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Hp Pavillion g7-1167dx notebook black screen

Q: Hp Pavillion g7-1167dx notebook black screen

I have an Hp Pavillion that i purchased 2 years ago and have a black screen issue. I turn on the power and hear the fan and hard drive but my display is black. I have taken the battery out an drained the power and then rplaced it and it worked acouple of times, but now that does not work at all. I will leave it for a week and then try and turn it on and it will work fine for a few days and then go back to having a black screen. I have changed the ram and that didnt solve anything, so i am looking for some advice. can anyone help. its is weird that it works sometimes and then goes out again. Model # pavillion g7-1167dx

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Preferred Solution: Hp Pavillion g7-1167dx notebook black screen

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Hp Pavillion g7-1167dx notebook black screen

Hi Antonio59,I understand you are having issues with your HP Pavilion g7-1167dx Notebook and black screen displays. Note before starting disconnect all peripheral devices from the notebook before doing a hard reset. Here is a link to a document on black screen troubleshooting.Hope it helps.Thanks.
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Hi Everyone I just bought a new HP Notebook Pavilion g - dx I download Teamviewer and I get my Teamviewer Notebook pavilion not with run Hp does g7-1167dx this error message quot error occurred duing the instalation of teamviewer Probably some security software blocks network comunication Please Permit network comunication on this computer to use Teamview quot I have tried to fix it the problem my self and allowed Teamview but still did not fix the issue gt I Have also disabled all firewalls and antivirus unistalled it and re installed it still have the same issues Called HP Teamviewer does not run with my Hp pavilion g7-1167dx Notebook Tech Support and even brought mu PC to a computer repair shop Still cannot open and use Teamviewer I have eveb tried to download old versions and that is not working I never had this problem before with any Teamviewer does not run with my Hp pavilion g7-1167dx Notebook of my computers to download and use teamviewer Does anyone here have the same problem and have a fix for this The only program I am able to use is Logmein com it works but prefer teamview Thanks

A:Teamviewer does not run with my Hp pavilion g7-1167dx Notebook

Teamviewer gave me plenty of quirky issues, so I ended up ditching it for LogMeIn.
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Hi, My daughter has a Pavillion g7 running on Windows 7, which will not load.  When the power button is pushed the fan spins, white power light comes on, the white light on the side comes on (does not flicker) and the broadband light comes on but stays orange in colour (does not turn white as when connected to broadband). I have tried tapping F2, F8, F10 and F11 when pushing the power button.  I still cannot get passed the black screen. I have tried the above on battery only and power lead ony, still no change. Is there anything else that I can try?  Thanking you in advance for any suggestions. Andy Baxter

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A:HP Pavillion g7 Black screen

Thank you for your reply. I was going to do as you suggested but, the last time I attempted a boot up and failed, I closed the lid before removing the power lead.  I plugged the power lead back in to follow your suggestions, lifted the lid and the laptop booted up!  Amazed. Hopefully the problem is resolved. Thank you for your input. Andy Baxter
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Dunno if y'all can help I've black HP screen Pavillion posted in the HP support forums too My laptop was working fine last night I was in a hurry to go to sleep so I turned it off via the power button to avoid the quot shut down updates quot It sat there with a cd and external keyboard plugged in as well as ac I know I'm aweful Today I try turning it on and it boots light in power button leds around the ac adaptor but no lights on keyboard but the screen is black Not back lit or anything I've tried a hard reset I've unplugged the keyboard and took the cd out Hubby was cleaning today and I'm seriously conserned he broke my screen Is this fixable Oh as a side note and to make me feel better HP Pavillion black screen about the possibility of it not being broken when it boots with the HP Pavillion black screen keyboard plugged in there are no lights on the keyboard to show its even plugged it usually has numlock's light on And I have a fingerprint reader that doesn't flash either like it does on my login screen when the reader is on
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Hello I m having a problem with my HP Pavillion Dv sa Windows Home Premium x I get a black screen when i turn it on and two light blinks sometimes and once or twice it was a single blink The laptop is no longer under warranty so i cant get help on the HP support website The issue occurred randomly so i don t think it was from a driver or software installation No hardware changes were made before the problem And i UN-plugged all external media and cds before trying the following The laptop is powering on and it starts the hard drive and fans I ve checked the light codes and they are as follows LEDs blink timeCPUCPU not functionalLEDs blink timesBIOSBIOS corruption failure I ve tried connect to Black Hp Pavillion Screen Dv6 an external monitor via hd and vga cable I cannot get into the bios to flash it or install a new bios version I have checked for dust in the fans and inside the laptop I tried different RAM modules a different HDD Checked all the leads and plugs for the monitor and motherboard were connected properly I Black Screen Hp Pavillion Dv6 tried holding the power button to hard reset it I tried Changing the cMos battery and resetting the bios I aslso tried connecting headphones to see if i could hear windows starting All to no avail Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated nbsp

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My HP Pavillion DV5-1050EV has Black Screen after Bios update failed. I have tried to flash the bios from usb by copying the renamed .FD file with windows+B key but it does not work. Please Assist.


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Hello Need help! HP laptop screen is black, when the adaptor is connected I can hear the fan through air vent beneath.   Pressed ESC this is the message that appears, "ESC...Pause Startup". As per the HP guideline video, followed steps provided, tried connecting to an external monitor, but still no luck.  Battery has been taken out, allowed it to settle, really lost now!!! Would be grateful would URGENT assistance please. Thank you
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Friday I think I downloaded a virus. My computer would come on but briefly and I would then get a blue screen saying dumping files . My computer would then restart. I reset my computer back to several days prior to having the issue and continued to have the same issue. I then downloaded Norton and left while it was initializing. I came back to a black screen. Now my computer will come on and at the bottom say something about pressing esc, then nothing. I have tried a hard restart and I have no way to back up files now. Please help. I am running Windows 7 on a HP Pavilion G6.
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Hello.I have a hp pavilion dv4 model, which today, out of sudden, stopped booting. Though the lights are on (power, touchpad, etc), it only shows a black screen. No sound coming from hd or fan. The scroll and caps lock LEDs keep blinking, they don't stop ( I already checked the led code table And this is none of them). I already hard reseted it. Anything else I can do?

A:Hp pavillion dv4 not booting - black screen and blinking LED...

Just saw another person with this problem. The led sequence indicates insufficient power: your battery. Try to boot without the battery installed. Try a different plug (wall outlet).
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I powered down the machine yesterday (Shut Down) and now this morning the computer will not boot.
When I try to boot the machine the BIOS screen does not appear, the HD light flickers on but then stays off. All other lights on the machine are on as normal. The fan kicks in within 30 seconds and sounds like it's running at maximum revs.
I did a hard reset and reseated the HD and the RAM and replaced the RTC battery without fixing the issue.
I will disassemble the unit and make sure the fan is not clogged, in the meantime does anyone have any thoughts ?

A:HP Pavillion DV6700 will not start, no BIOS screen just black

The motherboard has probably failed do to consistent overheating over time...
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I had to do a factory reset on my laptop and now when i turn it on it is a black screen with a cursor in the top left corner and the screen never changes. What do I do?
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My screen went black. At firdt I thought there were no images/graphics, but when i shine light on screen I can see graphics and navigate with no problem. Blue LCD light is on above the "end"/"pg up" button.

I recently did full reset to factory settings....tho computer was working fine for 4-5 days after that.. I may have hit some buttons on keyboard. Last download before issue was Adobe Photoshop trial download.

A:HP Pavillion screen but ca nsee with flashlight
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The computer had been working fine before, but now it is stuck on a black screen saying things like "memory bank 1: not installed" and other various banks up to 4 which say "2048 MB/DDR3 SDRAM" and also "initializing USB controllers...done".
I tried shutting the power off and on but the same screen stays.
It also says to press F10 to enter setup but when I press the key, nothing works and is completely stuck.

