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Q: X1 Carbon 20FB Fingerprint Scanner

Hi, I have x1 carbon 20FB and I have Synoptics WBDI bio scanner. Device is working fine when I try to use scanner to log in to the computer. I'm interested in ability of using the scanner to store other passwords from secured web sites utilizing the scanner. Is it possible? If so - what do I need? Thanks, Jakar55
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Preferred Solution: X1 Carbon 20FB Fingerprint Scanner

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Hi, i just bought X1 Carbon (20FB series) running on windows 10. there's a sim card slot, but when i insert the simcard it keep poping out from the port the question is, is this laptop really support sim card? and how do i know if it work when i can properly insert it?
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Hi, We are having an issue with our X1 Carbon's(20FB). The audio output via an HDMI cable works, we see the Epson speakers in the playback devices. After the user is logged on for a while, the speakers will no longer showup in the playback devices and the auidio will just come through the laptops speakers. After we restart the computer, the audio will again work and play to the speakers. Windows 7 X64 Any help or thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.  Thanks,John
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I recently got a X1 carbon 4th gen (20FB), and I have been super happy with its performance. However, it seems like whenever I have the laptop closed, the keyboard is leaving a mark on the screen. I sent it to repair, and they changed the screen, but that didn't seem to fix it. I noticed that the body and the lid are not perfectly aligned - one of the corners of the lid seems to be jutting out a little bit with respect to the rest of the body. I've attached picture to show this. I'm not sure if this is a part of the general design of the Carbon.  Can anyone with a X1 carbon 4th gen confirm that this alignment feature is not present in their machine? Thank you ?
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Hi, does anyone know if there is a list of compatible embedded LTE chips that will work on a X1 Carbon 20FB?  The reason why I ask this is bec the current model, EM7455, only operates at some frequencies that some abroad contries do not support and the older models such as the EM7355 support those frequencies.  One being GSM.  I tired to install a EM7355 into my 20FB laptop but the bios isn't allowing it. Thanks!

A:X1 Carbon 20FB Embedded LTE Compatibility

EM7455 is versatile enough and supports a lot of 4G/LTE including LTE-A and 3G bands worldwide. It does not support 2G (GPRS/EDGE) access technology.

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Hi, I've got an X1 Carbon 20FB (4th gen), and noticed it doesn't have Lenovo System Update on it, which I've found useful in the past. So I went to the Lenovo downloads site and found System Update, but it doesn't list the 20FB as one of the X1 Carbons it supports - it only goes up to 20BS, 20BT: (See the "Note for ThinkPad X1 Carbon users") Should I avoid downloading System Update then? I've not noticed anything that's not functioning, but I figured it makes sense to keep things up to date from a security and features point of view. Why is it not included by default? Thanks for any advice!
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We've purchased about dozen th gen x carbons machine type fb and nbsp have been having some intermittent keyboard issues with multiple laptops nbsp At least different units have had problems where the keyboard doesn't seem to work at all nbsp After power on nbsp we press F F or Enter to try and access different functions but they have no effect nbsp Once windows loads we still can't type anything nbsp nbsp The first time my tech ran into this he nbsp rebooted a few times and was still experiencing the same issue he nbsp set the laptop nbsp aside for me to look at nbsp When I turned it on they keyboard was functioning normally nbsp Later after loading our image on the computer he was preparing to deploy it to a user when the keyboard stopped working again nbsp I fired up a new laptop this morning fresh out of the box and had the same issue a non-functional keyboard nbsp In this case at least the touchpoint touchpad didn't work either nbsp I rebooted tried to get into UEFI config and after a couple of more reboots I tried pxe booting but nothing I pressed on the keyboard seemed to help nbsp I turned the laptop off and put a note on it that it had a bad keyboard iss... 4th intermittent Carbon x1 gen keyboard (20FB) but when my tech came in and turned it on a couple of hours later they keyboard is working fine nbsp nbsp I've got one in front of me right now that was working this morning but now the touchpad point aren't responding nbsp Keyboard is working though nbsp nbsp Lastly we issued one x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB) intermittent keyboard iss... of this model to a user recently and she has intermittently had the keyboard stop responding while she's in the middle of working on a document nbsp After a few minutes it might start working again nbsp nbsp These issues may or may not be related to each other but it's very x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB) intermittent keyboard iss... odd behavior and we haven't quite been able to pin down the cause nbsp Anyone else seen something of this sort nbsp Any suggestions

A:x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB) intermittent keyboard iss...

Hello all, We've got the same problem here with our x1 Carbon 4th gen (20FB). Lucky, we just purchased 2 but not 2 dozen. Both of them have the same problem which same as Swhitcher. We've called the Lenovo support hotline and ask for the onsite support. The on-site engineer replaced the mother board for us, but after 1 hour, problem occur again. We're going to deploy those computers to the end user very soon.So please, give us the solution as soon as you can, Lenovo!Many Thanks! Willi
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Hi There, I am trying to image this laptop from wds and looks like i am getting below error: "windows could not set a partition active on disk 0. The target disk, partition, or volume does not support the specified operation. The error occurred while applying the unattend asnwer file's <DiskConfiguration> setting. Error code: 0X80300024"  Please see my attached answer file, not sure if that is somthing with this laptop model since even i try to go to it's pre installed windows, it just don't take me to windows. Please advise!

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Hi There,
I am trying to image this laptop from wds and looks like i am getting below error:
"windows could not set a partition active on disk 0. The target disk, partition, or volume does not support the specified operation. The error occurred while applying the unattend asnwer file's <DiskConfiguration> setting. Error code: 0X80300024"
 Please see my attached answer file, not sure if that is somthing with this laptop model since even i try to go to it's pre installed windows, it just don't take me to windows.
Please advise!
Moderator note: serial number removed for member's protection.

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We've got about dozen of the th gen x carbons machine type FB and have had a high number of display related issues with them nbsp At the moment we have sitting upstairs waiting for UPS to pick up for shipment to lenovo service and one more on my desk that was Display X1 (20FB) flickering and/... issues -- Carbon just acting up nbsp I'm told that we have previously sent in at least another or laptops for similar issues nbsp I understand that those previous laptops had the displays replaced and that we have yet to see a recurrence of the issues in one that has been repaired nbsp The problems we've seen X1 Carbon (20FB) Display issues -- flickering and/... are intermittent and generally fall into one of two categories FlickeringVideo X1 Carbon (20FB) Display issues -- flickering and/... garbled missing sections or complete garbage nbsp The flickering is sometimes very faint barely noticable but other times it's more pronounced bad enough that users complain of X1 Carbon (20FB) Display issues -- flickering and/... headaches and or it's going to cause seizures nbsp The garbage video issue is what I just saw with the laptop sitting on my desk nbsp It went to sleep and when I woke it up this was what I saw nbsp After a few moments the laptop rebooted on it's own and the display was back to normal but I don't want to send this out with a user now just to get a support call when it nbsp happens again nbsp Is anyone else having this sort of issue nbsp Or did we just nbsp particularly unlucky nbsp
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Hi, trying to get a Windows 7 Install done on a Carbon X1 2016 20FB w/ Samsung950 Pro. Bios 1.14 (latest as of May 2016)Special issue is, I need to get it done in a Legacy mode (BIOS,MFT style). I was able to install Win7 based on a win7 image that got the 950pro drivers and the USB3 drivers infused through NTLITE, and then I build an image with Rufus 2.9 (both UEFI/GPT and UEFI/MFT) worked, with the X1 BIOS was set up to UEFI only with CSM.BUT I need to to run on the BIOS setting 'Legacy' and in MFT style, b'cause the special Win7 installer I need to use does not support anything else. I know, sounds weird, but..... . So- is there a fundamental limitation against booting / installing a Win7 on a Carbon X1 2016 20FB - Samsung950 Pro in Legacy 7 MFT mode?
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Hello, I have this problem for month now :I close my X1 Carbon lid before going to bed, and in the morning, when I resume it from hibernation, the trackapd and trackpoint are totally unresponsive. Everything else work fine, I just have to wait, sometimes 20/30sec, sometimes a whole minute, to have the trackpad working. This is very frustrating to have a computer resuming so fast from hibernation but being unable to use it. I have the latest BIOS (1.15), latest UltraNav driver ( several drivers uninstallation/reinstallation, several fresh windows install, problem is still present. Actually on a fresh install of Windows 10 64bit (Anniversary update).
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I recently reinstalled my windows 10 system and then can not find my wireless card. In the Device Manager, there is two hardware without drivers. 1) Network controller; 2) PCI simple Communications Controller.I went to the Lenovo support page and find out I need to install Huawei Huawei ME906s Wireless WAN Firmware Updater for Windows 10 and 8.1 - ThinkPad. However, I can not install this. It showed "Error code 10: Find port failed" Did I install a correct version. Or what kind of drivers I need to install for my wireless card. My model is :X1 carbon 20FBSystem: Windows 10 Thank you very much!
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Carbon X1 connected to OneLink+ with current firmware 2.30 OneLink+ dock is connected to 2 DisplayPort monitors and some USB devices 1. If the X1 display is closed the system hangs on starting Windows2. If I open the lid and re-power the system and start up windows. Once I can get the the Login screen, I can then close the lid and all is good. Both external dispay work fine 3. X1 boots fine when not attached to OneLnk+ Workaround - #2 is not a great option in the long term Any help would be appreciated Steve
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I'm setting up a new X1 Carbon with machine type 20FB. It came with a Samsung MZNTY256HDHP SSD. I noted there was a recent SSD firmware update package for this laptop model, so I downloaded and ran the updater. It reported there were no updates. However, after digging a bit deeper, I discovered that the SSD firmware updater for the X1 Carbon 20A7/20A8/etc. DOES have an update for the SSD in this machine. What is going on here? Does this firmware update somehow only apply when the SSD is installed in a 20A7? Or did this particular model of SSD just get missed when Lenovo was putting together the firmware update package for the 20FB?
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Hi all, I have have new X1 Carbon and really like it. However I am getting regular BSOD failures once or twice per week. I am running Win7 Enterprise SP1 and have all the lastest Lenovo urgent updates installed and most of the recommended and optional updates installed too. The BSOD have been of the following types:KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED (1e) on June 28thMEMORY_MANAGEMENT (1a) on June 30thBAD_POOL_CALLER (c2) on July 6thMEMORY_MANAGEMENT (1a) on July 7thDRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL (c5) on July 21st At first I thought it was faulty RAM so I ran MemTest ( for over night for two nights in a row and no issues were detected. Has anyone encouneted this issue and know how to fix it? Any recommnedations from Lenovo? If required I can attached detailed log dmps. Thanks,Ian

