thought it was supposed to be like that but then i just force shut it down and unplugged the AC adapter When trying to boot it all up again the only thing i got was a black screen and nothing else After doing a little bit of research it appears that somehowm i ve managed to corrupt the bios on my laptop or something and nothing else would work at this point I tried to remove the BIOS battery and the ram and then put them all back tryed resetting the bios by taking out the battery but nothing would work I would be really thankful if anyone would be kind enough to point me one way or another as i do not know what to do at all nbsp Around the webz i found some way of creating a bootable usb flash drive where i would put a compatible version of BIOS from the site and then install it onto the laptop but i do not quite know how to do that properly either as the software they are pointing me to wincrisis is not working by any means
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My last BIOS update has failed and now my laptop Satellite PrU400 PSU45E is out of order.
I want to use the Crisis Recovery Disk with an USB floppy drive but I don't know the key combination to run the boot-block.
Is anybody can help me?

Best regards

A:Satellite Pro U400 BIOS update failed - What is BIOS Boot-block access


I wondering what Crisis Recovery Disk do you have ?:|
In my experience the special disk is needed which is available only for ASP technician.
Therefore it?s necessary to contact the ASP in your country in order to reflash the BIOS.

In my opinion you shouldn?t not try any ?Crisis Recovery disks? which you fond in the net? this can lead to mobo damage?
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I have on failed a... update Update System ThinkVantage bios or had a laptop purchased months ago therefore under warranty Yesterday the ThinkVantage System Update recommended a BIOS update After the traditional recommendations about what ThinkVantage System Update failed on update bios a... should not shut down the computer the laptop is reset and started with the update During execution displayed on a screen command a message ERROR XXXX Press any key to continue ThinkVantage System Update failed on update bios a... After press the key the laptop was freezedy was completely blocked After an hour without seeing response and no sign of life I decided to turn it off to confirm the disaster The laptop was dead The laptop began to beep and would not start Before the panic generated by the situation I searched the forums where I found several cases that refer to the same ThinkVantage System Update failed on update bios a... problem and the insinuation that makes LENOVO about the customer's responsibility to avoid recognizing the warranty I was not looking for a BIOS update it was recommended by ThinkVantage System Update the software executed it and damage the equipment Besides being a damage caused by the ThinkVantage System Update the situation gets worse when the answer given by support insinuates that the customer turn off the computer so it is a CID Customer Induced Damage and therefore the guarantee does not cover it I do not understand how LENOVO may imply that the responsibility of the customer Really disastrous In conclusion if you are not needing to make a BIOS update it is preferable to omit the BIOS update messages given to ThinkVantage System Update unless it is willing to buy of your own money a new laptop
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bought this recently and must say that i am pretty pissed i did installation of windows on it and it worked fine for update g50-45 lenovo bios some days till it got BSOD cause of bad system info and couldnt even load into windows only solution was to reinstall i did fresh lenovo g50-45 bios update install and i got BSOD with fresh install after only few days nbsp checked internet for solution and saw that you could select windows os in bios for optimized settings that should prevent BSOD but no option for windows in bios only for win and lenovo g50-45 bios update other lenovo g50-45 bios update OS nbsp i thought ok i will just download latest bios and flash it but what happened when i downloaded bios a cn ww from support page i got this message your machine does not match with this bios nbsp so does anyone know where i can actually nbsp download correct bios or how to contact lenovo support so they can tell me where to download bios
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Does anyone know where I can download the BIOS for my lenovo K450 thinkcentre motherboard? Thanks in advance,Eric
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From the official site downloaded the updates for the BIOS version 2.04, and was 3.00, now downloaded version 3.00 when you install fixed it secure flash invalid firmware image error what to do ?

A:Lenovo G505 Bios update

Hi Tony,         
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
We are really sorry to hear about the issue you are facing.
You can go to the bios and disable secure boot. Save and exit. Try to install the update again.
Hope this helps.
Shashi Kumar
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Hi all, Need help on my Lenovo G40-70 that I've just bought 6 months ago where I accidently bricked the laptop after BIOS update. It seems during the BIOS updating process it when well but after 2nd reboot there's some message on the screen that the BIOS failed to update factory setting and it freeze on the message for quiet sometimes. After a long wait I decided to long press Start button for hard reboot. Then the scary part comes in where it seems the laptop can't longer shows the Lenovo logo & cannot even boot to Windows, just black screen. Hope anyone can help me on this and give some advice on what I'm going to do. I would like to tried myself first before ending up with warranty claim since I'm worried I've brick the warranty due to wrong BIOS update procedure....

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A:Lenovo G40-70 Bricked by BIOS Update

hi mahdhir2005,
Im sorry to hear that.
  I would suggest you call the Lenovo Technical Team regarding the Issue. If it is the BIOS that's causing the issue then there maybe no source or option to have it fixed without they're help or service.
  If the BIOS software you downloaded was from a legit Lenovo Site and correct model, then I think It will be ok to Just report them what happened and ask for possible option.
Hope this helped

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Hi again I've trying to update the bios using steps from instructions but I nbsp receive the same error nbsp Users Marius Desktop d cn ww WIN bit gt SET ERRORLEVEL C Users Marius Desktop d cn ww WIN bit gt echo Delay sec Delay sec C Users Marius Desktop d cn ww WIN bit gt delay exe C Users Marius Desktop d cn ww WIN bit gt wRwECx exe Compal Electronics INC Author STD SID TEAM Utility WinPE wRwECx exeWARNING THIS PROGRAM IS FOR INTERNAL USE ONLY Copyright C Compal Electronics INC All rights reserved DLLLB ERROR WTDMDRV Unable to install driver ERROR Load driver fail Error Code x CplProject Initialize fail Desktop d cn ww WIN bit gt IF goto Tag Desktop d cn ww WIN bit gt IF NOT goto NG Desktop d cn ww WIN bit gt echo Fail gt gt log txtDesktop d Lenovo to Bios unable update B51-80 cn ww WIN bit gt goto TagDesktop d cn ww WIN bit gt echo Delay sec Delay sec Desktop Lenovo B51-80 Bios unable to update d cn ww WIN bit gt delay exe Desktop d cn ww WIN bit gt wRwECx exe nbsp How can it be fixed
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Hi there!I recently bought a Lenovo B430 with a Celeron B830 inside and was thinking about upgrading to an Ivy Bridge CPU. My question is: do I have to do any BIOS update on it? My BIOS version is HOET36WW from 2012-08-20Thanks in advance and sorry for the bad english!

A:Lenovo B430 BIOS update

Hi Rodrigovhn,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to inform that Lenovo B430 Laptop is only compatible with the Celeron processor range as Ivy Bridge new technology the Motherboard/System board will not be compatible with the normal working of the computer, this is the reason the BIOS update is only available for Celeron processors only.
Do post us back for further queries.
Best Regards

Shiva Kumar

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Hello everyone!I have really big issues with my Lenovo G505s laptop.(A8-4500M, 4GB ram, 7640G+8570M, windows 7 professional)I have around 20-25 FPS in every game when my charger is plugged in.When I plug it out, I get around 80-90 FPS boost.I did research in a lot of forum, and for some people helped that they updated the BIOS. I searched for BIOS update,I found it(v3.0), but for Windows 8 & 8.1.Is it compatible with Windows 7?Can I make any damage in my laptop if I install that? Please HELP!

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A:Lenovo G505s BIOS Update

the bios update will work fine i imagen
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Now I don't want to shut down or restart my computer because I fear it won't boot up. This is awful. Is there anything I can do to restore my BIOS whilst my computer still works?

A:Just used @BIOS to update my BIOS, it failed at 50%

Argh is there ANYTHING I can do? I'm going to have to leave my computer on permanently otherwise.
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I recently tried to update BIOS in my Acer E5-573. I downloaded bios from official acer driver download page for E5-573. After running installation file I restarted my laptop as  suggested. But after reastarting nothing happening on my laptop. Currently having completely blanck screen just only blue led stay on.  What's wrong happend after bios upadte?How can I solve this problem?

A:E5-573 BIOS update failed

I have same issue, if you can boot from USB, or DVD try bios recovery, or start with pressing control and home.
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Hi, For reasons I deeply regret I attempted to flash BIOS on an Acer netbook with the wrong BIOS as it turned out.
I've tried Acer's crisis disk facility with the correct version of BIOS on a usb stick at boot up (pressing Fn Esc) but no go.
The boot up gets as far as the Windows XP splash screen then I get the BSOD. It won't start in safe mode either, although I can get into the BIOS. I read somewhere that taking out the cmos battery will reset bios to default but can't get the keyboard out to expose the m/board anyway.

