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Does any memory test tell you which of the memory sticks is bad?

Q: Does any memory test tell you which of the memory sticks is bad?

Memtest and other memory test software don't tell you which of the modules is the faulty one. Is there any way to tell which is the bad stick besides testing one-by-one?

Thank you

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Preferred Solution: Does any memory test tell you which of the memory sticks is bad?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Does any memory test tell you which of the memory sticks is bad?

Not really. but you can test each stick one by one
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Hi I am Bios Memory Test Kill - Memory Displayed Cannot Not Solved: Test running Windows Solved: Bios Memory Test Not Displayed - Cannot Kill Memory Test Xp SP gig of Ram and am having an issue with my Gigabyte Motherboard model number P-G-RH and my BIOS version is F I have recently noticed an issue on my bios post screen when my PC is started the PC does the memory test where it should say Memory Test XXXXXXX x amount of RAM all i see on my screen is Memory T I can not see the test being undertaken after about and a half minutes the memory test will complete at which point i can see the full words Memory Test and how much memory was tested as well as my master and slave drives listed I CAN NOT skip the memory test by pressing space bar or esc i can only enter the bios via the delete button and i only enter the bios once the memory test has completed I can still run windows normally but i do not like that i am having to do a memory test everytime i start my PC I would like to point out while in XP the same amount of RAM shown when the test completes is consistant with what is shown in the quot My Computer quot properties I have tried all versions of my bios but still it is doing the memory test I would appreciate any help in getting this fixed I have not been able to find away to disable the memory test in the BIOS I hope you get back to me at your earliest convenience thanks nbsp

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Hello All Here s some info about my system This was an e-Machines build with the addition of a Zoran DC plus a GB WD IDE harddrive a Lite-on LTR- s and MB Kingston Value PC RAM Motherboard CPU Type AMD Athlon XP MHz x Motherboard Name FIC K M-NF G AU PCI AGP DDR DIMM Audio Video LAN Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce IGP System Memory MB PC DDR SDRAM BIOS Type Award Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce MX Integrated GPU MB Memory Controller Properties Error Detection Method -bit Parity Error Correction None Supported Memory Interleave -Way Current fails Windiag crashes Memory RAM test, Memory 86+ Memory Interleave -Way Supported Memory RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+ Speeds ns ns ns Supported Memory Types DIMM Supported Memory Voltages V Maximum Memory Module Size MB Memory Slots SPD Memory Modules DIMM Samsung M L ETN-CB MB PC DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz DIMM Kingston K MB PC DDR SDRAM - - - MHz - - - MHz This system has never been what I would call stable I have had to completly reinstall the Windows XP OS kept up to date and with SP at least or times which due to the way RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+ e-Machines configured the system discs wipes the hard drive I now reside the OS on the GB drive and try to keep most of my data video photos music on the GB drive Recently I had to use the recovery console after a can t RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+ find windows system config message A system crash after that sent me to http oca microsoft com en windiag asp I used the test and both memory modules failed equally I moved them around and tried both one at a time The Samsung module seems to consistently show twice the eroors as the Kingston module I tried the Memory test and it consistently crashed at test Microsoft s information suggests motherboard problems When I generate an Everest report on the system it includes a debug-pci section Does this mean anything A large part of me wants to celebrate the backend of this system but my pocket book does not agree Is there a way to pinpoint whether it s the motherboard or the ram or do I ditch them both Can I rebuild the system with a new motherboard cpu ram and reuse all the rest of the system I am attaching a few recent minidumps I would appreciate any advice nbsp

A:RAM fails Windiag Memory test, crashes Memory 86+

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Your problem is almost certainly caused by faulty ram.

The fact that memtest86+ is reporting ram errors, means your ram is bad.

One of your minidumps crashes with memory corruption.

Try one new stick of ram, and test your system.

The other three minidumps crash with Windows system file errors, but this can be attributed to faulty ram.

Also, one minidump crashes at SYMEvent.SYS=Symantec Event Library.

This is a known issue on some machines/configurations.

Turning off the live updates can sometimes solve this. Otherwise try using a different security product.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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What is the difference between DIMM and SIMM memory, I'm looking to but two 256mb sticks in a new comp I'm buying but I'm not sure which memory to buy and it says nothing about them, can you help me?

A:Need help on memory sticks!

Simms are older memory technology, 72 pin
Dimms are newer memory technology, most motherboards now days use DIMMS, 168 pin module's.

If the system is relatively new it won't have simms, seems like four or five years at least since everything changed to dimms.

little info here
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Hi All .
I;m adding more memory for my laptop ..and i have 2 sticks 1GB & 2GB ,,
My question is ..Does it matter which slots they should be installed ...?
and should they affect performance if i put them in the wrong slots ..?
Thanks in advance .

A:Memory sticks

Well, are you replacing the old ones?
Are they matched? (Same Speed)
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We have a network of 20 PCs. We are quite security consious. I noticed a staff member had one of these memory sticks on their desk. Is the a way to stop them being used on a PC / network


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Have you guys heard about that new memory stick from Sony? It plugs into a USB port and it's like tiny. There's probably some software for you to do it, but it sounds awful cool...You can get them (once they come out) up to 128 MB!

A:New Memory Sticks

Sony have a very good reputation for extortionately high prices on their goods :rolleyes:

But the idea sounds cool enough :grinthumb
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hello, I am running an AMD Athlon 2400+ on a Soyo KT600 Dragon Plus. Originally I had one 512 stick of PC 3200 RAM in it and it worked fine. I then purchased 2 more unmatched 512 sticks of PC3200. I noticed a nominal increase in speed. So, I decided to try it with only 1 gig instead of 1.5 and it really seemed to make the speed increase alot. So my question is, does it make a difference running only 2 sticks rather than 3 and if so should I run one old and one new or two new (I think there may be a latency difference)? Also, can anyone give me any insight into whether or not the slots that I put the memory into make a big difference? I can't find any info on this on the soyo website. Thx for the help!


A:Which memory sticks should I use?

You should always get matching memory sticks, i.e. all DDR400/PC3200 and all with the same CAS Latency (CL), the lower the better. (CL=2 or 2.5 or 3).
In a mixed environment, it might not work at all, or, if it does work, the speed for all sticks will always that of the slowest between them.
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I have bought some memory sticks. The first (Cruzer) worked perfectly. Now when I insert sticks in the usb I am asked to format sticks. If I try this message reads Unable to complete formatting. Any ideas?

A:memory sticks

Try using the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool
Supports formatting of any brand of device and not specific to HP.
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I have a problem of a memory stick that has no manual write protect switch, but is being reported as write protected by Windows XP SP2 with all the latest updates. I can still read from the stick but cannot delete anything or replace anything. This pretty much renders it useless. I have tried to locate the vendor of this stick but cannot get any positive search results in Google using the device Id. Please help !

A:Memory Sticks

What are the first two four digit numbers (PCI vendor and device ID)?
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someone lemme know what memory stick to buy for purposes of booting up live stick ??

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Well guys .... i got an issue?

i just bought 2 more sticks of ram and when i add them in and start the pc .... it wont start.
I mean the lights and fans come on .... but the they keyboard/monitor/mouse doesnt?

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Hey I upgraded my RAM from 512 to 1G+512 but Windows only detects the 1G. I checked in Everest Home that they are Both DDR2 and 266MHz. Any clue why they both don't recognise?

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What's the difference (in terms of performance), if any, between putting two identical memory sticks vs a dual kit in a mobo's dual channel slots?