A:Frequent BSOD with 2016 X1 Carbon (20FB)

Look in the event log to see if a driver is throwing an error before the BSODs
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Hi all, I have the X1 Carbon 2016 (20FB) and it is running Windows 10 Enterprise. I have all the lastest Windows and Lenovo updates. It all works pretty well except when it comes to starting back from sleep mode. I have the laptop configured to go to sleep when I close the lid. However when I reopen the lid, the power button and keyboard lights come on but the display stays off. Opening and closing the several times doesn't help. The only way to get the display to turn on is to quickly press the power button. This puts the laptop to sleep. If I press the power button again the laptop comes back to life and the display works again. Anyone else have this issue? Any possible solutions? Thanks,Ian
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Hi, the power options sets that the display should turn off in X minutes. But it doesn't do it at all. Instead, the computer is locked and the display dimms.  I'm pretty sure that I have installed the latest monitor and graphic card driver. For testing it, I have also unplugged all USB devices.  What can still be the reason? Thanks!
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Hi, I updated my X1 Carbon 4th gen to 1.17 BIOS, and since then, opening the lid won't wake the computer from hibernation, except when plugged.Bios changelog states Disabled the power button when the computer is in battery mode and the
computer lid is closedbut when I read "power button", I don't think "this is gonna break the behavior of the lid". And of course, no rollback is possible from 1.17, so I'm stuck with a computer wich won't wake from hibernation correctly. I just can advise you all to not upgrade bios, and see what's inside the next version...
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Just got my brand new X1 Carbon (4gen 2016/20FB) with the 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD (THNSN5512GPU7). Was expecting a blazing fast disk, but it felt sluggish something that AS SSD Benchmark confirms (see attachment). According to the specs this drive should offer up to 2400 Mb/s read and 1500 Mb/s write. But I get 1800 MB/s read and abysmal 113 MB/s write. The machine has all the latest updates from Lenovo (incl BIOS) and all the drivers for Windows 10. Anyone else tested their drives? Found a Dell XPS owner with the same drive that complained about the same issue. Turning off windows write cache buffer flushing does help, but that is not a good answer.

as-ssd-bench NVMe THNSN5512GP 08.08.2016 10.41.20.png ?31 KB
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Hello! I have made many driver pachages and image loads of lenovo pc, but i cant figure this one out. I think I have spent 4 hours of researching and I have realised I need to put down my pride. I need help. Using:Sccm 2007.WinPe 3.1 I'm using the Onelink+ pro usb to RJ45 adapter to get ethernet. It says it supports PXE. We use winpe 3.1 and want to deploy Win7.I have added all the drivers from Lenovo sccm pachage. I have turned "only legacy" in the bios. I have added the USB3 Exstension driver to both the image and WinPE. I get to download the Winpe and start it up. It have an IP and shows activity untill it start Winpe and check connectivity. It show error, but simply just reboot. When i f8 and type ipconfig /all it shows nothing. Please help me.
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Hey all, With my old latop, I could the fingerprint reader to log into websites and for login and passwords on network resources. Any software to do that with my new carbon on win 10?
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Hi, I want to have the fingerprint working into W10 on my X1 carbon 2012. I tried to install drivers from the lenovo website but nothing works. It's working into Ubuntu but not in Windows... Any fixes ? Thanks in advance
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I'm on the latest preview for developpers on my X1 Carbon model 34XX (2012)

I download the fingerprint driver from the support website of Lenovo and I can see "TouchChip Fingerprint CoProcessor" in the Device Manager into the Authentification Devices category

But I can't use the Windows Hello when I go into the connections options panel...

How can I fix it ?

thanks in advance
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Running Win 10 on a 2015 x1 Carbon. Was wondering if it is possible to log into websites using the fingerprint reader. If so how or is there any software that can be utilized for that.

A:2015 x1 carbon Fingerprint for websites

I have the same issue - FP is simply not usable on Win 10 for my X1 carbon (3rd gen)Any ideas what is wrong with it ... or when we can expect working drivers ?
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Just purchased the x1 carbon, upgraded to windwos 10 and I cannot install the Lenovo Fingerprint reader software! I only see 8.1 avaiable. No option for Windows 10?Anyone? Nevermind! Found a fix.

Go to Solution.

A:2015 X1 Carbon fingerprint reader and Windows 10?

Man, the 2015 X1 Carbon is crap! The 2013 model, I could turn the laptop on with the fingerprint sensor!
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Ok this is just crazy first I uninstalled CC Cleaner then I installed Speedfixtool and Avast for my daughter's came itself scanner by on fingerprint virus protection and malwearbites then when I rebooted it asked me for a fingerprint This is not what she uses she only uses a password When I try to move the mouse it will not move when i attempt to type in the password it will not type Please someone help me before she comes home and skins me alive these were the ONLY things done to the computer how can this happen nbsp This is a HP Pavillion fingerprint scanner came on by itself DV running Windows Home Premium the bios is nbsp InsydelH so it cannot be disabled in bios unless you have some other idea HELP nbsp If the bios was the other one which is more normal I could disable it in there But it is of course the one that you can't disable it fingerprint scanner came on by itself in nbsp I have never seen where installing software can do this at all Please HELP ME nbsp Thanks in advance I can only find people who WANT the reader I do not and I need to be able to get her back on her computer she is going to freak out nbsp nbsp
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has anybody else had a problem with their fingerprint scanner since upgrading from Vista? I take 5 or 6 or sometimes even more, attempts to log on/open programs etc since upgrading whereas on vista it did it first time every time. I have the acer aspire 6935G (Acer Aspire 6935G-844G32Bn Gemstone Blue Laptop LX.ATP0X.065 - Acer Direct)

A:Fingerprint Scanner

hi there, how old is this laptop? If unde warranty, ask for the part replacement.
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Hello All!

I don't know how to work my fingerprint reader!

