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X1 Carbon graphics driver update kills backlight

Q: X1 Carbon graphics driver update kills backlight

Hi, guys!Some info:X1 Carbon (type 20FC)Intel HD Graphics 520 (driver is up-to-date So far, everything works fine. If I update my graphics driver through Lenovo Companion to, backlighting is stuck at 100%.If I update my graphics driver through Lenovo's support website/Windows device managers' automatic update to, it kills my backlight completely. The only way to get things back to normal is to boot in safe mode, uninstall the graphics driver, reboot and prevent Lenovo Companion from installing the new driver automatically. Please tell me what's wrong and/or fix the grahics driver. Thanks.
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Preferred Solution: X1 Carbon graphics driver update kills backlight

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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In WIN 7 (and WIN 8) the most recent NVIDIA video driver update 331.58 destroys the functionality of the Google Earth (GE) application as follows:

I just installed 331.58 and immediately thereafter Google Earth no longer displays correctly (all other apps are fine). Using Open GL in GE Tools 3D View Options I get a black earth upon zooming in (cant see any sites). Using Direct X in GE Tools 3D View Options I get small green & blue blocks when I zoom in!
I can get a temporary work around by going to GE Tools>Options>3D View Tab>Texture Colors and unchecking "compress", but that is a non-standard selection.

Anyone have/ know what's the problem?

A:NVIDIA 331.58 Driver Update kills Google Earth

Nvidias drivers have been just been terrible for a while now. Unless you really need the new version, rollback to the last known working set.
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Hi and thanks in advance Much of this is a repeat to other threads until the graphic driver problem at the end I also have an Ubuntu partition I'd left my mp player plugged in overnight an Asus Xonar DAC in a usb hub when Windows wanted to do an update and conflict over update conflict, graphics player Windows driver driver BSOD 7 mp3 drivers ensued BSOD Windows 7 update mp3 player driver conflict, graphics driver Strange because I've selected for notification before updating Also have not been successful installing any new updates since the end of May Was seemingly a common problem I checked into it too busy lazy to pursue and succeed This part is confusing Woke up to blasting fans and unplugged everything peripheral BSOD Windows 7 update mp3 player driver conflict, graphics driver First tried setting back to restore points prior to that night - twice Could restart in Safe Mode and with networking Then could restart normally - but shutdowns after minutes or so Got crash logs saw driver conflicts not found - saved Came here read threads did restart at Last Known Good Configuration Restart - Nvidia Geforce driver not found Went to Asus site downloaded and installed driver not lastest version but last approved version and not much later than one that was installed It then went into a system cycled start restart etc attempting to find driver fix itself - forced to do shutdown to stop it Restarted this morning in Safe Mode followed your instructions for posting It's been running in safe mode for about minutes now

A:BSOD Windows 7 update mp3 player driver conflict, graphics driver

Hello welcome to SF .

Critical files are missing please run the SFDT again and let it run it's course.
Most dumps are corrupted, but the one that did survive shows
an extremely old graphics driver.

BugCheck 50, {fffffa9003d08920, 0, fffff88004caec07, 5}

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nvlddmkm.sys
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for nvlddmkm.sys

Could not read faulting driver name
Probably caused by : nvlddmkm.sys ( nvlddmkm+47cc07 )

lmvm nvlddmkm
start end module name
fffff880`04832000 fffff880`0532ed80 nvlddmkm T (no symbols)
Loaded symbol image file: nvlddmkm.sys
Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\nvlddmkm.sys
Image name: nvlddmkm.sys
Timestamp: Thu Jul 02 10:40:25 2009
Driver Reference Table - nvlddmkm.sys
Please update your GPU driver :: Drivers | GeForce ::
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Recently I've been using Intel Driver update utility to keep my drivers in check with what's up to date, but for a while now I've noticed I can't get this spicific one.  It's been bugging me for a while and I'd like to get it updated so this notification will go away.  Where might I go about getting said driver?  I've already looked in the drivers area of the XC603G on the main site.  You're my last hope, Fourms.
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I am trying to update my graphics driver, which is Intel(R) HD graphics 4600, but I am unable to do so. The version that I have installed is I've tried updating through Intel, but I am being redirected to the manufacturer's site. Is there any way to update this driver?
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Hey i have a Compaq Presario PC

the specs i know are, Intel 82945G Express Chipset Family
when i go to the settings under the General tab is says the device is not functioning properly.
My driver version is

my question is how do I update it?

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can anyone send me the links to update

1) intel (R) HD graphics family
2)radeon HD 6470M
3)bios update for hp pavilion g6 1201tx

A:how to update my graphics driver?

Sure thing, nipun. Here you go:

That is the English Indian site with the 64bit architecture. Let me know if it is acceptable.
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My computer's been running Windows for quite some time however I've had this issue since upgrading and even before Won't Update Driver Graphics When I attempt to update the Intel HD Graphics driver provided by HP support I get the following error message nbsp Computer does not meet Graphics Driver Won't Update minimum requirements nbsp The driver is downloaded from the HP support page for my laptop specifically I let them identify the computer and verified the model in the computer info There are a few options available but when attempting to install any of them Graphics Driver Won't Update I get the same error nbsp My current driver is dated Graphics Driver Won't Update which is getting too old to run certain graphics intensive software nbsp All my other drivers are up-to-date no problems there nbsp Troubleshooting nbsp attempted Update all other drivers including BIOS Scanned for malware unlikely but it's possible that coule have an effect Downloaded each driver and attempted to install themRemoved the current graphics driver and attempted to install updated driverTried updating through the device manager and HP Support Assistant both have determined the driver to be fully up-to-date disregarding the driver that comes out that day nbsp Any other thoughts or suggestions would be great thanks for your help
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I'm not sure how to update things like this, the only updates I do are through "Windows Update" that's all I know how to do...which I know seems bad.

Can anyone please tell me how to regularily update other things like graphics driver...and what else am I missing/should be doing?

-Thank you!

Took a screenshot of my graphics device info..

A:Where do I go to update my graphics driver?

You can run the auto detect from here:

Download Drivers
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my problem is I can't update my graphics driver I currently have Intel R HD Graphics however this is a year old I have installed Intel R Driver update utility this displays a new driver called Windows graphic driver for window and verison when I try to install this driver I get the error message The driver being installed is not validated for this computer please obtain the appropriate driver can't update graphics driver then directs me to the HP website to manually install the driver which I receive the same message again it's sending me around in this loop I require this driver for my games I've tried messaging HP support on Twitter with no reply I have also tried emailing and no reply Intel support did get back to me telling me that the driver is for my model and that the manufacture is preventing it from installing and to contact them this is my last place I can ask does anybody know how I can fix can't update graphics driver this issue or how I can force install this driver onto my can't update graphics driver laptop as I'm stuck with a laptop I can't use
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My name is Isaac and I need you help here.

I am running on Pentium 4. I got COD 1 to try.
So yeah, went on the Story one. It said loading and then a Fatal Error Pop-up comes up.

"Your Video Card appears to be missing one or more features required to run Call of Duty"

I am running on SiS 650_651_M650_M652_740 Graphics Card.

Note: Its an onboard 3D Graphics Card.

Please help?


A:Old Graphics Driver Update

make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card....what motherboard do you have?
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Hello all,
So i recently flew to austria and am now using a very old pc. I'm attempting to play a game called toribash and it boots up and the menu doesn't show up, so turns out i need a driver update. Here is the dxdiag for my graphics card, i haven't been able to find any drivers newer than late 2003 for it. It may be impossible to find newer ones but i thought maybe one of you would know where to get some. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

Oh yea forgot to mention, the picture is in german, i doubt anybody will have any trouble navigating through it but if you do i should be able to translate for you or get the same picture in english.

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My issue seems to be a common one but after several suggestions and tips I'm still getting a warning message when I restart my computer. The message reads:

The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by tthe driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please update your ATI graphics driver, or enable your ATI adapter using the Displays Manager.

What I've tried already was enabling the adapter in the display/device manager, and I saw in another thread to use the MMDotNETSetup mod in the install process of the new driver. I followed the steps from here yet my problem still exists. I even made sure the UAC was turned off.

Can any one help me, and tell me what I'm missing, I'd be extremely greatfull if this can be fixed ^_^


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I cant find the correct version of drivers and graphics card so can yall help please? My pc only works in safe mode in regular it crashes and freezes after a few mins of being on.
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I have a dell inspiron 6000 and I got mobile intel 915GM/GMS,910GML express chipset family for my graphics card driver. I want to play the Dimension U game, so I have to update my graphics card driver. But I can't. Can somebody help me?

A:How can I update my graphics card driver

You can look up the dell website for your computer model and its drivers and download from there, or you can set windows to automatically search for and install drivers for you through this method:
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I play a game called Brick-Force, But for some reason when I join servers with players over 8 I start to lag

When I mailed them they said this


thank you for contacting the Brick-Force Support.

Your graphics card should be able to handle the game Please try following steps:

- update the drivers for your graphics card. They are from 2011 and may be outdated.
- install Service Pack 1 and 2 for Windows Vista

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us again.
With kind regards,

Brick-Force Support

I updated them,

My question is can I upgrade my drivers even further other purchasing a single peny in new graphic card?

Here's my DxDiag

A:Can I update my graphics card Driver

Hello Lucis,

For your Aspire 5738, it says you have a Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family. I found the latest driver version from October 19th 2011 for it at Intel below.

Hope this helps,
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Can anyone tell me more about the Intel Application Accelerator Performance Software? Should I install it? Is is safe?

Website :* XP Home Edition&lang=eng

Thank You.

System: Windows XP Home Edition SP2
Intel Celeron 2.80Ghz

A:Solved: Graphics driver Update

This is not actually a graphics driver.
Many motherboards now use software that basically uses SCSI emulation
for hard drive controllers to help increase data transfer rates from the hard drive.
This appears to be the same.
If your system is compatable with it,it can offer some small improvement.
It won't hurt to run without it.
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I badly need advice from you techguys. It appears that the graphics driver on my computer needs to be updated, or maybe even completely renewed. My screen wipes out unexpectedly and I recieve a flash of a blue screen. The information I get is that I need to update the seriously malfunctioning driver. It is as follows: NVIDIA GeForce4 440 Go (Microsoft Corporation).

After going through the Microsoft steps and also visiting the NVIDIA website a matching driver cannot be found.

Do I finally need to buy a new computer?