We are, of course, taking about good quality memory of the same kind (no Hyper-X, XMS,...) from the same manufacturer (Kingston, Corsair, ...).

Thank you.

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I added 1 gb of ram to my XPS m140 Dell laptop. After I put it in - it started up and works great. BUT - I just looked on the Dell website and it said that the memory sticks have to match. I have 1 gb and one 512 mb stick in there now - what will happen if I run it like this -- I guess I could order another 1 GB stick but will it hurt the computer to run it without matching sized memory? Help!

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hi, i have a motherboard with 4 slots for ram sticks. right now i have two sticks of 512mb but i want to buy another 1GB stick. does it matter what brandname i get, or what kind? i'm not sure if there is only one kind of ram or different sizes or whatever. also 2 slots i have are blue and the other 2 are red. does that mean anything? like how much they can hold?
Thank You

i have an ASUS A8N-E motherboard

A:Buying Memory Sticks

go here find out what kind of memory u need...then check for your ram
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i want to buy a good one that will last,

i think disgo are supposed to be the best but im looking for something a bit cheaper

which other ones are good

ive been on ebay but there are thousands

does anyone know what make that thin, rectangular one is which is silver on the outside and transparent when you take the lid off?

thanks for reading and helping

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Appreciate some assistance.

72pin SiMMs normally have black rectangular blocks held on to the stick with what look like "feet". It appears that 8MB sticks have 4 sets of 5 "feet", 10 on each side of the block.
The 16MB sticks appear to have 4 sets of 6 "feet", 12 on each side of the block.

Is this a basic rule of thumb to "eyeball" memory and know what it is (in quantity) without installing it on a mainboard?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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Why are there so many different coloured Sony memory sticks ie. blue, black, light brown or is it green.

My present 16mb memory stick is blue so will this one below be OK for my Sony dsc p73 digital camera.

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This must be such a trivial question for those who know but I don't so...

I'm looking to get a memory stick to use with two computers. One has USB2.0 and the other only USB1.1.

If I get a USB2.0 stick will I have any problem reading it with the slower machine (other than slower transfer times)?

A:Memory sticks and USB standards

Nope, just slower read/write times.
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I just built a new machine and the memory sticks from my old computer wont cooperate with the new stick i just bought.

-- Gigabyte K8 Triton
Memory sticks
-- 512mb pc3200 Corsair new
-- 256mb pc2100 Crucial old
-- 256mb pc2100 Kingston old

Both old sticks work fine together, and boot the system. The Corsair stick works fine and boots the system. However, the system will not even post (fans will turn on) when any combination of Old and New memory is used. What gives?

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I have a GIGABYTE-K8N Pro motherboard which has 3 DDR Memory slots with a max capacity of 1gb per slot thus making it able to support 3gb. I have 2 sticks of Kingston 1GB DDR PC3200 ive also tried with 512mb DDR Kingston equiv. All memory works when put in the first DDR slot closest to processor however none of the work together. Anyone have any idea how I can trouble shoot this further? Are my ram slots dmg'ed and do I need a new mobo?

^^thank you for any help you can provide^^

A:Memory ? All sticks work when only 1 put in but not when more than 1??

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I have used necrofile and hjscrub on a memory stick. I then ran "restoration". Restoration is able to find the file names which contain project titles, dates etc altough the file content cannot be recovered. How do I delete the file names.

A:Scrubbing memory sticks

Please advise if this question would be better in another forum
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Ok i was wondering what the difference in DDR400/300/266 Is and which one is best I am buying a mother board that supports all 3 types and was trying to figure out wich is best for an Athlon 3200 Cpu that i got for the board Plz! also is ddr400 the same as 3200 and ddr 333 same as 2700 abd ddr 266 same s 2100 i really need some advice on this one plz!

A:Solved: memory sticks

Buy the pc 3200 if you mobo supports it and yes to you ram speed question.Read this link about ram to help you.
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I have 2 1024MB sticks that I wish to install.

Here's some info on my system:

Free space 118 GB
Used space 25.7 GB
Dell Dimension DV051 E310
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz
2.79 GHz 504 MB RAM

Running XP SP3
The instruction tell me to select a empty memory socket. Don't I have to remove the sticks that I'm replacing first?

A:Installing memory sticks

titleman said:

I have 2 1024MB sticks that I wish to install.

Here's some info on my system:

Free space 118 GB
Used space 25.7 GB
Dell Dimension DV051 E310
Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80 GHz
2.79 GHz 504 MB RAM

Running XP SP3
The instruction tell me to select a empty memory socket. Don't I have to remove the sticks that I'm replacing first?Click to expand...

Ground your hands to the metal case then push on the locking tabs at either end of your existing RAM and move them outwards away from the RAM.

Pull out the existing sticks then make sure you align the notch in your new memory with the proper place in the socket.

Now firmly and evenly push the memory stick down and if you push far enough the locking tabs will come up and lock again.

Don't touch the contact part of your memory with your hands.
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I recently had memory installed by a tech. My computer has 4 slots. It came with 2 - 256MB sticks. I went to bios and noticed the order and was wondering if they should have been switched. I had 2 512MB sticks installed for a total of 1536MB. Our tech here at Staples sometimes makes mistakes but usually he is very good.

Here's info from bios
Installed memory 1536 MB/PC2 - 3200
Memory bank 1 - 256 MB/DDR2
Memory bank 2 - 512 "
Memory bank 3 - 256 "
Memory bank 4 - 512 "

I've been getting crash messages in explorer and slow downs even though I keep computer cleaned up. Have mulitple spyware and avg free antivirus. If the above configuration is correct then perhaps one of the modules is bad. My signiture contains computer info.


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Is there antway to identify a memory stick? A friend gave me a couple but does not know what kind of memory it is.

A:Unknown Memory sticks

Can you identify on your own if it is sdram, ddr ram, edo ram... etc? Then look for any labels on the ram, # of pins, etc. I always get mervous testing unknown ram, because if it's say pc66 sdram, and you put it in a computer running at 100mhz bus speed, you would overclock and fry the ram. (most likely) and possible cause other issues as well. If you have say an old celeron machine in the 300mhz range you can install the ram in, you could install a computer information progra, like sisoft sandra, and see if that gives you info on the ram. Ram is fairly cheap.. If you don't want to take the chance of frying your computer, i would try to identify by any #'s or labels on the stick. Free ram is even more suspect.. I wouldn't risk it unless it was nice new ddr or something...
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My Windows 7 desktop computer does not recognize my USB memory sticks anymore (except one memory stick, that I can still use). I can hear a 'tone' when I connect the memory sticks to my computer and I can see the memory sticks in Control Panel/Device Manager), but I cannot see the memory sticks in any Windows applications.

Any suggestions?