Here are some details about my comp and what I've done so far:
HP Compaq 6710b Laptop(i know i know, thats my problem right there... newaze )
Windows 7
Vista Drivers for the fingerprint reader are installed
Nothing relevant in control panel that i could find:
-Credential Manager
-Biometric Devices
-User Accounts

In Biometric Devices however, it does say that the reader is ready to use and that it is on and enabled to allow users to log on to windows using their fingerprints.

I've redownloaded the driver from the hp site but no change. Maybe because its a Vista driver and I'm using Windows 7?

Dunno what else to do to get this puppy working... any ideas???

A:Fingerprint Scanner

Windows is a beta version right? If so, create a dual boot of Vista frist, Windows 7 second
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Hello, could you plz help me to set up the fingerprint sensor on my hp probook 450 G1?
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Hi I have one HP Envy 15-ae105np, which I bouth yesterday. I have configured my fingerprint scanner and it was working just fine.Today when I turned on my computer the scanner wasn't responding, it hasn't done any light. I went to device manager and I went to the properties of the the fingerprint scanner and it was saying that is working fine.I have also searched in options of start of session and the option of the fingerprint wasn't there. I don't know what to do so I went here. I hope you can help.Thanks,Raul P.S. Sorry for bad english, I am portuguese.
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i had hp protect tools to log on using fingerprint scanner on windows 7.  i upgraded to windows 10 and this software is not available.  tried to install windows 7 version but it does not recognise the fingerprint scanner.  my device manager still knows it is there.  is there another software i can use on windows 10 to signon using the scanner?

A:fingerprint scanner

Hi: Try the HP Client Security Manager software, which superceded the HP Protect Tools Security Manager software... HP Client Security Manager provides enhanced Windows login and website single-sign-on capabilities. Security Manager is also the host for HP Client Security plugins, and therefore should be installed before other Client Security modules. This package is provided for supported models running a supported operating system.
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I have a laptop with authentec fingerprint scanner and i would like to disable it cause im the only one able to access the computer. I can find the scanner in my hardware list but i cannot delete it. It will only delete the driver and it's just there when i restart. Can anyone plz help me? I also cant find any of the software that it uses.



A:authentec fingerprint scanner

Does it show up in the bios?
If not I think you may have to look to the laptop maker for the answer.
The fact that it is there for security would make me think that it will be difficult to disable.
I could be wrong and it wouldnt make it the first time or make me feel bad but if I really needed it for security I would hope that it wouldnt be easy.
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When I try to use the fingerprint scanner, I get the message, "The device is not connected to the computer. Please insert the authentication device and cancel the current operation"

A:fingerprint scanner not working

Dear Customer, Please go to DEVICE MANAGER and check if there is BIOMETRIC - Validity Sensor. Also go to BIOS and restore defaults and see it works.1. Please "Turn OFF" the Notebook2. "Power ON" the Notebook and keep tapping the Escape Key during the start up to enter the Start-up Menu3. Now here, Please select the BIOS option [F10]4. Load Defaults. Save and Exit Provide the Exact model and Product number of your unit.Please post back with the result  Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again  **Click the White Thumbs Up Button on the right to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as Solution' if it solves your problem. Thank You,GBL84I am not an HP Employee
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Does anyone know of any decent software which would allow me to log into websites using my fingerprint scanner on my laptop? The free trial to one that I was using expired.

A:Fingerprint Scanner Software

I've been using DigitalPersona Personal that came installed with my HP Pavillion a year ago. It's a well known reliable program, but it does have its quirks. It may only be available through your computer manufacturer though. What brand is your computer?
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I'm considering the purchase of a fingerprint scanner for generating secure passwords on websites, etc. These devices don't seem to be widely used. Can anyone recommend a good model?
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Hello,I have a probook 450 and i am using windows 10 since 2 months. Previosly my fingerprint scnner was running fine but suddenly today it stopped working. It is not sensing the finger print. Please help if anything specific can be done or it is the hardware problem.
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I wasn't sure if this was the place for this but here goes.

when using the fingerprint scanner on a network with pasword changes every 90days, does the fingerprint scanner on a lenovo laptop synch properly with a newly updated password? I have a user here who changed the password but the fingerprint scanner did not seem to recognize the change since when you first set it up it asks for your current password. Once setup correctly all you have to do is scan your fingerprint and it logs you in.

Any info would be great.


A:thinkpad fingerprint scanner

Hey it might also be worth posting at also
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I don't mean using it to log in -- I mean just using it to view fingerprints.

My laptop has one of those built-in fingerprint scanners. I used to use it to log in, but I upgraded to Windows 7 once it came out and didn't bother to find the driver. I don't really want to use it to log in, but if I can use it to scan my fingerprints and just see what they look like, it might be kind of cool.

Anyone know of any programs that would let me do this?

A:Any software for using a fingerprint scanner?

Hum take a look at this my friend. As for apps just to do what you want have you tied a Google yet?

Can I use a fingerprint reader with Windows&#63;
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I have a biometric fingerprint scanner that came with my microsoft wireless intellimouse explorer 2.0. It came with digitalpersona software, whcih doesn't work with firefox. Anyone know of different software that would be compatible with the fingerprint scanner and will work in firefox?

A:Biometric Fingerprint scanner

AFAIK, there is only one driver for that reader, I have one of those too.
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hello, i have an acer 8920G laptop and it is equipped with a fingerprint scanner, which until recently has worked great. for some unknown reason it thinks that i am scanning my finger in a poor manner, bringing up the fingerprint scan box (top left of screen), in turn minimizing all full-screen operations (eg. games, movies etc.).i dont know what to do for, i first thought it was a virus, spyware etc. but avast never showed anything, nor McAffe, or registry mechanic
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Hello I am using a HP ProBook b scanner Windows with fingerprint in Log to Win Pro x laptop which comes with a fingerprint scanner which I want to be able to use to log in to Windows This has got me stumped right now though and I can t find a solution for this problem online Here s hoping you guys know what the problem is Log in to Windows with fingerprint scanner A few more details The computer came with a bundle of HP programs and after considering them and what they had to offer I uninstalled nearly all of them As I said before I want to be able to use the fingerprint scanner and the only thing I ve found so far which uses it is the HP ProtectTools This program only allows me to link my fingerprint to credentials FOR various login screens websites programs etc AFTER I ve logged into Windows using a password This function Log in to Windows with fingerprint scanner doesn t interest me Do you guys have any idea how I can start using the fingerprint scanner to log in to Windows nbsp

A:Log in to Windows with fingerprint scanner

I would think that theres a driver for that and when installed it sometimes asks you what kind of install do you want a typical one or a custom one. I think under typical it should give you the option of just having it scan when you first log into windows only.Be careful tho i have that feature in 2 of my older ibm laptops and somehow i messed up and got locked out of my computer. i had to pull out the drive and remove the driver and never used it again.I guess its a nice feature to have when its done right but if not it can create a headache you dont need.
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Good Morning, I have a Problem with the fingerprint reader. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. Sometimes When I want to unlock the PC it asks me only Pin or Password and not "fingerprint". I can't find where is the problem because the fingerprint scanner goes and sometimes it leave me use the finger to unlock the pc. Thanks  Ho un problema con il lettore dell'impronta digitale, a volte mi lascia sbloccare il computer con essa, a volte no. Quando sono nella schermata di blocco mi da la possibilitā di sbloccarlo usando Pin or Password e non mostra la terza variante (lettore impronta) e se ci poso su il dito non si sblocca. Il lettore funziona perchč a volte da la possibilitā di sbloccare il pc usandolo. Grazie
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Ok guys Here is the story I just bought a used IBM Lenovo X The previous owner did a format c took me hours to correct But now my XP PRO runs fine and I have installed all the X41 scanner. needed fingerprint Help needed drivers Except for the fingerprint scanner I ve installed the latest Thinkvantage Fingerprint software ver but it did not help It just X41 fingerprint scanner. Help needed kept telling me that it was unable to find the scanner I then checked the bios and the scanner was missing there too I now took X41 fingerprint scanner. Help needed out my trusty screwdriver and disassembled the machine As I assumed the scanner was physically disconnected Now connected I can find the scanner in the bios and it is activated But XP PRO still refuses to find it I have tried to reinstall the drivers different ver No luck I have tried the find add hardware function in XP No luck I have tried to force the TouchChip Fingerprint Coprocessor on to the machine No luck The scanner could be defective but then it should not find it in the bios should it I m all out of ideas now so could you please help me find a solution for this problem Thanks nbsp
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I recently purchased a laptop with a fingerprint reader, and just yesterday my fingerprint reader stopped working. Anybody have any idea what could've happened?


