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unresponsive touch screen

Q: unresponsive touch screen

My Surface RT became unresponsive after upgrading to RT 8.1. I tried all suggested methods but no help.
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Preferred Solution: unresponsive touch screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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My Surface RT touch screen became unresponsive after upgrading to RT 8.1
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Unfortunately I have an Iphone 2g with an unresponsive screen after I accidentally dropped it but no cracks and the software and interface seems fine.. my problem is that Its completely unresponsive to any touches whatsoever.. any ideas?

A:Iphone 2g 8gb Touch screen unresponsive.

There's no such model as an iPhone 2G. There's the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S.

Since it worked immediately before you dropped it, and it stopped working immediately after you dropped it, I'd say something is broken. Take it to your provider or authorized Apple repair center and see what your options are for repair. If it's more than 2 years old, and your contract allows for a discounted upgrade, that would be the best bet.
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Hi all, I bought an 14" Yoga 710 and have problems with touchscreen from the first start up. After powering on, touchscreen works well for a while but after stopping to touch for just 5-6 seconds it is coming unresponsive. When it comes unresponsive i press in an area constantly right click function works and also touchscreen works well again for a while. It seems that after staying inactive for a couple of seconds it comes to an unresponsive state. I did lots of things (calling lenovo support, recovering Windows 10, HID driver deleting, updating, disabling, turning power management off HID items, turning to default bios setting) but nothing changed. Does anyone have any ideas? Lenovo could you please provide a solution for this? Best regards
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So we bought our child a touch screen HP all in one a while back for our child with special needs.  He loves it, but he only knows how to use the touch screen feature.  He will put his fingers in his mouth and then touch the computer screen which makes the screen get the little touch bubbles everywhere and the screen becomes unresponsive.  This is super frustrating because we have to do a reset to get the screen to respond again after wiping it off.   Is there some way to get the screen to become respoinsive again without doing an entire reset?
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Hi,I have another new issue with my X1 Yoga which started yesterday after I installed Norton Antivirus.  I'm not sure if the two are related and have searched all over, run virus checks, turned off pointer trails, etc but it still will lock and then unable to touch the screen.  No external devices are attached.  Bluetooth is off.  If I use the pen, it will override but still can't use my fingers as it will freeze again. Any help would be appreciated - its really frustrating.   Screenshot on an example of just opening up Chrome while doing nothing else i.e. the ghost in the machine opened the box and will freeze the pointer within the box.  Except there is no way to add it...  Thanks for any help.  

A:Pointer locked and unresponsive to touch

In hopes that it might help - screenshot at /t5/image/serverpage/image-id/69151iC61BDAB3949CECFC/image-size/large/is-moderation-mode/true?v=lz-1...
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As the title states I'm having trouble with w8!

I have posted logs , which have lots of conflicts and errors . Sorry, I do not know how to resolve myself.

Any advice will be well received and very appreciated.

Best wishes

A:Lots of freezing & some unresponsive touch

I tend to think that there may be some incompatible hardware on your system because of the random errors that are being generated. Your drivers appear updated and there don't appear to be any known incompatible programs installed.

Try some of the suggestions seen in this topic:
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Can we replace the capacitive touch controller or is it fixed?

A:Can one capacitive touch screen be replaced by a resistive touch screen?

Can you please provide more details?
What device do you mean?
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My Ideapad S415 touch screen has suddenly stopped working.  I've had a tech connect to my PC and try a BIOS reload of default settings, plus unistalling all "HID" devices in Device Manager with no resolution.  I've also tried a system restore with no luck. The system properties does see the touch capability. Suggestions? Thanks.

Go to Solution.

A:Ideapad S415 Touch - touch screen stopped working

hi Hersh,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
First do a Power Drain 
     (If the battery is removable)
            Remove AC and Battery and hold the power button down for 15 sec.
               Turn the computer back on and see if the Touch capability is now detected under System Properties,
                  If not
         I suggest you contact Lenovo Technical Team about the Issue as this may be a device detection issue.
       Lenovo Technical Team
Solid Cruver

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Hey everybody nbsp I just received my P last week as a replacement for another Lenovo device So far everything seems to work fine with one exception nbsp Pen... Touch P40 Yoga: ThinkPad / Touch Lenovo Screen When I turn the screen over to the tablet position the touch screen and the touch pen show erroneous behaviour a As soon as I make the first input with the touch pen I cannot make any further input with my finger so the touch input is simply turned off The Windows setting to ignore touch input when the stylus is used is not active b When I try to tap buttons at certain areas of the screen especially at the upper edge the cursor of the stylus starts jumping around and shows up at the lower edge of the screen That means that when I for example tap on the X symbol in the upper right corner to close a window I actually click on some of the symbols in the system tray in the lower right corner nbsp This problem stops occuring as soon as the angle between the two case parts screen and keyboard reaches exceeds approx It does not matter if Windows is in Tablet or Desktop Mode I already Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga: Touch Screen / Touch Pen... tried to manually install another Wacom driver mentioned at https forums lenovo com t ThinkPad-S-Series-ThinkPad-Yoga Wacom-Tablet-Service-for-ISD-Driver-Win and https forums lenovo com t ThinkPad-P-and-W-Series-Mobile P -Yoga-issues td-p I had no luck trying driver versions and nbsp I would really appreciate your help since this issue makes working in the tablet position virtually impossible nbsp
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I want to buy this mouse to better work with my laptop.
Can somebody give me some feedback on how this glas pane works instead of a scrollwheel? Handling, etc.

A:Logitech Touch Mouse 400 for a Laptop with no touch screen

Sorry I can't answer your question, but this post piqued my interest. I use the Logitech 620 touch mouse on a Windows 7 box at work. I find a little touchy and has to tweaked. But I haven't tried the 620 on Windows 8. Because I'm always looking for the perfect mouse, I think I might just pick up the 400 tonight and let you know.
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The touchscreen stopped working suddenly on my Envy TouchSmart Sleekbook - dx At first i though it was like a normal failure and that will get fixed by turning the pc off or restarting so I did not pay attention to it until now that I screen- not touch touch... HID-compliant to working, use unable had restart my pc multiple times Currently running win I started to believe it was because of an update a few days ago since it was when the problem started but all drivers and everything is up to date I have checked for the HID-compliant Touch Screen driver and had to nbsp show hidden divices in order to find it I cannot enable it and when i check in the properties HID-compliant touch screen- not working, unable to use touch... the following message displays nbsp Currently this hardware device is not connected to the computer Code To fix this problem reconnect this hardware device to the computer nbsp I have no idea on how to connect or how it got disconnected I come from a similar thread but did not solve my problem I have been researching this for hours and have not found and answer Help please nbsp
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Hello everyone, my touch screen on my lenovo ideapad z400 touch is not working anymore.  The only weird thing I remember is some ghost touchpoint on my screen. I've been looking for the answer to this issue, but it seems that Lenovo does not address this problem.  If someone has found the solution to this problem and wants to share it with me, I will be forever grateful.  

A:IdeaPad z400 Touch - Touch screen not working

I facing the same situation right now. any solution please. left side of monitor is being "touched"?
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Hello,I am desperate for help. My laptop will turn on. And I can type in my password. But then when the computer loads it takes a very long time and when it gets to the desktop the keyboard, the mouse, the touchpad, and the touch screen won't work. I can see everything on my desktop. But I cannot open anything or do anything at all. How can I fix this?Thank you!!!
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I bought new, but somehow do not want to workVideo is compared, apparently just enough to buy a new cable bought it here
This is a new LCD
This is a broken LCD
Moderator note: large image(s) converted to link(s):  About Posting Pictures In The Forums

A:Lenovo S210 Touch broken LCD and Touch screen

Hi Magnutus, welcome to the forums.
Please check if you Lenovo S210 is on warranty under with this tool.
After that you can open a ticket with Lenovo for the screen to be fixed, if it is not under warranty it will have a cost.
If you are the guys that like to fix it yourself (and it is not under warranty) I can recommend you to check the support site for your model, read the Hardware Maintenance Manual (on the documents area) and check how the machine is organized on the inside. On the parts lookup page you can find the parts number so you can find a replacements for the component that is giving you issues.
I hope this links helps you.
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Hello nbsp My Thinkpad Yoga is connected to a large display through ThenkPad docking station nbsp screen generates touch while random touch lid... Yoga Its lid is closed nbsp During my work from time to time I see random touch clicks on my screen and random opening of menus nbsp It is clear that the touch screen is active Yoga touch screen generates random touch while lid... although the lid is closed nbsp When I open the lid and still connected just to the nd display large screen display the phenomena stops nbsp Worth noting is that although only the nd display shows an image the laptop touch screen is still sensetive to touch nbsp This is I guess why the random touches show up on the screen -- it feels the keyboard not fingers nbsp I expect the touch screen to be disabled while the lid is closed or when projecting only to the nd screen nbsp The solution of opening the lid while connected to the docking station is not acceptable nbsp Lenovo's local support suggestion to disable touch for the Yoga is also not acceptable -- people purchase Yoga to get Touch nbsp nbsp A solution please nbsp Yaron

A:Yoga touch screen generates random touch while lid...

