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Build 14951 Not downloading

Q: Build 14951 Not downloading

So it's pretty straightforward. Build shows in update but stays stuck in download state.

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Preferred Solution: Build 14951 Not downloading

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Build 14951 Not downloading

You aren't alone on this one. I have the same problem.
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Since installing the new build (14951.1000) I can no longer log into the Feedback Hub, it asks me to sign in, I choose the correct MS account and it goes right back to the "Sign in" screen. Anyone else seen this issue and if so how do I fix it? Thanks in advance.....
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Im on build 14951. I cant leave feedback the normal way cause MS broke that. So I have to leave it here.
When dragging a program icon from the programs list to the start menu the menu goes grey and although you can still click on items you cannot edit the menu.
Or as soon as you drag an item it grays the menu and locks it.
Again.. Why do you have to break such base Windows functions. If there is one function you shouldn't break its the start menu!!!!
Went to task manager. Killed Windows Shell Experience Host. I get the start menu back but it still doesn't work. As soon as you play with it it freezes and grays out.
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Microsoft today released this week s Fast ring build which is Windows for PC and Mobile The build arrives just five days after its predecessor build The build is from the Development Branch as all Fast ring builds tend to be It s a preview for Redstone which is to be the next feature update for Windows adding new features such as major Continuum improvements for Windows Mobile Today s build does contain a few new features Here s what s new Refining the customization experience for precision touchpad PC Since last week build PC ring - Mobile what's for 14951 the available now 10 in Windows new Fast and here's we ve continued working in this space and have another set of improvements headed your way To start with we ve hooked up our keyboard shortcut picker so now if you choose that option on the Advanced gestures page you ll be presented a recorder so you can capture your favorite key combo - perhaps WIN Alt D or WIN F to start with Secondly we ve added a Change audio and Windows 10 build 14951 for PC and Mobile now available in the Fast ring - here's what's new volume option Windows 10 build 14951 for PC and Mobile now available in the Fast ring - here's what's new to the set of basic swipe gestures you can pick from Finally we ve updated the reset button to now has a progress circle and display a check mark when it is finished We ve also heard Windows 10 build 14951 for PC and Mobile now available in the Fast ring - here's what's new your feedback from the last flight and fixed a few issues including that the reset button wasn t clearing the settings listed on the advanced gestures page that the -fingure gesture graphic was visible on devices that only supported -contact points and that some of the advanced gestures options weren t working as expected If you have any more feedback for us please let us know Windows Ink Improvements PC Starting with this build pen dropdowns in Windows Ink Workspace will let you change both color and width without having to open it twice After you make all the adjustments to your favorite pen start drawing right away and we will dismiss the dropdown for you We are also introducing Stencils Windows Ink protractor tool combines functions of both protractor and compass into one now you can draw an arc or a complete circle of an arbitrary size with little effort A familiar two-finger pinch gesture resizes the protractor to the desired size and a degree readout follows your pen mouse or finger as you draw along the side of the protractor displaying arc degrees In this preview build ruler also got a small update its degree readout shows a numerical value of the angle making drawing angles even easier Simplified more familiar camera interface PC amp Mobile The Camera app received a big update this week for Insiders We ve redesigned the Camera interface for ease and accessibility Check out some of our new features Enjoy taking photos videos and panoramas with our higher-contrast capture buttons Set a photo timer right from the camera dashboard with our new toggle control Get to Settings faster Now launch into Settings directly from the camera UI Access your camera roll with one hand from its new spot on the screen Zoom more easily with the new zoom slider Make sure you nailed the shot with a more noticeable capture animation Change between front- and rear-facing cameras with a more prominent button control On PC use the spacebar as a shortcut to take pictures You can now experience the magic of living images on your Surface now enabled on Surface Book Surface Pro Surface Pro and Surface With living images extend your still captures with a snippet of video These are created automatically whenever your shots feature motion just navigate to Settings and turn on Capture living images And this release features a variety of performance improvements to enhance your experience We ve added faster shot-to-shot support improved feedback for saving large videos to SD cards and improved camera startup time among oth... Read more
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Could someone give me some step by step instructions on how to download and install windows 7 build 7022. Thanks

A:Help Downloading Build 7022

Hello Sammy7,

As this is an unofficial build only available via torrent sites it would be a breach of forum rules to discuss this
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New error: 0x800703f1
My 950 on Fast Ring indicated it was up to date so did the same 'trick' as for previous update (from Fast to Soft Ring and setting date +7 days, restart and change date to today and back to Fast Ring and update) and the update is coming through.
Goes through Downloading updates okay. At 7% of Preparing to install updates phase it pop up the error 0x800703f1.
I've tried a couple of times to redo the update and same occurs - downloads update, then starts to install and error.
Any thoughts to fix?

A:Trying to update to 14951 and get error 0x800703f1

Hi, have you tried the workaround mentioned below. How to successfully install Windows 10 Mobile build 14951 (workaround) | Windows Central
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I downloaded the build 14965. When it download was finoshed then it says that error(in installation) but the downloaded file remains in my mobile in the Temporary File option. What can I do?
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I'm on fast ring WM. currently i'm on build 14946. tried to update to mentioned builds but with no success. Error received 0x80070057.

A:Recieving error 0x80070057 while upgrading to builds 14951 - 14955 - 14959

Exactly the same problem here, it commences the download 'RS_PRERELEASE', then fails with a few seconds with the error you mentioned.
My device is a Lumia 1020 with 'registry modifications' to make it appear as a Lumia 950 XL. Not sure if that's part of the problem or not?
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I put together a mostly new machine on Saturday Everything is new but power supply case and graphics card Within an hour of getting windows installed I got my first BSOD while downloading some games The error code appears to be pretty generic so after looking on google for a few minutes I decided it may have been an issue by error large 0x0000007e files New possibly downloading caused build caused by not installing windows updates so I initialized them and started browsing the web There were quite a few updates including SP but before they could finish downloading I got another BSOD which caused the updates to fail After trying a handful of times New build error 0x0000007e possibly caused by downloading large files I was able to get most of the updates to install there are still that fail every time not sure if it's related or not but I'm still experiencing the BSOD I left my computer on to download a game through Origin and when I came back a little over an hour later it had reset after crashing I got the notification after signing in I started the download again went to bed and when I woke up the computer had restarted again after a crash I've used WhoCrashed to analyze the crashes and it's calling out both the graphics driver and the ethernet driver as possible culprits I have the latest driver available from the manufacturer's website for both

A:New build error 0x0000007e possibly caused by downloading large files

Lately we have notices a good lot of BSOD issues with 14.12 omega driver installed.

Uninstall your installed latest version of the display driver.
How-To Uninstall AMD Catalyst Drivers From A Windows Based System
Then clean up any possible leftover.
Drivers - Clean Left over Files after Uninstalling
Then install version 14.9 WHQL only.
AMD Catalyst 14.9 WHQL Download
Late us know the result. Additional steps may be required depending on the situation.

EDIT: Free up the startup. Windows does not need any other program to auto start with it, but the auto start programs often conflicts and causes various problems including BSODs.
Click on the Start button
Type “msconfig (without quotes), click the resulting link. It will open the System Configuration window.
Select the “Startup” tab.
Deselect all items other than the antivirus.
Apply > OK
Accept then restart.
At least, remove the "Killer Network Manager" from startup.

