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V3-772 Windows 10 upgrade fail - wont boot just ha...

Q: V3-772 Windows 10 upgrade fail - wont boot just ha...

Hi guys nbsp I have just had my computer in for repairs and the ssd disk wont boot ha... fail Windows 10 - upgrade just V3-772 was changed I was running windows before and everything was perfect until an update ruined it all Long story wont go into that nbsp Anyway so i unstall all my software and do an update to windows All the preps and so seems to go fine Then it reboots and is stuck Never moves I see faint HDD activity but i let it run for hours and still nothing still gangs in the acer boot window It is after the bios load because i can access that if i am fast and press f nbsp After a while i gave up and thought perhaps it was just a fluke so i used my recovery dvd's and reinstalled my system and office and outlook and After about hours installation my system was ready to go So i decided lets try again And yet again same failure Simply hangs with the Acer Logo nbsp I called Microsoft and the told me to do a startup repair However that is not possible i can get it into the repair mode but none of the functions work So they said it V3-772 Windows 10 upgrade fail - wont boot just ha... was a hardware thing but everywhere i look it states the v - should have no problem with the windows nbsp I am normally quite good at fixing my own problems but in order to fix a problem i need an error or errorcode or something to go from Does anyone have any idea what to do
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Preferred Solution: V3-772 Windows 10 upgrade fail - wont boot just ha...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

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TLDR Had Windows attempted upgrade to Windows upgrade failed Laptop won't boot Getting error that Interwebs indicates is an AVG anti-virus issue with W upgrade AVG recommendation is to rename avg system files and try boot again fail; avgidsha.sys No to 8.1 boot; upgrade 10 Windows I can't access the file system of the hard drive to make the changes to the files Also I would like to access the file system to backup Windows 8.1 to 10 upgrade fail; No boot; avgidsha.sys the existing data files Long story below Lenovo G laptop Was running Windows Upgrade to Windows attempted I wasn't there for this part but I was told the laptop took a long time and rebooted a few times but then eventually it comes up to this error Recovery Your PC needs to be repaired A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed Error code xc You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media If you don't ahve any installation media like a disc or USB device contact your system administration or PC manufacturer Press Enter to try again Press F for Startup Settings Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings If I press Enter I the computer reboots and within a few seconds comes back to this Recovery The operating system couldn't be loaded because a critical system driver is missing or contains errors File WINDOWS system DRIVERS avgidsha sys Error code xc You'll need to use the recovery tools on your installation media If you don't ahve any installation media like a disc or USB device contact your system administration or PC manufacturer Press Enter to try again Press F for Startup Settings Press Esc for UEFI Firmware Settings Googling this info I have found this https support avg com SupportArticleView l en US amp urlName Disabling-AVG-when-Windows-cannot-start that indicates I should go into the file system and modify the filenames Using the AVG Rescue CD USB did not work With the USB inserted the system would only boot up to the error F gives me options about debugging boot logging low-res video safe mode blah blah blah But every option I select just sends me back to the avgidsha sys error message Pressing Esc goes back to the error message If I press F and ignore the options but press Esc there I get Windows Boot Manager that tells me to choose an OS to start My only option is Windows OR I can select Windows Memory Diagnostic If I select Windows the computer reboots and takes me back to the error message On the select OS screen if I press Esc to cancel it shows me the following error Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause To fix the problem Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer Choose your language settings and then click Next Click Repair your computer If you do not have this disc contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance File WINDOWS system DRIVERS avgidsha sys Status xc Info The operating system couldn't be loaded because a critical system driver is missing or contains errors I have tried booting to a recovery USB and CD but neither options works I have tried entering the system bios but I am never presented with a message to press a key to enter BIOS I have tried repeatedly pressing F F F F Esc Del Nothing works Lenovo has a OneKey Rescue System button or a Novo Button that I can press when the system is off and the system will power up to a DOS style Novo Button Menu that presents options Normal Startup BIOS Setup Boot Menu System Recovery Normal Startup BIOS Setup and Boot menu all do the same thing Nothing They all just go to the error message System Recovery takes me to a OneKey Recovery Version that provides me the option to Restore from initial backup The system partition will be restored to the initial status or Restore from user's backup of which I have none There is also a warning message that states When you restore your system partition all the data created after the selected restoration point is deleted if it wasn't backed up With ... Read more

A:Windows 8.1 to 10 upgrade fail; No boot; avgidsha.sys

Hey...  I was able to access the drive when connected via the USB hard drive cradle on the latest version of Ubuntu.  The older version of Ubuntu only showed the drive but gave me no options to access it.
It appears that the drive might be failing.  I was able to copy the data I wanted.  I was also able to modify the avg system files as directed in the AVG support link provided in my previous post.  However, the system will still not boot.  Now it gets me back to essentially the same place as before but now it balks at file avgboot.sys or something like that.  However, this file was renamed in the earlier step, so I'm not sure what is going on there.
Anyway, I got my data and suspect the drive is failing, so I'm just going to replace the drive and install Windows 10 fresh.;-no-boot;-avgidshasys/
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Hello everyone

A couple days ago windows forced my computer to update the update didn't install correctly
Or is broken
When i start my computer i get a black screen with cursor
I know it is not a virus or a piece of malware or anything hardware related

Nothing works but i can access the repair thing
System repair dont work because of errors (ask and i will post them) (install disk cant repair either)
I dont want to lose my microsoft office 2010 for i dont have anymoney to buy a new copy
And its also been discontinued

Anyone know how to fix or replace the install only. so no programs or documents films or games are lost?

A:Windows 7 Wont boot and repair cant complete (Update fail)

Can you boot to Safe Mode?
What errors do you get from System Restore?
Have you tried Startup Repair? - what error messages did you get?
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hi recently bought a tablet and installed the software after realising it is only for windows OS ater restarting the comp boot OS after for meant wont keyboard only- fail xp installing windows software 95/98 like it asked me to an error message comes up and gives me or so options like restore windows to last good config point start windows normally i have to choose this as the keyboard does not work or safe mode etc the usb keyboard which fails does allow me to get into BIOS though after the first load screen the usb keyboard fails leaving me with no choice but to 'start windows normally' which then it freezes on the xp logo loading screen so i have to problems how do i get my usb windows xp wont boot after installing software meant for 95/98 OS only- keyboard fail keyboard to work- do i need to buy an old keyboard would that work what option do i select if i can when getting on the error message screen any other advice i need thanks for your help dont forget my usb keyboard fails after st load up screen

A:windows xp wont boot after installing software meant for 95/98 OS only- keyboard fail

Boot into Safe Mode. You may have to wait a few minutes until the USB gets recognized. If that doesn't work, try a PS2 keyboard (or USB to PS2 Adapter) Go into the Add Remove programs and Uninstall the software that you installed.
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After closing the lid on my studio WINDOWS VISTA I tried to restart it but to no avail I get this message after trying to boot windows Stop c a fatal system error The session manager failed to create prefixes system process terminated unexpectedly with a status of xc a x x The system has been shut down After researching a bit I realized what may have happened I remember awhile before it stopped working the quot update windows quot Windows boot fail c000021a, Stop: Update wont My Vista. Comp window on my lower right that said it would restart in a couple mins Then I clicked postpone hrs and that hrs may have occured during the duration i closed the lid I read from another forum that when you interrupt windows while updating hibernation sleep close the lid you'll receive this error at least someone else on here experienced this problem My Comp wont boot Windows Vista. Stop: c000021a, Update fail AND havent yet been resolved I tried system restore couldnt get to the page with the image restore etc because it goes to a blank screen last known good settings safe mode diagnostic AND I EVEN TRIED TO FORMAT IT WITH THE OPERATING SYSTEM REINSTALLATION DVD using run dvd on f but all that happened was that it took me back to My Comp wont boot Windows Vista. Stop: c000021a, Update fail dell booting screen where after waiting awhile goes into a blank screen with a cursor OR IS THIS NOT THE CORRECT WAY TO FORMAT THIS IS THE SAME PROBLEM http en community dell com forums cs amp s dhs is experiencing and I dont believe his harddrive is broken Then after running hardware diagnostic i get the error code F which is the can read replace disk or remove write protection WHICH IS THE SAME ERROR I GOT ABOUT THREE MONTHES AGO AND HAD MY HARD DRIVE REPLACED WHILE IT WAS UNDER WARRANTY THAT ENDED SO NO MORE WARRANTY SO I quot M PRETTY SURE THIS HARD DRIVE IS MONTHES OLD refurb so i dont think thats the problem I think the problem is in the registry and corrupt updated file CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG AND PLEASE HELP ALSO WHAT HARDDRIVE BRAND CONFIGURATION SHOULD I LOOK FOR IF ITS FAULTY

A:My Comp wont boot Windows Vista. Stop: c000021a, Update fail

Please see this MS KB -->

Regards. . .


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 After I upgraded the ram memory of my HP DV6 from 4Gb to 8Gb (2 x 4Gb Kingston KTA-MB1333/4G), Windows wont boot anymore. I get blue screens and it keeps rebooting. I believe the specs of the memory are similar to the original Samsung M471B5673EH1-CH9 memory: 1333Ghz, non-ecc, 1.5Volt, Cas latency 9 etc.etc. It's a HP DV6-2140ED laptop with an Intel i5-430m processor and Intel mobile HM55 chipset. The bios detects 8Gb and it also passes the memory check/test. As far as I know I also installed the latest bios firmware: F.1D. Reinstalling my Windows 10 64-bit doesnt work either: with 8Gb I also get blue screens after I try to boot from my Windows 10 bootable usb flash drive. I read of other people having the same problem, but I havent read of a solution yet. What can be done about this? 

A:Pavilion DV6: Windows 10 wont boot after memory upgrade (4Gb...

What happens if you remove the upgrade memory and reinstall the original module?
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So I gathered some money to Solved: Upgrade Fail. Boot PC upgrade my computer My old rig specs were GFX Radeon HD Case Raidmax Solved: PC Upgrade Boot Fail. Sagitta PSU Raidmax W PSU that came with the case Motherboard h m-s pv CPU Intel Core i k RAM gb Hard Drive GB WD Blue I bought this PC from a local store already built so I know the parts don t suit each other well I recently bought a Gigabyte Radeon r x Arctic Freezer Evga G W Gold certified WD Blue TB I installed everything correctly plugged everything from PSU in where it s supposed to go DVI cable in GFX When I tried booting my system I got no monitor response whatsoever no sound no display no nothing I contacted a friend who is good at tech and he told me to uninstall GFX drivers from my which I did using my Onboard graphics and also all AMD software I even went into the BIOS menu and made sure my card was using the PCI slot by changing the option from quot auto quot I disabled integrated graphics and still no monitor response after boot I tried using my old and that booted fine so I didn t break anything while upgrading I know my motherboard is not great but I currently do not have the money to upgrade both a CPU and board However this card should be compatible with this old motherboard Does anyone have any other ideas as to how I could possibly get my card working I would greatly appreciate it Otherwise I might just be unlucky and stuck with a faulty card nbsp

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Hello. My aspire 4752g wont boot after the bios update was interrupted. I just finished formatting my laptop and decided to reinstall the drivers but ended up i flashed the bios instead. As i was updating the bios, it stays in "blank screen" for quite a long time and i was so worried that i decided to force shutdown the laptop. When i try to boot it again, it stays in 'blank screen' with power indicator on and fan running. Are there any solution for my problem? Pls help me. Im using windows 7 home premium with 4GB x 2 sticks of RAM installed. Thank you in advance.
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I'm posting this to Win7 to - Warm Boot Win10 Fail ANOTHER from OPTION caused Upgrade anyone that's Win10 Upgrade from Win7 caused Warm Boot to Fail - ANOTHER OPTION having issues with Win10 Upgrade from Win7 caused Warm Boot to Fail - ANOTHER OPTION the Win Warm Boot functionality I recently did an in-place upgrade of WIN Pro to WIN After getting everything setup I noticed that Warm Boots would hang - for me this means selecting Windows key Power Restart My hang condition was the computer began power down operations - cut display driver so screen went blank but the system would never actually reset you couldn't hear any fan changes or normal sounds of shutdown going on Only option was press Reset button or hold Power Button till shutdown occurred I pulled my hair out and Google'd the world on all kinds of BIOS issues Advanced Power Management and driver Win10 Upgrade from Win7 caused Warm Boot to Fail - ANOTHER OPTION updates NOTHING FIXES THE PROBLEM I stumbled across the Shift Restart option for getting into WIN 's new Safe Mode Other Diagnostic restart options So I tried a quot Warm Reboot quot using Shift Restart This means Windows key Power Restart with the Shift key held down Once in the quot Safe Mode quot selection window - I did nothing else but select Exit to Windows which restarts the computer Guess What - It resarted quot normally quot just like it used to with WIN For some people there's something going on between the WIN code base UEFI BIOS or selected options for Power Management that hangs the system on Warm Boot - not sure what it is But this method gives me the ability to now Restart my machine consistently - which is important for me when I remote logging in and need to restart i e I can't push the buttons

A:Win10 Upgrade from Win7 caused Warm Boot to Fail - ANOTHER OPTION

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
Interesting most issues are from windows 10's fast start features which is the first thing I would disable in 10 and in the machines bios for good measure
I've never heard of warm boot :/
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I am trying to upgrade Windows XP sp3 but it capt on asking me about the 'status.msi.' to install, is there anyway you can help with this problem??
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Anyone point me in the right direction. I think I have the windows media package. Any tips would help, as there are some apps on the windows store I would like to download and I can't =(

