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AMD HDMI port on dv7 laptop is lost after Win10 free trial r...

Q: AMD HDMI port on dv7 laptop is lost after Win10 free trial r...

My laptop was purchased in Sep- and runs Win Home Premium Ed -bit nbsp It has worked perfectly until around June- when the obnoxious Win free trial forced itself on my laptop nbsp As I had no choice I used Win for just a day or and then found out that nbsp nbsp I had lost the HDMI port audio capability which I use to connect to my TV and nbsp The trial Win allowed me to revert to Win which I promptly did nbsp after HDMI AMD port trial free Win10 r... dv7 laptop lost is on In my restored Win everything was fine except when I goto Sound in Control Panel to configure reconfigure HDMI as the default I could not -- the item that used to show up as AMD HDMI Audio no longer appears nbsp I recall a message during the Win free trial period that says it disabled all incompatible hardware AMD HDMI port on dv7 laptop is lost after Win10 free trial r... nbsp Without a doubt Win free trial killed this HDMI port device at least audio-wise nbsp Today I still run the same Win but I can no longer get HDMI audio on this port nbsp When I connect to my TV only the video works nbsp The Device Manager of Win shows it with an exclamation mark in yellow and when I right-click it to get more details there is a message from Microsoft saying nbsp nbsp Windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged or that might be malicious software from an unknown source Code nbsp Is there a way to get this back nbsp 'this' AMD HDMI audio nbsp and wthout messing up the graphics - i e video nbsp I have tried to install AMD-supplied graphics drivers and that didn't work AMD's website states that the audio drivers are embedded in the package for graphics drivers nbsp There is also tremendous confusion in the way these low-level items are named described nbsp ATI and AMD because they merged have been used somewhat interchangeably nbsp I also tried the AMD graphics drivers from HP Support website specific to my laptop and it only got worse nbsp Thanking you for your kind consideration nbsp nbsp
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Preferred Solution: AMD HDMI port on dv7 laptop is lost after Win10 free trial r...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Looks like the only way you can get free MBAM is to install a 14 day trial of the Premium version. Should I disable Win 10 Defender during this period or disable MBAM or can they run together? I ask because my SIL's new PC seems to be restarting for no apparent reason. I have disabled MBAM (I think) but maybe I missed a setting that is causing an issue. Thanks.

A:Win10 Defender and MBAM Free Trial

Keep Defender in place...MBAM is a different tool altogether...Only 1 scan should be ran at a time however...,155661.0.html
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Hi, I was wondering, I have an hdmi port on my laptop, so i was wondering how i could actually use my laptop to play my ps3 in high def. Also, would there an application that would allow me to record whats on screen instead of buying an expensive HD capture card?

A:Solved: HDMI port on my laptop

The typical HDMI port on a desktop or laptop PC is output only. You would need to get capture hardware to record the game console's video output.
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i just got my HP Pavilion DV7T laptop and it has an HDMI output port and i cant figure out how to use my HDTV (Toshiba Regza) to clone the laptops screen, ive tried using the ATI "Catalyst Control Center" and tried using many different resolutions including at least 2 that the owners manual of my TV says it can display. i am connecting an HDMI cable that is usually plugged into my PS3 and works fine for that, on the same setting on the tv that i would use for my PS3 (the setting is called HDMI1) ive connected my desktop to the tv before using VGA hookups but cant seem to get my laptops HDMI to output to the tv, sorry if this is not enough details ill add more if needed

A:using HDMI outpot port on laptop for HDTV

Try looking at your F keys for a key that looks loke a monitor screen, then Press FN and that key at the same time. You may have to do this to switch to external monitor
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The laptop I have is a play with Laptop that video?? will not HDMI port HD HP G It has a HDMI output on it to connect to the HD Laptop with HDMI port that will not play HD video?? tv The problem Laptop with HDMI port that will not play HD video?? I have is that I cannot play my P or p movies When they are played it studders It acts like it just cannot do it When I purchased it I was told it would play them with no problem System specs are as follows Manufacturer Hewlett-Packard Model HP G Notebook PC Total amount of system memory GB RAM System type -bit operating system Number of processor cores Total size of hard disk s GB Graphics Display adapter type Mobile Intel R Series Express Chipset Family Total available graphics memory MB Dedicated graphics memory MB Dedicated system memory MB Shared system memory MB Display adapter driver version Primary monitor resolution x DirectX version DirectX Any info of help would be greatly appreciated It is very frustrating and my wife definitely will not let me build another htpc for my bedroom right now So it would be nice to get my laptop to work

A:Laptop with HDMI port that will not play HD video??

Try installing K Lite Codec Pack. in custom mode.
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Hi,I have an Acer Aspire E 15 laptop with a HDMI port which I would like to connect to my Toshiba TV which only has a VGA port (no HDMI), so that I can watch programmes downloaded on my laptop on the TV screen. Please can you advise the best and easiest way I can do this?Thank you in advance!

A:How to connect Acer laptop with HDMI port to TV wi...

You have to get an adapter suitable for your TV and the laptop, something similar to this but make sure the specs are compatible.
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Hello            i have hdmi plugged in the hdmi port on laptop and other end to my Network Video Recorder M2-Box, but i have a message in Sound saying the HDMI is not plugged in and a red arrow pointing down.... can any one help....
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New laptop only shows internal card drivers so no chance to switch sound to HDMI. Are there any W10 drivers available for the sound on the HDMI port - image is fine.  Needed for church projection system.

A:No sound to TV from HDMI port Envy Laptop 15-ae107na

@fundif? Try these 2 drivers. "Then reboot." REO
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Dear Sir, After installation of drivers which I get from link given by Paul_Tikkanen, this laptop runs windows 7 64bit more or less satisfactorily. Many many thanks for his valuable support.But, one thing, all the ports (usb ports & sd card port) are functioning, excepting the HDMI port which was working properly when I had installed windows 10 on this laptop.I have installed-1)Driver-AMD Chipset-radeon-crimson-16.7.3-sb-sata-ahci.2)Driver-Audio-Realtek High-Definition (HD) Audio Driver sp71379.3)Driver-Graphics-AMD High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver sp71253.4)Driver-Keyboard,Mouse & Input Device-sp72664.5)Driver-Network-    a)Broadcom 802 11bgn WLAN Driver for Windows 7 sp70888.    b)Broadcom Bluetooth Software sp71440.    c)Realtek Local Area Network (LAN) Driver sp71268.6)Driver-Storage-Realtek Card Reader Driver sp71266.Please once again help me to solve this problem, so that I can connect my laptop with my LED TV. Thanking you. Yours,Debasish.
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I have been using an HP Z display as an ext monitor, connected to my Pavilion 15 notebook using the hdmi port.  Following an update 2 days ago, the monitor no longer receives a signal from the hdmi port.  (I know the monitor and cable are ok as they work on another laptop). Any help or suggestions how to resolve this issue will be great!
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After installing the firmware updated marked Softpaq number: SP75152, Version F.35Ap1 now four of our laptops (13" ENVY and 14" ENVY) have a non-functioning HDMI port. External screens report 'no signal'.  We've spent a lot of time with HP support (via Hong Kong we ended up in India). Remote Control sessions. All a waste of time. The BIOS update is faulty, no system restore can fix this. Even still today (13 JUN 2016) one of our laptops automatically installed this BIOS update with the HP Support Assistant, and killed the HDMI port. A. Is there a way to acquire and install the previous BIOS? B. When can we expect a new BIOS update? C. How the hell did this BIOS update get past testing??? --> 4 out of 4 updated laptops have a broken HDMI port. We have 7 other laptops left that are fortunately not updated.  