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atikmdag.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for atikmdag.sys
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

Use !analyze -v to get detailed debugging information.

BugCheck 1000007E, {ffffffffc0000005, fffff8800f313160, fffff88003ef1dd8, fffff88003ef1630}

Probably caused by : atikmdag.sys ( atikmdag+cd160 )

Followup: MachineOwner

2: kd> !analyze -v
* *
* Bugcheck Analysis *
* *

This is a very common bugcheck. Usually the exception address pinpoints
the driver/function that caused the problem. Always note this address
as well as the link date of the driver/image that contains this address.
Some common problems are exception code 0x80000003. This means a hard
coded breakpoint or assertion was hit, but this system was booted
/NODEBUG. This is not supposed to happen as developers should never have
hardcoded breakpoints in retail code, but ...
If this happens, make sure a debugger gets connected, and the
system is booted /DEBUG. This will let us see why this breakpoint is
Arg1: ffffffffc0000005, The exception code that was not handled
Arg2: fffff8800f313160, The address that the exception occurred at
Arg3: fffff88003ef1dd8, Exception Record Address
Arg4: fffff88003ef1630, Context Record Address

Debugging Details:
EXCEPTION_CODE: (NTSTATUS) 0xc0000005 - The instruction at 0x%08lx referenced memory at 0x%08lx. The memory could not be %s.

fffff880`0f313160 488b4130 mov rax,qword ptr [rcx+30h]

EXCEPTION_RECORD: fffff88003ef1dd8 -- (.exr 0xfffff88003ef1dd8)
ExceptionAddress: fffff8800f313160 (atikmdag+0x00000000000cd160)
ExceptionCode: c0000005 (Access violation)
ExceptionFlags: 00000000
NumberParameters: 2
Parameter[0]: 0000000000000000
Parameter[1]: 0000000000000030
Attempt to read from address 0000000000000030

CONTEXT: fffff88003ef1630 -- (.cxr 0xfffff88003ef1630;r)
rax=0000000000000000 rbx=0000000000000000 rcx=0000000000000000
rdx=0000000000000002 rsi=fffff8a01206d198 rdi=0000000000000001
rip=fffff8800f313160 rsp=fffff88003ef2018 rbp=fffff8a01caba198
r8=0000000000000003 r9=0... Read more
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The latest 3 insider builds have created an issue where I cannot run MalwareBytes AntiMalware without Windows crashing with a BSOD. Can I stop receiving insider builds and revert back from build 14951 to the latest stable public release (Anniversary Build) of Windows 10? How would I revert back to that version of Windows 10 if I am currently on build 14951? MalwareBytes can only support publicly released versions of Windows 10, and cannot support the insider pre-release builds.
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hi guys,
im on build 14926 on fast ring on the SP3, I know there is a new build to download but my pc doesn't download it even though it says "downloading"
UPDATE: I fixed it somehow
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I'll try to download a file or a flash plugin and they download a little bit and then freeze. I dunno what to do >.<

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I am having problems with downloading like zip and installation files When ever I download a installation file like say Quicktime it would be corrupted about - of the time I download it Zip downloading/moving problems and Downloading image files usually have atleast one file that has a quot CRC check failed quot and sometimes if I try to extract that file once again it doesn t give me that message I tried to reinstall WinZip again but it still gives me the problem so don t think it is the programs fault Image problems happen when I try to move Downloading and image downloading/moving problems a picture file to another folder or when I try to save an image less likely to happen but still once in a while Downloading and image downloading/moving problems It seems like the higher the resolution or size of the image the more likely it would happen Also though I am not sure but if it try to move a large number of picture files at once it happens more often though maybe it is just because I am moving more Downloading and image downloading/moving problems picture files Here is an example of what happens when I try to move download a picture file Note it is just a random picture that I downloaded to use as an example The white part on the top of the image is normal it was part of the original image The orginal http img imageshack us img cars yv jpg Some of the images that got quot screwed up quot I move copies of the image at once http img imageshack us img car np jpg http img imageshack us img car cz jpg http img imageshack us img car kj jpg The comp is a Win k but not sure what service pack I am sure it is not service pack though I have an update rollup for service pack So if anyone can offer me some help it would be greatly appreciated since I really don t know what to do nbsp
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Can I install Icon Packs designed for Build 7600 to Build 7601?

An Icon Pack was saying install on to 7600 only and after I checked my regedit, I learned that I have 7601 (Probably SP1, I don't know).

Would I have any problems if I install the icon pack?


A:Can I install Icon Packs designed for Build 7600 on to Build 7601?

You can normally install icons anywhere you like, on any machine or system which uses them, they are merely small graphics of various types. Unless the "Icon-pack" is using software to install something else, ( in which case be careful what it does), you can install it anywhere.

Some "Icon-packs" make extensive changes to system files, are dependent on the system to which they are installed, and best avoided.

Regards....Mike Connor
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My win pro build hasn't received the November update build while my other win home versions have I know I'm not the only one having this problem but here's my two cents On my xw I upgraded from win pro to win pro as soon as was available some months ago I still receive other windows updates I downloaded 1511 the 10240 November pro build build received 10 win update hasn't the most recent iso from the media creation tool but I don't have an option to mount it from the right click menu Both sfc and dism have no issues I would burn it do a disk but I've read other users say its just reinstalled build instead I was using another random win pro computer at work today and noticed it hasn't received the November update yet either Anyone else with win pro that did get the update Maybe this issue has more to it like when I upgraded to pro I had an issue with onedrive I don't really use it so I only disabled it from win 10 pro build 10240 hasn't received the November update build 1511 startup in the task manager but it as a service disappeared except for registry entries and program files and win 10 pro build 10240 hasn't received the November update build 1511 I haven't found a way to reinstall it yet I know I could do a clean install of windows but that's not my style I move from pc to pc over the years using disk images win 10 pro build 10240 hasn't received the November update build 1511 This onedrive issue is the only problem I've come across that I haven't figured out without a clean install I mean I wiped onedrive from my system completely registry keys and all but attempts to reinstall fall short error corrupted file During the attempted installation it places all its registry items and files including the file it says is corrupt Copy those files that are working on another computer no dice sfc and dism no issues I'm getting off track I was hoping the November update would fix it but now that's an issue too Maybe Microsoft delayed the November update on win pro Thanks in advance

A:win 10 pro build 10240 hasn't received the November update build 1511

RE : I downloaded the most recent iso from the media creation tool but I don't have an option to mount it from the right click menu.

Did you burn the iso to a bootable media, then insert the media to the computer ?
If that was what you did, then you would NOT see the Mount option.
Instead, you would see the Setup option. Use that to start the installation.
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P50-A09M running Windows 10 64b

Trying to update my Toshiba Video Play to version V5.3.50.2 from V5.3.27.102-A

All I get is Version of source build is not target build.

Tried both ways dnloaded the Window 10 update and via the Toshiba Service Store, the Service Store gives you the wrong info to delete the old one, totally wrong as you have no Video Player to update, had to use a system restore to get it back, the build in backup version V5.3.27.102-A
will not install comes up to delete it all the time ??

Ive seem many post regarding this error; Version of source build is not target build but No answers.
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Everytime I try and updated or patch a problem on my computer I get this message (Version of Source build is not target build) and I'm unable to download repairs. What can I do I have tried a few things but same message.
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My current system was upgraded to windows 7 32bit from vista 32bit (I bought the windows 7 home premium upgrade disc when it was first released). I am going to build a complete new system. Can I install windows 7 64bit from the same windows 7 disc? Or do I have to buy a new windows 7 disc? Is there a way around buying a whole new disc?

