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adding a second hard drive to a Pavilion dv7 1020us or upgra...

Q: adding a second hard drive to a Pavilion dv7 1020us or upgra...

adding a second hard drive to a Pavilion dv7 1020us

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Preferred Solution: adding a second hard drive to a Pavilion dv7 1020us or upgra...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: adding a second hard drive to a Pavilion dv7 1020us or upgra...

It can be done. I used to have one of those model series and if I recall correctly the SATA drive plugs right into the motherboard so you do not need an adapter just a caddy. If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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I'm considering the Ideapad 510 15" (Part Number 80SR0055CF).  i5-6200U, 4GB onboard RAM, 1TB 5400RPM hard drive.
Can I upgrade the RAM myself? I see some 510 models have 4GB onboard + a 4GB DIMM so I'm assuming that if I get the 4GB onboard they'll be an empty DIMM slot I could add RAM to, is that the case?  If so, what's the max memory I could add?
What about the hard drive, can it be upgraded/replaced?  At some point I would probably want to put in an SSD.
If someone could link to the hardware maintenance manual that would be really useful, then I could check these things myself.  I can't find the manual for this particular laptop.  Thank you!
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.
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nbsp I bought a GB Sandisk SSD the correct type for my Pavilion x Notebook and want to replace the current GB HP SSD in my machine nbsp After considering the cloning option which would mean getting cloning software and an adapter to migrate the image to the new SSD I have determined that probably the better approach is to install Windows on the new SSD after I have installed it nbsp Can anyone provide guidance nbsp Pavilion x2 SSD (upgra... with on How to Windows new 10 install Suggestions nbsp For instance when I check the boot sequence which I assume I would have to set How to install Windows 10 on Pavilion x2 with new SSD (upgra... to USB nbsp I don't see a clear option just one How to install Windows 10 on Pavilion x2 with new SSD (upgra... for a USK Key or device nbsp I would want it to boot from the USB in which I would connect a Windows install nbsp Notwithstanding the Key activation issues I would appreciate some insight into how I can accomplish this nbsp I like this Pavilion x but the GB SSD really is How to install Windows 10 on Pavilion x2 with new SSD (upgra... too small nbsp Polenta
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I wish to upgrade this laptop ,therefore can somebody tell me the maximum capacity of RAM that this computer can take toghether with a HDD change
What HDD can I fit on my laptop to get the most upgrade possible
I am putting down the details of the tag as they appear at the back of the computer
         Dv 4378EA
S/N  [Personal Information Removed]
I presume they read;  Product: HP Pavilion dv40000
                                         Model:     ES973EA
                                         Series:     DV4378EA
Thank you

A:pavilion dv4000 max RAM that can be installed and HDD upgra...

Here is the Service Manual: Manual It uses DDR333 aka PC2700 SO-DIMM maximum 2 gigs.  This memory should work for you: For the replacement procedure, see page 5-15. The hard drive is shown at Page 5-7.  The hard drive type is EIDE aka PATA. This is "legacy" (obsolete) hardware and larger sized PATA drives are getting hard to find. There is no size constraint imposed by the BIOS or hardware, but the market may not supply you with anything bigger than about 320 gigs and it is going to be expensive to find a new one. The biggest I ever saw was a 500 gig but I have not seen one of those in years. You want to try to find a 5400 rpm or 7200 rpm model although 7200s are extermely hard to locate. 4200 rpm models are just too slow to use.  Here is a 320 gig on eBay for about $100:  If this is "the Answer" please click "Accept as Solution" to help others find it.
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Something mysterious has happened to my DVD drivers. My computer does not recognize them (USB or internal). I am running Windows 7 - Ultimate 64bit. A call to HP says it's a Microsoft problem, and a call to Microsoft says its an HP problem. I have now defined it as my problem. I have cut screen information from Device Manager to illustrate my problem.

Any ideas?


A:HP TouchSmart TX2-1020US does not recognize my DVD drive

have you tried (drivers tab) "update driver software" ?
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Is it possible to upgrade wifi single band card originally installed on my laptop to dual band for picking up 5G. If YES, what the model?Thanks.
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I have a hp pavilion 55-151na it has a 2tb hd I want to add a 250gb ssd drive aswell can I do it ???
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I am wanting to swap my DVD drive for a Blu Ray drive.  Is this possible and how easy a job is it? I am not very technically minded. My laptop is a Pavilion G6-2219sa and my operating system is Windows 10. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

A:Adding a Blu Ray drive to my Pavilion G6-2219sa Laptop

 Hi, The compatible parts is: Blu-ray ROM DVD±R/RW Super Multi Double-Layer Drive 681814-001 The replacement procedure is relatively simple, detailed on pages 42 to 44:
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Hi everyone,
I installed Ubuntu on my computer a few months ago and created another partition for it on my 1TB hard drive.

I didn't really care for Ubuntu so I decided to delete the partition it was on.
That might have been a mistake.

Well, now there's 87.68GB of free space on my hard disk that I can't use and I don't know how to add it back to my c: partition.

There was another post about this a couple years ago, but I don't understand the instructions and am not actually sure if it worked. Can someone explain how to do this, please?

I'm not completely computer illiterate, but I'm not familiar with partitioning disks. It was just the one time with Ubuntu.

A:Hard drive partition: adding free space back to c: drive

The unallocated area is actually an empty extended partition. You need to delete that first.
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I need to install another hard drive to a PC. I have to retrieve information from a hard drive when the PC died (it is not a hardware issue). I am trying to install it to another PC so I can copy the folder that I need from the old hard drive. Any suggestions or links to a site that would help me out? Thanks in advance.

A:Adding a new hard drive

It is pretty simple.

If this is a standard ide drive, check how the current drive is jumpered. If it is set to CS [cable select] set the new one to CS also. Connect the drive to the unused ide connector on the cable. The ide cable should have three connectors; blue to the mb, black to the master drive, and gray [which should now be empty. Connect the drive to the gray end. Connect a spare molex power connector to the drive. Power on the system. The os should find the drive and assign a drive letter. Copy what you need.

Note if the existing system does not use CS, set the jumper on the back of the drive you are adding to slave. Connect as above.

If this is a sata drive, there is no jumper. Just connect the drive and power. Restart the system.
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Ok im running amd 1733mhz cpu, 1 gig ram, windows xp and everythings all good.