A:BIOS Update F.35Ap1 kills HDMI port on ENVY laptop

I too did the BIOS upgrade to my ENVY 12t-d0000 which caused my HDMI to stop working.  After several hours with HP chat support and some sort of bios update, I'm still w/out a working HDMI.  I have been expecting an ecalation case manager to contact me, but it's been 40 hours so far (was promised to be contacted w/in 48 hours).  At this point, even though I've been a loyal HP customer for years, I'm VERY FRUSTRATED. Any suggestions on what I can try next?
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Hello I have a Sony VAIO VGN-AR E laptop It has a SigmaTel High Definition Audio device and an Nvidia GT My HDMI audio doesn't work and I have tried for hours today to get it working again It previously worked just Lost in Windows on 7 Laptop HDMI Audio fine in Windows Vista I am connecting it to an Integra receiver which has video pass through via HDMI to my Mitsubishi WD- monitor I have tried connecting straight through to my TV with no luck in Lost HDMI Audio in Windows 7 on Laptop the audio department and also to someone else's TV with no luck in the audio department However a different laptop's HDMI audio worked just fine The image is displayed correctly though Today I tried uninstalling my current nvidia drivers from laptopvideo go and installing different sets of video drivers provided by Sony for my laptop that are a bit dated now No luck I uninstalled and re-installed the current audio drivers by Sony No luck I also tried the previous version of the audio drivers without joy too I also installed the Intel chipset drivers too without luck When I go to the control panel and click sound and properties I am setting the HDMI SPDIF output to default and disabling the speakers headphones option The speaker icon in the taskbar shows the sound levels going up and down while playing material back- but I can never hear anything I've tried the khz and options and Dolby Digital DTS checked and unchecked and nothing makes a difference when I'm trying to test them Everything used to work with my receiver except for the WMA Pro option Now my receiver just says quot No Audio Stream Detected quot while I'm trying everything I did have the K-Lite Codec package installed but since deleted it I also tried messing with the AC Filter- and also deleted No luck there either I've tried powering down and resetting all of my equipment many times I'm out of options- any suggestions are very welcome

A:Lost HDMI Audio in Windows 7 on Laptop

NVIDIA Driver - Convert from Desktop to Mobile (Laptop)
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My disk contains 5 partitions:
part1 = ntfs-win10 free upgrade of win home premium (primary)
Part2 = ntfs-win7 home premium (primary)
Part3 = ext3-Extended (logical)
Part4 = ext3-LM rafaela (extended)
Part5 = swap (extended)
This setup worked good.

Part2 win7 got buggered, and reinstalled (nvidia chip-set melt down during win7 boot). The MB was replaced.

I can no longer get to win10 boot Part1. Booting to Part1 or Part2 results to booting the newly installed win7. Rafaela boot did not change: still working.

How can I reclaim my win10 boot? I can't upgrade for free anymore so I'm hoping there's a way to work with what's there.

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On a UEFI PC, do you know if it is possible to run dual boot with first OS being the PC's original activated Windows 10 and second OS being Windows 10 in trial mode ?

The issue is that the PC has a UEFI Bios which I am told automatically assigns a product key should windows 10 is installed on the machine. How do I make sure that this second Windows 10 trial does not pick up the product key from the UEFI bios and remains in trial mode, while the first Win 10 OS remains activated and functional ?

A:Possible to run dual OS UEFI with Win10 activated + Win 10 trial ?

Not exactly sure why you would want to run a Windows 10 in notification mode (that's what non-activated "trial" is called). There are two ways to do what you want, though. Install a different version as the "trial" Windows 10 - if you have home installed and activated on your computer, then install the second copy and upgrade it to Pro using the Windows 10 Pro generic product key. If you already have Pro as the factory OS - then you would have to install Windows 10 as the second OS using the Windows 10 Home generic product key in a PID.txt file.

You could also run Windows 10 "trial" in a virtual machine.
Hyper-V virtualization - Setup and Use in Windows 10 - Windows 10 Forums

The generic product keys are:
Generic Windows 10 Home TX9XD-98N7V-6WMQ6-BX7FG-H8Q99
Generic WIndows 10 Pro VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T

Also, I suppose if you have regular Windows 10 installed and activated, then you could install Windows 10 Single Language as the second "trial" Windows 10. Or vice versa.
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I had previously cloned screens between the Dell Laptop and my Soniq TV via HDMI with no problem. Today the laptop no longer is able to do this. In the screen resolution menu there are only options to extend or put the screens on only the laptop or only the tv. In the Nvidia control panel there is no option under any tab to add another screen is not available the only option in the drop down screens is "Built in monitor". How can I fix this?

A:Dell Laptop has lost ability clone screens with Soniq TV via HDMI.

Quote: Originally Posted by Matti23

I had previously cloned screens between the Dell Laptop and my Soniq TV via HDMI with no problem. Today the laptop no longer is able to do this. In the screen resolution menu there are only options to extend or put the screens on only the laptop or only the tv. In the Nvidia control panel there is no option under any tab to add another screen is not available the only option in the drop down screens is "Built in monitor". How can I fix this?

Hi Matti23,

Welcome to Seven forums.

It could be an issue with an update or software installed by you recently. Perform a system restore:

System Restore

Also, Press Windows +P together and you should be able to find duplicate option there. Let us know if you select duplicate then what happens.

Keep us posted with the results so we can advise you further.
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Spoiler (Highlight to read)  Unable to connect my compaq cq60 PC using my Hdmi port have troubleshoot hdmi cord using another laptop  and hdmi cord is fine and working so is the TV monitor a message is coming up Signal unknown how do i fix this???? Need for my Hdmi to work on my laptop  as i use this mostly for work any answers please!.. running windows 10 by the way.
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Unable to connect my compaq cq60 PC using my Hdmi port have trouble shooted hdmi cord using another laptop  and hdmi cord is fine and working so is the TV monitor a message is comming up Signal unkown how do i fix this???? Need for my Hdmi to work on my current laptop  as i use this mostly for work any answers please!.. running windows 10 by the way.
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I want to use 2 displays using HDMI, but the only problem is that when I plug in my HDMI to my TV through the motherboard, it does not work. I know some do not support it which is why I am coming here. My mother board and graphics card are in my account so look there for the details on my computer. Thank you

A:Can I use my motherboard HDMI port as well as my graphics card HDMI?

I've seen a number of computers where the addition of an Add-in Video card automatically disabled the onboard adapter. The only thing that worked to restore the onboard adapter was to remove that Add-in card. You may want to consider getting a different Add-in card that has 2 HDMI ports. Or if your motherboard has 2 PCIe X16 slots get a 2nd matching card.
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My pc monitor doesn't have an hdmi port / dvi. Can I use a female hdmi to male vga converter So that I'll add an male-male extension(i have this extension cable) between dock and converter.
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I have just purchased two new monitors that have two hdmi and a vga input but my graphics card has dvi,hdmi and display port so I have one monitor running Strait hdmi and the other one running dvi converted to hdmi but that one I'd very blurb and slightly stretched. So I was wondering if it would be better to run displayport and convert it to hdmi or get a new graphics card.

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I downloaded the free 10 day trial from Blizzard's website, downloaded the game, installed the game, and now I am supposed to create an account. The problem is that when I go to create one I am asked for an authentication key. If I only have a free trial, I obviously am not going to have an authentication key. Is their a seperate account creation page for free trial users? How do I get past this?

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Hello! I just downloaded the World of Warcraft 10 day free trial but when it goes to begin the installation, it says it can't do it because I'm not a sytem admin. (I'm running on Windows XP on a PC) I checked the user accounts and I AM an admin...I tried to download it again but it still says the same thing. Any ideas?

A:WOW free trial

possably delete your admin account?
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my pc came pre installed with a limited free trial of office 2003.
this ran out about a year ago and i have since installed office 2000 which runs well.
BUT every now and then this damn window pops up and asks me to convert the powerpoint presentation i'm looking at into office 2003 and PAY the MONEY for a full upgrade.
i just want to delete the free trial 2003 but it's not in the add/remove programs nor can i find it elsewhere.


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Well, lets just jump right into it, earlier this week, my HDMI monitor was working a-ok, (scepter e22 i think) to the best of my knowledge a update decided to install itself overnight, and then, low and behold, the laptop wont even detect that a device is connected, not in device manager or devices and printers however, when i go into display properties, it allows me to change the res and size of something, but it wont tell me what. HDMI is working, i booted into a live Linux mint, and it worked without a hitch, i went in and uninstalled the display driver(Intel hd graphics) then reinstalled, booted in safe mode, nada. nothing works, what has the internet got for me?

vga is working fine, only hdmi seems to have taken the crap
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Is it possible to do a clean install of Windows 10 on alaptop which came with Windows 10 preinstalled, andno installation disk? If so, what is required? -- Jeff, in Minneapolis

A:Clean install Win10 on HP laptop preinstalled with Win10

If the partitions have not been changed, the Recovery partition should still exist. How to get to that would depend on the Make/Model of the system.
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I have downloaded a free trial for some iPod software for my PC, but when I received it the software was not compatible with my iPod, and when the patch came out the free trial had finished.

How do I make a free trial work again? Do I edit the registry? There must be a way to get it working again, I do not like the idea of every free trial that I install permanently taking a place in my registry to say that it has been used.

A:Free Trial Re-Activating

You can try to delete the corresponding registry keys in the HKCU/Software, HKLM/Software, and try again, but do not forget to back up your registry before trying any of these or at least create a restore point.

If it does not solve your problem, then you can only reuse it after a reformat.
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Hi folks,

Anybody know where I can get a free trial of some antivirus software like Norton or McAfee?