A:Solved: New computer build work with old build's Windows 7 Disc?

It won't activate and you will end up in Safe Mode permanently. One machne = one license. You need to buy another full version. But you can do it if you don't use 7 on the old machine. You will just have to activate by phone and explain. Then if you go online with both, one will deactivate and go to Safe Mode.
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Hi everyone After not recieving the AU from Microsoft I took a look at winver I noticed that my PC has never received or installed an update since the original Windows build Version or build I began to investigated and noticed that Cumulative Update KB keeps trying 10 (build 10240) update to original Windows build from Unable to install however Windows Update always fails to install this update giving me this error quot There were problems installing some updates but we'll try again later If you keep seeing this and Unable to update from Windows 10 original build (build 10240) want to search the web or contact support for information this may help quot No error code is provided I took a look at setuperr log within the Windows BT folder and this is the only error present Error SP CSetupPlatform ResurrectNewSystem Cannot resurrect new system Win Exception C Windows BT Sources NewSystem dat The system cannot find the file specified x thiscall UnBCL FileStream FileStream const class UnBCL String enum UnBCL FileMode enum UnBCL FileAccess enum UnBCL FileShare unsigned long gle x I would really appreciate if anyone could help me out with this issue as i'd like to move up to the AU - Please let me know if you need any more info Thanks
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Yesterday i updated my phone to wat supposed to be anniversary update .i was surprised that my windows build had vecome an insider preview build which in the past i downgraded my phone to version 8.1 then updated to windows 10 original to get away from the insider question is why ot came back and how to prevent it from coming back in the future

A:why my windows mobile 10 build has transformed to an insider preview build

Originally Posted by Windows Central Question Yesterday i updated my phone to wat supposed to be anniversary update .i was surprised that my windows build had vecome an insider preview build which in the past i downgraded my phone to version 8.1 then updated to windows 10 original to get away from the insider question is why ot came back and how to prevent it from coming back in the future Go to settings - Info and check build version.
Annyversary Update is nothing else than Redstone that became official and replacing old Threshold, read the news ;)
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So recently after the November build release I woke the next morning to find that my computer underwent a rather major update After which it seemed my home network was thrown out of newest build. to previous back rolling after find build Cant wack I immediately rolled reverted recovered to previous build But now everything is out of wack Most of the time I have to restart my computer just so it'll communicate with my printer to start printing And restarting the computer is twice as long if it restarts at all Most of the time It gets stuck in the quot restart quot progress animates the rotating circles and I have to press the restart button on the computer tower with great regret and dread Transferring files from one windows device to another is a hit or miss I'm pissed I'm not literate when it comes to networking and was super happy how everything was But now not only is my wifi home network out of wack but my computer itself is wonky I figure I might as well reinstall the newest build in hopes that it'll at least fix a fe of the problems But anytime I check for updates the newest build no longer shows up Can someone please help

A:Cant find newest build after rolling back to previous build.

Windows 10 ISO Download - Windows 10 Forums

Mount the ISO file, run setup.exe from the fake DVD drive created by mounting the ISO file.
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I am trying to install Windows Build from Windows Build I Install Windows 10586 10 Build Build 10240 From have just received the Windows Update Assistant popup telling me I'm not running the latest version of Windows I have it downloaded but it will not install The computer check Install Windows 10 Build 10586 From Build 10240 said my computer is good to go Asus AllInOne Model ET I've tried several times and each time it reaches the computer restarts and then it goes into quot reinstalling your previous version quot and I'm back to Build I know there are other people with the same problem but no solution One website said to delete quot Windows old folder as that may be a problem using Disk Cleanup but it doesn't show up on my Install Windows 10 Build 10586 From Build 10240 computer under quot Clean Install Windows 10 Build 10586 From Build 10240 up system files Previous Windows installations There is a quot Windows old quot folder on my C drive but it is full of empty folders I'm not sure if I should just go ahead and delete it There is also a new folder called Windows Upgrade with files in it Hope someone can help thank you

A:Install Windows 10 Build 10586 From Build 10240

Do you have the Razer Synapse software installed? That seems to have been what's caused it for me. Unfortunately I seem no longer to be able to trigger the update, darn it, as Windows now feels it has updated and all's fine (it hasn't).
uninstall the Razer software and try again. Hopefully it hasn't messed you up completely.
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My current system specs are below is getting a bit dated and frankly I m just itching to build a new computer Since the days of pentium hyperthreading socket and AGP video cards are long gone I m looking for some advice and or guides on where to look for ideas I like to play games although I wouldn t consider myself a gaming geek in that I need the latest card and processor But I do like quality I guess what I m looking for is a decent mid range system that ll make look FSX and Vista look good without breaking my bank I new Want any you'd guides recommend? good system, to build 'build' a m partial to Intel ASUS and ATI but I d really be willing to try anything as I know the market changes like the winds I m not real keen on the latest in technology for instance all I know a RAID to be is something we d Want to build a new system, any good 'build' guides you'd recommend? do in the middle of the night to the sorority houses looking for panties Any Want to build a new system, any good 'build' guides you'd recommend? ideas or general directions you can point me in would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Want to build a new system, any good 'build' guides you'd recommend?

What is your budget?
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I've been stuck on build 11102.rs1_release.160113-1800.
Going to Settings. Update & Security, Check for updates says "your device is up to date".
Checked for updates at least 10 times and always get the same response "Your device is up to date".

I don't want to download an ISO and clean install - I'd like to get the insider updates through
the standard update process.

Any suggestion or solutions?


A:build 11102 will not download latest build 14271

Try this - worked for me in a similar situation.

I deleted all folders in the software distribution folder, selected to leave Insider Program from updates menu, rebooted, rejoined Program and then it found the updates. Try just deleting folders first and checking for updates. That works for some but did not for me (it was the leaving and rejoining that seemed to do the trick).

If you try rejoining and leaving, make an image backup of 11102 first, just in case leaving and rejoining should cause it not to activate (especially if you never started from a valid 7/8 licence). Good idea to make the backup anyway in case the upgrade fails (you would then have to go back to 10586 and start afresh)
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If I get an .iso of Windows 10 RTM (14393) , I can install over the Preview Build (14931) I'm using without losing my personal files, Win32 programs and applications?

A:Install RTM Build (14393) over Preview Build (14931)

Yes. Mount the ISO file as virtual DVD by double clicking it and launch the Setup.exe to start upgrade.
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utorrent isn't working too well whereas it usually does and I want to know what is the best utorrent for vista ultimate x64 build 6001 and also what are the best tweaks and settings for the version I should use please tell me the best/most ideall version and aqlso link me to a tweak/settings guide thanks. NOTE: I DO NOT USE UTORRENT TO DOWNLOAD ILLEGAL MATERIAL

A:Best Utorrent Build For Vista Ult. X64 Build 6001

hi ,,, i also use utorrent,,, as regards tweeks, there is not much you can do,,, its more to do with your hardware if you want faster and more stable downloads and what profile your broadband is,,, im on an 6meg profile and achive about 5 meg as im about 2km fromthe exchange,,, i use a site called in the uk and they sugest useing a router and resetting the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit ) files collide then it has to be sent again,,, if the mtu is set to high it could be to fast and collisions happen and it has to be sent to you again slowing the download,,, default for ethernet setup on a windows os is 1500,,, to high,,, i reset mine to 1423 and torrents take less time now because files dont have to be re sent. in ADSL tab at the top of the page and then "tweeking mtu" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, good luck
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I built the PC and have all the hardware installed. The disc that came with the mother board is in the reader drive. No signal is detected by the monitor. I am unsure if it has a BIOS.
here is a link to my parts list

i have reseated everything twice with no results.