A:Graphics Driver Update Advice

If you're looking for an excuse to buy a new computer I don't wanna spoil your party.

But going from a driver problem to a new computer is a big jump. Maybe the driver got updated when it should not have. Or is corrupted. See if you can Roll back the driver (Device Manager - right click on the display adapter - Properties - Driver tab). Any difference?

Try Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking. If you get the same problem I would suspect the card itself rather than the driver.
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So I've been trying to update my graphics card Before I ever got the notification for the update and tried to install it I could Graphics Update Failed, Driver Help! play minecraft and star craft and watch Netflix video When I did install and was given the failed due to I O error box I couldn't play any games or watch any Netflix Don't know what to do to fix this Since I've gone to my manufacturers website and re-installed my Graphics Driver Update Failed, Help! driver but I think the real problem is seeing how I cant connect it It always says it failed due to the I O error so I cant connect it to the video card or something My computer is a Toshiba other info Model Satellite L DProcessor AMD A - M Graphics Driver Update Failed, Help! APU with Radeon TM HD Graphics GHzPlenty of RAM only month old computer In Device Manager under Display Adapters It says Microsoft Basic Display Adapter I just need to know how to change it I've gone in through device manager pressed update driver chose to do it manually and choose a signed driver When I choose My AMD Radeon Drive and it attempts to install it always says it failed due to an I O error This has been going on for a week or so and I thought I could fix it but nothing works If you need anymore Graphics Driver Update Failed, Help! info just ask I just really need help im going to go nuts

A:Graphics Driver Update Failed, Help!

uninstall the video drivers from device manager

do your windows updates for at least your chipsets and graphics driver

download the drivers here Official Toshiba Support | Toshiba

your full model number is required there are 5 more digits after the L875D >> L875D-XXXXX

Scroll down the huge list of drivers, and find your chipset if possible, but at least your graphics adapter..
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I have an Intel(r) HD Graphics 4000, and I need to update it but everytime I download from Intel directly it says 'you have a modified version please ask your equipment manufacturer for updated drivers'. I need the update to continue to play a few games, but no matter what I do or where I go I can't seem to find current graphic card updates that will actually install. The website has no driver downloads for graphics cards on this model and it's getting a bit frustrating, does anyone have a solution?

A:Graphics Driver update for TravelMateP653-M not av...

prior to install Intel VGA drivers, you need to uninstall the Acer Intel VGA drivers. you can check if they are available to uninstall on Programs and features or going to Device manager, click on Display adapters, right click on Intel VGA and choose to uninstall (if it asks about uninstall software, say OK to this option).Once done, you can install the Intel drivers from Intel website.
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Hello all,

I have just upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10 pro. Getting multiple different BSODs including bad pool caller, system thread exception not handled (RTKVHD64.sys), and some others. Dmp files attached. I took a look at the reliability history and saw seagate dashboard was causing a problem - updated that driver. Also saw MediaServer on the list, so I uninstalled TVersity. I'm trying to update my graphics card driver, but I am getting bsod in the middle of updating (first time was system thread exception, second time was bad pool caller). Thanks in advance!
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I recently downloaded the latest version of the Intel HD Family Graphics but when I attempt to install it I get the following messages:

On the .exe installation: 'Your computer does not meet the minimum requirements." and "Your system is not supported".

On the .zip: 'Your driver is up to date.' However it's v8...

I've read somewhere that you can 'force update it' or are there any better options?
If not, how can I force update?

A:How do I force update my Graphics Driver?

Did you perhaps download a x64 version of the driver instead of x86, or vice versa?
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I see there is a new driver for my Intel 4600 graphics adapter. I assume everything will go well, but I'm paranoid. How do I back out this maintenance (or do anything else, for that matter) if I no longer have a usable graphics adapter? I assume there must be some basic bios-based driver used during the boot process so I guess I could reinstall Windows at worst, but that seems like a bit of overkill.

What standard precautions are advised before updating a graphics driver?

A:How to undo bad graphics driver update

Ok. I think I have the answer to my question, but I'd like it confirmed. I should be able to boot in safe mode and revert to the previous driver. It's unclear to me whether that works with a DVI-connected monitor, but I have an old VGA cable if I see nothing via DVI.
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Sorry if this doesn t belong here as I m obviously a newb but I require help My laptop is about a year old and when counterstrike source boots up it tells Radeon graphics Help driver me card update my me to Help me update my Radeon graphics card driver update my graphics card My card is an ATI Mobility Radeon and I m running XP I downloaded the Catalyst driver from the ATI site and when I try to install it it says INF Error Video Driver Not Found Setup was unable to complete the installation Try to setup your display adaptar with a standard VGA driver before running setup All I m trying to do is get a better FPS rate and I don t know if the Catalyst was supposed to work or if it s the right one or not however it s the only thing I could find on the ATI site I tried googling and found someone else with a similar situation and someone told them to download an Omega driver and then install Catalyst after however this is not on the ATI site and I want to make sure it will work and is official Thanks for any help nbsp

A:Help me update my Radeon graphics card driver

did you downlaod the moble drivers, or the regular ones?
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Hi people maybe someone of you can help me out here My problem is the latest graphics driver for my Nvidia GeForce GTX Ti After installing it Aero Peek Effects stopped to function and out grayed update graphics after driver AeroPeek is AeroPeek grayed out after graphics driver update shown as a grayed out option in task properties I followed your tutorial here but nothing changed My WEI score is refreshed stopping and restarting services didn't help even if the run as supposed to and all visual effects are enabled Do you guys have any other ideas or solutions NoobNeeds Edit Found some interesting things When I quit some games I played in fullscreen Aero Peek sometimes reverts to normal sometimes not Furthermore I seem to have a problem with my windows not being dockable to the left side of the screen Moving my mouse with or without window past the left end of my screen results in both vanishing to a place no one knows about As if the desktop screen quot thinks quot it has more place it should usually have Funny about all this is that it's only happening from top to of the screen On the bottom part of the AeroPeek grayed out after graphics driver update screen my mouse stops normally but windows are still not dockable My screen looks normal though Docking my windows to top works and shows them how they should look

A:AeroPeek grayed out after graphics driver update

Have you searched on the new driver to see if others are having the same issue? It could be a regression in the driver. In which case I would revert to the previous driver until they fix it.
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My screen on my laptop is broke so I use a external monitor to use the laptop. When I booted before my gfx card was updated the dxdiag didn't show any information for the graphics driver. So I went to Nvidia's site to update my driver after updating it had me restart my computer. After doing that it showed the loading screen but after the screen goes black and doesn't go anywhere. I am currently in safemode any ideas?

Edit: Vista ultimate 32bit

A:Graphics driver update windows won't boot

Hi go to the laptop makers support site and download and install the driver from there,nvidia drivers may not be appropriate for the laptop many makers use a version of their own
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I just purchased a new HP Laptop and I am trying to run a new video game app that says I have a error AP301... apparently the driver installed on my system is the latest and only available from HP as a custom product - I would like to update to the latest Intel driver but the Intel guys send me back to HP as the driver installed on my systme is HP proprietary....  I feel stuck... any suggestions?  Scott
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Until today my Inspiron 15 3000 series laptop has been working fine when coupled with a Dell D3100 Docking Station allowing me to plug in a larger Acer monitor. That is until I kept getting a Dell Update window popping up telling that an Intel HD 5500 graphics driver update was available.
I ignored this several times until I finally got sick of it and foolishly clicked on update driver. Unfortunately this resulted in a blank screen on both the laptop and the external monitor that was connected via the graphics port on the docking station/port replicator.
The only way to get it working again is to disconnect the docking station which then allows the laptop screen to start functioning again.
If I go into device manager the option to rollback the driver for the display adapter is greyed out. How do I remove this Dell suggested driver update so that the docking station works again?
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Had a BSOD problem the other day and I posted to the forum:
2 separate atikm?ag BSOD errors

As part of the solution I was encouraged to download and install the latest graphics driver. Unfortunately, that driver install somehow messed up my USB Controllers - every device listed (and there's 7 of them) display a little yellow triangle with an exclamation point. Right-clicking on any of those 7 items gives me the following.

And the 2 TB external HDD (which I depend on mightily) is, right now, useless on this machine.

Update - I've now followed the steps in this tutorial USB Driver - General Fix for Problems and not only did it not fix my USB problem, but I've now lost my network printer. Sigh...

A:USB Ports Corrupted After Graphics Driver Update

Ok. First of all...

1. Go to the HP website and download the proper graphics drivers, the chipset drivers, and the USB drivers (may be in the chipset drivers) for your laptop.
2. Uninstall the graphics driver you currently have installed.
3. Reinstall the chipset drivers.
4. Reinstall the USB drivers.
5. Reinstall the proper HP graphics drivers.
6. Reboot

That will hopefully clear up the problem.

The problem that you are having stems from the fact that the generic graphic drivers that you get from the AMD website are not made for your HP laptop. These drivers also (usually) include a USB driver, that is (guess what?) probably incompatible with your hardware as well, and that is what has borked your USB ports.

Try those things and please post back any success or failures so we can help more.
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As what the title says, when I try to update AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series, AMD Radeon HD 6520G, upon restarting my computer I get the BSOD.
The reason for updating is when I look in Device Manager Both those "Display adapters" have yellow exclamation marks. Also when my computer starts up I get an AMD catalyst error "No AMD Graphics Driver installed, or the AMD Driver is not functioning properly".

Side note - I'm not very good computer stuff.

A:After trying to update my graphics driver I get BOSD upon restart

Hello and welcome Soramage now first up did you uninstall the old version first before updating the new driver?

Can you get into safe mode if so run these < use the /f option in Option 2 ifnecessary

If you have access to another machine maybe you could try downloading the older version of that driver onto a stick and again if you are lucky be able to reinstall it onto the machine.
By the way why did you update if you don't mind me asking.
In a bit I shall be offline so please be patient if I do not respond when you have checked these out. Someone else might pick it up anyway.
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Microsoft forced update to the OS, after the update I get an error message when launching programs (igc32.dll error).  The problem appears to be related to the graphics driver as if I change the driver to Microsoft's basic driver all works fine.  I've been trying to find if there's an updated graphics driver for my PC.  The update update from Intel informs me this is customized by vendor and to check with vendor.  I use HP's driver update and it tells me it's not compataible with my PC.  Frustrating.  I've used the graphics driver here on the product page  -> When I run it I'm told my PC doesn't meet the minimum requirenments.   I'm running driver  Is there an update available?  If so where would I find it?  