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I have reinstalled windows vista due to installing a new hard drive. I have gotten it pretty much to how i want it, but there is one issue.

I want the fingerprint scanner to work but when i go to register fingerprints, it Thinkvantage Fingerprint software cannot find fingerprint sensor device.

according to device manager the scanner is working correctly.

umm lets see useful info:
vista operating system, thinkvantage fingerprint software verson 5.6.2,

laptop model: lenovo 3000 n100 0768

A:fingerprint scanner not found.

Hi -

Try the drivers here -->

Regards. . .


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Has anyone used the fingerprint scanner for windows? I have nothing on any computer worth anything but having a fingerprinter scanner sounds really cool.

A:Fingerprint scanner for security

How much do they go for? Can you provide a link? I can search but if you already have, please share. I heard about them some time ago.

I wouldn?t use it in highly critical environment though, much easier to cut one?s finger than to hack a 16 digit Alpha-Numeric password.

I think eye scanners are better.

For home use though, would be cool, I?d get one for my system if they?re not that expensive.
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hello, my fingerprint scanner also stopped working also after the win 10 installation. it used to respond to touch, but not anymore. whenever i try updating the drivers, i'm told i have the most recent driver but the reader is still totally off.the driver i have at the moment is (WBF)(PID=0018). i hope there's a way outta this too
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I have recently bought a laptop with a ES603 Fingerprint Scanner installed. I tried to set up a fingerprint when it told me that the fingerprint scanner was not detected. I found out on action center that I was missing drivers for the scanner. I have not been able to find the drivers anywhere. Can anyone please give me a link to the drivers as I have not been able to find them? (if it is in a installer that would be greatly appreciated)

A:ES603 Fingerprint Scanner Driver Help

Hello, What laptop model do you have exactly?
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Does anybody have a clue how to get the fingerprint scanner to actually work - in all the time I ve had this laptop nbsp it s NEVER really functioned nbsp properly nbsp It keeps nbsp losing its registry settings nbsp - amp I nbsp find myself constantly having to uninstall it and scan not HP working Envy scanner fingerprint nbsp for thedevice again nbsp just to get it to even light up nbsp it point blank refuses to take a fingerprint scan - according to it the sensor is either too dirty I m moving my finger too fast nbsp or nbsp using the wrong stroke when nbsp scanning nbsp if its such a unreliable nbsp device - why nbsp even include it in this nbsp otherwise excellent laptop - I have no issues with the actual HP Envy fingerprint scanner not working machine itself nbsp other than its nbsp running the awful windows operating system nbsp - which I find is bugged beyond belief- I d really much have preferred to buy this nbsp laptop with windows nbsp on it but thats nbsp another story entirely sigh nbsp Back to the fingerprint scanner - has HP Envy fingerprint scanner not working ANYONE got it to work

A:HP Envy fingerprint scanner not working

Hello @demotricus, Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! To help you get the most out of the HP Forums I would like to direct your attention to the HP Forums Guide First Time Here? Learn How to Post and More. I have read your post on how you are not able to get the fingerprint scanner to work on your notebook computer, I would be happy to assist you in this matter! To configure the fingerprint reader, I recommend following this document on Using HP SimplePass Fingerprint Reader (Windows 8). This should help to setup your passwords and use the fingerprint reader for login and website passwords. For further assistance, I will need to know: The Product and Model Number of your notebook computer.If your computer has completed all of its important Windows Updates.If you have updated your HP drivers using the HP Support Assistant.If this is an on-going, or recent issue. Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, as well as the requested information above. I look forward to your reply!Regards
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Fingerprint scanner for HP Pavilion dv - cl laptop Windows nbsp was still working after install of Windows but then stopped working when nbsp - working Scanner CONFUSED! VERY not Fingerprint Smart Friends initiated a clean install of Windows to fix Office which was acting wonky nbsp I have downloaded and installed various drivers including those on HP website associated with my laptop model nbsp the lenovo driver and nbsp the driver HP Tech Support told me was the Fingerprint Scanner not working - VERY CONFUSED! specific driver for my laptop nbsp Validity Sensor -- sp nbsp Nothing seems Fingerprint Scanner not working - VERY CONFUSED! to work nbsp Do I need to download software Digital Persona for it to work nbsp Because the tech at HP TECH Support said that the scanner would work with Windows if I installed the correct driver nbsp nbsp I contacted HP Smart Friends and told them all this thinking that they might no what to do next nbsp But the tech just nbsp mucked around for over an hour re-dowloading the same drivers I already had and a third-party software called Software Informer that I Fingerprint Scanner not working - VERY CONFUSED! really did not want on my laptop nbsp In the end the tech told me that the drivers were incompatible with Windows and there was nothing more he could do nbsp But I not nbsp very confident that the tech knew what he was doing nbsp nbsp nbsp Is this hopeless as HP Smart Friends would have me believe nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp

A:Fingerprint Scanner not working - VERY CONFUSED!

Fear not, there is always hope. Had a similar situation with an EliteBook 2560p. After playing around with several ways and configurations, I was able to make the fingerprint sensor work with Windows Hello to log on to the machine via finger print. Do not ask me WHY it works, but this is the way the installation does work (for this machine) and as I have an image of the drive of the state before it worked, I was able to repeat the process to make sure this (and only this) is the way it works. You will need the Lenovo driver and the HP driver package Please be aware that you are proceeding at your own risk. If your configuration is screwed after this, its not on my account. 1. Unistall all the current Validity and Lenovo packages2. In Device Manager remove the current Fingerprint driver AND delete it.3. W/o a reboot install the Lenovo package l67y44a0 (Synaptics WBF DDK 5011 (Advanced)4. Reboot5. Install the HP package sp58900 (Valdity WBF DDK)6. Reboot7. In Device Manager (whatever it shows there, even if it loooks good!) , update the driver for the reader by "Browse my computer for driver software" and "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". There should be only one driver to pick, called "Validity Sensors (WBF) (PID=003c)" which might differ for you. Step 7 should bring the Fingerprint reader online. If you look into your user profile now, it should show Windows Hello with your finger print as a way to log on. Now you see, they are both called WBF DDK and this does not make any sense to me (IT guy since the 1990s). But whatever combination I tried, that's the only way it worked on my configuration and itīs still working after the 1511 Update. EDIT: Added the package links and numbers and the name of the driver.
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I recently reinstalled Windows, but I forgot to remove my enrolled fingerprints from the scanner first. Now I can't enroll those fingerprints in Windows because the scanner tells me they're already enrolled--even though they aren't tied to anything. Is there any way to clear them from the scanner now?
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I have a problem with the login process for Windows. A while ago (nearly a year now) I installed a USB fingerprint reader and this worked fine for a while when all of a sudden it appeared to stop working on the login page. It turns out that if I scan my fingerprint within the first 2 seconds of the login page appearing then Windows recognizes the device and allows me to log in using biometrics, if I try after the 2 seconds then it doesn't work and I have to use a password. I really don't understand, the device is recognized, working properly and even if it doesn't work for logging in then I can still access biometric settings and everything as if it was completely fine.

I'm presuming that this is a driver conflict somewhere that during the loading process something happens after 2 seconds that prevents the fingerprint reader from operating correctly but how do I find out what?!?!?!

A:Fingerprint scanner not working unless you're very very quick!!!

Welcome to Seven Forums MK303. You might try resetting the fingerprint reader.

How to Reset a Fingerprint Reader

If no help, I'd suggest trying a clean boot to see if an application is interfering.

Troubleshoot Application Conflicts by Performing a Clean Startup

A Guy
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So after I updateded Windows 10 to the latest update, my fingerprint won't work anymore. I tried to download the original driver, it won't work. When I swipe my finger over it just keeps blinking but if I hold a finger over it the blinking stops. But when I try to register a finger in Windows Hello or HP Simplepass, it doesn't recognize me swiping my finger over it.
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Hey All,

I just got a dv3116tx Laptop & loaded up Windows Vista Ultimate.

I have loaded all of the drivers From Here.

The Fingerprint driver is loaded fine (Validity VFS201) - Except the software didn't come with the driver off the HP site, so it's useless!