A:new PC build. first time build. no signal to monitor

have u plugged in the TWO power plugs on the motherboard
have u plugged the power for the video card
have u checked the case to mobo power wire is in the right spot
the video card u have requires a minimum of 500w power supply.......... u have purchased a corsair cx 500 which is not up to the job, while being a fine psu for onboard is underpowered for your system

the motherboard u chose is a tad low end see reviews here
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Somewhat unusual situation here. A machine running the latest build (11102) got badly infected by malware. It was such a major attack that I was about to reload the earlier day's image from my Windows Home Server. But it seemed even easier to revert to the previous build, not yet removed from the Windows.old folder. This I did, and everything soon was running fine as expected.

The issue is that the Updates check is not offering Build 11102 again. This isn't a showstopper; I'm sure there will be another newer build soon. But it would be nice to be back up on this latest build, just as all my other Win10 machines are running.

Does anyone know how to make this happen?

A:How To Get Latest Build After Reverting To Earlier Build

If you have set it on Fast ring, it will be updated after 24 hrs, so need to be patient.
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P50-A09M running Windows 10 64b

Trying to update my Toshiba Video Play to version V5.3.50.2 from V5.3.27.102-A

All I get is Version of source build is not target build.

Tried both ways dnloaded the Window 10 update and via the Toshiba Service Store, the Service Store gives you the wrong info to delete the old one, totally wrong as you have no Video Player to update, had to use a system restore to get it back, the build in backup version V5.3.27.102-A
will not install comes up to delete it all the time ??

Ive seem many post regarding this error; Version of source build is not target build but No answers.
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Hi All,
I am currently running OS 7 Beta RC Build 7100. Were do I get this newer version, is there a big difference? And am I able to upgrade to the newer Beta?

I realize that October is fast approaching for the RTM but I plan to keep running the Beta for a couple of months past the Grand Opening.

Is it possible that all the updates that I have received equally add up to the newer build?

A:Upgrade from Build 7100 to Build 7264?

I'm still wondering where people got build 7600. :/
I'm running the same build as you, but this beta is gonna expire soon, so we got no choice but to get the RTM.
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After updating to this insider build my start menu,cortana menu,WiFi menu and action center do not work,how can I fix these?

Also sfc /scannow does not work "Windows Resource Protection could not start the repair service." - FIXED with batch file

Settings menu will not open since the start menu wont,even the personalization menu from the desktop does not open.

A:Windows 10 build insider build 14295

Assuming you updated to 14295 through Windows Update ?
If yes, try to reinstall using the newly released 14295 ISO file.....

Download the iso file that corresponds to your Win 10 Insider Preview version ( i.e. language and bit-version )> save it to a folder.
Right click at the iso file > click Mount > click Setup.exe.
Installation will begin.
No product key is required.
Activation will be automatic.

Hopefully, reinstall will fix the problems.
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Windows 7 has reached RTM builds
and there will be several candidate builds in RTM.

first candidate build of RTM is build 7260.

6.1.7260.0.win7_rtm.090612-2110 - RTM branch build

compiled on 12 june.

You may ask why the first assembly win7_rtm has already been collected on 12 June not 15 June. There are several working groups involved in the process of assembling win 7 RTM build and will be assessing the quality of assemblies. Once the assembly is collected and its quality is confirmed, only then they put to the vote.

you may take time to understand all of these steps and procedures, so only the assembly from June 12 and June 15, attained the status of the real candidates for the final RTM release.

Edit :Link Removed.
but im not sure in news thread we quote links but not allowed in discussion threads
any reason for that!!!

A:Windows 7 Build 7260 (first candidate build of RTM)

Airbot pls do your job
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Build 237 (2015-02-10) BETA

IMPROVED: Malware removal on Windows 8.

Build 236 (2015-02-10)

FIXED: Handling of Proxy Auto-Config (PAC) files.
ADDED: Command line switch /proxy=<noproxy|auto|wpad|http:|serverort>
Example: /proxy=http://server/pac.js
IMPROVED: Remnant scanner.
Download Links

A:Hitman Pro 3.7.9 Build 236 Final/ Build 237 BETA

Beta Download:
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Microsoft released Windows for PCs build today the first Insider Preview build since the Anniversary Update was launched last Tuesday The company noted that it might take a few hours for the build to show for everyone As promised earlier this week there s not a the Here's for new Redstone first in PCs 14901, Windows 10 build build 2 what's lot that s new There are just two known issues Here's what's new in Windows 10 for PCs build 14901, the first Redstone 2 build and one new feature Here s what s new Improving Product Education As part of an effort to explore new ways of educating our customers on features in Windows we are testing out new notifications within File Explorer They re designed to help customers by providing quick easy information about things they can do or new features they can try to have a better experience with Windows If you want to opt out of these notifications you can do so by unchecking Show sync provider notifications from the Options menu in the File Explorer View tab Dona Sarkar head of the Windows Insider Program took the time to mention Windows Mobile which was the one version of Here's what's new in Windows 10 for PCs build 14901, the first Redstone 2 build Windows that didn t get an Anniversary Here's what's new in Windows 10 for PCs build 14901, the first Redstone 2 build Update last week She said that the team is quot laser-focused quot on getting the AU to Mobile and she thinks that they re almost ready According to Dona you can help by installing build on your phone and submitting feedback nbsp
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I plan on using this computer for games like FC Crysis Civ LoL look computer build, a good build? this First does like Arma Kerbal SP CoD SimCity torrenting and multitasking gaming music or gaming skype or all three I plan First computer build, does this look like a good build? on building it within the month I prefer performance over cost I have Windows Ultimate -bit I have a quot Samsung T B x Bose USB speakers and a mouse but I will need a keyboard I also have access to wired internet I m just wondering if anyone First computer build, does this look like a good build? has any suggestions on these parts seeing as I am new to computer building I did a good amount of research so far And also if these parts would fit and work well together Thank First computer build, does this look like a good build? you CPU Intel Core i - K GHz Quad-Core Processor CPU Cooler Cooler Master Hyper Plus CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler Motherboard Asus P Z -V PRO GEN ATX LGA Motherboard Memory Corsair Vengeance LP GB x GB DDR - Memory Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue TB quot RPM Internal Hard Drive Video Card Sapphire Radeon HD GB Video Card Wired Network Adapter Intel EXPI CTBLK Mbps PCI-Express x Network Adapter Case Cooler Master HAF Advanced ATX Full Tower Case Power Supply Antec Basiq Plus W PLUS Certified ATX V Power Supply Optical Drive Lite-On iHAS - DVD CD Writer Keyboard Lite-On SK- BS Wired Standard Keyboard Total from Newegg nbsp

A:First computer build, does this look like a good build?

The build looks good. I only have one question. Is the on-board LAN (network adapter) not suitable for your needs?
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Ive recently built a new comp and put win 7 on it. Now, I was wondering about the new/differant builds. Looks like I have build 7100. And thus far really like, alot!