A:Free Trial Antivirus

Go you one better ...

Try the free AVG program:

Not a free trial ... free all the time.
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if office is available on a free month trial will the programs be downloaded to my computer? and will they be the complete versions?and will I still be able to use programs once the free trial is over? and if I create any documents using the free trial
will I still be able to amend them for later use once the free trial is over? and I suppose this begs the question why would I buy and what is the catch?
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what's a good free/trial pop-up blocker ? getting ads in mozilla and internet explorer; thanks

A:pop-up blocker : free trial ?

This would be the best blocker as it works across every browser without add-ons slowing you down:

Blocking Unwanted Connections with a Hosts File
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I am new to the site so I am not sure if it is just a free trial, but is this url giving u a free trial or the whole program for free, and also can I trust it so that it doesnt have any virus. I am not sure but I would love help on it.

A:Is this a free trial or the whole program

It is old outdated software, is the only reason it was released for free. However it is still very capable software. It is full version freeware and virus free. TechSpot will not host contaminated software.
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McAfee spam killer, should I update, or is there something better out there?

Dell Dimension 3000 windows xp home

512 MB of Ram
celeron CPU 2.40GHz

A:my 90 day free trial expires soon~

Out of curiosity I did a Google search for "spam killer." The one program that caught my eye is noted as a link below. I primarily use Yahoo Mail; however I also use my Mozilla suites' eml and Outlook Express. Both of these go thru my ISP's mail. I do not have trouble with spam on any of these; I guess I am fortunate. I see no reason to pay for spam protection. {redoak}
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Does anyone know where I can get a free trial for Autocad 2007? I need the 2007 version, not 2008.

A:Free Trial For Autocad 2007?

Is this what you want? Aotucad 07 @
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I recently started using Malwarebytes free -trial. It will expire today. I was using free avast, but it started wanting to open everything in sand box. So I removed avst, and got MSE. Is there another free something I can get that will play with MSE.? I would be happy staying with Malwarebytes, if they will continue the free trial. I don't know? TY! TY!

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Avaist tells me my free antivirus will be up in a few days. Is there another one I can download free that last a long time. Thanks so much. I have exployer 9 and windows 7. Thank you so much. Carol

A:avast antivirus + free trial

Just keep Avast & renew it.

Register for Free at AVAST will then send you an email with a key code Copy and paste the code into AVAST by: - Right clicking on the Avast icon in your task bar at the bottom right of your screen - Choose "About Avast" - Click the "License key" button
- Copy & paste the code

Register avast! Free Antivirus
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Hi I got "Kaspersky 30 day free trial" and all was fine until the licence ran out. I uninstalled it (or tried to anyway) but the uninstall failed 3 quarter way through! Theres a file in C/programs called Kasperskylab and I cant rename/remove or delete it.
The main problem was I got Avast antivirus but it wouldnt install fully due to Software conflicts or something (I cant recall exactly the phrase) then my pc froze and kept freezing on startup until I used safe mode and removed Avast.
Obviously I cant install a new antivirus until I lose Kasperskylab but as I say I cant delete or rename it etc, any ideas how I get rid?

Thanx in advance

A:Kaspersky 30 day free trial problem

have you tried removing kasperskylab in the safe mode also? maybe that might work.
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I downloaded it and am using it right now Supported processors AMD Athlon AMD Opteron Intel Xeon with Intel EM T support Intel Pentium with Intel EM T Yes there are a trial Microsoft XP Free Pro Windows x64 of from few issues I found a few programs didn t work like my firewalls so I m using the firewall that comes with it But I did find an a v that works Avast I haven t gotten rid of my standard configuration of XP yet I just unplugged that hard drive it was on a separate hard drive that didn t have all my essential folders You can also dual boot Free trial of Windows XP Pro x64 from Microsoft with your standard XP Pro I just haven t wanted to YET I want to see how stable this one is AMD lists programs that work with the bit but so far I haven t found anything that won t Free trial of Windows XP Pro x64 from Microsoft except Zone Alarm Here is the AMD list AMD Anyway go check it out Windows XP Professional x where Free trial of Windows XP Pro x64 from Microsoft you can either download it now or wait and order the cd when it becomes available You can also join the newsgroup which I HIGHLY recommend Liz nbsp
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I had a question kicking around in my head for 24 hours.

How does free trial software track your time/attempts/etc.? Is it through cookies? Is it through IP address? Is it through emaill address?

If I wanted to "retry" the software and won't let me open new download - what is the program looking at?

Thanks - Interested Minds Want To Know?

Oh Yeah. Get Digitized!

A:How does free trial software track?

have always wondered that same question.

i think (*i think*) its an entry in your registry. after the trial period ends and you delete the trial program and you instigate another trial session, the registry "knows". it will refuse a re trial.

i used to run Zone Alarm ISSuite Trial several years ago and after the trial ended i couldn't reload another trial >>>> soooo i had to format the 'puter reload OS and programs, AND another Zone Alarm trial period worked. So i ended up having to format HDD every month which was a pain LOL

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I downloaded it and am using it right now...

Yes, there are a few issues, I found a few programs didn't work, like my firewalls but I did find an a/v that works, Avast! I haven't gotten rid of my standard configuration of XP yet, I just unplugged that hard drive (it was on a separate hard drive that didn't have all my essential folders)

Anyway, go check it out: Windows XP Professional x64 where you can either download it now or wait and order the cd when it becomes available. You can also join the newsgroup, which I HIGHLY recommend.

A:If you have a 64 bit processor, free trial of Windows XP Pro x64

My toes tingle in anticipation at the thought of all the new 64bit viruses about to be released
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I just purchased an HP Pavilion laptop, that came with the Office 2007 trail. I have created files in word and in excel. Now the trail has ended. My question is, can I keep Office 2007 for free or do I have to pay for it. I did try to search for a topic relative to this but was unsuccessful.

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Is there any way I can renew the free trial for AVG for another 30 days without purchasing it? I'm a poor college student! Thanks

A:AVG Anti virus free trial

Use the free version - AVG Anti-Virus Free EditionJC
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I tried to download Nero 6 from (below)

It saved fine to desktop but then asked me for a serial number ? when i tried to load it.

Anyone run into this


A:Solved: Nero free trial

I don't believe Nero offers Ver. 6 trials anymore, only updates. Ver. 7 trials only.
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Here's a link for a free one year trial from CA Etrust. Register and they will send you a key. Good for one year.

A:Free anti virus trial

I used it for the free year, never had any problems.
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Hi guys, had to uninstal AVG, wouldn't update my 8.) trial version any more and now even 7.5 version is only free for a 30 day trial -
alternatives please????


ps>: 30 day trial

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i managed to delete my recovery partition ( dont ask how . i just did lol )and as its close to xmas and money is tight til after and i need to do some kind of format on my computer as it keeps blue screening , freezing also for hours upon end .. so is it possible to get a trial windows 7 . i have seen a 90 day windows 7 enterprise but dont know if its ok to use or not .. please advise thanks

A:is there such a thing as a free trial of windows 7

What is your computer make and model?
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Visit the below facebook link and click Get my 6 months Free Trial.

A:Webroot spy-sweeper 180 free trial

webroot offering Spysweeper 2011 free for 6 months
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After upgrading my Toshiba C660 to Windows 10, HDMI audio does not work on my TV anymore.
Full updates from Windows update installed.
No HDMI console pop up anymore when connecting the HDMI cable.
Im listening to my films through the TV with headphones
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Hi there.

I looked it up cases like mine, but found no other.

I got a new desktop recently, and after a month or so, I believe it was after an update (not sure) it stopped recognizing the TV... I tested with a monitor of a friend, using a HDMI cable and it worked fine.

I tested other cables and other TVs, tried to update my v?deo driver and also revert it to the previous version...

Nothing seems to work, I got a new TV just to play my games, don't like Win 8 too much and cannot afford a new monitor right now (just got TV + desktop).

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks a lot!

A:Win10 not recognizing TV - HDMI working fine though...

Sounds like a "handshake" problem to me.
Try this troubleshooting guide:
HDCP / HDMI Handshake Troubleshooting and Guidelines when HDMI Equipment produces snow or no signal
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Hi there.

I looked it up cases like mine, but found no other.

I got a new desktop recently, and after a month or so, I believe it was after an update (not sure) it stopped recognizing the TV... I tested with a monitor of a friend, using a HDMI cable and it worked fine.

I tested other cables and other TVs, tried to update my v?deo driver and also revert it to the previous version...

Nothing seems to work, I got a new TV just to play my games, don't like Win 8 too much and cannot afford a new monitor right now (just got TV + desktop).

Any ideas how to fix this?

Thanks a lot!

