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Battery drop in 2 months old battery?? - Lenovo B5...

Q: Battery drop in 2 months old battery?? - Lenovo B5...

Hello, In august I bought new Lenovo B50-80 notebook. One month ago, I was checking HWmonitor and I saw that the battery wear level is 11%. PowerShell battery test in Windows 10 says the same ? at one of a charge battery wear. Which I think 11% is to much. I use my notebook as a secondary PC. In two months of usage, I charged max 15 times (and before always depleted to 15%).I tried RMA the battery, but I did not have any success. They say that the battery is OK, if notebook does not automatically shut down.I would like to know if this is normal wear for battery and the answer from RMA guys.If it is not, how can I contact directly Lenovo?Please advise.Best regards.B.
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Preferred Solution: Battery drop in 2 months old battery?? - Lenovo B5...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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Battery Issue - Lenovo V570 (Laptop) - Battery Model L09S6Y02

First off I for the most part do not use the battery. It is normally detached from the laptop. I only attach it to periodically charge it and test prior existing charges' performance.

O.K. here is the problem. I attach battery attachment, computer does not make it to the window screen more often than not. When it does, it freezes at the please wait loading screen.

I rarely use the battery at all, but I want all my equipment up and functional. It's life should still be good for I periodically recharge it. I think since I've had the laptop I've only recharged it a total of 6 or 7 times and that's been a year or so.

A:Battery Issue - Lenovo V570 (Laptop) - Battery Model L09S6Y02

jonasdatum said:

Battery Issue - Lenovo V570 (Laptop) - Battery Model L09S6Y02

O.K. here is the problem. I attach battery attachment, computer does not make it to the window screen more often than not. When it does, it freezes at the please wait loading screen.

I rarely use the battery at all, but I want all my equipment up and functional. It's life should still be good for I periodically recharge it. I think since I've had the laptop I've only recharged it a total of 6 or 7 times and that's been a year or so.Click to expand...

I, for the moment at least have the battery working power adapter attached. What did I do? I uninstalled Avast (freeware version) ?

I learned from prior experience that running two of any system utility software can cause problems, but it normally restricts itself to what it is protecting. Then I remembered: "If you remove the possible whatever is left however in probable must be the truth."

Next phase of testing is test the battery on it's own.
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I recently purchased an x and everything is perfect but the battery fit nbsp It moves up and down slightly nbsp I know there are many posts in the lenovo forums for all different models that the battery fits lose in x model and solutions of putting paper foam tape to make the battery fit tighter nbsp and Loose Battery / ... Battery LENOVO wiggle x230 in nbsp What I'm wondering is if anyone has actually had the problem fixed by lenovo nbsp I've read a Battery Loose / Battery wiggle in x230 and LENOVO ... few posts where a Battery Loose / Battery wiggle in x230 and LENOVO ... user has had the base piece of the case replaced where the battery fit's into and that has solved the problem nbsp I'm still within my return period on my x and am awaiting a call back from tech support to see if there is anything they will do but I don't think I will keep it if they can't fix it nbsp nbsp I'm just curious has anyone actually had luck by replacing the base piece nbsp From what i've read a replacement battery hasn't worked for anyone nbsp Also I know everyone says its by design for thermal purposes but I haven't actually seen any official confirmation of this from lenovo nbsp nbsp Thanks nbsp

A:Battery Loose / Battery wiggle in x230 and LENOVO ...

As a follow up, I'm just curious if this is a widespread issue?  Anyone have loose battery in their x230 / x220?  I'm not talking about it falling out...but just a few millimeters of wiggle room.  Basically when i pick mine up or place it down, I can feel / hear the battery move.  I'm just trying to get an idea if this is a real problem or thats just how every thinkpad is.  I called support and they are sending someone to replace the base panel and we'll see if that fixes it.  I'll update this post when it get's replaced.   Edit* I also asked the lenovo support rep if they had heard of this issue and they said no, never.  I don't see how this is possible as if you do a google search for thinkpad loose battery there are many results.
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Hopefully battery port, Lenovo Y50 Or Battery itself proble... I get a solution to this question but my Lenovo Lenovo Y50 Battery port, Or battery itself proble... Y has not been charging even after I thought it was my laptop charger was broken I bought a new one of the same exact type and It still didn't work and did the exact same thing as it did with my old charger i had this laptop for a year nbsp What did Lenovo Y50 Battery port, Or battery itself proble... the laptop exactly do nbsp Well my laptop when I plugged it in it didn't work unless I set it up in a certain way to where I wiggled the charger tip around untill it finally said It was charging and I had to hold it into that position like a statue or else it would unplug if it moved an inch That's not even the worst part My chargers also heat at the tip By heat I mean it literally gets so hot I burn myself on touching the plastic part Lenovo Y50 Battery port, Or battery itself proble... and the metal part was very hot when this happened on my new charger I made sure to unplug it right away to avoid doing any damage to it nbsp Solutions I have already tried Went into my control panel - gt device manager - gt Uninstalled both of the battery things like the ac adapter and the other thing I don't remember what it was called - gt reinstalled - gt Worked for a bit but not gauranteed and after a while it didn't work nbsp Can't do a battery gauge reset because charger always unplugs nbsp Already tried BIOS does nothing nbsp Don't even tell me to restart my laptop lol nbsp Summary Y won't charge Have to have charger at certain angle to chargeTip over heatsdid everything in device manager to fix itno driver updates nbsp So what's the problem the battery of the laptop itself The laptop battery port or somehow still the laptop AC adapter somehow nbsp If you need more information on the problem I will surley answer if you specify and btw lenovo support by calling won't even answer and keeps telling me to refer to the contact us page nbsp To LENOVO PLEASE FIX YOUR LAPTOP BATTERY ISSUES ALL I SEE ON THE FORUMS IS BATTERY BATTERY AND MORE BATTERIES THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED nbsp

A:Lenovo Y50 Battery port, Or battery itself proble...

Hi Seal,
Welcome to Lenovo Forums.
Kindly perform Power Drain and set BIOS default:
Try turning off and removing the battery first. With adapter charger unplug, press Power button for 15seconds to drain power inside.  Plug in adapter charger and press Novo button instead of the power key to turn it on for the Novo Menu  Choose BIOS setting  On Exit tab , load optimal default then Y then place battery back before save changes and exit.
Check if charging.
Let us know how you get on.
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After doing a Lenovo update for battery firmware, now my battery will not charge. I have to be plugged into direct current at all times.
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I have a strange issue. I have a Lenovo T60 laptop and I am experiencing problems with the power management/power guage.

It will often show the battery not installed (power gauge is a greyish-white color with dashed lines) or it shows a red X. It does not matter if I am on AC power or on Battery power, it will show the full range of power, battery level, not installed, or an error.

I have searched Lenovo's site and I seem to remember seeing an FAQ about this, but now that I need it, I cannot find it.

What can I check or do to stop this? While it is annoying, I am not sure if I am having a battery problem or not. I did check my battery on Lenovo's site to see if it was recalled and it is not.

I do appreciate any help that any one can give me.

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After my friend's laptop wouldn't run on battery power OR charge the battery I tried many "fixes."
Shockingly none worked that I found.
Only one thing worked for me to my surprise.
A last ditch effort was to open up the laptop (sony pcg-81114L) and disconnect the cmos battery for a few minutes to reset the CMOS.
To my surprise, when powered on, the battery instantly showed it was charging AND when removing the power plug the battery POWERS the laptop now! (and I'd thought I was wasting my time.)
Worked with an off brand battery also.
Many times this has saved many computers that have odd "unsolvable" things wrong with them.
Surely someone else has done this also but I haven't seen it posted anywhere to my knowledge.
Thank GOD for bringing the idea to remembrance!

A:sony vaio won't charge battery or run on battery power (CMOS BATTERY FIX!)