Should I download a new build?

What are the differences? Will I notice?

Where Do I get new builds?

Thanks alot!

A:Should I upgrade My Win 7 build to a newer build???

The new build (7127 is the only new 1 so far) is available on most torrent sites. If you are having no issues with the RC build 7100 then you may not notice any difference, although, 7127 does seem a bit faster.
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Hi All
I'm Tired Of Still Formatting My PC When Evered Anew Build Is Released
Can I Update Win 7 From Build To Build Without Formatting ?


A:Can I Update Win 7 From Build To Build Without Format

Quick Answer: Yes

You could upgrade from a build to another build but it is recommended to do a clean install.
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All I would really appreciate your input on my final first Build: About my build, advice order ever C2D to please spec for my first build Intended Usage - Heavy multitasking C2D Build: About to order my first ever build, advice please - Mail browsing downloading movies playng music with Mediaplayer decoding movies online poker - Games - Warcraft Flight sims RTS Other Info - I will be using my existing Dell inch LCD running x - I will experiment with moderate overclocking but this is my main system so I want a stable box that will run for - years - I don t want the extra complexity of RAID - I am not interested in SLI I will buy the top of the line DX graphics card next year the current choice is only a stop gap - Based on what I have heard above the minimal cpu impact I am going for on board sound rather than a separate card - In future I see myself upgrading to C2D Build: About to order my first ever build, advice please quad core - I will run XP as my main OS with Vista on its own partition until I am happy to move to Vista late next year Will also have another OS partition on the main Harddrive C2D Build: About to order my first ever build, advice please for messing around with Linux Questions - What are your general thoughts - How does my memory choice look - Does my PSU look ok for the future I would like a modular unit I won t go SLI but do see myself having Quad core and a beefy DX GPU as well as SATA devices - Is there an ATI alternative to my graphics card choice as I hear ATI is the way to go right now Also I want to avoid reinstalling my OS if I move to an ATI DX card I have hear that you should reinstall the OS if you are changing between ATI amp Nvidia drivers - What s the view on my case I want something with good cooling quiet space to move around in and good looking Suggestions Spec These parts are available in online amp local stores i live in Holland Processor - Intel Core Duo E Motherboard - P W DH Deluxe Intel X I changed this from a Gigabyte DQ after hearing about a lot of memory problems Cooler - Zalman CNPS AT Memory - GB - OCZ DDR PC - Platinum Revision CL - - - OR GB Corsair XMS TWIN X DDR MB CL Video - XFX GeForce GT MB will upgrade to DX card s next year Hard Drive - Western Digital Raptor WD AD - Windows XP Vista Linux Games partitions Hard Drive - Seagate Barracuda - another of these to be added later for backup Case - GigaByte D Aurora I have been bouncing between a Coolermaster Mystique a Coolermaster Praetorian and a Collermaster WaveMaster now I have this choice PSU - OCZ Modstream W or Antec NEO W Floppy cardreader - Mitsumi in FDD Cardreader Optical - NEC AD- A DVD burner nbsp

A:C2D Build: About to order my first ever build, advice please

Good, except for the E6600. Get the E6400 and overclock it (should overclock well with that board and your ram, without blowing up your processor in 3 years). Will save you quite a bit of money that way.

Also just a personal recommendation. Get the Enermax Noisetaker II 485W PSU instead.
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What's new in HitmanPro 3.7.7 Build 205 Beta:
August 26th, 2013

∑ FIXED: Processing of ShellServiceObjectDelayLoad startup entries.
∑ FIXED: Processing of Task Scheduler jobs.

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I seem to be stuck on Windows Insider build 14342 (Version 1511 OS Build 14342.1002). Since this build was installed, I haven't gotten any other insider builds.
Any ideas on how to fix this? I want to avoid having to reinstall if possible.
Is there a way to manually install build 14352, the one that followed the one I'm stuck on?

A:Stuck on Insider build 14342 (Version 1511 OS Build 14342.1002)

Originally Posted by GoghUA I seem to be stuck on Windows Insider build 14342 (Version 1511 OS Build 14342.1002). Since this build was installed, I haven't gotten any other insider builds.
Any ideas on how to fix this? I want to avoid having to reinstall if possible.
Is there a way to manually install build 14352, the one that followed the one I'm stuck on? you can use the ISO files to get the newer version Windows 10 PC Insider preview build 14366 ISO files now available for download | Windows Central
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Am not on Insider builds. Getting Error on Updates Your Insider Build Needs Attn........
Not logged in to a MS account.
Running anniversary ed upgrade from last release clean install, valid retail key win7
Running Norton Utilities 16, Spybot Anti-Beacon and O&O Shutup10, registry hacked to turn off Cortana
Everything Win10 that can be uninstalled is or is turned off in settings.

All I have seen is to fix if on Insider Build Program, any suggestions ?

A:Not on Insider Build but error message: Your Insider Build Needs Attn

Hello Pkshadow Welcome to the Ten Forums!

The prompting you are seeing is most likely to get you to notice and install updates that have been accumulating. Otherwise that is a strange one. You might have to sign into an MS account if you already had one setup in order to see that account's information updated on the change from Insider to Anniversary. That would then see everything synced properly.
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I dont know a lot about computers.My first build is corei7920.what is the best ram for performance? I will be using 6GB but I will not be overclocking.I just want to use the ram as it comes in the package at stock settings.ASUS P6T SE motherboard?GTX 260 graphics,antec 1200 case,300GB velociraptor,windows7 I have read that corei7 can only use ram at 1066 speed w/out o.c.This motherboard can use 1333 ram w/out o.c. I do not mind spending a little extra $ for good ram, but I am confused.Not overclocking because I dont know how yet.I have not bought anything yet.

A:Corei7 920 build (first build)

Type your motherboard into the right places when comes up. This is a good standard for what you want, then build on that by going to other sites.
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I just got my income tax return back and now it's time to update my PC. Please bear in mind I'm a newb!

I want to keep the following:

1. Corsair 750W PSU,
2. Antec 1200 case, and
3. EV3A 460GTX 756MB GPU.

In other words I likely need a new motherboard, processor, cooling fan for the processor, RAM, etc. I don't know if I'll need a sound card or ethernet card or if on-board will be good enough. I've heard from a couple friends that Asus Mobos are good. I think I want to go to an Intel processor as that's what I've had to this point and it's done well for me.

What are your thoughts? Where should I start looking?


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A buddy of mine is looking to build a new computer and turned to me for advice I got some help here last year on my build and I never did post a follow up so here s what I ended up with CPU Intel Core Duo E Wolfdale GHz overclocked to Build Update New Help Build and GHz Motherboard Gigabyte GA-EP -UD P LGA Intel P Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX GB overclocked HSF Xigmatek HDT-S mm Rifle CPU Cooler with Xigmatek Retention Bracket HDD Western Digital Caviar Black GB Build Update and New Build Help RPM CD DVD Burner Samsung X DVD -R DVD Burner RAM G Skill Build Update and New Build Help PI Black GB x GB DDR PSU Corsair CMPSU- TX W Thermal Compound Arctic Cooling MX- OS Windows Build Update and New Build Help Vista Ultimate -Bit Case NZXT Tempest ATX Mid Tower Monitor Acer X Wbd Black quot ms Widescreen LCD Speakers Logitech S- Multimedia Speaker System I m happy with the choice I made and never looked back The build went smooth and I m looking forward to doing another one in the future I keep myself up date on everything new that s out The only problem is that my friend is looking at cheaper products that I haven t looked into nor do I have the time Here is what he s looking for Budget No gaming He ll be using the computer for browsing the web hosting web sites and that s about it He does want a fast CPU though TB HDD He already has a monitor keyboard and mouse At least GB of RAM He would like to not have to upgrade for a few years He s majoring in a computer related field and he s a sophomore Any help would be greatly appreciated nbsp

A:Build Update and New Build Help

As you know you'll get some great help here so I'll suggest that he consider an AMD build. For what he wants to do and his budget he can get a very, very nice build especially since he won't be gaming.