I am experiencing the very same thing.A driver/BIOS update would be very much appreciated, dear Lenovo.
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Yesterday I was on my laptop and before I shut it down it went into what looked like a different mode. I booted it up this morning and it is still in this mode. It looks like touch screen mode but I do not have a touch screen.  The icons on the task bar are spaced out and there is a back button on the task bar too which is not normally there. When i right click against the task bar, one of the buttons says "Show touch keyboard button".  All of my files are spead out as if to have room for touching if I had a touch screen but I do not. I am finding this very annoying because I cannot get onto my desktop properly and is not in the right mode. Please help!
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The touch-screen monitors are probably more expensive than your regular LCD Monitor...

A:Will anyone buy a touch-screen monitor just to use the touch feature? a little more expensive. I think I would get one?
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Hi, I've recently formatted my Laptop HP Envy m7-n101dx (touch) and installed Win7  Ultimate (64 bit).  I have downloaded all drivers available on HP website and installed on my laptop.  There is only one unknown device left (acpi\msft010), and I'm unable to to find the correct driver.  My problem is I'm unable to use the touch screen of the laptop, I've googling and found that is there must be a problem with with the Human Interface Device, but when I've checked the Device Manager no Human Interface Device is on the list.  Please could anyone help me out.  Thanks in advance

A:Touch Screen of HP Envy m7-n101dx (touch)

Hello @JeffJadoo, Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! The Forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I understand that you are having an issue with the Touch Screen, and wanted to assist you! Did the notebook originally ship with Windows 10?  How did you go about formatting the notebook, and installing Windows 7?  You may be able to use the Recovery Manager to restore the drivers, however, based on how you installed Windows, the Recovery Partition may already be removed.  You can also try reviewing the following document, to see if the information helps: HP Notebook PCs - Touch Screen Issues (Windows 8) Please post back with the results.  It is possible that the Touch Screen may not be supported for Windows 7 on that particular notebook. Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!
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My client told me this was a touch screen, so that is what I ordered.  HP 749970-001 touch screen display assembly.It is installed, but not recognized.  In order to use it as a touch screen, would I have to replace the motherboard too?Is there a driver available?  The display works, it is just not working as a touch screen.

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window 8.1 check pc info Pen and touch : No pen or touch input is available for this display No pen and touch in control panel I'm ready install drivers completed  how do I?

A:My desktop B50-30 Multi touch touch screen not wo...

Hi keerati,
Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
Check the Touch funtionality in OKR environment.
    Turn off the computer and Turn it back on and right away start tapping F2.
    Select Recovery. Once in the Recovery screen Test the touchscreen by touching any of the option if it will respond.

If the touchscreen works in OKR Environment, I suggest you perform a One key recovery (expect dataloss).
If the touchscreen still did not work in OKR Environment, I suggest you call Lenovo Technical Team for assistance.
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Hi, Just a quick question, we have one hp touch laptop model # 13-a200nx Pavilion series, and it touch has broken. I wanted to know can we replace its touch with non touch screen ? is there any availability?  Thanks
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Touch screen on our HP Pavilion 23ST Touch All in One PC P2N42AVstopped working after about 6 months. I reimaged and restored it back to original system. To make sure nothing waschanged by any updates that may have been done.I cannot see any options in device manager for the touch screen.Everything else is working just fine but no touch screen functionality. doing F2 and trying component test. Touch screen isn't there.It is like it disappeared.   This id used in a business and it was working 18:00and the next morning nothing.
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I have a kiosk on which I've just installed 8.1 pro. It has an oem touch screen manufactured by General touch (p/n st6001u). I've installed the driver and it seems to work but Windows still says "no pen or touch available". My customers using the
kiosk will need to type on screen in addition to just clicking. Is there any way to for the OS into touch mode? I believe under 7 there was an option in Windows features but I can't seem to find anything on 8. Google has been no help.
Any ideas?
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I'm on the Driver Download page for the S400 Touch, but I have no idea which driver is for my touch screen.  There are display drivers and mouse/touchpad drivers, but neither of them say anything (at least I don't see it) about the HID touch screen.  Running Windows 7 64bit.  Any ideas?

A:S400 Touch - Driver for Touch Screen

Hi DJwhiteSquall,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
As per the query we understood that you are looking for the display drivers for your Lenovo S400 touch laptop.
As per the specification of this laptop  has AMD Radeon 7450M Graphics card, however please share the serial number of the laptop through private message as this help us to assist you in better way.
Click here to send the private message.   
Hope this helps. Do post back if issue persists!
Best regards,       

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Hi All, some one pls help me.
1.  On my touch screen - left top corner the volume screen shown 0. This is reduced automatically.
2. The touch pad is not working - I am not able to move the cursor but can click where ever it is placed.
3. The keyboard on tablet mode is also not working.
this happened all of the sudden. Is there any virus or some issues with software. Pls help i am really need of a solution here.
Mod's Edit: Additional information added to Subject line for clarity of issue and moved posting to it own thread.
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I bought a Lenovo G50-80 Touch Laptop, but for some reason the touchscreen is disabled and it also says that it doesn't have touchscreen on it.
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So I have got a Lenovo Y50-70 with 15.6" 3840x2160 UHD Touch Display for about two years now. I've accidentaly dropped my backpack, while the laptop was in it and cracked it's screen so I need to replace it. The screen in the cracked part is working as it was working before the accident, the crack is on the glass. So I was wondering if I can replace my 15.6" 3840x2160 UHD Touch Display with a 15.6" 1920x1080 FHD Non-touch Display? Is it possible?I've read that whether screen you are changing, its working depends on the quantity of pins on the Video signal connector. 

14805592_1377320382293084_1940252874_n.jpg ?54 KB
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I have an acer aspire M3 581T-6405 series ultrabook, but my screen is broken. Can I replace it with a touch screen from an Acer Aspire M5-583P-6428? Whether the touch screen works as a touch screen or not is irrelevant I just want to be able to use my laptop.
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I am having a very wierd issue with vista's screen saver. So basically when I leave the comp idle it goes into screen saver then turns off the monitor after 15 mins. Sometimes, more often than not, I come back and move the mouse and hit a few keys on the keyboard and nothing. The monitor wont come out of standby I try turning it off and back on, and nothing. I have the latest drivers for everything in my system and I checked the power management settings and they both are able to wake the computer up. I have a G15 keyboard and I keep the leds on and when this happens the leds are off and the lazer for the mouse is off too. Any suggestions as to what my problem is would be fantastic!


A:Screen Saver to black unresponsive screen

/me makes "lazer" airquote gestures

Inability to successfully complete power state transitions (awake<->asleep<->hibernating) is almost always caused by driver or BIOS issues. If you're confident that all the drivers are on their latest versions, have you also done the same for the BIOS?
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Hi all,

I have windows 7 home premium x64. I am having problem of screen becoming unresponsive at times when the fan is running at its highest. Nothing solves it unless I reboot it.

Any ideas?

A:Screen becomes unresponsive

Hello splash, welcome to the Sevenforums!

Which fan is running at its highest, and is it because your computer is getting hot and or filled with dust?

Do you have the latest graphics drivers downloaded?

Have you tried switching the plugs around so that the power sources are different as a test?

What is the wattage on your Power supply unit? Is your graphics card getting enough watts?
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Hey all, I woke up this morning and started using my computer to find that there were white spots on my computer screen that I had not previously noticed. I have had the computer for two years and haven't had any similar issues. There does not appear to be anything wrong with the pixels, as the color changes appropriately - it's just brighter. Furthermore, the bright spots on the screen heat up much more than the rest of the screen, which remains cool. I also noticed that, though this may be a separate issue, the touch screen isn't responding. Here is an image (it's much more noticeable on a white background):   Any help is much appreciated!
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Hello I have a Sony Vaio T-series laptop model SVT CXS running windows As of yesterday the touch TV + OK, SCREEN BLACK to (power OK, fan LAPTOP HDMI OK) screen screen is black it doesn't display anything Laptop powers on lights are on fan makes noise etc I was able to plug an HDMI cable from my laptop to my TV and I am able to use the laptop using my TV screen laptop screen is still black but displays on TV works And the odd twist this is a touch screen laptop so I am able to touch my laptop screen and it makes clicks and moves cursor on my TV for some reason the track pad doesn't work while its on TV LAPTOP BLACK SCREEN (power + fan OK, HDMI to TV OK, touch screen OK) display though Any help would be greatly appreciated If you can give me steps into diagnosing the problem that'd be great I live in a small college town and there is only one computer repair shop and since it's a monopoly he rips people off Charges for a diagnostic if you get it fixed it goes towards the repair if not it's Charged my friend for macbook charger and it wasn't even an genuine Apple product
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I have a windows 7 touch screen laptop which I am using along with an extended desktop on a secondary monitor. Is there any way I can lock the mouse/pointer onto the secondary monitor but still use the touch screen facility on the laptop itself?

thanks in advance for any help provided.