Now.... I have a 2nd HD hooked up now... but its not showing in my computer... it is alone on a IDE cable and it should be set to master ( there is no jumpers in it ) Its an old hard drive heres the stats 53073H4 and its maxtor!

Anyone have any suggestions ? ?

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I want to get a bigger hard drive. How easy is it to back up the files from my old HD to a new one?

A:adding new hard drive

If you want to transfer everything ie make the new drive a clone of the old one, you can use the utility that came with the drive. It will have an option to copy disk to disk.

If you want to do a clean install of the os and just copy your data / work files, you can connect just the new drive and install. Now connect the old drive and copy whatever you want. Most people use the old drive as backup and or storage.
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Hi guys I was trying to add a second hard drive to my computer a while ago Now I got a bigger hard drive so I want to add new one the bigger one a hard drive Adding instead This is what happened when I tried to add the hard drive -- If I put one end of the cable into my original hd Adding a hard drive gb and the middle connector of the cable into the gb maxtor and the end of the cable into the motherboard it made the maxtor the st drive and the gb the nd The cdrom was the other thing that was connected to the mobo Now the problem with this is that my comp boots off Adding a hard drive the gb instead of the gb which I want it to boot off of I can t get my gb to be the st no matter what I do The only way that I can do this is by plugging the end of the cable that s plugged into the cd-rom into the maxtor and Adding a hard drive then my gb hd becomes the first hd So basically only the cd rom or the maxtor can live together with my gb at one time But I want the hard drives and the cdrom to live all at once but for my gb to be my st hard drive so the computer boots off of it nbsp

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Hey All,

I just received a "MAXTOR ATA/100 200GB" hard drive. I want to install this HD into my system. I'm running 98SE for my "master" and the "slave" as a 2nd HD. I want to divide the "new" HD into 3 sections.....1/3 for XP-pro, 1/3 for 98SE back-up and the final 1/3 for a LINUX system. I know I will need a "Dual-Boot" software (I think). question do I do all of this ??
Thanks in advance

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hiya im adding a new hard drive to my computer that i just wont to use as storage so that i can drop and drag files into i have put the hard drive in my computer already but when i click on my computer i dont see my second hard drive can someone help me please thankyou

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In my current system I am running a lone gig hard drive I am a college student so I am running out of space on it rapidly I was home this weekend and my father gave me a gig hard drive to use The only thing is is on my current hard drive and is on the new hard hard drive another Adding drive I know how to hook the drive up as far as the jumpers go I just need to know Adding another hard drive what else to do I need to know how to format the new drive to get all the stuff off of it I also need to know what I need to do so my BIOS will recognize the new drive Also I think that I have my CD-R as a slave to my current hard drive can t really remember I set it up a few months ago Will I have to run another IDE cable from the rom to the mobo Will I have to change the jumper comfiguration on the rom too nbsp

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i want to add a new hard to my computer
the problem i have is i do not know how to set it as master or slave i know you have to use a jump pin but i do not know which pins i have to put it on
the original hard drive does not have any jump pins

A:adding a new hard drive

do you know if these are IDE drives
I'll find a picture
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I've been given a 20 gig hard drive and thought it would be a good idea to add it to my pc for some additional storage.

My questions :

1) Is there a site that lists a step-by-step process for doing the job?
2) If I already have a C drive and the new drive also has a C, will it cause a conflict that I need to prepare for before I install it?
3) Will it dramatically slow down my pc if I have 2 separate, physical drives?
4) Are there any other problems I should consider?
Pentium III
256 RAM
Windows XP Pro

A:Adding a Hard Drive

The link below will give you some basic info.

Putting in a second drive should be no problem. First you need to set the jumper on the end where the cables hook in to slave. Then you put it in and hook it to the second connector on the cable that your hard drive is hook to. (Make sure the strip on the cable goes nearest the power connector) This drive will be your d drive moving any cd drives up one letter. You will have to go into the bios to set it to autodetect the drive. Should be shown as primary slave in the bios.

it should not effect the speed of your computer to a noticeable point.

if you have any problems come back and we will help you.
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hello everyone again..

I recently found that my hard drive has little room.. so I am adding a 100 GiG hard drive tom my system.. the only problem is i dont know how to do this.. i dont even know what i need..

If i was replacing my old hgard drive that would be no problem.. but im not im adding one to run along with teh 30 gig hard drive i have already, but im not sure if i have cables to connect another hard drive or how i set up windows xp to do that.. or anything.. does anyone have any resources to help me do this or to help me figure out if i need to purchase cables or if i have cables already in my tower somewhere.. and also what i need to do as far as changing things in my opperating system or my mother board etc...

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I have an old laptop that is unbootable due to damage round the power cable input area. It was running Windows XP SP2 but hasn't been booted for a couple of years.

I have the hard drive and want to connect this to my PC thats running XP SP3, model - HP Pavilion Media Center, so i can salvage files and delete any personal info before I dispose of it.

Does anyone know how I would go about connecting the drive, is this something i could do myself or does it require taking the PC to pieces?

Would I be able to boot my PC from the old SP2 drive?


A:Adding hard drive to PC

You could buy an adapter to connect the drive internally to the PC, or you can buy an external drive enclosure that connects the drive to the PC by USB port.

The advantage of connecting internally is that you will have much better luck at data recovery if the file system is damaged because recovery programs cannot access BIOS information about an external drive.
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Hi all,

I need some technical advice please if possible as I have installed a third hard drive sacrificing a cd drive I have my main hard drive Capacity 80GB jumper setting master showing 78GB, second drive capacity 200GB no Jumper present so acting as slave 189GB showing the third drive is installed capacity 200GB but only 31GB showing I have the jumper set on the third pin from the left I think it is cable select all my drives are Maxtor?s I have downloaded and run various programs from the Maxtor website but I still have a 200GB drive with only 31GB of room showing can anyone suggest where I am going wrong and or how I can get the max capacity showing from my drives any info would be gratefully appreciated


A:Adding Third Hard Drive Please Help

Are all HD's the same brand?

Showing as in BIOS? If in Windows, reformat the drive.

If the mobo is old, update the BIOS.

It's better to use either master or slave. Cable select can screw things up.