A:USB memory sticks not recognized

Hi Angelo54
Insert stick that you said is not been recognised, wait for the sound it makes saying it has been picked up, even though it does not open or can be seen in My Computer - Click on Start button, type in Computer Management, and click on it when it comes up, then click on Disk Management which is in the left panel, in the bottom middle panel it will list all drives including your CD-Rom etc if you hear a ding when you put your memory sticks it may show here if it does, it most likely just needs a letter allocated to it for it to be recognised, if your memory stick is showing there, right click and it will give you an option of changing the drive letter and or path, (if it comes up saying it needs to be formatted just ignore that.) hope this helps
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I have been unable to get Windows to accept a memory upgrade I want to increase my memory from Gig to Gig ie sticks of Gig to sticks of Gig Windows hangs with all sticks installed but boots normally with only sticks installed It seems that the BIOS is happy to accept sticks x Gig but Windows hangs With all sticks installed The BIOS will boot and the Windows boot screen appears the four star animation and then the system only accepting Win memory 7 of sticks Why is 3 hangs By a process of elimination I have been able to deduce that none of the individual sticks or the individual slots are faulty I can use any combination of sticks in any combination of the four available slots and it will boot OK and show Gig of memory available I have checked that all memory sticks are identical Corsair Vengeance mhz DDR and I have downloaded and installed the latest BIOS but the problem persists I note that the original memory sticks are labelled V and the second pair are labelled V but I also note that they are happy running together as long as I only use sticks any sticks The problem only arises when I try to use all Can anyone help

A:Why is Win 7 only accepting 3 sticks of memory

Just passing by

What is the max memory set to in msconfig?

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My experience with Hard Drives from Seagate and WD are that they last about 3 years or so.
Possibly an even shorter time.

This seems to be true irrespective of whether that are running continuously, or just plugged in for the occasional backup (like for an external HD).

What's you experience ?

Anyway, do these USB Memory Sticks like from Sandisk "tend to" last longer ?



A:HD And Memory Sticks; Life Of ?

I won't buy anything from Sandisk after they weaseled out of the warranty for a failed camera card.
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I have used necrofile and hjscrub on a memory stick. I then ran "restoration". Restoration is able to find the file names which contain project titles, dates etc altough the file content cannot be recovered. How do I delete the file names.
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Hi, I am a first time user of this site, I have a Acer Aspire 5001 Wl Mi Laptop running windows xp. The usb ports will only recognize one type of Flash stick(first that was used), they operate ok with the mouse plugged in, but not other sticks. I may have removed some programs in the past, and may have removed something that was important for these ports. Can someone please suggest, how I may start to find the root of this problem. As I am a relative beginner to computer fixing, your instructions would be much appreicated.

Many thanks

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Can I take the memory sticks out of my Dell optiplex GX1 and put them into my Dell Dimension L933r,they look the same(no help from Dell)

A:Solved: Memory sticks switch

Check the specs at
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A few days ago I reported a computer problem in a previous thread Before I could try all the the suggested fixes however I encountered another technical issue The computer screen started displaying glitches and then a few moments later it froze up on me Further restarts only provided a blank unchanging screen After a bit of experimenting I found out that one of the memory sticks had suddenly become faulty The sad part is this this computer has had faulty memory before that is when it first arrived Something is seriously wrong with my system What are the odds of a Sticks Become Faulty Memory Regularly computer s memory going bad twice within two months To answer this question I ask what causes bad computer memory in the first place Well I did some research on the internet and I found out the reasons and indicators of faulty memory Possible Reaons Electrostatic shock from improper handling Try to avoid stroking your cat while you install your new Memory Sticks Regularly Become Faulty GB DDR module Before this memory issue I neither owned a cat nor touched the memory within several weeks so I doubt this is the problem Power Surges or Poor Power Supplies can also damage your computer s Memory Sticks Regularly Become Faulty memory somtimes gradually Raising Memory Voltage too high if you are overclocking This explanation can be ruled out because I don t overclock the system If the computer is excessively dusty or is located in a humid environment the contacts between the memory module and the memory slot can be interfered with or corroded Memory Sticks Regularly Become Faulty I know the system is not overly dusty having cleaned it a dozen times while troubleshooting nor do I live near the Equator Heat either from other components or the RAM itself can also cause gradual damage This is possible but unlikely considering that I have an extra fan installed Indicators Blue Screens of Death especially during the install procedure of Windows or XP This is one of the surest signs of faulty memory Random crashes or blue screens during the running of or XP Note that heat can also be a culprit in the case of general flakiness so you should always consider that possibility too Crashes during memory intensive operations D games benchmarks compiling Photoshop etc Distorted graphics on screen This can also be related to the video card Failure to boot This can be accompanied by repeated long beeps As aforementioned I received the last two indicators distorted graphics and eventual failure to boot Reason power surges or a bad power supply seems the most likely explanation However I m inclined to think the latter power supply not only because I use a UPS Surge-Protector but because of my aforesaid previous problem in which a faulty power supply was one of the suggested explanations I realize that I ve pretty much answered my own question but I ve posted here in case someone else can provide another explanation Also if any other newbie experiences symptoms like mine I hope my post here will be a help to them nbsp

A:Memory Sticks Regularly Become Faulty

Do a Google search and download a free program called "memtest". Use it regularly for a while to see if you can nail down a cause/association of your problem.
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I bought a PC 2 months ago, decided to upgrade the memory to 1gig. I purchased 2 512mb DDR2 PC4200. Both sticks work fine when used alone. However when both sticks are in together the PC won't boot up.

The motherboard is an ECS RC410-M LGA775 DDR-2 PCI-e x16 HP rev 1.1.

The processor is an P4 930 dual core 3.0 mhz.

The bios is RC410-M v1.04 10/25/2006.

FAQ on web site suggest changing the DIMM Voltage Adjust Functions in the BIOS. However I do not see such an entry in the bios.

Is there something else I need to do to get the PC to run with both sticks of memory in it?

Help me....I have games to play!

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I'm wondering if this is a "problem" or just a mere characteristic. Fairly modern mobo using intel's mobile 910/915 chipset and Pentium 4 Mobile running 1.8ghz... I have a big 8GB memory "stick" that uses an SD card. its awful slow... just dreary painfully slow to use. Is this "normal"?

I notice that a Geeksquad 2GB stick with that stupid little OS of theirs taking up space is actually much faster than the bigger SD thingy. Its not FAST,... not like my Seagate Free Agent usb drive, but its easily 2X faster than the SD.

tips? tricks? driver issue?

A:USB Memory sticks: Slower under Windows 7 vs. xp?

On the flash drive, do a defrag.
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Motherboard type: Gigabyte GA-P31-DS3L
it has 4 memory slots (2 red and 2 yellow)

I had 2x1G sticks of this type:
DIMM3: Mushkin 991529 (996529) 1 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (5-5-5-18 @ 400 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz)

And recently bought a 2GB stick:
DIMM1: Samsung M3 78T5663QZ3-CF7 2 GB DDR2-800 DDR2 SDRAM (6-6-6-18 @ 400 MHz) (5-5-5-15 @ 333 MHz) (4-4-4-12 @ 266 MHz)

Tried to connect all 3 together in any possible way but my PC wouldn't start or
reboot before windows gets to load.
I tried to pull out the old 2x1GB sticks and just put the new 2GB one and it
worked perfectly.
Now i installed 1GB+2GB and it works great but
i bought the new stick in order to have 4GB total, not 3.

Any way i can fix this? maybe i'm doing something wrong?
or could it be a bios problem? my bios version is F8 (2 updates behind the latest version)

A:PC fails to load with three memory sticks

All the memory sticks should be the same type and speed modules. Your speeds and manufacturers are different. Some motherboards are more sensitive to this than others
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I want to replace two 256mb sticks with two 512mb sticks (the max my mobo will support). If I get two sticks with the same characteristics (pc133, non-buffered, non-ECC, low density, 3.3v, SDRAM, 168-pin DIMM), must they be from the same manufacturer, or same part number?

If everything is the same, but one is pc100 and one is pc133, will that work?