A:Win10 not recognizing TV - HDMI working fine though...

Sounds like a "handshake" problem to me.
Try this troubleshooting guide:
HDCP / HDMI Handshake Troubleshooting and Guidelines when HDMI Equipment produces snow or no signal
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Hello All I am running XP home and have down loaded a free program with a limited trial period Unlike winzip where you Remove A How Program Trial Free "totally" To can uninstall it and then reinstall after so many days for unlimited use this program seems to know that it was already installed once on my machine I ve used the uninstall feature of the program to remove the program successfully then How To "totally" Remove A Free Trial Program I ve gone through with regedit to remove any additional traces of information left behind in the registry So it appears to have been removed If I were to download and run this program at a later date it won t allow me Is there a way to remove the hidden information associated with this program which I imagine is hidden away some where in the registry that stops me from reusing it once I ve used the trial period Unfortunately I don t use it often enough to purchase a copy P S I also ran Ccleaner after removing the program with no luck Thank you all in advance for any insight to my question Cheers Jack

A:How To "totally" Remove A Free Trial Program

There is a purpose for having those encrypted registry files. There is a pupose for having a limited time for the trial. What you are asking is against the forum rules.No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user. The entire list of forum rules can be found here.This topic is now closedAnimal, Forum Moderator
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I am using the MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware free trial versions. Are this a so many days type free trial and then you must purchase them, or can I continue to use them as a free trial?

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Every time I try to download an anti virus,I get re directed.I know I have a trojan and a worm virus because i can do a free scan but then it request me to pay to remove it,but when i try a free trial it won't let me download.I would pay for an anti virus if I knew it would remove the virus but if keeps redirecting me I don't know if i should pay for it. It there another way of downloading a free trial to see if I can rid of the virus.Please help.

A:Can't download free trial anti virus

Do not pay for the AV.You are currently infected with a rogue anti-virus program. I have requested that your post be moved to the proper forum for further attention.
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My HP22-3130na came ready loaded with Cyberlink PowerDirector12, Cyberlink PhotoDirector and Cyberlink Power Media Player 14, Are these free or trial versions?

View Solution.

A:Included Cyberlink Software, Free or Trial?

Hi, These products are free and without any 'trial time period' restrictions - they are basically slightly 'cut down' versions of Cyberlinks commerc ial offerings. One point to be aware of is that you will occassionally get prompts to either UPDATE or UPGRADE - the Update option just updates the free version, however the Upgrade option will take you to Cyberlinks webpage to purchase the full retail version. Regards, DP-K
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I like using paid antivirus.I've used the free trial but I always uninstall them before its runs out so I dont have to pay.I've used one in particular.How much time should you leave it before you install it again ?

A:Paid anti virus:how often can you use them for a free trial?

Once a trial version has expired it cannot be used again. Reinstalling it will not work.
Purchase the software or use one of the many free products.
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My Vista downloads new Can't find free ? of trial my save any home basic PC crashed months ago amp been trying to slowly build back some more important programs such as security antivirus malware amp remastering classic songs using the new media player to store an play all my music since Using Firefox browser as default to save the new downloads to my Can't find any of my new free trial save downloads ? quot download file folder quot amp not to ask me where to put the save D L file My modem flashes to shows DL activity but Firefox does not show that any of the D L file is being downloaded or has been D L after either Since most all of my personal files are empty I thought I d check them all to maybe find any of these latest saved D L files made tonight Since I only have MS firewall defender as online protection till I can load the better amp safer Can't find any of my new free trial save downloads ? sercuity software might have been a chance of infection for that delay nbsp Who is to blame or something that is suppose to be done correctly earlier nbsp

A:Can't find any of my new free trial save downloads ?

You can find the Firefox Download settings by going Tools->Options, and under "General" there is a "Downloads" Option which allows you to choose a Downloads folder or display a prompt for every downloaded file. This defaults to the Downloads folder in your user profile.You can see downloads under Tools->Downloads. You can right-click on the items and if it hasn't been deleted you can use the "Open Containing Folder" option.,158549.0.html
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Last night while updating Malwarebytes free I had the option to go for the trial version, so I did.
So today I log on and find everything seem takes longer to load and I can't open Avira Free from the desktop icon and there's no sign of it in the taskbar. Tried right click/run as administrator to no avail.  I eventually opened it from the start menu.
Could this have something to do with the Malwarebytes update?

A:Malwarebytes trial vs Avira free question

Hi redjim It's possible that there has been a conflict with Avira and Malwarebytes, and that now Avira refuses to launch, but I doubt. Avira and Malwarebytes are supposed to be compatible with each other. If you restart one more time, does the situation goes back to normal or not?
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i have donwloaded the evaluation 180 day free copy of windows server 2003 standard edition now it says on the guide to install it that you need to burn it to cd as a raw data file or an iso file witch i have tried both and when i explore the cd there is only one file there and that is the one i downloaded and it will not automaticly launch so i cant install it, could someone help me with this problem, thanks very much to anyone who does help me

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I have tried dragging to trash, I have tried dragging from the tool bar and from finder, nothing works.

A:I installed a free trial of zip cloud & want it deleted

Fake Safari update installs MacKeeper, ZipCloud Mac have an add/remove programs, use that.Then download & run Malwarebytes for Mac.
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I downloaded Malwarebytes Free about 8 days ago, my computer has been working a lot better,also have Norton NIS, it is now telling me my trial will be over in 4 days, thought the free version was always free?

A:Malwarebytes Free telling me trial will be over in 4 days

New downloads of Malwarebytes always gives you like a 15 day free trial of the on duty-ACTIVE Protection *Paid version if you click "yes" It's telling you your Free trial of what the paid version protects IS about to run out. You must have clicked Yes. From now on you'll have to run a scan manually to see if you're got anything on the PC. I have the Paid version for the rare times I use Windows. It blocks things on the fly very well if you happen to come across them. I would also advise using Malwarebytes free version of Anti-Exploit. That blocks drive-by Browser exploits very well. They just created a paid version to that as they came out of Beta testing now. Difference is the paid version protects Adobe Reader, Office, Media player and other things. Free version shields the browsers and add on's (including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera) and Java exploit. PAID version covers everything.  I used this all through it's Beta testing from the day it was first with Zero Vulnerability Labs to when Malwarebytes bought it from them. It was so good that MWbytes has it now. Your Free trial is over, but you will still be able to use MWbytes to scan your PC.
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A friend of mine wants to give win7 a try but his very much afraid of legal issues when downloading it at torrents, Is there any other way to get a free and legal download of windows 7 for trial purposes?

A:Where to get Win7 final version for FREE trial ?

I have managed to search for a free trial of windows 7, and found them at Microsoft MSDN and TechNet, however you have to be a subscriber in order to have the trial key which I think the trial would last between 90 to 120 days. If you asked me few weeks ago you could have it by now, but Microsoft has officially closed the release candidate subscription.

Read this article and this one for free RTM license explanation for subscribers.
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The uninstallation of my Norton Internet Security trial (pre-installed on laptop when purchased) is just a hunch I have as to why I have been encountering the BSOD, I realise i may be completely wrong in this assumption but will gladly accept any help and advice sent my way as i need this laptop for university and the BSOD seems to enjoy popping up when I'm doing work for my course.

Windows 7:
- 64bit OS
- an OEM
- Less than 2 months old

A:BSOD (after uninstall of free Norton trial)

Since my last post the problem has re-occurred so i re-ran the BSOD Dump & System File Collection app.
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does anyone know of a trial antiviral download?

thank you

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I have a couple of PDF DOCUMENT (scanned documents)  that I must use to finalize Court Pleadings that must be filed tomorrow.
So I downloaded Nitro.pdf program because it will convert pdf to text - well I guess its not any text, it has to  be WORD PROGRAM - and what I have is Jarte so when I convert the file and it opens there is nothing there.
So i need to download WORD somehow - does anyone know a safe place to download word?
Time is my enemy right now - when it rains it pours. 
I'm in a panic mode.   CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE?