Modern mobos have SATA so they support up to 6-8 devices w/o add-on's. You can get an ATA/RAID/SATA PCI card and add more drives.
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I have 2 PCs (A and B) - both Win 98 and I want to move the HD from PC A to PC B. All of my documents, programs etc. are currently on PC A. I have a backup copy docuements but I was wondering if I can try to move it with everything on it. I imagine I'll have to do something different because both drive also have Windows on them. I could delete later. But if this will just make super problems because of registry etc. I'll do it differently.
I could wipe out HD on PC B then move HD from PC A and then do from there. Any one help on this? Thanks.

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I am trying to add a second HDD in the BIOS it is Secondary Master. When I boot up I get a blue screen with a error message.
STOP: 0x0000007k (0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)
Beginning dump of phyical memory

I have a Abit vp6 Mobo 2-866 processors
cdrw drive on primary master IDE controller
DVD drive on secondary master IDE controller
IBM 60 gig HDD ATA 100 on UDMA ATA 100 controller Primary Master
Second HDD is IBM 30 gig HDD ATA 100 on UDMA ATA 100 controller Secondary Master. I am tring to install the second HDD for storage only. It has been partitioned & formatted
My OS is Win2k pro NTSF format
During the Boot the bios can see the second HDD in the correct place. If I dissconnect the second HDD and Boot no blue screeens and good boot.
Hope that is enough info to help

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I'd like to install an SSD hard drive to my system; not for the OS- the only thing on the SSD drive would be a game.

I have an external hard drive mount that runs on 120v and connects to system with USB. Would it be worth getting the SSD drive with this type of connection? I have room in the case for the drive, but will have to remove video card and unplug a lot of wires to get the new drive installed.

Then again, is the SSD drive sufficiently faster to justify the expense and labor?

Thanks, John

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i physically added my 2nd hard drive, now how do i get it to be recognized if i put it as my slave? the main drive starts fine, but i dont know how to access the slave now. i went to the my computer screen, but the slave drive wasnt listed there...

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Ok. I have two hard drives in my computer. A 20gb and an 80gb. The 20 came with the system and the 80 was later installed by a friend. I used it mostly for storage. I had to reinstall my os, xp home, and when I look for the second hd I can't find it in the directory. If it's wiped clean, then fine. I just want to know how I can set it back up as a storage drive.


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Hello. Let me first state that I am new to computers. Also I mostly use them for gaming. I recently got accepted to a beta for a new game, but it needs 30Gb for the install. I do not have enough room on my C drive for this. I do have another 74GB raptor drive not being used at the moment.

Could I add this other raptor drive to my computer and Install that beta game on it and play from there? I never had a computer with more than one drive so I really don't know how to utilize a second drive. Can I play games from that second drive or is only for storing data and pictures etc.?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you.

A:Help with adding a second hard drive

Hi Waxalot,

welcome to TechSpot. 30Gb for a beta game? nice! is this Diablo mulitplayer? or WoW? (just guessing)

Yes you can install a second drive onto your PC and install/run the game onto your second drive.

Hope this helps

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I have a P2-400 and a p3-450, both running Win 2000.
I'd like to add a big hard drive to one of them, can I just find a deal, install it and it's done?
Or is there compataility issues, something I have to match to or?


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OK, after asking about compression and deciding not to do it I have one more query for today.
I know how to install the hard drive into the machine, but am just a little shaky on how to set it up after it is in the machine.
I know I have to go into the bios screen, but from ther I am not sure how to do the slave and master setup. Can anyone give me a rundown on this?
I am running XP home on an athlon 2000 mhz with 512 meg of ram. I figure I might as well do this today, I have to put a new burner in the machine anyhow.

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Hey Guys My lap top broke last week adding drive hard I broke the part where the power cord attached I guess thats what you get when you try and step over your dog I then bought a new lap top But now I want to get adding hard drive the info off my old hard drive So I went to the local store and got a cable adapter I plugged it into the computer and thats when things went weird The original hard drive in the home computer a sumsung sv h suddenly became the slave and the hitachi travelstar ic n atmr - is now the master But the computer compaq still boots up and loads windows xp So then I went to disc management and assigned the old harddrive G hitachi When I was doing this I was instructed to format the disc which is something I do not want to do because of all the info I had on that drive I realize now that I should have been saying the stuff onto CDs When I looked around the computer for answers i went to the C and this is what it said the volume does not contain a recognized file system Please make sue that are required field system drivers are loaded and that the volumne is not corrupted I also went into the BIOS and did the auto detect and the system tells me that the harddrive is healthy So whats my next step Thanks nbsp

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My computer is run on a ASUS P4B Mobo with a 1.7 Celeron CPU and Win98 se OS. I currently have a Western 20gig hardrive on this computer and would like to add another Western 40 gig hard drive as a slave. I know how to jumper the slave hardrive and where to connect it to the ribbon cable. What I don't know is how to partition and format this second hard drive. Is it done like the first one using the Win 98 start up floppy or can I do it after startup in windows? What is the correct way to avoid any problems?

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I recently bought a new Dell XPS 8700, and it came preloaded with windows 8. I have my old hard drive from a Gateway running Windows 7. Can I install the old hard drive in the new Dell, and boot off of that older hard drive? If so, how can I do that?
Thanks so much for any assistance.

A:Adding old hard drive to new PC

Can I install the old hard drive in the new Dell, and boot off of that older hard drive? If so, how can I do that?

Short answer to your question is "no". Your old machine and the new one are using different chipsets so Windows will refuse to boot ( you may receive a BSOD or black screen ). While there are ways to overcomes this, i don't recommend it because ;

1. The Windows 7 license is tied to your Gateway machine and it is not transferable. You will need to purchase a new Windows 7 license and reactivate the OS.

2. Usually Gateway machines will be preloaded with drivers and apps designed for that particular machine.
If you want to get rid of Windows 8 from Dell and install 7, i would recommend a clean install. If the Dell is came with "Win 8 Pro", you can legally downgrade it to 'Windows 7 Pro" without paying a single penny.