Is there anything left to try before I relegate the netbook to a paperweight.

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I recently tried to update BIOS in my Acer E5-573. I downloaded bios from official acer driver download page for E5-573. After running installation file I restarted my laptop as  suggested. But after reastarting nothing happening on my laptop. Currently having completely blanck screen just only blue led stay on.  What's wrong happend after bios upadte?How can I solve this problem?
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 I recently tried to flash my bios.  I looked for available updates for my laptop and it said there was a bios update available.  I downloaded and ran the update.  When the update was finished it immediately reverted to the previous bios.  No actual bios update was done.  I went back and checked updates again and indeed  there was still an available bios update.  How can I get the bios update installed on my laptop?  Thanks. William Kochevar
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While updating the BIOS on an Elite Group P4VMM2 motherboard, the update failed for no apparent reason and now I'm left with a nice boat anchor. However, not being one to give up quite so easily, I began to investigate, and have seen some reports that some motherboard's BIOS can be recovered. I have emailed the manufacturer's support team repeatedly, but they must be too tied up with more important matters to respond, so I'll ask the question here: Is it possible to recover the BIOS on an Elite Group P4VMM2 (ver 8.1) and if so how do I go about it? Any help on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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Hi, On several occasions I have attempted to install an offered BIOS update (SP71055). The installation fails with a simple 'installation failed' dialogue box. Any advice welcomed.
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I just recently updated my BIOS for ECS-G33T-M2 motherboard. I got the update from the ECS website itself but now everytime I restart my computer, it tells me Bad CMOS, CHECKSUM error, press F1. I go and fix the time and date, afterwards I save it and exit, computer resets, same dilema, Bad CMOS, CHECKSUM error, try it again, same thing. The only way for me to get to windows is if i exit without saving, but then my time is always off, and its fairly annoying to constantly keep fixing it. Help anyone?

A:BIOS UPDATE, failed?

Go back to the old BIOS. If your PC is working all right, there is no reason to update the BIOS. GOOD LUCK
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On several occasions HP Support Assistant has notified a BIOS upgrade available.  All have churned for a while, then reported that the update was unsuccesfull. I find this alarming to say the least, as BIOS updates are both critical, and potentially disastrous. Can you tell me why you keep on submitting updates that do not work? Should I bother to keep on trying to install them, or just consign them directly to the trash bin? This is a relatively new (this year) PC, and I find this severely undermines my confidence in the technical abilities of HP as a hardware provider. Windows 10ADSL then Ethernet cable (not wifi)18Meg down/1Meg upOS and Drivers kept up to date
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My machine was originally Windows Home Premium and then when Windows came out I bought a license Failed BIOS F.26 Update to F.27 for Pro Updated the FW since then to F A and no issues at all nbsp Now Windows came out updated it to the new OS put an SSD to give it more grant added memory and made it GB now running on a Micron SSD nbsp nbsp Recently Windows came out I had the update and noticed my internal webcam doesn't work I thought of updating anything I can find and saw a new firmware release F Downloaded it run the executable looks very promising and then on reboot it stopped If there was a way to do it using a USB than via Windows executable i Failed BIOS Update F.26 to F.27 may have done it but it is too late nbsp nbsp Can you please help me restore recover my laptops BIOS Now if I turn on my laptop the screen is Failed BIOS Update F.26 to F.27 blank and I can only see the WiFi led Failed BIOS Update F.26 to F.27 is lit in orange I tried the Windows B key too and if I do that I can see the caps lock blinking twice goes off Wifi led is still lit in orange and then after a few seconds caps lock blinks again I am sooo desperate to get this fixed again and i dont want to throw this away nbsp nbsp Can someone in HP please help or anyone who has the experience to restore recover my BIOS nbsp nbsp I have downloaded sp exe and sp exe followed the steps nbsp http support hp com nz-en document c but it doesn't give me the next step to extract it to USB it just runs and tries to attempt to run the insyde executable Ofcourse it will fail as I am using a non HP device just to get this previous bios onto a USB The step in there is misleading somehow as I dont get the option to create usb bios recovery I tried to use zip to open up the executable file and I can find any rom or bin files in it
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Hi! I updated my Lenovo T430u's BIOS from version 2.11 to 2.13 this morning and everything is slow since. I mean: sloooow. I had a functionnal dual boot Windows 10/Linux Mint but now Linux Mint takes around 3 minutes to boot. It took 25 seconds before. I figured it was related to the disk so I did the memory and disk diagnostics but everything seems ok. Even booting from USB/DVD is slow. I tried restoring default settings from BIOS, putting the battery in maintenance mode, removing the battery and even disconnecting the CMOS backup battery for an hour. I then tried to downgrade the BIOS but it does not seem like an option. This would probably fix my problem since everything was ok at version 2.11.I am really out of solution here! Please help, my computer is not usable in this state :/ Julien

A:Lenovo T430u BIOS update 2.13 slow

It looks a lot like this problem: The only thing is that I don't have an "Intel AMT" option to disable in the BIOS :/ Help!
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Finally gave into the Lenovo nagging and updated the BIOS on my E - big Lenovo E560 after start BIOS won't update mistake nbsp It went through and installed fine no issues with failures etc well none that appeared on the screen nbsp The laptop restarted fine it went through and updated the BIOS restarted one final time and nothing nbsp At present I have popped the battery and the power reset the unit press pwr button for sec etc removed all peripherals etc etc googled for similar happenings and so no matter what I have done the laptop is as dead as a brick I have the small red power light on but that's about it Nothing appears on the screen so can't see UEFI BIOS no fans start and about the only thing that does work is the DVD drive can be opened nbsp It's a relatively new laptop less than months old so still under warranty but as a word of caution to other E owners - DO NOT INSTALL THE LATEST BIOS UPDATE nbsp Well no unless you want an expensive paper-weight for your desk
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Finally gave into the Lenovo nagging and updated the BIOS on my E - big mistake nbsp It went through and installed fine no issues with failures etc well none that appeared on the screen nbsp The laptop restarted fine it went through and updated the BIOS restarted one final time and nothing nbsp At present I have popped the battery and the power reset the unit press pwr button for sec etc removed all peripherals etc etc googled for similar happenings and so no matter what I have done the laptop is start E560 BIOS update Lenovo after won't as dead as a brick Lenovo E560 won't start after BIOS update I have the small red power light on but that's about it Nothing appears on the screen so can't see UEFI BIOS no fans start and about the only thing that does work is the DVD drive can be opened nbsp It's a relatively new laptop less than months old so still under warranty but as a word of caution to other E owners - Lenovo E560 won't start after BIOS update DO NOT INSTALL THE LATEST BIOS UPDATE nbsp Well no unless you want an expensive paper-weight for your desk Lenovo E560 won't start after BIOS update
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Hi,I can't find an update file for my lenovo laptop, can someone give the latest update of my laptop bios?My laptop: Lenovo Y700-15ISKKind Regards.
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First of all I want to say that I am extremely disappointed with the experience I had with my Lenovo After I bought it I found out that Lenovo for some reason disabled the Turbo Boost option of the CPU I tried to fix it by entering the BIOS but the BIOS after G780 working update not Lenovo options there were limited so I Lenovo G780 not working after BIOS update decided to update the BIOS I downloaded the BIOS update for -bit windows i am running windows which is compatible with the said update utillity I ran the exe Lenovo G780 not working after BIOS update and followed all the instructions did not shut-down restart or anything my computer After installing it automatically restarted and a Lenovo logo prompted on the screen followed by gt gt Start PXE over IPv Press ESC to EXIT after that EFI Network for IPv numbers and letters boot failed Then gt gt Start PXE over IPv which failed and a blue box poped saying nbsp Default Boot Device Missing or Boot Failed Insert Recovery Media and Hit any ket then select Lenovo G780 not working after BIOS update boot manager to choose a new boot device or to boot recovery media Pressed ok and got me to Boot Manager screen Boot option Menu had only EFI Network for IPv and EFI Network for IPv What should I do Note that I tried to start up both with and without the ethernet cable in

A:Lenovo G780 not working after BIOS update

You are the third victim here of this bios update...
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Hey guys, So I got two problema actually with my laptop. The first one is that after my bios update of may 10 2016 my laptop wont reboot anymore. No bios screen or anything, only the logo lights up and the fans stop working after few seconds. The reason for my update was because i bought a new Wifi card the wimax 6250 which is actually whitelisted, didnt work at the begin so I thought updating the bios would help. But now I screwed my laptop which im using for my study. Can someone pls help me with suggestions? Also removing the mobo battery didnt help, after its says that it has been reseted it boots again without anything happeninng.
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I'm using lenovo g50-70 (20351) i have upgarded from windows8.1(preinstalled) to windows10, but however i didn't find the BIOS driver update for windows 10 in the lenovo support website there still didn't updated the bios driver for windows 10, so present there is driver for windows8.1 only, so when will we get the bios update for windows 10?