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1 have HP 2000 Note Book . It carries regular  Screen . I want to replace it with touch screen.Please let me know it will work or not? thankyou.

A:can you change normal screen to touch screen on hp2000 note...

Hi, What is your HP 2000 ? Please use the following instructions to find out the model/product of your machine:
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During the initial setup of my SW5-171-39AV i accept to install the Win10. All is working properly but when i remove the screen from the keyboard sometime the screen is unresponsive, and i can't use it in tablet mode.All the drivers are upgraded with the files on the acer web. Win 10 is update.When the sceen is unresponsive and I can use the keyboard and the touch pad only.I also use Acer active pen when the sreen is responsive.Sometime i have to do 2 or 3 restart with the on/off buttom.Is it possible that the screen is defective?Thank you for your help

A:SW5-171-39AV unresponsive screen

Did you also download and install "Acer Quick Access"? This solves many keyboard and touch problems.It is under the applications tab not drivers on the Acer download for your system.
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I have just wiped and reinstalled my mums 13month old asus vista laptop.

The odd thing is that there is an area on the screen where the mouse pointer does not work, it took a while to fugure out as I just thought that the program running has become unresponsive, for example when a dialogue box pops up, you need to drag it to the bottom of the screen to be able to click on yes or no, sometimes, the dialogue box is completely in the dead zone and can not be moved.

This is random and some days is worse than others.

Anyone ever had this.

A:Unresponsive section on screen

You can increase the size of your laptop displayed area, through:
Control Panel
Settings Tab
Adjust Screen Resolution

Usually this resolution is already put to the correct position from loading your display drivers.

Actually have all the drivers been loaded, from your manufactures support page?
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Hey there guys I ve had some trouble booting my Dell Inspiron PC I currently have the Windows XP Home operating system and I am unable to boot my computer It could be due to having a few parts gone bad but instead of throwing money at it I figured it would be logical to see what I could get out of the internet Currently I have a unresponsive screen that says quot Boot from CD Unresponsive screen from Boot CD quot Unresponsive Boot from CD screen My computer is unable to boot from the hard disk which I think is what could be bad Have not been able to purchase another hard drive or use another to determine if this is the problem At the moment I am using memorex dvds with Windows Home Premium bit and Windows XP Home Edition Both on separate dvds I also could have a bad dvd drive often has a hard time reading disc and opening the tray but not always Anyways I ve burned the iso using poweriso and nero but no matter what I keep getting the same screen I was wondering what options I have to fix this issue It is also possible that I incorrectly burned the image to the dvd any help would be appreciated
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1. Each time I turn my PC on , the usual start up screen--a blue circle with hp logo--comes up, but unresponsive. I have to shut down the the PC, using the power button and restart it as second or third time before it boots. 2. Another issue is that when I leave the PC idle for a while the screen does into a sleep mode and I can't get the it to come back on. I have to shut it down, using the power button and then then the problem in step 1 come up again. This is interruptin the flow of my works a whole bunch. I'll apprecaite any suggestion about resolving this problem? HP ENVY h8-1414 Desktop PC (Windows 10)I also use Kasperky antivirus.
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Offered to take a look at a friend Sony Vaio laptop for them... the machine about 1 - 1.5 years old...

Basically, the problem is that the machine boots perfectly... it's totally responsive and goes through the steps, however the screen does not respond at all, it remains in the 'off-state'... there is no physical damage whatsoever to the screen

I'm wondering if anyone with experience has come across this problem before... from my knowledge of desktops I'd be thinking loose connection somewhere since laptop screens respond to the open and closing of the laptop, or possibly a problem with a connector inside the machine that could be switched out to restore action to the screen
Any help would be much appreciated...

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Dear Sir MyHP Pavilion x360 is now broke the screen but i can still use is as nomal but it can not touch screen . what should I do ,  If our smart phone it break the screen it still can use why my Pavilion X360 can not touch screen ? Please help
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I've had this Chromebook for under a week, and today out of no where it the screen flickers nonstop.
If im doing something like watching a video, then the entire screen does it. What should i do? I have a warranty.

A:Chromebook 13 with touch screen - flickering/shifting screen

I charged the battery, and once it was 100% it stopped happening. Now my touch screen is on, and i can't turn it off no matter if i use the command or change it in the settings. Im assuming this is a touch screen problem.
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I have bought this product 3 months ago "HP x360 Convertible 13.3" Touch Screen 2 in 1 Laptop 6th Gen i5-6200U 8GB 1TB" 2 days ago I found its screen was broken, I think it was dropped on the floor inside its contaning bag. It is still function well, but I want to know can I change the screen or not.    Thank you in adavnce 

A:Broken Screen of HP x360 Convertible 13.3" Touch Screen 2 in...

Hi @Mostafashalaby, Welcome to HP Forums! I have read your post and wanted to help. I understand that the screen is broken, and you want to change it. Option 1: You can contact HP phone support to arrange a repair. To contact HP phone support: please use the following link to create a case for your issue, and contact HP. If you live outside the US/Canada, please click the link to get the contact information for your region. Option 2: If you want to replace the screen by yourself: Please let me know if this resolves the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution".  To simply say thanks, click the Thumbs up below!    If you require further assistance let me know and I will gladly do all I can to help. Thanks. Regards,
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Hi, apparently I have some suspicious stuff on my computer. Like the title says, I have the Google (EDIT: and other search engines) redirection to ads problem in Firefox. On top of this, though, Chrome is unresponsive on startup (the "kill pages" box comes up, but isn't able to do anything). Also, every so often Windows will say that some host process has become unresponsive and will stop it. I ran Malwarebytes Anti-malware, and it was able to fix about 15 problems, but the issues all still persist.

Could anyone give me a hand? Thanks!
EDIT: I'm on Vista Home Premium sp2

A:Firefox redirect, Chrome unresponsive on startup and host process becomes unresponsive. Help?

Hello and welcome. Let's see what these logs show. Reboot into Safe Mode with Networking How to enter safe mode(XP/Vista)Using the F8 MethodRestart your computer. When the machine first starts again it will generally list some equipment that is installed in your machine, amount of memory, hard drives installed etc. At this point you should gently tap the F8 key repeatedly until you are presented with a Windows XP Advanced Options menu. Select the option for Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys. Then press enter on your keyboard to boot into Safe Mode. >>>> Download this file and doubleclick on it to run it. Allow the information to be merged with the registry.RKill....Download and Run RKillPlease download RKill by Grinler from one of the 4 links below and save it to your desktop.