Understanding downgrade rights

Downgrade rights details
If the system came with "Win 8 Core" edition, you are not eligible for free downgrade. You should purchase a retail edition of "Windows 7" and install it.
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Looking to upgrade my current gig drive to gig Western Digital Caviar Special Edition GB Internal Hard Drive Model WD JBRTL I want to use the new drive as my main drive c and the current drive as a storage drive for mp s jpg avi etc I considered USB external drive but too pricey Is there a downside to doing it this way internally is Western digital a quality drive also looking at seagate but heard bad things I have a DVD CDR floppy and my current drive on the IDE can I add another drive What is the best way to get my OS win kpro and current software onto the new drive can I simply copy drive c to new drive or will I need to purchase software like drive drive to hard Adding drive get everything over I can reload win Adding hard drive k onto the new drive and drag files there Not sure how to do this Sorry so many s Thanks for any help PC is a mhz PIII mg ram about yrs old nbsp

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I am going to add a WD 600bb hard drive to my Dell 8200 with XP Home Edition. The existing HD is 40GB. I plan to use the WD600 as a slave drive to store digital pictures. Should I run into any problem

A:Adding Second Hard Drive

Nope. But here's a Western Digital tip:

Set the jumper on your master drive to "Single Drive" thats no jumper installed or set the jumper horizontally in the "park" position. Then set the slave drive to the Slave setting.

You can also set both drives to "Cable Select" and just make sure you have your master drive on the black (end) plug on your ATA cable and your slave on the gray (middle) plug with the blue plug going to the motherboard or controller.
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hello. i am new here and have perhaps a stupid question. i have a 6 year old Gateway that i am replacing with a new HP tower. my old (20G) hard drive has some programs and data that i cannot part with so i want to put it in the new tower as a slave, retaining everything.

the OS on the old drive is Windows 98. the new (80G) drive has Windows XP (HOME) on it. is this a simple operation? will i have Windows version problems?

any tips? do's? don'ts?

thank you in advance

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Hi I am running Win XP and currently have 2 hard drives. I was wondering if it is possible to add a third and possibly fourth hard drive and if so how would I do that

Thanks in advance

A:adding third hard drive

you could put in a pci eide controller card this would allow you to put in another 4 devices
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hi all
new to this so excuse me if i get it wrong!
We have just added a hard drive from my friends old computer, but we cant find his film,music and photo files, anyone got any idea why? many thanks

A:adding a hard drive

Can you see the hard drive in My Computer ?
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Have new Dell P4 and want to add Fujitsu hard drive from old system. I left the primary Dell hard drive as originally found (with respect to IDE connector, jumpers and power supply connector.
With the old Fujitsu hard drive, I changed the jumpers to the Slave setting, connected the second IDE connector and the second power supply. Subsequent to restart, there is a message that the primary device (device 0) could not be found.

Are there additional steps that I must take?
Any help greatly appreciated!

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i have 2 comps.. 1 windows xp home, 1 windows xp professional... i was wondering if i could take the hard drive out of the xp professional comp and put it as slave on the xp home comp

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Here s what happened Yesterday morning a screen popped up while I was surfing and it gave me a count down of one minute before shuting down my computer This was not XP related I don t know where it came from if it was a virus or something After the computer shutdown I restarted it and it went into quot safe mode quot only problem win XP wouldn t load all I got was a black screen Restart the computer again same thing every option I Adding hard second a drive tried in quot safe mode quot same result I tried atleast times What I ended up doing was removing a GB hard drive from my old computer I had laying around and installed it in this computer I install Win ME and hooked up to the internet Which is where I m at now this present time Can I hook up my original Adding a second hard drive GB hard drive to this computer and run off this GB drive for now How do I go about hooking up and running both drives Is there a way to fix the GB drive or would I have Adding a second hard drive to delete all the info on it I need help TIA Anthony nbsp

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Hi I d like to add a second hard drive to my year old Dell Dimension XPS T It s a Pentium III machine that still runs great and I recently upgraded to XP home My original drive is only GB and is only about free I m not terribly concerned about the logistics of installing the drive and designating it to be a slave My question is whether this will improve the dynamics of my system other than offering more storage In other words will my OS see this drive as free space to use as virtual memory and non-storage resources I m simply not interested in re-installing my OS and all of the applications to the new drive It s taken too much work to tweak everything the way I want it with the original drive I know hard to drive Adding a XP second that the old Adding a second hard drive to XP Windows OS could use a quot slave quot drive for virtual memory and swap files but I have no idea if XP can do the same thing Thanks in advance Dr Michael nbsp

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I've added a second hard drive on my XP Home machine. I set the jumper to slave. I't was recognized at startup. It is showing up twice on my device manager. It says it is working properly but I don't see it when I look for it with Explorer.

Any hints on how I find it so I can format it?

A:Adding a second hard drive but can't see it.

Howdy Spudboy...

Right click on My Computer - Manage - Disk Management - right click on the drive in question, choose Partition, then right click and choose Format...
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I have a P4 1.8 ghz w/XP and added a used Drive with Me os.... the drive shows up in the bios as primary slave and also shows up in Device Mgr and Disk Mgmt but there is no drive letter and it wont let me creat one ....therefore it doest show up in Explorer...also i do not want to lose whats on the hard drive....any help would be greatly appreciated...Thank You

A:Adding Hard Drive

Since it's ME, try booting the system with a MS-DOS floppy, you can get a boot image at Bootdisk if you don't have one, and see if you can access the ME drive in DOS. I'd unplug all other hard disks during this process, that way there's no possibility of jumpering or cabling errors causing the problem.
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I want to add a hard drive since my existing one is 12 gigs. Since the price has come down so much I waould like to get a 100 gig or higher. Will the new 7200 rpm hard drives work on older computers, or does it need a different interface?

A:adding a hard drive

If the computer is older it's really doubtfull it has an ata100 controller. Depending on age it could be ata33, now the newer drives are suppose to be compatible but I haven't tried one in that configuration.
Another problem would be that the machine's bios probably won't recognize that large a hard drive
Now you could check for a bios flash for the motherboard if you have the info or you could go the route of buying a ata controller card, it would plug into a pci slot and you can connect the hard drive to it after you load the drivers for the controller card
Just some options and opinions
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I want to add a second hard drive from my old computer (IDE 40 pin) to my new computer. My new computer is set up for sata drives. Are there any connectors that will allow me to use the sata connection and my old hard drive?

A:Adding a second hard drive

Special Connectors not required.