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A:LENOVO G50-70 (20351) BIOS update for WINDOWS 10 ?

KGKR1212 wrote:
I'm using lenovo g50-70 (20351) i have upgarded from windows8.1(preinstalled) to windows10, but however i didn't find the BIOS driver update for windows 10 in the lenovo support website there still didn't updated the bios driver for windows 10, so present there is driver for windows8.1 only, so when will we get the bios update for windows 10?

When I look up your system on the support page I see quite a few updates, drivers and such that support windows 8.1 and 10.  If you are looking for a BIOS update or patch, those are usually OS neutral and are applied with either a BIOS utility or patcher that works in DOS mode and some can use a windows based utility.
Are you trying to use a BIOS update to fix an issue or just get the "latest and greatest" for your computer?  Mostly I would not recommend updating your BIOS unless it is absolutely neccessary to fix a troublesome issue or problem with hardware.
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Hi all I update bios crash Lenovo V570 have a Lenovo V laptop I had problems for some time now Lenovo V570 bios update crash with the heating in like minutes it reached C I decided to apply termo paste to the processor and the video card After doing this it still had a hight temperature Then i tried tu update my bios seeing there is a new version and then my laptop stoped working in the middle of this operation it just frooze up The bios update has crashed P S the update was downloded from the official lenovo site I restarted and the a black screen apeared and I can t do nothing I hear the fan is running when i start the computer for like max seconds Also i hear the HDD and the DVD rom I plugged in into the USB a telephone and it started charging it the usb works I tried to reset the bios but on this kind of motherboard there is no Pin to reset it I tried to boot the bios from an USB flash but did not do nothing I pluged in an externam monitor but it is still black Please help me with this what can I do Is the motherboard dead becouse the bios updae failed How can i test if the motherboard is dead to bee soure nbsp

A:Lenovo V570 bios update crash

I found this procedure on a lenovo forum. Give it a shot and see if it works for you. If not, it is not worth putting money into fixing this laptop.. New ones are pretty cheap and having a new mb installed in this one will cost more than a new laptop.

BTW the spelling errors are from the forum NOT mine.

Bios recovery procedure

How to Recover a bad or brick bios in lenovo laptops:

1.Download Phoenix Wincrisis then Click on the WINCRIS.exe and choose CREATE MINIDOS CRISIS DISK and press START to make: USB Flopy or usb flash memory.
When creating the boot Floppy or usb memory, select from Folder Options to view the hiden and system files and delete or rename the file config.sys if present.
2. Download your Bios file from if u dont have it, Rename your BIOS file to bios.wph and copy it to your: USB Floppy/usb memory.
3.Plug USB Floppy/usb memory into laptop and shotdown.
4. Hold down Fn+R keys and while holding press the power button.
5. Now you should hear the flopy drive working or usb blinking, hold the keys for a while.
6. Leave the computer for few min. and if the computer does not restart it self turn the power down.
7. if everything went OK the computer shold start normally.
Download Phoenix Wincrisis Links:
link to file
Note: This procedure is for Phoenix BIOS`es only and this metod works only for lenovo.
VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUTE RECOVERY LENOVO LAPTOPS: Do not take off your battery before flashing unlike the others brand that you should take off battery!! It seems that before flashing, it verify AC/DC connection and battery level. If one of them is not ok, then reflash is stopped.
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I have just done a fresh install of windows 10 which worked perfectly. I then went to hp support to download the drivers and used the auto detect program to do that I then installed the drivers which went well. I then ran the bios update program. This failed. The computer was plugged in and fully charged. Now it is in the situation where it will not start and will not switch off. The screen is blank and the on off button is illuminated. I just tried holding the on off switch for ages but it had no effect. How can I switch it on? Any suggestions. Thanks for any help.
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Hello I tryed to update the BIOS on the machine it seamed to have worked fine I followed all the instructions and It said the insallatiin was succesful after a rebot I got the following message EFI Network for ipv boot failedThan this one EFI Network for ipv boit failed Default boot device missing or boot failedInsert recovary media and hit any keyI dont have a recovary mediaThen it displayes the boot manager window with onley the abuve network options nbsp Origenally the machine came with windos witch had some problems with wireless networks and other things it was more hastle then its worth so I downgraded after BIOS Boot z50-70 failed update to windos ultimate wich worked well so far nbsp Today I decided to update the laptop downloaded all the drivers from lenovos support site and started with the BIOS update which got me here nbsp Any ideas how to solve this nbsp Ps I'm unable to z50-70 Boot failed after BIOS update access the BIOS menue I've tryied these combanations F F shift F F F F insert and delete Non of them worked nbsp nbsp
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I've just purchased my Thinkpad P40 Yoga 10 days ago (win 10 pro,CPU 2.6, RAM 8G, GPU Nvidia Geforce). Last night I just updated the BIOS (Because of  a message from Lenovo solution center app). After restart nothing than a black screen and the keyboard lighting up, also fan were still runing.I tried to connected a external monitor to see the desktop, but it seems there is no signal from the laptop.Is anybody here who had the same issue?Thanks in advance  

A:Bios failed update p40 yoga

Sorry to hear. I got my P40 four days ago and I upgraded the BIOS I think twice per Lenovo Center app), any chance you remember the BIOS version you were upgrading to?
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Yesterday I tried to update the BIOS on my G710 as had been recommended to me, and the update froze halfway. From what I understand, the motherboard is likely bricked, but there should be a way to recover the BIOS. Can anyone help guide me with this? The BIOS is, I think, InsydeH20. What steps should I take from here? I have borrowed a working laptop and I have a flash drive to hand. Attached is a photo of the stalled update screen. Any help is much appreciated.?
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BIOS driver failed to get installed.
Toshiba technician searched this laptop, Satellite M645, online,
and said that this has serious infections.

Will you help me to remove infections and to protect this laptop?

A:Infected!! BIOS update failed...

Welcome to the forum. If you do all our scans and post results PCHF System Scans
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I received the HP Notebook System BIOS Update (Intel Processors), and went through the installation.  I thought it was done.  Even after restarting the computer, it was there again the next day.  I started to install it again, and it stopped midway and now says I 'skipped' it.  It won't let me access it again so I can make sure it is completed.  Can you tell me where to access this update again?  Thank you.
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After a fresh installation of Win10 i ran the Lenovo Update Tool to check for missing drivers. There was a BIOS update marked as critical so I installed it. The update was downloaded, the notebook rebooted and started installing the new BIOS. After maybe 10% of progress the notebook shut down. I tried to start it but the only life signs are two series of five beeps and the fans turning. I tried removing the battery pack and the bios battery for some hours, since this seemed to help some of the people with failed BIOS updates, but without success. Do I need a new motherboard now or is there another way to fix this?

A:Failed BIOS Update on T430

I just saw an old thread here in the forum which I didn't found before. Really seems that I need a new board. As my warranty is over, do I have to pay the repair myself? Because I think I didn't do anything wrong.
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I have tried to update the Bios to solve the loud noise problem on my yoga 910. But after I downloaded the latest Bios (you can get it from here), I can't run it. it said "the version of ROM file is not newer than that of the bios".. what does it mean, how I can solve the loud noise of Yoga 910?