Running Win98SE.

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Hi hopefully this is Solved: not sticks PC at two time memory does same like something easy to crack as it has Solved: PC does not like two memory sticks at same time been driving me mad The basic issue is that my PC will not handle two memory sticks at the same time I have tried various different memory sticks together and I have tried putting various single sticks in both bays seperately The only thing that causes the problem is to have any two sticks in together So the problem would not appear to be a physical problem with either bay or with any memory I have used which all works fine on other machines The specifics of the problem is that whilst the machine will run fine of the time there are two or three very specific things which will cause it to crash every time with a memory related blue screen of death error message giving an address and then the consequent reboot etc For example if I call one specific report in the EPOS software I am running which calculates a total stock value so it is pulling more memory usage than normal at this point onw would think then try and increase the zoom to make the text a big larger you can visibly see the machine slow right down as it is literally reloading the page a few characters per second rather than fairly immediately and then we go blue screen annnnd POP Every other report in the EPOS appn does not cause a problem but I am also running this appn on a couple of other machines without any issue whatsoever and there are no other reported issues with their technical support of this nature or with that particular report So it is not the software I did uninstall and reinstall it though just to make sure And updated all hardware drivers etc etc The other main cause of the intermittant crashes is surfing the internet There are no specific pages or types of pages that cause the occasional crash though However I am aware Mozilla does use a relatively large amount of amount of memory I have also cloned the hard drive of this pc with an identical drive and swapped the drives to eliminate any hard drive errors issues The crashes still occurred So it would seem this machine just does not like having two memory sticks in The BIOS is set to autodetect the memory my preferred choice I want to put in is a paired Crucial set of GB sticks which according to Crucial are compatible with this machine but my guess is the issue must lie with how the BIOS is setting up for the memory perhaps The machine itself is only a Celeron MHz as that is all this machine which is basically a touch screen till really requires to run the EPOS software It is under warranty with J systems however I would have to send it back to them to look at it which I have been told could take a month round trip which would be a massive inconvenience as it is my only touch screen machine And if it is merely a BIOS setting or similar I can sort myself then there is no need to send it back However this is where I could do with some expert advice on what to try next So any suggestions would be most welcome many thanks Jonathan nbsp

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Does anyone know if a card reader that reads sony's original memory sticks can also read the memory stick duo/ duo pro?

I prefer to use my laptops built in card reader than having to plug the camera in to get the pictures transferred.


A:card readers and memory sticks

I have several card readers and Sony memory stick and Sony memory stick pro.
One reader handles both sticks and it also worked before I upgraded to USB2 on my desktop.
One card reader worked only on older memory stick and only on USB1
My favorite is a Lexar card reader that handles 6 types of cards, including all Sony cards (4 slots some read more then one type of card.) I believe I got it at Walmart a year ago for about $30

I guess the answer to your question is-some do/ some don't
Look up your reader on Google to see what the specifications say.
By the way-the newer Memory stick pro is great-quicker recovery/more storage etc.
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My father recently purchased two DDR DIMM memory modules that were not compatible with his laptop - and which are non-returnable. They weren't huge $$$ investment, but rather than let them go to waste in the front hall closet shelf, I thought I could retail them somehow - as long as I know what laptop system they are actually compatible with. Any suggestions on website that I could use that would allow me to enter the manufacturer/product# and get some systems that the memory modules would work in?

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Hi my computer is:
intel i7 920
msi x58m motherboard
radeon 5570

Story is - computer came with 6gb ram (3x2gb)
3 sticks were found on comp - but only 4gb was being used.
So I thought I'd see if all the sticks were working properly - took one out and it booted with a warning - mentioned overclocking and that settings had to be changed by pressing any key (note i have never overclocked it). Pressed a key and loaded up normally and with 4gb of usable memory - all fine.
Put the 3rd ram stick back in and now the computer starts but the screen stays black. stays on for about 15secs then turns off for about 2secs then turns back on again - does this over and over. Take the stick out and 4gb works fine. But i would like all 6 to work.
Anyone have any ideas on what I should do?

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I recently got a refurbed M7510 with 16GB memory and my intention was to replace the memory to get 64GB total.
So, I bought a 64GB kit, and started to open up the M7510.
I removed the battery cover, battery and the bottom cover, and I see 2 empty SODIMM slots, but I can't see any way to get to the 2 (apparently) 8GB sticks that are already installed (chip-side down)!!

Can anyone tell how to remove those 2 memory modules?

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Hello I have bought quite a lot of those memory sticks/cards that connect via USB , and you can then save your files etc on them. However every time I plug a new one into my computer - I have to then go through an automatic process of connecting online to search for new updates. I would think that it should know what to do once I have installed the driver for the first card.

It is only everytime I use a card for the very first time - but it does seem a bit of a hassle. Is it correct that my computer is doing this?

Thank you very much.

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I got a system in recently with a weird issue It would reset after a few sticks, System restarts memory fine two with with one minutes and then shorter and System restarts with two memory sticks, fine with one shorter intervals on restart continually I tested for all the normal stuff power supply temperature unplugged the video card and checked the error logs but only the unexpected restarts were listed with no suspicious events around them If I removed a memory stick it ran fine though I thought it was a bad stick but I ran memtest on both sticks without errors for a few passes Immediately though if I plug in both sticks the system won t stay on for more than a minute or two I adjusted just about every bios setting concerning memory without change and tried loading bios failsafe defaults Anyways I m considering between just telling the owner that the system can only support one ram stick now likely due to some motherboard fault or trying to do a bios update though I m a bit hesitant that if there are issues with the motherboard maybe I should just leave the bios version alone I d be interested in hearing others takes on the issue CPU- AMD Athlon X GHZ Motherboard- amd gm-m RAM- CORSAIR CM X - C MHZ System restarts with two memory sticks, fine with one - - - nbsp

A:System restarts with two memory sticks, fine with one

Often a faulty memory stick will work by itself, but then fail once running in duel channel.

Unfortunately this is very difficult to test with two sticks, so there's no guarantee that this is the issue. You may just have to buy some new memory.
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I just swamped out two memory sticks, a 256 pc 133 and a 128 sdr stick on a gateway for a 512 stick with a 1300 mhz celeron processor, running win xp ver 2002, ser pack 3, and safari and fire fox are now crashing , any ideas?
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Anyone use one? I heard its alot easier, and faster than burning a CD everytime. Are they worth the money? What make is best?

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Good afternoon i need some help trying to fix a weird issue going on my pc that started a few days ago When i leave unless sticks boot a of wont memory one Pc remove the the pc for long periods of time on and then shut it down for more than hours the Pc wont boot unless a remove one of the memory sticks next time i try to power it up it wont even show the bios it just turn the fans and hd but no image at all The you take one of the sticks out and it turns on just fine I though it was one of the mb sockets so i moved the memorys to unused sockets and worked just fine till i turned off Here is the dxdiag info ------------------ System Information ------------------ Time of this report Machine name TEMPEST-PC Operating System Windows Ultimate -bit Build win gdr - Language English Regional Setting English System Manufacturer System manufacturer System Model System Product Name BIOS BIOS Date Ver Processor AMD Phenom tm II X Processor CPUs GHz Memory MB RAM Available OS Memory MB RAM Page File MB used MB available Windows Dir C Windows DirectX Version DirectX DX Setup Parameters Not found User DPI Setting Using System DPI System DPI Setting DPI percent DWM DPI Scaling Disabled DxDiag Version bit Unicode

A:Pc wont boot unless a remove one of the memory sticks

What Motherboard brand and Model?
Power Supply brand and Model
Video Card Brand and Model?