Consider the AMD AM3 Propus 620 quad core 2.6 GHz for $99.00 at NewEgg with free shipping and for a few dollars more there is the 630 @ 2.8 Ghz. Both chips are getting great reviews.
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Hello i want to build my own pc

Procesorius - Intel Core i7-4770, Quad Core, |

Vaizdo Plok?t? - GIGA-BYTE PCIE16 GT610 2GB |

Mother board:
Motinin? plok?t? - ASROCK B85 S1150 |

Operatyvioji atmintis - KINGSTON DIMM 16GB |

1. HDD:
Vidinis diskas WD Red 3.5'' 1TB SATA3 64MB |

2. HDD:

I dont know wich box i should use, here 2 options:



So is it possible to build pc with these parts?

Sorry I'm from lithuania and my online shops are lithuanian laguage. But Names of parts is in english

A:Build specs. Can you build it?

The issue I see: your mobo supports "ONLY" 4th gen CPU and your CPU of choice is a 5th gen (gen=generation). Even though the mobo is socket 1150, same as CPU, there may bay some firmware incompatibilities. Not sure if there is a BIOS update for the mobo to support 5th gen CPU's, which I doubt it does.

So you may want to consider a new mobo that supports intel's 5th gen series CPU's. Also; there's no mention of a PSU (power supply). I would also move up to a GTX 970's just a better GPU period.
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i been trying to run on my friends the online scan(tredmirco) on his computer, but it would direct me to the scan my computer. i try to turning off all his firewall but it still wouldnt work. Im not able to download any program off from or any other sites. it takes along time time to load and after that it wouldn't connect to the site anymore. i notice that he has some trojan and spyware but i remove 95 percent of it. The only spyware he has left is soproc.exe, im at the proccess removing it now. any one know what wrong with the downloading issue for his computer?
his browser is internet explore not firefox
ios-win xp home edition


It sounds to me that malware has hijacked your hosts file
Follow these 5 steps
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Please forgive me in advance i'm still a newbie.....but thanks for any advice given.....I've just bought a new pc with vista premium pre installed, One of the things that I noticed when I unpack the pc was that there was no recovery disks, I have been reading through the postings on the forums and was just wondering, should I download an ISO of visa to burn to disk and if so where from (legally).....or maybe use a ghost program to copy the drive?.....thanks in advance for any advice given

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Does Anybody No Of A Software Where You Can Download Videos Form Their Urls.

Thanks In Advance
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Hey guys.. I have a problem here.. my computer is always downloading something at around 3-7kb/s when im not opening any program, website, msn or anything in the background, I have no adware or things like that. When I use a monitoring prog. I always see that im downloading at around 3-7kb/s when im not using anything.
I have DSL (always connected) and I'm wondering why am I always receiving if im not using anything?

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I have windows vista, its a computer given to me and cannot download anything at all, but can upload.

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i can' download tsgsysinfo when the download reaches 100%.
here's what pops up at the bottom of the screen.
sysinfo.exe contained a virus and was deleted.


try this one

a lot of people use sysinfo with no problems reported
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So i just installed Vista (first mistake) and my browser is as it says. Just a browser! I can't right click on anything. can't download anything. I click on somehting to download and it just doesn't do anything. I have no menu buttons at all. In fact the only thing i have is the back/forward/reload/stop buttons and the url location. Past those buttons i can't do anything else. I've gone into internet settings in the browser and the settings are fine as for activating tab browsing and so on. Why can't i download anything??? Why can't i tab??? In fact why can't i do anything in IE at all???
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i'm looking for a site to download movies and music, would like free but want the best (one price - unlimited downloads) site there is.....anyone know of one......

A:Downloading - legal movie downloads - Legal music downloads
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I think I need to start limiting his rights The other day he downloaded the Search YA toolbar while downloading quot free games quot I uninstalled it but know it was loaded with spyware and now I m afraid I have lingering malware on my system McAfee doesn t find anything but I know that McAfee is only so good at detecting Spyware and Malware I ran Hijack this and the rootkit scanner The DDS scanner doesn t seem to work I just get a DOS window that says the scan will take minutes but I never get a log By the way you people are doing gods work Here is Hijack this Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v Scan saved at AM on Platform Windows Vista SP WinNT MSIE Internet Explorer v Boot mode Normal Running processes C Windows system taskeng exe C Windows system Dwm exe C Windows Explorer EXE C Windows RtHDVCpl exe C Windows System SysMonitor exe C Acer Empowering Technology eDataSecurity eDSloader exe C Acer Empowering Technology eMode PCM PCMService exe C Windows System rundll exe C Windows Samsung PanelMgr SSMMgr exe C Program Files Motorola SMSERIAL is downloading My Kid everything sm hlpr exe C Program Files McAfee com Agent mcagent exe C Program Files McAfee MAT McPvTray exe C Program Files Canon MyPrinter BJMYPRT EXE C Program Files Common Files Pure Networks Shared Platform nmctxth exe C Program Files Pure Networks Network Magic nmapp exe C Program Files Adobe Photoshop Elements apdproxy exe C Program Files iTunes iTunesHelper exe C Program Files Common Files Java Java Update jusched exe C Program Files Windows Sidebar sidebar exe C Program Files Windows Media Player wmpnscfg exe C Acer Empowering Technology ACER EMPOWERING FRAMEWORK SUPERVISOR EXE C Users Sellers AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Sellers AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Sellers AppData Local Google Chrome Application My Kid is downloading everything chrome exe C Users Sellers AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Sellers AppData Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Users Sellers AppData My Kid is downloading everything Local Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Program Files Internet Explorer iexplore exe C Windows system Macromed Flash FlashUtil b exe C Users Sellers AppData Local Microsoft Windows Temporary Internet Files Content IE EB IL HijackThis exe C Users Sellers Downloads HijackThis exe C Windows system Taskmgr exe R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Bar http us rd yahoo com customize ycomp defaults sb http www yahoo com search ie html R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http us rd yahoo com customize ycomp defaults sp http www yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Page URL http en us acer yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Default Search URL http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Search Page http go microsoft com fwlink LinkId R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Main Start Page http en us acer yahoo com R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search SearchAssistant R - HKLM Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Search CustomizeSearch R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer SearchURL Default http search yahoo com search fr mcafee amp p s s R - HKCU Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Internet Settings ProxyOverride local R - HKCU Software Microsoft Internet Explorer Toolbar LinksFolderName R - URLSearchHook Yahoo Toolbar - EF BD -C FB- D - F- D F - no file R - URLSearchHook McAfee SiteAdvisor Toolbar - EBBBE -BAD - B C- E A- ABECAE - c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcieplg dll O - Hosts localhost O - BHO AcroIEHlprObj Class - E F-C D - D -B D- B D BE B - C Program Files Adobe Acrobat ActiveX AcroIEHelper dll O - BHO Java tm Plug-In SSV Helper - BB-D F - C-B EB-D DAF D D - C Program Files Java jre bin ssv dll O - BHO scriptproxy - DB D A - - E -B D- F C - C P... Read more
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First I'm not sure where the appropriate place to post this would have been I couldn't find any threads that were strictly about downloading so I figured that posting here would be the best shot and I'm hoping you can help me anyway What I was wanting to know is if anyone had any ideas on how to From Downloading download videos from TMZ com For Downloading From a long while you could simply use NetXfer xi com to do this as well as URL Snooper if you had to and voila The video was as good as yours However fairly recently TMZ has changed where it gets its video feeds from and NetXfer no longer works and even URL Snooper can't seem to locate the correct direct URL from which the video is playing If it helps my OS is Windows XP SP and I'm using the Mozilla Firefox web browser newest version as my default browser My thoughts on downloading videos is this in case you're saying quot It's wrong to download stuff in that manner quot No matter what you do with your security feeds and everything else in trying to keep things from leaving your site someone somewhere is going to find a way to bypass all of that and eventually that video picture or whatever media it is is going to end up elsewhere anyway so if you want to protect your content either don't post it to begin with or maybe create a subscription service of some sort Any way if anyone could help me that help will be extremely appreciated and thanks to all who reply
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You are encouraged to update your patch level to SP2 by visiting
to get the benefits of the default firewall and related security changes.