You won?t need a special connector to use SATA with an IDE. Check the motherboard out carefully. You should have one or two IDE controllers already on the board. You will only need an IDE ribbon cable to add your older drive. The ribbon cable for newer IDE drives has 80 pins (66/100/133 MB types). If you have an older drive you can use an older 40 pin cable. The older cable will also work with the faster drives but you won?t get the full speed that they can deliver. You will also have to make sure your BIOS is enabled to support IDE.
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This may seem basic to some, but I'm confused....I want to buy a second hard drive for my pc, but don't know what type I need as there are PATA and SATA types?? My PC is about 4 years old and has a 60GB drive with IDE cable attached......what type should I be looking for? I want a 160 GB. Also should I make this the master drive or just leave it as a slave, it will hold my music and photo files mainly? Thanks

Relevancy 60.63%

I have added a second hard drive to my system but I don't know how to format it so it can be used. It is recognized in the control panel and in BIOS. It needs to be formatted so it gets a drive letter. I know that I should know this, but I can't remember how

A:Adding a second hard drive

Click Start>>right click My Computer>>Manage and then on the left-hand side click on Disk management.

Right click on the Drive and choose Partition/ Format......choose the quick format
Relevancy 60.63%

I am thinking of upgrading my hard drive on my other computer. I have currently a 40 GB on it running windows home edition. I want to upgrade to a 80 or possibly a 120 GB hard drive. The thing is that i dont know how to do it and was wondering if I could get help from this forum on how to put it in. Also i was wodering if it would be possible to keep everything that i have on my old hard drive and put it on to the new hard drive. Thank you in advance.

Relevancy 60.63%

I'm running a custom built system, but want to add a used hard drive to the system so I can copy all of the old important files off it to the new hard drive. I had them all on an external, but the external failed a day or two after the backup, just my luck.

Is there any risk in me just plugging in the second hard drive to a SATA port? There is a lot of important data on it, so if it auto-formats or anything, that wouldn't be good.

A:Adding A Second (Used) Hard Drive

I can guarantee nothing, but if you haven't tinkered around with the BIOS or with the Windows everything should be ok.
You plug it in, boot up into windows, it may install some drivers after startup, but most likely the drive will just appear in windows explorer as usual.
Relevancy 60.63%

I presently have two hard drives a 13G and a 40G. I have another 30G drive that I would like to add to my system. I have an 1833 Mhz Pentium 4 with 256M RAM.
I am running Windows XP Professional.

What do I need to do to install it?

Relevancy 60.63%

I want to replace my current HD with a bigger and faster one but keep existing data.I have installed the new HD formatted and done a disk to disk copy using Ghost 2002,changed the jumpers to make the new HD primary.
When I boot up everything seems to be OK except that Disk management states that New HD (D) Healthy and old HD (C) Healthy(page file).But when I disconnect Old HD ,system only boots up to the welcome screen(display windows xp) and hangs.
Help please

A:Adding a 2nd Hard drive

was the new hd the same brand just a bigger size
or a different brand?
Relevancy 60.63%

I currently have a 80 GB hard rive at the moment and i am in fear of running out of space soon, i want to add another hard drive which is atleast over 80 gig. I would like to set it up as another partition i dont know if that happens anyway, I wanted to know can i get any hard drive or do they have to be compatible in some way?

A:Adding another Hard Drive

You should be able to put in any type of hard drive. There isn't any compatibility issues, and they dont have to be the same make.
You do however have to be aware of how to add it. If you put it on the same IDE cable then the existing drive should be jumpered as Master and the new one as Slave(or CS-Cable Select).
Or if adding it to the second IDE channel again the same thing. If there is a CD-ROM installed observe the jumper settings and make one Master and one Slave.
If physically installed correctly then you shouldn't have any issues when you start the computer.
If using XP then on start up windows will find the new hardware and format the drive for you creating a new partition and using the next available drive letter.
Relevancy 60.63%

Ive got 2 ide hard drives and im adding a 3rd drive that is sata. ive installed the drive, hooked up power, sata card and installed the drivers, and in device manager it sees the card and the new drive, even tells me correctly how big it is. when i open windows explorer to move files, etc to the new drive i only see the original 2 drives. any ideas on what im doing wrong?


Relevancy 60.63%

I have a spare PC running XP that has a GB or maybe it s GB hard drive Something is wrong with the PC I get blue screen of death the previous owners took it into a shop and were told that it couldn t be fixed So it was given to me for the parts I already put the internal DVD recorder into my current PC also running XP and it works great now I want to take hard PC drive from came that used adding a 2nd that spare hard drive and add it to my PC so that I have a nd hard drive I think I understand how to hook it up It is connected by a SATA cable and it should adding 2nd hard drive that came from a used PC be set to be treated as the slave but my question is once it is hooked up and I start up my PC will there be any likely problems conflicts like with the systems files that are in that new slave hard drive I don t know if there is a big difference between adding a second hard drive that came from a used PC versus adding a second hard drive that came new empty from the store I m not too worried about viruses the previous owners barely used it and didn t really download stuff from the net nbsp

A:adding 2nd hard drive that came from a used PC

You shouldn't have any problems. Just set the jumper on the drive and pop it in. For most systems, that's all you need to do.

After booting up, go to Disk Management and remove all the partitions, create new ones, and format.

Right-click Computer > Manage > Disk Management.

If you have any problems, BIOS settings may need to be changed.
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I have an Inspirion 11-3162 with a 32GB drive.  Can I change it to something larger?  Thanks!!

A:Adding a hard drive

Unfortunately, not without replacing the mainboard.  The system was available with the option of a 2.5" hard drive - but the version that has a 32G eMMC doesn't have a connector for a hard drive.
You'll likely find that replacing the board will be 50% or more of the cost of the system initially.
Anything else you add must be external.
Relevancy 60.63%

How would I install a second hard drive? I have a Gateway G6 350, 128 megs ram, 10GB hard drive. I was given a 4GB hard drive thatworks fine. It needs reformatted and partitioned I
suppose. I was going to use it for extra storage for mp3's and such. Please Help!

A:Adding a second hard Drive.

I don't know what your level of expertise is but if you are not familiar with the insides of a computer you might want to have a pro install it.

If you want to do it yourself, you don't need to do anything with the old one unless you want to erase it. I see no reason to repartition it unless you have a problem with the current partitions.