Check the ram using memtest+ D/L burn to a CD and boot from the CD run at least 6 passes.
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Hey Folks,
I've just bought a little 128mb memory stick - my first!
Plugged it into my powerbook (OSX) & there it was.
I dragged a few mp4 files onto it & there they were.

Then, I dragged them out & dropped them into trash & they vanished.

However, my memory stick now claims to have only 93mb left.

My question is therefore;

Have I removed the files correctly & if not,
What should I do?


A:Stupid question about memory sticks & macs!

Mac has a few hidden files on every media. the ~30mb does feel a bit much however.
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...The W32/SillyFD-AA worm hunts for removable drives such as floppy disks and USB memory sticks, and then creates a hidden file called autorun.inf to ensure a copy of the worm is run the next time it is connected to a Windows PC.It also changes the title of Internet Explorer windows to append the phrase "Hacked by 1BYTE".

A:Usb! Worm Targets Removable Memory Sticks

It is recommended to disable the autorun feature in Windows to combat this worm. How?????
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Suddenly when I plug in either of my two memory sticks picasa pops up and asks me to import images. Picasa isn't on either stick so why does that appear? The only way I can access files on the sticks is by going into Computer/Drive G. Why doesn't the usual Windows dialogue options box come up any more?

I haven't done anything that might change the settings as far as I know. Can anyone help please?


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I have 2 x Stick's of 512 mb MDT DDR 400 cl 2.5 >> Info

I want to buy another stick of Ram. MDT is a little harder to find, a friend wants to sell his Infineon stick 512 mb but with cl of 3 ....not sure rest of data..

but becuase Cas Lantency is different and also the make and model will this make much difference or will the performance of ram be reduced becuase of the slower CL....

Thx for any advice..

A:Mixing Memory Sticks good idea or not ?

I cannot read the language used in the link, however that looks like pc2700 or 333 ram not pc3200 or 400 ram.

If you are using dual channel, you most likely will not get the memory to run in DC. I will [probably] run ok. You may have to manually set your memory timings to CL3 so that all memory runs at the same timings.

In general I advise people not to mix memory if they want top performance and stability from their system.
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Can anyone tell me what I may have done to lose my sound when I upgraded memory sticks.

This is a Dell Dimension E310.

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Memory the sticks are latest security risk Memory sticks are the latest security risk By John Leyden Posted at Memory sticks are the latest security risk GMT Memory sticks have been branded as the latest security risk by security firm SecureWave whose intrusion prevention technology can be used to control the use of the popular devices in corporate environments The alleged risk here is that quot many organisations run the risk of viruses and unauthorised software entering the network as well as confidential data being removed through these small yet powerful desktop devices quot So flash memory sticks pose similar risks to those posed by floppy disks and then some SecureWave s concerns echo those of Websense which earlier this year warned that online storage sites provided a route to smuggle data out of organisations But if people really want to smuggle data out of an organisation they ll always find a way there s only so much technology can do The application of technology has to be consistent with an organisation s overall security policy There is a risk that USB devices could be used to bring viruses into a network However since the main risk of viruses these days stems from email-borne nasties desktop AV protection represent the most appropriate line of defence In some instances however USB devices arguably pose their own distinctive security problem Read more here nbsp
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i have a bit of a prob. i had a power crash in my house and my pc died from it, i changed the power suplyer and fron that day my pc is working really slow.
i dont know what part of my pc is not working like it sould. some one told me that there is some prog. that i can test my vidio card with it "3Dmark" and some prog. that i can test my memory with it but i dont know the name.
so if some 1 can help me and give me a link were i can download thoes programs it will really help me.

A:video card test & memory test.

Try searching for it.
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I had a pair of machines brought to me with very similar symptoms memory sticks would no longer mount Windows would detect the device itself but never mount the disk various services such as BITS and wuauclt had their paths edited to fystemroot rather than systemroot One machine is being reinstalled I d like to clean the other and gather any information on the infection first if possible The machine is off the network for obvious reasons but this and the inability to use memory sticks impairs diagnosis somewhat I ve run Spybot MBAM and a McAfee VirusScan Enterprise DAT from May manually fixed the permissions on the fystemroot services and corrected the paths as well as corrupt changes, disabled, memory sticks winlogon.exe USB %fystemroot% capturing a USB memory sticks disabled, %fystemroot% changes, winlogon.exe corrupt few rogue files from system I ll try to upload those to the appropriate sites tomorrow to get a proper ID The machine now shows as clean in all scanners after McAfee cleaned explorer exe winlogon exe and a few others I don t see any unexpected Winlogon notification packages but it looks as if winlogon exe itself had been modified In the mean time does anyone have any suggestions Other cleanup tools and or ways to get memory sticks working again would be ideal please