You can use Nitro to export to plain text, just click the "To Other" button and select one of the dropdown options.However, if you still need a Word Processor, you can use the free LibreOffice "Writer" program, which is very similar to Microsoft Word and can edit almost all of the same files. Here is a link to download LibreOffice: Libre Office
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Hi I m hoping someone can give me some advice before I start ripping my hair out here I m using XPand I bought Office Professional recently but my laptop came with a free trial of Office Standard Edition I now have a couple of problems The Office Standard Edition Free Trial Remove Solved: Office which was on the computer when I bought it does not appear in Add or remove programs I made the mistake of trying to remove it by deleting the folder from program files This means that whenever I start up Windows Installer tries to run and then prompts me to run outlook and set it as my default mail client Why doesn t it appear in add or remove programs And how do I stop the computer searching for the programs on startup Also how the heck do I remove it fully Thinking that I had removed the free trial version I then installed the Professional edition that I bought The components that weren t included in the free trial Office Access Office Infopath etc work Solved: Remove Office Free Trial fine but every time I try to open Word Excel or Powerpoint which were included in the free trial windows installer pops up then it tells me it cannot find the installation file It seems to me that whenever I try to use something that was in the original free trial version the computer tries to default to the Solved: Remove Office Free Trial original version not the one I just installed I m one of those scary people that knows just enough about computers to mess things up but not enough to fix anything ie I m barely computer literate please can someone help me nbsp

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I found a trial copy of Partition Magic and was wondering if anyone had any experience with the trial. I am wanting to section off my HD and create a couple of new directories for data storage away from my system files and apps. Does anyone know if the trial will allow you to do that without disturbing the rest of the C drive? I don't want to have to reformat or anything.

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As above, how long is the free trial for when you get the free trial from the MS website?

A:How long is the MS Office 2010 free trial duration?

It is good until October, 2010..
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Has anyone ever experienced download trial Office 2010 Microsft free the following problem If so was there Microsft Office 2010 trial free download a cure Have installed office day free trial After I click on the shortcut Microsoftword a window pops up and says quot Type your -character Product Key quot I cut and paste the key in that was given to me and after a few seconds I get a message below the box that says quot The key you have entered is valid quot This is in green and there is also a green check mark beside the box where I entered the product key I then hit the continue button After a few seconds I get a message in red that says quot Installing the product key failed Please try another product key quot There is also a red quot X quot beside the box where I entered the product key How do I correct this I've made sure that there isn't another version on my desk top I uninstalled reinstalled I saw on a web site to contact the activation center but when following the steps to determine the activation center tele for my area at one point it says to start the microsoft application Well that's the problem It won't start when entering the product key Just wondering if anyone else has ever experienced this If I can't get this resolved then I would like to find some other software that works just as well as microsoft word Thanks in advance

A:Microsft Office 2010 trial free download

OK so to be clear you installed the trial, then bought a product key and entered it? And since this happens when you click the shortcut, I assume your trial period has also expired, correct? Finally, did you have a different version of MS Office installed before now? If you could post pics of those screens you get it would help. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Vista Forums
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Hi I apologize for posting this here if the security board is pretty much only for emergencies I ve been curious about this for awhile My PC manufactured in March came with a PC? keeping Point on to Solved: McAfee free trial free trial of McAfee VirusScan I would never actually use pay for McAfee or Norton having quot embraced quot the corporate bloatware opinion As you can imagine at first the McAfee program was relentlessly screaming and nagging to be activated but eventually I managed to completely shut it up and no related processes ever run For AV instead I use free AVG along with occasional online scans Panda TrendMicro etc Not inquiring as to the wisdom of that My question is does my philosophy that I might as well keep this free McAfee option on my PC in case of emergency make sense I am not running out of room on the PC yet and McAfee is tamed to where it causes no conflicts So is it a good idea to keep it as another free weapon in case I ever catch something nasty That is assuming I could get online to update this aging free trial Or does the quot gift quot of a free trial period expire too I see on McAfee s site that free trials of their latest products can always be downloaded but I figure if I already have a still-workable version why bother and why risk that I might not be able to carry out a big download while already infected But on the other hand I like to keep a PC streamlined and am kinda itching to get rid of McAfee if there s no real benefit Couldn t find any answers online And don t want to crank McAfee up to test whether it would still update for free since it appears anytime a dormant McAfee program is opened it immediately re-enables itself to run automatically Solved: Point to keeping McAfee free trial on PC? nag nag nag etc Even if all I wanted to do was check a version number or something Thanks sorry if this is silly nbsp

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I had downloaded Halo Off the internet and when i tried to play it, it told me that the initilization of Direct 3D failed. So then i typed in DXAIG in the run box and tested my 3D and everything was enabled and working, so then i tried to update my computer somehow, in graphics but that wasn't working because it said my software wasn't compatible. So i fiddled around a little bit hoping to fix this error on the game but i couldn't!
So would somebody plzzz help me out-I would Greatly appreciate this.
Thank You! and

A:Halo Free Trial Download-Fatal Error!!

There's a file on the Microsoft Halo website that resolves this issue.

Strings.dll said:

Save the file to the location where Halo was installed, typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Halo Trial. When prompted to overwrite the existing file, choose Yes.Click to expand...
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Recently, I just updated Avast! (the FREE one) to the new version because it didn't work properly. That fixed the problem. After 2 or 3 weeks, Avast shows this:

I have been using Avast! Free for years now. I didn't upgrade to the pro version or anything. It also says "Avast Pro Antivirus" at the top of the Avast window.
Any ideas on how to fix this? I want the free Avast! free version, not the trial of the pro version.

A:Avast! showing that I didn't activate the trial, but I had the free..?

Quote: Originally Posted by Nathan02

Recently, I just updated Avast! (the FREE one) to the new version because it didn't work properly. That fixed the problem. After 2 or 3 weeks, Avast shows this:

I have been using Avast! Free for years now. I didn't upgrade to the pro version or anything. It also says "Avast Pro Antivirus" at the top of the Avast window.
Any ideas on how to fix this? I want the free Avast! free version, not the trial of the pro version.

If you were using the free Avast! and didn't upgrade to PRO, then you won't lose anything by uninstalling Avast, downloading the Avast cleanup tool from their site and running it to clean all the left in crap, and then installing Avast! free again from scratch.
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Virtual PC is a powerful software virtualization solution that allows you to run multiple PC-based operating systems simultaneously on one workstation, providing a safety net to maintain compatibility with legacy applications while you migrate to a new operating system. It also saves reconfiguration time, so your support, development, and training staff can work more efficiently.

This is a 45-day time-out, full version of the Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 product. No serial number is required.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000 Professional Edition , Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Professional Edition , Windows XP Service Pack 1, Windows XP Service Pack 2



A:Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Free 45-Day Trial Edition

I've got the full version and tried it. It leaves an awful lot to be desired, especially on the network side.
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Hi everyone. I am looking for a free but LEGAL trial version of Visual Communicator Pro. I am searching for a friend. He wants to check it out and see if he can eventually buy it. Thanks for any help you can give him on my behalf! I'd appreciate it!

A:Does anyone know where to get a free and LEGAL trial version of Visual Communicator?
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Crysis wars link Introduction Following October Trial Crysis Weekend! 10-12th Wars Free on from our Crysis Wars Free Trial Weekend! October 10-12th cryptic message in last months community update we're now going to shed some light on what it actually meant That's right a Crysis Wars free trial weekend will be held between October - th so you can round up all of your friends that haven't gone out and bought the Crysis Wars Free Trial Weekend! October 10-12th game yet and get them to jump right in with you from the th of October Official Press Release quote EA AND CRYTEK DECLARE A WEEKEND OF WARS Experience All of Crysis Wars Absolutely Free October th th The only thing better than more Crysis is more free Crysis Electronic Arts and Crytek are announcing today that Crysis Wars the new multiplayer suite for Crytek s Crysis Wars Free Trial Weekend! October 10-12th award-winning Crysis franchise and part of the critically acclaimed Crysis Warhead package will be available for free from Friday October th through Sunday October th We have been extremely pleased with the reception we have received from gamers and press for Crysis Warhead said Cevat Yerli CEO and President of Crytek Crysis Wars is definitely a big reason for this success and something we are dedicated to not only as a part of future Crysis titles but in terms of releasing new modes and continued support for our growing community Starting on Monday October th gamers can take advantage of this offer by registering online at www mycrysis com After registration those who sign up will be emailed a unique activation key that will allow them to immediately play Crysis Wars on LAN for the entire week and will allow them to play on Gamespy servers from October th at AM PT to October th at PM Crysis Wars includes Three diverse multiplayer modes including InstantAction TeamInstantAction and PowerStruggle maps ranging from large battlefields to smaller more intimate battlegrounds with a diverse array of settings ranging from beaches to graveyards All weapons and vehicles released within the Crysis Universe For more information about Crysis Wars and to take advantage of Wars Weekend please visit www mycrysis com For more information about Crysis Warhead winner of Editor s Choice Awards from IGN com and GameSpot com please visit Crysis Warhead Crysis Warhead is now available at retail stores and leading online download services for only Summary Make sure to tell your friends about this great free trial and for those of you that already have the game don't worry not only will you get to play all those friends that haven't but we're also offering something extra special for you during the trial weekend - Crytek amp EA

A:Crysis Wars Free Trial Weekend! October 10-12th

More info

Where to download:
You simply go to one of these download sites and download Crysis Wars:
PC Games, Game Downloads, Demos, Patches, HD Trailers, Mods and News - Big Download
FileShack - Download PC Video game patches, videos, betas and trailers for PC, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and Wii
FilePlanet: Free PC Games, Downloads, Mods, Demos, Patches & Maps
Game Downloads, Game Patches -
WorthPlaying - Xbox 360 (X360) , PlayStation 3 (PS3), Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PlayStation 2 (PS2), GameCube (NGC), PSP, Nintendo DS (NDS), GBA, Windows PC - All about games !
GameSpot: Video Games|PC|PlayStation 2|GameCube|PSP|DS|GBA|PS2|PS3|Xbox 360|PlayStation 3|Wii

How does it Work?
You will be able to download the complete Crysis Wars game, and install it on your computer for free. From then on, you will be able to play on LAN with your friends, without any time limitation. This is the best opportunity to check the gameplay, adjust the settings to your fitting (from best performance to best visuals), and train with your friends on LAN, in preparation for the online weekend.
You will not be able to connect online during this time.