A:Where to find update for Envy 750-114 graphics driver

@bob_sherry_1?, welcome to the forum. I suggest going into the Device Managr / Monitors / right click on your monitor / Update Driver Software / Search automatically for updated driver software.  If there is an updated driver it will be downloaded and installed.
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Hey guys After certain update of my graphics card driver I no longer have a video playback on my video players including WMP besides VLC All the other video player Video graphics No driver playback update after are just able to play the sound of the video file Nut not the video the screen just stays black The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously all my video players were able to play all the same video files which they can't now I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video drivers installed As I mentioned I didn't have this problem before with a previous versions of the AMD graphics card driver This happened to my laptop a while ago already Since I have this problem I updated my video drivers or times at least and no change so far As I mentioned I have the problem for some time already during this time I re-installed my Windows couple of times plus I even changed the version of the windows to for the moment I have the last version of video driver installed I haven't installed ANY codecs I can probably No Video playback after graphics driver update find out from which update of a graphic card driver it started to happen and install the previous version but I don't wanna miss out on the benefits of the driver updates since I No Video playback after graphics driver update can still play normally videos on VLC Only cuz its probably have integrated codecs No Video playback after graphics driver update Can anyone help me with this pleas Thanks and have a nice day hope we can solve this p s All the other graphic card related tasks are perfectly normal I play games and so on

A:No Video playback after graphics driver update

In the CCC of the drivers there are some settings for VIDEO, play with them and see what gives. Most probably you need to engage or disengage "Use Video Player Settings."
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I am getting many computer restarts with the warning Video Scheduling Error Driver Envy Hp Intel 750-124 Graphics Cannot for update I decided to update the video driver and tried Cannot update Intel Graphics Driver for Hp Envy 750-124 twice but cannot The current graphics nbsp is an nbsp On Board Intel HD Graphics with a driver version nbsp with a date of nbsp At the HP site I can download the driver with a newer date But when I try to install it says that the Computer does not meet minimum requirements and just stops and leaves me hanging twice The driver with date of nbsp Jul on page nbsp http support hp com us-en drivers selfservice hp-envy- - -desktop-pc-series model nbsp is the one that does not load since it says my computer oddly does not meet minimum requirements nbsp Computer HP Envy - Product nbsp NOA AA ABAGraphics nbsp On Board Intel HD Graphics Microprocessor nbsp Itel Core i - CPU Ghz nbsp GhzRAM GBOp System nbsp Windows Home bit x based proc nbsp Any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp
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I have an Acer Aspire 5745 and it has Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit. I have Intel HD Graphics version I decided to upload it so I searched my laptop on Acer's site but they offer drivers for 64bit only so I downloaded drivers for another Acer model laptop (it uses the same drivers as my model does). I tried to install it but it says "The driver being installed is not validated for this computer. Please obtain the appropriate driver from the computer manufacturer".
So I decided to update my driver through device manager and I asked it to update from the folder where I had extracted the driver downloaded from Acer's site. But it says that your driver is up-to-date (it surely isn't).
Please help me, I need to update this driver for smooth gameplay.....

A:Update error in Intel HD Graphics driver

Have you tried the 64 bit version that Acer says is for your specific model? Many times drivers are for both 32 and 64 bit OS. You can also try the Intel site for your Intel chipset.

Proper game play isn't just the video driver. The PC must meet (usually exceed) all the other requirements of the game.
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I am getting many computer restarts with the warning Video Scheduling Error I decided to update the Driver 750-124 Intel Graphics for Envy Cannot Hp update video driver and tried twice but cannot The current graphics nbsp is an nbsp On Board Intel HD Graphics with a driver version nbsp with a date of nbsp At the HP site I can download the driver with a newer date But when Cannot update Intel Graphics Driver for Hp Envy 750-124 I try to install it says that the Computer does not meet minimum requirements and just stops and leaves me hanging twice The driver with date of nbsp Jul on page nbsp http support hp Cannot update Intel Graphics Driver for Hp Envy 750-124 com us-en drivers selfservice hp-envy- - -desktop-pc-series model nbsp is the one that does not load since it says my computer oddly does not meet minimum requirements nbsp Computer HP Envy - Product nbsp NOA AA ABAGraphics nbsp On Board Intel HD Graphics Microprocessor nbsp Itel Core i - CPU Ghz nbsp GhzRAM GBOp System nbsp Windows Home bit x based proc nbsp Any help would be appreciated Thanks nbsp
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Well! That was a jarring experience! Just got a update via WU for Intel HD Graphics 4600. During install, it went absolutely bonkers on the display. Kaleidoscope wacky! Just let it be for a minute or so to finish install, then power button off/on. Wow!

A:New Intel HD Graphics 4600 Driver Update in WU

This one seems to have messed my Windows 10 opening icons (e.g. the cogwheel when opening settings app), they're like pixelated or lower quality. Restart didn't fix it, going to uninstall clean and let it download from scratch via WU again.

Update: Yes, it worked, icons are normal again.
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Hi all I have an ASUS M- tower and I recently had it's Intel HD Graphics konk out on me The HDMI output stopped working rendering my tower useless for watching failed graphics update after driver boot PC won't HD movies on I tried using an Intel driver updating app but apparently it didn't work After a reboot I get a solid red screen with no text on it and no way to interact with it I can't login or do anything The only thing that happens is the screen changes from red to blue if I tap ESC that is it So I accessed the recovery options by pressing F at bootup I chose the Reset PC option It went thru the process but after completing and its auto reboot I just get a blank black screen now with no way to interact No logos no updating icons nothing to indicate more stuff is going on like setting up files If I reboot from this screen PC won't boot after failed graphics driver update it just reboots the PC and loops back to the same blank black screen I tried leaving it for over minutes on the black screen thinking maybe it's just doing stuff in the background but nothing comes of it I am not sure what to do from here I don't have a recovery USB or disc Anyone have another suggestion
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Unable to update my graphics drivers. HP doesn't have an update because my Compac is outdated.

My graphic card was VIA km400 8bits. Please help me.


A:Windows 7 upgrade from XP ... Cannot update graphics driver

Hello Chris, and welcome to Seven Forums.

I just don't see any Windows 7 drivers available for the VIA KM400.

Other than using the generic drivers, it may be time to upgrade to a more up to date graphics card.
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Hello -I'm new to these forums so let me introduce myself my name is Am lie nearly years old from Europe and currently studying medicine - please update! :( driver after Whole windows graphics freezes help me I need this computer to study because it has all my files and projects it started freezing after installing ati drivers please read my steps - Yesterday my pc was running very Whole windows freezes after graphics driver update! :( fine Uninstalled amd drivers to reinstall them in the middle of uninstallation the screen went wrong colors badly displayed white black and random colors everywhere after uninstalling rebooted Whole windows freezes after graphics driver update! :( pc reinstalled latest drivers colors back normal - pc Whole windows freezes after graphics driver update! :( worked for an hour to two started a game saint's row main menu was fine in the loading the pc freezed with brown screen and had to long press power to shut it down tried another games later same problem - now when turning pc on sometimes the screen is displayed wrong white lines behind the mouse they stay the same and never move or disepear but when starting a game the pc freezes sometimes when starting pc the lines come sometimes they don't when pc starts with them they stay when pc starts without them they don't appear until starting a game and pc crashes the lines always when they come they start after the windows loading logon step never before and safe mode always works perfectly Things I tried to fix the issue - reinstalled drivers completly removed them and installed latest ones completly removed and installed original ones from original cd same problem - reinstalled windows pc worked fine until the step I installed the ati drivers and rebooted pc pc froze after the windows logon loading step - checked temperatures of all my computer parts checked fan speeds and voltages everything fine - tried a cpu gpu stress test and it worked fine I even let gpu temperature go to c and fan was running at top speed no problem played full hd movies at the same time to test if gpu crashes and it did not played a heavy flash game and it did not crash but when starting a normal game even windows titans chess the whole pc freezes Please I need this pc to study so badly especially when I'm having exams this week before christmas vacations Thanks a lot for reading I would really appreciate and thank you if you help me

A:Whole windows freezes after graphics driver update! :(

When a driver fails in the way you describe and Win7 becomes unbootable, the best approach is to boot into System Recovery Options to run System Restore to before the driver was updated. Then take note of the driver so you don't install it again unless you want to test it.

Was this driver provided by Windows Updates? If not check now if there are drivers which Win7 prefers that are delivered via Important and Optional Windows Updates when you enable Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3).

In fact I'd look over the steps given in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 which compile the tools and methods which assure you'll get and keep a perfect install. These are the same for retail.

I would try all possible drivers for Win7 for your Display adapter from your PC maker, device maker, Windows Updates, etc. These remain cued in Device Manager>Display>Driver tab>Update Driver>Browse>Let me choose. There is also a Roll Back Driver button to use, or System Restore if it won't boot as noted.

You have a good command of your PC so here are other Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 to work through.

If you'll post back results as you go we will work with you to help resolve this fully.

Please fill out your system specs in the bottom left corner of your post.
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Hey guys After certain update of my graphics card driver I no longer have a video playback on my video players including WMP besides VLC All the other video player are just able to play the sound of the video file Nut not the video the screen just stays black The thing is that I didn't have this problem previously all my video players were able to play all the same video files which they can't now I have the latest AMD Radeon HD video driver No after update graphics playback Video drivers installed As I mentioned I didn't have this problem before with a previous versions of the AMD graphics card driver This happened to my laptop a while ago already Since I have this problem I updated my video drivers or times at least and no change so No Video playback after graphics driver update far As I mentioned I have the problem for some time already during this time I re-installed my Windows couple of times plus I even changed the version of the windows to for the moment I have the No Video playback after graphics driver update last version of video driver installed I haven't installed ANY codecs I can probably find out from which update of a graphic card driver No Video playback after graphics driver update it started to happen and install the previous version but I don't wanna miss out on the benefits of the driver updates since I can still play normally videos on VLC Only cuz its probably have integrated codecs Can anyone help me with this pleas Thanks and have a nice day hope we can solve this p s All the other graphic card related tasks are perfectly normal I play games and so on

A:No Video playback after graphics driver update

Driver updates are over-rated, unless they specifically target your situation, better to stay with what is working fine.

I would hit up for old drivers and nvidia driver clearing utilities, try one until it works, that's obviously what the problem is....