A:USB memory sticks disabled, %fystemroot% changes, winlogon.exe corrupt

By memory sticks do you mean flash drives? If so,Download and Run FlashDisinfectorYou may have a flash drive infection. These worms travel through your portable drives. If they have been connected to other machines, they may now be infected.Please download Flash_Disinfector.exe by sUBs and save it to your desktop.Double-click Flash_Disinfector.exe to run it and follow any prompts that may appear.The utility may ask you to insert your flash drive and/or other removable drives including your mobile phone. Please do so and allow the utility to clean up those drives as well.Wait until it has finished scanning and then exit the program.Reboot your computer when done.Note: Flash_Disinfector will create a hidden folder named autorun.inf in each partition and every USB drive plugged in when you ran it. Don't delete this folder. It will help protect your drives from future infection.
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greetings all. I recently lost all my pictures on my external hard drive because I used the drive on an infected pc and the viruses destroyed my documents. Is there any way to write protect memory sticks and external hard drives? Mine do not provide for that, but I read somewhere that there are software which could be used to do this.
Thanks for any help
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I received an excellent help not too long ago however the hijacking problems reappeared in a slightly different form and shape less frequent but annoying nonetheless In addition there s this virus on my removable memory cards SHDC Memory Stick etc - itrenames directories on the media TrafficAutorun Memory - on SDHC, Sticks etc... Hijacked Virus as exe Hijacked TrafficAutorun Virus on Memory Sticks - SDHC, etc... files i e DCIM exe etc Avira AVG ESET Hijacked TrafficAutorun Virus on Memory Sticks - SDHC, etc... call it different names andclaim to remove it but that is not the case eventually I removed it manually all files appear lost now but theyhave hidden attributes - explorer in windows can t read it so I have to use third party file manager i e Servant Salamanderto be able to view them Posted are the logs as per your instructions thank you very much for your help DDS log see attached logs DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Administrator at on Wed Internet Explorer BrowserJavaVersion Microsoft Windows XP Professional GMT - Running Processes C windows system svchost -k DcomLaunchsvchost exeC windows System svchost exe -k netsvcssvchost exesvchost exeC windows Explorer EXEC windows system spoolsv exeC windows system rundll exeC Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software bin btwdins exeC windows System svchost exe -k imgsvcC windows System svchost exe -k HTTPFilterC Program Files Skype Phone Skype exeC Program Files Firefox firefox exeC windows system notepad exeC Documents and Settings Administrator Desktop dds scr Pseudo HJT Report BHO Adobe PDF Link Helper df c-e ad- -a -fa c ebdc - c program files common files adobe acrobat activex AcroIEHelperShim dllBHO C C A-E - b - D - CECB - No FileBHO Windows Live Sign-in Helper d - c - abf- ecc- c - c program files common files microsoft shared windows live WindowsLiveLogin dllBHO Java Plug-In SSV Helper dbc -a - b-bc - c c c a - c program files java jre bin jp ssv dllBHO JQSIEStartDetectorImpl Class e e f - ce- c -bc -eabfe f c - c program files java jre lib deploy jqs ie jqs plugin dllEB - a - b-a - c a a - No FilemPolicies-system EnableLUA x IE E amp xport to Microsoft Excel - c progra office office EXCEL EXE IE Send To amp Bluetooth - c program files widcomm bluetooth software btsendto ie ctx htmIE CCA CA-C - ef- - C D F - c program files widcomm bluetooth software btsendto ie htmIE FB F -F - d -BB E- C F - c program files messenger msmsgs exeIE B - CC- C -B BE- C C A - FF E -CC A- E E-BF B- E D - c progra office office REFIEBAR DLLDPF B-B - D-A D -FCFDF E C - hxxp update microsoft com windowsupdate v V Controls en x client wuweb site cab DPF AD C - E- D -B E - F D - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cabDPF CAFEEFAC- - - -ABCDEFFEDCBA - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cabDPF CAFEEFAC-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-ABCDEFFEDCBA - hxxp java sun com update jinstall- -windows-i cabHandler skype com - FFC B - B - DFF- - C DD F D - c progra common skype SKYPE DLL FIREFOX FF - ProfilePath - c docume admini applic mozilla firefox profiles ymo v uz default FF - prefs js browser startup homepage - www google comFF - component c documents and settings administrator application data mozilla firefox profiles ymo v uz default extensions e c - e - -a cb- a components bdqscan dllFF - plugin c documents and settings administrator application data mozilla firefox profiles ymo v uz default extensions e c - e - -a cb- a plugins npqscan dllFF - plugin c program files adobe reader reader browser nppdf dllFF - plugin c program files firefox plugins npdeployJava dllFF - plugin c program files java jre bin new plugin npdeployJava dllFF - HiddenExtension Java Console No Registry Reference - c program files firefox extensions CAFEEFAC- - - -ABCDEFFEDCBA SERVICES DRIVERS R IPN INPROCOMM IPN Wireless LAN Card Driver c windows system drivers i ntx sys - - S VAgnt Helper Service VAgnt Helper Service x S KProcWatch KProcWatch c windows system drivers KProcWatch sys - - S Normandy Normandy SR x Created Last - -... Read more

A:Hijacked TrafficAutorun Virus on Memory Sticks - SDHC, etc...

Hi 1Desperado,Welcome to Bleeping Computer!My name is mpascal, and I will be helping you fix your problem.Before we begin, I would like give a few guidelines so that we can fix your problem as quickly and efficiently as possible:Be sure to follow all my instructions carefully! If there is anything you don't understand, don't hesitate to ask.Please do not do anything or perform other steps unless I have asked you to do so.Please make sure you post all logs I ask you to, and make sure that the entire log gets posted.Don't attach any logs unless asked. Posting them in the forums will make them easier to analyze.If you are unsure of how to reply, or need help with anything regarding the website, please look here.We apologize for the delay in responding to your request for help. Here at Bleeping Computer we get overwhelmed at times, and we are trying our best to keep up. Please note that your topic was not intentionally overlooked. Our mission is to help everyone in need, but sometimes it takes just a little longer to get to every request for help. No one is ignored here.If you have since resolved the original problem you were having, we would appreciate you letting us know. If not please perform the following steps below so we can have a look at the current condition of your machine. If you have not done so, include a clear description of the problems you're having, along with any steps you may have performed so far.Upon completing the steps below I will review and take the steps necessary with you to get your machine back in working order clean and free of malware.STEP 1 - MBAMNote: In the event that you already have MBAM installed, you do not need to reinstall it. Simply Updating it and doing a Quickscan is sufficient.Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (v1.44) and save it to your desktop.Download Link 1Download Link 2MBAM may "make changes to your registry" as part of its disinfection routine. If using other security programs that detect registry changes (ie Spybot's Teatimer), they may interfere or alert you. Temporarily disable such programs or permit them to allow the changes.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.For instructions with screenshots, please refer to the How to use Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Guide.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan.If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue.If you encounter any problems while downloading the definition updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button.The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be patient.When the scan is finished, a message box will say "The scan completed successfully. Click 'Show Results' to display all objects found".Click OK to close the message box and continue with the removal process.Back at the main Scanner screen:Click on the Show Results button to see a list of any malware that was found.Make sure that everything is checked, and click Remove Selected.When removal is completed, a log report will open in Notepad.The log is automatically saved and can be viewed by clicking the Logs tab in MBAM.Copy and paste the contents of that report in your next reply. Be sure to post the complete log to inclu... Read more
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This first started out as a problem installing some of the larger programs such has Adobe CS and Microsoft Office I had a seperate thread on that located here Memory at Fault? Sticks or Mobo failed, Memtest http www techspot com vb topic html After a lot of troubleshooting I believe that my problem exists in the RAM I ran the memtest for both sticks of ram individually and they both failed The first stick will cause my computer to reboot in the middle of the test The other stick I will get a message that says unexpected interrupt Memtest failed, Mobo or Memory Sticks at Fault? halting CPU So here s my question Is the memory sticks at fault or my mobo I want to go ahead and ask for advice so I know if I should buy new RAM or get my mobo replaced These are my specs for my computer AMD Athlon Dual-Core Processor GHz GIgabyte GA-MA -UD Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition V SP Corsair Dual Channel TWINX MB PC DDR MHz Memory x MB Can someone confirm that I m using the right memory It s not listed on the Gigabyte s website as one of their supported ones but it also says that many are not listed Any help on this would be great I ve tried testing the memory on other slots with same results and tried cleaning it with an eraser Thanks nbsp

A:Memtest failed, Mobo or Memory Sticks at Fault?

Your board specs say PC2 9600 or DDR2 1200 memory, like this:
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Im new to computer repair and upgrades.... but as I get further into it, I find I enjoy this.

I ordered a 2 stick kit for my Dell Dimension E310 to get it from 512MB to 2GB. There were no instructions saying how to put them in, are they plug & play or do I need to follow some steps of some kind? Is it as simple as powering down the comp and putting them in, then turn it back on and gas on it???

Thanks for any replies,


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Hi The following is a copy of a post I made recently on the Microsoft Community forum and for which so far I have had no reply Hopefully someone on this forum may be able to offer some advice I still run an XP Pro SP desktop but it is not connected to the internet I also use a Windows desktop that does have an internet connection Sometimes I use usb memory sticks to transfer files between the two computers Even though the memory sticks work perfectly well in the XP system whenever memory devices Event error but are sticks using etc. usb the when reports viewer I use them the Event Viewer reports Event viewer reports error when using usb memory sticks etc. but the devices are an error 'RSM could not load media in Drive of library USB Flash Drive USB device' or similar I also get similar errors when I use the front panel card reader included when new so not a later installation Windows reports no errors with the same devices This appears merely a nuisance rather than a problem for me because as I have said everything is working fine I would be grateful for comments and advice from other forum members who may be able to offer some sort of explanation Thank you

A:Event viewer reports error when using usb memory sticks etc. but the devices are

Wild guess would be damaged USB drivers in the XP install.
I would start with uninstalling each item in Device Manager/USB which cites itself as a "controller" (don't fiddle with "hubs", "devices", or anything else...just the ones under USB which have "controller" in the description.  Then I would reboot and allow the USB drivers to reinstall automatically.
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I just upgraded memory from 8 GB to 16 GB in Windows 7 Home Premium. Now the mouse is hard to aim, is slow to respond and jumpy. I read somewhere along the way about setting the BIOS settings differently to synch with new sticks but assumed I had nothing
to do in that arena. Maybe I do?
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The motherboard I am getting (ASUS P5WD2) has four slots for memory, total of 8 Gig. I'm going to put 2 Gig in (need it for large video editing files) Am I better off to get 4 512s and fill all slots so if one goes bad I can replace at cheaper price or am I better off to go with two 1 Gig sticks? Will that board run on only 1 stick or does it need to be in pairs? If the memory needs to be installed in pairs, then I think it would be better to have 4 sticks so you can troubleshoot memory.