This Friday October 10th, starting at 6pm CET, a new mail will be sent to you with the link to a MyCrysis page where you will be able to retrieve your unique demo CDKey for the online weekend. This demo CDKey will only be valid for your MyCrysis account, and will allow you to play online for the whole weekend. By the end of the weekend, your demo CDKey will be deactivated and you will have to purchase the game to keep playing online.

The whole Crysis Wars team hopes that you will enjoy this experience, and we are at your disposal at to answer your questions and react to your feedback.

Q: When does the trial week-end take place?
A: You can start downloading the game on
Monday, Oct 6.
You are able to play online from Friday, Oct 10 to Sunday, Oct 12.

Q: Who can participate?
A: Everyone can participate. There is no limitation.

Q: How can I participate?
A: Just register to Every member of MyCrysis will have a demo CDKey.

Q: Is there a time limit for registration?
A: Yes, you have to be a registered user at before Thursday, Oct 9

Q: Will I have to pay anything?
A: No, this entire operation is completely free.

Q: When will I receive my demo CDKey?
A: A mail will be sent to all MyCrysis members on Friday, Oct 10. This mail will contain a link to the page where you can get a dem CDKey

Q: If I lost my key, how can I get it back?
A: Your demo CDKey will be available in your MyCrysis profile.

Q: How many demo CDKeys can I have?
A: There is only 1 demo CDKey per MyCrysis user

Q: If I already bought the game, what?s the interest?
A: You will see more people online this week-end, and will be able to make new friends. There will be a play session against the Crysis Wars developers on Friday night. Make sure that you are there!

Q: If I already bought the game, can I give my demo CDKey to a friend?
A: Yes, if you don?t need a demo CDKey to play the game, you can share it with a friend of yours.

Q: Can I download the game in advance?
A: Yes, you have 5 days to download the game from your favorite download site.

Q: Can I really play LAN for free?
A: Yes, you are allowed to install the game on as many machines as you want. As soon as you have enabled the online activation, you are able to play on LAN for as long as you wish.

Q: Can I play online without a CDKey?
A: No, you can?t play online without a CDKey.

Q: How can I get a CDKey?
A: Either you can use the demo CDKey sent to you to play online during the trial week-end, or you need to purchase Crysis: Warhead in order to have a key and play online.

Q: Can my computer run Crysis Wars?
A: If your computer meets the minimum requirements as follow, yes:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 2.66GHz 3M Processor
RAM: 1GB (1.5GB on Window... Read more
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I just have to resize my partitions in using WinXP or Windows 7. What software can I download that is easy to use and reliable that is free or has a trial period? I only need to use it for a day.

A:What is the most reliable and easiest to use free/trial partition resizing software

I use Parted Magic, download the .iso, burn to CD (not copy), set bios to boot from CD and I've never had any problems. Free and you've got a CD with it on for future use.
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I recently bought a new computer running windows which came with a free trial of McAfee When the free trial expired I uninstalled McAfee using their commercial uninstall tool opting for free Windows Defender When I try to activate Windows Defender I get a message which states This app has been turned off and isn't monitoring your computer If you're using another app to check for malicious or unwanted Defender/Mcafee Free Trial Cannot Issues Windows Activate software use Security and Maintenance to check that app's status After a few days of struggling I successfully finally could not find any remnants of Mcafee on Cannot Activate Windows Defender/Mcafee Free Trial Issues the computer but still Cannot Activate Windows Defender/Mcafee Free Trial Issues get this message whenever I try to activate defender When I go to the control panel - gt system and security - gt Action Center Cannot Activate Windows Defender/Mcafee Free Trial Issues and click Turn on Now for defender nothing happens I took it to a nearby computer repair store and they said that windows defender was probably not activating because of McAfee but it also could potentially be a virus acquired during the time my computer has not had a virus protecter They offered to fix the issue I am frustrated that my new computer came pre-installed with a virus-like program that I have to pay to get rid of I have installed and run scans using Malwarebytes free and Spybot SD free with no results Thank you for any help you may be able to provide

A:Cannot Activate Windows Defender/Mcafee Free Trial Issues

Welcome aboard
Run this tool: and then see if you can turn Windows Defender on.
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Hello A while back I downloaded a great program called Period Please Trial but Version Free TrojanKiller is Found Malware, Help Up- GridinSoft TrojanKiller but alas it was only a trial and I don t want to purchase it It can still scan but not remove the threats so what else could I use to remove these The log Trojan Killer v Report file date PM Scanning for virus strains and unwanted programs Licensed UNREGISTERED Windows version Microsoft Windows XP version Username Dashel R Computer name NO Starting the file scan Startup collected BHO plugins collected Service collected ActiveX collected Files collected Scanning process ----- c program files dell photo aio printer dlbtbmgr exe ---- Startup Unknown Dell Photo AIO Printer MD DB F C TrojanKiller Free Version Found Malware, but Trial Period is Up- Please Help B AD C C CFDEC RIC A DEB F F F AD E EP B EC A FF D B A EC E FF AC D A D D F B C E FF D D SEC text DB E A F B D BF rdata DE F D D EF A D E E E data C D D D F A A BD rsrc F C E EC AF FB CB B C ----- HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft ESENT Process Install ---- Registry Rogue HomeAntivirus ----- HKLM SOFTWARE Microsoft ESENT Process Install DEBUG ---- Registry Rogue HomeAntivirus ----- C DOCUME DASHEL LOCALS Temp dw log ---- General Spy Trace MD DD EE A F C F A C EP SEC ----- HKLM SOFTWARE Classes Interface CABBB A- D B- B- - C B E FF ---- Registry AdWare ISearch ----- C Documents and Settings Dashel R Application Data FCSB Toolbar Uninst exe ---- General Trojan Win HighRisk MD CE A E C E C FBDD B B RIC AFE F D D C FD C EP EC DB C C C F C FF FF B FF C A A F E E A SEC text B FF F A EAD B C B EF rdata F B B F E AA EB data C DFA AAC ndata C rsrc A F ADDAEB ED F E ----- C Documents and Settings Dashel R Local Settings temp SCC dll ---- General Broken Executable Broken PE file - Section starts beyond the end of file Offset C Total filesize MD C BCC EB CDCBA F A D EDBEF EP SEC text E EB FBEFF A F C E rdata C ----- C Documents and Settings Dashel R Local Settings Temporary Internet Files Content IE W AU SCC dll ---- General Broken Executable Broken PE file - Section starts beyond the end of file Offset C Total filesize MD DC A FFD EA EC DFE A C EP SEC text C DD E EED AEA E rdata C ----- C Documents and Settings Dashel R Local Settings Temporary Internet Files Content IE ROZ U SCC dll ---- General Broken Executable Broken PE file - Section starts beyond the end of file Offset C Total filesize MD A A D AFEF EBCE FC BC D EP SEC text E FDFFEF E C E EC D DD rdata C ----- C Documents and Settings Dashel R Local Settings Temporary Internet Files Content IE YDSPHS C tbedrs dll ---- General Broken Executable Broken PE file - Section starts beyond the end of file Offset A Total filesize MD AD A E E B C B E EP SEC text C E C B DFE D AC C rdata C ----- C Documents and Settings Dashel R Start Menu Programs FormatFactory Uninstall lnk ---- General Trojan Agent MD D E B ABFD AB EP SEC ----- C Program Files aawsepersonal exe ---- General Suspicious SB ProdVer FileVer Company Lavasoft NAC B B A B F F DEE E A EEB A MD A BBAFF C F BBEBB BF E RIC C FCB D E C C E FF EP B EC EC C A E A E FF FF B F D F A C F CC A D F DB A C D C A SEC text C C E D B D C ECCCCF rdata C CFB D A AEFA A FECD F EF data C C C D E CD AE B E DE rsrc EB F BA D F ACD BC AD FAB ----- C Program Files Conduit Community Alerts Alert dll ---- General Broken Executable Broken PE file - Section starts beyond the end of file Offset C Total filesize MD C F F A FAB B F A EC B EP SEC text F BEA B A CCF CCE BF B rdata C ----- C Program Files Freecorder tbFre dll ---- General Broken Executable Broken PE file - Section starts beyond the end of file Offset Total filesize MD DCC C BF A C B CD EP SEC text AB DC F F C FF EA DFBE rdata E C ED D F B C FDEA CD data C ----- C Program Files FreeTime FormatFactory uninst exe ---- General Trojan Agent MD CBD BFE A A CD A B C RIC B D BC FEB EA B A FBD C EP EC DB C C F C FF FF B FF C A A F E BA C SEC text EBFADE F CB C AB AF rdata D E C D A FA B A A data C DBF C D EDEEE ... Read more