Can someone please assist me in finding the bloody software for it! It's driving me insane! No wait I have the driver, its software-ing me insane! Hahaha Go the 'dad-jokes'.

Cheers Guys

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Under device manager it says I have a "biometric device" called "TouchStrip Fingerprint Sensor (WBF Advanced Mode).

However, I can't find the software to activate it

any ideas?

A:Where can I find my fingerprint scanner software?

Here is the driver for your finger print scanner ... Download

Product support page
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Dear Lenovo forum, Is this working as intended? I have my computer set to sleep automatically when I close the lid. For example, I go to bed, close the lid, I wake up open the lid and it prompts me to use the fingerprint scanner or to type in the password manually. So I roll / put my finger that is recognized by  the scanner to try and log in, and 9/10 times it does not work. Instead I have to type in my password. But this defeats the whole purpose of me getting the T460p with the fingerprint scanner. The only way it works is if I start it up from sleep, type in my password, then close the lid again, slide/ roll my finger then it works and recognizes my fingerprint. How do I fix this ?? Thanks, P
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Does anyone know if one even exists that will work with Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10 Ver. 1511? I upgraded from ver. 10.0 when the Microsoft tech told me the newest version SHOULD contain "Windows Hello" which is apparently the software that recognizes most of the external fingerprint scanners I have found and also stores the fingerprint ID, login info for Windows as well as websites, etc. Unfortunately, even after upgrading, I don't seem to have Windows Hello on my Surface Pro 3. Is there a way for me to download and add Windows Hello on my device so the scanners I am seeing will work or a particular external scanner that comes with its own software that will remember my fingerprint as well as my login information? Or am I simply unable to use a biometric fingerprint scanner with the Surface Pro 3?

A:Biometric Fingerprint Scanner for Surface Pro 3

Sounds like can buy the Surface Pro 4 keyboard that comes with a fingerprint scanner and use it with the Surface 3:

Here's how to enable Windows Hello:

You can probably use most other fingerprint scanners too.
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Hi guys, I am very new to Acer and Windows 8.I have bought this Travel Mate P645M notebook a month ago.When I set it up, the fingerprint function was working fine until some windows update took place.It wasn't working by then, I am not sure what kind of update it was but one "discoverable" difference of the Window is that there is power button on the start page. (I am not sure if that will be useful to find out what kind of update it was or if is the malfunction related to the update)So is it because of the update or is the actual fingerprint scanner broken? Cause I only bought this laptop last month, I didn't think it wil be broken within a month!! Cheers,Jen

Go to Solution.

A:TMP645 Fingerprint Scanner Diasabled

hi... It seems that your computer has upadated to windows 8.1 after the last windows update.You may download and install the updated fingerprint function driver  Fingerprint driver update
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I have recently bought a laptop with a ES603 Fingerprint Scanner installed. I tried to set up a fingerprint when it told me that the fingerprint scanner was not detected. I found out on action center that I was missing drivers for the scanner. I have not been able to find the drivers anywhere. Can anyone please give me a link to the drivers as I have not been able to find them? (if it is in a installer that would be greatly appreciated)

A:ES603 Fingerprint Scanner Driver Help

Hello, What laptop model do you have exactly?
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I just got a lenovo thinpad t410. It came with a fingerprint scanner. However, the password manager that came with the computer which has biometric support is outdated for the current version of firefox 3.6.8. I searched the internet for a updated program. However there appears to be none. I was wondering if anybody knew of a password manager with biometric support. If someone could point me towards that program that would be great. Because all i can do with the fingerprint scanner is log in.

A:Fingerprint Scanner and Password Managers

Hi -

I found May 2010 ThinkVantage Fingerprint Software at the Lenovo support site -


Release Date: 2010/05/06

Windows 7 x86 -->

Windows 7 x64 -->

It may be a newer version than what you have now.

Regards. . .


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I have a Dell M6800 laptop with built-in fingerprint scanner and I've upgraded to Windows 10. It works usually after a restart, but many times when I awaken it from sleep mode, it completely ignores the scanner like it's not there. I notice disk activity when it works after placing my finger on it. But when it's not working, there is no disk activity. In that case, I have to login with a password. When awakening from sleep mode, It's about 50/50 that it won't work. I have the latest drivers for the fingerprint scanner. But I don't think it's the scanner, I think it's the OS or the Control Vault related to the fingerprint scanner. Please help as this is annoying and time consuming. I paid the extra money for this feature so I could login fast, but that's not happening. Thanks.

A:M6800 with Windows 10, Fingerprint Scanner Intermittent

You can click the link below to download the 2 files for the Windows 10  Control Vault as well as any other Windows 10 driver you need.
Precision M6800 Windows 10 Drivers and Downloads
For me to better assist in troubleshooting, please click my DELL-Jesse L and send me a Private Message with the Dell Service Tag number and your Dell Order number.
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I wanted to disable password use, so I used netplwiz to do that. The idea was it would be easier to use my fingerprint scanner on my new lenovo t450s with windows 7. So, I unchecked the box in netplwiz that requires the use of passwords. The lenovo fingerprint manager scanned my fingers successfully, but it won't work when I am required to use it for authentication, like when installing new software, or even getting back into netplwiz. So, I'm stuck, and can't authenticate myself. How can I get back into netplwiz without using the fingerprint scanner? The window says "the requested operation requires elevation". Or is there anyway to fix this?
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We have just purchased a Satellite Pro S500-10E laptop which has the fingerprint scanner. Does anyone know how we can disable this facility from the laptop, we do not want to remove the programme only disable the facility.


A:Satellite Pro S500-10E: How to disable Fingerprint Scanner

You could disable it in Device Manager. If thats not ideal, I guess you could send the laptop to an ASP to have the Fingerprint Reader physically unplugged.
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I finally got Windows installed via the update method from Windows Pro bit nbsp But now I am unable to get the fingerprint scanner to work It shows up in Device Manager as working okay and drivers installed However in Win Settings Logins the option to enable the fingerprint scanner does not appear nbsp Now what nbsp One of the prerequisites to enable login fingerprint - activate scanner Windows 10 can't the fingerprint scanner in Win is to first set up a PIN login which I did After that and rebooted nbsp I was offered the PIN signin which worked nbsp But STILL nothing I could do would let me setup the fingerprint scanner in Windows login settings It's as though there was no fingerprint scanner installed on the machine nbsp I checked the HP Support website for an updated fingerprint scanner Windows 10 - can't activate fingerprint scanner login driver but none was offered I tried uninstalling the hardware in Device Manager It appears under Biometric gt Validity Sensor nbsp After uninstalling I made it search for new hardware It found that sensor and reinstalled the drivers It said the device was working nbsp nbsp But after reboot I am still unable to see an Enable Fingerprint Scanner choice in Windows Settings gt Accounts gt Sign-in Options The items in the right column in that section are Require Sign-In Password PIN Picture Password and Related settings nbsp When I search Win settings for Fingerprint Scanner it provides a link that takes me to that Sign-In Options page but there is no item for Hello or Setup Fingerprint Sign-in nbsp Has anyone been able to get fingerprint scanner to work in Win with an HP ProBook laptop