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Link 4

Before we begin, you should disable your anti-malware softwares you have installed so they do not interfere RKill running as some anti-malware softwares detect RKill as malicious. Please refer to this page if you are not sure how.
Double-click on Rkill on your desktop to run it. (If you are using Windows Vista, please right-click on it and select Run As Administrator)
A black screen will appear and then disappear. Please do not worry, that is normal. This means that the tool has been successfully executed.
If nothing happens or if the tool does not run, please let me know in your next replyDo not reboot your computer after running rkill as the malware programs will start again. Or if rebooting is required run it again.If you continue having problems running, you can download iExplore.exe or eXplorer.exe, which are renamed copies of, and try them instead.Next run Superantisypware (SAS): Download and scan with SUPERAntiSpyware Free for Home UsersDouble-click SUPERAntiSpyware.exe and use the default settings for installation.An icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click that icon to launch the program.If asked to update the program definitions, click "Yes". If not, update the definitions before scanning by selecting "Check for Updates". (If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here. Double-click on the hyperlink for Download Installer and save SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to your desktop. Then double-click on SASDEFINITIONS.EXE to install the definitions.)In the Main Menu, click the Preferences... button.Click the Scanning Control tab.Under Scanner Options make sure the following are checked (leave all others unchecked):Close browsers before scanning.Scan for tracking cookies.Terminate memory threats before quarantining.Click the "Close" button to leave the control center screen.Back on the main screen, under "Scan for Harmful Software" click Scan your computer.On the left, make sure you check C:\Fixed Drive.On the right, under "Complete Scan", choose Perform Complete Scan.Click "Next" to start the scan. Please be patient while it scans your computer.After the scan is complete, a Scan Summary box will appear with potentially harmful items that were detected. Click "OK".Make sure everything has a checkmark next to it and click "Next".A notification will appear that "Quarantine and Removal is Complete". Click "OK" and then click the "Finish" button to return to the main menu.If asked if you want to reboot, click "Yes".To retrieve the removal information after reboot, launch SUPERAntispyware again.Click Preferences, then click the Statistics/Logs tab.Under Scanner Logs, double-click SUPERAntiSpyware Scan Log.If there are several logs, click the current dated log and press View log. A text file will open in your default text editor.Please copy and paste the Scan Log results in your next reply.Click Close to exit the program.If you have a problem downloading, installing or getti... Read more
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On starting up my Compaq Presario CQ - I received notification of a virus and whilst attempting to remove it the laptop shut down to protect itself I briefly got a blue screen with text advising me of this before it quickly went to a black screen of death with flashing cursor I've researched this on various threads and forums but nothing F8 black Can't reboot, screen, unresponsive key described the exact problem I have When I tried advice to reboot in safe mode by using Ctrl Alt Delete nothing happens and I get no response from repeatedly hitting the F key either just the black screen I've tried various things I've seen recommended powering off for mins removing battery hard reset including sec battery drain etc but nothing worked I also connected an external monitor which showed nothing thereby I think ruling out graphics card and display issues I did find that by hitting F key I was able to get into BIOS diagnostics and ran memory test which was passed and then a primary hard disk test which failed within seconds with - Fail So could i somehow reset to an earlier state even if it wiped computer or is only option an expensive new hard disk I'm posting this from Can't reboot, black screen, F8 key unresponsive a nd machine so I do have the option of downloading and using USB to transfer solutions if I can get Compaq to respond Grateful for any advice Thanks

A:Can't reboot, black screen, F8 key unresponsive

If you failed the inbuilt hard drive test, it's most likely that your hard drive has failed.
If you're unsure of that, run one of the free diagnostics listed here: HD Diagnostic (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.

I just bought a 250 gB hard drive today for $43 (US)
You'll also need recovery disks for your system. If you don't have them, here's a link for ordering them (US only): Order Recovery Discs (USA)
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EDIT Thought the other disk checks were good enough but I just downloaded crystaldiskinfo and indeed the drive windows is on says caution screen few Unresponsive start a at seconds after Current Pending Sector Count and Unresponsive after a few seconds at start screen Uncorrectable Sector Count both read Current Worst threshold and raw values Guess that means it's just about dead Maybe the wrong subforum but uh what am I supposed to do Buy another hdd and just drag copypaste C onto it or something Now running chkdsk f Even if it works and windoze starts working again it is possible and even likely that the data is still in danger right Possibly truly uncorrectable sectors that will keep causing problems Thanks Original Post Metro UI becomes unresponsive after a few seconds at start screen For a few seconds I can hover over tiles and see them highlighted and I can see some tiles show updated information like news After those few seconds the highlight disappears Nothing can be clicked but the cursor moves freely As to a cause all I can guess is the brownouts that happened last night I have a surge protector but no back UPS Other than that I've installed nothing new and this system has ran stable under regularly occurring heavy loads for mths with windows I have also noticed that at the lock screen if I don't type in my info after s it freezes and shortly after a black screen slides up from the bottom I saw that other people had this problem and fixed it by removing a clock tile and a accuweather tile but I have never installed any tiles or customized the start screen at all beyond having to at the initial windows install I tried using another account that had never launched before and only existed for network shares but it just black screened Same with a new account I made in safe mode I ran avast and malwarebytes in safe mode but all they came up with was conduit a nonsense avast didn't seem to want to run a boot scan via safe mode Tried to uninstall amd graphics drivers and to install new ones but neither worked because amd's autodetect utility had problems Tried to do selective start up with no non-windows services running but no difference I checked all my disks for errors but no problems And I did scannow which did say it found corrupt files but apparently that's common I tried to do a system restore and it seemed to work but the freezing problem persisted When i went into safe mode after about a minute of fiddling with things I got a dialogue saying that the system restore worked and it actually states a day later than the system restore I chose from the f startup menu which was the only system restore available Ran memtest no problems I had a modest overclock of x instead of the default x with stock cooling but turning that back to default does nothing Seems like windows is just pooched never dealt with something like this and after h of fiddling and a much crappier friday night than anticipated I'm about ready to give up I think I need a windows installer and maybe that is the fix Unfortunately this PC I built does not have a DVD drive and the one I made the USB installer on is long gone and I've overwritten that USB like a dummy Hoping someone might have some easy advice before I get back to hammering f trying more different random things Thank you

A:Unresponsive after a few seconds at start screen

Current Pending Sector Count and Uncorrectable Sector Count both read Current: 100, Worst: 100, threshold 0, and raw values: 000...8.

Can you give us a screenshot of that information?
Attachment 30886
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Greetings all,

I'm having a problem I haven't encountered before. My computer will boot up Windows XP as normal, then after 1-2 minutes the screen will go blank and will not respond (must manually turn off power switch), although CPU fans and power are still running.

Rebooting is also problematic, as often the lights turn on, but there's no HD activity, BIOS beep, etc. Will only boot every 5th or 7th time, which it does successfully, only to go blank and unresponsive again after a minute or two.

I've tried booting in Safe Mode and have the same problem.

Any suggestions? I take it this would be a hardware problem?

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Hi Whenever unresponsive DEL ALT screen - Cannot unlock CTRL the screen locks automatically - after a period of inactivity - the user is prompted to press CTRL ALT DEL to unlock the screen However Cannot unlock screen - CTRL ALT DEL unresponsive pressing those keys is completely unresponsive nothing happens This system hasn t frozen as the user isl able to move the cursor on the screen Tried plugging in an external keyboard no difference When Windows boots the user is prompted to press CTRL ALT DEL to unlock the screen before entering their login password - this works Once Windows has logged in the user can press CTRL ALT DEL at any time to bring up the Windows Security box - this works If the user locks their computer manually they can press CTRL ALT DEL again to unlock it enter their credentials amp continue working - this works However when the screen locks automatically after inactivity pressing CTRL ALT DEL does nothing Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this Thanks in advance guys Details Toshiba Sat Pro A Windows XP Pro Domained SBS

A:Cannot unlock screen - CTRL ALT DEL unresponsive


It is really strange issue. When you open screen saver settings is option ?On resume, display logon screen? enabled or disabled?
Have you tried to change this and see what will happen?
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Hi. Lately I've had a couple of computer freezes. It happens randomly, sometimes there can be days between each freeze.

When it happens, the screen freezes; the mouse is unresponsive but everything is still showing up on the screen. And if I have music on it stops and this high pitched sound starts playing. So no BSOD.... I End up having to do a hard reset or restart.

I have no idea about what is causing the problem. I need help logging all errors so I can start finding the root of the problem. How do I do that?
I've already tried looking at the event logger in Windows but as far as I could see there were no logs during the system freeze...

A:Screen freeze, unresponsive, no BSOD.

This will help. The BSOD people will need it.

Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Posting Instructions
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I just bought a second-hand computer for a friend of mine I plugged it all in and turned it on and it was working fine I put in a windows vista installation CD I bought and started installing it I figured it would take quite a while to install it so I decided to go off and read after it started installing it I came back about minutes later and the computer unresponsive turned when on Screen screen was black little light at bottom of screen was amber color as if no computer was connected to it I unplugged the cables and put them back in Screen unresponsive when computer turned on and nothing changed I also tried using a different computer screen and Screen unresponsive when computer turned on cable pressed shift on the keyboard and moved the mouse around nothing changed I had a look at the computer and the little light that flashes to indicate it is doing something wasn t flashing so I thought the installation must ve finished or it hadn t worked I pressed the off button on the computer and it didn t turn off so I held it down until it turned off Booted it back up and it went to the very first screen HP in big letters in the middle of the screen with some writing down the bottom after that screen it had a black screen with a little blinking in the top left hand corner of the screen I didn t know what to make of that gave it a few minutes and nothing happened so I turned the computer back off When I turned the computer back on I didn t get that first screen or anything the light on the computer monitor stayed amber I ve tried booting it up with without the installation CD in it putting the CD in after it turns on and I ve unplugged and plugged everything back in Also the Num Lock Caps Lock Scroll Lock lights on the keyboard don t light up when I press them The computer is a HP Compaq dx Microtower nbsp