Once SP2 is installed, you can then apply the latest hotfixes to bring your system current.

Remember to perform all updates from your admin login and to access the URL
using the IE browser.

A:FAQ: Downloading XP SP2

Better to order the SP2 disc from Microsoft. It is free, except for shipping. This enables you to avoid corrupted files.
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I had some problems with virus spyware etc on my computer when loading XP SP I removed XP SP and finally managed Downloading IE Again to rid myself of the other problems Actually I submitted a Hijack log to you guys and I did what you told me to do The bugs are gone now but the end result is that IE will lock up and not respond It usually does this when trying to open another link in a website It is random If you right click on the link then pick quot Open Downloading IE Again As a Window quot It will work The error message I get when IE finally closes after not responding I have to use Downloading IE Again Task Manager or the Red X in the upper right hand corner of the window to get out Error Signature Appname IEXPLORE EXE AppVer ModName SHDOCVW DLL ModVer Offset E C I ll get a message that An error has occured in IE and IE will close I decided to reload IE so I followed the steps in the Tutorial How to Repair IE I tried the System File Checker I rebooted but same problem I then tried Method which edits the register I went to the file IE INF in the Windows folder right click then installed I got a message that I needed IE SP I tried to download but I got a message that I have a newer version of IE I tried to copy the download file to my computer but no luck there either Do I have to reload the entire operating system I am open for any suggestions

A:Downloading IE Again

Your problem is easily solved in three steps.

Go to and download Firefox 1.0. Firefox is a web browser, an alternative to MSIE.

Install Firefox 1.0.

Kick back and enjoy using Firefox 1.0. Life is good with software that actually works!

If you are hesitant, Google the word "Firefox". Then decide.

BTW, have been using Firefox for many months. It is a good browser.
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I was trying to download a Microsoft fix, it will give you a save file dialog box but I don't get the run file box. I doesn't seem to want to do any downloads.

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I'm not sure if I am in the right spot, but does anyone know where is a good place to buy mp3's online?

I recently bought a GPX mp3/wma player, but for whatever reason when I buy songs from Napster(wma's) they come up as an error when trying to play, but there are no problems playing mp3's. The only problem is that I don't know of any legit sites that allow you to download mucis as mp3's.

Or, can wma's be converted to mp3's?


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can anyone help getting error 2331 , error loading library mspatcha or finding entry point apply patch to file by handles ex. I only want to down load something thanks.

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i have an issue relating to downloading.
i have rainmeter installed and have an ip monitor monitoring my upload n download speed.
and am noticing high download figures when im not downloading anything myself?
is there a way to find out what is down loading at any given time.
to determine weather or not it is malicious for instance..


A:what is downloading and why?

You can use perfmon <-- type it in the start menu, then click the network tab. It'll say it there.
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I need to download documents sent to me on pc. I click view pdf, then it says save,then what do i need to do ,to view documents


If the documents are in PDF format, you'll need Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader or some other PDF reader to be installed in your program so you can open and view and print them.

The 2 that I mentioned are the most popular ones that are used.

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For the past week or so I have been unable to download anything from the web. Does not matter if I elect to save or run. Anyone have an idea or a fix. Running Vista. Thank eddie460
Relevancy 27.09%

Gday, Ive been having some trouble lately with downloading off the net.
Whenever I click on a link to download something, lets just say some paintbrushes for Photoshop. It pops up with a window and starts downloading automatically, straight to Temp Folder. No screen pops up to choose where to download it to, so it downloads to Temp Folder instead of where I want it. If some could please help me fix it so I can download to where I want would be great. Thanks in advance, its greatly appreciated. I am using Internet Explorer.

A:Help With Downloading

Odd behaviour. Don't know why it does that but if you want to choose where to download something just right click the download link and choose "Save target as...".
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For some


Do you have a specific issue?
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Have just done a clean install and go to install WLM and keep getting this error - 0x80040705.

Any ideas please as it states there is no known cause?? Plus I do notice too that Windows Live Essentials is now just Windows Essentials - would this be a cause??
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My company suggests Internet Explorer but it seems like a have an older version of IE. Some things don't populate well and IE won't update itself It won't update even after setting it to automatic update. I get the error message that I need Windows 7 SP1
or Server 2008 R2 SP1 to install internet Explorer 11.
I have followed the instruction on but when I click on download I get a page with 10 different options to choose from. 

I checked all 10 boxes and all 10 downloaded as different programs. this doesn't seem right. 

Do I need them all or which one should I choose?
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I am new to the site and I am trying to download a program, I found the program but I can not get it to download. Help please


What program are you trying to download?What is or is not happening when you try?Are you getting any error messages and if so, what is the message you get?What browser are you using? Name and version number.What operating system are you using?Anything else we should know?We need more details in order to help you.
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I am using Opera for my browserand on DSL. Is it somthing faster to download videos???


I'm not sure I'm understanding your question, but your download speed is governed by the speed of your DSL connection, and the speed of the server your downloading from.
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I have just created an ad for a local magazine, which I saved (as requested) as a .tif file. The top half of the ad is black and the bottom half is transparent made in photoshop. The file is too big to email so I uploaded it to some webspace I have but when I go there the whole thing is black. Why would that be? I also see a flash of a quicktime screen before the .tif displays. I need to keep the resolution of the file and they specifically requested that I do not save it as a .jpg or .gif. Any suggestions on why quicktime would show up and why everything is black? Here's the URL if you want to look:

A:Downloading .tif

There are dozens of file splitters. The information needed to reassemble the file is in the first section. Split the TIFF into parts small enough to e-mail. This is a good free file splitter: Have the people who receive it put all the parts in a folder and then click on the first one.

I have no idea why the downloaded image is all black unless you can only access half of it. Your link didnít work for me.
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Here's a question for ya. Everytime I download any type of file from the internet using either mozilla or internet explorer, the file size on the hard drive is zero!
I've even changed the file save location and still the same.
The only thing that works is when I click on download, instead of clicking save, I click open or run.
Any ideas?