What do you think?

And what about memory brands? Is Altas Good? If not what is do you recommend?

A:Should you fill all memory slots or get larger sticks and leave some open?
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I have a Toshiba laptop running Vista Had it almost a year now I have two USB ports on the right side of the computer A couple weeks ago the two ports which are part of the same quot card quot or whatever it s called when it s in a laptop Kind of fell into the computer I think the soldering must have broke or something and the ports kinda just sank in a little The compute still ran fine for a week or so Memory Ricoh Phantom Issue Sticks USB, Toshiba Laptop. on USB and I was just waiting to get the ports put back into place A few days ago My comp started thinking things were being plugged and unplugged USB Issue on Toshiba Laptop. Phantom USB, Ricoh Memory Sticks into the usb ports even though they weren t When it s happening it makes my computer run pretty slow It seems to only happen while I am using a browser either Firefox or IE Also when I start the computer I see a little tab in the bar at the bottom that says quot cfFncEnabler quot and nothing else It doesn t say error or anything it just says the name of that name It s only there for about seconds and then goes away I know it s a Toshiba file and is safe but it never used to pop up when my comp started before the usb issue Anyways when I go to see what usb device is being plugged in and out it says it is a quot Ricoh Memory Stick Device quot I don t own one Never have Never plugged on into my computer Why is it saying that Is that the name of the usb port I don t think it is because when I google it all I find are things about flash drives If anyone here has any idea about whats up with my laptop please help me out here Thanks nbsp

A:USB Issue on Toshiba Laptop. Phantom USB, Ricoh Memory Sticks

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Upgraded to Windows 10 (from Windows 7) after ignoring the constant encouragement to upgrade for quite sometime. It was fine for quite some time (weeks/months). Yesterday, after a restart, the blue tiled screen with the "Choose An Option" menu came up. You can "Test Memory", "Test System" or "Exit". The problem is that when you do any of these options, it just keeps cycling back to this "Choose An Option" screen.

I have a Dell Inspiron 570 (older machine). I've gotten it to go to the BIOS Setu Utility by pressing F2 (constantly as it cycles). I have the DVD/CD in the drive, but it seems to be disabled?

I'm stuck and would appreciate any help at all...please.

Thank you,
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To all the fonts of all knowledge I have two questions which are simple ones but I cannot find or don't know where to start to look Up until now we have supplied just software to our customer and now we are looking at providing the hardware as well as the support for said hardware The plan is that when we need to carry out any maintenance to the laptops instead of me or one of my team jumping in a car plane to the customers location to update the software both windows and application the customer connects the laptop to the internet and dials into our Secure nbsp VPN so I can then RD into it to do all the work remotely However the customer cannot have access to anything nbsp else in the outside world I know it can be done as my Win memory IP Sticks Laptop to except / 7 External USB Address specific Internet Block Secure Access wife's laptop nbsp cannot access the internet but only through her company VPN I want Block Internet Access to Win 7 Laptop except specific External IP Address / Secure USB memory Sticks nbsp to do the same but not give the customer access to the internet at all just my external IP address so I can access it We will provide them with secure USB memory sticks to use but they can only use these ones all others will be blocked How do I do this Your thoughts will be very much appreciated Phil C nbsp nbsp
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I ran the MS memory test. This requires a reboot. I am informed that a log is generated and next time I log on I assume I can see it. I have a home PC and there is no log on.

Having finished the test it went onto running windows 7

Where is the Log?

A:Memory test

These tutorials by Brink should help:
Memory Diagnostics Tool - Read Event Viewer Log
Memory Diagnostics Tool
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I had a friend put some more memory sticks in my computer and I think one of them might be bad. I get BSOD's when I download certain things.
I keep getting errors like, PIN LIST Corrupt,IRQL NOT LESS or EQUAL,BAD POOL CALLER,Could anyone tell me how I can do a memory test to find out?

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Ok, at one point in time i remember reading somewhere here that there is a free/good RAM testing program...but for the life of me i cannot find where it is.
can anyone direct me to the right forum /website???


A:Memory Test

See the pinned topic at the top of this forum, Freeware Replacements for Common Commercial Apps.
Look under hard drive and system utilities.

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Is there a way to see if your memory is low.

A:test to see if you memory is low

You can do so via taskmanager and the performance tab.
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where do I find the tab or menu key,on a toshiba satellite L305-S5921,so I can run a memory test,on my laptop?

A:Memory test

Just before the Windows splash screen shows up, start rapidly tapping F8. This should lead you to the Safe Mode screen. You may have to, at that point, select F8 again to get to the memory diagnostic (it's at the bottom of the screen).

Another way is to launch Startup Repair from the Safe Mode screen (it'll say "Repair my computer") and then select the Memory Diagnostic from the list of advanced options.

Memory Diagnostics Tool
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Anyone have a great "free" memory test that runs on XP

A:Memory Test

If you don`t have a floppy drive, there is an iso version that you can burn to cd, and then boot from that.

Let it run for at least seven passes.

Regards Howard
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I ran the MS memory test. This requires a reboot. I am informed that a log is generated and next time I log on I assume I can see it. I have a home PC and there is no log on.

Having finished the test it went onto running windows 7

Where is the Log?

A:Memory test

These tutorials by Brink should help:
Memory Diagnostics Tool - Read Event Viewer Log
Memory Diagnostics Tool
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Hi kids.

Back with another pesky (BIOS-related?) question. I have a couple of old machines which, when they boot up, run the memory test three times, systematically. One has 64, the other 128. They're both AT boxes.

Any thoughts? (With a thank you.)

n'backupd'othahside |-->

A:Memory test

For some reason it was popular for old bios to run through the memory check 3 times. Have'nt seen it since the 486 days. It's normal if that is what your question is.
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I'd like to get some guidance on the best way to test my memory. I'm getting some BSODs and I understand memory is a frequent culprit in such cases. I found that Windows has a built-in memory diagnostic, Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool: is that a good way to test my memory? I've also heard about memtest86: is that a better tool?

My laptop is an ASUS K55N; I believe it has 8 GB of memory but can't check right this moment as the Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool is running.

A:Memory Test(s)

Download: Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
and put it in a USB stick to boot from. You should run the test for at least 4-6 passes unless errors occur before.

NOTE: select Autoinstall for USB Key to download
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I'm upgrading a system for a friend - FIC VA-503+ MB w/AMD K6-2/550, Award BIOS w/the VIA chipset. whenever it boots up it runs a memory test 3 times, then proceeds normally. Other than this, everything seems to run fine. It's a 128 meg IBM SDRAM chip, and I've tried it in both ram slots, no difference.
Any one have any idea what's going on?
Is this anything to be concerned about?