Been there done that..... if it ain't broke don't fix it....
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Had a BSOD problem the other day and I posted to the forum:
2 separate atikm?ag BSOD errors

As part of the solution I was encouraged to download and install the latest graphics driver. Unfortunately, that driver install somehow messed up my USB Controllers - every device listed (and there's 7 of them) display a little yellow triangle with an exclamation point. Right-clicking on any of those 7 items gives me the following.

And the 2 TB external HDD (which I depend on mightily) is, right now, useless on this machine.
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Reformatted my computer and reinstalled all the updates and drivers that came with it and the quality of the graphics or monitor did not return to how they were Rounded edges look scratchy and choppy and text is basically stupid trying to read Before i reformatted i first booted up this comp amp i updated the optional nvidia driver through the windows update panel and my monitor quality and graphics immediately improved so i remain puzzled I have updated everything in the device manager driver-wise still no improvement This pc has Nvidia Geforce SE nforce I have browsed all around the web looking for solutions i have driver Graphics update upon reinstall and problem tried to change the resolution which is currently set to x if that helps tried using the actual monitor settings to change things tried using the nvidia control panel to mess with stuff and none of that helped Also tried basic troubleshooting and even tried a second reformat recovery just incase a bad driver got installed Because of these bad image and video graphics i have started using the windows theme ghetto mode to compensate for it Makes me feel better lol Any help would be nice Sorry if i posted this in the wrong category

A:Graphics problem upon reinstall and driver update

If you haven't already go to the system screen, windows key and pause/break key, and run your WEI. I've seen situations where Aero won't work until you run your WEI at least once. If you are using an LCD screen to get the best picture if you want to set the resolution to the recommend "Native" resolution for that monitor. If you can't do that post back and we'll go from there. Might want to fill in your system specs in your profile too.
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Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: 860A9008
BCP2: 9780E72A
BCP3: C000009A
BCP4: 00000004
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

Files that help describe the problem:

A:Screen has been going black (twice) since graphics driver update

I haven't done anything else major besides updating the graphics driver (nvidia), so my best guess right now is that's what's causing it. What can I do? Both times the screen has died I've had to manually shut down, both were during very inopportune times, and I can't have it keep happening. Thanks guys.
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Hello on update Can't my Asus UL30VT! driver graphics I m not sure this belongs in this forum section so if it doesn t please don t bite my head off All right so about a month ago the laptop I used to game with broke because of a water accident Thus I cannot get it repaired for free and my poor little student budget can t afford a repair So now I Can't update my graphics driver on Asus UL30VT! m using my tiny UL VT to game with until Can't update my graphics driver on Asus UL30VT! I can get hold of someone who can repair my dear laptop for something cheaper than what the store I bought it at charges for it - And it has been coping surprisngly fine considering that it isn t a laptop meant for that But yesterday I ran into a problem where I am forced to update my graphics driver to be able to play on decent graphics in most of my games So I downloaded the newest driver from nvidia and everything was fine until it told me that it couldn t install because it couldn t find the hardware itself I got told that s because of the option to switch betweens graphics Intel GMA X MHD and NVIDIA GeForce G M in my UL VT and thus I need to get a special driver from ASUS But that driver s nowhere to be found So are anyone here able to tell me where I can find the driver I need It really annoys me to have to play on the lowest graphics possible just because of a stupid driver problem THanks in advance nbsp

A:Can't update my graphics driver on Asus UL30VT!

ASUS driver

Been to the ASUS driver download page, BUT it was blank at first try, so forced it to reload the page;
There are 2 drivers listed for your UL30VT, 1) is a patch , (V1.0.0.1)@116KB, and
2) nVidia graphic driver, (V8.15.11.8688)@ 97MB.
These are for Windows 7. Hope this is what you meant.
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After a sudden overnight update to Windows the machine started to freeze and crash - mostly update 3000 missing HD Graphics driver Intel(R) while the mouse cursor moves or dialog opens or other display changes happen quickly I figure I should update the graphics card which Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 driver update missing is listed as nbsp Intel R HD Graphics nbsp My Envy machine runs a -bit system on core i CPU Ghz nbsp For that machine the Intel website will not give an option for a Windows update The driver version is wayyyyy behind version nbsp Current version update is for Windows for that graphic card It is here https downloadcenter intel Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000 driver update missing com product Intel-HD-Graphics- -for- nd-Generation-Intel-Core- The version there is listed as which is signed to a year ago with a slightly lower nbsp version number released months ago It is only given as an exe package which will not install because of spec incompatibility nbsp Can I get the Win driver for the Win machine If this makes sense where can I get the file itself and how to do this nbsp TIA Yuval nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp
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I have been having trouble playing games on Steam and found out that my graphics driver is update Toshiba Laptop Driver Unable to Graphics out of date Laptop Toshiba Satellite Model A D-S Graphics ATI Mobility Radeon HD Series Driver Version The latest driver version is The problem is that I cannot update Unable to update Toshiba Laptop Graphics Driver the driver through other sources websites due to Toshiba locking the driver updating through their site only I checked their site and found that they have not provided an update for the latest ATI driver I also found out that Toshiba no longer provides support for my laptop model I downloaded the latest driver from another source site and tried to manually update it myself by telling it to look in the containing folder instead of online When I do this the ATI Catalyst Control program pops up and takes over It looks online for the latest driver and tells me I already have it When I tried to deactivate ATI Catalyst it decided to delete the currently installed driver and I couldn't get ATI Catalyst to work afterwards to reinstall the driver from the Toshiba site I was forced to go back to a previous known good startup point I forget the exact terminology at the moment to have things back the way it was before I messed with ATI Catalyst My question Is there a way to force update the driver without ATI Catalyst Control popping up and taking over Attached is a DxDiag text file

A:Unable to update Toshiba Laptop Graphics Driver

Hello and welcome to the forums. McCrazy!

The answer is yes!

We'll do this the old fashioned way and bypass ATI's CCC and lock it down, using the good ol' reliable, uninstall, clean and reinstall method.

Before you do anything further, ensure that you have the following programs installed and at your disposal:-

1) Driver Sweeper 3.2.0 - This program will clean out all the remaining traces of AMD drivers on your system. Download and install this software before we begin. - Driver Sweeper

2) Download these 12.6 legacy drivers direct from AMD/ATI, no detection required, compatible with your mobility card also:-

3) A system restore point handy just in case.

The Procedure:-

1) First, we're gonna take care of that pesky ATI Catalyst Control Center.

Head to your Task Manager (Press Ctrl-Shift-Escape) and terminate the CCC.exe and MOM.exe processes if you can find them. (Make sure to select Show Processes from all users at them bottom of the Task Manager first so that you can see all processes)

2) Next step, to get rid of all the existing AMD graphics software on your system in preparation for the new drivers.

Head to your Programs and Features entry in the Control Panel, find the AMD Catalyst Install Manager entry and right click on it, select Change and then select the option to remove all the AMD software on your system, and while you're at it, get rid of the Catalyst Install Manager when given the option to do so.
Your desktop may flicker a few times, it's normal.
If it worked properly, your desktop's resolution should look like a screen out of the 90s.

Once that's done, you will asked to reboot. DO NOT REBOOT YET.

Instead, head to your Device manager (Start menu|type in Device Manager|Enter) and check for the entry under the Display Adapters option..
If you see an entry called "Standard VGA Adapter" you're on the right path, and we can proceed.
If Windows 7, in it's infinite wisdom, has decided to rollback your drivers to another version we're gonna have to manually install the Standard VGA Adapter entry.
Do this by double clicking on the entry of your graphics card and in the box that opens select the driver tab, then, update driver, browse my computer for driver software, Let me pick...,and tick show compatible hardware in the next box, and install the Standard VGA Graphics Adapter option.

After this you'll be asked to reboot. Reboot but into safe mode, and we can proceed with the next step...
3) Using Driver Sweeper
After booting into safe mode, launch Driver Sweeper, tick the AMD - Display checkbox, and select Analyse.. once Analysis is complete, make sure all the results are ticked, then select the clean option..
If asked to reboot, reboot, but this time into normal mode.
4) Finally we can install the new complete driver package from AMD.

Launch the installer you downloaded straight from AMD/ATI and follow the instructions to proceed; if you wish you can select Customize Installation to pick and choose the components you want.

And that's it!
Hope that helped!
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can anyone tell me how to fix this. i followed this video and i cant find intelGfx.NTamd64.6.3 in the inf file.

A:window10 cant update my intel hd graphics 2000 driver

Intel HD Graphics 3000/2000 (Sandybridge) Windows 10 Graphics Driver support ?

According to the link (footnote 2) that cards drivers were only supported in "legacy mode" (compatibility) even in win 8.1. It may do the same in win 10 and the only way to find it is to try it

To install in compatibility mode do the following:

Right click the installer>properties>compatibility>choose OS

Make older programs run in this version of Windows
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I was unable to play League of Legends when an error message showed up,
"An unknown DirectX error has occurred and League of Legends cannot start. Please make sure your video card is using the latest video drivers from the manufacturer."

I've tried downloading Microsoft DirectX? End-User Runtime, but that did not work either.

In an attempt to update my video drivers from amd, its auto detect method failed to recognize any of my (video) drivers.

I had considered installing a driver manually, however i am afraid that may risk my laptop to function properly.

Can anyone please find a compatible driver for me?

I left an attachment of the information from a run from dxdiag.