A:HP Pavillion p6310y stuck on start black screen with white text?

Mate first reseat all the sticks and clan the slots if it is an older machine


Now as for the slots to clean them use astrip of old credit card about 1/2 inch wide nip the corners off one end - preferably round them offhold apiece of thin lint free cloth over the end dab on some form of alcohol - isopropyl alcohol (what we swab the skin with before an injection) is good and GENTLY swipe along the slots.

This can also be done for the GPU slot/s.

then run this if it does not function

MEMTEST this one you will need to make a bootable disk set the BIOSto optical (or USB if preferred) boot the machine and let it run for at LEAST 8 passesunless the errors come upstraight away. Takes a fair time to complete and some leave it runningovernight.

If you do get errors and have morethan one stick then you will need to test each one separately and maybe even inthe separate slots.
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Just registered so I could also say thanks to the member who came up with the cost-free solution to this problem.  Put a towel around the laptop until it overheated enough to turn itself off. Waited for it to cool. Started right up w/ no issues.Woo hoo! My wife asked me how I fixed it, after my computer guy said it couldn't be done in a cost effective way.  I told her I used a bit of witchcraft. lol
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SORRY--I ORIGINALLY TITLED THIS AS AN HP That was two computers ago this one is a nbsp HP Notebook - -f dx ENERGY STAR nbsp Not sure this is where it belongs The first results of what I thought was a narrow Google search had nothing matching this and a lot of lockup after password results nbsp While working on the computer including actively typing the screen will blink black for at least a full second then password HP screen then Notebook appea... 15 goes black, screen come back to wherever I was before Then a few seconds later it blinks again and the password screen appears nbsp The machine is well-ventilated and it not doing any processor-intensive gaming stuff nbsp HP 15 Notebook screen goes black, then password screen appea... It is similar to a screensaver re-login Pressing enter after the password returns me to the same place almost instantly nbsp This has continued even after I have done at least two each virus scan Avast malware scan Malware Bytes and spyware scan SuperAntiSpyware nbsp There's also plente of gigs of space left on the hard drive gigs of RAM and Task Manager says there's still unused memory and the processor is somewhere less than occupied nbsp So what gives nbsp Thanks

A:HP 15 Notebook screen goes black, then password screen appea...

Hi @Grump,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts, and other support personnel. I understand you are having an issue with the screen flashing black . I will be glad to help you. Please post the full product number and operating system in use on your computer. See the following, if you need help with that information.How Do I Find My Model Number or Product Number?Is the Windows Version on My Computer 32-bit or 64-bit? Please get back to me, so I can help you.
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I have an HP notebook, its only 8 months old, and when I turn it on the lights on the board turn on but the screen remains black and it seems nothing else is running (i.e. the fan) although the lights on the board are on. This is all that happens. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.
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I need someone's help on another computer this time.

Have been using my Compaq Notebook since I bought it 4 years ago. It's been doing fine except yesterday when the screen went black on me and it's been that way ever since. Thought I'd try several of the function keys (don't really know what the right one is.) just in case I knocked the display out that way.

A:Black Screen On Notebook

can you boot into safe mode
Tap F8 as it boots
choose safe mode
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Hi all I m not sure if this is in the rigth section of the forum Today i started my notebook up when i came back i saw my screen was stuck and there ware collored stripes over my screen I thought it was Notebook Screen Black some kind of error and i couldn t do anything with my laptop So i plugged it out so it didn t had any power source Now when i put it back on the screen Notebook Black Screen stays black The On lamp burns The Cpu lamp burns for a few secunds and goes out I still can hear the fan working When i put a CD in the driver the Cpu blinks a few secunds and stops The Point is that my screen stays black mather what i do i searched arround on the net and i don t think it has to do with the blacklight I don t kno what to do My last hope is that i think its stuck in quot sluimer mode quot kind of stand-by when my battery goes low it auto shuts it self down And be back to normal But i want to hear what you think Or mybe some els herer had same problem and solved it Medion MD Windows Vista Home Premium Intel Pentium dual-coreprocessor T Mobiele TV MB DDR SDRAM HD GB S-ATA Accu high-performance Li-Ion-accu WLan Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Based on PCI-Express-technologieClick to expand Think this all info you can use to find out the problem Thx for helping nbsp

A:Notebook Black Screen

When you say be back to normal do you mean the monitor comes back on, or the signs (as in like fan sounds, etc.), you getting from the laptop go back to how it would usually operate. Also if you could possible tell of any previous problems (no matter how slight the case) you may have had with you monitor also what it was that you were doing before you left the laptop before coming back to it because you said "i started my notebook up when i came back i saw my screen was stuck".
This information may more help to someone being able to have a better idea as to what the problem may be. As for me the most i could probably say (never really worked on a laptop ) is that you take it to a repair station and have it looked at.

I hope that you get a quick response as to your post and the problem you are experiencing
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my notebook can't start up , just a black screen . when i puch the power bottom he keep restaring many time(sometimes 3, 6,7 times) every too second and then i hear the fan he stay for about 5-7 second and restart again , i can't understand the problem , i've tried the hard reset , the  the Windows logo key and the B key ... nothing work , please what should i do ? 

A:notebook black screen (keep restaring every 2 second)

Hey there @koala2,  Welcome to the HP Support Forums!  Have you tried to start in Safe Mode?Have you done a BIOS Upgrade?Is the  Fan Noisy or does it Spins Constantly?Is the PC Warmer than Normal? Have you tried Testing for hardware failures?Do you have the Notebook ventilated? What do you sit your Notebook on when you are using it?Have you done any updates using Windows Updates or the HP Support Assistant? Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system at the time of purchase or that need updating.  Here are some documents for you that may help:Computer Locks Up or FreezesReducing Heat Inside the PC to Prevent OverheatingIf this post helps you to resolve the issue, please pay it forward by clicking "Accept as Solution", to the right of the Thumbs up icon.  You can click the thumbs up icon to show your appreciation for my efforts today!   If you require further assistance, I would be more than happy to continue to help. When you re-post, please provide me with the detailed results from the troubleshooting above.  Thank you for joining in!
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i have this problem with my Gateway notebook and i have a few questions about my notebook, screen black Gateway goes situation it started a few months ago one day while my laptop was on the screen just went black the laptop was still running the screen was just showing black i could pull the battery and unplug it to shut it off and then when starting it up again the screen would be ok for a few seconds before going black again i was thinking i could just take it into the computer store because it was still under Gateway notebook, screen goes black warrenty but the problem is i have some quot stuff quot on this laptop i dont want anyone else to see since i couldnt see the laptop to do anything with the quot stuff quot on it i just stored it away and used my desktop computer a couple weeks ago i thought i would try the laptop and now it works the screen was good i figured there was a chance it could go black again so i thought this was my chance to remove the quot stuff quot that i didnt want to be seen i know with the laptop there is a System Restore which will restore the computer to an earlier time so simply deleting the quot stuff quot wasnt going to completely remove it right so instead of a System Restore i used the CD that came with the laptop and did a System Recovery this puts the laptop back to the original settings that came with the laptop when i bought it from the store the only programs on the laptop now are whatever was on it when i bought it from the store in checking the System Restore which restores the laptop to an earlier time the only day available is the day i did the recovery is the quot stuff quot i had on the laptop before now completely gone if the quot stuff quot is completely gone i can feel safe about taking it into the store to get looked at while its under warrenty ive heard that somewhere on computers laptops that even after deleting something it is still there and can be found by those who know how now that my laptop is back to the original form if the quot stuff quot i HAD on there before is somehow still there i want to know if i need to download some additional program to wipe it clean questions -what causes the screen to go black maybe some type of lightbulb and is that something i can replace myself i dont see anywhere that says anything about a light or lightbulb -since doing the System Recovery that put the laptop back to the original form that i bought at the store is anything that i put on the laptop completely gone meaning any quot stuff quot i HAD on the laptop is gone and no longer able to be found thanx for any help if i need to give any more information let me know nbsp
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Hi, i have a noteboook hp pavilion dv7 2050 es, the last week I shutdown my computer and when I on the notebook, only appear and black screen. the battery of the bios fell. Not appear the menu of the bios, even pressing esc. f2 or f10. I tried connect another external sreen but was black too. There is not signal of leds in the keyboard, only when I start the computer they light on once time and no more. I do not have the partition of recovery or the hp_tools. I try to use the hp pc hardware diagnostics 3 in 1 usb key, also put the bios in a usb or in cd (f.42 and f.33) but anything function.Why i can do in order to re-install de bios? 