A:Screen unresponsive when computer turned on

"I just bought a second-hand computer for a friend of mine. I plugged it all in and turned it on and it was working fine"

You mean it was working fine with an earlier pre-installed version of Windows running okay on it?
If so, why didn't you just leave it at that?
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Okay Hello everyone since this is my first post I shall introduce myself I am Thomas and I have many years of computer experience I can usually solve my PC related issues by either experience or googling to find a solution However to this point I have yet to find a satisfactory solution to this problem I shall start by giving as much background information as possible SYSTEM Custom build in January Motherboard ASUS Sabertooth X CPU Intel Core i K GPU Sapphire Radeon VAPOR-X R X GB GDDR Memory GB DDR memory OS Drive SAMSUNG XP M GB PCI-Express x MLC becomes mouse unresponsive. Screen flashes then SSD Data drives x Western Digital Red TB drives in RAID on INTEL hardware raid controller ODD LG x Blu-ray burner PSU Corsair Screen flashes then mouse becomes unresponsive. AX i Case Corsair Carbide series CPU Cooler Corsair H OS Windows Professional Clean Install - - All applicable updates installed all drivers up-to-date Keyboard Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop Keyboard Mouse Logitech MX Master same issue with other mice as well Monitors Dell U W connected via Displayport to HDMI adapter and HDMI cable Vizio M -C K smart LED HDTV connected through Sony STR-DN AVR via HDMI AV Software Malware-bytes Anti-malware Pro Symantec Endpoint Protection Browser Google Chrome ISSUE The issue which I am experiencing is both monitors will flash to a black screen and come back on like normal after - seconds When the screen comes back on the mouse no longer functions normally I can still move the mouse around the screen However I am no longer able to click on anything When I attempt to click on something the Computer emits two beeps from the speakers Not the on-board speaker one when I depress the mouse button and one when I release the mouse button Sometimes when I move the mouse I see the pointer moving but I also see another pointer at the same time frozen on the screen Sometimes the beeping noise occurs when I move the mouse other times it doesn't The keyboard and all other functions continue to operate normally The only remedy is to restart the computer Upon restart the system operates normally The issue occurs infrequently Sometimes I can go a week between restarts other times I can only go hours between restarts Also I do not game using this computer whatsoever TROUBLESHOOTING COMPLETED This issue has persisted over multiple fresh installs No pirated software is installed Antivirus and Anti-malware scans detect no malicious or other harmful software I have tested different and known good cables I have tested other mice All wireless I unfortunately don't have any wired mice available Other articles or forum post which I have found with the same or similar problem but with no solution include Continuous Beeping and Laggy Mouse https superuser com questions es-on-pc-start https superuser com questions -beeping-noise Here is a link to a video of the issue as reported by someone else https www youtube com watch v DaWUfftBQVU My apologies in advance if I have forgotten to mention anything or left out some information If you have any specific questions feel free to ask and I will answer them to the best of my ability Thanks in advance for your assistance

A:Screen flashes then mouse becomes unresponsive.

That is one heck of a machine not to be used for gaming, unless your using it for stuff like Photoshop, Illustrator, CAD, etc.

There have been many other users that have reported this issue. Some claim to have fixed it by uninstalling Logitech Setpoint if you have it installed. Others have claimed to fix it by unplugging other USB devices that were connected. It seems though that there has yet to be one unified solution to this issue. I would suggest starting by looking for any conflicting software (like the Setpoint that I mentioned) and then trying unplugging and replugging any USB hardware to see if it cures the issue.

As it stands, It really seems to be a USB issue of some sort, but all the further that it has gotten (to my knowledge.) The only thing I can figure is it might be in the way that Windows 8 handles USB connections, but I think I have also heard of the issue showing up in Windows 7 and 10 as well. Its hard to say. Im really wondering if it isnt a certain USB chipset that is causing the issue, or certain ones that are all in the same family.
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hey firstly sorry if this is placed dies computer unresponsive screen in the wrong area of the forum but screen dies computer unresponsive i didnt know where to post secondly screen dies computer unresponsive ive read other posts which share similar symptoms to my problem but not all the same screen dies computer unresponsive so whats happening ill start my computer and everything seems fine then all of a sudden at random moments whilst playing games whilst surfing the net whilst booting up whilst not doing anything completly random at any time my pc will seem to crash the screen goes blank and says 'no input' the computer is on but the little orange flickering light stops so it just stops basically ive tried installing windows update but it keeps crashing before i get a chance and sometimes it will crash about seconds into rebooting its so bad i barely have any time to actually fix the problem is it a bug that needs fixing through windows updates is it my nvidea graphics card is it a virus is my computer knackered bareing in my mind its about and years old it shouldnt have worn out at all the problems started occuring about a week or so ago also if im listening to music or if theres sound when it crashes it will get stuck like a broken record just to give u an idea of the problem fortunatly i have my old pc downstairs which is how im asking for help here so has any else experinced these problems know how to fix them please help really dont know much about computers so even basic advice might be helpfull cheers

A:screen dies computer unresponsive

First of all welcome. Second what is your computer specs.
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Hi all, my Lenovo N200 laptop has recently started going into sleep mode unexpectedly. I can press the sleep button(f4) and this brings it out of sleep however the screen display remains blank and i then cannot get it to do anything but power off and then back on again. Any ideas please.

A:Laptop becomes unresponsive with black screen.

You need to replace the video driver. It has become corrupted
That is the first thing to check
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I have an HP dv6700 that just blue screened and started file dumping, but then went to a completely black screen. I have tried shutting it down by holding the power button and booting it back up. The light are on but the screen is completely black and I can't get any response from it. I have also tried safe mode booting it but nothing seems to work. Any further suggestions would be appreciated

Thank you

A:Black Screen, Computer Unresponsive

Hi try reseating the ram and if it has a sperate graphics card do that to,will it boot to the bios F2 on boot
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Hi Forum,

My computer has been performing irregular actions that disable me from using it.

The computer will load to the Windows Login Screen after booting, however it has changed to a low resolution (Would normally load straight into 1920x1080). The use of keyboard and mouse are not being registered and so I cannot continue any further into the login process.

The keyboard will let me select which boot mode I would like to use when selecting whether or not I would like to boot using safe mode. Once booted in safe mode the computer still produces the same problem. I have also tested the keyboard and mouse on another computer and they work fine.

The keyboard and mouse have been tested in every USB slot available on my build, still producing the same problem.

Any insight on my problem would be greatly appreciated.

Yours in faith,

A:Unresponsive Windows Login Screen

Have you tried?

To start your computer by using the Last Known Good Configuration feature, follow these steps:

Start your computer.
When you see the "Please select the operating system to start" message, press the F8 key.
When the Windows Advanced Options menu appears, use the ARROW keys to select Last Known Good Configuration (your most recent settings that worked), and then press ENTER.
If you are running other operating systems on your computer, use the ARROW keys to select Microsoft Windows XP, and then press ENTER.
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Recently my HP G62 stock laptop has been randomly experiencing screen freeze and unresponsiveness whenever this happens- with no solution but to force shutdown. There is nothing specific that causes this, as far as I am aware, as it happens completely randomly on its own. The computer is not overheating and I have updated all of my drivers. This happens at least once a day, and sometimes before it happens, my audio completely stops working, although I don't think that is linked because the two issues can happen independently of one another.

Attached is my BSOD dump file.

A:Screen freeze, unresponsive lock up.

Hello Kennyful.

Apparently it is not a BSOD issue; as the zip contains the last BSOD that is of 2012.

Do one thing as suggested.
Start > Right click on "computer" > Manage
Click on Device manager.
Double click on "display Adapter"
Right click on "ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470" > select "properties
Click on "Driver" tab
Take a screenshot of the window with driver tab selected.
Pose the screenshot here. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums
It will give us one necessary info about your issue.
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A few days ago my wife's Toshiba Satellite laptop running W ran into problems with HELP! and Windows Blinking. Unresponsive Keeps Screen 8.1 the new Norton automatic upgrade I am accessing thes forum from my older HP bit Desktop still running Vista no W in Windows 8.1 Unresponsive and Screen Keeps Blinking. HELP! it's future After an online remoter access Windows 8.1 Unresponsive and Screen Keeps Blinking. HELP! chat with Norton they got the new version installed on the Toshiba Next the W upgrade was attempted from the screen prompt Windows 8.1 Unresponsive and Screen Keeps Blinking. HELP! saying it was ready That was unscuccessfull It took over hours got to complete but did not install Thinking it may be due to either Google Chrome or Norton I uninstalled all Google and did a restore to before before the Norton problem forgetting Google was on then Now my screen just blinks and the only way I can shut it off is by Power off since I can not get any desktop icons to respond Can not get to Restore App Mgr anything All all grayed and none respond to clicks I have read up on Safe Mode and would like to get there but am unable to Not sure where to start but first have to regain some level of control of the pc The blinking is driving me crazy Yhanks for any thoughts or ideas

A:Windows 8.1 Unresponsive and Screen Keeps Blinking. HELP!