2016-11-02.png ?16 KB
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Hi Guys Great forum lots of useful info unfortunately I was unable to restore my BIOS even after following most if not all suggestions guides I have read here and in other forums on the Internet By posting this update InsydeFlash BIOS failed I hope that someone here has the knowledge on how to restore the BIOS of this particular laptop that I have nbsp So here is what happened I got this laptop from a friend of mine who was going to throw it away as he got a new fancy one I formatted it installed fresh windows and started updating the drives from the InsydeFlash BIOS update failed HP Support page After I updated everything I noticed there's a new BIOS release and ran the executable The InsydeFlash Utility appeared I accepted the warnings and started the flash process Then on the -ish percent InsydeFlash BIOS update failed the screen froze and that was it Waited for min nothing happened Switched it off and here I go - I have a bricked laptop nbsp Here's what I have tried so far and it did not succeed First I have no UEFI partition on the HDD The Win B key combination works laptop beeps some lights are blinking even the USB stick with the BIOS file is blinking as if it's reading it but nothing happens I think it is trying to read a file with specific name and extention and I loaded it with different combinations of filenames and extentions but it doesn't work Perhaps I don't know the required combination nbsp Here's an extract from the platform ini file Platform Check flag PlatformName PlatformName APlatformName BPlatformName CPlatformName PlatformName PlatformName PlatformName PlatformName Check Before ROM Size nbsp On the USB stick I have the following files nbsp A B C BIOS F with ROM FD BIN extentions nbsp I also tried the guide here http h www hp com t Notebook-Operating-System-and-Recovery dv - cl-BIOS-Update-Recovery- but no luck nbsp Feel free to ask questions I will answer to the best of my knowledge nbsp Many thanks andBest regards
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Had a major disaster last night.  Tried to update the BIOS on a Pavilion H8J91EA#ABU which failed; displayed boot block updated message (or something like that - can't remember exactly) message stayed on screen for ages and then blacked out.  Now the machine appears totaly dead.  I've tried the 'Windws-Key' and 'B' key bios recovery method to no avail. Does anyone know if this function is supported on the H8J91EA#ABU Thanks
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My HP notebook 15, I thought needed BIOS updates. So I tried to update, failed when restarting. Needed to do recovery and manufacturing settings. Tried to back up files not excepting any of my flash drives. Something about NFTS formatting appears. Tried calling HP. No help. Ran system test and tried to repudate BIOS. Looks like it was already up to date.
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I tried to update bios , after that no display , no any sound . Only led light is on at on/off button .Plz helpHp 360 11n032tu
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My Acer tried to do a BIOS update but failed.  Now all I get is a white light on top flashing.  Is there any way to recover from this?  Thanks,
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HiAfter unsuccessful BIOS update I made a brick from my G Maybe notfully SYmptoms are below nbsp When I pressing power ON button I hear a fan HDD and DVD and led frompower battery lights on and led from hdd blinks one time After thatnumlock's led is on On screen I see nothing It is just black Even indark room when I'm flashing directly on it still see nothing In thisstate Laptop react for pressing capslock or numlock buttons andchanging their state ON OFF nbsp I tried to do emergency BIOS flashing by unplugging AC holding Fn-Band then power button FAN is spinning on highest speed pendrive thatI used blinks one time and after about seconds starting flashingwith led for or more seconds I seems like reading bios QIWG binfile but after those seconds nothing happens I Lenovo G780 BIOS after update brick with scr... black read that G should make one short beep and after a while should start beeping ininterval several times Instead of this is only silence and after a fewminutes shutting down without success Symptoms are still like insecond paragraph nbsp I tried every USB port with or without battery original BIOS that wasbefore update this new bios Pendrive is formatted in FAT Any suggestions about what else can I do Best regards Peter sorry for my English I didn't use it since school Lenovo G780 after BIOS update brick with black scr...

A:Lenovo G780 after BIOS update brick with black scr...

Try hooking up an external monitor and see if it works. If it still does not work contact Lenovo by phone to set up hardware service.CB
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Hello there I have a few questions regarding the recent release of BIOS update with version number nbsp CDCN WW nbsp Currently my BIOS is on version nbsp CDCN WW I was about to install it yesterday but did Lenovo Y700-15ISK Update CDCN37WW BIOS not because of several reasons Lenovo Y700-15ISK BIOS CDCN37WW Update I read the instruction saying that I should put the BIOS settings at its default settings before installing the nbsp CDCN WW update and there lies my problem nbsp I bought the ISK version with TB HDD A month ago I bought a GB SSD and did a clean install of Windows on Lenovo Y700-15ISK BIOS CDCN37WW Update my new SSD After booting into Windows on my SSD in Legacy Mode I format the partition in the TB HDD which houses my default installation of Windows the pre-installed Windows by Lenovo I did not completely wipe the HDD altogether and thus I still have the partitions created by Lenovo nbsp The main issue that is stopping me from installing the update is my BIOS settiings In BIOS boot submenu I have it set to Legacy and then Legacy First so that it detects my SSD UEFI does not detect my SSD Default settings sets UEFI instead of Legacy nbsp In conclusion I cannot install the BIOS update even if I wanted to because nbsp I won't be able to boot into Windows on my SSD once I change BIOS settings to default because UEFI default settings is set to UEFI does not detect my SSD nbsp My questions are - Does anyone have any solution or workaround to this problem Is it really compulsory to set the BIOS settings back default Or is it just a just to be safe thing nbsp If anyone do have any experince in upgrading BIOS kindly chime in Any help will be much appreciated
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Hello, Lenovo team Can you please, add to your next BIOS update for Lenovo Y50-70 a fix, that my laptop won't lose CPU speed after i return my laptop from sleep mode. Right now i'm using BIOS version (3.03) There is no other way to fix this issue, only you can do it with a BIOS update for that model of laptop. Thank you.
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Hi nbsp nbsp I would like to ask anyone here if you Z480 ... update 2014 to Private can't Lenovo Bios and guys can help me with the Bios update nbsp FCN WW private public installation nbsp nbsp Here's what I did nbsp All was fine on my Z when I came from W Ultimate to W Then I notice after months that some online games can't be played with W so Lenovo Z480 Bios can't update to 2014 Private and ... I decided to go back to W Ultimate So I did a clean installation of W My Bios version is nbsp FCN WW So I checked some updates on the web of Lenovo and found but with the same code of nbsp FCN WW I wonder why so I download it and install it restarted my pc and I thought all is okay but when i checked the System Info it's still says nbsp nbsp Lenovo Z480 Bios can't update to 2014 Private and ... Now my brightness adjustment using Fn up and down arrow keys is now having some issues It wasn't there before Everytime I adjust the brightness The Bar that shows on my screen is not calibrated or not accurate It adjust by rows each time i press it so Lenovo Z480 Bios can't update to 2014 Private and ... from high pressing the down button just once it drops to bars and pressing it again shows no highlighted bars anymore but the brightness of my screen is still the same nbsp nbsp I uninstall Energy management and restart my pc and reinstall it again but still the same My Fn f and Fn F are also not working anymore nbsp nbsp I tried to flash the Bios I downloaded from the web but I am getting an error saying Error - BIOS Image is equal or older than ROM nbsp nbsp I went on the bios settings to ENABLE the Bios Flash configuration Then restart and try to install again but still the same error nbsp I checked the system info and still saying the same sht It's So now I dont know whats going on nbsp nbsp I am still googling some answers on any forums but not getting any answers I am trying to fix this issue for days now and I feel like I am losing my mind nbsp nbsp Can anyone help me pls ' nbsp nbsp I don't know if I need to reinstall the Bios update that was on the lenovo site before but now its gone nbsp If anyone from Lenovo Family out there is online pls HELP ' nbsp
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Hi Lenovo Forum.I've bought this Notebook a month ago and I'm fairly satisfied with it.After I've done some tweaks such as removing the dust filter and downgrading the BIOS, the performance is great!But I ran into some problems after using it for a while now.I saw that there is a new BIOS update and I wanted to test it, but when I start the .exe it gives me: Runtime Error (at:1611):Out of String range. When I use CPU-Z to look up my Hardware, at BIOS it says Missing String or in the Lenovo Settings App BIOS: N/AI've read that others had this problem too, but no one has found a Solution. Does anybody know what I can do?

A:Lenovo Y700 15ACZ Bios Update Error

As its new you need to contact Tech Support so pickup the phone as what a warranty is for.