A:Windows 10 - can't activate fingerprint scanner login

After much trial and error, I have finally found a way to get the fingerprint scanner on select HP laptops to work with Windows 10 ?HELLO?. First, one needs to verify that the machine has the required scanner. The scanner is usually already installed in Device Manager, but not recognized anywhere else. So, to check that the device is the correct one for this process to work, its ID should be checked in Device Manager. To do this, follow these steps:Click on the Start button and type ?Device Manager? and ENTER. This should launch the Device Manager.Expand the Biometric devices. You should now see an entry for the Validity Sensor (It sometimes has additional descriptions, but all we need is to ID the VALIDITY device).Double-click on the VALIDITY device to open its? PropertiesClick on the Details tab and select Hardware Ids in the Property entry box.If the device can be ?fixed? with the process detailed below, it will have a Hardware ID of: USB\VID_138A&PID_0007You can now close all open windows until you are back at the desktop.Nothing has been changed yet, BUT?if the Hardware ID matches the entry above, you are ?good to go? in performing the procedures below! Hopefully, the Hardware ID will match on your machine and you can now proceed with the actual download and upgrade procedures as detailed in the following stages: Stage 1 - DownloadFirst, we need to get the correct driver for Windows 10. This can be found at: of the drivers with a Version will do the trick, so click on the ADD button beside one of them, then click on view basket (1) which will be just below the SEARCH box at the upper right of the window.This takes you to your basket and you will see the entry for the file you added earlier. Now click on the Download button to the upper right of the selection information.This opens a Download Options window so you can browse for a local folder to download the file into. Click on the Browse button, then click on the Yes button in the UAC warning window that opens.In the Browse For Folder window that has just opened, click on the This PC entry and then on the C: drive entry.Now click on the Make New Folder button and then type in Validity as the new folder name and click on the OK button.The folder name C:\Validity should now show in the Folder: box in the Download Options If it does, click on the Continue button.Wait until the Download Progress window shows that the download is finished, then click on the Close button to finish the download process.Now we have to ?unpack? the files we need because the download you have just received is a .CAB file and we need the actual files it contains. The easiest way to do this is by using a program like 7-zip to unpack the files. 7-zip is a free download available at:       following steps are completed using an installed version of 7-zip, but any other program capable of unpacking a .CAB file may be used. Stage 2 ? UnpackingOpen File Explorer and browse to the folder we downloaded our new driver package to (C:\Validity).Double-click on the Validity Sensors, Inc. driver update for Validity Sensors (WBF) VFS451 folder and you will see a Cabinet File (,cab) named IA64_AMD64_X86-all-200000601_40fd10f76e19e2f6715ed8c55e103fc38f3e8f28. This is the file we need to unpack.Using 7-zip, we can easily unpack this file by doing a ?right-click? on the file name, selecting 7-zip from the drop-down menu and from the 7-zip menu, select ?Extract Files??.This will open a 7-zip ?Extract? window. Now we need to tell 7-zip where we want the files extracted to.In the ?Extract to:? box, type: ?C:\Validity\Unpacked? (without the quotes) and then click on the OK button.Our driver files are now unpacked and ready for installation.Stage 3 ? In... Read more
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I downloaded the Validity driver from the website, but my fingerprint scanner isn't working. When I was running the Insider previews it did work and I was able to use Windows Hello. But now with the full version, it does not work. Is there an updated driver or one from another device that would work?

View Solution.

A:Validity fingerprint scanner not working on Windows 10

@ironbesterer? Your solution might depend on your particular setup. Reference:HP ENVY dv6t-7300 CTO Quad Edition Notebook PC ========================================================================Scenerio 1You have HP SimplePass installed -- and you did not say whether or not this is the case -- AND you are running (some version of) the original Series 6 HP SimplePass program that was installed (shipped) with your computer.  This Series of the program may, or may not, want to run in your new Windows 10 Operating System. I have read one member's claims that Series 6 HP SimplePass, that is, HP SimplePass probably version -- does run in Windows 10.  I cannot verify that is the case. How? Reinstall the existing Validity Driver:Uninstall - do NOT delete the Driver from the Device ManagerReboot (Restart) the computer and log inCheck to make sure your Sign-Options are set in PC Settings If your Series 6 HP SimplePass program is not behaving itself, that is, the program starts and then balks, the Splash screen starts / stops / flashes / freezes, then you might try:  Hard Reset / Forced Reset"Repair" the SimplePass program (Programs and Features)Tryoverloading the program, that is, installing the program over the top of itself without removing the existing program from the computer. ========================================================================Scenerio 2 You have been running Series 8 HP SimplePass. There is a new Windows 10 compatible Series 8 HP SimplePass program available:sp71729 HP SimplePass V8.01.46A W7-W10 32/64bit How? Reinstall the existing Validity Driver:Uninstall - do NOT delete the Driver from the Device ManagerReboot (Restart) the computer and log in Download and install the new Series 8 HP SimplePass programPackage will likely download to your Downloads folder >> Double-Click to installReboot (Restart) the computer and log inCheck to make sure your Sign-Options are set in PC Settings========================================================================Scenerio 3 Some odd combination of other factors not listed In any case, you want to reinstall your Validity Sensor Driver. You can likely use the Driver for Windows 8.1 you already have:sp58900 Validity Sensor V4.4.234.0 Win8-Win8.1 Windows 10 Native LogonEven if you do not wish to use HP SimplePass -- or if you have never used it and do not even have it installed -- once you have reinstalled the Validity Sensor Driver, you might check / adjust / manage your PC Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options Windows Native logon can get you logged into the computer with your fingerprint -- so far, it cannot log you into Web Sites.   Reference, Help, Tips:Instructions to Upgrade HP SimplePass Read the first page: Dragon Document Guidelines   When you see a Post that helps you,Inspires you, provides fresh insight,Or teaches you something new,Click the "Thumbs Up" on that Post. Click my Answer Accept as Solution to help others find Answers.
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A few days ago I was on my Tecra R940 and I got series of messages re., a disconnected USB device. I didn't think much of it at the time, but since then my fingerprint scanner has stopped working.

I can't login via fingerprint scan, and when I run the Fingerprint Utility, it says, "Failed to connect to the sensor".

I've run the Toshiba PC diagnostic test tool and it passed everything except the Modem test (I skipped, don't have a telephone line).

Any ideas on how to diagnose this?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

A:Tecra R940 - Fingerprint scanner not working

Below is the output from the Toshiba PC diagnostic utility:

Date 2013/10/30 16:42:09

[PC Information]
Model Name TECRA R940
Part Number PT43GE-00G009EN
Serial Number 8C087716H
OS Version Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
BIOS Version Version 6.70
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3320M CPU @ 2.60GHz
Physical Memory4096MB RAM
Hard Disk Capacity484,059,377,664 [Byte] 450.815 [GB]
Hard Disk Free Space Capacity131,957,252,096 [Byte] 122.895 [GB]
Video Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 version=
Screen Resolution1366 x 768 Pixels
Color Quality True Color (32 Bit)
Sound Realtek High Definition Audio version=
Intel(R) Display Audio version=
Network Intel(R) 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection version= MAC Address=E8:E0:B7:08:E0:5F
Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6235 version= MAC Address=C4:85:08:85:03:E5
Ericsson F5321gw for TOSHIBA Mobile Broadband Network Adapter version= MAC Address=
Modem Ericsson F5321gw for TOSHIBA Mobile Broadband Modem version=
Internet Explorer9.10.9200.16721
Ricoh SD Disk Device
ELBY CLONEDRIVE SCSI CdRom Device FW version=1.4
MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ8B2 ATA Device FW version=1.00
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To whom it may concern,

I have a Toshiba Pro S300 laptop with AES1610 fingerprint scanner.
Everytime i boot windows and has been occuring for over a week now, it continually pops up wanting to install an update for AES1610, when you select ok to finish installing software it eventually opens up Truesuite Access software, and then wants to modify repair or remove.
Please can someone help me resolve this issue.

The fingerprint sensor and truesuite software is still fully operational as well.

A:Satellite Pro S300 and AES1610 fingerprint scanner


I had this happen with Vista, it seems that Vista is trying to install newer drivers from the Windows Update site.

Warning: this might delete your finger prints and any saved passwords in the utility so if this happens you will need to add them back, make sure you know your windows password as well to get back in.

What I did from memory.

1) Go through the setup and click Finish.
2) Go to Start - Control Panel - Programs and Features
3) Find the TrueSuite Access Manager entry and uninstall that program
4) Reboot the machine.


1) Go to Start - Control Panel - Device Manager
2) Find the Personal identification devices entry and expand to see the AuthenTec Inc entry, right click it and go to Update Driver Software and use Search Automatically. This should find the newer version that Windows wants to install from the update site, follow the wizard and that hopefully will be the end of it.

I think what is happening is Windows update is trying to install a newer version but as the older version is still on the machine it's setup program is detecting the driver/program has changed and is then prompting to re-install the older version, so you get stuck in a loop.

Hope that helps.


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Hello, after I upgraded to Windows 10 on my laptop, the light on the fingerprint scanner started to flash constantly, only stopping when I opened certain things such as the settings. Despite restarting the laptop numerous times, the problem persisted. The scanner can still be used but the flashing is very irritating. Have I installed the software incorrectly or does it simply not work with Windows 10? Thank you. 

A:HP SimplePass causing the light on the fingerprint scanner t...