Originally Posted by Francis1977

Here's a question for ya. Everytime I download any type of file from the internet using either mozilla or internet explorer, the file size on the hard drive is zero!
I've even changed the file save location and still the same.
The only thing that works is when I click on download, instead of clicking save, I click open or run.
Any ideas?

A couple of things what kind of anti virus and firewalls are you running. second be careful about running, or opening files from web sources.

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Does any one know where i can download XP for free?ive searched everywhere!

A:Downloading Xp

That's a question you probably shouldnt ask on this forum... Just to let you know.
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Is there a way to get service pack 2 for XP without having to download it? I heard it was something like 300-400 megabytes. My poor old dialup connection would collapse under something that big...

A:Getting SP2 withOUT downloading it???
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My p.c is on windows vista premium / first id like to say iam a beginer !
I have 2 prob"s ,i have down loaded vidio off my phone , its gone in my documents but when i press play it tells me the photo/vidio gallery can not open this item. And that the picture gallery might need up dateing ?

How is this done ? & should i put vidios in a certin folder .
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Good day everyone!

I downloaded Windows Media Player 11 through I used a different site because I cannot access any Microsoft sites as of the moment... I had the setup downloaded, but the problem is, there is this validation thing that I need to get through, that they need to verify first if my Microsoft Windows is genuine.

And tadah!, they are saying the copy of my Windows is not genuine, and that I may be a victim of software counterfeiting.T__T

What should I do? How can I verify if the copy of my windows is not genuine (but I strongly believe mine is genuine!)? Has this something to do with the way I cannot access Microsoft sites? Is there a way I can go through this?


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Dear Users, i have a small office with 8 employees,  a couple of days before i bought an mikrotik router board to limit the volume for users. all is going fine just on one computer as i give it 200 mb after a few minutes it got finish. i wana know how
do i know where my download volume got used. O/S is windows 7 and i have done never check for updates......
is there any application which shows you live where your bandwidth is being used ?

Tahir Mehmood
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when I am downloading a game, it will download some of it and be fine for a while, then the download just ends, says its finished, when it had half an hour or so left to be complete, then I open it and its corrupt or doesnt work, whats going on? I know I have enough space because I Just had company of heroes removed


Probably the download link where you're getting it from is broke.
What game are you trying to download, find a different site or link.
Also are you downloading a free game ?
You do know downloading certain games via bittorrent etc is illegal.
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It happens many times that the system is downloading a file from somewhere. Sometimes it is an application, and sometimes it is my very own browser.
I have looked through but I cannot tell nothing about the WHERE of the file is located remotely.
sometimes just for example, your antivirus would download the update, but this would take years, where you could use FDM to speed up the process.
Sometimes you could speed up the browser's only source of download.

Thanks for any enlightments.

A:Where am I downloading from ? (URL) ?

Are you running a P2P or torrent program?
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My computer started not allowing downloads. I get a message that the download failed. What can I do about this?


Hi and welcome.
Let us have some Pc specifications.
Check and post
TSG System Information Utility - found here.
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hi all ,
am having real problems trying to download absolutly anything, i have tried using both IE and fire fox
when i ask it to download to the recommended place, nothing there is just nothing, when i run a search for what ever it is i am downloading the file is theresome were but says the short cut is missing, please help am so frustated

also i dont seem to be able to downlad exe files any one have any solutions to my problems please

and thank you in advance.

monkey angar
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I have been trying to download a zip file from a web site but it only downloads in a internet explorer folder how can I change that?

I have vista premium 64bit



Hello climberman, welcome.

To change the download location in IE, you have to get into the registry.
To do this, enter regedit, and follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer

Right click on the white region of Regedit's right hand pane, click New, and then click String ValueEnter Download Directory for the name of the new DWORD Value and press Enter. The new value should now appear in Regedit's right-hand column.Right click the new value and choose Modify.Click Modify and set the Value Data field to be the path to the directory you want IE to send downloads, then click OK.
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macromedia file? Can they be downloaded?

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Using windows xp2000 System will not allow me to uninstall or install printer due to a message( printer in use) and not sure how to solve problem.Everttime I open printer icon this message stops me from going further.Can you help?


Have you tried uninstalling it from Add/Programs in the Control Panel? Or in Safe Mode?

You also need to check to see if there anhy jobs in the print queue; if there are you must remove them as this can stop the driver from being unisntalled.

Safe Mode:
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Hi All Very often the network connection icon for my cable modem is on permanently for a while or is flashing - this when I am not knowingly downloading downloading ????? What's sending amp recieving loading requesting a web page on KaZaA refreshing a page etc just doing stuff etc I appreciate that several progs I have use smart updates What's downloading ????? etc and that XP has the auto-update feature but this seems to happen too often for that to be the answer I have McAfee anti-virus software running and have checked that I have the most up-to-date virus definition file and I also regularly run Adaware so I believe my system to be spyware free Is there an easy way to actually find out what is being uploaded to my PC or downloaded from it - either using any of the inbuilt features of XP if there are any or by using some other software that I would need to obtain It would be good to know who is asking for info to be transmitted i e my system or someone elses system Ta in advance nbsp

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Hi All!

I've got a problem. I've searched to see if I could find any answers, but nothing has helped.

Quite simply, my problem is that when I download something I cannot access the internet until the download is finished.

This happens some of the time but not always.

As an example-- in this case I'm uploading-- but it happens also when downloading, I upload a video to You Tube. My connection to the internet is lost until I finish the upload.

This happens also when downloading a torrent. When it's going to happen is hard to determine. Sometimes it happens and other times it doesn't. I haven't found a pattern.

Cable connection, using a router.

Any ideas? This kind of thing never happened with XP.



What ISP? Cable or DSL? What modem? UP and DOWN speeds?

This happens also when downloading a torrent. When it's going to happen is hard to determine. Sometimes it happens and other times it doesn't. I haven't found a pattern.

Normally when the problem is only when downloading torrents, the machine may be allowing too many simultaneous connections, what may saturate the router/modem.
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whenever i try to download an exe the download stops at 99%
but it seems that all other kind of files download fine
please help if you can

A:EXE not downloading

What Browser are you using? (eg) IE, Firefox, Chrome?
Clear the internet Cache 13 Ways to Clear Your Browser's Cache - wikiHow
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Windows 10 started to download when I already have W10. I stopped the download.
This happened after Dual Boot set up with Linux Mint 18. Was booted in W10.
My OS W10 Pro version 10.0.10586.
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I accidently checked off the feature to leave the pop-up up after finishing a download. Now I don't have control over where to keep the downloaded file. How do I change it back?????


Any help? I don't have control of where I can save files I want to download.
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Guys can you help me here? someone told me to have a hijack this log here.. heres the thread with my hijack log and problem..
Thanks guys
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I can't download music files? I'm bit confused how to get it fixed? i use windows xp professional. my broadband is good speed, but i can't download any files via any of the browser, can anyone suggest me with good solution plz!


Hi sagarss, and welcome to TSF.

In order for us to help you, I'm afraid you'll have to be a bit more specific than that. Could you please provide information on your system specs, what music you wish to download, what programs you are using to download it and also your internet company?

If you don't know how to find the info above, just reply and I'll walk you through it.