A:Windows 8.1 upgrade fail

Why can't you download, are you signed in with a Microsoft Account, are you getting any error messages?
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I'm upgrade Windows fail 7 an intermediate Windows 7 upgrade fail computer user and I just upgraded to windows from windows vista During the installation of Windows it didn't work the first time and said it restored my old OS I tried again and it actually finished installing But except now my computer only works in safe mode If I try to start windows normally I get an unexpected reboot that brings me to a screen to choose how to start windows Sometimes my desktop will load up but then within minutes it will reboot again out of nowhere Can someone help me Also When i first started the installation of Windows there is a first CD used to update system BIOS and firmware I walked away for a minute and came back to a screen that said my laptop was put into hibernation to protect it from over heating I'm not sure if that part was done yet but it definitely said not to turn off my computer while it was installing that part Does that have something to do with my problem now
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The Windows upgrade media requires a previous version of windows to be present on the hard drive and activated in order for the installation to proceed Meaning if you need to reinstall win you would first have to reinstall and activate your old os Slightly different topic but totally related If you installed the Vista Upgrade the way Microsoft intended without using the quot special workaround quot the license key for your previous os would become invalid to prevent you from running more than one copy of windows with an upgrade license The Windows Upgrade requires an activated os to be present on the hard drive so Vista s workaround can t be used with win Assuming the win upgrade also invalidates your previous license wouldn Windows 7 Fail? Upgrade = t that mean it s impossible to reinstall win because you can t activate your old os I ve been wanting to ask about this for a long time but I kept putting it off so sorry if this has been answered before nbsp

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Power failed at 52% file completion and 15% install. This was done in a wifi residence... no network cable. Is there an accepted path to power on and continue? This is an Asus Windows 7 home premium x64 machine. Can one proceed by downloading install files to a USB? Hoping for an informed reply to continue with the install

A:Power fail during Windows 10 upgrade

If you upgraded to Windows 10 less then a month ago and still have the Windows.old folder you can downgrade back to your older OS by going to Start > Settings > Update & Recovery > Recovery > Go back to Windows 7/8 depending what you upgraded from
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Okay so I am a college student. I bought a windows anytime upgrade key for Home Premium to Professional. I need it for the classes I am taking. Only when I enter the product key it validates then I press upgrade and a few seconds later it says it was unsuccessful. Following that it says that my key doesn't work for windows anytime upgrade and to enter a different code. The key is specifically for upgrading through windows anytime upgrade from Home Premium to Professional. I am quite frustrated

A:Windows Anytime Upgrade to Pro Fail

Nevermind. I went to restart my computer to try again, and it started upgrading. After I ran dxdiag to make sure it is now Windows Professional...
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Okay so here is the whole situation st i was using windows vista x bit New Fail Upgrade Windows help Motherboard Please until recently i replaced my motherboard seeing as the previous crashed i bought a gigabyte x UD R and x GB DDR memory sticks with replacing the motherboard i was told i would need to reinstall windows seeing as that the mother board hard drive etc all came together because i bought the computer straight off the factory so with replacing my motherboard and memory i don't have a windows vista x bit disk to quot reinstall windows quot so i just bought windows upgrade disk hoping that i New Motherboard Fail Windows Upgrade Please help could just instal windows with the upgrade disk But when i load the disk i click on custom advanced installation and the installation begins it completes quot expanding files quot then installing updates etc then restarts After my computer restarts it comes right back to the windows installation screen again and ask me to reinstall windows AGAIN and this is on going repeating itself over and over and over until my hard drive is full I just formatted my hard drives to get all my space back but i want to know why my computer isn't booting windows when it says it's been installed It seems as if it is only booting off of my CD DVD drive and i don't know what to do please help

A:New Motherboard Fail Windows Upgrade Please help

If you manually changed your boot order to boot from the CD/DVD first, you have to switch it back to the hard drive on the first reboot. You only want to boot from the CD/DVD once to start the install.
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I tried upgrading my lenovo laptop yesterday from Windows 7 to 10 it failed twice with a pop up saying "Drive where windows installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again." Can someone point me in the right direction where to do so?

A:Windows 10 upgrade fail on Y570

I have same problem with my lenovo y570 when I try to upgrade it to windows 10
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Hey all Hope you re enjoying your Memorial Day weekend I was until I decided to do an upgrade to Windows from Windows It seems to be functioning normally The only problem I m having is with my display settings I m using a Vizio quot tv as my monitor connected via an HDMI cable Everything was working perfectly before the upgrade but now I can t get a window to open up to the full size of my screen I ve gone through the process of attempting to update my graphics drivers but get the message that the best drivers are already installed I ve got my display settings as high as they ll go - x Hopefully I ve explained my problem clearly Is there anything I can do or am I going to have upgrade Solved: 8.1 Windows fail to live with this Any and all help will be greatly appreciated Thanks Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version Microsoft Windows bit Processor AMD E - APU with Solved: Windows 8.1 upgrade fail Radeon tm HD Graphics AMD Family Model Stepping Processor Count RAM Mb Graphics Card AMD Radeon HD Graphics Mb Hard Drives C Total - MB Free - MB Motherboard Gateway SX G Antivirus Windows Defender Disabled nbsp

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So my co worker asked me to look at her laptop its a toshiba tecra m The boot keeps hanging up on the system file agp sys I went on the internet and the :/ wont agp440.sys complete on off hangs Windows wont disk boot boot and up found a windows xp pro disk to try and replace the system file using recovery After a learning how to add SATA drivers Windows wont boot hangs up on agp440.sys and wont complete boot off the disk :/ to the windows xp boot I was able to detect the hard drive and just before windows setup screen comes up the computer blue screens with a x B stop error I read that the battery could cause this so i carefully took apart the computer and replaced it with no change I put a windows disk in to see if i could use Windows wont boot hangs up on agp440.sys and wont complete boot off the disk :/ the recovery console in it and suprisingly it booted no problem i was able to use command prompt but with no idea what the problem is i have no idea what to do with it If anyone has any ideas it would be appreciated Thanks for reading the problem hope someone has an idea any more info needed Windows wont boot hangs up on agp440.sys and wont complete boot off the disk :/ just ask thanks

A:Windows wont boot hangs up on agp440.sys and wont complete boot off the disk :/

Info on 7B STOP errors..., scroll down to 7B in left column.

IMO, you have compounded the situation by using a "downloaded" version of Windows, since I suspect that such may contain embedded malware as part of the package.

Any number of things may have caused the initial hang, as you can see by reading the data at the Aumha website.

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Hi there I've recently built a new rig and I've had continuous problems trying to boot I have two HDDs and one SDD It seems when the two HDDs are plugged in i can sometimes boot ok and most times i get Quote Windows failed to start A recent hardware or software change might be the cause Status xc e Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible Or Please select a boot device or something to the affect I've updated to the latest bios on Boot boot is selection required device fail: Windows a because failed my new mobo Gigabyte z x SOC Force and ive done a fresh install of windows several times on the SDD I also ran crystal disk to check health on the SDD and it came back healthy It seems mostly my boot problems are linked to plugging in the two other HDDs though I've Windows boot fail: Boot selection failed because a required device is no idea why this would be and how to fix Windows boot fail: Boot selection failed because a required device is it Is it a motherboard problem or a HDD problem Any help greatly appreciated

A:Windows boot fail: Boot selection failed because a required device is


Please post a screenshot of "Disk Management" as per this guide - Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

( Make sure all disks are plugged ).
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I've been trying to upgrade to Windows 10 for a while now, but I keep getting the error code 8004100E. Windows update seems to think it is downloading fine, but when it restarts in order to configure the windows 10 update, it just boots windows 7 as normal.

I've tried deleting everything in the softwaredistribution downloads folder, but that doesn't seem to help.
I've also tried using the windows 10 media creation tool to download it and create an iso, but this also fails.

I've noticed that when windows update thinks that the upgrade has downloaded and ready to be installed that there is only about 450mb in the downloads folder of C:windows/softwaredistribution where I figure it should be closer to 3GB.

Thanks in advance for the help!

A:Upgrade to Windows 10 fail. Error 8004100E

Having the same issue myself
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Hello, I am running Vista 32 and have purchased a Win 7 home premium upgrade from MS and I cant get it to boot from the cd. I went into bios and the boot order was correct starting with DVD/CD and it still wont do it? If I start vista and go into the DVD drive I can start it that way. I also wanted to use the 64 bit DVD that came with it because my PC is 64-bit compatible. How do I get this to boot on start OR can I just run from "My Computer" because the Win 7 screen does come up if I go that rout.


A:Upgrade to win 7 wont boot from CD

1) Did you buy the disk ready made or did you burn yourself? If yourself, try reburning at the lowest possible speed. Alternatively, make a win7 install usb stick, heres how:

USB Windows 7 Installation Key Drive - Create

2) You cannot do an upgrade install from 32 bit to 64 bit, you must clean install. If the 64 bit disk is also problematic, you can create a bootable stick the same way.
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When I tried upgrading from windows 7 to 10 on my Inspiron N5050 the screen had the windows 10 logo and spinning dots below it before going black. I had to hard restart my laptop. I contacted dell support  who said windows 10 was not compatable with my computer. They said I needed to restore my OS back to windows 7. When I start my computer I  can enter the bootup menu briefly before it automatically goes the windows 10 logo with the spinning dots. It stays like this for about a minute before going to the black screen. Any help with restoring to windows 7 from this point?

A:Inspiron N5050 Windows 7 to 10 upgrade fail, need to restore

I have the exact same problem and I can't figure out how get back Windows 7.
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Hi there, i bought a cpu at ebay: AMD Athlon 64 M 3700+ 2.4GHz 1MB Socket 754 Newark
and installed it , but computer wont boot.

I have an Asus K8V SE Deluxe socket 754. The cpu even came with the heatsink. Everything turns on but i dont get signal to monitor; all fans turn on. When i removed the cpu, and put the old one...amd 64 3200 it works like a charm.

I email the seller asking that if this cpu will work on my desktop and he said it was a mobile cpu and that will work on both, laptop and desktop, im confused. Please help.

A:Computer wont boot after cpu upgrade...

Could be you need a bios upgrade. You need to check the specs on your motherboard to see if it is possible to use that high of CPU.
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Hi There, I have attempted to upgrade my OS to windows 10, only to see it sit on 99% for most of the day with fans running crazy.I have rebooted the system and now after the normal log in all i have in wndows 7 is a blank screen that doesnt allow me to do anything in terms of system recovery. Prior to the upgrade i have done a back up on my external hard drive but now im unable to restore the system to old. tried safe mode, but in that mode it doesnt allow me to recover at all it tells me to restar the computer and go to the blank windows 7 screen. I dont have a recovery disk, but have a image back up on my hard drive. the system keeps on asking for a cd.I have tried numerous methods and nothing seems to fix the blank black screen after log inPlease help  Many thanksMartin
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Friend of mine gave me her Acer Aspire 5742z-4813 because it fails to boot and eventually asks to repair, which it doesn't. Can't enter safe-mode, either.

Only thing she's said is that her daughter installed Norton 360 a few days before it crashed.

Things I've tried:

At command prompt, ran the following with no effect: bootrec.exe /FixMbr, bootrec.exe /FixBoot, bootrec.exe /RebuildBcd, chkdsk /f E:, and finally chkskd /f /r /x.

I also entered BIOS and changed HDD mode to IDE from ACHI. No joy.

Thanks in advance, guys.

A:[SOLVED] Win7 Fail to Boot, Fail to Repair

Test the HDD, download the ISO image for Seatools in my signature, burn the image to CD using IMGBurn also in my signature, boot off of the newly created CD and run the Short and Long tests on the drive. If either test fails, the HDD needs to be replaced.
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Hi, Need some help. I was prompted for a BIOS upgrade last night through HPSA. After installing it, the system wont boot now. I have tried the Windows + B key during power up but nothing. The power light stays on with no fan sound. Please help. It is a HP Pavilion 11-n032TU.
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This happen after when i ignored a AVG update as im working in middle of spreadsheet which need to be done in this week and when i tried to copy and paste and the laptop were freeze and wont let me able do anything so i press "off" button to shut thing quick rather as i set my off button to hibernation mode.

When i turn on, The acer logo show then blank page. Tried pressig F8 to go Last Known Good Config and still the blank page. Also with Safe Mode. Blank page!!!

I perfer if you can change your method if i need to insert CD as it's netbook and it dont have CD drive and also i have blank USB ready to add for booting.

Thanks for any help in advance

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I downloaded some new drivers and updating everything was going good my screen went black my resolution went down then it went black again. it just stayed black then i got the blue screen and i cant start up windows. Im am currently running on Ubuntu so i have access to the windows file please help.
this is what i downloaded
Catalyst Software Suite1.11 MB11.66/15/2011

A:HD mobility Radeon 5870 Fail windows wont start blue screen of death

Choose a System Restore point prior to the catalyst install.

WIN | type System Restore | ENTER | NEXT button |
select a restore point from the list shown

Notice that there are two important boxes:
a checkmark box to see more restore points and
a Scan for affected programs button.

The "affected programs" will show which programs will be influenced by your change.
WIN is the key with the Microsoft flag on top.
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try sfc /scannow
clean reboot with windows service
also try via using NVIDIA gpu and Intel's integrated gpu

also tried advanced_SC 5.X and tuneup utility 2012 for registry issue

but fails 2 times
and c:windowsanther: setuprr.log is empty

A:Windows 7 Ulti-64-bit to Windows 8 CP 64-bit Upgrade fail

Have you read through this tutorial on how to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8 CP?