Hi askfault,
Do you have any information on how this fixes the battery problem? would be interested to know.
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I am about to change the MB battery for the third time. I'm pretty sure its drained again as if I switch off the mains power to the unit overnight, the system reports checksum error on start up and loads bios defaults. System calendar reverts back to 31 Dec 2005, with duff clock time

If I leave the PC turned off but connected to power socket, everything is fine for the next start up

I have a foxconn 975 MB. Any ideas what could be causing the batteries to drain so soon - should last several years

A:On 3rd MB Battery in 6 months

Probably a fault in the MB, there's not much you can screw up that will do that. I'd be shopping for a new MB.
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Hi everyone nbsp In January I bought a Lenovo laptop The nbsp S- ISK Laptop ideapad - Machine Type Q After a few weeks the battery was not being charged anymore and while I only used the laptop while on AC the battery slowly depleted nbsp Thus it became unusable nbsp The anymore 5 not months old laptop battery charging issue was fixed through the shop where I bought the laptop which is a hassle because I live in another country than where the shop is But now after I have gotten it back for two weeks the problem has returned The battery started to be stuck at Hovering over 5 months old laptop battery not charging anymore the battery icon gives a statement that the battery is not charging Any ideas on what I could do As stated going 5 months old laptop battery not charging anymore back to the shop and let them fix it is not an option at this point nbsp Notes - The battery still depletes slowly between shutting of and starting again When I shut it down one day and boot it up the next the battery is still stuck but at one percentage point lower nbsp - The Lenovo Settings program that pops up when I click on the big battery icon in the bottom right corner gives an interesting statement It's in Dutch so I will translate as well as possible The AC adapter can't fully support your computer and should be repaced immediately - I tried updating and reinstalling battery drivers etc but this didn't work nbsp Any help would be appreciated nbsp
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I've had this computer for 2 yrs since I built it. Has a Asus M2N-SLI mobo with athlon 6400 x2. 4gigs ram, Nvidia 9800 gtx, 600W PS. Most of the time runs fine, no signs of problem. Clock's acurate no lost time. Every 2 months or so, in the morning go to boot up and no beep or post. Just runs all fans and everything but never posts.

After first time I figured out when I replaced cmos battery it works fine. But keeps happening every 2 months or so. Any ideas? Battery should last much longer than 2 months. I'm stumped on this one and even my professors at college don't know. One tech support guy said might be a grounding problem with mobo and case. But that sounds weird. Mobo is mounted like case manufacturer says with brass pins holding it up. Please help...

A:CMOS battery keeps dying every few months... computer starts but no beep to post

Just got a new cmos battery and it booted up. When I booted up it was resuming windows from hibernation.. Would that cause battery to die? Doesn't sound right to me... Please help. Can't keep buying these batteries.
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I am having a message that says "Genuine Lenovo Battery Not Attached" message that appears after Windows 8.1 starts up. A similar sort of message appears before even Windows boots up, and I need to press the 'Esc' key in order for Windows to boot. This seems to have happened after a recent Windows update. I have uninstalled an reinstalled the Lenovo Power Management Driver but it does not appear to have fixed the issue. My BIOS is the latest version. This issue is on my Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga S1. Any assistance is appreciated.

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A:Genuine Lenovo Battery Not Attached, Lenovo ThinkP...

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that your Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga is displaying a message stating ?Genuine Lenovo Battery Not Attached?.
I would suggest you to perform Flee Power ? remove the battery and any other peripheral device connected to the computer. Hold the power button for 10-15 seconds and then connect the battery and AC adapter to turn ON the computer.
Get into BIOS and load defaults, save and exit.
Open Device Manager and under Battery Look for Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control method Battery, right Click on it and uninstall it, Restart after uninstallation.
Please let me know the happenings!
Best regards,

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Hey everyone I ve been using my Asus G VW for just over a year now It s been having a maximum life drop Laptop battery of hours of battery life since I got it Once about months ago the battery life dropped and it shut down completely at battery left with no warning at all I fixed that issue by Laptop battery life drop creating a battery calibration power option and it worked and I got the battery back to normal About a week ago I turned on the laptop the laptop and noticed I had hour and min battery life at I did fully charge it the night before and pulled out the adapter So i get only hours battery life now and it used to still function like normal and gave me battery low warnings A few days ago it stopped giving me warnings all-together and shuts down at I tried calibrating but it the method I used before did not work Is it possible the battery is on it s last legs Asus G VW laptop Intel Core i - QM GHz GB RAM Geforce GTX M GB Windows nbsp

A:Laptop battery life drop

Yes, I suspect the battery is at fault

Battery life is quite poor, if they are kept plugged in and at 100% charging can shorten life - often now you have power management that does not re-charge batteries to 100%
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My laptop (Y700), 2nd set actually is having a performance problem while using battery. When the battery percentage drops below 30%, the frequency of the CPU drops to only around 0.75-0.78 GHz. With High performance set, it still doesnt speed up. Is anyone having the same issue or I'm the only one?and what are the problems that Y700 users are facing at the moment? Maybe I can solve it too 

A:Y700 Performance drop with battery

I have not exact the same problem, but I think your battery is swtitching in the power saving mode...I have the problem when my Laptop is using the battery the performence drops imidiately, for example CS:GO:-Charging= steady 60-120 fps'-No Charging= Steady 20 fps, but im mean it have no fps drops moreAt other Games like AC:3, can i play without charging, but when i charge its 2 times better then before, so maybee you guys can help me, Thanks...
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Hi I have a dell XPS L X that I bought in Recently I bought a new cooling fan because the original one was very noisy However after replacing the cooling fan I noticed that the battery capacity 13 L322X: battery drop XPS capacity dropped to less than Therefore I decided to buy a new battery The problem is that the capacity health of the new battery dropped to in just a few days I contacted the seller explaining him the situation and he sent me a new battery however XPS 13 L322X: battery capacity drop the new one has already lost almost of its capacity health in just three days One thing that I noticed was that the second new battery has an Energy design of Wh whereas the original one and the first battery that the seller sent me both have Wh Another thing is that while I was calibrating the battery in the first cycles the battery was charged only up to and that the capacity loss happens after a reboot in the end of a cycle there is a decrease in the battery capacity after a reboot After a reboot the system shows the battery is fully charged but with a decreased capacity Every single cycle the capacity drops The XPS is running Ubuntu Would you have any idea why that rsquo s happening Many thanks nbsp

A:XPS 13 L322X: battery capacity drop

Sounds like you may be getting batteries as old as the original one - there's a date code on the battery you may want to check out (it's part of the Dell part number -- you can find out how to decode it online).
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Hello, Recently I noticed that my battery percentage drops weirdly- it goes from 100% directly to 94%. It's a comparatively new laptop, I haven't used it that much. I charge the battery once a day if this matters.  My question is what could be causing this problem and how can I fix it if there's really a problem?  Thank you.
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st drop [x201] battery huge 30%? about sudden Annoyance nbsp First is the battery issue I fully charge it to then I unplug the power supply and go about my business Maybe roughly - hrs later I choose to use my lenovo x again without plugging it into the outlet and use the battery instead Oh look here its down to roughly - for whatever reason nbsp nd Annoyance nbsp Then there is the issue of when the battery is at said levels and SUDDENLY gets a huge drop and warns me the battery is low I mean c'mon I was pretty bleep sure the levels were at MAYBE or so but for the gauge to suddenly reach critical at out of nowhere SERIOUSLY What the hell is going on here nbsp rd and final Annoyance nbsp [x201] huge sudden battery drop about 30%? This normally happens when I'm watching youtube videos My x laptop's screen literally spazzes out This doesn't happen all the time but it DOES happen INFREQUENTLY [x201] huge sudden battery drop about 30%? which is so frustrating I can't do anything but watch my screen go completely dark Then it shows the youtube channel and go dark again It flips in and out constantly Why does it do this While it keeps spazzing out on me I can't do anything I can't control my mouse I [x201] huge sudden battery drop about 30%? can't access any menus All activity remains frozen while I hear my youtube video playing So annoying So frustrating I always have to do a hard reset whenever this happens Unbelievable nbsp Yes I apologize for going off like this but I can't take this bleep anymore I spent close to on this laptop and I have been going through the above issues FOR MONTHS ON END I thought it was minor glitches that would simply go away but it keeps happening The above annoyances happen ALL THE TIME Seriously I don't know what the hell it is with the battery and I know it can't be my battery because my settings say its in perfect condition nbsp There are times I seriously contemplate flingling my laptop out my apartment window with these issues I keep coming across every single time Sorry about the long nbsp rant I just hope I get solutions to these annoying problems and this is the only place I can come to for help nbsp Moderator Note Edited subject to match content

A:[x201] huge sudden battery drop about 30%?