A:How to update a graphics card driver, Standard VGA Adapter

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Try the Driver in the Link below ... It is for a different Model than you have but is the same Version so should work ...
Drivers & Downloads
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I hope you can help me fix my dad s computer This site has helped me won't failed boot XP: Windows update, graphics driver fix my laptop I really appreciate you guys On my dad s computer I tried to update BIOS graphics driver per instructions for new larger monitor which Windows XP: failed graphics driver update, won't boot has not even been hooked up yet I went to the Dell website and entered the service code HPLW G to find the graphics driver to update I recall nvidia but now looking at the list that they have on that website I am not sure what I downloaded I saved it to desktop and then clicked to install it I then got a small popup that said I must close all other applications When I clicked ok on that little window - so I could close the other applications that were open it started installing anyway I exited the install window wrong thing to do It said do not turn off power in red letters closed applications Then I restarted because it didn t want to open google chrome NOW when I turn it on the blue light on the on button lights up sounds like the fan is running but the monitor does not even respond it goes into powersave mode I tried another monitor no change The computer won t turn off unless I hold the off button down for awhile The wierd thing is that when the computer is unplugged it comes back on when plugged in again But there is never any flashing lights below the on button that indicates that the hard drive is working I think this may be bad I tried hitting F after turning it on and nothing happens It does not sound like the hard drive is working Dell Inspiron Windows XP desktop GB plus I think more GB was added GB hard drive Processor Sempron LE- K C G Hard Drive G S K M Lead Free SGT-NH Dual In-Line Memory Module G M X RX Dell SE WFP flat LCD monitor quot I m sorry I looked up info on the rest of the specs this am but I don t recall the type of nvidia card that is in it nbsp
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I have HP G graphics Driver Raedon HD Update: Windows for 7670M 8.1 AMD TX Windows 8.1 Update: Driver for AMD Raedon HD 7670M graphics notebook I updated Windows 8.1 Update: Driver for AMD Raedon HD 7670M graphics windows recently i e th Oct nbsp I am having problem in my display card nbsp I have two display drivers nbsp Intel HD nbsp Driver Version Driver Date - - AMD Raedon HD MDriver Version Driver Date - - nbsp At this time my switchable graphics for AMD Graphics card doesnt work on HIGH PERFORMANCE nbsp nbsp Then nbsp i installed both the drivers provided on the site nbsp http h www hp com ewfrf wc softwareCategory os amp lc en amp cc us amp dlc en amp sw lang amp product But when i install the driver for Intel HD Version Date nbsp - - it gets updated but then AMD video card doesnt work It says Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems Code nbsp I ran all the troubleshooters and downloaded drivers from amd site also the latest drivers still my graphics card not working High performance switachable graphics on VLC VLC crashes Games running on High Performance like CALL OF DUTY MW etc not running nbsp Is windows havent provided AMD HD M Graphics card driver nbsp Please upload latest drivers for windows because on the site the drivers are outdated nbsp Solved View Solution

A:Windows 8.1 Update: Driver for AMD Raedon HD 7670M graphics

Hi, had the same problem with intel 4000 and AMD HD7600 series after updating to windows 8.1 After many, many tries I solved it by installing (in this order!) 1. for intel: Intel® Iris? and HD graphics Driver for Windows 8.1* 64 (this is for the 64  bit version) 2. AMD latest Beta Driver (dated november 2013, is this the one you got?)
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Good Evening I have spent hours trying to fix this problem I am working on my sister's machine and really would like to get this running without formatting the hard drive Here is what driver Windows at Starting Win Stuck after 7 graphics update happened Yesterday my sister asked me to remove some malware from her machine I used malwarebytes to remove a browser object helper spam The machine restarted and booted into windows perfectly At the same time I decided to update some of her software and drivers that were years out of date I Win 7 Stuck at Starting Windows after graphics driver update installed the newest AMD Catalyst Driver beta I did not uninstall the previous version out of share laziness and now the computer will not enter windows It will hang on the Starting Windows Black screen It will not enter safe mode freezes after loading atipcie sys I Win 7 Stuck at Starting Windows after graphics driver update have tried using a windows installation disc to repair windows It does not work It states it cannot fix the problem In the error box it shows bad driver I have tried sfc scannow and it states no problems I have tried chkdsk r and it finds no problems Where do I go from here I really do not want to have to start again and reinstall all her programs Any help is greatly appreciated PS I can add her drive to my PC to get at the files if necessary Regards Brad

A:Win 7 Stuck at Starting Windows after graphics driver update

G'day bce22, and Welcome to BC !!
I have made the appropriate people aware that you have a PC that wont boot....Sit tight !
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Dell has released an update to the Intel 530/P530 driver. This is the first update since last October. Hopefully this will fix the all too often driver crashing with "Video driver has stopped responding...." messages.
JohnD (XPS 15 9550)
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Hi . I have a sony vaio z227 laptop . it has a amd radeon hd 6650m graphics.
but I can't update my driver from the amd site because the site doesn't have drivers for switchable graphics ! and the sony site doesn't update its drivers ! what should I do ?

sony vaio z227
amd radeon hd 6650m
intel core i7-2640m
memory 8GB

A:how to update sony vaio z227 graphics driver

Go to AMD website and update the driver from there.

AMD Catalyst
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Earlier today I downloaded and installed this BIOS and this Graphics Driver to my HP Envy notebook then restarted where I got the message Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired Error code cx e nbsp I tried to update to this BIOS and this nbsp nbsp Graphics Driver My system is Windows my internet connection is wireless and my prouduct number is G T AV My processor is Intel Core i nbsp I can't nbsp boot into safe mode update BIOS/Graphics 0cx000000e Error driver after nbsp What I've tried to fix this is nbsp I downloaded the Windows ISO onto a USB drive and used it to get into system repairChoosing the Refresh your PC option leads to the prompt nbsp The drive where Windows is installed is locked Unlock the drive and try again Under Advanced Options using Startup Repair leads to the prompt Startup Repair couldn't repair your PC System Error 0cx000000e after BIOS/Graphics driver update Restore tells me To use System Restore you must specify which Windows installation to restore Restart this computer select an operating system and then select System Restore and I'm totally sure what that means In the command prompt I ran chkdsk Error 0cx000000e after BIOS/Graphics driver update C several times which always runs very quickly and finds no problems sfc scannow nbsp which leads to Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation as well as bootrec fixMbr - gt bootrec fixboot and bootec RebuildBcd total identified Error 0cx000000e after BIOS/Graphics driver update windows installations which I don't think did anythingI updated the BIOS again from a separate usb nbsp drive using this tutorial this time sucessfully from F to F Nothing changed nbsp nbsp I've been searching for a long time and I've tried a lot more than what I've written but that's what I can remember that I've done Does anyone have any solutions
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I have a Radeon HD windows bit I have been experiencing a crash in the game Minecraft when I play with the 'fancy' graphics Tried now card opengl is driver, broken graphics update to setting I wanted to try to fix this and someone suggested I update my graphics card driver I went to the site for downloading Radeon standalone drivers and downloaded the installer quot - vista win dd exe quot and ran the Tried to update graphics card driver, now opengl is broken installer It blue-screened halfway through and my computer rebooted The display driver was borked so I tried downloading the full Catalyst installer next quot - vista win dd ccc ocl exe quot and ran that exe It extracted to my C drive but never continued the installation SO I navigated to the folder on C that it had extracted to and tried running quot Setup exe quot there I got this Error quot C ATI Support - vista win dd ccc ocl Setup exe has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect quot So then Tried to update graphics card driver, now opengl is broken I followed the instructions to completely remove the ATI drivers and restarted but the Setup exe in the exe installer still didn't run still gave the same quot Tried to update graphics card driver, now opengl is broken side-by-side quot configuration error I emailed AMD's tech support they just said quot use the old drivers maybe there will be a new driver next week quot REAL helpful so I dug out my old graphics card instal cd and ran the old installer Which worked EXCEPT now when I try to run Minecraft it says it can't quot find an Opengl accelerated card quot or something So reverting to the old driver works except for Opengl which I need to play Minecraft which was the whole point of running the updater in the first place TL DR So basically I tried to update my driver and it completely broke Opengl Any ideas on what I can do to get OpenGL working again I tried titaniumgl tk it mangled Minecrafts graphics into garbage so that doesn't work I can't even try to run the ATI installer again because it always says quot side-by-side configuration quot error Any advice on what I can do

A:Tried to update graphics card driver, now opengl is broken

You can try removing the drivers by booting up in safe mode and running Driver Sweeper to remove the AMD graphics drivers.
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Am running Win 7 w/ 4 monitors. Updated the drivers for 2 AMD Radeon 6700 series graphics cards. After the update, 2 of the 4 monitors no longer work. The two new Samsung 2420L monitors work fine. Went to the Samsung website to download updated drivers for the 2233BW monitors and that model is not on their site. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated.

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I tried to update graphic drivers and while instalation complete it showed this error i click to view log it just open Internet Explorer without any link. But after this installation i have so big fps drop for all games. what can i do?
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i m using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit . bt my display driver not suppoted the aero effects. it says

"The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver".

My display Name: Standard vga graphics adapter
Version :6.1.7600.16385
Date: 6.21.2006
Provider: microsoft
manufacturer: standard display types

info taken from SIW.

my motherboard name: msi pm8pm-v. pls help me out

A:graphics card not supported in win7 needs update driver

Quote: Originally Posted by rajib650

i m using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit . bt my display driver not suppoted the aero effects. it says
"The current video card may support Aero with a driver that is compliant with the Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM). Contact the manufacturer of your computer or video card for a WDDM-compatible driver".

My display Name: Standard vga graphics adapter
Version :6.1.7600.16385
Date: 6.21.2006
Provider: microsoft
manufacturer: standard display types

info taken from SIW.

my motherboard name: msi pm8pm-v. pls help me out

Looking up the motherboard, it does not have integrated video.

I would recommend posting what your system specs are beyond your motherboard, as right now, it looks like you are using the default install driver and not using the optimized video driver for that card.
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Hi my son formatted my laptop last night because been having problems due to being slow etc He has put me on windows laptop driver card problem graphics Update ultimate However i tried to alter the screen resoulution size because it was to big and looked stretched and found i couldn t So i updated Update graphics card driver laptop problem the graphics card driver via the properties tab on the display settings forgive me if i going on but wanted to explain what i done i know not a l ot about computers then it came up laptop needed to restart to implement the settings When it restarted it came on the windows is starting then went to a blank screen and would not start So eventually after switching off i started in safe mode with networking and went Update graphics card driver laptop problem to system restore it now works but my screen problem is same stretched and can only go up to by My son is now on his way to tenerife lol leaving me with a laptop doing my head in Can someone tell me in ways i can understand to try and resolve this many thanks for anyone reading this and try to help me Sue nbsp

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bought one 1.5 years ago - 20a7 CTO1WW . Integrated Graphics Card died couple weeks ago. No replacement for motherboard on the the lenovo site. any ideas?
Moderator edit: Added detail to subject

A:X1 Carbon 1st Gen Integrated Graphics died

Is it still under warranty?  (many had 3-years)  What are the symptoms?  (There is no graphics card or graphics chip.  It is integrated.)
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changed 1st gen to 2nd gen it title to match model - mod
bought one 1.5 years ago - 20a7 CTO1WW . Integrated Graphics Card died couple weeks ago. No replacement for motherboard on the the lenovo site. any ideas?
Moderator edit: Added detail to subject

A:X1 Carbon 2nd Gen Integrated Graphics died

Is it still under warranty?  (many had 3-years)  What are the symptoms?  (There is no graphics card or graphics chip.  It is integrated.)
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hi, i have bought a new laptop last month and it frequently crashes. i re-installed windows and then it was ok. then after a few days it crashes again. i think it is the videocard driver's fault but i'm not sure. whenever i update the videocard driver i downloaded on the site of ati, it says that it is not compatible with my switchable graphics.

my laptop is msi cx420
core i5 m520
ati mobility radeon hd5470 and intel graphics HD
2gb ram
windows 7 ultimate 64bit.