A:Memory Test

Nothing worthy of concern. It is a setting in the BIOS. I think you need to enable fast post (not really sure) to have it count only once.
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Just bought some more ram and everything I read online says to run a memory test after installation to make sure its running at optimal performance. How do I do that?? Thanks again,

A:Memory Test

I've seen memtest86 recommended quite often on these boards.
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I ran an extensive memory test this morning, at the advice of the mod (original thread)

Below are the errors. I am new at this, so can someone please confirm the errors, and that my computer's memory is bad? I hope so because otherwise, if it's the CPU and it'll cost $500+ to replace. thank you in advance.

3 million errors after 1 hour:


It had up to 14 million errors after 2 hours and 28 minutes. The test never went through Test 4, and I had to manually stopped it :

I manually selected test 12, but it didnt get too far:

I'm hoping it's defective RAM (it's weird because RAM was replaced once before under warranty about 1 and 1/2 years ago).

Thank you for your help.

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Is there a memory test program that can be run with windows open or one that doesn't have to be ran from a disk or floppy disk.

Thanks, Jack-O-Bytes

A:Memory Test Program

Such (ran from Windows) couldn't test the whole memory area, as Windows processes take some memory that the program can't move anywhere because Windows core processes are always #1 in priority.

Memtest86 can be run from a CD. Use PowerISO or such to burn the ISO file to a CD and boot from it.
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Never had this before , but using an MSI K7T Turbo 2 MotherBoard (a board I have used many times), upon startup, where it shows the Processor (which is an XP 2000+), and then goes to Memory Test, it does the count (which is 256M, however when it reaches the end of the count....IT STARTS OVER!

You can hit ESC to stop this but my customer wont want to do this everytime, ... I let it run through once and I think it did it about 3-4 times and then started, but what the HECK is going on???

Can someone give me some help??????? puhhhlllease.


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I need help again I ve recently put together a computer and the memory test doesnt seem to be working properly At startup it will just repeat over and over and over going thru all MB of ram I d sit back and watch the numbers climb SLOWLY up to MB of ram and then start back over at Aside from that memory startup!!! test at everything seems to work okay I usually have to press ESC memory test at startup!!! to cancel the memory test What gives I also wonder if this could be related to my new system s low benchmark scores This is a AMD XP MB PC DDR ram Asus A V X-X mobo MB Gainward GE Force FX video card GB Maxtor mb buffer Hard drive The low benchmark scores are from FutureMark s DMark gamers benchmark program I scored under Even my older computer scored better than that The sound test didnt even memory test at startup!!! work UGH Any ideas would be appreciated folks Happy computing nbsp

A:memory test at startup!!!

try reseating the ram and running a ram tester
you can get one here
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I suppose my memory is now going bad. I tried to run a memory test off of my linux CD & it runs up to 95% of test 7, then says "unexpected interrupt-halting". I changed from a 4GB HD to a 6GB HD. I thought I hooked something up wrong, but was told I didn't. So now I guess I need to replace the memory? or the CD ROM is what is going bad? How can I tell which? I can't afford a new computer or even an old one, & I have to try to fix & use what I have. Any suggestions?

It also stops after a short while, when I am trying to install Linux.

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My computer crashes every few hours, no matter how easy the work is (even only internet browsing and text input in notepad).
At restart, XP requires a diskcheck which comes out with a no problems result.

I suspected a memory problem and I did a memory test with the "memtest" utility (MemTest-86 v3.4).

To my astonishment, all the tests came out bad:
INVC failed
LRAND failed
Stride 6 failed
WMATS+ failed
WINVC failed

Now, in these conditions I wonder how the computer can function at all..!

Anyway, what should I do in order to solve the problem?


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I received an error that there was a memory error. There is charm that says " MEMORY TEST".

l clicked on the "Charm" & a blue screen with white lettering popped up. It had instruction that the test wood take
some time. It also said it would "automatically" Restart Rhys computer & list the results.

On the right, lower corner of the screen it says if you press "esc" it will exit. It RAN for Hours !!!

I tried "Everything to stop Lt! ANY HELP OUT THER FOR A SOLUTION?



A:Memory Test proplem

You tried running the one in the picture ?
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I need a memory test for an issue with Chrome
Was asked by a Global Moderator to post here

A:Memory test needed

Hi f-ingComputer You can test your RAM sticks using Memtest86+. I suggest you to run a test on each stick individually, this way if one is bad, you'll be able to identify it right away and not have to repeat the process on each of them. Be sure to test all your RAM sticks.Follow the instructions in the thread below. They are pretty straightforward and easy to follow.
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I need to test how fast my memory sticks are operating. I have 512mb x 2 installed and they are supposed to be operating at 400 mhz, but if they aren't operating at that speed, then I want to install 1GB x 2 because my system will not handle that much memory at 400 mhz speed (I already tried), but should be able to at the 333 mhz speed. If anyone know a way to check the actual memory speed capabilities and settings of my system, I would be very grateful. Thank you all.

A:How do I test memory speed?

I found another thread on TechSpot that mentioned the utility I was looking for, it's called CPU-Z and I highly recommend to determine what your system can handle for RAM, etc. Now my question is, what is the maximum speed latency my system can handle? My CPU has bus speed of 100 MHz with Rated FSB speed of 400.0 MHz. So that means the fastest this CPU can handle is approximately PC2100 without any wasted bandwidth?

My system can't handle dual-channel BTW. Since it is non-dual channel will the increased bandwidth of my current memory (400 or PC3200) help in this regard? Thank you all for reading my post.
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What is considered the best memory test program.

I occasionaly get memory error messages with XP pro and want to run a test.

Thank you!

A:Best memory test program
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I have Norton System Works and every time I run the memory test it seems like... the physical memory fails the test. I have a brand new memory module. (256 MB)
I would suspect it is bad, however the old one done the same thing. My computer freezes randomly and I was curious if this could be the culprit. Thank you for your advice

A:Memory Test Failure

Well, bad RAM could certainly make your computer do all sorts of odd things...

Programs that run in Windows aren't very good at testing RAM though. Why not give this free program a try - it is very thorough, and it does NOT use Windows.

Get free stuff and help out a poor computer tech:
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Started playing a game with some friends. Its called RF online.

I keep getting lockups. I've loaded up some other games like CoD4/5, roller coaster tycoon3, and havnt had any lockups.

I've tried lowering my settings in bios for my ram, still getting lockups.

I'm trying to isolate the issue.

Anyone have some input to help me with the issue. All help is appreciated


A:Memory stability test

check the following (in order)
1. RAM - test with memtest 86+ booted from a CD/floppy
2. PSU - test with a tester tool AND a multimeter under load
3. test registry for errors
4. check drivers
5. check online speed (is it sufficient)
6. check game version - is there a patch?
7. check BIOS (if necessary - for the latest version - this is a last resort)
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HP pavilion elite e9120y pc windows vista. Computer will not start windows. It failed the diagnostic memory test walking one left and right. Had been having trouble with downloading updates java and adobe but if went back to restore computer to earlier date it corrected itself but now it won't even open windows. What to do next? It did pass all the other diagnostic tests.

A:Memory test failed

Have you tried your OS Disk to boot up with?
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Can someone recommend a good, free memory test software and link? Thanks