Upgrade Install from Windows 7 or Vista to Windows 8 - Windows 8 Forums[2]=Installation and Setup

Personally, I'd suggest installing 8 on a separate partition rather than replacing 7. Windows 8 is still a test version and has not been finalized. If you're not happy with Windows 8, you can always boot into Windows 7, delete the Windows 8 partition, and continue using Windows 7 without having to go through another clean install of 7.

How to install windows 8 - Microsoft Answers
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quot Hoping someone can offer some advice with this frustrating problem I'm currently running Vista Ultimate SP bit My motherboard is an ASUS K N-E-Deluxe nForce chipset My processor is an Athlon Newcastle Kb L Cache The Asus upgrade after 64 Processor Athlon wont Vista boot board allows for up to overclocking natively in the BIOS so I have been running this at Ghz without problems for some time I have a decent CPU Cooler and my Vista wont boot after Athlon 64 Processor upgrade CPU temps are regularly in the low s at idle I recently decided to upgrade the processor to an Athlon Clawhammer Mb L Cache I installed the processor intending to Vista wont boot after Athlon 64 Processor upgrade overclock it automatically with the same BIOS settings Put everything back together and switched the PC on It posts ok and the new processor shows up fine in the BIOS Initially with these Vista wont boot after Athlon 64 Processor upgrade settings after detecting all the disks correctly on the POST screen it initially came up with an error saying it couldn't find a bootable partition not exact error message but something along those lines I then restarted the PC entered the BIOS and put all the clock speeds back to Auto settings and rebooted This time it came up with the 'Windows Vista has encountered an error due to a hardware change' and then gave me the option to enter Safe Mode or start Windows normally I tried both options and in each case the PC restarts and at the point when the Microsoft progress bar would normally appear the PC beeps once and then restarts automatically This continuously loops if I let it I've researched around the web tonight and the processor and board are definitely meant to be compatible The BIOS reports the processor temps and voltage in the correct ranges according to the AMD specs so I'm assumming the processor is OK The Vista install was a volume licence edition I am a developer with a MSDN subscription I tried using the install DVD and it wouldn't load either Even it it did I'm in two minds whether to attempt a startup repair in case it gives me no rollback for reverting to the old processor which I've done in the meantime with no problems Not really sure what to do next so any help and advice would be appreciated Thanks in advance Darren quot Hi I posted the above thread in the Hardware Support section and didn't get any replies so I'm wondering if this is maybe more a Vista issue than a hardware one To update today I tried refitting the new CPU and reseting the BIOS to its default settings Vista still wont start and still continues on a recurrsive reboot Is Vista really that temparamental with processor changes I've done a bit of digging and Vista is using amdk sys when it runs successfully using my old processor From what I can tell this is the correct driver for the new one too Or is this a Vista flaky activation changed too much hardware issue then I really will be annoyed Any help would be appreciated thanks Darren

A:Vista wont boot after Athlon 64 Processor upgrade

Vista is a bit temperamental about Hardware changes. It freaked out last time when i needed to repair a damaged DVD drive and booted Vista without one.
See if you can boot Vista again using your old CPU. (Note: For CPU and RAM changes you need to clear the CMOS via the jumper on the motherboard.)
If you can successfully boot back into Vista, un-install the following drivers.
Disk Drives
IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.

Then turn off your System, add the new CPU back in, clear the CMOS once again and then boot.
Let Vista re-install the drivers at where un-installed if it boots...
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The other day I safe in boot boot, centre wont wont load mode, wont repair Computer updated my laptop which is a Dell Inspiron R running Windows home premium when I updated the computer booted ok took longer than usual I restarted the laptop but this time it wouldn't boot up it came up with a black screen saying repair windows recommended or start windows normally I clicked repair windows it said searching for problems attempting repairs this took about an hour and a half but unfortunately did not resolve the issue I sent the error report to windows I restarted the laptop again attempted booting it in safe mode no luck and Computer wont boot, wont boot in safe mode, wont load repair centre the same other various options I can try but no luck they all just crashed the laptop and began restarting it tried repairing it again and this time it took my to a screen with various options like load backup open cmd and format my hard drive loading the backup did nothing and wasn't sure what to do with cmd so decided to part ways with my stuff and format the hard drive Computer wont boot, wont boot in safe mode, wont load repair centre I Computer wont boot, wont boot in safe mode, wont load repair centre did this and the laptop was formatted but the OS was still on the hard drive and it was like the first time I opened it all of my personal things were gone but win home premium was still there I set it back up again installed AVG anti virus etc downloaded a few movies ran fine the next day it said windows updates need installing so I did updates were made turned my laptop back on and again it was booting up and crashing followed the steps I mentioned before noting was working after messing around with it for an hour or so I finally got safe mode whilst in there I did an AVG scan alot of files seemed to be locked and AVG wasn't scanning them wasn't sure why AVG wouldn't scan them tried to undo my last update but when I followed win 's steps it would't allow me to turn on the windows centre thing it told me to turn on I wasn't sure what to do i thought maybe its a virus or maybe because I'm in safe mode anyway restarted it and continued crashing went to the repair centre and it searched for errors again found none so I formatted it like last time using the dell data recovery unit think that's the name of it formatted it again went through the processes when i did this last time the pc was ok and started normally like it was brand new booted it up but this time it kept crashing again and again safe mode wont open the repair centre just gets stuck on a blue screen every time I'm really stuck on what to do if anyone can help that would be great I've tried on other forums but got no help sadly and unfortunately don't have the Windows installation disk I would happily totally format the hard drive totally as I have other OS on other disks just not the windows one Any help would be appreciated Thanks

A:Computer wont boot, wont boot in safe mode, wont load repair centre

Hello there,
It seems like you did not perform a clean installation of Windows and that's why your system is acting up. 
Follow the steps below to install a new copy of Windows:
1. To format your hard disk during Windows 7 installation you will need to start or boot your computer using the Windows 7 installation disc or USB flash drive. Insert your Windows 7 disc in your CD/DVD drive. Please note: will need to restart or turn on your system with the disc in the drive. 
2. After turning on your system with the CD in the drive go ahead and press any key when prompted during your computer post routine and then follow the instructions presented on screen. If you don’t see this go back to step 1 to setup your BIOS to boot from CD or USB flash drive depending on your installation media.
3. On the Install Windows page simply enter your preferences and click next.
4. Accept the Windows license agreement.
5. On the “Which type of installation do you want” page go ahead and choose the “Custom” option.
6. Select Drive options (advanced) on the “Where do you want to install Windows” page.
7.  Select the partition that you want to change, choose the formatting option you want to perform and then follow the instructions.
When allocating space choosing the default MB size for your drive is typically the best for most users since you want to take full advantage of all your disk space.
8. Click “Next” for the installation to proceed.
Hope this helps!
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I will try to sum this up a bit I have Windows -Bit and about a month ago I was having problems booting I went straight to safe mode and was able to use Diagnostic Startup from MSConfig The machine booted fine and I was able to get in and run virus scans Nothing HD AVG? Won't 7 Fail? WIndows boot! was found using AVG Ad Aware and other programs WIndows 7 Won't boot! AVG? HD Fail? So I thought well lets try Limited Startup and that worked So I downloaded a few registry cleaners and what ever else I thought I might need I WIndows 7 Won't boot! AVG? HD Fail? ran all the scans I could think of So then I decided lets try full startup and that was not a good idea I now get hung just after the Windows Logo screen before the Login Screen Actually I have made it to the Windows Login Screen a few times and put in my password but it says windows starting and then windows shutting down I can not get into safemode now either as it will hang with the last line showing quot avgdisha sys quot So I goodled that and I get a response from AVG claiming they screwed up the Windows Bit edition with their latest upgrade They put out a CD to help wipe out whatever the issue is but my computer has wireless internet so the CD didn t seem to want to do anything I have run Scandsk f but the system tells me there is a repair pending and must reboot to complete but I can t reboot So I run Chkdsk f and it completes but when I run chkdsk r its freezing at Stage of verifying data I have been attempting everything I can think of and find on google and nothing works I do not have a Windows CD but I did make a Windows Recovery CD from another computer None of the Programs on the Disc are helping either I would just go and buy a windows disk but I am not sure that the HD is failing or is it just AVG screwing up my boot process Hope you guys can help I m first time user of your website Thanks nbsp

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Hello sorry for my english but This forum is probably the last thing that could help me I rode other topics about this problem When I start computer it stops right before quot Starting Windows quot and there is only a black screen I cant start windows any way So i put a disc with windows and try to repair but it said quot there is no problem with windows starting quot Than I started a console and try to insert c and then bootrec fixmbr and fixboot but fixboot doesn't work - I dont remember literally but it said something like there is no filesystem fail boot Windows 7 wrong filesystem when i try to scanos it say that there is operating Windows 7 boot fail systems Then I tried to run gparted to flag a disc but it showed me different partitions configuration then ive got on windows - there is no windows disc oo i tried also to build BCD but when i had to put command cd boot it said there is Windows 7 boot fail no comand Windows 7 boot fail like that Please help me I dont want to make a format Are there any different ways of fix it Sorry sorry from my english

A:Windows 7 boot fail

Does the HD register in BIOS setup? Is it set first to boot in BIOS setup, after CD/DVD drive? Try booting HD maker's diagnostic/repair CD to run extended scan: HD Diagnostic

Check for infection by installing, updating and running full scan with Malwarebytes in Safe Mode with networking. If no Safe Mode then download, burn to CD or write to flash stick, boot and run a full scan with Microsoft Standalone System Sweeper.

Boot back into the DVD REpair console or Repair CD to see if it discovers an installation to repair. If not, click through to Recovery Tools list to open command Prompt, type bootrec /fixboot and bootrec /fixmbr to see if it will now show an installation to repair. Do not change the drive letter as you say you did. If it now finds an installation to repair run Startup Repair repeatedly regardless of its finding at first. Next try System Restore from the Repair tools list, then using Command Line SFC -SCANNOW Run in Command Prompt at Boot

Next boot free Partition Wizard bootable CD to see if the 100mb System Rserved partition (preferred) or Win7 partition are still marked Active. If not, rightlick to Modify>Set to Active, then highlight the HD, from Disk tab select "Rebuild MBR", apply steps, reboot to see if it will start. You can also Explore the partitions to see if your files are intact; if so the OS should be reparable unless you damaged it with previous repair attempts.

You can copy out your files using DVD/Repair CD: Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console or using Paragon Rescue CD.

Then if all else fails run Factory Recovery from boot using its Fkey given on first screen, or Recovery Disks you've made or order from manufacturer, or find a Win7 isntallation DVD to clean reinstall with Product Key on COA sticker following these steps: Reinstalling Windows 7
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I try all the Safe Mode's, Last know good configuration, i try to boot form cd (make first boot priority), none of them worked. I pressed F8 and select Disable automatic restart on system failure, and appear blue screen (Unmountable_boot_volume, Technical Information: ***STOP: 0x000000ED (0x86574900, 0xC0000006, 0x00000000, 0x00000000)

A:Windows XP Fail to boot

Run this.How to use a Lazesoft Windows Recovery CD or USB device to fix the boot problems if your Windows operating system does not start correctly"It is very common for PC users to be faced with a Windows crash. When this happens, the dreaded 'Blue Screen of Death' pops up, or your PC has a black screen and can not boot or start up"Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition ( SS ) to Boot a Computer from a Lazesoft Recovery USB Device
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Hey guys, my 8800 gts got burned out the other day. I tried to boot but no signal from compy. I then took out the gpu and put the dvi cable to the intergrated card on my mobo. I now see the things when the comp boots the bios but afterwords, windows does not load, or at least i dont see it. What do i do to get the computer back to intergrated grapghics and such? Thank you for your help in advance

A:Can't boot into windows after gpu fail

possible setting is blocked in bios , press delete on start up to enter bios and ensure that first post signal is vga ion mobo ( usually option is vga auto)

if no good, unplug comp, remove csmos battery for a few mins put back in to reset bios should work then
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Recently I just tried starting my computer on and it wouldn't boot I left my computer in locked mode then it eventually went to sleep I kept trying to restart it and had no luck I checked inside the cpu was running and the dvd drive was still able to open and close My USB mouse or keyboard weren't powering on though neither was my monitor showing anything I didn't hear any beeps So I kept disconnecting the power outlet from Why 7 did my windows fail? boot the wall since that's the only way I could restart it Eventually it came back and I got startup repair opening by itself http farm static flickr com f d jpg v http farm static flickr com b jpg v That's what I got from the error Here are my Why did my windows 7 boot fail? computer specs Corsair PSU HD SATA HD GB Memory AMD Phenom II x GIGABYTE GA-MA GPM-UD H AM AM with ATI Radeon HD onboard GPU Windows Build Bit Eventually the system started backup fine after going through startup repair All my files still there If it matters I was using the onboard graphics having one monitor running in VGA and the hdmi connecting to my tv

A:Why did my windows 7 boot fail?