A:Black screen in the notebook, no bios

 Try a hard reset.Disconnect all external devices first.1-remove power cord and battery2-press power button for 30 seconds3-reinstall only power cord for first startup.4-try power on
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screen goes black after boot up then i hit fn5 and it comes back for a minute or so. whats happening?

A:toshiba notebook black screen

Well, I have changed a few Toshiba Notebook LCD's, and some of them where not even broken, just misconnected or someother causes. But I would recommend sitting down, and removing the screws on the sides of the screen panel and poppin it out and taking a quick look in the back and bottom of the screen to make sure everything is in order.

If you see picture when you boot. I would recommend checking the bios settings. Try looking for video related options.
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I was wondering if someone could help figure this out. I have a HP ZE4400 laptop computer with a XP operating system and lately, the screen blinks and then it goes black. I tried the programs Mcafee and Spybot to find spyware and viruses with no luck.

After I run Mcafee scan it will stop for a couple of days and than start again. Also if I go to sites such as facebook and ebay the blinking will start.

Please help.

A:My HP notebook screen blinks and goes black

Hello and Welcome.

It may be that you have a hardware issue with the laptop, which would be better addressed in that section of the forum.

If you think the machine is infected...

We want all our members to perform the steps outlined in the link I'll give you below, before posting for assistance. There's a sticky at the top of this forum, and a

Having problems with spyware and pop-ups? First Steps

link at the top of each page.


Please follow our pre-posting process outlined here:

After running through all the steps, you shall have a proper set of logs. Please post them in a new topic, as this one shall be closed. I currently have as many open topics as I can effectively handle; this will have you back in queue with the proper logs so an available helper would be able to assist.

If you have trouble with one of the steps, simply move on to the next one, and make note of it in your reply.

Please note that the Virus/Trojan/Spyware Help forum is extremely busy, and it may take a while to receive a reply.
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The notebook switches on power light is on but screen is black

A:hp stream notebook switches on but black screen

Hi @nicola68 ,Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums and Welcome. I have read about your HP Stream Notebook and getting a blank or black screen on startup. Try performing a hard reset. When performing a hard reset please note remove any and all USB devices. Disconnect all non-essential devices.Here is a link to computer won't start for Windows 8.You can do a system restore. System restore will help if something automatically updated and did not go well on the Notebook.If that does not help at the end of the document it shows you to do a hardware test. I hope this helps. Thanks.
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Hi all you black screen - playing sounds Notebook sys spotties out there can someone help me please my Notebook screen black - sys sounds playing sons notebook an HP G -b sg with core i amd mobility g running win ultimate has a heat-problem shutting down frequently when gaming I tried to clean it could not get to ventilator cause I can not disassemble dismantle the machine without destroying it thank you HP well long story short - I just cut away the plastic covering the vent cleaned it with vacuumcleaner so far so good I installed win on clean formatted hdd installed all Notebook screen black - sys sounds playing drivers needed started up the da thing but the screen stays black although the system-sounds are playing that little quot I finished starting bleep quot tried everything no way the display would light up installed os again on oncemore formatted hdd now it s telling me that it can not identify the grafics stops installing driver from HP homepage and any other driver Lan touchpad sound is in that notebooks quot mind quot already installed they are not it was all clean cause formatted if I just install win and nothing else everything is fine well it s not - because I can Notebook screen black - sys sounds playing not access internet and video playback stutters but the display lights up What am I doing wrong or is the thing just broken down due to heat warranty was void before I cut the vent as it is and a half years old any suggestions anyone hope you get what I am trying to say I m from germany and not a native speaker writer Thanks in advance nbsp

A:Notebook screen black - sys sounds playing

Did this laptop come with Windows 7 Ultimate or did you purchase the OS and thus installed it?
Best bet for you is to get the HP Recovery CD or DVD for your model it will have all the drivers needed for your model. Basically it will install the HP Factory Windows 7 along with everything that's suppose to go with it. This process takes a few hours to run.

So contact HP Tech support tell them you need the Recovery CD/DVD for Model HP laptop. There is a cost for this so be aware. Then you won't have these issues saying graphic driver stopped because you don't have the correct drivers etc. The HP recovery will have all those installed.

Also with every HP system you get recovery with it but it's on the HD in it's own partition so whatever got installed might have blown out that partition and now you have an issue.
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Ok goes black when unplugged to Notebook screen from adaptor. HELP! so this first happened about weeks ago I unplugged my Gateway Notebook to move it downstairs and right when I unplugged it the screen went black not completely I could still faintly see my desktop I restarted the computer and it started up fine and it was fine for the next week or so and then it did it again when I unplugged it Restarted and it was fine Last night I did it and it happened again but this time restarting it didn t work I went on my parent s computer to go to the Gateway support chat room The guy helped me I hooked it up to an external monitor and uninstalled some drivers and then HELP! Notebook screen goes to black when unplugged from adaptor. downloaded some new drivers and he said I was done and i unplugged and it was fine About or hours ago I unplug my notebook and boom black screen and restarting doesn t work I go on the chat support again and the lady basically just tells me to do the same HELP! Notebook screen goes to black when unplugged from adaptor. thing as last night and it worked or so I thought I end the chat and I unplug to go move it from the external monitor and boom black screen again I am now waiting in queue for the chat room again and i m hooked up to the monitor again and i deleted the drivers again But I don t want to do this again if it s not gonna help Any ideas instead of having to send it to Gateway for them to fix delete my hard drive PLEASE HELP HELP! Notebook screen goes to black when unplugged from adaptor. nbsp
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My HP Pavilion notebook have a black screen with blue letter stating "system disabled"  with a code 70694018.  This shows up every time that I try to put on my password of administration 3xs. How can I unblock this code? Also, I have notice that it says that there was no hard drive in the system and that I needed to put a program cd to be able to run the system. What should I do.
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Tried to hard reset to wipe to factory reset. Hit F11 but comes up with error 0xc000000f. Now it just keeps blinking HP and then goes to black screen and then blinks HP over and over. Plz help
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my screen goes black and only the cursor can be seen, how can I fix this? should I restore to factory settings and how would I restore if I don't have the cd? can anyone help thanks in advance.

A:asus f6a notebook pc screen is black after user log on

Try control alt delete, and see if the task manager appears.try safe mode see if the same thing happens.::mike
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Hey all,I purchased a new Omen Laptop about two months ago.About one month ago I noticed a thin horizonatl black line appear at the top of the screen, reaching from one side to the other.It has since slowly moved down the screen so it is just inline with the x on the close button of a full screen app. I have taken a screen shot to share with you but it doesn't show up in the screenshot, which makes me think it more of a physical problem. Has anyone come across this issue before, or does anyone have an recommendations? Thanks,Ben
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My neighbor brought over her computer this morning saying that she is unable to boot up her computer. After pushing the power button, the DOS looking window pops up that says we can push F2 for Setup but then goes to a black screen with a blinking cursor (for about 3 blinks) and then goes completely black.