T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QMbr>; Nvidia NVS 4200M Win 10 64bitZ70-80 I7 - 5500U 16GB GB - 1TB HD Win 10 64bit FHD 17.3", G840 w/2GB
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A while ago I posted the possibility of upgrgrading my 6GB Lenovo V570 to 16GB.  It seemed as if it would be ok, although contrary to what Lenovo stated, but I chickened out.  Instead I've been living with my unit opearting very slowly and having the desktop manager and shockwave flash frequently fail.  It's not wonderful dealing with this and I have been looking for answers.  I thought about adding another couple of GB and along the way found suggestions on updating the drivers and bios.  Anyone savvy enough to advise on what drivers being updated would improve and how to accomplish this?  Also how is the bios updated wihtout screwing everything up?  I'm also thinking of doing a factory resore after backing up all the info on the unit.  Woudl a fresh start help or should I just  save my money and buy a new windows 10 computer?  Thanks!
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hi.I 've downloaded bios update from this site and update but this update make problem for me .... my laptop Esc key not working anywhere. in game not working.. in bios setting not working .. in bot menu not working... please help for downgrade or new version of bios
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Hello,I have flashed my laptop's BIOS with the tool from the support page, I can see that the new BIOS version is installed (0ZCN26WW), but the EC version is different (0ZEC25WW).I have even enabled the BIOS rollback feature so I could flash it twice as I've seen in a different post, but still no good luck. Is this a normal behaviour? Should let it be, or do I have to do anything else? Thanks,Alex
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I'm here to request Lenovo to update the bios to enable the M.2 2242 42mm for SSDs? This is really bad since our office PCs have been upgraded from T450s but it seems we are downgrading as we cannot use our originally bought M.2 2242 for the old T450s. Can you please update the bios to enable this the 2242 for SSDs? We need more diskspace to do some graphics and photo make ups on the road. The single 2280 is not enough since when we got the machines, only 512GB was available.

A:T460s - Request Lenovo to update the bios to enabl...

I don't believe that the PCI-e circuitry is still present for the WWAN card slot on the T460s so it's not as simple as a BIOS change to enable the previous functionality which was present in the T450s. There is a 1TB option for the T460s which is the PM961 SSD which could be installed in place of your 512gb SSD, but that may not be an option in your case.
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Hello Guys. My name is Marius, and i have a question for you. I recently bought a Lenovo Thinkpad T440p online, and i noticed it has a supervisor password that i don't know, and neither the seller doesn't. My question is, can i update the Bios ( cause i have 2.24 version now ) without having this password? Or will it crash ? I need a 100% sure answer, as i don't want to brick my laptop. Thank you
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Hi all,15 days ago I bought a lenovo W540 and during the upgrade bios and operation has failed ( Bios upgrade failure).after more than an hour, since the total system downtime, I removed the power to perform a reboot but nothing to do (black screen and beep beep ....).I contacted Lenovo Italy and they told me that ' update bios without their consent invalidate the warranty.This is Lenovo.......

Go to Solution.

A:W540 Bios update failure and Lenovo warranty

Hi plorengo, welcome to the forums,
I would like to suggest that you contact support once more, and again request a fix under warranty, if on this occasion you also receive no satisfaction you should then simply state that you are not satisfied and wish to register a complaint, the CSR will be able to do this for you.
Please ensure that you note the name of the CSR you speak to and also request a call number, the call number will possibly be of help at a later date.
Please also see the following post from Mark_Lenovo;
Please give it another go yourself before contacting Mark and please let us know how you get on.
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aspire 6930 laptop bios update failed. now cant start laptop. how can i erflash the bios. no f keys work, black screen, laptop will not boot up
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Hello I have problems with updating the BIOS of my Tecra R J The current version is and I want to update it to so i have downloaded from Toshiba web site the correct file named quot P Cv exe quot released from This is a BIOS update ONLINE into a real session of Windows Simply Failed Tecra with R10 Windows7 Update BIOS on right click the compress exe click run as admin and that's all but for me it said quot Error The starting of service was aborted User does not have administrator privileges quot see below http perso orange fr mo bioserror jpg I've tried it with - closed AV Firewall etc - disable UAC - Run as administrator - Tried with an another admin account - Safe mode bios update does not support safe mode - direct local administrator session No change Update BIOS Failed on Tecra R10 with Windows7 Still the message quot User does not have administrator privileges quot Need help please found nothing on Google similar Bios problem but not solved Thank you

A:Update BIOS Failed on Tecra R10 with Windows7

Did you install Win7 yourself?

I believe you need to install the Toshiba Value Added Package, so the BIOS file can read the system details properly.

ps. Did you install 32bit or 64bit?
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Tried updating BIOS to latest about a week ago It said it was successful and then I restarted Everything then went bad Windows crashed in a loop asking if i wanted to fix BIOS Z560 failed 0914 update it or boot Z560 0914 failed BIOS update normally It couldn't fix itself I could get into BIOS but resetting to default didn't make a difference I tried booting Linux I got ACPI kernel panic and that was it I put backup file onto USB Z560 0914 failed BIOS update loaded crisis mode and it flashed as it should After I have not a BIOS screen or lenovo logo or anything Backlight is on screen is blank no POST I can try to flash back to original but it doesn't access USB even in crisis mode It doesn't seem to be able to use the hard drive or the optical nor any the eSATA drives I have tried There's no beeping The fan turns on the feature board lights up Fan speeds up Eventually it powers off I've tried repeatedly to get USB crisis working again but it will not try to use the USB I can even change Z560 0914 failed BIOS update the fan speed with the feature button and tapping the others makes them brighten and then dim I've tried crisis mode fn B and fn R with every possible hardware parts installed or removed in every combination I can think of Please help
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Attempt to update bios failed.  Laptop will not boot.  Get black screen and LED lights flashes to indicated BIOS corruptionI have tried WINDOWS Key + B key at power from the hard disk partition (did not work) and from a USB flash drive  On the USB drive I have:  Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\Current\68CVD.BIN Hewlett-Packard\BIOS\Current\68CVD.SIG   This does not work either.    I have tried for several days with various combinations.  I have contacted HP support but they could not get this problem resolved.   Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thank you  

A:Failed bios update on HP EliteBook 8540p

Hi Grunthos, I understand your computer comes up with a blank screen. Here is a link to BIOS settings to the default .You could also run the HP PC Diagnostics UEFI. Hope it helps. Thanks.
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I went to the Dell product page for my computer - Dell XPS and ran the scan to check for updates nbsp updates one of them for BIOS nbsp I ran the updates and initiated the BIOS update nbsp Midway through it appeared to get hung up and my machine froze nbsp I left it for an hour came back and still no luck So I rebooted the machine and of course now it won t boot up nbsp I have power and can hear the fan but no lights on the box and no screen input Looking though the manual and on this forum I ve tried resetting the BIOS jumpers and removing the CMOS battery nbsp When I rebooted I saw lights on the box this time but it shut down after update - BIOS XPS Failed Dell 8500 seconds and now back to the same problem From what I read Failed BIOS update - Dell XPS 8500 on this forum I m SOL unless I buy a new motherboard Just thought I d check if anyone had any other suggestions nbsp If not where Failed BIOS update - Dell XPS 8500 can I get nbsp a new motherboard for this nbsp The product page for my model doesn t list it as an option Thanks for your help Jason

A:Failed BIOS update - Dell XPS 8500

When did your warranty expire? If it expired less than 6 months ago, you might be able to get Dell to fix it, assuming they can get the board. They had a policy to replace a board -one time only- if it failed a Dell BIOS update within 6 months after the end of warranty. I don't know if that policy still exists.
Those are all different revisions of the same motherboard. I don't know what the differences are. They could be as simple as a different supplier for one of the components on the board all the way up to a change in the circuit layout.
Maybe Dell Spare Parts can tell you about the differences among the 3, or at least tell you which is the most recent revision,  even if they don't have the boards available...?
All three support the H77 chipset which is a key issue.
Look at your motherboard for the sticker to see what version you have now. If you can't find out about specific differences, you may want to get one that's the same version, assuming it's one of the choices available.
You should look elsewhere if Impact doesn't have the revision you want and/or for price comparisons. And always ask if the board is new, used, refurbished and about the warranty.
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HP Support Assistant indicates my desktop has 2 BIOS update (ROM Family SSID 2B4B version A0.14Ap1 & SSID 8284 version F.04Ap1). My current BIOS is version A0.11 dated 24 Feb 2016.Questions:1) why does my Desktop ENVY 750-103D have 2 ROM Family SSID?2) my attempt to update BIOS through HP Support Assistant failed twice, is there another method to update?3) how do I download & save the driver and then update it through the BIOS Management?Thank you!

A:Envy 750-103d BIOS update failed

Hi, how do you do ? The correct bios is: hope that helps !I would give a great kindness ...If the question is clarified, mark my answer as "resolved" and click on the icon of the "hand" to provide "congratulations" in recognition.Have a nice week !
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I have a compaq presario sr5130nx and I updated the bios, while updating it froze, I left it on for 5 hours and nothing happened, so I turned it off, now when I turn on the computer it will only load to a Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0 screen. The reason I updated the bios was because I reinstalled vista.