I included 6 minidump files. the is the latest
i dont really know the problem because i dont know how to read the minidump files. please help..thank you

A:bluescreen and crashes. cant update ati switchable graphics card driver

NOTE: I have severe eye problems. If I do not respond to your postings, please PM another staff member for assistance.

NOTE: Please provide the following information for a more detailed response:

2 gB of RAM isn't sufficient to take advantage of the capabilities of this system. I'd suggest a minimum of 4 gB with 8 gB being optimum (IMO)

You have both Norton/Symantec and ESET installed. Please do the following:


Anti-Virus Removal:
Please do the following:
- download a free antivirus for testing purposes: Free AntiVirus
- uninstall the Norton from your system (you can reinstall it, if so desired, when we're done troubleshooting)
- remove any remnants of Norton using this free tool:
- IMMEDIATELY install and update the free antivirus, then check to ensure that the Windows Firewall is turned on.
- check to see if this fixes the BSOD's
NOTE: NEVER run more than 1 anti-virus, firewall, Internet Security/Security Center application at the same time.

Many of the sort of errors are caused by missing Windows Updates (to include Service Pack 1). Please do the following:


Installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1
1. Visit the PC manufacturer's website and update ALL drivers. DO NOT use Windows Update or the "Update drivers" function of Device Manager.
2. Check Device Manager for any unknown/disabled devices - if there are unknown/disabled devices, fix them with the latest drivers from the device manufacturer's website (not the PC Manufacturer)
3. Visit Windows Update and get all updates
4. Visit Windows Update and get Service Pack 1 (usually under Important Updates). Read these notes for installing SP1: Steps to follow before you install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 from the Microsoft Download Center
5. Visit Windows Update and get any other available updates

6 memory dumps
4 different BSOD error codes
5 different causes blamed
This is most likely a hardware problem, but can also be caused by compatibility issues, low-level drivers, or malware.

Although I don't expect it to reveal anything, please run Driver Verifier according to these instructions (in the hope that it might reveal something):


Using Driver Verifier is an iffy proposition. Most times it'll crash and it'll tell you what the driver is. But sometimes it'll crash and won't tell you the driver. Other times it'll crash before you can log in to Windows. If you can't get to Safe Mode, then you'll have to resort to offline editing of the registry to disable Driver Verifier.

So, I'd suggest that you first backup your stuff and then make sure you've got access to another computer so you can contact us if problems arise. Then make a System Restore point (so you can restore the system using the Vista/Win7 Startup Repair feature).

Then, here's the procedure:
- Go to Start and type in "verifier" (without the quotes) and press Enter
- Select "Create custom settings (for code developers)" and click "Next"
- Select "Select individual settings from a full list" and click "Next"
- Select everything EXCEPT FOR "Special Pool" and "Low Resource Simulation" and click "Next"
NOTE: You can use Low Resource Simulation if you'd like. From my limited experimentation it makes the BSOD's come faster.
- Select "Select driver names from a list" and click "Next"
Then select all drivers NOT provided by Microsoft and click "Next"
- Select "Finish" on the next page.

Reboot the system and wait for it to crash to the Blue Screen. Continue to use your system normally, and if you know what causes the crash, do that repeatedly. The objective here is to get the system to crash because Driver Verifier is st... Read more
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Well, first of all I am a total computer neophyte so any advice needs to be really simple. I use my laptop for my Internet research, translating 18th and 19th century documents, word processing and GTA IV

I never had an issue with graphics or game play until a period of BSOD/Black screen failures led me to have it wiped and a fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64x. I am beginning to think that none of that was necessary and instead I was having issues with NVIDIA driver updates.

At present my graphics card is not recognized. Under device manager it states "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" rather than the GeForce 9800M GT.

Going to NVIDIA's website and installing the latest driver for my graphics card causes a flash of BSOD then blackscreen then start-up repair then system restore.

Please help and apologies in advance for my ignorance.

A:Reinstalled OS, graphics card not recognised, BSOD on driver update

Hi Welcome to Seven Forums ... Which version of the Driver did you Install ?

Does your Laptop have duel Graphics ? ..
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Desk top machine. Windows Vista Home Prem. 32b.

The OEM independent graphic card was taken out of the machine a week ago because of its fan not running. And a recovery to out of factory status was carried out. Then, a few days later, a message popped up as the following:

"The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter. Please update your ATI graphics driver, or enable your ATI adapter using the Displays Manager."

Update ATI graphics driver or enable ATI adapter using the Displays Manager, which is easier to do? And how to perform, please?


A:How to update ATI graphics driver or enable ATI adapter using the Displays Manager?

Since you've taken out the OEM install GPU, your system is now using the onboard GPU of your mobo. That message is telling you to update your onboard GPU driver.

To do this we need the make/model of your OEM PC and then we can link you to your PC's driver support downloads webpage.
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Hi guys,
I recently upgraded my graphics card driver for my Toshiba Tecra (It is an Intel mobile express chip, 256Mb). I got the most recent driver from the Toshiba website. I am playing Civilization IV on my rig, before the update of the drivers there was slight clipping on 3d movies in game, but everything ran smothly. After the update, the clipping has gone away, but now the videos run very choppy! Like it plays 5 frames, frezes for 15 secounds than plays another 5 frames. What would have cause a downgrade in preformance like this? Is there a forseeable fix? Thanks guys!

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I have a AMC Radeon hd6310 graphics card.I just updated the driver after being prompted by photoshop cc in order to support 3d capabilities.photoshop tells me i have less then 500m of vRam. i went to the amd site and downloaded the autodetectutility.exe and updated the drivers.i did not disable my AVG firewall.upon restart, google chrome opened up wwith the typical thank you message from amd and avg's threat detector popped up and blocked a bunch of processes that i cant go back in and find. im assuming it was in the avg automatic threat removal notifications and logged in there but i cannot find any log after closing it since when it popped up it didnt let me minimize or use any other applications.

A:Graphics driver update AVG reporting unknown malware threats

It is a false detection by AVG. Installing new graphics drivers
You have to disable antivirus/anti-malware programs while updating or installing new drivers.
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Hello I have a problem nVidia screen kills driver I hope you nVidia driver kills screen can help me with I searched the forum but didnt find a similar case as mine Ive been running Vista Ultimate x for about months now worked smooth once I got rid of all the little things Today I recieved a Raptor harddrive to use as my primary so Ive been formatting and re-installing Sadly it seems that when I install the nVidia drivers for my graphics card the screen dies I can hear the pc working and if I reboot it I can hear the Vista start-up tune But the screen is completely dead Both are actually Ive tried only plugging in one screen but it doesnt seem to affect the situation Reading up on the problem I was suggested to start-up in safe mode and remove the driver again which I did But the second the driver was uninstalled Vista itself seemed to install the drive it gave the usual quot new hardware detected quot and installed one quot GeForce GTS quot which is my card Then the screen went blank again I believe that I can fix this problem by going to safe mode and install a functioning driver my problem however is that I dont know which drivers are useable and where to get them I have tried the newest from nVidia's own site one called aswell as an older one I had lying around from when I last installed a graphics driver neither worked So if anyone have a sure-fire driver to use with Vista Ultimate -bit and a GeForce GTS card I'd be most appreciative Thank you

A:nVidia driver kills screen

175.19 is in fact the latest WHQL certified driver...

you can try this ......169.25

ForceWare Release 169

its old but i believe it to be one of if not the most stable driver for 8800s
it works on every rig.
i don't think i have heard one compatibility issue with this

but it does not sound driver related .....
im sure vista will install 169.25 automatically (mine does)

& all you did was install a new HDD...? you touched nothing else.
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This keeps coming up when I use the Intel(R) Driver Update Utility 2.5

"A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer.
The Intel Driver Update Utility is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver
instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues.
Contact your computer manufacturer for the latest driver for your computer."

Should I change from "Customized computer manufacturer driver" to the latest one from here (a "generic Intel driver) -

I am looking for the option which gives better fps

Intel HD Graphics Info :
System info:
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Hello! I have a really weird problem with updating my graphics card. The only driver that works with it is from Dell support downloads, but the driver is from february 2013. There are many releases of drivers for my graphics card in AMD website and when i tried to update it from there  (properly) with the latest driver it gives errors. So really? The only driver I can use is from Dell support and it's so outdated that almost every new game crashes and stuff? 
Note: It's with switchable graphics, the main card is Intel HD 4000 and it really pisses me off.
Hope that you can find solutions for me and thanks! 

A:Cannot update AMD Radeon HD 7670M with the latest graphics driver on Inspiron 5520 [NEED HELP]

Did you update the Intel driver as well?  That needs to be up to date before the AMD driver can be updated.
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HP Supports Assistant shows that I need Intel High-Definition HD Graphics Driver - sp driver for my Envy Before I install this driver I can see that things are a bit update Intel (HD) Graphics after Laggy/slow High-Definition Driver laggy ofcourse I dont have graphics driver So I install Laggy/slow after Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver update this driver and everything works fine However Windows Update always pushes an update to this driver namely Intel Corporation driver update for Intel R HD Graphics Family This driver was provided by Intel Corporation for support of Intel R HD Graphics Family and the moment the update is installed everything goes down The laptop starts lagging the lag is visible while opening drives and programs especially Firefox becomes a mess Typing becomes terribly laggy you can shift to tabs page opening is slow like hell Ony because of this lag I had to clean install Windows thrice as I though that it will fix the problem I had to run ChkDsk for quite a few times on my GB HDD But then by hit and trial I narrowed down the problem to this Update and we all know now it cant be uninstalled either Please help
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I was wondering if anyone could help me getting brightness control on my computer. Installing the very same driver on Vista or 7 in the same computer would allow me brightness control, but I cannot get it in XP.