Hi,         Think that the driver is faulty, please reinstall it by downloading the software, please use the link sp71369.exe.  RegardsSATISHP4Click " Thumb's up " icon if the question is answered/resolved.
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I have a dual boot system, Ubuntu 16.04 & win7 (I don't want win10)

I found this walk thru for a windows initialization/ownership of a TPM 1.2 and seemed pretty easy.

I should mention I want the TPM to do it's work upon startup only - I will NOT be using it in conjunction with bitlocker!

Now would it be better for me to set it up through Ubuntu or since it's so easy just do it through Win7?

Also, I want to add a usb fingerprint scanner to the initial startup with the TPM - does anyone know how I would set this feature within the TPM wizard so it sees & uses the fingerprint sensor for the initial startup?

From my understanding this should be the FIRST thing booting up, even prior to the SSDs correct?

A:Setup TPM with Ubuntu or Win7? (and fingerprint scanner)

Give us more hardware information.
Does your hardware has the TPM device?
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Trying to get an external USB Eikon UPEK fingerprint scanner to work with my new T460p. Scanner works fine with Windows 10 Hello!, but I'm unable to get it to work for PXE pre-boot authentication (for BIOS power-on, hard disk passwords), even though I have set the BIOS to give priority to an external scanner. At the moment, only the built-in scanner works in both phases (pre-boot, Win 10). I used this scanner in the past with the previous ThinkPad (a T520), so I'm confident it's not faulty, but for some reason the BIOS is not recognising it. Is there something I'm missing? Has anyone managed to get an external fingerprint reader to work with a T460p in the pre-boot phase? If so, which model/mfr are you using? Many thanks
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So earlier today, I logged into my computer seamlessly with the fingerprint scanner multiple times. Then, all of a sudden, the light has stopped working and I can't login with the scanner no matter how many times I attempt it. I've opened up simplepass, and it seems to think there's no problem with it. When I try to register a new finger, it simply gives me the directions and says 0% (no "not connected" or anything like that). When I swipe my finger it doesn't recognize it, though, and it stays at 0% until I press cancel. What should I do. I've already rebooted the computer and that hasn't seemed to work.
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hello I have an armored x7 pc that works great.. however I want to be able to us the thumbprint scanner that is built to log into windows...the device manger detects it as a biometric but when windows security cant find it please help my internal thumbprint scanner is a authentic inc...AES1660
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hello I have an armored x7 pc that works great.. however I want to be able to us the thumbprint scanner that is built to log into windows...the device manger detects it as a biometric but when windows security cant find it please help my internal thumbprint scanner is a authentic inc...AES1660
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I recently reinstalled Windows, but I forgot to remove my enrolled fingerprints from the scanner first. Now I can't enroll those fingerprints in Windows because the scanner tells me they're already enrolled--even though they aren't tied to anything. Is there any way to clear them from the scanner now?
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Good Afternoon, I was requested by one of my co-workers to see if it was possible to obtain functionality of the Fingerprint Scanner on our Domain. For example, in a regular domain, a user can jump from computer to computer using their login information to get into the computer. I was tasked with seeing if it was possible to setup a fingerprint that could be read and placed on the user's account to log them in if the hardware was available. The hardware is most available on the T450s Laptops. If I am confusing in any way or if I can elaborate further please let me know, Thank you,Jay Dee
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Hi there,

Today I was going to enable my HP Simple Pass 2012 software again, but then I got a notification saying "the sensor was not connected". I tried tons of videos, from system scans to going into Device Manager. But it did not work.

Please help someone-would gladly appreciate it

A:HP Simple Pass 2012 not detecting fingerprint scanner?

Try this:

Start> In search box type Programs and features> Enter> See if you can find a listing for Validitity> Single click the listing and see if you get a repair option

If it asks if you want to uninstall it, say no.

You can also go to Device manager, and under Biometric devices see if Validity sensor is listed, and if it is working correctly.

You might also try to see if there is a newer driver version on the HP site, especially if you haven't used the feature for a while.

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I've installed Windows 7 Enterprise on my Dell Vostro 3360, and want to install fingerprint driver. Also I've installed Validity Sensor driver from here. And I still cant use my Fingerprint sensor. Please suggest me what am I doing wrong. 

A:Fingerprint scanner dell vostro 3360 not working under Windows 7

Hello Vgalav,
Have you tried these steps?
(1) Update the Bios. 
(2) Enable biometric support:  BIOS > System Configuration > Biometric Device Option > enable
(3) Clean the fingerprint reader with a soft cloth, dampened with an ammonia-based glass cleaner.
(4) If the problem is not resolved, check to see if the Fingerprint Reader is detected in Device Manager.  If not, reinstall the drivers.
(5) If the drivers do not resolve the problem, repair/reinstall the operating system.
(6) If reinstalling the operating system doesn't resolve the problem, the finger print reader may need to be replaced.
I hope this helps to resolve the problem for you,~Maureen#Iwork4Dell
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continuing from the title. our purchuseing something from Microsoft and they want to update everytime but I can't cuase I live in Canada and it asks for your state. and you cant continue??complete piss off. So those re my issues. thanks not sure how thisworks
either or how I see your reply. Faith
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Hello,When i upgraded to Windows 10 my fingerprint scanner stopped working and i cant find the driver on my laptop, its missing from my laptop as well as my beats audio driver. how can i re-download them and fix this issue since i cant seem to be able to find the option for the online tech to have remote acess.
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Hi all,

Ive been struggling with this for a few weeks now, and its actually the only problem I have had with my new laptop. It has embedded in to it, a fingerprint scanner (the touchchip fingerprint coprocessor from UPEK). So I have downloaded the appropriate software to use it to log on to my Windows account (Vista) (Digital Persona Password Manager), but when I go to scan my finerprints on the wizard, the minute I click on the finger to be scanned I get an error saying "scanner is disconnected".

Well I cannot connect or disconnect it as it is embedded and is apparently running off "Port_#0002.Hub_#0002".

Have I missed something to do with the activation of the hardware?? or anyone have any other ideas??

I have tried reinstalling the drivers for the hardware, but to no avail.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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The error is:
---------------------------Capture Failed---------------------------The biometric unit is not in the correct state to perform the specified operation.
Do you want to try again to enroll this finger?---------------------------Yes No ---------------------------

I've tried other fingers and I still get this error

A:I've installed the fingerprint reader palmrest on my dell e6420 and I keep getting an error when I enroll a fingerprint

It seems to have been fixed after I rebooted my laptop. I've enrolled my right hand and now can login seamlessly.
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I set the trackpoint speed in the mouse pointer options in control panel nbsp to max speed and then I also set the trackpoint to max speed in the synaptics specific driver nbsp nbsp This is great the mouse is really responsive and i can scroll quickly and move the mouse from the left side to the right with very little pressure nbsp nbsp Recently though I have noticed that the trackpoint nbsp has about halved in responsiveness and to move at full speed i have to apply maximum pressure against the trackpoint nbsp nbsp This is making my finger quite sore and is extremely annoying even my old t and trackpoint 4 less Lenovo resp... Gen (20FB) became X1 T have way better trackpoint responsiveness nbsp nbsp I've tried reinstalling the trackpoint driver but no luck nbsp I noticed that there seems to be a fairly recent trackpoint driver update Lenovo X1 Gen 4 (20FB) trackpoint became less resp... and was wondering if that was the problem nbsp nbsp But lenovo do not publish the Lenovo X1 Gen 4 (20FB) trackpoint became less resp... older drivers like they used to nbsp nbsp nbsp How do I fix this I'm not even certain whether it is a software issue or hardware nbsp
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trying to install windows x on a thinkpad x type fb and having issues nbsp Already called Lenovo support x1 install 20fb Win7 on SM951aPCIe... type thinkpad & and they were not help nbsp Can someone help with this Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe... problem when i Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe... try to boot from a usb drive with a windows i am able to see the PCIe NVMe drive but when i tried to format or click new to install windows i recieve a message of this hardward may not support booting to this drive and i am not able to install windows nbsp The drive is visible through the bios and through the boot menu nbsp But cannot install into the NVMe drive nbsp i read somewhere on the forum that the new skylake and nvme only works if the boot option is set to uefi nbsp tried that too but did not work nbsp Can someone help me with this issue i just need some help trying to install windows x on thinkpad x type fb with SM aPCIe NVMe nbsp Is there a bios option that i need to change to make the laptop see the NVMe drive When i install a M drive i am able to install windows without any issues but having issues with the SM aPCIe NVMe drive nbsp Thank you Solved Go to Solution

A:Win7 install on thinkpad x1 type 20fb & SM951aPCIe...