The update i used was at this page

A:M2N68-LA Motherboard BIOS Update failed

Have you tried contacting HP? I've had problems before that their Live Chat Support service was able to fix. I know nothing about updating the BIOS but I know that that service can tell you if you need to bring the computer into a repair shop.
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im trying to upgrade my bios as i have discovered it's not update since 2012 but evey time i try to update it it returns that error, and the reason i want to update is that i thought mybe that would fix the fact that i dont the secure boot option in my bios nor an uefi option so i thought that updating to 2.18 version  might fix that but even if thats not possible/wont be fixed with the update i still want to update my bios.addtional info:  *my pc is acer aspire v5-271G; running windows 10 (not preloaded into it i just installed last week). **also if it's releavant my pc was also NOT preloaded with windows 8 when i bought it i just thought that might be useful.any help is much appreciated
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The problem was that after the update after (Solved) Boot failed BIOS z50-70 BIOS update it reverted the setting to boot from UEFI and changed the behavieur of the function keys nbsp Solution nbsp (Solved) z50-70 Boot failed after BIOS update - follow these instructions to acces the BIOS setting nbsp www support lenovo com us en solutions HT linktrack solr nbsp Care for the function key nbsp - in the boot menue change the boot mode to Legacy support nbsp - save changes and exit nbsp - windows shuld boot normally nbsp Ps If you plan on installing windos or higher (Solved) z50-70 Boot failed after BIOS update make shore to change the boot mod to UEFI nbsp And don't be a block head like me and make sure your recovary media is set and ready to go when needed It would have saved me alot of (Solved) z50-70 Boot failed after BIOS update time and effort nbsp Hello I tryed to update the BIOS on the machine it seamed to have worked fine I followed all the instructions and It said the insallatiin was succesful after a rebot I got the following message EFI Network for ipv boot failedThan this one EFI Network for ipv boit failed Default boot device missing or boot failedInsert recovary media and hit any keyI dont have a recovary mediaThen it displayes the boot manager window with onley the abuve network options nbsp Origenally the machine came with windos witch had some problems with wireless networks and other things it was more hastle then its worth so I downgraded to windos ultimate wich worked well so far nbsp Today I decided to update the laptop downloaded all the drivers from lenovos support site and started with the BIOS update which got me here nbsp Any ideas how to solve this nbsp Ps I'm unable to access the BIOS menue I've tryied these combanations F F shift F F F F insert and delete Non of them worked nbsp nbsp
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Laptop details LENOVO Y Touch- ISK Laptop ideapad NW PUSOS Windows PRO bitCurrent BIOS version nbsp CDCN WW nbsp Hi Laptop Y700 (id... BIOS LENOVO UPDATE Touch-15ISK FOR there to Lenovo Support or anyone involved I've encountered a problem with updating BIOS version nbsp CDCN WW dated from My laptop is nbsp Y Touch- ISK Laptop ideapad - Machine BIOS UPDATE FOR LENOVO Y700 Touch-15ISK Laptop (id... Type nbsp NW PUSI followed instructions of installer it did turned off my system times BIOS UPDATE FOR LENOVO Y700 Touch-15ISK Laptop (id... as mentioned and at the final installer said that update was successful but in real there was an error flashing nbsp BIOS after a second reboot Flashing bios rom just appeared on the screen mentioned flashing BIOS but the system rebooted at once without waiting so after this shutdown laptop turned on and showed BIOS Error Message Invalid firmware image Press any key to undo changes After this it reboots system two more times says that BIOS and AC succssfully updated but when I check my BIOS it has the same old version nbsp CDCN WW nbsp Before updating BIOS I loaded optimezed BIOS defaults nbsp - BIOS Update Failed with the same error nbsp Invalid firmware image Optimized defaults I also tried to unplug all external devices except AC cable - nbsp BIOS Update Failed with the same error Invalid firmware image nbsp Optimized defaults No external hardware only AC downloaded BIOS update from Official Lenovo website to another PC and started from mine - nbsp BIOS Update Failed with the same error Invalid firmware image nbsp Is it faulty BIOS update launcher or what Did anybody experienced it Thank you for your help beforehand
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Hi, I have lenovo G580 20157 laptop with windows 8 pro, i found a bios update 62cn97ww on support site but when i restarted my laptop and run the 62cn97ww update it just hangs and does not respond. kept ideal for long time to restart but no response. Any help on this?

A:Lenovo G580 20157 bios 62cn97ww update problem

hi adarsh_savant,
I think you may have concern in this thread,
Here the suggested solution from neokenchi that helped.
1. Boot into the BIOS by repeatedly tapping F2 on startup
2. In the BIOS, navigate to the Boot Tab and set UEFI to Disabled or Legacy then press F10 to save and exit. When
the computer reboots, check if you still get the errors and/or if you're able to boot into Windows.
3. If same problem, leave the changes that you made on Step 2 and attempt to re-install Windows via a Windows 8 recovery drive or OneKey Recovery button (note that this will wipe the computer to factory settings)
Hope this helps,

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Hi, I create this topic as it seems I need to update my bios (Y700 15isk). I have the same issues described in this topic: Nothing new on this topic : I have :- micro freeze while "windowsing" and gaming, HDD is spinning up and be heard- my Storage driver is up to date- version bios is actually CDCN27WW I find it hard to accept that my computer freezes around every 2 min and can not gaming with it. Hope the bios will fix it and I wonder how (is it even related to the HDD ?) When bios for Y700-15ISK will be avaible ? Ben
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Hey folks,

New user here. Just updated my laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad Carbon, to 1.26/1.19 bioses, from the Lenovo website. After the BIOS updated, my PC rebooted and immediately BSODed with 0x0000009C (0x0000000000000006, 0xFFFFF880009EEB30, 0x00000000FE000000, 0x0000000000801136).

I am unable to do anything- system repair, safe mode, etc. I also do not have a CD drive on this machine so no OEM repair either! I am typing this from my phone.. Also got a new job where I need this baby and majorly worried now. If anyone can please help, I would be greatly appreciative.
Thanks in advance.
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Dear Lenovo, Please please get rid of the HIDEOUS Lenovo Pinata Color Explosion you guys have added to the bios with update cdcn53ww.Its GROSS, looks like vomit and an explosion of color. Hideous! Why would anyone want to see that HORRIBLE colored background behind the Lenovo logo? please get a new design director, or tell what ever programmer came up with this to stick to programming!! How can I edit this back to the standard white type on black. This has to be the most disgusting logo I have seen since the 80's!!!
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Dear Lenovo Staff I'm experiencing multiple issues running Ubuntu on Lenovo Y - ISK laptop https forums lenovo com t Linux-Discussion Problems-running-Ubuntu-on-Lenovo-Y - ISK td-p nbsp At the end I installed Windows alongside with Ubuntu only because of BIOS updating During the last month or two it was impossible to find any BIOS file on 'Y - ISK Laptop - Lenovo Support' web page Today I finally found a new BIOS update file Released Version CDCN WW nbsp But when - hoping to solve problems running Ubuntu on Lenovo Y - I attempted to install this latest BIOS update file through Windows I got the following error message the PROBLEM: Laptop Y700-17ISK BIOS FOR UPDATE LENOVO version of ROM file is the same as that of BIOS nbsp And then I found this forum post - - Please be advised that Lenovo is in the process of removing the BIOS CDCN WW for ideapad Y - ISK Y Touch- ISK and Y - ISK laptops in response to customer reports that the software does not execute as expected Once the issue has been corrected CDCN WW or a newer version of the BIOS will be made available nbsp Once the issue has been corrected CDCN WW version of the BIOS will be made available again So I downgraded my BIOS CDCN WW to BIOS CDCN WW and after that I installed again BIOS CDCN WW - everything went well but now my BIOS shows it is CDCN WW version nbsp I would be very grateful for any help thanks in advance


My Bios is CDCN34WW so I did upgrade to version CDCN35WW (latest from 18.07.2016) installation went very good,no errors or problems diuring instalation proces but after rebot my computer shows that I'am still on CDCN34WW version.What's i should do now...?
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Hi guys,

Yesterday I did a fresh install of Windows 7 64-Bit and updated the laptop. The BIOS update sadly froze the PC and I had to shut it down. As one would expect... the Laptop didnt start.

When I press the poweer button, the Powerbutton and the Satellite Nameplate lights up and I get one long beep followed by two short beeps + the screen remains black.

Could someone tell me the key combination I need to press in order to enter the recovery mode to reflash the BIOS?

Does anyone know if I need a floppy USB drive to reflash the BIOS or if flashing from a USB thumb drive is possible... I dont see how I could fit a 2,3 MB Bios file on a 1,44 MB floppy disc.