You basically have to mount the new drive into a bay in the machine close to the other hard drive. Each IDE cable has two plugs on it. use the unused plug from the cable going to your old hard drive and connect a power supply cable (you should have some extra ones in the machine) to the new drive. You will have to set the jumper pins on both drives to set one as Master and the other as Slave. The exact locations of the jumpers is different on every drive so you'll have to look at your drives documentation to find it. If you computer supports it you can also use the 'Cable Select' jumper setting that will automatically set the drive at the end of the cable as Master and the one in the middle as Slave.

The new drive will probably have to be partitioned and formatted and loaded with an OS if you plan on making it the Master.

That's about as good as I can do for such a general question in this type of a forum. If you have any specific problems, post back and we'll try to help. Good Luck!
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hi there iwas wondering is there any thing have to do to add a second harddrive i have fortmatted the second drive to the same as my main hard drive installed as slave computer picks it up do i have to partion it so that my main hard drive will make use of the extra space on the second or will it do this automatically when room runs out on main hard drive cheer jbondjr

A:adding second hard drive what to do

Please learn how to use punctuation and capitals. You've written one long sentence without any visual clues as to where one thought ends and another begins. Very hard to read.

There's nothing automatic about this.
You can move Documents to the other drive, or install new programs there by dragging and dropping the files or doing custom install on a new program.
One popular scheme is to use the second drive for data and the first for programs and OS.
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I want to install another hard drive in my computer(and still keep the old one), but all my Primary Master/slave and Secondary Master/slave positions are taken. How would I go about doing this???

A:Adding new hard drive

You can have up to 3 Devices per IDE Port. Set it as the secondary slave.
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I am running 64MB-10 GIG-WIN 98 2nd addition on a gateway desktop. I need to know if the avg do it your selfer can add an additional hard drive to their existing system. If so what would be compatible with mine? And would I have to install a 2nd operating system or could I run it off my existing drive C?

If someone could offr some advice I would greatly appreciate it!!

Relevancy 60.63%

Hey my computers primary drive really sucked and had only 80 GB so I added a 250 GB hard drive to it. The second hard drive works fine just is there anyway I could some how add it to extend the C drive so they could be read as 1 giant drive? It would make things a lot easier. Right now it is empty.

A:Adding a second Hard Drive

I would think using the second HD as a logical Partition would be a good place for backups and placing your photos, music etc. on to keep C drive more manageable.
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I feal like an idiot

so I got this second hard drive and I cant get it to register it. Both think they are the C drive, one has windows 95 on it and the other 2000(my stuff). I used a dos boot disk and told it to format the 95 one, it said it formated, I plugged it back in as the master (with no second drive) and it still boots up 95..well kinda,it acualy just screams at me and stops on some weird screen. So what I want to do is set the windows 95 drive as the F drive and reformat it so I can put stuff on it.....

I will have the 2000 disk as a master and a the 95 as a slave, I have set the jumpers that way once and it didnt even register the second disk....

any help would be usefull

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I have a Dell dimension 4100 933 MHz windows XP pro
Hard disk 20 GB

Can I add a second hard disk of 120 or more GB?
Is there a limit in size?


Relevancy 60.63%

I am about to upgrade my PC with a new MB CPU and I am adding a new C Drive and going to new adding help drive Hard OS with Need and use my current C Drive for extra storage I Need help with adding new Hard drive and OS am currently running Win XP and am upgrading to Windows and from what I ve read will be easier to install on a fresh drive with no OS than to upgrade to Win over XP My last concern before starting has to do with how to move all the existing settings like browser settings Thunderbird settings and other software that have custom settings or data already installed that I would prefer not to manually set up all over again Need help with adding new Hard drive and OS if I don t have to Can I just copy the Administrator folder on my current C Drive into the new Need help with adding new Hard drive and OS folder when Windows creates it Honestly the hardware part of this doesn t intimidate me at all but this data thing always scares me because I only do it once every or years and I forget how I did it last time Any advice on how I can make this transition simple and stress free would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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I am working on my boys computer they have a 2.1 gig hard drive and have just ran out of room. I have several extra 2.1 gig hard drives from previous replacements and would like to add a 2nd one to there computer. I have never used to hard drives.

Is it as simple as just installing hooking up the ribbon cable. (which is also attached to the primary) the current hard drive letter is c: will it add the d: automaticly and can I just format the d: without erasing the software on the C drive

I know this sounds like a dumb question but I have worked on computers and made very bad mistakes (LOL)

Thanks for you advice

A:Adding a 2nd Hard Drive

Yes, its straightforward, you will have to ensure that the jumpers on the 2nd HDD are set to Slave, then just hook it up as you described, ribbon cable and power. It should come up as D: and can be formatted or partitioned without affecting C:
Relevancy 60.63%

I recently purchased and installed a seagate 80 g hard drive to replace my existing HD. I intend to use the old HD as a slave. I copied the old drive using Norton Ghost. My problem is each drive will work without problems without the other being hooked up and they work fine with my old drive as the master and the new drive as slave but when I change the jumpers for the new drive to be master almost nothing will work everything says not enough system resources. I am running windows me with an amd athlon 2400 and 768 meg ram. I should also say that I ran Ghost twice and each time it locked up at the end but everything seemed to be on the new drive. Any ideas? Does cable position matter?

A:Adding another hard drive

Cable postion does matter. The master has to be at the end of the cable.
I know a lot of people here use and recommed Ghost, but did your new drive come with a conversion utility disc? If the Ghost is not finnishing totally I would not trust it.

The system resourses issue may be related to the installed RAM. WinME does not like more than 512mb.
Relevancy 60.63%

I have an old Digital PC 5000. I have successfully cabled in a 20G hard drive, now it is wanting to boot off the new hard drive. I think I need to set jumpers for a master/slave configuration. Can anyone tell me where to find (the info) or what this setting needs to be.? Or if I'm completelly off base ??

Thanks for your attention and support

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I run Windows98se; I have one hard drive with several partitions:-
C: windows
D: applications
E: application data
F: swap file
G: temp
H: temp internet files
I know it's overkill but it helps with backup and fragmentation.

If I add a second drive, it will become D: and the current D: to H: will move one letter on. Will all the paths in the registry and throughout the system be automatically updated? If not, is there any software that would help me achieve this?

A:Adding a second hard drive

If I'm not mistaken, your 2nd HD will be I:
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I was just wondering I have a 8 gig hard drive now. I am going to add a 2nd hard drive a IBM deskstar 14.4 gig. Should i make the bigger hard drive the main one for booting windows and so on, and leave the second one for storage. Or should I keep 8 gig as main hard drive and use 14.4 as storage. And if I do make bigger one for main for booting windows, is there a way to transfer all my files from hard drive to hard drive and make this possible. Thanks.