We've tried to boot in safe mode, but we still get the same black screen.

The computer is a Gateway notebook with an Atom mobile processor and Windows XP Home installed.

Apparently there had been a virus on the machine that she had cleaned off. They had issues with Internet Explorer failing to bring up a web page on their primary account, but when we created a new account, IE worked just fine. She successfully used the computer for about 24 hours and is now having this "black screen" problem.

Any help would be great!

A:Gateway notebook boots to black screen

Have you checked the Gateway support page...for any data relative to similar problems?

System model?

What makes you think...that the system is now clean...if IE was not functioning properly...after stated "cleaning"?

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Product name HP Pavilion DM Notebook PCProduct number LS EA ABU nbsp I tihnk it is -Bit but I am unsure I upgraded to Windows about months ago nbsp nbsp Hello nbsp I have an HP Pavilion DM nbsp When I tried booting up this weekend I got a black screen with a flashing white line in the top left hand corner In the bottom left hand corner I had a message Press Esc Key for the Start Menu nbsp I tried a hard reset and the caps lock LED button comes on nbsp I have since run nbsp the system diagnostics test and the Start-up Test Run-in Test Memory Test and Tune up failed The description for each one is Memory module The error code is as follows nbsp Tune Up RHWW- MV J-XD V G- MO All others RHWW- MV H-XD V G- nbsp The hard disk abd battery tests passed nbsp I reseated the memory module but that hasn't made any difference It was positioned correctly when I took it out nbsp Can anyone recommend what I should do next nbsp ThanksSimon
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Hi everyone I have a HP MODEL DV ea The other night when I turned it on it would not boot and all I got was a blank screen I cannot boot into the Bios I have been on the HP Website and tried the following Removing battery and cables and pressing down the power button for minute Then replacing cables and booting Holding down the Windows key PLUS the B key and then the power key for second and allowing the machine to boot into bios and restore the bios Those were the details DVD in HP Black screen! Bios corrupted Notebook. I got some the HP website on my specific machine So far nothing has worked I have heard it could be a problem with the motherboard Does anyone have any ideas Is it possible to boot into the Bios corrupted in HP DVD Notebook. Black screen! BIOS from this situation Many thanks Jake Shiraz NB In case anyone is thinking how I know the BIOS is corrupted it has a light which flashes intermittently next to the Capitals lock and another at the top right-hand part of the keyboard

A:Bios corrupted in HP DVD Notebook. Black screen!

Bios battery is probably dead.
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Hello there. I have a dv7 notebook with Win 7 Home Premium installed on it. Everything is running fine, except a couple of days ago the notebook began to take too damn long to boot up when restarting or just when powering it on.

I noticed it gets "stuck" on a black screen, just like a blank DOS screen, for about 2 minutes before booting up Windows.

I have tried downloading new BIOS from HP website, resetting the BIOS settings, changing the boot order but nothing really works. It always stays on the black screen for around two minutes and then Windows boots up normally. No text is shown, nothing at all.

Does anyone has any clues on what it could be?


A:Notebook stuck for 2 mins on black screen before booting up

You may have a driver problem.

Have you tried booting into Safe Mode? If your computer starts OK then, we can start investigating why it's not starting normally.

To get into Safe Mode tap the F8 key at startup. In case you're wondering, when you run in Safe Mode you're not loading drivers.
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Need help with screen issue.  Have a black spot going down from top of screen to a green line.  Have a black spot at bottom of screen.  Attached is a picture.   Is this something I can fix?  How can I get this fixed?
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I have quite a few problems with my laptop that have been happening since day My laptop screen constantly turns black at night -- this happens On and Blinks Notebook is Black Turns Screen Randomly While ... while the power Screen Turns Black While Notebook is On and Randomly Blinks ... supply is plugged in and when it is now The notebook will be on but the screen will turn black randomly and then come back on at random times Screen Turns Black While Notebook is On and Randomly Blinks ... It is very frustrating when working on a project Also the screen will just start blinking hysterically THis happens whether the touchscreen is on or off and whether the bluetooth is on Screen Turns Black While Notebook is On and Randomly Blinks ... or off At times it will just freeze when I am trying to log back in It will keep spinning and never log back in I really need help with this issue as I've tried everything I am in the IT industry so I have a great deal of knowledge with technology I just can't deal with the screen randomly turning black and hysterically blinking nbsp Anyone else having this issue or know how to fix the issue Thank you
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HP Stream Notebook - 11-r000na (ENERGY STAR)Whenever I turn the notebook it turns on however the screen is stuck on the hp logo and a black screen later , I have tried to update the BIOS using a BIOS update I put on my USB stick the update worked however the screen is still stuck on the logo. I have 3 months Warranty left, Who do I contact to get this repaired?Please ReplyThank you
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Worked fine a couple of hours ago, recently screen turned black and power but is white. It will not allow me to reboot and the battery is not removable

A:HP Stream notebook has a black screen and white power. Won'...

Leave it unplugged from the power supply until the battery completely discharges. Plug it back in and boot it.
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I've installed Windows 8.1 on a Medion Akoya P6634 sporting a Intel HD3000 and a GeForce GT630M.

I had to disable Windows Update because the notebook's screen becomes black after it performed some updates.
Hooking it up to another screen via HDMI works but I can't activate the notebook's screen anymore.

So I tried installing the latest Intel 3000 HD driver manually (like described here It says that the latest display driver is already installed.
When I install the Intel 3000 HD driver via the executable the screen becomes black after hearing the "device disconnected" sound.

When it happened the last time all I could do was switching to safe-mode and disabling the Intel HD 3000 altogether.

Installing the latest GeForce-driver has no effect whatsoever. All the time the notebook's display is running at a 1024x768 resolution (native resolution is 1366x768).

Do you have any ideas what else I can do besides going back to Windows 7?

A:Black screen on notebook after Intel HD 3000 update

Welcome to the forum!

Bit unusual computer you have there. Could look at BIOS settings and see if there are graphics settings that you can change. Look for something like dynamic or discrete.

Also try the drivers on the manufacturers site: Treiber - MEDION Deutschland
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HelloI have a HP Notebook - 14-ac108na (ENERGY STAR).When I power it up the LED light on the side shows that it is receiving power.HOWEVER the screen remains Black/Blank.I have tried to update the BIOS as suggested by HP/Support but this has not worked (tried 5 times).Does anyone have a suggestion as to hiw this can be resolved?Many thanks
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Hey guys Trying to fix an issue with the mrs Dell notebook which is an Inspiron z st thing - it s out of warranty so need to try a self-fix if possible if not I m sensing it may be time for a black 3 screen Notebook 15z 5523 - Inspiron beeps, new laptop for her so any tips on data recovery will be appreciated down the line Also worth Inspiron 15z 5523 Notebook - 3 beeps, black screen mentioning that this has come about a couple of days after installing Windows - unsure if that s related but worth a mention The issue is that no matter what we re faced with a blank black screen with no backlights or LED anywhere It s now started beeping times in succession which as far as I can tell from the troubleshooting here is a system board failure For now though I ve done the following Allowed the battery to drain and try running on AC power Reset the motherboard using the paperclip reset button method Troubleshooted using the above link Confirmed that it is out of warranty The main priorities are trying to get this working again and if not getting the data from the laptop to allow us to get it onto a new one if necessary Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Jesse

A:Inspiron 15z 5523 Notebook - 3 beeps, black screen

Yahooo!! Sorted!!!

Thanks guys for all your help! It's really appreciated!