A:TrojanKiller Free Version Found Malware, but Trial Period is Up- Please Help

Hello, Welcome to BleepingComputer.I'm nasdaq and will be helping you.If you can please print this topic it will make it easier for you to follow the instructions and complete all of the necessary steps.===Please download ComboFix from one of these locations:Link 1Link 2* IMPORTANT !!! Save ComboFix.exe to your DesktopDisable your Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware applications, usually via a right click on the System Tray icon. They may otherwise interfere with our tools
Close any open browsers, and all other programs working. Make sure you save your file if working on a document.
Do not install any other programs until this if fixed.[/b]
Double click on ComboFix.exe & follow the prompts.
As part of it's process, ComboFix will check to see if the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed. With malware infections being as they are today, it's strongly recommended to have this pre-installed on your machine before doing any malware removal. It will allow you to boot up into a special recovery/repair mode that will allow us to more easily help you should your computer have a problem after an attempted removal of malware.
Follow the prompts to allow ComboFix to download and install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console, and when prompted, agree to the End-User License Agreement to install the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console.
Some Rookit infection may damage your boot sector. The Windows Recovery Console may be needed to restore it. Do not bypass this installation. You may regret it.**Please note: If the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is already installed, ComboFix will continue it's malware removal procedures.Once the Microsoft Windows Recovery Console is installed using ComboFix, you should see the following message:Click on Yes, to continue scanning for malware.When finished, it shall produce a log for you. Please include the C:\ComboFix.txt in your next reply.Note: If you have difficulty properly disabling your protection programs, refer to this link --> not mouse click ComboFix's window while it's running. That may cause it to stallNote: If after running ComboFix you get this error message "Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion." when attempting to run a program all you need to do is restart the computer to reset the registry.===Third party programs if not up to date can be the cause of infiltration an infection.Please run this security check for my review.Download Security Check by screen317 from here.Save it to your Desktop.Double click SecurityCheck.exe and follow the onscreen instructions inside of the black box.A Notepad document should open automatically called checkup.txt; please post the contents of that document.===Please download AdwCleaner by Xplode onto your Desktop.Double click on AdwCleaner.exe to run the tool.Click on Search.A log file will automatically open after the scan has finished.Please post the content of that log file with your next answer.You can find the log file at C:\AdwCleaner[Rn].txt (n is a number).Please post the logs and let me know if the problem persists.
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Hi there I ve recently had STOPzilla downloaded any trial) McAfee and (paid (free Is STOPzilla good? version) but only the free trial I ve been told by many people that it s not very good and comes Is STOPzilla (free trial) and McAfee (paid version) any good? up with fake viruses to get you to buy it However I recently had an infection with AE exe and the three trojans it s coming up with are supposedly related to AE exe even though I ve had it removed So do you think I should keep the STOPzilla free trial or is it just Is STOPzilla (free trial) and McAfee (paid version) any good? malware I also have McAfee do you think McAfee is good Because I have started to doubt it recently I have also tried MalwareBytes and Superantispyware as well would you recommend I continue using them If you know of any good antivirus antispyware programs preferably free ha though if you think a paid one is really good then please do say so can you please tell me It would be much appreciated Thank you and if this really Is STOPzilla (free trial) and McAfee (paid version) any good? helps I have Windows Vista Home Premium

A:Is STOPzilla (free trial) and McAfee (paid version) any good?

You ask a common question for which you will receive varying opinions and recommendations. There is no universal "one size fits all" solution that works for everyone and there is no best anti-virus. Please see Choosing an Anti-Virus Program.After reading that, scroll down and read Supplementing your Anti-Virus Program with Anti-Malware Tools.
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If you've been using the 30-day version of Microsoft Office 2010, here's a nice tip for you: the testing period can be extended for up to six months. Much like Windows, the popular productivity suite contains a so called rearm function that gives you 30 extra days to activate the program. The command can be used up to five times, and if used at the end of each 30-day grace period, you can run Office 2010 for up to 180 days without entering an activation key.

Source - Extend Microsoft Office 2010's free trial period to 180 days - TechSpot News

A:Extend MS Office 2010's free trial period to 180 days.

Thanks, good information to have.
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Hi there, My sound is not working. I only have a HDMI Sound output. However, I don't have any HDMI Output in my computer. I reinstalled windows a couple of times lately, but i don't know for sure if thats the problem.
Right now im using Windows 7 32-Bit, My hardware specs are: CPU: Intel Duo 2 Core. Graphics Card: AMD ATI Radeon HD 3800 Series. Any help or such will be Very much appreciated

A:Sound not working, Only have HDMI Sound Output, But no HDMI port in PC

the HDMI sound is most likely off your GPU but that series seems to not have a HDMI port so that is odd. If you can make sure your onboard audio is on in your BIOS and also run the tool on this page so that you can update all your system info for us. System Info - See Your System Specs
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Hey guys,
My windows 10 pc recently updated itself and I lost some HDMI audio functionality. When you click on the little speaker icon on the lower right side of your screen and choose playback devices. My Yamaha HDMI received is the default device and under properties, it used to display under supported formats, all of the latest Hi Def codecs like Dolby TrueHD, DTS-MA, etc. Those are now all missing. I just get the legacy ones. They were working perfectly prior to this week! I have not done any other changes. It looks like windows downloaded a Intel graphics HD driver and I also tried the latest Nvidia graphics/HD audio drivers with same result.

I cannot get the missing codecs back! I need them for Blu-ray file playback via Kodi media server.

any help would be awesome!

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I had Internet access this morning on my desktop computer prior to upgrading my free avast software to the trial version.
After I upgraded it, I no longer can access the Internet. I'm not sure how or why that happened but I was wondering if you could help me to restore my connection please.
I rang my service provider and they were unable to help.
I'm running Windows XP.
My modem is showing as connected and my computer is picking up the signal from the Ethernet cable also. When I hover the mouse over the local area connection icon it shows that the Internet is connected but the browsers all say Server Not Found.
Please help. Thanks
Phone: 00353862637387.
( PS. This message is from my iPhone)

A:no internet connection Since i upgraded my free avast to the full trial version

I found this answer online in an internet forum similar to this one:  See Below:
*** The 2nd Method worked like a charm for me. 
Method 1 is not suitable for Windows XP. ***
Posted by: allen007 Sep 10, 2012 11:53AM
Follow these steps incase your Internet connection is connected but you cant browse using any of the browsers.
You might be able to play games online like CS 1.6,DOTA or HORN but JUST cant access any website.
>> Resolve your DNS settings to that of Google's
1. Go to LAN settings
Control panel > Network and Inernet > Change adapter settings > Right click on local area connections > Properties > Click on IPv4 > Properties >
Use following DNS server address > Preferred DNS : Alternate DNS:
Check validate settings upon exit.
If it still doesnt work then repeat the above steps but uncheck validate settings.
>> WINSOCK reset
1.Go to run and type 'cmd' (Run as administrator)
Type "netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt" and press enter
Type "netsh winsock reset" and press enter
>>DNS Flush
1.Go to run and type 'cmd' (Run as administrator)
Type "ipconfig /flushdns" and press enter
If none of the above methods work then do a boot time scan using your antivirus cos it might be a virus attack thats causing the problem.
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Hello guys!

I recently ran into a problem with my main LCD TV(I need to replace the power supply.) I use that LCD TV for my desktop computer, and right now all I have is my laptop. I use synergy to control both computers. However now it doesn't matter because I cannot see the desktop portion. Is there anyway for me to output my desktop computer to my laptop monitor?