Probably an error that comes with the RC since MS still calls it a beta build
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I ll try to make sense of this to you My computer has been working great until last night Today it bricked on me Windows fail boot 7 Last night and until a out noon today I was seeing occasional corruption of the image on screen strange blocking pixellation like a bad hd tv picture I started getting locking-up freezes which I could sort of unfreeze with ctrl-alt-del This happened frequently while browsing the net las night oddly games worked fine Today at one point the whole image started flickering fluctuating up and down and then the image scrambled totally and was locked-up so I hard reset Upon restart bootup fails Chkdsk memory scan from startup repAir and the installation disk image and system recovery fail When I read the detailed results from start up recovery it tells me that no drive is present So did the drive fail or maybe it came unplugged inside the tower unlikely bc the tower hasnt moved Or did intel smart response technology screw up and the cache is screwed and it s messing up the primary drive it accelerates Windows -bit OS on z mobo with gb SSd accelerating gb primary Any insight is VEry greatly appreciated as I m stuck working off my iPod touch for troubleshooting

A:Windows 7 boot fail

Update: I just tried again to boot into safe mode.
After displaying the names of some files that loaded, the system rebooted itself.
The last file that says "loaded" is classpnp.sys (i think that's what it said). Once that sits idle for a few seconds, a blue screen pops up very briefly that I cannot read.
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I decided to upgrade my Asus F3M Laptop from windows xp to windows 7 like member who called Nothingspecial. When i tried to install windows 7 and select boot from disc to prepare setup, laptop just restarted every time. I don't know what is the key for Safe Mode .... because i have tried f8 but it fails..... So i decided to remove it from the laptop and format as an external HDD.... then i tried to install again... but it still not boot.....
I need your help......

A:Fail to boot with windows 7

You have to change the boot order from HDD to CD/DVD drive in the BIOS and save and exit the BIOS.
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I've been trying to upgrade from Win XP to Vista Ultimate. I have tried installing several times. The first time, the computer got hung up on expanding files at 21% and I rebooted. After that I have been getting the msg "Windows could not update the computer's boot configuration. Installation cannot proceed. I've check on a few forums and someone always says to restore the default value for the UpperFilters registry entry and then restart computer. In the steps that follow, it says to modify UpperFilters and to type PartMgr and click ok. This seems to work for some people, I however already had the PartMgr value on there. Can someone tell me what I can do, besides doing a fresh install?


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PLEASE HELP After upgrade from Windows to Windows Nvidia GEforce GT M Display Driver causes laptop to fail to startup I am running Version Build System Model Inspiron System Type x -based PC Processor Intel R Core TM i - U CPU 10 laptop startup Nvidia to fail causes upgrade to 8.1 GEforce Windows Display from 750M HELP! GT Driver to Win After GHz Mhz Core s Logical Processor s BIOS Version Date Dell Inc A Since upgrading to Windows I have to start up the laptop in safe mode uninstall the Nvidia card Then I do a normal HELP! After upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Win 10 Nvidia GEforce GT 750M Display Driver causes laptop to fail to startup restart at which point windows update automatically re-installs the Nvidia card So before I shut down after working each day I have to remember to HELP! After upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Win 10 Nvidia GEforce GT 750M Display Driver causes laptop to fail to startup uninstall the Nvidia card again so that the laptop will restart the next time I need it There are a few works-arounds i have discovered but none work for my laptop Turning the windows update to a metered connection so that it does not automatically download updates does not work as I am in a rural area with poor internet connection and so cannot work via WIFI Downloading the Windows hide updates tool does not work as it cannot find any problems with the laptop - even though there is one Is there anything you can recommend that would stop my laptop from automatically downloading the Nvidia drivers It always downloads an old version of the driver back from and not the latest one that HELP! After upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Win 10 Nvidia GEforce GT 750M Display Driver causes laptop to fail to startup is availble from March Or is there away of telling windows update to download the latest driver and not the old one Please help
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Alright guys this is gonna be a fun one I bought a new AMD AM core processor and Asrock mobo from Microcenter tonight got home and stripped the old outdated Intel gear for the AMD I've got all of my AMD setup wires tucked neatly get it to it's bay turn it on and fail It boots past the BIOS okay and starts Windows loading screen but about seconds in screen goes black and it starts the whole process over again Same deal with trying to boot in safe mode I feel like I'm in deep now and didn't research enough before to Boot AMD Windows INTEL Fail trying to make a big change Probably a driver issue that i'm experiencing Any INTEL to AMD Windows Boot Fail suggestions I would really hate to put my old mobo back in just so I can go and INTEL to AMD Windows Boot Fail uninstall mobo drivers Please ignore pre-existing system information at the bottom this is the updated relevant specs OLD Intel system Mobo - XFX I Extreme Processor - Intel Core Duo Video - Zotac GSO Ram - Crucial gb DDR NEW AMD system Mobo - Asrock DE U S Processor - AMD FX Video - Pre-existing Zotac RAM - Crucial gb DDR

A:INTEL to AMD Windows Boot Fail

You forgot one thing! Once you make a major hardware change a clean install of Windows is just about always a mandate to see the best results! You can however try the Repair Install method to see if you could save the existing copy of Windows but may likely run into any number of possible problems between lingering device drivers for hardwares and chipset no longer seen as well as other things!

The best practical advice anyone can give you for this however is still to see a Clean Install Windows 7
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I had to do a clean install of Windows because while trying to fix dual boot with Windows problem after I no longer Computer or Windows to boot. 7 fail wanted dual boot with Windows My main HDD failed I had Computer or Windows 7 fail to boot. to install another HDD tested it checked good I then installed Windows on it also I used other software and erased everything from the drive that had Windows installed on it After installing Windows found that my computer won't bnoot with out Windows install DVD in my dvd drive The boot order is -dvdrooom -First HDD the first HDD has Windows installed on it When I try to boot computer with out install dvd in drive it displays this at bottom of screen INTEL UNDI PXE- Build Copyright C - Intell Corporation For Realtek RTL X X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller v Client Mac ADDR E D F Guid FEFEFEFE-FEFE-FEFE-FEFE-FEFEFEFEFEFE PXE-E No Boot filename received PXE-M F Exiting PXE-Rom I shut down my computer restart it insert dvd into drive and let it boot into windows and then everything is ok After Windows finished booting I went into MsConfig then clicked the Boot Tab and this it what is there I am including a screen shot of MsConfig This is the first time this has happened and first time I have ever encountered this I am not sure how to proceed to fix this problem Please help as this has really gotten me frustrated Thank you

A:Computer or Windows 7 fail to boot.

Can you provide the screenshot of the device manager ?

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
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Hello Everyone.

I had a dual boot with Win7 and Win8. I wanted to remove Win8 cause I was bored and didn't need it. So I used a method on this forum.
I did everything right.

Dual Boot - Delete a OS

But the boot manager failed. When I restarted I got an error saying that their is some invalid information.

I didn't have the Win 7 disc, so I put the Win 8 disc and installed it in the partition that had win 8 before, hoping that it would recognized Win 7. But hasn't.

So now I have a partition of Win 7 but it is not getting recognized. Is there any way to help this?

A:Windows Boot Manager FAIL!

Please post back a screenshot of your maximized Disk Management drive map and listings:

1. Type Disk Management in Start Search box.
2. Open Disk Mgmt. window and maximize it.
3. Type Snipping Tool in Start Search box.
4. Open Snipping Tool, choose Rectangular Snip, click New, draw a box around full drive map and all listings.
5, Save Snip, attach using paper clip in Reply Box.

Tell us what is on each partition. We will tell you how to make Win7 bootable on its own so you can delete Win8 partition when ready.

To create a Dual Boot install EasyBCD (click Download - no Name or Email required) to add Win7 on Add OS Entry tab.
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hi, window will not boot goes to blue screen that says process 1 initizaltion failed and starts dumping, then reboots to reapir, wont repair, tried booting to reapir disc and used bitdefender rescue which showed no virus, then tried booting to my winodws 7 upgrade disc, it says loading files then goes to a windows screen and nothing, tried recovery and it only shows one date may 6th, recovered to that date and does the same boots then goes to blue screen, in advanced i went to promt screen and tried chkdsk c:/f/r and it said failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50, so now dont know what to do if i need a new hard drive or what bios looks the same as always please help mike

A:windows 7 wont boot, wont go to safe mode or start on windows 7 disk

Have you followed these steps - Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot
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OS windows home premium CPU i MOBO ASUS P Z M HDD BIOS only can enter boot windows fail, Seagate TB RAM kingston hyperX gb alright so i windows boot fail, can only enter BIOS had an issue with deleting a steam folder that was corrupted after googling a while i learned i should run chkdsk checkdisk when you rightclick on your hdd 'properties under tools tab' etc so after that i just rebooted my pc and everything was normal i could delete the folder then i got a few windows updates which i just ran and rebooted normally after a while surfing a bit then playing a videogame my computer just crashed with bluescreen ever since then i couldnt boot up my pc normally again i do manage to get the BIOS screen then the windows logo 'loading' but then it just gets me a blue screen again so the errors on the blue screen im getting is ntkrnlpa exe xc and something along these lines STOP x E xFFFFFFFFC S xFFFFF E DE A XFFFFF A B xFFFFF A D wdf sys - Adress FFFFF E DE A it might be worth mentioning i had intel rapid storage techonlogy which uses an ssd for caching i thought this was the problem and removed the ssd but no results I've tried some system recovery methods like the bootup autofixer or system restore point but they failed aswell after reading something about MBR ' bootrec exe FixMbr ' source How to Fix Windows When It Fails to Boot i decided to give that a try i managed to get back to my desktop but everytime i restarted i would just get blue screen again then had to enter bootrec exe fixmbr in the command prompt from the recovery console everytime then i decided to reinstall windows and the installation broke down midway giving me the same error now im stuck in a cycle where i just enter bios then get the error on startup and then reboot if i try to go safe mode it comes with 'Windows cannot complete the installation in safe mode to continue installing windows restart the computer ' and now i cant even get to recovery console options anymore if i use my gb 'corsair' SSD as HDD i get the same error for clarification ive been trying to use an 'seagate' TB HDD first i've gotten this pc for only about year

A:windows boot fail, can only enter BIOS

Hi qzysc2 welcome to SevenForums

Lets try this

You will need a USB FLASH DRIVE

Download the Tool from a non infected PC

Download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool

Choose one that goes with your OS bit version . Save the file to a USB Flash drive

32-bit Version OS Farbar Recovery Scan Tool

64-Bit Version OS Farbar Recovery Scan Tool x64

Click the button and right-click Computer .Select Properties . Look for System Type: which will say 32-bit Operating System or 64-bit Operating System

Plug the flash drive into the infected PC.

Enter System Recovery Options.

To enter System Recovery Options from the Advanced Boot Options:
Restart the computer.
As soon as the BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until Advanced Boot Options appears.
Use the arrow keys to select Repair Your Computer menu item.
Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.
Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.
Select your user account an click Next.

To enter System Recovery Options by using Windows installation disc:
Insert the installation disc.
Restart your computer.
If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc. If your computer is not configured to start from a CD or DVD, check your BIOS settings.
Click Repair your computer.
Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.
Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.
Select your user account and click Next.

On the System Recovery Options menu you will get the following options:
Startup Repair
System Restore
Windows Complete PC Restore
Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool
Command Prompt

Select Command Prompt

In the command window type X:\FRST.exe (for x64 bit version type X:\FRST64.exe) and press Enter

Replace letter X with the drive letter of your flash drive.

Type the commands below to see what your letter is for the USB drive and press ENTER after each command

List volume
The tool will start to run.
When the tool opens click Yes to disclaimer.
Press Scan button.
FRST will let you know when the scan is complete and has written the FRST.txt to file
Please copy and paste both logs in your reply.(FRST.txt and Addition.txt)
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For a variety of reasons I have wiped the hard drive. I want to install windows 7 ultimate, and when I boot from the bootable usb, the screen end up black with a blinking cursor on the top left.

A:Bootable usb fail to boot up windows 7 installation.

try following the steps in the link below:

Windows 7 Installation Failure - Overcome

If that does not help any post back and we can go from there.
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Hey all. I have a question. My keyboard and mouse are bouth USB, and every time i restart my comp, they work in dos but once windows boots up they just stop working. If i plug in a PS2 mouse and reboot the computer, they USB devices start to work again. I have all the drivers installed and everything, anyone know why the USB keyboard and mouse would stop working like that?

A:Keyboard and Mouse Fail upon windows boot up

What model is your motherboard?
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Introduction Hello I'm running multiboot installation on machine with UEFI I have Windows and Ubuntu installed managed by Grub at startup and I have laptop working like this for about half a year By the time I'm using Windows very rarely I rather use linux for my everyday work But yesterday I need to and very disturbing BSOD appeared Recovery Your PC couldn't start properly A required device isn't boot messeage Windows fail to 0xc0000001 with 10 connected or can't be acessed Error code xc I cannot log into safe mode System just hangs at the boot screen and shutdown laptop itself after couple of minutes I haven't made any hardware changes ever I haven't made any driver changes I do not mess up with any Windows directory but I have Windows partition mounted in Ubuntu I do not mess up with EFI partition recently Last time I have using Windows installation is about weeks ago System sometimes instead of showing BSOD is hanging at the boot screen I have googling for fixes fo hours So I made USB with my Windows installation exactly the same from which I have Windows installed and run Windows Recovery Envoirnemt My laptop is hp w nbsp Fixes and failures Restore default settings in firmware setting aka BIOS nbsp - nothing changes Windows Recovery Environment System restore I got message nbsp quot To use System Restore you must Windows 10 fail to boot with 0xc0000001 messeage specify which Windows Installation to restore Restart this computer select an Operating System and then select System Restore quot Automatic repair Fails - with no information in event log Reset your pc I got message nbsp quot The drive where Windows is installed is locked Unlock the drive and try again quot Windows Command Prompt S is my EFI partition chkdsk c f v r b offlinescanandfix nbsp no problems found sfc scannow offbootdir s offwindir c windows nbsp I got message nbsp quot there is a system repair pending which requires reboot to complete Restart windows and run sfc again quot Bootrec fixmbr nbsp - nothing changes Bootrec fixboot nbsp - nothing changes Bootrec scanos nbsp - windows found Bootrec rebuildbcd nbsp - message nbsp quot The requested system device cannot be found quot nbsp del s s q bcdboot c windows s s f UEFI nothing changes I even format EFI partition and make it again Summary Ubuntu still works fine so AFAIK it's not hard drive or GPT issue I can't login to recovery mode by Shift F but I had never could So I don't think it matters especially that fixing by Windows Recovery Mode from USB work neither It seems to be ridicolous for me that Microsoft provide not even detail but in fact any useful information about why system fail to boot Pleas do not tell me to contact hp support because I really doubt that they help me
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I've installed Ubuntu 11.04 on my notebook ASUS U36SD. It worked perfectly fine for 4 months.
Recently, I decided to install the last version of Ubuntu, 11.11. From now, Windows 7 doen't want to boot: It freezes at the boot screen. I tried to use the repair mode, but it failed. I also tried the safe mode. It still does't boot and freeze when loading CLASSPNP.SYS.