A few things that I noticed. In terms of getting it restarted when the three beeps were happening:
1. There were no clear "this will always work" instructions. Doing the right thing will work sometimes and not others.
2. The most consistent method I had which resulted in not just clearing the beeps, but a successful boot was as follows:
a. Remove CMOS battery.
b. Either Remove main battery, or move the little switch under the keyboard (to the left) into the off position. This just disconnects the battery.
c. Press and hold the power button to drain the capacitors (Now that the cover is off, this is just a tiny silver you'll need a screwdriver or something to easily press it....preferable an electrical screwdriver!)
d. Leave the computer in this state for some time. At least 10 minutes, but if you're having difficult, do it overnight. I've no idea why this delay should be necessary, especially after draining the capacitors, but it seemed to help make it more consistent.
e. Put the CMOS battery back in, and either put the main battery back in or slide the little switch under the keyboard back to on.
f. Again wait 10-15 minutes. I've no idea why this seemed to help, but it did. Perhaps the CMOS battery does something after being reinserted.
g. Do NOT connect any USB drive. Inserting a USB drive triggers a startup in this case. Instead you should just connect the power cable. This will trigger a start up. Again I've no idea why a power cable is better than starting from the battery, but it the only times I got it to start, was after connecting the power cable.
h. Now it NEVER started first time after connecting the power cable! Instead I'd let it run for 10-15 seconds, then turn off with the power cable (just a regular push...not a push and hold). Wait 5 seconds and then press the power button again. Now it would start up and within 5 seconds or so I'd see the Dell logo.
Maybe a lot of this is just "voodoo" rubbish, but its seemed to be the most consistent way for me.
Two things though:
1. It only ever started when the CMOS battery was inside. For ages I took it out as it was easier to reset the PC my removing the power cable and turning off the battery from the switch under the keyboard. But it never actually started without the CMOS battery installed.
2. It only ever started for me with the power cable connected, despite the main battery being well charged.
Now with the machine working I did a full factory reset. I didn't preserve anything. I think this was important as a precaution against later problems.
If you want to keep data, then when you're in and running use some backup software. I used a free program called Backerupper. It seems to work well. 
Most of the time a "Restart" was ok to do. Just don't do a power down and then power up again. Occasionally the "Restart" didn't work or got stuck and I was back to the beginning, but generally it worked ok.
Then the reflashing part. This bit really caught me out. It appears that there is more than one type of command prompt! I was attempting to make a bootable USB stick from an image of Win98 and while it would boot, I could not install the new BIOS.
Instead what you need is to download a program called Rufus 
Set the partition to MBR Partition for UEFI and legasy boot.
Set file system to FAT32
Tick the box "Create a bootable disk using"
Set box to the right of that to "MS-DOS". It's probably already on ISO image, but you want MS-DOS.
It's the MS-DOS that allows you to flash the drive.
Download the latest Bios from Dell (It's 5523A05.exe) and copy it to the memory stick.
Now stick the memory stick into the USB port on the l... Read more
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My hp notebook with windows 7 turns on to a black screen with a horizontal line in the top left hand corner. How do I fix this problem?

A:My hp notebook with windows 7 turns on to a black screen with a horizontal line

Thread closed please do not make multiple threads on the same issue
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"For Dim display issue if you use a flash light and point it on the screen you'll actually see the screen behind....And for display cable failure there will be no display or blurry..lines etc.."IF this is true, when flashing the light on the black screen, I was able to see it, although it was very dim, So, what do i need to do in order to fix the screen?
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a friend using note book some how locked it up when turned on instead of my scenic ocean picture asking me to log in i get this black and grey screen with log in at the top hp emblem lower rt bottom corner up toward the upper left it has user id with my name and numbers below it enter pass word then audible alerts dissabled press f to inable then lower a little white box for pass wrd when i enter pass word it goes to a new screen showing a nbsp screen keyboard that looks like something from the flinstones wants password again but when attemted it says its locked shut off and turn on leading right back to the start over crap she may of been playing with the finger scan id trying nbsp to set it up note sure just guessing also when trying to use f f f ect it will bring up the diagnoses and run but not tell anything the rest they start to come up but flashes right to sign black elite to up grey 8460p screen a locked notebook login ... in land nbsp nbsp
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So my 2 year old satellite screen appears "dead". The system boots fine (XP) and I can see everything when attached to external monitor.

Is this video connection? screen? other? where should I have this repaired? THanks.

A:black screen - Toshiba notebook - boots fine with external monitor


Are you sure that you have not accidently switched to mode where your laptop is only displaying to external monitor. you should find instructions in handbook. See if both external monitor and Main screen show up on display properties, make sure you know how to switch back to your external monitor if it does not automatically find and display on external monitor first.

if the default monitor montor setting is not the problem then your screen has failed and you will need to have your screen replaced. if you still have warranty then send it back to manufacturer or where you purchaced it from.

No warranty? then take to local computer shop, (shop around dont just go to PC World or major outlet)
Laptop displays are very expensive.
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I have HP 15-d054ee Notebook black screen 2 caps blink code error ... help needed and I check my RAM slots remove it and reinstall it but nothing happen,  I empty the electricity to hard reset but also nothing happen I got nothing on the screen of the laptob  I need your reputable help and I think it has a bios error (maybe) may I install the bios driver from another computer (if so) how? I am in need to use my laptob 

A:HP 15-d054ee Notebook black screen 2 caps blink code error ....

two blinks is corrupt BIOS. Connect the power adapter to the notebook and the hold down the Windows key and the B key at the same time. It may take a full minute or so of holding down the two keys, but you should  see an onscreen message responce that says that it is recovering the BIOS.
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Hey I'm new to this forum I just joined freezing screen. NoteBook NV53A black clean to Wiped Laptop GateWay so I could be able to post about an issue I'm having with my notebook laptop I completely wiped the computer clean and back to factory settings and had malware test scan the whole computer and everything is clean The laptop startsup into OS and can stay on for a good mins without freezing if left alone When the computer does freeze it freezes my screen so nothing is moving including the mouse cursor Sometimes it'll just Wiped clean GateWay NV53A NoteBook Laptop freezing to black screen. go to a black screen but the computers fans and keyboard lights are still on I feel like it could be a ram or hard drive thing only cause I've gotten messages like this one before when just starting up the computer before windows logo even pops up And a random blue screen of death one time but rarely ever that Any ideas on how I could stop the freezing Really need this laptop for school I do have windows installation disc

A:Wiped clean GateWay NV53A NoteBook Laptop freezing to black screen.

Someone please help!
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Hey guys, the title actually says it all. I installed the nvidia geforce 310m driver and everytime its enabled and I try to switch the notebook on theres only a black screen...

Ive looked for solutions but most of them are for computers where you can easily take graphics cards in and out, but I can't do that because im a newbie, i dont wanna open the laptop because I might mess something up

Please help!

Also sometimes it does work, but when the Nvidia driver IS enabled it goes laggy and i got this "MEMORY_MANAGEMENT" blue screen of death, help please!

A:Black screen after installing Nvidia GeForce 310M driver on my MSI CX623 notebook

Could be an unsupported driver. Uninstall the drivers and try using the version available from the laptop manufacturers website.
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I have a HP pavillion Notebook (DV9700 with Vista) that is suppose to have a built in camera. However I can not access this camera. Is there someway or something I have to do before trying to access the camera?

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i have an hp pavillion dv 6 entertainment notebook ? can i enhance it with new 3 d card?? it has a built it mobile chip set !

A:HP Pavillion notebook

General speaking, you cannot upgrade the video card or GPU in a laptop.
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I was working on the notebook one minute then it just stopped nbsp nbsp nbsp I decided that it might need a new battery which I purchased from Amazon nbsp It arrived I nbsp installed it and it booted up nbsp I assumed it was fixed nbsp Pavillion Notebook dv4 HP I turned it off and took it to a camera club meeting tried turning it on nothing nbsp nbsp So I ordered a new charger cord with Amazon nbsp It arrived a few days later plugged it in and it worked again nbsp My Norton security needed upgrading which took about hour nbsp As soon as that was done it stopped again nbsp I went thru the suggestion of taking the battery out waiting minutes after unplugging charger holding the power button for seconds etc nbsp Nothing nbsp Very frustrating nbsp So far I have only spent under for both the battery and charing cord nbsp I don't know what else to HP Pavillion dv4 Notebook do nbsp Any suggestions nbsp Thanks nbsp
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Any successes on hp pavillion notebook? the dv2623tu in particular

A:Any successes on hp pavillion notebook?