Does it work okay if you have the battery removed?
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My expensive but **bleep**ty Lenovo y 70 70 T got yet another problem. I have never had troubles with battery on it. I was always using convertion mode and doing gauge reset every month, as requested. I have been gentle and never overused it. My y 70 70 today just switched off with battery level at 80%, before that battert condtiiton always been'Good'. then i could not switch it on - i only managed with plugged power cable. Now the battery says Plugged, not charging . I have tried reinstallind the drivers and i ahve now even reset my windows 10. Still no success. And yes. it is out of warranty. expired 1 month the way, my web-camera also brok down all out of the sudden 3 weeks ago...Any idea wha tto do?Do not tell me to put off my battery - it is impossible on this model...
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Hi allyestarday i bought this laptopi have charged the computer all night (computer turned off), now in 30 minutes battery was 7%
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i don't know how to do a postcould You help me if this battery can be usefor my Lenovo z50-70 ?
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One day while using my laptop the battery of my laptop was about to drain completely so I plugged it in But the not B40 charging battery Lenovo battery was not charging I changed the plug point thinking there was some problem with the socket but still it did not worked I removed the battery reinserted it and tried to charge again but the problem still presisted nbsp Then I removed my battery and plugged in the laptop The laptop was working fine nbsp Keeping the laptop plugged in laptop shut down and reinserted the battery The battery charged for a while then the power button and power light in the front on the edge of Lenovo B40 battery not charging the body started blinking Therefore I removed my battery nbsp So now I charge my battery by first plugging in the laptop battery removed and then reinserting the battery The blinking poblem also occurs very often nbsp nbsp Also when the battery is attached to the laptop and I try to charge it the laptop does not powers up nbsp Model Lenovo B
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Good day to this awesome community I recently purchased a notebook 'y40' and  i have doubts about the use of the battery, can i work with the notebook plugged in to the electricity without having to worry about the life span of the battery ?.Keep in mind that the battery can not be removed . 

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A:Lenovo Y40 Battery Usage

Hi Ebon_Knight,
Welcome to Lenovo Community!
Using the computer with the AC conected is just fine.
 I would say it is OK to use the your laptop while plugged in,
Because once you plugged in an AC adapter, Your computer switches to AC power mode where it gets power from AC charger while charging the battery.
  Now about overcharging , If you have the Lenovo energy Management Software configured to "Optimized battery health" then you should not have to worry. it will prevent charging your battery to a 100% and prevents from over charging, 
If the computer did not came with the software, Lenovo Energy Management  can be downloaded from just choose your computer model and OS version.
Hope this helps

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Does anyone know if Lenovo has removed the toolbar battery guage in an update? If not, is there a way to get it back?  The setting doesn't exist in Lenovo Settings and the toolbar is missing from the list of availble toolbars.  I have the latest software installed, even reinstalled the lenovo dependency service. Thanks!Ed
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I want to replace my lenovo battery with a new one since it has some scratches that makes it not charge my computer normally but I don't know what kind of battery to get since there are different kinds. can someone help?

A:Lenovo Battery replacement

Please post the model number of your laptop.  This will assist others in giving you advice.
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Good Evening start Z50-70 will from Lenovo Battery or not AC Po... nbsp I purchased a Lenovo Z - a year and five months ago It has been running perfectly fine until yesterday evening I had left it nbsp unattended for approximately hours plugged in charging when I returned I was using it for around mins and then I noticed that the battery was low even tho it was battery it was saying mins to fully charge it then turned off and refused to restart until I unplugged the AC but when I plugged the AC in once it had started it just turned off I tried the power Lenovo Z50-70 will not start from Battery or AC Po... button solution that was posted press times in seconds and restarted the Laptop it started fine and I plugged the AC in and it stayed on but the battery led was flashing orange Still would not charge and then the battery ran out and the Laptop turned off and I can't get it to work now I have tried to use the laptop with just the AC but it will not work I Lenovo Z50-70 will not start from Battery or AC Po... have ordered a new battery hopefully that will work but I am wondering if it should aleast Lenovo Z50-70 will not start from Battery or AC Po... work on just the AC for the moment nbsp
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Does anyone know if you can remove the batteries from a Lenvov B50. they appear to be all part of the casing and have been told by the supply they can not be removed, but just want to double check this?
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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A:Lenovo B50-50 - Battery Removal

Hi,You can remove the battery if you want by removing the back cover, but this is only needed for replacing an old battery with new, normally you don't need to remove the battery. However, I have attached a link to youtube video here:
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I bought a brand "new" Lenovo G70-80 from BestBuy a couple of weeks ago. I never noticed until last night but the battery is not charging even though the adapter is plugged in. Anyone else have the same issue and if so, were you able to get a replacement for your adapter and/or battery?
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Does anyone know if you can remove the batteries from a Lenvov B50. they appear to be all part of the casing and have been told by the supply they can not be removed, but just want to double check this?
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I just bought the Lenovo N21 Chromebook.  Really like it a lot but my issue is that i cannot get the battery to show a 100 percent full charge. It only reaches 92 percent and light goes green and will not go further no matter if i leave it plugged in. I seem to be getting good hours on a charge but worry that unit is defective. Any help...Thx
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I've had a battery issue (the known one : battery says 100% and suddenly falls at 0% and shut down) and in September I sent my computer to Lenovo. It tooks about 6-7 weeks for the battery to be replaced. My warranty was supposed too be extended, but was not. Now, my battery has the exactly same problem. I do not want my battery to be replaced again : it takes a too much long time and I can't wait that much long again. Can someone help me please to resolve this problem?Thank you.
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Hi nbsp I am having some battery issues with my Y laptop which I purchased in late It seems that the battery gauge reads even though the battery is discharging and the power cable is not plugged in I have tried completely draining the laptop and charging it again when charging from it does update the percentage correctly on the Battery Lenovo Y40 Issues battery gauge nbsp However after I close the laptop lid and it goes to sleep if I open it again it reads even though I know its not at Then it just dies after it discharges but I have Lenovo Y40 Battery Issues no idea when to plug it in since I can't trust the gauge Any ideas what could be causing this I had a similar issue in the past and sent it back to Lenovo and they replaced the battery but could it really be the battery nbsp again after only months of usage The battery holds a charge fine it just doesn't update the battery gauge on the taskbar properly it seems nbsp I've gotta say if thats the case I'm quite dissapointed in this laptop nbsp I read a bunch of the other posts online about similar issues but nothing specific to this laptop that has fixed the issue I'm not sure what else to try and if there is something else I can do nbsp Note that I am running Windows instead of which is what the laptop came with initially nbsp Thanks for the help
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Hi when my Lenovo U - is unplugged it won't turn on even if it still has charge inside The battery LED indicator blinks repeatedly Lenovo problem U41-70 Battery in white after I push nbsp the power button when unplugged I think Lenovo U41-70 Battery problem white doesn't indicate a lack of charge in the battery The laptop only turns on if I plug in the power adapter And the laptop won't suddenly shut down if i unplug the power after I plug it in so it means that it still runs on the Lenovo U41-70 Battery problem charge in the battery But if I shut down and power it up again when unplugged it still won't turn on I think there is a problem with battery detection nbsp see pictures nbsp What is the solution for this as I really need this laptop for work I can only power on this laptop if I plug it in https drive google com file d B OHjy ECrLZl XcHRNN ZtSEU view usp sharinghttps drive google com open id B Lenovo U41-70 Battery problem OHjy ECrLT pxZXY UDY dVE nbsp Thank you nbsp
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Does the Lenovo Flex 4 15" have a removable battery?