Please, do you have an idea about how to solve this problem?

A:Windows 7 fail to boot after ubuntu installation

After an installation of ubuntu, my C: partition, where Windows 7 is installed is corrupted.
From linux, I can read it and access the disk, but the windows recovery environment doen't detect it.

I think that it is because my partition is also hidden (0x17)
Do you know how to unhide this partition from linux, or to make a chkdsk on it from the recovery environment?
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So yesterday I installed Windows 7 on a laptop, there wasnt enough room for an upgrade so did a new install. The install went find until I had to enter information, Name, password, internet settings etc.
Here a red cross came on the screen and the laptop crashed
When the laptop restarted nothing happened. It went to a black screen and there is a a flashing underscore _ in the top right hand corner. that is it.
I can access the boot menu but cant boot from either hard drive installed in the computer which makes me think its an IDE cable fail. I can basically only boot from disc which just tries to make me install Windows 7 again and none of the repair options work. But if it lets me install windows to hard drive again it cant be an IDE fail surely? I need help ASAP

A:Windows Install Boot Fail. Emergency Help

I would go to the manufacturers website of the make of hard drive you have. Download their harddrive diagnostic tool or, use a third party one to test your hard drive. If all goes well you may have a bad copy of Windows. Might be a corrupted file on the disk or bad disk.
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Hi please help i have got a dell OptiPlex 755 (discontinued model)

i boot up that takes a bit longer than normal then it goes to the windows 7 logo twirly thing it pauses half way through a flash of blue screen (too short to get a code) then it restarts i can then go to the option to start up recovery or start normally i go to recovery it scans my system wants to send something to Microsoft. i have also tried boot rec.exe that didn?t work

i have just got hold of windows vista and xp instillation disk i am going to try that.

Please help

Also see my vid of what it does

Thank you

A:windows 7 dell optiplex 755 boot fail

You could download the appropriate .iso file, burn it to disc, and then try to repair your computer.

Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River ? My Digital Life
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Last night I updated windows 8.1 from windows 8.
It got to the stage where it needs to restart so it done that started the configarations and once it reached 100% it restarted.

Since then what happens is when i press power on the samsung logo comes on the screen then the black screen with the windows picture then the bsod comes up for around half a second and it restarts. then it constantly does this.

The whole cycle only takes a few seconds.

Ive tried booting in safe mode but this isnt working so I downloaded kav rescue on another computer and saved it on a flash drive, But it wont boot off this either.

Any ideas?

A:Windows wont start after 8.1 update wont boot in safe mode

What does the BSOD state? Most times it is a driver issue with the Display drivers. Other times it is hardware.
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Ok it all started when i was dloading a program to make windows setups msi Then i decided i didnt like it and uninstalled it After Cant display Monitor boot, safe Windows wont picture. access wont mode tht was done I decided i was going to stick with Inno Setup I have used it before and liked it But then i noticed all or most of my desktop icons were missing And all the start menu ientries were missing So Windows wont boot, Monitor wont display picture. Cant access safe mode i figured i had a virus SO i went to do a system resotre But found that i oculdnt find it due to to missing folders So i decided i would then try to boot into safe mode When i tried to boot it said it cannot find a file same with normal mode Ubfortunely i dont remember what it said I think it said windows cannot find NRDL press ctrl alt delete to reboot or somthing like that Any ways i tried a few more times and it all failied SO then i tried the Windows wont boot, Monitor wont display picture. Cant access safe mode windows recovery console Nothing I really didnt know whre to go with it Then i decied to go into the bios and reset Or i thought i was resseting them I seleteced quot fails proof settings quot But then Windows wont boot, Monitor wont display picture. Cant access safe mode i rebooted and things got worse My monitor is now getting no signal it says it is ocnnected though So i cant see what i am doing Please any ideas I have a Programming project that i have been working on for months now i dont wanna lose that And a Lang arts project I am very computer savvy but i have tried everything and yes i tried a differ monitor No Dice Specs Xp Home Nvidia TC amd Standard Monitro Plese help i need my computer i cant go on without it -T nbsp

A:Windows wont boot, Monitor wont display picture. Cant access safe mode
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Thanks SanDisk Fail 120GB + = Boot Windows 8.1 Intermittent SSD for looking This problem has been driving me Windows 8.1 + SanDisk 120GB SSD = Intermittent Boot Fail crazy presumably since Windows 8.1 + SanDisk 120GB SSD = Intermittent Boot Fail I got the SSD 'though since I mostly suspend the computer I wouldn't have noticed initially which is why it took me so long to narrow it down The issue is as the title describes but here are more details The computer will receive power The BIOS and OS become unavailable intermittently no display on either 'though it wakes the monitors The HDD light flashes only a few times The displays come on from their suspend modes I've tried resetting the BIOS I've flashed the BIOS it's current and making no difference Having the USB devices in or out makes no difference to the problem I've checked the RAM using different DIMMs and different lanes no difference I've scoured the BIOS settings a number of times and cannot find anything out of place Windows boots perfectly fine as well provided AHCI mode is enabled in the BIOS Suspending in Windows always works it seems to entirely get around this issue I have no speaker so I cannot report beep codes Welcome to ideas 'though I fear I've tried it already However The reason I've said it's the SSD is due to what I've just now experienced I unplugged the SSD and it booted up just fine minus an OS but once I plugged the SSD in again it booted up on par with what I had previously done as a temporary quot fix quot Until now I've had to unplug one or a few of my SATA cables from the motherboard doesn't matter which socket the SSD is in in order to get the computer to boot I'll then restart it either forcefully or within Windows Once that's done I'll boot again with the SATA lead reconnected and all will typically be fine until perhaps the next time I have to cold-boot or restart from Windows I'm pretty decent with computers myself having troubleshooted all sorts of problems over the years so I'm trying to anticipate your questions One thought I had was that the PSU is failing but that honestly makes no sense to me because it's not old it's of very good quality Corsair TX Enthusiast Edition I believe has never had enormous amounts asked of it I've never heard coil whine or any other noises from it the fan works perfectly fine I've enver smelled anything dodgy from it and while gaming both high and low there's absolutely no problems typically associated with a failing PSU such as freezes crashes and reboots I considered my CPU being at fault but a similar deal as above I have no issues with stressing the CPU and there are no signs that the CPU is having issues The CPU has never overheated currently sitting at mostly idle between and degrees celcius The CPU was properly seated with pre-applied paste which I know can be lackluster but in this case it seems to have been perfectly fine Before today I had arrived at the conclusion that the problem was the motherboard ASUS Z -K only a few months old like the CPU which I assumed because I've flashed the BIOS twice official source and despite all seeming to have gone well something may have gone awry without me knowing Since I've had the motherboard the quot EZ Mode quot of the UEFI BIOS will freeze if I tried to move around the boot order 'though this always worked via Advanced Mode so I let it go that particular problems still persists Also since the BIOS wasn't displaying and not allowing me access I assumed the BIOS or motherboard itself was at fault a false conclusion I presume I guess I'm still trying to get around to the whole UEFI thing it seems to work quite differently I shan't type much more because I don't want this thread overlooked by people not keen on reading tons Thank you for your time
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Hey guys I run a WinXP with SP My computer has been running fine until yesterday when I got a couple of error pop ups which I clicked by fast followed by a bluescreen I restarted my machine and now WinXP can XP Windows boot, fail mode! start safe in can won't only t boot It gets to the loading screen but when the loading is done the computer just restarts itself Then i m prompted to chose if I want to start windows in fail safe mode In fail safe mode everything runs fine I ran through my computer with Kaspersky once then once with Avast Also I ran it through once with Anti-Malware Bytes All done in fail Windows XP won't boot, can only start in fail safe mode! safe mode but with no results I got prompted to use WinXP system restore when into fail safe mode But apparently I have no old configurations from a past date to use I turned off auto reboot to be able to see the error message and I got the following STOP x E xC xB F OxBACC x k sys - Adress B F base at B F Datestamp e I still can t get windows to work normaly i m writing this in fail safe mode I m not really sure what to do from here It s very frustrating Any help would be much appreciated thanks nbsp

A:Windows XP won't boot, can only start in fail safe mode!

Disable or uninstall Kaspersky and try booting in Normal Mode again. k71.sys is related to Kaspersky.
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Hi Everybody,
I would like to know that my windows 7 upgrading was faild during windows 7 setup,
It means Windows installation is stuck during Expanding file of installing windows. Installation were stopped during the 2 setup windows 7. That time I click the close button at the end of edge. It was long time more than 2 hours. Then windows said upgrading fail. And then restarted the windows, that time after POST, bootMGR is miss. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart the computer. How was my back up data on the drive C:, how can I get it, how should I do, pleaes leat me know. Thank you in advance.

A:Windows 7 fail during upgrade to windows 7 from XP

If you have a External HD, you could copy & paste your data.
Copy & Paste - in Windows Recovery Console
than copy & paste your data to new install.

Always best to do a clean install:
Clean Install with a Upgrade Windows 7 Version
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All of a sudden, I turn on my lap top (lenovo idea pad flex 10) and it takes forever to Load, then says windows 8 wont boot or something.
Takes me to a blue screen and I tries to system restore but that also won't load and go through. Help please?
I went to advanced options and pulled up the box you type **** in butI don't know what to put km it to make windows boot!

A:windows 8 wont boot and system restore wont work

You need to be much more specific about what your problem is. I can't tell at all from your post what's really happening, and neither will anybody else. What exactly happens? What exact messages do you get? What "advanced options" are you talking about? Also, it appears this site's profanity filter has blocked something in your post. Using such language is not helpful.
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I wanted to transfer data to another hard drive and i hooked it up as a slave drive to my main drive and the first time i booted it up it did nothing and then i restarted and and wouldnt boot and gave me the message

NTLRD is missing
Please press any key to restart

then i unhooked the second hard drive and rebooted and got the same message, i hooked the second drive up to its original machine and got the same message on it too. what is goin on hear now nothing will boot. please need help, i cant lose all that data on both hardrives!

I sacraficed the first hard drive and format it and then when i go to install windows xp on it at says

Fatal Error:
One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be installed.

The parameter is incorrect.

Please Help!

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I wanted to transfer data to another hard drive and i hooked it up as a slave drive to my main drive and the first time i booted it up it did nothing and then i restarted and and wouldnt boot and gave me the message

NTLRD is missing
Please press any key to restart

then i unhooked the second hard drive and rebooted and got the same message, i hooked the second drive up to its original machine and got the same message on it too. what is goin on hear now nothing will boot. please need help, i cant lose all that data on both hardrives!

I sacraficed the first hard drive and format it and then when i go to install windows xp on it at says

Fatal Error:
One of the components that Windows needs to continue setup could not be installed.

The parameter is incorrect.

Please Help!

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Hi, AllI try to upgrade the BIOS of my x1c gen3 20BS, and BIOS update utility for windows, the BIOS version is UEFI: 1.13 / ECP: 1.09I am working on windows 8I follow the utility's instruction and install the tool, run the tool, and reboot the OS, everything seem fine, but when I check the BIOS again, I found the BIOS vesion is still 1.10, but ECP has already upgraded to 1.09 Anyone could help? Many thanks.
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Hi, AllI try to upgrade the BIOS of my x1c gen3 20BS, and BIOS update utility for windows UEFI: 1.13 / ECP: 1.09I am working on windows 8I follow the utility's instruction and install the tool, run the tool, and reboot the OS, everything seem fine, but when I check the BIOS again, I found the BIOS vesion is still 1.10, but ECP upgrade to 1.09. I wonder why I cannot upgrade my BIOS, anyone could help, many thanks.
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Hey So I am sorry for not having more information about my computer seeing as I cant access windows anymore I have no idea what CPU memory etc this laptop has Anyway So what happened today was I stated my computer it was fine and all of a sudden it went to blue screen then Computer up Screen, windows Asus boot fail to Blue This has happened before but usually the computer restarts and it works fine Now at first i restart the computer and it says reboot Asus Computer Blue Screen, then windows fail to boot up and select the proper boot device so I restart hit f and selected what was my Asus Computer Blue Screen, then windows fail to boot up primary hard drive which is ST AS Anyway Asus Computer Blue Screen, then windows fail to boot up i selected that and the computer wouldnt start It went to the windows logo and would not start After it went to blue screen again and restarted and prompted me to launch startup repair Which i did then Startup repair found no solution and asked me to send this to microsoft i did that as well After this I tried system restore wouldnt work i get an error saying it cant find the file Anything i try with repairs give the same result and so i restarted my computer again It wont get past the windows logo and when i hit f again my ST AS wasnt there anymore i got scared and was thinking this is it all my files are gone and my hard drive is dead However after numerous reboots now it showed up again Alas i have no idea what to do next I have tried all the options I knew but now this is as far as my computer savyness goes And I know it isnt that far to begin with And I also tried safe mode all the options that arise when you hit f And not one of them worked My issue is simply I cant get into windows When I try system restore the error message is x I e my computer cant recognize my boot device i suppose Also now that it recognizes my boot device again when i try and start windows it goes into asus recovery mode and tries to reboot my entire computer If i had a recovery disk and a windows which seeing as its a bought laptop i dont have Also i dont really want to do that since my computer was working fine this morning And i have important files that I need so any help would be awesome

A:Asus Computer Blue Screen, then windows fail to boot up


Can you access the Advanced boot options?