You might find the answer you're looking for in
Can I install windows7 to my HP/Compaq CQ40-323AX?

depends on the hardware spec of your system.
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Hello, I was just wondering if it would be possible for me to upgrade my RAM, it currently is at 8GB, I would like to upgrade it to 16GB or whatever the max is. Thanks!

A:Can I upgrade the RAM of my HP-Pavillion Notebook

Hi Yes your notebook should support upto 16 GB I found the link for manuals Page 1/2: memory infoPage 41: how to replace
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Hi I want to instal  one SSD disk on my computer. Do anyone now if it is  Sata 3 port on this computer ? If it isn`t can I install  Sata 3 port or do I have to chang motheboard ! Regards KOB32

A:HP Pavillion 15 Notebook PC-e061so

Hi: Run this free hardware analyzer that I have zipped up and attached below. Run the file, close the summary window and on the left side of the window, click to expand the Drives section. Then click to expand the sata/atapi drives section. Click on your hard drive name listed there.  The first line will be the Drive Controller spec. It will report the hard drive type running at a certain speed. For example Serial ATA 6 Gb/s @ 6 Gb/s. If your notebook only has a SATA II port, it might report Serial ATA 6 Gb/s @ 3 Gb/s, or Serial ATA 3 Gb/s  @  3 Gb/s.  

 ?3145 KB
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Plz let me know how can i extend the warranty of my pavillion notebook. .. Actually its motherboard is not working and i have to replace it after extending the warranty. . plz rply asap..

A:i want to extend the warranty of my pavillion notebook 15-r0...

I think it depends on how long the warranty has expired, but you can purchase an HP Carepack to extend the warranty if it has been expired for up to 60 or 90 days?? Carepack
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I did not find bluetooth in my device. Is the hardware  actually not installed or is there any problem?
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I am considering buying this laptop at "Office Depot" today. In your expert opinion, guys, is this a good laptop for basic needs? I just need it for a small business situation. I have Office 2003 software to load on it. A techy friend of mine said I may want more speed on the processor but for $949 w/ rebates I think it's a lot of bang for the buck! Please click on the site below and it should take you to their website with specs on it. Thanks in advance for your input!


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Hi I hope I'm in the right place Please forgive my being so technologically handicapped and for this being such a long one I'm trying to find out if I need to update my BIOS or not All of this started because for no apparent on update BIOS Pavillion Notebook 15 TS my reason my touch screen stopped working sometimes dots come go popping up all over my screen beginning at startup while the internet if I go there during this time appears to take on a life of its own This is because the mouse pointer does it's own thing clicking where ever it wants nbsp Also during these fits the Windows icon in the taskbar on my desktop disappears and I have to just hold down on the power button to shut down Is that called a hard reboot BIOS update on my Pavillion TS 15 Notebook Does any of this even pertain to my needing a BIOS update According to the information I provided Software and driver results from the HP Customer Support nbsp website indicated that there is a BIOS update F Rev A BIOS update on my Pavillion TS 15 Notebook for my particular product and BIOS update on my Pavillion TS 15 Notebook model number According to my System Information I currently have Insyde F When I checked on the HP Support Assistant that came with my notebook however and it says I only need one update which is for the HP Wireless Button Driver whatever THAT is I'm so confused about so much and I hope this makes sense to whomever can help me nbsp Thank you in advance for any advice you can give Julie
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Hi weeks ago I bought the new HP Pavillion dv ea notebook which problems Pavillion notebook dv957ea HP has been giving me a nightmare of a time with numerous bugs For example I have had HP Pavillion dv957ea notebook problems to reinstall vista three times My problems now are The HEADPHONE SOCKETS do not work Only the speakers work Even HP Pavillion dv957ea notebook problems when I put a working set of headphones which are the right size I cannot hear anything through the hearphones The speakers however keep working as normal although they should switch off when the headphones are plugged in I cannot load SKYPE it says skype exe is not a valid win application I cannot view ALL folders on windows explorer For example I cannot see win folder It seems sensitive folders cannot be viewed Is there a way round that I cannot print on a network printer The network printer is hosted by a PC running on windows XP but my laptop is on Vista When I try to add a printer it simply does not recognise the host computer s name Before with my old PC running on XP I did not have this issue Any way to fix this Many thanks for any help on the above Best wishes Florian PS By the way I highly recommend NOT buying this laptop Many problems have popped up for example one of the hard drives is already broken nbsp
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how do I increase the memory of my hp 2 pavillion notebook

A:how do I increase the memory of my hp 2 pavillion notebook

HP 2 Pavilion notebook is not a model I recognize. The devil is in the details and we need the exact model number: Click for instructions
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I have tried twice to upgrade my HP Pavillion DV4 notebook to a Samsung 840 Solid State Drive and the two times it only shows a "J" while trying to boot. The first time I used the Migrate OS to SSD option in Minitool Partition Wizard. The second time I used the copy disk option, with the same result. Has any1 been successful in upgrading to a SSD? if so, which application was used? TIA. Manny
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Hi all this is my first time here so hopefully i will be able to be successful for what i am here PLZ!! No HELP DV6500 notebook, on PAVILLION sound HP My problem is with my PC NOT having any SOUND at all The sound symbol on the right hand corner of the screen has an X mark over it and when i move the mouse over it it says quot No audio output device is installed quot This is what i tried to fix from reading all the other similar posts on net No sound on HP PAVILLION DV6500 notebook, HELP PLZ!! -I tried to restore my Pc to an Earliest point or b this problem occured and it didn t seem to fix the problem at all -I went to the HP software hardware site to install the audio software and it didn t work either once the installation was about to complete it would display a message saying quot Installation failed no MEDIA device is installed for this driver - I also read people saying go to Device Manager and update the Audio sound n so on thing BUT there is no Such thing as audio or such similar terms to click on and install update it -so i decided to REFORMAT my PC maybe that will fix it I even reformatted the PC BUT STILL NO SOUND -so i tried to go back to the HP s website to install the audio software and it gave the same message again I recently spend alot of money trying to get the fan fixed and new battery now i dont wanna end spending more on this sound I am hoping someone would really help me out and i really appretiate it thanks a bunch in advance nbsp

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[/B]I have had the notebook for five years; yesterday the following message:

NTLDR is missing
Press ctrl + alt + del to restart

When the user does the instruction, the boot starts and the message repeats.

I really do not want to do a reinstall of the operating system; if someone has away to reinstall just the boot tracks.

[1] Is this a virues?
[2] Is this the work of a hacker?
[3] Has there been an MS-XP failure?
Bob Shelton K6TGR

A:HP Pavillion ze5560us Notebook will not boot

Check this site out. How to fix: NTLDR is missing, press any key to restart Its long but should fix your problem.
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Hello. I have a HP Pavillion 15 Notebook PC product number: J1X37EA#AB9  with Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz 2.60GHz, RAM: 12,0 GB, Windows 10 64-bits and in what comes to graphics i have Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400 and a NVidia GeForce 840M. I believe my intel graphic card is integrated in the board but the Nvidia one can be upgraded. Am I wrong or can I really upgrade my graphics card?


View Solution.

A:Can I upgrade my graphic card in my HP Pavillion 15 Notebook...