A:Lenovo Flex 4 15" Battery

Hi Forrest_Canton , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
Based on the hardware manual page 36 , battery is internal and is considered FRU (field replaceable unit). Removing it would require opening the base cover. 
Hope this help answer your query.
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Hi, I recently bought a Lenovo S20-30 (around 6 ~ 9 months ago) and I am having some problems with battery. The laptop had Windows 8 preinstalled that I used for a couple of weeks, before installing Ubuntu MATE. On Windows, the battery life was around 2, 2.5 hours. After installing Ubuntu, the battery life shortened to about 1 hour, 1.5 at maximum, however in the last couple of weeks it is barely lasting 30 minutes. I checked and there is no viruses and/or software draining CPU or battery. Also, every time I turn on the PC, the system shows the following message:Error MessageI am very dissapointed with Lenovo. This laptop was barely used, it is almost new and I can't rely on it anymore. I think this laptop was already old when I bought it, for months in store shelves waiting for a buyer. Regards,  

A:Lenovo S2-30 battery problem

Any Lenovo Support around here to give me a light?
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Okay so I have a month old G - Laptop that I've been using for gaming Then earlier this morning when I was playing the battery went down to I plugged it in and it didn't charge I wondered why and then I thought the power in the outlet was just not flowing so I'll just plug it into a different one later and as soon as it hit I panicked I kept searching up solutions but nothing popped up So I then told my brother by the time the laptop was at and he did some tests on the laptop A couple hours later he told me that he doesn't know what and ... battery Lenovo of charge. not will Out G51-35 the problem is and so I started really freaking out I searched up the prices for a new battery pack but there wasn't anything for the g - I then looked at the laptop prices and it was a whole load of bull because the laptop itself cost My parents would kill me if they found out but I don't know what to do next I think the laptop is overheated but I don't have the tools to be able to clean it Please help Thanks

A:Lenovo G51-35 Out of battery and will not charge. ...

Hi CheekyB and welcome to the community,
Does it run ok plugged in?  It is just not charging?
If it does, then it probably is a bad battery and there is a year warranty on the battery.
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Hi nbsp At times my battery would get stuck at - for a Battery 0%. from depleted Lenovo to 70%-90% Y40-80 period of time while plugged in then suddenly dropped to when I removed the charger Within minutes Lenovo Y40-80 Battery depleted from 70%-90% to 0%. it hibernates When i plugged the charger in again although onekey optimizer indicates the battery is charging it get stuck at for a period of time It estimates a hrs charging time nbsp nbsp However when I get lucky the battery randomly rises from to within seconds and I was able to use the laptop for hrs Yet when I plugged the charger in the same problem occurs nbsp nbsp I have tried to uninstall ACPI-Compliant Control Method battery but it doesn't solve the problem nbsp I always put my battery in conversative mode and tries to keep my setting low brightness etc to perseve my battery nbsp I only have this nbsp laptop for a bit more Lenovo Y40-80 Battery depleted from 70%-90% to 0%. than a year and my warranty just expired for months which is really upsetting This problem happens to the my last lenovo laptop that I owned for roughly a year right after that warranty expired too and it seems like lenovo product is very fragile and doesn't last more than a year nbsp nbsp afuY
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I'm assuming that this thread may not even receive any replies based on the times I've attempted to receive aid from any professional within the Lenovo community I'll give it a shot anyways nbsp Hello I've had my Lenovo y - for a little over a year so that means my warranty is expired--do not tell me to use y40-70 Lenovo Drain Battery my warranty to fix my issue After updating to Windows I've had extremely bad battery life It would drop from to a hibernating state within the hour Previously I've received acceptable battery performance with maybe about - hours of usage Battery Drain Lenovo y40-70 I've tried updating all my drivers and playing around with battery settings etc I've uninstalled the energy manager application and am unwilling to perform Battery Drain Lenovo y40-70 a gauge reset due to the potential negative effects it may have on the my system Anyone have any idea on how to fix this issue besides rolling back to Windows nbsp Oh yeah I've also tried calling Lenovo support but I was literally on the line for hours listening to a song Any help is appreciated May have to end up getting a different laptop if this problem persists Solved Go to Solution

A:Battery Drain Lenovo y40-70

I have similar issues with my Y40.  Add to that a loss of notification when the battery is low, so the Y40 goes into Hibernate without warning.  Also the data displayed about the amount of charge remaining in the battery stays above 90% most the time while running on the battery, even after 90 minutes of use. Tried uninstalling and updating the Energy Manager. And have tried various adjustments to the power plans. Nothing has solved the problems of unpredictable and erratic battery life, or at least what the Y40 thinks the battery charge level is at.
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Guys nbsp I've had my Lenovo G s for pretty much years now nbsp I have a poor battery performace Recently my charger malfunctions It won't work till i have placed it at an agle of the charging port meanwhile if i use another charger from a friend it works very fine without struggle Initally i thought it was my charging port but I'm sure that it's not now nbsp Also recently my friend swapped his battery for mine Battery Lenovo G505s he Lenovo G505s Battery had charge on his battery as soon as he put it into my laptop he saw that it was around A few minutes after that the battery died nbsp One Key Optimizer tells me my battery is weak and needs replacement Battery capacity is at nbsp My question now is Do i just need a new battery and a charger OR Could it be from my motherboard I'm running the AMD A with Radeon gpu nbsp I'd really appreciate suggestions from you guys nbsp nbsp Thanks nbsp
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Hi i recently bought a lenovo z51, but i am disapointed in the battery life, i have taken the laptop apart and can see that there is loads of space which is not being used. I google for a new battery and found this option, so my question is this, would it fit my laptop and if so would it bring about much more battery life? this is the one that is currently in the laptop: I only get around 2 hours usage, which is unacceptable, and you can see why as the battery is about the same size as most tablets which is rediculous ThanksGeorge
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I just bought a Lenovo Ideapad Z570. It has two options for the battery charging. One is it charges the battery 100%. The other it only charges 50% and supposedly if you don't use your battery very often, it will extend the life of it. I don't use the battery very often, but would like to keep it charged 100% in case I need to use it. I would like to get an idea if the 50% option really saves that much on the battery. Any help is appreciated. Thanks,

A:Lenovo Battery Question

I have a Z560 Ideapad and only charge it 100%. I don't use the laptop that often, but I haven't had any issues with the "100%" charging.
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1. I am using Lenovo Y50-70 laptop since 18 months.2. Laptop battery is indicating few issues.3. It shows battery is 100% charged, and if I removed power cable then laptop gets shut down.4. Suddenly from 100%, battery charging has dropped to 0% and saying "plugged in, charging" but in actual, it is not.May I replace battery or should performe gauge reset ? Is there any harm to do so ? In case of reset, how many hours it takes to complete it ?( I have never performed it )

A:Lenovo Y50-70 Battery not charging

Try installing the battery manager: Also, always good to try the BIOS update:

I'm a Lenovo advocate, part of the Lenovo INsiders program. #LenovoIN. I don't work for Lenovo.
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Hellomy laptop where is in battery around 20 % he shut down, when i plugged says is 0 % and start to charge  . what is the problem ?
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At some point in the last few days or weeks, the green battery indicator simply vanished from my X1 Yoga (Win10) without a trace, and it seems I'm not the only one with that problem. I tried downloading it from the support page, but the software was removed from the list, and a link from google only leads to a "page-not-found" message. So, what's going on? Will there be a new version of the battery indicator? Why was the old one uninstalled and not just simply updated via system update?
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just wondering if i could remove the battery it has and raplace for a better one

it is a lenovo y50 with a gtx960m

A:lenovo y50 battery replacement

Probably not, you have to dismantle the laptop somewhat to get to the battery :-

Plus not sure Lenovo even make a 'better' battery. I assume you meant a higher capacity battery ?
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Hello, Just wondering what battery I should buy to replace my lenovo Y40 2014 laptop. It only lasts about 20 minutes off charge and I need to replace and cannot find the type of battery I need to buy in this manual:  Thanks! I cannot also find my model number (I can look up the needed battery with a model number)

A:Lenovo Y40 Battery Replacement

Hi Gold,
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
It would be best if we have the specific Machine Number (keep Serial Number confidential).
You may get the Machine Number here  on the warranty checker. 
Likewise to get the Lenovo battery Part number, check here. 
Machine number: 59414167   
BATTERY Part number: 121500248 Y40 SP/A L13M4P01 7.4V48WH 4CELL BTY  
Also available from known resellers .
Based on the systems general hardware manual (page 91) as other option.
Part number: 121500249 Y40 LG L13L4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) Part number : 121500259 Y40 CP/C L13C4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80)
There is also a sticker a battery itself (page 36).
You may call in Lenovo Spare parts   / Lenovo contact list  for pricing and availability. 
Let us know how you get on.
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Hello guys! I have a problem with performance on battery. When battery <40 %, my laptop starts to run too much slowly. When i open Resource Montor, i inspect that CPU max frequency is limitation by 32%. I try to play with battery plan option (put 100% CPU freq) in a differrent plans, but all is not affected.Help please. It is too hard to browse web pages in this performance... But if i plug in power supply - CPU freq immediatly increase up to 120%.
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Yesterday I used my laptop with the battery until it remains 30% and turned it off, then I plugged my phone in USB Port (Always On USB). And after that, I can't turn on my laptop even battery is still remain, even I charged it. I can only turn on it if I plugged it and if I unplug it, it'll die like no battery inside.When I see the battery gauge, it always says that 71% remain even I turned of conservation mode (and uninstalled Energy Manger).I had performed Hard Reset, reinstalled Energy Manger (But can't install, it said that ACPI installation denied or something like that)What can I do?
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My Lenovo Edge Battery still has of of Lenovo Edge ... My still 90,7% it's Battery has 15 it's cycles but it won't turn on without the charger and I think it is not chargging from what I've read so far I believe it could be a blown up fuse but before I try to fix that I wanna know if it could still be some software problem nbsp Info gt nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Battery Icon onwin available plugged in charging but it won't go up or down from nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp If I unplug the charger the laptop shuts down nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp Battery indicater light gt My Lenovo Edge 15 Battery still has 90,7% of it's ... nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp When turned off and just plugged in it blinks twice in orage and then it keeps blinking in white nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp When turned on it stays lit white wich happens when battery is at nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp When I tried to update the bios it gave me a error saying that it could not proced with less then battery but I removed that variable I was able to update the bios but nothing change nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp I also made battery-energy html file to find out what the problem could be but I still don't know what it is ------------------------battery-energy html all text------------------------------------------------------------------ nbsp nbsp nbsp ------------------------battery-energy html all text------------------------------------------------------------------ nbsp nbsp If anyone knows what the proble might be I would really apreaciate the help thanks
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Hi, i recently replaced my dead battery with correct and proper replacement but this battery not detected. I tried all uninstalling battery drives from "device manager" etc but it didnt help.Anyone had such issue and solution ?? Battery is brand new, and works as laptop stays powered on it without AC cord plugged in, but windows do not detect it. Regards Ron
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Hello Helping peoples My Name is Amir i am a Graphic designer and i have a laptop Lenovo y Model Number i am working on this laptop since year and it worked Fab for me unfortunately Now i am having problem with battery life nbsp when its charged it gives only - minutes backup this problem i am facing from last week i think my battery life is going to end before it gives backup of - hours i use my laptop - hours daily and i will say its my mistake i was never shutdown my laptop i always put it on Sleep instead of shutting it 70 Replacement Lenovo y50 Battery down i know this is the Lenovo y50 70 Battery Replacement problem my battery life is not good now anywayshere are the information i can find about my batteryBattery Battery InformationBattery ID LENOVO PABAS Manufacturer LENOVOSerial Number Chemistry Li-ILong Term Design Capacity Last Full Charge So my question is i want to Lenovo y50 70 Battery Replacement replace my battery but i don't know which battery i should buy i am not familiar with this thing like battery with how much mah will work good with this laptoo can Lenovo y50 70 Battery Replacement anyone look into it for me please i will really thankful to youHope to hear your answers thanks in AdvanceAmir Solved Go to Solution

A:Lenovo y50 70 Battery Replacement

Hi Graphixo .
Do you have the machine number of your Y50-70, so we can get actual part number  
(keep your serial number confidential)
Check on this link to get the machine number and parts listing . 
Then you may compare it to what I was able to get based on the Maintainance Manual for your pc model. 
Part listings: ( Item14Page91) 
Part number 121500250Y50 SP/A L13M4P02 7.4V54Wh 4cell bty (Y50-70/Y50-80/Y50-70 Touch/Y50-80 Touch)
(ex. part and price on ebay) 
Part number 121500251 Y50 SN L13N4P01 7.6V54Wh 4cell bty (Y50-70/Y50-80/Y50-70Touch/Y50-80 Touch)
(ex. part and price / Ebay ) 
Removing battery steps( Page 36)
Battery type : Lithium-ion polymer 4-cell (54Wh) battery Battery life: FHD: up to 5hrs; UHD: up to 4hrsAC adapter: 135-watt AC adapter
Try to avoid getting batteries from unknown distributors to avoid low quality performance. 
You may call in to check for availability and pricing by calling Lenovo Support.
Hope this helped you in your decision.
** Edited for HMM recommended part number**
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I have lenovo ideapad g585gc 59-356202 e1-1200, dvdrw, 4gb, 500gb, radeon hd 7310m, 15.6" led, ....
Almost 2 years old.
Yesterday it didn't want to turn on, and then I took out the battery and try without it and then turned on and everything is ok.

1. with battery (with or without ac power) won't turn on
2. without battery (of course, with ac power) turn on

The problem is evidently in the battery. I want to buy a new one, but how can I be sure that the battery is really dead?

A:Lenovo won't turn on with battery, without battery turn on!

There are no good practical ways the average owner can test the battery. You have to go on the evidence.
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When I put my laptop (Lenovo Yoga 500) on battery saving mode it seems to drain faster. I put everything to the lightest possible setting. The battery indicator also tells of a shorter time remaining. Any ideas?

A:Lenovo Yoga 500 Battery Mode

When I put it on battery saving mode it drains faster, or it indicates a shorter battery life time.
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A investigation into these reports of battery failure has been opened. 
I will post in this discussion when I have an update to share.
Thank you,

A:Lenovo Z510 Battery Issues

I have had this laptip for about 4 months and this started a week or so ago. I have stopped getting warnings that my batter is low, these used to occur at 10 and 7% battery life. This wouldn't be a big issue but the battery life indicator is not accurate. It shows at a constant 80+% and the next thing I know my computer shuts down for a low battery. Please help me fix this.
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I was actually monitoring my laptop's battery on how long will it last before it goes down. As I monitor, I am worrying why my battery drains so fast. Kindly check the attached screenshot. I can only use my laptop for 2 hours or less. I don't play games while on battery. I only do internet surfing, watching videos, facebook, and other light tasks. My monitor is in average brightness. I already disabled unimportant programs in task manager and in local services. What was my laptop's problem? Thank you!

wel.jpg ?30 KB
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Hello every one,I need to replace my lenovo Y40-80 laptop battery, I know how but i cant find it on amazon, I mean selled by lenovo, I've found the AC Adapter by lenovo (the seller) but i didn't find tha battery!Can any one please give me the official battery by lenovo amzon link?Thanks.