A:adding another hard drive

I would keep your current hard drive as is. I would add the second drive and use that for storage. This will make things very simple and quick. I cannot think of any benefits of using the bigger drive as you main drive and moving your Operating system to it. It will just take a lot of time. That's what I would do !
Good Luck!
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I want to add a second HD. I have a dell computer with, right now, 64 mb of ram. It is not enough for what i these days. I am constantly having to delete files or move them to diskette just to run programs because I am out of space. A friend gave me a western digital HD, 7200 RPM. I would like to ADD this to my machine, not replacing the old HD though. I've downloaded some instructions off the net and have a few questions b4 i start..

1. how do i get into CMOS?
2. If i am adding, not replacing, i do not have to put OS on new this correct?

Any advice would also be appreicated.

A:Adding Hard Drive

Try CTRL-ALT-ENTER keys either from a DOS prompt or during bootup process.
No, you don't have to put the OS on the second drive to use it.
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what steps are taken to add another hard drive on my computer. iam new to this. also, a friend gave me this hd, so should i be worried about viruses

A:adding second hard drive

Hi and welcome to the forum!

"so should i be worried about viruses "
Probably. You never know what the person before you has done.
If the drive is formatted and wiped clean that is no longer a possibility though.

What make/model of system are you planning on putting this into?
We need to look up the system config to ensure that the drive will in fact fit into the case first.

Also, what is your intent for the drive?
Are you going to just use it for additional storage?

Pls post the make/model of the drive as well.
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Well, I bought a new hard drive, and am preparing myself to install it. Read the directions, and trust that if everything is as it says it is, it will go smoothly. (big if, for what I find inside PC)

Anyway, it says to "back up" my data, programs etc...
I have a cd burner... what is the easiest way to do this, and is it absolutely necessary? I plan on leaving the old hard drive in, as secondary storage.


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I just added in a used internal hard drive into a computer. From what I understand, I can't use a used drive with a different computer so how can I reformat the drive so that I can use the used drive with the new computer? I can't get it to get past the HP menu.


A:Adding in a used hard drive

Is reformatting an option? I wouldn't think that file type would be an issue, and obviously you probably aren't trying to make molex and sata reverse compatible :P
Relevancy 60.63%

My pc has the following drives floppy LS H D DVD DVD-RW I wish to add a Maxtor D H D from a second hard adding drive redundant PC which has the following configuration of jumpers vertical over J and horizontal between J and J Problem I ve been to the Maxtor website and this combination doesn t exist Am I right to be wary that adding second hard drive this may not be a standard drive even though it worked perfectly in the old PC I understand to remove all jumpers to make it into a slave Problem all the cable connections are being used apart from one spare on the floppy cable The cables are one for the floppy with spare connectors one for the LS and the hard drive no spare connectors one for the two DVD drives no spare connectors I could sacrifice one of the DVD drives or the floppy swapping the LS over Any advice on which I should use would be appreciated nbsp

Relevancy 60.63%

I have a Windows XP desktop and want to add a second hard drive The hard drive Hard Adding 2nd Drive that is on my computer is an EIDE gb I plan to install a Maxtor DiamondMax GB rpm EIDE using the slave connector on the primary leg of the IDE controller cable The secondary IDE leg has a CD-RW and a DVD drive I know how to jumper and physically install the new drive I need detailed instructions on what to do once I have the hard drive physically installed I understand that I will Adding 2nd Hard Drive boot up and then run Adding 2nd Hard Drive quot Disk Management quot to set up the new hard drive I have a copy of quot Partition Magic quot Should I use that instaed of quot Disk Management quot The new drive will be used for data only I want to set up the new drive as at least four drives I assume they will be D E F and G I want to Adding 2nd Hard Drive use the new D drive for general data no more than GB the new E drive for photos probably GB the new F drive for creating CD images about GB and the new G drive for scratch like virtual memory for Photoshop Where can I find instructions on how to do this as well as information as to what kind of partitions will best suit my needs I understand that I will boot up and then run quot Disk Management quot to set up the new hard drive I have a copy of quot Partition Magic quot Should I use that instead of quot Disk Management quot I have a copy of quot Windows XP Inside and OUT quot by Bott amp Siechert and I m sure all the pertinent information is there I need more of a quot cookbook quot approach Jim nbsp

A:Adding 2nd Hard Drive

Closing duplicate. Please see...
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I want to add a second hard drive as a storage drive, without installing an OS on it. Which kind of partition (logical, extended, etc) should I create on the second hard drive to best make use of its 180 GB capacity?

Should I use NTFS or FAT32? I plan on making multiple partitions, so should they all be the same type (logical, extended, etc)?

I want to do all this using Partition Magic Pro 8.0.

Thanks in advance!

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I built my present system about a year ago. with a single 500 gig WD drive. I recently bought a WD rapter to reconfigure my system. using the raptor for my operating system, and the 500 gig for storage.What I am asking is, is there a way I can load the OS on the raptor, keep all my files on the 500 and wipe the OS from the 500??

Relevancy 59.77%

Hello All, ............ I would like to add another hard drive to my computer. This second drive will have Windows XP Sp3 installed on it. The drive has been wiped clean using DBAN. The first thing I encountered after mounting this blank drive in the computer was a statement that it must be Initialized. I think I did that but I can't see any change. The second drive is recognized in Disk Management but not in My Computer. I need someone to take me through the steps required before the installation of Windows XP. This will not be a double boot system, I intend removing the cable from one or the other disk so that only one operating system (both Windows XP) will be active. Thank you.

Relevancy 59.77%

I have been running my new build for around a month now and had no problems whatsoever with Vista 64.
Have tweaked the graphics card with an Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme 8800 and drastically brought the temperature down.
I have just taken receipt of a 1 Tb hard drive and wondered whats the best way forward.
Do I try to copy everything including the OEM version of Vista to the new hard drive or do I just transfer my files and keep the existing 320gb hard drive as the OS boot drive?

Whats everyones experiences about adding a hard drive?