Hi, Unfortunately the Nvidia chip is integrated and not an upgradeable component - this is the case for most consumer class notebooks. Regards, DP-K
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I've been trying to solve the sound fluctuations on my HP beats but have been unsuccessful with the options I've seen posted.  Did HP ever come out with a real solution? HP Pavilion Notebook - 17-f114dxModel #: J9N57UA I have updated all drivers and removed beats drivers. Any suggestions are appretiated. Thank you.
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i bought the above mentioned model on 25-april-2015 ,just after a year it started having problem of rebooting. when i contacted to the hp service centre , they told me that notebook is having problem with its motherboard and told me to change it . Even after 2 months of changing the motherboard ,  problem with it again started .so please tell me that what i should do if this will happen again and again , bcoz i dont have this much money to pay for this again and again  just  after 2 months only .
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Hi My Hp Pavillion is only Years and months old not very old at all but suddenly it will not boot into Windows it freezes at the HP logo screen it boots to a HP logo screen then goes to another HP Windows ye... HP 2 Pavillion - boot PC2170 Notebook not 15 Does logo screen then freezes I cannot get into safe mode HP Pavillion 15 Notebook PC2170 Does not boot Windows - 2 ye... nbsp I have got into the Hp diagnosis screens and I have ran tests on everything and everything has Passed I did a HP Pavillion 15 Notebook PC2170 Does not boot Windows - 2 ye... hard reset still froze I removed the memory cover took it out and placed it back in still nothing Every time I try and reset it it says Administration Privileges is needed but there are no administration privelges on this computer There are no restore points I ran chkdsk through the command prompt and got no errors I tried to run sfc scannow but I got that their was something pending and it could not do it nbsp The notebook is HP Pavillion Notebook AMD A - APU processor nbsp Can anyone computer whizz out there shed some light on this problem please thank you
Relevancy 57.19%

I could use some help I m running out of warranty and this problem is starting to get worse maybe unbearable I own a HP Pavilion dv se According to my temperature reading program my cores idle around C and typically run at - C unless there is a video playing or a game to which the temp jumps notebook Pavillion HP dv2845se heat issues up to around C C is the damage point on my AMD processors so I get a little worried Needless to say the GPU is always really hot around C or higher Of course the program isn t getting the most accurate readings HP Pavillion dv2845se notebook heat issues most likely but they should be good approximations I guess I forgot to type the GFX card It is a Nvidia MCP M according to the device manager but according to the HP specs its a NVIDIA GeForce Go M It was purchased about a year ago so may-june I have Windows Vista x as my OS so it makes using fan programs really hard since they don t have the signed drivers So I was looking for a way to just turn on the fans on high all the time I would really like it to be able to be tied to whether or not I m plugged in but that may not be possible There has to be a way to access the fans anyway through linux unbuntu maybe I haven t been able to take apart the laptop to possibly clean out the fans There is a ton of warranty stickers in the way and the bottom doesn t just pop off easily Any help is appreciated Thanks nbsp
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HP Pavillion 17 Notebook PC
Product No. K4Q96UA#ABA
[personal information removed]
HP Support Assistant reports that there is a software update available to download.  Click yellow triangle, get to products, shows a software download available, but does not specify what the download is.
Click on Message / update.  Four segment square icon starts rotating through the segments.  Runs and runs and runs, now more than 2 hours.  Nothing downloads.
This is the third time today I've tried to download the supposed software update.  Same result each time.  Nothing downloads.
Same result each time.
Very frustrating
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Hello,I was recently given a pavillion dv9821ea laptop which was in bad shape after being infected with a virus. I eventually had to replace the hard drive and at the same time I upgraded the operating system to windows 7 PRO 64bit. I was unable to save nothing from the origonal hard drive, no drivers, HP software etc and since I installed Windows 7, the laptop seems to have several problems including not downloading Windows updates. I connect it to the HP assistant, but this recognises the laptop and only gives me the choice of Windows Vista as the operating system for which to support drivers etc. I wonder if you could help me by letting me know if there is anywhere I can download Windows 7 pro 64bit drivers for this laptop? my wife and I are both disabled and it would make a great difference to me if I could have full use of this laptop. Regards. Gerald

A:Drivers for Pavillion dv9821ea entertainment notebook

Hi, Gerald: HP did not support that model for W7, and you should be able to use the Vista drivers from the dv9821ea support page except the BIOS and firmware files. Additionally, you can read this helpful dv9000 W7 upgrade guide for some tips on getting W7 to work just fine on that model.
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An HP update was done on Oct 31st. A couple of days later I tried to login and PIN was not recognized/accepted. I do not remember password and need to reset password or PIN to gain access.

A:How do I reset password on Pavillion notebook (Windows 10)?

Hi, Do you use Microsoft account to logon ? Regards.
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Hi, im trying to recover a currupted BIOS, ive tried everything except for making a recovery usb stick. the method shown is show this..... it doesn't give me the option to make a recovery usb however. so i've tried to make my own bootup usb and copy the files but alas that doesn't work  any suggestions? regards
Relevancy 56.76%

i have hp pavillion 15 notebook and tried many versions of internet explorer but every time it says your pc doesnot suppport this software please help me
Relevancy 56.76%

hp pavillion laptop 15-p067ca model, purchased year ago, came with windows 8.1, was not updated to windows 10. seems to have a bug: on start up it welcomes me as a user "vladimir" asks for password and then hangs up forever with the white screen and unresponsive. Password  I'm sure is right, because if I type different password, machine comes back with "Incorrect password" message. What do you think is a problem and how to go back to factory settings? I have not made a recovery disc. Any comp supposedly have a recovery partition, and Recovery Manager but how can I do anything if Window does not come up?  

A:hp pavillion 15 notebook 15-p067 Windows 8.1 recover factory...

@vladimir5? Look at the video here. REO
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Hello This is my first post here as this is my first issue with this 7,... Pavillion issue! (windows HP dv6 notebook audio recording computer My microphones won't pick up any sound- this computer has two different ones an integrated one and an outer one and yet neither work Troubleshooting only picks up whether they're enabled or not and I've tried recording after enabling them and disabling them restarting etc I've checked with Beats Audio and they're turned on there as well and the drivers say they are up to date Yet nothing is working HP Pavillion dv6 notebook audio recording issue! (windows 7,... when I used to voice recognition test it wouldn't even pick up any outside audio nbsp I should note that the webcam doesn't work as well because when I bought it it would disconnect the internal camera often and when trying to fix it someone uninstalled the driver or something - though at the time audio still recorded just fine and I didn't need the webcam nbsp IDT High Definition Audio CODECIntel R Display Audio nbsp If any other information is needed please let me know Thanks for everything

A:HP Pavillion dv6 notebook audio recording issue! (windows 7,...