A:Satellite P300-212 (PSPCCE) - BIOS update failed


There is no BIOS recovery mode that you can enter by pressing a key combination. Therefore special BIOS recovery tools are necessary they are compatible to the notebook.

That means the ROM module where BIOS is stored can only be reflashed from an authorized service provider because the guys have special tools for this.

Please get in contact with the technicians, they will help to sort this out: > Support & Downloads > Find an authorized service provider

Good luck! :)
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System BIOS - Windows NOT Will Update Failed DV7)... Load Pavilion (HP HP Pavilion DV - nrWindows Vista Home Premium SP bit nbsp Problem I was having problems with the Wifi not working which is common with this system according to other threads nbsp One of the forums suggested updating the BIOS nbsp The original version was F nbsp I located and downloaded the latest version F from the HP help page which is an EXE file nbsp I ran this nbsp The Wifi button changed from orange to blue and was working BIOS Update Failed - Windows Will NOT Load (HP Pavilion DV7)... nbsp When done with the laptop the lid was closed which put the computer into sleep mode nbsp The next morning the lid was opened and the computer was working as normal however the Wifi button was orange and would not go back to blue nbsp After walking away from the laptop and coming back I received a DOS screen stating nbsp nbsp Windows Boot Manager nbsp Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause nbsp BIOS Update Failed - Windows Will NOT Load (HP Pavilion DV7)... To fix the problem nbsp Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer nbsp Choose your language settings and then click Next nbsp Click Repair your computer nbsp If you do not have this disc contact your system administrator or copmuter manufacturer for assistance nbsp File nbsp Windows system BIOS Update Failed - Windows Will NOT Load (HP Pavilion DV7)... winload exe nbsp Status nbsp xc nbsp Info nbsp The selected entry could not be loaded because the application is missing or corrupt nbsp Steps Taken I tried using a friend's Vista Home Premium SP CD nbsp It does boot into a windows-type environment and offers to install Windows but it does not give an option to Repair your computer nbsp I nbsp tried loading into Safe Mode but it keeps putting me back into the Install Windows screen nbsp Thinking Windows itself may have gone bad I mirrored the SSD and stored it away formatted the SSD and then installed a prior mirror of the drive which was nbsp functional when it was creasted nbsp I started the computer and again get the Windows Boot Manager info listed above in italics nbsp I tried locating a valid copy of the previous BIOS F without success nbsp I then downloaded F again thinking the original install was corrupted somehow nbsp Request nbsp Can someone tell me nbsp a way to install update the BIOS nbsp without being in Windows nbsp It says it needs a Windows environment to work which I obviously do not have nbsp nbsp Can someone help nbsp me find BIOS F for my system preferrably one that does not need to be installed in a Windows environment
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Hi I have just attemoted to update my T530 bios to the latest release 2.67 - Relaese date 9/12/2016 and it has failed. Now I am left with a dead - bricked machine. All I have on start up is a black screen. Both volume buttons, Think light and Keyboard backlight come on for a moment on start up and it ries to look at the hard drive for 2 seconds and that is it.Machine Type   2392-APU Can anyone help with BIOS recovery? I have tried the CRISIS recovery method recomended on another similar thread, but it does not appear to work here as it appears the BIOS file is to complicated. In the mean time I would be wary of this update.
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some one help me plz. i haveHP Notebook - 15-r222ne my brother set up bios driver after that my notebook become dead . i try to reset my bios driver using usb flash memory but my reset stoped and give me a massage (the system bios update failed)
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Hi I know failed need help A300D-156 recovery update I - BIOS Satellite with this is is quite old computer but until now it was just enough good for my usage Anyway after I have done a recovery of the Windows Vista OS that came with my computer I got a notification from one of Toshiba tools that there is an updated BIOS available for my computer I've downloaded it and tried to perform an update After the process had probably finished the computer did not react to touchpad and keyboard I was not sure if the update was Satellite A300D-156 BIOS update failed - I need help with recovery really successful especially because it looked like the computer was is frozen state So I left it for next - minutes but no change Then I decided to reset it as even the power button was not working So I had to remove the battery and unplug the AC power and the computer was almost dead then Now it is so that when I press the power button it seems to power up but the screen remains blank the fan is working and Windows is not booting It just makes one short scratching noise from the DVD drive and this is all My question is what is the recovery procedure in my situation I've tried to look for some potential help on the Internet and I found some forum posts or articles stating that there are some recovery procedures for different BIOSes but what is the procedure for my BIOS The only thing that I found quot working quot was that if I press the power button holding Fn Esc keys the laptop powers on with flashing power button But how to force BIOS recovery flashing procedure Thanks in advance for any help

A:Satellite A300D-156 BIOS update failed - I need help with recovery

This is really stupid situation now. You will not be able to fix it with some simple recovery operation. BIOS is screwed up.
In the past I was not faced with such situation but on this forum I found very interesting thread about BIOS ?recovering?. Please take some time and visit this thread.

Maybe this will help you with your machine.
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I am trying to update my BIOS Because my battery is at zero precent and not charging. I have tried running the bios update .exe through administrative cmd, with and without /Forceit, /Forcetype, and /jabilBattery is healthy, AC adapter is correct wattage but unrecognized by my current bios, wich is what is prompting me to update. Please. Help.

A:BIOS Update failed. Battery Below Ten Precent. Dell XPS 15z

Flashing the BIOS with only 10% battery and no AC current is an invitation for making a brick. I recommend you do not attempt flashing the BIOS that way.Does the laptop currently boot to Windows or at least POST?Is the charger branded to the laptop? Did the charger ever work with this laptop?Has this battery previously worked in that laptop? How old is the battery?message edited by OtheHill
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Hi all, I just updated the BIOS (Initiated from Win10), after restart nothing than a black screen and the keyboard lighting up for a second. (Thinkpad Yoga, P40)  I tried to hard reset it (power button shutdown), again in combination with Shift-F8, drained the battery and tried again. But still dead as a dodo. Some ideas before I start the whole support procedure at Lenovo?  Many thanks in advance!
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My sister asked me to update her laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro C - N Part number PSC ME- S SEN from Windows Home Premium -bit to Windows -bit BIOS bricked Satellite C660 update by Pro that failed So I did Then I went to Toshiba's UK website to Satellite Pro C660 bricked by BIOS update that failed check if there were any drivers I needed to install for Windows The only one was a BIOS update to BIOS v I have no idea what the previous BIOS version number was So I run the update application within Windows Phoenix Technologies WinPhlash starts and then halfway through the update the whole thing freezes The trackpad wouldn't move the cursor or anything I had no option but to unplug the laptop from the wall and remove the battery The laptop is not under warranty Of course now it won't turn on It beeps once when I press the power button but the system doesn't turn on A couple of minutes later it sounds one long beep then two short beeps It then keeps repeating this quot one long beep two short beeps quot sequence every couple of minutes I have Googled and read website after blog after forum post but nothing works The links to the software suggested on these websites blogs forums are usually dead so I cannot try what they suggest The most common solution is the Phoenix Crisis Recovery Tool I have managed to download v which is supposed to enable me to make a bootable USB key The version of this tool that I have downloaded is meant to be for a Lenovo ThinkPad X I have the correct BIOS rom for the Satellite Pro C which I have renamed BIOS wph and copied to the relevant folder I have followed all instructions but it doesn't seem to work Some sites say if this happens then I have the wrong version of phlash exe Certain other websites say that HP Boot Disk USB Utility should be used but I don't know how to use this What I really need is a definitive foolproof step-by-step guide of what to do with links to the tools files to be used for this model of laptop I will be following this blindly as I don't really understand what each step does I just do it with no understanding so if anyone can help me with this please write a guide as if for a complete idiot If anyone can help me with this I would appreciate it so much I am really in a sticky situation - I can't really afford to pay a Toshiba ASP to repair it and I certainly can't afford a new laptop But I also couldn't bring myself to tell my sister quot It's broken deal with it quot Thanks in advance

A:Satellite Pro C660 bricked by BIOS update that failed

Take a look into this thread:

Maybe the last comment from user *gansell1980* could help you.
Otherwise you need help from Toshiba authorized service provider in case to reflash the BIOS ROM module.
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Hi, i recently installed XP after a crash. But some drivers are not available and unable to find since it is an assmbled one. My mother board is intel desktop D845GVSR. After XP installation, I update my bios and installed some drivers. After restart it displayed a message that bios updated successfully and then nothing happened- OS not loaded and no control on key board and mouse. I restarted the system using force restart button and now windows loaded but still mouse and keyboard not working. Then i removed the power cable while system is on and after now only displaying "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device. Since I can't use keyboard, nothing is possible to change the boot order in bios. I tried to reset bios by removing battery of board and through bumpers but still... pls help me.