Advanced Boot Options
Choose Last known Good Configuration

Use the up-arrow and down-arrow keys to move the menu’s highlight to Last Known Good Configuration (Advanced), and then press Enter as the mouse won’t work at this screen.

Your computer should load successfully, and Windows 7 will discard the bad configuration and return permanently to the last known good configuration.

If it doesnt boot normally, you’ll want to get a System Repair Disk and try going back to the last System Restore Point (You may have to use a friends computer)

Hope this helps


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Hi everyone recently I bought a new laptop MSI GP which came with Windows I tried it for few weeks and than I decided to downgrade it to Windows So I did it everything went well I was using Windows for couple of weeks but now I have a problem Last night I didn't turn it off and in the morning i got drive start cannot up hard - be - boot Windows to installed Can't Fail black screen saying quot Reboot and select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press any key quot So here's the problem I have hybrid hard drive GB SSD Fail to start up - Can't boot hard drive - Windows cannot be installed TB HDD which is divided to C D and E My laptop can recognize hard disk so it's not dead I can't start up because it can't Fail to start up - Can't boot hard drive - Windows cannot be installed boot it and I can't reinstall repair Windows because it says quot Windows cannot be installed Fail to start up - Can't boot hard drive - Windows cannot be installed to this disk This computer's hardware may not support booting to this disk Ensure that the disk's controller is enabled in the computer's BIOS menu quot I'll also provide pictures of my BIOS in attachments You can see the settings and all boot devices I did a bit of research and I came across that if you have hard drives it may confuse Windows and Vista so disconnecting one of them will solve the problem that could be my case due to hybrid hard drive I'm not sure And the problem is that I can't open my laptop because I will lose the warranty So does anyone know what should I do to make it work again I have some files on my e drive which I would like to keep I've tried everything and I couldn't sort it out Will deleting all partitions and formatting them all over again do the job I would appreciate every attempt of help Thank you guys I colored everything a bit just to make it easier to read

A:Fail to start up - Can't boot hard drive - Windows cannot be installed

I don't see where either Legacy BIOS or CSM are enabled, just Legacy Boot - is there a panel not shown? But that may be enough to Bypass UEFI to Install WIn7 if that's what worked for install.

That makes it easier to repair. Confirm the 100mb System Reserved (preferred if you have it) or C is Partition Marked Active then run Startup Repair - Run up to 3 Separate Times to see if it will start.

Different hybrid hard drives require different install procedures. If it's Intel Rapid Storage Technology it normally requires being turned off in BIOS for install, then enabled to activate the 24gb caching drive. But since IRST can also be problematic many leave it disabled. We've even helped users install to the SSD their OS and programs with the data folders linked from HDD, it worked and they wanted to keep it.

Read your Manual on the PC's Support Downloads webpage to see exactly how yours works. It would also help if you could post back a camera snap of Partition Wizard CD
drive map and listings. That tool can also mark Active and add another step which helps start Win7 by running Partition Wizard Rebuild MBR - Video Help.
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Hello when this problem started i have tryed to fix it with startup repair but with no luck and i tryed to make a system restore also but it said it hasnt fount any restore points I have created a log with Farbar Recovery Scan Tool Can you please have a look and tell me what i should do Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool FRST x and Fail 7 Driver repair Startup Offline boot to Windows say Bad Version - - Ran by SYSTEM at - - Running from F FRST Windows Ultimate X OS Language English US The current controlset is ControlSet Registry Whitelisted HKLM Run RTHDVCPL C Program Files Realtek Audio HDA RtHDVCpl exe -s - - Realtek Semiconductor HKU User Run AdobeBridge x Tcpip Parameters DhcpNameServer Services Whitelisted Autodesk Content Service C Program Files Autodesk Content Service Connect Service ContentService exe - - Autodesk Inc cphs C Windows System IntelCpHeciSvc exe - - Intel Corporation FLEXnet Licensing Service C Program Files Common Files Macrovision Shared FLEXnet Publisher FNPLicensingService exe - - Windows 7 Fail to boot and Startup repair Offline say Bad Driver Flexera Software Inc MozillaMaintenance C Program Files Mozilla Maintenance Service maintenanceservice exe - - Mozilla Foundation SepMasterService C Program Files Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Bin ccSvcHst exe s Symantec Endpoint Protection m C Program Files Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Windows 7 Fail to boot and Startup repair Offline say Bad Driver Bin sms dll prefetch - - Symantec Corporation SmcService C Program Windows 7 Fail to boot and Startup repair Offline say Bad Driver Files Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Bin Smc exe prefetch - - Symantec Corporation SNAC C Program Files Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Bin snac exe - - Symantec Corporation VIAKaraokeService C Windows System viakaraokesrv exe - - VIA Technologies Inc Drivers Whitelisted BHDrvx C ProgramData Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Data Definitions BASHDefs BHDrvx sys - - Symantec Corporation ccSettings AC EDB-F A- D - D - EAD A C Windows System Drivers SEP C DF DF x ccSetx sys - - Symantec Corporation eeCtrl C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared EENGINE eeCtrl sys - - Symantec Corporation EraserUtilRebootDrv C Program Files Common Files Symantec Shared EENGINE EraserUtilRebootDrv sys - - Symantec Corporation IDSVix C ProgramData Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Data Definitions IPSDefs IDSvix sys - - Symantec Corporation L C C Windows System DRIVERS L C x sys - - Qualcomm Atheros Co Ltd MEI C Windows System DRIVERS HECI sys - - Intel Corporation MTsensor C Windows System DRIVERS ASACPI sys - - NAVENG C ProgramData Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Data Definitions VirusDefs NAVENG SYS - - Symantec Corporation NAVEX C ProgramData Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Data Definitions VirusDefs NAVEX SYS - - Symantec Corporation SRTSP C Windows System Drivers SEP C DF DF x SRTSP SYS - - Symantec Corporation SRTSPX C Windows System Drivers SEP C DF DF x SRTSPX SYS - - Symantec Corporation SyDvCtrl C Program Files Symantec Symantec Endpoint Protection Bin SyDvCtrl sys - - Symantec Corporation SymDS C Windows System Drivers SEP C DF DF x SYMDS SYS - - Symantec Corporation SymEFA C Windows System Drivers SEP C DF DF x SYMEFA SYS - - Symantec Corporation SymEvent C Windows system Drivers SYMEVENT SYS - - Symantec Corporation SymIRON C Windows System Drivers SEP C DF DF x Ironx SYS - - Symantec Corporation SYMNETS C Windows System Drivers SEP C DF DF x SYMNETS SYS - - Symantec Corporation SysPlant C Windows System Drivers SysPlant sys - - Symantec Corporation VIAHdAudAddService C Windows System drivers viahduaa sys - - VIA Technologies Inc Synth dVsc C Windows System drivers synth dvsc sys x tsusbhub C Windows System drivers tsusbhub sys x VGPU C Windows System drivers rdvgkmd sys x NetSvcs Whitelisted One Month Created Files and Folders - - - - - - D C FRST - - - - - - D C Windows System RTCOM - - - - - - D C Program Files Realtek - - - - - -... Read more

A:Windows 7 Fail to boot and Startup repair Offline say Bad Driver

can someone help me please ?
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Hi guys,
I have an issue with HP Pavilion p6-2316s which runs on Windows 8. have an issue where it goes to screen and tells me that "Automatic Repair couldn't repair your PC. Press Advanced Options to try to repair your pc or shut down to turn off your PC". Log file: C:\windows\System32\Logfile\Srt\SrtTrail.txt

Need help on this issue if any of you know what's going on. Thank you. Please let me know if you need more info on the machine itself


A:Windows 8 wont boot and wont do Auto Repaires

Do you have your Windows 8 CD?
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Hi Im having a serious issue with my Windows bit Immediately after Windows startup everything seem fine fail Windows while to + start short programs jams after x64: boot Win7 I start up programs and everything works But a short while seconds after startup I cannot start any bit software Tried Google Chrome Spotify Steam WinRar now Nothing starts The programs that I had started earlier works fine Other software Notepad amp Internet explorer seems to work fine I guess Win7 x64: programs fail to start short while after boot + Windows jams these two programs are -bit If I close any of the software that I had started earlier then I cannot start them again I tried to right-click the programs exe file but then the window crashes I restart explorer exe but then NOTHING works I can't even open My Computer Error message quot explorer exe - The remote procedure call failed and did not execute quot Any help on how I can fix this My specs Gigabyte GA- FXTA-UD Socket-AM AMD Phenom II X Black Edition Corsair XMS DDR MHz GB CL XFX Radeon HD GB Intel X -M SSD GB quot WD Caviar Black GB quot SATA I have tried to format my C-drive and reinstalling Windows -bit several times The issue keeps reappearing Thanks in advance gromit

A:Win7 x64: programs fail to start short while after boot + Windows jams

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I restarted my windows 7 Compaq NX 7400 laptop yesterday after an automatic windows update and since that time I have been unable to reboot my laptop. I have tried all recovery/repair options on the windows installation disc but to date now have worked.

The message shown is "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause". I having exhausted all the repair options and now worked, I opted to to do another installation on the same partition;after all files were copied and the machine rebooted I ran into the same problem; only this time the error was "Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem: File: \windows\system32\winload.exe status: 0xc000000f"

I need some urgent help please.

A:Windows 7 fail to boot after windows update

I am unclear as to whether safe mode will boot right now.
Have you tried that?
It sounds like you have a corrupt windows file (possibly an indication of a failing hard drive) normally I would just start safe mode with command prompt and run
SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

I'm unclear if you are able to do that at the moment though.

I'm thinking I'll have to go with failing hard drive if this has happened twice in a row though.
Though I also notice there is no official windows 7 support from compaq/hp for your laptop either.
It could simply be a bunch of drivers failing.

Either way if you are unable to run a SFC a repair install is probably your best bet. It will reset the windows settings but should leave programs and files still functional.

Repair Install
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I have recently just tried to upgrade my system to windows 7, however, I accidentally installed 64-bit version, and my laptop is only compatible with 32-bit. So now, whenever I try to boot from a 32-bit installation cd, yes, I've pressed F12 and selected boot from cd, the Boot Manager doesn't work and goes to this screen no matter what I try:

Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, anche then click "Next."
3. Click "Repair your computer."

If you do not have this disc, contact your system administrator or computer manufacturer for assistance.

Status: 0xc000035a

Info: Attempting to load a 64-bit application, however this CPU is not compatible with 64-bit mode.
Any help? I really hope my little laptop isn't broken.

A:Windows 7 - Windows boot manager fail

Take the hard drive out & reformat in another computer from the OS installed. Then reinstall back to the other computer. Try your reinstall again.
I'm sure someone else has a better idea but this will do the job.
If there are other ways or this wrong let me know. Thanks!
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it keeps getting stuck mid boot, it wont work in start up repair or safe mode. 
before this happened I got two bluescreens earlier in the day. 
I have gotten blue screens before but nothing were I couldn't boot my computer. 
Thank you in advance
last known good config won't work either.
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Last night I shut my Dell Inspiron N down and came home When I got home windows wouldn't load It stuck on the starting windows screen I tried to boot in safe mode it got stuck in mid boot I tried to boot it with system repair it said it was loading files and then it got stuck on a screen that said copyright Microsoft Corporation and had a green loading bar My husband's laptop is exactly the same as mine so I used it to create a system repair cd I set the laptop up to boot from cd and tried it but I got the same thing with it sticking on the green loading bar I ran a diagnostics on my computer and everything passed except a hard drive test in which I got the error - I checked that error on the dell support website and it told me to take the hard drive out and plug it back in I have not done this yet as the instructions to do so required me to disassemble the whole computer just to get at the hard drive After some online research I created a Knoppix Linux based os boot cd and booted from the cd drive This worked beautifully and I am now in the process of transferring all fail, knoppix won't cd boot, system Windows repair error 2000-0146, my important data from the hard drive to an external hard drive So here are my questions Everything I read about error - says it's a hard drive failure but if that were the case why does the hard drive seem to work fine when accessed from a Linux OS Also how would disconnecting and reconnecting the hard drive fix the problem I really don't want to take it apart if I don't have too Could the windows boot files somehow be corrupted causing it not to boot and if so could I access them with Knoppix and replace them with good files My computer is out of warranty Windows won't boot, system repair fail, error 2000-0146, knoppix cd and I would just as soon fix it myself f possible Any help and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Additional info system is about a year and a half old running windows home professional bit OEM factory installed

A:Windows won't boot, system repair fail, error 2000-0146, knoppix cd

Try running other hard drive tests. I suggest the Seagate Seatools and the Hitachi DFT. Instructions are at this post: Hard Drive Diagnostic Procedure

Hard drives are funny creatures and depending on how they are failing they can produce different problems.
I have no idea of how Linux works, so I'll just guess that it uses different functions when accessing the hard drive.