Hello katrapezo.  I understand you're having some trouble recording audio. Have you tried recording in another application such as Sound Recorder?  I'd also like you to remove your audio drivers and allow Windows to reinstall them.  Here are the steps.Click Start, type "Device Manager," and press Enter.Expand the "Sound, video, and game controllers" section.Right click on your sound card and select "Uninstall."Reboot your computer.Verify whether the problem persists.Also, what is your notebook's product number?  This document can show you where it is located.Have a wonderful day.
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Hello, I'm having the same problem and it says  Stereo Mix (IDT High Definition Audio Codec, Currently Unavailable). I even called HP and their Tech support couldn't fix the issue! we did install the drivers and everything enev I performed a factory reseta! No success! The whol thing happened after I upgreated windows to win 10 from win 7! even after I put the laptop back to win 7 stil no audio input and out puts and codecs in device manager!
did you find the sulotion? If you did please let me know.
hank you very much
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Extremely frustrated I've looked and tried to find a solution to no avail When the notebook boots up it gets to the login screen I wouldn't be able to do anything at that point but I can log in because I have a fingerprint scanner from there I'm dead in the water The only way to shut down is to hold down the power button While the computer is in bootup I have touchpad keyboard function I can escape to boot options BIOS repair etc and have normal functionality while there but not in safe mode I have ran SFC with commands several times chkdsk with commands several times nothing changes SFC says it found problems but was not able to fix all of them and keyboard Notebook and on Pavillion HP touchpad 3225dx dv6 Frozen the last chkdsk found nothing wrong Here are the events leading up to had disk errors and bad sectors in old hard drive could not repair cloned old hard drive to new hard drive there were errors but the new hard drive booted and worked for the most part correctly in the process of trying to fix missing setup files for applications and other miscellaneous small issues I ran troubleshooting updates chkdsk sfc etc removed various applications and added a few nothing worked I installed Revo uninstaller to remove Kaspersky Internet Security as it is THE MOST stubborn application to remove I've ever experienced The reason I mention that is because I went through my computer trying to find the leftover files even after Revo because Kaspersky was still running after re-installing it and uninstalling it again There were some files in System that had kaspersky attached to it's description I stopped them from running and deleted them They were close to the kb files and after researching which files Frozen touchpad and keyboard on HP Pavillion dv6 3225dx Notebook to remove I remember in the end of the post it said it wouldn't delete Frozen touchpad and keyboard on HP Pavillion dv6 3225dx Notebook a certain file beacause you wouldn't have keyboard functionality I made sure I didn't but I can't help Frozen touchpad and keyboard on HP Pavillion dv6 3225dx Notebook to think now that out of the files I deleted some of them kernel I may have deleted the mouse and keyboard files in error I tried a System Restore of the most recent point prior to the issue and it did not work I think now that I should have tried it again at an earlier point but didn't and I did that from the repair module obviously since I couldn't do it anywhere else I have tried since to do another but the restore points have disappeared The last time I had a working touchpad keyboard in Windows I ran sfc scannow offbootdir d offwindir d windows at boot in the command prompt I got the same message that it found errors but did not fix them all Then I ran chkdsk f r from boot at the command prompt When I returned to my computer after a couple hours I rebooted and no longer had a touchpad or keyboard I am up in arms and extremely frustratd as I feel I have tried absolutely everything to get them to work again I hope that the only option I have left is to format and clean install I do not have a full back up and can't get one fully executed at this point Please help Thanks in advance to any suggestion and assistance that you may be able to provide it's much appreciated The following link is to the support page of my Notebook http h www hp com ewfrf wc product product amp lc en amp cc us amp dlc en amp lang en amp tmp track link

A:Frozen touchpad and keyboard on HP Pavillion dv6 3225dx Notebook

If you have (and should have) a USB keyboard and mouse connect them and see if they will work.
Since your file system was already corrupted you cloned the bad files to the new drive.
If the USB devices work you should do a Repair Install.
If that doesn't work do this: Using System Recovery, Factory Reset and Minimized Image Recovery Options HP Pavilion dv6-3225dx Entertainment Notebook PC | HP? Support
From this tut:
Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

On newer models HP Recovery may offer a Minimized OS Recovery option when booting from F11, which retains only the OS, Recovery Manager, HP Support Asst, and HP Wireless LAN. This is as close to a clean reinstall as you can get without doing one yourself.
● If you clean reinstall only to C and leave all other partitions intact, F11 Recovery key should still work later if you need it.
● You can also Extract HP 3rd Party Software from RecovCD.
● Problems with volume control lighting and HP Quick Launch buttons have been dealt with here where you can also get further support.
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This is a family member's computer and she asked me to help her fix it It will only stay booted in Safe Mode When I start the computer it boots up stays booted for a few mintues then the screen goes black and it reboots Safe in Mode notebook continously HP except Pavillion reboots This keeps happening unless it is booted in Safe Mode History Purchased with Vista I clean installed Windows Home Premium I know it's legit bought it for her myself when Windows first came out When I turned it on it rebooted so I started it in Safe mode and have tried found the following problems It had adware programs and one trojan horse removed those with Malwarebytes Rescanned with Malwarebytes and MS Security Essentials HP Pavillion notebook reboots continously except in Safe Mode came out clean Device manager showed two problems - bad drivers for co-processor and bad drivers for Graphics card installed those drivers and the Device Manager did not show anything wrong Problem keeps happening Opened BIOS and ran both Hard Drive and Memory Diagnostics no problems found Did not make any BIOS changes I have little HP Pavillion notebook reboots continously except in Safe Mode experience with BIOS Ran diagnostics with Windows disk including Repair Memory Diagnostics no problems found Graphics card is NVIDIA GeFroce M HP Pavillion notebook reboots continously except in Safe Mode nforce M reinstalled drivers didn't help anything When the screen saver goes on there is an error message quot The screen saver can't run because it requires a newer video card or one that's compatable with Direct D quot This is an old computer well out of warranty Do I still possibly have an embedded virus What removal tool should I get Is it worth replacing the graphics card - if that's possible on an old laptop Should I try a clean install of Windows Seems like if I have a hardware problem this won't help Thank you

A:HP Pavillion notebook reboots continously except in Safe Mode

Sounds like it might be time for a reinstall to refresh the OS and overcome any lingering infection. Follow these same steps for Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 particularly when it comes to drivers and Updates.

Otherwise work through these Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 including the hardware tests.
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Several weeks ago I bought the new HP Pavillion dv9574ea notebook and the HEADPHONE SOCKETS do not work - there are two. Only the speakers work. Even when I put a working set of headphones which are the right size, I cannot hear anything through the hearphones. The normal loud speakers however keep working, although they should switch off when the headphones are plugged in.

Please see the screenshot of the drivers active (in system 32 folder) and other details about the headphone socket.

Thank you for any help.
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I'm getting error below after I reset to factory setting my HP Pavillion notebook 
OSL Windows 8
the activation server determined that the specified product key has been blocked


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hp pavillion notebook with 8.1 shows a blue screen with and will continually show different error code. cant even do a system restore because it will restart in the middle of it

A:window 8.1 hp notebook pavillion error codes and frequent restarts automatically

Not enough information to go on yet but if you can run a few tests we can get started.

This will give us your Computer Specs

These two will help see what might be causing you problems. Download and run Speccy and
Please download MiniToolBox , save it to your desktop and run it.

Checkmark the following checkboxes:
List last 10 Event Viewer log
List Installed Programs
List Users, Partitions and Memory size.

Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
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Hello, I would like to upgrade this laptop's (G7 1167dx) CPU and add max memory.  How much memory can this laptop support and are there any compatible CPU's for this computer? Motherboard: da0r22mb6d0 rev:d r22 Bonus question, are there any motherboard upgrades that would work with this case? Thank you for your time.  

A:CPU and Memory upgrade for g7 1167dx

Hi, This is avery complicated situation because depending on which CPU you pick, you may have to buy new motherboard and this would be very expensive. 1. For RAM: Your machine has 4GB in one slot, you can add 4GB more to other slot and please use SAME RAM, even same manufacturer. 2. For CPU: Please download the last manual of the following link: Then check pp 1 & 2 for CPU,pp 77 & 78 for system board,With the right combination, you don't need to buy new mother board but wasting money for a upgrade because cost/performance is too high. Regards.
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I have been going crazy trying to repair this laptop.  I am quite familiar with computers and have installed windows on many PCs.  Is there some kindof block that requires me to use the recovery disks my laptop never came with?  I can see no other reason for me to be having this problem.   Computer never brings up "press any key to boot from CD..."   Like it should. Technically it could be a failing DVD drive but this is highly unlikely since it worked great before my HD crashed. In advance -My Bios Boot Order is Correctand I know how this process SHOULD goAlso note -Bios has no option to disable quick boot, Gives no details on connected drives and it generally almost worthless, worst bios I have ever seen in 25 years of fixing computers.