Go to Solution.

A:Y40-80 orginal battery by lenovo on Amazon US

 Per the Hardware Mainenance Manual for your system.   Your computer can use one of the follwing batteries.  Part number in Bold  14 Y40 LG L13L4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500249 14 Y40 CP/C L13C4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/ Y40-80) 121500259  I found some for sale here.  I checked and could not find a battery for your system, directly from Lenovo, but you might call support if you would rather purchase it directly from Lenovo. Good Luck
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Hi we have purchased several Brand new Lenovo L540 Laptops and they have started to report that the battery (this came with the laptop) is not genuine - they will not charge at all.We get the Black bios screen message that you have to ESC thru to get windows to load.the Lenovo Power management app then tyells us also the battery is not genuine - with a Black warning triangle Is there an easy fix or a way to get a replacement battery without jumping thru too many hoops?We currently have 2 laptops exhibiting this problem but no doubt will have more! 

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A:Lenovo L540 Battery Not Genuine

 Hi everyone...I am receiving the following error message on my L540 Laptop: The system does not support batteries that are not genuine Lenovo-made or authorized. The system will continue to boot, but my not charge unauthorized batteties. Press the ESC to continue. Thanks in advance for your assistance~Apopheus
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I have a Lenovo Flex - It operates with or without the AC adaptor being plugged in so I am quite sure it does have a No Flex Detected Lenovo 2-15 Battery battery Lenovo Flex 2-15 No Battery Detected nbsp I could not determine how to display a battery level indicator or icon which is a common feature on most laptops I just couldn't find such a thing on this machine nbsp Lenovo Flex 2-15 No Battery Detected I loaded an app called Lenovo Settings version When I click on the Power Status tab I Lenovo Flex 2-15 No Battery Detected see a battery icon with three dashes a status messages No battery Installed and AC adaptor is attached nbsp When I unplug the adaptor it still says it is attached nbsp So several questions nbsp nbsp - Does this Lenovo Settings app really do anything Is it compatible with the Flex - nbsp nbsp - How do I see the battery status nbsp nbsp - Did I accidentally uninstall a utility nbsp Thanks for all the help in advance nbsp Lenovo Settings JPG KB
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Hey Lenovo Forum nbsp I'm having a battery charging problem that seems slightly different from any on this forum so far I just acquired a T running Windows -bit like a charge T430 Lenovo not Battery will charm After a few issues with the audio drivers everything has been running smoothly nbsp nbsp Abruptly yesterday when I plugged it into the wall socket the same socket that it had sucessfully charged on earlier it failed to charge Thinking it was the outlet I Lenovo T430 Battery will not charge tested it The outlet and adapter are both working fine the adapter powers the computer no problem with the battery removed from the system The lock switch on the battery is in the propper position i've Lenovo T430 Battery will not charge tried both The battery is not overheated it's cool to the touch I tried removing everything and holding the power button apparently that discharges some built up charge in the system then reconnecting the battery and AC adapter nothing nbsp nbsp I just downloaded the power manager which when the laptop is in fact running off of AC Lenovo T430 Battery will not charge power the battery charge indicator hasn't draining in hours of continuous use reads nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp i have also tried reinstalling and updating the Microsoft ACPI - Compliant Control Method Battery driver in the Device Manager Nada nbsp nbsp In summary the machine is fully functional when tied to wall power but the battery won't charge The only thing I have yet to try is using the Energy Manager to perform a battery gauge reset which I'll try tonight but hopes are not high Am not really looking to replace a battery that's basically brand new and seems to be in otherwise perfect quality nbsp nbsp On the off-chance that this is a helpful piece of information I am using the power adapter to standard wall power in India Don't think that should be an issue - the computer had no issues charing for a few days here and other devices have no issues nbsp nbsp Any thoughts nbsp Thanks aaron nbsp Moderator note the thread title edited according to the body

A:Lenovo T430 Battery will not charge

HiIs your laptop model T430 or Z400 as in the thread title?Is the battery new, from official Lenovo store or 3rd party store?
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Hi  My problem is that when I tried to open the laptop battery sign odd side of the flashing light.Renovation work was already working as plug in my battery life was over,but now began to work
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I have a Yoga 500, battery drains from 100% to 5% in 80mins.   This is with it just sitting there doing nothing.  Is this normal?   I sent it off for repair to Medion- it's come back with no comments other than it's been tested and everything is OK.   So - what's the average batter life - surely it should be up around 5 hours, not 1.5 hours? 

A:Lenovo Yoga 500 Battery Life

update - sent the laptop off again and came back again saying that it's working OK. The workshop reckon that 90mins is the expected drain time of the battery. SURELY this is wrong?
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Hi guys nbsp nbsp My Battery Y40 wont charge. Lenovo battery is no longer going above three percent when plugged in I have a lenovo y the warranty just expired last month and lenovo is not really helping I'm very frustrated Everything was fine until I turned Lenovo Y40 Battery wont charge. my computer on this morning and realized it wasn't storing power After reading around on the internet I determined a few things nbsp A The battery itself is fine I ran nbsp a battery report and it shows a sudden drop from to to and then back to in a matter of minutes nbsp Battery Log nbsp nbsp lt Click to see my log nbsp B I think the issue is primarily a software one becuase when I disable nbsp microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery in device manager my computer still runs for hours at without being plugged in nbsp Anyone else have this issue or know a solution I'm a college student and I need this laptop to work on the fly for me It's barely been over a Lenovo Y40 Battery wont charge. year and im already having issues someone help I can't afford a new lp nbsp nbsp Solved Go to Solution

A:Lenovo Y40 Battery wont charge.

In response to customer reports of unexpected battery gauge behavior on Y40-70 and Y40-80 laptops, Lenovo determined the battery gauge software is performing as expected. The unusual gauge results being reported are a reflection of the battery reaching end of life.
Lenovo has released a Service TIP to assist customers with obtaining battery replacements under warranty, or if out of warranty, to find a replacement battery from Lenovo-approved vendors. The Service TIP can be found here:
The part numbers for Y40-70/80 batteries are:
Y40 SP/A L13M4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500248
Y40 LG L13L4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500249 substitute part 121500251
Y40 CP/C L13C4P01 7.4V48Wh 4cell bty (Y40-70/Y40-80) 121500259 substitute part 121500251
To determine which battery came with your Y40 notebook, instructions for removing the bottom cover can be found in the Hardware Maintenance Manual pdf here. An alternate to opening your system (which does not void warranty) is to search for batteries using the model/product number located on the bottom cover.
Thank you,
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Hello. Is there any reason Battery #1 (Internal battery) lists as Not Present? I've just updated to the latest BIOS for this laptop. I have installed the Lenovo Power Manager v 6.68.8 and under that application it only lists the removable battery. I've also checked settings in the BIOS to see if it can be turned on and I did not see anything listed that would let me makes changes to the Internal battery. Before this laptop I used a Lenovo X240 laptop and on that laptop it would list both Internal and Removable batteries in the Lenovo Power Manager application.

battery.png ?15 KB
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Hallo, ich ben?tige dringend einen neuen Aku f?r den LENOVO G550 und bin auf Hohe Qualit?t Akku Lenovo G550,Lenovo G550 Laptop Akku zu verkaufen bei gesto?en. Die Preise fand ich sensationell, die Garantie liest sich gut - kann man dem trauen, hat schon jemand Erfahrungen mit denen gemacht?