A:BIOS update failed, keyboard and mouse not detected

Closing duplicate thread too:
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Hey all I updated my friends system to the f bios - and it now comes up - update Trying 8710p Endless Failed - LOOP BIOS to r... HP Now that the bios update did not succeed and then it restarts nbsp This is an endless loop - which never lets HP 8710p Failed BIOS update - Now Endless LOOP - Trying to r... me boot into windows - so I cannot go back to a previous version of the BIOS nbsp I have been reading around the forums and discovered a method to try an emergency recovery by getting the rompaq bios and holding down the Windows Key B when I turn on the system nbsp Just bought an external USB Floppy drive to try this emergency recovery nbsp I tried the USB - but it wouldn't work nbsp I am getting different results here - but not what I want nbsp With the USB Floppy plugged in When I hold down Win B - the caps light flashes nbsp for a lot longer now it looks like it initializes the floppy drive green light comes on for just a moment - but then nothing - just flashing caps lock for a bit and then finally a restart again into the doom loop It never appears to begin to read the floppy disk or search for a bios file nbsp What am I doing wrong What can I try Does the disk need to be leabeled a certain way Does my BIOS file need to be renamed nbsp Any help would be GREAT Solved View Solution

A:HP 8710p Failed BIOS update - Now Endless LOOP - Trying to r...

I had a very similar experience.  Here is how I fixed it. Download sp41954.exe from here  or search for it.  Double-click on the file to launch the application.  If you are running Vista or higher, close the program, go to where it extracted (C:\swsetup\sp41954) and find the file FirmwareUpdater.exe.  Right-click on the file and select properties.  Click the Compatibility tab and select "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)".  Launch FirmwareUpdater.exe and create a bootable diskette.  If you are running XP, you can create the bootable diskette from the sp41954 directly. Power off the laptop.  Connect the USB Floppy drive with the newly created diskette to the laptop.  Hold down all four arrow keys while turning on the laptop.  Continue to hold down the four arrow keys until you see either the num-lock or cap-lock key flashing ( don't remember which).  It should be reading from the diskette.  After a minute or so, the laptop should reboot and operate normally. When I did this, I disconnected everything from the laptop and removed the battery.  I do not know if it was necessary to remove everything or not. Hope this helps.
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I just got a used M4600, and the currently installed bios is A08. When I try to update to A16, it restarts, says it's updating firmware, but fails at 0%. It gives no reason, and no error code as far as I can tell. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.

A:Bios update failed - Dell Precision M4600

That is NOT the issue! There is nothing wrong with the M4600 motherboards per se.
Everybody has been trying to find why when trying a BIOS upgrade, the system immediately fails with a basic "BIOS Update Failed" and no specific error code or more explanation. The answer is in the PDF document below - that is the message displayed when BIOS authentication fails!
You just have to look up the Dell Signature Firmware 'feature' that was introduced into a number of laptop incl the M4600.  Download PDF doc. That was a feature introduced per NIST requirements.
In a nutshell, they changed the way BIOS authenticates a BIOS file before it will use it to update the BIOS & EC firmware. The M4600 is in the list of "Legacy Systems" where this was introduced. Basically, these systems did NOT have the Signature Firmware when produced. 
Version A04 introduced this feature. After you install that, you will have an option to turn the Signature Firmware requirement On (default is Off). Once turned On, it can NOT be turned off! 
The problem starts in BIOS ver A08. Something in the code is wrong. Because on some M4600s it updates the BIOS AND Activates the Signature Firmware requirement. After that, the system will NOT authenticate ANY other BIOS versions so you will NOT be able to upgrade past version 8!
I manage many, many systems for a company. I am currently sitting on 33 (yes, that many) M4600 with that exact same situation!
A motherboard swap does not correct the issue; all it does is give you a new BIOS chip to mess around with.
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Downloaded Dell Vostro 3700_A12 to update BIOS. Ran from Win10 GUI, but shortly faded to black and has been dead since. I've attempted to reload the A10 BIOS from USB Drive after removing battery and holding down "End" key until after inserting AC power plug. Still only keyboard indicators flash in succession and HD flickers, but nothing following.
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the hp message said the update was critical I downloaded and it went thru the install process... then gave error message it said Installation compete along the top then underneath it says Failed Installation  x HP Conusmer Desktop PC BIOS (ROM Family SSID 81B7)  So what do I do now?????? Update... I incorrectly entered my operating system.  it is Windows 10 Home 64 bit
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After Bios update failed my hard disk looks like below Is it possible to combine 8 mb unallocated,980 mb and HP_tools to combine with C?
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Hi, I have repeated experience of failed BIOS firmware update on Dell e5570. More precisely the part
"Sending Intel (R) Management Engine Firmware Update" always hangs on 100% and never finishes.  The annoying thing is that laptop cannot be shutdown via power button (even with the long press) and I have to wait hours till my battery dies :-(
Im trying to update BIOS from 1.6.3 to 1.7.3. In the end, I have 1.7.3 BIOS version, but Embedded Controller stays on A07 instead of A11 so I got my PC into middle of versions :-( First broken thing I noticed is WiFi always turned off after wake from sleep or after startup.
Dell support, please help. I need new BIOS (and Embedded Controller) to resolve some NVMe and other issues with the laptop.
Thanks, M.
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Ok, I updated the bios, when it was busy updating the screen just went black. I left it for an hour and no change.Restarted the PC and it does not display anything, the start button is now red and it beeps 8 times then start button goes blue for a while then red and beeps etc.Tried: (nothing worked so far)1. bios reset button as per instructions2. Downloaded the lates bios update and tried installing the DosFlash via usb What else can I try? Thanks

View Solution.

A:HP Z230 Workstation - Bios update failed, Cannot restore bio...

OK, problem solved. I eventually copied the Dos Flash files to cd, rebooted machine and it worked.
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G'day all As a favour to a friend I upgraded her laptop's model above RAM to GB and her HDD to an GB SSD After physically update failed! - BIOS PQF65A-05E02W Qosmio F60 - installing the new devices restoring using the recovery disk upgrading her Windows x to Professional everything seemed fine So I decided to apply the Toshiba Service Station recommended updates one of which was the BIOS Downloaded it and pressed install stepped through - restarted and got into the wizard where it warns me that there may be no screen and only the blinking power indicator as activity - I then initiated the BIOS upgrade MISTAKE After minutes of waiting I powered the machine off but it won't boot - it powers up the drives but absolutely no beep codes or display - still flashing the power indicator Bricked Ok - so now I google desperately for the model specific secret key Qosmio F60 - PQF65A-05E02W - BIOS update failed! codes and disk layout that will allow BIOS recovery from a USB flash drive or CD-ROM - NOTHING Anyone have any ideas about how to re-initiate Qosmio F60 - PQF65A-05E02W - BIOS update failed! the BIOS upgrade for this model from any of a USB floppy b flash drive or c CD-ROM Thanks in advance parameme

A:Qosmio F60 - PQF65A-05E02W - BIOS update failed!

It is really bad situation now. To be honest I?m sceptic with repair possibilities. I presume BIOS is screwed up now.

Anyway, check please thread. Maybe you will be able to do anything about that.
Please send some feedback.!
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I have an Optiplex 9010 AIO. This morning I was trying to update the BIOS of my system, from A10 to A13. During the update process it showed an error: "ME FW Update Failed: Internal error: FWU_Buffer " - please see the photo below. Although the update failed on the Management Engine part, it still boots up and running OK. I tried couple of times to update the BIOS, and each time I got the same error. I tried to flash the A12 and A11 BIOS as well, A12 gives same error, and A11 has the same Management Engine version hence no use.
Any help on this is very much appreciated!

A:Optiplex 9010 AIO BIOS Update Error - ME FW Update Failed: Internal error: FWU_Buffer

Hi Stone3t,
Can you provide a screen shot showing the current BIOS version?
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Hello, could any of the Lenovo staff take a look at the link for V100 here I'm unable to find V100 anywhere on Lenovo's support site - eventhough its mentioned in the above link. V200 I can easily find but that does not help when its a bios for V100 I need! Hope someone can fix this and link to the correct page for drivers and bios updates. Thank you in advance JBJ 

Posts made by insomniac1971 is also mine.Thinkpads: T61, R61, R500