Both my Desktop and Laptop have HDMI input. I also have the HDMI cord on hand right now I just don't know how I'd go about setting it up. I'd like to use synergy to control the desktop AND have it's output be on the laptop until my power supply arrives and I can fix my TV.

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Greetings all I'm new to the forum so howdy all and pleasure to be acquainted My friend advised I join the forum to resolve some WIN10 running S200e no up connecting after ASUS to malware HDMI clean longer major issues I was having with my notebook ASUS S200e running WIN10 no longer connecting to HDMI after malware clean up like a doofus I downloaded firefox from a disreputable source it seems and didn't pay attention whilst installing and before you know it my notebook was infested with god knows what causing all sorts of shenanigans anyway I followed someone elses thread and downloaded CC cleaner and that seemed to sort the problem right out HOWEVER whilst I was doing all this I was connected to the Hitachi big screen in my living room no problem when I went into the bedroom I attempted to connect to the LG tv which at first appearances seemed to work fine the picture was there but when i went into the sound controls to manually change sound to TV as default this is the only way I can change the sound output from either notebook headphones or TV it said that the TV wasnt connected despite there being a picture on the screen I restarted the notebook and since then I've not been able to connect to either TV I was having trouble validating my email my fault I typed the wrong email in so I've spent a good few hours trawling other forums tried rolling back the driver and updating changing the resolution setting the display to two screens absolutely nothing seems to work I always feared turning into one of them idiots who couldn't work the VCR and always though I'd be ahead of the curve but it seems technology has run away with itself and I am well and truly behind the curve many thanks in advance to anyone who may have any assistance for me on this front JIM Back to top Quote MultiQuote Report CKing Malware Study Hall Junior posts OFFLINE Gender Male Location British Columbia Canada Local time PM Posted Today AM Hello and to Bleeping Computer Questions Which port did you use to connect the notebook to the TV like HDMI jimbobaggins on Oct - PM said Greetings all I'm new to the forum so howdy all and pleasure to be acquainted My friend advised I join the forum to resolve some major issues I was having with my notebook like a doofus I downloaded firefox from a disreputable source it seems and didn't pay attention whilst installing and before you know it my notebook was infested with god knows what causing all sorts of shenanigans anyway I followed someone elses thread and downloaded CC cleaner and that seemed to sort the problem right out It is better if you are fully sure that malware is removed sometimes traces remain For that I suggest that you post to Am I infected What do I do just to be sure And uninstall Firefox and download it from its actual website here -CKing CHEERS FOR THE REPLY I've moved the thread as requested not too sure how I delete the old thread don't want to cause a mess on the forum and make myself unpopular before I even start I've been connecting via HDMI which no longer works on either TVs I'm currently connected to the TV via another laptop which I intend on installing windows currently running after also cleaning up I ran CC cleaner and malwarebytes which was already on the system which seemed to clean everything up and is now running like a dream but as I've already said it just stopped connecting to the TV as a result so you think i may still have residual malware that has been missed by CCcleaner and malwarebytes What do you suggest Many thanks in advance JIM

A:ASUS S200e running WIN10 no longer connecting to HDMI after malware clean up

perhaps you removed a file you should not have. Try - Windows Repair All-In-One (Portable)- Download Windows Repair All-In-One (Portable Version) from here.- Extract to your Desktop.- Disable all your antivirus and antimalware software - see how to do that here.- Right click on and select Run as Administrator (XP users just double click) to start Windows Repair All-In-One.(Windows Vista/7/8 users: Accept UAC warning if it is enabled.)- A window will appear. Click Step 2.- Click the Open Pre-Scan button, then click Start Scan. Wait for Windows Repair to finish scanning.- Depending on which error Windows Repair found, click Repair Reparse Point or Repair Environment Variable accordingly. When the button changes to "Done!", click the close button to return to Windows Repair.- Go to Step 3, then click Check in the See If Check Disk Is Needed.- If Windows Repair stated that errors are found, click Open Check Disk At Next Boot. Choose (/R) Fixes errors on the disk also locate bad sectors and recovers readable information, then click Add To Next Boot. Reboot the computer to let Windows check the disk.- Go to Step 4, then click Do It.- Go to Step 5. Under System Restore click Create.- Go to Repairs and click Open Repairs. Leave all checkmarks as they are, then click Start Repairs.- By default Windows Repair All-In-One will create a "Logs" folder in its folder on the Desktop. Please post the contents of the log in your next reply.
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You just have to tell a little lie and say you use "assistive technology".

Accessibility and the Windows 10 Free Upgrade
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Hi when I got my new computer there was a free trial for Office on it that I wanted to get rid of I used Your Uninstaller to do it and YU only found some kind of Office Trial assistant thing to uninstall so that s what I got rid of However the free 2007 uninstall free to -- Unable Office problems update trial causing trial of Office remains in my program list and when Unable to uninstall Office 2007 free trial -- causing update problems I click them the programs open Yet when I look for the programs with YU or via Add Remove programs Office Unable to uninstall Office 2007 free trial -- causing update problems is nowhere to be found This is causing problems for me because Windows has been asking me to Unable to uninstall Office 2007 free trial -- causing update problems install quot important quot updates for Office but when I allow it to update Windows has problems configuring them and my computer is unable to properly load Vista So how do I find these darn Office programs and uninstall them Once I do that will Windows stop bugging me about Office updates Thank you for any help nbsp
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I'm using a Dell U3415W monitor. My video card is AMD Radeon RX480. The monitor is connected via DisplayPort to my computer. The monitor is connected via HDMI to my work laptop. When I want to switch over to HDMI, it acts as if I shut off the monitor on the Displayport shifting everything over to my secondary monitor. It causes no problem, but drives me nuts because when I switch back over to DIsplayPort, I have to move my open programs around again. Is there any simple way to make this stop? If I don't use DisplayPort, and instead use HDMI/DVI combination, the behavior described does not happen. I'm guessing that is just the way it is, but I'm hoping there is an easy way to make it stop.
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who and why is anyone going for the free Win10 upgrade ? I do online stuff and gaming.... I do not have a tablet.... at current our computer run Win 8.1. I signed up a while back for the free Win10 upgrade.... is there a thread for this discussion already?

A:who and why is anyone going for the free Win10 upgrade ?

Lots of Windows 10 news here ... Windows 10 News - Windows 10 Forums
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I know someone with a Vista (Business) PC and he received a free upgrade notice to Win10. Is this correct and if so does it just mean that the OS will be installed without saving apps and files?

A:Free Win10 upgrade

I know someone with a Vista (Business) PC and he received a free upgrade notice to Win10. Is this correct and if so does it just mean that the OS will be installed without saving apps and files?Click to expand...

The free upgrade applies to qualified computers that are running Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8/8.1.

It does NOT apply to computers that are running Windows Vista.

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Anyone know if there is a 'best' one?

I'm currently using Avast on my Win7 PC, wife bought a laptop almost a month ago that came with Win10 pre installed and McAfee, the 30 day free trial is almost up.

A:Best FREE antivirus for Win10.

Windows 10 includes a built-in AV program, good article about it and some other things you can do here :-
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Okey Dokey so the computer is running a wee bit slow, and one of the things I have been meaning to do anyway was a defrag and run a program to clean up the darn thing.

I am seeking opinions on a good program that does just that, and also gains/creates the most space on the HD.

Any suggestions?

Thank you to all who help on these forums also.

A:OPINION: Best free (not trial) program for cleaning up hard drive/gaining disk space?
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I upgraded from Win to Win on my laptop without any issues I now want to move to a brand new How to laptop? new from migrate Win10 old Win10 laptop to Win laptop Old Laptop quot A quot Win How to migrate from old Win10 laptop to new Win10 laptop? upgraded MS Office Suite including Outlook New Laptop quot B quot Win MS Office Suite latest For the life of me I can t find any basic info on how to to migrate my data docs spreadsheets photos music Outlook pst etc from laptop quot A quot to laptop quot B quot Seems like everything out there has do to with Windows Easy Transfer program which is a Win only program I have a TB external drive that I can use to pass data between machines and the machines are both on the same wifi network Can someone point me to info at Microsoft com here or somewhere that has step by step instructions on how I get the relevant data files from my old PC to my new PC without transferring over the program files and whatnot nbsp

A:How to migrate from old Win10 laptop to new Win10 laptop?

If you backup your data you can "restore" it to the new system.

You can copy the data from the old system to the external hard drive and from the hard drive to the new system.

You can enable file and printer sharing on the old system, share the folders containing your data, and then copy the data over the network to your new system.

There are other ways, but at least one of those should suffice.