The main point of a dying hard drive isn't why it works using different techniques/OS's - but rather one of "When is it going to completely die?" So backing up your stuff is the most important thing to do (which you are doing).

Disconnecting/reconnecting may help if the connection between the hard drive and the motherboard is bad/dirty. And this sort of problem will give many of the same symptoms that a dying hard drive will give.

FWIW - The other day we took a Dell Inspiron N5010 apart at work. It's not an easy task, but there are plenty of directions available on the web.

Could the windows boot files somehow be corrupted causing it not to boot, ...

If that were the case, then you'd be able to boot to the System Repair disc. System Repair is a tool that checks and repairs (if needed) the Windows boot files.

In the US a hard drive will cost you between $50 to $90 (shop around for a good price on a brand name drive on the web) - and it'll take you a couple of hours to take the system apart in order to get at the hard drive, and maybe a little less to put it back together (depending on your mechanical aptitude).

My shop charges approximately $200 (+ the new hard drive) in order to diagnose the problem, install the new hard drive, and then install/update Windows (using your Dell recovery disks). Quite frankly, because of the difficulty in disassembling the system - this is a great deal!

A new computer is $400 to $600 for an entry level model.

It's your choice, go with what best suits you.
Good Luck!
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I have a custom built PC installed with Windows XP Lately its been having trouble but it is full blown rebellion as of last night I think its probably a virus but I m not that experienced Windows up Hard Issues Drive fail, fail XP Crash start - with diagnosing Issues My web browser FireFox crashes when trying to view Windows XP Crash Issues - Hard Drive fail, start up fail certain things Windows XP Crash Issues - Hard Drive fail, start up fail PDF files are the main crash point I have a GB flash drive that I have to reformat it every time I use it which doesn t fix the problem it just lets me transfer again until I have to format it again I have two hard drives that make up c d e f i j and k drives When I opened quot My Computer quot I J and K were missing I couldn t see or access them Its been freezing up a lot forcing me to reboot most recent Now when I try to reboot it will rapidly switch screens from the black scanning log in windows xp with the blue bar filling up and a blue error screen The blue error screen says to reboot if its the first time i ve seen this then it gives steps to follow if i ve seen it before I ve tried to run it in safe mode and it hasn t worked Please if you have any ideas let me know Is it possible to recover my saved files I backed up my files awhile ago but it is saved on a drive that is missing I J or K If you need more info just ask Thanks for your help

A:Windows XP Crash Issues - Hard Drive fail, start up fail

Hi there
So what I gather is that you now cannot start your computer up at all, due to this issue. I'm actually unsure of the problem, it sounds to me like a Virus has been at your computer. It can't really be a hardware issue I don't think... I mean it is possible that what could have been happening is that your computer (Desktop or Laptop?) is overheating and its been damaged because of that... But that wouldn't really make sense, and also having Custom Built a computer I'm sure you'd have been smart enough to install a thoroughly capable cooling system.
It sounds to me like your hard drive has been corrupted though, BSOD usually means a pretty big issue. Thats why I was thinking hardware problem to begin with, you don't often get it for Virus's.
A couple of things we need to know:
Do you have any sort of Anti-Virus installed? If so, which one? How frequently did it scan? Did you find any virus's?
Also, how far into the boot process does the computer get before it loops? Are you able to enter BIOS settings before Blue Screen comes up and it loops? What happens when it loops?
And do you have a startup / boot disk for your computer. You certainly should do.
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Hi l've been having a constant to to Updates Fail, Fail Slow Windows Service, Connect a Response, etc issue with my computer and I can't seem to get out of this trouble no matter how many times I reinstall and even wipe out my hard drive I wiped out everything in my hard drive and installed Updates Fail, Slow Response, Fail to Connect to a Windows Service, etc windows Ultimate for the ' th' time and the same problems happen every single time Right after the install it seems to work fine but as I install numerous windows updates as it recommended almost forced me to 'cause it does automatically my computer becomes so slow in everything It doesn't start up the menu and such looks as if I'm in a safe mode blocky and old looking even if I manage to start it up have to wait more than min or even hr for it to respond The situation I'm having now is the pop up message saying quot Failed to connect to a windows service windows couldn't connect to the System Event Notification Service service This prevents standard user from logging on to the system As an administrative user you can review the System Event Log for details about why the service didn't respond quot Also the computer has been failing at installing several updates such as Security Update for Microsoft NET Framework on Windows and Windows Server R SP for x -based Systems Update for Windows for x -based Systems KB KB KB KB KB Because of that it sometimes ran chkdsk on the boot screen and deleted fixed files I don't think it's caused by virus 'cause I wiped out every single file in my hard drive before I reinstalled windows And obviously my hard drive is almost empty because of that Is it possible that either motherboard or hard drive is damaged and not working Or do I need a new windows OS I don't understand why I'm having the same issues even after I reinstall and delete everything in my hard drive for the times in total as I repeated many times

A:Updates Fail, Slow Response, Fail to Connect to a Windows Service, etc

Please post
1) an MGADiag report -
Please follow this tutorial and post an MGADiag report - then we can see what the problem is.
Please also state the Version and Edition of Windows quoted on your COA sticker (if you have one) on the case of your machine (or inside the battery compartment), but do NOT quote the Key on the sticker!

Ignore errors produced when clicking on the Copy button - they simply mean that the tool could not create the backup files for some reason. The data is still copied to the clipboard for pasting to your response.
2) Windows Update Posting Instructions
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nbsp nbsp Evidently while trying to take advantage of the Windows Upgrade somehow some damage was done to a system is up return back to code: not to problem 0xc0000001 to able up order me laptop Toshiba with able didn't boot the and correctly, boot my Windows Error a being Windows after from preventing in 10 thoughts? 8.1. Any the download to upgrade am I file s from my old nbsp Windows OS pertaining to a missing or Error code: 0xc0000001 is preventing me from being able to boot up after a problem with the Windows 10 upgrade didn't download correctly, and I am not able to boot up my Toshiba laptop in order to return the system back to Windows 8.1. Any thoughts? damaged file nbsp windows system boot winload exe nbsp nbsp which in turn rewflects Error code: 0xc0000001 is preventing me from being able to boot up after a problem with the Windows 10 upgrade didn't download correctly, and I am not able to boot up my Toshiba laptop in order to return the system back to Windows 8.1. Any thoughts? an Error code nbsp xc nbsp At any rate as a result I am not able to boot up without an installation disc nor perform the requested quot Restart quot to continue with the Windows reinstallation because of this Error and missing file s and am at my wits end nbsp Please does anyone have any idea what my best course of action might be at this point as I have seeminglly tried everything that I could think of for the better part of two weeks now nbsp Last night a gal that lives a few doors down checked in on me because she hadn't seen me for those two weeks and was just pretty concerned about whether I was allright or not and she suggested that I take the laptop to an outside Technician but unfortunately I am a disabled nbsp U S Veteran and I just don't have alot of money to work with nbsp If someone could please help me with this litlle bit of a predicament I would surely appreciate it more than you could ever know nbsp Thank you nbsp And I Wish you Happy Holidays nbsp nbsp nbsp -Otto Pedersen
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Good cant fail update of programs do help please windows statup much or anything fail evening all Just to flag that this has also been posted in W Support sub-forum here Other thread Re the instruction thread - the link to DSS doesn't seem to work and GMER is for -bit only If there's anything I can do to kick things off please let me know and I'll do it I've googled extensively around the issues I am facing and tried all proposed solutions but none have worked thus far Symptoms I have - minutes of freedom after booting then I can no longer run new programmes I also cannot close some programmes e g Skype Tabs in Chrome spazz flash player dies and any new navigation ends up with an eternal hanging loading problem Unable to restart shutdown conventionally I have to do it physically I get the error quot Failure to display security and shut down options quot when I try ALT CTRL DEL Safe mode is absolutely fine so I assume it's not anything hardware related though please correct me if I'm being naive My second drive which runs off XP which I only use for storage now boots fine and has no problems I have not installed any new drivers programmes or otherwise made any meaningful changes recently Solutions I've tried Reset winsock Shut off all start-up programmes using MSCONFIG Run virus scan at boot-up deleted items win installmate windows update fail or statup programs fail cant do much of anything please help prob trojans Was an exe that I had downloaded but never ran Run Malwarebytes windows update fail or statup programs fail cant do much of anything please help scan deleted fairly innocuous item Run full scan-disk check Run a SFC scan - no integrity violations No system restore points exist to roll back to deleted by a virus perhaps I have tried a totally clean boot which works fine but introducing quot Services quot reverts me back to same problems as before For the record I use Vuze occasionally but only use highly upvoted or known-to-be-safe torrents Otherwise I do not engage in any typically risky behaviour e g running unknown exe visiting spammed links generally engaging in internet security newbie errors I am totally stumped and naturally thought that TSF's collective genius gt mine Any help would be warmly appreciated Many Thanks G

A:windows update fail or statup programs fail cant do much of anything please help

Hello chivalrousgent and our apologies for the oversight of your thread.

Do you still require assistance?
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WIndows 7 premium home version on a lenovo laptop freezing at splash screen. I can boot into safe mode just fine. Whereby I have to run a system restore back to an older date but the issue still comes back up and this seems to be especially true when trying to wake it from sleep mode. beyond the appcrash is there something else i should upload to help diagnose issue?

A:windows7 wont boot past windows splash screen - will boot to safe mod

A hasty fly by...
See if the link is of help.

Windows 7 won't boot after welcome screen. - Microsoft Answers
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Hi a couple of months ago my system crashed windows wouldnt boot and I boot, help 7 wont Win disk doesnt boot, startup Ubuntu , windows dual misplaced my installation disk I had Win 7 , Ubuntu dual boot, windows wont boot, startup disk doesnt help the problems several times since obtaining the computer several years ago Lenovo IDeaPad y I attributed the problem to what I believed was a bad hard disk so I replaced it with a refurbished model I installed Ubungu and it worked well ever since I later located my win disk and created a dual boot Windows worked very well for several months until it stopped starting up last week It would get to the black windows screen where it says starting and usually get stuck there I would get fed up and turn it off after half an hour Once it was as the screen and it later started the checkdisk program and found no errors Another time it finally got into windows after a very long loading time and it seemed to work fine until the next time I restarted windows It just went back to the loading windows screen I formatted the windows partition through GParted in Ubuntu and tried the installation disk and it would get stuck at in the quot expanding files quot sequence After an hour of hoping something would happen I got fed up and forced it off again Not sure what to do from this point I have read other posts and it has led me to think that the issue could possibly be bad RAM or an issue with BIOS But Ubuntu has been working fine while Windows has simply been freezing at any attempt of a startup

A:Win 7 , Ubuntu dual boot, windows wont boot, startup disk doesnt help

It could be that the HDD has a bad sector in the Windows partition, or that the drive is actually failing. If there is a utility in Linux that tests memory, I would run it.

You could also use Memtest86+. It runs from a CD/DVD. Let it run for several passes to rule out bad RAM.

Memtest86+ - Advanced Memory Diagnostic Tool
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Hi basically this probem arose from nowhere I came back from holiday days ago and my pc took longer than i remember to boot Only till i realised the next day and day after it was getting longer and some times not loading past the Windows screen Each time when it hasn t loaded fully I turn it off and re-boot pressing F to get up safe mode which doesn t work at all It gets stuck on avgdiseh doesn t load past and will stay like that till turned off Start up repair does absolutely nothing it asks to do System up Start Windows boot boot past and safe Screen, mode won't wont restore which then Windows wont boot past Start up Screen, and won't boot safe mode errors and reboots if i press cancel it stays on the Scanning screen for hours hours today I ve now seemed to run into another problem trying to boot from my CD drive First time I loaded everything correctly got to install windows screen clicked start up repair which did nothing Ever since that windows won t detect my CD drive even though it opens and did read CD s watched a film on it the other day I ve looked online and other people have had the same problems and clearly i haven t found a solution yet I ve tried cleaning the inside of my case double checking connections changing boot options From what i ve read its either a failed HDD failed RAM or failed CD drive in the case of my second dilemma I m just curious as to whether anyone can pin point what the problem is If its an easy fix or whether it is possible to fix Thanks for your time nbsp

A:Windows wont boot past Start up Screen, and won't boot safe mode

it's the one following avgdiseh that is the problem

d/load and run the h/drive makers diagnostic utility on the h/drive
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I really hope one of you fine people can help me out.

Last night I was browsing facebook and my computer froze up. I tried to reboot it and it wouldn't load pass the windows logo.

It will however let me get into Safe mode.