How can I get a new graphics driver installed if I can not stop the blinking to gain any control and download?
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I have played war thunder on my new PC since Christmas when I got it It has worked fine like everything else until four days ago when unresponsive thunder war launching Black screen when instead of launching the game after pressing the quot play quot button in the launcher a black screen appears after a slight but alarming delay And it won't go away it just sits there for hours on end I cant see my cursor or anything else for that matter It responds however when I press the windows key on my keyboard I can then see my cursor but only when it's hovering above the start window Black unresponsive screen when launching war thunder on the lower left corner and on the task bar at this point I cannot see my task bar or start window When I aimlessly click away with despair and confusion with luck I open some random program that was on my task bar or start window The black screen then reduces into an empty running program on the task bar revealing the desktop start window task bar and the program I just opened I cannot close war thunder or interact with anything on the screen exept the task bar and the start window forcing me to shut down the computer When restarted everything else works fine again The problem appeared the same day I had played war thunder previously and I haven't downloaded anything or done anything else in between It just happened There are no error messages to report Black unresponsive screen when launching war thunder of give me insight on what the hell is wrong War thunder is the only game or program on my PC that causes this to happen Because everyone else online with similar issues have mensioned about many other games that cause the black screen to happen I downloaded many games and tested this out world of tanks world of warships simpleplanes minecraft I've tried everything I could think of I've tried rebooting the computer uninstalling and reinstalling war thunder reinstalling driver software downloaded a few bullshit repair programs and tested a myriad of other ineffective solutions I found online I have played war thunder for well over a year and I cant live without it So please I would be forever grateful if some genius told me what to do before i kill myself or preform a factory reset which means loosing the guarantee for my new PC
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Hi everyone,

For all purposes, my computer is running fine; however, there is a minor annoyance I'm having.

When I first start up the system and log in to a user, the password dialog works fine; that is, I can enter my password. But there are other people who use my computer.

If I try to log off my account and log into another account after the computer has been running for a while, the password box that appears has NO blinking text cursor and I am unable to enter the account's password to proceed. Restarting the computer causes the cursor to return, but I was hoping for a quick and easy solution.

Any suggestions?
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Hi guys I'm new here and I have a strange problem I don't know if it's my OS my video card or whatever Hopefully you guys will be able to tell me When I leave my PC idle for about minutes the screen goes black and stays that way as if the PC has Unresponsive Left Everything & Blank Goes Screen Idle, When Becomes crashed I move the mouse about When Left Idle, Screen Goes Blank & Everything Becomes Unresponsive and hit the keys on the keyboard but nothing works the screen just stays black In fact even the little lights on the keyboard e g the Caps Lock light don't work Everything just dies Whenever this weird crash thingy happens I have to reboot my PC after which everything starts to work again It happens every time I leave the PC idle It also happened once when I tried to play a video I've had the PC for a few years It's never done this before The problem's not being caused by any settings My OS is XP Pro and I'm using Service Pack Any advice will be greatly appreciated

A:When Left Idle, Screen Goes Blank & Everything Becomes Unresponsive

Any ideas, guys?
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Configuration Sony vaio VPCEB FG gb ram gb hdd I installed windows pro bit from windows home premium bit only days back My laptop used to go into sleep and dark unresponsive Laptop but sleep. goes screen not to mode for some time after the upgrade Somewhere between different reinstallations see EDIT it started giving me trouble When I put my computer to sleep using the charm bar or the power button my laptop screen goes dark and unresponsive but not Laptop screen goes dark and unresponsive but not to sleep. to sleep I have to eventually do a hard boot to access the computer again Haven't tried safe mode yet I tried looking online for a solution Done the following powercfg -devicequery wake armed used to show keyboard and mouse I unchecked the box quot allow computer to wake quot in device manager for my usb mouse and keyboard I didn't set the same for all usb devices since I was not sure of other devices like quot HID compliant consumer control device quot and such But as of now this command returns quot None quot powercfg -devicequery wake programmable returns some HID devices and ethernet controller powercfg -requests used to return system driver quot srvnet quot quot The device or driver has made a request quot So I did the following - Left the homegroup that windows automatically made for me No homegroups now - Set media sharing streaming to quot Block All quot in network and sharing center - Uninstalled all network adapter drivers and reinstalled updated ones - I tried the quot powercfg requestsoverride DRIVER srvnet System quot but the command line said quot invalid parameter quot - Didn't try setting defrag to manual right now the setting is monthly After all this when I tried the same command it returns None as of now powercfg -lastwake history count shows quot quot powercfg -a shows that S hibernate hybrid and fast startup are available in the system Fast startup is disabled as of now All the other advanced power settings in quot power options quot are set so as to allow the computer to sleep EDIT I had installed windows two times second time due to a virus issue After the first reinstall the sleep mode used to work fine but I don't remember whether the sleep mode has ever worked after the second powercfg -energy gives several errors none of which show srvnet But one of them is this quot Platform Power Management Capabilities PCI Express Active-State Power Management ASPM Disabled PCI Express Active-State Power Management ASPM has been disabled due to a known incompatibility with the hardware in this computer reinstall quot How does this affect my system Not sure since the sleep mode used to work after the first install Stopped working in the second and drivers in both cases were the same Attached -energy report
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I have an old Toshiba Portege tablet running Windows XP It is about years old but it runs fairly smoothly The problem is the screen no longer detects the pen in vertical stripes down the screen I don t know how to explain this verbally so I attached a TIFF from Windows Journal The filled area is the area that i was able to fill with my pen specific areas Tablet in unresponsive Screen the white is Tablet Screen unresponsive in specific areas the area it did not respond to I have tried calibrating the screen from the control panel multiple times but to no avail Here are my specs Manufacturer TOSHIBA Chassis Type Laptop System Model PORTEGE System Type X -based PC Display Adapter Information Name Trident Video Accelerator CyberBlade XP Ai v ICD Rotation SE DXVA TABLET Video RAM MB Color Depth Resolution x Not sure Tablet Screen unresponsive in specific areas if this is a driver issue or a broken screen but I suspect the later so I placed this in hardware If anyone knows what s going on thanks in advance nbsp
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This first happened yesterday I ve had the same hardware configuration for years though I had to replace the HDD and reinstall Windows a couple of weeks ago and it happed or times Today it has already happened twice When it happens the Problem with unresponsive Windows going blank screen becoming and first thing I notice is that the onscreen graphics become slightly corrupted and the system becomes unresponsive The mouse pointer freezes sometimes and sometimes it doesn t it sometimes turns into an hour glass icon either way After perhaps seconds but sometimes as long as a minute or so the screen goes blank for a few seconds i e the monitor turns off because it loses the video signal completely and then the video signal comes back and everything is normal again until it happens again a couple few hours later The last time it happened I pressed the print screen button during the corrupted graphics phase but I also took a picture of the screen with a Problem with Windows becoming unresponsive and screen going blank camera because I didn t know if the print screen Problem with Windows becoming unresponsive and screen going blank function would even work while that was going on Once it straightened itself out I found that it did save a screen shot to the clipboard but the graphics were totally corrupted in the screenshot far more so than what I was seeing on the screen at the time - link And this is what the screen actually looked like - link I m not seeing anything that seems to be relevant in Event Viewer Last night I saw two of these in Event Viewer System And they coincided with the latest incident at the time but it hasn t shown up in there since I ran Memtest this morning and it completed a full test with no errors By the way it happened three times while I was typing this post once while I was in Event Viewer to get the screen shot so the problem may be getting more frequent

A:Problem with Windows becoming unresponsive and screen going blank

Please download MiniToolBox , save it to your desktop and run it.Checkmark the following checkboxes: List last 10 Event Viewer log List Installed Programs List Users, Partitions and Memory size.Click Go and paste the content into your next post.Also...please Publish a Snapshot using Speccy - .Louis
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i am running windows on my Toshiba Satellite L it was running smoothly and all its features are good too but suddenly the screen turns out a solid color based on the color which was on desktop for example if i am having a yellowish theme the solid color will be yellow i have seen a lot white and light yellow color the most when the screen change after the color change the total system will solid 8, & windows screen turns into unresponsive a color be unresponsive the only way i find is to press the power button for seconds ya windows 8, screen turns into a solid color & unresponsive full power off again if i start the system may be it will work perfectly for a long time but suddenly again it happened the problem start before two weeks i thought it may be due to some software error and i done a full system reboot and i don't have any program installed except windows but still it exists now i am sure that problem is somewhere in windows OS or my hardware i am unable to find whats going on could you guys help me

A:windows 8, screen turns into a solid color & unresponsive

Check for a System Restore point that is over two weeks ago.