What gen is your x1 carbon? Is it 3rd gen? If so that model does not support NVMe ssd due to it has no NVMe technology only 4th and yoga model of x1 Carbon has got NVMe support.
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 HiI own a X1 Carbon Gen 2 thinkpad and wonder if it is possible to replace the current keyboard with a X1 Carbon gen 3 keyboard (with proper mouse buttons), or if it will not fit?I have tried to check the manuals and the connectors seems similar although some things, such as the fingerprint reader, seems different. I have no problem "loosing" the adaptive keyboard and fingerprint reader if I can have all the functionality of the keyboard and trackpoint on the new "keyboard" (i.e. the gen 3 frontpanel).

A:X1 Carbon Gen 3 Keyboard on X1 Carbon Gen 2

I am interested in this exact topic as well. Looks like the Gen 3 keyboards lack the adaptive keyboard - that clear stripe on the top that changes. The FRU for these X1 Carbons seem to be the whole keyboard, adaptive part, trackpad and bezel - they go for 150 USD or so. Problem is we don't know if it will work given the model year differences. A nice alternative would be just to replace the trackpoint. They came close with this one, but it is no macbook in terms of tactile feel of the pad. I really am having a hard time with it and it's been about a month.  Lenovo please help!
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I am looking at purchaseing a new scanner. I have several thousand slides and negatives that I am needing to scan and want to find the best equipment for this at a decent price. I've seen some people say the Plustek 7500i SE is a good dedicated scanner. Even the Plustek 7200i SE has a good rating. Is there any that are better or that you might recommend instead. I'm really struggling on what direction to go. A dedicated film scanner is suppose to be better quality but at a much higher price. I've looked up flatbed scanners for under $500 and the CanoScan 8800F seems to have the highest rating and good reviews.
If anyone could point me towards one they like or recommend I would greatly appricaite it.
Like I said I'm getting to the point where I'm getting confused on which direction I should go.
Thank you for your help.

A:Dedicated film, slide scanner - is the Plustek 7500i SE a good scanner?
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Hi White Knights Good Guys and Gals My PC was attacked likely through Internet Explorer today since I haven't downloaded Scanner/Antivirus/Spyware Attack Malware Unknown Disables Scanner anything The following are is the list of Malware that XP Security Center has notified email-worm win netsky q rootkit win agent pp backdoor win kbot al net-worm win mytob t net-worm win dipnet d virus win hala a trojan downloader js multi ca virus win gpcode ak and Trojan Remover has identified c windows system vacinit dll and Mcafee NTROSKRN rootkit trojan The program quot Protection Systems quot continues to pop up prompting me to buy along with random IExplorer bombs despite having removed it from programs The system regularly freezes when I employ anti-malware programs I have attempted to use in normal and safe operating mode Mcafee from safe command prompt Mcafee VirusScan Enterprise halts early in operation Identifies NTROSKRN and Unknown Attack Disables Malware Scanner/Antivirus/Spyware Scanner cookies Stopzilla Halts early in operation Malwarebytes fails to open even with changed name Rooter Malware Finder Unknown Attack Disables Malware Scanner/Antivirus/Spyware Scanner Eric operates results indeterminant Trojan Remover Runs results indeterminant I am not in a good position to format the PC in the wilderness Any advice what is preventing these malware programs from operating Thanks and happy to repay the favor particularly if you like homebrew since PC wars arent my specialty Lookingtree DDS Ver - - - NTFSx Run by Iamcomputer at on Wed Internet Explorer Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition GMT - AV Protection System On-access scanning enabled Outdated e e b- e- - c-f c d b AV VirusScan Enterprise AntiSpyware Enterprise On-access scanning enabled Updated A B B- C - -A AB-E DEABF F Running Processes C WINDOWS system svchost -k DcomLaunch C Program Files Common Files iS Anti-Spyware SZServer exe svchost exe C WINDOWS System svchost exe -k netsvcs svchost exe svchost exe C WINDOWS system spoolsv exe C WINDOWS Explorer EXE C Program Files Sprint Mobile Broadband SMBAUtilSvc exe C WINDOWS system igfxtray exe C Program Files EeePC ACPI AsTray exe C Program Files EeePC ACPI AsAcpiSvr exe C WINDOWS system igfxsrvc exe C Program Files EeePC ACPI AsEPCMon exe C Program Files Java jre bin jusched exe C Program Files Elantech ETDCtrl exe C WINDOWS system igfxext exe C WINDOWS RTHDCPL EXE C Program Files McAfee Common Framework UdaterUI exe C Program Files Microsoft Office Office GrooveMonitor exe C WINDOWS system ctfmon exe C Program Files Common Files InstallShield UpdateService ISUSPM exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software BTTray exe C Program Files ASUS EeePC Super Hybrid Engine SuperHybridEngine exe C PROGRA WIDCOMM BLUETO BTSTAC EXE C Program Files McAfee Common Framework McTray exe C Program Files Sun StarOffice program soffice exe C Program Files Sun StarOffice program soffice BIN C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLLoginProxy exe C Program Files Common Files InterVideo RegMgr iviRegMgr exe C Program Files Java jre bin jqs exe C Program Files McAfee Common Framework FrameworkService exe C Program Files McAfee VirusScan Enterprise mcshield exe C Program Files McAfee VirusScan Enterprise vstskmgr exe C Program Files Alcohol Soft Alcohol StarWind StarWindServiceAE exe C WINDOWS system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Program Files Canon CAL CALMAIN exe C Program Files WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software bin btwdins exe C Program Files STOPzilla STOPzilla exe C Program Files STOPzilla SZOptions exe C Program Files Common Files iS Anti-Spyware SZScanner exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C WINDOWS system wscsvc exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Google Chrome Application chrome exe C Program Files Internet Explorer Iexplore exe C Documents and Settings Iamcomputer My Documents Downloads dds scr Pseudo HJT Report uStart Pa... Read more

A:Unknown Attack Disables Malware Scanner/Antivirus/Spyware Scanner

Hi, lookingtree Welcome.Please read and follow all these instructions very carefully.Please download ComboFix from Here or Here to your Desktop.**Note: In the event you already have Combofix, this is a new version that I need you to download. It is important that it is saved and renamed following this process directly to your desktop**If you are using Firefox, make sure that your download settings are as follows:Tools->Options->Main tabSet to "Always ask me where to Save the files".During the download, rename Combofix to Combo-Fix as follows:

It is important you rename Combofix during the download, but not after.Please do not rename Combofix to other names, but only to the one indicated.Close any open browsers.Close/disable all anti virus and anti malware programs so they do not interfere with the running of ComboFix.
-----------------------------------------------------------Very Important! Temporarily disable your anti-virus, script blocking and any anti-malware real-time protection before performing a scan. They can interfere with ComboFix or remove some of its embedded files which may cause "unpredictable results".Click on this link to see a list of programs that should be disabled. The list is not all inclusive. If yours is not listed and you don't know how to disable it, please ask.
-----------------------------------------------------------Close any open browsers. WARNING: Combofix will disconnect your machine from the Internet as soon as it startsPlease do not attempt to re-connect your machine back to the Internet until Combofix has completely finished.If there is no internet connection after running Combofix, then restart your computer to restore back your connection.-----------------------------------------------------------Double click on combo-Fix.exe & follow the prompts.When finished, it will produce a report for you. Please post the "C:\Combo-Fix.txt" .**Note: Do not mouseclick combo-fix's window while it's running. That may cause it to stall**Note: ComboFix may reset a number of Internet Explorer's settings, including making it the default browser.Note: Combofix prevents autorun of ALL CDs, floppies and USB devices to assist with malware removal & increase security.Please do not install any new programs or update anything unless told to do so while we are fixing your problem.
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I have a Cannon PIXMA MP760 printer/scanner, the Windows Fax & Scan does not recognise this as a scanner
There is no help or support from the application
Is this a driver problem, if so how and where can you get the correct drivers to fix
Can anyone help

A:Cannon PIXMA MP760 printer/scanner not recognised as a scanner

If there is no Windows 8 driver, try with the one for Windows 7