A:LENOVO G550 Battery Replacement?

From our Forum Rules.

12) This is an English based site. Please only post in English, or provide an English translation in your posts.
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Ive looked endlessly for a solution. Obviously many other people have this issue. What I have done so far is delete energy manager because its been defective for many people. After doing that, my battery indicator finally filled up to 100% in the animation. Prior, it had been stuck at 60% with charger plugged in and once taking the charger out, computer would shut off in 30 min. Past 6 months I have been using the compyter with the charger in because my warranty expired the day before problems rose.  Ive also tried uninstalling some ACPI thing under device manager > Battery because i read it somehwere.  I just want to know when my battery is gonna die. I can never work on important documents without a charger. So frustrating..
Relevancy 73.96%

My battery seems to charge very slowly when connected to AC and when I unplug I lose power in less than 20 minutes and the diagnostic says battery is in "Fair" condition and only charging at 41.38% of its original full charge capacity.  When I called customer service since I am still under warranty, they just said I could send in the laptop for repair which takes about 7 business days or go to a Best Buy for the GeekSquad to repair.  I went to Best Buy, but the Geek Squad said they would have to send it off for 13 days so none of this was helpful as this is my only laptop and I need it daily so to send it off for 7 business days would be difficult.  Are there any other options for repair that reduce the time significantly?  I can't believe Lenovo doesn't offer overnight shipping to expedite the process
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I have an issue with a G - notebook nbsp The owner is an on G50-45 on power doesn't with Lenovo battery older nbsp acquaintance of mine who couldn't use it with the WIndows which is the original OS comming with it so in order to install a WIn was needed an update of the BIOS Downloaded from the official Lenovo support center ofcourse nbsp After the update I finaly managed to boot Windows on the notebook but now it won't turn on while battery is on I tried the battery draining suggestions mentioned not once or twice in this forum and nothing gave result Ref nbsp https forums lenovo com t Lenovo-B-and-G-Series-Notebooks G -won-t-start-on-battery td-p nbsp nbsp nbsp Lenovo G50-45 doesn't power on with battery on When pressing the power OR nbsp the Novo button it is getting in a cotinous boot loop while battery is on I tryed Lenovo G50-45 doesn't power on with battery on many varieties but while the battery is installed - Lenovo G50-45 doesn't power on with battery on the notebook keeps restarting but when I remove it and power on only on AC evrything seems to be going quite well nbsp So after I installed the new OS I digged myself into the forum and I ran onto the above mentioned techniques but unfortunatelly after several tries - I give up nbsp My question is - do you have any other ideas Is my problem hardware because it does not exit when I remove this particular hardware - the battery or it is some issue because nbsp of the updated BIOS nbsp nbsp I hope somebody will give me the next direction how to fix what I did please nbsp Thank you in advanced nbsp nbsp BRStacy nbsp nbsp nbsp
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So, as the title says, i purchased the y50 today (win 10/i5/960m) and everything's good except for the battery life. I've been reading a lot of reviews and they always say around 4 to 5 hours of web surfing, which is reasonable for me. However, right now i'm on balanced mode with screen brightness at roughly 50% and the remaining time tells me "2 hours". Actually this remaining time thing fluctuates between 1 hour 30 mins to 3 hours - but never above 4 (not sure why). I've personally tested the battery time from 100% charge with light web surfing (youtube, reddit, etc) and it lasted me a bit less than 3 hours. The power status under the lenovo settings shows that my battery condition is "good"  and the full charge capacity is pretty much at the design capacity of 54wh so i'm not sure what the problem is.  Any help would be appreciated.Thanks

A:brand new lenovo y50 and only 2 hours of battery l...

Hi Shand,
Welcome to the Lenovo community!
I think i have the same specs like yours. Today i tested again and it lasted like 3 hours 20 mins of course some idle time in between. I have a Bluetooth mouse connected and wired cable for internet too. Brightness is almost 80%. I've been using Intel graphic card all the while without switching to nVidia card.
I would like to suggest you to do a battery gauge reset. But i would like to double confirm with you again if you have tried that like the screengrab below which can be found in Energy Management software.

Let us know how you get on  .
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Hi lenovo team, i recently purchased lenovo g50 80 6 days ago i observed a problem in my battery its not charging <60%and fast discharging what might be the problem can anyone help  Thanking you,Regards,venu

A:lenovo g5080 battery problem

Hi Venu1,           
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with battery in your Lenovo G50-80 laptop.
As you have mentioned that the battery does not charge <60% turn off the conservation mode. To turn off the conservation mode go to energy manager, select the settings tab turn off the conservation mode and check if the battery is charged upto 100%.
Let us know the result.
Best regards,         

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I got a lenovo flex 2 on Window 10 which is 0% now and it shows plugged in but not charging  -I know it is not the Energy Management system as it is 0%-I have also tried to delete the Microsoft ACPI- Compliant Control Method Battery and restart my laptop-I have also tried to hold the power button for 40second after it is shut down.  Any other solution which I can still try?Thanks
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I'm having a problem: Since today, when I connect the charger to my laptop, the battery LED blinks every five seconds, when it is supossed to be a constant orange/white light; it has been that way until now and I don't know what that means. It only happens when it's charging, when it's unplugged or not charging, it's a constant light. If someone could explain why this happens, please help me solve this, I'm afraid this could mean a problem with the battery, power supply components or something related, the laptop costed a lot of money and sacrifice to acquire, so I don't want a product that failed my expectations. I still have warranty so I can still send it for repair.
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as i searched lenovo is offering 2 kinds of battery in y700lithium ion and lith polymeras i found my laptop should have li polymer as in the site go down i have 256 ssd and 1 hdd 16gb and 6700i used hw64 it said it is lith ion is there anyway to know exactly type of it 

A:i want to know my battery type in lenovo y700

sinfulslave wrote:as i searched lenovo is offering 2 kinds of battery in y700lithium ion and lith polymeras i found my laptop should have li polymer as in the site go down i have 256 ssd and 1 hdd 16gb and 6700i used hw64 it said it is lith ion is there anyway to know exactly type of it You should see it under Installed Battery in the Battery Report. Generate the report by doing the following:1. Open a Command Prompt window. Windows Key + X, and then click the Command Prompt option in the list.2. Type powercfg /batteryreport then press enter key.3. Open using file explorer C:\Users\NAME\battery report.html to examine the report.
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Hello, I'm having problems with my battery removal. As my title shows, I have a Lenovo ideapad 100, and I am supposed to be sending it off for repairs. For my issue, I need to take the battery out because it's not part of the problem; however, I can't get it out. I read on here to take the base off, but when trying to do that, it seems that it's breaking the inner clips keeping it attached. I don't want to keep breaking these off just to pay for them to be repaired later on. Is there a simpler way to take this base off?
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Bought one of these on ebay and the battery dies after 20 mins from full after being unplugged from charger- what the heck is going on?- Have I been sold a dodgy laptop?
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When on battery my screen flickers to the point that the laptop is unusable.  No problems while it's plugged in.  This issue started under Windows 8, but only appeared when using heavy graphic applications like Photoshop.  Under Windows 10 it starts happening almost immediately when unplugging the power. I've tried changing the power options to ensure it's set to maximum performance while on battery, and tried both on and off for the adaptive display options with no improvement.  I've seen "replace the LCD panel" as a solution in another thread but that does not seem to be a logical fix given that the system works fine under power. Anyone have any other suggestions?  This seems to be a common problem, so I'm hoping there's a driver/update fix.  Has anyone tried getting a new battery?Thanks!!
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I used to use my new lenovo yoga without the battery but now it goes flickery or black when I unplug the battery so I can only use it when it's plugged in
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I have had ongoing issues with the Battery on my Lenovo G700, from when I first recieved it.  The computer thought that my factory battery was a fake and refused to charge it. Currently the battery after getting plugged back in to the wall is inconsistent about starting charging the battery again. This leads the the battery just dying while I am using it plugged into the wall. Who else is experiencing Lenovo Battery issues while plugged into the wall? Is this a common problem for all Lenovo systems?  If so, why has it not been resolved by now? I see messages from older systems than mine that had the same or similar issues too.  Thoughts??
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I have a tablet that restarts every 5 minutes while on battery power. When connected to regular direct current the problem doesn't happen