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I have a toshiba satellite l350d laptop and earlier today for some reason the screen went black while I was using it. No back light or anything. I figured it just shut down due to over heating because it was pretty hot underneath. But the fan was still running and the power, battery and cd drive lights were still on. I tried shutting it down by holding the power button but it is completely unresponsive. So I waited until the battery ran out. I booted up my computer but the screen remained dark and only the lights and fan turned on. I know I should be posting my computer specs but I don't know what they are at the moment.

Hopefully there is a easy fix for this


A:Unable to start up computer. Black screen and unresponsive

If you see harddisk activity, try an external monitor/TV. Turn on the laptop and wait a while (most laptops don't display to externals until Windows load).
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Hi Just a few days ago I purchase a inch blank unresponsive screen IdeaPad Lenovo and 100S wide Lenovo IdeaPad s I also own a TEAC Screen Monitor which I connect them together with a HDMI cord to have dual monitors Recently while I was playing a game on my computer my screen just flashed white and stayed white but my other monitor which I have them to be extended for more room was completely responsive I turned off my computer by holding down the power button until the charging and power button were both off then switched it back on Instead the computer appeared to be on the power and charging lights were switched on but the screen was just blank and black and my dual monitor the TEAC television acted as my one and only monitor I logged on and went to my settings to check if there were any signs of my laptop screen working but there wasn't it only said my TEAC monitor was the only screen I had Any help of what I can do nbsp nbsp NOTE I use Windows
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I have a ASUS A73SV Laptop and it has been working fine a few years. Just today, I crashed out of BF4 (As usual) but then got BSOD. After I restarted and logged into my account, the screen dimmed after about a second and I couldn't click on anything. I still saw the startup programs launching in the background though. My main moniter didn't have a taskbar but my secondary moniter has a non-windows taskbar. (DisplayFusion) In safe mode, the problem doesn't occur. I looked at the startup files and there was nothing suspicious. I also ran a malware scan just in case, and removed all the files it found. Please I need a fix asap. Thx

If you need the memory dump from the bsod, Ill provide a link to it.

A:Windows 7 Screen Dims and turns unresponsive after login.

Sounds like two things did to happen:
1. Reinstall Win 7 (clean install so you are starting out like new, or
2. New laptop time. . .Either way good luck.
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I have a Dell XPS 420 desktop with Windows Vista. I shook the mouse and clicked a few times to wake the computer up, and was met with a black screen with nothing visible but the cursor. I could move the cursor, but the keyboard controls such as Ctrl+Alt+Delete and F8 were unresponsive. Following these attempts, I tried turning the computer off and on using the power button on the tower, but the computer would not shut down. The display settings buttons on the monitor worked, as well as the slideshow menu on the tower, but these provided no solutions. Help, please!

A:Solved: Black screen with cursor, unresponsive keyboard controls

To do a hard shutdown, you need to press and hold in the power button for about 5 seconds.

After it powers off, wait about 30 seconds, then press the power button and see if Windows loads.

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ok, so I'm coming from the HJT help forum, they suggested I come here as they've stated that I'm clean of malware, yet still suffering this problem.

Information here:

Anyways, a bit of a recap/update on my problem. This started on like 1/30 or 1/31 and began with an internet connection loss...since then my computer's been acting very oddly, and I'm not sure if the internet thing was just a coincidence or what. And on top of that since the 11th I've been running my computer in safe mode with networking, as I've not been able to even keep it running in normal mode without it freezing up, etc. Anyway, any help would be appreciated, and if anyone helping needs me to elaborate on something, just let me know and I'll do my best to help in anyway possible.

A:Screen blacks out, freezes up for extended periods of time, PC becomes unresponsive

Does the system finishing loading all the processes before it freezes? You have a heck of a lot of programs running at startup
Disable some of the crap using Spybot S&D.
Open Spybot, click Mode / Advanced Mode then answer yes to the popup box. Click Tools / System Startup. Here lies a list of startup applications. It better to take the check out of the box using Spybot rather than using MSCONFIG. Its best to use a Normal Startup instead of a Selective Startup.

Let me know if you got a handle on it.
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I m running a P GHz desktop GB DDR MB Nvidia GS GB HD ECS PT CE-A MoBo I recently upgraded to GB DDR and began having problems when installing games where I would receive quot Error data cab file is corrupted blah blah blah quot Black unresponsive, screen, Needed!!! MemTest86+ with Help started Desperate which I linked to possibly being a memory problem After downloading MemTest and running it about halfway through the test the screen went black HD Desperate Help Needed!!! Black screen, unresponsive, started with MemTest86+ light turned a solid red and the whole computer was unresponsive The monitor Desperate Help Needed!!! Black screen, unresponsive, started with MemTest86+ light went from blue to orange and a quot no signal detected quot came on the screen as if the hard disk was shut down I reboot and try to run MemTest again and the same thing happens after about minutes of running Again I reboot try again and the same thing happens Prior to running MemTest I did have to go into the BIOS and change the boot order before running MemTest Other than that I did not touch anything in the BIOS After the issue I reloaded optimized defaults in BIOS and updated the BIOS after the problem arose I have also checked the BIOS for any USB legacy support and there is no option as MemTest says if this is enabled it may cause problems I have since swapped back to my GB known working memory and the problem persists The problem also happens when I try to play games running Dark Messiah of Might and Magic from CD and WoW from the HD Game loads and runs fine for about minutes before the screen goes black unresponsive etc I have reinstalled cleanly my graphics drivers and the problem persists Please help me Other than when trying to run MemTest and games the computer runs normally I traded an occasional install error for a complete lack of gaming This blows nbsp

A:Desperate Help Needed!!! Black screen, unresponsive, started with MemTest86+

Do you have your mem timings/latency set up correctly in the BIOS?
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So far today the problem hasn't come up but that's not to say it's not still there And apparently when the up freezes for extended out, blacks of periods Screen becomes time, unresponsive PC original thread was moved they broke it into two parts one explaining the problem and one with the log and neither with a thread Screen blacks out, freezes up for extended periods of time, PC becomes unresponsive title so here it is again a bit better detailed though For the past - days my computer has been acting oddly It started when we lost internet connection for a couple hours Thinking it wasn't the internet but my computer I rebooted after about an hour of waiting after that my computer became very very slow and unresponsive Windows loaded fine but anytime I clicked the mouse to run a program it was get the first click and then freeze about minutes later the screen would black out come back on and load the program which also took a long time to load Sometimes the computer will just restart itself completely Here's my logfile hopefully I can get this resolved Logfile of HijackThis v Scan saved at PM on Platform Windows XP SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v SP Running processes C WINDOWS System smss exe C WINDOWS system winlogon exe C WINDOWS system services exe C WINDOWS system lsass exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C Program Files Common Files Stardock SDMCP exe C Program Files Stardock Object Desktop WindowBlinds wbload exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C PROGRA SYMANT SYMANT vptray exe C WINDOWS system LVCOMSX EXE C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasServ exe C WINDOWS system RUNDLL EXE C Program Files Logitech Video LogiTray exe C PROGRA SYMANT SYMANT DefWatch exe C Program Files Logitech ImageStudio LogiTray exe C WINDOWS runservice exe C PROGRA SYMANT SYMANT Rtvscan exe C WINDOWS system rundll exe C WINDOWS system nvsvc exe C Program Files Spybot - Search amp Destroy TeaTimer exe C Program Files Valve Steam Steam exe C Program Files Analog Devices SoundMAX SMAgent exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasDtServ exe C WINDOWS system MsPMSPSv exe C Program Files MSN Messenger msnmsgr exe C Program Files Logitech Video ManifestEngine exe C Program Files Logitech Video FxSvr exe C Program Files Yahoo Messenger ymsgr tray exe C HJT HijackThis exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar about blank R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http comcast net chsi html R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main SearchAssistant about blank R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant about blank R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant about blank R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch res C PROGRA Toolbar toolbar dll sa R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - Default URLSearchHook is missing O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - HKLM Run vptray C PROGRA SYMANT SYMANT vptray exe O - HKLM Run Ptipbmf rundll exe ptipbmf dll SetWriteCacheMode O - HKLM Run LVCOMSX C WINDOWS system LVCOMSX EXE O - HKLM Run NvCplDaemon RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvCpl dll NvStartup O - HKLM Run System Kernal Support system exe O - HKLM Run gcasServ quot C Program Files Microsoft AntiSpyware gcasServ exe quot O - HKLM Run IMJPMIG quot C WINDOWS IME imjp IMJPMIG EXE quot Spoil RemAdvDef Migration O - HKLM Run MSPY C WINDOWS system IME PINTLGNT ImScInst exe SYNC O - HKLM Run PHIME ASync C WINDOWS system IME TINTLGNT TINTSETP EXE SYNC O - HKLM Run PHIME A C WINDOWS system IME TINTLGNT TINTSETP EXE IMEName O - HKLM Run NvMediaCenter RUNDLL EXE C WINDOWS system NvMcTray dll NvTaskbarInit O - HKLM Run NeroFilterCheck C WINDOWS system NeroCheck exe O - HKLM Run ViewMgr C Program Files Viewpoint Viewpoint Manager ViewMgr exe O - HKLM... Read more