A:Adding a 1Tb Samsung Hard Drive

Keep the OS on the 320gb drive and use the 1T drive for programs and data. If your OS fails and you need to reinstall at least your data will be safe. You may need to reinstall some files though as programs do link in to the registry. Another way of doing it is to use the 1T drive just for data. Pictures and music ect. This way it will be easy to back up when you want.
It also depends on the speed of the drive, if your new drive is alot faster than the old it would make sense to transfere everything to the new drive and sack the old drive or sell it on ebay.
Relevancy 59.77%

I'm trying to install an old hard drive (80GB) which has personal data on it so not wanting to wipe it. Problem is that although its recognised in bios and device manager it doesn't show up in my computer. I know that if I go through the drive management I can format it from there. As I don't want to lose the data is there another way of getting xp to recognise the drive.


A:Adding old hard drive to new computer ?

Ok found out the problem - the drive had previously been formatted using XP Pro - my computer is now using XP home - and therefore appears in **** management as "Foreign" - so there lies the problem ...... anyone now of a workround or to I have to take it to some computer shop to have the date taken off, disk formatted and then data put back on.??????
Relevancy 59.77%

amd athlon xp 2800
Phoenix tech. LTD 6.00pg
maxtor 80gb installed/ sata

trying to install 500gb western digital cavier green/ sata
When i add the wd hdd, xp wil not load
does not detect the wd hdd on the raid screen

A:xp won't start after adding hard drive

Make sure your boot drive is set to first boot in bios
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Hey guys, Can someone help a novice with adding a 2nd h/d to my Dell
4/5 year old dell, Pent III 1000mg w/ 40 gig h/d 512 meg ram ....pretty much stock except the upgrade of the ram to 512 and windows xp from melim. i have also added a dvd burner in my 2nd bay..
I now want to add a 2nd H/d it looks as though dell has a ribbon inside already so i might be able to do this at a later date and piggyback it......
questions : will heat be a problem ? i'd like a 160 gig
any special installation instructions i should know ?? what is compatable with my system ?? what is " 8meg buffer" ?? any perticular brand ?? etc etc Thanks all..............

Relevancy 59.77%

Probably a simple problem, but having trouble. Have an older IBM 6282-32U with a 2.1 GB drive. Have replacement 20 GB drives. Plugged a new drive into a working machine, booted with a startup disk to get to dos. It seemed that before I even got to dos, the bios wrote some stuff to the drive (maybe calling it a 2.1), and now won't see the drive. Wanted to be able to use fdisk to set 2 drives as before, but now larger.

Anyone have any answers? Thanks.

Relevancy 59.77%

Adding larger hard drive.

Is there a way to tell whether a larger hard drive (20GB) can replace any smaller hard drive on an older (Pent I) computer.

I don't have any particulars because this is a general question.

Relevancy 59.77%

Hi guys!

I decided to add another hard drive to an old machine i have, but it didn't work! as u might ave guessed!

the alread installed drive remains the master drive, but when i add the second drive onto the cable, as the slave drive, the master refuses to boot, it is not detected. I entered F1 setup, where opportunities for 4 hard drives exist but, only the master is listed as connected and the other three options are unchanegable, what do i do?

Relevancy 59.77%

Can't get new pc (Win2000 Pro) onto network (WinNT 4). User created in server, but at the machine name level I can't be authenticated on the network. What's with that?

Secondly, I had to add a new hard drive that has Win2000 Pro on it into a pc that already had one with Win98 on it. I put the old hard drive (Win98) as a slave, the new one as Master (did the jumpers thing on both - Master to slave for the "old one" and the new one as master) Upon booting, it does its POST test, but when it starts loading Win2000, it just stops itself dead in its tracks and reboots again, ad infinity. What am I forgetting?
A two-in-one folks!

Relevancy 59.77%

Can I add a second HDD or SSD or SSHD along with the original SSD? and can I upgrade my RAM and battery? Also my specs are core I7 with 8 GB RAM and 5500Intel graphics is this okay to activate adobe premiere?
Relevancy 59.77%

I want to add a second hard drive to my computer.

The cable that currently goes into the first hard drive has a second attachment on it (the one that has p5 and p6 marks). I assume this is for the second hard drive but I am not able to figure out how to set it up so both drives can be plugged in.

Second problem. I think I need another black cable? I'm just not sure where I plug that one into. Is it the part in the second picture?


A:I'm having trouble adding a second hard drive

You need an available SATA port and a power connector. I don't see an open SATA port in the second picture, and there's something else in the drive bay in the first picture near the power connector. If those are the only two places for these items, then I don't see how you can add another drive.
Relevancy 59.77%

So I just built this great computer, and I have an old computer(ok, not old, just not as fast, its only about 6 months old) and I'm going to take out the hard drive after backing it up and I'd like to put it in my new one.
Heres the thing though:
The old one has XP on it and this one has vista. I'm not going to use xp anymore, but I was wondering if its pretty easy to add a hard drive WITHOUT screwing up this new computer? I mean, after I've formatted it. And this computer is set up SATA connected, but the other hard drive is IDE connected. Would that be a problem when adding it? OR should I just say screw it and deal with a 160GB hard drive? Let me know.

A:adding a hard drive to my computer?

it's not generally a good idea to mix ide and sata (i've heard anyway, i'm still on ide ) but it would be ok putting in a slave drive with xp on into a vista machine. my slave drive had xp on but because it's a slave drive it doesn't really matter what's on it
Relevancy 59.77%

I have had trouble installing/adding a pre-existing hard drive (taken out of a failed External Hard Drive Case). It is SATA and it has data on it. I can't "Back Up" ( I don't believe) because, the data exceeds my Primary HD's capacity and any storage media I have.

Windows, recongized the device; but loaded it as a 3 1/2 Floppy Disk (A: ) drive automaticaly. It should be a Disk Drive like my Primary HD(C: ). I know I need to assign it the correct letter, but to do that I would have to "Partition" and "Format" it (which will erase my Data).

Is there a way to make my Second hard drive viewable/browse with windows without formating?

Relevancy 59.77%

I have purchased a new computer. I want to add the hard drive from my old one as a slave on the new one (without losing any data on the old drive). Can anyone give me a few clues if this is possible? Thanks.

A:Adding old hard drive to new system

Should be very easy. Just set the jumper on the drive to slave and check the position of the jumper on your master drive (some require a different position if there is a slave present). Connect your old drive to the unused connector on your IDE ribbon cable and you should be all set.