A:ATI driver provides no backlight control on XP

What is the make and model number of your computer?

Perhaps ATI doesn't have an XP driver that supports the brightness feature...
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Running Windows XP SP2 on a ThinkPad G41, has non-integrated nVidia GeForce FX Go5200. Whenever I install the driver for the video card, the LCD shuts off. I tried using the IBM driver from their site, the nVidia Forceware driver, and the Forceware driver with a modified .inf file. Using the IBM service partition to reinstall factory settings doesn't even allow XP to install successfully. I have to manually install XP. I just replaced the video card to get the Laptop working again before the driver troubles. I theorize that I replaced my bad video card with a slightly broken video card. Can anyone confirm this or come up with other possibilities?

A:Video Controller Driver Kills Monitor


I've moved you to the Hardware forum for more response

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I was encountering this problem last week http www sevenforums com corruption causing update Intel WDDM1.1 Graphics adapter driver system general-d all-files html I did a clean Intel Graphics adapter WDDM1.1 driver update causing system corruption reinstall and was sort-of able to get the laptop Intel Graphics adapter WDDM1.1 driver update causing system corruption to boot to normal mode I say quot sort-of quot because it still has a couple of issues After the clean install Windows update downloaded about updates After rebooting I ran into the same issue as before - unable to boot into normal mode I did another clean reinstall and installed the Windows updates by and found that installing the Intel Graphics adapter WDDM Graphics adapter WDDM - Intel HD Graphics was causing the problem If I don't install this update I don't have the file corruption issue The other problem is that I can't get my laptop to display on an external display The Win P keys don't bring up the display selection dialog I installed the above-mentioned Intel graphics update and the Win P keys were working now - but now the laptop goes into safe mode within - seconds of booting up - same as the original problem So now I can't display on an external monitor unless I install the Intel driver but the driver corrupts the system files and I run into the original problem The last issue is that the 'space' key on the laptop is acting oddly - hitting the space key almost always resets the cursor pointer a few words before where it's supposed to be or the cursor just disappears This didn't happen prior to the file corruption so I'm wondering if this is also related to the driver issue Any ideas Thanks

A:Intel Graphics adapter WDDM1.1 driver update causing system corruption

Forgot to mention that I have NVIDIA NVS 5200M graphics card.
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I recently got my Windows 7 Pro in the mail and I installed it last night. I've been getting back up and running and I've run into a bit of a problem.

I think I have it narrowed down. Windows update downloads some updates for my on-board Realtek network card and as soon as I restart my machine after the update, the internet won't turn on. The only way I could get it to work was to do a system restore to before the update.

Should I just skip that particular update and work with the old drivers?

here's a screenie of the driver it wants to install. (It's the Realtek one)

A:Windows Update kills my internet!

Windows update always creates a restore point before applying anything... do a system restore and see if you regain your internet...
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Ok this might take some explaining as I'm not that technically minded I bought an all singing all dancing computer in Nov complete with Windows Professional -bit A week after I got my computer Windows Update intalled some essential updates Immediately after the restart I noticed that my Logitech G keyboard display was Update Windows Kills computer???? my cycling through the functions for Windows Update Kills my computer???? no obvious reason Over the next few days more and more strange activity occurred until it got to the point that Window locked up and didn't work at all Even Task Manger would freeze yet programs that were open word mozilla games etc would still run fine A friend who is technically minded spent ages trying to roll back drivers etc to figure out what was wrong System restore failed as did all other attempts In the end as the comp was only a week old I cut my loses and reinstalled Windows onto a freshly formatted drive Fast forward trouble free computing until today So I get up and windows wants to install another update I've updated several times over the last few months with no problems so I tell it to install the essential stuff I'm so paranoid that I never let it install things without my permission and never install optional stuff After the restart the G display is playing up and I already know Sure enough the first thing to die is Karspersky which thinks all of it's databases are obsolete and turns itself off Rather than waiting for Windows to slowly die like the last time I tried a system restore This failed to fix the problem Eventually I resorted to my back up plan which I put in place after the first failure in November Basically I have hard drives an SSD c drive and two TB data drives I use one of those drives solely as a back up of the other two and it takes a complete back up and system image every week I booted from my Windows disk formatted the other two drives and installed the computer back to exactly how it was when it last backed up at the weekend This resolved the problem However windows update is now pestering me to install the updates shown in the picture below I obviously don't want to do that because it absolutely kills my computer I can't stress how utterly unusable it became that last time around Strangest crash I've ever seen it even got the point that 'safe mode' wouldn't work However I've paid good money for a genuine copy of Win despite a perfect cracked copy being available to me at the time It seems crazy to have done that and to not use the update facilities Does anyone have any clue what is doing on Also why do MS release essential updates that do so much damange FWIW I was fairly certain it was the malicious software removal tool that caused the problems in November and is comes as little surprise that the Feb edition of that tool was in this mornings updates is it the cause

A:Windows Update Kills my computer????

You might want to read up on this....

I'm not sure if it's causing your problems. Maybe a good place to start though.

Is Windows 7 reliability fix making PCs less reliable?
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I specifically upgraded to 10 Pro to get back App Notifications because I use a VPN in a restrictive country and I need to know when or if the VPN loses signal. The updates that installed on 5/14/16 have once again greyed out App Notifications and leave the message "Some settings are controlled by your organization." Well, this is a private machine and why Microsoft has imposed restrictions that I didn't set, I don't know, but I sure don't like it. Why is user choice being taken away? What's worse is, that previously, there were ways to force App Notifications back on, but the registry entry is either no longer there or has been moved, and the choice in gpedit.msc is not longer available. Anyone have any ideas about how to get App Notifications back?

A:Windows 10 Update Kills App Notifications

I don't think the option was taken away , running Win 10 Pro here and all the notification options are still available for me.
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Hi I have Vista Home premium and the latest update installed service pack 1. Everything went fine and when it went to re-boot it said that it wasnt able to start and that it couldnt automatically fix it. I called dell and they had me do numerous boot options including start-up repair and system re-boot...nothing worked....i did a search after i got off the phone and quickly found 15 other people that had the same problem with the update... what do i do?

A:Latest update kills computer

Is this an Amd processor? You really need to mention your system hardware when you ask a hardware question, but I realize you are new here so welcome aboard.
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I have a slightly different system to most I receive my Internet signal via a WAP Due to the local terain I have my WAP located as high as possible in the ceiling of my house and then run an RJ cable to a wireless router This router then feeds different computers by cable and a netbook update Internet kills Win7 by wireless Only one of the computers has Win installed All computers were running well up to midday yesterday I was on the Win computer when it suddenly shut down the application I was using and started to install the latest updates It didn't Win7 update kills Internet give me a chance to save what I was doing and then proceeded to Win7 update kills Internet re-boot After the re-boot I discovered my connection to the Internet had gone I checked my IP tables to see if anything had been changed but everything was OK Has anyone else experienced this behaviour and no I haven't fixed the problem - I'm using one of the other computers to write this post

A:Win7 update kills Internet

Could u try a system restore perhaps.
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I specifically upgraded to 10 Pro to get back App Notifications because I use a VPN in a restrictive country and I need to know when or if the VPN loses signal. The updates that installed on 5/14/16 have once again greyed out App Notifications and leave the message "Some settings are controlled by your organization." Well, this is a private machine and why Microsoft has imposed restrictions that I didn't set, I don't know, but I sure don't like it. Why is user choice being taken away? What's worse is, that previously, there were ways to force App Notifications back on, but the registry entry is either no longer there or has been moved, and the choice in gpedit.msc is not longer available. Anyone have any ideas about how to get App Notifications back?

A:Windows 10 Update Kills App Notifications

I don't think the option was taken away , running Win 10 Pro here and all the notification options are still available for me.
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ATi pro ASUS A N X- the latest mobo v and vid v drivers the latest mobo bios rev and a fresh install of Windows XP SP and DX a My problem is that once my computer reboots after installing any version of drivers off of the CD or web site Windows XP dies As soon as the system boots into XP i start getting errors about ATI driver XP Pro install 9700 apon Kills Sapphire failed delayed writes to the HD and bad mbr errors an on and on then files and shortcuts start going bad and the system runs very slow At this point i am not even able to reboot into safe mode I have gone so far as to only have one CD drive one Hard drive tried two diff drives one stick of ram swapped brands and the in ATI Sapphire 9700 Pro Kills XP apon driver install the system Then a fresh XP install with SP slipped in then dx the mobo drivers asus A N X nForce All is good till i install the ati drivers and my system dies The ATi runs fine on my KT system My geForce runs fine on this asus a n x which is where i am having the problem with the From what i can tell the card is fine and the drivers are okay on the kt but when on the nForce board A N X sh ATI Sapphire 9700 Pro Kills XP apon driver install t hits the fan I have found that if i use the latest nforce drivers from the nvidia web site over the latest from asus and let it install some enhanced IDE drivers ones not in the asus rls vs ATI Sapphire 9700 Pro Kills XP apon driver install the normal nforce ide driver it works just fine no corruption HAHA but then my cd burner will not burn any thing I have tried every thing plz help nbsp

A:ATI Sapphire 9700 Pro Kills XP apon driver install


I am using the latest drivers and have from the start (wxp-w2k-radeon-7-84-030228a1-008040c-efg.exe). Also, there are no old drivers to uninstall/remove because I am doing this on a fresh install of windows XP and XP does not even have generic drivers for the 9700.

As far as booting into safe mode goes, I can, if i do it after the first reboot when the drivers are first installed. If i try and boot normal and then go into safe mode on a 2nd or 3rd reboot, the system is too corrupted and it just keeps rebooting.

As far as what you said: "This is not a hardware error - I know from experience. This is a software issue which is probably brought up by a special set of circumstances between ATI's drivers and Windows XP. For what reason exactly, I do not know.", that is exactly what i think is the problem, but it looks more like a problem between the mobo drivers and the ATi drivers. I can't figure it out. The same card and the same drivers work just fine on my KT333 Epox board, and my geForce 4 works on both boards just fine.

I started out with the latest "non beta" drivers and had this problem, spent hours on it, then i did another fresh install and when it came time to install drivers again, i tried the older drivers that came on both the mobo CD and the 9700 CD, but i still have the same problem.