Here is what I have tried:

- Restore to earlier date: I do not have one created as I recently restored my computer to factory setting (about a week ago)
- Malware scan with Malwarebytes: nothing found
- Memory Check - looks good
- Chckdsk - all went well
- Startup repair - Gave me errors and couldn't fix the problem. here is what the log showed:

Any help would be super appreciated.. i am very frustrated with this right now :(


A:PC wont boot pass Windows logo. Will boot in safe mode. Error code given. Please help

Which CHKDSK did you perform? /F or /R?
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Hi My computer wont boot all the way the animation freezes then cuts to a blue screen I have ran numerous scans shows wont boot blue trying up boot/ windows screen 7 to after and looked at other forums I can boot my computer but only if I tap F repeatedly before the animation of windows comes up a black screen shows up and says something about partition two and to boot up I have to delete MININT then press enter and my computer starts normally after that My computer will not boot any other way than this way I have found TDSS on my computer but windows 7 wont boot/ blue screen shows up after trying to boot a lot of scans are starting to say my computer is clean yet I can't boot it up DDS log DDS Ver - - - NTFS AMD Internet Explorer windows 7 wont boot/ blue screen shows up after trying to boot BrowserJavaVersion Run by Logan at on - - Microsoft Windows Home Premium GMT - AV McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Enabled Updated BRANDING STRIP Logo and search box SP McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Enabled Updated BRANDING STRIP Logo and search box SP Windows Defender windows 7 wont boot/ blue screen shows up after trying to boot Disabled Updated BRANDING STRIP Logo and search box FW McAfee Firewall Enabled BRANDING STRIP Logo and search box Running Processes C windows system lsm exe C windows system svchost exe -k DcomLaunch C windows system svchost exe -k RPCSS C windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNetworkRestricted C windows System svchost exe -k LocalSystemNetworkRestricted C windows system svchost exe -k LocalService C windows system svchost exe -k netsvcs C windows system svchost exe -k NetworkService C windows System spoolsv exe C Program Files x Common Files Adobe ARM armsvc exe C Program Files x Common Files Apple Mobile Device Support AppleMobileDeviceService exe C Program Files Bonjour mDNSResponder exe C windows System svchost exe -k LocalServiceNoNetwork C windows SysWOW lkads exe C windows system spool DRIVERS x lxdxserv exe C windows system lxdxcoms exe c PROGRA mcafee SITEAD mcsacore exe C windows system mfevtps exe C windows system rundll exe C windows system rundll exe C windows SysWOW rundll exe C Program Files x National Instruments MAX nimxs exe C Program Files x National Instruments Shared Security nidmsrv exe C Program Files x National Instruments Shared NI WebServer SystemWebServer exe C Program Files x PC Checkup SymcPCCULaunchSvc exe C Program Files x Norton PC Checkup Engine ccSvcHst exe C Program Files x Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack SeaPort SeaPort exe C windows system svchost exe -k imgsvc C Program Files x TOSHIBA ToshibaRegistration TaisRegistPinger exe C Windows system TODDSrv exe C Program Files TOSHIBA Power Saver TosCoSrv exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSVC EXE C windows system SearchIndexer exe C Program Files Common Files Microsoft Shared Windows Live WLIDSvcM exe C windows SysWOW lkcitdl exe C windows SysWOW lktsrv exe C Program Files Common Files McAfee AMCore mcshield exe C Program Files Common Files McAfee SystemCore mfefire exe C Program Files x National Instruments Shared Tagger tagsrv exe C Program Files Common Files McAfee Platform McSvcHost McSvHost exe C Program Files x National Instruments Shared NI WebServer ApplicationWebServer exe C Program Files x National Instruments Shared mDNS Responder nimdnsResponder exe C windows system taskhost exe C Program Files x Norton PC Checkup Engine ccSvcHst exe C windows system Dwm exe C windows Explorer EXE C PROGRA McAfee MSC McAPExe exe C Program Files Synaptics SynTP SynTPEnh exe C Program Files TOSHIBA Power Saver TPwrMain exe C Program Files TOSHIBA SmoothView SmoothView exe C Program Files TOSHIBA FlashCards TCrdMain exe C Program Files TOSHIBA BulletinBoard TosNcCore exe C Program Files TOSHIBA ReelTime TosReelTimeMonitor exe C Program Files x Lexmark - Series lxdxmon exe C Program Files x Lexmark - Series ezprint exe C Windows System igfxtray exe C Windows System hkcmd exe C Windows System igf... Read more

A:windows 7 wont boot/ blue screen shows up after trying to boot

Hello lpeltier I would like to welcome you to the Malware Removal section of the forum.Around here they call me Gringo and I will be glad to help you with your malware problems.Very Important --> Please read this post completely, I have spent my time to put together somethings for you to keep in mind while I am helping you to make things go easier, faster and smoother for both of us!Please do not run any tools unless instructed to do so.We ask you to run different tools in a specific order to ensure the malware is completely removed from your machine, and running any additional tools may detect false positives, interfere with our tools, or cause unforeseen damage or system instability.Please do not attach logs or use code boxes, just copy and paste the text.Due to the high volume of logs we receive it helps to receive everything in the same format, and code boxes make the logs very difficult to read. Also, attachments require us to download and open the reports when it is easier to just read the reports in your post.Please read every post completely before doing anything.Pay special attention to the NOTE: lines, these entries identify an individual issue or important step in the cleanup process.Please provide feedback about your experience as we go.A short statement describing how the computer is working helps us understand where to go next, for example: I am still getting redirected, the computer is running normally, etc. Please do not describe the computer as "the same", this requires the extra step of looking back at your previous post.NOTE: At the top of your post, click on the "Follow This Topic" Button, make sure that the "Receive notification" box is checked and that it is set to "Instantly" - This will send you an e-mail as soon as I reply to your topic, allowing us to resolve the issue faster.NOTE: Backup any files that cannot be replaced. Removing malware can be unpredictable and this step can save a lot of heartaches if things don't go as planed. You can put them on a CD/DVD, external drive or a pen drive, anywhere except on the computer.NOTE: It is good practice to copy and paste the instructions into notepad and print them in case it is necessary for you to go offline during the cleanup process. To open notepad, navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad. Please remember to copy the entire post so you do not miss any instructions.For x32 (x86) bit systems download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and save it to a flash drive.For x64 bit systems download Farbar Recovery Scan Tool x64 and save it to a flash drive.How to tell > 32 or 64 bitPlug the flashdrive into the infected PC.Enter System Recovery Options.To enter System Recovery Options from the Advanced Boot Options:Restart the computer.As soon as the BIOS is loaded begin tapping the F8 key until Advanced Boot Options appears.Use the arrow keys to select the Repair your computer menu item.Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.Select your user account an click Next.To enter System Recovery Options by using Windows installation disc:Insert the installation disc.Restart your computer.If prompted, press any key to start Windows from the installation disc. If your computer is not configured to start from a CD or DVD, check your BIOS settings.Click Repair your computer.Select US as the keyboard language settings, and then click Next.Select the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.Select your user account and click Next.On the System Recovery Options menu you will get the following options:Startup RepairSystem RestoreWindows Complete PC RestoreWindows Memory Diagnostic ToolCommand PromptSelect Command PromptIn the command window type in notepad and press Enter.The notepad opens. Under File menu select Open.Select "Computer" and find your flash drive letter and close the notepad.In the command window type e:\frst64.exe or e:\frs... Read more
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This in reference to when windows xp will not boot, and when trying to boot, it brings you to a text screen saying... Windows will not load. File HAL32.dll cannot be found or is corrupted. And this process lists several files that windows says are missing.

How can one go about using the command line repair interface to repair these files? Can someone provide me a link to the process on how to do this in such a scenario. The reason I want to do this is so I dont have to reformat (or at least try not to) if I dont have to. I know quite a few techs out there that just dont mess with it. But I would really like to know how to do this.

Any suggestions and or experiences would be great.


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Today, I got home and opened my laptop (Toshiba Satellite C55-B5302) and was greeted by the page where you select the time and date. The same page I got when I first opened my laptop a year ago. I've tried booting into safe mode, But I keep getting the same error of "Your PC didn't start correctly" and I cant find anything online for it. If you need anymore details about the laptop, let me know.
Any help is appreciated, thanks
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My Satellite P70 B 10T wont upgrade to Windows 10 - keeps failing to install I get this error,
critical hardware components made by Intel for your pc don't have drivers for windows 10 yet. contact Intel for more information

I install the Intel driver checker utility that that shows a problem with the Graphics - see attachment.

I am very confused now - can anyone help?


A:Satellite P70-B-10T wont upgrade to Windows 10

Try uninstalling the Intel graphics driver from control panel -> Programs and Features.
Then install the latest Intel HD graphics driver from
Then try the upgrade again.
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Hello, I've a Dell Inspiron 1525 laptop which has Vista on it.

Windows will not boot past the main screen, it ends up restarting over and over.

I attempted to install Windows 7 on the drive without doing a clean install. The Installation hung at "Completing Installation"

I installed from a flash drive because for some reason this laptop wont install from the cd rom drive.

I need to salvage many important business related files from the laptop and don't want to do a clean install unless absolutely necessary.

Is it possible to salvage the files from this laptop? I cant boot into it, no safe mode, nor standard boot. Nor can I seem to be able to 'over write' or 'set aside' vista and install windows 7

Please Help

A:Windows wont boot and Windows wont install

You can put the drive into an external enclosure and try it that way.

Have you done any hardware diagnostics?
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I have two Windows 7 64 bit systems that worked perfectly until approx two weeks ago. They started becoming unresponsive to various websites, such as (unable to listen live). Both computers then started having problems opening sites through google searches.
Following this, most updates on both computers fail. Downloads from the internet fail. Updating flash on one - failed. downloading .net framework update - failed.
One computer has MSE - updated and ran scan - no threats found
One computer has AVast - updated and ran scan - no threats found
Tried to download malwarebytes on the computer with avast - failed
went to XP station - downloaded to thumb drive and installed from thumb drive and ran  - no threats found
from cmd prompt -  ran sfc /scannow on both computers  -  no problems found
Can anyone give me any ideas of where to go from here to get both of these computers working properly again

A:Updates Fail/Downloads Fail/Flash Sites Fail x2 computers

The first place to start is are you getting any error messages when the updates fail? What do the messages state -- for example, do you get any error codes? Please post that information here.
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Hi, first time poster here.  I work for a composer managing/troubleshooting his computers.  One of them recently started failing to reboot and I can't even get into Safemode.  Trying to system restore fails with the error 0x800700b7.  I read a few other threads having the same issue resolved by the Farbar Recovery scan then fix.  I downloaded FRST64.exe, put it on a USB stick, ran it and created the attached FRST.txt log.  Can someone help me with a Fixlist.txt solution as well?
Many many many thanks in advance!

A:Win 7, startup fail, Windows repair fail

Hi composerken
I will be handling your computer issues to help you get up and running again. Please give me some time to look over your situation and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thanks for your patience.
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After updating new catalyst 11.12 my screen goes black during the shutdown/restart mode. The computer still runs and I have to hold shutdown button to restart then it'll come up. It only happens when you shutdown/restart. I'm running Win 7 64 bit Home Premium so I'm wondering if there's a windows problem. Any help would be appreciated thank you.

Alienware M17
Win 7 64 bit HP
8gb DDR3
ATI Radeon Mobility 4870

A:ATI 11.12 upgrade fail

sounds like a compatibility issue. Run driver sweep in safe mode and uninstall the current ATI driver and then download and install a previous version.

YOu wont see much benifit from the 11.12 update, its mainly addressing multi gpu setups for scyrim and bf3. not really aimed at laptops.
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Hi I just got a new GB memory stick to upgrade RAM fail upgrade a desktop PC from GB to The problem is the new memory has RAM upgrade fail not been recognised The PC has slots one of which was initially empty and the memory details are GB DDR PC - MHz both old and new match these specs So far I have - Tried the old and new memory one at a time - both work fine giving GB each -- I ve done this in both slots so I know those are good too -- I always ensure the memory clicks fully into place as I know this can be a source of problems - Removed and replaced the motherboard battery to force it into a full refresh then rebooted with both memory sticks installed -- Advice elsewhere said this might force it to see the new memory but it did not work So far I haven t - Upgraded the BIOS -- Following the Phoenix website link suggests I have to pay for upgrades so I ll try that option if people think it will help The boot-up text shows quot DDR at Row s quot when both are installed which I interpret as meaning the BIOS itself can only see one of them Is there anything in the BIOS settings which might help System details are below Note that this is a relative s PC and I see them infrequently so won t get to try out suggestions straight away but will do my best to provide any extra info if needed Make amp Model E-System Ei- Windows XP Professional v Service Pack Build Processor - Pentium quot x Family Model Stepping GenuineIntel Mhz quot BIOS Type Phoenix-Award BIOS Date September th BIOS Version PG SMBIOS Version Total Physical Memory MB Total Virtual Memory GB though I presume that doesn t mean it s worked after all - Control Panel shows Mb with Physical Address Extension - quot mem quot from Command Prompt shows -- bytes total conventional memory -- bytes total contiguous extended memory Thanks Will nbsp
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Hi, trying to upgrade to 8, won't to upgrade, not do clean install so have to initialize upgrade from within windows, however when I try to start the upgrade, a small windows 8 windows opens, says preparing (as shown in the photo) then disappears and nothing else happens.
Have tried installing from safe mode with no luck as well.
thanks in advance

A:Windows 7 - 8 Upgrade, Installation wont progress

you can download and create windows 8.1 setup media > Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

then run the setup.exe from within windows 7

the windows 8.1 setup media will accept windows 8 and 8.1 product keys.. Note the edition downloaded must match the product key edition
ie download Pro if you have Pro product key
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Hello, I have some Yoga 3 Pro laptops, wich comes with Windows 10 Home edition installed by default.I buy Windows 10 Pro edition and I try to upgrade from device, after upgradind Windows 10 is still Home edition...I try clean install with Windows 10 pro dvd, after install ....suprise Windows 10 Home edition is still there.What I am doing wrong ?