A:Lenovo restarts on battery power

Good day.
If you could provide more info about your system (eg. model, OS version, etc), we can confirm that your post is in the proper location, and it may help the community to assist you.
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Hi everyone, I have had my Lenovo p400 touch for about 3 years now. Just recently, I noticed that when I plug in my computer, the charging light stays white at all times. The battery always says "Charged, 100%" but when I unplug my charger from the laptop, it immediately shuts down. The screen goes black and all my work is left unsaved. It has gtten to the point where I always need to have the charger in it, otherwise I can't use the laptop at all. Every time I unplug the charger the laptop turns off.  Do I need a new battery? Is the battery bad, or is there something I can do to fix this? I've heard new battery drivers might help, but I am lost. I know replacing the battery in this laptop isnt easy, so I am hoping there is some other solution for me.Any advice would be appreciated!!
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I've recently purchased a used Lenovo T430s. The battery appears to be dead, so I purchased an EBK battery from Amazon. The EBK battery appears to work fine as long as the charger is not plugged in. Shortly after the charger is plugged in the system reboots. I've read that Lenovo laptops will not charge a 3rd party battery. Is this correct?At this point in time I can't be sure that the charging system in the laptop is functioning correctly. Is there a utility that will test the laptops charging system? Thank you,Alan
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After recent Windows 10 update which was forced on my I noticed that my battery stoped working. It stays at 0% and says plugged in, not chargingAny solutions?
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Hi Can I use Battery from Lenovo ThinkPad T410 in Thinkpad T400?

A:Can I use Battery from Lenovo ThinkPad T410 in T40...

No.  It is a different shape
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The battery indicator in the taskbar on my Thinkpad Edge bar is huge, almost as wide as two application buttons. My old HP the indicator was much smaller. I know how to disable it, but is there a way to display a smaller battery indicator, like in the system tray?

A:Big Lenovo Battery Indicator Alternative?

This may work for you. I don't have a laptop, so I can't check it.

Battery Status Tool - Browse Files at

A Guy
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HelloI have a Lenovo G580 laptop with windows 7.I used it for about 2 years and 1 month ago my laptop diesthe laptop does not work and does not have any sign of electric. it does not work with the AC adaptor or with the battery, so the issue was in the motherboard, i bought a new motherboard and replaced the old one with the new (used), then the laptop back to  life againbut the problem is the laptop does not function with the battery, when I plugging the AC adaptor the charging lamp Lighting up and when I run the windows the battery indicator show (92% in charge) for hours and when i unplug the ac adaptor computer shuts down instantly.Please advise .Thank you !
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We have several Lenovo B 's which we are noticing are powering themsleves off nbsp randomly the laptop then refuses to turn on dispite the power cable being plugged in and gives a red orange off red li... B50 Lenovo flashing battery powers with flashing light We know nbsp that this is due to the power supply not being connected in time and the battery running down too low for the laptop to function The light continues to flas even if the power supply is plugged back in after shutdown and the laptop will not restart Lenovo B50 powers off with red flashing battery li... until the light turns to a solid state However we are noticing that the laptop only seams to be lasting about hours in total with normal used tested with a youtube video being played I have also read articules that say that the battery normal starts to go into sleep mode at around which we think maybe desciving staff nbsp Has anyone had the same exsperiances with this we are running Windows and have already changed all the Lenovo B50 powers off with red flashing battery li... power settings Lenovo B50 powers off with red flashing battery li... to never sleep etc nbsp
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Hi everyone, I wanna buy Lenovo 80N4012SRK Yoga 500 14 inch with this specs: FHD IPS Touch (1920x1080)/Intel® Core ? i3-5020U DC 2.2GHz/4Gb/128Gb ssd but I don't understand, what battery there? There is 30w or 45w battery? It's too necessary for me. How much hours can it real work?
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Hello!I would love to know if there's a way that I can know when the battery of my laptop is at a 100%. I usually charge it closed but without letting it die. If anyone can help me, that would be very much appreaciated.
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I have a "Bad" Reported by Lenovo Companion Battery T s which I bought in July It is out of warranty Lenovo companion reports my primary battery is BAD but says absolutey nothing else even though it reports a full charge In fact the lenovo battery icon in the corner "Bad" Battery Reported by Lenovo Companion of my display shows battery is green and "Bad" Battery Reported by Lenovo Companion I'd like to understand whether this battery is bad in the sense that it should be removed from the "Bad" Battery Reported by Lenovo Companion computer immediately or whether it has detected that it is no longer holding a full charge and could be left there I am almost always at the desktop in a docking station so I don't need the full charge nbsp I don't understand why nbsp all they report is Bad Any suggestions as to how I might find more or if it is just reporting lower capacity and nothing more nbsp Also it was kind of confusing which battery they meant when they said primary is bad I could see an argument that either is the primary battery Better to have used the terms integrated and removable I removed the removable battery and reran the test to determine the primary battery is actually the integrated battery I think the service person said the opposite nbsp The lenovo companion page that reports the battery is BAD has a link for more information and it goes to a general lenovo webpage that has nothing to do with support They are trying to get me to apply for a lenovo credit card I think Its so disgraceful how they dropped the ball on this one nbsp Alex
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hello I have a lenovo g - laptop It's a great laptop but recently I have been having a lot of trouble with the battery nbsp Afew days ago I started noticing that while the computer is plugged in to power the battery always stays at It says that it is charging but it remains always at nbsp The Lenovo Energy Maneger says that the battery is weak and needs to be replaced I tried to do a gauge reset but it did not do anything nbsp Under my laptop the region under the power connection is very how while the battery is very cold nbsp nbsp I am not sure what's going on Can anyone help It is unique because it says that the laptop is 'charging' yet the battery always stays but G50-45 stays Lenovo battery says "charging" at... at and does not actually charge nbsp I suspect its the Lenovo Energy Manager that is preventing Lenovo G50-45 says "charging" but battery stays at... the battery from charging because it thinks that the battery needs to be replaced nbsp I tried uninstalling the Lenovo Energy Manager but I am not sure how to do it It does not show up in the list of programs in control panel nbsp Any help would be appreciated nbsp Thanks
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Is there a way to disable battery without remove it from the laptop?,If yes, please let me knowIf not, what are you waiting for?,if you include internal battery why dont provide a simple solution to disable and avoid the reduction of battery life.
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Can someone help me with this problem So I just received 3315 15 Status at Inspiron Stuck 0% Charging, Battery Dell Idle? Battery my brand new Dell Inspiron and the battery is not charging It says it s quot Plugged In Charging quot but it never goes up and stays at At first Dell Inspiron 15 3315 Battery Stuck at 0% Charging, Battery Status Idle? I thought I just need to plug it in for several hours but it s been hours now and still the battery stays at nbsp I tried running the BIOS Diagnostics just to see if there are problems and there s none The battery status says everything is running normally and the Battery State says it s Idle I tried draining the flea power several times removing and reattaching the battery but to no avail I m getting really frustrated and I m really close to throwing this laptop back to Dell nbsp I read somewhere that I have to update the BIOS but it won t update unless the battery is charged at least Someone also suggested that Windows is causing the problem I haven t even started using this laptop and it s already giving me a ton of problems nbsp Any help would be much appreciated Thanks guys