A:Screen blacks out, freezes up for extended periods of time, PC becomes unresponsive

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Hi my problem is below and would appreciate some help Thanks in advance Situation I was downloading files from Rapidshare One link was clearly hijacked as my computer stalled for a moment as though malware was installing in the background and then continued However frequent messages were displayed saying things like quot your boots Computer underscore. Unresponsive flashing screen, to black computer is infected do you wish to activate antivirus software quot Obviously fake they weren t branded and I kept closing them Firefox began to display the error message quot internet explorer cannot connect to the host Computer boots to black screen, flashing underscore. Unresponsive quot or something - quot go here to fix the problem quot all of which links looked like they went to the same ad site I turned my computer off and now when Computer boots to black screen, flashing underscore. Unresponsive I turn it on it boots past the manufacturer logo I see setup options i e F and F and then displays a black screen with a flashing white underscore in the top left Can t boot into safe Computer boots to black screen, flashing underscore. Unresponsive mode or at least can t figure out how to do it Specs Running Windows XP SP Thanks Tristan

A:Computer boots to black screen, flashing underscore. Unresponsive

can you not get into safe mode because you've already tried, or have you tried pressing f8 after startup?
let us know if you see the boot options. you'd do better in the malware forum now, since anything that we
suggest may only ameliorate the problem, not completely fix it.
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Although I?m not using Windows 7 OS yet, what it has to offer & all that I?ve seen, it's pretty impressive. I'm in the process of deciding whether to go with the upgrade W7 or purchase a new Laptop/Notebook? One concern or complain I must state. I understand that Windows 7 comes with touch screen capabilities, but ONLY works with a human touch? Being physically disabled & cannot use my hands at all I type by using a head-pointer with an eraser for a tip. Yes, I?m not going to be dishonest here, I?m using an aftermarket touch screen with Vista, but I?m leery on how (or if) I can still use it with W7? I don?t know how, but I would just love to get in contact with a MS Developer to express my views. Am I correct in assuming that the touch screen option requires a human finger touch?

A:Touch screen in W7?

W7 isn't limited to touchscreens that only respond to finger operation but to touchscreens whose controllers identify them as HID touch devices, a relatively new category. W7, like its predecessors, recognizes HID mouse devices, which most touchscreens have been until recently. Treating a touchscreen as a mouse has never delivered the best user experience, as it precludes right-click-on-hold, calibration, edge acceleration, and many other valuable facilities. Consequently, vendor-specific drivers, which do provide these facilities, have been used. W7 accepts most of these drivers. In the WDM driver stack, these are lower-level drivers. To the OS, the device still appears to be mouse. Therefore, none of the new touchscreen-specific features of W7 will be available.

The reason that you might have heard that only finger operation is supported is that W7 recognizes as touch devices only those that identify themselves as HID-touch. Of these, only the ones that generate touch-specific events allow you to use gestures and multi-touch. The two technologies most likely to support these are capacitive, which requires finger activation, and wire-matrix digitizer, which requires an electronic pen. W7 can still use other touchscreens, including old ones, but the new capabilities will not be available.
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Altough Im disabling my touch screen friver in the human interface driver, it keep returning over and over again and I can't get rid of it. How can I disable it for ever ?
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after windows 10 aniversity update on my acer aspire switch 10, my touch screen is no long working.  Please help.
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Altough Im disabling my touch screen friver in the human interface driver, it keep returning over and over again and I can't get rid of it. How can I disable it for ever ?  Thanks
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I have a netbook and a desktop. When Windows 8 comes out, if I install it on my desktop, would I have to get a different monitor to use the touch screen or will it work with any of the newer monitors?

A:touch screen

If you want touchscreen capability, you will need a touchscreen. But I am sure Win8 will also work with the traditional gear.
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I'm planning to buy a new laptop but will never be using the touch screen. Will I lose any functionality in Win10 by just using a mouse and keyboard with a touch-screen laptop? Do touch screen models use a different version of Win10?

BTW, I know I can buy a non-touch screen model and may do that, but we're looking for a large screen and non-touch choices are limited.

A:Not using touch screen

There's no problem with that, any icons or tiles are clickable with mouse, just like everywhere else. For touch screen devices there is "Tablet mode" and can be turned off to behave same as any other desktop/laptop. If device doesn't have touch screen, Tablet mode is disabled by default.

Tablet Mode - Turn On or Off in Windows 10

There's no special version of Windows for such cases except for Windows phones.
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Beginning with a new OS like 8 seems nice and the product wouldnt be the same without touch tech. I havent got ANY touch equip so maybe one of those fold on screens that usb links the existing screen INTO a touch screen can do the trick? Is there any likely hood of some greatness lost?

A:8 screen touch


I have converted my non touch monitor Phillips 220EW8 21.6 Inch monitor into a touch screen using a 3M touch sensor USB. I have another secondary computer at my workplace which is a HP touchsmart, All I can say It's the same experience you get from the both monitors...If you really interested here is a link..chk it out
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R14 touchscreen works at starting and stops after some time. Still works in other windows. Problem resolves after restart and toichscreen stops after sometime.
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Hi every body….any body know what is the best Touch screen software (Kiosk Development Software) please let me know ….thank you.

A:Touch screen


don't have that much expereince with these, but have a look at this site:


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Hi guys, does the hp 250 g5 CND625210W MacBook have touch Screen?

A:Touch screen

Hi, HP 250 g5 is not a MacBook. It is a series of many HP machines.The following one does not have:!tab=specs And I can't work out what is CND625210W from your question . Regards.
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I am using a Lenovo IdeaPad S510p Touch laptop (Running Windows 8, x64 bit), and have recently installed updates after not having updated it for three months.
Now I am having issues with the touch screen. It was working fine before, but now it is not responding to any of my input. The drivers seem to be all up to date, and I've installed all the available updates for my PC.
Does anyone have a solution for my problem? I don't want to have reinstall Windows or anything like that, so please don't suggest it unless I really have to.
Thank you!

A:Touch screen help!

Check if is enabled in control pane, you should have option "Pen and Touch"
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I'm thinking of connecting a 19 inch touch screen to my system to use Media Center and security camera's in my kitchen.

Has anyone got this setup and if so what screen are you using?

A:Which Touch Screen

it all depends on if you want to be able to use the new "multi-touch" features, if you do you will be very limited to the screens you can buy.
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Touchscreen isn't working properly. Can't scroll,swipe,enlarge or make smaller. It kinda goes crazy. Open/closes without me touching anything.
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Looking into using a touch screen monitor. I use Windows 7 Home Premium and I understand that Windows Touch is available on the version.

If I would get the monitor, do I need to find drivers or are they include with Win 7?

Is anyone using a touch screen monitor now?

Looking at Windows 8, I have been playing with the Consumer Preview copy and it looks like a touch screen would be useful with Win 8 if a person would decide to upgrade to that.


A:Touch screen anyone using

Hello Jack, welcome to Sevenforums!

Touchscreen is useful, and fun. It is by no means neccessary, however. Windows has a standard driver, but for a touchscreen, you will want to look up the driver on the monitor's manufacturer's website. There are 2 different drivers - 64 and 32 bit. Make sure you get the right one according to your system.

If I were to use touchscreen, it would be because of application(s) that require it, or are easier to use because of it.
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I have the Inspiron two-in-one and for some reason my touchscreen is no longer working. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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My touch screen on my HP Pavilion 23 all-in-one has stopped working.  I have tried to calibrate it, but can not find the stting
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My touch screen failed to start every time I closed the laptop cover,The only way to get it back was a restart. I fixed it buy going to the intel graphics setup and shut off all the 3D selections. It worked for me its worth a try.
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Hey   People        I  have  touch screen model 15-g019wm with windows 8.1 cant figure out how to use it  i went to my hardware  i went to my drivers i went on hp manual says i have one cant figure out where can somebody help me