Only thing i can think of as being the problem now, is that this board is an nForce2, and my vid card is not from nVidia, but ATi!!! HEHE!
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I ran a software update and installed the latest Intel Mobile Chipset 4 drivers, and the screen blacks out in the middle of the install. this continue for ten minutes until the computer sleeps, and restrting fails to boot to the login menu.
I use Safe mode to uninstall the drivers, and on the next boot the computer works, and installs drivers. after a reboot everything is working. but three minutes after the reboot, the auto updator rcognizes new drivers, and installs and kills the computer again faster before I can stop it.


A:Intel Mobile Chipset 4 autodownloads driver then kills itself.

What auto-updater? If it is one of those driver update programs, either turn it off or get rid of it.
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I have an Compaq Presario F US All the specs are the factory original except I upgraded it to gb of ram and to Win The situation is a little bit complicated but I will try to explain it I was running Vista on the computer One day I ran Windows update and the computer stopped recognizing the wireless card I uninstalled the updates and disabled new updates and it seemed to work again I did not like this setup since I didn't want to have to avoid getting Windows Updates but I accepted the situation because I was about to update the computer to Windows After I did a clean install of Windows the wireless card was working fine immediately after the install The device manager recognized it I checked because that was the problem I had been having with Vista I used the computer for about an hour I hoped that the problem would Card Kills Update Wireless Windows not come back Windows Update Kills Wireless Card with Windows so I allowed it to run Windows Update But immediately after I updated and restarted the Windows Update Kills Wireless Card wireless card stopped working again Once again it does not seem to be recognized by the computer This time however once I uninstalled the updates the problem remained I have re-installed the wireless card drivers I am out of ideas I have been on the phone with Microsoft Support for several hours now and they are shifting the blame to a faulty wireless card But I know that the card worked perfectly up until the Windows Update ran There's a very very low chance that my wireless card broke right as I installed the updates - especially since I had this problem with Windows Updates in Vista Wireless Card Broadcom - not sure what the exact model is can't find it on the HP site I will try the Belarc adviser when I get the chance but other hardware recognition software has failed to see the wireless card OS Windows Home Premium I don't get any error messages or anything Connecting with a Cat cable still works Does anyone here have any ideas

A:Windows Update Kills Wireless Card

Hi - connect the wifi and run this WMI script. It will ge me info on wifi setup -

Download the zip file, extract the EXE to Desktop. RIGHT-click on EXE file. select "Run as Administrator"

2 notepads will open - 1 behind the other. Zip up both and attach to next post.

Regards. . .


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A Heads Up for folks that run ZoneAlarm, there is an issue with one of the recent Windows updates, KB951748. Here's a thread here with more information.

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My Asus laptop has Asus live update installed go figure When I run a specific software I need for my business it gets killed every seconds A window pops up in bottom right of screen says quot Window Killed quot quot ASUS Live Update quot This window flashes on and off every seconds and it doesn t close the software but it cancels whatever I m doing in the program Anyway this is probably irrelevant The fact remains I want it update live kills programs. Asus off my computer I ve looked for fixes I can t find a startup service in msconfig called ALU Asus live update kills programs. or Asus Live Update It s also not in services If I try to uninstall Asus Live Update it gets an error The InstallShield Engine iKernal exe could not be launched Class not registered I downloaded asuslive update removal tool and it scanned my computer and then listed several files it claimed were malware and spyware Asus live update kills programs. none of which seemed to have anything to do with ALU Then they wanted to remove the files so I cancelled and uninstalled it Anyway I m out of ideas Any thoughts Thanks nbsp
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Hello All nbsp The first thing you might say is hell another hp omen backlight issue I know the forum is FULL of them and I've tried almost ALL solutions NONE OF THEM WORK nbsp I updated Backlight 15 Update With Omen - Gone Keyboard HP from Win had HP Omen Control and was able to change the color of my keyboard lights I updated to Windows was still able to but the I updated all the drivers using the HP Support Assistant and the keyboard backlight has vanished Now when I change the colors using HP Omen control I am only able to change the speakers and power button There is NO backlight in the rest of the system nbsp Then I did a complete fresh install of Windows My half keyboard speakers and HP Omen 15 - Keyboard Backlight Gone With Update power button became red Even installed HP System Event Utility but did not get ANY utility to change colors no hp omen color utility in nbsp http support hp com us-en drivers selfservice hp-omen- - -notebook-pc model nbsp I then did Windows again Upgraded to Win had HP Omen from to change colors but after upgrading all drivers the keyboard backlight is gone again nbsp Please tell me what to do What to install I cant do a fresh install of WIn again or do the - gt route again as it takes a lot of time Urrghh nbsp nbsp TL DRKeyboard backlights gone - Tried almost everything alreayd answered on this forum nothing worked
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Hi Guys My wife's PC Google Flash Facebook, kills player update has a strange error The PC is Win bit and runs Firefox and Flash player update kills Facebook, Google the AV is Microsoft Security Essentials But she is a big FB fan She must have clicked on a link that infected her PC When opening FF and trying to open FB or Google it asks for a Flash update - just that and click OK no Cancel and trying to X Flash player update kills Facebook, Google it out is ignored A strange thing is that while the PC is infected her iPad has the same FB and Google problems when the PC infection is gone the iPad is OK And no - I have no inkling why this is happening I have tried all the recommended malware killers - TDS RKill Rogue Killer ADW JRT to no avail I then ran Combofix and the problem went away - until the next reboot I have run Combofix again and this time saved the log file - see below She left the PC on and everything is still OK but I know it will return on the next reboot Here is the Combofix log file - If you can decipher it and assist I will be most grateful ComboFix - - - Beatrix - x Microsoft Windows Professional GMT Running from c tools not for dummies CFix exe AV Microsoft Security Essentials Disabled Updated F -C A -C -E C-E BA FB SP Microsoft Security Essentials Disabled Updated E -E -C D -D BC-D F SP Windows Defender Disabled Updated D DDC A- F- fae- E -DA C ACF Created a new restore point Files Created from - - to - - - - - - -------- d-----w- c users Default AppData Local temp - - - - ----a-w- c programdata Microsoft Microsoft Antimalware Definition Updates A D B-E - C E- E -D DCA B D mpengine dll - - - - -------- d-----w- c programdata McAfee Security Scan - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files x McAfee Security Scan - - - - -------- d-----w- c programdata McAfee - - - - ----a-w- c windows SysWow FlashPlayerCPLApp cpl - - - - ----a-w- c windows SysWow FlashPlayerApp exe - - - - ----a-w- c programdata Microsoft Microsoft Antimalware Definition Updates Backup mpengine dll - - - - ----a-w- c windows system drivers hitmanpro sys - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files HitmanPro - - - - ----a-w- c windows system bootdelete exe - - - - -------- d-----w- c programdata HitmanPro - - - - -------- dc----w- c windows system DRVSTORE - - - - ----a-w- c windows system drivers GEARAspiWDM sys - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files iPod - - - - -------- d-----w- c programdata BE C -E - e -A - C EBF - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files iTunes - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files x iTunes - - - - -------- d-----w- c programdata Apple Computer - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files x Apple Software Update - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files Common Files Apple - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files Bonjour - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files x Bonjour - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files x Common Files Apple - - - - -------- d-----w- c programdata Apple - - - - -------- d-----w- C Apple - - - - -------- d-----w- c programdata SecTaskMan - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files x Security Task Manager - - - - ------w- c programdata Microsoft Microsoft Antimalware Definition Updates B BFF - A- - DE - F AF gapaengine dll - - - - -------- d-----w- C Tools not for dummies - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files x ESET - - - - -------- d-----w- c users Beatrix AppData Local Temp - - - - ----a-w- c windows zoek-delete exe - - - - -------- d-----w- C zoek backup - - - - -------- d-----w- c windows ERUNT - - - - -------- d-----w- C AdwCleaner - - - - -------- d-----w- c users Beatrix AppData Roaming Canon - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files x Canon - - - - -------- d-----w- c program files x Common Files InstallShield - - - - ----a-w- c windows system CNQL DLL - - - - ----a-w- c windows system CNQU DLL Find M Report - - - - ------w- c programdata Microsoft Microsoft Antimalware Definition Updates NISBackup gapaengine dll - - - - ------w- c windows system MpSigStub exe - - - - ----a-w- c windows s... Read more

A:Flash player update kills Facebook, Google

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Hi allI have a 700 15ISK laptop, with default E5CN19WW bios revision. When i have upgraded the bios to newer E5CN51WW revision the WLAN ceased to work. The deviceshows allright into the device manager, the WLAN icon shows into the tray but NO DETECTION OF ANY WLAN AT ALL. This bad issue is verified with default Windows 10 home edition in full UEFI mode and withwindws 7-64 in full legacy mode. When i have reverted bios to the E5CN19WW revision the issue was not verified. eg : the WLAN woks allright. note that my laptop has the realtek 8821AE  WLAN not the intel one.  Some one can explain me what's going wrong with E5CN51WW bios ? kind regards
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when there is a java update going, my computer is useless. frustration sets in and I turn it off and restart. seems fine then.
what is going on
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I have a problem When I turn the computer on I can access and browse the internet IE with no problems If I run windows update Start - Programs - Windows Update I can get to the first page but once I select either express OR custom the computer seems to dump the internet connection It will eventually kills internet visit update connection Windows time out and give me the quot this page Windows update visit kills internet connection cannot be displayed quot message Attempts to open Internet Explorer thereafter also meet the same fate I have to restart the machine to regain connectivity The use of the windows tool to check the internet connection once the problem Windows update visit kills internet connection occurs gives me the error which has been described in other threads I have not encountered any other website that causes the same problem Running XP Pro SP Asus Motherboard P WD -Premium Bios revision Intel P processor OS stored on Western Dig gig rpm drive Raid array for bulk storage Can anyone help suggest anything that might help Thanks in advance greekguy nbsp
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i recently got a new mainboard for my x1c 2015 and i find that the BIOS just could not get updated through the Lenovo official strangemy current BIOS/EC version is1.03 (N14UJ02W) 1.03 (N14ET25W) 1.02 (N14HT29W)what i've done trying solve this:1 BIOS settings-checked.there is no bios update prevention settings2 BIOS reset-tried but it doesn't work3 System version-changed from Win7 to Win10,nothing happened.anyone could help me figure this problem?.besides,i noticed the info page of BIOS showed that the ME firmware version is blank,could there be any connection with my prob?thanks a lot guys.